The Truth about the Healthcare Bill By Someone Who Actually Read It

Well, I have done it! I have read the entire text of proposed House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2009. I studied it with particular emphasis from my area of expertise, constitutional law. I was frankly concerned that parts of the proposed law that were being discussed might be unconstitutional. What I found was far worse than what I had heard or expected.

To begin with, much of what has been said about the law and its implications is in fact true, despite what the Democrats and the media are saying. The law does provide for rationing of health care, particularly where senior citizens and other classes of citizens are involved, free health care for illegal immigrants, free abortion services, and probably forced participation in abortions by members of the medical profession.

The Bill will also eventually force private insurance companies out of business, and put everyone into a government run system. All decisions about personal health care will ultimately be made by federal bureaucrats, and most of them will not be healthcare professionals. Hospital admissions, payments to physicians, and allocations of necessary medical devices will be strictly controlled by the government.

However, as scary as all of that is, it just scratches the surface. In fact, I have concluded that this legislation really has no intention of providing affordable healthcare choices. Instead it is a convenient cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred, or even been contemplated. If this law or a similar one is adopted, major portions of the Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed.

The first thing to go will be the masterfully crafted balance of power between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the U.S. Government. The Congress will be transferring to the Obama Administration [and later bureaucratic agencies] authority in a number of  areas over the lives of the American people, and the businesses they own and operate.

The irony is that the Congress doesn't have any authority to legislate in most of those areas to begin with! I defy anyone to read the text of the U.S. Constitution and find any authority granted to the members of Congress to regulate healthcare.

This legislation also provides for access, by the appointees of the Obama administration, of all of your personal healthcare recorrds, your personal financial information, and the information of your employer, physician, and hospital. All of this is a protecting against unreasonable searches and seizures. You can also forget about the right to privacy. That will have been legislated into oblivion regardless of what the 3rd and 4th Amendments may provide.

If you decide not to have healthcare insurance, or if you have private insurance that is not deemed acceptable to the Health Choices Administrator appointed by Obama, there will be a tax imposed on you. It is called a tax instead of a fine because of the intent to avoid application of the due process clause of the 5th Amendment. However, that doesn't work since there is nothing in the law that allows you to contest or appeal the imposition of the tax which definitely deprives someone of property without the due process of law.

So, there are three of those pesky amendments that the far left hates so much, out the original ten in the Bill of Rights, that are effectively nullified by this law. It doesn't stop there.

The 9th Amendment provides: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

The 10th Amendment offers additional protections: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are preserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Under the provisions of this piece of Congressional handiwork called "Healthcare," neither the people nor the states are going to have any rights or powers in many areas that once were theirs to control.

I could write many more pages about this legislation, but I think you get the idea. This is not about healthcare; it is about seizing power and limiting rights.

Article 6 of the Constitution requires the members of both houses of Congress to “be bound by oath or affirmation to support the Constitution.” If I was a member of Congress, I would not be able to vote for this legislation or anything like it, without feeling I was violating that sacred oath or affirmation. If I voted for it anyway, I would hope the American people would hold me accountable.

For those who might doubt the nature of this threat, I suggest you consult the source, the US Constitution and its attendant Bill of Rights. There you can see exactly what we are about to have taken from us.

Michael Connelly

Retired attorney and Constitutional Law Instructor

Carrollton, Texas




    Even still, the media in all forms remains mute on mandatory implanting of a "class II medical device" for EVERY American by March 23, 2013.  Found on pages 1002-1008.  I'm really tired of NO ONE addressing this. While you bring up many other wrongs this demonic bill has in store for us, this one is running on the clock. This one is the scariest part of the bill. Being tagged like livestock by your government should be disturbing even for liberals. Let me think, who else did something like this? Oh yeah! HITLER!

    • Mackie100

      GTFO is correct about his evaluation of Afordable Health Care, (which it is not). What it is doing is actually adding to the many activities of CONTROL that this proveably illegal administration is doing which, our 
      Congress is sitting back and allowing.  That group is a bunch of Pussys. Keep your powder dry and lots of it!!  

      • Doodlebug

        And let's not forget that it is not only control of our health and who gets care and who is allowed to die, but now the arrogant dummicrat donkey is sticking his nose into Christianity and telling the Catholics what they MUST DO! I hope the Catholics and those  of us who are Evangenlists let this lying dummicrat donkey have it. Contress is afraid of him and those who don't want to do anything about it, RINOs included.

    • OrdainedPraise


  • jong

    Of course the more people this pisses off the more will gather together for  a revolution.    At a certain tipping point it will happen.   Of course the tipping point here will come much sooner for the simple fact that we are a armed nation with a tradition of both freedom and firearms.

    • PMDavis

      That's assuming we still have our guns.  With the underhanded dealings that the Obama administration is doing with this UN Treaty and the control of small fire arms, Obama will have effectively, AGAIN, gone around our Constitution and Congress to gain control of our guns.  This treaty is being worked on as we speak and Hillary Clinton is right behind it.  If the US signs this treaty, then the UN controls our guns, not the US and they will have the power to search and seize all our firearms.  Why is no one reporting on this? This healthcare horror is ALL about power and control as well and giving the government complete control of our lives.  I see an attempted takeover by this administration in the not too distant future.

  • R. Thornhill

    Good article. Agreed it is called "health care" to be a smoke screen to hide their intended hidden socialist agenda. 

  • Screeminmeeme

    Along with the things mentioned in this article, this diabolic POS law from Obama also allows the government (the IRS)  to take over your bank accounts and withdraw monies at will (ostensibly to pay for your hospital bill) It disallows cancer treatment for patients 75 years and older.  All physician salaries, regardless of specialty, will be the same.  These are just some  of the things made lawful by Obamacare. And really, health care was   just a peripheral issue and a pretense used to justify the madness.

    The evil legislated by  Obama and his obsequious, shameless cronies is incalculable when one considers how many American lives will be forever changed by it.

    The fact that so much power  is given to the Executive Branch ought to scare the bejesus  out of everyone. In fact, it practically establishes a dictactorship.  If the Supremes don't throw it out, we HAVE to do something to ensure that it is not ever  implimented....or we will all live to horribly regret it.

    • Gerardgibert

      With all due respect, this isn't true.  That was the case in HR 3200, which didn't pass.  I hate the law that didn't pass, but not for these reasons.  See my comment above

  • danclamage

    I sure hope SCOTUS considered all of these gross violations of the Constitution. Not that I'd expect Ginsburg to uphold it.

  • wfwilson6

    The health care act scares me, but nothing like the international treaties I am hearing about, where we are turning our sovereignty (and wealth) over to the United Nations and Agenda-21.  As long as we keep an unliked law in-house, we can deal with it through our constitution, but as soon as the Senate ratifies an intertnational treaty, such as the Law of the Sea and this UN EPA thing to be discussed soon in South America, the UNITED NATIONS TRUMPS OUR CONSTITUTION.  We will never again be able to guide our own destiny.  And I understand that after the November elections, during the "lame-duck" session, the democrats in the Senate, bolstered by departing senators and RINOS may have the 67 votes necessary to ratify these treaties and give away our right to govern under OUR constitution.  And our MEDIA says nothing.  Who owns them??

    • Screeminmeeme

      wfwilson6....I agree with you. And nary a peep from the media nor an act of courage from our representatives in Congress.

      • PMDavis

        The spirit of anti-christ is alive and well.  

    • teacherintexas

      "And our MEDIA says nothing.  Who owns them??"I suspect the answer to that question is George Soros.

      • Greg

        And the lame stream media would like to keep attention on the Koch brothers so we don't see what ole georgie soreazz has been and is up to. Perilous time we live in folks.

    • PMDavis

      You are exactly right.  Obama has found the perfect way to go completely around our Constitution and our Congress, which is supposed to be our safety net, and accomplish his evil agenda by going through the UN.  What I find even more mind boggling is how many representatives are behind Obama and are not saying or doing anything to stop this.  Of course, our whole government has been infiltrated and appointed by socialists, communists and marxists who eagerly await this to happen.

  • Gerardgibert

    I'm a staunch conservative and I detest Obamacare.  However, with all due respect folks, this article was written in 2009 and refers to a bill which did NOT pass:  HR 3200.  None of these provisions are found in the actual law - HR 3590 The PPACA.  Note the author refers to the "proposed" bill.  The actual law, the PPACA is bad, but not becuase of the things discussed in this article, since HR 3590 contains none of them.  In reality, The PPACA contains little with repect to delivery of health care services.  Rather, the law is one giant wealth redistribution apparatus that contains hundreds and hundreds of provisions for new taxes on one class of citizens/organizations and new credits, subsidies and free services for another class. 

    • mattwm

      actually it was HR 3962 that was finally passed.  but i'd bet that most of what this article is talking about made it into the final version

  • Dogmeat1949

    From day one I have told anyone who would listen it's ALL ABOUT GOVERNMENT CONTROL over WE the PEOPLE!  THIS BILL in its self is TREASON! And anyone whom VOTED for it is a TRAITOR to The UNITED STATES of AMERICA! VOTE them all out of office whom voted for it! A.B.O!

  • democratsarefools

    El Rushbo has said the same horror since the inception of the debate on this thing.

  • Mary Hackett

    Thank you for taking time to read ALL of it.  God Bless you sir for helping so many understand it.

  • Mary Hackett

    Thank you sir for taking your time to read it and report the abuses.

  • Virgil Bankes

    This is why hussein push so hard to get it, he knew with obamacare  he can do what ever he want and we have no way of stoping him. With obamacare it`s good by constitution.

  • rbv

    The phrase "direct violation of the specific provisions of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution" ended up in the wrong sentence... some editing would be nice.

  • JoAnneAZ

    Has this article been laying around somewhere and you decided to pull it off a shelf.  Wrong information about a subject that was wrong from the start, but NOT what the SCOTUS is looking at.  Suggest you pull this article because it will get passed around and a lot of false information will be out there AGAIN. 

    • mattwm

      I've read much of the law myself, and this article is right on.  JoAnne, you need to find the facts before you post something that you know nothing about.

    • wibbys1

      Go back to sleep JoAnne, it's all good, it's all going to be ok, we will wake you when it's over. You'll feel sooo much better!

  • Publius

    With so matter potential violations to the Constitution, I can't understand why there aren't more law suits against these violations. Instead we only have one suite against one provision.

    • mattwm

      no, that's not right, there are a number of suits on many of the provisions.  the latest was put by religious organizations about the requirement to provide free abortions.

  • Faye Shamblin

    This is what I have told everyone I know or would listen and I found this to be harmful against seniors who need transplants such as hip knee replacement becuase it is saying if you are of older age you don't need to be treated and you can remain as is or die. Obama and the demoslats are crazy and need to be replaced ASAP

    • Resarie85

      If it was his mother, himself in 30 years or his wife in 30 years, he'd change his tune right quick.

  • Proudamerican

    obamacare is an intricate minefield that takes months of scrutiny to even figure out where the dems have laid financial mines that secretly accomplish their agenda-that of ruining the economy and taking all they can for themselves.     Dont you know by now that dems are dishonest?  If that fact has EVER been evident IT IS NOW AMERICA!   There should be NO reason to ever elect a stinkin dem again  EVER!  What total crook (s) wrote this mess?

  • Carol Fryer

    Everytime I hear a democrat talk on Cspan they complain about the fact that Medicare and social security need reforms. Not their own high salaries, not medicaid or their foreign aid. They just hate old people. Im wondering when they will impliment a soft cushy death to anyone who reaches 60. Maybe just put them to sleep like in Solent Green.  They will just add a tax to give your loved ones a bonus to put you to sleep.

    • wibbys1

      Just this morning read an article about Time mags piece on helping your parents die. How it is sooo much better for the earth, society and sooo financially rewarding. Kill granny and save mucho money.
      Folks, there's a bad moon rising!

    • Greg

      A very astute observation Carol. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

      • Boxcar

        obamanation could never have a idea like that he's not smart enough

    • apilee

      I agree, but have they looked in the mirror?  Pelosi- 72; Harry Reid- 73; Charlie Rangle- 82; Maxine Waters- 73; Jim Clyburn- 72; Steny Hoyer- 72.  The list could go on and on!

      • Florida Dave

        You forget, they exempted themselves from this, and many other laws that they passed, that pertain only to us "commoners".

    • Boxcar

      that's one i would not even thought of some of my out laws would love that  (LOL )

  • Carol Fryer

    And they never ever seem to address the fact that it was them who took all the excess social security. We all know their retirements are way more important then ours. They need triple what we get after just 4 years of work. 

    • Cewclw

      What work?

  • Blair

    The libtards actually hate the 10th Amendment because they see it as being racist. Why? Because Southern governors like
    Orville Faubus. and George Wallace, used the 10th Amendment to justify segregation, dontcha know? The government, fortunately, won those civil rights cases.

    • metheoldsarge

       They were Democrats.  How ironic.

  • Omega2

    I am now reading a book called : HITLER, GOD, & The BIBLE :.  It tells of the way Hitler came to power.  We are witnessing the similar way OBUMMMAA and his 42 MARXISTS CZARS are running this country into the same FISCO END of the Third RISCH.   A must read for all AMERICAN PATRIOTS!!!

    • Boxcar

      i think that was obamanation's bible  so much that it sounds like him to the T

  • JohnHD

    I am a 86 year old, devoted student of the Constitution. (In fact I have a copy of it on my desk right now) I find it ironic that those who choose to make our laws, in many cases, know very little of it. It has been my major complaint that those who seek a political position, should be required to have total knowlege of it. I would be willing to bet that less than 10% of our current politicians could pass a test on their knowlege of it. This includes our current so called constitutional law, President. I would love to question him on the Constitution and it's amendments.

    • James Mills

       He would fail the test--just like most of the Congress.

      • JohnHD

        You are so right James.

    • Darlene Tapley

      The issue is he knows more than most true Americans that's how he knows how to manipulate the laws to suit him. He knows what he is doing and is going full steam ahead with it, to bring America to her knees. It is going to take someone who know the laws better then him to beat him at his own game! Plus this IS A cHRISTIAN nation, but she has lost her way and only when she repents and crys out to the Lord will HE save the USA! Psalm 127:1. makes it clear that it is GOD only who protect a nation. Pray people pray!

  • mattwm

     i think paying federal taxes will have to stop if they continue on this path.  i just can't send my money to support a tyrannical government

  • georgiagirl64

    I just started Erik Lars0n's book In The Garden of Beasts.  It's also about Hitler's rise to power, told through the eyes of an American family who were there.  Very very good.  

  • Juwarno

    Is there any doubt that Obama must go. I have a hard time believing that congress didn't dump him a long time ago.

    A pride Marine , Vietnam Veteran

    • Usn779ret


  • Freedomforall

    Nazism is alive and well with this administration. Obama should never be compared to the likes of FDR or JFK, no his comparison is that of Adolf Hitler. His 42 marxists czars should be compared to the politburo of Communist Russia. Politicians like Pelosi and Reid who push this piece of crap legislation through without even reading it should be booted out of office and thrown into prison for giving the American people this misguided, cleverly conceived, contrary to the Constitution and our freedoms 
    piece of legislation. We the People cannot afford another destructive 4 years of this fraud, liar, charlatan, racist.

  • majorl3

    They have contrived this through deception and manipulation, they are the products of Sal Alinsky and Cloward and Piven , they consider them selves the elite and they think they must make the choices for the rest of us who to them are inferior to them!

  • Nottakenyan

    The irony in all of this political manure is the simple fact that America really does not have a president.
    What America has is an illegal, lying, unqualified Kenyan impersonating a US president, but neither
    Congress nor the Supreme Court has the balls  to eliminate him because he is half black.  Every thing he
    has inked is null and void since he is a fraud.
    Meanwhile, American taxpayers are paying in money to the IRS and not truly being represented by anyone in DC.

    Washington, DC is America's cesspool for liars, whores, and thieves!!!!

    • Theeagle

      All so true but and they know it also.  Congress is afraid of this guy for some reason other than race. None, not one of them is fit for duty and need to go also. It is a simple fix if they determine O is illegal and gone.  

  • Charlie

    Let's hope the Supreme Court makes the right decisions and overturns or severely limits this monster.

    If not...let's hope Americans make the right choice in November and put a government that will overturn this horror show in place.

    If we're going to be optimistic, perhaps said Congress will also write bills and sponsor legislation that will prevent a similar power-grab in the future.

    • Hammer

       If Obama Looses the election he will declare Marshall Law and technically makes him KING and his word and those of his appointed staff will have ANY say as to what happens.  He will be shuttled to Mount Weather the FEMA underground headquarters in Blueridge, VA and run the operation from there.  The public will not be able to get to him, the ones that try will be gunned down in the streets.  It i his intent to destroy 97% of the worlds population leaving those of the Bilderberg Group in charge.  God help us all

  • USPatriotOne

    All part of the Obama and the Liberal/Communist/Democrat agenda.  Marshal Law is just around the corner.  I would say in the 8 to 12 weeks or sooner.  The People better be ready.  Give me Liberty or Give Me Death "John Paul Jones."  And I will be Killed for that Liberty by DHS before I go to a Fema camp...!!!  God help us, PLEASE...!!!

    • patriot

       "Give Me Liberty or give me Death" (Patrick Henry) "I have not yet begun to Fight" (John Paul Jones) But I am with you brother.

  • patriot2

    so now even the idiots that wanted obama care know why it had to be passed in the dead of night without telling the republicans that the liberal democrats were going to sneak it in like the vermin they are.

  • hongryhawg

    Those that have been paying attention to this attempt by the Obama Administration to subvert the constitution and deny citizens their born rights have known the above all along.  Obama is hoping to convince and sway the uninformed, which unfortunately for us all, makes up the majority of his supporters.  What is said above is the truth about the healthcare proposal.  It will signal the end of America as we know it.  Many things that we have known as Americans have already ended but this will be the death stroke.

  • Tapol0719

    I wonder if anybody has ever read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand which he describes what would happen if private sector is totally removed from a country. Of course, the liberals have read nothing other than Karl Marx philosophy and economics. I dare anybody to Google Directive 10-289. And you will find the similarity to obamacare. Who is John Galt?

    • patriot

      "When you see that trading is done, not by
      consent, but by compulsion - when you see that in order to produce, you need to
      obtain permission from men who produce nothing - when you see money flowing to
      those who deal, not in goods, but in favors - when you see that men get richer
      by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don't protect you against them,
      but protect them against you - when you see corruption being rewarded and
      honesty becoming a self-sacrifice - you may know that your society is doomed."


    • Mizmezz

      With all due respect, Ayn Rand was a woman (just sayin') but that does not make your point less valid...

  • Fernande Rivers

    Stop the "Fundamental Transformation of America"   Return to the Constitution... to its rightful...paid with the  blood  of our ancestors...get rid of Obama and his "Down with Capitalism"  Along with this article, one should see this video explaining in details The ObamaNightmare that it is...I hope it still works:

    place it everywhere you's that critical

  • Sharron

    SO TRUE. I read part of the a health care provider...Cannot be prosecuted for assisting in abortions, assisted suicides, or euthanasia. SO..Palin was correct. DEATH PANELS DO EXIST! Our Congress and Senate have Failed to protect this country from the terriorist in the White House. May God have mercy on them all, because I don't!

  • Tuskers

    This article by Michael Connelly is from 09 and the ACA has had some revisions.  I would like to see Mr. Connelly's opinion on HR 3962 (revised from 3200) I'm sure there's not a whole lot of difference but I would like his opinion just the same. 

    As we've discovered in the 3+ years since Obama has been occupying our Government Housing, he is doing his best to destroy our great nation and strip us of our rights.  Please Mr. Connelly, do an addendum to your opinion from 09.


  • Steve Killgo

    Thank you Michael, Short but to the point! Would you say that any Senator or Congressman that voted for this unconstitutional Act should be removed from office for dereliction of duty? Sir do you think any Constitutional Laws have been broken? What, if any, penality is present for Senators and Conessmen tha break their Constitutional oath? Should they be jailed? Sir, you are a true American Patriot! God bless you!


    i live in louisiana and have aetna insurance, i got a letter yesterday saying they are dropping all la. residents who have single policys,  it says they cant afford to offer the lower premiums anymore and that they would like to come back to la. AS THE LAW PERMITS.  im taking this as if obama is overturned they will come back,  so i cant keep my insurance if i like it, which i do, or my dr. if i like him, which i do,  so, basically,  OBAMA--YOU LIE.

  • Willowa

       In addition to the blatant disregard for the constitution, as Mr Connelly points out so well, there are things in 'Obamacare' (which he may allude to) that have absolutely nothing to do with 'health care'!  Remember when the 'pres' said in the 2008 campaign, 'we need to have a national security force, just as powerful, just as well funded as the military... answerable to the President'?  (and that didn't scare people!!??), it isprovided for  in Obmamcare!  It does say that the officers of such a force would be appointed by the President, to be approved by the Senate [uless of course the Senate is in 'recess', then he will do what has done so wel beforel, appoint officers anyway!]
       I know our founders crafted a 'checks and balences' system, but I'm sure they did not envision such a gutless, corrupt Congress!

  • JulesV29

    All of which most of us knew prior to Nancy saying that "We'll have to pass it to see what's in it."  Another moron that needs to spend a term in Club Fed.

    • Johnsnare

      Someone should ask Pelosi, if she would buy a car, or a home without,A.driving the car first, and B,inspect the house before purchasing.?  A completely screwed up Pussy.

  • Ignatius Turchi

    And they called Sara Palin crazy and stupid for her term "death panels" in describing the iPAB.
    Reagans comments on socialized medicine

  • Airandlight

    Well Michael, while I didn't read the bill myself, I was well aware that it was a recipe for the transfer of power to, not just the federal government,  but specifically to the executive branch.  NO BILL should be 2700 pages long NO BILL should require passing it in order to find out what's in it.  This is an attack on every principle that forms the foundation of this nation.  It is an act engendered by criminals who spin the law in a fashion to make their crimes seem "reasonable".

    If the Supreme Court fails in its mandate to determine the Constitutionality of this abominable criminal act, then I suppose the end of this country could be swift and violent.

  • Angel7777gto

    Yes, it is all about seizing power! But, in spite of Obama's massive this one coherent trait within...not what he actually excels in without doubt? This man consistently ignores "Our" Constitution and chooses to write Executive Orders, almost in secret and behind our backs, to execute his own form of injustice. Thanks, Michael Connelly for informing us of just the Constitutional violations! But, just wait until all the American people find out all the details though due process and, living the "Nightmare" involved. And, why were not all advised of the details published so that all of us could read them? I believe "Someone" is hiding something!

  • Wkelly10103

    after reading this POS illegal legislation, i fail to see how anyone can support this! if anyone supports this after reading it, they need to be tarred and feathered, and run out of town on a rail. i just don't understand how our beloved country has gotten to this point.

    • Hilly

       It got to this point because of a bunch of really stupid people were afraid of being accused of being racist, and voted for a socialist P.O.S. for president. They continued their idiocy by allowing
      Nazi P. Lousy and Hairy Weed to insert their puckered lips and tongues into the anal opening of the P.O.S. in the offal office.

  • Ralph

    So,for all of you,that seem to forgotten where Obamacare came from here,does Willard Mittens Romney
    Romneycare ring a bell with you right now?  And so,granted Obamacare is an impeding disaster looking
    for a place to happen,however have any of you fools ever stopped and ask yourself,how can the inventor of the Original Version of Obamacare called Romneycare, Willard Mittens Romney be expected to fix it,when the simple fact still remains the Evil Willard Mittens Romney is the one that created the problem in the first  place? Your going to love Mitten's Romneycare II for sure you fools.

    • Jackys

      Gosh...Ralphy.....There ya go again.   I'm from Mass.....Romneycare (created by Democrats in the State House/Senate there) no comparison to Obomneycare. Read both of the Legislative documents and maybe someone will pay a little attention to you. You don't know what you are talking about....kinda like BHusseinO.....Holder....Pelosi.....(sure you are big fans of them all) al on any topic of interest or importance to the American people.  Have to start by being an are obviously not one of these (us) YOU LOSE......get used to it.....we Americans have just gotten started. 

    • Rich

      Actually the Obama care fondation came from the support of the Bain corp with the guidance of there bilderberg membership friends. Remember control the population and the useful idiots by taking the first step in supporting Margret Sanger as founder of Planned Parenthood. (Oxymoron is PP)

    • John

      Ralph, ralph, please back away from the koolaid. You are making a fool of yourself. For one thing, its a states rights issue with Romney. If a liberal idiot state wants obamacare, so be it. the rest of us don't want Obama piss on us and him tell us its raining. Now, we see our commie in chief has committed TREASON in leaking info to make his desperate A#$ look presidental. How pathetic! He truly is a Amatuer! (and manure spreader too)

    • MissGiven

      The ONLY reason Mitt Romney went for a state intervention was because so many people will not pay for insurance.  Well, it didn't work that well.  Had to try it.  But obamacare is much much more than just trying to get everyone to participate.  Oh and BTW, Obama personally exempted himself, congress and a bunch of his friends from having to participate. 

  • Patriot

     There is nothing to discuss, its as plain as the nose on your face. You can yield to the thief, or you can resist him with all your might.

    • Rich

      Yes, and may many of us prepare to lock and load.

  • Sandy

    Those of you who have not read the provisions set for by the New  Party. of which it has been established that Barack Obama is definitely a member. might want to do so. You will find there that this, as well as many of his other actions, is taking our country directly toward his planned Socialism of the USA.

    • Daniel from TN

      The "New Party" is actually just a new name for The Communist Party.

  • Seasaltsan

    I too am a healthcare provider and have seious concerns when goverment tries to play God!! Why did we go to medical school to be told who we can order services for and who we can't.  I refuse to listen to a goverment official with regards to my patient's wellbeing. 

  • Ralph

    Yep former Gov Sarah Palin was right about the Death Panels,however Palin's Good Buddy AZ GOP
    Gov Jan Brewer the old drunken lush,is already hard at work doing her level best to find ways to
    kill off our Arizona Senior Citizens like myself,and it would not surprise me if RINO Willard Mittens Romney made crazy old lush Jan Brewer his Death Panel Czar,if people foolishly were
    to make the mistake of electing the disgusting lying big mouth Mittens Romney President.

    • Jackys

      Hey Ralphy......Why are you so upset??? See the writing on the wall??  Looking for a PFD (that is a life jacket.....sure you don't know that). Can always tell when someone is scared due to losing the argument....they get ugly......just like YOU!!! 

  • pduffy

    The article said, "I defy anyone to read the text of the U.S. Constitution and find any authority granted to the members of Congress to regulate health care."

    Well, I defy you to find where it says it can regulate, education, food, drugs, agriculture, airwaves, airplanes, housing, the stock market, or tax one citizen to give to another. When they were not stopped for all these other areas of our lives, they just continued until they got to "health care". Why? Well, there was this thing called the "Civil War" where the federal government used federal troops to crush the states, and since the states were the safeguard against this tyranny, once the states were made vassels of the federal government, they did pretty much whatever they wanted, and so it continues to this day because nobody has had the guts to fight another war to put a stop to it. The voting booth has failed because of this corruption.  The last election has proven. 40+ Tea Party congressment were sent to Washington DC, and they voted to continue with "business as usual".

    • willhen50

      40 plus TEA party people have been fighting the establishment, the House is one entity, the Senate refuses to budge.  Reid has shelved any of the provisions that the House passes and won't even pass a budget. Now a huge tax increase for everyone is looming in 6 months and what is everybody doing? Obama has made congress irrelevant by his own executive orders and assigned "czars" and he has already broken his oath to protect and defend the constitution.  His incompetence is starting to have the "Peter Principle" effect in the dumbing down of America. 

      • pduffy

        Wrong. Check their voting records. To 'fight' as you say, you have to vote against the enemy. You can't blame the democrats. The republicans had the votes to stop the spending, but chose to capitulate to the desires of the minority democrat senate, and Obama, and voted FOR the 'continuing resolutions'. This is laying down. They should have shut the government down, but they got assimilated into the government. They just gave in because the demon-crats would not agree, and they were afraid of the 'shutdown card'? No it was a 'trick' to make the American people believe they were fighting for us, but instead betrayed us and blamed the enemy.

        • willhen50

          I said fighting the establishment, you think that Boener's capitulation was a TEA party decision, the TEA party people made all kinds of stink about that decision. Their interviews on the news channels showed their derision. The other fact was the Senate left at Christmas time and to prevent the shutdown they had to vote up or down and that would have had disasterous results at that time. 

        • pduffy

          Again, the 40 Tea Party members cast their own votes. Notice how the democrat party nevers wasts their votes. They alway vote liberal. Boener didn't force them to do anything. At least vote your principles, if you lose, you lost on principle, but to give in, and vote with the enemy is unforgivable. The real 'disasterous effect' was not stopping the spending. What's their excuse now? It does not matter when you shut down this parasite, December or not, it needs to be shut down. When will you wake up and see that you got duped again by the Republican establishment, the 'Tea Party' members were RINOS in disguise (again). Doesn't the Rand Paul endorsement of Mitt Romney prove my point? His own father is running for president, and he endorses the establishment RINO. So much for the 'Tea Party'.

        • willhen50

          I don't know WTF you are talking about but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.

    • MissGiven

      Time for another civil war.

      • pduffy

        If the beast could not be defeated in 1865, how do you think you can defeat it now? They have mushroom clouds at their disposal. It will take a miracle from God, not guns at this point.

  • Daniel from TN

    I enjoyed the comments from someone who has actually read the bill instead of relying on information they have heard ABOUT the bill. I encourage everyone to go to a library and read the bill yourself. I did and I thought I was reading a Stephen King horror novel. Do not read it online. Websites will only give you their edited version of the bill, whether they support or oppose it.

    • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

       Sadly, though, most liberals are so blind to the truth, that, there's NO convincing them, until it's too late. And, by the way, I live in Tn, & am proud of your comment!

    • Gerardgibert

      Check again.  Not true.  HR 3962 was another House Bill (introduced by Rangel, Dingell, Waxman and a couple of other bonehead communist liberals) that was ultimately abandoned by the House for the Senate bill, HR 3590, which did pass.  It was amended by the Health Care and Education Reconcilation Act of 2010 - HR 4872 - the so called "Recon Bill".  And no, the provisions discussed in the article are not included in the law.  That's becuase a bill with these far-left provisions couldn't pass the Senate after Scott Brown was elected.  That's why the House caved and took up HR 3590 which did pass the Senate, prior to Brown's election, and amended it through the highly controversial reconciliation process.  Thus current HC law consists of HR 3590 (The PPACA) and HR 4872 (The "Recon" Bill").

  • gunner48

    Then why do Congressmen, still have jobs that voted for the plan????? And why would a supreme court judge vote for this if it violates the constitution which they are sworn to uphold......We are Screwed any way you look at it.....

    • Mrooker

      Isn't it ironic that not one legislator in the House or Senate read this bill before voting on it?  Many had their doubts and resisted until they were either bought off (Cornhusker Kickback/Louisiana Purchase) or they were intimidated by Pelosi/Reid until they had to vote for it.  Pelosi famously said they had to pass it to see what was in it.  It is 2,700 pages of Progressive ideology and something they have worked to make happen for the past 100 years.  Now, it is beginning to unravel and they can't understand why this law is so unpopular.  It must go and is blatantly unconstitutional.

    • Mrooker

      Gunner,  I guess you weren't paying attention to the mid terms.  There were a great many Blue Dogs that lost their seat in 2010 because they voted for this turkey.  Only the ones in the safest liberal districts held onto their seats.  There will be another big turnover in 12 when we vote most of the rest out in both the House and Senate.

    • wibbys1

      Because they think they will be among the elite. "They" haven't done their homework.

  • TxGCB

    Control the monetary system(banks), control the weapons(gun laws), control our health and well being(healthcare bill),  control business and manufacturing(EPA, Green initiative, etc) and control the workforce(unions).That is the recipe for a government that the "Iron Curtain" survivors would recognize and fought hard to defeat. They must never be allowed to control our minds but they are trying.

    • patriot

       Fortunately for us, those Iron Curtain survivors will be among the hardest fighting Patriots in the fight to secure our freedom again.

      • dixiecrystals

        We are free right now are we going to let them take over. One thing not mentioned is the large IRS armed with everything about us in their files Every transaction that we make will be scrutizined and Analised in order to obtain tax and fees.

    • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

      They've already started trying to control our religious beliefs with the mandate they passed. I am not Catholic, disagree with a lot of their beliefs, however, as a staunch conservative, against abortion & same sex marriage, I'll stand arm in arm with them, if that happens.

      • wibbys1

        Sharon, most idiots have no idea WHAT they have already begun to control and what has been planned for them. Leave them alone to watch Idol, reality tv, cage fighting etc. They WILL find out soon. First come the oohs and aahs, then come the running screaming and dying.

  • JQcitizen

    Obama, Democratic leadership, agency appointees, and czars have played fast and lose with the Constitution, House, and senate rules since the 2007. Most have taken and oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the laws of the Country. Any objective review of the actions undertaken by Obama and the Democratic leaders since his elections draws one to conclude that they do not respect the founding document, but know that the chances of amending the document requiring a super majority in congress and ratification by three-quarters  of the states, is next to impossible. Instead, they have chosen to ignore any inconvenient constitutional prohibitions and their sworn oaths, to circumvent the separation and limitations of powers placed on all branches of government on behalf of "we the people". They have done this through regulation, limited debate, refusing to enforce existing laws, and appointing agency and heads department, czars, to effectively create laws more in line with their thinking. They not only all need to be removed from office, but should also be prosecuted for violating their oaths, failure to carry out their constitutional duties. corruption, and fraud if possible.


    • Brad Nova

      This article is a total joke.

      I would like to see the author come back and tell us what in the bill that will force private insurance companies out of business. The only government healthcare that exists is Medicare. Many of us were hoping for a public option to healthcare but the private insurance lobbied hard against it and won which is why they strongly support the final bill.

      Rationing of healthcare already exists and nothing in the law changes that.

      All taxes can be considered the loss of property without due process.

      I could go on and on, especially about abortion, but most of you folks will not believe me.

      Just remember that the author does not give one single reference to where in the bill these claims he makes come from.

      • Brad Nova

        Here is a link to the bill in case anyone wants to prove me wrong.

        • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

           Do you REALLY think that ANY of us on here, except maybe you, actuall BELIEVES what a gov. site says?? And, above & beyond all of this, when Obama was trying to sell his healthcare to Congress & the Senate, I heard him say, that, 'if you're elderly & require expensive treatments to prolong your life, you need to reconsider the options.' In other words, go ahead & die. And, that was the same speech where the one Congressman said out loud, 'You lie!'

      • RobertA

         Brad Nova, you should join Ralph at the Liberal Democratic Fundraiser for Obama.

      • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

         Brad, I got a letter from a friend this week, that she got from a friend, & he told her that he had been to the hospital for his routine heart rate test on the treadmill, & was told that due to him being 75, they no longer covered that test. (He has to have it every so many months to make sure that he doesn't need open heart surgery.) He told the lady that Medicare was supposed to cover it, not insurance, & then was informed that MEDICARE had denied it. He wanted to know why, & was informed that due to the new law (Obamacare) anyone 75 or older would not be receiving expense medical treatments. He pitched a fit, & the hospital contacted Medicare, & they finally agreed to pay it. So, just open your eyes, & watch & see what happens. And, Jan. '13, watch what happens to Medicare. I don't qualify for another 3 years, but already know that I won't be getting it, because the premiums will $276 a month. I only draw $830 a month, have a trailer payment, lot rent, plus utilities, gas for my vehicle, & I pay for any medical treatment that I receive out of pocket. While this is for the Medicare part that people have to pay, above & beyond regular Medicare, I still won't be able to pay for it. So I will be doing without much healthcare, & may even be without some of the meds I'm on. IF you want to believe that Obamacare is not what people thing it is, then be warned to watch & see what's coming.

      • American Gram

        Medicare is not the only government health system.  There is also Medicaid - which is administered by the states.  They are different!!  I started work at 16, and paid in to Social Security until I was retired at 70.
        Now you tell me that I've not paid for retirement benefits and healthcare?  By the way, don't show ignorance and assume that we aren't paying for our benefits now as well as having "saved" for it for years. 

    • Wittephil

      Ho JQ you're missing the point. The real problem is not the Congress, Senate or Obama, it's the American PEOPLE. The majority of the PEOPLE just don't pay enought attention or even care enought know what is going on. They continue to vote these same people back into office time after time. If the PEOPLE don't wake up this election our freedoms are gone. There will be no way to fix it in 2016 no matter who runs, it will be to far gone. The probable cause evidence that Obama is not a natural born citizen and maybe not even be a legal citizen is more than strong enought for a congressional investigation but the PEOPLE don't care enought to demand this of congress. The government could be controled if the PEOPLE just would.

  • Ralph

    Hey I live in Arizona and my HMO plan Mercy Care Advantage HMO was bought up by AETNA and
    these lying thieves that own AETNA are bringing in hundreds of poorly trained foreign doctors
    from the middle east and asia, that we cannot even check their medical training or anything about them and the quality of my own health care is dropped to extremely poor as a result.
    And so,just so you will know AETNA holds the California Record For Medical Malpractice Lawsuits... Arizona Governor Jan Death Panels Brewer is a Republican,as well and spends her
    time out of  state junketing to Europe and boozing it up the rest of the time and running her big mouth and endorsed RINO Willard Mittens Romney and there is still talk about Mitt Romney
    naming Jan Brewer as his Vice President or to be a Cabinet Secretary in a Romney Adminisration.

    • Remag1234

      Said like a Tried and True Liberal Democrat and Obama supporter. If you're so disturbed at the "foreign" doctors then go after the AMA who prevent and make it almost impossible for American students to become doctors in the US. They have to go to foreign countries to be schooled. Mexico, India, France, Italy and the list goes on. BTW, some of the best doctors are from India. Surgical procedures far advanced are performed in foreign countries.

    • DrZarkov99

       Are you just going to waste our time complaining, or do you have some suggestions about how to fix the problem? Don't think for a minute that Obamacare will produce better results, since the end result will be less care for all, at a higher price. The intent all along has been to amplify the worst elements of our current system, and make the best elements more unaffordable, so that the dumbed-down electorate will be eager for a government medical care system. There are better solutions, but they require thinking and a willingness to be personally responsible - neither the greatest characteristics of our uninformed society.

    • MissGiven

      We should be able to shop for healthcare all over the country (not just in your state).  We have excellent doctors here (and btw, a lot of them are from India).  A lot of HMO's are not good.

      • Avspatti

        Since I have spent many years teaching international students, I have realized that having a doctor or engineer or pilot etc from certain countries would be fine:  India, Japan, S. Korea ( actually my internist is from S. Korea.), western Europe, etc.  Other countries' workers - not so much.

    • Avspatti

      I teach many international students from the middle east, and some of them are quite intelligent and hard-working.  Many others try to cheat their way through school.  Just imagine having one of those as your doctor.  No way!

  • MalikTous

    I already condemn the PPACA and refuse to accept care from it or pay any phony tax or fine for it. As far as I'm concerned, if we don't toss Obamacare, I'll find a friendly Native shaman to provide my medical needs; the government health scam can sit on it and rotate. Down with the libtards, the Dummycrat party, and the Kenyan village idiot and his goon council. Down with ALL gun control!

  • Rich

    This Health Care venture is just another way of expanding the useful idiot and the on the the dole groups until the government has run out of the working classes money. Then the useful idiots become useless as an unstainable voter base. Think Marxism and Greece for the end result..

  • CARLjr

    Healthcare needs to be removed from the workforce and the government all together.  Individual healthcare should be paid by individuals not by their employer, government, or school.   The whole concept of "pooling" people together to get better healthcare plans is socialist.     Pay for it yourself.

    • Rebel

       I could not agree more!  Healthcare has been a socialist system, this bill takes it to a full blown communist system!  I have no health insurance by choice!  I take Zero prescription meds, and I have made it to age 57 just fine!  The last time I saw an MD was when I out-processed from the Army in 1975.  Between the AMA, and FDA and their mixed up modern day medical ideas, you increase your odds of premature death dramatically by going to Dr.'s.  My kids grew up healthy and strong without vaccinations, without anti-biotics and without Dr.'s.  My grand kids are also healthy and strong, no vaccinations, or anti-biotics for them either. 

      I realize some Dr.'s are wonderful and if I was badly injured I am sure I would want to see one ASAP.  If I needed that type of trauma help, I would be happy to write them a check for services provided and since I have saved tens of thousands staying out of their system all these years I can write a check that's good.  Back in the 1980's when my wife bore our children, she did see a Dr. and we felt it prudent to have them in a hospital.  Dr. and Hospital were both happy to accept cash as payment! 

      My younger sister on the other hand ran to Dr. for every sniffle.  Did the annual check-ups.  Had her kids at pediatrician often, vaccinated and anti-biotics galore.  Her kids were always sickly, and she ended up with cancer.  No natural cures for her.  7 surgeries, 16 rounds of chemo, 32 rounds of radiation and a million dollars later she died. 

      My health care is up to me!  Yours is up to you!  Choose wisely!  

  • flaphil

    There should be plans being made in case the Supreme Court sides with ObamaCare. Together, all real patriots of this country could bring this government to a stand still like no one has ever done. Work stoppages, civil disobedience and traffic blockages of Washington D.C  could be arranged. This writing is probably being viewed by Homeland Security, but I'm not afraid of the Obama SS.

    • Robert Cosenza

      we the people by me,will be alerted,educated,and most importantly prepared,we the people who are the real government,and there are millions of patriotic americans.will no longer allow any treasonous acts against we the people or the constitution,we the people by me are god fearing,constitutional loving, american flag saluting, patriotic legal american citizens.and demand all politicians,who our suppose to be working for we the people,not vise versa.follow only the law of america which is the constitution.and any politician who votes unconstitutional,will be voting #1 against we the people,#2 against the constitution.we the people abide only by the constitution,and the constitution only.we will not abide or allow any non-constitutional laws to be implemented,into our only law of the land,the constitituion.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,and all american veterans/ nation under god

  • Bon

    My huband is also in Healthcare & works on Medicaid patents.
    He is limited to what he is allowed to do on them...
    I'm sure if this Obama's bull get's voted in even the Medicare will be changed as well...  


    i have been hearing a lot that mitt is considering bobby jindal as vp, he is here in louisiana and is our governor.  if so, he would be great,  our unemployment is low, business is booming, he has cut state deficit big time, he is reforming how schools run, signed a bill to limit teacher unions and retaining process,  businessesare coming here, including the movie industry, its been great.  bobby does stand up for us and does have a fighting attitude,  he turned down money from the gov. cuz it had too many strings attached,  i hope mitt does pick jindal, he would be great.

    • Screeminmeeme


      I remember well, after the oil spill, when Obama was doing nothing , Jindal did every he could to help.  Then Obama, finally, went to Louisiana and Jindal met him at the airport. As soon as he came down the steps, he was met by Bobby, who he then rebuked and treated shabbily, telling him '' I don't like the things you're saying about me''.  In effect, he was telling him to shut up., as though he above criticism.....which he thinks he is. Most egocentric people act that way.

      Obama is a thin-skinned, whiney,  imperious infantile elitists and he needs to go back to Kenya.

      • CARLjr

         I thought the GOP was all about cancelling the EPA and "drill baby drill"  Oil Spill?  All part of doing business.  Quit whining Louisiana!  

    • Aloha Kid

       Like Obama, Bobby Jindal is not a Natural Born Citizen. His parents were
      not American Citizens at Bobby Jindal’s Birth. The 14th Amendment does
      not make Natural Born Citizens it makes Citizens. Read the Supreme Court

    • Avspatti

      He would be very valuable as a Cabinet secretary.  I don't believe he is eligible to be VP or President.

  • joescoming

    If America does not get irritated with the passing of this law they must be among the following categories:

    1.They are illegal aliens that have crossed the American fence illegally and could care less what the law is as long as they can bring their Red Blanket babies here to obtain FREE MEDICAL BENEFITS  and thier baby will become an aoutomaitc American  Citizen so they can automatically get a huge list of free benefits we taxpayer's supply......Free! Once they drop that baby onto the American System of generousity and stupidity.

    2. They are among the 40% who are on the dole of Welfare or entitled somehow within the system. These people actaully like the idea of just another "Free Welfare Benefit" since they do not intend on getting or paying for medical care! So these people are automatically put on this plan,  just another additional taxpayer's burden, Obumercare! 

    3. The  liberal elite who think it is ok for you to pay for those of us that do not work and are healthy enough to work and have been educated to believe that Socialism, I mean those that do work and pay for those that just will not. Hmm..... something wrong with this picture, for over 40 years! Ask Europe, Russia, Italy, France, Cananda, Greece and all the rest that think it is OK for those that do pay, have to pay for those that DO NOT!

    4. OH yeaah those politicians that like Obummer , that feel he is going to compensate for those poor individuals that have been "Passed over" for 200 hundred years and now we are responsible for them. I mean really!
    Cheeck out his bill regarding "Reperations."  This is just another reason for the Obummercare!

    5. Obummer is a Socialist ands progressive ( just another name for Communist and or a Socialist ) a Democrat d just another cover up name for Socialists. Check it out! We are being transformed into a government controlled country and these laws are being estabklished to usurp the Constitution and our long fought for liberty. This guy may have finally found ground to do what we have foguht and died for,  for centuries,  against this takeover of this Free Countries Constitution. The last stand on defending our Democracy. The only true free country in the world today!

    This may be one of the most Historic Elections and the most decisive with this type of political and social impact  on our livelihood, our families security, our country's security and our inherit freedom's  in our Country's History.  All within the control of this one Socialist. Obama! All within the last three plus year.

     Get out ........ Get your vote out either conseervative or Libertarian, or Tea Party conserevative .......Whatever! Just get your Vote in November, to oust Obummer from our office of President of the United States!

    Take back America and restore our once proud country form the likes of this Socialist.

    • CARLjr

       2.   Medicare should be cancelled.  Get off the dole old people!

      • James Mills

         You mean the people who have paid into it for 40 years or so...
        you mean the people that were promised that if they paid into it--they were promised that they would be taken care of?
        You mean beak a promise--is that what you mean?
        What a strange idea---promise breaker!!!!

        The power of the USA's history--is we keep our promises--our word is good--that is powerful. That is a solid foundation!!

        • CARLjr

          All those years of "paying into it"  did not account for the outrageous increases in medical costs.   What you paid in in 1970 has very little resemblance to the actual costs in 2012. 

          In 1970 US health care spending was about $75billion or $356 per resident and accounted for 7.2 percent of GDP.  In 2009 it was up to $2.5 trillion or $8160 per resident and was 17.6 percent of GDP.   The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) projects that by 2018  it will be over $4.3 trillion, or $13,100 per resident and account for 20.3 percent of GDP.

          Fiscal conservatives realize that there is no way to support the medical industry in this way.   This country is broke.  A good chunk of the problem is Medicare and Social Security.   If anyone broke a promise it was the medical and insurance industries.   We should not be subsidizing these private companies with tax dollars. 

        • wibbys1

          James, I think the younger gen have no idea how these programs were presented to us when WE were younger. It made sense, you pay now and you benefit later, made sense then. I know I will garner attacks, but it made sense. We were betrayed. They used the money, they degraded the system. They couldn't resist the money that was there untapped. So many good socialist programs, so many marxist values, how can we not tap into this money? Never mind it was set aside for those who faithfully paid into it.

        • corrij

          You forget that the USA broke it's promise to the Indians on every treaty that was signed. Not that I'm for dumping on those that payed in to it expecting to get something back. Keep in mind that Social Security was never suppose to be more than 1% and never get placed into the general fund but it did anyway.

        • smilee

          Carl Jr. will be on Medicare too if he lives that long!!!! Like most he will like it then!!!

      • Jerilynnsweeney

        Let me refresh your memory.  Medicare came on the scene in 1960, and I have been CONTRIBUTING to this program since 1962 until I officially retired in 2006.  AND, FYI.....MEDICARE IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM LIKE WELFARE......Do you get it????.  It takes a little bit of education you see.

      • Rodger

        I'm 84 and would gladly give up Medicare and even the Socialistic Security that I paid into for 47 years if we could get rid of all the unconstitutional laws that have been passed. Believe me Medicare is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Keepfreedom4USA

      I agree with you joescoming. However, don't just vote B. HUSSEIN O. out of office, vote in Republican Congress, House and Senate so Mitt Romney can get much needed work done to return our Nation to One Nation Under God

  • JamesD71

    Call in the national's time to hang the soppressate.

  • DrBillLemoine

    Basic services like electricity and water are regulated by the states for costs and standards. No has explained why healthcare is not a more basic service for people and deserves regulation, including this author. We'll see what's constitutional or not (according to a majority conservative SCOTUS). But again nowhere does this piece list the very popular parts that Americans overwhelmingly approve--young adult children on healthcare policies, free screenings for serious medical conditions-some life threatening, and lowering of costs due to economy of size-many members on the plan. So without Affordable healthcare costs will rise unchecked, youngsters will go unprotected and many will get sick or die without timely screening. Weight that against the costs of emergency care provided by taxpayers instead of individuals paying for themselves and you too would favor this legislation. Wait till 2013 after SCOTUS strikes down the popular parts, wait till healthcare costs rise above 10% a year, wait till emergency rooms are jammed with slow service, wait till the legislation is repealed by Romney and it'll be too late to retrieve an important support for national well being promised in the constitution you profess to love and follow.

    • Woolfy

      Dear DrBillLemoine...where should I start?  #1 - EVERYBODY uses water.  Almost EVERYBODY uses electricity.  NOT everybody sees doctors, clinics, or hospitals.  So why am I forced to pay or fined/taxed for something I don't use?  As far as costs going up are concerned...the IMPARTIAL CBO has already stated that this Law will NOT keep costs down.  Life threatening screenings and Care are ALREADY provided at Hospital Emergency Rooms.
      Why in he*ll should I allow personal freedom and rights be thrown out the window for something I choose not to have or pay for?????  Are you actually a citizen of the US and know what our Constitution says?

    • Vkess7

      A Harvard Business School professor wrote a book in 2010, making remarkable recommendations, such as giving people an income tax deduction for health insurance costs, allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines, increasing the role of the nurse practitioner, increasing the number and role of the immediate care facilities, torte reform and more.   The assertion that the best or only way to control health care costs is by the Affordable legislation is a mistake and a singling out of the health care concerns of one piece as that is the piece that trumps all.  Already companies have dropped their plans (they will pay the $2,000 fine per employee for dropping insurance, as opposed to the average or typical $15,000 cost of offering insurance as a benefit), and many chains like McDonalds have gotten exemptions -- Nancy Pelosi's district has gotten an exemption, also.  Please be aware that the product is not as advertised.   

      • DrBillLemoine

         Don't know what island you've been hiding on, but your professor is repeating existing law. Itemizers already can deduct medical/healthcare costs, some insurers already practice across state lines, LPNs already do lots of medical care supplementing physician tasks, FL has many immediate care outlets, etc. In fact Affordable Healthcare is second choice to a single provider system that couldn't pass congress in 2010. More participants in AHC spreads the load of treatment expenses, but I don't know any program of healthcare costing $15,000 per head. Such coverage runs from $100 per year to $1000 or so; your company will pay far more in penalty than their own coverage would cost. Your sources must not be reliable or do you know that already?

    • ThomNJ

      You completely miss the point and it appears that you have not read the legislation or other analyses of same.  Fundamentally, I doubt that anyone here does not wish healthcare to be available for all, but there are other ways of going about this.  Fundamentally, this legislation FORCES one to buy a product, and that, sir, is completely out of bounds for the role of our government.  If I am wealthy and can self-insure, for example, why should I pay for health insurance?  Why can't I - if I am a reasonably healthy young man or woman - decide not to have health insurance and perhaps have only a catastrophic coverage of some sort?  What if I want to pay my own health care bills and just have coverage for something major?
      You also ruin your own argument by comparing the "regulation" of water and electricity with the  mandatory purchase of healthcare insurance - that is apples and oranges.  Your argument is not coherent.
      Are you a medical doctor?  This statement would surprise me if that is so:  "free screenings for serious medical conditions".  Do you work for free?

      You can add my comments to those of Woolfy.  I can add more, but you need to do some more research on this topic, for certain.

      • DrBillLemoine

        When taxpayers pay high costs for emergency care because individuals have no coverage, that's a commercial problem for taxpayers. Better to require coverage or a penalty for non-coverage that includes everybody--it saves federal money and makes the populace more healthy with it's many provisions Americans favor. If you are wealthy, you still depend on America for basic services--roads, airports, bridges and should contribute to those and other factors you may reject but make this country liveable and profitable for you. Remember the constitutional provisions are for Americans not just less wealthy ones. You 'owe' your country for making it possible for you to have choices--no? Is electricity and water consumption 'optional'? Don't be silly; neither is healthcare. You make arguments like you live on an island detached from mainstream America, totally self-sufficient. Nonsense, but typical of self-absorbed, self-important, arrogant sycophants of the wealthy.

        • ThomNJ

          "If you are wealthy, you still depend on America for basic services--roads, airports, bridges and should contribute to those and other factors you may reject but make this country liveable and profitable for you."  So are you saying we don't pay for these services?  Because we do, as taxpayers.  And you still miss the point.  And I am far from wealthy.  And I never said that those who chose to pay their own medical bills would not somehow pay for emergency services - you have an opinion and clearly don't care what someone else writes for it appears you read into it what you wish.  You also fall into the typical liberal ending "argument" of name calling.

          We're done here.

        • DrBillLemoine

          Like Affordable Healthcare for all, the congress--influenced by TEA party members--would abandon or radically decrease federal financing for infrastructure, police/fire/education workers, intrude into the freedom of self-determination and healthcare for women, suppress basic democratic voter rights, and protections for minorities from bigots and discrimination, to name a few 'services' we enjoy today--firewalls that tame the uncivilized beast in human breasts and minds. The wealthy aim to set up their own fiefdoms apart from national defense and let the rest of us go to seed which I define as 19th century America--pre-civil, voter and women's rights times. How will the federal government pay for anything but national defense with extra tax cuts for those wealthy people who, like you, insist they will still support paying for 'emergency' services for the hoi poloi, and by gutting similar national well-being programs like social security? The point is--do we maintain a 21st century civilized democratic nation, or slip into the backwaters of prior centuries' insignificance desired by fat cats and opponents of programs like Affordable Healthcare? It's a measure of individual and national humanity to support Obamacare.

    • 1794 Patriot

      You sir are a liberal plant and a liar.
      Laws were passed many years ago insuring ALL children. If you don't have insurance and can't afford it, CHIP may be the low-cost option you need for your children. Find out how CHIP can help at Also there are laws on the books that state NO ONE can be denied emegency medical care.

      This is about seizing 1/6 of the economy and lording power over our heads.

      This is also about this administration's ties to the corporations associated with this plan and the pay off obama/democrats will receive if this remains in effect.

    • ezekiel22

      Do you remember all of the politicizing going on during the assembly of this so called affordable healthcare act?  It was literally ramrodded down our throats and we were not given the chance to even examine it before our reps voted for it and it was signed into law by Obama.  The republicans were stonewalled at every turn for any amendment that they wished to add into it.  Like Vkess7 states why are companies already opting out and favored districts like Pelosi exempted?  She has been part of too many shady dealings I don't want to go there too.  
      Outside of the do it my way mentality that was exhibited during the farce of assembling this monstrosity I would like to know why some free market options were not added in?  Costs would have come down if insurances could cross state lines.  Some can't and that is another story.  Why would it have a stipulation that you can go to jail if you pay your doctor anything over the perscribed amount?  
      As a doctor you should know the tremendous costs when it comes to such things as cancer.  How much money would it save the economy or healthcare budget if cancer was able to be effectively treated?  I am no expert but my guess would be about 20% annually.  As it stands even with this HCA research and alternative treatments are definitely curtailed in favor of the drug companies.  It is big business after all.  
      I guess what we are saying is that it is not being afraid to try something new.  It is knowing that something is not right.  You know the cost of cancer and you know the cost of elderly care and you know the cost of chronic diseases on our economy.  I will pose the question to you like this.  What will happen when the budget cannot handle the costs of extended care for the above groups?  I have my guess but I will let you tell me as I could be wrong.

      • DrBillLemoine

         Do you remember ALL Republicans gathering on Inauguration Day and pledging to oppose any and all Obama legislation throughout his term of office? McConnell and Boehner dragged their feet at all times, but you only remember 'ramroding'. How many congressional bills have you ever examined before passage? Every amendment you recall was designed to water down and eliminate important provisions now favored overwhelmingly by public polls of 62-79%. As for shady dealings, my first point surfaced only recently. Are you for power struggles only when your side, your issues win? As currently written, this bill decreases the deficit over time; the Ryan bill decreases those costs by issuing cash vouchers that congress can decrease funding over time. It's a function of size--you buy the giant economy size that costs more now, but over the life of the product the unit cost is much less. Same for healthcare--more participants means lower overall costs over time--economy of size. The other option is Canadian-style healthcare which is efficient, but costs a whole lot in income taxes, not individually mandated payments in Affordable Care.
        Basic research is different. Republicans would decrease public funding of cancer (and other public funded) research to prevent or cure cancer. It's too expensive for private companies to do--hence the NIH. Same for preventive screenings included in this law. Short run it costs more, but overall public health and well being increases, which decreases long term treatments and their more expensive costs. It's all a question of time span, perspective, projections.

        • ezekiel22

          Please do not make this a republican democrat thing.  Boehner and McConnel both are hacks as far as I am concerned.  As far as reading bills before they go to vote you are correct in as much as not all of them.  I am one of those employers that check on his employees which is what our reps are.  They do not appreciate that kind of attitude.  Unfortunately I have Harry Reid as a Senator and he and his staff do actually think and act like they are better than everyone else.  He is the one that complained about all those smelly tourists.  I do and have in the past challenged him on votes he was to make.
          Now as far as this Obamacare goes I have a disease for which there is no cure and it is progressive.  This monstrosity actually benefits me in a lot of ways so I should jump on board.  I can't though because of what will happen.  The numbers do not add up whether you use numbers from Ryans side or Pelosi.  Something will give and at this point it is the economy.  If you were to toss it out the window I am pretty sure there will be an uptick in business and when the rest of the tax code of immediate import is settled for sy five years then business will pick up a lot.  That though is another story.  You compared the Canadian style which is based on income taxes and AFC to individually amndated payments.  If those payments are anything like the medicaid payments there is a problem.  The medicare payments keep going down and doctors are leaving practices because of the expense and lack of income.  No doctors no healthcare.  You will remember Pelosi was asked about the cost overruns that were apparent immediately after passage of the bill and she was wanting a VAT over and above what is paid in taxes already.  I do not know a whole lot of people that can afford that nor do I think that it will help the economy either.
          The point I was making about research was the lack of non pharmaceutical research outside of the "real" doctors or mainstream if you will.  There is some amazing research that does follow valid methods and good results.  If they were to work and take over in curing cancer then the cancer industry would be bankrupt almost overnight.  How big a chunk would that take out of national healthcare?  We know that Pharmaceutical companies lobby both sides just to keep a lid on things.

        • DrBillLemoine

          Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's definitely a political thing. Republicans protect business AT ALL COSTS--remember the debt ceiling debacle which maintained excessive tax cuts of Bush/Cheney, and TEA republicans rejecting a perfectly good (and deficit reducing) budget agreement they 'negotiated' to protect the military-industrial complex funding? Keep in contact with your representatives as I do with mine; it's a forgotten requirement of democracy. Reid has his moments, e.g. renewing the super majority 60% rule that renews after every year.

          Sorry for your disease, so don't let politics and politicians stand in the way of supporting Obamacare. Big Pharma and Big Healthcare industries thrive on illness, so they would quite naturally abolish research and drug cost controls in ACA, contrary to citizen needs. They don't want screening paid by tax money from them. As for costs, Canada thrives while our healthcare is strangled for profits (both my aunt and uncle used Canadian healthcare to lower costs of drugs and healthcare for alzheimers and parkinsons plus hypertension as they had dual citizenship and lived north of the border for most of their lives). When more people join the ACA system, costs go down by economy-of-size economics; more money goes to medical research that America is famous for and brings physician-students here from abroad--2 of my specialists are Canadian and Thai. The GP/diagnostician is American. Nothing's free so participants have to pay now, or taxpayers pay later at the emergency room. You can see the benefits of research and screening, healthcare rejects for bigger profits with widespread illness.

          Remember medicaid is provided by currently decreasing state funding with federal supplements that would die under republicans as funds are drying up in this economy. There are physician problems where their employees have no healthcare insurance and medicare payments decrease under right wing pressure. A supplemental fee solves this problem for smart docs who don't succumb to pressures you are feeling. Finally my medical costs are going down instead of increasing 14% per year earlier in my retirement with better screening, early detection and prompt medicare solutions.

  • We the People

    Thank you Michael Connelly for taking your time to read Bill 3200 and post your finding. We are not surprised at what you found. I am appalled that our Supreme Court Justices have not returned this bill to Obama with 'VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES" stamped on the front page. As well as arrested B. HUSSEIN Obama for lying under oath that he was a citizen of the U.S. I do not understand when he entered his name to run as President, why he was able to do so without providing a birth certificate. It has only gone down hill since he has been in office illegally. When are our Congressmen, Senators, Supreme Court Justices going to stop being afraid they are going to be considered a racist, and unite to stop him and his socialist, communist friends.

  • We the People

    Fellow Americans, there are only five months left before election. We must act now!

    This is the link to contact your Congressmen. Let them know they will be
    voted out of office if they don't learn the Constitution of the United
    States and uphold it.

    This is the link to contact your Senators. Let them know they will be
    voted out of office if they don't learn the Constitution of the United
    States and uphold it.

    The site and actual OATH that the socialist, communist, have broken since day one in office.

    I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend
    the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and
    domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that
    I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose
    of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of
    the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

  • Robert Cosenza

    we the people if this unconstitutional law passes,and we all know it is unconstitituional,then we the people who are the real government,and not these treasonous traders communist pos,them we know that the government does no longer adhere to the law,and we the people will be taking over the government,which has now shown we the people,that they no longer care or abide by the constitituion,and that we the people,will now become the lawfull, constitituional government,and you treasonous traders,will no longer be in charge of we the peoples government,to mr and mrs politician,we the people due hereby state,that this unconstitituional ovomitcare,be thrown out,and not be introduced again,this we the people due hereby state,we the people will no longer stand for any treasonous acts against we the people{who are the real government}or any treasonous acts against the constitituion.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,and all american citizens/ constitituional country under god

  • Pappy

    Man Man talk like this will get Michael drawn and quartered.  He had better watch some of Mel Gibbon movies about fighting for freedom in Europe. Looks like we've heading back to the days of King's, Dukes and lords.  Or just plain human Gods.

  • Whatzrname

    If everyone doesn't get anything ellse out of this, they should sit up and pay attention to the statement, "it's not about healthcare but about seizure and power over all of us! "

    • Old observer


  • Bryan-s40

    I for one have no intention of following this "Healthcare Bill" in any way. Not now or ever. If Mr. Obama or any other individual has any idea that they can make me or anyone else abide by it, let them speak now or forever shut the f++k up.

    • Pappy

      Lets not be naive. We all know that if the mass doesn't stand together then they can make us do anything they like. Period! The procedure is older than Moses, called SLAVERY. Do or Die.
      Think for a moment, What would it take to make you to kill someone? mostly I think it would be a war where it required self defense.  So when people say THEY will not let this happen! Who are they? It's WE! I can only say we had better give our undivided attention to what is going on in our government and go out and work for those that try to support our freedoms.

    • TexasMom4

      Bryan, I'd like to hear your plan.  I, too, have no intention of following but they will deduct the "premium" from my Social Security anyway, and if I say I don't want the plan, they will tell me to pay back all social security payments - so retired people are screwed - big time.  What I will do is exactly what they are rationing - quit seeing doctors .  In the case of traumatic emergencies, guess I will really be in the same condition as early pioneers -

  • del

    All the states should refuse to honor it in case the supreme court is bought out by the muslim in the white house

  • SeaShel

    Now a move is on to eliminate Congress altogether and designate their power to the United Nations. Who is behind all this???  Obama is an arm of the Bildergergs, Soros and the ultra-wealthy bankers and others from around the world. Years ago they maintained they would have already had a New World Order in place if it had not been for the Constitution and the American people fighting for their beloved FREEDOM!

  • ThomNJ

    Thanks for reading all of it.  I will admit that I did not read all of it, but I did read select sections.  As I recall, there is also a section that describes how the government can tell a hospital that it has too many residents while another one needs more - so the government will effectively tell residents in hospitals where they can or cannot work.  This legislation also contains items that are irrelevant  (like far, far too many pieces of legislation that the Congress passes) to the purpose of the bill (in this case, "healthcare") like the imposition of a tax on the sale on one's house - which begins in Janaury 2013 if this legislation is not repealed or nullified in some way.  That tax is 3.8% as I recall on the total sales price of your home (I am pretty sure about that - the tax is not on your profit but on the transaction price - someone correct me if this is incorrect - but the tax itself is real); so you would effectively be paying  a tax to the federal government on your mortgage amount, the real estate commision, etc. as well.

  • Protonius

    Haven't yet read the entire Godfather article above, but perhaps it needs to be proofread & corrected: in Paragraph 5, there is this sentence: "All of this is a protecting against unreasonable searches and seizures."
    I suspect that author Connelly MEANT to say "All of this is a A VIOLATION OF ANY CONSTITUTIONALLY-GUARANTEED PROTECTIONS against unreasonable searches and seizures."

    It would help to clear that point (and any possibly similar misprints) up a.s.a.p..

    But, that aside, Obamacare: what a danger to freedom!

  • ChgoBigDog

    Its convenient to blame everything on the President, especially since he championed this healthcare bill and all that it means, however, let's not forget that it's the House & Senate that voted this in.  And they did this without reading it!  And without ANY input from the Republicans!  When this Senators and Congressman took office they swore to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States.  They should and must be held accountable along with the President for breaking that vow.  It's not about their just losing their jobs - they are trying to change the American way of life - the one millions have fought for and lost their lives over.  They must be held accountable - its treasonous to vote for the the things in this bill that go against the Constitution.

    • Old observer

      Ok--then here's where a lot of blame belongs--Nancy 'we have to pass it so we can see what's in it Pelosi--one sorry excuse for a congresswoman---the republicans were frozen out, there were secret nighttime meetings to ram this down our throats--the whole bunch need to go--sometimes I think we could pick an administration randomly off the streets and have them do a better job--at least they'd have an affinity for the common man----

    • Dsacrey

      It was the Democratic House and the Democratic Senate that voted (with the exception of a few RINOs).....Republicans DO believe in upholding the Constitution and the Republic

  • DAY8293A


    • Buflobill1


    • Old observer

      Somehow, I think if that happens, the better part of our own military will be on our side--the problem will be UN forces from countries that hate us---

    • Rbhrt2002

      Well, according to everything I've heard, there is a plan somewhere in the White House where Obama is going to have a mock assasination attempt on himself, at which time he will put Marshall Law into effect as well as "postpone" the November elections indefinitely and probably for good.    Gee, Janet Napolitano is supposedly "preparing for this occasion and we'll be out of luck for sure.  Why are we the only ones who see all this.  Congress is acting like nothing is going to happen -- that,, or they just don't get it.  We need someone who will stand up for us.  I cannot, in my heart of hearts, believe that  no former president or elected official are going to sit back and watch this happen.  I know no president is perfect and did something stupid during their term in office, but nothing like this.  They, too, will suffer, and why are they going to take that chance!!  I guess I'll get on my soap box again and e-mail a few more people who can vouch for these situations that are going to arise.  Shame on all of our Congressmen and women.  We elected them, and they are going to bury us under the building.  I guess all we can do is keep bringing these issues up and hope that someone picks up the ball and runs with it.    I can't believe that all of these influential souls are going to sit back and let this happen to us.  I think Marmaduke and Scooby-Doo should be running for president.  

      Have mercy on us all!

      • Avspatti

        Please make that Martial (not Marshall) Law.  Martial named for the Roman god of war - Mars.  Sounds even worse that way, no?

  • John Brown

    I read both versions of Obama  Care, they mock John Adams*,  mock the Bible, take away burden of proof, take away due process (was on page 360 - replaced with gobbly gook instead), you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent (to a bureaucrat), and any employee that snitches on an employer for any reason and even lies for the purpose of retaliation for a firing, can't be sued!

    * an example

    from a previous letter I posted on-line:
    only at these 2,000+ pages of gobbly-gook, but, because I understand
    that it will be

    due process (page 340 Limitations On Liens),

    the IRS our phone #s (p 343),

    us guilty until the sec. "determines" we are innocent

    1796 burden of proof - I get the joke, that was the year when
    John Adams was elected that said "We are to look upon it as
    more beneficial, that many guilty persons should escape unpunished,
    than one innocent person should suffer" - which was based on
    what happened to the city of Sodom in the Bible - sticking it up the

    you can't sue someone that knowingly makes a false statement that
    gets you investigated by the government (page 1754 ).

    will not even start on the national background checks for health
    care employees. I can't tell the real purpose on the section for
    assisted suicide.

    is nothing other then a grab for power and more government intrusion
    and tracking in our lives.

    To what happened to Obama Care after they received my letter.

    Page 1796
    was meant to be they are going to stick it up your bum and you will
    not even notice. Our whole legal system is based on that John Adams
    quote above, which was based on Lot and the city of Sodom from the
    Bible. Page 1796 They are basically saying you are guilty until
    you prove yourself innocent.

    If you are not
    a "good" lawyer and do not know American history, you
    would not know it was John Adams that believed in "burden of
    proof". It was shown when he represented the soldiers involved
    in the Boston Massacre, that even they deserved a fair hearing and
    trial. That John Adams was elected President in 1796.

    After I
    complained and wrote to the senators, where was it put?

    Page 1761.
    Why? Because it was in 1761 that John Adams began to write and
    act against the British he believed infringed on colonial liberties
    and their right to self-government

    John Adams was
    a constitutional lawyer and believed in the principles of
    republicanism (check out wiki if you do not understand). You
    know, what you say when you say the Pledge of Allegiance, "to
    the republic".

  • hearmetalking

    Its really pretty simple, If Obama has his name on it for approval, Then it will be against this country. 

    • Janette Miller

      I admire the way you have hit the nail on the head.  You are completly correct.  0bummer and his thugs are anti-American.

  • Tommy S. Buster

    I pray to God the Supreme Court shoots this down. It's very scary to know that this new comer steps in and destroys everything the Constitution stands for. God help us if he's elected to a second term.

    • Pappy

      God gave us the ability and knowledge to help our selves. That is why doesn't show himself and/or make our decisions. WE are expected to think and respond. It's us that need to help ourselves.

      • pat78

        God wants us to rely on Him for our every need.  We aren't doing that, so here's the "correction".  God doesn't require success but obedience. 

  • joey1564

    If the courts says that Obama health care is constitutional, the the federal government will have access to everyones bank account. They also will decide who lives and dies, and it won't be just unwanted babies anymore; all older citizens that are a burden on the govrnment will have to be terminated.

    • Pappy

      Alas. someone that sees.

    • Gary Dacus

      And KNOWING how much money and assets that you have will also tell them how much you should be charged for these medical services.

      I hope that I never get sick or injured..  If you owe the IRS they can put a hold on you accounts and assets. Why would anyone think that the Government would not do it for un-paid medical bills?

  • Samtman

    The truth is that over 30 million poor and middle class workers and unemployed  will be able to see a doctor when they get sick.  Thats anti Christian, because TP and  Republicans love their money more than  they love their country and its people.

    • Sheila Simmons

      The poor, middle class, and unemployed can see a doctor when they are sick now.  They just can't get someone else to pay for it for them unless they qualify for government benefits.  And it has nothing to do with being Christian or not.  Christ taught us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and imprisoned, and care for widows and orphans OURSELVES.  He never advocated allowing the government to extort money from those who work and re-distribute it to those who do not.

      • Samtman

        Who pays for those free clinics, have you donated any money to run those free clinics, who pays for the ER's, I do, with $12,000.00 per year Blue Cross insurance.

    • Patriotonhi50

      The truth is in America anyone who is sick can see a doctor in a free clinic or an emergency room regardless of whether they have insurance or not. This bill will destroy our rights as citizens and create a tryanical dictatorship.

    • Pappy

      I love the truth.  The truth is there are many organizations that are geared to help the poor in out country. But we have allowed incompetent politicians to give away our hard earned money and resources to corrupt leaders around the world that only want the money for themselves and to control their needy people that we pretend we are  helping.  If we put one tenth of that money into helping those ordinations that help our own people there wouldn't be a single person in this country that would be deprived of the essentials of life. No BS here. Just take care of the farm and the family first.

    • Bobmccormick

      The reality is doctors and hospitals do not turn people away because of a lack of insurance or inability to pay. If you were uninshured and you became sick or suffered an injury you could always receive treatment, so stop trying to distort the issue with your BS.
      You sir love your freebies and handouts more than you love your country and the rights and freedoms granted to you by the Constitution. 

      • believer

         didn't michelle o work at a hospital and turned the poor/sick away and sent
        them to another hospital?

    • alnga

      Whenever I did not have insurance and it was often due health and not having access , I still was able to go to a doctor and hospital and make payments... Free is not not the ideal, never was and never should be.  Ask any hospital administrator the true cost of treating the poor.

  • Star Czar

    I, too, have read the bill.  The WORST part is the phrase "The Secretary shall determine..." on virtually every page.

    • alnga

       Our fore fathers determined that we, the people would decide through representation in congress and that no law could be made that abridged an existing law without a separate vote to do so.

  • Rodger

    What if they passed a "law" and nobody paid any attention because it was unconstitutional? There are already many unconstitutional laws that are followed under duress. For example:
    1. The IRS "rule" 501(c)3 that denies free speech.
    2. The IRS "rule" that employers must submit to involuntary servitude to collect taxes for them.
    If we really desire freedom we should ignore all unconstitutional laws and rules; otherwise we will be made surfs. Already government takes over half our earnings. Was it Lincoln that said we could not survive "half slave and half free"? We are now half slave to the government. I was going to say "our government" but "we, the people, have lost control so it is no longer "our government" but rather our master.

    • CARLjr

      3. the "rule" that someone with a pre-existing illness has to be covered by insurance.
      4. the "rule" that the insurance can't cancel you if you have an expensive illness.
      5. the "rule" that you don't need to get a referral to see a specialist.

      We need to look out for what is best for Aetna, Blue Cross, and Kaiser.
      Look a baby that was born with a congenital heart defect obviously had that condition before he got insurance.   It would be irresponsible to their shareholders to help pay for surgery for that baby.
      Cancer treatments can be so expensive!  there has to be limits on what these companies have to pay - both annually and for the lifetime of the patient.   I'm sorry that brain cancer is so expensive, you should have saved more money before you contracted it.  Maybe you should start thinking about funeral expenses.

  • Mcday1

     Michael Connelly, it is wonderful you took the time to read the bill. NOW, please take the time to proofread your work before you publish it. Your writing would mean so much more in the public debate, if you did not have so many errors in your text. GOT IT?

  • Pappy

    Tell me, how do you evaluate who should be our leaders without morels to use as a guide? If the citizenship of a country doesn't dictate the morels so they have a guide by which they may select leaders, them they are in trouble. If politicians are allowed to remove the means for you to evaluate them... well you re seeing the result for yourselves. They will put down any rule they need to extent their power and control. Check out the foundation of your political area. Control the grass roots. The only hope is to control your local politicians so that our force reflects upward. In short VOTE while your still have a choice.

  • Jagraham

    This  sure works for us!  THE BEST WAY, “THANK ABOUT IT”, JIM.  WRITTEN BY A 21 YEAR OLD FEMALE I am going to let the   Republican nominee know that   we have found him a VP from Texas that truly understands the situation at hand. Wow, this girl has a great plan!  Love the last thing she would do the best.  This was written by a 21 year old female who gets it.  It's her future she's worried about and this is how she feels about the social welfare big government state that she's being forced to live in!  These solutions are just common sense in her opinion.  This was in the Waco Tribune Herald, Waco, TX , Nov 18, 2011  PUT ME IN CHARGE . . .  Put me in charge of food stamps. I'd get rid of Lone Star cards; no cash for Ding Dongs or Ho Ho's, just money for 50-pound bags of rice and beans, blocks of cheese and away. If you want steak and frozen pizza, then get a job.         Put me in charge of Medicaid. The first thing I'd do is to  get women Norplant birth control implants or tubal legations. Then, we'll test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. If you want to reproduce or use drugs, alcohol, or smoke, then get a job.  Put me in charge of government housing.  Ever live in a military barracks? You will maintain our property in a clean and good state of repair. Your " home" will be subject to inspections anytime and possessions will be inventoried.  If you want a plasma TV or Xbox 360, then get a job and your own place.  In addition, you will either present a check stub from a job each week or you will report to a "government" job.  It may be cleaning the roadways of trash, painting and repairing public housing, whatever we find for you. We will sell your 22 inch rims and low profile tires and your  blasting stereo and speakers and put that money toward the "common good.."  Before you write that I've violated someone's rights, realize that all of the above is voluntary.  If you want our money, accept our rules.  Before you say that this would be "demeaning" and ruin their "self esteem," consider that it wasn't that long ago that taking someone else's money for doing absolutely nothing was demeaning and lowered self esteem.  If we are expected to pay for other people's mistakes we should at least attempt to make them learn from their bad choices.  The current system rewards them for continuing to make bad choices.  AND While you are on Gov't subsistence, you no longer can VOTE!  Yes, that is correct.  For you to vote would be a conflict of interest.  You will voluntarily remove yourself from voting while you are receiving a Gov't  welfare check.  If you want to vote, then get a job.  Now, if you have the guts - PASS IT ON... I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO GET THIS BACK, IF EVERYONE SENDS IT, I WILL GET OVER 220 BACK!!!  I WOULD KNOW YOU SENT IT ON!!!   No virus found in this message. Checked by AVG - http://www.avg.comVersion: 2012.0.1913 / Virus Database:  2425/4990 - Release Date:  05/10/12

    • ltlolady

      You sure sound like a winner Iwould put you in the position to over see and get it done. I am sick and tired of giving up my money that I worked for. If they want help then make them work for it.
      I worked in the sweat factories most of my working life with minimum wages. Now I am suppose to let him take away what I have worked for. This is a sad sad state we are in and by people who voted him in. God please get us out of this mess and bless America again.

  • Jack F. Sneed

    Thank you, Mr. Connelly, for taking the time to read the entire volume.....and even more, that you have in your role as a Constitution Law Instructor, interpreted the whole law to us.  I am glad you have pointed out to the "dummy" I am when it comes to understanding a document of this type!  I am glad you have pointed out the "take over" of the Executive Branch of the other two branch's of our government. And also pointing out to me, and to anybody else who will read your interpretation, how Mr. Obama had the document leaning in his favor so he would  be in such control of so many people, and who would be subjected to all the ramifications of the program.  And I want to ask you, sir, in your role as a Constitution Law Professor or Instructor, how in the world do we allow ourselves to get into such situations.....How can even the President of the United States get himself into such a position so that he could virtually rule over so many of his followers, as well as those who don't really want him to be their leader.....How does he get in that position?

    As you can tell, I am not a very smart man when it comes to this kind of do we allow one man, even the President, to write documents that favor him so much??? Or have his cohorts  write such legislation, that has to be sent to the Supreme Court to get sorted out.....and is the only way we the people have any chance of stopping him???  I just don't understand how it goes this far in the first place. I think my 17 year old triplets understand this matter better than I do!  Again, I thank you for reading the whole document and passing your interpretation on to any who want to listen to you!

    • Apatriot

      He got in that position because he offered "hope and change" and did it with a smile.  I watched people swoon to his orations as if he was a new age rock star.  Remember the woman who was interviewed and said Obama was going to get her free housing, free car, free everything?  I can still hear her singing his name "Obama, Obama".  I knew then this country was in alot of trouble.  It put new meaning into "land of the FREE and home of the brave".

  • Jim Rogers

    Consider your experiences with the IRS, the DMV, the US Postal Service ~~ would you want your healthcare ~~ the healthcare of your family and friends ~~ in the hands of employees hired and protected by the thugs who control "public sector" unions?  I don't!

    • One Very Angry American

       I just love it when they give the excuse that they have to hire the best & brightest to work for the states, to justify the higher pay & benefits that they receive.       yeah right!

  • mrshess

    Every politician that voted for this law should be immediately fired by their states. What kind of idiot votes "yes" on a major bill without reading or understanding it? This is a worrisome disgrace that frightens the heck out of me.

    • antonioandy

      As it should.  Those who pay attention and seek the truth will also be frightened.  Protecting our freedoms and liberties is the job of each and every citizen--not the buffoon career politicians who are only in the business for power and money.  We are taught in public schools that the politicians will take care of everything.  They only take care of themselves and those that pay them off.  

      Most of us fell asleep at the wheel and abandoned our personal responsibilities of keeping watch and being actively involved in the direction this country takes.  I am ashamed of this, and vow to never let it happen again.  Hopefully it is not too late.  I will say it again:  Deterioration, in whatever form, has a curious nature--it is self-sustaining, difficult to halt, and almost impossible to reverse. 

      • Kathleen Pedersen

         we have a  government rotting from the inside.  Remember Krushev said long ago that America will fall from the inside out..........well folks you are watching it now.....not  too late to change things but I'm afraid election will not be it.   He's not leaving the White House even if voted out ........that's the way dictators work.    This bill was never really about caring about the health of the American people just a coverup for the real agenda.

        • Fulton_wally

          Kathleen, your right about Odumbo not leaving the white house, he plans on declaring MARTIAL LAW when the people find out that he signed with the UNITED NATIONS to take all the Guns away from the american people, this will bring a revolution to make all other revolutions look like kindergarden, no true American will stand for this. Then Odumbo will declare MARTIAL LAW and those that fight it will be thrown in the the many empty prisons that they have waiting just for we Loyal Americans. His Black Panthers will try to enforce the NEW laws. 

        • We the People

          Kathleen, I share your sentiments exactly. However, if he does not surrender if voted out. Our military will remove him. He will no longer be Commander In Chief. They do not have to any of his order at this time. He will no longer be president. We need to still have faith in our military and the Constitution of the United States. I do agree, he MUST NOT GET RE-ELECTED. WE NEED A REPUBLICAN CONGRESS, HOUSE AND SENATE TO KEEP OUR CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES IN PLACE.

    • CJM2

      The sheep followed 'baaaaaamaaaaaaaa' pelosi; remember, she told them you have to vote it into law before you can read about what's in it.

  • alnga

    Please someone explain to me why the President was forced to surrendered his license to practice  law in Illinois when he had his name officially changed from Soetoro   to Obama.  Also how is it he is allowed to teach Constitutional Law which he has little knowledge or respect for?

    • MaryGillford

       He had to surrender his license for false information on his application. In other words he was caught in another LIE.

      • metheoldsarge

        According to SNOPES that is FALSE.  No one wants to see Obama out of the White House next year more than I do.  Passing on hear-say information is not the way to do it.  It only puts you on the same level as the Liberals who do the same thing about Conservatives.

    • antonioandy

      Because we fell asleep at the wheel.  I blame my generation of baby boomers--we got fat, content and extremely lazy.  We virtually allowed this country to deteriorate right before our blinded eyes.    Freedom and liberty must be guarded, protected and nurtured.  We simply abandoned it.  We witnessed the dismantling of this great country over the past few decades--and stood idly by (not unlike the paramedics at Columbine who stood outside for hours while victims were bleeding to death inside the building.  in their defense, this was the policy at the time, but now things have changed and rescue teams are required to go in with police escort and help the wounded even with an active shooter in the building).  Deterioration, in whatever form, has a curious nature--it is self-sustaining, difficult to halt and almost impossible to reverse. 

    • CJM2

      I don't think he really taught anything...but you are right, he has little to no knowledge of or respect for the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, US Law, how the justice system works, or anything connected to American History. 

    • Concerned American

      I too have been doing research on that.I found out that if a lawyer doesn't intend to practice law for a prolonged period of time, he can put a hold on his license so he won't have to pay fees each yr.
      I had also heard that he and his "lovely" wife both had to surrender them.
      I read that she had to give hers up  because she was involved in his many name changes.
      Don't know for sure.......can we be sure of ANYTHING anymore??????

    • One Very Angry American

       He didn't actually teach constitutional law that is a fallacy

  • americanveteran



    bl acks, br owns,, qu eers, communists, illegals, mooslims,
    baby mu rderers.This is the amalgam of misfits that comprises the nation
    wrecking "democratic" soviet in Foodstampistan.

  • americanveteran




  • americanveteran

    The democratic ticket represents the unions, the fat, the
    welfare moocher, the under achiever, the non-achiever, the lazy, the illegal’s,
    the subversion of the constitution, the uneducated and the communists. Did I
    miss anything?

    • CJM2

      You missed pelosi and reid, two of the biggest paracites floating in the swill of the DC swamp.  You also missed groups like lgbt, naacp, and black panthers---these groups may be associated with communism, but they deserve to be recognized for their own dirty merits.

    • WVF

      americanveteran, I would like to add Marxists, Muslim extremists, Socialists, pathological liars, and frauds.

  • americanveteran

    “WORK”-----------------The fleebegging liberal WELFARE parasites
    new "N" word.

  • guest233

    It never was about healthcare just as Tsa is not about security. Its about control and power. Those who wrote the healthcare bill are those who utterly dispise and hate the American people and wish to degrade and humilate us

    • metheoldsarge

       You are absolutely correct.  When Obama signed the Obamacare bill into law, Michigan Congressman John Dingle, gleefully stated that this now gives the government control of the people.   He keeps getting re-elected.  Apparently, the people in his district have more money than brains.  The video is available.

  • JACK


    • antonioandy

      unfortunately Jack, the likes of NBC, CBS, CNN, Time, Newsweek, Yahoo, Google and most large city newspapers will shield the masses from the truth--as they have for decades.   The fact that Obamacare passed is proof of this.  The mainstream socialist media and the leftist government team up ---the media pins the arms of the "victim" (the American public) while the federal goverment delivers the punches and kicks. 

    • pduffy

      Jack, who is going to 'educate' them? The left has total and complete control over the schools! If you think the struggle in Wisconsin to elminate forced union dues  for teachers was difficult, wait until somebody tries to take on that monster to stop educating the little children altogether.

  • TheGizmo51

    If you could handle the truth you wouldn't need to lie.

  • Whatzrname

    And if it gets overturned by supreme court, we can't rest on our laurels- we can't let obama back in wh, because he will put one or two more liberals on the court and they'll cram it down our throats again! He's got to go!

  • midwaygrad

    From a healthcare point of view,(in my opinion)  this bill was designed to eventually force healthcare to the government and finally to single payer gov't health care - so long as we continue to elect democrats.  The rest of the power grab is consistent with what Obama has said about his concern that the constitution thwarts his desire to let government do all it can do and is consistent with his belief for big government control, run not by congress or the people but by a group of elitists who know better what we, the people, need - it's the secular progressive agenda.  Progressives think that it's time to get rid of the constitution and move on to this socialist like utopia run by them.  Everything that the Founding Fathers tried to avert and, ironically, the type of government that our WWII veterans fought against. 

  • Gary928

    Tell me where in this bill it states illegal immigrants are covered let alone for free?  Methinks this article has BS in it.

  • CJM2

    The 2700+ pages of the "law" also covers areas NOT even connected with healthcare; education, for one thing is terribly compromised.  This is not a "law" by any sense of the word; it is outright destruction of the US Constitution, or the dismanteling of it, just as the liar in chief promices in his 2008 campaign interviews.  This is the reason he refused to answer the questions: What needed to be changed?  Why did it need changing?  and How did he plan to make these changes?  The liar in chief is playing us for fools--which is why he keeps saying how stupid we are.  And for this we are supposed to be greatful to him?????

  • Johneneal

    This Obama guy.........will eventually cause chaos and declare Martial Law.....That's the only...only....way he will remain in power.  We all know that he is toast concerning getting re-elected........and he KNOWS that....but do you think he cares who knows what?!!!!!........This abuse of power reeks of theivery and lies and whatever to bring this country down.  Remember????  What he said 8 days before the election took place?: "we are 8 days away from fundamentally transforming America"...he told us...out front what he was going to do!!!!!!!!  Only God will be able to stop this dictator.  Mark my words:  HE WILL NOT RELINQUISH HIS POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gunsmoke11

    We can Blame Ol'Nancy Pelosi for this, as she said we need to Pass this so we can find out it is all about....
    What kind of a Lame Brain Idiot does something like this, she has to be off her rocker 0r she is smoking stronger than we know..... This is Ludicris !!!!  When something like this occurrs, WE the PEOPLE should say, NO, you cannot do this, NOBODY knows anything about it and it will NOT be brought to the Floor until such time.....  We now need to REPEAL it and Do away with it entirely..... This is Totally WRONG !!!!

  • Idgascreamer

    Screw all the B'stards that voted for this OBINATION ... let them all rot in HELL !

  • Johneneal

    VOTE  VOTE  VOTE.......if we still have an election day.....

    • dean

      YES, if we still have an election day!!!

  • Frank

    There is no doubt in my mind that the present Democratic administration is is the biggist enemy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights ever!   This is also true of the California Democratic administration. A population afraid of the government is tyrannyy. To protect a government of tyranny is to listen to our communication, track where you are, and X-ray and touch your privates before entering an airplane, and taking away your guns and knives. This country would have been better off with Saddam Hussain than Barrack Obama.  At least we knew who Saddam Hussain was.

  • Grapester

    Connelly - answer the question below

  • Dick Grace

    Time to secede and let these idiots fend for themselves.  See if the the illegals and moochers can support their big spending habits.

  • karolh

    I just read an article showing a Union member "race baiting" residents of Wisconsin.  Please be careful and do not fall for this crap.  July 1, is coming fast, supposedly, Obama will declare Martial Law around that time due to the race riots in the streets.  Of course, his people are starting the riots, so we must warn as many as possible not to get caught up in this.  If he delcares Martial Law he will postpone the election in November, which means he stays in office.  He has already publicly made the statement that he may have to postpone the election, due to dealing with the economic crisis.   This race baiting has started because of the Re-call Vote in Wisconsin and I think as soon as the Supreme Court cuts down any part or all of Obamacare, Obama's people will try to force the riots on us, by actually getting violent all around the country.  We are living in some very scarey times and this man and his administration do not intend to loose.  I never thought I would live to see such as this happen in our Country and I am praying this is all just scare tactics and tough talk.  It is so very hard to believe that any American could really hate the country and people so much.  The past 3  1/2 years have been like a growing nightmare that I can not wake up from.  The more information that comes the worse it gets.  I can not imagine what life will be like for our grandhildren if they have to live under that type of governement.  It will be like Hitler never died. 

    Thank you Mr. Connelly for taking your valuable time to read the whole law and then to break it down into language that we could understand.  I can see why the Supreme Court did not want to take the time to read it, but I sure pray that they did.  Surely, if they understand that Obama is actually taking the power of all three branches of our government for his self, eliminating the Supreme Court, Congress and literally taking all rights from the people, they have already made a decision to declare it unconstitutional. 

    Dear God I pray you are with us and will help us stop this evil take over of our country and our very lives.

  • tbird55

    OBAMA is out to destroy this great country.OBAMA hate this country he is a digrace to the offce that  he holds.BARACKO CHAVEZ wants to do away with the CONSTITUTION and THE BILL OF RIGHTS,HE Is a SOCIALIST,HE would be great running RUSSIA he thinks just like a RUSSIAN KGB.DESTROY THE UNITED STATES ANY WAY HE CAN PERIOD.OBAMA WOULD DECLARE MARSHAL LAW IF HE COULD SO he could have COMPLETE CONTROL OVER EVERYONE.

    • MV

      Really?! Reread to see how insane you sound.

      • Bartlettharold

        Back off MV, third55 is just venting his anger toward the worst excuse for a President this country has ever may not agree and you may consider yourself "too elite" to accept his opinion but he has as much right to "rant and rave" as you and I's called "Freedom of Speach" you idiot!

      • Dan Christopher

         While "55" was a little lacking in grammerical skills.  His passion reflects a good American Patriot...rightfully, concerned about "the communist" power-grab happening in America.  My "litmus test" record; NDAA, HR 347; BarryCare....and I tell them what I think!
        based upon this manner of "testing" ....most of Congress, and Romney...pure Anti- Constitutional maggots!!
        Only Dr. Ron Paul defends the Constitution, and so the American People!!!
        MV...Really, do you have any idea...what a maggot you sound like!!! (not a question)

        • Sam in NC

           I agree. 55 sounds perfectly sane to me.

  • centermass

     "If this law or a similar one is adopted, major portions of the
    Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed."...and this is WHY we have the SECOND AMENDMENT!

  • Grampaben1

    Civil disobediance or civil war.

  • Dan W Rykard

    The Supreme Court will more than likely find this Obama Care unconstitutional. I said it four years ago that Obama is a SNAKE in Sheep clothing and is so true. This man has done more to destroy our Nation than anyone in History. I do not understand why the Republican Senators and Congress has not had Obama in front of the Justice Committee and so many more of his cabinet. I know this sound crazy but I have BIG doubts that he is even eligible to be President. We have to get the word out and make sure he does not have a second term. I am a Southern Baptist and have a hard time of not Hating this man, and I have never had this problem before.

    • dean29685

       Look at the people we put in office listen to their lies 30 to 40 percent of  republicans and 60 to 80 percent of the democrats are in fact out and out big government progressives.They will do or say anything to get and stay in office, we keep looking for another Regan but keep electing the same old party hacks. Now once again we are told to vote for the less of two evils but mark my words nothing will change all
      Romney wants to to be the man in charge of a country and he is a firm believer in big progressive government.

      • We the People

        Mitt Romney believes does not believe in big progressive government. Yes he wants to be President because he knows Obama is not an American, he is a Socialist and Communist that is trying to take total control of America. If anyone knows how to run a business Romney does. He isn't going to take office and within a month have all problems solved. But when he gets in office and if we will vote in a Republican Congress, House and Senate, we are going to see major changes in our give away programs, ending the slaughter of unborn babies, stop the money going to those countries that hates us, taxes reduced, our national debt reduced, more jobs, our Veterans will not be second class citizens and America will be strong once again. Our Allies will once again respect us and there will be no mistaken in our efforts to protect Israel.

        • dean29685

           And you know this how?

    • smilee

      Well, you were wrong it is constitutional

    • Howard Daniels Jr

      They are all in it together (sorry Karl)

  • Pam Martinez

    I just dont see what the people see in this president... Nothing in life is free, its what you make it. This health insurance is a joke, and where has it ever been stated that your employer must provide health insurance...Its a benefit, not a right. Iam really scared about this upcoming election.  Everyone just needs to join as one and defeat this man.

    • jwright673

      Exactly right Pam.  Many people have become too accustomed to living off the labor of other people.  CarlJr laments that many poor people will lose their benefits.  They are not benefits as they have never earned them in most cases.  It is just government largesse that generations have gotten (go back to LBJ's Great Society) without lifting a finger working.  Wisconsin is proof the people are fed up with 50% of the country riding the gravy train.  Time to say whoa!

      • CARLjr

        Let me clarify.  I think the enemy here is the costs in the first place.   It's the same issue with the college tuition issue.  Cutting the interest rate on student loans does not address the real issue that tuition is 559% higher than it was in 1985, and double what they were in 2001.  Medical costs have risen in the same way - almost 375% higher.    Guess what - Americans are not making 4 times the money they made in 1985.   These bubbles are going to burst bigger than the housing bubble did.  

        TOO BIG TO FAIL?   we are going to have the same problems again soon.  It's not only going to be the poor that will suffer.   We all will. 

        Speaking of people not paying their share - Do you know that I pay more taxes than General Electric, Boeing, DuPont, Wells Fargo and Verizon put together?  That even though corporations pull in hundreds of billions of dollars a year in profits, they pay nothing.  Apple has an amazing $74 billion parked offshore to avoid paying taxes on it. They keep the politicians (on both sides) full of campaign contributions to keep it that way. 

        All of us in the middle is who pays taxes - no one at the top, no one at the bottom.

        • scindependent

          I agree with you totally,so who are you voting for in the Presidential race?

    • Nancy

      I can't say AMEN enough for your post Pam!!

    • bob

      Your response is the best. On the day Obama was elected there was a girl saying "Now I don't have to worry about my bills because Obama is going to take care of me" This was on you tube. I work in a hospital. When "Obama care" passed the ER. was packed. People thought health care was FREE. What a joke.

  • Steve

    "That will have been legislated into oblivion regardless of what the 3rd and 4th Amendments may provide."The 3rd Amendment?  You know that has to do with quartering soldiers, right?

  • CARLjr

    let's take a look at Paul Ryan's budget.   If the Republican plan goes through, about half of Mr. Ryan's $5 trillion in cuts over a decade would come from health care.  
    His plan is to convert Medicare to a "premium support" system.  That is, replace it with ever-decreasing vouchers to senior citizens to buy Medicare from a variety of providers.  Forcing them to pay more and more for insurance.
    His plan also slashes Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) by 45% which could strip coverage from as many as 27 million low income Americans within a decade.
    Veterans get their health programs cut by 13 percent.  Essentially cutting VA healthcare for over 1.3 million veterans.  Not to mention cutting veteran's pension funding by 1/3.   According to Ryan's plan "any veteran who doesn't have a service-related medical condition and is not poor" would not have health care from the Veterans Health Administration.

    This is not a better plan.   Maybe you should read this one too.

    • We the People

      I didn't see anywhere in Ryan's plan that states, government will have access to all of our financial records. Where employers will be taxed if they do not carry health insurance on employees, even part time employees. It does not state where he wants to violate the Constitution of the United States.

      • CARLjr

        Financial records are used the same way in both plans - to determine eligibility based on income.  You already need to report your financial information to the IRS and other agencies like if you are getting federal financial aid for college.

        The Ryan plan does not tax employers - but does not have a plan for the uninsured.   It shifts the burden to the hospital to refuse service or treat them for free and drive up the costs for the rest of us. 

        The "violations" of the constitution  - unreasonable search and seizure for medical records?  Don't you already give them the right to this information through Medicare?  How else do they pay the bills?  These "violations" are a stretch - there are WAY WORSE violations of our rights by the DHS & TSA.  There are WAY WORSE violations of our privacy from Google, Apple, and Facebook. 

        I am simply suggesting that you THINK about what the alternatives are before lighting your torch and sharpening your pitchfork.  You may look back and wish that you had.

    • Nancy

      I don't trust any democRAT, and what they say!

      • CARLjr

        Me either, or any other politician.   Be wary of both sides. 

  • ltbl123

    The unaswered question is who wrote this law Karl Marx's Grandson? There was no debate, there was bribery and open violation of any semblance of decency. It's time to start over our government is completely out of control.
    Elect Romney then hold his feet to the fire then keep cutting the federal monster until it spends less than it takes in taxes today.  Deficit spending must be eliminated. If we are going to die for lack of health care make sure the government and its minions die FIRST.

  • Hannibal

    You should all go to YouTube and listen to Jack Smith's talk about how Obama will take away our civil rights. Jack has also read the law and he gives us chapter and verse about how on Jan 1, 2013 the President will be a dictator and Nancy Pelosi and Jack Reid helped pushed this through. Its time to get on the Supreme's backs about ruling this law unconstitutional.  What Jack Smith, the master creditor reveals is truly frightening. Please take the time and look it up.  This congressman is right.  Jack will give you specifics. 

  • jwright673

    I pity god-fearing doctors.  I'm sure they never intended their Hippocratic oath to be an oath to goernment. But that is exactly what it will be if they are forced to perform abortions against their will.  I have no doubt there will be an exodus from the medical profession that will make cost containment look like a passing breeze.  The Supremes need to get their act together and off this poisonous piece of crap before it's too late.

  • Sam in NC

    If you want to hear the truth about Obamacare, here it is.

    • gnafuasusual

      Thank you Sam in NC.

      • Sam in NC

         You're welcome. Almost unbelievable, if you didn't know where it came from.

    • CARLjr

      The website was founded in 1995, becoming the first website associated with white supremacy.[5][6] Until this point, attempts at using the Internet for the white pride movement met with limited success,[7] but Stormfront quickly began to become popular with the growth of the Internet at this time, according to owner Don Black.[4][8] A former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and in the 1970s a member of the National Socialist White People's Party (which had changed its name from the American Nazi Party in 1967)

      I guess we all know why YOU don't like Obama.

      • Sam in NC

         That video has been posted by different websites besides Stormfront, who honestly, I did not know their background. I posted that video to show the pitfalls of Obamacare, and in no way to promote any type of racism.

        • CARLjr

          Oh come on.  It says "white pride world wide" in their logo at the top of the page.

        • Sam in NC

           I've already explained the situation and if you've don't believe me, that's your problem. You know nothing about me, yet you're accusing me of something that I'm not. I'm married to a wonderful Black woman. Get a life, dude.

  • Nikita63

    There is going to be internal unrest the likes of which has never been seen since the War Between the States if This scurrillous legislation is not repealed. It is not we the people who will be the cause, it will be those we were not vigilant AGAINST and whom we elected to positions of power which theY have abused and conntaminated. We are infested with those inimical TO ALL THINGS AMERICAN  and , the time is coming when each of us will have to make a choice to either accept slavery or , fight for what once we had as a birthright. Choice and Freedom. Unless there are major changes in November, it is eventually , INEVITABLE.


    You sob's. Will you stay the hell away. You better print my comments or you'll roast in Hell! KMA 

    • Tiredock

      Whome are you refering to??.

  • Blair

     At least he had the time. That's more than Congress did.

  • Everett2

    What a waste of time. Did anyone ever tell you that HB 3200 was not what was passed as the Act?

  • Wiseowl

    This is to all of you. I remember when obama was campaigning. He stated rather clearly, "America is the greatest country on this planet. Help me change that." And the people voted for him to do so.

    • Nbrown6o

      I'm one of the people who voted, and I can guarantee it was not for the illegal muslim! I know exactly what the fraud said, and yet you lefties fell for his crap hook, line and sinker! You deserve everything rotten this fraud is shoving down our throat's, but it's a shame the better people have to swallow it too!

  • The leftwinger

    If you are going to write against the law then you should at least put in some quotes to prove what you are saying. I haven't seen anything But your opinion which is obvisely biased. Come back with quotes and facts and I might believe you

    • gnafuasusual

      Read some of the comments and that will help you with websites, etc. that have data on the beastly heath care that Obama says We The Poeople shoud have but not the "Elite." Also, you can download parts or all of the ObamaHealthCare after you google it. It's in black and white but no one wants to take the time to read through all the BS. Not even Congress read the entire ObamaCare. It was never put out for we robots to read because Obama must have thought we were too dumb to know what all the idiotic, medical and other demands meant. 

    • dj

      If you can't take the time to read and refute this gentleman, who is obviously well qualified to decipher this piece of trash legistlation, on your own then, quit stomping on pisants while you allow elephants to overrun the world. 

      • CARLjr

         dj - someone has already done it for me - two years ago:

        • Bellfire

           I am impressed.  Another idiot.  That is who I want to listen to.  I don't need anyone to tell me about this law.  I can read and comprehend the English language just fine.  It is a shame that you can't.

    • Nbrown6o

      Who gives a fig on what you want leftwinger, if you want info, look it up your self, we don't work for you!  I don't like obama and what hes doing to our country, this healthcare bill will be the death of so many people, including you stupid left wingers who thinks the sun rise's and shines on your islam messiah!

    • Mitchina5

       There has already been at least 10 THOUSAND more pages of bureaucratic legislation written by people MAKING the decisions... PEOPLE WE DID NOT ELECT... PEOPLE THAT HAVE NOT ONE IOTA OF KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HEALTHCARE, not doctors, nurses or even a freaking medical billing clerk is in this group of pencil pushing freedom sucking, life controlling, dictator libertards.

      I don't need to put anything of fact in here other than that and if you can't see how insane this is, then you are a lost cause anyway. Get out of here and get out of your gamma's basement.

    • We the People

      read the article

      watch the video

      Then please pass on to all the other leftwingers

      In my opinion, Republicans and Democrats bring balances and checks to our Government. Unfortunately the Socialist and Communist have infiltrated your party. I have wonder friends that are Democrats, blacks, Jews, Muslims, but they are all scared of this Socialist, Communist Dictator's plans for America

      Do you want more quotes and facts?
      Here's the site for the Constitution of the United States and you can look at any statement B. Hussein O. and see and hear the lies.

    • DEfromDC

       If you read the law you will find out you probably won't have health care in 5 years.  It was never about improving health care.  The purpose is to grow government power and take away your rights.

      • Bellfire

         I really don't understand how stupid you have to be to want this law.  Take a look around the world.  It is a catastrophic failure everywhere it has ever been.  That is the health and economic side.  A high school student can tell you it is unconstitutional.

  • barbann

    I figured all of this out before the bill was passed. All one had to do was read the first 14 pages to figure out the government had way overstepped its bounds and it was a thinly veiled way to raise taxes and have the government in control of one-sixth of the business of the nation.

  • dj

    And we could reelect this idiot and his cohorts!!!!

    • djstorrie

      No. He will only win with voter fraud. Otherwise he goes down in the largest landslide in history.

      • Vveelle

         I sincerely hope so!

  • nettleman

    Treason from the Administration and Congress.....the Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves.

  • DanielK

    the word "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" is just the start of the problems the Obama Administration are responsible for. About half way down any realistic list of more thaan 30 significant violations of laws of the United States,.... the thoughts that these equal treasonous acts might just come to mind.

    • sparkle

      If as much negativity was written about any of the other Pres. you would hear outrage.  Here's someone trying to help the working class and not getting much cooperation.  I find it funny that this is the only Pres. who was  voted into office that did not have a fortune and so much has been written about him.  Remember, he's not the only one dealing with the law--there's Dem. and Rep.

      • Pappy

        He has more than just money. He has the socialist world behind him. OPEC, China, Russia etc. They want our resources and land. As for helping the poor. Oh yea. poor stay poor,no escape. In socialism the rich rule and the poor are little better than slaves, there is almost no hope to better ones self. Don't believe me, look into China's ruling body and working class.; If they spread the wealth why is there  so much starvation, unemployment. Why does the government force you to abort babies especially girls" Please my fearless leader. May I have sex tonight, it's been a year".So BS to this he is helping the poor. He is setting you up for the kill. If you are worried about being called a raciest you are foolish. He is tri-race so you can pick the one you don't like, He by his own admonishing is anti patriotic toward America. He has preached anti White, racism. he is trying to destroy christian religious right down to telling you that you must think only the way he thinks. So Help the poor! BS

        • Pappy

          As for poor pres's try Harry Truman. OH put Harry was honest.

        • guest233

          Pappy..very well said..thank you!

      • Bellfire

         You really are naive.  Obama has been given a pass by the press like no other president in history.  He is doing everything he can to destroy the working man.  You really need to wake up.

  • Herman_v

    Hey leftwinger, How about " We will have the most transparent administration in histor." Then pass this s--t on Christmas eve at midnight.

    • CARLjr

      On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed H.R. 3590, the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” which became Public Law Number 111-148.

  • Mlrunlisted1

    Ummm call me crazy but didnt Romney pass this health care bill in the state of MA?  

    • Charlesbrown

      NO, the mostly all Democrat Legislature passed it and it was only intended for less than 1o percent of the population that had no coverage.  The Obama Care Law is nothing more than the largest tax bill in the history of our country.  It has very little to do with health care, but it has a lot to do with forcing us underlings to do many things .   Romney has vowed to REPEAL ObamaCare as early as possible.

      • Sparkle

         Romney didn't do such a hot job running Ma.  At least Pres. Obama is trying to help the middle and poor class. 

        • Linda Lowe

          You are a fool.

        • Donnagross123

          Look at the numbers Numbers don't lie. We're only growing at 1.9% growth. That's nothing like what this counry needs.  Millions (I forget how many) more on food stamps.I'm 64 yrs old and I have never in my life seen my country on the edge of a crisis that we will never come back from if Obama is reelected. If Obama care goes into effect how are we ever going to get decent healthcare again when 40% of doctors are going to retire and the rest of  the doctors have to take care of 30 million more people!

        • Bellfire

           Can you provide us with what Obama is doing to help the poor and middle class.  I, fortunately,  am classified as middle class.  He has only done things that hurt me.  He hasn't done a single thing to help me.

        • Col. John

          The answer to the problem is simple, but it will never be published by our liberal press.  The truth is that the ever growing population of free loading Americans think health care is going to be free.  If you present them with the truth, the average family will be paying over $1400 per month for health care under the system, I'm bettin' you'll get a whole different oppinion from that portion of our population.  Like some of the repliers I too have experienced national health care in other countries.  Trust me, it's not what we want!

    • We the People


    • Sparkle

       Romney did pass a health care bill similar to this one. 

    • David Stovall

       NO. 2700 pages??  No , this bill is not about health care. Pass it to find out what is in it?? It is a monster. Nothing like Massachusetts .

    • Reader

      Yep, you are crazy.  Actually, Romney DID sign a health care bill into law in MA.  It has some VERY significant differences from Obamacare, though.  Those differences make a very distinct difference where Romney's bill is Constitutional and even potentially effective, but even Romney says that it was a state-level solution and not valid for a national program.  

      One of those distinct differences is making people responsible for their own healthcare.  More specifically, unlike Obamacare, Romneycare puts people healthcare specifically in the people's hands.  It makes people that can afford insurance buy insurance or pay their healthcare costs rather than allowing them to make the government pay for their healthcare, which was happening a lot in MA before Romneycare.  

  • We the People

    Read this interesting article before watching the video

    Watch this video after reading the above article


  • Peter Scott Furman

    Why does this surprise anyone?

      The people have gotten the "short end of the stick for at least the past 45 years! Nancy Pelosi the Speaker Of The House said"we will pass this legislation without a vote if necessary" and got away with it! I thought this was supposed to be a Democracy yet we have Pelosi openly defying the Constitution,extorting the Democratic Congress,taking freedoms doing it without consequence.

      The system began to fail a long time ago with the Kennedy assassination and the "criminal",unelected,L.B.J. sending 65,000 Americans to die in Vietnam and Cambodia without Congressional approval! He is one of Obama's faves as he was the first to "socialize" the system and "dictate" entitlements we could not afford! He was so divisive,so corrupt,ultimately so despised that even "Richard Nixon" was the people's choice and we all know the guy who broke law after law and was forced out of office for his crimes!

      Two Presidents(in 4 decades) to face Articles of Impeachment. Nixon and the erstwhile Bill Clinton were Never held accountable as 9/11  took America on a path to the end game to Barack Obama who has wrought tyranny,compulsively lied,broken Federal law(The War Powers Act) when like his hero he sent force into Libya without the Congress on board.

      Johnson got away with mass genocide as our failing system allowed his debauchery.The War Powers Act closed the loophole that Johnson used yet Obama is not yet facing a jury of his peers.

      We are broke! We are 16trillion in debt,$trillion of which has been spent in the past 31/2 years by the man who "swore" to cut it in half by now! Obama swore to"I will go through the budget line by line" to relieve an already unaffordable burden! What? we don't have a budget since Obama lied again when he took the oath.

      Two cases in the Supreme Court against Obama's Constitutional crimes and a third by the Catholic Church when it is very clear about the separation of Church and State. Obama,Holder,the proponents of class warfare and racism have gotten this far because of systematic failure to adhere to the Constitution,the law,the "checks and balances" provided to prevent exactly what Obama brings.

      The system has Failed! Those we elect to make domestic and foreign policy,to make and enforce the law,to shepherd the economy have instead brought us thisclose to the end! We are NOT free! We depend on others for everything from resources to debt service!! You cannot be free when your very survival has been systematically given away by the very same people who are sworn to protect it.

      Obama is not new! He appears throughout history in Bolshevik Russia,in Nazi Germany,throughout the world when panic,fear,anger,hatred,desperation replace common sense and the rule of law!!

      It always ends up causing maximum pain and failure which the people suffer when the worst of us prevail!

  • Old Wolf

     "The catalogue of means and actions
    which might be imposed upon an employer in any business, tending to the
    satisfaction and comfort of his employees, seems endless. Provision for
    free medical attendance and nursing, for clothing, for food, for
    housing, for the education of children, and a hundred other matters
    might with equal propriety be proposed as tending to relieve the
    employee of mental strain and worry. Can it fairly be said that the
    power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce extends to the
    prescription of any or all of these things? Is it not apparent that they
    are really and essentially related solely to the social welfare of the
    worker, and therefore remote from any regulation of commerce as such? We
    think the answer is plain. These matters obviously lie outside the
    orbit of congressional power." Railroad Retirement Board v. Alton R. Co., 295 U.S. 330, 368, 55 S.Ct. 758, 771 (1935):

  • DEfromDC

    The article is good because someone else read the bill/law, but falls short of identifying the magnitude  of the disaster it brings to health care.  I said before no one who read the bill could have voted for it.

    • David Stovall

       It is not about health care. It is all about money and power. It grows the federal government to enormous, unconstitutional size that crushes the states. The Commerce Clause is the wedge government has found to kill the Tenth Amendment.

      • DEfromDC

        David's  reply is like I commented elsewhere in these comments.  It has nothing to do with health care and will probably do away with  health care as we know it in 5 years.   That is when all medical people will go to  government medical schools.  Private practices and hospitals probably won't exist.  Doctor owned and run hospitals will be prohibited.

  • CARLjr

    This "article" is nothing more than a three year old viral email.   It has already been thoroughly debunked.

    • Sandra Hanford

      You are obviously one of those sheep that will follow Obama any where. So, please take your comments to the Liberal boards. This bill is nothing but a way to take control of our lives. If the Supreme Court does not throw this out as uncontintutional then watch Big Brother do his work. And when they decide that you are not worth anything any more then don't look for help.

      • CARLjr

        You are obviously one of those sheep that will oppose anything Obama does.  The man could cure cancer and solve world hunger and you would say how awful it is.   If you prefer to get your information from a copy-paste blog that is full of inaccuracies instead of actually reading what the bill is about or what the alternative plan is - you are foolish.  
        For the record - I am a conservative.   I am no fan of the Obama administration.  I prefer to go after ACTUAL facts.   These facts are inconvenient for blogs like this because they also implicate republicans in the loss of freedoms.  Like the Patriot Act and the runaway Department of Homeland Security.   Unreasonable search and seizure?  happens all day at the airport.  Loss of privacy?  what about the 10,000 drones in US airspace and cameras on every block?  Real issues do not follow the black or white pattern you try to put them in.  Both sides are against you.  Stand up and fight - but know what you are talking about.

        don't fill your brain with conspiracy theories and nonsense - use it to THINK.  

    • Rachase

      Please be man enough to actually back up your statement with some FACTS. Exactly what about the contents of the email has been "debunked"?  Like most Liberals, I expect that you write things like this and then run and hide.

      • CARLjr

        I am happy to.   Because he does not cite any specific provisions in the bill or any constitutional precedents, there are little "facts" to dispute.    However -
        he states that the bill provides "free health care for illegal immigrants"  not true - SECTION 152 -  Illegals are prohibited from participating.  
        He claims the law will require "forced participation in abortions by members of the medical profession"  nonsense.  Careful consideration to the abortion issue went into this bill or it would never have been passed.  It specifically prohibits using federal health care subsidies to pay for abortions.
        He claims that the bill will "eventually force private insurance companies out of business and put everyone into a government run system"  The proposed government insurer, which would have competed with private insurance companies was removed early on in the process and was not part of the actual law in place.
        He claims there will be "rationing of health care especially where senior citizens and other classes of citizens are involved."  SECTION 142  Health care is already effectively rationed by insurance companies who deny claims and cancel policies.  The new law actually helps prevent such practices by making it illegal for a company to deny coverage to a sick patient. 
        He claims the law provides for "acess by the appointees of the Obama admisistration of all of your healthcare information, your personal financial information...."  SECTION 163  Electronic funds transfers is a common method for billing in the 21st century.  The law generally describes typical electronic banking transactions and does not outline any special access privileges.  It is no different from how you pay your bill to Netflix.
        He claims the law violates the  3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th amendments to the Constitution.   Regulation of the health care sector falls under Congress' broad power to regulate interstate commerce and has repeatedly passed laws that have had to do with health care and health insurance long before this bill came along.    I would love to hear how this law violates the 3rd ammendment that reads "No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without
        the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be
        prescribed by law." 
        Finally Connelly claims to be a "retired constitutional attorney"  but his actual work experience does not match this claim.

        (I am not a liberal and I hide from no one)

      • Sam in NC

         The real Obamacare.  The people that posted this video has an unsavory background, but the video is good.

  • Linda Lowe

    I also read this bill, it was hard to read, and some clauses were changed and instead of taking them out, they just added another clause to nullify or change the one already written. It basically says your healthcare choices will be subject to the governments approval, costs will also be decided by the government, if you can't afford or don't want to buy health care, you will be policed by the IRS who will have access to all your health and financial records, they can seize property or keep our IRS refund if they so choose, you can be fined up to $7,000 and or do jail time for refusing to purchase health coverage. Businesses who have over a certain number of employees, I think it was 25, will in the early stages, be forced to either provide health care coverage, or pay a fine, the fine is less, so of course they will choose that, or will lay off or fire all employees exceeding the 25. Over 900 companies have been exempted so far, however, once the law is implemented, they will no longer be exempted after 3  years,  they will have a certain time period to either provide coverage or be fined, some will be forced out of business because the fine will be so huge and they have so many employees. Your health care will be reviewed by a board, any  unnecessary procedures will be denied if this board thinks you don't need it, or if you are old or if they feel it is a waste of resources to allow it,  your weight, and any dangerous activities such as sports will be considered in the decision, also smoking, drinking, and using illicit drugs will also disqualify you for the medical treatment,  the elderly will be provided an advisory panel to discuss any medical care such as surgery, chemo, heart stints, valve replacements, pacemakers, stomas, colostomy bags, etc, depending on your life expectancy and health condition, however the panal will advise the elderly (over 44)  on end of life options and provide assistance, which reads like  suicide assistance,  they will provide aid in ending your life.  Most of the medical treatments and care will be provided for those who are between the ages of 15 and 44, the very young and the elderly will be excluded in many areas.  I know a lot of people think this means free health care, but it doesn't, it means everyone will be forced to buy it, even the healthy, young people who don't need it now and would prefer to use their money for other things, and it isn't going to be cheap, I figured mine out according to the rates they give,  I now pay $110. oo per month, with this Health care plan, I will pay over $300. oo per month, and will still have to pay for my diabetic meds myself. Folks, there is no free lunch, this isn't going to be free,it is going to be another mandatory payment you will have every month whether or not you want it. Illegal immigrants will be exempt, but anyone working or paying taxes will pay for them as well as their own. If you have'nt read it, you should sit down and make the effort, basically we let them sell us a pig in a poke, and for anyone who doesn't know what that means, it means we bought something unseen and without knowing what it was or what it would do. You might like it now, but you won't later, I promise you, I read it and I know what I am talking about.

    • jack S.

      your on target and all one has to do is ask themselves "why is it that Europeans, Sauds and others come here for their operations? cause we have the best health care anywhere! This President will undoubtly go down in Histor as our worst! and what will happen to him thereafter may be even worst! Unfortunally!

      • Mitchsagraves

        This can all be summed up in 2 words.........Obamacare SUCKS!!!

      • Donna

         What do you mean when you comment "Unfortunately? "  Yes, Bummer will go down in history as the very worst president.....
        But, anything that happens to him as a result IS NOT UNFORTUNATE, BUT WELL DUE THE DICTATOR IN CHIEF! 
        What is unfortunate is that the dumb bunch of Congress did not bother to stand up for We The People and the Constitution!!!!!!
        Even worse, We The People are not watching our elected officials more closely!  They have talked the talk but not of them have walked the walk!  They have wiped their feet on the people and have protected their own backs for the perks they receive!

    • lee4

      I have only read portions of the bill.  Several groups are exempt from the bill:  Amish, Muslims, Scientologists, Christian Scientists, certain Native American tribes, unions, congress.  Nowhere does it cover the care provided by the VA or Armed Forces Medical Services.  Obama once contemplated having the military member buy their own insurance to cover wounds received in combat!  He said that it was an all volunteer force, nobody forced them to enlist, nobody sent them into combat (I guess each one of them bought their own ticket to Iraq and Afghanistan).  This is the thought process of Obama.  Lord, help us!!!

    • Stdyimbt8

      Thank you Linda for taking the time to share this valuable information and research you've done on perhaps the worst & most threatening bill ever conceived, written & legislated by a U.S. legislative body.  The real reasons behind this despicable bill are much darker and sinister than most Americans realize...and you've surely helped us all by taking the time to open Pandora's Box and giving us just a little "glimpse" of what actually awaits us all, our kids & grandkids once this bill is fully implemented.

        This health care bill has nothing to do with providing humane, caring, responsible & high-tech health care for the masses.  It, like Roe vs. Wade, (Check out Ruthie's opinion she wrote as a Supreme Court Justice on R vs. W way back when...)  is more about "population control" and the "weeding out and getting rid of" society's "less abled" know, those among us whom the Elitist's in this country and abroad deem an unworthy pain and  drain on our planet.  Google:   Agenda 21...The Bilderbergers'...The Trilateral Commission...CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). 

       Hal Lindsey gives us a rather clear insight and well defined description about all the "who's" behind all these "closed door" commissions/ers.  He writes on pages 140&141 in his book: The 1980's - "Countdown to Armageddon"..........Comments from Senator Barry Goldwater:  " Since 1944 every American Secretary of State, with the exception of James F. Byrnes, has been a member of the CFR. I believe the CFR and its ancillary elitist groups are indifferent to communism.  They have no ideological anchors.  In their pursuit of a new world order they are prepared to deal without prejudice with a communist state, a socialist state, a democratic state, monarchy, oligarchy ---it's all the same to them.

      He continues:  "Rear Admiral Chester Ward, of the U.S. Navy (retired), who was a member of the CFR for 16 years, has written, ' The most powerful cliques in these elitist groups have one objective in common---they want to bring about the surrender of sovereignty and the national independence of the United States.' " 

       Lindsey goes on to write under "Check the Record..." Even a casual check of the U.S foreign policy record reveals one thing clearly:  A continuous erosion of American power due to continual concessions to and defeats by the communist world.  With that in mind, remember---the CFR is the foreign policy precursor of the Trilateral Commission."


       Hal Lindsey wrote this book in 1980...his predictions about what's happening now are pretty darn accurate!  They all match up of course with The Bible...which many scoff at, make fun of and scorn. HOWEVER!  Every single prophecy from the OT & NT so far....has come to pass and been fulfilled...and remains to this day a very precise and accurate barometer of "what's to come."

      Every single United States President since Dwight D. Eisenhower has been a member of the CFR.
      Wonder if Romney and Obama are too???  Hmmmmm.....

      Churchill once described his preferred definition of politics this way:
                                                  THE UNSEEN HAND THAT PULLS THE PUPPETS STRINGS!

      We've got some real MEAN, HUNGRY, GREEDY GLOBAL CATS ON THE PREY.... & the rest of us BETTER  TRUST AND PRAY our God will "turn the tables on them" and soon, foiling their despicable plans before they manifest into reality!  


      Thanks for doing your part!  Hope more will get their hikin' boots on and start diggin too!  THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS....BUT YA GOTTA BE WILLING DO THE WORK! :)

  • jack S.

    I clicked on to the site as shown by an opposer of this article and wrote a message and so they did not print for some reason? Any way if any of the above think that a Natiiona Health Program would be good they are fools! that  never have had any experience with those in Great Britian or any other European Country. I have! lived in Scotland and have had numerous experience and it is a bad Health Care Sysem, just ask a Brit, that you really know, to get the truth get sick over there.. But first ask your self  Why is it that all those that can afford to come here for operations do so!!! cause we have the best health care NOW!  and some from G.Britian go to Ice land as well. 
    jack stuart.

  • Kareykokemoor

    Thank you We the people are so busy just trying to survive can not and do not have time to read . I probably would not understand most either. I do have college education but the legalistic jargon is for the most part foreign to most of us.

    • Aarthurnderson

      Thats not by accident brother....

  • The eagle

    If Mr. Connelly  read the complete I'm surprised he did notice there are 19-violations of the Constitution and 4-statutory laws violated See Purpura v. Sebelius -- the most comprehensive Petition submitted to the Supreme Court of the United States.

    • Rachase

      He said that there was "much more", but figured that what he wrote was sufficient to give folks a good idea of what the law was really all about...

  • Tsdma1

    I love your argument,,,,but despise your using the term"Obama" in every sentence.this bill IS in fact a takeover of the healthcare of this country.the insurance companies ,republicans and democrats are ALL in it together. the insurance companies will not go away.they are the sponsor. make no mistake that when Mitt Romney get's elected he will NOT repeal it,just modify it. however,the tea party WILL repeal it.I a tea party activist can't wait !!!

    • Jdelaney3

      I have zero confidence in the Supreme Court's faithfulness to the Constitution. With a few exceptions, most justices are political hacks and progressive ideologues. That said, should Congress fail to repeal Obamacare,  then the several States must assert their 10th Amendment sovereignty  and nullify the damnable federal overreach. And if BOTH Congress and the States fail to enforce the Constitution, the Republic is a relic, part of the ash heap of history--UNLESS "we the people" assert our constitutional supremacy, of course. And, from lowly perspective, that, folks, WILL most certainly happen. Talk about domestic turmoil: civil disobedience, open rebellion, secession. Secession will surely follow.  Forewarned is forearmed.

      • Nightlady

        This one really bothers me, the vote by SCOTUS. If the mandate is truly unconstitutional, shouldn't it be NINE votes and not according to party lines. This is not about personal feelings, it is about the constitution! The constitution is the same no matter what your party.

        • Rachase

          The problems is, the Constitution is NOT considered to be a useful document anymore by the Liberal Left, of which several SCOTUS justices fully subcribe to the politics of.  So in their closed minds, whether some law id constitutionsl or not is determined solely by how well it does or does not conform to their political beliefs.

    • noitaint

      I believe the tea party is the voice of the silent majority. i believe the tea party is the only thing standing in the way of the "New world order". many Republicans are begining to register as Independents because of the many R.I.N.O."s. the tea party will support Democrats and Republicans if they are right minded. to be right minded, you have to fight for the Constitution and the Bill of rights. the govt. hates  the tea party because they don't have names on a list that they can systematicaly go after. may the tea party keep-up the good work and fight the good fight. Amen.

  • Jsnaper

    The real purpose of the BO plan is to collect the islamic JIZYA tax on America.   Only a tiny fraction of the funds collected by the insurance companies will be used for health care payments.   A portion kicked back to Govt., obsene compensation for the executives but the major monies will end up in the islamic sovereign banks.

  • Stdyimbt8

    How unfortunate True Blue Americans didn't see this coming!  Been in the works for many decades now by all those professional (Progressive-generic term for Socialists) politicians who "scared" and used "fear" tactics to get our parents, grandparents and the like to keep them in office just long enough to draft this insane, discriminatory and unconstitutional piece of population control legislation just in time for Baby Boomer retirees and their offspring! Social Security, Medicare, Welfare etc. was always the bait they used to hook the elderly into pulling the undercover Progressive Democrat's lever that kept these awful people in office longer than they should have been!  Now the Sleeping Bears are waking up to the deceptive and devious truth about the Evil Empire about to arise once ObamaCare goes full guns.  This is not an "affordable health care act" is a well planned, well thought out and managed "means to an end."
    Everything that has happened in this country, in the no accident folks...its been carefully planned and orchestrated bit by bit since 1954 when David Rockefeller held the 1st Bilderberger meeting.  Only thing standing in the way now for Global Governance (i.e. The New World Order)  to show its ugly face is the US and Israel.  Is it no wonder the world hates us both so much?  The Lands of Liberty & Freedom and Milk & Honey....go figure!  Freedom is on the line here folks...wake-up, do your part:  Stay Informed & Vote!!!  If you're too busy...don't whine when the arm & hammer falls!

  • Ahall1950


    • Fife29

      Short, but accurate!!!

  • Mike Aquila

    It was the so called "Midde Class" which actually put this commie into office in the first place. It is going to be the so called Middle Class which is going to get raped by paying for this debacle known as Obama Care. This Obama Care was not designed to help the Middle Class, most of which had some type of medical and dental insurance through their jobs. This Obama Care is designed to help the generation upon generation of welfare and illegal aliens in this Country - at the expense of the Middle Class, once again! (Middle Class Americans have been paying for their welfare supplied "fellow Americans" all their lives.) And by the way Nancy Pelosi, and that other great dim wit Joe Biden, say we should be happy to do so. Let's hope the Supreme Court scraps this socialist manifesto as soon as possible! And hey - Middle Class - don't forget to vote the socialists out of office this November! May God save the Republic!!!!!

    • Bobby Garza

      I don't think the middle class elected this idiot.  The middle class are the hard working American that has made this country great.  We have common sense, plan for future, and praise God of our many accomplishment.  The one that voted for this idiots has no education, on welfare and other freebies, or few of middle class that are liberals, the liberal media, and Hollywood elite they all live in La La land and has no idea what real world is like.

  • Judy Finch

    what about  half of the bill that NOTHING to do with medical; taxes on sale of  a home, rifd chip implants etc

  • Debbie

    This as much of this administrations actions are based under trickery Ana deceit. There is a verse in Acts that calls out the hand of the Lord to be against this. That is my prayer. May God almighty be against all who have deceived the Anerican people with this and many other wrongful acts of trickery and deceit!

  • Advoc8tomm

    Yes, very scarry story, and people are so ignorant and complacent they don't get it and don't care, they just want whatever they think they can get.  Not only does the congress not have unconstitutional power over those things in the first place, they also do not have any right or power to delegate or transfer any of the powers they do have - NEVER.  So, this is double treason - transfering and delegating powers they do not even have in the first place.  But most of "We the sheeple" have no clue what the constitution is (and that we are NOT a democracy either) and what the constitution does and does not do.  So, the root of the whole argument is never debated nor it's democraticaly elected traitors and tyrants held accountable, traitors who take a solemn oath sworn before God and man to uphold that constitution which says nobody has the right to take away or vote away (democracy) anybody else's God-given rights, or force you to buy into anything, ANYTHING...

    • Bill

      you are right...we are not a democracy...we ARE a Republic, just look at the words to the Pledge To The Flag, (....and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands")

    • Bobby Garza

      People has no common sense any more because of our public educational system for dumming down America.   

  • alfred m

    If the US Supremes don't crush Obamamama CARE, I'm fully prepared to dump my Medicare Part B (US$1198.80 annually); Medicare Part D (US$181.20 annually which I don't use), and Medicare "F" Supplement US$2430. annually).

    As an expat, I can buy International Health Insurance (except US) for less, and still retain Medicare Part A.

    I have to plead with my US internists and long time (30+ years) colleagues and personal physicians to see me for bi/tri- annual checks.

    ret expat MD (NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR and 45 years in medicine)

  • ileneright

    There was an article posted by written October 2,2009 about Mr. Connelly ( Also please note:  dated 3/24/10.
    These might have severed  as a foundation of this article.

  • richk0695

    I find it amazing  the writings of Thomas Jefferson regarding ................Paraphrasing  " A government that promises to  provide  the citizens everything.  Will be the same government that takes all that was promised away.    The clarity of TJ's message still  rings true today at least 200 years later. 

  • Udy53

    It is sad to know how uninformed people are in what has been going on in Washington. He has pulled the biggest scam in the history of our United States. If people don't wake up we will be speaking another language it will only time when we find out which language.

    • Bobby Garza

      I have been saying that since the day it was passed.  It is worst thing that has happen to the United States of America.   I am sorry to say the majority of American don't have any common sense.  This was caused by the dumbing down of our school systems, political correctness, liberal politians, liberal media and etc. 
      If obummer is elected president in 2012, I am leaving this country that I have loved and proudly served for 22 years. 

      • CCB

         What country would be the best place to move to? I've been wondering about that for quite sometime.

        • Tsdma1

          Costa Rica or Panama

  • Wayne Peterkin

    While I believe that Mr. Connelly has written an accurate article here, it's directed to people who can do nothing about correcting the problem. I have been lobbying against Obamacare from the outset, but it was passed anyway. This article should have been sent directly to each of the nine Supreme Court justices in the hope they might read it. The sad thing is that it is doubtful they will each read the actual 2,700 page bill before ruling on it, instead relying on the verbal and written arguments presented both for and against it. 

  • DebDoesSay

    And no mention about the part of the bill that will exempt the muslim faith, as their religion does not allow them to pay into most insurance... because it is considered a lottery or pool or some such thing. But it also provides others an out.. if this does stay pat, alot of us can get out of it by getting into an insurance pool sponsered by any faith (including Christian) based insurerer. I don't remember which page this is on, but I have read it, more than once and even looked into it back before it was passed. It can be done. These pools are not the same as a private insurance company in the way they operate and I am hopeful if worst does come to pass, they won't go out of business. My other suggestion is to refuse to co-operate in any way we can. It's about time the majority had some say, even if we aren't truly a democracy, but a republic and voted these sheep in to do the voting for us.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      The bill does exampt Muslims from paying into the system, but it doesn't exempt Muslims from receiving the services. 


    We need to rid ourselves of this current bunch of barons. The feudal system was supposedly eradicated in the Renaissance period.'s alive and well here in my country. We the peons work hard, those of us 50% of us, give away most of our income to the barons so that they can then create even more laws to control our lives even further. How long can this last, before kick out all the barons and their king?

  • Dr. Brown

    Bottom line is "We the people" don't have to comply with Obamacare because it violates the constitution of the United States. The Constitution begins with "We the People" and congress doesn't have the authority to override or to amend  it without 2/3 vote and ratification by38 states. That alone is enough for the supreme court to overrule it as unconstitutional. They didn't amend the constitution to provide for the  passage of Obamacare and therefore it is not valid law, it is unconstitutional, plain and simple. If the people refuse to buy health insurance by the millions and refuse to pay the illegal taxes imposed by it, then what? Shoot them down with drones in the streets? Send their thugs after them and make them pay $50.00 dollars every day? The second amendment should be enough to stop that sort of tyranny. 

  • Anne

    Let's hope the staffers and clerks of the Justices read the bill to know what's in it and don't try to show they aren't a conservative court.

    • dalek1967

      I don't care if they read it or not.  I just hope they say it is unconstitutional and throw it out, ALL of it.

  • Michael Nellett

    Nothing that Obama and his SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE thugs is at it seems.Obama isn't about America, he's simply interested in consolidating power within the hands of an elite few.

  • doris simonis

    Elena kagan should be reclused from voting on this bill.  She helped write the bill.  No way can she be inpartial.  All obama and his men have done is to deprive us of our right at every turn of his pen.  Revolt is the only answer and it must be done before he results to martial law.  Elena Kagan & sonya sotomier were placed on the court just for the purpose of emplamenting obama/soros policies.  We are about to lose our country that our men & women have fought and died for.  What a slap in the face to our heroic military.

    • Rick

      Doris, I hope that the reason she isn't reclused is because Chief Justice Roberts knows he has the majority on his side to vote down this "law."  Let's hope so.  Let's also hope that the November election isn't rigged and we can this get this man out of the WHITE HOUSE.  And Harry Reid out of the Senate Majority Leader since this is where the problem rests.

  • Mpfoster44

    This is how the progressives plan to take control of the American people and destroy the Constitution,
    and then we will be under full control of the "GOVERNMENT", THAT IS THE OBAMA CHANGE HE WAS TALKING ABOUT!!! The American people have been sold a bill of goods!!! Now, how is that change thang working for you??? We as a country are treading in dangerous waters if we let Obama get re-elected!!!

  • Tsdma1

    too many f*****g lawyers with nothing else to do.join the tea party or leave.more americans gave up their citizenship last year than the three previous years combined..

  • Jack F. Sneed

    I commend Mr. Connelly for reading and giving guys like me a very good and scholarly expose of the entire Obamacare Bill.  However, now I must say that I have to be "pulling for" the Supreme Court to really dismantle the whole piece of work.  I do not believe we the people can stand even a little bit of this document, and if any part of it gets passed, I fear the wrong parts will be passed and that will probably be enough to devastate our economy!  But thanks to Mr. Connelly for reading "the whole thing" and giving all of us the low down on what Mr. Obama wants to saddle us with.....Now, if we don't all get in touch with our own congressmen and tell them we want the whole thing thrown out the back door, we will be very sorry
    for not taking such action!

    • CARLjr

      First off - It has already passed.  Secondly, this "expose" is neither "very good" or "scholarly".   Please look into the facts and not take this three year old viral email as anything close to accurate.   If you take the time to get in touch with your congressmen, at least do them the courtesy of knowing what you are talking about before you start your rant.

      • Delftsman3

        OK, Carl, give us the 'facts' if your'e so eridite on this issue.

        I am certainly no Constitutional scholar, but reading just a few of the items in the bill certainly seem to abrogate/circumvent at least the 4th,5th,9th, and 10th Amendments.

        The provisions of the bill force Citizens to buy a service 9at least initially) from a private company; it also allows faceless bureaucrats unlimited access to your personal health and financial information.

        This is NOT a health bill; it is a total accumulation of power to the Federal Government.

        • CARLjr

           You are not forced into buying insurance at all.  You can be completely uncovered.  The minimal tax penalty for not being insured is considerably less than paying for insurance.  This tax goes toward helping hospitals that treat the uninsured in emergency visits.  You don't want to buy insurance - this law allows for that.   You want to stick your employees with the lowest possible coverage - this law allows for that too.

          The "faceless bureaucrats" do not have unlimited access to your financial information.  They can however accept payments in a electronic fashion.  The same way you would pay your Netflix bill.   Besides - "faceless bureaucrats" at the insurance companies have had access to your  personal health information and have been deciding your coverage for years.

          None of the amendments you mentioned are violated at all.  Can you give a specific part of the law and the specific amendment it violates?  Any precedent would be helpful.   I don't see it.

    • Rick

      Jack, the one part that concerns me is that if the Supreme Court says that the mandatory requirement is dropped, but the rest can remain then the states will still be on the hook for all the others, including the illegals.  This will still require the states to raise taxes to cover these costs.  It's all about raising taxes, because this is the engine to begin the ultimate downfall of our country.  Higher taxes means higher unemployment, and more people beholding to heir obama.

  • Mpfoster44

    Why do think this law was the first thing Obama worked so hard to get passed??? He knew this would destroy our CONSTITUTION and put us all enslaved to the "GOVERNMENT"!!! This guy is working a socialist "AGENDA" and the American people are as blind as a bat!!! We are fat, dumb and lazy when it comes to takeing responsibility for voteing for what is right for our country!!! Our children will curse the day that we voted Obama into office!!! Vote for your children come "NOVEMBER", PLEASE, PLEASE AND PRETTY PLEASE!!!

    • Jsgringo

      Obtain and view a DVD copy of the movie AGENDA. and you will have a much clearer picture of why we are in our current political and economic mess.

  • Sly

    Ok ... so he read the 'proposed House Bill 3200' ... what about the law that was actually passed?

    • CARLjr

      Even relating to the old bill - the accusations are wrong.   This guy is no constitutional lawyer.  It's preying on those who have not bothered to look at the actual law.  Why bother with facts when these lies are so much more interesting?

  • sean murry.

    The SOB was working on this BS the first day he was elected.

    • Sarah417

      No.  The progressives/Marxists have been working on this for 50yrs.  We just havn't been paying attention until Obama was elected.  Obama kicked it up a notch and we noticed.  David Rockefeller is in his 90s and wants this change to happen before he dies and goes to hell.  Funny thing I noticed Russia and china refuse to go along with the Bilderbergs.  Perhaps we could learn someting from them.

  • Vancouver1941

    I stated 2 years ago that this "Highway Robbery Obamacare" it not about healthcare. It is about power,control,domination over our lives. I also stated that as long as people in my generation and people who are over the age of 30 were educated without the nanny state control from cradle to grave. I personally was a registered democrat all my adult life but that changed Nov. of 2009.I did NOT vote for Obama in 2008. I knew we were in trouble in his 2008 campaign speech" nobody who makes under $250,000 will have to pay one extra dime"!! There are people out there that actually think that Obamacare is FREE. They have no idea about the details because they do not want to hear it. They are oblivious to everything that is in this so called healthcare leglislation. 

    • John

      That's what libtards want- to control your life, your diet, your finances, your investments, and every other aspect of your life, without your ocnsent or input of course. Just say NO to socialism and libtard schemes !

  • usc73man

    This information needs to be forwarded to each member of the Senate & House of Reps........Plus, to the Supreme Court in some manner ASAP...!  It should also be published in an Ad in major newspapers, and air time on most popular radio and TV stations.  The American people MUST be properly informed, as well as all our Elected Representatives.  May God help us to do something before it's too late....!  We have become an indifferent and uninformed population, and haven't learned anything from the past (history), or from the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers and our Military personnel.

    • CARLjr

      Except that this "information" is completely inaccurate.  Don't be one of the uninformed population, read a reliable source.

      • Thomasl

        How about the legislation and the regulations it has already spawned

        • CARLjr

           Those would be fine resources to look at.  At least they would be talking about the ACTUAL law and  ACTUAL issues contained within.   Not some BS that a right wing blogger thought about a different topic three years ago.

  • Rick

    I agree whole heartedly, but I feel there is more to it than this.  Many of obama's actions from his early adult years, not excluding his associations of a certain faction of people, bear to be questioned.   Interviews and speeches made by this man beg the question, "What is he really trying to do?"   I think the healthcare "idea" is a means of rasing taxes so high that it will ultimately destroy our economy, which in turn will destroy our way of life as well.  The onus of this healthcare mandate will fall upon the states, financially.  Obama was right, the healthcare bill law will not raise the national debt, but it will cause states to raise taxes to support this measure, because all funding will be provided by the states.  Currently, most states budgets are in the red, and they will have no recourse but to raise taxes in huge amounts to cover the healthcare costs.  What we truly have is a massive expansion of Medicare, with the same limitations.  There will be spending caps, whereas currently this law requires insurance companies to pay endlessly; there can be no cap for insurance companies.  The intent, as this writer says, is to drive the insurance companies out of business, and make the govt the sole provider.  Thus the caps.  The tipping point for everything will be when the states can no longer take in the tax money required to cover healthcare costs, because as taxes rise, so does unemployment.  The net return is lower tax revenue due to massive unemployment.   These people have an end game and it is the total destruction of who we are, and the dismantling of our society.  Take note of who has been appointed to the various offices in our govt.  People who have no business making decisions for us; that includes this president.  If we are all so fortunate, there will be a day of recogning for these people, and they are held accountable for their intentions.  It's called sedition and treason.

  • commonman

    So i guess CarlJr. has read the entire 2000 page document and speaks with knowledgeable authority that what Mr. Connelly has posted is inaccurate. I find that to be an amazing disconnect because like Mr. Connelly, I have been delving into the The Affordable Health Care Choices Act myself, and not only find what he has posted to be dead on center, but that the misinformation about this law borders on treasonous by house and senate representatives. This actis the most dangerous piece of legislation to ever have been constructed in U.S. history as it sets the groundwork to completely undermine the U.S. Constitution and the "inalienable rights" or citizens defined therein. It is so outrageous that I can only pray that the Supreme Court pulls its teeth, or we are doomed as the American nation so many lives sacrificed to save just 70 years ago. We, as somewhat involved citizens, should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing such  an uncompromising socialist agenda to prevail through our own political system, facilitated by an activist media and judicial body over the past 60 years. SHAME on US if we take this one sitting down.

    • JayKay4

      I have not read the bill, but I have read a multitude of accounts of the bill that all seem to be saying the same thing. 

      Every congressman and senator and the President all took an oath to protect and preserve the constitution of the United States.  This bill does the exact opposite, and the President and those legislators that voted in favor of this bill are in direct violation of their oaths of office. 

    • CARLjr

      So please explain to me how this law is treasonous or dangerous. 

  • Racine Woodward

    I bet the PINHEADS in Congress wished they read the bill before it passed.  The cowards (GOP) will probably be afraid to fight against it and of course dear ole nancy.  I wish they would get some guts and fight for our rights, but it seems money talks and that is really too bad that the cowards fall into this trap.  I wish the Good Lord would help us find a good stable leader that would set a good example and lead the fight for our freedoms we are about to lose.  Surely there is somebody out there that has just as much money and power as "THE SPOOKY DUDE' that doesn't want to bring down our beloved AMERICA.

    • raygun

      Thank goodness for Glenn Beck and Fox News as they outed ole Soros and most of the far left.

    • fort9erdon

      Romney!  Not as much money, and not the "perfect" conservative, but far superior to Obama, and will do until the right guy comes along!  Ron Paul, ..... as the mafia says, "fo-get-abo-dit!  Obama, just another commie. Romney, the best alternative, given our choices!

  • Pastafarian

    I think I know how to solve this situation.  Let’s let the Catholics opt-out of this
    law.  They can deny their employees any
    healthcare they want.  They can deny
    coverage to anyone they disagree with. 
    They can deny anyone with a pre-existing condition and establish their
    own limits of when coverage stops.  They
    can choose their own rates and raise them at any time without interference.  But here is the deal – they need to COMPLETELY
    opt out.  They need to have their own insurance
    companies.  The patients need to go to only
    in-network Catholic doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies.  Government programs like Medicare or Veterans
    insurance will no longer pay any portion of the bills.  Insurance companies like Blue Cross, Aetna,
    and Keiser will no longer pay any portion of the bills.  It is completely in the hands of the church. If
    the church cancels your coverage, you cannot go back to the other insurance.  If the Catholic insurance screws you out of
    coverage – you cannot use the US court system to sue them.  You will need to go to Church court.  

    • fort9erdon

      you're an idiot!

    • CapitalistFool

      Your attack on Catholics is offensive, and your argument shows you sympathize with the law.  You would prefer to increase the stakes by creating separate classes based on religion as a solution--it is no solution. Of course, other religions and groups may wish to drop out, as well. But to solve this problem, simply eliminate the law.

      • Pastafarian

        Catholics denying legitimate healthcare to non- Catholics is offensive.

        You prefer insurance companies being able to drop you once you get sick? To deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions? To hit a yearly or lifetime limit on benefits - then stop paying? You prefer the faceless beaurocrats at Aetna determining what treatments you are allowed, rather than your doctor? You like the in-network system of today?

        Medical costs have more than tripled in the last 25 years. Healthcare reform is necessary. This "bubble" has already bankrupted this system through Social security and Medicare. Before you blindly say "eliminate the law". Look at the alternative. Have you seen the Paul Ryan plan that Romney is proposing? It will seriously cut benefits for seniors and veterans.

  • John

    Constitution ! We don't need no stinkin' Constitution ! That seems to be the cry of the Libtards and Demoncrats. Vote them out in November !

  • John

    How come the Muslims and the Amish are exempt and  not being forced to go with Obozocare, and neither are the members of Congress or the Supreme Court ? Can you say DOUBLE STANDARD ?

    • Pastafarian

       The Amish may get a religious exemption, but Muslims, Congress and the Supreme Court are all covered under this law.   To qualify for the "Religious Conscience Exemption" you will need to also qualify your sect in section 1402(g)(1) of the tax code.  You will have to demonstrate not only a conscientious objection to receiving government aid, but also a history of, and a mechanism for, taking care of your own.  Then you will need to actually take care of your own.   See my post below.

      • fort9erdon

        WRONG!  Congress IS exempt!  And the real butt kicker is that OBAMA, AS PRESIDENT, IS EXEMPT! Check SNOPES, AS Congress is exempt!

        • Pastafarian

          Ok. I checked snopes. You are incorrect:
          In fact, the final version of the health care reform legislation that was eventually passed in March 2010 stated that "Members of Congress and congressional staff" will only have access to plans that are created by the health care bill or offered through the exchanges established by the bill:

          (i) REQUIREMENT — Notwithstanding any other provision of law, after the effective date of this subtitle, the only health plans that the Federal Government may make available to Members of Congress and congressional staff with respect to their service as a Member of Congress or congressional staff shall be health plans that are:

          (I) created under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act); or

          (II) offered through an Exchange established under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act).

        • fort9erdon

          Yes, BUT, later, Congress received a waiver, just like many labor unions got permanently, and even McDonalds received a temperary  waiver  Check exemptions, .... Congress got one!

    • raygun

      Not to mention most of the unions, special interest groups, dumbocrat donors, lots of businesses and people in good ole San Francisco (who would have guessed).  raygun 

      • Pastafarian

         no, all of those groups are covered under this law.

    • fort9erdon

      Muslims are not exempt.  Incorrect Internet rumor.

  • TM

    When that stupid democrat idiot nancy pelosi said we need to pass this bill to see what's in it made my blood boil.
    These arse hole are suppose to be working for us but in stead they are working against us. When this obama health crap care was shoved down our unwilling throats and they made sure they were exempt from it, that just made me that much hotter.

    I wish everyone of those obama arse kissing idiots and early painful death with that piece of unconstitutional bill flashing through their minds as they lay in pain.

    nancy pelosi is by far the worst thing ever to come out of California, obama is the worst thing to ever to fall out of his white trash moms arse.

    • CARLjr

      That was completely offensive.  Just like Herman Cain saying he wouldn't read any bill longer than 3 pages.  Because of the party-line nature of politics right now nobody reads any of these bills.  They look to see which side their party is on and then blindly vote that way.  The 49 Democrats vote their way, and the 51 Republicans vote theirs.  If they vote at all.  Disgusting.

    • Richerep

      I agree, but california has a load of dummies.......add Feinstein, Boxer and their air head governor Brown.  They elected him again after 20+ years of messing up the state prior.  Californians dont seem to be very bright in their choice........and a few other states are similiar.......mine NJ, NY, Illinois and others keep electing dirt bags to congress or senate.

  • raygun

    This is why the ObummerPolisy machine wanted to pass the bill FIRST "so we could read it LATER".  They knew that is was a cluster fluck writen by a fellon in prision associated with the far left IDIOTS? (think Soros, Ayers minions, followers of Marx, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Che, Ho and other commie bastards). 
    Freedom lovers, it's time to load on ammo and break out the ole reloader and dies and lube 'em up, buy extra casings, bullets, primers and powder, sight in the ole scope.  If and when push comes to shove, be ready for war.  We can win the battles as well as the war.  It's time to take the anti American element out of service.  Nov. 2012 can't happen soon enough.  US Navy vet, 1966 - 1969, Hospitalman, Corpsman, Pharmacist Mate; The Big "E", USS Repose, USS Lexington; Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi, God Bless America; Some Gave All, All Gave Some; Take no prisoners, show no mercy.

    • Jvgmxl8106

      I,m a korean vet 1954-1962 US Air Force Veteran We Own The Skis.

  • mamasview

    I certainly hope the Supreme Court sees it that way.

  • cherykie

    Patch Adams, where are you???

  • ron

    check out that will tell you everything you need to know about our reps in congress and the senate

  • Jvgmxl8106

    It is a farce to the people of the United States of America.The O dont care about the constitution as far as he is concerned it was written by a bunch of old whitemen.His concern is for all those black latino people who will have free healthcare.If anyone has ever been to a county hospital seeking medical care knows what I mean when I say O care is 100 times worse.You get to the government healthcare doctors early in the morning and you leave late at night.You may and you maynot get to see a doctor/That my friends is Obama care.

  • J Halligan

    Patch Adams is a liberal!!!!

  • Ellen

    Great article and very unerving.  I have also read in part HR3590, which is also called The Afordable Health Care Act, what is the difference between HR3590 and HB3200.  Thanks I will keep looking.

    • Gerardgibert

      HR 3962 was an evolution of HR 3200 - but both were abandoned for HR 3590 (Senate bill) which was "reconciled" by H.R. 4872 and ultimately is what became law. The election of Scott Brown doomed the House bills. So the House, to their chagrin, had to accept a MUCH more moderate bill - one without the coveted public option, and which had passed before Brown was elected.  

  • Berry-r

    `Because Obama has ignored the Constitution, the law, and the will of the people, as well as not only... Obama's  inability to prove his eligibility, but his overt effort to conceal and destroy records to hide the truth...The people of America should IGNORE Obama and his agenda to destroy America...Including Obama's arogance and delusional thought of actually being President...Instead of harsh words and gestures, it's time for the American people to say NO WAY....and mean exactly what they say by their action...

  • shedevil#1

    everyone can start by boycotting starkist and dole brands.  it would hurt pelosi.....she and her husband own these two company's.  second vote in november for anyone but obama.

    • MaryAnnNJ08330

      Better yet, prove Obama to be the "unconstitutional" "President" and throw the bum out!!!!!!

      • Bmelvin01

        I truly do not understand WHY that hasn't already been done. 

  • Johnson

    congratz on actually reading it full through, I probably wouldn't even have been able to skim through it all the way.

  • CapitalistFool

    There is a MUCH BETTER WAY to achieve health care affordability:
    1) Allow individuals to deduct insurance premiums, which companies enjoy now.
    2) Expand Health Savings Accounts (HSA), starting with increasing the amount of contribution allowed.
    3) Promote the practice of having individuals make the payment for service with High-Deductable HSA-bound insurance.
    4) Get employers out of the health insurance business--promote the formation of free-market health insurance co-operatives for individuals.
    5) Re-introduce HR 2991 (110th Congress): The Independent Health Records Trust Act of 2007. It's a properly defined protection of your health care privacy.
    6) Reform Medicare to become a voucher-based system (real emergencies excepted) to operate like the HSA system. The doctor should not know whether the patient is covered by self-HSA or medicare voucher. It should look the same to the doctor. Eliminate medical decisions based on source of money.
    7) Reform tort law, limiting punitive damages ($250,000 is too small, but $20M is too big) also, increasing the use of criminal prosecution where criminal negligence is appropriate.

    There isn't a natural economic relationship between employer and doctor/patient or between government and doctor/patient. Therefore, eliminate it. Eliminate, or at least reduce, the incentive for employers to provide insurance. Get government out of health. An HSA-like program, in which the current HSA card (essentially a debit card for health purposes) is also used for the addition of Medicare "voucher" puts the patient in charge of cost control--where it should be.

    • ThomNJ

      Very good points!

    • Cneknoop

      I don't get you, part of the JOB you get is Health care,( Unless this amount is added to your pay,Like S.S. is, and that is put in your Health account.)
       Retirement is 1/3rd yours,1/3rd the state,and 1/3rd the Fed. as this is who we pay taxes too.,Not just Income Tax, all the others we pay daily ,Food,Gas, Water/Trash, House Inc, Home Inc,Car Inc,Uninsured Motorist Inc,Etc.
      So in Washington D C that has the problems have come,and it wasn't me that let this happen,
      this all started around WW-I.Great Depression days ( That was at 8/10 % Nation Wide ) !
      It's now at a REAL # of 20 + % of all the ones the Feds DON"T count,they count the one's that are still getting Checks.
       If you stopped looking do to there are NO real jobs to get, and taking a job for a 1/4th of what it took 26 years to get ,starting at the bottom So Please fill me in, If you bust your butt ,and all you get are praise in the way you are doing.
      A RIGHT TO WORK STATE don't mean you have the right,the Employer has the right to be fired for the way to part your hair. or any other thing they can think of. And NO Layer will go Fight  the State.( They loose there right to practice when they loose.) And Unions are just as bad,same as the A.R.P. and it all started a long time ago.
      You went to D.C. As a pride,HONOR,And did you 4 or 8 years ,and your done, NO hoping to the other side,or the state,No Retirement,No nothing. as It was to be a Hard ship for you.
      Well that's what I have read in the Old History Books!!.
                                                                                                                Thank You for time.

  • Katycaboose

    Everyone is involved in this bill and everyone should & must sit up and take notice.   Can't thank you enough for reading it and reporting on it.  We needed verification of all the rumors.  You know socialism is totally
    unnecessary and will not work which has been proven.  However if ALL INSURANCE were made non-profit
    there would be absolutely no necessity for the government to get invovled other than seeing it stays law abiding, simple, and direct and everyone is covered.    No busisness of any kind should be permitted to give out prizes, bonuses, etc. etc. until after taxes have been paid.  Every business must put away money from profits for repairs, replacement, re-doing or new development instead of asking permission to increase asking price to cover new future costs.  This little fact is in all the "text books" but they are not doing it.  They have money to cover environmental refitting but just do not want to do it and would rather give out big bonuses.  All citizens must push for an honest government and honesty in business.  Satanic influence is everywhere taking America and Americans down into hell.  Each and everyone is responsible for this for we accept meekly like sheep and follow the degrading filth and even incorporate it into our lives unnecessarily.  The choice is with each one and that is why we are in this mess,  we let it happen.  Now get on the band wagon and together let us work our way out of the muck and mire.  No business should be involved in any way in politics, but the individuals involved in the business may of course spend their money any way they want but it is a complete waste to put it into politics when so many need help, food to begin with, the means to work for their living is the next best thing, education, education, and more education at least thru High School level.  Let us get together and build a peaceful world without dictators, freedom of religion every where, and no religion to rule the people as a government any where.
    Americans are more involved than they every have been but not enough... write, call, or on PC use FAX
    at  but get busy we must.  There is strength in numbers.  We can find an honest & knowledgeable individual and write their name on the November ballot.   We do not have to take what the
    wicked politicians choose to select and put before us.  We showed out strength and togetherness in war time so consider this another war for truth and honesty in our government, and in the world.

  • Doyt Bolling

    This needs to be sent to every member of Congress especially those who have not taken to do their job and read the bill.  In addition, this brief analysis should be broadly published during the upcoming election and sent to every U.S. citizen.    

  • Blindmanken

    Great post, shedevil. My MIL loves tuna, but after I showed her your post it made her sick.
    Now is the time for all decent conservatives to stop buying these products. You can almost bet
    the Pelosis are funneling billions into Onumbnut's re-election fund. By boycotting these
    companies, we hit them where it hurts--right in the wallet! BTW our cat turns her nose
    up at Starkist tuna and walks around the house going "Mitt-wow Mitt-wow!" Smart cat huh?

  • Hunt

    This article is NOT new. Mr. Connelly accurately  reported on this way back. He is correct about 100% of what he states. ObamaCare IS unconstitutional in every form. The Supreme Court needs to vote this down. However, all Congressmen and Senators who voted for it without reading it, did NOT uphold their Oath of office to defend the Constitution for the people of the USA. Thus, all who voted for ObamaCare should be removed from office for treason to their Oath of office. ObamaCare is the worst legislation to ever be put forward on America. If the Supreme Court does NOT make it Void, then the SC will NOT be needed in America. This legislation passes them too. A definite  violation of the Constitution. ObamaCare IS all about taking away our Rights and giving ALL power to the Gov't over all of us. Why do you think Obama worked hard to get this in and passed when he first took office? He wanted ultimate Power over all. And, how is it some have been given a pass, Pelosi favorite companies, to NOT have to be part of the Law? Figure it out. Obama and the Dem's wanted a Gov't and Company run dictatorship over us.  I pray the Supreme Court rules ObamaCare as unconstitutional as they should. If they don't, I will move out of the USA. ObamaCare benefits only the Gov't to rule OVER us. 

  • kshd06

    Step 1-Control the media. Step 2-Control religion. Step
    3-Control the economy. Step 4- Control the Judicial system. Step 5-Control the
    military. Step 6-Control the individual; you control the masses. What does this
    sound like if you don’t know you better get a history book out and look it up. People
    its happening and its happening right now before our eyes. Step 7- Read your
    history books and you decide…..Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ida Amin, Mussolini, Castro,
    Hussein, Kim
    Kim Jong-Il- Kim, Jong-Un do I need to go

  • HowardtheD

    you pay your employers share when he sells a product or service

  • Logical Lenny

    As a former law instructor I'd expect you to use some citations instead of just accusations. I could tell you the bible says that Adam and Eve both had 12 eyeballs because it says so in the bible, but without actually SHOWING you where it says that, it is just a meaningless statement. It is a shame that all of these conservative readers don't have the ability to see through your unsourced statements.

  • rogerfgay

    So, here's the thing. Most analysts give too little consideration to corruption. It's all about corruption, the plain old fashioned kind. Government gets to pick which insurance companies provide pooled coverage. That means that insurance companies will paying a lot of money to lobbyists and politicians to be the companies that get rich.

  • WilliamSpires

    The largest cesspool in the entire known world lies in or close proximity of Wash. d.c. and the chances for any redemption of America is quickly becoming smaller. Maybe that is why the Mayan calender ends around the election of Nov. 2012. Without major changes after that we can bend over and kiss our behinds goodbye.

  • Stop propaganda!

    I read the law too and you're full of propaganda and shit...I read all three of the bills that went through Congress and the final law. You have offered nothing better than talking head garbage...thanks for scaring the public with nonsense.

  • smilee

    This is the biggest distortion of the law and the Constitution I have seen to date and there are numerous ones out there and of course the Supreme Court does not agree with the author of this article either. The author implies that the ninth and tenth amendments trumps the enumeration of powers given the Congress of the United States and it clearly does not, if the Constitution enumerates a power to congress then the states do not have that power. I have read the whole ACA too and it is very different than presented here. The court upheld that in Art. 1 sec. 8, cl. 1 of the Constitution that this power is an enumerated power to the US Congress and they have it right and they of course make the decision of what is allowed and what is not not the author of this article which is fully BS.