Fourth Grade Invitation to Easter Egg Hunt Leads to Lawsuit

Prior to Easter, a fourth grade student at Roland H Lewis Elementary School in Temple Terrace, Florida, wanted to pass out invitations to his Easter egg hunt.  School officials quickly put an end to the student’s attempt to pass out the fliers stating that it violated school policy.

Litigation staff counsel Matt Sharp from the Alliance Defense Fund has taken up the case and filed the lawsuit against the school for violating the student’s constitutional rights.  In referring to the incident, Sharp said,

"To say than an Easter egg hunt invitation offered from one student to another during non-instructional time is somehow not allowed in America is preposterous.  ADF has litigated numerous cases similar to this one, and the law is clear: invitations like this are protected by the Constitution."

Jeremy Tedesco, another attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund pointed out that the school allows students to hand out invitations to things like birthday parties, so the singling out of the Easter egg hunt invitations clearly sets a double standard.  He also believes that,

"Public schools should encourage -- not shut down -- the free exchange of ideas.  Marginalizing students' faith removes an important influence for good from the school community, and removing their voice sends a message to all students that religion is something to be ashamed of."

In the past year, more and more Christian and Constitution based law firms are starting to stand up against the lawless attacks on our freedoms of religion and free speech.  For too long Christians have remained silent while their freedoms were being removed like the leaves in autumn.  But spring time is here and it time for all Christians to blossom out of our comfort zones and get active in whatever group or effort is appropriate in their area to stop the defoliation of our constitutional rights.

My hat goes off to the Alliance Defense Fund and I pray that they once again prevail over the injustice committed upon this fourth grade child.  Matt Sharp – go get them!



  • jong

    Of course this shows the knee jerk reaction of Liberals. Even something that has nothing to do with Christainity (Easter is a pagan fertility holiday) is attacked because they presume that it supports Christianity. Al Gore and his moron brigade have been very busy. Now if this student had invited his classmates over for an honour killing the teachers and staff would have made attendence mandatory in that it is an important custom we must learn, honour and never, never interfere with.

  • PFG

    Right to assembly.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Agree with you jong. It's funny that the crowd that wants to stop Christianity would actually be furthering the goals of pure faith. Our enemies are becoming more and more useful idiots. OMG OMG OMG (Obama Must Go) Use OMG regularly. Obama must go.

    • Katchaturian

      To this I am adding a hard nosed response to vandals and killers who terrorize, burn and brutalize U.S. citizens. Go to a wedding or funeral and folks watching your behavior trash you place etc. etc..
      Time to raise hell with these thugs. Walk on my property and if your intent is to rob someone you had be better be bullet roof.

  • Mary

    My daughter's elementary school had an egg hunt every year for the school kids. To get around political correctness they called it 'spring egg hunt'. I asked the PTA why they just didn't call it Easter egg hunt.
    And they told me they did this so no militant liberal called the ACLU to demand a shut down.


    A perfect example of the "EGG-HEADS" teaching out children. Home school is the answer.

  • Tank

    Does anyone really celebrate Easter for religious reasons anymore?? Rhetorical question, but most people I know use it as a day to get family and friends together and enjoy the day together...

    • aray

      Yes, there are people of faith who celebrate Easter. Maybe you should cultivate some new friends and join in family gatherings after attending the church of your choice. It couldbe a great blessing to you.

  • exciledknight

    The school in Temple Terrace is in the Hillsborough County School District which recently allowed an Isalmic speaker from CAIR to speak to a gifted high school class! When this was questioned by parents and county residents the answer was that it was done to bring different views and diversity to these students! Islamic speaker representing CAIR (with terrorist ties) good, fourth grader (10 or 11 years old) handing out invitations to an Easter Egg Hunt (basically a none religious activity) bad! Wake up and listen to and read the candidates positions from school board elections, to the presidency (tea and a chat at the Whitehouse with the Muslim Brotherhood), because we are systematically being destroyed from within!

    • Brad Nova

      DES MOINES–The Iowa Civil Liberties Union today announced that it is publicly supporting the Christian students who recently filed a lawsuit against the Davenport Schools asserting the right to distribute religious literature during non-instructional time.

      The school’s policy against the distribution of religious literature outside of class is clearly wrong, said Ben Stone, Executive Director of the ICLU. “”Not only does the policy violate the students’ right to freely exercise their religious beliefs, but it also infringes on their free speech rights,” he said.

    • Katchaturian

      Right on.

  • Old Fashion

    Personally I don't care for easter egg hunts (because of personal religious convictions). But I still believe it would be wrong for a child not to be allowed to hand out invitation. If my child came home with such an invitation, I would not be offended but see it as an opportunity for me to teach my child. This thing about censoring others over the fear that someone may offend someone else is a cop out. They are doing it over other reasons they don't want to admit. The school officials/teachers offend Christians all the time by forcing their humanistic views/beliefs onto the children and then have the audacity to attack the parents for being "intolerant" or "closed minded".

    Imagine the following
    Educator: “You must allow other views and be tolerant of opinions different to yours.”
    Parent: “My religious belief is the humanistic teachings in the classes is wrong. Will you tolerate my view?”
    Educator: [THINKING: If I say yes, then I’ve allowed him to say you can’t have another view such as mine; if I say no, then I’ve obviously been intolerant of his view — what do I do?] ......................replies: “That’s semantics!”

    Reason I believe in the argument in allowing Home Schooling.

  • LarryAndy

    And still we are silent, while activists rage and sue we succumb, give and compromise. Of course, every compromise is a loss for Americans and a win for socialists, athiests and radicals bent to destroy democracy, a point or two at a time has destroyed all we have ever known as Americans, our culture, history, values, principles, morals and rights to worship. We continue to allow our own future to be destoryed at every school board in the country, take out Christmas and the Holiday Season, take out celebrations, the old scenes, plays, acts and thrills so it is nothing but a present giving bananza to Chinas Anti American causes. Take out Easter, no Easter brea, now it is Spring Break that has become a debauchery, sex and drunkard brawl for college students and tied to our childrens grade schools and HS, not allowed Easter Week or even Good Friday, the Christians most Holy season and day of reverence, buT how many take a stand, keep kids at home, celebrate and teach what it is really all about, IT IS OUR FAULT and will get worse, to Compromise is to sell out, NO COMPROMISE, fight, sue and take the attack against the courts and ACLU, etc. Work together as All Judea Christian communities in protecting and perserving our heriage or have none at all.

  • flaphil

    I don't care what excuses and views are on here, Americans and Christians have to start saying, enough is enough. We don't need to worry about religion, changing the names from their true meaning to something else, we need to demand America being America. Start standing up to these liberal thugs, their ruining and running your lives and you condone it with letting it happen. What ever happened to the American spirit. With the people now, we'd be ruled by a king and queen and taxed worse than we are.

  • Ron

    keep the faith and your power dry. We must stand up for whats right and protect our kids rights . God Bless America and Semper Fi.


    Easter: It matters not where it originated; it matters only as to it's meaning today. It is the celebration of the Risen Christ who gave His life to bring Salvation to those who accept and believe. People gather, Families gather to give thanks to a Living God who watches over them, who forgives them, blesses them and patiently waits to welcome them Home. Praise God!

  • donjusko

    Any teacher that doesn't believe in the Constitution shouldn't be a teacher. Any superintendent that hires such a teacher shouldn't be a superintendant. Any governor that appoints such a superintendant shouldn't be governor. That's State grassroots, that's the Tea Party. Elect Ron Paul in 2012.

  • Silas Longshot

    We have indeed turned the other cheek too often. Now, it's time to become Christian warriors against this system of feral dogs (libs and progs, all) as they wage their war against us. If the muslims can get away with 'being offended' to silence oppostition to their 'religion', why do we sit quietly by and let them and the government dismantle Christianity?
    If 0bama, the muslim, is reelected, prepare for bad times. Go to surviving urban crisis. com.