Is the Bill of Rights Expendable?

When our Founding Fathers established the US Constitution, they realized the need to spell out certain rights not specified in the Constitution, so they penned ten amendments to be ratified and attached to the governing document of the newly formed nation. For two centuries, the ten amendments, known as the Bill of Rights were considered […]

Obama Ready to Enact Gun Control Without Congress

Once again, President Obama is planning to unlawfully usurp the power of Congress by using executive orders to create and enact a law of his own design. This time, it’s expected to be universal background checks for gun purchases, possibly in addition to other gun control maneuvers, according to the Associated Press. White House spokesmonkey […]

The Debate Over the PATRIOT Act Boils Over into June!

June begins with a bang as we witness the death of the sun setting provisions in the PATRIOT Act that have allowed the NSA to surreptitiously hoover up all of our digital information for the last decade +. However, June also opens up with the probable passage of the USA Freedom Act, which some say […]