Is Your State Protected From Sharia Law?

Earlier this month, I wrote about Sharia law becoming a threat to the American judicial system even though Muslim scholar Jamal Badawi claims it is not a threat whatsoever.   According to Badawi, there is no way that an American court would resort to Sharia law in making their rulings.

In February I wrote about a man who was beaten up by a Muslim for wearing a zombie Muhammad costume to a Halloween event.  The attack was witnessed by a police officer and was captured on camera.  The Muslim attacker was charged with assault and after hearing from witnesses, including the police officer and watching the video, Judge Mark Martin acquitted the attacker and chastised the victim for insulting Islam.  Martin turns out to be a convert to Islam and obviously based his ruling on Sharia law and not American law.

Evidently, Badawi is unaware of Judge Martin’s ruling along with others that have ruled on Sharia law.  According to a report on OneNewsNow, the number of court cases involving Sharia Law is growing.  In an interview with Brigitte Gabriel, founder and president of ACT for America, she stated,

"Actually [there are] 51 cases in American court rooms where Islamic law was considered above the Constitution of the United States, especially in domestic law and in family law. And that's simply unacceptable."

Gabriel and her organization studied the various anti-Sharia law laws that have been successful and those that have been overturned.  They have crafted a bill called the American Laws for American Courts that prevents courts from ruling on any foreign law.  Gabriel described the ALAC effort by saying,

"We do not single out sharia law, even though sharia law does come under the general law that we are introducing. And this is why, in the states where we passed it already -- Tennessee, Arizona and Louisiana -- those laws have not been challenged because the Islamic lobby knows that the law we are introducing is so bulletproof they cannot fight it."

According to the report I read, Gabriel claims that twenty states are considering the possibility of introducing an ALAC or similar piece of legislation.  She also added that as many as six states may actually pass an ALAC bill this year, raising the number from three to nine states that have a law to protect their citizens from being victims of Sharia law when taken to court.

Is your state taking action to stop any international law, including Sharia law from being used in court to make rulings?  If not, encourage your state legislators to contact Brigitte Gabriel at Act for America to get a copy of their American Laws for American Courts and then act on it and protect us all from the growing Muslim takeover.



  • Grumpa37

    To your question, "No, Minnesota is not safe from Sharia." I'm sure that when Mark Dayton and Mark Ritchie think about it, they'll come to believe that Islamists are their best friends. That won't be true; Islamists are only friends of Islamists, but the not-overly-bright libtards will believe what they want to believe. Watch the tragic comedy.

  • anon

    can you possibly post an even smaller picture of the map!? why bother posting it if you can't read it?

    • No Sharia

      Go to for a better view of this whole debacle called Sharia Law. Join up with one of their local chapters or if there is not one in your area, they will help you start one.

      • Kelly Kafir

        In WA state - contact and that person will help you get started.

    • John Cheeseman


  • JabberJaw

    Where can I find a larger map depicting this info, there are people in other states that need to know.

  • docmccarthy
  • docmccarthy

    Only 2 states have banned Sharia. Just goes to show how out to lunch our legislators are. This should have happened shortly after 9/11. Heads in sand syndrome along with political correctness run amok.

    • Talltrees

      Pennsylvania tried to pass the law, but, of course, CAIR is challenging it in the courts.

  • Thompr
  • Ken

     Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965) said: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last. Well it is high time we quit appeasing the criminals who are running the govt. They are corrupt from top to bottom, from the local level all the way to DC. We should have been voting them out every election cycle, but we have been falsly assuming that they would do the right thing for the country. Now we have a huge mess & it is up to us to clean it up. We should make it a serious felony for any public servant or employee to lie to us, punishable by immediate dismissal followed up by a mandatory 1 year prison sentence. They should be disbarred from office with no possibility of working in any capacity in govt for life. This is our country & we are going to have to take it back no matter how costly or painful it might be.

    • Joanne13

      I completely agree. But the sad fact is that for the most part it's the fox guarding the hen house in federal and state law. Turning it around is either completely impossible or so hard it will take decades (like I said IF it's even possible). It makes me sick to believe that but I do (EXCEPT for God's mercy!). And that's my daily prayer...for His MERCY.

  • Kelly Kafir

    WA state is working on it. We have the bill - now to find someone to introduce it - Matt Shea was supposed to and then dumped it on Jim McCune... who was so conveniently redistricted out of the 2nd district. THANKS Slade Gorton, you RINO Corpse!

  • Arizona

    That map is so ridiculously small it might as well be invisable. If you are going to post something so small that no one can see then list the areas by color in print. Personally Sharia law cannot be allowed to start in the United states, like Australia the states needs to grow a set and kick these blood thirsty anti American idiots out of this country.

  • Kelly Kafir

    I think this is an old map because I believe Arizona passed the ALAC

    • Anniebananie

      Arizona is on the map.

  • Kelly Kafir

    And BTW, when trying to get this passed, CAIR will FIGHT you all the way and get unsuspecting Jewish orgs to help them. It would be unconstitutional to specifically say that this would ban Shariah but if you specify foreign law that would deprive a person of their constitutionally protected rights - that could include the horrid UN Agenda 21/ICLEI crap too. International law is needed for international business transactions but should have no place in our system when that law does not give equal protection under the 14th amendment.

    • Jan Dinkins

      Two of the latest appointees to the Supreme Court are in favor of international law. So is Obama. So is the black caucus,e.g., running to the UN to ask that they oversee our votes, wanting the UN to interfere with the Zimmerman/Martin case. Yes, Congress, the White House, is OVER RUN with Communists/Muslims and the head is where it starts.

  • Kelly Kafir

    ACT didn't actually come up with the wording.. that was David Yerushalmi but they are using it. Another state called it the Civil Liberties Defense Act because CAIR sics their minion on our legislators crying "islamophooooooobia" and our legislators aren't educated on the threat enough to understand so they cowtow to CAIR.

    • Isa Gee

      Michael Savage always talks about CAIR....He is great when giving info on CAIR....LISTEN TO HIS SHOW.

  • Screeminmeeme

    No. I live in Michigan, which has the highest concentration of Arab/Muslims outside the Middle East and is home of the once well-known city of Dearborn, which has been taken over by muslims, turned into a filthy-ghetto-like-Baghdad and is now called Dearbornistan by those of us who mourn what is happening to our country. CREEPING SHARIA is on the rise and coming to a city near you.

    To prevent the Islamization of our country, Americans MUST know and understand ISLAM, and listen especially to those who were once muslims, or who lived under the boot of Islam before coming to this country.

    DO NOT FALL for the propaganda spewed by organizations like CAIR, MPAC, and ISNA, The Muslim American Society, The Muslim Brotherhood, The International Organization for Islamic Thought, etc....all of which use the victim narrative to gain sympathy from the media until their demands are met. . Nearly every Islamic organization in the US today is linked to or controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, which has the stated purpose of taking over America. That is fact.

    Like utter fools, we've allowed the proliferation of these groups and they've successfully convinced many that Islam is nothing to be feared. They've infiltrated our government at every level and have a powerful Washington lobby which works very hard to cast Islam in the best light and portray it not as the hegmonic, misogynistic totalitarian system it is...but to make it a victim which needs government protection. And of course, a complicit media has happily spread the lie.

    PLEASE go here to learn the facts:

    Since 911.....Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 18,805 attacks on innocent people. These numbers do NOT include the FAMILY tragedies of ''honor' killings and murder of muslim women and children.

    According to Islamic law, Jihad is warfare to spread the religion and is OBLIGATORY for ALL Muslims everywhere until such time as “there is no more Fitna [resistance to Islam] and the religion will all be for Allah alone.” (Quran 8:39)

    • Jan Dinkins

      And just look at what the blithering idiots put in complete/total charge of this country! I am angrier and more disgusted at those who voted for Obama than I am at him! He and his idolators are traitors to this country.

      • Joanne13

        And I hate to mention it but Pres. Bush started the Muslim 'PC' attitude growing daily in the U.S. when he went completely over board about all Muslim's not being a threat, that most are just good law abiding Americans. That may be true to some extent but he allowed it to be policy ACROSS THE BOARD to the point that now radical Islam is being allowed to spread like a true CANCER across the land! What I know of Islam is that if you give them an inch they IMMEDIATELY expect and DEMAND to receive the ENTIRE ROAD. They NEVER stop.

  • Just Askin

    Aren't judges required to take an oath of office somewhat like the President does to defend and uphold the Constitution of The United States? Or is it like him that they soon forget it once they start their second day in office.

    • Jan Dinkins

      That particular judge(Muslim) is walking in Obama's foot steps in regards to the Constitution.

  • John Sweet

    Our nation is not safe from Sharia laws as Obama has included The Muslim Brotherhood part of Homeland security and as advisers in the White House, this is the very same group that has declared that it is acceptable to have sex with your dead wife. Treasonous actions ignoring the Constitution separation of Church and state by including a Sharia laws into our legal system and allowing it to be used as a legal method counter to our Nations laws it is time to call it what it is treason where we are sold out to a foreign religious group.

    • Jan Dinkins

      Yes, Obama should be tried for treason!


    A Colt 45 trumps Sharia law.

  • PMDavis

    This is one of the most insidious threats that has slithered into America. All these mosques that the muslims are building all over this country are their way into small towns and then they take over the city government and start instituting their own laws. People would probably be terrified if they really knew how infiltrated this America has become with all the muslim activity and the White House administration is behind most of it. And of course the media never covers it.

    • Jan Dinkins

      The really despicable part is that many blacks in and out of the White House(at the top) have converted to Islam. Just check out the prison systems.Evidently no one remembers the interview with Obama and Stephanou...(sp) when Obama mentioned his Muslim faith but Georgie boy quickley interjected.."you mean your Christian faith".

    • Joanne13

      Can you just IMAGINE the response to Christians demanding that traffic STOP (even for one minute) in NY so that we could all get onto our knees and pray in the middle of the STREET? But demanding Islamists have been given the privilege and their demands were met as WELL as special rooms for prayers in PUBLIC schools, etc. This is what Islam IS..... demanding they be shown preferential treatment or ELSE (or else they'll go ballistic with intimidation of citizens, etc.). Sure let's all have 20 mosques in EVERY city. Why wouldn't we want THAT?

  • Jim

    Can I ask a simple, but obvious, question? How is the human eye supposed to read that miniscule map?

  • flaphil

    As long as we have judges planted by Obama and his cohorts no state will be safe. That's the way the Islamic nations operate.

  • Tomtom

    There is NO place for sharia law in the United States.

  • Robert H Appleby

    I wish we could get Judge Martin's religion corrected. If you talk to people in Mechanicsburg, PA, they universally say that the story is all wet, and needs correction.

  • Ken

    For all you people who think Romney is the answer to Obama, check this video out. It is a real wake-up call to conservatives!

    • Jan Dinkins

      Anybody or anything is far better than Obama. At least we can get rid of Romney a lot easier than Obama. A fair and valid vote means NOTHING to the democrats!

    • tncdel

      Compared to Obama and Ron Paul, Romney is infinitely better opposing both illegal immigration and Islamic encroachment domestically. Ron Paul even supported the Ground Zero "Victory Over America" mosque. Obama is rated an F minus, Ron Paul not much better at a D minus. Romney A minus. See:

  • jmbicycle

    Diusmissal for the lying politicians sounds good, including jail time. Let's start with the president!


    The Sharia (bull crap) law can and never will supercede Americas Constitutional Law because we still have OUR second Amendment and even if that bullcrap sharia law forbade gun ownership in America, we AMERICANS still have over 300 million guns in 90% of AMERICAN homes. A Colt 45 FMJ still supercedes a corrupted sharia judge's wood gavel and that's a fact!

    • Jan Dinkins

      I hope you are right.


    Why can't these people(?) go back to their freaken sand box's and dig a hole and stay there, that is after they do their business in it !

    • PMDavis

      Because their agenda is to take over the world, according to their koran they are to create as much chaos as they can so that their messiah can come back. That's what ALL this is about.

  • DianeM1966

    Nope, my state is not protected! These people have infiltrated nearly every university, including UT; but our media doesn't discuss it what-so-ever!

  • JennieWalsh

    Watch out for Satanic cops, judges, prosecutors etc. Many Satan worshippers pose as Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. Jesus called them "wolves in sheep's clothing". They delight in turning religion against religion, culture against culture, nation against nation, race against race, neighbor against neighbor etc. America was founded for freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Freedom of speech has been violated here.

  • Ken

    The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

    Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965) 

  • junkmailbin

    I live in California where everything that is unconstitutional is upheld by the politicians and courts. Shria like communism is wonderful to tout but when it comes home to roost, the first to be convicted will be the dumb arses that thought it was a novel idea to push

  • singanewsong

    I recommend you go to and view the 10 part series from the Center for Security Policy. They cover sharia and Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into this government. ISNA and CAIR are MB fronts and unindicted co-conspiratators in the Holy Land Foundation trial. Get educated to the threat that faces us. Also view Glen Beck's documentary Rumors of War III- it-s on and websites.

  • Doodlebug

    Why print without explanation this stupid little map that is color coded but you can't read what the colors stand for? So are we just suppose to guess what this is???

  • jong

    I live in Michigan and that should say it all. I also drive a school bus at this time of my life. I have gotten a message through contacts that muslims in the east part of the state are now starting up a slavery enterprise. Through the mannassah project(I know bad spelling) we are being instructed on what to look for with children that might be in slavery. I am waiting for them to revolt in Dearbornistan along with at least ten thousand Michigan Militia should be an interesting trip east.

  • Ken


    Photos: Ron Paul at UT, 04.26.12
    Published: 10:39 p.m. Thursday, April 26, 2012

    Thousands of chanting, cheering supporters flooded the University of Texas campus to show Ron Paul some love Thursday night.

  • Nancy

    Is your state protected from Morman Law? Karl Rove and xrhe Koch'sthink you guys need a Morman liberal father of Obamacare in the WH. The Morman's have some pretty ugly laws that Pres Romney can implement. And where is his Birth Cerificate. Grand dad and is many wives lived in Mexico. Where is Mitt from. He claims Michigan. Prove it. Watch what Karl is up to. Could make the emperor commie look pretty tame.

  • Phil

    Paranoia is a very serious disease. Don't you have enough to worry about with all those Black Panthers running FEMA interment camps and Homeland security stockpiling all the ammo needed to wipe out entire population. And what about those bullet proof traffic kiosks. Very scary. Beware

  • John Cheeseman

    Shariah Law is repugnant to the Republic and should quite frankly be illegal in a Christian Nation, and this is, at it's core, a Christian Nation.

  • evantoo

    The map is worse than useless.

  • Joanne13

    I googled this and found a much larger map here:

  • Dave Koffer

    Everybody needs to be aware of what is going on!!!!

  • Pedro Reyes

    I really hate ALL Muslims and it would be nice if we could get rid of them.

  • Stevie
  • Debra Parker

    OK has a law but it is being challenged in court by CAIR. So it may not do any good to vote on a ban on Sharia Law.

  • Blair

    I hope so.

  • Abouna R.

    Any Judge in America who decides any case using Sharia Law is in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States First Amendment, due to the fact that Sharia Law is Religious Law. Have a judge in the U. S. decide a case using Roman Catholic or Orthodox Catholic Canon Law and see what happens.

  • Lucky

    There is no place in America for sharia law , it is unexceptable.

  • Fischer Jan

    We should be listening to Bridgette Gabriel and reading her book "Act for America" before it is too late. She is from Lebanon and has lived through what is happening in America today.....Listen up people.