Obama Pushing Equal Pay For Women While Pelosi Says Senate Can Still Pay Them Less

With Barack Obama’s full support, the Senate is scheduled to vote today on the Paycheck Fairness Act.  This is a bill that calls for women to be paid on the same scale as men for the same job.  Many in the business community are against the measure stating that it will cost them enough to send some companies into the red and even having to lay off workers or close their doors.

Yesterday, Obama spoke about the bill saying,

“If Congress passes the Paycheck Fairness Act, women are going to have access to more tools to claim equal pay for equal work.  If they don’t — if Congress doesn’t act — then women are still going to have difficulty enforcing and pressing for this basic principle.”

“And we’ve got to understand this is more than just about fairness.  Women are the breadwinners for a lot of families, and if they’re making less than men do for the same work, families are going to have to get by for less money for childcare and tuition and rent, small businesses have fewer customers — everybody suffers.”

Many political commentators believe the bill is being pushed by Democrats to force the Republicans and presidential candidate Mitt Romney to show where they stand on the matter.  In 2010, the bill was defeated with no Republicans voting for it.  If the vote takes place today, it will require 60 votes in order to pass.

Meanwhile, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the top Democratic member of the House of Representatives shows just how supportive she is on the matter.  Last week, she publicly chastised businesses that pay women less than male employees stating,

“It’s 2012. It’s 2012, everybody. What is it we’re talking about women getting paid less? Are you going home to your little girls each day and saying: ‘Work hard, study hard, be diligent so that when you grow up you can make less than your brother?”

“There seems to be a decision somewhere in some companies and parts of our economy that that’s an okay thing to do.”

Yet when the Daily Caller asked her about a recent report that said that women staffers working for Senate Democrats made an average of $6,500 less a year than male staffers, her response was that on Capitol Hill, it’s another world.

Out of one side of Pelosi’s mouth she criticizes businesses for paying female staffers less than male staffers and then out of the other side of her mouth she says that’s okay for Senate Democrats to do the very same thing.  This is typical of the Democratic Party’s hypocrisy.  They are quick to condemn others for doing the same thing that they themselves do.

However, if the bill is not passed by the Senate today, you can bet your life that the media will jump on the GOP and make them out to be women haters.  No one will report the hypocrisy of the Senate Democrats.  The public won’t hear that they pay their female staffer over 10% less than they pay their male staffers.  The truth will be buried and the biased media will villainize the GOP and Mitt Romney at all cost of integrity, truth and honor.



  • Screeminmeeme

    It's the same-0  same-0  hypocrisy from the democrats. The conservatives really need to hone in on Pelosi's deceit  in particular because, without a blink, she says one thing while blatantly doing another.  The woman is shameless

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    Of course liberals are hypocrites.   What do you truly expect out of them they are natural born liars.   With of course Obama leading the band.

  • CTConservatives47

    Any savvy business owner is smart enough to pay women on par with men.  The federal government doesn't have to get involved.  This is just more poilitical grandstanding by Democrats that will add more to the cost of doing business and incite frivilous lawsuits.

  • hongryhawg

    I've heard of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing but this is the first time I've heard of the left hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

  • TheGizmo51

    Remember back when the unions crashed the market, teachers stole
    education from our children, and we were overspending on police and fire
    fighters? You don't? Well, neither do I.  So why are the right wing nut
    jobs blaming them?   By the way, what right does a woman have to get equal pay for equal work.  Doesn't make sense to me either.  Well, okay, if they do equal work.

  • Kw7kw26

     Typically, the socialists/communists don't believe a word of what they, themselves, say.  Comments are nothing more than talking points that they then use to say "It's Bush's Fault"; "It's The Republicans' Fault"
    and the Kool Aid drinkers take it as gospel.  It is just like the attacks on millionaires and billionaires.  There are more millionaires and billionaires that support the alleged Prez - because they all know he can be bought.  Also, remember, there are twice as many DEMOCRAT members of Congress that are multi-millionaires - like Piglosi - than there are REPUBLICAN.
    Have another kool aid and sit down and listen to your "messiah" and see how well that works

  • StephenFR

    Every time that I have taken a position working for someone else I always negotiated the wage. Raises, wherever I worked were always based on the perceived  value of the individual to the company. The only time that this does not happen is when there is a union involved. Then the Union supposedly does the negotiating.

  • StephenFR

     Gizmo51, I remember when the auto industry in Detroit was the biggest and most profitable industry in the world. It was the envy of all. It actually had the ability to bail out the government if need be. Then came the unions. Now look at Detroit and the US auto industry.
    So yes, I do remember all those things that you seemed to have missed.

  • brchoate

    The effectiveness of this will be the same as the Equal Pay act in the 70's.  That really worked out well didn't it?

  • vietnamvet1971

    it is just a re-election ploy to get votes, If they pass it obuma wins more women votes or if the Act fails he will say I sure tried to help you helpless women, remember I will take care of you just vote for me.

  • chadbag

    The main reason that women get less on average is that women have been in the work field less.  Any given woman is not  making less than a man doing the same job with the same time-in-service and work record at any given company, in most cases.  But the averages work out that way because men have been in the work field longer.

    Except maybe in the Senate.

  • Bartlettharold

    That dumb witch needs a lobotomy!

  • Doodlebug

    Quite honestly, I don't think anyone in either the Senate or the House, male or female, should get even half of what they are getting now. They are there as our employees,  suppose to listen to us and make decisions based on what we want not on what they want. The Senate especially, hasn't done one _____ thing in how long. Send the idiots packing, including the RINOs and lets replace all of them with people who want to work on our behalf. If not, fire the idiots!

  • sean murry.

    they are not earning thier pay remember you work for us not the other way around.

  • danclamage

    So offer an amendment that demands women working for political parties, congress, the white house, federal govt, etc get equal pay. And require oversight from an independent dept for the next 50 years, since it's already been established that democrats historically underpay women.

  • JadaBlue

    "Yet when the Daily Caller asked her about a recent report that said that women staffers working for Senate Democrats made an average of $6,500 less a year than male staffers, her response was that on Capitol Hill, it’s another world"Yes Nancy it is another world, an out of touch world, and I hope if this thing manages to get passed every woman on the hill sues them.

  • Suzy

    Everyone in DC is already grossly overpaid starting with Congress.   If they got paid for the time  they actually work they might be more in line with what they should earn.    They all should earn minimum wage for minimum work. 

  • doug

    Piglosi is right. capitol hill is another world where piglosi gets equal pay and more.  The unions should be happy because all their jobs are going to china.  I was a union member (retired) and without unions we all would be working for $3.00 an hour, no benefits and no future. BUT the unions are cutting their own throats.  Keep voting for odumbo HE'LL HELP YOU.  sorry I had my fingers crossed.

  • wfwilson6

    Obama (and Harry Reid) don't want equal pay for women.  They want to put forth an il-constructed, il-conceived bill that the republicans would have to vote against, then they can point at the public and say "see, the republicans are against equal pay for women".  Both Obama and Reid know any such bill cannot pass the house and senate.  It is POLITICS ONLY!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YGL65RPHMD3H5TBZC524HBKKPU Dr. Brown

    Here we go again! The democrats trying the redistribute the wealth just like communists. What will happen if congress passes the bill; businesses will just lower the pay of men to equal the pay of women and claim its because of the law, which will be the truth. That will help the economy by making the cost of manufacturing in this country more competitive, not much but it will help some. 

  • Rchguns

    This is just another example of why the Democrats are always willing to raise taxes and ensure more spending.
    It doesn't sound like this goes together with the story but stop and think about it. When Obama was selecting his cabinet the majority of the candidates all had problems with taxes they didn't pay. So the reasoning is very simple.

    If you are a Democrat you don't have to pay taxes so you can raise a it doesn't matter. If you're Democrat you can tell everyone else that they have to increase the pay of female employees. But considering that you're a Democrat or in this case Congress you don't have to pay.

    This is a major problem with having these hypocrites in office.

  • mort_f

    In principle this should be mandatory. But, as in many instances, the devil is in the details.

    There is an implication that someone, or some commission, or some czar, can evaluate all jobs, and determine their equivalency. That may be true, and easily accomplished, on some assembly-line jobs, but a near impossibility on many other jobs. Let the Congress set the example, by leading. Putting their own 'house' in order per what they would dictate.

    • Rchguns

      I personally do not feel that in a free nation, with a free market system that the government has any right to make anything mandatory when it comes to who can work, where they can work, how much they can get paid, and what benefits the job offers.

      This is just one more step in the government trying to unionize everything in as soon as it happens the free market goes down the tubes and jobs disappear. At one time unions were a necessity but they have long outlived their usefulness. Now the only people that benefit from a union are the union bosses who skim the top percentage into their own bank accounts and the workers who are inept, stupid, lazy, and in general very poor employees. These misfits know that they cannot be fired because of their union affiliation so they just don't care. The first place that we should do away with unions is in our schools!
      We should have merit pay for good teachers and those teachers who do not measure up should be removed. To start with all teachers should be able to set down with a copy of the final exam that their students are expected to take and they should be able to get a minimum of 90% on that test. If they don't pass the test they will get one more shot in three months and they still don't pass their fired no pension nothing.

      The next biggest offender are public officials namely Congress. I would like to know what the amount that is paid to all of these ex-congressman or representatives and presidents in the form of pensions, benefits, and other costs such as security. Why should they receive any retirement before age 65 just like everyone else? Also if they don't do the job that we sent them there for why should they be paid at all? The Democrats in the Senate have not passed the budget in 3 Years the Way I see it as three years that they should not have received pay and is more than enough grounds to be fired. Why we must continue to pay these people's salary even after they lose the election and no longer hold office. What other job can you get when you work 2 to 6 years and get full benefits for the rest your life in a job where you can vote your own pay raises.

      What's the answer I don't know but I do believe we better find one!

  • RichWIowa

    Actually, the law already requires that everyone working at the same job be paid the same wage.  This law doesn't make any change to that requirement.  A woman working as a welder is required to be paid the same wage as a man working as a welder, and so on.  What this law is intended to do is create the authority for the Federal government to say:

    This job (Welder) that is traditionally done by mostly men, is EQUAL to that job (File clerk) done by women (Mostly), so you are required to pay all your file clerks the same rate of pay as you do all your welders. 

    Considering the entirely different requirements and skills necessary for those two completely different jobs, and the gravely different conditions and risks associated, a pay difference actually makes sense.  What this law will do is eliminate the ability of a company to determine what the prevailing wages should be for each type of job within the company.  This will inevitably lead to substantially higher costs for certain types of jobs, since few companies are actually going to eliminate productive jobs.  Ultimately, many women will lose their jobs, as companies find ways to do without the majority of low-skilled "women's" positions, where the value of the work is much less than the benefit gained.

  • kategray

    I did not start a business for you to tell me how to pay employees. I choose who and how much, BIG GOVERNMENT did you put the money up to start this business, did you work for 60 or hours a week and did you still have more paper work to do when you got home. NOT NOT NOT  If you do not like my practices go get another job. If you are woth it I will give you a raise not BIG GOVERNMENT.

  • Blair

    Then why not propose a law to make members of the House and Senate pay their female staffers more? That would be fair.
    That's what Obama wants. Obama wants "a society where everybody pays their fair share." Let it begin with Congress, Comrades.

    • Cvollmecke

      Hey Blair, another bit of hypocracy from the Libs; they are ticked because the Gov of Wisconsin, is cutting their pay. When do bus drivers make 100,000 and the teachers makes in the 70,000's?????? Is that FAIR?????????I think NOT. When you grow up, you will probably possess some logic, and then you will become a conservative

      • sandman

        what is so unfair about a bus driver that works at least 45-50 weeks a yr. and to make 100K a yr has to work 60hrs a week, to a teacher that works 180 days a yr, and a set week of not more than 45to maybe 50? hrs a week, I say there is nothing unfair about that at all, you want to talk unfair, how about so poor guy working 60 hrs a week, 50 weeks a yr and files for 30K? a yr? there are lots of folks out there doing just that! I have been there and done that! I have always dreamed of working half a yr with summers off, and four nice holiday weeks in between.

        • Cvollmecke

          Wake up Blair. It is wrong when teachers in Wisconsin make 70,000 a year and the NORMAL pay, throughout the states, is for a teachers to make 45,000, maybe. Do you get it??????. Is it fair that these libs in Wisconsin are whining and recalling a Govenor, who thinks that pay should be equal. BUT equal does not mean one teacher makes 70,00 and ALL the rest make 45000

          Are you aware that the avergae American makes 45-48000 a year. Do you have a clue that bus drivers do not make 100,000?????

        • Hannah

           How then is it "fair" that nurses (still mostly women) work 12-hour shifts, often 4-6 of them a week, KEEPING PEOPLE ALIVE FOR A LIVING, make less than a bus driver? That's what I do. I work in intensive care. I keep people alive for a living. I don't make $100K a year even with the overtime.

        • guest18

          Teachers also work many hours at home writing lesson plans and grading papers.They are responsible for developing the minds of your children. A college degree is required to teach. A bus driver's job is transporting passengers from one point to another Long their route. There are no schooling requirements in most cities and the drivers don't have to spend extra hours at home doing things related to their job. There's something very wrong with this pay differential.

          Ladies, once again, please remember that Obama is in full campaign mode now and he needs our votes. He's lying to us just like he did in his first campaign. He's pretending to be our savior when the truth is he could care less about any of us. We are nothing but a vote to him and, once the election is over, he'll throw us under the bus right along with everyone else. Pelosi pretty much told us how those in DC really feel about the salary differences. Please use your brains and self respect when you enter the voting booth in November.

  • apilee

    To Princess Nancy and many others in Washington, it is another world out here. That is a large part of the problem. Make them live by the laws they pass!

  • Reagan64

    The problem with government getting into the pay issue is that is a decision between an individual and an employeer.  Most people want more yet feel inferior and don't ask for what they want.  Also, remember you work for agreed upon wages and there is no gun to one's head preventing them from leaving and finding the job that pays what they think they are worth.  Communist stir up people over pay.  People forget they are the one's who accepted the pay.  Don't blame the employer.

  • drdbiggs

    Piglosi is a lying Ho at best, at the worst.......?

    • Queasy6382

       pls do not insult the lying ho's

  • jagraham

    This  sure works for us!  THE BEST WAY, “THANK ABOUT IT”, JIM.  WRITTEN BY A 21 YEAR OLD FEMALE I am going to let the   Republican nominee know that   we have found him a VP from Texas that truly understands the situation at hand. Wow, this girl has a great plan!  Love the last thing she would do the best.  This was written by a 21 year old female who gets it.  It's her future she's worried about and this is how she feels about the social welfare big government state that she's being forced to live in!  These solutions are just common sense in her opinion.  This was in the Waco Tribune Herald, Waco, TX , Nov 18, 2011  PUT ME IN CHARGE . . .  Put me in charge of food stamps. I'd get rid of Lone Star cards; no cash for Ding Dongs or Ho Ho's, just money for 50-pound bags of rice and beans, blocks of cheese and away. If you want steak and frozen pizza, then get a job.         Put me in charge of Medicaid. The first thing I'd do is to  get women Norplant birth control implants or tubal legations. Then, we'll test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. If you want to reproduce or use drugs, alcohol, or smoke, then get a job.  Put me in charge of government housing.  Ever live in a military barracks? You will maintain our property in a clean and good state of repair. Your " home" will be subject to inspections anytime and possessions will be inventoried.  If you want a plasma TV or Xbox 360, then get a job and your own place.  In addition, you will either present a check stub from a job each week or you will report to a "government" job.  It may be cleaning the roadways of trash, painting and repairing public housing, whatever we find for you. We will sell your 22 inch rims and low profile tires and your  blasting stereo and speakers and put that money toward the "common good.."  Before you write that I've violated someone's rights, realize that all of the above is voluntary.  If you want our money, accept our rules.  Before you say that this would be "demeaning" and ruin their "self esteem," consider that it wasn't that long ago that taking someone else's money for doing absolutely nothing was demeaning and lowered self esteem.  If we are expected to pay for other people's mistakes we should at least attempt to make them learn from their bad choices.  The current system rewards them for continuing to make bad choices.  AND While you are on Gov't subsistence, you no longer can VOTE!  Yes, that is correct.  For you to vote would be a conflict of interest.  You will voluntarily remove yourself from voting while you are receiving a Gov't  welfare check.  If you want to vote, then get a job.  Now, if you have the guts - PASS IT ON... I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO GET THIS BACK, IF EVERYONE SENDS IT, I WILL GET OVER 220 BACK!!!  I WOULD KNOW YOU SENT IT ON!!!   No virus found in this message. Checked by AVG - http://www.avg.comVersion: 2012.0.1913 / Virus Database:  2425/4990 - Release Date:  05/10/12 If you received this email as a"forward", please follow thislink to help Beat Obama:https://beatobama.us/join-us2016 will, when it is released, explain in plain language who Barack Obama really is, what he stands for, and the dangers of him being reelected for another four years.
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  • Gunsmoke11

    I am ALL for this, as WOMEN deserve this, so long as they are actually doing there Fair Share of the Work in which they were Hired to do, same as any Man should get....  The only question would be that Women also get time off for Child Bearing in which a MAN does NOT get this....  Right a way we have a conflict of interest with this, since then it requires someone to replace the Woman with someone else while she gets that time off..... I am NOT trying to make an issue of this, but it is a point needed to be made...... It is also a portion of the reason to which WOMEN are Paid less, so STOP and Think about it.....before you make a comment about what I am saying..... There are plenty of Jobs that Women can do same as a Man, but then there are some that are NOT fitting for a Woman to do......and I am NOT trying to cause any kind of troubles..... Most Companys or Factories would view this message as Ridiculous, but I do think if the Job is fitting for a Woman to do, she should get EQUAL PAY !!!!  This is the only one thing that Obama has made any Sense about.....and the FIRST that can be AGREED on.....

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1357090716 Jerry Morgan

    I‘m all for equal pay for women but what gets me though is Obama’s timing. You mean it took him three and a half years to think of that. He must have known way back then he wouldn’t be able to run on his record so he held this idea until close to election time to do the right thing. Unless women really are as stupid as he thinks they are, I don’t believe he can convince them he is not just buying votes. Obama has been getting ready for this action because he just gave the White House Staff pay raises and if you check, it brings women’s pay more in line with male workers. I’ll bet Nancy Pelosi is upset with this pay plan since women on her staff don’t come anywhere near the men and I can just see her now with her eyes as big as dinner plates with this news. Obama, You’re not fooling anyone let alone women. Why not do the right thing make changes in your policy to cause private sector businesses to feel comfortable enough to start hiring again instead of destroying them with regulations and contracting with Chinese companies and Chinese workers for the infrastructure projects. Equal pay for women doesn’t mean much when there are no jobs for men or women. Do an internet search and find out for yourself, “American jobs given to Chinese workers.” Learn the truth if you can handle the truth.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JKLLPVKKSWYRHLZH3LDQMZRW6A dean

    Pelosi has got to be defeated in the Nov. election.  California==WAKE UP!!!!

  • Conservative

    Why do people need the government negotiate wages?  I've worked in non union trades all my adult life and can negotiate my own wage.  I am an asset to the company and market myself as such.  Many I know are overpaid.  They have the attitude that they will do only what they have to.  I look for things to do, think of ways to be more productive, and see things from my employer's perspective.  I want to make as large a profit for my employer as I possibly can, because they must profit from my work in order to pay me.
    If people had the right attitude, they would be paid a better wage.  If not, they should have enough sense to go elsewhere.  We all should be adults and negotiate fair wages.  Any time the government or labor unions negotiate for the workers, company profits go down or they can no longer operate at a profit.
    According to the real statistics, women make more than men in the 18 to 30 year old age group.  Women chose and rightfully so, to become mothers and devote time to child raising.  They do not work as many hours and travel as the men do in the over thirty year age group.
    What is a fair wage for your labor?  You should know this and seek it.  Unskilled labor is worth very little in today's world.  Many people are graduating from college with worthless degrees which have no value in the real world.  Today's youth have been fed a lie that an education will make you wealthy.  You must have something of value to offer in order to sell yourself to a potential employer.  I am sick of the young people who I interveiw, who have never worked, do not know simple arithmetic, love to text nonstop, and think highly of their sorry selves.

  • bressler


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002980905111 Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

    Well, we all KNOW Pelosi is an idiot. Everytime she opens her mouth, she just gives us more proof. If a woman is doing the SAME job as a man, then she deserves the same pay, as long as they have both been on that job the same length of time. (Somebody just starting usually starts at a lower level pay.) And, that should apply to ALL jobs, especially in Congress & the Senate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rwyatthaines Raeman Haines

    Pelosi thinks only of what is good for Pelosi . You will note that she did a little insider trading and claimed she did nothing wrong in taking advantage of the knowledge she had in regards to the House vote on the credit card market . Martha Stewart followed he brokers advice and sold stock that was questionable and would soon collapse and she got two years prison time . When it comes to Pelosi , seems the world has to have a double standard . One for Pelosi and, one for the rest of us 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JMX7VI4CJ7KZR34OGLW2TYL7XY Stephen J

    Whatever happen to the 1974 Equal Pay Act?  Was it made for blacks only?

  • T Lady

    You see the ignorance and hypocrisy of the Democratic Party on full display on this issue.  Not only do female staffers in Congress get paid less, but in the Obama Administration as well.  That aside, it's rather interesting these demagogues conveniently overlook the statistical fact women often are paid less because many tend to start families in their prime childbearing years, with some leaving the workforce permanently to stay home and take care of their own children.

  • Cclakelady

    I think having jobs for everyone is more important that the pay scale of a few.   If we drop the pay scale of the people in politics to be more in line with the regular people that would probable help.  We could start with Harry &  Nancy

  • Scott

    This pay issue is already covered In The Fair Standard Labor Act of 1938!  That right the year was 1938..if Nancy Pelosi  is so sure of her knowledge of the consitution and the laws of this country she should be ware of the fact.      Keep passing laws that already are on the books......

  • Depaz

    Yeah, except the Dems still control the Senate.  If it's voted down, some of their "own kind" are against it.

  • Andysr

    If women think they have unjust actions today in the work force wait until Obama turns the US into a Muslim country.. Muslims believe that women are slaves of man.. They even kill and mutilate  there women and girls for no reason at all.. Even though things are unfair in the work force it will cause many companies to fail and that is what Obama wants to happen.. He makes promises to the poor in order to get their vote.. Why else would he contract with the Chinese for the building of bridges and roads in America..I pray that all Americans , rich and poor alike, will look what he as done to our once blessed country..He has made many promises and failed to carry any of them out..May GOD Bless our AMERICA again !!