Pro Obama Biographer Admits Obama Family History Based On Myth

Yet another Barack Obama biography has been recently published.  This time it was written by someone friendly to Obama.  David Maraniss, in his book, Barack Obama: The Story, sought to chronicle the early years of young Obama and tell of things that molded and shaped him into being the person he is today.

Maraniss diligently researched as much as he could about Obama’s childhood, including the relationship between his parents.  He looked up records and interviewed as many people as possible that may have had some knowledge of Barack Obama Sr and Ann Dunham, his father and mother.

But what Maraniss discovered was that the family history told by Obama at the 2004 National Democratic Convention and again during the 2008 presidential campaign is more fiction than fact.

For instance, Maraniss found out from close friends of Obama Sr in his 1961-62 college days that most of them never knew or heard of Ann or a child.  One of those friends, a Cambodian named Kiri Tith was supposedly very close to Obama Sr.  Tith told Maraniss that he had met Ann, but not though Barack and that he never had any clue that Ann and Barack even knew each other, let alone that she got pregnant by him.  Yet Obama Jr tells everyone how close his parents were in those days.

Maraniss also notes that according to Obama Jr’s birth certificate, his family lived in the home of Dunham’s parents at 6085 Kalanianole Highway.  But Obama Sr informed the INS that only Ann and her baby lived there without him.  Yet, in his investigation, Maraniss learned that at that time, the Pratt family lived with Ann’s parents at that house and there was no room for Ann and her baby to stay there.  When he interviewed the Pratt’s daughter, she had no recollection of Ann or the baby staying at the house.

There are other inconsistencies in Obama’s early life that Maraniss discovered.  He said that when you add them all up, that Obama’s version of his life as told in 2004 and 2008 are “received myth, not the truth.”

So why is Barack Obama continually lying about his life?  Perhaps this is why he has been refusing to make any of his records available for scrutiny.  They probably contain a truth he would rather the American people never heard.  Instead, he continues to lie to us every time he opens his mouth.

And if you can’t believe what he says about his own life, do you really want him in control of yours?



  • Screeminmeeme

    The thing that really pisses me off is that all of this garbage about this lying POS and his nebulous past could have been exposed by the media but they refused to do their job...and now we have to deal with Obama's agenda, make sure he's kicked out of office, and UNDO, if possible, all the damage he's done to America. Where was Maraniss, O'Reilly, Sustern, Blitzer, Cooper, et al?.....Where?......

    In Obama's pocket.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Sorry for the duplication. I thought they wouldn't post because of the language so I changed it. :(
      Too bad we can't edit.

      • Mary

        yes godfather politics why don't you add an edit feature so we can delete our duplicate post's and correct our spelling error's. Many forums offer this feature. You must edit in the first 24 hours otherwise the post stay's as is.

    • ves

      A lot of us did try bring his past and lack of US Birthcertificate to everyones attention and ALL News sources tried to make out like we were nuts!!! Including OReilly & Hannity and the rest of Fox!!! Obama is a Racist...radical muslim....Marxist/Communist/Socialist.......just like so many of our elected officials in both parties!!! We need to shut down ALL IMMIGRATION for at least five years so Americans can again have JOBS and we can verify who exactly our government has been allowing to become Citizens of the US!!!!

      • Hooch

        The Globalists agenda is to weaken the nation and bring it in line with the "New World Order" that's why they are allowing amnesty for the aliens, just another piece of the Illuminati puzzle.

  • Screeminmeeme

    What really really angers me about this is that all of this information about Obama's lying and nebulous past could have been made known to the public before the last election and this castastophic mess that America is in could have been avoided. Obama might not have been elected had the people known that truth about him.

    Where was Maraniss, O'Reilly, Blizer, Sustern, Cooper, Williams, et al 4 years ago? Where have they been since the POS was elected?

    In his pocket.

    • Robert Brown

      The Feds own them, WAKE UP!!!!

    • Mike6

      Obama was elected in 2008 because our media hid his muslim background, marxist sympathies, black power loyalties and that he hates women as much as Lenin and Stalin hated women and that is why he maried Moochelle.

      • Sam in NC

        Ya hit it on the head, Mike6. And the MSM did that BECAUSE THEY ARE CONTROLLED !

        • Mike6

          You are correct that our media are mostly pinkos. Lenin said that a journalist must be a Bolshevik and that a Bolshevik can't believe in God. Lenin was a pederast, a sadist, and a mad dog liar and he should have been placed in a mental hospital like the Marquis De Sade.

        • stratoman

          I agree.

        • Mike6

          I watched CNN and MSNBC news for 40 minutes in the gym and it was all Obama propaganda and I was shocked.

        • stratoman


    • Ron Mathis

      Many of us did know about him and tried to warn people, just as we did about clinton, but their minds were made up. Now we've had communist presidents in office for three of the last five terms.

      • Mike6

        During a Toasmaster Meeting in 2008 I tried to warn people very politely about Obama being a pinko and I was told to get out and never to come back. I was so shocked I just left.
        Perhaps I should told them that the WON was a communist lke his mentor Frank Marshall Davis?

      • peter griffin

        Yeah, Bush was just plain fascist.

      • Sam Beltran

        Obama needs to be forced out for fraud, just as his loss of Illinois bar license to practice law, then all of his signed orders would be removed from the books as fraudulant.

    • Hooch

      Obama wasn't really elected, he was selected by those with that secret agenda to control the world, i.e. "Illuminati."

      • Tom Wiegand


    • spidermike

      You're correct, the people at FOX apparently have been ordered by the Republican establishment via Roger Ailes to "shut up". The Repubs are hoping to beat Obama at the ballot box without uncovering his lies to the American public. If Obama were to be exposed or removed from office for ineligibility, the black urban centers would burn and black on white crime would skyrocket. What's going on is nothing but a Chicago "protection money" racket.

      • Tom Wiegand

        What is going on is an almost successful challenge to the Constitutional requirement that a only native borne citizen can run for the office of President. It may look like the Russians and the Muslims but it is our "Friend and Allie" Great Britain that is behind this attack. They couldn't not subdue the "American Spirit" through force so they have done it through espionage and stealth.
        With the completion of this term of "Obama the Foreigner" as POTUS there will be precedent law available to allow for any foreigner to openly run for the office of President.
        Mark my words one of Prince Charles's sons will soon be President of the United Colonies of the Crown. I'm thinking they have been grooming the one that just married the Middleton girl for that role.

        • dave

          I'd be thrilled to turn it all over to Prince Charles or sons. We'd be a lot better off than we are now.

        • 4EVERu

          How is that possible? They have a serious problem with the Muslims as it is. And I could hardly see them partnaring with Russia. I just don't see the trust level in that concept. Britain knows from personal experience, these people mean no one any good but themselves. Besides, China, Russia, and the Muslims all are seeking world domination. Who would want to get in the middle of that dog fight?

      • axmickl

        The black urban centers may burn but the black on white crime wouldn't last very long. We are not all sniveling cowards. Most whites, just like most adult blacks don't crave confrontation. However, if it came down to it,the blacks would be committing racial suicide.

        • 4EVERu

          I totaly agree with you. The truth about Obama is begining to ring louder and louder.
          Soon the whole nation will aware of his corruption. Therefore, there will be no need for violence. I can't imagine any real American voting for him in the first place.

      • Mike6

        The Chicago Protection Rackets has been going on since 1848 when Karl Marx published his Manifesto.
        His Marxist plotted the worker/peasant rebellions in Austria and the German States and they were arrested by the Imperial police. However, many marxist escaped and came to Chicago and started the American Communist Party which gave us Saul Alinsky, Hillary and Obama.

    • Ricecomm

      Where were they? Simple: they were AFRAID, very, very AFRAID to open their mouths and say anything negative, probative or even questioning about the "black, Afro-American" president who was "the uniter-in-chief".... the "black messiah"... America's "salvation".

      They're not "in his pocket"... they're under his boot (where most of them have been busy licking for the last several years).

    • Karol Smith

      Those who knew had an agenda, and those who could have nvestigated were afraid of being called racists.

    • jjkrjw

      Almost everything about obama was "out there" in '08 if you cared enough to know who he really is. The MSM covered for him and glorified him because they're all commies, too. But there was Bill Ayers (who had a long association with obama), Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, obama's grandparents and his supposed father as well as his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. And everybody with half a brain knew that a community organizer is really a communist agitator. But we have such an ignorant electorate among those receiving gov't assistance that they didn't know obama's commie background and they didn't care.

      • Sam Beltran

        The MSM is just a communication arm of the illuminati, the trilateral commission ( Rockefeller Banking, JPMorgan ) skull and crossbones and all the related secret societies of the One World, funded through the Tides that gets Tax free donations from Ford and Heinz Foundations etc, et cetra,ETC.

    • Whosfaultisit

      B A R A C K (Hussein) O B A M A Doesnt that give you a Freaking Hint ????

    • LARA


      • Mike6

        Last year, one man told the truth about Obama during a protest and SEIU thugs bit off his little finger off, which later the good firemen could not find. Obama is using SEIU union goons as Hitler used the SA stormtroopers.

    • nan

      Thee was quite a bit that came out from conservatives about obama that the liberal media tried their best to sweep under the rug, & the blacks didnt care what was said about O, as they were going to vote for him anyways since he too was black. Many liberal whites also voted for him to show how they were NOT racist & since he was on the Dem. ticket & they were dems too, they'd vote for anyone on that ticket. Some are waking up to him but too many i'm afraid will vote for him again as they don't open their eyes that he has done FAR more harm than good for the country. They are either blind, or just plain stupid. If he had been white & didn't have the liberal media so in love with him, he never would have been elected. Surely not on his qualifications, as he didn't have any!!!!!

  • Mary

    All prior books written about him are myths. Now that his real background is being exposed these publicist's will be forced to admit the lie's of deception.

  • Simon Jester

    I'm starting to think Obama is a foreign sleeper agent....

    • DrBarbara

      He's just a foreign sleeper, he's too stupid to be an agent. Any spy worth his salt would not have made the many, many, many gaffes that Barry, the Rainbow Boy, has.

      • Mike6

        I don't think that the WON is stupid just that he is a convinced Communist doing the work of Lenin and Trotsky. I feel sory for America.
        Did you know that a rich leftist American banking family send Leon Trotsky to Russia in 1917. They send him with a boatload of Bolshevik terrorists, weapons, and millions in gold bars. Lenin made Trotsky chief of the Red Army and they murdered one million innocent Russian peasants.

    • Hooch

      I agree with you 100% on that man, I remember something said from a Russian official that they were grooming him long before he ever ran for office.

      • Mike6

        Soviet NKVD groomed sleeper agents in America who stayed undercover for decades. Remeber Alger Hiss and the Communist spies who worked under President Roosevelt. J.E.Hover sent FDR 390 report from 1936 to 1945 that FDR had Reds in the White House and Roosevelt ignored them all.

    • KRNY

      Just starting???

  • doug63

    Why is baracknessmonster lying?????????? He ALWAYS lies.

  • jb80538

    Maybe the book should have been titled...Obama, the mythical creature.

  • flaphil

    It's the 1962 version of The Manchurian Candidate, only it's for real. The Communist socialism system taking over the USA through a political party. The Dummycrats. The whole leadership should be on trail for treason and Obama removed from the office and shot.

    • Mike6

      A beautiful retired NKVD woman told an American reporter in Moscow that the NKVD had groomed a black man, born in Kenya, and a communist to his core to run for President. Her NKVD agents felt that this was a waste of their time. She was surprised when a American black man, born in Kenya was elected President in 2008.
      She was sorry that after 70+ horrible years of communism in Russia, Americans may now have to suffer.
      Lenin transformed the brilliant, religious Russian people who read the Holy Bible and went to Mass every Sunday into drunks, criminals and Bolsheviks happy to live in dirty communes.

      • Ron Mathis

        They weren't happy. I've known some Russians who came here, one was a prominent artist, and none of them were happy there. They met in small kitchens and never knew if a spy was among them.

        • M

          Get some advice from them if possible. Or better yet, stick close to them. they already know what to do. We will be in that situation soon.

        • Angry American

          You don't need to go that far, just ask anyone that has lived under communism, they will tell you exactly what it is like if pushed into it but all will tell you immediately, that it is not a good way to live

        • fort9erdon

          I think the point was that they were "happy" BEFORE the commies took over, not after!

        • Mike6

          The Bolsheviks starved 5 million innocent peasants to death on the most fertile soil on earth, because Stalin needed their wealth to build the massive 63 ton Voroshilov battle tank.
          Before the Bolshevik Revolution, in Imperial Russia, the kulak rich farms produced so much fine bread that they were known as the "Bread Basket of Europe".

        • Mike6

          I knew on Soviet immigrant who was still scared when the elevator doors opened during the night. He listened for the nailed boots of the CHEKA walking towards his apartment. In the Soviet Union, the CHEKA goons liked to wear nailed boots in the dark of night to scare people out of their minds.

        • major

          We Americans now have our own version of the Cheka Goons we the taxpayers even pay for this wonderful service; it is called Homeland Security, this Fascist Department is just getting warmed up, please check out a story posted on God Father Politics about a New Mexico Family who owned a gun store and is being crucified by these lawless thugs, it's a sad story and it is sure to anger anyone who believes in our Constitution. This story will show you what kind of country you are living in.Please go to this site and read and do some posting so this gross miscariage of justice gets all the exposure we can possible give it. This is difficult for me to believe that this is happening, even though when this Monster was formed i knew it for what it is,and to make me more angry is the fact that this story has gotten very little coverage, the only place i have seen it is on God Father Politics. Please give me some feed-back the least we can do is to make sure as many people as possible get informed of this.

        • Mike6

          You are correct that in America we have our own CHEKA Goons. The purpose of Fast and Furious was to criminalize gun shows and the Second Amendment. Nobody was injured in Watergate. However, In F&F, two American border agents were killed with savage automatic rifles and hundreds of innocent Mexicans were shot in the steets by criminal gangs.
          Every Marxist Goverment takes guns away from the population because an armed people can fight their "Communist Reforms." Lenin and Leon Trotsky did this in the Soviet Union and millions died. If they found guns in your apartment the Red Army would order you outside and shoot you in the back of the head.

        • pstmeoff

          I do believe the Mike6 was being sarcastic about the wonderful Russian people happily living in dirty communes.

        • Mike6

          Lenin was a pedarast, sadist, and a mad dog liar. He put Russia back into the dark ages and his Bolsheviks started a terror that the poor Russians had not seen since Ivan the Terrible.

        • PUNCHER

          What do you think Obama intends to do with us...exactly!

        • Mike6

          Obama said in 2008 that he wants to transform America. This is about class warfare and hating the rich right out of Lenin's songbook. The Won will try to make America into a Social Justice Marxist Dictatorship

      • Mike Inman

        Mike6, No question that with the USSR it was a hell on earth but let me share with you a story of faith. When the Berlin wall was torn down and the USSR collapse under the weight of her evil, a priest I spoke to traveled to Russia. Their he attended a Russian Orthodox Mass in a large building that had once been a Church. It was packed and there were no pews. Everyone was standing. The Mass lasted 3 hours of continuous worship. How did these Christians maintain their faith? How did their children learn their faith? Here is part of the answer. When the Communists took over the Churches for their own use the removed all the statutes of the saints... Mary, Joseph, John, Matthew, Mark, Paul, Timothy, Titus, Dismas, etc. But they did not destroy them. Somehow they saw them as art and they put the statues in museums. Parents learned this. And they took their kids to the museum. They showed their kids the statue of Matthew and told them who he was, how he knew Jesus, what he did. They used all the statues to help teach their kids the Gospel message. So when the USSR collapsed and they could worship openly they knew the Lord and they were prepared to worship at Mass. God always has his ways to reveal himself to his people. I thought you would like to know. Peace and blessings, Mike Inman.

        • Mike6

          Thank you for your comment Mike Inman. There is no doubt that faith in GOD was not destroyed by the Bolsheviks. I think that the Russian People are starting to believe that Czar Nicholas II and his family were martyrs who died for their faith and their nation.
          Somebody should erect a monument to Doctor Eugene Botkin who refused to leave the Royal family after the Cheka told him what was going to happen. When the time came in that last dark night, this Romanov family doctor tried to shield the Princesses with his body as the Cheka opened fire with their mausers on the Imperial Family in the basement of the Ipatiev House on June 18, 1918.
          The execution of the Russian Royal family with their nanny, cook, valet and Doctor Eugene Botkin ( the small dog that belonged to the Prince Aleksie was beaten to death with rifle butts) was the crime of the 20th century.

        • 4EVERu

          Thank you for sharing this. This is the responibility of the saints in Christ. They undoubty had good teachers because what they taught their children is versed in Deut 6;7. This one of the major downfalls in our nation and it can be clearly seen.
          We are not getting the job done in the home and in the churchs as God requires.
          People are going their own way and neglecting the word of God, That concept has always proven disaterous for any nation. America is on a fast pace to becoming another victim of divine discipline. May God bless you in Christ, amen.

        • Sandi

          Mike Inman: Thank you for this beautiful story. God truly does work in mysterious ways. And even the gates of Hell will not prevail against His Church. God is in control, even when we can't see it. So take heart and stand strong in the face of evil...and I do mean Obama.

        • bighickory

          All orthodox masses are 3 to 4 hours and they stand during the whole event.

      • katjan68

        Obama did disappear to Russia right after his schooling and nobody knows why. There are records of Ann Dunham beiing registered at the University of Washington right after Obama was supposedly born, and she did attend classes. There is no record of her marrying Obama Sr. , as a matter of fact, he already had a wife in Kenya. She didn't return to Hawaii until after Sr. had left.

        • Mike6

          Perhaps the NKVD woman story is true that the Soviet NKVD groomed Obama to run for President because he was a communist and a good speaker.

        • Mike6

          Perhaps the NKVD woman story is true that the Soviet NKVD groomed Obama to run for President because he was a communist and a good speaker.

        • eagle

          Not sure, remember when Obama visited Moscow shortly after playing the role of POTUS and none of the Russians would shake his hand.

        • Mike6

          The WON also dissapeared in Pakistan and nobody knows or how he made his living, but i have a hunch.

      • ANTIO

        Slightly different, but is this the link or story you reference?

        New link found at:

        Original link (of approximtely May 2011) was
        scrubbed from the following blog:

      • Eileen

        No wonder Obama told the Russian he would have more flexibility after the next election.

        • Mike6

          If Obama wins the November Election, he and Michelle( "America is a mean country") will have enough flexibility to transform America into a Social Justice Marxist Dictatorship. I know that Lenin would be pleased about the new Obama American Worker State with economic justice for all.

        • Puncher

          I am nearly 60 but I am sure another civil war would break out if Obama tries that. I also know many military men that would die to prevent this.

    • Angry American

      I( would rather see him suffer the same fate as the other Hussien & his cronies, death by hanging that should straighten out the democratic party & put them on the path that they were founded on

  • Catherine Smith

    Manchurian Candidate

  • Bruce Porter Sr

    Some of you are expressing surprise that the lies were covered up....please tell me you are kidding?!
    The media has been in our lifetime and always will be the voice of our enslavers. Their job is to tell us what our owners want us to hear.
    Kinda like Pravda in the USSR.
    You aren't getting news, you are getting propaganda, pure and simple.
    My attitude since the 70s has been the truth is exactly the opposite of what they "report".
    I'm a Viet Nam vet, I figured out we were being lied to back then, just couldn't believe, I believed, just couldn't process it.
    Understand that the media is nothing more than the propaganda organ of tyranny. That includes FOX, who, with a couple of Judge Napolitano, is nothing more than a moderate voice....and actually represents the "honorable opposition", or the dittos that say it conservatively.

    • Bruce Kellar

      I too am a Viet Nam vet however my take is that todays youth suffers from the same fate we did. Propaganda from political machine that has finally taken complete control.
      We have been educated to absorb the fiction that academia professes and the mainstream media perpetuates. One of the major differences between now and then, we were maimed and killed for our ignorance. The kids today just expect and recieve more entitlements not recognizing the inducement by the NWO machine to absorb the crap. They
      They profess it throghout the land. My grandadughter in the 5th grade was taught and so she believes, "Hitler started out as a really good person but was diverted with time by the military. You must be kidding!
      When queried the teacher stood by that belief because her college instructor said that-all the other books are wrong! This is the world of Kool Aid drinkers and Obama can be re-elected with 15% of the vote because of our liberal misinformed cowardly (per Eric Holder) new society. Look what they have done with no backlash so far. GOODBYE AMERICA!

      • wkelly10103

        i had a couple of teachers in high school who either taught hx the way they wanted to or just left out whole decades and wars altogether. i had a LOT to catch up with when i went to a 4yr univ.!

    • Mike6

      You are correct that the media is the propagana arm of the Democrat Party.
      Yesterday I listened to 40 minutes of news on CNN and MSNBC and it was wall to wall Obama propaganda. I was shocked. I know who owns our media and they are mostly pinkos.
      Obama and Hillary are desciples of Saul Alinsky who was a Bolshevik transplanted to America. Instead of being grateful to their wonderful country, Saul Alinsky, Obama and Hillary were transforming Amarica into a Social Justice Marxist Dictatorship.

      • wkelly10103

        please boycott nbc and msnbc until they get rid of al sharpton and his racist tactics.

        • Mike6

          Yes, I agree and someone should organize a boycott or our Pravda/communist/Obama media.

    • Victum of OMG (Obama Must Go)

      Your going too far. Need to stick to the subject rather than attacking the media for what we already know. He is a Rarcisist by actual annalysis so let's call him for what he is and does so do not call him names to distract us. It's water off a ducks back for him.

    • Tom

      @ Bruce Porter Sr : I began to be skeptical of our news media very shortly after Nov. 22, 1963 and I was only 14 ! Not long after "they" killed M.L.K. and R.F.K. in '68, I was off to Vietnam. I am ashamed of our "free press" and the deception by the controlled media has continued to grow. Bruce, looks like there are more Communists than we thought. Call in an air strike. And Bruce, welcome home ! We'll beat those slavers of the human race or die trying. Anyone BUT Obama in November !

    • Barbc

      Years ago my dad, a WWII sub vet, had a simple policy. If the enemy was for it, he was against it. He was referring to communist Russia and China. Especially if the late Senator Frank Church was for it. Church was a communist / sympathizer.
      If the enemy was against a law / or policy then he knew it was good for the US.
      It is a simple rule of thumb but it works!

    • wkelly10103

      exactly! all of us who tried to warn people abt obama years ago - and it had nothing to do with race-have, sadly, been proved wrong. i would give anything to have been proved wrong.

  • floridarooster

    More evidence that Obama is an habitual liar, forgerer, fraud, and was at the head of a criminal conspriacy to put himself in the WH. He had plenty of help along the way, as he certainly did not have the skills to forge his birth certificate and selective service registration, nor to delete immigration arrival records for the week of his birth. This is ten times more serious than Watergate, yet the media, congress, and the judiciary ignore the evidence and remain silent.

    • Philip Lockerman

  • rchguns

    Everything else That Dirty Diaper Head Obama has ever said about anything is at least 85 to 90% pure Bull. With all of the lies, the made-up background, the questionable documentation, and his obvious choice of friends would lead one to believe That Dirty Diaper Head could be what used to be called Manchurian Candidate. I cannot understand how anyone can look at what is been said by this man, the promises he has broken, and the damage is already done to our nation and still trust him. At the very best he should be kicked out of office and prosecuted for fraud, I treason, conspiracy, and racketeering charges. That should be worth about 20 years. At the very least he should be removed from the ballot in this presidential election because of questions as to his qualifications for the job and his eligibility to even run. He has beyond all doubt the most corrupt person who has ever been in the White House! He has made United States the laughingstock of the world and has put us in more danger than we have faced since the Cold War. He is so obviously anti-American that it's nauseating and I cannot understand how anyone can still support this individual.

    • bobbi

      You are so right! He needs to be impeached & imprisoned!

  • Linda

    I want to know if he has a belly button.

    • Tom

      @ Linda : Or a 666 on his hand or forehead !

    • Hooch

      The bigger question is does he have six toes on every foot! lol!

  • Conservative Patriot

    He is a spawn of Satan himself!

  • Barb Patton

    The ayatollah barack hussein obama is the biggest hoax ever to be played on the American people. How "they" got it right we will never know. As far as I am concerned this crook was born of a virgin camel - has no father - thrown in a dumpster and was then rescued by george soros, alinsky and all the other marxist crooks. And, Lo! there appeared a white/.black man with large ears and lied and waltzed his way right into the Oval Office. Enough.

    • Mike6

      I don't know if Obama is a shiite muslim or just a communist.

      • Barbc

        If I could find the article; Hitler and several muslim leaders were gathered together right before the US entered WWII.

        • Mike6

          Yes, in 1943 Himmler organized the Muslim Bosnian SS Division in Bosnia, Yugoslavia. The cruelty of these muslim SS against the local Serbs even shocked the veteran SS.
          The Serbs supported America in both world wars and hid downed US fliers from the Gestapo. To thank Yougoslavia for their help, Bill Clinton bombed Belgade for 79 days and killed innocent Serbs.

  • cowgirl11

    Why is this a surprise? everything about this man is fabricated, but half the people in this country have demonstrated how stupid they are by supporting this foreigner with a goal to destroy this Country.

  • texasfedupgramma

    Everything about this phony, Obama is a myth!

  • Pete"Crusadermannn"

    B.Hussein Obama was born in Kenya and Not in Hawaii.His father was a Muslim.
    B.Hussein Obama is still trying to please his Muslim father,who abandoned him and his mother,
    after he was born.B>Hussein Obama an alleged Christian bowed to a Saudi Arabian King,but Not to the
    British Christian Queen,Elizabeth.Whta more proof does anyone need ,to say,"B.Hussein Obama is Pro-Muslim and Anti-Christian?

  • Charles

    David Maraniss : Where have you been? This is refreshing to hear someone that ("Was - Is?") a Obama supporter to tell what most of us believes to be true. If only Obama would be honest and tell the truth.

    • Vietnam vet 72

      To quote a line from Jack Nicolis: "the truth? You can't handle the truth!"

  • Are You Serious

    Get a rope!!! I'll warm up the pickup!!!

    • Hooch

      Why waste the gas, just throw his arse over a steep cliff and feed em to the fishes.

  • CJ Holmes

    I want him and his "leaker" in prison or death penalty for treason to this country.

  • Silas Longshot

    The faker in chief has been a fraud and a lie since day one of his political career. Radical background, phony life, wiped out paper trail that ever proved he existed that would prove his undoing if ever made public. Of course the truth will never come out in time to be of any benefit towards impeachment as a fraud, traitor and usurper of power that he's become.

  • John Bear

    Barak Sr and possibly Miss Dunham are not even his realy parents. The only way we will know is a DNA test. Possibly if he can be convicted for treason or other crimes, possibly a DNA comparison can be done otherwise there is only a few other ways to get his DNA...

  • del

    who cares who his mother popped....she should have kept her legs closed on this one!

  • Dad

    When my granddaughter makes things up, I lecture her on lying. She'll be a better person.

  • samtman

    Whatever, it is proof that he was born in Americam,also Pratt't doughter was only 4 years old at the time.

  • Ruby-con

    Obastard couldn't have gotten a job at Mcdonalds if his life depended on it. If they did a simple background check and urinalysis he would have been completely rejected. BUT, instead, the most inexperienced, unqualified, sociopath in the history of this country gets elected to to the highest office in the land. You couldn't make up a work of fiction so preposterous if you were under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs, yet here we are!

  • Paul Christensen

    Did Obama really win or is it all a nightmare. Celebrities will be
    coming out of the woodwork to get some to vote for Obama. Who cares?
    Ron Howard and the communist Andy fellow persuaded some to vote and now
    we have a real mess. You will notice that gas is dropping some even say
    it will hit below the three dollar mark. This is a a political ploy
    tor Obama to look good to make the economy look good and when the
    elections are over the prices will go sky high even higher than before.

  • joepotato

    There was a story (hard to verify) that Senator BHO and company were detained in Russia during a trip of some kind in which, they were held up by authorities, and BHO may have been questioned about being a British agent of sorts. If true, the Russians know something that the American public has been prevented from knowing. BHO has cover-up written all over him.

  • Mike

    Many of us have known this man was a Manchurian Candidate right from the start. Nobody can access his true background, real birth certificate, education records, his false Social Security number, applying for college as a foreign student and getting loans, passport info for foreign travel to Pakistan etc and the list keeps on growing. This is the most unvetted President in the nation's history. He has been supremely unqualified to hold the office and look at the destruction he has caused in 3 1/2 years.

  • Nottakenyan

    I have no respect for the LFN !!!

  • victorbarney


  • Tiredofsocializm

    What do you expect from community organizer in one. Of the most corrupt cities in the corrupt state of Illinois that has been run by the Dem party way to long

  • Truth Seeker

    [a look at the dvd cover should be more than enough proof of who his father really is] Check out the Documentary "Dreams of my Real father" -->>

  • Suzanne

    Is there any proof his parents were ever married legally?

    • wkelly10103

      as far as my research has found - no. but does that really matter? if a baby was not born in the us, and his parents are not us citizens, the child takes the father's citizenship.

  • Truth Seeker

    [a look at the dvd cover should be more than enough proof of who Obama's real father is] Check out the Documentary "Dreams of my Real father" -->>

  • M

    And if you can’t believe what he says about his own life, do you really want him in control of yours?....That is the Trillion Dollar question isn't it.

  • Lee Sullivan

    Obama is more than a communist...He is precursor to the Anti-Christ. People need to realize this. Anyone who professes to worship Jesus and votes for this monster cannot be Christian.

  • Nottakenyan

    BHO------the TROJAN Company's 2012 poster child !!

  • 2bvictorius

    There are many posts suggesting there was no information available in the public domain prior to Obama getting elected in 2008. That is not entirely true, there was enough proof available for anyone with any interest to have known that Obama was at the very least a Marxist. The very fact the media did all it could to conceal all information regarding Obama's past and his associations with the worst people on planet earth should have been warning enough. There were also reports and articles written that raised the questions of his place of birth and his lack of a birth certificate, and his refusal to provide any records to support his claims of where and when he went to college and his passports and how he got into America without it showing up on any of the records of INS or airlines. The fact that his SS number belongs to a guy that was dead before Obama was born. The scandals involving Obama and Tony Resko was all over the news and the web blogs. His alleged mother was also a known communist as were both her parents. It was also known Obama had been raised as a muslim.
    People may claim they didn't know, but most of them knew enough to know that Obama was " the man from no where with no proof of his past, but claimed he was the son of a Kenyan freedom fighter, who was actually a communist terrorist." I ask you who in their right mind would vote for someone for POTUS who could not prove his real identity or place of birth. The tragedy is most of those same people will vote for him again.

  • JennieWalsh

    When the wicked rule, the people mourn.

  • GoToSleepSlave

    I remember a video on YouTube during the 2008 election that showed the similarities between Obama and Osama. Now it's all coming to light that the person in the WH is a myth. We do not know about his past. He has sealed all his records. Could it be true? That the DNC got Osama into this country and the WH with the purpose of destroying this country? Think about that. Because now that the light is starting to shine on the truth about Obama, there is another Manchurian Candidate that has been groomed to take his place for the other side. You know it takes a Carter to get a Reagan? The DNC went to fast with their agenda when they seized control and lost in 2010. Those who pull the strings from behind the curtain know that they have to put you back to sleep in order to take over the world. The U.S.A. is the last thing standing in their way to gain control of the world and enslave you all.

  • singer23

    "Once Upon A Time," Every Fairytale should be started that way, why didn't this, "Fairytale," start with those words?

  • Henry

    One fact of life that is not debatable is that Oboofer Boy is a dedicated, hardcore Marxist. Check out what Hugo Chavez, marxist President/Dictator of Venezuela did to take power and eradicate freedoms. Oboofer Boy is simply reading out of the Chavez book "Installing Marxism for Dummies."

  • tomtom

    His mother was a TRAMP, his father a DRUNK and he was raised a Muslim and COMMUNIST! God Help US, he is the American Leader !!!

  • dondh

    Here is just another reason to believe that this imposter has buffaloed the American people, that is those who voted for this illegal, and perhaps was purposely placed as a socialist candidate for president of the USA! Not only that, in my opinion, this muslim is part of the, so to speak, Trojan Horse invading our Christian nation bringing in muslims to eventually making Islam, with sharia law, the primary religion, excuse me, NOT A RELIGION, A CULT!!! I for one am not willing to accept this and pray that we have a new president after the November elections! However, it might be best for America to get rid of this anti-American before November because by then it may be too late! I doubt that will happen as I think there is nobody up in Washington who has the intestinal fortitude to begin the impeachment process, at lease I think that is the case! If Gov. Romney turns out to be the Republican nominee for the next president, I am confident that he will be 100 times better than that imposter we have now and will get this country back on track with the help of a Republican House and especially theSenate!!! We cannot stand another term with the likes of dingy harry reid as the senate majority leader! He is a total bust and hasn't a clue! We must also hold onto the House as it would just as bad if that idiot pelosi were to regain the leadership of the House! God Bless America with the right candidates to effectively lead our country!!

  • peternj

    Makes You Wonder ???

  • peternj


  • Alan Knabenbauer

    to answer that last question
    does HELL NO mean anything to you!?

  • haroldson

    Obama has never told the truth and has most likely began to think it is true fact being he has no ide what the truth is

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    More Evidence that Obama is a Fake, Fraud and Phony. Hello America! He is a 'Made Up" Person...and Empty Suit...a Danger to you and me. Democrats has sold their souls and will soon be Comrades in yet another 3rd World Socialist Crap Hole on Planet Earth.

    Will we let this happen. Obama is a Liar. Read the below from a supporter.

  • Sutekh

    Obama's past history is covered up because his parents' marriage, if they were married at all, was entered into to commit immigration fraud and keep Obama Sr. in the U.S. when he should have been deported. The marriage was very short, at any rate, and the day that the divorce between Dunham and Obama, Sr. became final, Dunham married Obama's stepfather, Lolo Soetoro. Soetoro was an Indonesian associated with the then-communist regime of President Sukarno. Soetoro's visa was soon to expire, so Dunham married him in yet another immigration scame to extend his stay in the U.S.
    That is a bad beginning for the "Obama, Jr." story, but it goes downhill (or should I say, "off a cliff") from there.
    Should we be surprised that Obama is violating his oath of office to keep foreigners in the U.S. illegally?

    • eve hunter

      maybe ann married the foreigners so they could get free stuff from being a citizen. they might have paid her to marry them. maybe she was a hustler. a friend's son married a swedish woman and was paid 300 dollars by her (she became a citizen...later they divorced).

  • Andrés Weaver

    Please go to and let me know what you-all think. This website may answer a lot of questions about what Obama is really covering up. It would also explain why his mother Ann apparently never lived with Barak Obama, Sr.

    • eve hunter

      i believe barak obama father went with ann to gain citizenship. no other reason.

  • catzpaw48

    Obama doesn't even know his own history. His whole life is one big lie. After seeing the photos, taken at Frank Marshall Davis’ house in Honolulu, one wonders if Davis might not be his father. What else was going on besides taking racy pictures. Better get DNA samples and check it out.

  • Wyatt

    Based on Myth , Why be so polite ? Obama has just outright lied to everyone . And Lied so convincingly that he believes his lies himself most of the time . As for him being a Soviet Sleeper agent groomed to do exactly what he is doing now ? I wouldn't doubt it for a moment . I said this in jest once long ago , but I see more and more his outrageous political ploys and actions geared at only one thing . The destruction of The United States of America

  • littlepat

    Invest in rope. We will be needing a lot of it!

  • SSMcDonald

    Would it not be more correct to state that the Obama's family history is a lie...not merely some kind of myth? Who in the media writes this politically correct dirge?

  • EL Love

    Well -- the entire Russian connection would explain why Barry bends to the Russians and gives up our nukes without holding them to their word to do the same. It also would explain why he gave 7 of our oil rich Alaskan islands to Russia without going through Congress. It would also explain why Putin pretends to dislike Barry and lectures him -- barry is beneath Putin in the chain. Wow -- this sue does explain a lot. Interesting and frightening.

  • The old Vet

    Vote "the Great Pretender" OUT of office.

  • Martin Lawrey

    Looks like the brain dead libs have finally completed the reading the Kenyan and chiefs first book. And now they're saying that its not true too? Then maybe they should make up their Oblama's first book true or is their lib messiah a liar?

  • John

    The Communist from Kenya will be exposed as the real Fraud he is! It's just a matter of time!

  • 4EVERu

    I stand acused of being neglegent and a plain idiot for voting for Obama. Had he been White, I would have voted for him. Why? Nothing more than him being a Democrat. You see, the majority( I believe) of Blacks are groomed with the concept that Democrats really have deep concerns for Blacks. And the fact that they have an abundance of freebies they love to shower us with. I think this storm picked up momentum during the Kennedy years. But it has all been false and misleading lies that Blacks refuse to let go of. The Democrats also have a damnable cheerleading squad in the so called good Reverends Jackson and company. But, after some fifty years later, I do my home work. If there was ever a wake up call this guy is it. The fact is our parents never mentioned it nor did we ever hear of it in any schools.
    All we heard was, you have the right to vote, so, use it. So, i'm hoping to reach anybody who may not know or may know somebody the needs to know. Every-thing you hear is not good for your ears, and every-thing that looks good ain't good. It is best to know why you are doing what you are doing
    And pay attention if you can;t pay nothing else..

  • Eileen

    The reason we have Barrack as president is because of the color of his skin. Even Oprah dropped her support of woman causes and went for Obama over Hillary. Racism in this country was never more obvious then in 2008.

  • barto


  • Nanasix

    He has no right sitting in out white house. Everything about him is a lie, and he needs to be removed. Why are we allowing him to run again, when he's an illegal. REMOVE HIM, THE AUTHORITIES HAVE THE EVIDENCT NEEDED. DO IT NOW. THE VP CAN'T DO BUT SO MUCH DAMAGE IN A FEW MO'S..

  • T Lady

    IBD (Ivestors' Business Daily) had an article on this. And yet there are still so many people, especially Blacks, who are more than willing to swallow the lies and half-truths. An absolute disgrace.

    • T Lady

      Oops.. Investors' Business Daily

  • Tamara Heater

    The man who was not! An enigma! Pure Fiction!

  • major

    Sometime during the 1940's a famous writer i believe it was C.S. Lewis that claimed that America would be destroyed by the Right Wing of this country, most people scoff at this theory saying instead it will be the Left Wing, as in Communism especially after having installed all these Socialistic Programs where Big Gov. is the Nanny to more and more people. I am a Christian who has studied the Bible for very long time and i believe that writer is right, many people these days seem to want Church and Government to mix, if it does we will have the dark ages all over again. If this happens Jesus Christ's Revelation to the Apostle John will be fulfilled when he showed John the Great Whore who is riding a Beast, the woman represents a Church and the Beast represents a Government, in other words just like the dark ages from 538 to 1798= 1260 years where the church rode the beasts until it recieved the deadly wound, the deadly wound and the 1260 years both are found in the Bible. Remember the coming Mark of the Beast is all about worship it will be proof of who you worship, if you take this mark whatever it is, it will be proof that you belong to Satan.

  • djw663

    Your preaching to the choir. Almost all your readers know that O is not a US citizen. Who is or are the people that are supposed to hold our legislators accountable to the offices to which they are elected or if they are even eligible for the positions for which they are applying, those are the people that need to act upon the provisions of the Constitution.