Bank of America Tells Firearms Company to Take Their Account Elsewhere

For the past twelve years, the McMillan companies have been banking with Bank of America.  Kelly McMillan, operations director told The Daily Caller that the company has never bounced a check or been late on a payment.  Their record with the bank has been exemplary.

Last week, Bank of America business banking senior vice president Ray Fox met with McMillan in what was supposed to be a routing account review, however the meeting quickly changed as McMillan wrote on Facebook saying,

“[Fox] spent 5 minutes talking about how McMillan has changed in the last 5 years and have become more of a firearms manufacturer than a supplier of accessories.”

“At this point I interrupted him.  Can I possibly save you some time so that you don’t waste your breath? What you are going to tell me is that because we are in the firearms manufacturing business you no longer what my business.’”

“[Fox] That is correct.”

McMillan’s company is comprised of McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing and McMillan Group International.  Bank of America knew they manufactured guns when they first accepted the corporate account and extended a line of credit to them.  Evidently, they have changed their philosophy and have decided not to do business with anyone that supports the Second Amendment.

McMillan said that they plan to take their banking business to one that supports the Second Amendment and is friendly with the firearms industry and is even considering to stop accepting any and all Bank of America credit cards at any of the company’s businesses.  He also plans to tell the National Rifle Association and every other gun organization along with all of his friends about Bank of America’s anti-gun stand.

What I want to know is where is the ACLU and other organizations that go after other businesses that refuse to do business with people they don’t agree with such as the Christian owned t-shirt company in Kentucky that is facing a lawsuit for refusing to take an order for shirts from a gay activist group.  If it is not okay for a Christian owned company to refuse to do business with an organization that goes against their religious beliefs, then how is it okay for Bank of America to refuse to do business with a company just because they are now anti-gun?  It shouldn’t work that way, but evidently it does in today’s warped, twisted and perverted society.

I strongly urge every one of you that support firearms and the Second Amendment to stop doing business with Bank of America.  If you have accounts with them, move them to a firearm friendly bank.  Ask the new bank how they and their management feel about the Second Amendment and gun ownership.  If they don’t know, insist that if they want your business they find out.  Perhaps a national organization like the NRA should do a survey of major banks and post which ones are gun friendly and which ones aren’t.

Secondly, I hope that you will pass this article or the link to this article on to everyone you know.  Hopefully the word will get out to every gun owner in America and they will take their business away from Bank of America.  Considering there are more legal guns than people in the country, we could have a huge impact on Bank of America’s business and make them regret their anti-gun actions.



  • Screeminmeeme

    A tactic of the left. I hope people will be williing to put their money where their mouth is and only use banks/CUs which support the 2nd Amendment. I hope the NRA hops on this hard.

    If Obama and his communist buddies have their way, we could see a time when banks and other companies will refuse to do business with anyone who has a dissenting opinion....anyone who dares to exercise free speech.

    Speak out.....dissent....resist....take action. Silence is NOT an option....not if you want to remain free.

    "If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.".........George Washington.

    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!".........Benjamin Franklin.

    • InvisibleHandInMyPants

      So someone claims a bank ditched business because the business deals with firearms?
      First of all, the story is patently false. Why would a company do this? They didnt do this because of firearms.
      Second, its blame Obama 24/7. Do you have the slightest clue how foolish you look when you blame this fake story on President Obama? Typical Obama Derrangement Syndrome.
      You wouldnt know patriotism if it fell on your pointed little head. Clown.

      • gray_man

        since you weren't in the office with Kelly McMillan you don't know what was said, so stop talking out of you azz.

        • InvisibleHandInMyPants

          Great point. Since YOU werent in that office, then what can you say?

          Thanks for pointing out your severe logic deficiency.

        • gray_man

          I believe poppakap explains it perfectly thank you very much

      • poppakap

        Are you the dumbest person on earth or are you too busy with your invisible hand? At a minimum, reading comprehension and English composition are skills you never bothered to develop while in elementary school (more evidence of wasted taxpayer money).

        The article clearly says the B of A VP (that's Vice-President, handsy) told the McMillan rep their account was being terminated because of firearms manufacturing. What is patently false about that? Only willful ignorance (or perhaps your "truth autism") reaches a different conclusion. Furthermore, you ask why would a company do this? The answer is simple. Ideology. In the world of the hard left, ideology trumps all, including self-interest, and the examples are legion (i.e., why else would leftist Jews support Muslim groups that want to destroy the state of Israel) .

        So put the keyboard down, and go get a job (there aren't any? Well, who do we have to thank for that situation?)

        • 1waco64

          so---2+2=8 in ur world.
          leftist, commie, lib, govment educated fool.

      • Slamskie have drank so much Obama/lefty cool-aid that that you are now completely blind and apparently your IQ has dropped by double digits. McMillan is a Large and very well respected company in the firearms industry, they would have no reason to make this up. B of A on the other hand is all but owned by our Federal Government.....figure it out from there if you can.....although I have my doubts.

      • gjb5528

        Hey Invisible hands in your pants poppakap tore a new hole in your derierre, so go and sit in the corner and put on that pointed hat with the big "D" on it. I don't think your post should have been removed because the more people that read it would be enlightened by the sheer ignorance of just how out of touch Obama advocates really are.
        The article came from the words of the operations director of the McMillan company, who better can explain what transpired in the meeting?
        I think Invisible hands in your pants that when that invisible hand down your pants it's there for one reason only, and that is to hold on to your brains.

        • Gary

          I agree, he IS a dickhead!!

        • David

          Best part of a man,he is not one,just likes the taste.

      • Kenn Dillon

        That's not an invisible hand, that's your own hand scratching your little head trying to come up with stupid things to write. Unfortunately the only thing that you are spewing is from that one eyed pocket minnow. Better you do that then procreate another ignorant...

      • MyronJPoltroonian

        Would you please contact McMillan and ask them if this story is true or false? Quote their Operations Director, Kelly McMillan, to them and tell them that you don't believe it to be true. Then, you can come back to this thread and report what their response was and then give us your fact-filled, unbiased opinion. O.k.?

    • 1PierreMontagne1

      Macmillan Firearms is one of the Top Tactical rifle manufactureres of specialized sniiper rifles in the world. One of their few needs for Bank of Ameirca would be for operarting loans while fuflfiling US government military supply contracts.
      Clearly for this POTUS the "Left:" hand is being empowered to work against it's own "Right" hand. This is the kind of stuff you only read about in the Banking contorl by HItler and his Fascist Party during the years preceding WWII.

      • Melanie

        How about we do some sniper rifle target practice?

    • Dave Ritz

      It does say in the Bible that nobody can buy or sell except they receive the mark of the beast. Are we getting closer to what the Bible refers to as The Tribulation???

    • jong

      It seems that Bank of America just cant get its foot out of it mouth. Now all the gun owners will dump them. Didn't they hear what happen to Carbonite when they dumped RUSH?? Look for their stock to take another dump. LOL

    • TheSunDidIt

      Doing it now. Expand the idea and the project. We don't need these people or their business. Remember the tea party in Boston. I'm dumping the Starbucks.

  • Rosebud15

    That must be an assault against first amendment rights? I will never use Bank of America. Half the time you don't know who owns who? We definitely need a God intervention in this Country!

  • jaylflinn

    Hey McMillan, when you find a bank let us know, I'll be there

  • Mdaddy

    I think we should start an Occupy BofA movement in front of all their branches to protest, that should get some media attention......

  • onelordwon

    I learned in my 30's that BofA is a Nothingness piece of work. Praise God the McMillian company is leaving them and not allowing them to ear a dime off their money. People we are IN the last days. The Bible sayd: People won't be able to buy or sell without a number and guess what? Since before today, Banks took anyones money and now they are choosing their customers? Really? Seriously? Take your money out of BofA and do every thing you can to spread the word.

    • glock 19 fan

      BofA was originally Bank of Italy, established to provide loans to Italian Americans who couldn't get loans from existing banks that would exclude anyone whose name ended with a vowel. How times and people change.

      My credit card was originally a VISA card issued by NRA who had to sell the business when Janet Reno tried to crucify NRA for opposing Clinton's election and tried to get her hands on NRA's membership lists in order to use the IRS to harass individual members. It cost NRA millions to win that fight (against the nation's highest ranking drunken driver BTW). My VISA was bought by Al Lerner's MBNA and became a Master card and it was bought by BofA after Lerner's death. Itll take a little time to find a good change but BofA has been showing itself to be a bunch of [north ends of southbound horses] in other ways as well. Like their foreclosure on a paid for house in the Tampa area. That cost them lots of bucks.

      BTW, don't cancel your card; that could hurt your credit rating. Gradual tapering off using it works better especially if you have a high loan limit.

    • glock 19 fan

      I didn't mention that my credit card is my only connection with BofA; by banking is with a local bank at least for now. Credit unions are looking better!

  • gene

    I am waiting for B of A's response before I comment

    • KrazyKyngeKorny

      BOA will lie through their bippie, so, why wait.

  • vanguard7

    Just another prime example of why I do all my banking with a small hometown-owned bank. I've had the same bank now since I was 12 years old (I'm 54 now) when I opened my checking account with them. I've been all around the world, stationed in Colorado for 10 years, and could always count on my hometown bank to have my back in a financial pinch. I learned my lesson with Norwest banks and their "flagging" of certain accounts when my ex opened up an account with them before we got married. Wasn't long afterwards they became Wells Fargo. I ended up having to threaten them with calling the Federal Banking Commission on them just to be able to close her account. I had solid evidence of what they were doing at the time and it was illegal. In the end, they agreed to close her account that day and reimbursed us over $1200 in illegally charged overdraft charges plus an additional 25% because they didn't want it to go any further than the bank and they knew I had them by their jewels. Apparently, there were several large banks that had been doing the same things and some of those that got caught and reported were subjected to the wrath of the FBC. Stay with a locally-owned, small town bank. They're your best bet.

  • KrazyKyngeKorny

    Bank of America came to the US as Bank of Italy. But, now Bank of America is Bank of Obama. In every country where guns have been outlawed, crime against ordinary citizens has increased. It seems BOA is more interested in appeasing the socialist, liberals in DC than in protecting citizens. Does that surprise anyone? Certainly, I am not surprised. I stopped doing business with BOA in the 60's.

    • cruiseman

      Is BoA still owned by the Obama administration? If yes, that explains their position. If not, did the government exert undo influence in putting executives in key positions? Or, with leftists in control of the government, does it give the leftists in BoA the boldness to do stupid things like this?

      • glock 19 fan

        Actually, BofA is part of the consortium yhat owns the Obama administration, body and what passes for a soul.

  • john

    Yes I want to know where to take my banking,I have been very disappointed with many B of A policies.I think its time to make them pay for there liberal stance on the second amendment

  • Aloysius

    Conservatives, It is past time for us to rally together and do our best to financially hurt these types of businesses whether it be banks or Taco stands. If they support the left don't use them.

  • chetohimler

    Proof that when the government bailsout a Bank, it can demand that the Bank follow the administrations agenda. Can you say "Government takeover?" Sure, I knew you could.

  • julian8

    I quit doing business with Bank of America long ago.
    But I can't help but wonder if the Catholic church has to hand out condoms why doesn't this apply to them?
    Can they refuse to do business with a company that manufactures Catholic symbols, liquor, or Spanish dictionaries?? It seems they can discriminate based on their own values but no one else can.
    Where is the justice department on this? Probably getting their clubs and black shirts ready for the election.

  • Ken

     Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965) said: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last. Well it is high time we quit appeasing the criminals who are running the govt. They are corrupt from top to bottom, from the local level all the way to DC. We should have been voting them out every election cycle, but we have been falsly assuming that they would do the right thing for the country. Now we have a huge mess & it is up to us to clean it up. We should make it a serious felony for any public servant or employee to lie to us, punishable by immediate dismissal followed up by a mandatory 1 year prison sentence. They should be disbarred from office with no possibility of working in any capacity in govt for life. This is our country & we are going to have to take it back no matter how costly or painful it might be.

  • Bobseeks

    The left can make no rational arguments for their perverted programs, therefore those of the left (perverts, union thugs, baby-killers. welfare scum) must use bullying, threats and lies to advance their evil agenda. Conservatives are much too polite in dealing with this human waste, therefore we will lose the battle if we don't learn countermeasures to their tactics.

  • Dustin W. Taunton

    Worthless pieces of crap. BofA has always been the worst bank I have ever worked with. Our company closed all accounts with them several years ago. And to think they were bailed out with our tax dollars.

  • Desert_Fox

    Folk, I just shows how much Obummer and his handlers (Oops, I mean people) hate anything that is America or its beliefs. They want to control every facet of your life, from the day you were born to the day you die and even then they want to have a say in how you are buried.

    Oh, I don't bank with BoO (Obama), I mean BoA except that we have to make our house payment through them because they were the ones that bought our contract when our old lender sold it.


  • Edward


  • UpUrs

    I think I'll do the same and take my money somewhere else too...Bank of Not-America!

  • Beepster

    Wanna hear what BOA has to say?? Read below:

    "In reviewing the facts of the case, we do believe there was a miscommunication with this client, and we have already reinforced our policies with our teams and with the client. We have also discussed with the client a transition period during which the client may be able to obtain a new source of funding.
    George W. Smith
    Commercial Bank Executive

    Now, does this sound like BOA won't lend to McMillan? "We have also discussed with the client a transition period during whch the client may be able to obtain a NEW SOURCE OF FUNDING.

    My bank account is gonna be short lived with them. I've had my same account long before BOA purchased the bank I had been doing business with for years. It will take a while, as I need to change direct deposits

  • TM

    FBOA and the white horse they rode in on.

  • bhs3kgt

    B of A has been a progressive outfit for a while now. A few years back they declared they would give credit cards to illegal immigrants. That was before the housing market bottomed. Same kind of disregard for credit worthiness though.

  • smogdew

    Act in haste, repent in leisure!! BOA, in the past, has always been the first bank to tack fees on customers' accounts and wind up rescinding them as depositors took bundles of money elsewhere - usually to Credit Unions.
    Ages ago, when Obama was dispensing billions of our tax dollars to 'shore up' banking institutions, he was chastizing them for the onerous charges passed on to customers, yet they are back to their old is cheap, but none cheaper than Obama's.
    I can only hope each and every company in the firearms' industry removes any money they may have in BOA. To do something such as kick out a customer in this day & age, was foolhardy - they are NOT the only game in town - brash move.

  • chuck bushong

    B of A screwed me out of over 4K in the early 70's. I quit doing any business with them then, said they had put the money in my Father's account that he had closed 10 years before. When I said just put it over into my account, they lied and said they had gave someone else his old number, would only give me money that I had deposit slips for. I dug in the trash and pulled out 2, that is all the money they gave me. I was early 20's and didn't keep receipts. At least I learned 2 things. 1-keep records 2- don't do nothing with bank of america. They don't get nothing from me.

  • Ken

    For all you people who think Romney is the answer to Obama, check this video out. It is a real wake-up call to conservatives!

  • Melanie

    Drop um like a hot potato!!!Tell one, tell all....Drop Bank of America!!!!!!! This is a back handed way for Nobama to threaten to pull Federal $$$$ if they keep doing business with a firearms maker. No money, no honey!!! That's ok, let's get that plug pulled from Nobama the dumb A--!

  • lonewolf28

    bank of obama i would say you know good and well the ACLU will not touch this they are a derogatory people who don't stand for the 2nd Amendment.remember who we got at the white House this is 1 more reason we have to get out the vote and get this critter out in Nov.

  • Krazeehors

    Boycott Bank of America! They have been crooked for YEARS. This is just the latest insult.

  • JennieWalsh

    The bankster-gangsters (Kingdom of Satan) are serious about plundering and destroying America and enslaving the world. Their goal is world dictatorship, Agenda 21.
    WARNING!!! Do NOT seek medical help under Obamacare! The whole system is nothing more than a HUGE, organized crime RACKETEERING RIP-OFF SCAM! The Satanic criminals in congress and Satanic bureaucrats set up the system to rake in billion$ and to dole out, relatively speaking, nickels, dimes and pennies to the so-call "beneficiaries". If the RACKETEERS do not get their expected "due", they will lighten the load of "beneficiaries" through murder. They have a very well stocked arsenal of biological murder weapons that make death look like "natural causes". Bacteria, parasites, spirochetes, viruses, poisons, dangerous drugs etc. make up their arsenal. Their fellow RACKETEERS/ORGANIZED CRIMINALS/SECRET SERVANTS OF SATAN acting as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, coroners, morticians, judges, lawyers, health care professionals, news reporters will assist in covering up the murders. They are also very expert at "suicides" and "accidents". These organized criminals attend secret seminars, meetings, classes, retreats to learn efficient ways of murder, theft, bribery, extortion, and every conceivable criminal method of operation. They secretly call themselves "Us" and "Satan Worshippers". They have remote viewer satellite surveillance equipment that can watch anyone, anywhere, anytime and can tell if you have pain, nausea, itching, can can even diagnose diseases etc. and can analyze your emotions. They especially watch for fear, because through fear, they know your weak points and how they can "get you". They have evil honed to an art and a science. This is NO JOKE.

    The Satanists get control of nations through communist/socialist/economic dictatorship/dole out programs to get people dependent on them so as to grow their own power and wealth. I hope people will soon wake up and wise up to recognize the "wolves in sheep's clothing" who do great evil while pretending to "do good".

  • qjthompson

    I took my banking business away from B of A over 20 years ago. Not for these reasons, but for reasons of oppressive fees. All B of A customers who support the second amendment, own guns or support gun ownership should pursue more appropriate banking alternatives. Its time they feel the pain.

  • Ken

    The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

    Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965) 

  • Ken

    The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

    Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965) 

  • RolloverRiderPGR

    BoA bought my mortgage which had me worried but what got my goat was about 3 months later we got a letter from them telling us our home insurance rate had gone up! It was being paid through the mortgage payment so they knew it was being paid.
    I had NOT gotten any notice from AARP who I have ALL my insurance through so I called them.
    They told me my rate was the same so I called BoA to tell them they were screwed up and apparently had me confused with someone else.
    Their reply was OH you MUST take their insurance and I told them to stuff it and she hung up on me. I called back got a supervisor and she said the same thing and I told her why would I want to pay MORE than what I was with a reputable agency and she said well that's how they did business and I told her to be ready because because they bought the account did NOT mean I had to eat at their crap trough and we wound up at USA Bank (not as good as I wanted) but we refinanced and that was that BUT I also dropped a credit card we had with BoA and told the guy the reason why and to take me off all their telemarketer lists or I would make that $100,000 for violating the Mo no call list as I wanted nothing to do with them ever again. I've never heard from them since and if that phone rings from BoA I'll get some very needed money in here!

  • David

    My bank of amerika card just took a trip through the shredder.My homo despot card took the same trip last year

    • Mike A

      I am curious, what stupidity did Home Depot dole out...let me know, maybe my card will be shted also. As for BoA F'them. Ill never do business with them again thanks, mike

  • AT

    It's funny that Bank of America has banks on military bases overseas. They are called the DOD Community Bank but are backed by BoA. Ironic, huh.

  • Doodlebug

    Who do you suppose is behind this? Could it be obummer himself?

  • AnOrdinaryVoter

    I left B of A many years ago (over other issues), but they still constantly send me "tempting offers." This further ensures I will NEVER accept one.

  • Ken


    Photos: Ron Paul at UT, 04.26.12
    Published: 10:39 p.m. Thursday, April 26, 2012

    Thousands of chanting, cheering supporters flooded the University of Texas campus to show Ron Paul some love Thursday night.

  • Ken


    Photos: Ron Paul at UT, 04.26.12
    Published: 10:39 p.m. Thursday, April 26, 2012

    Thousands of chanting, cheering supporters flooded the University of Texas campus to show Ron Paul some love Thursday night.

  • Casey Joyce

    part of the reason why BOA does not want their business. is because BOA is 51% owned by the Jesuits Order. (the Vatican) The vatican is a major investor in Beretta and they do not want competition.... simple as that

  • jerry1944

    If i had stock in that bank i would sell fast But i left anything to do with the banl of America a few yrs ago when they pushed to do bussnes with illgals. If i did have them i surely would change now And about the n r a i wouldnt count on them after all they supported harry reid in the last election for a shooting range They sell out cheap

  • Dave Koffer

    Tell BOA we have a Second Amendment in this country!!!

  • Rod

    I will be closing my account s at BOA. If they can close an account for running a legal business, I don't need them.

  • Al Green

    Dear B fo A,
    We will do our banking elsewhere !!!

  • I'm Done With Banks

    It seems keeping the family savings "in the mattress", and only buying what "can be paid for in cash" is the way to manage all of this banking nonsense. They can't rule what they don't have, true?

  • James Green

    I will never do business with BofA again! Nor buy any of their stock!
    They stepped in it big-time! How can people be so stupid?!

  • TheSunDidIt

    Stupid people with money DO understand boycotts. Start this one immediately. Shred your BOA card immediately. You don't need THEIR credit anyway. Do business ONLY with those that support the Second Amendment. Dump all the so-called entertainment industry folks too that make a "killa-thrilla" and then turn around and hammer gun ownership.

  • Walt

    I closed my BoA account and will not do business with them.

  • stevegil

    Need to tell these Low-Life-Scums to get out of the U.S. of A. and to change their name to "Bank of Assholes" !!!!!!

  • tandee

    BOA squeezes one more'll never be my main squeeze!

  • smokin64

    It does not surprise me especially after the Democrats helped Bank of America in its recovery,one of the questions on the Obamacare form when you go to see a Dr,. is "Do you have a firearm in your home",which i hope people will answer "none of your business.Infringements on our constitution and bill of rights are a running rampant,Congress also passed a law that a person can be arrested if ,in the presence of Obama, says something derogatory about him,As we enter into a socialistic/dictatorship for of government,I want to thank the masses that kept there head in the sand.

  • Blair

    Bank of America was blackmailed by the anti-gun lobby.

  • Justin Smith

    well since Obama owns bank of america, gm,and all the other businesses the socialist want this is like a f&%$ed up game of risk they are using every method possible to make this Country a cake walk to conquer

  • John Robbins

    if obama wins we the american people are in for a bad time, obama is going arouind telling other countries what he not th people what he wants to do, and that isent any good for the U.S.A. God help us if he wins.

  • isaidit

    How about this tactic-------If O'bungo gets a second term, he will then change the constitution, to allow him to run for a third term, please don't put it past him, his health care thing will take many years to really get going the way he wants it, a republican president gets in the way, his health plan goes down the drain as it should, but in the meantime, a lot of peple will be hurt-----or riot in the streets---

  • Roger

    I wouldn't do business with the Bank of Italy for any reason!
    Years ago we were account holders and every time i went in,
    they had a "so-what" attitude and had no real concern for our
    savings and checking accounts with them. We moved to Wells-
    Fargo and been happy ever since! I love their good coffee service
    for all their customers when we walk in!

  • WhiteFalcon

    I think all of BOA customers should take their business elsewhere. I think that BOA along with several others should be broken up like what happened to AT&T several years ago.