How the Election Is Being Rigged Before You Vote

It shouldn't be any surprise, but the presidential election is shaping up as a case study in how to manipulate the democratic process.

The media have played a huge roll, of course, by manipulating Obama's poll numbers, which seem to stay high despite numerous reports of his losing ground among various constituent groups.

Careful selection of the stories to downplay or ignore is also important. The Fast and Furious scandal, the presidential leak scandal, the almost complete ignoring of the Catholic Church's battle with the administration, the proof that President Obama was a dues-paying member of the socialist New Party, the ongoing coverup of Obama's past -- the list is long and getting longer every day.

But there are deeper manipulations going on.

Back in April, Donald Trump posted a video in which he said he believes Obama has struck a secret deal with the Saudis to flood the market with oil and drastically lower the price of gasoline before November to help him win re-election. Just this week, a report showed falling energy prices pulling down retail sales figures.

The smart money says Trump is right on. Back when Obama ran against McCain, we saw the same pattern of gasoline rising to outrageous levels, which was blamed on Republicans, then it plunged right before the election, once Obama's economic stimulus plans became the talk of the media. At the time, the high prices were blamed on Saudi manipulation.

Obama has a long-standing connection to the Saudi royal family that goes back at least to his college days when Saudi family fixer Khalid al-Mansour was soliciting letters of recommendation to help get Obama into Harvard.

Trump warns that if Obama is re-elected, we can expect oil prices rising beyond any level ever seen as payback for the Saudis' favor.

There also suggestions that the Democrats are setting up a Bush-Gore-style recount showdown on election night.

ABC News has already run a story speculating that such a face-off could happen again, based on those manipulated poll numbers.

There is a widespread Internet rumor that a Spanish company called Scytl bought a company, SOE, that will be counting the presidential votes in Florida, and that Scytl is owned by billionaire puppet master George Soros. Liberal talking box Media Matters -- which itself has been funded by Soros -- and other propaganda outlets have been doing backflips to deny that Soros owns Scytl.

Still, the rumors persist, and you have to wonder why the media would be speculating about another recount months before we even get to the election. Just wishful thinking?

On Tuesday, the Department of Justice sued the state of Florida to prevent it from purging ineligible voters from its rolls.

Can we connect the dots yet?

[From the editor: If it's not close they can't cheat!]



  • Roxanne Koller

    NOTHING should surprise with this crook posing as president. These people have no shame or concious, as the ends justify the means with these low lifes! We must turn out is such huge numbers so as no amount of rigging the process will be successful. Americans are fed up with this creep.

    • Kevin Sr.

      Yesterday I heard on the radio that Iran was protesting the rapid rise in Saudi oil production, and the fact that it has lowered oil prices, just as Iran has sanctions and needs to sell all the oil it can. Thanks Iran for proving Trumps point, the fix is in. Landslide is our only hope

      • SmokingReb

        Or possibly the Saudi's have a vested interest closer to home that requires lower gas prices. Like reigning in Iran. Not all Saudi's are the O's friend, I suspect. Divide and conquer, divide and conquer, it is the socialist way.

  • Shermer

    When will you all realise that the outcome of this election is in God's hands? Vote for whoever you want, but God has already decided. If Romney wins, we have done nothing that will let us claim victory. If Obama is re-elected, it is all part of God's Plan and we should accept it, rejoice in it, and get on with it.

    • Diane

      God doesn't decide...he puts that in our hands,but He does know what the outcome will be. He gave us our agency to use. It is up to us to use it wisely. It is the test of our faith and obedience to the the principles He has taught. God's plan is in place....but our individual choices are part of the plan. We should never rejoice in wrong choices, but fight for what is right.

      • Ray

        Diane you've got it right. We're here to make choices, free agency was given to us by our God. To rejoice in another term with this communistic muslim is a sin in itself! How in hell did so many people fall off the self governing train??? Like a bunch of puppets that take whatever the deceivers dish out!!!! This is a fight for right & wrong here folks!

    • Antoninus

      This is theological nonsense. It denies free will.

    • Keith Clark

      God gave you Free Will. You and I decide the outcome of the election. If like me you can get some non-voting Christians to actually go out there and vote for the most Godly people they can we will have a start on turning this around. Our children's futures depend on it.

    • fiddler

      I agree of course with your statement of God's soverignty. But as far as rejoicing, should we rejoice in more abortions? Should we rejoice in coersion to set aside our conscience? In redefinition of marriage? In assault of traditional values? Should we rejoice when mere mention of the name of Jesus Christ is made illegal? That we can't pray at sports events? That our chaplains in the military cannot invoke the name of Jesus? That our tax dollars fund Planned Parenthood or other anti-Christian issues?

  • pete

    crush the man in a landslide that will not be soon forgotton.

    • OldCyeKoe

      Much as I'd love to see that happen, I don't believe it will. Besides, Romney is NOT landslide material.

    • Bottom Boy

      It aint happening, the POS is going to get back in. Now all we have to do is take him out,

    • diego

      I wholeheartedly agree, Pete, that hopefully this will happen and that Romney will get all the electoral votes he needs to be elected President of the USA. obama definitely needs to go away.

  • CARLjr

    The Bush family had very strong ties with the Saudis. They have been buisness partners for decades. How could Obama manipulate the gas prices through the Saudis while George W. was still president? Your theory doesn't make sense.

    • Bill

      Easy, the Saudis do not care who WAS in charge, only who WILL BE in charge. Bush WAS President, b ut since he was leaving office, he could not do as much for them as the next President.
      The theory makes sense, unlike some theories such as man-caused global warming.

    • OwenNoOne

      Liberals had control of the House and Senate from 2006 thru the 2008 election. Ever heard of Reid and Pelosi? Make sense yet? Have you forgotten O's campaign promises to close coalmines, stop drilling for oil, using alternative energy which would "Necessarily cause energy costs to skyrocket"? Make sense yet?

    • john811c

      Both are well aware and it is all according to the master plan of the NWO our political elections are nothing but a side show to occupy us while the real culprits work behind the scenes

    • Bottom Boy

      Neither does your's

  • Diane

    This is the way of Chicago politics...bullying, lying, manipulation, threats and blaming the other guy, while hiding their own true agenda. This is going to be as ugly as this administration is evil. The people are not a dumb as they were last election. Hopefully there are enough 'smart' voters to out wit those who fail to open their eyes and see beyond the liberal media's love affair with Obama. Do your homework people! The future of this country depends on it!

    • obummar

      OIbummar is just another reggiN living in government houising.

      • rosemarienoa

        What? Please explain, I dont get it.

        • Bottom Boy

          you are an idiot!!! There does that esplane it to yous betta

        • rosemarienoa

          At least I speak the language & can spell!!! You are the idiot here......Bottom Boy is an appropriate name for you!

    • NativeNE

      You are absolutely RIGHT ON THE MONEY. I would like to think that people aren't stupid enough to even listen to the crap that spills out of his mouth, but there are so many who do it is truly frightening. I can't imagine what he would do with another 4 years. I am also waiting for him to declare martial law and name himself a dictator. Wouldn't surprise me in the least because he is truly that evil.

  • Don Allred

    Our trump card may be the Clinton undermining of Obama. Whats that famous line about "politics makes for strange bedfellows?"

  • jong

    Of course gas has NOT gone down in any real way. The longer this goes on especially in the summer the further down both the economy of states that rely on tourism and unemployment will go up because there will be no money to hire people for seasonal work. And of course with no change in our salaries we will have to continue to dish out more money for food and everything else. One good thing about all of this as goes the economy so will go Obama both are in the toilet ready to be flushed

    • Bottom Boy

      that toilet should have been flushed in Jan of 2009.

  • Anne_PA

    Nothing in Cronn's article should be a surprise. NOTHING!!!

    And if anyone thinks for even a half a second the MAC & MAE melt-down that happened just exactly when it did, was a coincidence, they're both naive and in denial.

  • hookemowls

    And please, don't let the cost reduction of a few cents lull us all into thinking "wow, gas is down to $3.25/gallon". Don't let them create a new "norm" by decreasing the price a few cents. We should be producing our own energy and selling IT to the Middle East!

    • Flowers

      Where are you getting gas at $3.25 a gallon? I just drove by my local station yesterday after their weekly 'jack-up' of prices it was at $3.86. Of course I live in Illinois, land of crooks, thieves, thugs and the president (but that last is redundant, sorry).

      • tiredofthecrap

        I bought gas just yesterday in Tampa, FL and paid $323.9 per gallon and all I could think was that it was an artificial manipulation of the price to make obuttface look better.

        • Oscar deLarento

          WOW, and I thought the price of gas in Arizona was high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Just kidding.
          This is the most corrupt administration that I have EVER seen in my life, and I was born during the Jurrasic period~~~~

        • Monica Sanders

          And now we are playing in Jurrasic Park and TSA/DHS are the velocoraptors!

        • Kay

          Gas in Gautier, MS is selling below $3.00 a gallon, but this has always been the cheapest area in the state. Surrounding areas are selling a gallon for $3.15 or thereabouts.Its all the same power elite game being played all over and will continue as long as the Rockafellers and the rest of the humanity haters are allowed to control everything. Love to see Seal Team 6 or another special force drop in on the next Bilderberger or CFR meeting. Would surely solve most of the world's problems.

        • Viking

          Gas in Washington State $4.09-4.19 a gallon.
          I wouldn't vote for 0 if gas dipped to .18 a gallon like when I was a kid.

        • NotALiberal

          Gas here in CA is $4.27 for premium, it just dropped a few cents over the past few weeks. It has been lingering around $4.57 for months. O-terrorist is a joke, I've said all along that he's been funded my muslim terrorists since 07'!

        • TM

          God bless you, and may you live a long and fruitful life and spread your wisdom.

        • Kay

          Viking, I did not vote for him in 2008 and will never vote for him. The DNC sent me a Obama packet in the mail yesterday, so I put the enclosed picture on my dartboard and let out a bit of frustration. Couldn't believe the propaganda was in my mailbox. Sorry your gas is so very high.

        • Rebecca Wood

          When you get that stuff, remove all indications of your identity and if it has an envelope to send your donation back pre-paid, send it back to him and let all those Hollywood millionairs pay for it. One less vote bought.

        • Sarah417

          Kay: Glad to see others know of Bilderberg. Wish more knew of them and knew that these are really the one we should be fighting. This administration is just the hand chosen puppets of Bilderberg.

        • Danny Jeffrey

          This admittedly is not an easy essay to read as it is fairly long and contains many links, but it connects All of the dots. The Bilderbergers are simply referred to as Globalists and only the most prominent are mentioned by name, but you are right, they are the true enemy.

        • budman

          Sarah417: The Bilderberg Group like Danny said are referred to as Globalists but also the World Bank or New World Order. The people in the group are international players and they control huge amounts of capital with their big pockets. As a result, they can do a lot of things to manipulate the world markets. The press is not allowed into their meetings as they are entirely secret to the public.
          Take George Soros, a member who recently made six billion in the speculation of the oil markets and why the price shot up. He backed Obama big time in funding and media support during his campaign and he owns many media outlets here in the U.S.
          You may not want to know who some of those members are because it may make you lose faith in our system of Government as it includes some that are presently in this administration. Rick Perry and George Bush were among the Republicans attendees so it isn't just Democrats or Socialists who are associated with this group.
          If you read in the news a few weeks ago that the United Nations declared they wanted a New World Order. Therefore, you have to assume that the United Nations and the New World Order Group (NWO) are tied toward the same cause.
          Frankly, when you consider they can control the world markets and with the United Nations in bed with them, it presents a question as to whether this country will remain under a Capitalistic system or fall to a system that we may not be powerful enough to stop.
          That cause is a world government with one currency and the government based on Socialism. One would think, since I believe Europe was their experiment in this and that it is failing miserably. It is insane to believe you can have harmony among governments as they can plainly see at the present time.

        • willhemena

          $4.09 here and not going down. But, we do have 53% Hispanics here that will be voting by executive order...mark my words.

        • Kittyhane

          Ohio gas went back up to 378.9 again today

        • David606

          I bought gas in Huntsville, Alabama, Friday at $3.09. It is reported to be under $3 in much of the US.

        • johnsnare

          It is about the same here in Naples.tiredofthecrap.

        • baron987

          WOW - Hopefully, You mean 3.239 a gallon

        • James L. Edwards

          There is no reason we should be paying
          more than $1.50-$2.00 in gas prices!!! We have enough Proven Oil Reserves here
          in the US to supply all our needs (at current consumption levels) for at least
          150 years without importing another Drop of Foreign Oil! That is if they would let us drill for it! If this was to happen the Price of the Oil we
          are importing would drop so fast it would make your heads spin!!! It happens that was every time the US makes
          efforts to open up new sources of its own oil and then OPEC drops the Price low
          enough so that the effort loses steam! Now
          they have OBUMBO and his Cohorts in DC to block any efforts to open up new sources
          of Oil and they don't feel they need to lower the Prices to help make these
          efforts seem less profitable for the Oil Companies? The reason I say that is
          the Oil in the Shale Formations under the Rocky Mountains that Recent Estimates
          say contains at least 2 Trillion Barrels of recoverable oil is only feasible to
          go after as long as oil is above $30 a Barrel!
          That is why OBUMBO and the DC Mafia continue to block it! The Lower Oil
          Prices and in turn Gas prices would Undermine their so called Environmental
          Saving alternative Fuels and Energy efforts!
          There is not enough time or space on here to go into the Lies and Falsehoods
          and the real reasons they are trying to push Americans into Electric Cars!

        • walnut39

          When WE do get our own gas going I'll bet we start exporting it to foreign countries cheaper than what we pay. Our corrupt government, Congress is afraid of something but it's NOT the American people.Who is it? Ideas?

        • Marble60

          The oil boom here in Montana & North Dakota is going full force. Enter and executive order from Obama (once again bypassing a vote from Congress) and suddenly the EPA is on our tails. Big shock..........NOT!!

        • Upaces

          That is exactly what Newt Gingrich was saying a couple of months ago.

        • chatntalk

          By reading articles it seems like this country gives most all of our natural resources to foreign countries, at a loss. More than 80% of all our oil goes to foreign countries, It is the American Government that works for foreign countries and giving this country away.

        • billy2

          that's exactly what it is, pure manipulation, so are the polls,don't let them make your decisions by the jackal getting the a-rabs to lower gas and the filthy media tell you who to vote for, this administration under this criminal MUST GO.

        • Ann in Nebraska

          Gas in Lincoln, Nebraska was $3.309 yesterday morning. This morning (Friday, 06-15-2012), it's $3.499. (No, I am NOT kidding. My husband and I went to the grocery store yesterday, and it was $3.309. Today, he had to go to the doctor's, and it was $3.499.) We couldn't believe it!!! 19 cents in 24 hours!! Something is going on!!! NOBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!

      • PATRIOT39


        • priceless22

          You are correct. Use Sonoco and buy products from them and pay a lot less.
          Use Bi-Lo to buy your groceries and get 5 cents and your gallon of gas.

          Don't let the manipulations of Obama bother you...just use Sonoco. From what I understand..they do NOT use oil from Saudi Arabia.

        • vladilyich

          Today in Canada, an oil producing country that sells over 60% of the petroleum sold in the U.S., the cost (in U.S. Dollars, adjusted for current exchange rate) is $4.96USD per U.S. gallon.

          If any of you still believe that "drill baby, drill" is any answer, I'd really like a kilo of what you're smoking. Oil availability is currently at an all-time high, so this is not "supply and demand", but "grab the money and run" from the oil companies. Producing more oil locally will do absolutely nothing for prices at the pump.

          The best answer is to nationalize the oil companies (Exxon-Mobile, Conoco, Sunoco, Shell, Arco, etc.) and control the profit they are currently ripping off the global public. I normally register as a Libertarian (free-market) advocate. When we are discussing oil, energy, and major monopolistic corporations, I really advocate either nationalizing them, or disallowing them from doing business withing the U.S. by taxing them out of existence.

          For those of you that own stock in an oil company, you are NOT part of the solution, you're part, if not all, of the problem.

        • jim_wright

          The government actually makes more in taxes than the Oil companies.

        • Workerbee

          In New Mexico, the state taxes amount to much more than the Oil Companies make. Right now, the state coffers are doing real good!

        • Peter Propwash

          I worked the New Mexico oil fields in the 70s. money ment nothing. I made $30/hr time and a half over 30, double time over 40 and my first day lasted 36 hours. (why am I not rich).
          Oil companys do make big bucks in volum but as I understand less then 1% on there investment. not to stand up for oil company but if that is correct how much could they lower there prices and stay in buisness?

        • 99% Ed

          Thanks for this info it all makes sense.

        • barto

          At least the oil companies have money invested in the production of oil, yet their profits are not that high especially when you consider what the Federal and State Governments rake in for each gallon of gas sold(I used to sell this go juice and only made 2 to 8 cents per gal. and the fed. & state taxes were 40 cents/gal.).so you tell me how can this be justified. You can't be serious about nationalizing the energy or any other corporations, this would not only be socialism but have you every seen a government be successful in operating any business( i.e. postal service) and now they want to control our Health Care program.....a disaster in the making!

        • tlc1944

          Exxon's profit for fourth quarter 2011 was $9,400 (million). Total taxes were $26,776 (million). So who is the thief?

        • agrneydgrl

          Did you know that in the US the oil companies do not make that m uch of a profit margin and that apple makes a much higher proifofit margin than the oil companies do. All the taxes that make it expensive are state federal taxes. Government has too much control The problem is we don't have a true free market anymore. Most young people don't know what it is like under a free market system. That is what made America different than other countries. That is what made us so prosperous. Our government gets more socialistic every year and the quality of life and the wages go down with it every year.

        • Hank

          You should be registering as a communist, obviously.

        • mountaindale

          Not much doubt how you vote, huh?

        • Peter Propwash

          Do you relly think the government coud do a better job then the private ndustry?

        • William M

          That has to be the most uninformed post I've encountered in a long time!..
          Oil companies make about 6-7 cents per GALLON in profits. The Fed takes another 18 cents per gallon... Your states/localities take their chunk of taxes. Then ya gotta pay the actual drillers.. and pay for all the surveys, dry-holes etc.. Next up comes the transport companies.. It doesn't magically transport itself from the well head to a refinery... Oops.. what's it cost to create one gallon of gas from crude oil?.. Well.. if it's a refinery in Ca., where they have the most stringent environmental laws in the US, the cost of refining almost doubles!... If they are refining Saudi crude, it's about 4 times more costly to produce gasoline.
          Now that we have gasoline, somehow/somewhere it has to be ware-housed!.. Yet another transportation cost... At that point in time, it's now purchased by the gas companies... for yet again another transport cost to retail outlets. All for 7 cents a gallon.

          Now lets hear about all these Excessive Oil Profits to Exxon..

          Oh yea... rolling back these "tax breaks" to the oil companies... hmm.. partially funded-created by the Obummer stimulus bill. Another tax break they get? Resource depletion allowance... The same allowance every industry gets that deals with a finite resource... even farmers get this break due to the exhaustion of the soil!

        • Navigator30

          You really want the oil companies controlled by a bunch of political hacks? Check out what is happening in Mexico and Venezuela where they did nationalize the oil companies. When has the Government ever run anything efficiently? The return on invested capital of the oil companies is quite low. The profit margin on gasoline is typically less than 10% thanks to competition. What percentage of the price per gallon in your area do taxes make up? I would wager that it is considerably more than 10%.

        • John Cummins

          Commie speak!

        • Kasi Phillips

          What we are smoking???Yes because nationalizing oil works real well just ask Germany they are paying the equivalent of $9.00 per gallon.Its the governments that rip off the oil companies and the consumer not big oil.The avg profit per gallon of gas for the oil companies is 3-5 cents,state tax in nc if $.40 cents fed tax is also $.40 cents not to mention the taxes that bill oil pays.Get educated and stop spewing your liberal constitution killing garbage.

        • LocalYokel35

          Consumer prices are still controlled by speculators that buy all the oil before it ever reaches the surface. Futures speculation controls all market fluctuations to a greater degree than supply and demand in any government regulated market.
          Why else would any billionaire continue to play the game they call capitalism other than to pay all the parasites necessary to maintain such legislatively protected complex monopolies other than to corner a share of the last remaining 15% of total world wealth constantly migrating into coffers of world banker's real assets?

        • Jusguessing

          However, if you produce enough of it, they won't speculate, therefore the price comes down..

        • Navigator30

          I don't believe Speculators have that much influence on prices. When prices are rising because of expected political turmoil and shortages everyone blames the Speculators. What about when prices are falling as they are now? Some speculators are losing their shirts. There is only a limited amount of above ground storage for both oil and gasoline. When it gets full, they either must lower prices or stop pumping. Speculators don't control the pumps. OPEC is an Oligopoly and they do control the pumps in the middle east and Venezuela. If we were not dependent on OPEC oil they couldn't jerk us around. Refining capacity is another factor. No one wants one in their back yard. Why is Canada proposing to ship oil to Texas to be refined? Why not refine it there and ship gasoline instead? Could that be a factor in the high prices in Canada?

        • Kasi Phillips

          Local Yokel,ask yourself one simple question.Why do speculators speculate?Did you actually buy the propaganda obama was spewing a few years ago about how bad speculators are along with the "BIG BAD OIL COMPANIES" who's profit margin is only 3%.Speculators take their direction from OUR government officials and how unfriendly they are to energy industry not only directly but indirectly as well.One small example Shell paid 500,000 million dollars to the US government in permits and research, development and exploration procedures only to have the government pull the rug out from underneath them.How are they going to recoup that lost revenue.If you dont like fuel cost thank our government not the oil companies or speculators.

        • tionico

          the "ne" cost may be down there... but start with a civilised gross cost of, say, two bucks the gallon (which is STILL high....), than drop off all your discounts and points, and see where THAT gets you. You're still paying far too much.

          Western Washingotn averages about $4.20'gallon regular, about the same for diesel. One of the highest rates in the nation. About what Clifornians are paying. Our reigning queen likes high enregy prices, and has been promoting our state getting on board California's "green" bandwagon.... sick, she is. Glad she's not standing for a third term. She's almost ruined us in eight years. The resident kinyun likes her and her tactics/values a lot. Be god to be shut of the pair of them.

      • JamesD71

        Several SUNOCO stations in Winter Haven, FL. Some off-brands are selling regular @ $3.229 also. State tax has an awful effect on pump prices. Georgia is always cheaper than FL, as is probably still the case in Texas and maybe TN, too.

        • wkelly10103

          the tom thumbs do thesame thing in nw fla.

        • Robert Dean Cole

          Amen, wkelly, I'm in Pensacola.

      • goku vegeta


        • sparky says

          3.499in the social state of WI

      • radioman

        Gas is $3.33 a gallon here in Western North Carolina. I know some sort of "FIX" is due to this all of a sudden LOWERING of gas prices.

        • ginger

          California is $4.19 and up..I remember being upset when it went up to $2.00 a about twice that and being relieved when it goes down a couple of cents..interesting how we adjust to the "new norm"...just like being less and less shocked by the more and more evil we are subjected to...

        • SmokingReb

          I remember that. " interesting how we adjust to the "new norm"...just like being less and less shocked by the more and more evil we are subjected to" Agreed! I'm starting to feel both numb and scared. These fools are capable of anything.IMHO

        • Hugh Dame

          It's the old frog in the pot of cool water being slowly brought to a boil.

        • Dandydonnie

          All that is necessary for evil to suceed is for good men to do nothing. It looks like the enemy has waited until a time when good men will do nothing. I hate being ashamed of my fellow men.

        • William M

          SR... Jefferson is one of my favorite statesmen... so the quote is: "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
          Thomas Jefferson

        • SmokingReb

          I suspect there are a lot of very good people doing what they can, quietly and under the radar. Every one who sees how important this election is talks to friends and family now and again, about the issues that matter to them and how they do make a difference by voting. So many have been taught it doesn't matter. Those who laugh the loudest are usually the ones paying attention the most. Just laught with them and ask, "What are you doing." Never be ashamed for others, when you have faith that they care, they will respond. Sometimes they just don't know how. IMHO Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: How the Election Is Being Rigged Before You Vote

        • KurtofLA

          And California votes for Obama. Hallelujah, glory be. Maybe we have the government we deserve, especially Obama, Biden and Pelosi

        • David

          I do NOT have the government I deserve, and certainly not the one I have voted for!

        • manuel a

          here in colorado its 330 to 368 a gallon where i live & i dont know about the rest of the state im sure its higher depending the size of town but i hear ya when it hit 2 agallon just 10 to 15 years ago we were paying 80 cents a gallon and ever since its gone up and up i dont think we will ever see those prices again next we just might be like china and all be riding bike and what not or back to horse and buggy or the old faithfull foot mobile haha but good luck to everyone we are going to need it

        • ginger

          And if you want a horse and buggy, the EPA will tell you you are a law breaker, have not enough land, can't use you own land as you see fit, will tell you the manure is producing green house gasses etc ad infititun...we will be walking or living where and how they want us to for their ultimate control of us...we will no longer be citizens but subjects.

          From: Disqus
          Sent: Friday, June 15, 2012 3:38 PM
          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: How the Election Is Being Rigged Before You Vote

          manuel a (unregistered) wrote, in response to ginger:
          here in colorado its 330 to 368 a gallon where i live & i dont know about the rest of the state im sure its higher depending the size of town but i hear ya when it hit 2 agallon just 10 to 15 years ago we were paying 80 cents a gallon and ever since its gone up and up i dont think we will ever see those prices again next we just might be like china and all be riding bike and what not or back to horse and buggy or the old faithfull foot mobile haha but good luck to everyone we are going to need it Link to comment

        • Gpa Judd

          I am probably older than most of you that are leaving your ideas and such regarding this FRAUD being perpetuated on each of us. I can remember when gasoline stations used to have "Gas Wars" to see who could attract the most customers by lowering their price the most. No, the wars didn't last long but it forced the price down significantly for fear that another war would breakout. It is unbelievable that this country hasn't built any new refineries for 30 years. Yes, we have the oil, more than any other nation in the world. America is The Chosen Land, The Promised Land so why wouldn't God place more natural resources in this country than any other? And yes, we are like the frog in the pot waiting to get fried==but ever so subtly. We have a Dictator, a Fraud, and a Traitor that is letting others, Soros, Bildeburgers, pull his strings. I am so Fed up with our elected officials that they stand by and let things i.e. Osama Ben Obama, happen to our country. Why can each of us see this and yet they are so blind???
          I say that we should Demand term limits, NO golden parachutes, NO benefits after serving 2 terms, no secret service for previous government officials etc., Etc. Let them stew in the pot they have put us in by all of their silly, unconstitutional laws that we are forced to live under.

        • ginger

          Since I remember gas being 11-12 cents a gallon,,I am probably your age..this country has been eroding for some years and the UN being on US soil is a bad idea...let 'em all go to France since they are socialists anyway and let us go back to being Americans.

          From: Disqus
          Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2012 11:25 PM
          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: How the Election Is Being Rigged Before You Vote

          Gpa Judd (unregistered) wrote, in response to ginger:
          I am probably older than most of you that are leaving your ideas and such regarding this FRAUD being perpetuated on each of us. I can remember when gasoline stations used to have "Gas Wars" to see who could attract the most customers by lowering their price the most. No, the wars didn't last long but it forced the price down significantly for fear that another war would breakout. It is unbelievable that this country hasn't built any new refineries for 30 years. Yes, we have the oil, more than any other nation in the world. America is The Chosen Land, The Promised Land so why wouldn't God place more natural resources in this country than any other? And yes, we are like the frog in the pot waiting to get fried==but ever so subtly. We have a Dictator, a Fraud, and a Traitor that is letting others, Soros, Bildeburgers, pull his strings. I am so Fed up with our elected officials that they stand by and let things i.e. Osama Ben Obama, happen to our country. Why can each of us see this and yet they are so blind???
          I say that we should Demand term limits, NO golden parachutes, NO benefits after serving 2 terms, no secret service for previous government officials etc., Etc. Let them stew in the pot they have put us in by all of their silly, unconstitutional laws that we are forced to live under.
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      • LonnaBertelli

        It's $3.53 in the east/central area. Better - but not good enough.

      • jbd1975

        Currently $3.05 in Lancaster, S.C. so I drive to South Carolina as North Carolina has higher gas tax and a Democrat for as the current Governor!

        • Jusguessing

          $3.03 in Lugoff, SC... But I don't think that low gas prices will send SC running to BO.

      • Traphill25

        Orlando, Florida $3.22 per gallon!!

      • Carlos

        I paid $4.21/gal for regular, in LA, yesterday. Hasn't been under $4.00/gal. for over a year.

        • Jespaq

          Maybe if your state wasn't a sure thing in November, your $4.21 would be $3.21.

      • notax1776

        Bought gas in Texas today and paid $3.11 per gallon for regular. I still have not figured out why Texas even bothers to stay in the US. We have everything we need here in Texas and we don't need washington.

        • jim

          can oklahoma go with you when you break away from washington dc

        • frank calkins

          I live in the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS ALSO. I think we should go back to being
          an independent country again. Let the rest of the 49 sweat. we have plenty of
          fuel, etc. sounds good to me.

        • Rick

          I live in Mn. I want to Anex from Washington also!!!

        • Jerry

          Half of the country's population would move there

        • guest18

          When rumors surfaced two months or so go that Texas was beginning to consider that as an option, Eric Holder threatened state officials with a military blockade if they try it. Do we now see what O's talked about civilian military would be used for?

        • graybuffalo

          I live in the liberal-infested State of MN, and we are rapidly approaching the status of California. We have 773,000 people on Medicaid (One-In-Six Minnesotans on welfare and our State economist doesn't think that is a problem. And the Governor is ramming a new football stadium (along with the new taxes) up our arses even though the majority of the people are against it - sound oddly familiar with Obamacare? I am surrounded by morons. We used to claim Minnesota as "The Land of 10,000 Lakes" - it is now known as "The Land of 10,000 Taxes" Thanks, Democrats!

        • Mrs. Chief.

          Left Ga Sat.with gas prices at $3.099 saw the increases in every state all the way to WA where gas was $4.099 when I got here Wed. Ridiculous that there's such price differences!

        • Peter Propwash

          Dont rember exact numbers, but thirty years ago in New Mexico The shadow of the Bloomfield refinery fell on my house in the late evning. Gas was forty cents a gallon cheeper in Mjssouri and there is not a drop of oil in the state. Can you explane that to me?

        • BillyD

          State Excise tax on gasoline is different State to State. Missouri typically has lower Excise Tax rates than most States. There are also State regulations that add expense and consumer cost such as E 85 and lower emission fuels.

        • Linda Hopkins

          Yes, there is the Shell Oil Refinery and Phillips oil on the other side of the Mississippi River in Illinois, if that's of any help to you. . . I'm just 30 miles south of St.Louis in the countryside. . . . . Right now gas is at 3.29 locally, is that good ???

        • Dandydonnie

          If Texas would secede, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico would probably join them. Perhaps more would come along. I think most people are just sitting around waiting for someone to take a leading role.

        • John Cummins

          East Tennessee needs desperately to secede. We were originally the state of Frankland and had our own government 2 years BEFORE the War of Independence. It's time to go back.

        • Tom

          @ Dandydonnie : If Americans do not get off of our BUTTS and stop waiting for "someone" to lead, Our Country is GONE ! How do you like the socalled "leadership" NOW ? Talk to your neighbors - MEET your neighbors - start a neighborhood watch / militia in case Obama wins - offer them a ride to the polls - get busy with your local Tea Party or Conservative Group - talk to dunderhead liberals about Obama's planned destruction of America ( If they don't understand, why would you want to hang out with mental dwarfs ? ) - Volunteer to be a poll worker ( to help your community and just keep an eye on things ) - report ANY irregularities or intimidation at the volling place to your Sheriff's Department, NOT the local police. There is plenty to do, so as Gov. Rick Scott says, " Let's Get to Work ! "

        • Linda Hopkins

          We The People need to take charge of the election tallying. . . This is OUR election ! . . .We need to go back to the old paper ballots as they are too cumbersome to cheat on to the same degree as the "electronic" voting machines. . . .We MUST do this or it will be a almost believable 51-49 % win for O, for it has been predetermined.

        • Observant_One

          I would hope that Nevada would join them!

        • nomarxist

          A ten million man middle-class march on Washington ,D.C. and the White House are what is needed. Obama must be unseated and impeached before there is no path to do so.

        • Doinna

          Ask your representative if Obambi can be impeached; I asked my Texas Rep. in Congress and was told BY THE STAFF in his office that he could not be impeached.
          Tells me that the whole bunch of them are corrupt! What part of illegal do they not understand? What part of destruction of America do they not get? What we may conclude is that this bunch in Congress have been bought out and have joined the Capital Hill Agenda reduce America to nothing! This is insane that this bunch of goons have lied and the voters just keep on re-electing them!
          WAKE UP AMERICA......WAKE UP TEXAS.....

          TEXAS SHOULD GET THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA AS WE DO NOT HAVE AN AMERICA ANYMORE! We now have a country with a bunch of dictator liars who have no desire to adhere to the Constitution! They just talk and not put one foot forward to walk the walk!

          Kick Agenda out of Texas now! Alabama has done it!

        • mrrzk

          I think that is BS. I read an article stating that ONLY CONGRESS AND WE THE PEOPLE can IMPEACH/REMOVE THE POTUS. I dont know the process nor would I know where to begin, but I would join in to remove him.
          If anyone knows, WE THE PEOPLE can take over what CONGRESS cant do.

        • Doinna

          Ask your representative if Obambi can be impeached; I asked my Texas Rep. in Congress and was told BY THE STAFF in his office that he could not be impeached.
          Tells me that the whole bunch of them are corrupt! What part of illegal do they not understand? What part of destruction of America do they not get? What we may conclude is that this bunch in Congress have been bought out and have joined the Capital Hill Agenda reduce America to nothing! This is insane that this bunch of goons have lied and the voters just keep on re-electing them!
          WAKE UP AMERICA......WAKE UP TEXAS.....

          TEXAS SHOULD GET THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA AS WE DO NOT HAVE AN AMERICA ANYMORE! We now have a country with a bunch of dictator liars who have no desire to adhere to the Constitution! They just talk and not put one foot forward to walk the walk!

          Kick Agenda out of Texas now! Alabama has done it!

        • Kittyhane

          I wish they all would and DC can stand alone if they can

        • Upaces

          Believe me, we'd love to secede; however, there would BE another Civil War.

        • Dandydonnie

          Are you sure? And even if that was to happen would it be worse than living in what America is turning into?

        • Upaces

          Hopefully, it will NOT come to that.

        • Ttiben

          I think Georgia would follow as well.

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter

          Amen, brother! I've been saying that for years. Living in Dallas, it sure seems like we could be self-sufficient. And the first thing I would do if I were fairly elected President of this glorious state would be to run every ARAB into the Gulf and drown them! Perhaps the South WILL truly rise again!

        • Upaces

          What town/city did you get your gas?

      • barto

        Flowers, I live in Alabama and purchase gas about 1 mile from my home for $3.09/Gal. However, if the idiot President we had would stop preventing our ability to DRILL for oil here in the U.S. and offshore we could see reasonable gas prices across the U.S. at some point in the near future....perhaps and hopefully a change in leadership will see this policy change! I hate to demean one of your state's cities, not just because Obama called it home, but I had to travel to the Chicago area on occasion for the company I worked for and found out why they called it the "windy city" and man was it dirty; I guess, according to you, in more ways than one. Best of Luck and let's get that man our of our White House!

        • scgator2001

          WHY is Hussein preventing oil exploration and production?

          Does the name HUSSEIN give you a hint? How about no college records, no passport records, no valid birth certificate?

          Would the media lie to us? Would they cover the fact that this Saudi sponsored prick loves the fact America's wealth is flowing to terrorist Arab countries? Oh, gosh, I blew it, Saudi sponsored, you aren't supposed to know that.

        • John Cummins

          Again, of all the candidates ONLY Ron Paul would have broken with the Saudis, thus he is the best candidate FOR Israel. The Saudis have been wagging us around since Roosevelt!

        • Joe

          The media is responsible for this Communist take over. During Obama's 2008 election campaign, the liberal media conspired to hide all of his Commie connections, Marxist college records, foreign student financial aid, illegal citizenship, fake computer generated birth certificate (Proven fact it is fake), Mulim roots, extensive drug use, New Socialist Party membership, black power racist church and his Black Panther marches. After we kick Obama out of office, all of us need to oppose and boycott the liberal media (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC,, CNN, AP, REUTERS, NPR, NY TIMES, WASH. POST, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, BALTIMORE SUN, MIAMI HERALD, ANYTHING FROM CHICAGO, LA TIMES, HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTIONS, ETC.

      • kikie3

        I heard on the radio this morning it was down below $3 somewhere. I been paying $3.15 at Kroger in Tennessee.

      • Tim Brown

        $2.99 in sc

      • drdbiggs

        Gas was $4.27 for regular in California!

        Why are you complaining?

        • Whackajig

          Don't you feel stupid remaining in mexifornicate?

        • drdbiggs

          Valid point but making big money in buying & selling SFR's because of all the morons that bought during the housing boom!

      • Badkarma060

        Wow, I was complaining. Here in Staten Island, NY the cheapest gas right now is $3.71.

      • Pclages

        At least in Illinois, the crooks are put in jail occasionally.... Three former governors, for instance. Here in Hawaii, the crooks NEVER go to jail. And gas is over $ 5 / gal.

      • John Cummins

        3.04 here, been going down steadily basically since the day Robamaney supposedly clinched!

      • Tom

        @ Flowers : (1) This upcoming election will make election 2000 look like a picnic. The fix is in and the ONLY way to beat the "Ineligible One" is a huge turnout of informed voters to cancel out those that are DEAD, ILLEGAL, FELONS, and/ or MULTIPLE Voters. The Democrat Party will do anything, legal or not, to continue the destruction of America because liberals are mentally deficient. (2) I filled up yesterday @ $3.239 per gallon of regular unleaded + up to 10 % ethynol here in Tallahassee, FL. Your local distributor is cashing in, doncha' know !

      • RubyBlu

        Michigan - $3.89 last night!

      • YorkPatriot

        Flowers - Here in York,Pa. the polls favor Obama slightly, and the current price for regular gas is slightly north of that at $3.29/gal.
        I'm a registerred independent who is tired of paying the high cost of 'Hope and Change' wondering if gas prices and constituents in this area will stay pro Obama or if voters will tire of his smoke and mirrors,lies and other cons and start leaning towards the right like I did back in the early 80s when other liberals (Carter administration) were trying the same thing with disasterous results.
        Sooner or later these Obama scams will catch up AND unfortunately the country will most likely be taken down with him.
        Obama Must Go!!! (OMG!!!) Along with his sugar daddy, George Soros.

      • busterpuddles

        $3.18 in North Richland Hills, Texas.

      • bigfoot101

        its 318 in louisiana

      • Hightide

        I'll forgive you Flowers if the choice of residence wasn't yours.. LOL

      • Marble60

        $3.79 a gallon here in the middle of the Bakken Oil Field in Montana & North Dakota. According to the news the national average is supposed to be about $3.58. Yeah right!

      • 1waco64

        move to missouri or texas.

    • Charliefre

      WOW! Your gas is cheap ... in Seattle we are paying in the range of 4.10 - 4.49 per gallon. And, we know why .... the local refineries were closed down by the Lib Progs in our gov't to meet environmental standards. So, all that Alaska oil coming in can't be refined fast enough due to our capacity being 'convieniently' shut down by 2/3. Still raping the common man to their benefit...

      • VINCERE

        I have noticed that Gas is most expensive in the DEMOCRAT states. Including California, Hawaii. I was in Las Vegas recently paying $3.42 per gallon for regular. Crossed the border into California and paid $4.55 per gallon for REGULAR. Figure that out.

        • goku vegeta


        • Jercom

          I noticed that too. Gas is $3.83 here in Michigan.

        • CharlieSeattle

          Califonia is a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, They WANT to pay more to support them and go broke in the process.
          To funny!

      • Workerbee

        Is Anacortes shut down?

      • tionico

        our reigning queen loves to have it so. Scoundrel!! Glad SHE"s got a one way ticket to somewhere else. Hope Inslee doesn;'t replace her it will be four or eight more yars of HER in a suit. Time to relocate, if that happens.

    • Doodlebug

      Gas is $372 a gallon by our house. What about all the people who believe that obummer is going to pull a fast one somewhere somehow that he won't even allow the elections to be held? This jerk is the scariest thing that I've ever come across and I don't trust him any further than I can throw him and that's not at all possible. A recount showdown is certainly possible or should we say certain. If obummer is on the short end of the stick, he is not going to go quietly. And, if Romney comes out on the short end of the stick we will see our second Civil War.

      • Doodlebug

        That should be $3.72. Sorry about that!

        • Dogmeat1949

          Don't forget the .9! 😉 lol.

      • 820 REDHORSE

        I think your right, either way I think the shart'll hit the fan,if obasturd loses ( I pray!) the OWS and the like will hit the ground rioting & looting and burning cars in the streets, and if he wins , "WE THE PEOPLE" will be calling foul and we'll be right. Not much on seeing that crap go on , seen enuff already in my time , but I'm prepared to do whatever is nesscessary for the good of our country if duty calls. I hear so much talk about civil war & revolution and it's not from jim-bob & bubba it's from people who are extremely concerned about the direction our nation is headed. Its now the working class folks & upper middle class folks talking about it now and I think we're gonna see blood in the streets regardless of who wins. Unfortunately , that is what'll take to turn America back on the right track. GOD BLESS & WAKE UP AMERICA!

        • Mark Desade

          I too believe that if Romney wins, we'll see the obamabots burning and looting in the (downtown) streets; they wouldn't dare due that in suburbia or rural areas as they'd get shot. However, the National Guard is a state militia and governors can call them out to control them. Once the crybabies realized it was over, maybe a few days, then it would calm down.

        • tionico

          One HUGE difference between this people and those of France, England, other places where moslem riffraff and strange marxist politically bent clowns have been rioting.. WE are still armed. Remember Watts, and Watts 11? Those who fared best were those who were armed, and defended their places. They tried disarming the locals in NO after Katrina, but that has been proven unconstitutional... many states have passed laws specifically prohibiting the disarming of the populace during a disaster.. which includes "rioting"..... can you imagine how different things would have gone in Paris or London had the locals, property owners, peace loving citizens had been armed? the rioting would have stopped in a few days, rather than lasting weeks. The lkinyun wants to disarm us, because he KNOWS as long as we still have the Second functoning we are not laydowns, rollovers, play-deaders, sittign ducks, helpless victims.

          I don't want it to come to that, but if there are roving mobs of hooligans playing mayhem everywhere, they will NEED settling down. Else we are doomed to the same fate as Longinstan, Paristan, and some of those other places that "blew up".

        • Hank

          I've been paying attention to politics since the Kennedy / Nixon race in 1960. I never remember anybody seriously discussing revolution or civil war until Obama got elected. Now, there's talk of it in every comment section. Is this the work of the "Great Uniter" or the "Great Divider"?

      • HoosierPatriot

        Amen Doodlebug..AMEN!! I've had this same point of view for over a year now!! And I've been stocking up on precious metals just in case! BRASS & LEAD!! I pray to God it never even comes around..but if it comes down to a "count off" in the can bet on a civil war.

      • goku vegeta


        • kent

          We Be on the same page

    • goku vegeta


    • tj7978

      Heard something on the radio today about someone gushing about how gas was down to $3 a gallon somewhere. Didn't realize until I read this just how sinister that now seems.

    • Myke48

      This is shifting what is (was) abnormal and unacceptable to what is within the norm. The Overton Window is such an exercise. At any given moment, the “window” includes a range of policies considered to be politically acceptable in the current climate of public opinion, which a politician can recommend without being considered too “extreme” or outside the mainstream to gain or keep public office. Overton arranged the spectrum on a vertical axis of “more free” and “less free” in regard to government intervention. When the window moves or expands, ideas can accordingly become more or less politically acceptable. The degrees of acceptance[3] of public ideas can be described roughly as:
      Unthinkable; Radical; Acceptable; Sensible; Popular; Policy
      The Overton Window is a means of visualizing which ideas define that range of acceptance by where they fall in it. Proponents of policies outside the window seek to persuade or educate the public so that the window either “moves” or expands to encompass them. Opponents of current policies, or similar ones currently within the window, likewise seek to convince people that these should be considered unacceptable.
      Soon what was once considered as unacceptable is now the accepted norm.

      • SmokingReb

        Thank you. Nicely done. 40 years ago, no one would of thought smokers could become 2nd class citizens, avoided like the plague and labeled murderers. Before you start in on me, stop and think about your reaction, then Google the postive effects of tobacco. You will be stunned. The only difference between tobacco and any other buring leaf is nicotine. Nicotine is not a poison to people, only to bugs, doesn't "cause" anything but bad breath and smelly cloths. All things considered, I no longer think of that as a bad thing.

      • LocalYokel35

        Legislative compromise fits nicely into such moral flexibility. Could that possibly be why MSM avoids the concrete patriotic philosophy of Ron Paul?

    • Sandra Schools

      Who cares about the price of gas - If I was not follower of Christ with the hope of knowing that He is going to come back to earth and judge all those who are in Satan's camp I would be scared to death. As long as I am abiding in Him and He is abiding in me then I will be taken care of regardless of what is in the immediate and coming future. It may not be pretty, but those of us who live by the teaching of the Holy Spirit are free from fear. No one can separate us from our God. Unless those Satan followers repent, they will reap what they sow. Eternity is forever, but life on this earth is short. Think of how Christ suffered. Who are we to think we should not suffer as He did. If we are to be crushed here on earth, then we should not try to get around how God chooses for it to happen. Man can kill the body, but he cannot kill the soul. Lay your soul before God and He will give you peace. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul to the devil.

    • merry widow

      we hould be producing our own energy an keeping it the hell here for ourelves

    • SallyE.

      Gas was $1.96 when Barry Soetoro took the White House.

    • seadov

      $4.72 a gal here in Soldotna, Alaska -

    • djstorrie

      They don't get a smile from me untiil it's around $1.50

    • Transferral

      get rid of speculators, you will see a reduction of prices with these greedy thugs.

    • Dr. Real

      We're buying gas for $3.79 / gallon in Ohio.

    • SouthernGirl

      My 20 year old daughter says that 'gas should be free and come with a complimentary cheese burger.'

    • SouthernGirl

      Gas in South Mississippi is at $3.05 in my town. In the county just below us it is $2.95/gallon.

    • T Lady

      I know that's right! The Democrats know this President is toast in November and are doing everything they can to keep themselves in power, to include what I would call the old Bait And Switch Routine: Lower the price of oil and gas up through Fall, send out the surrogates to trumpet the 'good news', get reelected, then jack the prices back up right before Thanksgiving. And lead us down the shining path to economic Armageddon.

    • seresmary

      Were still over $4.00 here in California, but then with the Democrats in Sacremento and our Green Governor I'm truly surprised it isn't over $5.00 a gallon. We just don't go anywhere anymore, or we ration our trips to clump them all together, but then that's what they want.
      They want us at home imprisoned in our homes so they can dumb us down with their Progressive Media LegTingling idiots.

    • MDPatriot

      Too many people have already forgotten that just several months ago, Obama's "gas" czar made the public statement that he wants to see gas prices at $5 per gallon, or more. Then, Obama disagreed with him.....wait for it......and stated that he wants to see gas prices at, or above $10 (YES, that is TEN DOLLARS!) per gallon.
      The recent deflating of gas prices is just ANOTHER PLOY to COERCE YOU, the voter, into thinking that all is well. DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING THE LYING MONGREL OCCUPYING THE WHITE HOUSE TELLS YOU! He has not yet told the TRUTH!!!

    • graybuffalo

      Obama had absolutely nothing to do with the very slight decrease in price recently, but he jumps on anything that may help his miserable record. Gas went down to $3.39 for less than a week, then back up to $3.59. I have a friend in AK where he pays $4.79 per gallon. I don't care if it goes down to $2.50 per gallon, that is still too high - don't forget, Bush left Obama a price of $1.87 per gallon. At $3.49 per gallon, the average American family is paying $220 more per month than under Bush! Add that to the near $100K the Dems have cost me in the devaluation of my house, the rampant inflation in food and clothes, and you would have to be insane to think that you are better off under Mr. Ineptitude. As for the epitome of hypocrisy by the left, google "gas price hypocrisy" and click on the first youtube video for the exposure of the Dems for the total hypocrites they are.
      Regardless of what the Socia!ist/Marx!st/Commun!st/ "Divider-in-Chief" says, he - and his late father - loathes/loathed America for being what they both considered to be "colonialist" nation and an "oppressor" nation. The latter is the reason The Community Organizer made his world-wide apology tour.

    • f8tul

      No, we need to be at $2 a gal at the highest.. take all the taxes out and hit the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA and the Saudi family in the head and shake the cobwebs out and we may just get there yet.. NOT<, we need to Drill on our own soil and be the only ones allowed to drill in the Gulf.. PERIOD

  • 2Conservative

    If you can't beat 'em, cheat 'em!

  • centermass

    Arrest, try and publicly execute the Marxist usurper!

    • Doug Hensley

      On what charges? Getting the Saudis to reduce their prices? Oh, and he's neither a Marxist, nor a usurper. He got more electoral votes than McCain. That made him the president-elect. As to Marxist, there has been no dictatorship of the proletariat. The fleet has not gone over to "the revolution". Incendiary calls to action with no grounding in fact are unwise and immoral.

      • ARMYOF69

        He crossed the Rubicon when he passed a law ,the so called Health Care, ramming it down our throats. For that alone he needs to pay the price, with that moron Pisslozi.

        • LonnaBertelli

          True! That is what is called a "DICTATORSHIP"!

        • Mary Laforet

          I agree...DICTATORSHIP! Thats what we've become.

      • brchoate

        Stupidity is no excuse. And, the American voters were stupid to believe in his speeches when he gave no firm information at what the "hope and change" was. As to charges; start with circumvention of the Constitution, investing in green energy companies inspite of their shaky finances and most jobs were going overseas, and go from there.

        • HoosierPatriot

          I have to say your wrong on the American public being so stupid to elect's more like they were TOTALLY IGNORANT!!

        • Sam in NC

          And brainwashed by the Media.

      • Boxcar

        obama he's is a socialist / communist if ever i 've seen one and a musslim to boot the worst of two worlds . if you think their was cheating before you ain't seen nothin yet wait until this election starts romney might as well bend over now because he won't even get a kiss or reach arround

        • goku vegeta


      • Bottom Boy

        only from a tunnel visioned libturd's mind could believe that

      • houdini1984

        Doug, the fact that there has been no dictatorship of the proletariat does not mean that Obama is not a Marxist. His every speech and policy initiative is focused on the idea of a struggle between the classes. That is a central tenet of Marxist thought, since such a struggle is necessary if capitalism is to be brought to waste so that it can be replaced by a communal society.

        Obama is a Marxist. By his own words, he stands condemned. Is it incendiary to say such a thing? In this age of political correct thought, certainly. That does not, however, make such a claim untrue. Centermass' reactionary calls for retributive action are certainly incendiary, but his basic claim that Obama is a Marxist can only be denied by those who have never studied Marx.

      • Dogmeat1949

        Idiot or Commie you pick the word that is YOU! YOUR CHOICE!

      • The Patriot

        What kind of sorry IDIOT are you!!! He is just plain not eligible to be in the office of President!! Even if he was born in Hawaii! Which he was NOT!! He was born in KENYA!! But regardless, he is not a Natural Born Citizen of this country!! Natural born citizen is defined as having both parents US citizens at the time of Birth! The senior Obama NEVER WAS a Citizen of the USA. That makes Obama Junior INELIGIBLE!!! NO ands, ifs, or buts. At best he is a citizen of either Kenya where he was born, or a citizen of Indonesia where his stepfather adopted him. He said himself that no one hides anything unless there is something He does not want the people to know! Now, you tell me, mr half wit, What, other than his lack of eligibility (that he has spent over $2 Million to hide from the public) is there that he does not want us to know!?!? And why was it worth, $2M for him to hide it!?
        You voted For him to prove you were not a racist in 08. Now vote against him to prove that you are not STUPID!!!

        • goku vegeta


      • LonnaBertelli

        There is enough with the violations of the Constitution to try him! (It's illegal to go around Congress for example) Yep! He is a traitor!! (Then there is "Fast & Furious", the leaks of classified information, etc.)

      • photojoe

        He was elected by fraud. The millions of fraud votes cast for Obummer put him in the White House. He has never participated in an honest election in his life. Anyone who believes he is not communist obviously does not know the meaning of the word.

      • Texan and proud of it.

        Wake up, Doug!!

      • LocalYokel35

        Nitpicking the selection of specific names by definition can never compete with an undeniable immoral record so belligerently demonstrated except by party line echos yet in the state of denial.
        If his front line defense is the DOJ then start there with unpardonable (Article II Section 2) impeachment of all failing to uphold their oaths of office. The possibilities are unlimited for sifting the tares from the wheat by any no vote in either house..
        Is revolution not called for by founding fathers to protect the republic? Do you ever expect that you can hold the words of Patrick Henry or Thomas Jefferson above standard party line? For the future of your progeny consider whether or not you would rather swim among sharks or sail with the fleet.
        If you survive when the wind rises and the spinnakers go up with empty nitpicking among real patriots then compose an epitaph for the next generation explaining your action or lack thereof. You may deserve what you get, but they don't.

      • Mark Desade

        Doug...I think, based on Obama's past affiliation with that Illinois progressive group that's come to light, that Obama is a hybrid between marxists and socialist. And we also know that Obama was a follower of Saul Allinsky, a radical. I believe Obama couches his radical views in a softer form known as socialism. As for socialism, former Communist Party Chairman Kikita Khrushchev is quoted as saying

        "We can't expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism,
        but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism,
        until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism."

      • tionico

        He IS a usurper, he is NOT qualified to hold that office as he is NOT a "natural born citizen", because BOTH of his parents-of-record are not US Citizens, the requirement for that status. Number one. He IS a marxist, since he favors, and has put into place, policies that place the government in control of the means of production, whilst it remains in private ownership... the definition of fascism. Marx merely put together a sich political system that is fascist. He has studied marxist thought and politics, worked closely with (as mentors to him) a number of proven marsixt fascists... most of whom continue to work toward emplacing marxist political philosophy. Calls to action, incendiary or otherwise, are appropriate, and wise. I'll even go so far as to say unqualifiedl necessary. Else we continue our downward spiral into marxist fascism. And if you don't think we've made a good amuont of "progress' toward those goals, let me inform you you are asleep.

  • Winston

    With rigged elections in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, and in other anti-American, anti-Israel nations, isn't this a great travesty of justice to the American people that this once-great God-blessed nation just following in the footsteps of those hate-inspired nations? Think about it.

    • Jose Palacios

      DEMs cheat. Obama will cheat. This story seems like the perfect storm to lose our liberties. Granted half the country is on entitlements and food stamps, however please consider volunteering to poll watch or donate your time. This has to be a blow-out for Romney.

      • SmokingReb

        Agree. Also suggest a reach out to all the truckers out on the road. With so many states adding absentee voting as an option, posting basic facts and links in truck stops could be a good thing. Think of them as 2 plus million highly regulated voters with a strong independent streak dependent on oil prices for their living. IMHO

  • Patriot304

    The megalomaniac will try anything to maintain his seat of power! Nothing that happens between now and election day should surprise anyone. But then there are still a few hangers-on who think this guy is the answer to all our problems. Those types don't acknowledge the damage he's done.

    • Joe in CT

      "Someone who believes needs no explanation. Someone who does not believe will accept no explanation". St. Thomas Acquinas

    • victorbarney

      More than a few! Our women are our single biggest voting block and remember, they too are "gatherer's," they by their own biology ALONE! Just saying...Watch!

  • GoodBusiness

    Here is some support from a Founder - Thomas Jefferson

    The Constitution . . . meant that its coordinate branches should be checks on each other. But the opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action but for the Legislature and Executive also in their spheres, would make the Judiciary a despotic branch. - Letter to Abigail Adams (1804)

  • john811c

    Vote rigging a political mainstay for people wanting to stay in power also the way communist regimes operate. Our republic will fall it has been the plan of the elitists for a very long while, they are just putting the plan into action

    • Bottom Boy

      And it is time for the most ARMED society to STOP it! Stock up and lock and load because the big one's comin'

      • Sam in NC


    • SmokingReb

      Plans fail. The vote must be huge.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    ...the other missing 'dot' from this article, is how a mediocre, so called 'conservative' like the Romulan has become our nominee. This guy outspent and outwhined and out lied his way to this nomination point. I hardly find that a viable 'choice' by which we will get our country or our freedoms back.

    This whole mess seems 'rigged'. And there doesn't seem to be a viable candidate who will reign in the government at all. I see a real war on the coming horizon.

    • OldCyeKoe

      I believe with all my heart that the only solution to the problems faced by our hopelessly messed up country is full-out civil war. Barring that, all we'll get are idiotic "compromises" that neither return our lost freedoms nor dismantle our ridiculously bloated federal nanny-government. Unfortunately, a show-down is called for.

    • Sam in NC

      Agreed !

    • van

      With that attitude, you might survive.

  • icemancold


    • Bottom Boy

      it is just getting started, and it will end when "We The People" say it will end, their time is coming, so hang on....tight

    • RUSTY


    • Jose Palacios

      The states, the military, and other goverment agencies will abandon Obama. Example: Elliott Richardson resigned and denied Nixon's orders during the Watergate debacle.
      Good people will fight against tryants.

  • HadEnuf

    Like I have said, the pseudo-election is a done deal; afterall, you have the state-run media running interference for the reprobate, not reporting anything that is TRUE and NEGATIVE about the Muslim-Marxist and if you take into consideration the bogus poll numbers which will allow him to steal the election as the SHEEPLE will believe these false numbers and assume that the election was as close as the commie media intimated through their devious polling. This is why they must stop the little effeminate two-bit ditator's illegal status as a US citizen. They know that this is the most important issue to him being reelected. This is how you will get rid of the next Hitler, the peudo-election process is just that and they know it! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

    • Dougal

      Even if they find the indisputable evidence of not being a citizen, I'm convinced," the media and our representatives will pay no attention. The majority of the nation will remain ignorant.

  • TheGizmo51

    The republino action plan for success:1. Conservatives want small government so the fastest way to reduce government revenue is install Starving the Beast.
    Lose the 2008 Presidential election with weak candidates because the
    economy will crash without adequate revenue and the people will blame
    the party in power.3. #1 priority make President Obama a one
    term President by keeping economic crisis in place and the higher the
    unemployment the smaller the chance of reelection and decimate Democrat
    base.4. Create a war against minority enemy in public unions
    that survive on taxpayer money angering financially pinched taxpayers
    and reduce union voting strength and support for Democrats.5.
    2012 platform of cut taxes, eliminate IRS, institute federal sales tax
    to pay for military and a smaller government. and privatize social
    security and medicare.6. If successful will result in two class system of (1%) very powerful and wealthy owners and (99%) very weak and poor workers.

    • Monchichi

      #7. Get you AND the Federal Gubment as far removed from everyday life as possible. Only then
      will anything improve. #8. Federal, State and Local workers can and should have to pay into their
      pension and/or retirement, just like everybody else. #9. Welfare should only supply aid, not a lifestyle to those who in many cases are generational recipients. Hand up, not hand out. #10. No more trying to legislate morality or feelings. There is no crying in politics.

      • TheGizmo51

        Then the same should apply to politicians. Some private corporations offered defined benefit retirement plans to their employees. I did not pay one penny into my company pension. We fund our own social security and medicare. Everyone has the option of saving for their own retirment.

  • Carlos Ramos

    The Saudis and Obscumbodinga need to suffer an embarrassingly crushing defeat and Obscumbodinga prosecuted and penalized to life incarceration or suffer the full penalty for treason - face the firing squad or the noose. The saudis can eat their oil - Drill Here Drill Now Gas $1.50!!!

  • rosemarienoa

    Nothing that is done by the left to manipulate the election surprises me! They are the MOST corrupt party that ever was....including the communists, which is where they learned their tactics!

    • Dougal

      you are so right there

  • Esteban Cafe

    Editor Comments: That is why you American Conservatives must win in a land slide.

  • 65bubbles

    so why did the powers that be, republican or democrat agree on this outside firm to count our voting process. Like we don't have enough good American companies that can count? Prayfully Americans will put a stop once and for all with this fool and bring charges against him before any elections, so we do not have to deal with anymore of this stuff'!

    • nmleon

      Nobody "agreed" with it, it was a commercial transaction where one company bought another.

  • spyderdalton

    Gas prices came down in L.A. now that I have an extra 3.00 in my pocket i can party all night long, save for retirement, recoup the 250,000 I lost in retirement, save my home and send my kid to college! yea for Obama!

  • Mike

    Perhaps the reason he didn't sign on to Keystone is because the Saudi's objected and that would reduce their exports to this country. They are pretty happy with their Muslim in arms.

  • Jesussaid Love

    The Supreme court did this to us. This election is being bought by a hand full of Billionaires who will have complete control of the country after the election. Four years ago Capitalism was destroyed by a few greedy individuals rforcing a government bailout. Now the Democracy is about to suffer the same fate.

  • jude

    Obama didn't bow to the Saudi's for nothing that's for sure. He is the enemy to America and follows Satan. And if he doesn't change his ways before he dies and when Christ comes back you all know where he's going....Hell fire for eternity because abortion and propagating homosexuality is of the devil and not of God. So anyone who thinks you're doing a wonderful thing by supporting Obama, he's leading you astray so you can join him in Hell. You know he needs lots of people gnashing their teeth right along with him beside the fire. God has said in his word, You're for me or against me, you can not be lukewarm.

    • Joe

      Hey an old man said to me once," conservatives are going to heaven & liberals are going straight to hell'........

    • victorbarney

      Jude, if you read Revelation 16, AFTER reading Revelation 11 you'll READ that it's the two-witnesses that destroy u.s., save only 144,000 anglo-saxons alive in Revelation, chapter 11 & NOT ISLAM & our SAVIOR comes back to DESTROY ISLAM, STARTING with BABYLON in Revelation, chapter 16! Just saying...

  • InGodWeTrust

    The Bible codes say Obama will be President in 2012, at the end times. God has already seen what happens and told us. Obama is satan's puppet, not anyone human. God has a reason for letting his re-election go through. Ultimately? Obama and his cabinet will end up in the Lake of Fire, burning for eternity. What's another four years if it brings us closer to Christ's return? If Christian's had taken a stand 50 years ago things might have been different. Best thing we can do now is evangelize and make disciples. God will have his day of wrath. Plan not to be part of it.

    • KalevEfrayim

      "Bible code"? What are you, an heretic or an apostate?

    • PMDavis

      I too feel that if the end times are close, Obama will be re-elected simply because we must continue to decline into the one world government that the anti-christ will over see when he comes into power. It is terrible to watch but you said it right, "If christians had stood up years ago for their beliefs and country, we may have forestalled events." We can only look to the Lord for our protection as things continue to fall apart. What are the Bible codes you are talking about???

  • Donna Mohler

    obamas connection goes back to his birth!!! Why wouldn't the saudi's work to elect one of "theirs"???

  • sebastianwoof

    I don't know the details about Hussein Obama's Harvard tuition.
    Could the Saudis have funded Obama's education at Harvard?

  • jime

    I don't give a tinkers da*n if gas is free, I'll vote to replace the sob!!!

  • James Hay

    Hang Obama!!!!

  • tidalpool

    odd how a man with no intellectual curiosity, no past attempts to either succeed or public intellectual record of achievment now wants another 4 years in power to do what? Systematically bring down the american government and its constitution? re-create the Soviet Union of the 1920's? Convince those of us who believe in American exceptualism that what we need to do in fact, is redistribute our hard earned wealth to those who have not contributed to our combined wealth?
    Personal Liberty, Personal Responsibility, the two sides of the coin that makes an American what they are. Either alone excludes the miracle that created America. The synergistic effect of recognizing these two characteristics made us what we are. The socialist model is significantly different. The government provides all, and the people work where they are told to work, and under the conditions the government sets. No personal gain, no personal responsibility. NO FREEDOM.
    This fall we have the choices, Americanism, a unique force in this world, or Socialism, a failed theory, put into practice by many countries, all failed, all ended. At that juncture, when we each are in a voting booth, and its up to each of us, I will chose Amwerica, I will chose Freedom. What will you do?

  • Marc

    I bought gas for 3.15/gallon in NC. I bought gas for 1.84/gallon at the same station in 2008 while Bush was still President. I wouldn't vote for Barry if gas were free.

  • PatriotMan

    If Obmam has a deal to drive down Gas Prices to something like $2.90 per gallon lets just ake advantage of it, realize its just another Obama attempt at fraud, and still vote him out this fall. But I don't believe we will get the chance. Marshal Law is just around the corner people Wake-Up and smell the M1A2 Abrams getting ready to come down your street. Obama is moving military assest all around the U.S. and has all Fema Camps fully staffed, let alone purchasing 450 million rounds of Ammo.

  • Nottakenyan

    Washington, DC is America's cesspool for liars, whores, and thieves.
    The current administration has proved that the magnitude of corruption at the federal level is beyond the comprehension of many American taxpayers!!!!!

  • gere

    will the civil war in Syria affect our gas supplies? or will we allow canada and america to produce fuel?

  • Mynickelsworth

    There are other things that indicate meddling with the Election process. In my County, a Republican county, the electronic voting machines are controlled, calibrated and set up by the SEIU, one of the UNIONS 'owned' by Obama and the Democrats. They can make the output be what they want it to be regardless of the true votes input.
    The Whistleblower in the DHS has said that they are planning a Social unrest uprising and maybe a faked assassination attempt so Obama can declare Martial Law and postpone or cancel the election in November...essentially declaring himself as Dictator. This may occur before the November election or it could happen after and be used as an excuse not to swear in a new president.
    I have been saying for 2 years that none of the things in Washington are "politics as usual' - instead there is a COUP in process.

  • TxGCB

    Our oil refineries refine most all the foreign crude to gasoline and then it is exported back to the Middle East. They do not have refinery capability. Yes, "Drill, Baby, Drill" our own sweet crude. We should be making money on the export market, but we need to refine crude into more diesel for our poor truckers. All of the products that we consume are being trucked and the cost is passed on to us. We need to build more refineries and have three national blend standards for gasoline. California has about 15, no wonder their fuel is so expensive. But, who really feels bad for them.

  • JamesD71

    Let's face it, the Liberals have always been filthy...they don't know how else to ensure that they get to manipulate the world into position where they can do what they determine is for the world's best interests. The end justifies the means (ANY means) for these unclean vermin.
    We all know what's on the near's inevitable. Stay prepared.

  • pduffy

    You said, "It shouldn’t be any surprise, but the presidential election is shaping up as a case study in how to manipulate the democratic process." What? What world have you been living in? These "elections" have been manipulated since the very first voting booth was invented. I remember the first time I went to the voting booth with my mother and she went behind a curtain and flipped a bunch of switches, and pulled a lever, and that was back in the late 60's. All the 'election' officials had to do was adjust the little dial that counted the votes, and so it is to this day - "hanging chad", or "Soros voting machines", it does not matter. Joeseph Stalin said, "It is not he who casts the votes that has the power, but he who counts the votes".

  • Rocky frisco

    Good God. "The media have played a huge roll" The word is "role." I am so damned tired of writers who can't write the English language. If you have something to say, please learn third grade English spelling and grammar.

  • GDC

    What will it take for people to TAKE BACK AMERICA?

  • samtman

    This posting is the number one conspiracy mill on the internet. It goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. How anybody with a normal sized brain can actually believe all this hyperbole is beyond any rational.

  • PPTA

    The above article is right on. I expect this administration to use every dirty trick to win that thre is including election fraud. And if that don't work, then Marshal Law right after he election when race riots start in the big cities if Obaa doesn't win.

  • Texas Patriot

    It's the same way that he got elected in 2008, he doesn't deserve to be president as he got there in the first place by deception!!!

  • flaphil

    Obama has never done anything honestly, check his limited background.

  • A'Andrew Jackson

    This is why WE need to go back to the key punch voting machines. i would rather deal with hanging chad's in a close race, then million of stolen or not counted votes. In the electronic voter fraud machines.

  • etls1

    I think people are in for a surprise this fall. The election is being rigged allright. This time I predict that Mitt Romney is the one being appointed to office. This will accomplish some goals otherwise unachievable with Obama still in office.
    The election will be made to look like a squeaker, and of course Obama-ites will claim Romney stole it. The anger will be so great among the unions and racists who voted for Obama that violence on a large scale will erupt in nearly every major city. This is when we say goodbye to any normalcy we may have maintained to this point. Northcom military will be deployed in our cities, along with the heavily militarized city police forces, DHS thugs and FEMA.
    This is what they have been waiting for and preparing for. It was the main reason for creating Northcom, DHS and the TSA. The heavily oppressed society we live in that we think of as "free" is about to disappear, to be replaced by the totally oppressed society of full tyranny under international "law".

    • PMDavis

      Do you think it will be that way if Romney gets elected? I don't think it will turn into what it would have if Obama were president.

      • etls1

        I honestly think so. I do not believe there will be much difference whether it is Obama or Romney. They both take orders from the same people. I just think the "President Romney" scenario is the easier way for them to accomplish their goal.

        • PMDavis

          You may be right. I would not be surprised to see some kind of hostile reaction if Obama doesn't get re-elected but I just don't see Romney as the American hater, left wing radical that Obama is. Who do you think is pulling the strings?

        • etls1

          The Council on Foreign Relations have been heavily influencing, if not dictating who becomes President among many other things since their inception in 1921. They themselves are controlled by an even higher multi-national order of mega corporate elites.
          Romney may not overtly be the blatant America hater Obama is, but he is complicitly controlled by the CFR just as Obama is. Not much difference.

        • PMDavis

          Do you believe the groups like the Bilderberg and the Illuminatie are all part of this as well?

        • etls1

          Well Mitt Romney was reported to have attended the latest Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly Virginia last week by four different witnesses. People do not get invited to these events unless someone on high has big plans for them. It is also definitely possible that a very old elite and occult order like the so-called "illuminati" could be behind the push for global government.

  • Dogmeat1949

    Here in Virginia Before MR.B.O Gas was $1.78 a gal. So the way I see it,$3.16 a gal. is all his FAULT! IF he and his COMMIE THUGS would get out of the way gas would be less than $2.00 a gallon right now!

  • EMHughes

    It always struck me as odd that, even though a "hotly contested" GOP Primary campaign would normally be considered MSM gold, the media kept up their blackout and disinformation campaign against Ron Paul. You would think they'd have LOVED covering the battle...

  • PMDavis

    It is so obvious that the Saudi Arabians are helping Obama by lowering the oil per barrel so the prices can miraculously come down. When Obama bowed down to the Saudi king back when he was first elected should tell everyone where Obama's allegiance really lies. I am just astounded by all the corrupt stuff that is going on. But I shouldn't be, I guess, when you have the most corrupt president and administration to ever exist in this country. Surely a lot of people can see through all of these fake poll numbers and the radical things Obama is doing. This "Obama Boy" video that just came out, since the "Obama Girl" has defected and changed sides is sickening. I hope it costs Obama lots and lots of votes. When you see a video like this with Obama supporting the gay community it really turns your stomach.

  • dudley101

    The Food Stamp Program, administered by U.S. Department of Agriculture,just announced that it is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever. Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by U.S. Department of the Interior,asks us to please do not feed the animals. This is because the animals will grow
    The Food Stamp Program, administered by U.S. Department of Agriculture,just announced that it is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever. Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by U.S. Department of the Interior,asks us to please do not feed the animals. This is because the animals will grow dependent on handouts and not learn to take care of themselves.

  • phobee

    Why is everyone focusing on gas prices when we all knew what was going to happen mouths ago. Lets focus on the bigger picture of unemployment. Have we seen any change there? Or Obama health care that is going to raise our ssi payment from just under $100.00 per month to over $250.00 per month if Obama is reelected. We just need to get out and vote when the day comes and make sure Obama does not make it.

  • Daniela Todescu

    The USA economy does not get better and present no long term sustainability at all! Just wonder what in God name may happen in order to make people choose the people knowing what they*re doing! Instead of clueless politicians let business people make they*re job! as much as the know how credentials are common sense in comparison with Mr Daley and his line Mrs Obama and global politics conections are terrific! It is looking like America is accepting easyer the liars and the thiefers than the fair struggle until get the equilibrium line ...The backing card sustainability politics of Obama administration with OPEC oil hard hard yoke, and between us the electricity supply is also a huge headache for USA citizens and I reffer here the power struggle and intimidation by the Phoenix cut energy supply! chaos! and bills rise up hallucinating! even when zero energy solutions are available but never accepted to be implemented in order to maintain the mafia control of that markets! for the XXI Century is pretty barbarian monopoly power struggle you know? The Hoover Dam politics from Las Vegas until Batista Fulgencio the latin america president without legal name now another without birthcertificate make me think that the New World Order announced by Pope Paul IInd and Aswan Dam changed politics toward Russia and China stared a whole pan arabian movement with thissame modus operandi like America does when assasinate Mc Kinley and compromised the Gold Standard in soo many and bloody ways but rised up the Food and Drugs laws, since 1906? Roosevelt! Theodore! and the Vino Mariani shaking hands with the Eros of the Picadilly Circus with thissame octahedron layout like Jerusalim Rock since 1187 Saladin times! te only think I know is that the education of the kid must be based on trust and safety! and for a nation or many than the history is still a continuous struggle power and islam cutting our moral values our God and our rights for Health Wealth and the Pursuit of the Happyness! global unfair yoke as we know the il is at peack and a fair Annapolis books on teh table must be done! starting with teh Rough Wooing class! To define the world heading and the brain muscles to make the world a Paradise as the 3rd world war is closer than many of us may accept it as reality! financial crises solved by war, and wonder why? soo much money spend in nonsense investments moon walkers aso, when is soo much work to be done on the Earth! When Mr Trump coined the book: The America we Desearve? not sure if many people have looked into that common sense mirror.! but is for sure the Hollywood make more harm to the world than when accept the by birthright Hollyrood to rule the country and teh world as in fact the Anglo American power and they*re Black Rood Century of Leadership Pride fullfilled the Daniel Prophecy with the beast crushing everything on his pathway! and by using the money power tool, poor and rich get under the live or die rules!

    And it puts under compulsion all persons, the
    small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the
    slaves, that they should give these a mark in their right hand or upon
    their forehead, 17
    and that nobody might be able to buy or sell
    except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the
    number of its name. 18
    Here is where wisdom comes in: Let the one that
    has intelligence calculate the number of the wild beast, for it is a
    man’s number; and its number is six hundred and sixty-six. please take a look ! THE TON MAKE THE MUSIC AND WHEN IS A ROYAL TON THAN MAY CHECK THEY*RE LEGITIMITY FOR!
    "Whether it were better to conquer hearts without charges, or burn, and
    build forts at great charges, which will never conquer Scotland?" LOOK





    And it puts under compulsion all persons, the small and the great, and
    the rich and the poor, and the free and the slaves, that they should
    give these a mark in their right hand or upon their forehead, 17 and
    that nobody might be able to buy or sell except a person having the
    mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name. 18 Here is
    where wisdom comes in: Let the one that has intelligence calculate the
    number of the wild beast, for it is a man’s number; and its number is
    six hundred and sixty-six.

    The salt treaty s are headet at the
    royal science palace in London! see the Ceausescu Elena doctor in
    chemics honoris causa...and Iran supply allmoust all involved educated
    in London, the G8 started in USA in the Mary and William coleges in USA
    until L*Aguila meeting Like Pompei and wars roots:

    Thailand. Value, 10 Thai baht. Mass, 8.5 g. Diameter, 26 mm. Thickness, 2 mm...
    coin has been used as commemorative coin for many occasions since 1971.


    YAK :

    Dubai World Debt Crisis Rattles Gulf Investor Confidence: Video

    May we talk from another perspectief please? Habbakuk 2:6 Will not
    these very ones, all of them, lift up against him a proverbial saying
    and an alluding remark, insinuations at him? And one will say,

    “‘Woe to him who is multiplying what is not his own—O how long!—and who is making debt heavy against himself!
    Obama Receives Gold Necklace From Saudi King Abdullah.

    7 Will not those claiming interest of you rise up suddenly, and those
    wake up who are violently shaking you, and you certainly become to them
    something to pillage? 8 Because you yourself despoiled many nations, all
    the remaining ones of [the] peoples will despoil you, because of the
    shedding of blood of mankind and the violence to [the] earth, [the] town
    and all those dwelling in it.

    9 “‘Woe to the one that is
    making evil gain for his house, in order to set his nest on the height,
    so as to be delivered from the grasp of what is calamitous! 10 You have
    counseled something shameful to your house, the cutting off of many
    peoples; and your soul is sinning.

    New World Order Plan to Kill 90% of the Worlds Population - Georgia Guidestones.


    JAMES 4:1-3 From what source are there wars and from what source are
    there fights among YOU? Are they not from this source, namely, from YOUR
    cravings for sensual pleasure that carry on a conflict in YOUR members?
    2 YOU desire, and yet YOU do not have. YOU go on murdering and
    coveting, and yet YOU are not able to obtain. YOU go on fighting and
    waging war. YOU do not have because of YOUR not asking. 3 YOU do ask,
    and yet YOU do not receive, because YOU are asking for a wrong purpose,
    that YOU may expend [it] upon YOUR cravings for sensual pleasure.

    HABBAKUK 2: 19 “‘Woe to the one saying to the piece of wood: “O do
    awake!” to a dumb stone: “O wake up! It itself will give instruction”!
    Look! It is sheathed in gold and silver, and there is no breath at all
    in the midst of it. 20 But Jehovah is in his holy temple. Keep silence
    before him, all the earth!’”.

    the hollywood tricks, musik Kazachok a bit Black Power funny inside presented but

    Clinton Yeltsin laugh bush humor

    the black power victory picture 2
    and some inconvenient truth..


    btw it take 150 years to visit the museum and offer 3 minuts looking each piece exposed there, soo think about!

    I still love Kazachok but I do not like the economic and moral price mirror for it!
    Mr Putin when to flex the gas and army muscles let*s we start a fair Kazachok please?
    apart with Hollywood are liars rising up the comunism and proved it does*t work !

    despite the nuclear arsenal since Marie and Pierre tests in Tunguska
    Rusia that blast until Edinburg breacking glasses, 1906?-1908?
    is in fact the thissame octahedron of the wheel layout on Picadilly Circus like the thissame Quin Victoria pope period supply of opium no wonder the London is the heading of tobacco industry and wars supply look Jeddah Treaty and Dubai rise up! soo look the rough wooing class rosas wars until mr trump birthright rights to rule as written, ezekiel 21:25!

    “And as for you, O deadly wounded, wicked chieftain of Israel, whose day has come in the time of the error of [the] end, 26
    this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said,
    ‘Remove the turban, and lift off the crown. This will not be the same.
    Put on high even what is low, and bring low even the high one. 27
    A ruin, a ruin, a ruin I shall make it. As for
    this also, it will certainly become no [one’s] until he comes who has
    the legal right, and I must give [it] to him.’The England crown belong to Mr Trump and the Spanish one also! books on the table, deal?Thank You!but to prevent a war is better than cure it at teh MAD available capacity!

  • Richard J. Garfunkel

    What a load of tripe! Don't you clowns get tired of riling up your crazy base. Aren't you just stirring the pot? Let me count the ways: the vote maybe fixed in Florida. You mean the state officials, the inspectors, the poll watchers will go in with blinders and will be part of a conspiracy! Duh!. What claptrap. As to the oil idiocy, demand is down, refineries are back on line, the peak of Memorial Day driving and the specter for July driving have come and gone and are factored in. In other words the speculators that moved the market are covering their shorts. As to the polling numbers, I check all the state wide results weekly and chart the pace including looking at, the Nate Silver study. Every state has independent polling, including national polls and despite all the millions poured in by Karl Rove and the phony witch hunt by Cornyn, Obama is holding his own. I assume as he starts to campaign in the 9 swing states, he'll turn all those number from barely ahead and flat to positive. So far it looks like Obama solid with at least 290 electoral votes. What are you folks going to do with 4 more Obama years. Will you continue to vent on these specious sites? Will you take Kool-Aid? Will you finally destroy the Republican Party? Frankly, I could care less. After November 6th, I'll contribute my "told you so," and block all these sites into the trash box. Cheers.

    • LonnaBertelli

      Did you check the "numbers" in Wisconsin lately?

      • Richard J. Garfunkel

        Breaking from

        Gallup: Most Blame Bush for Economy

        About two-thirds of Americans believe
        Republican former President George W. Bush is responsible for the nation's
        struggling economy, with a smaller percentage blaming Democratic President
        Barack Obama, a Gallup
        poll showed on Thursday.

        About 68 percent of the more than 1,000
        adults surveyed nationwide said Bush, who left office in January 2009, deserves
        a "moderate amount" or a "great deal" of the blame for the U.S. economic
        woes compared to 52 percent who pointed to his successor Obama, the poll found.

  • Mat

    Apparently Obama believes his smooth talking alone will persuade the majority to vote for him. The question is, is he majority so apathetic and uninformed they will follow along like rats and the pied piper.
    Only informed voters who are willing to discuss the facts with friends, family, and neighbors will turn the tide.

    • LonnaBertelli

      Well, many of his (former) supporters are deserting him. That is why he is getting so desperate. He is losing more every day! (Every time he opens his mouth) Even the "Obama girl" admitted that she was paid to make that video. And some in the media are asking tough questions now.
      Yep! He's losing.

  • Timothy Thompson

    California, Hawaii, Seattle all have fuel prices still way into four dollar plus area. We are controlled by the leftest progressive Democrats who do not care about our states population. They think they can control the world from our state, they are about to put into process our own Cap and Trade regulations that should be the end of California as we use to know it. They have drank the cool-aide of the tree huggers forcing out what is left of our business community. Our tax base is drying up and yet they can't seem to understand why we are 16 billion short of balancing our budget. Moonbeam is now begging Californians to approve another massive tax increase. There is no way in hell any sane person would give him and his progressive left legislature any more money it will be a resounding vote of no this coming election mark my words. Bankruptsy is right around the corner my friends and we deserve all that we get for letting these people remain in office.

  • bless2live

    Any Liberal found tampering with the voting process will be waterboarded to connect (information-source) the dots to the White House.

  • Shaka2

    People, people, people...we are dealing with the Chicago political machine. The first thing you need to ask yourself if you are thinking about rigging the election, and it's not the media, it's who is verifying the software on the computers that count the votes in this country. You can blame anyone you want for misinformation, but if the equipment that does the actual count has been overseen by the "Chicago machine" you don't have a chance. I want that software verified ever way possible by all sides. That is a much too easy "fix".

  • Donald Z

    Get the facts and show the truth. Obama is an incompetent boob who has no place in running the country. You have to be able to counter the lies being put out.

  • hearmetalking

    Its far better to Know with out a doubt in your mind. NOTHING is good that OBAMA,S got his hand on.

  • Robert Philip Dean

    No, actually, SPAIN is NOT counting U.S. votes in the November election. It's a pathetic rumor started by a bunch of Alex Jones-bots that continues to consume people who really should be focusing on more IMPORTANT issues... for more on that, here:

  • Faye Shamblin

    We need to make congress and legal sources put Obama Holder Kagan Pelosi Reid Soro Jones Ayers and all those murdering muslims Obama keeps associated with and have all tried for fraud and treason and I intend to keep pushing this until some body gets off their rear and enforce "We The Peoples" rights this is going and has gone too far for nothing to be done.

  • Jim Uberti

    One would hope that the RNC would be preparing to avod a rigged election.
    We've had ample warning between Holder's attack on Florida and other states vis a vis electoral rosters and George Soros-owned "counting company".
    If we lose to a rigged election, it won't be because we weren't warned.

  • Beverly Irvine

    He lies because you see his mouth moving! This is the worst President we've ever had! I think he's lied so much that he actually believes them. Very sad for our country!

  • PMDavis

    I really wish some people would stop these long, endless blogs that go on and on and on and end up being very tedious and take up so much space.

  • goku vegeta


  • Norine

    First, it doent matter if we can connect the "spooky dud" pun intended.soe ..part of scytl is still managing elections for several us states and countries worldwide. why do you think? there has already been strong allegations they swung the dc elections a while back. if the one world order crowd can control vote computers in key places worldwide, wgere do you think thats taking us?

    Next, if you follow the ulsterman interviews w/ anonymous WH insider, it is alleged that the admin is setting up a fake attempt on bo in order to declare mart law after starting race war. in either case, we may not get a vote.

  • priceless22

    I understand the company Scytl is owned by a Spaniard. But that Spaniard gave money to Obama's last campaign. No difference. Florida refusted to use Scytl in the last elections because of possible fraud.
    Why don't all the states do this? can a Spaniard give money to a US Presidential Campaign?

  • priceless22


  • doninIowa

    I just filled up at the local Shell station for $3.22 a gallon - it was $3.29 last week though.

  • larry

    Your conspiracy theories make it clear that you are paranoid idiots. Isn't it funny that you say that oil prices were rigged high before the last election so that Obama would be elected. Does that mean that Bush had no means of controlling prices and if it does then how would Obama have these secret powers. If you idiots lose in November then it simply means that the people did not buy your idiot theories.

  • DarthTrader

    I get my gas at 2.98 But then South Carolinians don't allow excessive taxes at the pump

  • bearlyme

    This is hogwash. Obama is the guy who wants electric cars in every garage. Why would the Saudi's want him re-elected. This same stupid rumor went around when Bush was running in 2000. This is the same misinformation that comes from both sides we're subjected to every election. Besides, Obama is living in fairy land if he thinks it's going to be close. He's going to get creamed.

  • Cheeto Sareus

    Whose idea was it to contract with a foreign company to count our ballots? I demand that Florida's votes be hand counted by Floridians with watchers from both parties to assure they are correct. On the 16th of June a case on Obama's eligibility to be on the Florida ballot is being heard by the same Federal Judge that heard the Gore v Bush recount, finding in favor of Bush. We may not have Obama on the Florida ballot.

  • RoryT

    In San Diego gas is still over $4.10/gallon. Keep in mind the shale gas from the Dakota's must be providing more supply and the poor economy and smaller cars keeps down the demand. Thus there are several factors pushing to lower gas prices at this moment. In any case Obama needs to go because he thinks he is the real Pope. "Separation of church and state" was preached until the church said no to paying for abortion for everyone. Then suddenly Obama, liberals and the Democratic Party decide it is time to take over and mandate church policies. It can not get any more UNconstitutional than that folks. I rest my case. Peace.

  • DrRGP

    The best single source for knowing (to the extent that such things can be "known") where things stand at any given moment is the Las Vegas line on the national election. Right now, Obama is the heavy odds-on favourite--albeit his numbers have slipped over the past few weeks.

  • nighttrainno9

    When my wife and I voted in the primaries in NC, she pushed Ron Pauls
    button and got romney, when I pushed Ron pauls button, Gindrich lit up.
    So tell me it's not rigged, we know better. It will take a war for us to take
    America back from the communists in washington.

  • Peggy Griffin

    I was telling people months ago that gas prices would drop precipitously before the elections, thanks to Saudi manipulation. Obama is their friend, the ineligible fraud who thinks the "most beautiful sound he's ever heard is the muslim call to evening prayer." They definitely do not want Romney to win the election. That alone is more than enough for me to cast my vote for Romney! But I'm also voting for him because I am an American, not a socialist out to trample my Constitution and destroy my country and the freedoms we have enjoyed from our country's founding. Obama's "hope and change" are a disastrous, catastrophic leap into a hellish abyss. God spare us from that!

  • Back2God2010

    ...and they want us to believe the president has no control over gas prices!!!

  • mcj5060

    Business as usual for corrupt politicians....and I'm not really sure there is any other kind.

  • Ann Onnimus

    "The tree of Liberty must be refreshed, from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

  • del

    Keystone pipeline needs to come in to our country....With Romney thankfully and hopefully in charge, this could happen....Lots of obozo crap must be repealed and we need to throw him in jail for fraud!

  • Mark Lewis

    hell and fireflies, people. the election was rigged when Romney became the "opposition" candidate...

  • Oscar Dar

    We must believe what our conservative organizations reports. They are the only truth and honest reporting we may enjoy now, before the Obama "power of manipulation" start to work to steal another election. Obama and his court of "UNJUST" Judges and his "JESTERS". Obama will do everything and anything to "WIN THIS ELECTION, BY HOOK OR BY CROOK". Because, to lose this election, will mean, the "LOST OF HIS WHOLE BEING", Considering the numerous charges that he is facing right now, but these are not published on the mainstream medias...ALL THESE WILL FALL INTO PLACES WHERE THEY BELONG. The hands of the law is too long and strong, that OBAMA will no longer get away if he loses this election. "HE WILL SURELY GO TO JAIL", THE PROOFS AND FACTS ARE NOW CREEPING ON HIM". and in the very near future, he will find himself in a beautiful building in CHICAGO, which he helped built for the inmates, that is more beautiful and equipped with everything you need more than you are in the outside. It's a "CORRECTIONAL CENTER".

  • Brad Nova

    Mr. Cronn, what evidence do you have that the media is manipulating the poll numbers?

  • Rdeem

    The rest of the country should feel lucky at the pump, the Great Socialist Rupublic of California is still raping us with well over $4.00 a gallon.

  • rpr0174

    plus, when he is re-elected, expect to see Osama Bin Laden returning to power in Afghanistan. This will happen, he is not dead, with nobody seeing his dead body and only Oboner telling us he is dead, he will show up and he and Oboner will join forces to put our country under and end our freedom as America Citizens. Oboner will declare martial law, name himself as the King of the Muslim States of America and end all freedom of all individuals in this country. Once a crook, always a crook.

  • Rev. LTC Retired

    Folks, they did it to me again. The watch DOGS would not print my comments. I said that it will be up to us, WE, THE PEOPLE, TO STOP THE CONSTANT DECAYING OF OUR BELOVED AMERICA. WE need to raise total HELL if necessary, and watch the polling places.

  • EIvisPresIey

    A Spanish company will also be counting the military vote come November, so the military need not vote, because we already know the answer [who will do the fake exit polls to ensure fake count?],
    Stalin "it doesn't matter who votes only who counts the votes"

  • Mary Laforet

    I could not believe Holder did that!On what grounds? HE and Obama need to be THROWN OUT. This is just another example of how dangerous he is in office and the longer he is in office, the more Americans lose out...

  • Lou Ellen Brown

    Why are we paying some other someone to count our votes? I do not at all understand why we need that, especially if George Soros is in on it.

  • victorbarney

    No, Never will "we the people," 70+%er's that are "gatherer's" who just love to be given things from others will have it no other way: WE WANT MORE, MORE, & MORE IS NEVER ENOUGH! WATCH! Just saying!

  • mortuary5

    Ob... has created another one of his "executive orders" allowing him to declare MARSHAL LAW worded so loosely that he can declare it over any crisis - real or imagined! Now think about this...under marshal law he can declare that elections be cancelled because of this "crisis" - which "could" last for 4 years! Or more! Our children and grandchildren, will be patrolling our streets with real weapons and real bullets! Many of these military personel are battle hardened troops trained to react to noises which might make them feel threatened - such as firecrackers set off by kids just to see them jump. And jump they will - on full automatic firing at the source of that sound. As long as he has the power to do this, he and his cronies can "manufacture" that crisis. Just the fact that he's not campaigning very hard should tell you that something's in the wind! He has "something" up his sleeve, and remember he's from Capone-land! We should ALL be wary of what this bird can, and just might do, to remain in office!

  • AkWarrior

    In Alaska we pay $4.23 a gallon, we need to post this to all of those on our face book accounts we need to start going viral with all the things Obama has done especially the latest leaks the affect our national security. This man is not qualified to be President.

  • jjinfl

    Paid $3.23 a gallon a couple of hours ago for gas in Florida. I think it's funny that we can think back when we thought $2.75 a gallon was too high. Now we've quit paying attention; it's the American way I think, and we think $3.23 is pretty good since people in other states are paying quite a bit more. lol

  • wfwilson6

    $3.75/gal in Boise Idaho. Don't worry, Idahoans won't vote for a muslim socialist traitor.

  • Oscar deLarento

    Personally, I'd say SCREW the Justice Department, there is a felon in charge of it. Purge the voter roles in Florida (and all states for that matter, [Illinois would fail to do so since that is their BOY in the hunt]) and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Larry

    They are now and have always been corrupt as hell. But with Obama it has been worse than ever.

  • jim_wright

    And this is a surprise to anybody. The Main Stream Media have been been having a love affair with Mr. Obama since the first time they saw him. He was never vetted and they have been running cover for him since day one. As for the Saudis, stop and think about something, Mr. Obama stated publicly that he would always support his Muslim buddies and he has all but abandoned our allies in the region in favor of the Muslims no matter whether it was in the best interest of this country or not. Why wouldn't they do a small thing to help him BS the American public and gain reelection so he can again support them.

  • FreedomScribe

    Lock and load, lock and load, my brethren. Economic collapse is near. DHS has put in an order for like a million arms to fire the billion hollow points they have under lock and key. May His Force be with you. +

  • kenne hicks

    Cheer up, folks! The same international banksters that put their money behind Bailout Bush 2004 & Bailout Barak 2008 are now behind Oromney 2012!

  • wkelly10103

    good article; explained a lot! and i believe it. about two months ago, i asked on this very venue why gas prices hadnt come down. and all of a sudden, they come down and then all the democrats are wanting to know why everyone isnt on theit knees thanking the emperor and praising him for lowering gas prices!!!

  • dondehoff

    Let us not get too wrapped up in the price of gas, else we forget to focus on what is really going on. I believe it is more than just rumor that a Spanish firm is now involved in vote tallying and not for just Florida. Just to be on the safe side, each state should require all vote counting and records be accomplished by the states and not farmed out to any private firm. Final vote counts should be forwarded directly to the FEC for nation-wide tally and release to the public. All voting materials, tallies and records should be required to be maintained within the state until the next follow-on election has been conducted, tallied and approved. Under no circumstance should any outside agency(ies) ever be involved. Letting any outside agency get involved creates the same problems as no-ID voting; they both make elections meaningless shams. Is there anyone "out there" who can find out for sure, what is goling on with this rumored Scytz vote tallying issue? If it is true, let us get it stopped dead in its tracks. Congresspersons, are you listening?

  • Blair

    There are ways to win a rigged election. Here's hoping Chavez loses in October.

  • JacktheFAC

    Obamanation already rigged the election by turning over the vote counting to a Spanish owned outfit, an outfit in which he has interest.

  • rhondareichel

    the GOP nomination was rigged too....and the polls were skewed in Romney's favor
    so what's the difference?

    • kenne hicks

      In the same way that the Leftest idiots blindly follow Obama, we will see the idiots on the Right blindly follow Oromney; not realizing both represent the same international interest that are destroying our country.

  • rhondareichel

    gas isn't the's the devalued dollar that's the problem

  • johnsnare

    This is going to be a historic Presidential election, because, America will make this fraud and phonies exit, faster than his entrance. I predict,Romney will totally destroy this Carpetbagger. America, is not a stupid Nation. We can be BS'D, once, but never twice. Obama out in 2013. Say hello to Mitt. Eight to Nine percent unemployment, does not get one reelected. I don't care what his freaking color is.

    • Sharr

      We cannot blame BO on the blacks.
      He is 50% caucasian, maybe 10% black, and 40% muslim.
      You're right about one thing ~ it does not matter what color he is whatsoever.
      Color means nothing. We are all one color. Red, White and Blue.

      • johnsnare

        Hello Sharr. Appreciate your comment. Exactly correct, as i mentioned. It is not about color, or race I would have the same opinion, if the President were multicolored. He has been a dismal disappointing Commander in chief and his record is pretty obvious.

  • Sharr

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck ~ it's a duck.
    Rhymes with ~ ~ ~ Schmuck.
    We've been conned.
    We've been mocked.
    We've been cheated.
    We've been lied to.
    We've been manipulated.
    We've been denied decency, leadership, moral fortitude, and representation at the highest level.
    We will be fine ~ that is the only thing that has been true that was said by this person because
    we don't honor money, we don't honor things, we don't honor titles, we don't honor power ~ We are
    true Americans and no one can take that from us and it feels AWESOME!!

  • Darrell B

    IF IT'S NOT CLOSE THEY CAN'T CHEAT!!!! That is the key; EVERYBODY get out and vote. lets landslide BHO outta office, and ALL of his Socialist, Progressive, Democrat buddies.....

  • David Peacock

    If the clown is reelected he will not serve out his term;; just prediction.

  • marlio

    Obamas fix wont work this time or any false flag attack either. The American people are onto Obama, his advisors, aids and czars.

  • Walt Walters

    Why would, why SHOULD the justice department SUE a state to prevent it from purging INELIGIBLE voters from its rolls? Isn't that what they are SUPPOSED TO DO?????

  • Alan Knabenbauer

    the news above is pretty much the way I've seen it for about a month now, hmmmm, seems the mighty stink'n BO will get re-elected that is unless our body Romney does real well, boy talk about a rock and a hard place Romney doing well, where is Herman Cain when ya REALLY need him!?

  • kpjlaw

    We are about $4.31 per gallon here now.

  • Raeman Haines

    Well with election results to be tabulated by a company in Spain , owned by George Soreass , Kommrad Obamav's buddy . It would be foolish to think that the election isn't rigged . And with a suspected deal with the Saudis to lower oil prices and thus lower the price at the pump by 20 or 30 cents a gallon , Commisar Obamav figures that he can claim is programs are working and steal the election on the backs of the ignorant masses who put him in office the last time .

    This guy has but one agenda , destroy America ! Get revenge for the collapse of Communist Russia , his alleged father being deported and the fradulant claim that his mother was denied helth insurance . If we want an America remotely like that which we once knew , its time to get rid of this idiot and his morons spouting their greatness and how they are doing best for America . All they do is pad their bank accounts and decry wall street . Look back to the Soviet era , who got the perks and the wealth ? The politicians . The little people got cheap goods , clothing and housing . Politicos got Dachas and villas on the Black Sea Resorts

  • Traphill25

    I believe that the article is true! There is even more going on that we don't know about!! Be ready things will get violent!! Civil war is coming!

  • Traphill25

    Free Zimmerman, arrest Holder!!

  • CharlieSeattle

    The election is rigged. The same big money and corporate interests that gave you George Bush now give us Romney.

  • CharlieSeattle

    There must always be a third option in any election.
    Candidate 1
    Candidate 2
    None Of The Above
    If "None Of The Above" wins 51% of the vote then Candidate 1 Candidate 2 are eliminated and the process starts all over.

  • Donna Fallis

    After over a year of rising gas prices and paying out the arse for groceries, Obama would have to pay me to go to the gas station...he can forge it. He's not getting another term out of this household. I've seen so much of his underhanded crap and now, they bring back Watergate, like that doesn't look like a childish prank compared to the professional crook we have in office. At least Nixon was trying to trample on the constitution and set up a dictatorship. I've really had with the mainstream soap opera they call news.

  • William Magginetti

    Is there any doubt as to why TRUE AMERICAN Patriots are arming up and preparing for the coming Martial law that Obuthead will force on the American people when His lies and criminal actions are exposed. Just stand by, it should be one hell of a ride.

    • Mary

      Rumor has it that after the election he's bringing in multitudes of Russian soldiers. Trained mercenaries that look Caucasian and speak perfect English and will be disguised in American style uniforms to take down and fight any armed resistance from American patriots.
      Several hundred will be stationed close to each American city to fight insurrection.
      I used to think this was some kind of crazy conspiracy theory but more and more each day I'm starting to believe it may well be close to the truth.

  • Richard J. Garfunkel

    The GOP/ Tea Party right-wingers who have packed certain
    state legislators and their lame duck governors; Walker, Kasich, etc, have
    passed hypocritical and restrictive Jim Crow style laws on voting rights and
    access. Over the past 3 election cycles, regarding 300 million plus votes there
    have been 30 or so cases of voter fraud. This issue is a non-issue. Whether
    there were idiotic cases of phony registration done by some Acorn folks out to
    make extra dollars, none of these fictitious folks actually voted. One must
    register at the Board of Election and one must bring proof of residency and an
    ID. That is how it is done throughout the country. Those names are placed in
    the registration book, with a signature and those signatures are compared on
    Election Day. They cannot be done twice.

    These laws restrict elderly people, people without driver’s
    licenses, student’s living away from home, who cannot get home to vote or
    easily get absentee ballots and definitively poor people and minorities who
    don’t have photo IDs. Why is this effort being done? Because these legitimate folks
    often vote Democratic. Why else? This is a cynical effort to restrict voting
    plain and simple.

    With regards to voter fraud, two recent cases involving
    Republican state election officials were adjudicated. Republican election
    officials in Virginia and Maryland were convicted over phony
    robocalls, misinformation regarding the hours of voting and other voter

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      Pure nonsensical and meaningless babble. Must be a liberal...

  • enoughalready

    I have a different way of rigging the elections for you--I live in Texas. In my county, thousands of voter registrations have gone missing...THOUSANDS!!!! They are missing for heavily Republican areas and were mailed on 3/30 and 4/5. The local officials seen content to blow it off. Maybe Obama is going to win by flipping Texas. There are 5 pivotal counties in Texas and I live in one of them. We only stayed Republican by 5% of the vote last election cycle.
    If someone beats me to the polls with my original VR--they steal my vote.. You have mail fraud, theft of official documents and probably an plethora of federal offenses--yet no one has seen fit to get off their collective duffs and do anything.

  • robert

    For years I have not believed anything put out from the corrupt new media. Come to think of it has been over 60 years since I have any trust in the so called media. It is a good thing that I have a computer and can search & search and then weight thing to get close to the truth. For I believe nothing of what I read, nothing of what I hear and only believe half of what I see and I have not gone wrong yet. This also goes for Polls and especially any of the corrupt Politicians and Petty Ruling Bureaucrats that we now have. Thanks to the corrupt Politician who would sell their own into slavery for a part of the 30 pieces of blood stained silver. One thing we did not vote for Obama (Super Snake Oil Salesman)the first time and will not vote for him and his Socialist crowd this time either. Remember that figures never lie, but those that figure do and constantly with great vigour.

  • Michael Bowler

    The media have played a huge roll"

  • Dcross42

    Gasoline here in Wesley Chapel,FL. (6/14) is $3.12 ......... I'm 20 miles north of Tampa .

  • Geology Lovell

    OBAMA Is the Devil Himself and yet none of our government can throw him out. Scum Bag. So is there a way to stop Soros from Counting the votes ? We The People ???? What can we do ??? Is there a way to upset everyone enough to get it yanked from Soros Hands? We must . Soros has too much influence with Obama. Seperate the Devil from Soros. We must do this right ? Let Trump Count?? Let Colleges Count, please let us fix it so it is fair Thanks

  • kategray

    Even before the machines go to the polls, they are maintained by the UNIONS. Remember in Neveda when you punched for another canidate it gave credit to REID. This was caught but REID still won because not everyone was aware of the problem until after the election that is was in most counties.

    • Mary

      The union that maintains the electronic voter count is SEIU. They maintain the electronic voting machines. They were also responsible for Harry Reid's re-election. They were one of the biggest contributor's to Obama's 2008 election. The vote will be processed by their machines before it goes to Spain. They are a big communist organization:

  • NHConstitutionalist

    Gas is $3.429 in NH. down from $3.929 and I'm neither excited or duped by this ruse. It's all a farce promoted by the party of the partier golfer, vacationer, and wastoid subversionist. And pimped by the perversions of the press as he dikks around on our dime.

  • Patricia Sickle

    Okay, my question is this...If everyone knows all of this crooked stuff is going on, why doesn't someone call for a Senate investigation into all of this??? I wanted the whole bunch of crooks gone. Why can't we impeach him, Pelosi, Reid, the whole bunch?? I think Sheriff Joe has the goods on all of them, can we not get some kind of investigation going on to prove Soros is as big a crook as the rest of them.

  • DAVE


  • Mark Davison

    1. Listen to TruNews with Rick Wiles.
    Listen to The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    Don't vote for ANY evil (greater or lesser).

  • Kent

    If every knows about this, Then why can't " We the People" stop it from happening. I didn't vote to kiss saudi a--, I didn't vote for any of the dipshirts running this country. We see them taking away from Joe Citizen every day, and it just isn't showing any signs of stopping. I can't believe that the majority of the population in our country doesn't see a problem with what is going on. There has been too many deals made behind closed doors. The whole dam bunch of them are corrupt. How will we stand when Martial law is innitiated. I worry more about my freedoms, because I see it disappearing more than anything else, more than I do the price of gas, although it is all tied to our elected leaders. Hang on, it's going to get a lot worse.

  • Mark Davison

    OF COURSE elections are rigged. But I continue to vote because:
    1.I know how I vote and can live with my consciense.
    2.The person supposedly counting my ballot sees my votes.
    3.GOD knows how I vote.

  • Dave A

    Gas dropped in Minneapolis to $3.39.9. I finely remembered that Obama was also visiting in Minneapolis at the time. Any Just wondering.connection?

  • Progressive Republican

    "Back when Obama ran against McCain, we saw the same pattern of gasoline rising to outrageous levels, which was blamed on Republicans, then it plunged right before the election, once Obama’s economic stimulus plans became the talk of the media. At the time, the high prices were blamed on Saudi manipulation." The only ones saying this were RWNJ conspiricists. Even GOPTV/FOX "news" reporters and analysts were saying that speculators were responsible for the price hike. Fascist/conservatives then gave the shrub the credit for bringing gas prices down in order to help McCain's election. Now they're trying the same tactic in hopes of a different result. Funny how the prices started going up during the GOP moron-a-thon when ALL of the candidates were threatening Iran, eh?

  • Robert Osborn

    What is even worse is the fact that you also failed to mention is that the company SCYTL is HeadQuarrtered and based in Spain and all of the Electronic votes cast by the Electronic voting machines here in the United States will be transferred to Spain electronicallyto be counted outside of the Jurisdiction of the United States, this fact is bad enough, but also there will be no paper ballots, therefore no paper trail will be made thus no way to ensure or even check the accuracy of the vote count.
    Plus, the votes that used to be counted at the Precinct level now will only be counted in Spain. The Precinct will no longer have the authority to count the votes. Please if you are going to report on something, do a complete report not just bits and pieces.

  • Molly

    so what do we need to do?

    Be watchful! Look out for corruption and report it! Get pissed about injustice and voter fraud!

    Report it until it's reported! Don't let the media ignore you!

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    The Media is in the tank for Obama. They are being manipulated and so are the electorate.

    Time to Impeach Obama now. He is NOT legally the US President.

  • fedup

    I live in the state of Texas and I want Texas adding the votes up - NOT SPAIN! If Spain counts the votes by a company owned by George Soros our votes will be scammed and Obama will win. I want Texas to count our own votes and I don't care what the feds say or do! So I want to hear Rick Perry come out and tell all Texas that our votes will be counted in our state - PERIOD!

  • Mark Desade

    That is why Romney must win by at least as large a margin as Walker did in Wisconsin, so that no recall can be done. If you factor in the 119% of registered voters in Madison, WI voting (a claim confirmed by the City Clerk), as well as unknown loads of fraudulent votes. i.e. buses full of union members driving into Wisconsin from nearby states, dead people voting, etc. the real vote would have been something like 58% Walker and 42% Barrett. We have to hope that the rest of the country feels the same way, which, judging by the votes in liberal Wisconsin and California (San Jose and San Diego), gives me hope that Romney will win by a large enough margin, since moderate states should move to Romney's column.

  • gramps

    We can all thank Henery Kissinger for the high price of gas. Back in the early 70's he was advocating $5 per gallon. He convinced the oil countries to form opec and suck the money from the USA Of course carter tried to raise prices with the fake oil shortage. The oil tankers were backed up out of sight of the oil ports. And of course Obummer stated before the last election, that if he were elected that energy prices would have to rise. This is the change he wanted. Now with all his executive orders he can declare himself god and ignore the election results. He will become the first US president self elected for life.

  • kikie3

    This a-hole Obama and his family of Muslims are dangerous for America and they will do whatever it takes to get over on Americans while making you believe they are one of us. Stand strong against these invaders who are against freedom and life.

  • drdbiggs

    Don't Re-Nig in 2012!

  • fred w

    The BILDERBERG GROUP decides who will be president. Google it. They met in Virginia 10 days ago.

  • underthewire

    Stupid people will do anything if you through some crumbs at them. Obama's hype has not changed since he took office and he ihas constantly campaigned ever since.
    The piped piper of the poor, the middle class, the havenots and wantabees. Exactly what a dictator would do in order to hold his position.
    And since he wants all blacks of african descent to form a coalition for his reelection, I propose we form an anglo, sexton, white coalition to support Rommey. A white caucus in congress to counter the black one.
    I'm bad..............that would be racist.

    • don't be fooled

      Oh hell yes Im white with you why not we can do anything we are white

  • Don't be fooled

    Gas in Maryland is $3.36 9/10th a gallon whoopee doo Obama kiss my gass you turd with blow flies on it

  • don't be fooled

    It's time to put a stop to this how can we do it??? Tell me

  • Anna satterfield

    Gas can go down to 00.00.....obozo can spend 10 trillion $$ on the election, I will never vote for him...and dont think others will either..but probably lots of cheating will happen

  • noelle2011

    F SOROS!

  • don't be fooled

    Stop Obama now

  • don't be fooled

    White people sing. We shall over come we shall over come now it's the white people's song

  • nobody81

    Please remember we here in America have the Largest untapped oil field and the largest oil reserve, so why we buy oil from the rest of the world is beyond me. We have more oil under our land than any other place in the world, yes the world! We help the rest of the world to become modern and in return we get screwed and end up paying for it through the teeth. Wake up, close our borders, much like China did for many years and take care of ours before the rest of the world!!!!!

  • Hugh Dame

    The new d I s q u s is still the hand m a I d e n of the O b a m a o propaganda machine. They Are c e ns o r ing stuff I am starting to think because it has my n a m e on it.

  • Chuckbr

    Regardless of what the polls say, we must turn out for Romney in overwhelming numbers in oder to overcome the fraudulent votes generated by ACORN and the unions. Pay attention to Rasmussen and Gallup. Most of the others are manipulated to reflect favorably upon Obama. Encourage independents to VOTE for Romney, they are the key.

  • Roy

    Watch them get away with it. The Republicans haven't a clue how to fight back.

  • Robert Dean Cole

    If there is any indication of manipulation of the election results the only reasonable solution will be to go to the streets. I, for one, will not abide any further erosion of our Constitutional rights by this administration of out and out thugs. Obama may as well have the Constitution on a roll in the WH bathroom for all the consideration he gives it. Enough, by God, enough.

  • Daniel from TN

    All we have to do to demonstrate that voter fraud will be a MAJOR problem in November is look at the recent Wisconsin recall election. 2.5 million people voted in that election. The problem is Wisconsin only has 2.1 million registered voters. That's 400,000 potential cases of election fraud in one state alone.

  • joepotato

    JFK was our last elected president. All the rest have been SELECTED from a group of oligarchs hiding behind the curtain.

  • favenbr3

    I got a absentee ballot for my deceased mother and one for my grandson, a felon. If I weren't so disgusted at the obvious attempts at voter fraud (read: if I were a leftie,) I would have returned their ballots-as we can guess is happening all over Obamanation. Makes me sick.The George Soros/Florida issue doesn't surprise me a bit. But it makes me incredibly sad for this once great nation.

  • R.Woodworth

    I would think there has to be some shooting going on to discourage the illegal events?

  • jackiecox

    when gasoline was 1.80 a gallon oil was 140 a barrel, now oil is 40 dollars a barrel and gasoline is near 4.00,

  • R.Woodworth

    Gas at the pump was $1.82 when President Bush left office

  • Upaces

    Romney came out in support of the Muslims in Our Country-- with a PLAN for" Islamist Owned Charter Schools"! Again! We should be expecting them to assimilate into OUR Country NOT make Our Country Over for Them!

  • Upaces

    I do WANT TO BE WRONG...I don't think Obama has any intention of leaving the WH no matter what he has to do.

  • R.Woodworth

    Whoever votes for Ofuka is not American.
    Isolate them and run them out of the country.

  • Davidgto

    Obama, i have every reason to believe, is the Anti-Christ. This was predicted long before I fell upon this earth. I believe most of us are in a whole bunch of trouble. At least if you believe that this is your last stop. And, 2012 is quite appropriate. The corruption is almost mind boggling yet few are upset. :(. Even your News Media is corrupt and they only tell you what they want you to hear. Oh my gosh...Where has this once "Great Country" gone? I will trust in. God and The Lord because I trust in their promises. This entire country has become a "Cesspool" and there are no if's, and's or but's about the truth. I rest my case.

    • Mary

      I believe the NWO is the true anti-Christ. They are the ones behind the curtain pulling the strings and they are the ones imposing the globalist agenda on the entire world.
      They are the new "Babylon" come full circle.

  • DAY8293A


  • Rubber Duck

    A lot of people think that Jimmy Carter was THE WORST PREZ EVER, THEY WERE WRONG!!!

  • Rubber Duck

    ButtCrack osama said that he inherited a One Trillion dollar Deficit from George Bush, So how is it THAT WE NOW HAVE A 15 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT? WHO HAS BEEN IN OUR WHITE HOUSE PARTYING LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW FOR 3 1/2 YEARS NOW ? Taking Vacations like the 2011 Christmas Vacation that cost Taxpayers $1.5 Million Dollars, One of 16 Vacations in 3 1/2 years!

  • Vincent Vane

    Don't forget he's not eligible. Period, end of story. That's what everyone should be pushing.

  • Rubber Duck


  • Rubber Duck

    The same way he Signed a Bill at least Three Times, That said that if A Baby Survived an Abortion A.K.A. ATTEMPTED MURDER, THAT BABY COULD NOT RECEIVE MEDICAL ATTENTION, ITS ALL ABOUT THE VOTES 100% OF THE TIME WITH THE LIBERAL THUG LEFT!!!

  • Gail Steelhammer-Cohen

    How do we fight this?

  • Rob Dell

    Somebody, please tell me where Soros lives.

  • Hammersfield

    Interesting how none of this information can be professionally certified.through any independant mans only those slanted towards the republican party.

  • rainier4311

    We should also be concerned about the false-flag event in case Obama loses the election. This event will give him the authority to evoke martial law. Once this happens, it will be a long time before any elections should happen again. Just sayin'

  • Revrick

    Lots of talk about gas prices, but the national average when Obama took office on January 20, 2009 was $1.84 a gallon. Don't let a small drop in price fool you!

  • BJ

    vladilyich: NATIONALIZE the oil companies!!!??? Obamaknonuthin will raise gasoline prices to $10 per gallon OR MORE if he's re-elected!

  • Richard Vandervort

    We can never depend on someone else doing the job for us if our desire is to living Free.
    The first thing we do is to quit the pussy footing around with the Birth issue and demand our Congress to act now not later to a full disclosure investigation of Obama's eligibility and make it quite clear that if they don't respond to our demands that they will be recalled for not doing their job they Swore Oath to doing. ("Upholding Our Constitution")
    No More Games, Do your job or get out now!

  • Makemyday

    Well.... If Odummer, Holder and the Socialist cartel in DC want another revolution - then bring it on!!! We are READY!!!!

  • major

    It's hard for me to believe we have so many stupid people that vote in this country, that by Obama getting the gas prices lower just before the election would cause them to vote Obama. The so-called news media we have is as bad as the Soviet Union back in th e 50,60 and 70's i think it was called Tass another was Pravda. No matter what this administration does they get a pass, i couldn't work for one of these companies and call myself a news reporter, and some of these people have kids, i wonder if they ever think what kind of country this will be when they destroy our God given Constitution. These people fit the definition of Traitor perfectly and deserve the punishment for Treason, i can remember when Traitors did their Treasonous work in secret because they were afraid; now they wear on their sleeves so to speak.

  • Doc

    This is why we need to further develop out own resources. If we don't need foreign oil the price will drop anyway. If we have our own supply then we save the cost of transport as well. Fuel costs then become more manageable.

  • Feel Good

    BOth Republican and Democrats spending big bucks. Must feel good selling your soul.

  • CJM2

    All the more reason for our congressional members to take action in removing this imposter from the Oval Office...I suppose that too would be considered 'wishful thinking.' Alternatively, the electoal college could go against the popular vote as they did in 7 other Presidential Elections. Of the 50 States, only 7 have laws on how the EC members may cast their vote. While the US Constitution provides for the EC, the States control how those votes are cast--it's pretty awful when 43 States allow these members to cast as THE MEMBERS SEE FIT. People need to demand their State Legislators fix the problem--the votes should go to the popular vote of the respective State.

  • blackhawk

    Are there still the mind dead mental midgets that believe Obama will ever allow a fair election ??? This guy is pure evil aided by total fools.

  • James L. Edwards

    There is no reason we should be paying
    more than $1.50-$2.00 in gas prices!!! We have enough Proven Oil Reserves here
    in the US to supply all our needs (at current consumption levels) for at least
    150 years without importing another Drop of Foreign Oil! That is if they would let us drill for it! If this was to happen the Price of the Oil we
    are importing would drop so fast it would make your heads spin!!! It happens that was every time the US makes
    efforts to open up new sources of its own oil and then OPEC drops the Price low
    enough so that the effort loses steam! Now
    they have OBUMBO and his Cohorts in DC to block any efforts to open up new sources
    of Oil and they don't feel they need to lower the Prices to help make these
    efforts seem less profitable for the Oil Companies? The reason I say that is
    the Oil in the Shale Formations under the Rocky Mountains that Recent Estimates
    say contains at least 2 Trillion Barrels of recoverable oil is only feasible to
    go after as long as oil is above $30 a Barrel!
    That is why OBUMBO and the DC Mafia continue to block it! The Lower Oil
    Prices and in turn Gas prices would Undermine their so called Environmental
    Saving alternative Fuels and Energy efforts!
    There is not enough time or space on here to go into the Lies and Falsehoods
    and the real reasons they are trying to push Americans into Electric Cars!

  • Gunner

    $3.09 in Eastern Tennessee. Now I know why.

  • Jon Weiss

    Gas here has been consistent at about $3.50, but I'm not buying the hype from either side. This article says that Obama has long close ties to the Saudis, during the days following 9/11 the liberals claiming the same about Bush. It is all Hype! Nothing more. The facts are that Obama is a disaster as a President and the liberal media will support him in spite of his total failure, Romney is an untested commodity that could be as bad as Obama, that is something we don't know. The reality is that America is on a downward spiral and will need exceptional leadership to pull us out, sadly no one has stepped up with that leadership and no one currently in politics has shown any signs of producing said leadership, there may come a time when the American people will have to take the reins and be their own leaders, as the Founding Fathers intended.

  • jaquebauer


  • ClaireDupont

    Gas is 4.09 just down from 4.21 in Washington State..This state is so Socialistic, they are doing everything they can to destroy small businesses. Our Govenor..Christine Gregoire is a rabid Socialist and Obama lover. Our state is falling apart, just like Calif. and all other states that have Democrats, Socialists and Liberals in office.

  • John

    I have one question and one question only:How come you have to show an ID that says you are over 18 and 21 to buy cigarettes and/or liquor but show no ID to vote? Isn't voteing more important then buying cigarettes or liquor? P.S.I lied about the question bit I put 2 down,sorry.I hope somebody will see what I,m talking about.

  • osagetrail

    I buy gas at Walmart for $3.14 per gallon. It is still twice what it should be!

  • FloridaJim

    Democrats have fought to rig elections forever with" no voter I.D.s, motor voter laws, student voting anywhere both at home and in college town, convicts voting , delay counting of military vote, allow voting and then check for legality which causes illegals to vote,do not question any voter it may be humiliating to them, yet we have stolen elections in Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Washington, Oregon, California, Indiana, Michigan and elsewhere because we don't demand voter identification as we do for everything else.

  • f8tul

    First, What on God's green earth is some other country doing counting OUR VOTES??? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE????
    Second, i was saying watch the oil prices drop, but I didn't think it would be this soon... Obama was playing his "I don't have any control over the oil prices hand" for a couple of weeks and that led me to believe a "fix" was in....

    Third,,, We are still listening to flip-flopper Trump still.. WE THE PEOPLE have ALL the FACTS laid out before us in a MOST OBVIOUS manner and yet still let this happen... We deserve to lose...It is time to stand up and say enough to the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA!!!!!

    but will we?

  • John Cummins

    You need to go back and look at all the RINO manipulations, vote scam, and election fraud versus Ron Paul in MOST of the primaries. It is totally absurd how the ONLY person who generated crowds was Ron Paul and yet it did not generate into votes. Fraud was rampant there. If rampant there how much more in the general?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Democrats have tried to steal every Presidential Election since Truman defeated Dewey. Voter fraud is an important part of "Democrat" machine politics in every large, urban area.

    That having been said, I don't think it will matter this November, because Obama is hated more than Jimmy Carter, who lost 45 states to The Gipper.

    I don't think it matters how much Obama spends, I don't think it matters what his TV ads say, and within reason, I don't think it will matter if the "Democrats" succeed in generating their usual massive vote fraud totals...

    Romney will take at least 38 states, and there are probably 6 more that could go either way.

  • Rex Loki Fey

    The scum we have in congress and courts will not ask any questions about Obama so the Saudi connection with Obama or his legal name Soetoro and citizenship has remained hidden as is everything else. Over 10 years ago I got curious about the Illinois politician Barack Obama. Having worked in Kenya and Indonesian I had contacts with the legal firms employed by the company I worked for in these countries. These contacts were ask to get information and ran into closed doors, "Sealed at request of Saudis." This was 2002 and 03. When I ask, why would the Saudis get involved ? The attorneys answer, he works for them as some sort of agent.
    There are several reasons they might increase oil out put, one could be to lower prices here to help their agent.
    We need an official investigation of Obama. My limited diging leads me to believe some amazing things, He iis an Indonesian citizen after being a British citzen, he never was a U S citizen.

  • Tom

    COMMENTERS ! The conversation has diverted to gas prices artificially dropping and not the TOTAL Picture of the RIGGED ELECTION for 2012 ! STOP ! Thanks.

  • billy2

    I'm sure ovomit is manipulating the oil market.............gas in Florida keeps falling, the jackal NEEDS TO WIN FLORIDA. come folks don't let the media lies and the bunco artists lies make your decision.

  • SouthernGirl

    This is all an election ploy...get gas prices down and lull people into a sense of 'everything's okay'. Gas should be no more than $1.00 per gallon. At least that way, you get what you pay for, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Marvin Clark


    The key to Democrat victory in 2012
    is ballot corruption on a grand scale.
    ACORN, AARP,SEIU, Union money and union goons, the Race card, homosexual
    activists, a proliferation of criminal
    political activist organizations, voting for the dead, emptying insane
    asylums for votes and citizens being conditioned to believing outrageous
    propaganda (lies). The collusion of
    these government funded organization only scratches the surface of the
    monumental criminal activity that will accompany the election in 2012.

    present leadership, our Department of Justice has and will overlook criminal
    activity whose prosecution might be damaging to the present
    administration. Election fraud on the
    part of Democrats won’t be identified as such or prosecuted when
    discovered. (One unconfirmed source
    said SEIU was contracted to count the votes in Southern Nevada.) When the ballot is violated, we no longer
    have a Constitutional Republic.

    It is
    imperative that our law enforcement agencies are not hobbled by the present
    administration and that our courts are not stifled by the Department of
    Justice. Get involved! Contact your local election boards, City and
    County law enforcement, Congressmen and any person who is responsible for your
    local elections. Find out who is
    counting your vote. Do it now!
    There may not be a second chance.

  • Paul Smith

    Then there's the issue of Romney's eligibility. Was daddy a U.S. citizen when he was born? I've seen nothing to indicate that he was and that's a question that MUST be answered before November. In addition, Marco Rubio is being pushed as a possible second-seat running mate (and Bobby Jindal is repeatedly mentioned as well). Neither of these men are natural born citizens and choosing either of them will alienate millions of voters. I'd say it's looking better for Obummer all the time, wouldn't you?

  • ARMYOF69

    I wish I was paying just $4.00 per gallon for regular, but I am in California where they are about ready to start taxing us on the filthy air we breath. Sacramento needs more money to support what seems to me 90% of all US ilegal aliens living here. BILLIONS and BILLIONS.

  • Lorna

    Gas in Southern Oregon is $4.25 a gallon for regular.

  • Ontherightintampa

    Seems that all of the comments talk about the price of gas per gallon....

    HEY, FOLKS - THINK ABOUT THE "TAX PER GALLON" which is all over the place, and depends on where you live. Find out how much TAX you pay per gallon if you REALLY want to get Pissed off.


    The fraud enforcer Holder may be gone from office before the election takes place but his groundwork for stiffing the legal voters is not going to be lost and all that union preparation and money to bus any and every illegal voter they can to the polls is still to come, the fight to keep all those dead people voting will be raising a eyebrow and motor voter will start early and vote often, you can bet on it...If the Deemers don't steal this election they have no chance at all of staying in power.

  • GQ4U

    The DNC cannot allow dead people to be purged from the voter rolls because there are so many Zombies in their party they might never win another election. People, please protect your brains from these flesh eating ghouls.

  • Linda Stewart

    Let's not forget about the ramming of Obama through the California primary election...the Democrats had only one choice for presidential candidate on their ballot! That is, until I received a list of write-in candidates the day before the election to place on the official table at my polling place that I was in charge of. If I were a Democrat, which I am not, I'd be pretty pissed, and would have left that blank. I think the electoral college should be done away with if this is the way our voting process is being abused. No-one took us up on the write-in offerings.......

  • Carol Fryer

    Obama is being ALLOWED to single handedly give amnesty to hispanics . I told you we were being replaced. Its done. Our votes wont count. Plus with the rigged voting machines and Bone head Boehners back room deals. America is gone unless people reach God. Cry out with all your heart.

  • Observant_One

    This is the most miserable and idiotic president I have ever seen in my lifetime, and he will do ANYTHING to remain in office in order to finish the USA as a viable country. We have a real problem on our hands, and I hope that the majority of the electorate has sufficient vision to see through all of the obama administration nonsense and get rid of him and his entire staff. And the next step, is to clean up the Congress, as they appear to be sitting on their asses while our country goes down the drain.

    • RVSister the Politicalpundit

      Thank you and well put!! I have been commenting on as many sites as possible to get the word out to the people to PAY ATTENTION to what's going on!!

      • Observant_One

        You go Sis! :)

  • Kathleen Pedersen

    Everything that's going on is just one big farce to confuse our minds so the WH cronies can do their dirty work with us noticing. Keep the troops busy with the dinky little crises so the wolves can raid the hen house before anyone notices. The WH follows the Alinsky playbook to a "T" A book that was dedicated to guess who? Satan!

  • Kathleen Pedersen

    I meant without us noticing, sorry 'bout that

  • CJ

    I remember when $2.00 bought 6 should go there it takes $6.00 to buy 2 gals.....something wrong with the picture?

  • tomtom

    This creep will lose in a landslide and sent back to the streets of Chicago where he belongs !!!!


    what could expect from the RED STAR .GOV

  • Wayne Peterkin

    A lot of sad truth to this article. To the left, the ends always justify the means. We will see a lot of voter fraud this year. I just hope and pray it isn't enough to change the results.

  • DavidE

    Are the Democrats blind or just don't give a crap as long as they are on the receiving end of the table$$$?? It is rediculous to have to purge the registered voters list for dead and unauthorized voters for Obimbo. It is just unimaginable to have such a ruthless, dispicable, unethical person running for the office of the presidancy of the USA, and unimaginable that this usurper has about completed the first term. Can't we see him for what he is, a snake in the grass!!

  • commonman

    Scytl is not owned by Soros, but by the former CEO of GlobalNet, an Egyptian Company, Mohamed El Bakey. Perhaps worse than Soros, a huge Obama supporter and they aren't just counting Florida, but ALL votes. The problem is that due to the way the data has to be merged, any hope of reconciling votes by district will be compromised. This is a deal that the DOJ struck without anyone's knowledge. What this means is that if favorable votes were "pre-loaded" the merge process could basically eliminate actual votes as the data is polled for counting, OFFSHORE. The whole scheme stinks and Michael Savage believes that this election is done, regardless who shows up to vote.

  • JacktheFAC

    And don't forget the states, like Georgia, that use these electronic voting devices. Who programs these computers? And their results can be hacked into and results chaged.

  • kategray

    The FRAUD at election will be by the machines which are maintained by unions. You will remember in Nevada last election when you hit for the other person it came up reid.

  • Bruce

    I'm paying $2.96 for gas in Myrtle Beach. I knew it would drop before the election. I just didn't know it would be so soon.

  • kaci

    and what about the spanish company that will count the votes.. seems like that, too, helps the rigging.

  • deena01

    Nobama 2012 Vote Romney. A vote for anyone else is a vote for Obama. We must not let this person back in the WH. One only knows the true damage his lies and bribes and promises have cost the American people. Only one word comes to my mind. . .T R E A S ON.

    • FactsFirst

      A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama, they are the same person, only a deaf dumb and blind person couldn't see that.

      • deena01

        "Deaf, dumb and blind people," have more integrity then someone who writes another with the same ignorant message you did to me. ANYONE is better than another 4 years of Obama. You have the right to disagree, however the way you did. . .shows the rest of us. . .how those that think and act such as yourself. . .ARE THE PROBLEM.

  • FactsFirst

    It has been rigged throughout the republican primary, pay attention and you can see all the proof you need of the the Obama clone Romney has been cheating us all, his campaign and the GOP that is force feeding us this Obama clone by another name knows there are enough "anyone but Obama" useful idiots to get away with it.

  • Di from Oregon

    We have to fight back, FL must fight back to keep the elections honest and so must every state. Gas is $4.10 here in Southern Oregon.

  • Blair

    You can win a rigged election.

  • Bob

    I hear alot of i remember this and i remember that. If we don't get obummer out that is all this country will be is a memory.

  • AZ Bob

    They are going to win this election anyway they have too. USA must be defeated from within and they will blame it on Capitalists and the GOP. This will be the nastiest and most important election we will have in modern America

  • sparrow

    It is rigged, aand the votes are to counted in Spain

  • Linda Hopkins

    If by hook or crook he gets in for 4 more years, we're done ! . . . The illegals will become "legals" and the Muslims will flood our country. . . . We will become France ! . . . Think it can't happen here, think again. . . . . If you haven't seen this, check it out on Go-o-gle . . . . . . . . "France under Hollande in a nutshell" . . . . . . . It's reality now for those people. . . Don't let it become reality here !

  • George

    Hasn't anyone read about what he is doing with all the regulations that are CLOSING down the refineries. We can say good-bye to gas, oil, and coal, with BHO's efforts to go GREEN. We won't be able to afford any of them. He's really enjoying this gaining control over the people. Sounds like enslavement to me.

  • Robert

    Never sell Obama short I hope filthy and nasty he can be What is the media thinking? When dirty diaper head Obama makes his move out of necessity many of our constitutional rights are going to have to be put aside. One of those rights will be the first amendment and any media operation that does not toe the line will be closed by Obama. The first of our God-given rights to go will obviously be the Second Amendment, because without the Second Amendment the population can no longer protect themselves from predatory government. The next will have to be the First Amendment so that no one can tell what everyone else that is happening. This all may sound like a science fiction or action thriller but the groundwork has already been laid America is being herded down that path.
    Under no circumstances should Obama be underestimated as to how devious and criminally can be. He has absolutely no respect for the Constitution or the laws of the United States of America and will not stop at anything to remain in power. This year could very well be the last open election to be held in United States of America .

  • azjen

    I agree, we should think twice before we are lulled into any kind of false security. The man that is re-running for president is an evil person & will do just about anything to gain the vote. Right now he has gone against congress & has created a back door amnesty. He would like you to think it's for the people who have been here over 16 yrs (I believe that i'm right on that, but could be wrong) & they desire a chance in the U.S. He isn't interested in these people as much as he is interested in their votes. He hasn't given any thought to the jobs that these people will take form Americans. That doesn't concern him one bit.

  • "Homer"

    I wouldn't vote for Obama if gas went down to .25 cents! I might vote for him when pigs fly south for the summer, or maybe when I can catch the noon train to mars and then catch the bus to 4th and main street from broadway on mars...Is there a chance? Not one chance in 1 to the 147th power! Snowballs would freeze in hell before I'd vote for this foreigner from kenya, who is a Marxist and KNOWS nothing about who we are and......he is NOT one of us!!!


    They are out to show us how smart they are, and how dumb we are. Let us not be fooled....again. Lets show them different this time! We won't be fooled again!

  • thestormy

    If hussein is reelected,we will see fuel rise ti $10. a gallon. at that point the price of bicycle's will soar as well as the price of tennis shoes. Get your bikes & shoes now!!

  • mattzweck

    one thing is through they don't count all the absentee ballots because the never do. all votes
    don't count. i wish these tv news stations wouldn't post the election results intel all the votes are in.

  • Richard Holmes

    Don't we still hang traitors?

  • Michael

    The media is still "in the tank" for OBAMA so it's tough to really get the truth. Wonder why supposedly Americans give high rating on likeability? Are you kidding, the more you get to know him the more you can't stand him. Narcissist who wants to be King and rule our country, while still blaming everyone else for his failed, dismal policies. He depicts an "emptry suit" to a tea.

  • samtman

    When Romnely looses of course he will blame the loss on rigged election results, iven in Republican controlled districts.

  • Barry Levy

    the american people are such sheep that when gas goes over $4/gallon, we will be so happy at $3.91 that we forget that this is more than double the cost when obozo took office.

    And the media will be puffing up obozo for the decrease, despite the fact that he is on record as are his loyal serfs and idiots saying that we shouldn't blame him because he can't control the price of oil.

    so he can tell us that his policies will have the cost of fuel skyrocket, and then tell us that he has no control over costs.

    But then I remember, he is both a politician and a lawyer, meaning that he is only lying when he is breathing and his lips are moving.

  • FedUp

    The Bilderberg group owns and controls almost all of these political crooks, including Obummer, he was selected by these Bilderberg clowns to push forward their agenda. You have to be a billionaire just to be a member and it's run by people like the Rothschilds, Rockefellas and more. The heads of every country participate in the meetings to decide the direction of the "World" as they see it. They manipulate the financial, medical, food, research markets and try to control the world through our political hacks. They finance both sides of the wars so they can always come out on top and even have a hand in starting most of them. Who do you think controls the Federal Reserve? They use it to keep our country in debt and bowing to their whims. Our presidents have been selected by the Bilderberg group for over 50 years. Haven't you noticed that EVERY president pushes the laws forward to control us more and more all the time? That's what it's all about, world control of the sheep. They all complain about each others policies, but in the end they all push laws through to control us.

  • paulrph1


  • Perfesser

    Gas just north of denver was selling for $3.25 , 2 months ago .Then It jumped to $3.90 . WOW , now the ripoffs got it all the way back to $3.66 , $3.90 in Denver , and they expect us to KISS THEIR A$$E$ because they are so good to us ??? THINK ABOUT IT gas goes UP 70 cents in 2 weeks then comes down 7 cents in a month . YER GETTIN RIPPED OFF and O'BRAINLESS ain't gonna let the price drop AFTER THE ELECTION NEITHER !!!

  • Omni

    You can find gas at $3.25 in civilization (aka Georgia).

  • doug63

    As I have said many times before......the price of oil/gas is set by the US stock market. The saudis don't care. They don't even work. Someone else drills, puts it on the boat and refines it. They just get paid. They don't even know how to spend all the money they get. The stock market gets richer, the politicians get richer (insider trading, completely legal for them) and "the private sector is doing fine.""""" The private sector is up s**t creek without a paddle. If we call our congressen and complain they tell us something like "I'm keeping an eye on that." or "I'm doing a great job and the president is doing a great job." They should just be honest and tell us. "Who cares what you think? We are going to do what we want anyway."

  • Remington 870

    David Axel-Dick stated in an interview two months ago, "expect oil prices to go down before the election."
    Why would he say this? Did he know something? Of course he did. Americans are being lulled into accepting high gas prices. Most Americans are stupid and want to be taken care of. There is the downfall of this great country. See you on the battlefield.

  • Wildman

    Our vote doesn't much matter anyway, as the Bildiburg's have already decided who the next president is going to be. As for us, we're all slaves to the NWO. Good luck to those of you who still live in the cities. At least those of out in the country and prepared to go off the grid we'll have a "fighting" chance.

  • Othello

    Don't feel bad, we are paying over $4.25 for unleaded!

  • Lawrence

    Some Americans are so in love with this administration they could care what the price is. The ones that voted for him will get rewarded with some type of entitlement check so they don't care. Most American can't understand the time of day. Every dollar we spend on gas is going to fund terrorist around world. This money is helping to take down our country.

  • Paul Donovan

    This POTUS has to go . His illicit ways are too numerous to name. If the people on the left want him so bad and if he wins , all on the right need to go on there band wagon and stop working period. Close up shops and eat off the printed papers. Let's see just how Socialism really works.

  • Paul Donovan

    Just how many mirrors are on the walls of the whitehouse anyway? This guy is so in love with himself . He thinks the world loves him but the truth is they laugh behind his back. He's a puppet for all of DC and he is the only one not in on the joke. Sad.

  • Leether Polar

    If the GOP lose this election because of fraud. They will deserve to lose.

  • Tailspin

    The more we learn about this communist fraud in the WH, the more I see a very hot revolution taking place in this Country.Liberalism,(progressive, marxists democrats), are no longer in it for the Country. They want us to go the way of Europe, and the old soviet Union. If this election is stolen by these communists, we have to rise up as one, to save this Country for our children, and our grandchildren. If you value your freedoms, buy arms and ammo., as much as you can. You will need it when the gestapo is set free by this current thug in the WH. This is no longer the Country I grew up in, and no longer the Country I joined the Military to defend against all enemies, foreign and Domestic. He must be removed from office before the next election!

  • Blair

    Wait a minute. Obama, according to Dick Morris, will be defeated.

  • James Bianone

    Gas in Myrtle Beach, SC today as low as $3.01.9 for reg unleaded as high as $3.12.9 per gal.

  • James Bianone

    I told the Local , Reading, Pa WEEU 830AM talk show 2 months ago that BO would drop the price of gas Pryor to the election. Non so Blind as he that refuses to see.

  • yadontwannaknow

    He's already won the 2012 elections with 51.7% of the electotrial votes :)

  • greyfox

    The Republican vote must be so decisive as to leave little room for voter fraud and other tactics to play a role in the outcome. I am guessing that Obama must be defeated by 25% of the vote to make it stick.
    Compared to Democrats, Republicans are gentlemen, so we must get out the legitimate vote to remove these crooks from office.

  • TM

    Those who bend over and let obama screw you deserve a bloody arse and and bloody nose to as you are all anti America.
    Liberism is a cancer and obama is spreading it faster than eric holder can make up more lies.

  • gnafuasusual

    Lower gas prices have not changed my mind about whom I will vote for in November. It would take the Government stepping back and allowing this country to pull it together and restart free marketing, open up the coal mines and using our natural resources and allowing water to flow into areas of Colorado where they need it to produce crops and ever so much more. That "ain't" going to happen so...

  • Thaaff

    Just out of curiosity....why is George Soros alive?

  • Ragnar

    Ron Paul was wrong, we can ONLY win this one way, it isn't at the ballot box and it is not peaceful. They are preparing for war against us, in 2008 it landed you on a watch list to have a Dr. Paul bumper sticker this time - NDAA see ya around!