Was Moses a Jew or Muslim and Who Did He Lead Out of Egypt?

When open my Bible to Exodus chapter 2, I read,

Now a man from the house of Levi went and took as his wife a Levite woman. The woman conceived and bore a son, and when she saw that he was a fine child, she hid him three months. When she could hide him no longer, she took for him a basket made of bulrushes and daubed it with bitumen and pitch. She put the child in it and placed it among the reeds by the river bank. And his sister stood at a distance to know what would be done to him. Now the daughter of Pharaoh came down to bathe at the river, while her young women walked beside the river. She saw the basket among the reeds and sent her servant woman, and she took it. When she opened it, she saw the child, and behold, the baby was crying. She took pity on him and said, "This is one of the Hebrews’ children." Then his sister said to Pharaoh’s daughter, "Shall I go and call you a nurse from the Hebrew women to nurse the child for you?" And Pharaoh’s daughter said to her, "Go." So the girl went and called the child’s mother. And Pharaoh’s daughter said to her, "Take this child away and nurse him for me, and I will give you your wages." So the woman took the child and nursed him. When the child grew up, she brought him to Pharaoh’s daughter, and he became her son. She named him Moses, "Because," she said, "I drew him out of the water." (Ex 2:1-10)

From this section of Scripture, it clearly states that Moses was from the tribe of Levi which makes him a Hebrew or Jew.  And when I read Exodus 12, I see numerous references to Moses and the people of Israel.  When Pharaoh told Moses to take his people out to worship his God, he said,

And Pharaoh rose up in the night, he and all his servants and all the Egyptians. And there was a great cry in Egypt, for there was not a house where someone was not dead. Then he summoned Moses and Aaron by night and said, "Up, go out from among my people, both you and the people of Israel; and go, serve the LORD, as you have said.  Take your flocks and your herds, as you have said, and be gone, and bless me also!" (Ex 12:30-32)

From these and other passages from the Bible, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Moses was a Jew and the people he led out of Egypt were Israelites, the descendants of Israel the descendant of Isaac the descendant of Abraham.

However, a Muslim professor has announced that Moses was a Muslim not a Jew and it was the Muslims he led out of Egypt, not the Israelites.  Dr. Omar Ja’ara, a lecturer and supposed authority on Israeli affairs at Al-Najah University in Nablus, West Bank recently told Palestinian Authority TV a different version of history than what the Bible teaches.

According to Ja’ara, the children of Israel were Muslims and when they conquered the Promised Land, that this was the first Palestinian liberation and establishment of Palestine.  He also said that it was not Joshua who led the people after Moses, rather it was Saul (Talut) who is also the same person who slew Goliath. In the interview, Ja’ara explained,

“We must make clear to the world that David in the Hebrew Bible is not connected to David in the Quran, Solomon in the Hebrew Bible is not connected to Solomon in the Quran, and neither is Saul or Joshua son of Nun [of the Bible]. We have a great leader, Saul, [in the Quran] who defeated the nation of giants and killed Goliath. This is a great Muslim victory. The Muslims of the Children of Israel went out of Egypt under the leadership of Moses, and unfortunately, many researchers deny the Exodus of those oppressed people who were liberated by a great leader, like Moses the Muslim, the believing leader, the great Muslim, who was succeeded by Saul, the leader of these Muslims in liberating Palestine. This was the first Palestinian liberation through armed struggle to liberate Palestine from the nation of giants led by Goliath. This is our logic and this is our culture.”

Ja’ara is passionate about his interpretation of history which he is obviously trying to steal from the Jews.  It reminds me of how so many atheistic liberals have been trying to rewrite American history, stealing it away from Christianity.  They go to extremes to take out the parts of history they don’t like and replace it with their fiction and then do their best to sell it as the ‘new’ truth.

The Muslim world not only wants to take the land away from the Jews, but it seems that they are now trying to take away their history as well.  It’s not just the Jews Ja’ara is stealing history from but it’s also stealing history away from Christians.  And what Christians need to remember is that if just one item in the Bible is not true, then you can’t trust any of it.  Therefore, Dr Ja’ara’s revision of history should be seen as an assault on the Word of God, Judaism and Christianity.



  • Bobseeks

    Islam is a lie and all who teach from the quran are liars. The only truth regarding GOD is in His Word, the Christian Bible, period.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-White/1693555099 James White

    More Mohammedan lies, on the half shell. (What was a "Muslim" 3500 years before the birth of Mohammed?) The Christian Bible is the only truth in this fallen world. Read it, and be grateful for it. God Bless America. 

    • philipsquires

      (What was a "Muslim" 3500 years before the birth of Mohammed?)
      I was thinking the same thing.  I remember being taught that islam came about the same time, or some time after, Christianity. I guess the fact that Moses wrote the book of Exodus, or the first five books of the Old Testament( including Exodus) for that matter, means nothing to him.

      • Philohed

        But this is the same kind of blatant lie that is commonplace nowadays in the age of historical revisionism.  Recall that the Afro-centrists claim that Aristotle stole all his ideas from the library in Alexandria, Egypt, thereby making all of Aristotle's great ideas African in origin (despite the fact that these Afro-centrists are negros while Egyptians are not negros; negros come from sub-Sahara Africa.).  These advocates ignore the fact that the library in Alexandria was not built till after Aristotle's death. 
        But why bother liberals with facts.

      • Jody2012

        Mohammad was NOT a contemporary of Christ  (26 April 570 – 8 June 632 AD).  They just lie and lie ever so sociopathically.  

        • IndyPettyMan

          It is easy to lie to the uneducated.  They won't know any better.

        • RFRider

           The playbook shows, lie until they believe it to be true.   The democraps used it to gain the Presidency!  What would change for this President?

      • Geologist

        Islam got its start around 600 years after Christ.  It was brought about by a disenfranchised group of heretics who claimed that Christ was not God but only a prophet.  This heresy had been around for at least 400 years as revealed by Eusebius.  In 612 A.D. the devil summoned Mohammed into a cave to reveal his text to combat truth.  Thus began the final war with God.

        • victorbarney

          Mohhammed was a caravan robber who eventually began to copy things from the Christian & Jewish religions that he murdered, raped, and pilaged during his conquests. He then he made his own religion, although I don't believe it was formalized until a long time after he had died. I doubt that he either could read or write. Just saying...

        • dlsofsetx

          Muslims are proud of the fact Muhammad was illiterate,"the unlettered Prophet."My opinion is he was the Arabian Faust.

        • dlsofsetx

          Islam is a hodgepodge of Christian heresies.Arians claimed Jesus was not equal to God the Father & not to be worshipped.Nestorius denied the divinity of Jesus.Even the Gnostic belief that the crucifixion was an illusion is in the Quran;"He was not slain nor crucified,it only appeared to be."

  • Screeminmeeme

    I'm someone who always looks for PATTERNS of behavior whether in my own family, in my commuity, or in government officials because actions speak louder than words and are a pretty reliable indicator of how a person is thinking and what his motivations and goals are....and importantly, whether his walk matches his talk.

    Anyone familiar with the 1400 year history of Islam's war on humanity is aware of its PATTERN of vicious, barabaric, terrorizing attacks on innocent citizens of numberous European, African, and Asian nations..

    its PATTERN of taking millions of captives and selling them to fund the movement....
    its PATTERN of taking young Christian children and using them as slaves to its innumerable sexual perversions.....
    its PATTERN of destruction of thousands of churches, pieces of art and statuary, religious icons, entire libraries....and ancient structures....
    its PATTERN of laying claim to any new advancements made by other cultures and presenting them as having been discovered by brilliant muslims
    its PATTERN of misogynism against women.....white non-muslims women in particular are targeted for rape in Europe......
    its PATTERN of using their own children as sexual objects and targets for abuse
    its PATTERN has been to conquer highly evolved societies and reduce them to poverty and rubble.

    From its ignominious beginning, the PATTERN was stealing, lying, enslaving, torturing and murdering anyone who was non-muslim. Even its foundational authoritative text, the Quran, was a compilation of STOLEN and altered passages of Scripture. So IT IS NO SURPRISE that this professor would make these absurd and outlandish claims.

    The fact that Moses lived about 1800 years before Muhammed even had his ''revelation''' doesn't phase this guy. I've heard several muslim leaders claim that every biblical patriarch was a muslim, all the way back to Adam. That even JESUS was a muslim.

    It might be of some help here to know that the words "muslim'' and ''Islam'' are from the same 3 letter root word in arabic..and both mean surrender and submission to the creator, allah. Technically, in Islam, EVERYONE is born a muslim but most choose another way (considered to be outside the ''natural'' way of life).

    Muslims know that repetition is the mother of learning...and if a lie is repeated enough times, there will always be people willing to believe it. This is the PATTERN in Islam...to lie lie lie so that some sucker will falls for it.

    The AMERICAN PATTERN of behavior ( and rightly so) has been to tolerate all belief systems because the Constitution provides a First Amendment right to worship as we choose. I think the majority of us have always believed that basically all religions are benign and most are helpful to civilization.

    However, when you learn the facts about Islam...about its PATTERN of practice....you realize that it is NOT like other religions...but is a totalitarian political system that is disguised as a religion and its goal of world domination makes it a clear and present danger to mankind. And one could argue that it has no claim to the First Amendment.

    The PATTERN today in Islam now includes using all the latest technologies to advance its image and bombard people with even more lies and distortions of history. The clever use of the media by using a victim narrative is one of its most productive tactics. But the brutality continues like it always has.

    18,710 terrorist attacks have been carried out by muslims worldwide since 911. That number doesn't include the attacks on innocent members within muslim families...like honor killings and maiming of women and children.

    If you are interested in TRUTH...go here...and begin to see the worldwide PATTERN established by Quran-obeying muslims.


    Do not be fooled by the rhetoric.


    • Sflokstra

      Enjoyed what you wrote.  Makes more sense than anything I've heard or read.
      Hope you won't mind.  I forwarded it to my email friends.  I know they will appreciate
      your thinking.  Thank you.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Sflokstra....Your very welcome. Sorry for the typos....my eyes are bad so I don't always catch them.

        I''m glad that your are emailing your friends about this issue. There has been too much supression of the truth and people don't really know what a danger Islam is America right now.  Happy to hear that you're helping dispell the ignorance about it.

        • Batou 2005

          Too right Islam is a danger, but not just to the USA. It's dangerous for *everyone*.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

      The encyclopedia of Isalmic myths is also a great resource .     Mooohamoood in the whole lie that is islam had to make it fit.   First Arabs are not sons of Ishmael proven by the article mentioned.  Allah is  a  made to fit deity that was worshiped as hubal by the Arabs.   The only promise of Israel is made to Isaac not to Ishmael there fore this give the muslims nothing because they even quote the first five books of the Bible and are refuted by it to owning any land even IF they had been sons of Ishmael.

    • 1599

      How many wars have been started based on lies and how many terror attacks using drones since 911?  I'm afraid that you are looking through a glass darkly. 

      • Screeminmeeme


        Terror attacks using drones? Wars and lies? I don't know exactly what you're referring to..however.....nothing you can point to that others have done diminishes or changes the facts about Islam.

    • Megiddo

       That you posted the site http://www.thereligionofpeace.com is great follow up on your post.  Readers, 'click' on that site...  The best I've found...Current and archived NEWS...

      • dlsofsetx

        That is an excellent site.Another one is Dr.Ali Sina's faithfreedom.org.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/4IJYKZT5B5UT4JWRNCQUQ63GIM xeriscapelady

      You are correct.....It is an evil way of life like Hitler had. We should just bomb Iran, then bomb others that go against us, round up all of them here and either deport them or eliminate them as GOD wanted it done in the first place. ALL of them are evil, whether they know it or not. They are against ALL true religion.

  • Tapol0719

    Why do liberals hate and want Christians and Jews to be destroyed? Why such hatred towards God-fearing, respectful, and honest people that worship God not by terrorize people, but by praying for the wicked and poor? Why do liberals attack the Bible and Christians, but say nothing about Muslims that murder their own women, children, and enslave their own? The media should ask, what do liberals gain for backing Muslims and what do Muslims gain for supporting liberals?

    • Bobseeks

      Tapo: Because they both want to destroy the truth of Christ. When they believe they have accomplished their goal, these scum will turn on each other. The true Church will survive, but it may be that once again we will see the truth of the old saying: "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." 

      • Geologist

        Exactly!  I agree also that dark times are indeed ahead for the faithful.  Read Eusebius - be prepared.

      • ChillaKilla

        Ummm.... actually NO! The last things libtards are concerned with are "TRUTH" and "CHRIST" which in the Christian mind set are synonymous words. In the warped and vacuous mind of the libs there is no 'truth,' because truth can be anything anyone deems it to be! They, like prots, abhor dogma, doctrine, rules, and absolutes that they themselves do not create or deduce from their 'personal interpretation' of whatever guide they choose as valid or useful for their purposes. It's more accurate to say that to the secular progressives, the State constitutes the only authority they recognize. The State is the provider of all they need in the here and now [the ONLY hope they cling to], and the Enforcer of the 'rights' they claim belong to them alone ... unless those other 'claimants of similar rights accept to believe as they do!' Hence, a belief in God, Truth and The Church (yes Bobseeks, there's ONLY ONE TRUE CHURCH founded by Christ, not 30,000 denoms each claiming they alone have 'the entire truth!') are an obstacle they must be rid of in order to be free from any  condemnation of the 'lifestyle choices' they wish to make. So long as the State keeps the promises half-way fulfilled, the checks coming in, and the annoyance of  the Christian judgmentalism in check... life is good!   

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBPI63ABT264USBDALCN4F7UKY billy2

      they have to destroy good, it's been going for e.ons  and won't stop till we are all obliterated. Hopefully will NOT let ovomit get another crack at us, to continue his dastardly deeds.

  • Work2SnowSki

    I always looked at Arabs as the Lost Tribes of Israel.

    • Jody2012


      • Work2SnowSki

        It was just a way to get at the Arabs in the crowd. Start my own history & rumors ya know! :)

    • TEA9876

      Your religious education has been sadly neglected!

      • Work2SnowSki

        It was just a way to get at the Arabs in the crowd. Start my own history & rumors ya know! :)

    • Geologist

      The Arabs are lost but not the lost of Israel.  They have been combatants of Israel since Ishmael (who also was born of Abraham).  Isaac, Ishmael's brother was chosen as God's blood-line to reveal His salvation for mankind even though Ishmael was first-born.  This was the birth of the enmity between God's chosen people and those who would serve the father of lies. 

      • Work2SnowSki

        It was just a way to get at the Arabs in the crowd. Start my own history & rumors ya know! :)

    • Noni77

      No... The Assyrians invaded, killed, carried off the apostate tribes in Northern Israel after they threw God out of their public and private lives. God sent prophet after prophet to warn them to return to God but they laughed it off. First God removed their protection and let Assyria (ancestors of terrorism) inflict a devastating attack (kinda like our 9/11 in surprise and significance). He then gave them a grace period they pridefully blew off (see Isaiah 9:10 and more), so God allowed the Assyrians to attack again. The survivors were taken as slaves. Later, some escaped from the Crimean area into Northern Europe, where they either moved into unpopulated areas, or mixed with people there. It would appear that the descendants of Jacob, received the blessings having to do with agricultural wealth, mineral wealth, becoming one great nation as well as a company of great nations, and holding the geographic keys to their enemies passages. The other blessing of having a great King (Jesus) born from their line, was given to the descendants who lived in the southern Kingdom of Judah. Both Blessings took a long while to manifest.

      • Geologist

        It was actually the Babylonians that took Judah into exile.  The Assyrians scattered the other tribes of Israel during Isaiah's time.  God Himself defeated them before they could conquer Judah.  The Babylonians were God's means to chasten the Israelites in Judah.  The Jews were allowed later to return to Judah through the Persian king Cyrus. 

      • Work2SnowSki

        It was just a way to get at the Arabs in the crowd. Start my own history & rumors ya know! :)

    • T3berrie

      The Arabs are descendants of Ishmael, his father was Abraham and his mother the Egyptian slave of Sarah's.  So rightfully they can call Abraham "Father Abraham" 

  • Supertad108

    Are Muslims actually Borg incognito? Resistance is futile. Conform or die. :-)

    • Noni77

      YES! I have been saying both Muslims and Liberals are Borg!! Glad someone else sees this.

  • whatmeworry

    If this guy isn't on drugs,He might want to consider them.What a joke.

  • Vox Populi

    As many have noted, Muslim influence did not occur until several hundred years after Christ. I'm not sure how such ignorance can even be stomached by real Muslim scholars...but I know how why the scholars stay silent...

    If this is true...then how did Saladin conquer the other major middle-eastern religious inhabitants that ruled large sections of the nations now known as Jordan, Lebanon, etc.? The disciple Paul was taken to Rome because he was both Roman and Hebrew. His transportation to Rome to have Cesaer hear his case was due to his rights as a Roman citizen...but he was removed from his JEWISH sect (Christs followers were seen as a sect of Judaism) because he had agitated the Hebrew leaders.

    Christianity is NOT a western religion. It was born when it's leader was born...several hundred years before the leader of islam.

  • Wayne

    The lies the great satan does weave. Moses was born a Jew, remained a Jew, is a Jew, and will always be a Jew. Abraham was the only man the living creator God, YHWH, I AM, Jehova God gave the title deed Of specific land to. All other nations are blessed or cursed on how they deal with Israel. With Gods help, Moses lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. Anyone changing that story will be judged accordingly. Any nation who comes against Israel, any ruler, any people's, will be judged accordingly. If you could talk to a man named Haman, he'd emphatically tell you don't mess with the Jews. So would the ruling Pharoah of Moses day. So would the Amalekites, Hitler, on and on. Ahmadummy-jad is going to say the same thing some day. Animals, even insects, act according to their creative design. They go about being horses, cows, dogs, honey bees, etc. it never changes. Mankind is the only rebel and we never learn the hard lessons.
    Folks, don't believe the lies that are only going to increase. Pray on knees to the creator God, YHWH, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Have faith in Christ alone. You have no access to God without the born again Salvation of Jesus Christ. We are all rebels, and we must be changed. Receive Christ today.

    • Saywhatyouwant

      Perfectly said Wayne!  Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light.  No one else!

    • 1599

      Don't mess with Jews?  How then were they anniahilated and scattered in 70AD?  Why did God allow it?

  • wolfjc

    Moses could  NOT  have been a  Muslim because the Muslim religion did not get founded until around
    AD 700 a LONG time after Moses did what ever he did in Egypt.

    • Christikid64

      Correct... Glad somone pointed that out Mens Christian network has a video about the muslim relgion.  It is very good.    The Bible was written   By God through different men.  the Quran was written by  people who wrote down what  Mohamed said. because he was iliterate ,   And it condradicts itself all the time.
          Where as the  books of the  Bible  colabroates each other. 

      • OomYaaqub

        They ALL claim to have been dictated by God. And they all contradict each other. I am not an atheist or agnostic, and I do think monotheism was a great advance, but I am not so naive as to think human beings could write a book with no flaws, even if they are trying to obey God.

    • 1599

      I always wondered how the Muslims accounted for their role in the Old Testament.  Apparently, they wrote their own version. 

  • peggie

    how could Moses even possibly be a Muslim ?  Islam did not exist until the 7th century AD !   Moses & the Exodus were thousands of years ago !

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JMX7VI4CJ7KZR34OGLW2TYL7XY Stephen J

    Oh, please...!  "m"uslims and liberals have one thing in common:  They're never above lying and never have a problem with willful ignorances.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBPI63ABT264USBDALCN4F7UKY billy2

      And that is making, a long story short, no need for long drawn out comments.

  • Robisongang

    It is history recorded. There are twelve tribes of Israel:  One Tribe is Judah who is scattered around the Earth with the main group inhabiting the land of Isrial. The other large Tribe is the Tribe of Joseph,  through Ephraim and Manassa, are also scattered among the nations, but mainly Europe, North and South,  and the Western Hemisphere, North and South.  The other ten tribes are lost and cannot be identified.  There are prophesies concerning them that they will return at a given time.  None of these include the Islamist, who descend from the Heathen Nations, who will not prevail. But they will be saved at the end. See Ezekiel Chapter 37, king James Bible.  Believe me or not, it's all promised and according to the Prophecies. 

    • Felipe

      To be more accurate, Moses was not a Jew but from the tribe of Levi. Jews are exclusively from the tribe of Judah. Judah and Ephraim are the only identifiable tribes. The other 10 have disappeared from history.

  • T3berrie

    Moses was NOT a Jew.  Moses was a Levite, Moses, Aaron and Miriam were the beginning of the Levitical Priesthood.  Abraham was the descendant of Eber (Eber the founder of the Hebrew race). Jacob (Israel) was Abraham's grandson and had twelve sons, each later referred to as a Tribe or The House of..Levi and Judah were brothers, both were of the overall Tribe of Israel and were Hebrew.  Moses was a descendant of Levi or the House of Levi not the House of Judah.  The Jews today are descendants of the House of Judah, a part of The House of Israel. 

    • Felipe

      You have it right. Moses was not a Jew but he was Hebrew.

  • Sunne1954home

    the biggest problem we have in the world today are the anthrocentric monotheistic religions.  all three derive from the same made-up diety of the jws.  the history of the jews-"we made up our god".  all three are violent at some point and controlling of others.  whether via our monies and minds-jews/christians or our very lives-islam. 

    • Geologist

      Oh right, salvation is from the atheist.  The biggest problem we have in the world today is the devil and his many minions.  Try reading the bible.  You might be surprised.

  • victorbarney

    You're all wet! The first Jew was Judah, 4th son of  Jacob(Ya'aqob), who became Israel(Genesis 35:10), NOT Israel's son Judah! Here's the birh order of Jacob's(Israel's) sons:  1. Re'uben(first-born) now people of Northern France, 2. Shim'on is scattered, 3. Lewi(father of your Levites) are scattered; 4. Yehudah(Judah), is scattered & now calling itself Israel too),  5. Zebulun(Holland), 6. Yissaskar is Finland, 7. Dan is Ireland, 8. Gad is Germany, 9. Asher is Republic of South Africia, 10. Naphtali is Sweden, 11. Yoseph now are England & America,  and 12. Binyamin is Norway. NOTE: These were all of their names in Hebrew per the Old Covenant(Gen. 49:3-28). Joseph was given the Name ISRAEL, NOT Judah and he(Joseph) conferred that name to both his two sons, Ephrayim(England) and Menashsheh(America). It's written quite clearly that way in these verses.

    Couple of other truths: Ba'al is the Babylonian Sun Deity, but actually was the founder of Babel and later became known as "Zeus," where the name 'Jesus" came from in the 1500's. Asides from Gad, the son of Ya'aqob, there was another "Gad" The astrologers of Babel called Jupiter(Zeus) by the name of "Gad." He became well known among the Canaanites(the Kena'anites), often coupled with Ba'al Gad then became Ba'al God. Hebrew also translates "LORD" as BA'AL. Remember, this is still Satan's world and all things must be proven in the HEBREW Text, NOT EVEN THE GREEK. Just saying...

    • OomYaaqub

      Victor, where are you getting all this? It certainly isn't in the Bible, either the Christian or the Hebrew portion.

      • victorbarney

        I sighted the verses, but if you can't read and understand it, there is nothing I can do will help you.i.e. without the SET-APART SPIRIT, there CAN BE NO UNDERSTANDING.   Just saying...

  • Janee

    Yes, and the Koran also says it was Ishmael that was to be sacrificed by Abraham, not Isaac.  This is the work of Satan.  He has to copy and twist the Word of God.

    • DrSique

      Yup, and Mohammed was visted by an Angel of Light who pressed on his chest until he could not breathe and gave him his prophecies. His wife and cousin later convinced him that this Angel was Gabriel, the messenger of God. Problem is that it was Lucifer who was known as the Angel of Light. One should take note how liberals will criticize Christianity at every opportunity but defend Islam, a religion that teaches hate and oppression. Sort of makes me believe that evil will always congregate.

  • Whatever

    Moses is a Hebrew, not a Jew or Muslium. Jews came from two of the Hebrews tribes, but not all Hebrews were Jews. 

  • Katchaturian

    See, I told you jackasses were on the ark.

  • Sean murry.

    That muslim POS is wrong.

  • Beatrix17

    was a Jew who led his people out of Egypt. Moses died before reaching
    Israel, but his people, the Jewish people, founded Israel, the
    promised land.

    was the son of David who was the most important King of Israel.
    Solomon's son was Rehoboam, and it was under his reign that the
    Jewish people divided, one group remaining in the South and 10 tribes
    forming in the North. All still Jewish. The Levis were the Jewish

    was started 2,000 years ago by Jesus, who was Jewish, and Christians
    agree that Christianity developed from Judaism.

    also developed from Judaism 1500 years ago, but Islamic people insist
    that all the Jewish prophets, including Jesus, were Islamic. The
    Quran was developed by Muhammad 1500 years ago making Muhammad the
    last prophet, according to Islamists, who shows the way to supplant
    Christianity and Judaism with Islam.

    • OomYaaqub

      They also think Adam and Eve, Noah, Job, and everybody else they happen to admire were "real Muslims" even though they know full well that they lived thousands of years prior to Mohammad. They mean something like "they were true Muslims in their hearts" even though they never heard of Islam. At first Mohammad thought of himself as a reformer of both Christianity and Judaism. He thought they would all flock to him as the leader of what was essentially the same tradition. Unfortunately, his attitude changed when the Christians and the Jews didn't agree with him.

  • Devasahayam

    There is no way Moses could have been Muslim, as that religion had not yet been invented (indeed, the founding brigand's ancestors were worshipping a combo of tribal and Egyptian idols).  The Bible clearly states Israelites--not Edomites (ancestors of "Palestinians") or Amalekites, let alone Philistines (natives of Canaan not even Semitic, but related to modern Watusi).

    Muslims would not even have the veneer of truth (like the wood-finish-like veneer which covers particleboard--this truth veneer is used to deceive about the other 99.9% of the quran that is full of lies) if Khadija had been any other than a shunned Jewess!

  • 1599

    Moses was a Hebrew.  The term "Jew" does not appear intil 2nd Kings.

    • Beatrix17

      That's because of a translator, not because the Jewish people had changed.

      • 1599

        The tribe of Judah did not appear until after Moses.

        • Beatrix17

          Actually, Judah was the name of Israel after the nation went downhill, long after Abraham, Moses and David.  Jews have been in Israel when it was up and Jews have been in Israel when it was down. Jews were there when the 10 Northern tribes disappeared (the famous 10 lost tribes) and Jews are still there. 

        • Victry Brown

          Wrong again!  Judah first appears in Genesis 29:35 when he is born to Leah and Jacob.  His tribe develops through his entire lifetime and beyond.  The nation of Judah, on the other hand, appears in 2 Kings.

    • Qualt

      Very true. Moreover, God never calls anyone a Jew
      until after He divorces the northern Kingdom of Israel, and the southern
      kingdom of Judah goes into Babylonian captivity. Therefore the vast majority of
      Biblical characters (including Moses, Samuel, King David, etc) were never Jews.
      Furthermore Arabs were also Hebrews (as were many other people) because their
      father Ishmael was a son of Abraham who was a Hebrew.

    • Kalev

      The first Jew is Jacob's fourth son, Judah.

  • ChillaKilla

    A few facts to add to the bogus claims this man makes:1)muslims consider themselves descendants of Abraham, by way of Ishmael, his illegitimate son by Hagar, who was one of the maids of Sarah. It is written in the bible that since Sarah could not conceive, she agreed to let Abraham to copulate with her maid in order the he might have an heir.This must have been before God communicated with Abraham, and promised him ‘descendants as numerous as the sands of the sea' and before he changed his name from Abram to Abraham. Changing someone's name is something God always did when He had a momentous charge or a demand from one of His chosen leaders. He did so with Jacob, whom He re-named Israel, and with Simon bar Jonah, to whom He gave the name Kepha in Aramaic, or Petrus in Latin.2)The Alexandrian library was founded around the year 300BC, ostensibly under the auspices of Ptolemy II [the king who also commissioned the translation of the first books of the bible from Greek into Hebrew known as the SEPTUAGINT because the work was done by 72 people]. This was the version of scriptures which Jesus and the apostles quoted in their dealings with Greek speaking Jews. (continues…)

    • ChillaKilla

      3)Alexandria was so named to honor its founder, Alexander the Great, who was Greek. 4)Even though there were three distinct ethnicities in Alexandria [Greek, Jewish and Egyptian], the culture there was predominantly Greek, hence the knowledge that Egyptians might claim to possess, did not originate with them, but with Western sources.5)Around the year 80BC, Egypt officially became a Roman province and again, all knowledge and culture there was the product of Western, not of Egyptian sources.6)The arab/negroid influence did not come to predominate in that area until muha-MMAD invented his religion in the 7th C AD. He did so in an effort to unite warring tribes and savage warlords under one philosophy, islam, whose main principles coincidentally were plagiarized from Western philosophy and Christianity.

    • ChillaKilla

      Muha-MMAD took the essentials from Christianity, minus the mysteries of the faith [such as the Trinity, the Incarnation and the Redemption], concepts perhaps too difficult to digest for people who were basically warring savages and bedouins. He took the concept of ONE GOD -- a god who was not benign, loving and forgiving as the Christian God is-- but a severe ‘machista' god inclined to war, slavery and dominion, very much in accord with the arab character. He then conveniently proclaimed himself ’God’s prophet’ [why not, he invented the religion!], a concept that much later, Joe Smith of the mormons also found quite attractive.    ------Egypt’s knowledge therefore, is not native but inherited from Western sources, by way of Greeks and Romans.  -----Had that knowledge been native to the Egyptians it's logical that they would still be using  it to further advance knowledge for their own people, and/or to bring about discoveries and inventions the rest of the world was not capable of.   -----Since it is clear that it is not, what they have done since then instead is to perpetuate the obscurantism enforced by the tyranny of the muslim religion.it to further advance knowledge for their own people, and/or to bring about discoveries and inventions the rest of the world was not capable of.   -----Since it is clear that it is not, what they have done since then instead is to perpetuate the obscurantism enforced by the tyranny of the muslim religion.

  • Bassplyr1

    What a whack job!!!

  • ChillaKilla

    OK, the quirks of this website were not properly explained, but the sequence of the  three posts below is askew. The last of the three posts should actually be the second part, and the second post as appearing below should be the concluding post.

  • Beatrix17

    Hagar was Abraham's 2nd wife and her son
    Ishmael is believed by many Jews to be the forefather of the Arabs.
    Others believe that Arabs descended from another wife of Abraham..
    Either way, Arabs are considered physical descendents of Abraham just
    as Jews are.

    Hagar was promised by God that her son Ishmael would be
    the founder of a great nation.

    Muslims believe that Hagar was Abraham's first wife, and
    that Muhammad descended from Ishmael. Some Muslims (Palestinians)  believe that they
    descended from Isaac, Abraham's son by Sarah, from whom the Jews

    • Vic

      Hagar was Abraham's bond maid. Jews as the term is used today were not descendents of Abraham, meaning that those who are called Jews today are not from Abraham. Israelites were the descendents of Abraham.

      • Felipe

        Vic, don't know where you are coming from.  Jews are fron the tribe of Judah, as was Christ from the tribe of Judah, the fourth son of Jacob who was later called Israel by God. Moses was born from the tribe of Levi, therefore a Levite. Aaron his brother was also a Levite and therefore was the first of the priestly family. Abraham was first called a Hebreaw, probably meaning "river crosser" after crossing the river Euphrates.  So Moses was not a Jew but he was a Hebrew. Jews, from Judah, are still traceable today as are some from Levi such as the Cohens who would be priests. A little historical and biblical study could help correct some erroneous statements made.

        • OomYaaqub

          You are both wrong. Hebrews = Israelites = Jews.

  • Sutekh

    Islam is the most virulent religion on earth. However, the liberal news media will not report the  continual violence that is perpetrated by devout Muslims against Christians. I know a Bangladeshi lady who is Christian who was forced to immigrate to the U.S., because the Muslims, being over 76% of the population there, do not have to tolerate nonMuslims, and Mohammed says they do not have to if they do not wish to. So on their whim, hundreds of thousands of people live in fear.

    If an arab country has a secular government that even vaguely supports the rights of nonMuslims, the jihadists will secretly kill the Christians and assassinate their secular leaders.  Now that Barack has bent over backward to use American military might and diplomacy to oust the secular arab leaders who had the balls to beat these monsters into submission, there is going to be a bloodbath from Morocco to Indonesia.

  • Jdubya57

    Moses was a Hebrew, not an Arab. He was the son of Levi, not Judah. Therefore he is an Israelite but NOT a Jew.

    • OomYaaqub

      How's that again? Where did you get the idea that all Jews were descended from Judah?

      Hebrews = Jews.

  • Terry of the jarhead clan

    Moses was of the tribe of LEVI not of the tribe of JUDA , major mistake . Words have meaning , clues as to , what a sentence means . If you are called anti-shemitic that just means that you , are aginst the tribe of SHEM ; not agenst the tribe of JUDA or DAVID ... Think , you have a brain use it .

  • Crowdsgather

    Let's see: Muhammad ( c. 26 April 570 – 8 June 632), Moses (sometime 100s of years BC; maybe 1250-100 BC). Couldn't be any Muslims before Muhammad because he started the whole muslim/islam  thing. Yet, this guy says Moses was  muslim? Shows how well thought out and well-founded their tribal beliefs and history really are, I think!

    • dlsofsetx

      Muhammad stole from the Judeo-Christian theology,Zoroastrianism,& Arab paganism to create Islam.Allah was the name of the Arab moon god,hence the crescent as the sybol of  Islam.Also why it was used on outhouses!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JGXPLIDJ5LFKXIGZPCUSBEMHJM Lisa

    Oh, what a laugh!  Some guy born long AFTER Christ comes along, decides he doesn't want to follow the Bible , so he writes his Own bible and calls it a coran, and gets a bunch of violent child-rapsits to follow him, a false prophet...

    Fast forward a few hundred years.  The descendants so yearn to have a better past, a real past connected to real history, so they decide they want to steal back "just a part" of the Bible so they can disallusion themselves into thinking their coran, written by one man, is somehow connected to a long line of Real Prophets!

    What a laugh!

  • Rev. Anony Moose

                               My first reaction was that I was wanting to write and tell how Mr. Ja'ara is going to go to Hell
    and fry like a sausage and sizzle like a pancake forevermore for following the false Gospel of Mohameddism(Gal.1:6-9; John 3:16; John 14: Acts 4:12), for taking away from the Word of God(Rev.22:18&19), for anti-semtism(Gen.12:1-3), and spreading lies(Prov.12:22; Rev.21:8; Rev.22:15)!  I was planning on going into a tirade bigtime but I have decided to behave myself there(lol!)
                            What I would like to call the attention to any and all who may read this is Luke 16:19-31.   I
    want you to know that I before I go any further want to say that I believe with ALL OF MY HEART that
    the false prophet Mohammed(Matt.7:15-20) is in Hell right now for all the horrible sins that he has committed!    I believe he is there suffering the torments of eternal fire(Jude 7; Mark 9:43-48)
                               We read in Luke 16 where the rich man in Hell wanted Lazarus to be sent so that his brothers
    may avoid the place of torment he was in(Luke 16:27-31).     I believe if we could interview the false prophet Mohammed right now his message for Mr. Ja'ara would be for him to repent of his sins(Isa.55:6&7; Luke 13:1-5; Acts 3:19; Acts 17:30; II Cor.7:10; Rom.2:4; II Pet.3:9), renounce the Muslim
    faith(II Cor.6:14-7:1) and recieve Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord(John 1:12; Rom.10:9&10; Rev.3:20)
    before it is eternally too late!
                                  Repent Mr. Ja'ara!    Please remember that ETERNITY IS TOO LONG TO BE WRONG!

    • ChillaKilla

      The problem with prot 'reverends' is that they are all to willing and quick to send people to hell.
      I've always wondered what or who gives them the right and the certainty.
      Don't you people believe that ONLY GOD KNOWS who goes to hell, and that one of the things He said while He was on earth was: JUDGE NOT, lest you yourself be judged!

  • Kalev

    A son of Levi is NOT a Jew but is a Hebrew, a Jew is from the tribe of Judah, Israel's (Jacob) fourth son.  Abraham was the first Hebrew as were his great-grandchildren, the sons of Israel (Jacob).

    • OomYaaqub

      You mean that a grandchild of a man named "Israel" is not a Jew, LOL? Jacob/Israel was arguably the first Jew unless you count his father, Isaac. That's why an Arab will always tell a Jew "we are cousins" since Arabs consider themselves the children of Issac's half brother Ishmael. And of course all of these people were "really Muslims" so what difference does it make? :-)

  • Kalev

    Ja'ara is a son of satan and a filthy Muslim.

  • Samtman

    It does  not matter, Moses never existed, there is no historical evidence in Egypt or anywhere that existed. Its a  3200 year old story that is a total gilded myth. 

    • ChillaKilla

      Reeeeally? And where is your evidence to disprove the story? Can you show it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Johnson/100000190455903 Rick Johnson

    Where do all these idiots get their drugs. They are totally delusional. What part of the founder of Islam was not born until 500 years after the death of Jesus do they not understand.  There WERE NO MUSLIMS in the days of Moses.

  • Barbarigru

    How is it the "brilliant" liar trying to make Moses a Muslim neglects the small fact that Mohamed could not therefore did not "invent" Mohamedanism, ie. the Muslim religion until after he was born in Mecca, Arabia around 545 years after Christ was born  and 1,576 years after Moses was born in Goshen, Egypt??? The muslims were actually quite late 'on the scene ', which apparently has not stopped them in their bloody power grabs over the centuries since 545 A. D.

  • OomYaaqub

    They also claim that Jesus is a Muslim, and no, I'm not making this up. To people like this, "Muslim" has two meanings:

    1) the faith that was formally created by an Arab named Mohammad in the mid 6th century C.E.; or

    2) anybody they happen to like because that person was admirable and obeyed  Allah, which just means "god" in Arabic. (Christians in Lebanon also pray to "Allah".)

    It's as if we said Gandhi was an American because he wanted to free his country from British rule! But they've been doing this forever. I've even heard it said that animal, trees, and rocks are "Muslims" because they always obey Allah, having no choice after all. Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, even wrote a song in which rocks and trees thank Allah for making them "Muslims".

  • jimpeel

    Revisionist historians are rampant among the Left and this guy is no different. He is a thief. He wants to steal the Jewish history and turn it into Muslimism.

  • dlsofsetx

    This is not unique to Islam.The Quran also claims Abraham was ordered by Allah to sacrifice Ishmael,the Bible says it was Isaac.Quran also claims Abraham & Ishmael built the Kaaba in Mecca,that Abraham was a Muslim,Jesus & his disciples were Muslims,& Jesus prophesied Muhammad,among other claims.

  • dizdamduster

    As long as there are any believers left, the Muslim effort to steal truth and re-write history will fail.

  • 1peevedbob

    Obviously, Mouseslimes are just like leftist, socialist, marxist, liberals.  They are liars............!

  • Depaz

    Except that the Muslim / Islamic religion didn't come on board until the 6th century when Muhammad "founded" it. 

  • Depaz

    Except that the Muslim / Islamic religion didn't come on board until the 6th century when Muhammad "founded" it. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4IJYKZT5B5UT4JWRNCQUQ63GIM xeriscapelady

    it has all been said. These people are lairs. GOD will deal with them in the end, but they are killing people, ruining things and demanding what is not theirs. I say we should just bomb them and get it over with. GOD said in the old testament to Moses to tell Joshua( can't remember but I am sure someone will know it) to kill them and Joshua did not follow orders but one time. he let woman and children live and that kept the evil going.

  • Twitch

    Even leaving aside the fact that Islam didn't even exist at the time of the Exodus, the Israelites were not slaves as we understand the term. They were Habiru who got demoted from mercenary to skilled laborer.

    Think about it for a moment, get a Bible with a map of Egypt and look at where Goshen is: on Egypt's northern border. Why would the Israelites have settled there of all places? And why, Joseph aside, would the Egyptians have allowed it?

    Exodus mentions the Israelites leaving Egypt 'under arms' and plundering. Former slaves wouldn't even have weapons, much less know how to use them or be able to build an army in the wilderness.