Next Phase in Stealing Election: Homeland Security Stops Deportations of Young Illegal Immigrants

Faced with falling support among blacks, Jews, women and every other group of supporters President Obama is making a play to boost his popularity among Latinos by doing an end run around Congress again.

Unable to pass the Dream Act for the past two years, Obama has ordered his Department of Homeland Security to halt deportations of 800,000 young illegal immigrants who overstayed their visas or snuck into the country when they were 16 or younger.

In the next 60 days, Homeland harridan Janet Napolitano announced, DHS will begin handing out two-year renewable work permits to illegal youths who haven't been convicted of a serious crime, have graduated high school or have joined the military.

According to Napolitano, "It is not immunity, it is not amnesty. It is an exercise of discretion so that these young people are not in the removal system."

It's just a coincidence, we are led to believe, that this "exercise of discretion" performs bureaucratically what couldn't pass legally just in time for a presidential election. The coincidence deepens with the realization that the Department of Justice has blocked states from removing unqualified voters from their rolls, also in time for the election.

In an afternoon speech, Obama "discussed" the move, which he pinned solely on Napolitano as if he had nothing to do with it. He washed his hands of the decision and denied it was a form of amnesty.

Rush Limbaugh this morning dubbed the new program "Catch-Release-Vote." He's absolutely right. If a voter registration card doesn't come stapled to the DHS work permits, it's a sure bet that this crooked administration will have representatives of the SEIU, OWS or some other henchmen standing outside the DHS offices with forms in hand.

Previously, Obama himself had admitted to a young illegal that he couldn't use an executive order to pass the failed Dream Act into law: "There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply, through executive order, ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as President," Obama said in March 2011.

But in an election year, what the heck.

GOP politicians were quick to condemn the move. "President Obama and his administration once again have put partisan politics and illegal immigrants ahead of the rule of law and the American people," Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said in a statement.

Democrats naturally were ecstatic over the move. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg took a break from selecting his city's lunch menu to say, "Ending deportations of innocent young people who have the potential to drive tomorrow's economy is long overdue, as are many common-sense reforms needed to center our immigration policy around our economic needs."

The media this morning were jumping on board, dubbing the objects of Napolitano's fait accompli "Dreamers" after the Dream Act.

Personally, I think it's Obama and the Democrats who are dreamers here. Voters were already getting fed up with Obama's incompetence and corruption. This latest illegal action is simply going to add to the fire.

Latinos who are citizens or legal immigrants aren't as easily manipulated as the White House and media believe, and most of them don't appreciate moochers who think they can skate past the laws that they themselves had to conform to. This move will whip up support for Obama among people who are not voters, and the president is hoping that will translate to the illegals' family members who are legally registered -- a questionable proposition.

The real danger will be the advancement of opportunities for voter fraud. By setting up a situation where states cannot verify voters' identities, remove fraudulent voters from rolls or in any way protect the voting process, the administration is setting the stage for an election steal.

Add all that to the behind-the-scenes moves by people like George Soros and his vast network of front organizations to get involved in the vote counting process and you've got a recipe for fraud on a vast scale.

There's another aspect to this that deserves consideration. Obama has the Occupy movement in his pocket, alongside the New Black Panthers, the SEIU and any number of unnamed socialist and communist groups just waiting in the wings for their opportunity to come out swinging. The more fires Obama lights with his illegal actions, the more voter frustration will grow. At some point, it will take only one hothead or one well-placed liberal plant with a molotov cocktail or a gun to light the fuse on a powder keg.

If that were to happen, Obama has put in place several executive orders that would allow him to declare martial law and dispatch the military and federal agents to enforce it. While the media have been looking the other way, the DHS has been stocking up on 450 million hollow point rounds, other ammunition and arms, a move they've refused to clearly explain.

Even if the worst doesn't come to pass, there's no way this latest move will stop at 800,000 youths or even be confined to one age bracket. Obama today, through his lackeys at DHS, has violated the law and enacted de facto amnesty, something the citizens of this country have opposed for decades.



  • Robalou01

    What's the DHS going to do? Shoot all the Americans who oppose illegal amnesty with all those hollow point rounds??? Is this where America has fallen...Just like Nazi Germany. Heil Obama!

    • Mary

      The good thing to remember is most of our American officers in uniform are Conservative and many come from the South where God and country still reign supreme.

      • Rev. LTC Retired

        You betch-um, Kemosabi. I'm a southern born colonel (retired) and I'm ready to do my duty again. This time I'll take out all the trash in the W.H. You think that the chief moron will call the US troops to put us in line with obummer???

      • Revere

        You forgot to include RACISTS!

    • cherokeeman

      American citizens will shoot back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • qj

    Once again, the Criminal in Chief is cooking the books. When are the authorities going march into the oval office and the Department of Injustice and arrest these goons? Obama, Holder, Napolitano et al should be behind bars!!!

    • obummar

      We've got to stop all these crooked goons, sreggiN! Whatever it takes??????????

  • Mary
  • Mary

    What is the proper name for immigration amnesty? "white genocide!"
    Does any one have any doubts towards his feelings for white folks now? When he went into office he promised to be the big uniter but has done nothing more than divide the races.

  • Deb

    Help, my head is about to explode!!!

  • deeme

    Yep they know exactly how many undocumented voters they need to not give up the throne, this is better then Acorn..

    • Robalou01

      In which case they may perpetrate a civil war..

      • deeme

        Good point if we don't have enough people wanting to take us down, it's pretty sick our own Government is..

  • Mary

    "It is the right thing to do for the American people"..........wait a are doing something for people that are not American....Why Don't you help out Americans?

    Perhaps you can start with the jobless Americans. We have plenty of them.

    • deeme

      Good point..I talked to some friends of my son of color and they said this is it for them, unemployment is the highest for them...

    • Rev. LTC Retired

      Well Mary or Hail MARY, which ever, have you ever given a thought to the 800,000 that will eventually become legal and infiltrate the US and the jobs that they will capture right under the noses of them who have not worked since the greatest moron of all time took the seat of our NATION ? Oh, what the H***

  • ordman

    Tell me Pedro what do I got do to put you a in this country?

    For the low low low cost of one vote, you to can have the American Dream, so Act now within the next 5 minutes and I’ll throw in $500.00 a month in Food Stamps, but you must Act now!!!

  • James White

    This cannot stand. Honorable men will fight to the death to end this tyranny, and plunge the dagger of the ages into the tyrant of the ages, again and again. "Give me liberty or give me death."

    • Revere

      This will stand. & you don't have the guts to do anything about it!

  • Carol Fryer

    And the republicans will just sit back and allow him to do this too. They are way too busy with their little compromises to do any good at all.

    • houdini1984

      There is nothing that the House can do on its own. Reid's Senate is there to kill any House action and ensure that Obama has free rein. We have to be loud and vocal and ensure that our conservative representatives know that we have their backs.

      • Old observer

        You have a point there. We need to get rid of Reid, and Pelosi as well.

      • Dogmeat1949

        Well maybe there is one thing the HOUSE can do and that is to CUT ALL FUNDING to any part of GOVERNMENT that refuses to uphold the law and the CONSTITUTION!

        • houdini1984

          Again, what good would it do? In a normal environment, I would agree with your idea, but with this Senate and President - that have operated for more than three years now without any type of formal budget - even the best House actions are met with Senate inaction or illegal executive orders.

          Let's not throw our good Republican House members out with the bath water. It is easy to get frustrated and blame our outnumbered conservative representatives, but the more mature thing to do is to work our collective a$$e$ off to send them reinforcements this November. Right now, it's a little like blaming the men in the Alamo for not having enough firepower to hold back Santa Ana. Like those heroic defenders of freedom, our conservative representatives need more mnen like them standing on the wall.

  • Carol Fryer

    I will repeat what Ive said before. Its really ironic because it sounds crazy but its so true. They are simply replacing Americans. Kill off the older ones and bring in new illegal blood. Bring in someone who knows freedom less and can be manipulated easier.

    • Mary

      That's what Obamacare is for 70+ year old get sent off to pasture. No medical for them. This will be the aging white baby boomers. So yes, you are entirely correct in your assumptions.

  • Nottakenyan

    The magnitude of corruption at the federal level is beyond the comprehension of most taxpaying Ameicans!!!

    • ann

      The feds are more corrupt than ever, thanks to that UNAMERICAN in the White House. He's got to go....and the sooner the better.

    • WriteOn

      If you read some of the 900 plus Executive Orders he has signed,
      you would realize that one of the must crippling to us is the one under Martial
      Law that gives him the power to confiscate our weapons and place us under
      International Law. This of course is an absolute violation of the U.S.
      Constitution to legislate our law outside of our borders. All it would take is
      a spark of violence as initiated by internal unrest. The man is a dictator, and
      is ready to take down America as given us by the founding fathers. This November is an election to save our country!

      • Lady Liberty

        WriteOn: All of us had best read the order which enables him to do this - it is really more than terrifying. Also: go online and check out all the locations of the FEMA camps (being refortified, by the way). Connect the dots...and let's get busy!

  • Anne_PA

    And AGAIN, where the hell is Congress???

    • cherokeeman

      Running around with their heads up each others butts.

    • Wayne Peterkin

      Harry Reid is protecting Obama's back. Since Reid has ironclad control over a Senate still in the Democrats hands, there is nothing the House can do to stop any of this. That's the sad reality.

      • Anne_PA

        Wayne: I can buy that only to a point.

        Every reasonable Senator and Representative still has a responsibility to continually speak out... LOUDLY, about what's going on.

        We SHOULD be seeing them line up to interview on every media outlet that will have them, and make sure Rotten Reid and Obozo know they're aware of what's going on, and they're making Americans aware as well.

        Until such time they do that, Reid and Obozo and all Obozo's henchmen will continue to get away with exactly what they're doing.

        Get the truth out there, in the sunlight!!!

        • Ray Downen

          The "media" is in Obama's pocket. They would not make themselves available for any opposition to the leader of the Czars!

        • Anne_PA

          Ray: You do have a point.

          And while this is a little off topic, were you aware that...


        • Linda_LA

          Not yet, but it's coming......

        • Louie

          this is something that Hitler would have done!!

        • Anne_PA

          Ray: You do have a point.

          And while this is a little off topic, were you aware that...


        • Lady Liberty

          I, for one, was unaware of this. Please give us more info, Anne. Thanks.

        • Beth K. Hallgren

          I don't know that. Will check it out. Thanks

        • Anne_PA

          Ray: You do have a point.

          And while this is a little off topic, were you aware that...

        • Anne_PA

          Ray: You do have a point.

          But there are ways Congressmen can be heard... even if it's being in constant contact with their constituents via weekly newsletter.

          Col West, for example, does that faithfully... every week. I signed up for Col West's newsletter because I can't get my Congressman to wake up and even acknowledge my emails and letters.

        • Lady Liberty

          Maybe a letter of complaint about your Congressman ignoring you sent to your local newspaper will get attention. They don't like it when the light is shining on THEM.

        • Wayne Peterkin

          Great suggestion. My entire congressional delegation hears from me so often they are surely tired of it. I have one Senator who opposes me on every issue and who is now mostly ignoring me. I will work for her replacement in two years. Getting things published in local newspapers can be a challenge, but I have had some limited success and keep trying. I hope everyone tries.

        • kysteelgirl

          I too have tried to get the Star-Telegram print letters to no avail...they are all-in for obama.....

        • armedlamb

          If your local newspaper is in the tank for Obama the news about a Republican Congressman ignoring a constituent would be all over the front page

        • armedlamb

          Join the local Tea Party as well. I am a NC Tea Party member and our group is quite active in getting out the word and developing campaign strategies.

        • Beth K. Hallgren

          The problem there is, again the Leftist media. That letter would never make it to the Arizona "Repugnant" Republic or very many other newspapers, for that matter.

        • American 1st

          We used to take 2 newspapers. We got so sick of their Liberal bias, to the point I would almost puke every day when I opened the paper, that I cancelled both. No wonder newspapers are in trouble. I know that people read a lot on the Internet, but I would be getting my newspapers to this day if they had kept their dirty, over-the-top Liberal agenda to themselves & just reported the news & local stories. They'll never learn until enough people cancel their subscriptions.

        • armedlamb

          West is a warrior and that's what other Republicans and conservatives have to become.

        • Beth K. Hallgren

          I get his letters, as well.

        • Anne_PA

          I'd give my eye teeth if Col West was running on the Republican ticket.

          And the only thing that would make me happier is if Gov Perry was on the ticket with him.

          Actually, a West-Perry or Perry-West ticket would be a blessing for every American and our beloved country.

        • American 1st

          I'd much rather have West than Rubio. We will never get rid of all those ILLEGALS if Mitt choses Rubio! I would have loved a Newt - West ticket. Both are very strong Conservatives.

        • illannoy

          Phase 1 of the election theft has been operating in our Election Headquarters for some time. I work as an election judge and it used to be that when, say, a widow came in to vote and reported that her husband had died 6-8 months before, we would pull his identification card and note on it that he was deceased, and spindle it with hers. Then some time in the next year or so, the voting rolls would be purged, and his card would not be there at the next election.
          At the Primary in April, 2012 and at the General in Nov., 2010 we encountered card after card that should have been pulled, but hadn't been. When asked about it at the March training meeting, the Clerk just answered, "We don't do that any more." That's the thing about Machine Democrats: They start planning and working so far ahead!

        • Frances Maddox

          Again this is FRAUD...SEND THE RESPONSIBLE ONES TO JAIL AND GET THEM out of system!

        • Ann in Nebraska

          I've worked for the Election Commission in my county in Nebraska for 16+ years. Our Election Commissioner tells us that several times a year, they go through the registered voters and remove those who have moved or died. He tells us that they use address correction forms from the Post Office and obituary notices throughout the country to purge those people from the list of registered voters. I don't think voter fraud is very prevalent in Nebraska, but I am sure it could occur, especially in Omaha or Lincoln. I am not that dumb and naive. I am hoping for a clean and fair election, but I'm afraid we're not going to get it. I have a friend who keeps telling me - "bullets or ballots". I understand what he's saying and it may very well come down to that.
          God save the U.S.A.!!!!!!

        • armedlamb

          Yes, it will very likely come down to that....just like a third world country. And Obama and his thugs are fully responsible. The Republicans and conservatives need to become a little thugish. Thugs and fiends understand NOTHING but show of force.

        • Dale E Dorsett

          I saw a post on another blog where a person pointed out that Bush tried to give amnesty to illegals. It goes back to Reagan who gave amnesty but also tried to change it so that the borders did not become open. He wanted to solve the problem but had no cooperation out of Congress.
          The Mexican president a few years ago was giving their citizens brochures to encourage people to ILLEGALLY cross the boarder. All presidents since Reagan have had an 'open door' policy on the border, only Obama has the gall to defy law and force his policy on America - he wants the votes of those 'young people'. It is his plan to legalize marijuana also before election to get the votes of pot heads.

          This president lusts for power and control and is so rebellious to the Constitution and the law abiding citizens that it is utterly amazing. I will not say that he is the 'man of perdition' (anti-Christ leader mentioned in Revelations in the Bible) but he sure is a 'typecast' example of the one who will be (and indeed could be himself).

          If American's allow themselves to be conned, intimidated, only want money or power, don't vote, or just lack guts then Obama will win. If we are law abiding citizens and are held accountable for our actions, why should we allow this 'man who would be god' to win another election crookedly and totally make this a country a Socialist-Muslim country ruled by a dictator???

          We need to pray against strong holds, get some guts, and do what is right. We have been too dependent upon an out of control government that only destroys our economy and freedoms and not enough dependent upon ourselves and God. God forgive us for our complacency and lack of action and give us the guts to stand up for what is right and is pleasing to you Lord. Selfishness is destroying us and dividing us. Help us to abide under 'the shadow of the Almighty God' and learn to love and obey You and love one another!!

        • Kittyhane

          But they won't be citizens. Only citizens can vote. BUT I know how yomamma and the democraps work.

        • ginger

          They will only do the job for which we pay them when WE DEMAND that they do them ..lots of toll free numbers to do so...we must keep on them or vote them out and elect people of integrity to defend us and our Constitution.

        • guest18

          If you call your Congressmen, you get no farther than a staffer who tries to appease you in 20 words or less. Your Congressman is never even told that you called. If you write to them, you get a form letter praising their accomplishments and totally ignoring your concerns. Any Congressman up for re-election this fall needs to be replaced. It's time for a real house cleaning from the top down.

        • ginger

          I know that when I try to contact Boxer and Feinstein, all I get are their standard blurb letters and they Never address the issue about which I contacted them...there HAS to be a way to get to these people..B andF are there for live I guess...that's northern Ca for you.

          From: Disqus
          Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2012 11:27 PM
          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Next Phase in Stealing Election: Homeland Security Stops Deportations of Young Illegal Immigrants

          guest18 wrote, in response to ginger:
          If you call your Congressmen, you get no farther than a staffer who tries to appease you in 20 words or less. Your Congressman is never even told that you called. If you write to them, you get a form letter praising their accomplishments and totally ignoring your concerns. Any Congressman up for re-election this fall needs to be replaced. It's time for a real house cleaning from the top down. Link to comment

        • ktuncia

          Why does everyone think the top of Ca. ends at the Bay Area near San Francisco? There is a whole third or more of the state above the Bay Area and the majority of it votes conservative. The problem is that the big cities from the Bay Area down to San Diego along the coast have more people and consequently more votes. Votes that are liberal because being that close to that many other people warps their brains. Most of Nor Cal would like nothing more than to get rid of Fienstien and Boxer, not to mention a host of liberal state legistators as well so don't blame us. They won't let us form our own state or we would- believe me.

        • American 1st

          I wish CA would get rid of Pelosi. She is an embarrassment to the other 49 states. What do people around the world think when they see her jumping up & clapping every time Obama opens his mouth, or making statements about passing a bill before the House & Senate know its content? That can't prop up America's image globally.

        • bobbi

          100% agree!

        • armedlamb

          I've called my Congressman several times as well. Unfortunately, I cease to use my Southern manners when I literally demand to either speak directly to the Congressman(if he's not golfing) or to his "official assistent". Thus far, I have had return calls or in depth conversations with his/her assistant. I have gone as far in telling the Congressman that I was tired of someone who is usually under 30 giving patent answers to world shattering inquiries. In other words, their time(the Congressman) is our time. I've even called the Pentagon(concerning the sodomy/ beastiality law that Obama wanted to drop from the military and a REAL official person spoke with me. I called every animal protection institue in D.C including PETA who, thank God, was all over the Pentagon and the White House like white on rice.

        • American 1st

          In Donald Trumps' words, we need to tell the whole lot of them, "You're Fired!".

        • Wayne Peterkin

          I agree with you except the "reasonable" people are then demonized by the media as well as the Democrats for speaking up. The bad guys hope they can portray the good guys as "radicals" or "extremists" in order to limit or silence their voice. The mainstream media in addition to the Democrats are a formidable foe, so much of what we see is a more carefully crafted opposition hoping for more favorable numbers after the November elections. One can only hope!

        • armedlamb

          They are a formidable foe if we don't fight fire with fire. We have the intelligence, the facts, truths and values based on The Constitution and God's Word. What we don't have is junk yard dog MEAN and we'd better start attacking in packs snarling with bared teeth...taking no prisoners.

        • Phil

          The demoncrat sernators and representatives will fall in line with their leaders. It also takes more than a simple majority to over turn a presidential executive order. I question that there are any reasonable demoncrats in government.

        • American 1st


        • Angry American

          When you use the word reasonable, you just eliminated a majority of democrats

        • armedlamb

          From the behavior exhibited by the democrats in or out of Congress they really do have a mental problem aside from being ignorant of truths and facts.

        • Bob

          The media will not let anyone speak out against obummer.

        • armedlamb

          Barrage the gov. controlled media with e-mails, faxes,phone calls albeit recorded messages and if you take vacation time and live in NY camp out in the lobbies of Obama's mouth pieces.

        • Jose Palacios

          Sadly, obamie has regained the initiative, changed the spin, and from absymal economic numbers to allowing 1 million new workers into our rolls. More illegals will bring their kids and lie.
          Our poor unemployment numbers should go up dramatically; but won't because DOL and MSM will cover for this loser. And blacks will still vote for him. Are they happy with unemployment checks and no jobs?

        • armedlamb

          Along with their subsidized housing, free med., food stamps. free cell phones(some have as many as 10) help with energy bills they're living in high cotton! They're VERY happy!

        • armedlamb

          That is so true. the gov controlled media will not have them on the air and if they do Obama's media ninnies would be like vultures on road kill: however, they have enough of our money that could fund a message written across the sky in every state calling out the traitor in office. And according to The Constitution Congress(the House and Senate)has the power to establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization.......not the President.

      • Donna Mohler

        Lets all call Dirty Harry on monday!!!

        • Doodlebug

          You know, this is just one more of our freedoms taken away from us. Where is the voice of the American people? This arrogant, donkey (and I can talk plainer than that), has once again gone around Congress, the voice of the American people, and done what HE WANTS AND TO H E DOUBLLE HOCKEY STICKS WiTH WHAT WE WANT. I believe that he and donkey face reid have set up a deal and that deal is that harry donkey face won't allow anything that comes to the Senate be voted on and then this arrogant dummmicrat donkey just uses his sole power to make laws on his own and to H with what we think and to H with what we want. He also had to have had a deal with puslosi to get things through the House that he wanted like obummercare. I've had enough how about the rest of you? How many things has he gotten through with his executive power and the H with the other two branches and the American people. Get him out of there before we're beyond a point of return!

        • Lady Liberty

          How can it be that one person 'won't allow' anything to come before the Senate for a VOTE!!??? I love DonnaMohler's suggestion that we ALL call Dirty Harry on Monday! Let's do it!

        • Doodlebug

          One person should not be allowed to rule as Dirty Harry does and ginger you are so right, he is so senile but it is a good idea to call. Certainly lets all call all of our reps. It won't do any good for me to call one of mine but I will anyway. I'm glad he is retiring he never listened to the people anyway and I think he too is senile! Boehner needs to rule like puslosi, she just didn't listen to any complaint and did what she wanted. Boehner can be replaced just like the rest of them if they won't listen. Okay, lets get those phones a ringing!

        • kysteelgirl

          As soon as I heard about this BS Friday before obamas declaration, I started calling, no problem getting thru for hours. After obama I kept calling and was put on hold by capital phone service everytime. I will start over on Monday...wish we could crash those phone lines again.
          The Democrats have success when they use the advertisers as their weapon. I think we need to "get to" ABC,CBS & NBC. But unfortunately I'm not computer savy enough to get this stared. Think it would work?

        • armedlamb

          All of them really have been threatened. They're scared to death of an ensuing race war(blacks, Mexicans, Hollywood, Oprah and co. unions) but if it's war they want then their threats might come true.

        • elephant13

          Dirty Harry is a Mormon.....I wonder if his church knows that he going c ompletely against his religion by pulling the dirty tricks he is with the "so called" leader of his party. There has to be a way to get Obamaville OUT of the white house. I think he is running scared but he is still pulling tricks out of his trousers. .......and as to calling Harry on Monday...he has probably left orders that he isn't taking calls. It is time we find a way to correct this sick situation.

        • armedlamb

          Is there such a thing as a MASS citizens' arrest?

        • LEE

          Freedom of the press. The press was supposed to be the "voice of the American people". I do believe they have failed in their mission.

        • bobbi


        • armedlamb

          The idiot and traitor has gone around The Constitution..only Congress is to pass naturalization laws. But please don't put down the lowly donkey....a maggot is a more appropriate and befitting description of BHO and his cronies are the other crawling flesh eating maggots!

        • ginger

          AMEN..but he is so senile and stubborn it may be a waste of breath...perhaps we can wear him down..don't forget to call ALL your reps...including Boehner...Boehner was going to let Holder off except WE THE PEOPLE let him know that it was Holder is going to release to the Congress more documents and you can bet it will be piecemeal at best.

        • Lady Liberty

          If Boehner can't (or won't) do the job then he should be removed and replaced with someone who has the country's well-being first and foremost!

        • ginger

          The only way Boehner does what he should is when WE keep after him like some kid who doesn't listen to Mom..seems many in Congress are the same way.

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          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Next Phase in Stealing Election: Homeland Security Stops Deportations of Young Illegal Immigrants

          Lady Liberty (unregistered) wrote, in response to ginger:
          If Boehner can't (or won't) do the job then he should be removed and replaced with someone who has the country's well-being first and foremost! Link to comment

        • kysteelgirl

          The same with Cantor.... I called both plus McConnell (before & after obama's decree) about all I got was they are looking into it...

        • armedlamb

          Join your local Tea Party and sign ever petition that is sent to you. You can also write your own comments to these petitions. They are sent to every Congressman and to Obama. The Tea Party also sends signed faxes to every member of Congress. Thousands have already been sent regarding every traitorous and unconstitutional act that Obama has committed. Petitions and faxes have also been sent regarding his fraudulent records,i.e., the bc,soc.sec. numbers, and his questionable selective service record.

        • JRRS

          Do you live in Nevada? He is their Senator. Why does he care what we have to say? He is strongly backed by the union mob.

        • Wayne Peterkin

          That is an entertaining suggestion. If hundreds of thousands of Americans did that, it would have an effect. But if it was confined to just those reading this post it would be waste of time.

        • George

          Ted Turner

        • armedlamb

          You know he's a Republican as well as the Death Wish guy...Charles Bronson. Throw in Bruce Willis(a Republican) and Sheriff Arpaio with the junk yard dogs and something could be done!

      • Daniel from TN

        Despite Reid's control of the Senate, theHouse should still take action. The voters will still learn more about obama, that members of the House ARE attempting to do their duty, and the voters will also see Reid as the Senate roadblock.

        • Wayne Peterkin

          The House has taken action. They have passed a number of measures including a real budget that were killed in the Senate by Reid. I would like to think that most Americans already see Reid as the roadblock he is, but some will be blind to what's right in front of their eyes.

        • kysteelgirl

          Unfortunately, the average American sees the House as do nothing. I have been calling Republicans for years now asking them to get on TV and talk about the bills they are passing that reid won't bring to the Senate.... I keep being told getting on TV is not comes down to will, I believe. I am so tired of being taken for granted.

        • Angry American

          They are right getting on TV or the attention of any media is a challenge when you are a conservative.

        • armedlamb

          The gov. controlled media will not give them air time to present their side.

        • armedlamb

          The House has passed 32 or more WRITTEN bills but the satantic Senate won't even look at them. when some idiots say that Obama came up with a plan but the House wouldn't work with him even the CBO told Obama...."we can't score anything that is NOT put in print".....words don't count!

      • DAY8293A


      • Frances Maddox


        • Lady Liberty

          How about "NO WORK DONE, NO PAY!" ? Maybe that would get their attention.

        • armedlamb

          That has always astounded me as to why the tax payers of Wisconsin did not dock the pay of those total idiots, the democrats, who tucked tail and ran off to another state holed up in a motel doing Heaven's knows what during the union up-rising in the halls of the state capitol last year. I would have very definitely been FIRED!

        • Wayne Peterkin

          The House has no control or authority over the Senate, none. The House has no legal means of going after Harry Reid. Our Constitution made them independent but equal parts of the Legislative Branch.

      • JRRS

        Not true, they can pass legislation against these outrageous abuses of Executive Orders. Since they are directives to the Executive Branch others need not follow them. They are not laws.

        • Veteranasm

          Cut funding to homeland security until they inforce the laws of the constitution !!
          That the house can do, and will get their attention , very quickly .. Hog head janet would lay an egg ...

        • Veteranasm

          That should be enforce, large fingers !!

        • Rick Johnson

          We have not seen a budget in years. The government has ran on continuing resolution since i can remember during this administration. The funding is in place for this fiscal year already and it cannot be taken back without the consent of both houses. It would require action by BOTH houses to do anything and since the Senate has blocked any budget for years now, it is unlikely that funding can be pulled. Right now there are two choices, Impeachment or go through the courts to force the administration to enforce the laws of the land..

        • Angry American

          It would be lots better if they could just not fund this new decree from the PO S that made the move

        • Wayne Peterkin

          Sadly it's absolutely true. The House of Representatives can do NOTHING unless it is confirmed by the Senate. The House passed a budget last year and a number of other measures, Old Harry blocks any action by the Senate or gets enough Democrats in the Senate to kill it. Therefore, nothing that Reid and Obama do not approve of gets passed. The media generally kills any national publicity or uses the House actions to demonize the Republicans for even trying. That is the situation in our government today. It will not change unless Reid loses his Senate control. Even then, Obama will veto anything he opposes so there would have to be enough votes in Congress to override that veto. It is highly unlikely that the Republicans can reach that kind of majority. Our best hope to save this nation is that Reid loses the Senate and that Obama loses as well. At that point, it is possible to see some progress on the major issues. Understand, the media will fight the conservatives every step of the way.

      • budman

        Beg to differ. They can stop this by not funding Homeland Security in the immigration area and when it bites Napilatano in the rear, she will run to the President for help to no avail because this is an illegal action on their part.

        • armedlamb

          She is right up there with Obama in the dumb as dirt category. It's hard to believe that Judge Napolitano On Fox news is her cousin! Just as it's awful to believe that Monica Crowley(brilliant) is the sister-in-law to the "mortician" Allen Colmes!

      • John

        I shouldn't be saying this but what the hell 2010 race for senate and congress.first let me tell you,I live in the state of Nv.bobblehead jr. was 5000 votes behind all of a sudden he won by 5000.The race was to close to the end of the day for him to collect 10,000 votes.One other thing,one of our tv sations caught somebody setting up a huge picnic table for the illegals and then went into vote.This supposedly happened near where
        i live.And of course the media shut it up in a heart beat if not faster.As for mr.bobblehead can visit nv.and ask anybody that lives here, ask them what ried has done for Nv.and they will tell you.It's a shame what happened to Sen. Ensign.That man was for the state of Nv.and for the people of Nv.He was well liked,well I liked him. As for the illegals 20 years or maybe more, the illegals started to multiply and you would not believe how fast the crime rate went up.If anybody says different tell them to kiss your ass.I live here and I watched it grow. Wifes coming home so I better get off this thing and let her in.
        talk to later.
        i used to drive a cab and I watched it grow every day.

        • Angry American

          I live in S. Ca. & here most crimes have a latino surname, Pheniox Az same thing I went up to Utah for 4 months I when I read the crime watch I was sort of surprised to tine that 95% of the crimes had latino surnames to , I also went to Chicago & was surprised ay how many latinos they had in that Cold weather clime, but didn't look up the crime section there. But am willing to bet on how many were co0mmitted by latinos, this is a race that does crimesa of passion, where as they will shoot their own brothers

      • del

        old dirtbag harry needs to be in jail with the piece of chit he is illegally guarding....he must have forgot that we pay this old fart's salary and he is supposed to represent We the People.....slimebags all of the dopeocrats

      • Raymond1

        Do you go to work everyday & pay your taxes???
        If so, this female Obama supporter has something
        she wants you to hear......

        • djstorrie

          Wow that is the epitomy of a n i g g e r

        • Raymond1

          These people are Obama's base....

        • LIEK7


      • Raymond1

        There are very strong indications that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is having a lesbian affair with muslim Huma Abedin who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
        Now it seems that Hillary's daughter, Chelsea Clinton, has a deep love for muslims too.
        The apple didn't fall far from the tree................. Raymond

      • Progressive Republican

        I want some of whatever it is you're taking. "Since Reid has ironclad control over a Senate still in the Democrats hands," seriously? If Reid really had "ironclad control" over the Senate, the economy would be much healthier, none of the 680,000 public-sector employees would have been laid off, Obama's JOBS bill would have been signed into law, we'd have the single-payer health coverage Americans deserve, American corporations would be getting tax incentives to bring jobs BACK to America and the unemployment rate would be much lower. These are ALL things the Republicons have prevented from happening.

        If YOU think the unemployment rate is too high and you voted Republicon, blame yourself.

        • Wayne Peterkin

          Wow! Another delusional liberal! I said that Reid has control of the Senate. He does NOT have control of the House, at least since 2010. He cannot unilaterally do much except block what the House passes, which he has done very effectively to the detriment of the nation. If you really believe that big government is the answer to all of your needs, I suggest you consider Cuba or China as a new residence. They seem to be a better fit for you than America. Obama, Reid and the Democrats have been a disaster for this nation.

        • Progressive Republican

          YOU are the one who said, "Since Reid has ironclad control over a Senate still in the Democrats hands,". I never said, implied, nor gave any inference about the House. I do, however, find your implication that he had control of the House a sign of either ignorance or your own delusion.

          ANY singe Senator has the power to unilaterally prevent the Senate from debating any bill passed by the House. The record number of filibusters from the 110th Senate preventing the discussion of over two-hundred bills passed by the 110th House showed the Republicons' determination of maintaining Sen. McConnell's frequently-stated single most important goal: doing anything and everything possible to prevent a second Obama term. Again and again the party of Greed Over Principle has shown their preference for Guile, Obstruction and Plutonomy instead of doing anything to help the American people.

          If you think austerity is the answer to America's economic woes, perhaps YOU should relocate to Greece, Spain, Ireland, Britain, etc. Your lack of knowledge of history and current international economic events is appalling as well as typical for a fascist/conservative. Or since smaller government also seems to be a wish of yours, perhaps you could take your sorry self to Somalia where you can live in unfettered freedom with no pesky government to get in your way.

          Boehner, McConnell, Issa, Kyl, Cantor, Sessions, and the rest of the Republicon "leadership" (not to mention Rmoney) adamantly tell us that the only policy to rescue America is the same policy that nearly ruined it. Only an idiot or traitor/liar would say that and only an unfettered moron would believe something that demonstrably stupid.

        • Wayne Peterkin

          Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate have blocked the passage of a sensible budget preferring to keep spending at destructive levels by continuing resolutions, and you know it. Apparently you support a $16 Trillion national debt growing at over $1 Trillion per year regardless of the impending disaster it will cause this nation, eventually a fate similar to Greece. Obama and the Democrats are engaging in Cloward and Pivens economics, something you apparently support. The Obama "Jobs" bill was a joke rejected overwhelmingly. Furthermore, teachers, police, and firefighters are NOT federal employees. They are state and local public employees. The federal government has no business financing them. State and local governments are free to raise their own revenues if their constituents support hiring more public employees. If their constituents do not want to pay the price of that, they can do without the extra people. The answer to our problems is our Constitution, as written and intended by our founders. Most of the problems we have today are caused by "progressives" who have been pushing big government, somewhat socialist agendas, while shredding the Constitution the process.

        • Progressive Republican

          If, by "sensible budget" you're talking about the Ryan budget, you clearly know not of what you speak.
          If you think austerity is the answer to America's economic woes, look at the prime examples provided by the results of austerity currently in Greece, Spain, Ireland, Britain, etc. Or you could look at what happened to the U.S. when FDR backed off of HIS stimulus programs and gave into GOP whining for austerity in 1937.

          America's economy then was recovering much better than it is now until austerity measures were enacted. The Great Depression came roaring back to life with a vengeance. The Depression Part II was so bad it took MASSIVE investment (and WWII) to break it.

          The Obama Jobs bill was rejected overwhelmingly by an overwhelmingly partisan Congress whose single oft-repeated goal is to ensure Obama's defeat in 2012 no matter the cost to America. Then they have sworn to reenact the policies that have historically ruined economies. Brilliant. What kind of idiot thinks that ruining the economy is a good thing? Unless, of course, it serves to further concentrate power into fewer and fewer hands as has been the case with deregulation over the last thirty years.

          "(T)eachers, police, and firefighters are NOT federal employees." Who said they were? Funneling federal funds through the state does not make them federal employees, so what are you talking about? Are you saying that impoverished ares don't deserve the same level of public services as wealthy areas? A patriot finds that concept abhorrent. Besides, equal protection is constitutionally mandated.

          Most of the problems of today can be traced back to fascist/conservative efforts such as: the Taft-Hartley Act; the repeal of Glass-Steagall; changing the law to allow health insurance companies to merge, turn a profit, and be exempt from the Sherman Anti-Trust Act; the deregulation of the FCC allowing concentration of ownership of the media; allowing financial institutions to become, "too big to fail" because the inevitability of their demise will bring down nations; giving tax incentives to send good-paying American jobs to other countries and occasionally replacing the, usually with a job that might pay as much as half of the jobs it "replaces"; shifting the tax burden from those who can afford it to those whose incomes are stagnant or shrinking... The list is too ridiculously long to continue. Suffice to say that thirty years of deliberate economic sabotage has taken it's toll and produced the desired results. All this while crushing, shredding or otherwise ignoring the Constitution.

          I'm not making this up and an objective observer knows it. On a historical note, in “The Battle for Reagan’s Soul,” published in the Wall Street Journal on May 16, 1980, Irving Kristol wrote:
          … And what if the traditionalist conservatives are right and a Kemp-Roth tax cut, without corresponding cuts in expenditures, also leaves us with a fiscal problem? The neo-conservative is willing to leave those problems to be coped with by liberal interregnums. He wants to shape the future, and will leave it up to his opponents to tidy up afterwards.

          As is said earlier, tanking the economy was deliberate. Tell me that isn't treason.

        • Wayne Peterkin

          I have no intention of writing a book here refuting your bs point by point. You are typically, for a "progressive", twisting and distorting facts to fit your liberal/socialist agenda, and very little of it is true. As just one example, Greece had not yet actually implemented any real "austerity" and has been fighting doing so. The bottom line is this. I believe very strongly in the wisdom of our founders and in our Constitution, you do not. I believe in a strictly limited federal government and maximum personal freedom, you do not. I believe in free markets, you do not. You seem to prefer that we have a big brother (you) telling each of us how to live and I do not. And I will fight the "progressives" every way that I can for the sake of my grandkids. At this point, I am no longer interested in any further discussion with you so will bow out. Cheers.

        • barto

          You may be Progressive but you're no also need to take a refresher course in Government to understand the different roles of The House and the Senate.....Obama has a real jobs's bill? I would like to see and read it OR perhaps it is like his no-show budget since getting his presidential job. I had rather see more public-sector employees laid off if it meant that corporations and small businesses would benefit by reducing the strangle hold this administration has put on them through the many government regulations...then perhaps we would see businesses prosper and thus begin hiring new employees! GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Progressive Republican

          YOU are the one in dire need of a civics class which I lack the time to give you. I will, however say this: Have the intellectual capacity to look up the American Jobs Act. Read it. Note the difference between a genuine attempt at stimulating the economy and Boehner's version of continuing the same failed policies that led to economic disaster and calling THAT a "jobs" bill. Or renaming a Post Office building that Republicons are planning on closing down anywayand calling THAT a "jobs" bill? Really? Pathetic

          Every budget he's proposed has been squelched by Republicon opposition who bury it and then say, "Where is it?".

          The last four recessions have happened under Republicon "leadership": one each for Pres.'s Ronnie and GHWB and two for the shrub. All three of them successfully broke the backs of their recessions (except for the shrub's second one that certain cretins have been calling"Obama's recession" since several months BEFORE he was sworn in) by hiring MORE public employees because they KNEW that supply-side economics is a load of fetid dingoes kidneys; the best way to stimulate the economy is to put money INTO it, not take money OUT of it. Duh. All three of them knew it. Government DOES create jobs. Be objective and pay attention.

      • Angry American

        The house can pursue this in federal courts right up to the SCOTUS & hopefully they will put this on hold, obama know this but will get his points from the latinos that support this action

        • Wayne Peterkin

          Yes they could, and if they were very lucky, the case would be heard by the court and debated within a couple of years. The wheels of justice turn very slowly, especially with an administration stonewalling a case like this. During the entire time, the House would be savaged by the Democrats and the media. They are reluctant to take an action like you suggest because they know how public opinion is swayed by the media; so instead, they are waiting for this November hoping that they will gain the numbers needed to turn this ship around. Will that work? I don't know but I sure hope so. The soul of this nation is at stake. I don't consider this some kind of political game. Our kids and grandkids futures are being destroyed by today's government policies.

        • Angry American

          Well not only that but the senate is still controlled by the democrats & anything they don't like is not going anywhere, I am a registered & am a true independent I register that way & vote that way to I vote for conservatives only. I am also a member of the Tea party & support just about every thing they do. I have learned to laugh about the dems saying that we are "radicals, I guess it is because we support the founding documents of this country, (how can anyone be so stupid to believe what the heads "their leaders" started because they don't wants millions of Americans banding together & opposing their agenda (most of it anyhow). I am hoping that if this clown does get reelected that the gop takes control of both houses with a veto proof margin & then all of America can see how things are when under their control, & then we can probably abandon all hope, lol

    • bobindallas

      Congress = vacation = + zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • shannon853

      congress will never bite the hand that re eleces them, the miorities that get free lunches and the illegals that vote for them. they also make sure there so many running against them the votes will be so divided, they will always get a larger number of votes. two terms for life of any elected office would stop that along with them being on s.s and thay pay for theor own 401k retirement.

      • Anne_PA

        "We tjhe People" are Congress' "Oversight Committee" and we had best start doing our job, to get Congress of their butts and start doing their job!!!

        NumbersUSA already has FREE faxes available to send to your Senators and
        US Rep voicing displeasure with Dingle Barry's BLATANT Lawlessness!:

        Remember a few years ago when the McCain-Kennedy "Amnesty Bill" was about a week from being passed???

        "We the People" started calling, faxing, and emailing in volumes enough that shut down the faxes, voice mails and email boxes were full.

        They GOT THE MESSAGE!!! The Amnesty Bill was defeated.

        We did it once, we NEED to do it AGAIN and AGAIN.

        • shannon853

          the best way to get to congress is by "throwing the bums out" as the book says. did congress listen to the people on obama care? no, they pick and choose what will be the overall thing that gets them re elected time and time again and that is feed the hands of those that will vote them more and more free lunches! first and foremost, members of congress need to be placed where they belong, as state employees! paid by the state where their salaries and benifits can be set by the people of the districts they represent. they should have no power to give them selves raises or benifits, as it should be the people that sets what they get.

        • Wanda

          Shannon, You're absolutely right. And how did they reach the point of demanding
          their 'over-paid[ salaries???? That should be the 'people' that state what that should be.

    • Rev. LTC Retired

      Congress is hiding where ever they can find shelter. No guts to stand up, and no guts to come to the aid of a dying America. It's strange that Congress was out of session when obummer put his order into play. I called my congressman in D.C. He was not in his office, so I left him a message, and I told him that it's time to call an emergency meeting, go get obummer, tie him up and put his boney tail in JAIL, and do it now. Fat Chance, HUH !!!!

      • Anne_PA

        Rev. LTC: I hear you.

        But NOW is NOT the time to give up. NOW is the time to DOUBLE DOWN!!!

        We sent them to DC to do a job, and they are ANSWERABLE TO US!!!

      • JacktheFAC

        I fear we have come to the point that this nation's problem will not be solved politically. Where is our military? Our military (especially our generals) are sworn to protect this country from all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTICALLY.

        • Rev. LTC Retired

          Jackthe FAC, don't forget, obummer is the commander-in-chief and can hire and fire any general. The only hope we really have is that the real Generals know when the C.E.O. has gone ballistic. They will then know who to follow and to protect. This is why obummer and company have recruited their own army with their own ammunition to fight us who will not accept him, period.You know the pope has his own army.

        • Dorie


    • CoolApple

      Right on Anne!! They should be in conference right this very minute on a saturday and showing the citizens they will not allow a unconstitutional act that has been put forth by this dictator wanna be. It is beyond waiting to vote him out of office.

      • Anne_PA

        Cool: Yes, they should be in conference... but it's WHAT they intend to DO, that's important, and so far they've DONE NOTHING!!!

        And you're right, "It is beyond waiting to vote them out of office...." By then it's too late.

        "We the People" need to hold their feet to the FIRE right NOW!!

        • CoolApple

          I'm sure there is a large bolch of citizens like us that are thinking alike and want something more than lip service. It is obvious from the press's reaction they are on the other side of the fence, as usual

      • ginger

        As far as I am concerned, anything obama has passed or dictated is illegal and I Shall Not Comply.

        • CoolApple

          I would like to think that more people all the time are getting their gut full of this charlatan fraud.

    • Rob Dalton

      They've got 30 days to speak up or it will be unstoppable without Supreme Court case.

      • Anne_PA

        Rob: Thanks. I wasn't sure if it was 30days or 20days, but I know they have a window of time to challenge Obozo on ANYTHING they suspect is UN-Constitutional, and that includes the many UN-Constitutional Exec Orders has signed.

        I'm beginning to wonder if any of our Congressmen actually know they can do that.

        And there's not just this deportation issue that's in question, there's LOST which looks like Obozo is pushing.

    • Ralph H Moran

      Anna, I agree WHERE IS THE CONGRESS, not just the Senate democrats but WHERE IS EVERYONE ELSE????????????????? Just see who I vote for the Senate race here in Arizona, it won't be for the career politician Jeff Flake. We need to get rid of career politicians

      • Anne_PA

        Ralph: You're a man after my own heart!

        Term limits good enough for the pres., it's certainly good enough for Congress!!!
        The Founding Fathers did NOT envision Career Politicians.

    • Ed Galicki

      I think congress is out looking for their testicles, they must be - they obviously aren't in possession of them presently.

    • Daniel from TN

      Congress is simply too scared to act against obama. Scared to appear as racists, scared they might lose votes in November, and scared for their lives.
      As for the third remark, there are RUMORS that members of Congress have received serious death threats against them and their families if they attempt to impeach obama, vett him, or oppose his anti-American agenda, I hope those rumors are false, but it would explain the lack of action from Congress if they were true.

      • ginger

        If Congress is too wimpy to do it ,,then that leaves US.

      • willy

        Thats a crock of excrimite, they are all sold out, bail out money in their pockets.hey have all laid down for the marxist regime that is pushing the one world order. It will have to be the citizens that take the country back, the politicians and military have proved they are useless.

    • True Patriot

      queenie Obozo is gonna call martial law. I think he's taking us over. Congress and the courts aren't doing anything. We, the people, may have to do it.

    • True Patriot

      Godfather Politics is censoring my info on how you can help stop this stealing of the election.

      • djstorrie

        I thougt they censored me too, but I found my post not where it should have been.

    • Navy Vet

      If individual states already have laws that prevent illegals from voting, then Obama is blatantly overriding states rights. I have always heard that states rights supercede federal. Obama does whatever he pleases and bypasses congress totally, and congress does NOTHING.

    • Observant_One

      Sitting on their asses watching the days go by. In other words ... worthless!

    • Marj0120

      That's my question too, I wish we go vote every single one of them out regardless of party and start all over!

    • ace

      They are A 3rd of the Control AND the slimy Democrats have the other 2/3rds so now who are you going to blame it on it is always the Dirty LEFT sorry but it is true the same thing the last teo years of Bush they sunk him .

    • Darrell B

      They (the House) ned to start impeachment proceedings; NOW!!

    • djstorrie

      Yes, where in god's sake is congress and the supreme court? Mostly sitting back in there comfortable chairs counting all their money. I want to believe that we have a chance to bring back the Constitution. I have no choice but to vote for Romney, but we could have done better. I am giving time and prayer to see if this all works out. I am also a realest and keep plenty of nessities on hand like food, water, ammunition. God help us all, I have little faith left in America. I'm not a nut case, I do this for my children, after all they are the ones that are going to suffer the most.

      • Anne_PA

        I absolutely agree... we no choice but to vote for Romney, but we could have done MUCH better. I too
        am giving time and prayer to see if this all works out.

        I am trying to be as optimistic as I can, but it's getting more and more difficult.

        But regardless of who wins the election in Nov., we have difficult and ugly days ahead of us.

        Yes, God help us all.

    • Rick Johnson

      I think that is exactly what he wants. Articles of impeachment filed this close to an election would energize a currently non-energized democrat base. He ruffled a lot of feathers in the black church with his endorsement of homosexual marriage. Many black ministers were actively telling their people that the church could not support this move. Articles of impeachment would give this administration the chance to say to these supporters "hey look they are attacking me because i am black". The one things that will cause the base to become energized. I think this should be one of the few occasions where the SCOTUS has original review status. Papers should be filed immediately to prevent the DHS from enacting this practice. Forcing them to continue to follow federal law.

      • Anne_PA

        Rick: I agree. Impeachment at this point would not
        only be useless, it would energize Obozo's base, and no good would come of it.
        There are too many other fish to fry, that if done diligently will accomplish
        far more than impeachment.

        But there are, and have been, any number of things Obozo has done, not limited
        to, many Exec. Orders that have been clearly beyond his capacity as pres., and
        UN-constitutional, that Congress has let go unchallenged.

        For example, you might want to check out the Palestinian
        Accountability Act, whereby US Congress deliberately, and for good reason,
        froze a $192 Million aid package to the Palestinian Authority. As stated in the PAA “[N]o funds available to any United
        States Government department or agency … may be obligated or expended with
        respect to providing funds to the Palestinian Authority.”

        However, on April,
        28, 2012, Obama has bypassed Congress and arbitrarily lifted a ban on said
        financial aid to the Palestinian Authority.

        Congress did NOTHING when the State Dept. drew the line in
        the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea, giving seven Alaskan islands to Russia which tens
        of thousands of square miles of oil-rich sea beds surrounding the islands,
        including the estimated billions of barrels of oil, according to the Dept. Of Interior.

        And then
        there’s the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) The treaty offers little to no benefits for
        the U.S. and harms U.S. interests by, but not limited to, 1) Redistributes U.S. wealth, 2) Funnels
        money to corrupt nations, 3) Creates barriers to exploration.

        This list goes on and on, and not a peep out of Congress.

    • Patriot and proud of it.

      Congress is out somewhere, not going to be worth a fiddlers dam if we the people do nothing.
      I hate to fight another war but the "I Want Everything and want you to pay for it crowd." is getting close to that point where I say fight back in every way a person can, bullets if necessary. Remember the saying Is peace so sweet and dear that it can be bought at the price of chains and slavery, ?

    • Sharr

      If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, walks like a duck, it's a schmuck duck (sorry duckies) and we DEFINITELY GOTS OURSELVES A SCHMUCK DUCK - pray for America!!

    • armedlamb

      They have been threatened with their lives! The ONLY Republicans with any semblence of grit/nerve are the Tea Party members elected in 2010 and some of them are weak kneed. The black caucus has threatened of an ensuing race war if ANYONE bucks their idol! Our highly paid reps should say bring it on!

    • TM

      We seem to be on our own as congress is busy filling their pockets before they are voted out. We gave the GOP the house back and what do they do to repay us for our votes, jack squat.
      Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
      I was proud for you John Boehner as the new speaker, now I feel like you picked up where nancy pelosi left off and I hated that ugly witch and her party.
      Don't get to teary eyed when you lose your speakership.

    • American 1st

      Anne_PA -
      They're asleep at the wheel. We need to replace all incumbants in office. They have made a mockery of our laws & refuse to DEMAND that our laws be upheld. What part of ILLEGAL aliens don't they understand? They should be getting the message as more & more incumbants are being voted out in primaries. The PEOPLE are speaking, but our politicians are NOT listening. Maybe they'll pay more attention when the PEOPLE go to the polls and say, "You're fired!".

  • PolitiJim

    This is an exact spot on analysis. It is clear that Obama isn't bothered by anything other than a headline spin appearance of abiding by constitutional law. I hope my few Hispanic friends who might think this is a great idea, remember this is from the same President that authorized the gift of automatic machine guns to drug lords that has resulted in hundreds of deaths along the border. The vast majority, those of Hispanic descent.

  • Tony from ignoredrealityblog.c

    Have the eligibility hearing and once he is declared ineligible to have held that office, then all of these self appointed dictatoria edits will be nullified.

    • Eugene Cassels

      The hearing will take place in Tallahassee Florida on monday under Judge Larry Smith.

      • Tony from ignoredrealityblog.c

        Unfortunately Eugene, that particular hearing is only to determine if he is eligible to be on the ballot in Florida. It is the Congress that needs to declare him ineligible to HAVE HELD that office to begin with. And even MORE unfortunate is the fact that we do not have EVEN ONE member of congress who is loyal enough to this nation and their oath of office to uphold our constitution and force that hearing.
        And ... on the state ballot eligibility issue, there is always the chance that in that FL hearing the judge in Florida will be bought off the same as that judge in GA when he reversed his decision in exchange for a Billion Dollar Nuclear power plant to be built in GA.

  • Dogmeat1949

    In the next 60 days, Homeland harridan Janet Napolitano announced, DHS will begin handing out two-year renewable work permits to illegals.


    • cherokeeman

      WHO HAS THE GUTS TO STOP HER?? None of the pansies in Washington apparently. We are heading into a dictatorship folks unless he is GONE!!!!!!

      • rosemarienoa

        Unfortunately dictatorship is what we now have!!!We need to get this Chicago corruption out of our WH once & for all! Harridan is a good name for napolitano.....she's another mouthpiece for the MOST corrupt administration in history!!!What happened to all the promises odumbo made??? He is an empty suit just like Hillary said!

      • Old observer

        Just like the rest of his cabinet, she's an idiot he's selected knowing they'll do his bidding. They all make me sick. We are not fighting against men, but against evil powers are told in the Bible. We need to pray--AND stand up.

    • Atillathehun

      Of course it is and there sits the alleged freshman class of "conservative" Congressmen with crickets.

    • DocBlake

      You are an ignoramus. It is not treason, you mouth-breathing troglydite.

      • umreb78

        Doc you are the moron. Can you even define "treason" you Leftists pos??? Go back to your basement and call your Uncle Daddy and tell him Happy Fathers Day. This entire Administration is treasonous from the top of its worthless stinking head (Barry) to its Communist asses (Holder and Napolitano). Just out of curiosity though...Have you ever read the US Constitution? Do you know there's a 10th Amendment to it? Do you know that there are three co-equal branches of government here???? HINT: Google them to find the answers to these complex questions...I've been cautioned against calling a spade a spade or calling a dillweed a dillweed so I'll pass on telling you how idiotic your post confirms you to be.

      • Dogmeat1949

        I love DEMS,always with the name calling when the facts do not support them.LOL!!! FACT,YOUR PIMP DADDY is going down and I don't mean on you!

    • Revere

      You don't know what you're talking about!

      • Dogmeat1949

        REALLY! I have the CONSTITUTION to support my Statement! What do you have to support yours? You do know what The CONSTITUTION of The UNITED STATES is, don't you?

  • art arlo

    ok all you yahoos that voted for obuma your getting what you voted for..........A WANNA BE DICTATOR. This guy is a liar. I wanted him to work out for the country but the old saying "you can't change the spots on a leopard" he could have been good except for his arrogant Socialist ways.

  • flaphil

    Here's an idea for Fuhrer Obama. Let all ILLEGALS from all so called minorities come into the country. Then for everyone give an average of $20M to every white man and woman that don't vote for him and a ticket to the country of their choice. That way he gets even with "whity" and they can start over. His Fuhrer is so full of hate for whites it's an insult that the media is silent. His whole gang is illegal.

    • Mary

      The media and the NWO comply with his agenda. That is to flood former white nations with illegal immigrant's and have open borders with Canada, USA, and South America. Then introduce the Amero or one world currency. He and his whole court of law breakers are doing the bidding of the one world order shadow government. We have come up against tyrrants. I hope the American people have the fortitude to over come it.

  • Robert Philip Dean

    This is nothing short of a declaration of WAR against the American people, Congress and the Constitution!

  • ihatelibs

    If this thing is rigged, many elites will perish

    • PMDavis

      That's what I've said before. All these rich people that think that they are going to be immune to the tax hikes, controls, etc. if Obama gets re-elected are delusional. If anything, they are the ones he will be going after, their money! What fools! He is just using all of them, hollywood included, to get what he needs and wants.

  • Play Righter

    Is it just some magical coincidence that the just-revealed cover of an upcoming issue of Time magazine is a group of illegals with the headline "WE ARE AMERICANS...Just not legally"?

  • Dogmeat1949


  • Gary Allan

    A prime example for the voters to clean house, and I mean every one of them,

    • ihatelibs

      with AK 47's

  • Scott E

    Now that comrade Obama has put this stage into action, One of his next moves will be declare martial law; Keeping him in power indeffanatly.

  • donl

    If obama wins the election in november it will be due to the very ignorant people that the democrats need in order to win any election. I will never vote for a democrat again.

    • PMDavis

      If things keep going the way they are, and no one does anything about it, you may never get to vote in any election again.

    • Old observer

      If he wins it will be with fraudulent votes--and they are busy making them up as we type here. I don't believe his win last time was legit. He's a puppet, and his puppetmasters are out to completely destroy this country.

  • cherokeeman

    And people thought the Mafia/Cosa Nostra was bad!!

  • Walter Talley

    Deport Obama in Nov.

    • ihatelibs

      and hang the POS

  • Atillathehun

    What else is new? Violation of the Constitution has been elevated to an art form and coincides with the Marxist effort to make it incrementally irrelevant.

  • Patriot304

    Obama promised change for America. He never said it would benefit Americans!

  • Marcus

    This latest illegal move by the illegal alien communist from Kenya does not surprise me at all ,When will the people in this country wake up and realise that this Person does not have anyones best interest in mind ,His moves and motives are solely to destroy this country from the inside ,Divide and conquer is the name of the game and this foreign communist plays the game extremely well , What worries me is that there are just enough stupid people in this country that are played by this person and his gang of criminals

  • WilliamSpires

    And all of this is avoidable if the cowards in Wash. d.c. would just support Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, AZ in finding the truth wherever it leads. Constitutional crisis be damned, lets find out once and for all how a wimpy, spoiled brat who acts like a fifth grader anytime someone criticizes his actions and is totally ignorant of Americas traditions and history, I take that back, most fifth graders are more mature and loyal.

  • cherokeeman

    Okay all you liberal democrats. Here's the "change you can believe in" from Adolph Obama and all the other dictators.

  • PMDavis

    I have never seen such a conniving, deceptive, evil man as Obama is. He has no scruples, no ethics, and has slowly been closing the net on this country through a silent media and executive orders that are very questionable, to say the least. My question again and again and again is, "How does he keep getting away with all this stuff?" If he can't get re-elected through the normal process of campaigning then it is obvious that he has no hesitation to commit violence and chaos, I hope everyone that voted for Obama are happy! You let one of the most dangerous men to this country into the White House that has ever been and it's not going to be easy to get him out.

    • DocBlake

      Forgot your medicine AGAIN this morning, huh?

    • Eugene Cassels

      T see how he does it all you have to do is google executive orderand read.

  • Joe in CT

    There is going to be hell to pay. We are taking names and making lists. The aftermath of the Second American Revolution will not be pretty.

  • Sarg

    In 1955 I swore to uphold the constitution,aganst all enemy
    foreign and domestic.
    Just because I retired dosn't mean that pledge is resended.
    I think that is one reason they worry about Vets with guns.

  • Ronald C. Smith

    I hope my prediction of a reelection of this fraud is not going to come true, please let me be wrong.

  • CCblogging

    Now they will come in a mad dash accross the border in even greater numbers, eager to become the newest undocumented Democrats. Spain counting the votes, our states being bullied into not purging their voter rolls of illegal's and dead people & now this? Yes, our election is being stolen by Obama's criminal regime.

    • rosemarienoa


  • icemancold


  • Gordon

    The only thing that will prevent the ultimate use of those 450 million hollow-point rounds against outraged and pushed-upon Americans, is a decided win of the oval office and the senate this November. God is saying to this nation, "I'm giving you one last chance this November, do not squander it!"

  • nmleon

    Pure political theater. Legally no illegal can join the military. Foreigners can join from their own country, but not while in the country illegally.
    In any case, Rep Peter King will sue to stop this.

  • guest233

    There is good reason for immigration laws. They are to protect you and the American people. America has always been generous in allowing others from different countries to migrate here to the Usa. But there MUST be laws carried out.Our laws at one time forbade any with a contagious illness from coming into our country so as to protect Americans. With millions of south Americans sneaking into our country comes diseases once irradicated in America and these diseases are spreading to American citizens. Hospitals have gone bankrupt from illegal aliens flooding them without paying for their services. Its insane to allow all these people into our country without checks and balances in place The next pandemic most likey will come through our borders.In essence every mexican coming here illegally is stealing from the American ppl. and that is acceptable to this adminstration.

  • Mopar75

    I am about as despondent about the state of MY country as I have ever been before. I always knew this despot would make things tough in this country but I had no idea how bad he could make it. He really does hate us!!

  • Donna Mohler

    Did obama force amnesty for illegals on us because he's one himself???? Our elected officials have allowed someoneone no one knows ANYTHING about to be potus! We no longer have anyone we can trust!!! Fake S.S.#-Fake selective service card- EVERY THING ABOUT HIM IS FAKE!!!

  • Al Knight

    We need an "operation wetback" like President Eisenhower ran after the Korean war. Deported all the illegals, or they ran back south of the border, so returning US service men and women could find jobs in a tough economy.

  • Marion

    Why is anyone surprised at this latest act? This man is part of the Chicago Mafia political machine who will stop at nothing to ensure his win. I am so sick of the whole process because there is not one Republican with balls enough to challenge his actions. Makes me ashamed to call myself a Republican.

    • PMDavis

      All I can say is that all of the Republican families must have been threatened for them to just stand by and do nothing while Obama completely destroys this country right before our eyes.

  • Barb

    Where does Obama have the authority to make this kind of a decision????? Seems rather far-reaching !! He should have been impeached long ago.
    Obama was elected to serve our Great Country - he was not elected to be our dictator!!

    • Eugene Cassels

      Barb google executive order and you will see we have been under emergency conditions since Roosevelt .

  • Unclebob386

    Certainly what the nation needs...another 800,000 on the unemployment roles! What a political move to acquire one thing...votes! If we as Americans don't vote Obumma out of office, we are the fools!

  • cmjay

    Another incentive for more illegals to cross the border - reward the criminals. How about providing the much needed jobs for the YOUTH of this COUNTRY., This illegals are also receiving child credit and defrauding us of dollars we don't have. Mexicans should not forget that Obama set up FAST and FURIOUS and is responsible for mass slaughter of their fellow Mexicans.

  • AJP

    I guess if you think you are a KING you are above the LAW COMMUNIST MUSLIN, MOBSTER,fREE lOADING. GOON'S, AD judges ALL SHOULD BE IN JAI, AND ALL THERE COMRDE'S

  • DocBlake

    Actually not: The next step in stealing the election is to disenfranchise American citizens of color in Florida, an act committed by a Florida Governor who belongs in jail, not the State House.

  • JacktheFAC

    Is there anything legal about this demon-crat party and Obama? The answer is obvious. Is congress is ever going to do anything, besides just sit back and suck their thumbs? The answer to that is also obvious. I fear this problem with this country will never be corrected at the ballot box.

  • Susan Daniels

    How ironic that he is concerned with the future of 800,000 illegals when he approved "Fast & Furious," which has now been responsible for the death of hundreds of Mexicans. Which way is it, Barack?

  • freedomforall

    It's the right thing to do -- fire Obama and fire Napilitano. Both are two of the worst leaders (if you can call them that) this country has ever had. This is amnesty. Stop lying to the American people. This administration is corrupt. Where is Congress? They should have an emergency session to strike down this edict from his highness obuma.

  • Robert Cosenza

    to ovomit and homeland securitywe the people who are the real government,demand you do the job you were voted in office by we the people to do,it is a slap once again in the face of the legal tax paying american citizens,god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,and chuck norris,and all american veterans/ nation under god

  • whoprazman

    True American Patriots in the Military won't follow orders given by a Traitor !!!

  • Doodlebug

    You know, this is just one more of our freedoms taken away from us. Where is the voice of the American people? This arrogant, donkey (and I can talk plainer than that), has once again gone around Congress, the voice of the American people, and done what HE WANTS AND TO H E DOUBLLE HOCKEY STICKS WiTH WHAT WE WANT. I believe that he and donkey face reid have set up a deal and that deal is that harry donkey face won't allow anything that comes to the Senate be voted on and then this arrogant dummmicrat donkey just uses his sole power to make laws on his own and to H with what we think and to H with what we want. He also had to have had a deal with puslosi to get things through the House that he wanted like obummercare. I've had enough how about the rest of you? How many things has he gotten through with his executive power and the H with the other two branches and the American people. Get him out of there before we're beyond a point of return!

  • Rick

    This is Chicago thugery at its worst. Obama needs to go.
    If he is re-elected this country is doomed.

  • Ken

    Obama and his administration is the MOST CORRUPT administration that we have ever seen in office. This makes Nixon's "WATERGATE" look like normal business as usual.



  • Raymond1

    Your First 6 Days in Hell

    Most vacations include an itinerary. You have an idea what you will see and do before you arrive at your destination. The Bible has enough information to project an itinerary for those whose destination is hell. Let's look at the first 6 days...

    The trip originates at the gate of death. Since departures are made daily, you are called upon to begin your trip on short notice. Since the journey is only one way, there is no need to concern yourself with return plans. Your initial point of departure may prove more than a little frightening as you suddenly realize the finality of your destination. The trip itself will leave you with little time to contemplate what awaits. As you pass through the doorway of death, you will notice almost immediately that your direction is taking you away from the light toward what appears to be complete and utter darkness. With each passing moment the darkness becomes more intense. At first the absence of light is only annoying, but you feel it becoming more ominous and threatening. The intensity of the darkness is matched only by the absence of any joyful sounds —no music, no laughter, no sounds of merriment. As you move farther, faint sounds of moaning and wailing become detectable. They seem to be coming through the darkness from every direction. You become aware of a faint light. It flickers like a flame, yet thick clouds of black smoke dance all around it, keeping the flame from casting off any real hope of light. Suddenly you find yourself obsessed to know what day and hour it is. Already it feels like you've been here for an eternity...and it's only Day 1.

    The continuing darkness is stifling. It's as if something is lurking in the veil of night that surrounds you. You yell, you threaten, you even plead, but to no avail. Whatever it is just stays there, producing fear like you've never known before. As your eyes struggle to adjust to the dark, you become aware of a new sensation. The heat. It's right at the edge of unbearable. Hot, searing, intolerable heat. You crave water. You'd give anything for a drink, and you try unsuccessfully to push that desire out of your mind. The air is thick, choking, miserable...and it's just Day 2.

    At least you think it's day 3. It seems as if it has already been forever. You've not been able to sleep. You still can't believe you're here. Where are the friends you thought you would see? The knowledge that they would be here too had brought you some comfort in your lifetime. Where is the fun you thought you would have? It isn't at all like what you were led to believe. You stumble upon a group of others. You pour out a litany of questions. As they open their mouths, no words come out...only the sounds of weeping and wailing. Some in the group don't even try to respond. They gnash their teeth, as if in some invisible pain. You wonder when this nightmare will end. You wonder why somebody can't make it stop...and it's only Day 3.


How you wish you could send a message to those you left behind. You'd warn them about this place. You'd tell them what it's really like, so they'd never come. The thought of your loved ones coming to a place like this is unbearable. You can't help but think back upon that day when you made your decision to come here. You understood that your rejection of Jesus meant that you would spend eternity in hell, but it didn't seem real or important then. Looking back, you think how foolish you were to reject God's offer of salvation. You wish you could choose again. You find yourself hoping that your loved ones will choose differently, even though you realize such a choice means you'll never see them again...never touch them...never speak to them. What a horrible realization...and it's only Day 4.


You've become acutely aware of the absence of any good in this place. There's nothing sacred, nothing holy, nothing of God anywhere to be found. You're amazed at how evil evil can be. For the first time since your arrival, you begin to sense the great gulf that is fixed between where you are and where God is. The span is beyond your comprehension as you try to realize the degree of distance that will separate you from God and those who chose to serve Him. God is on the other side of that gulf. Loved ones in Christ are on the other side of that gulf. What a lonely realization... and it's only Day 5.


Through the darkness you saw a new face today. A new arrival. He stopped to speak with you. You could see the terror in his eyes. He asked questions that you had been asking only days before. You opened your mouth to reply, but all that would come out was the sound of weeping and wailing.


You've just spent your first 6 days in hell. Unfortunately, an unholy, unhappy eternity stretches out before you...and all because you rejected Jesus. If only.... But wait! The fact you're reading this says you still have a chance! In His mercy, God is giving you an opportunity right now to change your eternal itinerary. "Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved" (Acts 2:21). Oh, friend, do it now...before it's too late.

  • Carol

    I knew this was going to happen because he would do anything to steal this election and he proves it everyday and there seems there is nothing we can do but standby and watch sad but so true.

  • djstorrie

    The more my elected officials allow this to go on, the more I believe they are all in on the one world order. Think I'll go buy some more lead today.

  • Sincerity

    Start calling congress, and don't doesn't matter them all. Don't stop! Overload the lines!

    If Bo-Bo's back-up plan is to over-throw his own country in an act of martial law just to get re-elected, then he is no better than "President" Assad of Syria who is using "martial law" to rid himself of his own people...think about that one.

    We will need to push back before any mechanisms can be put in place...keep telling the truth...keep the focus on the corruption...let's catch these dishonest, sorry excuses who call themselves politicians; let the dedicated and loyal representatives of this country win out.

  • Leon Pollock

    Hard to imagine that these dirtbags , pondscum live in the same country that real Americans do.The liberals have promoted this problem and will suffer in the long run,thank God that I am not a Liberal or are associated with any of them...

  • Robert

    This should not be called the dream act is to be called the nightmare happening! It's dirty diaper head Obama as his way before the end of the year we will be in an all-out civil race war. The only question will be how many sides are there! Let's see if Hispanics don't like the blacks, everybody dislikes East Indians, blacks hate everybody and it would seem everyone expects working white America to support them.
    Then the Moslems hate everyone that doesn't have a diaper on her head .this is such a mess but even a civil war will be hard to organize.

  • steveni

    Will Obama deport them after they help him throw the election?

  • defender3

    All illegal immigrants should be immediately deported!

  • Lerojist

    We're experiencing a COUP D'etat. The enemy within is using multiculturalism among it's many strategies of destroy this Judeo/Christian nation.

    A nation is defined by a culture, heritage, language, and FAITH. This great nation was created/founded by the white European, rooted in the Judeo/Christian faith. Demonic forces are doing their best to destroy white Judeo/Christian nations.

    Satan is the god of this world, the god of confusion.. Satan wants no competition from people of faith.

    God warned there would be those that will want to steal from us....our infiltrated ungodly government is helping them.

    We can't take in the world....the world needs to help themselves, take personal responsibility...but, they're dependent on us, always will be it appears.

    STOP legal and illegal immigration from countries we have nothing in common.

    Any incoming legal immigrant should have a sponsor, learn our language, assimilate, respect our people, our laws, our culture, our FAITH.

    To Americans......KEEP your guns....don't ever let the government take your guns. Keep the faith, keep your strength through faith, family, and good health.

    God bless!

  • Billy the kid

    No one seeds to have mentioned these youth that B0 & Napolitano want to take care fo are up to and including 36 years old, just a bunch of kids needing our jobs.

  • Ron Mathis

    My question is, how are illegal aliens getting educated in the U.S., and how can an illegal alien join the military? This makes no sense.

  • Michael Hallett

    The problem that Obama will have with martial law is that I highly doubt that US troops will fire on US citizens.

  • pappap42

    All these Sunday blow offs will be on the Sunday shows telling us how tough they are, then on Monday they return to there spineless shells. We have do do something now.

  • Rebecca Wood

    He is NOT KING! But if he can get civil unrest going, he can suspend elections and become king. There is still 5 months to P.O. people enough to accomplish this. The trick is to stay calm and VOTE him out, not to react to his shenanigans.

  • Paul Broussard

    So whats next for BO sign a pact with russia and invade Poland?

  • NCBigmouth

    So, Big Sis created this "save my a**" gimmick? She would call a rabbit turd a Milk Dud!!

  • John Pierson Jr

    The portion of this that applies to those who have served in the US Military corrects what they were already promised and apparently didn't get. I am a retired Marine pilot and one of my additional duties was as a "Career Advisory Officer". I know from personal experience that one of the things promised, by recruiters and reenlistment advisors, to those who were not citizens, is they would be eligible for citizenship upon completion of their first enlistment and reenlistment or honorable discharge, whichever is applicable. Also, I feel that those who came here as little children of Illegal Immigrant parents should not have to pay for their parents crimes. This should have been corrected long ago and could have been if the US Congress would have gotten off their dead political butts. I am not an advocate of President Obama's socialistic power grabbing agenda but, in this case, regardless of the obvious politcal campaign advantages, I think he did what should have been done and needed to be done.

  • Wildmann

    Retired Fl. Correction Officer SEZ--Yeah we Really Need more Latin Kings, MS13. That's what most of 'em Are!! Not 1 In 1000 would consider the Armed Services! More Monkey Zebra Kenyan B/S! What this really is, is, Obama Grandfathering Himself Citizenship, 'cuz it wasn't HIS Fault, His Mammy took him to INDONESIA and Renounced his American Citizenship There, with Lolo Soetoro as his Step-Father/Sponsor for Indonesian Citizenship! It Also wasn't His Fault that he Never bothered to re-instate American Citizenship! [If He Ever Had It] Once Renounced, He was/is not Natural Born, as required, but, what's that to the Dem/Commies? They only split hairs when Republicans are involved. Watch 'em SCREAM, when Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Haley [Barber?]gov. of S.C. Tries to run for Pres., or Veep!!

  • Bob


  • Doug Hensley

    As an exercise of presidential authority, it looks like an overreach. Obama himself conceded, earlier, that he hasn't the authority. On the other hand, consider the merits of the "Dream" act. Certainly there are young people who came here as small children, learned our ways, obeyed our laws, studied and made themselves useful. If only we'd allow it. Where is the harm in adjusting the law to give them a path to citizenship, and access to employment while they're on that path? If they're not Americans on paper, they're nevertheless Americans for all other practical purposes. We don't need to worry about them assimilating, for instance. That's already a done deal. And by the construction of the proposed law, they're more law-abiding than average. Something along these lines ought to be passed.

  • jmsmaxwell

    Republicans are so afraid of upseting the voters prior to the election they are not speaking out and the
    media will not carry them when they do. But they do have access to their constutienst thru the internet
    and can still spread the word. First the GOP is afraid of that very fact. The only way it seems that the
    word gets out is thru the TEA party, Ron Paul and a few other voices around the nation such as Rush
    and other talk show host who are not afraid to speak.

  • Larry

    Your definition of stealing an election is that if Obama wins it has to have been stolen. Can any one of you admit that if Obama wins it is because he got the most legitimate votes?

    • blaineiac

      Legitimate? Only if you strip the voter rolls of illegal aliens, tourists, dead people and household pets! Voting is a privilege and NOT a RIGHT! If ONE CITIZEN=ONE VOTE and he gets re-elected, then I'll believe it.

  • SmokingReb

    To all of you who are demanding action right now, today, what would you like for the Congress to do?
    The House alone can do nothing. Reid is far more interested in regulating boxing right now than he is in passing a budget. Nothing that offends the Pres will be heard on the Senate floor. Why? Thank God for those Democrats who are standing with the Republician Senate Minority and preventing the passage of the Progressive agenda. That's why. Reid can't get the votes he needs. Instead of yelling, we should let them know we appreciate the fact that the House and enough of the Senate is holding the line until we get to November and make our voice heard. What can we do to help. Remind those who support the Pres. that in America the people are the ruling class, not elites, living in ivory towers. We need to remind them that small business and corporations who make a profit hire people, they are not money trees to be robbed on a regular basis. Tell them that we all support green energy, oil, goal and gas provide a lot of green and it's time to start growing it. Them that government jobs do not support the private economy, it is the other way around. Tell them that you can not wave a magic wand and produce a new industry, doesn't matter how many times you wave it. Tell them we are adults, able to choose the food we eat, capble of raising our children without their help, and we would appreciate if they treated citizens with the same concern and respect they show for non-citizens.

  • grayfox

    This is not right..This is the wrong thing to do. What happen to the congress, don't they have any guts

  • [email protected]

    I am a Republican, but not a lock step one. Republicans could have been the first on the table with a similar idea. I have compassion for those who have grown up here in the US and love the country and respect its laws, but were not here by their own doing. Parents of these children who are good neighbors and law abiding citizens otherwise need a path to legality. Mexicos process is long and expensive. But the sins of the parents whos children know no other way but this need help. Sorry Conservative voters, our reps should have seen this one in the rear view mirror.

  • catzpaw48

    Obama says this is the right thing to do. Since his whole life is one big fraud and a lie and since he is a chronic liar I don't think he has any standing telling anybody what is right or wrong.

  • Anne_PA

    Ray Dowdin: You do have a point.

    But there are ways Congressmen can be heard... even if it's being in
    constant contact with their constituents via weekly newsletter.

    Col West, for example, does that faithfully... every week. I signed up
    for Col West's newsletter because I can't get my Congressman to wake up
    and even acknowledge my emails and letters.

  • varnell

    Congress is irrelevant. We have a President who enacts laws by executive order, even after stating that he can because of the laws already in place. Question: If Obuma loses in November will he give up the position of "President"?

    • blaineiac

      It would not shock me if his failure to get a second term were to trigger "plan B", a "Crisis" requiring Martial Law, suspension of posse comitatus, dismissal of Congress, and ultimately confirmation as "Premier" of the USSA and the dictatorship of the proletariat! The CPUSA "Central Committee" (his unconstitutional "CZARS") is already to assume its duties, comrade! Keep your powder dry, its almost time to roll...

  • TJ

    All yo unemployed or underemployed AMERICANS; remember who did this!

  • dubravka12

    What did you think was going to happen with a thug from Chicago?

  • wisdomcries

    on a related note: the Pres is looking for ways to reward many other types of law breakers who accomplish wonderful tasks like putting on your own clothes and brushing your teeth. After all it's the right thing to do.

  • MichaelLawera

    Mr. cool is spreading himself thin and is one of his fall guys is going to go awol........he's dirty and he will hang himself......we can only hope it's b/4 nov

  • Bay0Wulf

    Well ...

    I don't like this.

    I will say ONE thing however, I have always thought that if someone wishes to become a Citizen of the US of A, they should be able to do so simply by enlisting in our Armed Services and Serving With Honor a 6 to 8 year enlistment. Upon being Honorably Discharged they should be given full Citizenship.

  • jenersea

    Exactly where the hell is Congress? Someone tell me what the difference is between the parties anymore? Neither side has the guts to initiate Operation Wet Back like Truman and Eisenhower did. No they want to go against the American People and grant amnesty to the illegals so they will vote for them. Wake up America the voted in representatives care nothing about what we want.

  • bowtonoone2

    It is my understanding that America crossed the line on the working class vs. the takers which means more goes out of the treasury than goes in. If that's truly the case, Obama will most likely be reelected - especially with his latest ploy with the illegals to more gain votes. With that said, it's just a matter of time before the whole of America collapses on itself. When that happens, WAR will be the word of the day in America. As for Congress, I believe John Adams is rolling over in his grave.

  • Drifter

    obozo has only 2 ways into the white house again. cheating voters or martial law.
    either way we are screwed.
    How to stop this--I am running out of ideas. Bigger calibers and more ammunition? Oh I forgot--Big sis has bought all the ammunition. Drat. Maybe we can move across the border and buy ammo from Erick Holder. Oh--of course we cannot get back in without a passport- drat!!! foiled again!

  • Grayp

    The thing to do is cut off funds to Homeland Security. Harry Reed can't do anything about that except cry alot

  • Donald Z

    One more reason to get rid of Obama and his comrades. Get out and vote in November..

  • Wildman

    This man isn't OUR president. He dis-honors the office of the president, with his lies, false promises, threating he Supreme Court, his energy policy, his environmental policicies, by passing congress all the time, his executive orders, many of which are not legal. and manny other issues. I honestly don't know who he is president for. He sure isn't for te working people, or American youth. Our youth used to get summer jobs to help pay college bills, our high school youth use to get summer jobs for school clohs, future education, and now there are very few of these jobs. Our youth use to get construction jobs right out of high school that were descent paying jobs to support themselves unil they figured out what they really wanted to do. Not any more. Now the illegals, and these 800,000 have them. This isn't hate speech. It is fact. I don't care who comes here, or what age, come legally. Obey our laws, speak english.
    This fake president believes evrything I detest.

  • Wildman

    I really have to wonder where the Republican leadership is. What they are doing about all the things that are against our constitution. Where in the H are they?

  • Cold hard facts

    Obama overstepping the law once again, Why hasn't congress taken some action? Is most of the members afraid of what Obama's thugs will do or possible they are just lazy. Time for someone to take care of Harry Reid, why is the Blue dog democrates not working with the GOP? America is going to end if one person such as Obama can keep dictating to congress and congress not doing their job. Americans time to stand up and make sure that Obama goes to prision for treason as he has and is still creating treason to the american constitution he gave and oath of alleigents to. Why if congress can't take care of the problem the rest of us desend on washington dc and help congress change their mind and take care of the problem

    • Mary

      If the election get's rigged you'll see your descent on Washington.

  • annie66

    Perpetual law-breaking by this tyrant but Congress and the courts have become deaf, dumb,and blind. It is past time that Barry was stopped dead in his tracks by those who are supposed to protect and defend the Constitution since he obviously lied when he took his oath of office. At the very same time that these thugs have place law-abiding, loyal American citizens on terrorist watch lists, Obama is now taking the side of foreign nationals involved in criminal activity in the United States against the citizens of this nation. He is a traitor and those elected officials who do no move to stop him are also traitors. The penalty for these people needs to be greater than nastygrams sent to email addresses; it is time to arrest these people and bring them to trial. Is there one honest, loyal American attorney who will do this?

  • dad666

    CONGRESS, Get this POS out of my white house and send him packing now. He has committed may impeachable offenses and you sit on your hands.
    IF IT TAKES UNTIL NOVEMBER YOU GO TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BippyBellito

    Congress can De Fund the White House, Janet Napolitiano's Wacky Criminals at DHS, Obama's Czars....there is a whole lot the Jouse can do to stop this Madman!

  • jonsie1533

    When our country is in economic crisis andunemployment is at an all time high, this is a disatrous proclamation made by Obama and his henchman...less someone call on me to respect the president, I can respect the office but I cannot in good conscience even tolerate the lengths this unconstitutional jerk has gone to try to gain another four years in which to enact his country destroying agenda... ABO in 2012! With another 800000 people now eleigible for jobs, what are legal citizens going to do for work...what part of illegal immigrants doesn't he understand...

  • Dave W

    I hope a judge steps up and stops this amnesty, which is solely to re-elect Obama.

  • cae973

    Just a thought but how can it prooved how old they were when they entered our country illegally. I mean its not like they have paperwork to support their claims, So lets see with all the unemployed american citizens and returning vets, many disabled, he wants to give whatever jobs are here to the illegals.
    I consider that treason! Along with that people lets be totally honest ..for every decent young hispanic who is here illegally there are 10 that are criminals, murderers, sex offenders and gang members. And lets look at the truth when these people Are deported, they just come right back across the border so being deported is no big thing to them. Along with that we are now being flooded with children who are crossing illegally without a parent, children as young as 5 yrs old which tells you several things...first they know they can use their kids to get in, second they know they can use their kids to steal our benefits and lastly, they are unfit parents because living in Az I can tell you no decent parent would leave their children in a desert.!!!

  • DAY8293A


  • usluv

    I believe Oblahma has really overstepped this time. There is already a law suit being prepared, for by passing congress. This "executive" crap has run its course. The man is sooooo desperate he's pulling out all the plugs and hopefully, even the dems will see the transparency. The big drop in gasoline will be coming up soon too. Thanks to BO screwing Saudi A. Then after elections it will soar to whatever. What a total bum he is.

  • Lawvan

    Our country is flat broke; we live on "borrowed " money; almost 50% of Americans receive some form of Government aid, mostly Medicaid and Food Stamps; it looks like this will be the 5th straight year of trillion dollar deficits; so, what else is new? Our POTUS is an ego maniac, who has spent millions of dollars, just to prevent the public from finding out who he really is. His plan all along has been to divide and conquer, create division, class warfare, "rich" v. "poor," and he's been very good at it. Our country is totally disconnected, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Rule of Law just aren't in style anymore. God help the United Staes of America, because we are apparently either unable or unwilling to help ourselves

  • ilenerichman

    The US has a dictator, not a president. It is up to Congress to pass legislation on immigration. The President has performed an illegal act and should be impeached for overtaking the legislative branch. That is the reason we have 3 branches of govt-called checks and balances. The "so called illegal president" cannot take away the legislative powers of the Congress which, so far, has not passed the "Dream Act". Once again, he has overiden a branch of govt. This is getting to be like the dictators of the Middle East. Immediately, a lawsuit should be instituted against the Executive Branch for overiding the Legislative Branch whose obligation is to determine immigration.

  • DrBillLemoine

    I guess there are marginal workers, deluded voters, conspiracy theorists, undereducated, detached Americans who believe this trash. Nothing illegal has been done, though this piece strongly suggests it has. Compassionate treatment of innocent youngsters brought here by their parents, setting legitimate priorities for scarce enforcement resources, painting congress doing nothing about illegal immigration as the good guys, etc., are all fear and smear tactics the scared right wing uses to whip up their cadres of un-American, pseudo-patriotic, constitution-ignoring, politically naive backers. While there may be lots of home schooled, propaganda eating, social outcast, underground economy lackeys that believe this stuff, the good guys will win in the end.

  • Dan Baker

    This is nothing but backdoor amnesty and full frontal pandering.

  • goku vegeta


  • ropati

    Sleaze in the White House

  • Esther Genn

    I think every state should have thier veterans and national guard do the service of guarding the poles and doing the counting. Yes, even verifying the voters and cleaning up the roles. They are sworn to protect the constitution and care about it much more than the present person (of questionable validity) who is in the presedents' office.

  • Kenneth Glenn Koons

    This is a Const. quandary. The Congress , as Charles Krauth. opines , has had no say in this legalization. One wonders just how many un-Const. agendas Bama and the Dem Senate has. This pandering might work in Nov. or could backfire if voters from all areas decide that Bama is putting the fix in just to win the SW states. When you put this scandal along with Solyndra, Fast, Leaks and other chancey items the DOJ and EPA and DOD have put together for the Obama presidency and not for the American people, one could say, illegality is their modus operendus.

  • [email protected]

    Reid held his seat by "reaching out to the hispanic community"-his words...the fact that the votes for him were well in excess of 100% of the registered electorate leave little doubt as to which part of the community he reached out to-this was clear then AND YOU DID NOTHING....YOU ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN...are you really that slow...of course this is their plan,augmented by usefull idiots who oversee our electorial process and won't stop this...People;it's a misdomeaner to enter without inspection(the crime all illeagles commit)...but it is a FELONY for a non citizen to vote in our elections....and the greasy
    political operatives that are buisy RIGHT NOW signing up the illeagles to vote are infact guilty of conspiracy to commit a felonious theft of our election...the process we say we hold dear.There was a reason president Obama refused to answer that reporter's question yesterday.I think his actions were clearly in deferance to the will of the people-not only are our living standards slipping-just whom do you suppose those gifted young illeagles will be taking jobs from...don't think too long-how about your own sons and daughters,now living with you (with their expencive but useless college diplomas)-who already can't find a job.Right now we have a chance to rise up and demand a fair and leagle election-but it won't be "comfortable"-you the citizen must rise up and demand picture ID at the polls(sorry Justice Bros)-and no motor voter registration-not this time.THEN YOU MUST MONITER THE ELECTION-so sorry jimmy-Robert 1001%Marine

    • Mary

      The unions rigged the machines for Reid and he also gave out a bag of groceries for whomever came out to vote for him.

  • Frances Maddox

    I pray that we Americans wake up...this President (I search for words to describe him) will stop at nothing to completely take away our legitimate right to vote FAIR AND SQUARE. iSN'T THIS THE WAY DICTATORSHIPS HAVE BEEN FORMED ALL OVER THE WORLD! Look to Syria and what is happening now...dictators do not work for the people any more than Socialism.

  • Karol Hancock

    If the people try to make a real case out of this and things got heated, Obama would just declare Martial Law, postpone the election, which would allow him to stay in office until such time that he chooses. He has every base covered to make sure our hands and Congress hands are tied. The only thing Congress could do is declare his actions unconstitutional and start impeachment proceedings against him. That will not happen as long as Reid and the liberals are in charge. I do not expect him to take the chance of being voted out, he will do something before the election to assure he gets a 2nd term or longer. He likes the power and control he has. He is even in control of the military and would not hesitate to turn them on us, if he felt threatened. When he was voted into office, a demon was released on America and we may not have seen the worst yet. I pray I am wrong and that God will step in and put a stop to this nightmare.

  • joe

    What about us, he is a waste. If they get jobs they won't pay taxes anyway, which means he wants the votes so he can stay on vacation another 4 years.

  • AnyD

    Nothing to see here folks. Keep moving along. No collusion or anything like that, we would never do that.
    Makes it pretty clear why Holder stopped Florida from removing all the dead and illegals from the rolls.
    WE need a total overhaul. I am not sure Romney has the spine to stop all or even some of the mass of unconstitutional stuff this administration has put through. But for now, he is our only hope. WE will have to be diligent in keeping him on task to get anything done.

  • greenbriar

    He's a commie traitor!

  • recon marine

    well anne_pa they are where they usually are ,,,sitting on thier hands

  • librtyship

    The one dream I would most like to see come true is a complete rout of the Democrats in November because that is the only way we are going to avert the nightmare of destruction that would accompany a 2nd Obama term!!!

    • Mary

      Should the election be rigged both houses of Congress will be likewise. This election may turn out to be a complete smokescreen for a bigger grand scheme.

  • nettleman

    It is just a matter of time before Obama's illegal actions include release of prisoners to monitor the November voter polls to insure it runs according to plan. Congress is spineless and need to be replaced. The actions of our President are intentional with the plan to destroy America and punish Americans for perceived wrong doings for the past 300 hundred years.

  • ARMYOF69

    Just admit it folk, WE THE PEOPLE , have no representatives any longer. Only the politicians , the unions,the the gays, the super super rich, and the atheists are listened to .
    Torches and pitchforks time.

  • Patricia Sickle

    Does anyone know how we ban together and insist on impeachment proceedings. Because I can tell you all right now, that Obama and all his henchman have broken every rule in the book. Short of taking the law into our own hands, I think Impeachment is the only way to solve this crisis.

  • samtman

    Does it realy make sense to deport a 16 year old kid who has grown up in America since this child has been here since 3 or 5 years of age. This child is as amrican as any other child born here. Deporting thlis child to a land where he or she would be a total straner, in many cases not speak the language. Manyl children of illigal immigrants have served and died in Amricas wars. Many of the older children are going to college and they will graduate the skills needet in America. I think that President Obama is doing the right compassioned Christian thing by giving them a chance and a path towrds citilzenship.

    • mrzmac

      until our borders are CLOSED all this "law" does is encourage more illegal immigration into this country! "Compassion Christian thing to do" is for the Church, our government is required to follow the law. If I needed a new kidney would it be the compassionate Christian thing for the government to require someone give me one or would the government be required to make sure that I do not just take one from someone else? And in case you have not heard, a lot of college graduates are unable to find a job in the current economy.
      It is a terrible situation that the PARENTS of these children put them in, the citizens of America did not cause this problem for these children. I do not want to see them deported when they have been here their whole life but I also do not want to see our country give the okay for more illegal immigration, which is what is going to happen now. CLOSE THE BORDERS then we can talk about what to do with those already here, not before!

  • Mort Leith

    So the moron who THINKS he's KING instead of POTUS,, is once AGAIN CHOOSING which of our laws he wants to enforce and which he wants to ignore ! ! !

    What a Communist wannabe !

    Why do our GOP representatives not call for his Impeachment IMMEDIATELY ? ? ?

  • Val

    I just received this through my Tea Party. Watch the video, ALL the way through, it is what all Americans need to know.–-hidden-even-congressmen-who-oversee-?utm_source=feedburner&utm_m

  • William M

    What I find amazing and I've yet to see discuss is the following:... If they were brought in the US prior to turning 16, they are able to secure two year, renewable work permits.. Lets see.. we can't call them illegal immigrants, we are told we need to use the term "undocumented workers"... so what documentation are we to review?.. Their fathers arrest papers?... How the heck are they going to prove they entered while under the age of 16 with no documents?

  • giley1

    Obama, Napolitano and Holder are experts at spinning the thruth. Anyone who buys into their rhetoric is so far into being indoctrinated that simply there is no hope. We have been sold down the river of lies and deception. We have federal laws that simply need to be enforced as they were intended. We're the only country on the face of earth that ignore our immigration laws. Mexico has the most Draconian immigration laws and they are enforced by the Federales. As tax payers we have not duty to support millions of indigent people who are here illegally from Mexico or anyother country.

  • David

    The Liberals need to get it into their pinheads that the guns will be coming out if they steal the Election. Most of America , I believe, chooses to let Democracy work. Liberals are sitting on a powder-keg of angry Americans. As has happened in our past history,, Arms are very likely to be taken-up by Americans, against Americans. With all of the problems facing This Country; We certainly don`t need this ! Innocent people will undoubtedly get killed. God Bless `Some Of ` America.

    • Mary

      I am of the opinion after the election we may see some violence. Especially if the election get's rigged. But I hope not and we should pray for the best.

  • frank

    We are in trouble. All the ones who voted for this radical person should be the loudest. Economy is so bad for our citizens and he starys this unlawful Law. The number 800,000 is a joke. The count is millions. November, please hurry and come.

    • Mary

      Of course it's in the millions. You don't think he's going to deport these parents with leaving their kids behind do you?

  • z328

    we need Sheriff Joe to do the final vote count in all the swing States.

  • John

    There is much more at stake here than a few illegals coming across our borders. Our culture, language, and geographical boundaries lie in the balance.
    Excelsior, the national newspaper of Mexico, "The American
    Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without
    firing a single shot."

    • Mary

      We will become second class citizens with illegals having first pick at jobs, health care, and screwing our American born kids out of university picks. Besides that you American folks will be paying the taxes to support them fueling your own demise and stripping your descendants of their birthright to be an English speaking nation.

  • aurora9

    "an exercise of discretion." (-Napolitano)

    Another lame excuse from the so-called DHS. Hey, maybe we can also use that same excuse not to pay our taxes!

  • brchoate

    DHS and obama can refuse to deport them, but if American business owners refuse to hire them, or support this take over of America then they will have to either leave or become a criminal. And believe me, should one of these illegals attempt to harm me, I am ready to stand my ground.

  • Marc J

    Illegal amnesty is "an exercise of discretion"; war on Islamist terrorists is "an overseas contingency operation"; mass murder of our soldiers in Fort Hood by an Islamist terrorist is "a workplace violence". And the North Korean communist mass murdering regime is "The People's Democratic Republic".

  • noelle2011

    "“It is not immunity, it is not amnesty." HELL YES IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DDR

    I come from a long line of military families, including myself, my husband ans niece. We did not serve this country to have the Constitution trampled, our country being turned into shambles, and seemingly everything O cannot get done legally through the proper process of working with the legislative branch of our governmentis to simply issue fiats.
    Is it November 6, 2012 yet? God bless America. May He bless us with getting our country back on the proscribed tract our Foundiners and Framers intended.

  • sct581

    Napolitano, “It is not immunity, it is not amnesty. It is an exercise of discretion, no its a violation of federal law and the constitution

  • Marj0120

    In many states all you need to vote is a Social Security Card. Once they have their work permits they can get their SS cards and a driver's license, So they can become a voter without being a citizen since most states allow you to register to vote at the DMV.
    Does this obam know what he's doing or not? Transparency at last.

  • Charlie

    Key words "Illegal immigrant". Illegal is another word for against the law. That said illegal immigrants are breaking the law of our land the U.S.A. knowingly and still doing so.
    Now we have a group of our federal employees that have sworn to up hold our constitution wanting to break our laws. Janet Napolitano DHS and all in power above her have been intrusted to up hold our laws. Now they want to say "OK to 800,000 illegal immigrants" this is out and out breaking the law.
    Thought that Richard Nixon proved that no body in our country was above the law and / or laws.

  • Philip Lockerman

    It's apparent....we have no legislative and judicial branches of OUR government anymore ! OUR country is being ran by Executive Order, dictated and coerced by the United Nations !

  • Viking

    Regarding Hope and Change; Do only American blacks contract sickle-cell anaemia or can all Africans develop it?
    Just asking.

  • DoctorBob

    OK, by my calculations, they ALL are ineligible for amnesty under this program! What - invading a country is no longer illegal??? Wonder how far I'd get with that argument in any other country in the world, INCLUDING MEXICO?

  • CaptTurbo

    States need to all kick in and start arresting the illegal thrash in defiance of usurper Okenyan. They need to purge their voter lists of illegal voters too just as Florida is doing. The states do have the power as per the intention of our Constitution.

  • Kennade Nade

    Paul Revere said it best, "The Bureaucratics are coming,
    The Bureaucratics are coming!! To ARMS!!". Time to stop this madness NOW folks. Lock N' Load?

  • Veteranasm

    barack INSANE obammy MUMMM MUMMM MUMMM, a piece of human waste !!

  • WVF

    These thugs and creeps are going to pull out ALL stops to not end up in a LANDSLIDE DEFEAT, but no matter how much they steal, the GOP is going to win more seats in the House, take back the Senate, and the PRESIDENCY! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Stick a fork in them, they are ALL done!

  • jong

    Obama is now again committing treason. He is going directly against law that has been passed by congress. Of course the Senate will not even discuss this. I feel it will be getting worse before getting better.



  • STEVEACK2004

    the mainstream media is deliberately failing the american public! they are all guilty of treason.

  • mrzmac

    from what I understand this "law" will allow the children brought to this country before the age of sixteen, with no criminal record who attend and/or graduated high school and/or served in the military, to obtain a work visa and remain here without fear of deportation; my questions are:

    1. What about the parents who did knowingly break the law - when the work visa is handed out will the bus be waiting to load and deport the parent or will officers be available for immediate arrest?

    2. How does someone join our military without appropriate identification such as social security number, drivers' license, birth certificate, etc or do we just sign up anyone who walks in no questions asked? And if they produce a fraudulent social security number, wouldn't that be a felony or at least a misdemeanor of some sort?

    3. If I rob a bank and deposit the money into my child's account, who has no clue where that money came from, will they be allowed to keep it if I am caught? Or if I steal a car and give it to my child...who graduated with a 4.0 GPA and is now serving in our military...what is the difference? If I scam an insurance company for a million dollar life insurance policy and give the money to my adult child, who now depends on that money to pay their rent, utilities, food, healthcare cost and school tuition...will they be allowed to keep it since taking it away will have a drastic affect on their lifestyle and may even cause them to become homeless....what is the difference?



  • sandman

    republicans can't win, if congress were to stand up to obummer and stop this or even just enforv=ced the laws we allready have, obummer and his minions will just say" it's the republican control in cogress that is doing this " and get this racists? maybee? you know they have been known to use that excuse before right? so no matter what they do at this point they can't win to loose, I will hand it to obummer he is one slick POS thats for sure, he can even think about doing something illeagal and come out ahead with it! this POS had to go no matter how! November -January can't come soon enough! there is one thing that Mitt could do, and that is pick a hispanic VP running mate, THAT will help beat obummer at his own game, he could also come up with his own version, with the help (he does need it leagaly) with congress anyway. What obummer is tring to do is illeagal!



  • JohnD

    How does the President make law and circumvent Congress??
    What the hell has happened in DC?
    This is the man we want to be our President? NOT ME!!

  • Oregondriver

    This act by the imposter still doesn't change the fact that these 800,000 young people are still ILLEGAL, and ILLEGAL immigrants are still NOT eligible to vote, which must be handled by each state during the registration process - without any interference from the justice (?!!) department. Each applicant should (!!) have to prove his/her citizenship before being allowed to vote, and whatever documentation they get from this process will still leave them ineligible to vote - only to avoid deportation and try for employment.



  • DocFreeman

    Reasons why Obama wants this amnesty

    1. He does not care about the 15.9 Million American
    Citizens out of work.

    2. He wanted his Dream Act and Congress would not pass it
    so he will implement it by his department of Homeland Security.

    3. He has Holder making sure no States pass stricter ID
    laws so that it would impossible for voter fraud to occur.

    4. He has not destroy America completely yet and need the
    next four year to complete his plan.

    5. He thinks he knows what is best for everyone and the
    king must do what he thinks best.

    6. He wants to show
    the world that he can rule America even though he has not declared that he is
    king or dictator.

    7. He thinks that
    other countries will listen to him and what he wants if he can rule America.

    8. It was his
    father’s wish to bring down Great Britain for taking over Kenya so now Obama
    wants to take down America which would be even better since he will be given
    credit for such a great feat.

  • Snatchsquach

    Ok it's time for all of us to start flooding our congressional and senatorial representatives with letters, faxes, emails, and phone calls. If all of us take 10 minutes, two of those minutes to look up our representative, four minutes to draft a brief succinct letter to your representatives and then one minute to email it to your governor, both Senators, your congressional representative and then your local district representative. Then copy your letter into a word document and print out an individual copy addressed to each recipient. At the same time copy the address and go up to “tool” at the top of the word page open “letters and mailings” and click on “Envelopes and Labels” and paste into the address window and print. Then another minute to fax to each of them and lastly take the letters you just faxed and mail them via snail mail in the envelopes you just printed off with each recipients address. Also as you address each envelope copy the address and create a new word document with all the addresses, emails, and phone numbers so in the future you don't have to look up anything. Also make a paper file and when you're printing off the envelopes print off some extra's so that you're already to go for the next round of letters. The secret everybody is to make it so easy and simple to contact your legal representative that you don't hesitate at the drop of a hat! So take just a few minutes and organize your PRS, ("Political Response System"). Then just add names and affiliates as needed, good luck and remember, freedom can't be taken from a free people, they have to give it up! Scott

  • ralph

    you're right Anna. Congress is sitting on their hands and doing nothing. Look at how Issa caved to the liar Holder. Unbelievable. We need representives with some ba!!s. Not these pansies we have.

  • Lois MacLaren

    Plus, of course, the White House political strategists are running pro-Obama advertisements in Spanish all over the Internet! Whenever I check out such Internet pages as The Denver Post, Go Comics, Arca Max, Soap Zone or She Knows - along side the preferred content which I surfed in to check out - there are now tons of pro-Obama advertisements - in Spanish!

  • Earl P. Holt III

    If the cowardly Republican "establishment" let him get away with this, he'll start making "instant citizens" of older ones, as well.

    They're already lining up at the border, six deep...

  • SeaShel

    These are people who have taken the oath of office to support the Constitution of the United States of America, and yet they are flagrantly dismissing the oath, following an illegal president, assuming power not relegated to their position and stabbing the legal American in the back repeatedly. Since Obama has turned his back on the oath of office why is the military not doing the same and defending this country from within, from Washington bureaucrats.

  • Marj0120

    Go to congress dot org (since disgus doesn't allow posting website addy's), and you can send emails to all of your state congress people. Demand they take action up to and including the filing of the articles of impeachment, because if we do not who else will.

  • del

    O puke....get this jerk out of our white house now! We must put him in jail awaiting trial for fraud and treason

  • AJP

    This site is a pile of Crap when your sorry site don't want to hear the truth and post it,

  • Traphill25

    That will all be reversed after the January swearing in of Mitt!! The communists are out to take over our Country and destroy our freedom!! Lock and Load!! Ther revolution is coming by Christmas!! Take no prisoners!! Illegals first warning to GET OUT!!!

  • evermyrtle

    these are his voters that he is legalizing and he is stupid enough to think that we don't know it. Another thing he doesn't know he will be president, again only if GOD allow it and HE may do it to allow him enough rope to hang himself but I think He already has enough

  • pkeyrich

    Illegal children only come from illegal parents, and since liberals won't deport the children, their parents stay for free as well. Isn't that special.

  • ace

    The Democrats have had 2/3rds of power in Washington so you can take your Conplaints to those hoods what the hell can you do holding only 1/3rd you got it not a damd thing and that is what is happehing now .

  • Bustinlosse

    Impeachment is not out of the realm of possibility. There are many Dems in the Senate that want to keep their jobs and would play ball if they thought it would save their seat. Besides Obama is not supporting any reelection campaigns but his own. Revenge can taste so sweet.

  • Joe Lettieri

    Some more curruption from Obama and his liberal criminals

  • billy2

    I am so pissed off, I don't dare write what I'm thinking and I have said some pretty nasty stuff, but I cannot now, I WOULD BE ARRESTED, I despise this pos more than any person, I have ever known in my entire life.

  • luci

    cant anyone stop this junk...

  • shtwv_lstnr

    1. Listen to TruNews with Rick Wiles.
    Listen to The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    Don't vote for ANY evil (greater or lesser).

  • Faye Shamblin

    We have so many dumb liars and thiefs in the WH even this old lady who thinks she knows more than anyone I would not give her the time of day with what she has not done to keep us safe from all these dope addicts that are coming to America you call her home land security thats a laugh she can't keep her own self secure due to her lies and helping Obama keep more illegals to take our young people jobs they are a bunch of trash that needs to be put out of America bur first tried for treason and fraud

  • Irishseamoss

    And why is Congress just standing back and allowing this Guy to just walk all over the constitution. They are gutless wonders..that's why. Congress makes the Laws, The President is supposed to implement the laws that Congress passes. That is why there are 3 branches of our government. Right now only one is doing anything and it is not good and it is Obama who is doing what he darn well pleases.

  • Blair

    The American people are onto this. It's not going to happen. This is the desperate act of a desperate man the voters are going to see right through it.

  • Darrell B

    Get their names, addresses, and the names and addresses of ALL their relatives in the US; and the name and address of their 'coyote' too........then we'll round 'em up after Romney is inaugrated. Any one who can't see this for what it is, is hopelessly ignorant.........

  • Ron

    if the black panthers come out swinging in my poling place some one will get hit with the vomit when my cousin's Smith and Wessen throw up . They go along as my body guards to protect me .

  • SDanio

    Well if the DHS can stock up so can every law abiding, America loving, Constitutional Abiding, American citizen, and I did say "CITIZEN," without giving any direct reason for doing so. I mean they must be worried about an invasion or something and don't want to scare us, So best we prepare ourselves, just in case!!! Concerned Legal Citizen with all the Legal Documentation!

  • fedup


  • Tom Tom

    Clearly an impeachable offense! Wonder if anyone has the
    to bring impeachment proceedings?

  • castnet55

    What saddens me is the way the constitution is being butchered by this administration. Things are liable to come to a head soon over this kind of stuff. Martial Law won't be declared but it might get close to it.

  • Toni

    It's the same old story, they have their heads where the sun don't shine. There are so many signs and no one is doing anything about them. We have some one in the WH that we know nothing about and all he wants is to destroy our country. Why can't we do anything about it? What Nixon did was nothing compared to what this liar is doing and no one seems to care especially the media. According to them and the hollywood people he's doing great. Can't they see what he's already done or don't they just don't care? God Bless America

  • Bruce M

    So what the hell are our "spineless" Republican politicians in DC going to actually do about Chairman Odummer??? We are fast approaching a 3rd world dictatorship - and we the natives are getting mighty restless!! Who is going to PROTECT the integrity of the "vote-counting" around the Nation on 06 November??

  • barto

    Is it ILLEGAL to speed, is it ILLEGAL to drink and drive, is it ILLEGAL to rob someone, is it ILLEGAL to assault someone, is it ILLEGAL to threaten someone, is it ILLEGAL to jaywalk, is it ILLEGAL to urinate in public, is it ILLEGAL to commit purjery ( i guess not on this one Clinton got by with it)........WHY IN THE HELL WOULD THESE INFRACTIONS BY LEGAL CITIZENS BE PENALIZED WHEN A PERSON (ANY PERSON) WHO IS HERE ILLEGALLY IS NOT PROPERLY DEALT WITH BY THIS ADMINISTRATION??????????????????

  • Bruce M

    Someone or group on-our-side (Anti Odummer) has to organize a massive revolt against ALL this nonsense... All elected officials do is continually talk, talk and talk some more about how dire things are becoming!! Talk is cheap - as we now require massive action, to energize the millions of middle-class citizens who are so frustrated with this "buffoon" and his Chicago style dictatorship from winning another term!! We cannot stand 4 more years of this nonsense!!

  • gunner48

    fat chance of the Illegals joining the Military. A INS 1-151 is needed an Alien registration Card. Or "GREEN CARD!" Check the priisons especially California.....There all there !

  • Angry American

    What I think need to be done is we elect our own representatives that are not politicians & unpaid to go & speak for all of us. A million voices speak much louder than just one so maybe one leader for every 10 million would be better, more wishful thinking

  • Coloplowboy

    Phase I : Now Barry makes sure the ILLEGALS get to stay and vote.
    Phase II : They get to count the votes.
    Good move Barry ! !

  • Worriedin CT

    This is so blatantly a violation of the Oath of Office of American elected Officials and military et al to Uphold the Constitution that it is breathtaking.
    How can we allow a President act to ignore the laws of this country and call it a "POLICY INITIATIVE".
    Unfortunately this is not the first time Obama has decided not to enforce a Law. He has said previously his administration believes the "Defense of Marriage Law" is not to be enforced or defended because he believes it is unconstitutional. He also said the Supreme Court should not overturn his Obamacare law because it was "lawfully passed" AND HE SAYS it is Constitutionally ok. Yet, He ordered military action in Lybia without Congress involved to authorize in any way and he has used his "Executive Orders" to get what he can not convince the legislative body to pass as law more often than is reasonable.
    He has acted beyond his powers even to the poiint of making a recess appointment by deciding that the Legislators are at recess when they are specifically acting to follow procedures that have always prevented the declaration of a recess. He as President said they were in "recess". Interesting! He was even usurping the power of the legislature to rule itself and allowed to do it..
    Obama demonstrates regularly that he disregards the Constitution at will. He supposedly was a faculty person of some sort ( his history is not clear on what his position was in fact) with responsibility to teach Constitutional Law. Therefore we shouldn't believe he doesn't understand that His administration is acting contrary to the intentions of that document's intentions for the Powers of the Presidency as one of the Three co-equal branches of our Government.
    More foreboding are the actions he has set in motion with "Executive Orders" establishing controlling powers over vast aspects of society centered in the Cabinet departments of the Executive Branch to be initiated upon declaration of an emergency by the EXECUTIVE BRANCH! SCARY isn't it! Obviously he doeasn't see ca need for Congress or anyone else to assist in "Controlling society" in what he will decides is and emergency.
    I worry he might think the likely loss of an upcoming election might trigger actions that can be considered an "EMERGENCY" AND HE WANTS TO BE IN CONTROL.

  • Rose Crittenden
  • Rose Crittenden

    Rosa - The problem is that Obama won't let Harry Reid bring any of the passed bills by the house up for a vote because he needs to run as a "do nothing Congress" because he has nothing else to run on. It is horrendously wrong since there are over 30 bills passed by the House just sitting there. He has the mainline media, George Soros, the Unions, and all the other corrupt organizations he has belonged to. Not to forget occupy wall street protesters, which is all phony and supported and paid for by Soros. The only thing in Obama's life that matters is politics - it's all about politics, and he will stop at nothing. To say that he is corrupt is an understatement. He is nothing more than George Soros's Puppet!!!!

  • MT Hammer

    We need on election day in every state representatives of the voting public not government people watching everone that goes in to vote making sure they all have ID . If they dont we need to record them on phone video or IPADS to make sure who these people are and if they are just being paid to vote. If we see they are breaking the law we need to inform FOX NEWS so they can put it all over the TV . We need to catch all these assholes plus go to NC Charlotte and challenge this Comunistic, Socialistic Marxist who isnt even eligable to be president.

  • MontieR

    What is the date for the America march on Washington DC. I am coming to the believe that this will be THE only way to restore America and our constitution. The criminals there have ceded their right to call themselves Americans with VERY few exceptions. My own senator Mc pain is a disgrace to AZ. It is high time we revoke the power Washington has usurped from the states and the American people.
    I propose this ALL executive orders rescinded IMMEDIATELY until they can be constitutionally vetted by 100 people (NO LAWYERS OR ANY ONE HOLDING A GOVERNMENT POSITION ALLOWED) 2 per state chosen by lottery from each state their term of service would be 6 months pay would be twice minimum wage only united states citizens with long form b/certs and a state issued photo ID can be chosen. Give congress 6 days to enact a budget or they are ALL fired without severance or retirement. Give president Obama 5 days to produce ALL documents pertaining to his birth and schooling, if he does not arrest him for fraud and treason. Mr Holder is complicit in the murder of an American law enforcement officer. Arrest and indict immediately. Any one serving in the senate OR congress that does NOT renounce the American communist party is to be arrested for treason if convicted citizenship REVOKED permanently 10 years in Leavenworth and deported to any country that will accept them. The UN is to be defunded and DISSOLVED immediately. The federal reserve audited IMMEDIATELY and dissolved. Every governor on the southern border is to activate their militia and send them to the border with orders to shoot to kill any trying to come north without VALID papers. The ACLU arrested for the FRAUD they have committed against the American people. ALL supreme court justices to be re vetted by the above commission. We have had enough court stacking by CORRUPT politics. Term limits on ALL federal positions appointed OR elected. Every state to enact their own voter ID law. Sharia is BANNED in American courts along with ALL foreign law including ALL UN treaties. ALL alphabet soup government departments frozen until their existence is justified by usefulness to the American people. ALL billswill be constitutionally vetted BEFORE they can voted into law. ALL federal employees are to be UNARMED with the legal exceptions of the military cia fbi federal marshals office and the secrete service. No more armed FDA raiding farmers milk supplies. ANY judge can be brought before a grand jury of citizens to answer for his actions and judgments if found guilty to be removed from the bench and barred from ever holding public office again. ALL lobbying banned immediatelyIt is a violation of American citizens rights to have corporations BUYING laws. The Constitution will be restored to THE supreme law of America and ALL case law will be re vetted before the people.The perversion of the commerce clause will be reversed it was NEVER intended to give absolute power to the federal government. ANY person holding public office accused of a crime it to relinquishtheir authority until they can be cleared and anyone falsely accusing will serve the entire sentence of said crime without parole.
    Just a few suggestions IF we are going to remain America.

  • JacktheFAC

    Try this on for size:
    They travel miles in the heat and risk their lives crossing the border. They don't get paid enough wages. They do jobs that others won't do, or afraid to do. They live in crowded conditions among a people who speak a strange language. They rarely seek their families, and thhey face adversity all day, every day.
    I'm talking about our troops! Doesn't it seem strange that so many are willing to lavish all kinds of social benefits on illegals, but don't support our troops? Wouldn't it be great if we took the $360 Billion that we spend on illegals every year and spend it on our troops?

  • Barry Levy

    2012 vote:

    Mormon or Moron

  • WerewolfVm

    What about impeachment? Something can be done! There has to be some legal clause somewhere in our laws to hold Obama at bay! Of all the lawyers in America causing all our lives a nightmare at times with some of the crap they dream up and create, there is nothing they can do? Most all the people in politics are lawyers and are the ones doing most all the harm to this country! Look at the President for starters, a Constitutional lawyer. Spent all his younger years being groomed for all these events to happen! Nobody is capable of checkmating him into a corner so he cannot do anymore damage to this country? Nobody? No special law to immobilize him, I cannot believe we live in a state takeover right in front of our faces! There is nothing that can be done? How about massive protests to Washington! How about a massive stop work for a few days to affect the taxes, boycott everything foreign. There has to be something that can be done!

  • Michael

    Anne in PA; Congress is nowhere to be found, that's where. So, what this article is saying is that, Obama has both set the stage to steal the 2012 election and, failing that, has put martial law in place in order to steal the election!! Whether he wins or loses the election, he wins! Wow, can it get any clearer as to what fate awaits the American people, especially the Patriots on the Right? He has our number, ladies and gentlemen and he's not planning on playing very nice. Maybe now we can wake up the rest of the sleeping giant. Something wicked this way comes!

    Remember 1776 and Keep Your Powder Dry!

  • Timothy W. Lucas

    Janet Napolitano : Wow. What a scary looking person. She needs a crystal ball or a broom stick. Whew!

  • jimpeel

    End run around Congress? Blatant bypassing of the triumvirate form of government would be far more descriptive and correct. This man wants a dictatorship with him at the helm.

  • mark

    Is Bloomberg saying that the young American can't drive the future of this country? Show me all the immigrants that love this country and what it stands for and I'll kiss you on your rear end!!! Let's think about our children and their future for once!!

  • Ron Willison

    Did I read this right? You DON"T have to be an AMERICAN citizen to join OUR MILITARY? If that is the case we are walking dead and our Country is ALREADY LOST. AMERICAN TROOPS WILL NOT SHOOT AMERICAN"S. Foreigners WILL. WTF?

  • underthewire

    So how does his actually play out in terms of enforcement? Apparently all the illegals, temporary or not, have been duely documented so the Gov. knows exactly which ones were here prior to age 16.
    Really................did they sign in at the border? This administration is beyond belief as is the head of the so called Home Land Security bull. Next move...............right to vote, ID or no ID. Right to all benefits awarded citizens who are legal and paying their way.
    Happy days. ????????????????????????????????

  • Justintime

    Reality Check

    watch the video

    Reality Check: Bound Delegates In The Republican Primary May Not Be Bound After All

    The republicans did the same thing to Ron Paul

  • doug63

    odumbo has done things when "congress was not is session." even when THEY WERE IN SESSION......
    I'm getting tired of having to type my name and e-mail each and every time I comment. odumbo?

  • Erik Johnson

    Anne, Congress is impotent. The rest of the world is shaking their heads in disbelief of how ineffective our gov't has become. So, Obama stepped up to the plate and did it himself. Way to go!

  • Paul427

    I think it would be a wonderful dream for Conservative point people to find a way to monitor the voter fraud in a way similar to the past New Black Panther move. Afterall that poor excuse for an Attorney General didn't seem to bat an eye! Is it possible that they could wait at each election polling position and profile each "Hispanic" would be voter coming in to vote? If they cannot produce proof of citizenship, the best thing to do (if legal) would be to put that person forcibly under citizen's arrest in a holding tank. (For those who resist the arrest, perhaps they would be justified to subdue them forcibly, violently if necessary?). Just some thoughts...

  • jean

    To Anne_PA: The other point is, Obama is not a team player/communicator with either Reps or Dems in Congress. He likes to sit back and sign bills by Executive Order, whatever he can reasonably get by with. I say tho, that Congress better wake up and shout out loud what is going on, because some of us "dumb" voters can see through Obama's game plan now. Don't we see too, many in Congress or Obama's Administration, are too afraid of losing such cushy jobs in this terrible economy? What else are they going to go home and do??? Diane Sawyer recently exposed all the cheap Chinese workers rebuilding our bridges in California, and some other places, and so, there goes some very good paying infrastructure construction jobs! How did this trick ever get past our labor unions??

  • jean

    PS: Please go get and read this book, "The Amateur" written by Ed Klein, who conducted over 200 interviews to base the book on...interviewees names are listed in the back of the book. This revelation of Obama will make your "eyes smart", telling of Rahm Emanuel and Susan Jarrett's contentious dealings ending in his final move back to Chicago, and much more about Obama's personality; just for chump change, the book costs $19.95 at all Walmart stores.

  • el_loco_jp

    And it will get a lot worse before it gets any better. Over half the voting public (which includes illegal aliens, convicted felons, sexual perverts, multiple registered voters, black racists, and other America haters) are addicted to gov't handouts and will voter for anybody who "promises" to keep the largess comming.

  • Doc

    I am surprised they haven't tried to deport white people back to Europe.

  • Bama59

    While there are many problems related to this move there is one glaring statement that alludes to the democratic mindset here.
    “Ending deportations of innocent young people who have the potential to drive tomorrow’s economy is long overdue, as are many common-sense reforms needed to center our immigration policy around our economic needs.” Mayor Bloomberg.

    Is that the reason for molding our economic policy? Should our immigration policy also take into account a desire to become United States citizens with all the cultural nuances and the desire to fit into our society rather than to overtake and change it? While he may indeed be correct that they may be the driving force of tomorrow's economy, may they also not be the death blow to today's by way of flooding the employment market that is already weak?

  • Kevin

    The states have a responsibility to ignore the justice department just as the white house ignores the constitution. The states should purge their voter roles without delay.

  • Litlshe

    Raymond...the sites you give have been scrubbed. Comment to the rest of us,,, the senate does hold the power to impeach, hold or pass law, protecting this POS every step of the way. The House can do nothing against this prez because dirty harry stands in the gap for him, blocking all progress proposed by any congressman. Bills which are supposed to originate in the House, are passed--and without even reading the bill, Reid states unequivocally that they are dead on arrival in the senate. He and his cohorts are totally and absolutely responsible for the state of affairs in this country. The media never covers what is going on in the House, yet Odumbo and dirty Harry are the stars of the day every day. I doubt that any who are on this site neglect the responsibility to investigate and vote intelligently, so we have only the useful idiots to blame. There should be a test you must pass on political knowledge in order to vote. Guarantee that would eliminate about 60 percent of the Demoncrit vote.

  • Roland Schama

    What don't they understand about the word illegal?!

  • Remington 870

    Congress is too cowardly to fight with the Kenyan. Speaker Boehner is compromised in some manner. Either there is a juicy sex or money scandal or Boehner is just another career politician only caring about himself. The GOP just doesn't have the stomach or meanness to fight the Commie Dems. See you on the battlefield.

  • pbrown85355

    How do you join the military, when you are illegal? By lying, that's not a crime with this administration.

  • Viet Vet

    What part of the word 'ILLEGAL' don't you clowns understand? ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL plain and simple. Pursuit of the ILLEGAL candidacy for president by Obama is the most effective way to remove him and all the damage he has done to the Country immediately. Impeach and convict him of ILLEGALLY gaining the Office of President and all is ERASED. The entire contemptible vile presidency will be removed in an instant.


      Ooorah Viet Vet, and welcome home brother! I couldn't agree with you more. I think you'll agree that we as veterans are going to have to make a HUGE presence felt this November! I challenge every veteran present and future to follow your oath and remove this cancer from office!

      • Viet Vet

        Thanks for your service, those of us who have taken the oath need to stand up and be counted one more time. For God and Country, the time is now.

  • Tomtom

    This woman has been drinking the "cool-aid" a long time !! It has affected her empty head !!!!!

  • CaptTurbo

    I hope this backfires on the usurper big time! I'm incensed about this criminal act and I believe I'm not alone.

  • johnsnare

    Wow, what a great list of commentators, with wonderfully accurate statements. I stopped trying to cantact my Florida Legislators, a long time ago. all you receive is a standard reply. we appreciate your contacting us, blah,blah. They are all in the same pot, and they all smell pretty bad. Obama, obviously leads this sad group of supposedly patriotic Americans doing thier civic duty. What a bunch of B>S.

  • Dean Braun

    Napolitano is a communist B***H.

  • Mom2Marine

    Just a many of these illegal aliens are Chinese, or Russian....or Islamists....??

  • Patriot46

    Where the Republicans with a pair of stones? President Obama should have had articles of impeachment brought long before this unconstitutional order.

  • Robert Kay

    Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is appalled by this move yet does nothing but lip service. I am tired of lip service. Either Congress shits or get off the pot. This President has butchered our Constitution to the point where it is becoming nothing more than a piece of paper.

    Read more:

  • LorettaMarieSiani

    How is homeland "security" going to give these work permits to illegals who have "joined the military." Last I heard, illegal aliens cannot join the U.S. Military.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Obama Panders for Votes Yet Again. 3 years ago, when this DOLT had Demoncrats Controlling both Houses of Congress, he said he would not sign an Executive Order authorizing such action because it was Congress's action to take, if any.

    Now, with the re-Election of this Communist in doubt, he is pulling out all the Victim/Issue Voter Block Pandering he can: Gays, Blacks, Lesbians, Illegal Aliens, Dopers, Jews, Islamists, Socialists, Vegans...anyone who believe this Fake can help produce a Vote because they feel like a 'victim'.

    Obama is Crapping on our Constitution to try to get re-Elected.

    In terms of Immigration Reform: If an Illegal served in the military and were honorably discharged, not only should they not be deported, but made Americans and given citizenship. They bought and paid for it with blood and service. All others, get in line....America is still the #1 destination in the World and we aim to keep it that way.

  • Wildmann

    A Democrat could not be elected to the Animal Control position of Dog Catcher, If He or She followed the Rules and didn't CHEAT!!One Day the Hand Of The Almighty will Strike ALL of Them Down!! I believe that the "Obama Ascendency" had been Planned since the Dems. Halcyon Days [daze] of the J. F.Kennedy Administration!! Have any of you seen the Gregory Peck Movie "The Boy's From Brazil"?? It shows the extent Fascists/Commies[ and by extention Democrats] will go to achieve Their goal of World Domination.This has been Planned for a LONG Time. If Obama wasn't the "Chosen One", this time, for whatever reason, there are a Dozen or more Trained Minority Manchurian Candidates Waiting in the Wings.

  • geo_jojo

    I hate to admit it but I'm afraid Obammy will be re-elected. Since congress chooses to do nothing to stop his illegal destruction of our country, a win this time around will be easy. He is free to lie, cheat and commit voter fraud to any extent he chooses, without opposition. Our only legal way to control an "out of control" president is through congress and they have thoroughly convinced the voters that they will not even question any of his illegal actions as president. Get ready folks, it's coming.

    • MontieR

      Wrong we DO have other options legally. Read your constitution we CAN remove a government that is out of control, the final option I pray we can avoid is violence, but it IS an option and IF it comes to that I pray enough Americans can find their courage.

      • Tailspin

        I agree with you, and I have the courage to lay down ,my life for my countrymen. If they want to play hardball, I say bring it on.

  • Mari

    Maybe the rest of us could vote 3, 5, 7 times in those areas where ID's are not required?? How would one go about doing that??? Short of a bloody confrontation how are we going to take back our country?
    We must plan ahead, like they do. We must act and react to every action they take before our country becomes the new Venezuela or the new Cuba. Trust me, if Obama gets re-elected our freedoms will end and people who try to go against him will "disappear" and have "accidents" or be charged with whatever and will die "suddenly" in prison. It has all been done before in all those countries where communism/socialism has taken over. God help us!!!

    • Mary

      Many of the conservative blogs are telling folks if he should steal the election first thing he'll do is get rid of 1st amendment so we can't communicate with each other. I don't think he's going to go so easy. We're living in very dangerous times.

  • LorettaMarieSiani

    In the final analysis do we really want a President who can simply "decree" law? Wasn't King George guilty of that? Didn't we already revolt against this kind of "King"? If Obama can simply decree law like a "king," if he can circumvent congress any time he wants and thumb his nose at the constitution because its more convenient, and we let him get away with it, this means he will do it again. And lots, lots more.

    Then before long we'll convince ourselves that it's "normal" to defy the constitution and it's "normal" to "proclaim laws." But aren't we a nation founded under God? Aren't we a nation that respects the law? Aren't we the apple of every foreigner's eye who aches for freedom and opportunity? Have we forgotten that people rush to get into America not out of it?

    Ask a Cuban what kind of governments reign when laws can just be "decreed?" Ask a Jew. Ask a Mexican if they truly want to live in a country with a President who blatantly violates religious freedom? Ask any illegal immigrant why they risked so much to come here? Wasn't it for freedom? Wasn't it for opportunity? Wasn't it for our way of government? Wasn't it for freedom? Do they really want to give up s much for so little?

    Freedom can't be thrust upon us anymore that it can be taken from us. But it must be chosen. And it must be protected, or we'll lose it. Then maybe boatloads of true Americans will head for higher ground.

  • f8tul

    He is an ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA.. Of course he is going to back-door us with amnesty... And he is still rigging the election...


  • Thomas Kanary

    This dangerous POS must be stopped.. And obviously Congress has no intent in doing it.

  • Michael J Nellett

    I have to laugh because Richard Nixon was vilified as a "crook" because of Watergate, yet, Obama, who makes Nixon look like a schoolboy, is praised as some kind of messiah by the mainstream media? Watch out people, because if our enemies offer this moron enough money who knows what the guy will give them! I thought you had to be a citizen to vote, or is that only if you're a Republican?

  • sparrow

    The illegals have gluted the Texas schools,~~~ cost to P.S. for bilingual and aids has broken the P.S. system.

  • Old Kute

    Since when does the DHS have the authority to provide something Congress has not aurhorized? The Congress is to make the rules on immigration and cityzenship, NOT the executive branch. When in Heck is the House going to make an issue of this and the other BS coming out of this administration which will allow the voter fraud that will be required for this Dictoator want-to-be to be put back in office.

  • Louis

    obama is acting like he is already dictator

  • Blair

    Hispanics will soon withdraw their support from Obama too. They'll be on to him. The majority of Hispanics want a job. Not a handout.

  • Judy Mahaffey

    Read the "dream-on fine print" its only a 2 year work visa, then they will be deported,
    leave it to him to screw his latino voting base like he is screwing everyone else.

    • Mary

      They won't be deported. They can renew visa's indefinitely. See video:

      • Mary

        The NWO wants us to crash by taking on the economic weight of Mexico.
        Then they'll open the borders wide open. Canada, USA and South America will have no borders. Then the Amero will be introduced. A one world currency similar to the Euro.
        This has been in the works for a while. The program is being completed on schedule.

  • MoonBeamsWatcher

    US Shepal, must know that OMG! (Obama Must Go!)
    For Americans' to be silent while BO usurps the Congress of
    these United States of America and adds 800,000 illegals to
    the unemployment rolls!

  • StandsWithTruth

    I don't think the people of this country know of the real evil this country is facing. I have said from the beginning that they are not going to give up this power. One, they know that some people could face the firing squad for treason. Two, the have spilled all their eggs on this last ditch attempt. This evil is to powerful for us to fight. We need to get on our knees and plead with God. It is the only way.
    On the other hand, there is the Book of Revelations. I have always believed that I(we) are living those years. We cannot exist the way we do now in order for the beast to gain power over the globe. It hurts, but if it is written, it will come to pass.
    We need to remember the minuteman and also remember the scout motto.
    God has blessed us dearly, pray that we will see us through this evil.

  • maisy

    Romney wimps out about this coup d' etat.

  • Donna Gross

    We need to get rid of every person in congress and start all over with 8 yr maximum terms. They shouldn't be allowed in for life.

  • Arizona Patriot

    Everyone seems to be fooled into believing this is the reason.
    You all better take a better look at this. The elections are fake already. He does not need "votes" to steal the election. What he does need is 800,000 people with no alegiance to the United States & only alegiance to him, to fill this position here:
    We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.
    We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

  • dondh

    What a bozo this unqualified and puppet of a person she is! Of course she fits the mole of this community organizer of a president(?) we have! Then there is joe Bitme! How about dingy harry and a think she is a classy person pelosi! No wonder our country is headed in the wrong direction!! There are a number of other dumborats that are helping put our country on the wrong road as well! There's no doubt, America must have a change either NOW by impeaching this do nothing community organizer and golfer NOW or defeating him at the poles in November! EIther way, America wins! Mr. Romney may not be our best candidate, but he's 100 times better that what we have now! Just as important, we must get more Republicans in the Senate and maintain the House! We can gain control of the Senate if those who call themselves Republican will get out and vote! Let's go America and get our country back on track!

  • tim

    These people need to be stop this is why there is no jobs here . And yes where the Hell is Congress!!!!


    After these illegal immigrants are given their pass---Student loans will be allowed to go unpaid by "unemployed" or "under employed" or "hurting" graduates or some other justification for giving the students relief from their "obligation to pay. They of course will be expected to vote for Obama in November as grateful recipients of his largess (I.E. "other peoples money").
    Then of course the older folks will be given some relief from the mortgage payments they can't afford to pay. Again out of relief they will be expected to vote for Obama to prevent the loss of this great benefit.
    Also, legalizing drugs like"POT" and any anything else they can claim is no worse than alcohol; will bring in the votes of the devotees of "getting high". and should follow if more votes are needed.
    What a Great country!! It can't continue. It is an unsustainable radical philosophy run amok!
    Deficit after deficit! How long will "OTHER PEOPLES MONEY" last before we crash and burn!
    China probably has a schedule in mind! The Federal Reserve will own worthless debt paper.
    Wheel barrels will replace wallets as they did in Germany after WWI 's economic collapse.
    Americans may have to become illegal immigrants in Canada- or maybe Mexico!

  • greyfox

    The daily dumbing down of America. Obamas every move is calculated to garner votes and the hell with the country. Too many people are too blind to see the simple truth in his actions. He cares for illegals only in what votes they can deliver, beyond that f$ck em. Can nothing stop this guy, are we seeing a preview of things to come? The MSM is selling America like Judas sold Jesus. The have too much invested in Obama to even pretend they know what's going on, they know he's wrong.

  • TM

    When I hear of a all the murders in Mexico I do not shed a tear
    I know it will not be long before millions of other illegals will be here.
    Criminals and law breakers that's obama's brand new voter base
    obama has pissed off so many people now he had to pick another race.

  • John Galt

    John Beohner is suffering from testicular atrophy. Must be weakest Speaker EVER!

  • Dr. Sandy Kramer

    " The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." ~~~ Thomas Jefferson

  • Olinda Moore

    The president is incredible,why we have a supreme court and congres,we probably dont need them.Thes men come to america from forein country and he said he born in hawai ,the father is foreiner his mother american,he do not qualify to be a president,and they dont do anything to make these work acordance with the Constitucion of the USA,and the democrats help him,they all need to be out of the white House.He is mislidding our people,in all the decicion he take every thing is wrong,today holder ask the president to save him,and if you are inteligent look like The President is the person Holder is tryen to protect..what cain of people do we have to protect us from the terrorist ,we know they want to destroyAmerica .God bless america,and keep all the people of the USA save place............................

  • Nonsense Debalker

    Boo-Hoo Godfather. You get no respect from me cry-baby. Now Mitt is talking couring hispanics to pander for votes.

  • steves55

    All members of congress should be in D.C. for only six weeks a year. Two at the start of the session, two in the middle and two at the end. While in D.C., they should be housed in barracks on the nearest military base. The rest of the year, they are in their home districts. They can vote and speak while on a secure video confrence from a military base of a federal building. They would be more responsible to the people of their district because they will see them more. This would end alot of their freebes. No more living high on the taxpayers dime.