Abortion Patient Nearly Dies Under Care of Doctor With No Hospital Privileges

Earlier this week, an abortion procedure at the Women’s Med Center in the Cincinnati suburb of Sharonville nearly cost the life of the mother who had just yielded her unborn child to the murderous hands of abortionist Dr Martin Haskell.

According to the information gathered by Operation Rescue, the mother went into life-threatening seizures as she was coming out of her anesthesia.  Operation Rescue was able to obtain a copy of the 9-1-1- call made by Dr Haskell,

“Dispatcher: 9-1-1 emergency.

Haskell: Hey, this is Dr. Haskell at the Women's Med Center, 11250 Lebanon Rd. We have a patient that's in status epilepticus.

Dispatcher: She's in a seizure right now?

Haskell: Yeah. She's in continuous seizures since emerging from general anesthesia.

Dispatcher: And she is breathing normally?

Haskell: Breathing normally.”

Status epilepticus is medical emergency that is considered a life threatening condition where the brain is in a state of constant seizure that is either unending or continues to occur over a 30 minute period.  In most cases, after 5 minutes of continuous seizure, the condition will not let up without medical intervention.  After just 5 minutes of constant brain seizure, damage can start to occur to the neurons.

In the case of the mother under Haskell’s care, witnesses reported seeing the paramedics giving her life supporting treatment on the scene before she was transported to a nearby hospital.

Dr Haskell is a late-term abortionist which means some of the unborn children he murders may survive being born with the proper medical staff and equipment.  Though he runs the abortion clinic in the Cincinnati area, he does not have hospital admitting privileges.  In cases of emergencies like the mother mentioned above, the Ohio medical board has allowed two doctors to take over and admit the patient to the hospital and treat them.

While this may sound like a safe back up plan, it really isn’t as the doctors handling his emergencies are themselves subject to questionable practices.  One of those doctors is William Bowers II.  The Kentucky medical board found him guilty of handling a pregnancy where the mother wanted the child.  The end result was that the child died do to what the board saw as negligence.  In January 2011 Bowers was ordered to stop practicing obstetrics in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Bowers has had similar problems in Ohio and Indiana.  Ohio issued him a reprimand in 2011 and placed him on 2 years of probation.  In Indiana, he is currently under criminal investigation for his questionable medical dealings.

One of the arguments used by pro-abortionists to make abortion legal was so that women can receive quality medical care and not have to turn to back alley sleazy clinics.  From what I’ve read about both Dr Haskell and Dr Bowers II, their legal front door abortion clinic doesn’t sound any safer than the back alley sleazy clinics, but when you decide to go through with an immoral act of murdering a baby, perhaps that’s the kind of medical treatment you should expect.



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    You know the gentleman that shot the "late term abortion" doctor he may have actually been carrying out a sentence that should have been handed down in a court of  law.   First of all for the children that might have been living if he had not done what he did.   But, how many women were also killed by him in the process.   This make this unnatural but, the doctor who was friends with Sieblius of course would not care because it seems that she certainly does not.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Riser/1331732496 Dan Riser

      I do not believ that the abortionist was Missouri Synod and even if he was, he was a closet pro choicer,  There are those in my mostly conservative congregation (Missouri Synod) that have voted for dems who are mostly pro choice.  There are no signs on the doors that stay out if you are a dem or pro choicer, the unwritten sign says Welcome Sinners.   Should we hold the Catholic church accountable because quite a bunch of so called Catholics voted for obama and pro choice.  Apparently they are not listening to the sermons.  The Missour Synod is pro life, pro marriage and that still is their doctrine.  The ELCA Lutherans are the synod that is flushing itself down the toilet with apostasy.

      • Christian

        You make good points. I don't know the Synod, being afallen away Catholic who studies Bible instead. However, abortion should be punishable by excommuication, unless there is sorrow for the sin. As for the babies, they're in heaven waiting for their Mothers. Catholicism and Communism (Obama) cannot coexist. They are antithetical.

  • Jerritte Couture

    This abortion clinic is about 2 miles away from my church. Our Assistant Pastor heads up a ministry that is devoted to showing the women who go to this clinic that they have other options besides having these doctors murder their unborn children. We would love your prayers, as would Pregnancy Care Center of Cincinnati, as we work together to love these women during and after such difficult times in their lives.

    • Christian

      Always supportive. Keep it up. Too bad the good keep dying young.