Hilary Rosen's Attack on Ann Romney Planned at White House

After weeks of boohooing over their manufactured "war on women," Democrats continue to prove that they are the party that hates women.

You're not supposed to notice that fact, of course.

All the public faces pushing the "war on women" meme have been female, from Sandra Fluke to Nancy Pelosi, so you're supposed to assume that they have women's best interests at heart.

That hasn't stopped them from attacking Ann Romney, who has defended her husband against the Left's made-up charges that he can't relate to women.

Lobbyist and CNN contributor Hilary Rosen, being "interviewed" on CNN (I remember when lobbyists weren't contributors to "news" programs), slammed Mrs. Romney, saying she "had never worked a day in her life" because she had chosen to stay home and raise the kids.

Columnist Michelle Malkin has unearthed records that suggest Rosen's attack is coordinated directly by the White House. According to that information, Rosen visited the White House at least 35 times since 2009, visiting with top-level communications and political strategists including the likes of Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and the president himself.

There's no way someone that well-connected is going to step out on her own with her opinions on "news of the day." The same goes for her phony "apology," in which she hoped she hadn't offended anyone, then went back on the attack, accusing Romney supporters of "faux" outrage.

Like a pack of hounds, however, the Democrats' constituency can't help but pull against their masters' handling of the reins.

No matter how orchestrated Rosen's attack is, the rabble are showing via Twitter and Facebook who the real haters of women are.

Twitchy.com has gathered scores of Tweets in which liberals call Ann Romney a "b----," "c---" and "whore," among other names.

The Left's hypocrisy is showing yet again.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Except for Biden's penchant for gaffs, I don't think there's anything that goes unscripted or unplanned in the Obama campaign.  Polls and trends are studied and strategies planned and set into motion, and if there's any blowback, plausible deniability is put into play.

    It's a very serious game with people who don't like to lose......ever. 

    • john cummins

      gaffs or gifts?

  • Stanwayne

    The first lady tweets in defense of Ann Romney.  Now the administration can point to her tweet and expound on their defense of all women.  More political crap.  Axelrod condeming the attack on Ann Romney.  What a transparent attempt to place the administration in a good light.

    • Marilyn Brenden

      Yes, they are using this ploy to try to put the administration in a good light.  Watch the repeating pattern.  They have already done this many times before.  Somebody on the left slams an opponent and then Obama presents himself as the good guy who doesn't believe that slam statement himself.  How many times can he use this ploy before it becomes totally apparent what he is doing?  So Hilary Rosen takes the fall this time. Who will it be next time?

  • TheChristianSolution

    Jewish hypocrisy at its best!  After the heat due to this Jewish feminist going over the top in dividing men and women in our society, it took a Jewish MAN, David Axelrod, to tame this Jewish Shrew.

    • Richardodean

       Has nothing to do with being Jewish.  Progressive socialist yes...Jewish NO!!!

      • TheChristianSolution

        Progressive socialism is a tool. The ones who are actively promoting Progressive Socialism are Jews.

        • Mtm811320

          Evidently, the libs have gotten to you, too. Just because you are born a Jew does not mean you practice Judaism, or attend temple. There are many liberal Jews who do not practice their faith. There are many Jews in the Obama administration, and like Obama, many, sadly, practice the faith of the progressive, leftist, socialist agenda. That is thier religion. That goes for Christians, too. As a wise woman once said, you can stand in your garage all day, that doesn't make you a car, and I can go sit in church for an hour on Sunday, that doesn't make me a Christian. We all should practice our faith. Read your Bible, God allowed us to be grafted in by blinding the Jews to the Messiah. We are from the Jews, we have the same God. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. We need to unite to together against this evil that is threatening our country. United we stand, they want to divide and conquor.

        • TheChristianSolution

          Yes indeed, there are few absolutes in life. Are all Christians good? That would be an absolute NO.   Are all Jews religious? Again, another absolute NO.

          You say "United we stand".  But when did United We Stand mean United we stand first and foremost behind a foreign country? 

          I say we are not united, and events have shown that we will never be united, unless that is, we united behind whatever agenda the Jews want us to have.  Unless, we become Israel's permanent protector and defender, no matter the cost.  Then, yah, I guess we would be united.

          You can get into silly arguments, like Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, but I would counter that Iran is a democracy and Israel wants us to wipe Iran off the face of the Earth.

          You can argue that "all the Jews running this country into the ground are not religious Jews, but so what," YOU SAY, "because there are religious Jews in America that are not destroying the country".  And, I would add, they are not running this country either.

          Don't get me wrong, You are right. There are religious Jews who are not destroying the country, but then again, they are doing nothing to help the country either.

          Mary below quotes Matt Drudge and Michael Savage as helping America.  But you know, all I see are more Jews providing every bit of news and information we receive.  Michael Savage may be conservative, but only conservative to garner the Christian conservative viewing audience and to insure we keep our muscle behind Israel.  They talk the talk, as Jews are good at doing, but don't walk the walk. Drudge and Savage are not running this country, they are just getting rich on advertising, by telling us of the misery their co-ethinic group is imposing upon us.

        • TheChristianSolution

          We have the same God. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

          If you are going to talk like that, then Muslims are our brothers as well, because they also have the God of Abraham.

          Are you telling me that we should be united with the Mulsims as well, or divided we fall?

          Speak for yourself, but my God is the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, in trinity with JESUS CHRIST and the Holy Spirit

        • Sandra Schools

           TCS- You act like the only sinful people in the world are Jews. As long as you dwell on such narrow conclusion, you will be part of the problem and will never come to a  " Christian Solution".

        • TheChristianSolution

          No, I am saying that anyone can have a gun and guns don't kill anyone.

          Progressive socialism is the gun which our Jewish Apartheid masters us to keep our hands up in the air.

      • mary

         I agree. There are many Jews fighting the socialist agenda like Matt Drudge and Michael Savage and many others.

        • TheChristianSolution

          Mary,  I was addressing this up a few posts, but you know, all I see are more Jews providing every bit of news and information we receive.

          Michael Savage may be conservative, but only conservative to garner the Christian conservative viewing audience and to insure we keep our muscle behind Israel.

          They talk the talk, as Jews are good at doing, but don't walk the walk. Drudge and Savage are not running this country, they are just getting rich on advertising, by telling us of the misery their co-ethinic group is imposing upon us.  I don't need them to tell me things are really screwed up by their ethinic brothers.

          Savage in particular is on the radio because when Rush Limbaugh revived the AM stations with talk radio, our Jewish Apartheid masters PANICED!!!   Oh My Yesvah!!!  There is a mass media we don't control!!!  We thought it dead!   They quickly went on a shopping spree buying up all the LOCAL AM stations around the country and put on NATIONALLY syndicated talk show hosts like Jews Savage and Levin, to replace the previous LOCAL Christian ones. 

          Of course, the transistion needed to keep CONSERVATIVE talk shows hosts on. Savage is the Judeo-MSM shepard to Conservative Christians.  Savage will insure that conservatives do not get too far off the reservation they have placed Christians into.

    • Lampppost1957

      Please don't define people by their race or religion.  Define them by how they act and the politics that they practice.  Comments like this one have no place in the political debate and are fodder for liberal politics to say that conservatives are haters. 

      As a conservative, we have to maintain a greater sense of civility...especially in our comments.

      • TheChristianSolution

        I understand your call for civility, but in case you haven't noticed, we are fighting a war!

        Calling people out on account of race or religion is almost always done by Jews. Take Zimmerman for instance. Even though his step-father is Jewish, the Jews who run the MSM monopoly are promoting and inciting race rights against whites -- the PRESUMPTION being White CHRISTIANS. 

        White == RACE

        Christian == RELIGION

    • Sandra Schools

       I am ashamed of you. What is this "TheChristianSolution" supposed to mean.  Your Anti-Jewish statement is pathetic makes you as unchristian as one can be. You apparently do not have any relationship to what a Christian is while portraying yourself as one.

      • TheChristianSolution

        The cause of my remarks was the un-Christian Jewish attack on the Christian family morals of the Romney family.   But I guess you are on their side, not mine.

        • Shannon

          Jesus was a Jew. Just letting you know.

        • TheChristianSolution

          From the line of David... What does that have to do with the unbelieving Jews who openly revile Christ? 

          Most of the Jews whom God gifted Christ to did the right thing and followed Christ.  But Christ himself acknowledged that he would be crucified by the same People whom God so loved.

          You know, God does send people to hell for not obtaining Salvation through Christ -- even your beloved Jesus-denying Jews.  I read that in the Bible.  Did you?  Somehow, I think you missed that part.

          I'll tell you Shannon, I'ld far rather be a Holocaust-denier, than a Christ-denier.  How about you?   Especially when the Holocaust is a fraud, and Jesus coming for the Jews is not a fraud, yet Christ is treated as a fraud by the Jesus-denying Jews.

        • Sandra Schools

           Shannon, I just read TCS below. He believes the Holocaust was a fraud. and He glibly misquoted me above with proud accusations. I give him no more of my precious time. He is not  anyone to be reckoned with at this point. Let God deal with him. You are absolutely right about Christ being a Jew. He was born of Jewish parents and studied the Jewish traditions and practiced them, and was a Jewish Rabbi. You cannot separate Him from His Jewish roots. As a matter of fact, the sign on the cross where He hung read, "This is the King of The Jews."  Further more, Read Romans 11:25-32 where we are told to be patient and show mercy to Israel until the fullness of  the gentiles has come. God knows full well what the state of Israel is spiritually speaking. God is going to deal with all that, as we see in this passage. What right do we have to usurp God's authority? It breaks my heart to say this, but all who are merciless and judgmental against Israel will reap what they sow. I sure hope that TCS will see the light and ask the Lord for forgiveness,  but at this point, it appears he does not even know who is a Christian and who is not. And what is most heart breaking of all is that he thinks he is a Christian. God have mercy on TCS and help him open his heart to the truth before it is too late. But again, I have to let God deal with him from this point on.

        • TheChristianSolution

          As a matter of fact, the sign on the cross where He hung read, "This is the King of The Jews

          You do understand that was placed there to mock the fact that the followers of Christ believed he was the King of the Jews. 

          The ones who did NOT believe he was the King of the Jews, WHICH INCLUDED A HEALTHY SEGMENT OF UNBELIEVING JEWS, had a good laugh. Or in modern parlance they LOL.

        • Sandra Schools

           Absolutely I agree that is what happened. However, God was in control. That is complete control. That whole scene was a fulfillment of prophecy. I do not doubt for a minute that God put in the minds of those unbelieving Jews exactly what was to be written there. God will control the unbelieving and cause them to do many things to benefit His glory and to fulfill His plans.

        • TheChristianSolution

          So God condemned a portion of his own people to hell by forcing evil beliefs into their brains?  Do you think he plays with people like that ? 

        • Sandra Schools

          Really TCS - you are pulling my leg. Surely you know those people had a choice just as you and I do. They chose not to believe and to sin, just as Satan did. God did not make that monster. He chose to become a monster. God is not going to force anyone to believe in Him. That would negate love. And that is a whole other subject.  God knows before hand who will follow Him and who will not.  After all, He is God. What is it with you anyhow? You do not conduct yourself as one who is spiritually enlightened., only intellectually enlightened. Now do not ask. I will not judge, That is God's territory. But mark my word, He will judge. Darkness of the soul comes from Satan and breeds hate. Light within the soul comes from God and breeds love. Where are you? That is not for me to decide but for you.

        • TheChristianSolution

          I'm just replying to what you wrote.  Sounded to me like you were saying that God forced evil thoughts into the mind of men.

          I do not doubt for a minute that God put in the minds of those unbelieving Jews exactly what was to be written there.

        • TheChristianSolution

          Was the Holocaust a fraud?  Who knows for sure after 60 years of Jewish propaganda, but what do you think of this?


        • Sandra Schools

           I checked your site out. I do not have time right now, but will go back to it later. Have you ever been to Israel?

        • TheChristianSolution

          No, and I imagine they would not let me come either )

        • Sandra Schools

           TCS  You are trying to hide behind your obvious prejudice. the Unchristian attacks on the Mrs. Romney has nothing to do with
          "Jew" It has everything to do with Ungodly beliefs. Jews and Gentiles alike are equally guilty of not believing the truth concerning God's plan for this world as a whole and God's plan for each one of them as an individual. And each one of us is responsible  to respond the Him on His terms. I am on the side of God who opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. Be careful.. Proverbs 16:5 says " Everyone who has a proud heart is an abomination to the Lord. Assuredly he will not be unpunished." You have betray yourself by your words. No genuine Christian would ever say the things you say. So either you are falsely representing yourself, or you are untaught and should get some Biblical knowledge before giving your own.

        • TheChristianSolution

          Sandra, are you not proudly representing yourself as more Biblically knowledgable than I am?  And in an un-Biblical way I may add.

          Jews and Gentiles alike are equally guilty of not believing the truth concerning God's plan for this world as a whole and God's plan for each one of them as an individual.

          REALLY Sandra?  Unbelieving Jews and Christians are EQUALS? Not in my Bible they are not.

        • Sandra Schools

           TCS were you in a hurry?  I  DID NOT say unbelieving Jews and Christians are equals. Look at your own quote of what I said.  All gentiles are NOT Christians. I guess you are really confused. And such accusations you throw my way. My goodness. Do I need to describe to you who is a Christian and who is not? Oh, by the way. did you know that many Jews are Christians? Hmmm, The Christian Solution, really?

        • TheChristianSolution

          I am not confused Sandra.  I could not figure out what you meant by Jew and Gentile.  Makes a world of difference pre and post Christ.

          By precisely saying unbelieving Jew and Christian, I was pinning you down to one interpretation of what you had said.

            Jew (after Christ) == unbelieving Jew
           Gentile (after Christ) == grafted in Christians

          The meaning of Jew, Gentile and Christian goes to the heart of the part of another post I wrote to you which you completely ignored and in reply gave me the garbage about me having to support the Anti-Christ Jews because of what was written in the first book ofthe Bible, as if the New Testament was never written.

          So the qustion still stands" Do you believe unbelieving Jews are the religious equals of Christians?"

        • Sandra Schools

           What is so difficult about this. Every Jew after Christ is not and unbelieving Jew which makes them a Christian. Every gentile after Christ is not a believing gentile which makes them a non-Christian. There are two kinds of people in the world.
          1-Christians/followers of Jesus Christ only
          2- non-Christians/followers of Satan
          Among those two types are both Jews and Gentiles. What on earth are you trying to do with this religious equals stuff? It makes no sense. You accuse me of not reading your post, now why don't you go back and read mine and then I would not have to repeat myself so many times.
          And, sir righteous, I did not ignore your other post. I read every word. "Garbage"- sure - well I guess when you are a Jew hater you are going to hate anyone else who will not hate with you. Just go read my answer about the ":garbage" I gave you.

        • TheChristianSolution

          OK, I agree, I need to slow down. You are right, in that not all Gentiles are Christians. Let me see if I can compartamentalize better.

          -- Gentile clothed in Christ = Christian

          -- Gentile not clothed in Christ = non Christian = follower of Satan

          -- Jew clothed in Christ = Christian

          -- Jew not clothed in Christ = unbelieving Jew = non-Christian = follower of Satan

          Are we agreed?

        • Sandra Schools

           Amen and Amen - We have come to an agreement on this one issue!

        • TheChristianSolution

          Great!  Thank you. Why was that so hard?

        • Sandra Schools

          go above for reply

        • TheChristianSolution

          So Sandra,

          Who has the kingdom of heaven?
          A) Jews and Gentiles clothed in Christ, or
          B) Jews and Gentiles NOT clothed in Christ.

        • TheChristianSolution

          Who are the heirs to Abraham?

          A) Jews and Gentiles clothed in Christ, or
          B) Jews and Gentiles NOT clothed in Christ.

        • TheChristianSolution

          Who has rights to the Promised Land?

          A) Jews and Gentiles clothed in Christ, or
          B) Jews and Gentiles NOT clothed in Christ.

        • TheChristianSolution

          Who has the right to call themselves blessed by God?

          A) Jews and Gentiles clothed in Christ, or
          B) Jews and Gentiles NOT clothed in Christ.

        • TheChristianSolution

          Whom would Moses, a Jew, in Heaven call the children of God?

          A) Jews and Gentiles clothed in Christ, or
          B) Jews and Gentiles NOT clothed in Christ.

        • Sandra Schools

           I am not falling for your quiz below - sorry - Look up  the speech by Senator James Inhofe given in March 2002. "Seven Reasons Why Israel Is Entitled to the Land"
          1- Archaeological Evidence
          2- Historic Rights
          3- Value to Middle East
          4- Their land
          5- Ally of the US
          6- Roadblock to terrorism
          7- God said we are to support Israel. What right do we have to disobey God.
          Blinded by hatred for God's people is keeping you from many truths. You are approaching from and intellectual view point. The Holy Spirit is not in your conclusions. You cannot hate and at the same time hear from God. You will not win this battle, because the battle is His.

        • TheChristianSolution

          How did we all of a sudden get back to square one?  You agree with me on the most important part and since you do, I know what your answers to my questions has to be. Why did you lose it?  You are back to saying that God blesses Bloomberg, but not Tim Tebow.

  • Lgarbett

    There are no limits to the depths that this president will sink.

    • PMDavis

      Like they say, give this president and his goons enough rope and maybe they'll hang themselves.  If they keep getting down and dirty it will eventually show itself to the world.  Americans are not the idiots they think they are.  Besides, they hate women because the muslims do too and that's who they are really catering to.  The muslim religion treats women worse than dogs.

    • Obamavitch

      Six feet will do nicely.

  • jmsmaxwell

    Nothing goes over the devils back that doesn't slither under his belly first.    In this case no attack on others nor
    anything else comes out of the dems without obama and his wife dead in the middle of it.    but as for jobs, what
    job record does obozo have to brag about?   We cain't find where actuall worked for any one except for the short
    time he was an elected politican in Illinois.   And before that a Community organizer (inflamator racist).  That is
    just the tip of the iceberg for his corruption and underhanded dealings since he has been in America.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dick-Ellis/777984546 Dick Ellis

    What do you expect from LIARS, CHEATS, THIEVES, PIMPS and PROSTITUTES in the White House ZOO!!!

  • Garyallan

    when are you Obama supporters ever going to learn, if you dare speak out against him, he will come after you. If you like living in fear of our government, then that is your choice.

  • Ddenney1

    Hypocracy from the LEFT?????? YA'll must be race...sex... uh uh ...com... uh uh OKAY ya'll MUST BE CORRECT and that means RIGHT!!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7BPGTCVIJI4DZERMYX4ILGD5PU Steve

    Nothing is working. The election will be a slaughter against Obama.

    • Loxias

      Not with all the illegal votes they have set up!!!

    • BayCityMar

      I pray everyday, Steve, that you are right!  He is so evil! One very, very scary person...God help us!

  • stevor

    It's all about Divide and Conquer. Get everybody mad at everybody so when the CIA brings in their "terrorists" to start the Racial Rioting, lots of other folks will feel as if they ought join in, too, which is the excuse to institute Martial Law and eventually obama's New World (fascist) Order.

  • Dusty1

    Let them keep talking.  We all want to hear what they have to say.  Let their real colors show.  The Party of Hate gets uglier and uglier.

  • flaphil

    Buckle up folks, that Bollywood money and under Soros' direction, we have yet to get the real attacks on our culture and republican nominee.

  • http://www.facebook.com/janems1 Jane Martin Smith

    They did the same kind of thing to Rick Santorum's wife.  Women are not stupid, but each one believes what suits her personal ideal.  Romney, or whoever becomes the nominee, needs to EDUCATE women to the truth. And the truth is, women don't matter to the Obama administration except as voters. They are throwing this poor lady, Hilary Rosen,  under the bus!! After she did the bidding of the Democrat establishment, when it went down, they blamed and abandoned her.

    • Sandra Schools

       "This poor lady"? Give me a break....She believes every word she said and you notice she continues to attack. She is just as much a snake as the rest of them. Don't feel sorry for her. She agreed to do it...and knows full well that she is passing judgement to destroy another persons character. She gets no sympathy from me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=516859771 John Sweet

    That it was planned at the white house that is now paying lip service to it being wrong to do are still pushing it on their propaganda arms of the major news services 

  • Nottakenyan

    America needs an American president,

    not an illegal kenyan.  The Chicago gangsta

    plans to put America in the toilet and flush it !!!

    • Mary

       Oh yea, the white house is being run Chicago gangster style!

      • Seabeebobmu2

        Just remember, after Al Capone was incarcerated at san  quintan, he was known only as the whop with a mop!! oblowhole is next.

        • Seabeebobmu2

          Thatr should've read "Alcatraz." Sorry for the mistake, brain fart!!

    • RubyBlu

      Only if we let him!

      • Chandler1925

        It looks like we have been letting him,butWHY???

        • RubyBlu

          We don't have a "leader" to follow, as a nation,  into a citizens revolt....yet!

        • glonjo



          This site is dedicated to restoring constitutional governance
          carried out in decency and good order



          2012 is
          the Year We The People Take Back Our Power Over Our Servant Government
          by Claiming and Exercising our Right, -- a Fundamental Right --
          to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances, a Right Guaranteed
          by the First Amendment and every State Constitution.

          These are professionally drafted, legal Petitions worthy of our
          Constitution and our People.  The Petitions address significant
          violations of our Constitutions which threaten our Liberty.

           Stand Up and Be

        • Seabeebobmu2

          It will only take the military to step up to their oath and enforce it. I'm ex military, Navspecwarcom and I will still stand on  and for that oath!

        • RubyBlu

          THANK YOU!

        • Emslykarl

          Why don't you be the leader , Ruby ? Is there anything to prevent you from launching the revolt ? Kids perhaps ? I'm serious ! " a nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves " ! Be a LIONESS and lead the charge !

        • RubyBlu

          It has crossed my mind!

        • Emslykarl

          Go for it ! If I was not 80 , I would be your campaign manager ! You sense the mood of the Country ; you see how Obama is destroying America ; you understand that our freedoms are being lost ; you get the unsustainable debt our grandchildren have inherited ; you feel his contempt for the military ! What more motivation do you need ! Conservatism must experience a resurgence or we are doomed ! This is a watershed moment in our history !
          Sent from my iPad

        • RubyBlu

          In the past couple of days, I think a 'leader' has emerged - Ted Nugent!  He is entitled to his opinions and has no fear in expressing them (speech @ the NRA).  When 'threatened' with SS investigation, he went right back at them which a counter-challenge.  He is not the redneck, trouble maker they would like to tag him with - I know this for a fact.  He will take this further and I will be right on his 'band wagon'.

        • Seabeebobmu2

          Good Question!!

      • glonjo



        This site is dedicated to restoring constitutional governance
        carried out in decency and good order



        2012 is
        the Year We The People Take Back Our Power Over Our Servant Government
        by Claiming and Exercising our Right, -- a Fundamental Right --
        to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances, a Right Guaranteed
        by the First Amendment and every State Constitution.

        These are professionally drafted, legal Petitions worthy of our
        Constitution and our People.  The Petitions address significant
        violations of our Constitutions which threaten our Liberty.

         Stand Up and Be

    • SUSANM621


  • dntmkmecomoverther

    The bottom line is this: democrats have no class, no moral foundation and accept no consequences for their actions. Shrug off whatever they say; but pay particular attention to what they do.  Your mom warned you about people like them.

    • Merlinwinslow

      The democrat party no longer exists except in name only.  It has been taken over and is controlled by the socialist.

  • Handyman98362

    Isn't it interesting how way back in 2008 the Dems jumped all over Sarah Palin over working outside her home when she had 5 children to raise....Funny how the Progressives can flip flop so quickly.

    • Emslykarl

      XLNT point , Handyman ! You hit the HYPOCRISY BULL'S EYE ! Yes , I do remember ! Obama and the Liberal " elite " have taken hypocrisy to a whole new level ; yes , they said that Palin was not fit for the Office because she had 5 kids , and she would be neglecting her responsibilities as a mother if she were to be elected ! I want to remind every reader , and please remind your left-leaning friends , that Obama publicly chastised Bush for increasing the national debt by 4 trillion " all by his lonesome " , and accused him of being
      " irresponsible " , and " unpatriotic " ! And that increase happened over EIGHT YEARS ! So what does that make Obama , who has increased the debt by 5 trillion in just THREE YEARS ? Can someone explain to me how how CNN , NBC , CBS , MSNBC , can ignore this hypocrisy ? Please ?

      • http://twitter.com/BradNova Brad Nova

        Whatever - I love women!!

        • Obamavitch

          I too am an admirer of the ladies.  That said, I am also an admirer of hunting dogs but that does not make me think they should be allowed to vote.

      • GeoInSD

        It seems the MSM has a Progressive agenda.  Personally, I think that is potentially a bigger threat to our republic than Obama's determination to "fundamentally transform America".  About 15 years ago I told my brother-in-law (who is originally from Burma and the discussion took place in Burma, a country ruled by a military dictatorship) that a free and honest news media is essential for democracy to work.  Otherwise the politicians would not be held accountable.  I still believe that statement.

        Today, there is no news entity with generally acknowledged credibility.  The MSM have an obvious Progressive bias and don't report stories that reflect poorly on their Progressive cause.  The Conservative leaning news outlets are viewed as biased in the other direction and not trusted by non-Conservatives.  We now have no news outlet that is generally accepted as credible by the Left, Right, and Moderates.  I believe that puts our nation at risk to corruption and power grabs.

        • Emslykarl

          Geo , I am in almost total agreement with your assessment . I say almost , because fortunately more and more people , especially younger voters , are relying on the Internet for their information ; I find myself doing that myself lately . The fact remains , that the ultimate power still resides with the people IF they will stay informed on the issues , and use their power judiciously ! Once that is lost , the Country is LOST ! The most perplexing thing to me , is why the MSM is so heavily invested in Progressivism when it is a political recipe for failure ! Where else in the world can someone like Matt Bauer live and make the obscene money he earns ? Nowhere ! So it has to be either naïveté , or stupidity ! It's like the FROG in the saucepan scenario ; you can gradually increase the temperature of the water to a point , and the FROG remains alive , UNTIL !!!

        • Budman321

           Yes, the younger generation are using the internet for their information but  generally it's not about politics or history. Jay Leno "On the Street" is a glowing example of just how uninformed not only the young but older people as well regarding politics, geography or history. Few have a basic understanding of who represents them in Congress, basic economics, clueless where countries in the news almost daily are located. I even think it would be safe to say most could not name the three branches of our government or even the capital of their own state. Why, because it just isn't as important as much of the garbage being taught at colleges. Today, you can get a four year degree and still be a total idiot unless you are there to get an education and seek those schools that teach instead of those that pass you through with courses an imbecile could pass but they take your money.
          While it is known that 86 per cent of the professors teaching now are Liberal, the only thing that seems to sink into the heads of those young minds is the progressive propaganda being taught and even that fades after a few years as they mature and are able to make intelligent decisions on their own but politics and events in history just doesn't seem to mean much to them until time to vote; then without knowledge of why they voted for the person they did or much about their background.
          If the major universities were required to teach how the various governments around the world function to include laws, taxation, civil rights and religious freedoms, I doubt there would be many Liberals teaching because they would not be able to stomach the comparison between our government and a Socialist or countries under Islamic law.

        • Emslykarl

          Amen , Budman ! The biggest ripoff in our society today is the Ivy League schools that charge outrageous tuition and do nothing but brainwash our kids ! All one needs to do to prove your point , is to watch the man-on-the-street interviews that Fox sometimes does ! The college students can't name the VP or Secretary of State ! The sad part of all this is that the youth are acting out their frustrations at the polls , entirely based on emotions , and since they are so heavily influenced by the Liberal professors , most of them will follow their lead ! One of my favorite Authors , Francis Schaeffer , wrote this in 1974 :
          " Apart from the Judeo-Christian base , man will not raise his voice in protest until his peace or personal affluence is threatened "! We are almost there ; but not quite !

        • TTownTraveler

          Unfortunately, it's not just the Ivy League schools! There are some dramatically liberal, America-bashing professors in all levels of academia!  Some are SO bad, students get up and walk out of their classrooms - at their own peril of failure of the course, or future discriminatory behavior!

        • Obamavitch

          Yes the ultimate power does reside with the people.  However, in any given election, only about half of the eligible voters actually go to the poles and cast a ballot.  So it appears that half the people don't wish to use the power they have.  Why is that?

        • Emslykarl

          Sad but true ! " bad things happen when good men do nothing " - a natural law !
          Sent from my iPad

        • Philohed

          On you point about the internet.
          The problem is (and it's a major problem) that the internet is full of so much crap. Any jackass with a point of view can sound off, and other weak-minded readers (of which there are many) incline to believe what they see in 'print'.  Fact is that the generations that came of age in the '90s and 2000s are among the least well-informed about simple things they ought to have learned in grade school, namely, civics.  Ever tried 'discussing/debating' with anyone under, say, 30?  Most of them are determined NOT to have their opinions changed REGARDLESS of the logic and evidence brought to bear against their view.  Normally, that intellectual intransigence is reserved exclusively for Dumocrats, but nowadays it applies to almost everyone under 30 or 35.  Older folks are much more willing to debate and listen to evidence that may be averse to their opinions.
          So the Internet is NOT really a recommendable place to refer people for reliable information  ...  unless those people are referred to SPECIFIC sites that are known to provide reliable info and analysis.

        • Emslykarl

          You are right , Phil , and what you say about the Internet is true , but the reality is that if the folks are seeking information on any topic , and will use Google, AOL , or one of the other search engines to do their research , they can become informed . It's not the ideal solution , but it's all we have today . The Internet is both a blessing AND a curse ; but God gave to ancient Israel a COVENANT SCROLL ( Leviticus )- GOOGLE OF THAT TIME -that contained blessings on one side and curses on the other , but the CHOICE WAS THEIRS ; if they lived by the terms of the Covenant they would be blessed ; if they CHOSE not to live by it they would receive the curses ! Very simple and definitive! Today , this Nation has been given a NEW COVENANT ( Christ ) , and we can CHOOSE to follow His Covenant ( do as you would be done by ) , and be blessed , or suffer the curses that flow from its rejection ! Simple , eloquent , and straightforward.
          There are no other options , either corporately or individually as a principle of government ! That's it !

        • Philohed

           Agreed.  We are definitely at risk.   ... especially with the power-grab moves the Oduma administration has made over the past couple years, including the latest move to force media outlets to register on and use only government computers when dealing with gov. news releases.

    • ConservativeChristian

      I fully agree with the statement that Handyman8362 has made concerning the attack on Sarah Palin in 2008.  BUT, did not MOOCHELLE OBUMMER, also "work"outside the home when they had two daughters, being paid over $300,000.00 per year----for a totally worthless job at a surburban Chicago hospital.  I say worthless job------because that position was closed after MOOCHELLE took over OUR White House------so that job was totally irrelevant and worthless;  a position arranged for her benefit, and if the hospital was a 'Non-Profit' hospital, that $300,000.00, should not have been allowed by the Infernal Revenue Service!   Ms Rosen is a Lesbian, and working outside the home, when she and her queer partner have one -or- two adopted children in their home!  Yes, it is stange how the Liberals can swing the pendelum just the opposite way when it benefits their causes, and they can throw the mud to suit themselves.  Raising 5 children IS a Full-Time job, covering many areas of daily life: feeding 5 young ones; caring for them when sick, taking them to the dentist and doctors, school/church activities; boy scouts, sports activities.  When I look back on what all my wife did with raising 4 children, I began to realize the reason for her exhaustion, and wanting me to take the children when I came home form work.   70% of the mothers work outside the home, do so because it is 'their choice.'  They may say it is the economic reasons --- or is it to "keep up with the Jones"  when their God-given role is as a wife and mother in the home----and not letting someone else raise their children!!  

      • Seabeebobmu2

        The question is, "Did she actually work?"

    • Budman1252

      Their hypocrisy knows no bounds!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Provoking-Thought/1302548581 Provoking Thought

    They lack humanity, period. 
    Attack the policy. leave the "people" out of it.
    I am no fan of Romney either.

  • henry46

    We shouldn't expect anything less from a lot that is so insane that they continuely say stupid things and then the following days and months trying to backtrack. In case you haven't noticed that is the exact modis operandi of the kenyan in the white house.

  • henry46

    Just realize that it doesn't matter what the subject is. The usurper always opens his big mouth when he shouldn't and then spends every waking hour trying to explain himself. In short, he is a FOOl.

    • Seabeebobmu2

      The "COURT JESTER," and the world knows it. America is a laughing stock thanks to this N in the White House. I give respect to the building, not to the fool that is occupying it!

  • Samtman

    I say to Conservative woman, break your chains of this old idealogy created by men to keep woman down as second degree citizens. Breath the fresh air of making your choices and fight for  equality in Jobs, Family planning , educating  children and especially  girls. Gain indpendence from the chacklse of the 3000 year old biblical war on Woman. You have that constitutional right just like anybody else.

    • umreb78

      HUH??? I have NO IDEA what your point is. Who is keeping womean in shackles? Men??? Would like to hear more of whatever is you are thinking...Seems as if you might have some serious pent up gender hate. I know a lot of Conservative women, and I can honestly say that none of the ones I know feel as if they are treated as second class citizens. I suspect you're just a troll here and that your only knowledge of the "war on women" comes from the WH telling you through the corruptocrats in the MSM that one exists. Am I wrong Sam??

    • Supertad108

      I like that... hmm, let's see how I can apply... let's take a Bee colony. One could argue that for all these centuries ALL the female honey bees serve ONLY one purpose.. to serve the Queen. One could take your argument and attack the Queen and try and get independence for all the bees. I mean really, it's only fair, right.

      Maybe a crazy comparison but point being societies MUST have a structure to survive. Your comment has and is DESTROYING a society that has survived those 3000 years. Can you not see what this country will become once we accept that there are NO set of rules, just live and let live. We already have children and government raising our children. Yea, makes sense to me, get that independence for Moms. Hell, we don't need no families.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Desade/1587910978 Mark Desade

      This is the most imbecile post I've ever read.  What kind of drugs are you on?  If you were concerned about women, you should be outraged that Obama is meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood. 
      That same organization is running in an election in Egypt and other Arab countries.  Their platform?  Women cannot drive cars, must not work and must have male accompaniment outdoors.  Stick your pseudo '60's feminist garbage up your butt.  This is the 2000's; no one believes your garbage, except fellow lunatics.

    • Shannon

      I agree. I don't understand why any woman would be a conservative. Unless you want to stay home all day and raise a bunch of kids.

      Rosen's comment was meant to combat the comment that Romney would be talking to women about their economic issues. Which she clearly knows nothing about. She had their first child was she was still in undergrad and then moved across the country with her husband. After eventually finishing her undergrad degree, she did not work AT ALL. She can't identify with working women when she has never worked a real job in her life.

  • umreb78

    would be funny if it weren't so sad. So...we have an avowed Lesbo (her
    "partner" is the President of the Teachers Federation of America...an
    oh so "America's Best Interest at Heart bunch of Leftanistas) actually
    assailing Ann Romney who has, through MS and the Big C, done, by all accounts,
    an absolutely marvelous job of raising five boys THAT SHE GAVE BIRTH TO! Now
    comes Rosen (pardon the generalization) from the "I like p***y" bunch”
    to attack Ann. Last time I looked, this segment of the population is NOT
    concerned with traditional American family values..hell, make that HUMAN
    values...in fact, they abhor traditional ethical and moral values held by
    Conservatives. So we have a dildo-loving reprobate (and not because she's gay,
    but because she obviously has no appreciation for motherly nurturing of babies)
    criticizing someone who could be nominated (in my book with five sons) for
    Mother of the Year. Yeah, my friends, this is Dumbama's world. There's no doubt
    whatsoever that Rosen's attack WAS planned from the WH, and here is the
    political calculus. Dumbo and his useful idiots instruct her to put this out
    there. One of two things HAD to happen. It causes no uproar among decent
    Americans and it reflects a successful attack against Romney thru Ann. Or, it
    DOES create the firestorm we have seen, and President Lying POS takes to the
    media and condemns it...See, I stand up to incendiary rhetoric!!! Right...FACT

  • henry46

    I've got more. Everyone that voted for this mancurian candidate is in danger of be arrested and tried for treason. That would be approximately 70 million people. Take that number out of the job market, throw them in prison and bingo, jobs aplenty. Besides you'd have to a simplton to vote for the commie. I think that even if the idiot gets reelected, deportation awaits him whenever ........

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NAQ2BR2YVF6MCR4G4YRAUOYELI CUTIE

    What a piece of crap this Hilary is!  Tell he to leave the country.

  • Beatrix17

    Rosen's remarks were the poorly thought out statements
    of a person speaking without thinking.

    And you don't know if she's Jewish or not. There's
    nothing Jewish about her comments, but making nonsensical right wing
    attacks against Jews keeps most Jews on the left. The left supports
    Jews, it's just Israelis that they hate.

    Woman have given Obama an edge over Romney because Obama
    will let woman retain the right to kill their babies, and they're
    afraid Romney won't.

    You're going to need all the votes you can get---you
    better start being more inclusive. Jews who are religiously
    conservative tend to be against abortion and to support conservative
    candidates. You should be attacking the left, not the Jews.

    • Indiana Girl

      wondering if women know this? google Donald Young and Larry Sinclair.

    • Independent

      I agree with you, but the American Jews better wake up and realize who's their real enemy.

      • BayCityMar

        Independent...I agree with you.  It is beyond my comprehension why the Jewish people voted for him when he has such contempt for them.  Even the Blacks do not get it.  He hates them, also.  And, he would just as soon use an AK47 on every White.   EVERYONE, not just American Jews, better wake up.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!


    people must learn, when you hear  Obama's name or his thugs speaking on CNN, change the channel. He is a bad person dividing America. We must stand UNITED in November. Why no ID to vote? Because he believes in cheating,  lying and will do what ever he must to make it in November. Let us show them!

  • Samtman

    Like the Romneys said, they are a typical American family with 3 mansions, a full staff of servants, cooks, maids, garders and drivers.  Exuse me while I go and check if my chauffer is washing the Rolls.

    • Mellaasch

      Jealous, much????

    • RubyBlu

      Mitt worked hard at jobs and earned it - that is the point everyone likes to ignore.  Makes one wonder about those who make those comments....are they working and supporting their families or collecting welfare and accepting their self-enduced destiny..............hmmm.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Desade/1587910978 Mark Desade

      You collect welfare and live off the government teat, loser.  Your kind would never know what it is like to succeed.

      • Samtman

        My wife and I just did our taxes for 2011, we paid 47,769.00 last year to the Government, it was worth every penny to be able to live in this woderfull country like ours. 

    • umreb78

      Sam...You truly are as big a moron as I've ever seen posting on the boards. FLASH TO YOU: My Mercedes needs to be cleaned (yeah, the one I bought with money I made starting my own business from NOTHING, working over 80 hours a week for the first three years)...I need you to go wash it NOW!! Don't decline my job offer...not many available for brian donor survivors!!

      • Samtman

        Sure you did work 80 hours per week plus Sat. and Sundays. You are now making the big bucks so you took your big Bush tax cut and you became  a job creator by buying that big $70,000.00 Mercedes Benz S-Class., congrats.

        • umreb78

          Thanks Sam...In America, we call that Capitalism...To understand this, maybe you should google "Free market economy...Loser!

    • Marilyn Brenden

       I don't begrudge them their riches, and Romney will have given over $2,000,000 to charity this year.  Most rich people don't.

  • Doodlebug

    I think it is soooooooooooooo funny that these dummicrat donkeys keep braying this stupid stuff and then have to denied what they said and what they meant. It makes great fodder for they Romneys! We must get them out because my ears can't take anymore of this nonsensical braying then lying to cover up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Desade/1587910978 Mark Desade

    Actually, I'm rather glad Rosen made this remark because it backfired on her.  After many dems, including Wasserman-Shultz, Michelle Obama, etc. publicly repudiated Rosen and threw her under the bus, the republicans will get to use this ammo in the election.  No women I know, including dems, independents and republicans agree with Rosen.  It may be popular with dikes, lesbians, and the other 3% dregs of the earth in the far left, but it will play against Obama with normal women.   And let's not forget Obama entertaining the Muslim Brotherhood recently.  This same organization has called for a real anti-women platform while running in Egypt and other Muslim countries; things like women cannot drive cars, should not work and always have male company in public.  Romney needs to remind women voters that a vote for Obama is a vote for the Muslim Brotherhood's influence in America.

  • Indy grandma

    I really admire a women who stays home and raises her children.  Many people say it takes two people working to make it but that is not true.  I know a lot of women who managed to stay home and raise the kdis - they just didn't have all the luxuries that two income familes have.  Maybe if some of them would stay home there would be jobs for some of these men who say they can't find a job.  I stayed home until mine got in school.  We just made do with what income we had at that time and didn't have all the things we have now like computers, big screen tv, cell phone etc.  I can't say we are any happier now.

    • Shannon

      It shouldn't HAVE to be the women that stay home though. Women now make up a higher percentage of undergrad students, law school students and a higher percentage in the workforce. I would love to see a man asking how he can balance work and family.

  • Mrooker

    It is interesting to see that almost daily the Progressives do or say something hateful against Conservatives in the hope of stirring up their base of rabblerousers to vote.  They easily move from gender hate to racial hate to class warfare to religious warfare  in hopes of somehow gaining votes.  They are basically succeeding in alienating everyone except for their hardest base which is a minority in this country.  Keep it up Obama and the landslide against your will be bigger than predicted.

  • Bdo_MI

     Comment was meant to stir the pot, the question is why?  I think that is the question we should be looking at.

    • Marilyn Brenden

      Part of the reason is to keep political conversations away from the economy, jobs, and the national debt.


    Of course the attack on Ann Romney was planned at the Whitehouse. Mrs. Romney's  spontaneous response turned the heat on Hillary Rosen that sort of apologized for her stupid remarks. It was a mistake that will bite Obama on the butt during the 2012 election. "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned." The remark was an attack on ALL "stay at home mothers" and no apology will be sufficient enough for sucessful damage control.  I love it when democrats stick their feet in their mouths.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Tazelaar/100000486645789 Ed Tazelaar

    I don't care what the issue is anymore, the democrats led by BHO are a hate filled party that wants to destroy our beloved country. I still believe the acronym POTUS means "Piss on the United States".

  • SickandtiredofObama

    The Dem's plot will come back to bite them . Evil is as evil does and soon they will be a distant memory as WE THE PEOPLE take our country back from the liberals that have brought it to near disaster.

  • Chandler1925

     He is about the Lowest form of a human being that GOD ever made.

  • Gillthomas50

    I do  not like Romney,his flip flops,or his false religon.However,I ill support him against obama.I just hope that he,and his fellow rinos have the gonads to attack the left,socialism,islam and an illeagle president.If they don't,then that proves to me that we only have one political party!And it is not for WE THE PEOPLE!If he is elected,I want his innaguration speech to be full of cancelling directives,and unconstitutional decrees.If he does not,we need to star a third politial party that will......Oh,why don't you all stop arguing with the liberal blogs here.You know they are morons,and plants.As William F Buckley said,never argue with an idiotyou can't win

  • Sean murry.

    more than likely it was planned by the whitehouse.

  • SickandtiredofObama

    Ann Romney will make a great first lady. Mooshell Obama just doesn't have the class that Ann has and Ann will make mooshell look like the wicked witch of the WH with her communistic agendas of dictating what we can and can't eat. From the looks of mooshell she should go on a diet herself. And the selfishment of the Obamas to use tax payer money to pay for their lavish vacations, twelve in 3 years while the citizens of the US tighten our belts and our wallets just to survive. Shame on the Dems and shame on this so called POTUS for holding this country hostage as he rants his communistic agendas.

    • RubyBlu

      Shame on us for allowing this imposter to occupy OUR White House.

  • Rchguns

    Welcome to Chicago politics class 101. This administration is a master at dirt and slime to get whatever they feel they want. They will attack anyone, any way they can and care little about the truth.
    Being Progressives they have no morals, no scruples, and absolutely no conscience. They seek only control and will do anything to maintain that control or to ensure they continue to have that control.

    You want to talk about a war on women ask any mother that raises children whether or not she has a job and whether or not she works. One of the hardest jobs in the world.

    You have a president that spent more time playing golf, having parties, taking vacations, and generally goofing off more than any previous president and he is going to say that her mother doesn't work.

    It's time for the American people to say enough is enough and" The Buck" stops here. This pretender of a president works for us and it's time to say you're fired. On the grounds that he does not do his job, as a substandard job when he does anything, theft, and general malfeasance.

    Join the new political party( ABO) party.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roscoe-Bonnifitucci/100000459519027 Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Demoncrats!  Nothing but a bunch of Whiny World Class Hypocrites.  They cannot deal in facts...they must constantly use Saul Alinsky's Rule #5 
    Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.

    Will America see through this crock of crap the Left continues to make up as an issue?  It is the Economy STUPID!


    As you have read in this article, Rosen's comments about Ann Romney were orchistrated by the White House and Obummers minions and then they all tweeted apologies the same day, HOW CONVIENUNITE.

    I am once again going tell you all how to stop this type of political hypocrisy and yes I know I'll be called RACIST and all the rest of the names for typing this on my comment, but I don't really give a crap any more about what people think of me.

    Remember when you go to the polls on November 6th 2012 to vote, it is just like playing a game of EUCHER and all you have to do is remember EUCHER RULE #1 and you will be a winner in the game of EUCHER and at the VOTING BOOTH.


  • vanguard7

    I'm remembering the interview Odumber gave during the 2008 campaign where he said his wife, "Moochelle", was off limits as well as any other family members.  Well I guess the gloves have come off in light of the most recent events.  And the Whiteless House, I'm convinced, was actually behind it and in essence started this type of rhetoric rolling.

  • BayCityMar

    I am just wondering how long it will take Hilary's bones to heal that were broken when she was thrown under the very fast moving bus.  I believe she meant every word she said and I also believe the whole thing was set up by the Administration.  Just like it was with Sandra Fluke.  Ann Romney has far more class than Michele Obama can ever hope to have.  Ann Romney loves this Country, while Michele Obama hates it, just as her husband hates it.   Be informed, also, that the word "Progressive" is the NEW word for Communism.  So when you hear the Left refer to "Progressives" in the White House, they really are referring to the Democrats who are Communists.   Remember to vote in November with KNOWLEDGE because knowledge is POWER!  GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • lloydrevalee

    Nothing new there.  Obama and the liberal Democrats accuse others of doing just what they themselves are doing, and in accusing others, hope that no one will notice what they are doing.

  • Bbringer

    You know the president may be a nice guy but, when you surround yourself with stupid people, you come across as an idiot. When that happens you just can't fix stupid. Stupid is as stupid does.
    Barry does need any help with putting his foot in is mouth. He does a pretty good job of that by himself.
    Keep it up Barry, just makes it easy for Romney to win in Nov.

  • Phil185

    Amazing how thrity years ago, to have a successful husband working his arse off, allowing his wife to stay at home and raise your kids was a good thing.  Now all of a sudden, it's a bad thing.  Any woman that was/is lucky enough to be a "unqualified woman" that stays at home raising her kids will tell you, it's not always an easy job.  Just because Mitt worked, that doesn't mean she wasn't involved in the financial/social aspects of his dailly life, keeping the house, paying bills, balancing the budget...etc.  Now all of a sudden this is bad, all women should be working.  Was it bad when Jackie O didn't work?  Clearly she wasn't "qualified" to be first lady either. 

  • Onager

    Not surprising the Democraps or Progressives,Socist/Communists
    (A true oxymoron) would attack Ann Romney , these people are the true Evil doers in the world. Plain and simple. Some are just Usefull Idiots,the masterminds like Soreass ,Buffette, Ovomit, they are just plain EVIL.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1113892055 Donna Waite

    I have totally stopped listening to CNN (and some of their competitors!) - their coverage of Zimmerman/Trayvon was and is sickening, rabble-rousing and preposterous!. Their election coverage is biased and 'ridiculous'! Bring me Lou Dobbs or Aaron Brown!

  • Slimsatan999777

    obviosly i gave that girl tomuch credit yesterday saying she was a repub wenshe said she sad she was sorry i mean give me a brek has why  hate wemen 4 real signed tha eminems haleyjadee tina marie east mathers

  • ChillaKilla

    If  libtards call Ann Romney a “b—-,” “c—” and “whore,” among other names.... why not return the 'compliment' to that hippopotamus looking woman who lives with barry in the WH? Let's see what Tweeter has to say about it.
    Turnabout is fair play!

  • Seabeebobmu2

    I love the way my comment was off to the moderator for calling rosen an idiot!!

  • Wilda Woods

    Ann  Romney probably does  more volunteer work at the schools, PTA church and the  community in a month, than loud mouth rosen does in a year!!!!
    O course she visited the whitehouse snake    pit before making her remarks, the kind of thing a  radical community agitator  would do and instruct his puppets to do!!!

  • Kcprinting27

    Brad Nova is a limp dick, impotent Bill Marr or however you spell the cowards name. Cowards= Democrats

  • Seabeebobmu2

     My mother raised me, I was trouble from the start, 1 month premature in 1952, you didn't live, but here I am. The doctors actually said, "Don't get attached to him!" I weighed less than a pound! I was a rough and tumble child, many visits to the emergency room for fractured skulls, broken arms and such. I drove my parents crazy. I was always with my mother in my early years as she was a working mother in a hospital as the only E.E.G. tech in the city. I would be l0oked after by Doctors, nurses, the switchboard ladies, I liked that as they allowed me to make the connections with the wires.
      My mother has loved me to this day, I'm 59 yrs old, she is 88. I have been a disappointment at times and a sense of pride to her at other times, BUT, her job as my MOTHER NEVER RELENTED OR FAULTERED!! THAT IS MOTHERHOOD, A JOB FOR LIFE!
     I hope that you Mother disowns you, apparently she never worked a day in her life! I may not get along with my mother at all times, but, she is still my mother and I have only one, that still, at 88, is working to keep me happy. If that is not a job, I need to see what YOU CONSIDER A JOB! Probably on the Government payout is your idea of a job.
    Get a real job you insensitive, liberal, poor excuse for a human being and maybe you should've been aborted to save you mother from the disgrace you have levied on her! A -HOLE

  • Hotnike

    This was a sceam thought up by the White House and it badly back-fired so Obama is has back track.  He is so SAD. 

    • Hotnike

      I meant to say: Obama had to back track.

  • Flint

    i think that rosen started her war on woman when her girl friend kicked
    her out of the house.

  • Seabeebobmu2

    Twice my post was deleted!I guess godfather politics is a front for oblowhole. I kicked rosen's butt twice with my post and twice, kit was "Moderated" another word for censored with no curse words, but not flatering to her.!

  • Bluered5858

    amerca needs an american president,not a foreign kenyan arogant obummer.he is ruining this country and the left is behind him all the way,we must vote him out to save our country from these traders,before obamma I thought there were some decent democrats,but not anymore,they are going along with him distroying our country no longer will I ever trust another democrat,they have no morals what so ever,cant wait until november.

  • Nobama

    How amny ways can you spell pig?

  • evermyrtle

    You think the Democrats are against women? I thought it was babies that they were against? Women, too? Well they are the ones the government is pushing to kill their babies. Maybe something to it.

  • Jac300

    I agree with you however there is one thing all of you are missing Obama initated the attack the Friday before: When he said,'' We didn't have the Luxury of having Michelle staying at Home." He was setting up Rosen's speech. The only thing different was Rosen Named=Ann Romney. Obama washed his hands again by throwing Rosen under the bus since the tactic failed. Now he states she is not really apart of his campaign with deadpan face when everyone knows she visited the White House 35 times. What a liar. He really thinks Americans are FOOLS. We aren't Obama.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Nothing to see here, move along, says the media for the most part. But let a conservative mouthpiece try it.....torches and pitchforks in front of their offices, with demands for censorship and termination.
    From a prog like this? Ho hum, just another day at the office for the press.

    Click the name, survive. 

  • LaVada

    We as Christians have to remember, Isaiah, 54- 17 ''No weapon formed against you shall prosper."

  • Iliv4jc

    This was a well orchestrated diversion to cover the Arizona Sheriff's revelation of Obama's forged birth certificate, and you all fell for it



  • J. Nielsen

    All I can say is "Bring It On".  Ann Romney is no slouch.  She's had to manage six men, battle cancer, battle MS and she's done it with grace and tenacity.  The Occupy White House thugs have underestimated Ann Romney.  The Democraps think Ann is nothing but a "do nothing stay-at-home-mom".  Little do they know they've unleashed a sleeping GIANT!  And they know it.  Why do you think they're on damage control? 

  • harbinger

    Are hard-core lesbians members of Gaystapo? It certainly seems so.

  • David R. (Canada)

    Housewives, or stay-at-home-moms as they are called these days, are the hardest working people in our society. I remember my mother working from sun-up to sun-down seven days a week. She darned socks, knitted or sewed while the family listened to the radio in the evenings.
    She had to be a cook, book-keeper, purchaser, teacher, nurse, psychologist, nutritionist, gardener, and make, repair and alter clothes. These days you can add chaufeur to the list.

    What would any politician or petty bureaucrat know about work anyway?

  • toots

    Im with you, Jac, just like Sandra Fluke, a total set up. I heard that little Obama blurb, the audacity of his Idiocy.. they, the couple making well over 300K couldn't afford to have her stay home with the girls. Give me a break. Why? Because they were so poverty stricken, or because Michelle got set up in a gravy job by Valerie Jarrett. That job dissapeared when she became first lady. Jarrett is the one Obama wanted to fill his Ill senate seat, but she got a better deal, didn't she? Old Bloggo ended up holding the bag on that one, now he's in the slammer. You can bet he knew some dirt on B O, and that dirty deal, but if he talked, I think he was smart enough to know he'd be swimming with the fishies in the bottom of lake Michigan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R627V5XCPT4U7CZRGLYLK5P5NA James Fontana

    This attack had to come from the same people that program the idiot in chiefs teleprompter. In other words it was a directive from Obumer himself.

  • Pegi

    If this is true, it was a really dumb move!  Most women I know work because they have to not because they want to.  They would rather stay home with their children.  Stay at home women work hard...they're cleaning women, child care providers, chauffeurs, bookkeepers, & shoppers just to name a few jobs.  Doing it right is a full time job!

  • howe71

    We are wasting precious time allowing the President and his communist minnions to distract WE THE PEOPLE away from the failed leadership of this administartion. Actually the Obama administration has been successful at pushing the country toward a communist state as it disguises itself in the social mantra of lies, deception and frequent constitutional violations, all the while the ignorant soak up hope and change. WE THE PEOPLE have to get the word out and insure these criminals get voted out in 2012.

  • Merlinwinslow

    That is a real hoot considering that her cult leader Obama has never held a real job or done an honest days work. He does not have the life experience to relate to how average Americans live.  He seems to hate the institution of marriage and the American family.

  • L163sm

    Hoof mouth disease  something spreads like the FLU in progressive circles..........so PATHETIC

  • acronymous

    The founders of our nation devised a system that, they explained, was suited to the people of the United States at that time. Not suited to all people everywhere. You had to have a certain level of morality and a certain level of knowledge.

    Part of that 'level of morality' is that we have to have some bit of respect for each other. All this talk of 'the Republican war on women' or the Democrats being the real 'party that hates women' is unfortunate. Neither party hates women. Both welcome women into their ranks and into their leadership. Both court women voters and both attract huge numbers of women. Both craft policies that take into account what the women they might gain as voters want.

    Republican opposition to rules that would effectively outlaw any Catholic participation in 'the world', by forcing Catholic institutions to provide free birth control and free abortion coverage for any employees other than priests [as if a priest would ever be pregnant in the first place], is not an attempt to deny women "access to health care". I am not denied "access to food" by the local grocery store when they expect me to pay for what's in my cart.

    Democrats who say that Ann Romney doesn't have any perspective on the struggles of most women aren't saying that being a mother is a vacation. Their real point, though it was badly put, was that Romney has no perspective on the economic side of those struggles. (It's still bad logic, because a person may understand a difficulty without actually having experienced it themselves. Logic, empathy, and analogy are our tools here, and Romney has all of those to help her understand economic struggles. )


  • Skarlet

    Great article. 

  • Blair

    I wouldn't doubt it.

  • Robalou01

    I'm shocked that Mr. "Likeable", Obumbo would plan such an attack on Mrs. Romney...After all the media is always yapping about what a "nice guy" Odumbo is and how everybody likes him personally....What exactly is likeable about this a**hole??? I haven't met one person who likes Bumbo or who doesn't think he is a complete doofus!

  • Truthfairy1

    Republicans obviouslya aren't used to being insulted by Democrats the way Democrats are constantly insulted by RWingers.  Hilary Rosen said "Ann Romney hasn't worked a day in her life" and some Dems have left mean tweets...You want to read some vile tweets? You RWers tweets about the First Lady of the United States?  Some of you may even have made them??

    "Angry fat black Michelle Obama starts twitter account for campaigning. Tired of vacations, fat Michelle?"

    "I would say the next most hateful woman in America is Michelle Obama"

    "You are an angry black woman. You and your parasite husband are living high on the hog on taxpayer money"

    "Michelle Obama wants to be stereotyped as "Fat black woman played by a man""


    Fox News website comments about Mrs. Obama re a program whereby ppl could get their photo taken with the First Lady to raise money for charity are the kind of disgusting racist insults that appear regularly on the website and similar to many made by Rush Limbaugh. Does the White House run around whining & complaining like the Romney camp, launching publicity blitzes & demanding apologies?:

    "I can go to the zoo and get my picture taken with a Chimp.. same thing."

    "Who in the hell would be stupid enough to pay this Ghetto Queen any money at all to have a picture taken with her ?"

    "He//, I can go to the gorilla display at the zoo and get it done for nothing."

    "Fact is you could not pay me enough to have my photo taken with the Wookie"

    "5 K for a picture with a buffarillo. Apologies to Buffalo and gorillas"


    Nice, huh? And you guys go ape because a paid CNN Democrat strategist contributor, with a contract that disallows her working with any political or presidential campaign, who has NEVER worked with the Obama Administration, said Mrs Romney has never worked. She hasn't. But Michelle Obama is not a "Chimp..Ghetto Queen..Gorilla..Fat Black Woman...Wookie..or Most Hateful Woman in America."

    Stop creating a fake controversy. Perhaps the Obama campaign should start telling American women what you Angry Right Wingers say about a FLOTUS who has 65% Approval rating nationally - whereas Mitt Romney's is 38%!

    • Luke179a

       Obama should go back to the "family members are off-limits" thing that he said in 2008.

      No one should attack Michelle or Ann with the kind of language above.

      Of course, the First Lady always has her own record of "accomplishments" after 4 years in office... so that can be scrutinized as much as people want. Ann Romney's record as the First Lady of Mass. can also be looked at.

      This wouldn't be a "controversy" if the White House didn't create this "war on women" thing to try to play with women's emotions and stir fear about a GOP controlled White House.... THE CONTROVERSY STARTED THERE.