Jesse Jackson Wants to Cut 200,000 Jobs and Billions in Tax Revenue

If blacks stopped being so racially prejudiced against whites, Jesse Jackson would be unemployed.  He and Al Sharpton make their living off of fueling the fires of hate and fear.

In his latest ill directed tirade, Jackson is launching an assault on gun shops across the country.  For some reason he is blaming stores that sell legal firearms for all of the shootings and killing of blacks, even though a significant number of those shooting are committed with guns obtained illegally by people that are not allowed by law to be in possession of a gun to begin with.  If he got his way, Jackson would eliminate over 200,000 jobs and billions of dollars in tax revenue and economic impact.

What Jackson and his entourage fail to understand that one of the very few industries in the United States that has actually thrived under President Barack Obama’s failed economic policies is the gun industry.

According to figures released in April by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun industry has had a 30% increase in jobs and a 66.5% increase in total economic impact since Obama took office.  The gun industry has also had a significant increase in federal, state and excise tax revenue.

Yet in all of his infinite wisdom, Jesse Jackson just told a crowd in Racine, Wisconsin that it is time to demand jobs for the unemployed and start marching on gun shops all across the country.

He’s demanding jobs for the unemployed and then launching a campaign to put 200,000 people out of work.  He ignorantly targets innocent hard working Americans that are contributing to the economy and job market for the crimes committed largely by one black person upon another.  Statistics show that black-on-black crimes far exceed white-on-black or black-on-white crimes.

If Jackson had any idea of what is happening outside of his self-propagated world of hate and bitterness, he would turn his attention to the black neighborhoods where most of the black-on-black crimes take place.  Let him march to them and take an active role to help them stop shooting each other instead trying to put honest people out of work who bear absolutely no responsibility for the crimes he is accusing them of.



  • Screeminmeeme

    The  Irr-Reverent  Jesse-Extortionist-Jackson and Al-Not-S0-Sharpton live  in a delusional world  where whites are always blameworthy and blacks are blameless.  Being the quintessential opportunists, they are using the current jobless crisis to advance their own usual.

    ''Jobs in" is Jesse's mantra....whatever the he!! that means.  So...he's saying that if you get rid of gunshops and those jobs are lost, somehow, in his world, more jobs will be created?  Wha....? Welcome to the irrational world of  Obama-economics.

    I wish someone would tell him that guns sold by whites  don't kill black people...just as knives sold by whites  don't kill black people......or rope sold by whites doesn't kill people....but....that white PEOPLE and black PEOPLE  kill white people and black people using  various and   otherwise useful impliments and tools. 

    Since grade school, I've not seen such a resolute  effort  to place blame on someone else, and avoid responsibility for their actions.

    • PMDavis

      Jesse Jackson is just part of the democratic agenda to get the guns away from law abiding Americans.  Jesse and his group cannot get the keys to the bank, so to speak, until they have complete and total control of everything.  They have stolen and gotten money through organizations like ACORN and so called Stimulus money, which was never found or accounted for, but that's not enough.  They want it all.  Once we can no longer protect ourselves, total chaos will result. They will go after all the money and everyone's property.  They will drain away all the wealth and prosperity of this country and leave behind just another poverty stricken, disease ridden, 3rd world country.

  • jong

    Of course where you have the most violence the only gun shops are run by blacks right out of their trunks.

    • Screeminmeeme

      jong...You are oh so right about that. 

  • USN Retired

    Not a very good idea to 'march on gun shops' ... they may feel threatened ... and respond rather quickly with their merchandise!

    • Jody L

      I hope he only goes to states with Stand Your Ground  laws.  He should take his son along with him.

  • Black9

    He is a idiot and a fake .

  • AnOldTimer

    This delusional nonsense by Jackson illustrates clearly the basis of a lot of our problems here in Illinois.  Democrats, and especially black democrats, from Chicago have the rest of the state in a stranglehold.  Don't look for any meaningful pension reform to come out of the state legislature.  I read in the Peoria paper this morning that Jackson's son, a US congressman, is going to sponsor a bill raising the national minimum wage to ten dollars an hour.  So the Jackson family is going on a job killing spree.  Fortunately, I don't believe either father or son will be very successful.  Heaven help us if they ever get their way.


    Please bring back the Mafia...I have more respect for them the socialist radical blacks.

  • Christian Archer

    He's not a reverend.  He's a philanderer, agitator, race baiter, charleton and self-promoting narcissist.

  • flaphil

    If you call what Jackson does a job, then try to get the rest of the people like him for the other 200K jobs, he can get his wish. Jesse is a rebel without a cause, he's a blatant racist. and idiot. My cat knows more about economics than he does.

  • Ihearu484

    I've come to expect little in the way of logic, common sense, or a basis in fact from either Mr. Jackson or Mr. Sharpton.  They are quick to condemn instances of white on black crime, even before facts are available, but not a word from them concerning black on black crime.  Similarly, neither is heard from when the facts subsequently show that a white was not culpable or when the black victim admits to fabricating the allegation in the first place.  Fortunately for them, the Constitution guarantees that they have the legal right to their opinions...whether they are worth anything or not. 

  • doug

    Here's a novel Idea....How about an assault on criminals???? illegal aliens (more criminals)?  Veterans (jessie don't need them). How about spanish? jessie don't like them either.

  • Geronimo

    Jesse and Company-all A$$holes and reverends of what? Their motto is-You don't pay-they don't pray.

    • The_Lone_Gunman

      Jesse and Company are anything but "Men of God." There is nothing they won't say, nothing they won't do to promote racial division and make blacks feel like perpetual victims. That is how they make a living. Jesse and Al, to name two, would show up at a can-opening if there was a TV camera they could use to spread their self-serving propaganda.

  • Jack_Reacher

    I don't know about the rest of you but I'm sick to death of these black do-nothings that prey on their own people to make themselves a very nice, comfy living.   I'm feeling more racism today than at anytime in my life.  I honestly am developing a hatred for these people.  Jesse Jackson, this hemorrhoid on society, should stop and ask himself WHY are black men getting killed with guns.  It's because that is the culture of blacks.  Look around the world.  If blacks are not shooting each other they are using machetes, knives or, unbelievably, cooking and eating them!   Blacks are historically violent and cannot seem to control that urge to kill.  How is that Whitey's fault, Jesse?  We can't make them smarter because people like Jesse do their best to keep them ignorant and wanting more.

    No, not all blacks.  Many choose to get educated, work hard and make a good life for themselves while distancing themselves from the clap-trap of the race baiters.  The rest are standing on street corners waiting for someone to give them something.    Those that choose to listen and believe the rants and raves of those two twin-towers of stupidity, Jesse Jackson and his faithful dirtbag companion Al Sharpton are lost souls and not one more thing should be done to save them.   Yes, this is a frontal assault on those blacks that pose nothing but problems for this country under the guidance of Jackson and the other racist loons.  They should be treated just like "whitey" gets treated when they become a public nuisance.

    • blondejustice1

      You failed to mention rap "artists" and I use the term  artist loosely here.  They talk of drugs, sex, abuse, crimes, gang affiliation, etc. helping to demean humans any way they can.   They are worshipped and they help keep their low-life lifestyle going selling their "crap" music.  No wonder society has been sliding down into the cesspool we now have.

      How lovely it would be if there was a place where no 'crap music' was allowed, no sagging, no drugs, no graffiti and no foul language was allowed.  I want to live there.  Can't just get away from it as it has permeated so much of our culture.  You can't even watch one hour of television without hearing some rap along with a commercial for anything!   And you white guys trying to be all gangster.  Please, don't drag yourself down to the level of a gangbanger idiot!  You can do better than that!

      • Screeminmeeme

        blondejustice1.....A very hearty ''Ámen'' to your comments.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        When I retire, I'm going to get a black man, put him in the carf with me and drive until someone asks me what that is in the passenger side of the car. I'm then going to move there.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Jack_Reacher......I agree with most of your comments. 

      The ''black culture'  is indeed steeped in violence and racism but I believe it's a wider problem than just the black community.  Yes, we are talking about Jackson and Sharpton and their manipulation of their own people...but... the problems we are seeing today include white people as well.  

      Things like the  Occupy Movement,  rioting at Universities and schools, the drive to escape  life by using the most physiologically harmful drugs, and the degree and type of violence  against others can be laid squarely at the feet of a Godless, politically correct culture, with no moral compass,  that refuses to see discipline, industry,  and self-control as essential for a civilized society.

       Many kids today are being raised by irresponsible parents in an  environment  in which they are taught that character is of little importance, and acquiring  bling,  celebrity and  power is the goal.  They are being brainwashed by offensive, vulgar, black  gangsta rap and other rap  ''music''  24/7, spewed out  by young men who don't know enough to pull up their pants.

      Sadly their role models are often famous (infamous)  promiscuous, drug-addled  celebrities and immoral stewed sports figures whose personal philosophy seems to be ''Eat, drink, and be merry, because tomorrow we all die''.

      Repeated exposure to the worldviews of these unlikely role models lead inexorably to rebellion, contempt for those who work for a living,    an entitlement mentality, the nerve to demand respect without giving any, and ironically, a kind of class consciousness. 

      The dream of fame and fortune  instead of honor and integrity seems to be the problem.  
      A heart changed by a holy God is the only answer.

  • Tom Whitcomb

    Why doesn't Mr Jackson try to intimidate business' into creating job for black youth, he did a good job getting his family a beer distributorship.

    • The_Lone_Gunman

       Jackson was all about intimidating businesses for a long time, until, I believe, the business community told him to go to hell. Remember, if the black community does too well, Jackson and those like him are out of some very lucrative jobs. Remember that when you ask why he and his cohorts act the way they do. Jackson and the others only want blacks to do well enough to justify their existence, but not so well that they are put out of business.

    • Don

      A total of 3 distrubutorships in the family and he tried to get Roger Maris' in Gainesville, Fl. A white baseball hall of famer! He's a black eye on their community!

      • The_Lone_Gunman

         He and the rest of his ilk--including the fawning media that gives him air time--are a stain upon the black community, our nation, and our culture as a whole.

  • Super Fly

    This idiot needs to do something about out of wedlock children, oh wait he fathered a child
    out of wedlock. He has a LOVECHILD!!!!! He did it while praying and mentoring Bill Clinton
    after the Luwinsky affair. What a maggot.

    • Jody L

      With all do respect, who would have a baby with Jesse?  Eeeeew!

      • blondejustice1

        Somebody who is sucked in by his celebrity, that's who.  Then the baby-mamma gets child support for 18 years because you know he's not going to get divorced over a one-night-stand.  I have no doubt though, that he had to use Viagra or Cialis to get it up.  You're right...eeeewwwww!

  • hongryhawg

    March on gun stores? Seriously?  Hey, Jesse!  Guess what?  You just stimulated gun sales.  If you really want to do some good, go march on some crack houses.

    • blondejustice1

      Well said.  bought another gun recently.  Just a small one.  Jesse Jackson.   What an idiot.  Close the gun shops so they can have more unemployed.  Guns don't kill people, assholes kill people because they have been desensitized by all the fake violence that Hollywood has no problem making billions from but then their actor/dumbassess argue for gun control.  When they control the amount of acts of violence on TV and movies, then they can tell me to get rid of my gun.  Of course, the criminals will still want to rob and kill us because they are the "have nots" and we're the "haves".  I made better choices in how I would live my life and they did not.  Too freaking bad!

    • cha

      He doesn't want to march on gun stores.He wants his posse to smash and loot all the guns.
      And remember,he like Bill Clinton and Sharpton get paid to agitate and speak.

  • The_Lone_Gunman

    Marching against gun shops is safe, the people in them are responsible and law abiding and there is no threat to him or his socialist pack. Now, if he wanted to do something for black folks, he would march against street gangs, drug houses, prostitution rings, and all the others who bring violence and pain to the black community...oh wait, dealing with them might be dangerous. After all, that element might just try to shoot him.

    • Rocketmannron


      • The_Lone_Gunman

        Personally, to me he's not worth the cost of a bullet, but to some degenerate, whose business is ruining lives one rock at a time, I can't say the same thing. My point was to demonstrate the innate cowardice and ideological obsession of these so-called "civil rights leaders."

  • Itsbent

    Looks like Shoeless Joe Jackson has become Clueless Jesse Jackson. What a race hustler this guy is.

    • rosemarienoa

       Hustler being the operative word here!!!

  • AJP

    Jesse hasn't worked a day in his life only work he done is with his MOUTH he just raise enough Hell that you Pay him to go away CON-MAN Freeloader Scum bag  not worth 2 dead fly's

    • Getserious

      "just raise enough Hell that you Pay him to go away "Therein lies the answer. Rather than tell that POS to FO, they give in and pay him.
      From the Examiner:
      the Democratic Party paid Jessie Jackson six figures to keep his mouth shut about political issues during the 2008 campaign. It was widely known at the time that Jackson had no use for Obama."

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        So he shook down the democrat party, isn't that ironic.

  • Howard5283

    Jessie is citing violence to others and is a threat to society and law abiding citizens. He is proposing criminal acts and should be locked up to protect the good American people.

    • JadaBlue

      does it matter I didn't see the handcuffs come out when the NBPP produced their dead or alive wated poster for George Zimmerman, isn't that murder for hire?

  • Jody L

    'Jesse Jackson Wants to Cut 200,000 Jobs and Billions in Tax Revenue'  then how is Jesse going to get his entitlements?

    • JadaBlue

      then he will call to tax the rest of us to make up for it

  • Jackys

    Old Timer.....Thanks for not calling them democratic.....they are not democratic.....Republicans are such thing in the Democrat party!!! Their are good AMERICAN Democrats, but, so very few nowadays.  So many of them (and a few Republicans) are not only UNdemocratic, they are also...UNAmerican. That is the problem. Americans, whatever the color or religion.....don't do the things these UNAmericans, mostly Hyphenated Americans do. 

  • Paul

    Gee, I did not see Jesse or Al down here in Mobile when 4 black dudes followed a white man, (Kiser Miree), to his house after an ATM stop, and shoot him in cold blood while he begged for his life!  These poor economically challenged black dudes are just now coming to trial.  Did anyone outside of Mobile hear about this case?  Probably not since little Travon was on all the news.

    • rosemarienoa

       Dont forget about the white woman who was shot & killed by a BLACK woman who then stole her 3 day old baby boy out of her dying arms!!!! This happened in TX but because of Trayvon ( stupid name) it was all pushed out of the news!!!

      • Refurb001x

         Maybe the black woman should be sent to the electric chair and get 10,000 volts to snuff the life out of her!!!  But NO, that would be wrong, right?  Give me a break!

        • rosemarienoa

           That would be a fitting punishment!!! TX still has the death penalty so maybe it will happen, but I think old "Sparky" is retired.

    • eve hunter

      little travon was 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed l62 lbs. hardly the little defenseless kid portrayed. and the papers wonder why people are not buying them and they are going out of business,

  • blondejustice1

    There is absolutely nothing reverent about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  I refuse to even use that title when referring to these two low-lifes masquerading as 'men of the cloth'.  After reading the book "Shakedown", I now know more about Jesse Jackson's crimes against humanity and God.  Then I learned how many people suffered from Al Sharpton's antics and some even died because of them!   Then you have Louis Farrakhan, another race-baiter who is evil beyond compare.  I noticed his initials are L. K., which could stand for Lucifer's Friend.  All I know is that God has a very hot place for those that divide His people for financial gain and fame.  Shame on anybody (that idiot 'Rev.' Phelps, the KKK/Aryan idiots come to mind too) that purports to know the mind of God and then denegrates His people in His name.

  • ARMYOF69

    If they take away the guns from good citizens, only the black criminals will have guns. 
    Hide those guns and tons of ammo. 

    • HawkCW4

       The liberals have forever had two holy grails.   Healthcare and Get the Guns.   They almost got the first one at the expense of continuing the demise of this Country, IF it is allowed to stand.   Obama promised many things regarding Healthcare.   NO change in what you have if you dont want to.  Less costs for your insurance, yea right,  Current plan for mine is to raise it 800% over the next 3 - 4 years.  The fact is, he wanted to be the one to get the grail he and his party lied about everything and then took 500 Billion from Medicare to make his plan look good.  Nothing but lying two faced arrogant crooks.  

      Now they tried F & F,  just another plan to get the guns.  Its very amazing how liberals believe they and only they are given the supreme right to select what part of our constitution and amendments  to use today and how.  You fools dont get it,  the 2nd amendment is just as important as the 1st.  Without the 2nd, the 1st would be gone in a matter of a single term of a president.  YOU want the first, great, it is followed by the 2nd and 3rd, and a few more,  get it.

  • Edwin Ferstadt

    The biggest racists on the planet are blacks, however, when they make their racist statements, they are actually ignored by those who consider the ignorance of where the statements are coming from..."I copywrite this statement"...Edwin Ferstadt...To use this earth shaking true statement, receive permission by e mailing me at  Thank you

  • shortitalian

    If the media would ignore the race baiting pigs of Jackson,Waters and Sharpton and not follow them around and report everything they do,they may go away but I really don't think so.It is just wishful thinking.I also wish that Moochelle and her hubby would take another vacation and they could take all the brothers with them,out of our country,maybe to Kenya?

  • ZOOMER165


  • JacktheFAC

    First, and best, job to cut would be Jesse Jackson.  Then he might have to seek an honest means of living for a change.

  • gnafuasusual

    Shut Up and Sit down, Jackson. He's had his say and we know what kind of minister he is. Not of God.  His radio interview shows what kind of sinner he truly is. He said that if a black kills a black, it Miller Time. What kind of "man of God" would say such a thing!

  • We the People

    Do not be deceived. What the socialist, communist liberals want in this country is for another Civil War. We do not want this to happen. I have great Democrat friends, I have great Muslim friends, I have great black friends, I have great Cuban friends,  I am a Republican that once was a Democrat. All of us love God & Country and all of us will vote B. HUSSEIN OBAMA and his socialist, communist liberals out with him. We must not make this a black and white issue. This is what Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan are preaching, however, not all Democrats, Republicans, Muslims, black or white, Cubans, etc. believe their hate filled lies. Let's get those who want to destroy us from within,  out of office by prayer, fasting, financial support to Mitt Romney and by our vote. Please talk to family and friends about registering to vote if they have not. Please provide transportation for those who do not have it, so others can vote. Make a small sacrifice every month to financially support Mitt Romney. I assure you Mitt Romney and his family are making major sacrifices to beat B. HUSSEIN OBAMA and begin the journey of returning America the greatest Nation on earth, back to what we know she can be.

    God Bless America!

    • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

      Amen! I agree with you, & until people DO start turning to God in prayer, fasting, AND repentance, things are only going to get worse. Too many people have had it made in this country, & have no idea how to survive when all their goodies get taken away. With the assault going on on our utility sources, it's only a matter of time until major blackouts start. And, then their iphones, mp3players, etc, won't work, all video arcades will be shut down, etc. Anything that uses power that isn't a necessity, will be turned off. And, guess who gets to decide what is or isn't a necessity? Obama signed an executive order giving himself that power. So, all I can say is, God help us, & people better be preparing for what's coming. Civil war is going to break out in this country, & make the first one look like Sunday School. People like Jackson, Sharpton, & Farrakhan will be the first ones to start the fireworks. Most blacks disagree with their theologies, however, when you're being shot at by someone, you aren't going to try to find out if they're a racist, or not. You're going to defend yourself, & your family at any cost. Our nation is in some deep trouble, but God is still in control, & if people truly repent of their sin, THEN He will hear, & answer us.

  • Daniel from TN

    obama has changed the country's opinion about firearms. Before obama took office gun ownership was just a remote idea, something to just think about. since obama took office more and more people now see gun ownership as an absolute necessity. The reason is simple. For the first time in history the American actually fear its own government.

  • Daniel from TN

    I agree with you about Liberals desiring civil war. I personally believe Liberals are deliberately trying to herd the country towards civil war. They believe they will survive it and then be in charge of the people permanently.

  • bmg28

     This guy and his cohorts  sit on their brains what can you expect from  neanderthals. What a bunch of racist jerks they all are.  Listening to the blacks they are the most racist people in this country. Its to bad they can't read in order to know the truth about the slave trade and the American whites.

  • tbird55

    Jesse jackson has no clue what he is talking about the man loves to stir things up,to help put more money in his pockets,he could careless about the people it just about him

  • Blair

    Jesse Jackson_______race baiter extradorinaire.

  • Diane

    I'll bet this looser is tax exempt, and receiving public assistance.

  • John Sweet

    they are just mouthing the political plank of the democrats to ban all fire arms from citizen ownership he will be backing the UN small arms ban on firearms and ammunition both in allowing the citizens to have them and the companies to manufacture them it is part of the "Fast and furious" goal to further ban weapons from US citizens  

  • smogdew

    Sharpton and Jackson are Baptist ministers; Jeremiah Wright  is a minister in some 'off the wall religion'.  These are 'supposedly' men of God.  I thought church clergy were peacemakers. Not this trio.....I'm amazed their churches still allow them to be reverends (unless they have the same sick beliefs.  Wright actually said 'aids is a creation of the USA to do away with blacks'; Jackson was a minion of Martin Luther King - who would believe this ugly, nasty mouthed man had any connection with MLK? . How far they have fallen.  Sharpton is nothing more than a loud mouthed opportunist who jumps on every real or imagined racial incident for nothing more than the publicity he receives on TV, in the news etc.  His IQ is one digit larger than his shoe size, he is that dumb.......he's been wrong 99 out of 100 times but keeps on trucking in the hopes someday he will get it right.   

    I cannot believe, with all the brilliant black men in our society and black history that our African American population wants to follow any of these 3 clowns......they have no idea these are the people WHO keep them down - not white people, not Republicans - 3 insane ministers and the Democratic party......

  • Grampaben1

    A bigoted lunatic with an audiance of self-enslaved morons.  

  • jmsmaxwell

    Jessie needs to look at the illegal trade in gun in ever city in America.   Mainly run by two-bit punks who stole
    them from honest gun owners.    You can let it be known you want to buy a gun, give the make and model you
    want  in certain places and before you know it the gun or one very similar will appear for sell to you.  No
    questions ask as long as you got the scratch.    More than one of us have seen this happen over the years are
    know of someone who has bought a gun in that manner.  

  • wantmylifeback

    We need to find an island big enough so all these fruit cakes can live together.

    • Ret.Sgt.

       How about Alcatraz?   Oh  wait......that's not going to be nearly big enough........

    • Tiredofthecrap

      Actually, we need to put all of the garbage on a cruise liner, send it across the Atlantic, then halfway there SINK IT!!!!

  • apilee

    This dope has just sold more guns than anyone other than Obama. If you don't already have one- why not? I don't remember who said it but "blaming guns for gun violence is like blaming spoons for Oprah being fat" or something like that.

  • Jose

    these revs. want to fix the world with marches and ati white slogans what a joke

    • The_Lone_Gunman

       No, they don't want to fix anything! That is the tragedy.

    • The_Lone_Gunman

       No, they don't want to fix anything! That is the tragedy.

  • mesaman

    You have identified the names of black racist agitators who would like nothing more than to disarm those who disagree with their communistic ideals.  Do you think for one minute it will stop guns from appearing in the hands of thugs, gangsters, and terrorists? If you do, you probably voted for obama in the last election.

  • Chameleon751

    What those like Rev. Jackson fail to accept or refuse to understand is that if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.
    It is as you have stated.  Some 'blacks' (African Americans) do more to keep prejudice alive than most whites.  I did not even know about African Americans when I was growing up and when I did I never gave it any thought.  I approach an individual as just that, an individual.  It is only when they show their 'true colors' that prejudice enters in.  The one 'bad' situation I know of was when an African American called the police even though almost every other student in that college class had already received the same treatment which he called 'prejudicial.'  Really, get a life and stop looking for 'reasons' to scream prejudice.
    Remember, before you spit (speak) your words chew them well.  If they don't taste good when applied to you then keep your mouth shut.
    This also applies to many politicians today.  They open their mouth and make a statement and then, when things don't go their way they say things were really not what they stated in the first place.

  • Perfectwood

    I wonder what God jackson thinks he is a minister under. Not the one Jehova i am under

    • The_Lone_Gunman

       Jackson's prayers are mere demagoguery and his god is money!

  • Keith Dexter

    taking guns from law abiding citizens will do nothing to stop the black on black gang murders,how about trying to keep the youth in school and out of gangs,or unwed,uneducated black girls from getting pregnant,or stopping all the dealers from selling their poison on every street corner,those would accomplish far more than spewing racial garbage that helps nothing but his bank account!try to do something positive for your people for once,blaming whitey has not and will not get them anywhere!

    • The_Lone_Gunman

       Please! What makes you think Jesse and company care about black-on-black crime at all? They care about money first, socialism second. As for God and black folk, I don't think they even make the list for the "Reverend" Jackson.

  • Jerry Morgan

    The best way to cut 200,000 jobs is from the Federal Government and that would just be a fair start.

    • The_Lone_Gunman

       As long as we're cutting Federal Jobs, why stop at a mere 200,000? We need to go back to the Constitution, look at what the federal government is supposed to do, and cut the government down to those parameters. Sure, liberals will be pissed and panicked, but upon reflection I'm sure I can live with that. In fact, it would probably be really amusing!

  • Jerry Morgan

    Someone asked me why I didn’t believe in gun control.
    I replied, What makes you think I don’t believe in gun control?
    That prompted me to write this Quote,
    “I believe in complete gun control,
    That’s why I hold my 38 with both hands.”
    - -Jerry Morgan

  • Fritz329th

    I have turds that are smarter than Jackson and Grease Ball Sharpton put together.  If the Blacks would look at these two dumb-a$$es and see past them, they would realize that they are nothing but leaches and scum bags.

    • The_Lone_Gunman

       You are right. Once the black community recognizes its strengths, they will see the Jacksons and Sharptons of the world for what they are and they will see what these two have done to them all these years. I hope I am around to see that!

      • Gordon Michael Avery

         that's right. I would rather see them dishonored by people of all races for leaching off the honest working people.Same with obama. If any harm came to them,it might give them the status of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. which none of them deserve.I would rather see them prosecuted  as common criminals,which they are, and brought to justice.Let each punishment fit their crime. I suspect if obama gets voted out,he will be the next head of the u.n. An organization he has been steady trying to sell us out to. The u.n needs to go also.They are clearly against America and used as a tool by our enemies to try to weaken us.

  • jbrote47

    The reason the gun shops are thriving is because of nut jobs like him.  I'm actually surprised that this worthless knob hasn't earned a mad man's bullet a long time ago.

  • Bub Cross

    The fact that black people listen and follow this moron is a testimony of why they will always be on the bottom.

    • The_Lone_Gunman

       It is Jackson's job to keep the black community on its knees. Once they stand up, they will no longer need him and he will have to get a real job.


    Another left marxist,socialist who only wants to promote his agenda and dosent care about others....isnt it funny how he is now targeting gun shops to outlaw the sale of weapons....The hyprocracy of his campain is his body guards all are armend but then again he is bilking thousands of dollars from the poor and undereducated who think he is above reproach....Just one mans opinion

  • Silas Longshot

    March on gun shops? Now, there's a brilliant plan. Uh, dude, it's not gonna be like holding up your local Chinese food joint. Just why do you reckon its call a gun shop? Not only do all the people working in the stores carry, most of the customers carry, and there's a few guns laying around that might be handy for mob control.

    Click the name. 

    • The_Lone_Gunman

       All of which is true, but then the folks in the gun shops tend to be more civilized than your average union street thug -- which is not precisely a high standard -- but it would tend support the notion that a gun shop is a safer target than, say, a crack house that is doing some real damage to the poor unfortunates that live in "da hood."

  • dessimon

    These two brain dead sob's need to grow up and come to reality that they need to start preaching love and forgiveness instead of this race card alibi.  They are killing themselves,  Parents aren't being parents.  Bill Cosby and others in their community really understand the problem.  To the Black race from the White race you need to get rid of the two Jerks and your hateful NCAAP start policing you own back yard. White's should also put this race thing to bed as well. 
    We will never solve the problem blaming each other.

    • The_Lone_Gunman

       That is how the so-called "civil rights leaders" make their living! They are incapable of doing honest work, so the race card is the only thing they have to trade on. People like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and all the rest need to be marginalized and then left to wither on the vine. That would, of course, require the black community to open its collective eyes and see the truth that people like Jackson and Sharpton are only holding the black community back, while bitterly keening about how it is whites, conservatives, corporations, the "evil-doer of the week", etc., keeping them from happiness and prosperity.

      The most dangerous thing to the black community today is Jesse Jackson!

  • Mike Norman

    Gotta wonder what shakedown Jackson is trying to do now. He attacked Budweiser and got his son a major distributorship. He has no integrity but you have to admire his initiative and creativity. Sharpton doesn't hold a candle to Jackson when it comes to race baiting and profiting from it. 

    • The_Lone_Gunman

       Of course Sharpton cannot compete! Jackson is from Chicago, the cesspool that gave us Obambi. He was schooled by the best of the worst!

    • Joe Garcia

      Not many people know about that. You must be from Chi-Town. He also got his step brother several Wendys franchises. He is one of the best legal extorsionists out there. All for himself....One of, if not the biggest phony ever.....I like that, "Shakedown Jesse"...LOL. 

  • monacall

    jackson shut your stupid mouth before some one takes .50 to shut it for you......some nut out there might just do that......he is so stupid.  he is asking for a bullet.  so keep it up jackson you might just get your wish.    these people have put the blacks and whites back 100 years......thank you obozo....


    Jackson and Charpton are the worst and MORE STUPID blacks that exist in USA; worst then DOMBOMO and that is hard to accomplish........ The problem with blacks killing black will never be fixed due to the fact that so much hate they had thought their own kids that got the point of hating each other..........

  • Just Sayin

    If it weren't for slavery, Jesse and Al would be sitting around a campfire in loinclothes.

    • C. Pierce

       ...and nose rings.

  • Citizen60

    Yeah that's the ticket, let's go harass a shop owner who is heavily armed!

  • fliteking

    Jackson is a douche-nozzle. 

    • The Lone Gunman

       That is an insult to douche-nozzles everywhere!

      • fliteking

        You are right, my apologies to DN's everywhere. 

  • GDC97

    Jackson is so whacked out on CRACK he will say anything.

  • DAY8293A


  • Charles

    Jessie Jackson - Another faker and fraud... Gaming his own people.

  • electricapplejuice

    He and Sharpton always ride on the coat tails of disaster or alternate outrage (about something else).  He has NO church, so how the hell can he be a Reverand of anything?  As Charles says - he's a fraud.. and hurting his OWN, just like other pimps have for years.  "Transparency" might be seeing them for what they are - losers without a cardboard sign or a corner.

    • C. Pierce

      Sadly true. Obama, Holder, Jackson & Sharpton are Judas goats working for "whitey," i.e., Soros & the NWO banker thieves, the RICHEST people on earth. But trying to explain this to liberals is like teaching astronomy to horses.   

  • Joe Garcia

    Not enough publicity for Al & Jesse with Black on Black crimes. If there's no TV camera then there's no Jesse or Al. Jesse & Al have never met a TV camera they didn't love. They are both as phony as they come. They have lived the high life off of poor blacks, some giving their last pennies to Jesse in hopes that he will some day actually do something to help the black community. He has certainly helped himself and his family and cronies.  It's not unusual to have 35+ black people shot over a weekend in Chicago with anywhere from 7 to 15 dead, and that's mostly in one black neighborhood.  It's funny but there is a White catholic priest activist who has been trying for years to stop the violence in the englewood neighborhood of Chicago. But black Jesse and Al saw more of an opportunity to get their ugly mugs on TV in Florida for Trayvon who may have been justifyingly shot in self defense.  But boy did they jump on that bandwagon.....

  • Rethman

    I'm guessing one of his family wants a stake in the gun business, just like one got when Jesse (James!) Jackson held up Anheuser-Busch to the same end.

  • pete

    start home training young black children , or they will learn the hard way.

    • drdbiggs

       They are home trained, why do you think parasitic  negros keep expanding? Literally and figuratively!

  • StevenI

    Another attempte to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.

    • The Lone Gunman

       The leftist elites hate the 2nd Amendment because it is the ONLY thing that keeps them from usurping power altogether. An armed citizenry is a free citizenry since that is the ONLY citizenry that leftist elites need to fear.

  • Thomas B

    If the Jackson rhetoric works, the only ones with guns wil be the blacks in the inner city who get them illegally anyway.   They will keep killing each other, unless the obama administration actively rewards them for killing white people or hispanics.

    • The Lone Gunman

       Great Britain and Australia both have total gun bans, yet violence is now out of control. The answer for both of them is more government control, more government intrusion, and the law-abiding will accept that because they have no other protection. That means the socialists have created a mandate for their policies by making the government the ONLY answer to society's ills. People like Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, and the rest of the left are working hard to do that here. As for race killings/race war, the left would love that so they could justify a final takeover.

  • dusterdog

    Jackson & sharpton should be tried for criminal activity in what they did to george zimmerman.

    • The Lone Gunman

       While you are at it, throw in the New York Times, Obama, Spike Lee, the Brady Bunch, and all the other gun-grabbers in and out of the media who saw this as a chance to end Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine Laws. Makes you wonder whether they understand that Treyvon Martin was a human being and NOT A SACRIFICE for the agenda of the hopolophobic and the leftist elite!

  • Hugo Pena

    These poverty pimps or the "Justice Brothers" as Rush likes to refer to these idiots are so ignorant.  Stupid is a better word.  People just need to stand up to their senseless tirates and tell them to go to hell.

  • sean murry.

    To hell with that race baiter take Sharpton with you.

  • Junk Bin

    jesse and al nebber hab facts interfer with their racebating tirades. taint edumacation dat causing dare bigotry but cranial rectal impaction

  • Darrell B

    Who cares what these race baiters, poverty pimps or what ever you want to call these pieces of human debris?  Regardless of whom they are they are all students of 'victimology';  the black population proved LBJ was incorrect when he said, " a nigra will sell his soul for a government check".....................they will sell anything and everything for a goverment check!!

  • mesaman

    If it comes to a final decision, Obongo will join forces with the Jackson/Sharpton comedy team. He knows they have control over a majority of black voters.

  • We the People

    Vote the elected officials out of office that are not abiding by the Oath they took and not abiding by the Constitution of the United States. I know how frustrating it is to have to put up with Jackson and Sharpton but the ones in office are who we need to be focusing on.

    Wonder what the Oath is?

    I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend
    the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and
    domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that
    I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose
    of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of
    the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

    You can find it at:

  • Cold hard facts

    Jesse must be loved along with his followers as he and the rest are still alive

  • fliteking

    Jesse Jackson - - - matching his IQ with sun-wilted radishes everywhere. 

  • Michael Nellett

    Reverend Jackson the bible says"if you are not willing to forgive those who sin against you then your Father, who is in heaven will NOT forgive yours!" You would know that if you were a real man of God instead of a hate merchant.

  • Mpfoster44

    I will give my gun up to the govn't when all cops in America stop wearing their guns to work!!! That's when it will be safe in America!!! Or, I'll give my gun up when the govn't can assure me that all the crimenals have surrendered their guns!!

  • WayneI

    Watch the video of Jackson, these people are mindless robots that must be told what to think and what to say. And Jackson is the pied-piper. Like animals being ran over a cliff.

  • jerry

    most crimes , black on black are committed with stolen guns, jesse will not speak of this fact>

  • Timothy W. Lucas

    People understand who the enemy is and gun sales are through the roof. Jesse should stay at both his homes taking care of that wild oat child he has along with his real family. Such a hypocrite and podium liar.