IRS Lies to Churches about Political Activities

Pastors meeting in Washington were warned by officials from the Internal Revenue Service that there are some political activities that could jeopardize their churches' tax-exempt status. IRS regional manager Peter Lorenzetti told the Faith Leaders Summit that that pastors in their official capacity are not permitted to endorse or oppose candidates, campaign for them, or make contributions to their campaigns. Pastors can, as private citizens, do these things.


The First Amendment does not prohibit churches from speaking out on any issue including political ones, even if they are tax exempt. The amendment is so clear that liberals almost never cite it:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Rob Boston, Assistant Director of Communications for Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Assistant Editor of Church & State magazine, engages in similar constitutional fiction: “A church cannot link or direct people to an organization telling people how to vote. . . . All nonprofits, including churches, cannot endorse or oppose candidates. The IRS does warn nonprofits about linking to campaign-related websites.”

To prohibit a church from linking to any site for any reason is a violation of the First Amendment. Notice that the First Amendment gives everybody, churches included, the right to speak about religion, write about religion, congregate about religion, and “petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Intimidating churches has been going on for a long time. Barry Lynn, Executive Director of AU, has been monitoring the content of Sunday sermons since 2004. If these self-appointed snitches don’t like what they hear, that is, if what a pastor says is “too political” and contrary to a liberal political agenda, they will send video and audio tapes to the IRS for investigation. If enough churches challenged the supposed prohibitions, the IRS wouldn’t know what to do. At the moment, the fear factor is enough to keep churches in check.

There are no constitutional prohibitions against churches speaking out on political issues or endorsing candidates. We got into this mess when in 1954 a law was rammed through Congress by then-Senator Lyndon Johnson to restrict churches from speaking freely on topics they have addressed for nearly two millennia. The following is from the IRS:

The ban on political campaign activity by charities and churches was created by Congress more than a half century ago. The Internal Revenue Service administers the tax laws written by Congress and has enforcement authority over tax-exempt organizations. Here is some background information on the political campaign activity ban and the latest IRS enforcement statistics regarding its administration of this congressional ban.
In 1954, Congress approved an amendment by Sen. Lyndon Johnson to prohibit 501(c)(3) organizations, which includes charities and churches, from engaging in any political campaign activity. To the extent Congress has revisited the ban over the years, it has in fact strengthened the ban. The most recent change came in 1987 when Congress amended the language to clarify that the prohibition also applies to statements opposing candidates.

This so-called ban is a direct violation of the First Amendment. The First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law. . . .” In 1954, Congress made a law prohibiting churches from speaking out on political issues and endorsing candidates. The logic is simple. Since Congress passed such a law, then Congress violated the Constitution. This makes the law null and void.

If you are a pastor who believes in the freedoms outlined in the First Amendment and want to challenge these leftist organizations and the IRS, then I have a deal for you. The Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal advocacy group, will defend you.

In response to more than 50 years of threats and intimidation by activist groups wielding the Johnson Amendment as a sword against the Church, ADF began the Pulpit Initiative in 2008. The goal of the Pulpit Initiative is simple: have the Johnson Amendment declared unconstitutional — and once and for all remove the ability of the IRS to censor what a pastor says from the pulpit.

ADF is actively seeking to represent churches or pastors who are under investigation by the IRS for violating the Johnson Amendment by preaching biblical Truth in a way that expresses support for — or opposition to — political candidates. ADF represents all of its clients free of charge.

Don’t be bullied. It’s time to take a stand for Jesus Christ. Your future and the future of your children are at stake. If you want more information, go to the Alliance Defense Fund site at



  • Christopher Plante

    Churches, contrary to popular belief, are not tax-exempt. Tax-exempt laws regarding political speech, donations and endorsements do not apply to churches. Tax-exemption is a legislated status given by the government, but legislation by the government, regarding churches, is forbidden by the Constitution. The proper term for the Church's status is tax-immune.

    The framers of our republic understood that religion and government operate on entirely different planes. They saw government as instituted by man and religion as instituted by God each with its own mission and each with exclusivity in its own arena. They designed, in the Constitution, a protection limiting the government from infringing in the church's arena; "Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof." This unique statement also prevents religion from overpowering government.

    It does not, however, prevent government employees from joining, participating in, or even obtaining leadership positions in the Church. Likewise, it does not prevent religious people from joining, participating or obtaining leadership positions in government.

  • DontTreadOnMe11

    This is a blatent attempt to quiet the Catholic Church, plain and simple. I have yet to hear of a case of a "black" church being denied tax-exempt status while numerous candidates campaign in the churchs.

    • SUSANM621


      • RobfromVA

         exactly and that is just more defense for us to do the same!

        • Vincenta

           Fortunately and unfortunately, our pastors are law abiding.  This is the excuse to cover their cowardliness.  They will never become martyrs, as were the saints of yesterday and saints of today.  Can you imagine silencing Christ, or the prophets?
          Oh, by the way, there is no such thing as separation of mosque and state.  I guess this means that America wasn't a Muslim country from its' beginning, as our Muslim in Chief says. 

        • RobfromVA

          don't know about that.. our preacher prayed for Obama yesterday... for someone to replace him soon!

        • Vincenta

          There are a few intrepid souls with strength of Faith and duty. May God continue to give your pastor the Grace needed to do His will.

  • Pamela Dunn

    Of course all the IRS restrictions don't apply if its a BLACK church and its a democrat speaking.

  • service

    I'm sick to my stomach! Every agency of this government is sh*ting all over the Constitution and they are too Stupid to realize that it Will have dire consequences for their children and grandchildren! The federal government has truly become the Enemy within! I weep for my beloved America and curse the evil that has corrupted our so called leaders. They will be judged by God!

  • Ted R. Weiland

    Don't join the 501(3)(c) incorporation  "club," making the government the head of your church, and this all becomes moot from the get-go.

    "Because Christianity is glutted with doctrines proclaiming that Yahweh’s laws are irrelevant under the New Covenant, that Christians are obligated to keep all of man’s laws, and that the kingdom is yet to come or that it is found exclusively in heaven, the kingdom has been handed over to Yahweh’s enemies without a struggle. Most pastors have colluded with the Internal Revenue Service in exchange for their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, turning over the jurisdiction and ultimate control of even their churches and ministries to the government."

    For more, see "The Kingdom: Yesterday, Today, and Forever" at

    • Pastafarian

       At the very least, churches should be required to pay the same filing fees and submit the onerous annual 990 form, and
      reporting income and expenses, like all other 501(c)(3) groups.

      • Samtman

        Yes, Yes and Yes.

        • drdbiggs

           Liboturd Troll!!

      • drdbiggs

         In whose opinion, an ASStafarian?

      • Joan C

         Is the Planned Parent group promoting Obama operating under 501{c}{3} ??  If they receive so much money from their donors, then why are they given five hundred million of taxpayer money every year ?  This doesn't smell right, it looks as if they formed another arm of PP to be able to have a say in Politics.  They should be aborted!!!!

  • Samtman

    You cant take money from the taxpayer and promote your political views at taxpayers expense regardles which party you belong to.

    • DrBarbara

      Wow! Okay, tell that to your lib friends.

    • drdbiggs

       Tell that to Media Matters and the rest of the liboturds!!

    • Joan C

       Tell that to the sitting President, who is all over the US campaigning at taxpayer expense.  He covers it by claiming it is business.

      • Mightykelso

        yeah, just like bush did. bet you weren't complaining when that moron did it.

  • Think About It

    The Constitution through the first amendment says Congress shall (that's a requirement) make NO law... .  I believe the Senate thinks that means the House and the House thinks that means the Senate.  It means both of you, DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.  It is so clear cut they can't believe it.  Since this clearly unconstitutional law has been on the books for 58 years why hasn't anyone been charged yet?  Are they just hanging on to it for the intimidation factor or are they afraid of the consequences that might happen if they do try to use it, namely denying someone, in this case religious people, their constitutional civil rights.  I know when it applies to a single person it can get mighty expensive,  think what this settlement could bring.

  • GWY

    The IRS should be abolished with the personal income tax.  The IRS was one of many socialist ideas that stink.  The progressives love it because it is a great way to buy votes.  Just tax the rich and promise the rest they won't be taxed.  The problem is it doesn't work that way.  They tax everyone with a job and buy votes from the rest with your taxes. Complaint isn't tolerated.

    • Roy

      I agree.  Abolish the I.R.S. and implement the FairTax.  Never file a tax return again.  Get 100% of your paycheck.

  • Pastafarian

    You know who else doesn't pay taxes? 
    Scientologists, Mormons, and Muslims.  We are talking revenue in the hundreds
    of billions of dollars  About five
    times the income of the five largest corporations in the U.S.  All tax free.
    Consider that for every tax dollar a religious organization does not pay, you
    and I pay it on its behalf. 

    It is not just one tax that religious organizations are excused from paying,
    but an entire constellation of them. Clergy are exempt from federal taxes on
    housing and can opt out of Social Security and Medicare withholding. Religious
    employers are generally exempt from federal and state unemployment taxes, and
    in some states, religious publications are exempt from sales tax. Church
    benefit and retirement plans do not require the church employer to match its
    employees' contributions. Churches are automatically exempted from filing
    annual public informational reports on their financial status and activities,
    and donations made to churches are eligible for income tax deductions. And, of
    course, the two major tax breaks: church groups do not have to pay income tax
    and do not have to pay taxes on property which they own.  

    It is estimated that these tax exemptions cost the United States a staggering
    $71 billion dollars a year.  
    A tax break for churches forces all American taxpayers to support religion,
    even if they oppose some or all religious doctrines. 

    As a taxpayer, you are supporting

    • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

      And, you are totally wrong! Our CHURCH doesn't pay taxes on the income that comes in to it, but, I can sure tell you that every penny that DOES come in, had better be reported, or there are legal repercussions, & we DO have to file reports showing our financial status, & exactly where every penny of it is spent. Plus, my son is the pastor, & his checks are the same as a self employed person's, & he DOES have taxes that he has to pay, plus, if he DOESN'T pay SS & Medicare, when, or if he retires, he would have nothing to retire on. So, don't be posting things you have NO idea of what you're talking about. As for Mormons, Muslims, etc, what they pay or don't pay, I have no idea. And, I can tell you too, that, if our church hires people to do work for the church, such as cleaning, etc, the workers DO have to pay income taxes. They are just like the pastor~they're self employed, & at tax time, either pay in to the IRS, or if fortunate enough, they may get a small refund. Plus my son DOES pay taxes on his house. It's owned by him, not by the church. You obviously have read some false, misleading information, which is typical of liberals. Oh, and one other thing, there have been a couple of instances where people who had donated large amounts to churches, then filed bankruptcy, that the court ORDERED the church to surrender those funds. And, you sound like you have a gripe against churches in general, especially if they actually make a little money, which by the way, isn't used by someone for personal use, but is re-invested in the church by paying bills, electric, phone, etc. or in doing repairs, (we had to replace a stained glass window to the tune of $6000.) or paving our parking lot, ($12,000), things like that. And, those things are done because of city ordinances that your building & property has to be presentable looking. We have a wonderful church secretary, & she makes SURE that she stays up to date on all the tax laws & changes. And, she sends a monthly report to our church headquarters, so they AND the IRS knows exactly how much comes in, & how much goes out, of our church. And, above & beyond that, GOD knows, & we definitely are more interested in pleasing HIM than the IRS!

      • Pastafarian

         From the The compensation that a church or religious organization pays to its ministers for performing services in the exercise of ministry is not subject to FICA taxes.

        A church or religious organization is not required to provide a disclosure statement for quid pro quo contributions when: (a) the goods or services meet the standards for insubstantial value; or (b) the only benefit received by the donor is an intangible religious benefit.
        Additionally, if the goods or services the church or religious organization provides are intangible religious benefits.

        The LDS Church has not publicly disclosed its financial statements in the United States since 1959.

    • drdbiggs

       You sir are a moron! Typical for a liboturd!!

    • Syl

      This is about our country's CONSTITUTION not taxes.  If you want to talk taxes, the problem is not that "churches don't pay their fair share".  It's about a grabby, over-weight government spending our hard-earned money on "snacks".

      • Pastafarian

        By providing a financial benefit to religious institutions, government is supporting religion. A believer and a nonbeliever under the present law are treated differently because of the articles of their faith.  This tax exemption is unconstitutional.

        • Mr. Incredible, in Jesus' Name

          "Providing"?  How?

          What happened to the screams of "SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE"?

        • Pastafarian

           Mr. Incredible.    Yes, there should be a separation.  There should not be religions that are "established" by the state to have these exemptions.  The government should not be able to say that any religion is "valid" and others are not.  

        • Gary

           The power to tax is the power to destroy. (M'Culloch v. Maryland, 17 US (4 Wheaton)316(1819)).  Churches DO NOT need to be 501c3, to be tax exempt. Ask the IRS. When a church becomes 501c3, they are submitting themselves under the totalitarian authority of the Government. When a church incorporates, they put themselves under the authority of the State government, they become a "creature of the State."  I guess you could compare churches status much like Indian tribes, which are exempt from many Federal & State laws, rules & regulations, yet they enjoy many of the benefits of society. Churches, because of the First Amendment, enjoy a status almost like a foreign nation, or diplomat. For a good explanation of this, read Peter Kershaw's "In Caesar's Grip."

    • Daniel from TN

      Contributions for the retirement of pastors and other church workers go into a giant savings/investment account administered by each church  group/denomination. When they retire they actually get MORE than if they had been in Social Security, a system that never invested the money for the future but placed the money in the US general treasury. As of 18 months ago, Social Security now pays out more in benefits than it takes in through payroll deductions.
      All other taxes are paid by individuals BEFORE they make their donations to the church. Taxing the churcheswould be taxing that money twice.
      Churches do not have to pay property taxes but they contribute to society in other financial ways. During disasters many churches allow their buildings to be used as shelters for families whose homes have been destroyed. Many churches provide free meals to senior citizens and others, and even take it to them. Some churches operate free medical and dental clinics for those who cannot afford it, and some with free transportation to and from the clinic. Some churches offer free clothing for those in need. Churches have "Room At The Inn" programs in the winter to house and feed homeless people when it is too cold for them to be on the streets. Some churches offer to print and mail resume's for unemployed people. Southern Baptist missionaries give away more food each day than the government gives away in a year (Other denominations also give away food, but I do not know how much. I would guess that it is also a substantial amount.). Many churches now participate in a program called FUEL; a program that provides food for the weekend for school children who have no food at home.
      I could continue but I believe I have made my point. If you add up what churches actually do it would be a LOT more than 7 billion dollars. It is CERTAINLY a lot more than the government can do with the same amount of money.

      • Pastafarian

        $71 billion, not 7.    Donations to churches are tax-deductible.  There is no distinction between organizations that legitimately provide services to the community and those that do no charitable work whatsoever.   Some churches do legitimate charity work and could qualify for non-profit tax exempt status.   Some are merely pyramid scheme cults that take money from the most devout and simply pocket it.  With no accountability, they are free to abuse the system and their own followers.  Not to mention that some use this protected status to launder money and filter funds to foreign enemies.

  • F8tul

    So, it is only BLACK PASTORS that can campaign.. Good to know that the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA has gotten rid of ALL RACISM IN THIS COUNTRY..

    Laughing way too loud.. have to go now.. 

    • Mightykelso

      you seem to be the only illegal around here.

    • loweezysmith

      Joker.  He is the racist.

  • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

    Well, our little church is well aware of this, & my pastor is pretty careful about comments from the pulpit, politics wise. But, he DOES tell us about bad things that the liberals & Obama are doing, & we all KNOW who he will vote for, although he doesn't say it, from the pulpit. And, the majority of our church doesn't care if we DID lose our tax exempt status, because we won't allow the government to dictate what we can & can't say in our church.

  • danclamage

    The Constitution, for all its high-fallutin' language, is so simple and clear, it takes real "smarts" to present such twisted, pretzel logic to make it seem it's saying the exact opposite!
    Shall. Make. No. Law.

    • loweezysmith

      What constitution are you talking about?

  • B_long_0803

    how do i contact this site with a story of absolute corruption starting with a local sheriff and going all the way through the doj fbi and gao all well documented with return receipt mail and recorded calls

    • Daniel from TN

      Anonymously! It's the only safe way.

  • Ryan Speakman

    We don't get our "right" - or I should say our mandate - to speak the Truth of God's Word, regardless of who might be helped or hurt by this Truth, from the IRS OR from the U.S. Constitution.  We get this from God Himself.  Unbelievable that so many (read: the vast majority) of ministers and churches in the U.S. let our secular government dictate what they can and cannot say in exchange for a few extra bucks in the bank at the end of the year (tax exempt status).  The government is in effect paying hush money to supposed preachers of the Gospel!  Appalling on so many levels.  What's more important:  Money or God's Truth?  Each of us will stand before our Maker one day and will have to answer this question...

    Meantime, preachers in other countries (China, Iran, etc.) risk death every day in order to proclaim the Gospel...  Think about that!

  • sean murry.

    The IRS needs to shut down and shut up.

  • drdbiggs

    How did that racist Holder get by with holding meetings with negro pastors to urge their flock to stay on the plantation and vote for Pres Obozo?

    • Sharon T.

      Holder did it, as they all do, under the "Double Standard Policy" of the left.  Why wouldn't they do it?  They ALWAYS get away with it. 

    • boogies daddy

      Well, you see, it's like this: Race lore has it that BLACK churches are traditional "news" outlets to the slave community which due to WHITE GUILT demand support, nurturing and freedom, whereas WHITE Anglo-Saxon-Judeo churches are strictly "religious" "organizations" needing strict regulation....or something like that.

  • Blair

    The First Amendment is never clear. It always has to be interpreted.

    • huerfano

      It looks very clear to me. Maybe you meant reinterpreted?
      Amendment 1
       Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    • dntmkmecomoverther

       at Blair: How much clearer would you like it? Jefferson wrote it for an 8th grader to be able to read & interpret...shall we take it a little lower for you? (product of government education are we?...)

  • D_galster

    Then pay your taxes like everyone else.

    • Katchaturian

      Nice boy, good boy . . .

  • TheSunDidIt

    These same people WANT a new revolution to start so they can completely disolve the Constitution

    • Katchaturian

      You mean that  8-1, 7-2, 6-3 and 5-4 thing?   What a laugh.

  • Mightykelso

    Why should religious institutions be tax exempt?

    • Elizabeth_MC

      I'm going to take away media matters'  exempt status before I take away the church's status.
      MM advocates for democrats and liberal politics all the time. But of course....that's just fine with this despicable obama administration. You should be ashamed.

    • Katchaturian

      Have you seen the list of taxes imposed on Americans in a life time?  So that those morons can wildly spend and I refer not to just Rio.  Giving the poor more $$$$ to buy food then taxing food is simply idiotic.  The more government taxes the more it spends.  If these taxes are so necessary why did they not begin around 1492? What morons.

  • Daniel from TN

    In case you did not know, Johnson drafted the amendment because many churches were questioning him about his conduct; his MORAL conduct. The churches were asking questions Johnson did not want to answer. Pastors talked against him from the pulpit. The amendment was designed to keep the pastors quiet and his immoral conduct secret.

    • Katchaturian

      This should sound familiar even to a progressive.  Churches weren't the only folks questioning him.

  • ConservaDave2

    The free speech prohibition by unconstitutional law is not the real problem here, the threat that the tax exempt status of a church might be on the line is.  The fear that a church might end up paying taxes on even their property and other resources could cripple many a church today thus the intimidation factor.  It all needs to be revisited by the Supreme Court, unless you are a black church supporting a Democrat politician in which case you are pretty much assured of getting a free pass to do whatever you want.

  • Raybruce2

    Apparently this does not hold for black churches when Democratic candidates campaign there. 

    • loweezysmith

      It applies to all churches.

    • change12

      How is this a raciest thing ? DON"T ALLOW the GOV to Divide us ANYMORE ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Please I beg of you.. drop the hyphenated American crap..
      you are either an American or not.. PERIOD !Don't divide Christ with race..

      PLEASE don't let the GOV control YOU !

  • progressiveandproud

    The tax code DOES prohibit churches from claiming tax exemptions and promoting particular politics or politicians. The churches should either drop the tax exemption status or stop working for political parties.

    • loweezysmith

      Churches have the constitutional right to work f or political parties.  Didn't you read what the constitution says?

      • progressiveandproud

         Why yes, I have read the complete Constitution. Obviously, you have not.

      • loweezysmith

        That's what the Constitution says.

    • Elizabeth_MC

      They're allowed to defend their religious beliefs, dumbo.

      • progressiveandproud

         Yes they are, but they don't need my tax money to do it. If they are going to practice politics from the pulpit, they can pay taxes on their income and assets just like the rest of us do.

        • dntmkmecomoverther

           ...but wait, over 45% of Americans pay NO taxes...and yet they participate in election campaigns.  I would like to be there when you stand up and tell them they are no longer me when you get ready to do that.

        • progressiveandproud

          That 45% is comprised of the old who don't pay taxes, and the very poor, and young who don't make enough to pay taxes. Only about 10% of that 45% should pay taxes and don't.
          Why don't you do some independent research so that you can write with some authority rather than just spouting right wing misinformation.

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          dntmkmecomoverther wrote, in response to progressiveandproud:
          ...but wait, over 45% of Americans pay NO taxes...and yet they participate in election campaigns.  I would like to be there when you stand up and tell them they are no longer me when you get ready to do that. Link to comment

        • Katchaturian

          Hey, you got it figured out . . ." . . .they don't need my tax money . . .".

        • lilij

          QUESTION: IF you don't like tax $$ going to churches what about OUR $$$ going to slaughter innocent unborn  babies???
          How about Planned Parenthood raising THIER own money like the rest of us???
          Just asking.....

        • progressiveandproud

          Riddle me this, cupcake.

          If repugs/conservatives don't like abortion, why don't they support family planning and the social safety net for existing families? Why not support jobs bills that enable families to feed, cloth, and house themselves?

          From: Disqus
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          lilij wrote, in response to progressiveandproud:
          QUESTION: IF you don't like tax $$ going to churches what about OUR $$$ going to slaughter innocent unborn  babies??? Just asking.....
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        • lilij

          Basically, 95% of all income tax is paid by only he top 3% of income
          earners, and the lower 40% pay no tax, with a very large percent of
          them actually getting money back in the form of EIC credit and such.

          An excellent site, with lots of exact and generally agreed accurate statistics is:

          There is an old saying that 'beggars can't be choosers'. In the
          upcoming November elections, nothing could be further from the truth. The ever growing gap between the number of eligible voters and the
          number of people actually paying income taxes is becoming very
          alarming. Just look at the number: 2011 Taxpayers 2012 Voters Estimated number of voters in 2012: 140 million Estimated voting-age population in 2012: 240 million Can Democracy Survive?People that actually pay taxes will be outnumbered by voters nearly 2 to 1 and are dwarfed by the voting aged population nearly 3 to 1.

          Think of it this way. If you are not paying taxes, would you be more or less likely to vote for someone that could provide you with free housing, free groceries and free healthcare or for someone that would not.
          Obama has spent the last 3 years making Americans DEPENDENT upon free handouts, bailouts and such, destroying any sense of independence and self reliance...
          Basically, Obama has ENSLAVED Americans....

        • ElizabethMC

          They are not using tax dollars to lobby politics. It's not about  politics. This doesn't concern a political party.  It is apolitical. It is entirely religious.
          How do you feel about Media Matters having tax exempt status?
          They advocate for democrats  and liberal politics all day long. They are a virtual mouthpiece for the liberal agenda.

    • change12

      LOL LOL LOL !! OF Course YOU would say that.. Atheists always do.
      This is about our rights.. when it comes to the Proggies like Media M.. I'm sure you're all for tax Exempt ?must scare ya & the dems to have the churches speak the truth :-) LOL LOL LOL

      • progressiveandproud

         I'm not an atheist, I'm a Pentecostal. I don't believe any groups or organizations should be tax exempt.

        With 60% of the churches preaching the Gospel of Wealth, and many more promoting political parties, the truth is becoming more and more elusive in the churches.

        • Katchaturian

          Put some authority behind your hot air.  Be specific.

        • Katchaturian

          Put some authority behind your hot air.  Be specific.

    • dntmkmecomoverther

       at progressiveandproud : The law/tax code is out there; but it's unconstitutional.  The IRS realizes that; and so does the ACLU.  But they hold this 'law' like a bad hand in poker, bluffing churches and pastors into submission.  Pure and simple, if this law is ever challenged, it will be held unconstitutional...plain and simple.

      Please tell me, if tax exemption renders one a 'non participant' in politics, then what of all the tax exempt, non paying bums who support obummer? ...who pay NOTHING in taxes and produce nothing to support this nation?  Over 45% of the population paid NO TAXES last year...Will you tell them the same?  How's that for consistency? 

      Liberals always hate being made to live consistently with their views...but it's our job as conservatives to see that they do.

      • Pastafarian

         you are suggesting simply breaking the law because you don't like it?  That's not how it works. 

        If you are comparing Americans that live below the poverty line with corporations that make hundreds of billions of dollars - I don't think that is an apt comparison. 

        Scientology (weird alien cult) gets hundreds of millions of dollars in untraceable donations that they use to buy property.  Now that property is tax free when it used to generate income. It could be a mall, movie theater, gym, television studio or a residential neighborhood full of homes.  Do they use less police, fire protection, roads, sewer, trash pickup?  no.  Just everyone else has to pay for it.  Socialism!

        It's time to get religion off welfare.

      • progressiveandproud

        Since when are constitutional amendments unconstitutional? Oh, right, any law conservatives don't like is "unconstitutional". Sorry, I forgot that detail.
        Your "job" is to become educated about our Constitution, accurate history, and apparently, our economics. That 45% figure is not valid and you would know that if you weren't living in the la la land of the right wing.

        From: Disqus
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        dntmkmecomoverther wrote, in response to progressiveandproud:
        at progressiveandproud : The law/tax code is out there; but it's unconstitutional.  The IRS realizes that; and so does the ACLU.  But they hold this 'law' like a bad hand in poker, bluffing churches and pastors into submission.  Pure and simple, if this law is ever challenged, it will be held unconstitutional...plain and simple.
        Please tell me, if tax exemption renders one a 'non participant' in politics, then what of all the tax exempt, non paying bums who support obummer? ...who pay NOTHING in taxes and produce nothing to support this nation?  Over 45% of the population paid NO TAXES last year...Will you tell them the same?  How's that for consistency?
        Liberals always hate being made to live consistently with their views...but it's our job as conservatives to see that they do.
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    • Tlwoodbury

      Most churches don't know it,  but they automatically are nontaxable WITHOUT 501c3 status.  They DON"T NEED 501c3 status.  They are automatically recognized fully by the IRS as nontaxable.  They can drop their 501c3 status and become unincorporated,  and they are still automatically nontaxable because of the First Amendment.  Not only that,  they are absolutely free from all government interference by virtue of being a church that is unlicensed and unincorporated.  These days,  in court,  the government is using a church's incorporation status as legal reason for taking any action over a church that they want,  because the courts say that incorporation strips an entity of their Constitutional rights,  and because,  according to laws governing incorporation,  by becoming incorporated churches volutarily give up their sovereignty and come under the sovereighty of the state. 

      Why apply to the government for license (permission) to have rights which you don't even need permission for (rights already granted by God and by the Constitution)?  Especially if it is the case that,  in doing this,  you place yourself under an authority which is not supposed to govern you at all. 

      Of course,  the Constitution makes null and void any law which contradicts it;  so the article above is right in saying that even if churches (or any corporations,  I would add)  have voluntarily rescinded their Constitutionally protected rights by placing themselves under the government (by becoming incorporated),  the First Amendment still ought to trump these unConstitutional laws governing incorporation.   I TOTALLY AGREE.  Corporate law needs to be revamped to fall in line with the Constitution.  So what if corporations are considered state property to do with as the state wishes?  Just because someone or something is your property doesn't entitle you to do whatever you want with it if what you want to do with it violates God's law.  And God's law says that NO ONE is head over His church but Christ.  So we need to fight for incorporated churches as well as other corporations to have the same rights granted to individuals in the Constitution. 

      That said,  though,  does it make sense for churches to incorporate?  If churches want to retain their allegiance to Christ,  and if incorporation places them under the jurisdiction of the state,  why would they incorporate?    I believe churches have been shnookered by the lies of liberals who hate God and His churches because they are evil and want to practice their evil as well as governmental tyranny over the masses.  (These liberals hate a politically and socially active church because  it is the Christian Protestant churches, under the strong influence and leadership of their pastors, that historically have spearheaded the fighting against and overthrowing of tyranny and evil in this world.  (One example:  the American Presbyterian pastors in the 1700's that took on King George.)   Also,  the church has been shnookered  by attorneys who want to make a buck off them. 

  • Elizabeth_MC

    This government has a nerve!
    Are they harassing media matters too? Of course not. They have tax exempt status and they advocate for democrats and liberal politics all day long.
    I hate these people.

  • loweezysmith

    This government doesn't mind one bit lying to the people doe it? 

    • Katchaturian

      Well, aunt loweezysmith where yo been?  Welcome back.  Some regressive is a traitor.  He supports the so-called (actually unconsitutional) tax code. 'fraid he's going to miss his entitlement. Give the back stabber a pitchfork and some heat. He has inside information saying churches are working for political parties.What a fool. Our money would be better in their hands than those of a hawkish nation.  If churches discontinued their humanitarian efforts that pompous jerk and his whining progressive sheep could not absorb the disaster that would hit the nation.  The Seventh Day and Mormon Churches have  more efficient humanitarian programs without federal interference.  They are too busy to put someone like Obama on a egotrip.

  • runstowin

    The problem is that most "churches" choose to put themselves into bondage by voluntarily becoming 501c3 not for profit corporations. It is purely a choice, so if they want to find the enemy, it is as simple as looking at a mirror.

  • Jph2342

    The Constitution is repleat with direct and clearly stated frreedoms that are guaranteed,  that is;  not subject to congressional or presidential action to deny them. 
    This world of progressive i.e. radical political thought and their  policies adopted by this era's Democratic party and main stream media  seek to destroy the constitutional protections against government's dominanace of the   citizens of the USA.
     The stated premise and concepts of the United Nations are not realistic in a world where freedom is totally denied to people by the countries who make up a significant powerful components that can and do dictate what can or can not be done.  Membership by the USA doesn,t make a lot of sense from a self serving point of view.  The only justification for continuing is to ensure they can't do more harm than good.  These days that is increasingly less in evidence as the "Progressives " seem to be trying to give more influence to a more often than is reasonable body that does less good than harm in many areas of the world. 
    Given that we are the primary funding source for the UN we must begin to very strongly withdraw financial support for any activity that is injurious to people or is supportive of violence or acts to deny individuals their god given right to freedom..

     Start by requiring they leave the USA HQ in NYC.  Let some some other  country tolerate the abuse of these phony diplomats and bear the cost of their presence. 
    Never join anything that attempts to oversee any aspect of the USA.

  • jong

    This article is very good and absolutely correct.   However,  I have a better solution.   Just get a flat tax that will take the wind out of the IRS sails(and about 99% of its staff) .    If there is no IRS then the liberals will have to either go to another agency or create one.   This time however for warned is forearmed.

  • bhscpa

    God bless the Alliance Defense Fund, they do good work.

  • dale

    See the following website: