DOJ Stops Florida From Removing Dead People and Foreigners From Registered Voter List

The news of dead people voting in various primaries has been all over the news since the first primary in January.  All toll, thousands of dead people have voted in this year’s primaries with many more still appearing on the active voter registration lists.  It occurred in New Hampshire and Florida.

In response to allegations of possible voter fraud involving dead people and foreigners who are not citizens but registered to vote anyway, Ken Detzner, the Florida Secretary of State began cleaning up the voter registration lists in his state.  During the process, they found 53,000 dead people that were still registered to vote throughout the state and Detzner issued instructions to have them removed from the voter rolls along with any persons identified to be non-citizens.

When the news reached Washington DC, the Democratic controlled Department of Justice, immediately reacted and issued orders instructing Detzner to stop purging the voting records.

Former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams used to work in the voting section of the DOJ.  Now writing for PJ Media Adams says that the DOJ order to Detzner is beyond the legal powers of the DOJ or any other federal agency.  He commented about it saying,

"Panic has set in in this administration over the last four weeks because of polling numbers showing things do not look good.  So the Justice Department, it appears, has responded accordingly by using the power of the federal government to force states like Florida to keep illegals on the voting rolls [and] to do other things in other states on voter ID, like South Carolina, to really attempt to ratchet the election in their favor."

US Attorney General Eric Holder has fought against every measure that has been taken by states to insure an accurate and fraud free election.  He has ruled any form of voter ID to be illegal and now they try to intimidate states like Florida from cleaning up their voter registration lists.  One would wonder why they would stop the removal of dead people and others that were ineligible to vote unless the Democratic Party has plans on using these names and non-citizens to cast illegal votes for Obama and other Democrats.  Plans for voter fraud seem to be the only reasonable explanation of the actions of the Holder and the DOJ.



  • Screeminmeeme

    It was over 9 months ago that the list was  compiled and a request was made of the DOJ to allow Florida to purge those illegal voters. The DOJ didn't respond until bugged about it and it waited until, according to Fla. law,  those names can't be removed because it's too close to the primary.

    In other words, Holder, by his inaction, created the circumstances he is now using  to justify his decision.  Holder needs to be impeached and tried for being the criminal he should Obama.

    Since Obama believes that the end justifies the means, and since every single one of those illegal votes is needed to win the race, this is just another incident showing how far  he will go  to retain  power.

    • Hawkerone

      What use to be the Democratic Party is now the slimest of the slime ,low life that has ever been allowed around the Peoples White House. I guess before they are kicked out they will order it be painted black with rainbow trim.

      • dondehoff

        Hawkerone, don't use such a broad brush with the Democrats or with anyone. The 80/20 rule applies and most of the Democrats are good people: they are your neighbors, fellow workers, golf partners, business associates and perhaps even one's spouse or siblings. It is the few greedy, corrupt and power-mad individuals that screw up the ball game, not to mention those who "fly under false colors" and pretend to be democrats, spelled, OBAMA.

    • Kay

      File used invalid. 90% of those identified were really citizens. It's a law.

      • Budman321

         Oh please,  53,000 of the some 270,000 names were people who were still on the list and had not been removed. Your math is fuzzy.
        "It's a law" What is the law? The stop order from the Department of Justice did not even apply to what we are talking about here and where on earth did you come up with the 90% figure. I suppose you have access to the list or was it the list of registered voters in Florida?

      • dondehoff

        Kay, either reveal your sources to document what you say or admit that you "are one of them". Without facts, you comments are merely hearsay---and there is too much of that---Does the "Zimmerman" case ring a bell?

    • Budman321

       I am fairly certain that the Secretary of State in Florida will either take the DOJ to court or ignore them but it goes further than that. Holder knows he doesn't have a leg to stand on but I would do this legally instead of ignoring his order and continue with the process until a decision is reached by the court. This is an illegal order and in violation of States rights under election law.

      I called the elections office about what they were doing to prevent the illegal immigrant vote and was told the voters had to be screened by Homeland Security before allowed to remove them from their roles. They also are dragging their feet in responding to lists of voters.  It is more than the DOJ in this administration that is involved in this and as the writer implied an obvious attempt to block removal of ineligible votes in states. This has to go the the very top if both the DOJ and Homeland Security have their hands in this.

      The elections official laughed when I told them how encouraging this was when I could not trust the Homeland Security Chief as far as I could throw her. This is not a laughing matter though and it shows why this administration and Democrats who have been stealing elections for decades needs to shown the door. Two recent elections in the States of Nevada and Minnesota are examples of election fraud. In Minnesota, there were more votes than voters in one county for the Democrats and Harry Reid rigged the voting machines in Nevada with the help of the unions and also used the illegal immigrants. He then had the audacity to brag on a national broadcast about using the illegal immigrants. I hope the lawsuit against Reid using fraudulent votes win their case and that hescu is removed in disgrace from the Senate.  I also think Minnesota is embarrassed they allowed an idiot to represent them as evidenced by his performance to date but does represent what he is; that being a comedian.

    • Bob

       Couldn't have said it better. But where is the national outrage. This just gives these criminals a carte blanche to cheat. Conservatives couldn't get away with this crap for 2 seconds.

  • jong

    If  I was Florida I would keep on until ordered by a judge to quit.   The DOJ does not have the power of law as they are a enforcement branch.    Then I would force Holder to show cause for his actions which of course he could not support

    • Susan

      VOTING RIGHTS ACT GIVE DOJ responsibility and right to do this. It's a law. FL using invalid and out of date file to purge illegals. Many weren' 90%. Dead people purge not questioned as they are usi g valid files. Overturn the law if you don't like.

      • William H

         Florida is using the data they have.  When they asked for access to the most up-to-date info from Homeland Security, they were stonewalled.

        Florida is merely asking people on "the list" to provide proof of citizenship-  for new citizens especially (which many are) this is very easy.  The paperwork is right in front of you.

        For those who are not citizens or refuse to provide the appropriate documents-  they're purged.  This is an appropriate action.  No one can vote until they are properly registered and only the cheats and the Donks are screaming about this.

  • Kithogan

    Holder he most anti American AG we've ever had. Have to show ID to buy Sudafed, but not to vote?
    Is he smoking crack from "fast and furious?"

  • Guest

    Hey Florida, do it anyhow.  Let the crook take you to court.  You can hold it up until after the election when we get rid of all those losers.

  • sad

    what ID are they using to get govt handouts

  • Jennie Cyclec

    So what is our Congress going to do about it?  If the Former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams states that they do not have the legal right to stop it, then the states should continue.  If this does not work, Pitbull Holder will just sic the Black Panthers, Acorn and the unions on us.  Time for the Tea Party to prepare for the war we will face.

    • Hawkerone

      Lock and Loaded allready . Hope not to have to but looks more likely everyday.

    • Sam from FL

      Note that Florida has done just that. They are ignoring Holder's order. This is a state issue and has nothing to do with the Feds. It appears Holder is breaking several laws by trying to stop states from enforcing their own laws.

    • Liberty or Death

      I'm ready to defend Florida or anyother state ,   Florida needs to tell the D O J to stick it up Holders butt,     Powder smoke is good for the soul ,  lead slugs do a good job of stopping BLACKASS Panties ,ACORNs, & scum Unions ..

    • Rootdoctor

      Tea Party and the U.S. Association of Military Veterans are thousands in number and are all individually trained, are well armed  and know exactly what to do, plus are locked and loaded too !

  • PMDavis

    How can they stop taking unregistered voters off the lists?  To allow it is illegal and it's blatant fraud.  What is going on?? I mean I know this corrupt administration wants to keep them on but they can't top something that is just totally wrong.  No one should allow it. Everyone knows it's going on.  It's no secret.  The ACLJ or someone needs to stand up and speak out and stop this madness.  The democrats are becoming desperate and they are going to do and try every corrupt tactic they can think of to win this re-election.

    • Djetzel1940

      It is simply a corrupt administration trying to stay in office by hook or crook.  Consider the source.

      • Hawkerone

        So right , and the source , CHICAGO, Fl. tell them to go take a flying leap off the Sears Tower.

      • PMDavis

        I understand it is a corrupt administration but my question is, how can they legally stop something that is so blatantly illegal.  Surely the officials in Florida will not stop but continue doing what is right and legal.

    • How

      The people they want to purge are registered. Problem they are using invalid 15 year old files to purge illegals. Many went on to become citizens. There is no objection to purging dead as Florida started using a valid file in 2011. Of the 189,000 they thought were illegal, about 2700 are possible and those are being investigated. Voting rights act covers this. Overturn the law if you don't like. Nits America. We have laws.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        Explain sir, if you are here illegally, how can you become a citizen?

      • nmleon

        "Of the 189,000 they thought were illegal, about 2700 are possible and those are being investigated."

        Exactly, and any found to be illegal should be purged if not prosecuted. Likewise FL should investigate how many of their voters have voted absentee in NY in the same election.

        Voter fraud should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

      • William H

         The so-called Voting Rights Act is an obsolete and unconstitutional hold-over from the 1960s that assumes any Southern state is guilty of racism when it comes to elections-  possibly until proven innocent, but maybe not even then.

        Northern states are considered virtuous and upright, and no oversight is needed, but those stinkin' Southerners....

        Seriously, one of the most discriminatory pieces of legislation EVAH, and it needs to be challenged in front of the Supremes and struck the heck down.

    • Liberty or Death

      Your mistaken friend . the A C L U could care less about the criminal acts by Socialist,Liberal Scum The A C L U is part of the scum . They are paid by TAXPAYERS to screw the taxpayers  LOL

      • PMDavis

        I said the ACLJ NOT the ACLU.  Big difference between the two.  The ACLJ is a conservative, law abiding organization headed by Jay Sekolow.  They have stopped a lot of the things that the ACLU has tried to do.

  • tidalpool

    All critical thinking American's understand this administration is viruently anti-american.  It promotes only progressive socialist agendas, designed to destroy the American way of life.  To say our AG is a confirmned anti-american is to belabour the obvious.  Florida, and its elected government, representing its people, must do all in its power to insure a clean and legal election.  The current administration may howl, and scream about voters rights and every other perjorative they leartned in community organizing 5 year plans however, We, the People must just ignore them.   Let these anti-americans take We, the People to court, after the election. We will win, and they can all relocate to Cuba for the affirmation they need.

  • Wayne

    What else  would you expect ?, criminal activity from a criminal is now common practice in this DOJ, run by criminals for a criminal !!!!!!!!!!

  • Patlaceusa

    Outrageous. Chicago, Thugs. Can't the rest of Washington, the ones that are honest, do something. We must demand they go to jail.  You can't tell me they don't have enough evidence to prosecute 1/2 of Washington politicians.  FED UP.

    • Kem

      Which ones do you think are honest?  Rand Paul is now supporting Mitt Romney...say what?  Once they get elected they all do what they want to do.

  • Doug Hensley

    DOJ's position seems to be that so long as every single legal voter gets to vote,  an election is fair, and any departure from that standard is unacceptable.

    The right to vote, though, is diminished when legal votes are offset by fraudulent votes. A vote thus canceled is as nullified as if the voter had been wrongly turned away at the polling station.

    Both types of election error are regrettable and efforts should be made to avoid both. Not just one.

    • Jessergilbert

       DOJs position is if anything limits the Dems criminal voting fraud, it's wrong. Dem votes are worth protecting, Rep votes should be stopped. That's our DOJ.

  • Doug Hensley

    DOJ's position seems to be that so long as every single legal voter gets to vote,  an election is fair, and any departure from that standard is unacceptable.

    The right to vote, though, is diminished when legal votes are offset by fraudulent votes. A vote thus canceled is as nullified as if the voter had been wrongly turned away at the polling station.

    Both types of election error are regrettable and efforts should be made to avoid both. Not just one.

  • Mickross6

    Under this administration we don't have a department of justice. Holder is a joke!!!

    • del

      no the word is criminal ....a true felon in many cases 

  • PrincessPhilly

    They are the lowest scum of the earth. We need all the a@@hole Congress out and deported for Treason.

  • Roy Mcdade

     You cry and complain when things don't go your way. You talk of how these
    Republican congress people are RINO'S. Do you realize that soetero would
    NOT have one dime to spend without the House giving to him...There is
    not ONE THREAD of difference between a republican and a democrat, the
    only person who thinks so IS YOU...Get you head out of you butts and do
    something about it before it's TOO LATE (Martial Law). EVERYONE must
    vote each and EVERY INCUMBENT out of office, republican and democrat, NO
    EXCEPTIONS... PERIOD. soetero has been setting up FAILURE for this
    Country since winning office and he has almost accomplished his goals.
    We The People CAN and MUST STOP him this election We MUST HAVE a

    • dean

      No, Everyone must vote is wrong.  Only those legally allowed to vote are to vote but then only if they know what or who they are voting for.  People need to educate themselves before stepping into the voter booth.

    • billy2

      The repubs DO NOT, own the senate that's where impeachment starts!!! Have you read those 900 some odd exe orders this maniac has signed!!!! This has nothing to do with Rino's, and it takes 60 votes to veto this criminals exe orders!!!

    • Jessergilbert

       If you can't see any difference between Democrats and Republicans, you need a new prescription for glasses.

    • Midwest Mike

      What about the congressional rep's and senators that are following the constitution, you want to throw them out too? Makes no logical since.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      So what you're saying is if I have an extremely liberal democrat running against my conservative republican incumbant I should vote for the democrat. I STRONGLY disagree.

      • DontTreadOnMe11

        Thank You

  • danclamage

    Requiring voter id's isn't illegal; merely not mandatory.

  • Robertlfennell

    The Obama administration will use any means necessary, including voter fraud.  to stay in office.

  • gbandy

    The last remaining "gift" the American People have is the right to vote. If the Obama administration is allowed to destroy this right we all lose our Republic.

  • del

    This puke needs to be in prison! He is a racist corrupt piece of chit along with his boss....We have had enough of their gestapo junk

  • Joe56

    Pesky facts. They are stopping purging the people they consider illegal immigrants only because they are using 15 old files that include people who have gone on to become citizens. Out of 180,000' analysis showed there MIGHT be 2700 and those arembeing reviewed. All dead people using roles that are current have been purged. Your facts are wrong. Florida is a state that must have new voting laws reviewed due to earlier voter discrimination. That is in one of those pesky laws you need to get over turned. CIVIL RIGHTS ACT. DEAD PWOPLE HAVE BEEN PURGED. NO BLOCK ON THAT. local areas were the ones who first raised the alert that the purge of illegals was suspect. Low and behold the file bei g used was 15 years old. Nice try.

    • Jessergilbert

       Your "pesky facts" are assertions, not facts. I don't know where you got your so-called facts, but I don't believe them. I suggest you rewrite your rant since it is very difficult to follow.

    • Seabeebobmu2

      You are the one who is wrong. The Florida State Elections Commission tried to get the D.H.S. and the office of I.C.E to allocate to them their rolls/ files so they could do a proper job. They, being Florida, were refused access to these files and the flap ensued!

    • nmleon

      Federal law (42 U.S.C. § 1973gg) passed in 1995 REQUIRES that states  maintain voter registration lists for federal elections and REQUIRES States to keep voter registration lists accurate and current.

      Federal law 42 U.S.C. 15301 REQUIRED that statewide voter lists be coordinated with other agency databases within the state. It also REQUIRED regular “maintenance” of the statewide list, including removals of ineligible voters and duplicate names. 

      1996 federal immigration law gave states the right to access the Homeland Security SAVE database. The law provides for the states to use SAVE for any legal purpose such as background investigations and VOTER REGISTRATION. Florida's State Department has been requesting information from this database for 9 months and has been stonewalled. Without access to the database FL has attempted to follow the federal legal requirement to keep accurate voter lists by going through DMV and jury records etc with very inaccurate initial results (180,000).

      Now Holder claims it's too close to an election for the lists to be purged. Sure seems to be a blatant and continuing attempt to allow possible voter fraud by the Dems.

    • larry

      Right on Joe 56

  • Kem

    Florida's Sec of State should continue to purge the files and do his job.  I'm really surprised people haven't gone to get Obama and Holder with pitchforks and shovels, people are so fed up with their garbage.

  • Vibora Volando

    I think Florida has since told DOJ to go to hell.  The cleanup goes on.

  • Christine Ulferts

    Holder has nothing to do with what the state is doing!  Ignore this corrupt jack off and keep on purging!  This is how Hussain will get re-elected, FRAUD!  This is the Chicago way don't ya know!

  • Dawn

    Darn,can't anyone get anything done these days? No 
    voting from dead people period! You just wonder who 
    is getting paid under the table? Sick of no one standing 
    up for us. 

  • hearmetalking

    This is no way a DOJ action. It is the action that Terrorist would take that is hiding under the DOJ office. 

  • BillybobBiden

    Keep Your Powder Dry Boys And Girls.

  • billy2

    this is not rocket science............this mongrel dog cannot win, unless by fraud, WE KNOW IT, BUT CAN'T STOP IT, Florida should have been working on this last at least last year.

    • nmleon

      They were, Homeland Security has been stonewalling them.

  • rpr0174

    How else do you expect this trator Oboner to win the election.  Nobody legal or alive would vote for this fool except the unemployed, welfare fraudsters, illegals, and the dead.  He's going to win another term and there is nothing that we can do about it.  If  he thinks he is gonig to lose, he will create warfare in this country, stop the elections, and declare martial law and name himself our Dictator.  There is no 2 ways about it.  One way or another he will RUN US INTO THE GROUND

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Although I agree with your premiss, I do not agree with the martial law bit. The libs said the same thing about Bush and that didn't happen. But, in case I am wrong, I am well stocked. We'd probably be in better shape if Bush did do it.

  • JayKay4

    Many people do not know that the time to stop voter fraud is before an election.  What happens when fraud is discovered after the votes have been cast?  The votes are counted even though we may be able to prove that say 10% of the votes cast were fraudulent. 

    The reason they must be counted is because it is impossible to determine which votes are legitimate and which are fraudulent.  Of course, we know that virtually all fraudulent voting favors the Democrats, which is why they fight tooth and nail to prevent any measures to stop it. 

  • Rcshibumi

    What do you expect from an administration run by a Chicago politician!

    • Seabeebobmu2

      Just remember what happened to Alfonse Capone. He was finally caught and convicted for tax evasion. It stuck, and he was known in Alcatraz as the, "Wop with a mop." No good deed goes unpunished, so to speak!
       We're coming for them!!!!!!


    Why aren't Boehnet and the Congress doing anything about Holder? I remember Watergate ad Holder makes John Mitchell look like a choirboy. Geez get a backbone!

  • AJP

    Men it's time to step up.

  • Ewatson7

    How about the Iraqi election comissioners come here with their bottles of ink to dip our fingers in as we vote?  At least the Iraqi people were happy to do it and it would cut down on double voting. 

  • Brad Nova

    The justice department is responding to the complaints of hundreds of valid Florida voters who have been removed from the list of eligible voters. One of these was a WWII navy veteran.

    • Tusker

       Don't you find that interesting?  Eligible voters on a removal list? hmmmmmm It does seem to give the DOJ merit in this case now doesn't it.  Corruption at it's finest.

    • Kay

      The last thing any honorable American would want is for a WWII vet to be axed from the rolls, so now it is known and can be quickly fixed. I'm also sure that the veteran would not want illegals, the dead and non-existent voting after he defended this country and the rights of citizens to LEGALLY VOTE. There is time to purge the rolls and correct any mistakes before November, so FL should continue cleaning up the rolls and tell Holder to get lost. Actually, this needs to be done in all 50 states, because its common knowledge that there was much corruption in 2008. Citizens should look long and hard at SCYTL the company contracted to provide voting machines and final counts, because their system does not provide hard copies of ballots cast and is all done electronically. Electronic count manipulation is very, very easy, so hard copy ballots should be demanded. Also, Black Panthers, ACORN, MoveOn.Org, LaRaza and all the other commie organizations should not be allowed within a mile of the polls.

    • nmleon

      And 42 U.S.C. 15301 allows that vet and anyone else who feels they have been wrongfully purged to vote "provisionally" (subject to verification). They may have been removed (wrongfully) from the voter lists, but that doesn't mean they can't vote.

      For 9 months Holder has been denying FL access to the HS SAVE database for up to date illegal immigrant info, forcing FL to use less accurate methods of obtaining records, and now he is just continuing to stop the federally mandated voter list purge.

  • Ken

    The "Injustice" Dept. acts like mindless, thugs and traitors because that is exactly what they are;  a mob of low life criminals that this gutless seditious "Congress" is doing absolutely nothing about.  I hope the states will pay no mind to these slime sucking balls of bacteria and do the proper and legal thing in spite of these cesspool dwelling viruses illegal "orders"!  As for the misfits and low lifes of "congress",  THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!

  • Redeye15

    They said the Nixon administration was  corrupt, but this Administration under the failed leaderhip of BO make  the Nixon administration look good.    We need to unite and get rid of  ALL  the corrupt  politicians, starting with this Administration.  Voter  registration cards are a must  to eliminate the corruption prevalent in this adminstration.  In November we shall free ourselves of the  "BO and his band of  clowns".

    • TheSunDidIt

      Nixon was an honorable man and his Watergate was a tea-party next to this present crowd of wasted space.  I didn't like what Nixon did normalizing relations with China but, this guy actually makes friends with people who actively shoot at us rather than just through proxies.

  • Seabeebobmu2

    Florida, just ignore this a..hole! You have States Rights and your Governor took an oath to uphold the laws of the State of Florida! Just because holder and oblowhole refuse to, or select which laws they want to uphold, doesn't mean that you should. Call him out on it, refuse to listen to his racist rhetoric which is totally false anyway, and I bet, 49 other states will follow also!!!

  • Dogmeat1949

    Plans for voter fraud seem to be the only reasonable explanation of the actions of the Holder and the DOJ.YOU THINK! IT's not the first time the DEMS have done this!  HOLDER is breaking the LAW with this demand and has NO POWER to enforce it.

  • Ken

    What Holder is doing is all about stealing the election with any means possible. Obama is aware of it and will do nothing to correct Holder's actions.

    Florida is right and should ignore Holder and continue to clean up their voter registrater. Get rid of the DEAD, ILLEGAL ALIENS and REQUIRE PHOTO ID BEFORE BEIING ABLE TO VOTE!!!!

    Tell Holder to go get screwed blue and tattooed! ENOUGH OF OBAMA'S CORRUPTION!!  IT IS WAY PAST THE TIME FOR OBAMA TO LEAVE!!!!

  • doug

    Michigan had 119% of registered voters voting in the governor recall charade.  Florida will need all their dead and illegal(undocumented)  people if odumbo is going to win florida. Same as all the other 56 states
    REMEMBER florida vote early and vote often....

    • floridarooster

      That was Wisconsin with 119% of registered voters.  Wonder why that did not get prime time coverage by our impartial media?

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      The POS libs in this state (MI) cancelled their recall after the Wisconsin rout. They were fearful of another Wisconsin.

  • Ron

    Demand the Birth Certificate......

  • Zack2

    tell Holder to kiss your a--. Do what is right.

  • dean29685

    The Florida head of voter registration needs to just ignore Holder and do what is right the feds have NO BUSINESS butting into state affairs, as long as they follow the law especially if they are demanding that the states break the law.

  • bob

    Obama, Holder and the DNC are pathetic liars, deceivers and dishonest to do what they do.  This is nothing new for the DNC; win by hook or crook.  Obama got elected in 2008 by this method plus he deceived the American public with his smoke and mirrors (Hope and Change) knowing very well that the average voter is not well informed politically and easily lead.  Hope this will change in2012!

  • chetohimler

    The way I see it, is...if dead people can vote, they can get Bank Loans, credit cards, jobs, "insurance policiies",  College financial aid, fake birthcertificates, fake drivers license, fake names, etc..   No wonder we have a "Dead" person in the White House.

  • Big John

    When are state governments gonna FINALLY grow some stones and tell the feds to F**k off? Wanna solve this problem? It's easy, really. Tell the feds that you are gonna purge the voter rolls whether they like it or not, and until they cease their unwarranted and unwelcome interference into STATE matters, Barack obama will NOT be allowed on the state ballot for the Presidential election. Stop kissing up to these douchebags, and start exercising your state muscle and sovereignity. GROW A PAIR!

  • TheSunDidIt

    Two can vote at that game.  Just make sure the dead and illegals have voted for Republicans.  Watch the Demons change their tune then.

  • Mkale

    If it is okay for dead people and illegals to vote, the GOP should start registering dead people as republicans and casting votes for them.  In states where requiring ID's is not allowed,  every republican should vote multiple times.    GOP should start illegally bussing republicans from other states to vote in local elections.
    Two can play this game.

  • Granny

    What was I thinking....I thought that each individual state made their own laws about what is illegal, and what is legal.   I should go back to school cause I must have missed that class about using the dead peoples ID.   Holder & BOZO must use the same weed for recreation.  Lets hope that Romney cleans house after he is elected.    The dirty dozen just have to go. 

    • Ed

      There is no class in using dead people's ID.  Dems don't want ID requirements.

  • mna15

    Why doesn't anyone have the fortitude to stand up to Holder and the DOJ under the tutelage of Obama himself. What they get away with is mind boggling- where is all the righteous indignation from both parties

    • Screeminmeeme

      mna15.....There doesn't seem to be any. Congress is full of gutless wonders.

      • Linda Dawson

        Congress is full of Democrats who get into office via voter fraud

  • Marycashi

    We must not comply with this administration's unconstitutional mandates. As Glinda said to the Wicked Witch, "Go away. You have no power here!"

  • hongryhawg

    The Department of Jerk-Offs will do all they possibly can to insure ineligible voters the right to vote.  It is their only hope of not having to return to Chicago with their tails tucked.  They're experts at butt-focking and want to continue doing it to this great nation.

  • Doc

    Seems they can't win unless they cheat. They should all be in jail.

    • gingerjo

      holder is the lying, cheatenest  member of Obummers cabinet but unfortunatly all of his cabinet is made from the same crooks, misfits etc.

      • Glenn Hendriksen

        ....BECAUSE the Congress/Supreme Court of this ONCE great nation is cluttered with nothing but SPINELESS COWARDS allowing NObama and company to DO/GET AWAY WITH whatever they so desire!........a REVOLUTION needs to take place right HERE in the streets of ameriKa.........'mark my words'!! MORE time for any BLIND FAITH..........

  • RJ

    I agree with all others that recommend telling Holder to kiss a$$.  It's pretty simple, Holder is America's #1 criminal and no one should take direction from him... on anything!  The democrats are pretty open about breaking all the laws when it comes to elections... federal, state, and local.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      Holder was a criminal when he worked under Janet Reno and for Bill Clinton, things don't change in Washington, they just keep going around. The going around thing. Well, It's just not for "We The People".

  • Joannhankins

    I believe that Florida needs to continue what they are doing, and DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT! Then, when DOJ takes them to court, they will have the records on hand to present to the court. Be quick to correct any mistakes that they may have made. And, most important of all, postpone the primary until the issue is settled in court.

    • Guest

      The primaries are over. This is about the general election in November.

      • nmleon

        No, the  Presidential Preference Primary was in Jan, the FL  Primary Election is  Aug 14. Holder is claiming that FL can't purge it's voter lists because they are within 90 days of an election, even though he has been denying the FL Sec State (legally required) access to HS's SAVE database for 9 months.

  • joepotato

    I didn't see where Florida complied with the order or do I see the DOJ having jurisdiction over that process anyway. Never submit to tyranny.  We've tolerated way too much as it is.

    • Rocketmannron

      Way to go Florida!!!  Do what obama and holder do, STOP ME IF YOU CAN!!!

  • LarryG

    Dems hate 'fraud-free' elections.

    • gingerjo

      DEmocraps  just hate elections because they couldn't win  leagely so the do an end around and cheat, lie and  steal any lection.

  • john

    Shame on you Eric Holder. you should be remove from your post of office. You are supposed to lead correcting the legal way but instead you are the one making it evil and fraud. Are you trying to do this so your President Obama can illegally put back to WH for four more years? People already knows how Barack Obama performs in the office. They are tired of his lousy performance.

  • Fgordon

      The members of the "agent" general government has no authority over States or their people And Amendment 11 does not allow the agent government to sue a State.

  • Steve

    I hope Detzner holds his ground. Eric Holder should be Impeached & criminal charges should be brought against him.

    • notoshariah

      He acts in a   typical Chicago -thug  like manner.   Totally an untrustworthy individual - He carries a lot of unsavory baggage too.   To get this putz out of his appointed office would be a breath of fresh air.   Right now it really has an odor of freshkitty man-re!

  • Delores109

    Is it o.k., with you if I do a seance with all deceased on the voter rolls, starting with the 53,000  on the Florida rolls?  I can communicate with them.  New Hampshire is next.  "You wonderful deceased voters on the voter rolls...please...immediately start haunting the White House and the Democratic National Committee.  Obama is attempting to give us an illegal election.  P L E A S E  enter Congress and follow each Democrat to their homes. Uhhhhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Uhhhhhhhhhh   ooooooooo   ooooooooo  oooooooo.  Wonderful spirits....just bump off the illegals.  Uhhhhhhhhhhhh  Uhhhhhhhhhhhh  Uhhhhhhhh  oooooooo  oooooooo!!!!!  Don't forget to haunt every inch of AIRFORCE ONE.  OH, and don't forget to drop off all the voting rolls.  When illegals have run to their homelands, please REST IN PEACE.  God Bless All of you."
    Delores Smith

  • flaphil

    If the Obama DOJ took all the dead people off the voting books, they'd lose most elections. Maybe we could have polling places for the dead. This goes along with liberal's thinking like zombies.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Tell Detzner, to just keep applying, those black magic markers to those invalid names, if needed we will send money to buy more markers.

  • David in MA

    Ken Detzner, the Florida Secretary of State should declare a need for re-registration, of all voters and require them to appear with their birth certificates, as a national security emergency.

  • godlovsUall

    How these jerks stay in office is because of crooked connections. Some of these creeps that Obama put in office , he must have gone to prison to get them for the jobs.
    Dead people voting is how why we have dead beats in office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Heaven help America.

    • TM

      Yes there was massive voter fraud by the crooked group acorn obama's organize crooks.

      Dead people voting
      illegals voting 
      people voting more than once like 88 times
      voting in more than one state
      more people voting than there are in that district

      These democrat will eat their own young to stay in power.




  • floridarooster

    As a Florida resident, I hope Secretary of State Detzner and Governor Scott tell Holder where to stick it.  Removing dead people and non-citizens from voter registers is common sense and legal, and we don't need Holder to tell us how to run our state.
    Florida got itself in this mess some years ago because of their motor/voter practice.  When I moved to Florida from Maryland, I turned in my MD license for a FL license and they asked me if I wanted to register to vote at the same time.  They did not ask my citizenship, nor ask if I was a convicted felon, nor ask if I was registered in MD.  They just registered me.  Obviously, a lot of people got on the register that did not belong there, and Florida is now trying to clean up the mess.  On the good side, I was asked for photo ID when I voted in the Florida primary.  It sounds like Holder is prohibiting that as well.
    As for Holder's prohibition on removing dead people, I'd love to hear his defense of that!

    • Bwebb

      Right on!  Detzner should just ignore and keep doing what he's doing.  Holder can't enforce. What could he do? Send the army? I hope Detzner is not intimidated to stop.

    • TM

      barack hussein obama and eric holder both should be behind bars, they are both racist and will stop at nothing to destroy America.

  • TightWadDad

    Obama & Holder share a unique book, only a few copies available and used by their inner circle, an encyclopedic dictionary, to be precise, that has no title.  My suggested for a title of this dictionary would be, 'The Perverted Word' or maybe, 'How Good is Bad & Bad is Good, Why The Truth is No Longer Valid'.  This book was designed to be the ultimate Political Correct HandBook perverting thousands of words that are synonomous with goodness, righteouness, innocence, justice, lovingkindness and so on.  This book has instructions on how to blame others for intentional sabotage (e.g. the economy); how to apologize for all the ills of the world and how to use theatrics to make you look like you're trying to 'fix' the messes but accually walk in the opposite direction of the talk.  There's even a section in this book to 'divide and conquer' all races to eventually pit one race against another creating a diversion so massive so it could lead a once mighty nation to Martial Law;....maybe this book should be entitled, 'How To Become a 3rd Rate Dictator of The United States of America Without Really Trying'     

  • Jeronimo Dan

    You know and this is just a thought, Obama may just be oblivious to what is taking place just outside his (not really his, he likes to say My White House) office. When he's looking out across his lawn and there some two hundred thousand people throwing a rope over a tree limb, he may say to himself, maybe it's not such a pretty day?

  • Cheryl

    I have to show a valid ID to buy cold medicines but the DOJ (Holder) says it is racist to show an ID to vote.  Thank goodness an ID is needed to vote in GA.

  • camdenme2

    Screw the feds!!!!

  • camdenme2

    I was asked to show a picture ID to return merchandise to Home Depot today. Go figure!

  • Wayne Peterkin

    We have reached the time when states need to simply ignore the DOJ and the federal government, including any court orders from liberal federal judges, and just do what is right. Fair and honest elections are far more important than any motives the DOJ is pursuing. Eliminating any possible voter fraud should be everyone's priority. 

  • Gammair

    Clean up the list anyway Florida. Who does holder think he is anyway?



  • Bdewyea

    What this shows is the corruption in Obamaton, DC.  Oh!  My goodness;  Did I say Obamaton, DC.  I meant  Washington, DC.  Where tyhe socialest and those wishing to destroy the greatest country reside on the taxpayers money.  Any state that has to leave dead people and foreigners to be able to vote then the whole state should be unable to vote.  But then the Damocrats would come up with another off beat way to cheat to get their own recluse relected.  So, What do we do now.  Get rid of political corectness the socialest of bringing down integirety and freedom.


    Sorry G-Father, I rambled in upper case too long!! ; )

  • BobinDallas

    Oh Florida ... are you caving in to that Holder thug????  Take the fake names off the voter list!!!!!

  • BobinDallas

    Oblammer will cry if you don't take those names off ... he won't get elected and he won't get to do the rest of his plan to destroy the US of A.

  • Hannibal

    I read yesterday that the Florida head of elections and their AG have told Holder to eff himself and that they were going ahead and purging what are fraudulent names on their lists. They argue it is a state rights issue since many statewide offices will also be voted in that election and they want to make sure their state is not a victim of another Acorn like fraud. If everyone would tell Eric Holder to go eff himself, maybe he will get tired of it and resign. We can always hope Darrell Issa will grow a pair and files impeachment charges against this miserable &$%^@@*)tch. Here's to hoping.

  • Mary

    Holder picks and chooses which laws they are going to uphold, ignore him and remove them from the roles! It was proven that a white man could have stolen Holder's vote, yet they still claim there is not a problem.  One Wisconsin district official reports that 117& of Democrats voted in the recall. Any challenge in court will prevail over the proven fraud, so FL and others should do as they need to assure votes are legal!

  • TM

    States that have voter IDs to vote are the states who are trying to keep the cheating democrats in line. I get steamed when some arse hole says he has no way to get a ID it's cost to much, and these are the same arse hohes who over run the stores at the first of the month.

    How you get your food stamps arse hole?
    How you get your welfare arse hole?
    How you get your free medical treatment arse hole?

    I guess it is a race thing and all you do is show up with your blings and gold teeth and tats and you get what you want.


  • Rosemarienoa

    The only way liberals can win elections is by voter fraud!!! They indoctrinate our kids in elementary school & at all levels of education through college & still dont have enough  idiots who buy into their philosophy, so they have to resort to voter fraud!!! They are liars & frauds as well as socialists!!!

    NOBAMA 2012!!!!

  • John_2012

    It is so obvious that the Bama & his Czars want to steal the election by using dead people & illegal alien voters!  Even if he does lose he can declair the election results void  and institute martial law under the new powers given him.

  • numbe2sniklac

    YOU CAME FROM.......PERIOD..... 

  • Jdzubas

    Eric Holder is Obama's junk yard dog and is committed to doing takes to get Obama re-elected and the forcing of his socialist agenda onto this country. If you think about the various law suits Holder has in place in states that are trying to enforce our immigration laws, his attempts to stop the requirement of a photo ID in order to vote, and his philosophy within the DOJ to ignore other intimidation or otherwise of voters if instituted by African Americans are examples of how far he is willing to go. Another example is how Holder has blown off Congress with regard to the "fast and furious" program.

    Holder is either very competent or very incompetent, depending on how you view his behavior. I, personally would not trust him as far as I could throw him.

    • Wayne Recla

       Holder is a LIAR and a CRIMINAL and thus, "should" be treated as one
      Everyone knows what the sentence for TREASON is..., "WELL!!!, Let's Use The LAW!!!
      Hoodlum and OWE-BUMa and the biggest CRIMINALS in America. They do everything and anything they want to and get by with it. I was taught in school that WE ALL were held to the LAW.
      So, why are these two CRIMINALS not arrested? Why are they (like all politicians) "Above the LAW"??? they do and get by with whatever they want to, including one of America's greatest privileges,  VOTING, which these two have made nothing but a mockery of-
      1- The "BUM" has no "real" social security, although he has MANY.
      2- The "BUM" has not "real" birth record", only generated records.
      3- The "BUM" has MANY names, which you do not have unless you are hiding something or on the run from something or trying to cover something up and LIVING A LIE.
      4- The HOODLUM is the BUM's cover man and makes sure no charges are ever pressed.

      IF we can get a REAL President in office instead of this common crook and get a REAL DOJ to look into all of this administrations crimes and punish them ALL to the fullest extent of the law, I would again have confidence in America, but right now, it is basically run by DICK-tators

  • Lschu77570

    It is not true that thousands of dead people have voted this year.  What is true are five  facts:
    1.  The notices are sent disproportionately to Latino and Black voters.
    2. A large percentage of the notices that went out are to eligible and registered voters.
    3.  The purpose of the Florida election officials is to keep down Democrat votes.
    4.  What the Florida officials are doing is a violation of federal law which requires these actions to be taken more than 90 days prior to the next election which is not being done since the primaries are coming up in August.
    5.  Florida election officials in individual counties such as Leon County have refused to obey the demand to do this voter purging because they recognize that it violates Federal Law.

    If the Florida officials were so intent on this voter purge, why did they not obey the Federal time limits as prescribed by law?

    • DrBarbara

      OMG where have you been? Dead people have voted this year and every year before this. We desperately need the registered voters' lists to be purged. Photo ID absolutely must be required. Of course that won't completely stop the voting fraud but it will help a bit.

    • Bjboivin

      Where are your facts to support your comments?  Give facts not rhetoric from the same "talking heads" of Dem. party.  DOJ fears a lost in Nov. Just like the ID would keep people from voting who are not eligible to vote.  We all need ID's for all types of situations that most people have ID's.  The DOJ is out of line. 

    • William M

      Hey dimwit... Sec of State of Fla requested access to the DHS db over 10 months ago.  Plus a primary is not an election... And Please Cite the Federal Law the dis-allows states to clean up their voter's rolls?..

    • NancyPlum1

      In Florida, most of the non-citizens are black or Latino. Florida gets the bulk of its immigrant population, legal and illegal, from the Caribbean basin and Central and South America. Hence the blacks and Latinos.  Many of them registered with the  motor-voter process, saying falsely (or possibly not understanding the language well enough) that they are citizens. Motor-voter laws should never have been allowed. They opened the door for non-citizens registering to vote by a very easy process.

    • Fred Reinshuttle Ctr

      What Federal stature law are your referring to?  The revamped CZAR law written within this administration?  NOBODY IS TRYING TO PREVENT DEMOCRATS FROM VOTING.  Just legal voters and not dead people.  If you believe this kool aid the DOJ and this administration is feeding you our great country that so many have given their lives to protect and defend you and my rights are down the drain.  Get off this dead horse.  This is not a Democratic of Republican is a right people have died for to protect and defend. 

      • Budman321

         Fred, Liberals aren't very good at interpreting law or even understanding them. They do not care about facts. Their mission is disinformation just like Obama during his campaign for President.

        Having studied many countries, their culture and government, it was easy to pick up the fact that Obama was  a Socialist. He was telling the people what he was about during his compaign for President but it is obvious not many caught the codewords like National Health Care or distribution of wealth. Now, I see stories about his past connection with Marxists and even a member of a Socialist Organization. If you ever listened (if you are old enough) to Radio Moscow, you would find an amazing comparison to the words Liberals use in promoting their views.
        Of course, Obama has every aspect of his past sealed but a lot of information is now coming out from people who actually knew him during his college days and telling all. How many people know he was registered as a foreign exchange student? There are 14 people who are willing to testify to this.  How could he be a U.S. Citizen if this is true? We all know now that the birth certificate, Social Security Number records reveal the number he uses has no connection to this stated name and his Selective Service Number is a forgery. All records of his mothers travel at the time of his birth have been removed from State Department files. We already know she was in Kenya during that time and traveled to Hawaii a few days later as confirmed by Kenyan officials and we also know that she was required to become a citizen of Indonesia in order to place Obama in school there. Of course there is no record to prove what her status is after she returned to Hawaii and after the fact. We have video proof he himself stated he was born in Kenya (back in 1979) and his wife and grandmother have also affirmed this. So why does he continue to say he was born in Hawaii when he already stated where he was born. Would this be because he isn't a U.S. Citizen?

    • Altor2003

      God save is from idiot like you. What part of dead do you not understand. The federal governments only roll in a states election is to insure an honest and fair election for the citizens of that state. What part of Holders mandate under the Constitution allows him to take power away from a state's Secretary of State to control the rolls of voters in that state. Holders actions have and are resulting in depriving the citizens of Florida, and other states, of their right to a Constitutionally protected election. The dead and foreigners (those not yet citizens) have no voting rights as American Citizens. Go read your Constitution again.

      • Lschu77570

        You are the idiot.  Read the Federal Law on the subject.  If you don't like the law, seek to overturn it, but it is the current law.

        By the way idiot, what kind of a sentence is "God save is from idiot like you"?  Did you pass third grade English?

        • nmleon

          You should read the law yourself. U.S. statute (42 U.S.C. § 1973gg) REQUIRES that states maintain voter registration lists for federal elections and REQUIRES States to keep voter registration lists accurate and current. U.S. statute 42 U.S.C. 15301 REQUIRES that statewide voter lists be coordinated with other agency databases within the state. It also REQUIRES regular “maintenance” of the statewide list, including removals of ineligible voters and duplicate names. 1996 federal immigration law gives states the right to access the Homeland Security SAVE database. The law provides for the states to use SAVE for any legal purpose such as background investigations and VOTER REGISTRATION. Federal law also forbids purging the lists within 90 days of an election, and Holder has decided that the upcoming FL primary qualifies as an election.

          The kicker is that Holder has been denying FL access to the SAVE database for 9 months. In other words, Holder has used his power as Attorney General of the U.S. to make it difficult to impossible for FL to perform it's federally required duty, and now wants to use federal law to stop them altogether.

    • Wildmann

      YOU are obviously of  Minority Persuasion, Or You would not Object to Illegal 3rd World Hispanics, [White or otherwise] and dead N.Y.  & N.J. Hebrews being Purged from the Voter rolls in Fl. ---When I visit South Fl. it feels like a South American Country. As a Retired Fl. Correction Officer, I can tell you that at least HALF of them Are Illegal, if not a Higher percentage.  20% of black males Are ex- Convicts, with NO Voting Rights. ALL of these Groups Vote, Cancelling out Legal Votes. That being said, check my facts, and shut-up. Fook U AND the Horse ya rode in on!!!!

      • larry

        And you are brain dead.

        • Budman321

           Were you looking in the mirror when you said this? Truth hurts doesn't it.

    • Budman321

      You are so full of it with your disinformation.

      If you actually knew what you were talking about, you would know that not only the Department of Justice (DOJ) is attempting to keep the illegal voters on the voting list but Homeland Security is also involved.  The election officials  told me that they are not permitted to remove any voter from the list until it is cleared by Homeland Security. The also said that Homeland Security has been slow in responding to their request to respond to those list of voters. Intentional, I think so and their history of actions proves they are slow in responding to just about every issue or inaction.
      Florida is not the only State that has issues with both the DOJ and Homeland Security but several states have a problem with them interfering on issues that is none of their business or even allow states to follow Federal Laws such as Arizona in the illegal immigrant issues.
      The Federal Time Limit you mentioned had noting to do with the issue at hand as rightfully pointed out by Ms. Bondi for the State of Florida. Believe me, she is a lot smarter than Holder and knows the provisions of law regarding this. Holder knows that this would not hold up in court and is trying to throw something out that might stick. Pam Bondi just might be the next head of the Department of Justice as she is certainly qualified with her background.

  • Doodlebug

    What the *&^$% gives here with this administration? It's beginning to look like everyone of them should be investigated and thrown in prision with life terms. I'm getting so tired of this crap day in and day out.  Can't our Congress do anything to stop this crap? Everyday there is something more crooked turns up. Enough already!

  • Larry Wittenborn

    Wake up people 1884 is now here and Big Brother has the hammer!
    As Pogo said "We have seen the enemy and they is us"

    WE let this happen because "We the People" were complacent about all morality and let Big Brother take God and Christ out of our schools, remove the Ten Commandments from schools and court houses and other public places, kill our unborn, encourage queer marriages, promote all forms of evil and call it good. 

    We have to remove the evil in the white house; Mark 9:47 And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire:

  • worldwatchers

    It doesn’t really  matter
    Barack Hussein Obama and his department of Injustice have put in place a
    framework needed to destroy America.

    • Hhoskison

       Yes, & they may not live to see it. GO Florida GO!! MAY have to put more dead on the  ROSTER;!!!!

    • Budman321

       Yes, but it can be undone in January 2013 when all the hoodlums are gone.

  • DrBarbara

    Holder and the boys (and girls) are not even stopping the purging surreptiously, they are right out in the open in broad daylight not caring who knows that they are racists. White men get off your butts and show some backbone. It's time to take our country back but we need white men to get engaged in the fight. Holder needs to go.

  • cherokeeman

    Why is Holder so concerned about any state purging their voter rolls of dead people, illegals, etc?  ANSWER: Because he is as crooked and low life as obozo and will stop at nothing in order to get the  POS obozo back in office so they can continue destroying America with their socialist, marxist, communist ideology. When we get obozo out of office, many of them will crawl back under the rocks they were under before.  The rest will hopefully end up in prison somewhere never to be heard of again. 

    • nmleon

      "Why is Holder so concerned about any state purging their voter rolls of dead people, illegals, etc? "

      Because purging the lists does not comport with "The Chicago Way".

  • Gary american patriot

    Obama and holder need to be tried for treason and then executed

  • sean murry.

    Those SOBs are doing everything to get him reelected.

  • dragonfFIRE01

    stuffing the ballot box is nothing new. If Florida abides by Holder they deserve what they get.

  • Charlie

    "All toll..."?  Did you really mean "All told"?

    Seriouly, you have to hire proofreaders familiar with the English language. Barring that, don't be in such a hurry to hit the send button. Read it through once or twice to ensure it makes sense.

  • southern belle 10

    I can't see how the feds can get their noses into our state's voting list.  It has nothing to do with them, and the only reason they're in there arguing against it is because they're afraid there is a lot of fraud.  They don't want it to be found out, so they can go merrily on with their lying and cheating in order to win in November no matter what they have to do.  Eric Holder's a really good choice for checking on White House leaks or stopping Fl from purging its voters' list; he himself is under investigation for being a cheat and a gun provider to drug lords in Mexico!  Talk about hiring the fox to supervise the hen house!

  • Neenee2k

    Tell Holder to get out of the states business. It is plain that they want to decieve the American people. Illegal aliens and dead people are not allowed to vote. lol  So what other reason could we have that Holder wants to keep the election illegal like the did the last time when Obama was votes in with Acorns help. His whole presidency ahs been nothing but lies and deception. Come on America we are going to lose America as we know it if Obama makes it again.

  • real patriot one

    all governers. you must perge all of your voter register lists. obama , holder , none in this or any administration can order any state to stay these lists. to follow federal and state laws. governors must perge their lists. holder cannot order states to do otherwise. and 119% black vote in wisconsins gov recall. this is beyond nuts. here is what i would do. not just perge the lists. but mandatory proof of ID and that they absolutely match the list .

    • smartgranny55

      In Wisconsin citizens can register the same day they vote, which could increase the % of voters.

  • liberty49

    It's obvious the Democrats are planning to win this election through voter fraud! Holder needs to be arrested NOW!

  • Johnsnare

    It is common knowledge here in Florida, that the dead shall rise again.  Obama, miraculously, made the dead, alive.  Florida got screwed, and we did not enjoy it.  This failed President, will use any tactic to insure his reelection.  Four and out.Pleaseee.

  • Michael Fernandez

    As Stalin said, "It's not who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes."

    • oldcoyote

      Right On. That's where the winner is decieded. Now look up who owns Diebold. Need I say more.....

  • Don W Boyer

    Obama is determined to win the 2012 election. If he can't buy the Presidency again he will try to win it
    by any crooked method he thinks he can pull off. All independents, conservatives, & Republicans MUST vote for Romney. America will not survive if Obama, Holder and the other gang members return to office.

  • Peacefulady

    Unfortunately, the dead helped to elect Bush as well. I do not care for wither if these two presidents, and Florida with their chads and their dead fails the American people once again!

    • Peacefulady

      I meant either, but wither works!

    • William Safford

       This particular canard has been proven false.  Multiple recount actions, including by the NY Times (certainly not a conservative organ) all showed Bush did properly win. 

    • Akjvman

      that is NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Truth

       Then you are part of the problem, and not being truthful either about the Bush election.

    • Budman321

       Just where did you get your information about this?

      The facts are that the count of the ballots turned heavily in favor of the Democrats when a recount was done, then another recount and once more in those counties requested by Al Gore which were all in Democrat majority. He did not request a recount of those counties where Republicans were in the majority for obvious reasons. I live in Florida and watched the entire process so I believe I know what the facts were.

      The ax fell on them when Al Gore went to court trying to stop the overseas ballots of our military from Florida. He lost on this and the vote was overwhelming in favor of Bush, about 9 to 1 and this is what changed the final result. Al Gore's actions against the military and his lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court proves what a sorry person he is. Remember, he was the bag boy for Clinton who was caught receiving illegal campaign contributions and he made millions off the Climate hoax.  Would you have felt good about him being elected knowing this? I certainly would not

  • Mdk41

    Holder has no authority to tell states  not ot purge their voter registration. All states should require ID be shown in order to vote , if all voters are required to show ID it is not illegal (all ready been through the supreme court), because it requires "all voters" show ID

  • ThomNJ

    If I were the governor of any of these states, I would defy holder.  I would order the continued purge of foreigners and dead people from the rolls, point to the Constitution and States' Rights (and Responsibilities), and the overstepping of his bounds.  If holder can prove that someone was removed incorrectly, then fine, they get re-instated.  Otherwise, take a flying leap, eric.

    I read somewhere that voter turnout in Wisconsin for the unsuccessful recall of Scott Walker was a whopping 119%.  Cheating by the dems indeed.

  • Death2Unions

    Someone should show Holder how people like him were taken care of back in the 50s and 60's.  Use your own imagination.



    • dad666

      You are ablosutely correct.  Holder has no jurisdiction over voting laws,  they are the exclusive domain of the states.  No need to involve the corrupt courts simply tell him to go to Haities

  • Lawrobnel

    This the time to flood the DOJ with lawsuits from every State on State rights. We have to fight fire with fire. He lets the New Black Panther members go when there was undeniable proof of voter intimidation and we know Obama is letting illegals loose in all key states for one reason. Thats right to get his boss re-elected. Where is Congress doing their constitutional duties and impeach these corrupt terrorists.

  • Mgpb007

    I could a cleaning of the registration papers could benefit many tax payment such as food stamps, city retirement packages to those who earned it however the family members forgot to tell them so that they are still getting a check now not entitled to them. Even this list should go to Social Security so they could be checked their.

    • 4grands

      You Ste SO right. Lots of dead people going to be gong hungry.

      • nmleon

        Hey, dead people have rights too!! Just ask Holder and the Dems.

  • Pitbull

    The DOJ should be fined and tossed in jail especially holder. This is ridiculous. No non us persons should vote and no dead people.

  • timeaftertime

    What kind of democracy would allow the DOJ to do this?
    We must all speak out now and stop this unlawful trampling of our voter rights. 

  • Llbear

    If this administration is doing ILLEGAL things such as this out in the open I can not imagine what they are doing behind closed doors. Remember this in November !

  • timeaftertime

    This is a states rights issue---Eric Holder please just tend to your federal duties.

    • Larry

      Idiot.  Upholding the Voters Right Act is his duty.

  • jim28threg.

    The DOJ it self is a fraud . They have no authority to issue orders to States  Attorneys . Holder needs to be ---well you know.

  • Mike

    My view is to ignore Holder, let him go to  Supreme Court and argue his couse.  This will  expose the Dems for what they are, liars and cheats who'll do whatever they need to win whatever election they can't through fair and legitimate processes.  They have done exactly that with Al Franken, but then the Sec. of State was a Democrat and turned a blind eye to the chicanery.

    • Budman321

       Yes, isn't it interesting where he initially lost, then contested the result and then found more voters in one country for him than voters to change the result. Truly amazing isn't it?

      Old Harry Reid was more innovative in having the unions rig the voting machines where any vote was a vote for him and bragged on national TV how he used the illegal immigrants to win. "Whatever it takes" should be their motto. I wander if they have ever won an election fairly when they openly do this and nothing is done about it?

  • carolrhill814

    Does this surprise me NOT in the least.

    I couldn't agree with timeaftertime more if I tried but don't forget Obama is a dictator and Holder is his little slave.

    • oldcoyote

      Obumer is a slave of the zionists that own him too. Every word he reads off his teleprompters was put there by them.

      • carolrhill814

        I couldn't agree with you more if I tried.

        I have always thought that everytime he speaks he gives away more and more about the USA in code because when he says something he says the same thing everytime over and over again but just a little bit different but people don't realize it

  • Judy Mahaffey

    That's why we need poll watchers, anyone left on the register rolls will vote democrat by the liberals in charge of those sheets.

    • Wambowabbitt

      Democrats and most cases Republicans, all Liberals,Progressives,Tree Huggers,Ankle Biters, Screaming Skulls,Knuckle Draging Mouth Breathers are Communist and some may not even realize it because of lack of brain cells!

  • Fec1950

    I say we need a process that ANY VOTER has to have a Picture ID. And be a warm body, and above all a US Citizen.

  • Isageegee

    WE THE PEOPLE, have the dictator and his commies worried.    NOW THE REALLY HAVE TO CHEAT

  • Rick Johnson

    OK house gets some balls. You have reason to hold him in contempt today and haven't done it. There is enough out there to make a strong case for impeachment and yet you set on your hands.  Hope the first thing that happens in Jan is the new AG takes action to start an immediate criminal investigation of Holder.

    • Wambowabbitt

      "House of Congress", to ask them to grab for their man parts would be an act of futility,but fun to watch to say the least! LOL


    Let's not worry about that - let's all VOTE and get rid of the problem and this POS will follow.

  • David F. Podesta

    Now tell us something we DIDN'T know

  • Franklin Carson

    It has been well proven that Obama won the 2008 election by Voter Fraud by John McCain was to big of a Coward to have a recall, so now loook what we have!   To Rabid Black Dogs, with ACORNS assistance (and Obama ans Soros supplying them with millions of dollars) digging up Social Security Numbers from deceased individuals thusly suppling and registering illegal Aliens!!

    • Ecatarinicchia

      Not only that, the votes are going to be counted by a company in Spain of all places. This company is a big supporter of O'bama's. Michael Savage talked about this on his radio show. It's already been bought & paid for.

    • Wambowabbitt

      I believe "SOROS" is guilty of sedition, and possibly "BLOOMBERG " also!

    • Larry

      You are an idiot.  Obama had about 8 million more votes than McCain.  I suppose that was all done by fraud and the Republicans were too stupid to realize that.  Get over it.  You lost fair and square so man up and abide by the results.

  • Lawrobnel

    This the time to flood the DOJ with lawsuits from every State on State rights. We have to fight fire with fire. He lets the New Black Panther members go when there was undeniable proof of voter intimidation and we know Obama is letting illegals loose in all key states for one reason. Thats right to get his boss re-elected. Where is Congress doing their constitutional duties and impeach these corrupt terrorists. Read more:

    • Wambowabbitt

      "THE NEW BLACK PANTHERS", and who is racist? They are stone cold criminals and interference with elections is a crime punishable by law, so lets enforce it! Build more prisons if necessary and put more citizens to work!

  • Evermyrtle

    Is it possible for the principles of America to drop any further? Why do we bother to have an election? If we don't begin to pick up on some of the evil of the other side, can we win? I have no doubts that my GOD can assure us of a win IF HE wants us to have one, but have we already gone too far down the road to depravity  to expect HIS help? What can we expect in December 2012? This is a great mystery!!!

  • Kartua28

    DOI that is the Department of Injustice!!!

  • Carpro33

    It's past time for the states to tell OB, the DOJ AND the EPA to! Bring out the National Guard if the Feds try to interfere. This is beyond crazy, what these racist Liberals will do. It's time to "Just Say NO!":

    • Mark Desade

      And add in a few million armed citizens as well!

      • Wabowabbitt

        We may get to see our armed citizenry when Obama tries turning Martial Law loose on Americans to hold on to his imagined power!

  • Marion

    And we are surprised because?  The only way Democrats have a chance in hell of winning this year is by having dead people vote.  Old man Kennedy would be proud of this thug.

    • Wambowabbitt

      There is some good news."TED KENNEDY" is still dead!

  • shortitalian

    Voter ID in every state!!!!!Holder is just another puppet of Obama's White House.I thought it was the taxpayers White House,Obama said it was his.Please explain to a dummy such as me,what doea a contempt charge against Holder mean?Thanks for the explanation.

  • Tomtom

    Does this Negro have even one once of common sense ???? I don't think so.

    • Wambowabbitt

      There is not more than one brain cell anywhere along the Potomac River!

  • The Atheist Libertarian

    The reason for this is obvious.  only 21% of america consider themselves "Liberal".  the only way they can win elections is through rampant voter fraud.  they need all of the illegal votes they can get, and will fight tooth and nail to keep them.

  • Blair

    Got zombies?

  • Mark Desade

    The US Constitution grants States the rights to hold elections and manage them as they see fit, as long at they are not going against the Constitution.  If Holder persists, states should ignore him or even file a suit that the US Supreme Court would have to hear.  I doubt that suit could be heard before the Supreme Court recess and I think the Supreme Court would allow States to continue without Federal interference since the Constitution errs on the side of States on this issue.  By then, Obama would be gone in January.

    • Wambowabbitt

      The answer is very simple, "A LAW HAS BEEN BROKEN"! Mr.Attorney General do your job, or go to jail for aiding in a crime!

  • WilliamH

    We have definately becomeThe Untied Slates of Aremica-------God Help Us

    • Dorris P



  • Don

    If the DOJ wants to keep their jobs they better stop this nonsense.  Illegal and the dead are not allowed to vote!!

    • Idgascreamer

      DOJ is managed by Obama and Holder ... it's a "N-Rigged" operation !

  • WilliamH

    Obummer and ALL his minions should be in Leavenworth or better yet in GTMO  with his ilk

  • taylorRod

    Absolutely they need and depend on cheating to stay in power. What excuse could they have for insisting the dead remain registered? It's not like their status is in question. It's not that they've been mistaken for dead. They're certified dead -- without regard to party affiliation. Therefore, the usefulness of those names on the voter roles is obviously so that precinct by precinct the evil magicians (Dems and Soros Totalitarians) can steal the election. The answer is no. Don't do what the attorney general says. He's already violated his oath of office ten times over. 

  • Real American

    When are WE going to get rid of the crooks in charge of running this country. Such criminal conduct that allows dead and illegals to be registered can only be for the purpose of allowing unlawful votes to be posted . It doesn't matter the Party. What matters is if the voting is legal and the will of the people prevail.

  • Rev. Anony Moose

                                                That shows to me how desperate Obama is to stay in power!   It shows to me how
    fearful they are of losing their offices!    They realize that it takes illegals and the dead to keep them in!

  • monacall

     Governor do this for me......PUT YO U MIDDLE FINGER UP AND SAY F------- YOU.   and also say from now on.  We will keep the money we collect from taxes.....and you obozo administration can go to hell......we do not need your money or your face here in florida....

  • WilliamH

    I really hate to say it but the time to Lock-n-Load is almost here

  • Wambowabbitt

    United States Department of Justice(DOJ),Let me say that again,U.S. Department of Justice, the very ones appointed to uphold the laws of the land have sided with the law breakers again! Aiding and abetting criminals,voter fraud,running guns and blaming us ,for who's benefit? Must be for the man in the oval office, no other I can see! Usurpation,treason and the like, is sound reason to remove a puke from office, why haven't they done so? Holder should already be gone for lying to Congress, remember how quickly"SCOOTER LIBBY" was hustled off to prison for the same offense? We have a government that is totally out of contol and it must be stopped at this election and that may well mean removing all that hold public office to send the right message!

    • Conservative_Sal

      Scooter Libby was innocent.  Colin Powell threw him under the bus.

    • Hugh Dame

      I feel like I have been transported to hell. The devil and his buddy angels have taken over. Congress is absolutely dead and gone and the judicial system is upside down.

  • Phoenix in PA

    They should all be charged with obstruction of justice and attempts to perpetrate voter fraud.  The states should exercise their elected duties to conduct legitimate and legal government accordiing to the US constitution and their state constitutions.  The rest of this nonsense needs to be eliminated quickly before November.
    There is no rational excuse for blocking these purges.  They should demand legitimate proof of anything illegal in these purges or continue.  States need to claim and exercise their rights.
    I do not see where this is a Federal issue at all!

  • trucker19444

    FLORIDA IS LOADED WITH on the look out when the Dead come to Life in November

  • Dennis M. Young

    Of course voter fraud is their plan.  Both sides have used voter fraud but, historically, it seems that the democrats have been much more adept and proliferate with it and thereby have stolen more elections than most would believe.  If the true numbers of manipulated and stolen elections were know there might be some mob justice being done in this country by the voting public.  If you read the Constitution you will not find anything giving the federal government the authority they are now trying to wield regarding this issue.  The Tenth Amendment guarantees that those rights not specifically ceded to the feds or denied to the states by the Constitution remain in the hands and control of the states and the citizens.  It is in the best interest of the general populace to have elections which are fraud free.  Therefore voter I.D. is a good, and legal demand, as well as purging the names of deceased individuals, illegal invaders, felons and others who cannot legally vote, from the voter rolls.  The problem is that by allowing the feds to raise so much taxes (and thereby taking tax money from the states), the fed can hold tax money over the heads of the state and demand that things, even unconstitutional things, be done their way or the states will lose some of the funds from the feds.  This game has been going on so long that every state has become a serf to the roalty of the fed.  Govenors need to help take back the soverienty of their states and tell the feds that they will do things in a legal and constitutional manner and not take directives form an out of control fed...even if it means forfeiting getting some of their monies back.  The money always comes with strings anyway, and those strings are usually detrimental to "We the People".  Screw off Holder, DOJ and the rest.  You are public servants, on our payroll and we will not stand idle as you tread on so at your own peril.  Good luck people...and keep your powder dry.  

    • Hugh Dame

      I am way out west in Washington and I can hear the side-splitting laughter from our masters In DC all the way out here. Those subhumans could not care less what we think and they will not until a strong voice says, "READY, AIM, FI R E !

      Russia 1917 in case they have not learned history.

  • Ron Brennan

    IT is time that "We the People" take back our government.   We have the power to do it legally.  Just look at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  It says if "We the People" feel the government is wrong we can relief them all and put in a totally new crew.  I say that we get rid of them now and put in Christian men who believe in our Constitution and will uphold it. (which nobody in D.C. is doing now)  We need to get this Great Country back to where She was before obama took over.

  • Gary

    Obama, Polosi,Reid,Holder----OUT and our world will be much better___GB

  • WilliamH


  • Gregski

    It just goes beyond any common sense thinking that Holder is still in place. They tried and thought they were successful in Wisconsin but little did they know the people would speak! Yet when it comes to our military the current administration establishes barriers that would prohibit them their right to vote!

  • Dorris P

    I am for removing Holder in the strongest way possible ,he is as much of a criminal as the criminal he is trying to remove. they need to be hung for treason.ALL OF THEM starting from BARACk. AXELROD,SOROS ETC,ETC. 
    They know right now who is releasing all the info and it starts
    from the top on down
     And it is to be taken  care of now not after the election.

    Are you really that IGORNANT to think we don't know that is what you will try.


    We will soon be rid of Chavez Dying of cancer,Mubarak dying in prison.  Do you really think you will escape???


    Can't you feel us  breathing down your neck? you should.

    This is to be sent to Barack and Holder as soon as possiable.

    • Boxershelby


  • RubyBlu

    If you are dead, there is no coming back.  It would be interesting,  after the election, to verify if these dead people actually voted.  Now that would be called a 'miracle' according to Holder.

  • Dorris P


    GAMES OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WilliamSpires

    You don't have to stop voting  just because you are dead. obamas community organizers will take of voting for you, after they channel your desires of course from beyond.

  • DyaneW

    What a bunch of bigoted crap!   And I'm talking about both the article AND the comments below it.  Get your heads out of your asses, listen to something besides Faux News, and learn what's REALLY going on!!  The Republicans want power, and they'll do anything to get it.

    • WilliamH

      You have a chitty outlook because yor heads in your azz

    • Jrhowe151

      Where are you coming from? What could be wrong with cleaning up the registration lists? You sound like an Obama supporter. Maybe you need to do some reshearch into who you support and why!

      • Lschu77570

        It's not dead people who are being purged from the voter's registration list but people who have voted in many recent elections.

        • Budman321

           Not exactly. There are 53,000 dead people listed on the voter rolls and please clarify the "purged from the voter's registration list but people who have voted in many recent elections". Do you mean legal voters or illegal voters because they are many in both categories?
          Yes, Florida officials admitted that a few of those on the roles were wrongly placed there but at least they did admit same. Will this administration admit as to what their true intention is regarding voters. I doubt it.

    • John Galt

      Aside from liberal rhetoric, do you have anything pertinent to say about the issue raised in the article?  You didn't actually SAY anything.  For could explain why the state of Florida, or any state for that matter, should comply with a directive from the federal government to leave the names of the deceased, who obviously should not be voting, on the voting rosters, especially during a presidential election.  Thoughts?  Care to respond?

    • auhunter

       We sure as hell couldn't do any worse than Obama/Soetoro and the Democrats/Socialists have done for nearly the past four years. We have a national debt of nearly 15 trillion dollars, TRUE unemployment figures are somewhere around 18%, we've been playing on the Chinese dime for years, and all efforts by Republicans in the Senate to pass a balanced budget or job bills have been thwarted by the Democratic control. That's what is really going on.

    • Donna Dooley-Oakley

      Excuse me DyaneW???

      Purging dead people from voter rolls and making sure only citizens should vote is bigoted?  I know, you're one of those Democrats that believe they can swindle anybody they want to continue their socialist policies on anybody they want.

      By the way, Fox is constantly beating the ratings of any other cable news network on TV and poll after poll still say they are the most balanced news station out there.  I watch all of them and it's true, Fox News is the most balanced.

  • Stlrsbabe2

    If you think we should ignore this, I ask you why he wants to allow dead people and illegal people to be on  the voting roster.  You get your head out of your butt and use some reasoning.  They allowed Mickey MOuse to vote in Florida, why not dead people.   The democrats want power through using poor people who they have made dependent on the government to get a free meal and everything else free

  • samuel

    TREASON  agin!

  • Mike Johnson

    Florida should tell Holder and his DOJ racist thugs to go to hell, and continue to purge the rolls of all who are not eligible to vote, including, of course, dead people, illegal immigrants and other non-citizens, and any others proscribed by law as not eligible to vote. The states must stand up, or be squashed by Big Brother.

  • WilliamH

    Body dead or brain dead-----------both good instances of left wingers

  • Dorris P




    • Donna Dooley-Oakley

      Hi Dorris,

      I agree with you big-time.  Just thought I would let you know that the words you mispelled are spelled "insult", " intelligence", and "proof".  I'm guessing the other mispelled words in your post are just typos as I have had to clean up my posts prior to posting them.   Keep on saying what's on your mind but maybe we should keep on calling our representatives and leave messages about getting Obama and/or Holder thrown out of office once and for all, be it by vote or impeachment.

    • Capitalust

      Hey Mr. Fox Holder! I'd like to report a LOT of chickens that have gone missing on your watch! And I'd appreciate it if you'd remove some of those feathers around your month and stop sucking on that chicken leg bone while I'm talking to you, sir.

      • Capitalust


  • CharlieSeattle

    Replace TRAITOR US Attorney General Eric Holder with Arizona  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    • Capitalust

      Sorry, Joe has already been recruited to run as Mittens' VP. (If only! Sure would make it easier to vote for Mittens, like last election when I could ease my concious by claiming to vote for Palin).

  • Sdwaine

    on the local level these local government employees that are say this should stop should also be picked out stood in front of the people and see if they change their mind

  • nmleon

    Besides worrying about dead and illegal voters, Fl needs to figure out how to keep NY voters from voting in FL too.

    • Capitalust

      Well, those qualify as illegal immigrants, and I say "send 'em back to New York where they came from", like Lincoln wanted to send all the blacks "back to Africa".

  • auhunter

    As I recall the Constitution, all rights not designated to the Congress/Government are reserved to the states. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't recall any amendment giving the Government regulation over voter's  registration, etc. Holder, keep your nose out of the affairs of the states. Definitely an Obama tool to insure his reelection.  

    • MadmaxUSA

      You are correct.  The 10th Amendment to the US Constitution:  "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

    • Lschu77570

      We can agree on one thing.  You said "maybe I'm wrong".  Well you are correct about that.  If a State said that no black people can vote would the Federal government have a right to stop that?  Of course, well the point is that the Voter's Right bill provides that the Federal government can step in under certain circumstances.

      • auhunter

         That was more of a segregation issue and was not an amendment to the Constitution as I recall. Of course I was just a young kid then nor did I get much Political Indoctrination in school. My education was based on the three R's not like the educational system of today where a high school grad is lucky if they can put together a complete sentence properly or add a bunch of numbers without the aid of a machine.

      • Budman321

         I can agree with this but this is not the issue here in Florida. It certainly didn't matter when Obama won Florida in 2008 and guess what, we had felons, illegal immigrants and even Canadians voting as well as snowbirds who voted in their home state and here as well.
        Florida is even providing an ID at no cost to those who wish to have one so they cannot use this as as excuse and we also have ballots which are mailed to those who are physically unable to make it to the polls or anyone else for that matter.

        No, this is about trying to cheat the system like they have been doing for decades and it is about time this administration is told what the law is. Let them try to prove their case that voters are disenfranchised. My bet is they become silent or drag their feet on a response because they know they do not have the law on their side in this matter.

    • Capitalust

      It's really a stretch to consider voting by Floridians within Florida to be a form of interstate commerce. Now trucking union goons into Wisconsin recently probaby WOULD be covered, since they were paid union scale for doing it.

  • Jsajda62

    This is the only way these bastards can win an election Tell the DOJ to go to hell. We are taking America back and you won't stop us this year.

  • PEfl4nsic

    What next? - Coronation of King Obama!!! Remember what happened to George III and all other Brits!!!

    • Capitalust

      Umm.... a few Brits did get shot, but as I recall, nothing happened to George III. It's not even clear he was aware of the unpleasantness in the American colonies.It's a shame when a national leader's brain turns to cottage cheese and he's barely aware of his surroundings. Stark raving bonkers man (BHO, that is), and so was George III.

  • Mmacbart

    Florida will continue to clean up the lists.

  • Raeman Haines

    For Holder its all about keeping his cushy job as DOJ head . He can't wear those fancy suits at the local Mc donalds where he'd be doing the only other job he's qualified for . Bussing tables

    • WilliamH

      Yes Mr. holder I'd likem a big Mac with cheese----------thank you

  • Harold

    Florida should ignore the ignoramus "Holdup". If Boehner doesn't start impeachment proceedings against Holdup, then Boehner should be removed from office and sent home.  It's time to get the drunken cowards out of OUR government.

    • Capitalust

      But then who will run the country? Pretty much every politician in D.C. is a drunken coward.

  • VegasLarry

    Hey...if Florida eliminated those 53,000 names before Holder stuck his nose  in it's business then maybe he doth protest about nothing. Holder can whine all he wants, but his actions here and most everything else he's done to interfere with States Rights only go to prove how inept he really is. He fits nicely with the rest of the inept ones surrounding our Chief of Inepts. Now any state that finds dead people on voting rolls would be remiss and probably in violation of some obscure Federal Legislation requiring timely revisions to the voter roll. So to be in compliance, each state should do this on a regular basis no matter what Holder has to say. He's on his way out anyway and once out of office he must be charged with the many laws he has violated quickly before he goes and hides in a country without an extradition treaty with us.

  • Sjbbouton

    With Obama and Holder, the US looks like a third-world dictatorship.  Looks like I better cling tighter to my guns and Bible.

  • Gary american patriot

    Execute obama and holder for treason

  • Walt

    I thought that Florida just might continue the fight but it sounds like they just whimped out like everybody else.  What happened to "lets see you come down here and stop us".   Another state selling out to Obama.

    • WilliamH

      To get elected anymore-first you must be castrated

      • Capitalust

        Is that retroactive? Should I schedule a trip to D.C. with a pair of good bolt cutters and a wood frame to hold those senators and congressmen in while I chop away? They will whinney and kick quite a bit if you don't get them lashed down securely, you know. The jack asses especially make a fuss, but the republicans are pretty much already geldings, based on how "strongly" they opposed most democrat measures.

        • bbutchb

          Probably wehat you really need is a good long dull and rusty helps with proper emotional and spiritual motivation.........not to mention the "spirit of co-operation".....

    • DonnaM

      As a Floridian I was so proud when I heard Pam Bondi (Florida AG) was ignoring the DOJ. Man, she and the other powers to be in Florida caved quickly...personal threats maybe? She seemed to be pretty brave in her lawsuit against Obamacare...hmmmm...i've written her office but haven't gotten a response. I guess turn about is fair play...if Florida has 53,000 dead people and non citizens VOTING (and we know Democrat), then we need to find 53,000 dead people and non citizens to vote REPUBLICAN.  The DOJ just said it is fine and frikking dandy, did they not?
      So come on Patriots...if 53,000 of us find a dead person and get them on the roles, then go vote for them, all should be a wash...we need to take a page from their book, OR WE ALL LOSE!
      We'll call it "adopt a dead person" and we'll vote for them...let's not get left out of the game anymore...let's play by the rules we are given!!

  • Carbillo

    The dems know they can't elect BO on his merits because he has none. Voter fraud is their only way to reelect BO. Unless BO invents a racial scandal and declares martial law. Then he can cancel the Nov. election and declare himself king.

    • A.Patriot

      Actually, he would be DICTATOR.  He's already proved himself to be that.

  • mariowen

    If I were in Florida, I would ignore the DOJ, Holder, and all the cronies there....and do what is right. Forget the numbskulls  in Washington and do what needs to be done on the state level. It is a state issue and problem - let the state take care of it. Why are they even addressing a communication from Holder?

    • WilliamH

      Because DER Fuhrer wants it that way

  • WilliamH

    If we had any politicians with cajones this wouldn't even be a subject for conversation

  • Capitalust

    Florida had better get ready for massive protests and rioting by all those disenfranchised dead people. I know that militant dead leaders will be fighting for their consitutients' right to vote. The democrat party has been supporting this voting bloc for years, starting with their "deader voter" program, similar to "motor voter" - in "motor voter" when you get your driver's license you are automatically registered to vote democrat, but if you protest strongly enough, they will grudginly register you as republican. With "deader voter", all morticians are required to register the "newly dead" as democrat, unless they personally protest, in which case they can elect to be registered as republican. When I requested than my dead father be registered Libertarian, the democrat election official said "don't be rediculous - he's DEAD, you idiot" - and then registered him as a democrat.

  • Blair1121

    This isn't Godfather Politics, it's Communist Politics.

  • Bigmetfan

    The Florida officials should DEFY AG Holder, and keep removing these names. Obama has no problem defying states when they pass immigration laws.

  • WilliamH

    I'd run for Office myself , but, both my parents were married------------to each other no less

  • silentio

    What could Holder charge any judge with who upheld the removal of the dead or illegals from voter registry?
    We need officers with a bit of guts or courage today to resist the bullies in DC

    • bbutchb

      Indeed folks, a little backbone here will go a long way in this matter.  In fact there are some communities around the country telling some fereral agents to piss off...the absolute right thing to do

      • SeaShel

        ...and his name is Arpaio!  We need more law officials with his boldness, courage, truth and knowledge of the law who will actually stand up and yell loud and clear this isn't LEGAL!

    • WilliamH

      Judges are bigger cowards than our "elected" reps are

    • Donaldryork

      Eric Holder, and others need to check the 10th admendment of the constitution, and this bs about not producing a photo ID when votng is dishonest by the democrats in order to get more votes for president Kardasian.

  • floridasharkman

    thugocracy at its finest      playing by the rules set by a muzlim socialist

  • bones1941

    Why don't register everybody that is dead ! Obama doesn't care as long as he wins! I say throw the Bums in Jail and theow away the key we can start with Holder,polosi,Obama, and few others !

  • Hightechinnovations

    Is this how these half breeds/ monkeys want to run our America???

  • Dandydonnie

    If the Justice dept allowed the states to clean up the voter registration files there would never be a democrat get elected.  The only way most democrats heve been able to win elections is when massive voting fraud is present.  ACORN was the worst of the organized voting fraud groups.

    • Mary

       It still exists under a new name.

  • DAY8293A


  • guest

    Reasons for states to defy the Justice Department:
    1) The Department of Justice is not representing its constituency: American citizens who are alive.
    2) The Department of Justice is seeking to commit a crime
    3) The Department of Justice has no legal and moral grounds for its request.

    I certainly hope Florida and the rest of the states grow a pair and just do the right thing - cleaning up the voter rolls.  It is clear that the Justice Department has become very political and one-sided under this criminal administration.

  • Bartlettharold


  • Mle133

    We must send encouraging words to the Florida AG, to ignore  crooked AG Holder and CONTINUE PURGING THE DEAD VOTERS!!!
    We simply cannot lose this presidential election or we lose our freedom!

  • Tonto

    I heard that Scott told Holder and Co to "fugettaboutit" and that the purge would go on.  Makes sense because it's SOP in most states to go through all the registrations checking for people that moved from the area, died etc.  We had letters come to the house here in Tennessee about this and a response was required.  At the elections here, it's also SOP to show a picture ID as well.

  • Mike Aquila

    Why does the American public find it so hard to understand. Our gvernment has been hijacked by con-men and criminals, and the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have allowed them to continue on, without rightfully removing them from office. They have placed their petty wants and needs above those of the American People, as a whole, and can only be termed traitors! Yet, what are we doing about it. What is the rest of Congress doing about it? Nothing!

    • Buman321

       Not exactly Mike.  I have quite a number of people who are ready to vote this administration out and working hard to eliminate one member of the Senate that represents us. This Senator had a 11 point lead over any Republican contender just a few weeks ago and the tide is beginning to turn. This Obama lover is about to be retired. His vote was one of the critical ones in deciding whether the Health Care Law passed and he also contributed to parts of the bill. I believe the new Senator from Florida will be Connie Mack. Remember, the media said the recall of the Governor or Wisconsin would be very close and look what happened. Expect that same result in Florida.

      All I did was tell it like it is and asked those people I know across the United States to spread the word to others with the information given to them and it has snowballed. If everyone on this blog did the same, this election could turn into a landslide. People just don't have any idea how bad things will become if Obama wins another term. The question is though, given what the Democrat Party is saying now, will he even be the nominee and will Hillary become their standard bearer for the November 2012 election? This is no joke as rumors are flying about this and her own husband seems to be pushing this as well as he is well aware of what another four years of Obama will do to this country.

  • Mysnt

    If you tell the DOJ that most of the registered dead voters are Republicans & Conservatives. He'll come down here and purge it himself.

  • pbrown85355

    All states need to clean the dead and illegals from voter rolls regardless of what the DOJ says. Tell the DOJ to take a hike and clean the rolls anyway. Why listen to the DOJ, the DOJ doesn't listen to Congress. All States, go ahead and clean the rolls. 

    • Mary

       I second that. Clean the rolls otherwise the dead votes will be counted and the illegals will vote.
      Screw the DOJ. It's been over run by criminals. We really need to get DC in order. The level of corruption surpasses anything we've ever encountered in the history of this once great country.

  • man_wolf

    These Treasonous Rat Bastards have no more authority than what we the people grant them to have! That NONE of these elected (so-called) Representatives do ANYTHING substantive beyond their non-productive vernacular of non-ceasing meaningless lip service with no results to show for so much expended hot air, should demonstrate we no longer have a representative Government! Our entire political establishment is a travesty beyond disgrace!

  • Silas Longshot

    Well, hello, DUH! This has been the staple of the democrat party probably since the days of LBJ, for sure. Without widespread fraud, 0bama's chances for round 2 are greatly diminished. To Florida and all other states attempting to make voting clean up, I say give the Chicago thugs, both of them at the top, the uni-digit salute, the fickle finger of fate, the highway hi-there, the bird or whatever else your favorite term is for our favorite visual clue of current displeasure with their actions. Holder's actions are nothing less than unconstitutional overstepping of the powers he thinks he has.
    click the name.

  • William G Munson

     We need to do away with al the DOJ if they are not for truth! as the Law is for then we need to get rid of them and their transparency!    WHAT A JOKE

  • majorl3

    This is the democrats way, any means to an end ,just get it done Sal Alinsky taught them well, then of course they added the Cloward and Piven system to it, welcome to Babylon

  • PPTA

    I wonder how the frauds can look in he mirror at themselves. People like Holder. They have no morals or honesty in them at all.

  • Shrtwv_lstnr

    1. TruNews with Rick Wiles.
    2. The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    3. When voting, listen to your conscience.
    4. Remember that Obama is our enemy.

  • Dpdunlap

    one can't help but wonder if Detzner isn't just trying to cover his tracks. Why wasn't it done BEFORE THE FRICKEN PRIMARIES????? DUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Sharon Brooks

    Why? Why would the DOJ want to stop Fla. or any state from removing people who have "passed on"?

  • AL, Orange Park, FL

    hmmmmmm imagine that

  • Flyrodroger

    Another thug and racist from chicago.

  • JOHN

    I agree with you Flyodroger, another piece of racist crap from chicago.

  • ironman

    F U C  you CRIMINAL HOLDER! Fast and Furious hopefully will get you in a PRISON SUIT soon. You would look great in PINK, working for Sheriff ARPAIO!

  • Perxigon

    Put Holder in detention until he can be brought  to trial in criminal court for crimes against America ,and other acts of treason. In the meantime purge all voting records,and pass voter i.d. for every American citizen, with no exceptions.

  • regina

    I feel like every day in these times is like living in an episode of "The Twilight Zone."  Up is down & down is up.  The kinds of things that are happening would seem like a joke if they weren't our reallife nightmare!  What is beyond me is how ANYONE could get behind these people, government check or not!  Even a moron can see this level of deception and dishonesty is the fast track to destruction.

  • Dino

    The media is covering for Holder by underreporting the story. The more states clean the roles and use voter ID the louder the DOJ will get and the less the media can ignore it. The DOJ will have to defend their motives; which are indefencable.

  • Dpdunlap

    Don't be distracted by all the partisan mudslinging. Both sides are crooked as hell and the sooner we recognize that and start dealing with politicians one by one, regardless of affiliation, the better off we will be. Crooked criminal behavior should result in impeachment and imprisonment. The issue is one of sovereignty and citizen selection of our representatives. Foreign nationals shouldn't have anymore say in who our president is than the King of Saudi Arabia or the Queen of England. I think this whole issue is to distract us from the real issue at hand in the Florida elections process, and that is the fact that there haven't been any reliable results out of Florida for 2 decades (or more)!! NO MORE COMPUTER COUNTED VOTES IN ANY STATES!!!!! Paper ballots counted and verified by Americans!!! Not by computer programs specifically written to tip the vote 49-51% in favor of "the chosen one". Not by a Spanish accounting firm, and SURE AS HELL not oned owned by George Soros or any other self declared pupetteer!!! Wake up people...... 

  • dondh

    It figures!  This guy is doing his best to illegally make it possible for odumbo to win another term in office in order to save his butt!  This is absolutely wrong and almost criminal!  Not only does odumbo need to be IMPEACHED,  THE DOJ NEEDS TO FOLLOW IN IMPEACHMENT OR BE ARRESTED AND PUT IN JAIL!  THIS IS JUST NOT RIGHT BY ANY MEANS!

  • Chosenrescue82

    Remind me again why he  (Holder)  and our Fraud of a President still have an office in Washington D.C.  Why don't we just send in the Army's 1st Cav Div and those Elite Special Forces who do such great work, some night after 10PM, help the occupants pack, and have a military convoy escort them to the nearest Port to physically help them Board a Private Cruise Ship headed to some classified destination.  We don't want their Host Country to know they are coming for fear they will be rejected.  I hear Guantánamo Bay has some vacancies.  Then and only then will there be free, honest elections.   


    A man like Holder who's own identity was stolen to prove to him how easy it was to injure the integrity of the one vote one man right and who took the DOJ to WI to  ensure fraud would be protected....he does not want FL to protect the right to vote freely, openly and without compromise...

  • AfricanWarrior

    This not a Voter ID issue, that issue was settled when a bi-partisan 6-3 decision by the SCOTUS ruled Voter IDs where Constitutional. This was later reaffirmed in the 2008 elections, which showed not only did Blacks, the Elderly, and Disabled actually turned out in larger numbers than usual, also revealed that the only issue regarding racism as an indicator came in the form of minorities found no problem with the voting when the candidate was of their own or preferred race.The Liberal Democrats lost the Voter ID issue in the case involving the nation’s most stringent of all voter ID laws when the higher court precedents were set under Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, 553 U.S. 181 (2008), is a United States Supreme Court case holding that an Indiana law requiring voters to provide photo IDs did not violate the Constitution of the United States. In addition, all of the justices cited the 21 member bi-partisan committee, headed by Jimmy Carter that found Voter IDs were a necessity to maintaining the integrity of the voting process.All they are attempting to do now is come through the backdoor by decrying Voter Suppression ad violation of the Voting Act, which they can only succeed at if the supporters for role purging expose their own “Voter Suppression Scandals from 2008.The Florida purging issue can be easily remedied by simply excluding the purge from being enforced until the November ballot, and the only way the ID can become an issue is if the IDs are not made available at any charge.The only question we must demand an answer to, is where are the cries of hypocrisy in their regards to this corrupt Attorney General failure to act on the blatant violation of the Voters Act, by suppression of 4million voters rights that allowed his candidate to steal the 2008 Democratic nomination? Not to mention millions more where the DNC nullified votes of Democrats by refusing to seat their states delegates. This was not suppression perpetrated by the state of Florida or the Republicans; it was vote suppression by a dictatorial political faction.This Attorney General would not know what true Justice was if it smacked up side his bigoted head. If anyone needs to be prosecuted by the USDOJ, it is Eric Holder himself!MIAMI – In a federal lawsuit to be filed tomorrow, Senator Bill Nelson of Florida will accuse the Democratic National Committee of violating the constitutional rights of 4 million state voters by refusing to seat its Democratic delegates at the party’s presidential convention.The suit also accuses the committee of violating a section of the Voting Rights Act that protects voters from racial discrimination. Mr. Nelson will file the suit with Representative Alcee L. Hastings, according to a draft obtained by The Times.The draft of the lawsuit describes the decision not to seat Florida’s delegates as a “monumental irony” given that after the 2000 presidential recount, “Democrats here and around the country have made continued efforts to assure that every vote counts.”The suit, to be filed in Federal District Court in the Northern District of Florida, asserts the committee is depriving voters of equal protection rights by “committing substantial acts of geography-based disenfranchisement.”In addition, the suit says the committee’s decision to sanction Florida will disproportionately affect black voters, most of whom are Democrats, thereby violating the Voting Rights Act.”This the very same Alcee L Hastings decrying the letters sent out by the highly controversial Broward Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda C. Snipes who allowed both an international monitors of a religious order and the NAACP an organization with a purely racist agenda to enter and sport colors of their organizations in the polling places in the 2008 elections.Where were and still are the cries for justice in this most egregious act of suppression in our nation’s history? How can we stand hypocritically in opposition to what are minor acts in comparison, and not renew our demands for equal justice for the crimes committed by the DNC in 2008? What ever happened to the call “That injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere”? I do not recall an expiration date, or any element with-in our society being excluded from such an application based on the struggle for equality that gave birth to it. Ironically, when Dr. King spoke those words nearly a half century ago they were directed primarily at the Democratic Party, and if he were to speak them today that would most surely be to whom he would primarily direct them again.There can be no more despicable means by which to suppress the vote of a lawful citizen, than to allow it to be suppressed by the unlawful casting of another. Such tactics are those utilized throughout the “Jim Crow Era” to suppress the votes of minorities, and now we have Attorney General Holder seeking to resurrect such a means of oppression today, and somehow that is not to be deemed as just plain WRONG and EQUALLY CRIMINAL as “Jim Crow” was found to be then? 

  • AfricanWarrior

    I'm not sure why my post was formated in such a way, but I apologize in advance for it was not intended.

  • Dwilliams080359

    Florida- please tell him to go to hell- he has no jurisdiction there.

  • Pathos 11

    Our hi jacked government has been compromised for some time and cannot be concealed any longer by the criminal traitors who in clever disguise as being good old boys being voted into office by the conned hypnotized constituents who are finally waking up.  Every facet of government is now reading off the same page under the auspices of the UN and NATO who are dragging our nation at break neck speed into the New World Order.  

    The only remedy to kill this political cancer is the one used in 1776, the potential for losing is always there, but we will give them a hell of a fight by those who remember freedom and liberty and wish to retain them.  Obama's 923 executive orders are mind boggling and the majority of citizens hardly know about only three of them.  These orders are purposely being hidden from the public until they are needed for civil unrest and monetary changes in the near future.  

  • Katchaturian

    The DOJ is infested with lawyers.

    • DDT


  • aurora9

    All of our states should ban together to fight this injustice.  Just do what Holder is doing with Fast and Furious,  stonewalling.

    • DDT

      BO HAS TO GO


    THE DOJ Has Absolutely No Right to order The State of Florida not to clean it's rolls. GET A BACKBONE FLORIDA and DO YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY.

    • Emily

      The problem is that they are threatening people with their lives, literally as we have seen many who disobayed reported dead shortly thereafter. Talk about Chicago politics, Chicago tactics!!
      WE THE PEOPLE need to make a visit to Washington.

      • Dpdunlap

        WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE who have been threatened then reported dead shortly after? and WHO ARE THE PEOPLE who threatened them? You can't just say stuff like that if you can't back it. It totally destroys any and all credibility for your argument.

    • Bev46

      All our states should do their duty and clean up this mess.  I find it so hard to believe that one person has that much control over our God given right to vote honestly.It has to stop, I fear for my country.

  • Col

    It's way past time to make this arrogant person unemployed.  This is absolutely most crooked thing anyone who was appointed by Obama has done.  Does he think he is God?  Apparently he does. Instead of this man telling us what we can do and not do, he should be in prison. He has commited crimes that are unbelievable. What's more unbelievable is that he like his boss Obama do the illegal things they have done and no one does anything about it.  Is everyone in the house and senate getting paid off or what? That's the way it seems to me.  These people are destroying this country and they have been given free reign to do it.  What is wrong with you people? You are an American. You are not Obama's slaves.  Are you going to let them lead you to the slaughter house like a bunch of meek sheep or are you going to fight for yourselves and your country. You better fight or you are going to be living in a country that will be totally unreconizable. Your children and grand children will live in a country ruled by a dictator. They will not have the freedom and rights we have had for our entire life.  You better vote this year and don't vote for Obama. If you do, it will be the last time you have the right to vote.  I have five grandchildren. The thought of what kind of country they will be living in with Obama as the dictator scares me to death.

    • Dpdunlap

      I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say, with one point to add. "It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes." (Josef Stalin)

  • tionico

    Holder cites the 1963 or so Civil Rights Voting Ace, which was passed to end discrimination against VOTERS. Sorry, Mr. Holder, perhaps you failed to get the memo, or perhaps, being a product of our government schhos, you are not capable of reading said memo.. dead people are NOT voters. Nor are illegal aliens. Frlirida shod continue to remove illegal registrations from their lists. Remove them completely, so there is no recovery porribble. Stand up to this tyrannical dictator and do what you need to do to protect the integrity of the election process in your state. THAt is what you are charged to do by your ofice. 

    Tell Holder to take a hike.. preferably a long one, on one of your short Florida piers.....

  • Dale

    Keep up the good work Florida.

  • Dale

    Obama is a fine example that proves that you cannot have niqqers in charge.

  • Mikespringer2010

    The only way these crooks can win in November is by voter fraud.  All states should use what ever means necessary to clean up their lists of legal voters.  We need to Email Issa and tell him we are 100% behind him concerning the Holder investigation.

  • Tjw6969

    how bout arresting holder for treason!!!!!! convict him in his own court with conservatives on it, then HANG HIM IN PUBLIC or ON T.V.  along with his boss, obama and monkey wife!!!!!

  • Emily

    This guy HAS GOT TO GO!! So "in our faces", it's just sickening!!!!!!!

  • Spiveycb

    Where I vote in Kentucky, I first have to go to an assigned precinct.  Then I have to show my drivers license, which has my picture . Then they find my name in a book and I have to sign my name that I have voted.  So How can dead people and illegals vote if they had to go through all that????

    • pinballwizard

      You need to learn how to vote "Chicago style"...ever hear of an absentee ballot? Ever hear of a prefilled ballot? John Kennedy was elected by the democrat machine by having ballots prefilled and added to the count. It was done then and they have been doing it ever since. How could Al Franken miracuously win when there were more votes in one county than there were registered voters? You goin ta play wid da big boys, learn da game...da Bears.

  • jerry

    florida has to ignore the holders and the feds, just do it, holder is not going to go to fla to check the list!

  • rowley

    Y do U think DOJ is backing voter fraud and promoting illegal, third world dictatorship, elections rigged by the Greed for power Regimes in control?

  • Howard5283

    Florida, ignore Holder's request and keep irradicating non voters rolls. Holder is incontempt of the law and should be immediately jailed and removed immediately for his multiple disrespect for the law.  Obama should be prosicuted and removed from office for allowing Holder and instructing missuse of the laws being being broken. America "WAKE UP" get rid of Government law breakers and stand up for the Constitution Of The United States and get rid of criminal behavior.

  • Justice

    States doing the right thing should ignore the federal orders that are clearly criminal in intent.  Makes one wonder though, who was it in Florida that squealed to the DOJ that this was going on.  Florida could as an alternative simply make lists of those that are dead but still registered, and use that when people come to vote, in addition to their normal process.  Compare ID's to the "dead" list and arrest those attempting to vote fraudulently.  It is amazing to me that Holder can get away with this without being arrested.  America obviously is already living in fear of its own government.  Our founding fathers set up our government with checks and balances to prevent this, such that the government (theoretically) should be somewhat in fear of the people (afraid to do wrong).  Interesting that the DOJ does not understand what "justice" means.  The ONLY possible reason to leave dead people on the voter rolls is to attempt to use them to illegally swing an election.  As I said, arrests should happen, to those  that do it, or order it done.

  • Hollie2009ad

    Now, if all of these "voters" were clearly not "Democrats", the list would have been purged. No double standard here, is there?   +JMJ+

  • Bud_burt

    The dems have been doing this for years, that is why they jumped up and down over the Fla. votes during the Bush/Gore elecction accusing the pubs of cheating, probably to cover or hide illegal activity. John McCain found voter fraud in some northern states of registered dead folks casting bakllots, not just a few but thousands of illegally cast votes. bud

  • crowtoe

    And how many FL votes finally decided the Bush-Gore mess?  Fewer than 1000 I'm pretty sure.  How do think  119% of registered voters managed to vote in Madison in the WI election last week?

  • sparkinu

    This is weirder than a three headed cat. Why would dead people and illegals stay on our REGISTERED VOTER LISTS? Can anyone say fraud and lies? Come on America we are better than this !!!!!!!!! TAX REFORM NOW !!!!!!!

    • Dpdunlap

      ummm.....dont u mean elections reform?

  • sickntired

    Plain and simple, its all about votes.   Liberals will pay skidrow junkies and alcoholics to register to vote and drive them to the polls when the time comes!   

  • Dberkhoel

    If the current admidistration get's away with this, GOD , HELP THIS FREDOM LOVING COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!

  • Derek Schneider

    The Federal Government has no jurisdiction in this matter.  The states control their own electorate and registered voter rolls.  For Holder to LEGALLY do anything, I would think he would need to sue, show just cause, and get an injunction until trial.  Of course he has no just cause for purging dead people from the lists...and legality is opf no consequence to him...he has not followed the law during his tenure as AG why start now?

  • StephenFR

    What I  find most interesting is that while at the Dentist today they had on MSNBC. They were reporting on how prejudice Rick Scott is, and that this was an entirely illegal action on the part of the state of Florida. Then they continued by stating that they had only found about 100 people who were either dead or illegally registered. Wow. A whole lot smells like government sponsored media at MSNBC.

    First, I know Rick Scott. I happen to live in Naples. While I have on occasion questioned his ethics, to his face no less, I have never seen him do anything that would suggest that there was any racial bias in what he did. The second part is that MSNBC is screaming bloody murder over what they purport to be approximately 100 people state wide. Smells a little fishy.

  • mzlavender

    Each state should be in control of their own voter lists, which I'm sure Eric Holder knows very well. Florida must do the right thing and correct their voter lists. Let Holder sue if he wants, because the law is clearly on the side of Florida. Holder "rules" through fear and intimidation, not the rule of law.

  • MyFreedom1776

    And the JackA** is still at it! Holder thinks he just can't be touched! I would be honored to "touch" him and I'm 65, but very physically fit!

    Is there anyone who can tell me why WE, Americans can't get rid of these Socialist idiots out of office?? What ever happened to "if the government gets too big, we MUST (the American people) cut them down" by way of the  Constitution??
     Why are we so afraid of developing a grouping or one UNIT ( No race, religion, Democrat,  Republican or whatever we are) to forced the govern people out of office. And I don't mean a stupid vote!! We must find a way to get these idiots out of office. The U.S.A. can't go on like this.
    I was terrified in Vietnam, but nothing like seeing what our government is doing by tearing us  Americans apart.

    I'm REALLY afraid!!

  • Shirley Moore

    Since Eric Holder is head of the DOJ do you really believe he is going to play by the rules.  If you do then you are very gullible.  He has proven how far he can be trusted.  He should not even  be in office but should have been accountable for his part in Fast and Furious.  Our current president is not about to do that, but rather protect Holder from being prosecuted.  So this news is not at all unexpected.  If the dead people stop voting for Obama, he cannot be re-elected.

  • Colorado Joe

    WE THE PEOPLE must demand that Mr. Holder explain how it is that dead people can vote.  Can he prove to us that he personally saw a dead person walk up to a voting booth and vote?  And what about non citizens.  Mr Holder must explain how it is that a person who is not a legal citizen of this country can vote. Let's stop acting like a bunch of silly wimps who seem to be afraid of our own shadows and DEMAND, DEMAND, DEMAND explanations from whose who are supposed to serve US!

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Easy Colorado Joe!! You'll be tagged RACIST !! You know by now that if you disagree with the king obummer or his commie subjects or his jester(biden) you are a RACIST & terrorist!!LOL You are correct with your comment and I could'nt agree with you  more. However this administration has more moves than Bruce Lee when it comes to dodging the truth and taking responsibility. Of course this all comes from "THE ENTITLEMENT MINDSET" That libertards have. I wish my great state of Georgia would man-up and purge our voters list, I would really like to see other states follow Floridas lead on this, the feds can't sue every state that purges their list! GOD BLESS & WAKE UP  AMERICA!!

  • gnafuasusual

    How does Holder do this when he is on his way out! More proof that DOJ Holder is not a good choice for the American People. Florida should take control and keep sorting out voters regardless of what Holder is telling them.

  • JC in SC

    How else can Odumbo get elected without the votes of illegal aliens and dead people?

  • MadmaxUSA

    I've read or heard in mainstream media accounts that there is "no evidence" that votes by dead or illegals is a significant problem in elections. That prermise, if you accept it, seems to support the State of Florida's plans to purge it's rolls of dead and illegal voters.

  • biloak71

    The first comment here is correct; the Obama administration's actions are mind-boggling. Forgive my naivete, but the whole report sounds preposterous. Illegal, unethical, anti-American actions being taken and dictated in plain sight, and with impunity. How is this possible? No outrage? I don't remember ceding these kinds of sweeping powers to the gov't; no yet, anyway - but coming. How does a dead or illegal person vote? By forgery! Last time I looked, that's a pretty serious crime, as is being complicit to a crime. Tell me how this voting business can happen. If this scenario is true, then jail - big, thickly barred jail cells, and nothing less for those responsible - HOLDER, et al! It's been said a thousand times: enough is enough!

  • Joan C

    If he is so concerned about disenfranchising people by making them produce an ID to vote,which he claims many poor do not have. I guess no poor people were allowed in to attend Mrs Obama's book signing in DC on June 12, 2012. An photo ID card and a Social Security no was a necessity for the event,as well as a series of steps. The first requirement,on June 9, was to purchase the book,show a Secret Service agent your Photo ID and give your Social security number, then in return the officer would give you a receipt for the book and a pink bracelet. On June 12, return to the store,show your credentials and your receipt to a the officer,before being allowed in to the signing. Wow- :"All this for a book signing ." {Sound familiar}? No ID needed to vote, but jump thru hoops to buy a book?? What's wrong with this picture Holder is looking out for people being denied to vote due to no ID, so what's his story on this? Sure she needed protection, no denying that, but how about protecting US citizens right to have a Clean election for a change?

  • CJ

    OBAMA is protecting his AG Holder. Simple as that!

  • dondehoff

    Bottom line; It is OK to be a Democrat or a Republican and support those conceipts in which each party believes, but our President is not and has not ever been a bonafide Democrat, any more than Dr. Ron Paul is or has been a Republican. And the major issues involved rise well above party line and the future of this great country is at stake. Our President has a clear socialist and Islamist bent in everything he does and he cares not what either party thinks or believes. As for Dr. Paul, a pefectly nice guy with some very good ideas, he, at best, will end up taking 5-10 percent of the Republican votes which just might be enough to keep our President in office----that is tantamount to shooting one's self in the foot, or at least being an inadvertent Democratic supporter.

  • dondehoff

    The individual states should be responsible for the monitoring, tallying and maintaining of records for their own elections and not have to rely upon any federal data or help. The feds (FEC) should be reponsible for just the collection and tallying of the seperate states activites. No contract outsider monitors, vote counters or handling of voting materials, should be allowed, Also, all such state voting materials should be maintained within the state until at least the next election cycle has been conducted, recorded and approved. These state rules should be implimented before the coming November elections

  • deena01

    Pretty sad that the only way someone can win an election is by asking our dead to rise up and vote.

  • minni

    Bill Clinton was threatened bk in 2008 with his daughter, there is a good chance that this happen maybe in the HOUSE. does anyone know that for certain. DOJ believes in "the walking dead" I hope they will keep on purging all the data that was suppose to be purged back when. Can u say corruption,.

  • blairblaster3

    the dead vote democrat. didn't you know that already?

  • Meryann

    This is what got Obama elected in 2008, they think we are stupid.
    Vote early and often.

  • Cafe con Leche GOP

    This is the same administration that has no problem refusing to recognize citizenship of Latinos birthed in the U.S. by midwives, forcing them to spend $5-15,000 defending their citizenship in federal court.

  • DSmith6605

    Just think after I die I can still vote LOL

  • DSmith6605

    If they purge those illegal voters then Obama won't be able to vote for him self.

  • DSmith6605

    All 50 States should follow Florida and Remove Dead People and illegal Foreigners From Registered Voter Lists they have no right to vote whats so hard about that Obama, Holder and all the rest of there Chicago gangsters can move to China if they don't like it.Or was that by Obamas count all 57 states.

  • Supercoolguy

    America GET READY - COMMUNISM is here... Only in Communist countries the dictator (Obama) rules by presidential decree (as he did by giving amnesty to illegals bypassing Congress and all the other judiciary branches). You wanted CHANGE - you GOT IT !!!!

  • Linda Dawson

    Eric Holder's day is coming, soon.