DC Comics to Reveal Major ‘Gay’ Character

“It’s a bird . . . It’s a plane . . . It’s the new gay Superman?” According to a DC spokesman, “they are about to reintroduce a previously existing DC character who was previously straight and now will be ‘one of our most prominent gay characters.’” Fox News asks, “Could Superman be gay?” Probably not, but his character will certainly voice his strong approval of whoever DC decides to “out.”

This isn’t the first time the comic book industry has been out front in its support of homosexuality. In the March 1992 issue of Marvel’s Alpha Flight comic book series, Northstar, a former (fictional) Canadian Olympic athlete, decides to come out of the closet after seeing the ravaging effect that AIDS has had on an abandoned baby. He decides to adopt the infant victim. At one point in the story, he cries out, “I am gay.” Here’s the full panel:

“For while I am not inclined to discuss my sexuality with people for whom it is none of their business — I am gay.”

The folks at Marvel never asked how the baby got AIDS and what the relationship is between homosexuality and AIDS. For the most part, AIDS was most prevalent among homosexuals and drug users. Again, few people asked why. AIDS is not a heterosexual disease.

While the Northstar character was not inclined to discuss is sexuality with other people, now it seems that it’s all homosexuals want to discuss, and they want children to be taught about their preferred sexual choices in government schools. California now requires that homosexuality be portrayed in public schools in a positive manner. History textbooks will be rewritten to include the agenda.

Marvel is expected to announce Northstar’s “engagement” to his “boyfriend,” Kyle, on ABC’s The View on May 22, 2012.

In 2011, the Archie Comic book franchise announced that it was adding a homosexual character to join Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Betty. “Life with Archie,” issue 16, featured an “interracial, same-sex wedding of character Lt. Kevin Keller, a white American soldier wounded in Iraq, and Clay Walker, the black physical therapist who helped him recover.” Naturally, the homosexual-inspired series was lauded by homosexual groups and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Homosexuals want the children, and they are doing everything in their power to molest their young minds. The number of homosexual characters is increasing. You can find them in Teen Titans, Young Avengers, Batwoman, and Astonishing X-Men. Marvel announced in December 2002 that it was reviving the 1950’s character “The Rawhide Kid” as an openly homosexual character.1 I don’t know how well homosexual-character themed comics do the in the marketplace. I do know the Alpha Flight series has had a hard time staying in print.

In 1954, German-American psychiatrist Frederick Wertham published the book The Seduction of the Innocent. While Wertham was a little over the top in his evaluation of comics in that era, he did understand that popular culture can be used as a moral wedge.

  1. Marvel Comics to unveil gay gunslinger” (December 22, 2002). []



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    Time to boycott both Marvel and DC and all their projects. Sort of a shame Stan Lee when he was running Marvel was very moral. Next we will have the bad guys winning all the time killing off the heroes

    • houdini1984

      Puh-lease. Marvel's characters have always been cutting-edge. That has been the genius of Lee and those who now attempt to walk in his dard-to-fill shoes. Moreover, bad guys have frequently won in these comics - much as they do in real life from time to time.

      However, if you look at Marvel's line of comics, you will see that what the creators produce is not generally agenda-driven - unless you count their overriding desire to provide entertainment to their audience. Are there a handful of gay characters in certain titles? Yes. Is it a company-wide phenomenon? Not even close.

      So, you would boycott the company based on their attempt to present new characters in novel story lines - simply because you disagree with the morality of the characters they present? I hate to tell you this, but Marvel has had comics featuring super-villains who lacked any moral foundation whatsoever. Many of their most popular characters - including Wolverine - have frequently taken human life in the course of their adventures. And you want to boycott them for adding a few gay characters to their ranks? How utterly... liberal.... of you.

  • mke

    Stan Lee lost my respect when he started butt snorkeling Obama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gordan.runyan Gordan Runyan

    Not the Rawhide Kid! Aaargh! I loved that guy! Oh, wait...

  • hongryhawg

    As more and more public figures either get outed or out themselves, it's inevitable that our most moral institutions will fall. These gays are a cult with a "us against them" philosophy. Outwardly, they will eventually be accepted. Everything weird eventually does. Just look around you. But inwardly, they will never be accepted by those that are not like them. Not really. They can convince themselves all they want, but they will always be weird to those of us that are normal. But hey, this is America. Obviously, anything goes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Hughes/100000919814438 Jo Hughes


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ron-Mathis/1207714182 Ron Mathis

    I used to read For Better or For Worse until the author decided it would be a great idea to bring in a homosexual to the strip. I forget how long ago that was, but I haven't read it since. It's also the reason I stopped watching "Friends," and some other shows.

    • Richard Gibbard

      Have you noticed that this strip has been in reruns for a couple of years now?

    • grandmaforliberty

      it's one of the reasons I canceled my cable... shows like 21/2 men, how I met your mother, simpson's, family guy etc.. are all demeaning to woman...and are morallly bankrupt...even soap opera's which air during the day are filled with ecplicit sexual bedroom scenes, incest, father and son's divorcing and marrying the same woman and haveing untold number of illegitimtate children... all aimed at making it acceptable behavior, homosexuality included...

    • DixieAngel_76

      I stopped reading even before that. What started as a light hearted comic strip about family life gradually became more and more maudlin and political. Eventually it just got too hard to stomach for me.

  • jmokkonen


  • EstebanCafe

    For the "Love that dare not speak its name" it cannot seem to shut up. Yawn, I'm so bored with the entire gay situation. They have a literal "attention deficeit syndrome" in that they crave attention--here is proof yet again. It's been proven that it's a life style choice, not a DNA-based foregone conclusion.
    I wonder: will these comic books discuss the obvious stink and smell of engaging in male homosexual activity? No? Then what will they appeal to, new gay receipies? A new gay language? Gay art? Just what value does this life style choice bring to humanity? The ONLY thing they bring is bedroom activity...and just using my mind's eye, I am sickened.

    • Dick Stouffer

      You're quite right. And this pathetic issue of art, as you mention, is really most often a very vulgar and offending collection of pornography, smutty and lifeless. The idea that because it IS gay art means the galleries cannot let it compete on its own merits, they have to contrive some events to show it, and it's really much ado about nothing.
      The greatest insult to the entire spectrum of Civil Rights, is to include homosexuality. Sexual preference, and its concommitant modus operandi has never been a civil act nor a right. But it's under the cover of that body of laws and customs that homosexuality has jammed itself. And because of this attempt, the DOJ and other agencies get forced into situations of interpreting laws where they should have no business dealing with entirely. What a terrible extortion of humanity.

      • Joe Patriot

        Sadly, I have to whole heartedly agree with you. However, the real question is what is to be done to correct this terrible distortion. They only answer I can envision is to remove those law-makers who willingly support the screeching moral minority over the silent but moral majority... What ever happened to public elections for approving laws which affect our society in such profound ways?
        It is said the squeeky wheel gets the grease. Alternatively, it is the nail that stands up which gets hammered down in most societies.
        Perhaps it is time to object to the legal-codifying of the communist LGBT agenda, which is actively subverting our republic (assuming we can keep it at all)...

  • Breeze13

    This is just crazy. Superheros were just that. Not "sexual preference" heros.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jo-Hughes/100000919814438 Jo Hughes

    I am boycotting these comics. NOT because of the homosexuality - but because these freaks want to shove it down my throat & MAKE ME LIKE IT - OR ELSE. I will not conform. You can't make me like anything.
    Hey - 0bama - just because YOU like the gays - doesn't mean everyone will like them. You cannot change minds already made up. Make an executive order for that, you jerk.

    • Dick Stouffer

      I believe that Obama wanted to provide some legitimacy for the homosexual lifestyle, principally because he has personal guilt. During his time in Chicago, both he and Rahm Emmanuel frequented Man's Country, a predominately gay bath house. The public would be less than amused to know Obama's penchant for experimentation, whether in drugs or in sexual behaviors. His would be a very interesting psychoanalysis, to say the least. He has contrived a phony history of himself, his "father", his family and much of his adult life. Obama is really a troubled individual, very narcissistic and loathes what American exceptionalism and capitalism is all about.

      • urstrange

        Don't forget Larry Sinclair, who claims two drug-filled gay encounters with the then ILL. Sen. BHO. Also Young (who hooked up Sinclair and BO), Bland and ?(can't remember the 3rd guy's name) all gays at Trinity Church who were gangland-style murdered (except the un-named 3rd guy who "died from the complications of AIDS) within a few weeks of each other and O.inthecloset's announcement he was running for POTUS. Daniel Young was the youth choir director at Trinity and his mother claimed he was murdered because of his sexual involvement with Obama. She also said he was trying to leave the country when he was murdered by minions of the White African, BHO. She hasn't been heard from since her revelations. Reverand Wrong also ran a program within Trinity called the Downlow club to hook up gay men on the QT in his congregation...probably how O.sweetlips hooked up with Daniel Young, in between his American hating, pro-Communist, anti-Semitic and black Muslim ideology sermon rants. Google Larry Sinclair & the three gay boys involved with Obama and get the scoop on the Man's Country members members. Closet homosexuality, like tax evasion and adultery must be a resume enhancement in the DemocRATic Party.

      • Bill

        Isn't this how Hitler started out?

        • dontlikeit?changethechannel!

          You mean censoring things he didn't agree with?

    • dontlikeit?changethechannel!

      Obama does not work for DC comics and has no control over what story lines they decide on.

      I think it's funny that you all are going to boycott. I imagine you are all white guys in your late 60's or early 70's - hardly the target audience for comic books. I bet you haven't read a comic book in at least 40 years.

      • DixieAngel_76

        Personally, I'm not a man, just a mom and a grandma who is concerned, not just about my own kids' kids but other kids as well. Speaking strictly for myself here, I think it's mind blowing how people (many of whom do not even have kids) can think of themselves as health guardians for kids, advocating that free choice of kids and their parents be taken from them when it comes to choices in foods because everybody "knows" that eating hamburgers and drinking sodas will make all of our kids "obese", right? Meanwhile no one bats an eye at the likes of Planned Parenthood, Marvel Comics, et al in their efforts to fill kids' minds with provocative images and literature of a sexual nature that their young minds are not ready to process, because they have not yet developed the maturity to handle it.
        Do you imagine that because Marvel is advancing what some think of as a good cause, that somehow makes it ok to go ahead and hijack the morality of other peoples' children?
        By the way, I don't understand what a person's age, sex or race has to do with the discussion. This is supposed to be about kids, and how their moral development will be affected by exposing them over and over to homesexual propaganda, and make no mistake, this IS propaganda.
        You go ahead and laugh at the boycott if you want to. I bet that Marvel won't be laughing for very long.

        • houdini1984

          Dixie, I would just point out one thing. Marvel's inclusion of gay characters - much like their efforts to include strong black characters in the 1960s - is not an attempt to advance the gay agenda. Marvel is in business to make money - as an entertainment company, no less - and responds to the demands of its audience. As a company, they are as averse as any other to the type of negative attention that often accompanies a failure to be "inclusive".

          That is not to say that there are not some writers working for the company who may have their own personal agendas. As a company, though, Marvel's focus is always on appealing to as broad an audience as possible.

          As to a boycott, that is anyone's right, I suppose. Personally, I just choose to avoid products that I find offensive, and leave the boycott efforts to those on the Left who lack even the most basic tolerance for opposing viewpoints. To each his - or in this case, her - own.

        • DixieAngel_76

          I might be inclined to agree with you BUTT, it's been estimated that gays make up only a small percentage of the population so I can't go along with your argument. I do wish to thank you, however, for being respectful in your disagreement.

        • houdini1984

          Thanks, Dixie. First of all, I really wish you wouldn't spell "but" with two Ts when we are talking about the gay issue, since it might give any wandering homosexuals who come across your comment wild ideas.

          All kidding aside, however, the fact that these deviants are such a small minority of the population is really irrelevant. Comic writers - particularly those at Marvel - have a long history of taking on challenging issues in their story lines. This gay rights nonsense is all over the news today and has been for some years. I would be surprised if there were not at least a few writers who attempted to deal with the issue in their chosen medium.

          As a writer myself (though not one who works in that medium), I would hate to see consumers boycott me or anyone in my industry simply because we produced works that dealt with flawed characters of low moral standing. That's what Muslims do when they issue death threats against those who "impugn their religion". It's what leftists do when they are faced with opinions or beliefs that oppose their own. It's what tyrants and radicals throughout history do when they feel that their worldview is being attacked.

          We're better than that. A personal boycott of those comic books in which those gay characters appear? Sure. I have no intention of buying them for my son, so I agree with you wholeheartedly. An organized attempt to harm the company that publishes those comics, simply so that we can ultimately browbeat it into producing only those materials that meet our standards...?

          ...Heaven forbid we should stoop to the level of those leftists we so vehemently oppose.

        • DixieAngel_76

          I'm not talking about forcing everyone else to follow my lead. It's what I always do with products, companies, businesses, etc, when they do things that I feel are contrary to my religious beliefs, and beyond that they are simply wrong morally, I just don't feel that I should give my money to forces that are against my beliefs. Everyone else is free to do the same. I expect that the majority of parents probably feel the same, but those who don't are free to buy that trash for their kids if they want. I don't feel that I am "stooping" to anything, I feel I'm sticking with my principles, I am sorry if I did not make that clear. Good luck in your writing.

        • houdini1984

          @DixieAngel_76: Ah, well that's an entirely different matter altogether. That's actually the normal behavior of any consumer making an informed decision based on personal beliefs. When I hear the word "boycott", it is usually associated with the organized attempts by the Left to either bring down a corporate enterprise, or force it to comply with their worldview. Leftist boycotts are usually implemented to stifle free speech and creative expression.

          Your personal principles are admirable, and - as I noted - I would not purchase any comics featuring deviant sexual behavior or beliefs for my children either. I just won't support trying to damage these companies simply because one or two of their dozens of titles might contain material I find offensive. I simply leave those titles on the shelf.

        • dontlikeit?changethechannel!

          In this case, you are the ones in the minority. These are global corporations that appeal to the entire world. A few noisy southern baptists couldnt hope to pull them down even 1%.
          You don't want your grandkids to read it? Buy them some bible comics or something. Tell them they can't go see the Avengers or Spiderman movie - make them watch approved wholesome entertainment instead. (not Disney - they own Marvel) It's your choice. Just don't pretend boycotting something you weren't buying in the first place is going to have an effect. Marvel and DC will make billions this year despite your "boycott"

        • DixieAngel_76

          First of all, I don't recall telling you or anyone else that I'm a Southern Baptist, but if I were, so what? Does that make me stupid and irrelevant in your eyes? Go ahead, go there. Show the world who is the real bigot here.
          Second, you have no idea what I do or don't buy, and only a fool would make such a presumption.
          Maybe me by myself not patronizing this corporation might not make much difference, but open your eyes and read the posts here. The majority of people are against it. I doubt very seriously I am in the majority, I think you probably are.
          One final point; you don't have to talk down to me just because we don't agree on this, try acting like an adult, and not like a spoiled adolescent.

        • dontlikeit?changethechannel!

          I do read the posts here - and the articles. It may be why I have some bigotry toward the conspiracy theories postulated and the sectarian hate it produces. You don't have to look far to see the hateful slurs.

          I apologize if you felt I was talking down to you. I only meant to say - if you don't like it, don't buy it. Simple. Change the channel. Vote for the other guy. Marry someone of the opposite gender - within your own race. There is no need to proselytize.

  • Big M

    I hope the comic books took a great loss.

    • dontlikeit?changethechannel!

      Avengers movie worldwide ticket sales now at $1.200,000,000 in only 3 weeks.
      The Dark Knight (Batman) also made over a BILLION dollars with the new one coming out soon.

      • DixieAngel_76

        Maybe, but I've heard from people who saw it that it was not up to their expectations, so we'll see.

        • houdini1984

          Let me help you with that. I saw it. Three times. It met every one of my expectations, thank you very much.

        • DixieAngel_76

          Good for you.

        • houdini1984

          Thanks, Dixie. It was good. Good for my kids too. A nice, uncomplicated story about flawed people with special abilities who band together to protect the world from an evil adversary bent on destruction. We could use a few more heroic archetypes these days.

        • MeForever


        • houdini1984

          Well, good for you. Adoption is a wonderful option, and I'm sure your adopted parents love you very much. My wife and I have thought about adopting another child, but her health problems have given us pause.

        • MeForever

          Three times??? So if you took a few friends and friends took friends all several times, that should help accomplish your percentage goals, but everything will fall out before long. You had 3 separate expectations that were met? In the movie? Maybe they could give Pampers coupons with their popcorn as a customer service.

        • houdini1984

          Sigh. Sometimes this is like camping out beneath the Tower of Babel - after the confounding of languages occurred. Yes, I had three separate expectations. The first time, I expected to be entertained. The second time, I expected to be entertained again. The third time, I expected that I and my children would all be entertained. And no, my expectations were not met in the movie - because I was not in the movie.

          They were, however, met BY the movie.

          As for the Pampers nonsense, I don't even want to imagine the thought process that produced that line. It must be odd indeed... and perhaps more than a little messy.

          For the record, and as an informational public service to everyone who has not yet seen the Avengers or who might be making assumptions based entirely on some of the less informed comments on this board: there are no homosexual overtones, undertones, sidetones, ringtones, or any other hints of gayness contained within the Avengers movie. At least none that I noticed.

  • alpha 1234

    just check out what super hero is wearing pampers and you will know who is homo. did you know that these freaks have to wear pampers after there so called love making due to lack of bowel control. ask any doctor what sodomy dose to the colon.

    • DixieAngel_76

      I'm not a doctor, but as a nurse, I can second that. There are other causes, of course, but that is a documented medical consequence of long term sodomy. Many times it causes a prolapsed colon as well.

  • granny007

    The LGBT group's agenda is rapidly expanding. There is now a lawsuit by a transgender person claiming sexual harassment. Where will this end? Now, the WASHPO has an article about 4-year olds declaring transgender preference, and psychiatrists injecting them with hormones to solidify their preference. CRAZY!! All of this petty nit-picking is destroying the foundations of our societal morality. Until judges develop some backbone and rule these suits frivolous, we are seeing just the beginning. The obsequious media's gay depictions would lead a Martian to think we are ALL gay, not just the 10% or so fitting this category. Enough already. This is Satan's war on us.

    • jan

      I also saw that article on the FRONT page of the post. News??? Really? ..Pitiful....We dropped our subscription long ago for articles like this. Now we get The Washington Times..(excellent writing and reporting, by the way.). I am so sick of these people...gay, gay gay. Fine, be gay who cares, but leave the rest of us alone,. We don't want your agenda (whatever you guys are trying to accomplish!) Why is being gay so special and deserving of all kinds of "awareness programs" aware of what??? and ridiculous laws, just for you! Heterosexuals don't go around talking about their sex lives...so just shut-up and leave our children out of your "educational" curriculum. And if you want to earn a modicum of respect from mainstream America,and want to be taken seriously,,.....then stop the drag queen parades on our streets!

      • joe

        you know what they want! Perhaps you are too afraid to see it; however, the only possible outcome of this movement is the complete and utter destruction of our society. If we ignore the biological imperative to procreate, and maintain a stable, morally consistent value system in our society...
        The eventual outcome is chaos. Which then opens the door to repression and armed takeover. Stand up for your values or give up your liberty. There is no compromise that has ever worked.

    • grandmaforliberty

      could be because a large number of Hollywood "stars" are homosexuals and are made out to be god like to our children....I just saw on tv thay cute little Miley is publicly declaring she is having sex and it is fantastic... this was our girls role model for many years....what now?

      • DixieAngel_76

        Personally, I always thought of her as a really annoying moron! I never did get the "Miley" craze, to me she is just another no-talent, brainless little bimbo.

    • Harold Cobbs

      It's not near 10%, more like 3% or less, the homosexual agenda is aimed at destroying America's Judeo-Christian morality, weakening our families and thereby our society

  • dee

    When I was a young girl. Wonder Woman was my favourite comic book heroine. I thought it was great that so many women could live together as friends...until the comic was made over (again) in the early 90's and Queen Hippolyta's sister Melanippe was drawn in bed with another woman. She had just had a dream about the future of the nation and woke screaming about the gods. It was the last issue I picked up. My naive illusion of childhood was forever shattered. Sometimes things are better left alone...

  • Screeminmeeme

    The left's nefarious plot to capture the hearts and minds or our children is going full steam ahead. It's time we pull the plug on that little strategy.

  • Whackasjig

    Faggaroniman, he will blow them away

  • Fightfankevin

    What a shame. This is the problem our country faces, no backbone.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5R65DL74C6DUS2BTLKEL6WYJ6M ROBERT

    You know these leftist non christians and gay and lesbians groups, a very small manority of this countrys people can turn the country on it ear because "we" are stepping on their rights. Are they not stepping on our right by stopping everthing we hold special in "our' live. There has to be some way we can turn the same ideal back on them. Surley 100,000 would out number 2. And most of us grew up on these funny books and now they are going to use them to further corrupt our children. If you don't want to believe in God or you want to believe in a diffrent god, fine, but don't take mine away from me. If you want to be homo fine but don't smear our youth with it, in hopes you can increase the fodder you have to play with. Remember we have rights as well and our was has been here for 200 years, and you have just started to destory it with you way of life. Do you think but leave "ours" alone.

    • laser

      Those creatures like alcoholics, who want to make somebody else to drink with them. It makes them feel they are not having a problem. Some sort of excuse. I'm not the only one...you're the same.

  • http://profiles.google.com/dr.barbaraembry Dr. Barbara Embry

    Wow, just when I you think those people can't get any more amoral. Good grief.

  • urstrange

    Is he going to look like Obama, our first black & white gay POTUS?

  • Richard Gibbard

    Perhaps it's time for us to start our own line of comic books, or as they're called these days "graphic novels." I have a few ideas for stories.

    • laser

      It's commie.... It's muslim... It's lair... It's a gay.... No, It's obama! Yeaaaaaa

  • MARK

    satan jr (ovomit) and his boyfriend clooney will love it.

  • samtman

    There have been many decorated Gay American war heroes,why not a mythical hero to, just like the heterosexuals have. Kids should be able to look up to all kinds American heroes.

  • laser

    Sure, that comic book is now only "homocreatures" will read. I wish they take over CNN, MSNBC, ABCDEFG... and the rest of media crap. The sooner the better. The best boycott ever. Our country becomes a comic book for other nations. What a pity.

  • flaphil

    Thinking about it? Would they call him "the corn-hole man"? Let's all help them out and think up a name. comics and comic strips are like newspapers, a thing on the decline.

    • laser


      • Dornell

        For sure! What a stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/rshawtx Richard Shaw

    I think the gay DC superhero is Aquaman! LOL
    A gay superhero called "Rawhide Kid"... DANG!!!

  • Doodlebug

    I think with the other lesbian story and this, we would have been much better off if they would have kept them in the closet. Give an inch - take a mile.

  • RubyBlu

    So now they are re-naming and re-creating Superman to be known as The Flying Fag! What is wrong with 'almost' everyone!!

  • man_wolf

    The Comic Book Industry sure has fallen a long way since the days when I use to read them. Of course back then, $10 would have kept me in comics for a year, unlike today where $10 'might' be able to buy 2 comic books. Of course back then, they weren't changing the ethnicity of established caucasian characters to pander to the idiocy of political correctness either. Progressive Liberalism is a deformative cancer to anything of the 'natural' world & the natural order thereof! Only diseased minds find any appeal to it!

  • jmsmaxwell

    When Superman and DC turned their back upon America I tossed all the comic books I had even those
    that dated back to the early 50's. I will never buy nor allow a DC comic back in my home. They start
    pushing corruption and lack of morals I dont buy their product.

    • houdini1984

      Are they pushing corruption and morals or just pushing the boundaries of their art form? Is it possible that a story might be written to engender conversation, rather than to sow the seeds of corruption? Are we even open to opposing viewpoints, or are we becoming just as close-minded and easily-offended as the liberals we oppose?

      • CARLjr

        You must be new around here.

    • MeForever

      Good for you. I'm out of here, it's too stinky for me. Wonder if that's why ol' Barney is leaving, no one can stand sitting next to him at the "Hearing" Committees. Yowzer.

    • docsavage

      I like the old dc, as I like the old archie, through I dispise what new product they now churn out.Back in the 1950s, Even into the mid 1970s, the boys in public school, greatly dispised homosexuals,called queers and fags. To be called one was the absolute worst of insults.Imagine what it would have done, to both the superman tv show, as well as the Jimmy Olsen comic, if it came out 50-55 years ago that the actor who played Jimmy Olsen was gay! It would have cost dc greatly.NO boy would be caught dead reading a comic that a known gay represented.Dc would have had to have retired Olsen for 15 to 20 years..More and more, I never thought I'd say this, but old doc Wortham seems to have known what he was writing about.

  • Derek Schneider

    Claiming AIDS is "not a heterosexual disease" is patently false and bad reporting.

    • Dornell

      Aids did not start out being a heterosexual disease. Nasty men, who would trade a normal vagina for a cesspool, to get a tight fit caused it. A cross over closet bowel pumper got it from the idiot who thinks that his annus is a sex organ, gave it to him, and he carried it home to a woman whose body can accomodate the nasty organ. What a shame. Would be nice to find the original perpetrator. He needs to be castrated!!!!!

  • sandman

    I seem to be missing something here, how does anyone or thing evolve from a higher life form to pond scum? I was taught it was the other way around, right?

  • J.D.Scott

    So Superman will become Superhomo?


    If the aids effected only the homos I'd have no problem with them. But these perverts share their curse with anyone they can and that's the major problem outside of it being an abomanation to GOD. See Leviticus or just try to read the Bible.It's there don't like it I don't care.
    How about we get the perverts in the government to get a country to accept all the gays and then give them free transportation ? OH darn - then we'd have only a tenth of a congress and no prezz.

    • CARLjr

      I have no more desire to live under Leviticus law than Sharia law.

      How about you find a country with no perverts in it and move there? OH darn - there is no such place.

      • SIR JAMES

        Carl I'm sorry you don't seem to believe Leviticus. Jesus still loves you whether you like it or not. I know he loves me even after all the crap I've done and people I've hurt and continue to hurt.
        However you're right on the money with no country absent of perverts. Most are far worse than America even their governments leave so much to be desired. Guess it's just that I've become one of those crotchety old farts set in my ways - opinionated and intolerant of corruption and perverts - the lieing press and any dirty filthy SOB that steals my DARK CHOCOLATE


    Sorry got off the subject my children will no longer purchase these comics .

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Politically Correctness and stupid people that change history due to gay lobbyist---gaining a foothold on what is acceptable and correct. These people are push overs for selling comics or maybe it will bite them in the A$$. Do you really believe that Superman will take it up the A$$.

  • GDC

    That IS just grooming children so homosexuals can RAPE them.

  • Bill

    Now give me a break, any guy who wears tights and never took Lois had to be crazy in the first place. Next is it Robin sleeping with Batman in the Batmobile? Holy Cow Batman Wham! Bamm! Look ouit Gotham City. What's next Obama sleeping with Michelle LOL. Ever notice how he never takes her on his trips??? She must have been a marriage of convenience??? That would make a great comic book. The Man from Somewhere. "Who is that masked man?" "Why it is the Lone Obummer."

    • DixieAngel_76

      While I'm not a Muslim, therefore I may be mistaken about this, I've heard it said that Muslim women are not allowed to travel with their husbands. That may be the reason.

  • Guest

    A little over the top? He wanted to censor comic books. In 1970, Marvel's Stan Lee, wanted to do a story
    about drug abuse, which was rampant back then. Since he'd run afoul of the Comics Code, Marvel told him not to do it. What was the story about? Peter Parker's friend, who was the son of Spider-Man's nemesis, the Green Goblin, had an IV drug addiction. The Comics Code fined Marvel, and Lee, for violating the Comics Code. Lee, and Marvel, had stuck to their guns and the story ran. It was a big success.

  • ktuncia

    It's a comic book for kids, why is sexuality of any sort being introduced? If I broached the subject of straight sex with the adopted child of homosexuals would they not be mad at me for bringing up the subject to a little child without their permission? They should be, so what gives them the right? What gives anyone the right- gay or otherwise? I am the parent- not the school system, not the government and not the homosexual league of whatever! This, we will hit the parents from all sides so they will not be able to block every approach we make at their kids is the epitome of BS. It's like a president who thinks he can order laws into being without consulting Congress. It's unbelievable, unmitigated, unconscionable BS.

  • http://www.apoliticalpundit.wordpress.com/ RVSister the Politicalpundit

    The Pundit says - who cares?? The kids don't get the gay part unless someone makes it a point to make an issue out of it.. If there are gay people with friends that don't like gay people - keep quiet! If you have friends that are ok with it - come out for heaven sakes. Remember - you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Those that are prejudice are not going to change those that are not - don't care. Choose your friends carefully!!!

    • kphillips

      they do and will get it pundit, WITHOUT someone making a point because they will be reading and seeing it on the pages.Keep it simple there is no reason in the world sexuality should be brought up in a comic strip.Kids are being bombarded everyday as it is we as parents need try preserve their innocence as long as possible especially when it comes to views and or opinion that does not match what you may be teaching your child

  • Silas Longshot

    It would be fitting for the 'real' justice league of America, the consumer, to weigh in on this new 'probe' of the American youngster with yet another 'it's ok to be gay' ploy, and decide enough is enough. One can hope DC shoots themselves in the dangles by pulling this crap.

  • Robert

    Interesting, how marriage is being attacked. If homosexual marriage is allowed, then why not Plural marrages? Talk about destroying the boundaries of the home!

  • junkmailbin

    I do not remember a super hero in a pink tutu. these people have for years helped society with good clean examples of unselfish service to others with zero sexual content. Actual sex or orientation. Now these pandering fools what to inject the homo agenda into something that does not need it. Another attempt to main stream faggotry by having it appear everywhere.
    Let us see. The Hulk is now hot pink, Ben Grimm in Capri pants and a padded push up bra, wonder woman in leather with a whip, the green hornet has now switched t mauve because is goes with his eyes better. The Avengers have a spat over who is gayer etc

  • Robert

    This is going too far!
    Comics were always a source of heroes and stories of good versus evil! Good always triumphs over evil and even though it was all make-believe there was still a sense of right and wrong and in a broader sense immoral side to the story.

    So now we're stuck with sexual perverts and degenerates force-feeding our children and young adults their propaganda and indoctrination materials and values.

    Growing up I was one of Stan Lee's fans called a "true believer". Marvel and DC comics were always popular and if nothing else they got kids to read. I personally preferred Marvel over DC but that's personal preference. The point is the storyline was pretty much always the same the good guys against the bad guys and the good guys win. The good guys always stood for something, something wholesome, and usually morally upright.

    The sexual degenerate perverts want a comic strip why can't they make their own! And leave those standards along where people can still see right and wrong, good and evil, an evil get his butt kicked.

  • bigyglydawg

    Bull S*^% Superman is not Gay the dude is straight after all he went for Lois Lane did he not.

  • Rick Sanchez

    Gays have rights! they have the right to place their sexual organ in a place created for the elimination of feces or use their mouths as a sexual organ, if they wish. We now longer have sodomy laws, do we? I have the right to use my colon exclusively for its intendid purpose which is the passing of excrement out
    of my body. I also have the right to boycott these comics and encourage others to do the same.

  • Jwhitemd

    In a time of moral decay, destruction of the pillars of civilization, and deterioration of values that developed over many millennia to get us out of the caves and into the light of day, one wonders if the eternal fight between good and evil has not been lost to evil. The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits; not so, for stupidity.

  • DixieAngel_76

    Wow, one more product to mark off limits to kids who's parents care about the moral character their kids develop. It boggles the mind how the homosexual activists have managed to permeate almost every aspect of our lives, and that they don't seem to get that kids can ever be too young to be exposed to sex, and talk about sex. What's next, Marvel, will you be depicting homosexual love scenes?

  • BKadieC

    The next thing these people will reveal is that Jesus was Gay. They are full of baloney. I could care less about a gay super hero but don't mess with Our Lord.
    I'm just saying!

  • MadmaxUSA

    Whenever there's a queer scene on TV I make a note of who the show's sponsors are, and then change channels.

  • MadmaxUSA

    Whenever there's a queer scene on TV I

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5AMIUYOFOOEDWY2XH47E2LHQJ4 Wolf-Spider

    Maybe they're going with Jeff Dunham's discussion with Peanut about "Gay-Man". "Whenever he flies, his butt whistles." ^_^
    First, they killed off Northstar's sister [since Northstar used to be a duo] (guessing she kept him straight), then he comes out because of an AIDS baby? Smeg, did he miss the memo on the disease!


    DC comics, any film or adventure they may have or will come up with in the future can now go to hell!!!!! My grandson is 6 months old, I will do everything I can to keep him out and away from this homosexual adgenda. Private school, monitoring what he watches, reads and learns. It is a sick and perverted way of life that is being FORCED upon everyone who isn't or doesn't want to be homosexual. I have no need nor do I want to know the practices of "that culture".
    There is a petition to have a NEW naval ship named after Harvey Milk (a former openly gay mayor in Calif). OMG, we'll be the laughing stock of the world! WHO in the Navy (other than gays) would want to serve on that ship? Once again, the wants and desires of the few are being forced upon the rest of us because they skreech louder! Can you imagine the stigma that would follow a sailor that HAD to serve on that ship!!?? I can already hear the comments...
    If your homosexual, don't throw it in our faces. It causes resentment. What you do is up to you, we don't HAVE to learn about your chosen way of life. If you leave us alone and quit trying to force and educate your life style on the rest of the world, we probably wouldn't say crap about it! Your the ones forcing our hands! Recinding DADT was a HUGE mistake!
    I feel sorry for our chuldren of the future and our way of life.

  • Robert

    Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Faggott - man and his faithful companion lusty lesbian who never met a carpet she didn't like to munch