New Mexico Court Says Christian Photographer Must Violate Faith or Pay Hefty Fines

The New Mexico Court of Appeals just made a landmark decision that could affect every Christian business person in America.

Elaine and Jonathan Huguenin of Albuquerque, New Mexico are the owners of Elane Photography.  They also happen to be Christians who do their best to live and run their business by their Christian values.

In 2006, Vanessa Willock contacted Elane Photography and asked they would photograph her ‘commitment ceremony’ with her lesbian partner.  Elaine Huguenin refused to accept the request based upon her Christian belief.  Both Elaine and Jon felt strongly that the message being presented by the lesbian ceremony was against their Christian faith and therefore it would be wrong of them to participate in any fashion.

At the time, same-sex marriages and civil unions were not recognized as being legal in the state of New Mexico.  Willock and her partner were attempting to do the next best thing in their minds by having a commitment ceremony.

After Elaine turned down the request, Willock filed a complaint with the New Mexico Human Rights Commission.  The complaint stated that the Huguenins had discriminated against Willock because of her sexual orientation.  In the meantime, Willock secured another photographer to photo their sinful and perverse ceremony.

In 2008, the New Mexico Human Rights Commission ruled that the Huguenins engaged in sexual orientation discrimination and ordered them to pay Willock $6,639.94 in legal fees.  The case then went before a trial judge who upheld the commission’s decision.

In 2009, the Alliance Defense Fund appealed the court’s decision which moved the case before the New Mexico Court of Appeals who just rendered their decision to also uphold the commission’s ruling.  Contained in the 45 page ruling, the court said that the photography business is a public accommodation and as such cannot use their faith to discriminate against others based upon sexual orientation.  Part of the ruling read,

“The owners of Elane Photography must accept the reasonable regulations and restrictions imposed upon the conduct of their commercial enterprise despite their personal religious beliefs that may conflict with these governmental interests.”

Jordan Lance, senior counsel and senior vice-president of the Office of Strategic Initiatives for the Alliance Defense Fund commented about the ruling saying,

“Americans in the marketplace should not be subjected to legal attacks for simply abiding by their beliefs.  Should the government force a videographer who is an animal rights activist to create a video promoting hunting and taxidermy? Of course not, and neither should the government force this photographer to promote a message that violates her conscience. Because the Constitution prohibits the state from forcing unwilling artists to promote a message they disagree with, we will certainly appeal this decision to the New Mexico Supreme Court.”

If this ruling is upheld by both the New Mexico Supreme Court and US Supreme Court, it could be used as the legal precedent for any homosexual to sue a Christian business if they believe they have been discriminated against in any form.  It will also be used to force any Christian operating a business that is open to the public to do things that are against their faith or face a lengthy court battle and end up having to pay hefty fines and legal fees.

I’ve said this time and time again, that homosexuals do not want equal treatment, rather they want preferential treatment above and beyond what everyone else gets.  They want special rights, not equal rights and they are succeeding in securing them at the cost of Christian’s rights.  The only way for homosexuals to gain their rights is to strip Christians of theirs and that is exactly what is happening.  And it’s happening because too many Christians in America have been too complacent and have done nothing to protect our Christian rights.

If what is happening to Elaine and Jon Huguenin disgusts and upsets you, then get off your butt and do something about it.  Contact your own local, state and federal politicians and urge them to protect America’s Christian rights and values.  Get out and help campaign for those men and women who will work to protect our rights.  When November comes around, get out and vote for those candidates who will do what’s right.

Most importantly, pray, pray and pray some more.  Prayer is the most powerful tool and weapon a Christian has.  If every Christian earnestly prayed for our nation and its leaders, we would see a remarkable change in our country.   I wish every Christian would post 2 Chronicles 7:14 in their homes and memorize it and teach it to their children.  If we want to save our nation, we need to follow God’s instructions when He said,

“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.”

Amen! Amen! Amen!



  • jong

    Of course at this point the court is now making law.   What if it was pedophiles that came to them for photographs and  they refused service because of it.   Or any other group they have the right to withhold or deny service or not to work for them .   Just like any one else has the right not to work for some one .   Unless a contract has been signed with full knowledge by both parties neither party is bound to the other.

    • catfish

      Would a Catholic priest or Baptist minister be forced to marry a lesbian couple??? Liberals ardently sought and were placed in judgeships from jp to supremes. They are raising hell with our constitutionally provided way of life.

  • URKiddinMee

    I guess next they'll be forced to photograph porn pictures?  Where does the intrusion into our principles and our personal lives end?  Jefferson's "Tree of Liberty" in dire need of a watering soon I fear.

  • flaphil

    Close down and move to a state that guarantees you constitutional freedoms or just freelance.

    • PMDavis

      Christians can't just keep leaving or saying nothing.  This couple must and should counter sue the courts for their religious freedoms.  All these attacks from the courts and Obama are against our religious freedoms and we must stand up and fight.  The couple should contact ACLJ to help fight their case. We have got to quit being silent and running.

      • flaphil

        I feel the same way you do. However what you are asking is very expensive and time consuming. Plus they will be obligated to break their faith and deal with perverts. If they don't there will be fines and possibly jailed. Remember, this court was the appeals court. I never thought the Catholic Church would possibly condone public demonstrations and disobedience that they're considering. We were taught to follow all laws of where we lived. This court and the Obama people are restricting our rights under the Constitution and it cannot be allowed. We need all the decent people of this country to rise up and defend the Constitution.

  • Garwoodv6

    Screw those idiotic Judges and appeal it!

    "We reserve the right to refuse service" is the way it always has been, and always will be in a retail, free market system of non-vital goods and services.

    Voice your vote next election, and remember this in all future elections...

  • Mapmaven

    WHAT ever happened to the concept we all grew up with, "Proprietor reserves the right to refuse service to anyone"...???? 

  • hongryhawg

    This is posted in many businesses.. "We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone".   Despite what a liberal court rules, a person's business is his or her's property to do with as they please, as long as it is solely their property.  If I wanted to destroy my paid for car, it would be within my legal right to do so.  I'm glad these people stood up for what they believe in.  I hope the verdict is overturned by a higher court.  The lesbians stood up for what they believe in.  Why should their beliefs trump the business owner's?

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Elaine and John Huguenin should file a motion for reconsideration of the appeals court decision asking for reconsideration on the basis the judges must reconsider their decision because said judges took an oath of office to uphold, support & defend the U.S. Constitution and NM Constitution.  The proper, legitimate oath of office says at the very end:  "So Help Me, God".  These judges also took the same oath upon becoming lawyers.   If they did not take the proper oaths, then their ruling is null and void and without merit.

  • Vze1j262

    Idolatrous worship practices bring these judgments with them. Read the puritans to discover worship pleasing to God.

  • Mark_OneTwo

    Notice how its always Christian’s that are persecuted.
    As our government is mostly controlled by the (current) prince of this world;  satan, and as he is the father of lies, they will always attacks the Truth.
    Muslims, Hindus, etc. are never   their concern, as they are on the same team.

    • Christopher Jakubowicz

       How dare you lump Hindus and Muslims together?

      • Mark_OneTwo

        You don't think satan is responsible for all false religions ?

  • Emdillman

    could have photograph the whole event and then lose the pictures

  • Sasha Morgann

    Here is a little piece of advice for all of us. All they had to do when approached to take photos was to say that they couldn't do it because they had another commitment. If they had kept their mouths shut as to why they were declining the photo shoot, then little to nothing could have been said. By telling the lesbian couple that they couldn't do it because of religious reasons, they gave them the ammunitian needed to file a complaint. So if you run into a similar problem just tell them that you cannot do it because of a prior arraingement. They don't need to know that your prior arraingement is cooked up, but just in case be sure to document the request and a "reason" for declining. You never really know with sue crazy whiners.

    We as business owners have the right to refuse someone service but there is nothing that says that we have to tell them the reason why.

    • Skipfoss

      Christians nor any other business person should not have to lie about their beleifs, if you don't want to deal with queer's tell them or put a sign out side your business informing them of how you operate your  business . Queers do not have any more priilges than anyone else as a matter of fact they should not have as many,they are not a race they are not a nationality all they are a bunch of sexual deviets ,or self made freaks ,because God did not make three types of humans ,he made two types male and female  the others are just self made freaks

      • Randall

        It's not a lie; it really IS another commitment--it's a commitment to godly principles.  As Sasha says, we don't have to say so off the bat, we don't have to show them our appointment book, we don't have to reveal anything.  It's sad that this is happening and if subsequent rulings go against the Huguenins, I would hope that they would have the intestinal fortitude to close their business and/or go to jail rather than pay any fine or penalty or capitulate to the court order.

    • Jerritte Couture

      Sasha -- As Christians, this would be utterly hypocritical. What you're saying is that businesses should say, "I refuse to accept this job on moral grounds, and I will LIE in order to protect my moral decision." I appreciate the thought of trying to get around the problem by being wiser than those who are trying to force us into immorality; but your logic doesn't follow. It only leads to hypocrisy and false witnessing.

      Instead, we must simply be willing to stand up for and fight for God's Truth. Every apostle of Christ was persecuted, and most were martyred, because of their stand for God's Word. They each had more than ample opportunity to lie, cheat, and steal from the various people they encountered by whom they were being persecuted...but they didn't. They held fast to the Truth, and they bore the consequences.

      1 Peter 4:12-16, 19 states:

      "12 Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. 13 But rejoice insofar as you share Christ's sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed. 14  If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you. 15 But let none of you suffer as a murderer or a thief or an evildoer or as a meddler. 16 Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in that name. . . . 19 Therefore let those who suffer according to God's will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good."

      Additionally, 1 Peter 5:8-10 states:

      "8 Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 9  Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world. 10 And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you."

      Instead of being willing to bear false witness to save our skin, we should be willing to sacrifice our lives for truth and righteousness.
      Soli Deo Gloria!Jerritte Couture

      • winki

        Thank you, Jerritte. That was my thought exactly. Instead of standing up for our Christians beliefs, which include lying being a sin, Sasha is saying that we should commit a sin to avoid standing up for what God's word teaches us. 
        This is so unfair to this business. They have the right to their beliefs just the same as everyone else. The lesbian couple should have just said thank you and left to find someone else to take their pictures. Forcing their own beliefs on a business owner is not the way to gain acceptance. And they did find someone else to take the pictures.
        Not to mention at the time this happened New Mexico did not recognize this a legal marriage. So now how can the state legally state that the lesbian couple were wronged by this refusal? Really stupid on the part of the judge.  

  • Twiceshy

    We reserve the right to take back our country.

  • Doctor J

    What about the right to refuse service to anyone?

    • Jim Lloyd

      The same thing that happened to GM... the increasing government control has encroached on the rights of those who have a business, and distributed it to those who don't want to work, only take the hard-earned money of those who work for a living. Christians are being pushed into a bucket by Islamists and other special interest groups, simple, but disgusting.

  • Jeff B

    Too many liberals in courts these days. The courts are doing the what they believe is the socially correct thing ... not supporting the law and our constitutional rights....  

  • TLNixon

    If this is allowed to stand, could the same laws apply to a doctor who refused to perform abortions because of his religious beliefs? This has all kinds of implications that the court has not bothered to explore.

  • Brutbos

    This Obamanation of a government will go to any means to undermine a relgios faith so long it is not Islaam.

  • JC in SC

    I wonder if the courts would have been so harsh if the couple wanted to be photographed nude?  Apparently, religish beliefs have no standing anymore.  The couple could have chosen another studio, or simply had a friend make the pictures.  Seems they made a tidy sum from their prey.

  • Pixielou55

    Yes, I'm sure there was NO OTHER photographers who love the gay lifestyle who could have done this job. This was done on purpose to start this.

    • Drmrboi57

      notice its usually the lesbians who start this crap even moreso then the gay men...

  • Panhandleladyfarrier

    In cases like this, where it would be forced upon us, I guess we could be extremely vocal about the word of God to them! Just start rattling off the Word of God. Look at it this way, the Word has been spoken for them to hear... Let them know, it is their choice to use our services, but we will boldly be preaching the Word of God, loud and clear, the WHOLE TIME!!! If you don't agree with that, you can find another photographer...(or whatever the service is)...
    If they want to force their beliefs on us, then it can go both ways... Granted, I don't generally think this way. But how else can we fight back if common sense and the courts aren't an option?

  • PeterW

    This is a  Satanic attack on two members of the Body of Christ.  I suggest someone makes up a web site asap (preferably a church based one) and asks for $10 donations to help pay the fine.  Time for the Church to shake off the happy clappy hippe Jesus and fight the good fight.  If the Gates of Hell can't withstand prayer then neither can man made wickedness.   Off your backsides and on your knees! NOW!

  • Claydoh

    I would tell them to BITE Ye Ole Ars!!  You can deny any customer, any time, no questions asked. I am a gun dealer, I choose wwho to sell to, it is my Right. If they do not make me feel comfortable, go somewhere else. Do not shoot the PICS, it is your Right, tell the Court to P1ss off. Load up, get ready, it is coming!!!

  • Dave

    It is apparent that this judge has practiced discrimination from the bench

  • Freedomforall

    If they were  muslims this wouldn't have been an issue. What is the problem with our court system? Freedom of Religion is being attacked and not upheld by our courts? It's time to remove such blind judges. They are swayed by public opinion or perhaps they are swayed by their personal beliefs which have no place on the bench. It is time to recall these judges and make them be held accountable for such disregard to the Constitution.

    • LeslieFish

      "If they were muslims this wouldn't have been an issue"?  Good!  Haul it to court, and use the govt.'s kowtowing to Muslims as an example!  This might finally force the govt. to stop kissing-@ss to the Muslims.

       --Leslie < Fish

  • Arrliv

    and when is this going to a jury trial??

  • LiveFreeOrDie


  • Daniel from TN

    A regulation that requires someone to violate their religious beliefs is NOT a "reasonable" regulation.

    • LeslieFish

       That's what the Mormons said, a century ago, when the Supreme Court ruled that they couldn't have more than one wife apiece.  Look how that turned out. 

      Sorry, but the First Amendment also makes it clear that civil law trumps religious law in the US. 

      When you consider how crazy some religious rules can get, this makes sense.  Would you allow the Skoptsies to continue to castrate their second sons?  Or Muslims to kill their daughters who so much as look at men?  Or Baalites to toss their firstborn children into sacred furnaces? 

      Sorry, but there has to be a point where "religious beliefs" is not a valid excuse.

      --Leslie < Fish 

  • David

    "We have the right to refuse service to anyone"

    Enough said, so cram it!

  • Rabbiandrew

    If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,it says their wicked ways if the church would turn back to the 4th commandment the King of Kings would hear our prayer

  • The Texas Cooke

    "....nor prohibit the free exercise thereof...."  Why do liberal/socialist always stop reading before they get to that part?

    • Benlevine68

      Because their brains get tired to go any further.

      • Nikita63

        What brains?

  • oldtimered

    This court is out of its honorable mind. We are in a state of anarchy and it is because of the government and the judiciary. Newt had it right. treat the Federal Courts as Jefferson did and defund half of them--the anarchists of the left.

    • LeslieFish

       "Anarchy"?  Not hardly!  Anarchy is the political theory that people can get along better without a govt. than a govt. can get along without people to rule: that "that governs best which governs least", and that governs best/least of all which governs not at all.  What we have now is not too little govt., but too much.  I note that you complain about "anarchists of the left";  would you prefer  anarchists of the right?  I suspect not.  Without a govt., you couldn't use the law to force other people to live by the rules of your religion, your church, your morals or your politics.  If you tried to force them yourself, at gunpoint, you'd find that they'd shoot back -- and not all of them are bad shots. 

      --Leslie < Fish     

  • Daniel from TN

    It sounds like it's time for recall elections in New Mexico.

  • Cakes-keith

    They should have taken their up-frnt $$$, with a clause in the contract that there is NO REFUND if you do not like the pictures, for any reason....  Take the pictures however, you take the pictures however you like...


    Time to realize that we have far too many rules , regulations and laws, that are man made against all that is Christian in value. They are NOT to be obeyed. Time to start disobedience and show the law makers that they are very very wrong.
     We shall of course have to pay for that disobedience, but nothing good comes easily . 

  • Dzahn1

    Are there NO OTHER photography studios in Albuquerque NM? I goolgled Albuquerque and found at least 10 others. This young couple has started their own company. I would imagine they have a big bank loan they're paying off. Why select them (probably already  knowing their religious beliefs)?  This is a pure act of BULLYING and it's going on all over the country. Hopefully we still live in a Democratic FREE country, but I'm beginning to wonder more every day.

    • smartgranny55

      They found another photographer for the lesbians.  the plaintiff was in no way hurt by the actions of Elan Photography.

      • Rick Johnson

         Should have been dismissed since the plaintiff could not show any damaged due to the action of the photographer.

    • just wondering

      Our founders set us up as a Republic, not a Democracy.  This was done because a Democracy ALWAYS eventually transitions to a Socialist/Communist/Marxist form of government.

      I will pray for this couple and for all Christians' right to practice their beliefs in all aspects of their lives.  And I will write to my representatives as well as those in New Mexico.  Hope many others will do the same.

      • Linda Hopkins

        I've heard it said that "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner !"  .  .  .  .  We as Americans have to be sure we don't look like sheep to the evildoers ANYMORE !

    • Colin

      You wonder if we still live in a free country?  NO! We don't!! Haven't you seen what Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Barry and company have been doing to us? They are stripping your legal rights (except your legal right to pay taxes and support the lazy), while giving them to illegal immigrants, gays (and I probably am in the minority here, but I do believe that gay marriage is not a thing that I want my government getting involved with, not when we have an economy to rebuild and a bunch of terrorists to kill) and other "special interest" groups.  This country has not been a free country for a long time.  Time to kick all the politicians out of DC and start over.  Bring back a government that is pro-business, pro-capitalism.  That is how we get everybody employed.  And kick out the illegals.  Or, if they want to stay, they owe us 5 years minimum in the military to prove that they belong.

      • Essentialer

        I agree, and we should be suing these traitors for violation of their oaths of office and breach of their fiduciary duties for voting for unconstitutional laws, for taking property from the people without just compensation, and other dishonest acts. Isn't it dishonest of them to vote themselves a lifetime pension? Dishonest to pass laws they are not subject to? Any kind of welfare is a violation of the constitution because it is unlawful to take money from one class of people and give it to another. It is up to us to make Congress obey the constitution. Same for state legislatures. Sue them when they violate their oaths of office and breach their fiduciary duties.

  • catzpaw48

    Elane Photography ought to take really lousy pictures and charge a bundle for them.

    • The3rdGardener

      Expanding on what the author mentioned,if this goes through, some hunting and shooting organizations need to find businesses that are owned/run by PETA types and insist that they do work on pro-hunting projects and take it all the way to the supreme court so this gets reversed.  The only thing these kinds of people understand is PUSH-BACK  anything less is taken as weakness.  Reasonable people are tired of being used for doormats.  Read Rules for Radicals and put their own strategies to work against them.

  • Maccabeus

    Another travesty of justice in the land of the free!  I cannot imagine that the U.S. Supreme Court will uphold this decision, if it comes down to that.  It seems that gay couples have rights, but not those who disagree with them on religious grounds.  What a disgrace!

  • tidalpool

    As a gay man, and a christian, I am stunned and offended that this couple sued someone for not doing something.  Since the actions of Jon and Elaine Huguenin did not in any way cause this lesbian couple any pain, loss of rights or even pictures of their committment ceremony how exactly were they discriminated against?
      I was born gay, raised in a christian household, and have known since early in my life being gay in a heterosexual christian world would present challenges. By demanding acceptance from the Huguenin's it seems their feelings were hurt.  No law, no amount of lawsuits will ever make this lesbian or all lesbian couples acceptable to the majority. That is human nature. Those of us outside the normnative will always lack acceptance by the majority.  In the USA, we can and should demand equal rights, however there is a dividing line between 'rights' and 'acceptance.'  These two women need to accept themselves and their position as a minority, and quit trying to legislate 'acceptance' and focus on rights.

    • Maccabeus

       God bless you for a highly reasonable and mature response to this situation.  I honestly think that most gay people are just like you - reasonable and fair, and not like the lesbian couple who caused all this trouble for the Huguenin's.  But their voices are drowned out by the gay militants and activists, who are often mean-spirited, intolerant, and looking for their pound of flesh. Thank you for your post.

  • John Mauldin

    This is SICK!  "Free Enterprise"? Where did that go? Obama and his liberals are truly transforming America in a way I really find repulsive. Now he is asking for a second term to complete the Transformation. Are all of you on board? PUKE Ovomit.

  • Marianl25

    The photographer should sue the lesian coouple for discrimination.One cannot violate his/her conscience.

  • M Stefanov

    So....what if I go to a movie theatre and the owner doesn't like black people? Is it ok for him to deny me a ticket based on the color of my skin? What if I go into a restaurant and the owner there doesn't like my Christian values? Is it ok for him to deny me food?

  • Blair

    I''d pay the fines. I wouldn't do it either. I hope they appeal it all the way to the Supreme Court.

    • Joyce

      And that the Supreme Court would have some common sense and know the Constitution.

  • FGW0369

    Imagine if they were atheist photographers who refused to take the job of a Christian wedding ceremony.  Think the court would rule differently?

  • cdoc

    They picked this business because they are  Christian.  They WANTED a court battle.  This is what homosexuals do... haven't you been paying attention???   They want to legally force everyone to recognize their perversion as if it were normal.   

    • f89dscorpion

       I would have taken the pictures.I t would have been my worse pictures ever, and if I had to do them over,I would have until they were so sick of me and the spouse !

  • Janjomi

    Elane Photography is a private enterprise and they have the right to refuse anyone they do not wish to serve for whatever reason! The homos do not want equal rights they want greater rights than anyone else  at the cost of anyone else's rights! We WILL stand by our religious beliefs.

    • M Stefanov

      Wow.....homo....really? Sure sounds like your a true Christian.

  • justme

    Excuse me but since when does the court tell you whom you have to do business with?   I thought as a business owner you had teh right to choose which contracts you wanted and which you didn't?  Or is this just another case of a loser looking to get rich by crying of poor me?????

    • Hu2gh

      Since the communist Obamao became Supreme Ruler.

    • Joyce

      It looks to me like an attempt to close down Christian businesses in general. Unless stopped, this will be first case of many to come.

  • APFL

     Wow really... Willock couldn't just go find another photography business that would cover her  ceremony ? Also how was Elane Photography said to be public buisness? Sounds like a private buisness that offers service to the public which they should be able to have the right to refuse service.

      I think Wilcock planned this and is using her sexual preferance to exploit Elane Photography knowing full well they were  Christian and would not provide service for them.

    • Racefish

      It's not about getting another photographer, it's about shoving their proclivities in the faces of everyone.

  • Virginia Fuller
    We do not have to win the whole state. We only need to win one district in 1(one) county; and we CAN do it!   If Scott Brown can win a deep Blue state, we CAN win 1(one) district in the "Republic of CA".

            Thank you all so much for your time, energy and support in my run to be your U.S. Representative. The race has just began, but I would like to take a moment to pause, and thank all my supporters for your trust in me, your hard work and dedication in this fight to win America back from the grip of corrupt politicians, big public unions and a slow slide into communism, since the current administration took office.
    I couldn't have done so well without your help and we could not have mustard up the strength without the Blessing of Our Creator; so let us also give thanks to God.

    We are not going to celebrate now.
    Rather, I thought it is more appropriate to celebrate on Independence Day, when America will celebrate her 236th. Birthday.
    We will honor America by participating in Fourth of July Day parades around Co.Co. County and in the early evening have a private party just for you; my volunteers and supporters. Location TBA.
    All of your efforts are most appreciated.

    Best wishes,

    V. FULLER, RN.

    • Joyce


  • Robert 1001%Marine

    we've all heard the argument"not to offend the non cristians"particularly at christmastime-lets examine that arguement-the self rightious liberals who are the usefull idiots in this exchange are at LEAST overanxious to offend the 85+% of the population who are cristians.The basis of this is fear,naked fear of the islamics.The people most confused by the collective cowardice of the left in this regard are the forign nationals who came here 15 years ago to excape the people we're now admitting willy(yes he started it)nilly-the reason even so called moderate moslems refuse to denounce the rhetoric of the islamomaniacs is abundantly clear if you know what to look for-supposededly theese people hate jews and christians-but they most ordinarily attack fellow moslems they deem to be"tolerant".This all seems like a bad late night movie but if we don't do something soon I predict lots of drone strikes-HERE after a rash of car-bombs-Robert 1001%Marine

  • OUmike


  • Indy grandma

    This is a travesty of justice.  We should not be forced to do anything against our religion.  It is time for all Christians to stand up and demand our rights.  What people do in their bedrooms is up to them and they will answer to God someday as he said it is an abomination.  We love them but do not condone what they do and pray for them that they turn from their sinning and get right with God.

  • soldiermom11

    I wonder what would happen if we asked a muslim photographer to photograph a gay couple?  Would we force him to do it?  Or maybe ask Reverend Wright marry a white  evangelical christian couple?  I think not. This is just one more nudge to degrade our value systems and freedom of choice and the statist judges are enforcing it.

  • Scarface13

    The landscape is about to change for these people as we are able to clean Oprahbama and his ilk out of our system!

  • jaxtom

    Support the Alliance Defense Fund!!!

  • LeslieFish

    IIRC, the federal govt. went through this, over a century ago, with the Mormon church.  The Mormons insisted that their preachers had said that their holy-book said that their God said that any man could have as many wives as he pleased, and never mind what state law said.  It went all the way up to the Supreme Court, which ruled that civil law trumps religious law, and when the Mormons still refused to obey the law, the US govt. assembled troops on the border of Utah with the intention of marching into Salt Lake City and arresting all the Mormon elders.  At that point, the Mormon elders had a fortunate "revelation" which told them that the time for polygamy had passed -- so the troops turned around and went home.  From that day to this, in America, whether you're a Mormon or a Moslem, you can legally have only one wife.

    Yes, civil law trumps religious law, and the Constitution (including the Bill of Rights) really is the supreme law of the land.

    If you want to enforce your religious law on your employees, or customers, then you have to restrict your business to both hiring and selling to only members of your church.  If you deal with the public at large, you have to deal with public -- civil -- law.  Sorry.

    Of course various Christian churches squall about this.  So, not surprisingly, do the Moslems.  Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    --Leslie < Fish 

    • MrTrashcan

       This is not a matter of religious rights; it's a matter of property rights.  A business owner has the right to choose with whom he does business, period.  To the degree that that has been already violated by the government in the name of  "anti-discrimination"  is the degree that our rights have been eroded.   Government interference with private business is Fascism.  Look it up, all you leftists.

      • LeslieFish

         So, back to the Jim Crow days in the name of property rights, eh?  I have a better idea: any business doing business with the public has to accept public standards.  Any business doing business with a private clientele -- such as a specialized club -- can discriminate as much as it wants to.   There already are plenty of private clubs that legally discriminate -- such as Skull and Bones, which discriminates against anybody who isn't White and very rich.  If you want to buy, sell or hire only among proper Christians, this is the way to go.

        --Leslie < Fish

    • Joseph Barinas

      And the wife must be a woman and the hasband must be a MAN

  • glenbeckisanidiot

    Imagine what would happen if all the pretend Christians in America became real practicing Christians? The Christian hate groups have nothing in common with Christ except name. I pray in God's name that yo wannabe Christians actually feel the peace and love the Holy Spirit brings and reject the hatred the Devil has filled your minds and bodies with.

  • Benlevine68

    Whatever happened to "We reserve the right to refuse service...."?

    • glenbeckisanidiot

      uh, the Civil Rights Act of 1965?

    • Guest

      Great idea.  They should put a sign in the window.

  • Jdangler

    The most disturbing part of this story is that an activist judge has now made it illegal for a business to decline business from a customer they deem objectionable. What's next? A drunk suing the bartender who refused him service? A man sung a woman's clothing store for not carrying men's clothes?

    • glenbeckisanidiot

      A white refusing a black customer service because its against their Nazi Christian beliefs??

  • AlabamaSouthernBelle

    Total Bullcrap.  The owner of a business, especially photography-which is a form of art- should be able to cater to whomever they wish or not.  The government doesn't have a right to step in and tell the owner they have to do anything. It is their creation with a camera and if they don't feel free to do their own creating with their own subjects which they feel comfortable, they shouldn't do it.  What if they go ahead and take the pictures, and since they didn't want to do it to start with, the pictures come thru with that feeling--are they going to sue again?  Still a free country, right now, and people have a right to do their artform in the way they feel right and the government should mind their own business.  Actually this gay  couple should have taken the response of "No" and gone on about their own little life and leave others alone.  No means No.

    • glenbeckisanidiot

      the owner of a business must cater to the Law of the Land, CIVIL RIGHTS called America. Dont go into business if you want to pick and choose and place the bible above the law of the land. That is what traitors do. 

    • Guest

      Good idea.  I would have taken the worst photos (unreadable) and then returned their money.  Easy.  Accidents do happen.

  • Nobama

    When Muslims will not sell or ring up pork in public stores, they are not punished or forced to do so. This clear bias against Christians. For the record, I am not a Christin or any religion for that matter. I defend religious freedom because I believe in the Constitution. If it is a liberal concept, you will not be forced to do something aganst principle. Our judicial system has become the instrument of pure hypocrisy.

  • Hu2gh

    The arrogance of lawyers knows no bounds. The arrogance of the bench gives off a foul stench. These people were in a private business, something these Marxist lawyers know nothing about.

  • Fred Sayin

    Look at the phrase Freedom of Religion in the first amendment of the Constitution: "Congress can make no law making an establishment of religion OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXCERCISE THEREOF".  Here is my argument although not a lawyer.  First when people are banned from praying in school, school activities or one has to violate their faith then this country is making an established religion of atheism which violates the beginning of the phrase of Freedom of Religion.  There is monotheism (belief in one God, like that of the Bible), polytheism (belief in many Gods like the pagan Romans: God of the Sun, God of the Rain etc) so belief in no God (atheism) has to be considere a religious view or belief.  Also this is why the phrase: Seperation of Church and State is not in the Constitution as the Founding Fathers knew that this phrase would violate the end of the phrase.  To Ellen Photography if the Supreme Court upholds the ruling change your public policy- everybody does the picture taking themselves with no help from staff.  Then I'll make sure that Congress makes a ruling that all judges and their family including children 12 and older have to go into the woods with just a pocketknife.  If anybody including judges argue that's against their religious belief of testing God, they have to violate their faith.  Also I think I know the reason courts are making laws.  It's a loophole around the beginning the of the phrase: Congress can make no law- it doesn't say courts can't.  You need to find something in the Constitution especially in the Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments) that states this can not be done.   

    • Nikita63

      Well stated: I am not a lawyer Either but then , neither are most of those who Claim they are when they attacjk the basic freedoms and individual liberties GUARANTEED in the first ten amendments to the constitution collectively known as the Bill of Rights.These may not be legitimately attacked by amnyone and that includes the federal government as in the persons of President or BOTH houses of Congress. Tell them to SHOVE it. The judge who made this finding has broken the constitutional protection of freedom of religion which he SWORE by oath to protect. Therefore his authority is invalid and his decision rendered Null and void. PERIOD!

  • Jill


    • Bowtyeace


  • Stopthemadness

    Well, it's seems walking around "white and christen" is now a target for every LIBERAL/PROGESSIVE /MINORITY OR SEXUAL PREFEERNCE person on the planet to sue, beat or insult....... We have become an endangered species

  • Ted R. Weiland

    This is but more (and more to be expected) from a judicial branch provided by framers who nowhere expressly stated that it or the other two branches should be based upon Yahweh's morality as found in His
    perfect law and altogether righteous judgments (Psalm 19:7-11). In other words, they left legislation and adjudication to the fickle whims of finite men (such as Tim L. Garcia). Is it any wonder America finds herself on the precipice?

    For more, see Chapter 6 "Article 3: Judicial Usurpation" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The
    Christian Perspective" at

    Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to Yahweh's moral law (His commandments, statutes, and judgments). Take our Constitution Survey at and receive a free copy of the "Primer" (an 85 page book, normally $7 plus shipping) of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective."

  • Jrbowlen

    Sounds mostly like set up to me.  By asking them up front if they would or not?  After all, I know there is surely a queer photographer in town they could have asked.  
    But, my next question would be this.  If the christian couple would have refused to take pictures of a pedophile's commitment ceremony to a child, would we get the same verdict? To a christian both are just as perverted!

  • sean murry.

    Tell them to kiss your rear.

  • Sapient Hetero

    Sorry, but some of the posts here indicate that religious fundamentalists have come off the rails.  There was a controversy a few years back when a small number of pharmacists thought it acceptable to refuse to fill prescriptions for medications they claimed violated their own religious beliefs.  Some also refused to return the prescription they refused to fill so the patient could have it filled elsewhere, as if they had the right to decide for the person presenting the prescription.

    Your rights end where the other fellow's nose begins; our right to exercise our religious beliefs cannot be construed to extend to preventing others from exercising their own rights.

    Now this case is different from the pharmacist case in that the alleged 'victims' were not prevented in any way from exercising their rights; they had their ceremony and got their photos made.  As a matter of fact, I see absolutely no difference between the choice the  Huguenins made and the incessant demands for boycotts of one thing or another by liberals.

  • notoshariah

    Sounds like they were set-up to do this.    When there are lots of other photographers who are willing to do this - The lawyers are the ones also causing the problem. 

    • Linda

      I agree, but it is also the moron judges this should never have been allowed in court.  They had there pictures taken shut you pie holes and move on!!  So because I don't believe in homosexuality, I can't because I have to accept it because 2 men or 2 wormen choose to do what ever it is they do??  Don't think so!  Now you have violated my rights as they violated the rights of  Elaine and John.  I am horribly sick of this whole gay agenda>  Noone has yet been able to explain to me, why these homo's feel they deserve special privaledges!!  I really wish someone would.  I am single self supporting where they heck are my special privaledges!!  GOD BLESS AMERICA

      • Linda Hopkins

        And the gays want to have families too !  .  .  .  I think it was Margaret Thatcher's Granddaughter that said  " The only problem with gays families, is that sooner or later you run out of other people's children !"  .  .  .  . Those Thatcher's are a very insightful lot !  .  .  .  .  LOL !

  • noitaint

    Does this mean, If Bamma gave a hog roast, all his Islam friends would have to eat pork?

    • Linda Hopkins

      Have you noticed there are no DOGS within miles of the White House ?   .    .   .  Obammy has a new slogan comming out titled "DOG, the OTHER other white meat !" , reportedly it's in a public relation drive for the folks at PETA   (People Eating Tasty Animals)

  • aznative

    The courts or judges have no constitutional authority to do any of this, it is against our constitutional rights, all these liberal anti-American judges should be thrown out of this country.

  • Bowtyeace

    I dont understand just triple the price and keep your mouth shut, Capesh 

  • Racefish

    It seems the courts are somwhat out of line with my interpretation. None of the Civil Rights Acts "prevent" a person from refusing to work for a certain person. Being as this is not a housing or employment issue on the part of the plaintiff, I can't see why the court ruled in such a way.
    The actual "employee" is the photographer. There is no refusal on the part of the "employer" that would constitute a basis for a suit.

    • HawkCW4

       But you forget one important element.  This was New Mexico.   Im sorry to say, I was born and raised in New Mexico up and until I joined the US ARMY.  Have only traveled thru that state to get to my home or place of interest since. 

      I can relate a story that happened to me shortly after Basic Training and was coming back to Ft Bliss Texas after Christmas leave.   Hitchhiking and was picked up by another soldier from California, also returning to Ft Bliss.   We got into Las Cruces, New Mexico, about 4:30 or so in the PM.  Traffic was a bear and we had been in that for about 10 miles doing maybe 5 miles an hour the whole way.   All of a sudden a cop pulls up on our right, not even  on the road and said to follow him.    We followed him about 1/2 mile and then he turned off the road onto a dirt road into a cotton field.    There was an adobe shack in the middle of that and he stopped there.  We had to get out and follow him inside.   there was a desk and no chair in an empty room.   The cop went to a door, no door just a canvas cover and he said,  We have business Judge.   A guy in a wheel chair came out with the cop pushing him,  this man had no arms nor legs.  The judge asked for the charges, was told excess speed.  I said wait a min.  no one could speed in that traffic.  The judge looked at me as asked if I would like to double the fine.  He charged the guy 150.00 which together we didnt have, but he took the guys watch and all our cash and let us go.  That is New Mexico and I dont think it has changed much since.  

    • HawkCW4

       But you forget one important element.  This was New Mexico.   Im sorry to say, I was born and raised in New Mexico up and until I joined the US ARMY.  Have only traveled thru that state to get to my home or place of interest since. 

      I can relate a story that happened to me shortly after Basic Training and was coming back to Ft Bliss Texas after Christmas leave.   Hitchhiking and was picked up by another soldier from California, also returning to Ft Bliss.   We got into Las Cruces, New Mexico, about 4:30 or so in the PM.  Traffic was a bear and we had been in that for about 10 miles doing maybe 5 miles an hour the whole way.   All of a sudden a cop pulls up on our right, not even  on the road and said to follow him.    We followed him about 1/2 mile and then he turned off the road onto a dirt road into a cotton field.    There was an adobe shack in the middle of that and he stopped there.  We had to get out and follow him inside.   there was a desk and no chair in an empty room.   The cop went to a door, no door just a canvas cover and he said,  We have business Judge.   A guy in a wheel chair came out with the cop pushing him,  this man had no arms nor legs.  The judge asked for the charges, was told excess speed.  I said wait a min.  no one could speed in that traffic.  The judge looked at me as asked if I would like to double the fine.  He charged the guy 150.00 which together we didnt have, but he took the guys watch and all our cash and let us go.  That is New Mexico and I dont think it has changed much since.  

  • Kpjlaw

    This decision is very wrong.  It is nothing more than part of the homosexual special rights agenda.  People should be treated equally.  There are other photographers who would be happy to do the work.  There is no reason to force a person to violate their own religious principles in a case like this.  To carry this illogic forward, I am virtually certain that if the religion whose principles were violated was Islam rather than Christianity, the refusal to take the photographs would be perfectly fine.  This society is really sick right now.................    

    • Joann

      The world is full of gay photographers.  They just want ot make a point.

  • Joyce

    Another illegal blow to Christianity, and another step by Christians to have to practice our religion "underground".  This is the best (and yet the worst) article I've read in a while and presents a direct slap in the face to the millions of Christians and our first amendment rights.  It seems all of our so-called leaders and people in positions of power just can't wait to declare "no god except Obama; no religion except Islam."  Just how much farther are we willing to go in allowing them enforce their evil dictates that are destroying us as individuals and as a nation?  The time to fight this tyranny is well past fruition.

    • Joann

      The truth is we Christians need to stand up for our beliefs just as the gays do.  Stop giving in the the sick ones. God will triumph.

  • David Msg ret

    Looks to me like the leftist clit lickers targeted a Christian based business to foment discrimination .... where discrimination didn't exist..
    when will these people realize their "life style" doesn't qualify for special circumstances?
    NOR sbould they be expect others to support their choice..
    Businesses should have the right to refuse service to anyone..
    Recently, took a riding mower to a dealership for service..was denied because it was NOT purchased there nor was I a prevoius customer..can I sue?..I certainly will NEVER be a customer. But, was dicriminated against ..

  • Karen Cornelius Renneke

    You have the right to refuse any job you don't want to do, when you own your own business.  This judge is not only a "sicko" , HE is breaking the law.   Time to take American BACK  from not only political leftist's groups, but also judges who have too much power.

    • Sasha Morgann

      usiness owner has the right to refuse business but by telling them that it was because they were gay they gave the gay couple the means to file a complaint. Next time they should refuse and keep their mouths shut as to why.

    • Joann

      Judge may be gay and is doing idle threats.  They are good at that.  He needs to be challenged.

  • Jime

    The simplest  way to beat this kind of idiotic nonsense is to quote a price, to folks you don't want to do business with, that is so high they will simply refuse and just go elsewhere.
    Religious Freedom is apparently just fine as long as one is not Christian.  Time for all Christians to stand up and say enough.  We are the majority, and perhaps we should begin acting like it!  How many time are we going to just turn the other cheek?  Even Christ himself got angry and drove the money changers out of the Temple.
    Complacency and apathy has brought us to a this crossroad, this tipping point.  Either we defend our faith or we don't and God help us if we fail!

    • Joann

      Good one.

  • glenbeckisanidiot

    All homo hating Christians need to tattoo 666 on their foreheads so we can identify them from people who have Gods love in their hearts. Certainly no love here. 

    • Holistic

      Yes, I can feel your love right now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Joann

        You should.  It is a love of sympathy. 

    • Jeff Ferguson

       Love has nothing to do with this.  It is not love to support someone in a position you understand to be morally wrong.  That is actually just the opposite, because we are concerned with more eternal options, which you would obviously not agree with either.

    • Caltranscowboy

      If you are so liberal that anything goes, that 666 should go on your forehead.

      • Poppo

         Don't worry, Caltrans, glenbeckisanidiot will have the mark at the appropriate time!  H will probably be first in line!

    • Texas Rights

      Why should Christians have to submit to your evil ways?  Go do your evil to your own selves, but leave Christians alone to their ways.  Yes, there is no love for infidels who force God-abiding folks to do what is sinful to them. God loves you too, unless you cause the least of these to sin.

    • Tom

      If you have God's love in your heart, then you need to stand up for His word which says that homosexuality is a sin.  The Bible tells us to hate the sin, not the sinner.  However, when sinners sue us in court for not accommodating their sin, and judges agree, then it is time for us to stand up and say "Enough!"

    • Rslone

      I wonder is no one has the knowledge of the bible.  God destroyed Sodom and Gomorah for this very reason.   Men with men and women with women.  Maybe they cannot help themselves about their belief but Christians do not have to abide by their every whim wanting to be treated equal.   I have always wondered if a person is born with these qualities or is it simply environmental.  A question that has always been in my mind.

      • Joann

        I had a brother who answered phone calls from people who went forward in evangelistic services and most gays who called in say they were not born that way.  It was a choice a chosen practice a desire to be different.   Not my words not my brothers words but words from gay who wanted to change their lives.  They said it was a tough road back.

    • Joann

      I think you have that backward.   You will be wearing 666 not us.  We will be gone up in the rapture.

    • miracleboy

      666 is the biblical number that signifies in essence, "This one is owned by Satan". We Christians don't hate the homosexual just because we agree with God's word that there will be no homosexuals in the kingdom of God. The 666 number will be worn by those who accept and justify the sin of homosexuality. If you believe God is simply a God of love while ignoring that he abhors the sin of homosexuality and actually hates sin, then you don't know God at all. Just because you embrace sin does not cancell out what God feels about it. When the rich young ruler refused to obey the Christ and give away all he owned and follow Jesus; the young ruler turned away from Jesus. The scripture says that  "Jesus loved him".It doesn't say that Jesus ran after him saysing "I'll change the rules". God loves all of his creation, but those who refuse to obey God and live in the lusts of their heart, satisfying their carnal desires; they shut the door to God's love and His eternal salvation. Before you condemn the believing Christian who is simply obeying God's word, perhaps you should strive to come into a relationship with God. 2 Corinthians 2:14 describes you perfectly. Read it and then maybe you can see just how ignorant and foolish you are.

  • Dale

    In my business, which is printing,  I discriminate against people or entities if I will not do business with them?   I refuse to do work for politicians.   (losers in elections do not pay their bills).    I refuse to do work for ministers.   (they are terrible credit risks, and believe that you should donate to them)    I refuse to print materials which I would be embarrassed if my mother or my granddaughter had to help work on it.    I do not print for state or local or federal government agencies.   They have too many regulations, and they are slow or very slow to pay.   For the same reason, I do not print for people who do not have good credit.   My religion has nothing to do with it.   Just a sense of fairness.    A friend is a portrait photographer.   He had a lady come in to see him.   She wanted him to do some nudes of her which she was going to send to her husband in Iraq.    He refused, because his business success was built on his reputation.   He did not want mothers of girls (age one to twenty one) to refuse to allow him to do work for them.     I find this decision very troubling.

    • Joann

      DALE : We were also in the printing business and turned down jobs but took on some of them but, as far as some of the above you mentioned, it was a down payment to cover the main expenses and the remainder on delivery or no product.  It's amazing how they can come up with the money if needed.  The public has gotten tough.  You are so right.  Those mentioned do not like to pay their bills.

    • Joann

      DALE : We were also in the printing business and turned down jobs but took on some of them but, as far as some of the above you mentioned, it was a down payment to cover the main expenses and the remainder on delivery or no product.  It's amazing how they can come up with the money if needed.  The public has gotten tough.  You are so right.  Those mentioned do not like to pay their bills.

  • Breezeyguy

    Absolutely sickening.  So because they have a "business" they have to do whatever anybody wants?  Sorry, "We reserve the right to refuse service".

  • Carol

    This would also be one for the American Center for Law and Justice to take on.  Jay Sekulow should  be notified of this travesty.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    We the People proclaim the RIGHT to freedom of association.  The RIGHT is not conditional!

    If we wish to NOT associate with ANYONE FOR ANY REASON, WE HAVE THAT RIGHT.
    Forced associations, or penalties for non-association, should get EVERY ONE OF THOSE "judges" bounced from the bench NOW!

  • Robert

    No human court can trump Gods laws and decrees. This is foolishness that God will use to confound the "wise". Where iniquity abounds, grace does much more abound. Human rights? Some system that slaps good intentions down to uphold deviant acts by others. Again, good is called bad and bad good. This is slavery, not human rights. Socialism and humanism is going to go into the abyss just as satan and his antichrist are. Read and understand Gods Word, our Holy Bible. World governance for sure is coming. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Stand strong Christians. This isn't about gays but about ALL sin now called normal or natural. Don't be suckered by the lies of the devil. It is what God says that counts. Don't be counted among the fools. Not my words, His. Receive Christ today.

  • Dr. Brown

    Go to a 
    videographer  who is an animal rights activist in the state of new mexico and ask them to make a video promoting hunting and taxidermy. Go to the same judge and sue the 
    videographer for not making the movie, maybe you'll get your money back. Fight back for a change. What's fair is fair!    

  • Steve

    There is SUPPOSED to be seperation between Church and Gubberment......Government needs to back the hell out of our lives!

  • Scott

    "Photography business called a "public accomodation""?  Is this the law in New Mexico?  Under the 1st ammendment artists, and all persons for that matter, have freedom of speech, and freedom to not speak.

  • 1fingerstudios

    this is the beginning of a systematic persecution of Christians all across our the news! people, we need to start praying against the principalities and powers of the air because that is who is doing this. the people are just the manifesting of the powers that are ruling earth right now. 

  • Steve

    Lock and load it's a coming!

  • Bella

    Have you read "The Harbinger"?  The people of this country had better wise up. 

  • Roger Berens

    So if some whack job wants to marry his dog  and asks a business to photograph it they have to.  Apparently, freedom no longer applies to people who believe in traditional American values.   This is left-wing fascism, bullying and tyranny.  They are trying to force their "values" down our throats just as Obozo and the Dumocrats are trying to force Obamacare and government intrusion into our lives on us.

    Last night Governor Walker and his Lt. Governor won their recalls in Wisconsin.  This is the beginning of the end for the far left policies and the Socialism/Marxism of Obummer and the left.   WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!  No more forcing Marxism on us, no more spending we can't afford,  no more attacking religious freedom,  no more taxing us to death, no more regulating businesses into bankruptcy.   No more glorifying the socialist welfare state.  No more government picking winners and losers.

    In November vote out Oba-Mao and the progressives who serve him.

  • Jeffmiller47

    As a mortgage broker, I always have to go over the Equal Opportunity Credit Act with the applicants, which states that they cannot be discriminated against because of race, color, creed, national origin, or sexual orientation.  Then I often comment, "but it doesn't say I can't discriminate if you're a Democrat."

  • trustygma

    We demand our country back. We demand our Constitution held sacred. We demand freedom and justice for all U.S. Citizens (not illegals!) We demand our right to free speech. We demand the right to bear arms. We demand the right to practice our Christian faith. We demand not to pay for bogus bailouts, scam stimulus plans. We demand the crazy government spending stop We demand government accountability….. - No more private jets for personal use;
    - No more tax dollars used for multi-million dollar family vacations;(No more fat-cat deals so Secret Service agents get laid.)TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA

  • Abu Tom
  • DaveZ

    It is never wise to refuse work for any reason.   Another poster stated it best.  Just quote an exorbitant price and keep your mouth shut.   If they accept the pricing,  and you still don't want to do the job, then subcontract the job to someone else.   Contractors know exactly how to avoid unpleasant work without having to make personal judgments about the particulars.   You never have to do a job you don't want to to, but you also have to know how to avoid it without bringing the fanatics down on you. 

    • David

      Sorry but if you think it is wrong then you should not be afraid to stand for what you believe and not push the sin down the road for someone else.  Besides it is also cowering to the gov who will take bolder steps down the road. That is why we are in the shape we are in to day, because we do not stand up and make a difference

  • sonofeire

    Is it not CURIOUS that this man and his wife were punished for discriminating against a Lesbian couple ....... given the fact that, at the time the incident took place, same sex couples were prohibited from being married or forming legal civil unions BY the STATE of New Mexico?  The government of the state of New Mexico has, in effect, punished these business owners for doing something which the state of New Mexico itself was doing ....... which is, discriminating against "gay" couples because their "marriages" were deemed morally illegitimate by the state itself.  

  • Clare_graysmark

    What is wrong with you people!  Every human being on this planet is equal in whichever God they believe in!  God has no discrimination against anyone!  You call yourselves 'Christians'... well not in my book!  You are bigoted, self-rightous and the most ignorant people I have ever come across!  Whoever wrote this shite, obviously does not have any proper Christian faith, or whatever God you choose to love, in your body!  If you were Black, Jewish or any other faith and the same thing happened, would you still be venting your misplaced anger?  I think not!  ALL OF YOU NEED TO GROW UP!  The homosexual people of the world are exactly the same as you!  In fact I would say they are a much nicer and more tolerant people!  By the way I am not a homosexual, and quite honestly, although I am a Christian, I am beginning to doubt even that!
    Put your own houses of God into order before critising others!  I am glad they lost the case and so they should have!
    Mrs Angry from the UK

    • Highspeedwork

      Sounds like your confused and angry as your statements say. Your not even sure your a Christian because you have doubts about it. You do however sound like a liberal one who believes in freedom of speech as long as it doesn't offend you. Go figure yourself out and then come back. Happy Guy!!

    • GWY

      I suppose we must agree to disagree.  My Bible tells me homosexuality is an abomination to God.

    • Joseph Hunt

      You are no Christian by any means, you must be following Satan, or you just do not read the Bible, the word of God........I hope the 
      New Mexico Supreme Court reverses this ruling......or America may go the way of  Sodom and Gomorrah, the ancient cities filled with wickedness that God sent two angels, disguised as men to destroy them. (Genesis 18: 16 - 19:29)

    • Regina Weiner

      I don't know about your lifestyle, Clare, but your attitude is anything but tolerant and nice.  I don't consider people who want others to violate their own consciences as either nice or tolerant.  I think your signature says it all.  So how about putting your own house in order?

    • Tom

      Mrs. Angry - You claim to be a Christian but are not willing to stand up for God's word which declares that homosexuality is a sin.  Yes, God considers all people to be equal, but He also hates sin.  Jesus said that the only path to salvation is to confess your sins and ask for God's forgiveness.  You will not get to Heaven by being "nice and tolerant" if your sins are not forgiven. 

      When homosexuals start using their status as sinners to steal money from Christians, and the courts agree, it is time to stand up and say ENOUGH!

    • Haroldbturley

      I'd have to agree,  you are most likely "NOT" a Christian. No believer and reader of the Bible has any misconception about what GOD says about homosexuality. It is an abomination; I didn't say that, the Bible says that. I suggest you go back and read your Bible.

    • Katchaturian

      Rave on Christian and stay angry.  The state is bullying. For me it is simple. The next time I am anywhere  near the 4 Corners I'm traveling north, west or south. No bloody judge s going to tell me what I can point my camera at.  How utterly stupid and assinine. These creeps want to spread their relgion and sue to get their way. That is now the American way. You should be proud to have the most attorneys on earth, and be the greates consumers of drugs.  That will not tell an idiot anything.  Sad.  And back in the 19th century the Mormons could not obtain statehood unless they forsook polygamy, and today we live like some animals.  Aren't we proud. Beastiality anuyone. Pacify those New Mexico creeps.

    • jaxflorida

      If homosexuals are so "tolerant", then why did they sue?  If they are "exactly the same as you and I", then why are they demanding preferential treatment in our laws?  Oh, and by the way, this is the U.S.A., not the U.K.

    • StanB

      You are not a Christian if you believe abnormal sexual behavior is OK.  The Bible cites dozens of times that deviancy is not "normal".  Biology should also help you understand that it is not normal.  They are incapable of procreation that's why they want to adopt, their abhorent life style denies this NATURAL God given blessing.  The sexual deviants account for 2.8% of the total United States population.

    • flaphil

      You're telling us that we have to accept and tolerate every human lifestyle. Your statement is vindictive, arrogant and very wrong. As a "Christian" what part of the bible do you agree with? It has nothing to do with any person, lady. Yes, you can detest a lifestyle that is perversion and for sexual pleasure only.

    • JLane

       'Mrs angry' . Very intelligent. Stop making us Brits look stupid, please... And go read your Bible. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not
      inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually
      immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

    • David

      You poor dear soul your comment is so intellectually absent of fact, I am not sure where to start. You seem to include more that one god!  Christians only believe in ONE God. The God that Christians believe in states that homosexuality is an abomination. Equality of human beings in Gods eyes is about class not life style or a persons behavior. God states he will punish the wicked. As for Christianity I am doubting that you are one since you really don't seem to know much about it. Christianity comes from the early church and the teachings of Paul. If you will the New Testament that has laid the ground rule for the churches of today you will see that even Paul declares homosexuality as being an abomination. There are a lot more holes in your rant but regardless this issue is a constitutional issue, nothing to do with religion, this government has no right to interfere with our private and business lives

    • Garygt51

      There is only one God and he said that homosexuality is an "abomination".  As Christians we are to hate the sin and love the sinner.  The only way a homosexual will be forgiven by God is to repent from homosexuality and never do it again.  We are not to approve of nor encourage the sin of the homosexual livestyle and we do not have to accept it in any other way than to separate ourselves from their sinful ways. Angry from the UK should know that the Word of God disapproves of the homosexual lifestyle. God loves them and will do so all the way to the gates of Hell. If they do not repent they have chosen to live out eternity in Hell. Christians didn't make that decision nor did God. The homosexual did so and will suffer the consequences of their decision. We do not have to approve of the sin nor to involve ourselves in the commission of that sin and therefore are not compeled to take pictures at an illegal wedding both to the State and to God. The 1st Amendment to our Constitution states that Congress can make no law restricting the free exercise of our religion. Some may say that the courts made that decision based on law but they have no authority under our Constitution to make laws. That is the authority left exclusively to our Congress and to no other branch of government including the judiciary and the executive branches. Homosexuals are not a different race of people nor are they a special class of people and should not be given any special rights or privileges under our constitution. If they want pictures of their unnatural sinful event then go to a homosexual photographer and no one would be be offended or be forced to violate the laws of their faith.    

    • JLane

       "What is wrong with you people!  Every human being on this planet is equal in whichever God they believe in!"

      For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, -1 Timothy 2:5

      "God has no discrimination against anyone!"

      1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not
      inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually
      nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual
      offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor
      swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

      "You call yourselves 'Christians'... well not in my book! "

      Your book is obviously not the Bible.

      "You are bigoted, self-rightous and the most ignorant people I have ever come across!"

      Actually, that would be you...

      "Whoever wrote this shite, obviously does not have any proper Christian faith, or whatever God you choose to love, in your body!"

      Colossians 3:8 -
      But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth.
      "If you were Black, Jewish or any other faith and the same thing happened, would you still be venting your misplaced anger?"
      How is this relevant? At all?"ALL OF YOU NEED TO GROW UP!"You're the one typing a rant that makes no sense, in capital letters."The homosexual people of the world are exactly the same as you!  In fact
      I would say they are a much nicer and more tolerant people!"Tolerance doesn't get you into Heaven. And again, refer to 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 in regard to the homosexual people being the same as us."By the way I am not a homosexual, and quite honestly, although I am a Christian, I am beginning to doubt even that!"

      Indeed, you are not a Christian, if you believe what you are spouting here."Put your own houses of God into order before critising others!  I am glad they lost the case and so they should have!"If you took your own advice displayed in this sentence, it would do you a huge favour.

    • Conrand10

      I don't know what God you serve..(obviously not the One of Abraham, David etc.) Or you would certainly be aware of the scriptures that state..."God hates (abhors) sin"...however...that applies to all sin..which makes all of us sinners! Yet because of the fact that He loves us and "desires that all come to know Him and none to perish", we can all fall directly into His loving arms after we confess with our hearts...then our sins are forgiven and remembered no more. Please take time to read some scriptures...! Corrinthians 6:9 and 6:18 also Hebrews 12:16 as well as Heb 13:4 and Revelations 21:8. There are many more and can be easily found in a Bible Concordance. Lastly, I feel led to point out that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and the last chapter in the book of Revelation....22:18,19 states "I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophesy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book." It's unfortunate that you have been taught false Bible teachings...but of course, satan is not completely I wouldn't imagine he's going to stay away from the churches!! Bottom line, as my son always said (around the age of 13)..."hate the sin, love the sinner!" That doesn't mean..."anything goes so do whatever we want!" We certainly wouldn't/shouldn't bring our children up that way...(though some do) if we truly love them. So, why would God declare that sin of any kind is ok?...which of course is an impossibilty with HIM because God is perfect...(and detests all sin)! That's why we are not God (we would have utter we are seeing more and more of in our world) and, hopefully, we certainly wouldn't want to rewrite the Bible...that's an impossibility. Can you even possibly imagine humans agreeing upon anything?...more chaos!!! God is NOT a God of chaos/confusion. The Bible hasn't managed to stay on the #1 best selling book every year w/o a reason! I hope it doesn't seem to you that I am preaching at you or putting you down...if so, I do appologize. At one time in my life..I, too, had much confusion.

  • bowtonoone2

    Obama AND the New Mexico court system are itching for a second American revolution and I think the decent people of this country are about ready after 3 plus years of this dictatorship we're currently being forced to live under. Always remember there are more of us than there are of them!!! God bless America.

  • noelle2011

    ALL businesses HAVE THE RIGHT TO DENY SERVICE TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I stand with  
    Elaine and Jonathan Huguenin and want to see them win this!the govt has NO right to tell companies who they can do regarding THEIR businesses!

  • Dan W Rykard

    What has happen to the First Amendment the freedom of speech and the freedom of Religion, The court in New Mexico is wrong and the supreme court will over turn this.
    The news Media is the ones we Christian meed to pray for that God will let them open thier minds and stop ripping our Faith apart, but they what Islam or they believe they do, Islam is the most dangerous religion in the world.                                                                                                                                               

    • Poppo

       Hopefully you are right that the higher courts will reverse this travesty.   However, if we give obozo another 4 years he will make enough appointments that we will all be in trouble for a long time!  We must defeat him this fall!

  • Poppo

    The courts do not feel bound by the Constitution.  These judges (along with the members of the Obozo administration) think that vowing to uphold the Constitution is just so many words.   If we keep our mouths shut, we betray our values, and often our God.   If we speak the truth, Big Brother will punish us!

  • Joann

    These ignorant sick humans  are being pushey and are trying to push their sin  down our throats.  They think that if  they can make us accept them their problem will be okay.   Well guess what???  Nothing they say or do will make it legal.  It will never be legal or acceptable to any one who TRULY believes in Jesus Christ. .The Bible has a lot of scripture against it.  God detests it.   They are sick people.  If they are waiting for normal people to say they are "okay"  they will have a long wait.  On judgement day they can stand before God and try to tell him he is wrong and listen to his reply.   I would give up my business or find a way around it before I would do the pictures for these two.  It would make me ill to see two people of the same sex kissing.  I simply could not do it.  There are plenty of gays out there who own photography shops.  Stop being silly about it.

    • Sharll65

      Gods reply will be, go away from me, I know you not!!! Its a Gross Sin... =[ 

  • Lowenherzig

    I agree with so many points that have been posted here but I think that there are two points that are valid from a legal standpoint. The first being that the photographers were the employees and as such could indeed refuse to do work that they would have been paid for. The result of course was that they employees would then not be hired or if hired would then be dismissed for refusal to performed their duties. The reason for refusing to work should not be a consideration or grounds for legal action.
    On that note we need to ask if it is legal for an employer to ask an employee to do work that would discriminate against the employee in one way or another. Can a Jewish employee refuse to write jokes about Jews or taste a pork recipe for example. The gay couple should be charged with discriminating against the Christian couple. Gays know how Christians feel about their lifestyle and as such will start to go out of their way to try and make them violate their faith or be charged with a crime. This is a stone on a very steep slope with on way to stop it. We must not let this get any further and stand up for sanity and our rights as a nation.

    • smitty

       absolutely the Christian couple should have immediately countersued....lawsuits are a form of bullying back puts you on equal footing...

    • Sharll65

      Exactly  Lowenherzig!!! 


    Next time don't provide service due to your "overbooked" schedule, don't mention that they are LBG or whatever letters they are hiding behind...As a business you can refuse to serve anyone you want that why it' your business. You get to do it your way.. This country is messed up.

  • Bo

    MRS UK You SUCK!!! Believe in Our Christian God and read your Bible!! God wiped sodom and gomora out because of people like that!!!!

  • GWY

    I must obey God before anything the idiots in this country come up with.  The Constitution is violated daily by the communists in Washington and the courts.  All we can do is pray and do our best to vote the evil servents of satan out of office.

    • Sharll65

      Amen GWY!!!! 

  • Steve

    Seems pretty simple to me.....You go into a store and there is a sign on the door....."no shoes, no shirt no service"   That means that the business has the right to refuse to service....Therefore,  all any business needs to do is post a sign the "they have the right to refuse business from others based on their (the business owners) beliefs"  After all isn't the Health Dept part of a government entity?  And the government can force you not to let anyone in your store that doesn't possess shoes and a shirt?

    • glenbeckisanidiot

      this is another of endless false comparisons, the favorite of Sunday evangelicals who created a phony, pseudo Christianity on the carcass of the old truths,---ANYBODY can wear shoes, and shirts, unless you have no feet or torso, but there are no more sighs that say, no white skin, no service- what the pseudo-Christians used to put up and want to put up again.

  • Jeff

    The  business owners were making a political statement, not one of faith by rejecting the business of the lesbian couple. If this were a "christian nation" as some are wont to state, this would not be an issue. But alas, the founding fathers in all their infinite wisdom failed to include in the US Constitution any mention of god/jesus/allah.

  • Jeff

    The  business owners were making a political statement, not one of faith by rejecting the business of the lesbian couple. If this were a "christian nation" as some are wont to state, this would not be an issue. But alas, the founding fathers in all their infinite wisdom failed to include in the US Constitution any mention of god/jesus/allah.

    • DrBarbara

      You're kidding, right?!

    • StanB

      I'll help you out here a little, Declaration of Independence, 1st paragraph "the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of Nature's God entitle them".

    • Sharll65

      Who are you to say they were not making a statement of faith???? I sure would not want to be in your shoes!!!!

    • Sandy

      They were minding their own business. The lesbian couple wanted to force their evil life style upon them. One thing you are right about...this is not a Christian Nation. It was in the beginning but the Christian values are being taken away by the Socialist, Communist liberals. Our values are being forced away, this article is a classic case. If you don't want to be a Christian, fine, God doesn't want you to be forced to be a Christian. Christians don't want you to be forced to be a Christian. You can't do anything good enough to become a Christian. The blood of Jesus Christ paid for our sins, when we ask for forgiveness. God forgives and once you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, you are a Christian. You put away your old life style and live for God. It is that simple, so why should gays and lesbians force Christians to perform their services for their events? I would think that there are many photographers that are gay and/or lesbians, so why didn't the said lesbians seek out gays or lesbians artist to perform the photography? The answer is; they wanted to FORCE their lifestyle on Christians.

      Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever you sow you are going to reap! The Bible tells us in the last days, we will see good declared evil and we will see evil declared good. Anyone reading this article can see, the end days are here! Repent America and God will save our Nation!

  • Giacomo Knox

    Hi Giacomo, I'm Giacomo as well.  And I'm disgusted to say the least.  This is a classic example of Bullying, which has become the zeitgeist of late.  These folks are clearly a private enterprise and have the right to photograph whomever they want, and have the "right to refuse service to anyone" - that's that little sign above your favorite fast-food restaurant, in case someone enters who might otherwise disturb the other customers.  To that end, what if they complied, took the photograph, and Christian couples saw the photo and decided they didn't want to work with someone who supported homosexuality?  BAM - they lose their Christian customer base, all in the name of the other zeitgeist, "Fairness".


    Good will be declared evil and evil will be declared good. It is written. The sinful minded cretins know all about the creation of a protected class. This is just another step to socially divide this land. This is the last straw. It is the DEATH OF NATIONS. It is written, and it will come to pass. There is no way to stop this flesh machine from corrupting everything from now on. God showed this in Revelations. The masses will be left to the diseased minded perverted degenerates to have their way with them. It will come to pass. A few true forward thinkers, in the 80's, knew this was coming. Saw the fabric of a civil society replaced with false fronts and fascist paper soaked in the fuel of forced acceptance. All those are called bigots and hate mongers. Look how the hand has left from sanity to this insanity. But just remember I am the CRAZY ONE!. The court has given truth to forced acceptance. This is the one fatal lesson we WILL NOT RECOVER FROM!!.

  • C24rown

    Dear God Help Us ALL

  • smitty

    Wow! that ruling should be appealed and overturned...a photographer is considered an artist....artists must also have creative create or NOT create as they deem fit. Any photography studio should outline a list of services provided...that would seem to announce to the public what services they do not provide.

  • Conrand10

    There seems to be coming (already here) a war on all of our Christian principles....and actually...on all things morally correct!

    • Renellin

      ya think?

  • Randyhock

    The idea was for Judges to interpret the law, not make law. The liberal way judges have perverted our Laws and turned them into self-centered DO GOODERS that only lead to lawlessness. Good luck going to the Supreme Court as they are also perverted by the Socialist ideals.

  • Petekoch

    What about the Muslim taxi drivers in new York who will not take any persons with alcohol, dogs or pork products into their cabs?

  • DrBarbara

    It was a setup from the beginning. The lesbians knew that Elane Photography is a Christian company and so decided to push their gay agenda to the limit. Elaine and Jon should move east to Texas where lesbians are more cautious to spout off. However, don't move north to Colorado until we get rid of Hickenlooper the pooper scooper. 

    • Poppo

       Are you referring to Chickenlooper, the choice of the Denver ComPost?  I think the Constitution is stuck in his craw!  He gets around TABOR by charging 'fees' instead of raising taxes!

    • Rivergal2011

      No doubt you are right. The point is not about the lesbians protecting their rights- or having them respected (or disrespected). They-and others like them- are following the liberal agenda of picking, choosing -and even creating- confrontations that will set precedents by which they can -and ARE- eroding the rights of Christians. There are many such confrontations being perpetrated against Christians of late, and the purpose is frightfully clear- to gain power. If the intent was only to protect their rights, they would exercise their freedoms as others do- by supporting businesses that promote or cater to their beliefs. I enjoy a good steak regularly- does that give me the right to make a vegetarian store or vegetable stand carry, market, and sell beef and pork products? Photography is as much an art as painting- do they require all painters depict whatever scene they choose to call art (such as the vicious depictions of Our Savior that are being touted as 'art'). Since when does a business NOT have the right to choose their clients-even to the extent of refusing to accommodate requests against or beyond the scope of their business concept?

  • Barbara_flowers

    so much for freedom of choice, americans are being forced feed, by a goverment only interested in vote and donations. right and wrong is outa of the question, christain values are outa the question. money, money money, corruption, and opression in the highest form.

  • Lars Arden

     I have seen businesses with signs posted stating that carrying firearms in their location is prohibited. They
    discriminate against licensed firearms owners who have a consitutional right to keep and bear arms so why do
    these folks not have the right to discriminate against those who offend their religious beliefs? The gays build little
    general support with this kind of "in-your-face" dispute!

    • Jkrostag

      Did you know that if a business puts up that sign they would be liable if a person was shot in their establishment? That sign guarantees visitors safety.

  • Gliynl13

    IF it is upheld that Christians must deal with Lesbians and or other religions. Then the law MUST force religions such as Muslims to eat pork.  After all Christians eat pork so it is ONLY natural that Muslims must be forced to eat pork. As in this case Christians have to comply with Lesbians so it should be known what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. IT GOES BOTH WAYS -- NOT JUST ONE.

    • Poppo

       Try telling that to the liberal, activists judges that don't believe in the Constitution.  That is where our problem lies!

    • Renellin

      Well, what if they had wanted photos of a voodoo ceremony? Or an honor killing? Naked children?Would that be discriminating against someone else's religion?
      I can understand nondiscrimination in food and housing. But I have absolutely no doubt these people were targeted for this action. No doubt the gay couple were funded by an activist organization.

  • Sharll65

    What about discriminating against 
    Elaine and Jonathan Huguenin on their Christian belief????? We have the freedom of religion, and that means being able to refuse something that is clearly a Gross Sin in the Word of God!!!!! 

  • Lori Penn

    I'll take the lengthy court battle and the fines over displeasing the LIVING God anyday!  Besides, our Christian family will take care of each other and they will be blessed for staying true to their faith!

    • billylee

       Good then contribute to the Huguenin's court costs.

  • Omega2


  • "Bobbylang"

                My opinion, of this Court decision, and the State Human Rights Commission decision, are both monstrously "flawed" and  it is based on the fact that  even the "State" did NOT respect the "union"!
              This "State" position was ignored, and the ethics of the photographers were also ignored, and  these subordinate groups took it upon themselves to impose a standard, far beyond  the  the example of the "State", and  demanded  an imposing "fealty" to the disordered behavior of  the "Lovers"!
              Are the photographers required to photograph an "Orgy"? 
              Are they required to photograph a "Lewd' or "Diabolical Bacchanal"?
              I feel the Court and the "HRC" have overstepped their area of responsibility for demanding a business be more accommodating than the State government  itself!

  • okieatheart

    I thought we lived in America.  If you own a business, don't you have a right to decide who you work with?  As far as I knew, there wasn't a law that stated you had to take on every client that walked in your doors!  However, we are certainly heading that way with the government trying to tell us we have to buy healthcare if we don't already have it.  Just one more way to take away our freedom!

  • Ballistic45

    "America is like a healthy Body and its resistance is threefold:  its Patriotism,  its Morality and its Spiritual Life.  If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within." - - Joseph Stalin

    Now, take a real close look of what the Liberals / Progressives / Democrats / Communist and this Administration have been doing to these THREE AREAS OF STRENGTH in AMERICA...   

    All three areas are under attack by the left...   Also added to this is their work to diminish National Security, Energy Independence, Balanced Budget, Fiscal Responsibility in controlling a soaring debt and direct attacks on the Constitution and Bill of Rights...  

    The only conclusion that can be drawn is that they are working to bring America Down..

  • Ray Downen

    While it is true that we as Christians need to be good citizens, it is not true that the promise to the nation of Israel carries forward to our free land. God surely will bless us as individuals who love Him. Together we can help shape the future of the U.S.A. And this includes the freedom of any person to refuse service when doing so would violate our conscience. But are we not aware that many judges in this day are prejudiced against the Christian religion? The Lord's advice is to avoid going to court whenever it's possible. It's too bad the Christians were simply not available to help this particular customer on the date or dates requested because of previous commitments.

  • Dedimu

    This has nothing to do with religion,  it is all about controlling the people. A business in a free society is suppose to be private. The government has no business telling private business who to and who not to serve!!  As much distain I have for the woman who would not rent to the combat veteran I still support her right not to. This government is a socialist one we need to get back to our original government of free people and free enterprise not a government controlled and dictated one! 

  • Mike Davis

    Why does the "New Mexico Human Rights Commission" remind my of the South African "Truth Commissions?"

  • jmsmaxwell

    The judge is infringing upon my religious beliefs and personal freedom.  If he doesn't like it he can go pound
    sand in some other country.   In American we have the right to freedom of religion and our beliefs.  As a
    private business person I have the right to refuse service to individuals who violate those principles.   This
    case will go up the ladder and it has already been settled in a higher court.   The business person has the
    right to refuse service to anyone who violates his personal religious beliefs.   He cannot refuse service because
    of race though.    Perhaps it is time for the citizens to remove this corrupt judge from the bench as he apparently
    has let his own personal feelings enter into his decision rather than the law itself which he swore to uphold.

  • Eddie

    A question to the so called judges, What if lesbians were half naked would Elaine & Jon Huguenin be required to take their pictures

  • gavinwca

    New Mexico Impeach this Fascist Court. Place Real Americans who understand the Constitution in office. If States continue to allow thes Fascist to occupie our courts we will be finished as a Republic.

    Demand that your Congress impeach thes Fascist now,

    • Paul

      Now this judge is a Commie.not a fascist. Obama is a fascist and like Hitler. You can't have it both ways. You should try to understand historical political philosophies. You really seem to get confused. Here in democratic America, we have a judicial process that has a very robust appeals process to verify if a judicial ruling is in accordance with our Constitution. That is American. This judge is reading the law. He can be overturned. Think about the Constitution that you love so much....when it suits you.

    • Msgt_correa

      These judges are nothing more than 'activist judges' who create laws directly from the bench.

      They simply told the Photographers that even if a pedophile wishes to have a picture taken with a child in an unnatural act, they must put aside their moral values and comply with the pedophile's denerate wishes.  "The court ruled that the photography business is a public accommodation and cannot use their faith to discriminate against others based upon sexual orientation."

      Yes they can since the business is privately owned and not a government establishment, therefore, the private business proprietors reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

      USAF (RET)

  • Doodlebug

    It's time we get some reasonable judges ruling our courts. I believe in the second coming of Christ and I hope his coming comes soon.

  • David

    Impeach the judge.

  • Gene Hutchins

    What ever happened to the constitutional right to freedom of association!!!

  • Ernie Wall

    find the judges guilty of treason and hang them in public

    • John Darrah

      Great idea, I'm with you 100 percent. Hang all the child molesters, rapists, murderers right along with them. Then start on the illegals  & burn down the islamic strongholds and we might get this country back on track.

  • JM

    I thought that law protected discrimination against who a person wants to hire, not who a person wants to work for. At the same time, from my understanding, there are laws that protect people from being discriminated against based on religious beliefs. Why is a case that was filed when American was not recognizing homosexual relationships as being the same as a traditional marriage getting recognition several years from then? Perhaps the Supreme Court will recognize that this case is trying to force people to violate their Christian beliefs. As far as I know, there is know law against disagreement with somebody.

  • Citchus

    all these complaints are those who choose to continue to battle for truth in their evil ways, so lets compare evil? Its evil because I stand on religious beliefs of human morale and wish not offend you because you want to do the very things a book in which I and my religious practice teaches the sacritness about it for the very reason my conscience may stand along with, reading that "...not to do these things the other nations have done." or that godless societies, paganistic societies, have done. Now, we all now see why the nation of Israel we're able to defeat these already established cities. Yet, they're the only nation that can come back into an existing state after 2500 years of exile, because of the same book, that we're seeing that the same spirit changing this constitution is definitely rewriting this book to suit the minds of the blind, to not offend the wrong doer, or the enemy of this book.

    Webster's Bible TranslationNeither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their lewdness, nor of their thefts.

    the day is near where society is spiraling out of control all the up from the leaders all the way down to "..we the people..."

  • Morris

    Either you guys believe in the Constitution or you don't. When a judge disagrees with your Christian beliefs (I'm a Christian also but support those evil gays) you cannot call for his impeachment. Our judicial system has a built in appeal process. This would be something our Founding Fathers would have had in mind way before gays were an issue. I don't like the fact that people can take guns into bars. I can contest this and if turned down, then I could appeal. That's the aAMERICAN way. You can't just support laws you like. This is America not one of those fascist or communist counties you seem to think we are becoming.. Act like responsible adults.

    • Pegmc09

      You say you are a Christian? how can you support someone who is practicing  a life style that God forbids? God says a man lying with a man  or a woman lying with a woman is an ABOMINATION and they will burn in hell. Or haven't you ever read the Bible? This life style is a SIN most Christians know this but I guess some who say they are Christians just don't care. God Bless

  • Rocky Frisco

    It's time for somebody to engage a Muslim caterer to provide ham, and pork and bacon sandwiches for a wedding, and then sue them for not providing them. I will bet you a day's pay this same "judge" would rule on the side of Islam.

  • billylee

    This is the kind of crap you get when people vote for candidates like Obama. He allows the bench to be corrupted. Most people don't take their voting seriously and think it's a Jr. High popularity contest. If you don't vote based upon record, then the rule of law goes out the window.

  • Rocky Frisco

    Will somebody please tell Claire Wolfe  it's no longer too early?

  • Steve

    Everyone should google a short cartoon clip that used to be used as an educational film for kids until the liberals had these tools removed from the cirriculum.....The clip is called "ISM"  Make mine Freedom.  It was made in 1948 and it will blow your mind.  Only about 10 minutes long if I remember correctly. 

  • amberann

    Shame on the court.  People should be able to stand for their beliefs.    If the owners were Muslim and someone came in requesting something against their beliefs, I don't believe the court would have ruled the way they did for the Huguenins.

    • Pegmc09

       This is the sad part of this stupid game the government is playing, Judges are even allowing
      Sharia law to be taught in school and ruling in favor the Muslims in a court cases, I shiver to think what this is all coming to if Obama gets back in for 4 more years

  • doug

    The lesbians have no right to expect someone to (cater) (photo shoot) them or anything else.  There is a gay bar in the news that stopped having bachlorette parties becaust it bothered the gay customers.  That's no problem. I like the muslem caterer idea though.  Would this be a wedding between a senior sitizen and a 6 year old? I bet the judge would like to be doing the ceremony.   I find the wild hog problem in the USA  god's gift to the muslims.

  • Bmarrs

    NO shoes
    NO shirt
    NO service
    isn't this  the same.  You meet the standards of the business or you leave.  If you don't like the quality of the business you go some where else.

  • Threebarrs

    Whatever happened to a business person being able to run his/her business the way he thougth best.  I cannot believe that a privately owned business should be put through what these folks re enduring.  Not only our Federal government has gone berserk, but state government are jumping on the bandwagon too.  I hope some judicial panel somewhere will use the good sense God gave them and stand for the couple and their rights as Christians and as business owners.

  • nancy j. shank

    If the government keeps taking in God we trust off everything saying the government and religion are separate, why then are they ruling on what each individual beliebe. If I remember correctly from my history classes the only thing that this came about was so there was no national church such as they have in England. Each faith was to have their own place and not be intefered with by Congress. Now it seems like all Congress wants to do is tell us how to act, what to eat and what to belive.  Why don't they stick to governing the country instead of idviduals.

  • tarawa1943

    Thats what you get for living in perverted liberal New Mexico!

  • Banphotoradar

    I am not opposed to gay marriage, but I am opposed to business owners being forced to do things they don't want to do. Rather hypocritical of this lesbian to sue!

  • Banphotoradar

    Businesses also can't have smoking in there establishments in many places. So much for property rights. The Constitution is dead in this country.

  • Larz Hanson

    I can't believe this. As a small business owner myself, I will serve or not serve whomever I choose, based on my rules, morals and beliefs. If they don't like my decision, there are lots of other similar businesses in the area who may help them. If, by not serving them, market forces start to hurt my business, then THAT is truly the American system that should be judging this case. Private businesses should NOT be subject to  all the same rules as public services.

    I don't know all the details of this case, but if the gay couple sued the Christian photographers just because they were refused service that was unfit for the Christians, then the gay couple should be slapped upside their heads and made to pay for the court costs. The gays are the ones pushing the envelope of society. It should be their burden to find a photographer who will take the job. Just as gays want (and are being granted) their rights to exist peacefully, so should the Christians. This is nothing more than a bullying of Christians by intolerant gays. To hell with them.

    And for what it's worth, I'm not a Christian nor a gay, so my "true north" is guided by logical sense and true fairness (not "social justice").

  • Mary

    Christians & Jews need to take a stand and unite against ever-increasing ridiculous politically-motivated court decisions. We are the Majority in this how long do we tolerate being held hostage to minority rantings and threats of legal action because of neutered Judicial & Legislative Branches???

    Maybe it's time to take back what has been lost. Every successful democracy has survived by doing what's best for its Majority

  • Carla Andrade Kirk

    I'm not against gay marriage or equal rights being granted to homosexuals, but this goes WAY too far.  Businesses should have the right to refuse service if they wish.  Just like we should grant equal rights to those around us, we should also allow people to live their lives and not force them to do things they don't want to do.  

    If the customer was upset that she was refused service due to her sexual orientation, she could have advertised it on Yahoo!, Google, and other places.  Taking it to the courts was just ridiculous.  And the courts siding with her was even more ridiculous.  What happened to freedom of religion in this country?

    • Lawrence Knight

       That`s easy. democrats in power.  For now.

    • Claims1

      Carla Dear, The outcome was exactly as planned by the lesbian couple.  Were there other photographers in the area?  Doesn't matter.  These people know exactly what they are doing.

  • savage24

    If the federal judges could read and understand the Constitution of the United States, they would know that our rights come from God. Read the Declaration of Independence it tells you all rights come from God. The politicians today believe our rights come from them and the federal courts believe that they can legislate from the bench. Our Constitution only limits the government to what it allows them to do, not to run wild with political correct garbage they put out.  If the voters in this country would get off their lazy butts, they would vote these self serving fools out of office and have the federal judges removed from office for over stepping their authority. This year vote for freedom first!

  • ZOOMER165


    • Kittyhane

      That's what I thought too. I would have been all booked up and recommended they go to the circus and maybe find a photographer there. Kind of like a clown.

  • bmiller147

    Our Frauduent President is doing whatever he can to scoop up the whe small covies of votes and picks their pockets promising everyone what they feel are major issues for them. Promises, Lies and Deception are the
    moves  this Oblumder will do for or to you. The gay issue he claims to be evolving his views, his actions are not for the people but to get reelected.

  • Hypocrites and scum

    Judge not, lest ye be judged, o fraud Christians.

    • Johnny Thompson

      Saying that this goes against their religious beliefs is not judging.  The Bible tells us that we know whether a person is good or evil because of their actions. Unless we are able to judge a person's actions as being good or bad we cannot do as the Bible instructs us. Judging whether an action is good or bad is not judging the person. Learn to read the Bible instead of only spewing the "misleading" quotes. Misleading quotes are when you use them out of context, and in this context you must use the Bible as a whole. In order to know what the Bible says you must take it as a whole, and not pick and chose which parts you want to listen to, "o misguided" one.

    • Sharll65

      You are taking the that scripture out of context. You are quoting scripture that you have no clue what it means. This scripture is speaking of righteous judgement.  As in, I am better than you judgment.  
      Do not judge lest you be judged....This verse does not mean that Christians cannot talk about, or speak about SIN! If you are in SIN as a Christian I have the right to tell you that you are in SIN. This verse refers to righteous judgement! IF you are in SIN and I stick my nose up at you, ignore you, look down on you as if I'm so good and never show you love according to the Bible then I have judged you. I just want to set the record straight. Until then, I'm going to tell you the truth. Repent and come out of your sins.

      We are not to judge ones salvation, we are to show ones errors, Sins!!!! Which is found in James 5:20. Psalms 19:12 speaks of the only way to understand your error is in the Word of God.   We are  telling someone what the word of God says, not judging!!! 

    • Donner

       You have no idea what that verse means, do you? It refers to judging a person's spiritual condition before God.  "Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the
      world is to be judged by you, are you incompetent to try trivial cases?" [1 Corinthians 6:2, English Standard Version ©2001].Wise Up!

    • Bob Macfarlane

      You know any other scripture that you would like to quote just a part of to make your point?

  • Rrumble23

    Tell the court to go to Hell.

    Jail time over giving in !!!!

  • Jesussaid Love

    Just a bunch of child molesting hypocrites (the Bishops) telling people what to do. 

  • Eamazza


  • Rustytruck

    All they really need to do is post a sign saying that they reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and that makes it a legally binding rule of business. The restaurant business has been using it for many decades and it's legal to do. They don't have to serve them if they don't want to, I think it's legal in any state also. They should check into that one. My Mom, brother, sister, and myself used it many times. They used it to kick out the drunks from the restaurants and I used it to kick out the idiots from my Fabrication business.

  • john parry

    21st century martyrdom  - any questions  ????

  • Aarrgh

    So wrong! Political correctness gone awry.

  • Keithgarvin

    I agree wholeheartedly that 2 chronicles 7:14 is what is needed. So much in fact that I rented a billboard in Springfield, Ohio that goes up July 30,2012. I would suggest that others around our nation need to do the same thing. If anyone would like more information on this please contact me at 937-390-8809 or 937-925-3290 or at

  • Roymccain

    All need to remember things like this, if and I hope we do make it to Nov.

  • Thomas Dyches

    “...Elane Photography must accept the reasonable regulations
    and restrictions imposed upon the conduct of their commercial enterprise
    despite their personal religious beliefs that may conflict with these
    governmental interests."

    A commercial enterprise is NOT a "governmental interest" you commie-fascists.

  • Wayne8734

    This is a bunch of  bullsh$$%%^!!!! When they refused to take the job same sex marriages and civil unions were not recognized,this country is slowly going down into the sewers.

  • Tishbettyboop

    Is it possible this couple new the photographer were christians?  Could this be their way of having pictures done for free?

  • BigIron

    First of all, I'm STRAIGHT but I'm NOT anti-gay. I do NOT believe that government has ANY place in dictating "marriage" conditions or licensing "marriage"; the Constitution guarantees each of us the unlimited right to contract; "marriage IS a "contract! Marriage is also a "private" matter, not a "public" matter! I believe that I have a right to discriminate against ANY "thing" that violates MY belief system and that requires MY participation whether it be business or otherwise. If someone wants to have a "civil union" I believe that's their "private" business but they have NO right to compel ME to participate in ANY way as that places ME in involuntary servitude to THEM, a very clear (to me) violation of our Constitutional "rights". 

    Every time we allow government intrusion into areas where they do NOT belong whether we agree with that intrusion or disagree with it we give up some part of our own personal freedom/liberty.  This has been government's method of usurping our "rights" by convincing us that their granted "privileges" trump our "rights"; they have it backwards and we the people have allowed it.

    • Ron Willison

      The gay couple that brought this suit against those people need to understand that what you just said too. Everybody needs to understand that bringing the government into any personal dispute is bringing the over reaching government more POWER over your lives.

      • Linda Hopkins

        They are using this administration's activist agenda to get their philosophy embedded in our lives and become the rule of law, now, while they still can and the liberal judges are are enabling them.

  • Swan1

    The first admendment - screw the court.

    • Demick43

      Amen brother!!! They only wield the power we permit them to...

  • Heathen

    I may be a just a "heathen", but this article sounds strangely personal. I support a business owner's right to refuse service to anyone, but the site's logo "It's not personal...It's politics" kinda goes out the window when the author includes their personal beliefs and prayers/scripture in the article. Just sayin' ya know?

  • Japathy

    The Bible says to followers of Jesus: Do not be surprised when you are persecuted for My sake. This ruling will bring attention to the evil that is around us, and as Christians, we must stand against it!!! I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation. The Body of Christ is alive and well. Let's glorify the Lord and stand for the truth. I will pray that God be glorified through this couple and that the lost will be saved. The time is now to come together and live out the truth of His precious Word.

    • Kittyhane


  • SickandtiredofObama

    Do not follow the teachings of man, Jehovah and Jesus are the only ones we have to answer to.

    • Groundhog Fan

      Yeah?  Well, in the meantime, do you suggest we all just roll over and take it?  Or should we do our best as citizens to rectify such poor legal decisions?

  • HappyIrishman

    This court decision was made by justices that do not understand the 1st Amendment which states that no one shall be restricted in the practice of their faith.

  • Iknowjohngalt

    Tyranny by the minority is upon us. This sort of garbage has been piling up over a long time. hopefully these folks can appeal this ridiculous verdict.

    As a Christian, I am expected to "judge", that is to "discern" right from wrong. how else would we know to avoid those who would lure us into sin, or sin itself?

    Jesus told us" their fruits you shall know them." In other words their deeds.. That is NOT judgment, but discernment; there is a difference!

  • Pat

    Maybe we should put bad judges and politicians names and faces on shirts with them being bent over saying  what we want. There is a USSC case that states any person may conduct thier business IN any way they see fit and as far as I can recall has not been over turned. Google it if you have or plan to start a business, also start a PRIVATE contractor business w/o a contract with the state/gov. You do not need permission to have, run or participate as a private business. Also USSC an individuals labor is the property of the individual also still stands as I can recall. Look into non contractual options and tell the gov to go fk themselves.

  • A Real American

    To override the practicing beliefs of the very religion which established this nation is an abomination.  The laws protect Islamic women to wear head scarves due to their religous beliefs but deny a Christian their Biblical beliefs is ignorant and an act of persection.  This nation is heading into a cultural civil war if it doesn't stop this misapplication of our laws...and use of the court rooms to rule in such a way.

    • Demick43

      And so they will be found a swinging in the freedom tree as testimony to others who would attempt to enslave those unwilling to submit

    • Demick43

      And so they will be found a swinging in the freedom tree as testimony to others who would attempt to enslave those unwilling to submit

  • Oscardar23

    Whether we are a store owner, or any establishments, WE MUST establish our rules and regulations that our customers, clients or visitors to abide.  Our establishments,  should enforce our rules and regulations to ALL. Like: No smoking, No drunks, NO bear feet, NO kissing, No lesbians, No gays and many other things that we DO NOT WANT TO SEE or witness in our establishment.  Refusing them because they violated our rules and regulations, is our RIGHTS, We do not want to see two women kissing or showing questionable pose or actions inside our establishments.. It's our RIGHTS AND CHOICES, Nobody can violate our rules and regulations or they are NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER.  We have the right  NOT TO ADMIT VIOLATORS OF OUR RULES AND REGULATIONS... THERE IS NO DISCRIMINATION BECAUSE IT IS OUR RIGHTS TO REFUSE THEM.. There is nothing to do with religion or discrimination,  it is a matter of VIOLATIONS OF OUR BELIEFS..

    • Tom

      Nice speech, but this is EXACTLY what this anti-Constitution judge has overruled in this particular case!  The business owner in question was told they could not decline to be hired by these homosexuals. 

      The real question is, what are we going to do about it now so this does not continue to happen to other Christians who are simply trying to adhere to their faith?!

  • Niku

    I only want to know if they need and want help and how we can provide it. I'm not talking about prayers, I'm talking about financial assistance.

    • Vette66

      If you are close by, go get pictures taken.

  • gavinwca

    Commie, Fascist What ever, He is a Fascist he does not want the Goverment to owne the Photo shop, he wants a private owner to  only do  the business the goverment tells them to do, That is a Fascist.  Wait until his Fascist take over . T he Gay couple,(who  Wants to Violate The Photographers Rights }  he wants the photographer to work for will be the first he eliminates. He is probabley installing larger ovens now.

  • Phyliss Peterman

    If I had the business, I would ask if it is a gay ceremony and if they say yes, just tell them I am booked for that date and the next one etc. Unless you can't refuse them for being busy. Unfortunately that might be next!

  • Old Veteran

    This is a "foot in the door" to the government being able to dictate "worship". The couple will have to pay that "witch" her money. But they should change the name of their business to one that conveys they only photograph recognized religious ceremonies. This "bimbo" just did this to get money and nothing more. This shows what is in the heart of this woman, and it can only be taken as "ugly".

  • CajunPatriot

    Sure the court system upholds the SADs (sexually aberrant deviants) while discriminating against the moral and ethical Christian.  Good has become bad.  Bad has become good.  Pray and obey...we must uphold the right and oppose the wrong, or we are doomed as a nation.

    • older than dirt

      excellent analysis. it is life imitating art, bringing into stark reality orwell's "animal farm", where the animals were instructed that right is wrong; war is peace; four legs good, two legs bad. recall who the higher animals were - the pigs; as in swine.

  • JacktheFAC

    We have come to the point that state judges can over ride the U.S. Constitution, especially the First Ammendment.  These liberals scream, "Separate of Church and State," but what about, "Separation of State and Church,"?

    • Bill

      This court needs to learn that the U.S. Constitution protects the seperation of BOTH church and state; it's NOT a one way street!

    • ltbl123

      EXACTLY!!! The first Amendment like the others was written to RESTRAIN GOVERNMENT.  Government is to leave religious practice alone and it is forbiden to create its own religion.  Instead
      government has done everything in its power to supress the public practice of Christianity at every level of society and fill the vacuum with a Godless worship of oneself. The worlds most popular form of Idolitry.

  • Sheila Simmons

    What we MUST remember is this: Yes, "THEY" can SAY we have to do such-and-such.  They can't make us DO it.  Yes, there will be a price to pay, but our faith, and our own pride is not for sale. 

    • Lady Liberty

      You're so right, Sheila - it's simply NOT allowing 'them' to herd us around.......

    • Lady Liberty

      You're so right, Sheila - it's simply NOT allowing 'them' to herd us around.......

  • Tailspin

    This judge should be removed from the bench, because it is apparent he has no idea of the Constitution of the United States.  All marxist liberals should be voted out of office, because they are also against the Constitution.  Don't they realize that the people in this Country are soverign?  We hire them to do our will, under the Constitution.  Folks, we are being taken over by marxists, and their agenda is against the Constitution.  They must all be removed from any positions in government.  Their agenda is tyranny, and will not be tolerated.  I am getting so sick of this crap, that I am ready to fight.  

    • Lady Liberty

      I'm right there with you, Tailspin.  Within the next 10 days, I plan to list as many as I can (maybe over a couple of days) of Communist Goals - taken from the 1963 Congressional Record - it will frighten many of us - but we must be made aware of their plans.

  • underthewire

    Who was the judge ?  It's time to single out these anti-christian bigots!

    • Lady Liberty

      We all should register our feelings with the name from the article here:  Jordan Lance, Senior Counsel & Senior VP from the Office of Strategic Initiatives for the Alliance Defense Fund.  Surely we can find his contact info online.

  • Nuryz_01

    simply disgusting

  • Texas Patriot

    If the government wants a war with Christians it's heading in the right direction!!!

  • TheIronAvenger

    I'm getting tired of Homosexuals and their agenda. I don't have a problem with them as people but when they try attack Christians and try to make Christians look like the bad guys or try to make people feel sorry for them because they're oppressed when they're not really and try to get laws changed to fit their agenda despite the fact it might take away someone else s freedom that makes me sick.  They really don't want equal treatment they want better treatment.

    • Lady Liberty

      Agreed 100%.  Plus, personally, I want our beautiful word "gay" returned to its proper use; I also want our colorful and wonderful "rainbows" back where they belong.  There's only ONE word to describe deviant sexual behavior and that word is "homosexual"....(and that includes those whose origins are said to be the island called Lesbos)

  • James Mills

    Your article is right on target! The complacency of Americans is astounding. I read the Book of Judges recently--the 19/20/21 chapters. And this section discusses the problem of tolerance--and how things go awry. It is chilling. To get back to centered is--an all out battle.
    Its like a story of someone who had a python in their house--one night the python choked their child to death. Lets get the python out of our country before they destroy--US!!

    Calling upon the Almighty God--to change things is the core answer. Call upon Me and I will show you great and mighty things that you don't know...

    Prayer can do anything God can do.

    • Lady Liberty

      Prayer is needed for our great country...we need to ask God to please continue to bless the United States of America! 

  • Lee Sullivan

    We live in at time where it is becoming more difficult to stand up for our Christian faith.  The secular world chose long ago not to adhere to God's teachings making it easier for them to rail against us.  We MUST stand strong.  I applaud these people for standing on their values.  For this court to over ride their freedom of religion is a threat to the Republic and every freedom and liberty we enjoy.  Our Constitution still stands and this judge is making a joke of it.  God bless these people and I for one will pray for the Lord's intervention.  Jesus rules and HE can change the path for these dear people.

  • Nam 67 & 68

    get rid of your liberal judges.

  • Joe Lauria

    See the movie, "For Greater Glory". If the judiciary continues o mke rulings that fly in the face of the "First Amendment" I fear that we may be going down the same path.

    • Lady Liberty

      Once again: never just lie down and take it!  Let's give them a good argument...enough of us and WE win!

  • Deborah A Kelley

    What happened to " We reserve the right not to serve you as a customer" never mind who or what they do. All businesses have that right.

  • Mandrfam


  • Bill

    It's the Judges that can destroy a nation from within. Abolish the ninth circut, then let's look at all the others for fairness and decentcy.

  • SoGALady

    I am appalled by this, not just because I am a Christian but because it is anyone's right to say NO.  This has nothing to do with discrimination.  It figures the LIBERAL agenda wins again.  Why is it that we as Christians are now again the persecuted ones.  I think most of the US has forgotten that this COUNTRY was founded upon Christian principles and Values.  

    • Tedfaver

       And just who do you think you are?????   If you are a true Christian then you will expect persecution because Jesus said it all when he said they first persecuted me and they will persecute you for my names sake.   But we have no mandate to make ourselves into a door mat .   Just because they persecute you doesn't mean they automatically win.

    • Lady Liberty

      SoGALady: Please don't give them the 'win'... the only people who can be "persecuted" and/or victimized are those who ALLOW themselves to be.  Why don't you organize a letter-writing, or phone-calling, campaign against this judge? = and your representatives - you need not live in New Mexico to register a complaint against what seems to be 'legislating from the bench' - Good luck - and stand tall!!!

  • Librtyship

    No wonder there is so much "contempt of court" , they bring it upon themselves!  One must earn respect and not demand it!  Yes the 9th circuit court needs to be shut down!  San Francisco is so anti American as to make it a totally unsuitable place for a circuit court!!!

  • Marat M Bandemer Jr

    Perhaps we, as a nation should have paid more attention to what the Communist agenda for this country tried to impart to us.  Corrupt our youth, corrupt our courts,  infiltrate and corrupt all institutions until at last we, as the United States of American no longer existed.  It seems apparent that they have won!  Anyone care to argue (intelligently) against this perspective? 

    • Tedfaver

      If you needed any more argument than what took place last night in Wisconsin you really missed it all.  Good people can come together and make a difference.

    • Lady Liberty

      Happily, they have NOT won!  But: we must be extra vigilant because they are relentless.  Everyone should check online for the objectives of the Communist Party - you'll be frightened by what you read. (or you SHOULD be...)

    • Pcsrocky

      It is called AGENDA 21.  They used the "women's movement" and the "gay movement" to break down the family unit and the belief in God.  The plan is to take over the country without firing a shot by infltrating and taking over the Media, Hollywood and others.  They are very near to succeeding in their quest to make United States a Communist country.  If US falls, who will stand for freedom - Canada?, Great Britian, any country in Europe?  NO ONE will stand for freedom!

      We must elect conservatives who will fight for Faith, Freedom, and Country NOT themselves!

  • Dana Wilson

    I wonder what would have happened if the photographer had been ISLAMIC? How would the courts have ruled then? Stand your ground, Christians. Do NOT cave in to this type of mistreatment. It is a slippery slope  you do not want to slide down!

    • Lady Liberty

      Please, all Christians! Do not yield to the vagaries of the puppets of those who would destroy our country. And to those of you who think "Well, this doesn't affect me in any way..."... just think that YOU and YOUR core beliefs just could be the next round.... Stand up and show the courage of your convictions!

    • Kem

      A muslim company would call their buddies for jihad, the GLTB community knows they won't be killed for messing with a Christian company.  You notice the muslims stay out of the moral business, they're watching us disintegrate from within.  Those liberals who love to protect that "peaceful religion" will be the first to have their heads chopped off.

    • Jerry

      Good point, Dana.  You know the answer.  I wonder what would happen if all the pictures were out of focus? Oops, sorry. The auto focus broke.

      • Linda Hopkins

        Great mind think alike !  .  .  . . I posted the same thing above before reading your comment.  .  .  .  Cheerfully refund their money with a smile !

  • ltbl123

    If Wisconsin Unions and liberal Democrats can force recall elections. The citizens of New Mexico should be able to initiate impeachment proceedings against this judge. When a judge can overule an entire block of constitutionally protected civil rights and replace them with the invention of a protected class based on sexual orientation and lifestyle preferences, insanity has replaced reason on the bench.

    It's not a matter of one particuliar bad decision, it is direct evidence that rational thought and reason have been completely replaced by political activism.

    Let's work together and get these cultural kool aid drinkers off the bench, and replace them with jurists that make sound decisions based on the constitution, legal prescident, and even Darwin forbid some kind of moral compass. Surely there is enough historical evidence in world civilizations to exonerate heterosexual marriage over and against unrestricted homosexuality and a mirid of other forms of sexual deviancy? The sanctification of traditional marriage has been proven over centuries of civilization to be benificial to societies and nations. The manifestation of  open homosexuality is most often a precursor of a nation in its final stages of collapse.

    • Lady Liberty

      This is a perfect example of the need of "We the People" to speak out and demand justice for our citizens! There are too many situations of 'the tail wagging the dog'.  All residents of New Mexico should complain to their newspapers, their churches, their politicians (including their governor) and anyone else to spread the message that Americans are fed up with being subjected to this type of behavior.  Judges are becoming more and more like our worst politicians!  VOTE in the right people!!!!!

    • Kem

      The intent is to cost the business a lot of money in attorney fees, thus bankrupting them.

  • Gunsmoke11

    This is an Autracity, the Courts and Judges are WRONG, how can such Dumb Ignorant People such as this with the Courts be so Naive...... Well, there day will come and GOD will make sure they know they did WRONG.....I hope it will teach ALL others that this is NOT allowed and that Peope in which want to be Homo's, then they need to keep it to themselves..... They have NO RIGHTS or Values.....they are worthless Scumbags.....who know NO Better and create Diseases......

  • .

    "We reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE for ANY REASON."

  • Amyjhlltt

    A business has the right of refusal, I don't have to do business with anyone that I don't  want to.

  • Merlin Wood

    we need someAmerican judges

  • Rosendp

    This entire thing could have easily been avoided.  All the photographer would have to say is,  "we're booked, end of story."

    • Kem

      However that is lying.  People in business reserve the right to refuse service to least they did before Obama

    • Norriswacasey

      Maybe they could have taken the pix,but for some unknown reason all the pix came out blank. Just like these 2 people's relationship will be in God's eyes.

  • MS

    I wouldn't worry about this too much as it will go to the US Supreme Court, who keeps nut jobs like these lower level judges in check.  The US Supreme Court ruled in January that the 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion trumps government rules when Obama's EEOC tried to sue a church who fired an employee.  That was a 9 - 0 ruling.   So I say let the US Supreme Court rule on it.  And in November,  take out the trash we have in the White House by voting Romney because this will stop under him and also because the next president will probably also get to appoint 1 or 2 Justices as some are getting old. 

    The Supreme Court voted 9-0 for ministerial protections, a gesture
    Luke Goodrich, a deputy national litigation director at The Becket Fund
    for Religious Liberty, says is “a huge victory for religious freedom and a rebuke to the government.”Chief
    Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion that the case was
    more than a mere employer-employee dispute and to treat it as such
    “intrudes upon more than a mere employment decision. Such action
    interferes with the internal governance of the church, depriving the
    church of control over the selection of those who will personify its
    beliefs.”   In the course of the hearing, senior Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia described the Administration's stance as “amazing”.   Justice
    Scalia said: "We are talking here about the free exercise clause and
    about the establishment clause, and you say they have no special

    Published: January 13, 2003

    Antonin Scalia of the United States Supreme Court said today that the
    courts had gone overboard in keeping God out of government.  Justice
    Scalia, speaking at a religious event, said the constitutional wall
    between church and state had been misinterpreted by the Supreme Court
    and lower courts.
    As an example, he pointed to a ruling last year
    in California that barred students from saying the Pledge of Allegiance
    with the phrase ''one nation under God.'' That appeals court decision
    has not taken effect, pending further consideration by the same court,
    but the Supreme Court could eventually be asked to review the case.

    Justice Scalia used the event to repeat criticisms that the
    Constitution is being interpreted liberally. ''It is a Constitution that
    morphs while you look at it like Plasticman,'' he said.  Though
    the Constitution says the government cannot establish or promote
    religion, Justice Scalia said, the framers had not intended for God to
    be stripped from public life.  ''That is contrary to our whole
    tradition,'' he said, mentioning as examples the words 'in God we trust'
    that appear on currency, presidential Thanksgiving proclamations,
    Congressional chaplains and tax exemption for places of worship.

  • Markymark124

    not gunna happen and wont happen!!!!!! 

  • unclebarry

    My one comment to Elane & Jon and to every other business that produces a creative product.  Should you find yourself in similar situation---simply double, triple, quadruple or go as high as you like on your creative fees. I've found that works for me whenever I do not want to do a specific job. 

    • BohdanUke1

      While your heart is in the right place, your suggestion only complicates and multiplies the problem. Be careful someone doesn't sue you for 'discriminative price gouging' to avoid doing business because of your religious beliefs.

      We must now finally stand up for our rights. The time has ended for our complacency. We must make it crystal & legally clear.

      While I agree with the author of the article, I would suggest that we need to pray a bit less and DO A LOT MORE. God does help those that help themselves and each other.

  • ALsue1

    just say you can't becouse you already have something to do

  • Sally

    It's the same with affirmative action or minority rights. How can the majority who pay the most have no rights? We've been taken to the cleaners long ago and never knew our pants were gone. Yell louder that they might hear you! Can't stop all of us.

  • Nobody's fool

    The goal of these nutcases was not to get their pictures made.  It was to destroy a Christian business. Right up oBlamer's alley, and with his full approval.  He has appointed islamist judges, liberal judges, and activist judges, but he hasn't appointed any Christian, conservative, constitutionalist judges.  And if the judges don't do as he (oBlamer) wants, he will just write another illegal Executive Order to get his way.  And sad to say, the weak kneed, lilly livered RepubliCANTS will allow it to stand as law. We need a full sweep of Congress this November, and a change of residence for the foreign born, homosexual, Communist-mooslum, anti-Christian, anti-American Imposter in Chief who has turned our White House into a House of Ill Repute.  If we don't rid ourselves of this scum in November, there will be more and more of this type of discrimination against Christians in their businesses and in our churches.

  • Manuel Little

    Get wise. Business is business. Ask for the date of the event (obviously one cannot agree to a service without knowing the date), then check your calendar and lo and behold you seem to be busy that day or time. They changed the date? Raise their price. Raise your prices and buy lawyer insurance. Pass the fee to the customers. All customers will pay a higher price for photography, from now on. Little will they know who is responsible for skyrocketed photography prices. Move out of New Mexico. Your kind is not appreciated, there.

    • TexasMom4

      This is good advice, however,  I'm not wise as I would be compelled to tell them the reason for refusing service.  I never learned to play "the game" and it's cost me plenty in other situations over the years.

  • Sanchezmikea

    also set your alarms for 7:14 as many christians are doing, to bring us into corporate prayer.

  • Manuel Little

    Remember: "Fear not. I am with you." Sometimes things have to get ugly, to be rectified.

  • v steve

    The homosexual society is WRONG.
    If suddenly everyone on earth were to turn gay, there would be no one left on the earth to procreate and within 100 years everyone on the planet would be dead and humanity would cease to exist. A society that cannot bring fourth a new generation through procreation is a society doomed to eternal extinction. How then can homosexuality be right when it clearly leads us down the path of destruction and annihilation. If the homosexual is born homosexual, then why is the homosexual born with reproductive system which is no use to the homosexual.
    Sodomy is defined in the dictionary as unnatural, sodomy is a homosexual act by supporting the homosexual agenda you will be supporting an unnatural act. Socialist, Communist, Marxist support the homosexual agenda because of their belief in population control.

  • Kristmas

    the only problem is that America is not a Christian nation and is following hard after the devil for decades. Come out of her and be separate and touch not the unclean thing

    • Papaboblhc

       Your nuts

    • sean murry.

      put down the crack pipe. punk

  • Papaboblhc

    Courts are not the Supreme Law read your Constitution it belongs in the hands of the incompetent CONGRESS

  • Elizabeth Murphy-Sarakas

    Just going to say this - they weren't the only photographers and every business has the right to deny any customer.  Looking at people as judging on race, religion, age or anything like that...there are too many Americans that want to sue over anything.  When I got married, I was turned away from many florists because my wedding was three days before Mother's Day.  If this couple can sue and get away with it all the way up to the Supreme Court, does that mean that I could sue these florists for turning me away because of a "Hallmark Holiday" being on the same weekend?  My wedding was in a garden, so I only needed the boutineers, bouquets, and corsages.  Let's get real, it isn't about the couple being homosexual.  It's about the fact that they wanted to sue someone.  To sue someone for such a minor thing because of sexual preference, race, age, disability, or whatever other possible discrimination people may feel they can get away with using, is a disgrace to this nation's intelligence and a sad excuse to waste so much money, time, and energy of so many people that had to get involved in this issue.  It's just greed!

  • Rollarich

    NM courts and Gov Mrtinez decided it was OK for my ex- to kidnap my kids, NM is a perverse place.

  • ER

    "As I told Isaiah: Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil, for my thoughts and ways are higher than your thoughts and ways, saith the Lord. They who are as little children, and are teachable shall see the kingdom. All others who desire to command God to their will shall find much anguish and sorrow to their disappointment. The wicked who will not forsake their ways shall feel my wrath soon to come. If they will not wash away their sins and false traditions in holy waters, then they shall be just more dead wood to make the fire hotter, as I have told thee In the past."

    Revelation from Jesus Christ to his servants. 

  • Gregory L Horton

    The Supreme Court has always sided with "Religious Freedom" and as such will turn against this decision.  The State can not force anyone to violate their religious values.  Anybody remember the "conscientious objector"?  Last I checked, that law is still in effect.  In case I'm wrong, does that mean that if a muslim organization caters or rents out their facilities, I can demand they prepare pork for my guests?
    I think a few judges need to be removed from the bench.

    • Old observer

      Good point


      Let's get rid of all Liberals , divide the country. Let them have the Hollywierd side and all welfare recipents. The east is better, you get four seasons.!!!!!!!lolng
      Did anybody see and Gay man trying to kiss Will Smith on TV?  They are getting bolder with that trash, and very soon, some  one will try it with a straight personk and get blown away. WATCH & SEE!  THEN THEY WILL CALL IT A HATE CRIME, AND THEY WILL BE RIGHT.

  • Sutekh

    The left always demands "justice," but what it really wants is revenge. I haven't met a leftist yet who didn't have "LaFarge Syndrome."

  • Old observer

    I'll bet that if rather than being Christians, they were Muslims, there would have been no problem-----

  • laneylou

    If the lesbian couple wanted an ordained minister to officiate their marriage/civil union and the said minister declined because it went against his religious beliefs would  the couple sue him as well? 

    • Joann

      Don't give this sick pathetic people any ideas. 

  • Mrs Diane L Logan

    Seems that the Texas case heard by the SCOTUS years ago in favor of sodomites was not enough. Now we must accept that the joining of homosexual sexual conduct as being equal to marriage of heterosexuals when in fact they are demanding the approval and even the legal license of sodomy for that is all that homosexuals can perform without there being a joining of the genitalia of a female and that of a male.
    What next: Mother's Day, Father's Day and Deviant Day?

  • Netaric9

    What I don't understand it why do these people have a need to stand on street corners and get on the national news to proclaim their disgusting habits.  I am straight and I have never felt a need to advertise my position.  Would it be okay if straight members of our society start pulling the same tricks for attention as these people with vile intentions?  Their self esteem must be below rock bottom.  Okay, I know that it is a Hollywood fad right now, but wrong is still wrong.

  • TexasMom4

    I thought any business has the right to refuse service to anyone?  No?  This is not the America I came up in!

  • Robo77155

    This Dyke B --ch and her partner needs to be tared and feathered for this Discussing  show of injustice and left for display for other Queers & Dykes.
    If they are and the "so-called courts" are to inept to read they could look in the Bible and see how God frowns
    on these filthy creatures!!

    • BigMan

      Robo, the biggest problem with your response is that you have lowered the right to the same level as those across the aisle. Just the references that you use would be an injustice to God and the Bible. We are all God's creatures, albeit some, a great minority, are greatly misguided. Our generation has caused so much of this with the Woodstock era and beyond. Obama is pandering these votes and alienating his own base. But, when you come out and start the name calling, you have sunk to new depths along with those who are causing the problems.

      • Prambo

        Thank you. Those were my sentiments exactly. God made us all and unto his likeness. Who among us is to say which group is wrong?? Not me. The Bible says "Thou shalt not judge." And, I will not judge anyone. Even Robo.

        • Mark Daniel Johansen

          Fortunately, you do not need to figure out who is right and who is wrong in this case. God has already answered this question: he clearly says in the Bible that homosexuality is wrong.  (Start with Romans 1:27, e.g.) Just because we are all made in the image of God does not mean that we do not sin. (That's pretty much the whole point of the Bible: we are all sinners in need of a saviour.)

        • God loves you

           God does not sin. Homosexuality is a sin. Anyone practicing sin is not in the likeness of God, they are perverted. That being said, the word of God tells us that all have sinned and thus all are condemned, but whoever believes in Jesus will not be condemned. That is the real reason to oppose the normalization of immoral sexual behavior, of any kind.  By leading those who commit such acts to believe that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing, results in those persons denying that they sin. By denying that they sin, they make God out to be a liar and they will not be saved. However, if they ever change their mind and agree with God, they too will saved from condemnation.


          Sorry Sir,

          To judge would mean defining that which you don't know to be true. They have stated over and over again, what they are! We are already judged by Christ Jesus and his Cross Work! His Blood makes us whole, but we are not to continue in SINS. Justice = condemnation, but Pardon =Forgiveness. Until they are born of the spirit, and the flesh, they cannot inherit eternal life!!!!! No one can, and that's God's business.

  • Ron Henderson

    Hang in there!  Take them to the legal end.  There is no way we must give in to anti-marriage bullying.  God's dictates come first regardless of who rules against!  Puny man can only kill the body but not deprive you of eternal life.  They will loose badly in the end.  We need to pray for them as they are led by Satan.

  • Houstin


    • Dalecop

      No - this is control.

  • Paul427

    The commission and court have in fact discriminated perversely against the free practice of Christian faith by Elaine and Jon Huguenin.  Perhaps we should wait for the final appeal, however this may be a time where the so-called institutional court system will need to be disposed of openly (and probably violently) for it is better that we obey God than people who by their lack of faith will inherit destruction.  In my thinking there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY THAT THESE PSEUDO-CONSTITUTIONAL RULINGS TO DATE UPHOLD THE RIGHT OF LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  The free exercise of faith according to our personal consciences is THE GREATEST FREEDOM WE HAVE!!!  Therefore these moron impersonators in an apostate and unconstitutional court/commission infrastructure have no business existing in America.  They are enemies of our American heritage and the American way of life.  They must be eliminated.  Let's do it, peacefully if possible, but in any case they must be driven out of here!!!  Otherwise our Republic is disinherited and our heritage of true freedom gone.  Shame on all of them, including the lesbians who started this nonsense.

    • Righteous777

      Paul, I believe this was done in purposely to begin the destruction of Christian enterprises & churches. We are on a very slippery slope & nothing good can come of it without the help of the Lord. I pray for the homosexuals & lesbian's eyes to be opened to the true lifestyle of a wholesome & moral realationship. Just my own opinion

  • Gregg Weber

    This telling churches what they can and can not do has been around for a long time, polygamy being the oldest I can think of.

  • Mark Daniel Johansen

    I wonder what the courts would have ruled if someone said that because of their religious beliefs, they refuse to take photos for a cigarette commercial, or they refused to take photos for a KKK group. I suspect they would be praising the photographer for his courage for standing up for principle.

  • Wiseowl

    I wonder if this judge would be willing to order me to forego my faith and follow the orders of the court?

  • LarryG

    Friggin actvist judges.

  • Birddog2nd

    I would like to know if the judge is an athiest or gay and if he made his decision based on his beliefs.

  • MikeH

    EVERY 15 SECONDS a CHILD is ORPHANED by an AIDS PARENT(S).  So by this ALONE do I condone gays lifestyle not to mention the INNOCENT THOUSANDS that ARE INFECTED EVERY YEAR ACCIDENTALLY,
    NOT ME!!!!

  • God

    Don't make me come down there! I am getting mad!

    • Joann

      Good one.  It will happen one of these days.

  • Forrest

    We will all witness against these evil people on judgement day!


      Don't rejoice in it. God himself has stated that " He desires that none should perish, but all should come to repentence. 'When people are in darkness, they don't actually know that they are lost. Let's show them God's love, maybe we can win them to Christ.  It isn't us they hate, it is Jesus!!!!!!!!!

  • Floyd



      Sad, God is extending his love for the homosexual, just like he is fo everyone else. Instead of embracing rules and laws that govern and protect us from his wrath, they want justice! Justice means, "Just what I deserve" You want justice above mercy, it is your funeral. Un-holy matramony is an abomination, the laws of God invoke wrath, whenever the truth of God is denounced.  I wish the children well, at the very gates of HELL!!

  • RPSupporter

    This is not unlike the current situation regarding the Republican nominee.  Christians are forgetting to look to God !  Voting for the best of the worst is most definitely NOT the Christian thing to do.  Voting for the right person is.  Fear that Obama will win if one doesn't vote for Romney is anti-Christian principles at worst.  You know who I am voting  for or writing in and it ain't none of the above ! I not only have to live with my conscience I will one day have to answer for my actions and "votes" !  And who would want to face all the fallen Hero's on judgement day knowing you voted out of fear and not out of honor and pride !

  • R. R.

    These photographers should counter-sue on the basis of being discriminated against for being Christian (see how that works)?  And the woman/man/woman... whatever she/he/she is should be made to pay the legal fees on the counter-suit.  And round and around it goes!

    • R. R.

      The lesbian is saying she was discriminated for her "way of life" or her beliefs.   How then can she turn around and sue some Christian photographers for their "way of life" or beliefs?

      • Buckshotjoe1

        Sadly, it is the way of hypocrites and bolsheviks. It is how they "roll".


          The in-tolerant, want tolerance. Mutant Ninga Turtles.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • R. R.

    What's next?  Someone that worships Satan asks someone to "join their club."  The person refuses.  The Satan worshiper's feelings have been hurt and takes the person to court for discrimination.  The judge orders the person to worship Satan AND pay the court fines.   STUPID!  Where does it END?

  • lsomers

    A person or persons who run a business that offers services to the public, be it a lunch counter in Selma Alabama or a Photo studio  in 
     Albuquerque, New Mexico are bound by the laws of the land in so far as those laws forbid discrimination - regardless of how they want to justify that discrimination. They have an obligation to be fair, and THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO IMPOSE THEIR RELIGIOUS VALUES, IGNORANT AS THEY ARE, ON OTHER PEOPLE IN THE COURSE OF RUNNING THEIR BUSINESS. Anyone who cannot understand this simple concept does not know what it means to be an American much less a Christian.

    • John Shade

       "we refuse to offer services to anyone"

      Your argument is fail

    • Ts

      As a business owner myself I can decide to turn down contract business whenever I want to.  What is UnAmerican is to then try and sue to business owner.  If you don't like them then take your business elsewhere!! 

    • JMWinPR

       True so true, show us the document that includes gays in the civil rights act(s). While your statement may be true of a lunch counter or apartment building, it doesn't apply to basement apartments. As this business doesn't have walk in service, I would say that it doesn't apply either

    • R. R.

       They are not imposing their religious beliefs on anyone.  If you think they are, then do you also believe the lesbian couple are imposing their same-sex values on people?  Both "couples" are just expressing their beliefs.  With this news becoming public, the Christian couple have now put themselves out there to potentially lose money because people don't agree with what they did, maintain their business as they have been doing or increase their business because people agree with them.  With any one of these outcomes, it will be because of WHAT PEOPLE BELIEVE.  Doesn't everyone, to some extent, discriminate because of what they believe?  If I believe I receive bad service at a restaurant, I won't go back.  I am, in a sense, discriminating against the restaurant, am I not?

    • Tout

      The owner was right in refusing. Let all believers honor God, for the good of America.

    • Diane Smith

      If you were EVER a Catholic or a CHRISTIAN ANYTHING, you would  understand that these photographers do not have to be a party to what they consider sinful behavior.  I hope they sue the robes off these judges that want to legislate from the bench instead of interpret the laws.

      CHOOSING A MORAL PATH IS NOT DISCRIMINATION !  AND VICTIMIZING those who don't wish to be pulled into or accommodate sinful acts should be left to pursue their business as they see fit.

      As for you, I'm sorry you have let yourself be dominated by Satan rather than Our Creator.   We will pray for your soul.  God gave us His commandments - they too are 'simple concepts' live by.

  • Daniel Gray

    Sorry, this decision will not stand a court challenge. You have the right to refuse service to anyone you wish, I mean how many times have you seen "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service." Now why is this ok and what this photographer did not? You cannot have it both ways dude. And didnt the US Supreme Court clearly state in the Boy Scout decision that you are NOT required to associate with everyone? Guess the next step is the NM Supreme Court which if it has any legal sense, will overturn this idiotic decision!

    • Wetter1

      Well Harry Reed refuses to allow the Senate to vote on any legislation sent to him from the house plus no budget has been passed since he has been in charged. Should we bring him up on treason charges for not executing his job he was elected for. Just a thought. Liberal want their cake and eat it to. Christians need to stand up and retake our country while we can plus we should never pay a dime that is set against us wrongfully by the government. Religious freedom is worth fighting for.

  • Plaidp

    There are no rules about "violating faith".  That's lunatic rubbish.   You republican clowns are just trying to justify hate against your fellow citizens.  You are good at that.  There are no gods.

    • Joann

      Well, DUH!!!  I think you might have hurt my feelings. NOT


      What a fool believes!!!!! Wait til you meet him and tell him that he doesn't exist!!!!!! IDIOT

    • ort

      Plaidp: just be quiet. I'm sure there is some Godless liberal left wing nut job website you could be posting on right now. Don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.

  • Stinkpot, cornholer

    Here is a case where it certainly is crazy.  The judge should be rolled in manure , and I can think of all kinds of torture he should endure.  


      It is getting worse; I smell a revolution. Why wait?


      It is getting worse; I smell a revolution. Why wait?

  • Mitchina

    "the photography business is a public accommodation" ?  They are a small self employed private business!  WTF are these judges thinking?  Never mind - I keep forgetting the dirty libertard SOB's have infiltrated our legal system.

  • Anne851

    Another version of this happened here in KY when a t-shirt store declined to print t-shirts with gay slogans on them.  The owners of the store told the clients that although their religion did not permit them to make the shirts, they would find another store that would make the shirts for them.  Of course, that was not good enough,  the gays did not want the shirts made by anyone else, they wanted to "force" the Christian store to make them.  This caused quite a hullabaloo which went on for months.  Enough people stood behind the store owners that they were not made to pay any legal fees.

  • katrinka45 go a take the pictures...its not anyones fault if the film was bad and didn't focus, maybe someone could have even opened the dark room door while the film was being developed, or maybe the mistake was a simple as forgetting to put the film in the camera...right???  😮

  • Buckshotjoe1

    Any person or court that would demand someone to violate their conscience regarding  the laws of the ALMIGHTY
    and encourage someone to become more deluded as to sexual "orientation" is a fool and and equally deluded byunsound choice.  WOE to the one who sets the foot of others to commit evil.

  • Martin Lawrey

    In Texas businesses  have the right to refuse service to anyone questions asked.

    • thismustend

      Are you sure? They sure like to pander to ILLEGALS so I can't imagine a business daring to refuse service to them.

  • Daxx Vondrachen

    So I can go into a place barefoot and no shirt and sue them when they say"No shirt, no shoes ,no service" How cool is that!?!?!?  Next, I think I'll go into Starbucks and tell them to stop serving anything with caffein because I could be a Mormon and it "offends" me..awesome!!  I think I could start my career as a serial killer killing atheists and liberal. Atheists can't do anything because there is no God to judge me and 10 Commandments are merely relativistic suggestions. Killing a 30 year old liberal would just be a 120th trimester abortion and they would pray to their god with their dying breath saying "Dear holy Obama, please accept my soulless psyche to the great entitlement office in the nothingness...Let us all chant and meditate together OOOOOOOOOOOOO--BAAAAAAAAAAA---MAAAAAAAAA....OOOOOOO---BAAAAA---MAAAAAA ,  Yes, empty you mind and be a better liberal. OOOO BAAA MAAAAA...Now drink the Kool-Aid.....BOOOO YOOOOO MAAAAA MAAAAA   


      Love it!!!!! Let's get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nottakenyan

      How about???----------------------- Screw you ------------------you illegal, lying Kenyigar!!!

  • Smurf3567

    As a business owner you have the right to refuse service to whomever. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read in my entire life. This will never stand up in court. These are just political idiots trying to make money off of someone else.

    • thismustend

      Actually this is a court of law & unfortunately MOST of our judiciary is made up of radical leftists so what the LAW says & what the Constitution says means little. Businesses have been FORCED to hire gender reassigned, transvestites & gays regardless of how it affects their customer base.  Freedom, NOT!

    • castaway

      It just did stand up in court more or less. We are losing our rights and freedom daily. The end is near.

  • We The People

    Okay Americans if you are fed up with our rights being taken away from us, the Constitution of the United States, being ignored and violated; flood New Mexico Court of Appeals with your view on this issue with the "New Mexico Court Says Christian Photographer Must Violate Faith or Pay Hefty Fines".  The following information was taken off the" web site.

    Michael Bustamante
    Celia Castillo
    Cynthia Fry
    Timothy Garcia
    J. Miles Hanisee
    Roderick Kennedy
    Linda Vanzi
    Michael Vigil
    James Wechsler

    New Mexico Court of Appeals
    2211 Tucker NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87106

    Please note: All mail should be sent to:

    PO Box 25306,
    Albuquerque, NM

    • castaway

      I'm all done writing letters, emails, and making phone calls and talking personally to our reps. It all falls on deaf ears, and I get a generic and insulting reply. They all need to be removed!

      • Lady Liberty

        Please do NOT give up!  That is exactly what they want...a complacent citizenry!  No Way!!!! Insist on speaking with someone...or even better: send your letters to the local newspapers - that may get a response.

  • Shell

    If someone came into their shop and wanted them to photograph a sex orgy would they have to by law. What about a killing, or some other thing that was against their religion? The government has gone too far into the lives of  legal Americans.  And now they want the authority of the CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN turned over to the UN!???!! NO WAY, AMERICA!

    • castaway

      Are you willing to spill blood to stop this madness? I hope you are, because that is what it will take. The entire government needs to be forcefully removed, and a constitutional one installed.

  • Sandy

    Okay Americans, flood the New Mexico Court of Appeals with your voice on this issue. We are "We the people". Your voice counts. Let the New Mexico Court of Appeals know, you are voting out the politicians that appointed them to office for the outrageous decisions such as this decision. The following information was taken from the "New Mexico Court of Appeals,, web site.

    Michael Bustamante
    Celia Castillo
    Cynthia Fry
    Timothy Garcia
    J. Miles Hanisee
    Roderick Kennedy
    Linda Vanzi
    Michael Vigil
    James Wechsler

    New Mexico Court of Appeals
    2211 Tucker NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87106

    Please note: All mail should be sent to:

    PO Box 25306,
    Albuquerque, NM

    • thismustend

      THANK YOU for posting this information!

    • whitebird

      Thank you Sandy, for the info.  I'll be using it.

    • Lady Liberty

      Kudos to you, Sandy!  Thanks for taking the time - and making the effort - to furnish this information. If everyone would follow your example, "We the People" would make lots of progress.  We need to 'hold their feet to the fire' and let the politicians, judges, etc., know that we are watching and WILL take action when needed!  Bravo!

  • thismustend

    A PRIVATE business started with the OWNER'S MONEY should be able to CHOOSE whom it will serve & not serve, hire or not hire. Government run or financed businesses & services are different but PRIVATE businesses, PRIVATELY FINANCED should be able to run that business THEIR WAY, WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE.

  • Nottakenyan

    America has an illegal, fudge packing, lying Kenyigar sleeping in the White House at night and impersonating a US president in the daytime.  How embarrassing to have this lying POS wasting taxpayer dollars!!!

  • thismustend

    Does anyone honestly believe that this business was not deliberately targeted BECAUSE the owners are Christians? This is what the gay community does, they go after & DESTROY ANYONE that dares stand against their perversion & calls them out as bigots & haters. Meanwhile THEY are using intimidation, VIOLENCE & the courts to FORCE their disgusting lifestyle down our throats.

  • DRW

    It is sad but instead of telling the truth we will just have to say we are booked up and not available.
    The gay's are just taking an opportunity to profit from any situation. As I have heard before just follow the money with any of these groups wanting special treatment,

  • Wykes

    Wonderful article! And yes, I will pray!

  • Spyderdalton

    The courts are  losing all credibility.  What they are going to start jailing people for their religious beliefs?
    Can you say communism?

  • whitebird

    Sad, sad, sad!  What is this world coming to?  If the Lord doesn't come soon, He will have to apologize for destroying Sodom and Gomorrah. We, as a nation, are going down the gutter straight to the septic tank  (hell ).  Soon it will be legal to kill each other. We already hate each other and sleeping around is cool.  Which, if any, of God's Laws  ( 10 Commandments ) are we keeping?

  • Nikita63

    There is no reason to force anyone whose faith under our constitution may be practiced to violate their faith if doing so creates no other option. That is not so in this case. There are other photographers and if they are morally and religiously opposed to gay marriage no matter what the state calls it, they have that right and always have and always will. If you try to force your exceptions on me. I will not comply. There is room for all to practice what they believe and choices , responsible ones, to be made based on Constutioutionally guaranteed freedom to worship as one chooses or NOT! Go find a photographer who agrees with your beliefs and leave those who do not free to ,practice THEIRS. THAT has been a basic Guaranteed freedom since the foundation of this country and it shall REMAIN so. I am not a practicing Catholic but the attacks being made on their schools and hospitals are an extention of policy to all Christian or Jewish or any other faith other than Islam whose practitioners are overthrowing this country's legal system from within and with the aid of the democratically controlled administration and this heinous excuse for a sitting president. who swore an oath to defend and uphold the constitution and yet, DOES NOT, while using the courts to intimidate all those in opposition. Welcome to Obama's Fundamental change. How is it working out for YOU?

    • Map729

      Thank you, thank you for your post!

      • Nikita63

        You are most welcome. Personally, I finfd the whole gay war oin heteros and decent morality abhorreent but, what I have written makes sense so both groups can live. Marriage is a natural order requirement that particiuants be of two DIFFERENT gensders . That is basic biology and there is no denying that among sentient beings with morals, this is so. Gay unions can be called whatever their paricipants like or civil unions but marriage has ALWAYS been defined as bewtween a man and a woman and always will be until in his arrogance, man decides to genetically alter the race to accomodate those with gay proclivities. If that ever happens, it will be no less sick for the accomplishment, than I consider it now. IT IS NOT NORMAL IN HUMANS EXCEPT AS AN ABBERATION FROM THE NORM. PERIOD! Every person born into this world does so as the result of a union between a man and a woman,  a mother and a father with separate and distinct characteristics and roles to be furnished to their offspring. I do not give a hoot what psychologists and psychaistrists dispense in contravention of the necssity; they Are WRONG. This is the Natural Order: PERIOD

        • Guest

          homos recruit because they cannot procreate

  • Wetter1

    Well Harry Reed refuses to allow the Senate to vote on any legislation sent to him from the house plus no budget has been passed since he has been in charged. Should we bring him up on treason charges for not executing his job he was elected for. Just a thought. Liberal want their cake and eat it to. Christians need to stand up and retake our country while we can plus we should never pay a dime that is set against us wrongfully by the government. Religious freedom is worth fighting for. goverment has no right to tell anyone in business what or how they conduct there day to day operations.

    • Map729

      Right on!

  • Saved1973

    Yes, great article & great choice of Scripture.

    Funny how when I tried to post that very same verse as "God's solution to the problems in America" on another popular website that refers to itself as news from a Christian perspective (Vision -- -------), they refused to post it at all.

    Glad a friend sent me a link to Godfather Politics.

  • The leftwibger

    I totally disagree with this whole article. Gays and lesbian shouldn't be discriminated against at all. I'm tired of people using religion to hide behind their bigotry views. Admit it, you are bigot and that's all you are. Don't hide behind religion you cowards.

    • Wetter1

      the bigot's are the gay and lesbians that think thay have some special right for ther sin. God distroyed a whole city for the sin of same sex intercource.

    • Marine's Dad

       Have you ever been in a business that has a sign saying "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone?" Or how about one with a sign saying "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service?" Should these business owners be forced to violate THOSE standards? WELL, genius, this is the same thing, the owner has set standards under which he will or will not conduct business, and NO ONE has the right to force him to violate his standards. NO ONE!!
      So take your "bigotry" and shove it where the sun don't shine.

    • whitebird

      I feel sorry for you.  I'm not hiding behind anything when I say you only have this world to live in.  Period!  No chance of an eternal life for you.  So you better enjoy the life you have now cause "there ain't no more for you" .

    • Think About It

      I assume you are familiar with the First Amendment since you are using your Right to Free Speech.  You may want to also check out the part about religion and prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  You seem to have the idea that religious people are bigoted while you see yourself as not.  Take a closer look at your beliefs about religious people.  In my view you are bigoted towards them.  You hold them all in contempt and feel they should be discriminated against because of their views.  As a Christian, I don't feel that gays or lesbians should be discriminated against but I also don't feel they should be placed on high and be given special rights.  Jesus taught that if you are not accepted at a town (in this case a business) you are to shake the dust off your shoes as you leave.  In other words don't even take their dust with you as you leave as a reminder that you were there.    

      • Nikita63

        According to gays, liberals and enemies of our Constitution for the INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES it provides that allow us all to celebrate our own lives in accordance with how we choose to live them in compliance WITH the Constitution you, if you differ in viewpoint are discriminating against them. Marriage is not GAY as current usage would have you believe; it is a perversion of the natural order with or without Religion. Do what you will if so inclined but, the law of the land does not permit discrimination aganst you or others. Only politicians make that distanction for personal gain and divisiveness to keep a one strong and free populace from being moral and reamining strong with decency and civility for all ; Not because they respect you,  but because THEY derive benefit from your losss of freedoms commensurrate in benfit to themselves for what you have taken from you. Stop being idiots and start getting rid of those fouling up your lives from Both parties; Those who call the shots  in their behalf though they are sworn to call them in YOURS!

    • Trashman

      I guess I must be a Bigot. I Will never change my mind Being a Lesbo or Gay is not normal. You sound like you may by Gay or Be Lesbo. Pervert

    • Brian Gunderson

       It is my right to refuse service to any one in the United States by the Constitution which is for everyone , including leftest wingbat sodomites and if they don't like that I will give you the law of the "45" . Just because you can't do your filthy perverted garbage in my yard does Not give  you the right to force me to do your nasty perverted sodomy, if that comes to be " Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" , but you can bet as I am going to the grave I will take some with me....KEEP in your own back yard with your sick perversions sodomites.

      • Jdawson

        When I was a kid in Virginia, restaurants didn't serve blacks and I remember on that had a sign on the wall that said something like, "It is my right to refuse service to any one in the United States by the Constitution."  A little deeper in the South, there was a guy who used an axe handle to enforce his belief . . . and I have no doubt he thought he was a good Christian. 

      • Brian Gunderson

         Further more where do you Sodomites and Gomorrahites get off taking a word "gay", and polluting it's true meaning :

        " happily excited : Merry, and bright : lively , and brilliant in color and sociable "

        when YOU are perverted crying wreathing wreached misarable low class left behind non productive trash that cannot produce anything but more of your scum for society .

         I am GAY, I am Happy I am going to Heaven,  but you are not,

          you are not,  you are the scum of the earth and you will burn in Hell because GOD says so .
        You can repent and GOD will forgive you , but if you choose to be a sodomite unto death without repenting and die not knowing GOD , You will rott Forever in hell with satan and his angels.
        IT IS YOUR CHOICE NOW!!!! .............GOD hates sin and sodomy is Sin!!!!!!!

    • Ralinfla

      we don't HIDE left nut wing...we HONOR our code to Honor our God! Homoish is an abomination and NOT to be celebrated in any way,shape or form.

    • twin1994

      written like a true bigot yourself.......your prejudice towards a Christen is drooling out you mouth. You want acceptance, them accept......NOT EVERYONE IS ON THE SAME PAGE. The photographers didn't go out and protest their lifestyle, they chose not to participate....BIG DIFFERENCE.

    • sean murry.

      Screw you jack.

  • Weiserbob

    this judge went way overboard the business owner has the rite to refuse service to anyone

  • Medave

    I suggest someone in New Mexico hire a Muslim  caterer and than demand that they serve them pork and then sue them when they refuse and see how that gets treated in the courts. If it gets tossed out of court why are they discriminating against Christians for their beliefs and not against others for their beliefs that is Discrimination !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • di from Oregon

    It's us Christians who are being discriminated against.  Trying to force any adult to do anything is just wrong!

  • Janske

    Good point, Medave!

  • Plg6

    Both the tone of this article and comments sound very similar to the waves of protest some fifty years ago when it took the pressure of the government to try and force an end to discrimination against blacks which had been institutionalized. "Woe is us," particularly from the South. But somehow or other they survived, kicking and screaming all the way. Now, nobody gives a second thought to blacks being at the next table in a restaurant. Fifty years from now, people will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about gays. But by then some other group will be at the forefront, demanding what our American ideal promises - equality of opportunity and service.

    • RMS

      I am not
      a black but if I were I would feel very insulted by your equalization of blacks
      and homosexuals. Blacks are creation of God (you cannot change color of your
      skin by wishful thinking) and if in the past they were mistreated it was wrong
      and it was corrected. On the other side you can change your sexual orientation. Many
      homosexuals were rescued from this destructive behavior. I also know of
      divorced people who at the age of 40-50 "discovered" that they are
      "homosexual". I only know of Michael Jackson who was able to change
      his blackness - color and features. I do not know of any white person changed
      into black. No, race and so-called sex orientation are totally different things
      and to claim their equality is an insult to the man's intelligence.

      • Plg6

        John Howard Griffin - a reporter, white, who through chemicals and suntan made himself black, at least for a time, to write the then landmark book, still worth reading, "Black Like Me." Available at and likely your local library. A compelling story of  the experience of discrimination from the inside out. Discrimination, whether against blacks or homosexuals (or any other group, for that matter)  is still wrong. On that basis I make the comparison.

        As to the sexual orientation vs skin color question, there is a lot more to the former that we are only beginning to find out about as we learn more about biology, psychology and genetics. To classify it merely to  be a "lifestyle choice" is to display one's ignorance, not to mention a singular lack of respect. Sigh. And no, to answer your next question, I'm not gay, I've been married to the same wonderful woman for almost 35 years. But I do know gay people. And guess what, they're just ordinary people who want to work, have a life and pay their taxes just like anybody else. It's the same fear that pervaded white communities when blacks moved in, we don't want THOSE people near us. As Rodney King once asked, "can't we all just get along?" A hope that has yet to manifest in reality.

        • RASH

          I remember the story about the reporter.  It was interesting. 
          I fear a lot of so called black people.  And that's how a lot of them want it.  I don't believe that people really fear the gay's.   Kind like the Wal-Mart people.  Or the people with tattoo's. Lets not forget the extreme over weight people . It is called socially unacceptable.  The Christians with values and morals are now the socially unacceptable.  Know back to the subject.
          They should have gone to a Muslium Photography would they have been turned away?   How would New Mexico Supreme Court have ruled?

        • RMS

          I guess you are making my point - it is imposible to "change" race permanently. Your case is weak. Learn about just and unjust discrimination. As a civil society we have to discriminate against murderers, thiefs, liers,  rapists and similar breeds. So sorry we cannot just get all along. Public acceptance of homosexuality certainly does not belong into civil society. (But nor does capital punishment as in some non-Christian societies).

        • guest

          I agree with PLG6.  Did not Jesus teach to love everybody, but hate the sin.  We are not responsible for the way some people agree behaving in their sex life.  That is their private decission, and they will suffer punishment by God, not us.
          Where have been those Big Believers  when church was teaching that slavery is OK.
          Those who proffess loving God but hate their brother.
          Do not get deceived, and do not become as those you hate.  (If you really love God)
          After all, the lesbian couple did not ask photographer to participate in their sin.
          If my wife goes with her female friend to get picture together and was refused because they get mistaken for gays, I would sue the photographer too.
          Think.... Jesus said "You see the splinter in your brothers eye but do not see the tree in your own."

    • Bo_Kassa

       Pig are you out of your ever loving mind? To compare what the Bible refers to as an abomination to the struggles for racial equality fifty years ago is totally assinine!!!!
      The "pressure" exerted by the government was only enforcing an accurate and Constitutionally based interpetation of the law. To think that the government can pressure people to accept and condone any type  moral behavior is totally Orwellian in nature. For you to equate, or even suggest that the civil rights racial movement of the 60's is anything like the current gay rights uproar is completely ignorant!!!! Being black is not a sin nor is it contrary to the standards of a God fearing, moral society... homosexuality is!

    • tom whelly

      Sexual perversion is not the same as skin color,and I don't only mean homosexuallity,America is turning into one big sespool of perversion.You either stand with them or with rightiousness.

    • ort

      Pig: being born a certain ethnicity is NEVER the same situation as one who chooses to wallow in a perverse, dirty, disease ridden, disgusting lifestyle choice. Not by a long shot!!

  • musketball

    A business has the right to refuse service.  And aside from the actions of activist courts  (like this one) there is no law that compels a business to perform for-payment services on demand.  Let this be a lesson to business owners: if a client seeks to engage your services but you wish to refuse based on religious, moral or ideological reasons, keep your mouth shut about the specifics of why you're turning them away.  "Sorry, we're booked up that week."  Now the courts can go F themselves.  :)

  • defender3

    The fuss sir is that homosexuality is a perversion.  Look up the word in the dictionary.  You and your homosexual friends are wanting to push a perverted life style down people's throat!  You can have sex with a porcupine for all I care!  Just do it privately but do not expect other people to accept it as normal behavior.  Get a life!

  • F8tul

    What part of  any business can refuse service to anyone for any reason?????
    What happened to freedom of religion????

    If the roles were reversed the court would still side with the faggots....
    Just wait til the rest of the SILENT MAJORITY wakes up.. if they ever do, WE THE PEOPLE WILL TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK BY STORM...

    • Amber Pilkington

      Your discriminatrory speech which does not uphold the dignity of a human person with same sex attraction isn't helping anything. And yes I am against homosexual actions because I think it's contrary to the dignity of the person. Isn't it hypocritical to then speak of others in undignified ways?

  • FloridaJim

    I will ignore these orders as I do all government orders.The government is far too intrusive Dump Obama and take the EPA, FCC, Education, Labor, energy , DOJ and the Supreme Court and return them as intended or remove them entirely.

    • MichaelH

       Jim, I sympathize totally with your POV on this, but...

      We've reached the point where courts have acquired so much power, they can't reasonably be ignored without endangering our financial short they can come after our income and livelihoods.  That's what's happening here.

      We have to get rid of this administration...the sooner the better.  Additionally we MUST curb liberal jurists.

  • Kingskid13148

    I feel sad for homosexuals. I don't think any of them are happy. How could they be?  I pray for them and I wonder how some people think they can  take the parts of the bible they like and discard what they don't. If God says it's an abomination, it is. That being said, if they want to continue in that lifestyle, do it in private and leave everyone else alone. It's also an abomination to force someone to go against their beliefs.

  • tom whelly

    We all can do what our belief  system tells us to do or not do,but we live in the enemies territory right now as Christians.It is sad that our country is turning away from the principles of God,but on the other hand,the bible tells us to rejoice when we are persecuted for Jesus name,and for rightiousness.End time living will become very tough for Christians who live Godly.But our hope should not be founded on a better America but a country whose builder is God.

  • Bunksweeper

    The homosexual bringing the suit is living proof that they are not happy.  There are plenty of other photographers.  A moral person would say, "Oh well, I'll go somewhere else."  The liberal says, "I will get the fouled up courts to change it so that everyone will HAVE to believe as I do.  That is their agenda.  Reminds me of an old saying, "A mind forced to change against it's will, is of the same opinion still."

    • AI

      I know! Shoot, almost sounds like a CRUSADE! A good Christian wouldn't try to change the way other people think, and any commie leftist pinko wanna tell me how to practice my faith can answer to my LORD and my RIFLE! Amen.

  • Phoenix in PA

    Government officials, officeholders, and judges must learn that they are there by our leave.  They are not rulers, aristocrats, dukes, dutchesses, lords, or ladies.  They are PUBLIC SERVANTS elected to RE-present US.  They should cast votes aligned with the majority of their voters and not according to THEIR whims and wishes.  Constitutional wording is quite clear "...NO LAW prohibiting the FREE PRACTICE."   thereof (RELIGION)  There is nothing ambigualu nor unclear about that.  Our framers didn't "hide" meanings in the "penumbra" of the laws and rules they wrote.  They were meant to be clear and direct so that the common person could read and know what they meant.  Religion (due to persecutions and predjudices elswhere from where they had come) was to be protected and safeguarded.
    I don't like a company's rules or preferences, I deal elsewhere and consider, "Your tough luck-  you don't get my buck!" I do not childishly pout about it and bring suit.  What next, forced nude photos or bestiality pics?  Where would it end?
    God didn't declare the feeling of love anathama He declared the ACT as such.  We are expected to exercise CONTROL of our evil desires.  (So videographers should be forced to film "snuff" films for those with that perversion?)

  • Phoenix in PA

    ambiguous... mis keyed, sorry.

  • Phoenix in PA

    Sorry again... The homosexual ACT.

  • Lloyd

    What about the Muslim Taxi drivers-I believe it was in Minnesota-whi refused to pick up passengers at the airport if they were carrying wine-That was OK. And the Muslim cashiers at a supermarket who refused to put pork in the bags of customers at checkout-that was OK too.
    Not only is this decision wrong but it is another of the left's double standards.

  • Phoenix in PA

    Reposted for clarification:
    Government officials, officeholders, & judges must learn  they are there by our leave.  They are not rulers, aristocrats, dukes, dutchesses, lords, or ladies.  They are PUBLIC SERVANTS elected to RE-present US.  They should cast votes aligned with the majority of their voters and not according to THEIR whims and wishes.  Constitutional wording is quite clear "...NO LAW prohibiting the FREE PRACTICE  thereof (RELIGION)."  There is nothing ambiguous nor unclear about that.  Our framers didn't "hide" meanings in the "penumbra" of  laws and rules they wrote.  They were meant to be clear and direct so the common person could read and know what they meant.  Religion (due to persecutions & predjudices elswhere from where they had come) was to be protected & safeguarded.I don't like a company's rules or preferences, I deal elsewhere & consider, "Your tough luck-  you don't get my buck!" I do not childishly pout about it & bring suit.  What next, forced nude photos or bestiality pics?  Where would it end?God didn't declare the feeling of love anathama He declared the homosexual ACT as such.  We are expected to exercise CONTROL of our evil desires.  (So videographers should be forced to film "snuff" films for those with that perversion?)

    Read more:

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Muslims are exempt from TSA searches/taxi driver, refusing passengers if they have booze/obama care exclusions-----but Christians must kowtow to progressive judges----something is wrong----in the USA.

  • AI

    The homosexual revolt is a distraction! Do not be fooled. Do not allow yourselves to be hoodwinked. Nevermind our Christian country, our Christian WORLD is being overrun with Muslims, Arabs, Jews, heathens of every sort seeking to squash our faith and keep us from HEAVEN! I don't want to speak too soon, but the time to take up arms - our right under the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION - to once again take up arms against those who seek to oppress our CHRISTIANDOM! Any commie pinko muslim jew-loving president/government has a problem with it, he/they can answer to my Lord and my rifle! Amen.

  • Cdegilormo

    I don't get it.  Homosexuals have the freedom to live what they believe, but Christians cannot?  The fact is, there are hundreds, thousands probably photographers.  They happened to call this couple.  Who was up front and honest.  They could have said they were booked up and were not available, whatever.  They turned down business and money for principles and they are punished for it.  What kind of message is that? 

    Why did they call this particular photographer?  Were they recommended?  Did they have look at their website?  Was it know or made known that they were a Christian company?  Did they intentionally call them because of that? 

    I don't get it.  They hired another photographer.  That is the beauty of the free market, competition.  You don't want our business?  Ok, this photographer will. Move on, end of story.  No, it is not enough.  The Christians must pay.  Ridiculous.

  • George

    They must fight this! They owe it to themselves and they owe it to Christians everywhere. This ruling must not stand.  If we have to, we help pay the fine. Has anyone seen anything posted on a fund to help these people?

    • MoxieLouise

      That's what I was looking for. I'm more than happy to chip in for this couple if I knew where...

  • AI



    • Reakemble

      MANY blacks are devout Christians.  But I do agree that a private enterprise should have the right to chpse their clients.  But that didn't work for smoking bans, did it?  How many little neighborhood Mom and Pop bars wents out of business because of that.  Hey, if you don't want to have a cocktail where there is smoke, go to some hoity toity joint in a hotel chain or something. Gays are just like hetros in that there are sue happy ones in both groups.  One bad apple....

    • FrankCastle

       POOR EXAMPLE.... nice try tho.. LIBTARD!!

  • pbrown85355

    Seems to me that paying anything to these two (women) should be theft since they haven't lost anything. Any business should be able to tell any customer to go somewhere else without needing a reason. Gay's don't want equal anything, they just want free everything, they just want to run rough shod over others.

  • Lisa

    These gays are on their way to hell just one and the same as if you were shoooting a catholic mass with heteros.
    Most people stuck in the false religions arent SAVED and are on their way to hell TOO!  THis should have never gotten this far.  You should have been examples of Christ to these people, witnessed to them as you did the photo shoot... planted the seed and been on your way.

    • RobfromVA

       our country is founded on religious freedom.. this is a blatant infringement on their "free exercise thereof"!

    • ort

      Lisa: I disagree. What do you wanna bet that after witnessing to the homosexuals, they got sued anyway for being hateful towards gays and trying to force their religion on them? You just can't win with degenerates. The best thing is to not do business with them.
      Besides, there are plenty of gay photographers and gay friendly businesses for them to have utilized. They did this to make a scene.......and to be giant thorns in the side of decent believers everywhere. This is their m.o.

  • rocketjl

    Poppycock. American business has long held that 'we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone'. This court ruling is really screwed up. The judicial system in this country must all be behind Eric Holder and will only enforce those laws they choose. I understand that these clowns in court also enforce Muslim law on Americans. I may not get service, but I support the business owners right to sell to whomever he pleases. 

    • The Big Geezer

       'refusing service to anyone' is still allowed... as long as you're not a homosexual or other 'minority'!!

  • Shutupoprah

    these gays and lesbos are such bullies--they make life miserable for normal people with decent values

    • no 1 patriot

      A lot of this mess is happening all over America just for the sole purpose of getting money from the business or getting it on the news....some of these gay/lesbians are radicals and mean you harm from the start. I have friends who are gay and I have no problem with them since they are wise and do not try to start some crap every time you turn around. All  the new laws passed by this congress and Obama have suceeded in allowing them to get away with almost anything now. I read the other day about a transgender man who now has permission from the court to use women's bathrooms and that's sickening to me.

      • Demerh2

        transgender woman*
        how is it sickening? people don't go through the humiliation of being trans just to spy on people in the bathroom. she'd actually be in danger in a men's room, so it's sickening that you'd want her to go in there.

  • Benjamin

    whatever happened to businesses being able to refuse service to anyone?

  • Cindy Farmer

    Jon & Elaine, I sympathize with you. New Mexico has committed a great injustice to you. You clearly had the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.  Unless you berated and humiliated this couple in public, which I really doubt, this couple has acted  extremely spiteful, just as some of the hateful comments from uneducated gay haters.
    Our government has gone too far in restricting  people from practicing their Catholic or Christian faiths,  just to appease other religions, which often have perverted or inhumane beliefs.
    In my lifetime, I have met and worked with many outstanding people of strong Christian faith that happen to be gay.
    Homosexuality is not a choice. "Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Them Do Unto You".  

    • clitlikker

       You are very primitive in your thinking.   "Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Them Do Unto You".  How childish !  Do you want to survive in the modern liberal world ? Then "Do Unto Others, Before They Can Do Unto You". 

    • RobfromVA

       So Cindy, you are saying just because homosexuals are drawn toward each other they should be allowed to act on that urge. What about pedophiles.. they are also drawn towards kids... should we  allow them to act on that urge? How about beastiality.. hey some people are drawn to animals! Should we be forced to take a few pictures of man and beast in a sexual act!.

       Most any normal healthy male is  very much drawn to beautiful women, is it ok for them to hit on someone else's wife just because they have the desire. Your logic makes no sense.  Remember, homosexuality use to be unlawful just as pedophilia and beastility is now. Who knows, with a few liberal judges both could easily be made legal too!

      Having a strong Christian faith and being an active homosexual is an oxymoron... the Bible plainly says it's wrong!  From your opinion, like  homosexuals,  you appear to pick and choose which verses of the Bible you believe!

    • ort

      Cindy farmer: yes, it IS a choice. And it is sin just like any other sin before God's eyes. And just like there is no such thing as a black KKK member, Biblically there is no such thing as a gay, saved believer.
      They are simply deluding themselves. They are among those to whom Jesus will say "depart from Me, for I NEVER KNEW YOU."

  • Dadfranck

    The contact of Vanessa Willock with Elan Photography, asking them if they would photograph her 'commitment ceremony' with her lesbian partner occurred in 2006. 

     Since at that time same sex marriage and civil unions were not legal in the state of New Mexico, why was the New Mexico Human Rights Commission able to order Elan Photography(Elaine Huguenin) to pay Willock $6,639.94 in legal fees?

    • no 1 patriot

      Iagree with you about this...this was an illegal union to begin with since it is against the law to be married in that state....The photographer should be able to take business from whomever it chooses since it owns the business and the state nor federal gov. have nothing invested in it but it just gets to collect taxes on their sales....Watch Gypsies in America and see how hard it is for them to rent a venue for a wedding, baptism or anything else...once the owner of the hotel, restaurant, or other business finds out their gypsies, it's off.....where is the gov. on this item??????????
      We need to pray, vote, and listen and learn to see who's who out there in America and what their
      beleifs are before we vote them in, especially judges now.....

      • Paul

        Freedom of association and to freely contract died a long time ago.
        This is likely nothing more than a setup the way that the Rosa Parks incident was.

  • John the Patriot

    Quit looking at the problem and look at who the "New Mexico Human Rights Commission" is.  It's nothing but a group of unelected bureaucrats who were appointed into position and represent the will of the United Nations, whose powers over-reach our US Constitution and render the elected useless.  They are the shadow government.  They acquired their power from Agenda 21, another UN program.  Just Google:  New Mexico Human Rights Commission and find the government website.  Also youtube "Agenda 21 for Dummies" and learn why your freedoms are erroding away.  Throw Agenda 21 out, along with the UN and our problems will start going away.

  • Lois

    If a photo of the wedding was the primary reason to contact someone to accomplish this, why not contact someone else.  My belief, they figured just getting married was not enough, the icing on the cake would be to approach a christian photographer and say you will pay if you don't do business with us.  The business involved here should contact their own lawyer, Jay Seklow would be great.

  • Yochanon Bogart

    It may be a public business, but it involves artistic interpretation.  Photography, especially wedding type, involves interacting with the subjects, and then setting and capturing the right emotional tone on film.  The Huguenins should justify their action by saying that they could not in good faith contract for the gig, because their emotional distaste for such a ceremony, not condoned by either their church or the state, would negatively affect the photographic outcome and quality.  Had they taken the gig anyway, the customers could have really and legitimately sued, arguing that if they suspected they were unable to provide the contracted product it should have been their legal obligation to decline the gig!

  • FrankCastle

    Do the Photo Shoot, just forget to "load film" before you leave!! OR, Shoot LOW, no heads etc.. bad light..  lots of OOOPS!! can happen in Photography...

  • Ron Godwin

    It is sad to see the homosexuals have ALL the rights and Christians have none. This country is going down a road it cannot recover from. God help them all. God help us if we do not stand firm on the Word of God, preaching the truth in Love to all people's no matter the cost.

  • The Big Geezer

    this is exactly what the homosexual marketers and advocates have been pursuing all along.  If marriage is ever described as including homosexuals (which come on people is the correct term... Gay is a name of a family and please don't insult those by using the term gay...) litigation against every church which will not perform the service will be sued and forced to close under the weight of frivolous and constant lawsuits.  This has been their focus and agenda since 1987.  We must stand up for DOMA and not let this move forward.

  • doug

    They should have just said "NO".   Muslims are exempt from TSA searches???? what a suprise.  Muslims are the problem, right? What the H**L is the TSA for? shoe bomber, underwear bomber,  Muslims, right.

  • Tony from ignoredrealityblog.c

    Well if that's the way they want to do it, then are the courts going to tell someone just how much they should be able to charge for doing this as well. If they want a moral person or persons to photograph them, then what would be wrong with charging them $5,000.00 PER HOUR with a minimum of 4 hours and ALL OF IT to be paid UP FRONT?

  • hongryhawg

     Gays being ayholes again. Just gotta keep crammin' stuff where it don't
    belong. If they thought with their brains instead of whatever is
    between their legs, they's see that all they have to do is wait. In
    enough time, everything weird (even gayness) enters the mainstream. Just
    look around. People are being stupid all over the place. It's a sad
    day in America when it takes a court (obviously digustingly liberal) to
    go after a
    legitimate business owner because one of their potential
    customers didn't like how they run their own business. Hey! Perverts.
    If you don't like it, go up the street (which you did). There will be
    somebody to help you further your beliefs. But don't cry when someone
    else stands up for their own beliefs. Can't stand that can you? Take
    it to the courts like the weinies you are (in your case, the weinies you
    wish you had). Whatever happened to the all American boycott? If you
    don't like how someone runs their business, don't give them yours. Tell
    your friends. Spread the word. Do it the right way. Don't run to
    teacher crying like a couple of lesbians.

  • Rad 1

    Next, the Kosher deli will get sued for not serving a ham sandwich...

  • Jack_Reacher

    It should be required that ALL judges sitting in judgement of any case similar to this one to divulge their sexual persuasion.    Maybe even be required to "sample" the "pitching-catching" routine first hand.  Maybe they would see why some people are bound by their religious beliefs to not participate in any way.


  • giant33

    This is the work of the devil, he has people all over the world to do his evil. They will suffer in hell. God bless the belivers.

  • Observant_One

    Perhaps they should have had said that they have a previous job at the requested time.  Also what has happened to "We  have the right to refuse service to anyone" concept?  There must be more than one phtographer in this town.  What crap to begin with, and what further crap with our judicial system.

  • no way

    I wonder what would happen if this was a Muslim owned photo business and a couple came in with the woman in a "thong bikini" and the man in a thong swim suit and wanted to be photographed???  I can bet you this "case" wouldn't be going anywhere!

  • Johnny

    Last I read is that cohabitation by two unmarried people in New Mexico is still against the law. Who enforces this though? There is freedom in America but freedom does not come without a price. People are free to engage in all practices and they are free not to, however, expecting that wicked and pernicious people as well as godly people are going to oppose this is silly. If you live godly in this world, you will be persecuted. It is inevitable... To "willingly submit to the authorities" as "They are ordained by God" means exactly this... Do what is right... You will be tried, possibly convicted and/or fined... If you do not agree with the decision as unjust... Don't pay the fine... If they threaten to put you in jail... refuse to go... If they arrest you and put you in jail against your will, submit. It is called civil disobedience. Accept and submit to the punishment for doing what is right. This actually finds favor with God. Just because someone tells you to go to the back of the bus, does not mean that you have to go... Likewise, just because someone tells you to go to hell, does not mean you have to go!

  • Ninpo10

      "If every Christian earnestly prayed for our nation and its leaders, we would see a remarkable change in our country."

    The problem with this issue and all of the other social ills that plague our nation, is not because Christians are not involved enough in politics and social activism. The problem is that Christians are part of the problem.

    Society in general is only a reflection of the disobedience and apostasy found among God's professing people. History is never established by God through pagan people and nations, history is established by the obedience or disobedience of God's people.

    Praying to God for him to change the hearts of our nation is futile, because it is God himself that is raising the scourge out of the nations to Judge his own people (see Isaiah 10 for precedence).

    With that in mind, the quoted text of 2 Chronicles 7:14 can be understood in its proper context:

    The key being "my people" and "turn from their wicked ways" not the pagan nations. When his people repent and turn back to God in obedience, the scourge will be overthrown. (see Deuteronomy 28 for the big picture).

  • Kmkjubilee2000

    I wouldn't pay anything asnd move to another state! Don't let the commie swine rule.

  • Kmkjubilee2000

    Theres no breakfast in hell for judge poop head.

  • Kmkjubilee2000
  • pretzeldude

    I don't see where the court has one once of jurisdiction over a private business matter. This is just nothing more than an example of the court legislating from the bench in matters that are of NO CONCERN for a court to be involved in.
    This is the business choice just as being a lesbian is a choice.

  • Jake

    I truly believe that kicking out representative A and voting in representative B is not the solution at all.  I have stated this many many times before, other than a very very select few, there is absolutely no difference between democrat of republican.  Come on people.  The whole system is broke, and our nation is so immoral now, there is no fixing it, especially by voting in another candidate.  If there are any good ones left in congress, they are so outnumbered, nothing is going to change.  We don't follow or obey the bill of rights or the constitution anymore and haven't for a very long time.  Change is coming, and people need to prepare spiritually and physically.  The Christian and moral people have let this go on too long to be reversed now.  I pray for all moral, Christian, individual liberty minded people, it is going to get so rough in the coming year, that your faith will be tested.  May God have mercy on his people.

  • LuluBelle

    Just put up a link and I'll donate to help them pay the fines. They should not be forced to violate their beliefs. This ruling violates the First Amendment and therefore is illegal. But if they want to avoid a drawn-out appeal process, I'm sure the Christian community would get behind them and help them pay the fine.

    • Harvey Nichols

      No,they should not pay the fines.Once the homosexuals force a Christian to pay a fine the gate will be open and the lawsuits will come flooding in.The Christian cannot give in to this devil and thats what it is,nothing more than the Devil at work.
        Its not only the Christians thats not standing up its the Churchs themselves.The Church Pastors are not teaching that this kind of behavior is wrong,why,i guess they are afraid.They apparently dont believe Gods promises to take care of his Church .We the Christian must stand aganist the Devil and the Pastors if we have to.This has to stop now,before it gets started good.                       

      • Linda Hopkins

        This politically correct stuff will ki-ll us all !  .  .  .  .  The lyrics in a country song say it all,  "IF YOU DON"T STAND FOR SOMETHING, YOU CAN FALL FOR ANYTHING !"  .  .  .  .  .  Perhaps a change of Pastors or Priests will inform the leaders of these congregations that adherence to our beliefs is of utmost importance to us and is NOT NEGOTIABLE !

      • Jeff

        Harvey Nichols,

        Had the photographers been gay, and  the Huguenins were treated the way they treated the lesbian couple, you and most everybody else posting on this article, would have supported the Huguenins  suing the gay photographers. And if they had won , you would have cheered, "Praise the Lord!"  God hates hypocrisy; remember that. The Huguenins  got exactly what they should have gotten for what they did to this gay couple. And if you and everybody in agreement with you had been in the Huguenins' shoes, you would have deserved the same outcome. I believe it is God who brought about this outcome, to show the Huguenins they need to know and understand Him better. Obviously, they missed the part in scripture that teaches God is love. Out of their religious pride, they were being hateful, but they identify with Jesus Christ. This is definitely a learning experience for them, and everybody in agreement with their actions.

    • GregoryP

      Why not do it and take out of focus pictures?

  • Bribri77

    I think these photographers have every right to decide if they wish or not to serve this type of service at 
    their business... not because they do it because they are Christians, but because they should be free to
    decide their clientele, period.   Where is freedom, then?  The laws pretending to cover every bit of space
    for Human Rights has come to a point where they are crossing their own limits. Excuse me, but boundaries should be considered, and there should be a limit to respect the rights of everyone without
    imposing the trespassing on individual's conscience issues that are decent and correct.  Logic and common sense dictate what is decent and correct.  Keep appealing! I think the lesbian couple has every
    right to look for the services of a photographer but if their business is not accepted, should say thanks
    and look for someone else.  To avoid conflict if photographers are non-judging and just disagree to
    this behavior... just say no, we won't do it, and that's it! "Reserve the right to accept or not a business transaction".  


      What Would Jesus Do?     In Matthew 5:38-48  Jesus said,  "You have heard that it has been said, "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for  tooth;  But I say unto you,  That you resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also.    And if any man will sue you at the law, and take away your coat, let him have your cloak also.   And whosoever shall compel you to go a mile, go with him two.  Give to him  that asks you, and from him that would borrow of you turn not you away.

      You have heard that it has been said,  "You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.  But I say to you,  "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you.  That you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for 'he makes his sun to rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust'.   For if you love them which love you, what reward have you?  do not even the publicans the same?  And if you salute your brethren only, what do you more than others?  do not even the publicans also?

      Be you therefore perfect. even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."

  • guest

    Well, for us chickens who don't want to possibly get forced into a law suit, you can try the following; Smile, ask the date of the ceremony, and then politely reply, "Oh, I'm sorry, we're already booked for that day." I don't believe that they should have to do this, but....

  • gnafuasusual

    Why didn't the Christian couple just say they were booked up and let it go at that!  The Judges have become brainwashed or they are homosexuals and the law suit triggered their dander.  Just a thought: Do you ever feel like the whole world has gone fruity?

  • Samtman

    Supose a atheist photographer would not phtograph  Christians, or Jews or Muslims, would that be uncostitutonal. I would call it a bad business decision.

  • We the People

    If you want to voice your concerning to the New Mexico Supreme Justices.

    Michael Bustamante
    Celia Castillo
    Cynthia Fry
    Timothy Garcia
    J. Miles Hanisee
    Roderick Kennedy
    Linda Vanzi
    Michael Vigil
    James Wechsler

    New Mexico Court of Appeals
    2211 Tucker NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87106

    Please note: All mail should be sent to:

    PO Box 25306,
    Albuquerque, NM

  • fort9erdon

    pay the fine.  Never submit!

  • Wrapala1

    We need to understand that we cannot change anything only God can.  We have an unique situation in our country that many countries do not have, we can vote out officials.  If all the Christians would rise up and say no to ungodliness and perversion in the power of the Holy Spirit then all things are possible.  But if  I am afraid that we are not willing to count the cost of following Jesus.  It may and probably will, cost us all we have and hold dear if we do not repent of our sins and awake to a radical obedience to Christ

  • Vicki Henderson

    So according the this court wedding photographers are now slaves who must serve any master that walks in the door wanting photos taken?  How nice.

  • Silvernotes

    So they got another photographer....where is the damage? What if the photographers said they were too busy or gave them an outragous price...are you going to let them sue over that too. This smells like another setup by the LGBT community...obviously they picked NM for a reason!

    Private business owners have the right to accept or reject anybody's business. ...and what is this court ruling crap about "the photography business is a public accommodation and as such cannot use their faith to discriminate?" What type of wrapped logic is this? All business offer some type of public accomodation. These courts are WAYYYY off base, I am sure the sainer Supreme Court will over-turn the previous rulings.

    What a hassle in the mean time!

    I'll make some calls, maybe a letter not be part of the silent majority....if you are quiet, you are complicit!!

    • Vicki Henderson

       "the photography business is a public accommodation and as such cannot use their faith to discriminate?"

      The court is likely using the logic that a restaurant that is open to the "public" can not turn away customers based on ".....".

      The logic, a direct violation of the first amendment (freedom of association means freedom to NOT associate.),  can't really be applied to wedding photographers.  They are not "open to the public".

    • Lori

      Very good comment.  I live in New Mexico, and I think it's useful for people to know that the judge who wrote this opinion is up for retention in November . . .

  • emerutil

    Homosexuality is a perversion, and an abomination. This is my strongest belief. You queers disgust me!

  • Blair

    This will be appealed to the Supreme Court.

  • Bill Pogue

    leviticus 20:13 if a man also lie with mankind as he liethwith a woman,both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death,their blood shall be upon them.

  • Mary S

    The 'bride and groom' should refuse this payment and drop these stupid ridiculous charges.  Enough is enough !!!!

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Ya know, a couple more rulings like this , by judges like this, and there really will be  civil war in this country.  The judicial better wake up...very friggin soon.  Oh, and ya'll remember these loonies when November rolls around and your ballot asks, 'Shall the following judges be retained?'  you'll know EXACTLY how to answer.  Our judiciary has become nothing but tyrants..something that our founding fathers warned us of.

  • Rick Duncan

    legal gone there any hope for the USA?

  • Howard Saiki

    Where's the problem? I'm sure there are other photographers who would gladly take their pictures. They have a choice. If there are no photographers willing to accommodate them, then I can see the judge ruling for the homosexual couple. I'm Japanese and if a photographer tells me that he hates Japs and won't take my picture, I am not going to sue him, but just go to a willing one.  Obviously that couple is just trying to make a public statement statement.

    • Vicki Henderson

       "If there are no photographers willing to accommodate them, then I can see the judge ruling for the homosexual couple."

      What?  Forcing someone to do a job is ok if no one volunteers to do it?  I don't think that is the description of freedom.

  • Xyz

    Why do your "Christian rights" trump another's right to love and be together?  I thought Christ was a supporter of love and understanding, not bigotry shrouded in faith.  Christians should learn that to be loving and empathetic is a true Christian belief, not hating someone they don't know.  Taking someone's photo doesn't impact your beliefs.  Your faith should be strong enough not to care what another's are.

    • Ret.Sgt.

       It doesn't trump it..............there are literally hundreds of photographers available who would be more than willing to do the job.  If a photographer doesn't want you as a client....for any reason, it should be their prerogative.  Since this is about "choice"'s a two sided coin.......the photographer should have a choice as well.  This may shock some sensibilities, but this is called "Freedom".

      • Xyz

        I agree that there are other options and that the photographers can take the photographs of whomever they want.  That isn't the point.  The point is generally hating a group of people for believing something different and living a different way.  It is also their freedom to live this way and to exist alongside us.  It seems more damning to hate someone because they're different then for someone to just be different.

        • texas58

          Seems to me the only haters in this case are the two lesbians!

        • Bal104

           Who said anything about hate?  You're redirecting the subject.  This is about a persons religious beliefs.  Just because someones religious beliefs aren't the same as yours doesn't mean they hate you.  The decisions you make in life are yours, be confident in them, but don't expect the rest of the world to ride on your bus.  Live your life, but don't dictate to others how they live theirs.

      • Xyz

        I agree that there are other options and that the photographers can take the photographs of whomever they want.  That isn't the point.  The point is generally hating a group of people for believing something different and living a different way.  It is also their freedom to live this way and to exist alongside us.  It seems more damning to hate someone because they're different then for someone to just be different.

    • Yaelra

      That lesbian lifestyle is a perversion of "love" and Christ will never contradict what He said in His Word to accomodate a choice.    These lesbians should be respectful.  They are trying to shove their lifestyle down people's throats.    If this lifestyle was so normal, no one would have a problem with it.
      But anyone with a decent IQ knows it is an unnatural behavior!

      • Xyz

        It's hardly unnatural.  The animal kingdom is full of homosexual behavior.  I find that the less educated have the most perverse few of Religion.  It's was created to join people together and help them understand how the world works, not as a platform for your uneducated kind to spout hate and malice at your fellow human.  I would start asking yourself why you feel the need to worry about how someone else lives and put forth the energy to feel so angry.  Love, my dear, is the best form of therapy. 

        • texas58

          And so now you are saying we are nothing more than dogs?  God made man higher than the rest of the animal kingdom w/ an ability to decide right and wrong and a further ability to curb our various lusts and desires.  Scripture tells us homosexuality is perverse and destructive.  Experience demonstrates the same.  Engaging in or showing support for perversion is in no way love!

        • cammon

          Just because it happens in nature does not make it natural. Patricide/matricide, incest, rape, murder, and cannibalism occur in nature much more prevalent than "homosexuality." Would that make them okay? We are human beings with highly evolved intellect, yet we cannot discern love from lust. Homosexuality is perversion, not love. Heterosexuals deal with forbidden love everyday and they deal with it because society forbids it. Homosexuals cut through that red tape by using words like "love" and "bigots." Well, I'm an athiest and they are equally repulsive.

        • Richbrat

           You are confusing love with sex, they are not the same. Love is the supportive energy that sustains the universe, sex is swapping of DNA for propagation. Homosexuality is an evolutionary dead-end, and it violates god's principles of engineering. It's an experiment that failed long ago, civilizations fell because of
          it. The Romans conquered the gay greeks.  Universal energy does NOT support homosexuality, all male homos would be dead in a few years were it not for condoms. And while (some) animals might act perversely, God made you better than that.

        • guest18

          God made one man and one woman, not two men or two women. He told them to be fruitful and multiply. Two men or two women will never be able to procreate. Stop trying to convince yourself that God accepts your lifestyle. You are in for a real rude awakening on Judgement Day.

    • texas58

      Xyz, did you read the article?  The issue is not about our rights triumphing yours in any way.  We have equal rights under the law to frequent any business we want or to shun those businesses.  Until now businesses also had the right to conduct themselves as they would based on their beliefs.  These greedy lesbians and the Appeals court are trying to force this Christian couple to "celebrate" perversion.  Let me also rephrase your last point.  If you are a Christian who conducts your life according to biblical truth you should be strong enough to take a stand for that biblical truth and if we live in a free nation we should be free to take business or reject business based on our faith as well.  BTW, it is one thing to love the sinner, nowhere does our faith tell us we have to love sin and perversion!

    • Richbrat

       "Kill them, lest ye learn their ways." (--Leviticus) So much for "loving" those whom God Himself, punishes.

    • Citizen60

      Christians are empathetic and loving but no one should be force to be involved in something clearly stated as a sin in the Bible. I wish the photographer would sue them for infringement of their religion which is clearly protected in our Bill of Right. Perversion is not a right covered under the founding documents.

    • Kerr Ingham

      What ever happened to supporting those who support you with your business?

      The Lesbian couple should have initially sought out a photographer who supported their cause and employed them, rather than seeking out someone who they knoew would refuse the work based on their own ethics, simply to set up a lawsuit.

      • Whosoever

        Maybe the lesbians seeked them out knowing they'd be rewarded a cool $6600.00 if the rightious ones refused to compromise their beliefs. Takes a lot of nerve to do that to someome.

    • only1passionrose

      Better to do your homework, my dear.  Look up what Jesus Christ has to say about homosexuality.
      Never take our word for it.  Take God's Word for it.

    • sean murry.

      those people are mental cases.

  • Bal104

    Someone should see that this goes to SCOTUS.

  • Camomandave

    This is absurd.   So if a Nazi wants to get married in full uniform with swastikas everywhere, will the court force a Jewish photographer to take the pictures.  What is the difference?  Both are religious arguments!  This is NUTS!

  • Yaelra

    If this couple had been Muslim, the lesbians would never have had a case.

    • Citizen60

      No they would be missing their heads.

    • Free_2bjeanni

      They would be stoned.

  • Cheram

    That lesbian couple is just GREEDY; that's the height of bold-faced to force someone to conform to a belief that they are against!!!!!!!!!

  • Wayne Peterkin

    This entire issue and the court's ruling is a farce. Any business can reserve the right to refuse business. Ever hear of "No Shirt, No shoes, No service"? The lesbian couple in this case can simply hire another photographer instead of making an issue of this. The court should have thrown this out. Were I the business owners, I would have told the court to stuff it and appealed OR I would have taken the job, charged more than usual, and done my best to do a shoddy job in the process. Those who challenged my right to refuse business I didn't want would pay for that challenge one way or another. I suppose the court would have sided with drug dealers wanting to hire this company for a wedding? 

  • James Kroeger

    It is quite obvious that the Rapture is closer than most believe. Just make sure you & your family are ready by believing in the "BLOOD OF JESUS"'s the only way you will obtain HEAVEN!!! This world is going to HELL in a hand basket!!!

    • Dovy289

       You are so right James!  People need to be Rapture Ready, by asking Jesus to forgive their sins and ask Him into their hearts, because of the death, burial and most of all the RESURRECTION of Jesus on the cross by shedding His blood and by the grace of God.  Ephesians 2:8&9     John 3:16

    • Ursus Magnus

      As prophesied.

  • Donna Wilson

    I guess the photographers should have told the lesbians that they were all booked up,  or would they be able to sue on those grounds, too?
    I know a wedding photographer who didn't take a well paying job because of the clients' attitude.  He didn't get sued.

    • Ursus Magnus

      I'm sure there are many other photographers who would be happy to film the pagan rite. It's not as if the Huguenins are the only photogs in the area. The lezbs are being VERY childish and are just pushing a perverted agenda.

  • BCLaTiger

    Look, this is a basic freedom issue. It's high time the crooked Judiciary at all levels gets some heat put upon THEM for violating the basic RIGHTS guaranteed in the Constitution. There is NO RIGHT for anyone to get relief from these Judges just because their feelings are hurt. At some point they're going to tip the cart and some of them may get lynched. Hope it doesn't come to that but I see that train going down the track.

    • Dovy289

       I so agree with you Tiger!!! It's time we take back ALL of our Constitutional rights and freedoms!!!  We've sat back long enough and let our Nation be taken from us - LET'S STOP LETTING THEM!!!  LET'S FIGHT FOR OUR VERY LIVES at this point!!

    • Mike Young

      Actually, I hope it does happen and these Judges do get lynched as that would teach many Judges not to disobey our Constitutional Rights and they are not above the law and must themselves follow the Constitution as well.
       A Lynching is actually what is really needed. For way to long our nation has become way too civil towards elected officials and Judges and we have allowed them to get away with almost everything they want to do, how has that civility worked out for our nation thus far. It appears that this is another example of how civility has taken over our nation.
      The good old days of Tarring and Feathering corrupt politicians , Judges or other elected officials should be returned as well as Hangings and Lynchings in order to bring back honesty and integrity to our Justice System as well as our entire Government. Judges don't seem to mind sentencing people to prison for minor infractions of the law, perhaps it is time they themselves begin to get punished by mobs of people for bad Judicial Decisions.

  • Judy Mahaffey

    Same sex marriages were not legal when this happen, so the judge is wrong.

    • Citizen60

      Even if they are legal, they should not be compelled to do something against their faith.

    • Mike Young

      The Judge is not only wrong he also needs to be told that he is wrong. Judges believe that they own the Courtroom and many times claim that the law is whatever they say it is, when this happen Judges need to be told off respectfully,  but told off never the less, and reminded that the courtroom belongs to everybody Not them.

  • Philip Lockerman

    In the "Land of The Free" the libs are making it not too free for the rest of us !

    • progressiveandproud

       Don't blame this on the libs. I'm a progressive liberal and I support this young couple.

      Refusing to take photographs doesn't compare with refusing medical treatment, etc. this is not a life or death situation. This young couple should be able to refuse this job.

      • Ursus Magnus

        BLAME IT ON THE LIBS. Your stance doesn't mean the libs aren't to blame.

        Progressive STILL means communist.

        • progressiveandproud

           Read a history book and a dictionary. Maybe you'll learn definitions and facts.

  • Rnunn2001

    "WE Reserve the RIGHT to Refuse Service to ANYONE"

    • Dovy289

       AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!  I agree with the writer of this article it's time we STOP hiding and cowering down to the enemy of our very souls and STAND UP AGAINST THAT ENEMY WHEREVER he pops up his ugly, deceitful, lying head!!!  WAKE UP CHILDREN OF GOD!!!

    • Bud

      While that is definitely the moral position, unfortunately the liberals have taken it upon themselves to tell you whom you must serve.

  • Paul heser

    Their day will come when they are  judged for there sin till then. Lord have mercy on us.

  • iamwilliam

    So by that same reasoning they cannot refuse to videotape a couple engaging in sexual intercourse if that is the service requested.

  • Franklin Cromer

    Everybody ought to throw in a couple of bucks to bail this couple out. There must be a defense fund somewhere for them. Where would one find the address?

    • NancyPlum1

      Read the article again. The Alliance Defense Fund is representing them.

  • Mark Spence

    Remember the establishments that use to have signs saying, "The management reserves the right to refuse service to certain individuals?"  If you are in business, you should have the right to refuse to perform services that you deem inappropriate.  After all, if you go with the worldly way of thinking, it is your business and if you don't want to make money, by not providing customer service to  someone, that should be your business.  It may get to the point that Christians may need to observer civil disobedience, which may come with a heavy cost, but as Peter and John told those who forbade them to speak of what Christ did, "Which is better, to obey  man or God? You decide!!"  Welcome to the End Times and the end of morality and civility as we knew it.

  • Cubamialways

    So if some sicko wants to hire them to Video tape an animal and a human having intercorse they can't refuse ? Or an Adult with a child ? That Court should be burned to the ground and the Judge tar and feather out of town,

  • GDC97

    As an Atheist I am outraged by these court and judges.  They have GOT to GO and I do NOT care where they go or HOW they get there as long as they are GONE!


    • Bud

      GDC97, YOU are the mentally sick, psychotic one in this discussion.

  • red-white-blue

    This is just how far left we are veering off to!   Years ago, this would never even go to court, as 99.9% of judges were people of faith.  Now, somehow these idiotic liberal judges get elected, and their views are way outta line.  When you go against Christian beliefs, ala John Lennon, bad things always happen.

    • Ronald

      john lennon was good, i dont care what you think i just think that anyone has the right to deny anyone service, their reasons be their own

  • Ursus Magnus

    Screw the court. A business owner has the right to refuse service to ANYONE.

  • Darfur Deng

    So, if I were to request that a Photographer or Videographer who operated as a public business to photograph or video tape our lawful protest opposing gay marriage legislation, they would be forced to do so? We all know that would never happen.
    Having laws that specifically create protected classes of citizens, is irrefutably in direct violation of the 14th Amendments "Equal Protection Clause". When a law specifically names specific classes of citizens to be protected, while subjecting all classes to equal punishment;  but in-turn by their exclusion denying all unnamed classes of citizens equal protection under that law, is unconstitutional. This concept of equal punishment, absent equal protection is nothing more than a warped and severely twisted version of an old "Jim Crow" type of law.
    Such a law is not only idiotic and wrong, it's unconstitutional on its face. Every sitting judge that fails to strike it down, as well as every elected official who voted for or signed it into law knows that it violates the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.
    Therefore, by knowingly breaking their oath of office to defend and protect that Constitution, they have knowingly committed the crime of "Felony Perjury"; an impeachable offense as defined under US Codified Law.

    • Bud

      When a law specifically names classes of citizens to be protected,"

      Bingo! A law which says that some are more equal than others flies directly in the face of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

  • hearmetalking

    This is just more sick crap our govt. is using to turn this country into Sodom and Gomorrah. 

  • Mike Young

    What about the philosophy that a business owner has the Right to refuse service to anybody. What does ther Commission say abnout this  idea. So a bartender must serve a person who is drunk then the drunk can go outside get into an accident and sue the bartender. There must be limits placed on the Judicial System as to what they can force a person or business owner  to do. It is the business owner that needs to have the final say as to who, or if,  they will serve their potential patron. Not the Courts or a Commission that does not have  any skin in the game.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Time for a full system re-format and reboot!

    We cannot fix one part of the system, while the "virus" is moving all around the rest of it.

  • Dudeda

    If this couple had been Muslim I wonder what the judge would have ruled?

  • Justintime

    This was a set up. They could have walked away, but this is why they do what they do. Its lawsuit haven
    for having no tolerance 

    • tripmom

      wanted their 15 minutes of fame.

  • StevenI

    When the government can tell you what you can believe in, then this is the creation of a state religion.

  • Thomas B

    The gay agenda is hate, pure and simple.  They want nothing less than to destroy and eliminate Christianity from prominence in our society.  The gays are the front lines of the communist movement and are the communists themselves.  They should never have been given any rights.

    • Bud

      It is true that in this case things have gone too far, as the photographer should be free to choose (whatever happened to the liberals' vaunted "freedom of choice"?). HOWEVER, the remainder of your post is hate and hogwash, pure and simple. Unfortunately for you, the Constitution applies to ALL citizens, even those you don't like.

  • Bud

    In the meantime, Willock secured another photographer to photo their sinful and perverse ceremony."

    Is this an editorial, or does this purport to be a news article?

  • Dwest245

    Instead of making an issue out of the request for their services why not just say you have a conflict of schedules and will not be available on that date?

    • Fire1949

      ......because lyin' is as evil as homo'n..........look at the evil in the whitehouse....

  • Junk Bin

    perverts pervert everything around them period.

  • Addictedtonitro

    I'd of said sure. My fees are 1000$ per 1/2 hr.

  • Larry

    Sexual orientation discrimination? What the hell. 

    • Rachael Vinyard

      They were denied service simply because of their sexual orientation. Ergo: sexual orientation discrimination.

  • MAP

    This will be played out exactly as civil rights has been. After 50 years, their demands have never ceased. After each demand is met, they introduce yet another demand. It will go on indefintely. Queer marriage is only the foot in the door. The ultimate goal, just like civil rights, is to undermine and destroy us as a people.

  • wolfyskitten

    Ther more special people become the less apt i am to dp any business with them. This is one more way a special interst has been able to BULLY their way into our belief system. I thought bullying was wrong and should not be done.    (not too good of an example is it.)

  • G K

    So the New Mexico Human Rights Commission really only supports certain "human rights" -- not all human rights. 

  • Rachael Vinyard

    I’ve said this time and time again, that homosexuals do not want equal treatment, rather they want preferential treatment above and beyond what everyone else gets.  They want special rights, not equal rights and they are succeeding in securing them at the cost of Christian’s rights."
    Except it seems like the couple just wanted to have their pictures taken like any other couple. What about that says they wanted preferential treatment?

    • Lori

      Wanting someone else to violate their conscience to accommodate them and then suing them when they refuse rather than just going to find another photographer who would be willing to do it (and believe me--there are plenty, particularly in Santa Fe, who would oblige) is demanding preferential treatment. 

    • Jrobbnz

      Gays are not satisfied by knowing that many Americans don't really give a crap what they do as long as we don't have to see it. They are trying to force us to not only accept them but to embrace them. If you won't do that  they'll sue you. And win! That's what I'm learning here in Obamaland.

    • suzyshopper

      Because they wanted to force a person who has religious beliefs to take pics of them so therefore their rights superseded the rights of the religious to do business with who they may!!!

  • We the People

    Don't just blog, voice your opposition directly to the New Mexico Supreme Justices. These are from a public website.

    JUDGE JONATHAN B. SUTINMichael BustamanteCelia CastilloCynthia FryTimothy GarciaJ. Miles HaniseeRoderick KennedyLinda VanziMichael VigilJames Wechsler

    New Mexico Court of Appeals2211 Tucker NEAlbuquerque, NM 87106505-841-4609

    Please note: All mail should be sent to:

    PO Box 25306,Albuquerque, NM87125-0306


    • Lori

      Great idea!  Just FYI, Judges Timothy L. Garcia, James J. Wechsler, and Celia Foy Castillo are all in the Santa Fe offices.  Here is the information for those judges:

      New Mexico Court of Appeals
      237 Don Gaspar Ave.
      Santa Fe, NM 87501
      (505) 827-4925

      Also, the main line for the NM Court of Appeals in Albuquerque is (505) 841-4618

  • Keepfreedom4USA

    I believe if the lesbians weren't trying to sue someone's photography business, they would have sought out gays/lesbians photographers. Why didn't they? They wanted to be able to sue someone to pay for their pictures they really couldn't afford.

    As far as the New Mexico Supreme Justices. Shame on you! The buck could have stopped with you, but obviously you have no idea what the Constitution of the United States says or means.

  • Glenna Marie Friend

    First, I believe we must remember Eph 6 warns us that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood ... even if the attack comes from people. Second, I agree that we must speak forth and give warning of God's Word (Rom. 1:1ff) and the judgment awaiting anyone, who defies His Way. Third, we must pray and stand together trusting in God's faithful provision and protection for all, who will stand with, for, in, through, and under the authority of Messiah's Almighty Perfect Love! Now to the Justices: Remember you answer to the "Almighty Judge" for your choices ...! Stand with Him and receive His wonder-filled blessings -- stand against Christ, and receive damnation in this life and in the one to come! Hallelujah!!!

  • Death2Unions

    Marxism once again slams its boot on another freedom.  What if four homosexual men wanted to have a video of one of their sex parties.  If the photographes had said they would not work, would they be discriminating? Gee, guess our values being crushed by the boot of marxism on its neck.  Hugo Chavez must be smacking his knee  "Dang!  I didn't think obama would be able to make America a Marxist State!"

  • Jsajda62

    We should send them money  to help this couple pay their legal fees. I applaud them for standing up for their Christian beliefs. God will help them in ways they will never believe. These federal judges are just the beggining of what is happening to America by Satan. Half of our congress and reps. stand for this kind of sin brought on by what is immoral.

  • Jeff


    With all due respect to anyone's concerns about supporting someone else's sin, We as the Corporate Body of Jesus Christ do not have the right to discriminate against anyone outside the Church. What this couple did was wrong, and the commission and court of appeals got it right. If you as a Christian own a grocery store, but have forbid to serve homosexuals as patrons, YOU ARE WRONG! Jesus Christ is not telling you to behave in this manner. By the Huguenins not serving this couple as they should have, their actions have gotten them predictable results. They as "Christians" in  the business of photography, would not be contributing to the lesbian couple's sin, by taking their pictures. Nor would they have violated Christian Doctrine for doing so. Now if the lesbian couple wanted them to photograph them while committing sex acts on each other, then the Huguenins would have had a justifiable defense. But they were not asked for such services.  However, if the photographers were in the business of photographing people having sex, but refused to do the lesbian couple, then they would be facing what they are now; the losing end of a lawsuit and rightfully so.

    • Kasha

       oh reeaally??  Where in the Bible does it say, we as believers in Christ, ARE  TO  violate our beliefs to ACCOMODATE/participate in sin??  and comparing a Commitment ceremony  it to buying groceries in a grocery store???  are you kidding??  I work in a grocery store as a checker, and I don't know and don't care to know, if someone i am checking out is gay.  AND IS IT IS NOT OBVIOUS IF SOMEONE IS GAY, UNLESS THEY ACT LIKE IT.   PLUS, I WORK FOR THE EMPLOYER, I DON'T OWN IT.  AND BUYING GROCERIES IS NOT A SIN.    ACCOMODATING PHOTOGRAPHING A COMMITMENT CEREMONY IS SIN, THE LESBIAN COUPLE JUST CHOSE ANOTHER NAME FOR 'MARRIAGE'. 
      And when the Supreme Court strikes the ruling down, you will be proven wrong.  If muslims can refuse to accomodate honosexuals JUST FOR BEING HOMOSEXUAL, so can Christians. 

      • Bothwings


        You are not participating in anybody sin by taking their picture, for whatever purpose, unless they are committing sex acts. If the couple wanted the Huguenins to take their pictures not for a commitment ceremony, but for documenting their relationship, it would be no different. If the couple were heterosexual but known to be adulterous, would the Huguenis have refused to take their picture? That's a question only they can answer. But Christians who are outspoken about gay marriage have little to no resistance to heterosexual adulterous marriage. I'm talking about what they know to be the case. And don't bet on the Supreme Court striking that ruling down. It should be struck down and will be.

        • guest

          I agree, the couple did not commit any sin.  They just wanted to have picture taken,
          and that is not a sin.  If I want a picture taken with a monkey, it is nobody's business  why I want it.  Taking picture is not a sin.  As Jesus would say, Huguenins already commited sin in their mind seeing  a couple having immoral sex.  What a couple  do in their privacy, ageeing with each other, is their private business, and nobody else is responsible for it.  Jesus did not avoid sinners, but tried to help them.

    • Kasha

       And the Huguenins were not discriminating, they had other commitments and they have the right to chose which commitments are a priority.
        And you, acting as a teacher of the Word,  will be held responsible for you nonsense instruction to the Church.   Jesus, hung out with these sinners, because he came to save the sick and depraved.  He is also God, and therefore, knowing all, would know how to handle these situations knowing the out come before hand.  Jesus never particapated in sinful behavior, because if he had, his death on the cross would be meaningless.
      A commitment ceremony is condoning sin. And as a Christian, we do have the right to not participate in sinful behavior, two women committing to have a sexual relationship with each other.

      • Jeff


        Kasha, you still don't get it. It doesn't matter whether it is a commitment ceremony or not. This gay couple wanted their pictures taken period. The photographers were not participating in the couple's sin, no more than if they were heterosexual. And yes I am a Bible teacher of at least thirty years. I am doing my very best to clarify in  the Church's mind the difference between what is religious and what is political. Did you know that where gay marriage is leagal in this country,  if a gay couple came to a judge and requested them to marry the couple, the judge could not refuse on religious grounds? The judge, unlike a pastor of a Christian Church,  is a public servant, and must unbiasly serve the public, regardless of their own personal beliefs, or be subject to removal.

    • Kasha

       And the Huguenins were not discriminating, they had other commitments and they have the right to chose which commitments are a priority.
        And you, acting as a teacher of the Word,  will be held responsible for you nonsense instruction to the Church.   Jesus, hung out with these sinners, because he came to save the sick and depraved.  He is also God, and therefore, knowing all, would know how to handle these situations knowing the out come before hand.  Jesus never particapated in sinful behavior, because if he had, his death on the cross would be meaningless.
      A commitment ceremony is condoning sin. And as a Christian, we do have the right to not participate in sinful behavior, two women committing to have a sexual relationship with each other.

    • unclestan

      Jeff......selling   groceries  is a LOT different than refusing to "take pictures/videos".  If a Christian chooses to "not be involved in the possible promotion" of a person's sexual preference, then I believe we ought to respect that decision.  Selling food stuffs is a different category than performing a "service" that goes against your beliefs.  You know, we who try to be Christians in our thoughts and minds, shouldn't have to"take heat" from those who are within our ranks.  There can be a fine line between going into" the lion's den"  to preach the gospel  and not becomming "Yoked" with unbelievers.  A believer, being "one who knows what sexual perversion is".  God doesn't sanctify the sin, however, he can sanctify the sinner...given that that person will reject their sins and ask for forgiveness...from the heart.   They should not have been subjected to a lawsuit just because they have a "faith" that forbids sexual immorality AND chose to not be a part of it.  Get off the milk, Jeff, and get some solid spiritual food before defending a practicing sinner against a practicing Christian.  I'll gladly debate you in this area..because...YOU are wrong.

      • Jeff


        Something you are not understanding is that regardless of your faith, you live in America; not some theocratic society, like any one of the Muslim countries. In America, the US Constitution rules the land, and gives context to our freedoms, i.e. the freedom of religion. Everyone has the right to be Christian, or not Christian. That said, being gay might be sin according to our Christian faith, but not to a non-Christian. The non-Christian be it gay or straight has the right to their own beliefs and views on life. If one discriminates against another for the religious or non-religious beliefs, the discriminator shall pay a price, in this land. If a gay couple wants to come in the Church and make demands, that's a whole different story. Scripture tells the Church that if after you have given them the benefit of counseling on at least three occasions and they are yet unrepentant, they are to be thrown out! But that is our doctrine that governs the Church from within. It does not apply to the world on the outside. Until my Christian brothers and sisters get this, they will needlessly find themselves in trouble of their own making. Jesus Christ is not behind this behavior. You want to debate me on this, bring your best. But if you began to have a moment of clarity, admit it.

    • Donnagross123

      Even nail salons have the right to refuse service to someone but these people can't stick up for their religious beliefs.  All it takes for evil to take over is for good people to do nothing...

      • Jeff

         If any business, including nail salons refuse service to anyone on the grounds of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and if it can be proven that the patron was refused service on either of these grounds, that business can be sued for discrimination, and will likely lose like the Huguenis did.It is nobody's business who marries whom, far as the public and private citizens goes.

    • Janice

      When you watch a TV show in which the actors are engaging in adultery, and you don't change the channel, continue watching, you are in agreement with the producers, actors, etc, of that show, that adultery is okay. Had this couple accepted the job, they'd be in agreement that homosexuality is okay. We are ambassadors of Christ; an ambassador lives in a kingdom that's not his home, and represents his king. As the ambassador of another kingdom his words, actions, clothing, reflects on his king. An ambassador never gives his personal opinion, he speaks only the words that his king told him to say. Read the Word of God, it's all there. His words are living and true. And the body of Christ isn't "corporate;" we don't have rights, but a covenant. Before Jesus returned to the Father, He gave us a new commandment, to love one another. Being politically correct isn't love, it's compromise, and in the Kingdom of God, there's no compromise or middle ground.  If you choose God, then you must obey His laws, and He tells us to flee from the very appearance of evil.  When Rome became an Empire, Caesar was declared a god, and all had to worship him as such at least annually.  Merchants wouldn't have been allowed to buy or sell if they didn't orally declare that Caesar was god.  There are many false gods, and one of them in these last days is the declaration that homosexuality is normal and healthy.  Anyone not bowing to this god is punished in the way of ostracism, cursed, threatened, and sued in a court of law.  No, Jeff, that young couple stood up for Jesus, and Jesus said that if we don't deny Him, neither will He deny us to the Father.  Jesus will bring them through this victoriously, for His glory.  

      • Jeff


        I used the word "corporate" loosely. I probably should have used the word "collective". Nevertheless, as a child of the living God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we have the RIGHT TO BOLDLY APPROACH THE THRONE OF GRACE, as given us by God. As we follow Jesus Christ, we have the RIGHT TO USE THE LORD'S NAME TO REBUKE DEMONS AND UNCLEAN spirits; including that of illness and disease. As we are obedient to the word of God, we have the RIGHT TO ASK WHAT WE WANT AS WELL AS WHAT WE NEED, and that thing should happen. I am not sure of who's or what teaching you are under, but you are not being taught correctly the access you have as a believer to the power of the only true and living God.  But as God gives all believers the right to call upon His name, they who do so with a clean heart and believing, shall receive what they ask for; unless God has something better in store for them.

        To say that a person who watches an adulterous scene on TV is to presume you know why the person is watching the show. I find your presumptions to be arrogant, ignorant, and simply wrong. Furthermore, you need to understand something about context. Under what context is the scene of adultery being played out? By your judgment, if anyone watches a play of "Sampson and Delila", or "David and Beersheba", or even reads those stories in the Bible, then they are guilty of condoning the sins of adultery and fornication. Do you see how lacking in understanding your judgment is? This is why you do not understand why the Huguenins were wrong. Remember: "Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding."God bless you Janice; I'm not your enemy.

    • suzyshopper

      You sir have no idea what your talkIng about, if these gay peo

      • suzyshopper

        Sorry bout that hit the wrong button before I finished typing.

    • suzyshopper

      You sir clearly do not know the Bible,do u actually think if these people had come before Jesus to ask such a request,knowing what Jesus said about homosexuality that Jesus would have been a party too it,the Bible says we are to abstain even from the appearance of evil!!

      • Jeff


        You are assuming the "Christian" photographers were asked to partake in the gay couple's sin. You have assumed wrong. As I have said before, taking their picture has nothing to do with partaking in their sin, unless the photographers were required to take pictures of the engaged in various sex acts with one another. You, like most people posting on this article don't get this. If they had asked Christ, He would have first shown compassion to them, like He did the woman at the well. He then would have openly prophesied to them about their lives, and warned them to "repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" And if they would not have left with second thoughts, He would have taken their picture. Yes, I know and love Him very well. Now if that makes me a pervert, you've got a problem.

  • Xpalidoshu

    Is it not a fundamental human right to be free to abide by your own views of right and wrong?   to be free to chose whom you will and will not be employed by?   to be free to keep yourself far away from things you find disgusting or disagreeable? 

    It is not as if the Christian couple was engaged in an essential service that would cause real harm to befall the lesbians unless the Christian couple acceded to the lesbians' wishes. 

    There is no legal compulsion for anyone to save a drowning baby, even if to save the baby would only require a slight effort. If this had been a case where a Christian couple had been accused by the New Mexico Human Rights Commission for refusing to make the slight effort to save a one-day-old baby who had fallen face down in 2 inches of water, the case would have been thrown out of court. Egregious as it might seem, a drowning baby simply does not have the legal right to compel a stranger to save it. As horrible as it might be to refuse to save such a drowning baby, the law has long recognize that there is a vast difference between a  moral duty to save a drowning baby and a legal duty to do the same. 

    Doesn't it say something about our rulers that they allow the lesbian partners to succor and savor the minuscule "outrage" of which they complain, yet would do nothing for the drowned baby's mother's grievous and real outrage? 

  • unclestan

    Well imagine that!  Doesn't it figure that a Christian has to ' play ball'  to have a business?  Animal rights groups wouldn't be forced to do videos of any action that could be construed as promoting the demise of an animal.  Why is this situation any different?  Because it involves CHRISTIANS...period!

  • Michael Bodger

    It is neither sinful nor perverse, its just human nature to want to love someone. The "ins and outs" of the private relationship are "private" and of no importance to anyone but religious apologists and no one has to do anything to anyone or for anyone if they dont want to.  This is all blown out of proportion especially the lesbian couple who think "their" relationship is being looked "down" upon and this is the social training of religion.  This is so banal its boring.

    • Chrisjaddams

      tell that to God..............

  • Teama

    I am just wondering why the Homosexual couple simply did not choose to to have their pictures taken somewhere else and respect the studios positition? It just seems to me that when a buisness doesn't want my money for whatever reason I go someplace else that does. There are many people that do not view things the way that I do, but rather than Get Mad and Argue and Fight which creates more hassles, I move on.  I am sure that there are other studios willing to take their pictures. I have lived in foreign countries where I have been truly discriminated against...I am white and live near Detroit...It  happens to me  there all the time... Oh Well... Just not worth all the fuss unless I am TRYING to INTENTIONALLY  rile.Unless someone is  Really Mentally Sick  looking to cause trouble....For me  I would have just gone elsewhere.

    • Jeff


      Thank God the Civil Rights era wasn't left up to people like you. Thank God for Rev. Martin Luther King,Jr. and all who stood with him, to give birth to the Civil Rights era; which you also have benefited from. There were Churches who had your attitude; who stood by and did nothing while my people were treated worse than white society's family pets. ( I am a Black Red man for what it's worth to you.) If you are being discriminated against in America, and choose to do nothing about, that's terrible, but your choice. But how dare you criticize someone who won't take being discriminated against. Everybody isn't a coward. Maybe there is something you can learn from this gay couple. Even better; do some reading on the Civil Rights era, starting in the '60s.

      • suzyshopper

        Maybe you should learn something, some people are born black
        so far nothing's been proven, about a person being born gay,so civil rights doesn't even enter into it.Im quite sure black Americans don't see gay rights as a civil issue. As for using Martin Luther Kings name to equate gay civil rights with black civil rights, I don't think that would workout to well,as far as I know Mr King was a rev a man of God, who would not take kIndly,to a sexually perverted person trying to co-opt his civil rights movement!

        • Jeff


          So I'm a sexual pervert because I don't support the bigotry of certain people who claim to be Christian? Welcome to America; it takes all kinds. You first of all need to learn how to read with comprehension. Secondly, you might want to take a class or two in critical thinking. Because you obviously have no clue how to judge a situation objectively. You have a long way to go before you are ready to enter any discussion of this depth. By the way, Martin Luther King, Jr. marched for anybody who was being harassed for not being a white male and fitting among their status quo in this racist society. Again, you need to learn how to read with comprehension (that means understanding).

    • 1PierreMontagne1


      You need to pay attention to the last 20 years
      Gays have been targetting Christian buisness
      If they were not afraid of being killed they would target anti gay Moslem business.
      Christians are soft targets and the fines levied are given to the Gay complainant.
      Gays blame Christianity for the stigmatization of Gays and view Human rights legislation as a lever for payback.
      Check the Hate Crime legislation in every state.
      Women, Jews, Aboriginals and Blacks are hardly ever listed as being subjects protected by hate crime legislation.  Gays, Lesbians and Homosexuals are however listed as protected. Once again more rights and protections to gays than to non gays.


  • Linda Hopkins

    I think I'd suck it up and do the photo session, however I would make sure that all pictures were as fuzzy and out of focus as I could make them !  .  .  .  . When the event was over, I would present them with the worst pictures I have ever taken in my life and "cheerfully" refund their money.  .  .  .  Doubtful they would be recommending me to any of their friends !  .  .  .  Awwwwww !

    • Jeff

       Linda Hopkins,

      Remember your words the next time you go out to a restaurant, or need medical attention, or need anybody in society to do something for you that you are paying them for. What you send out, makes full circle and comes back to you; and usually it comes back worse than how you sent it out. That's the ugliness of evil perpetrated against others, who did nothing to you. Remember that. You need to repent of your sin, receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and be saved. Then the Lord will forgive you, and cleanse your evil heart.

      • Flayer

        There is ample evidence that activists are purposely shopping for potential lawsuits, selecting conservative or Christisn business owner, knowing that they can bait them for mischief. See what is happening in Canada with gay activism. Now that gay marriage is legal they are going after EVERYBODY, including pastors and priests, threatening to take away their tax free status. These are serious warriors to their cause. They mean business and will not be easily discouraged except by equally or more serious opponents.

  • Bottom Boy

    In Mrtle Beach SC, they hve two different bike weeks, Harley Bike week is the first bike week, there are thousands of motorcyclists riding their Harley Davidson, the bring a great deal of money into this area, most are well behaved and anything like pay their bills and tip the servers at the restaurants reasonably well.  Beginning the followinf week is "The Alantic Beach Bike week" or as it is known here "Black Bike Week"  If you want to see the reason that white folk get a little racist, come here that week and look at the mess they leave behind.  The majority of the business's here LOSE money that week, some of them used to close, these people dont tip, dine and dash, robberies and hold-ups are everywhere and police and fire and rescue sirens are sounding 24/7.  These people are total disrespecting ANIMALS.  ANIMALS are usually much more well behaved that these people are.  There was a steakhouse here called JEdwards, he decided he would close down for "Black Bike Week" and was sued by the naacp for descrimination for $1 million dollars, the naacp won the case and the day the bank was to come and "Take cntrol of this guys life, livlyhood and business he had a heart attack and died."  What I want to know is when did some outside source come about to dictate when a privately owned and operated business can be open and closed.  And they wonder why there is RACISM EVERYWHERE!

  • Gman

    If this thing is upheld, the best thing Christian business owners could do would be to shut down their businesses in the "official" sense and provide their services under the table.  Then they wouldn't have to be part of something that goes against their beliefs AND they could do the work on a cash only basis and tell the government to take a hike when it comes to taxes.  This isn't an ideal solution.  But when everything else has failed, the last resort is the only option.

    • Jeff


      So...what do we do with "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and render unto God what is God's"?
      Very bad advice Gman, very bad advice.

  • Gman

    OR  they could do the job and purposefully take crappy pictures.  Then they would only be out a little bit of film and some of their time.

  • Ejcfish1

    If they went to a Muslim photographer and he denied the job, would Christians be in the spot light as we are now?

  • Sheila

    Always remember what you sow you shall reap. I do applaud Christians for refusing to do what they hold up as a God given life style. Any Muslim would adamantly say the same. 
    What we sow we shall reap.

  • Mysnt

    I applaud Elaine & Jon! That's standing up for what is right. Believe me God will give back to you what you lost and more. I call all true believers in Christ to make sure your photos are done by them. Come on New Mexico Brothers & Sisters pay them a visit & have your picture taken. God will bless you also.

  • Diana

    Drag that judge out to the street and fire him people have to say No to these idiots that keep trying to destroy this Country

  • Fullback6

     Linda, with the devout feelings you are expressing I suggest you make a trip to the lion's den. They will appreciate you I'm sure.

  • MontieR

    The court can stuff it up their robes. They took an oath to uphold NOT destroy the constitution.

    • Ted

      The response should be a formal complaint filed with the state var. See if you can get this judge rempved from the vench.

  • Roland

    Hey fullback6, back off ok? She has every constitutional right to refuse. Why don't you invite your Jewish friends to a pork dinner and insists that they eat it?

  • marlio

    Well, if its your business, I say you have the right to choose which clients you serve.  But then, Im a patriot, not a socialist who is trying to force you to bend to a certain agenda, using law as an excuse to enforce it.

  • A Jerry38

    i have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. it is my business   and can  associate with whom i please,   especially if my reigious beliefs are under asault  and no court can tell me otherwise.

    the same apply's to that couple.

    • Jeff

       A Jerry38,

      And A Jerry, you too shall be sued (probably into bankruptcy) if it is proven you discriminated against someone of a protected class. The law is not meant to stop you; but to penalize you for such actions. So if you don't mind just handing people money on your account of stupidity and bigotry, have it! Just don't cry the blues when the hammer of justice falls on you.

      • KarenKi

        um - who said they were stupid or bogoted? Thats YOUR opinion

      • KarenKi

        Who said these folks were either stupid or bigoted? You?

  • Stephen J

    I worked in retail for a number of years and I know for a fact that you can refuse service to anyone for any reason.

  • Mikegonzo58

    Perverts will never make a mockery out of the Sanctitiy of Marriage Between A Man & a Woman, pray for our country!

    • KarenKi

      well, we'd all better step up to the plate & vote knuckleheads out of office/from never getting into office, because Defense of Marriage Act is under big time attack, from the sinners and abnormals, trying to make legal the abnormal

    • Paintershaven

       Yup, our president is working overtime (does he think he can't be re-elected-if so-what a shame-not) to get all his and his cronies evil ideas passed as much and as fast as he can.  Is he the anti-christ or something like that???   What a jerk!
      You may not have read an article from me about how I received an email from two US Missionaries who are stationed in Kenya for many years and how they told me to beg my friends not to vote for him.  Now we're stuck with him and he can do a lot of damage in the next few months.  Does Satan know his days are numbered?  It cannot be said often enough, "America, pray, pray, pray!"

  • jdbixii

    Regardless of the nature of the case, since when doesn't a private business person have the right to decide with whom he will nor will not conduct business transactions?  The whole thing is ludicrous.

  • Stockplayer-us

    Wait until the Muslim take over the whole system and read their laws.  You have seen nothing yet.

    Check out what the Middle East is doing to Christians.  Actually do or die.

    • RussellBarton95

      Just read that beheadings are on the rise in the world against Christians. So Muslims are allowed to kill homosexuals and Chtistains and yet ate protected by media and government. Christians are being persecuted for their faith. Book of Revelation stated all this would happen

    • Paintershaven

       Amen to this email.....the Muslims will be taking over one day and when I tried to tell my friends (?), they blocked my emails.  Some friends, huh? The world is turning a deaf ear and then it will be too late one day.  I sign all these petitions of this sort when they come through against stuff like this; as a matter of fact even more at times.  We have got to try hard to keep this stuff from happening or we are doomed.

    • Paintershaven

       I also read that Michigan has adopted the Sharia Law.  I am so sad about so much that is happening in US and all of it at nearly at one time.  They want us to believe it is a peaceful religion (religion, phooey).  Just try to leave it after you are 'one of them' and see that happens!

  • Mpfoster44

    This is a joke when a bar and a restruant can refuse you service if they choose!!!

  • M23

    I bet a muslim photography shop could refuse to take the picture and not ONE judge or civil rights group would defy them

    • semperfimom

      The MOST important response I have seen so far!  This is a war on Christians.  Satan is using the homosexual agenda to attack Christians!.  I don't hate Homosexuals, I pity them as useful idiots and very confused living without Christ.  But, do you ever see the attack against any other religion?  Especially Islam?  Time to wake up Christians.  Give to the ADF.  They are on the front lines.  Speak up to our polititians, join a local Tea Party, go to Values Voters confernences.  Boycott homosexual shows, ie Glee, and their sponsors.  Time to act!  Our way of life, our very lives depend upon it.  Don't forget our schools.  They indoctrinate constantly.  Time to get our kids out of public schools and universities!! YUCK!!  We hold all the keys so far.  Don't wait until it's too late.

      • MrDrapes

        Mom you are right WE must DO something to take our country back. I just closed my account with JCPenney because of their "in your face PRO homosexual" Father's Day ad. They may choose their immoral lifestyle but I will NOT be forced in any way legitimize it as a normal moral alternative.

    • Wkelly10103

      yeah. a marriage of a christian couple or of a kids' bar mitzah(sp?) i see that going nowhere good!!!

  • Jack F. Sneed

    What is our world coming to?  The gay/lesbian/homosexual community numbers few but are getting their views aired all across our land, and not just Christians are having to put up with their crap!  I have a fellow in my AA meeting that is a practicing homosexual and on Tuesday evenings there is a separate meeting within the general meeting just for their community.....and this fellow has asked me on more than one occasion to lead that meeting, and I have refused.  I can just imagine ole Vaughn taking me to court and making me lead that meeting, when he knows exactly what I think  of his lifestyle.  I don't rub his face in his lifestyle, but I don't champion his lifestyle either.  But he is constantly bringing up topics about his living  arrangement and he had better watch out.  I might not take him out back and "get his attention" but there are some really tough men in our group that I know is getting very tired of him "pushing" his lifestyle
    on the meeting in general.....and it would not surprise me if one day we come to a meeting and Vaughn is no longer to be seen!  (take that last statement any way you care to)

  • jim28threg.

    Run this judge out of town and the lezzies with him.

  • smogdew

    This is  persecution- not the first we've seen against  US Christians and not the last - it will ramp in the not too distant  future. 
    It boggles the mind to see the evil Obama has dumped on this country: forcing Christians to go against their faith, abortion, partial birth abortion (and they are now discussing whether to allow a handicapped baby  to live),  aiding and abetting the homosexual other words, pushing them and their sins in our faces, pandering and catering to Muslims who will turn this country into a junkyard as they have done in Western Europe - read about England, for one and favoring them over and above Americans, allowing the machinations of homosexual behaviour to be taught in elementary schools, allowing education of filthy Islam in school text books...(these shouldn't even be electives in colleges); stimulating reverse discrimination etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseam.
    Reporting this country to the UN Human Rights Council because we have a problem with immigration and Muslims. 
    None of this includes handing over billions of foreign aid dollars to Mid-Eastern countries, squandering billions of stimulus dollars most of which has gone to China (brand new Chevrolet factory, Brazil - for off shore oil that will go only to China, Finland to build gas/electric cars, Brazil (again) to build planes for the Air Force......not really anything for our people and our soldiers who will be coming home to what welfare money is left. 
    In short, he is persecuting the entire country and our crappy Congress does absolutely nothing. 
    So sure, it's a given and a cinch, Christians will see increasing persecution - NOBODY CARES ENOUGH TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!! 

  • Todd Kiergen

    -- That aint right -- grantedit was discrimmination against gays -- But being gay is NOT protected in the Constitution or bill of rights.... Being Christian IS protected in our founding documents -- Let me know if the lezzies dont drop the case... I got a buddy prone to leaving powdery stuff in folks' cars

  • Saltporkdoc

    Here's an idea: you want pictures of a "gaydding"? Got to Walmart and buy a bunch of disposable cameras and click to your heart's content. Just don't take any of the "Honeymoon"
    Government- get the hell out of my private religious rights!
    Used to be the courts' job was to weigh a set of conflicting rights and decide which set would prevail. The rights which did THE LEAST [emphasis mine] harm would prevail. Not any longer!

  • jb80538

    What, they couldn't find a queer to take their "wedding" photos?

  • Marley Greiner

    This is a bad decision and I am pretty sure it could be overturned. Photography hardly falls uner "public accommodations.  That said, these people appearto be Protestant, and therefore not Christian.

    • Wkelly10103

      huh??? are you an idiot? catholics AND protestants are christians!!!

      • Jeff

         Protestants are, but Catholics aren't, based on their doctrine. Ask a Catholic if they are "born again", and they will tell you they are "Catholic", and leave that up to you to interpret what that means. Based on Christian doctrine, Catholicism is not a denomination of Christianity. Seriously.

      • Lorettaragan5

        SOME Cathloics and SOME protastants are Christians.  some are not

    • Jbaker

       What is this circulating idea that Protestants are not Christians?  Catholics and Protestants share the belief that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, you don't have to call yourself anything for that to be true.Your own personal definition does not apply. 
      and Yes the Constitution gives us the right to practice our Faith, this lawsuit is bogus.

      • Jeff

         "...Even the demons believe—and tremble!" (James 2:19)The only way to make Jesus Christ "Lord over your life", is to make the Word of God - His Doctrine of Grace Lord over your life. By definition, the Catholic doctrine is not the Word of God. Hence, they are not Christian.

    • ThomNJ

      Seriously, you must be posting such an inane comment that Protestants are not Christians just to get backlash...............unless you are really that ignorant.

      • Marley Greiner

        There is an element of hardcore Catholics who argue that anyone outside of Catholicism is not Christian.  And there are certainly elements of Protestantism that do not consider Catholics Christians. 

    • XX

      Protestant not Christian? One of the ways to assist the government in its effort to send Christianity underground is to weaken ourselves by dividing the group according to narower and narrower groups. If you are a Christian of any sect, please do not fall for that. If you are an anti -Christian, then I can tell you, Christians may suffer under our new world government, but you cannot drive truth from the face of the earth.

  • Drbillcox

    Isn't this reverse discrimination? Are we not a nation 'Under God'? Are we not created equal with certain inalienable rights? Being Christian is a right. Being involved in perverted sexual practices is not a right. What's next, if anal sex is OK then why not sex with animals? Would sex then be OK with children or babies? May, by the grace of God, these things never come to pass.


    You choose!

    GOD Bless America

    • LeslieFish

      *Sigh*  Any act that doesn't cause public harm is no business of the law.  If some fool wants to have sex with animals, that's no harm to the public -- so long as the animals are consenting adults, and the human has had all his shots.  More trouble has been caused by people trying to pass laws against private business than by any lack of laws against public harm.

      --Leslie < Fish 

      • Wkelly10103

        good point!

  • Tomtom

    GOD is watching !!!!?????

  • 1776

    More enablement of cultural marxism via broken "justice system".

  • KarenKi

    Really? Protestants are not Christians?

    • LeslieFish

       Heheheh.  This is where religious self-righteousness eventually leads.

      --Leslie < Fish 

    • Jbaker

       Making Jesus Christ Lord of your life makes you a Christian, how does that exclude Protestants.

  • LeslieFish

    Oh, come on!  If Gays want to, they can get all the advantages of marriage in any state in the union right now.  All they have to do is each incorporate themselves, and then file a corporate merger, with the terms of the merger including all the rights and responsibilities covered by the standard marriage contract.   They'll have to call it a "merger" rather than a "marriage", but the legal coverage will be the same. 

    This should satisfy everybody.  The gays will have their legal contracts, and the Christians will have their holy sacrament.  I'm sure the gays can find photographers somewhere.

    I'm waiting to see somebody use these "anti-religion" decisions against the Muslims. 

    --Leslie < Fish 

    • XX

      sure they can do that if just having the legalities is what they are after. That is not and never has been the agenda. They want such a bias in public recognition that heterosexual unions become listed as aberrational behaviour. They want to become the new normal. That is going to happen. This suit is a spite move, to put this valiant young couple out of business.  In time, I believe there will be an underground Christian business world, where we can do business with each other. It will be hard, no tax breaks, no public advertising. I think we are headed there though because the government itself has gone pro-homo.

      • LeslieFish

         Oh, get real!  No more than 10% of the population is gay.  The only minority that ever manages to rule society is the very rich.

        Heterosexuality is unlikely to ever become unpopular or unfashionable.

        Anyway, any group that wants to do business without accepting public standards can do it right now -- by doing business as a private club, with a private list of clients, rather than with the public at large.  Nobody's being "oppressed" by the gays.  Gays, however, get plenty of oppression -- from macho bullies, political opportunists, and bigoted so-called "christians" -- enough to kill a disturbing number of them.

        I'm very tired of people -- of all colors! -- who whine about being "oppressed" or "attacked" when they're only being prevented from lording it over their neighbors.  Equality *means* equality, and if you can't put up with your race, religion or sexual inclination being treated just like all the rest, move to a more amenable country -- like, maybe, the Vatican, China, or Saudi Arabia.

        --Leslie < Fish

        • Jeff


          That was profound. The question is, did anybody other than me hear and agree with you? If so, very few; and I am Christian. On a side note: I believe the percentage of the gay population among us is a lot higher than 10%. I guess you mean admitted gay? There are so many still in the closet, it's not funny.

        • LeslieFish

           Hi, Jeff.  I'm replying here because I somehow couldn't reply directly to your post.  As to whether anyone else heard and agreed, who can say?  Far more folks read than write, even on the 'net.

          I've always suspected that people who aren't satisfied with equality, especially in religions or philosophies, secretly fear that in an open market of ideas their own product might not compete very well.  People who are confident in the superiority of their, er, product actively welcome debate and other competitions.

          No, I meant exclusively -- or at least predominantly -- gay.  10% is the common percentage also found in nature, from mammals on down to critters primitive enough that they literally can change sex.  A much larger percentage is functionally bisexual, to one degree or another.  The advantages to population control should be obvious.  Among social animals, bisexuality/homosexuality is also useful for social bonding and reduction of aggression.  In other words, there's nothing "unnatural" about it.

          I've noticed that the sexual taboos outlined in the Old Testament cover a lot more than just homosexuality, incest and adultery;  they taboo *every form of sex that does not create more Hebrew babies* -- and that includes doing it with foreign women.  It's clear that the authors of Leviticus were doing their best to build up the 12 tribes' populations, and looking at their subsequent politics, I think we can guess why.  Cannon fodder!  Those shamelessly-political priests had long-range imperialistic plans.  I really don't think that societies 3000 years later are obligated to follow them.

          --Leslie < Fish

  • Angelique48033

    They need to call JAY SECULOW and the AMERICAN CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE.....Or LIBERTY COUNSEL in Florida.....  

    They are a private company.... They are not public sector, so how can they be FORCED to participate in something that goes against their beliefs and faith, just as the Nobama admin. is trying to do to the Catholic Church concerning birth control and their gov't mandate........

  • Wkelly10103

    the writer of this article is right! this couple is exactly like someone who complains about prayer - or the pledge of allegiance - being in schools, even tho they , themselves, may not have a problem with it. they are just trying to stir up trouble! some people want MORE than equal rights, and this is wrong!!!

  • Kmkjubilee2000

    ADF and the ACLJ should fight off this devil judge; I would close down my business or take this the US supreme court or sue the troublemaker gay.

  • Kmkjubilee2000

    Homos want to exalt their sin and are just storing up more judgement from God-what morons.

    • Lobosque

      I thought sodomy was against the law in all states.

  • Warfighter

    As Emiliano Zapata said.."It is better to DIE ON YOU FEET (Fighting for YOUR BELIEFS) than to LIVE ON YOUR KNEES (SUBJUGATED, CONQUERED, AND ENSLAVED by a PERVERSE,DEVIANT, HEATHEN, AND SATANIC NWO GOV'T )  We here in the Sovereign Republic of Texas KNOW, AND BELIEVE this to be TRUE, and as such..WE WILL STAND FOR GOD, AND TAKE BACK OUR SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC!! How 'out the rest of y'all??!!   





    Think about it people...OUR VERY WAY OF LIFE IS AT STAKE!!

    Proud Southerner, Texian Free Man, Soldier of the Sovereign Republic of Texas.

    • Paintershaven

      Emiliano, you are the first person where I read you mentioned the Bilderbergs/New World Order (there may be others that I haven't seen).  The way I understand it  they have been plotting to take over (along with a few others) for quite a while and just had a meeting a short time ago and the US is aware of it.
      You are SO RIGHT in what you wrote and as I said I sign every petition that comes along where someone is trying to take down the United States and hope our people in Congress pay attention or they will be hopefully voted out.  So, everyone, pay attention in your district, join groups that send emails telling us what is happening. We all know we won't hear all that is going on from the liberal news media except things that pertain to those who are the ones who are
      trying to ruin our country.
      I can't believe how many people don't care, do not have any knowledge of what's going on, etc.  It makes me nuts to hear people say they think things are perfect!!!!  Obviously, they are not paying attention.
      And as I said before and Emiliano  has written, PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!

    • RogerDavies

      I'm "just" a Christian. Take a look at nebraska republic dot org and pick on WATCH VIDEO. Let me know what you think. rd6475 at hotmail dot com.

  • Wayne Graff

    Two words. Piss off.

  • Derek Schneider

    This cannot be constitutionally unpheld.  Going beyond the religious belief issues (I believe everyone should be left alone to do whatever they want with their body, mind and soul, instead of being held accountable to anothers system of beliefs, true liberty and freedom), what this boils down to is the government forcing a privately owned business to provide their services to a private individual when said business has made the decision not to serve that person.  Same as a bar not serving someone...or Augusta not allowing women members.  This should have been thrown out of court as it is not something that should be decided on by government.

    If you don't like their Christian policy, don't use their service...tell your friends not to use their service...complain to the BBB (even if they are a sham), boycott, write letters, whatever...but it is not, and should never have become, a legislative issue.

  • Bildoe62

    If we can up hold a law like "No shoes No shirt No service" we should be able to reserve the right to refuse sevice, Another sign I have seen alot of. I would bet if Elaine and Jon were muslims the courts would not interfer. + the gays got someone else to video them. Talk about frivelous law suits.

  • Nelson C

    After the usual interview and meeting the prospective clients, I woulda just checked my calendar and found that I had made a previous appointment which I overlooked ... and/or if fooled and I had shown up for the gig ... I woulda simply gotten very sick and returned their deposit ...

  • Jooboowaffa

    Fricken disgusting homo pieces of garbage!

  • Bob Turkey

    This is part of the gay agenda which is stated in the 1972 gay rights platform. Subjugating  and dominating the religious right . Namely blaming them for the past oppressions against gays and keeping them in the "  Closet ". Gay right states endorse the repression of religious views and teaching that sex outside of marriage [ between a man and a woman]  is a violation of God's law.  Sex is thereby their new god.

  • Doug Hensley

    If your conscience will not permit you to participate in such ceremonies, then the only legal course of action is to find a line of work in which nothing of the sort can arise.  That's not easy.

  • Metoo Ky

    Beginning June 21 to July 4th, there is a Fortnight For Freedom.  If you want more info go to  It is  sponsored by the Catholic Laity, but espouses the need for Freedom for all.

    It is therefore fitting that when the Bill of Rights was ratified, religious freedom had the distinction of being the First Amendment. Religious liberty is indeed the first liberty. The First Amendment guarantees that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." 

    What does “prohibiting the free exercise thereof” mean?This phrase, known as the “Free Exercise Clause,” generally protects citizens and institutions from government interference with the exercise of their religious beliefs. It sometimes mandates the accommodation of religious practices when such practices conflict with federal, state, or local laws.Try to hold a vigil in  your community For Freedom, for ALL OUR FREEDOMS

  • glenndan

    This is the most assinine Law that I ever heard of. A business has the right to refuse service to anyone! But not in New Mexico. I hope these pacifist Judges and Lawyers sleep well at night. All of New Mexico
    needs to needs to write their Senators and Governor and stand-up for their demand them to demand them to stand-up for their decision. Of all the stupidity, this takes the cake! I feel for you in New Mexico!

  • Lance

    As a business don't they have the right to refuse service to anyone?

  • RogerDavies

    One of the problems we Christians have is to be TOO honest! When this kind of situation arrises, you simply say that you are booked for the days before and after. I'm sure you needed some time off.
    This was OBVIOUSLY a scam by the "gay" community to do just what they did! Get people in trouble for being Christians!

  • A Martin

    Their names remind me of the Huguenots of France who were almost exterminated for their faith.

  • Ernest L. Abel

    Sign to go up in my business "We reserve the right to refuse to service anyone!"

  • Jason Mock

    Like Ron and Rand Paul say, the Civil Rights bill of 1964 ruined personal property rights and that 10% of that bill should be repealed.