Did Barack Obama Campaign Threaten Life of Chelsea Clinton to Keep Parents Silent on Obama's Ineligibility?

Most people in the US, especially Democrats, believe that the Obama Birther Movement was started by Republicans and or the Tea Party. They believe it is a smear campaign aimed to tarnish the image of their hero of change. But they may be shocked to learn that the Birther Movement was actually started by former President Bill Clinton and Hillary back in 2008.

In an exclusive interview by WND, Bettina Viviano was a vice president with Amblin Enterntainment, Steven Spielberg’s company, before launching her own film production company in 1990. In 2008, Viviano was asked to produce a documentary about voter fraud within the Democratic Party. At the time, she says she was not a Democrat or a Republican and in fact had never voted in an election. She went into the project with the sole purpose of producing the best and most accurate documentary possible.

During the documentary process, Viviano says that she quickly became aware of just how dangerous and insidious the Obama campaign was. A number of the Democrats she interviewed refused to appear on camera and told her that their lives and property had been threatened by people working with the Obama campaign.

She also heard former President Bill Clinton say that Obama was not eligible to be president because of his lack of birth records. In fact, she said it was common knowledge around many top Democrats. Bill Clinton has often said that he would go public with the information when the time was right.

Before that could happen, his close friend and head of the Arkansas Democratic Party, Bill Gwatney was murdered in his office and then someone told Bill that he was next if he said anything about Obama’s eligibility. In the video below, she said that Clinton was not intimidated until someone associated with the Obama campaign told him that his daughter Chelsea would be next if he opened his mouth. From that point on, the Clinton’s remained silent about Obama’s birth certificate or lack thereof.

This is a powerful video from a lady that has nothing to gain and probably everything to lose by coming forward with her information. It could well ruin her career in Hollywood as so many of the film industry are flaming liberals. It could also cost her her life.

I took note of how she described the Obama campaign’s reign of terror and intimidation and how well coordinated it was. I thought to myself that if they were bold enough to threaten the life of the Clinton’s daughter then have they made similar threats to all of the leading Republicans in both the House and Senate? Is this why Congress has remained so silent ever since Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s March 1st news conference where he provided the American people with the evidence that Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service Cards are forgeries?

When you see how blatantly Obama has defied the US Constitution and federal law without any apology or excuses, it’s not hard to believe that he, like every other dictator in history, obtained his position by intimidation, threats and outright violence. Knowing he is capable of this has to make every single American extremely fearful if Obama gets re-elected.

And if the voter fraud will be as prevalent in November as it was in 2008, it seems a sure thing that he will be re-elected. Obama has had the DOJ strike down every voter ID law and any other measure taken, to reduce the chance of voter fraud. They have set the stage for an old fashioned Chicago style election with padded and illegal votes. Wait a minute, he is a Chicago politician, so guess he’s just following local history at a national level.

If he does get re-elected, I’m positive it will mean the end of free elections and free America. We will become another Soviet Union: a land run by an elite group of Marxists who will exploit all of the people for their own personal gain. America, for all intent and purpose will be dead if Obama gets re-elected.



  • Robalou01

    No wonder Hillary(ous) is looking like a frumpy old washer woman these days!!! 

    • JodyL

      Would you prefer she use your tax money to go to the spa and the plastic surgeon?  In view of the MANY butt-ugly men in politics, this is rather off point, don'tya think

      • Schnable

        Are you trying to say she does not look awful?

        • RescueKyron

          Ya know, I have always more than disliked and distrusted Hillary.  Now, I see her taking orders from O and running around the globe on a very difficult timeline and not so easy messenger job.  Of course she has reasons and a strategy in mind.  She looked best when the reports linked her and a British guy, she had a sparky look and attitude.  She deserved that after the sleaze Bill showed the world what he is.  The suit no longer makes the man in Bill's case.  Just old, jealous, and still not trustworthy.  Hillary has kept her world together of course with mega control...  She seldom looks the same, frumpy to sophisticated, but never ever apologetic about her appearance and like smart women won't do plastic but will grow old with class.  Hillary's appearance and communicative style isn't embarrassing to women like Michelle's.   Hillary is smart, although seldom right in her views.  Michelle does sloppy jumping jacks and wears shiny nylons with waist to crotch zipper under a 6"? waist to hip fabric that doesn't meet in the middle and purposefully shows the zipper.   Michelle is funneled into ridiculous jobs and situations by Obama. Isn't he sadistic in doing that to her?  Like now she is telling kids to tell their great grandmas to favor her husband.  Wow.  When did O ever take or send Michelle and girls to Africa to even spend a day with their African great grandma?  Maybe he doesn't want them hearing her talk about being at his birth in Kenya.  Do the girls ever want to see their great grandma or other African relatives?  Kind of like O keeps them to the White Side.  Well, now Clintons are using Chelsea in their programs and will be pushing her into politics.  We do not want anymore Dynasties and that alone is a good reason to reject Willard.



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZNBBXOAUEZNKQHS2XELCOHTL4I bill b

    now its the supreme court that is at jepoardy and will have to pass the obamacare to protect them and their families from harm caused by obama and soros hit machine -- for that reason expect the bill to pass -- the only problem right now before the supreme court is how to right the opinion and save face to save the lives of their threatened families

    • steambuilder

      Distinct possibility that a justice will 'conveniently' die to tip the balance to the left. That is assuming none of the justices cave in to threats like I believe congressmen and women have.

      • D2A

        The vote already occured (last Friday), but the results will not be released until June.

        So, even if a Justice is offed, that does not change the vote.

        • JOHNTHEFOX


    • gene455

      I doubt it. The fact that Booga-Booga's coming out threatening the Court suggests they know it will not pass.

    • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

      So Bill B, when an insurance company is allowed, once again, to deny me coverage because of my pre-existing condition (I had a melanoma cancer removed from my rear thigh last April), Can I ask you for help paying my enormous medical bills for the operation that will save my life if I get another melanoma like my sister did?  Or will you let me die because I had the audacity to get cancer again.  I thought so.  God must really hate when you call yourself a "Christian/"

    • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

      So Bill B, when an insurance company is allowed, once again, to deny me coverage because of my pre-existing condition (I had a melanoma cancer removed from my rear thigh last April), Can I ask you for help paying my enormous medical bills for the operation that will save my life if I get another melanoma like my sister did?  Or will you let me die because I had the audacity to get cancer again.  I thought so.  God must really hate when you call yourself a "Christian/"

      • Balto2

        Reform in Insurance is necessary, but the bill that Obama put through also hits our pocket books when we want to sell or have to sell our  homes, all kinds of hidden garbage that takes away our freedoms.  The ability to shop insurance, rules that make insurance coverage for everyone and tort reforms, all would do so much more and give us a better economy.   Even if you got another melanoma and we had Obamacare, who is to say that you will get treatment.... possibly not as there will be death panels by government people, not your doctor being able to give you the best treatment to hopefully cure your illness.   Be careful for what you wish for.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Only an intellectually dishonest person would ridicule and ignore the mound of evidence that has been compiled by Dr. Corsi, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Posse, and many others.

    Of course  ridicule, Alinsky Rule # 5, is the favorite MO  of the left and attacking the messenger instead of refuting the message is a very successful tactic...especially when you have the help of a complicit media which refuses to investigate the accusations and simply report the results.

    That the corrupt Obama machine has used threats and intimidation is undeniable. Several people from his  past who might have thrown some light on his criminal activites have mysteriously disappeared or been murdered. Yet the man continues to hold the most powerful position in the country.... because we permit it.

    • Mark

      Excellent points!  Keep on "Screemin..."!!  :-)

    • euphgeek

       They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at the Wright brothers.  But remember, they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.



        • euphgeek

          Well, it may not be Corsi's or Arpaio's jobs, but they sure are doing a great job getting laughs!

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           But I like to mix apples and oranges, it's just the right kind of tartness of crunchy and tart! Awww...I'm not your wife, stop telling me what I can eat.  :(   sad kitten face.

    • juswonderin

      So, wasn't there a bit of a scandal with the Clintons when supposily, people died during the time that Billy & Hilly, came to office? Wasn't those people working with & for the Clintons? There was an uproar during their time in the WH, about several people mysteriously die or couldn't be found? They have a LOT of baggage in their past, but the democrat idiots have covered up for them like they are covering up the scandals with the obamas.
      They have a tendence to shield them from a negative light. They seem like the deer running into a car's headlights. Please excuse my spelling. I've been out of school for many years; & much has been deleted from my memory, LOL!

  • Bobseeks

    I have wondered why so many have refused to call maobama on his many illegal activities, no I understand why there is so little in the way of resistance to this monster. As someone who was raised in a democrat controlled area (St. Clair County, IL) I can attest to the fact that democrats will stop short at nothing to maintain control over the government that feeds them, their parasitic families and worthless friends. Maobama now has an army of union thugs, OWS scum, and welfare moochers that he can use to intimidate and murder his enemies. He is no different than hitler, stalin, and mao and we have allowed to gain power over us.



  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003334633536 Chris Downey

    So that's why the GOP establishment wants to nominate Romney--to guarantee Obama's re-election and a grip on their own slice of privileged irrelevance.

    • Dasgypsy


    • Mark

      I sure hope you're wrong, Chris -- because supposedly ONLY Romney can defeat him!  Your argument was correct for 2008, however, w/ McCain ensuirng Obama's election.

      • pcsrocky

        How hard are you willing to work to get someone else nominated and elected?  I am doing all I can to make sure that Romney does not get enough delegates before the National Convention and then getting to a 2nd vote which should then open up the delegates to vote for whomever they want.  Toward that end, I have been elected as an alternate to the Republican National Convention.  I am putting my money and time where my mouth is by getting elected and going to the Convention.

        Are you prepared to work in any and every legal way to get someone else nominated??????



    • SM ISAC

      Obama is not eligible. He must not be allowed to run. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Becky-Britton/100000015060031 Becky Britton

    While we would like to believe the President of the US would be above such devious things including threats to individuals, the Supreme Court and other countries, with Obama we can't ever be sure.  Very sad and disturbing for real Americans. 



    • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

       What about you Becky?  You look a little too White. I think you are actually an Kenyan Muslim Indonesian Rhodesian Ridgeback Communist Black Panther women in disguise.  GUYS!!!    Becky Britton is Michelle Obama!  I have proof!!!   SHE IS ONTO US!!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ken-Watson/100000378332267 Ken Watson

    The Clintons finally met somebody playing the game harder than they do. Excuse me while I weep for them. But they are prisoners of a cage they have made themselves. If they surrendered their dreams of Restoration they could go public. Only the absolute necessity for Dems of having 90+% of a large black turnout keeps them on the rez. And no, there is no amount or quality of evidence that would make the black community admit the truth they already know. Obama is a con man employed by the ancient alliance of commies and bankers. It is far from clear if we even know his true name. Racial solidarity will trump that knowledge even as black America suffers the most from his Vengeance Socialism. He's just warming up, folks. You had best limber up as well.

    • jkvmi

      Actually, there are blacks waking up to who Obama is.  Things are not so impossible as they seem.

      • Jennie Cyclec

        Sorry...I don't believe you.  Even Collin Powell and Condi Rice  jumped ship.

      • Burtcanoe

        Too Late!!

    • SM ISAC

      I cannot understand why Americans are still talking as though Obama should be RUNNING for the second term, instead of hearing about his impeachment, or at the least criminal investigations into his fraud and forgery

  • Jenny

    When do we have someone that loves their country enough that also has the power to do something about this, that WILL STOP THIS MADMAN????

    • JodyL

      The military.  They need to 'escort' Obari to the door of the White House.

      • Barbara Frame-Love

        And give him a good kick in the pants to make him leave the property quicker.....

        • YorkPatriot

          Better yet how about a good kick in the pants on his front side?

        • antiliberalcryptonite

          There's nothing there, so it wouldn't do much.

        • obozo the clown

           Hahahahahahaha!!!  You guys should really be writing this down.  This is comedic gold.

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

          I know, right?  These crazy paranoids are hilarious. I am definitely saving the funniest and most insane "the-world-is-ending" comments. Oh and all the super clever plays on Obama!  There is so much material here, I could do an hour show just reading these to a theater full of people. Theater, I know, all those gays and creative types, but lots of 'Real Americans" go to theater too. I mean, come on, there is such rich insanity here!!!!  I'm in comedy heaven!

        • Bwyatt33

          His homosexual lovers might not like him getting kicked--but I guess he likes certain parts (cohones) licked. Lol

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Bwyatt33, you gay boy!  I knew it!!!!!!

      • CarolTex

        I think he needs to go further than the door of the White House.  He needs to go to the door of the jailhouse.  What he has been doing is criminal behavior.

        • YorkPatriot

          Or at least as far as Kenya!!!!!

        • Barackobummerthefifth

           He needs to be shot like the traitor he is.

        • Atxcindy

          Sent straight to the FBI/Secret Service. It is against the law to make such threats.

        • Tobasco

          there is still freedom of speech--the statement is not a direct threat--wake up and smell the roses you jerk

        • Goodlookingcuss

           Yelling fire in crowded theater is not free speech and is not protected.  Incitement to violence is not protected speech--wake up and smell the roses, pig boy

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CVRZE7H2ENKKMCYYOMIUIVWRW4 rhody

           Incitement to violence is not protected speech.  I wish someone would tell that to  Al Sharpton  or the Black Panthers.  Apparently, their hate speech is protected under Obama.

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Freedom of speech does not protect you from making threatening and incendiary comments towards the President of the US. But there are still consequences for such language.  And threatening the President is probably not the smartest idea, but then your name is Tobasco and your probably wear a white hood and dance around fires.

        • Big Dog

          Are you related to Butt Head or Bevis?

        • Jrelkhunt

          OH NO   not the secret service or the fbi---OHHHHHHHH  NOOOOOOOOOOOO     :)

        • american

          This is the dumbest most gullible group of idiots ever assembled on a comment page...and these days that is saying a lot.   choke on tacks

        • american

          no wonder the GOP wants to outlaw education...ignorance breeds more lemmings like you

        • Stephen L. Buechler sr.

          What do you expect when the populace is pushed to the point of  uncontrollable anger and the desire to save their country? This tyrant will reach the point of being undefeatable in a very short time. If you won't do what's needed don't call names and sit in your recliner while others put their lives in danger to save the country

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000122058424 Woe ToGo

          By populace I take it you mean conservatives.  Anger about what?  They didn't mind GWB and the Patriot Act, didn't mind the TSA searching them, didn't mind being phone taped, didn't mind people (including Americans) being arrested for no reason (without it going through Congress) and not entitled to habeas corpus, didn't mind terrorism levels being raised just when  an election or controversial piece of legislation was coming up,  didn't mind the war in Iraq, didn't mind buying duct tape until it was sold out thinking it would save them from *nothing*.   Anyone who was against it was a traitor and anti American.  Talk about your tyrant.

          Of course reading below there's people like Jenny saying Obama is a madman.  The only reason you can still do business with the rest of the world is because of him.  Oh but THEN you'll be all "We don't need the rest of the world, WE'RE NUMBER ONE!'.  So why do you try and sell yourselves overseas?  Just put up your walls and sod off, you'll end up killing each other because they'll be no one else to blame.

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Woe Togo, I just fell a little in love with you.  Sigh.  :)

        • Nmjposton

          you must not be an american with a capital A.  Either that or one of the millions our taxpayer money is supporting so you can lay about doing nothing.  No patriotic American with any common sense cannot stand behind obummer.


           Nice post.  If I understand double negatives correctly, then you are saying that every patriotic American should stand behind obummer [obama]?

        • Janpacopete

          Do you realize what you just said? Reread your last sentence. Ha, ha, ha...

        • duckyack

           and you are incredibly naive.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CVRZE7H2ENKKMCYYOMIUIVWRW4 rhody

           And you are part of the group.

        • Truthtellervet1

           Inciting of violence against a Federal official is a criminal offense.  Good luck explaining your reasoning to the Secret Service, pedophile

        • http://www.facebook.com/ethanwa Ethan Allen

          Your comment has been reported to the FBI.

        • JOHN THE FOX


      • MikeLatorus

        I have thought about this, and discussed it many times with other older Vets. We are definitely oppressed, and stand the chance of it getting worse if this monster is allowed to hang around. I want to put stock in our existing Military that, they will not turn on the citizens if ordered to. I worry about Sheriff Joe, I do not want any harm come to him. He's a brave heart. 

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YH2ZIQWRJE6OGQ3D435FD5FGTA Hole In One

          http://www.actforamerica.org/http://www.actforamerica.org/Every American can help SAVE our Country from obamas islamic agenda for the United States of America.. You want to keep your freedom ? Get involved, DO something NOW, and keep doing what WE have to do till the end resolve before it's to late. We have till 2012 to DO our JOB and SAVE our Country...Bcause i for one and as an Amercan certainly DON'T want to lose our country OR live under islamic law...islam DOES NOT belong in America,, They HATE every American and any other religion that's NOT islam / muslim, they want us off the face of the earth,,

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YH2ZIQWRJE6OGQ3D435FD5FGTA Hole In One

          U.S. Debt Clock
          http://www.usdebtclock.org/http://www.usdebtclock.org/I know i’ve posted this a number of times ,,But still so many have NOT seen this,,I’ll be posting this till election day..
          PS.I add a new screw up by obama everyday cause this is what he does to America..EVERYDAY..!============================
          Here are just a FEW things Obama has done since in the White House. I’m sure you forgot but once you read the list it’ll ring some bells in your head..! And WE all know this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more he’s done to DAMAGE America..4 more years I HOPE & PRAY NOT..!
          1. Obama Lying About His Social Security Number
          2. Obama Lying About His Nation Of Birth
          3. Obama’s Endless Tyrannical Executive Orders
          4. The Obama Soros’ Occupy Wall street Mob
          5. Uganda
          6. Obama Giving Solyndra 535 Million Of Our Money
          7. Raising The Deficit To 18 Trillion
          8. America’s First Credit Downgrade
          9. Obama’s Fast And Furious Criminal Operation
          10. Repeal Of DOMA
          11. Repeal Of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
          12. Obama Buying His Union Votes With Our Tax Money
          13. Obama Empowering The Muslim Brotherhood And Al Qaeda
          14. Obama Swearing That He Would Side With Muslims Against Us Patriots
          15. Obama’s Hate Speech Provocations
          16. Obama putting Muslim’s Rights Over All Other American’s Rights
          17. Obama Ignoring North Korean Aggression
          18. Obama’s Democrats Voting Against Auditing The Corrupt Federal Reserve Bank
          19. Obama Giving Brazilian & Soro’ Owned Oil Company Two Billion To Drill Off Shore With The Oil Slated To Go To China
          20. Lopsided Nuke Deals
          21. Obama’s Expensive & Unnecessary Trip To India
          22. Obama’s Illegal Aunt Living Off Our Taxes
          23. Obama Taking 500 Billion From Medicare And From Our Senior Citizens To Fund His Illegals On welfare
          24. Obama Having The Cross and the letters IHS covered up that symbolizes the name of Jesus Christ at Georgetown University obama delivering a dismal 45-minute speech. 25. Mosque At 9-11 Ground Zero
          26. Obama and Hillary calling in the UN to slam Arizona, 22 States & our nation’s laws
          27. Our Tax Money Being Used To Fund The Democrat Propagandist National Public Radio
          28. Obamacare
          29. Abortions paid for under Obamacare
          30. Suing Arizona
          31. Obama’s Wealth Redistribution
          32. No Social Security Cost Of Living Increase For Retired Americans For Two Years
          33. Bailouts
          34. Bribes
          35. Obama’s & BP’s Mishandled Gulf Of Mexico Oil Aneurysm
          36. 535 Billion Of Your Money Spent On Illegals Every Year
          37. Obama’s 2.6 Trillion Amnesty
          38. Economy Trashed By The Democrats
          39. Democrat Voter Fraud
          40. No Real Border Security Enforcement
          41. Siding with the Marxist Zelaya in Honduras against the will of the people their
          42. No Jobs
          43. Beer Summit
          44. Calling Our Returning Veterans Potential Terrorists
          45. AG Holder setting the 9-11 terrorist trial just blocks from the 9-11 attack site
          46. Calling Christians Potential Terrorists
          47. Hands Holding Crotch During Pledge Of Allegiance
          48. Rev Wright
          49. Michelle
          50. Massive & Reckless Spending
          51. Harry Reid
          52. Nancy Pelosi
          53. Sestak Obamacare Death Panels
          54. Nationalizing Banks
          55. Nationalizing US Industry
          56. Obama’s Massive Stimulus Failure
          57. Calling Tea Party Activists Racists
          58. New Black Panther Party Thugs empowered by Obama’s AG Holder
          59. Using the NAACP to spread Racist Propaganda
          60. Obama’s Dept Of Justice Refusing To Prosecute Black Racist Discrimination Against White People
          61. ACORN
          62. Dead People Voting As Democrats
          63. Calling Terrorism A Man Made Disaster
          64. Calling America a Muslim Nation
          65. Obama Giving One Billion Of Your Money To The Hamas Terrorists Of Gaza
          66. Bowing to the Saudi king of Terror
          67. The Obama Apology Tour
          68. Obama’s Marxist Czars
          69. Obama’s Muslim Czars advocating for Islamic Sharia Law in America70. Cap & Trade Tax
          71. agenda 21
          72. Obama’s Terrorist Appeasement
          73. The Islamization Of NASA
          74. Muslims exempted from Obamacare
          75. Obama’s Mistreatment Of Israel
          76. The NDAA to imprison Americans at will the New Start Treaty in Russia the 111th Democratic Congress
          77. Violating the rules of the U.S. House•
          78. Inappropriately handing out the legislative powers of Congress.
          79. Upending the legislative process Usurping the powers reserved to the states in the U.S. Constitution.
          80. Barack Obama has advocated that the nation should move beyond the constraints of the founding document .
          81.President Obama informed Congress and the American people that he and he alone will decide which laws coming to his desk are constitutional or not. 82.FEMA Camps 83.Obama mistreating our friends
          84. obama apologizing to afghanistan85. $535 MILLION on shovle ready jobs that NEVER wereAmericans, hear what your president is saying: I’ll work within the system. But if they won’t move, then…I will dictate where we’re going.
          The arrogance of this man and the way he rewrites all of American historyand obama adds something new everyday ,, cause he never stops hurting our America.

        • Larswoilson

          Man you are sooooooooooooo right.......

        • Truthtellervet1

           According to recent medical statistics, up to on third of Americans are mentally ill.

        • Herschel Jenkins

          That's because according to US law, Mentally unstable or incompetent people are prohibited from legally owning or possessing a firearm

        • guest

          . . . and most of those seem to be contributing comments to this site.

        • Calisa

          or demoncrats

        • Pacopete

          Or rethuglicans...

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5E3RK4ADHJZDTMR4TOCQ4JTVS4 Doc Bill

          or libtards or commifornians or progressive secular left wing nuts or obama toe suckers

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Wow, Doc, how long did it take for you to come up with those clever insults? If only you would use your word power for good and not for silly.

        • Jmpr143

          He's just giving back what all of you Obama sheep are throwing at others here.  Oh--forgot--it's okay for you all to do it, but no one can give it back. 

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Jmpr143, I"m beginning to think you have a crush on me! what with all your replies to anything I say.  I'm blushing.

        • Sgtsquirt3

          Guess you are able to talk for yourself. You post on here, are you trying to tell us that you are mentally ill?

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5E3RK4ADHJZDTMR4TOCQ4JTVS4 Doc Bill

          that would make you one of them GUEST....what a catch handle.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/June-Gagnon/1673686634 June Gagnon

          Just like you, pal!

        • Jmpr143

          That includes yourself, right??  You DID contribute a comment!

        • bedrockq

          ...and a large percentage of them are right here on this site commenting....lol.  Oy vey the stupid it burns.

        • Ed M

          bedrock you are about as dumb as a rock. Go drink some more koolaid

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5E3RK4ADHJZDTMR4TOCQ4JTVS4 Doc Bill

          you burn yourself everytime you pick your nose

        • Jmpr143

          an even larger percent haven't figured out that by them (meaning you and others) posting their comments are equally  stupid.  So count yourself in with the stupid that burns.

        • cactus

          Right, they are called democrats.

        • Janpacopete

          Or, rethuglicans...

        • Jmpr143

          Is that your "word of the day"?  Rethuglicans??    Well--if originlity counts --you get points--first time seeing that one!

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AQY22WFRRF224VVAMEKO2MYA3E sheffield

          i thought it was over half. I wonder if Acorns gonna help the skid row, alszhimers old folk home peps, dead people ,people at the.

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

          Definitely the dead people.  Yea, definitely.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/June-Gagnon/1673686634 June Gagnon

          And that "third" would be liberals- -liberalism has, recently, been declared a "mental disorder/disease" by well known psychiatrists!

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           What is this psychiatrist's name?

        • Sharon

          Hole-in-one, you missed taxpayers paying for illegal uncle Omar; and the promotion of infanticide.  if the mother's abortion was unsuccessful

        • bedrockq

          And what about the fact Obama also eats aborted babies.  And charges taxpayers to cut his devil horns weekly....lol.

        • cmcfy

          Well said! These people are nuts!

        • http://www.facebook.com/jcgreene 'J' Canaan Greene

          you can always tell the people who don't have legitimate arguments from those that do..  the ones who don't jump right to sarcasm, mockery, insults and personal attacks.

        • Sgtsquirt3

          You have that Right. I with you there.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5E3RK4ADHJZDTMR4TOCQ4JTVS4 Doc Bill

          maybe better to be a little nutz than just be stupid like you three.

        • DJ

          Hope you enjoy living under a dictator and sharia law.  You think it's funny now, not so much later.

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Hi Crazy, when exactly will this happen? It's been 3.5 years.  Do you have the exact date? I'll book my vacation then!  Cause my life has been fab since Obama became President. Why do you hate Black Men?  Did one turn you down sexually? Awww...

        • Jmpr143

          Really??  someone disagrees with your stance and you do just like every other Obama follower and pull the race card??  You all seem to forget--he's half white!  And the sexual innuendo--even for an Obama follower that's low!!   

        • Mo

          actually he is only about 7% black...how can the blacks be so blind as to not see that they are being used to get his agenda through. He has put them on the political plantation and using then to further what HE wants...

        • KurtofLA

          The really sad part is that Colin Powell supports Obama again. Now I am really worried about them there Generals haha Now we clearly see who the racists are

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Jmpr143 - see how easy it is to get you guys riled? That's why. It's funny. You're funny. I am laughing!

        • Sickened

          You need to get a life.  If this is the way you get your jollies, you are one sick woman.

        • SC

          There is no reason to argue with these idiots they would follow a sheep to the end of the world...

        • daledor

          I pray that there are not too many socialist sheep around and that their crops dwindle rather than multiply and contaminate the earth with destructive and counter productive (no good achieved) stupidity.

        • armedlamb

          They really are the kool aid drinkers who would not only kill themselves for Obama but would probably kill others as well.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Drawer22 Pc Arroyo

          As one of the sheepdogs, I can definitely identify libtards as a cross between lemmings and sheeple.

          Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

        • Nectoxicdragon

          Obama wants his bag of quartes so get back on your knees and continue sucking!

        • Darcy922

          Don't laugh.. because while you're laughing at him..I'm laughing at you and your ignorance..

        • daledor

          Absolutely right! We should not let socialist bring America down but laugh them out of the country if they don't change their hateful and divisive ways. They want to be taken seriously and to steal our joy, peace, and harmony because of their greed and lust for power money and control. The funniest thing that they do is call peaceful, fun loving Americans 'hate mongers' when we simply disagree with them -- Ha! - look at how red their faces get, how they can't say anything sensible, and eyes bug out with hate - calling us hateful! Wow!!!!! What hypocrites!!!!!!!!
          Never give a fool or foolish person power. This November VOTE and vote prayerfully and wisely. If a good person is black, white, red, yellow, purple, or green then I will vote for the person!!! MLK said, "It is not the color of the skin that matters; it is the content of the character!!!!" Right ON!!!! If blacks and whites would only look for good character and try to get the truth before they pulled the lever and not let the National Dems or Repubs decide for them - we would not have people like Obama, Clinton, or the Bush's in our Presidential Office (nor what we got in too much of the Congress) - all who follow their New World Order mentors. (PS I am not a Ron Paul advocate- just an American Christian who loves my country and people - love enough to tell people that they are wrong or wrong and then accept them as they are. We may not always agree but we can still be friends - an enemy is by the other person's choice, not mine.

        • Sharr

          #? What happened to Donald Young?
          #? What happened to the other gay young men in Rev. Wright's church?

        • armedlamb

          One was murdered.........DY, I think.

        • usmcmailman

           Do you swallow?

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XTTIRG2DBBSALBQEGWRQYYBWVM John

          Semper Fi! but would you even give Ms. Burke the opportunity to swallow!!!

        • Rlmcferren

          good one.
          I believe her reply would be what a lovely tea party. 😉

        • RCJ

          You should be ashamed!

        • Marvinas2

          You're laughing because you haven't got any intelligent arguments to advance in Obama's favor.  Typical of the bloggers and commentators he's bought!  If it's such a joke, why doesn't he just unseal his records and let us see who he is!  Wouldn't that put the whole matter to rest?  He obviously has a whole lot to hide!

        • Sigmetsue

           By your standards, I wouldn't be able to prove my citizenship, and neither would you because all we can show are copies of our birth certificates.

        • Marvinas2

          I don't know about you, but I have a registered birth certificate with my actual footprint o nit; I have baptismal records, marriage certificate, high school and college transcripts.  Obama should have the same, as well as passport records, a real social security number of his own, selective service registration and more.  I dislike giving the secret codes to fire a nuclear missile to someone who can't tell us w2ho he is - someone who hides his records!

        • armedlamb

          As do most of us...the records you mentioned

        • daledor

          FYI Full birth certificates have the master copy safeguarded in the state archives - very secure. When you get a certified copy, anyone can, you pay, they make a copy off the microdot where it is stored.
          Also, as an ex-computer repairman and electronic engineering tech, I know for sure that the copy placed on the internet was a fake. You do not have fonts from the 60's that, when magnified look like modern fonts. Then they had Pica and Elite almost exclusively. They used page printers and typewriters then. All of these (drum, hammer, or print belt, worked with an ink ribbon. The printed image looked pretty good then (especially page printers, belt printers , and IBM Selectric ball printers) buy if magnified the ink blurred and spread to create small blotches and spikes around the printed character. Obama's font was too new and the edges had no blotches and spikes - as it should.
          You can accept facts like this or simply go 'seig heil mekin komandant' to Obama and let you head go numb from not thinking on your own.
          Do you want truth or would you rather live in a pumped up facade that is not real but will have real consequences that will affect your life, freedom, and happiness in the future if ignorance reigns - it affects others around you also. We can plant good or bad seed - plant good please. Being critical of wrong is fine as long as hate is not the motivator.

        • darkcyder

          One would have thought he'd ave been able to afford a better forgery...

        • http://www.facebook.com/Drawer22 Pc Arroyo

          The reason for that is simple: The Occupier-in-Chief of my country is a skinflint — except when it comes to spending your money and mine!

          De Oppresso Liber

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Ashburn/1455875255 Richard Ashburn

          And remember, for 2/12 years he said there was no original available, then, he suddenly comes up with one. Every reasonable,intelligent adult should be able to determine that this whole matter would have been cleared up much sooner if the scoundrel wasn't hiding something.

        • armedlamb

          He also said that he was born in two different hospitals...what an idiot!

        • Yensley

          I think that line from Jack Nicholson from "A Few Good Men" ......"YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" is applicable with what is going on in this country. And since when does wanting to know THE truth a motivator of hate? Somehow these two do not connect! And if you have an aggressive tumor, you don't want the surgeon to be "politically correct" in his removal of the tumor. You want the ENTIRE TRUTH...........EXCISION! (for your very life's sake)

        • armedlamb

          copies of the "original" that is....not forged copies

        • http://www.facebook.com/Drawer22 Pc Arroyo

          Read the title of what the White House published, SigmetSue. The title is NOT "Birth Certificate". Having been born outside of the United States of America in Caracas, Venezuela, to a native Californian mother and a Panamanian father (later naturalized as a citizen of the United States of America), I was registered as a citizen of the United States of America by my mother at the US Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela. Being foreign-born and having only one parent who was American by birth, I received a CERTIFICATION OF [LIVE] BIRTH, which is NOT a Birth Certificate! Upon enlisting in the Armed Forces of the United States of America (and having already chosen my citizenship as American), I received another opportunity to earn my American citizenship, serving in combat for my country; I didn't need to earn it, however, as I had already declared by citizenship as American.

          The above disregards your statement concerning copies, so I'll answer that in brief now: My Certification of [Live] Birth isn't forged, nor is my Social Security Number/Account fraudulent; the 3-number prefix provably reflects where I was residing when I applied for and received my Social Security number and card. Too, my draft registration card, issued before I voluntarily enlisted, is provably not altered. My elementary school(s), junior highschool, highschool, junior college, lower-/upper-division and masters university records are available on demand, as are my post-graduate records. I have saved several of my United States passports, which are also available for inspection. My military and civilian records contain NO ANOMALIES, such as those found published by the White House.

          I have never declared having been born other than in the city and country in which that occurred. I have clearly remembered my birthdate every time I've been asked. (Sheesh! I even remember, not only my enlisted Service/Serial Number, but my commissioned one, as well — and my junior highschool girlfriend's birthdate and address, as well as those of my highschool girlfriend! All of THIS information is also verifiable.)

          The ignorance displayed in your comment is obvious. I trust that I have been of some assistance on what is an apparently very steep learning curve for you.

          De Oppresso Liber

        • i_c_fyre

          Apparently the difficulty of the learning curve falls to you since the POTUS is required to be a NATURAL BORN citizen...which he, like you, is not. Thank you for your remarks though, it further outlines the point.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kay-F-Ferguson/1611135655 Kay F. Ferguson

          Sigmetsue, Unfortunately, there are many more deniers like you, so I won't waste alot of time here. Maybe we can settle this right now by running Obama's Conn. SS# through E-Verify. Oops, Obama never lived in Conn.? The number belongs to a dead man who conveniently died in Hawaii? Whaaaaat, there a bunch of SS #'s for Obama?? Wow!! Sorry Sue, thought I could help you out, but looks like the SS# turned out pretty much like the birth certificate. Hey, almost forgot, why not check out his selective service card? Silly me should have thought of it sooner. Do that and let me know what you find out ok.

        • Yensley

          Since all this "Julia" stuff has come out.....I am just wondering if Obama himself is a "composite" of a lot of things. We know that he is half white, half black and does not have any core beliefs. His parents (according to reports) were both atheists and therefore, no core beliefs. The mailman for Bill Ayer's parents TOLD OF OBAMA TELLING HIM YEARS BEFORE HE ENTERED POLITICS THAT "He would become President". Now just how does a bi-racial child with no family money attend Occidental, Harvard, and Comumbia without a whole lot of "strings" being pulled by someone? He is a puppet for some verg powerful progressives who, if he is re-elected, will shut down dissent on these cable shows and also radio. So MSNBC, CNN, ABC and NBC will come under the complete control of government entities (FCC). Wonder what the Al Sharpton's of this world will do for a living then?

        • armedlamb

          The main stream media is ALREADY under government control...and they are loving it1

        • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

           Keep laughing all the way to the FEMA detention camp, honey.

        • Hatelibs2

          Did he pay for your birth control? Or maybe your abortion? I guess you don't have to worry about turning anyone down sexually do you? 

        • Accodrifter

          Sick, Sick, Sick and blind also..I will pray for your corrupted soul!

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AQY22WFRRF224VVAMEKO2MYA3E sheffield

          Liz how can you be so stupid? you must be black.

        • I Poked Liz Burke

          You are definitely an Obama sycophant, a Kool-Aid drinking progressive, all of which means you ARE mentally ill. You cannot tell right from wrong, it's part of the DNC warped mental illness.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O3NKPVJ3ZE23KJTVFS2PMBQ3NE tiredofbums

          You'll be laughing in hell won't you? Your heart is unpure and your thinking flawed.

        • Tomf33602

          There always the issue of the man who says he had homo sex & cocaine with the sin oh bummer.  And there has been mention that he may not be the "father" of the two girls.
          Who knows?

        • Nectoxicdragon

          He isnt the girls father, I'm the sperm donor, I  whacked off in  the  turkey baster... and MOOCHELLE  boinked it...    All I got was a crummy tee shirt,

        • Mick60

          Well, he DOES have a lifetime membership at the gay bath house in Chicago called 'Man's Country'.

        • Susan

          They suffer from perversion. REad comments on many sites from Obama sites and many are totally perverted. Not surprised here he promotes homosexulity which to the Lord is perversion.

        • Linda Terranova

          They play race card without realizing just how equal we will potentially be. Only the elite will benefit from obama's presidency. I don't believe it is just the Dem's behind Obama, it is a worldwide party and much more powerful. Nothing we can say can penetrate the powerful propaganda they spread. People just can't see beyond it. With the elections possibly fixed, unless there is a landslide of people waking up, it is pretty much predetermined. Then He and all behind him can implement the bill passed allowing martial law even in peacetime. Some of you call us paranoid, hope you are right and we are wrong. But if this is true, the reality, we ALL become slaves, and last time I looked, slavery ended here a long time ago, relative to our country's age. Enjoy your freedom now, unless there is a massive awakening, it will forever be in the past. They have been allowed to ge too powerful. They have kept us and will keep us in fear under the guise that we need their protection. Please, just allow yourself to listen to every side. i believe Ron Paul is the only chance we would have, and, sadly, it appears, he has no chance, we are also being persuaded that the only chance we have to get Obama out is to vote for Romney. I believe they are on in the same, backed by the same worldwide party. We are losing our country, you'll see.

        • armedlamb

          at least Romney is better than a hater of America, white people, Christians and the Constitution but is a lover and advocate of Islam.

        • teacher10258

          Unfortunately I have to agree with you and I know a LOT of people that believe that you are exactly right. I feel sure that the election results are already in the computer exactly the way Hugo Chavez, Obamas buddy, won his last recall. Exit polls showed he lost 65 to 35. Oddly the company making the tally of votes reported the final vote was 65 for Chavez and 35 against. Guess what company is in charge of this US 2012 election results?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1573925564 Dennis Rayburn

          wow, you are still an idiot

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O3NKPVJ3ZE23KJTVFS2PMBQ3NE tiredofbums

          We haven't forgot. He's a butt loving muslim just like all the rest of them. A leopard can't change it's spots.

        • Mo

          You must be on the take for the free money??? Check Obamas heritage...he is only 7% black. You have been used to further his agenda. Actually, his ancestors made their living in the slave trade, selling blacks! Now he has the black population on his political plantation helping to promote more government take over. This will insure it keeps them poor and dependant on the government...serving him...

        • Nectoxicdragon

          Hey, Obama is just like Asprin...  You know why Asprin are white?     THEY WORK....

        • Nectoxicdragon

          and YES I know, he IS NOT white, thats the point...

        • daledor

          Don't fall for race baiting nor bigotry. At one point in history I statistically would have agreed with you but now there are sorry people who don't want to work in all races. The attitudes of people have been influenced by big brother government handouts. If you earn more money on welfare than on a job and have bills to pay, some had no choice. However, no one should desire the government RUT and dig their way out. It is the diligent, hard working people of all colors and creeds that have made our economy succeed - not government. They just want to take credit for our actions. BIg government is the biggest enemy to progress - they destroy people's God given creativity and desire to work by wasting our money and making people dependent upon them - rather than God and themselves . ---E.G. Obama trying to take credit for capturing Bin Laden --- he was 'clueless' about what was going on. The military did the planning, strategizing, and work and he wants to take the credit to get votes???? Get real!!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/NTxOkie Mark N. Dfw

          Why does that matter? And how could that be? His dad is from kenya and looks pretty black to me. 7% ?

        • Sickened

          Why do liberals have to personally attack everyone who disagrees with them?

        • ecbucs

           Isn't she responding to an article that is just spewing hate and lies about the president?  Her comments seem to fit right in with the what the commentators are saying about Obama.  He isn't a good president but he is not the devil either.

        • Nectoxicdragon

          Not yet, but  he will be the devil... He IS the antichrist...

        • ecbucs

          I am out of the office until Thursday April 5. I'll respond to your message when I return. If it is an urgent matter, contact the ASLA front desk at 202-898-2444.

          Ron Leighton
          Education Director

        • daledor

          'Spewing hate and lies???'

          Just facts! If a person does good then say they did good. If a person does evil then say they did evil. This is not hate, it is using the God given brain and observing what people do more than what people say. If I went by Obama's speech, usually he is very eloquent and slick (like some other recent presidents) but when you try to align speech and actions and they don't align then you should think about these things and not bee too quick to trust deceptive people - no matter how nice they appear.

          I used to get caramel apples - I loved them. Once in a while you would bite into the apple past the caramel coating and hit a rotten apple - yucccch! American's have bitten a rotten apple and elected a person based upon words and appearance - and worse of all some merely because of color. Shame on you, learn what MLK said, "It is not the color of the skin that matters, but the content of the character!!!" How wise a man King was.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O3NKPVJ3ZE23KJTVFS2PMBQ3NE tiredofbums

          His name is legion. He lies because he learned from the father of lies. He will be cast out and cast down with the sodomites. He will not enjoy one minute of peace. He is not Satan, but is in league with the master of lies and deceit. He has sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver. I pity him and his followers for they shall never see God.

        • Marvinas2

          Because they have no intelligent discourse to offer on these subjects.

        • A voice in the wilderness

          You have a point. We get that from CNN, MSNBC and various other News Media. We can't even agree on the meaning of fiscal responsibilty. Since when is the issue that 2-2=0, a racial issue? But, that's what we get. But, the worst of this is NO ONE GETS IT. Someone is manipulating the mindless that can be manipulated or easily lead away from what the real issue is...our DOMESTIC SURVIVAL as a C O U N T R Y in a world that changing...If we don't EXERCISE and be VIGILANT that our rights are not evaporated, we loose.

        • Nectoxicdragon

          Obama is not a black man  you insipid racist, he is the Antichrist. Now get the hell off welfare and get a  job you 2 bit  prostitute

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           But if I get a job, how will you make money off my prostitution?  you're not thinking this thru.  OK, your simpleness is too easy to make fun of so I'm moving on.

        • Darcy922

          Obama's not black..He's part muslim and part white..

        • Kent Perry, Az

          Part Muslim and Part white? Muslim isn't a race

        • usmcmailman

           What an A$$CLOWN you are bimbo!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1410337692 Jerry Kincaid

           Your an IDIOT ELIIZABETH

        • Monsterjavelin

          Hypocrite! You stand with a man who never helps anyone without harming another. You support a President who foments hate as a way to prosper himself & his party.  He twists truth & you support him. America is founded on the principle that government doesn't grant rights, God does & God doesn't grant rights for some that destroy the rights, freedoms or property of others. All are created equal as pertains to authority. You're free to make your choice, even if its a bad one but you're not free to destroy someone else's freedoms!

        • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

           Did you really just go there?  How immature and petty of you.  Do a little research for yourself and it's all there in black and white.  Let this man get re-elected and you'll see.  Your life won't be so "fab" then.

        • redcar

          Elizabeth,  How has your life been good?  Remember Odumbo isn't black - only 50% the other 50% is white communist. We don't hate blacks - only a bad president no matter what color he is.  Wake up & support the U.S. If he's re-elected (only if there is vote fraud) you wou't be singing his praises.

        • Ryan Santos

          I surely can not be because most of them still live the same way they did, before they came to our country...

        • J Rex

          I didn't get turned , I am married to him(degrading to the blacks to even say "one") and I can see the evil in this man Obama. . . doesn't matter the color of his skin. . . he is being used to deceive the masses and mostly the black people who are so desperately seeking a saviour!  Well that Saviour is Yahusha the Messiah, not Obama.  Turn to the true Messiah and you won't see black or white either!  You need to read this article http://www.forbes.com/2008/10/26/obama-iran-ahmadinejad-oped-cx_at_1026taheri.html  I plead with you to open your eyes to the Truth or you will be among those who will perish in the coming days. . .  

        • daledor

          RIGHT ON! GO J. REX!!

        • 1243!!Wsh

          Just because you like donkey dicks doesnt mean everyone does. It never turns out well, history tells you that.

        • Rlmcferren

          That is just plain mean... I am glad your life has been great* and Black MEN? your kidding right?  and sexually? please keep it about our country and not your sexual explorations,  ;you are probably one and I do  mean ONE that has had a good life since he became president. Were you one that got part of his 700 billion dollar bail out? For service rendered? 

        • Accodrifter

           This is indicative of the intelligence of the "today Democrat."... sick, sick, sick people!

        • leelee3

          Liz I bet U LUV that big black snake crawling in all ur  openings

        • Kent Perry, Az

          You life has been fab since Obama became President? Gee Elizabeth, compared to what? Compared to what you life would be like without lying about it? Why do you ask people question's, expecting answers to the imagined ques
          tions you never asked first.

          Like why don't you ASK if they hate Black people FIRST and when they say yes, THEN THAT would be the time to ask why they do. Or here is a good tip, WHY DON'T YOU FIND OUT IF YOU ARE TALKING TO SOMEONE BLACK FIRST rather than assume they are white and a Bigot merely because they don't agree to swinging from Obama's Vas Defrens.

        • daledor

          What planet are you on Elizabeth? Few hate Obama, especially not because he is black. People hate what Obama has done and wants to do to a once free country - he has a 'god complex' and wants to rule all.
          Your logic, or lack of, is that if I criticize and reject a rotten apple then I am prejudice about apples. Duhhhh!
          You may want to cause civil unrest and divide people against people but it does not work here babe. You socialists can only gain power by pitting people against people. You can only spread hate so that people will give you power - like your dad Obama!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1573925564 Dennis Rayburn

          you're an idiot

        • Nicholas Masters

          your life has been fab?? Oh ... you're one of those getting the Obama welfare money.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AQY22WFRRF224VVAMEKO2MYA3E sheffield

          Black trash

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/KPV6CKXRKPOTDVR7XQHEK24DBI Granny J

          Elizabeth Burke: If you're life has been "fab" since Obama became president, you must be on welfare, because those are the only people who have gained anything besides the failing "green" companies and the leftist political wonks. You need to grow up and look at the real world outside your little space and see that we are drowning in taxes, unconstitutional edicts from Obama, and the hatred he is spawning in the OWS, LGBT, and Pro-Abortionist groups toward the average Christian and Jewish American Citizens. You like that? Why don't you travel to an Islamic country and live under Sharia law, then. You would soon see that you have no rights, and no chance to succeed. Congratulations to your educators...they have failed.

        • KurtofLA

          The foundation is in place and if reelected, the complete destruction of America really starts in 2013

        • Mickey

          Well of course your life has been fab...you don't judge the value of life based on freedom but on how many handouts you can get. Obama is certainly your man. Your mind can't even comprehend consequences and long term affects of an increasingly dictatorial, welfare state. "If it feels good, do it, if it is free, take it..."and of course, "government is my friend and liberal politicians REALLY care." Grow up.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O3NKPVJ3ZE23KJTVFS2PMBQ3NE tiredofbums

          My life has been Fab. Ha HA HA HA HA. What a silly faggoty statement. You know why black people smell? So blind people can hate them too.

        • teacher10258

          OMG the race card thrown down!! Of course you had to throw in a sexual element? God that's getting so lame. Find a new accusation. One that makes sense for a change.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O3NKPVJ3ZE23KJTVFS2PMBQ3NE tiredofbums

          I guess it has for you. You misspelled fag with fab. You are a lesbian aren't you? So, yes your life must be better. Read leveticus in your bible. You have the rest of your life to repent your sinful ways. You Hate yourself, have low self esteem and probably drink like a fish. There is a solution. Trust God. May you find him soon. Turn your will over to him and let him work through you. Your soul depends on it.

        • AZKid007

          @twitter-22031065:disqus I went & looked at your tweets... You're a big ol' spammer, gal! Well, I wasn't able to read the Russian ones.....

        • biff

          you're joking, right? please tell me you are joking. you can;t be that ignorant.

        • tezaro57

          obviously she wasn't  dude you peeps need to lighten up you take every thing WAAAAAY  to seriously  people lifes to short not to have fun and take everything seriously not everything is ment to be taken seriously like the colbert report thats not how he believes its him poking fun or like pastafarians do you really think they "truely" believe in the flying spaghetti monster no their just having fun 

        • Darcy922

          I think that you are so absolutely about Obama..I have thought that about him all along

        • Hatelibs2

          you can tell l she loves to live under lots of dicks-I mean dictators.  why has her life been so good, is she a welfare recipient? more than likely. 

        • Nectoxicdtagon

          Moochelle, Barry wants you to sodomize him now so  hop to it, you daughter can tend to your street corner

        • armedlamb

          The nuts are the ones filled with hatred for this country and whose heads are filled with rocks.

        • cnick

          no, I think he just has them polished.  Now I know where the real crazies hang out, what a bunch of morons.

        • Larry Gallemore

          Sharon, you truly are stupid, and that is something that no one can fix!!!!

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5E3RK4ADHJZDTMR4TOCQ4JTVS4 Doc Bill

          bedrockq is good user name for yourself. it describes what is inside your skull

        • Ryan Santos

          Wow, this I was not aware of, but I don't doubt this I bit.  Morons, have been known to do this, and so do all his Demonic followers, also Morons.

          "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."- George Washington

        • Don Ro

           Barack Hussein Obama has now admitted eating dogs. Nothing this scum won't do.

        • MD

          Fact? Obama eats aborted babies? Codswallop! What is America coming to!

        • http://www.facebook.com/NTxOkie Mark N. Dfw

          Pictures or it didn't happen

        • daledor

          No lol - Obama I am sure does not eat babies and cut horns. However I see no reason to deride and make fun of the 84 facts that point out this traitorous president who defies the Constitution, tries to override the other 2/3 of the government (Congress and the Supreme Court) in order to rule all of our lives. Nothing laughable about the 'man who would be king'.

        • http://www.facebook.com/paula.vandergeest.3 Paula van der Geest

          No, but he does serve Stevie Wonder and his pals $100 lb beef when they visit the White House, and he does fly someone from Chicago twice a month to cut his hair. THE BIG FOP.
          And he does pay millions to a Seattle law firm to keep his past SECRET.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1573925564 Dennis Rayburn

          if this loser is re-elected, you will get what your STUPID mind deserves.

        • Mickey

          You are a dolt and an enemy of freedom.

        • armedlamb

          Sharon did not say or do the atrocities she posted. Obama did! Haven't you been listening to and reading about his policies, statements he has made. Where in the blue blazes has your head been?? But, evidently, you see no wrong in what Obama has done or said or is doing.

        • William Wallace

          If it's true, it's true. Oh well. Glad you are admitting it.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5E3RK4ADHJZDTMR4TOCQ4JTVS4 Doc Bill

          you forgot keystone pipeline, taxpayers still own 32% of GM stock, exporting u.s. coal to china but not allowing it's use here, failing to pass a budget every year he has been in office, and if you had received 20 more points on your iq test you would be in the 65 percentile

        • Cobraman

          Thank you for giving us more exsamples of Obama's crimes against America

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1911031 Arik Savage

           Explain to my how allowing the US to profit from coal (by selling it to China), DESPITE the EPA regulations I'm sure you'd blame as killing the coal industry (preventing them from making money) is a problem? It's not as though the US is lacking in electricity. We just have higher environmental standards. But the coal industry IS STILL MAKING MONEY.

        • Jmpr143

          Making money selling our coal to China and not allowing it to be used here, putting the kabash on the pipeline, high gas prices, high unemployment--that's NOT going down--there are just fewer people collecting because their benefits have run out--so they are no longer counted as unemployed.  Yea -Obama's done a fricking great job!  NOT!!!

        • Nectoxicdragon

          one of the BIGGEST exuses against coal is not the burning of it, its the environmental damage caused by MINING IT. Please do some reseach so you dont sound like the  typical liberal (STUPID)

        • KurtofLA

          Smart people we are. We have high standards haha and costs and India and China pollute at will and sell the garbage at Walmart and WE buy it hahaha

        • ranchofiesta

          it's not as though the US is lacking electricity?? my elec is metered - they can shut me down if they want to, my elec bill has gone up 50% in the last 3 years, we're paying more for electricity because it has been mandated a certain percentage comes from "windmills" or solar, or whatever the hell... just use coal and let me use my air conditioner and my heater when i want to!

        • http://www.facebook.com/sheila.rider Sheila Rider

          how does it help the environment if coal is sold to China who has no regulations and the worst pollution in the world? Obama has now Passed a new EPA law stating the end to coal use in this country for electrical plants stating no new electric plants will be built using coal. so tell me what is environmentally friendly that can provide electricity for the whole country? Nuclear power, You think that is safe? How about wind power that uses massive amounts of oil just to keep the blades turning. Yeah ovomit is a real hero. He ends the use of coal for electricity without having a plan in place on how to replace it. I hope california enjoys there rolling black outs this summer.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/June-Gagnon/1673686634 June Gagnon

          Don't forget barry's "auntie zetuni"!  Use of lower case is intentional, for "low-lifes"!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000122058424 Woe ToGo

          another insane person

        • emerald almonds

          It amazes me that some people can't see what this man is doing to this country. 84 different items mean nothing to you? You can't see? I feel very sorry for you and the likes.

        • pamela

          he also throws our allies under the bus and embraces the terrorist bastards. One of the first things he did was to return the bust of Winston Churchill to England. It was a gift from England, what an insult.

        • Thomaspgavin

          Why not make up a few more ridiculous items?  How about being a Bers fan?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=560207204 Diana Pawelski

          I have to re-post 1-84 on my wall.  Giving you credit of course. This needs to be read by as many we can get it out to. 

        • SZA

          you, sir, are a lunatic. you are what's hurting "our America," because  you do not know what "America" is. 

        • Stillfree2think

          Have you been sneaking into Limbaugh's med's?

        • Ed Mins

          you won't be free to think much longer if Barry gets another term.
          why don't you go listen to some Keith Oberman reruns!

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           You know Ed, I'm tired of thinking for myself, I'm a busy lady. You know how it is...And my vagina is so much trouble, I will also let the republican men just tell me what to do with it. Of course only the White ones, amirite? And I think it would be great if someone just put thoughts in my head and all I had to do was move my lips and repeat.  How's that working for you? Lots more free time to do paranoid crazy thinking!  OK, I'm in! Let the thought-less process begin.

        • Janpacopete

          Get the padded room ready for this guy!!

        • News Across

          You can't possibly be serious.

        • http://www.facebook.com/buffaloerik Erik Moore

          WOW - quite a list - I stubbed my toe today, can you add that to the list or is this just a list of your personal grievences?

        • Robert

          If I may add to your list, I would like to add the $23 million (USAID funds) of U.S. taxpayer dollars to Kenya to fund a " Yes" vote on a referendum on the a comprehensive new constitution that would increase access to abortions in Kenya as well as establish legal status for Shariah or Islamic law tribunals. Not to mention the new constitution would allow dual citizenship citizens (Obama) to run for parliment or president of Kenya.
          All Obama would have to do is request his citizne ship be renewed. Or didn't you know Barack had a dual citiznship (because his daddy Barrack Obama Sr. was a Kenyan/British subject). That is IF Obama was really born in Hawaii...  

        • Imsofajita


        • kwsmith

          so tell me, does the name refer to the hole that exists between your ears?because there's certainly nothing there in the yawning chasm between them.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZIF2MRVSSE6UTAU3XZN5CIFAJQ JET

          Wow! That is longer than my list!

        • biff

          does Hole in One refer to the hole in your head? cranks like you are an embarrassment to this great country. I suggest you put on a uniform and grab a weapon and actually fight for this country before spout the garbage you have posted here. Grow a pair.

        • gdj

           You can post these lies until hell freezes over but they still won't be true, sorry!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000122058424 Woe ToGo

          Insane, you hurt America with stuff like this 

        • Juanita66

          One more you missed: Not knowing how to correctly pronounce "Corps" - as in Marine Corps...

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/MIA7HE3RS7J5T7ITFBYTRYS7I4 knowrookies

          WOW!!! You've got TOO much time on your hands!! Take a walk...HA!HA!

        • FABBY


        • http://twitter.com/SunsetParker Sunset Parker

          I guess you could call killing Osama bin Laden and decimating Al-Queda with drone attacks empowering. I guess. And what better evidence could there be of Obama imposing sharia law on a hapless population than his endorsement of homosexual marriage? You know how those Muslims are forever promoting the gay agenda back home in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan... all those gay havens. The rest of the stuff on this list is equally well thought out. Thanks Hole! You're really smart. really!

        • KurtofLA

          Just find the Democrats/Obama voters in your community and do your duty.

        • Defend the Constitution

          Good start! Unfortunately, the list is endless and growing every day. Where has the Speaker of the House been for two years on all of this? AWOL? There was a time in America when the "Loyal Opposition" political party would sound off - loud and long - to reveal Administration shortcomings - particularly Constitutional challenges. Perhaps the Speaker preferred to silence the 2010 freshmen Republicans in the House, rather than allow them to perform as champions of the Constitution and our endangered liberties. Why? Some would suggest it has to do with a strategy to woe the electorate's independents . . . but at what cost?

        • KurtofLA

          We have to learn to deal with them the same way they deal with us. 2nd amendment, but I am afraid that we are cowards at heart

        • JOHN T. FOX


        • JOHN T. FOX


        • http://www.facebook.com/rcosenza1 Robert Cosenza

          to the modator or administrator,you sir have no right approving my speech,you are not the constitituion,this is america,freedom of speech.not a communist  country.put my speech on line or i will be bring suit against you sir.have a nice legal american tax paying freedom of speech day.one nation under god,we salute the constitution.god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse,and ron paul,and all american veterans.

        • cactus

          Like most of us he is just bitching.

        • Paul Divine

          You are absolutely right Sir. We will have a p roblem voting Obama out of ofice. He has all his bases covered. You might ask, how has he covered all his bases. He knows that he has all the Back votes as well as all the Hispanic and Muslim votes. Check the facts,Obama knows that at least tenty percent of the white, working class Americans will vote for him , no matter what. Add  the Black, Muslim and Hispanic votes  and to this and he will  most likely be reelected. Most of us know that his re-election will most likely spell the end of the United States as free and independant nation,. He will definatly set up a Communist/Islamic Ditator form of government as a replacement. He will set himself up as the Dictator of the nation for the reast of his life.

          This indeed the change that he promised us during his last campaign.a chang that we can believe in. Let us hope and pray that God will intervene and give us an opposition candidate that would have the ability to open the eyes of voters so they would understand what Obama`s agenda really is. Perhaps some opposdition leader could be found who  would have the wisdom, knowldge and understanding of hiow to communicate with the voters to be able to get them to understand what the consequences will be if Obama is re-elected.

        • liberty49

           If he sanctions the railroading of George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin,  I hope the legal Hispanics will turn against him!

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CVRZE7H2ENKKMCYYOMIUIVWRW4 rhody

           Zimmerman is a Democrat.  I'm guessing he is rethinking his party membership.

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Of course, once those skittles get into that ice tea ANYTHING could have happened. That's dangerous! 

        • guest233

          elizabeth..are you aware the skittles and tea are slang for drug's?

        • Stephen L. Buechler sr.

          We can't wait until the election. We must make this man disappear now.We must be willing to sacrifice our selves to save the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. WE HAVE TO RISE UP NOW! We need to put an armed force on the ground when he's in the W.H. and take him and his whore of a wife and make them disappear. I know this may seal my fate but I can abide no more. If we continue to whine and moan it will be to late and we all become slaves. I am sure they are reading this as I write it but I can do nothing about that. I sleep with my weapon beside me already. I ask all red blooded American patriots to rise up immediately and join me on a cavalcade to Washington D.C. as soon as we know for shure he is at home or some place where we can get to him. steve_buechler@yahoo.com  ph.# 850-314-6660 be prepared to defend yourselves. I heard yesterday that an operation is already planned for this month. Perhaps we can join forces with them. They said to lay in a months food,water and toilet paper. Said you'll know it's on when people are taken into custody and no one knows why. Gave no date other than to say it is in April so be prepared. Supposed to be peaceful operation with law enforcement being backed by military who have already said they are in so be alert . LOVE AND VICTORY TO YOU ALL! Stephen

        • Stewart

          This post is an amazing piece of absurdist performance art and is absolutely hilarious! Please, please Mr. Buechler, give us more!

        • Thomaspgavin

          Yes.  A true tour de force from Stephen.  More is right!

        • CCB

          "Stephen L. Buechler sr" or whoever wrote that garbage is genius or paranoid fantasy misinformation.  What will he and people like him say in 2016, at the end of Obama's 2nd term, when the good old U.S.A. is more fully filled with the bounties of life, liberty, and he pursuit of happiness than it has ever been and the nation is stronger and healthier than ever?  Will they look back and realize how utterly removed from reality they were?  

        • CCB

           I meant to write:  "is a genius of paranoid fantasy misinformation. "

        • Claude

          Everything you've written is an admission in your role to commit treason against the United States of America. You are a traitor and a coward.

        • cactus

          He has said nothing that can be considered treason or cowardice.  Do you have a reading comprehension problem?

        • Jacksig58

          are you deaf,dumb,blind to what is going on sir?

        • Carol37

          Maybe you need to go back to school and learn OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

          He is NO TRAITOR.

          You, sir,  are as dumb as a bucket of rocks, just like OBUMMER and MOOCHELLE/

        • Ray D Niente

           "Moo"chelle? Are you calling the First Lady a "cow?" Interesting what passes for polite discourse here. You should be ashamed for stooping to personal attack, madam.

        • Aavom13

          Let me begin with saying that I am Republican..however I do not think that name calling and personal attacks will solve the White House problem. Some of the coments I've read in this page have absolutely nothing to do with the issues they are just insults ..Obama should leave the White House because of his ineptitude to govern period...that by it self should be enough

        • Xyxox

           Say hi to the nice Secret Service and FBI agents when they show up on your doorstep.

        • Carol37

          LOCK and LOAD your guns.

          I can shoot and hit a target without any effort.

          Let us bnad together and get him OUT.

        • Carol37


        • Stillfree2think

          So can I, and my beads on YOU

        • Jacksig58

          i agree with you !we are in terrible danger!this obama is our greatest enemy within,we have been infiltrated by our enemies in our very goverment!!pieces of the obama puzzle are beginning to fit together!!the take down of our great nation is under way!!we the people will not tolerate this in any way ,shape or form!we will do whatever it takes!!the biggest fraud against we the people & our great nation!just read birth record found in kenya,also school records released by occidential by court order!!he is not one of us!!we shall overcome,bet on it!!

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CVRZE7H2ENKKMCYYOMIUIVWRW4 rhody

          It sure explains why Hillary's campaign went south so quickly and why she is retiring. 

        • cactus

          Since you are doing nothing to stop him except bitching, I hope you enjoy your new place in life.

        • Carol37

          Paul, I have been praying that he will be defeated or something will happen to him.  For some reason,  God allowed him to be elected. WHY? WE probably will not know until we reach Heaven.  I know he is not going to be there.

          I want this FAKE POTUS GONE.  PERIOD.  I do not care if he is brought out in a body bag,  just let his deceitful sorry butt LEAVE and go to Kenya, the real place of his birth.  He has no right being in OUR WHITE HOUSE.

          Beware of the WOLF in  the clothing of a SHEEP.

          I am terrrified of  him stopping the election in November and declaring MARTIAL LAW. 

          How in this world will we live and on what will we survive?  We will be locked in our homes like prisoners unless some brave BLACK MAN gets rid of him.

          I do not want to live under Shariah Law.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VMQU547PBQ7YHKC7GFHPOLQXOQ MommaMeme

          " For some reason, God allowed him to be elected. WHY? WE probably will not know until we reach Heaven. I know he is not going to be there"

          Carol, This is not God's doing at all. God gave us ALL free will, and it is that same free will used by the people who voted for Obama. Just wanted to make that clear that God isn't to blame.
            I don't understand how true this can all be, but I do know that there is an election coming, and we all have a voice. We need to use it on election day to vote him out. People are complaining about the Republican candidates, but as I read all this, can they REALLY be so bad?  God bless and be with every one of you here on this board.  This story is one of the most stunning & most  frightening I have ever read in my life. God takes care of His own. Pray and have faith and remember that His word says that there is nothing that we can get into that He will not make a way for us to get out of. Anyone who believes in the Lord Jesus, He will never give you more than He knows that you can handle. Have faith. Although God has practically been kicked out of America, He will never stop loving and protecting His own. The worse things get, the more athiests there are as well. Have you also noticed that? Read the Bible chapter of Revelations, it's happening now. I'm no "Bible thumper", I'm only telling you the TRUTH according to the Word of God, our Creator. God bless & be with you and yours.

        • bintalshamsa

          If it wasn't God's will for Obama to become President, then you're saying that the will of human beings was more effective than the will of God. Is it only God's will when you get the politicians you prefer?

          You said, "God takes care of His own". Perhaps, that's why folks like you are so upset about President Obama and the past three and a half years. My life has certainly improved, since his administration began. I bought a house (for cash) and received a wonderful tax credit, which made it even cheaper. My husband found a better job and has gone back to college to pursue his desired career change. My daughter was accepted into the top rated school in our state.

          If you're frightened of what's in this video, then you don't truly believe in God. If you did believe in God, you wouldn't be so easily scared by stuff you read or watch on the internet.

          If the lives of those complaining on this thread have gotten worse in the past three years, according to your claims, it's a sign that they are not "God's own".

        • unwillingvictime

          How lucky you are to be on the entitlement side of the country. I on the other hand have worked two jobs most of my adult life. I was qualified for social security by the time I was thirty. That is not an entitlement by the way, it is a program you pay into. Entitlement is a gift from other taxpaying citizens. As far as social security is concerned I have worked the equivalent of 102 years from my contributions. However, due to your man, I may never collect a penny of that as he has stripped this country of any value. In fact he was the cause, directly by his actions, of the US getting the first credit downgrade in history! How your taxes went down is beyond belief as he has done nothing to lower them other than not let Bush's credits continue. By the way, I don't remember getting a stimulus check as we did with Bush. All your guy did was waste money on failed projects. Look up how the stimulus money was spent. I won't waste this space for something you can see easier than me copying the facts. This program to "build jobs" did so at a rate of some 1.5 million per job! That's a pretty poor return on that money now wasn't it? You were probably able to pay cash for your house because he screwed up this economy so bad, people are losing houses at a rate similar then the depression. By the way, a man is not picked to obey moral laws, he picks the ones he chooses to obey. We are not upset because we set the laws to follow, it's due to his warped ideas of what is moral and what is not. So nice you were able to profit at the expense of those who lost so much because of this thug.

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Hey Carol, when the election is over and Obama wins, and no martial law is called, will you feel silly or will you simply find something else to freak out about while the scary Black man is in office.  And if your God OK'd this like you said, why don't' you trust Him? Is it because you are scared of Black people?  Remember, your people dragged them here in chains, Africans would not have come here willingly to be slaves you silly sad lady.

        • Stillfree2think

          There is one word to best describe the sprawl you just spewed, insidious.

        • Ed Mins

          At this point I am bout ready to elect JOE the PLUMBER all the  candidate needs to do to get his talking points is come to this WND

        • Janpacopete

          You need to first pray that you learn to spell...

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

          Hey Paul,
          What date will this Communist/Islamic Ditator government happen?  I'm asking because, you, like the end-of-the-worlders, have had many false starts and I just want to make sure I am packed and have a chance to call the references my subletter gives me.  What country do you suggest I go to? How about Europe? No, too socialist? S. America? No, also too socialist? Hmmm...African countries? No? too Black? yea, I know....ewwww, right? Listen, you know so much more than the average Joe so just send ma a list of approved countries and I'll take it from there. Thanks Paul!

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YH2ZIQWRJE6OGQ3D435FD5FGTA Hole In One

          Youtube Banned Incredible Ron Paul Video - VidoEmo - Emotional Video Unity.flv
          JFK...Martin L King..speak of America...Wish they were still here...Great and brave men of America..!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vs27A2zhfrw&feature=relatedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vs27A2zhfrw&feature=related

        • Ray Mason

          JFK is over-rated.  He is famous because he got shot, not because he did anything remarkable.  I did sorta like the guy though, too bad he got killed.  But he was a jerk, had more women on the string than Bill Clinton.  All part of the Kennedy legacy.

        • Japacopete

          OMG, I am surprised that the America-hater allows this site to exist! I am even more shocked that he allows you to exist. It must be some Islamic plot! Watch out, I just heard that this site is being used to transform true Americans' into Islamic America haters who vote for Obama and think that women should be able to take birth control pills. Oh nooooo, I am melting....

        • Sgtsquirt3

          WOW! I like what you said, only one thing wrong with it, I wish I said it first.
          You go on... I love hearing the truth. We need to get Oboma out of OUR WHITE HOUSE!   We need to find a way to put Oboma OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE. You are right, this is America and we need someone to help us get it back from Oboma Before it's too late.

        • Unbiased

          Islam doesn't hate all religions you uniformed prejudiced twat. I happen to have many Islamic friends who are much more tolerant of other religions then the so called Christians who spout this kind of hate filled speech. And even if they did so what? The first amendment protects that right. And as a true and patriotic American I will defend anyone's right to hate a religion even if it disgusting and pathetic to do so. Also how is hating other religions  any different then the Catholic churches war on Homosexuals? They both are hating another group simply because they are different. 

        • John Brashear

          Islam hates everyone, even each other, ...they just hate Christians and Jews a little more

        • http://www.facebook.com/lawrence.waite1 Lawrence Waite

          You say DO something NOW; Just what are you doing?

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YH2ZIQWRJE6OGQ3D435FD5FGTA Hole In One
        • Ewp

          Am sure you are right about US military.  But the UN blue helmeted  military would be used.

        • Anumber1

          This possibility has occurred to me. The national government, under the UN small arms treaty, if it passes, would ban private ownership of firearms and would use the UN military to enforce it. Such a scenario should ignite a civil war, an uprising by us patriots in the name of our forebears who fought for our liberty.

        • Ladysmith008

           The UN can't over-ride our Constitution. Hillary needs to be put in her place, same as Obama...that being prison.

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Wow, you all have WAY too much time on your hands for all these fearful hand wringing paranoid imaginings.   Bush screwed us all with the 2 unfunded wars, the first one against a country that did NOT attack us. Where was your outrage then? Right, he was a White "Christian" from Texas. I got it. You do see that these bad things you fear have not happened, right? You have the right to be crazy and "put people in their place" like the hateful person you are. But when Obama is re-elected and the sun still comes up, kids still play at the beach and the storm troopers don't show up I'll think of you! Well not really, you are way too awful.

        • catdaddyswife

          If Obama is not taken out by our military (or a good private citizen sniper) all white, christians, will be loaded into stock cars at the closest train depot and hauled off to some abandoned rock quarry, thrown in & shot.  Sound familiar to people that know their history? How about Warsaw, Poland?  Concentration camps?  Death marches?  Being taken out of your homes in the dead of night, lined up with your neighbors and executed?   That's some CHANGE I don't want to be around to experience.  This BEAST wants all opposition done away with.....if he can't get our Military to do it, he'll get rid of them and find Black Panthers, militant Muslims, black prison gangs, any group of people that can be bought, to do his dirty work.  GOD save us! GOD save the UNITED STATES!

        • News Across

          Sheriff Joe?  The same Sheriff Joe currently under investigation for multiple, criminal human rights violations by the FBI?  That Sheriff Joe?

        • biff

          you are freaking nuts. take your tin foil hat and go back and get that GED. it scares me that degenerates like you have the right to vote in the country that I fought and nearly died for in Fallujah..your welcome douchebag.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-R-Carreiro-Sr/100000561837094 Joseph R Carreiro Sr

           We are on the same page Mike and I am a Vet from the 50's and nothing like what is going on now has happened in my lifetime.I do hope you are correct about our military and I do think you are.I am in Arizona and Joe Arpaio is a good officer of the law and he will not give in to the tyrants in Washington,This I so know.

        • DixieAngel_76

          Yes, he is. I would not be surprised at all if he suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances, like Andrew Breitbart, and that comedian Steve (forget his last name at the moment) who did that act spoofing Obozo. George Bush took it in stride, and even went on stage with him, but not Oblamer. He and Moochelle just sat there with stony faces, watching him. I'm sure that somewhere, Joseph Stalin and Al Capone are proud of him.

        • Ozzbatt

          Coming from Southern Arizona, and also knowing that Joe is a former Drug Enforcement Officer from Texas, I'd like to see two things disappear from the Arizona landscape - Joe and the Border. I know many might disagree, and you are entitled to that opinion. Arizona has, as a result of both SB 1070 and tightening of the rules of travel between Mexico and Arizona, lost over 35% of it's tax revenues (I've heard higher figures) and a source of major income.

          As someone who lived in the Sonoita, Arizona region, everyone down that way knew Robert Krentz and to this day sill mourn his death. But closing the border and establishing a Military style "1k" zone is not the answer either. As it is, over 70% of the Arizona border is Federal and Tribal lands. Most of this Nation is completely unaware of the real situation down there. If this President isn't able to preform his duty as both Commander and Chief of the armed forces, and as the man we thought we elected as President, then perhaps we as Citizens' need to make the other half of the Constructional Process work - have our States Governors' do the jobs we hired them to do - Command the Nation Guard and call a Constitutional Convention and fire the entire Elected Federal Government in 2012. I was taught "We the People" can do this.

          Perhaps the answer doesn't lay with 'Federal Entitlements' to money yet to be collected from our Great-Great Grandchildren, but rather continue on with commerce and 'get real' with our State and Federal spending. Arizona is running the largest budget in it's history as a State...and there is no money coming in from taxes. And of course the first thing the budget provided for was a pay raise for the folks in politics - not the State's Employees - but the State's "elected officials". You can't build an economy based on War and Credit. Sooner or later it will collapse and all hell will break loose. The People of this Nation can't afford to have a complete collapse of our economy, neither can the rest of the World - and I wouldn't mind if I could actually collect a Social Security check in another 20 years if I am able to retire. As it is, that system is tapped out and going bankrupt as well. All because of the mismanagement going on in Washington, D.C.

          As the famous quote goes: "We have seen the enemy, and it is within us." - From the comic strip "Pogo" (1970), as written by Walt Kelly (1913-1973). Perhaps it's time for "We the People" to get off of our collective asses and make the system work. It's not really 'broken', it's time to fire the Management Staff !!

        • dHb

          I would imagine that a lot of the top brass in the military have bought in to Obama for their own gain, promotion, power, etc. Just like in every other dictatorship that has ever evolved.

        • http://twitter.com/SunsetParker Sunset Parker

          He's also a corrupt moron, bigot and clown. Brave heart? Not much evidence of that. He lets child rapists walk in their hundreds.

        • Daniel from TN

          There have been several articles on the internet about the possibility of events from this election season..
          1. The federal government IS preparing for the possibility of civil war. An official with DHS has confirmed it, but called it "civil unrest" instead of civil war. This war will probably occur shortly after election night if obama is reelected.
          2. Military commanders are now attending briefings stating they might have to give the order to fire on US citizens in the event of civil war, uh, unrest. Personally, I do not believe many will obey the order nor troops obey the order if given to them.
          3. UN troops are now stationed in the US for the purpose of offering "emergency assistance," if needed. Liberals will need some protection from the people if obama is reelected, because they sure will not get it from the military.
          4. All vets have been declared "potential domestic terrorists" to suppress any validity to their claims of treason against the administration.
          5. UN observors will be located at polling places throughout the country to make sure Conservatives do not suppress minority voting through voter ID laws. However, they do not seem to be concerned about the suppression of military absentee voting.
          INDEED, we have a very strange election season at our doorstep.
          America or obama on November 6th! You can't vote for both!

        • Katie

          I had read about Obama's citizenship being questioned on the Supreme Court level--a case out of my home state (CA). I believe the case is Orly vs. Tatiz. Last I heard, it was in conference, with some behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

      • Jim213

        The Mexican bordef !

      • NCC1701F


        • Atxcindy

          lol@ internment camps. Do you see black helicopters flying over your house? I bet you bought into the rapture too didn't you?

        • JOHNTHEFOX


        • Revgay

          we are on thr verge of the antichrist and the end times---i won der how many are really ready

        • JOHNTHEFOX


        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Well, I'm packed, but I brought lots of different clothes for different seasons. And I have a whole box of really cute shoes! Yea shoes! Is Jesusland sunny? Or can I request to go directly to the beach? I packed several bathing suits just in case. Oh and a few totally cute coats and jackets in case the evenings get chilly, like in Maine. 

          PS. You all seem to have an insiders knowledge of this "Rapture", is it formal or can I get away with a simple cocktail dress?  

          PPS. Will I have a hairdresser there? Cause my hair can just get cra-cra in humidity!  Nevermind, I'll bring some extra hair spray! 

          See you all at the Rapture Welcome Party!

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           AHHHH.....STOP YELLING AT ME!!!!!   I'm not your wife.

      • antiliberalcryptonite

        More like the border of the U.S., or actually at least half-way across the ocean.

      • tthan43


      • Bob2002

        The military are afraid to do anything because Obama (unfortunately) is their boss and most high ranking military people toe the line. The biggest problem in the upcoming election will be voter fraud. Without voter fraud, Obama would never stand a chance of getting re-elected.

      • cactus

        Sadly, everyone wants someone else to save us.

      • News Across

        A military coup?  

        Lol...dude, you really do take your Brown Shirt membership seriously don't you?.

      • Erigney

        And straight behind bars at Leavenworth..

      • DockyWocky

        Well, back in the old days when American's still had cajones, Salvador Allende died after falling down the steps of his presidential palace. Of course, it took about 5 falls to do the trick, but clumsy people are like that.

        Maybe in Obama's case, they could take him for a drop on the deep end of the White House pool, after the water is let out, of course.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/June-Gagnon/1673686634 June Gagnon

        Correction, "they" need to escort obama-soetoro INTO Fort Leavenworth Federal Prison, awaiting a "military tribunal" for fraud, collusion, espionage AND treason - - this nazi-muslim fraud IS a domestic terrorist!

      • biff

        yes, that's what this country needs, a military coup. Were you saying that when the cheerleader in chief and mr five deferments were destroying the economy that Obama is slowly but surely saving. facts are inconvenient things. If you know how to read, i suggest today's wall street journal which talks about the economy heating up and how this will spell doom for the gop. try again in 4 years with the crazy.

      • Disgusted

        They need to do more than that and the same for all the people who are in collusion with him and the democrats and RINOs.  It's gone too far.

      • Hyattrl

        I spent 37 years in the Army and working for the Army, I am really worried if the Military will fire on us old Veterans if we try to resist this Marxist Socialist take over that OBAMA has going.
        I personally have come under attack because of things I have said on Facebook so will attempt to remove anything I've posted to that social media site.

      • http://twitter.com/SunsetParker Sunset Parker

        You'll be relieved to know they they sort of do already Jody. They guard him. He's like, the president, Yanno? They escort him to the door. From the door. Along the halls. All over.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000602023918 John Lee

        No! They need to put him in our Cuba jail with the other terrorists Muslims.

      • 7PastorCarmine7

        No we the People need to do that Job.

      • game50

        Escort Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Obama to jail for TREASON/FRAUD ... ENOUGH FOR HIS MADNESS AND US LETTING HIM GET AWAY WITH IT TOO.

    • Maxandfrancis

       I constantly wonder about the same thing, Jenny!

    • J_berry50

       Interesting; Germany said the same thing back in the late 30's about their leader! Sometimes, people have to fight fire with more fire! This pres. and his minions are playing for keeps.


         therein lies the problem.. Appearently, WE THE PEOPLE are NOT playing for keeps... if we were, this ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA would not still be where he is now..It is that cut and dry

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

          The government is crooked and they turn thier backs on us tax payers.



        • Fisher1


    • Schnable

      Easy solution,  VOTE him out of office.   Whining and bloviating will do no good.

      • Mark

        Sure, if we can gen enough REAL votes to outnumber the fraudulent ones!

        • notoshariah

          The way they want to install the DEATH PANELS there will be plenty of room for the NOT-REAL-VOTES to outnumber the REAL ONES. They just let the old or ill just die off!         Then they will install the  "black-Panthers" to Guard the polls so the REAL VOTERS CAN'T GET IN /or vote opposite of what they want to.     Davis did a -email vote for an education-funded measure and there were several protocol rules broken .     It  didn't matter.      They made sure the mandate would win ( and I believe that money was skimmed off for the upper-ups -which is the same 'ol-same 'ol  in the education game.
          How do you think BHO got where he was  ---I do not believe he played by the rules .
          It is obvious to me that he CHEATED his whole life -and now his biggest lie is that he is a real NATURALIZED CITIZEN---SICK!

        • notoshariah

          OOPS  - He is naturalized    but,  NOT NATURAL BORN!     The Clintons are the same way.    If a lie gets you there then of course use it. 

        • Sandra Schools

           Prove it......notoshariah

        • JOHNTHEFOX


        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           You are ineligible to  spell correctly!     OMG This site has been WAY too much fun today!

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           What, is he half robot? Not natural born, you mean hatched? I'm confused, my vagina tells me that most, if not all babies, come out of vaginas.  Do you know something my vagina does not?  TELL ME!

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Are you mad because Harvard didn't want you?  Or maybe college is just for uppity snobs?  You are right, let's get the least intelligent person in the most important job.  Hey, you have all the answers, why don't you run?  Seriously, be a good citizen and run!  You apparently know all the tricks Obama used, you can do the same thing.  Who need smarts when we have actual patriots like you! 

        • antiliberalcryptonite

          It may be time very soon to hit the reset button.

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           You'll need millions, I'd start now.

      • Theresa Harris15

        Im afraid because of all the reading I have done, that they will do a take over if obama is not re elected! He and his minions want a revolt so they can call out our own military against the American citizens, just like in other countries have done and are doing! America is doomed, It will take a merickle  to Restore Her. I will do what ever it take to save my country! How about you?

        • http://www.facebook.com/dolores.peterman Dolores Peterman

           They are working on a revolt in Florida, through the esteemed ministers of the cloth.  I don't know what cloth. 

        • 2bvictorius

          Theresa Harris15, So what would you prefer Obama's re-election which will most certainly mean the end of america. Or should we the people get off our knees and force congress and our state governments  to conduct investigative hearings to impeach Obama and Joe Biden and if neccesary remove both from office, preferably by filing with the SCOTUS for abuse of power and felonies and have the speaker of the house assume the office of the president. Following the impeachment drag Obama and his gang of criminals before a federal court and try them for their crimes against the American people.

          I have been saying for years that the congress, the states AG's  and others have been under the threat of death and threats against their families. Remember the Judge in Georgia who reversed his earlier ruling on Obama's eligibilty.

          I think we need to investigate the accuracy of the claims made in the article.

        • JOHNTHEFOX


        • http://www.facebook.com/rcosenza1 Robert Cosenza

          john you are right,what am i willing to do and when,a wave starts with a ripple,ok lets me and you make a peaceful plan,and start a journey with a first step.were washington dc,when,any time in the next few months.a march/peaceful protest. i have been making the phone calls,faxing the letters,e mailing all my politicians,i even call the wh,every week and tell them we the people demand ovomit step down from office,then i recite the pledge of allegiance,and have been doing this for over 8 months,so far they just give me there pat answer,thank you for your opinion,and thats it,nothing else.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,and all american veterans and all american citizens.one nation under god

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           They give you a pat answer, because you are clearly a nutcase. Ovomit? Do you think that will make people take you seriously?  I feel bad for the WH operators. But they have a job, unlike you.   While you are unemployed, do you think you could learn to spell or use correct grammar? Just trying to help!

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Whatever it takes?  How about a quick English class so you can spell "miracle" correctly. (It will take a merickle  to Restore Her.)   Oh and I can save my country, but I'm really busy this weekend. What with my job and personal activities, what about next Tuesday?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WCTUPOAEM2FW2PSKV5QZW34674 dusterdog

         If our vote counts that is whats going to happen.But I doubt it will count.After all Obamie says the voter is not really very important its the vote counter that is.

        • Los

           No Obscumbo is not that smart - That is attributed to Josef Stalin absolutely not to Obscumbo.

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

          Hi Los!  (is that your actual name?)  I am just beside myself with all the clever plays on the name Obama!  Can you walk me thru this one?  It's so obscure, I can't figure it out.  You kooks are real wits with the Obama-isms.  Did they teach you that in McDonald's Fry school?

      • Los

         Soo YOUR ONE vote is the solution?  Do not tell people who have more courage in their small fingernail to face an evil figure and negative force than you obviously do what or what not to do pal.  We are playing for keeps and I suppose the word has to get out that our oath to protect and defend has no expiration date -- Before Sheriff Joe is harmed, before the next election, before Obscumbo adds another trillion in debt to the budget - Before he expects anything he must be shown the cell where he will be held for the remainder of his life in 23 hour solitary, asked to step in and the door shut behind him.  Action is not whining and bloviating is what you seem pretty adept at doing Schnable.

      • Sandra Schools

         Schnable - Get a hold of your ignorance. You do not have a clue....So stop hitting on those who do.

      • Barackobummerthefifth

         Right.  Time to get out the hanging ropes.  Screw this imposter.



        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           WOW!   Do you come from the future?  WOW!   Wait, what are the next winning Mega Ball numbers?

      • antiliberalcryptonite

        And when 'voting' doesn't work?

        • JOHNTHEFOX


        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           How Godly!   Bang Bang Bang!   Jesus was clearly a gun lover! Oh and that "God is love" talk, clearly for homos and hippies and lady-whores.  Well, all ladies are whores right?  Your mom taught you well.

    • Sandra Schools

      You know - this might be easier said than done. How much of an invisible army does he have behind him? I am serious......

      • antiliberalcryptonite

        True.  Generally, you would think that law-abiding citizens have most of the guns, many liberals being ex-convicts or not being able to pass background checks to purchase and own firearms.  But...what if all of the guns for Fast-and-Furious did not go strictly to Mexico?



      • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

         Wait, now he has an invisible army?   Come on!  get all your "facts" together and then list them.  I'm getting confused with each of you telling me different "facts." I'm just a dumb girl, help me understand. Is it Black Panther Army, Acorn Army, Moslem Army, ummm...what else...oh, socialist Army or Invisible Army? Or...duh duh dum...ALL OF THE ABOVE!  EEK!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1028089737 Lisa Merle Hawkins

       Jenny: Isn't it up to each one of us? We ARE Americans, are we not?

    • bedrockq

      lol...We are comin to take away your guns.   Obama is training a secret new Black Panthers muslim brotherhood militia.

      Your non-existant paranoid world must be a strange one indeed.  

    • cactus

      Jenny, the only real men and American patriots are all too old to do anything except agitate.  The others are either too busy playing golf or watching the game on TV.  All are afraid they will lose too much if they try to do something.  Sadly America is no longer the "Land of the free and the home of the brave".

    • Mightykelso

      Sound like you're a stark raving madwoman.

    • News Across

      Exactly what did you have in mind?...specifically...in detail.

      Enquiring minds (and the Secret Service) want to know.

    • cdoc

      When will you people get a grip on reality.  Obama is not the madman you need to worry about.  He's just a rubber stamp.  The real culprits are behind the curtain (the shadow government). You cannot stop them if you do not know who they are.  They are very rich, very powerful, and unfortunately because of our stupidity, they are now unstoppable.  The damage is done, you have lost your freedom forever. Congratulations shitheadz !!  

    • Max723


    • chores2do

      the American still have the power to stop him. What are you doing to assure he does not win another election?

    • http://twitter.com/CathyRHunnicutt Cathy R. Hunnicutt

       We do have someone  GLENN BECK he is the only person that has been warning America about
      this administration.  Check out GBTV.com

      and theblaze.com

    • Jaybavet

       I'll sacrifice myself for my fellow Americans liberty from Ojiggie Tranny :)

    • Don Ro

       BHO is a Muzlim/Marxist who is already destroying the United States of America. Too bad people are just now realizing this.

    • Voice crying in the wilderness

      WE THE PEOPLE are the only ONES empowered to stop it. However, large numbers of Americans are given to illusions and refusing Wake-up Calls or calls to THINK this out. Ron Paul you should rersearch. Maybe, your answer. Study our roots. You will see who is trying to UPROOT our TRADITIONS..Your choice or wakeup someday you're too late.

    • Jeff93

      I agree, but look at the Nazi's, they had thousands of chances to kill Hitler, but nobody had the guts to actually do it!

  • Flowers

    Wouldn't surprise me in the least.  Democrats are some of the most vicious people on the planet and the Clinton family ought to know.  They have quite a trail of dead folks in their wake.

    • Chuck

      As one former Clinton White House adviser said,  " Hillary is the meanest woman I ever met."

      • UPSETVET

        I believe that the Clintons are more than a match for the Obama's. Obama is the "new boy on the block" while the Clintons have been imersed in dirty politics and intrigue for decades. I find it impossible to believe the Clintons would back off from any possibly intimidation, they have their own "hitmen" in much more powerful places than Obama's.

        Then why are they silent on the ineligibility of Obama? They're just patiently waiting for their turn at the trough. Hillary will be on the Vice-Presidential ticket for the 2012 election and she'll be in line for the democratic nomination in 2012, and she'll get it. It's hard to say which is the worst for democratic/capitalistic America, Obama or Clinton. 

        • Luis Stecca

          I'd like to see Hillary Klintoon vs Michele Obozo in a no-holds-barred wrestling match...
          The rules are there are no rules...  Best of 3 falls !!

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

          That would be one stanky arse match, gag a maggot and make a buzzard puke.

    • Sandra Schools

       Lets get real here. The first strike this country has against it is, Obama does not physically look the part of a mobster. Second, he is black and that causes people to back off. Third, and I repeat, let's get real here. His claws reach out a lot further than any of us apparently realize. Is it possible that his spider web, which would be a whole lot larger than where his claws reach, will be large enough to bring the election into that web? It certainly looks to be the case. And now I am thinking, yes, I am thinking has he threatened the supreme court as well as other politicians. If this is so, it is time for all of them to get together and expose him. Then, of course, they do not know how large this web is and again, maybe they do. Do you suppose the whole judicial branch of government is are already in their control? It sure does look like it. I even heard Rush Limbaugh say on his program today, "I am scared". And he was not talking about what I have just read and seen here. He was talking about the supreme court and the strange thing that was going on that seemed like apparent leaks from the court concerning Obama Care.



  • Poimen37

    Like I have said, he is a big mouth coward who hides behind the office of president.  He can't handle
    the truth. He don't know the truth.  He is an enemy, liar, fraud, fake and needs to prosecuted as a criminal
    for taking the office of president under false pretenses, i.e, not qualified. HE WAS BORN IN KENYA &
    I saw his grandmother in Kenya say so before he ever got the nomination.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peggie-Potter/100000379637512 Peggie Potter

      Me too ! 



      • american

        I guess you can't meet yourself John, cuz that was what i was gonna say about you...

      • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

         I know, Poimen37 is SO ignorant Foxy John!  But please, your wife may be used to your abuse, with it, but please stop the yelling.

      • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

        When did you meet him?  Oh never?  Oh that's not you just said. Are YOU lying?  Now I can't trust anyone!

  • PMDavis

    I would say there is definitely some truth in this.  Obama's administration is well known for their Chicago mafia tactics and bullying.  Look at the 2008 elections w/the Black Panther, ACORN, etc. and his bullying tactics in getting Obamacarae passed.  With the position of president at stack, yes I think Obama's administration would threaten anyone that would stand in their way.  The fact that the Clinton's were very vocal about Obama's eligibility and then a best friend is killed/died, and then silence.  What do you think?  People don't realize there are so many behind the scene forces at work in powerful positions and there are some that will stop at nothing to achieve their power, money, agenda, etc.

  • cordwinder

    Freedom is never free

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W4AZFOFIAAELXLDXQKGPMX57YM mary

    This is no surrise to me. he will threaen the surme too. The American people nee t take a stnd aginsthim now. ths is a dagerou an but everyone has  hisday of retalliat and i feel hisis soon to be revenged. Bill told a movie director  that barry is not eligible. Something most of us know. The congress is upholding him for some reason. I hope the supreme does no fall for his threats.

  • http://www.ignoredrealityblog.com Tony from ignoredrealityblog.c

    They quite probably did, because it has finally come to light that they threatened not only media personnel to keep quite but apparently threatened their families as well. 

  • Skayh63

    WE HAVE A HITLER!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KHM

      @$kayh63,  Thank goodness someone else is seeing and saying this.  From before he got "anointed" I have been saying this. Read articles by two history professors who also saw the parallels( Both dysfunctional famlies, alcoholism, illegitimacy, murky past hidden or destroyed and on and on). When I shared this with my family I was censured and censored. Now we find that he is setting up FEMA "camps", and making a 'civilian army' (Brown shirts-SA for Hitler, purple-SEIU or Red-ACORN for Obama).  Scary times.  Seems that Zero likes to threaten and intimidate. Hillary doesn't get my sympathy because she made a pact with the devil to get the SOS position. Just as she tolerated her husband's unfaithful shameful behavior to stay near power so she could become a candidate. 



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EGQX6F6PZIBTOQC7MW24DLFK34 justme

    Funded by soros and bill ayers.  Does any of this surprise you?  Not me and unfortuately what it tells me is that obama will win the next election one way or another or he will declare marshall law and just take over.  God help and bless America.



      • Red Right Hand

        That must be true, 'cause you wrote it in all CAPS.

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.  Ron Brown, Vince Foster . . .

  • proudamerican

    It's probably  a stretch but who knows?   This guy is capable of ANYTHING (except honesty).        

  • Jbeach2646

    " America, for all intent and purpose will be dead if Obama gets re-elected."  WAKE UP, AMERICA!  The guy is an incompetent demagogue who needs to go because he NEVER should have been allowed to be elected to office in the first place!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    Of course the writer missed a very important part.   The military will not give in to Obama and neither will the citizenry of  this country because we are armed.    Unlike Russia and others we are an extremely well educated society and we know what kind of government that Obama has in mind.   We will have a civil war we will not go quitely into the long night with out a fight.

    • ggswede

      Funny how they seem to forget how many of us swore an oath to protect this country from all enemies,foreign and DOMESTIC !


         SO VERY TRUE!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000696063583 Galloping Libertarian

    You only have to look this deep. Minor v Happersett

    It is the Supreme Court case that defined what a natural born citizen is and the powers that be tried to bury it and almost got away with it.



    I repeat that this is the case because it set a precedent that is cited by the Supreme Court.

    "The national dialogue on the legal issues discussed here has often become juvenile at best and intentionally misleading at worst. If you tried to argue on a bar examination or law school final that the US Supreme Court in Ex Parte Lockwood did not acknowledge Minor v. Happersett as a precedent on the definition of federal citizenship, you would fail. Yet, all over the blogosphere anonymous propaganda pushing blatant falsehoods is rampant."

    U.S. Supreme Court
    LOCKWOOD, EX PARTE, 154 U.S. 116 (1894)

    And that my friend is the why of the tampering of Justia.com regarding Minor v Happerset They were aware that that was the case that could topple Obama.

    It is clear that Obamas mother was unable to confer citizenship because of her age which was 18 at the time of birth. 14+5=19 = no citizenship. :(
    What are the rules for people born between December 23, 1952 and November 13, 1986?

    Again, children born abroad to two US citizen parents were US citizens at birth, as long as one of the parents resided in the US at some point before the birth of the child.

    When one parent was a US citizen and the other a foreign national, the US citizen parent must have resided in the US for a total of 10 years prior to the birth of the child, with five of the years after the age of 14. An exception for people serving in the military was created by considering time spent outside the US on military duty as time spent in the US.

    While there were initially rules regarding what the child must do to retain citizenship, amendments since 1952 have eliminated these requirements.

    Children born out of wedlock to a US citizen mother were US citizens if the mother was resident in the US for a period of one year prior to the birth of the child. Children born out of wedlock to a US citizen father acquired US citizenship only if legitimated before turning 21.

    Albert Renshaw did a top notch job on that first video the day the Whitehouse released that worthless piece of paper Obama touts as his birth certificate.

  • Kathy1950

    If this column is true, and it wouldn't surprise me if it is, why is it that only online columns carry it?  There has to be someone or someones that could do away with the swamp known as Washington.

    • 4grands

      Because the media is scared to death of bummer.

  • SweetOlBob

    Nothing would surprise me about the lying bastards in the DNC and the democRAT paraty when it comes to supporting an obvious fraud like Obama.  Example:  The liar (they never told me about waterboarding) Pelosi, who declared him vetted to run for office when she was aware that he wasn't vetted by his own State. 
    Obama is a fraud and Pelosi is a liar who is using her position to pass or modify laws that enrich herself and her husband.  Example:  The removal of the increase in minimum wage for American Samoa, where hubby has big interests.
    She and Obama belong in prison.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joan-Carson/100000450210052 Joan Carson

    Congress took an oath to protect the citizens and the Constitution as well as the Supreme Court.  If they are not strong enough to stand up to Obama who is basically the puppet of Bill Ayers the terrrorist and George Soros and Alinsky teachings, they should have stood up when he ran for president - the Democrats all knew he was illegal - there was enough information out there - Phillip Berg, Democrat and former prosecutor filed a lawsuit claiming he was illegal - Alan Keyes came out and still does many times; Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers was enough to cause doubt.  I say to Congress - if you can't take the heat - don't get in the pot!  By the way - the skirts of the Clinton's are far from clean - they've left a lot of dirt in the trail behind them.

  • RD

    When will the honest FBI, DOJ, States Attorneys, CIA, and local law enforcement find the political courage to really investigate the Obama corruption. What ever happened to investigative reporters who defied threats to bring out the truth?

    • Rcorley38

      RD the only one I've seen is Sheriff Joe, don't think the Feds have any with balls, Border Patrols keep hollowing for HELP but Washington has a DEAF Ear. DOJ Erick Holder is just as corrupt as the rest of the Feds.

  • KGB

    Buy more ammo, Pray, Vote!

    • ggswede

      LOCK AND LOAD !!!

  • A_Nobody

    We need the senate back so we can impeach him if reelected or have him arrested and tried for treason if he's turned out. We can egt Holder and Ayers at the same time...as well as the Clintons and Geithner.

  • RD

    Who asked her to make the film?

  • castnet55

    While this may be fun reading and all that,there are way too many strong Americans still alive that will not tolerate Obama steam rolling over us much more. It'll start with the SCOTUS and continue into the election. He will be defeated this november and the end to his rule will stop alot of this kind of stuff.
      Look for major changes after Obama is thrown out.

  • floridarooster

    Add the Clintons to the list of people and organizations that have been threatened and intimidated into silence - Congress, the conservative media (Fox) and their anchors and commentators, the RNC, and the court system.  A few brave souls need to break loose and tell the truth, and the rest will follow.  Obama, Sorros, and the rest of the thugs can't take revenge against a broad based revolution. 
    We have to persist and demand the forgeries and fraud be thoroughly investigated, and the conspirators should be criminally prosecuted.  That includes Obama, for telling us his long form birth certificate is real, and his selective service registration is valid.

  • HK1

    Why are we not surprised at the allegations of obama threating the clintons.  It is all normal for slaves afterall to threaten each other in times of great fear and retaliation.  This is just normal commonplace for democrats anyway.

  • Dusty1

    Behind all big power is big money.  I believe George Soros is behind all of these threats, intimidation and murder.  Obama is the puppet of Soros, a truly EVIL man.  He is evil personified and I also believe that there are many in Congress who know Obama is illegitimate but are afraid to open their mouths.  Let's hope the Supreme Court cannot be intimidated.

  • jb80538

    I wouldn't be surprised to find out if that were true. How else could a virtual unknown and inelligible person  run off with the nomination over Hillary?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/A5XSR4RIQYGPCJS3S2GOUUAJQQ Jeronimo Dan

    There's not one Senator, or Congress man/woman including the FBI all the way up to the Pentagon and all other government agencies that does not know that Obama is a Fraud, Impostor, Marxist and was not born in this country and that his Father being of British East African heritage.

    It may take a military coup to get this "Fraudulent SOB" out of office and into imprisonment, or at best deported back to Kenya. At the time it seems, even the military are scared of him and his machine.

  • sb36695

    While I don't doubt Obama is a thug, couldn't the SEALs just put a bullet in his eye?

  • Manny

    although this report seems to be far fetched, I believe that if the American people do not wake up, we are on the road of distruction of what it used to be the greatest country on earth. Unfortunately there are too many people who does not understand what is going on.


    This article should be dated April 1, 2012.

    • http://twitter.com/WillyBill7 Willybill Duckyman

       Yes, because your obamasiah couldn't possibly do anything wrong.

  • 1599

    Just stuff that Hollywood is made of.  In 2008 Clinton was rich enough to protect his family and was in a position to kill Obama's children if he wanted to.  It would be interesting to know if he knew of the birth cirtificate.  If he did know, he reamained silent for political reasons.  Clinton was accuesd of having people all over Arkansas killed and others, remember? 

    • FireMall

         Clinton did  have  accusers while he was offing many who dared whisper what Clinton was doing .  However there was obviously no people in Clinton's era that had enough power to do what was right & just back then , as it is now with Obama.

         Remember Hillary Care ?   Vince Foster. and about 40 more little reported disappearings back when Hillary was running the show ??   Nuff Said ??  ,  Gotta go now,  there is somebody beating down my door, so I better shut up , lock & load  & Duck & roll, as in It's time to Rock & Roll for America's salvation and for "We The People's" children & grandkids..

         Too bad it isn't the Marxist that are concerned about having to Duck & Cover instead of "We The People" .

        May God have mercy on "We The People's "  souls before , during and After America's fall.

                  . AMEN & AMEN !!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr Barbara

    The only ones who can stop this train wreck are the American people who fall on their faces before Almighty God and plead with Him to come to our aid once more. If you read the Old Testament you will see there is a pattern of the people doing "what was right in their own eyes" for about 40 or 50 years; the whole country became tainted and overrun with crooked leaders; then the people called out to God to redeem them from whatever terrorist was running over them at the time. It is time for us who know what is going on to do what God has shown to be effective over and over again--get on our faces before Him and plead for this nation to become great once again. If we don't we get what we deserve.

    • j3player


    • Icky

      That is the only think that is going to save us!

    • Roz




  • ggswede

    Anybody have Mr. Soros's home address or where he lives most of the time ?

  • pduffy

    Obama could be the end-time anti-christ. The prophet Daniel said the anti-christ would reign 1335 days. The prophesied "Day of Trumpets" given to the ancient Israelites, (the prophesied beginning of the return of Christ?), could be Sept. 18th 2012. Subtract 1335 days, and you get  January 21, 2009 the first day of Barak Husain Obama's reign. Coincidence? If you believe bible prophesy, I would be preparing for the return of the LORD!

  • Tomtom

    I would not put it passed this CON man.
    The Clintons have no backbone, they never stick up for America.  Only whats best for the Clintons !!

  • Sphinx45

    The cats already out of the bag so I doubt it. The Clinton's have a track record of trickery and under handedness, that's why they won't say anything again. Big Bill has never been known to tell or repeat a truth.

  • Reg

    Turn away from God and He will turn away from you.  America has done this and is now reaping what it has planted.  Can we stand as a nation when we are divided?  I think the adage of "divided and conquer" has come into play.  Our government is divided, and our society is divided.  The people are divided between the haves and the have nots.  We are a nation of discontented.   When I say this, I am not putting this judgement on all, but it seems that the voice of the discontented is louder and it is rubbing off on our young and others that are impressionable.  I fear for this falling nation because I am afraid there is growing and continuous rejection of the One who made us who we are.

  • bjcoop

    Folks this Obama administration is capable of anything. Bill Clinton was/is a draft dodger pure and simple. They are in this together. These are people that are more crooked than a barrel of snakes. I would not believe a word that came out of any of their mouths.  And as far as the rest of our government goes, Senate and House, there is no one, let me repeat, no one with the "COJONES" to stand up for the American people. Folks we are S.O.L. I hope you know the meaning. And George Soros is telling Obama what to do, to make sure that in the end, America will be sank to the lowest of the low. Folks these people dont like America. They never have, I personally think more of Russia's Putin, At least he loves his country. He is not out trying to destroy Russia. We are in one BIG MESS. And no way out of it. Sad Sad Sad.

  • Osmanj

    I would think she could have made a more professional film.  Why are we just now seeing this bit of information?  So our big dogs in DC are being threatened.  What happened to "We do not negotiate with terrorists" attitude?  I guess that rule only applies to us, the cannon fodder, and not the big boys standing on the hilltop watching the battle.  Are they not paid to combat this type of thuggery which is their sworn duty in the first place?

  • singer23

    You know the old saying, "Have Faith In The Lord But Keep Your Powder Dry!"

  • Gman4691

    buy ammo...'nuff said

  • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    the clock is ticking...will the hearts of true patriots rise to the challenge once more to defend the inalienable rights of life, freedom, liberty and property?  Will our 1st Amendment rights be restored? Will we once more enjoy freedom from the abuses of our 4th Amendment rights to be secure in our persons, and effects?

    Or...will be bow down, subservient to the new king of America?

  • Turtle

    A QUOTE FROM Obama I seen on a video recently :  THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT DON'T WANT TO DISCLOSE THE TRUTH ARE PEOPLE WITH SOMETHING TO HIDE,               his own quote says he has something to hide after all hasn't he had all his records sealed and has gotten away with it

  • Idgascreamer

    My comments were censored !    Obama has his minions everywhere ... we are so screwed !

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/A5XSR4RIQYGPCJS3S2GOUUAJQQ Jeronimo Dan

      Less both feel bad, so were mine...

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/A5XSR4RIQYGPCJS3S2GOUUAJQQ Jeronimo Dan

      And all I said was there's not a Senator, or Congress  Person, that does not know the truth and that's Obama is a Fraud, Impostor, Marxist and is out to bring this nation to it knees. The FBI all the way up to the Pentagon, with all agencies in between know this as fact.

      The only way we have of up seating this SOB, is a military coup, but it seems the upper echelon is also cowards. Someone with a set of Cojones needs to give the order.

  • DockyWocky

    So this now big shot Democrat..."heard former President Bill Clinton say that Obama was not eligible to be president because of his lack of birth records. In fact, she said it was common knowledge around many top Democrats. Bill Clinton has often said that he would go public with the information when the time was right."

    Hey! Bubba! THE TIME IS RIGHT!!!

  • Idgascreamer

    Anyone with Dirt on the Lying SOB seems to come up DEAD !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roscoe-Bonnifitucci/100000459519027 Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    More on this breaking story....death threats from Obama on Chelsea Clinton define this news as worthy of investigative reporting by ALL media not just FOX.

    Will Bill tell the story or continue to be cowered in fear?  Will the Media step up to this Totalitarian Regime?  

    God Bless Bettina Viviano.  May God keep her and her family safe.  Her hero father with two purple hearts is proud of her from Heaven today.  May he keep her safe.

    May God give Bill Clinton the strength and courage to tell the truth today.

    Superb 6 minute video.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Burke/1573712155 Daniel Burke

    Dems party of lies, corruption, voter fraud, and lawlessness. Obama admin. most corrupt ever.

  • Bobino

    Obama is a marxist criminal and should be prosecuted as a traitor !
    He promised to uphold and protect the Constitution when elected and has done everything
    he can to get around the laws of our land !

  • 63Marine

    The easiest and cheepest answer to this tyrant is for some Patriot to just "Do" the Usurper.
    Do it now and save America.

  • Steve

    This is not the complete list; it was taken from the 45 Communist goals that found their way down the halls of our great Capitol back in 1963.

    Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963 Current Communist Goals EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. A. S. HERLONG, JR. OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, January 10, 1963 .

    3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

    15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.” 

    (Leviticus 20:13If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.)

    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”
    30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
    31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

    Luke 10:18And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
    In ancient Hebrew the word for lightning is barack, the word for heaven or the
    heights is bama and to connect the words either an “a” or an “o” is used.

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama – Audacity of Hope

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 (King James Version)
    3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little by little.

    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”- George Washington

    Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

    Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.


    In ancient Babylon their economy was based on usury.
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
     Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that only the Congress can print and coin money! 

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was slipped thru congress during the Christmas break with the majority of it’s members absent. 

    The Federal Reserve is self serving and privately owned in violation to the Constitution, charging interest on illegally printed money. Money printed from nothing!
    In America On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. Five months later A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY was MURDERED BY COMMUNIST! 

    Our own US Congress voted themselves a raise. (But vetoed a raise for those on Social Security) A member of Congress only have to be in Congress one time to receive a pension that is more than $15,000 per month. And most are now equal to being millionaires plus.  If some one in the military stays  in for 20 years (providing that they are not killed in combat before that) and gets out as an E-7, they may receive a pension of $2,000 per month, and the very people who placed them in harm's way receives a pension of $15,000 per month.

    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
    In ancient Babylon their priest sacrificed babies to their gods baal, and molech.  
    In America the communist under their socialist programs have sacrificed over 50 million American babies to their god satan!
    Leviticus 20:2-5
    2Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel , Whosoever he be of the children of Israel , or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel , that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.
    3And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.
    4And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:
    5Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.
    Luke 22:35-36 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
    Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
    Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!
    Jeremiah 50:14 “ Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow; Shoot at her, spare no arrows, For she has sinned against the LORD.

    All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. Psalm 118:10

    “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!”. George Washington

      2 Timothy 2:15   Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

    Jeremiah 48: 10Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

    Revelation 18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying , Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down , and shall be found no more at all.



  • Illyana

    That might explain why the GOP picked McCain and now Romney....

  • e1313ruth

    I think Hillary blackmailed Obama into giving her the job she now has....She had a secret meeting with him and presto she was made part of the administrative office...Bill Clinton is almost as evil as Obama.. Hillary is now catching up with both of these criminals...
    They and the democrat party that now exists is bringing America down and has been for the last 50 years...

  • http://www.facebook.com/dolores.peterman Dolores Peterman

    I wouldn't doubt it.  He probably worked through his buddies from Chicago. 

  • e1313ruth

    As I see it the whole damned democrat party needs abolished....They have done nothing but legilize evil as good and good as evil for the last 50 years...

  • Richard

    Being that the Democrats and Obama are THUGS this is not rteally surprising. By trying to silence Clinton you can see that the Obama Regime and the Democrats (NAZIS) HOW THEY OPERATE. my feeling is if Clinton knows others know too about Obama being a FRAUD it will come out during the Campagin.Obama has to go, plain and simple.

  • jkvmi

    Just watch http://www.wewillnotbesilenced2008.com and see the fraud the Obama campaign committed.

  • kenhowes

    That won't have any legs unless at least one respected Democrat--be it one of the Clintons or someone else nearly of that level--confirms this.  If they hold a party wall of silence about this, they will, with the aid of friendly media, just paint this as a partisan attack.  I wouldn't put this past the Chicago machine--I wouldn't put ANYTHING past them in their single-minded war to gain and keep power; but until someone from their side of the fence says something, this goes nowhere.

  • Sandi

    So what [or who] killed Andrew Breitbart?  And what ever happened to the video and other info he had on Obama and that he talked about at CPAC?  Will that info ever see the light of day, or have the people who worked with Andrew been threatened?

  • JesusLovesYou

    This video doesn't matter in the end run..... There are videos posted on Youtube where Oliar, his wife Moochelle, the President of Kenya, say that Obama was born in kenya...

    Now, seeing as this has been up for over a year and no one has done anything about it, we are screwed, blued, but don't accept the "Tattoo" (at the "FEMA" camps)..

    The only way to heaven is through Jesus.. repent before it is too late.. God loves us all

  • Sivispace

    That's funny, the Clintons  piled up a huge body count even among their friends. Now Obama looks to become the new Capo of the Democratic Socialist Syndicate.

  • MrsVL

    Sounds like Hitler to me and look what he did. He duped a lot of people and then became a madman dictator. God help us!

  • gene455

    "Democrats she interviewed refused to appear on camera and told her that their lives and property had been threatened by people working with the Obama campaign. She also heard former President Bill Clinton say that Obama was not eligible to be president because of his lack of birth records...it was common knowledge around many top Democrats. Bill Clinton has often said that he would go public with the information when the time was right. Before that could happen, his close friend and head of the Arkansas Democratic Party, Bill Gwatney was murdered in his office and then someone told Bill that he was next if he said anything about Obama’s eligibility. In the video below, she said that Clinton was not intimidated until someone associated with the Obama campaign told him that his daughter Chelsea would be next if he opened his mouth. From that point on, the Clinton’s remained silent about Obama’s birth certificate or lack thereof."

    WOW!  What are they saying? That Booga-Booga's a murderer? I can imagine how many people will be fighting for a front seat in THAT trial!


    Bubbba ya'll just gonna sit this one out or are you going to show some cajones and be the man of the house.
    Hell, you stole all the money you will ever need you ought to be able to pay for your family's protection.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7OEMTOFQO7Y6FOGKSDXRR4ZKMI gene A

    how can we vote him out when he has signed a bill giving him power to declare martial law? just the way to keep people in when it is time to vote.

  • Samtman

    No because this is  totally meshugana and funny.

  • Sivispace

    It's exactly like Hitler! Night of the Long Knives, Goebbels-like mega lies, People's Army, Arrest without warrant or probable cause, detention camps. Communism, Socialism and Fascism all emanate from hell.  

  • gene455

    Bottom line to all this: The N*gger has GOT to GO this election.

    • Samtman

      You have just expressed the feelings of 95% of the readers of this posting, you blue eyed blond tall Germanicus, Adolf  would be proud of your Arian blood.

      • Weasler

        And he would vomit at yours. If you want to remain a cowardly dumbass liberal white sucker who thinks lazy crime-filled blacks have the right to take everything from him because of something that happened to their ancestors over 150 years ago, be my guest. I do not.

        Lifelong moron.

  • FireMall

      Considering the Clintons have quite a few  Real Skeletons left over in their closet from their Reign of socialism ,  It's a no brainer for  them to know without a doubt that Obama is capable of the same silencing of his lambs as the Clintons were & likely still are.

        What goes around always comes around. 

     Problem number one, "We The People" are the ones in the crossfires of the fights between opposing factions of the Many entities of the Enemies Within.

        The frightening side of this is having to accept the fact that these silencings are the norm for the Dems and likely many Repugs-less-nuts and they are "We The People's" leaders / slave owners.

       If these scummers  can "off"  any and all who go against them, regardless how well they know their victims as the opposition & or Friends, , just think how easy it will be for these spawns of hell to  carry out mass genocide against people they do  not know or GAS about.. 


  • Fordmaniac

    IN GOD WE TRUST       ONE NATION UNDER GOD      Ephesians 6:10-20 --- Read it...READ IT AGAIN!
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.LET'S ROLL!!!

    • jausten2

      I agree!  I am tired of hearing people saying that they are scared.  Don't be scared...do something about the problem. 

      I write my Democratic Senators and Obama in the White House all the time.  My emails are NOT complimentary nor are they threatening...when I tell people they say, "Oh, they'll come after you..."  

      That's how Hitler rose to power.  Everyone just stood back and was afraid.  

      Educate people every time you get the chance.  If you give people the facts in short bursts they do seem to come around but realize that some cases are hopeless.

      View this as a great opportunity to stand up for what you truly believe in or be enslaved by Communism.

  • danclamage

    I don't think America will become the next Venezuela. There are term limits. But much damage will be done, precedent will be set, and we'll continue to head down the road towards eventual serfdom. Mere Proles.

  • thestormy


  • Cowboy

    There could be another civil war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • julian

    There has to be some reason that as badly as she wanted to beat him she never brought this up.
    Now why did McCain not bring it up?
    Why after Sheriff Arpio produced proof that birth certificate is a forgery do only foriegn newspapers carry the story?
    Will it be brought up this time????
    Hitler's machine had nothing on Obama's.
    What about Axlerod and the other known conspirators?

  • jausten2

    Watch this video  all the way to the end...there are TOO many issues to ignore...Obama is a FRAUD..


  • Babybluvette

    It is absurd to think that Clinton would have passed up the opportunity to have anyone erased even Chelsea!

  • pliu

    Now I am very much wondering: Did John McCain was also threatened since he hardly campaigned against his opponent at all in 2008.  What will U.S.A. become when Obama got all his flexibility after "his election"?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5E3RK4ADHJZDTMR4TOCQ4JTVS4 Doc Bill

    HA HA Poor Clinstones! You ride with murderers you die with murderers. Not defending obama but if he did threaten  them then why is she still suckin his hind teat? Nobody forced her to be secretary of state.  Seems as if obama's people threatened them then why is she traveling willy nilly to all these 3rd world countries where she could be very easily taken out? NO, obama and the clintsones are one and the same....scoundrels and crooks of the highest order No pity for either.

  • julian

    If the only way she could find to protect her daughter was to sell out America she is definetly not presidential material.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2UASHATISL5UD2NUSZ67CNKQWE Rethman

    An analysis that would have seemed far-fetched a few years ago, but not any more.

  • Roz


  • azwayne

    He didn't threaten Chelsea, he threateded to disclose hillary's murder in the park.

  • julian

    Maybe this is why she kept quite about it.
    Why did McCain keep quiet about it?
    Will the Republican nominee keep quiet about it?
    It seems aside from Sheriff Arpaio and the foriegn newspapers everyone is keeping quiet about it.
    There have been some suspicous dieing of natural causes lately.

  • Slasley2

    I have been telling everyone I know that Hussein Obama is a fraud and too many people think I am a kook and that an illegal Kenyan could not possibly be elected president.  Now maybe some will believe in time to vote in November and hopefully defeat the Marxist.

  • guest

    So why isn't the media interviewing her, like 60 minutes or 20/20 or dateline? Oh of course not, they are part and parcel of the corrupt system.

  • oldgringo

    Hear in Obama's own words what he has in store for dissenting American Citizens....This video was taken well in advance of the President's passing of the infameouus NDAA as sponsored by the Republican Senator from Arizona..... John McCain.....It appears that life and death of future American conscientious objectors will now be controled by the Evils of both Democrats and Republicans Tyrants.....Our founding Fathers are undoubtedly turning in their graves!.....And John McCain should be put to Shame.....Tar and Feathered.....And run out of the State of Arizona!....."When will They ever Learn"?....Peter, Paul and Mary.

  • Cappyric

    Wondered why no one had attempted to impeach "them".All the Chicago Gang!

  • Nikray

    HAHAHAHAHAHA another trip down moron lane with Tagliare and Godfather Politics.  The more pathetic the birthers get the more hilarious they become!  Thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Pacheco/562989600 Joe Pacheco

    Apathy runs rampant, but who cares.  That's the gullible public's  attitude.  TOO BAD  for us that care

  • 2bvictorius

    Obama won the 2008 election by fraudulent votes, and since then Obama has added millions more to his militia, consisting of Acorn , new black panthers, Muslim and Islamists groups and hundreds of other anarchist groups.
     In case you don't know it, the voting machines and the votes will be tallied "outside the united states" I think Spain or India.
    I also made the prediction that the SCOTUS will rule five to four in favor of Obamacare, and the explanation will be so obscure as to be abstract and incomprehensible, and maybe not even rule as to whether it is constitutional but, merely state there is no precedence for striking down a congressional law. Of course anyone without a law degree but with common sense will know that would be a lie, but no one will be able to prove other wise and the congress will make no attempt to challenge the ruling, hold any hearings or try to pass a new law to overturn Obama care or anything else that Obama has done that is unconstitutional. One should not forget, the members of the supeme court do not want to die or have their families murdered any more so than anyone else.

    I believe America is suffering from what may be a fatal desease "called cowardice" and may have less than one year left before dying.

  • Rosemarienoa

    I believe it!!! Dirty Chicago politics at work!!! Nothing new here! If he gets re-elected he'll fix it so he can be in office for LIFE.....just like Hugo & Stalin etc etc......all the communist bad guys!

  • Doodlebug

    Nothing surprises me with this _____________! What do you suppose the Chicago machine has in store for us this time around. We better be certain that every conservative we know of gets out to vote!

  • Capnjack

    “Very Interesting Bit Of Detective Work”  


    1. Back in 1961 people of color were called 'Ne groes.' So how can the Obama’s 'birth certificate' state he is 'Afr ican-American' when the term wasn't even used at that time?

    2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama's birth as August 4, 1961. It also lists Barack Hus sein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama's     birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama's father was born in " Kenya, East Africa ". This wouldn't seem like anything of concern, except for the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama's birth, and 27 years after his father's birth. How could Obama's father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the " British East Africa Protectorate".

    3. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is "Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital ". This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called "KauiKeolani Children's Hospital" and "Kapi'olani Maternity Home", respectively. The name did not change to Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?

    • Nikray

      Very interesting bit of detective work indeed Capn.  Because nowhere on Obama's birth certificate does it describe him as  "African American" we all have to assume you haven't even bothered to examine it.  As for Kenya it officially became "The Kenya Colony" in 1920 when it was formally designated a Crown colony.  "Kenya East Africa" is therefore entirely correct and appropriate.   

      You're even wrong about the hospital names.  See inter alia: http://nicedeb.wordpress.com/2011/04/28/yes-there-was-a-kapiolani-maternity-gynecological-hospital-in-1961/.  go look on the hospital web site or scroll through old Hawaii newspapers if you need any more evidence of your foolishness and ignorance.

      • Nd2fixyourbrain

        Nikray. You FAIL.

        Barry's FATHER is listed as an African where the document specifies race.  Negro was considered a race and Africa is a continent.

  • 2bvictorius

    One should not forget, that Bill Clinton had very close ties to the same people and groups as did Obama. Both Bill and Hilary were tutored by Saul Alinsky,  and also had close ties with the Bill Ayers terror group "the weathermen" and also closely allied with George Soros And many , many others. All of the National and International unions were also part of the Clintonista era, as were the drug cartels. So why would anyone believe the Clintons would squeal on Obama, that is not going to happen.

  • oldgringo

    Was Donald Trump and his Family threatened as Well.....The Donald dropped the Ball on his Birther Investigation.....No sooner than it was started.....Was the Donald told by his NY Union Buddies if he continued with his Birther investigation he would end up wearing the same cement shoes as Jimmy Hoffa!

  • YorkPatriot

    What happened to Andrew Britebart is no coincicence. A natural heart attack or drug induced? My bet is the latter.
    Why are members of Congress sitting on their fat asses doing nothing to rid this country of this disease, when there's enough evidence out to support them taking action to remove this two bit despot and Chicago street punk dictator who's hellbent on enriching himself at the cost of the ruination of OUR country?
    All freedom loving Americans need to wake up and shout out (OMG!) Obama Must Go!
    Please! Let's take back this country before it's too late!!!

  • Jpclarksville

    Yes, and I'm sure this information was the big bombshell the Clintons were talking about. They should have said something. The Clintons have the secret service etc. at their disposal for protection.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBPI63ABT264USBDALCN4F7UKY billy2


  • Sean murry.

    if he did that he should be arrested the guy is a tyical Chicago hoodlum.

  • oldgringo

    Yes....The Clinton's know very well there are paid Killers for hire by those encompassed of their own Political Ilk..... There are those who would take them down and their daughter Chelsea along with them if they were to speak out against Obama....Remember Hillary's personal secretary and or supposed lover Vince Foster was found not far from the WH with a bullet in his Head....Was this a warning to the Clintons or were they Complicant in his murder.....Incidentally it was ruled a Suicide by the NY Police Dept....How Convienient for the Democrats!....."When will They ever Learn"?.....Peter, Paul and Mary.

  • Alyvonne

    I would have thought that the Clintons would have enough contacts with the ability to neutralise this threat.

  • katjan68

    The best wa to deflate intimidation and threats of bodily harm is to expose it by yelling it loud and clear.  It is just like being a bully, you stand up to a bully and they run and hide.  Too many secrets going on in this country.
    Obummer's backers are probably the black panthers,  acorn, and the unions.

  • Barackobummerthefith

    There are roughly 400 under-utilized street lights in the Cesspool on the Potomac.  Everyone one of them except one should have a Congressman or Supreme Court justice swinging from them.  The last one should be reserved for the Kenyan in the White House.

  • grannysmith

    Chicago politics,EXCEPT Chicago crooks (on the most part) love our country. Even they wouldn't tolerate this terror.

  • G Stanton

    Isn't this the same tactic used against Ross Perot by the true powers that run this country??

  • dad666

    It is a shame that we have allowed a POS like Obozzo to get as far as he has.
    Hats off to Congress, that bunch of worthless politicians that refuse to obey the constitution and get this moron ouot of office .
    He is destroying this country and must be stopped by any means available.
    He is not eligable to be president and everybody knows it but no one in congress will lift a finger to go after him.
    Ladies and Gentlemen we have elected a bunch of morons and we need to CLEAN HOUSE all the way to the top.
    That includes all the organizations that obozzo has received so much help from in his quest for power.
    The EPA, NLRB, TSA,just toname a few. We all know who they are.  We must rmove these Coimmunists from office and eliminate everything they have attempted to do in the last 3 plus years.  We must then insist on a balanced budget with at least a ten percent reduction in Federal spending and the repeal of all the rediculous regulations that have been put in place in the last three years in an obvious effort to destroy the economy of this country. 
    I personally think Obozzo swhould be held personally liable for all the frivulous excpenses he has run up over the last three i wife, Moochelle.
    OMG Obozzo Must GO

  • Race (not racist)

    Why are we not in the streets with our torches and pitchforks?

  • JIM


  • JIM


  • Martini

    Obama & The White House & All The Democrats Has Committed Treason & High Crimes.
    We The People Has The Constitution & The Declaration Of Independence Rights To Kill Our Enemies Without Trial. Time To Unite & Kill Our Enemoes In The Government

    • Nd2fixyourbrain

      As I tell the willfully stupid liberals, basic grammar will help others take your, rather necessary, message to heart. Please do not forget that 90+% of the Republicans are complicit with the liberals in their attempt to destroy the US of A and to create a world government.

  • Martini

    Obama & The White House & All The Democrats Has Committed Treason & High Crimes.
    We The People Has The Constitution & The Declaration Of Independence Rights To Kill Our Enemies Without Trial. Time To Unite & Kill Our Enemoes In The Government

  • Martini

    The Supreme Court Must Have Obana Arrested For Obstruction Of Justice.
    The Supreme Court Must Arrest For Violtion Of The Three Branches Of Government.
    The Supreme Court Should Arrest Obama For Violating The US Constitution.
    The US Should Have Obama Assissinated For Fraud, Bribery, Corruption, High Crime, Conspiracy, Treason.
    Obama Must Die Along With The Enemies In The White House & The Enemies traitors Democrats In Congress & Senate For Perjury, Fraud, Bribery, Conspiracy, Hugh Crime, Treason, High Treason.
    The Supreme Court & The People Should Never Tolerate Traitors & Communism & Islam In America.
    America Is A Free Country For Free Americans Christian People Only One Nation Under God Founnded By The Forefathers Pilgrims & Our Founders & George Washington, Thomas Jefferson That Signed The Constitution To Protect The People Against Communism, Islam & Tyranny.
    Time To Crushed & Destroy All Our Foreign & Domestic Enemies Of The United States Constitution & The People Republic One Christian Nation Under God.
    Kill'em All Thy Enemies.The Only Way To Retake Our Country & Freedom

    • Nikray

      My goodness what a pig you are.  So tell us, good  Christian, who would Jesus "assissinate" eh?  And how would the supreme court arrest a sitting President?  Is it truly too much to ask that you take a quick glance at the constitution before writing this cr*p?  The depth of your swinish and ignorance can be seen by this malarky about the US being  for "Christians only."  Its actually obscene that you're so befuddled and reactionary that you would cite the constitution as justification for mass murder.  You should actually read the damned thing sometime. You'd hate it. Oink!



      • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

         Oh Nikray, you can't talk to Crazy. It's just so frustrating and clearly Foxy John (see below) speaks with Jesus regarding his wardrobe so clearly is "in the know."  But i Love the Red Robe! So Mysterious and kinda sexy in a World of Warcraft way!  Jesus, you're cool!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Dean/100001633828483 Mary Dean

    amen!!  the true end   hope the country wakes up in time   there must be someone who can stop this madman!!   

  • pointdan

    This marxist pig has until Nov 6th - then We the People will run his commie face, ears, wife
    and telepromters out of office. 
    Once we take over Congress, investigations MUST continue where Sheriff Joe leaves off. It is
    NEVER too late to send a commie to prison.
    Get that Barack, George Soros, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, both Clintons and anyone who knew or should have known of this fraud upon America.



  • Paulrutter1

    If you people weren't so scary you'd be funny. You inbred, racist morons.



      • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke


    • Nd2fixyourbrain

      The classical definition of a racist is someone that believes another is inferior based solely upon race or skin color.  Democrats and Progressives are racist since they believe that black Americans cannot compete sans quotas and modified SAT scores, etc.



  • Huffer115

    They need a midnight visit just like Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu of Romania got! The Obama's remind me so much of them.

  • douglasdauntless

    I doubt that if  Clinton's daughter was threathend by death,  it wpouldn't stop the Clinton's from offing Obama. Remember the Clinton's have a lot of dead bodies of their friends and people that worked for them in thier past. I don't think that the Clintons like Obama have no fear to have anyone killed for any reason.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZXDW2RPI2YVPUURRZZWNZ2GXTU Viking

    I have wondered why soros and that bunch haven't felt even a little vulnerable.
    Accidents and terminal illness are a two way street.

    Look what happened to Beatle John Lennon. In public, one bullet from a nut, in front of Lennon's apartment building.
    There was a radio host taken out in NY back in the 70's I think. I remember the coverage.
    It has happened. The Clinton's seemed to be surrounded by mysterious deaths from Arkansa to DC.

    I worry for the SC, our Representitives and conservative pundits all the time.

    What goes around comes around. If anything happens to someone on the right the left will have hell to pay, I'm sure. 
    That may be why slick billy backed off, karma. He knew the threat was serious.

  • Jolongus

    Obama is leathal he will pull out all stops to get re-elected the fraudent Kenyan Marxist Muslim. He and George Soros may be the 2 most evil humans on this planet. He may try to have all of us murdered if he doesn't win, by an atomic bomb. So watch your back as long as he is among us we are in danger.

    • Nikray

      Jolongus scales new heights of paranoia and stupidity!   Obama gonna get your mama! 

      • Guest

        Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're NOT after you.
        A legitimate politician wouldn't fear being properly vetted by the FBI, the courts or the man on the street

      • DolCane

        right after he gets yours..... don't come crying to me when they come for you; and they will come for you, just like they did in the 1930's in Germany.

        Man! How did country become so ignorant? Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves.

    • mediafire

      Every dictator through history has started mass murders when threatened to lose power. There is much about Hitler available for reference but very little reference about Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Khrushchev, Castro, and Che. Everyone of these people were mass murders for the Communist Party.

      Beware of a dictator about to lose power! History proves that we should beware!

      Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky were leaders in the Communist Revolution in Russia. Lenin was afraid of Stalin.  Lenin wrote on his death bed that Stalin should not be the leader. Stalin had Trotsky murdered. Hitler compared to Stalin was small potatoes. Stalin was responsible for over 50 Million deaths and probably more. During Stalin's purge he murdered all dissenters and then had the henchmen murdered who had done the killing for him. SOP for dictators so there is no one left to talk about it.

      Khrushchev worked for Stalin and was responsible for millions starved to death in the Ukraine during 1930's when the Soviets were pushing collective farming. In the Ukraine the National Holiday to memorialize the murdered is called the Holodomor. Look it up.Che worked for Castro. You know the T-Shirts we see our young people wearing with pride. The bearded guy with the beret. Yup he liked killing so much, he wanted to shoot em in the head from the side so he could watch their expression. Mao was the Communist Revolutionary that turned China into a Communist Nation. With help of the United States of course. Guess what party was in charge when the United Stated removed support for the army against Mao's Chinese Army. The Democratic Party. Mao killed as many as Stalin did or more.Now all of the above is the short stories. But the real question is "Why not more info about Communist atrocities than Hitler? The Communists have murdered far more than Hitler did. The Democratic Party has been in bed with the Communists for years. But now people like Clinton maybe getting a little concerned about it. If you would like to have some of the dots connected... Get these DVDs from Amazon.Agenda; Grinding America Down      DVDAmerican History in Black and White   DVD 2006 edtionwww.180movie.comRead the book "The Naked Communist"The best overview of what the founding fathers thought is inthe bookThe 5000 Year LeapIt's your country as much as mine. Spend an hour a week learning history above references.There is much to learn but here is one of real interest which should make you think. One of Stalin's top spies was an aid and adviser to FDR and acompanied FDR during the first meeting that FDR, Churchill and Stalin had during WWII. That spy helped write the United Nations Charter with Stalin giving him suggestions.

  • Thomask110

    If it was anyone else (a Republican) this issue would be front page news and immediatley investigated. If true every one associiatsd with this fraud should be imprisoned for life.

    • Paulrutter1

      Generally speaking newspapers try to steer clear of complete and total nonsense fabricated by small, conspiracy minded bigots for their front page news.

      • DolCane

        you mean the newspapers controlled by the government? Those newspapers? LOL 

        Remember, it is better to be silent and let people wonder if you're a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.  

      • Nd2fixyourbrain

        Like G W Bush' National Guard documents?

  • mediafire

    I'm happy to see some Democrat's coming forward with the truth about voter fraud which is documented by the yet to be published documentary. But lets face facts, the Democratic Party has been pushing "Big Government" for years but now that they have a dictator among them who wants to totally control over the party, they do not like it. Hopefully the people of the Democratic Party realize that "Big Government" is not the way. I suspect when they rid themselves of ObaNazi, they will return to pushing for "Big Government" and the same policies that Obama is currently pushing such as, Free health care, No drilling, Green Energy etc and of course the list goes on.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Invest in precious metals.  Lead.

  • shtwv_lstnr

    The RobertScottBell Show.

  • Paulrutter1

    Maybe. Or maybe it's such an utterly ridiculous story that those news outlets understand that only a complete moron could believe such a fabrication. Maybe?

    • RubyBlu

      I would love to believe this but I doubt seriously that this producer would risk her life in telling this story if it's true.

  • Whatzrname

    Chelsea clinton had secret service protection so bill and hill should have gone straight to the supreme court- of course, they have their own skeletons- what a mess the liberals have turned this country into-

  • bannedbook

    If the Republicans had any guts and brains, Obama would have been in jail long ago on charges of murder (fast and furious fiasco), countless violations of his oath of office to defend the Constitution and the very clear fact that he is absolutely not eligible to be president because both parents were not citizens of the U.S. On top of all this, he has spent some 2 million dollars to hide numerous facts of his life that would surely prove he is not a legal president. He should go directly from the White House to the jailhouse and not collect $200 or get a PASS to GO. The DEMOCRAT PARTY has committed an outrageous fraud on the American people! NEVER AGAIN!    VISIT: end-irs.org

    • Nikray

      more like banned brain - although its more likely his or her brain went into self-imposed exile out of embarrassment.

      • Nd2fixyourbrain

        Incapable of posting a cogent argument so you call people names?

        That speaks volumes about your intellect, integrity and character.  I am so sorry for you.

  • FoxIsForRetards

    I can only assume that da tagliare is RETARDED!

    • Nikray

      A terrible slander against the mentally retarded. da Tagiare is just a lying hack -- making up nonsense for endlessly paranoid and clueless Tea Partiers.

      • Texas Rebel

        it is you that should be worried. Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

      • Jolongus

        Nikray, where did you get that book you get all your degrading names to call others?

  • Atxcindy

    Omfg, you birthers are just plain nuts and will stop at nothing. But this has to be one of the more ridiculous things you have posted yet. The woman who claims this is PUMA who never got over Hillary losing to Obama. There are still a few PUMAS around like her. And they are all just as bitter and ugly. Thank God your numbers are only 2-3% of the population. And you wonder why people in the real world, where logic and reason reigns mock and ridicule birthers---articles like this is why!

    • Nikray

      Check her out cindy. she's not an embittered member of the Pantsuit Brigade.  Thats just one of da Tagliare's littler lies.   She's a rightwing hack like he is -- only probably better paid.

    • Texas Rebel

      There are way to many facts to back up the truth about obama. He said he would have the most transparent admin. He has been everything but. I dont believe anything he says. If even 50% is true then you should worry.

    • DolCane

      You know what fascinates me? The people who claim that birthers are nuts, while ignoring very credible evidence of the forgeries. Why don't you address the evidence with either counter-evidence or a cogent, reasonable argument why you believe it is not accurate? I'll tell you why; it would require you to actually think for once in your life instead of simply throwing out red herring arguments to avoid facing what may be one of the most egregious crimes in American history.

      • Nd2fixyourbrain

        Great post.  Saved me the trouble.

        Minor vs  Happerset.

  • Dagny

    This could all be true and then some, but it could include lies and exaggerations.  One thing is true and that is that they commit voter fraud across the nation.  Both parties do this and not just the Democrats.  Both parties are corrupt and both parties have left a body bag trail along the way.  It's time to pray for our country because both parties seek to destroy our nation.

  • camanokat

    You have be brain dead to believe this nonsense. You sad little paranoid people scare me.

    • Texas Rebel

      So you think this does not happen in the real world?  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/L63CJ2H7HQ3PK5HZGOEFC6W7XE Bruce

       Just because you are paranoid does not mean people aren't out to get you.  My father (may he RIP) was threatened by Democrat goons working for Micheal Dukakis  back in the '70s.  He was approached on a train and told that the governor was "concerned" about his suit over the destruction of civil service exams, of which his was one.  It became a scandal, my dad's layer wound up dead before the court date, which was changed without notice and passed before he knew it.  The suit was dismissed for non-prosecution.  Massachusetts Democrats are as corrupt as any organized crime family.   That's not paranoia, that's a fact.  They just indicted another one, Tim Cahill, yesterday.  Eric Holder is fully capable of sanctioning the killing of innocents. That is what Fast and Furious is about and why its so damned important to nail him.  It goes to the TOP!!!

    • Loving_God123

      Get a Life friend you wouldn't know the Truth if it was staring right at you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Gould/1015334739 John Gould

    If this doesn't scare you, you either have ice in your veins or your just plain dumb.  We absolutely must replace this dictator in November.   The future of America depends on it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Gould/1015334739 John Gould

    If this doesn't scare you, you either have ice in your veins or you're just plain dumb!  

  • atmorefaye

    Yes I am sure Obama and his crimnal friends made a threat to keep Pres. Clinton not telling the true story about this liar and thief....You know even his grandmother died very shortly after she told that he was born in Kenya because she was there...Then the story by Biethiem (may be spelled wrong) died suddenly and I wonder if it was really his heart or did Obama clan put out for his death because he was ready to publish all that he has found on Obama and also the death threat for the sherriff in Arizona due to his research.  All that seems to be his threat is seems to die soon afterwards.  I did research on this liar and theif prior to his election and I surely know he is not an American and has not lived a life that should be in the office as president.  I don't call him president and I sure hope to see him tried for fraud and treason......Get rid of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Soro, Ayers and the rest of his murdering crew muslims.

    • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

      Dude, if you have proof, get off your power-scooter and go to the press or the courts.  Oh right, they are all in on the conspiracy too.  Rats.  It's MASSSIVE!   So much free time!

  • Revgay

    to me sounds like something he wouls do!

  • Jrelkhunt

    if you have a child that looks like a donkey, I doubt that the story is true

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Gould/1015334739 John Gould

    If this doesn't scare the hell out of you, you either have ice in your veins or you're just plain dumb.

  • Larswoilson

    Obama and all of his other Militant buddies can all go straight to hell where they belong iwth the OIL COMPANIES.

    • mediafire

      Obama loves you for your comment about oil companies. Oil companies are not the problem. Too much government control is.

    • Texas Rebel

      Oil is not the enemy, the libs who want to control it are.!!

    • http://twitter.com/brentinok Brent Stinnett

       Agree with the first part there.  Lots of things you use everyday are a by-product form oil.
      Not just gasoline.  Wind and Solar will help someday.
      Weird though how there are no fill up nozzles at the solar or wind farm.

  • Secondvow

    Just wondered if this woman has talked to Sheriff Joe?

  • BlaBla

    Wow today might be a good day to adjust your meds.

  • Mmfuchs

    God bless America!   May HE also exert his power against our enemies within this country.  May HE also help us to protect ourselves from the enemies outside this country.   May HE bless us with Wisdom and TRUTH!John_14:6
    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no one cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    e this country. 
    In Jesus name AMEN!  

  • Spoondoll

    Everyone who is old enough should register right now and be eligible to vote against Obama come Nov.
    We still have this right and I firmly believe it will gradually disappear if this enemy of America gets
    re-elected. He is already acting too much like a dictator.

  • Txbalckjack

    Can guarantee this will not be on the history channel or be a HBO special.  Philip Berg, A DNC lawyer assigned to the Hillary's campaign was fired for finding the goods on Obama.  He filed the first eligiliblity case in PA, Eastern District Court.   
    The People need to demand that John Boehner & the Republican majority uphold their oath of office.   The time has come for Obama & his henchmen to have their day in court. Period.   


    • Loving_God123

      To ALL my fellow American Patriots,our best offense is to get the word out about this Nightmare Regime that controls the white house. Email everyone you know,and post on Facebook and twitter all the corruption that is going on with our new Socialist Government. We need to vote out all the R.I.N.O. Republicans and all the Socialist Democraps out of office once and for all. our first target is Obama,the second target is all the Socialist in Congress and in the Senate,then Sanity fiscal responsibilty will once again be restored. I have many good videos on my you tube channel BlessGodforever once there download anyone you like and repost anywhere and everywhere. it's all about getting the videos out there. will you stand with me ?

  • dondehoff

    Very important information which clearly requires further research and documentation.   However  there is an equally, if not more,  important and  urgent  issue; Why are both houses of congress, the courts , law enforcement and yes the media, not actively pursuing these issues? There is something  massive afoot. Our country as we know it,  including our  elected representatives and judges, could all disappear, almost over night, if Obama gets his way. Surely, those now in power do not really believe they will be permitted to stay on board, when all control will be in the hands of a very few fanatics.---all too many of our elected officidals  have already proven they are malleable by others and cannnot be trusted.  To combat this grave problem, we all must set aside  our  differences,   band together and stand up and be counted. There are two kinds of crimes; those done by  acts of  "commission" and those done by acts of  "ommission" (setting on ones duff and not doing anything about it)---both can be held equally responsibile, especially when when they all have a  sworn duty to protect and defend our constitution. I receive weekly reports from my congresspersons advising me of what they have done for our state and people , but seldom do I even see  a single issue concerning the survival of this great country.  And while at least some of the issue on which they are working, are important,  most all of their efforts will be for naught,  if our Republic , Constituttional and freedom way of life is overthrown. Also, the President's comments yesteday concerning our Surpreme Court, insults the intelligence of every American Citizen. Just what does he have to do before impeachment hearings are started? We cannot wait and just hope the election solves our problem as the President is doing things, almost daily, that may be irrepairable. Every congressperson this week, should advise their constituents that they are now looking into these problems. Also, both houses should be  officially sanctioning, both the President and those congresspersons who were advocating violence,  inciting riots and encouraging  the people to take justice into their own hands---Law and order must prevail to prevent blood in the steeets.

    • seb27

      The armed services will not be taken over by Obama and his goons. The servicepeople don't like him !



        • Nd2fixyourbrain

          You obviously never served.



      • dondehoff

        John, thanks for your post. Keep in mind, your God, and others, had trouble getting people to sort out and decipher their parables, even to this day. As for your post, I am not exactly sure of what you speak, but, being 80 years "young" and done a lot of "been there, done thats"(sic), I can say, the old slogan, "The pen is mightier than the sword" still makes sense---and among many other things, I am a retired USAF pilot, who has his share of combat support Air Medals---but we must first try logic, reason and common sense. If and when the shooting starts, there probably will be no turning back. I don't even reveal that I have a weapon until I think that I am going to have to shoot---revealing it, just might encourage some pothead to see if he was the "fastest gun in the West" (and he might be!). Now, "you" can read between the lines. Thanks.

        Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Did Barack Obama Campaign Threaten Life of Chelsea Clinton to Keep Parents Silent on Obama's Ineligibility?

  • http://twitter.com/brentinok Brent Stinnett

    They all really suck!  They lost their way a long long time ago.   They are more worried about the next vote than doing the right thing.  As I said I think they all suck so I don't care for BHO. but as far as the article goes;  what's the old saying - where there's smoke ????

  • Guesto

    Who WILL STOP THIS bag of salty mixed nuts???

    • seb27

      It will be stopped ..obama shouldn't threaten the Supreme court!

  • Marxist Hater

    People, I have been telling you for more than three years now.  It is so obvious it is scary.  Facts are facts.  Reality is a very hard thing to accept sometimes.  obama is merely copying from the Hugo Chavez playbook.  When you ultimately accept reality, you will see so clearly that obama is a diehard dedicated and unrepentent MARXIST.  Say it again.  MARXIST.  obama has gutted the American Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our rights and freedoms.

    The Chavez playbook has shown obama exatctly what to do to install Marism in a free society.  Why are people so unwilly to accept reality.  By the end of this year, you will be unable to to believe it but America becomes a full blown Marxist State.  It did so though a set list of objectives that were slowly injected and began gutting America.  Blind as bats, Americans continued to be distracted.  Most all people simply will never believe America has been gutted by a Marxist Regime in the White House.  No, obama is not the only Marxist in his admin/regime.  There are hundreds of them picking off the scraps on a daily basis.

    I have heard it all from many in America's "Ignorant Class."  This class has nothing to do with income, race, gender, or education level.  It covers both people who are Demcrats as well as Republicans.  By the time we get to November, blood, yes, blood will bel flowing in the streets of large cities all over America.  This being the casee, anarchy will then be a daily event.  Inflation will sky rocket.  Good luck being able to fill up your gas taank.

    You didn't want to accept reality.  Now, America will pay the price for its denial of the facts.  I do not know who the people besides George Soros who funded the take over.  You and I may never know.  Rest assure however, America is now a Marxist State.  Thomas Jefferson was dead on right when he said America as a Democratic Republic would only survive about 400 years. 

    Got a problem with reality?  Oh well.

  • Richk0695

    Obamacracy equals dictatorship.....................using the office of Presidency to circumvent Congress  

  • Jrelkhunt

    whats wrong with oil companies--? sears, walmart,car dealers, and the catholic church make more money than oil companies

  • http://www.facebook.com/SaintMichaelangelo Michael Cruise

    You people are absolutely ignorant, simple-minded dumbshits

  • http://www.facebook.com/SaintMichaelangelo Michael Cruise

    So this is where the idiot people reside...

    • Loral Orow

       Check your mirror.....Oh Oh it's really you!   You should learn to love yourself.  First you have to find something about yourself worth loving....maybe an attitude adjustment?

      • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

         Oh honey, I love myself every night...if you know what I mean....wink.

    • Light_V_Dark

      Minkie, is that a recent pic of ewe for ur avatar?

      Are ewe a Flying Monkey or an Eloi?

    • Light_V_Dark

      Would you rather guillotine me, or shoot me? €=·Q Gotta smoke Pierre?
      Never forget the left’s ideological provenance. Rousseau was its mother. The French Revolution was its moment of hatching. The Reign of Terror was it spreading its wings.

      When you see someone on the left harkening back to the French Revolution and the guillotine, that’s not an anomaly. That’s someone recognizing the roots of his own movement.

      God forbid these people should ever get any more power than they have now.


    • Nd2fixyourbrain

      Welcome home.

  • grumpy old man

    Why isn't this common knowledge.Why is this only comming out now?Most of all what can be done about it?The only thing that we can do is vote in November.The Demorats will only out number us again,with the Hispanic and Black  voters. and there is also the ignorant young Democrats who follow this fool blindly.They follow him like lemmings.They would drink the grape kool aid even he pissed in it.We have to get the non voters out there to vote.Come on people get out there and vote.Even the the dead vote,it is true that they vote Democrat,but they still vote.The liberals make sure of that.Barry has an agenda,and it's not good for our side...



    • Texas4obama

       It' s not common knowledge because is NOT true.
      You GOPers fall for every insane thing anyone says.



      • DolCane

        what are you? the lone ranger in Texas? I wouldn't be too loud with your Obummer support in Texas.  LOL

        • Texas4obama

           In 2008, over 3.5 MILLION Texans voted for Obama.  This year there will be even more  :)

        • DolCane

          LOL Look again; they are now "ex-Texans"....   :o)

          Btw, how many of those were illegal aliens voting?

      • Brink

         Agreed, I'm looking at these comments in amazement. These people are actually serious... its scary.

        • Nd2fixyourbrain

          What is frightening is the massive numbers of useful idiots in America.  You only happen to be one, but when I see the Occupy tards and the idiots that support Mitt Romney I realize that the experiment of self government has failed.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Leftists actually will commit suicide to protect their Messiah, or The Party. Short answer the question posed; OF COURSE HIS FLYING MONKEYS THREATENED Chastity, er, Chaz, er, Chelsea. BECAUSE? HE HATES AMERICA AND AMERICANS.
    Hate is a harsh and bitter word whose meaning is a bitter pill to swallow. Yet Barack Obama the man who claimed to be full of compassion and hope on the campaign trail has proven to be a President who passionately hates everything we as a people and we as a Nation stand for. By dividing us he forces his hatred of us to us and it breeds like a cancer. His hatred of our country is his political motivation to destroy the Republic our Founders deemed to the people and rebuild it in his own Marxist ideology and fashion.
    Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth

  • Loral Orow

    A couple years ago I read a blog written by a former government worker (CIA or FBI) who said they didn't want to create too many waves at that time for fear of a racial war.   I think  that's a justified worry, but should be faced anyway, in order to save our country.   If our Military were home instead of being in killed in the land of no hope, Afghanistan, we would have their help.  Maybe that's why Obama keeps tying them up  in all those Middle east rebellions  too.



  • Sharr

    Wellllllllll, People.  Monkey see Monkey do!!!!!!

    The Clintons ~ who had a history of collaterol damage on their watch ~
    think Vince Foster for instance ~ knew that BO and his thuggery meant
    business!!!!   They knew that Chelsea was in danger. 

    When BO threatened Chelsea they made the only choice that made
    any sense ~ they knew that BO and the thuggery had "gotten rid" of
    Donald Young (BTW - who is Donald Young - where is Donald Young -
    who killed Donald Young??????)  For that fact who killed the BO
    impersonator (natural causes) and Andrew Breitbart (natural causes).


  • old white hair

    I am appallaed at the spineless writing about "end of free elections" and other whining.  If the situation gets worse, the revolution will begin and blood will flow and it will be nasty and this nation will be born again and freedom will triumph over Obama, Congress, the Black Panters, and the rest of the scum that hates this country. 

  • Mulvi06

    "But for as long as no argument is produced except 'Trotsky-Fascist!' the discussion cannot even begin...It is as though  in the middle of a chess tournament one competitor should suddenly begin screaming  that the other is guilty of arson or bigamy. The point that is really at issue remains untouched. Libel settles nothing." --George Orwell

    Perhaps if we return ourselves to reality and leave behind this irrational hysteria concerning the so-called illegitimate usurper and actually focus on issues (real ones, not birther crap) we could move forward as a nation. But no, rather, we must remain in this endless cycle of lies and insanity which seem to be getting weirder and worse as time goes on. 

    Seriously, how could anyone listen to such a story and not laugh out loud at the depths of idiocy? Clinton is a former president meaning he has protection from the Secret Service for life. If anybody, including potential presidential candidates, made a threat against him or his family the Secret Service will act!

    Nothing saddens me more than the violent bludgeoning that has killed civil discourse in this nation. Then again the entirety of the GOP has become nothing short of a group of rabid conspiracy theorist. 

    • Pnp

      Just a question - What department in the Executive Branch runs the Secret Service?  That would be the Department of Homeland Security.  The same people who just ordered 450 million rounds of Hollow Points.  Thank you very much.

      • Mulvi06

        Um, when this story is supposed to have taken place Obama was a senator and Bush was president. So are we to believe that we have a conspiracy that stretches across two presidencies? 

        Also, if the Clintons were threatened why would Hillary take the Secretary of State position? Lemme guess: She had to or else... (Cue terrifying music!)

        Since I don't want to stick out like a sore thumb here I've decided to remove all my fillings and line my windows and ceiling with tin foil. Is there any place where you guys buy it wholesale where it can't be tracked?

        • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

           Oh oh!!!  Costo!  Unless Costco is a commie sympathizer.  Home Depot!  But no Depot sounds too much like Despot.  I'm scared.

      • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

         Ummm...PnP...  the Treasury Department oversees the Secret Service.  Since you got that basic item wrong, you have no credibility.  I mean, you could have just looked it up or...learned about the government, but I know, lernin' is bad.

    • Light_V_Dark

      I'll bet you fancy yourself an INTELLECTUAL_EXISTENTIALIST, HUH, BORIS?

      Every Religion and Idiotology has an ORIGIN. £=·Q Gotta SMOKE?

      Nihilism--choosing to believe in Nothingness--involves a high price. An individual may choose to “feel” rather than think, exert their “will to power” than pray, give thanks, or obey God. After an impressive career of literary and philosophical creativity, Friedrich Nietzsche lost all control of his mental faculties. Upon seeing a horse mistreated[PETA, ANYBODY?], he began sobbing uncontrollably and collapsed into a catatonic state. Nietzsche died August 25, 1900, diagnosed as utterly insane. While saying Yes to “life” but No to God, the Prophet of Nihilism missed both 


      • Mulvi06

        Nietzsche's insanity was brought on by syphilis. That's right, he was a filthy fornicator! Also, thanks for calling me Boris; it's quite creative of you. 

        Which reminds of a major part of the problem, it's as if the right thinks that anyone who isn't a rabid conservative is a Marxist! Did you see that Orwell quote from the original post?  "But for as long as no argument is produced except 'Trotsky-Fascist!' the discussion cannot even begin." 

        Perhaps the biggest issue facing America today is that nobody seems to understand what socialism really is. Speaking of which, I've yet to see the nationalization of industries during the Obama administration. And no, the health care reform isn't nationalization since the government isn't taking ownership of hospitals and control the hiring of doctors.

        • Light_V_Dark

          Communism is the greatest evil in history. Islam is older, but, not quite as adept at genocide. Muslims are TENACIOUS, though. Pacifism to evil is what takes the most innocent human life.

          On Pacifism And Buddhism.
          Communism is the polar opposite of the Sangha (community of the Spirit). It is a counterfeit, taking on the name of 'the brotherhood of man.,' but without God in the equation, the system will eventually breakdown. Much damage and evil works are done before this happens though. Millions of lives are lost and culture and religion destroyed. It is a battle of Light vs. Darkwith reincarnated leaders at the helm who have no allegiance to God, the Buddha, the Sangha and the Tao

          http://www.reversespins.com/pacify.html Buddhist site.

    • margaretpaddock

      Read a good story about America:  The Dumbing Down of America documented by facts.

    • Nd2fixyourbrain

      Can you not see what is happening?

      Get out of your condo.

      • Mulvi06

        Condo? Where the hell does that come from?

        And as for your first question, I can see what is happening. There are a large number of people out there who for a variety of reasons, one of which is racism, actively hate the sitting president. Their hatred of that particular man has given way to a decimation of common sense and an abundance of conspiracy theories.

  • bressler


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JQ5P62VEEFXALP2MW7O7B547TY David in MA


      • Redhawksfan72

         Well, David if you believe in the Bible as I do, then you cannot call President Obama the Anti Christ because if you read Daniel, you will see it describes where the Anti Christ will rise from.  If you read Revelations you will see that the Anti Christ comes forward after the 7 years of tribulation which follows the Rapture of Christ's church.  As believing Christians, we will not be here during this time and we will not go through the tribulation nor will we see the Anti Christ.  We will already have been taken up to Heaven.  Read Daniel and read Revelations together and you will see this. 

  • CCblogging

    Barack Hussein Obama is the Devil's right arm and before it's all over, even his stanch supporters will know this is a fact. I believe that Obama will not go quietly, even with a massive  election loss. I believe that we American Patriots will  have to drive Barack Obama and his vermin out of DC with force. That is my true feelings. I hope that I am wrong but start preparing Now!

  • acronymous

    This is a frankly ridiculous article. If Obama had done that, no way would Hillary Clinton have joined his administration. I'm no admirer of either of them, but honestly! 

    • Guest, Too

      You would think that the author of this piece or even the numbskull commenters would remember that Hillary is a member of Obama's cabinet (the Secretary of State, no less) and one of his most trusted advisers on foreign policy. If you'll recall, she was photographed in the room with him as they watched the assassination of Osama Bin Laden (and ain't it amazing it took 10 years to get THAT sob, amirite?).
      But never let a big long lie get in the way of stirring up the racists...er..harrumph...patriots...yes...patriots.

      • Light_V_Dark

        Billy Shaheen, Jean's DRONE, was Hillary's campaign manager. He tried to get THE ONE in trouble over cocaine dealing. He was fired or he quit. Ol Billie became an Obumessiah APOSTLE, before the general erection. And, remains so, today. THE PARTY IS DIVINE.


        Nihilism--choosing to believe in Nothingness--involves a high price. An individual may choose to “feel” rather than think, exert their “will to power” than pray, give thanks, or obey God. After an impressive career of literary and philosophical creativity, Friedrich Nietzsche lost all control of his mental faculties. Upon seeing a horse mistreated[PETA, ANYBODY?], he began sobbing uncontrollably and collapsed into a catatonic state. Nietzsche died August 25, 1900, diagnosed as utterly insane. While saying Yes to “life” but No to God, the Prophet of Nihilism missed both 


  • Bessie

    He is going to go on a rampage and shoot all the white people around him.  You'll see.  Freedom!!!!!!  AMERICA THE BEUTIFUL!!!  I love AMERICA...

  • apache6

    It was "HITLERY" that first mentioned "OVOMITS" B.C. but as far as threatening Chelsea,I would not put it past him (ovomit) !!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JQ5P62VEEFXALP2MW7O7B547TY David in MA

      I would not be suprised if members of congress have also received midnight phone calls by the way they are siting on their hands. Lets see if the Supreme Court responds like they also have been phoned at midnight.

  • Remember in November

    No.....it wasn't ObaMAO, but there definitely was a threat.   It came from those who are controlling the puppet strings of this Coward in Chief.  I certainly do hope that he will NOT be re-elected, but there are powerful people running this show....and they will resort to anything, including rigging the election a la the Chicago political system where they Vote Early and Vote Often.  

  • red blooded and disheartened

    You people are all very f***ed up.  Sounds like the propaganda machine is alive and well in this country.  Misinformation breeds strong opinions here...

    Don't hide what you are - go buy a white hood and get some rope.  There are too many blacks, Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, and Marxists running around out there for you to have time to post opinions.  Get out there and hang them b***ards!  Don't forget to vote for your local bigot.

    PLEASE feel free to reply...

    • DolCane

      This IGNORANT post needs no reply; it speaks for itself!

      • me

         Then why reply?

    • Fernande Rivers

      "Don't hide what you are"...then why are you calling yourself by the name of red blooded and....?

      We must overcome Obama Great Divide...Obama is a racist...he hates the white people...even though he is a half breed...He hates the Supreme Court...he hates old men...he hates old women...he hates the rich and the powerful men and women...he hates the successful people...and more.

      He favors the young uninformed young students...mainly young women...the illegals...the union goons...the OWS...the Marxists Elites...like Bill Ayers and others who favor the destruction of our Constitution...

      Bill Ayers said "I dream everyday that I wake up in a socialist country"  We should do the criminal a favor by wrapping him up in tin foil and ship him to Cuba with no possibility of coming back...see how much of his vitriol and hate will he be allowed to spew over there...Darn, Even socialist Canada did not want him to enter the country last  year....

      We don't need a hood and a rope...We need an honest and safe election free of the community organizers creating chaos and destruction of our country...

      • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

         You are ridiculous.  And a bigot.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JQ5P62VEEFXALP2MW7O7B547TY David in MA


    • Nd2fixyourbrain

      If you pay attention you will soon notice that ALL of the anti-semitism in America is coming from the political left.  They hate the Jews because of the Torah (Old Testament)

  • http://twitter.com/DonBahn1 Don Bahn

    Obama is the most qualified person to be a one term president during these end time days. He has ZERO understanding and ZERO knowledge of Biblical prophesy. By his ignorance he has responded to the Islamic controlled governments of the middle East in ways that emboldened them to start the reemergence of the Islamic determination of having Islam as the only belief system on all of earth. We will soon see cooperation and solidification of Islam coming against Israel, there will be a great defeat of the Islamic forces where only one sixth of the Islamic people survive. Then the UN will deliver an end of hostilities and try to disarm Israel. God is in control not man.

    • Guest, Too

      Ok, then you should be happy to vote to re-elect Obama and hasten in the end times so that Jesus can Rapture you home! Don't you want to be with God in Heaven?

      • Flo

        Good point.  If God is in control, why did he give us free will?  He has likely wondered that too. 

  • Guns1948-NRA

    If I was under Oath to tell the TRUTH before a Court or any Law Enforcement, then my Answer to Obama making threats to the Clintons about Chelsea, would deffently be, YES, HELL YES, YES, YES, YES all the way to the TOP...... Intimidation is exactly what Obama, his Administration and George Soros is ALL about...... What they may NOT be able to get by Normal, Lawful means, they either BUY their way or Threaten Individuals to gain their objective...... Don't be Fooled into thinking this is NOT so, cause it is and it is plainly shown...... WHY else has he been allowed to be where he is without showing any actual Real Proof of his Birth origin, Why else would Bill Clinton all of a sudden Shut-up, when he wasn't intimidated prior to his own Life being threatened, but when Chelsea's Life was, he kept quiet..... Why is it that Obama has gotten away with so many things and Congress and the Senate have NOT done anything to STOP him......????  There are many questions in which you can ask about, but we still DO NOT get the Answers to them...... So when it comes to Obama and his Administration along with George Soros, the Answer is most assuredly YES, YES, YES,YES, YES, YES !!!! 

    P.S.- Be sure to Vote Obama, His Administration, and All Democrats out of Office, as most are controlled by Soros..... A Clean sweep of all Democrats is what is needed to STOP the Regime and of Soros intentions..... We cannot afford to have the same as what we have and it takes this very thing to make a difference and Stopping Soros..... Vote Nov. 2012 !!!!   Thankyou !!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JQ5P62VEEFXALP2MW7O7B547TY David in MA



      • rhcrest

        Just like the people in Nazi Germany leading up to the war and the Holocaust. They could never imagine the horrors that lay ahead because they had never experienced anything like it. It's called normalcy bias. There were people sounding the alarm bells against Hitler back then and the rest of the people laughed them off - just like the morons on this board. I'll bet the laughter stopped when they realized they were on their way to the gas chambers

  • Fisher1

    You people are nuts... 

    • Light_V_Dark

      Hey ghoulfriend, think you had better get in your Dirtbagger duds, and start honing your guillotine blade.
      _______€=·Q gotta SMOKE, DEFARGE?

      Never forget the left’s ideological provenance. Rousseau was its mother. The French Revolution was its moment of hatching. The Reign of Terror was it spreading its wings.

      When you see someone on the left harkening back to the French Revolution and the guillotine, that’s not an anomaly. That’s someone recognizing the roots of his own movement.

      God forbid these people should ever get any more power than they have now.


  • http://twitter.com/brentinok Brent Stinnett

    Some of the stuff written today may just be "propaganda".  I just don't understand why on every on of these comment sections there are people that inevitably post something to the effect that if you agree with this (or it seems just don't like the president or liberals or democrats or their ideas) you must instantly be a racist or belong to the KKK.  Come on people.  Not agreeing or liking somebody or their ideas does not make you racist.

  • Samuelcrisp

    OBOMA the sickest thing that ever happened to Washington D.C.  

  • margaretpaddock

    Becoming a part of Russia was set in motion by Eisenhower when he signed a pact with Russia.
    Since then they have changed the thinking of Americans through the schools with the Federal Dept. of Education.   You can find information at http://www.americandeception.com, in Dumbing Down America and on the You Tube video by Charlotte Iserbyt ex gov't employee for 30yrs.  http:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezTTYd5UFRY&feature=related
    This is an amazing story by a very brave woman and her son.
    for you tube insert after the v: =ezTTY5UFRY&feature=related

  • DolCane

    One thing I will leave all you doubting Thomases with;

     "Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it"

    Think Nazi Germany and the Bolshevik Revolution here.

    You can keep on thinking with your ignorant viewpoints and hide your head in the sand; but one day they will come for you too; but by then there may be nobody left to defend you.

    • Stewart


      • rhcrest

        Yeah the Holocaust was really hilarious. You libtards are really sick puppies. 

        • billyjeff2

          Hilarious that folks like you would take such a ludicrous idea seriously.

        • rhcrest

          Yes billy, Obama is an angel who would never hurt a fly and i am the tooth
          fairy. It's so sweet that you still believe in fairy tales at your age. Tell
          me, what did Santa bring you this year?

        • billyjeff2

          Santa brought me an extra large brain for Christmas.

          Heard he brought you a video game...

        • rhcrest

          Oh how precious. Hope the Easter Bunny brings you a real brain, something you
          can actually think with

    • mumphrey

      Yeah, whenever I think of bolsheviks and nazis, the first thing I think of is health care reform.  It’s a little known fact that inmates of Stalin’s gulags were forced to endure the torture of affordable health care.

      • DolCane

        You sir are one of the idiots who wouldn't know a Commie if it smacked you in the face; people like you are the real danger to America. Enjoy your ignorance and naivette.

  • Thismakesmesmileatitsabsurdity

    Late April Fools Joke? Or Insanity? You make the call.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5KQXQNLEEFAGSB5ZKIOZRPQD74 Linda

    People have so much to say but nothing ever gets done.  If we don't vote him out I hate to think what will become of America as we know it.  We have to be able to change peoples minds that voted for him in the first place.  The only way to do that is to voice our opinions to whomever will listen, not just here on this site.

    • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

       Linda, I voted for him and will do so again in 2012 along with just about everyone I know. Including a few Republicans.  But whatever, here's the thing.  The millions and millions of people who voted for Obama are generally educated, informed and moderate in their politics.  You and your friends on this sight only reinforce our view of people like you a very angry ,crazy, unhinged, possibly bigoted, and not interested in facts or science.  Your absolute amazement that a Black man is President is nothing more than insulting and childish.  If you want to change minds, I'd start with changing your argument from "He's a Kenyan Socialist Anti-christ who hates America" toan well thought out argument including facts which you can cite as well as a coherent step-by-step on each of the policies he has enacted and why they harm the economy or foreign policy of the US.

      You and your friends histrionic End of the World crazy talk will only turn rational people off and make you look like the extreme paranoid I am afraid you are. 

      My life and those around me are better these last 3 years, I love getting rid of DADT as does my brother an Army Colonel (Active Duty.) I am very happy with the President, he got rid of Osama, made Seal Team 6 national Heros, Obamacre which will allow myself to get insurance coverave even tho I have had melanoma, etc.  Please calm down.  things are fine and will be. Watch, when his second term is over, you won't even believe how crazy you once sounded.

      Just for my info...which "freedoms" have you lost since Obama took office. You can list them if that's easier.

  • Wittephil

    With this kind of power he will be reelected for sure. Honest or stolen he will win. This is why he doesn't seem worried about the poles. Obama is just a pawn for some bigger organization. He gets his marching orders from someone or some orginazion.

    • mumphrey

      You know who else isn’t worried about the Poles?  The Czechs.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Leftist_A_Gay_Theists, are emotionally stunted, hysterical, little girls.

    €=·Q Whoze gutta SMOKE?

    According to psychology literature, the hysterical (histrionic) personality is diagnostically grouped in what is known as "Cluster B" where it shares billing with a rather sinister group of antisocial, borderline,and narcissistic personality disorders(1.). 


  • Ahrmand

    Slick Willy has racked up 10 or 15 mysterious  untimely deaths for many of His friends , enemies, and Business associates. I think it entirely possible that Slick Willy is a believer that Chelsea may have a mysterious demise if He or Hillory spilled the beans about Barry Soetoro's big secret that copped Him a gig in the White House.
    There is a moral to this tale of treachery and treason;  Do the Right thing, and sleep well at night, free from fear and trepidations.

    • billyjeff2

      great point, ahrmand. and of course this explains why hillary would want to accept obama's offer to be his sec of state-after all why wouldn't she want to serve the guy who killed her good friend and who threatened to kill her only child. Right?

  • duckyack

    We, the citizens of the United States, have the collective power to get rid of this administration.  So, Jenny, and all others out there just waiting for "someone" with power to do something, get off your duffs and do it yourself!  We can stop the madman and his cronies, but first we have to stop giving away our principals and our liberties!  Stop signing every document shoved under your noses such as HIPPA forms.  Stop shopping at stores that stop you on the way out and go through your cart after you've checked out.  If something doesn't feel right--it ain't right--so do something--speak out!

    • mumphrey

      I, myself, have never given away any of my principals.  I’ve never even given away any of my teachers.

  • mark b

    youse guys is meschugna

  • Qestionman

    Why do the racist right think they are experts on American History? They aren't just because they rant about the Constitution, doesn't mean they understand the laws obviously. Like take "Obamacare" for example. The racist right have forgotten that at least 3-5 judges have deemed it Constitutional, but not a peep from history-challenged losers like Sean Insanity.
    What makes they think that because he is not the president you want, he is failing. Haven't they ever heard that one mans meat is another mans poison. With the hate the cons have for him, don't they think that they would be biased as hell? Lies have to have creditably to be believed, a concept that a con finds completely incomprehensible. The cons with their continuous he's a failure s--t are really starting to sound stupid. Their problem is that Obama fails to be a white con, and that is a failure only in their deluded mind.
    Yet they have REFUSED to hear any of these eligibilty cases.  It would only take four for the case to be heard.  Why because in their mind there is NO CONTROVERSY.  Their definition of a natural born citizen is anyone born in the United States is a NBC period regardless of the citizenship of the parents unless the parent are foreign diplomats. You can all beleive what you want but unless the US Supreme Courts changes its position you are just spitting into the wind.
    You can all howl at the moon all you want the U.S. Supreme Court will never rule the president ineligible and NO STATE IN THE US WILL TAKE HIM OFF THE 2012 BALLOT. If you want him out you will have to vote for Romney and possibly Sen. Rubio.
    so tell me again, how does reducing taxes, balance the budget? Cause then revenue is even less for the government. Ryans plan adds even more to the deficit than obama... Ryan adds 3 trillion.
    Obama does not meet the rigid definition of 'communist' that you are using.  Communist carries a negative connotation in America since the red scare.No, he's not a true communist, Then, if by chance, Romney gets elected, they'll see in 3 years how his policies are virtually the same as Obama's, because Romney is at heart a moderate and so is Obama (all these fools who call him an extreme liberal, socialist, Marxist, etc. are shills for the extreme right- the Socialist Party of America has plenty to say about how Obama is definitely not a Socialist- they're as unhappy with him as the Ex-Conservs are).
    By any reasonable and intelligent measure, his predecessor (George Bush) who took us to war with failed intelligence, destroyed the economy and sanctioned torture was MUCH more divisive. Not Obama.
    Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim! He IS a Christian. A REAL Christian follows the Ten Commandments. One should rule is “Love Thy neighbor” and Obama has followed that rule to a T.
    The idea that Barack Obama hates America is partly because he’s a Democrat, and partly because he’s black, and because the patriotism of African-Americans has long been doubted by some on the right. And it’s still is, when in fact it;s the other way around!
    what is wrong with America is that a These haters would call the commander in chief a "domestic enemy" on a social network site.  Is that Patritoic?  to call the commander in chief a domestic enemy? No. it is out of line and insubordinate.These people are really sick, it's gotten worse.  Seek help.
    The right-wing’s hate mongering of President Obama’s religion, race and political philosophy has grown to a fever pitch, and is now evidenced in a series of racist righty website such as this (Not MY website).
    NO AMERICAN GROUP has slammed the President of the United States with as many lies and traitorous hate propaganda as the Rightwing Republicans before President Obama came to office.
    Before anyone cries "Bush" Leftwing attacked Bush so its ok for Frightwingers to attack Obama - let me remind them that the Leftwing attacked Bush with FACTS opposed to the Frightwingers who are attacking President Obama with madeup, traitorous hate propaganda that has divided this country.
    They have proven me right, again. They are NOT Patriots, They are Racists that hates having black people in the White House. That is a fact!

    • rhcrest

      The race card- blah blah blah.

    • Nd2fixyourbrain

      Following the basic rules of grammar and maintaining a coherent thought process will lend much more credibility to your rant.

      Just sayin............

  • Stewart

    This is my first time seeing this site, and daTagliare and all of you commenters are hilarious! This will now be bookmarked as my first place to go when I need a belly laugh....THANK YOU!

  • Bob

    You all suck. If you believe these lies you are horrible. 

    • Nd2fixyourbrain

      Bob, was that your doctoral thesis?

  • Reagan64

    The problem with politicians is self preservation. None have the commitment of our men and women of the armed services, willing to give their life. Remember Job.

  • tthan43


  • guest

    i love gay sex; anyone want to sodomize me

  • bedrockq

    What is this article about?  I kind of lost interest after the implied "I am now going to pander to the batsheit crazy birther neanderthals." statement.

  • Denton310

    what a bunch of nut jobs

  • billyjeff2

    no paranoia around here, eh?

  • Sam

    Always looking for conspiracies ... If only you guys put as much energy into following the actual goings on, here in reality...

  • Lionelmandrake

    No, he didn't

  • J.D.Scott

    It seems that  all the people who came to grief during the Clinton "Reign" were just collateral damage, but when Chelsea began to arrive in someone's sights, The Clintons sat still and shut up? If The Great pretender is illegal, Let's dump him. He never should have been elected inthe first place.   OOhhh, I think I hear  the black helicopters coming.....

  • ronpowell

    Several people associated with Clinton died mysterious deaths as well as opponents of Lyndon Johnson so it wouldn't be a surprise as to what Soros would do to eliminate Clinton from winning the democrat's nomination. Soros is an evilan who has been banned from England and convicted of insider trading in France in order to upset the economy there. He is funding several groups and has a communist agenda. He is abetted by most of the media, ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Hollywood and the democrats. Don't be surprised at anything Obama does, he was chosen by Soros for a reason and sooner or later there will be a confrontation between the forces of evil and good.

  • Bwfree3

    obama wouldnt be president if he did that. does vince foster and mcdougal ring a bell

  • bedrockq

    It's a good thing you don't need teeth to comment on this site.  Would be pretty dead around here if that were the case.

    • Nd2fixyourbrain

      Another liberal that can make denigrating remarks.

      I am so impressed.

      • Flo

        And not a single spelling error.  Must have gone to Harvard.


    Obama is the THUG from Chicago - all evidence points that way !!!!  Only TREASON will get him removed from society !!!!!!  We, the people , cannot wait til November - he is already so sure he will win the election - by cheating, by fraud,by intimidating, by threats, by bribery,by votes from deceased people, by illegals, by buying votes  and anything else he deems necessary - - - - - - - -

  • theletterm

    Bush starts an unconstitutional war that kills thousands of American service personel, lowers taxes and raises spending, and leaves the economy in an absolute mess. But it's all Obama's fault...right.

    Americans need to stop talking about how great they think they are and focus on actually being great.

    p.s. Reagan tripled the national debt while in office and supported the wall between church and state. Look it up...stop revising history and spreading lies.

    • Nd2fixyourbrain

      Please. Stop being the simpleton liberal.

      Americans aren't "great" because they're Americans.  America IS great because it is the first time in the history than the people were able to govern themselves.  Now admittedly that experiment has gone bad.  If you went to school and got educated, as opposed to indoctrinated, we could still be great.

      When Reagan was POTUS he was battling a congress that was bound and determined to continue the profligate spending.  Compare that with the D congress and the communist president that are bound and determined to destroy this economy.

      Not sure if you know how to read but I will suggest Reckless Endangerment by Gretchen Morganson.  Facts are dangerous.  Get some. 

  • Hank

    This makes me wonder what they told Trump to shut him up.  Was his family threatened also?

  • http://twitter.com/hserecording Home Recording


    • nomore516

      YOU ARE BLIND AND STUPID.  I hope you have Alzhiemers so you don't know what you stupidity is going to get you.

    • Sean murry.

      you are nuts.

  • TestSalad

    I don't understand, Obama released his birth certificate before the election.

    • Flo

      Not the long form.  He had the Certifcate of Live Birth on his web site and back in the 1960's you could get one no matter where you were born, just to prove you existed.  Look it up.  The long form was phonied up after Donald Trump went after him.  It is an obvious fake as is his Selective Service Registration.  Then Trump dropped his going after Obama when any grade school kids can tell his long form is a forgery.  Was he threatened or just a player? 

      • TestSalad

        He did put it out there before the election though. And the people elected him. I'm not sure how it could ever be proven to you if your default position is that anything released is a fake.

  • Gr9973


    • nomore516

      The Clintons are WHORES for money.  The producer heard him say that back in 2008.   If he had wanted to do the right thing he would have done it then.  But I'm sure Hill and Bill got something out of it.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    If reelected, it's going to get really ugly. Chicago thugs rule the nation, without hiding any more.

    Click the name. 

  • Choco38

    I call bs on this ridiculous story

    • Clausentuj

      good call

  • Thomaspgavin

    Yeah right.  And then Hillary agreed to be Obama's Sec. of State.  How desperate are you people?!

  • Ready to Fight

    LOCK & LOAD PEOPLE!!! Revolution time!!!

  • LdzpplnE

    You are all clinically paranoid.

  • Jacksig58

    may 0's days be few!

  • Ron the white wolf

    Hole in one   Keep your powder dry. there may be a revolution if Obama tries to do away with the election and declares martial law . and with all his commies installed in various places and the muslims trying to kill all Americans  it won't be pretty .  It wasn't in 1776 nor again in 1861-64. But  Keep praying and God bless America . Semper Fi.

    • Clausentuj

      Who cut the scene where a 50ft Sarah Palin crushes the West Wing !?

  • douglasdaauntless

    Hillary Clinton was takes her orders from the Communist Party USA and she was told in Diann Fienstein's home in California, by Diann Fienstien with Obama there at the same time that she had to get out of the Presidental Race and make way for Obama, then she had to serve him like the Comunist slave she is. When Obama took his Ill Senates seat from Alice Palmer, who is Black and a true Communist Party USA, was told that she had to give up het Senate seat for Obama, and like a good Communist like hillary Clinton she steped down for Obama. Look it up if you don't believe me, I did.

    • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

       Wow, you were there?  What does her living room look like?  You sure hob nob with the powerful!   Where can I look this up?  Huh...nowhere?  But I thought you said you were there!!!  Are you making this up?  Awwww....I really thought you were the only one who really KNEW...

  • Sojourner

    Probably if they threatened to go public, but then again the Clintons are just as bad. OK everybody now that you have read the article,  have a beer watch a little TV and go back to sleep.

  • Lisa

    This is just so wrong! Where are the people that began this madness..oh thats right,,in power where no one can touch them. So wrong..we need God back in our country where he belongs, and the liars, cheats, and villans out!

    • Clausentuj

      God helps those who help themselves, the hard part is seeing through the G.O.P. smokescreen of blasphemers.

  • Capt. Willard

    "Get me whiskey for my men, water fory horses, and more toilet paper!"

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=560207204 Diana Pawelski

    If these ignorant 18 to 23 year old kids could only understand what BO is really doing. They will not have the same life they are so use to having. If he gets re-elected KISS AMERICA GOOD-BYE as we know it. We will be whispering "Remember when we had freedom?".

    • Clausentuj

      Diana, don't mislead the young! Since the Bush-Cheney debacle , then the Clinton smear that went on for 8 years into the embarrassing  'Big Fix' of  lil Bush, which our current president was patriotuic enough to brave, the fact is, we won't ever have the same America. Just like every generation before. The truth is, we are one election away from losing it all every election. Greed has increased 1000% with each Republican majority, and THAT is our biggest threat to date. The G.O.P. has 'normalized' hideous greed.

  • Capt. Willard

    I thought Hillster had Vince Foster bumped off. You mean it was Barzini all the time, and not Bush? Take that you Texas pussies!

    • Clausentuj


  • Guest

    And yet Hillary is the secretary of state and works for the evil dictator that wanted to kill her daughter.


  • SZA

    i really thought most of this was jokes. this is scary y'all.

    • nomore516

      That is the problem, it's not a joke.  Everyone who opposes this thug turns up dead.  Look up Larry Sinclair and Donald Young.  Look what happened to them to cover something up.  I thought Bush and Cheney were bad, but this guy takes the whole bakery.

      • Nsagoon

        That does it nomore516!

        I'm sending the Swat team to your house. 
        They'll deliver a special message. 
        You better watch your back from now on. 

        • Clausentuj


  • Trnnrbrn

    The revolution is coming....

    • Clausentuj


      • Light_V_Dark

        Sorry to repeat, ghoulfriend. YOU WORSHIP OTHER CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED. Sorry.

        If you could find The Light, you might stand a chance. NOT GONNA HAPPEN¡ I DON'T CARE. NEITHER DOES...you KNOW!

        Proud_A_&_Gay_Theists are MISANTHROPIC_NIHILISTS.
        Philosophers’ predictions of nihilism’s impact on society are grim. Existentialist, Albert Camus (1913-1960), labeled nihilism as the most disturbing problem of the 20th century. His essay, "The Rebel"1 paints a terrifying picture of “how metaphysical collapse often ends in total negation and the victory of nihilism, characterized by profound hatred, pathological destruction, and incalculable death.

        • Sean murry.

          ARE you nuts? or just a punk kid.

        • Light_V_Dark

          I am Charles Manson. You are Squeeky Fromm. €=·Q GOTTA SMOKE?
          Welcome to HEALTER SKELTER

          Sent from my Verizon Wireless Device

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3WWXCOIHYBAQCUVFBNBFSRQRA4 Ardiva

    Why don't you ask the Clinton's about this matter?

  • Notgivingacare

    Wowser. There sure is plenty of she said, she said in this fine piece of journalism. Hey, da Tagliare, don't forget Obeazy has goons that scour the internet looking for dissenting soothsayers like you. Watch your back. You could be next. OoOoOo NOOOO!

  • bedrockq

    Can't wait till November when we get rid of the crazy right once and for all and send them off to the FEMA re-education camps.

    • Light_V_Dark

      See the above comment on NIHILISM, Rock. Not as if you haven't tried through the years to DECLAW us...
      Didn't happen, Ghoulfriend!

    • Clausentuj

      And we can all come to see YOU in there through the fence- because I don't see how your deranged mental status will improve by November

  • Light_V_Dark

    Proud_A_&_Gay_Theists are MISANTHROPIC_NIHILISTS.
    Philosophers’ predictions of nihilism’s impact on society are grim. Existentialist, Albert Camus (1913-1960), labeled nihilism as the most disturbing problem of the 20th century. His essay, "The Rebel"1 paints a terrifying picture of “how metaphysical collapse often ends in total negation and the victory of nihilism, characterized by profound hatred, pathological destruction, and incalculable death.

  • Clausentuj

    Meanwhile, back on The Ranch: The ExDirector's ''Putting The CON In Conservative'' camp: George Sr. was calling the shots, getting his ring kissed while Cheney re loaded incase the truth should show it's head,,, and never mind-  fairy tales are for children, we have serious problems  and the likes of you are best ignored.

  • http://www.wix.com/ilyanlavanway/books Ilyan Kei Lavanway

    Learn more on conspiracyparanormal.blogspot.com

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PNDV7HYLHHNNOMBTJZSIRDU7HE bob and cindy

    I am so glad that all the loonies in this country are congregating here.
    Live with it fools.He's BLACK!He's sleeping in the WHITE HOUSE.He has WHITE maids making his bed, and sweeping his floors.
    He has WHITE secret service agents sworn to take a bullet for him.He will make MILLIONS of dollars writing his books after he leaves office.And you will still live your poor crummy lives scraping by on minimum wage jobs. But you will have social security to look forward to, unless of course your republican leaders completely do away with it.

  • Warrier10

    I personally like most of your comments, but all of you seem to miss one fact, that both parties and the controlled media are owned and run by the same  group, remember Henry Kissinger stating that Obama   would get the new world order going, all the campaigning is a ploy to deceive us to make us think we elect the president, ever since Lbj and HWBush knocked off JFK, we have had power hungry traitor morons running the country, we are no longer a christian nation, we are a muslim communist nation, once this country falls, we won't be able to buy all their illgotten  goodies, they are so hell bent on destroying us, they sell out the  very country they swore oath to protect, next all the traitors who sold us out will be the first to go because they wont be trust worthy, anyone who sells out cant be trusted with anything and alot of these traitors sit in local churches around the country, polluting them too, sitting in a church dont make one a christian anymore than standing in your garage makes you a car. 

  • LInda

    1- Oboma needs to STOP while he still can. He lied to all of us in the begining and what makes anyone think he's going to stop now? We need an Honest President, not one that wants to dictate to us, not one that doesn't want to honor our Constitution, etc. And yes, I for one would like to see his Birth Certificate. His Grandmother on Camera said how proud she is of her Grandson, he was born in the same hospital as his Grandfather, and his Grandfather was not born in the United States. Our Family is backing Mitt Romney All the way to the White House. Who does Oboma think he is talking to the Supreme Court Judge like that? He might be the president now, but, he isn't King or God. So Mitt Romney, You Go For it!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CVRZE7H2ENKKMCYYOMIUIVWRW4 rhody

    Bettina Viviano deserves a medal. 

  • djw663

    Obama and the Clinton's have the same goals.  This just brings out more chaos, more hatred, more racism, more emotion and liberals feed off emotion right or wrong they don't care.  The emotion overtakes them.  Obama is hoping that emotion takes him into a second term where he can do anything he want's because he cannot get elected for a third term aand with as often as he pllays the race card no one will touch him.

    • Green Eagle

      Clinton's goal was balancing the budget and getting through his Presidency without starting any wars of aggression.  If that's Obama's goal too I'm all for it.

      • djw663

        delusional if you think that is what the Clinton’s were about. The American
        people got screwed more the Monica did by good ole Bill. Try reading actual reports of things that Clinton did and the pressures Clinton
        put on the banking industry and the secrets that Bill sold to our enemies as
        well as one of the main reasons for the surplus was because of all the military
        base closures. In business the fastest way to cut expenses is to cut payroll,
        what did Bill do? Cut payroll. As far as Bill not wanting any war, no president
        wants to go to war but the safety of our Nation is one of the president’s top
        priorities and sometimes you've got to fight.

  • Light_V_Dark

    You self loathing auto racists have demolished blacks in Amerika and the UK

    Driven mad by racial abuse?Horrett Campbell, diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, set about a group of toddlers with a 2ft machete. He thought he heard their voices taunting him, calling him N*****.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ScreaminMime Screamin Mime

    No fan of OBumbler but I doubt even a congressCritter could get away with threatening the life of an ex-President or their family member... 

  • G Townsend2

    This is probably the most retarded article I have ever read. Where do you people come from?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Christopher-Laity/1730599721 Robert Christopher Laity

    They are silent on the matter for SOME reason. Obama is NOT the Bona Fides POTUS.

  • Light_V_Dark

    Leftists, because you are fire breathing A_&_Gay_THEISTS, ARE MALIGNANT NARCISSISTS. Always in a VOLCANIC RAGE. Read about your little Boy_King's MESSIANIC_PSYCHOPATHOLOGY¡¿

    1. "Common to malignant narcissism is narcissistic rage
    Narcissistic rage is a reaction to narcissistic injury (when the narcissist feels degraded by another person, typically in the form of criticism)."

    2. "When the narcissist's grandiose sense of self-worth is perceived as being attacked by another person, the narcissist's natural reaction is to rage and pull down the self-worth of others (to make the narcissist feel superior to others). It is an attempt by the narcissist to soothe their internal pain and hostility, while at the same time rebuilding their self worth."


    • Green Eagle

      "Read about your little Boy_King's MESSIANIC_PSYCHOPATHOLOGY 1. "Common to malignant narcissism is narcissistic rage"Oh, that describes Obama all right- rage.  He's always flying into a rage.

      • Light_V_Dark

        Green Eagle,

        This link is dedicated to the Obumessiah's NARCISSISTIC RAGE.
        If the Dirtbaggers begin to build gallows and guillotines, He will take CREDIT for better unemployment figures. The F****** CLOWNS, FEEL, that torches, rakes and pitchforks, are going to bring about their UTOPIA.

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless Device

  • Tk3taylor


  • Dlevonspencer

    So even though Obama supposedly threatened Pres. Bill Clinton and his daughter, Hillary Clinton still agreed to serve as Sec. of State? Despite the threats, Bill Clinton is going to actively campaign with and for Obama? I cannot believe anyone actually believes this. Stunning!

    • mj

       That easily goes the other way.   Wouldn't they do all those things if their daughter WERE under threat?  Look what O did to his political opponents back in Illinois.  Now there's even more at stake.

  • PMM

    America already is "a land run by an elite group...who will exploit all of the people for their own personal gain."  The people just don't know it yet.    The article also fails to point out that these elite groups are the ones backing Obama to make sure he is our so called "leader."  Obama is just a puppet.

  • joseph femiani

    our military needs to protect our congress from obama and unions.we have been under mob threats since jfks time and if j edgar was here he would have had it stopped.where is our law protectors?against our pres? clintons aren't innocent either they had people killed in whitewater.

  • Estateattorney

    Only one word here....Breitbart!

  • Cb0909

    These black-hats do not belong to the Obama Admin – it is
    the other way around.

    The black-hats belong to the so-called elites, the Rockefellers,
    etc. etc. It is also almost a certainty that the highest of the elites are
    actual devil-worshipers, and serve Hell directly.

    In regards to Obama, another example of their recent
    activity would be Justia-gate, and Wikipedia blocking publication of what is
    relevant from Justia-gate. If you wanted to sticky one single topic to the top
    of your site, Justia-Gate (and Wikipedia) should be it.

    The black-hats are also certainly those who killed JFK (classical
    intimidation – of an entire generation of politicos); they were the enablers
    behind 911; etc.^100

    They murder: think 007 with a pentagram tattoo.

    I thought everyone knew this? Sure there is a whole lot that
    is unknown, but hasn’t Alex Jones highlighted this sufficiently by now?


  • http://twitter.com/sfreynolds Samuel F. Reynolds

    You're a bona fide idiot. Not only did a junior Senator punk a former President, you're saying he punked everyone in Hawaii too and anyone else who might "know" he has forged birth records. You'd rather believe the near impossible than the likely story that he was born here.  And of course people who come forward with "the truth" always do it for noble reasons, with nothing whatsoever to gain.  If you're an example of a "free" America, then America has needed to change. Have that bowel movement and feel better, ok? 

    • Hornman2

      With all due respect; Obama is nothing but a puppet in the hands of the "New World Order" elitist in the World that control virtully all of the Worlds wealth. With that much wealth and power ANYTHING is possible. There are a very few that are principled enough to not have a price. They are eleminated from the picture by what ever means necessary to achive their goal. The real upshot of this whole thing is that ALL of the eletist are White and they are USING a half Black forengher to accomplish their goal. If there ever was a true 'Manchuran Candate" on steroids; you are witnessing every day of your life. I can't say why or how he was chosen for this mission; but he was. EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM AND HIS BACKGROUND IS A FRAUD. NOTHING in politics is a coincedence; EVERYTHING is well planed out far in advance. I would just like to address the one thing in question; his birth certificate. The ONLY accepted PROOF of birth that is LEGALY accepted in the U.S. is one that originates from the State Bearu of Vital Stasticits that is under the State Dept of Health. It used to be a negative photocopy because they did not have the technology to reproduce one in a positive format. With the advent of computer and other technology it is almost instantly possible. HOWEVER, the absolute hard fast requirement is that is bare an "embossed", ie raised, Notarized stamp to certify that this a TRUE copy of an ORIGINAL document. NOTHING that has been produced as "proof" has that certification. The one that was shown says that his father was born in Kenya; that in of itself makes him ineligible  to serve as President or Vice-President because it does not meet the requirement that both parents be U.S. Citizens at the time of his birth AND that he be born in the U.S., or one it's territories, or a Military Installation, or U.S. Embassy. All of these are considered U.S. soil. Be that it may; at the time Obama was born Kenya was not known as Kenya. It was part of the British Empire and was called The Kenya Territory until it was granted its' independence some time later. I don't know if you are familiar with British MI6; they are the equivalent of our CIA. Since The Kenya Territory was under British control when Obama was supposed to have been born; Therefore; MI6 would have relitivly easy access to the ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE that was filed when he was born in The Kenya Territory. It was offered to the CIA as soon as he announced hie intention to enter the race for President. The CIA's response was, and should have been, WE DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE DOMESTIC AFFAIRS OF THE UNITED STATES. They declined to accept the documentation from MI6. I have a friend that, until retirement, worked for the leading producer of spy satellites during the time when it was just getting started in the U.S. and England. He still has connections with those Agencies and he said that they will neither confirm, nor deny, the truth of that story. JUST SAYING, WHEN IT COMES TO POLITICS; THE GLOVES COME OFF.

      • Green Eagle

        " The ONLY accepted PROOF of birth that is LEGALY accepted in the U.S. is
        one that originates from the State Bearu of Vital Stasticits"

        God, Obama is screwed.   Hawaii doesn't have a State Bearu of Vital Stastcits.


  • SittingMoose Shaman

    ...these post WW2, U.S. NAtional SoZIalists "murdered" Rep Giffords...for being a brave mover in her group of heroic Democratic Congressional representatives who denied 'gruppenmater' Pelosi her return to being House Speaker...thus delaying...hopefully denying, forever, the U.S. NAtional soZIalists' trifecta-of-power between the two Houses of Congress and the W.H. ...Rep Giffords miraculously survived...and very quietly...resigned.
    This is a threat to the USA by REAL "NAZI's"...LAWYERS!! ...NOT "Hitlers" at least not directly...
    National Socialists are lawyers, doctors of varied sciences, professors, journalists, editors, politicians, academics, teachers,  union bosses and other studied LAW-MAKERS: Authoritarians! ...who USE the "Mil-Pol"(military & police) to ENFORCE their POLITICAL AGENDA...They are "white-collar" elitists!
    Not entirely the police/military/union rank & file perse...
    Though there may very well be a (physical) fight coming to Constitutionally and JUSTIFIABLY...stop by force, these Constitution(Bill of Rights) attacking, foreign-dogma instituting, political intruders...
    Words are indeed 'weapons'. However, words can only go just so far...then "We the People" ARE LAWFULLY TO ACT in accordance that the Constitutions' institution SURVIVES AS INTENDED:
    "The Supreme Law of the Land"!!! These socialists' FORIEGN dogma IS a direct and LETHAL ATTACK upon OUR Constitution...through "LEGALISM"-- The very HEART of NAtional soZIalism: " 'law' enFORCEMENT!: Unvetted, Bureau "regulations" 
    ie. the DEA...gets to keep the $$$$ seized in busts...thus CIRCUMVENTING CONGRESS' financing stipulations, oversight and limits...sure they take-out many black-market Rx-creeps...however, it's appearing to becoming a corrupt, authoritarian politicised 'protection' racket...involving HUGE sums of raw-cash...and drug-'gold'!
    The Constitution + Bill of Rights  are also a SCOTUS', COURT ORDER--in which the Articles and Amendments ARE meant to be followed!!
    "We the People" are this Documents' PROTECTORS!!
    HISTORY...has not ceased in her making...nor her hard lessons...forgotten.
    Those sacrifices of our fathers some ~70years ago...
    ...these bums want that same politico-climate  those Eurasian Socialists' attempted to claim prior to WW2...
    ...the 'ball' is now comin' into 'our' end of the court...

    • Green Eagle

      Moose Shaman,  you ought to try reading a book or two about the Nazis.  It's obvious that you don't know one damned thing about them.  I suggest you start with Richard J. Evans' recent trilogy on the Nazis, or Ian Kershaw's biography of Hitler.  Until then, I'd keep my mouth shut if I were you, because you are making yourself out to be a gigantic idiot.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ICTV7FYYNWHE3ADYUCWKMFCII4 Brian

    Bill Gwatney was killed. Donald Young and Larry Bland were killed. If you ask me Judge Roll and Giffords were both killed. Her biographer mysteriously dies in a car wreck.  Andrew Breitbart was killed. Leiutenant Harris who saw the passport was killed. 23 Navy Seals in a once in a lifetime situation are all dead. Are all these that opposed Obama just mere coincidences? There have been threats on Joe Arpaio and Jerome Corsi. Packages that look like bombs going to Rush Limbaugh's house. And we're kooks and conspiracy theorists if we think Bill Clinton may have been threatened with the killing of his daughter?

    • Nikray

      why yes Brian. Everything you just posted is a grand mountain of  fresh crap. What does any of this have to do with Barack Obama?  The country's lost the war on terror, economy's gone to hell, our main export is our own jobs, the best conservatives have to offer the is Mitt Romnewy and you're wallowing around in these bizarre fantasies?  You people need to stay on your thorazine.

      • Hornman2

         I can fully understand why you would reach that conclusion; he is so far from the "best" we've got it's NOT funny; it's PATHETIC. However, just in case you didn't notice all of the "much better", not best; were eliminated very early on by virture of the fact that PAID people came forward with bald face lies to UTERLY DISTROY their reputations. I believe that the "best" candidate early on that could have "wiped the floor clean" with this dispicable POS; was Mr. Herman Cain. Although hated by the vast majority of Blacks for no other reason than he is a self-made, conservitive thinking, intelligent entrepreneur, that did not need or want any, so called help, from the, so called Black Leadership. When this happens in this Country you become a "plague" on the agenda of the Liberal Black Establishment. When someone bucks the "system" of life long dependence on the Government to even continue to exist; as far as the "Establishment" is concerned you're (persona-non-grata) as an elected politition on a National level. This has been the Democrat/liberal templent of the "politics of personnel distruction" for many years. I have been following elections in this Country since Eisenhower was President; and I have never known of any Conservative Republican and only a very few RINO Republicans that would stoop to that level to win an election by fraud.

    • Green Eagle

      Back on your Prozac, Brian.  Really, you'll feel a lot better.

  • Mightykelso

    Is there anyone in this organization who is sane?

  • Aavom13

    Let me begin with saying that I am Republican..however I do not think that name calling and personal attacks will solve the White House problem. Some of the coments I've read in this page have absolutely nothing to do with the issues they are just insults ..Obama should leave the White House because of his ineptitude to govern period...that by it self should be enough

  • News Across

    .......out of the dark ages!

  • News Across

    I bet the author of that middle-schoolish tripe is a rocket scientist or a double-knot spy...most conservatives are.

    • Your name here

      Not sure what it is you're so proud of.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6QSXXAEKLRHDJWDATJTZD64QD4 Troy

    I believe this woman,because Hillary could had been elected,but she dropped out, she was leading Obama, so why did Hillary throw up her hands in defeat?Then remenber Bill was suppose to help Obama with some campaign speeches, but he was very slow to come foward.(not like Bill). When he did he didn't act like he was pleased, but he did just enough to get by.Hillary was offered a job, to which she really had no experience,and her campaign debt was paid off. Anyone who has kept up with the news knows this.Even today Bill does not like Obama, his speeches are very carefully said, and sometimes he even critizes Obama and goes aganist him.Just look at Hillary now she is a wreck,lines all over her face, the stress has gotten to her,so is the pressure still on?Yes I do believe Obama and the democrats played strong arm in getting Obama elected.This bunch will stop at nothing,But I think the bulk of Americans know this, that is why we have had record gun sales in the USA, we are preparing for the worst, a attempt of a take over of the USA by Obama.

  • Linda Whitec

    Never any investigations into Obama's life and past.  Well, really, we do know a lot about it.  Our Congress from Republican to Democrat have no guts and we should throw the bums out.  They are as guilty of what happens to America as the Democratic Machine that is oiled by some bad guys.  Where do we go from here?  It is so black and white what Obama is doing and has done.  Why don't they impeach Eric Holder already,  always waiting for documents.  It is disgusting.

  • Guest

    You people are just off the wall. Just sad what many will believe, fabricated and all. Some of you are so very gullible, may God have mercy on you misguided fools.

  • Bob L

    your marbles are slipping !

  • Uryjeffreys

    If Barak Obama is not the Anti-Christ, he must be one of his elves!!!

  • Keith3196

    The military has been co-opted.. what do you think the result of prosecuting our soldiers, allowing Gays in the military and exodus of our top officer corps will bring in a national emergency? Gunning down the citizens folks. As Christians and those just disgusted of engaging an enemy with one hand tied behind their back have left our military.. its become more secularist (ends justify the means) and less inclined to question their "dictator in chief".

    Another four years and our military won't even resemble the professional fighting force that was rebuilt by Reagan. Frankly my family came to the colonies back in the early 1700's to run away from religious persecution and for a better life... we certainly can do it again to somewhere else.. and I bet that is exactly what BO and his ilk are pushing for... make it so hostile to live here to make people want to leave... golf clap BO

    • mrmynor

      Not for nothing, but in the military, soldiers are not permitted to question the orders given to them by their superiors.  That is the entire reason for the chain of command.  This being the case, explain to me why exactly it is a bad thing for our military to be less inclined to question orders.

      Also, one might point out the inherent contradiction between the sentiments expressed in paragraph one and those in paragraph two of your comment.  On the one hand, you are decrying the secular nature of our military, implying that the policies of this administration to allow men and women among their ranks regardless of sexual orientation, are at odds with Christian ideology and have weakened and corrupted our military.  On the other, you point out correctly that this country was founded by people who were fleeing religious persecution - i.e., being discriminated against because of one's religious beliefs.   You are at once discriminating against people who don't share your religious belief that homosexuality is morally reprehensible, or who aren't Christian, by stating that they are inferior soldiers and our military is weaker because of them, then turning around and claiming that you yourself are being discriminated against because of your religion.  That is called hypocrisy, friend.  Secularism is only an evil to the extent that you think christians are better or more virtuous than non-christians.

      Frankly, your family can feel free to go somewhere else.  This country has plenty of dimwits incapable of rational thought as is.  If your world view is that you are being persecuted based on your religion because the tenets of your religion are not permitted to govern public or military policy decisions, then you are either delusional, irrational, or both.  The only difference between what you want and what the Taliban want is the religion upon which you would base your theocracy.  We'll be better off without you.

  • Raycodemolition


  • guest233

    If Obama is relected he will go after conservative christian and jewish america with all the strenght he can muster. He is holding back now so as to be relected. Would that mean a death camp? Obama  is on record as saying 'reward your friend's, punish your ememies'. He already is punishing tea party member's by setting the IRS on them and auditing them. And remember his mentor Bill Ayer's stated he didn't do enough when he was leader of the weatherman. The weathermen's agenda had they prevailed was to send those who could be reeducated to camp's and kill the rest who refused . Now this man is a regular visitor to the WH.I keep telling myself i am over reacting and being ridiculous yet look at what obama has already done.

    • Your name here

      I don't think you're over reacting or being ridiculous.  I think when there's so much controversy, we'll do much better to err to the side of caution.  The funny thing is that every accusation that's been made here or on other posts by these radical liberals, they're guilty of when it comes to bashing their opposition.  Just as blind and narrow minded as they accuse others of being.  In many cases even more so.

  • Brian Barnhart

    Haha. This is probably the most humorous article I've read in a month by virtue of its complete hysteria and insanity. Priceless. I'm feeling pretty good about November.

  • Bob194762

    none of this surprises me

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1067547320 Marie Mishkofski

    Absolutely lying cave of cretins.Fox had no credibility before this stupid rant. She know exactly what she was doing . and it  was a pathetic attempt to mouth off another lie. What do they get out of it, except to denigrate the President of theunited States?

  • Bob194762


    • Brian Barnhart

      I can't wait until you take a grammar and punctuation class.

    • Green Eagle

      Bob, do you know where the caps lock key is on your keyboard?  It's right above the left shift key.  Give it a try.

  • Democratsmakemesick

    Chelsea Clinton looks as if she has really bad breath

  • Robert

    The actual original " birthers" were the left wing whackos and liberal main stream media during the 2008 election cycle when John McCain's natural born Citizenship was in question because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone at a Navy Submarine base. Yep, they were balls to the walls so to speak, to have McCain disqualified to run as presidental candidate even though both his parents were born in the U.S. and he was born on a military reservation. (same as being born on U.S. soil).
    Then when that was all said and done, no one even whispered about asking Barack Obama for his quaifications, background or origin of birth (birth certificate). Thus now, present day they've shifted the "birthers" label to all us Two bit, Redneck, Peckerwood conspiracy theorist because we want to know " Where's the birth certificate " Barry?  Once again what the left wing whackos and main stream (Pravada) news media is exempt from the "birther " label when they did the very same thing to John McCain that we are now asking of Obama...
    As I close this comment I have a question? If when, I was in the military and was being checked out from head to toe and everyone that ever knew me or even seen me for that matter, for a top secret clearance by the NSA, FBI as well as the CIA. How is that someone, anyone that is running for the highest position in the world (President of the United States and Commander in Chief), access to the Nuclear " football " most of our nations secrets, and commander in chief of the worlds most powerful military, can be elected by just being " vetted " by the news media and not be checked out as we in the military are for a high level security clearance? Anyone out there have an answer?

  • Jim

    Speaking of vets, and as a proud vet, let me revisit our oath.  We swore to defend the "Constitution" against all enemies, foriegn and domestic.  If Obama isn't a domestic enemy of the Constitution I can't imagine what is!  That oath has no termination point - it didn't end when we left the service.  Every vet, every current member of the armed forces and many other cops, firemen, etc. who took that or a similar oath have an absolute duty to our country to do "Something" toward ending this threat.  Who will have the courage before it's too late?

    • mrmynor

       Clearly you can't imagine what a domestic threat to the Constitution is.  Also, it bears pointing out that in the exact same oath you also swore to obey the orders of the President of the United States.  So it would appear that you are in a pickle, because one way or another under your world view, you're going to have to violate that oath.

    • Robert

      Well Jim, you are right the " oath " that we took does not expire even though we may no longer be in the military service. As far as " who will have the courage before it's too late?" Let me put it to you this way.
      Lets see what happens in November... then if Obama remains, then that is for sure a " game changer" if you get my drift. Right now lets focus on getting the word out to vote in November to get this "dictator" out of office.

  • democratsarefools

    Does this make Hillary a whore ?

    • cleverlyc

       No, it makes you an idiot if you believe one word of it.

      • democratsarefools

        An idiot if I believe Obama is ruthless ?  Open your eyes.

  • http://twitter.com/Coyotedkm Coyote

    They're boiling the frog, and we're the frog.  If any of you are not familiar with that saying, I'd suggest you look it up.  We know the water is getting hotter, but since it isn't going from cold to boiling in an instant, we just complain and don't jump out of the pot.

    • Green Eagle

      Boiling the frog?  Please, could they boil the Newt instead, and relieve all of us of a blight?

  • Libarbarian


    Thanks for the laugh!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gmallast Gary Mallast

    And Mitt Hussein Romneycare is an improvement?  They are both Harvard J.D. socialist elitists with little in way of substantive morals. and strong attachment to the "New World Order."

    Ron Paul may have been our last chance.  I am very depressed.

    I have been active in the Republican Party since 1969, I have kept no secret of my libertarian and pro-life views.  I attended FEE and ISI seminars when I was in college.  I attend church regularly.  I wonder when the NSA, FBI, or CIA will come to "indefinitely detain" me or shoot me through the head.

  • flarrfan

    "If he does get re-elected, I’m positive it will mean the end of free elections and free America."I've
    heard this "destroy the country" meme from a lot of people. I think a
    nation that has survived the burning of its capital, a 30-year crisis
    over slavery that led to a Civil War, repeated financial panics
    generated by unregulated capitalism, a
    progressive Republican who imposed some regulation, a racist
    intellectual who led the country into a European war, a patrician
    president who threatened to pack the SCOTUS before getting his way with
    the New Deal, a second World War, the assassination of a third
    president, race riots, 40K deaths in an obscure SE Asian civil war, the
    40 years of Cold War and "duck and cover" training in schools, attacks
    by both domestic and foreign terrorists, and the second major economic
    dislocation in 80 years can indeed survive the re-election of a
    Democratic president who's been mostly stymied in his first term by a
    Congress of blue dog Dems and Repubs and is likely to fare no better in
    implementing his supposed agenda for destruction in a second term. The
    nation would also survive a Romney presidency, though the lack of any
    truly new ideas to differentiate Romney from prior Repub neo-con foreign
    and domestic policy failures is concerning. Just my two cents as a
    center-left moderate increasingly dismayed by the acrimony at both
    extremes of the current political spectrum. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Renee-Johnson/1468020942 Renee Johnson

    She is doing this because she loves her country, her dad fought in the war..yet, SHE NEVER VOTED IN HER LIFE...then whatever happens she should have nothing to say..with that said...how in the hell does a bi-racial man have more power the the Clintons...really...

    • mrmynor

       You're a disgusting human being.  He has more power than the Clintons because unlike you, many in our country realize that one's ethnicity has nothing to do with one's intelligence or capacity to lead.

      • Butterflyknwlge30

        He has more power because he is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fred-Fagan/100000753135874 Fred Fagan

    Obama was born in Mombasa,  Kenya, and that is where his live birth certificate is. His mother wanted him to be an American citizen, so they traveled to Hawaii and got a hospital birth certificate. There should be two birth certificates. There were four days difference between the dates on the two birth certificates.

    • cleverlyc

       I just signed for your shipment of tinfoil, MAN you buy a lot of this stuff, what do you do with it all?!

  • Tieg

    While I believe he wasn't eligible to hold the office,the scare tactic angle sounds like total fabrication. You cant scare a Clinton. The Clinton's are in a different league of power/strength. The fall of Madam Secretary's run in the last primary was purely due to the fact that the Democratic party joined the Rep's in a stepped up character attack enlisting a majority of media giving all the air time to this movement. Bottom line,they were scared of another Clinton in office. The current CIC is and was viewed as a,"Gumby",lame duck leader. The proof is in the status. Why her own party aligned against her so far into the primary I can only speculate. Again,who has the biggest balls,most experience to correct a total socialist movement toward new world order? As Secretary of State the proof is in the accomplishments. 

  • Tieg

    obama couldn't scare up dust into a wind. 

  • Jeff Schultz

    Wow you all are a bunch of wing -nuts to believe  this BALDERDASH  !!  This is so stupid it's not even worth commenting about it . Dumbasses

  • fred12345

    Apparently Nancy Reagan was known as quite the blowjob queen in hollywood back in the day...before color.  Just sayin ole Ronny knew how to pick em.

  • T Lady

    All I can say is WOW. Ms. Viviano is sitting on a powder keg. This is what happens when you tangle with Chicago-style thuggery. Does anyone now wonder why the DNC won't allow another candidate to run against Obama?!

    • cleverlyc

       "Does anyone now wonder why the DNC won't allow another candidate to run against Obama?!"
      No, he's competent, he's capable, and he's experienced. Let us know when the conservatives find a candidate who is even one of these things.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XRJNR7UBKR4CURNFYQLHYMHY2M The Blue Collar Man

        Blinded by the "Hope and Change", and totally out of touch.

  • http://AverageBro.com AverageBro

    Wow, you folks really believe everything you see on the internet, huh?


    • Doc

      Unfortunately, some people won't even consider anything that may make them have to think, instead of feel.

      It is possible that this claim is not true. It is also possible that it is true. Instead of simply dismissing the thoughts of others, why not offer something constructive to the conversation. Is that too difficult...require too much thought?

    • MarMac2768

      AverageBro, you got it right! I have been trying to get people to THINK here rather than just "polly parrot" the rumors and the "I read this somewhere" tripe. I think that Obama is dangerous for our nation, but a hit man? I don't think he has the balls to do that, but vote fixing? Maybe. But there still has to be EVIDENCE to do it, not just talk.

      Besides, to try to make anyone believe that Bill Clinton couldn't match him "hit man" for "hit man" and for being afraid for Chelsea's life is ludicrous! All Bill and Hillary care about is POWER and they would sacrifice ANYONE for power, even their own daughter.

  • williamlsasman

    This is very shocking and knowing how the obama people worked during the 2008  run I can believe it. I am sure that obama  has very good backing from Iran as there was alot of overseas money in his pocket for his run. Money that we don't know where it came from.  I believe that a  muslin group telling you to keep your mouth shut would make you think twice.  our country is in grave danger with obama in the WH. He has so much control he can warn who ever he wants..

  • Pseudo_nym24

    But I thought the Clintons were serial murderers!?  Why wasn't there a murder off?  Couldn't Hillary have threatened to hit Obama's daughters with a train?

  • DockyWocky

    Hey! Bubba!

    Put Chelsea in a nunnery. Obama would never think to look for her there.

  • Red45662

    Obama could walk up to one of his followers and say right to their face, I am evil and I am going to make your life hell and they still would not believe it. He hates everything we stand for, our freedom, our life, our constitution. If he gets four more years we are toast.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/June-Gagnon/1673686634 June Gagnon

    And are we "still" foolish enough to believe Andrew Breitbart died of "natural causes"??

    • Light_V_Dark

      Ever heard of Vince Foster, June? Remember the plane crash with a whistleblower who had a bullet hole in the back of of his head? Demonocrats are vipers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-White/1693555099 James White

    Superb, even prophetic, article, and many excellent comments. This makes one long for a traditional war, fought on battlefields, where the living are "right" and the dead, due to the fact that they will never again publish, are "wrong." The current situation is complex, dangerous, volatile, and exactly previewed by reviewing Hitler's rise. Brave men must rise, and take unprecedented steps, or America is lost. (I was banned from Disqus for 6 months for saying more than this.) You patriots know what I'm saying.Time is oh so short. 

  • ragnar danneskjöld

     seriously, all you conservatively rabid hospice-worthy simulacrums of human beings... keep it up. all you myopic, cutesy phrase-turning fear-driven hate-mongers.... PLEASE keep it up. you make it SO EASY.

    you're like dead fish in a barrel of acid. keep up the simpleton vitriol you regurgitate almost effortlessly and your opposition needn't do a thing except let you be :) because leaving you all to your own devices is the path of least resistance for moderate/liberal victory.

    plus you're all so HILARIOUSLY childish. and i shouldn't laugh at it because it's not even a matter of willful ignorance. you simply can't help being anything else.

    kudos. good for you.

    • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

      The woman in the video is not a conservative - she was a Hillary Clinton backer. 

    • Green Eagle

      Unfortunately, unlike dead fish in a barrel, conservatives can vote.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XRJNR7UBKR4CURNFYQLHYMHY2M The Blue Collar Man

      Name calling makes you superior to me. You're so good at it, I'd rate you as a "SUPER' radical liberal.

  • chrismercy2003

    Any wonder this morally bankrupt imbecile called Barack Hussein Obama was so over-confident of his reelection in office when requesting for "space" from Putin in order to sell-out to Russia (being  flexible after election), on missile defense talk?

    Obama the scoundrel and seedy Chicago politician is so confident of his thuggery and henchmen that he believes that they can commit murder with impunity and get away with it? Never?

    For the immutable LIVING Word of GOD has it that, "whoever carries the sword will perish by the sword." (Matt 26:52)  

    • Green Eagle

      ""whoever carries the sword will perish by the sword." (Matt 26:52) "

      Boy, a hot time is waiting down there for Bush and Cheney.  And that doesn't even begin to cover what happens to whoever carries the shotgun.

  • RadarRecon

    Conspiracy theory?  What conspiracy theory? There can't be a conspiracy because the mainstream media won't tell us about it.  Doesn't that confirm that there is? They won't tell about Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse's findings. Secretary Clinton is conspiring with the U.N. to force a treaty through that will take away our guns.  The healthcare mandate will shut down insurance companies so that we'll have to rely on the government to nanny us.  Open borders are allowing untold numbers of terrorists across with who-knows-what kinds of weapons. How is all this happening and no one is on charge?  WHO IS in charge?  Just because there's a conspiracy "theory" doesn't mean there's no conspiracy.

    • mrmynor

      Kinda like how just because you are told something that is asserted to be a fact does not make it so, or how the fact that you are ill informed and lack the requisite knowledge of the industry to give your claims even a scintilla of credibility doesn't stop you from spouting your crackpot theories for all to hear.

      Your tenuous grasp of reality and apparent dearth of any capacity for logical thought are no more  surprising than the wholly untenable conclusions you have drawn.  The fact that the "mainstream media" won't publicize your  conspiracy theory in no way imbues it with credence.  If anything, it should suggest the opposite.  Your claimed basis for these assertions, likewise, is suspect at best, and delusional at worst.

      Secretary Clinton can't force a treaty through.  President Obama may sign any such treaty, but before it can take effect it must be ratified by a 2/3 majority of the Senate.  It is in the Constitution.  Article 2.  Check it out for yourself.  Unless the legislative process is by its very nature a conspiracy in your mind, there is nothing sinister afoot here.

      Your claim that the health care mandate will shut down insurance companies is one of the more dumbfounding assertions i have heard in recent memory.  How exactly will forcing tens of millions of new customers into the insurance market result in the industry folding?  It simply doesn't make any sense.  At base, the insurance industry is founded on the notion of pooled risk based on the principal that the larger the pool, the smaller a given risk becomes.  The mandate forces new customers into the pool, thereby expanding the pool and increasing sales.  The suggestion that  increased revenues and decreased risks will cause the industry to fold is simply asinine.  History, logic, and economic theory all suggest the exact opposite will occur. To make a claim such as yours, one would have to have absolutely no idea how the industry works, and zero understanding of  economics.

      Finally, our borders are no more open today than they were under the previous administration.  You have no support for your assertion that terrorists are flooding over the border, just like you have no support for the assertion that they are bringing weapons with them.  If that were the case, one would expect to have seen a terrorist attack at some point in the last 3 years, or at least a foiled plot.  You are either parrotting something you heard on the radio, or making it up.  Either way it is foolishness, even if you haven't got the good sense to realize it.

      • Butterflyknwlge30

        VERY WELL SAID!! Unfortunately, you used a lot of "big" words and logic skills, of which these people do not understand. THANKS for bringing intelligence into the "conversation".

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XRJNR7UBKR4CURNFYQLHYMHY2M The Blue Collar Man

          No, thank him for obsucing any other thoughts/ideas, besides demonrat talking points.

        • mrmynor

           I'm not arguing with thoughts or ideas, I am arguing with assertions of fact.  Had he said "...the healthcare mandate might shut down..." or "Hillary could feasibly be conspiring..."  then it would be one thing.  The post i responded to made very clear that these were truths, not mere possibilities.

      • Your name here

        You're the frog in the pan of water.  The heat's increasing.

        • mrmynor

          You've got it turned around, buddy.  I'm not the frog, I'm the fire.

    • Green Eagle

      Just because you have a brain, doesn't mean you have any inclination to use it.

  • cleverlyc

    Absolutely laughable. What isn't laughable is the number of gullible maroons on here just gobbling this foolishness up! First liberals are pilloried for being 'afraid of guns,' pacifists or too wimpy, now they are bullies? Intimidating and pushing around others?
    How do you people make this crap up, or BELIEVE it? Do you all do vast amounts of LSD?!

    • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

      You are totally naive if you think this stuff doesn't happen in politics. And why would this woman risk her career to say these things?

      • mrmynor

        It isn't much of a risk when there are hundreds of thousands of idiots just like you who will happily lap up whatever tripe she spews, even without a scrap of evidence to substantiate her claims.

        • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

          You guys don't know much about Hollywood. She'll be blacklisted for this and never work in that town again. 

        • mrmynor

          Oh, right, my bad. For a second there I thought that Glenn Beck and rush limbaugh had made millions off all the poor alarmist saps on the right by making inflamatory accusations that have no real basis in fact but can't be disproven. You're right, pandering to the GOP's lunatic fringe is career suicide...

        • http://twitter.com/beyondpartisan beyond partisan

          She's not a freakin' MEDIA personality like Glenn Beck or Rush. She is a PRODUCER in Hollywood. She's not planning on launching her own radio show! Get a clue!

        • mrmynor

          Neither Glenn Beck nor Rush produce their own programs.  Rather, they employ like minded individuals to serve as producers on their shows, but that is beside the point.   The fact that she works behind the scenes rather than in front of the mic or camera doesn't change the fact that she can make a good living in her profession by pandering to the fanatic fringe of the far right because those poor fools will pay hand over fist for some affirmation that their fear of all things different than themselves is justified.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XRJNR7UBKR4CURNFYQLHYMHY2M The Blue Collar Man

          And enough of you mindless obots to screw things up.

      • Butterflyknwlge30

        Because she doesn't have a career & needs the publicity

  • Rver Mitch

    I have serious doubts about these threats keeping ALL congressmen quiet.  Do you really think Obama's campaign "gorillas" would attempt to kill all of them and their families?  There must be something else preventing them from initiating impeachment procedings.  I, for one, would really like to know why they haven't.

  • Guarionex Sandoval

    Think of how little is known. Think of how little Barry has bothered to reveal. Think of how much has been obfuscated. Think of how little anyone has bothered to dig. 

    • Jpcec04

      Very good point but you left out one thing. Is it not the alphabet "News" stations that completely dropped the ball on this and many other issues that have confronted the President? Keep that in mind the next time you watch the 6:00PM new broadcasts then ask yourself a question. Just what are they omitting to tell me today? This implication regarding the Clintons has been bubbling for quite some time. It is certainly not anything new to me. If I knew about this, how is it possible for reporters not to?

  • Zimmerman

    so this is another one of those psycho wingnut sites, eh?  John Mccain was born in Panama, wingnuts.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Smith/100002359397419 Paul Smith

      John McCain was not an eligible candidate no matter what the idiot Congress said.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XRJNR7UBKR4CURNFYQLHYMHY2M The Blue Collar Man

        Mccain was born on USA controlled land, a miliary base. That makes him a USA citizen.



    • mrmynor

       Read the Wong Kim Ark case from the Supreme Court, please.  If you can even understand it, you'll realize just how wrong you are.  Natural born citizen means simply that you are born in America. The citizenship of one's parents has absolutely no bearing on it, nor has it for the 125 years since Wong Kim Ark was handed down.  You may have read the constitution, but you sure don't understand it.

      • pilars

         ...then where was HE born? That is the whole point, not where his father was born...hence the "real" birth certificate.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Smith/100002359397419 Paul Smith

        Typical idiocy.  I'd bother but there's no fixing stupid.

        • mrmynor

           By all means, point me to a legally binding precedent that construes Article 2's language that to hold the office of  President one must  be a "natural born citizen" as requiring that both of the individual's  parents must be American citizens.  I won't hold my breath, because I can tell you already, NO SUCH PRECEDENT EXISTS.  It's not idiocy, it's the law, numbnuts.  



  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3PAI54BCO5EMTBF5JZBVM3X5PQ Wayne

    Watch the video and you will see the "REAL TRUTH"

  • Vic Law1

    Has this been snoped and how can I verify if this articlie has been snoped and is accurate?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XRJNR7UBKR4CURNFYQLHYMHY2M The Blue Collar Man

      Snopes is owned by a Liberal man and wife. Political articles at Snopes are most suspect, because they are libs.

  • Vic Law1

    Can anyone tell me how to snope this. Victor victor

  • BudVaughn

    I hope a Republican gets elected. Then everything will be perfect just like it was when Bush Jr. was in office. Man, those were the salad days... the way he handled the Katrina disaster, and how he figured out a way for us to invade a country that had nothing to do with 9-11... W was brilliant. Bring him back!

    • fertilizer222

      You're lack of gray matter is showing.

    • pilars

       The subject is about  obama and his lies...

  • Hardcore

    50 Cal.

  • Hardcore

    50 Cal.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1427916412 Trish Tomlin

    This makes the MOST sense of any reason why Hillary gave up her life-long dream of being president.  I NEVER EVER believed she would not call for a delegate count at the convention.  Now I know why she didn't.   I just KNEW they (the Obama campaign) had to have some thing really bad on the Clintons to get Hillary to do what she did.  I mean come on, Secretary of State is NOT what she wanted and anyone with a brain KNEW it.  I wouldn't doubt that they FORCED her to take that job so they could keep their thumb on the Clintons.   This is an amazing story.

  • C.C.

    Obama has conjured far too many disasters, starting with health care reform and including trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see crony capitalism scandals like Solyndra, and the Middle East descending into chaos. Romney's claim to competency in financial matter is not a frivolous one. If he is elected along with a conservative House and Senate, he will do well. He can hardly do worse and Mitt is the only one who can match Obama $$$$. Mitt Romney is warning all of us about what Obama is trying to do toward the Catholic Church and to force us into SOCIALISM.
    Check this out: http:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVN2MMuiedI&feature=sdig
    Viewing the records of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich is like discovering a checklist for how many ways the Constitution has been violated in recent decades. A campaign shouldn't be about how hard one has to try to be conservative or to be "reinvented." Your beliefs should be obvious from a lifetime of standing up for them. Don from Pennsylvania says: We disqualified Santorum from public office in Pennsylvania by an 18% margin! If he and Gingrich don’t stand down and support Mitt Romney before the Convention – then Obama will be in for another term in office – GUARANTEED!! I hope their egos aren’t stronger than their patriotism. WE SHALL SEE!

  • Light_V_Dark

    Everything that is EVIL, IS GOOD, to the Left.

    The Religion of Islam is EVIL, SO WAS ITS PEDOPHILE "PROFIT".

    Homosexuality is EVIL. Ghehs on AVERAGE, BOYS AND GIRLS don't make it out of your mid 40s.


    Everything a Leftist espouses to is EVIL.


    I have NEVER met a Leftist-Pacifist-TERRORIST, who even has a heart. What's in your chicken breasts, are MALIGNANT TUMORS & SACS OF PUS . Have a nice day. €=·Q Gotta SMOKE? KILL ₩ BUSH, CUCKOO, CUCKOO, CUCKOO¡¿!?

  • Katie

    People. Seriously. Obama is an American citizen. He has opposed tightening gun control laws. He's actually pretty moderate for a Democrat. Has he legalized gay marriage or pushed through amnesty for illegal immigrants? Naw, man. You people are cuckoo for cocoa puffs if you actually believe the conspiracy-theory tripe on this website. 

    • Nana_karen

      Seriously, what rock are you living under???? You know nothing of this man, his upbringing, the people he has hung out with or his ideology. He is absolutely anti-American and is doing his utmost to bring America to her knees along with George Soros and his ilk!  Read Dinesh D'Sousa's book, "Roots of Obama's Rage", it is very enlightening!

    • Light_V_Dark

      How big are your carbon feet? Abortion is the VERY BEST THING A WUMIN CAN DO FOR HER HEALTH. In FACT, I suggest you go get preggers, JUST, SO YOU CAN MAKE THAT HOLY CHOICE.

      Recycling is SECOND, in importance, and, CHEERING FOR YOUR MORTAL ENEMIES TO KILL US, IS THIRD. CUCKOO, CUCKOO, CUCKOO. gotta smoke, Sistuh? €:-Q

    • DolCane

      Wow! How old are you Katie? 12? "he's pretty moderate for a democrat"? I suppose Castro was a "moderate" too right?

      What news are you reading when you say he has opposed gun control laws? His lawyer in chief, Eric holder is his right hand man and he has ignored the Constitution on more than one occassion. here is a direct quote from your "pro-gun president"; "I just want you to know that we are working on [gun control]. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar,” President Obama told Sarah Brady, the former president of the Brady Campaign, this past spring. 

      Obama has used his executive powers to grant back door amnesty to illegals.

      Try getting an education before you go commenting on adult subject matter.

      And stop eating those Cocoa Puffs and drinking that kool-aid disseminated by the left-wing nut jobs you're listening to.

      • lefty891

         Okay, so your idea of maturity is to accuse Katie of being a 12 year old? Sounds like you've got a little growing up to do, yourself.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ray-Say/100002768181929 Ray Say

          She may not be 12, but she might as well be, with such in-the-Box naivety. Her kind of silliness is the reason why we are sinking ship of non-thinking sheep.

          Your attack on DolCane, shows a real lack of maturity on your part.

      • mrmynor

         Actually, she is right, he is a moderate.  Anyone who actually knows politics and isn't trying to demonize him will tell you the same.  The far left are actually quite disappointed with him for compromising as much as he has on key bills.  Obamacare would be one such bill - the individual mandate (a republican idea, originally) keeps the health insurance market private, rather than moving toward a single payor system of universal healthcare.   He hasn't closed gitmo.  He has extended the Bush tax cuts.   The list goes on and on.  His proposals genuinely incorporate ideas from both sides of the aisle.  If you think he is a communist or a socialist or a marxist, then you either don't understand what those ideologies entail, or you haven't been paying attention to what Obama has done.

        • DolCane

          Actually; it is you who can't see through the smoke screen he (Obama) has created. He's got you and other Americans right where he wants them; thinking he is a "moderate" is akin to thinking Hitler was just "misunderstood".

          They want you to think he is a moderate so that he can get re-elected; and then he will do the real damage. If you're inclined, there is plenty of information about Obama's policies, leanings, inclinations, and goals for America. Try using Google and stop drinking the kool-aid.

          FYI: I know quite well what the ideologies of Communism, Socialism, and Marxism entail. Also, try looking at what he himself wrote in his book "The Audacity of Hope". And I might add; look at whom he considers his "mentors"; Saul Alinsky (a self-professed Communist) being at the top of the list; not to mention whom he once had as a Czar, Van Jones, another self-professed Communist. Why would somebody surround themselves with people with whom he has nothing in common?

          Try thinking before you spout out about what you know so little about.

        • mrmynor

           I am not "thinking" that he is a moderate.  I am judging him on his body of work to this point.  That body of work does not indicate a radical leftist agenda, it indicates that he is a left leaning moderate. 

          If we are speculating about where he is headed, I believe he will remain a left leaning moderate in his second term.  I do not think that the Democrats will win enough seats in the senate to prevent republican filibusters of bills catering to the far left, and chances are equally slim that the Dems will regain the majority in the House.  A President without majorities in both chambers can only push so much through.  Your alarmist mentality has skewed your view of the world so drastically that you can't even see the obvious flaws in your logic. 

          Also, I can assure you that I have followed President Obama far more closely than you ever dreamed of.   His politics are those of a moderate liberal.  Period.  Any assertion to the contrary is nothing more than rhetorical hyperbole.

        • DolCane

          Well; let me begin by addressing your assertion that "you have followed Obama far more closely than I ever dreamed of".... since you know nothing about me, and what I do, you are allowed to be dead wrong on that point. I am a political junkie, and writer who has done extensive research on the subject of Obama, and his Marxist leanings. So for you to say it is nothing more than rhetorical hyperbole exposes you as a naive political neophyte at best. At worst, you would be classified as a closet Socialist/Marxist because of your propensity to defend the indefensible.

          I will not attempt to educate you on the ample evidence of what Obama's leanings are and what his long term plans for America is he is granted another term in office. He obviously has you fooled.

          As for your assertion that if he doesn't have both houses of Congress in his majority that he can't "do" anything? Well, it hasn't stopped him from implementing several executive orders and circumventing Congress. And with nothing to keep him from going after his more radical agenda because he would not be concerned with re-election, there is no telling what he might try to do. Who is going to stop him? The DOJ? LOL Eric holder is his puppet. Obama has already demonstrated his disdain for the SCOTUS. Just whom do you suppose could stop him if her decides to say implement Martial Law?

          Just try and remember where this guy comes from; the Chicago Political machine. Nothing is out of bounds for those people. And with his willing accomplices in the left-wing media, which is akin to a state run media ala Venezuela, who is going to call him out on anything? Just try to remember that the Constitution or the rule of law means absolutely nothing to this man.

          I could go on but I suspect that my words and warnings will only fall on deaf ears/eyes because it appears that you have your mind totally made up and you certainly won't allow any facts to get in the way of your version of the truth. I am always amazed at how immigrants who come here from Socialist/Communists countries clearly understand what is taking place in America and try to sound the alarm; only to have Americans like you ignore the obvious signs.  Have a nice day.

        • mrmynor

           I don't need you to educate me on Obama's political leanings.  Like you, I avidly follow politics.  Unlike you, I do so not because I want to editorialize the functioning of our government in an effort to push my own political agenda, but because I am an attorney, and staying abreast of legislative enactments and court rulings is vital to my professional success.

          How exactly has he circumvented Congress?  So we are clear, I am asking for specific examples of abuses of the executive powers granted to him under Article 2, not mere generalizations.  The DOJ is an office under his control as the chief executive.  Obama has not demonstrated any "disdain" for SCOTUS.  On the contrary, as a former professor of constitutional law, he has shown a remarkable working knowledge of past rulings in the way he has run his administration.  Furthermore, it matters as much as a fart in a hurricane whether he likes or dislikes the Court, he is bound by the constitution to abide by their rulings.  As for martial law, the Constitution stops him.   The president cannot declare war without the approval of congress.  Without an active declaration of war, neither the president nor congress can suspend the right to petition for a writ of habeas corpus.  If you stopped spending so much time digging up whatever dirt you can find on Obama on the internet, and took some time to educate yourself about how the legal system in this country functions, perhaps you would be less prone to paranoid delusion.

          If you think Obama controls the media, you're as dumb as you are crazy.  Obama can't even sneeze  without someone on Fox News twisting it into some ominous warning flag of the alleged socialist agenda he is pushing.  Again, contrary to your asssertion, this man has been paid to teach classes on Constitutional law.  To say that it means nothing to him is wholly asinine.  He knows more about the Constitution and it's meaning as construed by the Supreme Court than your narrow little mind can possibly fathom, and if you had any dam clue what the constitution meant, you would realize that from the manner in which he has run his administration.  The influence of that knowledge is apparent in nearly every move he makes.  The problem isn't that he doesn't care for the constitution, the problem is that you aren't educated as to the actual meaning of the document.  You are a lay person who reads the constitution and assumes that he knows what it means, with no reference to the myriad precedents interpreting that language that have been  handed down by SCOTUS.   I don't need to know you to know that - it is plainly evident from what you have said to this point. 

          Learn the rules of the game before you try to comment on a particular play.  You may follow politics, but your perspective is skewed by the fact that you don't understand how the system works.  If you did, you wouldn't be nearly as alarmed as you are by this President.  We have checks and balances for a reason, and they work.  Obama can't do nearly as much as you think he can.  That's just what the fear mongers on talk radio and Fox News need you to think, otherwise you might stop tuning in.

        • DolCane

          Well, well, well; Eric Holder finally comes out of the closet.

          You think because you spew out your own "biased" assessment and supposedly "unimpeachable" opinion because you "claim" to be an attorney and have a monopoly on the Constitution that you have more knowledge than the rest of us? LOL You are the loon here bozo.

          Professor of Constitutional Law? More hilarity. If he's a legitimate professor of the Constitution then I'm the Pope. You really are full of it aren't you?

          Stay mired in your ignorance because I know that there are more people like me than you left in this country. Soon enough your kind of thinking WILL be defeated by real Patriots like me. I didn't serve and wear the uniform to stand idly by while your kind subverts this great nation.

          Obama will go down one way or another. Bank on it!

          Now go back to your MSNBC and CNN Comrades and tell them you were unsuccessful in intimidating this American Patriot.

        • mrmynor


          Well, your Holiness, it would appear that you are wrong yet again.  I don't claim a monopoly on the constitution, you are welcome to study constitutional law so that you can speak from an educated position on it as well.  In fact, I would prefer it.  An educated discourse, in my mind, would be greatly preferred to arguing with someone who isn't even intelligent enough to know what they don't understand.

          If by "people like me" you mean people who will speak as though they know what they are talking about despite lacking any real education on a given topic, then you are correct, there are more people like you than me in this country.  If on the other hand you are suggesting that there are more chicken little's running around in a panic because they believe the sky is falling because they still haven't managed to get over the red scare, I seriously doubt it. 

          People like you, who consider "progress" to be a dirty word, are a dying breed.  This is a country built on the idea that people of all races, religions, and creeds can live together in harmony.  It is a government by the people and for the people - ALL KINDS of people.  You call yourself a patriot, and I'm sure you think you are, but the only country you love is the one that you think we should be, not the one we are.  This isn't YOUR county, it is OUR country.  The fact that you don't care for one political party doesn't make them any less patriotic, or any less American, than you are, sir.

        • mrmynor

           Still waiting on those actual examples of instances in which Obama has circumvented congress and exceeded the authority given to the president by Article 2, by the way.  If you have facts, I'd love to consider them...

      • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

         Hey Education guy, you want to back up all your claims with citations?  (Do you know what that is? I'll wait while you look up that word) It is when you make a statement you claim is a fact then back it up with evidence from multiple sources (Not WND either.)

        So before you tell Katie to get educated, help a girl out...

        1. grant back door amnesty to illegals...Citation?
        2. His lawyer in chief, Eric holder is his right hand man and he has ignored the Constitution on more than one occassion...Citation?  (Your grammar is wrong, too many pronouns, who are you saying has ignored the constitution?
        3. pro-gun president"; "I just want you to know that we are working on [gun
        control]. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar...Citation?

        We will wait!

        • DolCane

          Not that it will make any difference to Obama's "babies"; I will nevertheless endeavor to appease:

          1. Backdoor Amnesty - Judicial Watch: Obama Administration "Using Its Executive Powers To Grant Illegal Immigrants Backdoor Amnesty." In an April 2 post, the right-wing blog Judicial Watch reported on a proposed Department of Homeland Security rule change by claiming the agency was on a "quest to implement stealth amnesty" and that the Obama administration is attempting "to blow off Congress by using its executive powers to grant illegal immigrants backdoor amnesty." From Judicial Watch:
          In its quest to implement stealth amnesty, the Obama Administration is working behind the scenes to halt the deportation of certain illegal immigrants by granting them "unlawful presence waivers."The new measure would apply to illegal aliens who are relatives of American citizens. Here is how it would work, according to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announcement posted in today's Federal Register, the daily journal of the U.S. government; the agency will grant "unlawful presence waivers" to illegal aliens who can prove they have a relative that's a U.S. citizen.[...]This appears to be part of the Obama Administration's bigger plan to blow off Congress by using its executive powers to grant illegal immigrants backdoor amnesty. The plan has been in the works for years and in 2010 Texas's largest newspaper published an exposé about a then-secret DHS initiative that systematically cancelled pending deportations. The remarkable program stunned the legal profession and baffled immigration attorneys who said the government bounced their clients' deportation even when expulsion was virtually guaranteed. [Judicial Watch, 4/2/12]2. Eric Holder (this is just a sampling of his transgressions): http://bearingdrift.com/2012/03/15/federal-judge-suspects-attorney-general-holder-conspired-to-violate-a-citizens-constitutional-rights/
          There are far too many to list here; but if one is intellectually honest they will recognize this AG's flagrant disregard for the law and his propensity to protect his "liar-in-chief", Obama.
          3. Again; this is just a sampling of Obama's anti-gun agenda: http://www.harryrhoades.com/obama-sneaks-anti-gun-laws-past-congress/
          I don't expect any of this factual evidence to be received with any form of agreement by the likes of you or any of his apologists. But I thought I would humor you since you obviously think you are dealing with someone who doesn't know anything about what he writes.
          Sorry to burst your bubble about your messiah.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ray-Say/100002768181929 Ray Say

       There is the blind, ignorant and foolish and then there is Katie

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ray-Say/100002768181929 Ray Say

       There is the blind, ignorant and foolish and then there is Katie

    • Duke Chesnut

      His birth certificate was photoshoppedl
      He is 'working behind the scenes on gun control' to Sarah Brady.
      He is 'evolving' on gay marriage, will not support DOMA.
      DHS will now issue 'Waivers for illegals' if they have legal relatives in US.
      ...and that's in his first term, 'It's On' is the theme in his second term.
      Sorry Katie, Trix are for kids. Truth is for Adults.

  • Light_V_Dark

    One of the greatest men of the last century, Whittaker Chambers, said, Innocence seldom UTTERS OUTRAGED SHRIEKS, GUILT DOES. & Man without Mysticism is MONSTER.

    Dostoevsky said---If there is no God, ALL THINGS ARE PERMITTED(emphasis throughout).

  • Janet

    What a bunch of ignorant, mysogynist, racist and DUMB wankers you are..get a life!!

    • Light_V_Dark

      Janet, WWMSD(Maggot Sanger)?


      She would take a shot of Demerol, get drunk, have man and another girl to bed with her.

      She would be a guest speaker to the KKK. She'd be the chair if the DNC. Gotta SMOKE, Comrade?
      €8·Q Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Salome.

  • jerome ennis

    This does not shock me one bit.  The Obama Regime is a group of internationalists who have ZERO loyalty to the USA or the citizenry or sovereignty of this great nation.  The Clinton's had enough garbabe on the Obama Regime that Hillary got to be Secretary of State where she could collude with our enemies, for let us not forget that Bill and Hillary Clinton are still communists and Saul Alinskyites at heart.  And, in return for Hillary's Obedience to Obama, Obama and his Regime shoved Hillary Care down our throats as Obama Care.  Hillary has long been a communist who wanted Socialized Medicine and a Social Worker for Every Citizen from the Uterus to the Casket.  Hillary Clinton is a damned communist and always has been, and I have ZERO sympathy for her or Bill, who is nothing but a damned charlatan who has never in his life done anything except smile for the cameras and try to seduce children.

  • jerome ennis

    This does not shock me one bit. The Obama Regime is a group of internationalists who have ZERO loyalty to the USA or the citizenry or sovereignty of this great nation. The Clinton's had enough garbabe on the Obama Regime that Hillary got to be Secretary of State where she could collude with our enemies, for let us not forget that Bill and Hillary Clinton are still communists and Saul Alinskyites at heart. And, in return for Hillary's Obedience to Obama, Obama and his Regime shoved Hillary Care down our throats as Obama Care. Hillary has long been a communist who wanted Socialized Medicine and a Social Worker for Every Citizen from the Uterus to the Casket. Hillary Clinton is a damned communist and always has been, and I have ZERO sympathy for her or Bill, who is nothing but a damned charlatan who has never in his life done anything except smile for the cameras and try to seduce children.

    • mrmynor

       You wouldn't know communism if it took a steaming dump on your chest.  Obamacare is modeled after Romneycare.  The individual mandate was originally a republican proposition as an alternative to socialized medicine (and anyone with any understanding of the bill will tell you Obamacare is not socialized medicine).  Your perception of the world and the reality of it differ remarkably.  As for Bill Clinton never having done anything, one might mention that he  managed to operate this government at a surplus for 4 years during his time in office, a feat that no republican since Dwight Eisenhower has managed to accomplish for even one year.  

    • mrmynor

       You wouldn't know communism if it took a steaming dump on your chest.  Obamacare is modeled after Romneycare.  The individual mandate was originally a republican proposition as an alternative to socialized medicine (and anyone with any understanding of the bill will tell you Obamacare is not socialized medicine).  Your perception of the world and the reality of it differ remarkably.  As for Bill Clinton never having done anything, one might mention that he  managed to operate this government at a surplus for 4 years during his time in office, a feat that no republican since Dwight Eisenhower has managed to accomplish for even one year.  

  • guest233

    The question is should Obama be re-elected what would this mean for conservative Christian's? Or anyone conservative for that matter? We have already seen Obama intimidate any who disagree's with him.We have seen him going after Sherif Joe who is only doing the job he was hired to do.We see him egging on black America over the Trayvon/zimmerman event. We see him passing on to our enemies state secret's of our allies. We see him offering apologies to Islamic extremist's and taking a submissive role to Russia.We see him allowing innocent American's from infant's to 95 yr. to demeaning strip searches from Tsa. We see him telling American's who are reeling from gas prices to 'get use to it'.He has demeaned and humilated and intimadated American's time after time. I have seen decade's of presidential election's and have endured good ones and bad ones and read all kind's of thing's about them but never have i heard men elected as president as 'dangerous' as obama has been coined.I read in various places that the more disapproval shown to Obama the more dangerous he  becomes. He now can not ignore the disapproval and dislike from the American ppl.It's in the air. It's on the countenance of every other American.it's all over the internet and the new's(Fox) it's in the poll's. I shudder over what this man may be capable of doing.

    • Green Eagle

      "We have seen him going after Sherif Joe who is only doing the job he was hired to do."  Since when is a county sheriff hired to pursue a vendetta against the president?  Sheriff Joe was hired to catch burglars and things, not make an international fool of himself.

    • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

      You are amazingly stupid. From Sheriff  "Joe"overstepping his authority to not realizing the Supreme Court deemed strip searches legal (nothing to do with the President), to not knowing that the price of gas is set on the International Market and screwed with by Oil Futures buyers... ...you are so completely uninformed, ill-informed by Fox news or you simply just make stuff up.  I am sad you have very little education, we have failed you.  I'm not surprised you can't spell, or think coherently but wish you at least have the smarts to spell check. 

      All is well, the economy is getting better, your pals on Wall Street are having the best year in a long time, the country is adding back the jobs lost under Bush's watch, kids up to the age of 26 can be covered under their parents healthcare plan (saving the country millions), we are finally leaving Iraq (Bush's murderous debacle) and, finally, Osama is dead, (also not done under Bush's watch.)

      Be specific when you say such silly stuff.  Don't believe everything Fox says, read many newspapers, learn that you are a small minority and that, unfortunately, this country is passing you by. I think that is what scares you. You can't keep up with an evolving society. You cannot understand kindness, thoughtfulness and that this country is a wonderful mix of all nationalities, blending and creating a diverse, interesting country with everyone living full lives.  We are not the originals, Native Americans are. If you don't like it, go live in a real socialist country and see how fast you come running back to your trailer, Walmart and Super-Sized McDonalds.

      Oh and I"m sure you will refuse your Socialist Social Security, Veterans' Benefits (if you are one) and your Medicare. They are all government run programs. So Just say NO to socialism, right?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V3HJAGV7BYK72HHSLWYLJRP6SM Angelica

    The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of
    entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit
    and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary
    common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a
    man for their president.

    • Light_V_Dark

      Neo_Stalinist_Hippies, scored a coup in 1968. They murdered Dad and God. I'm surprised we've lasted THIS LONG.
      Revelation 21

      He said to me: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life. 7 Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my sons and daughters.

      8 But the COWARDLY, the UNBELIEVING, the VILE, the MURDERERS, the SEXUALLY DEPRAVED, those who practice magic arts, the IDOLATORS and all LIARS—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SNHYSNVEQTSDUL52B6NC6FQ4UU Ell

      That, Angelica, is the very sad truth.  Exposing obscure facts to all is the only way to rerout their multidestructional path.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V3HJAGV7BYK72HHSLWYLJRP6SM Angelica

    Like a patient being prepped for surgery,
    people are numb to the changes and won't have a clue what took place until they
    wake up in recovery and realize that free America has been removed and replaced
    with a regime that may parallel those of Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler,
    Chavez and Castro.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V3HJAGV7BYK72HHSLWYLJRP6SM Angelica

    It takes an honest black man such as Rev. Jesse
    Lee Peterson to say, “It’s hypocritical of so-called black leaders to call for
    the prosecution of George Zimmerman and accuse the police of racism without
    knowing the facts. Black-on-black crime takes place every day. And blacks kill
    whites in far greater numbers than whites kill blacks. Yet, we only see these
    leaders and their hypnotized black followers worked up when a black is
    victimized by another race. This is racist and evil.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V3HJAGV7BYK72HHSLWYLJRP6SM Angelica



    The American Colonization Society
    (in full, The Society for the Colonization of Free People of Color of America),
    founded in 1816, was the primary vehicle to support the "return" of free African Americans
    to what was considered greater freedom in Africa. It helped
    to found the colony of Liberia in 1821–22 as a place for freedmen.

    During the next three years, the
    society raised money by selling membership. The Society's members relentlessly
    pressured Congress and the President for support. In 1819, they received $100,000 from
    Congress = today's money = 8.5 million and in January 1820 the first ship, the Elizabeth,
    sailed from New York for West Africa with three white ACS agents and 88
    emigrants ($100 K
    for every single free slave).

    The ACS purchased the freedom of
    American slaves and paid their passage to Liberia. Emigration was
    offered to already free black people. For many years the ACS tried to persuade
    the US Congress to appropriate funds to send colonists to Liberia. Although Henry Clay led the
    campaign, it failed. The society did, however, succeed in its appeals to some
    state legislatures. In 1850, Virginia set aside $30,000 annually for
    five years to aid and support emigration. In its
    Thirty-Fourth Annual Report, the society acclaimed the news as "a great
    Moral demonstration of the propriety and necessity of state action!"
    During the 1850s, the society also received several thousand dollars from the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Maryland legislatures.

  • Blair

    If I believed in conspiracy theories, I'd say yes.

  • Rredds

    When good men do nothing...evil prevails.

  • Losq345

    Whitney Houston drowned in 12 inches of water! Hah!  You can bet she had the goods on the big O and they got her first.

    • Light_V_Dark



      • Sean murry.

        get off this blog you make no sense.

        • Light_V_Dark

          You like bloodthirsty terrorists and Communists, better'n you do me.

          Find a good exorcist, Child of DARKNESS!

          The story in the Book of Revelation says: There is a people of God; the people of God are being afflicted and polluted by forces from within their own society, who worship at the synagogue of Satan.

        • Light_V_Dark

          Are you GHEH? }B-Q GOTTA SMOKE, COMRADE?

          The Neo_French_Reign_Of_Terror, has a Cutesie name...OCCUPY_HELL..

          WARNING...Caps, boldface print and lots of FORMATTING, COMING UP...RUN AND HIDE!

          From Paul's second letter to Timothy


          6 They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over GULLIBLE WOMEN, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7 always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of THE TRUTH(emphasis)  http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2+Timothy+3&version=NIV

    • Lisasmith50

       It was Brietbart that was assasinated and Rush, Beck, Alex Jones and all of us writing here  are on the list.  Do you know anything about the last executive order?

      • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

         Are you scared?  You are clearly important enough to get wacked.. sorry, I had to stop laughing til I cried at that last sentence. 

  • Light_V_Dark

    [Disclaimer, I NEVER use a thesaurus when I rant.]
    Philosophers’ predictions of nihilism’s impact on society are grim. Existentialist, Albert Camus (1913-1960), labeled nihilism as the most disturbing problem of the 20th century. His essay, "The Rebel"1 paints a terrifying picture of “how metaphysical collapse often ends in total negation and the victory of nihilism, characterized by profound hatred, pathological destruction, and incalculable death.

    • Green Eagle

      You need medication.  Really.

      • Light_V_Dark

        Jesus said; Do not give what is holy to DOGS, nor cast your pearls(of wisdom) before SWINE, lest they trample them and turn again and rend you. €=·Q Gotta SMOKE, Ghoulfriend? Seek a good exorcist.

      • Light_V_Dark

        You TRANSER and PROJECT, Comrade...
        From Sam Vaknin;

        This(last) election was like no other in the
        history of America. The issues were insignificant compared to what is at
        stake. What can be more dangerous than having a man bereft of
        conscience, a serial liar, and one who cannot distinguish his fantasies from
        reality as the leader of the free world?
        I hate to sound alarmist, but
        one is a fool if one is not alarmed.


  • Light_V_Dark



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K4HD2YINR36CS3WYTRWJMHDUJA rosie

    I wouldn't put anything past this lizard.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ICTV7FYYNWHE3ADYUCWKMFCII4 Brian

    Even the thought of this should tell you how insidious and evil Obamacare is going to be. 

  • catfish

    The military will be the one's to take care of Ohomo. No doubt he is evil and it will require a coup to remove him from office. No need for a law abiding citizen to have his life ruined and Ohomo still be in office. The house and senate can start the ball rolling and that should be the imediate agenda. Ohomo gone and every thing he has done be undone including Ohomocare, Sotomire and Kagan return to their former employeement, Holder in prison and the czars llooking for a job.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zuzana-Dratovnikova-Livingstone/1336670556 Zuzana Dratovnikova Livingston

    of course, he will get reelected. Just go to Atlas Shrugs - Pam Geller has a complete list of his campaign donors.  Also a very good explanation how anybody from anywhere in the world can contribute to his campaign.  When the security code (the 3 small numbers on the back of the card) is not being asked for Adolf Hitler can contribute. Check her blog.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000122058424 Woe ToGo

    "He's half white!!!"  I keep seeing that about Obama.  So say you're Zimmerman and you're asked "Is he black, white or hispanic?"  you guys are going to say "he's half white"?  No way on earth, you're going to say he's blackity black black.

    You piss and moan that Obama 'forgets' his white heritage when YOU judge him because of the colour of his skin.  He hasn't forgotten he just knows what racist arseholes are like.

  • suzyku

    There is something very very sick here, the cancer that is the republican party and the majority of it's members!  What a nasty, rotten group of fools!

    • Light_V_Dark

      Suzyqueue, you little snake. Here is a little bio of you.
       1 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

       6 They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7 always learning but never able to come to a


  • Light_V_Dark

    Saint Paul's second letter to Timothy
     1 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.


  • Light_V_Dark


    We don't WORSHIP OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, YOU IDIOT! You must be praying to Mao for another 3 or 4 thousand of your fellow countrymen to be VAPORIZED.

    The story in the Book of Revelation says: There is a people of God; the people of God are being afflicted and polluted by forces from within their own society, who worship at the synagogue of Satan

  • Darcy922

    I would  not put anything past this President..These people who refuse to see him for what he really is, deserve him.

  • Wbliss

    Keep in mind Obama did not do all this alone.  His party and the mass media actually want this "change" into an oppressive socialist/communist government where the people belong to the state.  Sadly about 30% of our population have been duped by the mass media.  They even get the indoctrination in the classrooms.  It is so easy for the mass media to lie simply by not telling the whole truth.  I am outnumbered at work by people who are voting for this madness.  If I say anything that contradicts them they will viciously attack me yelling very loudly.  They don't try to reason either.  They just yell.

  • Jph2342

    Nothing claimed as an Obama outrageous act surprises me. 
    This man came from nowhere, with no credible accomplishments as a record and somehow became the darling of the Progressive,Liberal ,Radical, Socialist Democratic party and their mainstreet media cheerleaders.
    Unfortunately many of the Republican opposition party are( RINO i.e. in name only) just as much inclined to go along to get along in order to remain inside the power circle of the Washington DC beltway.
    Government long term elected officials, employees and those  dependant upon the governments benefits (entitlements),   will seek to increase theirinfluence and control.
      Private enterprises and individual freedoms are constraints the Progressive, Liberal, Radical Socialists can not tolerate. 
    The teaparty activists have recognized our defense must be to elect new officials who are not of that mindset.  Consequently "Conservative" candidates must replace Democrat and Rino officials or we will continue down the path of big Government taking more and more til they have gotten to the point that inevitably they will collapse under the weight of debt and a lack of a productive society that can pay for their excesses. 
    Thug tactics must be expected to increase and elections will be fraught with increaes in fraud and main street media will continue to allow lies and distortions from the leftists "spin"  to be the news positions put forward to support their candidates. 
    Americans must recognize what is happening, just as those Teaparty activists who produced the 2008 electoion result, and become very involved in the 2012 election to turn back to out Constituional Republic,  an entreprenurialprivate  economy and a balanced budget government. 
    America must act to stop the march towards socialism.  

    • mrmynor

      The GOP talks a good game when it comes to spending, but history tells a much different story.  The last Republican president to run a balanced budget was Dwight Eisenhower in 1957.  Since that time there have been 5 budget surpluses, all under Democratic administrations.  Reagan, GHWB, and GWB all ran on a platform of reining in spending and shrinking the government.  All of them failed to come anywhere close.  Your faith is misplaced. 

  • usmcmailman

     It smells like something the Gay Muslim would do!

  • guest233

    To the poster who exclaim's Sherif Joe should not proceed with his investigation into Obama and should instead 'mind his own business' and go after thug's and other riftraft. It is my belief that all american's have the responsibility to check out the history of the guy running for the highest office of the lour land.If American's had read Obama's bio. they would have found he was not the nice guy everyone was claiming. What 'nice' man gravitates  toward's (and a man of integrity) terrorist's,Marxist's.communist's,Mao and all the rift raft of our day?The man in our WH is DANGEROUS.This man who American's trusted to uphold the constitution and protect us is doing just the opposite and those who are still enamored with him may have to find out the hard way if he is re-elected as he WILL betray them. I thank God for American's like Sherif Joe who has the courage to vet this atrocity in OUR house and i pray American's wake up and everyone will vote him OUT.

  • InvisibleHandInMyPants

    Okay. Im tired of all the misinformation. Im an Obama follower. Im on the inside. Ill lay out a few things because Im upset with the way things are being handled.
    First, Ive yet to receive my check from Soros for the month of March. Feburary was late too. This is crazy. I am spending my own funds on things like camping equipment, rope, handcuffs and such. No more.
    Second, I will not speak to the purchase of ammo by FEMA. The camps are being constructed at a brisk pace. That part of the operations is working. All other activities are mired down in beuracratic bs. Typical. Although Im airing my dirty laundry, there are so things Ill be tracked down for. This may be one...
    Systems are still a go, even with all the operations failing to meet timeline, for the October Surprise. The catastrophe that precipitates the canvellation of the November election will be so monumental, so well-executed, no one will suspect a black bag operation. With both parties supporting the cancellation, the WH will be free to openly discuss the "protection" of large numbers of the US population "for their own protection". This will include opposition leaders who fail to comply, bloggers, pundits and the like. Camps can accomodate hundereds of thousands, so numbers wont be a problem. Once the Roundup is complete, changes will commence at a rapid pace. My job, if I still have one, is as Retraining Counselor, given my background in community organizing. Im speaking aloud about this because Im having second thoughts about the wisdom of the operation. I will return, hopefully, with additional information at a later date.

  • InvisibleHandInMyPants

    Hang in there. Keep speaking constantly. Dont be yelled down! Yell back and throw stuff!

  • Johnhblewtwhistle

    I am so happy you blew the lid off of this! Us here at the Flat Earth Society have teamed up with Moon Landing Hoax Truth Seekers of America with our own, verified, PROOF that Obama's birth certificate is a FORGERY! Dr. Leopold X. Steinberg of the American Equestrian Society and Dr. Sandra Mornay of the Human Genomics collective have recently teamed up with 5 experts into forgery, computer hacking, and Graphology. A team led by Dr. Yuri Zhivago, who holds dual PhDs in Phentemology and Chloraseptimology is set to release his findings before the end of the summer. Say goodbye to your re-election chances Mr. Soetero!

  • InvisibleHandInMyPants

    I have a good source. His wife has an aunt who lives in Austria. She has a friend who is from Germany. That friend knows someone who has determined that Hitler has been issued the German equivalent of a Social Security card, so now he can get a credit card, which allows "Hitler" to donate to Obamas campaign. Its horrible!

  • InvisibleHandInMyPants

    My friend, you are mistaken. No. Both parties have signed a pact. They operate together. Publically, they bicker and rant. Privately, they conspire. Supreme Courts, rules of law, the constitution are all irrelevent. Power is what matters. Bohner and McConnel, as well as Romney, are aware of the coming crisis. All are prepared.

  • InvisibleHandInMyPants

    Executive Orders are just a diversion. The lists are longer than anyone imagines...

  • InvisibleHandInMyPants

    If you volunteer for Obamas reelection campaign, and do a little work, you can avoid the "crisis" that will unfold in October. Protect yourself.

  • Jmtate816

    Why is this not in the national news?

    • mrmynor

      Because it is total and utter BS.

  • Bill

    Hey Obama, I know your not a natural born American.  I know your not even an American citizen. How about sending your goon after me?

    • http://twitter.com/lizburke Elizabeth Burke

       Hey Bill, what's your last name and address?  Coward.

      • Bill

        If your Barack Obama, then you have the resources to find me. If not, my stat's will not be made public. I do believe after spending over half my life in the Military and almost dieing four time in the process does no label me a coward. Now lady, what have you done for America lately?

      • 848484


  • Eve

    Of course. What else could you expect from these thugs? The states are fighting tooth and nail and I fear for those brave Americans leading the charge in this war, because that is where we are now..at war.

  • randsue80

    BHO has a very strong organization to protect him from any suggestion that he is ineligible, and that includes his Attorney General who is actively stopping any voter identification reform in those states where he can do so.  IT is time for the American People to say enough is enough!  Individually we are weak, together we are stronger than he is and can make a difference!

  • Geolarney

    This shows how gutless our politicians are.  Bill Clinton of all people should have gone public immediately after the murder of his friend.  Missing the chance to do so made the situation worse.  As far as I know, Clinton is still protected by the Secret Service and so is his daughter.  If not, he could have requested Secret Service protection for his daughter.  If all this is true and I believe it is because I lived in Chicago all my life and even ran for Congress in 1994, I know first hand the problem with voter fraud in Chicago, it seems to me Hillary blew her chance to become President.  Had the Clintons stood up to this intimidation and Hillary became President, they could have taken care of the Obama threat and his goons to boot.


  • Jd

    Heis  president. Get used to it, He will win an other term. All your huffing and paranoia are so silly. We had to stomach Reagan the Alheimerzer's president, so suck it up and get used to President Obama.

    How stupid and angry can these GOPers get? just read the comments and rlaize how sick some of these individuals are, and consume with hate.

    Get used to it - you don't own this country and your ideas are as nutty as an acorn.

    • Light_V_Dark

      Heis GOD, TO EWE.

      This election was like no other in the history of America. The issues were
      insignificant compared to what is at stake. What can be more dangerous than
      having a man bereft of conscience, a serial liar, and one who cannot
      distinguish his fantasies from reality as the leader of the free world? 

      Proud_A_&_Gaytheists are addicted to other people and to, SATISFYING YOUR OWN APPETITES.

      You will literally commit suicide for your Little_Boy_King. And, you BREEDERS WILL SACRIFICE ENTIRE LITTERS TO HIM.

      This election was like no other in the history of America. The issues were
      insignificant compared to what is at stake. What can be more dangerous than
      having a man bereft of conscience, a serial liar, and one who cannot
      distinguish his fantasies from reality as the leader of the free world?


      • Timtoolman

        you are batsh*t crazy

    • 848484


  • Susan

    There are some very very "disturbed" and "sick" people on this post!  Very scary to think people are stupid enough to believe this hogwash crap and quote bible passages and distort them to somehow think it backs up their wrong and sick viewpoints!  Truly pathetic.

    OBAMA 2012!!!!!!

    • Light_V_Dark

      Try to come over from the Dark Side...Kay? Doesn't matter WHAT, we quote...You are incapable of stopping barking...BAD GIRL....STAY, STAY!
      Muslims on Jihad and Leftists are NIHILISTS. Hippies, Dirtbaggers and Neo_Pseudo Christian_Possums, are self loathing "lambs to the slaughter".

      total rejection of social mores: the general rejection of established social conventions and beliefs, especially of morality and religion

      2. belief that nothing is worthwhile: a belief that life is pointless and human values are worthless------------------

      3. disbelief in objective truth: the belief that there is no objective basis for truth------------------------

      4. belief in destruction of authority: the belief that all established authority is corrupt and must be destroyed in order to rebuild a just society-------------------------------------------

      5. Russian political movement: a political movement in late 19th-century Russia that sought to bring about a socially just new society by destroying the existing one through acts of terrorism and assassinationhttp://www.bing.com/Dictionary/search?q=define+nihilism&qpvt=definition+of+nihilism&FORM=DTPDIA

  • cattylibrarian

    I am ashamed to live in a country as ignorant as this one...all of you need to do something productive. Instead of a wall between the US and Mexico, we need a wall between California and you lunatics.

  • DockyWocky


    I bet the royal family doesnt ship the royal princesses off to lands where the influence of the former emperor could  have any harmful events or accidents.

  • http://twitter.com/TexasMom43 Carol Kelley

    2008 was our last free election in this country.  Chicago politics have always been evil and dirty.  This man won his senate seat on dirty underhanded politics.  Clinton's were convinced of a credible threat and backed off, were pacified with the State Department appointment.  All Democrats are dirty today.

  • Citizen60

    Anyone who still believes Barry was born in Hawaii, is a moron.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dee-Schofield/1459024048 Dee Schofield

    Dee I wonder who is trying to start a racial war

  • Disqussant

    Voter fraud requires a massive conspiracy of low-income people, right? 

    So if you really want to stop voter fraud, why not pass a law offering a $100k award and immunity to anyone who blows the whistle on it? Then, announce the award prominently at polling locations and in advance of the election. 

  • Lercer

    I honestly laughed the entire time I read this. For a minute, I though I was reading The Onion... You peeps actually believe this garbage? Omg. Lord help ya.

    • Light_V_Dark

      Would you guillotine me for your Obumessiah(rhetorical)?

      Narcissists are often callous and even ruthless. As the norm, they lack
      conscience. This is evident from Obama's lack of interest in his own
      brother who lives on only one dollar per month..
      A man who lives in luxury,
      who takes a private jet to vacation in Hawaii, and who raised nearly half
      a billion dollars for his campaign (something unprecedented in history) has
      no interest in the plight of his own brother. Why? Because, his brother
      cannot be used for his ascent to power. A narcissist cares for no one but


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NZQIZZEEOA4SYJWTCJDYZPRJFE BobP

      It makes more sense than any feces that might come out of your mouth.

  • Apusparadise

    This is a satirical article, isn't it? I have to believe that otherwise you are all just NUTS!

  • guest233

    Actually it's incredibly wise to disagree with the like's of you(in reply to poster who call's me incredibly stupid) chuckle. I am also incredibly grateful for every poster in here who stand's on his/her conviction's..loves their country and fellowman and refuses Obama's agenda.If one is in a debate where you have to resort to calling your opponent names and personally attack him/her  you have just lost your argument. I WIN.

  • debrock2008

    If everyone who was intimidated and/or threatened stood together as one voice I doubt there would be little that anyone could do to stop them.  That old saying has some truth to it:  United we stand, divided we fall.  

  • Jbarber8

    It wouldn't surprise me,if Barack Insane Obama threatened her.If you watch him in his speeches.
    HE looks you right in the face with that so called sincere smile,while he's telling you an outright lie.
    For some strange reason the Liberals ,can't see that.Are they spun from the same thread?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NBPC6UTYNQ4DMXKM2RUHPAI5G4 steven mackamul

    Then Clinton failed as person and an American I would happily sacrifice my life to expose someone in the name of liberty, and consult my daughter who is an adult about the dangers to her and let her ultimately make the decision about such critical information.

  • 317david

    I believe every word of this article, plus I felt this from day one. How else could a idiot like him get away with all the curupt things he has done and still doing. And our "government" is to scared to do anything about it, there is no one in the congress or senate with the back bone to stand up against what's going on, other than maybe, Mr. Paul.

    • mrmynor

       I've got some real estate in Florida you might be interested in...

      • Light_V_Dark

        Msmyna Bird,

        How big are your CARBON_FEET?

        Did you know, that there is nothing better a WUMIN can do for her HEALTH, THAN HAVE AN A****ION? Fact is, A STUDY WAS DONE¡ Great to go get preggers, JUST SO YOU CAN MAKE THAT HOLY CHOICE:-)


  • CamoCoyote

    Is this why Trump suddenly stopped his very public interest in Obama's birth certificate?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NZQIZZEEOA4SYJWTCJDYZPRJFE BobP

      He surely was physically threatened or was told in no uncertain terms that the IRS would give him hell.

      • Light_V_Dark

        Flying Monkeys, Griffons, Orcs, Panthers, Vegans, Warmists, FEMARXISTS & GHEHS---O M F W¡¿?!

        I have found that if you offer them condoms, WHITE FLAGS, tofu weenies, FREE ABORTIONS and SMOKES, IT CALMS THEM FOR A FEW MINUTES.

        OUCH, LOFL!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aska-Feld/1783983136 Aska Feld

    Wow ... do you guys ever get up the courage to leave the basement and go out in the real world ? Or does mom have to slide your food through the pet door ?

    • Light_V_Dark

      Would ewe rather guillotine, hang, CRUCIFY, OR STONE ME TO DEATH, SUNSHINE? GOTTA SMOKE, A§HOWL? }8·Q

  • Misunderestimated

    I'm embarrassed to be white... Turn off fox news you dolts.

    • Light_V_Dark

      If you go start building gallows and guillotines you will help your Messiah's unemployment numbers..
      The fact that Obama is a total incognito with Zero accomplishment makes this inexplicable infatuation alarming. Obama is not an ordinary man. He is not a genius. In fact he is quite ignorant on most important subjects." http://www.steelersuniverse.com/forums/showthread.php/12416-psychologist-on-Obama

    • Light_V_Dark


      Do you have some DNA "autographed", BIG_0_KNEEPADS?

  • mrmynor

    You guys are really something.   You demand a birth certificate, he produces a birth certificate, and you all immediately claim it is fake.  You won't even consider hard evidence that legitimizes his presidency, but when some attention starved producer makes allegations that Obama is threatening people, but has not the first shred of reliable evidence, and will only "repeat" what conveniently anonymous sources told her (so she can't be sued for slander),  you all buy in immediately.  You all see what you want to see, not what actually is.  Of course, that is why you fools vote Republican to begin with...

    • Light_V_Dark


      One must never underestimate the manipulative genius of pathologicalnarcissists. They project such an imposing personality that it overwhelmsthose around them. Charmed by the charisma of the narcissist, people becomelike clay in his hands. They cheerfully do his bidding and delight to be athis service. The narcissist shapes the world around him and reduces othersin his own inverted image. He creates a cult of personality. His admirersbecome his co-dependents.


    • kat747

      That was NOT a birth certificate......go find yours and see if you can get a driver's license with it !
      I had TWO and had to write to the State to get the LEGAL one....the one with the "State Seal" on it.
      That piece of garbage released by the WH was an information sheet and the idiot who made the corrections did a lousey job with the corrections.....the print was NOT the same.  The information was incorrect....the country listed did NOT EXIST at the time of the birth and the hospital it was born in was not of the name on the birth certificate.  You have elected a fraud.  And there is something seriously wrong with Congress and the DOJ.

      • Hhudin

        your nuts

      • AKRNC

        Your entire post is lacking in common sense.  However, the original Certificate of Live Birth is identical to what my son and daughter-in-law received for their son when they needed an additional copy of his birth certificate.  They also used the same to apply for and receive a passport.

  • guest233

    Elizabeth..your ugliness in spirit and deed is showing.

  • Doris Von Pamplemousse

    This is almost the stupidest thing I've ever read. 

    It's like he's Dick Roman from Supernatural lol. He's a shapeshifting, people eating, superdemon!  

    • Light_V_Dark

      No, Cupcake, The little guy walks on water.

      What color is your GUILLOTINE? €=·Q Got an extra SMOKE, SUNSHINE?

      Never forget the left’s ideological provenance. Rousseau was its mother. The French Revolution was its moment of hatching. The Reign of Terror was it spreading its wings.
      When you see someone on the left harkening back to the French Revolution and the guillotine, that’s not an anomaly. That’s someone recognizing the roots of his own movement.
      God forbid these people should ever get any more power than they have now.


  • David

    I've said this before, there are 88 million AMERICANS who own guns, more than 3 apiece, so I say that we band them together and march on DC!  That will be the LARGEST ARMY ever assembled since the REVOLUTION!  They would out-number our own military 9 to 1, and 'WE THE PEOPLE' need to do something to 'STOP' this ISLAMIC-TERRORIST!  It's time to quit being afraid AMERICA, that's how 'NOBAMA' and his GOONS are getting away with what they're doing!  WE "MUST" TAKE THE FIRST STEP in preserving OUR WAY OF LIFE, OUR CONSTITIONAL LAWS, OUR BILL OF RIGHTS and OUR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!  AMERICANS are who make AMERICA a 'great' nation, NOT the so-called "DICTATORIAL JACKASS" and his CRONY LIBERAL DEMOCRAT BUDDIES & GOONS!!

    • BobCain

      Why do you have a problem with Democracy?  

      • Mike NQR

        You DO mean republicanism, do you not? Only a fool has ever believed we have a democracy. Thomas Jefferson even said so. Read up on  our form of government please.

        • BobCain

          Okay,yes true, America is representative democracy (or sure, "republicanism" if you prefer that terminology).  But we all know that.  That does not takeaway from my point.

          So,why do you have a problem with 'Representative' Democracy.  Because the nonsense you are spewing does not fit into the framework our founding fathers had in mind when writing the Constitution.  

    • mrmynor

       (A)  How can he be an islamic terrorist if he is a baptized and practicing christian?  It makes absolutely no sense.  If he were an islamic extremist, then getting baptized is the absolute last thing he would do.  It flies in the face of the entire ideology of radical Islam that earthly pursuits are futile and that martyrdom leads to salvation - he would effectively be disavowing his God were he to be baptized for the sake of appearances.  Seriously, you have a brain, one might recommend dusting it off and employing it every once in a while.

      (B)  Excluding the birther nonsense, as it is apparent that no evidence to the contrary will convince you fools that Obama is qualified to hold the office of President, please identify for me one way in which Obama has exceeded his authority as President or violated the Constitution.  I am looking for his actions and for the constitutional provisions that those actions have offended.  Clearly you are an authority on constitutional jurisprudence, so this should be pretty easy for you.  I'll wait...

  • Ichthyic

    Wow... reading the comments here, you people are seriously insane.  Seek treatment immediately, if not for yourself, then for the rest of us.

    • Light_V_Dark

      And, if we DON'T, ICKY? How sharp is your guillotine blade? SHOULD WE TAKE OUR MEDS, GHOULFRIEND?

      Gotta smoke? £=·Q

      Have you converted to Mohhamadenism, YET? YOU ARE MORE OF AN INFIDEL THAN I AM!

      • Thurstam

        I think its time for you to move out of your parents basement.  

        • Light_V_Dark

          KILL BUSH ₩. Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo... €=·Q GUTTA SMOKE?

  • Bacase

    Since there is so much proof that Obama was NOT born in America and was NOT eligible to run for the office of President of the United States. .. WHY IS HE STILL IN  the white house? Which department of the government has the duty and authority to arrest and convict him of perpetrating this massive fraud? The F.B.I. should have investigated ... the Justice Department should have filed charges. The Immigration Department should have had him picked up and jailed. The Supreme Court should have examined the evidence and made a ruling. Why has  NO ONE from any of these exaulted government positions come forward and done their duty?    

    • Mary

       Because corruption in Washington is rampant. We will never again see the good old days of "the greatest generation" as leaders. Those days are gone. Now we have career white collar criminals for politicians.

    • AKRNC

      Because there is NO proof that President Obama was not born in the U.S.  Are you aware that Barack Obama Sr. never left the U.S. after arriving here as a student until he went back to Kenya permanently after finishing school.  Do you honestly believe that Obama's mother traveled to Kenya, what would have been a 3 day trip at several months pregnant?  For what reason?  It would have been the equivalent in cost of over $20k in today's dollars for her to have done so. 

      There's an article that came out long before this nonsense started that spoke of how Stanley Ann Dunham and her son, Barack Obama, Jr. spent several months getting ready to go to Indonesia in the mid 60's.  The reason it took so long was they both had to apply for passports as neither one of them had ever been out of the country before.  Rational thought will tell you this nonsense about President Obama being born in Kenya is not true.  We've seen two birth certificates that were alleged to have been from Kenya and yet both were easily debunked.  Why do people insist on wanting to have others believe the President was not born here and yet nobody can prove it to be true?  They want to diminish President Obama in the eyes of the voters. 

  • Susan

    I am convinced that many of the comments on threads are there by the Obama campaign paying people to post good things about their emperor. Almost two thirds of the people in this country do not support this president. The polls for him if really not skewed by the liberal media would show him polling in the 39% range. There is just too much not know about this POTUS and he and his handlers have hidden it.

    • mrmynor

       Ah, yes, the liberal media and their unwavering allegiance to the left are simply fudging the numbers on all of their random surveys.   Your estimation of the Presidents "actual" approval rating appears to be based on...  nothing.  If you are going to make that claim, then provide some basis for it other than your own imagination.   

      • Mary

         I agree. If the liberal media can lie about race in alledged hate crimes why not lie about polling.

    • mrmynor

       Ah, yes, the liberal media and their unwavering allegiance to the left are simply fudging the numbers on all of their random surveys.   Your estimation of the Presidents "actual" approval rating appears to be based on...  nothing.  If you are going to make that claim, then provide some basis for it other than your own imagination.   

    • AKRNC

      The liberal media?? That's why they ran with the ridiculous story about Hillary Rosen's one sentence comment and turned it into "The Democrats hate working Moms", right? Because it's the liberal media behind everything.  Yet nobody on the Right says a word about Ted Nugent when he threatens the President.  It's hardly mentioned on tv, certainly not like the Rosen story was. 

      2/3 of this country is equals to Independents and Democrats, the remaining 1/3 are Republicans.  Where do you get the idea that s/3 do not support the President?  Are you making numbers up?  I'm going by actual polls that are done year after year.  They tell a far different story and reflect ups and downs within the voting public. 

      We know as much about Barack Obama as we have about almost any other President but you choose to believe he has a hidden past.  That's your problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-R-Carreiro-Sr/100000561837094 Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    Pay attention like you never have before.You cannot make this kind of stuff up.Wake up from your deep sleep America and do not be fooled for one second that this things like America being dead can't happen. Anything can happen when the fight is between good and Evil.You do not want Evil to overtake yo.If you do you are done forever.Sounds far fetched but take it for what it is worth.If you do not believe in Good and Evil then all I can say to you is good luck because you are gambling with you life.Gamblers do not usually come out on top.Think on it.

    • mrmynor

       I spoke to several high ranking republicans who asked to remain anonymous.  They all told me that Rick Santorum pulled out of the race yesterday because individuals from inside the Romney campaign were threatening Santorum's Daughter.

      See, you actually CAN make this stuff up as long as you assume your audience is gullible enough to take you at your word without a scrap of credible evidence.

  • George Phillip Hebert

    All the comments are justified, but I suggest you all read : BY  STEALTH and DECEPTION USA TRANSFORMATION and its Parallel to the  EUROPEAN UNION.      Author: Orlean Koehle

  • George Phillip Hebert

    Mike Latorus,   Your point is well taken although with the exception, the controlling Army will hand pick individuals to control the US citizen.  I won't  rely on the military protecting the USA.  We have to strict attention to our current Generals.You must not forget that some people are very Power Hungry whether it is a General or a Army  Private .

  • American Taxpayer

    BHO is setting the stage for China & Russia to take over our country.

  • Domonu62

    I have a list of 7 house jiont resloutions dating from 2003 thur 2008 that proves the demos were trying to run someone not a citizen  as  reguired by the Consitution for President,so who are the brithers?Conyers,Rubarker ,Synder and several more I can't remember of the top of my head and yes some rups. also knew. What a stuid bunch to put this evidence in the public record .Hell all you have to do is check out who was running and had a brith cert. issue!The gift that will have a person doing the perp walk out of the white house along with several of his friends!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-R-Carreiro-Sr/100000561837094 Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    How on earth could a question like this even come up if there was not someone who was close to the 2008 election and was involved close to the problem.This is not even imaginable unless; the leak was Hugh.  This is going way above the norm in any situation.This makes playing with the votes look like in the 2008 election to gain favor like kids playing with their tinker toys.This is the worst thing I have ever heard.Is this where American politics really is?Then we are doomed.I surely know it would take a lot to make the Clinton's back off.I do know that Hillary wanted to be President in the worse way and she probably  would have make a good one.Better than the current one.

  • StNowhere

    You know what? I feel sorry for all of us. That our political discourse has devolved to this point, from either side of the aisle. When did the government stop being one "of the people, by the people, for the people", and become one of the lesser of two evils and the ensuing effort to make the winner appear as evil as possible? This isn't just about Obama - I have been an Obama supporter, but I would no more believe an article like this without more evidence than the hearsay presented than I would a similar conspiracy regarding George W. Bush orchestrating 9/11 in order to seize Middle-Eastern assets in one of the bloodier and longer wars in our history. Both ideas are ridiculous to me. And both ideas should be ridiculous to everyone reading this article, because we should never have allowed ourselves to arrive at the point where common sense is conspicuously lacking from ALL of our elected leaders and we find ourselves resigned to being governed by puppets and spineless plutocrats, Democrats and Republicans alike. We have allowed public service to become so corrupted by money and by unwavering allegiance to ideology over common sense and the good of the people that our highest elected offices are anathema to all but the people who LEAST deserve to sit there. I am a great admirer of the values on which our country was founded, and I pity what WE THE PEOPLE have allowed it to become.

  • websmith

    What can be said about this?

  • Kktex12

    Actually everything I have read sounds just like the moooslim brotherhood.  Think about it!!!!!  What better way to take out America than have an agent filling our highest position of government, in the know on all ultra secret plans, weapons,etc., and the ability to make executive orders that are almost unchallengeable.  I agree with the author.  If judasbama gets reelected America is doomed.

    • Kidems

      I was thinking about going for a new look, I think tin foil is a good direction for me.  Where do you get your tin foil hats from?  Is there a special place you buy them at or do you make your own?

  • Quinlog

    This is some kind of unsuccessful atempt at satire, right?!  I mean, people don't actually believe this, do they?

  • BobCain

    Let me answer the question raised in the headline:  No.  That was easy.

  • Leprechaunfarms

    Why cannot we have the military take over the presidency; and hold power until Constitutional Law is restored?
    A small country, like Honduras, did it; and Hilliary stupidly chastised them because they fought against a
    Socialist government, trying to disrupt their Democracy. I do not believe that the military likesw the man from Kenya.

    James Mickey McCarthy

    • BobCain

      Are you related to a Joseph McCarthy?  Because you sure sound like him: paranoid and anti-Democracy.

      You advocate a military coup d'etat...  that is simply insane!  You are confusing loosing an election with military tyranny.  

      The founding fathers did not have military coups in mind when they drafted the Constitution.  They knew the power of the ballot box, and I suggest that if you want a new president that you organize, advocate your views, and vote on election day. 

      Unlike you, and many others spewing their ignorance on this forum, I LOVE THE CONSTITUTION and I LOVE THIS COUNTRY.  Stop attempting to run it with your ignorance laced psycho babble.  

      • Light_V_Dark

        Sane people hate COMMUNISM¡¿?! £=·8 Gotta SMOKE?
        This election was like no other in the history of America. The issues were insignificant compared to what is at stake. What can be more dangerous than having a man bereft of conscience, a serial liar, and one who cannot distinguish his fantasies from reality as the leader of the free world? 

  • Mr Fraser

    Obama is a very NICE personm, isn't he...NOT!

  • Troon

    I sure hope the republicans run on this... doing sure will guarantee their demise.  

    Seriously, no one with half a brain believes this crap.  I mean, how else do you explain the fact the current republican field refuse to touch the birther issue with a ten foot pole.   

    I see two possibilities: a) they realize the absurdity and dishonesty of birthism, or b) they are in on an elaborate conspiracy and are on the side of President Obama.

    If you think the (b) is correct, you are crazy and/or utterly stupid.  

    • Light_V_Dark



      From Paul's second letter to Timothy 

      • Troon

        Yeah, your not a lunatic!  

        • Light_V_Dark

          Gotta SMOKE? }=·Q

        • Troon

          Sorry, excuse the typo.  As you point out, I 
          obviously meant "you're" and not "your".  My mistake. But it doesn't make you less insane nor does it make you any less wrong. 

           I'm glad those running this country--including the Republicans, whom I tend to disagree with--aren't as nuts are you people are.  Get a life, take some anti-psychotics and learn to cope with the fact that the garbage you peddle  is dismissed by the rest of the citizens of this fine county as the filth, lies, and insanity it is.  

          I bet you also believe Elvis is still alive, along with JFK; 9/11 was an inside job; and aliens live in Roswell.  Take off your tin foil hat, climb out of the cave that is your parents basement and join the rest of us in the sunlight that is reality.  IYou are a pathetic fool who spends too much time in the online muck of far fetched conspiratorial balderdash.  

        • Light_V_Dark

          Satanic Poltroon...

          You are a silly little person...YOU FEEL, that I'm your enemy. I couldn't GAF less where you put your pee pee, or where you take another's. If you murder innocent people and indoctrinate somebody else's children with your SOCIALIST CRUD, then I have a problem...Sorry...

          From Paul's second letter to Timothy  (2Timothy)1 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be LOVERS OF THEMSELVES, LOVERS OF MONEY, BOASTFUL, PROUD, ABUSIVE, DISOBEDIENT TO THEIR PARENTS, UNGRATEFUL, UNHOLY, 3 WITHOUT LOVE, UNFORGIVING, SLANDEROUS, WITHOUT SELF-CONTROL, BRUTAL, NOT LOVERS OF THE GOOD, 4 TREACHEROUS, RASH, CONCEITED, LOVERS OF PLEASURE RATHER THAN LOVERS OF GOD— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH SUCH PEOPLE(emphasis throughout).

          I'd like to see this nasty, possessed, filthy, STUPID, MURDEROUS, little Defarge_Clone take a bullet to the forehead. That's what it's going to take, I'm afraid. Obviously, our Pharoah is on her side.



        • Troon

          Oh btw, the correct grammar would be, "Your is possessive, stupid."  Not, "'your, is possessive, stupid."  

          You added an unnecessary comma.  And, considering you reaped the same mistake I doubt is was a typo.  You obviously don't know how to correctly use the comma.  Pathetic.

        • Light_V_Dark

          Your not in you're Right mind, Comrade¡¿?!

          €=·Q GOTTA SMOKE? KILL BOOSH? ₩₩₩ um, Cuckoo, Cuckoo, CUCKOO


  • Dantu7

    ok, we all know he's bad.  Now, how do you stop him??  The election will be rigged.  He will be re-elected.

    Live with it, you folks who voted him in four yrs ago!

  • Wake up America

    The only ones that don't know this are the dumb Americans that will reelect him. That's our problem. Whether it's Obama or the next snake oil salesman, the dumb Americans will still be dumb and be taken by double talk and smoke and mirriors. Put a fork in us we're gone!

  • thinkingperson

    You people (meaning the author, commenters, anyone who believes these statements, which, by the way have absolutely no basis in reality) are INSANE. I can't believe you believe this stuff. Do you really think that one person could intimidate so many other high-level people? Do you really think one person has that much power? Obama is not a Muslim. Not a Socialist. Not a Nazi. Not a Kenyan. He's not even left-leaning; he's very centrist (as a Democrat, I find him much too conservative for my taste, and he's always kissing Republican a**).

    Please, people, educate yourselves and move beyond the divisive fear-mongering. You make me ashamed to be an American.

  • Ralph
  • Jonbubs

    LOL, are you people serious???  Obama threatened Chelsea Clinton's life, pahahahhha.  Seriously, wtf am I even doing on a webpage like this.  Hey gullible conservos, did you know that president Bush had sex with Bat Boy in 2006???  Its true, I even have the newspaper article!!!

  • Filthy Liar

    Lie all you like, but your candidate has nothing to offer America. Romney is a genuinely terrible person, and it is obvious to pretty much everyone. 65% to 25% favorability ratings. That's not a great place to be. I'm curious though. When Obama wins re-election, will you accept the will of your fellow Americans? We suffered through eight years of Bush, (who couldn't actually manage to win the popular vote the first time) why can't you deal with eight years of Obama? No matter how terrible you think he is, America won't fail. What are you so afraid of?

  • cherykie

    If you believe scripture, which I do,  It's going to get a lot worse.  This system of  man made government will come to an end, but not before great destruction and loss of life., with some puppet of satan ,proclaiming to be God , controlling humanity on a global scale. Whether obama is satan's "anointed one" or just a practice piece, remains to be seen,  but  he acts like he's in the running...

    • AKRNC

      Do you realize that Christians have been talking about it being the "end of days" for hundreds of years?  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ELLZFHV3NSAUPIBXW73ROL2QYE Gayle Pitmon

    This sounds like so much Bulls__t!!!!  And lets talk about the deficit,  Seems to me that good ole boy George W Bush got that ball rolling!!!  While Bill Clinton was in office we were in the black!!!  But I guess u had a list like this one also for him!!  Why don't u put a list on here of what the Republicans want to take away from us Americans!!!   I feel that if THEY get in, then the lower and middle class are screwed!!!!   I DON"T bring up the Race card....don't believe in it myself!!  And there's not a thing wrong with being Muslim.  It is a kind religion.  And like some "Christians"  there are Muslim's that put their own twisted beliefs from the Koran!!  But Obama is NOT one of them!!!

  • unclebarry

    Do I believe this?  You bet your fraking butt I do.  With everything I've read about Obuma and the Obuma Regime they are capable of anything and everything.  After all they have terrorists and murders "working" for them.  Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn.  Plus a sordid variety of communists, socialists, progressives and more.  This is their chance to take America.  As Obuma himself said, "fundamentally change America" as we know it.  Unless Obuma and the rest of the regime is outted---THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME AND MAYBE AMERICA'S AS WELL.

    • aniee

      It will probably be the last time we have a free election if Obama is reelected.  Next time we will all be ushered into the voting booths by the Obama malitia at gunpoint and told how to mark the ballot.  Or, maybe he'll just declare himself the king and that'll be all she wrote.

  • johnnyc

    I voted for Mr. Obama in the last election.

    I am a disabled veteran served my country honorably

    Vietnam Era 2 tours Yankee station south china sea.


    My inner soul keeps asking me why did you vote for this guy?

    Yes I was Duped bamboozled lied to! You fooled  me once Obama shame on you “never again”

    How far you have fallen 
    Obama?  "What does the



    My hope was for jobs and change in 2008  our political system  was on life support  back then in my opinion - now where one step

    The changes Mr. Obama promised so convinced me and many of
    my fellow veteran brothers we voted for him, we believed he was being truthful,
    in his national campaign in 2008 it seemed to be a very positive for  our country in my opinion.

    now after 3 years Myself and all of my fellow Vets at “Club
    Tucson 900 strong”   see him for what he is .

    Where knocking on doors getting the message out showing the
    people  the trail of  lies  the

    open corruption. He continues to confuse the people His  intimidation tactics  are 
    going on unchecked – congress, Senate  both houses are filled with Dems and Republican’s
     that are running scared they know the

    not all but some very key people - they want to speak out  but will they? Who will come forward a hero maybe
    not. I am betting on millions of American’s  that  will find the truth if they seek it out  if they  listen to both sides and do a little background

    discovery for  the
    last 3 years of Obama are you better off today then you were 3 years ago?

    Anyone that won’t support his regime will have to stand fast
     and all my veteran brothers will not
    support him this coming election.

    Myself and my fellow vets at one time in our life’s  wrote a blank check which included to lay down
    our  life’s  to protect the “Constitution  of the United States Of America”

    We will not go quietly into the Void with this P.O.T.U.S . For
    thats where He is leading us  our
    country and all our children.

    We will take action by Voting him out.  




    Back in the Day


    No article of our constitution could be altered bypassed by
    any one person or infringed at the discretion of the government that was to
    ensue. It was to that government a law Mr. Obama

    But as it would have been unwise to preclude the benefit of
    "experience Mr. Obama", and in order also to prevent the accumulation
    of errors, if any should be found, and to preserve an unison of government with
    the circumstances of the State at all times, the constitution provided, that, a
    convention should be elected, within a certain AMOUNT OF TIME for the express
    purpose of revising the constitution, and making alterations, additions, or
    abolitions therein, if any such should be found necessary.


    How far have you fallen P.O.T.U.S


    There was  a regular
    process back in our country's past our government issuing out of a
    constitution, formed by the people in their original character; and that
    constitution serving, not only as an authority, but as a law of control to the
    government. It was the political bible of the Goverment and state. Scarcely a
    family was without it in the early days of country. Every member of the
    government had a copy; and nothing was more common, when any debate arose on
    the principle of a bill, or on the extent of any specifies of authority, for the
    members they would take the printed constitution out of their pocket, and read
    the chapter with which such matter in debate was connected.



    In Closing


    In forming our constitution, it was first necessary to
    consider what are the ends for which government is necessary? Secondly, what
    are the best means, and the least expensive, for accomplishing those ends?


    Our Government by the people was formed to be nothing more
    than a national association  and the
    object of this association is the good of all, as well individually as
    collectively. Every man woman and young adult wishes to pursue his occupation,
    and to enjoy the fruits of his labor’s and the produce of his property in peace
    and safety, and with the least possible interference from government and expense.

     When these things are
    accomplished, the P.O.T.U.S  should know  him being an expert on  Constitutional Law that  all the objects for which government ought to
    be established are answered.


     Thanks people 
    Vote Vote Vote



  • http://twitter.com/CathyRHunnicutt Cathy R. Hunnicutt

    American's are going the have to Unite they can't kill all of us!!!
    VOTE HIM and His Cronies out!!!!.  Make sure these voter laws stand in
    your community. Start for your local government. Vote these Communist OUT!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-E-Guthrie/1569575246 Robert E. Guthrie

    Time to take Obama and Holder by the neck to Guantanamo, bring in the CIA, and water board them both!

  • Sadiesflmema

    This is an intersting thought.....Wondered why so many in Congress seem to be unable or unwilling to take a stand against the lunatics in power....It didn't take very long for this person to rip apart the constitution and take away our rights....and the congress just lets him do it....are we all so stupid or blind or both? 

  • Mark

    you gotz to be kidding me. I must be too stoned... this whole thing is out of control...

    Mark Dulisse like to put his penis in hot pizza. Warm is still ok too.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SMLR27HJQJX5ZKZ7TFX27KABDE BUDDY

    America -or- Obama [or whatever his name is]....... choose, because you can not have both!

  • Mary

    CBS news on birth certificate


  • Mary

    Sheriff Joe's investigation to be made into E-Book and media being threatened with birth certificate issue


    • aniee

      I think Sheriff Joe is being hounded by the Feds now because of this investigation

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-White/100001515985787 Keith White

    I am concerned that Obama will create a crises and immplement martial law before the election. If you haven't read the executive order he signed last month, you should and pay attention to the wording of it. I know they say (oh, its no big deal as presidents have been signing these for years) but it is the wording that changes it dramatically. I think Obama will try to take over our country is the very near future and that scares hell out of me.
    Obama has run us over and done almost anything he wanted to do because he had control of the House and Senate, 9and it looks as if he wants control of the Supreme Court also), but since he lost the house in 2010 and he has a small handy-cap he is looking to something dramatic.

    It is past time for Americans to force Obama to produce the documents that prove he is eligile and if not GET HIM OUT OF THE WHITEHOUSE AND INTO THE BIG HOUSE.. This administration is a joke and has one scandle after the other and has made the United States the laughing stock of the world. How many scandles have been about the secret service in history? How many since Obama, what or who is trying to discredit the secret service and is Obama doing it to install a Chicago type thugery,( R. Trumka will probably be involved).

    We have the scandle of recess appointments, GSA, Solendra and all the other green energy grants, loans or maybe gifts. We have Fast and Furious and Holder lieing to congeress and stonewalling, Holder dropping charges against the Black Panthers in PA, Holder fileing suits against TX for voting laws, AZ for immigration laws and more as the list goes on, and on, and on.

    When are we going to wake up America? If we wait till America is lost we will never be able to get her back. I PRAY FOR OUR PEOPLE AND AMERICA, BUT WE HAVE TO WAKE UP VERY SOON.

  • TheRight

    How about the good barrister Obama ??? ... oh wait he had his licence pulled... oh wait.... he voluntarily surrendered it... Know what that means, it was going to get yanked from him so he gave it up.  Nice. Who does that?  What lawyer will give up their license with out a fight. He got caught red handed???  Oh ... and his wife, Michelle, she lost hers a year or two earlier.  Its time to toss these bums out of office.

    • AKRNC

      Both Michelle and the President still have their licenses, they are on inactive status which is quite common when you're not working as an attorney.  Stop using things that have been debunked in order to further additional lies.  Legal records show no active proceedings against them or disciplinary action. 

      This is just more nonsense from the birther crowd who can't handle the fact that they don't like our President for whatever reasons they may have.  I'm sure that Hillary Clinton would have been willing to work for a man who threatened the life of her daughter...NOT.  In fact, this is so ridiculous that it's laughable.  What's next? 

      • aniee

        Why is it so laughable.  Maybe that was part of a deal.  Maybe she felt like she should 'keep her enemy close.'

  • bluedye33139

    I'm assuming that y'all are capitalizing Birther Movement because it's your religion?

  • afanaglenn

    This despot has to go. He has threatened the Clinton family, Bill, Hillary and even Chelsea, and no telling how many other people, including Sheriff Arpaio. The press seems to fear him, as does members of his own party, and apparently many republicans as well. It is either his czars or his socialist family of thugs that has placed fear in anyone who opposes him. I just thought then when I saw a newspaper or a someone threatened by the Obama people that it just a mistake or someone out of hand, but it seems as though this is Obamas way of ruling.

    His right to take people out without an arrest or any challenge fits into the whole thing now. Difficult to image just aking someone off the streets and not hearing from them. EVERYONE should ber SCARED of this OBAMA group/gang of socialists.

    And soon he is going to be monitoring everything you say and do on the internet. Good lord. What have we wrought?

  • Marie Ann

    Why is everyone afraid?

  • Don Ro

    Now, people may believe me when I say the only thing that will save the United States of America is an armed revolution!

  • Scott Warneck

    It's time to have Bill Clinton brought in to testify just what he knows about Obama.  And, this time not let him ask what "is" is!


    Haha and people are so blinded by their stupidity to even realize this. 
    Common people educate yourselves your so called hero is a thug,
    but you know what what comes around goes around.
    Eventually he will have to back off because what he has done IS ILLEGAL!!!
    Soon he will have to pay back every single little penny he has spent.

    • aniee

      with what?  He spent all our money.

  • senior65gal

    This video is a MUST watch! Only a few minutes long.

  • Sweetroller56

    one thing we can do is get trained to be poll watchers. We must not let him steal the election. http://www.truethevote.org or http://www.verifythevoteaz.org

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=644152750 Vincent Eagan

    It would seem to me that if your life or the life of someone you love was threatened, the first thing you would do is to go public as quickly and as visibly as possible. Were a person to do that, they aren't going to get hurt, because it would confirm everything they said about the one who threatened. Of course, then you might be in danger from some nut who WANTS everything you said about the threatener to appear to be true!

  • craigmayberry

    Nothing will ever happen with this. It will never get reported in the news media. No one in government has the guts to take the Chicago machine to task. Intimidation, lies, deceit and simple thuggery Is the Obama way. Kind of like the Bolsheviks, Lennin, Trotsky, Stalin and the boys. They wouldn't mind seeing millions die if they could take complete control.

  • ilenerichman

    I believe Obama was born in Hawaii. But every birth certificate has the religion of the newborn. I believe on Obama's birth certificate, the religion denoted on the birth certificate was "Muslim" due to his father's "Muslim" religion. That is the reason Obama will not produce his birth certificate. He does not want to disclose his religion as a "Muslim".

  • BOB

    I think that we need to get together and show BuckWheat what we REAL AMERICANS THINK OF HIM!
    Lets make a video and put it on You Tube showing us Saluting Obugger with OUR MIDDLE FINGERS AT FULL EXTENSION SAYING TAKE THAT YOU POS!!!

  • BOB

    I have been saying that for years, because I believe that Obugger and the CRIMINALS IN HIS CABINET WOULD DO ANYTHING NO MATTER HOW EVIL TO KEEP BUCKWHEAT IN ORIFICE.
    Did you hear that Obugger is going to run for reelection with Sylvester Stallone as vice president, and pelosi as Secretary of State, They will run as SAMBO, RAMBO, AND BIMBO. LOL

  • http://joewatchestv.blogspot.com/ @JoeWatchesTV

    This is the funniest thing I've read online in ages.

  • R.Woodworth

    Is there a soldier guarding in that Whitehouse that can use a gun and become a hero.........?

  • 1withourfoundingfathers_2

    Where are the people willing to die for truth? Isn't there a politician or a judge who will do what is right and honest despite the threats. Are we as a people so cowardly that we would not die in the cause for freedom as the people living during the American Revolution were? Freedom is not free. We need an organization out there, filled with people like us that won't back down. We need to be out in the streets making noise. We need to flood our politicians with phone calls, emails and letters. We need to write letters to the editors of our newspapers. Is there a cause to join out there?

  • ivan47

    it is immoral not to resist aggression…whether in matters personal, political, religious or in statecraft, … , it matters not, … , to not resist aggression is to aid and abet the aggressor, and to assure that after your demise at his hands, he will seek the conquest of another. whatever you may feel the worth of the stance to you as a personal matter, by adopting such a stance, you assure the suffering of another: no high blown assertion of morality can escape this essential fact, and to inflict this suffering on another, perhaps less capable of protecting him or herself than you, is immoral, unethical, and unforgivable. and, it is cowardice it is therefore immoral not to resist the marxist/islamic totalitarian aggression against the western civilization by obama

  • Sg8peace

    As an African American and retired master sergeant of marines I am almost ashamed to be an American because of what we are letting happen to this great country. When the government ceases to serve the people,, the people have a right to get rid of it. What are we waiting on ???????

  • http://twitter.com/oldfox oldfox [terry seale]

    I don't believe it. Do you think that people like the Clintons, like anybody who would be President, or a Governor, or a Prosecutor, or a Cop is intimidated by death threats? That's why they have the Secret Service. I am way Right but without proof that theory is too preposterous for a Magnum P.I. plot.

  • politicstick

    This explains why Justice Roberts suddenly changed his entire ideology just weeks before the historic decision.

  • Nicols

    I came to the US 20 years ago from the USSR. I hate totalitarian regime and I hoped that America is the advanced country in the sense of observing democracy and human dignity. And now I see that the group of the international criminals from US, Saudi and Russia using fraud, intimidation, blackmail, put illegal alien Hussein Obama into the White House.
    Soviet Parliament Supreme Council and today's Duma are group of highly corrupted idiots and criminals who fulfill commands from the dictators.
    It is a pain to see, how the great country USA gradually became similar to USSR, and its Congress is converting to Russian Duma.

  • American

    The military will, when the sh*t hits the fan. The military leaders have an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the U.S. , as it was written, not interpreted.
    When Obama tries to seize control, he will be removed or eliminated.

  • Dennis


  • MIKE6080

    So , if this is true why didnt Bill come foward and have all of the sobs in prison ? Doesnt he still have the secret service watching him ? If the demonrats are this bad then they should be hunted down and eliminated

  • john

    I'm never short of amazed at how easy it is to manipulate the general populace. It's nothing short of scary how supposedly educated individuals fall for stories JUST like these. Throw in a bit of writing eloquence, coupled with the possibility that someone is getting over on someone and VIOLA! Instantly fiction becomes fact and a conspiracy is born. Of course what's the risk if throwing these fabrications out there if you have no integrity to lose?


      This is not fiction you Obama lover, Obama is a communist was raised by communists and surrounds himself with communusts, radical muslims, marixsts and socialists. You had better get your head out of the sand.

  • Dave A

    There is something sinister happening in America which is far from the news media’s attention.

    Why is the government purchasing non military grade (hollow point) ammunition?

    This type of ammunition is outlawed by the Geneva Convention for warfare.
    Why would the IRS require ammunition?

    The claim it is for qualification training is a farce.
    My Air Force qualification with the 30 caliber carbine used military grade ammunition. (non hollow point)

    The strong outpouring to confiscate the guns of law abiding Americans is also sinister in nature.
    Enter voter fraud, fear this will be the tipping point of the American people revolting. (Civil War)

    Obama: “we must be ready for the Tea Party”

  • frankmlinar

    I read the title of this post and burst out laughing. I read the post and realized that the author is one paranoid dude. This is pure fiction. The very concept that the Obama people can do this without backlash (besides posts like this) is ludicrous. The final paragraph is testimony to the high level of paranoia in this post.

    • FireMall

      The ammo "IS" For the Backlash the Communist in the White House and Congress know dam well will be a hindrance to their Master's plans, aka, U.N. agenda.
      You are one Hyper Naive Useful Idiot as well as Very Historically Challenged .

  • frankmlinar

    ...Unless, of course, you people write these things to get a rise out of people.

  • tyedyed69

    The World may never know what happened but we do know that we do not
    have proof that Mr. Obama is eligible to be POTUS since Mr. Obama has
    sealed his records.

    • allen goldberg

      Worse than that
      He took money under his real name...Barry Soetoro
      never legally changed his name to anything else
      lost his law license in Illinois under sealed records
      held an Indonesian passport as a citizen of that country
      And has refuse to answers questions other than to ridicule and demonize anyone who dares to ask...

  • ort

    Almighty God is the only one who can remove this cancer from among us. I suggest we all get down on our faces and implore Him for mercy.

  • finabiscotti

    I believe his Thugocracy has threatened everyone. Remember on numerous occasions when certain members began boldly speaking-out about Rahm Emmanuel's intimidation tactics - threatening everyone to not speak out against Obama or his Radical Agenda - then nothing happened about it = would be swept under the rug.
    During the same time of Bill Clinton's best friend getting murdered = "reason unknown" - there were TWO Clinton delegates - who died - who were outspoken about what Obama was doing to win the Democratic Party's nomination - through his bold and brazen thuggery =
    1) died in a car crash allegedly from a heart attack: 2) Kam Kuwata - was mysteriously murdered execution style - who was actively working to get someone elected as California State Attorney General - who would prosecute Obama's Illegal campaign contributions - from FOREIGN countries = $300 MILLION - run through a single bank in California.
    Kuwata was also a close friend and associate of Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein.
    Eric Holder as US AG refuses to investigate the murder of Kam Kumata.
    Hillary Clinton's delegate Kam Kuwata was working against Kamala Harris to be elected as California State Attorney General.
    Kamala Harris as California State Attorney General - has yet to prosecute Obama's Illegal campaign contributions. Her brother-in-law Tony West was placed in the #3 position at the DOJ - working under Eric Holder. Prior to his "appointment" Tony West worked at the law firm that handled the numerous legal challenges to Obama's "ineligibility" issues.
    Kamala Harris was/is expected to be Obama's next nominee to the US Supreme Court.

  • finabiscotti

    watch the documentary = WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED".
    Hillary Clinton actually won the votes - in the primary - for the Democratic Party's nomination.

  • finabiscotti

    Don't forget about South Bend, Indiana - REAL people as Voters had their signatures FORGED on the petitions - to have obama's name placed on the election ballot in Indiana.
    It was stated that if this FRAUD would have been discovered - prior to the 2008 election, it would have prevented Obama's name from being placed on the ballot - in the State of Indiana.

  • finabiscotti

    ACORN's Bertha Lewis - escaped Justice - again - although Seven democrat "leaders" eventually pled guilty to Vote Fraud in TROY, NY - when involved in submitting and/or handling forged and fraudulent absentee ballot votes - for ACORN's Working Families Party - that involved a Troy Housing Authority employee - providing the names of former tenants in the housing projects from vacated apartments.
    This method of Vote Rigging - is expected to have been perpetrated in every county, in every city, in every State in the USA for the 2008 presidential election.
    ACORN's "Working Families Party" - is the regurgitation of the Marxist "New Party" - that dissolved when Election Laws were passed - because of the way in which "The New Party" was affecting the electoral process.
    Obama had sought the endorsement of Marxism-based "The New Party" - when he was running for elected positions in his State of Illinois. This is evidenced by the New Party's posters celebrating their endorsement of candidates = Barack Obama, et al.

  • John Brashear

    obama neednt worry, we have no leaders with spines, obama under an 1875 US Supreme Court decision cannot be eligible, the court ruled in a "Natural Born" case between Happersett v. Minor" "parents" must be US Citizens.....not one, not mother, not father but "Parents" must both be US Citizens...that leaves obama out, his Father was never a US citizen...

  • bonnieblue2A

    Given the bodies in Arkansas when Clinton was Gov. and Hillary's role as Lady MacBeth for the Obama administration; I have difficulty believing anyone could successfully threaten the Clinton's and not turn up dead. The Clinton machine is much more powerful than Obama's Chicago thugs.

    • http://aliasbarackobama.blogspot.com/ Dr. Ron Polland

      The Clintonsd



  • http://www.facebook.com/randy.laclair Randy Laclair

    it can work both ways-bring it on

  • rose

    well,I agree, one hundred percent, this will be the last election. Obama, will become the ruler of the united states, the dictator. Everyone needs to go see the movie 2016 ,,that will open their eyes," whoever doesn't believe",to what is clearly the truth.Please, wake up america, think about your children, your grand kids, this is very serious. We are free right now, god help us if he is reelected in 2012, I believe it will be the change everyone is talking about, from freedom to socialism, and worse.

  • CJ

    This is a disgrace! Why are the people allowing this to go on?!
    This must be passed on to all on your e-mail lists. Get this out ....asap!!!

  • Bdooleyia

    the clintons are just as corrupt as obama if this is the truth as i suspect is!!!!!!  they are all progressives,marixsts,socialists,radical muslins lovers,and communists !!!!REMOVE him from office    


    I'm not so sure about that. As powerful as the Clinton political machine is and has always been, I think they've more than met their match in the power of Obama's Chicago machine. Little Rock can't hold a candle to Chicago when it comes to pure corruption.

    • Kristmas

      its already news that it happened with the California director coming out on tv and saying it.   These people are the same kind as the BOLSHEVIKS that took over Russia , and mass killed millions who they saw as their potential enemies . They will stop at nothing, much less warning Clintons

  • fatal42

    Sooner or Later it will all come out.
    Obummer and his thugs can't KILL everybody!
    We'll get him . if this is true !
    GOD Bless America !!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KW5UUM3FRMKPYNVXC52FHLELSI JoanLady777

    This is hard to believe..if it is true ;how did he #1 get into the running? #2 how did he stay in as president? Wow huh? America,land of the Free and home of the brave,oh yes,One Nation under God.Let God reign.God is the Ancient King of Glory and still sitting on the throne..and very much in control.If America will not repent away from her wicked ways turning back to God...God no longer protects America.and God will allow the complete fall of America.2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. America,Repent before it is way too late .

  • Kristmas

    Some one needs to ask them on tv or recording it to see their reaction.
    Why is the world getting the shaft by the international bankers and no one fights back or arrests the crooks. They ve already been caught manipulating the market.  Arrest them all including Rothchilds  and THEN do what Obama says.... redistribute the wealth... of the BANKS

    • Sandysspirit

      you must be reading far left crap

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6XFSLQ5ZBZK65BI2QCI4O452XA Mama Mia

    The American people will not stand for another 4 years of Commie Obama and his band of power hungry corrupt minions destroying our country!! We will NOT accept this lying FRAUD as our president and he must be exposed for the human garbage that he is!!

  • Shebe

    How can one guy be this powerful? REALLY???

  • BCre8f2

    Isn't this the kind of stuff our Founders fought against? How do we organize to take our Country back? Those with power are evidently cowards.

  • cmunit
  • JacksonPearson
  • jojo

    Dang! The Mafia is in the house,,,,The White House,,,That is.This is exactly what i have suspected for some time."Blackmale,or threats on lives.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000602023918 John Lee

    I might be thrown into jail at anytime for my criticism of our present government. I know that my Senator asked, no demanded that I not send him any more criticism for his voting with the Democrats on may issues since Obama has become president. We say that President GW Bush failed to keep our country on a raising economy, but all congress was controled by the Democrats at the time and they tied his hands. Obama's supporters were calling the shots.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frankies-Coffee/100000077375019 Frankie's Coffee

    I have been saying for the last 3 months, If we don't get millions of people to vote for Romney the Dems will WIN, by cheating, I know in my heart that is the only way Harry Reid is still in DC. They had the Union ACLU work on the voting machines just before the election. But maybe we can give them enough numbers in the polls, saying we are voting DEM and people will stay home because they will think he's going to win without their vote. Maybe the machine should spit out a receipt showing your votes, if it comes out different it can be voided and vote over. Huh great idea, right now I don't trust them. Wish we could get this done before the election LOL. thats a joke, unless we get ticketmaster or ebay to do it. I'd almost bet nobady has thought of a voting receipt, proving your votes are right, I know it's late in the game but this might make a big difference in the outcome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anna-Salerno/100001437400168 Anna Salerno

    obama = evil muslim fraud usurper, hates the US of A and the wealthy, only loves him self!!
    Romney = honest faith based life, loves the US of A and people not afraid of a budget and cutting expenses from government budget!!

  • Doug Hensley

    It's actually impossible to believe that Obama has threatened the lives of the children of some large number of Republicans.

    That's full-blown conspiracy-theory thinking. Cmon. Somebody would have talked. Damn near everybody would have talked. There would have been an explosion of denunciations, passionate and bitter. And if anybody had then died, ---incalculable consequences. No one could reckon on getting away with carrying through with such threats.

    So it didn't happen. Obama doesn't seem to be the type to have done anything like that, but even if he were, he wouldn't have dared, and if he had been the type and had dared, most of those who would have been threatened would have gone ballistic, not gone silent.

    The scenario is triply absurd. The madman is the one who credits it, not the president.

    • http://www.facebook.com/linda.watrous.98 Linda Watrous

      Your a flaming liberal with your blinders on and your head up your a$$. Obama is a very evil man and would do anything to destroy our nation and declare himself dictator for the balance of his life. Obama belongs to the muslim brotherhood and both his father and grandfather were communists. Obama was educated in the US on a student visa just like the visa this terrorist has that tried to blow up the federal building. Wake up and exercise your brain for a change.

    • john doe

      Doug, it's now 10 months after your comment. Do you still not see what is happening? BENGHAZAI, IRS, AP, FAST & FURIOUS, etc. I have liberal and conservative friends but must say, majority of Liberals do not use facts and common sense when looking things. They are lead by their hearts first, then brains. On the other hand, extreme right wingers many times, don't have a heart. I am neither. I'm a free thinker but how can you not see how Obama is dividing this country like no other president, continues to spend money we don't have, has added 8 trillion to the debt, which will be a total of 20 trillion once he's out of office after his second term, he supports the Muslim Brotherhood, recites the Qur'an in perfect Arabic, says the most beautiful sounds are the call to prayer, gave Libya air support without congress approval, signed off on allowing drone strikes on U.S. soil, has executed more drone strikes than Bush, signed the NDAA, which allows citizens to be detained, indefinitely. Shall I go on? This coming from someone who voted for Obama in 2008 but stopped listening to his beautifully written speeches and started to watch what Obama does, not what he says.

  • Feedler

    I simply cannot trust the voting system to be delivered with true factual numbers? The con-
    trolling faction of the voting results (to me) are suspect? In the voting of the current President
    of IRAN is a prime example. After the death of the former dictator/president; the people of Iran wanted free voting to choose their next president. Overwhelmingly, they chose another
    candidate. Consequently, the current President won the election????

  • http://www.facebook.com/carol.magee.315 Carol Magee

    I heard this story a while ago, I believe it to be true

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Morrison/1698892019 George Morrison

    it shows how cowardly these politicians can be,however he cannot intimidate all of them hence if they care anything about their country they should all stand up to this wannbe dictator and show his a_s the road this assult on our country has gone on way too long

  • http://twitter.com/isflame iris

    Why do you think he does not seem worried about these debates? He was probably reamed by his puppet masters to "make it look as if he were concerned" about beating Romney.
    By the way, have u noticed the news from other countries, some "people" have been "negoitiating" within the past few days with the i a &*%%told*%$ja. I find that more than coincidence after I heard about some pictures that came from that area after meeting with the big shots from u tha n a shuns a few weeks ago and r u mrs of hiding sum pics. Ceck it out. ther r beter jpu na lsts across da pond.

  • Citizen-Veteran

    From a macro perspective - supported by circumstantial evidence - Obama should be impeached if re-elected or indicted if defeated on 6 November. The trouble is that the FBI is needed to penetrate the well-funded Obama and DNC extensive cover-up operations on Obama's past. The Press will not do it. AG Holder has the FBI wrapped up for now. All of the US Attorney's are in Holder's pocket. Federal judges, including the SCOTUS, have demonstrated cowardice in accepting any related cases. To restore the Nation's Fundemental Law - the US Constitution - it will take a new Republican Administration. Otherwise, America is facing an internal collapse at all levels so serious that future generations will curse today's generation for incredible stupidity, cowardice, and . . . treason. So be it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.stewart.71216 Bill Stewart

    ROMNEY RYAN 2012 b cause this time we really need CHANGE...

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/JoAnn-Warner/100000558756529 JoAnn Warner

    This interview needs to be seen by every American.We must stop this man from taking down our country.

  • Bond

    Obama is definitely a scary person, assuming that what this person is saying is true, and I'm inclined to think it is, if Obama does get himself reappointed, kiss this Country as we know it goodbye. From the second Obama appeared out of nowhere he has wreaked of corruption.Listening to his speeches If I didn't know better I'd swear I was in the Old Soviet Union and listening to the head of the KGB. How, with the economy being in shambles and the Libya Lies, could this guy ever legimately get re-elected?Are American's really this gullible?

  • http://www.facebook.com/earl.small.142 Earl Small

    Well I just hope that all the SOLDIERs that couldn't vote cause of obamass's having the three states that supposley forgetting to send the ballots out sues them and congress for letting it happening!!!! This whole dealings with obama is a farst and setup do he can destroy AMERICA.
    Hope it turns into voter fraud on obama's side and then he needs to be put in prison! The black panthers need to get their head out of their you know what and move on from the 60's movement. We need to take america back

  • DSmith6605


    • Lois A Scherr

      So so true

  • DSmith6605

    Last night I went
    to bed a bit early,...deliberately staying unaware of the ongoing election

    I went to bed in a slightly-scarred but still free Democratic Republic of the
    United States of America...

    This morning I find that I have awaken into the battle-scarred and soon to
    become Socialistic Society of the Czar Obama...

    Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Khrushev, Lenin and Marx must be smiling in
    their graves...

    And the likes of Castro, Chavez, Putin, Karzai, Ahmadinejad, etc, are
    undoubtedly doing the Whoopee-Doo Dance...like wild dogs smelling the up-coming

    The Useful Idiots
    (as Stalin would have called them) have done their job...They have once again
    delivered the United States into the claws of the anti-American, pro-Muslim
    Socialist, Obama the Destroyer...

    Last election many of them may have only been ignorant...This time they were
    deliberate...and they have put America on the chopping block...Their ongoing
    ignorance coupled with blind-party-loyalty, racism and their vehement (possibly
    subconscious?) hate for America have put America on the downward path to
    Socialism and all the despair and destruction which accompanies Socialism...

    The Useful Idiots have given to Obama and his administration what no
    anti-American foreign power has ever been able to get...A foot-hold in America
    and Control over America...

    And, now ALL of America will suffer for it...

    Obama now has his "mandate" from his loyal followers...His
    "mandate" to continue with the destruction of America and his plans
    for changing America into a Socialistic Feudal Nation with himself as life-long

    All thanks to the Useful Idiots...

    To all the Useful
    Idiots...Laugh and smile and dance your little victory dance while you
    may...BUT...You also,...ALL of you...will suffer right along with the rest of
    America as Obama continues to Tax-and-Spend and continues to destroy industry
    and the Business Sector...

    >And continues to drive the price of Oil and Gas and Utilities through the
    proverbial roof...You, too, will pay through the nose to heat your houses and
    drive your vehicles...

    >And continues with all his other damaging anti-American policies...

    >And continues with his executive orders which circumvent the Constitution
    and which will continue to rob Americans of their freedoms and constitutional

    >And continues to cause the ongoing loss of jobs...better hang-on to
    whatever job you have 'cause there ain't gonna be very many produced in the

    >Hope you, also, enjoy all the "hidden" taxes in ObamaCare that
    are going to be kicked-in in 2013...taxes which will cost ALL Americans
    thousands more in lost income...

    >And Obama's EPA rulings that are designed to destroy the Coal
    industry...More job losses and more higher prices (electricity and heat) for

    >And more of your typical Socialist/Democratic egregious spending...with no
    money to pay for those programs except what they can squeeze out of the
    remaining tax-payers...

    >And more increases in the welfare and food-stamp roles...which those of us
    who still pay taxes will have to absorb and pay-for...

    You don't think that you'll be "exempt" of these costs and taxes...do
    you?....Looks like the laugh is on you.

    Unfortunately, we all and our Country will be the losers...

    And these are just at the tip of the Obama Iceberg...

    Thank-You to the
    Useful Idiots who voted for Obama...If you are one of them, maybe you should
    take a deep, searching, and honest look into the mirror and realize what you
    have done...You have unleashed a Monster on America and it WILL devour all of
    us...Thank You for your unthinking and blind stupidity...

    To all the
    rest...those who voted for Romney and America...Thank You...We have crossed the
    allegorical "line in the sand" at America's 21st Century Alamo...and
    stood our ground...

    Unfortunately there were not enough of us...The "entitlement class"
    people and the blinded-liberals and socialist-democrats and the stupid and the
    racists have stormed the walls and run us and America through with their

    Now...We will ALL suffer...Socialism has NEVER worked and

    America, thanks to the Useful Idiots, is to be Socialism's next victim...

  • dennis


  • simpletony1

    Why not, he's that evil, and the Clintons are pretty comfortable in 2nd place. Oh, and in answer to Jenny 7 months ago...we do. It's God.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/JoAnn-Warner/100000558756529 JoAnn Warner

    I believe when people resort to threats,,fear tactics,and intimidation,are holding on to their power and control.

  • blackyb

    It is time

  • blackyb

    It makes me wonder who is foolish enough to threaten someones daughters when their own daughters could be threatened.

  • blackyb

    Don't leave out the demoralization of our troops with this gay agenda and preventing them from getting their votes counted. That is nothing less than 'in your face' to our troops. This man is pure 'T' evil and is not good enough to light on American soil, let alone be in charge of this great nation. He must go NOW.

  • Saintsation

    Require Barack Obama To Allow The Public Examination Of His Birth Certificate Records & His College & University Records.


    • Lois A Scherr

      Good luck on that one..

  • Saintsation
    • http://www.american-partisan.com/ Tim Rollins

      Petitions for the White House are (to use a line from the movie 'Swordfish', like fishing in a catch-and-release stream...it's like masturbation without the payoff.

      Petitions to the WH accomplish NOT A DAMNED THING, unless you are a groupie of the Godless Kenyan Muslim Impostor-anti-American-in-Chief...who five years later, is STILL guzzling his unconstitutional Kool-Aid...

      There! I said it! Freedom of Speech in Action...

      • Saintsation

        Glad to your awake

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003961394056 Lauritz Heinze

    I have advocated killing obama and most other liberals for awhile now. When an activity that seems unconscionable is really the only thing that will save this nation, then all of you gutless whiners need to shut the he11 up and leave the dirty work to those of us who really care about the USA! In fact, who better to take a position in having obama killed off than Bill and Hillary, the two people responsible for having Vince Foster killed as well as Ron Brown and who knows how many others?

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.brashear.31 John Brashear

    it is patently incorrect to say AG Holder struck down Voter ID laws, in fact 15 states had Voter ID laws and not one of those States voted for obama, , Oklahoma has a strict voter ID law requiring a photo, yet AG Holder never sued Oklahoma, the Only states AG Holder sued were states with very close races, since he knew he wasn't going to change the Reddest State, Oklahoma who has never had One county vote for obama, in either election


    Hey Bill, the 'time is right' for you to spill what you know!

  • http://www.facebook.com/frankmarshall.davisjr.3 Christian Christian

    The Supreme Court is following directives from the Bi-racial Muslim. Only the U.s. Military can stop the Government Fraud and Corruption! Give 100% support to the U.S. Military!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Reis/666183972 Linda Reis

    for conspiracy theory this has some feasible points to it...I always wondered why Hillary quit a campaign that seemed to be at the very least on the same level of being successful as obama's own...


    I have always said the Obama is a racist KENYAN PIG PERIOD!

    • Smurfet

      He is a bigot & so are his pals

    • Godmother

      Ever notice how all these people have dead parents all over the place? Creepy.

  • Texas

    More Republicoon BS

    • Smurfet

      It is a little hard to believe but your comment also shows the lack of critical thinking skills & open mindedness. I also, a long time ago started to question everything that either party immediately calls 'birthers'. I'm not a Ventura nut & think people have lizard eyes (now that is nutty) nor do I believe we faked landing on the moon. But I am open minded enough to consider that this administration, as have most in modern times have lied to us. I look at what is happening right now. I also look at the fact that almost every single warning given before the elections about him have come true

      • Lois A Scherr

        It is only because the dems want to win and they did..now how do we fix the problems obama has done to our nation.. So afraid for my grandchildren. Will they have to live as socialist. I pray this cannot happen.. Please God hear our prayers..

  • http://www.facebook.com/Target.Tracker Wayne McGregor

    Funny seeing how the Clintons know how to get people killed better than any other President- they personally had a statistical impossiblity of 47 people they personally knew died around them...think about that so who is teaching Obama ? Hillary because we all know Bill isn't smart enough!

    • Brenda Thompson

      just as Gladys said I didn't
      even know that any body able to earn $9622 in a few weeks on the
      computer. did you look at this page w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

    • Godmother

      Rough at the top!

  • DawnDale

    I have no way to prove or disprove what is true in this post. I know that I have zero trust of Obama and his so-called administration, but how could all of this be real and no one able to tell the world? If so, then we are done as a people and I don't believe that has happened. God has His plan for us and though I don't know what it is at this point, I do know He isn't afraid of Obama or anyone else. What we must do is look to Him a day at a time and together to save what we were given - A free and blessed country that formed according to His words, but we are failing at honoring them.

    • Lois A Scherr

      God is waiting for all of us to come back to Him.. We need to pray like we never have before that God will help us get our America back..before obama will turn us all into socialism.. GOD help us all.

  • Jack Perry

    I know that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were active in the campaign to the office of POTUS and telling folks that Obama was not eligible for the office of POTUS then suddenly and without explanation Hillary SUSPENDED her campaign for POTUS. Now, the problem with this sudden action is that Hillary was ahead in the running. SO... Obama threw her a bone and made her the SOS then in Sept 2012 threw her under the bus and ended her chance to successfully win in 2016 for POTUS. She left SOS and there are rumors that the animosity between the two can be cut with a dull knife.

    On the matter of Obama eligibility Article II Section 1 Clause 5 states "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."

    The Constitution was considered in effect on June 21, 1788 having been ratified in nine of the 13 states, then existing.

    At the time of the adoption of the Constitution no one was a natural born citizen and fitting all the other requirements so the founding fathers put in a caveat to allow the country to start. John Tyler was the first POTUS (#10) to be "natural born citizen".

    However, unless Barack Hussein Obama, Jr is at least 225 years old he was not alive when the Constitution became effective to the United States and that he was allegedly born in Hawaii does not change this date;... nice try though.... wonder how many stupid people fell for that one.

    Natural born has two qualifications: 1) Born in the United States or a territory or possession and 2) Born to two parents that are citizens of the United States.

    In 1961 Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was somewhere on the planet earth, this much is definitely certain. Some argue that it's Hawaii and some say it's Kenya, but in both cases it's Earth. The mother Ann Durham is/was a United States Citizen, the father was a citizen of Kenya or to the Republic of Kenya to the date of death and never became a United States citizen, by birth or naturalized.

    To the best information possible, Kenya was never annexed by the United States of America.

    Therefore, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr is not qualified to be President of the United States. It's really that simple.

    At best Barack is a dual-national citizen of the United States. One nationality is American and the other is Kenyan. For this reason the government of Kenya comments that one of their sons is the POTUS and they are actually correct on that note.

    Alexander Hamilton stated that the reason for natural born citizen was do that POTUS' allegiance would be strictly to the United States' citizens and no other governments.

  • http://www.dauntlesspost.com douglasdauntless

    The Clintons,. like all Global Elitists don't mind if you die or are murdered, but they don't want to die or their families murdered. If that article is true, why didn't they call the FBI, or any other Government agency they were in charge of and have Obama put in jail. The person who told Hillary to take a back seat was Senator Diann Feinstein at her home in California. The Clintons and Feinstein are big time members of the Bilderbergers run by the richest people in the World. Rockefeller is the head and brains of this group, who pick and choose who will be Presidnet.

  • allen goldberg

    Among other things, like voter fraud, threats were his M.O.

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    http://www.alternet.org/education/billionaire-bill-gates-and-his-army-reformers-terrible-idea-bringing-ruthless-corporate#! I think that Mexico and USA may be better than India, if we let the mexican and US PhD and scientists work together in each module of the ERP, and créate something really advance for our civilization, mexican american should be working together for a new Era. The true is that the mexican and US education is without direction to have it, http://breakingthenewstoday.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/48000-children-in-india-paralysed-by.html it is necessary to unify all the level of education, and structure the knowledge by modules at all the levels to créate the productivity models, I created. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTMv2XAUHP4 The mexican and US government should work at all levels of the mexican and US education and structure the knowledge in the way to be more productive, protect our companies, our Nation. https://www.facebook.com/notes/adalberto-cervantes-rodriguez/how-did-oracle-steal-my-ideas/484337798305612 No podemos dejar las empresas mexicanas y americanas en manos de estos tipos por falta de acuerdos en el sector educativo, realmente falta un reforma educativa que redunde productivamente en el sistema mexicano y americano https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=474264039355030&set=vb.388313877950047&type=2&theater

  • Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news%2Flocal&id=9315057 Andrew Pease and CPS San Antonio are criminals. http://www.c-spanvideo.org/clip/4470083 Obama is using CPS against iT consultants and finance top managers . http://lnkd.in/bEeAMkH Possible human traffic activities between DIF Mexico and CPS San Antonio, and relation with the catholic Pope.
    The pope start visiting and made business with them, The catholic church has to recuperate the money of the sues against them in ...USA. He knew about the killing of millions of Chineses of a religious group, Chineses offered him the life of the Chinese children of this religious group (Genocide massacre in China). Good opportunity, he contacted Hillary Clinton, and Calderon, opus dei members, business done in high level. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=597179103688604&set=gm.1395847987322366&type=1&theater
    It seems that Joaquin Castro works for the China Imperium including India and their satellites countries like Mexico. Human Traffic between DIF Mexico to CPS San Antonio of Mexican, children from India and Chinese children. Allowing investment of American and Mexican mafias in San Antonio. Shame on Joaquin Castro. The true will come soon.
    Calderon and his wife controlled DIF Mexico, the only entity similar to Child Protective Services in USA and with legal authority to USCIS (Immigration), Calderon and his wife were the only taking decision of adoption in Mexico through the States, instead of help many children to legalize their situation in the States, they used them as a personal business, each child more than 15,000.00 USD, they were coming from China, India and also Mexican children to be given in adoption in the States, no body (Mexican, Mexican American families), even the personnel in DIF Mexico knows that DIF is the only legal entity recognized by USCIS to do that. Only my estimates annually with Chinese children are more 200 million dollars, but it was only a personal business of Calderon and Fox that no Mexican or Mexican American was beneficiated. Kidnnaping of my daughter in San Antonio, TX some year ago violating Haya Convention because of her dual citizenship, using NSA system, indian and mexican killers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbMmWryH0vE