Montana High School Cancels Famous Graduation Speaker Because He’s ‘Too Conservative’

I’ve heard of high schools and colleges cancelling graduation speakers because they were too controversial, too liberal or too religious, but this is the first time I’ve heard of one being cancelled for being too conservative.  Ronan High School in Ronan, Montana, had arranged for famed and award winning film producer Gerald Molen, a Montana native to speak at their graduation ceremony.

Molen is best known for his Oscar winning film, Schindler’s List.  He also produced Twister, Rain Man, Days of Thunder, Hook, Minority Report, Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park.  Before becoming a film producer, Molen served in the US Marine Corp.  He says that he is now retired since his 2011 TV movie Beyond the Blackboard and Truth & Treason.

According to Molen, he spent nearly three weeks preparing his address to the students.  He had planned to use Oskar Schindler as the subject of his speech, pointing out Schidler’s courage.  Next he was going to ask them to use their imagination and think of their future lives as a movie and then ask them what they wanted the scripts of their movies to be.  He not planned to talk about anything political whatsoever.

However, after driving an hour and half to reach the school, Molen was informed by Tom Stack, the principal at Ronan High School that he would not be allowed to address the students.  Molen said that Stack told him that because he was a right-winged conservative and that he had received some phone calls from parents concerned about what Molen might say to their kids.

Molen wrote an article about what happened for a local Montana newspaper.  After reading it, a number of parents complained to the school and to the school district officials.  Andy Holmlund, superintendent of the school district agree that the outrage expressed by so many parents of Stack cancelling Molen’s speech.  He explained that Stack’s decision was his own and not that of the district and that Stack will be leaving his position as principal in the next few months.

I question whether or not Stack actually received phone calls in advance complaining about Molen’s scheduled appearance or if it was due to his own political views.  If he really had received complaints, the proper thing to do would have contact Molen and ask him what he was going to say.  Then based on Molen’s response, he could have suggested something less political if that was necessary, which in this case it wasn’t it.

If I were the superintendent, I would insist that Stack reimburse Molen out of his own pocket for Molen’s travel and time spent.  Then I would insist on a formal public apology.  Lastly, I would make Stack’s departure early than Stack had planned for violating Molen’s freedom of speech before he had a chance to say anything.



  • DontTreadOnMe11

    And all this time I thought Montana was a bastion of conservatism. Apparently the libs have infiltrated that state too.

    • Furious in TX

      Public school. 'Nuff said.

      • WriteOn

        Is it any wonder the increase in home schooling and private charter schools?

      • dondehoff

        Furious,  you have a problem with public schools? Millions of kids, go to public schools and many move on to do great things. The great majority of the parents  now days cannot afford a private school for their children  and most "home schooling", just does not work--it is a case of the "blind leading the blind". If parents could go the the school board meetings and demand improvement and the firing of those who cannot teach, public school would improve overnight. It is somewhat like bad-mouthing of our constitution. It is not the constitution that is a fault, is those few greedy, corrupt and power-mad individuals that are the problem. Tenure for  teachers should be prohibited,  as all too many "rest on their laurels" after reaching that point--and the very idea of tenure is ludicrous, which is evident in that very few other occupation have such  perks (except for federal judges). The biggest problem affecting children and schools is the breakup and  collapse of the family unit and the many single parents (usually female) who must work, to make ends meet. Most kids today have little or no homework, and spend a great deal of their time in unsupervised  mini-gang related activities  and stay on their cell-phones and computers much of the evenings and night. The number of family units that operate as a family with strict time schedules are far and few between.   

  • Adam Moreira

    Having read other stories on this, including one on the local CBS affiliate, I'm not so sure that Gerald Molen is telling the truth; the principal of the school at the time, Tom Stack, claims a legitimate reason for refusing him entry, and t hat was because the teacher who invited Molen never told Stack of his arrival that morning.

    The story in which Stack makes that claim:

    BTW, the reason Stack claims he received phone calls about Molen's appearance: the school was not able to review the information because it was never sent to Stack for advance review, and he was not able to prepare permission slips for parents; both are standard protocol at Ronan HS.  As such, with the KPAX story in mind, not only does Stack not owe Molen anything more than the apology he gave him at the time, but Molen needs to retract his claim, and the teacher who failed to follow protocol that put Stack in this position should be disciplined. You cannot review information on a moment's matter who it is.

    As for who I do blame - the teacher! And because the stories conflict, I give the benefit of the doubt to the accused. With everyone taking what The Hollywood Reporter said as gospel, however, and with the attitude of people towards what they see as "indoctrination centers", I do believe that my stance will be an unpopular stance. But those people proclaiming Stack guilty...and then saying that Zimmerman is innocent...are guilty of hypocrisy.

    • StanW

      "But those people proclaiming Stack guilty...and then saying that Zimmerman is innocent...are guilty of hypocrisy."

      But you do just the opposite, Adam, so I guess that proves that YOU are a hypocrite as well!

    • RaDonna Marshall

      Since Molen is in a high profile industry, and every agreement is in writing. I would assume he received an official invite on an official letterhead of the school. If he did not, well shame on him. I doubt the teacher would have access to such a letterhead. I am also assuming no speaker was there on just short notice. The students have been deprived of an inspirational speech which is the intent of a commencement speaker.

    • Screeminmeeme

       Adam Moreira....Thanks so  much. Those of us on this blog who are genuine conservatives need to be reminded once in a while what a leftist apologist looks like and how  his mind works. Your comments are are quite revealing and illustrative.
      The man ...whether conservative or liberal.....who had the genius to produce such successful movies as  Rainman,  Shindler's List, and  Minority Report ( all of which teach great values)  ought to have been permitted to address those graduates.

      I have no doubt that his speech would have been inspiring for those young people to hear.   Unfortunately, he was abrubtly disinvited, treated disrespectfully,  and  the  time and effort involved in his prepartion for the event was disregarded. 

      Instead of hearing Molen's inspiring words and personal account of the success that hardwork and dedication can bring.......instead of hearing the story  of Shindler's courage.......instead of exposure to the exemplary life of a (God forbid!) conservative...... the students were taught by their liberally biased principal  how to act discourteously, inconsiderately and downright rudely  toward those with whom they may disagree.   Stack and other school officials/teachers  like him, are the bane of our education system.   
      Stack ought to be the one to reimburse Molen for time and travel, and a public apology  be made.  And the unprincipled principal can't retire soon enough.

      • Adam Moreira

        He was allowed to speak that night, for which he was previously booked. To me, this is on the teacher for not following protocol; had protocol been followed, I have no doubt that Molen would have been allowed to speak during the day.

        I apply the same rules all around; the teacher should have told the principal to expect Molen. As such, I disagree with Stack being required to reimburse Molen; instead, the costs should be borne by the teacher.

        • Dr dbiggs

           Your point is?  You really ought to lay off the drugs because your post are not coherent. Just the facts Jack!!

        • Adam Moreira

          My point is: Molen is lying about why he was turned away. I am allowed to take that position because Stack is the accused, and Molen has the burden of proof, but has not proven beyond reproach that he is telling the truth.

        • dondehoff

          Adam, like the "Zimmerman" case, everyone is spreading hearsay and their own undocumented opinions---and just like the Zimmerman case, neither Mr. Molens nor the principal will get a fair shake.  

    • mesaman

      You presume that this could not be remedied in any other way. What a clown.

      • Adam Moreira

        I actually do not believe that it could be remedied in any other way on a moment's notice.

        • mesaman

          While you probably think you are right, your options are only limited by your creativity and experience.

    • Sniderr

      So you have determined Zimmerman is guilty before his trial.  He probably is guilty by the way he handled the situation, by going after him, but we don't have all the facts. You probably don't want to see the pictures of Travon at now age seventeen with his gold teeth and tattoos in a pose that  saysI',m bad or his rap sheet over the past two years either.I'm glad that Obama said "If he had a son, he would look just like Travon", so we know for sure where his allegiance  lies.

      • Adam Moreira

        No, my stance is: Wait for the trial, and judge by what happens there. The pictures of Trayvon at age 17 are irrelevant, and you do not have a right to that.

        As for a rap sheet, Florida officials said that Trayvon Martin had no criminal record. You are not entitled to your own set of facts. Those demanding to know about it should be turned away by force...and if Zimmerman's attorney tries to bring that up at trial (except for what happened that night), the judge should order O'Mara jailed in contempt of court.

        • dondehoff

          Adam. I seldom get this involved, but your comments are little more than "mental masturbation". You come on as a "guard house lawyer" and know not of what you speak. With your outlook on logic and common sense, I surely would not want you in my jury. And why the continued off-subject dioscussion  of the Zimmerman issue. At this point, due to continued comments such as yours, neither Zimmerman nor Martin are going to be able to get a fair trial. 

      • Dr dbiggs

         The world is a better place since Zimmerman made this thug gang banger a good negro!!

    • JohnHD

      Typical leftist thinking Adam. Talk about hypocrisy. A lying Principal trying to convince people his reason was negative phone calls from parents is obviously a lie. And someone as famous as Molen shuld be wellcomed and allowed to speak regardless of how inconvenient it was. What it is about liberals? Can't they tell the truth?

      • Adam Moreira

        So you have determined the principal to be lying on an incomplete fact set...and you dare to call yourself a conservative?!?!?!?!

        To me, it does not matter how famous one fact, you admit hypocrisy here with this statement: "And someone as famous as Molen shuld be wellcomed and allowed to speak regardless of how inconvenient it was." No, that creates different sets of standards for different people; I do not play that.

        As for Molen, he is the accuser, and as such, he has to prove that Stack made that claim. As such, on two grounds, you are in fact the liberal you claim that I am.

      • Wambowabbitt

        Liberals can not tollerate a differing opinion from their own! It confuses them and causes them stress! They say don't confuse me with the facts "MY MIND IS MADE UP"!

      • dondehoff

        John, just where did you get all of this insight as to who is lying and why Mr. Molen should be allowed to speak?  Neither you nor I know the facts and the rules at the school. 

    • TexasTed

       This article states, this was the Graduation Address and not just some teacher that was not following protocol. Big difference. Sounds like the local lib media is making the excuses.

    • Dr dbiggs

       You need to report back to your handlers to give you some new material.

      You just post the same liboturd talking points demonstrating your stupidity.

      Someday maybe you will get up off your hands and knees and decide to leave your parents basement.

      • Adam Moreira

        If these are "talking points", then you should be able to prove that my claim is false, using indisputable facts.

    • rivahmitch

       I have two problems with your version:
        1. Any competent principal would have either been aware of who the invited speaker for graduation was and/or should have been involved in the selection and/or should have known that no speaker had been selected and taken appropriate action to get one.
        2. I'm not sure what "information" you're discussing but it has not been my experience that local school principals require parental "permission slips" for speakers and, if such slips were required, why was the principal NOT aware before the ceremony that no permission for any speaker had been sought? Exactly what is the principals responsibility for the graduating class and the community?
      I'll also note in passing that I find the process slipshod and the idea of official censorship of a graduation speaker (presumably selected through some process in which the principal either was involved or should have involved himself) objectionable.

      • Adam Moreira

        Easy one to answer: the teacher tried to go over the principal. As for graduation, this was a full 3 weeks before Ronan HS's graduation.

      • Wambowabbitt

        School principals and all administrators have a GOD syndrome attitude! They are not to be questioned on their infalable wisdom on all matters human and fact! That is why they have the position and as for faults they have non! Just ask them and they will tell you !

    • dondehoff

      Adam, you have become part of the problem,  with the hearsay you  put forth. Let the facts come out before any of us make any judgements about Mr. Molen and the Principal. Did you not learn anything from the "Zimmerman" fiasco? And, before you go off, "half cocked", review my post a moment ago. This nation-wide school problem,  goes far beyond  one or two people at each school.

      • Adam Moreira

        The primary problem goes to parents for not doing their job properly---that is, teaching morals, love of learning, and discipline (if I'm reading your last post on your dashboard correctly). Regardless of the schooling, that must be taught in order for schooling to work.

  • Nunya
    • Adam Moreira

      The third bolded paragraph (beginning with "Was it because he was right-wing?") to me is where this discussion should end---right there. Protocol not followed...Stack is innocent, even if it means that Molen got collected in the mess initiated by the teacher. Unfortunate circumstance nevertheless...but even more shameful is that the teacher gets to skate away scot-free.

  • nancymiller

    It think the remark that "
    Stack reimburse Molen out of his own pocket for Molen’s travel and time spent" is an excellent idea.  I am so tired of people who are just part of the herd and not informed, thinking that they have more rights than others.

    • mesaman

      You've said what needs to be said. The only other reaction I would have is that his Montana credential should be revoked so they don't have to suffer his presence in the educational system in the future.

    • Wambowabbitt

      Liberals will agree that all are equal, but they are just "MORE EQUAL" than you or I!

  • Sniderr

    This is another example of the far left liberals that think they are the only ones right and cry for tolerance constantly, when they are the least tolerant of all.  He should be fired on the spot and part of his retirement revoked. To say to someone they are a "far right" conservative, just because he is a conservative and fought for his country and not have a clue what he had planned to say, is the height of arrogance .

    I'm sure the good gun carrying people of Montana don't agree with this imbecile.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Seems I recall traveling by car (some years back) through Montana and seeing a billboard that literally had me laughing hysterically while at the wheel. The billboard said, simply: "RUSH IS TOO LIBERAL!"

    I think it's safe to say the owner of that billboard was not Mr. Stack..........

    • A Real American

      Perhaps you forget that public schools across America are controlled by the education unions.

      • Nadine

        Time to change that & that's why there is more & more Home tutoring!

  • Rockyventi

    Time to stand up America!! Let's get on these worthless school administrators and run them back to russia where they belong. There is no place in America for idiots like this. All these schools do is "see one, do one, train one!"
    Collectively they don't have the brains to make one good American Conservative. Thanks Molen...we love you!

    • Wambowabbitt

      WE would have to sweeten the pot, so lets send them to Russia and throw in California and New York!

  • geraldesmith

    I suspect that if Stack received any calls they were from left wing operatives whose methods for trying to silence conservatives come right out of Rules for Radicals. These George Soros goons are tireless in their efforts to  interrupt or shut down conservative speakers at any venue. We can have too much free speech you know, especially if the speaker's ideas are at odds with the communists/socialists/marxists/environmental whackos.

    • Wambowabbitt

      George Soros, can you believe there is still such a demented individual alive now in the 21st century? He has to even hate himself!  To what gain does this crooked little man hope for? Medically he could probably be declared insane!

  • elton123

    Students --- don't go or just walk out of the auditorium.  This is a prime example of just a few people destroying it for everyone else.

  • Gary

    Where are the parents???___GB

  • texaslady

    I am so sick of the attack on good Americans by liberal puke.  This jerk Stack is just another idiot along with the pin head principal in NY.  These two deserve each other and should go to Russia.  Good riddance.

    • Nadine

      BOY OH got that right!! If I were the parents I'd be up in arms! This PC crap is just that CRAP!!  They are such hypocrits...these kids need the choice to hear who they want!!

      • Wambowabbitt

        All these kids have computers, everything they ever wanted to know, everything the teachers should know in on the web,take a little time to learn! If you took 1 hour a day on a particular subject for one year you would be the worlds foremost authority on that subject!

  • CJ

    Freedom of speech is not dead in America!  Conservative views are usually good & wholesome ones.

    Maybe the kids would have learned a thing or two on what is right in our Country!

    • Wambowabbitt

      A thing called pro and con, two differing opinions then you decide which you believe and that is called leaning! One opinion is totally indocrination!

  • A Real American

    Political Correctness run amuck.  This also demonstrates how the politically controlled government's Department of Education is controlled by unions and must be well as all public unions.  And we thought that Montana was pretty much all Constitutional conservatives in practice.

    • Fort Worth Yankee

      Most of Montana is conservitive.  But the Hollywood crowd, unfortunately found it.  Some moderate must have pointed it out on a map for them, because they were to stupid to find it on thier own.  The teacher's unions must be so proud of Stack for denying someone their right to speak, and their right of freedom of speech.  I agree, Stack should be made to reemburse Molen.

      Somehow, I doubt Stack will be gone "in a few months".  Why isn't he gone now?  Where is he going?  Did he get promoted within the school district?  This comment from Holmlund, superintendent of the school district, sounds more like a wet noodle response than any action taken against Stack.  Is Holmlund just hoping this will all "blow over" in a few months and everyone will have forgotten about it?  A few months a new school year will begin.  Is that the time to replace the high school principal?

  • Conservative Granny

    Good information, but please proofread your writing. Numerous mistakes may turn off some people.

    • Sandra Schools

       Granny - I am also a Granny and a Great Granny who is a writer. I do not however hold it against people because they make a few mistakes if their piece is easily understood and to the point. To dismiss  a serious trend in our country just because you have to have perfection in the way it is written causes me to turn you off.

      • Rebecca

        It was not 'a few'  mistakes. Notice the word 'numerous'.

  • Dr dbiggs

    Just shows that the liboturd cess pool is everywhere.

  • Lerojist

    So what was the principal so afraid of?  What could Molen said that is so bad?  

    Our public school system itself is nothing more than a brainwashing, indoctrination to the communist one world government system.  Parents should think more about that.  The BEAST has arrived.

    • Adam Moreira may have been a protocol issue. To allow Molen an exception on short notice would send a message to me that celebrities have special privileges that the rest of us do not.

      • Lerojist

        What are you talking about? What is the school afraid of? The parents afraid of?

  • jmsmaxwell

    Scared the hell out of the liberals that live up there.  Some of the were afraid that their kids would wake up
    and realize that thy has been fed a Socilist and Liberal line of CA CA by the teachers who were all Socialist
    and communist who want to destroy our nation by corrupting the minds of our children.  They know the lies
    would become apparent and they could not stand the light of day shined upon them.

    • eastsidehunky

       just an FYI, for the non-ethnic's spelled kaka....caca would be pronounced as "tsa-tsa" by the Slavic tribes that invented the word kaka...

  • Samtman

    Gerald Molen produces movies to make money, not state a political or moral view. No doubt he is a  virulent anti Obama right wing over the top TP Republican, the reason Principlel Ronan diss invited him is that he read some of the speeches made  by Gerqald Molen in the past at High SChool graduations that  were extermely polical and that did  not belong at a High School graduation speech.  It should be noted that Molen is currently working on book to be released before the October election called "Roots of Obamas Rage"  no doubt he will be promoting this book anywhere he speaks. If I was Presiedent Obama I too would be enraged what the last administration has done to this country.  A  new report came out this morning from IRS that the average family lost 50% of its net worth during the great recession.  Although, people who have IRA's, 401 K's and own stocks got everything back plus 10% in the last 3 years under the Obama administration, becasue the privat corporate sector is doing  just fine by redcucing labor cost and puching more work on its workers, but not  paying them any more for being more productive and threaten them with dismissal if they don't conform.

    • Rebecca

      Too bad you didn't take advantage of the education to which you were exposed.

      • Wambowabbitt

        Perhaps he did! HUH!

    • OU812

      to samtman:
      You are an idiot, the mess left by the last admin was totally due to dumocrats taking over the senate in2009 & your master obamalama-ding-dong was in the very senate that refused to do anything about the housing crisis.  And I would love to see your 401K statements(if you have any) with that 50 plus % being returned in the last 3 years.  What planet r u living on!!!  ABO 2012!!!!!

      • Samtman

        I have a nice one that I have been  saving for since I was 26 years old, I'm now 74 and still working in my business.  Go on line and check your facts sometime.

    • nmleon

      That 50% was largely due to the loss of equity in housing. Not only has it NOT been returned in the last three years, depending on where your property is you may not have seen the bottom yet. Thank you Dems and the CRA.

      You exhibit a typical liberal lack of knowledge about anything having to do with economics.

    • ChipT

      Samtman does not know hat he is talking about and is drinking the Obama coolaid.  I still have to make more than $70,000.00 on my 401K  just to be back even with where it was before the economy went into the tank.

    • Beadsie


      • Dan

        you should learn to spell. Especially: GOVERNMENT

        • Wambowabbitt


    • Howdyrl

       Hey, you missed today's report.  Americans have lost about  50% of their wealth in the past 3 years.  Bush's fault?

    • RobfromVA

      Give Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and the other liberal democrats their due. They caused the greatest recession since the depression by socializing housing by forcing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to back sub-prime loans for anyone who could breath! During that period of time, home prices escalated faster than anytime in history!  The loss you speak of came from loss of value on those homes when those who should never have gotten a loan defaulted. Housing prices merely corrected to what they would of been had your friends Barney, Maxine and Chris not created another form of welfare!

      When will you guys ever accept the fact that Obama now owns the current mess our country is in? He has added 5 trillion to it's debt! Bush, although a big spender,  has been gone 3 1/2 years.. give it up!

    • Wambowabbitt

      Where did you get your numbers? Americans wealth dropped by 40% under Obama Sama Bin Ladin!

  • eastsidehunky

    Typical liberal left wing hypocrisy and censorship...they always accuse others of exactly what they are and what they do: intolerance for other points of view, bigotry, pettiness, totalitarian handling of the stupid, know nothing local yokels.

    • F8tul

       Libturds have to be that way, for they have NOT any answer that would defend their "position" in life and politics.. .They need to allow other people to speak and hear the truth for what it is... the truth... instead of indoctrinating the students and have nothing from the other side.. or pro business and Patriotic Americans...

  • Mike Aquila

    Stack would probably prefer a speaker like Vladamere Putin. Why do we allow anti-Americans to continue to influence the flower of our youth, especially when they are a captive audience? Hey Stack, show your true colors and be really brave; when it comes time for that American school system to pay your salary, shun them and refuse to accept that filthy American dollar. Make a real statement!

  • flaphil

    Everyone attacks just the school boards, but  the teachers are just as bad, maybe worse. They're big union members, cry babies and evidently not smart enough to teach anything but liberal social issues. That's why the system of public education has gone down hill for many decades. Our schools are a joke worldwide.

    • RobfromVA

       My wife teaches and doesn't belong to a union. She has a masters degree and could make 3 times what she makes teaching in the private sector.  Please don't put all teachers in the same category!

      • TRIDNTRU

        Agree, the teachers do not have a chance to teach. The parents are to blame for the lack of discipline they provide for their children and then the teschers are expected to direct a three ring circus.

      • Wambowabbitt

        That is exactly the type teacher that needs to be set up in a building with others like her and have home schooling on steroids!

    • Wambowabbitt


  • Jpac40

    He looks like a Stack of poo poo

  • Newjud you think he might have had something to say about Schindler's List?  Do you suppose teachers at that school were teaching that the Holocaust didn't happen?  Very sad to think that it is truly happening across our nation in public schools today...just like the "big bang theory" is taught too.  Who is the father of lies?  That's who leading our country today, but thank goodness it too will be done away with when Christ returns.  Truth and goodness always wins even when it seems like it never will.  This passage has carried me over rough times and still does today.  "Be still, and know that I am God." Palms 46:10

    • Howdyrl

       Politics is a belief system, and depends on a person's point of view.  I do agree that this idiot Stark should have been cashiered on the spot for his bias.   However, it is interesting that you referred to the big bang theory.   Science developed this theory decades ago, and has continued to expand the theory and prove more and more about it.   It is not belief, it is science and can be proven to exist and physicists continue to study and improve their understanding of  constituent portions of the theory.  Science is REAL, beliefs may or may not be.  As a Christian I hold certain beliefs, maybe not the same Christian beliefs as other sects, but they are my beliefs.  As scientist I need facts and truths, and while parts of theories may still be unproven, many parts may be.  I have taken the chance of confusing you with facts, however, I fear your mind is already made up about the big bang.

      • TRIDNTRU

        Science is the ability to ignore those facts that disprove the theory and to repeat over and over again a theory until it is accepted as fact.

      • Hollie2009ad

        Howdyrl: The so-called "big bang" is just a lot of nonsense started with the help of the devil, and as a result, it is so full of lies, and of course, there has NOT BEEN ONE SINGLE FACT to prove it; and as it being called science, this shows that it is just a big lie and that it is truly 'science-fiction'. Tridntru hit the nail on the head. +JMJ+

  • A502cc

    I have no way of saying how I feel. I would think that a principal in Montana would have some class. Not like the left wing pink "O" principal here in Brooklyn. They seem to have problems loving our country and make up lame brain excuses about conservative songs and speakers. I bet if Jane Fonda ( Hanoi Jane)
    would speak the principals would roll out the carpet for her...oh maybe it is because Turner owns a lot of property there??????

  • Jim

    People like this principal have no business in the education of our children.  They are a disgrace to the profession.

  • James

    Yeah?  Well who canceled him?

  • callbarnabas

    Isn't it funny how "freedom of speech" only applies to those who agree with the Left?  Where are the sons of Liberty today?  Who will rise to the challenge and take our country back?

  • Richard

    Tom Stack should and deserves to be fired. Shame, shame on Ronan HIgh School and the town of Ronan iin the great state of Montana. Why do the school systems continue to allow idiots like this guy to educate our youth? 

    • Wambowabbitt

      Good morning, I be yo nu teacher, axe me sumpin cause I be know he be do! Got dat edumycashun dat I want all you'ins to get! I know dat rite! Teachers must be smarter that those they are trying to teach! In a word"QUALIFICATION"!

  • Pitbull

    This school should get no aid from the government. Students need to hear both sides. The principal belongs in jail

    • Saltporkdoc

      What's really sad is I don't think the students would have so much heard "both sides" as they would have been encouraged to continue their growth and stretch their imaginations..something they should have been fostering in that school system all along! Doubtful to me much of that happened with such a close-minded principal!
      The guy should be decertified as an administrator and taught to scour out bathrooms!

    • Wambowabbitt

      The Government is the very one pushing this BS!

  • Mrooker

    This is another example of how the Progressive movement has infected almost every public school system in the country imposing their ideology rather than having a free exchange of ideas.  Another example is the principal who said the students couldn't sing Lee Greenwoods song - God Bless the USA.  These people need to be dismissed out of our school systems.

    • Wambowabbitt

      Remember that little guy that day dreamed a little in class, grew up and finally invented something that society really needed" But now he is immediately put on ridlin or worse and made to lock step with the rest and ends up on drugs and welfare! Just wasting away as a useless adult!

  • Plt Sergeant Che

    A pity, Montana use to be where conservatives lived;
    where cowboys ruled and the truth was not feared...

    • Saltporkdoc

      Hey Sarge, let's go to Montana and take it back! I'm not much of a cowboy anymore, but just try to scare me with the truth!  Well... ok 2008 when the told me Obama won! Of course that was more horror than fear. What the heck, at least they weren't shooting at me... then.

  • Mike Howell

    Tom Stack is a total moron, and this is how these New World DisOrder types deceit and by guile and by stomping on our rights as individuals...and last but not least, to trash our moral values as Americans. EVERYONE needs to review this clandestine meeting operations used by these minions... Its called the DELPHI Technique...   You will find this absolutely helpful next public meeting you have !!!!!

    Let's give it back to them !!!

  • Mike Howell

    That's DELPHI Technique

    • Bob Higgs

       That link is definitely worth the reading.

  • WminAz

    Isn't there a School Board elected to watch over employees like Stack and rein them in when they let their politics get the best of them.  I think School Board races should be highly contested especially if the school officials are out encouraging or selecting people to run for the Board.  Without proper oversite ridiculous situations like this and the one in Brooklyn where the principal eliminated a patriotic song from graduation will reoccur.  We have ourselves to blame if we ignore the Board elections. 

  • WminAz

    Isn't there a School Board elected to watch over employees like Stack and rein them in when they let their politics get the best of them.  I think School Board races should be highly contested especially if the school officials are out encouraging or selecting people to run for the Board.  Without proper oversite ridiculous situations like this and the one in Brooklyn where the principal eliminated a patriotic song from graduation will reoccur.  We have ourselves to blame if we ignore the Board elections. 

  • Howdyrl

    Ronan is located in a beautiful setting south of Flathead Lake in Northwestern Montana in sight of snow capped peaks.  Population just over 1,500 people.  

    This idiot principal, Tom Stack, is a disgrace to Montana, and to our Democracy.  He should have been summarily FIRED, ordered to apologize to  Gerald Molen, given a bus ticket and ushered out of town.  If things like this are allowed to happen how do we protect our freedom of speech.  You can bet if Molen had been a left wing Lib he's have been allowed to speak.

    • Wambowabbitt

      Those cowboys still carry ropes on their saddles don't they?

    • sharpdogg

      Howdyrl - I liked your post, but we are a republic not a democracy.

  • jong

    What they should do it let him address the children before the new school year.   Of course any one with morals and ethics of the Bible is not desired by the liberal school system everywhere.   That is one reason charter schools are coming on strong.   Of course Stack would have preferred Ellen the degenerate to give a a speech on her "life style"

  • Charleswpotts

    Hey Samtman, why do you use apostrophes to indicate a word is plural?

  • Dennis M. Young

    This principal is just another NEA leftist airhead puppet and enemy of our nation and our Constitution.  Never thought I'd see something like this in Montana.  Good luck people...and keep your powder dry.

  • BigDarmy

    "Stack will be leaving his position in the next  few Months",,,,,,That is all I need to hear,,,let it be heard by others through out the schools of America by the teachers and administrators who would deny the truth side of our political discussion or deny the undeveloped minds of our children the ability to choose for themselves.

  • Saltporkdoc

    If liberalism is liberal-ism ( see the dictionary to verify, but the word liberal means to support the greatest freedom of action OR expression), why are liberals and the liberal politcal movement the most restrictive of personal freedoms and liberty?

    I asked a very wise and well educated man (my father) that question in the 1960's. It was the only time in my life that I struck my father speechless. He had no answer. Sadly, it seems the current crop of liberals have no answer either. (By the way, my father was a man of words who worked his way through seminary during the depression while raising a small family ( no not me yet)  in fact accepting his Ordination one semester before earning his PhD because of financal needs. He majored in Philosophy (remember, "Why is Air?"- Bill Cosby) Greek, and minored in Logic as an undergraduate.)

    If anyone out there can answer my still burning question (don't try the obvious such as thay're afraid or the other drivel passed around now as knowledge, please), I'd still like to know why Liberalism is so restrictive of the individual and their freedoms!

    Guess if Mr Molen is ever allowed to speak anywhere, I'd love to attend. Something tells me, HE knows.

  • Tomtom

    Montana, good old middle America, what is happening to you????????

  • sean murry.

    An other socialist state.

  • Gman

    Pityfull. What a brain dead POS.

  • Randy

    Just a note--the USMC  is not a Corp--It IS a CORPS--this correction comes from a MSgt, USMC (Ret)

    • Wambowabbitt

      Don't piss off the Sarge,if you are smart!

  • Carlos

    And the indoctrination of our youth continues.....

  • Judy

    Perhaps Obama could pronounce Corps properly had it been spelled Corp.

    • Dan

      BS. You are wrong.  The Marine Corps is not a corporation.. Corp is the abbreviation for corporation.
      Similarly pronounced groups are the "corps de ballet" and "corps d'elite"   Both start with core.
      The Prez is a moron, admit it.  Without his teleprompter he is speechless.

  • Judy

    Whoops should have said spell it Core!

  • Ralph

    Montana, a state that I truly love is being lately portrayed as a "possible" republican state. I cannot fathom a reason why there is doubt by some Montanans as to which ideology to follow...unless we have some of those that have damaged beyong repair the state of California, Oregon, Washington State and parts of Colorado moving into Montana. This are the type of "citizens" that would create the situation that the story depicts. Too many liberals want to mess up a good thing. Do us all a favor, do not come to Gods country...not even for a visit.

    • Camel

      God bless you Ralph. I am from the commie state of Oregon where the Governor likes to give illegals the right to a free ride and over ride driver license legislation. Commies and Liberal socialist are a disease.

    • old vet

      Oregon is conservative outside of the Portland metro area and Eugene. The whole state was conservative until we got invaded by the California liberals in the 1960s. We were Californicated.
      Don't let that happen to Montana!

    • littlepat

      Didn't a lot of Hollywood celebrities buy ranches in Montana?  People like Ted Turner, etc.  I think when you let in a few of those libs they pollute the nearby population and then attract more of their kind.  Sooner or later you end up with States like OR, WA, CO and CA.  I am fortunate in that they do not find North Dakota glamorous enough for their residences.  We are all grateful for that!

  • Opuslola

    If the above post is true, then it is a sign for most people with brains in the USA, to immedietaly "cut their throats with a raxor!  Why not?

    Just look at his history!  This man can be called "Too Conservative" because of his movies?

    Again get out the straight razor and cut your throats!

    The entire post makes me want to puke!

    Ronald L. Hughes

  • Bernard W

    Mr. Molen should make a film about this incident, using an All Star Cast.

    • Wambowabbitt

      SPOT ON ,and this is one guythat could really rattle their cage!

  • Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

    Our nation is definitely in some serious trouble. But, libs consider us conservatives as stupid! LOL

  • shtwv_lstnr

    1. TruNews with Rick Wiles.
    2. The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    3. Don't vote for evil (greater or lesser).

  • debra steinman

    Oh great! They are letting this #ANTI_FREEDOM-of-SPEECH #CRIMINAL simply 'retire', that's what these  #LIB_MISCREANTS mean when they say he's 'leaving' his position in a 'few months'! #Despicable  If it were a #LIB_SPEAKER who was cancelled the #ACLU (MARXIST_R_WE) would be up in arms! #HYPOCRITICAL_MUCH?#TRUTHTEAM#TCOT#TEAPARTY

  • Mr_ozarks

    The principal cheated the graduates out of having a world class movie producer speak at their ceremony. He should be dismissed immediately!

  • Blair

    Somebody must've complained. Some dang blasted libtard. MA, WHERE'S MY COLT .45?!

    • Wambowabbitt

      MA being outcome educated said"IT'S IN THE FRIGE", oh you meant the gun thing not the drink thing! LOL

    • rob

      Blair Honkey
      My favorite is Schlitz Malt Liquor, rather than Colt .45.

  • Cowboysnaz

     Only take tax dollars from Democrats and run the school...Sounds fair to
    me....just serve up plenty of kool-aid...

    • rob

      Maybe Mr Stack loves negroes.

  • dean

    The losers are the students,

  • D. Guardian

    Another case of  a minority telling the majority what to do. In a democracy we have mob rule and as a result much blood has been spilled, example: the French revolution. America is a republic where the rule of law is the law of the land. Question: why do this minority rebel roussers behave like they are a majority in a democracy where they can do as they please? Isn't it time we teach those people the difference between a democracy and a republic, the hard way? Sue them every chance you get, after all we are still a republic. Is happening every now and then, but not fast enough.

  • CoolApple

    That's his hometown. As much as I have been through Montana, I don't remember the name, it must be fairly small. He has to be well known in that area. They need to find an assembly hall somewhere and have him come to speak anyway. He's prepared for the speech. With the weasel principal on his way out the door, have it some place else. The story sounds like something that would happen in N Y city, not the state of Montana. 

    • billy2

      You are absolutely correct, they need to have this man come back and speak, I was stunned to think that the people in Montana, would actually do something like that, Montana is one of the backbones of America, even with dummy Baucus,(sp)  who I assume is a rad demmyrat, but most of Montana are patriotic people some may be democrats, but I do believe they are still the democrats of old.............................Not this progressive commie crap!!!

      • CoolApple

        I looked up Ronan, Montana, it's north of Missoula on the way to Flathead Lake. Has to be a berg.  I have a hard time thinking it would be a bastion of liberalism. This principal has to be some misplaced lefty. Probably why he's getting out of town.

        • Be6789

          He's probably some puke who wandered down from Whitefish or Columbia Falls which has a LOT of brain dead liberals.

  • tidalpool

    I admit, I to am a conservative. That being said, I also am quite used to the lefts remarkable double standards regarding pretty much everything. At best they are, 'do as I say, not as I do' folks.  At worst, they cheerfully trample the bill of rights and blame it on 'feelings'.
      I do not have the specific s of why this ersatz principle obliterated this speakers right to free speach, (I have visions of the OWS drummers at 3:00 am) however, that is in fact what he did.  This man needs to have his permenant record annotated as 'one who does not support freedom of speach'.
      This year, in the fall, We, the People have an opportunity to address the left's systematic assult on our constitution by voting in the federal elections. I will not ask who you may vote for, I just ask you do.  I am approaching 50, and it is certainly the most important and clear choice I have had to make in my life, I hope you think so to. 

  • Ontherightintampa

    Typical of a "loose canon" liberal - a-hole...

  • jamie

    Author-Giacomo - man you REALLY need to proof-read your articles.  I like the article but had to read too many lines several times, and even then some didn't make sense. I only say this because it's a little embarrassing when you want to pass the article on to liberal 'friends'.  Good article though.

  • Gun1

    Typical left wing reaction.  These people are nauseating hypocrites.  They preach compassion, cooperation, understanding, but when it comes down to it, these birdbrains have no tolerance, have no compassion for those who do not share their lies, distortions and falsehoods.   And they certainly have no understanding of honesty, integrity, self reliance and patriotism.  What a bunch of miserable idiots.  The way this jerk handled this is disgusting.  The school should thankfully celebrate his immediate departure.

    • BoBo

      Ditto to all Gun1. Also, we have to recognize that liberalism IS a mental disorder. It starts on capitol hill. This is the WORST administration in the HISTORY of the United States. Go to the polls in november people. Send these people back under the rock they crawled out from.

  • Archie Bunker 69

    We to remember that at one time Stack was a teacher.  What do you expect from someone that has been o0n the 'government take' for most of his adult life.  He doesn't know any better, it's his way of life.

  • Jack

    I never would have thought the Montana was ruled by obnoxious, ignorant, bigoted liberals.  "received some phone calls from parents concerned about what Molen might say to their kids"?  Horse feathers!  Tom Stack should be fired immediately.

  • Fluffandstuff

    I have family in Montana. They say this guy wrong and he will be dealt with ,by Montana. The ones that were hurt,were the kids. Montana doesn't take too well, to those who hurt their kids. 

  • Rooster

     It's sad to think that Montana has these radical liberals in high places. I always thought of Montana as one of the last truly independent states, but I guess they have their share of numb-nut liberals like the rest of us.

    • MontanaMomofThree

      Yes, we have our share....mostly transplants from other states out to ruin what we have. Should have closed our borders to Ted Turner, David Letterman, and others who have a vision different than the Montana people. That includes the environmentalists and atheists who poke their noses into our business....YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE!

      • Be6789

        Feel the same way about Wyoming. The only blemish of blue is around Jackson Hole (big money movie stars) and Laramie (four year college town with liberal puke professors). The rest is deep red, thank God!

  • Colorado Joe

    So what happens now?  Does everybody forget all about this?  The real problem is WE THE PEOPLE will not gather in mass, decend upon that school and demand that principal to explain himself.  Afterwords decend upon the school district to demand an apology from this two faced hypocrite, then demand that the elected officials immediately deal with this travesty and assualt on freedom!

  • WranglerRob

    The real totalitarians are the Leftists. They tolerate ANYTHING except conservatives, accurate history, and capitalism.

    Remember Viet Nam and te draft? All a pot smoking hippie ha to do to avoid the draft was major in Education and become a teacher.

    So guess where all the rebellious, anti-establishment, anti-American hippies have been the last 40 years? They've been revising history books AND teaching OUR children!

  • StevenI

    Liberals, the party of intolerance and prejudice.

  • Liberty at risk

    Just look at what is happening already...........should we allow this to continue?  Another 4 years will certainly change this country and destroy the freedoms our country has enjoyed for well over 200 years. Are you willing to allow that to happen?  WAKE UP AMERICA!   The time is now!  November will be the crucial time!  God help us all if we allow this type of thing to continue!  

  • konaboy

    tom stack's phone # is 404 676 0428           tell him that his proctologist called     they found his head

  • Paul Comrie

        I totally agree with the writer’s conclusion! Too many times we see liberal teachers as well as administrators dictate there own legal opinion on others as if any one else but there own limited social network agrees with them, and too often they have no sense of respect for other peoples time and efforts. In there mind the world revolves around them because they are a school teacher. They graduated from college and are now a teacher. The easiest degree offered by most universities and usually one of the highest paid professions when factoring in effort expended. Most of them have never experienced the real world nor would they be able to handle a real job. Like most government workers and children they feel everything is there right to have and should be supplied to them no matter what the incurred cost is to others. We have allowed this school teacher narcissistic pampering to go way too long in our country, and we have created a monster by doing so. It's time for some real change in the public sector and in our school systems especially!

    • Willip562

        I agree with your first few sentences. After that you seem to lump all Teachers into the same category. I know several Teachers and thier work never seems to stop. I could go on for a long time with this but I won't. If some of the Teachers that I know were paid minimum wage for the after hours work it would add thousands of dollars to thier salary. We have many Teachers that should not be teaching and they should be removed but, percentage wise I think this would bea small number. I also know many workers very well that worked or work for the big three and I have never heard one of them say that they worked too hard.

  • Pebbles

    First of all, Mr. / Ms. Giacomo, I think you should have proof read your article.  It is so full of errors, it reads like something a second grader would have written.  Secondly, I agree with you that the immediate termination of Mr. Stack should be at hand.  This is unheard of, and the thought  that any school principal should think he has the right to monitor anyone's speech is indicative of what is going on in this country and the taking away of our second amendment rights.  We the people should all stand firm in our beliefs, and not allow the likes of this government to change what has kept this country in good stead since its inception, meaning the Constitution of The United States of America.  I spent a lot of time in Polson and Ronan following Katrina - my family and I fled there for safety when the levees overran their banks, and I never thought I would be hearing about something this biased and controlling coming out of that area of the country.  Too bad this man has given Ronan national attention that is detrimental to the otherwise wonderful area of the country.

    • Guest

      To nit picking Pebbles:  Did you understand the article?  Do you even know that the only purpose of language is to communicate?  STFU

  • Wkelly10103

    omg!  too conservative?  and telling him after he arrived?  what a bunch of jerks.  does everyone have to be a freaking liberal in order to be heard???  the speaker is better off having not wasted his time with his speech to a bunch of loser/libtards.

  • E. K

    How dare Mr. Stack deny the student of the graduating class to hear what Mr. Molen hd to say.  Some might not have agreed with the speaker, but they would never forget who is was that spoke at their graduation and would in time recognize that Mr. Molen has accomplished a great deal during his lifetime.  If the situation had been reversed, we would be hearing an outcry from now until the next school year starts.  POX ON MR. STACK.  Probably book smart, life dumb.  Old Will was so correct when he wrote that the good that men do is interred with their bones, the evil that they do lives on.  Unfortunately, the effect of the decisions by 'the men' lasts far too long and rarely, if ever,  is corrected.

  • dondehoff

    I trust we can get a copy of the speech Mr. Molen would have given  If my budget will permit, I will send a copy to each student. I am retired and on a fixed income so I might need some assistance. We might even include a short questionaire for the students to put in their 2-cents worth. That, with my 2-cents worth and added to Mr. Molen's speech, those students might have what could become  a "collectors" item. Ciao.

    • Slingerjs

      Nice idea!!!  Lemme know where to contribute. Or, I could takes the task on. I'm not yet a 1%'r, but I do have discretionary monies.    JS

  • TM

    Liberalism is a disease and that arse hole is eat up with it.

  • lizaz

    This isn't the Montana I used to know...MSU 1958-1961......too bad......

  • AppraisHer

    Where the hell are the parents and taxpayers who support these schools?  These Boards of Education, with their luxury salaries and benefits are dependent on taxpayers for their very existance,  So where are all the angry taxpayers, when these decisions to cancel speakers, stop the singing of God Bless the USA, allowing Mexican flags to be flown but students sent home for wearing American Flag shirts and validictorians being told that they can't thank God for their success?  Why aren't these principles and Board presidents fired or voted out?  YOU PAY THEIR SALARIES.   Are you so busy with the minutia of your lives that you abdicate the moral responsibilities to these boobs, without a fight?  I'm appalled by your cowardice.

  • chrisw

    Maybe they should have asked OBLAMELESS to speak, because as we all know he always tells the TRUTH !! To bad that someone like Mr.Molen was not able to speak,  we still had FREEDOM OF SPEECH don't we !!

  • Litefite6

    I am a conservative who grew up in Ronan and attended
    RHS.  Most people on these blogs have no
    idea how small the City of Ronan is, and don’t understand we don’t care what other
    people think about our town. Ronan takes care of our own, regardless of people’s
    political affiliation.

    I have read that people have been calling the high school
    and threatening the teachers. I do not believe a true conservative would do this,
    but if you did please make a trip to Ronan so I can meet you in the street and
    give you the special attention you need, which is my size 11 double wide boots
    stuffed up Arss.

    Mr. Molen would be best served not to return to Ronan, we
    don't need his crap. It is hard for me to believe he is from Montana! What a

    I believe Mr. Molen has spent a little too much time hanging
    out in California drinking cool aid, to fit in with any crowd in Montana.

    Signed ,Proud Ronan Citizen

    US Army 27 Years

    • Eddie Nelson

      No disrespect intended to you, but it seems from your post you are confused. You state that you are a conservative from Ronan, but then say that Mr. Molen shouldn't return to Ronan because "we don't need his crap".  Based on the information in the article regarding Molen's background (award winning  film producer and conservative) one would think that you, a self proclaimed conservative from a town that "takes care of our own, regardless of political affiliation", would be defending Molen since he is "one of your own".  If this post is any indication of the way other folks in Ronan think, then it seems like Mr. Molen doesn't fit in with the crowd because he apparently got educated and did some pretty amazing things.  Thank you for your service to this country.

      Signed, Proud Conservative,

      US Air Force 17 years and counting

  • Jagraham

    Remember all the notices we kept getting to watch Fox News on Sunday at 9PM?  What Happened?
    This is the clip that got pulled due to pressure from the    Administration.
      Obama Puts Heat on Fox News to Prevent Sean Hannity airing this piece.
    This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that we are told has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for several weeks.
    Watch it now before it gets pulled from the Internet!

  • Louise Wood-Markasovic

    They just prove how intolerant they are of new ideas and they are racists. It's the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Johnny Galt

    If I were the superintendent... How about requiring that Stack attend diversity training until he acknowledged the importance of freedom of speech and of a diversity of opinion. Followed by 10 hours of firearms training and at least 150 hours of community service supporting causes and organizations selected by Molen. That would be a start, and it would be consistent with the liberal Left's approach.

  • grams33ms

    Tom Slack should be fired...he has no business telling people what they can or cannot say. I hope the parents aren't as liberal as the principal...or that town is in deep s..t. Poor students, I feel sorry for them, that someone else is dicating their free speech.

  • MRS

    In 2008 I said "Damma Obama and the jackass named Michelle he rode in on". He can ride out the same way. We're still trying to 'make history'. We have to save this great nation from the enemy AGAIN.

  • underthewire

    I hope the board of education, if there is one, contacts all the parents to get a real feel for descent against free speech.
    I an imagine that same principal exponding on his NEA liberal views with a captured audience.
    Parents in this town and around the country need to rid our educational system form liberal propagada.

  • Duke from Kalispell

    What a shame! I am sad to see someone so narrow and wrong minded as Stack involved in education in the land where I grew up.

  • Laurence Almand

    Stack should be fired immediately! A school principal, of all people, should set the example by following the Constitution and allowing freedom of speech, even if the speaker's views differ from his own. Such arbitrary censorship should not be tolerated. Molen has the right to his own views, and also has the right to state those views, regardless of whether they are "politically correct" in the opinion of the principal.