47 Different Taxes We Pay: Can You Think of More?

When we think of taxes, we most likely look at what we pay to the Federal government and the states where we live, but there are dozens more, incorporated into everything we purchase. Every time we might the government to tax the corporations, we are asking them to tax us. Corporations view taxes as an expense like paying the electric bill. When they price an item for sale, they include all their expenses, including taxes. Here’s a list of nearly 4 dozen taxes. Can you think of some others? Think of George Harrison’s “Tax Man” (1966):

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

1. Ad Valorem Tax
2. Building Permit Tax
3. Commercial Driver’s License Tax
4. Cigarette Tax
5. Corporate Income Tax
6. Dog License Tax
7. Excise Taxes
8. Federal Income Tax
9. Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
10. Fishing License Tax
11. Food License Tax
12. Fuel Permit Tax
13. Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
14. Gross Receipts Tax
15. Hotel/Motel Tax

16. Hunting License Tax
17. Inheritance Tax
18. Inventory Tax
19.  Liquor Tax
20. Luxury Taxes
21. Marriage License Tax
22. Medicare Tax
23. Personal Property Tax
24. Property Tax
25. Real Estate Tax

26. Rental Car Tax
27. Service Charge Tax
28. Social Security Tax
29. Road Usage Tax
30. Sales Tax
31. Recreational Vehicle Tax
32. School Tax
33. State Income Tax
34. State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
35. Telephone Federal Excise Tax
36. Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
37. Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
38. Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
39. Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax
40. Telephone State and Local Tax
41. Telephone Usage Charge Tax
42. Utility Taxes
43. Vehicle License Registration Tax
44. Vehicle Sales Tax
45. Watercraft Registration Tax
46. Well Permit Tax
47. Workers Compensation Tax

237 thoughts on “47 Different Taxes We Pay: Can You Think of More?

    1. In Maryland, I am now taxed on my own personal use of my own septic field. I own the land, including mineral rights, but this was passed as justified to "Save the Bay" [Chesapeake, if you did not know] – and a more mismanaged fund I have never seen. If my septic field goes bad, there still will no help for me; just more taxes!

      Are Permit fees considered a tax …?


        1. I will go a step further. If I have to pay it as a result of government action, it is a tax even if it DOESN'T go the the government.

    2. Any one been to a concert or ball game lately; How about convenience tax, seating tax, & other various taxes associated with ticket purchases?

    3. Last year, I paid only 11.8% in federal income tax (after refund deducted which most people do not do). Regardless, I paid a total of 29.74% in all taxes paid to whatever geo-political jurisdiction. How about add the following:

      Car Inspection
      Car Tags
      911 Tax
      Right-of-way Tax (on phones)
      Communications Tax (on phones and internet)
      Beer Tax (which is separate of liquor tax)
      Tire Tax (if you buy a new tire)
      Tire Desposal Fee (to get rid of the old tire)
      Battery Disposal Fee (when you buy a car battery)
      Tolls on roads, bridges, and tunnels
      Lottery Tickets – yes as about half, or more go to the issuing govermental entity
      Food Tax in addition to regular sales tax
      Hotel and/or Resort Tax in addition to regular sales tax
      Electric Usage Surcharge

      1. Yep! Forgot about some of those!!! And who do they hurt the most?? Thats right! The poor working slobs that cant seem to get ahead!! And now you know why!! Oh and Tag renewal, and Drivers lisence renewal.

    4. ammunition tax, wheel tax, tolls on bridges, epa- hazard waste disposal fee,(batteries,used motor oil, etc.) land fill fees.

  1. Reminds me of a poem

    Tax his land, tax his wage,
    Tax his bed in which he lays.
    Tax his tractor, tax his mule,
    Teach him taxes is the rule.

    Tax his cow, tax his goat,
    Tax his pants, tax his coat.
    Tax his ties, tax his shirts,
    Tax his work, tax his dirt.

    Tax his chew, tax his smoke,
    Teach him taxes are no joke.
    Tax his car, tax his grass,
    Tax the roads he must pass.

    Tax his food, tax his drink,
    Tax him if he tries to think.
    Tax his sodas, tax his beers,
    If he cries, tax his tears.

    Tax his bills, tax his gas,
    Tax his notes, tax his cash.
    Tax him good and let him know
    That after taxes, he has no dough.

    If he hollers, tax him more,
    Tax him until he's good and sore.
    Tax his coffin, tax his grave,
    Tax the sod in which he lays.

    Put these words upon his tomb,
    "Taxes drove me to my doom!"
    And when he's gone, we won't relax,
    We'll still be after the inheritance tax.

  2. Don't forget the increases in passport fees permits and licenses to work that are necessary in many career choices…
    They have nearly doubled in silence. Those are hidden taxes that they do not vote on. Gift tax, leaving the state tax if you move in some states like NY. Airport tax.

    1. I like this one at hotels/motels. not only do you pay for the room, but you have to pay an occupational tax in addition to state tax. I thought that was what the room rate was for.

      1. I forgot about the restarant managers license tax that is required to operate my business, also I have to pay a tax for a license from the Dept. of Health to sell groceries.

    1. In our state we have all of the above PLUS recreational vehicles tax(ATV's, boats, etc), and to top it all they have a yard sale tax, complete with yard sale monitor- to collect the state tax. Some of these state taxes could be looked at too.

  3. 48. Storm water removal tax… (that's a new EPA tax).
    49. Medical devise taxes (your artificial leg is being taxed now thanks to ObamaCare)
    50. Concealed weapon tax ($50 just paid)

    Good list, that's the only new ones I can think of.

    1. Are you serious? Being taxed for wearing a medical device is like taxing you for dying twice( instead of the usual one time).In Reply to #49.

      1. Remember when a old or poor person without Health Insurance could get some sample drugs from the doctor for free if they couldnt afford the drugs??? Ive had to do that and it mostly covered the meds you would need. No more!!! That will be taxed also. So called Health Plan. ODUMBO CARE!!!

    1. Now some body needs to post an Itemized list of Every , and I do Mean Every theing the Government spend our tax dollars on. It would not suprise me but it would terrify a lot of folks I know, and I'll wagfer a dollar to a doughnut that there are more than 10,000 things that you, I, WE, HAVE NEVER HEARD OF.

    1. You are wrong with respect!! When you are taxed on your labors and everything you need to live then it is like each breath you take!!

    2. In Chicago each year a ventilation inspector comes to look over your business to insure you are ventilating it properly. The charge for this inspection is calculated in c.f.m. of the air passing through the business. THAT IS TAXING THE AIR. So your wrong they do tax the air you breath.

  4. Tanning tax (clearly a racist tax, based on the color of ones skin)
    Internet Usage Tax being weighed in California, another race biased tax aimed at Americans of Asian and European descent.

    1. good one I almost forgot that one. the lady that ran our tanning facility in our town,
      closed her tanning store due to that tax coming into reality.

  5. In Florida when leasing or renting a commercial property the occupant is required to pay a 7% tax on top of the property tax. In other words paying a tax on a tax.

  6. With all these taxes, why can't our government balance the budget? Oh! I forgot! They continue with unnecessary spending!!!!!! What was I thinking!

  7. Under the new healthcare plan, the gubmint will help people end their tax debt————————-when they pull the PLUG !!!

  8. forgot capital gains tax.
    some areas have a 'resort tax" on top of the hotel-motel tax
    some places have cat license taxes.
    CCW license fee or tax
    public and state park usage fees, which is a tax to use a facility we pay taxes for.
    any municiple recreation facility use fee/tax- taxes were used to create, we pay fees to gain entry to a facility our taxes provided
    professional license fees/tax- a fee we pay the state to get a certificate do jobs like hair cutting to engineering. Can be cheap as 40 bucks up to 500 bucks.

    1. Yes, Benjamin, you are absolutely right! Inflation, i.e. printing money out of thin air is a tax, pure and simple. With this type of inflation, your little savings account has less buying power at the end of the year than it had at year's beginning, especially with the miserable interest rates a savings account or C.D. draws today!

  9. I would like to propose a new tax:

    $100 per word tax on every word uttered by a politician during the campaign. We have to also accept the fact that Obama is on a perpetual campaign.

    1. It does not belong in a health care bill. We will be paying state and gov, and inhertitance tax on it too. Need to get Dems. out.

  10. Parking lot tax – recently parked at an airport off-site lot and was astonished (aka: pissed off) to pay a nearly 20% tax on the parking rate. And, don't forget taxes disguised as "fees" to rob us of more of OUR money.

  11. horse tax
    proposing a commercial transaction tax- a tax on the act of selling itself, http://open.salon.com/blog/djohn/2010/09/28/hr_46
    live entertaiment tax. http://www.tax.state.nv.us/documents/TPI%2001-10%
    advertising tax- an added cost to advertising- http://www.aaf.org/default.asp?id=366
    carbon tax- added tax on top of gas taxes and any fuel/
    import taxes
    huge list of more taxes fromHC law: http://www.atr.org/breaking-comprehensive-list-ta

  12. DON'T forget the new FAT tax, well its not actually new, but I believe someone weighing over a certain amount has to buy 2 seats on a plane, then I heard CALIFORNIA was working on a new fat tax

  13. I think that it would be appropriate to have two new taxes imposed on the human body.
    1. A Flatulence tax (FART) because humans produce global warming gasses (methane); and
    2. An Air Use Tax, because everyone expels CO2, and that too contributes to global warming. Breathing and expelling CO2 should be tied to the Cap and Tax, where people can purchase the carbon credits they need to sustain life. If you can't afford the credits, either pay extra, or stop breathing.

      1. It looks as though voters are catching on to Obama, and his far-left, radical programs, and profligate spending. The special election held in New York's 9th Congressional District is the best indicator that people are waking-up to the dangers of socialism. Seventy-five percent of the 9th District voters are registered as Democrats, but the Republican won the seat handily, over the hand-picked Democratic candidate. The 9th District is heavily Jewish, and Halprin, a Jew, lost to his Catholic opponent. This is very stunning, and extremely heartening for the conservative cause. Here in Nevada, Mark Amodei also defeated his Democratic challenger; Kate Marshall; who is a strong Obama supporter, by more than a twenty-point margin.
        My tax suggestions shown above, are of course supposed to be a touch of humor targeting a serious subject. If politicians in Washington were really serious about jump-starting the economy they would institute a tax-holiday that would cut income taxes for a full year, and then eliminate the Graduated Income Tax, and institute a National Sales Tax of eight percent. Eliminating the IRS would save over forty billion per year, plus the cost of filing income tax returns, which is a huge cost for businesses and industries. If this was inaugurated, our economy would sky-rocket, and manufacturing would come back from overseas in droves.
        It is quite ironic that liberals talk the talk, about their "caring attitude for the poor and needy in society," yet every one of their social programs have increased the poverty rate, shipped American jobs out of the country, and have demolished our economy. Their so-called concern for the little guy in America, has been an economic boon favoring our enemies such as Red China, Viet Nam, and others, while decimating jobs in our own country.
        I would hope that my ideas about new taxes would be taken by socialists as an insult, rather than a constructive idea. Unfortunately with their tax and spend mentality, they might just take the suggestion seriously!

  14. Well folks that's why we have to vote in conservative Republicans, there are no conservative Dems. We got to get rid of Obama and his merry bunch of theives.I hope America pays attention next time and vote for someone with experience and a good record, not on their color.

  15. Some towns have a tax on all prepared food whether you buy it in a restaurant or get a sandwich from a fast food or gas station. County and local tax on food. They are now trying in some areas of the country to institute a tax on services. Yep, go to the dentist, doctor, get your eyes checked or get your back back in shape and pay a tax on the service.

  16. Every day you awake is a new day for Uncle Sam. But we are all Guilty, When in good times we never bothered to take a look at what was being done behind the scenes. Now we are in the most difficult days of our lives, and now we have saw that the politicians have made back door deals and forbid what else. they have never had to account for nothing before.I hope that this is a good learning lesson for me and everyone else.

  17. How about taxing all the money these illegal aliens wire out of the country every payday? too obvious I guess…. no wait, we can’t do anything to offend these people, God forbid.

  18. Inlfation is a tax, police are tax collectors writing citiations for things they know are not wrong, but only raise 'revenue' ie unreasonable search and seizure. (If you think I am just a disgruntled criminal, I have a clean criminal and dmv record. I am a disgruntled Patriot). If you want to know the actual amount of taxes, look at the amount that they spend. It comes out of our pockets. EASY. The Illegal Alien is currently reducing taxes more than Bush did, but he is increasing spending enormously. Look at the other hand. Oh, and if you choose to flee this decadent government, they tax you on what you can take with you.

  19. What are the poor going to do when they finally wake up and realize that they are O'Bama's slaves….because if he keeps them dumbed down and line their pocketbooks they will do anything like sheep…..and some of them are getting pretty wealthy off his use of our national treasury, by the way, the one that doesn't belong to him….he isn't trying to help create jobs, he is trying to control and herd people like sheep just like former dictators have done, but this isn't his nation period.

  20. Off Highway User tax, Irrigation ditch maintenance tax, "burn" permit tax, highway user "fee", college tuition "fee", all those "special district" fees attached to property taxes

  21. This government is out of control and has been for many years and guess who allowed it to happen, YOU AND ME!!! We have ignored their abuse as it has happened inch by inch and now if we rise up and protest, this President is poised ready to declare martial law, just wait and see. That way he can suspend the current laws and freedoms and squash all hope in a Republic, controling everything he wants for as long as he wants. WE MUST GET HIM OUT, CALMLY, IN 2012. DO whatever you can to get a constitutional, conservative President, congress, and senate elected. It is our only hope to preserve the republic and reverse the horrible laws and regulations this progressive administration has put through.

  22. Why not politition tax, tax all congress 2/3 of their earnings, make sure congress and the senate is not profitbal, they take enough bribes to sustain them anyway and take away all benifits too.

    1. Haven’t you heard? The poor politicians only make $174,000 yearly and that’s not enought to live on, so they would like a raise. Guess who votes on their raises!!

  23. In Maryland there is a tax on owning a Septic Field. called the "Flush Tax". It is supposed to pay for septic field repairs if your septic field fails.

  24. Just the reality tax (one person touched on it): and the reality is that because our combined government (federal, state and local) chews up 43% of our GDP (compared to 24% in 1950) – that in effect, is our total tax rate. People must realize that when they purchase (or rent, or lease) ANY product or service THEY are paying ALL of the taxes in that supply chain. Even when you buy a $3 loaf of bread, you pay the taxes of the wheat farmer; his pesticide and fertilizer suppliers; tractor supplier; fuel company; the transport company'; the vitamin producers; wrapper producers; the baker; and the retailer. Call it the UNFAIR Tax – the effect all of the above taxes have on our economy.

  25. I found more taxes! (not really that hard to find)

    AMT- a tax on profits on paper that realized gains, but then lost value. SO you pay tax on the expected value of your investment even though it's worth 0. –Lots of suicides over AMT…very sad.

    Bribery tax- but this merely counted as income. http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Taxes/Advice

    A blueberry tax—honestly!

    I found a list that repeats items on this list but is also larger than the one here.

  26. Was told for years that interest earned on U.S. Savings Bonds would be tax free if money was used for education (ie tuition). Last year I cashed in a good number of bonds I had purchased to pay for my daughters college tuition. When it came time to file tax return, was informed that they changed the rules, and if you made over a certain amount, (about $80,000) you would be taxed on the interest, regardless of whether or not you spent money for education. And Obama said anyone making under $250,000 would not see their taxes go up "one dime". I guess he lied… Again

  27. A few years ago I did an analysis of total taxes and came up with a total of 42% on an average income. That is more than twice what it should be based on Genesis 47:26, The King's Fifth, our economic history and the Laffer Curve. All conclude 20% is the optimum tax any government, or sum of them, should take for maximum economic health. In our best years our tax rates were 18.3% and our economy expanded 10% to 30% because people were able to invest in new technologies. We are 4% of the world's people and they love our food, products and entertainment. Cut taxes, raise revenues.

    The Two Minute Conservative at http://adrianvance.blogspot.com has political analysis, science and humor. Daily on Kindle.

    My recent post Will He Sing?

  28. Airlines pay a gate tax.

    We pay an airport tax for the right to purchase a ticket.

    I think we need another US Government agency called: TAX INSTALLMENT DEPARTMENT. Under this concept they get our paycheck each month and if there is anything left they issue us the remaining balance. Good idea huh!!!!!


  30. The 1% Social Security tax for all mandatory e -deposits after 1 Jan 2012.

    Thankfully, I have been a ret expat since 2003.

    Our annual property taxes in Dallas in 2004 were US $19,000.

    In Jan, I paid annual US $528.for my 600 M sq (6500ftsq) house.

    It's only going to get lots worse in the USA over the next 6 – 15 months!

    Sell your houses and get out of the EE.UU. with all of your assets.

    You can thank me in 2015.

  31. Some cities in South Florida charge a yearly tax on rental homes owned by an LLC. (Dania Beach, for example). That tax is incurred the day a house is purchased – and the tax is over and beyond the real estate 'property tax'.
    Great encouragement for investors in a devalued real estate market!!

  32. I am glad to see,after much searching, someone who recognizes that corporations are not tax payers but tax collectors. We as consumers pay the taxes supposedly assessed to corporations when we buy products, the merely pass on the expense in the price of their product.

  33. In Texas if you get a traffic ticket they charge you in court all the usual stuff but heres the rub. Since they cant charge you aditionally for this crime (that would be double jepordy) they charge the driver for the next 5 years a book keeping fee they claim is to "manage" the points you were charged on your license. Now how stupid do they think we are? They want us to believe it cost money to have a 3 or a 6 on your driving record instead of a zero? BULLSH!T

  34. I rent the propane tank that sits on my property. It is an annual rent and tax is added, I'm in Mexifornia, what a surprise. When I purchased my current computer at Costco there was a $16 fee included in the purchase price for disposal of the computer when it dies, if it dies, its funeral is paid for. On top of the 42 cents a gallon the feds tax gasoline (they make more per gallon than the oil companies) California adds a current 7.75% to the total purchase that's down from 8.75% which was in effect for a year ending July.

    Most of the 47 taxes listed are really fees imposed by regulation, not a tax created by legislation.

  35. One tax I'll never pay is the concealed weapon permit tax. Do I carry a weapon? You bet I do! What gives me the right to carry a weapon without a permit? For the record, the 2nd admendmant. Realistically, 357 mag cartridges.

  36. Any fee paid for "permission" to do anything is a tax. Any additional "levy" for education, police, EMT, or social services is a tax. Any time I have to pay extra to do something, it's a tax. Road taxes, license fees, weight taxes, fees for processing the permissions are ALL taxes. The new IRS tax form is simplified: "How much did you make last year? Send it in." They will take care of you…

  37. All of these taxes,just to send our money overseas to people who hate us with a passion that is hard to comprehend.Lets just give this country to the Mexicans,they can rename it The United States of Mexico then they can keep us.

  38. OMG 7 taxes on the telephone alone. And we wonder why now they are trying to figure out how to tax cow farts and the air you breathe. Theyve gotten away with this much, why not. They can never be satisfied.

  39. When I stay at Hotels I pay a City tax and a County tax. In my book "mandatory FEES" are taxes also. A tax is mandatory – call it what you wish to make it "sweeter." Massachusetts had a poll tax but I'm not sure it's still valid.

  40. Capital gains tax isn't on the list but already mentioned in other comments. What about taxes on airline tickets, and taxes (disposal fees) when you have work done on your car, have the oil changed, etc.?
    Also, what Obama apparently doesn't think about (or maybe he does and that's his plan) is that when you raise corporate taxes, the corporation doesn't just settle for less profit, they pass those costs on to the consumer in the form of higher prices.

  41. 400 federal statutes allow for asset forfeiture, such as (suspected) violations of the Northern Pacific Halibut Act. Local police are invited to keep 80% of asset forfeiture if they cooperate with the Feds. Last year over $2.5 B was taken at gun point from innocent citizens by our 'friendly public servants'. If you read the list of innocent victims of asset forfeiture, it will turn your stomach. Asset Forfeiture is a federal tax in 400 different guises.

  42. (i) Federal Segment Fees of US$3.70 per segment (defined as a takeoff and a landing);
    (ii) the September 11th Security Fee of US$2.50 per segment (maximum charge per trip of US$5 one-way, US$10 round-trip);
    (iii) Airport Passenger Facility Charges of up to US$18, depending on itinerary;
    (iv) a Travel Facilities Tax of US$8.20 per direction for domestic flights beginning or ending in Alaska or Hawaii;
    (v) U.S. Departure Tax of US$16.30 each way for fares to/from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands;
    (vi) U.S. inspection fees of $8, taxes/fees imposed by the Canadian government of up to $19.50 and a $32.60 international departure and arrival tax if outside of the 225-mile buffer zone for fares from Canada; and
    (vii) for international itineraries, foreign and U.S. government-imposed charges of up to US$250 per round-trip, depending on routing and destination.

  43. how about the professional licenses many people have to have to work in thier field like, cpa license, nursing license, electrician license etc…..

    Looking at that list makes me think we need another real tea party in Boston Harbor…….

  44. FEMA FLOOD INSURANCE is nothing but a tax. FEMA requires lenders to have coverage on any properties they fund…hence…a tax. I am now required to pay for flood insurance on a property that hasn't flooded in 200 years. Last year I had flood insurance on this property covered for the value of the loan…this year they say that it isn't enough and it has to at the same level as the homeowners insurance policy…the insurance company calculates level of homeowners needed at $167 per sq ft on my 1248 st ft home in my area and thanks to foreclosures in the area, that house now is valued at $78,000….and I've never had an insurance claim on the property. This house was once appraised at $229,000.

  45. Don't forget the new 3.8% Obamacare surcharge tax (begins January 2013) on Real estate sales greater than $250K for individuals and $500K for couples!

  46. SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!! Under the Obamacare garbage, if you sell your house over a certain amount of money, you will be taxed on the sale of your house. It's true, look it up. Would somebody tell me why the Obamacare disaterous health care law should receive any money from the sale of one's house ? I read somewhere that the tax is 7% or so, it's really a total farce. Remember when King Obama with his Queen Pelosi and his Stooge Harry Ried said "we have to pass the healthcare bill before we know what's in the bill." And the trouble is ladies and gentlemen, some of you actually VOTED for this jerk to be president. What were you people thinking about ?

  47. 60% of our income goes to taxes.Here are some more national park tax, county, fed and state camp ground fees. Fire department fees, school fees, tire tax disposal fees, Check out UN agenda 21 It is here now and the elitist like Bush 41&43 Clinton, Obama, Carter and congress have been slowly taking us in to slavery.

  48. Social Security tax when it should be an Interest paid deposit in favor of the contributors that "Loaned" a bunch of sorry azzed Politicians / Thieves , "Our" money to use against "We The People's" Freedoms or send the cash to "Our" sworn Enemies in the MidEast. The Results will be the same regardless who Stole the SS money. ——————Agenda 21 anyone ??

  49. Before you can buy any sporting good (hunting ,fishing ) mostly on firearms the fed gets 10% from the manufacturer. This is meant to go to wildlife improvement and parks.
    When you buy booze the maker has already paid a tax , a big one, and then you pay again at the store.

  50. In Florida when you are visiting they have a tourist tax. In Ohio I pay anextra tax on my Comercial drivers license and for hazmat I'am subjectected to a full Backround check taxof 90 dollars.And one of the ones I hat most is when you buy a used car you have to pay another sales tax on the same car that was taxed already when it was new. and if this used car is sold thirty times it gets taxed thirty times. that is way mor than double taxation.

  51. Does anyone realize that not much over 100 years ago we had none, nada, zip no taxes at all and we were the most prosperous country in the world. Then came the brain-dead career politians. No wounder the founding fathers said, it was a privalege to serve your country, NOT A CAREER!!!! You serve you country for a term or two the go home and go back to work. There was not anything set up for a retirement or insurance, congress gave themselves these benifits. If anyone would care to check these are illegal as they cannot give themselves anything that they do not give the people (this also includes their raises, which must be approved by the people)

    1. Finally someone who can read and has studied. The polications only serve themselves and see us as the little people. Their G-d is MONEY,PRIDE and SELF

  52. The column is well stated. I have been trying to get people to understand that taxing corporations and businesses is passed on to us. It seems that no politician has a basic understanding of how businesses operate. It they take away exemptions from oil companies, their taxes will go up and we will end up paying more. How dumb is it that we keep electing people to office that have no understanding of economics? It seems that most Americans are stupid too so they elect stupid people. Maybe we need a stupid tax!

  53. Pittman-Robertson Act. 11% excise tax on fireaarms and ammo, bows and arrows. 10% on handguns. THIS IS THE ONLY TAX EVER REQUESTED BY THE USER GROUP. The tax is collected by ATF, and goes directly to the Conservation Fund of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The USFWS uses 8% for administration. The rest goes to the 50 state wildlife agencies. For every $3 of Pittman-Robertson funds used, the states must match them with $1 of general funds. The money is used to promote hunting opportunities, which usually consist of wildlife habitat improvement.

    It also has to be watched. It wasn't that long ago that the USFWS was sued over mis-use of Pittman-Robertson Act funds. Rather than going to projects in the field, those funds were used for salaried employees and transfers of station.

  54. Unfortunately, I live in a town where we pay a sewer use tax, and we pay for the water as well, but we get taxed if we use to much water and we are told to conserve water but if we don't use enough water we get taxed for that as well, so we can't win.[ and if we did they would only tax that also]. We are screwed, if they could find away to tax you for sex they would do it.

  55. In several counties in CA they tax you every year for the value of anything in your business. Imagine paying a sales tax every year for anything you bought. My office furniture, copiers,etc. I am re-taxed every year for those items.

  56. How about the landing fee tax charged for each leg of an airline trip? Would you consider baggage fees a tax or fuel fee on airline tix a tax? How about tolls on roads – tax?

  57. Local Government taxes on income (Baltimore City has such a tax)
    Fees (code word for "tax") such as tolls, auto registration; transfer fees (sale of house or car)
    professional license fees [additional fees not already mentioned – Attorney's bar license; CPA, Architect, etc…]
    Taxes on investment income [Dividends, capital gains (already mentioned])
    Fines (code word for "tax") such as a fine for "any accumulation of trash" (such a fine/tax exists in Baltimore City)
    Filing Fees (fee charged each time a person files nearly anything in the state and federal Courts)

  58. Does anyone know where i can find out the amount and type of taxes paid by the average citizen each year in various states.
    For example, what are the types and and amount of taxes paid by the average Maryland citizen per year?

  59. Taxes Try 911 First it was a city surcharge for help to defray the equipment cost, then a couple years later an additional fee for county, and then a couple.. years later the state added theiir fee. So now the surchage on your phone bill is three times the original.

  60. Departure taxes and port taxes.

    In So. Florida we pay property taxes for first responders, but if you ever call Fire Rescue they will send you a bill for their services!

    I also pay a "special" lighting district tax, and lately my vet charges a "biohazardous waste disposal fee" when I take my dog for vaccines!

  61. Nobody mentioned the federal AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) or the foreign investment tax or even state intangibles taxes or the state corporate UBR (Unified Business Report fee)…or the fact that all this is "taxing my patience." :) And let's don't forget Road Use Tax, "Sin" Taxes other than those on cigarettes, and …. let me think about it for a while…because now you are taxing my ability to remember them all and the to write them all down!

  62. Some one needs to very quickly publisise a list of every thing the government spends our tax money on, including salaries in excess of 100,000, and line items over 1,000,000, and Lest see where our money goes so we can challenge the constitutionality of each and every expenditure that we have never heard of. PLEASE<PLEAS will some one do this!!??

  63. Sure, our LA Mayor's 'anti-gang' program and the Community Redevelopment Agency, and City's trash fee, to mention a couple.

    david barron

  64. My personal "favorite" Federal Excise Tax on the sales tax you pay to purchase new tires for your car. That's right, a "TAX tax"!

  65. there is a tax on breathing in TX, it is called "emmisions surcharge", & is collected when you buy an automobile & is applied when you apply for title as you pay the state sales tax.

  66. Bonus tax…40% federal tax on all employer given bonuses…this may go under gift tax.
    Penalty tax (fee) plus interest if if by chance you make payments on any taxes owed, the IRS penalizes you.

    We could solve the debt crisis if we impose a tax on every stupid idea that comes out of DC…the Stupid Tax! JMHO

  67. Recycling Fees on items like bottles (which you can't get back fully, at least in CA), televisions, motor oil, etc., which you never see a return on. Still a tax by a different name.

  68. Didn't see "tourism tax" in the ones I checked. Shows up in hotel bills and rental car bills above and beyond sales tax. I guess is might be called "hotel tax" and "rental tax" sometimes, but it have seen it on the bill as "Tourism tax".

    BTW, didn't matter that I was staying for business, either. You pay extra for the privilege of visiting the state and staying overnight in their nice hotels (or fleabags).

  69. To think we separated from the British because of a 3% tax!!! Tax the money you make, then tax you again when you spend it. What the Hell !!!

  70. In Tennessee we pay an (AIR TAX) anytime you put compressed air in your tires at one of those filling station air machines the state collects a tax.

  71. There is another tax we have in California that I don't see listed. It's actually at TAX on A TAX!
    When we buy drinks, each can or bottle has a California redemption tax (5 cents). That 5 cents per can or bottle is added to the sale and sales tax is calculated on the entire amount. If you redeem the can or bottle for a refund after use, the sales tax on that is not returned. So this is a TAX ON A TAX!

  72. It is worth mentioning again and again: all of the taxes, licensing fees, regulation fees (not to mention the cost of
    compliance to the regulations) on "big business" are taxes on all the consumers of the services and products of those businesses.
    People are silly to think increasing taxes on "big oil" (for example) is a good idea because they are big and rich. Who is going to pay for those taxes at the gasoline pump? What about new regulations and fees on big agriculture? Who pays for that at the grocery store (despite no sales tax)? Oh yes, and the small farmer just perishes.
    Conveniently, food and energy prices are not calculated in most inflation numbers we hear about.

  73. It is when they start taxing your oxygen use permit fees and solar exposure fees that most of you brain dead sheeple will then awaken to this "Brave New World" and maybe take action against the tyrannical government that is now dictating to us all!!

  74. Air use tax. This is a tax for anyone using a paint booth or similar equipment such as a body shop.
    White goods tax….. appliances.
    Tire disposal fee. (tax)

  75. Taxes on AT&T phone bill include
    Regulatory cost recovery charge $.51
    Federal universal service charge $1.69
    911 service fee $.75
    911 state fee $.25
    MD state telecom tax $2.83

  76. The mine company pays taxes on their work they do.Machines, property, workers, sales. Then the company that ships the raw materials pay taxes on all they do. The company that processes the materials pay. The shipper that sells to the company that turns the processed material into the dodad or what ever pays more taxes.The shipper again taxed. What ever store you go to where you buy the dodad with your money thats already been taxed and you pay tax on that and depending on what you have bought! You will get taxed again and again on it. CAR. Property tax and gas tax, renewal fee,parts or service you pay for on the car. Does that mean that the $35,000 car you bought should only cost around $7000??

  77. Interesting list, but it would be more so if it was broken down by jurisdiction; federal, state and local. Mixing them all up on the same list is confusing because not all of them apply across the board. For example in the state I reside in there is no indivdual state income tax, the overall sales tax rate varies by county and locality, and gasoline is taxed by both the feds and the state at different rates. And something that's even more confusing at the local and regional level where I live various jurisdictions tax each other; the city has taxes on usage by the publicly owned utilities like the water and sewer district and the county power service, which are also regulated by the cities and the county, and they also are consumers of those services that are publicly owned.

  78. In terms of time the poor pay the most taxes, the wealthy the least. This fact is so cleverly hidden, Democrats can raise
    taxes on the "rich" and fool the poor into thinking it will help them while Republicans maintain the status quo. People think wealth is a possession when it's actually a contract enforced by Government. If it were not for this deception everyone in the US would be "wealthy" and the rest of the World would be on the path to the same. Instead the common person is worse off than before the Great Depression, which we are on the verge of repeating even worse.

    Every problem facing US now has a solution but most are beyond the reach of Government. Government needs to get out of the way and start promoting not providing for the General Welfare. The way is to empower individuals, relearn the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and design a tax system that will cause economic forces solve problems, not make them worse.

    The banking system is completely whacked out, pumping fiat money into a dying system to keep it afloat. The checks and balances of limited Government and Corporate power are gone. Individuals haven't a chance against the super person corporate proxies the elite masters made.

    A few ideas how to fix US.

    1. Law based on Love. (unalienable rights)
    2. No taxes until one has sufficient assets to care for family. (life)
    3. Government forbidden from taking on the attributes of Religion. (punishing sin, providing charity)
    4. Tax credits to promote General Welfare. (not government handouts)
    5. Individual tax credit for political action. ($1000 per person)
    6. Proportional Asset Tax to pay for the protection of wealth (national defense) and regulate the money supply.
    7 Sales Tax to pay for the regulation of commerce. (stable currency)
    8. Require all taxes hidden in the price of products be revealed.
    9. Return taxes paid by the poor in the form of an interest boosting credit on assets.


    Re-empowering individual creativity is the answer. Collectives can only collect what people produce. People being fooled into thinking Government has anything to give is the root of the problem. Principled Government is what made America great and the loss of those principles the cause of our fall. Anyone who doesn't realize how far down the slope we are is either ignorant or self blinded.

  79. Simply stated; – They tax what we earn, they tax what we save, they tax what we spend.
    We pay federal, state, county, and municipal tax. :-(

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