Real Life So Bad That Obama Creates Fictitious Single Woman For Campaign Ad

Unemployment is still running at dangerous levels.  Millions of Americans have no job and are losing their homes and hope for the future.  Divorce and suicide are on the rise and many middle class families and singles are finding themselves now living at poverty levels.  The number of businesses closing their doors continues to rise as many owners can no longer operate in the black.  Rising healthcare costs are forcing more Americans to drop their health insurance as they can no longer afford it.  Even some businesses are opting to drop their health benefits as it will be cheaper for them to pay the penalty than provide health coverage for their employees.

Life in America has deteriorated so far that President Obama and his campaign staff have resorted to creating a fictitious woman with a fictitious life to show single women how the government will take care of them.

In his latest attempt to lure single female voters, Obama tells them about Julia as he presents a slide show depicting her life of government dependence.  It starts out with young Julia enrolling in a Head Start program.  As she becomes a young adult, she works as a web designer and receives free contraceptives, although she still gets pregnant and raises a child by herself receiving government aid.  Julia ages to around 65 years of age when she retires and volunteers her time in a community garden, still relying on the government to take care of her.

Supposedly, this scenario is intended to assure all of the single women in America that the government will always be there to take care of them.  He is counting on the fact that they are too inept to realize that this is exactly how communist countries like China promise to take care of their people.

Reactions from Republicans and Conservatives are already starting to surface such as the one from Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute.  Acting director of the Institute, Wendy Wright said,

“That’s their dream for women?”  That she be alone, without family, struggling as a single parent, dependent on a government that is going broke?

This is not the American dream.  It’s creepy. … It’s what China promises its people.”

Ryan Williams, spokesman with Mitt Romney’s campaign also commented saying,

“The fact that President Obama’s campaign has to create fake people to distract from how his abysmal policies have failed real people is sad and extremely pathetic.”

If the Romney campaign is smart, they should use Julia and Obama’s utopian promises to single women, to show people what a low view of single women they have.  It also demonstrates Obama’s Marxist ideology of what he wants for the American people.  It reveals his true colors and his arrogance in thinking that no one will be the wiser if he actually tells the truth about his plans for them.



  • amy thompson
  • Jim

    The failures of O'bama are amazing, Yet why is it that our only opposition is not mounting an aggressive campaign based on facts about O'bamas shortcomings. Are the Republications just as stupid and ill informed as the current administration?

    • Mike Tanco

      The Repubs are gutless. Is anyone surprised that he came up with this fictitious woman? He did the same thing with his birth certificate, and he uses a SS# issued in the state of Connecticut. Remember, he was born in Hawaii in a hospital that didn't exist at the time. The guy is a fraud and is pulling off the biggest scam in U.S. history. The problem is, there are just enough stupid people in this country that will support this idiot. Mike Tanco

      • Tex Dad


      • sgt k

        Mostly correct,but don't blame Repubs.

      • Ardnas

        And I understand that the autobiography he wrote is full of ficticious women as well. And who knows what else is untrue that he wrote.

    • PDavis

      Mitt Romney has been pretty outspoken against Obama since he's started campaigning full force for the presidency. I just hope he keeps it up and does not get intimidated by any of Obama's threats. This whole administration is a joke! Women should be insulted by this but we've got a lot of single mothers on welfare because they couldn't keep their pants on and now are dependent on the government for their care. But that's been their plan all along. Get rid of any moral behavior, get them pregnant young, and have them sign up for welfare and food stamps. Another vote in the pocket.

    • alshightech


      • samfromhernando

        You have plenty of options to choose from so switch from Yahoo! Gmail is one (tho I have many problems with Google's "philosophies") of the better ones but there are tons more. Weigh Yahoo's actions with the actions of this POTUS who will one day shut down the entire Net and then how will we learn what is really going on?? Danger! Road Out Ahead!!!!

  • CTConservatives47

    If Obama's policies and the collectivist mindset that supports them were the rule 200 years ago, this country would be just another economic basketcase. If things don't change quickly, that's exactly where we're headed. Obama's policies are financed 40% on borrowed money.

  • Remington 870

    What a joke! This single woman must be based on the Fluke woman who likes to Fluck a lot. Are the taxpayers expected to buy this woman's rubbers? Is this the best the Obama commies can come up with? Only entitlement people and women who identify with the Fluke woman will buy into this garbage.

    • Paul

      It's a cartoon ... you know .. bedup bedup That's all folks !!!

      • A_Nobody

        So??? That doesn't mean it's not sending a message.

        • Paul

          No that means its Looney Tunes

        • mimi

          Roger that Paul.......we're at the Mad Hatter's tea party.....

        • Paul

          Yes ... it's all making sense now ... btw, pass the hallucinogens please

    • John

      He forgot to mention the part about Social security paying for all this ... in order to give it credibility



      • A_Nobody

        So??? That's your opinion about which I could care less.

      • George

        Then, you should keep your thoughts to yourself! Personally, I do not care for the thoughts
        of particually, "vulgar" folks myself,but that's what being a "Free Nation" allows us to be! Even
        tho I disagree that "Nobody" has a right to a perfect right to express himself in as perfect
        a way as possible,it could be that is not the perfect "nobody" that we assume!

      • mimi

        What did you perceive as vulgar? Fluke (pronounced Fluck) is that college student freak's name that thinks the gov't should pay for her birth control. She should be given money to _______ (fill in your own proper word here). Geeezz....

  • Clyde

    No woman has come forward to relate a relationship with B.O. Only one has come forward and He is a homosexual...Another male homosexual who had relationship with B.O. was murdered according to the murdered one's mother...

    • JJM

      A couple days ago, there was a report of 1 woman who supposedly had a short affair with him (at Columbia?). Claiming he was sexual? yet aloof. I read it as horny, non-transparent and untrustworthy. Could be another lie told.

    • Luci Tomlin

      Unfortunately, His FIRST love, a beautiful blond was "taken" out of his life! She broke up with him because of his radical views and strange friends! She HAD to go! His radical, rebel friends who were chosen to Americanize him did NOT want to take a chance on him being enticed or influenced! His "CREATORS" and THEIR AGENDA had been in place for DECADES! They had come TOO FAR and were TOO CLOSE to VICTORY to let ANYONE interfere with their plans to "TAKE OVER" our beloved country! To those who would TRY, BYE!

    • Lol

      Check Vanity Fair. Interview with two new York girlfriends. Go get Sheriff joe to get the dude who murdered the dude. Piece of cake. Really homo stuff really escalating. FYI young people are pro gay. LLOL.

  • Denny Friend

    sounds about right a fake president coming up with some thing else fake

  • Indy Gizmo

    1st, Amy, WHY would you use this blog to advertise something for SALE?!?? Rude.....
    Then, Obama & ilk see esp. women as weak, controllable, dependent. They also know that by controlling WOMEN, they by default control families, children, schools/education, society in general. I see them trying to be the "Shining White Knight" on the Charger coming to the "rescue" of these poor damsels in distress.... As a definite bastardization of Christ coming back for His Bride... in that all society will bow down & worship, all evil & woes will be alleviated & utopia will ensue...
    All because of "1 man - 1 government - 1 ideology"...
    This guy & his ilk want to be "prophets" & "seers" into the "Brave new world" ...... and are willing to do ANYTHING to take us there, including dumbing down women, children & destroying lives....
    Look what they're doing with & for & through the "Occupiers"?!??! Enabling them to be foolish unthinking robotrons at the teats of Government & Obamaland!!!

    • Luci Tomlin

      Indy, Is the "CHARGER" a reference to the FLOC? GOOD ONE!

  • John Cherish

    What does this say to young American women...That the government didn't work when it provided contraceptives...but don't worry you can have a medically covered abortion...with Obama care. It totally ignores the family, and family values. And says don't worry the government is there for you to give you free everything ...keep you on welfare...and keep you beholding to government for your needs. Thus you become a slave to the government totally dependent on them. Is this what you really want.....

    • Luci Tomlin

      John, If he did not have the minorities, and STROKE them, he would NOT GET their VOTE! It is in his favor to KEEP them clueless and gullible! IF they had a good education and promises of a better future through their OWN effort, they would NEVER vote for him! He will not "PUCKER UP" for those who are smarter than him! Because We KNOW what a fraud, and inept interloper he is!

  • Lou Ine

    Does Emperor Obama intend to be supreme ruler throughout this entire young fake woman's life?

    • Luci Tomlin

      Just until his Middle Eastern "CREATORS" and his Muslim Brotherhood hoods take over! Then he WILL be Supreme Leader throughout the REST of OUR lives! But he will have no LEGAL power or rights! EXCEPT for "BRAGGING" rights! THEY don't "TRUST" him EITHER!

      • Dan-Dy

        Buy several guns and then a couple of thousand rounds of ammo for ea. If enough americans that believe in the constitution do this we will not have to worry about Emperor Obama and his general "Holdshimself".

        • Sarge K

          Amen that. lock and load.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Buy them soon. The gov't ordered over 500 million rounds of ammo. It will take the manufacturers 5 years to fill the order. The price will skyrocket.

  • RogCol

    Now all we need is a fictitious economy that reflects that we will eliminate the deficit and the National Debt. Wait, we have one. My bad!

    • Luci Tomlin

      Rog, We are right on the VERGE of that happening to us! If this fraud gets another four years, we will either be controlled by "The Muslim Brotherhood" or China! THEY will eliminate our National debt, Deficit, our natural resources, our property, wealth, health, and most of ALL, they will eliminate our CONTROL and FREEDOM! OOPS! O'Bama already HAS control! And he is well on his way to
      taking our freedom TOO! As per his Middle East brothers AGENDA! OUR freedom IS THE only THING we have left!

      • Poppo

        And sooner or later they will realize that confiscating all the 401k's, Ira's and retirement plans would just about retire the national debt. Bury your money in your backyard, or better yet, buy some 'Junk' Silver Coins (90% Silver content, minted before 1965). A silver dime has a melt value of a little over $2.00.

      • Don W Boyer

        With the powers that EPA & FEMA have + what is in the National Defense Authorization Act
        and the recently signed Anti-Protest in the Presenceof the President Act, America is essentially a dictatorship.We the people really have no freedom left. NDAA did away with probable cause and due process. and the APPAA is a huge invasion of our right to free speech. And it will be worse when the electronic listening facility be3ing built in Utah becomes operational in early 2013. That facility will intercept and record ALL phone, cell phone, emails etc. FEMA is buying enough food and water to sustain 140,000,000 people for 10 days! The 600 FEMA camps will probably hold that many people for 10 days of indocrination for we "resisters". We will be taught how to greet our leader properly. When BHO appears jump to attention, click your heels smartly, raise your left arm and shout loudly "SIG HEIL OBAMA". If you fail to does this you might be hauled off by6 the Gestapo!!! Thanks a bunch unions,liberals, and idiots who elected Obama in 2008. We can avoid all of this if he is IMPEACHED or doesn't get a 2nd term. The laws mentioned above and Obamacare can be repealed!!!

        • Lesmeansmore

          Don, your summary is closer to the existing situation than the average American can understand or will admit the truth if they think they understand. You see, Obama and his carefully selected team, have researched our social, political and legal weaknesses and are working their plan. Even if, by some circumstance, Obama dosen't get re-elected, it leaves the door open for the next guy unless Americans get their act together and elect a team of Constitutional loving government representatives to Congress with a leader as President to set this Country back on course. Les Means More

  • 32eagle

    Julia- why not Kaneeshya? or Mohammed?The president aint in touch with the public-what most of us want is to see him punished for the thousands or crimes he has committed

    • Luci Tomlin

      THAT was the name of his "FIRST LOVE"! A beautiful blond! She ended it because of his radical views! I am sure she is "No longer a threat" to him, but he still has a thing for HER!

      • sbk

        Don't you think the "beautiful blond" is a fiction, too? I suspect our liar-in-chief has more in his past for us to discover.

        • mimi

          make that 'liar-in-grief

      • 32eagle

        I think she was very wise to dump the demented freak before he could put the bumbling fool sabotage into effect-maybe Michelle can dye her hair-thanks for the answer Luci

    • Louis

      Do you know what the Internet is and have you heard of the multi million dollar role playing games like Julia? I knew y guys were old and cranky but really try to stay in touch with real world that will be voting for Obama. losers.

      • Barto

        Role playing? Isn't that what Obama has been doing since he's been in office? .... his job performance or lack of it should get him a role in a B movie alongside Biden, Holder, Reid, Pelosi and they could call it "Dumb-Dumb and his dumber mates"....they could throw Barney Frank in as the Homo and Al Sharpton as the Racist brother. Of course, I don't watch many movies any more because of the Hollywood bias.....I PREFER TO LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD of which you are apparently not a part of!

      • 32eagle

        I am not impressed with Obama nor this computer world- and cranky aint me-supercharged is me-all of us old school are still here-we aint dead yet-don't count us out-the real world is fortunately not all part of this USA- evil is widespread-however many military and civil service are against Obama-solidly deadset against him-many that voted for this scum the first time aint this time and will vote for Romney to get back at him for lying and being dishonest-and women are understanding Obama to be a fool-that promises what he will not deliver

  • kathymazel

    Banks create credit. It is a mistake to suppose that bank credit is created to any extent by the payment of

    money into the banks. A loan made by a bank is a clear addition to the amount of money in the community.
    – Encyclopædia Britannica, 14th Edition
    The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the

    People vs. The Banks.
    – Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875
    Our goal is gradually to absorb the wealth of the world.
    – Cecil Rhodes, on the secret banking cabal
    I am afraid that ordinary citizens will not like to be told that the banks can, and do, create and destroy

    money; and they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of governments, and hold in the

    hollow of their hands the destiny of the people.
    – R. McKenna, then Chairman of Midland Bank, London
    There is no more direct way to capture control of a nation than through its credit (money) system.

    Mr. Phillip A. Benson, President of the American Bankers’ Association, June 8 1939
    This truth is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of Capital

    to govern the world. By dividing the voters through the political party system, we can get them to expend

    their energies in fighting over questions of no importance
    . Thus by discreet action we can secure for

    ourselves what has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.
    – Sir Denison Miller

    The bankers own the earth. If you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own

    slavery let them continue to create money.” –
    Sir Josiah Stamp, Governor of Bank of England, 1920s.
    Your Papers, Please
    It mig

  • Rosie46

    This is the environment the government has created with the expansion of welfare with no way out for millions so they stay under government control generation after generation. The Republicans should show Julia getting training, getting a job, or getting a small loan and starting a business, and supporting her child, and maybe getting married to provide a stable family life. Or is that not politically correct? This is a negative message and a depressing state of affairs in Obama's utopian, nanny state where he redistributes income, until there is no more to redistribute, and that day will come. If Julia's lifestyle becomes a goal then we have finally reached the bottom and the progressive/socialists/communists succeed. Vote in November so this does not become a goal for people -- this is the real war against women.

  • Nottakenyan

    The big question is:
    Will the mentally retarded still re-elect this illegal, lying Kenyigar????

    • billy2

      Somebody is mentally retarded and I suspect the whole damned administration is, If @$$hole indeed created this stupid broad ALL by himself, then he needs to be committed.

      • Wyatt

        Ahole created her to cover the fact he was a well known Gay on the Harvard Campus

        • Gaily

          Hey spread that gay stuff. That will bring over more young ones. They are pro gay just like Julia. You guys are major losers.

      • Karen

        Hello grumpy old men. Try the million of role playing games that women and men play for hours. Check them out Mega popular. Please do keep to negative ads and calling Obama a commie, illegal. See the young ones roll their eyes like when the crazy uncle comes to dinner. These people do vote no matter how stupid you think they are. Obama has a brilliant political organization that has been heavily at work while your wacko candidates ate each other. Love it all. Stay in the dark ages. Please. Four more years of Stalin and his ugly wife.

    • WhatFreeCountry

      .............Unless the Great OZ gives them some brains.

    • Sutekh

      Please do not call him a Kenigar. He is an AmeroKenyan.

      • sandman

        there is nothing American about him

  • Bob L

    What I want to know is where is the money for all this coming from? If we can get all this assistance, why work at all, just let the liberals pay for us. Trouble is that doesn't work, they wouldn't want to pay for us, they want us to pay for them.

  • Kat

    I found that piece of trash insulting to me, to my daughters and every woman with self respect! This Julia has lived off of every tax dollar she can find. Then she gets pregnant and starts the circle over again! What family values does she have? I wonder if the Obamas are teaching their daughters they can have kids without a husband!

    • Poppo

      No, it is alright if his kids have a husband, as long as he is a Female, especially if he was surgically modified into a woman.

    • Luci Tomlin

      Could "JULIA" and her story be a "SUBORN" of HE and his OWN mother? REMEMBER his MOTHER never worked on a job and earned money either! He was RAISED to depend on others for your total support without even a thank you! As if it was his DESTINY to be cared for and coddled! THAT is why he so readily and avidly INSISTS and DEMANDS that his "voting block" be taken care of by the "RICH"! Dumbed down so they will VOTE for him, redistribute WEALTH so they will PRAISE him! THANKS JULIA! The SECOND time that birth control pill fell OUT, you should have called your DOCTOR!

    • able and ready to fight

      Over heard by two women in a grocery line. I was offered a job for $10 an hour. I turned it down. I make more on welfare. The women she was talking to said: If I need more money I just get pregnant, in fact my daughter is just about old enough, I get my boy friend to knock her up. This is government dependency.

      • jaws4316

        I'm a die hard conservative, but I have to say you made that crap up. The reality of welfare as it exists now is this. If you apply you either have to work 30 hours a week, prove that you did 30 hours of job search or do 30 hours of community volunteer work, every week to get about $300 a month in cash benefits plus enough food stamps that you can eat fairly well. If JFS finds out that you turned down a job you would be sanctioned and lose benefits for 90 days. Nobody is going to turn down a $10 an hour job to live at barely subsistence level and go through all the hassle they make you endure to get that much. Stop making up ignorant stories about things you know nothing about.

        • StanB

          You obviously aren't speaking about anyone on welfare in California where they give you an EBT card that you can make purchases with AND get cash for those cigarettes and alcohol for the "baby".

        • mimi

          Calif. needs to break off the mainland and form its own utopian socialist society. Hollywood types not in their humble abodes will be exiled there so they can support the untermensch. No Federal Aid suckers!

        • Ron Willison

          Careful what you ask for. bring up google earth and then go get the usgs realyime earthquake kmz file and app. I've been taking screen shots of Cali. four over two years. The difference in overall quakes is scary. When I was young growing up in Ohio. My grandpa 50 years ago anytime he heard the word California would say. California is going to break off and fall into the ocean.

        • tenguage

          No Stan, as a CA native since 1932, I say take it back from the d---n liberals.!!!!

        • Aaron Freeman

          I'm from CA, and yeah, you can do all this. What's ironic, is that county social services do all they can to keep you on the dole. They make it easy to get on, and make it difficult to get off. I know, that Sacramento Co. DHA makes it difficult to even go to school!!!

        • River Gal

          Sad to say that there are stories like that that are true. Yes, there are-as you point out- checks in place to prevent it and repercussions if you are caught, but it can be as simple as not 'trying' hard enough to get hired- or refusing to work more than 20 hours a week. I managed a restaurant and dealt with this every schedule. These girls made more money on welfare if they worked less. They also made more money-counting the welfare- who worked alongside them- myself included. At the end of the day, as a single woman with no children in management, I did well enough to pay my bills, as did a single mother who worked (and thereby sacrificed the majority of her assistance- a bit of a backward incentive there) -while these girls lived at home and had their mothers care for their children while they partied, had their nails and hair done regularly-and flat out refused to work. And yet, having paid no taxes, they qualified for the earned income credit, while I did not. They received $3000+ (at the time $500-600 per kid- one single mother of two got $3600 back) and I owed $80, paying the most I could out of my paycheck. Not only did they get assistance for child care their mothers provided, they 'neglected' to mention their boyfriends resided with them as well. In one case the mother was pulling the same trick, in the other the mother was as disgusted by it all as I was-but wanted to insure the grandchild was taken care of. The girl is still unmarried and has since had two more children-and still works part time. Guess who's still footing the bill!
          The system encourages abuse and penalizes those who want to work, and the abusers not only know how to play the game, but are creative enough to get it to work for them. While the example may be extreme, it is not as unlikely as it seems. And the girls I worked with were just as proud of the 'game'-and the money it got them.

        • Gayla Mitchell

          I owned a restaurant in Missouri and the girls collected welfare and pay more than I ever made. Their hair and nails done, name brand clothes and shoes. Drove better cars and went places on vacations. I wore Walmart and didn't go anywhere except to work. If I planned a day off I had to cover someone calling in for sick days. I actually got so disgusted by women making more money and having a better life than I was, I closed the business. I became so tired and my health started failing. Government regulations started costing me more and paper work increased. I gave it up. It was no longer worth it.

        • bayermbb

          Jaws, don't know where you come from, but in Texas all you have to do is show that
          you have "citizen" children, i.e., you're illegal but the kids aren't, and the welfare
          checks come rolling in ===free everything, for ever!

        • mikeirish

          I do not believe you.... for one, I had two kids, and another man had two kids (both had wives too.) I had to raise my kids on my check alone, and he was getting over 400 bucks in food stamps a month (both of us getting the same pay,) he was also getting WIC, which I was unable to get (provided milk and juice and cereal and other things). the only thing different with us was I had two vehicles, one I used to go to work in, and one for the wife to use to do what was needed during the day. There were times we scraped by on food, and such and he was eating steak almost every night (by his own admission, and was even bragging about how much he got in food stamps and wic....

          When I was laid off, I was not eligible for food stamps, was actually out looking for work was unable to get any aid save for the measly unemployment (that was about 50% of what I had been bringing home.... so I found a job that paid only about 2/3rds of what I had been making cause it was better then unemployment, I was lucky, most places are.... not even paying 10 an hour for SKILLED LABOR.....the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer...

        • Gayla Mitchell

          Obviously you haven't lived here in Missouri either. If they have to work they can't party. So they don't work!

    • jo_ella

      I bet they are, they have NO family values. When the sick SOB stood up and said he was for abortion because if a woman (and he included his daughters) got her self pregnant she should not have to be "punished" with a baby! I was livid. You have to be evil and depraved to think like that!

    • mikeirish

      of course they are, see how they are showing their children that all they have to do is rely on the government to let them go shopping anywhere they want, and it is OK , even if there are people losing their homes, jobs and lives because of their life style of feeding off the public.... they are teaching them kids that all they need to do is look out for them selves that they are the only ones that matter and no one else does.... that man (not my president) is doing the same thing, if asked a question, he has the person investigated for anything the can possibly find, so that the person can be used as an example for the rest of the public not to question his behavior or life style.... he (obama) believes he is above the law, when in fact, the laws are there to protect the public from people such as him... all this man (if you want to call him that, being he acts like a spoiled brat) wants to do is please himself, ... I hope some day ... SOON..... the American people will wake up.

  • jmsmaxwell

    Hell this is typical of the welfare mentality that has been fostered upon Americans for years as far back
    as LBJ and other democrats. Even then they knew if you got people hooked on government handouts,
    food stamps, payments for illegitimate children then you would become a slave to them and the system
    they created. The whole idea as to destroy your initiative to take care of your self and succeed in
    life by your own ability. They do now want people confident in thier ability to provide and take care of
    themselves but rather be slaves to the communist mentality to cradle to grave welfare.

    • sbk

      As far back as FDR, jmsmaxwell.

  • Mark Mattern

    When do the IMPEACHMENT PROCEDINGS begin? We need to stop this before there is nothing left

  • yucaipajack

    i wish i could say this is unbelievable, but it was the promise he made to Joe The Plumber...

  • Beatrix17

    I'd like to see a better future for America, but you better know what you're doing when you make new plans. Most of us on Social Security are in our 70s, 80s, and 90s and up, which is a little old for starting over. And many people who complain about entitlements would complain even more if you took them away because they'd be left taking care of parents, which they can't afford to do.

    I'm an entitlement person. I worked all my life, but I
    retired on Social Security and Medicare because when I was younger,
    no one questioned this. Young people can't imagine getting old or
    retiring---they accept what people have always accepted.

    I'd like to see a better future for America, but you
    should know what you're doing when you make new plans. Most of us on
    Social Security are in our 70s, 80s, and
    90s and up, which is a
    little old for starting over. And many people who complain about
    entitlements would complain even more if you took them away because
    they'd have to take care of parents, which they can't afford to do.

  • Ken H.

    A truer Marxist there's never been

  • Smith

    Today is Karl Marx Birthday. After a little EASY search Karl Marx had a daughter with the name Jenny Julia. I guess it’s just a mere coincidence with BO’s Depressing Life of Julia dependency on Government. But Jenny Julia Marx committed Suicide at 43 to show how depressing Marxism can be. Now why bring this up? It looks like the life of Julia is a well planned life of dependence. Sounds like Socialism/Communism to me. But why did BO pick the name JULIA? With tens of thousands of female names, BO chose Julia
    Now BO himself acknowledges that he was drawn to socialists and even Marxists as a college student. He continued to associate with Marxists later in life, even choosing to launch his political career in the living room of a self-described Marxist, William Ayers, in 1995, when Obama was 34.


    "politically correctness" is what is wrong with today's government...they are SO afraid that they are going to step on someones toes...WELL, THEY ARE STEPPING ON THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER'S TOES and I mean all 10 of them

  • Tom

    A new Cambodia happening here?

  • Charles Ivie

    Obama's "Julia" is the perfect liberal Democrat. A mindless drone completely dependent on government for every aspect of her existence. This piece reveals that liberalism is a form of intellectual slavery. The worst form of servitude is that where the slave is unaware of the yoke.

  • flaphil

    Different ploy, but it's the same line the Nazi's used to drive national hate for the Jewish people. They have to make things up, because reality would bite them in the a--.

  • junkmailbin

    barry makes up fantasy women because he is married to shelly. shelly is not as tolerant as Hilary was to bill

  • Robert Trusty

    We all should know by now that they're all working on the same agenda and that is transform America.

  • Leonard Henderson

    They left out the part where Julia the single mother on the government dole gets falsely accused and maliciously prosecuted for some sort of child abuse allegation. For which the child gets kidnapped and either adopted out to a rich sterile couple or homosexuals OR the child get doped out of it's head in fostercare burning up thousand$ in Social Security every month until s/he ages out to be dumped on the streets with no education or life skills.

    Communism came upon American families long ago with the passage of CAPTA in 1974.

    Leonard Henderson, co-founder
    American Family Rights
    "Until Every Child Comes Home"©
    "The Voice of America's Families"©

  • Grant Bolwell

    Orwell's 1984, anyone?

  • EIvis

    This White House Scenario is an excellent way to make young boys with no fathers subject to homosexuaI indoctrination also part of transformation of the boy scouts, miIitary, and indoctrinated American of the B0 admin.

  • Hollie2009ad

    Julia, a name that is so American and so unlikely to be able to get all of Obama's 'freebies'. Why didn't he find a name that he would find on all of the welfare and 'planned parenthood' lists? Problem #1: Head Start-Ted Kennedy's idea of parenthood; Problem #2: birth-control is dangerous to everyone and, of course, it doesn't work, surprised that she didn't come down with a STD, which would give her more freebies to choice from; Problem #3: she only worked for short time, so not much in S.S. benefits, but, of course, she is able to receive other benefits that the honest, working man or woman can't have; Problem #4: who is going to bury her and pay for all her funeral expenses?; Problem #5: her child will be following in her footsteps and it will go on and on until Uncle Obama runs out of money. The Sad End!!! +JMJ+

  • julian8

    If you really look at it his whole Presidency is made up, he has professors telling him how it should be and they pretend that that works inspite of the reality.

  • JJM

    Julia’s life, thanks to Obama’s destruction of America:
    Pre-K Thanks to Food Stamps, her unemployed parents can feed her.
    18 Acceptance into continuing Indoctrination Training facility.
    22 Surgery if permitted by the Death Panel.
    23 Government employee (if lucky) at a do no good job, payroll funded by Chinese loans.
    27 More freebies for personal choice decisions.
    42 SBA loan? Funded by ???? OR continued welfare??
    65 Medicare, if she can find a doctor and if her life is worth the expense.
    67 Social Security, funding a substandard living. Assuming she ever actually had a job.

  • Chester Anderson Sr.

    It's amazing to me to think people will buy this GOOK president's lies for another four years. God help us if he's re-elected.

  • samtman

    THis Julia story must be a very effective add for the Democrats, this and other right wing blogs spend a lot of time talking against it. By doing that, I think that they are actually promoting it more than anything else because not that many people paid much attention to it.

  • tamm

    I was reading a SCIENTIST who was researching all the sickening contaminants in our water supplies and some of the WORST are on purpose...we are being PURPOSELY poisoned with toxins such as flouride (the flouride they put in our water is not the natural mineral it is a TOXIC waste from industrial manufacturing and very expensive to get rid of so they dump it in our bodies to filter it for a while and its a FREE waste disposal for them) this scientist makes this comment....I FEAR that we will get to the point of SO DUMBED DOWN....we'll be too dumb to realize how DUMB WE ARE. Please look into VACCINES and FLOURIDES and THE SICKENING THINGS IT DOES TO OUR BODIES. Pharmaceutical companies are in COHOOTS with multi billionaires like MURDOCH who also manages most of the world's information and PROFITS OFF OF THE BULLY ARM OF GOVT forcing this crap down our throats. MURDOCH...threw you a BONE with a little conservatism here and there....and WE ATE UP HIS FOX NEWS. TIME TO GET A BRAIN AGAIN....stop spending overseas and giving free welfare to Israel and KEEP OUR OWN MONEY FOR OUR OWN FAMILIES.

  • tamm
  • Miri

    Terrifyingly sad.
    Where is the place for a father in Julia's life, a husband and responsible father for her child.
    Where is the place for a loving marriage?
    Where is the place for Julia to achieve independence and autonomy?
    As a woman, I hope that Julia remains a fiction.

  • tamm

    STOP BEING IDIOTS. As your doctor to SIGN OFF ON THIS if he thinks vaccines are so great. ASK WHY DOCTOR OZ...doesn't VACCINATE HIS CHILDREN but will promote vaccines.

  • tamm

    Studies are now showing FLOURIDE LOWERS IQ.... Ireland has flouride....tests really low. Scandinavian countries...>NO FLOURIDE ADD TO THEIR WATER and they have great teeth and wonderful test scores.

  • txras

    At least Obama created someone who WILL VOTE for him!
    Its the only way he can get voters! He must make them up!

  • tamm

    We can thank GOOD OL MEXICO and their manufacturing FOR DUMPING FLOURIDE ON US.....the president of Mexico made a deal and WE GOT DUMPED ON.....we're AS DUMB AS NATIVES TOO....we can't even mine our own land anymore...ChINA has to come in to North Dakota and TAKE OVER. Just call us FLOURIDATED BEANERS....because we are in the SAME boat as the people of Mexico....READ AND WEEP.

  • Bill Weston

    Who is sovereign here "natures God" or the state. I, for one will trust the one with the most wisdom, compassion, righteousness, and power. That is obviously not the state with its self-serving leaders. Human nature has changed very little, if at all, throughout history and "natures God" has not changed at all. True, I have only seen God's reflection and through eyes of faith, but I will trust Him more than any man or woman.

  • tamm


  • Ron

    I think you will find that obama did not go to college under the name barack obama. He was a queer therefore he had no girlfriends and his queer friends only remember him as barry. How is that for a guess?

  • tamm

    Thank good ol RICH murdoch from Fox News for this one! you're supposed to give this to a SWEET INNOCENT BABY BODY.

  • Mark Desade

    A cartoon ad from a cartoon president. It would have been so much better if his mother aborted him, something Obama embraces.

  • tamm

    OR PLEASE let's just keep feedign our PRECIOUS CHILDREN GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS by oh so great corporations????? NOT!!!! I consider you the worst parent EVER if you can read this and still feed your children the KRAP that is packaged in this country.

  • tamm

    RON PAUL 2012 or America is DUMBER than any communist nation....we're nothing but pig feed for wealthy people.

  • Mary

    Do you guys live in the real world. Millions of people, young and old devote much time to fantasy games where they assume personnas. The Obama campaign is very savvy on reaching voters. They have a huge organization and funding to reach every demographic. That's how they will win. Just calling Obama a loser really won't resonate. Julia really is quite different than your perception or interpretation here. It doesn't jump out at you to let the government control your life, really. It appeals to a slice of voters who may be induced to vote Obama. A campaign in modern world is really beyond negative ads and a cute twitter about the evil Kenyan dictator with the ugly wife. Hope Romneys people don't figure this ot. You guys are real losers. Maybe you can use Sherrif Joe to appeal to the young ones. Pink is a popular color.

  • STP

    Please give people a little more credit. my handicapped daughter has Down syndrome and she wouldn't and didn't vote for the current President. She watched the Bush -Gore debates in 2000 and said to me she was voting for George Bush because Gore lied. I didn't even knew she was watching the debates. That was her first time to vote and she made her own decision. Mentally Retarded maybe, but at least she paid attention not like most voters who just vote without being informed.

    • mimi

      (Downs). Good for her! She needs to be out campaigning for anyone but Barry Omama!

  • Ed Mallory

    Wouldnt it be true justice if all of and only the libs that voted for this paraih were the ones losing their homes. Too bad the rest of us have to suffer for this morons actions.

  • John

    Don't worry all ... he forgot to mention that Social security will pay for all this

  • Bill

    A cartoon ... bedup bedup ... that's all folks !!! :))

  • frank1737

    What more can you expect from the LOW LIFE PSYCHOPATH!!

  • usa88

    Obama is destroying the USA right under Americans' noses and what's incredible is the fact that Americans still seem to be in some sort of trance or simply sleeping or something. Americans have to stop thinking about Dunk'n Donuts, fast food and stupid things and wake the hell up as our country is being betrayed by a hater.

  • TPS12

    Instead of this BS, he needs to solve this problem.

    WTHR-Channel 13 News station in Indianapolis is exposing this
    huge scam on the United States.

  • Tex Dad

    This Julia thing is the babbling of a LUNATIC.This SOB may not vacate the White House if DEFEATED!

  • OneCitizen

    I looked at the Obama "Life of Julia" and noticed it stopped when she was 67. I guess at 67, she goes into the Obamacare EOL (end of life) Unit and they put her to "sleep", so she doesn't consume any more government resources. I suppose this is the way Obama solves the Social Security problem?...

    • John Cherish

      Yes when you reach 67 you are deemed non productive ... then they will come up with a program so you can end your life with dignity...not to mention they will never have to pay benefits from SS....then they will start lowering the age....and finally the government will decide if you are eligible to continue living

  • Ishmael_137

    The character may be a fictitious creation of the Obama campaign, but she is quite real, and definitely portrays the best that can be expected of women. After all, free contraceptives, but so inept and clueless that she has a kid anyway; manages to sleep around, but so lacking in judgement that she can't find a decent man; bright, but not bright enough to find a job or live a life without government intervention; at the end of her life, alone, forgotten by a kid who never learned the value of family, watched by social workers. What woman wouldn't want this life?

  • Doodlebug

    Does obummer think he is God that he can create this woman? I don't have any women in my group that would want what this fake woman thinks the government owes her. Does he think this will get the female vote? What a joke, what a joke this nose in the air obummer is.

  • fred1966

    The life of fictional Julia should immediately scare woman. It shows that a woman can only be a web designer something like a secretary. When President Obama doesn't honor the Constitution, then he doesn't honor the 19th amendment the right of woman to vote. Fictional Julia is not able to become a doctor, an engineer or even a teacher and has to depend on the government for help showing an ideal that woman are not capable of handling mans' jobs. No motivation to continue living as Julia is stuck in that boring job as web designer doesn't have the abilities to be something better. Also the preceding also means Amendment 21 is no longer honored so we all go back to the days of Prohibition. Remember, it is against Moslem policies to use liquor. Also amendment 26 the right of 18 year olds to vote will not be honored. Go to YouTube and listen to a couple patriotic songs for Americans: "Proud To Be An American" and "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" that I suggested that Mitt Romney use with his campaign.

  • sbk

    President Obama also created fictitious or "composite" girlfriends for his AUTOBIOGRAPHY, which should have been a factual account of his own life written by himself! Dare we think that our so-and-so-in-chief is bisexual? He is famous for saying one thing and doing another....

  • PEfl4nsic

    This 'fictitious woman' follows true to course for Obama. Everything about him is fictitious. His birther qualifications to be elected president, all his scholastic records, 'just another guy in the neighbourhead friend' who blew up buildings, 'service' as a U.S. senator who voted 'present', attendance in church for 20 years but never heard a word of bias or discrimination from his pastor. The examples go one ad nauseum. The only part NOT fictitious is Obama's RULE, not governance, forcing draconian regulations on America intended to destroy America while Obama thumbs his nose at Congress. America, both Democrats and Republicans, I implore you - WAKE UP AND CORRECT THE PROBLEM!! If you do not wake up if you ever do wake up there will be no more U.S. of A.- just another European welfare state!!

  • Mona

    It is sickening to keep hearing about how Obama and people like him think the world owes them a living. Who does these idiots think is going to keep supplying them with money? Someone has to work and they aren't any better than the ones they want to supply them with a living. Sean Hannity real told that deadbeat off the other night. Thanks to the Democrats for giving these lazy good for nothings this attitude. I would imagine that these women were just some of his weird radical friends and not actually anyone he was romanticly involved with.

  • comsense08

    Mitt should take Julia through the American Dream, Chirstian, Capatalistic America we all know and love. Have her work hard, get a good education, fall in love with a real man, run her own buisiness, have loads of Grandkids and shows here in her later years living in her own nice house, surrounded by grandkids. Then fade out showing the comparisons between what the liberal Julia produced in her years to those Conservative Julia produced, along with all her hard working young ones!

  • Jolongus

    Yea and Julia lives in the getto's soon she will be forced to wear burqa's can't show her face or hair, LOL which is ok on bad hair days. I truely can't understand why anyone would vote for him, except stupid and evil people. But stupidty does breed evilness.

  • Lloyd in Oregon

    Did you notice that they failed to mention how Barak was going to pay for all those government handouts

  • soldiermom11

    The republicans should also show julia being forced to have an abortion because she is on her second child. But they wont call it abortion any more they will call it "negative life protection". Something that sounds nice like "affordable healthcare".They should also show the government making decisions about how long they can live. They are already denying women here in the US that are 70 from having pap smears. Maybe show women addicted to free stuff and how they can't function without the government telling them what to do. Then show them what their paychecks will look like after taxes when they finally do get a job. I've raised my kids to be independent. Hopefully we still have more makers than takers in November.

  • MSpector

    The Obama campaign omitted the bookends. Julia's life begins because her mother made the choice not to abort her, giving Julia the opportunity for a worthwhile life. At 67 Julia has ovarian cancer and Kathleen Sebelius decides that the value of Julia's remaining life is less than the cost of care, so she does not get treatment and dies in a basement of the DEA offices. In between, it's all good.

  • Charles Bill L.

    God forbid that he be elected again.

  • jaws4316

    This cartoon is very reminiscent of all the propaganda pamphlets the Nazis used to spread throughout Germany, especially in the schools, to convince everyone how great life was going to be under Der Fuehrer.

  • jo_ella

    This SOB Obama is one sick puppy! He needs to go!

  • Blair

    Obama also created a fictious girlfriend in his autobiography. He can't handle the truth,

  • GoodBusiness

    And women are going to vote for this guy - he creates a "COMPRESSED GIRL FRIEND IN NEW YORK" which the real girlfriend says he fabricated the story in his own book about him - what a nut case this man is turning out to be - the videos of him lying to all and then lying about the same issue on the other side> clearly a confused at best individual. he is going to come apart on vetting this election - it is out there and now it showing up in the media.

  • mimi that a WHITE woman in Barry O's fairy tale? What morons he and his band of merry thugs are- My 4 year old choir kids could've come up with something more persuasive....

  • mattzweck

    Julia sounds like something Lenin said back in the 50s. what a socialist Marxist Obama is.

  • gmarshall

    Now we know what Obama really thinks about women! In his view, they are incapable of making it on their own and must depend on the government to get them through life. What he fails to realize is that women today are capable, independent, and fully able to take care of themselves without government assistance. This should be a wakeup call to all American women who are even remotely thinking about supporting this guy for a second term.

  • hongryhawg

    The story of Julia, as it is put forth by blobama's campaign, neglects to fill in her life between graduation from college and retirement. There is no mention of the period of her life when she is paying what will have to be a 50% tax rate on her income in order to pay for all this "free" stuff. Julia was educated in our liberal school system so is probably stupid enough to buy into this. The pretend president is making a play for the dumb ones because that's all he has a chance with.

  • Raymond1

    On the back of a cesspool truck it read:
    "This truck is full of Obama's promises."

  • vietnamvet1971

    he has to have a Fantasy world and Fantasy people. No Record to run on just "Hype & Blame" Shuck & Jiving. He is Over his Head with no clue.

  • Jim S

    Obambi seems fond of fake women.... but then, he is a fake president. 😉

  • raygun

    More than likely "Julia" will be in a broken socialist economy, with a lame "fair" school record, without a job and future and will commit suicide by the time she is 19. Speaking of lame, Barry S. (aka BHO) can get any better. Nov. can't happen soon enough.

  • Schrecken

    I find it incredibly insulting that the dingleberry in the Oval Office would even consider that just because a woman is single, she would automatically be in love with his ideology and want to vote for him! I am an unmarried woman who is childless by choice (nothing against kids; but I have enough morals to know that it would be wrong for me to have a child that I cannot care for by myself and then expect other taxpayers to help me care for it) and believe me, voting for O-butthead would be the last thing I'd want to do this fall!
    I think that the Obama campaign should be honest here (not that such is even possible) - he is pandering not to single women (at least not the kind who take care of their own needs and refrain from creating offspring without being married or having at least some sort of decent financial support) but to worthless idle sponges who are more than happy to drink from the government teat. I don't want anything from the gov't, other than to be left alone and given the freedom to conduct my business. I do want Social Security one day in my old age but that's because I have paidinto it with a promise of getting something back. But they way the Dumbocrats are breeding leeches I may not see a dime.

  • Robalou01

    What about Julia's lavish all taxpayer funded "vacations"??? Oh, thats for Moochelle, not Julia!!

  • FloridaJim

    Obama and the 60's radicals in his administration have once again made fun of women. Julia is a dunce who cannot do anything in life without the Obama government, do you kinopw anyone like that? I don't.
    Obama wants everyone tied to the big government apron strings feeling that if we have you tied to us you will vote for us forever. Notice how Obama is the president through Julia's entire life not just the one term he will actually serve.Student loans, Obamacare, social security, food stamps, mortgage loans, AMTRAK and other government trains to nowhere, OWS slugs wanting free contraceptives so they can continue their destruction of america on the Obama dime, which is the taxpayer's dime.Study the soviet Union and see how this turns out for america, it is not pretty.

  • Ken

    I had a dream recently. It was so vivid, I awoke at 3am, which is abnormal for me.

    I was standing with a large group of people, & they were intently looking up in the sky. It was like it was very early morning, just as the day is dawning. As I started to try to see what it was that the crowd was looking at, suddenly I realized that it was Jesus! I started jumping up & down with all my might & yelling: "It's Him! It's Him!" At that moment I awoke, and I had cold chills all over me, & I could literally feel the presence of the Lord. It took over an hour to calm down, & it was all I could do to keep from shouting Hallelujah over & over again. I have never experienced a dream this real before in my life, & I am convinced this dream came from the Lord.

    Friends, Jesus is coming soon. It will be a time of great celebration for those who are looking for His appearance. For you who don't want Him to be your King, it will be a terrifying time to see the Lord of all creation in all of his glory, & surrounded by the armies of Heaven.

    I hope this encourages each & every one of you out there. Jesus loves you all & does not want anyone to perish. It's up to you to receive Him into your heart as Savior & Lord. Do not delay; do not put off getting yourself right with Him, because you never know when the end of the world might be for you.

  • URKiddinMee

    I like the thought Rush had on "Julia," namely that if her mother was a democrat Julia's story would have ended during her first trimester.

  • cobrabite

    Time for a Tax revolt. We will no longer pay taxes until these problems are taken care of. A Dream, I know, but what is needed to wake up our not so great government. Same goes for the IRS fraud being allowed by ill-legal imagrants, claiming dependents on their tax returns, required by our government, and receive huge tax returns. The worst part is, the majority of these so-called dependents, don't even live in the USA. IRS knows about it but does nothing. Makes one's blood boil. A slap in the face to the working class. Pretty sad. Keep your powder dry.

  • Michael Lawera

    I heard he is in the midst of producing an inflatable version....the only problem he is having...u squeeze it and it's say B/S.....almost like she knows him...

  • sky2cruiser

    In the America of MY dreams, Julia went to the school Of Her Choice. Got a job after graduating. She got married before having kids. She worked her way up in her career and at 65 retired from her position as the CEO of a fortune 500 company. Now she's too busy traveling to work in the community garden, but she tithes at her church and donates to the charities of her choice.
    Or maybe, she doesn't go in that direction - maybe she's a nurse, a doctor, an accountant, a jockey, an artist, or a stay-at-home mom. Whatever she chooses to be it's up to her because she's free.

    Some years ago I had a partnership as sales reps in Hawai'i. I was also a divorced mother of two small kids. There was a shipping strike in the early 70's. For several months we had no income. We still had to keep seeing our buyers, but nothing was getting in so we weren't getting paid. My partner got a job in construction on the Big Island and I got two jobs on Oahu. One, selling items that could be airfreighted, the other in accounting. Pay was notoriously low for office work (very high turnover for young women) so I still wasn't making enough to cover expenses. I checked on AFDC and was told I qualified for XXX dollars but if I quit working and stayed home with the kids I could be taking home more then I was with my pay checks. She also wanted to give me vouchers for clothing, furniture, etc. I turned down the vouchers, took the aid for the duration of the strike and kept working. Eventually, I paid back the aid, and grew the partnership into a respectable company - because I was free - not tied to the government dole.

  • bagman35

    It has been done in countless campaigns before this, and, unfortunately will probably not be the last time such a tactic will be used. Unfortunately, all parties use these methods to further their agendas.

  • nvrat

    An Overture of Obama`s Vision of America? i`m sure the 99% will love it because it puts the rest of America in a skunks den with them.

  • tnt_kaboom

    The article below ends with this sentence,.."It reveals his true colors and his arrogance in thinking that no one will be the wiser if he actually tells the truth about his plans. Obama is right about Americans being stupid, especially the women,...right now if the voting took place, the women are 57% to 21% in favor of Obama,......I guess we now know why God didn't want women to vote,....:). No offense to those gals who have a brain and know how to use it,...:)


    that what hitler and stalen did promess everything and give nothing sounds like obama doesen't it

  • Guest52

    I agree this would be the perfect start in proving what Obama is really doing.....