Conservatives Being Locked Out as Romney Ascends

Early in the GOP presidential campaign I was holding on to hope that the country, or at least conservatives, had learned something from the drubbing we got in the 2008 election.

But once again, the GOP appears poised to nominate the worst of the worst as its candidate and to hand Obama the keys to the White House for another four years. Meanwhile, real conservatives are watching from the sidelines.

Newt Gingrich, who is staying in the race, admitted Friday at a Wisconsin campaign stop that Mitt Romney is beating the pants off of him.

"I think Mitt Romney is clearly the front-runner," Gingrich said according to Fox News. “I think he will probably get 1,144 (delegates), but I think he has to earn it."

The media had picked Romney early on as their favorite for the GOP, because he was "middle of the road," which is doublespeak for "liberal."

But as the primaries are a numbers game leading up to the convention, there was still the possibility that the conservative outrage over Obama might yet bear fruit.

So much for that notion. Romney has 568 delegates at this writing and seems to be sailing into the convention amid thunderous applause, even though he's technically only halfway there.

So what happened to the conservative backlash to the most radical leftist president ever?

It's been undermined from several corners.

Most of America is conservative, as polls have repeatedly found.

But that is almost completely nullified by the fact that the majority of Americans still gets news from television, that great devourer of thought processes.

It used to be said that the medium is the message. In our modern day, the media have used their ability to shape the message to create a whole new reality. And the persistent message of the leftist media is that conservatism is the equivalent of evil.

You've all heard it: Conservatives get called Nazis by liberals on a daily basis. If you are a conservative and you've never been called a Nazi, or worse, you've been hiding your light under a bushel.

The media message has a hold on Americans that is unswayed by truth, history or sense. Nazis, or National Socialists, of course were firmly on the left side of the political spectrum, with their love of government control, elimination of private property, racial stratification, environmental regulation and eugenics. But because the media unerringly broadcast a message 180 degrees opposite the truth, the boogeyman in the American mind is conservative.

That image is used to push conservatives out of the way once again as Americans are maneuvered into accepting a non-alternative to the liberal disaster currently occupying the Oval Office.

Romney would not, I think, run the country through unaccountable czars and executive orders, ignore his legal duties, racially divide the country or regularly stomp on the Constitution. However, in many respects, he is every bit the socialist Obama is. His state, Massachusetts, is on the leading edge of liberalism with its state-controlled health care and recognition of gay marriage, both of which happened under Romney's watch.

The GOP leadership itself is no help, either. They have played footsies for too long with their counterparts in the Democratic Party. There is little ideological difference between them, and the GOP leaders seem content to let Obama have his way.

The GOP has managed to diffuse the conservative anger in this country by undermining the Tea Party movement from within, first co-opting the Tea Party Express, breaking off the Florida Tea Party, then buying out the national Tea Party Patriots, leading to a -- perhaps orchestrated -- schism with the California Tea Party and other groups across the country.

Whatever elements of the Tea Party have not been undermined by the GOP have been targeted by the Democratic Party, which has brought the IRS to bear on Tea Party and other conservative leaders in an obviously coordinated campaign to intimidate the only real opposition that exists.

So here we are, rolling closer to the most pivotal election in modern times, with conservatives being set up to lose from all sides.

Mischief managed.



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  • Bobseeks

    The GOP will go done in flames, never to rise unless romney is stopped. Wake up fools, romney is just a white maobama.

    • azwayne

      GOP is committing suicidem purposefully or stupidly, I go with latter, GOP is same corrupt politician club as liberal dems.

      • Allegator Baby

         I will be 75 years old in October - been there done that......lived in 7 states from Florida to Alaska and in between.  I want to live the rest of my life in a GREAT country - and another 4 years of that B will destroy us.  WAKE UP!!!!

        • Glen Thompson

          You're right Allegator Baby all the way while Bobseeks and Azwayne are both idiots.

        • Bobseeks

          No, you are an idiot if you think that romney is going to be any less destructive than maobama.

        • Virginia

          I think he'll be slightly less destructive, but only slightly.  If it were possible, Romney's ego is as huge as Obama's.

        • TNSteve

          Are you kidding? What planet on you on or what are you using?

          Romney has actually worked and run a business and he actually likes or loves this country and the Constitution? OBAMA DOES NOT LIKE America or our Constitution. Obama is over 2000 pages of over reach by the Fed vs a 74 page State bill. Romney says he has gotten more conservative and will repeal Obama care.

          Romney will get rid of Obama's 76 czars that are writing regulations ASAP, one of which over the EPA is a past member of the American Socialist Party and holds a degree in Socialogy, hardly a science background. Now the EPA is moving around Congress to esssentially outlaw the use of coal and slowing natural gas, pipelines and oil exploration. Obama desire to make energy prices skyrocket is the EPA goal, along with a new NASA focus on climate change and MUSLIM outreach. The increase in domestic drilling is on private line and started in the past adminstration, while oil drilling on Federal land is down 13%. The delayed pipeline alone would bring 800,000 barrels A DAY.

          WE have more natural gas, coal and oil than the middleeast, bbut we will not use it. I guess so we can finance the world wide terrorist and building of religious centers for Muslims. WE also could fast track nuclear to FRANCES level and stop using anyone elses oil. The jobs and trillions spent in our country would solve our problems if we would stop growing the federal budget. Of course the highest corporate tax rate in teh world does not help. Don't forget OABAMA care also calls for 500 billion cut from Medicare and a federal panel that will decide who and what care you get, ( DEATH PANEL), etc......... etc...... etc..... , so yes, I think Romney would be better.

        • Sandra Schools

           You had better hope you are right TN....but in any event, all you say does not take care of  Romney's  problem with his ego. With that sky high self love, you wonder how many promises will be reduced to vote buying schemes, turning into business as usual in Washington. Don't get me wrong. I will vote for him over Obama without a blink, but I am really worried.

        • Osherrie23

          I know Romney is not egotistical. Who thinks up this nonsense? No one is consistantly successful with an out of control ego. Self confidant? Yes. Egotistical not even.

        • Randy111

          When  Democrats  claim  Republicans are "racists" for running against "a Black Man like Obama", Republicans should attack and ridicule them for playing the race card when the country is $15 trillion in debt, we have a government too big to pay for, and we are fighting two wars, and race is not the issue before the country now.

          Romney will talk about how his parents marched for Civil Rights and blubber on abouthow much he loovvess Dr. King.  Which will get him some derision and contempt, but won't win him any votes.

          That's one difference between Romney and a credible campaigner.

        • Osherrie23

          Randy, it is true. His father made sure blacks working for his company were not discriminated against, as was happening.  Is caring for descent people also again your religion? Get over the myths you are spreading.

        • Randy111

          Osherrie,  from the way he has reacted so far when "race" comes up, I think Romney may have some "white guilt", like a lot of sixties civil rights movement white folks.  Yes, I think deep down Romney really, really, doesn't want to run against a black candidate--and neither do the Bushes.
          The McCain operative who resigned from the campaign because he didn't want to be part of a campaign against "our first  black Presidential nominee", was not alone.  I think a lot of "moderate" Republicans from the Northeast have that hangup.

          And any candidate who does will have a extra  hard time defeating Obama.  I do wonder if Romney, faced with the inevitable  "you're a racist because you're running against Obama", will blubber along about how his family was part of the Civil Rights movement and he Loves Dr. King..  When he should denounce them for playing the race card and point out we have a government too big to pay for, we're $15 trillion in debt, and currently have two on-going wars.   And that race has no place in thie campaign.

          Blubbering on about loving Dr. King will not defeat Barack Obama and the  Gravy Train of Race which keeps the likes of Jackson, Wright, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, and a multitude of other opportunists in business.  And is so loved by the media.

        • Maybeperfect

          Steve, which planet have YOU been living on where what the establishment pushes at you is what you really want? The fact that Oromney has been being touted by the powers that be since well before the campaign started is all I need to know about whether he is something good for America, or something I should support. But then, I never was the suck-up type. I had the good fortune of being raised in a home where we didn't always get the hottest thing going as a matter of principle, and I've long respected the wisdom of my parents' teaching. I've also learned to make my decisions using the best application of my intellect, and not basing my choices on what seems to be popular, or whether others echo my sentiments.
           I never voted in all my 56 years until the '08 election, because I recognized the futility of giving my blessings to a rigged system populated by a bunch of worthless hacks who only have driven the land of my fathers farther and farther down the tubes, a tradition Obama and any of the three amigos would happily see continued.
           So when I came to realize in '08 that there really was finally a candidate worthy of contravening my non-voting policy, I wholeheartedly closed ranks with the mighty Ron Paul army. In spite of all the flailing around the lamestream liars have done in their zeal to blacklist and ignore this statesman, and all their efforts to use their brainwashed acolytes to propagate their baseless slanders, I am still committed to seeing my country administrated by the caliber of man that she deserves, and not another one of these hackneyed trollops the establishment insists on promoting.
           You see, growing up, we would travel every summer, staying in campgrounds each and every night. The no. 1 rule every morning was to leave the campsite in at least as clean and neat a condition as when we got there, even if it meant picking up someone else's trash.  I consider my present advocacy as something kinda like that.

        • Whistle219

          If you dont vote you dont get to complain....

        • Osherrie23

          He's touted because he is the best qualified man to be President at this time in history. Knows his balance sheet and how to streamline and make Goverment more efficient, there fore saving tax $. Sad your so blind and fond of  slander.

        • TNSteve

          Are you smoking something with Ozone AL? No one will be as destructive as OBAMA. At least ROmney has actually worked at a JOB. MAde his own money and loves Americaq and our COnstitution, which Obama does not. Obama also has a problem with half of his heritage, Britian and Israel , to name a few issues. 76 czars and his queen's 26 assistants. Past First Ladies HAD ONE!

        • ORB

          I agree whole heartedly  and I have got you beat by six years.

        • Harold

          Thank you.  I am 67 yrs old and it is sad to see our great nation under 
          attack by those of the give-me  generation .  Our top goal must be to get
          Obama and his Tsars out .  Any Republican candidate would be a 100%
          improvement over
           where we are now headed. 

        • Maynard

          Harold, ORB, and Thompson:  The three of you should read what I gave Elephant Baby, above.  You might even find that Bobseeks and Azwayne are not far off in what they said. Few know the Apocalypse and Revalation mean the same thing: To uncover or reveal that which cannot be seen.  It may be that the Global Union is the Apocalypse, since the Global Union is controled by a secret society with secret members, hidden away by a control new media.  All I can say is see for yourselves.
  thru  207.html   And:


        • Randy111

          Maynard, I hate to tell you, but you can't run a government, foreign policy, nor much of a life by the Book of Revelations.

          Whoever included it in the New Testament must have been nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake.  Because flakes have attached themselves to the BoR ever since.

        • Maynard

          Apparently your thinking does not go very deep.  What I was ponitning out was that the two words mean the same things: revealing that which is unseen. That which is hidden.  That which is hidden from Americans by the Left Wing news media and both political parties is who is our true enemy.  Do not be subjective and negative  in your thinking.  It interfers with learning the truth.

        • Karol424

          Harold, I am 68 yrs old and like you, I find it very sad to see this great nation under attack from with in by liberals and even some conservatives that have been side tracked by the moderates who are claiming to be conservatives.  Yes, any Republican candidate would be 100% improvement over what we have now.  However, we have to many "make believe wanna be's" that have infiltrated our party, which again is side tracking the people from with in.  I can promise this one thing, if Newt Gingrich gets his name is on a ballot, I will be voting for him.  Newt is the only candidate that  is a true conservative and sincerely stands for the people and this great nation.  If anyone really believes in Newt, please donate whatever you can to help keep in the race.  Please go to , he has vowed to stay in and continue making personal appearances as long as possible. Newt honestly believes he is the only candidate that can beat Obama and if Obama is re-elected, life in America will be drastically changed from "the land of the free" to "the land of dictatorship".  I am praying for God to move over this great nation and open the eyes of the people, so they will see the path we are on is leading us to destruction and we can never go back.  God bless America and keep her safe!!!

        • revgay

          yes  I agree with you about newt---i dislike romney more now than i did when campaigning began because of what he's been doing to newt,  i still hope newt goes to the convention and gets the nomination.  i havent given up hope about newt but cant understand why primary voters have been so dumb!  and i'm so disappointed in the republican leaders whove recently endorsed romney!  i'm very discouraged and angry---i won't vote for romney or obama!

        • Wanda

          a NO vote for Romney is  a vote for

        • Paul Smith

          And it would truly be a shame to lose several million GOP votes simply because of an ineligible candidate on the ballot but you'll get lots of them if you don't help keep Rubio or Jindal off the ticket.  Choose wisely.


           I REFUSE to vote for someone that will have an ineligible VP to replace an INELIGIBLE PERSON

        • Reader

          Paul Smith:  Strange how someone is advising the GOP regarding 2 within the GOP who have taken a stand in every aspect of their lives to uphold the Western Way of Life with capitalism as the economic engine founded upon Judean-Christian biblical intrensic moral and ethical principals and values establishing a contract of governance with the poeple through a Constitutional Republic to provide for the rule of law providing equal justice under the law. Isn't this very central element that which we are trying to save in this War of World Views and Ideas that Make for the Western Way of Life? Just one Question:  Whose side are you on - the statist or the West? The Marxist's or the Capitalist's? Personal Freedom and Liberty or The appearance of personal peace and afflunce through big government and the New World Order? Does your outcome look like a City on A Hill or Ovens covered in ashed and mountains of skulls?  Historically the consquences of World views not all being equal are clearly ethched on the soul of all humanity. Reader 

        • Paul Smith

          How is any of that relevant to presidential (Veep) eligibility?  I appreciate both men.  They have done remarkable jobs and I'm quite certain that they will continue to do the same in the future.  Both men may become SCOTUS judges or a president's most trusted advisors but they can NOT become President or Veep.

          Which side am I on?  On the side of the Constitution and the rule of law.

        • Reader

          Paul:  Since FDR (b ecause of the war time office) those that hold to the Western Way of Life really have not been able to convery the greatest message that of freedom and liberty in a way that is effective in the public square.  If we are to return the nation to the Constitution and the Western Way of Life we must have "voices" in the public square that articulate a salient, clear, simple, straight forward, historically truthful, factual, etc. with contrast to the statist message "old unchanging"  emotionially charged messages and rhedric. Rubio was able to do this while running for office.  Teaching , Educating his voters, defining language, comparing and pointing out the prosperity of capitalism and good that American has bestowed around the world.  How Large is this battle: the statist's know.  George Soros' statement on international TV should be as ice water thrown  to tots over sleeping agian: "The United States is the only thing that is preventing the complete rise and establisment of the New World Order (para)." If not these two what voice do you believe that can carry the water.  Remember:  VP mostly stick their foot in it; act as an Albatros around the neck President and party policies; and if something happens they are suppose to "fill" the shoes of the dude himself.  Both of these men have proven that they are statesmen which we really haven't had many in the last several decades.  We got McAZstatistlight now advacating another military police action; we go voices saying: "when they (TEA PARTY electicees) here to Washington, we will co-op them (again para)."  I would be interested in your pick, but only if you defend you selection.  We got all kinds of voices on this thing; and I do not, and would not silent a single one of them ... we need more free speech. But you must provide us with substance.  We are not going to win with well, its his/her turn or his such a great person, husband and father ... bla, ...; we as a people and a nation and the standard barrer of the Western Way of Life, perhaps the last, must realize that this election is the point of no return and the statist know it.  It the West that must realize that it.  I hear one say recently well, if this doesn't go well be will get back in 2016 for sure.  Obama just signed another EO granting him to declared National Marshall Law over everything. Now, might be difficult to achieve, but H. Clinton is working on a treaty in the UN were US citizen must "register" their gun with the UN.  The statist are working ever second to end the West.  How hard, with what determination to retain liberty and freedom, and the right to exercise conscience are we the voice of the Western Way of Life behaving/dong/thinking/crying out in the public square.  The days are numbered.  Even with Ryan holding a graph of the debt curve we can't hardly get the folks to respond; but the fronts are growing with ways to collapse the repbulic and the statist "know and  understand" that debt starting at and above 140% will collaspe the nation. Actually I am kind of tired responses to voices like K saying she a _____; and stupid _____ . Thes voices underestimate the statist.  Their voices ring likely  a clang gong down through the cordors of history starting with Plato.  They promise every thing, but give nothing; and what they do give they take back. I just noticed the comment below from Weth... "ineligible VP and ...INELIGIBLE ..." We must have better voices everywhere; I just reallized that I  have been a little weak on this sight. I will try to take more time to write more formally, sp, type, SS, quotes and the such.  This time the consquences ... when Rome fell it sent the world into a 1000 of darkness. Do we really think that the world will not be effected let alone the people who were the recievers of a republic. Reader

        • Paul Smith

          Geez, that was rambling.  I'm not sure where you were going with all that but the facts haven't changed.  If Rubio (of Jindal) are tapped to run on a presidential ticket, lawsuits will fly and the GOP will be split thus giving the Democrats a win in November.  What's so hard to understand about that? 

          Now you can pass that message and help me ensure that ineligible candidates don't end up on the GOP ticket or you can continue to argue and watch the race go down the tubes.  Choose wisely.

        • Reader

          Ok, I bite. For what reason or reasons are they NOT eligible to be Vice President to assume the Presidency? Reader

        • Paul Smith

          Same reason Obama is a usurper and a traitor.  To be a natural born citizen, a person has to have been born on U.S. soil AND of citizen parents.  Rubio and Jindal are citizens (born on U.S. soil) - can't say that for Obama - but their parents were not U.S. citizens.

          Now you can argue that if you like - it really doesn't matter.  *I* believe they are ineligible and there are lots and lots of *I*s.  If an ineligible candidate is selected, lawsuits will fly thus embarassing and exposing the GOP as hypocritical and millions of voters will vote third party, not vote in the presidential election or simply stay home in disgust.

          The way to provide the very best chance of a GOP victory in November is to help me spread the word and ensure that our candidates are lily white when it comes to constitutional vetting.

        • Ken Watson

           Let's get serious people. It is either the limited government of the Constitution or unlimited government without it. First things first; only those legally qualified are to be considered. Whatever virtues these gentlemen and others have is immaterial if they are not natural born citizens. And if you don't know that you are a bigger problem than our antagonists.

        • Kevin52

          And lawsuits will fly for what reason???

        • Paul Smith

          That's an incredibly stupid question.  You figure it out.

        • Kevin52

          Are you claiming they are not eligible under due to birthplace? I have not been looking at either as VP candidates as of yet so I have no clue if they are eligible by law. Funny you should think that is a concern since few seemed too concerned over Obama's eligibility.

        • Paul Smith

          Sorry, Kevin, I assumed that you were reading the posts and keeping up with the converstaions.  My bad. 

          A 'natural born citizen' is a person who was born on U.S. soil AND of citizen parents.  Obama's father was a Kenyan national and a British subject (NOT a U.S. citizen).  The parents of both Jindal and Rubio were foreign nationals living in the U.S. and, obviously, also not U.S. citizens.

          There are four terms of legal art:  'Citizen', 'naturalized citizen', 'native born citizen' and 'natural born citizen'.  BY LAW, these four terms MUST have different definitions.  In Minor v. Happersett, the SCOTUS gave 'natural born citizen' the definition I gave above.  In fairness, they indicated that that might not be the only definition but that was definitely one of them.  If you compare the definitions of the other terms, there is clearly only the one definition.  Too bad the SCOTUS has refused to take an eligibility case - we wouldn't be having these discussions and the country wouldn't be torn asunder as it is today.

        • Paul Smith

          In order to be a natural born citizen, one must have been:

          a.) born on U.S. soil (Jindal and Rubio qualify - Obummer is questionable) --AND--
          b.) be born of U.S. citizen parents.  (None of the three qualify)

          I can not help nor do *I* care how others feel.  *I* care and *I* will not vote for an ineligible candidate and there are lots and lots of *I*s.  Trust me.

        • Kevin52

          So what is the problem? I looked it up and both Jindal & Rubio qualify like you said as long as they were born with the 50 states. Were they? If they qualify how are you calling them ineligible? It doesn't say you have to be a natural born citizen AND your parents also be citizens. That requirement of the parents comes in IF you are born outside the 50 states. Obama had played games with his birth certificate since day 1, spending over a million to hide it. You don't hide a birth certificate unless there is something you don't want reveal. 

        • Paul Smith

          You looked up. . .what?. . .where?  Being born on U.S. soil makes them a citizen - a naturalized citizen - not a natural born citizen.

          "That requirement of the parents comes in IF you are born outside the 50 states."
          Where did you come up with that hogwash?  I'm sorry, Keven but your ignorance is showing BIG TIME!

          P.S. Your argument, even if YOU think it's correct, has no bearing since we disagree with you and will vote based on our definition and not yours. Capiche?

        • Kevin52

          From Wiki and the U.S. government, but I suppose no one knows more than you. The only time both parents must come from the U.S. is when they are abroad, but hey, obviously the U.S. government hasn't consulted with you yet.

          Currently, Title 8 of the U.S. Code fills in the gaps left by the Constitution. Section 1401 defines the following as people who are "citizens of the United States at birth:"*Anyone born inside the United States * (Oops! Where does it include both parents on this line?)
          Any Indian or Eskimo born in the United States, provided being a citizen of the U.S. does not impair the person's status as a citizen of the tribe
          Any one born outside the United States, both of whose parents are citizens of the U.S., as long as one parent has lived in the U.S.
          Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S. national
          Any one born in a U.S. possession, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year
          Any one found in the U.S. under the age of five, whose parentage cannot be determined, as long as proof of non-citizenship is not provided by age 21
          Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this time)
          A final, historical condition: a person born before 5/24/1934 of an alien father and a U.S. citizen mother who has lived in the U.S.

        • Paul Smith

          Title 8 implements the 14th Amendment which has nothing to do with the definition of 'natural born citizen' but, again, you're wasting your breath.  If the candidate wasn't born on U.S. soil AND of citizen parents, the ticket will lose millions of votes.  That would not be a wise decision.

        • Kevin52

          Apparently I am wasting my breath because you do not understand that if they are born on our soil it doesn't matter where the parents are born and if they are born on foreign soil but both parents are U.S. citizens again they are eligible. I hate the race card but I can only wonder if that is your problem in this instance. You said both men were born on our soil so both are eligible by law.

        • Paul Smith

          You are correct, Kevin, you're wasting your breath.  We know that a natural born citizen is a person born on US soil AND of citizen parents.  Where parents were born or come from is irrelevant.  Both men were born on US soil but were not born of citizen parents.  We will not vote for ineligible candidates.

        • Kevin52

          On every site I checked as long as they are born on U.S. soil it matters NOT where the parents were born, that includes government sites. I guess you better take your argument to the Supreme Court because you are wrong as far as every site I have visited attests.

        • Paul Smith

          "On every site I checked as long as they are born on U.S. soil it matters NOT where the parents were born, that includes government sites."
          That is 100% correct, Kevin, and is 100% irrelevant.  Can you figure out why?

          "I guess you better take your argument to the Supreme Court because you are wrong as far as every site I have visited attests."
          Not necessary to go to the SCOTUS, Keven.  Can you figure out why?

        • Paul Smith

          You are correct, Kevin, you're wasting your breath. A natural born citizen is a person born on US soil AND of citizen parents. Where the parents were born is irrelevant - only that they are U.S. citizens when the child is born. That is what we know to be true and we will not vote for ineligible candidates.

        • InvisibleHandInMyPants

          Your so-called voices in the public square thing is quaint. mitt belongs to a culs that has in its scrpitures the overthrow of the US government in favor of a mormon government. run by the Living Prophet who is a god and takes no direction from anyone. mitt will not be conservative. He will be true to the mormon faith. We are much much worse off without elections and with Mitt.

        • Frank1737

          Wanda,  I definitely agree with you!  People that go out and vote half  hazily may as well be voting for Obama again!

        • Jjkrjw


        • dondh

          You are absolutely right Wanda!  If everybody felt this way, then this would just give odumbo more votes.

        • Rhonda Reichel

          and a YES vote is a vote for Obama too

        • Margaret Asten

          primary voters have been largely liberal dems messing us up

        • The Advocates

           You are crazy and your choices stink!

        • JulieB

          revgay: So what you are saying is that you won't vote. Please don't do that; I am not a Romney fan either, but ABO. Unfortunately, elections come down to the best of the worst and Romney is the best.

        • Truth

          It's this kind of idiotic response to voting that got Obama in the WH in the first place, and will possibly seat him there for another four years! When will conservatives realize that no vote for a Republican candidate IS a vote for Obama??? Wake up conservatives before it's too late!!!

        • Peter S. Chamberlain

           Wish somebody would provide more detail and evidence about the maneuvers you relate against several Tea Party groups including names.

          At 73 after 50 years in conservative and Republican politics and 35 practicing law, I have about decided that the hard-shell conservative Republicans couldn't get together and organize a good panty raid.   The conservative Republicans today, contrary to Reagan, etc., seen determined to drive voters away.  We should have got together behind a much stronger candidate long before now instead of helping the Democrats savage the entire field. 
          We lost Ohio, for example, in 2008, when we should have won the White House, not because of the large number of mostly young and black new first-time voters Obama and the Dems mobilized, but because of the even larger number of former Bush voters who didn't vote in 2008.
          Why do we keep nominating people and then not getting behind and electing them?   That's a lot of what gave us Carter, Clinton, and Obama, and their choices for the Supreme Court, etc..  
          We've got to elect Anybody But Obama this year!   Would you rather have Romney's, (or Pudin Tane's), or Obama's, choice for the next Supreme Court vacancies?   It's that simple.

        • Jim Barrus

           We , as many people think and some point out, need a third party.  one that has a strong foundation and one which the leaders will not stray from.  It cannot put a candidate for President on the ballot every 4 years as the Constitution Party is doing.    Hardly anyone knows that it exists or who the candidate is.  Seeing him on there will give them a chance to vote for someone besides Romney or Obama.   Even if they don't like what those 2 stand for how do they know this one is any better.
          We need a party that will stay in the people's eyes and ears so they will know what is being done.
          In the meantime we NEED to elect congressmen who will answer to US - their employers.

        • William

           This is the most true and most important of instances.

           I have not posted on any of the Conservative Blog sites in a couple of months due to person disgust with so called conservatives.

           I have posted repeatedly on several sites for the necessity of a peaceful Revolution.

           To create true lasting change, "We the People" need to flex our collective muscle and re-secure our political system.

           To accomplish this we need to go to the polls and vote out every incumbent Senator and Congressperson.

           I doing so "We the People" would present irrefutable evidence that we have had enough.

            By expelling all of our current politicians we would both set the precedence and serve due warning to our newly elected politicians, that their tenure is dependent upon their performance of their sworn oath "To Uphold and Defend the Constitution of these United States".
          Thank you and GOD Bless.

           Ron Paul for President  2012 

        • Houchens

          Great concept ... voting on principle.  But creating a 3rd party at this late date or voting for Ron Paul will merely confirm that Obummer wins a second term.  Even though he may be some kind of conservative, his ideas do not register with the majority of conservatives.  Proof is the meager response he has received in primaries.
          I agree that both Republicans and Democrats seem to prefer the status quo ... big government.  But changing that behavior will take more than one term of presidency and if we dont get the fraud out of the White House, we may not get a chance to make changes in the future.

        • Desert_Fox

          I agree with you to a certain point, William. We do need to get out and vote, but it needs to be done intelligently. We need to study each and every candidate and what he stands for  and then make up out minds to which on we'll vote for. However, there are people out there that just vote for the person because he/she has a R or D behind there name. I wish they would do away with the party affiliation that way you would cast your vote for the person not the party. Oh, yeah, then the person running would have to work for your vote.
          But, alas that will never happen.

        • Dianequestions

          This is utterly ridiculous. We do not need a third party in this country. We have a conservative Rep party and a far left Dem party. We need to get good candidates and work and support them and vote out the bad ones. Besides why would a third party be any different....many do not know a conservative when they see one. Romney has a conservative voting record......but some are only interested in name calling just repeating what other have said with no proof whatsoever.

        • Hank

           It's too late for this election, Jim, but I sure as hell would like to see a viable candidate who didn't have to kiss the boots of the idiots we currently have running the party or the damned news media but could actually run on principles and common sense.

        • William

           Your concern for the next Supreme Court appointment is most valid, as the constitution of the nations highest court determines so many issues regarding American Liberties. To add another Liberal Justice could prove Disastrous to the remnants of our once plentiful Liberties.

           With that concern in mind; via public record and personal professions, I can think of only one candidate in whom America can trust to make the correct appointment(s) to ensure  the  integrity of the Supreme Court.

              That man being, Ronald Ernest Paul"For the Restoration of America and to Re-Secure America's Promise of Freedom and Prosperity"" R O N   P A U L   f o r  P R E S I D E N T   2012!!!"

        • Hank

          It's enough of that crap, William.  He's a loser and would only make us look sillier than we already do.  Get behind a legitimate candidate.

        • William

           Alright Hank, You're in. Now it's time to ante up.

           You called me now it's time to show your hand. 

           You want me and other Paul supporters to get be hind another candidate, convince us why we should.

          Here's your chance to shine.

           Please provide for me every aspects of Ron Paul's Campaign that qualify him as a loser.

          Please be specific.

          Either lay down the details or consider yourself formally relegated to irrelevant.

        • Dianequestions

          William  Paul has not won a single state. He was only able to get 1 of over 600 bills passed that he proposed in Congress. He has some good fiscal policy ideas and seems to agree with Romney. He also can speak right to the favorite..."Santorum is a fake."
          I know that we are all so concerned that we get Obama out. This will be very difficult to do. If we do not work together we cannot do it.
          Obama's numbers are going up in the polls. I believe a lot of the blame lies with Santorum and Newt. They have been hammering Romney with lies in their desperation to get the nomination. What they are saying will be free commercials for Obama. I will say I am shocked at the way Reps talk to each other on these posts.
          The election is ours to lose. Dems are very united. Reps are tearing each other and the candidates apart.

        • William

           In regards to Paul's 600 unpassed bills, read them for yourself. Then, ask why wouldn't the rest of our legislators support bills which actually restore  Freedom and Freedom of choice back to American  citizens.  (see link to Ron's unsupported bills below)

          As for Romney's economic plan, it is purely speculation. He offers no timelines, no definite results and no promises.

          (please see link to Mitt's Economic Plan below)


          Then follow the next link to Ron's plan  (see link below)

          After examining both, reply with  a real reason for me and all of the other Ron Paul supporters should fall in line with you Party Patriots.

          If you Party Patriots fear that we Paul supporters are gonna cost you guys the Election, well then I suggest you all get in line for Ron Paul. We're not gonna give in, and it's not likely you can win without us.

          Seeing as how so many are scared of Obama getting re-elected. Please keep in mind A Ron Paul Presidency  gets rid of Obama also. We'll be happy, you'll be happy.

           Pretty easy to understand, isn't it?


        • Randy111

          PSC, what I'm afraid of is that Romney is as bad a choice as McCain was to beat Obama. It's not a matter of conservatives getting behind him if he's nominated.

          He doesn't know what to do.  He's out of touch with the amrican people.

          YOu should take issue with the people who have given us Romney and not Conservatives.

          You know politics.  In Michigan, only Santorum made a play for the blue collar population which Reagan got and no Republican since him have noticed as existing.

          It was the perfect place for the son of a auto executive to promise to restore americs industrial base--no matter what it takes.  He excoriated Santorum for trying to get "democrats" to vote in the Republican primary.  And Romney is not a NASCAR fan, but he knows some of the owners.

          Don't blame "conservatives".  Blame the Republicans for not giving americans a candidate to vote for.

        • Dianequestions

          We do not want Dems voting in the Rep primaries.....they would vote for who they thought was the easiest to beat. We will gladly have Dems vote in the general election for the Rep candidate against Obama.

        • Randy111

          Dianequestions, I used to be a Democratic State Representative.  Like Michigan, Georgia has an Open Primary.  Primary voters pick which primary to vote in when they walk in the polls.

          When I was a legislator, I did not run on one set of issues for the Primary, and another for the election.  I ran on the same issues for both elections, and welcomed anyone who agreed with my program to vote in both.

          This Presidentual campaign, of momentous import--perhaps the most crucial since A. Lincoln--the Republican party candidates should have run on the issues facing the country in the Primaries, not on parochial issues like abortion,prayer in schools, or any of the peripheral issues not central to the problems facing the country.  That would have meant, especially in sttes like Michigan and Georgia, welcoming "Reagan Democrats" into the primaries.By spending the last several months worrying about the support of evangelical christians or at least some of Wall Street's campaign money (Obama gets most of it, like in 2008)--which turned off the larger electorate--the Party has turned off major percentages the country.   

          Michigan was the test for Romney.  The Republican party cannot win the presidency without the white working class vote which Reagan got, and Romney proved in Michgan he didn't even want it. So he can't win.

          Quite aside from his support for amnesty for illegals and colonies on the moon while we're $15 trillion in debt, Gingrich proved he couldn't win the Presidency in Florida's primary by losing Republican women by 20 points.  No Presidential candidate can lose 60% of the women vote and be elected.  But Adelson's money and Gingrich's ego kept him in the race  to drum up support for attacking Iran (which, if Obma does attack Iran , will insure his re-election)--and insure Romney is the nominee.

          Whoever the Republican nominee, I don't see a credible campaign which will unseat Obama.  The Bush family will win: they can install Jeb as the nominee to succeed Obama in 2016--and Republicans, after 2012, will fal for the Bushes again.

          For my part, after Two Bad Bushes, I will never vote for that family for anything.

        • Dianequestions

          Randy    You are right the candidates should have run on the most important issues and their true past records.  Santorum would not still be a candidate if not for social issues. By stressing social issues he has convinced many that he is a conservative. In reality he has a moderate to liberal voting record which many do not seem to be aware of.
          The white working class is in every state not just in Michigan. Santorum along with Ted Kennedy supported big labor instead of right to work while in the Senate. Santorum accused Romney of not supporting the auto bailout as if that was a bad thing.....actually Santorum had not supported it either.....but that is only part of his dishonest campaign.
          George W Bush was a great president. He had to deal with major problems all during his tenure. After the Bush tax cuts we had four years of prosperity. Then in 2006 we elected both a Dem Senate and a Dem House. Bush tried numerous times to get item line veto but of course Congress denied it.  Santorum was big government big spending including voting for the bridge to nowhere. I wil not follow the far left media and Obama in their blaming Bush for everything mantra.

        • Randy111

          I'm sorry, Dianequestions, but you are beginning to sound like a flake to me.  I do not think abortion, race issues, and religion have a place in this election.  Nor, quite frankly, whether a Republican from a heavily unionized state voted against the Right To Work laws we have here in Georgia.

          I am suspicious of Romney because I think he cannot connect with ordinary americans, he did put through a state run insurance plan in Massachussetts, and is always harping on how his family worked for Civil Rights in  the 60s when we need somebody to stand up to race baiters in 2012 (you know, the agitators who call Republicans "racists" for running a candidate "against Obama, because he's black").  Unlike Gingrich--to give Mr. Ego his due--Romney is incapable of attacking black bigots--he's too much like the Bushes.

          I want a candidate who cares about blue collar america, not Wall Street.  Who will bring back jobs to this country from overseas--and Rick Santorum appears to be that kind o f candidate.  Romney proved to me in Michigan that he is incapable of beating Obama.

        • Hank

           Randy111, I think you've got it right.  Except for Newt, this has got to be the lamest group of losers to have ever been nominated as candidates for the Presidency.  Like you, I blame the Republican leadership, and though I'll never vote for a Democrat again, I also will never give the damned Republican Party another cent.  To use a blue-collared euphemism-- they have screwed the pooch this time in my opinion.

        • Richard Schaefer

          WHY? Because, "republican voters" have become SPOILED SELF CENTERED BRATS! Yes, if candidate "X" doesn't believe EXACTLY as I DO, "I won't vote for him"!! That's STUPID!! A "no show no vote"... IS a VOTE FOR OBAMA!! Then you'll whine Obama got back in, and blame the GOP for it.. LIAR!! BLAME YOURSELVES!!

          Now, i'm NOT happy with the CROOKED WAY, the GOP has all but RIGGED Romney as the man... BUT, boot Obama FIRST, then we can "clean house" in the GOP!! Try it the OTHER way around, and you'll never get your chance... it'll be TOO LATE....

          Liberals vote UNIFIED....
          Repubs/Conservatives have become SPLINTERED... and the Democrats walk all over us, BECAUSE of that!! Are you a self centered narcissist?? or an American PATRIOT!! Better figure THAT question out FAST, November, is coming FAST....

        • William

           Have no fear, those that label themselves "Establishment Conservatives" have already Fallen in line. 

           The battle that must now be won is for the vote of the Independents and the Dis-enfranchised.

           According to the latest information,  Independent Voter now embodies America's Highest  Group percentage rate. 40% and on the rise.

           Increasingly, the American Voter has become distrustful of Party Politics and are actively seeking a more viable Political Alternative.

           It would seem that the latest catch-phrase
          " I Didn't Leave the Party; The Party Left Me"
          has become the new motto of the dis-enfranchised.

          So, how will the "Left" and the "Right" deal with this mess they have created.

          May GOD bless and Keep, you and yours.

          "G O D  B L E S S   A M E R I C A"

           R O N  P A U L   f o r  P R E S I D E N T  2 0 1 2 !!!


        • Randy111

          Truth,  the ACORN vote manufacturing machine, a main stream media owned by the Obama campaign, and the stupidest choice for a  presidential candidate at least in modern history--John McCain--are what elected Obama.  John McCain, certified RINO.  Truth, that means he was/is no conservative.

          Conservatives--who did not nominate McCain becasuse they split their votes among three candidates (one of them almost certainly a McCain supporter who  siphoned off votes from conservative candidates)--held their noses and voted for McCain  because they saw how bad Obama would be.

          Obama will likely run rings around the Moderate, Civil Rights candidate Romney.  The man from Wall Street and diversity training.

        • Dianequestions

          Romney is the most conservative of the candidates. He is also a fighter. The Reps should not have nominated McCain. Santorum is the candidate most like McCain. Both worked wth the Dems in Congress.......we know bipartisan equeals Dem. Santorum is weak and dishonest. Can you picture him standing up to leaders of our enemy countries?

        • William

           obviously your understanding of the word "Conservative" is wrong. I have, in an honest effort to defeat illiteracy, taken the opportunity to post for you and others like you "Webster's" definition of "Conservative" as well as the supporting link.

          Definition of CONSERVATISM
          capitalized a : the principles and policies of a Conservative party b : the Conservative party 2
          a : disposition in politics to preserve what is established b :
          a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability,
          stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development
          to abrupt change; specifically : such a
          philosophy calling for lower taxes, limited government regulation of
          business and investing, a strong national defense, and individual
          financial responsibility for personal needs (as retirement income or
          health-care coverage) 3 : the tendency to prefer an existing or traditional situation to change by the above description, Mr. Romney does not Qualify!!!Sure seems more like the description of  Ron Paul though.  Your welcome. Glad to be of help.P.S. RON PAUL 2012,  a real Conservative.

        • Upaces

          You were great until you brought up Ron Paul's name.
          Ron Paul thinks:
          We shouldn't blame Muslims for 9/11 (how about rapists--after all, it is the woman's responsibility);
          We should build a Mosque on Ground Zero -- you know -- the little item of Freedom of Religion?  He blames Israel for 9/11;
          He "misinterprets the Constitution and yet Paul Bots refer to him as a "Constitutional Scholar;" -- Muslims build Mosques on Grounds they conquer;
          Oh, yes and Prostitution should be legal relating it to Amsterdam -- which by the way, Amsterdam realized what a horrific mistake they made and have changed it.

          His name is connected to Soros who "wrote" all of his rebuttals for interviews;
          He also said he wouldn't jeopardize American Lives for the Holocaust;
          Paul Bots say "He is such an honest man"; yet, he received two checks for the same campaign and never returned the 2nd check.

          You might want to research his attitudes on Israel...or maybe you do approve.

          Google his association with Bill Ayers -- you remember,  Obama's friend and mentor?

        • William

           Would you kick a dog and not expect to be bitten?

           Failure of countless Americans to understand the cultural beliefs of the Middle East Region is what prevents many from understanding that our presence in that region are viewed as encroachments. This philosophy is not a new to the world by any means. That region has been at war as long or longer than recorded history. Below is a link to most of the recorded historical (failed) invasions by other nations into that region.

          Our nation is barely 250yrs old, yet look at the patriotic spirit many Americans boast.  Imagine the mindset of a people how's roots trace back to biblical times. The wars of the bible were fought by there ancestors. 

          The U.S. has a long and tangled history in the Middle East. I have posted some links in hopes of helping your understanding  of Ron Paul's statement in which he quoted Bin Laden "That America's presence in the lands was viewed as an act of war against the people of the Middle East. Those countries have claimed that the 9/11 was retaliation against our encroachment.

            Hence, Ron Paul's statement that the attack were a result of our foreign policy. To this date peoples of all the countries of that region continually call for us to leave. How would we react if it was another nation occupying our land?

          There is a lot of info in the supporting links I have posted. Please be patient, watch each one, then if you still hold the same opinion, please let me know.


          Your comment on Ron's position is incorrect.

            Ron's position on drugs and prostitution are completely explained in the following link.

          As to your comments on Mr. Paul's misinterpretations of the U.S. Constitution, Soro's affiliations and financial fraud; I would very much like the opportunity to review your supporting evidence.

          Thank you for your time and concerns. I hope all of the supporting information I included in my reply better helps you with any reservations you may have had in regards to Ron Paul and his campaign message.

          RON Paul for President 2012


        • Dianequestions

          I do not see anything  in the definition about an effort to be a smart aleck.
          After reading the definitions I find Romney meeting all of them. Looks like you may have been attempting to say Romney did not meet the criteria for financial responsibility for personal needs. Romneycare was an attempt led by the conservative Heritage Foundation and strongly supported by Newt to get deadbeats who could afford to pay for their own healthcare but wanted others to pay for it to take "financial responsibility for their health-care coverage."
          Paul is lacking in at least one of your definitions......a stronge national defense.

        • William

            Again your lack of knowledge of candidate positions causes you to make an unfounded and inaccurate statement.

           Paul meets every aspect of the criteria of Webster's definition .

          Please allow me to better inform you.


          I have made know reference to Romney care. My statement concerning conservatism as for as Mr. Romney is concerned, comes from review of his Economic Plan posted on his official campaign site compared to that of Ron Paul's. I have also posted links to each candidates "Issues" page from their perspective sites.

           Should you elect to compare the two plans you will notice that while Mr. Paul offers amounts, and time frames, including a balanced Federal budget within three years of his inauguration, Mr. Romney's plan does none of these things.

            Please know your candidates positions. It would also be helpful to  examine their positions and analyze the functionality and credibility of each. 

            Failure to do so, may prove regrettable in the future.

           A vote is a terrible thing to waste.

          RON PAUL 2012!!!

        • Jim Barrus

           Please vote for whoever gets Rep nomination!  whoever doesn't vote or votes for 3rd party candidate is in effect voting for Obama.

        • Don

          just shows you how bad we have been out flanked by our own leaders. they are not our leaders. they like the rest are for them selfs.

        • Randy111

          Karol, I am from Georgia.  Newt ?Gingrich is a big government, big spender, and Big Mouth candidate, nothing more nor less.  He is no conservative by any definition I know of.


          And this right here is the reason we will be SOCIALISTS come 2013.. NO ONE IN THIS COUNTRY CAN GET TOGETHER ON ONE THING AND GET IT RIGHT....



          RIP AMERICA:
                    Born: July 4, 1776
                    Died Jan 20, 2009

          It was fun while it lasted... Now, I am going to await the real king to come and pick up his children before the world is completely evil....

          May God have mercy on our souls!!!

        • Kevin52

          You are partially right. However a lot more is at stake. Electing the wrong Republican will be just as hurtful as re-electing Obama. Put in a liberal like Mitt and you will have the naive public flocking right back to the Hypocrat Party in a couple of years. Since the liberal old guard Republicans have gained control once again, the GOP has once again become spineless, claiming you cannot win with social conservatives values. They pay lip-service to Reagan while truly despising his values & principles. If Newt were a true conservative he would have never back an extremely liberal woman in a N.Y. runoff election, or backed the global warming hoax. He says a lot of good things, the problem is he doesn't believe them.

          You can't fix the country until you fix the party, and it has been broken for a long time. We gave them everything they could have ever wanted in the Congressional elections and what have they done with it? They have caved on every issue! All Boehner can do is sob and McConnell compromise with Hypocrats.  The Bush Family Values are not conservative, they are moderate to liberal and those are the values currently driving the party!

        • mary

          Obama has conjured far too many disasters, starting with health care reform and including trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see crony capitalism scandals like Solyndra, and the Middle East descending into chaos. Romney's claim to competency in financial matter is not a frivolous one. If he is elected along with a conservative House and Senate, he will do well. He can hardly do worse and Mitt is the only one who can match Obama $$$$.  Mitt Romney is warning all of us about what Obama is trying to do toward the Catholic Church and to force us into SOCIALISM.

           Check this out: http://

           Viewing the records of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich is like discovering a checklist for how many ways the Constitution has been violated in recent decades. A campaign shouldn't be about how hard one has to try to be conservative or to be "reinvented." Your beliefs should be obvious from a lifetime of standing up for them. Don from Pennsylvania says: We disqualified Santorum from public office in Pennsylvania by an 18% margin! If he and Gingrich don’t stand down and support Mitt Romney before the Convention – then Obama will be in for another term in office – GUARANTEED!! 

           I hope their egos aren’t stronger than their patriotism.
          WE SHALL SEE!

        • Liberty Roll

          Newt, a Conservative?  Ha you make me LOL.  He supported DeDe Scozzafava in the NY Special election who was the establishment Republican who also had the endorsement of the Working Families Party (ACORN) in NY State.   He passed over the one true Conservative, Doug Hoffman.  In the end, Dede quit the race three days before the election and threw her support to the Democrat!   And the votes she got could have helped Doug Hoffman. How many people listened to Newt's endorsement and voted for Dede and then the Dem won. Yup, Newt knows a Conservative when he sees one... and he ain't one of them!

        • Upaces

          Hey! You! Liberty Roll...And who else that is running has spoken out blatantly in no quiet tones  about the problems we have with the Muslims and Sharia Law in this Country?  NO ONE!
          Romney:  "Islam is not inherently violent."
          Cain:  I'll have Muslims on my staff;

          3 Video(s): Newt on Muslims and Terrorist Newt G. on Muslim Terrorists Compares Muslim Terrorists to Natzi(s) Radical Threat of Islam

        • Houchens

          Your quote of Herman Cain is not exactly accurate because it was more definitive than you described.  Herman said if a candidate to his cabinet was the best qualified and was Muslim AND if he/she pledged to support the consititution of the USA over Sharia Law, then Herman would consider that candidate.  Much more qualified answer in my opinion.  A truly devout Muslim would never put our constitution over Sharia Law.

        • Kevin52

          Newt will do exactly what liberal northeast Party rulers want. Currently they want to fail in another election so they are backing Liberal Mitt. Newt's only reason for continuing is to knock off Santorum by siphoning votes. Just like he backed extremely liberal DeDe in a N.Y. runoff election, just like he continues backing the global warming hoax, Newt will do what the liberal rulers of the GOP want. He talks a good game, trouble is you can't believe a word he says!

        • Rosasolis

          Dear karol, Thankyou for your wonderful message. I have been following
          several  recent rapports and emails.   As a citizen of Netherlands I
          cannot vote, but if I could  my vote would go to Newt Gingrich.
          He has had so  much  knowledge and experience in your government,
          that I am convinced that Newt  knows American and International
          affairs.   We in Europe are hoping that Newt will be your choice,
          he would work very well with Europe.
          Newt is the only honest candiate who can defeat Obama.
          Please do not let this dedicated man go!


        • Frederick

          Newt is a big fat stupid idiot!   He wants to put more people out of work by firing Scool custodians and hiring grade school and middle school students to do their work...child labor is illegal and downright crazy, what if one 0f these kids get hurt lifting heavy loads of trash from the dining room lunches, etc.  Schools sued for a huge sum of money.  Also more grown ups out of jobs and on the unemployment line because of Newt's crazy idea.  Unemployment is high enough without some crazy idea like making it harder to work a sudiable work.  Santorium is a sensable man with sensiable ideas.   We need him as our candidate. 

        • Bob Pegram

           Both Gingrich and Santorum did not have enough money nor organization to get on the ballot in states totalling 540 delegates. Neither can win the nomination. Quit wasting your vote. Vote for Ron Paul who IS on all the ballots.

        • Kevin52

          Newt will do exactly what the liberals & moderates running the party want. There can be no other explanation considering his support for a liberal in a N.Y. runoff election a few years back when a conservative was also running. The party refused to back the conservative and instead supported this extremely liberal woman. The party bigwigs claimed their usual claim: social conservatism will not win elections.    These are the same morons that ran the party prior to the Reagan Revolution. Somehow Reagan pulled off 2 landslide victories and eventually got control of Congress after nearly 40 years of being out. winning with social conservative values. Once Reagan was out, the northeast liberals began slowly taking over again, so did Hypocrat Party victories.

          Anyway, Newt backed this liberal but she eventually bowed out -- and promptly backed a liberal Democrat while the party still refused to back the conservative. The result was the conservative lost by a few percentage points and Newt lost the respect of most conservatives! Today his only reason for continuing is the Party wants Liberal Mitt in. Newt's only reason to continue is to siphon off votes from Santorum and he's doing exactly that. He has cut staff because he knows he cannot win, so Newt once again is doing what the party wants. He is NOT doing what is best for the party though, that is support a conservative over a RINO & get this country back to conservative values. Even if Liberal Mitt wins it will be spending as usual. Mitt told how much he admired the Stimulus Bill and said Bush and the GOP made a mistake by not promoting it before the Hypocrat Party. You can see all of Liberal Mitt's beliefs from his own mouth on Youtube: "Liberal Mitt's Greatest Hits: What Mitt Doesn't Want You To See."

        • Rhonda Reichel

          Ha ha ha...yep that's classic Romney

        • Kevin52

          Quite the revelation isn't it Rhonda? However, most people won't even look at it. I'm assuming they think it is someone else talking about Liberal Mitt rather than Mitt doing all the talking himself. I really wish he were the conservative he claims to be but I don't believe it. His change just happened to coincide with his decision to run for President. Too much of a coincidence for me to fall for.  :)

        • Dianequestions

          The revelation that it really is...partial clips....unfinished sentences and things taken out of context.
          Do not claim to be a great economist but do see there is a difference between the whole financial system collasping and the bailout of the auto industry to save the Dem supporting UAW. The money from the financial corporations has been paid back.
          Romney is right ...the taxpayers should not have bailed out the auto industry (Ford did all right without a bailout). They have not only not paid back taxpayers but are giving themselves bonuses. Obama took away stocks and bonds from their rightful owners and gave them to the UAW.
          Romney was for a woman's right to chose as stated by the law but when he read the abortion issue that came across his desk as governor he could not sign it and has been pro life ever since. Had a friend basically the same way...he had bought into the woman's right to choose.
          I look at Romney's record as governor of Mass as well as the records of the other candidates in Congress not chopped up videos.
          By the way Romney authorized his policemen in Mass to stop and check for illegals. Newt's policy supports amnesty for some. Santorum voted for earned income tax credits for illegals and against more border partol agents.
          Dem Gov Deval came into Mass afterRomney and made changes to healthcare making it more expensive.  Romney was unable to talk due to being interrupted by O'Reilly.
          Again...this is it..will not waste any more time on misleading video is too important to defeat Obama.
          Whjo put together these clips? Did they identify themselves?

        • Kevin52

          I noticed you could not explain away Romneycare, which is the blueprint for Obamacare. You also could not explain away gun control. Romney will tell his audience anything he thinks they wish to hear. In the video he is appealing to liberal by taking a liberal stance. If he were really a true conservative his principles would not allow him to side with the pro-choice crowd in any manner. When he gets to debate Obama there is not argument he can make that is going to separate himself from his gov't run health care program in Mass. I've heard his flimsy argument before. I bet Obama is licking his chops because he knows what a flip-flopper Romney is. 

          P.S. Those were pretty long video clips, not one-liners. Certainly long enough to see he is no conservative though I wish he were.

        • Dave

          Agreed, Harold.  Our top #1 priority is to defeat Obama at the polls in NOvember then worry about rebuilding the party.

        • Randy111

          Harold, A republican candidate who can't win, will be of no help.

        • Margaret Asten

          Yup, this is like 2008 all over again.  just substitute the next GOP in line based on seniority in the party and we're faced with another no win situation - carefully orchestrated by the liberal media

        • thestormy

          I am 76 & I have never seen as much corruption as we are facing now. There is only one party in D.C.Demopublicans.They have taken $500 billion from Medicare & tell us the system is going bankrupt.They enjoy their lavish payrolls & health care only working 3 or 4 days a week.They campaign on our time & dime.Travel home & back to D.C. at our expense & tell us the nation is bankrupt.They tell us that entitlement benefits such as S.S.,Medicare,Med Caid are bankrupting America.They give illegals $113 billion a year, plus schooling them gov.handout through the ying-yang & till us we are bankrupt. Now I ask you,who is the biggest entitlement group?Answer: CONGRESS & ALL OF THEIR STAFFERS WHO HAVE THE SAME HEALTH CARE THEIR BOSSES ENJOY!! The 2nd biggest is the illegals to whom they pander while we pay for their very existence.
          At what point is America going to say,enough of these silly games & start recalling all of them?Voting a few out at a time hasn't worked.The good ole' boys take control of them REAL QUICK!!

        • Mikey

          Unfortunately America won't wake up.  I can't figure out why.  Why do so many embrace the destruction of a free society?  How can their vision of what is coming be so obscure?

        • midwaygrad

          Harold and Allegator Baby are both correct.  I'll be 77 in Sept and I never thought I'd see the day that any U.S. citizen would vote for someone that wants to spread the wealth and bring Marxism/socialism/ Communism (take your pick) into this country to replace the constitutional republican form of gov't we and our forefathers fought for.   ( I say U.S. citizen because an "American" would never vote for this president ever)

        • The Advocates

           You have a short memory and should go back to grade school. The American government is sound. Under Democrats job creation and the DJIA have done much better then their recession prone buddies on the right. The New Health Care will be sustained, growth will continue and the Tea Party will be defunct. You old coots know so little. I am retired, have worked in the private sector for 45 years and have no clue regarding your perverse view of economics, history and how our government works. It is a TWO party system you clowns, and the "ruling" party, the GOP controlled the Presidency and the Congress from 2001 through 2007. They fouled up, there was a recession, a market meltdown, and a prolonged slump! Do tell. TARP has been paid back with interest, other stimuli is being paid back and the auto industry was saved, along with a great many banks and other important companies. The Health Care Plan was modeled on one crafted by the Heritage Foundation, put in place by Romney in Mass, and supported by Gingo in 2008. Wake up and listen to something other than FOX Noise and Rush Cheesburger.

        • JulieB

          Oh great, another one of Obummer's butt boy and I mean that literally.

        • midwaygrad

          There's no question the republicans under Bush 43 spent too much money.  Even though revenue went up, their spending went up with it.  Your claims about democrat jobs, health etc is the usual democrat line (and I'm sure my retort would be usual repub line in your view) but if you think that where we are heading has anything to do with freedom, prosperity and the vision of America I remember you need to take another look.  No "American" president would ever take away the conscience clause, encourage the old Marxist line (take from those according to their means to give to those according to their need etc).  The Obama budget, according to CBO, will never balance - how does a country survive with that kind of spending and taxing?  As for healthcare, I'm for health care access but I don't want the government deciding what care I will get and having congress debating and playing politics with my health care.  At least in the private sector, you can use the gov't to put pressure on the health care insurance industry but where do you go when the insurer is the gov't?   The care we get for serious sickness/injury has to be traded off vs cost which is what the UK and Canada have done.  Here, we may not be able to afford it either but, at least, we have the option and make our own decisions.   Your democrat party is nothing like the democrat party my parents supported.  ( I'm not too thrilled aboout the current republican establishment either - we need to vote them all out)

        • The Advocates

           Just read Ryan's idiotic budget and understand you fool, it will HURT you!

        • mary

          The Advocates - You sound like a DEM LIBERAL!

        • Politically correct

          The Republican will just set the legal (illegal) groundwork for more tyrrany, much as George Bush did. Sight of hand.

        • Don

          don't bet your. family fortune on that statement

        • Reader

          You are correct esp. if we are able to secure the Congress both the Senate and the House.  As many diffuculties as whoever rep. is  we can control him is we control the Congress.  If we win the battle of world views and ideas, it will be after many battles. We who went to sleep and allowed the rise of the statist without even a sock in the eye created this mess.  But now eyes wide open and the realization that the very existence of the West is a stake the resolve and the courage to secure the freedoms of the people and the nation can be seen even in the dialog here. Be encouraged:  The lanterns on the Tree of Liberty grow the the minute. Harold not all who follow are the give-me generation; there are yet those upon who fell the seeds of liberty. Have you noticed the growing numbers of youth in the republican party (they are not ignorant of the agruments and message and nor are the silent) and have you noticed the number of youth who now are cleaning their guns and going to church?  This war of the battle of world views and ideas that believe that our rights come from God has just began and we will prevail; Harold In the West the Good Guy wins, remember. Reader

        • Maynard

          I am 82.  One would have to be as old as we are to know what freedom was like when we were young.  It just about kills me to see it being toren away from us and future generatiions.  I will give you a site to print out and read, just so they can all learn who our enemy really is.  The truth will blow their minds, but the truth is what sets us free.
  thru  207.html   And:

        • The Advocates

           Your brain is addled- wise up! Cry Baby

        • toddyo1935

           Will you kids quit arguing? I'm 77 and agree with you. I just agree more with a better overall candidate.

          Romney has great business skills, but does anyone really know how he'll apply them? BHO won't go without a fight, and his handlers will be well prepared for any dirt or violence if needed.

      • notoshariah

        That's why Savage calls the  DEMOKINS-&- REPUBLOCRATS!    So we need the TEA PARTY to define the CONSTITUTION.  
        I don't want this ISLAMIST finishing off this country with his suck-up attitude to the Arabs and all the other middle eastern--with their   Shariah Law culture.    We don't need to keep giving ziollions of $$ to such liers.   

      • Upaces

        It is NOT is the media.

      • Masdet

        I agree with you.  The GOP  wants to keep everything in tact with Romney, who is no better than Obama.   Why has Congress not started impeachment againest Obama and thrown Holder out?  it does not take a rocket scientist to get the whole picture. Even Fox is now  in the lamesteam media pushing Romeny.   Why did we give Russia our space program??? and give South America 15 Billion for deep water oil drilling??? And why did we fund fund KENYA'S new  "Democracy" and backed  The Islam brotherhood  to overturn the middle east?   Gee  let me guess... Duh but I am only a dumb well educated high IQ conservative that loves my country.

      • Politically correct

        Two sides of same coin.

      • Kevin52

        The problem is the strength of the party is back in the hands of northeast liberals, the same group that ran the GOP prior to the Reagan Revolution. The same group that couldn't gain control of Congress for nearly 40 years. They hate social conservatives, especially Christians. They falsely claim you cannot win elections if you hold social conservative values. They throw their support behind candidates with moderate to liberal viewpoints while shunning true conservatives. Newt is a part of this group despite his claims of conservatism. I remember him backing a N.Y. liberal in a runoff election when a much more conservative candidate was available. In the end she quit the race and threw her support to a liberal from the Hypocrat Party. The conservative nearly won but was never supported by the GOP hierarchy.  I suspect the only reason Newt remains in the primaries is to prevent Santorum from winning because that is the effect he is having. Newt cannot possibly win so what other reason does he stay? I believe it is because he is following the party bigwig's desire for Liberal Mitt to win, thus ensuring their control of the GOP. I guess Reagan didn't realize he couldn't win with social conservative values. Makes you wonder how he pulled off 2 landslide victories.  :)

    • jong

       Romney just by his record shows what he is a left wing socialist.   Of course the amount of money he has spent clouds it with attacks on every single canidate.   If he did not have all the money and the playing field was even a different person would be in front or all ready nominated.    The establishment of the Republican Party wishes for a "moderate" to be elected.   However they have forgotten it seems the information about Romney is easily obtained with computers and sites like this one.  In the end his train and Obama's have the same destination Romney's is just slower.

      • Glen Thompson

        I am so thankful that Romney did have "all the money" you are pouting over.  If not, can you ever imagine, what a mess we would be in.  Santorum =religious zealot, Gingrich/Cain = both adulterers, Perry = light weight idiot,  Bachman = loose  cannon psychotic, Huntsman = prissy democrat , and of course you have poor old senile great-granddad Paul.  Need I say more.

        • Jeannie

          Glen, if you were investigated, would you be an adulterer?  There probably isn't anyone in D.C. that isn't.  Newt is the only one that has the knowledge to save this country and that is why the liberal press and elite gop don't want him up there.  He is in the same boat as Palin, they are afraid of him because he may find all the crooks up there and get rid of them.  That is what they are fighting him for.

        • Virginia

          Romney = RINO.  I'm guessing you're not a Christian since you don't forgive.  God has forgiven Newt and, if we want to be forgiven our sins, we'd darn well better start forgiving others theirs.  And the ladies who came out of the woodwork to accuse Cain NEVER came up with any proof or backup and, as soon as he withdrew, so did they.  I'm still  not sure if that was dreamed up by the Obama team or Romney and his team.

        • Allio

           I'm with you Virginia.   I also thought those women accusing Mr. Cain were plants and paid well to stop him. 
          Actually, Cain was my 1st choice, then Newt, and now who????  You go with the one who can get 'er done and I don't see Santorum in that role.

          To the fools who refuse to vote for Romney, if he becomes the primary winner,  you're only asking for worse if you leave the party to vote for O.
          I just don't think Romney is that bad, if given a chance.  I've finally been listening and think he's not a complete Rino, just half, that's better than O.

          I refuse to vote for anyone who's proven what it means to Transform America.  We've been Fundamentally transformed and I want to go back to our belief in FREEDOM for ALL.

        • Larry S

          I would take a religious zealot, an adulterer, a loose cannon psychotic or a poor old senile great granddad over Romney by a factor of 1000 any day, anytime and by a factor of 100,000 over Nobama as well.  If Romney wins, our country is totally doomed. Might as well turn out the lights and move out to almost anywhere else.  We will bypass most of the currently socialistic countries as far as undesirability in no time at all.  If the GOP members in Congress had the least bit of concern for the country or even a set of balls the size of a BB, we might have a chance, but that is unfortunately not the  case.  My girl friend want to move to Honduras.  Might be the best idea she has had since we met if either Romney or Nobama are in office after the next inauguration.

        • Guest

          Go while you still can because you are just wimp and we the America dont need you

        • Rjmacar

          Ron Paul, far from being senile, is the ONLY candidate who actually has followed the constitution, limited government, and has the record to prove it. The big government and international banking establishment fear him.
          It appears from your comments you know NOTHING of Ron Paul nor have you followed his campaign and growing numbers of supporters all over the country.
          It is a liberty movement that cannot be stopped! 

        • guest

           If Ron Paul can win the primary, I'd vote for him.  He has to win, not sniffing at the heels of everyone else.  You can't win when you're the last in the field.
          If we had a decent, American Loving, Freedom believer, I'd vote for her.

        • Guest

          You sure hit the nail on the head......

      • Virginia

        What puzzles and amazes me is that the Establishment Republicans have such extremely poor memories.  Think Dole, think McCain, now add Romney!  I've heard the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.  Yup, I think that describes RINOs and Republican establishment perfectly.  Are you  listening Ann Coulter?

        • willowa

          Are you ever right!  By the way, according to Einstein, that is the definition of insanity, not just stupidity, or, I might add, both.

        • Dianequestions

          Romney is winning the votes and the electoral votes. Santorum is a weak Dole, McCain type. Romney is not weak.   Ann is very smart.

      • Allio

         Hey, I was not for Romney initially, but when it comes down to the wire, you go with the least of two evils.
        The amount of money he's spent doesn't even compare to what Obama is spending, using multi-millions of taxpayers dollars to campaign all over the country, while getting millions from his wealthy admirer liberals.
        You can't always believe everything you read on the internet, as I've seen some sites saying things about our prez that I'm not sure are true, but interesting to read.  It could
        just be a gay person making comments, who knows?

    • Allegator Baby

      Bob, don't know what you're seeking but with your attitude you will NOT find it.  Romney may not be the candidate you want -wake up man, we can't have another 4 years of Obama!!!

      • Mackie100

        GatorBaby,  Please be so kind as to explain just what you find about Romney that makes him able to stop Obummer?  He is the Establishmet Candidate so to speak.  The Establishment will
        be very happy with Romney, the Conservative folks can see through him like a window glass!
        What is your political leaning?  Liberal I wouldthink!  

        • ORB

          Anyone with half a brain should realize the country cannot survive 4 more years of Obama!

        • 1marg

          I agree, but it also cannot survive another politician who won't undo the damage done.  The reason I say this is if we have a one-term Republican who does nothing we are back in the same position we are in currently.

          We've just bought four more years before total destruction of our freedoms.

        • Gerald Key

          That may be better than having our last chance gone.

        • Allio

           Romney was not my choice, but it appears that no one will be able to catch up at this date.  So, the choice is vote for Romney and believe he'll do what he's committed to doing  ie: remove Obamacare, OR continue with what we have and lose everything.

          .  I think I'd rather take a chance that Romney will be a  good administrator,  NOT 4 more years with a socialist who will tax us to death, keep obamacare, put us all in the soup line because we don't make enough to buy gasoline to go find a job.

          Yep!  Makes it an easy choice.  I'd never vote for Obama.  FREEDOM can not be attained with a Marxist, Socialist, etc. in the W.H.

        • 1marg

          But why not force Romney to state NOW what he will do?  Why hand him the GOP nomination without some solid promises about what he will do? 

          Wishin' and hopin' just won't cut it.

          What will he do to restore our individual freedoms? 

          Just answer the question.

        • Allio

           Email him and ask.   I've never been in his corner, but here lately, I think he's taking a conservative stance on many things.    Better than nothing is my motto when there's no other choices.   If Newt could catch up, he would be my 1st choice.  But, I'm not stupid enough to believe a losing vote counts.

        • 1marg

          I have e-mailed my concerns. I got a canned response.

        • Allio

           Sorry 'bout that.  Wish I could help, but I'm struggling too.   All I can really admit to:  WILL NOT VOTE FOR O

          If anyone else wins the final vote, I'd consider that, but who?
          When your hands are tied behind your back, you make the best choice and I know Obama is not in the running.

        • 1marg

          If Satan himself was running against obama I'd probably abstain from voting.  obama is the worst president in my long lifetime. 

          Right now we have the opportunity to demand answers from the candidates.  I want certain assurances. 

        • Allio

          me too 1marg.  Wish I knew more to share with you.  I'm about as torn over this and fearful for my Freedom.  I only know whom I will not vote for

        • Whistle219

          Do you think he will repeat everything just for you? what an ego............

        • 1marg

          Noce try.  I want answers as to what he will do with NDAA.  He has said during one of the debates that he would have signed it.  That alone would stop me from voting for him.  How about an explanation as to why he would violate the Constitution?

          What about the ongoing presidential add-on Executive Order that almost takes over every aspect of our country--the only two exceptions left are the internet and guns.  When those two go, we are doomed as a free nation forever.

          What would he do about the order for 450,000,000 hollow point 40 caliber bullets?

          And you talk about my ego...that, my friend, is a liberal ploy to answer questions--use deflection or attack the questioner.

          Romney has NOT answered these questions, and they are very important to the survival of our individual freedoms.

        • William

           Maybe this link will help clear things up about Mr. Romney and here lately.

          Don't be afraid to question anyone's actions. Always investigate any uncertainty.

          The truth is out there.

          Mr. Obama, said an awful lot of things people wanted to hear to get the job also.

        • Maybeperfect

           He's already said that he supports the NDAA, not that what he says has any significance in any respect. What more do you need to know"?

        • 1marg

          I didn't actually hear him say it.  He did say he would post an explanation on his website.  I'm waiting for the answer...

        • Whistle219

          I think you have not been listening, he has stated what he will do......

        • 1marg

          He has NOT answered the questions to my satisfaction.  Before I give up on Romney I want him to explain why he would violate the Constitution by signing NDAA.

          I am reading your reply a day after reading the article and the comments, so I don't whether you are for or against Romney.

        • Maynard

          1marg: It is too bad that the our enemies, who own and control of the wrolds news media, is preventing Americans the right to hear what Ron Paul has been saying.  Instead, they prefer that you see him a a loon, a nut, crazy, etc, becasue they know that if he is heard, he would expose them for what they are, and will reverse that damage done to this country if elected. Stop and think about it.  What you know about any candidate comes from the news media, be it news papers, magazines, TV, radio, or the internet.  Instead they indoctrinate  Americans, dumb them down, so as to maintain their secrecy and hide from Americans their identities and the truth.  Truth keeps us free.  Falsehoods keep Americans ignorant. If you feel that you are loosing freedoms at every turn in the road, then you know you are loosing freedoms.  So, somebody or some organization is doing it. Something is at fault. But are you aimed in the right direction?
          Find out: print and read:   thru
          207.html   And:   Lets not let the republican [arty highjack the nomination and election, as it has already highjacked the Tea Party.The Tea Party was not so smart after all back Gingrich, a member of the CFR.  What stupitiy.

        • 1marg

          Your links don't work.

        • Whistle219

          I have heard Ron Paul speak and he is a loon, a loon that speaks a popular tune. Hia isolationist polices will only get us in another war just as it has in the past......

        • Maynard

          Whistle219. Ron Paul wants to do just what Washington and Jefferson  both said: to expand commercial interest in foreign nations, but not to get involved in foeign politics or and diplomatic ties because they can lead tounwanted wars and  tyranny.  That is not being an isolationest. That is being economicly wize, and militarily sound in the defense of our own soil.  Now we are members of an international army, NATO, and we have American blood splattered everywhere in the world, which is down right stupid, as you and most Americans will soon learn after the next election, when and if Ron Paul looses.  If he looses, we lose.  Wait and see.

        • Maynard

          I would like to add to my comment below, that you do not know what you are taking about.  It was not isolationism that got us into wars, its be politics. Dishonest, corrupt, deceptive, lying politics, from dishonest, corrupt, deceptive, lying politivans like the counterfeit conservatives, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Carter, Clinton, Obama,
          Kennedy, Jonson, Wilson and Roosevelt.  The American people have been lied too and decieved so much
          that they cannot see the truth when it hits them square in the face.  Election after election they fall for the same BS.  So much so that they do not know and honest, trustworthy patriot when they hear him, so indoctrinated in the past have they become.  Ron Paul speaks the truth and you call him a loon, and without any substance as to why you say that.  You have heard the lying left wing politicians and news media tell you that, you dummy, just to keep you and the rest of the Americans, believing in their lies, their deception, so as to maintain control over all of us.  Who do you think is causing all these problems in our country, and the wars we are  inviolved in.  I do not think America is neithier commercaly or politically isolationist at this time, do you?  Where has it gotten us?

        • TNSteve

          Any body but Obama. Romney Santorum and the rest at least love America and our Constitution, OBAMA DOES NOT. That is enough reason to vote for Romney. ALso Romney care is 74 pages long and Obama care is over 2000 pages long. One is about States rights and the other is the Federal government over stepping their bounds.

        • Allio

           Amen.   A logical voice in the wilderness.

        • William

           TNSteve, as long as you're still voting for "Anyone But Obama", I'd like to take the opportunity to extend an invitation to you and everyone else still supporting "Anyone But Obama" join the Campaign for Liberty. It is our goal to "RESTORE AMERICA NOW". W

           You owe to posterity. Join us, and together we can all help Ron Paul to Restore Prosperity!!!

           RON PAUL for PRESIDENT  2012.

        • Lil Nemo

           I heard a 7 year old home-schooled boy call a talk show and describe Romney as "Obama Light."  I think that puts things into perspective.  Instead of going after Obama, Romney has spent a fortune to destroy his competition - in some cases by more than 10 to 1.  Already the Democrats are linking Romney to ObamaCare, and it isn't April yet.  If the Republican establishment thinks that they can do a better jo0b of character assassination than the Democrats, they are mistaken.  I would not be surprised to watch the same outcome in November as we had in 2008 and the establishment will be asking the same questions that they did then - what happened - with egg and a stupid expression on their faces.  We are watching the middle-of-the-road establishment Republicans literally surrendering to the Democrats again with the hope of being able to have some control IF they can keep the House and gain control of the Senate.  But, just look at the many ways that this administration has ignored the Constitution and run roughshod over Congress.  This is not the country that I served and it will soon be a third-rate power - all thanks to establishment politicians who care more for their position and chairmanships than they do for the country and it's founding principals.  If you need another example, notice how many Tea Party members were squeezed out by the establishment.  I agree with the statement that "Diapers and politicians need to be changed often - and for the same reason."

        • willowa

          Sometimes I think the GOP 'establishment' doesn't care if we (republicans/conservatives) win, as long as they keep their power and privileges!
          How do these 'el ricos' think they will fare under a communist/socialist gov't?  Stupid, stupid!  They won't all be in the upper echilon, perhaps they haven't thought of that!

        • Maynard

          Willowa: The communist and other socialist of the world will take over America through the Global Union.  The communist have said that when the take over is completed, all the usless people in society will be liquidated.  Included in the useless are those who cannot be trusted to be patriotic to the communist world government.  They believe that any person who cannot be patriotic to his own country, cannot be trusted to be patriotic to a communist world government, therefore, they are usless. Also, those of us who have been patriotic are also  on the liquidation list, too, because, like malitiamen, and for a honorable reason, we cannot be trusted not to resist the communist government.  I am on the list because I have fought them and the Global Union, as I am now, since 1962, and I will continue the fight until they finally kill me. The person who will not stand for something and die, will fall and die for nothing.  Please print out and read the following:
  thru   207.html   And:
,html    Constitutional Conservatives Unite; Together We Can Become An Army in Defense Of America!

        • Guest

          Do you watch a lot of TV evanglist?

        • Maynard

          No I do not. I do not like all that pomp and circumstance, ranting and raving.  I would much rather listen to so,meone in sandles atanding in dirt on he mountail side.l

        • Maynard

          Lil Nemo: I think you are ready to read the following site.  Get your printer ready.
          You will enjoy having the knowledge you receive, but angry as hell about what you learn:  thru  207.html    And:
 Pas it on befoe its too late for all of us.

        • whistle219

          I think you listen to the news too much......

        • revgay

          i don't think romney can beat obama!

      • Bobseeks

        Romney is maobama fool.

      • Randy111

        Allegator baby, the problem is that Romney cannot defeat Obama.  In fact, I think deep down Romney feels as Guilty as the Bushes about running against a black candidate.  They just can't bring themselves to do it, and I don''t think he can either.

        They are all like the  high official inthe McCain campaign who quit the job after Obama sewed up the Democrat nomination, because "I can't be part of a campaign agianst the First Black Candidate for President".  He actually said it. And that is how the Republican Establishment headed by the Bush family really feels.

        Romney is incapable of running a campaign which will defeat Obama.  He's not a NASCAR fan, but he knows some of the owners.  Remember.  He's cluesless when it comes to understanding  ordinary americans.  Romney was born with a silver cadillac in his mouth, and can't help reminding voters.

    • Bill

      You really are mentally retarded.

      • willowa

        That was a helpful comment!

    • Allio

       And just how do propose to stop Romney?   No body else has stepped up to the plate with the votes to win.
      Personally, to use your words, I'd rather risk the" GOP go down in flames" than to give Obama
      another chance to "flush us all under"   My momma didn't raise a fool, and I'm not for Obama in any way, shape or form.  " He's the one who will make this country go down in flames."

      • 1marg

        Flash fire or slow burn--we're still toast.

        • Allio

           FLASH and you're gone.   As slow burn, we have a fighting chance.  With O and another four years we might as well chose the flash and be done with it.   Vote then go home and bend over and kiss it all goodbye.    Fundamentally change this Nation is not a pretty sound, and we've already seen 3+ years of horrid change,
          BUT WAIT:  call now and we'll double that order with separate processing fee.

    • mary

      Obama has conjured far too many disasters, starting with health care reform and including trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see crony capitalism scandals like Solyndra, and the Middle East descending into chaos. Romney's claim to competency in financial matter is not a frivolous one. If he is elected along with a conservative House and Senate, he will do well. He can hardly do worse and Mitt is the only one who can match Obama $$$$.  Mitt Romney is warning all of us about what Obama is trying to do toward the Catholic Church and to force us into SOCIALISM. Check this out: http://
       Viewing the records of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich is like discovering a checklist for how many ways the Constitution has been violated in recent decades. A campaign shouldn't be about how hard one has to try to be conservative or to be "reinvented." Your beliefs should be obvious from a lifetime of standing up for them.

      Don from Pennsylvania says: We disqualified Santorum from public office in Pennsylvania by an 18% margin! If he and Gingrich don’t stand down and support Mitt Romney before the Convention – then Obama will be in for another term in office – GUARANTEED!!  I hope their egos aren’t stronger than their patriotism. WE SHALL SEE!

    • mary

      Santorum has proven to one and all that his presidential bid is not so much about removing Obama from office, but rather his own self-aggrandizement.
      Even Newt Gingrich, who is well known to personally be upset with Romney, has said that he would support Romney over the current president. Gingrich may have an outsized ego, but he is also a patriot who will put country first.
      Santorum must realize that in the end, the presidential campaign is not about him, but rather about the country. Sometimes the electorate disagrees with someone's self assessment of one's fitness for high office. Sounds like he is more like Obama than any of the other candidates because of his cocky attitude – thinking he is the most high. Like Ron Paul says: Santorum is a fake! Obama wants to run against Santorum because he knows he would be the easiest to beat.

    • Upaces

      Bob, there has to be something behind it why this is happening.  Bush came out FOR Romney!! I was shocked.  Newt G. is by far better for the Country!  What the hell is going on!!!

      • Dianequestions

        Romney is the best candidate to get our country back in the right direction. Newt cannot win.

    • Upaces

      Bob....something is going on,....I don't believe this for a NY minute.  This should go VIRAL to everyone you know.  Please just copy and paste it and keep it in your files!
      I have two video(s) that will explain it.  The first one is "how they rig" the machines.  The 2nd one is referring to the 2008 election.  This will either scare the b-jezuz outta ya; and/or piss you off royally: Rigged Voting Machines w/tag words

      "Media Knows the Results in Advance-takes a "guess as to the outcome".  The entire thing is a HoaxVideo: 

    • Sc0tie1

      This entire election is about beating O'Bama. Whichever Republican candidate comes up with the 1,144 delegates, he must be supported by all. Otherwise, our country is finshed. "We must hang together or we will hang seperately."

      • Paul Smith

        That's fine. . .so long as both the candidate and the Veep candidate are eligible.  If either is ineligible, don't count on winning the election.

    • Politically correct

      Afraid you're right.

    • Dianequestions

      I am having a difficult time with all of your statements.  never to rise???? never is a long time. your fellow Reps and conservatives are fools???? And finally the unoriginal Romney is just a white Obama???? Of course this is absolutely unprovablely not true. 
      Of course the title of this article is very misleading. Since Romney has the most conservative record of any of the candidates, conservatives are not being pushed out if they seek the truth.
      Romney supports the principles of the Tea Party. Santorum is big government, big spending......things the Tea Party was formed to stop.
      We need to stop the nonsense and band together to defeat Obama.

      • Upaces

        Bob is right...IF you don't believe him or you doubt him....IF Romney gets in -- he will finish what Obama has dug a huge hole for us.
        Romney? A conservative?  Are you needing to do more research or you running on the wrong meds?

        Romney ADMITS he is like Obama.  The WH and Soros endorse Romney.
        Romney says he is against the Dream Act, while running an ad in spanish.
        Romney stomps on federal laws as he parks $$ in the Cayman Islands (wire fraud);
        Romney said he thought Hezobolah (sp) health insurance could be good for the U.S.A.
        Romney states:  "Islam is NOT inherently dangerous";
        Romney was involved in Medicare fraud;
        Romney states "Redistribution of wealth should only be talked about behind closed doors;
        Romney says he would have voted for the NDAA;
        Romney said, "Obamacare is nothing to get angry about;
        Romney victimized small businesses as he accepts foreign $$ (which is also illegal)
        Romney .... I've given you enough to research

        OR it is his hair?

        • Dianequestions

          So Bob More name calling. Some of your comments would qualify as slander.  The WH endorse you are saying Obama does not want to win??? You get your information from Soros???
          As a second grader my teacher told me to not let anyone tell me what to think. I have spent my career as a researcher.  But you will believe as you will.
          Romney governed as a conservative in Mass. Sounds like you are saying you think he would do an about face and goverern as a far left socialist as president.  What kind of research is that based upon???

        • Upaces

          You just might try to do a little research.....It is common knowledge and many sites have offered the information.  It is NOT SLANDER if it is true.
          Diane, I am NOT going to do YOUR research..If you don't know by now -- perhaps  you might want to spend about 30 minutes on Google.

          I have already done my research with VIDEO(S) of him in his own you do yours.


        • Dianequestions

          Upases    If I were to employ someone to do research for me it would not be you.  From your posts, I believe you would fail a test on Romney's record as Gov of Mass.
          By the way have you done any "research" on Santorum.....probably would fail a test on his record in Congress also.
          Overall I believe Reps understand how dangerous another term for Obama would be. Iam becoming increasingly concerned that we cannot defeat him because we will self destruct by destroying each other. We attack and call each other and the candidates names.
          Romney is out there fighting Obama while Newt and Santorum and many Reps are trying to destroy Romney. I believe he is our best and strongest candidate and will do what I can to get him and my great Rep candidate elected in the Senate.  It will be a halleuja day when Reid is dethroned!! 

        • Guest


    • Upaces isn't the voters... it is the voting process where we are being defrauded:
      Now, this video is for the 2008 election; however, look at the ones below:
      VATICAN CALLS: Video: This Hoax Affects Everyone--RIGGED!!"Media Knows the Results in Advance-takes a "guess as to the outcome".  The entire thing is a HoaxVideo: Votes now to be counted in the "UK"!!!'s say, you want to vote for, uh...John Doe -- he is your favorite candidate.  The Machines have been "programmed" that every vote for John Doe goes to George Smith..and he wins!Video:

  • azwayne

    CONSERVATIVES, better realize what they MUST doe , go first to learn about your potential and responsibility to destroy the DEMOPUBLICAN MONOPOLY. Citizens and voters are what's needed to take America back.

    • DrBillLemoine

      The parties are composed of their voters and advocates. It's no monopoly when the parties alternate, unless your president was installed by the rightist Supreme Court trampling on 'one man one vote'. The right does seem headed for generational oblivion with the likes of McCain, Romney, Ryan, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, Bachman, Perry, Paul, Roberts, Alito, and Christie-types at the head.

  • David Peacock

    all the more reason for no one to drop out until it goes to the convention. 2010 taught the republican establishment NOTHING;; WE CONSERVATIVES WILL HAVE TO DRUB THEM AGAIN.

  • Shane Mayfield

    Ron Paul is the ONLY one worth voting for! ALL the rest = more of the same!

    • Jo

      Ron Paul is a doddering old fool. What a moron. 

      • Tome

        No he is the smart one. He is not socialist like the rest! I am very sorry to see Cain drop out. He was our salvation! You want to dig dirt? they are all dirty!

        • POTUS 1

           Knowledge is power.  Cain was the former head of the Federal Reserve in I think it was Kansas City.  Federal Reserve = thieves.  Ron Paul does understand that.  Romney had no chance to be conservative in Massachusetts.  To his credit and intelligence he was able to put that state on better financial footing despite the overwhelming Democratic legislature.  It was an uphill fight all the way.  Yes, he did have to compromise on many things.  With a Republican congress he won't have to do that.  He is walking a tightrope even now.  His roots are very conservative, look at his father.  The guy's the brightest bulb in the bunch running for President.

        • TheTruthSpeaker

          If Romney is the brightest, then the light is about to go out on the Republican Party.  The conservatives will ensure that Romnay will not get elected.  Believe me, I will not enjoy having the last laugh.

        • Guest

          thenotruthseacher would fit you better

        • Grossyi

          Romeny's record in Mass. is not a selling point.  In fact Romney care is breaking the state and has driven the price of health care up.  His record of liberal ideas is well documented but his more recent opinions differ widely. I may not recognize a flim flam man when I see him, but when I listen closely I know that Romney has flipped more than a pancake. That man is a politician and I don't trust him. I will not vote for him. I didn't leave the Republican party, it left me.

        • Guest

          What Mass. has now is not what Mitt set up, the libs have changed so much of it...................

        • Virginia

          Whoooboy!  Romney's the brightest bulb in the bunch?  Not by a long shot.  No matter how much you may hate Newt, he can run rings around every candidate,  including Obama, in both the intelligence and the knowledge department.  And what he doesn't know about our history and our founding isn't there to be known.

        • Guest

          What is the dirt on  Mitt? Is he too clean for you.......

      • brad rebers

        When you follow the constitution as closely as Paul nowdays that makes you a moron,The GOP Establishment are a bunch of morons who nominate Romney who will lose in November.

        • Tnc Del

          EXCEPT when it comes to DOMESTIC national defense, a core basic of the Constitution. If Paul was as strong on domestic national defense against Islamic encroachment and the illegal alien invasion, I'd be supporting him 110%. But as he stands now, he doesn't belong in the White House.

        • Paul Select

          Paul is the only one who would strengthen DOMESTIC national defense. If you think that diluting our military by sending them on fool's errands in one country after another while paying for it by bankrupting the country is a good defense strategy, then maybe you should rethink. Bringing the troops home is the only way to defend our home.

        • Woolfy

          Bull cruppy.  The problem with military involvement in foreign countries is NOT that we're's the lily-livered folks that send them without actually wanting to win.  They ONLY want to win as long as we don't hurt anyone's feelings along the way.  What a crock.  Let the military do what they're trained to do and no war recently couldn't have been over in less than a year, period!! 

        • Kevin52

          Hiding within our borders IS NOT strengthening our defenses! Bringing the troops home is the same stupid thinking they had after WWI. Paul is already planning on cutting key offensive & defensive weapons systems starting with the M1 Tank, a tank he called a failure. Apparently he didn't see how the M1 led the way in both Iraqi wars.

          Once he pulls all the troops home it will be shortly after he will cut the troop numbers drastically believing they are no longer needed. Then when needed they will not be available. When something horrible happens overseas (and something always does) that requires a quick response, we will not be in a position to get them there because 1920's Ron will have closed all overseas bases and diluted the troops at home. Thank God Ron Paul has no chance of winning this. Even Liberal Mitt is less dangerous when it comes to foreign affairs. The only thing Paul is close on is domestic spending. Other than that he is even more liberal than Obama. 

          Paul naively thinks appeasing dictators will make them more friendly towards us. He is just like Neville Chamberlain with Hitler. Chamberlain appeased Hitler to have "peace in our time." Instead we had WWII because Chamberlain & the French gov't refused to have enough backbone to stop Hitler before he got rolling. Hitler had planned on pulling the troops back if either the French or British had made offensive moves. Neither did and it emboldened Hitler. Paul would do the same as his comments on Iran have already warned us!

        • Carol Jean Goodwin

          NO, Paul is not!  You haven't paid any attention to Ron Paul and what he is about.  He is NOT a pacifist but believes there is a right way and a wrong  way to declare a war.  Our country has no business sticking our nose into the affairs of other countries. They certainly never involved themselves into OUR affairs!   Paul is more savvy about what it takes to cut all the spending, primarily by cutting government down to size:  a much smaller size!    Read what his policies are and open yourself up to the common sense of it all !  No more Patriot Act; no more NDAA, no more government healthcare and no more freebies or promise of amnesty for illegal aliens.   He is the only candidate who is in it for the good of the country,  the people and our constitution.  He would restore liberty, shut down the IRS, the Federal Reserve and turn states' matters over to the states.    

        • candi

          oh, do you have a crystal ball... you predict the future... how nice for you.

      • Curtbst

        YOU ARE THE FOOL!!!!!!! As A POS you Are!!

      • CL

        you must be in the non taxpaying 49%!!!

      • Paul Select

        If you want to see a moron, maybe you should look in the mirror. Who do you think you're winning over by talking like that? That argument is reserved for people who just have no cogent argument to make so they revert to name calling.

      • Kevin52

        Ron Paul is no conservative either, besides being the things you said. Oh, fiscally he is a conservative. But when it comes to foreign affairs he is as liberal as Obama. First of all, he is an isolationist despite the claims of supporters. When you talk about pulling all troops within your borders and hunkering down you are isolating yourself. His thinking is right out of the 1920's & 30's: thinking we should not be involved anywhere. Now I am not promoting policing the world, but we can't hide from it either. Paul's naive thinking is you can appease Muslims. It shows he has no understanding of their beliefs.

        Then there is his thinking on state's rights. He & supporters claim he is for the Constitution, but when he begins telling of his vision of state's rights it is not from the Constitution. It is from an era that dates back to before our Constitution. It goes back to when we were a confederation of states, a disastrous period when states made their own treaties with foreign powers, their own rules of commerce, their own tariffs, etc. It is an era marked by border wars & extremely rural, agricultural  communities that had little communication with the outside world. The U.S. is not like that today. We can go coast to coast in a matter of hours. Though we need states to have their rights, we cannot have separate country-states that have radically different sets of rules. Otherwise to travel we are going to have to study laws of each state we travel through lest we break their laws.

        Paul thinking is neither conservative or rational!

        • William

            Should you examine the the actual economic growth of the United States there are aspects that you will note were irrefutably necessary.  America's economic boom was was a chain reaction of localized economic growths. All across the nation communities sprung up around industry and military bases.

           For decades U.S. military bases fueled hundreds of economies.  U. S. Soldiers spent their wages into local economies, supporting and enabling the growth of those economies. Modern America has seen  many of those economies fail and become modern Ghost Towns as the closures of U.S. Military Bases eliminated the the major source of income for these town.
            Today, those bases are scattered around the globe. The monies America's GI's once spent, that fueled economic growth here at home are now fueling the economic growth of foreign cities and towns all across the globe instead. Many of these countries openly admitting they detest America and all it is.

           So, you see not only would bringing the troops home make us more secure, it would also serve to re-establish financial growth and economic prosperity across the nation, as our troops would once again be spending their wages back into American economies.

           As a side note, American Military personnel's wage come from the pockets of the American Tax Payer.  Essentially meaning American tax dollars are helping foreign nations thrive, while America's going bust.

           As for your comments on State's Rights.  With out them the Federal government would run a muck.  Legislation such as ObamaCare would be the standard. Fortunately, the 10th Amendment to our Constitution not only protects Sovereignty of each State, It also insures the Sovereignty of each Citizen.

            Individual Sovereignty is currently being assaulted the hardest by our Federal Government.

             The Tenth Amendment is the last part of the Bill of Rights, and is
          intended to protect state sovereignty as well as (to an extent)
          individual rights from being usurped by the Federal government.

          Amendment X

          powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor
          prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively,
          or to the people."

          Translated, this means: The states have
          legal authority over anything not assigned to the federal government or
          specifically withheld from the states. Whatever powers aren't claimed by
          the federal or state governments are leftover for the people. US
          residents (both citizens and other people under US jurisdiction) are
          also vaguely protected
          by the Ninth Amendment, which essentially says you have rights beyond
          those mentioned in the first eight amendments (unfortunately, these have
          to be negotiated with various government entities).


        • Guest

          well said...............

      • 1marg

        I like a lot of what that "doddering old fool" says about Constitutional limitations of the federal government.   I want the Fed to be audited. 

        Now, convince me your candidate believes the same things.

      • William

        Post your supporting information. Opinion then becomes reason.

    • Glen Thompson

      Shane, Shane, Shane, it's all over, now please please shut up

    • Ralph

       RP has no chance watch out for Newt and West at the convention

      • CL

        here we have one repeating what the new media has brainwashed many voters into thinking--".... he has no chance... Of course not if you wont vote for him and listen to them and their candidate.

        • Kevin52

          In Paul's case he really has no chance. Santorum would if Newt would pull out but at the moment, he is siphoning off votes. Paul has shown he can't muster any wide support. That is why he has no chance.

        • 1marg

          I don't know how Paul has survived this long with the media blackout on him.  What is he, the ugly stepchild?

        • William

           Paul survives because of the message he bears.  "Freedom" as Paul says, "is Popular".  In a day and age when Individual Liberties are being usurped at an astonishing rate, Ron Paul is the only candidate both consistently and constantly calling attention to this issue.

            Just look at the Liberty crushing Legislation that has been passed in the last Decade not to mention that of the last 3 years. The P.A.T.R.I.O.T Act, This piece of legislation authorizes Unlimited and Unwarranted invasions into the privacy of every American, whether it was telecommunication(the PATRIOT act allowed GovCo to record any and all communication of every citizen with out warrant. It also prohibited TeleCom providers to inform any such citizen that they were being surveilled under penalty of imprisonment.
             It  authorizes unwarranted examination and monitoring of personal finance accounts and transactions, it also prohibits Financial Institutions from notifying account holders of such activities under penalty of imprisonment.
            It authorizes unwarranted entry to and search of private homes and places of residence, these entries and searches do not require the notification or presence of the home owner or tenant. Nor do they require disclosure of such activities to the home owner or tenant for a period of six months after entry and or search. Neither does it require the disclosure of the reason the search nor the items for which the search was conducted.
           Let's not forget that the PATRIOT Act also gave birth to the Dept. of Homeland Security.

           More recently
           S. 968 the Internet "Kill Switch"                         
          N.D.A.A and it's Detention Clause.

          The Following Executive Orders:

          10995--Federal seizure of all communications media in the United
          States; 10997--Federal seizure of all electric power, fuels, minerals,
          public and private; 10998--Federal seizure of all food supplies and resources, public
          and private and all farms and equipment; 10999--Federal seizure of all means of transportation, including
          cars, trucks, or vehicles of any kind and total control over all
          highways, seaports and water ways; 11000--Federal seizure of American people for work forces under
          federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the
          government so desires; 11001--Federal seizure of all health, education and welfare
          facilities, both public and private; 11002--Empowers the Postmaster General to register all men, women
          and children in the United States of America; 11003--Federal seizure of all airports and aircraft; 11004--Federal seizure of all housing and finances and authority to
          establish Forced Relocation. Authority to designate areas to be
          abandoned as "unsafe," establish new locations for the populations,
          relocate communities, build new housing with public funds; 11005--Seizure of all railroads, inland waterways and storage
          facilities, both public and private; 11051--Provides FEMA complete authorization to put above orders into
          effect in times of increased international tension of economic or
          financial crisis (FEMA will be in control in case of "National


          William Jefferson Clinton wrote one EO that can cover all of these. He

          Executive Order 12919 on June 3, 1994, which was released on June 6,

          This EO will be the only thing he needs to enact in order to become a
          fully empowered dictator. It covers all of the EO's mentioned previously.
          The only thing this EO doesn't do is define WHAT the "national emergency"
          would have to be in order for this EO to be signed. Please keep that in
          mind. Anything can be declared a "national
          emergency" to facilitate EO 12919 being enacted."

          [2] (

          Taken with permission from

          Government by Executive Order (
          by Paula Demers, 1996.

          The fact that Ron Paul opposes these legislations and others like them and the fact that he actually has a budget plan that will get America back on track and prevent the need for further usurpations of hard earned American pay wages are the reasons he survives.  And because no other candidate seems to care about these issues and issues like these those of us that support him will support no other.

           RON PAUL for President of the United States of America 2012

           Viva Le Ron Paul Revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

        • 1marg

          And obama added the word, "NON EMERGENCY" to the Executive Order, so there you go.  The government can take control any time it wants.

        • William

           Why would any American Vote for Rick Santorum. If you take time to watch the earlier debates for 2011 you will see that Santorum believes that "Morality" should be legislated.

            Morality cannot be legislated.  Previous examples would be 1930's Alcohol  Prohibition and the current and on going "War on Drugs".
          Both of which were and are failures. Prohibition just as the War on Drugs are made and continue to make Millionaires of criminals and Martyrs of Enforcement Personnel. 

          "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to
          our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I
          do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the
          tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the

          Thomas Jefferson

            When and where did we as a Nation go astray from the very principles upon which we were founded?

           What is there to fear in this life that make so many so willing do cast aside dedication to those founding  principles?

           What is it that has turned "The land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" into the "Land of " It's O.K., I didn't need those rights any way!!! and the home of "Oh my GOD!!!! Their gonna Kill us!!!! Please keep us safe!!! We'll give up all of our Freedoms!!!!

          These are the differences of a Republic and a True Democracy. In a republic (which in case you didn't know, is  the how America was founded)  the people hold authority over a "Representative" government and that government answers to the people(Of the People, By the People and For the People) Sound familiar?!!!  In a True Democracy, "essentually 51% of the people get to tell the other 49% how they can and can't live". Sadly, Liberty has no role in a True Democracy.

          I for one, choose Liberty and our Republic!!!  "Republican", would best be defined as a person that support a Republic- styled form of government!

          1. Government CAN NOT Keep you Safe.
          2. Government DID Not make you Free, "RESTRICTION" of Government and countless men and women that died in defense of the Dream of Freedom made you FREE.
           3. The only thing that is Going to keep you FREE, is People that support Individual Liberties, and GOD in Heaven forbid, the Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Sacrafice of countless more men and woman, Willing to lay down their lives to Guarantee that Liberty for All continues to reign over this Country.

          With out Liberty everything else is pointless. Now get your head out of your Arse and use it for something other than a hat rack.

          RON PAUL for PRESIDENT 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Guest

          nice speech but wrong head result.................

        • Kevin52

          Only a fool leaves themselves open to attack which is exactly what Ron Paul's run-and-hide thinking will do. We have history to prove that. Back after WWI, many thought like Paul does today: that we should hunker down, hiding our military at home and no longer be involved in world affairs. They foolishly believed that by isolation they could avoid war. In the end it resulted in another world war because nations refused to deal with the ambitions of Hitler and Japan while they still could have been handled.

          I don't think we need to police the world, yet at the same time we can't just hide from it either! That is what Isolationist Ron wants to do. Yes, I've heard the claims he is not an isolationist, but when you advocate hiding all our troops at home behind fences and oceans, you are an isolationist! 

          He also does not want to support our true friends such as Israel. I agree we should not give support to our enemies but he stupidly believes we should not support our friends either. Israel is our only true friend in the Middle East and we need a good friend there to give a little stability to the region. Despite the claims of liberals & Ron Paul, we still need Middle East oil and will until someone finally has the guts to start drilling & refining here. However, that will take a few years to get up to speed so in the meantime we need the oil from over there.
          Because of that we need troops over there, not hiding behind fences and oceans on this side! Had Paul been POTUS back when Iraq invaded Kuwait we would not have been in a position of rapid deployment. In fact, we wouldn't have had the weapons needed because Ron Paul stupidly believes the M1 Tank is a failure that production should be stopped on! The tank that rolled over Iraq twice and Paul calls it a failure! Thank God that failure, Ron Paul, will not be elected!!!

        • William

          So glad you came back. Schools in, Welcome to Ron's Real Positions on the Issues 101.

           My first link refutes your comment on Paul's National Defense. Please watch it. We would want you spreading false information.


          My second link dispels your your isolationist conspiracy and Israel issues. You lose again. Speculation debunked.

          Finally, my last link lays waste to your theory that Ron would weaken of Military.

          Hope you learned something. Because a vote is a terrible thing to waste.

          Thanks for playing.   

          RON PAUL for PRESIDENT  2012

        • Kevin52

          I have heard both Paul state, and his supporters state that Paul will cut off ALL aid to every country, believing they should have to go it alone. All includes Israel. They need more support than Paul's saying he supports them! They need military and financial backing to remain the strongest nation in that area. Moral support doesn't get it done. You've laid waste to nothing by giving me Ron Paul quotes. History says different to his type of thinking. We saw what his type of thinking creates back in the 1930's when we pulled within our borders, weaken our military, and were unprepared for WWII. Once within our borders the troops would have nothing to do. Short-sighted Paul would figure quickly he could save more money by getting rid of troops.  If he were able to pull the troops within our borders, we could not rapidly deploy to any hotspot. Of course, Paul doesn't think we should ever involve ourselves in the rest of the world (this is isolationism despite his claims to the contrary). We needed to retake Kuwait following the Iraqis invasion but Paul would not have done so even if he could have. Of course, with our troops all home and disbanded, he could have never raised up an army quick enough to thwart the Iraqis who would have soon moved into Saudi Arabia. They actually tried to once we were there, but we were there and stopped them.  Had Paul been POTUS, we would have really been screwed because the Iraqis would be controlling the majority of Middle East oil. Paul is naive, and he would appease our enemies as he stated in the debates. He totally fails to understand the designs of Islam. Of course, he would deny his comments about Iran even though he made them during a debate.

          Romney, who is no conservative, will return to an admin. similar to the Bush admin. Eventually we will collapse because the spending will continue. Had it been Paul the weakness of the libertarian stance would have destroyed us just as quickly. Pulling the troops home would not make us stronger, it would make us weaker. General Patton often said fixed fortifications were a monument to stupidity and could easily be bypassed. Hiding within our borders is basically the same thing.

        • William

            First up Israel, on May 24, 2011 Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress. In his speech he went on to state that "Israel has no greater friend than America and America hsa no greater friend than Israel" he thanked America for it's support, then stated "We don't need you to help build Israel, we are already built. We do not need you to export  democracy to Israel, we've got it. We don't need you to send your troops  to defend Isreal, we defend ourselves. You've been very generous in giving us  tools to do the job on defending Israel on our own, Thank you.

            Here's the link.

          Ron Paul's argument on foreign aid is that we can no longer afford it. We are bankrupt. in the above link, Netanyahu admits that economic Times are hard in America. He doesn't feel Israel needs our money.

           Paul's position further supports the fact that America hinders Israels ability to defend itself if they must first seek approval to act in it's own defense.  Much like you having to call the police to ask if you can shoot someone that is stabbing you to death. Not a difficult concept.
          As for the rest of the world they should do the same as Israel.

           If all of you that support our being in the middle east ever accept the reality that the people of those countries do not want us there, we may have a chance to avoid future attacks.  Let me try and put this so you can understand it.

            Should you walk into a strangers yard and his dog shows you his teeth and growls and you decide to walk on up to the house and his dog gnaws your leg off, whose fault is it?

           If when you walk past a hornet's nest, and you ignore that first hornet when he bumps into you trying to warn you off, then you swing at him and all his friends come and kick your butt, whose fault is it?

            When you see a man and a woman arguing, and you run to her aid, and they both kick our butt, whose fault is it?

          Yours on all three counts.

          You got your leg chewed off for being where you had no business being.

          You got stung nearly to death because you didn't  respect another's territory and leave when you were warned you the first time.

          You got you butt kicked by an irate couple for putting your nose where it didn't belong.

          Sadly, people such as yourself would now feel you need to kill the dog and sue the owner for everything he has. 

           Then you would go Kill the hornets and destroy the nest .

             Finally you would call the cops on the couple, who now after having kicked your butt are happily in love again.

           Moral of this story, Staying at home, respecting the wishes of others and minding your own business will keep you from getting your butt kicked more often than not!

          As for your claim of response capability, this isn't the 1930's. We can be anywhere in less than 24 hours.

           As for bringing the troop home making us isolationist, when exactly was the last time anyone wanted to kick Switzerland's A**?

          You ever wonder about that?

          They stay at home and they mind their own d*** business. Everybody likes them too.

           Seems we might could learn a thing or two, huh?

          As for your other concerns, post some supporting evidence. Hearsay just ain't gonna get it.


           R O N  P A U L  for  P R E S I D E N T  2 0 1 2!!!!

        • Kevin52

          The "tools" they are grateful to have are our modern weapons systems that Paul wishes to cancel and the monetary aid. We cannot afford Not to give them aid. We just need to quit aiding those who hate us. Israel isn't one of them but Ron Paul would cut them off just like they are our enemies. He is a fool!

      • Wolmoon7

        THAT is the combination I have been pushing for the last 6 months.  A WINNING and kick-tail combination of brains, solutions, gutts, and love of country!!!

      • Lu Shissler

        Ohhhhhh!  That would be a miracle sent from heaven!!  I like it.

    • CL

      and the lockout on Ron Paul has been on for a year or MORE.

      He couldnt even get a question at some of the 'debates'. He had to butt in and make himself look childish to viewers.

      We need to cut the media out of elections-'debates' and before polls close predictions..

      • Kevin52

        After the way he handled the Iran question it was probably better if Paul didn't get more questions. He is naive at best, a fool at worst!

    • 1599

      I agree Shane.  There is no reason that we should go along with the establishment and vote for Romney.  We will be better off with Obama, at least in foreign policy.  A 2nd term Obama foreign policy will more closly match that of Ron Paul's proposal. 

      • zw

         Shame on you....nothing, no one could be worse than Obama.  Obama is trying to change our society to a European-style socialism.  Phooey.  We left Europe ages ago, why would we want to go back?  Study it out instead of using soundbites to figure out that Romney IS conservative.  Take issue by issue and you will see that he does hold to conservative values.  The establishment doesn't LIKE Romney they tolerate him.  It scares me when people who should know better think that Romney is "Obama-lite".  Is there such a thing as Chavez-lite, Castro-lite, Mao-tse Tung-lite?  No.  STUDY people, not regurgitate soundbites.  Our country depends on it.  PLEASE...I believe that there are more conservatives than socialists right now.....and I believe the majority will get it right.  So don't take the bait that Romney isn't good, he is 1,000% better than Obama.

      • Speedy7201

        This country couldn't survive another term of Nobama.... He is an INCOMPETENT fool w/not a lick of business sense.

      • candi

        you are totally crazy. its fools like you that are ruining this country... anyone but obama.

      • 1marg

        OM G---obama's foreign policy is a nightmare.  No way would Paul sell us out as obama has done.  

        obama has a master plan going with the Ruskie's.  He said he'll have more liberties to sell us out after the election.

        To even think that Ron Paul would do that is insanity.

    • Tnc Del

      I like Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury with power over the Federal Reserve and orchestrating Romney administration's policy on government spending. But he has a RINO streak in him a mile wide when it comes to Islam and illegal aliens. Romney was endorsed by the author of the states' toughest immigration laws.

    • SmartArk

      All of you are either liberals or fools. Romney will be the GOP nominee. Either get behind him or get the f*** out. This is exactly what the Dems want. All the infighting will take the GOP down. You people must not know how the world works. Are you that stupid? Get your head on straight and get behind Romney or we will have 4 more years of the Marxist. 

      • Panicazi

        Your attitude and opinion are exactly why the GOP is a shadow of it's former self.  Reagan would not be elected in this climate, not without the same disdain for Libs and RINOs that elected him in 1980.  Remember the phrase, "Do you feel lucky?  Well do ya, Punk?"  Dirty Harry became an icon because we were all fed up with what was happening.  The same thing has happened this time around except the "rational", "reasonable", "expedient" Establishment GOP and our beloved Media have got us all running scared.  Their collective purpose is to maintain power!  If we are ever to have our hands on our own liberty again now is the time to stand against Obama AND Obamney!  The notion that Romney is the most electable is a farce if you care about principle.  Method we can compromise on all day long, as the Founders intended.  Principle can never be compromised without abject failure.  Obamney is a panderer and will "compromise" principle as far as the day is long, just as long as he is in power.  I would rather see a strong, Conservative Senate tie Obama's hands in the White House than to see a Congress without backbone and an unprincipled RINO President who sees no value in following the Constitution and it's Original Intent!  To keep us free!

        • Guest

          then vote........................

      • 1marg

        So we get behind Romney.  He wins.  We get four years of what?  Can he win again or will another Dem get in and we will be back here again.

        obama was right about one thing--we do need change.  Which GOP candidate will give it to us?

      • Kevin52

        Romney is a liberal so it will be very difficult to vote for him. He has been for gun control, abortion, gov't run health care, the failed Stimulus Bill, etc. Amazing how he became a conservative when he started running for President! Go to Youtube and type in: Liberal Mitt's Greatest Hits: What Romney Doesn't Want You To See. It is all in his words; no commentary by anyone else. Watch if you dare then tell me how great Romney is! Liberals want him as our nominee because he is beatable. At worst they know he will maintain a lot of the socialist stands Obama started.

        • William

           You bash Paul as "No Conservative" but your Candidate Santorum voted to raise the debt limit 5, five, 5 times. Not once, not Twice, but 5( five) Times!!!  So much for Rick's  "Conservatism"

           Here's a little something for ya!!!

           Restore America Now!!!  Ron Paul for President 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          P.S. If you'll notice not once in any of my postings have I resorted to "labeling" or "name calling", let's see how long it takes before some one starts in on me or my candidate for my postings.  7:37 pm EST.  Come on guys, no child games. Let's get some verifiable debate going. I don't care for your opinions, I want the information upon which your opinions have been formed. 

        • Kevin52

          Every thing I comment on is over statements made by Paul, his lunatic fringe supporters, or both. I have never heard so many conspiracy theorists in one location as I do when in a Ron Paul blog. Most blame the United States for every war we have been in while praising the "freedoms" of socialist Europe. Frankly it sounds no different that listening to liberals blame the U.S. and appease our enemies.

        • William

           Come on, is that the best you can offer?

            No links to support your statements? 

           For crying out loud, I list links to support the information I post.

           Opinion is useless.

          "Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day".                                                                                                  Thomas Jefferson
                                                                               3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)   "In vain have you acquired knowledge if you do not impart it it to others".
          Deuteronomy Rabbah (c. 450–900)RON PAUL for PRESIDENT 2012!!!

        • Kevin52

          I have no need to "prove" these things I said since you can go to any Paul related blogs and here this from his supporters. I have repeatedly been told by his supporters that the U.S. is to blame for  every war we have been in on because people from the "business elite" were "profiteering" from the wars. I was told even 9/11 is our fault because we "attacked" Muslims "without cause" (in reference to Afghanistan & Iraq) and "wouldn't you be outraged if you were attacked?". This is a routine comment from Paul supporters. 

          Originally I went to an exclusive Paul story to learn about his views. What I heard from both his lips and theirs is Paul is an isolationist that claims to be desired to be called an "non interventionist." This is a fallacy because Paul wants to pull all the troops home and hunker down behind oceans & fences, ceasing to be involved in the affairs of the world. Like any 1930's thinking man, Paul thinks we can remain separate from world problem. That kind of thinking not only led to our involvement in WWII, it left us dangerously unprepared for war. I was told that even Pearl Harbor was our fault because we had no right to cut off OUR oil from the raping Japanese military! Paul has stated the M1 Tank is a failure which must be quite the surprise to the men who rolled over the Iraqis in two wars. Paul wants to legalize dangerous drugs in the name of states rights. While claiming to support what the Constitution says about states rights (which I DO support), his thinking is closer to what we had prior to the Constitution -- a confederation of states. Simply it was a failed mess that led to border wars, separate treaties with other nations, inability to move commerce in the U.S. do to separate state rules.

          Since you can obtain these types of comments from every Ron Paul blog if you just ask, there is no reason for me to back it up.

          P.S. Speaking of links, where in Deuteronomy are you getting this?
          P.S.S. Paul supporters love to quote Jefferson. Perhaps because both admire the French Revolution over the American Revolution. States rights to Paul would take a French Revolution twist.

        • William

           History is the greatest teacher. Oh, and having a home Library helps too.  Perhaps modern mans reason for loss of intellect is his undying devotion to wasted endeavors e.g. baseball, football, wrestlin', nascar (the list goes on)

           Perhaps were you to become a student of history, then make the most of you idle time by studying the writings of the great  philosophers and other historically noted wise men, comprehension of the actuality of the events facing our nation would come more easily to you.

          But since I don't have time to wait for your philosophical metamorphosis one more time let me help you through the fog in you reasoning.

          listed below are several links that should you elect to examine in it's entirety should serve you well at present and in the future. (depending on the student that could prove to be opinion, I would have to communicate with you upon your completion of your review of the listed materials to see if anything sinks in)

          Paul's real stance on National defense:


          Support for Paul's position on 9/11 attacks:

          Ron Paul on Drugs and Prostitution:

          Surely, a true American Patriot such as yourself is not relegating the writings of Thomas Jefferson as irrelevant?  That would be more suspect of an Obama supporter.

          Military Response time issues, this isn't the 1930's. We can be anyplace in the world within 24 hrs.

           M1A1 Abrams, how many more of these do we need?
          Ranked number 2 world wide behind the German Leopard 2A6.  I will not argue that they are a failure, as my brother was an Abrams driver in Dessert Storm  and his Abrams returned him home safely to us.
          Websearches for your claim that Ron Paul having called the Abrams a failure were fruitless. However I did find several links to stories reporting that the US military is in support of the Abrams Program Shutdown in 2013. Here's the link:

          Probably why you don't feel the need to post supportive links? Seems as most of your Paul complaints are unsupported.

          In case you haven't noticed, I'm not your average Paulbot.  I hope in some way all of the info I have posted for you in my numerous replies are useful to you in some way, form or fashion.

          As I have said before, research the candidates thoroughly, learn the facts. So that you might better be able to make the right choice. After all,  a vote is a terrible thing to waste.

          To all Americans, wherever you might be, GOD Bless us all and GOD bless America.

          "For the preservation and protection of Liberty and the restoration of American Prosperity for us and our Posterity"

          R O N  P A U L   for   P R E S I D E N T  2 0 1 2

          "R E S T O R E   A M E R I C A  N O W" !!!

        • Kevin52

          I would never call Thomas Jefferson irrelevant, I am calling Ron Paul being compared to Jefferson as ridiculous. So you admit the bulk of Paul supporters are brain-dead robots and conspiracy theorists, that is where much of my information on Paul is coming from -- his supporters. However, I would never judge him by their comments alone. I do not keep copies of every article I read including those when Ron Paul said the M1 was a flawed weapons system and he would end production.

          Also, his thinking IS right out of the 30's as he foolishly believes pulling the troops within our borders will somehow strengthen us. You talk about getting anywhere in the world within 24 hours is true, when applied to civilian travel. We are talking about not only moving men, but materials such as tanks, artillery, war ships, planes, and more. Moving support, logistics takes a lot longer than 24 hours, especially when coming from half a world away!

        • Upaces

          GREAT POST, KEVIN!!!

        • whistle219

          voted down gun control but was vetoed so you say now what.................

        • Kevin52

          Mitt was all for gun control -- until he was against it! Here him say so on Youtube: "Liberal Mitt's Greatest Hits: What Romney Doesn't Want You To See." This video is only him speaking so no one can claim it is slanted, unless you choose to call convicting oneself with one's own words, slanted!?!

      • William

         Do you really believe that Romney is capable of defeating Obama?  Perhaps you should take a look at events transpiring within our Nation. The tide is shifting, current events will lead to the re-galvanization of the black community and insure the re-support of Obama.

          The cards are in play. You have the audacity to calls non Romney supporters "Liberals or Fools" then order us to get behind Romney or "Get the F*** out of the way". 

          I can say with all certainty, that you have no comprehension of the ramifications of your demand.
          Your statement  "All the infighting will take the GOP down", shows that you have do not comprehend that many of "We the People" no longer care for "Party Politics".  Party Politics have led us as a nation to where we are today. 

         My fellow American, Do you not realize that the "Independent" Voter is now the largest group of registered voters in America today. We are tired of Party Politics, WE SEE where Party Politics have led. Now we are searching for an answer, a real alternative.

         Save your fear tactics for the weak minded. "Get your head on straight and get behind Romney or we will have 4 more years of the Marxist".

         We will neither be dissuaded nor deterred in our quest to save "America". Neither shall we listen to your arguments that we, the Independents and the Dis-Enfranchised will be responsible for the destruction of America, for it is the practice of Party Politics that is responsible for that.

         Now, the responsibility falls to you. You can if you chose, post more baseless argument and belligerence. Or, you can make your most convincing and compelling argument as to the true merits of your candidate of choice and maybe just maybe convince us that you're correct.

          The ball as they say "Is in your court".

         Restore America NOW!!!  Ron Paul for President 2012


    • candi

      ron paul will not win, so why dont you quit talking about him... its over.

      • 1marg

        Ron Paul's message of limited government resonates with millions of people.  If you shut down that message, you will lose those independent voters.  Why not convince those people that YOUR candidate has that same vision for America. 

        Why do you want to shut people up?  You sound like a liberal. 

        We take our freedoms very seriously.

        • Guest

          Ron has his place and it is not in the WH, even he knows it...............

        • 1marg

          What about his message of limited, Constitutional government?  That message is bigger than Ron Paul.

    • Panicazi

      Ron Paul would definitely shake things up and give the US Constitution a chance to fulfill it's purpose, to retrain those that would abuse the power we give them with the chains of the Constitution.

      • 1marg

        Even if Ron Paul does not win, his comments about the limitations of the federal government (according to  the Constitution) bear repeating again and again.  Are any of the other GOP candidates doing that? 

        The rest of the GOP sound like more of the same. 

  • David Peacock


    • OomYaaqub

      Like it or not, most Americans lean toward "moderate conservative" rather than either ultra left or ultra right.  Romney's biggest problem isn't that he's "too moderate" but that he's viewed as a flip flopper.

      • David Peacock

         you learned noting in 2010 either; moderates are not required to uproot communism. It is those who will take a stand against wrong and die for;; you are obviously from some other planet.

  • 1marg

    I'm one of those independents that the GOP is counting on.

    I'm having a hard time saying President Romneycare. 

    • Allegator Baby

       The don't say it ----Romney may not be perfect; however, unlike the Obamas both he and his wife love this country and want the best for all of us.  Go ahead and be stubborn.  See how far it will get you when Obama wins again.  Yes. I am angry with you and your ilk.

      • David Peacock


      • 1marg

        You're angry with me and my ilk?  Jeez.  Okay, I'll vote for Romney.  Happy?

        Now, what about the other few million that have the same concerns that aren't being answered?

        He said he'd sign NDAA if he could. That is an unconstitutional law. He wants the military to have the right to arrest and detain US citizens without a warrant.

      • Maybeperfect

         So you're saying what, We should pass up the Caddilac of liberty and the constitution (Ron Paul) for the Pinto(Romney)?

        • Guest

          Ron Paul likes Romney why dont you?

    • 4grands

      If Romney would have been the runner in 2008, we would not be going thru this mess now. He may not be as conservative as newt (my choice), but he loves America and would not sell us out. In my book that alone is waaaay better than bummer! McCain was the worst runner ever.

      • Mike Tanco

        McCain was the reason Obama won, not Palin. He had no balls to bring out Obama's past. Whoever the GOP selects had better be ready to sling dirt. And with Obama's past, his lies and his ego, he can be beaten. He doesn't even know how many states there are in the United States. He has a SS# from Connecticut and he can't come up with a legal birth certificate.                                                                                                                                   Mike Tanco                                                                              

        • Bill

          You are right. He could have made Obama prove his citizenship. I think McCain is becoming senile.

        • Frank

          McCain is a traitor despite his military service - especially after co-authoring a bill to declare the US a battlefield and opening the door for the military to arrest and imprison its own people without cause for an indefinite period of time.

        • 1marg


          So, what is Romney going to do about NDAA?  This is so important I don't know why everyone isn't screaming about it. 

        • Guest

          The NDAA is a double edged sword

        • 1marg

          Not when you look at in context with the other constitutional abuses.  Put all the puzzle pieces together.

        • 4grands

          You are right. Romney needs to hire a few mudslingers to combat bummer. Not many on the right are as schooled in mudslinging as the left. Hope he wakes up to that fact. Romney is a gentleman, bummer is a thug and does have some very nasty deeds in his past.

        • 1marg

          Mudslinging won't get my vote.

        • 4grands

          Its not the campaign mode of choice, but when we are gong against a known lawbreaker, what would you suggest?

        • 1marg

          Romney needs to come out and tell us that he will fight to restore our freedoms.  I'm having just a teensie weensie bit of a problem believing he'll do that since I just found out he said (during one of the debates) that he would have signed NDAA if he could.

        • 4grands

          Perhaps he should explain which parts of NDAA he would support. The part that this administration added would be gutted. Of course a vote or no vote for the republican candidate is a vote for Obama. At least we still have the right to vote. I was a poll watcher in 08. I saw some pretty disgusting activities. The paid poll workers were for sure on the take.

        • Lu Shissler

          He's already got them working for him!

    • David Peacock

       romneycare  bomniecare ;; how about Santorum/PAUL  CONSERVATISM??

    • Bill

      It is easier than saying King Hussein obamacare

  • Guest

    I totally agree with this article!  The GOP machine isn't UP to making the necessary changes in our Country!  Token deals should cover it, right?  NOT

    • David Peacock

       no right wing person will win unless we unite;; but it is a good idea to go to the convention and use all the candidates to formulate a good strong fiscal/social conservative platform to dethrone king obama.

  • Sattdon

    Mitt Romney will not win without the Conservatives or the Tea Party. He will lose in November !

    • Loishollands

       I am not a Romney fan either but i am sure the Obama camp IS counting on some conservatives
      to just sit out. Big win for Obama who has the-- dead--real dead and uniformed voters along
      with the no ID crowd.
      Ar least Romney does not have a communist guidebook and will not turn us into a socialist
      If we also vote for a strong Senate of conservatives in both houses and We the people Hold
      their Feet to the Fire we will then see real change for the good of the Coumtry.

    • Jack_Reacher

       Sattdon, would you like to tell us why he will lose?  Is it because you're going to stay home and not vote in the November election?  Now that's what I call being a black belt in utter stupidity.

      The same goes for any other whiny bit*hes that just because your candidate didn't make the cut you're going to sit home and pout like a child.  Grow up you misnamed "conservatives'... You're now the party of "Waaaaa!!"

    • houdini1984

      Then conservatives need to get behind him if he's the nominee. If they don't, then they will share in the blame for re-electing the current Disaster-in-Chief. 

      Look, I'm as conservative as they come, and Romney is  the last person I want to see get the nomination. With that said, I still recognize that even he would be 100 times better than Obama.

      • 1marg

        He'll be better than obama for four years but what happens when the Dems take over again?  Something drastic needs to happen to restore our freedoms.

        • houdini1984

          Then Republicans need to actually focus on restoring liberty, and learn to broadcast that commitment on a daily basis. They need to aggressively control their own messaging so that their successes are not given the revisionist history treatment by the socialists in the media.

        • 1marg

          Exactly!! Wish I could have given your comment more than 1 thumb up.

    • David Peacock

       ANYONE BUT OBAMA;; we can unite if the candidate will listen to all of us;; not just the Washington insiders;  Michele Bachmann for vice President?

    • Bobbnea

      SATTDON , you need to trade in your crystal ball or cards , I do believe  and hope you are wrong .

      • 1marg

        And those are the Republicans...what about the independents?  I, for one, don't see how Romney will change the country in regard to our loss of freedoms.  He needs to address that effectively in order to win.

  • RLM357

    IT'S THE ESTABLISHMENT Republicans that wants Romney!   His Romneycare and Obamacare are darn near identicle!  Obama openly said he used the Mass. Romneycare as a model.  Romney's nomination would insure an Obama victory.  The establishment GOP has contrived to keep Ron Paul from office again.  WHY?  Because they fear him and any real Conservative.  I will Not Vote for ROMNEY!   And I always Vote! Mario Rubio is also Inelligible to run as V.P or President for the same reasons as Obama. Rubio's parents did not apply for citizenship until after he was first elected in Miami, FL. Two years later they became citizens. Obama was born in Kenya. ~Rick Magee, FL

    • Allegator Baby

       And for whom will you vote?  Regardless of our candidate the Republican party MUST win this election.  I do NOT like Ron Paul; however, if he is our nominee you bet your bippy I would vote for him.  It's those with ideas like your who will defeat us in November.

      • Willip562

        I agree 100 % with you. We must get rid of obummer periord. If Romney picks a cabinet of Liberals and does not balance our budget, we will have 4 years to organize and find a Conservative candidate. Uncontrolled spending for four more years will doom this country for young people. We are all must give up a little to get us back to financial sanity.

        • 1marg

          If you "conservatives" screw up with your candidate, there won't be a chance you'll win the re-election.  The Dems will be back in in 2016.

          Do it right this time.  Take back the country.  Restore our freedoms. 

      • Bobbnea


      • CL

        Millions like you are happy to settle for the lesser(???) of the evils. You still end up with EVIL in that case-every time.

    • Bobbnea

      RLM      Instead of telling people what you want them to think is true , how about getting some facts , I know the truth hurts but I prefer it , if I want to hear a lie I will listen to obama.

    • ORB

      Romney's nomination will insure an Obama victory only if people like you use any excuse not to vote against Obama.

    • Guest

      Obama wants you to believe that his health care is the same as Mitt's, only a fool would believe anything that came out of the liar in the WH...........................

      • RLM357

        AHA!  Therin lies the quandry.  Obama DID use Romney care as a model.  =Some passages are almost verbatum.  Most are expanded to foister Socialism or as Obama and Soros want, Government Control over our Lives and daily doings.  I Agree with your assertion on the continuous Lies from the Wigger House, in D.C..

  • Sattdon

    We would be better off with an open Convention then with Mitt Romney.

    • houdini1984

      Hardly. What we can do is make sure that we elect strong conservative majorities in the House and Senate - along with WHOEVER our nominee is - and thus empower Congress to exercise effective oversight over any Republican President. With the right Congress, Romney could be made to govern to the right of Reagan.

      • Kfmagee

        The congress and senate are the most important parts of this election. While I would prefer a different candidate than Romney, a strong congress and senate will stear the country... We have shown that even without a strong majority, they can even slow down "the Kenyan" ( I refuse to call him President!) and even get certain conservative legislation accomplished. Back WHOEVER runs against Obama, and focus on conservative right- wing legislators!

        • Maybeperfect

           Which brings us to the point that as happened with McGovern so it will be with the white, silver spoon Obama, Romney. In point of fact McGovern inspired such a spate of yawning fits that his party's rank and file stayed home in droves and his party lost a great number of congressional seats, because since they couldn't be bothered to vote for him, they wouldn't take their time to go to the polls just to vote for their congressional candidates. After the establishment's shenanigans and obvious bias in this guy's favor, you're going to see a huge number of non- votes for a lot of congressmen and women, since fair minded people will rightly refuse to reward corruption by endorsing the poster boys and girls for business as usual.

      • Bobbnea

        Finally , somebody that has said something truthful and that makes sense . Oh , If you will check not having that is what killed Mitt in Mass.. Best I can remember 85% of Mass. house and senate were demacrats so with those oddd , his hands were tied . Was just a poster boy and If we don't get the demacrats out of those two sections , then we are just spinning our wheels . so get out and vote Repub

    • Lu Shissler

      I pray it happens!

  • Texas Rebel

    We must be smarter than ABO (anybody but obama)



    • Vinnie

      You got it right Tom, I like Santorum but the republican establishment won't back him. So I tossed to Gingrich as I believe he is the only one that can debate obummer with any success. Although Santorum could fair well against him. Romney is nothing but a white obama socialist. A convention vote may be whate we need.

      • 1marg

        Santorum should never have backed liberal Specter over Toomey in the PA primary.  HUGE mistake that plagues him to this day.  Pennsylvanian conservatives were furious--and rightly so.


    WHEN YOU GET TO THE TOP IT IS ALL THE SAME PEOPLE. Watching the elite top echelon of the re puppy party all cluster around Money bags Romney I am reminded  of the old cliche.  Money goes to money. Those that don't have it sit at the feet of coin dispensers.That is what I see when they announce who endorsed Romney. If you asked each one of the good ol boys why not Santorum?  And they answered truthfully. They would say because he has no money. Donald Trump is an obvious example. Do you really believe that the Donald believes Romney is the best man for the job?No they are all picking the obvious winner. Bobby Jindal as far as I know did the right thing. He stayed out of endorsing anyone in the Louisiana race. The people picked Santorum. On the other side of the coin you have the demo commo elitists. Led by Bill Maher (I DON'T BELIEVE THE DONATION WAS HIS MILLION BUCKS) who took a nasty dump on the state of Mississippi mocking a great people for being poor. Yet never mentioning that his elite handler Obama has vowed to put the entire South out of work. Especially the Gulf Coast. Obama who has had personal experience with white prejudice all the way to the White house. Having listened to the words of Old man river with his own ears.  So on the one hand you have the re puppy elites, the Bush's, the Doles, the Trumps and Fox News.on the other hand Obama has, Steve Jobs for the Chinese minimum wage, but no one is going after big Ipod or big GE or big Pornowood. Did I mention the entire news media in printed form and on the airwaves. CNN, NBC, all the times papers and the Mexican killing gun running justice department. Through the BS maze we are supposed to believe that my vote counts. If my vote counted Rick Santorum would not be blacklisted by the media on both sides. Rick Santorum would not be mocked by pimp comedians. His wife would not be labeled a crazy by Don Imus. His down syndrome child would not be a Bill Maher joke. He would not be mocked as his Catholic religion is by Aids to Chuck Schumer on Fox.  So why is this inconsequential loser fro Pennsylvania a millstone around Romney's neck?  Moneybags got rid of Bachmann and left her a million dollars in the red. The demo commos got rid of Cain using a status seeker who lives in the same building as David Axelrod but they never met for tennis. Mr. seller I'll take two Brooklyn bridges. The guy that can order in Chinese ran out of yen. Rick Perry who was the butt of another nasty Bill Maher joke that went like this. If Rick Perry was black Sarah Palin would have f'd him. If I was Todd Palin I would convince Israeli intelligence that Bill Maher is an Iranian nuclear scientist. Oh the beating he would get in my Irish neighborhood for what that rat did. After the soccer team got finished, then the hurling team, then the choir. While the pipers played nearer my God to thee. So what have we now says the fine old woman?  We have a nation on the way to the crapper. We have two parties that have no intentions of cutting the budget that makes us working slaves to the Chinese,  the congress, OPEC, and a president who hates the country that gave him everything. Which goes to prove once again If you did not earn it you don't appreciate it. Forty days before 911 forty eight senators voted to burn the Flag including Match McConeel, 40 were demo commos and 8 were re puppies. This is what you have running the circus. Speaking of circuses Romney saved the Olympics with Government grant money.If it is from Massachusetts it will hurt you. Paul Revere moved his grave to Louisiana. IF YOU WANT YOUR VOTE TO COUNT.  IT HAS TO BE SANTORUM. HE IS THE ONLY ONE LEFT THAT REPRESENTS YOU. ALL THE REST ARE REPRESENTING THEMSELVES. WHEN THEY ARE IN POWER THE OFFICE DOOR CLOSES FOR FOUR MORE YEARS. THIS IS THE ONLY CHANCE YOU GET TO BE HEARD. So lets look at the line up.The demo commos team.Hollywood and their valuesunions and their goalsPeta communistsGreen crap communiststhe communist environmentaliststhe Black community 92%The Hispanic community minus the Catholics and many stand in line immigrants. 51%the gay community 95%the welfare community 95%the legalize drug community 99%The prison population 95%the communist party 100%occupy wall street (see the communist party)Runaway Catholics 25%Al Queda vote 90%THE ALGAE PEOPLE 98%THE PBA CROWD 100%THE MILITARY 5%THE KGB 100 %CAIR 100%ATHEISTS (SEE THE COMMUNIST PARTY)  ON THE SANTORUM SIDE.CATHOLICS 60%EVANGELISTS AND BAPTISTS 90%ALL OTHER RELIGIONS EXCEPT AL QUEDA 85%MOTHERS WITH CHILDREN 85%COAL MINERS UNION 98%OIL RIGGERS AND RELATIVES 98%THE MILITARY INCLUDING THE ABSENTEE BALLOTS THE DEMO COMMOS CAN'T GET THEIR HANDS ON 95%THOSE WHO SWITCH FROM ROMNEY TILL CONVENTION TIME 74%TRUCKERS IN SPITE OF BEING THREATENED BY  JIMMY HOFFA JR. 80%FARMERS 95%FISHERMAN 95%HUNTERS 99%ANYBODY WHO HAS BEEN SCREWED BY THE EPA 100%ANYONE THAT HAS BEEN SCREWED BYOSHA 100%ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN KILLED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE MINUS 2 THAT WE KNOW OF.AND 50,000 DEAD MEXICANS KILLED BY AMERICAN DRUG ORDERS.BOY SCOUTS WHO REACH 18 YEARS OF AGE 95%GIRL SCOUTS NOT BRAINWASHED BY THE COMMUNIST PARTY 50%STUDENTS WHO WILL FAIL IF THEY DON'T VOTE FOR OBAMA 30%PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN HOODS CONTROLLED BY THE NEW BLACK PANTHERS 10%WORKING TAX SLAVES 98%PARENTS WITH 3 JOBS 100%PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE THE STATUS QUO 100%TEA PARTY 90%REPUBLICAN ELITES 10%FOX NEWS EMPLOYEES 10% THE REPUPPY SIDE.THE FINEST VOTERS MONEY CAN BUY. THE GIVE US THE SOS CROWD.THE DON'T ROCK THE VOTE CROWD.FOX NEWS. OREILLY MADE US DO IT.THEY CAN'T SEE ME I'M INVISIBLE CROWD. REMEMBER SCHOOL WHEN THE TEACHER CALLED ON YOU?I WAS ON BILL MAHER BUT NO ONE SAW ME CROWD.I WAS ON DANCING WITH TOM DELAY.I INTRODUCED GEORGE BUSH TO BILL CLINTON THE TOPIC WAS LIBRARIES.IF THAT IS A ROCK I'M CRAWLING UNDER IT UNTIL THE ELECTION IS OVER CROWD.I'M AGAINST BIRTH CONTROL PILL PAYMENTS BUT VIAGRA SHOULD BE COVERED.TWO LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS IN SEPARATE ROOMS. WHO WANTS ROMNEY THE MOST? OBAMA !  WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?OBAMA REFUSED TO DEBATE GINGRICH WITHOUT A VENTROLIQUIST. IT HAS TO BE SANTORUM. I HOPE NEWT THROWS IN WITH RICK BUT I FEAR THE ROMNEY OFFER OF I CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR PERSONAL DEFECIT WILL OVERWHELM HIM. WHICH WILL BE SAD.  SANTORUM COMES WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED. HIS WIFE IS A NURSE AND A LAWYER PLUS THE MOTHER OF SEVEN KIDS. THAT IS A BIG WHITEHOUSE TO FILL.  THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BUSH AND OBAMA IS BUSH LISTENED TO HIS GENERALS. IN EIGHT YEARS HE LOST 461 AMERICANS IN AFGHANISTAN. OBAMA LISTENS TO HIS POLITICAL COMMISARS AND HAS ALREADY LOST 2,000 AMERICANS PLUS SEAL TEAM SIX 22 MEN. BIGGEST SEAL TEAM LOSS SINCE WWII. WE STILL HAVE THE RUN OUT TO DO.  BEING SHOT IN THE BACK BY GITMO DETAINEES OBAMA RELEASED. ERIC HOLDER HAS SUPPLIED THE NARCO TERRORISTS WITH 2200 WEAPONS THAT WE KNOW ABOUT. HE IGNORES CALLS FROM CONGRESS TO COME CLEAN. HIS WEAPONS HAVE ARMED FOUR REGIMENTS 500 EA OF GROUPS WAGING WAR AGAINST THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT. RESULTING IN THE DEATHS AND BODY MUTILATIONS OF 50,000 MEXICANS. BUT TO OBAMA THE MEXICANS DON'T COUNT HE SAYS LOOK ONLY TWO GRINGOS DIED. HE HAS WASTED TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND PRECIOUS TIME. HE HAS MADE ISRAEL A GO AHEAD TARGET FOR IRAN, RUSSIA AND CHINA. THE ONLY THING HE TRADES WITH RUSSIA IS AMERICAN AND BRITISH NUCLEAR SECRETS. HIS SECURITY IS SWISS CHEESE. A PRIVATE HAS LEAKED 80,000 SECRET DOCUMENTS TO WIKILEAKS. HE INSPIRES RACE RIOTS. FOUR MORE YEARS OF THIS GUY WE WILL NOT HAVE A COUNTRY. WHO CAN DO THE BEST JOB? WHO WILL TRY THE HARDEST TO GET IT RIGHT. SANTORUM.DON'T LET THE COMMUNISTS PORTRAY HIM AS A RIGHT WING NUT. IF YOU DON'T TURN THE NUT TO THE RIGHT THE WHEEL COMES OFF. THEY SAY HE IS A RELIGIOUS FREAK. WHY? BECAUSE HE GOES TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY? JESUS IS HIS ROLE MODEL. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? OUR RELIGION WAS FOUNDED BY A RABBI WHO WENT TO TEMPLE AND FOLLOWED THE LAWS OF MOSES GIVEN TO MOSES AS HE LED HIS PEOPLE OUT OF SLAVERY. WHAT POLITICIANS CAN'T FATHOM AND NEVER WILL IS THAT THERE ARE NO AMMENDMENTS TO THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.  GET SANTORUM TO THE FINISH LINE. YOU WON'T REGRET IT. MAYBE YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT.WWW.MEDIACRAPMATTERS.USWWW.CAPTAINSBLOG.USWWW.SPIRITOFAMERICAPARTYTADIOSHOW.COMYOUTUBE 911 DANNYBOYYOUTUBE FLAG BURNERS OF RECORDYOUTUBE I PLEDGE TO THEE BOYCOTT NBCOne Nation under Tim Tebowe, only fooling.

    • Nikray

      This is among the longest, stupidist, most incomprehensible  and most difficult to read things I've ever seen on this blog. Congratulations!

  • Rhonda Reichel

    The GOP deserves to become is as corrupt as the democrats in every sense. 

    Vote for Ron Paul....there is still time

  • Samtman

    Its very simple. Romney is a main line Repbublican, most Republican voters are,  this posting  represents the fringe radical underinformed  small miority of radicacl conservatism ,its leaders are Rush Limbaugh Glen Beck and some of the Radical Evangelical Preachers. That's not were America is, never was and hopefully will never be.  Iven Fox news is starting to move away from the far right as we are getting closer to the election.

    • RED1958

      Your Logic is even worse than your spelling!! How far in school did you go? Sixth Grade? You speak and spell like a blithering moron! Go back to school and get a decent education, then try  to be an intelligent, informed Citizen of this Great Country....

      • Samtman

        Mr.Red, you cant attack the facts, so as usual on this posting you attack my typos,

        • RED1958

          Your posting doesn't merit any comment other than it being childlike Drivel!! Go learn to spell, and then come try to match wits with me you moron!! And TYPOS are something that can be corrected! Do you not proofread your comments, or is that beyond your skills also? No, you probably do look over the things you write, you're just too ignorant to notice your own misspellings!! And you wouldn't know the facts if you got hit in the head with them, you Dolt!!

        • 1marg

          You used a lot of words, but you didn't add anything to the discussion.

      • Bobbnea

        You know something Red , at least he tried to make a point even if I don't agree with it . He did not bash anyone just for the sake of bashing , because he could not think of anything useful to say , he spoke his mind , we all did not have a Harvard education .

        • RED1958

          You have no Harvard Education, and you done well in your spelling!! You don't have to be Harvard Educated, you just have to be educated! Which Samtman obviously is not!!
             On the contrary, Samtman may very well be Harvard Educated, because that's the kind of People they put into Society from that Liberal Snakepit!!

        • Bobbnea

          If 8 th grade is educated , then who knows .

  • DrBillLemoine

    It's not conservatives locked out by Romney, it's social engineers trying to legislate morality and fiscal radicals trying to retreat to the 19th century.  Nobody wants religion embodied in law, contrary to the Constitution. Exit Santorum. Nobody wants to abolish huge chunks of government. Exit Paul. Nobody wants perpetual political fighting. Exit Gingrich. Now we're finding a military aggression and tax-the-poor/boost-the-rich guy. Exit Romney in November. No right wing policies favor the middle class laborer, engine of historic American supremacy in the world. Enter President Obama.

    • houdini1984

      What a pretty twisting of reality you've concocted. None of the attributes you attribute to the various candidates actually exist, except Paul's desire to reduce the size and scope of government). Santorum is not some modern-day Mullah, Gingrich is not the architect of political division, and Romney is not intent on taxing the poor. Moreover, Obama has done nothing to favor the middle class.

      Your convoluted commentary relies upon setting up one straw man after another, so that you can make your conclusions align with your pre-conceived prejudices. I'd applaud you if the stakes in this election weren't the highest we've seen in a generation...

    • RED1958

      And just who is NOBODY in your opinion?? Just because that's your Opinion, doesn't mean the Whole Country agrees with you. There is a whole lot of us out here in this Country that believes in the fact that this country has moved away from God and Religion. And that's the reason we're in the position we're in now!! And Religion is NOT CONTRARY to the Constitution, or the Bill Of Rights, or the Federalist Papers. You might serve yourself well in reading all of them again!! And perpetual Political Fighting sometimes is a good thing! It keeps the Politicians out of our Live and our Pockets!! Zero Political descent is what has gotten us where we are today. It's always been the case that if you give the Politicians all the sticks they want, they will beat you over the head with them!!

  • ALumen

    It's going to be so pathetic listening to Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin begging us to vote for Romney in the fall.

    • 4grands

      Unless you are a liberal, you will vote for Romney in the fall.

      • Bobbnea

        I hate to say it , but most of what I've read tells me we are eat up with liberals trying to destroy the Republican party .

  • anangrygramma

    The writing was indeed on the wall from the onset. Romney was the man, it was his turn. We were filled with Romney being the only electable one, & most fell for it. The landslide victory in 2010 meant little for long as those elected were not not held accountable, & the whole of Congress has allowed Ovamitt to do whatever he wants.  True Constitution lovers would have found a way to stop him in his tracks, impeachment has always been an option. Now we swallow Romney, after watching every true conservative be chewed up & spit out, & that having been  accomplished by those from within our own party. Happy 2012 sheeple! Follow me to the polls, & vote for exactly whom they wanted left to stand! 

    • LAPhil

      Except for you, that is.

  • iitywybad

    What a large bunch of drivel!  I'll match my conservatism against yours any day.  My first choice was Newt and I'll be voting for him in our Wisconsin primary on Tuesday. Romney is not my first choice, but to say that he is not conservative and is not supported by conservatives is subversive rot.  Anyone who doubts the conservatism of Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan is brain dead and not capable of making a decision to vote.

    Make not mistake about it, Romney is a conservative.  The life he has lived is a great indicator of a conservative capitalist. If Obama wins a second term, it won't be because of Mitt Romney being the candidate - it will be because of close minded so-called faux conservatives who can't see the forest for the trees.  It will be because of close minded so-called faux Christians who frown on his religion.  It will be because of fools who won't stand together to elect Mitt Romney because of some superficial reason that doesn't hold water in the court of reality.

    • Rita Gruener

       Bravo! Well said!

    • LAPhil

      These posts keep getting better all the time.  I don't think I've posted on this forum until today, but I was frankly expecting the usual Romney-bashing you see on some conservative forums. I'm pleased to find otherwise.

    • IAMallardchaser

      Really? Would a true conservative have created Romneycare? Would a true conservative have supported gay marriage? Romney is a conservative as much as Allah is a God!!!

      You have been hoodwinked by the Republican establishment and the MSM. Shame on you and to all other conservatives that fall for the establishment propaganda.  

    • Della

      My choice was and is Newt. Too bad he doesn't have enough supporters or money.  I will vote for a Republican, no matter what. Liked your comment!

  • Andychiz

    Romney may not be perfect,but he is certainly going to be better than  (Obama the Socialist).
    Let  us all get behind Romney and get him elected

    • Rita Gruener

       Thank you!
      You are very reasonable!

  • whatmeworry

    If you are a conservative republican and we continue to allow moderates to run our party then it is our fault what happens this election.There is only one conservative that has a chance to beat romney .You people keep on voting in the primaries for people who have no chance at this point, you'll get what you don't want in the general election.

  • Andychiz

    Forgive the typo

  • Andychiz

    Forgive the typo

  • Anne_PA

    Willard is the worst possible candidate, save for Paul.  But it's actually the GOP Establishment that's  blocking and maneuvering that keeps Willard the "apparent" front runner...  Even long before the Iowa caucus.

    And of course, I continue to ask exactly HOW, and based on WHAT, that  Willard is supposed to be the most electable.

    • LAPhil

      The polls for starters?

      • Anne_PA

         Hey LAPhil:  You do realize many of those who poll in favor of Willard, if pushed, admit they do not think Willard is the best candidate, but he seems to be the "front runner" by default, so they just go along.

        And the polls do NOT explain HOW, and based on WHAT, that  Willard is supposed to be the most electable when it comes to the general election in Nov.

        STILL WAITING for someone to  explain that!!!!

        • LAPhil

          Hello, Anne. Fancy meeting you here. I can't get into a whole discussion of why I think Romney is the best candidate here, but I think I can tell you what makes him the most electable. First of all his poll numbers are consistently better than the other candidates when put up against Obama. That's the biggest thing right there.  So he must be polling better among independents than the other Republicans. And secondly, and this is just my personal opinion, he's just more presidential than the other candidates in the way he looks, talks, and conducts himself in general. He has a thicker skin than Santorum and Gingrich, and he's just generally a stronger person.

        • Anne_PA

           Hi LAPhil..  yeah, fancy meeting each other here.  😉

          The first problem, as I see it is, many of the states' primaries and caucuses had very low participation, which tells me that we don't have a good read one how voters really think of Willard.

          And then there's the issue of "open primaries & caucuses"  vs "closed primaries & caucuses" and I'm not sure how that figures into the equation. And I'm not yet seen anyone do an analysis.

          I have to disagree on the "presidential" thing.

          T hey said the same  thing about Obozo in 2008-09. Just presenting as presidential is the last thing we need,  I'd hoped we'd learned out lesson, but apparently not.

          Of course, I admit that I'm not excited or even all that comfortable with any of the three, Willard, Santorum, or Newt, and for a myriad of reasons.

          And I'm most concerned about Willard's flip-flopping.  He's been on BOTH SIDES of EVERY ISSUE, including ObozoCare, right up to 2009 when he wrote an op-ed piece in the NYT (I believe) being all very positive about individual mandates, etc.

          And while during the debates he says he'd repeal ObozoCare, in subsequent speeches and interviews, he's said he would keep it, and fix the parts that need to be fixed. 

          That tells me he's not at all trustworthy.

          I'm also very concerned that he's the only candidate who says he'd keep NDAA, and that about sets my hair on fire.

          While I'm not crazy about Newt, (and have some concerns) at least we know he'd STAND THE HELL UP to Obozo in a debate, and do so with foreign leaders when necessary.

          There's a very valid reason Gov. Perry referred to Willard as "Obama-Lite" and the more we hear of him, the more it's clear that in too many ways, Willard is Obozo-LIKE.

        • LAPhil

          Appreciate the feedback, Anne. I agree with you about one thing: I don't think any of the top three candidates right now is the ideal candidate. However, based on what I've seen of the three of them I like what I see in Romney the most. Just one question: what's NDAA?

        • Anne_PA

           LAPhil:  NDAA is the National Defense Authorization Act...
          H.R. 5136 : National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011

          which, among other things gives the pres. the authority to detain indefinitely, and without probable cause, anyone, including American citizens.

          During one of the debates, (if I recall correctly, it was one of the last debates that Gov Perry was in) the question was asked of all the candidates if they would retain NDAA.

          Willard was the ONLY candidate who said he WOULD!

          That, among other issues, made me very uncomfortable.

        • LAPhil

          Thanks, Anne. Hey, are you familiar with the GOPUSA forums? You might find those interesting and worth your while. I've been posted there for a few years now.

        • Anne_PA

           You're welcome, I'm sure.

          I've not been on GOPUSA as yet, but I'll check it out tomorrow.

          Look for you there. 

  • PaulCindy

    Give it up already,  Gov. Romney is getting the votes, and a lot of Conservative votes, as well as the backing of many Conservatives.

  • XMormon

    The author has reached the wrong conclusion.  The reason Romney is going to be nominated is because the majority of conservatives have voted for him.  We have not been manipulated.  Newt is great but he has too much baggage and Rick is not an appealing candidate.  The only reason Mitt would not beat Obama is if conservatives stay home on election day.  It's time to get behind Mitt and also give him a majority in the Senate.  I believe we conservatives will get most of what we want with Mitt.  Romney is not the same as Obama.  

    • LAPhil

      Thank you.

  • rex brazil

    I must be missing something.  Romney has gone and is going throught the same nominating process that every other candidate does.  It seems the advantage he has in money is being seen as a negative by those opposing his nomination.  In the general election it will certainly be a tremendous advantage going up against the "Obama machine."  No, he is not the most conservative of candidates, but certainly he will be a far superior president than our current one.  Keep up the in-fighting and we'll once again lose the White House.  Remember, people do change.  Ronald Reagan got into politics as a Democrat president of a labor union. 

  • Johnsnare

    Please, America, any Republican will be better than Obama.  Four and out.

  • Steve

    This is not the complete list; it was taken from the 45 Communist goals that found their way down the halls of our great Capitol back in 1963.

    Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963 Current Communist Goals EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. A. S. HERLONG, JR. OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, January 10, 1963 .

    3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

    15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.” 

    (Leviticus 20:13If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.)

    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”
    30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
    31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

    Luke 10:18And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
    In ancient Hebrew the word for lightning is barack, the word for heaven or the
    heights is bama and to connect the words either an “a” or an “o” is used.

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama – Audacity of Hope

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 (King James Version)
    3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little by little.

    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”- George Washington

    Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

    Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.


    In ancient Babylon their economy was based on usury.
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
     Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that only the Congress can print and coin money! 

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was slipped thru congress during the Christmas break with the majority of it’s members absent. 

    The Federal Reserve is self serving and privately owned in violation to the Constitution, charging interest on illegally printed money. Money printed from nothing!
    In America On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. Five months later A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY was MURDERED BY COMMUNIST! 

    Our own US Congress voted themselves a raise. (But vetoed a raise for those on Social Security) A member of Congress only have to be in Congress one time to receive a pension that is more than $15,000 per month. And most are now equal to being millionaires plus.  If some one in the military stays  in for 20 years (providing that they are not killed in combat before that) and gets out as an E-7, they may receive a pension of $2,000 per month, and the very people who placed them in harm's way receives a pension of $15,000 per month.

    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
    In ancient Babylon their priest sacrificed babies to their gods baal, and molech.  
    In America the communist under their socialist programs have sacrificed over 50 million American babies to their god satan!
    Leviticus 20:2-5
    2Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel , Whosoever he be of the children of Israel , or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel , that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.
    3And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.
    4And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:
    5Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.
    Luke 22:35-36 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
    Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
    Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!
    Jeremiah 50:14 “ Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow; Shoot at her, spare no arrows, For she has sinned against the LORD.

    All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. Psalm 118:10

    “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!”. George Washington

      2 Timothy 2:15   Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

    Jeremiah 48: 10Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

    Revelation 18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying , Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down , and shall be found no more at all.



  • Jack_Reacher

    So Tad, are you saying that if Romney is going to be the candidate that you want all conservatives to sit at home and not vote?  Not support the GOP?   Are you implying or stating as fact that 4 more years of Obama is better than 4 years of a Romney presidency of which you know zero about?  Let's get you on record, Tad... What are you suggesting that this audience do come November election time?  Hmmm?

  • Allegator Baby

    For all you people who are pushing for Ron Paul I am including an email received from a friend who lives in the St. Louis, MO area.

    I have not emailed for awhile.  The Republican Caucus Committee in St.
    Chas County worked night and day to put together a caucus that was to
    have been smooth and without incident this past Saturday.  We all
    thought we knew what to  expect from the (Ron) Paulers….  We thought…..
    though we hired two police officers, the Paulers became so violent that
    the two officers asked us to hold off doing anything further until they
    could call in reinforcements.  15 or so police in riot gear showed up,
    along with cops from neighboring cities and the MO State Patrol. 
    Eventually the police shut down the caucus because of the violence by
    the Paulers. I have been through caucuses with the Paulers in the past,
    and this is the most violent I’ve ever seen them – many left because
    they felt their lives were in danger.  I absolutely loathe the way they
    ALWAYS conduct themselves…..they will bully and yell to try to get what
    they want, and that’s delegates for Ron Paul (ugh). Unfortunately, this
    entire thing hit the national news, Drudge, NY Times, ABC News, etc and
    we have gotten a lot of bad press from people who had no clue what was
    going on and how a caucus is run.

    • Ltjg

      Sounds like they learned these tactics from their Liberal friends.

    • 1marg

      I doubt Ron Paul would support this kind of behavior.

  • jerzeryted

    the gop is in sad shape with the people that are in the running and worst is the people that think christie running would be a good thing we need a real person that is a real gop person not someone who acts like he,s part of the jersery shore cast or the great flip floper

    • Ltjg

      Very True, and I voted for Christie. However, I am extremely disappointed so far. He is weak on immigration, weak with Unions, will not E-verify, appointed a Muslim Judge and what is just as bad, NJ does not require Voter ID. Nothing being done here in NJ with ID and no plans either. I question this at each meeting before working the Voting Polls. I have questioned our Representatives through phone calls and letters. What NJ could use is another Scott Walker.

  • James Tabone

    With Romney leading all the way to the convention, I feel it is Dole/McCain redux.   The Grand ol' Party is an antique - an anachronism.   They are in desperate need of Tea-Party infusion if they are to stay alive and relevant.

  • Della

    Thank you for this article. Well said! Sen. DeMint has always responded to my emails up to this last one where I begged him to try to influence the Republicans to give us anyone but Romney. That was several days ago and still no response.  This is a huge mistake for our country. With Romney, Obama has 4 more years to destroy our country. I don't know how I will vote for Romney. It is certain to make me nauseous.  I will continue to plead with God above to help us. Why can't the Republicans see this? Are they blind to the truth also? Have they sold what integrity they had? Too many people listen to TV media and don't have access to the truth through computers. Even our local paper is now liberal. Our "conservative" Republican governor endorsed Romney. I suppose money can buy you anything you desire except salvation.

  • Shellidbanks

    Most people are afraid to speak up against the political correctness that has run amuck in this country. The overwhelming reason that Romney will be the downfall of this nation is in fact...that he is a Mormon, That is nothing more than a factual statement. Mormonism is not a cult; however it is a religious sect that does not believe in a God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit as a Triune being as the Bible clearly states. Mormons do believe in God, they do believe in Jesus, not as the Messiah, but they do not believe that Jesus was God in carnate in the flesh. That is the problem. Anyone that studies the history of the Bible clearly understands what God's wrath has brought down upon his creation that has elected Polytheist leaders to thier governments. The first commandment is "thou shalt have no other God's before me". The Lord our God could not have been more clear about this. He has also allowed Isreal to come under bondage every time that they have fallen to the pagen rituals of worshiping multiple God's. Mormanism also fostors a belief that if your works are good enough, then you a mortal man can actually become a God.

    This is the central issue behind Romney. Most real Christians that fully understand the warnings of scripture will not cast a vote for a polytheist as leader of our nation. We are already suffering the Wrath of God because we have elected a government that refuses to stop killing our children and refuses to speak the truth about the abomination of homosexuality. This is not a bigoted statement. It is in point of fact straight from the phrophets. We are suffering as nation because we have allowed God be kicked out of the place of priority in this nation that was established by Divine providence through our Faithful Founding Fathers. They overcame insurmountable odds, because not in spite of thier staunch Faith in God and Christ Jesus. If we will get on our knees and return to God's side and ask Him not what he can do for us but we can do for Him, and then obey Him, but electing a true Christian who believes that homosexuality is as the scriptures repeatedly state an abomination and will keep Heaven out of the grasp of the practitioner and all who support them, as well as someone who has the courage to stand up against the continuous legal murder of millions of inocent children, then we have a chance to right the ship that is our nation and once again prosper in the Divine way that we did for the first 160 years of our nation's existance, we will be able to praise the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit until our Lord returns to take true believers and obeyors of the Word home with him, forever.

    I think that Mitt Romney is a nice guy, I do not believe that he is a conservative as Rick Santorum is, but he is just misguided and clearly will cause the destruction of this nation if elected.


    • Beepster

      Shelli,  The UN, The One World, and George Soros have Romney, just like they have Oslammerhead.  If you're looking for something different, like hope and change, just re-elect Oslammerhead.  There isn't enough difference between the two to slide a molecule between the two of them.

  • Remington 870

    The GOP has put its money of the fact they are going to lose to Obama, but want to keep their Congressional jobs and thus do nothing to rock the boat. Enter Mr. Cadaver Boehner who has as much enthusiasm as a rock and generates as much by ocassionally mumbling before some tv camera. And Romney brings absolutely no electricity to the party, which equates to another four more years of Communist Obama.

  • Siksikaboy

    Your so wrong. He is a Mormon you fool. A Mormon in the true sense of the word and that in itself is the definition of conservative. As governor of a liberal state he had to honestly represent his constituents which he did. Santorum could not even be elected to congres from his own district and that is an endorsement to become President? Give me Romney and you will get a conservative who knows how to shake a liberals hand without loosing his way and get things done. We tried Goldwater already.

    • friskyness

       We won with Reagan.  Romney is no Reagan.   Romney will lose against Obama, that's why Soros supports him.

  • Ralph

    Sorry to be the one,to tell you this here Jack_Reacher but even George Soros has already said, "There is very little difference between Barack Obama AND Mitt Romney".....Enough said here.

  • Screeminmeeme

    While some conservatives may not like Romney as their candidate, if they love America, they'd ought to vote for him anyway. A vote for Romney is a vote AGAINST Obama. They need to be UNIFIED in their support for Romney...he is far better for America than Obama...any day.

    Obama prevented from another 4 years in the Presidency. There will be  NO LIMITS to the implimentation of his agenda in  seeing America, as we know it, destroyed for ever.

    ALL who love this country ought to put their biases and opinions aside and back WHOEVER the Republican candidate is.

  • 57girl

    Ladies and Gentlemen! Your attention please! May we announce our next CFR puppet?   Mitt will play ball according to our directions ... hello NAU.  Goodbye America. Goodbye Constitution.  Thank you!  ... Love, The NWO Elite.

  • Jeffbwillis

    If Romney loses this election, conservatives will never forgive the establishment. Whcih translate to a permanent split in the party! It is likely that the East will be divorced. They will be left "high and dry." Obama may win. But he may be reigning over a country on the brink.

  • Tome

    The only difference between Romney and Hussien Obama is Romney is black on the inside and Obama wears his on the outside. They are both Socialists. Supposly Romney was born in the USofA. 

  • Nikray

    Another betrayal. I'm starting to think Santorum was right when he said better Obama again than a flip-flopping RINO tax dodger like Romney

  • Arky

    Rick Santorum can still beat Romney.  Rick can also beat Obama.  Santorum in November can win Pennsylvania and without PA - Obama loses.   Romney does NOT have the delegates he claims he has.   Santorum will win Texas and they will pretty much be tied then.   Is Rick perfect? No.   He is light years better than McCain, Bush 1, Mitt and Newt.

  • Ralph

    Oh come on anybody but RINO Mitt Romney the Liberal GOP Wing Obama Lite,or Crazy Old Senile
    Ron Paul,or Illegal Alien Amnesty Newt "Contract On America" Gingrich or Dead Baby Rick Santorum in 2012! Face it Johnsnare the GOP/Tea Party simply is running all losers in 2012 that
    this and many other critical Independent Voters like myself simply will write in None of the Above
    on election day 2012 and that also goes for the Kenyan Messiah Barack Hussein Obama as well.

  • Alice Steinbacher

    I have against Romney from the beginning for the very same reasons you just stated. I do not believe that he can beat Obama. It just shows that the RION'S don't really want to change and improve. They are also a bunch of fat cats who are trying to save a comfortable seat. We have seen that many are ineffective and are holding onto the old party affiliation to the determent of our country.


  • Turtle

    SORRY but I can't vote for anyone that legalized GAY MARRIAGE while he was GOVERNOR of that STATE,  MY CHRISTIAN convictions won't let me,  looks like I will either have a write  in candidate  or leave it blank as I did in 2008,  I couldn't vote for McCAIN either, for other reasons though,  besides I live in such a heavy DEMOCRAT COUNTY my little one vote gets canceled out before I even vote

    • whatmeworry

      Good than you'll get odumba .Nice tradeoff isn't it.

  • Ralph

    Hey rex brazil so then I take it you must approve of the way shady deals sleazy arrogant CEO of Bain Capital Vulture Business Man RINO Willard Mittens Romney made his $250 Million Fortune
    by Shipping American Workers Jobs Overseas and destorying American small businesses?

  • TimHays

    If I am forced to vote for Obama or Romney it will once again be with a cloths pen for my nose.  I will find the money if I have to pawn my mother's ring to have this yard sign made: 

    Vote Romney at least he is not a communist.

  • Sandra Miller

    The establishment is as annoying as heck.  They haven't seen the last of us.  We have to take over the Senate and the House.  Despite the fact that many wanted a candidate "other than Romney", please,
    please vote for him.  We have to get Obama out, and he will try every illegal trick in the book to stay
    in.  We have to get every vote we can get, and none of us can afford to stay home because our choice
    lost. Can you stand another 4 years of this$*#@?  I can't.  If it has to be Romney, please don't sit home.

    He will be a lot better than Obama!

  • Warrior07

     Wait a second. The TEA Party is not an organization that can be defused by any political party. We are a grass roots movement that is still plenty pissed at Donkey-crats and RINOs. Granted Mitt is not my first choice but he is an alternative to Obummer. I prefer to stack the congress with TEA Party representation than care which GOP candidate wins the Whitehouse. We need to purge the Reid's, Pelosi's, Franken's, Boxer's, etc, etc. from the House and Senate. Then we can control an out of control President.

  • Charles Jetter

    well ... the republican's who want a free ride as do the democraps... will vote for him.. 

  • Glen Thompson

    Tad,  since you obviously missed all of the Republican debates, or you would not be making such bazaar statements, I will clue you in:  Romney is now the winner simply because he was clearly the only adult in the room.  The listening public recognized, and rightfully so, all the others had lots and lots of baggage and showed too many signs of not  being wrapped too tight.  If the Right had offered a viable candidate, things would most probably had been different; but they failed to deliver.

  • guest

    Sorry, but this country is NOT about conservatism anymore. Why? Because the fabric of this nation is changing. Moderates now proliferate this country. Conservatives are perceived as narrow minded, religious bigots. This country's mindset has shifted. Get used to it and make the necessary adjustments. I was once a conservative, but now a moderate. Wake up. And to say that with a Romney nominee conservatives will be all but forgotten is ridiculous. Grow up and let's coalesce. It is better to be united than divided. There are battles that can be won down the road, the greatest battle now is to defeat everything that the current corrupt, chicago style admin. has brought to Washington and to the country.

  • Warrior07

     Ron Paul is a Libertarian who runs as a Republican to get elected. He is also a RINO and that's the problem. 

  • Warrior07

     Focus on purging the Congress of the Zoo Crew [Donkey-crats and RINOs]. A good conservative TEA Party House and Senate can control any out-of-control POTUS.

  • MegamomLo

    My pro-Santorum comments get omitted from Romney Disqus Moderator.  No more free speech in America.

    • Victoria

      Thanks for trying.  I agree that Santorum is the best remaining nominee if we want to see America restored to her foundations.

  • Sgtprovo

    If anyone ever called me a "Nazi" to my face for being a Republican, their family would be mourning the loss of another idiot thinking Dumbama is the answer to all of their problems.
    The real truth is that this Pres. has made people lazy, complacant and indifferent, walking around with their hands out looking for anything for free. 

  • Curtbst

    Being the dumbing down of America is in full bloom,Ron Paul can't be seen as the savior he would be!

  • Gary Mallast

    You can count on Mitt Hussein Romneycare to actively marginalize and persecute movement conservatives in the GOP just as his father did when governor of Michigan.  For example, anyone else remember Lenore Romney's "Concensus Candidate" campaign against Robert Huber which assured the re-election of radical Democrat Phil Hart?

    It is probably time for a third party effort since the mechanisms of the Republican Party are firmly in control of the Country Club establishment.

    That is what had to be done in Canada to get the "Progressive Conservative" Party out of the control of an equally corrupt and entrenched elite.  The Reform Party finally forced reform of the Tories after an election where the "Conservatives " carried only a majority of the Federal ridings in Ontario, precious little East of Ontario and absolutely nothing West of Ontario.

    After the two Bushes, Dole, McCain, and now Romney it is clear there is no other way to shake up the Republican Party.

  • Colorado Joe

    If it's going to be Romney then we should all look at the bigger picture and support him.  He may not be the ideal conservative and he may have some hard explaining to do regarding why Romney care was okay for Massachusetts but Obama care which is the Frankenstein's monster offspring of Romney care is bad for the country.  One other issue among conservatives is, we should not expect a candidate for sainthood but Romney like all the other GOP candidates is a hundred times better than B.O.  It's time to give the country a good bath and get rid of all the B.O.  (pun intended)

  • RED1958

    Romney and Obama is the head of the same snake. Either way we go this November, we're screwed!! Everyone in this Country needs to quit worrying about the election because the fix is already in!! Anyone that still believes that we still live in a Representative Republic, is only wishful thinking. All I can suggest to anybody that cares to listen, is to get ready for very bad times ahead. The likes we have never seen in this Country before. The Depression of the past was a cakewalk compared to what is coming.....If you care about your Family, get alot of food and water and store them up. You might think about something to protect yourself and family with also. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    • Victoria

      I tend to agree with the fact that the fix is in.  That fact came across loud and clear when here in Virginia we had at least 4 viable candidates running, yet ONLY Romney and Paul made it onto our primary tickets...even though Perry had 11,000 signatures to get onto the ballot here!  Something is very rotten in Denmark as the old saying goes.

  • Incredulous_one

    We conservatives have been holding our noses and voting for these Bushes and now, Bush lite (Romney), so long you would have thought we would have suffocated by now.  Romney, like the Bushes, will do a few things I will like but I have no doubt will be responsible for driving this country further into 3rd world status in the end.  But compared to BHO who has done absolutely nothing of which I approve, ANYONE will be better.  I just feel sad and ashamed of the country I will leave to my progeny.

  • Doodlebug

    It's a crying shame when because you have the money, that you can spend millions on campaign ads berating the other Republicans. This might be a different story if Romney didn't have the money. Didn't have the money and wasnn't a obummer clone. I doubt that he can beat obummer. I don't think he stands a chance debating him, I think he will be out in round one. Someone better talk with Romney and get us to change our mind on him or have him get out of the race like he wants the rest to do.

  • frida prodan

    Romney doesn't love the country as founded, he doesn't understand it just as Obama & will get many elements from the Bushes for his administration, a 4th term Bush (father & son) presidency on acid. But I doubt it'll ever come to this because I worked for McCain Camp in 08, saw the unenthusiasm first hand. Bet we'll see much more disenchantment this time around no matter if Obama's the opponent.

    • Victoria

      You are so right.  At least 20% of the Republican party stayed home on election day in '08, which is what gave Obama the victory in the first place.  Nothing worse than a RINO nominated to destroy our chances of winning.  America NEEDS Rick Santorum for the nomination to the presidency in 2012!

  • Bret Geren

    I like many things Paul stands for and I'm supporting Newt, but we and I must support to the fullest whoever gets the nomination with no third party. That is what the communists on the left and Sorass want us to do. Yes we want the best conservative to be nominated and Newt is by far the best debaiter and so great at pointing out the bias in the media. Reagan was the master at making the media look biased and liberal and we need a good debaiter that doesn't take the medias crap. I will support even Romney" God help me " if he is nominated.

  • Moroney111

    Messages such as this one are not furthering the defeat of Obama. Romney is a competent candidate.

    • Victoria

      Actally, if people stop to think logically, Romney is most likely to lose to Obama in the first place so the  opposute holds true of the previously given message.

  • Jesse

    I am a Tea Party born again Christian and I believe Romney is a much better choice than either the progressive Obama politician or the conservative Santorum politician, neither who have run anything BUT their mouths!  (Hey, if what I believed made for a good president than that qualifies me over Rick because I'm more conservative than he.)
    The president isn't "king" but the Chief Executive Officer:  the only one with successful experience in that is Romney.

    • Victoria

      Santorum has a solid record as an excellent social conservative, unwavering on the issue of life which is a lot more than can be said for Romney whose video testimony from some years ago shows him spewing so much liberal hot air about promises to never take away a woman's "right to choose" (baby murder!) and on top of that with his Romneycare being the predecessor to Obamacare he is not even credible as suggesting he intends to overturn that bill in the first place.  As Rush says, when voters get a choice between DNC and DNC Lite, they go for DNC every time - America NEEDS Rick Santorum as the nominee for this November.

  • Curtbst

    I don't understand people saying I like Ron Paul but I'm supporting another candidate! How moronic!!

  • jiminey11

    Remember Mitt Romney was Not the "establishment" candidate in 08 -maybe  if he were we would not have Obama now...Perhaps the"establishment has learned from it's mistakes.

  • Kbacon

    Why is there an advertisement for LIBERAL Demoncrat Elizabeth Warren on here?  Notice nowhere does it say (D) or any indication that she's a lib...

    • Lu Shissler

      She was one of the most ultra-ultra leftists in the WH. Isn't she running against Scott, the guy who got Kennedy's seat?

  • Curtbst

    I see very little intelligence in these commentaries! All candidates except Ron Paul are status quo to the core! If you want more obama then take your pick!

  • KHM

    Discouraging but accurate analysis.  The Tea Party has been maligned, co-opted and marginalized by the media and the Progressives. That is tough enough but to have the good ole boys in the GOP establishment undermine it is really sad.  Early on when the media promoted Romney I kept hoping that people would say "well if MSNBC, SBC,etc are pushing him we need to find a strong Conservative".  It soesn't seem to be happening.
    If  the current occupier of the WH gets in again this country is really hurting big time. The GOP establishment are fools not to see this.

    • KHM

      OOps! Meant to write ABC (not SBC).

    • Lu Shissler

      The GOP establishment is just as vicious as the Left in their fight for control.  Year after year they've shut out so many of their own.  It's finally reached its plateau.  This year is going to be different.


    What a STRANGE perspective. NOTHING I've seen ANYWHERE supports your position.

  • Victoria

    I am absolutely horrified at the fact that my party appears to be suicidal.  You would think that after the disaster following the nomination of RINO McCain over social conservative Huckabee back in '08 which handed Obama his first disastrous term on a silver platter, my Republican Party would have learned the hard lesson sufficiently to insure that our last remaining conservative got the nomination this time around in order to prevent total destruction of the American way of life.  Now our only hope for salvaging the election is a brokered convention.  No matter how it is done, may we end up with RICK SANTORUM FOR PRESIDENT...TO RESCUE AMERICA IN 2012!

  • Jonathan Thomas21

    What you all need is to just accept the fact that it really. doesnt matter who gets the nomination obama will get another 4 years whether obama wins or not.meaning we will get the same socialist crap all over again.the socialists are too vested in the game,they will not lose either way.mark my words.say what you will, the writing is on the wall.

  • FaithWalk

    Just like Obama was not vetted, Romney has not been vetted. Just Soros has endorsed him! ARe your hearing that anywhere. Here it is . Start with these links. But you won't because you are lazy and waiting for the media to tell you who to vote for. Some of us have not even voted yet. Our votes apparently do not matter. If Paul and Newt cared about the country they would drop out and give their support to Santorum to beat Romney.

  • Oregondriver

    One of the main reasons Mitt is ahead is because "conservatives" usually don't support a candidate in the primaries that is the real conservative choice....they vote for the candidate the is "electable"!  If they would vote for the conservative candidate, they might find out that he/she could be the most electable.  I will support ABO, only because another four years of Obama is totally unacceptable, but the vote I will cast will be begrudgingly done.  There is little difference between "O" and "O"-lite, and a conservative like Alan West or Sarah Palin is exactly what this country needs, not an extablishment picked RINO!

  • FaithWalk

    typo should be :  George Soros

  • Keith

    A libertarian like Paul is *not* to be confused with a Conservative. We haven't had a Conservative run in this primary. Would you want a person like Santo to represent Conservatism, he who supported the candidacy of Specter? Or Newt, who pushed through the  vote on GATT during a lame-duck session when he could have stopped it in the new Congress? I'm not convinced that Mitt is much different from Newt or Santo.

  • jerry1944

     Yes it  looking like we have to vote 3rd party again .But we can still try to put REAL conservatives in congress and the senate. I know i want vote for romney but we have to keep the fight going unless we start a conservative party the gop just dont want to win it looks like to me. There are to many mods takeing it over

  • 1188544

    No question Romney is a one world government advocate like most liberals. Those who think the U S Constitution is still the way to govern are out numbered so we just have to do the best we can. Romney is a little beter tham Barry Soetoro and it looks like we are  stuck with him.

    We elected a reasonably conservitive House so let's consentrate on the Senate, while getting in some more good conservatives in the House. I'm an 85 year old retired Marine, WW II, Korea, and Nam. We lost the last two because we had quiter leadership with no will to win (lost Iraq, loosing Afg. too). 

    In WW II we lost battels but made the best of the situation and went on to win the war because we refused to quit.

  • ghostrideraz

    All of you that are Nath Sayers better get a grip. We need a candidate like Romney that apeals to all voters, npt just the Tea Party or any other interest.  I am pleased that Romneys has developed into a well rounded candidate eill not only take on the President Obama in Nov, but appeal to the regular/moderate/independ vote as well.   Now the conservative base has waked from our hibernation we will engage, even our candidtate those values we hold dear.
    Very important point*** No one peson is perfect and appeals to everyone on all levels.   Let's get over any puriity test we may have on some legal pad in your home office.
    Put it this way . Would like to have Obama 4 more years and a 46 trilllion dollar debt?   Think about it  before you start throwing stones in glass houses!

  • Jim Buzzell

    Romney is more of the sins of his father, but in the end our real mission is to remove the current IDIOT for our white house, and elect a veto proof congress with some real gonades.

  • James Mills

    When Americans no longer honor God in their lives--we end up with God-less leaders. Period. So the problem root is from people who have a lack of knowledge of God's word. They don't know what God is concerned about--or His power --because they do not know the Scriptures(like Jesus said)
    Pick up your Bible-and began to read the wisdom that God has put in there for all of us.
    I'm a marketing strategist--not a "religious" person--but that is the bottom line baby

  • FaithWalk

    Obamacare is the biggest issue next to jobs and the economy and will destroy the economy further. Santorum is correct, Romney the author of Romneycare the basis for Obamacare is the WORST possible candidate to run against Obama. Why are people so stupid?
     The truth is hidden in plain sight!

  • MrsVL

    Not one RINO, or Tea Partier, if elected can do as much damage as Obama has and will if re-elected. Therefore, I just want someone who will beat Obama and I think Romney can bring in the Independents and moderates. Maybe even some moderate democrats that are upset with Obama. OUR GOAL IS TO GET RID OF OBAMA NO MATTER WHAT! 4 more years of Obama and you won't recognize this great country of ours, much less have any freedom left!! So we need to all come together, when the time comes that a GOP nominee has been chosen. 

    • Maybeperfect

       What you're failing to see here is that independents are so because they don't have a gang mentality. They don't want to be forced to rumble because the gang leader told them they have to.  They're independent because they will not support war without end. That's why they chose what they perceived as a peaceful alternative to another 4 years of the seemingly interminable warmongering of gwbush lite,i.e. mcCain,  and voted in Obama. Of course they were hoodwinked because they didn't know enough about the man to know what a lying piece of whatever he is.
       Now what makes you think they will go and vote fore someone who is upfront about his intention to continue the useless bloodshed?
      In contrast they would have good reason to believe Ron Paul's peaceful rhetoric, since there is a 30+year record of him being truthful and steadfast. Ron Paul is the only republican who can beat Obama. He is the only person, regardless of what party he runs under simply because he tells the truth and people are crying for it.

  • Richbrat

    Tad you are on opiates if you think Romney won't be every bit as bad as GW I & II who both endorse him.
    You suffer from "Anyone-but-Obama" syndrome, lacking even short-term memory of who gave US the DHS fascist police, TSA gropers, no-fly lists, bail-outs, torture, war-for-profit to Haliburton. Obama is as incompetent as Romney is mean & nasty. The repugs won't bring jobs back, it was GW who gave China most-favored-nations trading status. And remember, it was a rich brat who told you so.

  • Pwr11

    We "AMERICANS " must make a choice here, a choice that will forever change our country. This choice will set us on the path of financial survival and then recovery, or on a path of Gov. spending in an attempt to fix all of our problems I.E. "Greece" . This choice will most likely see the seating of 2 or 3 Supreme Court Justices, these Justices will sit on the SCOTUS for many, many years after the next Pres. is political history! I for one DO NOT want my grandchildren to grow up in a country that has the "Rule of law" defined by Elena Kagen or Sonya Sotomayor! I can't imagine what would happen to our sense of fair play, hard work equals rewards, God can be a central part of your life if you choose, The law of the land is enforced, you wait your turn not push ahead in line. These are a few of the things that I feel We as a nation cannot survive without! We may be here one hundred years from now, but we would be a mere shell of the former "Shining city on the hill"
    I am not a Romney supporter, not by any means. But if this becomes a choice of 4 more years of an un-restrained Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney, I would support Mr. Romney without a doubt! Mr. Obama talks one thing, does another (as do all politicians to some point) But Obamas lies are ridiculus!! Does anyone here know that he just shut down oil drilling in the Atlantic for a 5 year "eviromental study"?? Also a survey to find the right location for a "wind farm" every report I have read about wind farms tells me that they are expensive, high upkeep machines that are at least 10 to 15 years away from being close to the Tech. needed to make them "truely feasable" this while Obama takes credit for oil being pumped from wells that were permited years before he took office!!  My friends, you each must make up you own mind in this "Choice" comeing to us in the election. I would much rather have a Mitt Romney that has to run for re-election in 4 years, than a B. Obama that has a free hand to advance a far left agenda (one that includes stacking the high court with liberal activist) with nothing to fear about his political  direction after he is out in 4 years. I feel Obama wants to be in the U.N and I expect him to pursue this direction regardless of the election outcome, it would only slow down or speed up this action by 4 years!

  • u2nav

    I agree.  The weak willed have been mind controlled by the Media, with FoxNews in the pack lead.  Gingrich could wipe the floor with obama.  Romney has presidential looks but his appeal stops there.

    • Art Schertz

      If "
      Gingrich could wipe the floor with obama," why couldn't he wipe the floor with Romney?...or Santorum? Please!

      • Bobbnea

        I am sure that if he wants to mop floors that Mitt would give him a job .

        • Lu Shissler

          Are you kidding?  Someone would have to show Romney what a mop is.

      • Lu Shissler

        MONEY!! It buys lots of lies.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I freely admit that I'll vote for anyone but Obama. however, the liberal/socialist media and the New
    York-Washington corridor Republican establishment are working assiduously to
    select Romney as the Republican candidate. 
    Romney is basically "McCain 2012", a weak uninspiring nominee
    who would irk many conservatives.  It
    remains to be seen whether they would hold their collective noses and vote for
    him out of fear of the damage the Dems have done to the nation, or whether
    they'd see Romney as "Obama-lite", and stay home in disgust. 

  • T Lady

    Well, I guess it looks like we'll all be holding our noses yet again this Fall.

    ...It's time to clean out the GOP Tent.

  • D121212

    So we are going to get Romney as the
    best the Republican party can come up with. What are all the past
    recipients of the Presidency, and a former governor, backing him for?
    I think he's the last one they should be backing, All I've got to
    say is 'if that is the best the Republican party can come up with, I
    think I'll vote on the libertarian ticket.

  • Sue

    I personally think Mitt Romney is the best qualified to be president. He is a fine man of faith and would not do anything to harm this country. This will all be proven after the election.

  • patrick

    i agree shane,,,and the sheeple and frauds need to be sent to some other socialist country

  • A Real American

    Clearly the RNC/GOP has not learned a darned thing from being skunked in the 2008 national election when they pulled up left-of-center John McCain from the bottom of the list, and it's likely due to their being focused on having a anti-American globalist ideology.  Conservatives would best be served to leave the Republican Party altogether and form their own Christian-Constitutional-Capitalist Party, but then the Libertarians would likely not gather around Biblical Christian candidates either, so what should real conservatives do?  Romney does not represent the real base of conservatives or Tea Partiers yet he's somehow getting votes from many of the Tea it proves what I've been saying since the Tea Party movement was formed...they're nothing but a grass roots fundraising group for the Republican Party...and not sincerely conservative in ideology.  When you hear all the moans on election day 2012 it will be from the Republicans having felt the exodus of true conservatives at the ballot box writing in their own identified candidate's name on the ballot to represent their own personal values.

    • Bobbnea

      If you were A REAL AMERICAN you would not be trying to divide us at this important time .

  • friskyness

    The GOPe is conservative, that's why all GOPe candidates call themselves conservatives.  Problem is rino's are the establishment.  Republicans are not suppose to be rino's, they are suppose to be conservative.  That's why rino's running as rino's lose.  Romney is in for a big shock.  Unless you prove you are a conservative, you will not win the base.  Romney has only proved he is liberal.  Good luck on running only for independents. You can't win with only them.    Romney will lose and when he does, it will be all the GOPe fault.   It is all the GOPe fault for blocking conservatives.   They want their vote, but not  their power.  GOPe you will be in for a big shock!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abbygrace2

    Romney is like obama only a different race.  and maybe he made his money mostly in legal ways but his views and ideas are not much different  and that scares the heck out of me because even if by some miracle he should beat obama  we won't be any better off than we are now.  we are in a lose lose situation if he is the republican canidate.....God Help America.  By the way  if obama wins, this is the last election we will have because he's just steps away from declaring himself "king" or what ever  and Christianity will  be outlawed......


      Abbygrace2, give it up.  They are nothing alike.  Obama hates America and our military.  Mitt loves America and our military.  Obama is a marxist muslim.  Mitt is a capitalist Christian.

  • Blair

    That's one man's opinion. Not mine. I'll definitely vote for Romney.

  • Tmisra2004

    You hit the nail on the head bro! Keep fighting the good fight!

  • LT

    The 73% of GOP who are conservatives have a choice!  Leave the GOP to their stupidity and start a new party which focus' on abiding by the constitution and common sense (could read the Thomas Paine article) and start a new without the elites and their meddling and corrupt crew.  I'm for ite!

    • Bobbnea

      YES stupid that , that will give obama four more years , but you knew that , you liberals will do anything to divide us .

  • Bob Miller

    Anyone who thinks that 4 more years of Dear Leader would be preferable to any Republican fielded, is delusional at best, insane at worst. Anyone in the Republican field will be a change for the better, compared to what Dear Leader has in store for us. Our attitude at UCV is simply this, Pick One, Cause They ALL Suck. But 4 more years of Bambi and his Marxist agenda will suck a whole lot more. If you refuse to vote for the Republican nominee based on some idiotic notion that not voting because he's "not my guy" is a "political statement" deserves whatever comes your way.

    "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of
    servitude better than the animating contest of freedom,go home from us in peace. We ask not
    your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands
    which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

  • Abbygrace2

    the reason the media is pushing for Romey is because they know obama will probablly beat him......and lordy do we need that not to happen.   and Promey is so much like obama it's scary.

    • RedWhiteandBlue

      We don't even really know who Obama is.  How can you truthfully say Romney is like him?

  • soldiermom11

    I now recognize that I was consistently pressured to make my vote the non romney vote.  I kept hearing all the same things over and over again and it occurred to me that that is what happens when the establishment doesn't want you to vote for someone.  Romney did the work.  He got on the ballot in all the states.  He didn't whine and complain that the states had too many rules.  He is against illegal immigration, abortion, obamacare, and bowing down to our enemies to name a few.  He cares enough about our military to at the very least learn how to pronounce their ranks unlike the dimwit president we have now.

    He maintains his cool when being attacked and handles himself  like a president should.  I know that if he is elected I will never hear the words "fair share" again and that alone is worth my vote.  I know that I won't have to see him on TV everyday making speeches. He'll be in the oval office working. We need to pull together cause we've got a $1 billion dollar fight around the corner.  4 more years of obamination will drown this country in progressive ideology and debt.  We may never recover.

  • Chester Edwards

    Read through the comments on this article and you see the divide and conquer mentality of the left. It is time to unite behind the GOP candidate WHOMEVER IT IS! Anyone but OBAMA should be the mantra for this election. You want a more conservative candidate? I do, BUT-I want Obama out of the White House more than anything else!

    • Bobbnea


  • iceback

    Obamma Ramma is the enemy, not Romney. Romney is worlds better than the current idiots. I hope that your willing to vote Romney when hes up for the election, or would you rather Bamma return!

  • Janettd

    I have remained uncomitted as to who I would support until this sorting process has come to this point.  I know that Romney has some baggage, but Santoram has just as much.  Look at Santoram's record.  He is a good man.  I have a lot of respect with him.  I share values with him, but it is not time for him to drop out and let the nominating process be successful with Romney as the nominee.  Newt is another number.  With his record of serving, his enormous ego, and his failure to be able to be able to deliver on his dreams, he would be a disaster.  Ron Paul is a good man, but would not be a good choice.

    United we stand, divided we fall.  

    • 1marg

      Do you say Paul would not be a good choice because you don't think he can win, or is there a different reason?

      I know there are a lot of Republicans who don't like him, but I'm also starting to hear that some very unhappy Democrats are starting to support him. 

      I hope the Ron Paul bashers refrain from jumping in here, because I still haven't made up my mind yet, and I just want to pick the best candidate who represents the America that I want--one of freedom.

    • Euna Rugg

      Meg--You hit the nail square dab on the head. Most sensible comment I have seen, in the hundreds I have read. If Romney gets the nomination, and wins the presidency, people are going to be flabagasted at what he is going to do. He will get our country back on track, to the Constitution and Freedom, it was founded on,plus get the economy going and budget balanced. People aren't giving him credit for what he can do. They have some hang up because of who he is, and He is what our country needs Now.

      • 1marg

        He needs to articulate how he will do that, because I'm not getting it.  BTW, I'm immune to empty speeches.  I want specifics.

  • ORB

    If the people in this country are sufficiently STUPID to elect the Obama again then they deserve what they will get, chaos and eventual destruction of the Republic.  Also if elected again Obama is cooking something up with the Russians which means evil for this country!  So conservatives who sit on their rears and don't vote are endorsing Obammaaaa and his destruction of the country.

  • Shadley Wiegman

    Tales of his victory are premature!!!

  • Walt1976

    I guarantee they will not get rid of the Louisiana Tea Party
    Romney will not have a chance if he throws the conservatives out.

  • 1teapartyme2009

    WE need some really good thinkers to figure out a way to get the liberla media to come around to the conservative way of thinking. This will be almost impossible due to the fact that all, and any kind of media are owned by a total of 5 corporations, and the owners are all flameing liberals, and part of the ruling elite too,  who tell their people what they can say, and what they cannot. The real problem, is that all the suppossed news people, and journalists were taught by liberal, and socialist professors. good god almighty we need HELP

    • fromthemomma

      People need to start thinking for themselves instead of letting the media do it for them.  Poisoning minds is what they all do best.  Your right about university professors too, mostly liberal.  My son just took a psych class and on day 1 the teacher espoused his liberal beliefs and asked for comments.  My son stood and told him his beliefs and was mocked and laughed at, he's Christian.  I've always told my kids in order to pass their tests you just have to give them the answer they want, not necessarily the right answer.  My son quickly learned in order to pass that class he could only give answers that would massage the professors beliefs.  Total waste of time and money but he needed that class to graduate.

  • BOB

    Sorry, you are confusing "religious" conservatives as the only conservatives.  As a 60+ year conservative I can assure you that you are locking out us non-religious types.  Like the ubber left, you can not believe we are not all like you.  You want to move the country forward and become the dominant party,  start understanding it takes all conservatives to win.  Insulting most of them doesn't help.  Don't believe me, if the country elects Obama it is because  fear of a country controlled by religious zealots.  Remember the "bell shaped curve.  Most conservatives are the 40% in the middle.  The religious conservatives are only 20% of our party.  We will not attract independents by a Santorum who is so seeped in religion he can not act differently.

  • Paul Ground, St. Louis

    One of the more amusing things about the most conservative conservatives is their tendency to opine that the difficulties attendant upon such people as the unemployed or unwed mothers are their own fault. But the failure of conservatives to nominate a presidential candidate is never their own fault, but rather the result of some massive conspiracy by moderate Republicans who are practically indistinguishable from Democrats.

    Conservatives lose because their math is lousy, and they seem unable to figure out that it takes 50% + 1 to win.  So, moderates unite behind a single candidate early, while conservatives are off playing footsie with half a dozen different people.  So far in this cycle, the "conservative favorite" has been, at various times, Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, and Rick Santorum. And of course, who can forget Ron Paul? And all this time, the moderates had one candidate who had organization, experience, and prodigious fundraising ability.  While conservatives were splitting their votes six ways, moderates all voted for Romney.  You don't have to be a math genius to figure out that 40% is more than 1/6 of 60%.  Yet at this writing, conservatives remain content to split their votes three ways.

    Conservatives seek -- indeed demand -- an ideological purity they almost never find, or rather, that some find in one candidate, some in another.  They will not yield a jot or an iota, because by definition, that's a sell out.  So they fragment, and a moderate always wins.  Then conservatives nurse their hurt feelings by condeming others for their own predictable and oft-repeated failings.

    Suggestion, folks.  Grow up.  Decide what you want.  If you want to have a contest to determine ideological purity, do so -- but quit whining when you then fail to win primaries.  If you want to nominate somone, consolidate behind a single reasonably conservative candidate despite his or her imperfections, and you may prevail.  But don't do the former and then whine that you were robbed of the nomination.   You never, really, seriously, sought it.

    In my lifetime -- I was born in 1948 -- there have been two seriously conservative Republican nominees. In 1964, no one wanted to run against Johnson after the Kennedy assasination, and Goldwater, who had the support of ALL conservatives, won, despite late efforts by Wm. Scranton, then Governor of Pennsylvania.  In 1980, Reagan was the nominee (and again in 1984), because all conservatives united behind him.  I can't recall any other election where all conservatives united behind a single candidate, nor any other election when the nominee was a true conservative.  Perhaps I'm just an extraordinarily briliant political analyst -- but I don't think so.

    Einstein said that one definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. 

    • 1marg

      Make up our minds?  All we want is a candidate that understands our individual freedoms.  We want a candidate that knows what the 10th Amendment is all about.  It's as simple as that.

      I don't know if Romney knows what this all means or is he part of a planned one-world government?  What will he do with the Executive Order on National Defense Resources Preparedness?  Each new president has made it more oppressive until what we have now is an E.O. that gives the president the "authority" to take control of our businesses, property, utilities, food and water at any time whether it's an emergency or not.  Will Romney undo any of that?  I sincerely doubt it.

      I know Ron Paul would. 

      Look, I want obama out of office as much as the next person, but what if it really doesn't matter who the president is because there is a bigger, more sinister plot afoot to take over our country?  Please tell me what Romney will do with the bloated federal government.  Please tell me he will start abolishing the alphabet agencies.  And please, please tell me what the gigantic NRA is doing with all of our information they are collecting.  Will Romney tell us why the FEMA camps are being readied? And while you're at it, tell me what Romney will do with the 450,000,000 hollow point bullets that obama has ordered through Homeland Security.  And oh, yeah, there's that little matter of the TSA. 

      The more I write, the more I realize how few freedoms we really have left.  Tell me how Romney will work to unravel the mess we're in right now.  Or will he just add to it? 

      I want answers from Romney, and I'm not getting them.

    • servant1951

      Following Einsteins theory should awaken republicans after Bush, Bush & McCain.  There was no insanity in the election of Reagan from a conservative point of view, but the insanity arrived  with the trio following him. Every attempt to get a conservative candidate is thouroughly torpedoed by not only the democrats, but by the Moderate or liberal republicans in the Senate, and to a lesser degree in the House of Reps.. The moderate or liberal wing of the republican party bought enough votes through their spending spree from the end of Gingrich's speakership and right through the two cycles of G.W. Bush.  And has since then caved in to every democratic spending spree to make sure they are "liked " by the masses.

    • Pre-Boomer

      You're saying that conservatives shouldn't strive for ideological purity, when all the Democrats are marching in lockstep with their Party's leadership such as Obama, Pelosi and Reid, on every single issue? Rather a double standard that you have there, isn't it?

    • DonaldCaliion

      I don't think so either.:))  While you were being hatched in 1948 I was entering my freshman year of college.  I will agree that Goldwater was a conservative back in 1964 but ended up dying as a blazing liberal.  I think Truman was more conservative than Reagan & probably Eisenhower & Nixon as well.  Reagan was a good American that came along at the right time after the shock of four years with Carter.  I don't hear conservatives whining as you so aptly described;  I do see the conservative's concerns with whom the GOP establishment is pushing for the nomination.  Even the quasi conservative Fox News headed by O'Reilly & Hannity are shifting just to the left of center.

  • sashamanda

    The establishment GOP and their pundits have been signaling their contempt for conservatives since Gingrich left the House in 1999 and they were free to spend again. They learned nothing from the 2006 election when they lost the House, the 2008  election when they lost the presidency, and the 2010 elections when the TeaParty returned power to the House.  Romney, who has a public recrd any liberal would be proud of, is the obvious candidate. If he loses the election, the establishment will blame the conservatives. If he wins, they will pat themselves on the back for winning despite the conservatives.

  • Speedy7201

    The problem started with the Republican party HQ's. I am a card carrying Republican who refused to renew my membership or donate this year until after the Primary.... I was P/o'd when I found that the Repub Party was backing Romney from the start and let them know that I was unhappy. I believe tthat the party should back the person that the PEOPLE pick, NOT the party.
    At the same time, I'll vote for Romney no matter what now.... ABO

    • fromthemomma

      I'm with you up to voting for can do.

      • Bobbnea

        Another vote for obama , looks like the so called conseveritives  will vote obama in , the demacrats can stay home .

        • Paul Smith

          Excellent.  You guys are beginning to get the point. 

  • Banksmart

    You're going to be very surpised and pleased when Romney wins the Presidency and he's true conservatisim comes out as a bright light on the hill shinning the way for conservaties and moderates and liberals who will listen as they see the postive changes that can happen under new leadership...besides, if Romney is as liberal and "socialistic" as you say he is and think he is...he's going to have to answer to 6+ million members of the Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter Day Saints won't be happy at all and will let their voices be heard and Mitt will have to answer to that call out - but he won't because you've inncorrectly described his intents and leadership.

    • DonaldCaliion

      He, Willard, is a Bishop in the Mormon Church.  It's highly unlikely that the flock will end up criticizing their rooster.

      • Lu Shissler

        He will do what the Mormon church tells him to do, and everything else comes second.

  • Citizen "Bill"

    I am a subscriber to Tea Party standards and am proud of it.   Just who is Tad Cronn and what material does he possess to be able to categorize the four Tea Party groups as he did ?   I personally support the 
    Tea Party. Org group (located in CA) and I do not see that group involved in any schism as he states .....
    My Oxford Dictionary defines thus:  "a division of a group into opposing sects or parties usually over 
    doctrine. (split, rift, break, division, rupture, separation, disunion, faction, camp, set, sect)   Where does he see the 'DIVISION' ????   From my viewpoint I have spoken with many Tea Partiers and due to all of us 
    maintaining STRICT adherence to the Declaration, Constitution, Bill of Rights  (in my case the  Bible also) how can there be sect, division, or any of the other synonyms above ???   If anything, this is a method of creating  discontent among the troops.   I would say that all the persons that I know are standing tall and
    firm in their beliefs and are sick and tired of the (Karl Rove) "machine" shoving something down the public's throat they do not want.   Yes, our primary objective is to defeat Obama in November but let's not do it with a Moderate leaning Liberal.   Let's tell Rove and his cronies to take a long walk off a short pierand then "We the People" need to busy behind a true dyed-in-the-wool Conservative to take this country back and rebuild it the way it was supposed to be.
    If we don't, it is going to crash and burn ..... then we will have to rebuild it out opf the ashes created by all
    the Democratic, Socialist/Marxist Progressives running off at the mouth.
    Citizen "Bill"

  • nanajane

    SCARY!!  The mainstream media hurts us, but the talking heads at Fox hurt us more. They are supposed to be conservative, but push Romney with straight faces and undermine Santorum and Gingrich. If either of these conservatives were given the push they are giving Romney , they would be winning.  

  • Bullet

    Tad Cronn, your article has an odor to it.  It smells like you just came from a room full of demacrats handing you a piece of paper and telling you to go out and publish it because they don't want to face Mitt Romney in the fall.  I've never read so much crap.

  • Tnc Del

    Author of this article is a "Tad" too pro-Obama to suit me. For he, either deliberately or unwittingly, implies that there are more Conservative alternatives to Romney, bashing Romney like Obama supporters in the media do because they realize Romney is the ONLY current GOP presidential candidate who can beat Obama. 

    Obama supporters would love to see Conservatives stupidly anoint that FAKE Conservative Santorum instead of Romney, because they know Obama would have no trouble dusting off Santorum. Whereas, both Gallup and Rasmussen gave Romney a slight edge over Obama AS IT STANDS NOW [with Republicans and others split among four possible choices]. If everyone opposed to Obama unites behind Romney, then Romney's lead over Obama will significantly increase.

    • Mr MacIntyre

      Romney is the ONLY current GOP presidential candidate who can beat Obama.  ?????????
      there the Same person    its a tie and ties lose    GO RON PAUL GO  belive in YOUR   Constitution
      the rule of law  He is the only one who truly knows it and lives it and loves it  if you vote for anyone else
      your against the Founders our forefathers the great men who left the great Nation to us ... remember
      its still ours  but in less than 5 years from today   it wont be

    • DonaldCaliion

      Obama is leading Romney in the huge key swing states of Ohio, Florida, Virginia & Pennsylvania according to the latest Rasmussen Poll....That doesn't bode well for the GOP.

  • Swannlady

    The ONLY way Obama would win over Romney is if the Republican party remains divided and does not pull together behind the nominee. It is IMPORTANT to back whomever the Republicans choose. Stop the whining and complaining and pull together to defeat the horrible monster now in charge.  It is up to us to reclaim our White House and our Country. There is not a perfect person out there, stop looking for them.
    Focus!!! our mission is to DEFEAT obama. Remember anyone is BETTER THAN OBAMA. If everyone does not get it together we will be looking at this socialist now in the White House spending every bit of money that is left after over taxing those of us whom still have a job in order to pay for his luxury lifestyle and taking care of his corrupt side kicks;   turning this country into a communist dictatorship. Just think about the choice. Then, get with the program and FIRE Obama, Pelosi, Reid and every RHINO and radical liberal in Congress. We did it in 2010 and we can do it again. 

    • shortyshappy

       Swannlady.....yes, I agree.    We must be united to defeat!      But, now more than ever, those Republicans running for office must be vetted as truly conservative.     Simply having an R behind one's name doesn't get it any longer.......RETIRE LUGAR!!!

    • Pre-Boomer

      Don't you recall that the establishment (aka Rockefeller) Republicans told us the same thing when they ran Dole for President and subsequently McCain? If we're not suposed to be real conservative Reagan Republicans, what the heck - over? I for one am darn sick and tired of this "hold your nose and vote for candidate X" attitude. The useful life of the Republican Party has long since expired. If we can't come up with a true conservative candidate, considering that conservatives at this time still way outnumber liberals in this country, why not? Because the Democrats put out through the lamestream media that we should only select a "moderate" candidate? Who cares what they say? If we can't come up with a real conservative national party to replace the ineffective Republican Party as the abolitionists developed the Republican Party to replace the ineffective Whigs in opposition to the slavery-supporting Democrats, then we deserve to become the socialist nation that the Democrats and moderate Republicans have in mind to happen! And, BTW, please check your history on what happened with the new Tea Party Republicans that we elected in 2010. Boehner wasted no time getting them together when they showed up for duty in early 2011 and read them the riot act and the rules under John Boehner. He effectively de-Tea Party-ized them during that first meeting. Why do you think that the majority Party membership in the House has managed to accomplish so very little under Boehner's lead as Speaker?

    • William

       No Ma'am, our mission is not to defeat Obama, our mission is to Restore America and our Republic.

       We (Independent Voters) now comprise 40% of the American Electorate.

       And we've had enough of the failed "Party Politics" game.

      America deserves better; our children and our grandchildren deserve better.

      We see where the Repubs and the Dems have led us and we're not happy.

      Statistically, we have you outnumbered. 

        Now the real Question is "Will you Party Voters continue to support failed doctrine, or will you gather your courage, put aside your party loyalty and cast your vote in favor of "Restoring America"?

       To replace Obama does no good if the path remains the same.

      If you take to review Mr. Romney's economic plan, you will see he makes no promises. He simply offers speculation.

  • DonaldCaliion

    Should Romney be the republican nominee then look for an election like we've never seen before.  All the unfriendly take overs by the investment firm that Romney headed will be on our TV screens 24/7.  All of Willard's gaffes like I could care less for the poor or my wife has two cads, one in MA & one in our beach home in CA.  Let's face it-47% of the population pays no federal income taxes---Who are they going to vote for?  Who are the blacks going to vote for?  The Hispanics, those on food stamps, the elderly who are scared silly over whether or not they will get to keep their SS & Medicare.  It's going to be a tough and close election and the establishment has given us another weak candidate, ala 2008.

    • Dennis_Howard

      The reason we're getting Romney is that the conservatives have been divided all over the lot. This should have been a 2-person race from the moment Santorum won Iowa and Romney won New Hampshire. Both Gingrich and Paul suffer from mini-messianic impulses that misled them into thinking they could command a majority of anybody. Both are over-the-hill pols whose best days are behind them. Ron Paul should hand the leadership of the libertarian movement to his son Rand, but he doesn't know enough to let go. And Gingrich is missing the opportunity to go down in history as a conservative elder statesman, flawed but substantial in his contributions. Now he just looks like an old geek who doesn't know how to let go. Conservative have to realize that their greatest enemy is public apathy, and the only way to overcome that is solidarity, unity and a single, coherent message.  Romney is a gift to the Democrat's strategy which will surely be based on a 1% vs 99% class warfare kind of campaign. We're going to hear so much about Bain Capital between now and November it isn't funny. The Dem Media Complex is already working overtime on it. Too bad Breitbart isn't around  to counter-attack.  

      • DonaldCaliion

        The reason we're not getting a conservative is because the same bunch that gave us George for two terms and did their best to give us Dole & McPain are the same ones that are giving us Romney in 2012.  Romney grew up in a union atmosphere as his father was CEO of American Motors before they went bankrupt.  What's happened in four years to make Romney a better candidate than he was four years ago?  That's an easy poser;  Karl Rove & his Super PAC,  American Crossroads, raised over 51 Million last year and was and is being used to destroy  Romney's competition for the GOP nomination.  Add to that the millions raised by the Super PAC, Citizen's United, and you can easily determine how the Romney machine is buying the nomination.

  • marvin hill

    How can you say its half over- and still concede OUR right to primary the players?-

    All this insecurity about if the base will rally around Romney as the 'approved' candidate of the GOPE is
    certainly well founded and has precedents in the Dole failure, and the McCain failure...

    Conservatives are being railroaded to support Romney now- when all indications are that he will only repeat the pattern!

    WE demand the right to primary and vette the candidates - I think that refusing to allow this to take its natural course IS what is hurting the Party, not the other way round.

    Romney is a better candidate than when he started this run - I for one can remember when he was going to fix ObamaCare- nothing wrong with the program, just needed some changes-  Now his standard answer is if the Supreme Court doesnt eliminate the program, he will!

    Quite a change, and certainly questionable what the position will be IF say the Supremes knock the whole thing out as fruit of an unconstitutional premise- But the same doubts come into play for Santorum as well-much of his campaign has been premised on being the only one that can take the program down!

    So the battlefield is in flux- People who have decided before this point have had to depend on instinct and who they could trust- and in the long run that is not going to change from this point to Tampa Bay.

    That having been said - WE have the right to continue the primary - to allow all voters the chance to add their opinions and voices to the heap...AND if that happens to continue the process into the convention at Tampa Bay - WE can all have more confidence in the decisions reached there IF all have had their input.
    IF we can accept and the GOPE can concede that the Party is a microcosm of the Republic Nature of the Nation as a whole-  WE will all have chosen representatives to the convention who will then Debate the Current situation at Convention time, and the future path best for the Nation. 

    They can by representing US decide the nominee by direct vote of the states, and WE will have a Candidate debated, vetted, and Popular from the Convention to get behind.

    A lot of people have ideas about how that should go!  More Power to them - Let the Open Convention be
    where WE can judge the ideas, the candidates who will carry them, and the direction the country will take.

    signed - WE the People, the party of the people, for the people,and by the people...

    P.S. Give Democracy a chance -

  • Joanna_A

    Most Americans are not conservative.  Most Americans are center right, not hard right.  Get your story straight.  It explains why a conservative candidate will never be elected

    • Lu Shissler

      If we're a minority as the hard right, why would you expect us to support someone who isn't?  It explains why the GOP has lost its base to the  independants.  Don't come begging for our votes now. We don't owe anyone anything.  My allegiance isn't to a party.

  • grandma

    Romney is another odumbo in disguise!
    I will vote for him, but to control him we need a conservative republican, (not rhino ) senate and house..otherwise we are back where we started!

  • Bonnie

    I think the only reason Romney got this far is because of his money.  I agree that most of your politicians have some dirt in their past.  Gingrich is smart and I think could clean house.  So what if he committed adultery, look at Clinton, Kennedy and they were still good presidents.

  • Insurgent

    WOW-------------------What a choice!!!

    A Mormon or a Muslim-----------------------------    in other words    a Mitt or a mutt!!!

    God Bless America--------------------------------------we need you more than ever !!!!!

  • Delite Gaddie

    So your proof that Romney is a socialist, liberal is because gay marriage and the health care mandate passed under his watch? You are so full of it!!!!! You have no concept of what Mormons believe. They believe in one man and one woman as marriage! The mandate has been explained so often it is nauseating.
    I'll try one more time just for you.

    States can and often do give its citizens mandates. I'm told I have to have a license to make a living. I have to pay for mandated car insurance to drive a car. I have to pay fees and taxes from all sides. I have to get permission from zoning to put up a building, etc....... The US Constitution protects the individual from the power of the federal government. The tenth amendment lets the states and the people decide in their states what they are willing to put up with in the way of government mandates. So Massachusetts legislature and people decided they wanted the freeloading few to pay for their own insurance--thus Romneycare was passed. It is favored by these citizens 3 to 1! Let them have it, change it, or repeal it. It only affects those who live in Massachusetts. Romney will repeal Obamacare!!!!

    One more thing. Mormon leaders have railed against socialism/communism  since the beginning of the Church. No people are more conservative, free enterprise loving and defenders of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution than Mormons. For pity sakes, Romney has been a leaders, Stake President, in his church. He has told us over and over he wants to take this country back to the roots our country was founded on.

    • 1marg

      The rights of the individual should have trumped the state's right.  I don't have health insurance; I don't want, nor do I need it. I pay for all of my own health care.  And before you ask, yes, I can afford it if something catastrophic happens. 

      Now, tell me again what right either the state or the federal government has to force me to buy a product?  You can get angry at me for disagreeing with Romneycare, but it symbolizes a much larger, more fundamental lack of understanding of my freedoms as an American.

    • Mr MacIntyre

      Mass is a referendum State  and the gay and the romney care were shoved down there throats

    • Mr MacIntyre

      Mass is a referendum State  and the gay and the romney care were shoved down there throats

  • John Acord

    Romney will lose simply because Ron Paul will run on a third party ticket and emerge as the winner in November!

    • Carol Fryer

       I pray you are right. We so need some kind of leverage to take this control back from the elite.

    • Mr MacIntyre

      most likley  Ron Paul still draws huge groups of people  where ever he goes but they have Blacked him
      out  from way back in 2008  Keep the faith John

    • Bobbnea

      A third party you better hope not if you want to get rid of obama .

    • Hornman2

       It isn't statically possible for any third party candidate to garner enough votes to ever win. It has, and always will GUARANTY a Democrap will win. Trust me, I'm 67 and have followed elections since Eisenhower; I'm NOT saying I'm an expert by any stretch of the imagination; but, if you look at all of the elections and count the total number of votes cast you will agree that it would take all of the registered Republican and all of the registered Independents to vote for a third party for them to win. IF, and I mean IF, the integrity of the election could be guaranteed to the point it is in Louisiana with photo ID and virtually foolproof electronic voting machines; it would be very possible for that to happen without the situation I previously mentioned. We MUST always keep in mind that there are many more States that DO NOT require ANY ID to vote. Voter fraud is so easy; why do you think that our State has the reputation for corrupt politics? After the election where Sen. Mary Landreu "beat" Rep. Woody Jenkins by just enough fraudulent votes being cast in Orleans Parish to cancel out the legitimate vote of the rest of the State. It is difficult to give you the exact number off the top of my head; but, that was the FIRST election in the States history that had a voter turn in Orleans Parish that approached 95%. I have been an Elections Commissioner-In-Charge for 26 years and we NEVER had any Parish report a voter turnout of more than 80% in any election. The usual turnout for a HOT race that is both Federal and State is 65%-70% max. Regrettably this State has been very voter apathetic. After that election; EVERYTHING changed; for the better. This system has been in effect for almost 20 years and never been challenged or even questioned by anyone concerning "disenfranchising" anyone. The minority votes love it because they now that Whitey can't steal anymore elections from them as was common for a 100 or more years. It was ALWAYS a close tie between the State of Illinois and the State of Louisiana as to who had the most corrupt political system in the U.S. We don't have to worry about that anymore. It's as plain as the nose on your face.

      • William

         Statistically it is. As I previously posted, 40% of all Registered American Voters are  now registered as "Independent".

         The link for the Gallup Poll from which I obtained the information above is in the pages of this thread. Please forgive me for not tracking it down but it is within this thread.

        Below is a link to an alternate site which also supports the 40% registration information.

        As America's discontent rises, so do our numbers.

        "For America and for the Restoration of America's Promise of  Liberty and Prosperity"

         "R O N   P A U L  for  P R E S I D E N T 2 0 1 2" 

          Thank You and  G O D  B L E S S  A M E R I C A !


    • Guest

      dream on .....Ron will soon throw is support to romney, most see this coming.............

      • William

         At the risk of alienating the majority of his supporters, not likely.

        Learn more about Ron Paul and his campaign to "Restore America Now" at

        Dare to know the truth of his campaign and see for yourself why his supporters are the most dedicated of any candidate. Maybe you to will join the Revolution!!!

        R O N  P A U L  for P R E S I D E N T  2012!!!

          "R E S T O R E  A M E R I C A  N O W "!!!

  • Floyd


  • bj

    One think I KNOW for sure is that this website Godfather Politics has never liked Romney and some of the things you print are not true. So much for your opinion, let's just get Obama out of there, another 4 years and our country is doomed. There always is a point of no return and we are close to that now.

  • fromthemomma

    I've been a repub since Reagan pummeled mealy mouth Carter.  From the beginning of this campaign year it was clear Mitt was the GOP's boy.  I've watched the media shove him down our throats like they did Obama but my gag reflex is still in good working order...I spit him out.  I keep hearing we all have to rally around Mitt because he's the only one who can get Obama out but having the elite shadow government choose my candidate instead of the voters just isn't sitting well with me so I'm bailing on the GOP.  Yes I've heard people say they'll vote for the lesser of 2 evils to get Obama out...well have at it and let the elite control who you vote for, I'm not bowing to them.  It's been fun GOP but you've lost your way and this conservative isn't willing to head off the cliff with you.  2008 was the beginning of the end and 2012 delivers you closer to America going down for good.

    • Bobbnea

      Yes with people thinking as you do we can kiss it .

  • jerry1944

    lets hope it goes to a convention and we get some one elce  I would rather vote conservative than 3rd party.  But if romney gets it then it will be 3rd party again.  Bambo for 4 more are romney for 8  No thanks i for sure dont want 8yr more of another lib

    • SC2NC

      That's just brilliant, Jerry! Let's vote for a 3rd party candidate, knowing that every vote cast for them is a vote for Obama. Again, BRILLIANT!

      • 1marg

        You GOPers can fume all you like, but it won't help.  We are looking for answers and Romney isn't giving them.

        I keep hearing Ron Paul say he would work to get rid of many of the alphabet agencies.  He wants to audit the Fed.  Frankly, I like a lot of what he says. 

        You think I'll vote ABO?  I did that with Bush and I ended up with NCLB, Homeland Security, and a lot of other things I object to. 

        Give me some answers.  Show me that Romney won't continue the destruction of our freedoms.  I just don't see it yet.

        • Bobbnea

          Then you haven't looked and listened .

        • 1marg

          I want to know specifics...NDAA, Executive Orders, TSA.

          What is Romney going to do to change any of that.  I just read that Romney said he would have signed NDAA if he could have. Of course, I will verify whether Romney actually said that.

          I would never vote for a president who is that clueless about our Constitution. 

        • 1marg

          I want to know specifics...NDAA, Executive Orders, TSA.

          What is Romney going to do to change any of that.  I just read that Romney said he would have signed NDAA if he could have. Of course, I will verify whether Romney actually said that.

          I would never vote for a president who is that clueless about our Constitution. 

        • 1marg

          Ok, just found it. 

          Romney said it during one of the debates.  Here is a quote from the article:

          During the latest “debate” in South Carolina, Mitt Romney said that if
          he were president he would sign the the National Defense Authorization

          Prior to his recent assertion that it is perfectly normal to dispense
          with the Fourth Amendment and suspend habeas corpus, Romney said he
          wasn’t up to speed on the law and promised to post an analysis on his
          website, which he never did.

          This is very serious and we need to get to the bottom of it.

        • William

           Keep swinging 1marg. I've got your back on this one.

  • Carol Fryer

    I dont believe for one minute that Romney is winning anything. They are manipulating the votes, pure and simple. No one Ive ever talked to even can tolerate Romney. Hes a liberal and thats why hes winning, because the GOP wants a liberal. Ive watched them compromise all our rights away and we loose and they just keep going. Whos gonna stop them? No one. They will take the election just like Obama did. And its not even about liberal....its about globalism. Its about international law and big corporations and big governmet spanning the globe. We are small potatoes now compared to the control and money they could have. They will simply step on us on the way up. 

    • Pre-Boomer

      Romney is trying to buy the nomination and the election. There aren't any Reagan Democrats anymore, so he can't expect to pull in any votes from that sector, even if he were significantly different from Obama, which he isn't. He's got his money out there working for him in a similar fashion to George Soros. Look at  how long he claimed victory in Iowa until it finally came out that Santorum had won that state. He may win the nomination but as was the case with Dole and McCain, there won't be enough votes out there to put him in the Oval Office. Like his Father George Romney, he has always maintained a certain political strength over a certain segment of the country. Beyond that group, he's out of his element.

      • Lu Shissler

        You are right on!  Living in the West, I'm so disgusted with east coast, elitist politics, I have to keep praying  just to keep a civil attitude!









    • 1marg

      Regarding your disclaimer, how have you determined that Romney will undo the
      Executive Order on National Defense Resources Preparedness.  What will he do about NDAA and it's unconstitutional section which allows the arrest of US citizens without a warrant?

      What will Romney do to remove some of the programs in place that have stolen our freedoms?  I'm not being contrary--I WANT ANSWERS BEFORE I VOTE.

    • SC2NC

      Bill - Really appreciate the sentiment, but please don't use "ALL CAPS!" Very annoying.

    • SC2NC

      Bill - Really appreciate the sentiment, but please don't use "ALL CAPS!" Very annoying.

  • Roberto581

    Some misguided (dumb) conservatives think nominating Santorum, Gingrich or Paul would get BHO out...WRONG!!  I am a conservative, but I don't believe anyone but Romney has a chance to beat "The Annointed One" in Nov because Romney can attract more votes from the Independents, who will decide the election,  than any other candidate. So....WISE UP, WORK FOR A WINNER, AND HELP DEFEAT OBAMA. Otherwise, it's bye-bye to our freedom.....

    • 1marg

      I'm an independent.  What makes you say Romney can attract people like me?

      • Roberto581

        MANY, MANY thinking independents are very disappointed in the Liar in Chief, and realize that re-electing him could lead to a dictatorship....look how he has set this up in the Judicial, Legislative, Czars, etc.

        • 1marg

          Independents will vote ABO, but it won't be the ABO Republicans may like.

          Give them a reason to know that your candidate is the one they should vote for. 

        • 1marg

          That is true.  The question, however,  is whether Romney is someone to whom they will gravitate.  He better address some very serious loss of our freedoms if he wants to be elected.

      • Lu Shissler

        So am I!  It isn't going to happen!  We told you after the McCain debacle you'd better get it together in the next four years, or it's the end of the GOP.  You didn't listen!

  • Will

    Romney is NOT the answer,nor is Ron Paul ! !

  • Forums4Justice

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  • Kevin52

    Sadly, you are dead-on correct. The American public, the electorate are basically stupid! They judge candidates by sound bites or what the liberal media tells them. The MSM has from the beginning said no one can beat Obama except Romney because Mitt is well known. Of course, they say this hoping he is the candidate because Obama really has his best chance if liberal Mitt is the nominee. The press says Santorum can't be elected because he is not known well. The stupid voters believe this because they have a memory that spans about 10 seconds. Obama was unheard of yet won with his one-line sound bites of change. No one cared enough to check his record to see what change meant. Now the rest know what the few of us who cared back in 2008 knew -- he is a Marxist, radical liberal. Change meant socialism, it meant paying $4.09 (Michigan) for gas instead of $1.65 that outraged Americans under Bush. It meant appeasing our enemies and making enemies out of our friends. It meant one injustice after another under communist Eric Holder, injustice such a Fast & Furious. 

    What does the GOP do about all of this? Capitulate! We had an overwhelming victory 2 years ago, yet Boehner & Company act like they lost that election. They either compromise away all the momentum or do nothing at all -- except cry like our Speaker is apt to do. I am so sick of hearing him say he is powerless because the GOP only controls a third. So use that third to push, push, push. Force the Hypocrats into either compromising with us for a change instead of the other way around, or into voting for unpopular bills without our support. We gave them (GOP) all the momentum a party could ever need and they gave it right back to the Hypocrat Party. 

    Now we are going to make Liberal Mitt our candidate. Had Newt gotten out of the race we could have possibly gone more conservative with Santorum, but Newt is a party man. He has shown in the past, such as the run-off election in N.Y. a couple of years ago, that he will do what the party wants and not what is good for the country. When faced with supporting the party's choice, a liberal woman over a conservative man he chose what the party wished - the liberal. He has gone along with the crowd on global warming despite knowing the hoax that was fabricated. Newt has no principles! Now the party bigwigs, which are moderate at best, want Lliberal Mitt. Does Newt have any chance; has he had any chance? NO! So why does he continue? He claims it is to make Liberal Mitt work for the nomination. I believe it is to ensure Liberal Mitt wins the nomination -- because that is what the party bigwigs have wanted all along!

    • Bobbnea

      Tom and Kevin , obama loves you he is proud to call you sons .

      • Kevin52

        Perhaps if you had an argument against anything we said you could elaborate. Your response is typical of those who are unable to debate. How sad for you!

      • Kevin52

        I decided to look at past posts by you and they are all alike: you criticize others for their thoughts but never have any ideas of your own. Talk about gutless! Also, I see you support Romney and excuse his past liberal moves because supposedly his hands were tied by a liberal legislature. He may have had great odds having so many liberal around him but how does that excuse his liberal stands? He did not have to surrender his conservative principles--IF HE EVER HAD THEM! Of course, Mitt IS  a liberal as the video on Youtube shows. It is all in his own words; no one else commenting to sway you. If you have the courage (I doubt it) you will go to Youtube and paste in: Liberal Mitt's Greatest Hits: What Romney Doesn't Want You To See. Please watch it and tell us all how he had no choice. He looks pretty energized over those liberal stands he is taking for a guy with his hands supposedly tied. At no time in this video does he even look reluctant as he backs abortion, gun control, Romney/Obamacare, and failed Stimulus Bill.

  • Rocky2

    I have been a life-long Republican, but will not vote for Romney no matter what.  True Republicans aka Conservatives must not allow him to be nominated.  If he does get the nomination, we must start a new party aka Tea Party and nominate a true conservative like Cain, Rubio, Santorum, Watts, Keyes, etc. 
    Mitt's father Geroge refused to support Goldwater when he lost the nomination to Goldwater, pitched a sissy hissy fit on the convention floor, stomped out of the hall and even gave millions of dollars to Johnson.  We can do the same.  No votes, no money, no work, no nothing for Georgy Porgy.  He is a closest socialist/communist and a member of the Bilderbergs, etc.

    • SC2NC

      "...we must start a new party..."
      and re-elect Obama.

      • 1marg

        Without a fundamental change no matter which Republican wins in 2012, in 2016 we will be right back here and you will be singing the same song.

        We are on the fast track to destruction.  If a new engineer gets behind the wheel and slows the train down, we're still going to the same place.

      • Bobbnea

        You don't have to start a third party , just don't vote or vote for obama , you get the same results .

    • Lu Shissler

      Wonder if he'll wear his little Lord Fountleroy pants at the debates!

    • Bobbnea

      Another vote for obama keep up the good work , obama will kiss you for it .

  • Tom

    I have not been a fan of Ron Paul, and did not vote for him in the Ohio Primary…BUT…If we are destined to lose our nation anyway to Barrack Insane Obama, because another unelectable Establishment Puke has been selected by the hapless, but powerful moderate forces…then I say the biggest message we can send to ALL these clowns would be to back Ron Paul out of total defiance and rejection of them all. This would send a powerful message to the Country Club Republicans that we want them out completely. We have never had a Conservative Party in America-- NEVER!  It is time.

    • William

       That's exactly what we're trying to do. Please, join us in our effort to Restore America and guarantee America's promise of Liberty and Prosperity for posterity as well as for ourselves.

      Please learn more about RON PAUL and his plan to "Restore America Now"

      R O N  P A U L  for  P R E S I D E N T  2 0 1 2

      GOD Bless America!!!

  • Mewlskinr

    Gingrich is smarter than all the rest of the candidates combined, now that the media's assassination of  Cain's character is complete.Gingrich would be a true conservative who would lead this country back to greatness and that is why so many of the establishment rail against him. If Obummer wins this time, we won't have another presidential election, except in name only, and Romney's nomination is the sure way to ensure his reelection.  I will  hold my nose and vote not FOR Romney, but AGAINST Obummer.

  • Cleatspeed

    Exactly. Excellent article. It's about time somebody spoke the truth. Romney lost to Mccain who lost to Obama. Why can we not see the obvious? Romney is nothing more than a GOP version of Obama. We need a true conservative... Santorum!

  • Jill

    The bible constantly reminds us to "Be not deceived." It then would rest with us, the conservative party to do just that. Do not be deceived. The media lies to us all the time we must find conservative reporting to listen to. Don't turn on the t.v. news broadcasts, they are puppets on a string, telling us what the Obama machine wants us to hear.

    • Lu Shissler

      That verse goes through my mind constantly every day.  And, yet, it happens.  Look at the Bushes, and how they lied to get in office.  Nothing conservative about the Bushes, and every one of them are behind Romney. Read my lips, Bushes.   Romney will never win over the true conservative base.

  • pdr

    I've experienced, 50 years our household has been Republican.  BUT SADLY, The writer at least has correctly stated, The Republicans are doomed.  Everyone claiming to be a non-democrat cannot agree with one candidate, and more importantly, there is no one in the Republican ticket that is conservative.  They have all slept with the democratic mindsets long enough, there voting records cannot distinguish much of a difference anymore.  There is noone running for the Republican ticket that has anything different than the same line graph destruction that has been going on for 40 years.  A planned determination to turn our world dependant on government, move to socialism, and over control of the government.  Noone running for President has any other ideas than what we've seen progressing over the last 4 years.  We are doomed. 

  • Harold

    Remember its Obama and the Liberal Left who will benefit from Conservatives factioning off and splitting hairs over our candidates.  PLEASE  back whoever faces Obama even if he is not your first or second choice, otherwise this great nation faces a fate of bankruptcy and socialism similiar to Greece and other European nations and we will look back on the chance we had to undue this great harm that is currently being done to the USA.  Obama will take us down , financially, militarily , and politically and make us second class to China, and Russia .  Is this what you want for America? We can defeat this curse if all conservatives unite and  VOTE  AGAINST OBAMA  Lets vote in someone who loves the USA and   lets not wonder about our President, and be ashamed of him anymore. God help us all if we fail!

  • Virginia

    Romney will not WIN the election!  If he becomes president, it will be because he bought it. With all his millions and the backing of the GOP Establishment,  he has been able to destroy any and all his Conservative opponents.  In Florida, after Newt won so big in South  Carolina, Romney ran ad after ad after ad attacking him, saying Newt had to resign in disgrace.  Even after it was shown that Newt resigned 2 years after the prolem (which was later proved false by the IRS) and did NOT resign in disgrace, Romney still kept saying it over and over.  With his money for attack ads, he has been able to destroy every one of his opponents.  Yes, including Santorum.  Then too, you have Fox News (I am a fan who watches Fox all the time) who's anchors and pundits have been constantly telling us that Romney is the only one who can beat Obama, Romney is inevitable.  They talk about the hateful  ads his opponents have been running without mention of Romney's truly hateful ads.  I really think this played a part in scaring conservatives into voting for him because they don't want to lose the election.  I emailed "The Five" and asked them to please stop cramming Romney down our throats but all the anchors keep on telling us only Romney can win.

    • Lu Shissler

      The Romney bunch talk out of both sides of their mouth.  So does Harry Reid!  I have lots of good reasons not to vote for him.  They get their values from the same place.

    • sha44ss

      THIS IS SO TRUE!  Dana Perino= Bushes  Carl Rove = Bushes --- FOX = ELITISTS ......( I only watch Fox =WAS a true Fox fan but now  I see the light- they are Republican Establishment through & through... They are there to appease 'THE FOLKS'(Bill O'Reilly-might as well say Peasants!!)Wish there was some other channel to watch but cant stomach any Liberal BS! I hope the Conservatives like Gingrich and Palin come up with something!  I wish we DIDNT have to vote for Romney!  

  • Silas Longshot

    Romney will be McCain 2.0....and 0bama will STILL not be vetted nor will the house or senate or media make an issue with the fraudulent birth certificate and draft card.
    This will get interesting. Are you prepared? Click the name.

    • Lu Shissler

      He's a rich thug from the Northeast and BO is a rich thug from Chicago.  Newt said he wouldn't get out until somrone reaches the 1144. I'm praying for a brokered convention. Otherwise, BO wins hands down.

  • DefendConstitution

    I agree whole heartedly while you have me beat by five years. I am sick with the way events have turned to the left.

  • Kevin52

    Paul's vision of the Constitution is flawed. He would have us back in the days when we were a confederation of states -- inept, border wars and radically different laws from state to state. His vision is NOT what the Founding Fathers had.

    • 1marg

      Well, they certainly didn't envision what we have now.  We have a monstrous federal government that has stolen most of our freedoms. 

      • Lu Shissler

        When government is scared of the people, that's freedom.  When the people are scared of government, that's tyranny!

  • Paul Bouffard


  • theglen

    Wake up Romney is the best Conservative answer!  He is not a Religous Bigot like Santorium, or those who support him. Wake up America!

  • karen

    This is hogwash.  Romney is winning this thing fairly because he is the best candidate.  And furthermore, he IS a
    conservative.  The only foolish people here are those writing this article and slamming Romney.  Romney is competent, intelligent, knowledgeable, and will be the very best president.  He will lead this country out of the mess into which Obama has led us.  

    • 1marg

      I want specifics on NDAA and the Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness.  What will Romney do to stop TSA and Homeland Security.

    • Allegator Baby

       Thanks Karen

  • Robert

    Romney may as well have  the GOP he has George Soros and the rest of the bilenbergers, but he will never have my vote.

  • ConservaDave2

    Pragmatically speaking, true (rather than "severe") conservatives are caught between the proverbial rock and hard place; we know mission #1 is to get the progressive-liberal-communist out of the White House and try to dismantle the bureaucratic mess he's created in the DOJ, EPA, and other departments, along with the demoralization and weakening of the military, all designed to destroy America.  If the Republicans screw this up it will be our duty to replace the Republican Party with a strong and viable conservative party, just as the Whigs were replaced by the new Republican a century and a half ago.  I've had enough and I'm not gonna take it anymore.

    • Allegator Baby

       Then leave.

      • Lu Shissler

        We will!

  • Catelin Hoover

    Romney as we have seen is so similar to Obama...I'd say only a hair's difference.  Both men's religion play into their interesting that Mormonism is similar to Islam.  Both advocate violence, both have practiced violence.  Both have a huge disrespect for women, the poor, and anyone not ascribing to their way of thinking.   Frankly at this point, the Good Lord needs to raise up a Gideon from among us!  If we walk by sight, the future looks sad, to put it mildly.  But if we walk by faith, there is hope, and in that hope, victory. Let us walk by faith hoping in Him who is able to give us the victory.  Don't fear, stand strong.

  • Bruce

    The 2012 Republican National Convention is being held on August 27-30 in Tampa, FL.  

    If any and every Conservative, Constitutionalist, and Tea Party Patriot descends on this event, it would scare the Republican establishment blue-bloods right down to their skivvies.  

    You may be surprised at what that kind of external pressure could do to get a true Conservative/Constitutionalist nominated. works for the Democrats at their conventions...

  • annie66

    I was hoping we had seen the last of Romney after the last election. I agree that he is nothing more than Obama-lite, although he is not a Muslim and he is a citizen. I have always been worried about his Mormon beliefs because I know what those beliefs are in the 'latter days' and I am not certain that he would worry too much about the Gentiles. One problem with the Repubs is all of the old bulls who are yanking chains; I would like to see all of them voted out of office, however, judging what happened last election, the new people might not be much better.

    • Allegator Baby

       Annie -just what is a Gentile?  The Morman's believe in God - they believe in Jesus Christ too.  Grow  up woman. 

      • Lu Shissler

        A Gentile is a non-Jewish person.  The Mormons believe in gods, and that they are one of the tribes of Israel that was founded  here America and South America through the Aztec Indians.  Far out beliefs. Annie, you have good reason to be concerned.

      • annie66

         In Mormon lingo, a Gentile is a non-believer, ie, a non-Mormon. Muslims call them infidels, Mormons call them Gentiles. Have you ever attended a Mormon 'church' service or read any objectively-written literature about these people? If so, how many Bibles have you seen in the sanctuary? How many times have you heard the Lord's Prayer recited? You should investigate this further before running off at the mouth.

  • Harold

    Romney says first thing he will do is  strike down Obamacare.  That alone should be a victory , $17 trillion saved
    by doing away with something most citizens dont want. Second he will restore our military to pre Obama levels, 
    and deal with restoring our economic greatness .  Independent of mideast oil too. That would be a plus. Go back to your socialists and commies in Chicago Obama, lets drill for our own black gold and lets prosper as Capitalists 


    Christy, Rubio, Paul Ryan, any of these are fine to lead way better than Obama ever even dreamed he could in his grand dreams. I just can't understand WHY it has to be the guy with the deepest pockets that gets the lead in the race. The golden rule really does apply when dealing with liberals. It take billions to cover all the lies and millions to lock everyone out of the truth about our leader now in power. We have literally given our country away to the Progressive Nazis and liberals like they did in 1935. The only bad part is this: WHO IS THE NEW AMERICA THAT WILL DEFEAT THE SPAWN WE GAVE THE THRONE TO IN OUR COUNTRY, SINCE WE NO LONGER HAVE THAT CAPACITY TO STOP TYRANTS WE GAVE THE KEYS TO. The best we can hope for is to bargain for a seat on the bus to hell we have all taken tickets for. I wish I could say that Civil war was all we had to worry about, but this event we have coming up will be far worse, beyond imagining. The only thing the good candidates can say is "I'll just wait and see what events happen before I decide. WHAT THE HELL DO THEY NEED, ARMAGEDDON.??? 

  • Mark in LA

    Santorum, Gingrich, Perry, and Cain did their jobs. They kept Ron Paul from getting a legitimate hearing. Now Romney will be the nominee and those same Republicans expect me to hold my nose and vote for Romney - sorry not gonna happen.

  • Disgusted

    Would someone please explain to me why it is always about money and not ability! I am so tired of hearing about how much money someone spent to get re-elected or elected. Does not one soul in this country see what is wrong with this? If you do not have money you cannot run for an office!!!!!! If you cannot see through this hardened crimnal move to keep who they want into power our country is tanked. I think I am going to seek a visa to move to Israel. This is not the country I was born in or do I care to be a communist in anyway. The FEMA camps are not something that I look forward too. Wake up America granda pa Paul is our only hope and you are to bling to see it. GOD HELP US ALL IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

    • Allegator Baby

       I am disgusted with the things I've seen and heard about Ron Paul's people.  Folks usually surround themselves with people like themselves.  "Nuf said about Paul.

  • Doc

    Much as I do not support Romney, I'll have to go along with Newt's assessment. Anyone but Obama. I'll support any Republican candidate and frankly, I don't really care for any of them. A Cain/Gingrich ticket would have gotten my support, big time. He says he won't take the job, but I'd sure like to see Marco Rubio run as V.P. to whoever the presidential candidate might be.

    • Paul Smith

      NO to Rubio.  He's ineligible.

      • Allegator Baby

         WHY WHY WHY????

        • Paul Smith

          I'm sure I explained that but it really doesn't matter.  Enough of us believe he's ineligible and will refuse to vote for a ticket that has an ineligible candidate to split the GOP.  I'm sure y'all don't want that so let's get together and keep Rubio and Jindal off any GOP ticket - OK?

    • Allegator Baby

       Doc - Rubio has my vote for VP.

  • Doc

    Frankly, I don't think Romney can beat Obama, unless he has Rubio for a running mate.

    • Paul Smith

      If he has Rubio (or Jindal) as a running mate, he will lose for sure.  Neither man is eligible and lots and lots of conservatives will refuse to vote for a ticket that includes a usurper.

      • Allegator Baby

         Paul, why would neither Rubio or Jindal be eligible?  While I am sure about Jindal I do know Rubio was born in Miami - in the United States of America.  Does that not make him eligible?

        • Paul Smith

          No, it doesn't.  A natural born citizen is a person born on U.S. soil AND  of citizen parents.  Both conditions must be met which is why Obama is a usurper and a traitor.  He's a citizen but not a natural born citizen.

          Native born, natural born and naturalized are all citizens.
          All natural born citizens are native born citizens but not all native born citizens are natural born.
          Naturalized citizens are citizens but are not native born or natural born.

          Four different terms of legal art.  By law, all four MUST have different definitions.

  • Tom

    Here we go again.  The Republican party is unable to nominate a worthy candidate.  I will burn in Hades before I vote for a Democrat.  So, once again, I have to hold my nose and vote Republican and then run outside to puke.  I hate being such a pessimist, but I see no alternative.  The once land-of-the-free is going to ruin.  It is only a matter of time.  Sooner under a Democrat.  A little later under a Republican.

  • Patriot

    All those new Executive Orders and laws restraining the People while unleashing the American SS were preparations for the one to follow Obama. Obama has done most of what the Communists needed done, and they will not quietly sit by as we resist. They have repeated socialist History and none are objecting. They are using food as a weapon, just like Hitler, Stalin and Mao did just before disarming and slaughtering hundreds of millions that would not submit. Their Agenda 21 is now restricting our use and confiscating our property. Next, they will be ordering us to restrict our water use, and crowd us into large central urban centers so that we will be on top of each other in a savage unending confrontational existence. All this of course to preserve Nature and the Environment. The next president chosen as he has been, will not serve to protect America, Americans or to restore Constitutional order to the republic; rather, he will be a continuance of what Obama started as he was expected to, by the financiers of his campaigns he bridged the racial gap into office and has divided the people to enable our destruction.

    • margaretpaddock

      Your absolutely correct except to say that they are Corporatist not communist.
      Corporatist - it is the complete concept of what Soros, Obama and others are looking to achieve.

    • 1marg

      Unfortunately, I believe what you are saying. 

      The real proof is in the latest Executive Order on National Defense Resources Preparedness.  Every president has stolen more of our freedoms with it.  It doesn't matter whether it was a Democrat or Republican, both are equally bad leading us to where we are now.

      The Executive Order "gives the president the authority" to take over our businesses, property, utilities, food and water during times of emergency and "NON EMERGENCY."  The latest word added by obama.

      NSA is building the largest US spy center in Utah.

      TSA will be stopping us on the highway.  Think they can't?  DUI checkpoints run by local police will have TSA agents right there with their access to computers saying whether our "papers" are in order and whether we are "loyal" citizens. 

      The military has been training our local and state police.

      NDAA allows arrest and detention of US citizens by the military without warrant.

      Homeland Security just ordered 450,000,000 hollow point bullets.  Why?
      FEMA camps are being prepared--for what?

      The puzzle pieces are almost in place.  The last two to fall will be the internet and guns.

      Wake up America.  Wake up Republicans.  What will Romney do about this?  Or is he part of it?

      • Allegator Baby

         You do have a vivid imagination.

        • 1marg

          I didn't imagine NDAA and it's implications.
          I didn't imagine the Executive Order and what the president gave himself the authority to do.
          I didn't imagine the 450,000,000 hollow point bullets.

          I enjoy puzzles, and I'm good at solving them.  I am baffled by those who don't have the same ability. 

          Perhaps my conclusions are wrong.  But, what if they're not?  I find it is much more prudent to err on the side of caution.

  • Carol Jean Goodwin

    Why on earth would people support another liberal?   Romney is just a white Obama!   The story about how he tortued their family pet  was a  double seal on his being NO GOOD!  Cruelty to defenseless animals  makes him a hateful, mean person!   We do not need anyone like this to be our next president! 

    • Allegator Baby

       Carol Jean - don't be silly.  He did NOT torture his dog!  They wanted to take the dog with them on vacation - rather than send him on an airplane which might mean death to the dog - they very carefully put him in a large crate and very carefully strapped it to the top of their car.  With a car full of children and adults I think the dog was more comfortable in a crate.  My dog loves her crate - she sleeps in it every night.  If it was between putting her on an airplane or putting her atop our car - the car would win. 

  • Larry S

    Glen Thompson...

    I would take a religious zealot, an adulterer, a loose cannon psychotic or a poor old senile great granddad over Romney by a factor of 1000 any day, anytime and by a factor of 100,000 over Nobama as well. If Romney wins, our country is totally doomed. Might as well turn out the lights and move out to almost anywhere else. We will bypass most of the currently socialistic countries as far as undesirability in no time at all. If the GOP members in Congress had the least bit of concern for the country or even a set of balls the size of a BB, we might have a chance, but that is unfortunately not the case. My girl friend want to move to Honduras. Might be the best idea she has had since we met if either Romney or Nobama are in office after the next inauguration.

  • Maynard

    I see that the republican elite are once agine trying to highjack the republican nomination, just as before when we ended up with McCain, after Romney was promest the next time.  I was for Ron Paul then and I am again now. If voters had been given more of a chance to listen to Ron Paul then, we would not now have Obama. Now George H. Bush has endorced Romney, which makes me not want to vote all the more, becasue Romney will be just another Obama.  George is a member of the CFR and TC, and is controled by the Global Union people, the Bilderbergs. George said in several  speeches that he wanted to take America into the New World Order, now known as the Global Union.  What do you think Romney is going to do? Romney must now be approved by the Bilderbergs, not by the American people, not by all those people that voted in primaries.  That ment nothing.  If you think that the American people have anything to do with our election process, you have another thing coming.  We are dealing with the Bilderbergs and their ownership and conrol of all major new media, like Fox News, whoes owner is a Global Union member  They are the real enemy of America. Certainly not Ron Paul who could be the best thing that has ever happened to us.  I voted for the lesser of two evils since 1950., but not again. To hell with it!  The other times were for Reagan and Goldwater.  Who the Bilderbergs want is who we get. Who we aretuck with. Its that simple.  This also happens with our Congress.

    • Paul Smith

      We can beat them and put Paul in the Oval Office if and only if you get involved.  Become a precinct delegate, a county delegate and work your buns off to become a state delegate so that we can clobber them at the convention.  It's the only way we can win!

  • Lois MacLaren

    In the Colorado caucus which I attended, most speakers were mystified about the way in which the Liberal Media and the White House had managed to "pick" Romney as the anointed GOP nominee before even a single registered Republican had cast a single ballot.  As Anne Coulter said before the campaigns began:  "The GOP will nominate Romney.  Then we will lose."  I guess, for the next election, registered Republicans should just forego the primary process, ask the Liberal Media and the White House whom the Liberal Media and the White House have anointed to be the GOP nominee, and then sit back with folded hands while Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum do their thing - again!  

    • Lu Shissler

      There needs to be a one-day single primary across the nation with no caucuses and NO CROSS-OVER voting.  Who cares what New Hampshire thinks!!.  Look at the mess in Iowa.  It wasn't announced until a week later that Romney REALLY DIDN'T WIN, but it started the incentive to make their push for him.  Rove and Coulter were probably helping count votes!

  • W2fred

    For those who are not yet awakened, we have Mitt Romney to prove that there are political forces much larger than the GOP or DNC at play here.  Why doesn't everyone on earth know who the Bilderberg Group is, or their subsidiaries, the Trilateral Commission and the Committee on Foreign Relations are? 

    • margaretpaddock

      Thank you.  I wish there was a way to really wake people up to the truth.

    • Lu Shissler

      Because they can barely read their diploma, let alone a history book!

    • sha44ss

      Why do we NOT hear because they OWN the World and ALL the media! 


    time for a third party  PALIN ,ALLEN WEST  TICKET

    • Lu Shissler

      Hope it happens at the brokered convention!

  • Talltrees

    Listen, everyone, there is only one way to get Obama out, that's vote him out.  All of you saying you won't vote will surely keep Obama in office.  Any Republican is better than Obama.

    • Paul Smith

      With one caveat. . .Any ELIGIBLE Republican is better than Obama.  Put Rubio or Jindal on the ticket (and Romney is questionable as well) and you can kiss this election goodby.

      • Talltrees

        The point is, if people don't vote, none would win.  I hear if Paul wins, I'm not voting, If Santorum  wins, I'm not voting, If Gingrich wins, I'm not voting, If Romney wins, I'm not voting.   Not voting guarantees Obama will win. 

        I'm not for Romney, he's my last choice, but it appears he will win.

        We have to get Obama out of there.  We have to make sure the House and Senate are a majority of Republicans so we can wipe away Obama's deeds.  

        • Paul Smith

          No, the point is that if our candidates are not eligible, a sizeable percentage of the electorate will NOT vote for the ticket and we'll lose.  It's no more complicated than that.  Work with me to keep Jindal and Rubio off the ticket and we can all live in harmonious bliss.

        • Talltrees

          Neither Jindal or Rubio are qualified to be on the ticket, nor do I want them on it even if they were. 

          "keep Jindal and Rubio off the ticket and we can all live in harmonious bliss."  Explain that.

          What do mean not eligible?  It's not that the current candidates can't do the job.   (Romney is not conservative enough.)  It's that they aren't exciting enough to beat Obama.  Obama wasn't qualified at all, but Democrats and others saw charisma.  They bought his promises and rhetoric because he has charisma.  They were swooning over him.

          That's the disgusting thing about all of this.  People don't vote on qualifications and experience.  If someone looks presidential, and speaks well, they vote for that person, unvetted. 

          Who do you think would improve the ticket?

        • Paul Smith

          I've explained it elsewhere in this forum.  A natural born citizen is a person who was born on U.S. soil AND of citizen parents.  Neither Rubio or Jindal had citizen parents.  I (and many, many more) will NOT vote for a ticket that includes an ineligible candidate - so let's make sure there aren't any on the ticket.

        • Talltrees

          Yes, you are right. 

    • Allegator Baby

       Thank you!

  • Fitchett

    Ron Paul 2012. Enough said.

    • Allegator Baby

       Ron Paul sucks

      • William

         Care to back up that statement with verifiable information?

         Perhaps you would like to recheck the info you formed that opinion with.

        Follow this link, read the information provided. Then if you still think Ron Paul sucks, reply back with your specifics.

        Lots of Love!!!

        R O N  P A U L   for   P R E S I D E N T  2 0 1 2

  • John Cummins

    wow it appears of necessity we will as conservatives have to vote 3rd party

  • margaretpaddock

    Good article with relevant remarks.
    It is a sad comment about our times when the media is controlling the thinking of voters.

    They and the Tea Party have pushed Romney to unbelievable, undeserved hight.  If it were not for them he would not have the votes he does.  People are looking past his ineptness and his attitude which is really not that of a leader.

    He has big money behind him because of what they will do for him and  vice versa.  In my - only mine - estimation he is as much a Corporatist as Obama.  He will continue to lead us into a one world government.  He has no experience with big government and they will run him like a clock.

    Newt and Paul are the only two standing up to strip government of it's power, reduce it's size, balance the budget, and really create jobs and more.  They both know how Washington plays the game and I doubt that they will be pushed around.   Too bad they weren't running as a team.

    • Lu Shissler

      Whoa!  I know very few Tea Party people who've thrown their support behind Romney.  They're pulling for Newt, like me.

      • Paul Smith

        I could give you dozens and dozens of reasons why the Grinch should never be our POTUS but I'm sure they'd fall on deaf ears.  Fortunately, most voters seem to be saavy enough to stay well away.

      • margaretpaddock

        Perhaps you are right.  It is just that I keep hearing so much about him everywhere and I'm sick of him and his attitude and people trying to make us think he is so great.
        I'm pulling for Newt too because he's the only one with enough experience to deal with Washington and handle himself in a debate like a winner.  He'll shred Obama.

  • Michae9593

    The main misstep of the GOP in the regime of the previous president was, in my humble opinion, was that when they rose to power they attempted to duplicate the Democrats in spending money that wasn't theirs to buy votes and give "benefits" to their financial donors as part of the spoils.  Then, a well-oiled, duplicitous "Democratic" machine promoted a slick speaking nobody to the presidency over the hand-picked choice of Hillary Clinton.  And they cleaned the Republican clock.  Now the Republicans are attempting to do the same, pushing the inevitablity of their candidate, chosen in the private, smoke-filled back room, with no input requested or allowed from those who MIGHT be interested in making the Democratic cardboard cutout a one term president.  I'm believing that the imperious Republican back-room boys will not be duplicitous enough to unseat the current Prevaricator-in-Chief.  And the voters?  If they are indeed actual living beings, and not dead citizens or imaginary citizens are too lazy to actually spend the time necessary to investigate which of the two cardboard cutouts presented for their approval is the lesser of the two evils.

  • Jankoski

    The GOP "establishment" is banking on conservatives to simply get behind Romeny as the nominee. NOt this voter. If Romney is the nominee, I will vote for a third party candidate, write in a conservative, or simply not vote in the Presidential race. The GOP deserves to lose if they won't take conservatives seriously. They're betting we will vote for the lesser of two evils. By definition, the lesser of two evils is still evil. The answer is no.

    • Allegator Baby

       It's those like you who will make sure Obama remains in charge.  Do you really want him there?  What the heck is a conservative anyway?  Explain to me please.

  • John W.

    Ask yourselves-was Bush any improvement over Clinton? (Patriot Act, unbridled spending, "No Child Left Behind," etc. etc.)  What on earth makes you think that Romney will be any improvement over Obama?  After all, when questioned he said he'd have happily signed N.D.A.A., he's beating the drums for more wars, etc.  The "leadership" of the G.O.P. is working from the same playbook as the Dems., just like they were when they threw the '08 election.  And we continue to kid ourselves into believing that "even Romney" would be better than Obama.  

    • 1marg

      I didn't see where Romney said he'd have signed NDAA.  Can you lead me to where he said that?

      Sorry, GOP.  I can't vote for someone who is so totally clueless about the Constitution.

  • Texas Engineer

    The GOP's so-called "leadership" obviously learned nothing from the debacle of 2008 with RINO McCain. They have been pushing RINO Romney from the start despite the fact that conservatives (the core of the GOP's supporters) do NOT want him. I'll admit Santorum wasn't my first or even second choice, but he is the only conservative left in the race - we the people need to get behind him 100% and pressure Newt to quit the race and give his delegate to Santorum...and while we're at it, everyone needs to bust their butts to get real conservatives elected to the House and Senate this fall - that way, whether it's Obama or Obama-white, the conservatives will be in control; of course if (when) Santorum wins, having all those conservatives will make his job easier.

  • Jon

    I'll never vote for Rommey he is one of them a snake in the grass NEVER NEVER

    • Allegator Baby

       Jon - don't be so stubborn.  Do you not want what's best for your country?

    • Osherrie23

      Throw yourself on the ground, kick, scream and pull your hair out. I'll bet your mama's proud.

  • Charles

    It has bothered me ever since Romney became interested in the presidential election that he won the governorship in Mass. running as a republican. That in itself should explain why we are scared to death of him
    but as many has posted I will vote for him to so we can rid the vermin and his thugs from the White House.
    After he gets in if God willing the congress can work with him to repeal this horrible mandate they have stuck down out throats
    A second term of Obama will tilt the supreme court to where our constitution will be shredded and that will conclude this Nations place in history

  • jerry1944

    well if the gop want to lose then they will put romney in. but he want make the pres T gop will give  obambo what he want  4 more yrs.  Thats what they get with romney.  I know there are lots sheep in here that go with what the gop and there money ppl say.  Thats every  where the libs have there unions that work the same way.  Do as you are told and you get free money.  Well i have learned nothing is for free and i am not selling my  Bible  and being there sheep. Romeny wins the gop then its  3rd party.  Just think if everyone that vote and holes there nose voteed for the same 3rd party person hummmm  . Think about it

  • Dick

    I think Mitt Romney is just as conservative as Gingrich or Santorim which are both loose cannons. Its time that they both get out of the way and get behind Mitt. I will support whoever gets the win against Obama.

    • Controse

       And what has he Done in his political past to convince you of his conservatism? 

    • Allegator Baby

       Well said Dick!  Thanks for your comment.

  • 12paws

    i strongly agree and until we, true conservative  Americans(i feel the only true Americans that exist today) begin to realize the dangers that are ahead, we, as a nation, are going to wind up under a czar(like Obama) that will be impossible to overturn, due to fear of basic freedoms that we are currently blessed with. that our forefathers and previous republic leaders had to fight for us to have that we have today.

  • e-mom

    I am sick of having the one who has the most money win.  Without his millions of dollars Romney would not be ahead of anyone.  It has been obvious from the get-go that the people wanted "anyone but Romney".   The only way to change the way elections are bought is to put a limit on the money any one candidate can spend on any given campaign.   But it may even be too late to try that -- four years of an Obama or a RHINO and the country will be so far gone that I fear it will never be able to rise from the wreckage. 

    • Allegator Baby

       Surely you don't want a poor man running for President?  Why is it bad that Romney or anyone else has money?  There are limits - and while you might not rise from the wreckage the rest of us will.

      • Lu Shissler

        It's not all bad, but I'd sure like to see some  with not just money, but some good,  common sense, maybe a little flour on their aprons and little manure on their shoes.  They don't even know we exist out here in the far West anymore! 

        • Osherrie23

          Not true Shissler, Romney has common sense and he knows what the WEST  is like. Since the farm is sold I no longer have manure on my shoes, but I have four on my floor and counter.

        • Upaces

          Romney wants to fund Obamacare; and states "Obamacare is nothing to be mad about".
          Romney states he is against the Dream Act as he runs an ad in Spanish;Romney states we only talk about "redistribution of wealth behind closed doors;Romney is WH and Soros approved...."little difference between Obama and Romney.  what does that tell you?Romney hidden $$; parks Millions of his $$ -  sent by wire to Cayman Islands (Federal Offense);Romney was picked a "year ago" by Fox;  What does that tell you?;Romney states "Hezbolah Health Insurance is acceptable";Romney states: He will sign NDAA;Romney exploited private businesses with Foreign $$ (again, against the law-imprisonment possible -- why isn't it here already?Romney ADMITS he is like Obama;Romney states "Islam is NOT inherently violent";Romney wants gays in the Military;Romney stands behind medical help for Illegals;Romney states (like Cain), I will have Muslims on my staff-doesn't seem to misunderstand they LIE to the infidel.

    • Guest

       If you're worried about his money, think for a moment about the mult-millions tax payers dollars Obama is spending on his full time campaign trail using  the airplane that uses mucho gas, the extra plane that carries around his cars, the multiple secret service men, the roads and areas that are closed off to the people who live or vacation where he goes, tying up the area at others inconvenience and expense.     This is all on our dime (millions)

      By rights, the National Democrat party is supposed to help raise money for these campaign trails. Look at the big bucks people giving $35,000  (haha) a plate at his fund raisers.  If Romney is using his own money and the donated bucks, at least it's not being taking out of the peoples tax money we send in at the highest rates of any other country.   In other words:  WE ARE BROKE

    • Osherrie23

      Well then write in anonymous, homeless, poor. alcoholic on the street. It just doesn't occur to you that the most eligible candidates for President are successful people. Successful people are usually wealthy. Santorum wanted to run in 2008, so why did he not prepare and fund raise instead of constantly whining about being out spent? Santorum was not prepared to run for President. It takes orginization, and money Romney did that. We need his orginizational skills in the White House.  

  • Betty Betts

    I have decided that I will support Mitt Romney for President and I think the Republicans candidates should get behind him. STOP ALL THE SNIPPING YOU ARE GIVING THE DEMO"RATS" MATERIAL. Obama has enough sources of his own. We need to replace obama for the good of America or we will no longer be the land of the free and the home of the brave. He does not believe in either of these attributes that made America great. I am 84 and i have never in my lifetime seen a man so unworthy, unqualified, uninformed,(how many states in the USA)unable to do the math, and no qualities that are required for the office of president. His wife is of the same mind and as a couple they don't uphold the beliefs that make America great---and they never will.
    America is one nation under God and not one nation under obama. My daily prayer is that he will be defeated.

    • Allegator Baby

       I agree with you 100%!

    • Guest


  • Dianequestions

    This is very misleading. Romney has the most conservative record of any of the Rep candidates. In Mass. Romney had a legislature of 85% Dems. He fought against gay marriage.....this writer implies that he supported it. He made over 800 vetos against the Dems policy. It is up to conservatives to seek the truth and ban together against Obama and not be misled by those with their own agendas.
    Santorum is a weak candidate and cannot win...he is just going around making commercials for the Dems.In 2008 he said Romney was a great conservative...Romney has not changed since then.  I cringe every time I hear his open his mouth.....I guess Obama wears a big smile. He was never really vetted. He has a moderate to liberal voting record in the Senate. He is thought of as conservative because he is always speaking of social values. He does not care if he destroys the party in his attempt to  win the nomination. I believe Newt will support the nominee and will work hard to defeat Obama.
    I refuse to believe distortions but check the records myself. The Reps had better get united because we will lose if we do not.  We also need to get conservatives in the Senate and the House.  The Tea Party is not dead.  Santorum and the other big government, big spenders were the reason the Tea Party was formed so why would they support him?
    Oh and the media did not pick Romeny ...voters have.

    • Paul Smith

      "Oh and the media did not pick Romeny ...voters have."

      In. . .your. . .dreams.  Romney was hand picked by the GOP establishment and their handlers.  You put Romney in charge and we'll be toast in two years.

  • Maynard

    If Romney doe not get the 1114 delegates, then at the convention, the delegates might have changed their minds about who to pick.
    Right now the republican party is trying to highjack the 1114 delgates by forcing the other candidates to stop running, so that their delegates can be added to his.  This would not be the American choice, but the republican choice, just as when McCain ran. Remember?

  • Dianequestions

    Romney is no McCain. Santorum is more like McCain. Romney is a fighter and a successful conservtive. He has a great record as governor of Mass. and as a successful businessman and saved the olympics. In other words he is a problem solver just what we need right now. Ann is very smart.

    • Guest

       Yes,  believe you're right about Romney.  I have not seen the flip-flop people keep mentioning.
      When he was in Mass. he had to be flexible to make things work in a very liberal state.  Why create a stalemate?   Sometimes we have to work together.   Look at what damage Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat has done to congress with his refusal to do anything including a budget for 3 years.
      Now, I consider this man a danger to our country along with Obama, Eric Holder.............

  • Dianequestions

    Romney flipped once. He was following the law on abortin but when it came across his desk he found he could not support it. He has been  pro life ever since. So there was a flip but no flop. Please back up your accusations or do not make them. We must join together to beat Obama.

  • CindyLou

    Contact every person you can stop it..the south has hit Romney hard...

  • Dianequestions

    Thank you. Why are we still discussing Paul as the candidate when he has not won a single state?  He has some good fiscal ideas but he is no longer iin the race.

    • Ken

      It is very simple, the other 3 stooges will represent the same  Foreign Banks that are operating through the Federal Reserve just as Obama does. They are not our friends. We will change the faces and one side will feel good that their boy is now running the same scam operation that Obama was in charge of. Any more questions?

    • Guest

       I know what you mean.   Half the people on this blog are actually voting for the losers. even tho they don't have a chance  to get to the final stage.

      Don't they realize the more they resist a better-than-nothing candidate, they're handing the  Presidency back to the only person who really is out to bring this country to it's knees.

  • Poulianna

    I would like to hear some conversation addressing the anti-injunction act presently in discusssion with the Supreme Court. Does the court (s) have the right from striking down tax laws before they take effect? The arguements were either stagnated and/or re-directed from the core issue. A. Is it constiutional to mandate health care -? then... 1a. -As a condition for not buying mandated health care - Is it constitutional to apply a tax penalty for not having bought the government "mandated health insurance? (IF the person does not fall under the umbrella of an "EXEMPTION") The argument went side ways many times... A point which was discussed - the point questioned the purpose of the tax penalty particularly if it does not have the ability to enforce the penalty to collect (make people pay) the applied tax penalties from individuals who did not purchase the government "mandated Health Insurance in the "FIRST PLACE".--(unless the individual was covered by one or more "EXEMPTIONS" from a formulated list) the penalty would not apply. What a "MAZE" of useless dialogue. Why can't people just discuss in plain terms..Because it would eliminate the need for the "legal system" a very lucrative business and of great prestige almost equal to being recognized, honored and reveered as "Royalty"?...Instead we have created and continue to invent and re-invent and maintain an entanglement of policies/laws and more laws and more legal language than anyone in their right mind could ever keep up with. Then the states' constitutionality rights were discussed. Does forcing the States to fund more people under medicaid constitute a violaion of the TENTH amendment? The States under ObamaCare now must fund more people under Medicaid. BUT, If they chose not to enroll in Medicaid then the people must purchase The federal Health Insurance Plan. Again, the question, was what entity would have the authority to enforce that they pay for the gov. health insurance or collect the tax penalty if they don't. The circles we go a hamster running in a wheel....are you kidding???. On one hand, citations of past cases and written policies were made to defend the credibility of their arguments. But then they would became inconsistent with this method by using predictions on people's purchasing behavior, without any real studies to support their theories. What a bunch of malarky..... If the individual does not have the right to simply choose how they want to spend their money period without the threat of a mandate and penalties for not complying...we simply are not FREE. All patterns seem to indicate - we are not...FREE. How many things are we forced to buy....and if we don't, we are at risk of having to pay in addition to the mandate to buy, a penalty such as, a ticket for not having auto insurance for the auto we have purchased. We have become a society that every move an individual makes to carry on daily functions of living has either an outright cost to it and/or some hidden cost to it. How sustainable is this???? What happened to FREE ENTERPRIZE did it ever exist????? WHAT happened to our Individual inalienable Rights???? did they ever exist???? Could there ever be an" economy" seperate from politics???? Could Natural Laws ever be achieved without "man" turning into the classic book "Lord of the Flies". Are we forever tied to the likes of meaningless proceedings such as the ones I listened to today with the Supreme Court and the Attorney's for and against the Anti-jurisdiction Act or couldn't we just get on board with the likes of the Judge in Florida that simply cut the chase and made a court ruling against Obama's care by stating it "UnConstitutional"? Anna

  • bressler


  • Ken

    I'm a Republican and I'm not voting for anyone but Ron Paul !!!!


  • Maxine

    I dont no what is wrong with you people Romny will be another ovmit he dont care about us he wants power over us wake up they have been pushing him on us all alongthats because he is a big Rino like the good old boys are I will not vote for him

    • Osherrie23

      I don't know what's wrong with you. You keep telling the same factless, ignorant stories and with your closed mind, now believe the lies you are telling. Ovmit pertains to you Maxine. Romney is the best choice for President.

  • ToasterX

    This is flat out wrong!  Conservatives and the conservative messages are driving this whole election.  All of the Republican candidates are very similar in their messages and plans for economic growth.  Quit this dissension.  Now is the time to come together and defeat Obama.

  • Aniko

    Here is my problem with Romney.
    The explanation for his changing and diametrically opposed views can be
    attributed to two reasons: he is a ruthless and calculating "ladder
    climber" or a cowardly power hungry liar. Both are equally dangerous,
    perhaps even more dangerous than Obama. Obama was and became transparent about
    his wedded ideology, but Romney is as much of a question mark if not more than
    Obama was in 2008.

    If one judges him by what he did in MA, one should consider that he might
    have been an
    idealist or a calculating coward. If one judges him about his "business
    experience", one can only conclude that he was a ruthless elitist, who
    cared about his purely financial advancement, totally disregarding the
    consequences of his decisions, as long as his profits kept climbing. In either case
    he is dangerous. Why, because that kind of callous calculation is the embryo of
    a dictator. We are concerned about Obama's apparent dictatorial tendencies, yet
    he is merely a puppet; Romney was and is NOT a puppet, but a puppet master,
    with the attributes of Lenin! Lenin though was merely a charismatic leader that
    got a true believer following under the czarist Russian conditions. Unlike
    Lenin, Romney did not need to be an appeasing "Republican light"
    (a.k.a. a liberal in the "wrong" party) in MA that is, if he would
    have an ounce of principle. For him, the means justifies the end, period!

    I will vote for him in the hopes that the houses of Congress will remain in
    the hands of the Republicans (as wishy-washy as they are) for the next eight years.
    If and when he will lose credibility, we will lose one or both houses, yet he
    can win re-election with the power of his (and his supporters) money!

    The only credible conservative who is not a zealot is Newt Gingrich, but he
    has a slim to none chance, exactly for the reason that he is not acceptable to
    the "powers to be" in the Republican Party and the media du**ed-down
    voter: he is incapable of compromising his beliefs, even at the detriment of
    his survivability in the political arena.

    We have democratically elected representatives, but alas, we don’t have the
    population to handle such a difficult and heavy responsibility. May the
    Almighty help us, if He still thinks we are worthy.

    • guest

       Yep!    I made a point to spend the entire day yesterday fasting and praying for America.
      Surprised this morning how differently I see things.  I'm trusting God to help America.
      We need to get a conservative Congress who will rein in whom-ever wins this debacle.

      In any event, we (we American's who love Freedom) must come together and get the current man out of the White House.   Just don't have faith in what little I know about him, and not good stuff.

      • Osherrie23

        The man you are praying for is Romney. He also loves Freedom.

  • Karen Sheerin

    I suppose we must tolerate one more farce of an election and pray that we get rid of the pretender in chief.   The conservative majority must muster all resources and resolve to abandon the Republican Party and form a third party for 2016!    

  • Ole Vet

    The fact that ANY current Republican candidate would be a 100% improvement over our present President isn't saying much. It ignores the fact that NONE of our current liberal government figures ( not to mention SOME current RINOs! ) are any good for America, either! As an example: saying speeding in the fast lane is better than speeding while weaving in and out of traffic, ignores the fact that BOTH are speeding!

    We were kicked in the teeth by previously allowing a RINO to run as the GOP candidate, even with a valid conservative running mate (who had no national experience, unfortunately!) being added .  The majority of conservatives have been greatly misled lately by RINOs, and the lame stream media, into believing that acting 'mostly pink' is still being a red-state conservative , and we should disregard what all the other true conservatives have been saying.

    I'm afraid that having Romney as our candidate will simply mirror the result of the McCain/Palin disaster. Unfortunately, no other GOP candidate seems to have the chops needed.  Hope for a Senate rout of the liberal majority, while holding onto the House! Then, we can rein in our would-be Emporer/current President, who is just waiting for 'more flexibility' upon his re-election!

    • Osherrie23

      Don't be afraid. Stop ripping Romney to pieces, listen to him, and realize he means what he says. You are part of the reason his negatives are going up. He has not earned your nasty. Romney is a descent man who deserves your respect. Ole Vet.

  • Jestus

    I agree with the article, but why is there a add for Obama on this site?  We may not want Romney, but we certainly don't want Obama either.

  • Throwawaystuff



    WHEN YOU GET TO THE TOP IT IS ALL THE SAME PEOPLE. Watching the elite top echelon of the re puppy party all cluster around Money bags Romney I am reminded  of the old cliche.  Money goes to money. Those that don't have it sit at the feet of coin dispensers.That is what I see when they announce who endorsed Romney. If you asked each one of the good ol boys why not Santorum?  And they answered truthfully. They would say because he has no money. Donald Trump is an obvious example. Do you really believe that the Donald believes Romney is the best man for the job?No they are all picking the obvious winner. Bobby Jindal as far as I know did the right thing. He stayed out of endorsing anyone in the Louisiana race. The people picked Santorum. On the other side of the coin you have the demo commo elitists. Led by Bill Maher (I DON'T BELIEVE THE DONATION WAS HIS MILLION BUCKS) who took a nasty dump on the state of Mississippi mocking a great people for being poor. Yet never mentioning that his elite handler Obama has vowed to put the entire South out of work. Especially the Gulf Coast. Obama who has had personal experience with white prejudice all the way to the White house. Having listened to the words of Old man river with his own ears.  So on the one hand you have the re puppy elites, the Bush's, the Doles, the Trumps and Fox News.on the other hand Obama has, Steve Jobs for the Chinese minimum wage, but no one is going after big Ipod or big GE or big Pornowood. Did I mention the entire news media in printed form and on the airwaves. CNN, NBC, all the times papers and the Mexican killing gun running justice department. Through the BS maze we are supposed to believe that my vote counts. If my vote counted Rick Santorum would not be blacklisted by the media on both sides. Rick Santorum would not be mocked by pimp comedians. His wife would not be labeled a crazy by Don Imus. His down syndrome child would not be a Bill Maher joke. He would not be mocked as his Catholic religion is by Aids to Chuck Schumer on Fox.  So why is this inconsequential loser fro Pennsylvania a millstone around Romney's neck?  Moneybags got rid of Bachmann and left her a million dollars in the red. The demo commos got rid of Cain using a status seeker who lives in the same building as David Axelrod but they never met for tennis. Mr. seller I'll take two Brooklyn bridges. The guy that can order in Chinese ran out of yen. Rick Perry who was the butt of another nasty Bill Maher joke that went like this. If Rick Perry was black Sarah Palin would have f'd him. If I was Todd Palin I would convince Israeli intelligence that Bill Maher is an Iranian nuclear scientist. Oh the beating he would get in my Irish neighborhood for what that rat did. After the soccer team got finished, then the hurling team, then the choir. While the pipers played nearer my God to thee. So what have we now says the fine old woman?  We have a nation on the way to the crapper. We have two parties that have no intentions of cutting the budget that makes us working slaves to the Chinese,  the congress, OPEC, and a president who hates the country that gave him everything. Which goes to prove once again If you did not earn it you don't appreciate it. Forty days before 911 forty eight senators voted to burn the Flag including Match McConeel, 40 were demo commos and 8 were re puppies. This is what you have running the circus. Speaking of circuses Romney saved the Olympics with Government grant money.If it is from Massachusetts it will hurt you. Paul Revere moved his grave to Louisiana. IF YOU WANT YOUR VOTE TO COUNT.  IT HAS TO BE SANTORUM. HE IS THE ONLY ONE LEFT THAT REPRESENTS YOU. ALL THE REST ARE REPRESENTING THEMSELVES. WHEN THEY ARE IN POWER THE OFFICE DOOR CLOSES FOR FOUR MORE YEARS. THIS IS THE ONLY CHANCE YOU GET TO BE HEARD. So lets look at the line up.The demo commos team.Hollywood and their valuesunions and their goalsPeta communistsGreen crap communiststhe communist environmentaliststhe Black community 92%The Hispanic community minus the Catholics and many stand in line immigrants. 51%the gay community 95%the welfare community 95%the legalize drug community 99%The prison population 95%the communist party 100%occupy wall street (see the communist party)Runaway Catholics 25%Al Queda vote 90%THE ALGAE PEOPLE 98%THE PBA CROWD 100%THE MILITARY 5%THE KGB 100 %CAIR 100%ATHEISTS (SEE THE COMMUNIST PARTY)  ON THE SANTORUM SIDE.CATHOLICS 60%EVANGELISTS AND BAPTISTS 90%ALL OTHER RELIGIONS EXCEPT AL QUEDA 85%MOTHERS WITH CHILDREN 85%COAL MINERS UNION 98%OIL RIGGERS AND RELATIVES 98%THE MILITARY INCLUDING THE ABSENTEE BALLOTS THE DEMO COMMOS CAN'T GET THEIR HANDS ON 95%THOSE WHO SWITCH FROM ROMNEY TILL CONVENTION TIME 74%TRUCKERS IN SPITE OF BEING THREATENED BY  JIMMY HOFFA JR. 80%FARMERS 95%FISHERMAN 95%HUNTERS 99%ANYBODY WHO HAS BEEN SCREWED BY THE EPA 100%ANYONE THAT HAS BEEN SCREWED BYOSHA 100%ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN KILLED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE MINUS 2 THAT WE KNOW OF.AND 50,000 DEAD MEXICANS KILLED BY AMERICAN DRUG ORDERS.BOY SCOUTS WHO REACH 18 YEARS OF AGE 95%GIRL SCOUTS NOT BRAINWASHED BY THE COMMUNIST PARTY 50%STUDENTS WHO WILL FAIL IF THEY DON'T VOTE FOR OBAMA 30%PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN HOODS CONTROLLED BY THE NEW BLACK PANTHERS 10%WORKING TAX SLAVES 98%PARENTS WITH 3 JOBS 100%PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE THE STATUS QUO 100%TEA PARTY 90%REPUBLICAN ELITES 10%FOX NEWS EMPLOYEES 10% THE REPUPPY SIDE.THE FINEST VOTERS MONEY CAN BUY. THE GIVE US THE SOS CROWD.THE DON'T ROCK THE VOTE CROWD.FOX NEWS. OREILLY MADE US DO IT.THEY CAN'T SEE ME I'M INVISIBLE CROWD. REMEMBER SCHOOL WHEN THE TEACHER CALLED ON YOU?I WAS ON BILL MAHER BUT NO ONE SAW ME CROWD.I WAS ON DANCING WITH TOM DELAY.I INTRODUCED GEORGE BUSH TO BILL CLINTON THE TOPIC WAS LIBRARIES.IF THAT IS A ROCK I'M CRAWLING UNDER IT UNTIL THE ELECTION IS OVER CROWD.I'M AGAINST BIRTH CONTROL PILL PAYMENTS BUT VIAGRA SHOULD BE COVERED.TWO LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS IN SEPARATE ROOMS. WHO WANTS ROMNEY THE MOST? OBAMA !  WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?OBAMA REFUSED TO DEBATE GINGRICH WITHOUT A VENTROLIQUIST. IT HAS TO BE SANTORUM. I HOPE NEWT THROWS IN WITH RICK BUT I FEAR THE ROMNEY OFFER OF I CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR PERSONAL DEFECIT WILL OVERWHELM HIM. WHICH WILL BE SAD.  SANTORUM COMES WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED. HIS WIFE IS A NURSE AND A LAWYER PLUS THE MOTHER OF SEVEN KIDS. THAT IS A BIG WHITEHOUSE TO FILL.  THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BUSH AND OBAMA IS BUSH LISTENED TO HIS GENERALS. IN EIGHT YEARS HE LOST 461 AMERICANS IN AFGHANISTAN. OBAMA LISTENS TO HIS POLITICAL COMMISARS AND HAS ALREADY LOST 2,000 AMERICANS PLUS SEAL TEAM SIX 22 MEN. BIGGEST SEAL TEAM LOSS SINCE WWII. WE STILL HAVE THE RUN OUT TO DO.  BEING SHOT IN THE BACK BY GITMO DETAINEES OBAMA RELEASED. ERIC HOLDER HAS SUPPLIED THE NARCO TERRORISTS WITH 2200 WEAPONS THAT WE KNOW ABOUT. HE IGNORES CALLS FROM CONGRESS TO COME CLEAN. HIS WEAPONS HAVE ARMED FOUR REGIMENTS 500 EA OF GROUPS WAGING WAR AGAINST THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT. RESULTING IN THE DEATHS AND BODY MUTILATIONS OF 50,000 MEXICANS. BUT TO OBAMA THE MEXICANS DON'T COUNT HE SAYS LOOK ONLY TWO GRINGOS DIED. HE HAS WASTED TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND PRECIOUS TIME. HE HAS MADE ISRAEL A GO AHEAD TARGET FOR IRAN, RUSSIA AND CHINA. THE ONLY THING HE TRADES WITH RUSSIA IS AMERICAN AND BRITISH NUCLEAR SECRETS. HIS SECURITY IS SWISS CHEESE. A PRIVATE HAS LEAKED 80,000 SECRET DOCUMENTS TO WIKILEAKS. HE INSPIRES RACE RIOTS. FOUR MORE YEARS OF THIS GUY WE WILL NOT HAVE A COUNTRY. WHO CAN DO THE BEST JOB? WHO WILL TRY THE HARDEST TO GET IT RIGHT. SANTORUM.DON'T LET THE COMMUNISTS PORTRAY HIM AS A RIGHT WING NUT. IF YOU DON'T TURN THE NUT TO THE RIGHT THE WHEEL COMES OFF. THEY SAY HE IS A RELIGIOUS FREAK. WHY? BECAUSE HE GOES TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY? JESUS IS HIS ROLE MODEL. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? OUR RELIGION WAS FOUNDED BY A RABBI WHO WENT TO TEMPLE AND FOLLOWED THE LAWS OF MOSES GIVEN TO MOSES AS HE LED HIS PEOPLE OUT OF SLAVERY. WHAT POLITICIANS CAN'T FATHOM AND NEVER WILL IS THAT THERE ARE NO AMMENDMENTS TO THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.  GET SANTORUM TO THE FINISH LINE. YOU WON'T REGRET IT. MAYBE YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT.WWW.MEDIACRAPMATTERS.USWWW.CAPTAINSBLOG.USWWW.SPIRITOFAMERICAPARTYTADIOSHOW.COMYOUTUBE 911 DANNYBOYYOUTUBE FLAG BURNERS OF RECORDYOUTUBE I PLEDGE TO THEE BOYCOTT NBCOne Nation under Tim Tebowe, only fooling.

    • Osherrie23

      No Santorum is not the only one left. He is not capable of being an effective President. Romney is the only one left.

  • blancojoe

    Romney was my third choice initially.  I will now vote for him because he is obviously the front runner.  I hope and pray that Romney will show some true Conservatism down the line, and that IS possible.  He cannot be any worse than Obama, I don't care what other pundits may say.  I am sure he will be a great improvement over Obama  and I am now hoping that Obama will have his head handed to him next election.  If Romney gets elected but proves to be Obama Light ..... I will put my heart and soul into a Conservative Party movement and pray that the Republican party goes up in flames   That is a hard thing for me to even say..

  • Randy111

    Just as in 2008. the conservatives were split by a number of candidates, which allowed McCain to get the nomination with wat, 34% of the primary vote? The same thing happened this year, with two complications.

      The Bush family wants to continue to control the Republican Party, and especailly for Jeb to be the next Republican President.  They conceded 2012 to Obama as soon as he got elected bcause the Bush family will not campaign agianst a Black.  They are afraid of being thought "racist".   How can the Republicans win when the Party's "first family"and do not want a Republican victory this year?  And they want to keep the Tea Party out of the Republican boardroom.  They had seat warmer candidates like Bush Loyalist Haley Barbour and especially Mitch Daniels, w;hich the Bush White HOuse had installed as Governor of Indiana several years ago.  That election is very revealing about the Bush operation.

    On top of the Bush influence, Newt Gingrich--Mr. Bigmouth and Bigger Ego--seeing the possibility of a Republican victory this year, just couldn't stay out of the race.  He is a big spending, big government kind of guy, but the masquaraded as a conservative with couple of young tea party operatives, and made sure Romneywill be the nominee.  Had Gingrich not got in, Santorum would have taken Michigan and Ohio, and be on his way to the nomination now.

    Having assured Romney the nomination, done as much as he could with Adelson's money to convince the country to attack Iran, and egomaniacally looking forward to bargaining at the convention and having "one final conversation with America" at the Convention, Gingrich is, I guess, fairly happy.

    We will not only have Obama for four more years, but with the Bush family in control of the Republican Party, he will be followed by Jeeebbb!    Thank God I haven't voted for a Bush since 1988!!!!

  • Shrtwv_lstnr

    It's not because conservatives havent learned a lesson from 2008, It's because from day one, there has been a deliberate plan to put Romney into the nominee spot, by design

  • Ken

    I'm voting for Ron Paul because he is the only Republican who ideologically different from Obama, and is the only candidate with a plan that will not turn us into a 3rd world Banana Republic !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jerry1944

    What with ppl if you are a consrvaive you cant vote for romney.  Now if you are just a follower thatis more mod i can see where you would be fooled by the lies romney has spread about all the others. But sorry still 3rd party for me and i hope every conservative goes for the same 3rd party canidate

    • guest

       Not Likely!

  • dbassd

    Time for the GOP to die and untimely death, due to the cancer of corruption.  The one that has been the plague of DC for way to long now. . .
    There  is an answer. . .
    RP in 2012

    • ChuckNTexas

      I think it is time to dis-band the Union. Texas can lead in the secession movement and we'll let States that want to join us to "come on in". The rest can do as they want. Once the Union is broken, taxes quit going to DC and we starve the "beast".
      To hell with the GOP and the Demorats and all the special interests groups and the lobbies. We can start remaking this country like we want it...with The Constitution as our guide. Anyone who opposes will wind up as worm dirt.

      • dbassd

        It would be effective.
        Thanks for the good comment. . .

  • The Truth

    Rush Limbaugh put it the best. About 40% of the country
    votes Republican and another 40% democrat, roughly 20% are independents. Both
    parties are after that precious 20% that really decides elections. The GOP is
    foolishly doing so at the peril of losing their Conservative base. That is
    why McCain could never win. Romney may have a better chance since our backs are
    to the wall with the prospect of obama being reelected, and the GOP knows
    it.  However, in my estimation, if RINO Romney becomes President and fails
    the Conservative voters, which is my guess that he will, then the GOP will be
    in serious trouble again, and stands to lose the Presidency, the Senate and
    House in coming elections. I am switching to Independent should Romney be the

    • apache6

       I call myself a "CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE" and not a "REPUBLI=CAN'T !!

    • guest

       Please explain what good that does.....switching to Independent should Romney be nominated?
      You might as well not vote because Obama is banking on people like you to help him win again.

      Geeze, where do you folks come from anyway?

    • Osherrie23

      You think wrong. Romney is not a RINO, and will not fail. His success will shut your mouth forever.

    • William

       Rush's info is mistaken. Latest polling of registered voters show Registered "Independent" Voters currently at 40% of the registered American Electorate.   (see link below)

      also somewhere among the pages of this thread exists the link to the Gallup Poll also verifying this figure.

      "We the People" are awakening, and we've had enough!!!

      "Join us in our effort to Restore America Now. 

      R O N  P A U L  for P R E S I D E N T   2 0 1 2

  • Sandy/LA,CA

    We need to get back to C0mmon Sense Politics ASAP!!! The Americans, who are Supposed to be the ones in control of this country; the politicians being no more than our Hired Help!!! Something has gone Desperately wrong over the years!!! Time to take back control America!!! Personally, I don't think we've chosen our President or any other political figures, for many years. Political Spin, bought and paid for votes, special interest money and Voter Fraud has!!! Vote By Mail is one  major way this is being accomplished, especially when it comes to the illegals!!! They sign up illegally to vote at their marches and then when they get their ballot, they send in for a Vote By Mail one and vote Illegally from the privacy of their own homes! This MUST be STOPPED!!! 

    • apache6

       See my above post,Sandy,it IS the only way to save our Country now !!

  • Milo1971

    It would be very hard for me to vote for Mitt Romney or Nest Gingrich for president of the United States in November 2012. I have voted in every election since 1972 a feel there are no qualified candidates in those currently running. I'll have to check out who the Constitution Party endorses for president this time. Hope he/she is the one we can count on to lead the United States out of the fiscal mess we are in. 

    • guest

       Good, you can vote with the 200 others and make another win for the socialist party.

    • Osherrie23

      I've voted since 1965, Goldwater, and I cannot wait to vote for Mitt Romney. Boy do we need him as President. You are unable to get it through you head that he is an orginizational, financial genius. And you want to elect A dweeb like Santorum, an orator with no financial expertise like Newt, or Ron Paul who is a great DR. with no financial expertise? You are not using your brain to think rationally. Realize what you are doing. Flushing your Country for the sake of stubborness.  Paul Ryan is the chairman of the financial committee. He knows what he is doing. He has spoken with Romney and knows he is equipped to be President. We will finally have a President who knows what he is doing.

  • apache6

    Like I'VE been saying,IT'S TIME TO EMBRACE THE HORROR' BECAUSE ONLY "GOD,GUNS,and GUTS" can save the REPUBLIC now.We ARE going to have to get OUR hands dirty !!

    • William

       Then please join the" RON PAUL REVOLUTION".  We're hoping GOD and guts will spare the need to Bear Arms against our Brethren.

      P.S. Ron Paul is also the only Candidate campaigning on the premise of America being a Republic. I fear that many Americans no longer understand the concept of a Republic. 

      GOD bless America!!! 

      R O N  P A U L  for  P R E S I D E N T  2 0 1 2!!!

      Thank you and GOD bless you and yours alike.

  • Wanda

    Wake Romney is going to beAT oBAMA....don't be so negative  with attitudes like you have we will lose.

    • Paul Smith

      Not if he chooses Rubio or Jindal, he won't.  Wouldn't that be a shame?

  • Barbara Allshouse

    Good work, Tad.  The GOP is corrupt and the liberal dems are more corrupt.  We the People aren't being allowed to choose our candidates.  Romney is the Establishment candidate.  And I fear that the GOP plans to foist Marco Rubio as Vice President on us.  Clearly Rubio is not Constitutionally eligible to be President or Vice President as his parents were not United States citizens when their son was born.  This would effectively amend our Constitution extralegally.  In the end it would reinforce Obama's attempted overthrow of the Constitution.  I cannot vote for a Romney-Rubio ticket.

    • Osherrie23

      You illogical rant is exactly why we have Obama." I can't vote for Rubio'" what asylum did you escape from?  Rubio is an American citizen.

      • Karl Kocher

        I agree with Barbara Allshouse - I also agree with Joe Arpaio - What I do not agree with is somebody belittling another rather than state facts. Barbara and many others have stated hard facts only to be ridiculed with a juvenile comeback.  It is also hard to take some of these people serious when they can't use their name.  Maybe  osherrie23 is on the left side.

  • jerry1944

    ok romney runs against obambo  and we lose the country . the gop want take the blame i am sure. but it is being run by mods.  Being a coservative i cant vote for romney, So the gop will blame ppl like me that want follow like sheep. But thats means we only have 4 yrs of obambo. and not 8 of romney who is the same . You dont reward liers unless you are  a big enough fool to beleave them.  That leave us with a big fight to put STRONG  conservatives in congress and the senate to stop obambo.  But i dont know what to do to get the  gop back

    • guest

       Throw Grannie under the bus and we'll get what we deserve.    We might not like some of the candidates, but if that's all there is, we take it or vote for the other option which will cut this country in half, with more of the same overspending on programs that don't work, more of the occupants in the white house taking constant vacations,  more corruption , more Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who play dirty tricks.  More of their strategy taking us toward communism.

      Get the best we can, then those of you who are capable of picking the perfect candidate for 2016, if there is such a creature, start working on it.

    • Osherrie23

      B.S  jerry1944.  Pull your head out of it before you suffocate.

  • BobWms

    I respectfully submit that you are as full of crap as a Christmas goose. Romney was governor of probably the most liberal state in the union. In order to succeed in Mass, he no doubt had to operate more liberally that he would normally prefer. RomneyCare is just one example. Deval Patrick has been Governor in Mass since 2007, and RomneyCare is still in existence, so the folks must like it. The mere fact that he got elected there is amazing. Romney is a Conservative, but maybe you would rather have as the Republican nominee another politician from Mass - Barney Frank! Think about what you say before you say it.
    Write this down - Mitt will be the nominee and Mitt will win over Obama.

    • Paul Smith

      Not if he chooses an ineligible running mate, he won't.

  • Reader

    We are now facing the reality that Romney never desired to be obligated to the conservatives and the social moral, and ethical foundation of the right.  He will betray the GOP and the Western Way of Life if elected; but I have said it before and I'll say it again.  Why elect a statiest light like McAZstatistlight when you can have a real Marxist, Leninist. The only hope is that we do get him elected, but that we also get both houses with true conservatives holding to the Western Way of Life to coop his presidency.  It remains that we are "still" in  the War of the  Battle of World Views and Ideas.  The War is  going to last for a very long time for we allowed the statist far too many beach heads - education, entitlements, class warfare, control of the fed, deconstruce the armed forces at every level, and etc. But if we continue to expose the statist in the manor as Marco Rubio did while compaigning:  1st our message is internsic being that we studied and learned our message of the Western Way of Life by reading and studying the likes of Mark R. Lavin's books:  Liberty and Tyranny; and Ameriatopia.  2nd that we teach while we discuss, argue, engage others like at the grocery store, gas station, friends and family being salient, clear with examples (carry on your smart phone clips of this Obama or others say and then the reality of what they do and have done. 3rd be engaged with time and money. 4th Like Beck get others involved and  organized or join others who have already established organized groups like Tea Party groups; but we must remember that to move toward a 3rd party will not help us for they always divide the vote and it will take to long to make functional as the crisis is now. 5th We must do everything that we can to "run" for office those that hold to the western way of life.  We already have enough statist lights in the republican party which end up compromising away everything conservative at every level. Those that have already betrayed the Western Way of Life do all we can to run true conservative in the Primaries.  3 Things a must to remember which the statist clearly understand: 1. They are determined to crash the nation throught debt if notice no budget over and over while spending without end and will on this present track within the decade no mater who is in office. 2. That the next President could appoint up to 4 new Justices to the Supreme Court which would if like the last to finish the nation and the Western Way of Life. Did you listen to Kagon comments; we should be shaking in our shoes.  and last not least 3. They desire to end all dissent esp. the voice of conscience based on Judean-Christian values. One of the 1st thing Hitler did was to silence the Lutheran Church in Germany. Only a few like Bonhauffer prevailed to pursue and proclaim the truth. Notice: the issue to stop freedom of speech by compromising the churchs of america to "practice" that which is anathama to the very heart of their beliefs. When you have distroyed a persons conscience you can "coerce" them into ovens, ashes, and mountians of skulls.  Be courages, Be fearless, Be truthful and Prevail to uphold the Western Way of Life and the Constitution.  Reader

  • 128517

    the delegates are not awarded  yet in many states.. only the straw vote which is not final except a few.
    Romnay can't win

    • Osherrie23

      Oh yes he can!!!!!

  • Artsmith

    Maybe Romney isn't as liberal he is being made out to be by many...  I didn't vote for him in the primary because he was not my favorite candidate.  But, compared to the muslim, dictator, communist comrad obama, Romney will certainly be my favorite candidate in November if he gets the nomination.

  • M_s_lewis

    Romney's problem is that he's a self-made man who worships his creator . . .

  • midwaygrad

    It was clear early on that if conservatives continue to split between Gringrich and Santorum, Romney would win.  The claims that Romney was the only one that could beat Obama is as wrong as is the claim that Romney as the republican candidate will lose to Obama.   If Romney wins, we need a conservative VP that carry the conservative banner as former Gov Palin did and as someone like Senator Rubio can.  In addition we need Gringrich and the republicans to support the candidate, whomever it is, and get out and educate the people.  That means addressing the Obama admin's attack on the constitution, his quasi-secret past, birth cert., Marxism vs a constitutional republican form of government, real freedom and jobs, debt issues etc. .  We have a clear choice this Nov and if the people clearly understand it, they won't vote to reelect Obama.   Can't let the democrats get by with just critizing republican solutions and not have a solution of their own to defend.   Wallace on fox news Sunday, let Plouff get away without having to explain how a country that has a budget that is never balanced (Obama budget) can survive. 

    • Paul Smith

      If Rubio is Romney's runnng mate, I guarantee he'll lose.  You'd better help him pick an eligible Veep candidate.

  • Alkholos

    Romney will beat Obama. Regardless of whomever it is that you may like more: Santorum, Gingrich or Paul; they will neither win the nomination nor are capable of beating the worst President in U.S. history.   

    • Paul Smith

      If Romney picks an ineligible running mate, he hasn't an ice cube's chance in hell of winning.

    • Brad

      This is what will happen: Romney gets the liberal Republican nomination, conservatives, Christians, and conservative Republicans, Tea Party, stays home, I am one of them. Obama wins. Worst 4 years of tyrannical government in U.S. history. Economy destroyed, small business destroyed, constitution destroyed and finally the good-ole-boy Republican Party destroyed who brought all this about. We become a communist nation under the newly appointed king Obama, who reigns for 30 years. Train tickets issued to non-compliers to re-education camps in far away places.

    • Ken

      Let's see here Einstein; Obama beat McCain who beat Romney........Oh yeah, that plan going to work !!!!!!!!

  • klr56

    Well Tad Cronn, You're at it again. I'm believe that you are a shill for Obama. Romney may not be your type of conservative but he IS conservative.

    • Nate Kangas

      klr56, Romney is a RINO is is about as Conservative as as Nancy Pelosi is beautiful. The best we can say is we hope he will be better than Obama. The truth is he will be better than Obama when Obama does not have to face re-election. Take  the quote from Obama, "I will have more flexibility when I am not running for re-election Please wake up
      I am all about anyone but Obama in 2012. I just don't think we have a conservative in the race. I don't think we will see a great improvement. I pray we gain all the seats we can so we can keep the White House in check or we are sunk.

      • Osherrie23

        More idiot nonsense. Do you get paid to say this junk?

        • Nate Kangas

           More idiot nonsense? lets see you sound like a liberal arguing with emotion and no facts or evidence and when you start to lose attack the person speaking just  to prove your point. So lets go
          (1) RomneyCare, this is a socialist idea and was the framework of ObamaCare (hint if you missed the memo socialist ideas are not Conservitive)
          (2) Romney sent a letter to Obama when forming the healthcare reform act asking Obama to look at and use his system as a model
          (3) before he said he would block ObamaCare he said he was not going to de-fund it.
          (4) we have his own campaign people referring to principal ideals  like an etch-a-Sketch. I know my principal ideals are written in stone they will be there for a long tome to come and will not change with the wind.
          So what are his conservative positions, really?!  We know he flips and flops like a beached fish trying to get back into the water so all we have is his actions as his words hold about as much water as a colander.

          Being as you like to attack lets see how the shoe fits when I ask the same questions of you, So are you paid trying to change peoples minds on the fact Romney is not a Conservative or are you just an idiot? Thought I would ask.

    • Brad

      Ann Romney, interview LA Times 1993, "we never knew any Republicans before this election"

  • Schnable

    Romney is the only conservative in the race.   Santorum never has been acoservative, he just wants the job and will say anything to get it.   Ron Paul is the most liberal of them all.   He is an entertaining, very smart man, but he is a Libertarian who wants open borders, small military, legalized drugs, and thinks it is OK for Iran to have nuclear weapons.   Romney is for a strong military, closing the border, small government, lower taxes, no icrease in spending, maximum oil and gas exploration, and free enterprise.

    • Ken

      Either you are ignorantly repeating talking points you heard or read or you are outright lying. Ron Paul is the only real Constitutional Conservative in the whole Gov't. Romney is the most liberal of the GOP candidates. No wonder we continue to elect people who are destroying our country !!!!!

      • Osherrie23

        Get off the Ron Paul nonsense!!! He is not going to win the nomination. No matter how much you like him. Romney is not the most liberal, KEN, you simply keep repeating the talking points. It;s way past time to stop the mocking and the lies and support Gov. Romney. HE is an extrodinary talent and will make you eat crow when elected, if you have any common sense left  you will realize this and vote for him to replace OBAMA!!!

  • Nate Kangas

    We have the establishment GOP and the Lame Stream Media still picking our candidates. If not for the Conservatives the Democrats would have kept control of the House. If not for the Conservatives The GOP would not have picked up the seats it did int the senate. That leaves out the Governors and lower offices that were filled in mass by Conservative and Tea Party voters.
    So the GOP gets a bit of power back and they thank the Conservative voter base by shoving Romney down our throats.
    They (The GOP and our current batch of RINOs) are too cowardly to call Obama on his crap, The GOP is to cowardly to put a Conservative forward as the Presidential nominee. How is that for a slap in the face, instead of a thank you  and a we heard you and know what you want.
    How much more evidence do people need to realize that NEITHER party represents the people any more? They are out of touch and both sides are on board with flushing our rights and freedoms down the toilet while they pad a better future for them selves at our expense.
    I want to know when we decide to take our country back from the idiots on both sides ruining the country. Do Not expect things to get better until we do.

  • Bill Weston

    Yeah, this is a rough and tumble campaign to be sure. Don't overlook the fact that the mainstream media has lost a tremendous amount of credibility. Accusations of stating false primary and caucus results have been made, and the convention to nominate a candidate is an additional dynamic as well. The people in our country won't decide until November and that is when "the fat lady sings". This campaign isn't just about a president either. One third of the Senate and all members of The House of Representatives are also up for re-election. With the national debt at record heights, two-thirds of our manufacturing exported, our houses at 40-60% of their value, and our currency going down the tubes, business as usual in Washington, D.C. won't cut it. The mood expressed in the mid-term elections of 2010, hasn't diminished very much. I think the mandate this election will convey is "enough is enough already.

  • Hastarock

    So it's Mitt vs. Mutt, then?

    Why bother with a campaign? Time to turn on a sit-com.

  • Annwkingsley

    There is intense diversity within the Republican Party, basically 2 factions with diametrically opposing views. The Social Conservatives will not in the end have a problem voting for Romney because they are Fiscal and Economic Socialist Progressives, just as Romney is. The  Social Conservatives are being prodded by Evangelical Leaders who are Fiscal and Economic Socialists. Fiscal and Economic Conservative Republicans have their jobs cut out for them in educating the Christian Evangelical leadership to dump Socialism. Some in the Evangelical Christian base are actually freedom loving Patriots who are Anti-Socialism and its agenda, but they are not voting that way because all of the Tea Party and Evangelical Leadership are moving them toward Social Issues screechers who are invariably Fiscal and Economic Socialists  instead of away from Socialism and its inherent  immorality.

    There is a lot of confusion regarding the composition of
    both Atheist and Christian groups. The demographics of these 2 groups show some
    striking differences within each group. We are applying a total lack of
    discriminative logic when it comes to both Atheists and Christians. Atheists
    come in 2 different stripes: One is immoral Socialist Liberal, and the other is
    the Ayn Rand Objectivists who are against Socialism and do support a principled society.
    The Ayn Rand Objectivist Capitalists have much more in common with Christians
    who are Fiscal and Economic Conservatives than they do with Socialist Liberal
    Atheists. These 2 seemingly opposite groups relate with each other better than
    they do with those on the opposite end of the spectrum in either camp. The Ayn
    Rand Objectivist opposes Socialism; your religion is your private business. By
    the same token, the Social Conservative Christians are Fiscal and
    Economic Socialists who have little in common with Fiscal and Economic
    Christian Conservatives. Social Issues Conservatives pretend to be solving
    moral issues by screeching instead of eliminating Socialism/Communism, which is
    the only cure for immorality. The Ayn Rand Objectivists and the Fiscal and
    Economic Conservative Christians are the principled realists who support the
    Republican and Libertarian Parties. These 2 groups need to understand their
    commonalities and align with each other. Ron Paul has both Ayn Rand Objectivist
    Capitalists and Christian Fiscal and Economic Conservatives in his base of
    support. Other principled Evangelicals need to move to this group instead of
    supporting Social Issues Conservatives who are destroying our country by
    supporting Federal spending for immorality and Federal Government theft from
    tax payers – Economic Socialism.  Social
    Issues Conservative Christian screechers have been driving the Fiscal and Economic
    Conservatives from their ranks for over 30 years, the length of time they have
    been screeching.  They are emptying their
    own churches with their unprincipled refusal to eliminate Socialism and
    re-instate principled government, Libertarianism, the philosophy of Our
    Founding Fathers and morality along with it. Too many people noticed this
    hypocrisy. Many became, “If you can’t lick them, join them” Liberal Atheists
    and Agnostics; others moved away from the church to Ayn Rand Objectivism. A few understood the only principled Evangelical Christian stance is Libertarianism. Most Social Conservatives are still Don Quixotes fighting those pesky windmills.

    Socialism does not produce an honorable life-style because it does not support God's Laws.

  • R.Woodworth

    Bobseeks is a Liberial. Anything, anything, any corrupt person, any murderer is better than OBASTARD.
    Anything............ they want us to argue. Elect Romney. He is 5000 space above the fuking OBASTARD.
    But you will find that all speaking against Romney are not Americans, because they voted for OBASTARD before......... and are on the dole, or welfare?

    • Nate Kangas

       I hate to tell you this I am not getting hand outs, I did not vote for Obama and I do not like Romney the RINO.
      I am a true Conservative who feels this country has drifted too far from the ideas that made the country great. I do not feel Romney represents those ideas. I feel Romney represents more of the same. The same crap we have had for a number of years while our freedom is flushed down the toilet, while our dollar is circling the drain. I will vote for Romney if he gets (and it looks like he will) the nomination, after that I will puke and pray we have enough control in both the House and the Senate to keep him in check. If we do not we will still be better than we will with a second term of Obama. Not because he is that much different than Obama I think they are a lot alike. I feel he will be better only because we know what direction Obama will go when he does not have to face another election. You think we swung left in the first 4 years give him 8 and you will not recognize this country.

  • Brad

    This is what will happen: Romney gets the liberal Republican nomination, conservatives, Christians, and conservative Republicans, Tea Party, stays home, I am one of them. Obama wins. Worst 4 years of tyrannical government in U.S. history. Economy destroyed, small business destroyed, constitution destroyed and finally the good-ole-boy Republican Party destroyed who brought all this about. We become a communist nation under the newly appointed king Obama, who reigns for 30 years. Train tickets issued to non-compliers to re-education camps in far away places.

  • Jdcoma

    I can't believe some of the crap I'm reading (bobseeks) for one. When at the time Gov.Romney to get anything passed through both houses, as I'm sure you know that the two houses were under control by the democRATS. And I just know that you have got to know that it was the two houses that put most of Romney care together or he wouldn't of had one thing go through for him to sign into law. So everything had to be approved by the democrats before (R) Gov.Romney could make it law or he could of been a lame duck and that wouldn't of looked good.Plus you really have got to give the guy credit for taking full responsibility for everything he's done.Were obama doesn't take any kind of responsibility for all his screw up's he'll just throw you under the bus,but he does love to take the credit of what other people have done for our country that wasn't his to take credit for. Theirs a lot of good democrats but theirs a lot more that are crooks, our Oval Office and a lot of the White House oh can't forget the senate has a whole bunch of crooks. Mr. bobseeks the truth is out there don't just read one news site read all of them and you'll soon see that a whole bunch of those so called news networks are way far to the left and their heads way up obama's. You got the point I hope,and wouldn't you vote for obama's family dog before giving your vote to him? 

  • Ken

    Brad,  if everybody who won't vote for Romney & Obama votes for Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano, we could elect them in a landslide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Advocates

    Obama is not destroying America. All these comments about that idiocy are just that. Unemployment is coming  down his positives are going up and the spread between his positives and negatives are way, way ahead of GW Bush's last 30 months.  Obama has a positive spread of 8-9 %, where in his predecessor had negative spreads that were record breaking. By the way, as bad as he was, the country has survived. But, just let us not forget, that when he left 700K jobs were evaporating each month and that negative legacy lasted for 9 months into the Obama Administration.  You cry babies better wake up. Four more years are on the way and for sure the Dems will control both Houses. Just look at the markets, listen to the pundits on CNBC and FNN and understand the recovery is here despite Republican and Tea Party obstructionism. My guess is that the Supreme Court will vote 6-3 sustaining the Obama Health Care law. What will be left for you 75+ year old zeros? Collect your Social Security, go to the doctor with your Medicare card and shut up!

    • Ken

      LOL, oh the mind numbing, dumbed down, mind controlling DNC Talking Points !!!!!!!!!!

  • Wtram46

    Mitt is another Obama!!  Be careful GOP!!!

    • Ken

      AMEN !!!!!!!

      • Osherrie23

        Do not disgrace the word Amen or associate it with such idot trash.

    • Osherrie23

      Is that what you live for? To lie, lie, lie?

  • Bob Basher

    I will be soooooo angry if Romney has some skeleton hes trying to hide in his closet as I wonder if dems have something on hom since he's the one they want we republicans to me that sends up red flags right off the bat!!!!

  • Joe Pacheco


    • Matt

      good-vote for obama and dress your wife /girlfriend in a burkha too

    • Osherrie23


  • Joe Pacheco

    I  WILL NOT vote for Romney!

    • Ken



  • Col

    I think the only way Romney can beat Obama is, to pick Rubio as his running mate and convince him to accept.  He is already gettting pressured by a lot of people in the Republican party. If Rubio really cares about what happens to this country, he will accept. Newt Gingrich said, he has known him for a very long time and all you have to do is say, country and he will accept. Without him, Romney is dead in the water.

  • Matt

    You'd think the FOOLS would be on the liberal websites ...but this conservative sees them HERE! You all sound just like Newt and Sanscrotum and the rest fighting amongst each other. No, Newt-No, Paul-No, Sanscrotum- NOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAMA. You're being played by the democrats and you're falling into the trap just like with mccan't and palin. The democrats divide and conquer you. If you fools throw your little conservative hissy fits and refuse to vote for Romney then your GREAT principles will get you owe-bow-mao. Can you conservatives really be as stupid as the democrats say you are?  

  • Ken

    RON PAUL Or None At All 2012 !!!!!!!!!

  • Liberty Roll

    Ron Paul may well have 7 caucus states under his belt by June.  The real shame is that even Conservatives cannot see their way straight to the most principled man left in the race.  He doesn't wear his Christianity on his sleeve, but he is pro-Life, pro-Liberty, and yes his foreign policy is the correct one.  And he is the only one left in the race who CAN beat Obama.   He polls higher among Independents and even Dems than the other candidates..  He is a win win solution to conservatives if they would only take off their blinders.. and stop listening to the MSM who is picking their candidates for them.  Both establishment Dems and Repubs do not like Ron Paul for a reason.  It would end their rule. 

  • Pontian_lyra

    The State GOP Chairs and electronic vote counting (totaling) manipulation was responsible for the voter fraud in the Republican Primaries and Caucuses. Many vote totals existed before people went to vote, this was known when election workers called in the totals of their voter precincts, only to be told by the person who was called up "we already have the totals" (which was impossible since it was a caucus).

    It makes no sense how Ron Paul gets the biggest crowds to his events, wins the majority of debates and exist polls, only to wind up losing every state in the country. It's totally obvious this contest is rigged folks. It doesn't just happen in places like Russia or Iran. Here is the truth: we don't elect our leaders, they are chosen for us. It's not who votes that matters, it's who counts the votes that matters! America needs a revolution, the time is now! The people now need to force Ron Paul into the White House and ambush the fraudulently elected candidate.

    • Guest

      Force,............what are you talking about.......a coup?????

  • Lisa Ann Voida

    NO ONE wants to talk about the influence that the Freemasons have in our political contenders.  I ask that you go to my wall LISA ANN DICKS and LISA DICKS Pittsbugh, PA and you will see why we have lost USA.  You have alot to read and to view and listen to from my WALL and I expect you all if you care to know more will have to research this.  But Freemason Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney is a 33rd degree Freemason, and guess what they do, have to swear on a KORAN when they take their oath to assent to the 33rd degree.  Might as well realize this Obama and Romney are two sides of the same coin, and it was George Soros that said that.    and the MEDIA is for ROMNEY because they want to get on the bandwagon for the New World Order regime so they can have a job still.  The compromises that people do will be a shock when you realize that Islam will take over USA this year.  Research about the guillotines in USA homeland, that President Bush ordered in and came from China, and you know that muslims love to kill infidels by chopping off their heads.  GO to my WALL and you will see alot there to read, listen to and research.  How's this for starters:   you have to realize that most of the media probably even this Godfather Politics are filled with Freemasons who don't want you to know the truth that they will overthrow the Christians, both Catholics and Orthodox Christians, because we can't be heard with all the MEDIA praising empty puppet ROMNEY.  

  • Ken


    The Only Ones With A Plan !!!!!!!!

  • Upaces

    NAPOLITANO  would be caught in the same building with Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul would look like a little school boy tailing behind a great man!

    • Upaces

       correction: NAPOLITANO would "NOT" be caught in the same building  with Ron Paul.

      • Ken

        You must be out of you mind. Napolitano calls Ron Paul the only conservative, The Elder Statesman; the THOMAS JEFFERSON of our time !!!!! He is a fervent Paul supporter. Go look on you tube and get cold chills when he introduces Ron Paul to standing room only crowds !!!!!!! The two of them are dynamite together !!!!!!!

    • dbassd

      Why, because he is a constitution loving American Patriot?  Both the military and the youth of this country support this great man.  He is ethical, honorable, constitutional, and unwavering in these beliefs.  Time to let go of your preconceived notions Friend. . .

  • Osherrie23

    Conservatives Jim Demint, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Nikki Haley, are the most obvious Conservatives supporting Romney. Nothing  said about Gingrich is not true.Santorum's record also reads like a list of everything conservatives say they dislike about the political class. Qualifications for President are all on Romney's side. PLEASE! realize he is a good, intelligent, leader. Romney wants all the things I've heard conservatives talk about every day, eight  hours a day, for the past 6 years. Beck, Hannity, Oreilly, Rush, Ingraham, Crowley, Coulter, Gallagher, Mancow, The Great One. Romney does not have to be stopped. He has to be supported and voted for. It is sad to see the same people day after day whining about Romney instead of realizing he is the best man for the job and is our best hope to beat Obama. Every day that goes by more negatives from fools like you are racked up. Swallow your insanity and realize what you are doing.

    • guest

       FINALLY   some sanity.   You have it exactly right.   I think most of the so called "conservatives" on this site are really 'died-in-the-wool-Liberals'  writing all kinds of lies, hoping some of it will stick

  • Upaces

    The UK will be counting the votes for the USA?

  • Upaces

     Rigged Voting Machines w/tag words words:  voter fraud, voting machines, defraud voters

  • Upaces

    VATICAN CALLS: Video: This Hoax Affects Everyone--RIGGED!!
    "Media Knows the Results in Advance-takes a "guess as to the outcome".  The entire thing is a HoaxVideo: 

    • Upaces

      The Vatican video is concerning the 2008 vote and this is still going on today!

  • Upaces

    Yes, THAT Hezbollah. What Hezbollah did was essentially provide  government health care for the people of southern Lebanon, which Mitt thought was a great idea.

    2007: Mitt Romney said Hezbollah-style healthcare would be good for Americaby barenakedislam

  • Upaces

    Romney Wants to Fund Obamacare:

    • Guest

       Don't believe that for a second.  Just rhetoric, lies.

  • Upaces
    • Guest

       And Obama will skrue us even worse.

  • Upaces

    Romney: Exploited American Businesses + Foreign $$


  • Upaces
    • Paul Smith

      "I don’t know if this is true. . ."  Great way to start a BLOG entry.  Give us a break, will ya?

  • Robalou01


    • Paul Smith

      Nope.  If we're going down, I'd rather it be under Obambam than under a GOP branded, New World Order shill (think Bush I and Bush II).  ABO is an acronym for 'maintain the status quo'.

  • Foxfire77

    This whole string is ridiculous!  I'm 69 years old, served 20 years in the military, and watched you pot-smoking dead heads give my country away!  You've had your heads stuffed in the boob tube for so long you actually believe what the lame stream media is telling you.  

    NONE of the three Republican candidates you all have been touting is worth a plug nickel, but the one man who can and WILL beat obama is Ron Paul.  He is the ONLY conservative running, definitely can beat obama, and will if you all start checking him out for yourselves instead of accepting what the media spoon feeds you.  

    If you vote for anyone other than Ron Paul, you DESERVE what will happen to this country in the next four years.   

    • Guest

       While I do like Ron Paul,  I don't see him winning the nomination.   To stick with him is simply giving the country back to the likes of Obama and his radical cohorts, makes us owe Trillions.
      I'd rather have a a plug nickel than the man who is tearing our country apart.
      Racism has not been this bad since the Watts Riots, and "they" keep fueling it.

      • William

         To stick with him serves to maintain and increase his numbers. This show isn't over because the Establishment and MSM (main stream media) want it to be. it's a long way from here to August. And as long as Ron is willing to stay in it, so am I and all of his other supporters.

         MSM have blacked out both Ron and Newt. They want people to forget that they're still in the fight. All of you that lack courage of conviction, shame on you. All of you swearing to Support "Anyone but Obama" shame on you too. You all cringe in fear claiming "Support the Nominee or Obama is sure to win" shame on you as well.

          I heard all of this "Get Behind the Nominee" crap in 2007 & 2008.
        Always the same drivel, "He may not be the best choice, but let's just
        get him elected. Then we can work on everything else.

        America doesn't need a band-aid it need an overhaul.

        You want us to all get behind the candidate, then give us a candidate that offers more than speculation. Give us a candidate with a real plan.

         I implore each of you to got to each candidates website and actually read the details of their campaigns. If you do you will see that 3 of the 4 give no time lines and promise no results. Only on one website will you find that the candidate actually gives the plans, the timeline and the amounts.

        I'm even gonna post the sites for you.

        "For America and For the Restoration of America's Promise of Liberty and Prosperity"

        "R O N   P A U L   for P R E S I D E N T    2 0 1 2" 

        The Only Candidate With a Plan that will  "RESTORE AMERICA NOW"

  • dondh

    If we conservatives are called Nazis, then the left-wing liberals are terrorists and anti-Americans!!!

  • Barbara E Taylor

    If ANY GROUP should be labeled "Nazi", it's the li-ber-als!  Typical Fascists everywhere, they demand TOTAL CENTRALIZED over EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES!  Even Communists don't do that! 

  • mardec

    If Romney loses to Obama, the blame will lie primarily on Gingrich and Santorum for running the most nasty and divisive primary campaign in my lifetime.  I always considered myself a Conservative, but apparently I am not "conservative enough" because I supported Romney from the beginning.  I no longer know what to call myself...a conservative or a moderate, but certainly not a Democrat or Liberal.  None of us holds 100% to some dictum of what a Conservative is supposed to be, and I resent all these attacks on a good man who has the knowledge and ability to get us out of the mess we're in and to beat Obama.

    However, now that the far right has beat up on Romney so viciously, he will have a far more difficult time beating Obama than he would have had if the primary contest been more civil.  You can say Romney is winning because he has more money, but the truth is money alone cannot buy votes.  The people in the Republican primaries have voted him to the top, while all opponents have fallen by the wayside.

    If the Republicans truly care for their country and want to stop Obama's Socialist/Marxist takeover, they will put aside this bitter internicine warfare and stop attacking Romney.

    • Allio

       You are exactly right.           Do these die-hard right wingers think  we'd be better off with what we have now?    I'm amazed at how many conservatives are willing to wring their own necks over nonsense.
      While I was not originally supporting Romney, I as a conservative understand we vote for the person who will win, not continue to support losers, when it hurts our country and causes the worst president who has bankrupted us to continue.  That's plain stupidity, not common sense.

      Some seem to stand on opinion only that will hurt us all worse ..  Case in point,  Four more years of what we have will ruin America  and all of us worse than Romney will.   At the very least, Romney is a good person, honest and loves America, in contrast to Obama who is hell bent on taking away our freedom,  causing America to become a 3rd world country, such as he knew when he lived in Jakarta, Indonesia.   He went to a church that taught hatred ( such as GD America), all his friends were some of the truth of what we have now, not a pretty picture.

      People, when you have a choice, you never take the worst, you take the least worse if that explains it.  I hardly think Romney is the least worse, but we all start out with our personal choices.

      • Citizen60

        Santorum is not a conservative, he's a union, government man. His voting records tell you his character. Newt has issues that will never allow him to be President, unless he becomes a Demoncrats, their standards are lower.

        I think this has been good for Romney, he need to be toughened up..or the demons would eat him alive.

    • Paul Smith

      What do you not understand about the fact that we REJECTED Romney four years ago in favor of {choke} McCain.  Nothing has changed.  He presents with the same set of baggage he had four years ago and he does so in the face of FAR superior (though imperfect)  candidates.

      • mardec

         He was not well known 4 years ago and he was not considered a "heavy weight" because of that in 2008.  So he was not rejected because he was unworthy, more because everyone knew McCain better.  And the bigoted attacks against him for his religion were more prevalent then as well.  They are still there today, but for fear of being exposed as bigots, the anti Mormon folks are quieter now.

        • Paul Smith

          Ummm, really?  Sure could have fooled me.  My data clearly differs from yours.  He might win. . .unless he nominates Rubio or Jindal as a running mate in which case I guarantee a loss.  Sure hope that doesn't happen.

    • RubyBlu

      I will vote for the Republican candidate - no matter who he is.  However, my fear with Romney is justified with the comment from George Soros, "I'm OK with Romney - he is just like Obama"...that should scare all of us!  I want a tough S.O.B. that has no fear of Obama and can go toe-to-toe on every issue....NEWT!

  • 73OldGeezer

    I too am a old geezer, 73. I came to Georgia in '87. Shortly thereafter I predicted that our precious country would see a revolution greater than the Civil War because the have nots will continue to demand their 'entitlements' from the Fed. Eventually there will be no middle class wage earner to pay into the National Treasury to pay those who do nothing and have always done nothing and instead have depended on the Federal dole for their subsistance. My prediction is this; "The have nots will rise up against those who have." When this happens it will be a gory mess far exceeding the war between the states.

  • Bernardo

    I'm 68 years old and have seen this country go through great leaders like JFK and Reagan,then sinking into a swamp with idiots like Carter,Clinton,and now Oboy the Worst. Used to be if you found oil you drilled for it now it has to go through a whole ration of political horses**t before the ground gets punched. The Feds had a budget where now none exists consequently money gets printed willy nilly and as the country gets flooded with more devaluing dollars inflation rears it's ugly head like the Carter years. Never thought I'd see the day of $5/gallon gas not because the price went up,it's because the buying power of the dollar went down. But...the dumb voters march to the polls like sheep and vote media endorsements versus taking the time in choosing candidates carefully. We get what these apathetic dummies voted for. Gingrich could give Oboy a run for his money better than Romney and Ron Paul is a strict constitutionalist with a solid voting record to match. Thanks to the communist media and establishment RINOS neither will arrive and all you hear is Romney who's a liberal bum,no friend of gun owners,will give us Romneycare,believes in global warming,and will jack taxes anyway because he's the flip flop maestro. Global warming! What a hoot! Climate change has never been man made and never will and the incredible college educated bozos in D.C. can't get their useless heads wrapped around that. When one spaketh of the good old days there's a truth because look at what we have now! Romney!! Whoop ti doo!

  • Allan Chamberlain


  • Navnek04

     While many lament the rise of Romney, including me, too many of those are just as willing to waste their time, effort and $ supporting equally bad, if not worse candidates in the form of Newt or Santorum.   ALL are big government hypocrites with little to no appreciation for liberty, the constitution, fiscal responsibility.  For a more thorough digestion of the candidates, see my blog, 

    RON PAUL stands head and shoulders above the rest if you look at issues, and appreciate freedom.

  • williamlsasman

    Are we being sent up the creek without a paddle on Rommy. The polls tell us that he has the best chance of beating obama, but are they giving us the true picture.  The GOP can not make a mistake on this coming election. Obama may have a bad  name for his first three years, but  he is in the drivers seat and has to be put out.

  • Mitchina

    This is the email I just sent the GOP - Governement Oligarchy Parazites:

    You are intentionally setting us up for failure once again in your
    contrived and controlled agreement for 8 on and 8 off administration power
    trade. ROMNEY IS A POSER, just as your entire body is as well.

    We're not stupid, we're just ougamed by your power.  We know interchanging those on Wall Street to
    high profile and impacting gvt positions has been going on since the 70's and so
    much more grossly overt in the last 10 years than any other period of time.  And only the rich elite are now allowed to play - our vote means squat!

    I think we need to revive the Glass-Steagall Act - and we can, no matter
    what the so called act says about not being able to. The corruption to support
    doing whatever the hell you want has been proven by scores of precedent and you
    can do it for this as well. 

    We need to add a corrective amendment on corporations being
    considered having a "personhood" status - why you can pick and choose which
    "personhood" laws this would apply to in every other Amendment is beyond
    stupid... it is manipulative and corrupt. This should be left to the individual
    states to decide... NOT THE FEDS, as with 95% of the intent of the constitution
    and bill of rights, it was to take POWER AWAY from a centralized gvt and put it
    close to the people in the hands of their STATE legislatures.

    This crappy Supreme Court has been bought and paid for over the last 7
    decades each being worse than the last by you evil bastards... all of you. BOTH
    SIDES... as if there is a difference.

  • RubyBlu

    VOTE for NEWT!  Put aside his 'past' which has been addressed and answered. We need a strong leader who will listen and stand up for us.  Sadly,  don't see this with Romney nor Santorum.  I suspect the current administration is doing happy dance that they will face-off with Romney.  We really need to get realistic - this is a battle for our country and not a game!  WAKE UP, AMERICA!

    • Paul Smith

      Ye shall know them by their fruits.  Fool me once, shame on you - sorry, you're not fooling me twice.

  • Tom

    This kind of back biting without even mediocre knowledge of the great man that Romney is is what is not only destroying the Republican Party but our entire nation.  Selfish uninformed and unrealistic attitudes spoken only with thoughtless emotion is what the democrats do.  Those of you who are complaining would fit better with them.  Gingrich is the same type and he is only in the race because he is a bitter and poor loser and most people see this instinctively and don't want that type of president-wisely.  This is why he often makes serious blunders just like Romney paraonoidals are making in trying to divide his backers.  They are helping Obama get reelected.  Please stop and search deeper into Romney's character.  Then whoever of you is more perfect let him go ahead and cast stones.

    • Paul Smith

      Sorry, Tom, but I know all that I need to know about Romney.  We rejected him in '08 and he's being rejected now for the same reasons.  Get a clue, my friend.

  • Biloak71

     This nomination process is out of whack this year! Above ALL ELSE WE NEED OBAMA OUT! The country, the people(me too). SO We have ONE person  to oppose the despicable Obama - at least it seems so, at this point. Like him or not, that's Eomney.  Most polls show him quite a bit behind O.; saying he can't win. So why is he there? Because the field is weak? Other names in the running can't win either. So, America is in deep doo-doo. A front-runner who can't win, and others unable to. At the exact moment THE R's HAVE TO WIN! For America's sake!c. How stubborn and blinded can the people be! If the R's "sit this one out" as McConnell is doing with the Senate on healthcare, what's going to be left  to fight for in 4 years? Hmmm?
    I thought I'm conserv,. but I will not follow in lockstep their pattern of "he's not conservative enough!" Or, "he's like Obama." NO ONE IS LIKE OBAMA! NO ONE IN THE WHITE HOUSE has been as radical, left, and blatant in their dislike of the USA. So these conserv's or whatever they are WILL knowingly  HARM OUR NATION by turning theor backs on us? I don't knot whether I'd want them in the next foxhole! MAN-UP, BRIT YOUR TEETH and VOTE OBAMA OUT! Romney, however abrasive, DOES NOT SHARE OBAMA'S IDEOLOGY. There's only 2 choices in the race for AMERICA'S FUTURE; THROW OUT the bad apple!

  • Robert

    There is an old saying " A leopard don't change it's spots ". The same could be said for Mitt Romney (ex-democrat). He was first with Romneycare and he's going to face Obama on the issue of Obamacare? Like the pot calling the kettle black (no racial intent). Romney is also for the NDAA. Simply put we'd be electing in many ways a white verison of Obama. I am sorry to say, but IF Romney is the Republican candidate for president, all is lost and Obama will rule another 4 years. Republicans had better pull their heads out of the sand and get someone that can stand for what we stand for and regain the control of our government and country.

  • Upaces

    Jim! I cannot tell you how many times I have said, "DO NOT write in your votes."  and
    NO, we cannot vote for a 3rd party this time that isn't on the ballot (?);

    I was, by accident, on a Ron Paul site.  I read along....gave my thoughts and BLASTED for havig a different opinion...or an alternative.  I stopped commenting, and would just sit there and read their comments.
    They were DECIDING how they could commit fraud; disrupt other speakers; and they sincerely believed that if ALL of them got together to "write in" Ron Paul's name -- he could Actually win!!!

    They remind me of the liberals in that regard.
    I used to blog on Yahoo Buzz.  I thought they just didn't understand and would proceed to explain their confusion.  They don't think they ae confused -- it is US.

    A U.S. Psychiatrist Calls Liberals Mentally Ill (and I do include Ron Paul people in this because they do NOT understand, and you can't tell them that he is NOT a Consitutionalist...

  • liberty49

    If Conservatives can elect Tea Party Republicans to the Senate and the House, they can control any moderate Republican President. Our mission is to elect ANYONE WHO CAN BEAT OBAMA is we are going to be able to save America from the likes of Obama and his Marxist Czars, Bill Ayers and the new black panthers, (Obama's civilian army!

  • Sphinx45

    I find this hard to believe..... Romney should beat Obama with ALL our help..... O-man is the enemy here and now.

  • LonMike

    The Republicans have been slow to learn putting up a "Moderate" as a candidate has proven to be a loosing effort each time they have attempted it. Most recently has been John McCain, and before that was Bob Dole. The Republican elite think that we must move toward the center to be more electable, but it has been proved that we need to show that we are different than Democrats and stand for something different. I wish that we had a conservative "conservative" running for president. Romney is nothing more than Obama light. There is not a candidate who is truly conservative.

    • Paul Smith

      Of course there is, LonMike.  His name is Ron Paul.  What could be more conservative than limited/smaller government, no taxes, end the Federal Reserve, remove unconstitutional laws, increase national defense while reducing our empire?

  • Txblackjack

    This is a excellent article.  Looks ominous for The People.  The last primary is in June. All the People should have the chance to cast our vote for our choice.  Why even bother to complete the primaries? Why even have a convention?   The Supreme Court will announce their decision in June. The convention is until August in Tampa, FL. ( No coincidence the civil unrest began in Stanford, FL) Glad the Gov came out yesterday and put a executive gag order on this case until the Investigation is completed and the Grand Jury convenes and their verdict is announced.  Rule of Law will prevail..
     Newt stated the strategy & tactic of keeping the Democrats guessing who will be the Nominee until the convention.  H Cain repeated this strategy when asked in his interview on Fox News last week.  Gov Palin voted for Newt, R Perry endorses Newt & M Bauchman has repeatedly stated that all the People had not decided which we have not. 
     Newt and the Conservatives are responsible and deserve the credit due for stopping the Progressive Corrupted Clinton Admin & the Progressive majority in the Legistlative Branch that opened their closet doors & their Pandora's Box the FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of our Republic to their Communist Democracy.

    Choice (1) Romney- RINO big money establishment Candidate.
    Choice (2) Santorum - The Neocons Candidate.
    Choice (3) Newt - the Patriot Federalist Candidate
    Choice (4) Paul - Republican Libertarian wing Candidate.

    The hand writing is on the wall.  The Patriots have never needed more than "a few good men" and the will of The People will not and cannot be denied in Nov for WE remain one Nation under God.

  • William

     Romney's financial plan will in short be nothing more than an economic bandage. Our economy is hemorrhaging.  The economic plans of Santorum and Gingrich prove to be the same.

     While each of the above mentioned candidates' Economic Plans do address reductions in Government Spending, none of them outline a time frame for the reductions and while all three do mention working on a Balanced Budget Amendment, none of the above propose a time period for having the Budget balanced.

    To date Ron Paul is the only candidate having set a tentative date for balancing the Federal Budget. Ron's plan shows the budget balanced within 3 yrs. of his inauguration date (personally I'm praying for Jan. 2012)

     I have taken the liberty of posting links to each candidate "Official" campaign site so that anyone wishing to refute my posting can examine the information for themselves.

    "For America and for the preservation and Restoration of America's promise of Freedom and Prosperity"

     "R O N  P A U L   f o r  P R E S I D E N T   2 0 1 2"   "G O D  B L E S S   A M E R I C A"!!!!   

  • Don

    we are sure stupit. i think everone is liberial thinking. what eles can explain choosing mitt.

  • klr56

    Dear Brad,
    When did the dictionary start equating Republican with conservative. Not only are there conservative Democrats there are many conservative Americans who do not affliliate with any party (they are known as Independents). You are using a quote from 1993, Brad, people do change with time. Again, I say that Romney IS conservative. And you are rather immature to be calling me a liar for my opinion. Good day.

  • Remember in November

    Journalism is DEAD....and until it has a reincarnation.....We're Screwed!   The only possible hope we have in the Fall is to have a solid majority in the Congress and Senate (AND NO RINO's).

  • William

     Would you please be so kind as to present any and all information that validate your statement "Romney is the best" ?

    Please, don't bother with opinion.  I will require substantiated information with which to assess the your candidates qualifications that I might give him thorough and proper vetting.

     I'm sure Mr. Romney appreciates your support. Truthfully, I find personal advocating to be the most effectual form of support. As it renders the highest level of results.

    P.S links to information are really helpful. Thank you.

  • sleepergirl

    Endorsements by the Bushes I can understand.  Chris Christie too.  But where are Gov Haley, Gov Pawlenty, Donald Trump, Gov McDonnell after their endorsements?  I don't hear much from them.  Seems like a very lukewarm endorsement.  I'm really disappointed, though, to hear that Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio endorsed Romney this week.  But then again there was info published that Romney has contributed money to the re-election compaigns of those who endorsed him. 

    It was we Tea Party conservatives who delivered state houses and the US House to the GOP in 2010.  How soon they forget.

    • Dianequestions

      Romney is a Tea Party conservative. Ryan and Rubio are both smart and realize this. Santorum is a fake conservative and a reason the Tea Party was formed.

  • Luke179a

    Romney's conservative ranking is actually pretty high on fiscal issues.

    If he gets in... and we elect more conservative senators... it's going make a BIG difference!

  • Bette Cadwell

    Chalmette lady

    As the statement says, I was locked out of the election in Louisiana, both me and my husband were
    not allowed to vote.

  • noitaint

    What matters the" most" is that we have a majority in both the House and the Senate that can over-ride a presidential veto. if conservatives fail to do this, we are doomed!!

    • Rumionemore

      Dream on. Conservatives have their heads too far up their bottoms to get it that Romney is the only one who can beat Obama. Conservatives need to decide if they want to spread their 1950s gospel - or put a Republican in the White House. Can NOT do both. The voters this Nov. will include big numbers of all of those people Republicans have alienated - women, gays, Hispanics, the poor and youth. Oh, yeah - fat, old, white, conservative men and their loyal womenfolk will be there, too, but not in numbers big enough to defeat Obama. This election will NOT be like the one in 2010 that ushered in Boo Hoo Boehner.

  • Keith Dobbs

    Romney just reminds me of a man who would be kissing your baby with his hand in your back pocket stealing your wallet. God help us in the next election if he is the nominee.

    • Dianequestions

      Bad judge of character. Romney has his owned earned money. He is also very away about 16% of his money to charity.

  • Hank

    Since the start of this campaign, I have been annoyed by the constant selling of Romney as the inevitable GOP candidate for president.  This has not been just the mainstream media but has certainly been the case on other outlets such as Fox News.  It always seemed ridiculous to me for the GOP to nominate a socialist to run against another socialist with a helluva lot more money to spend on the campaign, but then, the leadership of the Republican Party have never been known for their brainpower.  It finally dawned on me that the reason for this sales job is that, although Romney is not native to New England, he has been there long enough that he has become "one of them", and to the leadership of the party and the media that is really the only requirement for qualification.  If their commie buddy does get thrown out of office, they want to be sure they have one of their own as his replacement who will continue their lame-brained agenda.  Unfortunately, the average Joe doesn't have a clue, so he listens to the 'unbiased' news which cleverly insinuates that the race is over and Romney won.  A nod is of course given to the others to make sure old Joe doesn't catch on too quick, but it's obvious the choice they want you to make because the others just have all this "baggage" or are 'too Christian'.  Average Joe doesn't want to read enough to know what the real issues are so he just takes his instructions and votes accordingly, and we get stuck with another go-along-to-get-along middle of the roader who, if he does get elected, won't rock the boat.  The result is that the people get suckered into another four years of liberalism / progressive-ism / communism.  The major difference will be that this time we will at least know where the hell he was born and that he actually is a citizen of this country.  That's something, I guess, but it seems small payment for the liberties we continue to trade away.

    • GodsavethePeasants

      Fox has sold out for quite some time to inevitability bs and is trying to push the 'moderates'  and 'middle ground' crap that ends up with no change in the gradual erosion of our constitution and bigger government at best, or the 'total transformation of America' at worst.(Actually, it would be a transformation of where we were at least 40 years ago or trying to return to under Regan)

  • Dianequestions

    And just who would you replace "every incumbent Senator and Congressperson" with? I would not replace my Congressman. I keep up with what he is doing in Congress and he is doing an excellent job. It would be wonderful to replace my two Senators.
    How can Paul be president when he has been unable to win even one state?

  • Dianequestions

    Never heard of this person.

  • Dianequestions

    Oh my help...I accidently clicked like.......
    After the Bush tax cuts we had 4 years of prosperity. In 2006 the Dems were elected to control both The Senate and the House and there started our financial crash made so much worse by Obama who has spent more than all of our previous presidents combined. Incidently Obama, Biden and Hillary were all  in the Senate. Of course, the blame someone else Obama pretends to ignore this.
    The auto industry should have corrected itself as did Ford. Obama took stocks and bonds from stockholders and gave them to the UAW. They have not paid back the taxpayers and yet give themselves bonuses.
    Obamacare was not modeled after Romneycare stated by Obama and Santorum.  Romneycare did nothing like Obamacare which takees money away from Medicare to pay for it. Romneycare has no death panels....etc...... 
    Your name calling and attempts at humor fall flat.

    • Rumionemore

      No one ever mentions that Bush's failure to lead Congress most likely was the biggest contributing factor to the economic meltdown. W was too concerned about his two brutal, pointless wars and trying to concocot ways to spy on innocent Americans. Next to Jimmy Carter, he has the biggest failed U.S. presidency of all time.

  • Dianequestions

    Actually I do not see Romney as having a big ego. It only recently came out that he kept none of his inheritance but gave it to charity.
    Santorum acts very smug and egotistical. He is out of his league and has no accompolishments to give him a big ego.

    • GodsavethePeasants

      What a rabid little Rombot we are.  Are you on the payroll or a cultist contemporary, or just a good ole' gal GOP idiot?  BTW, I have seen nothing but a humble spirit from Santorum; no, he isn't a Wall Street wheeler dealer using downright crooked hedge fund bs to keep from paying taxes on their insider game.  Anyone who has done any kind of trading as small individual can attest to the rigged game in the market, where you either have to hold good long term money machines or if trying to play the market, you have to guess which side they are going to screw at any point in time to make a killing or pay a service that knows who is doing what when to improve chances of guessing right.

  • Upaces

     Margaret...IF you haven't seen, PLEASE watch it.
    This is the 2008 election -- you know -- the one when Obama was the "golden boy"...HE DID NOT WIN.

    VATICAN CALLS: Video: This Hoax Affects Everyone--RIGGED!!"Media Knows the Results in Advance-takes a "guess as to the outcome".  The entire thing is a HoaxVideo: 

  • Upaces

    Margaret, I am uploading two more video(s) of how we have ALL been defrauded out of having exactly who we want and vote for.  I apologize if they are similar; however, the key issue here is the voting machines are "programmed"...yes, programmed to a specific person.
    An example;
    Let's say you vote for Newt -- wellll, someone(?) decides who is "best for us."  YOUR vote goes to who "they want" -- whoever "they are?"

  • Dianequestions

    Romney.....will give all 50 states a waiver on Obamacare.
    Will lower tax rates and get rid of loopholes.
    Will complete the border. Will hold employers who hire illegals accountable.
    Will restore American pride and our place in the world.
    Will allow drilling and will not raise taxes to pay for the farce of global warming.   ect

  • Upaces

    Margaret, here is the 3rd video about Voter fraud:

     Voting Machines w/tag words words:  voter fraud, voting machines, defraud votersMy question is -- WHO is behind it? The Media? Powers that be(?)???

  • Upaces

    Don't think that last video came out right, Margaret...Adding it again. 

  • Michael Turley

    Here in Nevada we've experienced the Romney corrupted GOP elites grip on the RCCP first hand from the Caucus farce right into the Clark County convention [Clark is the largest county in Nevada] inspite of the overwhelming support for Ron Paul. The opposition to Ron Paul is froth with progressive/liberal GOP old line nonsense. These are not conservatives. They are "Globalist" minded, media manipulated liberals, who have only the media and GOP elite argument for Romney. "He's the only one who can beat Obama" and "He's more acceptable to moderate independents."  What a crock! Romney and His father before him have put thousands of hard working Americans out of work. The GOP is just another elitist path to One World Government, a Globalist Plutocracy. If the GOP runs Mitt the only change in the White House will be the color of the President's skin.

  • Upaces

    Diana: He has $$ in Bain Investment in CHINA; 

    Romney also stated he would vote for the NDAA;
    Romney also states, No need to be mad about Obamacare;

    Romney parks Millions in hidden account in the Cayman Islands + Foreign Money -- both are considered a crime in the U.S.
    Google: Romney's role in the Damon Corp Medicare Fraud
    Romney (2007) thought Hezobolah Insurance would be good for America.
    Romney exploited American Business while taken in Foreign $$.

    Those are just at the top part of my files on Romney....I have over 50 on him.

  • GodsavethePeasants

    So the GOP rewards the tea parties for the 2010 win by crapping all over them and standing by and watching Obama's SS at IRS try to shut them down.  Makes me real excited about giving them any money or working in any way to elect Rombo except to rage against Obama; I may vote in protest 3rd party since Kansas is a lock for GOP.  I would have been willing to contribute and even work out of state for awhile or on phone banks in a battleground state if  Bachmann, Santorum, Cain or even Gingrich had ever had a REAL shot at the nomination.

  • toddyo1935

    When my Congressman endorsed Romney and took over his CA campaign, I wasn't surprised, given the structure of Republican politics in Bakersfield. When Paul Ryan endorsed Romney ahead of Santorum, who has hung close while being outspent by 6 or 10:1, my heart sunk.

    The Young Guns are running a circular firing squad,. Ford, Bush 41, Dole and McCain. The Party elite just can't help themselves.

    BTW, the Tea Party at its root runs on Chaos theory - unexpected meetings and opportunities a totalitarian from the right or left will never figure out. Those undermined elements of the Tea Party are just self serving fund raisers for their own benefit. A vision is a terrible thing to lose, especially if it takes the nation down with it.

    Santorum is the only viable candidate that understands the real battle - spiritual warfare that is clouding the political arena. Ryan understands it too, but it looks like he forgot and caved in.

  • djw663

    The establishment is winning once again, I have said since the beginning that Romney is just a slower paced version of Obama and this article says everything I have been saying.  Even with all the baggage the best candidate for the job is Newt, he is by no means the perfect candidate but he knows how things get done in congress, he knows how to impliment change so that others can succeed.  Too bad we will have another type of socialist in the White House!  The "boobtube" is a powerful weapon and since the average IQ in America is less than 100 their minds are easily brainwashed by the media.  Someday the truth will be seen by everyone and I hope it is not to late to save America!  Go Tea Party Go, we have to win every seat we can to regain America and our freedoms.

  • sstemple

    STOP THE ROMNEY BASHING!!  Let us not forget that Ronald Reagan started out being a Democrat , was the president of an union, and was an actor when he ran for President.  He turned out to be one of our greatest presidents!

  • doghousethumper

    Nope, sorry, fella.  Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and all the right-wing Fascists were your good ol' boys.  Don't even think of  trying to pin them on anybody but the wing-nut branch of Conservatism. As Il Duce said, in Fascism there isn't a cigarette-paper's distance between government and big business.  Right out of the Koch Bros. and ALEC playbooks! Nice try, but CHA-CHING NO SALE!!!

    • Paul Smith

      You don't know much about politics, do you?  Fascism, like all the other -isms, is just another name for Socialism and fits correctly on the far LEFT end of the political spectrum.  On the far right is Anarchy which is no government at all.

  • Upaces

     SS Temple:  What do you mean "stop the Romney bashing?"  Do you really think we can afford another Obama at this critical stage in the history of Our Country?
    Since the Media has betrayed us by NOT giving ALL the facts of each candidates, WE HAVE TO DO OUR OWN RESEARCH.  The Media elected Obama (will have the video explaining how).

    1)  Romney IS Obama (as per WH and Soros;
    2)  Romney stated he would vote for NDAA;
    3)  Romney stated in 2007, that Hezabolah (sp?) healthcare is a model we should have;
    4)  Romney stated: Islam is not inherently violent (he hasn't read the Koran);
    5)  Romney has already broken federal laws due to wire transfers of $$ to off shore accounts in the Cayman Islands;
    6)  Romney also involved in Medicare fraud;
    7)  Romney exploited American Businesses with Foreign $$;

    I have 3 video(s) of how voter fraud is committed,  I believe this is the one that explains how it is done.  Let's say you voted for McCain/Palin...the machine is programmed to take that vote and give it to the "preferred choice" of?(?).  The second video is what happened in 2008. words:  voter fraud, voting machines, defraud voters
    "Media Knows the Results in Advance-takes a "guess as to the outcome".  The entire thing is a HoaxVideo: 

  • HDCandela

    Dole, McCain, Romney?  Do not vote until the GOP learns their lesson.  I am tempted not to vote, in order to bring the socialist/communist pimple to a head, and then pop it.  Really, we should have this out in my lifetime for the sake of our children's children.  Can you hear it now?  "Grandpa, what did you do when the people of the USA rose up, with the help of half of the military, and restored the limitations of The Constitution? against those evil Obama totalitarians?"  "Grandpa, what were FEMA, NDAA, NDHS, 40Cal, MREs agenda 21, the red list and the blue list?"

    • Ree

      go ahead and don't vote for Romney, we will not have a country left tea party or no tea party, so it is up to you people, that are so smart, (satire).

  • HDcandela

    Only kidding comrade, I will be voting for Romney too.  He is the state approved candidate who can most likely win.

    • Paul Smith

      You mean he's the Elite choice who will change nothing so it's safe if we elect him over Obummer.  Great.

  • Mrooker

    Romney will clearly have to be brought along to implement Conservative positions.  The fact that Marco Rubio endorsed him does carry some weight.  Hopefully, Romney will have him as a running mate.  It is not helpful for Republicans to continue to rip each other apart.  They need to get behind the effort to get rid of the current regime.

    • Paul Smith

      What do you not understand about the fact that Rubio is not eligible.  If he gets tapped for a presidential ticket, it will split the GOP down the middle and guarantee a Democrat win. 

      DON'T DO THAT!!

  • Claims1

    Everyone denies the existence of a Republican Establishment in Washington, D.C.  I'm not one of those.  That same Establishment is, and has been, in bed with the media.  I'm sorry, but they are cheering for Romney; Newt and rick should fold their tents and go home, but this fellow Romney has been running for  POTUS for 6 years, and even now, he can't convince enough voters to push him across the finish line.  If he is the knighted bearer of the GOP crown of victory, why haven'y WE put him over the top?  Anyone other than me at all curious?

    • Dianequestions

      He is certainly headed over the top...added 3 more wins tonight.  Always wonder who the "establishment" is.  Tonight Santorum called Tea Party Senators Marco Rubio and Ron Johnson part of the "establishment."

  • LeeMan

    Dont be such a pessimist, Tad. Another 4 yrs under Obama will Destroy US.

  • Citizen1vote

    No Romney in 2012, we don`t need another non christian in the white house. Look at the mess the non christian in the white house has caused. The democratic socialist of America have all but destroyed the tea party and here are their names. These people along with the jewish owned media HATE the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They will do and say anything to Destroy both. 
    For this is what we are fighting freedoms oldest enemy the passion of the few to rule the many that`s what is at steak it`s us or them one must die one must live.
    Owning a firearm is a pursuit of happiness fulfilled.The Democratic Socialists of America a list of 70 members of the U.S. Congress who are members of the organization: They must be removed at all cost.
    Hon. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-07)
    Hon. Lynn Woolsey (CA-06)
    Vice Chairs
    Hon. Diane Watson (CA-33)
    Hon. Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-18)
    Hon. Mazie Hirono (HI-02)
    Hon. Dennis Kucinich (OH-10)
    Senate Members
    Hon. Bernie Sanders (VT)
    House Members
    Hon. Neil Abercrombie (HI-01) Hon. Tammy Baldwin (WI-02)
    Hon. Xavier Becerra (CA-31) Hon. Madeleine Bordallo (GU-AL)
    Hon. Robert Brady (PA-01) Hon. Michael Capuano (MA-08
    Hon. Corrine Brown (FL-03)) Hon. André Carson (IN-07)
    Hon. Donna Christensen (VI-AL) Hon. Yvette Clarke (NY-11)
    Hon. William “Lacy” Clay (MO-01) Hon. Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05)
    Hon. Steve Cohen (TN-09) Hon. John Conyers (MI-14)
    Hon. Elijah Cummings (MD-07) Hon. Danny Davis (IL-07)
    Hon. Peter DeFazio (OR-04) Hon. Rosa DeLauro (CT-03)
    Rep. Donna F. Edwards (MD-04) Hon. Keith Ellison (MN-05)
    Hon. Sam Farr (CA-17) Hon. Chaka Fattah (PA-02
    Hon. Bob Filner (CA-51) Hon. Barney Frank (MA-04)
    Hon. Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11) Hon. Alan Grayson (FL-08)
    Hon. Luis Gutierrez (IL-04) Hon. John Hall (NY-19)
    Hon. Phil Hare (IL-17) Hon. Maurice Hinchey (NY-22)
    Hon. Michael Honda (CA-15) Hon. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-02)
    Hon. Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30) Hon. Hank Johnson (GA-04)
    Hon. Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) Hon. Carolyn Kilpatrick (MI-13)
    Hon. Barbara Lee (CA-09) Hon. John Lewis (GA-05)
    Hon. David Loebsack (IA-02)
    Hon. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14) Hon. Ben R. Lujan (NM-3)
    Hon. Ed Markey (MA-07) Hon. Jim McDermott (WA-07)
    Hon. James McGovern (MA-03) Hon. George Miller (CA-07)
    Hon. Gwen Moore (WI-04)
    Hon. Jerrold Nadler (NY-08)
    Hon. Eleanor Holmes-Norton (DC-AL)
    Hon. John Olver (MA-01)
    Hon. Ed Pastor (AZ-04)
    Hon. Donald Payne (NJ-10)
    Hon. Chellie Pingree (ME-01)
    Hon. Charles Rangel (NY-15)
    Hon. Laura Richardson (CA-37)
    Hon. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34)
    Hon. Bobby Rush (IL-01)
    Hon. Linda Sánchez (CA-47)
    Hon. Jan Schakowsky (IL-09)
    Hon. José Serrano (NY-16)
    Hon. Louise Slaughter (NY-28)
    Hon. Pete Stark (CA-13)
    Hon. Bennie Thompson (MS-02)
    Hon. John Tierney (MA-06)
    Hon. Nydia Velazquez (NY-12)
    Hon. Maxine Waters (CA-35)
    Hon. Mel Watt (NC-12)
    Hon. Henry Waxman (CA-30)
    Hon. Peter Welch (VT)
    Hon. Robert Wexler (FL-19) 70 avowed socialists in U.S. Congress  

    • Reader

      May not be able at this time stop R. but we can control his if we have enough Western Minds in Both Houses. Thanks for the list but now we must find those we can get to run (like Tea Party) and get them elected.  Remember: we are battling on Two Major Fronts and numberous smaller but just a deadly fronts: They are the statists which are now basically all the dems; and the republican party the statists-lights and statiest-moderates like Sen.McAZstatists-light  who desires to spend more money we do not have collapsing the nation through debt (debt alone can collapse the nation within the decade) by attacking Syria in another loosing Miltary Police Action knowing full well that to go to war requires Congress to declare War by law and then you to WAR and distroy every thing and win, plus, the anarchists in the republican party of which desire capitalism's fruits without the foundation of the West rooted in the moral and ethical values and principals based in Judean-Christian biblical foundation for intrensic capitalism and the rule of law. The latter in not only Ron Paul but the hybid anarchist-statist-moderate Mit who if nominated we cantrol; but only if we control both House with those of the Western Mind and Heart. Be not decived; we are in the greates battle for Personal Freedom and Liberty in the World since the Founding Fathers.  We have always defeated the Enemies of Freedom without; but not we are facing the enemy within (strange as it may seem they are the same enemies of freedom; only now they say Allien Invasion and seek to take over from withing.) There is vaccine. It is the life giving truth message contained in the Western World View that took root in America and changed the World for the good at every level.  It twice saved the world from what would have been centuries of Tyrrany and Chaos. It gave the world the greates standard of living and prosperity. The left in all its forms hates America, Israel and our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. They have told us so over over again: Remember: "If I am elected you will see your energy cost skyrocket." Why?  To have a "great" nation you have to have energy, losts of it and cheep. " " We are days away now from 'Fundamentally Changing America'" ; I ask you into what: Have you listened to what? "Dreams ... Father" His father was an anti-colonial Marxist; "When I went to college; I went and studied with the Marxist." Just recently: "It will be upheld by the Supreme Court that a Democratic Congress passed' What that the Federal Government can make you purchase what demands:  This exansion of Power will if not over turned will be telling what to do with every aspect of our lives.  Note: the last signing of the Marshall Law EO where He is allowed to take even your food and water.  This is not a game, or a movie; we are looking at what George Soros' said:  The United States is the only thing that is preventing the completion of the New World Order." We can win; but we have to get the West's message out; run cannidates that hold to the Western Way of Life; that keep their word; that have enough understanding of consequences if we fail.  When Rome fell through debt and all the other statist thinking and actions as a nation and society, the event sent the world into a 1000 years of darkness.  What do you think the world will look like after the Fall of America? The statist believe that "this time" they will create an Utopian Society (return to Plato) instead of the ashes and the mountain of skulls that are there history.  I have at my age seen their handy work; and after they created their society of ashe all that remain are the bones and more ashes - PolPot, Hitler, Woodrow Wilson WWI, Jimmy Carter 23% inflation and morass, Cha, Castro, and the list is throughout history. Why do they always desire a "Democracy" and refer to America as a democracy?  We are a Republic. We can win but the people must hear; have a time to digest the message with study and questions, understand, and then they will awaken.  Even Mit is being slowly effected.  He doesn't wait the Western Mind, but he is forced to move toward the West, and the further one moves the greater the message's power. Reader

    • Dianequestions

      We cannot control another's religion. I look for some one with good social values.
      Jimmy Carter was a Southern Baptist. He fooled many good people into thinking he was a good Christian and therefore would be a good president..............

  • Tristanflight

    as long as i live and breathe, i will continue to fight for  our constitution and our country.  even if i remain one single lone voice...i will still stridently snd bodly struggle for our natural God-given freedoms. liberty is not free.  we only lose the right to be free men and women when the last of our voices are silenced.  i will not go quietly into the night.  i will not go down in a whimper.  and you, my fellow patriots, will not quit the fight.  have courage.  do what americans do best--- rise to the occasion. these are times where each of us our american heroes.  never give up.  never, never give up.

  • Dianequestions

    I do not think unfounded name calling  has a place in this election.  You sound like Santorum who had very weak answers on Fox News Sunday. He stumblingly defended voting for Big labor because it was what his state wanted but attacked Romney on healthcare which his state wanted. You may not think abortion and religion issues have a place in this election but Santorum is the one who has made them the central issues of his campain.
    You say you want a candidate who cares about blue collar America...I want a candidate who cares about all of America. It will take that kind of candidate to beat Obama.
    I  do not know of any experience Santorum has had in creating jobs. President Romney will bring jobs back to America by cutting taxes and also by our producing our own energy.
    Romney is the only candidate who has shown evidence of beating Obama. To beat Obama we will have to stop the name calling and in fighting and be united behind our candidate and get moderate and independent votes also.

    • GodsavethePeasants

      Blah, blah, blah, blah.  Nancy has crushes, on mitt and maybe his wife; not for me to judge but why don't you get a job instead of constantly trolling for Rombo as a nice little Rombot.   Maybe this IS your job?  Think about it people; the Mormon crew has put tens of millions into the battle to destroy any and all conservatives to further Rombo's scorched earth campaign.  Myself and many other conservatives would have been happy with any of a variety of conservatives, the last and most electable being Santorum; we don't have some sort of personal , almost fanatical(no wonder he and Paul cooperate) fascination with our guy, nor do we expect to be rewarded by the established RINOs for furthering his case.  If anyone is a rabid, radical bunch out to destroy the party if the voters reject us, it would be the Rombots.  Think about it, those of you who hope to get our party and our country back.

      • Dianequestions

        Thank you but I am retired. I have loved my country and supported it ever since I was a child in small town America.
        Santorum is no conservative. Check out his record.
        Romney is a very loyal American Conservative Republican. He bowed out of the race in 2008 and worked for the winning candidate. But not Santorum, Newt and Paul.......they will take down the Reps and give the election to Obama since they will not be our nominee....maybe for revenge.
        I do not whine. I do not name call.

  • Jeff W

    "Nazis, or National Socialists, of course were firmly on the left side of
    the political spectrum, with their love of government control,
    elimination of private property, racial stratification, environmental
    regulation and eugenics."

    THANK YOU, I've been making that argument for years. Every time some liberal calls a Republican NAZI, I counter them with the truth that liberal ideology is much closer to what the NAZIs practiced than conservative ideology is. Usually they go into a screaming fit of apoplexy and start calling me names or accusing me of ignorance, which only makes me smile because then I know I've won the debate.

  • Bama59

    I could see this coming for months. Even though I didn't want to believe that the establishment could win and the GOP put up another loser to the Dems. I could see it coming. To many have believed all the crap the media, which is very liberal biased, put out about each of the candidates that stood any chance of winning against Obama. What happened to all the abused/harassed women from Herman Cain's past as soon as he dropped out of the race? IMHO he was the one that stood the best chance and we let the liberals smear him with lies until he had to go. People believe the garbage the media spews and in effect let them decide who our candidate will be. The dems. have the best of both worlds, pick their candidate and pick the one he runs against. Even if Romney were to win against Obama the dems could live with it because they know he will not do major harm to their agenda. The liberals have won the war to control our government and we may as well face up to it.

  • GodsavethePeasants

    Yes, Romney is the choice of entire Bushy family.  He was NOT my choice in primary of 2000, but I supported him all the way through and feel Cheney saved his administration from being as weak as his daddies, the lip reading RINO  that made Perot possible and gave us lip quivering whore monger  for 8 years of horrible SCOTUS and federal appellate courts appointees.  Of course, old RINO Bush gave us a lib activist on the court also, and his son wanted to do the same until we all screamed bloody murder; they love Romney because he is of the same elitist boys club that hates us more than them.  How soon we forget the long line of moderate to liberal losers the GOP Boys Club has given us.  That is why I always pray for we the people/peasants as opposed to those who would be king.

    • Ree

      You seem to be so smart, why don't you run.

      • GodsavethePeasants

        You are quite perceptive, but alas, I am just a peasant and have not been to Harvard or Yale or D.C.. I am juist kidding, but isn't that the problem; never again will a Cal Coolidge be allowed to reach a position of power over the power brokers.

  • Rhonda Reichel

    aren't you all sick of being controlled?  Quigley of the CFR said last election that he didn't care who won that they had both the candidates covered.  Romney, Mitt, and Santorum are also one of theirs....the only uncorrupted one is Ron Paul

    • GodsavethePeasants

      Give it up, time to go back under the rock for 4 more.  What is so funny is, even goofy old Ron has never really considered himself a serious candidate, but just loves the platform for espousing his hatred of the Jew(bad) and the Fed and IRS(good).   Do yourself a favor and pick a real world candidate.

  • Upaces

    @ Paul:
    Romney's Federal Disclose Missing 26 Accounts hidden in foreign accounts (wire fraud); 


    2007: Mitt Romney said Hezbollah-style healthcare would be good for AmericaEnglish only, Romney, no only states--Illegals should get free care;"Obamacare" nothing to get angry over;Romney states:  I would vote for NDAA; Exploited American Businesses + Foreign $$

    Video: bought and paid for sy special interest groups:Video: states:  Islam "not inherently violent."Continue Gays in Military;

  • Paul Smith

    Over and over and over again, we hear 'ABO' or 'a vote for ________ is a vote for Obama.  I have a hard time answering these people because I know how frightened they are.  This video just crossed my 'desk' and it beautifully captures our position.  I encourage you all to watch it and try to understand. . .

    Will Ron Paul-ers Vote For Romney?

  • Bill

    These DA's bad mouthing Newt Gingrich have no idea what took place the last 60 years in congress. They are probably Ron Paul people mad because they can't intimidate people to vote for Paul.

    • GodsavethePeasants

      No, they are mostly Rombots that have attacked every real, non establishment conservative in this race from day one , the same as he and his huge Mormon cult payrolling him has done.  I am through with most of his Rombots, and will only support him if HE reaches out to us AND runs as true conservative and sticks his etcha sketch up the O's backside.

  • charm

    Get rid of GOP and then the American people can make up their own minds.

  • Ktunica

    What is with all the cry babies? Mitt is no where near the same as Obama and can't possibly be because he will not be lame-duck if he is elected, not to mention he actually has experience in downsizing organizations. Mitt is the "chosen one" because he is the only one who can win. Unfortunately it's not about the republican candidate only needing the conservative vote. If that is all the republican has Obama wins hands-down. No, the candidate to beat Obama must appeal to moderate Independents and hopefully even moderate democrats. It is the Independents who will decide this and only Romney appeals to them. It might not be the greatest thing for America but it is what it is and those who can't get behind the one possibility to defeat the worst president this country has ever had are emotional fools.  They might as well be far left liberals because that is what they are helping to create- a far left take over of America. If you think Obama is bad now wait till he has nothing to loose and the far left feels vindicated because he won. Talk about up the crick without a paddle; that will be no boat, no paddle and off Niagara Falls so quit your belly aching and bogus general statements and get behind the man who is a step back from the edge. So what if he isn't a speed boat back from the edge at least he isn't the dive off the edge that Obama will be. Knock..knock..knock.. any one home out there- this is arguably the most important election the U.S.A. has ever had and you want to complain that our only hope isn't perfect. Duh, they never are but Obama must go! If you want to change the world elect Romney now to give us time and then work to convince the moderates you know to become conservatives that way maybe next time will be different.  

    • Dianequestions

      Reagan was a conservative who appealed to moderates and independents. Romney is the only one of the candidates who can do this. But he will need the Rep conservative base to win.
      He  did make another great speech tonight after his 3 more wins. Polls showed that he got 50% of the Tea Party vote. This is as it should be.  Fake conservative Santorum tries to claim that he should get the Tea Party support. After his and the Rep defeat in 2006 with their big spending big government........the Tea Party was born.

      • GodsavethePeasants

        So we are to meekly follow your love object, as he is for all old bats, while you keep trashing our guy, guys, and gals.  We may not vote for Romney because we can't STAND you morons almost as much as Obama leg shiver acolytes; if he is like all of YOU, he will divide GOP as much as the O has divided country.  I have not really been against Romney, as much as being suspicious of the good press for him and attacks on all the others as you Rombots attack every IDEA that is not pure Mitttens.  The Tea party vote is whoever says they are tea party on that day, and is susceptible to following jump on board conservatives like Ryan and Johnson.  IF Romney wins, it will be through the efforts of we who are against the entire GOP Bush-type establishment as well as all Demoncrats, so better for YOU fake conservatives to shut the F@@k up and appease US!!~!

        • Ree

          Keep it up, and there will be no country, and it will be your and your ilk's fault.

        • Lu Shissler

          It will be because cross-over voters helped Romney a whole lot.

    • GodsavethePeasants

      You are a rambling FOOL, and your citing the same old appeal to 'moderates' that the msm has set the parameters for in every election.   The only time we win is with conservative ideas put forward as the MAINSTREAM ideas that they are;  liberal ideas and policies are presented by media and Dems as 'moderate', we MUST change the narrative to have a true victory.  But maybe you are another Dem operative trying to fool the gullible and piss off the right.  Rombo needs to suck up to US, not AZZholes like Katie Couric, Steponallofus or anyone from Hollywood to have even a prayer.  BTW, most of us can't stand YOU and YOURS much more so than Romney, so maybe YOU should quit WHINING when your love object wins.

  • Upaces

     Ktinica: are you calling Romney a liar or do you think make this stuff up as you go? 

    Romney's son realllly likes Obama.
    However, so does Soros and the WH.
    What does that tell you.

    As he is known as "English speaking only-Romney, he runs a campaign ad in Spanish: believe it was 2009 that Romney stated that the Hezabola (sp) Health Care should be considered; after all, "Islam is NOT inherently violent."

    He also admits he "would" sign the NBAA;
    "Obamacare is nothing to be angry about."

    Let's not forget about the exploitation of American businesses as he parks Millions on an offshore account in the Grand Cayman's -- foreign $$ and wire transfers ARE a federal crime.

  • russells

    You think the Tea Party was a threat, wait until you see what kind of party Jesus has when it absolutely disengrates the "Great Whore Of Babylon" NWO.  And only He can get to its master, that spirtual being that influences all wicked dictators who have ever existed, Satan and his demonic forces.  Man can't cleanse the Earth of wickedness because he can't defeat Satan.  But Jesus and his annointed Bride will cast them all into the bottomless pit.  I could care less if the Tea Party or any other Party has zero effect or huge effect on the next election, unless they heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out devils, its just more of the bondage of corruption.  Its immensely more important that the people of God cry out everyday for His Kingdom, than to cry out about a "new boss" in Washington.

    • GodsavethePeasants

      OK, so when is he coming or should we MAYBE worry about the future of our children and grandchildren until HE decides when it is time?

      • Paul Smith

        If you're a Christian, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.  When Jesus returns is of no importance at all.  (You can't kill a Christian, you can only change his address)

  • ARFisher

    Tad Cronn certainly wants Obama reelected. I totally disagree with him. We are very fortunate to have Mitt Romney running.

  • Upaces

    AR Fisher...are you nuts?  Have you read any of the articles about Romney?
    Romney, himself, states he is like Obama.  His own son just Luvs Obama;
    The WH and Soros back Romney...Doesn't that tell you anything at all?!!!

    English Speaking ONLY Romney also stated:
     "Obamacare is nothing to be angry about".
    "Only talk about REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH behind closed doors.
    He has committed Federal Fraud due to his millions being parked on offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands -- that is "wire transfers" , my friend which makes it illegal to do that.

    He also stated he would have signed the NDAA.
    Please do more research!  This man will just pick up where Obama left off.

  • Mike James

    This i why Conservatives just need t tell he GOP to piss off- we don't need them. The OP does to Conservativs what he DNC does to Blacks... and me being a Black Conservative, I get to see what most Conservatives either don't see or are unwilling to see. IN any even, Conservatives need to get away rom the GOP. The GOP doesn't care about Conservatism- and we need to let em know that they are not gonna have our votes to back them and their lame 'leaders' anymore.

    • Lu Shissler

      You are so right, Mike -  four years to clean it up and they did nothing.  Too used to people holding their noses, and my fingers are tired!!! Not going to do it anymore!

  • Jmmegiel

    I have been a Conservative/Republican all my voting life and I am so fed up with the republican/rino party that I am at the point of saying F**K  you to them.  I will most likely not vote for Romney and may even vote for O-scummer so that they get DESTROYED in the coming election and  and the Tea Party replaces then on the ballot box.

    • Ree

      If you vote for o, there will be no country for the teapart to replace, what an idiot.

  • Viet Vet

    Romney is the candidate Progressive Liberal Democrats want, they feel he will be easy to defeat, and I have to agree with them.  Romney is a dangerous RINO and should have been removed from the field long ago.  Conservative Strict Constitutional constructionist should step up and be counted.  The most conservative Constitutionalist in the pace it Santorum and needs all the support he can get.  Conservatives can get Santorum on the ballot if they will only stick together against the RINO leadership of the Republican Party.  Put up the most conservative candidate available and watch him win big!  'We have seen the enemy and he is us'  Conservatives unit like never before and make Santorum the conservative candidate for President in November 2012.

  • InvisibleHandInMyPants

    Mormonism is anti-christian. mormons see christians as apsotates. The political arm of the LDS church supports the overthrow of the US government in favor of a theoracy where elected officials, citizens, even the military are rendered useless.
    The LDS Living Prophet is a god. Not godlike. A god. mitt takes his orders from this so-called prophet. ALL orders. If mitt disobesa, he will lose his private afterlife planet where he and his resurrected wife wil procreate all day to polulate the planet. Its disgusting new age crap. mitt must be stopped. No better than the current pres. ;(

    • Ree

      You the most disgusting person possible, you have no idea what you are talking about, go ahead a vote for O, you will pay and pay, but you are a lying bigot.

      • Lu Shissler

        He's right.  Read!!

  • Robert Marshall

    I believe Mitt Romney is just the lesser of two evils. 

    • Upaces

      Robert, he is the lesser of two evils; however, he is still going to go forward with the NWO.
      He admits he is like Obama; Mitt's son likes Obama (where did his son get the information from);
      He admits he would have signed the NDAA;
      He admits he thinks all Illegals should be provided with free healthcare.
      He states, "Islam is not inherently violent."  From thumbs down on that -- he changes his mind -- or did he?
      While he states he is against the dream act, he runs an ad to the contrary: 

      Romney parked Millions of dollars in the Cayman islands through Wire well as illegal foreign Campaign $$.
      He was involved in Medicare fraud;
      He admits "re-distribution of wealth should be talked about behind closed doors;
      He has been ahead in the Caucus due to voter fraud(s);
      When asked to show his $$ accounts -- he left out 27 of them.;
      George Soros and the WH want him -- doesn't that tell you anything?