The Many, The Gay, The New Marines to Celebrate Gay Pride Month

For years, I’ve heard the ads for the US Marine Corps that said, ‘The Few, the Proud, the Marines.’  During the same time, the US Army ran recruiting ads with the slogan, ‘To be the best you can be.’  I recall when I spoke to military recruiters years ago, the recruiter for the US Air Force told me that one of the roles of the US military was turn boys into men.

But when I read that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was thanking gay and lesbian service members for serving and announcing that the US military was preparing to celebrate Gay Pride Month, it made my stomach turn.  Panetta said that he was striving to make the military a place of equal opportunity and that openly welcoming homosexuals into the ranks played a vital role toward that goal.  He also said,

"As we recognize Pride Month, I want to personally thank all of our gay and lesbian service members, LGBT civilians and their families for their dedicated service to our country.”

Among the plans to celebrate Gay Pride Month, the Pentagon plans to use signs, hallway displays and various activities.  In the past, they’ve conducted similar celebrations for Black History Month and Asian-Pacific Heritage Month.  A gay organization at West Point has been allowed to hold a dinner for gay Army cadets as well as gay and lesbian service members.

I’ve never seen the Pentagon or anyone else celebrate White Heritage Month or Straight Month.  Is there anyone at West Point hosting a dinner for straight cadets and service members?  It seems that everyone ignores straight, white people and if we say anything about it, we’re called racist and bigots.  If we criticize celebrations of sinful lifestyles such as Gay Pride Month, again we’re call bigots, intolerant and are accused of hate language.  Incidentally, gays can say anything derogatory they want about whites or people that are straight and it’s not bigotry, not prejudice and it’s not hate language.

When I see what Leon Panetta and Barack Obama have done to the military and considering Panetta’s statement about making the military an equal opportunity place, I don’t see how the Marines or Army can continue to use their ad slogans.  The Marines are no longer ‘the few and the proud.’  The Army is where you want to be all you can be, because many don’t want to be the way they are going.  When I think back to the words of the Air Force recruiter, I don’t see how they can claim to turn boys into men.  To be honest, I’m not sure what they’re turning boys into and frankly, I’m not sure I want to know anymore.



  • Screeminmeeme

    The government's kowtowing to any special group, especially one which most people believe to be aberrant, is not only wrong, but just plain disgusting.

    Paying homage to the many distinctives such as race or sexual orientation that make up a pluralistic nation is something that should be done by private citizens it they choose, but not by a government with the pledge of .....ONE nation under God.

    How does any of this promote unity and strengthen the bonds necessary for a successful and strong military?

    In my view, it doesn't.

    • CARLjr

      Then it is a good thing your view doesn't count. If you want to segregate the military and weed out different races, religions and sexual orientations - you will have a weaker, smaller military.
      I get that you find it "icky". Toughen up, Nancy! These soldiers put their lives on the line daily. They fight to protect your freedoms. They may save your life one day. Your narrow minded view makes us WEAK.

      • Screeminmeeme

        CARLjr........Apparently you didn't read my comments...or didn't understand them. You are the one with the narrow minded view.

        I said NOTHING about segregating the military (another leftist misrepresentation of my comments). My point was that we ought NOT separate the military into different races, religions and sexual orientations by having Black History Month or Gay Pride Month etc....which is what the government is doing. Those things don't tend to unity...but quite the opposite. And UNITY = STRENGTH. United we stand.

        The ''ickyiness'' factor is not a parameter that I use when considering an issue.

        Stuff your sanctimonious BS. No one supports our troops more than I do and anyone who has followed my comments knows it. I have many family members in the military so I know well what they go through for us.

        My view counts just as much as yours, you pompous twit.

        • warp9

          Hear Hear. Well put Screem! As usual Carljr defaults to thoughtless liberal rants. I agree with your general sentiment. All members of the military should be recognized, appreciated and celebrated because they serve our country period, NOT for being gay or black while serving our country.

        • Screeminmeeme


      • azwayne

        Queers in our military make it weak,simple FACT. Queers want SPECIAL privileges, not equality

        • CARLjr

          They want the special privilege of serving in the military? Our volunteer military is stretched thin with veterans getting deployed 4 and 5 times. Should we kick the gays out and institute the draft? Only white, straight, Christian, males can serve?

          I'd like to see you tell one of these Marines they are weak and make the Marine corps weak.

        • Screeminmeeme

          CARLjr......The typical liberal leap in logic. Pitiful.

        • Panicazi

          Carl, the LGBT population in the US is 1.9-2.5% depending on which LGBT site that is used for reference. Of that number, very, very few join the military and even fewer join the USMC. The chances of having an LGBT Servicemember in a Platoon are very slim, and most folks that join the military go into support jobs. Most people do not become "line-doggies", even fewer LGBT that join fit that description. The US Military could lose all LGBT members and continue on just fine, as it stands we are looking for a few good Servicemembers to separate from the Service anyhow. Even with multiple deployments (I've been deployed 8 1/2 of the last 11 yrs) we get along just nicely with the "right" people, not necessarily "enough" people. It is true that the current operational tempo is "stiff" (reference intended), but we are making do with what we have. Removing DADT did nothing except allow what amounts to a minor distraction and encourage a leadership challenge should a Servicemember act on impulse rather than professionalism.

        • CARLjr

          Over 13,500 people were discharged under DADT.

        • Panicazi

          You are dishonest and a baiter. In short, you lie. 14,500 Servicemembers have been discharged under DADT since 1993. That is almost a 20yr period, and amounts to less than 800 personnel per year for a force that numbers just under 2.3 Million personnel in the Active and Reserve component. The repeal of DADT is not a "cause", it is a distraction that does nothing to improve the security of the USA. I will be blunt in my conclusion: You are full of "It".

        • CARLjr

          You confirm my number AND call me a liar? You are used to discounting facts.

        • Panicazi

          Sir, Lies of omission are equally equivocal and inherently dishonest, therefore a lie. You cite the total number discharged over 20 yrs as though this has had a major impact on National Security, and then fail to bring the number into perspective. It is more than significant that you have ignored the insignificance of an annual loss to a force of more than 2.3 Million personnel. That Sir, is the point of your dishonesty. If you wish to argue that DADT was personally oppressive to a precious few Servicemembers, that is a different argument in which the total number discharged would mean anything. The involvement of the Force and the Office of the Secretary of Defense in this issue is worse than meaningless. Sexual orientation and how "sensitive" the Force is to someone who practices a rare behavior is irrelevant to the Force's mandate to secure the Nation. Further, whole weeks of training executed across the Force, in the US, overseas, and in combat zones have been instituted in order to convert the Force to the LGBT cause. This has been nothing but a major distraction to accommodate a very few Servicemembers while we are actively engaged in securing our Nation worldwide.

      • Ronald

        Stuff it Jr. now hurry off to your sleep over with Obama,Biden and Bill Maher!

    • PMDavis

      I think a lot of this "gay" support by the president and military is Obama's desperate attempt to get votes from any group that he can get on his side. The gay community has been very disappointed in Obama because he had not come through on his promises and they were turning away from him. Obama could not afford to offend or turn any more groups away, than he already has, and that's why all this is happening. This illegal amnesty overreach is for the same reason. He has to have their votes and support. D--- to the American citizens. Obama seems only interested in the perverse and illegal. But that doesn't surprise me at all.

    • wyldfyrnomad

      The great lie is that all these groups don't want equal rights..
      They want MORE rights than you or I!

  • jong

    Mark well all those that have the mental disease of homosexuality. The tide is turning against them and their "life style" . When we get a hold of the Senate and the Presidency along with keeping the House we need not only to purify ourselves with getting rid of the marxist but, also those that are against God and ask forgiveness for tolerating it for so long.

    • Ronald

      Put all of them on an Island with no escape till they die out and to be sure denut the poor excuses of men and sew the bay delivering hole shut!

      • fightforfreedom

        concentration camps? Tell me Ronald, are you a Nazi?

  • flaphil

    Bollywood will now be making movies showing the queers, they lead the way in forcing their perversion on people. The prone position will take on a whole different meaning, could be called prone stacking position. I'm glad my service is over with, but it's my understanding that many career men are seeking outs now.


      america is now dipped in sewage. pleasessssssssssssssssssssss GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ronald

        Vote Obama,and all his thinking kind of people out!

      • Dottyjo

        Let's try this: Dottyjo•in 21 hours•parent
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        We won't go to see the movies that promote their nasty behavior.(GAYS) By the way. We can control the country. Here is how: WE sit. We don't go to any of the movies, we don't buy anything we don't really need from now to the election. We keep our money and shut the Hollywierdos, liberal idiots, and the politicians down. We can car pool. It won't kill us. WE don't buy as much gasoline. We don't vacation, we don't support small business, which hires more people than major corporation. Then we wait.
        When the rest of the idiots that support him suffer enough, they will vote aGAINST HIS LYING a__. Let's start today. NO extras, no ice cream, no beaches, not trips. Have cookouts in the yard. No tourist attractions. If you are serious about getting rid of this fool, you will make the sacrifice or pay the price. Somebody hit me. I am ready to start!!!!!!:Did you hear me? SACRIFICE OR PAY THE PRICE!!!!

        • Jeff Horton

          Not a bad Idea but how many good people on our side will we hurt?

    • wyldfyrnomad

      I can't say I'm surprised about the exodus of career scary is it when one thinks of the types that will replace them. What a way to "buy" the allegiance of the military!

      • flaphil

        I can hear you, but I'm more concerned about the military people and the far reaching effects. Queers with aids and it will reach all the way through the VA system too. Two men/women living together and one gets the same benefits as a spouse would. The list can go on and on about the downside of this. There goes the best military in the world to hell.

        • Jeff Horton

          Isn't the liberal purpose to change our country. That has to start with our military tear it apart from inside.

    • Dottyjo

      We won't go to see the movies that promote their nasty behavior. By the way. We can control the country. Here is how: WE sit. We don't go to any of the movies, we don't buy anYthing we don't really need from now to the election. We keep our money and shut the Hollywierdos, liberal idiots, and the politicians down. We can car pool. It won't kill us. WE don't buy as much gasoline. We don't vacation, we don't support small business, which hires more people than major corporation. Then we wait.
      When the rest of the idiots that support him suffer enough, they will vote aGAINST HIS LYING a__. Let's start today. NO extras, no ice cream, no beaches, not trips. Have cookouts in the yard. No tourist attractions. If you are serious about getting rid of this fool, you will make the sacrifice or pay the price. Somebody hit me. I am ready to start!!!!!!

    • opar5

      Now who's going to volunteer to walk point in every operation? I suspect the problem will be resolved very soon by the men in the field (if not by the next president).

  • Rap Scallion

    As a Martine Vet of 59-70 I can't believe what my Corps is becoming. A small portion of the population is standing the whole country on it's head. I am sorry I will never desert my Corps but I cannot support active gay men as members! Over 200 years of tradition has been swept away in a few weeks, for political pandering! Therein lies the fallicy of the Weak CIC..........he will do anything, stoop to anything, to stay in power! The professional Armed Forces has become his Gestapo to due his bidding!
    My God what has happerned to my country?

    • Sam

      Well put Rap. I am a Navy Vet from '63-'73. The Marines and Navy had our harassment between us and a few fights and some insults, but when it came to our nations fight we had each others back. Our nation is now in a battle concerning its morality. We must stand side by side and get a moral leadership in place and clean up the military. If Obama were to go to the extreme and declare martial law and try to use the regular military I think the majority of them would refuse to act in any way against their own country. My God, I hope I am right.

      • fightforfreedom

        So the Marines and Navy could overlook their differences and fight side by side and have each others back - but not someone in their own platoon? pathetic.

        • Anthony San Diego

          No one cares what you do in your bedroom, why do you feel you have to flaunt being queer?

        • Richard Driskill

          The sexual desire towards another of the same gender. It is a mental disorder
          resulting in sexual perversion (unnatural; nature can not further life through
          homosexuality, a scientific edict in its pathology). It was wrongly removed
          from the list of mental diseases by the APA in December of 1973 after violent
          demonstrations, starting first with the ‘Stonewall Riots’ (Stonewall Inn, 51-53
          Christopher Street, Greenwich Village, NYC) on June 28, 1969, and then later in
          May of 1970, by homosexual activists in California who forcefully took over an
          APA conference objecting to the classification of homosexuality as a mental
          illness. When homosexuality was deleted as a disease category from the DSM-II,
          a new diagnosis, “sexual orientation disturbance”, was added to describe
          persons attracted to members of the same sex who are either disturbed by, in
          conflict with, or wish to change their sexual orientation. This diagnosis was
          renamed “ego dystonic homosexuality” in the 3rd edition of the DSM,
          DSM III (Washington, DC: APA; 1980). The category did not appear in the
          DSM-IIIR, and in the 4th edition (DSM-IV) there is no reference to
          homosexuality, except under “sexual disorders not otherwise specified”
          (Washington, DC: APA; 1994).

          Physiologically there is no ‘gay gene’ making oneself
          homosexual, but that false position is constantly touted as such by the
          homosexual community; furthermore, there is a constant move to ‘recruit’ young
          individuals into homosexuality (showing it is not a natural condition state
          among humans). Roughly 1.7 percent (not the 6 to 10 percent as is commonly
          touted by homosexuals) of the 18-and-over population in the US identify
          themselves as ‘gay’. Persons afflicted with hormonal imbalance to the degree
          that it results in effeminate qualities for men (‘sissy’), or androsian
          qualities for women (‘butch’), can be treated and is not a mental disorder.
          Unfortunately these people are prime targets for recruitment by homosexuals.
          The fact that bisexuality exists will tell you all of this is a condition of
          the perverted mind. Additionally, the ever current mandate by the homosexual
          community to ‘force’ their aberrant lifestyle on the public and make them
          accept it can be clearly seen in the recent occurrence where 2 lesbians
          spray-painted their own garage door with ‘kill the gay’ and tried to blame it
          on others in their Colorado community.

          On June 1, 2009, President Barack Obama declared
          June 2009 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride month, citing the
          riots as a reason to “commit to achieving equal justice under law for LGBT
          Americans”. This, of course, was meant to seal 1.7% of the vote for him in the
          2012 election; even though our society is based on the “Rule of Law’.

        • Taylor Wallis

          I highly doubt I can sway you from your current beliefs, but around 1500 spieces other than humans have homosexuality in them. It usually acures when a population is becoming to large. Which our's quit obviously is. So if it is natural for all these other spieces why then is it unnatural for humans.

      • Lady Liberty

        Me, too...this is a sad time in our country. Promoting homosexuality and pornography is just ONE of the Communist goals, to weaken and destroy our America! Google "Communist Goals" and you can read forty-five different "tactics"...It will hit home when you realize how many have been successful. We need to take our country back..and do some serious house cleaning. God bless America!

      • Jeff Horton

        Sam and that martial law is why we have many U.N troops here under false pretenses. Blue may become the new color for targets. Look there are three ways the U.N is trying to collect our guns. One I never heard of is hidden in the U.N Convention on the Rights of the Child. To be raised in a Gun free zone. The Small arms treaty and the Arms Trade treaty. Google these and see for your self.

      • Educator and Patriot

        Sam, I agree 100% with your views. I'm an Air Force veteran who served in Viet Nam. You say that you don't think the regular military will serve againt their own country if martial law is proclaimed. Unfortunately, Obummer has already taken care of that. Part of the so-called "health-care" law is a provision to establish a huge "civilian youth-core" nationwide that will "have as much authority as the military." In short, Obama plans to have his own version of Mussolini's BrownShirts! They will be made up mostly of young black men from the ghetto and the slums and will be trained (that is, brainwashed) to be mindless slaves to Dictator Obama!
        People of America! Wake up! There are no two-ways about it. We must get rid of this maniac in the White House. We must save our beloved country!


      it's not what the corps has become. it's what is being force upon them.

    • Ronald

      Vote Obama the Homo. out and the new president can undo all of Obama's crap!

    • [email protected] hit the target dead center X with your comments. Staying in/keeping power is the name of the game here with Obama...and how better to do that than have the military loyal to you for reasons other than an oath you take? The us vs. them mentality that is being cultivated by the govermment, by way of giving recognition to every fringe group has the potential for very nasty consequences. If, civil disturbances erupt, it's alot easier to fire on folks you see , not as fellow Americans, but as people NOT LIKE YOU, that you have been indoctrinated to view as having deprived you of your rights at some point....

    • theo980

      All ya have to do is look at the little fag army private, Bradley Manning, who gave all those secret documents to Wikileaks bacause his feelings were hurt! That's the direction the military is headed with the homos on board. When I enlisted homosexuallity was against the UCMJ. Then it became optional under Don't ask Don't Tell. Thankfully I retired before it became mandatory under Obuttplug!

    • Taylor Wallis

      My father severed as a Marine before I was born. He has homosexual friends and treats them no differently than anyone else. Homosexuals are just regular people. What is so wrong with them serving our country just like you, my father, and many others have done. They are capable of doing the same jobs hetersexuals do, so what's so wrong with them doing so?

  • PMDavis

    It is just appalling to see this type of recognition of a lifestyle that is definitely abhorred by God. To see a gay pride parade honoring our military is sickening. I don't know if anyone knows it or not but the things they do and show in these gay parades are down right perversion. And this is our military. If America gets attacked, our military will be too busy in the bathrooms to defend our country. It is really stomach turning. God's wrath is not too far behind, if that means anything to anyone. It may already be happening as He takes His hand of protection away from this once blessed country.

    • William


      • Ronald

        Put all of them back in the closet or hang them high, starting with!!!!!

      • WilliamSpires

        Yes William, obama is the right hand of the Antichrist.

    • catman

      Sorta gives a whole new meaning to "rear guard" doesn't it???

  • samtman

    Stop bashing gays and lesbians. thats the way nature made them, most knew that they were gay or lesbian at a very young age. There is not one family in America who does not have a gay or lesbian family member, They can be our cousins,brothers, sisters, aunts uncles and mothers and fathers. Let not the Bible divide us.

    • Marees1963

      There are NO gays in my family and my family is HUGE; including 2nd and 3rd cousins. The so-called gays "remember" being gay as children because something messed them up psychologically, whether it's mental or physical abuse, molestation, domineering mother, absent father, etc. They need help not acceptance of their behavior choices.

    • PennJim

      Your "nature made them that way" argument is a totally fantasy made up by the homosexual lobby. Sorry, but it's not true. If a homosexual person inherited that lifestyle, who did he or she inherit it from? We all have a mother AND a father. Certainly such a thing could not be passed on as a "born that way" homosexual would find the opposite sex as repulsive, sexually, as hetrosexuals find their same sex sexuality. Oh, and my family, for one does not have a gay or lesbian member, anywhere! You can't claim that lie either. Sin and human 'logic' are some of the factors that divide and they are a choice and not 'born that way'.

    • PennJim

      Your "nature made them that way" argument is a totally fantasy made up by the homosexual lobby. Sorry, but it's not true. If a homosexual person inherited that lifestyle, who did he or she inherit it from? We all have a mother AND a father. Certainly such a thing could not be passed on as a "born that way" homosexual would find the opposite sex as repulsive, sexually, as hetrosexuals find their same sex sexuality. Oh, and my family, for one does not have a gay or lesbian member, anywhere! You can't claim that lie either. Sin and human 'logic' are some of the factors that divide and they are a choice and not 'born that way'.

    • D Paul

      So, you say! God says otherwise. Do not persecute gays but don't hand the country to them either.

    • eddiedawop

      "Let not the Bible divide us." When you're talking about the Word of God understand's the truth, so it IS divisive. Why? Because there will always be people that are depraved and depravity comes in many different forms. Every man proclaims himself to be righteous. God says differently and God will judge..I don't need to. I've accepted Christ as my only hope of salvation and God would have ALL sinners to come to repentance, gay or not, for ALL have sinned. Its not what divides us as people that is important, but rather what separates us from God is what's really important, because each person will answer for their sin personally if Christ is not their substitute. That is Bible truth and yes that is devisive.

    • CherokeeDan

      Nature also made pedophiles, kleptomaniacs, necrophiliacs, liberals and dozens of other perversions and mental disorders sammy boy. Homosexuals comprise 1.5 to 3.5% of the population. How could that number possibly support a homosexual in every family in America. As usual, you are full of crap.

    • David

      samtman, do you know that untill 1973, the American Medical Association considered queers and lesbiens a mental desease. That was removed from their texts by the socialist politically correct who infiltrated the AMA and destroyed that profession.

    • grannylake

      Nature has been know to produce many anomalies. That means not normal in case you didn't know. People who try to reproduce with their same sex will not succeed. If people of the same sex choose to live together that is their choice but to expect the rest of the world to pretend they are normal because they were born that way is nonsense and perpretrates a lie. That means it makes no sense no matter how many ways and how many time you say it and it will never be true.

    • Jay're telling us God lies? He makes mistakes? He calls it an abomination and filthiness. God does NOT make a person queer. They become that way through the lustful filth of their mind. Sin is conceived in the mind, festers in the heart and is acted upon by the body. It's LSD. Lust brings forth Sin, and Sin brings forth Death. No one in my family endorses this lifestyle. Pray for your family and ask God to forgive your evil heart. I'll pray for you also.
      Old Colonel
      Proud service
      37 yrs.

    • Ronald

      Speak for your self Homo or at least you and Obama,Biden, Pelosie,Rosie and Ellen, I don't have any of the sicko's and like U they are not born that way like you they choose to be that way!

  • napensnake

    This is repulsive. I served 25 years in the Marines and we NEVER honored a specific group within the Marines. We were Marines. That's all.

    • grannylake

      Semper fi

    • opar5

      When will we see prospective warriors rushing to enlist so they can share open showers, lines of commodes and even sleep beside an open homosexual in the next bed? What reasoning can be used to continue segregation of the women. Surely, a vast majority of male military personnel would rather share a shower and a cot with a female than a homosexual. Will American POWs be allowed to present themselves as heterosexuals - or will they be routinely slaughtered as homosexuals in accordance with Islamic law?

  • hongryhawg

    The honorable Marine Corps has now been degraded to a rainbow parade. I say let the hazing begin.

    • dottyjo

      Dottyjo•in 20 hours•parent
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      We won't go to see the movies that promote their nasty behavior. By the way. We can control the country. Here is how: WE sit. We don't go to any of the movies, we don't buy anYthing we don't really need from now to the election. We keep our money and shut the Hollywierdos, liberal idiots, and the politicians down. We can car pool. It won't kill us. WE don't buy as much gasoline. We don't vacation, we don't support small business, which hires more people than major corporation. Then we wait.
      When the rest of the idiots that support him suffer enough, they will vote aGAINST HIS LYING a__. Let's start today. NO extras, no ice cream, no beaches, not trips. Have cookouts in the yard. No tourist attractions. If you are serious about getting rid of this fool, you will make the sacrifice or pay the price. Somebody hit me. I am ready to start!!!!!!00•Reply•Share ›TwitterFacebookLink
      Dottyjo•in 20 hours•parent−+Flag as inappropriateWe won't go to see the movies that promote their nasty behavior. By the way. We can control the country. Here is how: WE sit. We don't go to any of the movies, we don't buy anYthing we don't really need from now to the election. We keep our money and shut the Hollywierdos, liberal idiots, and the politicians down. We can car pool. It won't kill us. WE don't buy as much gasoline. We don't vacation, we don't support small business, which hires more people than major corporation. Then we wait.
      When the rest of the idiots that support him suffer enough, they will vote aGAINST HIS LYING a__. Let's start today. NO extras, no ice cream, no beaches, not trips. Have cookouts in the yard. No tourist attractions. If you are serious about getting rid of this fool, you will make the sacrifice or pay the price. Somebody hit me. I am ready to start!!!!!!00•Reply•Share ›TwitterFacebookDottyjo•in 20 hours•parent−+Flag as inappropriateWe won't go to see the movies that promote their nasty behavior. By the way. We can control the country. Here is how: WE sit. We don't go to any of the movies, we don't buy anYthing we don't really need from now to the election. We keep our money and shut the Hollywierdos, liberal idiots, and the politicians down. We can car pool. It won't kill us. WE don't buy as much gasoline. We don't vacation, we don't support small business, which hires more people than major corporation. Then we wait.
      When the rest of the idiots that support him suffer enough, they will vote aGAINST HIS LYING a__. Let's start today. NO extras, no ice cream, no beaches, not trips. Have cookouts in the yard. No tourist attractions. If you are serious about getting rid of this fool, you will make the sacrifice or pay the price. Somebody hit me. I am ready to start!!!!!!00•Reply•Share ›TwitterFacebookLink

  • Marine101

    I'm a Marine mustang, private to lieutenant colonel, 1967-1998 and I am pissed off. I know we serve at the bidding of the people, but these aren't my people. In just over 3 years this POS CIC who never served a day in his miserable life has literally destroyed the finest military the world has ever known. Good luck in the next conflict.

    • Michael Fernandez

      You tell em Colonel. May God have mercy on our Country and Corps because obummer is determined to destroy both. Semper Fi.

    • Jay

      I'm an Army mustang of 37 yrs. 1971-2008. also private to lieutenant colonel. Less than 2% of the population claims to live this abominable lifestyle. Two things you could always count on... You would never see a dinosour or a gay Marine. Now there's only one.

    • SSG_101_ABN

      Roger that, Sir!!

  • Veteran Vicky

    I am usually reluctant to spout the whole 'God's wrath' rant, but logic leads one to the conclusion that if God doesn't punish America for the depraved society that it has become, then he made a mistake and will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. However, I'm confident that God doesn't make mistakes........

    • Hudmar

      He sure does not, we are only waiting the outcome of these perversity.

    • Bill

      When Obama was elected I had the feeling he might be the start of God's judgement on America. If he is somehow reelected I will be sure of it.

  • D Paul

    Marines have always been "the few, the proud". If you wish to subvert a nation, you go after its strongest link. "Hoss" Cartwright was the vice chief-of-staff under Admiral Mike Mullen. When Mullen retired, Obama bypassed Cartwright and he retired. Then Panetta pushed the culture of perversion onto the military. Panetta was extremely liberal as a congressman. He supported the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and even went there to show his support. To say the very least, this administration is extremely left wing.

    • Ronald

      Panetta would always be looked at as queer all you have to do is look at him!

  • YonTaun

    Times will come when troops will be forced to keep sex with their superiors. Otherwise you must separate not only two groups: men and women but four groups: gays, lesbian, men and women; and it will never stop the orgies inside. End has come for USA power.

  • illinois

    Say Marees1963; Thanks for putting that Samtman character in his place. We are all getting tired of his leftist bull on nearly all the internet sites.

  • Christopher Robin

    To: Carl Jr;
    Just Because You," Choose" to live A Sick sexual Lifestyle! Doesn't mean, You should get Any,"Special recognition" Seperately from The Strait man or Women that serves this Country! That's like saying A," Child Molester That serves in the military, Should have some Kind of," Special Right's! And, Parade's"?!? How Stupid can you people Be??This Country has gotten SO Far Off Course! That, The Govt. Not Only Allow's Gay's,Bi's, & Lesbian's To be given Special treatment! But, Allow's them to Sue ANYONE/ EVERYONE who doesn't want to Marry them, Do Photography for their Perverse Wedding! Allow's Them to adopt A Child And raise them, with the understanding, That this is Somehow,"Natural"?!?( It's NOT)!!! You're A Bunch of Freak's, Who Are Living An," UN-Natural Lifestyle"! And, Shoving It Down our Throat's!! What's Next? Will The Govt. Will be creating," Special Right's" To the Freak's That prefer having Sex with Animal's, rather than w/ Human's? I really don't care if you think I'm Rascist, or A Bigot! What you're Doing is Preverse! UN-Natural,& You don't deserve ANY Special Right's!! You're A Bunch of Cockroaches And, Parasites Who have destroyed All Decentcy and, Common Sense that once made this Country great! And, if it wasn't for The Dem.'s! You would All still be living in," the Closet"!! Once upon A Time, There was A City filled w/ Pukes like you! But, God Destroyed that City, out of His Discust for their Lifestyle Choices! (And, Just because you most likely don't believe God exist's! Doesn't mean, He won't Do it Again)!! These Perverted Govt. Official's that Support your cause, think they're All Powerful,& Mighty! But, One day You're All going to see who really is in charge! And, The Penalty of your Actions will be High! The Bible Say's we are to," Pray" & "Love" You! But, It Also Say's," We Are Not to,"Condone" Your Sin!! And, Wether you like it or Not? We,"The Majority" Don't!! This was A," Nation under God"! But, B.O. & All who support him, have made it into another,"Soddom & Gamorrah", And, are doing their best to turn this Country into A Radical Islamist Country @ The Same Time! Unfortunately, We will all have to pay for What These Parasites have done to this Country! The only good Thing is, When all is Done! Those of us who hold onto our Belief in God,& Jesus Christ, Won't be Burning in The Lake of Fire for All Eternity! Unless, We Vote these radical Freaks out of office? Everything is Lining up with,"Revelation"! It Sure has become more evident over the past 3 Yr.'s, That The Scripture's that talk about how, "Satan was thrown down to this Earth,& Given Dominion, as the prince of it"! Thanks to All the Ignorant Idiot's that put Someone in Charge of this Country,That they didn't even know! And, All Because, They wanted A Black man to rise to A position of Power, He's not even Legally entitled to!! How's That,"Hopey Change" Crap working out for you All? Not so good for All of us, Descent, Law Abiding, Normal Citizen's!! Just great for the ILLEGAL's, Gay's, Criminal's, Atheist's, Career welfare people And, Terrorist's!! ( Basically, Anyone/ Everyone who either want to sit on their Butt's and Take from those who work their's off! And, Those Who Oppose The God who Created EVERYTHING)! What A Bunch of Ingrates!!

    • Ronald

      Vote Obama out, then run him and all the sicko's who think like he does out with him, or if there are enough big Oak tree at the White House, first put Obama on trial,convict him the hang him high!

    • squid1947

      Chris you hit the nail on the head. I've said the same thing for years now. The lib's have little by little tried to convince the people that tolerance is the only way. Sorry, but complacency is our greatest enemy. We have to speak up and vote out all the bums no matter what party. I'm old school though. I can't force myself to call them gay. They're QUEER'S which is what they were called before the indoctrination. Any man that enjoys getting something shoved up his keister is indeed queer.!!!

    • CARLjr

      What a hateful person you are. This attitude is helping drive people away from the church in droves. Your days of being "the majority" are numbered. Look at the numbers - slowly, slowly, you are dying off. One in four adults (25%) under age 30 describe themselves as unaffiliated describing themselves as "athiest", "agnostic", or "nothing in particular".


      • Bill

        You can deny God's word if you like but that will not save you when you die anymore than claiming there is no gravity and thinking you can jump out of a plane without dieing. Despite what Oprah says there is only one way to Heaven and it goes through Jesus Christ. From eternity past until today God has not changed and He will not change in eternity future. Christopher was not being hateful. As a Christian I can hate the sin but love the sinner. That seems to be a concept you can't accept or understand. Remember- Jesus saves!

        • CARLjr

          Not being hateful?! Perhaps you should read his post again.
          "from eternity past until today God has not changed and he will not change in eternity future". Then why do you not follow the laws of the old testament?

        • Reason This

          Go to a Bible preaching church and ask your silly question, becuase that's what it is, unless it's purposely decietful and you don't care. Any good church can explain it, this isn't the right forum, and there's not enough space to do it here.

        • Reason This

          Go to a Bible preaching church and ask your silly question, because that's what it is (unless it's purposely decietful and you don't care). Any good Bible teaching church can explain it, this isn't the right forum, and there's not enough space to do it here.

        • Reason This

          CARLJr Go to a Bible preaching church and ask your silly question, because that's what it is (unless it's purposely decietful and you don't care). Any good Bible teaching church can explain it, this isn't the right forum, and there's not enough space to do it here.

  • J Henderson

    On occasion, the MSM will show a 20 second film clip of a gay pride parade and there's always the obligatory guys in drag or doing something outrageous to get attention and shock people because that's what they love to do. If a homosexual platoon were to parade in that fashion on our city streets in an attempt to shock the masses, I would vehemently disagree with their agenda. If they march in unison just as a straight group of soldiers would without the banner overhead proclaiming how great they are because they are homosexuals I think that could be an OK message to send. My problem with gays is the fact that most of them are defensive and arrogant, which is obviously a defense mechanism.

    • grannylake

      So right you are. Personally I'm not interested in anyone's sex life or public displays of affection. I detest the militant homosexual movement that is trying to tell our schools to teach our children that it is normal for a family to have two moms or two dads, or that a marriage can be between twwo men or two women, or what the "acceptable" label applies to any homosexual activity.

    • Ronald

      and Queer too!

  • David Boccabello

    Well, I want someone to tell me how these Communist Socialist's are now in our government and White House???? In the 1950's Communists were rounded up and deported or put in jail. Now they are the soup of the day and every problem we have comes from there actions against America.

    • grannylake

      Because the American voters became complacent. Thank God, We the People have started paying attention again don't like what we see and are going to do something about it in November.

  • RoryT

    Guilt and shame are powerful emotions. Homosexuals need public acceptance
    to lesson the pain. Even with total popular culture's accolades the gay
    community still has the highest levels of depression, mental illness, suicide,
    drug use (numbs the pain), domestic violence, pornography (adult and child) and
    up to 35 different STDs
    plus HIV/AIDS. My theory states this is because gays have a lower percentage of
    people that worship the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of the Bible. Read St.
    Paul's explanation and warning to the Romans in Romans 1:16-32. Just 16
    sentences. The truth shall set you free. Pray because God especially loves the
    repentant. Therefore, repent don't promote. Peace.

    • Pastafarian

      Did you know that the death rate of priests with AIDS is four times that of the general population?

      • RoryT

        Good point Pastafarin. I am not surprised because 82% of the so
        called "pedophile" cases were really homosexual priests with teenage boys. Same as
        with famous Harvey Milk. To many gays young boys are a big temptation. I also know the gay
        priests were the "progressives/liberals" inside of the Church. They were popular
        because they watered down the importance of the sacraments and the importance of
        following the traditions of the Universal Apostolic Church. They made it easy to
        feel good about going against the protocol of the Church. The point being
        priests with AIDS makes my case stronger. After all, celibacy is honored by the
        overwhelming majority of hetero priests. Homosexuals are addicted to the deviant behavior and find it more difficult to resist. Pretty much like any sexual devancy. Thanks.

        • Pastafarian

          You are welcome. Yes the church has had a problem not only with pedophilia, but with endangering their flock by covering up these instances and moving these predators to a new group of victims. The connection that has come out between the Vatican and the Mafia will drive even more people from the church. Every generation there are fewer and fewer followers. Once the "greatest generation" and the baby boomers die off, the church will have lost the majority of their flock. In 50 years will the church have any relevancy left?

        • RoryT

          Hello Ken:
          Thanks for the response. In my opinion Europe has de-Christianized much faster than the USA.
          The American problem is tax money is used to eliminate the "free exercise of
          faith" in public and Anti 1st Amendment judges have infiltrated the court
          systems. I predict the courts will correct themselves and religious freedom will
          return to Americans once again. Then, children won't grow up seeing only
          negative propaganda against Christianity as has been the case since 1963. The
          de-Christianizing is probably due to
          easy living under socialism. But, the gravy train of using other peoples money
          has run out. Now chaos and Islam (slavery) is rapidly filling in the void.
          Progressives/atheists are pushing us into the same abyss. Riots, warlords,
          murder, starvation are never very far behind in when Christians are eliminated.
          Thus, be careful what you wish. I believe Jesus when he promised "The Church
          will prevail against the gates of hell, until the end of time". So far it has
          been 2,000 years. There have been many times more challenging than now. Thanks
          for listening. Cheers.

  • Always PoliticallyInCorrect

    I dont thik rainbow camo is going to go over very well!

  • Zardos

    This is NUTS !!

  • oxnin

    napensnake: SEMPRE FI MARINE...OXNIN: 0311-0331..RSVN-67-68....Marines, our Corps is being destroyed by this gov. As to all the fags and lesbo's....Give a them all on ptrls as point, stick the fems as tail end's

    • Ronald

      If a re Homo. a day disappeared from the Armed Serves and was found six months later with a rainbow wrapped around them they might move in the white house with Obama,at least till November!

      • fightforfreedom

        inciting violence? why do you need to sink to that level? a-hole

  • Zardos

    I DO NOT agree with this.
    What does that make me?

  • grannylake

    In the Obama administration everyone belongs to a special group and receives special attention special EXCEPT white men.
    Real Americans will stand together as American.

  • scarfacesquirrel

    Amazing, I cannot believe this politically correct crap. Why
    must I conform to some freak of nature’s perversion? I do not force anyone to
    conform to my beliefs or desires. How about just being a frickin” Marine if you
    can make it, and doing the honorable thing and presenting yourself and the Corp
    in a good light. You want to do your thing, do it in private, don’t involuntarily
    involve me in your self degradation and I won’t involuntarily involve you in
    my ritualistic sacrifices… This too shall pass but the Corp will go on forever.
    SEMPER FI my Brothers of all Branches,
    This will not stand.

  • majorl3

    We are bringing about our own destruction and the judgement of God upon this nation, it is here now drought in the west forest fires, tornadoes hurricanes and the fall of America, God have mercy on us!


    I'm a USMC UpSetVet that's white and straight. Being gay is NOT okay, it's a sexual perversion and immoral lifestyle. If a person wants to be a sodomite that's their choice but don't try to force me to say it's okay because it's not. I know it and the gays know it.

  • f8tul

    saw the cover of the magazine to the right and didn't need to read the article..

    Gay is a word that means happy.. I have NOT EVER MET A HAPPPY QUEER.. You are the dregs of society when you open your mouth.. Society gave in and you wanted more.. the more will stop once we get the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA OUT OF OUR HOUSE..

    it's not enough we gave you San fransisco?? you want Queers anywhere and everywhere....

    crawl back in the closet, because nobody wants you, not even your parents.. And therein lies the problem.. Your parents don't want you because you are disgusting and perverted (not in a good way either, but as a perversion) and the act of homosexuality is an abomination to God, our Father who art in heaven,... God doesn't hate you and neither do I,, It is the act of homosexuality that I dislike,,

    this God-fearing faith in Jesus Christian will not turn another cheek for I have turned it too many times.. It is time to comeback and shut y'all up once and for all.. The SILENT MAJORITY WILL WAKE UP...

    and once we completely do you will know what we mean by WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!

  • ConservaDave

    The Marine Corps is the military branch that most strikes fear into the hearts of statists like Obama and Panetta (is he the leaker of classified secrets?) because they are so different from the other branches. The once a Marine always a Marine attitutude, their loyaly, fighting spirit and adherrance to honor, duty and morality cannot be tolerated. Therefore, the traitorous Obama regime must destroy the Corps and this is best done from undermining them from within.
    Genesis 15:16 explains that God was holding back on the deserved judgment of the Amorites because their "iniquity [was] not yet full. Is God holding off on His judgment of America until our iniquity is full?
    "Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil." -Ecclesiastes 8:14

  • wyldfyrnomad

    We as a nation are going to pay dearly for this disgrace, this arrogant defiance of God's Word. You know I have never understood why a person or persons would want to have as their primary identity the manner in which they have sex! I am a wildland firefighter...I am proud of that. The Marines who have commented are proud of that, and rightly so. But to be homosexual?

    • BenjiFranklin

      I doubt anybody sees that being proud of being any active service member, former, or any other jobwould be wrong, but to equate that people that have been shunned by society -- by race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or preference....are you not aware of HUMAN RIGHTS, CIVIL RIGHTS? Apparently, only in a small-minded judgmental world you appear to be living in, with little contact with others not like you makes it GOD LIKE to hate or judge others, many who may not be of your faith? sex? ethnicity? Before you judge --as we all tend to by nature, look in the mirror and possibly contemplate you are not the only person in the world, and if you believe in GOD that maybe humanity and human compassion are in order in this troubled war-filled world, with hunger, disease, political discourse, disasters, and so on that if anything-- one should show a little compassion and that I would think would make a so-called Christian proud. Judge not...but you know the verse, I am sure, you can 'Bible-check' it.

  • Bass Boat Bill

    Loopy Leon Panetta is a dam disgrace... He is also a communist.... I could be wrong, but he appears to be a hard core alcoholic as well...
    To all the military members posting on this thread - THANK YOU one & all for your service !!

    • CARLjr

      I could be wrong, but I heard Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990.

    • BenjiFranklin

      don't forget Pappy and Georgie W Bushes....and Cheney.....the war mongers who never have seen a war, deserters and so far...was it 5 deferments from CHENEY? They could not even testify under oath about 9/11 Commission, which was a joke in of itself....and lack of preparedness for the actual attacks that fateful day, despite all the international warnings leading up to yes, hate on those you don't agree with, but wish there was a little more anger from the nuts on the right and far right, about the REAL 9/11, but guess we can re-write history, modify, change actual events, like 2001-2008 never happened? Yes, hypocrisy lives esp on the right-wing nutjobs....keep up the crazy talk.

  • MIKE


    • Ronald

      Sadly some of them are so stupid they will vote for the closet Homo. combination Muslim again too, but not enough of them!

    • BenjiFranklin

      YEAH! Change is good, but stupidity lives on forever, enjoy it while it lasts...and lasts in small, empty minds like yours and the ilk that just spew hatred and laughable comments, not based in reality.

  • Hudmar

    We are a sick society to celebrate a state of Perversion.

  • BP

    The American military's greatness has been rooted in the fact that it has traditionally set, and demanded, the highest standards of personal conduct, duty, morality, and honor and if you CHOOSE NOT TO adhere to them you will not be part of it. Changing it to an organization where anything goes will end its days of greatness. There is nothing honorable, natural, or moral about two men or two women being lovers. I don't care if you choose to do it. It's your business, I don't care, and I don't hate you. It just doesn't belong in this nation's military. Just like we vote out representatives in Washington who fail to uphold our standards and beliefs, we also have a right to decide who will represent us in our military. Every company and organization has the right to set standards. Pedophiles should not be allowed to work in daycare facilities or schools. Felons convicted of armed robbery shouldn't work in banks or be trusted with money. Don't you dare call me a bigot or intolerant either because it is the miltant gay movement, which IS ONLY 2% of the population, that is intolerant of anyone who disagress with them. I'm in the 98% that says you can do whatever you want, just don't expect me to redefine everything to suit you and only you.

    • BenjiFranklin

      So then I am sure you do not mind all the sexual harassment that goes underreported over years and years in the military...guess that part of the CODE OF CONDUCT is ok with you?

  • Ronald

    Wont be long now and we will have to have a draft again since no one will enlist in a service of Sick Homo's like Obama and Panetta! And nice thing then we may start seeing some of the Aids carrying sicko's disappear!

    • azwayne

      Citizens cannot require anyone to go into the houses of perversion of this corrupt government. Your draft is meaningless when citizens don't uphold. Until lawfulness returns to America, quit subsidizing, you're paying for these queer parades and shows, when do you care??

  • speedy7201

    This is how far we've fallen in life.. This is what Liberalism has done to this country... This makes me sick...
    Why is it that every BS issue they all have has to be broadcast and supposedly celebrated? as stated in the article? Honestly, I could care less hwo is gay and who is not. However, when you put it in my face day in and day out, then things change....
    The first thing we need to do, is Liberate America of the Progressive Liberal Communist Socialist fools in this country and eradicate them from our society...

    • BenjiFranklin

      LOL....hilarious, I suggest you look up the words and how LIBERAL and PROGRESSIVE mean open-mindedness, moving ahead, if you like staying in the past, slavery, anti-women's rights, child labor, and the list goes on.....then maybe re-think what you are really saying.....if anybody is putting anything IN YOUR FACE, sure it is not on their own volition, as are you paying for that service, to be IN YOUR FACE?

  • Sweet Sue

    Dress them in brown pants so 'We the People', don't have to see their ,after-play. UGH!!!

  • Voteoutrinos

    The left wants to ruin our military and our credibility.
    I don't know one marine that thinks this is cool.
    This should be the one thing you remember when you vote, the left hates America and loves collective globalism which is tyranny and loss of freedom for all.

    • BenjiFranklin

      yes, drop all your guns and go shopping (like W., bushy said after 9/11..."go shopping" in response to 9/11/2001).....and sure you know EVERY marine in that is enlisted so your opinion I am sure that speaks for the whole US why they conducted all the research prior to all the changes on how it would affect, and to little date, just the usual suspects that do not like change, are sore losers esp when it comes to politics....have to cheat to win when you cannot win fairly -- buy the media to FIXnews in your lie, misinform, no real journalism here, "f" the Fourth Estate, man -- and while you are at it, maybe we want "our country back" you mean the one we stole and massacred the original Native Americans before the rest of us landed here? Hmmm, wonder if that has crossed your mind, but I suspect it is CLOSED one. Good luck with your hatred, sad little lonely judgmental world, where you live in opposite-land vs. reality land....and I say a little prayer for you, as you need lots of healing, freedom .... so free your mind, let the hate will feel better.

  • MarieJ27

    I hope people will wake up and take notice that President Obama could care less about any body, especially all that we hold dear in America and that is our God, Country and flag. He will be kicking us around until he walks out the door in January, 2013.

  • Blair

    Homosexuals make up about 1% of the population.

  • nightlyonewolf

    I will always be a Marine, but I do not have to like what my Corps has become under this leadership. I am saddened the Commandant of the MC is allowing this by jumping on the bandwagon. We were all the same....all green. No one was above the other. No one.

  • 1776Patirot

    I retired with my 24 years last weekend. I never saw a black heritage month or any specific group month we were all airman and we were wingmen. This only serves to add to the divisivness of gays in the military I don't care what you do after work. Come to work do your job go home. Why must you smear it in my face. I'm not allowed to bring my bible to work and preach and share my beliefs but your open to discuss your sexual behavior and are being rewarded for such actions. Have to assume Panetta has some gays in his family that this is all about.

  • WilliamSpires

    In the future the military recruiters may have a quota on the number of heterosexuals allowed to enlist then comes the no promotions to a higher rank if you are straight. I'm also waiting for the lawsuit to allow transgender males to wear female uniforms and vice versa, then comes the barracks and restroom problem, one size fits all I guess. Hey, dude wheres my country - 90 miles an hour down a dead end street to Hell.

  • drdbiggs

    I don't like fa99ots because I was born this way & I just can't change!

  • Ron

    There is nothing to be proud of.


    I as an American born citizen am very repulsed by this, and our so called President!!!!!! As far as i am concerned, I think every state in the country should remove Obama from the ballot based on the ruling passed down from the Florida Supreme court that states, OBAMA IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT, AS HE DOES NOT MEET THE CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENTS!!!! Back to the Marines, my cousin is a Marine, and he is also repulsed by this!!!! May God forgive our country for what it has become!!!!!!!!

  • Randy Crawford

    It's bad enough that homosexuality is pointless, stupid, totally useless, and accomplishes nothing more than spreading around AIDS and syphilis at over 50 times the heterosexual promiscuity rate. In the military, homo perversion gets peopl...e killed. The purpose of the military is to be combat ready when needed, not a social engineeering project basking in perpetual peacetime. Everyone from top commander to lowliest private or sailor has to be ready to pull guard and watch duty to protect personnel, weapons, ammo, and food 24/7/365. The queers claim they "can't help being that way" and can't restrain themselves. Now who would be dumb enough to put me on guard duty with Miss June panting in the moonlight and trust me to keep my attention limited to watching for enemy infiltrators? Yet we are supposed to be dumb enough to think perverts are going to keep their attention on protecting the barracks or the ship when they are left to their own devices hours on end on their guard duty. While they are distracted by their admitted irresistible urges, grenades get tossed among sleeping troops and attacking jets come sink the ship. And when commanders are known or even suspected of favoritism because of a sexual relationship with a subordinate who gets safe cushy combat assignments while everyone else is getting high-mortality assignments, rightful rage grows fast. It is risky enough to let women anywhere near wartime missions, but homo degeneration worsens the dangers of jealous resentments exponentially. Since Obama wants to ruin the nation so he can re-engineer everything from its ashes, it is only to be expected he would put a priority on totally perverting our military, and celebrating his debacle as he goes. Obama has no kids in uniform, so why would he worry about killing off someone else's children?

    • BenjiFranklin

      So all the time that you served or anyone in history has served, have never been serving next to a 'homo' and not knowing it before DADT was repealed? was there this huge problem of drag queens and feminine guys, butch gals that could not do the job we apparently did not know about? All you speak of is hatred and no understanding of someone that is not LIKE you (or maybe that is that hatred...that deep-seeded hatred and fear is that you ARE like that and hate yourself for that real attraction you have?) It is sad when you speak of all the DUMB lies and disinformation you spread--like a typical right-winger that is set on the 1700s....and don't embrace change or differences for the betterment of mankind and a society at large. But no, you can babble about what you "think you know" or presuppose what will happen with these changes, you know damn well they do not happen; you really need to face reality and your lying talking points do not work with the vast majority of the public and people that either know or have people in their family, friends that may be gay or lesbian....regardless what your religion may teach you, I don't believe any religion or non-region person of any faith works on the premise of hatred and judging. So keep telling yourself that someone next to you in the military, that is not like you, gay or straight, man or women does not have your back....well, if they understood your hatred, I hope you hope THEY have your back, because seriously man if you spew such irrational thoughts and hatred, then don't know if I would have yours.....

  • lizaz

    It's too bad the Marines and the other military have been denigrated this way....just for votes....that's all........


    I say to Panetta,Carter,Dempsey,and Winnefield all of you are Hell bound what have you in the Defense Dept .turned America into Our Nation is One Nation under God guess all of you must be Gay to even do and think such a thing I'm ashame to say I'm an American

    • BenjiFranklin

      Oh yes, small-minded little bigot.....A nation of GOD that would judge, or unless you are the judge the jury all in one now? Hmm, apparently you read a different Bible than most much for compassionate conservative, or judging others......but sure you like to pick and choose verses or interpret them as suits you, or the Constitution, and so on....poor poor little soul, lost soul that is. Pray for you.


    none of this ever came about until Obama got into office

  • ruhappy?

    What kind of PRIDE is this anyway? Proud of your abnormal, sick lifestyle? Remember, one man and one woman has been put on ballots in 32 states and EVERY TIME it's voted on, we the people speak! Why change the laws of the land for so very few people? 2-3 % of the population practice this sick lifestyle! Do the math! That means 97%+ lead normal lifestyles!

    • BenjiFranklin

      Apparently you have not read any science material, psychology on it has not been noted as an 'illness' for it is just your fear of probably makes you fear the most....look in the mirror lately?

  • Ken Fullilove


    • BenjiFranklin

      glad you are not there and sure they are glad as you would not have anyones back apparently on your own stereotypes and fears...get over it.

  • Robert

    This whole gay thing was a mistake from the beginning and it will never get any better. Having served in the military the forcing of gays on the military is a mistake. There are always been dedicated soldiers, sailors, and airmen who served their country with distinction that were gay and no one had a problem with you It to yourself. The same way the married man never brought their wives into the barracks nor men bring their girlfriends, under normal circumstances, so why openly gay individuals be turned loose in their own private hunting reserve. That does not even take into account the higher percentage of HIV among the gay community. This is especially bad in one way for the United States Marine Corps! Myself being Navy begins only meeting to the old joke that we shared with our Marine shipmates and brothers" the comment that the Marines are always looking for a few good men" is sorted makes it no longer funny.

  • danclamage

    When I was on recruiter duty, two young women came into the recruiting station. They asked each recruiter just one question: is it true there are gays and lesbians in their branch of service? Each recruiter from Army, Navy and Air Force said "well," or "yes," whereupon the two two young ladies walked to the next office. When they got to me, I said, "Not in MY Marine Corps!" Satisfied, they sat down and talked about joining The Corps when they graduated high school the following year. Semper Fi!

    • BenjiFranklin

      So I guess they were just there to get a piece maybe? lol No wonder there is such a high rate of sexual abuse and harassment there, so PROUD of that stat, I am sure.....disgraceful.

  • Dennis VanMeter

    What gets me is that LGBT clime we are
    forcing our way down their throats, even though are way has been around since
    Adam and Eve, but they, LGBT, are forcing their way down our throats, forcing
    it upon us and our children, forcing it in to our education system by lying to
    our children that it is ok, they what to take what is ours and make it theirs,
    like gay use to mean happy, upbeat, glad, now it means same sex attraction and
    no longer our word, now they won’t our marriage for them self’s and trying to
    take that away from us, they need to find their own words and stop taking ours.
    Everyone complains of discrimination when it is the strait White that is being decremented
    agent, there is a celebration for everything except strait white issue and negative
    things about whites is ok but everything ells is a hate crime, I am tired of
    hearing everyone ells complains about discrimination till they can except that
    we strait whites are being discriminated agent, I have never believed in discrimination
    in any form and never will and I all so believe in the word of God and will
    follow his will and not the will of the world.

  • catman

    I am homophobic, racist against gays, a bigot and any other tag you might wish to put on me. And what's more I'M DAMNED PROUD OF IT!!!

    • CARLjr

      Then proudly tell one of these gay marines how you feel. You will need to blend your food from now on.

    • BenjiFranklin

      Good, the FEW, the proud the sad little pathetic racist world you revolve in full of mirrors, sad sad.

  • GDC

    There is NOTHING to be proud of being MENTALLY SICK, PSYCHOTIC, a PERVERT and PEDOPHILE!

    • BenjiFranklin

      Yes, if you are that embarrassed about being ill, please seek help immediately; intensive therapy, probably some time to commit yourself, then heavy medication to relax...such hatred, sad.

  • GDC

    1 in 6 boys are RAPED by a HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE. That amounts to 23,000,000 boys that have bee RAPED by HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILES.

    • IDConstitutionist

      I have to agree. I recently found out from my son that he was molested by a Boy Scout leader while at a campout. While the leader was married at the time (late 80's), he later divorced and married his new "wife"....a man! I have several friends that have found out that their sons were molested/raped by homosexuals. It's more prevalent than commonly thought.

      • BenjiFranklin

        and don't forget about all the priests molestations, and the big sexual assaults, rapes reported and underreported in the military...and that includes straight officers that have molested other yes keep using various cases to blanket a whole population......I guess all priests, all military, etc are all bad people because of some cases of abuse....please do some research and just a few cases you 'heard of'----the military cases ARE actual cases and numbers that have been reported as Sens have reported receiving In recent hearings, so look in the military mirror before casting stones elsewhere. (and that IS larger than society at about a culture or environment for subordinates that have reported and then not believed of sexual abuse/assault.....)

    • BenjiFranklin

      what a blatant dumb and stupid comment...and what about the made up statistic of the other 5 of 6 that supposedly are raped by???? Idiotic, grow a brain, please!

  • CrazyOldPreacher

    Where are the GEN Krulaks? This current commandant Amos is a fraud. A politician, an air winger and an immoral twit. Females in the infantry and not just letting homosexuals in but going beyond the pale with gay pride month and brainwashing training for the enlisted ranks and threats and coercion against junior officers and chaplains. Add that to the bogus rules of engagement in Afghanistan, drones over the USA and let me tell you what you have -- not the Marine Corps but our Dear Leader's fantasy domestic security force.

  • Tom Driscoll Sr.

    How about celebrating Christian Pride Month, Jewish Pride month, Native American Pride Month, Atheist Pride Month, Married Men Month, Married Women Month, (these last two being heterosexual Couples)" do you get the Idea?????

    • David Bruneau

      Athiest Pride month is April-starts on April 1st
      April Fools Day

  • Jeff Horton

    This proves how divisive this administration is. By separating Races and Sexual preferences from the main stream. Now they are dividing the military into sub groups instead of united together we stand. When people are singled out it creates division. Exactly how we will lose our country. This division is a communist plot in my opinion.

  • Jeff Horton

    How about we E-mail this link and comments to all the liberals that are in office. And Panetta the Azz wipe.

  • opar5

    This homosexual policy effectively neuters our military. Security "leaks," from "WikiLeaks," to outing those who collaborate with us, to revealing our specific methodologies, destroys our intelligence efforts. Spending our way to prosperity is bankrupting our nation. Over-Regulation is destroying our ability to survive and thrive. Our open borders, welcome mat and welfare state is destroying our culture. Importation of entire villages of Muslim "refugees" - totaling tens of thousands - that are forbidden to be our friends is setting up a very difficult problem that may get physical very fast. If Obama really converted to Christianity, why can't he remember his pastors firey sermons - or does the Muslim world know smething about our supposed apostate that we do not that precludes the hash sharia penelty for apostacy?

    • Jeff Horton

      Obama will befriend these people and then cut their heads off when sharia law becomes the law of the land.

  • Jeff Brodhead


  • Marisa

    The entire history of this country has been spent celebrating White pride and Straight Pride. Get a grip on what is real-what is now.

  • Tattoomama

    I asked my son-in-law, who is in the Navy, how morale has been affected by this--and he said it is sinking just about as fast as a German U-boat that was torpedoed by a US destroyer during WWII. He said that the don't ask/don't tell policy, while not perfect, did generally work. When we pander to any group--regardless of what that group represents--we don't get good policy.

  • KarenKi

    It's great to read from so many folks out there who think like my husband & I. We were just thinking out loud the other day how low this country has sunk to; got a lame a@@ for a President; immoral behaviour is the new standard of conduct around here (notice the increase in stuff like bullying & road rage incidents over the past few years?); more lame, worthless men doing nothing/not working but oh so busy procreating (and then walking out the door); can't trust anyone anymore; increase in crime, drug use, weird crap like homosexual behaviours, and a general, "live and let live" / "I'll do what i want" attitude, and me first / me, me, me / "I'm special". No more working for the common good, doing a good turn/deed; sacrificng so others might have; common courtesies; responsible childrearing, instilling discipline, consequences; respect for authority/adults/ the law. Morals, values and ethics that bound Jew and Gentile alike through the 50's and 60's, gave way to free love, free sex, liberalism, socialism, etc and all the bs that goes with that today. Sickening. We need to go back to the old ways, and we need a really good, strong leader who won't buckle and cave into special interest groups, etc and really stand up for the majority of the American people and OUR will. And that does NOT incluode welfare lifers, criminals, illegal immigrants/aliens, illegitimate kids, etc. Socialism is creating in-fighting among us, the more fractionalized we become, the more divided we are; we cannot fight effectively as a group. The lefties know this all too well. Look at how the gays, minorities, the atheists, etc seem to have more power/clout than the majority of us normal, God-fearing folks! I agree with other posters - wake up, America and take back our country.

  • KarenKi

    Wish they'd all go back to the closet. really, we dont need nor want to know about their sick lifestyle. We were all better off not knowing. I dont advertise my sexuality or what I do in the bedroom; why must they?

  • Corsica

    I don't know, what do they mean by openly homosexual? Do they go skipping around the barracks wearing wigs and makeup? Do they throw pocketbooks at their enemies? Well, straight servicemen should start a "straight pride month" and whites should have a "white pride month" . Fair is fkg fair. Enough of these inconsequential groups dictating to the majority.

  • Thomas Richard Allen

    Once again folks, it's time to turn the tables on this would-be dictator and his cronies and get them out of Washington and maybe indict a few of them for treason. Say NO to BO in November !

  • Mike C.

    So now we straights are going to have to demonstrate to have our own showers, so we aren't bothered. What's the regulations in an open-bay setting when there's a pair of boyfriends amongst us? What will be the Uniform of the Day? Two? One for us and one for the gays? What a twisted world our noble Armed Services have become.And I hear the Navy is looking at an all-female crew for one of its' ships. And those comments, I'll leave to others. Obama's watering of America; and then Leon wants to cut the military... Liberals and American standards and values don't go together.

  • Taylor Wallis

    Personally I don't see what is so bad about the military celebrating months in which are a part of military personnel's lives. I do think they should celebrate every month that can be near and dear to personnel's hearts if they are going to do the ones they are already celebrating. However, I also don't know why we need to celebrate all this. Why can't there just be an American month, because that is what we all are. Or why not just celebrate an Armed Forces of the United States month.