Eric Holder Wants One Law for Whites and Another for 'Non-Whites'

Attorney General Eric Holder spoke to a gathering of black church leaders on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., where he told them that voting is a “sacred” right. Where’s the ACLU? Americans United for Separation of Church and State? Sounds like “theocracy” and “dominionism” to me. Where’s Michelle Goldberg? Wasn’t the Attorney General trampling on the First Amendment by mixing religion and politics?

The whole separation of church and state thing is a one way street. It’s only OK for liberals to make appearances before church leaders and speak about a “sacred” right.

It’s too bad that conservative church leaders are intimidated by the claims of liberals and organizations like the ACLU and Americans United. It’s more likely, however, that pastors use the “separation of church and state” myth as an excuse not to speak on political issues, thereby giving liberals free reign to recruit among religious adherents with no blowback from groups the ACLU and Americans United.

Liberal hypocrisy is so rampant that no one is surprised by it anymore. So instead of harping on it in this article, I want to address some of Eric Holder’s legal and logical absurdities that he spoke about in his address to the participants at the Conference of National Black Churches:

“The recent wave of changes to state-level voter identification laws also has presented a number of problems requiring the department's attention. In December [of 2011], we objected to South Carolina’s voter ID law, after finding — based on the state's own data — that the proposed change would place an unfair burden on non-white voters.”

Does the requirement to show an ID put an unfair burden on “non-whites” who cash checks, purchase alcohol, or buy cigarettes? Are only “non-whites” economically disadvantaged? Sounds like racial stereotyping.

Is there an unfair burden on “non-whites” who want to purchase a drug like Mucinex? The non-prescription drug loosens the mucus that causes chest and nasal congestion. Since it contains chemicals used that can be used to make crack, Mucinex purchasers have to show ID to purchase the product.

Is Eric Holder saying that the ID requirement in the above examples should be set aside for “non-whites”? Does this mean that a bank would have to cash a check for a “non-white” person without having to require an ID? Can we assume that only “non-whites” will have to show IDs in the future? Can anyone say “reverse discrimination”?

Did Eric Holder have to show his law license in order to practice law? Apparently not.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Excellent article.

    Eric Holder's  astonishing refusal to  enforce certain laws and his consistent use of race to make judgement calls has forever cemented his place in history as the most racist AG America has ever had. 

    The symbiotic relationship of Obama/Holder is a diabolical union in which  Obama  protects the AG  while Holder, with impunity, enforces the President's  racist policies.  A match made in he!!.

    The unwillingness of Holder to enforce certain laws....and his blatant racial biases.....qualify him for impeachment....and as far as I'm concerned....for a nice long stint in prison.   

     I don''t know why Congress doesn't impeach him for his abysmal, and surely criminal,  performance as Attorney General.  No....wait....I forgot......Congress has no balls.

    • pickles

      Congress has no balls . . . well, if your were threatened with bodily harm, or members of your family are at risk if you, as a member of Congress refuse to kow-tow to Nobama's puppeteer group,

       . . . how much "balls' would you have?

      • Screeminmeeme


        1. Read my profile.

        2. Capitulation is NOT in my vocabulary...nor in the vocabulary of my family. Being intimidated is a voluntary response. I REFUSE to be intimidated by the likes of Obama and his thugs.
        3. There are some things WORSE than death...and that's living with the knowledge the you could have done something that would have ultimately saved lives, but you didn't . You could have done something honorable and right, but didn't.

        Shame is worse than death.

        4. Every Christian is invincible until God is done using him to carry out His will.

        Like I said....Congress has no balls. No guts. No courage. And not enough love for this country, nor for its people, to motivate them to do what is right. They only care about themselves and losing their powerful positions.

        • InvisibleHandInMyPants

          You are a paranoid douche.

        • evergreenfarms82

          Screeminmeeme -  I am in total agreement with you and support your position.  Now all we need is several million more to jump on this band wagon so we can make some changes.  I don't care about the Bilderberg Group and their agenda.  I do care about what our Fore Fathers created and how to preserve it.  

        • True Patriot1

          This is a very good comment and so true.  It is a far worse sin to cave in to tyrants/bullies than to stand up to them regardless of the consequences.   Holder(man) can bite my *ss.  He knows me and my opinion.  Holder(man) is nothing but a BIG racist, coward, bully, chicken and liar.  What do we expect from the top lawlessman in America -- the top criminal?  He doesn't have gall enough to go to the public with this bigotry.  He has to have his hand picked few to speak to about it.  Let the voters decide, Holder(man).  Don't FORCE it on us.  See website: 

      • taliesin319

        I'd have a pair of them and would make sure both mine and my familie's equipment was made of the finest titanium. Moreover my arsenal would lack for nothing, and I'd be waiting with a smile on my face for the 2 bit thugs walking up to the steel door.   

      • notax1776

        I believe I would have nine balls.  I am pretty sure that is how many are in the buck shot I have loaded in my shotgun.

    • kategray

      Impeachment in any form has to go through a process and that is, that the House brings the charges but the Senate does the proscutiing and that will not happen as long as Reid controls the Senate

  • jong

    Of course there is no such thing as "reverse" discrimination.   Any citizen regardless of race, sex or creed must be treated equally.   If we do not we revert to people like Holder and his boss Obama the dredges of society and they deserve to be put out side the gate.

    • pickles

      Jong, Eric Holder's boss is not Nobama. It's Nobama's boss Eric bows to, or more accurately, fears to Not obey, for his life.  Not convinced? Then read this . . .

      If you think Eric Holder is bad news, then read this, because it's already being set in motion in your community bank . . .

      That entire page is relevant, as the u.S of A. has its own versions of each of those reports . . Look especially at these . . .

      Spain's bonds collapse after ECB rejects illegal funding scheme
      Ireland expected to ratify new EU fiscal treaty in Thursday referendum
      Krugman campaigns for Ireland to reject EU fiscal treaty on Thursday
      France's unemployment high highest rate this century

      To understand why the above, go here, and . . . buy Estulin's book, mentioned there.

      Nobama is outside our gate, but his puppeteers own that gate, and We the People are on the wrong side of it. If not for Creator giving the Bilderberger Group a specific time window to gather world nations into its tyranny, and utterly destroying its prime goal to annihilate  Nation Israel, all humanity would perish. When you read, and apply the ancient record of this day, by Prophet Ezekiel, "I will turn you about and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out, and all your army, horses and horsemen, all of them splendidly attired, a great company with buckler and shield, all of them wielding swords; Persia, Ethiopia and Put with them, all of them with shield and helmet; 6Gomer with all its troops; Beth-togarmah from the remote parts of the north with all its troops—many peoples with you.

            7“Be prepared, and prepare yourself, you and all your companies that are assembled about you, and be a guard for them. 8“After many days you will be summoned; in the latter years you will come into the land that is restored from the sword, whose inhabitants have been gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel which had been a continual waste; but its people were brought out from the nations, and they are living securely, all of them. 9“You will go up, you will come like a storm; you will be like a cloud covering the land, you and all your troops, and many peoples with you.”

            10‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “It will come about on that day, that thoughts will come into your mind and you will devise an evil plan, 11and you will say, ‘I will go up against the land of unwalled villages. I will go against those who are at rest, that live securely, all of them living without walls and having no bars or gates, 12to capture spoil and to seize plunder, to turn your hand against the waste places which are now inhabited, and against the people who are gathered from the nations, who have acquired cattle and goods, who live at the center of the world.’ 13“Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish with all its villages will say to you, ‘Have you come to capture spoil? Have you assembled your company to seize plunder, to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to capture great spoil?’”’

            14“Therefore prophesy, son of man, and say to Gog, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “On that day when My people Israel are living securely, will you not know it? 15“You will come from your place out of the remote parts of the north, you and many peoples with you, all of them riding on horses, a great assembly and a mighty army; 16and you will come up against My people Israel like a cloud to cover the land. It shall come about in the last days that I will bring you against My land, so that the nations may know Me when I am sanctified through you before their eyes, O Gog.”

      A unified world is the Bilderberger Group's aim. It's real aim is destruction of Nation Israel, because that nation will never bow to its demand to serve its devil god.

      • InvisibleHandInMyPants


  • Gportman

    Eric Holder, Barry and the rest of his cronies Must go away in January.  Its time for someone to actually lead this country instead of use itas a personal fountain of youth for power.  This guy acts like a King.  Remember how the last guy named Hussein dealt with his people.  It's amazing the BS that comes out of these guys mouths on a daily basis.  The propaganda from the media is sickening.

  • InvisibleHandInMyPants


    • Screeminmeeme


      Your vocabulary appears to be limited to epithets. You might want to work on that.

      Many studies have established the fact that there is a high correlation between vocabulary and intelligence and that the ability to increase one's vocabulary throughout life is a sure reflection of intellectual progress.
      —Bergen Evans

      • stephen knorr

         not on yahoo or you tube dosent matter

    • Mark Currier

      InvisibleHandInMyPants already sucks it.

    • ray

      F---ing fag!!!

  • Mary

    There has been a double standard in this country race wise since the mid 60's. Eric Holder and the Panthers only exasperated that problem and brought it to light.
    Since DOJ was formed it has done both good and bad. For example there are many whites that now sit in prison as political prisoners just for opening their mouths and preaching anti-establishment. I can name some of them but most of you folks on this sight are smart cookies and know exactly who I'm talking about.
    On top of that we have the examples of the panthers and pro-white organizations. Panthers under this administration can do whatever they want, say whatever they want and get away with it. They can intimidate voters and the head panther comes out and preaches open racist hate, promotes black on white violence and says whites should be swinging from nooses. See multiple articles on the Blaze and the Examiner.
    This administration has done a sweep by sweep, state by state, arrest of white men in small groups forming militias when the constitution clearly states have a right to do.

    14 states under fire for forming militias:

    So the double standard has been there for a while and will continue to be until whites start opening their mouths and sticking up for one another the way blacks do. The reason why whites have been intimidated is because they choose to remain complacent.

  • underthewire

    And when Obama goes gos Holder.

    By the way where did he get those freckles?  is he a malatto as well?

  • evergreenfarms82

    One Question:  Why is Eric Holder still  in office?  I thought we fired him.  Was he not notified?

  • rowdygirl726

    I don't have a problem showing my ID for a legitimate reason, ie. voting, cahsing a check, using my credit card, etc.  I guess that's because I know that I'm not doing anything wrong.  It seems to me that the "burden" to show identification would only be a problem if you're trying to get by with something.

    • Krazeehors

      I have been told that the issue here in Texas is the requirement to show a "Government Issued ID," one that uses our current facial recognition technology and a thumbprint and other features to prevent fraud.  I would be willing to bet anyone out there that THIS is the real problem.  The bastardz cannot get a fake ID so they can vote more than one time, so they are all crying foul.

      If you have nothing to hide, you should have NO problem obtaining a government issued ID.  Especially when the government has OFFERED to set up local identification issuing clinics in remote areas to satisfy the requirements of the law.

  • tom

    Impeach Holder now.

  • kenhowes

    Very simple; they want to perpetrate vote fraud.  A little over a decade ago, a congressman named Bob Dornan was narrowly unseated by Loretta Sanchez in an election in which as many as 10,000 non-citizens (more than the margin of victory for Sanchez) appear to have voted.  Before her re-election, tens of thousands of Mexicans were then sworn in as citizens, and she was re-elected legally, though the speed with which those citizenship applications were processed left the question of whether they would have been processed so quickly, and all have been approved, had Miss Sanchez not needed their votes.

    • Jack_Reacher

       agreed, Ken...  Dornan, a damned good representative was literally CHEATED out of his seat by massive voter fraud?  And what did the great state of California gain with Loretta Sanchez??  A virtual disgrace to politics ... and THAT takes a lot to disgrace politicians.  Ms. Sanchez is the worst thing that legal immigration hopefuls could ask for. 

  • Tlooneylady

    Holder, the FOOL

  • Tlooneylady

     i THOUGHT sodomy WAS ILLEGAL.

    • nativetx03

      Not if you work for the government, and that's state and federal.

  • Womble415

    Eric Holder is a race baiter - just like Obama, just like Sharpton, just like Jesse Jackson, and just like all the other parasites the are currently infesting  the White House. November can't get here soon enough!!!!

    When is Holder going to prison for lying to Congress?

    • Subtrek1

      Yeah they're sure after a ex-BASEBALL player (roger Clemmons) for lying to the group of low life idiots in CONGRESS

    • David N. S. Johannes

      I would like to address the question posed in the above.  "When is Holder going to prison for lying to Congress?"

      Where would any one of us be if we lied to Congress (or any other Federal entity)?  We would be cooling our heels in jail, that's where!  How is it that this twit, Holder, can get away with being a lying criminal and continue causing chaos in our country?

      Jail the thug!!!

      • Krazeehors

        I have a great suggestion, which was published in my local newspaper last week.

        The U.S. government currently has 14,000 VACANT government buildings.  The cost to maintain these buildings MUST be very great.

        How about if we renovate one of those buildings into a prison for Congressmen and women (especially Debbie Wasserman Schulz, Lyin' Biden, Holder, Fish-Face Dickie Durbin, Charles Schumer, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, AND BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!)
        -- a hard labor Federal Prison -- JUST FOR THEM!!!  And, include EVERYONE in government service (including members of the GOP) who has EVER lied to the American people!!!

        Sounds like a winner to me.

      • emerutil

        He is exempt from, and above the law because he is a high federal official, and, more importantly, he is black.

    • Bama59

      Come right out and tell it like it is Womble415, those you named are flat out racists. Their actions thus far have proven that to be the case.

    • Rose Kediddlehopper

      When is Congress being held accountable for not doing their duty in protecting and honoring our constitution?  These people are all treasonous.

  • Omega2

    HEY BOEHNER, when are you going to charge HOLDER on ACCESORY TO MURDER on the gun running to MEXICO???   NO GUTS YOU POOR SAP??   You should be removed from office on DERLICTION OF DUTY!!  I realize you are sniffin OBUMMMAA'S BUTT but remember your election is comming up.  IF YOU CANT STAND UP FOR THE PEOPLE THAT ELECTED YOU THEN GET TO HELL OUT OF CONGRESS!!!

  • Annwkingsley

    If  laws and entitlements need to be different for Non-Whites, perhaps the country needs to be different also. Non-Whites should begin thinking about repatriation to the "Old Country" where the laws are different and most everyone there is Non-White, so they never have to consider themselves racially disadvantaged. Oh, but I forgot, the Non-Whites in the "Old Country" consider themselves to have been totally destroyed by Colonial Imperialism - a type of government from which there is apparently absolutely no recovery, as it was managed by Whites. As long as Blacks use Whites as an excuse, they will never gain economically.

  • mattwm

    Obama and his entire Administration are a bunch of racists.  so is the Democrat Party, you know, the one that fought to keep slavery in America.  They are hypocritical racists who have no tollerance for people unlike them.

  • Always_RIGHT2

    Eric Holder should lose his job, his pension, his healthcare and be tried in court for failure to prosecute those black thugs who were intimidating white people at the polls.  One historian described the incident as the worst case of voter intimidation ever in the history of our country.  Yet, Holder passed on prosecuting it and literally said something to the effect of "because he's not going to prosecute cases where blacks are the defendents" - what?  He said that and he still has a job?   That SOB should be in prison.  

    • Skipfoss

      His boss was the one who told him not to prosicute any black on white crimes,so who is the one that should loose his job?

  • oldgreyhairedlady

    Hummm? One law for whites and one (different) law for nonwhites.  Isn't that racism?  Some one better check on Martin Luther Jrs.  grave.....he's most likely spinning in it.  The one law for whites and another one for nonwhites is what he risk his life and marched against.



    • DefendConstitution

      I'm with you 100% James. Our elected officials have dropped the ball as well as being scared to stand up to the current half-white illegal squatter in the White House.

      • Krazeehors

        me, too

    • Krazeehors


  • Jacqueline L

    Again the Obama thugs are fomenting racial war fare! There can only be one set of laws and they must apply equally to everyone! Anything else is DISCRIMINATORY. Something Holder has been guilty of since taking office!
     must show a birth certificate and SS and proof of my residence to get my states drivers license, Those who do not drive can get a state ID card, as my deceased Mother did here in Florida. We then show that license at polls under close supervision. How is this in any way discriminatory for any group of American Citizens.
    Obama's gang has played the race card from the day he entered politics in the land of corruption, Chicago.
    Why don't they want to ensure illegals and the dead are not corrupting the voting process? When did voting become a religious rather than a secular matter?

  • casper2058

    Well , He thinks just like the person in the White house, and still 48% of you don't get it or see what is happening. Wake up people !

    • joan

      Maybe the people think like Obama we have 57 States!!! What a joke and still Obama was voted into office

      • LibbyMcGee

        Still holding on to a three year old mistake?  Is that all you have?

        • Mary49

          He was STUPID then and has even proven to be Lot more stupid, than his statement about 57 States. And stupid is the nice word used for him. This Congress and the people should hang their head in shame for what they are allowing to happen in this Country.

  • Kristmas

    he has got to be not only the worse attorney general but one of the worst thugs . Nixon looks like a saint compared to this guy. who in the hell is he

  • lorraine2

    The Republican want me to donate tothe party and Boehner does nothing.

  • joan

    I gather what Holder wants is two America's

    • Momo001

       he is 8%black , 25% white , the rest Muslim.
      Equil but separate  rights. didn't they try that before.

  • joan

    Why is this person still in office!!

  • believer

    Where does that leave BO half white/half black


      WHAT PART OF OBAMA IS GETTING HIS SPECIAL ID?  White or black?????????  As an American I am shocked of this request!

  • Merlin Wood

    proves he is not American

    • Emmett White

      Just as we've suspected, the Obummer administration is the most biased administration in our history.  Yet, for some reason, only we whites are guilty of discrimination and Obummer is using that to start a new civil war.  Another fine esxample of the liberal bias.

  • icemancold

    WELL: Now HOLDER wants to legalize the discrimination of WHITES by NON WHITES. Meaning there will be laws to protect Blacks,Hispanics,Orientals ETC.against prosecution for discriminating against those who are white.Now that is JUST WHAT THE DICTATOR OBAMA WANTS.The WHITE people to be third class citizens. TALK ABOUT RACE ISIM OBAMA,HOLDER,JESSIE JACKSON,AL SHARPTON ARE THE BIGGEST RACEISTS THERE EVER WAS.!! 

    • Krazeehors

      Remember, it was Holder who flat-out REFUSED to prosecute the members of the New Blackk Panther Party for voter intimidation in 2008 because, "it's about time white people experienced some of what the african-american race has had to go through to vote."

      • Nickfortun06807

        Obama and Holder are both blatant racists and they obviously don't care if you know it.  They have the power, they can call anyone who challenges them "racist," and the RINO Republicans will not allow either of them to be impeached.   This is a politically correct game and only those who are politically correct can play it.  The media, The liberal Democrats, many if not most Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, and it seems even the RINOs are anti (tradional) American.

        • Krazeehors

          And you think I don't KNOW this?  Anybody who votes for this f*****g POS fraud of a POTUS in November needs an immediate lobotomy and/or brain transplant.

  • Aray

    Congress needs to do it's job. He needs to go!  Equal laws for all reguardless of one's color or lack there of 

  • joe m


  • Nickfortun06807

    Where is the……CHRISTIANCAUCUS? Can’t have that, because of "Separation Of Church & State;" right?Or the…WHITE CAUCUS? I think most would agree that it would be in bad taste And racist if there were to be a White Caucus. Multiculturalism? Diversity? EQUALITY???

    • LibbyMcGee

      The Christian White caucus is the GOP.

      • Nickfortun06807

        Is that what' it's called?  The GOP???   The GOP is divided by individuals who are not necessarily unified.  And if they are as you say the Christian White Caucus, why don't they call thenmselves that?

  • Lawrence55

    Does Holder think we white folks are stupid, this only to get the black vote and the hell with you the rest of the year.  If blacks are so stupid to vote for obama than they deserve him.  Un fortunately blacks vote color and whites vote qualifiation, except liberals whcih do not what they are and dems are right behind them, no brains, no vision,  no morals and no values just plain stupidity and it shows.  Look at what is leading them.

    • Snowman55

       Good point Law some day they will out number us white folks, that's when we're in real trouble.
      How many people think as I do that Obummer just needs to go away?  

    • Nickfortun06807

      One has only to observe the people on MSNBC to witness self-hating white people.  Blacks expect Obama to take from the white people to give to them; and they're being taught in our public schools about white racism and slavery so as to justify their resentment and racism against whites; while whites are being taught to repent and put up with discrimination as scapegoats for the past.  

      I wonder, we white people are quickly becoming the new minority; will tehy take care of us and protect us as we have them?

      • Krazeehors

        They don't care about our veterans either -- reluctant to call them heroes because it "might encourage more war"

        Obama even tried to get our military wounded warriors to PAY for THEIR OWN health insurance because "it is an all-volunteer force" and "they knew at the outset that they might be hurt."

  • Dabenn

    does he show his unAmerican Papers

    • Snowman55

       W.T.F. Is this guy brain dead or what?

  • Aggie

    57 STATES, shall I say more???  The whole group Obama hired should leave now, including Obama

    • Krazeehors

      Are you familiar with the significance of the "57 states" comment??  There are 57 ISLAMIC states!!!  Obama got caught exposing his TRUE feelings.

  • pointdan

    Eric Holder is truly a piece of garbage.
    Nov 6 - Take Back America !!



  • Ron

    Eric Holder should be impeached, he is a total joke, along with his boss Obama, who probably put him up to this idea.... Is it November yet??  I can't wait until these bums are out of my site..

  • LibbyMcGee

    Wow. You are simply not smart. Mucinex is not a right, voting is.

  • jmsmaxwell

    Eric Holder and bomma want a separate law for non-whites?   Is he saying that people other than white are
    incapable of comprehending and understand the law?  Or is he saying they are to backward to comprehend
    the simple legal system we currently have because they are for some reason unable to obey any law that
    might be in effect?   I do not comprehend where that idea came from.   I have known many people of
    color over the years from all over the world.  With rare exception, except by mental deficiency, they could
    all comprehend the law and the results of criminal actions.   If holder and obama want a law for people of
    color only then I strongly suggest they find a country that is solely comprised of people of the same color
    as they are and go there with all haste and good riddance.

  • Doug Hensley

    Holder is arguing that the law places an undue burden on people who don't, in the normal course of their lives, already have such ID. That the fraction of eligible voters who are nonwhite and fit this description is higher than the fraction of eligible voters who are white. That therefore, voter ID laws have the effect of damping down minority voting, and that this makes them unconstitutional.

    But this is faulty logic. Laws against armed robbery also have the effect of damping down minority voting, because the fraction of the population that fits the description `armed robber' is higher among nonwhites than it is among whites. Laws that limit the vote to those age 18 and older also have this effect, because the fraction of the population that is under 18 and nonwhite is higher than the fraction that is under 18 and white.

    The real question has to be---is the law a contrivance to diminish minority voting, or does it have a legitimate and necessary public purpose, and the voting effect is a side effect that's been kept to a minimum?

    Those who want to get voter ID laws passed and upheld by the courts need to make every possible effort to ensure that those laws pose minimal or zero inconvenience to eligible voters who don't already have the ID. This is possible. Laws that spell out extensive steps to ensure that there won't be any discernible inconvenience to voters who now lack such ID will pass constitutional muster. Unless, perhaps, Holder is the one who gets the final say on whether the law is OK. 

  • Lawrence55

    Everyone should have a picture ID card obtainable with a LEGAL birth certificate for their own safety and the safety of the police and fire department.  If they cannot afford it than they can have it for free.  I say make it mandatory for a citizen to have picture ID and illegal aliens put out of this country.

    • Krazeehors

      Well, that would eliminate Obama, wouldn't it???


    I guess he has something special to hide...just get an ID and use it.  I would not leave home without my ID.  You have to have an ID to get medicine today, get a credit card, rent a car, write a check, etc,  so what is the big deal in showing someone at a polling area your ID.  Maybe it is just me, but Holder needs to re-evaluate his standing as Attorney General...there are NO special laws for non-whites.. now as a white, I think He is RACIST!!!!!!!!!!

    • JoAnn

      Holder is a big time   RACIST.   That is the excuse he or they, or them, use when they have no other recorse.     Every one knows the steps that they use when the are wrong, guilty, in a jam.  Calling us racist.    They are lucky their ancistor came to America period.  Never mind how they got here. it was wrong  coming as slaves.  Yes, but it was Abramha Lincoln    A REPUBLICAN THAT SET THEM FREE.   If not coming her at all they would be running in the jungles half naked or being killed by their own people, or starving to death.   Look @ it this way.   They are further ahead because of their ancestors.   They don't know how to be thankful.  Not taught to be thankful.   always wanting hand outs.  They need to be thankful & make some thing of them selves.  The opertunity is, was, & still there if they want it.   Always using excuses for their misfortunes.    The Administration is made up of   RACIST   people thinking that they can rule the rest of us.   Well they have another thing coming.   Don't change the rules   CONSTUTION   to suit them.    Get rid of the whole clan in the Administration.  They are no D..........Good.   Our Constitution Stands.  Go back to their own country & try to change living conditions there.   They need Them.    Martin Luther was not a
      Democrat.   I never knew that.   Any ways,  live in peace or get out & go back to where you belong.  This is America The Land Of The Free.    Fore Fathers are turning over in their graves seeing what is being done to over turn what they have made this country      America The Land Of The Free.

  • Mark

    We spend decades trying right the wrongs of how blacks were treated before the Civil Rights laws in 64 and when they get into power they simply do the same wrongs that were done to them.

    That makes them far worse than whites in the past because these people know better and should know it is NOT right because of their experience on the other end.

    Sounds like they are just getting revenge instead of gaining wisdom.

    • Krazeehors

      Let me tell you a little story:
      When I was in the military (at the -- allegedly -- "premier" base in an -- allegedly -- "elite" job), I worked with a blackk instructor.  I am white and female.  This instructor REPEATEDLY tried to "order" me to "put his briefcase, his classroom materials, etc." away for him, REPEATEDLY to asked me if I had ever "had sexxx with a blackk man" and "if I had an open marriage."  THEN, one day at lunch, he baited me and said "one of your students have the hots for you."

      Needless to say, I came unglued, and a very heated argument ensued.  I tried to charge him with sexual harassment and was given an unlawful and direct order to return to class.  My students -- all middle aged TDY government workers -- were equally incensed, and THEIR complaints (issued IN WRITING) fell on deaf ears.  The other instructor got away with a fake apology.

      A few weeks later, the very same instructor told me that "I didn't know what it was like to be poor," because "he grew up in East St. Louis" and "I grew up in Anaheim, California" and it was "my fault" that "he didn't get brand new books like I did at school."

      The result was the same.  ALL complaints fell on deaf ears.  My performance reports were downgraded because I "had problems getting along with others."  My co-worker received a Meritorious Service Medal -- NOT KIDDING.

      Think racism at the Federal level is unique to this Administration?  Guess again.

      It has, however, NEVER been as BLATANT as it is right now.

  • Ronald C. Smith

    Yes, holder and company think we white people are stupid, why would he act otherwise?

    • MCJ5060

      He's drunk with Obama juice....

  • Johnny Morris

    The minority is now the ruling majority...and probably in numbers also.  If anyone has been paying attention for the last 3.5 years, it is clear they are making the rules these days.   The conservatives are becoming weaker, less numerous, less savy,  and the country is going to hell in a handbasket by the minute.   Definately the Bad is kicking the Good's butt at every turn.  The Good had better wake up and get energized or it will be all over but the shouting.

    • i2luvmyusa

      The minority  are  the ruling majoriy  because of dulicate and illigal voters! Support voter ID and the numbers will  go down dramically. This fact is  supported by EH constant fight against voter ID and the fact that he did not arrest the Black Panthers in Philly with voter intimation.  Vote straight Republican top to  bottom in Nov. 2012!

  • chamberjac

    Eric Holder is CRIMINAL.  Please go to Alex Jones prison planet tv and watch the video of the interview with Jerome Corsi .  Holder is a member of the Mexican Drug Cartel.  He needs to be arrested and jailed.

  • Zee

    Does anyone think that we will be able to have anything approaching an "honest" election this November with Eric Holder as the Attourney General?  His selection process re what his office  will deal with seems to depend on the color of the perpetrator!

    • MCJ5060

      in answer to your question...DID OBAMA WRITE THE BOOK ON MARY JANE???


    Everything AG Eric Holder says and does has a liberal and racial tone to it. Isn't American Justice supposed to be blind to ethnic origen and race?  

    • MCJ5060

      only to whites

  • Jacked

    I Want to know when  Boehner is going to charge obama  ??

    • Gary H American

      That is a very good question! He needs to get a backbone and nail Holder! he is a gutless House Speaker!

  • Play Righter

    And thus the race-baiting idiocy continues.  Today another site (We Are Responsible Negroes) is running an article claiming that Romney is a racist using the "lazy negro" slur because his ads are called "Obama Isn't Working".  Then again, this is the same site with some two dozen articles convicting George Zimmerman for the "racist, cold-blooded, stalking, hunting down and murdering" of Trayvon Martin, with virulent attacks (and comments deleted) for those saying that evidence and facts should be used in a fair trial.

    This racist dishonesty is a cancer on America.  Holder (and Obama) just happen to be at the top of the chain

  • Dc

    We must elect individuals with integrity for the US Congress who have the balls to enforce the Oath of Office and the US Constitution by impeachment proceedings. 

    • Snowman55

       Right on Dc!

  • RobertB

    Right I drive a 27 year old vehicle and the black guy down the street drives a 2012 Escalade. Disadvantaged my butt!

  • Dave

     For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my Attorney General.

  • Gary

    Obama and Holder, should be charged with treasonous acts against the country, citizens and the attack on Our Constitutional Laws in favor of Shari Law.

  • swede41


    • GaryH American

      Exactly Right!

  • prescreener

    It is another example of the division of the masses that Obama and the Dems are trying to  accomplish. It will bring the country one step closer to SOCIALISM. Separate and conquer. Watch out for this one.

  • Ernie Wall

    As i keep saying holder along with his idiot boss need to be tried for treason

    • djstorrie

      When this is over with, they must be made examples of, so this never happens again. They must be prosocuted for treason.

      • Krazeehors

        absolutely!!!  Been a long time since this country had a good treason trial.  Been an even longer time since they had a good public hanging, as well -- the last one was in (1936?) in Benton, Illinois, on the courthouse lawn!!!  Historical fact.  The pics hang inside the courthouse to this day.

  • Jrw1195532

    This is just another way to distract the public as a whole--(white and non-white) from the real issues faced by our country and the world. The elite are pushing for One World Government--New World Order and as the Buliderburg Group meet to decide how to proceed in this idea we wollow in stupid racism.

  • MCJ5060

    It's open for interpretation ALWAYS when you're dealing with liberals.  They do LOVE their words and word play and manipulation of words, don't they.  "I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN' (liberal definition at play)  I DID NOT INHALE (liberal interpretation at play)  I WILL RESTORE TRANSPARENCY TO OUR GOVERNMENT (out right lie but liberals retain the right to never admit it)

  • Wtram46

    Eric Holder is not smart enough to be called stupid!! He is inciting racial problems and should be locked up for it!!

    • rank

      If only he were stupid.  He is following a plan to the hilt!

    • Harvey Nichols

           Oh they are smart enough to cause trouble,thats all Holder and Obama have done all their life.These two people want trouble so bad they cant hardley stand it,you see they want to declare Martial Law and then they can be totally in Charge,they think.
            What this pair of clowns are forgeting is that when  the American People have had enough they come out like a mad bulldog and i dont think either one of these fools want to be standing in the way when the American people have had enough of their crap and decides to put a stop to it.GOD BLESS AMERICA`

  • antonioandy

    I have realized that this and the other insane cultural and political events we are witnessing are the manifestation a society gone mad.  We can only blame ourselves for all this, and should aplogize to our children and ask them forgiveness for what we have allowed to happen to this country.  There is no turning back unfortunately....

  • Vet

    This joke af an administration keeps being bigots and racist, when are Americans of all colors going to stop the maddness ??

  • Anna

    Its time Americans start calling Eric Holder and Obama and Michelle 'RACISTS'. They are the epitome of what a racist looks like and sounds like.

  • $ocrate$69

    You forgot....liberals don't have a religion, unless you consider humanism, secularism, atheism, and agnosticism religions.  Therefore he's not mixing "religion" and "government."  In fact, Holder doesn't have a clue what honesty is, what the US Constitution allows, and the line between legal and illegal!  He only knows what's right for him, servant to the earthly self-proclaimed messiah!  We can yelp till the cows come home because you can't argue with liars, deal with crooks, nor understand their mentality.  One way or another, they will end up in the fiery pit somehow, some way, at the proper time.

  • USPatriotOne

    First and formost there is NOOOO place in the "U.S. Constitution" that states there is seperation between Church and State.  I hold a J.D. in Law and took Constitutional Law in Law School.  NOOO Place does it makes this statement...!!!  So everyone stop saying it does.  Just becuase the Liberal/Communist/Democrats want this to be, does not make it so...!!!

  • flaphil

    Many people can print many stories similar to this one on favoritism in the Obama regime, until the seasons change.  This man and his partners are the most racist, crooked and evil tyrants that ever walked on American soil. The only way to remove this cancer is in November by replacing him and his cohorts. The major problem is the American people. Can they start thinking about their country's direction, even though many were filled with liberal/leftist propaganda in school and by the mass media. Unless we stem the tide now, we are facing a massive failure of our country. Do you think Obama wants equality? No, he wants reparations in money, control and the demise of white influence. That goes for many Hispanic groups and gangs also, they want whites put in "their place".  The Japanese might have been right about America about twenty or thirty years ago.

  • Worthington

    Instead of "hope and change" we have got blatant, reverse RASISM!

  • Doc

    More racial inequality from the most raciest administration in history!

  • Bobscia

    voting is so important,were sending the bravest of our land to go fight and give there lives so other country,s  can vote and we can,t even keep corruption out of our on elections, no wonder most of the world think were morons !!!!!!

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Holder is a enemy of the state and he is going to push racism as far as he is allowed to under Obama, who will let him push as far as he wants to go. What I'm up set about is the Senate and the House that is so weak and intimidated, they are scared to even voice an opinion, let alone start article's of impeachment, both on Obama and Holder.  We have a sick administration, but it seems we have a Congress that's not just sick, but appears to be on life support. We the People need to do what the Obamacare is going to do to the elderly when they become sick and that is to terminate both the House and Senate, as they have become useless and need to be put out of their misery.

  • joepotato

    Holder is racist scum. If he was in Chi-town, he would probably go to Rev. Wrights Church with Obozo.  He needs to be indicted for "Fast & Furious" and the cover-up that seems to be ongoing. Several charges come to mind for this lawless AG.

  • No way in the USA

    call it porch monkey incorporated and they can have their group in Mexico with all the Spic and span's

  • service

    "Conference of National Black Churches" WTF is this now? Could you imagine if there were a Conference of National White Churches. Racism is alive and well for all colors except white. I'm sick and tired of the  racists in the black community spewing their vile hatred of whites! How long do they think we will keep bowing down to the race baiters before we stand up and fight back against these bullies? Time is running out bigots!

  • DeborahCats

    Mark, your observation seems wise to me - except let's notice that many black Americans are also incensed at Obama and Holder (and so many in this admin) for this bigotry.  About 40 years ago or more the book PEDAGOGY OF THE OPPRESSED pointed out that oppressed people -- be it public like slavery or private like child abuse -- grow up (in age or civil advancement) to become the oppressor.  This is the cycle we need to break.  It is no longer a racial issue.  It is (as it has always been) certain behaviors that we abhor, and Eric Holder is exhibiting bigoted behavior every day.  We need to avoid all racial language ourselves and be specific and consistent in denouncing bigotry wherever it appears.  Sadly, this now includes our president and his administration at almost every turn.

  • Linda

    The never ending nightmare. UGH!

  • Becky Blanton

    So we'll have a line at the polls that says, "Whites Only" and "Coloreds Only"? Didn't we do away with that crap in the 60s? Isn't that what the Civil Rights movement OPPOSED? 

  • GaryACook

    Oops! The author asked the wrong question.

    I believe he meant to ask, "Can we assume that only “whites” will have to show IDs in the future?"

  • Hb528

    Look at any city that is or has been governed by blacks and see what our country will look like when this bunch is finished

  • [email protected]

    the law only places a burden on those that don't comply. I comply so why shouldn't everyone else. Unfair burden? Do any of those without ID drive? talk about unfair burden!

    • Robert Cosenza

      the ineligible communist treasonous trader ovomit/devil and the head racist a/g holdup,who did nothing when the border guard brian terry was murdered under his watch,and has never admited or said anything about terry,and only those that don,t comply like the ineligible/communist squatter in the wh,and his band of treasonous do nothing traders,ovomit ignored a georgia supreme court subpoena{treason}sent throops to afganistan with out congress approval{treason}has a live birth form,not a real birth certificate{felony}has a forged social security card{felony,and spends millions to keep his records sealed,only those with something to hide{like you ovomit/hitler.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse and all american veterans/ nation under god

  • Egalicki

    Worse than the antics of the current 'administration' are the attitudes and actions of blacks and hispanics. They are determined to make themselves, or actually whites, a separate kind of people. They are basically declaring war on whites. Whites are the ones who stopped slavery in this country, not blacks or hispanics. Muslims still practice slavery. Why are they not declaring war on them and making them their enemies as they have been doing with whites. I had not had any anti-any race feelings until the last 10 or 20 years as the blacks and hispanics have made themselves separate and us whites the enemy. I thought this was America, a melting pot, and we were all Americans, not something-hyphen-Americans.

  • F1jordan

    Why would anyone be unhappy with having to show identification, unless they have something to hide.  Something needs to be done, it's too bad that Obummer didn't have to show his LEGAL papers before he ran and was elected to the office of the president and now we are stuck with the anti-american bunch that is rapidly changing this country, and when he did show his counterfeit  identification, it was too late because our politicians are too afraid of outbreaks of violence to they throw the two criminals (Obummer and Holder) out of office. 

    • Patricia M McBride

      actually, they want to do what they do in California where you can't ask for ID.  They load up bus loads of folks and give them a new identity at every poll and there isn't a single thing you can do.  Know someone who worked the polls, and was told some of them can't even pronounce the name they are given and person they are supposed to be!  And if you wonder why the dems still control California?  There is your answer.  They get lots of folks to vote lots of times for pay!

    • Papa341

      Fear is what keeps people like holder & bho in office and I don't understand why some people can't see it. I believe if we don't throw out the person holding the oval office and the rest of his staff we would see our country fall even further into hell.
      We have two choices, #1-Prayer,from all who believes that our God> 'Question of the day for Luke Air Force Base:  >
      > > > > >
      … > True Story..... >
      > Luke
      AFB is west of Phoenix and is rapidly being surrounded by civilization that
      complains about the noise from the base and its planes, forgetting that it was
      there long before they were... A certain lieutenant colonel at Luke AFB
      deserves a big pat on the back. Apparently, an individual who lives somewhere
      near Luke AFB wrote the local paper complaining about a group of F-16s that
      disturbed his/her day at the mall. > >
      When that individual read the response from a Luke AFB officer, it must have
      stung quite a bit. > > The
      complaint: > 'Question of the day for
      Luke Air Force Base: > > Whom do
      we thank for the morning air show? Last Wednesday, at precisely 9:11 A.M, a
      tight formation of four F-16 jets made a low pass over Arrowhead Mall,
      continuing west over Bell Road at approximately 500 feet. Imagine our good
      fortune! Do the Tom Cruise-wannabes feel we need this wake-up call, or were
      they trying to impress the cashiers at Mervyn's early bird special? >
      > Any response would be appreciated.
      > > The response: >
      > Regarding 'A wake-up call from Luke's
      jets' On June 15, at precisely 9:12 a.m. , a perfectly timed four- ship fly by
      of F-1 6s from the 63rd Fighter Squadron at Luke Air Force Base flew over the
      grave of Capt. Jeremy Fresques. Capt Fresques was an Air Force officer who was
      previously stationed at Luke Air Force Base and was killed in Iraq on May 30,
      Memorial Day. > > At 9 a. m. on
      June 15, his family and friends gathered at Sunland Memorial Park in Sun City to
      mourn the loss of a husband, son and friend. Based on the letter writer's
      is real #2-All  people black & white get off their butts long enough to vote! Most of the black people voted for bho and I understand that but after 4 years of nothing I think that will change?? In case the blacks don't want to kick him out,we who are white  have to get out to vote. God help us if he is elected again!!

  • Stef

    Just like Nazi Germany, the Republican party wants to force everybody to "show your papers". The words have changed (to show me your ID) but the control of the people is still the elites (bankers, etc.) objective. Our rights come from the Creator (those who still believe in God as our Creator) not from government.  The government was instituted to protect our G0d-given rights known as unalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence. American's Founding Fathers fought and died for not civil rights but for their God-given unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuant of happiness. Follow God or be a sheep to the Government.

    • carlyjo

       and like Obama isn't leading us down the path to Nazi Germany, typical libtard, blame it all on Republicans. What a moron.

    • Agentlp

      You are pathetic!

    • Pamela Dunn

       Stef the troll suffering from R-C Insertion syndrome is obviously totally IGNORANT on the subject of Nazi Germany but immediately seeks to smear the republicans when they try to make sure that elections are fair and honest instead of like Chicago and other areas controlled by the Democrats.

    • Gail

      Why do you BLAME the Republicans.  You must have something to HIDE.

    • Grandaddy1946


    • poppakap

      Anytime someone starts with " Nazi Germany.." be prepared for a typical, nonsensical appeal to the emotions rather than fact.  That Stef can't seem to differentiate between inalienable rights (those granted by the Almighty), and those provided by government (like voting) should be enough to discount anything she trolls about.

    • Allison Moore

      Are you seriously comparing showing id in order to vote or cash a check to what Nazi Germany did? The Jews had to show their papers just for standing on a street corner. They weren't allowed to sit on park benches or ride public transportation. Do you really think this compares to Republicans wanting ALL PEOPLE - not just minorities- to show id in order to vote so that people aren't voting as dead people and fictitious characters like in the last election? Yes everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but where does the Bible or the constitution say you have the right to fraudulent voting (or fraudulent check cashing for that matter)?

    • Kurt

      Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness by honest people.  It'is not the Republican party, and it's not Nazi Germany, to prove who you are and cast your vote "ONCE", legally. 

  • Gunsmoke11

    Jerks like this with HOLDER, are a Dime a Dozen when it comes to knowing and Doing what is right for the People..... Holder speaks out from his A__s without knowledge of anything he does or says..... When is it that this so called Human being going to be Prosecuted for the WRONG doings he has done.....especially with Fast & Furious Operatives.....  It is high time that WE THE PEOPLE stood-up and DEMANDED that this SCUMBAG be removed from Office and Dealt with by the very LAWS in which he is supposed to Enforce himself..... We also hope that we can do the same with Obama and ALL of his Co-Horts under his Administration......  The sooner we do this, the better off we will be and we can get back to making this Nation of OURS once again GREAT !!!!

  • the voice of consistency

    Didn't we used to have 'separate laws for non-whites'? You know; the 'Jim Crow' era? Is THAT what Holder wants in reverse? Because if it's now "O.K." to do so, then it was also "O.K." back then too, by the same moral standard. Can't have it both ways, folks. (Well, I suppose they can, but then don't be surprised when all the "anti-racism" cries fall on deaf ears more and more. Either it's wrong, or it's not. Choose one.)

  • Eve

    This administration and their discrimination against whites is not surprising since they were hand picked to do this. I think we should go back to the old method of voting. If you own property and have a vested interest in this country then you can vote. Those in jail or on the government dole don't have the same interests as those who work and save. And of course illegals dont have an interest here. Why should they when they are citizens of another country?

    • Witsend

       Owning property and having a vested interest do not necessarily go together; nor does not owning property mean one is not vested in their country. Many, many renters are just as involved as landowners.

    • Randy Lute

      what do you mean by "on the government dole" eve? you talking about gov workers? about us on disability/social security/retirement who get a gov check every month? if so,i have news for you,i worked all my life for the gov check i get,and i have as much of a right to vote as you do...

    • Wkelly10103

      AMEN!!! then let the folks who can't vote file charges against those of us who are white! it'll be just like the hatfields and the mccoys!

  • Pamela Dunn

    There's NO EXCUSE for a governmental official to show the amount of racial predjudice that Holder has displayed while in office. Time to arrest him and kick him out of that office.

  • KENAL13


  • Meechemill

    This is the most racist administration EVER - What is Eric Holder holding over everyone's heads that he can get away with statements like this?  Where is the Media - it's OK for Liberals to go before churches and tout their politics but God forbid a Christian/Catholic pastor goes before the congregation - the Media is all over it - but for Obama and Holder - that's OK

  • Marine223

    GREAT! So we can give him LIFE without Parole for his crimes!!!! And Obie can get 30 years for Forgery!



  • Pumpguy

    I think  "non-whites" should be very, very offended by his presumption that they, the "non-whites" are incapable of navigating the complicated world of applying for, obtaining, and carrying a drivers license or non-drivers license or other form of ID that all the "whites" are so much more capable of doing.

  • Randell Danner

    Eric Holder is a racist prick who should be behind bars by now!!

    • Mike Tanco

      Yes Sir and the biggest "Prick" Obama in the same prison. The POTUS is a felon anyway. Discount no birth certificate, he's using a forged SS# that belonged to a man from Connecticut. 
                                                                                                                                                                                  Mike Tanco

  • Richbo09

    Memorial Day made me remember all the people, black and white, who died to keep scum like these two from taking over our country.Did you feel the tremors from all of them turning in their graves?

  • Eva

    so would you say he is a R A C I S T?

    • Texasdraw

      Obamao is a racist, 1983 Occidental , his paper, Calling for aout andout bloody war between blacksand whites.  If you look at his appointees and csars, He has token whites including the VP Criminals are rampant. 

  • rank

    Just imaging a white high-level Republican  speaking in the same manner to Catholic priests.  Holder, Obama, the media, the ACLU would be calling for tar, feathers, resignation and jail time (if not a lynching)! Seems like we have had two sets of laws since January 20, 2009.

  • rascallyrabbit

    Preaching to the choir here, we all need to trot over to the Huff Po etc, and ask a few questions.  We need to appeal to real Democrats that have not been intellectually towed under by the radical left.

  • Patricia M McBride

    Since people have to show an ID for countless things, this is not an unusual request nor was it a big deal until the current group wanted to divide our country up by race, gender, sex, and everything else.   He is far from the great uniter and far more like the great divider who is trying to take race relations back to a period before the civil war when we were separated by such things.  In our country now, everyone is supposed to be treated equally except in the Obama world.  And no, showing an ID is not like the Nazi's, but withholding needed medical treatment for some groups is certainly.  And Stef, don't talk to me about our founding documents, because if you support the Marxist in the white house and all his communist ways, I assume (and rightly so) that you don't know squat about any of our founding documents or the intent behind them.

  • Nobama

    Can we put that man in jail? Please!

  • Jdseabourn

    more turd brain ideas by turd brain people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Coulton

    The Left has the majority right where it wants us ... scared!

    To fight for our rights or even to fight for equal rights is racist in their eyes let alone to challenge their racist policies.

    • jettthemesh

      I am not scared. I get called a bigot, a racist and a homophobe everyday and it makes me laugh.

  • john811c

    Equal protection under the law, I am in favor of having to show a photo ID to vote it can be a State issued drivers license or photo ID card issued by the state. I would have no problem submitting to this.  To work or open a checking account you have to present your drivers license or state issued ID. The only reason it is a problem is for the Liberals to allow unauthorized people to vote namely those who are here illegally for people here legally it would not present a problem. And it is equal ALL who wanted to vote would have to do this even the white middle class, lower class, rich, poor etc... ALL

  • Mark

    Voting is a right, however, the exercise of that right is completely up to the individual. 

    All steps to vote are in place and the voter must make the effort to comply with the steps to vote.

    No where in our constitution does it grant the Federal government the right to assist Americans in the voting process.  We are only allowed to vote and it has always been our responsibility to make the effort to vote. And you must be an American citizen to vote as well.

    Eric Holder is clearly trying to open the doors to voter fraud.

    He should be impeached!

  • Kurt Grossman

    Pray! If you think that the kind of hypocrisy, lying, favoritism, and unethical behavior by elite wealthy people and godless bureaucrats will crush our country then pray that God remove them and that we return to being godly people.  If ignorant lazy white people had not relinquished control of our government to "minorities" they would not have the ability to control our lives.  Generous people wishing to be "fair" were so ignorant and naive they turned over the country to a group of godless Marxists.  "Of the people, for the people, and by the people..." means it is the "People's" responsibility to put good representatives in power.

  • Patricia M McBride

    Eva, I think you already know the answer to that one!  But just in case, yes, he is  a bigot and a racist.

  • Gordon

    Intentionally trying to incite riots is a felony.

  • Lstorytellerl

    this just shows how absurb Eric Holder is and what makes it so ergent to impeach him from this job as AG

    • Holy Smokes

       Impeachment, my butt!  He needs to be tried for treason, convicted, and hanged by the neck until dead in Leavenworth.  Then start investigations of  Janet Incompetano, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi. 

  • L8blumrtoo

    There is no such thing as "reverse discrimination." Discrimination is not a white issue - and it's being blatantly encouraged by black leaders such as Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah White, and let's not forget Louis Farakahn.

  • Patricia M McBride

    Oh, he assumed whites had ids and wanted white people to have to show their id but everyone else just to walk in off the street and we just take their word for it.  Gimme a break after 2 states now are saying their was huge voter fraud in the "ovomit" primaries and he would not have gotten on the ballot if they had found it prior to the elections.

  • Joycevivian

    Eric Holder should be taken out of his office, he is nothing but a lier, and a threat to America.  He is not worthy to even step his foot into the White House.  He does not serve the people, he is a lier and a cheat!

  • Mariesa

    I would bet any amount of money that Martin Luther King, Jr. is rolling over in his grave!!!  All the time and sacrifices he made to ensure people of color had the SAME EXACT RIGHTS as whites, and now these lame-brained idiots come along and roll us all back to the 1960's!  IDIOTS!!!!   You have show a picture ID card to get a if they have a frigging job, then it shouldn't be a big stretch to show it to vote.

    • RobfromVA

       exactly the point Holder is trying to make... many don't have jobs because they don't need one with all the government welfare they receive.. and they don't need a photo ID to draw a monthly check from the government!

      • Krazeehors

        Since when?  They need one (or used to) in Illinois

      • Krazeehors

        How can they draw welfare and food stamp benefits without a valid SSN?

    • Txblackjack

      That is the problem, the majority do not have jobs & do not want a ID for one reason or another.Have yet to see someone using a welfare card be asked for a ID.

  • Blair

    And here I was. under the illusion that separate but equal separate and unequal.

  • CoolApple

    Isn't it funny how that works. All those years of protest's for equal right and then, now they want separate rights. It proves a point beyond any doubts. They will never be satisfied and if you are white like me, we are all racists.

  • waffo

    We had separate  but equal laws before and the Blacks didn't like them. I think Holder means that for
    e very law that is against whites, it should be legal for blacks. We sat on our  butts too long and let the
    gov't have it's way and now we are waking up to find our country has been taken over by socialists,
    communists, and left wing radicals. It's our own fault foe allowing it to happen and it is our responsibility
    to correct.

  • Patricia M McBride

    Eve, good idea.  No one should be able to vote to get part of someone else's property or money.  Those who pay taxes (really pay taxes and not just file a return so they get more back than they paid in), should be able to vote and they should all be required to use an id.  Since everyone would be either a property owner who pays property taxes or a worker who pays income tax, they will all probably be bright enough to come up with a picture ID.

  • Texana

    "...based on the state’s own data — that the proposed change would place an unfair burden on non-white voters.”Read more:

    There is no BURDEN.

  • Harvey Nichols

    Eric Holder and Obama are a Joke,trouble is the joke is on us the American people.America we have got to defeat these people in November and put every one of Obamas Czars and  Lisa Jackson in jail where they belong,as soon as possible.

  • Texasdraw

    Obamao  has had over 100,0000 policies, acts, executive orders, Written into  law. Executive order 13575, puts the cap on all. Even if Obamao does not  declare martial law this one order, Give him more power, and literally rapes the american citizen and the taxpayer, This puts his storm troopers in charge of every survival mode, and  makes the President  neutered. UN<INterPOL< FOREIGn MILITIAS< JAPAN< CHINA, UNIONS , ILLEGAL< OTM"S SIA"S,  building cities here within th USA, Russia, Building sea cities,. Africa controlling the shipping lanes, Brazil controlling all off shore drilling. Do not even think this not the agenda.  All moneys being  deposited in the IMF, That is why Obamao placed a female  butt buddy at the head of it. DEath penalty for ignoring or  critizing, the e CO2 Tax, OR globlal warming.   UN , taking billions too overthrow the USA goverment with taxes on internet. Electric grid has the buttons on President Jacksons desk.

  • Oldhatt34

    Basically he is saying that the Constitution or its preamble are wrong and that all men are not created equal, that non whites are unable to perform the same acts as whites. Apparently a form of ID that would identify its holder as a legitimate citizen is way to much of a strain for non whites to carry in their pockets or purse.

  • elizabethrc

    Just what is the unfair burden on non-whites in requiring voter ID's?  Is it too much trouble for them to get one?  How hard can it be?  This is just nonsense.  The real reason black people are opposed to them is either laziness or knowing that they will be held accountable if they try to vote illegally.
    Was it so hard for them to get a driver's license?  If they can do that, they can get the voter ID.  They just need to shut the hell up with these charges of racism.

    • Krazeehors

      Holder actually believes that "non-whites" are not poor.


  • Liberals Just Sukk@All Things

    Shouldn't there be enough from Fast & Furious already to impeach Holder and have his buttt in jail on murder charges?

    • dntmkmecomoverther

       Yes there is; but don't forget who initiates federal investigations: the DOJ...Holder himself holds the trigger on the gun we have pointed to his head...he's not about to pull that trigger...not yet anyway.  This is how dictators work...we need to rid ourselves of repeat offenders like Holder this November.  Vote well America!

  • Donna Mohler

    Eric Holder is a racist!  The whites that voted for obama were IDIOTS!!!! I have 2 Homeless Nephews that i bought their state id's for! Eric Holder is for voter fraud apparently!!!!! Maybe i'll try it this November!!!

  • Brad Nova

    Is this author really trying to say that conservative politicians do not speak to church organizations?

    This in not something the ACLU has ever complained about and it is not something that violates the constitution at all.

    When tax free organizations endorse a specific candidate then they are violating the law.

    This article is a joke.

    • Wayne74467

      No Brad, the jokes in your mirror.

    • Hotrod

      What law would a church be violating by endorsing a candidate? Any such law should be challenged as violating the free exercise clause of the 1st Amendment. Furthermore, the "separation of church and state" was written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists to assure them that the state would not interfere with religious expression. How far we have strayed!

      • Brad Nova

        The rules required to remain tax exempt. Otherwise anyone could call themselves a church, get out of paying taxes and promote anyone they want for office.

    • dntmkmecomoverther

       Brad, are you really this dull, or are you just fishing for comments?

      What Eric Holder did was 'coach' black pastors on what/where they can be 'political'.  That's incredibly unprecedented in history that a sitting DOJ official goes to the length of explaining the law to one segment of people: Black Pastors.  My question is, when will the DOJ come out and clue in the white pastor? Rhetorical question but it needs asked.

      If we dig a little further into this fiasco, we will likely find out that Holder's interest is actually deemed a necessary component foisted by the Obummer Admin so that Black Pastors are brow beaten into stumping for Obummer.

      • Brad Nova

        He explained the rules to them. Much different than Michelle Bachmann standing in front of congregations while the ministers say what a wonderful candidate she is.

    • RobfromVA

       Are you kidding.. you better do your homework on this one. There have been plenty of threats from the ACLU for separation of church and state for this very reason.

      • Brad Nova

        Please give one example.

  • Daniel Vaughn

    These 2 'non-white' guys are so Racist that is unbelieveable !!
    They don't want equality for non-whites, they want 'Superiority'.
    If they get superiority, then NONE of them will have to work !!
    That would mean that they could join the otehr 5 million, or so,
     to 'sponge' of from the real taxpayers. I'm not racist, I believe in equality,
    but I also believe that to attain it you have to work like the rest of us.
    No more staying home to make more babies. So they will recieve more
    money and foodstamps.

    • Kittyhane

      There has to be a stop for those nuts wanting reparation for ancestors coming as slaves. Maybe whites should demand it for their 'indentured' slave relatives that England sent over. There were more white slaves than blacks. Even the ones in Africa had their black slaves. Then they sold their own people.

  • Fort Worth Yankee

    Eric Holder should be charged with a hate crime for those remarks.

    • Coleche24

       I don't know if he could be charged with a hate crime, but how about instigating a riot. That seems to be what he is trying to do.

  • Corsica

    So it's an "unfair burden" on non-whites like Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Pacific Islanders, Arabs etc, oh, and blacks? Where's the unfairness? Where's the burden? Can't wait for this pissant mulatto to be replaced by the new administration this coming January. 

  • JD

       Sounds like seperate but more equal.

  • Brit1911

    I would like to introduce the world readers to the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), they focus on constitutional and human rights law.  Then there is the Allied Defense Fund (ADF) who defend our 1st Amd. rights, you know, "freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble."

  • Dorris P


    What is he still saying anything people will even listen to, Like Barack these people have NO CREDIBILITY.

    Keep your MOUINT SHUT your wasting your time.

  • Steve Killgo

    They're stacking the deck their way. Let's stack the deck our way! IQ over 100 and you have to own property to vote! Now that would be change we could live (and prosper) with.

    • Kittyhane

      YES and in the beginning ONLY land or home owners were allowed to vote on things. I rsent the demoscums buying beer for scums to vote on how much tax I should pay. I bought my place at a price. That is how all the huge levies get passed. Low downs don't own property or pay taxes so why should they care?

  • Threebs3

    There is no Constitutional right to vote for the President of the United States.  All voting rights are at the State level.  Theoretically we could refuse anyone to vote for the Presidency.  

  • The Atheist Libertarian

    Eric Holder is an abject idiot.  nothing more...  and he'll be out of a job along with Obama next year...

    • Kittyhane

      Eric and Axelrod remind me of 'skid row' deralics

  • Bama59

    Maybe I, as a European-American (white), should file lawsuit after lawsuit for discrimination against my race. Maybe if every white American started filing such suits we could show just how stupid this type of crap is.

    • rivahmitch

       Forget your lawsuit. Just buy ammunition , stockpile food and prepare for what's coming.

  • Allah

    Typical BLACK NAZI MARXIST.  F U and HOLD this and your make believe law you POS!

  • Carole Wood

    Everybody has to show ID to purchase, cigarrets, alcohol, Rx, driver's license, EVEN GET A PASSPORT.  Obama and Holder are complaining because most of THEIR supporters (village idiots, street people, drug addicts, Marxists, Socialists, etc. ) either don't have/lost /never got an ID.  My gosh, they have to show ID to apply for their food stamps and welfare checks.  Lets THINK ABOUT THIS,  even college kids have to show even a Social Security card to register for college or at least a birth certificate.  Holder/Obama are just using this as an scheme to get all those ILLEGALS the chance to steal the rights of LEGAL CITIZENS.  You DO KNOW that he is trying to get an Amensty for 1 million illegals passed 'quietly', by sneaking it into another bill.  Make sure you get all the Conservatives you know registered, make SURE they have a ride to go vote.  I have volunteered to drive neighbors if they need a ride.  I don't care if I have to make several trips that night, I will make sure they are able to go vote. We do absentee ballots, but I will still drive them.

    • Threebs3

       I agree.  The Dems would ship people over from Europe to vote if they could.  And, barring that, have them file absentee ballots.  They could care less if you are actually qualified to vote.

    • Kittyhane

      Here in Ohio if you are getting tests in outpatient hospitals, you have to show an ID with a picture or they won't do your tests. The freeloaders have no problem showing wel lfare IDs for things. What's good for one is good for all. No one nowadays is dis-advantaged from anything. transportation, handouts or ANYTHING

    • johnsnare

      Hello Carole.  Excellent comment, and oh so accurate.  since the Black Mafia invaded the Black House, all required documents do not apply to Liberals, Blacks, and Hispanics.  You see, the New America, is looking to control society, and punish the White folk, for being"WHITE'".  We have become the minority, and must be punished for the sins of our ancestors, although, my ancestors came from Italy.  Welcome to Obama's America.  Please, remember this when casting a vote in 2012.

    • alle3540

      Thank God for you Carole ! We need more good people like you.. We need to vote Obama OUT !!! I hope everyone stands together and votes Romney.

  • Rshep0723

    Why are we not surprised????  This is typical Obama--win at  any cost!  Get ready people and heads up.
    You are about to see the dirtiest, most compromised election of the year.

    • LB1021

      It's time to "Lock & Load"!!

  • Joseph Gary Hunt

    Only white's are racist, there have always been separate laws for whits and blacks....that is why obama did not need to be a "Natural" born citizen......his father was never an American citizen and his mother denounced her citizenship before obama was born in Kenya........

  • gepops58

    Well he most likely does not even have a law license his buddy barack don't seem to need a birth certificate to be potus why should holder need a law license

    • alle3540

      Amen !!! you are so right.  Please have everyone that you know vote Romney we need to stop Obama

  • Ann Mallory

    NO!!!!  All men are created equal.  The law applies equally to everybody - black, white, red, yellow, green, purple, blue and orange people.  Everybody. 

  • Justcant

    Did Holder have to prove that he had above the IDIOT level of intelligence to be AG?

    • iamsurrounded

      Obviously not

    • annie66

       No. He never should have been confirmed, either.

  • smogdew

    I don't know how we get out from under this mess - NOBODY is going to start impeachment proceeding against either Holder or Obama.  It would have started at least two years ago; this pair of racist clowns is bulldozing their way through the laws of the US and laughing all the way.  One this is for sure, they are a hell of a lot smarter than the collective intelligence of Congress.  Talk about a Master Plan.....
    Thought we had 3 divisions of government for 'checks and balances' - they have made everything thing a joke and pretty soon all our liberties will be in the trash.

    • annie66

       We are going to have to jump into the middle of the clowns in the House and Senate and get rid of those who have no intention of doing their jobs. It seems to me that these shenanigans such as refusing to abide by the law and by signing treaties etc that harm the  sovereignty of the nation are treasonous and I think charges of treason should be sought. This administration does not have the authority to 'fundamentally reform' this nation. He and Holder need to obey the law and Congress does, too. We are going to have to become much more verbal, though.

      • smogdew

        WE really have no power beyond the vote* - we are stuck until the elections......and that's just about a lose-lose situation.  Either he wins and continues on his path of destruction or he loses at which time he will have a childish, immature temper tantrum and spend his last months destroying what's left of the US.....he scares the daylight out of me because he is NOT normal in any sense of the word.
        *I have called my representatives locally & in Washington and the closest I get to anyone is some obscure secretary who will be 'sure the Senator receives my message".  I have sent letters, faxes and emails and in response to all my efforts, receive a generic letter thanking me for my 'letter, fax or email.....with no mention of the purpose of my message. 
        Our representatives are so far removed from us as to not know or care that we exist until they need money to run their campaigns.  I'm in Florida, Marco Rubio and Allen West are the only two Congressmen worth retaining come their next runs for office - the rest can be drop kicked in the Gulf . 
        I can only hope we have a slew of powerful Tea Partiers.

        • annie66

           You are right;  Obama is not normal. And our representatives are gutless. I become infuriated when these useless legislators send out those stupid form letters that are meaningless, too. I'm in Texas and Kay Bailey has been useless for years, Cornyn is utterly worthless, and Conaway is a joke. Hopefully Cruz will beat Dewhurst. TX has elected a bunch of Conservatives in the last few years. I like DeMint, too. I think when it gets right down to it, though, it is going to take the personal power of the American people to put a stop to this. I think we are going to have to start punishing people for treason.

  • JohnHD

    I Have a large family and we are of the opinion that if the voter id law isn't implimented in S, Carolinia we are thinking of going down there and voting in every district in the state.

    • iamsurrounded

      Good idea - all Republicans should do the same everywhere they can. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

    • Krazeehors

      Sounds good, if you vote for anybody but Oliarinchief.

  • Rockdraron1986

    f-ing NI@@ER !! the revolution is coming

    • Brad Nova

      Six likes - and people try to tell me the Republicans aren't racists. Way to go Rocky.

      • Will


  • lawnorder

    This is only one of the reasons why the Presidential Election in November will be the Mother of all Fraudulent Elections. Obama cannot win in November if the election is on the level. Recently Florida counted over 50,000 dead people on it's voting rolls. It is a good bet that practically all the other states also have an untold number of dead people on it 's voting rolls. Add to this the untold number of illegal immigrants that are illegally registered to vote and you can readily see why Eric Holder and the rest of the left wingers don't want to enforce an ID requirement. Under this scenario, our prospects in November are not very good. And, if Obama canmot win the election, even under these circumstances, I believe he is ready to incite riots, start a civil war at which time he will declare Martial Law. By doing so, he may postpone or suspend the November Election indefinitely.  

    • Medvedm

      You are so, so, so right, lawnorder!!!  BO is not interested in governing the USA according to the constitution and his end game is he wants to be the Dictator over the entire globe!  I truly believe he is secretly settting up the players with the help of the SEIU, ACLU, A Sharpton and J Jackson, to incite riots across America just before election day 2012 and then he will declare the USA under his Martial Law and avoid being thrown out as POTUS by losing in an election.  He has duped and duped and duped the citizens of the USA should this nasty stuff he is planning doesn't surprise me.  I wish and wish that every American would open their eyes to this no good, lying, deceitful, sham of a president.

    • alle3540

      Dead people can not vote so, why does this  happen ?? Obama !!! Illegalsshoud not be voting.. What is wrong with this country.. OBAMA !!!!

    • LB1021

      You don't really have to be dead to vote, just be in the Al Franken clan, and have your people bury the ballots, until you have illegally secured a US Senate seat...the biggest comedy scam ever to take place! 

    • Seeker1212

      There are many other people that feel the way you do, but fear of speaking out.  It appears that the master plan is to create a civil war, what the brainless nig’s fail to realize is that there is nothing more dangerous than someone with nothing to lose.

  • dean

    As I hear and read this B.S.  I am becoming a RACIST. 

  • Brama

    What ID laws and the such does is level the playing field so that everyone has to obey the law.  But that would give Democrats, white or black or whatever, a heavy-handed blow to their socialist, retrobutive racial agenda. 

  • Alaskacarlson

    Eric should be HALTERED!

    • annie66

       He certainly should. He needs a muzzle, too.

  • s58031ts

    Us white boys and white girls have to show a picture ID in MI to vote.  Might as well have the illegals do it also.

    • iamsurrounded

      They can just show their Mexican government IDs

    • alle3540

      illegal means not legal ! Why should illegals be allowed to vote her in our Country.. What would happen to us if we tried being illegal in another country , Jailed for life..  even death . Why are illegals being given the right to be here and given free money etc..

  • dean

    Democrats can't win without the fraudulent vote.

  • CajunPatriot

    Birds of a feather flock together, my sainted grandmother used to say.  Eric Holder is an idiot...or does he think that we are?  If the past presidential election demonstates anything it is that 45 and older white men have good sense.  They are the ONLY major voting group that did NOT vote for Obama!

    • Liberals Just Sukk@All Things

      I'm proud ro say I was in that group too! I didn't vote for Obama...his arrogance sickened me and I din't know anything about him....just didn't feel right in my gut at all!

    • alle3540


  • Frank

    There is a scripture in "The Book of Mormon, a Second witness of Jesus Christ" found in Alma 10 verse 27 which reads " And now behold, I say unto you, that the foundation of the destruction of this people is beginning to be laid by the unrighteousness of your lawyers and your judges". This was stated over 2000 years ago. Has anything changed since then? We as a nation have to many judges and lawyers running, or is that ruining, the show. Back to the fundamentals of our founding fathers, or the time I served in the military fighting communism has been wasted. Let's turn back to the God who blessed us with this choice land, and removed the trash we have representing us in our nation's capital, and install good people who uphold the constitution which allows freedom to all.

    • alle3540

      You are very well informed and God Bless you and Thank you for serving in the Military for our Country.. Now  we are all being called upon to select and vote for the right person to be President and that man is Mitt Romney.. I hope and pray that every person knows that we need to get Obama out of our White House . God Help US  if Obama gets in again.

  • Rchguns

    If I was an American of African descent I would find this whole thing extremely insulting. What Atty. Gen. Holder is saying is that black people are too stupid to get a photo ID so they can vote. He's also saying that they're so stupid that they need to be told how to vote!

    Voting is not only a right but it is also a responsibility! If you want to be part of America is your duty to become informed and to vote intelligently. Obviously Atty. Gen. Holder feels that Americans of African descent are incapable of being informed and voting intelligently. Why are these affected Americans not out protesting being treated like stupid fools.

    There's only one reason to not have voter ID cards and that is to allow for wholesale voter fraud which the Democrats and to some point Republicans have enjoyed for some time. But this administration has taken it to a new level. In the last election if everything could be drawn out the amount of voter fraud would've been tremendous. In Chicago and Illinois there are two loading bases. The first base is what all politicians must draw from and that is eligible, registered, and living people! Base two seems to be the favorite of the Democratic Party in Illinois and that is to combine the first group with the second group that consists of illegal votes, votes from nonexisting people, and voters long dead.

    I challenge The Black Community to stand up to Atty. Gen. Holder and inform him that he is wrong, that Americans of African descent are not stupid and they are tired of being used. I also believe that no one will challenge Eric Holder because it's too much trouble, or they don't have the time, or in most possibly that they agree with them. Simplified question! Black America are you tired of being used, abused, and labeled as stupid by this administration?!

    • Krazeehors

      In milwaukee, WI in 2008, they had 7,000 MORE votes than they had REGISTERED VOTERS!!  Any guess about what is going to happen next Tuesday??

  • RP

    White Hispanic and Latino Americans are citizens and residents of the United States who are racially White and ethnicallyHispanic or Latino.

  • Jsatmary786

    How do you spell FRAUD???????

    • Daniel from TN

      Two ways. h-o-l-d-e-r and o-b-a-m-a. (Lack of use of capital letters deliberate)

  • Pathos 11

    We should also have a law declaring that  anyone who attempts to change, misinterpret or ignore the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights  and the Constitution is subject to criminal prosecution and will be  considered a  traitor with an automatic death sentence.  If we had such a law in place, our nation wouldn't be in its present chaotic downward spiral condition. 

  • noelle2011



    • PMDavis

      They only want a different law so they can pass through fraudulent votes because they know that's the only way Obama can get re-elected.  

  • iamsurrounded

    The double standard never ceases to amaze me! It's obviously just a big lie so they can continue to cheat at election time. Where are the brave people we need to stand up to this?

  • 55mike55

    Lets digest the latest B.S. from the man pretending to be an attorney general. Hoodie homies, black panthers, assorted poor folk trapped in perpetual poverty, illegal aliens, and just for fun Mexican drug lords no I.D required. The dead who vote in Chicago do they need I.D. gosh I hope so, ridiculous as ridiculous as the man we now have staining the office of the presidency. November cant come fast enough.

  • W.a. Fleet

    Do you think we will make it until the elections - I mean come on ?

    With Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. - ‘another small man on a team of small men’ - standing up for the rights of all Americans?
    That thought really frightens me - and it makes the time I set aside for weapons cleaning and the study of urban warfare even more relevant!
    Stay safe - stay healthy and stay strong!
    ( Oh and diversify your knowledge base - intersperse the fiction and BS that you receive from the MSM and toss in a bit of Fox News.
    Try just an hour for openers and you can even keep it a secret from your associates - until they start to see that you are losing your sophomoric view of the world ! )
    Rhodesway cares!

  • Rowfan

    In response to Brad Nova, who said
    "Brad Nova Is this author really trying to say that conservative politicians do not speak to church organizations?

    This in not something the ACLU has ever complained about and it is not something that violates the constitution at all.

    When tax free organizations endorse a specific candidate then they are violating the law.

    This article is a joke."
    There is a big difference between a "church" and a "church organization" as outlined by the ACLU *and especially* the IRS, which has used so-called "separation of church and state"  as a club to beat churches into silence when pastors in the pulpit advise their congregations about political candidates. The ACLU will sue any individual or organization in a heartbeat if that individual or organization speaks out against any of the cows the ACLU holds sacred.  Do your research and see who and what the ACLU goes after and then get back to me on how the ACLU never "complains" about. They don't complain, they just sue the person(s) into bankruptcy and destroy their lives.But it's okay for AG Eric Holder and the ACLU to "brief several hundred pastors in the African American community on how to participate in the presidential election" without losing their tax-exempt status. Be guaranteed no "white" church will be getting this briefing.

  • LindaRivera

    The intense loathing and HATE for whites by this administration continues to advance. It is despicable. We Americans think of ourselves as brothers and sisters, but apparently that is NOT ACCEPTABLE to the Obama administration. The Barack Hussein Obama/Clinton/Holder administration are doing everything they can to divide us as a people. They know that UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE FALL. Are they hoping to stir up a race war where they can then implement martial law, where we will forever lose our freedom and human rights.?

    • Tjzbears

      No the marshall law will come from attacking IRAN.... "our no war president"

    • Daniel from TN

      Liberals want civil war so much they can already taste it. They ARE already preparing for it.
      450 million rounds of ammo, most of which can only be used in weapons used by UN troops; Constantly trying to engage US military troops in overseas conflicts, leaving fewer US troops at home; FEMA camps; A constant barrage of attempts to limit or eliminate 2nd amendment rights; ATF now wanting a ban on shotguns, weapons that would be very effective in a war; executive orders that surrender more and more US sovereignity to the UN. In my personal opinion, Liberals are not just hoping for civil war; they are planning it and herding the country towards it.

      • LindaRivera

        You are absolutely right. What a sad day for America.

  • Mrooker

    According to Holder, it was OK for the Black Panthers to show up at polling places to intimidate white voters since he didn't prosecute them.  If some white Marines showed up to scare off black voters, they would have been led away in shackles.  What Hypocrisy.

    • Daniel from TN

      Here's a question I have asked many times in the past three years and have not received an answer. Holder refused to prosecute Black Panthers on FEDERAL charges of voter intimidation. Why has there been no mention of those Panthers being prosecuted on STATE charges. Surely, Pennsylvania has a state law against voter intimidation.

  • Kartua28

    That racist Holder needs to be gotten rid of immediately!



  • LionsShare

    What states require an ID to vote and which ones do go vote in the states that do not require an ID and we will stop this crap....

  • MontieR

    If we do not reclaim OUR government, with THIS election we will have surrendered our country to the elites that want COMPLETE power. God help us we are going to need it. These CRIMINALS who are in power today are exactly that CRIMINALS, with each passing day we loose more and more of our GOD given rights to these corrupt, perverted quasi humans who have NO morals, NO decency, NO common sense and NO allegiance  to the United States. their SOLE purpose is to retain the power they have and grow it until it consumes what is left of America. They somehow believe in the aftermath of our collapse they will still be in charge. It is more likely they will be dead or in prison. They have grossly underestimated the will of the American people. We threw off the chains of tyranny in 1776 and I have faith we WILL do it again if necessary (witch it IS).   

  • PaulCindy

    Let's go back to segregation, since it is obvious many Blacks don't like Whites, we all pretty much live apart, have vastly different beliefs & culture, and the Millions of blacks that refuse to get off their butt and blame Whitey for everything, we may as well be segregated legally.  If that is what they believe will help them, go for it!

  • Frogman

    Wel cCampers, if yo want to see where this will evenually lead us as a nation, just take a good look at South Africa and you will uderstand exactly what's ahead for us in the very near future. If anyone is required to show proof of identity, then all must be required to do likewise. About time all states get off their  political butts and take the necessary actions to insure that voting , driving, cashing checks, taking out loans, receiving welfare and/or food stamps, attending school, and all other events where fraud is most prevelent be resolved. This should also include peeing in the cup in order to collect a monthly welfare check. If I'm required to do this to get a job, then those on welfare, who are supposed to actively be seeking employment (but wouldn't be hired because of chemical traces) should also be considered my equal and required to pee on demand. I'm afraid we've permitted this stupidity to be a part of our lives too long, and doubt anyone can do anything to reverse things now. Best be keeping your powder dry and muskets by the door, for anarchy is just around the corner, and the only person you can count on to protect you is yourself, because the politicians will be hiding in some distant cavern, protected by military types.  

    • Ronald

       If we are going that route then you left out a few people, the peeing in a cup should start with the president and filter on down to all other government employees without exception and for sure all types of police, state attorneys and Judges and be done with no warning and by a completely netural Panel of people not a part of any government or police department. We have so many police and Judges and other government people on drugs that we need to weed them all out first!
      No more passing laws that leave anyone exempt!  Of course there will be a lot of Job openings and we will be needing to hold election a lot more often! Welfare people are not the only ones on drugs and should not be the only ones peeing in cups to get a check. Another thought, where do you think prisoners in jail and prison get there drugs? can you say GUARDSSSSSSS!

    • Timothy Thompson

      Let's also make it manditory that unemployment checks need to be issued only at the unemployment office as it was in the old days.  Stop mailing checks out to the unemployed making it easy to sit home and watch TV while waiting for your check.  Make it inconvenient as it was in the old days when you had to go before the social worker to prove you had looked for work.  What a noval idea. 

      • Seabeebobmu2

        How I love "Nostalgia!"

  • J. Edward Miller

    Eric Holder is a vicious, divisive racist. Attempting to use Christians and Christian churches to spread this racist gospel is a shameful heresy which is the antithesis of the true Gospel of Christ. Let's pray that pastors and other Christian leaders are not intimidated and continue to place their faith in Christ and not Eric Holder and his minions.

    • MTSNJ

      You got that right..I'm for separation  of Holder's Freedom, he belongs in jail.

    • Ronald

       Obama had to send holder because he's not sure which church to go to now! He has to think about going to his old black racist church he went to for over twenty years or to a real Christian church or a white church or a Black church or one of those JOINTS that Muslims go to, you know the one's I'm talking about, where they chop off the heads of everyone that is not a Muslim!! Obama sure better be careful, if he ever sets foot in a Muslim Joint now since he for homosexuals and forcing them on everyone, that might be a head chopping event for him Muslim or not!!!

  • CrisAWise

    Good folks remain silent while jackals howl. No wonder the jackals are the only ones heard! Conservative preachers and priests had better inform their flocks before the First Amendment is gone.

    • Ronald

       Turning the other cheek works only until the Pain sets in, and Then!!!!!

  • jb80538

    Well that will only set  race relations back a few decades.

  • MrChuckster007

    Good article! However, I have a problem with the wording of this sentence, "Can we assume that only “non-whites” will have to show IDs in the future?" Shouldn't the question be, "can we assume that only" whites "will have to show ID's in the future?"

  • tionico

    if "one man one vote" (nb, "man" is not gender specific in this instance) and the "non white" segment of the voters is incapable of getting photo ID, then I suppose we should devolve to the excellent system used in the Middle East... show up to  vote, drop your ballot in the (one) box, crop your finger in the purple ink bowl. Sure, all the illegals who want to can vote, but at least no one will vote twice or more. Bussing the bums from the homeless shelters to four different polling places won't work any more.

    How stupid does Holder think WE THE PEOPLE are? Maybe HE is too stupid to see through his perveted thinking and values, but WE areen't.

    • Ronald

       ObamaPolitics! he's getting ready for his dictatorship!

    • Timothy Thompson

      Tionico what a great idea it would also give investigators looking into cases where possible non Americans voted the ink must be such that it can't be removed for at least a week.  People who should not have voted will be easy to spot with the ink on the finger and proving without a dought that his vote should not have occured and is illegal.  Great idea. 

  • PMDavis

    The black community always plays the victim.  Now its even a burden for them to get a photographed ID card so they can be legitimate voters.  Give me a break!!  What burden??  They complain and whine about everything.  They live in the greatest nation in the world, but won't be for long, and can have and do anything they want but they just continue to sit on their fat butts and expect everyone to pay their way.  If something doesn't go their way they cry "racism" and hide behind that skirt or threaten violence till they get what they want.  This entitlement society will be the downfall of this nation.  

  • Newjud

    Just a "sick" no good person we call a man who is really an advocate to Satan.  All the "takers" will love his spewing, but regular good folks regardless of color will  look upon him in disgust.  He is a divider and a pot stirrer and nothing good can come from that.  

  • AJP

    If ERIC doesn't like these law pack up yopur bag and head for the MUD HUT  Eric should be i nPrison for the crap he's pulled.

  • Joe in CT

    Is there such a thing as "impeaching" an AG? Or does the insanity that comes out of the West Wing take 3 and a half years to reach the Justice Dept? I can't wait to cast my vote and send this #@!*&^ back to Chitown to a job as Dog Catcher. He can decide when he gets there if he only wants to chase and save dogs of only one particular color.

    • ConfusedAmericanCitizen

      He should be indicted. Talk about the Fox guarding the hen house.  He shouldn't be anywhere near our DOJ unless it's as an inmate.

    • Maddyandabby

      I think we have to vote them out. But try and get everyone you know to do so. We all know he will try and cheat and lie and pad the votes like he did in 2008.  That's a given.  He's been in constant campaign mode since then.  That's how they get rid of unwanted ones or people who are giving them trouble in Canada. Thanks....

  • Jeff Chaffin

    Amazing at the hypocrisy! Why the term "non-whites"? Is he ashamed to say "black" or something? Or is he pitting all others against the "whites"? I do wish everyone could just get over the color thing already! How about talking about the "righteous" and the "unrighteous" for a change. That should make for some interesting conversation. Which side would EH and BO fall on?

  • matt39

    Holder is one of the most racist in the country. Why did he talk only to black ministers? Why did he talk to any ministers? What happened to seperation of church and state? Where is the elected Congress in any of this? Buckwheats birth certificate is immaterial. His father was NOT a citizen and this alone disqualifies him. He is NOT natural born. Why won't our elected officials, besides Sheriff Joe, do anything about this. Where's Boehner, Cantor and DMint? Where is anyone in Congress with integrity and morals??? These [politicians make me sick to my stomach. They're only in there for the greed and perks from the lobbyists.

  • giley1

    Holder is a total disgusting representative of the office of Attorney General. He is emboldened by Obama so he can get away with whatever he wants. Our Congress, in the meantime talks about at least comptempt for Holder on the "Fast and Furious" gun scandal, but it's all talk and no action. Holder will continue his dictatorial rule of law as long as it serves his agend and that of the Obama administration. I think the storm of voter fraud is going to brew in November specially for those states that do not have ID requirements to vote.

    • tygresss1

      I'm waiting for Holder to explain why so many of the guns from "Fast and Furious" are showing up in small town America? Any Comments from you Holder?

  • Pathos 11

    Hitler also had a similar law for ethnic purposes namely for the Jews, big difference.  In todays political environment the word race is a substitute for poor quality education, no work, the desecration of family values and 24/7  political media control. 

    • Helen

      Guess your granny who
      May not have a valid photo I'd wd be covered NY Hitler and Americas Civil Rights Act. Repeal the law if y hate it.

  • sfcpete

      Holder and Obama play to the black communities the same way Jackson, Sharpton et al take to the streets and shuck and jive their way to the bank with funds that the poor blacks have given after listening to their lies.  They don't know the first thing about honesty or morality.

  • Sonny

    Mr. Holder can go to... where ever our garbage ends up.

  • Ronald

    Eric Holder like Obama is  a Black racist and he for sure wants Obama elected again or other wise he is out of work and now everyone sees he knows nothing about the laws of this country and that he refuses to enforce some laws!!  He and Obama are the reason we have some dead border guards!

  • Pheilig

    Along with a separate set of laws for non-whites, how about a separate country?  Get along or get out!

    • nancymiller

      Back to Kenya.  (Maybe they don't want them)

    • Jerry

      Your white granny may have to pay to get a photo I'd. So she is covered not under separate laws but Civil
      rights Act. That applies to
      Her and all the blacks, whites, yellow, etc. Try. To understand the facts. Not separate law but a law passed a long time ago. Read what the evil man said. Civil
      rights Act. Look it up.

  • Doski

    How long before the Camel takes over the entire tent ? Shall we have different Laws for each race according to their wishes ? Will the Asian Heritage folks be forced to abide by Whitey's Laws or Blackey's Laws. Will Spanish Heritage folks be forced to abide by Asian's Laws.

    What's next in this race to Race Bating Politics fool-heartiness ? Discrimination by or for any is dangerous for ALL !

    Is Eric ( The Red ) 'Dumb' or 'Dumber'?

  • Dave McAuliffe

    Instead of speaking to black church leaders why isn't He speaking to congress on why We would give 2000 guns to the Mexico drug cartels?

  • Gliynl13

    Holder is verbally practicing Segragation. Didn't we eliminate Segragation back in the 60's.  That was the theme for Martin Luther King Jr..  Now, some guy named eric holder wants to reverse all that had been done in the name of humanity.

    Why not draw a line for the non-whites where they can live and all the others will have to live on tdhe other side of the line.  Now, where to put the non-white line?

    • Dblur

      It is reverse racism, plain and simple. The line will be drawn in the sand, like always. This administration has set back relations between  good people of all "colors" (Martin Luther King said we were all the same regargdless of the color of our skin, remember?) for decades.  We need to rid ourselves of these racist, marxist idiots. Hopefully we cn do so by the ballot, if not....

  • John P.

    Holder is one dangerous person. We have to throw him out of office and put him in the crazy house.

  • Gabachowhitebread

    The Democrats really have kept the black man down ! Affirmative Action makes the world believe that blacks are sub-human, and they do not have the brain power of a white man ! Blacks should be outraged. The Democratic party have kept the black man on the plantation.

  • truckman

    All of obama's people that he has hired appointed or however they work and support should go to jail for treason sedition lying knowing helping to put and support a illegal in office starting with obama and his wife the head of the DNC ,Nancy pelosi and harry reed and more of the congress and senate democrats and rinocrats

    • nancymiller

      Wish I could vote "liked" more than one time.

  • Boxermutts

    I thought that only whites were the racists!  Let a white person try walking through a black neighborhood at night in any town in America and see what happens.  Yea, damned racist honkies !

  • Bb

    where mr. OBAMA .and  HOLDER should SEATH on the PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION????.

  • TooBig

    What does obama and holder stand to gain if we have a race war and what then, they are only puppets so who is pulling the strings. Does this mean non Whites can kill each other and not be charged and treated as business as usual. Black on Black crime is ramparted and obama and holder could care less Crime is crime no matter what color

    • Boxermutts

      George Soros is pulling the strings TooBig !

    • tygresss1

      A race war is only one of the ways that Obozo is going to use to Declare himseld Dicator for life! Open your eyes People, since Obozo and Holder have been in office ALL they have done is played the "RACE CARD". And I was always taught  WE ALL are created equal... hmmm, just I was taught wrong? But then again I'm NOT Ashame of were I was born and can prove where I was born. So I guess when you run away from questions you don't feel like answering about "Who You Really are and where Do You Come from" you play the next best thing that will shut people up.... YOU Play the "Race Card.   Come on People, don't WE ALL Deserve Answers to OUR Questions about that Manchild that is passing Laws everyday?

  • nancymiller

    He is as big a racist as the one in the White House.
    Get him OUT OF THERE!!!

  • Dustin W. Taunton

    Id love to line these idiots up and  give em a good ol fashioned butt whoopin.

  • Harry

    Your granny who is lIlly white may not have a photo I'd, doesn't smoke or drink (or get asked anyway) or use blockbuster or Mucinex. So she has to find her Birth certificate or pay to get one, find a place to get photo id (none in 71 Tx counties), get there, etc. Same for a young person, maybe a poor white or minority. So y that smoke drink drive use Mucinex are AOK. It's not just Blacks and equal access to vote is covered under Civil Rights act. Change the law or at least understand it.

    • Kittyhane


    • Wcobb

      My mother-in-law, who is 76 years old and has never held a drivers license has a government issued ID. She has had it for over 7 years.

  • Timothy Thompson

    Looks like  old Joe McCarthy had it right when he was trying to tell the American Public of Communitst in our land, Hollywood, our government.  It was a wake-up call then and it was the first time that they the left went after him and caused his ruination. 

    Now its 50 years later and it has come to fruition we have been taken over by the progressive, marxist communist  left killing this great nation from within.  Holder in effect has now come out and without a doubt proved he is a racist, a person who has no character and in fact hates whites.  We need to rid our country of these scum who do not deserve to govern our Republic.  The time is near and voter fraud abounds in our country and it is self evident that OLD JOE was right, he just was the first to come forward and fight for our America, we need to make him a national hero, we need to get to the bottom of the Obamination of this administration and its driving America over a cliff. 

    • Kittyhane

      Just out:
      No doubt you saw the Florida story about 56,000 deceased voters on the democRap voter registry. Seem they all "voted" in 2008  and for Obama. LOL. Got confirmed. Remember, the popular vote creates the electoral vote! Numbers do count toward the electoral college. Very worried about Ohio....DON'T LET US DOWN OHIO

  • bless2live

    Sheriff Joe of Arizona may need to check on "Lost Guns go Running" erick holder's background !Little erick holder has some heavy baggage undertow!

  • Dblur

    The Attorney General first goes after Joe Arpiao, an excellent Sherriff,  actually sues this good man for targeting hispanics as possible illegal immigrants within two hours of the US /Mexican border, which is code for Hey Joe! Quit looking into Barack "Black cat daddy" Obama's background or else! This in response to the release of information by Joe's cold case Posse that is so damaging, were any network to take it on and follow through with the so obviously needed investigation to its proper conclusion, Holder and his racist boss, the illegal Kenyan/Indonesian/British POTUS would both be imprisoned along with many others of their ilk who serve them and their radical  cause.   But no, the media, wholesale has sold all of us good, honest,taxpaying, white Americans   down the river, rendering the third estate useless, or even dangerous in its complicity with this entire radical agenda.   Now, Holder is  using the office of AG to interject his racial predjudices against whites by attempting to suggest such an obviously racist and hateful seperation of white and non-whites, by who is required to have ID and who is not? Hitler used such tactics, and if  half blacks and anyone of color is now a disadvantaged party  because they cannot keep an ID, or get one legally, is it the fault of whites?  No, it is the entitlement mentality run amock. This country in going straight to hell and the poster who earlier said to stock food and ammo left out one thing.  Buy guns while you still can, and learn how to use them as it is going to get much, much worse if Obama is re-elected. We must get these radical, socialist, extremely racist and terribly destructive "non-whites" out of our government, or the America most of us know and love will be but a memory. Impeach Holder, then buy and hold it, lock and  load it! 

  • Worthington

    Pathos, right on.  If Americans don't punish for the destruction of our Home, than the fifth column saboteurs will destroy America.


    This man is a disgrace and practicing double standard to the hilt. When there was voters intimidating by BP, he threw the case out. He truly gives the DOJ a bad name!!!

    There is no basis for voter suppression but plenty on voter fraud.

    I heard that over 60% of blacks are fine with voting ID requirement. However this man continues to sow the seed of doubt in the minds of minority and taint the water. Like BO he is very very divisive.  If anyone is setting back what Dr King did, it is Mr Holder himself. People like him has no shame, no shame whatsoever and a total disgrace in to the memory of Dr King!

    • thestormy

      They need all of the dead people & illegal's voting they can get. That's why hussein is giving millions of illegals amnesty, DHS comment lines on the matter will close tomorrow. Everyone needs to call your rep.'s about it. They have to get a spine & stand up to this mafia. He will use another executive order.

  • Waynamal

    I'm embrassed for Americans who's parents parents may have come from equatorial Africa and did not vote for Obama. To be idenitified with the Choom Gang and communist must be disheartening.

  • Ttiben

    Why is this guy not disbarred and or I'm prison???

    • Ttiben

      I meant "IN" prison.


    It is time to impeach Eric Holder. He now has proven that he is incompetent to exercise the law. He has also been
    racially motivated in other decisions he made as AG.

  • steamdwarf

    it's too bad we have to wait for God to sort this radical Chicago group no wonder they have such an agenda against religion and family values,  since at some level even their sub-normal mentalities recognize what's in store for them very very soon from a non immediate-gratification perspective.

  • Worthington

    Coleche, riots destroy - revolutions purify and rebuild.

  • Gary

    Eric Holder is a racist. He should've never been confirmed to AG. He is a disgrace to the (Social) Justice Dept

    • JOHN T. FOX



    See, Eric the racist who won't prosecute the imbecils in the black panthers, wildly approves of tiered law to accomodate elitism and drive the wedge of discrimination and class warfare.   Our congress employs this by writing laws for them and the unwashed masses, note the perks, benefits, retirement and medical the masses are to supply for the congressional elites as opposed to the meager expensive healthcare scam the elites have employed to maintain your existence...the Cadillac Plan vs the healthcare scam....such a deal.

  • Jim

    I've worked in financial institutions all my working life.  EVERYBODY has to show id to cash a check, no exceptions.  The people with no id are out to rip you off.

    • Henslayer49


  • NorCal Libertarian

    More cannon fodder for whomever is  writing the book:
    Definition of Failure: The Political Experiment of 2009-2013

    • Kittyhane

                 Obama's Air Force One           (WAIT! Who's AFO?           INCREDIBLE!!!           He has turned Air Force One into a campaign slogan carrier...           Not only the Obama Campaign logo on the tail, but it bearshis Campaign Slogan and removing the American Flag! I do believe inmost States there are laws against something so blatant an abuse ofpower, using public funds for campaigning. Atop this "personalizationof Air Force One", Obama has logged more miles than any previousPresident. We have a “triple A” president; Audacity, Abuse, andArrogance... He should pay for the cost of repainting/ restoring thecraft.... this guy HAS to GO!           Obama Removes American Flag from His Plane… WHO'S PLANE?           Before After           Barack Obama recently finished a $500,000 total overhaulof his (HIS?) Boeing 757. And as part of the new design, he decided toremove the American flag from the tail.           What American running for President of the United Stateswould remove the symbol of his country? And worse, he replaced theflag with a symbol of himself.           Please forward this if you're not ashamed of your countryand our flag.           If you do not forward this to everyone you know nothingwill happen. If Obama is elected president of the United States we arein trouble. If you think the Liberals can lead our country just lookwhat Pelosi and Reid have accomplished for us... "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"           If you have doubt about this message, check it out at SNOPES

      • Dblur

        That was his campaign plane, not Air Force One thanks God, please check snopes more carefully, flying of the handle does us no good, but make us look inaccurate and uninformed.

  • tygresss1

    Once again everything that's wrong with America is the "Whites fault" so the left says. Since Obozo and Holder have been in Office, they BOTH have been dividing "This Great Country" and it's time "We the People" stand up and say enough of this BULL CRAP. Grow up Obozo and Holder and start acting like you give a darn what you're both doing to this country. It's time for Obozo and Holder and everyone else that's lied to the American People to get their PUPPET into Office. Say it with your vote and make sure the Reps. from your State demand that ALL VOTES are Counted this time around like All our Men and Women fighting for OUR Freedoms overseas!

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • Sacsign

    Be Happy America. Eric Holder Is Proof that even a MORON can still "climb the ladder" in America.

    • Henslayer49

      He's worse than a moron.  I know a few other morons and have some respect for them.  I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ERIC HOLDER....

    • Dcrawford

      I agree with your assessment of Eric Holder. Can you imagine what it would be  like to have this MORON on the U. S. Supreme Court?

  • James

    The Conference of National Black Churches constantly speak of terms against white people, not other races and nationalities.  That's because the whire race out numbers the other races.  The blacks have a majority of government jobs now.  They are the reason white's leave the city's and go to the suburbs and they have since the blacks started the country down hill in 1964.  We aren't very far from the bottom either.

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • Ron

    Has anyone out there ever been given a reason that Democrats say that voter ID requirements in any way suppress "non-white voters?  Is it more suppressive than requiring photo ID for cashing a check or buying a house or getting a passport or a drivers license?  I need to hear from anybody.  Or is it maybe just a lie?

    • Doug Hensley

       They're thinking about the guys who live more or less off the grid. They don't ever travel abroad. They don't have a car. They walk or bicycle to work and they pay their rent in cash. These people do exist, born in the USA and citizens...but their lives are far different from the lives of us internet types.

      An ID sufficient for voting has to be really, really easy to get, and free, before these eligible voters will get around to securing one. I'll say it again: if you want to have a voter ID law, you have to address this issue. However big it really is, it carries a lot of weight with Democrats and some weight with the courts. Plus, if you address it thoroughly, you've taken away the last legitimate argument against voter ID laws.

  • joescoming

    It seems as we as American's give up more and more of our rights to give more up to the Liberal base since they scream the loudest to get their way. Like some unabated crying spoiled brats that every time they do not get their way, they wave the "Racial flag in order for us to feel badly One More Time! Every time we do this and give in to PACIFYING these groups the Liberal and Racial Black Community, the Gay Community and the Ultra Left Community  in general,  seem to hang on to historical references and refute changes that have improved living and social conditions for all American groups for decades. This on going policy of pacification expected from the "WHITE Community"  comes at a huge price and at a cost to All Americans in the range of an estimated $16 trillion dollars to date. If this is not reperation, if this is not an attempt to pasify these groups, if this is just not enough? Well I say:  "enough is enough!" If we have to use Identification for almost every thing we do legally, or for any particular identification purposes, Who out there will this law effect negatively unless it is someone who dose "NOT WANT TO BE IDENTIFIED." Like people that VOTE for more than one name, more than one vote and who are being supported by ....well maybe this incumbant president and Holderman! Are they really concerned about voter fraud? I think not! Why would someone here in America illegally using someone elses name, Id, address even care if they are voting illlegally,  or for someone that is dead,  or for whatever other reasons even be concerned if they are practicing  "Voter Fraud" ID Checks would LIMIT THIS PRACTICE. Wouldn'tit?
     I think Holderman is once again on the side of the Balck community that Yes I will say it is defending "Voter Fraud" to increase the black vote! Are you kidding? Why would any law abiding citizen refute VOTER IDENTIFICATION? There has to be a reason for it. I mean with our out of control immigration, numerous ways to fraud voting in an elelction this is the ONLY way to legitimize the Vote.
    Do your job Holderman!

    • Henslayer49

      OMG...  If you were here, I'd give you a standing ovation.  Joe, what you just took the time to type is EXACTLY how I feel about this issue as well.  Just wait until they start counting the Votes after November 6th cause IT'S GONNA GET UGLY....!

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • Bill Weldon

    Every U.S. citizen age 21 or older should be allowed to vote as long as they "qualify."  I mean everyone should be tested to make sure they can read, write and fluently speak English.  The test should include political issues and current events of the day.  We need to make sure all voters understand this so their votes are based on a candidate's qualifications for office instead of  looks, charisma, sex appeal or race.

    • Aimee

      Bill, I agree with everything that you are saying but unfortuntely you forgot 2 items. One prove that they are an American Citizen and must have a valid identification.

    • JOHN T. FOX


    • Doug Hensley

       While we're at it, let's test voters on their understanding of climate change and evolution. These things ought to be in any high school course of study, so they're fair game. If somebody says that he thinks people walked the earth at the same time as dinosaurs, no vote for him. If he says he thinks that extra CO2 in the atmosphere can't have any measurable effect on temperatures, no vote for him either.

      Or maybe we shouldn't get into the weeds of distinguishing who's ignorant from who isn't, since everybody is ignorant about lots of things and they still know what they want, which is more than a bureaucrat in Washington knows.

  • Max Penn

    Eric Holder is a racist and a muslim.   What happened to equal justices under the law?  What he is saying is what was the fact in South Africa a few years ago.  The blacks did not like that.  Seems to me what he is also saying is "the blacks can't function under the law as it's to completed for them"    Maybe a littel IQ test will work.

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • JodyQD

    Eric Holder is so right! All the white people should leave and take ALL their contributions to the lazy lifestyle with them.  Computers, Electricity, the light bulb, THE WHEEL, air conditioning, heat, TV, the internet, washing machines, indoor plumbing, etc. and in we'll leave them what they brought us.  Disease, famine, welfare payments, and debt!

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • Judge Clark

    The blacks accuse the whites of not voting for the blacks because they are black.  The blacks vote for them only because they are black.  Many whites voted for obama because they expected something different.  He won't have those whites this next time.  Why is it we never read anything someone  says good about obamy?

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • Greyant

    One has to believe from his statements that Eric Holder and the White House believe that non whites and particularly blacks are too stupid to be able to handle their own affairs and do something as simple as registering to vote and getting a voter id card. If this happened to be true, which I strongly do not believe, than those individuals should be declared legally incompetent and not be allowed to vote on the basis of mental deficiency. 

    • JOHN T. FOX


    • Beachsidebikerx

      Voter ID cards need to be photo IDs issued with care.

  • nthisrain

    One thing conservatives and libertarians (and the 'right' in general) need to start doing is not recognizing nor acknowledging the façade of authority of groups like the ACLU and left-leaning groups in general. They have no authority otherwise.

    BTW, it's anti-white bias, anti-white discrimination or anti-white racism. Using the phrase reverse-discrimination makes it sound like being racist towards whites is the norm and justifiable.

  • The_American_Way

    Eric Holder will be judged by history and it won't be kind.

  • crusader2010

    I agree, Sharia Law for everyone but whites, If they steal cut their hands off, If they commit adultery stone them, If they kill, execute them in public by decapitation.

  • jcrawdad

    Where has this Deadhead been in the last C entry ?  We have just past that part of growing up, Now he wants to go right back into it. I hope the people of color see this man for what he is, and help to get his bunch out of office.  

  • joescoming

    One More thing! Look at the racial rhetoric this admnistration is spreading and the recial divididness he is creating more than in many decades! I feel there is a real disconnect being wedged even further between our races so this president can take advantage of an already economically irritated public, Black or White. His montra is 'Divide and Conquer" I mean all sectors, religions and race are being effected by this fraud, his progressive
    office and movement. He will do anything to remain the president. It looks like the race card is all he has working for him at this late date. Too bad and too sad a scenario! Especially when you get guys like Holder man to suport his agenda. One of our our leading legal representaives of our country. Remember folks, don't ever forget,  It is still all of us American's ( citizen's of all colors) Country.

  • DockyWocky

    'Attorney General Eric Holder spoke to a gathering of black church leaders
    on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., where he once again showed his absolute disdain for the Constitution. Separate laws for whites and non-whites is an interesting concept, sure to generate huge aggravation and violence as the non-white's jockey for their special treatments under the now-defunct Constitution. This man ought to be dragged out in the gutter, handed his one way ticket to some commie paradise, and escorted to his flight slung on a pole. He's disgrace.

  • Faye Shamblin

    We need to get rid of Obama and Holder NOW they are trying to start a war within  America so Obama can enforce marital law and then we will have a dictator that is just what he wants.

    • tarawa1943

       bring it

      • Dorothy Johnson

        Why are we waiting to get started. The longer we wait, the more evil will escalate. The are getting bolder in their deceit. Did you see what a blatant Gay did to Will Smith on TV? They think they can do what ever they want! It is a matter of time before one of those perverts try to  kiss or touch a man who is violent, in public. They are going to get blown away and it will be called a hate crime! Correct!
         They know that they are in deep DoDo, so they are going for the whole hog. Keep your guns, remember the Jews who gave theirs up to Hitler. I am saying this, and I am Black. I left the party of the Dumb when slick Willy started playing Stinky Fingers in the White House. Their game is over. Send them to Europe, since they love Socialism so much.

  • Steve

     ID' s are required in the state of  Tennessee to live here.They are about $10. You also need aID to work in  the U.S. if you don't work you don't need to vote. Stay at home and watch Jerry Springer

    • tarawa1943

       Watching Jerry Springer is cruel and inhumane punishment! Who is Jerry Springer?  :(

  • Maddyandabby

    Latest on Holder- he's not "fast and furious" anymore but is into gay rights. Still disgusting , but now he's letting men use women's restroom's?

  • Worthington

    Nickfortun,  we shall be taken care by them like Jews were by the nazis...

  • Yup

    What does Obama do show half his ID he is half and half

  • JamesD71

    It  has always been rather obvious as to exactly who these people are. They are totalitarian racists. How much longer will they be tolerated? Have we cleansed ourselves yet of the real and cultivated white guilt? America needs renewed objectivity...a true sense of dealing with the blatantly overt facts at hand.

    • Dornell Jonses

      I hate to tell you, that no matter what you do now, to solicit unity or show a desire to break the hatred, they will not hear you!! I am Black and I know! Black people on the left hate Condie Rice. Colon Powell is a turn coat. He is chicken and does not want to be ousted. Colon embraced Obama because he feared the backlash of Blacks. Remember the Jews hated Jesus Christ, who is their brother, because of the truth. They paid for it, and so will the people of this nation. WE have allowed it to go to0 far. We must retaliate now, or suffer the consequences. War really is the answer. I will say it loudly, I am ready to separate from the LEFT, no matter what the skin color. We don't have a SKIN problem in America, we have a SIN PROBLEM.  Let''s get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Worthington

        Dornell, may God bless You and all God's People of Courage.

  • Poordevil

    I had a dream  that Eric holder's Mama came out from under the front porch and bit him !!

  • Giddyuphorse55

    I have to question church leaders ethics for even allowing a liar such as Holder to speak in there church.
    Congress has called Holder a liar and he certainly has not been an asset to this country.
    Obama and Holder are enemies of American freedom and our constitution. They make that evident on a daily basis.
    Elitest Biden is also deserving of a boot out if this country.

    • boogies adaddy

      Obviously, the group he spoke to is a political activism group posing as "church leaders".  Nothing more.
      These "churches" have replaced Christ's leadership with political hacks whom they refer to as reverand this or that. A spiritually defaulted power & control "system" is all that's left.

      Few conservative white churches will ask Christ to step aside for a political activist. They understand the real consequenses fore doing so are eternal. In any event, their love of Christ's purpose would prevent them from even considering it.  

    • Jerry

      Just them two?   Hell lets do it right the first time , Lets kick the hell out of all of them, good and bad and start all over again.      You need to read the Book  "America Brought Too her knees"  by Michael  Floria     Get it at   and save

    • Dornell Jones

      What ethics? Most of these hoodlum preachers ride in a Rolly Royc and the people kiss their rings like the POPE. They go to church, they don't know the Bible, they don't love the Lord, and they don't hear any kind of Gospel, but a social rambling about how Whites have mistreated American Black people. Remember, I am a Black woman, and I know. Most of these people don't know who Star Parker is!!!

      Pulled herself off of Welfare, stopped having abortions, went to school and acquired a degree is economics, stared a community forum to teach other Black women in California how to do the same, haS written several books, and spoke a the GOP Convention for support of George W. Bush. She ran for Congress, but California is in love with the Black Congresswoman, Maxine Waters, who stated "that as far as she is concerned, the TEA Party can go to hell". The J Jacksons and Al Sharptons are commited to enrage Black people against America and to deliver a special form of hatred to overthrow this country. Now we have added 2 more goons to the political scene and they are acting like the Anti-Christ  and false Prophets of the book of Revelations.YOU WHITE FOLKS HAD BETTER WAKE UP AND MAKE YOUR MOVE, BECAUSE THIS IS SERIOUS!!!!!!!

  • Johnwahlgren

    Fire this SOB ,he's making a mess of our country with all his lies. 

  • Tanya

    Seperation of church and state makes me wonder why Rev. Wright and Rev Sharpton - do not lose their tax exempt status with the IRS.  I thought that was the rule.  At least it has been for conservatives...

    • Jazmanman

      Amen, the libs get away with anything that sings of political about racist !!
      No consevatrive especially a white one could come close to being a political and so called Rev.

    • Jerry

      My friend not only conservatives   but the big bad white people

    • Hu2gh

      Nigras, like Congress, are exempt from human laws.

  • Kate

    Is there no one in Washington who can see how dangerous and racist this man is?  Why aren't they pushing forward with the gun debacle and not only get rid of him, get his law license as well?  Can our conservative, pro-life, anti-abomination lawmakers see the BIG picture...that if they don't get rid of him AND his law license, the next thing we know he'll be on the Supreme Court and that will be the death knell for our nation if this administration hasn't already made it so!

  • Srusek77

    There is no such thing as reverse discrimination. Its just discrimination. Just like there is no reverse racism, only racism.

  • Mort Leith

    This RACIST Criminal needs to be FIRED NOW ! ! ! ! 

    Where are the upstanding (by that I mean GOP) Senators and Congressmen that are supposed to keep these liberal CRIMINALS from occupying such important and powerful positions in our gov't ? ?

    • whitebird

      They are down at their bank making deposits!  Why work for your money?   Who needs conflict?  Screw the voters , I have the job now.  And wait till I cash in on my retirement benefits.   I think I'll take a nice vacation in Vegas and call it a committee meeting  on the government's dime. .............Be careful how you vote in November!

    • George Gallo

      Hiding under their desks, as BillO always sez.

    • Hu2gh

      Who wrote that, Milton Berle's comedy writers?

  • Netaric9

    Holder and the Obamas (with Sharpton, Jackson, and a few others thrown in) are the the most racist people that I have ever known about.  Non blacks would never be allowed to get away with the horrible acts of the blacks and muslims.  There really are laws for them and different laws for everyone else.  How else could they get way with their racist acts against the rest of the people in this country.  That's our entitlement mentality at work big time..

    • Jazmanman

      Amen !!

  • sean murry.

    Screw you holder.

  • Hammer

    "Eric Holder Wants One Law for Whites and Another for ‘Non-Whites’"

    Ah "Lost in the 50's Tonight"

    He gonna bring the sheets are do we have to suply our town?

  • John Sweet

    Trying hard to separate Americans even more it is well past time to eliminate the Hyphenated categories down to just Two "American" and "Not American" Holder is pushing  for a separation of the citizens in the United States based on race  that seems particularly racist to me 

  • Judyann J

    It is absolutely obvious, all complaints regarding voter ID are frivilous at best, pure bs in fact.  The poor would all be on some kind of public assistance...for which an ID is absolutely required.  The Federal Gov't steps way beyond it's jurisdiction interferring with state voting laws.
         No, there is one and only one reason Holder and the liberals are kicking up a fuss over voter ID laws...clearly all the voter fraud in 2008 went SO well (a warm up for 2012), it is their intention to conduct massive voter fraud this fall.
          As for Holder's incompetence, the Fast and Furious fiasco was just the straw breaking the camel's back. In fact, it is well known and documented Holder's DOJ has become completely perverted...if the New Black Panther case didn't prove that, then the internal memos within the DOJ instructing department personnel ONLY minority civil rights cases would be pursued should provide irrefutable evidence.  Essentially, the Obama/Holder DOJ works for blacks and minorities only.
         This ALONE, without F&F, should have inspired Congress to take action more than a year ago.  As to F&F, the very first day the reports were beginning to break, I knew immediately this was a nefarious Leftist attempt to create ammunition for their attack on 2nd Amendment rights.  It was a devious plan which failed miserably.  Members of Congress need to put on their big boy pants and do their jobs for, not only should Holder be impeached, but he should be charged several acts of criminality including his contribution to the murder of Brian Terry.
          All things considered, that Holder remains head of the DOJ is testimony to the incompetence and cowardess of Congress.  With the exception of Daryl Issa and a handful of others, they ALL need to be kicked out on their pompous, elitist asses in November.

    • George Gallo

      How do you know Halfassed and Spurious "failed miserably?"  It did place a batallion's worth of weapons in enemy hands, and one must assume the proceeds of any sales into some shadowy pockets.  It has and will continue to produce lurid headlines of tragedies that will make many cringe that firearms exist, no matter that the ones they want to banish are mostly crime deterrents.  If those were their goals then the only mishap was that we are on to the plot, but still nowhere near getting rid of the plotters.

    • All American Gal

      I agree with you Judy that the voter ID would disrupt their strategy of  massive voter fraud.  Just as they did for the last election, they will jam the registration boxes, use dead peoples votes, new social security numbers and any other method they get away with.

      Acorn was caught red handed, but they still operate under various names, black panthers were never reprimanded for threatening at the voting places.  When more votes than persons was caught; they claimed not enough time to go back and check. On and on and on.

      What I cannot understand is why our Senators and Congress-men are not doing something to clean it up!

  • Swain, G.

    There must be some way to get rid of Holder and his ilk.  Any pastor that sit through a meeting of this kind
    bowing their heads in agreement, to include the NAACP, are not doing blacks and good but, instead,
    they are black raciasts.

    Instead of Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the so-called black leaders being out trying to get more
    black working on building houses, roads, working in some of these Hispanic and Asian store,
    they are spewn that vile and appears in the street and on television when someone gets shot are beaten by cops, whether deserved or not.  WHERE ARE THE YOUNG BLACK THAT ARE NOT

  • Tybie

    Eric Holder is even less qualified for his position than the president.  Enough from people who continue to victimize themselves........they are trapped in their own unreal world.

  • Joppacon

    State Secretaries do not give any attorney a license to practice law. These idividuals can pass an exam and become a member of an association call "The Bar" but this is not a license to practice law. It really is little more than a glorified "Country Club". One only needs a business license to practice law. There is no such thing as a "Law License". It simply does not exist. Check with your local states.

  • red

    Get rid of Obama and we get rid of this disgrace and a joke of an Attorney General. More reasons to not trust or re-elect Obama.

  • Proudamerican

    More outrageous BS.   alinsky and the 40 thieves will only stop if they are made to stop.    They are mere criminals posing as honest individuals.     It simply does not get any worse America!


      AMERICA will GET WORSE,if the conservatives just complain and do nothing! Remember, you have Conservatives of every color, mostly middle class, religious, and educated!. Most of your LIBS are Ignorant, low class and headenistic!!

  • Michael

    Like I have said so dam many times,  look who in hell is racist.  For over two hundred years, the great and telanted black people have been held down by these retarted black leaders. They only hold the black people down because they are making themselves rich by doing so.    The black people think it is the white people who are doing them an injustices.  NO MY good friends, it is your black leaders.   They can afford to have white and black people get along.   Hell no, if we did,  they wouldn't be needed and have to go on food stamps themselves.  My dear friends put your leaders on welfare and foodstamps and join us in doing what is right and give yourself some self respect.  Don't let another two hundred years go by with you still being one of the only enthic groups still in the same place you were two years ago. 


  • red

    And again where is CNN/NBC/ABC/CBS/MSNBC and all the others "in the tank" for Obama as he tries to destroy America? They are suppose to be our "fourth column" watching out for our best interests in the eye of a tyrannical Government.

    • Hu2gh

      And the Fox in the chicken house.

    • David Veselenak

      Hey Red, they are the "state-run" media i. e. Pravda West. It will save you some time. As I have been saying, we no longer have a free country as we no longer have a free press. You HAVE winessed the takeover of AMERIKA, so far, without a shot being fired! It is time for the states to start forming militias as this regime is at war against the people - plain and simple. WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

  • Gun Rat

    Be careful.  The reactions here are just what Obummer and his hack Holder are working to create.  The minute a fairly large riot breaks out, martial law will be declared.  That my friends will be the end of America as we know it.  Barry Sorotero will declare martial laws and suspend national elections.  He will then set his Czars loose on the population to control and arrest the citizens. 

    No it is time to lock and load on their asses.  We have bent over backward.  All this welfare and free crap has made them arrogant and selfish.  You don't like what I say....tough!  Truth hurts!  The day of reckoning is approaching.  Keep it up Black Leaders and see to your own destruction.

  • JacktheFAC

    This is pure, raw racism, but what else can you expect from this white hating racist in the Whte Mosque and this whitey hating disaster as head of the Department of Injustice.

  • Navy Vet

    Why is Holder so adamant on this issue? He wants the ability to lie, cheat and steal during the November election. The one and only reason for the elimination of voter ID, is to increase the odds in Obama's favor, by CHEATING. Never forget that Holder lives by " the end justifies the means" creed.

    • Darrell B

      Excellent;  these bastards want TWO Americas; the one 'of color' and the one of 'other' who are taxed and regulated to oblivion....

  • David in MA

    And here is a perfect place for obama, holder, jarrett,
    kagan et al to go to and straighten out and form their
    own idea of a perfect society.

  • James Mills

    Hypocrisy is hipocrisy; We know what these people like Eric Holder and Barack Obama are up to. Highjacking the worlds greatest economy for self fulfillment. They remind me of the Somalian pirates; taking over something large--because they show up to unsuspecting successful people armed to the teeth! No one suspected that Obama was the kind of person(well some of us did) --that he has shown his true character to be. Con man. Liar. Vicious. Controlling.

    Hypocrisy: The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness. An act or instance of such falseness. (he is supposed to uphold the law--but goes against fairness of the law)

    Wake up America--or it will be too late for all of us(including my kids)

  • pistofftxpyr

    I'm sure somebody has already pointed this out, but the only thing discouraged by a voter ID law is voter fraud. By taking the stance Holder is taking, he is really saying that he is in favor of fraudulent voting. Why? Because the overwhelming majority of those who time and again are caught red-handed engaging in the practice are Democrats and Democrat front groups (I will not even dignify the overtly biased liberal academic "studies" that purport to show there is no voter fraud problem, since the claim runs totally counter to common sense). Just think back on some of the really close elections we have had in the recent past to realize the disastrous effects this type of conduct may well have had. For instance, voter fraud could well have been at the root of Al Gore's near miss in the Presidential election of 2008 (OMG!!!). It also may have played a decisive role in the election of Al Franken in Minnesota in 2008 and the re-election of Harry Reid in Nevada in 2010.  

    It is obvious from the causes he champions and the cases he files (and those he refuses to file) that Eric Holder is a bigot: he simply doesn't like white people and he's out to prove it to the world. Given his track record as AG, his comments about any subject are automatically suspect, and even more so when race is involved in any way. A prosecutor with this kind of mind set is, in and of itself, not an appropriate holder (no pun intended) of the office of Attorney General; his interests and those of his purported constituents (ALL Americans, not merely black Americans) are diametrically opposed to one another. And I haven't even touched on his personal responsibility for the tying of our military's hands when conducting interrogations of enemy terrorists.

    • Dee

      I agree - I don't think Al Gore would have had nearly as many votes as it appeared that he did, if it weren't for the Dem's 'Vote Early - vote often' policy.

  • Chuck

    This guy has some balls to say things like this. This is racism at it`s core and he is still in office. Unbeliveable.

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • Worthington

    Boehner, like Obama,  must be voted out!

  • joescoming

    As I read the comments a and feedback on some of the issues being drawn here, it seems many received feelings are common sensed people who all want the best for our counry and the political change that will be necessary to make a change in the current political, econmomic,social and overtaxed  situation we are in. I say give the Mitt a working chance! I say get your friends to register to vote and then change will follow. If we do not get it right this time,  then next time! UNTIL IT IS DONE! tHAT IS THE aMERICANWAY. NOT JUSST COMPLAINING ABOUT IT! We need to participate instead of just complaign. There is some thing to do about the situation. Many changes have been made since little groundup organizations  like the 'Tea Party" have made their debut. It is taking affect across the country. We citizens that really care just need to be nvolved. It is fun and stimulating getting out there , raising and marching with a home made sign and saying to the establsihement, "I am mad as hell and I am not going to takethis ANY LONGER.
    So get up and get out there and take your  position to those that will be affected by "the Majority". Let the Liberal establishment know just who the Majority actually is!
    Get out the majority vote, No Longer the Silent Majority! It is our Birthright, it is our small contribution to a democratic process andit is letting this government know: "We demand a change!" Tell everyone until this happens, Get out the Vote!
    This is your real and most effective way to add your voice!

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • Worthington

    for Holder and Obama WE ARE THE JEWS  Hitler intended to deal - happier, richer, better educated, like the Tutsis of Ugandan killing fields - sooner or later must perish.

  • Daniel Taverne

    Like Limbaugh said, the only reason they oppose voter ID laws is because they want to cheat.  What other reason could there be?  It is very easy to get an ID, and they are required for most legal transactions. So, why not for voting?  Why not cut down on the opportunity for fraud?  Why not ensure the vote is fair and honest?   'Cause they aint interested in fairness or honesty!

  • Bdewyea

    Obama, Boehner, the whole crew.  They are all in or near the heart of destroying America with their cunning underhanded tactacs.  Vote out the old and vote in the new.  Then at each new election vote them out again until we get total honesty.  "We" the American people are being lied to, stepped on and crushed under the communist feet.  You can lay down and except it or you can stand like our American heroes and fight with your votes.  The gifts you get today you will also be able to get from others who want your vote.  Just be careful.  They are very dangerous.

    • fiddler

      TERM LIMITS!  Don't give the liberal media leverage anymore (i.e. "you could lose your job if..."). Teddy Kennedy is proof enough that some people (e.g. in MA)  are just plain brain-dead and will vote for someone who just gives them something. We must tell our friends not to make any Faustian deals with the government. The are "TOO BIG" and SHOULD FAIL.

    • JOHN T. FOX


  • Worthington

    LB1021,you will see much greater comedy this November...

  • Ray1075


    • JOHN T. FOX


  • Csimsl4

    In all of my 61 years (I was in junior high when integration happened in the South) have I seen such blatant division of citizens.  In 3.5 years,  obama and his ilk have set back the Civil Rights Movement to pre 50's conditions.  This is appalling but what can we expect from "The Great Divider".  obama and holder with their crew are just keeping blacks "on the plantation".  I don't know of any citizens who don't have to have some kind of ID to do ANYTHING!! But they can't see beyond their own racism...

    • Albertr2

      I totally agree with you!  My wife & I are white and have supported a black girl for the last five years thru college and she is now on her own with a good job.  She will marry a "white" guy, whom she loves dearly.  Obama and Holder are truely the great dividers.   

  • Usshawkins

    Once again Holder demonstrates why he is unfit to be Attorney General.  His position is clear:  The Constitution was written by old white men and it does not apply to blacks, hispanics or other non-whites.
    The Voter ID argument he presents is pure bull.  There are so many things we  do in our daily lives that require a photo ID.  To say it discriminates against non-whites is a big fat worn out lie.  Remember he swore to uphold the Constitution and he has fail to do so.  Worst administration ever.  Vote them out!!

  • dad666

    Now who'd the racist??????????????/
    The left screams racist when it suits their purpose and when they can they intimidate the black community and attempt to intimidate their churches with the IRS and trying to threaten their 501c status for tax purposes.
    Holder should be charged with treason for using the office of Attorney General to attempt to intimidate the black community.
    I only pray to God that the pastors see through this sham attempt and call a SPADE a SPADE in November.


  • Bdewyea

    If the total United States does not start using voter ID's then we will never have honest elections.  It is mostly the Democrats and their corrupt ways that are preventing this.
    And by the way, while I've got you on the phone, so to speak.  Why isn't Obama more interested in Mexico as he is about Seria.  Is it because he wants the destruction of America.  You all know that is his goal.

  • guest

    Holder is a tool.  He should be behind bars with his boss, Obummer...

  • MyFreedom1776

    If we talk, disagree, or whatever, with the Obama government,the white people are called RACISTS. Now this JACKA** wants to have a separate law for non-WHITES!! He's the most STUPID, A**H***  of a RACIST that I know of.  What happen to "WE ARE ALL AMERICANS"!?? How are WE all going to get rid of this STUPID word, "RACIST"  if HOLDER IS THE BIGGEST RACIST AROUND!!?? I'm so SICK of this Obama government..We have got to get ALL of them removed!!


    Perhaps Holder will also want separate rest rooms and drinking fountains, and whom would he reserve the back of the bus for??

  • Worthington

    Gliynl13,don't give holder/obama any idea.... barb-wired ghettos for the whites...

  • JOHN

    Holder should be put in prison for Murder for the gun running to mexico. Plus he and osama are  the most racest pieces of crap i've ever seen and should be jailed just for that.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    I knew it would come to this: They are incapable of living up to the standards for whites -- especially assholes like Holder and Obama  -- and require what should be embarrassingly low standards for themselves. A pox on them all (except Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walt Williams, and Michelle Malkin...)

  • Worthington

    Timothy Thompson, 
    anti-american lame stream media have succeeded in portraying Our Heroes as villains and idiots as messiahs  

    • Jrr

       They are not idiots; they know exactly what they intend to do and have already accomplished much of it.  I fear that many average Americans have been the idiots - not staying on top of what has been going on in this country for decades.  Obama & Co are the Evil Elite; calling them stupid (idiots) lets them off the hook.

      • Worthington

        We believe that all evil people are idiots.  If they were no idiots - they wouldn't  be evil.

  • wizzid0

    Will Obama only have to show half of an ID?

  • Jrr

    Everything other than investigating  Obama's background so that we could likely rid America of him, his policies, and everyone he appointed (including two Supreme Court Justices) is diversion.

  • Jcole137

    Mr. Holder needs to know that we were all created equal whether he likes it or not.  There's the door Mr. Holder,
    go out and stay out.  Talk about racist.  What about this reverse discrimination against whites.  It is about time
    someone stuck up for us instead of everything going for the people of color.  That is the most disgusting idea
    I have heard in a long time that we white people should have separate laws than our black white people.  Give
    me a break.  What kind of lawyer is he, or is he even a lawyer.  We have a lot of people in our administration
    right now who are not what they say they are.

  • Ron BAhre

    I don't see what the big deal is about showing ID to vote. You have to show ID to get Social Security or Medications or cash a check so why is every one saying its profiling?,and to make separate laws for Whites and another for Blacks I think its time to get real if that's all the Attorney General has time for I guess we no longer need one.

  • Richard Shaw

    Prepare to see Holder in the SCOTUS if Obama wins another 4 years.

  • Talltrees

    Correction:  Mucinex-D (containing pseudoephedrine) requires identification as any allergy/cold medicine containing it.  Mucinex without pseudoephedrine does not need an ID.  I must produce an ID every time I purchase Zyrtec-D.  I don't particularly like my ID going into a centralized government database showing I purchased pseudoephedrine that is used to make methamphetamine  by crackheads, but have no choice if I need the medicine.

    We know the agenda here.  Holder wants his 20,0000 illegal buddies to vote.  Pennsylvania requires an ID to vote and is offering free ID's.  Now what's the excuse for not having an ID?  All states should offer the same putting a stop to Holder's racism against Whites.

    • past guest

      Actually, he wants them to vote several times each.

  • buzznbuddha

    i wish someone would dress this dirtbag in a hoodie and give him a bag of skittles and a can of tea and lock him in a room with george zimmerman

    • barefootmtgirl

      What!  LOL..the only difference is George is innocent, but I appreciate your humor and point. byzzn, you have made my night....tks..too funny, can't stop laughing...

    • barefootmtgirl

      What!  LOL..the only difference is George is innocent, but I appreciate your humor and point. byzzn, you have made my night....tks..too funny, can't stop laughing...

  • margaretpaddock

    Another entitlement to gain a vote.  The only reason any liberal would enter or speak to a church is to get a vote.

    Next we'll hear that it invades their right to have to have a soc. sec. # but they need to be given all the entitlements anyway so they'll just "organize" neighborhood handouts.  An ACORN on every corner.

    If these people are so afraid of being identified then maybe they really should not be voting - oh my, did I really say that? I must be racist.  Sheer stupidity on the part of the government, but then look who is in control(?).  With these guys it's like a Free For All.

  • Storkysr

    How about seperate laws for liberals and conservatives...oh wait, that's already the case.

  • edinflorida

    President Obama is an Islamic promoting Muslim and his promotion of imoral activity is nothing that he actually believes in.  His objective is to destroy the moral fabric of this nation which will make it easier to force his agenda on the rest of America.  His obvious Islamic beliefs run contrary to his Homosexual Agenda.  In Islam Homosexuals are stoned to death and that is his true religion and beliefs. Since he is advocating the recognition and acceptance of Homosexual life styles we should make it well know to the Muslim World that Obama is a pro homosexual; Muslim.  If the Muslim World is well aware that Obama is pro homosexual he will not be accepted in the Muslim world as he wants.  Muslims will not continue co accept him.

    • Flowers

       Actually the muslums do believe in homosexuality to a degree.  They think that having sex with young boys is far better than having sex with their wives unless they wish to procreate.  Their whole culture is based on man/boy love.  I don't think the men are capable of loving a women on the same basis as westerners do because women are considered inferior and unworthy.  They love women like you would love a pet. 

    • Johnww1422

      Thats one way to skin a pig, and I applaud you constructive thinking. But this Ole Sarge will continue to stock pile ammunition, non perishable food stuff and water purification sources.

  • del

    He and his boss need to be placed in prison for life....treason, fraud, and high misdemeanors are plenty to keep them there

  • Walt1976

    Is this man smoking dope, this has to be the most craziest thing I have ever heard of. Eric Holder should be in jail. After the Gun running operation,,,

  • Brad Nova

    This in not something the ACLU has ever complained about and it is not something that violates the constitution at all.

    • Hu2gh

      I guess you meant "is" but how do you expect one communist organ to take another to the woodshed?

    • RonMar

      You are either ignorant as a human being can be or a liar like the Obamas, Holder, Biden, et al. Pick one or both for that matter.


    I love it, & WE get called racist!  Well, WE want Eric Holder & his inept, incompetant boss GONE, YESTERDAY, IF NOT SOONER!

  • D-manly

    Sounds like racism to me; only this time the whites are the ones suffering the discrimination. 

  • kkc003

    hmm, he forgot to read "We the people..."
    communists love to divide, its how they conquer.  Do not underestimate evil they do not care one bit about "any" race, its all about power and who they can manipulate to get it.

    The black race is under 13% so that is why the are working with the blacks- smaller race to manipulate.

    Read the old standby book, "Animal Farm", by George Orwell- a real eye opener to the abuse of being used for the ultimate power of control. Once you are manipulated you are no longer of use.

  • Sherry or Mickie

    Okay, first I  have known many decent "Non-whites" and currently have several "non-white" friends who I value highly...that being was bond to happen, even my "non'white" friends have said this "You get a person of black in a position of authority and they will go "postal on whites" Yep that is just what is happening now and it will get worse before it gets better!

  • Flowers

    Would that be the same type of separate laws the Democrats used down south when they formed the KKK?   Should we now be looking out for folks dressed in black sheets and carrying torches?

  • Patriot Warrior

    I am an American. My ancestors were colonists. I am disgusted that all the pain, suffering, and dying our fore (fathers and mothers) have gone through should lead to this lying, cheating, stealing, and racism. We are a nation of many nations. However, due to the attempts of so many to distroy all that we have strived to acheive, we must have validated ID's to ensure the integrity of all our citizenship privilages. And of course, primary among them is voting. It's a shame that it has come to this, but without them we will have our freedoms stolen away. God bless America. 

    • Kittyhane

      If foreigners don
      't like it here...why did they come? They should go back home to the s@@t they had and be happy in it.

  • Wlcman

    Whites are in big trouble in America, a country which they must take the most credit for making the most sought after destination to live in the world. If whites do not recognize the inherit danger by resting on their laurels and not fighting this type of discrimination then we whites will become the new slaves in America. Soviet premier Nikita Kruschev made the prediction in the sixites that America would fall within and not a result of military action by his nation and you know what he may be right.

    • huntingfreedominAmerica

      Wlcman, We are all in trouble whites, blacks, yellow,  red and mixed our trouble is not the color of the skin. It's the sin of the skin that has caused the fall of America All through history the farther man has gone from the word of God the more trouble man has got into. There is less believers now, then in America's history. And we have fallen further then ever. Mankind has become so wise they are foolish,  When we hear people say there is No proof that Jesus ever walked on earth. Mankind has started to show just how foolish mankind  has become.  By the standards of our court systems in America if the eye witness's in the writtings of the bible and the writtings of early history writters of the 1st centrey. If anyone would take time to really look into Jesus and his walk on earth they would think different. But like Sin man likes it, and avoids truth because it changes there lives and most really don't like change. So turn your back, and hope truth will go away. So if we really want change we can believe in, ask for God to show himself in away only you would know it is from God Himself. He only moves when His people call on His name. Have you really took time to read Gods words and talk to God? Try it, what do you have to lose?

  • Ladvarn2000

    Let's have every conservative candidate speak at white churches.  Then when the hue and cry goes up about violating the separation of church and state, remind them of holder and other liberal leaders speaking in black churches and march carrying signs reading "discrimination".  The IRS would strip any white church of its tax-exempt status quickly if that happened.  The double standard and discrimination against whites is getting stronger.  Get your weapons, stock food and supplies, and fortify your homes.  War is coming.

    • Kittyhane

      like I said (as per Thomas Sowell, whom I admire) there were  more white slaves here than black. Also the blacks in Africa sold their own people into slavery and had them as slaves themselves.
      So let's have a million man and woman march for 'reparation' LOL

  • ladyceo

    Uh oh, now it's the whites in the back of the bus and a separate drinking fountain! Wow, and I thought we had come so far with this race thing! Holder wants to set us back 100 years. This man and his boss need to take a hike right out of Washington! ABO in 2012!!!

  • Joe

    Eric Holder is a pathetic joke.
    Janet Reno was the worst attorney general in american history until
    Eric Holder showed up.

    • KHM

      @ Joe, and he worked for the DOJ when Reno was the AG.  He had a part in the Murra Bldg bombing, Waco and Ruby Ridge.  Great creds to make him the current AG, right?

  • Frobes1

    All I can say is: This is just unbelievable! I must be dreaming-this can't be happening!! NOT!!!

  • Frank Conover

    Eric Holder is like our food stamp president Obama N.F. G. 

  • I Really Miss America

    Him and Axelclod look like weasels.

  • Hu2gh

    Too many insults? You wouldn't post my prior comment saying comments were closed. :)

  • I Really Miss America

    Attorney general? Of all of America? Poor poor example!

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    eric holder is a "true believer" that he and his race has been wronged and now no laws that white's must live with should apply to his people---he actually used the term "his people" in past.  Remember he did not go after the "New Black Panther group" for voter obstruction in 2008.  Vote this administration out in Nov 2012!!!!!

    • Kittyhane

      H@@l Eric never had it so good. He's a lowdown scumbag living off the uninformed just like Sharpton and the rest

  • RonMar

    This is another example of the Obamas and the henchmen and women in the Obama regime shredding the U. S. Constitution, another treasonous act for impeachment and/or criminal charges against all of them, their arrest, perp walk out of the WH and wherever else they are lurking, trial, conviction and punishment - usually quite severe.

  • grnma

    NO I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT OF MY SELF AS A RACIST..HOWEVER I WILL BE HARD PUT, TO EVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER BLACK MAN IN POLITICS,,I VOTED FOR MAYOR BRADLY IN LOS ANGELES..WHAT HAPPENED..ALL FEDERAL JOBS WERE GIVEN TO BLACKS...and los angeles becam a black gato, now we have a black president causing a disaster with our many blacks hate white and the USA.. where can anyone black or white go and live a better life? why do so many come to AMERICA...?

    • I Really Miss America

      And Detroit, MI

    • Richerep learned a lesson, but it took too long.  Now that you know the truth, teach your kids or youth around you this fact of life.  I learned this in my 20's and it always became a conflict to be fair to everybody any race, but when a disaster like Obama appeared, the facts and biography was available to ferret out the truth about Obama and his radical ideas.  Him and his crew must be removed.

  • Bjrowl123

    If Epic Holdup and Sweet Old Barack have their way all white folks will be in chains or allowed to have only jobs that require little initative.   Only the most menial, lowest payng jobs will be reserved for whites.  We will be required to give up any wealth we have accumalated so that it c an be shared with those less fortunate so that they  can afford the IDs they cannot afford.

    OMG 2012 

  • Mark

    And he calls the whites racist???  Who's the racist here??  Get rid of this administration!!!

    • notoshariah

      That's what islamist-marxists to -turn one group against another!

  • Odessa000

    There should be no seperation between races or politicans in what they speak about , in or outside of a Church or a outhouse.

  • Travis1814

    I am offended by the term "reverse  discrimination". It implys that whites can't be discriminated against. Allowing liberals to define the terms is half the battle.
    It's  discrimination pure and simple !!!

    • Bob

       That the reason LIBERALS  marxist  They don't like fair law that work for everyone like the constitution . They are not capable of telling the TRUTH or being HONEST 

  • Braham_virtuoso

    Everyone that Obama appoints are extremely under qualified, incompetent, and radical (like Obama himself).  Holder is no exception, and has proven he is a racists and hater of the constitution.  They all have to be removed!

    • I Really Miss America

      No business owner/ manager hires someone as dumb as theirself. Like dating, you want to step up. Stoopid thug!

  • lindairish

    Can you see George Bush saying "my people," refering to whites.  What a joke.  Anything minorities do is ok.  Asking people to produce ID is something every person should have to do to vote.  Holder and the whole bunch should be run out of Washington.

    • I Really Miss America

      Another Obama LIE- I will be the most racially uniting President, so pleez vote for me! Liar!

  • Hu2gh

    Someone, put up a huge bounty offer to someone in the registrar's offices in Occidental, Columbia and Harvard to release Obamao's academic records. Anonymous being OK. THIS WILL BE THE STORY OF THE CENTURY FOR ANY JOURNALIST TO WRITE, assuming, of course facts not currently in evidence that such a soul exists.

  • Gretheb

    The whole administration is full of Chicago Thugs.

  • Nadine

    I never was a racist, but since Obummer & his class warfare began it's hard not to be...he's lovin this!!  They all are distructive socialist commys!!

    • notoshariah

      Holder sounds like he is hedging toward the SHARIAH -nazi    arena when he is so  ANTI-AMERICAN!
      I do not think he knows what the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE-OR CONSTITUTION  or anything
      AMERICAN is about. !!!   I was never a ISLAMOPHOBE  until  BHO got into office as an illegal.

  • I Really Miss America

    The jig is up (for now).  All them thugs in with this fraud for a president-I say wake up, America! Let's go class action lawsuit to the ACLU, and file Racism charges. We have plenty of proof, and a great distraction from Obama's vote for me monologue.

    • Kittyhane

       I'm encouraging as many people to see this movie as possible. 

      The Cristero battle cry was: Viva Cristo Rey! 

      Indeed. Long live Christ the King! 

      • Nacho

        I may be dense, but what movie are you encouraging people to see?  Is it "Viva Cristo Rey?"  If so, I never heard of it.

  • HadEnough

    Search your soul for a second.  Now....tell me of ANY black person in office or position of power who is not extremely racist.  They have played the "poor me" and "race" cards for so long there is no way they can be effective in any such position.  To exacerbate  the situation, they drag all their brothers along.  Their agenda then becomes "get whitey", and the laws are such that we whites have no recourse.  BULL!!!!!!  If it is a race war they are looking for, bring it on.  It is definitely time to clear the air of the stench they have created!!

    • Sam in NC

       From what I've seen, Allen West doesn't seem that way.

  • Richerep

    It is essential Obama and his gangstas.......are tossed out in Nov.  Holder is insisting that his black brothers are too stupid to possess ID.  Holder is calling minorities idiots.  Anybody today can obtain ID.  From the time you are born here or LEGALLY migrate you collect various ID .  Holder is a fraud and a race baiting bum.  When his family cashes their welfare check, didnt the bank require ID?  Everybody has ID to cash a check, get on a plane, even to use a credit card, drive a car, not to mention signing up for handouts.....YOU STILL HAVE TO PROVE IT'S YOU! There is no insult, disenfranchisement to ask for ID at a voting booth.  But this is the same racist pig that let the Black Panthers off for intimidating and violating a Phila voting site.  GET RID OF THIS DIRTBAG.
    What is mind boggling the minority community isnt screaming at Holder for insisting they are too stupid to function in this society by having ID.  In the most oppressive nations you have to have PAPERS or ID to exist, yet this moron Holder would have us believe in this modern day of computers, apps, texting, etc........his people are too dumb to get forms of ID?...........whew.........we need to upgrade and purge DC.

    • Nacho

      The only people fighting the voter ID requirement are those who intend to commit some sort of voter fraud.  With all the requirements to show ID in this country, why would any legitimate, law-abiding citizen object to a picture ID for THE  most important reason?  Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al, should be run out of the country on a rail by the blacks for perpetuating the racial bias.  I have worked with black people and have many black friends who are embarrassed by their peers gullibility.

  • Louise Wood-Markasovic

    Barac and Eric are racists to the nth degree and they are proving it with their prejudice.

    • Kittyhane

      A person is inclined to think, "I am not going to forward any more political e-mails." Then one like this comes along.. .. .. ... .. .. ! A picture is worth 1,000 words!!    An old West Virginia Hillbilly saying:You cannot get the water to clear up,until you get the pigs out of the creek. 

      • Sam in NC

         My Father, who was born in West Virginia and a fighter pilot in WWII, had " West ' by God ' Virginia " painted on the nose of his P47 Thunderbolt.

  • Lee Sullivan

    The south used to have white and non-white laws - the blacks didn't like it - rightfully so - and the Civil Rights Movement ended it.  Where does Holder want this to go?  Wonder what Martin Luther King would think?  Eric Holder is a RACIST!!

  • Norman Beaucage

    It's time for eric holder to go,,,He is the raciest,,,not the law obiden citizens ,,we are all americans,,no mater what color we are,,or our education my opinion he is the thug we need to watch,,not the white/black person walking down the street,but the thugs in washington..they want everyone dependant on the Govt..We need to make our own decisions,,on our welfair not the Govt..If they do we are all slaves,,no rights,,

  • Mlmcdermott

    I'm a black female American senior citizen and Eric Holder is one of the most racist individual who was given undeserved power and it amazes me that this man is allowed to make these statements at the tax-payers expense.  His statement is an insult to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and those who have fought and died for the equality he so freely accepts, enjoy and about to trample on, their fight were civil rights and equality for ALL people. 
    Does Eric Holder plan to be the "MASSA' of the "non-whites" once they are granted their own law?  Or is it his intent to DUMB DOWN the non-whites so they'll be easier to manipulated which is another form of modern  slavery?  Good God...what's next.  God Bless and keep America from self-serving idiots like this.  Peace!!

    • wibbys1

      Amen Mlmc, well said!

    • sowsear1

       How are we to tell some whites from some non-whites...Should we have our DNA reports with us at all times.

    • Morg

       And I would bet that you are only too happy to present your ID to vote because you don't wish to have your vote diluted by the votes of the dead and  made up identities as has occurred in the past.    

    • Sam in NC

       God bless YOU, Ma'am.

    • Enkcarpt

       I am so proud of you wish i knew you. I would proudly call you my friend.  God Bless you always!

    • jeanette

      too bad there aren't more folks with your commonsense. thank you!

    • Rosasolis

      Dear Mlmcdermott,  this is a truly great truth you have stated.  Eric Holder is such a traitor
      to so many people  from many  "races"  who have been living, working, studying, and also serving
      in the armed forces and in the National, Regional, and International Police forces TOGETHER
      to  help us carry on with our daily lives, and assure us that Planet Earth may well have a future.
      I am also a senior citizen, who was a concert and oratorio singer.  One of my favourite recordings
      was from the great alto singer Marian Anderson, who sang "My Lord what a morning when
      the stars begin to shine."

    • Anne

      Thank you for speaking out!

  • I Really Miss America

    Anybody remember when Clinton left the White House? Stole the letter W off all the keyboards- at taxpayer expense? And loaded up a U-Haul truck with stuff like historical paintings,etc? And Richard Starke caught red-handed with top secret papers literally falling out of his pockets, pant legs in front of the Pentagon Security Officer? Was any EVER punished? Noooo..

  • ChieBull

    If we have to have a separate law for non-whites, then I want'em back on the plantation, separate but unequal.  If we have to have forty acres and a mule [the new version of Jim crow] then I want'em back on the plantation, separate but unequal.  Holder is nothing more than a "...stepinfetch..." for Gepogre Soros,Nanci Pelosi, Harry Reid, and over paid University Presidents who promote this crap.  why don't they just say " fried chicken,  watermelom, and sweet tea... yah'llll"

  • I Really Miss America

    Obama is like most despots (dictators) not real bright, just ambitous. And will use the current government against itself-create class and race warfare. Let us act like real Christians and black white whatever remember Obama and his minions are really "the enemy".  17 Trillion is a lot like counting stars, or graiins of sand on a beach. Equals a lot!

  • I Really Miss America

    No matter how illegal,immoral etc. Obama gets, he seems to cause Republicans and Democrats to just look the other way. WHY?

  • I Really Miss America

    Like the many Indian Nations we were genocided out kind of by our own doing. We were all too proud to unite against the "common enemy", the Europeans. And we got decimated... So look to that example, and realize as Americans we are One nation (one people) under God (blessed by) to treat each other as equals. A lot more black men are in jail since Obama "the most non- racist" his words,  got in there. Or keep on with white guilt or hating each other, we are going to be the losers in this. Not the Chicago Thugs.

  • Dustyazn8

    The longer some of those people are in WA the more they slip into insanity...where DO they get this stuff and when the heck are people who are not white going to get over themselves and accept that they are not what; be decent and go with the flow and you too will be okay!!!!  Good giref it is way old news!!!!

  • Hvrabbit

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilation unquoted with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country and ONLY into Black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?
    And how long would it take any sane Black man to notice this and what kind of psycho Black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the White race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a NaziWhoWantsToKillSixMillionJews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    "Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-White."

    • Loisdavis

      I agree with you.  We must STOP all immigration from countries we have nothing in common.

      God warned of this happening.  There will be people that want what we have...and try to take away from us.

      We were not meant to intermingle, intermarry....but people have and have caused much confusion.  

      Why aren't third world countries running into other third world countries....because they won't allow it.  We cannot take in the world.  What these people need to do is clean up their own countries.

      We have an enemy within, have infiltrated all our institutions.  They're in the State Dept., the Agriculture dept...our government, our public education, business, finance, media, entertainment, churches....that is why we're in trouble, on the decline.  The enemy within want to crush this Christian nation.  Unless we turn back to God's Word, laws, guidance, we'll continue on the decline.

      2Chronicles 7:14

  • gillfish

    the pos has to go with oloserass

  • ginjitdw

    We need a leader with a spine.

  • Amberlass

    I would think what he is doing is a conflict of interests.  Is he not supposed to be working for "we the people."?


    Both of those nancy boys, obama and holder are going to be thrown out of their jobs come November. Real justice would be to have them physically removed in handcuffs and shackles into a van headed to Levenworth. Nothing but pure BS, lies and phony hype is what comes out of this administration. Not one iota of leadership, common sense or decency from this collection of rag tag leeches and bums.

    • Fitz_the_quitz77

      They will have till January 2013 to continue the countries demise if you are correct of their departure from office.

  • anders_behring

    You have to have an ID to rent a video or take a flight, yet ID for minorities is a terrible burden. Or is it something else? Something like bus loads of individuals going from polling place to polling place casting ballots, in some places more votes than people in the population.
    I do know many blks are so disenchanted with Obama they have vowed that in protest they will cast no more than four or five ballots.
    We can not allow the election to be stolen like some third world banana republic. No person, regardless of race, creed or national origin should be able to vote more than once!

  • BKadieC

    They are trying their dead level best of persuade the blacks that whites have some superiorority complex as far as they are concern. How else can they cause trouble except to try to do it themselves. 50 years have gone by and they are trying to turn the clock back for all of us, whites and blacks, to the olden days when the only way to heat a house was with a pot belly stove, no running water, no indoor bath room, etc. Well I've been there and I am not going back!

  • Rocketchip

    Why is this idiot still A. G.?

    • DrLHP

       Because he works for a man who is as bad as he is and condones his behavior!!

      The sad thing is the ignorant "non-white" population believes Obama is one of them. Excuse me?? His is as white as he is black; he did NOT descend from slaves being that his mother was a WHITE woman and his father was a NON-American KENYAN who met Obama's white mother in Hawaii; he was raised by a WHITE grandmother in a WHITE environment because his scum bag mother ran off and left him because she wanted to go chasing more black Kenyans. He CAN NOT and DOES NOT identify with the American blacks who were descendants of slaves and raised in the black community. The ONLY thing that in ANY way connects Obama to American blacks is his kinky hair that he keeps cut extremely short.

      It is a shame that blacks actually believe he cares about them. ALL he cares about is their vote.

  • Smokenemirow

    Holder may have a law degree, but he is apparently a very ignorant, and racist individual. He is just what this president wants in the top law enforcement officer of this country. The actual decision makers in this country are the two union thugs who are telling Obama what to think and say. Andy Stern of the SEIU, and Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO. By the way! Are they angry about so many states becoming "Right To Work" states??? You betcha!!

  • Tomtom

    Next to Obama, Holder is the most hated man in America !!!!

  • ALsue1

    I'm getting tired of this crap if it's so bad here go some where else .

    • Fitz_the_quitz77

      Loser you should go somewhere else, some of us care about our country you scumbag.

    • usluv

       Anyone twisting your arm? Freedom of speech /or/ go on to something you do like?   Choices. America

  • Pamela Hall

    Eric Holder is a criminal and racist. Remember "Fast and Furious" where a Federal Agent of the United States was killed by weapons that Holder knew about and how many Mexican nationals have been slaughtered by those weapons as well? Remember his contempt of Congress where he is refusing to submit to congressional inquiries about Fast and Furious. He is not fit to serve as the AG of the USA, rather, he is a criminal that needs to be held totally accountable for his criminal acts.

  • dondehoff

    By the tone of the comments, I  can see the frustration is continuing to grow, and the language is drifting  deeper into the gutter. All too many good comments are overshadowed by foul language and obnoxious nicknames. Such approaches are aways counter- productive. At this pointl such trash just gets  one's name on a "watch list" (and a reservation at a FEMA camp?). I suggest we use no words that the a good dictionary lists as "vulgar" or disrepectful,  including using just the fist letter of the "d---" word, followed by an appropriate number of dashes. That might fool a software  screening process but does not fool  those compiling  those watch lists. Also, those people being referred to are not stupid and in fact most are  well-educated (indoctrinated?) and most things they do are well scripted in advance, right down to the "open mics" and 'gaffs". Also, instead of picking on each other for off-subject issues (mental masturbation), stick to the serious problem at hand----focus, focus--that is concentrated "fire power" and gets far more results.

    • Lucky

      Why do we need to worry about being put on a watch list, isn't this the United States of America, where we have freedom of speech. Come on people we need to stand up for our rights and if someone is stupid enough to think he can make different law for Blacks and another for Whites, I don't think he really read the constitution and is not truly an American. My question is "How did he get through law school, by playing the race card, and we know how he got his position, President Obama and Soros and the entire gangster mentality of Chicago politics.

      • dondehoff

        "Lucky", I do not know where to begin, or stop. You and I are obviously living in different worlds or marching to different drummers. The problems facing this great country today are the gravest "we" have experienced since our civil war. I am 80 years young, a retired military office and most every day for the last three years I have been trying to sort through all of this. The more I dig, the greater the problem(s) become. You might click on my profile on one of my "Disqus" comments and you will find a couple hundred or so of my comments on various issues. I try to remain civil, stick to the facts, and when opinions are required, I try and so state that "it" is just an opinion. I have read well over a dozen books on the various Obama/Muslim/Islam/NWO issues and waded through several hundred hours of Google and the other search engines---with those tools one has to "work at it" to remain ignorant of what is going on. It is not enough to just read an English translation of the "Qur'an". One must fully understand its lack of chronology and the added confusion and ramifications of its undated and randomly placed "abrogations". I find all even many learned Muslims do not fully understand their Holy Book and the reams upon reams of other official Muslim supporting documents that attempt to clarify Islam and "Sharia Law". Once analyzed, you will find the Qur'an is not a "religion of peace". In my opinion (take note), if all of the "abrogated" material was physically removed from the Qur'an and the remainder placed in chronological order, it would be a clear "declaration of war" against all "non-believers" (infidels)---but that is just the opinion of and "old guy". How does all of this "fit in" with our President? Well, in my opinion, they are "one and the same" or at least closely inter-related. Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Eric Holder Wants One Law for Whites and Another for 'Non-Whites'

  • hongryhawg

    These kinds of legislation attempts can lead to only one thing; race war.  Not that the pretend administration would be displeased.  But it will lead to that if they persist in making different laws for different races.  They want to allow sharia law for the mooslims.  They want separate laws for blacks.  All this will be at the expense of the whites.  Do they honestly think white people are just going to stand by and let that happen?  The quick answer is yes because it is happening every day.  But one of these days, it will ignite.  It won't be a full blown war at first but it will escalate.  All you Obama voters need to think about that.  I know there are plenty of you who would like a race war, but you are the ignorant ones.  People with sense do not want it.  If Obama is re-elected, he will do what he can to facilitate it.  You see Holder fanning it right now.  Do you think Holder has the brains?  No.  He does not.  The same people that are handling Obama are handling him.  Wake up, America.

    • Robert Anderson Sr

      This is what you get when the CHICAGO MAFIA takes CONTROL !!  The DALEY MACHINE is the OLD CAPONE MAFIA!! Take a look at ALL his Staff !!  I was born & raised in Ill. and it is the MOST CORRUPT STATE in the UNION & next to CALIF. the most BROKE & CROOKED !!

  • usluv

    This non entity is certifiable and belongs in a cage. .....not in the DoJ.  I am appalled that they have considered dropping the whole fast and furious debacle just like they did the flagrant voter intimidation by the black panther punks. Yes of course he wants separate laws for blacks. Like "none"!

  • catzpaw

    eric holder is a racist.

  • Lynn

    This IS FREAKING DISCRIMINATION. Throw this BUM out! He and these racist's need to go as they continue to try to create division in our country!

  • Joanne Long

    Put the puzzle pieces together: the black panters, the muslim teacher. What do these and others stuff thats gets talked about and then forgotten for awhile.  Will put them all together,' were is all this leading, what  is behind the smoke screen?' What road are they trying to take us down? People better start thinking and step back and take a good look.

    • Elaine

      Well, Joanne, the Smoke has cleared now.  They are being very "Transparent" in how they are taking us down.
      Through Homeland Security he gave the Command over the New Black Panther Party to various radical blacks over the nation.  He took the $ from the Military.
      With this demonstrated disregard for the Constitution by both the President and the Congressional majority, the new Ready Reserve Corps could, indeed, be the beginning of Obama's new civil security force.  Recruits are already being prepared. This  video  shows a class in a charter school in Kansas City which provides an example of what to expect. Obama promised that when he was elected, he would "fundamentally transform America."  Perhaps voters naïvely thought that he meant ending corruption, back-room deals, partisan bickering, and the arrogance that seems to infect Washington politicians.   It is clear now that what he meant was a transformation from a democratic Republic to a Marxist autocracy.  Rather than making government more open and transparent, as he promised, he brought his Chicago hit squad to Washingtonto twist arms and pull fingernails, when necessary, to gain control over his domain.Obama's army is quick to label opponents as right-wing racist radicals in an effort to discredit them.   This label might be considered a badge of honor because it is not bestowed upon Marxists and their supporters. If a Marxist is a person who accepts the philosophy of Karl Marx, and an American is a person who accepts the philosophy of the U.S. Constitution, then it is possible to be a Marxist in America, but it is not possible to be an American and a Marxist.  The two philosophies are mutually exclusive.

  • dondh

    Eric Holder is a stupid, idiot racist and should be removed from his staff position asap!  He's as bad as this president!  He has no right to make a statement like that!  Its against our constitution!  I wonder if he's ever read that document??  Probably not!  Get out of this country, holder!!

  • Katchaturian

    They are going no where. They tried separation by moving to Liberia, and the old honcho Taylor was just given 50 years for atrocities against blacks that make slavery in the U.S. look like a Sunday picnic. Thats for starters.

  • David

    Eric Holder....aka Strange Fruit..    question???google it

  • BaldEagle

    'Can we assume that only "non-whites" will have to show IDs in the future?' Shouldn't it read 'only "whites" . . . .?

  • Angelica

    Now you have it.  60 years of ignorance to  all the balck only caucases.  Society of BLACK engineers, Black Miss America, La raza, Latynos, and all other crap.  It take 300 years to get it back.  Just be more ignorant in November, give him 12 more years.

  • Jay Demarco

    I am amazed and saddened that this actually passes for political debate.  Holder is a not a criminal nor is he a racist.  If one was to look at the data he referred to there is a logical and legally sustainable argument for the decisions made.  BTW I am not a Democrat voter.  Your level of vitriol and mental splutter is really quite alarming.

    • FatMan45

      "BTW I am not a Democrat voter."

      Yeah, and I'm the tooth fairy! The only reason Democrats are against requiring ID to vote is because they can't cheat that way. Recent polls show almost 75% (that's 3 out of 4) voters support requiring valid ID to voe. That means at least half of Democrats support it, too. It's a no-brainer!

    • Elaine

      Jay, what are you a Paid Obama/Holder employee?  What I find, to use your word, "Alarming" is that you could actually BELIEVE that Holder is NOT a Racist for wanting One law for Blacks and another for Whites.  THE LAWS SHOULD BE FOR ALL PEOPLE.. What's wrong? Are blacks to spiritually depraved to follow not only spiritual laws but man made laws of NOT breaking laws at all!

    • Donnybrook

       Ditto FatMan45.... they want all those illegals and dead people to be able to vote!

    • RAS0503

      Too much cool aide.

  • Dianna

    I cannot believe that the DOJ job is to go into our churches and tell them how to talk so they do not loose their tax exempt status whether black or white!  But this is done in the Black churches?  And White people are different - HOW IS THIS NOT TOTAL DISCRIMINATION AND AGAINST THE LAW?  Somebody needs to stop all this crazy agenda crap being pulled by our government - Its passed being ABSURD!  We need more representatives like Mike Bost STANDING UP AND TELLING OUR HOUSE AND SENATE THAT ALL THIS CRAP IS RIDICULOUS AND ODUMMER AND HOLDER NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE!

  • Djetzel1940

    Eric Holder is an idiot, you cannot discriminate between races. They need to arrest him for past actions anyway.

  • Donnybrook

    Bravo!  Thanks for speaking the truth about Holder!  The bias and racism coming out of the DOJ is shocking and unbelievable it isn't being shouted from the roof tops .  I give just one of many examples; his not pursuing any criminal charges against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation during the 2008 elections despite overwhelming evidence and witness testimony.  If KKK members dressed in white regalia had threatened black voters outside poling places, I'm sure it would have been a very different story.

  • BPF53

    This a-Hole must be thrown out of office!!! How in the world did this clown ever make it through Law school? 

  • Shocker23456

  • Steve

    When and by whom did all our problems begin? MUSLUM,ALLAH, and that includes Ocrapforbrains. If the current commie is re-elected, it's pass the bullets friends. I'm well prepared having fought commies as a Marine in Nam. It would be easier to elect someone else, but I believe the election is bought and paid for. Four more years and it will take civil war and 30-40 years to get back to anywhere near where we were pre onappy.
    Semper shot,one kill

    • barefootmtgirl

      Our instructors at the Police  Academy said,  'if you pull your weapon, shoot to kill, or he or they will have a chance to kill you", and I believe this.  Read the article about the black, what she did to the police.  Of this idiot can do this to the police, what would she do the the untrained public?  There are a lot like her running around, a loose cannon...get a weapon and learn how to use it...

  • GDC

    Why isn’t Eric Holder in JAIL where he belongs?

    Eric Holder supplied Timothy McVeigh with explosives in which McVeigh MURDERED hundreds.

    Eric Holder supplied the drug cartel with guns which hundreds have been MURDERED.

    Eric Holder supplied the guns which was used to MURDER an American Border Patrol Officer.

    Eric Holder REFUSED to bring charges against the Black Panthers (his friends) for voter intimidation.

    Eric Holder who is protecting the LAWLESS Black Panthers.

    Eric Holder is OBSTRUCTING justice in refusing to supply Congress with the information they requested for their investigation of “Fast and Furious.”

    Eric Holder who believe Obama has the RIGHT to MURDER Americans at WILL.



    Eric Holder Praises Al Sharpton During Speech

    Eric Holder who has violated the Constitution over and over.

    Close to 80% of ALL violent crime is committed by Blacks, 15.4% of the population.

    The District of Columbia Board of Elections opened an investigation Tuesday after an undercover video posted online showed an activist against voter fraud going into a Washington polling station and beginning the process to vote under the name of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

    A 2007 special report released by the
    Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States. This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks. The analysis, supported by FBI records, finds that in 2005 alone, for example, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US — again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans

    Eric holder IS a LYING COWARD!!!!

    Impeach Eric Holder, prosecute him, EXECUTE him, NOW!!!

    • lara


  • Steve

    moderator time

  • Cheeto Sareus

    If your candidate didn't make it to the finals and doesn't become the Republican nominee for President are you going to pull a hissy fit and not vote ...or vote for some write in who can't win.  Just think about this.  in the next four to eight years there is a good possibility that one or more Supreme Court Justices will be retiring and the next president will be appointing his or her successor.  Imagine Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton as Supreme Court Justices.   Makes my blood run cold.

  • eyes wide

    Suppose Rush or maybe Newt went to their own church or the media or whatever and said... "whites dont need to show IDs, just non whites". The media would have a hayday, they'd probabably call him the "R" word. I hope every voting American see's this glaring liberal double standard.

    • Elaine

      You, obviously, have never voted.  I am white and I HAVE TO SHOW MY ID when I vote...EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Don't make things makes you look ridiculous OR a liar.

      • Carla

        I live in Illinois and where I vote anyone could walk in, give the name of someone (let's say a dead person) and vote. Don't know if this is statewide but it's true at my voting place.

        • Elaine

          Oooo, Carla....that has got to stop; and I know you agree.

      • Manatheran

        Many States AND Polling Stations have different rules governing what is needed to Place a Vote. I live in New York and all I need to do is go to my Correct Polling place, give my name and have my signature match what is on file. Almost anyone can do this if I didn't. The people comparing the signatures usually can barely see and don't even look. AND I HAVE VOTED EVERY TIME FOR 22 YEARS! (I suggest before you show your ignorance and attack someones comment, do your research and ACTUALLY know what you are talking about. Have a nice day!)

      • An Indepent Thinker

        I have voted and will continue to vote in every election until I die. Having said that, I have NEVER had to show an ID when I voted and I have done so in three different states over the course of my voting years. You, Elaine, need to look at the rest of the country and not just the small corner of it you occupy. The only one looking ridiculous at this point is you.

        • Elaine

          You think I'm ridiculous?  IF the rest of the country is not having people show their ID(s)...might want to point a finger at them....seems to me they are the ones who are the ridiculous and have caused the problems not me.  I have one huge state that I keep an eye on NOT EVERY STATE IN THE UNION...nor do I think you do either.

    • Elaine

      I think I misunderstood you..... The "R" mean RACIST?

  • Idgascreamer

    Obama and Holder ... just a couple of AZZ WIPES trying to make a name for themselves before they go off to prison where they belong !

  • Elaine

    This is John Wiley Price. Through Homeland Security, he has been given the ‘Command over the New Black Panther Party. Understand this: The New Black Panther Party is funded through the cuts that Obama took from OUR Military to give them every thing they need. In other words, since they are under the Protection of Homeland Security, their authority will SUPERSEDE that of City, County and State Police Officers.I am quite sure he has reached out to all the major cities to get a radical black to give command to. He WILL CAUSE A RACE WAR in order to take over the country. More than likely, he will “call it” a Marshall Law — only IT WON’T be OUR Military in Command.You have no idea how much and how bad I want to be embarrassed and apologize profusely for being overly paranoid.Anyway, this is the video of the man who “he has GIVEN authority over U.S. Citizens.
    This takes place in the County Commissioner’s Court/Dallas, TX 

  • RtirdCavTnkr

    It's not reverse discrimination.  It's discrimination and it happens all the time anymore.  It's just sad that an attorney general of these United States can get away with it in 2012.

  • Manatheran

    I'm usually all over articles like this. Ready to stand by them and announce to the world that all Holder needs is a Dark Hood and Cross to burn and he would be no different then the KKK. BUT this article just falls a little bit short. Give me more facts and less questions. I "know" Holder is a racist and is only interested in helping Black Americans. However, "KNOWING" something and "PROVING" it with facts are two separate things. I still believe in the base good of people and the tooth fairy. Go figure!

    • Bartlettharold

      I would be willing to lose all my teeth (well, maybe a couple, because I like my teeth) if I could get notice of a new Attorney General under my pillow.  Insofar as the "base good" of people I think it has been thrown out just as if someone threw out the baby with the bath water.  I used to be quite the optomist too, but during the present administration I have become quite the pessimist!

  • aurora9

    For years bla cks have fought against discrimination and now, they're bringing it back!

  • Starr


    • oldcoyote

      Right ON!!!!!

  • John

    Let's cut to the chase ! The only real reason Holder et al are raising this stink is that voter ID makes it harder to cheat. Too many gravestones, deceased people, and multiple votimg by the same people rob the honest voters of the integrity of their votes. Just say NO to Holder,Obama, and all those who oppose fairness- i.e. photo ID to vote. No on is trying to reinstitute Jim Crow law.

    • raygun

      I hear Mickey Mouse and Popeye have been popular the last few years.  I think Burt and Ernie even had some action.  I've been voting for almost fifty years as a Republican/Tea Party and never missed an election except 1967, 1968 and 1969 while working overseas for Uncle Sam's Canoe Club as a hit man.  Maybe all of us old military Farts need to form a militia and start a rebellion just like in 1776.  The women can even have their own Tea Party like Boston had.  raygun

      • halfbreed

         I just read an article on the Slate how conservatives are making up the whole there is voter fraud in America thing. That conservatives are just doing it because conservatives hate people of color. They went on to say that if there is any voter fraud it is always perpetuated by conservatives. I personally know of voter fraud here in Mesa County, my brother in law has been dead for over 15 years and he still is on the polls as a voter he even changed his address recently. It continually amazes me how 10% of the country has so much control over the rest of us.

      • halfbreed

         I just read an article on the Slate how conservatives are making up the whole there is voter fraud in America thing. That conservatives are just doing it because conservatives hate people of color. They went on to say that if there is any voter fraud it is always perpetuated by conservatives. I personally know of voter fraud here in Mesa County, my brother in law has been dead for over 15 years and he still is on the polls as a voter he even changed his address recently. It continually amazes me how 10% of the country has so much control over the rest of us.

      • Fleur

        Guys, do but don't talk about it on these type of sites. They are, I'm sure, heavily monitored. The gubmint knows this will be a good possibility. They look for certain words and flag them. Be careful, patriots. But more important, be prepared because it will be necessary. That means stay healthy as well.
        God bless real Americans and God bless this wonderful country.

  • Sniper

    where the hell is Bonehead and the rest of his a-hole congressman hiding?us vets are going to have to be the one's
    to save this country .stock up you vets.

    • alfred m

      Hi Sniper,

      I totally agree.

      Might I bring my M 107 A 1, and some ....


    • Tailspin

      Already stocked up and ready for action.  Locked and loaded.
      US Navy vet., ret'd

  • raygun

    Typical elite bureaucrat.  Didn't we have seperate laws some 50, 60, or so years ago.  That worked out well.  I guess the "crackers" will someday be the "slaves".  We are pretty much there anyway with all of the welfare and dead beats sucking up all of the taxes.

    • Elaine

      What is sad? Find ONE city .... just ONE that has the majority of black leaders and you will find that the crime rate is higher as well as the corruption.  What you won't find is a city with predominately black leadership that is doing well.

  • Pitbull

    I had to show proof of insurance and a picture I'd. Therefore all voters should show an I'd. Fire Eric hdwr

    • Elaine

      That should be done...but it won't.  Not one hair on Holder's head will be touched.  Obama WANTS this to further divide the country.

    • Elaine

      All of us do...we always have.  It is a normal procedure.

  • Diamond24

    I dont remember when this country is so divided racially..maybe the 50's but i wasnt born then..

    • Elaine

      It was different then.  There were whites helping the black population.  Now with the President of the U.S. and Holder ENCOURAGING RACIAL Divide it is going to be more 100 times + more violent than it ever was then.  This time is is SANCTIONED by Obama/Holder who WANT racial violence so he can declare Marshal Law and take over the country to finish us off.

      This is an assault on the reputations and validity as well as lives and well being to the Black Population who want no part of this.  It is AN INSULT to decent law abiding Black people... and not just having an effect on the Whites.

      The militant blacks scream racism and bring up slavery.  Just Google Islam and Slavery.  They were the first to kidnap and torture Africans.  They neutered the males and made sex slaves of the women.  Yet, many young blacks are joining Islam...what a horrible Karma (an old word but it fits) to the Black Community.

      This IS not just against us....the is a terrible slap in the face to all Black People who are righteous group who want a great America again.

      • Bagui

        Elaine, please don't be offended...Martial Law is the correct term, but it is indeed pronounced the same as the word Marshall, used for the post-WWII Marshall Plan to repair Japan & Germany.  I guess the public school system (pub-lik skool sis-tem) did use phonics (fon-iks) like ebonics. I am definitely not smarter than anybody, especially, yourself. I found that my public school teachers could spell words, but mispronounce a number of words that I knew by accident, I'm sure.

    • halfbreed

       The 60's were pretty bad I remember having Black kids bused into our school system, we had riots almost everyday and it was the same for the white kids that got bused to the black schools. The hells Angels fought with the Black Panthers in Oakland CA, the riots in watts were pretty bad. Right now I see the very same kinds of things going on it's not going to take much to get this country to explode into some very nasty riots. It's almost like that's what they want (current Administration). Maybe they see it as a way to call for Marshall law. That means we would not vote this coming Nov.

  • Chasggrimes

    Our attorney general really should be in some other line of work . Don't think he really has a clue on what really adverage people of the US are really like. We are not the racist that he paints,not the dolts he thinks he sees, not the sheep  he thinks he can leed. He really needs a new job elsewhere. 

    • cowboy541

      You ar ecorrect, I think he needs a job in the soup kitchen in AZ jail.

      • CL

        The AZ jail serves bologna sandwiches-not soup. That is Sheriff Joes jail (tents).
        The 'residents' even get to wear PINK underware.

  • Marine11

    Is it any surprise that this AG does NOT know the law?  SCOTUS ruled years ago that THERE IS NO RIGHT TO VOTE IN A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!!!  That piece of garbage doesn't even know this!  What a complete embarassment that scum bag is.  I want to see him being loaded into a police vehicle in handcuffs for high crimes and misdemeanors.  Who does his think he is by selectively deciding what "laws" to enfore.  What happened to the oath he took????  Since when are Black Panthers exempt from the nation's laws?  And, since when is there a separate set of laws for whites and non-whites?  Can you imagine the uproar if some white person made such a suggestion?  We need to get rid of all these Obama maggots as soon as possible.....and Holder is one of the worst!!

    • Sutekh

      It's the two-faced routine.

      In the 1970's, insurance companies were afraid that Doctors owuld charge higher fees to patients with insurance, so the insurance companies got really nasty about it. Now, with insurance companies offering noninsurance medical "plans," every patient has a different fee schedule. But that's o.k., because it's the insurance company's idea.

      Long ago, some states had laws restricting black persons. These were called "discrimination" and the blacks hollered and screamed until these laws were done away with. Now the blacks want discrimination, because now it's their idea.

      If something is bad, it does not matter who wants it, or whose idea it was. It's wrong. They can't have it both ways. If they do, we can just revalidate the Jim Crow laws and, instant differential laws.

    • Bruce Seibert

       God bless you, Marine 11. Thank you for your service.  You and I took an oath for life which we will never forsake.  

      This administration, however, is filled with traitors who took that oath under false pretenses and need to be removed and tried for high crimes and misdemeanors.  They are guilty of fraud, forgery, equal protection violations, malicious prosecution, gun-walking, contempt of Congress... on and on and on.  It all amounts to subversion and treason committed against the Constitution they swore to uphold and protect. They disgust me.

      See you at the polls!

    • Me_in_Canada_eh

      Sheriff Joe is doing his best. There will be an announcement this month

  • Fred Sayin

    Something interesting occurred when a friend applyed for a store credit card.  Due to mispelling errors in the name especially the first name Equifax declared my friend deceased even when she was alive.  Also there are people with the same or similiar names.  If a Fred Sayin in Oklahoma that is a country singer votes would that mean I, also Fred Sayin in FL would not be able to vote? How can one tell the difference?  If you want to vote for no picture ID to vote, how about this law you don't want a picture ID to vote, then you can't cash a check anywhere in the United States, open bank/financial accounts, no Food Stamps as I believe a photo ID is required, no alcohol and no cigarettes plus no boarding airplanes.  If the preceding that I just named occurred I think the bark would be cut off the tree and everyone would be willing to show a picture ID to vote regardless their skin color.  Hey all you Caucasians out there with my law suggestion out there, more alcohol and cigarettes for us maybe that will show there can be a consequence for racial stereotyping    

  • Tierbb

    Reminds me of the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbetts Field  among the screams "Thro the bum out"

    • Mariatwade

      I remember those days!!! Exactly, throw the bum out !!!

  • Jthres

    Holder is a communist and thinks he is above any American law. Tar and feather this jerk.

  • Blk39ford

    They Need To Lock This Moron Up In An Institution , He's Dangerous.

    • cowboy541

      As much as I agree with you, I better Idea is press charges and put him in jain along with a number of others (BO?).

  • gunner48

    We already have different Laws, different rules of behavior, etiquette, test scores, Preference in Hiring....And everytime they get in positions of Authority they screw it up. Holder,and Obummer are just the lastest of a long line of Many. If a white president or attorney General had done this the NAACP, ACLU, NEW Black Panthers, And Rev AL, And Rev, Jessee no church, would be crawling all over Washington and pickiting the WHITE HOUSE..........Was This MLK Dream????????


    With all the race baiting and dividing the nation that this Admin has done, I would be amazed if a black man would ever be elected to President again.

    So Obama didn't do the blacks any favors by dividing the nation and his bully tactics of going after every conservative woman and unborn baby girl gendercide and then claiming the conservative "family value" party has a war on women.

    I'm embarassed America didn't see through the commie propaganda union media. 

    Learn history folks because the commie backed teachers unions are re-writing it and the history channel is nothing but hollywood reality shows.

    • Elaine

      Please don't be embarrassed.  It is the Responsibility of the news media to do the background checks.  We learned our lesson...from now on WE DO IT.
      The information about Obama came out on the AP was all there!
      McCain/Palin Actually won....,_2008From the AP in 2004: Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate
      Hmm…An AP story from 2004 entitled Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate has been discovered on by many sites (and twitter where I got this). Does this mean now that the AP is nothing but a bunch of birthers?

      Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.The Republican choice will become an instant underdog in the campaign for the seat of retiring Republican Senator Peter Fitzgerald, since Obama held a wide lead even before the scandal broke.“I feel for him actually,” Obama told a Chicago TV station. “What he’s gone through over the last three days I think is something you wouldn’t wish on anybody.”The Republican state committee must now choose a replacement for Ryan, who had won in the primaries against seven contenders. Its task is complicated by the fact that Obama holds a comfortable lead in the polls and is widely regarded as a rising Democratic star.

    • Sues

       I saw it coming, Cindy, and cancelled one leftist vote for Obama.  I have been a registered independent for over ten years and because of this administration I now lean so far to the right it's hard to tell I am an independent at all anymore.

    • CL

      May very well happen again in 5 mo and a week or so.

      Maybe this one isnt black!

    • Smackaliberal

      Suits me just fine if another  balck man is never elected.  Since over 90% are demoncrats, and therefore racist-traitors with no principles, but sell themselves like little whores to the Pimping White Democrats, why take the chance?  The black race IN AMERICA is degenerate, lazy, lying and reprobate, and they are the real RACISTS.  I always hurl that charge right back in their lying faces publically.  I don't care what they say or think.  Its time to beat them with their own weapons without fear.  As far as Im concerned, all blacks are racists until I have evidence to the contrary.  They would have voted for Obama even if he told them he was a Nazi and would kill every Jew in America.  Why?  They are RACISTS, not patriotic Americans, and these things need to be said.  Eric Holder is a racist pimp who needs hide put in prison.

  • Bruce Seibert

    What an a$$!   And BHO would nominate this fool for the SCOTUS!!!  The Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law, period. Who ARE these blithering... idiotic... racist... sc**bags???

  • Susie Q

    There is no such thing as reverse discrimination.  It is discrimination.  Period.

  • Harrydweeks

    Why shouldn't we need to show our ID  before voting , if our vote is to be considered valid. Think about it, you need to have ID. to drive a car, rent a movie, get a check cashed at grocery store and even get a fishing license . So why does this corrupt pathetic excuse for Attorney General not want ID for the voting public? One of most precious rights ..... GEE I WONDER?

  • Reclaim2013

    To Gary DeMar- great story- 
    BUT the best part was "Did Eric Holder have to show his law license in order to practice law? Apparently not!"

  • Elaine

    No one was "realllly listening"; OR they never realized he would go this far. Through Homeland Security he has given The New Black Panther
    Party the "authority" to act under the umbrella of Federal Protection.  In other words, if a citizen tries to fight is Treason against the U.S. Government.
    In the 2nd video is John Wiley Price.  I knew him way back when....he was/is extremely corrupt and dangerous.  This is the kind of person he reaches
    out to...and I am quite sure he has also reached out to others just like him in cities like Chicago, etc.

    Remember how he slashed the Military budget?  He gave that $$ to the New Black Panther Party to arm them. Initial Speech of his own private army Wiley Price; Dallas Commissioner's Court and New Commander of Obama's New Private Army -- The New Black Panther Party.

  • Smackaliberal

    This lying fool needs to be put in 20 years hard labor camp for lying and treason.  What a worthless puke

  • Bushpilot12

    Tell that RACISIST to go to HELL!!!!!!!!

  • Nottakenyan

    Just another typical LFN !!!!!

  • Charles

    Eric Holder is just as inept and incompitant as his boss President Odumba.  BOth should be removed....

    • Elaine

      Charles, can I turn your statement around please...they aren't inept....they only "appear that way."
      They both know exactly what they are doing.  
      He isn't incompetent...he PLANNED  this all along; with his friends who groomed him; programmed him; and from his childhood he was meant to be exactly as he is....a dictator; a tyrant.Obama Syndicate Plans Imminent Takeover of USA by Islam and GlobalistsWhile Congress ignores it (or secretly supports it), the US courts continue to fall one by one towards accepting and utilizing Shari’a law in place of US law and the wholly-owned-by-the-totalitarian-Left-and/or-the-Saudis (same thing) media continue their mindless and largely irrelevant programming (to continue the mesmerization of the American people) Obama is openly supporting and assisting the Islamist takeover of the USA.  I have been writing about this since prior to the Obama syndicate’s usurpation of the White House.  However, it’s comforting to know that my more well-known brethren have at last gotten the message and are now, also, writing about it.  In the end, we are all in this together!Please continue Reading: Zieve 

      • Ruth Yothers

        sure is! i knew what he was since when he was running in the primaries. it wasn't hard to figure out!

        • Elaine

          Ruth! I just got this very short video in.  This GREAT man is standing up to all of them.  Please! Please watch this.  It will let everyone know the frustration is at a high point!
           "Illinois rep EXPLODES on the House floor! IT's ALL FALLING APART..." on 12160

      • Docmt

        You are right, they know exactly what they are doing - it is their agenda and they think in concert as Marxists.

  • fed up with our admn

    If anyone is a racist its Eric Holder...... the three idiots Obama - Janet N-- Eric Holder -- all the same
    racists............. IMPEACH THEM ALL.........

  • Sniper

    There are 39 card carrying members of congress who belong to the american communist party.

  • milmac

    The entire Obama administration and Cabinet should be impeached.  What our powers to be in Congress do not realize that when this country becomes fully socialist/communist, they will be replaced, not through an election process but a coup d'etat. 

    • Elaine

      Milmac, there is a measure that is legal and should be taken; however, it is against all of them.  They have been complicit because they didn't stop him.
      18 USC § 2382 - MISPRISION OF TREASONUSC-prelim
      US Code
      CurrencyThis preliminary release may be subject to further revision before it is released again as a final version. As with other online versions of the Code, the U.S. Code Classification Tables should be consulted for the latest laws affecting the Code. Those using the USCPrelim should verify the text against the printed slip laws available from GPO (Government Printing Office), the laws as shown on THOMAS(a legislative service of the Library of Congress), and the final version of the Code when it becomes available.Current through Pub. L. 112-90. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.It can be filed through two entities:The Provost Marshall, and read below:Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

  • Whomolka

    What more do we need to bring criminal charges against this racist SOB for discrimination? Who will do it and when? I'm looking to see if a group of citizens can press charges similar to citizens arrest. I'm sick of these MFs already. Black racist communist goons.

  • fed up with our admn

    Remember what happened in Fast and Furious and the liar Eric Holder-- and the 2000 guns lost and ATF agent Terry killed, that all happened under Eric Holder and Janet N. watch-- where is the accountability here..... D Issas and Grassley are trying to get Eric Holder for contempt in Congress - call ur senators and congress reps now-- TELL THEM HOW U STAND ON THE ISSUE...get these bumbs out of office

  • Sniper

    up date,80 members of congress are card carrying members of the american communist party.

  • Elaine

    All of you PLEASE watch this very short video....Illinois Rep EXPLODES at everyone for taking away rights:
     "Illinois rep EXPLODES on the House floor! IT's ALL FALLING APART..." on 12160 

  • Ruth Yothers

    our country is going to hell!

  • Johnco510

    Civil War II is coming.  It is what Obama the commie pig wants.  Millions are going to die because people like me are not going to tolerate them shredding the Constitution; taking away freedom of speech or religion or taking our right to bare arms to name a few; and taking away what us conservatives earned legally and fairly. 

  • Jo Ann R. P.


    • obvious solutions

       Describe a pupet dictator !

  • Think About It, Just Asking

    How do most of these "non-whites" get to the polling place?  My guess is they drive.  My guess is they have a driver's license.  My guess is that license has a photo (I didn't use the word 'picture' in case someone couldn't make the connection) on it.  My mother was 93 and no longer drove.  She had a state ID that had a photo on it, just in case something were to happen to her.  That worked at the polling place also.  Her children were nice enough to help her get it.  We had more than one neighbor who also volunteered to help her get the ID.  It isn't that hard to get.

  • Ticked

    Voting is a “sacred” right TO US Mr. Holder! That is why we honest citizens DEMAND that our vote NOT be diminished by dishonest people you obviously accommodate by not proving who the hell they are.

    • Old observer

      And will we need to be protected from his Black Panthers--since they got away with intimidation last time???Wake up, people!!

      • Anna

        Keep up the anger people....keep up the anger until November, 2012......release this anger just knowing Obama will be gone.  I am going Republican all the way.  I don't want one Democrat left standing.  What do we have to lose right now???

  • Ticked

    Secondly Mr.. Holder, wouldn't it be a better use of your time to encourage those who don't have any ID, to get an ID? There is still over 5 months time before the election. Plenty of time to gather up the "great multitude" of people who haven't got an ID to the local BMV to get one. But We all know... It's so hard to get ID's for dead people.

  • paulkbri

    he should be imprisoned as a traitor, along with his best buddy obummer

  • DesertShooter1

     One Law for Whites and Another for ‘Non-Whites’?  Where does that leave people that are born of  White and Non-White, mixed race parents?  Oh yeah, if they love their parents equally, do they not get a vote as to not take any chances?
    Oh hay, eh, eat hay, Obama, since you "didn't really" love your white Mom.  Did you consider her to be "White Trash" as to have a reason not to claim her as your Mother Dearest?  You did claim preference to your alcoholic father over you mother.  He did kill himself in a drunken car accident in Kenya.
    What was your White Grandmother's health condition BEFORE you became president?  It was kind of ironic to me that she coincidentally died just after you were paid, eh, I mean, made president.  Your gramma's life was of no value to you and could not take any chances of her talking about your place of birth.

  • David F. Podesta

    This BUM should be in jail. He along with a few other stooges in the ATF who ran operation Fast & Furious are basically accessories to 2 murders in the US and hundreds of others in Mexico. The only reason a government official would NOT want integrity in the election process is because he is dishonest and approves of the "we want to win by any means necessary". This whole administration is rotten to the core.

  • graywolf323

    pretty sure the ACLU was there with him helping

  • Cuban for freedom

    This bunch of intellectual midgets they're the bigest threat to our freedom I have seen in the past 57 years, they just want to destroy our way of life and turn us into Cuba, Venezuela and europe Socialists. I hope the American people are smart enough to stop this so we can be free again Vote in November for Romney, these Idiots don't deserver another chance.  

  • IMSweetOlBob

    We are watching possibly the biggest scam on the American people in history go quietly by the boards with the help of the liberal Manure Stream Media, who steadfastly ignore it.
    If it had been Republicans who schemed to create false stats in order to help them force more restrictive gun laws on Americans, there would be burnings at the stake.
    But the criminal and racist Holder just ignores his own culpability and criminal actions the same way as he ignored the criminal action of blacks in Philly.
    What is wrong with the Media who ignores the wholes situation ?

  • The Atheist Libertarian

    Perhaps he's right.  Maybe "non white voters" aren't intelligent enough to obtain an ID.  this seems to be what he is suggesting.  this 'Burden" can't be financial since the "Non white voters" are provided with an ID free of charge, and it ca't be based on the difficulty of obtaining an ID since everyone born in the united states can obtain their birth certificate with a simple request.

    The issue seems to be that the Democrats know full well that they receive 100% of illegal votes in america.  They embrace voter fraud in its entirety.  They have such hatred for the law that there is simply no limit to what they will do to cheat at the ballot box.

    Their goal is not to improve america, but to secure power for themselves.  Their actions constitute an attack on our constitution, an assault...  they have made themselves enemy combatants...  their actions...  Treason.

    • Calvinius

      What's abundantly clear is that the "illegal votes" you refer to do not exist.

      • The Atheist Libertarian

        Yes, you do gobble up every little bit of spin you are fed don't you. Dunning and Kruegar were thinking of people like you when they penned their epic work on "Ignorance breeding Confidence".

        • Calvinius

          No, the Dunning-Kruger effect perfectly explains the Tea Party movement.

        • The Atheist Libertarian

          the mere fact that you make such a blanket statement indicates that it defines you to a T. cock sure, blathering to anyone who will listen, completely unwilling to consider anything but your own ill-conceived opinion.

          The smartest guy in the room is usually the one who is listening.. not the one who is shooting his mouth off.

    • Boxcar

      they don't simpley need a voter  ID they an every one else should have a photo ID card that way their will be  NO illegal immagrents casting votes for obamanation & his corupt apointed minions

  • Christopher Columbus

    Now that is a, 'Racist Prick! What does that tell you about Obama, coming from a Church like the one, the ordained by Satin's (the prince of darkness/king of deceptions); Rev. Right's (should be Rev. Wrong) runs? What do you guys believe is meant by; "there will be a great deception at the end-days mean"? do you even know, & or think of, ‘Deception?!

  • liberty

    Why don't we do what they Did in Iraq on election day? once you vote, you dip your right index finger in permenant ink. it washes off after a few days. or maybe even somehow this is UNFAIR... I can't wait for November!

    • Boxcar

      that still don't relieve us of the illegal votes or the dead that come back to vote every 4 years. but the quicker their out of office the better off AMERICA  will be. we simply  can't stand another 4 years of obamanation & eric" the red " householder

  • David Peacock


  • Geonan

    Did Eric Holder have to show his law license in order to practice law? Apparently not.Read more:

    We must understand that Holder and his boss are the most corrupt politicians in Washington and according to them they don't have to show or prove anything!!!! 

  • Thomas B

    It's apparent that the affirmative action attorney general is a criminal.   We've had criminals in high office many times in America and survived them but holder is an affirmative action criminal which means we can't be rid of him until obama is out of there.  I pray that God will intervene in this sordid  disease in Washington.  God is letting lucifer challenge us, so we must keep the faith strongly and this is the bottom line.  Our faith can send obama out of the picture.  We are a nation under God.

  • John Rickell

    The blacks don't have a problem having an ID card to collect their food stamps and other freebies.

    • Dr Real

      You mean non-whites

  • Geonan

    If Obama gets reelected you could see Holder and Hillary become Suprem Court Justices. Can you imagine living the rest of you life with those two calling the shots!!!!  

  • lees

     unfair burden my BFA...want to hear an unfair burden?  It happens in cities in every state, county's each have a paid public administrator who hands estates..they are supposed to abide by estate laws just like regular executors.   They don't file the estate accountings on time per the law, refuse to answer questions about estates, fail to work on estates until over a year has passed... and fail to retrieve and protect estate assets...which is a public administrator's duty by law. They allow ten's of thousands of dollars of estate funds to be taken illegally.  Why doesn't Holder bit ch about that

    Want to hear another outrage far more expensive than requiring a $15 photo ID....go to your courthouse for copies of documents....iwas charged $19.00 for 13 copies.

  • Mark4plumbing

    Holder carries something in his wallet that he's had since college. It says that before anything else he is Black. Before he's a democrat, before he's Attorney General, before anything-- he's black. No white man could be such an unapologetic racist and not be hung out to dry. How long do we have to tip toe. The white man is so afraid of being called a racist that we all seem to be willing to put up with racism directed right at us from people like Holder. The only reason he's not in jail over "fast and furious" is because he's black. The same reason Ale Bama wasn't properly vetted. How long till we grow a pair and put an end to this injustice???

    • graybuffalo

      Spot on.  I would only add that Holder's cell mate for his being an "accessory to murder" in "Fast and Furious" should be his boss, Barack Hussein.  This administration has swept so much dirt - including "Fast and Furious" and Solyndra - under the White House carpet that they qualify for the Soil Bank Program (a.k.a. "Set Aside Program").  The most corrupt administration in history!  I always ask myself with every atrocity the Dems perpetrate "what if that were a Republican?"  At least in Watergate no one died.

    • MMort

      It seems our Pastors are trying to lay low in order to protect their pocket books.  If there is a worsening economy they could have some of their "benefits" cut.  Yes, there are ministers and missionaries that take little money to run worthwhile organizations, but they are few and far between.  If you knew my history you would know I learned all this from lifelong experience.

    • BHO mustgo

      Absolutely right! If  Holder was Caucasion, he would have already been thrown out of office!  Suing the Sherriff in Arizona for upholding the law, Fast and Furious, not wanting to require photo ID to vote etc. The SOB should be in jail not Attorney General of the United States.

    • Csinate

       How long will you grow a pair and become a Warrior instead of just bitching?
      www. secondamendmentwarrior .com

    • Twiceshy

      It took years of the left wing media, politicians and Marxist public school teachers ingraining in American citizens that blacks be treated differently.  We were told a percentage had to be included in everything, no matter if they qualified or were qualified.  As a manager I was told for certain positions we only will interview blacks.  Once time, we interviewed a black woman for a sales position.  When she was sent to the home office of my company, they were totally turned off by her attitude and I was told not to hire her.  She sued the company, for a job she didn't get.  The lawsuit was dismissed after we hired another black woman.  
      We've been told special rules are to be applied to them.  Like the Black Panthers who intimidated voters in  2008.  Holder said no crime for black on white intimidation.  Schools have indoctrinated children that blacks were slaves 170 yrs ago so we 10 generations past must pay and pay for great great great grandfathers sins.  We are a whipped society and until we take over media and schools again and teach that all people deserve the same rights, we are screwed as a nation.

  • Geonan

    Lets face facts...Obama and Holder want the illegals to vote, the only chance the ignorramus has to get reelected. 

  • Jo Hughes

    Now THAT'S discrimination!!
    Hey Holder - the white people need justice, too - justice from YOU - you traitor!!!

    • Dariuszdavies


  • teadog

    Why is there no organizations to counter and fight organizations like the ACLU, Americans United etc.??????  And ever notice the radicals always hide behind the word "American" when they are reallyh commies trying to destroy our country and way of life???

    • Dariuszdavies

      You talking about Bush, Cheney, Reagan, Romney and other neo-cons. That's what they all do

      • Twiceshy

        You are so retro when you use the word neo Con.  I guess you are another product of our fantastic public school system.

    • Gary Woods

      There is the ACLJ, American Center for Law & Justice. P.O. Box 90555, Washington, DC 20090-0555. http://www.ACLJ.ORG

  • FloridaJim

    I thoughht Obama said "I will bring the country together" how is that possible with Eric Holder?Reic Holder is a complete bust and should be sent back to wherever he came from. Fast& Furious, Ft. Hood terrorist killer, Arizona state immigration, Black Panther intimidation, Trayvon Martin[see similar Arizone event ignored by you and he]. Your efforts to bring us together have failed because all your friends Holder, Clinton, Cummings, Waters, Rangel, Jackson, Sharpton, Ogletree, Gates, Bell, ayers et al are all dividers whom you turn to .

  • Gray Fox

    From what I read above , It appears that Mr. Holder is sick, and should be relieved from office immediately.

  • Dawn Brayton

    So it's Jin Crow style laws again?

  • Gplucas

    Eric Holder was absent the day they taught LAW at Law School !

  • leavetheusa

    I can't stand this racist POS as well!!! Him and Odummer make a good team for ALL you "mentally challenged" liberal A....Holes!!!

  • Rosasolis

    How did this man ever become Attorney General?  Aren't government officials supposed to
    serve and support  ALL  the people ... especially  one with such a high function?
    Didn't  Eric Holder have to pledge an oath to a government who's function is to serve
    all legal citizens? ... Without any racial  priority or discrimination?  In most countries
    of the Western World,  Pres. Abraham Lincoln is still remembered for  his dedication
    and work for racial equality and freedom.  The only way America and the rest of our
    western world can survive in the near future is to join all people who will support
    the constitution  of their country.  Racial discrimination, must be al last abolished,
    if our western culture and way of living is to survive...Do not forget 9 - 11!

    • Jlpudlo

      Hilder, anambulance chaser type lawyer, came from the same Chicago Democrat Machine Stable that, with the help of the liberal media, sprung Obama on us.    Appointed by Obama, he will do anything to get his "meal ticket" re-elected, hence, challenging anything that might aid in keeping the elections honest.
      Remember, In Chicago, where even the dead vote, the Deomocrat election cry is "Vote early and vote often".

    • Twiceshy

      You are thinking of the America of our forefathers.   Today it is run by racist Marxist blacks who when they don't like the way things are going, they try to tear the country apart by dividing races and economic groups.  We all are paying the consequences of that policy.

    • leavetheusa

      It's all about "payback" (slavery) and reverse discrimination now - but there are not enough blacks to make-it-happen!!! Plus they KNOW we are heavily armed!!  

  • MMort

    We've been FL residents since 1968 and now feel this is our state, but Holder is trying to tear us apart with the voter i.d. problem and all the Obama strategies to tear us into parts of society. If Gov Scott lets him get by with overturning our decision to enforce voter i.d. we are sunk.  Between the "dead voters", "Mickey mouse types" and "illegals"  we living citizens don't stand a chance.  Get on the line to our governors and demand they take this to the Supreme Court, if necessary.  We cannot survive another Obama admininstration.

  • Georgen3

    Where were the white church leaders?

  • lokigod46

    as Francisco explained I didn't even know that any one able to earn $8540 in a few weeks on the internet. have you seen this page 

    *(C L I C K  O N  M Y  N A M E  F O R  T H E  L I N K)*

  • Csinate

    Don't worry about it.  My Warriors will protect you by never having their guns confiscated so freedom can be preserved.  Holder and Obummer can do or say anything they want as none of it will prevail as they cannot enslave us because of my Warriors.  So rest easy and keep complaining.  And the best part is that you don't have to do anything but drink your Kool-Aid and take your naps.
    www. secondamendmentwarrior .com

  • Csinate

    713 bitchers.  0 Warriors.

  • Elaine

    @aurora:disqus ...what century are you living in?  I don't even know where to start.  Discriminated against.  This is just ONE example of working VERY hard WITH them to get better jobs that I went through.There are two kinds of hate.Hate is anger turned in on yourself and then protecting it onto others; in other words...some people just don't want to deal with "their own hate, rage and anger and take it out on others.Basically, he explains the Black rage and hate?  Blacks do NOT love themselves and protect their anger and rage OUT at the whites to make it all better.We can't.  We tried through Affirmative Action.  I am an ol' gal, and have had many many experiences from that time of Affirmative Action in teaching the black population their they could climb in their chosen professions.I worked for the City of Dallas in the Department of Planning and Development.  I was a permanent temp and floated all around the departments.  The Opening came up for a Permanent person in the job I was in as an Administrative Assistant to the Director.  There were 57 women in the department and only 3 of those were white.They really didn't want the job because it "wasn't UNION"..but they didn't want a white woman to have it either.I had learned to carry a hand-held pocket recorder because I had been threatened so many times.  I was pulled off in a stairwell and slammed against a brick wall.  She had her elbow at my throat and a double-long form of acrylic nail jabbing me between the eyes warning NOT to apply for the job. I had to replace all of my tires on my car twice due to them being slashed.   Finally I started parking two blocks away and walked at night to get to my car (carrying a gun in my coat pocket because I had been threatened so many times.We trained them.  I invited each one to lunch at one time or another and each one refused "UNLESS" she needed something from me.

  • William Robertson

    Mucinex?  No kidding.

  • Elaine

    Aurora:  Do you remember the Delta Air Lines Crash 191 at DFW Airport?  Dallas/Ft. Worth...It was horrible (by the was a bubble in the gas line that caused the crash).
    I worked for the law firm handling the law suit for the survivors and families, et al.
    The law firm gave us as many breaks as we needed while transcribing the horrible, tearful testimonies of those involved.  We had boxes of Kleenex on our desks.
    I, again, was the only white woman and the supervisor.  There were 8 black women transcribing the tapes.  I explained that because it was going to be a court case, to Please use spell check.  Any mistakes could hurt the clients' case.
    You never heard the like of "Do you think we're stupid!!!" and it went on and on.
    Needless-to-say, not only did I have to do my work; but then I'd have to spell check their work.  And, Yes, I did find mistakes.  HOWEVER, they began to squawk that "I did it to make them look bad!"  So, I had to clean up their work too!

  • ordman

    Sounds like Heinrich Himmler to me. Bet that if Obama gets reelected that the Chicago Laws will be enacted. You know like the Nuremberg Laws. 

  • Elaine

    Auroa: When I was working on my B.S. In Community Counseling at U.T. SW Medical/Dallas, we had two term papers and only two tests.  On he final test the first page was multiple choice.  It was only worth 30 points.The 2nd page was a choice of 3 discussion questions.  As I got up from my desk, the black man in front of me had finished his test and let me pass by his desk first...I saw the 2nd page of his test worth "70" points.  IT WAS BLANK.  IN OTHER WORDS, HE FAILED THE TEST.  Yet They passed him anyway.

  • Elaine

    Auroa: At the age of 55, I was in Graduate School at Texas A&M in the Counseling Program (work at ICU Psychiatric Hospitals, etc.) We had to share some of the MANY classes with teachers who wanted a Masters Degree in order to be School Counselors.
    1)  Students who were blacks were "allowed to cheat" -- why? Are they dumb? Can't they study like the rest of us and pass or fail?
    2)  There were only 6 of us in a classroom of Counseling 101.  The rest of the class were teachers. The black students actually had their books open during the class...or whispered to each other.
    3)  In Advanced Psychology, they whined about how hard it was, and again, were allowed to cheat.

  • Elaine

    White America has bent over backwards — in the beginning through Affirmative Action – to give them equal opportunities as a spring board allowing them to move forward and compete for jobs according to qualification not “because they are black.”Schools and communities including housing were brand new. Within a year, the black population who had control over their own properties allowed them to run down; then seek to have white city, county and/or state to come in again and repair all of the damage they did to their own properties “sold” to them as their own homes at a discounted cost. Plush apartments were built and they could live in them and pay substantially less than the same architectural design in other parts of town, were high $$ living.During the Rainbow Coalition in Dallas, New schools were built as well as playgrounds. It was deliberately built on the border of a middle income bracket of White Dallas Citizens and Black Citizens. It was planned this way so that black and white child could play together and become friends. The black children wanted the playground to themselves and formed gangs to beat up on the white children who were there to do what all children do — Play on the playground.The schools were vandalized by their own children.

  • hazel

    Holder is an idiot, if there were different laws for different people then they would have completed the task of dividing  the people and destroying the nation.  Again this isn't what Rev. DR. Martin L. King Jr. had in mind all those years ago. This is going against all that.

    • Elaine

      Hazel, unfortunately, Holder isn't an idiot.  He and Obama both are working very, very hard TO CAUSE Racial Unrest.  Why?  He wants any and every excuse he can to declare Marshal Law so he can completely take over the Country.

  • rowley

    Would this Law apply to a woman that claims to be 32 Native American?

  • Elaine

    @Marine11:disqus :Holder knows the law.  He IGNORES IT; and will continue to do so as long as he can.  

  • Greg

    If the republicans don't jump on this like scum on a pond, they are clearly
    stupid! It's past time we stand up to holder and obama and his entire demonrat
    regime. They smear and they critisize and they poke fun, but when they show
    their forked tongue and their knife in the backs of our citizens we stand by and
      ALLOW  them to stab us in the backs and we wallow in it. They MUST be exposed and we must fight them, and
    don't let them smooth it away and explain it with more lies. This is NOT the
    American way, this is the Nazi way and the satanic way. They are satanists, and lies is
    all they speak.

  • Greg

    The trouble here is we have allowed this regime to do their dirt for too long.  We did not push the eligibility hard and strong.  Too many people accepted it and took it on the word of the media and the demonrats.  Now we have a facist regime in what used to be our free country.  All is left is a few loose ends by obama and holder.  We have let down our fallen soldiers, our forefathers, and our country for giving them this free reign to do as they planned.  The republicans have let us down.  They don't know how to chose the right persons to run against these devils.  The only one who could have made it was Paul, and he opened his mouth too often, and the one who really could have taken our country back is Allen West, and the republican party dismisssed him.    Now we are in the hands of hard core terrorists, our own domestic  traitors who are communists terrorists, and the worse of all is obama, the illegal alien muslim communist plant and mole in our White House.  Everyone in Congress, the Senate and the House, and all the executive branches knows who and what he is.  They are either afraid of him, or they are in with him.   Whatever the case, they and the mainstream media and the movie stars, cover for this devil and they know what he is doing to our freedom and our blessed country.  It infuriates me, and it should infuriate every American citizen.  If it doesn't, you are deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid!   You are about to experience full force, your worse nightmare.  Join the ranks of the third world, dear brother, and learn to embrace the joys of communist muslim poverty and death.

  • sovereintyofone

    I guess Eric Holder doesn't have a Justice Department ID badge complete with his mug shot on it. They just let him in on his good looks. I'm sure that he can " roam " any where he pleases without presenting a Photo ID.
    I  for one am in favor of a photo ID voters registration card. I want them to make sure that when I vote it is really me and not some " illegal visitor from arcoss the border ". I also like to know that my vote will be counted " one time only " under my name. Yeah, I know how tempting it would be now days to vote more than one time against Obama but I was raised to be honest.

  • Insighting Truth

    Freedom of religion is crucial to our republic. In the article the author calls "separation of church and state" a myth. His position is unwise.

    The real myth is the idea that religion can infuse the State with moral authority, without being itself tarnished by the corruption that inevitably infests the world of politics, money and power. Asking the State to intervene in the freedom of conscience of others, is inviting the State to interfere with your freedom of conscience.

    Those of us who desire true freedom to worship as conscience dictates, know we must resist to temptation to impose our views, even those empirically viewed as righteous, on the mechanism of government. The danger to what can be nearly universally perceived as good, is the ascendancy of ambiguity. This is not a problem for the future. It is the defining issue of our time.

    Be careful what you advocate. You might get it. What is more likely, is you will get a form of it that does not live up to your expectations. Politicians are trustworthy in only one respect: they will do whatever they can to enhance their power and tenure, even if it means undermining the foundation of their own country. 

    • Afathersson

      SIR, you had better think again:  the Words Separation, church or state DO NOT appear in ANY founding document!  Do you know where those words came from?  They came from a letter to Thomas Jefferson from the Danbury Baptists who had (thought) they heard that there was an offical church being set up.  So T.J. fired back a letter and said...among other things that there was a "ONE WAY" Wall of Separation" which was changed to mean a wall on both sides.  What he really said was that the church could be involved in politics etc but the Govt could NOT get involved in the church or to make them do anything in the matter of church business!!  That is that!! see also Reynolds v U.S.A. in 1948 Supreme Court case!!

      • Insighting Truth

        Dear Homer:

        Yes, I know. That does not change the meaning of the first amendment.

        Yes I know the source of the phrase.

        Nowhere in the text of Jefferson's letter does he use the words "ONE WAY." Nor does he use any other  phrase that could be so interpreted.

        Jefferson was wise. He knew that congress with the State, leads inexorably to control by the State. That is why he used the phrase "wall of separation." He knew that to breech a wall from one side is to breech it on both sides. That my friend should strike you as an obvious truth.

        Insighting Truth

  • Hooder42

    Holder is a worthless fool working for another worthless fool.

    • MANGO


  • Raeman Haines

    Eric Holder is a RACIST working for another RACIST ! Nothing would make them happier to see a race war here in America . 

    • Janet

      I agree with you and am happy to know I'm not the only one willing to speak out on these corrupt people we have to put up with. We must vote them out!! They are destroying America.

    • Wesco

      That is their plan--to have a race war. It will happen. But you better believe they will lose.

      • Sandiepff

        It's funny but it's almost like that movie coming true...Birth of a Nation...why do groups allow this to happen to themselves!!!!!!

  • Terryd3088

    I live in the country, in S.C., and see the voter fraud everytime I go to the poll's! The blacks are running the polls.Tthe people come in that they know, and an ID is NOT required! The last time that I was voting, a black guy came in, toting his grandmother, who didn't even know she was in this world, and he had the poll watcher vote a straight Democrat ticket for her! All he did was carry her from his car, passed everyone else in line, and the poll worker did as instructed. He gave the lady at the desk her name, and went in front of everyone else. This elderly lady was out of it...didn't even know that she was in this world!

  • Homer

    Take Eric Holder for what he is: an Obama stooge!!  Please read what God said about the races in Genesis 9:20-27  So, if there is a problem, the problem lies in mans wicked natural nature!!

  • RFRider

    The Land of Opportunity has changed to the Land of the Stupid.  He is out there still wanting opportunity but without any effort on their part.   To prove who you are to vote is the only way to be fair.  If one can't pay for an I.D. then have the states give them one, but to deny the other people (me and you) the knowledge that an election was fair and true would be wrong.   Holder and the black panthers is and was a prime example, he failed to prosecute with great evidence! 

    • cbond01

      We can give them free welfare,  food stamps, healthcare, unearned income, pay zero taxes and know telling what else, but we can not go to every dwelling like they take the census and make a picture ID on the spot. The trouble with that is the Democrats will run it with Acorn and others like that which will swear under oath that they seen a birth certificate like Obama has . They would make it easy to add even more illegals to the Democrat Party with their new picture ID.  That way they could get a real drivers license with their new government approved Picture  ID.     

      • Sandiepff

        This is NOT about the poor...this about the ones in power.....

  • Bill

    I am tired of the BS...and I am BLACK

    • Sandiepff

      It is NOT about the color of your skin...everyone knows this!!!!!!  They hate us all equally!!!!!

    • karlaw55

      I assume you mean the BS from the republicans who have ruined our economy and are trying to ruin every facet of our society that benefits the poor and middle class?

      • Mike6

        I don't know if Obama is a shiite muslim or a communist.  Obama like Lenin, is transforming America into a "Social Justice Paradise" that always ends with classwarfare, hating the rich and secret police prisons.

        I don't know if you are a Christian but I once talked to a Russian Orthodox Priest who spend ten years in a Soviet Gulag.  He had refused the CHEKA demands that he stop baptizing babies, saying Mass, reading from the Holy Bible, and giving the Sacrament to the dying.  He talked about the tortures the CHEKA guards  inflicted on the unfortunate inmates.

        In the last month of his imprisonment this Priest was allowed to say Mass and to read from the Holy Bible to the prisoners.

  • cbond01

    Holder is a Racist just like Jessie and Sharpton.

  • Bizcuitzngravy


  • T Lady

    Ever since the President made his announcement over three weeks ago in support of Same Sex Marriage, the Obama Administration has become even more desperate to cling to the Black vote, which is needed every election cycle to put Democrats over the top. This issue, along with abortion on demand and the lack of job opportunites  has rightfully made many Christians of all ethnicities extremely uncomfortable. I see it around me in the church I attend, where many of the members voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008. Those of us who didn't drink the Obama Kool-Aid are being vindicated every day.

    • Sandiepff

      What is crazy is this new issue about Women's groups and Planned Parenthood supporting abortion of female babies, once it is discovered they are female...what the hell is THAT all about...dmaned they are not only taking away women's rights...NOW they are frickin killing us before we are born!!!!!!!!

  • aberdeem

    Are non white Americans not really Americans???????????????

    • Sandiepff

      The point is every American should be included in everything OBama and his cabinet do...not one group should be held in high esteem or singled out....otherwise it is such hypocrisy!!!!

    • Wayne Bauer

      Yes let's send them where they would rather be. just make sure it's OUT of America. We need to return a lot of blacks and half blacks to Kenya, get the boat loaded

  • Pegs Palmer

    I wish that canker worms would eat the whole of this cabinet from the inside out

    • Elaine

      I have a very short video that is going to make you jump up and down applauding!!!
      Pegs...PLEASE take the time to watch it.  You will KNOW that at least ONE PERSON is up in D.C. standing up for us all!
      Video: Illinois Man Stands up! "Let My People Go!" Criticizing House for Giving Obama all of the Power

  • Lilpaki

    another loser

  • TM

    Vote obama out and eric holder will be gone and forgotten too, POS he is.

    • Wayne Bauer

      Only when he is imprisoned.

      • Elaine

        Wayne, people are not put in prison for what Obama and Holder have done.  They have committed Treason which is punishable by a firing squad.

    • Elaine

      TM, there is NO DOUBT in my mind he will be voted out! However, that does NOT mean he will leave the Oval Office.
      Obama Speaking with Putin's Man -- Open Mic-I'll Have More Flexibility after Next Election

  • rowdygirl726

    Can you imagine what would happen if Holder was white and this "law" was targeted at blacks?  They would burn down DC.

  • Elaine

    Rose:  There is a law that includes those in D.C. who won't stand up to Obama and do the LEGAL thing.  
    18 USC § 2382 - MISPRISION OF TREASONUSC-prelim
    US Code
    CurrencyThis preliminary release may be subject to further revision before it is released again as a final version. As with other online versions of the Code, the U.S. Code Classification Tables should be consulted for the latest laws affecting the Code. Those using the USCPrelim should verify the text against the printed slip laws available from GPO (Government Printing Office), the laws as shown on THOMAS(a legislative service of the Library of Congress), and the final version of the Code when it becomes available.Current through Pub. L. 112-90. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.It can be filed through two entities:The Provost Marshall, and read below:Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

  • Elaine

    You will ALL want to see this man...The Illinois Rep Fights and Yells at the House for Giving all this power to one man!  "Let my People Go!!" 

  • Swr55

    What it boils down to is that when someone has to produce identification to vote, it makes it more difficult for illegals, the deceased, etc. to cast a ballot.

    Can't effectively steal an election when an ID is required. Holder is just another parasite.  

  • CTConservatives47

    Holder, of the Injustice Department, is simply doing Obama's bidding as is Barry Lynn of Americans United  for Separation of Church and State. Lynn masquerades as a minister to advance the unconstitutionbal case for complete separation church and state.  Being a "minister" gives him preacher cover to advance an anti-religious agenda.  Otherwise, why would a man of God spend his life advocating for an extreme view of the separation of church and state that wants to excise all references of religion from American life, just like the reprehensible ACLU?

  • HarryKBroe

    1) As a matter of fact, if look at ACLU, it fought more battles in court on behalf than against religion. A fact often missed by would be journalist, who do not check their facts before the write an "article". 

    2) The constitution clearly states the separation between state and church.

    3) ID laws has historically been used to discriminate against coloured people.  This election season, republicans have resurrected this  ghost of the past, all over the country for the upcoming election.  If it quarks like a duck, walks like a Duck and looks looks like Duck, it properly is a Duck. ID laws set into motion, to deprive coloured people from voting.

    -Taking Mr. Holder's statement to an extreme, for which is was never intended, seems like a distortion of its original meaning.

    • HarryKBroe

       *In before the trolls. I should have checked for errors, which is didn't.  Sorry about that.

    • Elaine Magliacane

      Please QUOTE the separation of church and state in the Constitution... I have a pocket version of the Constitution... you can also find it online... please let me know the section number and paragraph.... read the WHOLE thing... you just might learn a thing or two.

    • Blaineiac

      The Constitution DOES NOT "clearly state the separation between state and church"!

      Voting is a Privilege and not a "right"!

    • Kstamm5909

      Harry, you need to check your spelling before you post.  And your facts.  No where, I repeat, no where in the constitution will you find the phrase "separation of church and state".  That is a myth propogated by the ACLU and the left.  It never has been a part of the constitution.  Read it and if you can find it there, let me know.

      The ACLU has never been one to defend religion unless it is an extremely liberal religion such as Wicca or maybe the Episcopalian church in dealing with gays in the pulpit.  So don't tell me that they defend religion more than not.

      And the need for ID's is not to keep non-whites from voting.  It is to allow those who are truly citizens of this nation the right to vote and to keep those who are not citizens, from voting.  I don't know where you are getting your information, but you really need to do some more research before you post.

      As you said, "if it quarks like a duck" yadda, yadda, yadda.

    • LDOFR

      To be more frank, this is nothing more than a ploy to "steal" the upcoming election.  Allowing dead people or undocumented individuals to vote is a scam not matter what logic you twist.  Why even have an election?  This is not a Republican or Democratic is about the surviability of our Constitution rights and we must stand together to stop this insanity.

      • vanguard7

        And now Holder's Justice Dept is putting the brakes on Florida's attempt to purge it's voter rolls of ineligible voters.  What do they NOT understand about the word "ineligible"?  This is proof positive that Holder and Co. are fighting furiously to preserve their ability to win the election by fraud.  This attempt amounts to, at the least, treason in my honest opinion.  He needs to be arrested and prosecuted.

    • Elaine

      Did you finish the 8th grade, Harry?  Did you fail Civics or government classes?

      Your number "3" -- If a person (doesn't matter the color, etc.) is a U.S. Citizen...he/she WILL  have a driver's license, a social security care so they can legally drive and have $$ taken out of their checks for social how is it racist to MAKE SURE that ONLY U.S. CITIZENS who have the RIGHT and PRIVILEGE to vote actually get to vote?

      Go back to the 8th grade Harry.  You flunked.

    • Elaine

      THE LAST GOOD THING the ACLU did was the Miranda Act.  Since then?????

    • Agnes Tillerson

      Sorry Harry! There is NO statement anywhere in the Constitution that states the separation between state and church. You need to read the Constitution instead of following ACLU and liberals who are and have been preaching such an inaccuracy for years to dupe people who have ignored studying the constitution. Removing school subjects like Civics and American History have caused the problem of ignorance in people and that, in my opinion, is a deliberate move to keep people ignorant as to their rights so they can become slaves to those in power. The loss in educating students occurred when union took over the system and parents were inattentive to the changes in curricula. Such is the deplorable state ofsecular  education today. Regarding ID's for are wrong! The state of Georgia placed mandatory IDs for voting into effect and had more black people registered to vote than ever before! It deprives noone who is a LEGAL citizen from voting! They offered free ID pictures when it was needed. You sound like a racist comparable to Att. Gen. Holder.

    • jpjones23

      Actually Harry, our constitution has absolutely nothing in it about the separation of church and state.  I suggest you read it before promulgating misinformation.  The only place in our history that the term "separation of church and state" appears is in a letter by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury, Connecticut city fathers and the intent was to ensure that the city did not mandate any particular religion.  The bottom line is that repeated assertions of a falsehood do NOT a truth make.

    • jimmerz

      @HarryKBroe Can you point us to which portion of the Constitution that 'clearly states the separation between church and state' ? All I can find is "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of  religion, or prohibiting the free execise thereof"

    • NinainMA

      When are we going to get past the "PAST"? With the likes of these people, we will never step forward  bringing up "historically been used to discriminate against coloured people" !  We don't want to deprive anyone of their right to vote, no matter if they are "coloured" and "quark" like a duck....Legally....if I have to show my ID to do anything in this country, fly, drive, buy liquer, cigarettes, etc...then voting should be at the top of the list as it being important and all.... and if you don't live here legally, you have no RIGHT to vote in an election involving the running of  this country. If you are DEAD you obviously can't vote....duh!  Seems like those against voter ID smacks of voter fraud......geesh, like you said, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it must be a duck! Is this so hard to understand? 

      The separation of church and state comes in pretty handy when the libs want to use it to their advantage...their for it till their against's intended to keep the government out of the church (abortions ring a bell?), not the church out of the government....

  • cheryl

    Holder is a socialist, marxist communist racist pie of crap. This is his chance to punish white people for slavery. If you have a person who is half white and half black and they look more negroid then you have trouble. They want to look white and don't which makes them very bitter. Holder is a racist and a dishonest person.  We did to get rid of him and all the rest of the bunch in the WH.

    • Mike6

      Eric Holder, Obama, and Moochelle have not forgiven America for slavery and that George Washington  had slaves.  They have forgot that the African slavers were horrible Arab muslims who dragged their black slaves thru the hot Sahara in chains with minimal water and food.  Those who fell were left in the scorching desert to die.
      The slaves who made it thru the Sahara treck and came to America were the lucky ones.  Moochelle college thesis was racist rant and composed by someone who had the writing skills of a ninth grader.

      • Elaine

        Mike, it isn't about "forgiving."  It IS about working hard to keep the WHITE GUILT GOING.  
        They already know that white people didn't just decide one day to run over to Africa to STEAL natives.  African Tribes were always at war with each other.  The "loser" of the war was SOLD into slavery by their own race at auctions much like live stock auctions we have at County Fairs.
        They also sold criminals into slavery.
        The dirty little secret they don't want anyone to know about is that 
        1)  The first slave owners were African Americans;
        2)  Muslims STOLE people from Africa for slaves.  They neutered the men and turned the women into sex slaves.
        3)  Jewish companies in NY went in together and bought FIVE ("5") ships to take the Africans BACK to Africa.  Do you know how many went back?  ONE SHIP -- one ship was HALF full.  They had their chance to go home and CHOSE TO REMAIN HERE.

        AND,  DO NOT THINK for a moment they don't know this.
        The EXCUSE of "wellll, we were slaves" is finished!!!  

        • Mike6

          My blind destitute grandmother bought stale meat, day old bread, and stale vegetables each evening for our dinner.  She had refused welfare in the memory of her husband who was an officer and a gentleman.  My grandfather was awarded the Cross of Saint George for staying in combat while wounded.

          Obama is not a gentleman and Moochelle is not a lady.  Instead of shooting basketball, selling drugs, and listening horrible music,  I read fine books, studied chemistry, and learned how to write. 

          Obama and Moochele are products of Affirmative Action and it shows.  Billions of dollars have been wasted on remedial education and we are still producing mostly illiterates.

          I am proof that anyone can make it in America if he works hard, PRAYS TO THE LORD, and does not spend time shooting baskets, pimping,  and listening to loud music.

  • Rickb

    This POS has got to go...

  • David

    Make sure you get everyone you know vote in November. If not you may be hearing the words Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder

  • Gzimoscat51

    Average Americans are being killed.  We have already lost congress and the supreme court, if we lose the white house it will be unanimous. I wonder what the Germans thought as their country was taken over and apart by Hitler. Were they even aware of what was happening? 

    • vanguard7

      We've already lost the's now called the Outhouse!

  • Lots-a-luv123

    Eric Holder is a racist idiot.

  • Delores109

    I will write the law for non-whites FAST AND FURIOUSLY.   You will be included in the law.  It will be a piece of cake.  Get ready for your new life, Eric!
    Delores Smith

    • Elaine

      Big Talk, do you propose to make that happe?

      • Delores109

        While you're making Small Talk and whimpering, I'll handle this.  This is too much for you.
        Delores Smith

        • jwright673

          Great smackdown, Delores109.  Elaine is apparently too busy sipping maobambakoolaid to know there is process called voting in America.  Dump maobama and holder goes with him. 

        • Elaine

          Why in the world would I want to have someone who has no respect for me to GIVE them MY email address?  Are you kidding me?

          Had you said, "I have something for you...and then gave me your email address.."
          I would have been happy to.  but for you?  No respect means you receive no respect back.

  • Oinklesam

    Another simple problem - Eric Holder Belongs in prison, along with Obama and Clinton et al...

    • Elaine

      I wish you had time to read "all" of the posts...I know it is tough though...they crimes go far beyond just putting them in prison.  They are guilty of Treason; and there is a measure for that since they did nothing to stop Obama:
      18 USC § 2382 - MISPRISION OF TREASONUSC-prelim
      US Code
      CurrencyThis preliminary release may be subject to further revision before it is released again as a final version. As with other online versions of the Code, the U.S. Code Classification Tables should be consulted for the latest laws affecting the Code. Those using the USCPrelim should verify the text against the printed slip laws available from GPO (Government Printing Office), the laws as shown on THOMAS(a legislative service of the Library of Congress), and the final version of the Code when it becomes available.Current through Pub. L. 112-90. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.It can be filed through two entities:The Provost Marshall, and read below:Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

  • doug

    ID's are to stop ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. and the illegal voting that has ALWAYS gone in the past.  Dead democrats DO vote and often.   I just hope our real americans in harms way in afganistan (and other waste countries)  will get their votes counted in 2012. Not like in 2008.

    • Joann

      Democrats are so ovious.  We know that They know that cheating is the only way they can win an election.  Makes you proud, doesn't it democrats.

  • Dave

    "Reverse discrimination"....... another BS term authored by liberals and bought into by conservatives.

    • Elaine

      Oooo, Dave....we HAD to ALL buy into it for a while...until we started seeing and EXPERIENCING HOW IT WAS BEING TURNED BACK AGAINST US.
      This is THE most important article I have ever read explaining what it has done to all of us. Please take the time to read it.  This is just an excerpt; however, I did write for copyright permission to make it "viral"; and you can long as you leave the author's name and url address:
      Crucify Political Correctness on the Altar of Freedom of SpeechThe West will either reject the logic of Political Correctness or suffer a catastrophic failure of vision, will, power and influence, destroying civil society as we know it. This may sound drastic, and of course it is. But why is it being claimed here? Because the ideas in the doctrines of Political Correctness and related notions like Multiculturalism are so destructive that—much like magma—these cannot long be held safely before spilling over and causing tremendous damage, chaos and destruction of our society.The reason it must be eliminated is because Political Correctness is a Trojan horse for Marxism, which always destroys everything it touches. PC is a curse which must be denounced before it mangles its host society, especially since it is the very opposite of Free Speech. More importantly, individual responsibility is eliminated by PC standards which make irrelevant personal morality. This is the subject of this essay.I. Definition of Political CorrectnessPolitical Correctness (PC) is shorthand for an ideology which implies ethical or moral superiority for various positions which challenge traditional morality. defines PC as1. Of, relating to, or supporting broad social, political, and educational change, especially to redress historical injustices in matters such as race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.PC has become, in practice, a set of standards by which communication is purified from unacceptable content. But PC has also deeply affected public policy and law, and ultimately ideas about morality, itself. For example, against the longstanding notion of the right of free expression, even thinking many forbidden thoughts would break PC norms. And for this reason, PC has evolved from being rules for “sensitivity” training into a set of un-breachable social mores.One author sums up this idea:Continue READING:
      Kelly O'Connell 

  • Walldo

    Mr Holder has proven his disdain for the rule of law in this country, and shuold be impeached, or resign in disgrace!

    • Joann

      He is the last of the crap that obama put in to office and obama will not let him be impeached.  It iwll put a mark on him - obama

  • Sapient Hetero

    It's been clear since he took office that Eric Holder is a racist scoff-law who abuses his position for political gain.  He should be  hanged for violating his oath of office.

  • Unique Lies

    Eric Holder doesn't know the law! If he did, he would know that we already have a law for the white and another law for the black. It has always been that way every since congress drew p the 14th Amendment .  The 13th Amendment FREED the Slaves but the 14th Amendment put the Slave back in slavery.
    The 14th Amendment tells us that the slaves were given a citizenship under the US Center Government and they were bound by its exclusive jurisdiction. They also were "Granted" "Civil Rights" not Inalienable Rights from their creator. Their sovereign rights were taken away before they came to our country. The US Government can only grant "Civil Rights" not "Inalienable rights".
    Therefore we have two laws. One for the 14th Amendment Citizens (Black) and the Common Law for the sovereign people (white) born in this Country.
    If you don't know your Rights, you are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State and Federal Governments or their 14th Amendment Civil Laws.
    The Constitution does not give us any rights. Our rights came from our Creator. The rights that the State and US Government grant are "Civil Rights" or "Privileges". The Constitution tells the Government to not interfere with our lives.

  • Elaine

    @ JW...what in the entire world would make you think Iam behind Obama.  Good Grief...did you read the post I just gave on how to get rid of him?

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Eric Holder and Barack Obama are Black Racists.  They pretend to be for Equal Rights...but fail the Scratch & Sniff Test.  They are horrible.  They are Liars.

    People who voted for Obama in 2008 to prove they were not a Racist need to vote for Romney in 2012 to prove they are NOT and Idiot!

    • Joann

      The truth is they are both half breds.

  • Jdbjbible

    Here is the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, copied directly from the Bill of Rights.


    Notice that it DOES NOT say "Freedom From" any of  the above!

    • marlena

      maybe you should send that to the 2 JA's  Eric Holder, and Obama.I think the need a history reminder.

  • Conservative_Sal

    Think the writer meant to say "whites" will be the only ones required to show IDs in the future...  And, yes, that is most definitely 'reverse discrimination'.

    • Joann

      I guess the truth is that Holder is neither black or white.   He's somewhere out there being run by the democrat machine.  Doesn't say much for his IQ.

  • Brian Brottlund

    Love you Gary...really! But check the facts and edit your Mucinex statement.  It is the decongestant Sudafed (Psuedoephedrine) in some one (not all) of the Mucinex products that is being controlled because of it's value in illicit drug manufacturing, not the expectorant Guaifenesin that loosens chest congestion.  Your point is completely valid, just asserted in a manner that makes it vulnerable-due to a technical error.  Keeep up the good fight!

  • 1794 Patriot

    No such thing as reverse discrimination, discrimination is discrimination. If everyone has to show ID it cannot be discrimination. Notice the word everyone!

    • Elaine

      THANK YOU 1794!!!

  • JennieWalsh

    WARNING!  Do NOT seek medical help under Obamacare.  The whole system is a HUGE organized crime RACKETEERING, RIP-OFF SCAM.  The members of the secret organized crime cartel in congress and in the oval office set up this monstrous system in order for crooked politicians and bureaucrats to rake in trillion$ in tax dollars and dole out, relatively speaking, nickels, dimes and pennies to the so-called "beneficiaries".  If the RACKETEERS do not get their expected take, they will lighten the load of "beneficiaries" through murder.  These organized criminals have a very well stocked arsenal of biological weapons including bacteria, viruses, parasites, poisons, deadly drugs, etc.  They also use ultra high doses of radiation, "accidents" and "suicides".  They have to make it look like "natural causes".  Other members of the criminal cartel in roles of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, health care professionals, news reporters, coroners, medical examiners, police, prosecutors, judges and MANY other roles assist in covering up their murders and other crimes. These very evil individuals secretly call themselves "US" and "Satan worshippers".  They attend secret meetings, seminars, retreats to learn methods of murder, extortion, bribery, kidnapping, sex slave trafficking, drug running (they want drugs to be ILLegal so that they have and a very lucrative monopoly on the drug market), money manipulations and scams and every conceivable criminal method; and to plot America's destruction and their planned One World, Satanic, military, police-state dictatorship.  Using criminal methods, they have gotten their crime cartel members into MANY governmental positions and MANY positions of power, authority, leadership and ownership everywhere throughout America and the world.  They set up ever growing bureaucracies and communist/socialist/Satanic/Big Brother/rip-off/dole-out programs to steal and to gain power and control for themselves.  They spy by means of satellite, infrared, remote viewing computer set-ups.  They can see anyone, anywhere, anytime indoors or out.  They can detect and analyze every sensation in the body, external or internal.  Through this computer technology, they can diagnose disease.  ( It seems that they CAUSE most disease, directly or indirectly by means of GE [genetically engineered] foods and seeds, pollution, fluoride in water, and their above biological arsenal.)  This small report is hardly the tip of the iceberg of all their evils worldwide.  
           Pray for discernment to recognize these "wolves in sheep's clothing" who do great evil under the guise of "doing good'.
          If America had been following the constitution for the last 100 years, every American would be so wealthy that health care, college, retirement, business start-ups, home buying, car buying etc. would be easily affordable without having to borrow money from the thieving bankster-gangsters. 
         The secret servants of Satan in congress passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 when the good congressmen were home on Christmas vacation.  The Federal Reserve is an UNconstitutional, ILLegal, criminal, lying, thieving, racketeering organization that has been robbing the American people for the last 100 years.  The economy would surely benefit GREATLY just by abolishing this evil, criminal central bank organization.  Thomas Jefferson said, "If the American people ever allow a central bank to control their money, their children will wake up homeless on the land that their forefathers conquered."
         Meyor Rothschild, founder of the international bankster-gangsters/global organized crime cartel/Kingdom of Satan/City of London said, "Give me control of a nation's money and I don't care who makes its laws".  He fully realized that MONEY IS POWER.  Who wouldn't get rich by printing $100 dollar bills for 2 1/1 cents each and loaning it to the government at face value plus interest? 
        To collect on the  fraudulent debt, the bankster-gangsters set up the IRS.  Not one penny of what they collect goes to support the American government.  It ALL goes to "pay" the fraudulent "interest" on the fraudulent "debt".  This is the biggest heist in the history of the planet and it is high time that the American people are freed from this economic dictatorship and plunder system.
           The IRS 16th amendment was never legally ratified by the states.  (see: "The Law That Never Was" by Red Beckman) The IRS is fraud, deceit, treachery, grand theft, extortion and corruption from beginning to end.  The Paperwork Reduction Act requires every form that is used by the government to have an OMB number (Office of Management and Budget).  The IRS forms do not qualify for OMB numbers because nowhere in the massive, confusing, deceitful so-called "tax code" is there a law requiring an American citizen earning income in the USA to pay income taxes (such a law would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL).  When Robert Lawrence was accused of tax evasion, in court, he asked the IRS lawyer about this OMB number issue.  The IRS lawyer pleaded the  5th amendment and dropped the case against Mr. Lawrence. You can get Robert Lawrence's DVD through the free catalogue put out by the  This catalogue also contains other very valuable and revealing information about the fraud, theft and corruption in government.  By paying so-called "taxes", the American people are literally financing the Kingdom of Satan and all their evils worldwide.
          Ron Paul, candidate for president, wants to ABOLISH both the evil Federal Reserve and the IRS.  Ron Paul wants to free America from the economic dictatorship and plundering/stealing that is currently destroying the American people and ruining America's economy.
         Google: "The Bible and Ron Paul", 13 videos showing how Ron Paul's house bills, policies, books , writings and 100% constitutional voting record (12 terms in congress) follow the constitution 100%. America's constitution is based on God's Laws for civil government as written in the Bible.  The nation that obeys God's Laws will be protected from enemies, prospered abundantly, freed from tyranny, and blessed with all manner of peace and prosperity.
           Important, also, is the fact that the bankster-gangster globalist criminals own and operate the mainstream media, feeding the public lies and propaganda, war-mongering, distractions from important issues and covering up their crimes.  Pray to recognize truth from lies, good from evil, wisdom from foolishness and right from wrong. For TRUTH in news:,,,
           Please support Ron Paul and all who are standing up for constitutional government and freedom.  Free America from the evils and tyranny of the secret servants of Satan.

  • hongryhawg

    All the screaming and yelling over the years about white being the color of privilege is now outing the screamers and yellers as hypocrites because it seems okay with them now if black becomes the color of privilege.

    • Elaine

      Yep, color of privilege "without" earning it...but by bullying and violence.
      Name one city that is doing well financially whose leaders are black;
      Name one large city with a low crime rate in which whites are comiting the most crime by capita.

      • Elaine

        Correction:  Namen one large city with HIGH CRIME rates.....

    • Dave

      Ya. Uh - Huh. Color of PRIVLLEGE. Thats EXACTLY how the Black population collectively views it. Uh; did ever occur to you the vast majority of white people WORKED for what they had; or have; in life. The entitlement mentality of " Gibs Me Dat " is sickening to most Americans. The Black view; you've got your; now i want MINES; whitey; is almost universal. And; what does your rant have to do with showing some form of I.D. in order to be able to vote? Voting is an AMERICAN PRIVILEGE; race shouldn't have anything to do with it. It would put a large dent into voter fraud; and maybe; just maybe; THATS what the REAL issue is; eh?

  • Joann

    If I were black I would consider this an hugh  insult.  He is telling the blacks  - Hey?  You are a stupid bunch of dummies and need to be told who and how to vote.  This is a pathetic menuever.  Holder should be made accountable for creating this insult to our black community. He should be punished.

    • Elaine

      Joann, EXACTLY!!!  It is an insult to black people who are hardworking and took the time, money and effort to become educated.  However, even without a formal education, common sense and hard work is enough...

  • victorbarney

    One question, Attorney General Eric Holder, do the "NEW" Black Panther's work for you to? Just wondering? 

    • Elaine

      Victor, this is very disturbing....Through Obama/Holder, the Command of the New Black Panther Party was given to this man in Dallas (more than likely, they have reached out to others all over the nation.)....Remember, the NBPP is NOW under the Federal Protection.

      No one was "realllly listening"; OR they never realized he would go this far. Through Homeland Security he has given The New Black PantherParty the "authority" to act under the umbrella of Federal Protection.  In other words, if a citizen tries to fight is Treason against the U.S. Government.In the 2nd video is John Wiley Price.  I knew him way back when....he was/is extremely corrupt and dangerous.  This is the kind of person he reachesout to...and I am quite sure he has also reached out to others just like him in cities like Chicago, etc.Remember how he slashed the Military budget?  He gave that $$ to the New Black Panther Party to arm them. Initial Speech of his own private army Wiley Price; Dallas Commissioner's Court and New Commander of Obama's New Private Army -- The New Black Panther Party.

      • victorbarney

        Elaine, thanks for this additional information. Don't worry, I have a feeling someone like YOU will be PROTECTED by our HEBREW "JEWISH" SAVIOR! No? Watch...Just saying...

  • helensatmary

    It is the democratic party which has held many blacks in the poor house.  For years and years they realized that if they paid welfare the blacks would stay poor and the dems would take care of them.(HA)  That is how they could count on being elected to office. Making a person feel comfortable by being on welfare rather than helping them get a  education and being able to find a good paying job is what has held many blacks down.  NOT Whitey! DEMOCRATS,  Most whites do not feel any resentment or descriminate against the blacks.  The blacks on the other hand have a lot of animosity against whites.  Once again, the Democrats have done this, yes they are white, for the most part. Those are the ones to blame, if you want to blame someone. What you must do is stop electing them.  I know you have heard the phrase " I can give you a fish a day" (Democrats) or "I will teach you how to fish and you can catch as many fish as you like"( Reps, Conservatives, Libertarians.) Why don't you try it you might just find out you can start living like any other middle class citizen in this Country and just might end up rich as well.  That is the only difference between blacks and whites. Hell, who cares about the color of someones skin. You just do not have to sit in the sun all summer  to get a tan like we do.  We are all Gods' children it is time to start acting like it  blacks as well as whites.  Just get out from under those who hold you back and join the rest of the world. I will bet if you check with other blacks who are doing well and are getting ahead you will find they are probably not democrats.  I say this out of love not  hate. Reject those who are hate mongers. The Al Sharptons an Black panthers.  They keep their feeling of self  importance through teaching hate. 

    • C-Ann-C

      It goes like this....."Feed a man a fish every day and he won't go hungry.  But TEACH a man to fish and he'll never go hungry the rest of his life." ------  similar, same, same.....and you are right.  If the black people would just WAKE UP to smell the "fish", they just might be aware of what really is going on.  We need to get these people (not just blacks, there are whites, Hispanics, etc. out there, too) OFF of the Welfare rolls ---- once we do that, then they won't have to depend on the "FREE HANDOUT KING" and won't need to vote for him in fear that if they don't, they won't get their "free handouts"!!!  The same thing goes for the ILLEGAL ALIENS!! Yes, I said ILLEGAL ALIENS, I'm not using that CRAP POLITICAL CORRECTNESS BULLSPIT EITHER!!!!!   If we make it hard to get jobs here in America, then the ILLEGAL PEOPLE won't cross our borders anymore and our taxes won't be paying for their WELFARE checks, their FOOD STAMPS, their HEALTHCARE, their SCHOOLING, and their FREE HOUSING EITHER!!!! We American Taxpayers, who've WORKED most our lives, and paid our taxes MORE than these people,  MUST group together to put a STOP to it!!!  We CANNOT depend on our GOVERNMENT anymore to do these things for us............they won't do it!!!  WE HAVE TO STOP IT!!!!

  • Jcd626

    HEY, I just placed a comment about 25 mins. Ago . Why didn't you print it? Thanks, John. jcd626

    • Jcd626

      Why does someone have to review it ? Please tell me . Thanks, John

  • djstorrie

    This guy needs to be tried, convicted and hung for not defending the Constitution. 

    • Shears_of_Atropos

       HeHeHe. He may or may not be "hung", but I think you meant "hanged". His last "memo to self" should be "Try not to stumble on the steps up to the gallows."

  • Walter Portier

    I am convince that our AG is a evil person. He has no respect for our laws. When will our president get smart and fire him. Congress need to impeach him and file criminal charges against him. No one is above the law. EVen the AG.

    • RubyBlu

      'president - holder' difference.

  • Carol Fryer

    They all need to be tried and hung for not defending the constitution. On both sides. Just got an article , republicans will stop fast and furious investigation. Tells you something of how they are covering for each other. Or maybe they really are actually the problem and the cause. 

    • Rev. LTC RETIRED

      Carol, I just wrote a reply to your statement and you know what, they would not print it. Boy, is this America or what.

      • C-Ann-C

        I got the same thing on my reply to your first comment, Rev.  "Pending approval" is what I looks like this "DISQUIS" is being "WATCHED" by the Feds!  Oh, you got that list of words that they are "looking" at lately?  I'll post them up for all of you ---- any mention of "assasination", "cops", "detection", "shooting", "shots fired", "exercise", "Law enforcement", "firsts response", "militia", "homeland security", "domestic security"............oh it goes on and if you want Janet SPAZ-Napolitano to put you on her "watch" list, just mention those words..........Here go our freedoms, man!!!       Keep well, stay safe out there!    I'm loaded for bear down here!!!!!!!!!

        • RockyMtn1776

          Everyone here is on Big Brothers  S--t list.   We did this to ourselves by not stopping it long ago, now we cleanup the corrupt mess.

  • Jcd626

    Why isn't Mr. Holder in jail? Or at least waiting on a list to go to jail

    • dandydonnie

      He be da man now.

  • gnafuasusual

    Holder does not have any power to enforce or suggest anything. He is currently unable to decide if he is guilty or not guilty of Fast and Furious. He tells lies then withdraws those lies. Then, tells more lies. The man is not to be trusted even with decisions on car repairs. House of Representatives Speaker is also unable to conduct government business. Boehner cannot make a decision to press Holder to the law or to say Fast and Furious was just an incident; ineptness is rampet in D.C.  Boehner has left Issa out on a limb and that makes me wonder what kind of representative Boehner really has become.  Read "Fast and Furious" and decide for yourself from all the proven investigation into Fast and Furious. It appears that the criminal charges don't  just stop at Holder's desk.   

  • gypsy314

    Now who is the bigot?


    I'd like to separate his head and shove it up his azz

    • Geonan

      I'ed like too help!!!!


    Wow, all that needs to be done now is to resurrect Adolph Hitler! Hey, Eric Holder might be Adolph reincarnated. But , I don't believe in such stuff, but I do believe that Holder is a direct replica of obummer, the fairy. In fact, if you look real close to all of them, Peloci, Holder, and all the rest of them, they all look alike. . .  they are all ugly, ugly as hell. I'm telling you, if you ain't prepared for a maggot reunion, then you will be squashed like a maggot when the storm troopers fall out into the streets. Just kidding. But, for sure if they (the ones who are doing all the hollering from the obummer, the fairy's house, cause any mayhem, they will be more than greeted if they ever try to put the arm on all us, the real AMERICANS. I know, it'll be hard to give'em a black eye.  You can count on me to make a big dent in their fannies. I'm sick and tried of all the Sh** that keep falling out of the White House and guess what, I ain't gonna take it anymore. I'm fed up and really want all them that are hiding on Capitol Hill to put it outside. I'll be glad to introduce myself to any and all of them. If we beat the crap out of them I do believe that the Muslims will quickly fold their tents and find the first flight back to where they came from. I wish for them to go back and worry the hell of their own dried up country.      

    • Elaine

      Heck, LTC...., he might be the reincarnation of Hitler for all I know...if ya believe in that kinda thing!

    • C-Ann-C

      Rev, I replied back earlier, saying "I Love ya, Rev"! And said a bunch of other stuff, yet this website's
      "DISQUIS" didn't post it up --------- shows that THEY (the BROTHERHOOD) is watching very closely the words we are probably, "RACISTS" ---- blacks, bloodletting, bullspit like that!  Oh, yes, America THIS is NOT!!!  But I loved your comment and it told exactly what everyone of us is really feeling and all of us are FED UP!  We've had ENOUGH of this BULLCRAP idiocy!  And I agree with this author...yes, WHERE ARE the ACLU, the BLACK CAUCUS, the BLACK PANTHERS, all those org's for Separation of Church and State and so on and so on?   So WHY is it OK for THEM to spill out all this HATRED against REAL Americans, or is it against us WHITIES?!!!  Ahhhh HAH!!! THAT's what it is!  Eric Holder is INSTIGATING the CULTURE WAR --- the CLASS WARFARE ------ the HATE CRIMES against Whites!! Making US the CULPRITS of RACISM!!  Barack is having a FIELD DAY with this!!! NOT ONE WORD from the PRESS!! NOT ONE WORD from this LIZARD PREZ!!!  You figure it out!  See what happens this November if he your front doors at all times, bud.  Stay safe out there!


    Blacks already vote en bloc, 90% for the black assh-le POS POTUS. Talk about racism. 

  • sheffield

    Put Holder in jail just for looking like a rat eating cheese. 

  • Ken

    Eric Holder needs to be fired & jailed.

  • Wingwoman7772

    Give Eric some overalls and put him back on the plantation....and let all his overseers be relatives of those who died in his fast and furious fiasco

    • carolrhill814

      You truely made myday of which I truely needed THANK YOU.


       That is where He(it) belongs! I will bet He has no idea how to use a hoe!

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    I can't argue that the charge is wrong. I remember Lani Guinier and her "alternative voting systems" to "protect minorities".  She failed of confirmation to the SCOTUS, thank God!

  • Elaine

    @ Victor:  Thanks for the encouragement....I remain very much in touch with HIM.  He give us all strength to keep going.

  • jaxum

    Holder, Odumbo and their congressional goon squad are sounding more and more desperately ridiculous every day. The only "non whites" who fall for their crap are the brain dead, the mindless sheep or those who have their own ax to grind. The people to whom they believe they are appealing are falling away from them as fast as their feet can carry them.

    • EmerCHI4Health

      I believe they are referred to as "sheeple" ... they want us to be as little lambs so they can lead us to the 'slaughter house"!  Can you see me running?  Holder and Odumbo scare the you know what out of me!!!!!

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    This really proves the proverb: "Activist" is a 4 letter word."

  • American citizen

    Why does this idiot still have a job? He needs to be removed from his position because of his involvement with "Fast and Furious".

  • Barb Patton

    Does this smack of the dreaded APARTHEID - eric holder?????? you are a fool and an idiot.  Hell yes why not have seperate laws for the "non-whites" african-Americans""coloreds" - as Shakespeare said "A rose by any other name smells as sweet "(or in this case as foul) Let them buy the medication without ID by all means - let them buy guns without ID - let them have lots and lots of free abortions by all means - let them not go to school if they dont feel like - lets give thugs like the black panthers medals of honors for every white person they kill - Sure eric holder have and make all those law especially for the - pardon me "non-whites".  You and the rest 0f your department of justice are something to be ashamed of - little wonder the rest of the world, including 3rd world countries are laughing at America... thankyou idiot eric holder... why not go back to Chicago and enjoy the bath houses???? GOD HELP AMERICA


      WOW! I love your passion! GOD bless!

  • Tomtom

    It is so easy to HATE this black anti-American.  When will he do something for "We the People" ??

  • Doc

    So who is the biggest racist in DC, Holder or Obama? 

    • Ken

      That's easy: both!

  • Deepizzaguy

    Our worst nightmare to happen. Eric Holder as Attorney General.

  • Philiplockerman

    Erik "the Red" Holder has committed treasonable offenses against OUR government along with his boss Barry O., and both should be kicked out, tried, and put in prison ...period !

  • EnerCHI4Health

    Hmm, so Holder wants one set of rules for blacks and another set for whites? I am a white person and have many friends of 'color'. They also happen to have valid ID's, so if Holder is against having to show 'proof of ID', he most definately has a HIDDEN AGENDA that he does not want US to know about. Wonder what he is hiding now? ? ?

  • Peter Hallawell

    All we have to do is keep praying someone in the Conservative party has the guts to call for impeachment of Obama due to his foriegn birth place and this nightmare will be over. There is overwhelming evidence of the biggest fraud in American history being ignored that would put Obama, Pelosi, Reed andf all the other idiots who signed off on this jackass in 2008 in prison. Justice will prevail one of these days...I hope I live to see it. Can't wait to see all the Obama worshippers faces when it's finally realized he's a fraud. God help us until then.

    • Patriot2

      Amen, Peter!  I am 62 years old, and I hope to live to see justice prevail but if I don't, there will be justice served, either in this world, or the next.  God has their number (He has our's, too!) and all will stand before Him and answer for the things done in this body, whether they are good or bad.   This is one reason lots of folks today want to trash the bible and Christians; the truth is more than they can bear.  But try as they may, the bible and its truth will never be abolished.  The Word is forever settled in heaven.  Heaven and earth will pass away but the Word abides forever.   Yes, God WILL help us.  He always has and He always will.   "The eternal God is our refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say, Destroy them."  Deuteronomy 33:27 


    I love DISCUS got blocked again. Cant speak the truth I guess.

  • ron

    I can't see any vets voting for this commie,what is wrong with you,he is raising our co-pay for vets and will raise again next year,even if you are a have proved you are an american first,save our country.

  • http://GodFatherPolitics barto

    Yeah, Holder it's so sacred it should require a "Voter I.D." to participate! Don't have one, shouldn't be allowed to vote, it's that simple. A voter I.D. is easy to obtain and is not a hardship on anyone, especially if he or she genuinely wants to be a part of our voting system....I understand some people are justing "dying" to be a part of this sacred right!

  • FrankCastle

    You know what? Either you are an AMERICAN, or you're Not. No "special deals", no AFFIRMATIVE extras.. either play FAIR, and LEVEL, or GET THE hell out!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!

    Seems all the RACISTS, are ON THE LEFT!!

  • Blair

    If this was Bush and Rove, then the lamestream media would be all over him like a cheap

  • Janice Fortin

    How about one country for the WHITES: AMERICA
    and another country for BLACKS: AFRICA

    Fair is fair, Mr. Holder. Don't let the door hit ya. How odd that you know not LAw!
    If blacks can't cope then they shouldn't be here. In fact, if they are going to react by marching and threatening BEHEADING A LA MUSLIM.....the muslim brotherhood is for them. Not civilized America. Go to a lawless country. Not America.

  • Nemesis of Empire

    Christ will triumph when the MUD RACES ARE DUST!

    So sharpen those knives. Go to the dwelling places of the infidel, and slaughter slaughter SLAUGHTER UNTIL GOD'S JUSTICE BE DONE!

    Only YOU can prevent NIGMAGEDDON!


    • Steve

      OMG! Where's the "report as offensive" button?? Get this psycho, racist piece of inbred trash off this page!

  • Elaine

    @ Bill...who says he is black and tired of this... WE all are!!
    He is an embarrassment and a detriment to all of us.

  • GDC

    Why isn’t Eric Holder in JAIL where he belongs?

    Eric Holder supplied Timothy McVeigh with explosives in which McVeigh MURDERED hundreds.

    Eric Holder supplied the drug cartel with guns which hundreds have been MURDERED.

    Eric Holder supplied the guns which was used to MURDER an American Border Patrol Officer.

    Eric Holder REFUSED to bring charges against the Black Panthers (his friends) for voter intimidation.

    Eric Holder who is protecting the LAWLESS Black Panthers.

    Eric Holder is OBSTRUCTING justice in refusing to supply Congress with the information they requested for their investigation of “Fast and Furious.”

    Eric Holder who believe Obama has the RIGHT to MURDER Americans at WILL.



    Eric Holder Praises Al Sharpton During Speech

    Eric Holder who has violated the Constitution over and over.

    Close to 80% of ALL violent crime is committed by Blacks, 15.4% of the population.

    The District of Columbia Board of Elections opened an investigation Tuesday after an undercover video posted online showed an activist against voter fraud going into a Washington polling station and beginning the process to vote under the name of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

    A 2007 special report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States. This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks. The analysis, supported by FBI records, finds that in 2005 alone, for example, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US — again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans

    Eric holder IS a LYING COWARD!!!!

    Impeach Eric Holder, prosecute him, EXECUTE him, NOW!!!

    • Neal Clacher

      Eric Holder is a criminal and should be impeached and charged but it will never happen and we all know why. He is black and anyone trying to impeach or charge him would be branded as a racist and we all know that is the BIG fear in Washington and across the country. It does not have to be based in fact to get so branded, Jessee and Al Sharpton will take care of that.

    • peter nj

      He is black,and bought and sold.
      Why don't they (Congress) subpoena him?
      Why doesn't the FBI clear up this this birth cert. conundrum?
      Well Now...That there would be called "racist" y'all.
      God Bless (HELP) America.
      Semper Fi.

    • Swamprat

      Sounds good to me. Who will you get to drop the noose?

  • MontieR

    THE only burden put on anyone by voter id laws is the burden of coming up with all the votes the democrats are STEALING by fraud. To get food stamps you have to have a B cert
    and a government issued ID. If it is too much trouble to go to DMV and get an ID DON'T

    • Fiesty


  • http://google real talk

    in a few words or lest this man is a damed fool.

  • gary popkin

    Free rein, not free reign.

  • Fiesty

    Sounds like Eric Holder is a racist!

  • Tommy J Henderson

    Could you people stop calling this "reverse racism", its an implication that only whites can be racist and that its somehow rare for "non-whites". Because the data proves quite the opposite with blacks committing hate crimes at a rate of 46% and whites at3% when compared with all crimes committed in the US.

    Since 1995, blacks have slaughtered over a million white Americans with that number increasing because whites wont stand up for themselves. They let blacks run all over them and have allowed them to corrupt the rule of law and to hold the justice system hostage or they'll throw a tantrum and start a race war, a war mind you that would not be in their best interest, a war that is not wanted nor warranted but will be fought and will be catastrophic for blacks.

    There can be no real justice until that hypocrite black panther Holder is fired then charged for his treason and misuse of the law.

    Racist and hypocrites........




    • Patricia S

      Time for Holders' impeachment. He is the MOST dangerous man in America..then Obama. I think BHO wants Holder to be on Supreme Court if Obama gets a second term thru voter fraud...GOD HELP USA

  • Marshall Henderson

    Racism and stupidity are not the sole possession of just one color.

  • WhiteFalcon

    He needs to be in the same prison cell as Ovomit.

  • Berengaria

    Eric Holder's ambition is to make the USA a non-white country, by simply disregarding the legal rights of anyone who is white. He has already made an inroad in this direction by refusing to charge the black panthers for wny crime committed against whites. Eric Holder has met with the powerful black Preachers and given them privileges of the pulpit that would never be allowed to white priests and pastors. What is next? Where is Vox Populi? Thank you, Berengaria

  • William

    What is it now to him? What we have got out of him so far you would think that the law was already in affect.

  • http://GodfatherPolitics Deena

    Holder and Co. have gone way out of their way to ensure that Racial tensions remain high in the USA. Such a shame that the President of the USA missed an amazing "Teachable Moment" by having racists staff members and supporters. Obama's administration could have gone down in history as the Term that united the many different races and cultures that make up the USA. Instead his Non-action by NOT firing Holder or not associating himself with other racists. . .has brought our Country back to the 1960's tension and almost a Civil War America. I'm afraid that unless more Non-Whites speak out against this type of Government. . .More Caucasian American's will begin to live the USA Obama. Holder and the rest have planned for us. It appears to the Caucasian Community that our Government is against everything "White." Has the current Government and it's followers forgotten all the good that many "White" people have done for this Country??? Imagine how supreme we would be if we truly United???? I'm afraid that the hate and anger towards the current Administration is too great to be fixed. Therefore. . .Mr. Obama, You have thrown away your chance at truly succeeding by throwing away a Brilliant, "Teachable, History making moment in time."


    Even this moron can't be wrong all the time - voting is a sacred right. BUT that right is restricted to LEGAL citizens, hence the need from some level if proof!

    The man attacks others for racist actions but is the leader of many national demonstrations of racism. I hope he is prepared for the race war he is trying to ignite!

  • joe carr sr

    When Holder wants this then how can all Americans be equal?Think.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    It a fact, the the better part of Holder ran down his mammy's leg.

    • peter nj

      Here's the address.
      Feel free to send this letter.....or one of your own.


      Dear Comrade Eric Holder, Dept of Justice,

      Via the Office of the Inspector General at the DOJ and the DOJ master E mail and the dude mananging the DOJ website

      It has been brought to my attention that you are challenging Governor Rick Scott (Florida) and his desire to ensure as a representative of WE THE PEOPLE in Florida a free and “LEGAL” election. I understand you are trying to stop the people of Florida under the leadership of Governor Rick Scott from sanitizing our voter records from corrupt and illegal registered voters some of whom may be dead, felons or are in this state illegally.

      Comrade Holder, the right to vote is the foundation of our democracy, which was granted to us by the U.S. Constitution and is protected by the brave members of our Armed Forces, both past and present. It’s a right given to all American citizens that must be preserved and protected. Emphasize AMERICAN CITIZEN !

      Recently, the State of Florida, under Rick Scott’s direction, took steps to ensure the integrity of our voting rolls by eliminating non-citizens who are registered to vote from illegally voting in our elections. The Federal Government has not refused to cooperate, but the Department of Justice has now taken steps to block the State of Florida from taking the steps necessary to ensure fair and legal elections.

      The legal residents of Florida demand that the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, cooperate with the State of Florida and their efforts to identify non-citizen voters who are illegally registered to vote in the State of Florida.

      The legal residents of Florida oppose all efforts by the U.S. Department of Justice, lead by you Eric Holder, to block the State of Florida’s attempt to prevent non-citizens from voting in elections.

      All states not only have a right, under the 10th Amendment, but they also have a responsibility to ensure fair elections. We fully support all efforts by Florida Governor Rick Scott to ensure fair & legal elections by preserving the integrity of Florida’s voter rolls through the elimination of non-citizen voters!

      You sir Mr. Holder will be held accountable for your continued assault on the US Constitution and infringements on states rights and on Nov 6th our voices will be heard. The legal voices of US Citizens who are allowed to vote in a US election will line up for miles to ensure President Obama and his team of Communist punks are removed from office legally.
      Unlike your party sir that is corrupt, broken and illegally funded in some cases from the cash flow of illegal immigrants infesting our state. We on the other hand support the rule of law and the orderly transition of Obama’s corrupt and cancerous Communist government with a government that will follow the US Constitution by holding fair and legal elections in the Republic in which we live.

      I find your actions both political and un-Constitutional.

      If someone is white, black or whatever, and they cannot supply the proper I.D. necessary to get a credit card, sign a lease, get a loan, buy liquor or get a welfare check, then they should NOT be allowed to vote in any election. Dead people vote. Where's their I.D.? And you are a disgrace when you deny the facts. Videos? Tape Recordings?

      Hell, someone used your name, YOUR NAME, no ID, no nothing, to obtain a ballot to vote as eric holder. Have you lost (or sold) any shred of integrity of your office?

      If someone is too stupid to obtain a photo I.D., they are too stupid to vote.

      Look what happened in 2008 !!! It's your people who % wise have no I.D. Talk to them, and then apply our laws without prejudice, racial favoritism or bias.

      Enforce our laws, not eviscerate and desecrate them. Isn't that what WE pay you for?

      Your job....Remember???

      And leave the rest of us legal voters alone.

  • Mary Balling

    I agree with everything you said until you said "reverse discrimination". There's no such thing. Discrimination is discrimination plain and simple.

  • debeddebed

    Remove their tax exempt status.
    Remove their tax exempt status.
    Remove their tax exempt status.
    Remove their tax exempt status.
    Remove their tax exempt status.
    Remove their tax exempt status.
    Remove their tax exempt status.

  • gnafu

    ERIC HOLDER NEEDS TO "FESS UP" about Fast and Furious! How dare Holder to suggest separation. We've had plenty of that crap and it didn't work. How old is Holder? You would think he would recall those days when there was separation of schools because of color of skin. Could we please put that kind of nonsense behind us and look to the now and future as we were doing before 2009?

  • ELI


  • peter nj

    Still Moderating ???

  • peter nj

    peter nj
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Do you moderate in moderation???

  • http://none Doc Logan

    Eric Holder will see the inside of a jail cell. Not a doubt.

    • Bad Cyborg

      Horse hockey. The day I hear of Holder even having a minute probability of being prosecuted I will KNOW Gabriel is warming up his lip.





  • Anders

    Separate rules for blks, next they will want their own drinking fountains and bathrooms.

    • CoolApple

      As soon as I read your post, I cracked up. You are so right on with so few words!

  • James

    Eric Holder wabts the blacks to have no laws. Let the rest of them ride on the back's of other nationallies. The prisons are getting so full of blacks there is no place to put them. They don't know right from wrong.

    • Carol

      They know right from wrong but they don't want to do right because they seem to like to use their guns and distroy families.

  • Deborah Gutierrez

    What unfair burden. They have yo show ID to get welfare. They don't complain that is unfair

    • velvethammer

      Don't give them any ideas.

  • underthewire

    Just curious.............what ethnic group does Mr. Holder belong in?

  • Lew

    ONCE again the LAW is BREAKING THE LAW!ON this level its TREASON!

    • RocketJL

      How many of our politicians have violated their oaths of office, and have done so knowingly??? It was bad enough that it really began in earnest with the first Bush, then Clinton, next jr Bush, now Obama, and Hilliary is sure she can do it in 2016. This is our country, based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If the politicians don't like they are free to leave, and if they violate their oath of office, they should be deported to a place in Africa that loves that kind of person. They can take their United Nations with them. The two together are working hand in hand under UN Agenda 21 to destroy the US and all other sovereign nations.

  • velvethammer

    Holder is a corrupt, racist POS. Counting the days until the snake is forced to slither back into whatever hole he crawled out from.

  • JC in SC

    Seems that he wants no restrictions on the blacks and unconstitutional restrictions on whites. Impeach the imposter and put him in prison!

    • Carol

      All of us want to impeach him and it should have been done a long time ago but it looks like everything slides right off of his back.

  • Victor Barney

    Hey, Does this PUT OUR WOMEN ALONE who voted for this BLACK "ANTI-CHRIST"(MARXIST) with the WHITES OR BLACKS? Just asking...

  • Carol

    Are the police going to have to walk around with a book in their hands when they come to a scene to find what they are supposed to do?

    Or the person who is going to dispatch the cops to a scene has to tell the cops the color of the person skin so he or she will know how to handle call? The only way the dispatcher will know is ask the person who is calling 911 what is the color of your skin.

    Does this idiot understand what he is saying or just says things because he enjoys listening to his voice.

  • Socrgma

    This administration is nothing but a barrell of snakes. It is imparative that they be voted out. Everyone should show ID before voting, even the deceased. I, as a white woman, scream discrimination.

  • Thomas Stevens

    This idiot does not need to be thrown in prison,he needs to be hanging next to his
    boss for treason


    Since the preferred annointed ones have EBT they can afford the ID

  • Robert

    I thought we already had separate laws. You can tell by results.

  • Berengaria

    Since history is written by the victors, most people do not know that the state of South Carolina lived under total Black rule for about 10 years after the war between the North and the South. There are a few books extant that will give you an idea of what life was like for white people in South Carolina at that time. The Blacks were given guns by the US Army,(Federal Troops) and only blacks and scalawags voted and guess who was elected to the state capitol building and Washington, DC? It was one of the most corrupt state governments and we can only pray that it doesn't happen to the entire country of the USA. thank you, Berengaria

  • TM

    eric holder is a complete arse hole and to even think blacks should have a different set of laws is as dumb as the idiots who voted obama in.

    Give a black and inch and he wants a mile at the tax payers expense. They don't have a problem getting welfare and food stamps and all the other benefits. What do they do for proof of who they are in those situation? Oh, just show up and if your black you are automatically given everything because of your skin color.

    Fine just make every other race show IDs at the election day.

    Blacks do not have to show IDs to vote as their vote will be for the black guy always, and for the democrats always like good little slaves to their party.

    Whites has to show IDsfor voting and everything else in life, it's only fair.
    Mexicans will be allowed to vote witout IDs we don't want to piss off illegals
    All other races will be allowed to vote also with no IDs

  • Jim

    Eric Holder is a black racist plain and simple. This jerk is suppose to represent all of the people, but it is obvious he only supports minorities. He also thinks that he is above the law. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://AOL Marilyn Lester

    Mr. Holder: I believe this would be discrimation to have two sets of laws for people based on their race!

  • C.P.

    Eric Holder,being Attorney General, is supposed to represent people of all nationalies in the U.S.,not one specific nationality of race. Isn't what he's "preaching" reverse discrimination? Nowadays one also needs state i.d. when voting to avoid fraud. There is nothing wrong with that premise. So what is wrong with have state i.d. for proof of buying certain cold medications,buying alcohol or cigarettes? Perhaps then people either who immigrate to this country will want to become American citizens legally for not just those reasons,but because they want to become American citizens with all rights.

  • Jo

    I know where I live we have a lot of folks from Mexico, Africa and African Americans, etc. Most of them drive, so I wonder are they ALL driving without a license? They must have at least that.

  • Charles Bill L.

    The holder is not qualified to practice law to a puppydog.

  • David R.(Canada)

    Blacks in America pushing for an Apartheid state.
    And I thought I'd seen everything!

    If a white politician had suggested this, I wonder what the media woud have said about it?

  • Greg W

    Eric Holder should be thrown out of office for lying to Congress about Fast & Furious. Holder is a bigot and a racist. He should be hung on the local town square for all to see this liar.

  • Blair

    Eric Holder wants to make sure that there's a Voter ID law for whites only.

  • Julian

    This voter ID lashback is adequate proof that the liberals have registered many to vote illigallly, either thru multiple votes or just non-citizens voteing.
    They would not be going thru all this unless there were many 100's of thousands of votes involved.

  • TexasfedupGramma

    These people are such a pathetic joke. I'm sure the rest of the world is watching and wondering what the hell is happening in this country! Come on people, wake-up!!! Throw these frauds out of office!!

  • Max Penn

    So Holder is saying that the white mans laws are to hard for the blacks to understand?  Sounds like South Africa apartheid in reverse.   

  • Hdavis11

    The laws apply to all, color is not, and should not be an issue.  Everyone should be required to show a picture ID to vote in America, I don't care if they're green.  Eric Holder is an idiot supposedly with a license to practice law.

    • guest

      I agree...If Democrats don't want they constituents to be denied a vote, let them have a drive to legally get on the voter rolls.  There indeed seems to be an effort get the voting privilege, common to American citizens, to just anyone who wants to show up in the country.  No American citizen should be denied a vote...accordingly, no American citizen should be denied a citizenship ID card showing status.  And no one in the US, legally or illegally, who has not qualified for citizenship, should have that right.  As for foreigners joining our military, they serve as mercenaries in reality, until they take the steps to apply for and complete citizenship requirement.  However, no one serving in the US military honorably should be denied a path to apply for citizenship status, but must also complete the process. Just because they served, citizenship  will not be automatically bestowed .  

  • Bob

     I am called those whites,nonhispanic white. Now WellStar Hospital (on my blood test ) they list me as NONAFACIAN AMERICAN. Not one web site or my congressman will stand-up for Whte Americans.

    • okc4242

      WHATS UP WITH THAT?? when did hispanics become white instead of brown. i think its to throw you off trail.

  • Sofine7409

    The comment that Mucinex contains chemicals that are used to make crack is not true. Plain Mucinex does not.

    Mucinex (guaifenesin) with ephedrine or pseudoephedrine is restricted for off the shelf sale. You must ask for it at the pharmacy, sign for it and show your ID. This is done to keep track of how much pseudoephedrine/ephedrine is sold to individuals because it is the chemical that is used to make 'crack'. Large purchases of this combination medication could indicate that crack is being manufactured.

    Plain Mucinex (and its generic equivalent guafenesin) is not restricted and can be purchased off the shelf without an ID and signature. It is NOT used to manufacture crack. 

    Bronkaid contains both ingredients i.e. guaifenesin and ephedrine sulfate and is used for broncial congestion and asthma. Mucinex D is a similar product. These products require producing an ID and a signature.

    I take it for sinus problems, asthma and dizziness as it is the only medication that works.

    I felt this should be corrected. This inaccurate statement makes me wonder about the accuracy of other information on this site.

  • Sofine7409

    Yes, I saw the comment re Mucinex as an error in this article and have corrected it. I use the products for asthma and breathing problems and am also an R.N.  It should not go uncorrected as it weakens this site as far as believability goes.

  • Liberals are Invertebrates

    F--- Eric Holder...crooked scumbag!

  • Jfink

    Eric Holder is a criminal taking part in giving 2000 plus guns to cartels which end in at least 2 murders. He should be in prison with many others

  • Lynda Elaine

    Is there a paragraph or something missing? This 'article' doesn't make any sense. And I will mention that the writer has no idea what the separate of church and state means. He needs some education.

    • guest

      Hey Lynda,  the reference was only to the use of the term sacred which is generally a religious term..." a religious right" to substitute a synonym.  To clarify separation of Church and means only that the government will not insist on one single denomination of a in Church of England, or Catholic, or Sunni  / Shiite in the case of Islam and to not make being Christian or any other member of a faith c a stipulation of Government office holding.  However, know that the principles of our liberty, freedom and general democratic ideas are based in the Judeo-Christian system of morality.   An educated populace, in the U.S.  understands that authority to rule and tenets of our liberty come from the Judeo-Christian 'God', lest any man or group of men try take it away by simple majority vote.  That is the weakness of Democratic rule, if it has no ties to that ancient faith, based on absolute principles.  required to faithfully administer government with love and mercy and fairness.  Not always easily accomplished eh?...but noteworthy in its aspiration to rule honorably.  You won't find this in any other nation that rules by the laws or teaching of any other religion or non-religious/atheistic belief.  India, China, Russia, have all begun to prosper when some aspects of democracy are applied, but fail miserably in the equal treatment of there citizens when the governments forget their just rule begins with the Judeo-Christian God. Yep..I get it it, we cannot say He is the only true God.  But of all the world's systems of government, only the Judeo Christian faith supports a society where equal opportunity (not outcome) is possible. Know God...know Justice.  NO Justice. (and no peace-you should live in India for awhile in the slums to appreciate the differences.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    Holder doesn't have to tell the truth! He's the law in this country! You know, R H I P! If you get in his position, you can lie too! Now go back to sleep, your country is lost!!!

  • HerrCapitanFick

    The people of color are the ones that rule! You people don't like it, stop putting these people of color in office! They don't like you whites and they will stick it in you and break it off every time they get a chance! Now go on back to sleep and be quiet!

  • liberty49

    Holder is the sorriest excuse for an attorney general in memory. He is a disgrace to all Americans of EVERY color. Shame on Boehner, Issa and Cantor for not having the guts to charge Holder with Treason for not upholding the oath of office he took to uphold ALL the laws of the land!

    • Patricia M McBride

      Well put and point on.  He is absolutely a sick human being for an attorney general of our country where there is supposed to be equality and not different rules for different races.  What kind of person has this president chosen for the highest law maker in the country.  He should be removed from office for suggesting such a thing and for not upholding the laws equally to all.

  • Ajlsr

    Holder has an ax to grind...

  • Depaz

    I truly believe he got his law degree off the back of a pack of matches. . . .

  • TxGCB

    If Holder was a white republican, he would be gone already!

  • SkyMan

    Seems to me this Holder guy is a racist.

  • Dave McAuliffe

    News Flash! Very quietly Boehner, Issa and Cantor have decided not to go after Eric Holder for Fast&Furious. I guess its ok to lie to congress. I was wrong to think We only had to worry about the liberals being dishonest.

  • Jbugera

    What does the author mean by "can anyone say reverse discrimination"? How does being abl.e to say something effect this acticle, or this situation. You lost me. Explain