More Democrats Turning Away From Barack Obama

Earlier this month, I wrote Dems Abandoning Obama and Joining GOP, in which I listed several Democrats that were not just abandoning President Barack Obama, but abandoning the entire Democratic Party and joining the ranks of the Republicans.

In the latest round of dissatisfaction with Obama and his performance so far, three West Virginia Democrats have announced that they will not be attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina come September.

West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin is an automatic superdelegate to the convention and as such would be expected to be in attendance.  However, he recently announced that he intended to remain in his state and tend to the business at hand.  The Governor has made it known that he has serious problems with Obama and his policies, but his spokesman has told reporters that he also has serious problems with Mitt Romney as well.

A great deal of speculation surrounds Tomblin’s vote in the state primary election which was held back on May 8, 2012.  Tomblin has been asked many times if he voted for Obama but he repeatedly refuses to divulge if he did or didn’t, causing many to speculate that he may not have voted for Obama. 

Sen Joe Manchin (D-WV) has also announced that he will not be attending the DNC in Charlotte.  In a statement released by his office, Manchin gave the reasons for his no show as,

“I intend to spend this fall focused on the people of West Virginia, whether that’s representing them in my official U.S. Senate duties or here at home, where I can hear about their concerns and ideas to solve the problems of this great nation. I will remain focused on bringing people together for the next generation, not the next election."

Like Gov Tomblin, Manchin refuses to say whether or not he voted for Obama in the state’s primary or if he intends to vote for him in the general election in November.  President Barack Obama is so unpopular that a Texas prison inmate won 10 counties and took 41% of the Democratic vote in the state’s primary.  Consequently, Manchin has been trying to distance himself from the president as he is running for re-election to the Senate against Republican John Raese.

The third prominent West Virginia Democrat to announce that he will not be attending the DNC is Rep Nick Rahall.  In his statement, Rahall said,

“We are a nation of immigrants.  But I believe that the president is wrong on this issue -- as wrong as he can be.  For every immigrant who came to this country legally, abiding by the process and respecting the law, this action is a slap in the face.  For the American workers, who will be forced to compete for American jobs against immigrant aliens, this action is a slap in the face.”

Rahall spoke to his fellow members of the House of Representatives about Obama’s immigration announcement last Friday, saying,

“The Constitution requires the president to enforce the law.  It authorizes the president to recommend changes to the law.  It does not -- does not -- permit the president to selectively choose which laws to enforce.  More important than party, and more important than presidential politics, must be the upholding of the constitution and seeing to it that the laws are faithfully executed.  This action may make for good politics in some quarters of our Nation, but it sets a terrible and dangerous precedent.”

I’m glad to see a Democrat stand up and condemn Obama’s illegal executive order.  If Rahall feels that strongly about the illegality of what Obama did, then I urge him to join Iowa Rep Steve King in filing a lawsuit and asking a federal court for an injunction to stop the executive order from taking place.

While it’s gratifying to see more Democrats taking issue with Barack Obama, their absence really won’t make much of a difference to the convention anyway.  The only thing that could make a difference is if Obama is declared to be ineligible to run or hold the office of President of the United States by judges around the nation.  One judge in particular, Judge Terry Lewis in Florida, may be making such a ruling in the very near future.



  • budman

    It appears that finally some Democrats realize how far left and corrupt the Obama administration is.

    • alexander

      or that they are from the will of the people who voted them into office

    • Doodlebug

      Hooray, can it be that some of the dummicrats are smartening up? I hope it holds until Nov. when they go to the polls.

    • Phil_in_VA

      not finally, WV was gone a long time ago

  • William M

    After today's revelations (Executive Privilege) there SHOULD be a mass exodus but I ain't holding my breath!..

    • Daniel from TN

      The question is not IF more Democrats will exit the Democrat Party to distance themselves from obama: The question is, how many?

  • Screeminmeeme

    I've been praying since the last election that God would confound the counsel of the wicked. It is happening as Obama and Holder, bit by bit, continue to make tactical errors (like the immigration pronouncement and the Fast and Furious fiasco), and their not-so-loyal minions are starting to leave their sinking ship. Thank you Lord.

    • USAForever48

      Thank you, Lord. In Jesus' name. Amen!!!
      And there are those who say that God does not answer prayer. Bah!!!!

  • Daniel from TN

    I am convinced Terry Lewis will make the right LEGAL decision and not a political decision. He has made some rulings in the past that even he did not like, but he made those rulings because that is what the law required in those situations. Lewis leaves his personal beliefs out of his rulings. This is an example to be followed by all judges nationwide, including a few SCOTUS justices.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    The best thing Obama could do at DNC, tell everyone to get themselves a honest Black Man, because I'm going home to Chicago, as Rahm has offered me a honest job, I'll be cleaning his office after 5:00 PM. Maybe, I'll do better at an honest job!

    • alexander

      I hope and pray that it happens but would be even happier if he was beaten out by one of the 800,000 illegals he granted amnesty to.

  • Jerry Zepatos

    god is starting to answer our prayers and save this country obama is evil

  • Mary

    Dick Morris warns: After election income taxes will go through the roof in 2nd Obama administration. Capital gains taxes on sale of home will double. Dick says distribute this video far and wide:

    • alexander

      I agree but if you look at the record of Dick Morris over the many, many years of service, you will actually see that,shifting from party to party, he actually is a Dick.







  • craigmayberry

    The bottom line question is, Are you an American or a democrat?


      This is a question I have been asking for some time now.True Americans would not do what the "DEMOCRATS" have been doing against our country since Obama took office.If I were a "DEMOCRAT" i most certainly would not brag about it or even be able to hold my head up.Remember the old adage?-"AS AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE".--Well now it's-"AS UNAMERICAN AS A DEMOCRAT".

  • Ruggedlark

    What is interesting, is that these democrats can see how the president has hurt their party, and I think by their actions, many other dems will follow their lead.

  • d1032

    It is apparent that these Dems have reflected what happened to their 'bretheran' during the election that saw 63 Dems defeated in the House to begin the '10 session.
    They backed O'dumbo and his programs, mostly the health care program, and they learned very quickly how the American people felt, thus they are no longer in D.C.
    Any Dem up for re-election this fall will encounter the same fate.
    And O'liar Chief will throw you/them under the bus just as quickly as the election results come in AND NONE OF IT WILL HIS FAULT.
    In simplest terms: He uses you and then abuses you until he is through with you and then he disposes you.
    I have no earthly idea how anyone can 'hook onto his coat tail' and expect to survive.

    • alexander


    • tsitala

      d1032 you said:
      In simplest terms: He uses you and then abuses you until he is through with you and then he disposes you.
      I couldn't help but remember David Young, Nate Spencer, Larry Bland, and of course, Sinclair, but he's the one still alive. If staunch Obama followers think they won't be used, abused and then disposed, they better educate themselves.

  • dondh

    Thank God, these Dems. are beginning to see the light! Let's hope more follow suit! This bozo we call our president MUST GO NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE, OR FOR SURE IN NOVEMBER! WE CANNOT AFFORD ANOTHER TERM IN OFFICE WITH THIS ANTI-AMERICAN SOCIALIST MUSLIM!

    • alexander

      In my humble opinion, these fools may be Democrats, but the are Americans first and as such had better start listening to the people who voted them into office. IF they don't, the word office, for which they stand, can very easily be turned into orifice which is where we will stick it to them come election time

  • shortitalian

    Obama has made a mockery of our country.The imigrants that became citizens through the legal system must be offended at the way Obama has created his own set of laws.Obama and his son Eric need to go now with no taxpayer benefits.Jail would be a great option.

    • alexander

      They could have "bo" the dog for dinner

  • f8tul

    Obama was born in Kenya, which disqualifies him right there.. Besides.. is he even a citizen??? he is using a fraudulent SS card and that tells me he IS NOT A CITIZEN....


  • TPS12

    Forget party vote for our country. OB is killing the US from within and must go!

    • alexander

      I feel that the Rebublic will sustain and rise again to greatness. Some of these idiots in DC are starting to understand that "WE THE PEOPLE" are finally waking up and holding their privates to the fire. OB must go as do Reid and Pelosi, in my humble opinion

  • Charlie

    Hmmm....thinking for themselves. Retaining rights to personal beliefs and integrity issues.

    I didn't either major party, the Democrats in particular, allowed that anymore.

    How refreshing.

  • Miroco

    There is hope! Raised in post WW II Texas I didn't know a guy who wasn't conservative and didn't know a family who wasn't Democrat. The dim primary was our election. It took us about two decades to realign, now excepting Austin and some downtown big city districts and a sliver on the border we are Bright Red, most areas the Republicans run unopposed. True, a lot of them are politicians no matter what party, but we are generally very conservative. Even our Texas born Mexican population is conservative.

  • Michael Curl

    I knew this idiot would step on his dick!

  • Doc

    It's good news that some of the more same members of the Democratic party are either switching sides or refusing to go along with the rest of the fools. But, don't forget that Obama was their "poster guy" who exemplified everything the liberal left believed in and promoted. He took his marching orders seriously and accomplished the progressive ends that his party elected him to do; never mind if it was a minor thing like unconstitutional. Why let inconvenient things like laws get in the way? To my mind, the Democrats got exactly what they wanted and now that they see that millions of Americans are not swallowing it, now it's time to jump the sinking ship. Rats will do that. I only hope that this trend will continue and that the courage of a few will translate into a mushrooming mass which will send an undeniable message that Obama is finished. I'm only surprised that it took this long as it was painfully obvious in 2010 when the mid-term elections were held that Obama's policies ended the careers of many Democratic members of House. But of course, they were just the expected collateral damage incurred in the wake of the mighty Obama and he could go on believing that he is King of the Universe. I must admit that seeing justice done and seeing Obama reap the fruits of his labors would be a sweet day indeed. All I would really like to see is that our Constitution be upheld, the rule of law be sacrosanct, the American people have the ultimate voice, the spending in DC be curtailed, the budget balanced, freedom ring from one end of the country to the other and religion be championed and extolled and free as it was meant to be.

  • Blair

    The rats are always the first to desert the sinking ship.

  • harrydweeks

    Finally a few Dem's. with a spine.


    The only thing that I find about these dims who are now bailing on the great one it is so typical of the Dims who are up for re-election to all of a sudden bail on the great one, when they had 4 years to do so, funny how that is, isn't it.

  • Walter Portier

    It time for all Democrats to wake up and stop supporting Obama the trader. He seem to be more of an enemy to americans then a good leader. He has bad judgement and do not know what to do. He just on the wrong side of american values. Look at all the things he scred up. Look at all the anti americans he had advising him. It no wonder we have so many bad things comming out of the white house. Let all vote against Obama and his anti american values. Let send him to the unemployment line he and his traders made so big...................Climit change a big fraud......
    Obama ,Wife on the take of our dollars.
    government miss guiding all of

  • keepersleeper

    Voters in New Jersey: Get Rid of Menendez and Lautenberg!