Is the Obama Campaign Collapsing and Liberalism With It?

Don’t underestimate liberals. They live for politics. It’s their religion. They will lie, cheat, and steal to win an election. Prime evidence of their chicanery is the fact that the voting rolls are bloated with illegal immigrants and dead voters. “There are questions about whether 182,000 registered voters are actually US citizens and the names of more than 50,000 dead people were discovered on Florida's voter rolls.” Then there is liberal opposition to voter ID laws. I wonder why? I know, so vote early, vote dead or alive, and vote often can become reality.

Even so, there seems to be some cracks in the foundation of liberal unity. Liberals rarely criticize other liberals. This is beginning to change as the following examples show.

Black ministers are speaking out against President Obama’s support of homosexual marriage even though the NAACP has gotten behind the President on the issue. Righteousness is beginning to trump political expediency. Maybe these same Black ministers will come to realize that liberal economic policies have failed as well.

The Catholic Church traditionally lean Democrat. The abortion and contraception dustup is changing some minds. “Warning that ‘fundamental rights hang in the balance,’ 43 Catholic dioceses and apostolates have filed lawsuits arguing that the mandated coverage of contraception in health-care plans is unconstitutional.” This is a good sign.

Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker, a Democrat, called the private-equity debate against Mitt Romney and Bain Capital “nauseating to the American public.”

Booker’s comments came on the heels of those from Steven Rattner, who headed the president’s auto task force and last week called “unfair” an Obama campaign ad about a Kansas City, Mo., steel mill that was taken over by Bain in 1993.

“I don’t think Bain Capital did anything they need to be embarrassed about,” Rattner said May 14 on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program. “It did it superbly well, acting within the rules, acting very responsibly, and was a leading firm.”

Don’t think these Democrats all of a sudden got some scruples. They know that campaign donations come from people with money, and that includes equity firms. Democrats are seeing their campaign coffers a little light these days.

Naturally, Booker was taken to the Democrat woodshed for his comments. He strayed from the liberal plantation a bit too far.

Entertainers are starting to turn on President Obama. Penn Jillette, of the magic team Penn and Teller, has taken on the President for his class warfare rhetoric, hypocritical drug policy, and states’ rights cop-out.

Comedian and actor Jon Lovitz (the cigar-chomping scout in A League of their Own and SNL alumnus) got the ball rolling with his rhetorical attack on the president by describing him as “a ‘f**king a**hole’ for ‘saying the rich don’t pay their taxes.’”

He also “took issue with Obama's recent fundraiser with George Clooney that raised $15 million for his campaign.” He called the move “hypocritical” since the President has spoken out against rich Americans for not paying their “fair share of taxes.”

While the Jewish Lovitz has been attacked as a “Nazi” for his anti-Obama comments, “he has been offered book, TV and movie deals in the wake of his comments because ‘what I said was right.’” Time will tell if he is forced to apologize under threat of never working in Hollywood again.

Don’t get me wrong. A few dissident Democrats attacking their party does not make a funeral. I don’t want to be like James Carville who wrote 40 More Years: How Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation in 2009 and had to eat crow in November of 2010. We still have to contend with a squishy Republican Party that does not know how to fight and never met a compromise it didn’t like. Even so, the loss of Mr. Compromise himself, former Sen. Richard Lugar, gives me some hope.



  • jong

    The left wing in trying to jump the gun to marxism once again. They tried with socialism in Carter and the voters rejected them. They have built up to a chance that a marxist might win after all we were tolerant of Clinton. They came close with so many people on the government dole. However we will have a chance like we did with Reagan to reverse this course of immorality.



  • mudguy1

    I don't see why it is so hard to understand. Liberals just don't get it. "Sooner or later we will run out of other peoples money" (Margaret Thatcher}

    • Nadine

      OH SOO TRUE!! They certainly are living well on OUR money now & if weren't for capatilism this country would have been lost long made this country!! So we still pay taxes (& he wants more) to pay for all the social crap programs & welfare....It's gonna come to a head sooner than later!!!

    • Bill

      The "gays" don't get it either ! . . . They want to have families, but that's a little hard to do ! . . . I think it was Margaret Thatcher's Granddaughter that said " The only problem with the idea of gay families is that sooner or later you run out of other people's children !" . . . . Those Thatcher's really know how to turn a phrase ! . . . . LOL !

      • bruce

        Bill, that's a great line, I cracked a huge smile for the wisdom inherent in the message. That said, the destruction of a just, noble, and ordered society by radical deconstructionists is no laughing matter. I have a grandson due in July, and I truly fear for his future; one saddled with a huge national debt, oppressed by political correctness, and enslaved by an educational system which deigns to teach a particular political doctrine (diversity, secularism) which is in conflict with the freedoms we inherited (E PLURIBUS UNUM, IN GOD WE TRUST).

      • tom Jefferson

        Not so fast, for some reason, unknown to sociaIists, most adopeted children of homosexuaIs grow up to be homosexuaIs, even normal adopted children, without the blood line.

    • TheGizmo51

      One brother has a thousand dollars of a family's wealth of a thousand dollars and he gives the thousand dollars to his brother. Does the family's wealth go down by a thousand dollars. No, the family still has a thousand dollars, just a different family member has the money. Math 101

      • Perfesser

        Hey BROTHER Gizmo , SSOOooo , IF O'BRAINLESS takes my middle class money that I "WORKED" for and GIVES it to some slacker that REFUSES TO WORK FOR A LIVING ..... I'm Still got that money in "MY FAMILY"????? BULL CRAP.....SOME THIEF JUST STOLE IT FROM "MY FAMILY"...In the "GOOD OLE DAYS" that THIEF would be hanged by the "LAW" !!!!! NOT CELEBRATED by other THIEVES !!!!

        • TheGizmo51

          Maybe, but I doubt it, another example might work: The reason the US got out of the Great Depression was because the government spent gobs of money in preparation for WW11. Where did the money come from? The American people financed the war through war bonds. But since then the the government just goes to war with no thought of how to finance the war. So what does the government do for money? It borrows from China. Stupid. Now China owns us instead of Americans. My point is keep the money in America and all Americans profit, not just the 1%.

        • Bill

          The "1%" or as you may call them, "the evil entrepreneurs" supply "jobs" for the working folks that allow them to fend for themselves and stay out of the various "assisted projects". . . The workers get the money directly from the 1%, instead of indirectly from the government who takes it from the 1%. . . . The difference is they have to WORK for it and be a productive member of society. . . . Same money with the difference being they have to be of some kind of benefit to society as opposed to being a nonproductive drag on society. . . . . . . . . The Great Depression was brought on by foolish liberal spending policies and went on much longer than it would have by other foolish liberal policies. . . WWII came along and the need for hard goods to supply the war effort created jobs, as materials were manufactured at a "profit" by the evil 1%, the common workers were able to generate a income for themselves based on their EFFORT. . . Keeping the money in America but giving it away to Americans who don't want to work only perpetuates the problem and as business dies off even more, more people go into the assisted project category, etc, etc, until Margaret Thatcher's famous quote becomes the reality of the day.

        • TheGizmo51

          The answer may lie in austerity VS growth. Which will win?

        • Bill

          . . . . . AUSTERITY (real world application of common sense practices) . = . GROWTH (actual improvement of ones financial status). . . . . Right now use of austerity in moderate measures would stop the bleeding. . . Continued use of austerity would allow our reservoir / coffers to be rejuvinated and our economy would then take off once again based on a business friendly environment. . . . The government need not do much but get out of the way and quit kicking business owners in the shins every time they make a dollar. . . . If liberals used the same tax and spend theory (actually it's spend and then tax to get it back) in their personal lives and truly "lived" as a liberal, they'd be buying $400,000 houses and a yacht on a $15.oo per hour income ! . . But, as usual the liberals I know actually live VERY conservatively and could be compared to misers ! . . . Why then do they vote liberal ? . . Because they think they're giving somebody else's money away ! . . They fail to make the connection somehow that "they is us" ! . . . . I heard a quote that really makes sense to me, something to the effect of . . " If you're 21 and NOT a liberal, you have no heart ! . . . If you're 30 and NOT a conservative, you have no brain ! " . . . . It's usually in very prosperous times that the liberal agenda advances atleast in the "spending" programs because it is less noticeable in good times. . . When things slow down and life steps right up a slaps you in the face it knocks you right out of your liberal "sugar induced coma" and you realize that these types of programs don't work, they were just more "tolerable" in good times, but in reality they never did work, and NEVER WILL !

        • TheGizmo51

          The answer may lie in austerity VS growth. Which will win?

        • TheGizmo51

          The answer may lie in austerity VS growth. Which will win?

        • TheGizmo51

          The answer may lie in austerity VS growth. Which will win?



      • dubravka12

        Buy a Sig P238 pistol.

        • Ted

          What's the caliber?

      • tarheel

        I am trying to keep up with what Hillery and the UN and the small arms treaty they are trying to push thru as an end run around congress. We need to keep a sharp eye on this travesty.

        • Tex Dad

          ABSOLUTELY!!...but I'm afraid way too few have a fckn CLUE!!!

    • Mike

      This President is the best salesman for Guns and Ammo we have ever had.



      • Linda C. Dines

        And poster child for abortion.

      • Linda C. Dines

        And promotion for homosexual life style may reduce the need for abortion due to reduction in pregnancy. I believe it was the Emperor Augustus who banned homosexuality due to the low birth rate at the time.

      • Grizz 37

        I agree but you had better buy the Guns and Ammo while you still can as SOROS and his money are buying up all the companies that manufacture guns and ammor, then no one will be able to buy any guns or ammo any longer. It is happening NOW.

        • Bill

          Hopefully, if that happens, there will be a huge civilian need that will be filled by NEW American manufacturers starting up. . . As long as we have and maintain the 2 nd Ammendment they may be able to raise taxes on these items and make them even more costly, but will not be able to prevent their manufacture. . . I believe one state had a bill ready to launch that would have made it either mandatory or would give a tax write off for every citizen of that state to own a firearm of some type for their own protection. . .This was written under the guise of maybe making it possible to cut down on the cost of a police force due to the actual fact that when gun ownership goes up, crime goes down in any given state. . . I think it was pre-introduced on the House floor to be a warning to demlibs to "back off !" or it may become a reality. . . Seems to me it was one of the Dakotas.

        • dubravka12

          Buy the best pistol, a Sig P238

      • Nottakenyan

        He is NOT a president. He is an illegal LFN born in Mombasa, Kenya. He is merely a guest sleeping in the White House because the DNC is run by potheads and gangstas !!

        • Bill

          On that note : . . . A Muslim, a Illegal Alien and a Communist go into this bar. . The bartender walks over and says "What can I get for you Mr. President ?" . . . I told this joke to Obama, and he said he didn't like it, as it was not truthful, as he didn't go to bars !!! . . . . . B4 U complain, NO he is not the president in my book either ! . . Ya just gotta laugh once in awhile in these troubled times to keep from going crazy !

        • Tex Dad

          A FLIM-FLAM MAN and a fckn SQUATTER!!

        • Tex Dad

          A FLIM-FLAM MAN and a fckn SQUATTER!!



      • Combat Seabee

        Invest inAmerica, invest in precious metals, buy LEAD!!!!!

      • duane a.

        Si Vi Pacem Parabellum---(latin) If you want peace prepare for war.

      • sniper

        already locked and loaded.

      • Attested

        AND! Multiple Bibles. Copies of the Declaration and Constitution. Federalist Papers if you can. After the feces has hit the rotator,,,,,, Educate better than you ever have before. Cause I won't be here. js

      • dubravka12

        Buy a Sig P238 pistol


      Liberals are a curious breed. They actually believe the government can mandate you into prosperity. They wave a magic wand, and the universe bends to their whim. At the end of each day, they rest their weary heads blissfully - willfully - unaware of the damage they cause.

      • Gerald Key

        Since they really can't mandate you into prosperity, they mandate everyone into the poorhouse. Ah, equality achieved!!

    • Sovereign Soul

      We have ALREADY run out of "other people's money"! We have been using "funny money" -- fiat money with NOTHING to back it up, for decades. On July 1st, expect China to declare that it will no longer honor the Euro or American dollar. -- or, some such 'calamitous' event to occurr.

      • Combat Seabee

        Isn't Fiat the company that bought Chrysler and is going bankrupt, but they are trying to sell their crap here?

        • capitalust

          I hope that was attemped humor (a crime that is currently without any penalties).
          Fiat currency means paper money not backed by anything, with essentially zero inherent value. For example, U.S. Federal Reserve Notes and the Euro. Early money WAS gold and silver. Later, banks allowed people to deposit their gold and silver and receive deposit receipts, which others accepted in lieu of the actual money. Over time, banks began printing receipts for more gold than they actually had on deposit (technically, the crime of fraud). Until 1971, the U.S. govt. kept real money on deposit to back up their paper money ("silver certificates"). After that, they dropped any requirement for backing, and since then, the dollar has gone from $41/oz to $1600/oz (lost 97% of its purchasing power). All countries today have fiat currency (also called "monopoly" money, after the Parker Bros. game - does not have anything to do with a dominant market share). It has been tried MANY times in the past, EVERY TIME leading to financial collapse, and usually a dictatorship. Good example is documented in "When Money Dies", the story of the Weimar Republic hyperinflation that led directly to Hitler. The fun part today is that ALL currencies in the world are fiat, are linked together, and are crashing all at the same time. This has never happened before. It's going to be "interesting" (as in the Chinese curse, "may you live in interesting times").

        • Timothy G Reynolds

          Fix It Again Tony! FIAT

      • dubravka12

        That's why the gasoline prices won't fall, because the Feds are printing funny money. .

    • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

      They already have.They are broke and just keep on borrowing.When the banks close they are done.

    • Sutekh

      Liberals have no problem with running out of other people's money. When that happens, they just sell other people into slavery. The old-time Southern Democrats sold individual African slaves on the auction block. Liberals today sell entire nations in one deal.
      I'm amazed that liberal American blacks beat the drum over slavery all the time, but never realize that the only reason they don't see a Democrat-approved auction block under their feet today is because it is so big that it encompasses the entire country.

      • mudguy1

        You so right. You can say the same about the Jews. I have never understood why the majority of the jews are so liberal. When they like their money.

  • Joe

    God I hope they disappear forever. They would turn this country into Sodom and Gomorrah!

    • Brenda L. Herbert

      I kinda think we are already a modern day "SODOM AND GOMORRAH ".

  • dondh

    Let's pray that this happens!

    • Jayne Nielsen

      Unfortunately, look at Cory Booker...he crumpled after being called out by Liberal Demwits. It is refreshing is to hear Democrats starting to speak out with a voice of reason. I'm sure the Narcissist-in-Chief isn't too thrilled about fellow Democrats "evolving" into reason and common sense since these comments target what he prizes and idolizes the most....HIS EGO.

  • Nadine

    OMG...I hope they collapse! Their extreme views are dangerous & have NEVER worked! This is a wake up call to americans to get ride of Obummer & NEVER let this happen again to OUR country!! They will lie & cheat & the propaganda is fearce!!Very disturbed people...

  • Bob

    I will never understand why black people vote for obummer just because he is black. Yet they want me to look past color when they will not. The black people are being so blind to continue to support obummer just because he is black. They will sell of all of there morals to continue to support this fool. Blind leading the blind. Aren't there any true black Christians out there!!!!!!

    • PDavis

      I'm sure there are but they get blacklisted if they stray away from their black roots.

      • RubyBlu

        In the privacy of the voting booth, who would know? I daresay there are many who do vote their conscience.

        • Henslayer49

          RubyBlu... I only PRAY that you are correct.

    • j dare

      Democrats who voted to end slavery – 0
      Democrats who voted to give blacks the right to vote – 0
      Kl Kl Kl founded by democrats
      Civil Rights Act was blocked by democrat Sen Byrd, Kl Kl Kl leader until Republicans banded together to stop filibuster.
      Let’s not forget democrat governor George Wallace.
      Democrat president Johnson created the projects in his “w ar on poverty” to get the blacks out of the white neighborhoods
      Now, democrats funding for Planned Parenthood to prevent as many black births as possible.

      I invite ALL black citizens to come to a Tea Party rally in your area and see for yourself that the Tea Party is about controlling over reaching government regulation and out of control spending and NOT about racism, despite how the leftist media, democrat party, congressional black caucus, NAALCP and the race pi mps try to paint it. You will be welcomed with open arms.

      • Bill

        As a Tea Party member, I second the motion ! . . . The only colors Tea Party members see are Red, White and Blue ! . . . All Americans who want to uphold our Constitution for the betterment of ALL Americans are welcome !

      • Wayne Peterkin

        I will only add that Lyndon Johnson also blocked the Civil Rights Act when a senator during the Eisenhower administration. Johnson, a Democrat, was a dedicated racist who adopted the same Civil Rights Act as president for only one reason; political benefit.

        • Ttiben

          Just to add, Johnson also signed the Civil rights act because there were more than enough votes to override his veto. That has strangely been forgotten as well

        • NorNorNorwood

          Ann Colter's book Treason is a real - all facts documented- eye opening education on correct history. With her wit, it is also entertaining. Should be required reading in all "government" classes. Dream on about that one.

        • Wayne Peterkin

          I have Ann's other books but have not bought "Treason" yet. Trust me, I will. She is an entertaining author for sure and one very bright person. I would not want to debate her!

        • Combat Seabee

          How true you are! His advisors told him it was political suicide to not sign the bill , against his will!



        • Refurb001x

          PUT A LID ON IT!!!!

      • Linda C. Dines

        Maybe you should be teaching Social Studies.

        • j dare

          I wish I could take the credit, but I've learned a lot from David Barton. His book, America in Black and White has tons of verifiable and interesting facts about the history of America I had never heard of and think it should be mandatory reading in schools.

      • Linda C. Dines

        I don't think I am wrong in stating that when the food stamp program went in they would not give them any if they had a married male head of household which discouraged marriage among the poor of all colors.

        • j dare

          Yes, and it's worse than that. I remember when Clinton was president, an edict was sent out to the schools, that if they didn't promote school lunch program and get more people signed up, they would lose the funding for reading programs. That is only 1 reason out of thousands, why I detest progressives/democrats/socialists/nazis/ or whatever they currently call themselves.

        • SmokingReb

          I was an Eligibility Clerk for Shasta County in California when the Food Stamp program went into effect. The original Aid to Families had been written that way under FDR in "32.. Seniors with SS, women and children who had no able bodied men to take care of them. Those who were married did a little lying and sneaking, times were tough. By the time I was involved with it (early '60s) the rules had been expanded to include married unemployed men, the food stamp program just looked at how many people were in the household and income. Man, wife and kids was fine. In the beginning of the food stamp program people were required to buy the stamps. No income, 50 cents would get you $20 or $30 in food stamps. People would pick up bottles, exchange for cash to get food stamps. Hippies would come in for emergency aid, get the 50 cents waived and enough gas to get them to the next county. That's how a lot of them survived. LOL Who knows what Dems did down in the South, but food stamps is a federal program.

    • johnsnare

      Wonderful comment Bob. So accurate, and forthright. Blacks have become the biggest racist group in America. They show their racism, by continuing to support a President, whose policies have bankrupt America. Dear Black Americans, please vote with your head, and not your heart. Blacks have the highest unemployment rate in the country. How is that working out for you?



      • Brenda L. Herbert

        It works very good as long as working Americans continue to work and hand over their paychcks.

        • Charles Peavy

          Check this out: Its UNBELIEVABLE.

        • sandman

          Charles P. is she for real? it is sooo far out there it has to be satire. There is no other explanation? it realy is unbelievable, sso is she or it?

        • Charles Peavy

          I must add that the "Democrat" Party is (& always have been) Black America's worst enemy.

        • Charles Peavy

          Duplicate deleted..

        • Charles Peavy

          Sadly, I think she is for real. She is the product (victim) of a concerted effort (between the Banker Elite and our corrupted government officials and MSM) to create division between black and white Americans.

        • PDavis

          This video shows exactly why the black people have never amounted to anything and why Africa, the richest country in the world re natural resources, is nothing but a poverty stricken, disease ridden, war torn nation.

        • missourijt

          You are probably a 300 pound black woman that couldn't get off the couch if you tried.
          The only reason you vote for Obama is to keep your welfare and food stamps coming. Something you might consider though is that Obama will bankrupt our country and China will cut up our credit card so your check will probably stop and you will probably have to find a job or starve. Who will support you then moron?

        • Edward53

          I think Brenda was being sarcastic, missourijt. She's one of us.

        • Edward53

          I think Brenda was being sarcastic, missourijt. She's one of us.

        • Edward53

          I think Brenda was being sarcastic, missourijt. She's one of us.

        • Edward53

          I think Brenda was being sarcastic, missourijt. She's one of us.

        • Edward53

          I think Brenda was being sarcastic, missourijt. She's one of us.

    • hearmetalking

      Bob your post is sad but true. There are very few blacks that seek the truth. The ones that do is usually from good christian backgrounds. Blacks have some great role models but pretty much follow after the ones who make a lot of noise and constantly blame others.

    • M

      Ask them if they know the dems are the party of the k/k/k. Welfare is the new slavery and they just keep suckling....





      • msueh

        um, if you're so "informed", why can you not think of something else to write, rather than the same thing over & over & over & over ad infinitum.....?

    • Ray

      Blacks can live their lives far away from me, my families, friends & neighbors!!!! F- blacks, they're the most racist people in the U.S.,..F 'em!!!

    • dubravka12

      Charles Payne (who is black) of Fox Business News voted for President Obama.He said "blood is thicker then water". He has been complaining for 3 1/2 years about how bad the economy is. You know he will be voting for Obama again.

      • Cadence56

        Mr. Payne has said his vote for Obama was a mistake. He will not be making that mistake again.

  • hongryhawg

    The whole death process could be rushed along if the Republicans would stand up and fight, but I am convinced the the majority of them have been compromised in one way or another. I believe the libs have so many different kinds of dirt on them that they just fold up like little children. All representatives should be fully vetted before be allowed on the ballot. Maybe the tremendous failure in that reagarding the pretend president will trickle down to the states, but I doubt it. If those elected could just be held to their oaths and prosecuted if they don't, maybe politics wouldn't be the latrine it's become.

    • EstebanCafe

      And that is the problem they're having with your Mr. Romney--what dirt? Highschool pranks? Bain making $millions? You American Conservatives must refocus on what Mr. Obama has done, not on parade of strawmen with which he distracts you. What was Mr. Clinton's statement? "It's the economy, stupid." Focus there. Your Mr. Obama cannot defend that ground.

      • hongryhawg

        You are missing my point. Because the dems cannot face him on issues, they turn to the dirt they always have. My point is that they are not finding any to detract from the issues of economy, jobs, energy, etc. By no mud sticking, it clears the field to see how empty the pretender's efforts have been. I am actually agreeing with you. I am just thinking of the potential voters who pay more attention to dirt than issues. Less distractions for them means more focus on issues.

    • Bruce Tahoe

      The thing about Republican squishes is that they are careerists, and wish to keep their jobs for years and years. Fighting the other party to the death is something they naturally move away from. They want everyone to just get along better and compromise with their good friends on the other side of the aisle.

      These people are never going to "stand up and fight". If you want real change on the Right you have to do what Tea Party voters do and deny the squishes reelection just as if they were Democrats.



      • RICARDO


  • PDavis

    I sure hope the cracks of Obama's kingdom are showing and things start to fall. I really believe people are seeing Obama for the smoke and mirrors that he is and the two sided stances that he takes on things. It's just like Jon Lovitz said that Obama is a hypocrite for saying the rich don't pay their fair share of taxes but then goes and hob-nobs with them to get their money. I sure hope and pray that the liberals and the far left ideals are collapsing.

  • Proudamerican

    Let's hope that is an indication! We have been praying for right to prevail over evil for some time!

    • Slug Wannamaker

      Please do not call other people "evil" unless you have someone who is good to hold up as an example. All you have to propose as an example is other politicians. If you believe they are going to represent good, you're blind. They are all there to do the Devil's work - Democrats and Republicans. If you let any of them convince you otherwise by playing on your fears, you've allowed your own history to be taken away, and by voting for them you're perpetuating the evil.

      • Proudamerican

        It always seem to come down to stopping the flow of blood. I realize the republicans are far from the ideal, however the dems are far worse even than the republicans hence the comparison between good and evil. I wish it was as easy to pick better choices than it is. thanks for your response.

  • icemancold





    PSALM 109 : 8 Let his days be few: and let another take his OFFICE (Obama)

    PSALM 64 : 8 So they shall make their own tongue to fall upon themselves: all that see them shall flee
    This verse would apply to all of our GOVERNMENT LEADERS



      • TURTLE

        Started doing that under Clinton, just before his 10 YEAR BAN went into effect, up until that time I hadn't owned ANY lolllllllll

  • Tony from ignoredrealityblog.c

    Even if the obama campaign IS collapsing and even if 80% of this nation votes against him, we still may have to contend with the possible outcome of our votes being counted and 'tallied" outside of this nation in a pro-marxist country for the very first time in American history. Taking liberalism with it? There have ALWAYS been and WILL ALWAYS BE those who cannot fend for themselves and do not even want to learn how to do that and want others to provide for them as well as everyone else. There has always been and will always be those that believe that morality is a personal issue and thus they should be able to do what they want, when they want and wherever they want to do it and that all others should subscribe to and support their beliefs or be punished if they don't. There has always been and will always be those that feel they are entitled to what everyone else has just because they are alive. No, it will not take liberalism with it.

    • tony

      I checked with a reputable news group and was told that undeniabley false they did research and found sorros not involved and the story was not true with vote counting overseas. this news group has the best researchers in the world and they do not miss a thing. So not to worry

      • Tony from ignoredrealityblog.c

        The Spanish company "SCYTL" is slated to count the vote as confirmed by Senator Nelson who also says "we have nothing to worry about because they will do a reputable job".

  • Doug Hensley

    How'd that work last time around, dumping a moderate in Delaware and nominating Christine O'Donnell?

  • Ardnas

    You better believe the black panthers and all others who are able to intimidate will be out there. You better believe Obama's people will pull every trick they can find out of their play book to get those illegal votes counted. Satan is alive and well, but so is God. He may be preparing us for the return of Christ. An event that is going to happen one of these days. So keep looking up no matter what happens. Put your complete faith and trust in Christ and Christ alone. Men are just that, men. Christ is God. Do not ever trust in anything fashioned by man. It will end up in the fire and all who trust in such will reap what they sow.

    • Jim

      We don't seem to have the intimidation problem in Texas, we know how to handle it.

      • Ardnas

        Hey Jim - Don't go to sleep - you know what happens when you start saying "peace and safety"........Complacency rears its ugly head and suddenly you all will be saying "what happened?"



  • MARK

    What a great blessing it would be If America does awake to the eviltude of satan jr (ovomit) and the liberal agenda.
    Lets pray that we will turn from this evil;
    2 Chronicles 7:14
    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  • Slug Wannamaker

    I agree that liberals are the scourge of this country. I vomit them out of my mouth, to quote Saint Paul. There's only one thing as bad as a liberal: a conservative.

    Why don't we stop claiming to be better than other people, more moral than other people, more sincere than other people, less corrupt than other people? The one thing that's plain if you look at the state the US is in today is that big money and politicians are to blame. Yet there seems to be a million blogs and Web sites out there claiming to be telling the truth, and that the truth is that the Other Side is wrong and We're right. Just vote for Our Side and everything will be fine.

    It's just not believable. But what's really terrible about it is that it sets people against one another, encourages hate and suspicion. Come on, people. God didn't make Liberals and Conservatives. He made Americans, and what made America great is not the politicians and Founding Fathers or the military or the sports hero's. It's the people - people who are ready to pitch in and give a helping hand when the other guy is having a tough time. Please people, stop the divisiveness. Stop listening to the new "news" story that comes out every day telling you how bad the Liberals are the Conservatives are. Listen to your heart. Don't let them do this to us. Don't let them destroy what the real America is about.

    • Dadicated

      Thank you, Slug.

      “America is great because she is good.
      If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

      Alexis de Tocqueville

    • JulesV29

      God gave us free will and those who chose poorly are Liberals. Stop trying to destroy the Conservatives by lumping them in with Liberals. We have ALWAYS been a conservative county, but for years the Liberals have tried to pull America down. It isn't about sides, it is about saving America.

  • rory

    "Liberalism is a mental disorder" Michael Savage. The Bible describes modern "liberalism" as reprobate/decadent/evil. Read Romans I:16-32. 16 amazing sentences says it all. Tell a friend. Peace.



  • dudley74

    Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for life. Give a man a welfare check, a cell phone with free minutes, food stamps, section 8 housing, malt liquor, a crack pipe and some Air Jordans and he'll vote Democrat for the rest of his life.

    "Be interested in politics or be ruled by your inferiors." Plato

  • Legalarry

    I agree with the posts, a weaker Democratic Party would go a long way to bring our country from direction it seems to be going. I also agree, that the Republican Party needs to articulate its conservative values and not be so......squishy. Most of the key Republican Senators and Representative know what is right and they need to remember that on every vote. Time is running out!



  • Vazir Mukhtar

    "Republican Party that... never met a compromise it didn’t like."

    You've lost me on this one. If anything, the Senate Republicans have been most uncompromising. With their majority House Republicans can afford to have a few who do not toe the party line.

    Recall any number of Minority Leader McConnell's remarks. Remember Speaker Boehner's laying out the Republican position on raising the debt ceiling.

    Though why we have a debt ceiling is beyond me. It's somewhat like the bar in pole vaulting -- being raised to see if it can be cleared, or exceeded.

    • djw663

      j dare wrote:
      "Democrats who voted to end slavery – 0
      Democrats who voted to give blacks the right to vote – 0
      Kl Kl Kl founded by democrats
      Civil Rights Act was blocked by democrat Sen Byrd, Kl Kl Kl leader until Republicans banded together to stop filibuster.
      Let’s not forget democrat governor George Wallace.
      Democrat president Johnson created the projects in his “w ar on poverty” to get the blacks out of the white neighborhoods
      Now, democrats funding for Planned Parenthood to prevent as many black births as possible.

      I invite ALL black citizens to come to a Tea Party rally in your area and see for yourself that the Tea Party is about controlling over reaching government regulation and out of control spending and NOT about racism, despite how the leftist media, democrat party, congressional black caucus, NAALCP and the race pi mps try to paint it. You will be welcomed with open arms."
      So I say to you why should the Conservative Republicans compromise when it is your civil liberties and Freedom they are fighting for.

  • B.P.

    Liberals have one major enemy in everything they do.........THE TRUTH. The truth that their policies are an utter failure EVERY time they're tried, the truth that the world doesn't revolve around them, the truth that THEY ARE what they accuse everyone else of being.....racist, bigoted, and phobic. They refuse to entertain ANY idea, thought, or FACT that contradicts their rosy view of liberalism that is totally disconnected from reality. These people are so far gone that don't even know where the line is. Stop listening to them!!!! Liberal policies have one consistent outcome in all cases.....destruction of individual freedom, values, and create more problems. Let's move on. Keep a few around to laugh at, but by no means let them ever be in charge again and implement policy.

  • PPTA

    We can only hope that the American people, of all races, wake up.

  • Val


  • djw663

    As I have said in the past. This adventure is just like the story of the frog in the pot of water. If you put that frog in a pot of cool water the frog will stay there and you can slowly turn up the heat and the frog will stay in that pot till the water eventually cooks the frog. If you put the frog in the hot water the frog will jump out instantly. Pelosi and Reid and the other Liberals have been slowly turning up the heat on the pot America is in. Then Obama gets into office and cranks that heat up way to much way to fast and America at least the moderate Democrats are able to see it now. The liberals might be happy that Obama is cranking up the heat fast but most of America will not allow America to become a SocialistOrCommunist country, they will stand up against Obama and his cronies. It will take some time but America will be restored to it's greatness once again.



  • Zardos

    Each country should be its own country. How is that wrong ?? That makes each accountable. Quit tying them together using the Mutually Assured Destruction philosophy like the Nuke weapons strategy. Hell, not one of the country leaders can run their own country and they want to band together and run the world. Think about it.

  • evelyn123456

    All of you seem to forget the Democratic Party supported him for president and continue to support his socialistic/liberal/communist agenda.
    Have you forgotten the press & alphabet TV channels who still campaign &/or cover for him?

  • charles

    It is time to remove this fraud from office and his party from power. In November vote a straight Republican Ticket.

  • hearmetalking

    It is hard too believe Liberalism will die & fade away. Liberalism is of the great satan.

    • Frank

      It will die in the end after a long period of apparent victory; The Blessed Virgin Mary said at Fatima in 1917: " In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph." Who knows but God when it will come but until then we must continue our fight against it.

  • Randell Danner

    When liberalism dies be sure and put a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) tag on it and bury it ASAP.

  • Daniel from TN

    Liberalism die??? NEVER!!! It will just go into hibernation until the people and our leaders are off guard, then it will return with a vengeance.

  • Anne_PA

    “There are questions about whether 182,000 registered voters are
    actually US citizens and the names of more than 50,000 dead people were
    discovered on Florida’s voter rolls.” Then there is liberal opposition
    to voter ID laws. I wonder why?

    Well, um... because Holder said there was no voter fraud.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what he said.... What a moroon!!!


    If Liberalism died tomorrow how would anyone know, and would anyone care? I'm just saying!

  • rory

    I have a theory. The moderate and RINO Republicans might be people who do not believe in the Bible as inspired by God, but, have not yet come to the extreme of hating God and Bible believers. The Christians that vote democrat are what Karl Marx described as useful idiots aiding his socialist movement. It seems the Democrat Christians are being used, because, they are "social services" motivated by welfare and food stamps income redistribution. But, they do not understand they are joined with, perverts and dopers. I mean the legalize prostitution, spread pornography as free speach, lower the age of conscent, legalize drugs, dead people and illegals get to vote and work is optional crowd. I rest my case.

  • StopObama2012

    One can HOPE but a few Democrats who have gone off the reservation isn't enough CHANGE.

  • john parry

    the threat of never working in hollywood was first used against martha ray because of her views supporting and entertaining soldiers in vietnam ....... the wolves were at her door but she stuck it out and beat the hollywood cowards back successfully .... here we are decades later still watching hollywood clowns / cowards use the no right to work weapon against citizens exercising their rights .......

  • Tomtom

    Hopefully the Hussein house of cards is collapsing. It's way overdue!!!!

  • USPatriotOne

    DHS Preparing for Massive Civil War
    In a riveting interview on TruNews Radio, Wednesday, private investigator Doug Hagmann said high-level, reliable sources told him the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing for “massive civil war” in America.
    “We have problems . . . The federal government is preparing for civil uprising,” he added, “so every time you hear about troop movements, every time you hear about movements of military equipment, the militarization of the police, the buying of the ammunition, all of this is . . . they (DHS) are preparing for a massive uprising.”
    Hagmann goes on to say that his sources tell him the concerns of the DHS stem from a collapse of the U.S. dollar and the hyperinflation a collapse in the value of the world’s primary reserve currency implies to a nation of 311 million Americans, who, for the significant portion of the population, is armed.
    Uprisings in Greece is, indeed, a problem, but an uprising of armed Americans becomes a matter of serious national security, a point addressed in a recent report by the Pentagon and highlighted as a vulnerability and threat to the U.S. during war-game exercises at the Department of Defense last year, according to one of the DoD’s war-game participants, Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars

  • Anne_PA

    "We still have to contend with a squishy Republican Party that does not
    know how to fight and never met a compromise it didn’t like."

    You mean the corrupt GOP Establishment that used every dirty trick in the DNC playbook to force Willard down our throats???

    IF Willard wins on Nov., we'd BEST BE SURE we have a Tea Party majority in the House and Senate to keep Willard's feet to the fire.

  • HUNTER Comstock

    Liberals, Communists and Democrats have all morphed into one and the same.

  • Dan Christopher
    Please view 'till the conclusion. It is long in duration...but, will cause great understanding of the "liberal" agenda. In the end, a wonderful Christian message.

  • Carol Fryer

    One can only hope that the globalists on both sides will go away. The great war machine and the great UN machine. They pretend they are opposite but they both are connected to those oil nations. The dems to the muslims and the reps to the oil. They just go about getting it in different ways. And that wonderful marriage they have of corporations married to government found in the book of Revelations, made in hell. Its in Washington today. Lobbyists buying politicians. They are just trying to force it onto a global scale. American is not big enough for them anymore.

  • Screeminmeeme

    DO NOT count your chickens before they are hatched.

  • Manuel Morales

    That's my daily prayer to God.

  • Bill

    The Democrat party will remain in name only, but it will be many, many years before they regain any real strength as even most of the Democrats do not recognize their own party anymore and independents will be slow to swing left after O'Fakir N'Chief is shown the door !

  • Richard J. Garfunkel

    Rave on McDuff! The Democrats have always had dissidents and always will. It's a party of a large umbrella and the more we hear from your crazy Southern ministers who talk of rounding up people and fencing them in, the more we will me united in the common cause of building a firewall against the lunatic fringe who have destroyed the Republican Party. Lovitz has his right to speak out and so do I and other millions. Its a free country, you know! But insulting the president and the office are the mantra of the right and the greed of the few. So keep on printing your drivel, its fuel for the inferno of ideas and reason that will incinerate your hatred, bigotry and flat-earth thinking.

  • Michael

    How about the 47% of Americans who pay no tax? Is that called the Fair Share?

  • Thomas Gill

    Unfortunately,liberalism is not dead,or even close.Look at romney,if thier ever was a liberal,he is one.As governor,he supported gay marriage,now his tune is different,but recently has supported gay couples adopting innocent children.Most people have to be married to adopt.He supports gun control,the NDAA,Federal Reserve,and has even praised Ben Bernake.Talks about creating jobs if he is elected,hell,conservatives know that the best way to create jobs is to get the government out of the way.I am concerned that he has been forced down our throats by the republican rinos,most who are "moderate"(which is a code word for progressive/liberal).It seems to me,that at the beginning of the of the primarys,no one even liked romney.He spent tens of millions of dollars attacking his republican opponents that were conservatives,violating Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment of never speaking ill of fellow republicans.The intense hatred of odumbo(rightly so),has blinded people into accepting anyone.TheRockefeller republicans are very dangerous,and believe in the New World Order.....The majority of Americans are conservative,and we are the least listened to,or respected.Time for us to flex our muscle,and DEMAND that we are represented!

  • johneeboy

    Obama and his crew are a disgrace to all decent Americans.He's a liar and a carpetbagger with no clue other than his hatred of the American way of life no, matter what he say's, and the chicago thugs that surround him,and the suck up socialist press.His mother was white and his father black so why isn't he white?instead of black.the samr reason you have thugs like van jones and dianne jarret in the white house and many more that you don't hear about.Enough of this American hating liar trying to bring america down.11/ /6/12 can't come soon enough to rid our country of this fake phony fraud who has been perpatrated on all decent americans by the lying so called media as follows,NBC ABC CBS,NPR,MSNBC,and their so called journalist that are noyhing but marxist socialist America hating pigs

  • Ken

    Liberals will lose this one for the simple reason they were in too much of a hurry to shove as much of their liberal agenda down our throats too fast. It woke many middle of the road Americans that are not full blown believers of liberal agenda.

  • TheGizmo51

    No way, eventually good always triumphs over evil.

  • GregoryP

    Liberals say the only problem with Obama is he isn't far enough left and believe it.

  • [email protected]

    There is nothing wrong with being rich; it all depends on how you got it. (hard work vs thievery)
    There is nothing wrong with being poor; it all depends on how you lost it. (uneducated vs thievery)
    Liberalism is a mental disease; actually it is just 1 step away from Communism.
    Capitalism is now being defined by liberals as 'getting the most amount of money out of your pocket (you being the victim) and into their pocket' (they being the oppressor); this is false. Capitalism functions in a closed loop (it can not maintain existance without it); its actual sustaining defininition is "A hard day's work for a fair day's pay". Anybody that doesn't conduct themselves in this manner is actually killing capitalism. It -is- being killed up and down the ladder by a lot of people; people who wish to 'cheat' the system. We all know what replaces capitalism so we all better start conducting ourselves with integrity.
    Homosexuality is a mental disease; it is defined within the group known as sexual perversion, and it is by choice.
    Racism, for the most part, is non-existant, as that would be the hatred of another race (which is based on genetics alone; and that just plain stupid). 'Racism', in the real-world sense, is based on a hatred for certain ethnic traits, such as thuggery, disrespect, rape of a language, lack of morals, et cetera. In a nutshell the hatred exists for what is in their mind and how they externalize it. I hate certain white people (caucasiods) as much as I hate certain black people (negroids), as much as I hate certain asian people (mongoloids). If you are respectful and honorable then I don't hate you; every other element can be discussed. BTW, there is no such thing as a African-American; think about it.
    There IS good and there IS evil. I see way too much evil and not enough good.
    We use the term "American" way too loosely; it is a term of endearment. Being an "American" means you have a love of this nation based on its reason of inception. All others are just US citizens.

  • Kaywhever

    Obama has gone even too far even for life time Democrats. Even they are smart enough to know that what he has promoted is a death spiral for America. This President has wounded our Country more than any enemy that I have seen i my 66 years.

  • JennieW

    Quote of the Day: "To be governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so." - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
    The following letter is a letter to congress by You can send the letter to your congressment just by clicking on their website, copying and pasting the letter into their sending page.
    The "cybersecurity" bills considered in Congress are intrusive and unnecessary.* CISPA (HR 3523), which passed the House, isn't really about cybersecurity at all because it allows the feds to collect personal data to prosecute non-cybercrimes.
    * The Lieberman-Collins bill (S 2105) imposes unnecessary standards and regulations on private firms that already have a self-interest in protecting themselves from cyber threats.I also oppose the SECURE IT Act (S 2151), which threatens my privacy and civil liberties. Among its many problems, SECURE IT...* encourages private companies to monitor Internet usage, seeking ill-defined "cyber threat information," even when this would violate their contracts with their customers.
    * exempts private companies from current privacy and tort laws by allowing the sharing of my personal records with the Megastate.
    * sets no standards to anonymize private information.
    * facilitates the sharing of my personal information with the NSA and the military.And it does these things, even when the information gleaned has ZERO to do with cybersecurity.Private companies would enjoy legal immunity even when they break their own contracts. Citizens will have no legal recourse if the government abuses its new powers under the bill.Worst of all, SECURE IT also circumvents the Fourth Amendment. It gives the Federal Leviathan access to my personal information -- data that would normally require a search warrant to obtain.If "cybersecurity" was really a concern, Congress could have passed a narrowly-tailored law that allows information sharing to prevent cyber-attacks, yet also protects my privacy.Congress has not done this. This has gone MUCH further. Is it an accident?This makes me suspect that "cybersecurity," like "terrorism," is a scare word designed to frighten me into surrendering more privacy and liberty.I do NOT consent. I insist that you REJECT ALL of these cybersecurity bills.

  • Reelman1946

    Utopian socialism is simply a race between bold lying apostles trying to buy enough votes and grow enough gov-meant voters to stay ahead of the personal pain resulting from their toxic policies that causes them to be sent home or worse. Its nothing more when boiled down to its essence.

  • Doodlebug


  • Dan Knowles

    When I look at the way the D's act, I have to disagree with Clauswitz...He got it bass ackwards .Politics is war through other means. Make no mistake about it, the libiots have been waging war against America for generations.

  • samtman

    Here is something to consider, the Obama campaign has 177 million in cash, average donation, $55.00. THe Romney campaign has 78 million in cash, average donation, 5 million dollars from the very rich. Does anybody realy think that the Obama campaign is in trouble. That reminds me to send in my $25.00 to the Obama reelection campaingn.. Has anybody on this posting send in their 5 million yet to the Flip Romney campaign.

    • Richard J. Garfunkel

      Never a truer word spoken. The troglodytes of the lunatic fringe feel that insults, slander, invented history and libel can make them feel better. They have the "short"view of history. Since most of the haters here tolerate few, but their own, they failed to recognize that the great FDR, when he spoke in front of the Daughters of the American Revolution, addressed them as fellow immigrants. This is a country of immigrants and that is why the areas (the cities) which welcomed them have the best education, best hospitals, libraries, museums, healthcare and culture. Who led that? The far right, imbedded in the Jim Crow South? I don't think so. Just look at the negative numbers of America and guess where they are concentrated! Surprise, the Red States. Every category from mental health, to rape, to incest, alcoholism, meth labs and drug addiction. it must be that that small government and States' Rights cure-all. By the way, it was Liberals who changed America positively from the McKinley Era of corporate greed, monopoly and rotten inner city ghettos that Jacob Riis filmed and wrote about.

  • Doc2042

    I hear the Liberals and especially Obama talk about unfairness that there are disadvantaged in this country and that it is unfair that there are rich people who have all the advantages. Well, how does he think most of the rich people got rich? Sure, some of them inherited money, but the vast majority worked hard, very hard, to achieve what they have attained. Almost all of them did it the straight way and pushed hard to become educated, pushed hard to work long hours to improve their lives to support their families and have a legacy to leave to their descendants. Instead of rewarding achievement, Obama and his minions are punishing achievement. And why? For the unbelievably arrogant political expediency. Can you imagine anything so despicable as a president pitting one group of Americans against another just for the sake of usurping power? And the consequences of such devious and reprehensible actions is that attacking the rich who, by the way, are responsible for private sector job creation and investment in businesses to grow the economy, will, unfortunately, tank our economy even more. Face it folks, Obama uses anyone and anything as a pawn in his power hungry scheme for domination and control. I have one overriding question... Is it fair that I went to years of education, spent mega bucks to achieve a goal, spent thousands of hours developing a business to help others and now I have half of my earnings taken away so that someone else who wants to sit on their behind and reap the benefits of my hard work? Is it fair that my husband and I have difficulty saving for our retirement so that someone else's retirement can be cushy? Is it fair that we will have a hard time leaving anything to our children because someone else who doesn't give a stink can rake it in without lifting a finger to earn it? Talk about unfair!!! It would be one thing if we were over the threshold of what the Liberals consider rich ($250,000), but we're not. We're middle class and we're getting hosed. If Obama's view of fairness worked so well then why are we in such terrible financial shape and getting worse? The Liberal view is not only devious (win at all cost), but often criminal and they get away with it. I hope, as the author states that the Liberal paradigm is fading and that the mask is beginning to come off. It pains my heart to see our once great nation dragged through the mud because of the vermin that have infested DC. Time for the Exterminator.

    • Brenda L. Herbert

      Why are you wasting your time tryin to be logical with a liberal? You can't even get close to getting them to think logical.

  • Kenny_Ray

    If Obama pulls the Martial Law card, there will be lot of trouble, the shooting kind

  • Brad Nova

    This is ridiculous. Florida has a Republican Governor and this article tries to tell us that the dead people on their voter roles are the fault of Liberals.

    You can tell the intended audience here is not people who think for themselves.

    • Brenda L. Herbert

      If liberals want dead people and illegals off the voting rolls, Brad, then maybe liberals should get out of the way so conservatives can make voter id laws that can help stop these dead people and illegals from voting.

  • Kenny_Ray

    Liberalism is dead






    Liberals are a curious breed. They actually believe the government can mandate you into prosperity. They wave a magic wand, and the universe bends to their whim. At the end of each day, they rest their weary heads blissfully - willfully - unaware of the damage they cause.

    • Richard J. Garfunkel

      Since when? Where did you dream that up? Was it while on Meth? So you support unregulated capitalism and social Darwinism?


    LIBERALISM IS A SEVERE MENTAL DISEASE. IT WAS PROVEN BY A HARVARD PROFESSOR. Liberals are a curious breed. They actually believe the government can mandate you into prosperity. They wave a magic wand, and the universe bends to their whim. At the end of each day, they rest their weary heads blissfully - willfully - unaware of the damage they cause.

  • Andy Bergeron

    Don't worry folks; Obama will resign due to health reasons; he will be unable to get his head out from his rectum.

    • Brenda L. Herbert

      Unfortunately his head could remainup his back side and still survive.

  • southernbelle10

    Unfortunately, there are still too many liberals failing to see that there is anything at all wrong with what is happening in America. I guess they can't wait to live in a governmental Socialistically-controlled environment where they will be made to do exactly as they are told, spend only what they are allotted, speak the scripted Kool Aid beliefs, and be quiet little thankful recipients of handouts from time to time. They need to continue to purge and check those voters' rolls in every single area of the country before the election, and demand to see pictured I.D. when voting, just like we all have to at the bank or any other place where it is important to see that we are really whom we claim to be. I would not feel as bad when it is all over if I thought at least it was a fair election with only certified citizens making the choices. 58,000 illegal or dead voters found on Florida's voters lists so far is ridiculous. How many years has it been since this inventory has been taken?

  • Miroco

    It has taken the sub-humans over a century to so destroy my country. A bit of freedom here, a tad of larceny there, they take it and lie until there exist fewer of us than "them". So far only the tea party seems to get it, I will be with them unless the libertarians actually become a "real" party with somebody like Rand taking over where Ron left off. I suppose Romney will be a start, but we must start faster than he wants, a senate majority is more important.

  • Bernardo

    One need only look at California as to the failure of liberalism and environmentalism. A liberal judge killed the agriculture industry by ruling that the water stops for crops to save a stupid fish,the Delta Smelt from extinction as proposed by junk junk scientists. California,the salad bowl of the world is no longer. The agriculture is dead and so is the land becoming a desert for lack of water. Environmentalism fail! California's wind farms are falling into disrepair as wind energy requires government subsidies,the industry unable to function on it's own to sustain a profit. Enviromentalism fail ! California has 700 pages of gun laws,many uninterpretable to harass law abiding citizens of gun ownership. Crime is up as criminals don't care about the laws. Liberal crimestop efforts a fail ! California has some of the highest taxes in the nation especially business taxes that has led to an exodus of both taxpaying citizens and businesses leaving the state. Liberals maintaining the California boom, Fail ! California is awash in sanctuary for illegal aliens crossing it's borders with a taxpayer burden that won't quit. Liberal immigration,Fail ! California has enough offshore oil resources to pay off it's debt and bring financial solvency to the state but oil drilling is banned. Liberal problem solutions,Fail ! California has a re run governor who possesses the leadership of a toad and wants to raise taxes to solve fiscal problems. Voter choice for leadership, Fail ! The voters are too stupid to see the forest for the trees when it comes to identifying idiots in their elections. All this and more is Obama's vision for the whole country. Do we want to Californicate America?? I got out of California years ago after spending most of my life there. A once beautiful jewel of the west has been destroyed by liberalism.

  • southern tom

    ...BUT liberals ALWAYS vote for the Dem candidate, regardless of how much they may disagree. THIS has been their strength, voting as a block, whereas conservatives are famous for the "protest vote" by voting 3rd party or not voting at all! I HAVE very little faith that the libs will splinter their vote in November. NOW, if the weather is bad, many may not show up to vote, so pray for the worst weather in history on election day!!

  • Linda C. Dines

    We keep assuming that Obama will be the candidate from the Democrats, if they were smart, they would run someone else if they want to win.

  • martini


  • Wayne

    We'd like to think liberal thinking would go away, but mankind tends to look in all the wrong places for social and political answers. They should be asking God for guidance and asking the citizen to get up every day and just do the right thing all day. (I mean the real right thing, not what some call right when it is obviously wrong. The living Creator God will bless us again if we sincerely seek Him as our founders did. Yes, they did. Nothing is more clearly documented. Then it wouldn't matter about political labels or social status. But this is not what Gods Word says is going to happen. Mankind is getting more devicive and immoral by the hour. But not all of mankind. Thank God He deals with the individual, both in accountability and in mercy. Will liberals go away? Maybe. Will evil? No, not until God brings in His will. That day has never been closer. Be ready. Jesus Christ waits. And He loves you and wants your love. He is the answer. No person or government has it. It's going global now, and that is Revelation. And it's a new beginning. Be on the right side.

  • Woolfy

    Unfortunately, Liberalism is not dead. In fact it is doing quite well. The main SPOKESMAN (obama) is certainly tripping over his tongue...but as long as there are people who make a living accepting government handouts...the Liberals will get their votes and stay alive and healthy.
    Also unfortunately, Obama knows he is toast and I guarantee you that he will somehow force Hilary Clinton to be his VP for the upcoming election...then WE will be toast because they'll capitalize on "another historical first" and wrong-wired women will flood the voting booths.

  • JennieW

    WARNING!!! Do NOT seek medical help under Obamacare! The whole system is nothing more than a HUGE, organized crime RACKETEERING RIP-OFF SCAM! The Satanic criminals in congress and Satanic bureaucrats set up the system to rake in billion$ and to dole out, relatively speaking, nickels, dimes and pennies to the so-call "beneficiaries". If the RACKETEERS do not get their expected "due", they will lighten the load of "beneficiaries" through murder. They have a very well stocked arsenal of biological murder weapons that make death look like "natural causes". Bacteria, parasites, spirochetes, viruses, poisons, dangerous drugs etc. make up their arsenal. Their fellow RACKETEERS/ORGANIZED CRIMINALS/SECRET SERVANTS OF SATAN acting as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, coroners, morticians, judges, lawyers, health care professionals, news reporters will assist in covering up the murders. They are also very expert at "suicides" and "accidents". These organized criminals attend secret seminars, meetings, classes, retreats to learn efficient ways of murder, theft, bribery, extortion, and every conceivable criminal method of operation. They secretly call themselves "Us" and "Satan Worshippers". They have remote viewer satellite surveillance equipment that can watch anyone, anywhere, anytime and can tell if you have pain, nausea, itching, can can even diagnose diseases etc. and can analyze your emotions. They especially watch for fear, because through fear, they know your weak points and how they can "get you". They have evil honed to an art and a science. This is NO JOKE.

    The Satanists get control of nations through communist/socialist/economic dictatorship/dole out programs to get people dependent on them so as to grow their own power and wealth. I hope people will soon wake up and wise up to recognize the "wolves in sheep's clothing" who do great evil while pretending to "do good".

  • John Cummins

    if liberalism is collapsing both parties appear to be in danger, the RINOs are the big danger for Republicans...

  • RubyBlu

    This article is correct...I think the conservatives have finally awakened from their apathy and found their backbones. They are now starting to publicly speak out, throwing PC into the garbage where it belongs, and facing the reality....we MUST do something to stop the insanity. More power to the conservatives who do!

  • alfie76

    That newer version of bho's racial mixture indicates that he is only 6% Afican Black, 50% White and 44% Arab. Remember, 7 out of 8 ancestors of bho were the arab slave capturers that sold the unfortunate Blacks into slavery. He's parleyed his miniscule Black blood into a major scam, when in fact, his people stole the very lives of millions of innocent Blacks. He's DESPICABLE.

  • Henry46

    I'm glax to hear your opinion on compromise. I thought I was the only one that was capable of understanding this simple philosophy. When your right there is no need to compromise. In fact, to do so gives your enemy hope of forwarding their own failed ideas.

  • Patch

    You hit a hot button here!! Liberalism is the greatest threat to the American nation -- yes even greated than Al Queda and the cowardly terrorists it supports.
    The only way we can defeat this threat to our nation is to fight it tooth and nail until the last vote is cast in November, and then continue to fight it afterwards. We fought communism's frontal attack in the 1950s; now we have to fight its sneaky raids from this Fifth Column of people who put on a big patriotic front as they try to destroy us.
    We cannot finance Obama's costly welfare schemes because we ran out of money years ago, We are now running out of the Monopoly money we are using to pay our debts and are depending on the solid economy of our Canadian cousins to hold up the value of our dollar in world markets.
    But if we don't cut back on our government waste, we will find ourselves in the same situation as Greece, which is hopelessly bankrupt and run by a mob of lunatics.
    No wonder foreigners are calling America Obamanation.

  • steve tanton

    Hear! Hear! I simply could not have said it any better!!!! Truly most of the old mainstream Republicans had no back-bone and never saw a compromise they didn't like. Oh, and for those readers from Rio Linda, the acronym NAZI means "National Socialist Party". Whoever called Jon Lovitz that name was simply hurling vitriol, but using that term misapplied exposes once again, the stupidity of the left. Perhaps Jon could've softened his verbiage in the attack, but pardon me - I had a good laugh! And as for Lugar, I concur. "Anyone who still goes by the name 'Dick' should be retired." Dick Durbin, are you listening? You're next!

  • NorNorNorwood

    People like Booker, instead of backing off from the truth they so emotionally spoke for the sake of their 'place" in the Demo party. should be stepping out with the truth as Booker "accidentally " did and teach the black people the truth. That they, like he are worthy and smart and can rise up in this country to become successful and have a good income and home. But it takes work and sacrafice' the courage to break away from your peers and get a good education. Rap language and improper English and baggy clothes and tattoos and body studs will not lift your people up if you are black, white or any other color. If someone does not lead them in an uplifting as opposed to a downtrowden direction, they will be overcome by the hard working, getting an education, immigrants who are coming here from all over the world to take advantage of the opportunities available to those willing to work and sacrafice for it.

  • lzyfvx

    Well written, thank you!

  • Raven1990

    Obummer's house of fraud and deception is collapsing down around him. It's called payback for screwing America for the last 3.5 years. I can't wait until that marxist is defeated this November.

  • martini


  • Bd-MI

    Obama and the liberals are not really united, they are discerning and divisive type people. It is after all not about the voters, it is about the "me" and what can I get. If it is nothing- the "me" gets their nose cut off and lashes out. That is what we see happening. The "Change" message was a very emotional "me" message, unless he (Obama) can get that sort of message going again- "me" will not unite long enough to re-elect him. "We" can only hope the "me" sulks off like some spoil child.

  • David Peacock

    Before the sun comes up let's drive a wooden stake into their sick bloood sucking hearts.

  • Nottakenyan

    BHO---illegal LFN (period)

  • David Peacock

    death of a liberal and a dict-tater ;; wow what a day in my life.

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    The mortar that holds the bricks together in the Democratic Party is slowly crumbling and drying out.When this happens the bricks begin to crack and crumble.Reason why I say this is that many people who call themselves Democrats are coming out and stepping slightly outside the boundaries of criticizing the party for some of their decisions lately and then getting put back into place quickly.When more bricks start to crumble it is much harder to replace their cracking and make the wall solid.We still have plenty of time until November 2012 election for their party to lose many more bricks.It does not look good for the D"s.Think hard on this.

  • slysi

    if mom don't bake no more cookies the jar will get empty... mom( USA) hasn't put any cookies in the jar for quite some time now...sooooooo guess what ?? an army without any leader is worse than no army at all... the libs and hollywood are finally coming into a realization of facts!

  • Devasahayam

    0bama's campaigns were long ago revealed to be hollow--only surprise about their collapse is that they took this long. As far as liberalism, it was dead-in-water as of 1994--when even Canada's eponymous (then misruling) party decided it had to dispense with it to win back Credit-Rating which had been downgraded (FYI, it was only won back after Conservatives tookover in 2006, indeed in 2011!).

  • Guest

    It's time for liberals, in the famous words of Cornell West, to "put down the crack pipe."

  • David S. McQueen

    One must distinguish between the elitist liberals who generally know full well that their ideology is fascism and coercion, completely intolerant and racist and the rank and file who have drunk the koolaid and buy into the lib elites' propaganda. They are the fools who elect the elitist socialists like Obama because they see themselves creating an "historic" event and they want "hope and change", never for a minute thinking of the consequences.

  • Hotnike

    Booker has already been taken to the woodshed, has he not?

  • Lili

    Don't under estimate these monsters - republicans better start fighting back and getting the conservative message out or were done for!

  • Tommy S. Buster

    Oh my GAWD I certainly hope so... Obama is a poster child for IDIOTS as are most Liberals.

  • virtualjohn

    Liberalism will die or at least be severely curtailed if there is a conservative Republican sweep in 2012, the newly elected President and the Congress join in repealing and rescinding a massive body of laws, regulations and executive orders, they proceed to cut the size of the Federal government dramatically AND refuse to bail out states and municipalities that under liberal rule are about to collapse. An example: if the Federal government bails out California from its current inevitable collapse some will continue to believe in liberal lies. If on the other hand, we allow it to go belly-up, the people will see the hollow emptiness of liberalism and we might see the death of liberalism in the US. Liberals will be but a small ineffective minority.

  • Mary

    I think Marco Rubio was right when he said Obama was the most divisive president. He's not a democrat. He's more of a communist/progressive and he has made mainstream America despise everything the liberals stand for.
    On top of that we have become a "tower of babel." We now have many nationalities inside our nation offsetting the politics. At some point in the future these different nations will branch off into independent states and form their own governments.
    At any rate we are very close to where we have to come to the realization at one point we'll have to restructure our political system or else face a civil war.

  • braulio

    I am a conservative independent but I must tell you that Republicans have shown their true colors with all of the documented fraud that is going in multiple states like Arizona against the Ron Paul compaign. It makes the democratic party look like angels.

  • bmiller147

    We've all seen how much respect he has for our money, he and his wife have never had any money of their own until his assets came to be just as oddly as he did, real money is carrying him for favortism on future contracts or the government should turn their heads to issue's or situation as they are acted on during his reign; this is the end of a free ride Obama and we will exact our pound of flesh for all the harm brought on us as a country and the world as a body, you have little time to pack "O" don't you forget we haven't.

  • richardcancemi

    The Republicans need to push their advantage and pursue victory for the Country. They need to emphasize the failure of Socialism and tout the opportunities for all to avail themselves under Capitalism. They need to stress that the Country is being lost to the "World Order of Globalism". They need to pump Americanism back into the public forum.
    "Faint heart never won fair maiden".

  • Jack

    Liberals want 3 things.
    1. They want to do "good"
    2. They get to define what's "good".
    3. They must be allowed to waste as much of other people's money as they want.
    BTW any liberal is either ignorant, stupid, insane, lying, criminally naive or all these things..

  • Nottakenyan

    BHO = DFN (period)

  • Nottakenyan

    It is very sad that this country lacks a legal president!

  • Linda

    For a movie star, it's dangerous to get involved in politics. I use to like George Clooney, but now I REFUSE TO WATCH ANY MOVIE HE IS IN. New or old. George bye bye!! :)

  • NOBO2012

    I truly believe the collapse of the liberals and the Obama campaign is "only in our dreams." As you said: "They will lie, cheat, and steal to win an election." And that's exactly what Obama intends to do. There is no way he will give up the power and perks of the presidency. No way! Corruption, voter fraud, create a crisis, start a war, declare Martial Law, suspend the elections, sign an Executive Order that there are no term limits for a president, declare himself dictator -- all the ways of the corrupt Chicago thug Obama.

  • LolaB

    I wouldn't say the Catholic Church leans democrat...abortion is a democrat issue. The church I believe tries to stay neutral.

  • JohnGaltTexas

    Most liberals are parasites. They can only survive by feeding off of someone else. Savage has been right all along, liberalism is a terminal mental disorder. cLOONEY and the rest of the helliwood crowd suffer from wealth guilt since they know deep down they've really done nothing of consequence to earn their wealth, therefore no one else has either.

  • The guy

    No, the problem is that America keeps calling this ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA our President, when in fact (Obama said it himself more than once, so did Moochelle, the President of kenya, and Obama's grandma was there) he is NOT..

    That is the 1st step DENIAL....

    Quit being blind America and get out there instead of jut whining on these sites!!!

    May God save these great United States of America and have mercy on our souls!

  • Raymond1

    JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: America’s first shari’a compliant football team?

    Instead of huddles,will the team be required to pray to Allah now? Last week, it was announced that the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team had been sold to Illinois businessman Shahid Khan. Khan is a Pakistani-born Muslim, and will be the first of his faith to own an NFL team.

  • ExposeDEMLiars

    People have been suckered by socialist rhetoric since the beginning of recorded history and they are not likely to suddenly understand the lies.

    Socialism is a two tiered society, the rich ruling class and the poor working class. Liberals vote for socialist candidates because of the same old promises that everything will be free. None of them ever stop to think through the math or the cause and effect that prove these promises impossible. Liberal politicians on the other hand understand the slight of hand well. They also see themselves ending up in the rich ruling class group.

  • MadmaxUSA


  • chris

    is the obama campaign collapsing and liberalism with it?
    we can only hope so.

  • Ted

    So far OB's run a rather boring campaign. Keep it up!

  • Bama59

    I even read an article the other day about the new black panther leader shabazz, or whatever his name is, where they are not happy with Obama either. Granted it is for the opposite reasons that we don't like him but they too are unhappy. Their problem is that Obama has done very little to advance the cause of the black community, evidently he hasn't given out enough food stamps, welfare, and un-employment.

  • dubravka12

    They have been disappearing since Woodrow Wilson.

  • soldiermom11

    Liberals don't have to suffer the consequences of their ideology. Hopefully, we will stop suffering in November.

  • anders_behring

    Liberals argue from emotion, conservatives from facts. We have guys shaving the hair from their chest and loading up on deodorant and perfumes like a bunch of gay boys. Mummy told them that competition was bad because it created feelings of inadequacy in others. Thus was born the era of no score soccer, the eschewing of exceptionalism and the pussification of the Amerikan male. Obama had all these traits in spades and the women fell all over themselves voting for the no score president. Who went along with them? The pussified male liberals knowing the world was wonderful and they would never be picked last again fr a schoolyard game because only their mummy thought they had talent!

  • pretzeldude

    Time to get rid of this N!G&ER and his henchmen.

  • DougM

    Hell no, it is not! As long as humans inhabit the earth, so will envy, covetiousness, and the belief that it was that rich dude over there that is responsible for my misery. Re-read the ten commandments, a few ten thousand times. And then pick up the fight again. To convince others that your older brother's wealth is in so many ways your wealth. That you cannot make anyone richer by making others poorer. That the rich getting much richer, while you get a little richer, is better than pulling down the rich, and making yourself poorer. In short, the Reagan era saying that a rising tide raises all boats, holds true and benefits all more than any alternative. But those that oppose these ideas are wealthy and powerful themselves, and will stop at nothing to defeat individual liberty and the pursuit of prosperity and happiness. NEVER assume that liberalism is collapsing! It is an incurable cancer that can never be cured. Only fought. Only managed.

  • Kevin Homan

    It is sad most liberals are descent people that want freedom of everything but they do not understand that their leaders do not want them to have any freedoms because they are not believers of the America we all no and love the are communists that want to control everything...

  • Nordey

    Tax the rich more, so what, the liberals can spend more on power grabs? That's their total agenda! Waste money on bailouts that repay their donors. GM is now in partnership with China and has announced it's moving more of it operations to China. China Motors has sold out the US.


  • Ted R. Weiland

    Whereas Communism lives under the new name Democracy, liberalism lives under the new name Republicanism. The sad fact is, Democrats and Republicans are not polar opposites; there is little significant difference between them anymore. What represented the Democrats ten years ago, represents the Republicans today.

    Anything left of Yahweh's morality (as codified in His commandments, statutes, and judgments) is left, liberal, and ungodly. When today's politicians (Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, etc.), churches, preachers, and most people claiming to be Christians are measured against this standard (the only standard by which all things must be judged), they are found to be merely liberal or conservative leftists. It is consequently imperative that Christians do everything in our power to uphold this standard before the secular world and modern churchianity.

    See "The Perfect Law of Yahweh" at

  • Dmgdriver

    Whether it is the "disenfranchised" because they have to provide the same ID to vote as they would to the police if they get stopped along the sidewalk or those that are on the free ride on the government role, there are enough Obama fanatics out there that believe he is the best thing since toast and coffee in the morning. True facts don't mean anything to them. When I have pointed out how his actions over the last 3 years have brought our country to the possible brink of destruction with hard cold facts I am called among other things a racist. When Obama takes this election, by hook, crook or executive order, and I believe that after Jan 20 2013 he will remain in the White House even if he loses the election, the next years will be the end of our sovereign nation, and we will never be rid of Great Leader.

  • Tomtom

    The president is a Fool, but the real danger are those fools who elected him !

  • ARMYOF69

    WE are in a FEUDAL system , and WE THE PEOPLE are the slave workers. Giving up more than half of our hard earned money to morons in Washington [ the King and 520 Princes] , so that they can create a huge army to protect themselves with. This country is a REPUBLIC last time I learned in the sixties at school. Perhaps they do not teach this any longer, but only that today's offspring are OWED everything, and BHO will give it to them as an entitlement, as long as they pray at his stinking feet. The day of reckoning is soon coming.

  • Guest

    Yes, it is.

  • drdbiggs

    Don't Re-Nig in 2012!

  • Tom Jefferson

    Obviously they don't plan on an election in 2012, they have something else in mind.
    They know they have all or large aleinated every voter group possible: Catholics, Christians, Returning Vets, 2amendrights, Pet owners (dog canibal 0bama), Zimmerman Hispanic democrats, Sheria law will allow MusIims to hunt down and KiII homosexuaIs, New agers (the wind turbins are killing large numbers of Eagles), White people (prefering blk panthers), Hispanics over fast&furious, pastors and chaplands (now have to marry sodomite couples), young people (no jobs), doctors & nurses (B0care), elderly (death panels), business men with jobs to China & the cost of B0care. Women (now have to share public bathrooms with man), Sheriffs with trying to pass laws to stop their ability to arrest criminals, and hyperinflation hasn't struck yet! There is no one left to vote for B0 and the democrats, so obviously something is planned instead of an election!

  • RFRider

    Every time I pray, I pray that it is.  God give us strength to do what is right(vote them out).  We believers need to see the light, Socialists, Marxists and Communists  don't believe in God.  They may pretend and lie that they do(sound like someone we know?). 

  • Dorris P

    get RID of the Obama's,DON'T CARE HOW, BUT WHEN.Then start working on the rest of his regime.