General Mills Cereal Endorses Homosexuality and Opposes Traditional Marriage

Do you or anyone in your family eat Cheerios, Wheaties, Trix, Chex, Fiber One, Kix, Lucky Charms or any other General Mills cereal?  Do you enjoy a nice bowl of HӓagenDas ice cream with a Nature Valley granola bar, perhaps after a crispy Totino’s Pizza?  On a cold winter’s day, you like to sit up to a nice hot bowl of Progresso Soup?  If you are one of the many who enjoy your veggies, are you a fan of Green Giant vegetables?  Do you use Betty Crocker, Hamburger Helper or Old El Paso?  If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you may want to think twice before you make your next purchase.

On the ballot in November, Minnesota residents will be voting on a constitutional amendment which defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.  The amendment is designed to protect traditional marriage.

In response to the amendment drive, General Mills CEO Ken Powell recently spoke at a gay pride event where he told the crowd that the cereal giant opposes the amendment and efforts to protect traditional marriage.  The General Mills corporate headquarters is located in Minneapolis.

Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage commented on the amendment, saying,

"Marriage as the union of one man and one woman is profoundly in the common good, and it is especially important for children.  General Mills makes billions marketing cereal to parents of young children. It has now effectively declared a war on marriage with its own customers when it tells the country that it is opposed to preserving traditional marriage, which is what the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment does."

"This will go down as one of the dumbest corporate PR stunts of all time," said Brian Brown. "It's ludicrous for a big corporation to intentionally inject themselves into a divisive social issue like gay marriage. It's particularly dumb for a corporation that makes billions selling cereal to the very people they just opposed."

Spokesperson for NOM, Jonathan Baker added,

"You know, they had a chance to respect their customers, they had a chance to respect their employees, and frankly, as a publicly traded company, they had a chance to respect the diversity of their shareholders.  And I just can't stress how disappointed we are that they have decided to cave in to those special-interest groups."

According to information provided on the NOM website, a poll conducted by the Alliance Defense Fund indicated that 63% of households with kids said that marriage should be defined as a union between one man and one woman only and not between a man and another man or a woman and another woman.  They also point out that General Mills makes billions of dollars by providing products to traditional families.  In fact, they point to the US Census Bureau’s figures that indicate there are over 35 million traditional families in the United States compared to only 111,000 same-sex families.

I would love to see the 35 million traditional families make their voices heard at the grocery checkouts by boycotting all General Mills product until the company sees the error of their ways.  If enough families stop buying GM products, they’ll be forced to listen to their customers and change their stance on the marriage amendment.  If they don’t change, then may their company slide to ruin with all of the others that endorse the sinful and anti-biblical lifestyle of homosexuality.



  • Adam Moreira

    Big deal---it doesn't matter to me or affect me. The way I read their statement, the position against the DOMA amendment is not opposition against traditional marriage, but rather FOR gay marriage only, Traditional marriage will continue to exist whether or not the resolution passes.

    NOM needs to take a chill pill; how will Minnesota be harmed if that Marriage Amendment fails? It won't be; America has more pressing issues---and MInnesota too...such as its books. Now, if General Mills were to try to advance gay marriage after the vote (if it's defeated), THEN I would draw the line.

    (Cargill - one of the five "supermarkets to the world" and based in Minnetonka - has quietly taken this position too; however, you can't really avoid Cargill products because they supply everyone. The difference between General Mills and Cargill is that Cargill is a family-owned company)

    • papabird

      Traditional marriage will only last as long as it stays "traditional." When other "marriages" gain popularity THEY will become the tradition.

      How long to I have to wait before I can marry my favorite chicken?

      • JRW

        Yes, because homosexuality and beastiality are EXACTLY the same thing.

  • shermer

    I suspect that the real aim is to by law disolve all current marriages. If you then want to remain married, you will have to marry a person of the same sex. That's the only reason I can imagine this is creating such a hissy fit.

  • fightforfreedom

    Trying to boycott every product or service that supports gay rights is like going in to Wal-Mart and saying you will not buy anything made in China. It may have been possible 30 years ago, but not today.

    • Reagan64

      In the free enterprise market, free people who don't buy a companies products control the narrative. If you don't stand up for moral standards get ready for hell.

  • mightykelso

    Good for them, an enlightened company. Will try and buy all of there products!

    • Henderson

      That "enlightened" business is crap. If you were so enlightened, you would know how to spell the word "their".

      • snakebait

        Nice comeback

      • JRW

        Yes, because so of the many "enlightened" comments above have been grammatically perfect and beautifully written.

      • Scott Wilson

        Actually, I think what you meant to criticize them on was not spelling, but rather word choice. "There" is indeed spelled correctly, but is merely the wrong form of They're/There/Their to use in this particular sentence. They didn't actually spell "Their" wrong, they simply didn't use the word.

      • Scott Wilson

        Also, enlightenment refers to a philosophical movement characterized by a belief in human reason and innovation, and has little to do with direct grammatical canon. For future reference.

  • Reagan64

    Count my family out of buying any more general mills products.

  • wheelcat

    I just don't have to support these companies. Whether it makes any difference in the 'big picture' or not, it matters to me

  • Doug Harms

    Another "General" stock will bite the dust. GM and GE are both in bed with the Obozo regime, and all you need to do is research their stock prices!

  • Winston

    Another reason to boycott a major corporation.

  • Carla Virga

    I used to eat Cheerios. When this box is empty, I'll give up all General Mills products.

    • Doodlebug

      I'm not even going to finish my box of Cheerios and I just opened it. And to heck with the Fiber One products!

    • Sam in NC

      I eat Post Honey Bunch cereal. Does that mean that I'm still heterosexual. I hope Post doesn't turn into a gay supporter because I love that cereal. I think General Mills just shot themselves in the foot. My wife just told me that she, my three kids, and my four Grandkids are glad that I eat Post Honey Bunch.

  • david Msg ret

    So it is eventual that every business, government, civilization succumbs to minority pressures for "inclusion " and any and all perversion will becomes "accepted ".....God help us all...

    • FrankCastle

      Time we start to treat MINORITIES.. LIKE MINORITIES!! A SMALL voice, with a SMALL VOTE!! Since WHEN, did the FAR LESSER vote, WIN the elections??? Oh, I know, since we started letting LIBERAL Progressive DEMOCRATS in power!!

      • Linda

        We should tell these bullies to shut up, go to their room and grow up. So few people lord it over the masses. Just like in Russia. Only 4% were communist, as I understand it, but they used power/manipulation to control the masses.
        We need to ignore them and hopefully they will loose steam.
        In the meantime, do what they do understand (money) and not buy their products. Hopefully that will take away their power.

        Many of us are fed up with their bullish, immature ways and using threats and temper tantrums to get their way. Living in Bay Area you see the rebellious/defiant look in their eyes. Nothing more than children who have CHOSEN their life style. Duke U proved years ago it is not DNA. Media kept that quiet.

        • Lady Liberty

          Good post, Linda. There are many of us who are fed up with what's going on these days...let's speak out and let them know that it will no longer work for them!

      • Lady Liberty

        @Frank Castle: These liberal progressive democrats get into the power positions because the wimpy Majority ALLOWS them to do so. Why are there so few with the courage of their convictions to stand up to these minorities in all areas?? What are they afraid of?????

  • jmsmaxwell

    I think that we would all be suprised as to how many of the top officials at major companies are closet
    homosexuals and will pander in their direction as the wind blows. More and more of the homosexual
    community is comming out of the closet as the current regeimn in office supports them even though
    the vast majority of American do not. This has been demonstrated at the polls on many ocassions.
    Since marriage is in reality a States Right issue and not the Federal Governmets it comes down to
    each state individually to vote as they see fit on moral and relegious grounds. So far, except for
    some northerneastern staes it has been voted down even out in Liberal Calif it was rejected by the

    • Scott Wilson

      You have a point. I mean, with all of the Traditional Marriage Republican politicians and anti-gay evangelicals that have been exposed as closet homosexuals in the past, odds are at least one of General Mills' trustees is at least bisexual. Not that it matters, mind you. But still, good point.

  • Vic H.

    guess I have to buy all Post cereals....

    • jettthemesh

      Hello Vic, there is Kellogg's and Ouaker Oats also unless they go queer on us too.

      • CA Guest

        Quaker Oats is owned by PepsiCo. They are big promoters of Gay Agenda. PepsiCo also ownes, Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, Frito Lay and many others

        • Edward Curtis

          Pepsi has not owned Pizza Hut, KFC or Taco Bell since 1997. Those three are part of a spinoff company called Yum Brands. They do have a beverage supply agreement with Pepsi though.

  • Family man.

    That the end of my GM purchases.

  • pduffy

    Well, without "children" this company has no customers for their cereal market, so by promoting relationships that produce no children, they should go out of business. I am instructing my wife (who has given birth to 3 children via hetrosexual activity), to stop buying this company's products.

    • Scott Wilson

      Thank you, sir, for stipulating that your wife did indeed give birth to three children through heterosexual activity. This puts any rumors immediately to rest.

      • JRW

        No, apparently she gave birth to three "children".

  • nvrat

    "POOF" General Mills is gone from my home forever. This includes not only Cereals but any other product they are affiliated with.

  • flaphil

    Have you watched commercials lately. Somehow they show families minus a father.

    • Scott Wilson

      Outrageous, isn't it? Perpetuating mythological family dynamics that we all know don't exist in the real world. Shocking abuse of power.

  • Brad Nova

    Minnesota will be the first state to vote down one of these discriminatory laws.

    • FrankCastle

      What "discrimination"?? You can be as gay as you wish, just not "traditionally married" while GAY, as "Marriage" is to bond, and form a Family. Once two guys figure out how to CONCEIVE on their own.. come back and whine. Until then.. deal with the fact.... TWO MALES/FEMALES do NOT fit the TRADITIONAL definition of MARRIED COUPLE.... get a Civil Union, enjoy life, and STOP ,trying to FORCE the MAJORITY, to KISS YOU PATOOTIES! The harder YOU push, the HARDER we will RESIST! You are HARMING yourselves, not helping....

  • 1776

    Another cultural marxist, globalist corporation supporting the vile s0d0mite agenda.

    • Scott Wilson

      Can you actually be both Marxist and a Capitalist entity? Seems a bit, you know, counterproductive.

  • Ginger Roush

    I live on Cheerios and the granola bars! Looks like I'll have to find something else I can like!

  • Leogurl

    My family can survive without General Mills.

  • samtman

    I love Honey Nut Cheerios , I will contunue eating whatever I want. I will not let right wing dictators tell me what to eat. Sound familiar.

  • Daniel from TN

    I will use ONLY the General Mills (GM) products I have already purchased. When those are gone I will not purchase anything else made by GM until it reverses its decision from mid-June AND admits the decsion/announcement should not have been made in the first place AND Ken Powell is dismissed from GM's employment. In my opinion, Powell is a bad influence on the company and his employment is no longer in the best interest of the company. I hope his statement is his alone and NOT the company's as well. I hope other people also require these three conditions before again buying GM products.
    P.S. I'm contacting One Million Moms about this matter. That organization gets FAST results.

    • Lady Liberty

      @Daniel from TN: Let's ALL contact One Million Moms...and any other similar organizations. We must exercise our rights under the 1st Amendment and get our country back to its original greatness!

  • Dawn

    These products all have the "Box Tops" on them for the schools to use. Stepping on family values & causing people to stop buying. Dumb move in more ways than one.

    • Lady Liberty

      Dawn: the dumb moves are allowing them to PUSH their homosexual agenda.. coming soon, by the way, to the schools in your area, via explicit programs promoting various ways to be sexually deviant. I, for one, refuse to support this....even with just ONE box top!

  • Bob in AZ

    DARN, I was really fond of Progresso Soups. Oh well, there are other brands to try.

    • CA Guest

      Campbells also promotes gay agenda. Make your own soups, the canned crap will kill you with the chemicals anyway

  • Bob R.

    No more general mills products for me. I just may carry my boycott one step further by taking one of there products to the check out stand and then leaving it there and inform the check out person why. Should help make to store aware of the situation. I also plan to send GM an email.

    • Brooke

      Wow you are a jerk, I hope one of the sales clerks punches you right in the face, and I hope he/she is gay also so it'll feel extra good to knock u out

      • Holly Riker

        Awesome! Bravo

      • souperd

        My, are'nt we tolerant of other peoples views and lifestyles no matter how perverse or different it is. Typical bent hypocrite lib. But thanks for sharing your true peace & love view. I hope one of the clercks attepmts to do physical harm and is a queer also. Course jail or prison time would be much enjoyed by the queer so it would not be much punishment, just a holiday.

        • Scott Wilson

          It's not often that you get a reference to "The Queer" that isn't just a fictional representation of bigotry. Thanks for the change of pace.

      • les

        punching is a two way street!

    • Scott Wilson

      No doubt, word of your grand gesture of civic disobedience shall make its way from the lowly grocery store clerk to the head of General Mills, and the cold reality of such a major snub of their product by a proud and fierce soul will help turn the tide in favor of this noble uprising against the corporate sponsorship of the Gay Agenda. Or, the cashier will just make fun of you in the employee lunch room during his next break, and you will be briefly remembered as "That gay cereal guy." Either way, forge on, brave soul!

    • Lady Liberty

      Let's all let General Mills know how "We the People" feel on this issue. They listen when there is a threat to their profit margin! (I also like the idea of using 'post-it' notes on their products calling for the boycott on ALL of them)

      • JRW

        Probably best to check how the good people at "Post-It"s feel about gay marriage first.

      • Holly Riker

        Im one of "The People" in that "We" and I am glad that they support this great cause! I will let them know so dont bother! and dont try to speak for me, Im not that stupid!

        • Christine Elizabeth

          I agree with Holly. I'm with it 100%

        • Bo_Kassa

          What does God's word say about "your great cause?"
          I'll pray for you Holly. Lord knows you don't know Him or you would not extol such a sinful philosophy that He refers to as an abomination..

        • NorAnyOther

          The only person to refer to anyone or anything as an "abomination" was a man who was subject to his own ingrained prejudices, his own circumstances. You are taking small statements out of context and warping them beyond recognition to suit your argument. Above all else, the Bible advocates love and acceptance. You are using God to justify hatred. Do you think that is right? Why?

  • Tom Martin Morofski

    Over 30 states have voted on the defination of marriage. Know the results? By well over 60% it is ALWAYS the traditional God ordained "One Man and One Woman" period. California TWICE!!

  • The twisted Jew

    isgeneral mills owned by a bunch of faggets?

    • Scott Wilson

      If I said yes, would it make you feel better?

  • dondh

    I will do everything in my power to never again purchase a General Mills product! They can go to Russia or Europe for all I care!

  • lizaz

    We're done with General Mills.......caving to a minority group is dumb for a angers the MAJORITY of their customers....guess they don't care.......

  • jettthemesh

    How stupid are these people at General Mills? I will no longer use any of these products, ever!

  • Indy

    General Mills, bye bye.

  • qj

    I just emailed General Mills at their Contact Us page. Told them I won't be buying any of their products in the future. Suggest you do the same. Lets see what it takes to get these massive corporations to pay attention to their customers.

    • bwebb

      Good idea. I boycotted Old Navy and emailed them telling them that my family would not buy a single Old Navy product in the future for making and selling the rainbow t-shirt supporting the gay lifestyle. I got back an answer that we all must support those who are different.

      • Sharon Hall Taylor

        Target is also involved with the T-shirt campaign.

      • Brooke Robinson

        You are a true waste of life.

        • Nana Gag-me-with-a-spoon!

          My former answer still are rude and obnoxious. You can have an opinion different from ours and still be civil. Please get your attitude adjusted. You must have a very sad life with all that vitriol that comes out of your mind and keyboard. Hang in there sunshine...someday you will have a real life and understand what it is all about.

        • Scott Wilson

          You kind of remind me of the mother at the school sporting events and social gatherings that all of the other mothers can't stand because she's formally condescending to everyone she doesn't approve, which is everyone, but they never say anything to her directly because she's still good at starting rumors and baiting people into losing their composure first. But in a nice way.

        • souperd

          You are a true perverted waste of life.


        Now let all of US answer Old Navy that we, too, WILL support those who are this case, those companies who support the traditional roles in family life AND in citizenship of this great country! If they choose to be left out, that's their choice...they can check their financial statements to find the winners of this battle.

  • pete

    Just returned from the trash can. I read this and cleaned my house of all things connected to General Mills. Won't be buying any of their products anymore.

  • jettthemesh

    There are generic products to replace everything that they make and at a better price.

  • rank

    I just took out the box of Chex we bought last Saturday, and two cans of Progresso soup. I will return them to the store this evening. I am leaving this site now to let GM know that they have lost a once faithful customer!

  • The Truth

    Wish there was a list somewhere of the companies that have attempted to sell out of American values and morality.

  • Voteoutrinos

    I will let the left liberals eat the fruit roll ups and I'll buy anything except General Mills, General Motors, and General Electric

  • Oscar wild

    I will never intentionally eat anything produced by General Mils again, I'ld rather eat bark and berries than to support any one who openly promotes or homosexuality. The mere fact that it is openly displayed in public is bad enough, and they have a right to Love who they Love, but I just cannot concionsly support anything to do with homosexuality or anyone who does.

    • Scott Wilson

      And yet, you've chosen the username Oscar Wild? Color me intrigued, sir.

  • Addis

    No more General Mills in this house! This country needs to go back to the 1950's when AMERICA was AMERICA!


      AMEN to that!!!!

  • djw663

    Sorry General Mills time for you to go! There are way more people that do not think the same way you do and you have a lot of great products and I'm sure you will end up fine but I will make choices based upon the way you choose to do business, which thanks to our Brave men and women in the military have given you the FREEDOM to think the way you do! BTW LIFE CANNOT CONTINUE WITHOUT ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN if GOD had intended us to be homosexual than we would have been

    • JRW

      I think the way I do because I was born with a brain and encouraged by my mother and my teachers to actually USE it.

  • Jack_Reacher

    Those that want to be anal explorers searching for happiness, I wish you well... other than that get the hell out of my life. I'm so sick and tired of perverts dictating to me and millions of other Americans that their deviant behavior is "normal". Yes, PERVERTS, (look up the definition). DEVIANT, look that one up as well. If God had meant for two men to marry he might have added an additional orifice instead of the one you're so bent on using. Yes, I do believe that it might be some deviation of chromosomes or a blatant birth defect. But do with it as you will, just don't try to force your illicit behavior down our collective throats ...(certainly no pun intended).

    As for General Mills, they might already be looking for a new CEO. I've purchased my last GM products until I'm satisfied that proper apologies to the millions of Americans that General Mills has insulted have been made.

  • Specialk

    One of the reasons also cited by GM was if they did support the amendment they would lose alot of good workers. Guess what? Today, General Mills is to announce who they are going to lay off. People are already being let go without the amendment.

  • LissaKay

    All the food we eat comes from fresh, natural, unprocessed food sources - no sugars, no grains, no starch. We don't eat any General Mills garbage because it is unhealthy and is contributing to epidemic diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and much more. Don't eat anything from a box, plastic bag, shrink wrap, bottle or can that has more than two ingredients - eat what God intended us to eat. But leave the sanctimonious self-righteousness out of it. Honestly, if you were to boycott every company that does something with which you disagree, you wouldn't be able to do business with anyone.

  • Chief47

    No more General Mills products in our house! Enough is enough with these big corporation sticking their noses and influence in where it doesn't belong. They make billions off the very people they are trying to put the shaft to. Think General Mills and General Electric ought to be put in the same category and nobody should buy their products until they are out of business.

    • Brooke

      How do you figure they're putting the shaft to you by them supporting gay rights? Sounds like you're just an un educated, small minded individual

      • Scott Wilson

        Let's be fair, now. You have no proof whatsoever that Chief47 is actually an individual.

        • Chief47

          Do you ever have any comments that show any kind of thought process other than sarcasm or cynicism?

        • Scott Wilson

          Only when responding to people who exhibit signs of rational logic or basic intelligence, or whose opinion I have at least a remote level of respect for. Take that as you will.

      • Chief47

        would bet that I'm a good deal more educated than you. As far as small minded, you need to look in the mirror before resorting to calling people names instead of putting forth any type of argument or rebuttal ---- typical of someone who supports a cause but doesn't quite know why!

        • Scott Wilson

          Got anything to back that up? Degrees. IQ tests, published thesis regarding homosexuality and its influences on popular culture... anything besides the broad implication that your voice is that of the status quo?

    • Scott Wilson

      They're not trying to put the shaft to anyone, they're just supporting the right of those who want to put the shaft to one another to marry.

  • AZ Rocks

    No more General Mills products... thank you for the heads-up - I can live without them.

  • Barbara Miller

    You just lost me!!!!!! I'll never buy your products again,..Anything by General Mills

  • Fair Minded

    I hate when liberals lie to make their political points. I am equally offended when conservatives do it. Your headline that "General Mills opposes traditional marriage" is a blatant lie! I read the statement submitted by General Mills. At no point did they say anything at all opposing traditional marriage. To suggest that by supporting marriage rights for gays in any way threatens or opposes the same rights for traditional couples is wrong.

    • Hatcherbabygirl

      You can't support homosexual marriage without degrading traditional marriage.

      • JRW

        Yes. Yes you most certainly can. You can support the right of all individuals to enter into a legally-binding relationship that demonstrates their love, commitment, and dedication to one another, regardless of gender.

      • Fair Minded

        When blacks were given the right to vote, did it degrade the voting rights of whites? The answer is no.
        If straights are so devoted to the idea of marriage, why is the divorce rate above 50%? Nearly 11% of our population is born gay. They don't choose it and it and they can't change it. The sooner we all accept this fact the better off we will all be.
        Hatred and prejudice has been a large part of the dark side of being human since the beginning of time. It is my prayer that prejudice against gays will be diminished in my life time and I will be able to see us all live peacefully.
        Gays are people, just like you and me, some are good, some or not. The fact that they were born gay has nothing to do with their character.

  • labar

    Straight from the list of the "45 COMMUNIST GOALS FOR TAKE-OVER OF AMERICA -- 1963"
    is number 26.

    26 -- Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."

    I know most people thought communism died with the collapse of the Soviet Union, but that simply
    wasn't and isn't true. It's amazing to me just how ignorant and irresponsible our politicians have
    been sense that time back in 1989.

    Most of it can be blamed on the communist having successfully infiltrated its ideology into many levels of our government as well as our society in general.

    Framing any resistance to homosexuality as discrimination and/or racism was and still is being used successfully to neutralize any objections to it.

    The people at General Mills are just too stupid to see this. But by their own actions they are now part of the problem that our country faces as it fights for it's life.

    Communism and our Republic can not co-exist side by side and unfortunately, the day for choosing sides is fast approaching.

    Until a person knows what those 45 goals are, I don't know how they can make an informed choice on which side they will pick. But by reading the list most people will began to understand that all the cries about "Separation between Church and State", removing the pledge of allegiance from the classroom and most other social issues that have been fought over in public for the last 50 years were not as innocent and well meaning as most of us had believed.

    Do yourselves a favor and google it now.

    • God help "US"


    • Scott Wilson

      Googled it. Apparently this was a list originally published in a 1958 book warning of the evils of Communism, written by a conservative faith-based political theorist. Not actually a guide by Communists on how to take over America, but rather fear-based paranoid rants from the fifties, where most conservative agendas seem to originate these days. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Janet

    Well the only thing I eat on that list is Cheerio's, guess I'll be changing to toast for breakfast .

  • Work2SnowSki

    Only liked a few of their cereals, but it will be easy to do without them with Post, Kellogg and Quaker.

  • Blair

    I eat store brand cereals. The thing is, the store brands are manufactured by the same companies that make Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Chex, and other cereals, for their regular supermarket shelf placements.
    Do you boycott the the store brands too? General Mills, like Kellogg's, makes store brand cereals.

  • Michael G.

    G Mills can go without any of my money until they straighten out their act.

  • bressler


  • Sweet Sue

    "No more general mills products for me. I just may carry my boycott one step further by taking one of there products to the check out stand and then leaving it there and inform the check out person why."
    Great post,thanks! I did the same when I closed my BOA account a few years ago,telling the branch,Why I was closing the account.

  • Harold

    I will be sure and check manufacturers of products that I buy, G.M. will not be one that I purchase.!

  • samtman

    Nothing wrong with supporting traditional and non traditional marrigias after all they are basically just legal contracts. If you have ever been through a divorce you will find out.

  • noelle2011

    its time to send a message to GM and stop buying their products just like the other GM owned by the govt!

    • God help "US"

      Noelle2011 don't forgot that the 35 Million "Traditional" families include one man, and one woman with at least one child. So with just one, not multiple, children counted 35 Million traditional families would have 105 Million people in them. We all know many families have way more than one child so the math is actually correct. I myself am single, and do not have my family yet. Also, most young people my age don't have their families just yet because we are still so you know! lol. But WE THE PEOPLE have so much power we are just beginning to learn how to fix the mess! The more of this stuff we do the more other stuff we can also get done! Never forget that their are more of us than there are of them! 😀

  • Mike Aquila

    Boycott General Mills products for one week, and let's see if there's enough money in the economy from lesbians, gays, trans- sexuals, bi-sexuals, and whatever else, to keep General Mills afloat. They'll change their atttude real quick. Americans have got to learn to impose their will not through the ballot box, which is usually over-turned by liberal leftitst judges, but at the cash register!

    • Scott Wilson

      Sir, you seriously underestimate exactly how much breakfast cereal the average homosexual consumes in an average fortnight.

      • JRW

        Now Scott, don't be ridiculous. "The Gays" are obviously too busy spreading communism, engaging in pedophilia, and tearing down the very foundations of our country to eat that much cereal.

  • Arizona proud

    I sure won't be buying any more General Mills products. They are not for Church and family in any
    traditional way. They can take there products and throw them away.

  • Jordan Smithson

    CRAP!!! I wish I would have seen this before I went shopping :( Oh well, no more G-mills and my house..... besides, my mamma's recipes are WAY better than that betty crocker crap!

  • Joseph Blacckburn Sr.

    I'm glad I still have rights where to buy before the mark of the Beast(666).I will never buy any products from General Mills and will pass the word to others..The heads of G. M. must be homosexual as well.I would think he or they would admit it and be Gay.As for any person who works for G.M. or any christian/give up your job and stand up for righteousness.Eternity is just around the bend for all of us.You better have a good Lawyer to represent you/mine is the Lord Jesus the Christ and He wrote my name in Blood in the BOOK of Life when I accepted Him as my Saviour in 1971(John 3:16).Is yours there? There is time if you are still breathing.God does love you,but not your sins.

    • Scott Wilson

      Did Jesus actually pass the bar?

      • JRW

        I believe so, but he never actually practiced.

  • SeaShel

    Tell Ken Powell this, eat your own cereal! I will not!

  • lwareagle

    I will no longer purchase products made by General Mills.

  • GDC


    • Linda

      Boy, you are so right on the mark. There is a group that says " sex before 8 or it is too late". They know if they can mess with a child's head early in life they can confuse them. I have known men and women who have come out of the lifestyle. Many had been raped as a child. But in some cases, it is a choice often made out of curiosity.

      What happens in their mind is they believe since this happened to them, then they must be "gay". Even though they don't feel it in their heart. If that adult can continue to rape them, it reenforces the message. Why do you think they fight to get into the schools with their agendas and books, etc. For one thing, they are dying off and want to recruit before going.

      The gays I have known were not happy. Many have said they would never had chosen the lifestyle if they knew what it would do to them. For the most part they have sad endings. Also, there is high abuse among them and police hate to go on those calls. It is partly due to the confusion they have as to their position in the household - you can't have two daddy's or mommies. (It does work a little easier for women then men.)

      So people out there, talk to your children early in life and do not trust every person around your child. Keep your eyes and ears open. Pedophiles look for kids who are ignored by their parents. Parents who are too busy to listen or talk to their children. Watch for signs of abuse. Are they becoming withdrawn, have an early interest in sex, etc. One way they hook the kid is through Playboy. Yup, they do. All kids are curious. Then it goes on from there and they keep the child quiet by threatening the family. It works and has for years.
      Parents need to become parents again. Your children are more important than the bigger home, new car, latest whatever. Think about it. You can enjoy the adult toys went you know your kids are safe and mature enough to navigate on their own.

      As you can see, I worked with groups that have fought this fight.

      • JRW

        Gee, Linda. If you follow your rather muddled ideas through to conclusion, neglectful HETEROSEXUAL parents are to be blamed for both pedophiles AND homosexuality. 'Nuff said.

    • Brooke

      I hope you get hit by a truck

    • Scott Wilson

      Yes, but 4 in 6 of those children are raped by Catholic Priests. That kind of evens things out, doesn't it?

  • Maurice

    No more General Mills products for my family.

  • GDC


  • GDC

    1 in 6 boys are RAPED by HOMOSEXUALS every year. HOMOSEXUALS ARE PEDOPHILES!

  • Tnc Del

    Sometimes ate Progresso soups. Will make my own from now on.

  • Spiderweb

    I,m so sorry to hear that one of the best food manufacturing company's in America has caved in to a stupid social stance such as supporting the Gay/Lesbian life style. Gay Pride is nothing to be proud about. We should be ashamed that such a life style exist much less to come out in support of it. I feel sorry for the idiot people in our country that claim they are gay or lesbian. What a lousy existence it must be.

  • Walt

    We buy a lot of GM cereals but no more. There are too many other brands to choose from. When will corporate America learn to just keep it's opinion to itself. No More GM Cereals or GM products. I will not support them in any way. It wasn't enough that they were a producer of family products - now they want to speak for us as well. I say NO.

  • QuincyMike

    Hello Post and Oat Meal and Goodbye General Mills.

  • Sutekh

    There are so many products on retail shelves that the shelves are groaning with the weight of al these products, especially on the cereal aisle.. It's nice that a company has decided to advertize that we not buy its products, just so that making a choice is easier.

  • EJR

    Thoth, or Hermes, predicted that this time will come. We have become so wicked, our wickedness and heathenism eclipses the wickedness and heathenism of Atlantis in it's final days. Instead of water, though, we will get the Fire.

    " I will go and return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek my face: in their affliction they will seek me early." -- Hosea 5:15.

    • Scott Wilson

      The dolphins sank Atlantis.

  • MAC 123!

    oh please! first the government can't keep it's nose of people's bedrooms, now self righteous morons are butting into my pantry! So General Mills supports the idea that people can love whom ever they wish! it's not like they support murder for God Sake! get a life people!!

  • jerry1944

    woowww ALL those are stuff made by G M thats a lot of thing to remember but i will sure put them on my list of not to buy stuff. Guess i have to read the labels more

  • Chuck

    Bye, bye General Mills. The people will speak with purchase power, and your shareholders should throw you out on your a..s. Start looking around for a CEO position with NAMBLA or another preverted group.

  • Sweet Lady Mary

    Home Depot, J.C. Penney, Target, and now General Mills. All can do without my business and I am spreading the word.

  • CA Guest

    Malt-O-Meal makes good knock-offs. They are also a LOT cheaper!!

  • Botsford

    Cheeit, I purchased a box of Cheerios and more Progresso soup today prior, of course, to reading this article. Needless to say, I shan't be purchasing any more G. M. products.

  • Lady Liberty

    BOYCOTT all General Mills products. Let the homosexuals support them! (I'm trading in my Cheerios for POST Honey actually tastes a lot better!) Let's get behind the 'traditional marriage' legislations everywhere...We did it here in North Carolina!!!!!

  • grandmama16

    For many many years we've boycotted Kelloggs due to their support of I have to add General Mills to my list of products that I won't buy. Thank goodness there are little independent health food brands. I wonder, tho, who makes the big store brands for Wallmart, Smiths, Fresh A or Albertsons and many more? What's wrong with companies that go against traditional family values? True marriage IS between one man and one woman. The others can call their 'union' a legal one like a contract if they want...but not marriage. It's awful that they've undermined the special place marriages have in our society....the whole meaning of family even if it's a single parent one like my son in law after our daughter died, or other relatives raising kid , is undermined. And, it's going to affect so much more. It opens the door for legal poligamy, or the other way around, huge increases in health insurance and I can think of more ugly possibilities. Beam me up Scotty...for you who remember Star Trek.

  • Dennis Cline

    I will not buy any more General Mills products.

  • Donahue

    I used to eat a number of General Mills products, not any more!

  • amber shoreman

    Hey everyone Let men marry men and women marry women that way there will eventually be less idiots on this planet. As long as they don't bother me or interfer with my lifestyle, I'll let them live. Other wise the twilight zone has nothing on me. You got to look at the bigger picture. It will eventually wipe out fools. Like Boy George, every body kept saying he was queer. Who cares I jst wanted to listen to him sing no make love to him.

  • Warren Reynolds

    Well, time to switch to a no name brand cereal, i quit buying kelloggs because they are supporters of left wing ideology, now that general mills has shown their colors, i won't be buying their product either. I will not support those who support this wacked administration. PERIOD

  • Warren Reynolds

    I stopped buying starbucks vanilla cappaccino for the same reason and it saves me 81.36 per month, 1 bottle a day 6 days a week at 3.39 per bottle. Just think, if there are 1,000,000 more people who do what i did that's 81,360,000.00 less money the lefties will be taking in. Maybe this will teach them to NOT go against the American majority to suit the noisey minority of parasites.....

  • alfred m

    I'm working to have all general mills products banned from Mexico.

  • Raule

    I don't believe this really happened. General Mills CEO Ken Powell would not jeopardize his company for this issue.

  • MVB

    The only way to stop this nonsense is to hit them in the pocket book....too bad GM, no more Cheerios or any of your products until you realize this is a family oriented country and your pc approach does not yield your profits.

  • Wanda Roberts

    Another company to add to my "Do Not Shop There" List. Thanks for sharing. We should also contact General Mills directly and let them know how many are outraged and are boycotting their company. Their arrogant disrespect for the majority of their customers indicates they believe they can say and do what they wish without repercussion.

  • William Sasman

    I don't use any of them brans so it will not be hard to stay away from any.

  • [email protected]

    send e-mail listing all products that is connected to general adress of general mills main office..also e-mail if possible fred payne

  • Deepizzaguy

    I pity any fool who thinks gay marriage is a good deal. Curses will come upon these companies from our Creator.

  • govwatcher

    We could resolve this issue once and for all if we just used common sense. If a women thinks she's a man, and a man thinks he's a woman, why not just let them marry each other. All parts fit, No Problem solved.

  • Toni

    My family and all my friends will stop buying GM products. Let see how they like that!

  • jay1ja2kat

    we should make the states that bolder Mexico a gay country an send them there , we could take care of a couple problems at once.

  • yoursnJESUS

    If true born again followers of CHRIST
    truly lived our faith by refusing to give GOD’S money, which we are only
    stewards of, to satanic enterprises, we could let the world know what
    GOD thinks about immorality. No CHRIST follower should be shopping at
    Home Depot, JC Penny or Target.
    Nobody should be buying any products from food giants Pepsico, Kraft
    Foods, Solae and Nestlé because of their monetary support of Senomyx to
    create artificial flavors. Senomyx notes their collaborators provide
    them research and development funding plus royalties on sales of
    products using their flavor ingredients.

    Senomyx website states that “The company’s key flavor programs use isolated human taste receptors,.”

    Senomyx uses HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an
    aborted baby to produce those receptors. 293 comes from the fact that
    293 aborted babies are used to create HEK-293.

    If you care about innocent life, please do not give your hard earned
    money to these companies that support murdering children for profit. If
    you are moved to express your outrage that the products you buy have the
    blood of innocent children on them, please check out this website to
    learn how to stop these murderous companies.

    Then I would ask you to go this website to learn of the medical consequences of using the products these companies produce.
    Do your actions support JESUS or satan?

  • Anonymous

    "million traditional families in the United States compared to only 111,000 same-sex families.". That is beside the point and shame on most of you... Just because they are a minority, doesn't mean gays are less important than traditional families. This is the same bigotry that was used to put down African Americans and women. The bible says its ok to stone unruly wives, trade slaves, beat children, is that ok?! All of you who judge will be judge accordingly. Christ said he had but one commandment " love thyneighbor". Your hatred will condem you.

    • Me

      The father has agape for his children, so should we all. We are all sinners and I pray for forgiveness of us all.

  • GovtHostage

    I will not buy any more General Mills products and I will notify my family and friends. Who will these companies support next, pedophiles???

  • GovtHostage

    I will not buy any more General Mills products and I will notify my family and friends as to the actions of this company. Who will they support next, pedophiles????

  • l.d.

    I guess their right there with Home Depot im my book. NO MORE!!!! I have 2 boys, and grand kids, I buy a ton of General Mills Products. I also collect a ton of box tops. Pushing friends and family to save for me which means they buy more. Were strong on traditional family values. We won't be purchasing GMills anymore.
    Thanks for the informative info,

  • Katy

    They "oppose traditional marriage"?

    I missed the part where they wanted to ban heterosexual marriages.

    This is good information, then. I think heterosexuals ought to be able to marry.

    Any company that wants to stop heterosexuals from marrying is not okay with me.

    I just haven't seen where they said that, yet...

  • loricaliforni

    Wow - didn't realize that Progresso soup was in the GM line-up. I knew about this boycott, but I didn't see how large their line-up of products was beyond the ones I used to use. We are already boycotting Campbell's soup because they are using Halal meat products in their soups in Canada (and soon will be here if they aren't already). Guess I will be making all our soups this fall/winter from scratch! It's probably better for us anyway....

  • Bob Cousart

    I thought nothing was better than a bowl of cheerios, never really cared for the off brands BUT those off brands are sounding better all the time!!! i hope they go bankrupt!!! I'll start eating Chick-Fil-A for breakfast instead!!! YEAH CHICK-FIL-A!!!

  • Bradley

    Wow, these commentators are full of hate...

    What gives you the right to say certain loving adults cannot get married?

    You cannot quote any Bible verses, because (A) Jesus never even mentioned homosexuality but did say to love everyone, (B) there are plenty of commands in the Bible you all choose to ignore like not wearing polyester or eating shellfish or cutting your hair or working on weekends or allowing women to speak in church, (C) the Bible cannot possibly be the benchmark of morality since it condones slavery, rape, incest, and genocide, and (D) the Bible has been translated and edited so many different times that it's impossible to know what the original version really said. Also:

    Most importantly, even IF the Bible flat-out said "And Jesus said same-sex couples should never get married" (which it doesnt) it would still be absolutely irrelevant to the discussion of same-sex marriage, because the United States is NOT a "Christian nation" and your personal religious beliefs have absolutely no place in our political/legal system, as described by the First Amendment of the US Constitution written by our Founding Fathers which states "Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion." Furthernore, Thomas Jefferson made an interpretation of the First Amendment in his 1802 letter to the Committee of the Danbury Baptist Association calling it a "wall of separation between church and State", and James Madison wrote that "Strongly guarded... is the separation between religion and government in the Constitution of the United States." And on 4 November, 1796, the "Treaty of peace and friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli, of Barbary," most often referred to as simply the "Treaty of Tripoli", ratified by John Adams and the US senate, stated in Article 11:
    "As the Government of the United States of America is NOT, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion..."

    And you cannot try to defend your bigotry by saying you're "protecting the tradition/sanctity of marriage" because (A) that's the same line racists used to fight against interracial marriage, (B) the real tradition of marriage was to sell your 12-year-old virgin daughter to a 30-year-old man for a couple of goats or some land, so luckily the traditions have already changed, (C) marriages have taken many forms over the years and several cultures and religions including Christianity have historically allowed same-sex marriage, (D) the "sanctity of marriage" goes out the window everytime someone gets drunk-married in Las Vegas or two celebrities get married for attention only to divorce a few months later or people get married for citizenship or insurance benefits or because they were basically forced to do a "shotgun wedding" due to unplanned pregnancy, and (E) if you really wanted to protect the "sanctity of marriage" you would be fighting for legislation that would require 5-10 years of dating before marriage was allowed, would outlaw divorce and make separation punishable by death, and would remove all tax/insurance benefits, all so that you know the couple's intentions are pure and serious - and I know none of you are fighting for that. And it seems to me that forcing a gay man or lesbian woman to marry someone of the opposite sex that they dont truly love destroys the "sanctity of marriage" far more than allowing two loving adults to celebrate their union.

    And you cannot make arguments that same-sex married couples will want to adopt which will ruin children's lives and/or create gay kids, because (A) there's nothing wrong with gay kids, (B) if kids truly needed a male and female parent to be happy and functional then we wouldnt allow deadbeat dads to leave single mothers (and occasionally vice-versa with deadbeat moms and single dads), and (C) if there was any logic to the idea that children learned sexuality from their parents then gay people wouldnt exist at all; straight parents can raise gay kids, and gay parents can raise straight kids; but again it doesnt matter because theres nothing wrong with gay kids.

    In conclusion, you can believe whatever you want, but it does not give you the right to force your beliefs on others. If you don't like the idea of marrying someone of the same sex, then dont marry someone of the same sex. You dont need to try and stop others from doing it. Jews dont eat pork and the Amish dont use electricity, but you dont see them trying to pass laws that would stop everyone else from enjoying those things. Marriage is a PERSONAL choice, period, end of story. Unless you want to give people the right to vote on whether YOUR marriage is valid or not, then you have no right to vote on the status of anyone else's marriage.

    More importantly, there are far more urgent things in this world to be focusing your attention on, like the destruction of the rainforest, police militarization, nuclear weapons, pollution of the oceans, genetic modification and pesticides in our food supplies, etc. Dont let a minor issue like human sexuality distract you while these other issues literally threaten our survival.

    Remember, we are all one species of one ecosystem of one little blue rock floating in the emptiness of space. We're all in this together. We are all different but we are all equal. None of us have the right to judge or force our moral values onto anyone else. So if someone is happy, and they arent directly hurting you or anyone else, then let them do whatever makes them happy.

  • wjm9169

    Bradley... You are a very confused person. You really should try thinking instead of just pouring out your emotion laden fallacies.

    You mention we're all one species. Interesting you take the naturalist approach which was the basis of the holocaust. Homosexuals cannot procreate. So their genes never survive. Natural selection would automatically eliminate them. The only way then for the disorder to survive is parasitically praying on the young of heterosexuals.

    The idea that homosexual kids learn their homosexual behavior from their married parent is silly. The parents are not behaving in a manner that promotes or teaches that. So where else would it be coming from? Perhaps General Mills sponsored events and statements and products?

    We want to protect our children, our sacred beliefs and the nation born to protect them, while you and general mills are calling that hate. Intelligent people who use reason and common sense can see right through your name calling and know who the really haters are...

  • wjm9169

    Jesus DID say homosexuality was wrong - ESPECIALLY regarding marriage.

    matt 19:4“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’a 5and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’b ? 6So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

    The interesting thing to note here is that Jesus doesn't just quote from Genesis, but that He quotes from two different chapters in Genesis. The second part, "...a man shall leave...the two become one flesh..." is 'marriage'. Remember the context of this reply is about divorce - the dissolution of marriage.

    So Jesus takes the first part which describes the different genders and then says "For this reason...[marriage]". So why was marriage created? According to God, because He created them male and female.

    Marriage with procreation an essential part as the entire reasons for the two sexes. Sexual organs are the only biological system your body has that is not complete in its purpose - it is designed for the opposite sex. Sex is for husband and wife to become one flesh. That's it. It may not seem like a lot, but within marriage it is more than it can ever be outside it or in a perverted form.

    So, yes, Jesus did say it. He said that marriage was instituted by God "from the beginning" for a husband and wife - never for homosexuality.