House Could Send Holder to Jail Without Approval of Senate or U.S. Attorney

I’ve been watching all of the media reporting on the Contempt of Congress charges being made against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.  As usual, you can tell that the main stream media are right there in Holder’s camp and reporting that the measure will either die in the Democratic controlled Senate or when it goes before U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, who just happens to work for Holder.

However, if Rep. Darrell Issa really wants to get his point across with Holder, he can bypass the Senate and the U.S. Attorney by making the charge against Holder to be ‘inherent contempt.’  Inherent contempt is a rarely used charge these days.  In fact, the last time it was used was by the Senate in 1934 in a case that involved William P. MacCracken Jr. and the U.S. Postmaster.

In an inherent contempt proceeding, the Senate or in today’s case the House, brings the contempt charges against the individual, in this case Eric Holder.  The Sergeant-at-Arms for the House then arrests the person charged and brings them to the floor of the House.  The charges are read, discussed and then voted upon.  If the House votes in favor of the charges, the guilty party is then subject to the appropriate punishment, which may include imprisonment.  The House will decide if they want to send Holder to prison for his actions or just give him a slap on the wrist, like they often do.

In the 1934 case, MacCracken was charged with inherent contempt of Congress for refusing to testify before Congress and allowing his clients to destroy documents that Congress had subpoenaed.  The Senate voted to hold MacCracken in inherent contempt and promptly sentenced him to 10 days in jail.  MacCracken appealed in federal court and the case eventually made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court who ruled that the Senate had acted constitutionally and that MacCracken would indeed have to serve his 10 days in jail.

If Issa really wanted to show the Obama administration that the House and the American people are not going to put up with their above the law ways, then he should make the charges against Holder inherent contempt charges so that it doesn’t get held up by the Senate Democrats or the U.S. Attorney.  Besides, I can’t think of a better place for Eric Holder, who as the nation’s top cop has broken more laws than Bill Clinton ever did.



  • danclamage

    While he's at it, Issa should charge Holder and his top lieutenants with 300+ counts of homicide for his role in providing weapons to known drug dealers, which resulted in the deaths of at least two americans as well as countless Mexican nationals.

    • USAForever48

      What about Holder's role in the Alfred P. Murrah federal building bombing in 1995? The guy is as dirty as they come. He should be in jail -- for a lot more than 10 lousy days. How about life?

      • evan316

        The House can put him away for years if they wish, 10 days was the number they picked in 34, they can pick a sentence that fits the crime. Wonder if they can sentence him to death by firing squad?

        • Myrna Griswold Thayne

          I think they can for TREASON.

        • armedlamb

          They can for treason. Obama is just as guilty. The president has to give his stamp of approval on anything that goes on especially when his good bud is in charge of carrying out the orders and the fact that the "operation" involved arms/weapons going to another country.

  • Fireboatman

    Boehner must be having a coronary over this. I pray that Issa follows through with this. Chicago politics have no place in the US. This may well send a warranted message to the gangsters who are running this country.

  • Kay

    Whatever it takes to lockup Holder needs to be done. Look, we are talking murder and he has to pay. America wants Holder behind bars and race has nothing to do with it. Holder is guilty of too many crimes to mention and those are just the ones we know about.

    • Rob Dalton

      Crooks only get caught for 2-3% of the crimes they ACTUALLY committed. Holder has dozens of more dirty deeds he's hiding. And O'BlahBlah too.

  • Debbie

    Take Obama's Executive Privilege and shove-it. Go far it "inherent contempt", then go after Pelose and Reed.

  • Mary

    new video; bombshell: Proof Obama and Holder knew about gun running in 2009. Now we will learn why Obama issued executive privilege to keep Holder from having to release documents about Fast & Furious:

    • Mary

      Oh well, that video got deleted real quick. Wonder why?

    • USAForever48

      The video evidently has been taken down. (It's 3:51 P.M. Central time, Friday, 06-22-2012, and the message "This video is unavailable. Sorry about that" appeared.)

    • Walda

      The video has been marked as "private". It says if you want to see it, you have to get a password from the owner!

  • Attilashrugs

    What if the Congressional Sergeant at arms attempts to arrest Holder, and the Secret Service prevent them? Is this the start of a Civil War, like the English one? The King (White House) against Parliament (Congress)?

  • Mary
    • Mike6

      Obama and Eric Holder wanted to discredit gun shows and the Second Amendment. Lenin took guns away from the Russian population and if they found a gun in your apartment, the Red Army would take you outside and shoot you.
      I had friend an immigrant from the Soviet Union who was still afraid of the elevator doors opening and hearing the nailed boots of the CHEKA walking towards his apartment. The CHEKA liked to wear nailed boots at night to scare people to death.
      My friend was a decorated veteran of the famous Russian White Army and if he was armed with the nasty NAGANT revolver the CHEKA knew that an arrest would be difficult.

  • qj

    DO IT!!!! Its time the right stood up and drew a line in the sand.

    • evan316

      Wish the had the guts, but bet they pass, after all, I am sure the GOP would not approve. We need a new party and the GOP should be kept out.

      • dhm52

        A new party is in the works, but it is not a third party. The TEA Party is slowly taking over the Republican Party from within, gaining a few more seats with each election. This is the same tactic Liberals used to take control of the Democratic Party from the late-50s to the mid-70s. Taking over the Republican Party from within is absolutely the correct course of action to follow: The TEA Party knows that third parties only split Republican votes and insure Democratic victory. Also, third parties have short lives.
        Who knows? Maybe some day the Republican Party will actually be renamed the TEA Party. Just a thought!

        • madmaUSA

          Excellent thought!

    • SUSANM621


    • Lady Libertyt

      @qj: Your post made my heart beat with joy! It IS definitely the right road to take. It disgusts me to see so many whimps involved in caring for our country. I am SO very proud of Darrell Issa for sticking to his guns (pun intended!) in bringing this charge to fruition. The Terry family deserves justice for their son and "We the People" demand it. Let's stop the whining and the lies from those who would support this AG...he hasn't been supporting US.
      To those who say it will never happen: stop standing down - try standing UP for our rights, for a change! To let these egregious actions go unpunished is deplorable.

      • Billy Norton

        I couldn't have said it any better!!

    • freedomringsforall

      You are right (actually no pun intended) and you are wrong !!
      What I feel is wrong about your statement is that not just the right but every true USA citizen should be enraged; and anyone with any true power should take action.
      I really do hate to say this but blacks should be especially enraged !!
      He has betrayed his own race so bad.
      If I was black I would want him out of that office and out of our lives like he was the plague.
      I am white and if a white Attorney General ever dismissed voter intimidation by some white racist group like Holder did with the racist jack boot nazi black panthers I would hope to God that he or she would be ripped out of office and jailed for treason against their pledge to uphold the US Constitution.
      These commie, fascist, nazis dictators are a joke.
      This country, and so many of this countries once respected institutions, are being run by commie fascist morons.
      Let’s please get these commie fascists out of power in the USA!
      Let's please return this nation to the bright shining beacon of freedom on the hill for the rest of the world to aspire to.

      • giintx

        They are not morons for they know exactly what they are dong.

    • InFreedomandLiberty

      Make this happen! Get into action! Call Congressman Darryl Issa (202-225-3906) and tell him you support him in charging Holder with "inherent contempt"! Slamming his office with these kinds of phone calls DOES make a difference!

  • xiam007

    I have to say DO IT! Time to make a stand

  • The Texas Cooke

    If Boehner gets in the way, send him, too!

    • evan316

      i will second that motion, did not like him for day one, but he was the GOP favorite so he got it, his competition was an actually Conservative and I guess his competitor level of tolerance for the corrupt, left leaning GOP was finally exceeded and he got out of their. Don' t blame him.

      Could we just include Bohner right in with the rest of them, get rid of him early.

  • Proudamerican

    "Could" is one thing- "Would" is another. If the republicans dont stay on this when they have him dead to rights, they are making a huge mistake. These 2 phony pos are as guilty as they can be.

  • Bill

    If they go for this, make it a long stint in the Maricopa County Jail, under the watchful eye of Sheriff Joe. And televise him getting into the pink underwear live.

    • LRF

      That would be ultimate justice and especially if Oblame-a was right alongside of With-Holder!
      Oblame-a would probably enjoy wearing pink undies hahahahaha

      • tsitala

        I was just fixing to go to bed, but this caught my eye. I call him Withholder too, and if people know about Obama's past, and the people who were murdered to hide it, whom he was involved with,hey know he would more than likely love the pink underwear.

    • evan316

      I do pray for this, but the GOP will protect their own as they have done since bummer showed up with holder in tow.

      • Angry American

        bummer & holder are both democrats

    • tsitala

      I would even pay for the privilige of getting to see that! It would be justice for what they have been trying to do to Sheriff Joe.

  • pappap42

    To do anything like this the GOP would need a spine, and there is NO ONE in the GOP with a spine.
    Spineless wimps. The dems would do this in a heartbeat.

    • ACT

      I am really surprised that they have gone as far as they have. None of them have the b--ls to do anything. They are afraid of being called a racist when dealing with the racist dummicrats.

  • Tim Martin

    No question Holder should be Frog Marched into a cell, charged with accessory to murder as well.

  • samtman

    Seems to that the TP Congress whanst to become the new chief inquisitor and jailer without a cause just because Att.GEn. Holder is part of the Obama administration. They seem to forget that "Fast and Furious" was started by the Bush Admin. and stopped by Holder as soon as it became cleat what was happening.

    • AmercianPatriot

      Sounds like you are an Obama supporter and like your ROYAL P-I-A Leader have to blame Bush in lieu of accepting responsibility on his watch. Face facts - Holder did it, Obama knew about it (and didn't stop it) so Inherent Contempt Charges against Holder are appropriate as well as Impeachment Charges against Obama.....both are modern day Capone's and are criminals in the broadest sense of the word.

    • UnsungPatriot

      Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

      Mindnumbingly illiterate, too.

      OMG 2012.

      • Panicazi

        Obama Must Go 2012? Yes, I agree.

    • ACT

      They don't know anything but "Blame Bush". You would think that they would grow up.

    • IGotAComment

      TheBush era 'Gun walking' was in '06 and '07 and then was discontinued. It was done with the knowledge and approval of the Mexican government. Obama's F&F was separate. Maybe if Obama had ever held a gun or fired a weapon in his life, he'd know more about it ... but I seriously doubt it.

      From the Democrat Underground website:
      ‘Operation Wide Receiver’: The Bush Administration Had Its Very Own ATF ‘Gun Walking’ ScandalWhat’s also fascinating about the documents turned over to investigators is that they reference a little-known ATF operation called “Operation Wide Receiver”, which just like “Fast and Furious,” let guns “walk” to Mexico.

      The operation, run by ATF’s Tucson office and the U.S. Attorney for Arizona, started in 2006 — when George W. Bush’s Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was running the show — and ran until the end of 2007. No charges were filed.

      Fast forward to 2009, when the Obama administration took over the Justice Department. The former Gang Unit inside DOJ’s Criminal Division (it later merged with the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section) reviewed the case for possible prosecution. At that time, a federal prosecutor in the unit “learned the ATF Arizona had permitted guns to be transferred to suspected gun traffickers and had not interdicted them,” according to a DOJ official.

      • Panicazi

        You are a Liberal troll. Eric Holder tried to make this claim and he had to retract it because it wasn't true. Which part wasn't true, you ask? The part that says Wide Receiver was EXACTLY the same as F&F. WR was a controlled, legitimate police operation. F&F was uncontrolled and had NO oversight. That is the difference and the foundation of the lie that Eric Holder tried to present as fact. Stay on the DailyKos unless you wish to continue being confronted with facts.

  • Mary
  • TPM

    This Fast & Furious operation was intended to be a stealth program. It's intent was to be an assault on our 2nd Amendment rights. But, it backfired. It became public and now, the guys behind it ... Obama, Holder & more, are running for cover. Executive Priveledge? To what, conceal their part in a felony?
    Sounds like Executive Priveledge ... Chicago style. Expose them. Then lock them up.

    • ACT

      You are exactly correct! I have said that all along and even sent a email to my senator telling him such.

  • majorl3

    Hey they were arming the cartel so the cartel could help them take down America but they were stopped!

  • dondehoff

    Congress sending someone to jail? While I am not a lawyer, that appears to be in conflict with the 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution. Let us have some "legal beagles" put in their two cents worth.

    • auntvick

      Read the article! It's been done! It's constitutionally correct per the SCOTUS!

      • dondehoff

        Auntvick, one must not believe everything they read or hear. In fact in this arena, over half of what is being said is merely hearsay, innuendo or just plain wrong. I note "they" did not list a court case number. I suspect it was a collateral invesitigation that resulted in conviction and jail time. I will try and run it down via "google". If I am wrong, well it won't be the first time today. I am 80 years young and I still learn something new every day.

        • dondehoff

          "Auntvick, I owe you a beer. This is a continuation of my previous comment. I did my homework and ask "google", and as usual they came up with more "stuff" than I could assimilate. Yes, congress has its own "judge, jury and executioner" process, but I stll ask; how do they get away with it, in light of Articles 4 and 5 of the Amendments to the Constitution? And why would they want to get involved in such mundane legal issues, as we have sent them to Washington, to solve the "big" problems.

        • auntvick

          Yes, why would they? They are 'elected' to do the will of the people.They are our servants. They are not our rulers. Those men who founded this country did their best to ensure freedom. These are the hard things that must be done to preserve freedom for all. These tedious things make the lazy and dishonest 'go along to get along'. It's a design, the evil creeps in and causes these 'tedious' things to be needed.I think it's pretty tedious to be always on guard against the very people who are supposed to be looking after your interests.I,for one don't believe in bowing to an injustice to promote my comfort.When you condon an illegal action you are guilty of the same. Those who stand against these illegal acts should be the only persons re-elected. If our representatives do not protect and defend the Constitution, as per their oath. They face the full force of the law according to the will of the people. Yes we have BIG problems.

    • evan316

      Thought that was covered in 1934?

  • americanveteran


  • americanveteran


  • americanveteran


  • Tattoomama

    And after holder is in jail, use the same tactics on the usurper in the White House.

    • WJ

      Obama would just pardon him.

  • Karen DeBerry

    10 Days is NOT enough!!! He has lied to the House and drawn this out....I believe at the very least one day for everyday he has proscrastinated in telling the whole truth and producing ALL the documents.

  • Doski

    The time has come to Imprison Holder for the Maximum Duration allowed by Law and force BO to pardon him before leaving office as POTUS. After BO is gone, The New Administration can and should pursue Conspiracy to Commit Murder charges against both Holder and BO. Without allies in the DOJ both are doomed to accept the responsibility for their misguided actions. Maybe, Just Maybe that will deter future politicization of the Constitutions provisions.

  • Dad

    He deserves more than 10 days though... like at least until January 20th.

  • Gunsmoke11

    Charge Holder with Inherent Contempt, as this is what WE THE PEOPLE want and demand.....This Fast & Furious Operation has gone on long enough and it needs to be gotten to the bottom of it and let us ALL know...... Anyone to whom wants to stand in the way, should and will be prosecuted as well, including it appears he is trying to withhold information with his Executive Privelege CRAPOLA...... The only reason for him to do this is for the both of them to avoid Prosecution for what will be found in the Documents Congress is requesting..... STOP listening to the LIES in which they are so famously known for and lets get to the bottom of this......

  • Bill L Conner

    President Obama, or any other presidents are not above the law as they think. That also goes for any
    A.G's as A.G. Holder thinks. Pres Obama and A.G. Holder lies every time they open their mouths and speak.

  • John Sotomayor

    I absolutely concur with making the charge inherent contempt of congress and bi-pass the Senate (as Obama does frequently) and make sure Holder gets more than 2 weeks in jail. (Umm, by the way - if holder serves time in jail, does that make him a felon and thereby ineligible to hold the position of DOJ?) Thats what we need some congressional clout and not too soon either.

  • Chris

    Sounds good. When can we start?

  • bmg28

    No more talk just do it throw the bum in jail till hell freezes over

  • Silas Longshot

    Now action like that, serious and swift, you know ain't happening! Not with the mostly spineless RINO's that make up the majority that would be required to vote this through. Besides, desperate 0bama must have Holder in place as 'strongarm man' for the upcoming elections, enforcing the ban on voter ID laws and purging of voter polls containing masses of zombie voters. So, the WH will play the 'executive priviledge' game and any other stalling tactic they can think of, to keep him there long enough to keep the zombie voters available for the elections.

  • rascallyrabbit

    It would renew my faith, don't think it's going to happen. The Republicans are not upholding the Constitution either.

    • Rich Fulton

      what we really need is an "American Spring", get rid of ALL of our CROOKED politicians, Dems & Republicans. They are all PUKEs to begin with anyway

      • Lady Liberty

        Let's make it an "American Summer"....perfect for leading up to November!

  • IGotAComment

    Just to refresh ...

    The Bush era 'Gun walking' was in '06 and '07 and then was discontinued. It was done with the knowledge and approval of the Mexican government. Obama's F&F was separate. Maybe if Obama had ever held a gun or fired a weapon in his life, he'd know more about it ... but I seriously doubt it.
    From the Democrat Underground website:‘Operation Wide Receiver’: The Bush Administration Had Its Very Own ATF ‘Gun Walking’ Scandal
    "What’s also fascinating about the documents turned over to investigators is that they reference a little-known ATF operation called “Operation Wide Receiver”, which just like “Fast and Furious,” let guns “walk” to Mexico.

    The operation, run by ATF’s Tucson office and the U.S. Attorney for Arizona, started in 2006 — when George W. Bush’s Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was running the show — and ran until the end of 2007. No charges were filed.

    Fast forward to 2009, when the Obama administration took over the Justice Department. The former Gang Unit inside DOJ’s Criminal Division (it later merged with the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section) reviewed the case for possible prosecution. At that time, a federal prosecutor in the unit “learned the ATF Arizona had permitted guns to be transferred to suspected gun traffickers and had not interdicted them,” according to a DOJ official."

  • Dogmeat1949

    Brain Terry is calling from his grave,NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW! Nail MR.B.O's LAP DOG!

  • edward

    Oh only if we had republicans with balls like that ----I personally do not believe the republicans have the balls to put Holder in jail...............if they do the charge would have to be conspiracry and murder

  • KSB

    There is not a shred of chance in he77 congress will go as far as jailing Holder. Instead lets give him a ticket to Mexico and they will prosecute him.

  • Warren Reynolds

    They need to do it and bring him up on ALL the laws he broke, not just this one, if the CS gets 10 days you will see some pissed off people. The democrats' house of cards is starting to implode. I would bet a paycheck that in the paper work holder won;t turn over is evidence obama knew about it all along, maybe we get lucky and when he is arrested he will sing for a plea to avoid federal prison, after all, if obama goes down with him he won't be able to pardon him, nad obama knew, i'm sure biden and pelosi and clinton knew, then they would have to appoint boehner as the interim president untill romney could take the office in January, any lawmaker, in both the house and senate that signed to pass obamacare should be tried if not for treason, then for derilection of duty, NOBODY READ the bill before they signed it.......
    Brian Terry and his family deserve justice, and America deserves justice. OMG

  • joepotato

    Issa just doesn't have the guts. Even if he did, JB (Mr Speaker) would probably cry us a river. JB is either scared of the regime, the media or both. There needs to either be a hostile take-over of the GOP or a viable third party must surface if the republic is to be restored.

  • LRF

    Oblame-a is using executive privilege to cover up his own guilt as well as Holder's. They will do anything and everything to draw this out until after the election and then if Oblame-a should win all HELL will break loose because then we will see the real Oblame-a!

  • victorbarney

    FIRST, I DO NOT BELIEVE IT! SECOND, OUR WOMEN ALONE "AGAIN" WILL RE-ELECT HIM OUR PRESIDENT! P.S. Don't you at all find it puzzeling that black males make-up only about 5% of our total population and virtually represent most all violent acts in America? What's wrong with that picture? just saying...

  • JoeEnglish

    A contempt of congress charge is ONLY voted on by the House NOT the senate. The senate is involved if it is an IMPEACHMENT charge, where BOTH house and senate must have a 2/3 vote to impeach. Contempt of congress after being approved by the house then goes to the District of Columbia Fed court (obumble appointed judge) where the charge is brought to a GRAND JURY. If The grand jury upholds the charges, it then goes to trial. Please read the Constitution for rules of impeachment. Look up ESPY on google for the rules of contempt of congress. Much info is available on google and also on

  • JoeHosePhat

    Oh my goodness, I don't know if Holder could survive a whole ten days in jail (laugh sarcastically here)! Are you kidding me? This turd needs to be doing LIFE in prison as a minimum!! His actions have cost American life. By rights he should be facing the death penalty. People, it's time to quit playing patty cake with these scumbags, they are destroying our country at the behest of their FOREIGN masters. Enough tiddlywinks, this is far too serious. If the congress and/or senate are not going to do their jobs (of course they're not going to, they work for the same puppet masters), then fire every one of them dirt bags. They are liars, cheaters, traitors, killers, and they are the ones making decisions that effect us and our families. They are lazy dirtbags living off the hard work of others, and selling us out to boot. How's that for gratitude?! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Time is rapidly running out. Companies air commercials or behave in a way unbecoming of the American way, boycott them! Financial ruin is the only thing that will get their attention and put them in line. Politicians selling out our country and futures, FIRE THEM!!! It's really just that simple.

  • DandBA

    Holder should be charged with "inherent contempt: but not alone. Obama, Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, all the czars, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, Frank, Dodd, Biden, Napolitano, Geitner, H. Clinton, Gibbs, Bernanke,, etc. ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH TREASON, CONVICTED, AND EITHER SHOT OR JAILED FOR THEM REMAINDER OF THEIR MISERABLE LIVES!

  • Lee Sullivan

    The whole BHO gang should be imprisoned...including Pelosi and Reid.

  • Yoikes

    Brian Terry's blood calls out from the ground.

  • john811c

    By all means do it, would put some teeth back in congress telling the administration that the people have the ultimate power is this country not the executive branch of government

  • terry

    i REALLY HOPE AND PRAY THAT THE GOP WOULD HAVE THE GUTS TO DO THIS, BUT BOEHNER WOULD JUST START CRYING! I am so sick of the mealy-mouth, milktoast, cowardly RINOs that are supposed to be representing WE THE PEOPLE! I believe most of them are scared to death of Obama and Holder, afraid of being called "racist" if they do anything against a black person in the gov't! They play right into the hands of all the black RACE-BAITERS! Grow some cajones people!

  • Jennie Walsh

    The organized crime syndicate sticks together. Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid and all the other communist/socialist/Satanic/criminal members of congress and all the other branches of government at every level.
    The people of God MUST UNITE!

    Message flagged
    Friday, June 22, 2012 3:07 PM

    Legalize drugs! The bankster-gangster global crime syndicate has a black market monopoly on drugs. All their competitors end up in prison. (Remember prohibition?) The bankster-gangsters also own the prisons and get prison slave labor for all their other projects which happen to be very profitable. The American people, I hope by now, are aware that organized crime is running, plundering and destroying America. The bankster-gangsters are backing both Obama and Romney as pres. candidates. With Obama, the criminals can enact communist/socialist/Satanic/rip-off/dole out programs that will enrich themselves and impoverish the American people. With Romney, the criminals can have their much desired world war lll which they will
    use to sell their armament$ to all sides in the war. (This is the Satanic criminal military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about). These globalist criminals MUST BE OVERTHROWN. These very wealthy criminals have undermined America's constitution by all their fellow criminals in congress who have enacted communist/socialist/Satanic/grand theft/rip-off/"dole out" programs such as Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Department of Education, Department of Energy, HUD, Department of Interior, Department of Commerce, Federal Reserve, IRS and MANY thieving bureaucracies, agencies, departments etc. so that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Does anyone beside the criminals know where the social security money disappeared to?
    This is the way that organized criminals in government manage to STEAL taxpayer money BIG TIME. Yes, spending needs to be reduced. Yes, taxes need to be reduced. But most of all the size and scope of government needs to be reduced to put a damper on all the GOVERNMENT CRIMINAL STEALING that is PLUNDERING AND DESTROYING destroying America.
    America must return to constitutional government ASAP in order to survive! If America had followed and enforced constitutional law for the last 100 years, every American would be so wealthy that healthcare, retirement, college, vacations, business start-ups and everything else would be easily affordable WITHOUT USURY, WITHOUT LOANS, WITHOUT THE BANKSTER-GANGSTERS RUNNING AND CONTROLLING OUR LIVES AND STEALING OUR MONEY. Many UNconstitutional laws MUST BE REPEALED! Obamacare, the Federal Reserve and the IRS must be abolished! I hope that a REPEAL congress and a REPEAL presidency will be elected to UNDO all the evil laws, bureaucracies, departments, agencies, mandates, organizations, rules and regulations that are destroying freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom to travel, freedom to keep and bear arms, habeas corpus, property rights, rights of privacy. We need a REPEAL congress and a REPEAL presidency to get rid of the many UNconstitutional, ILLegal, tyrannical, menacing, threatening, plundering, stealing, criminal activities of the organized criminals who are holding governmental positions.
    Gary Johnson is running as a presidential candidate on the Libertarian Party. His plans and policies are like Ron Paul's. He wants to return America to a LIMITED small CONSTITUTIONAL government by getting rid of all the laws and bureaucracies, agencies that are plundering America's wealth and destroying America's freedoms. Gary Johnson is a former well loved and repected 2 term governor of New Mexico. He is intelligent, well informed, honest and capable. He wants to return America to CONSTITUTIONAL government.
    It is high time for another American Revolution to OVERTHROW the international bankster-gangsters/the shadow government/the Kingdom of Satan/the globalist crime syndicate who are running America behind the scenes using Obama as their puppet, and who also are backing Romney. They really do NOT care which of their puppets gets elected.
    The way I see it, now, is that the forces of the wicked are DIVIDED between Obama and Romney. If the children of God who want Freedom, Justice, Prosperity and Truth and Honor in government get UNITED behind one candidate, the good people in this nation can elect a presidential candidate who will restore America's constitutional government, restore Freedom, restore Prosperity, restore Truth and Justice to America's government. It seems to me that there is not a better time to overthrow the gangsters who are running both the Democrat and Republican Parites. It is high time for a THIRD PARTY to get into political offices. True Patriotic Americans MUST UNITE! UNITE! UNITE! and overthrow the criminals who are destroying us. United, we will stand and prosper; divided, we will suffer tremendously! Please support and vote for Gary Johnson!

  • DocFreeman

    It is about time.
    Holder has not upheld his oath of office and has done more illegal
    things against our Constitution. Here
    are just a few of things Holder has done against our Constitution.

    *** hiring only civil rights attorneys who are far
    leftists – in blatant violation of federal law and department policy – as
    proven by an astonishing analysis which found that of the 106 lawyers hired in
    10 different sections of DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, every single one has a
    résumé filled with connections to far-left organizations, including the “Queer
    Resistance Front” and “Intersex Society of North America.”

    *** risking a repeat of the easy-lending cycle that led
    to today’s catastrophic housing crisis and economic tsunami, by requiring banks
    to lower mortgage underwriting standards and approve loans for minorities with
    poor credit as part of a new crackdown on alleged “discrimination.”

    ***has threatened to prosecute CIA officers whose
    interrogation of terrorist operatives helped lead to the location and
    termination of Osama bin Laden, even as President Obama basked in glory for
    bringing the al-Qaida kingpin to justice.

    *** attempting to gain early release for over 5,000 crack
    cocaine users in federal prison – largely because they are black.

    *** is defying a key federal law, the Defense of Marriage
    Act, which defines marriage as between a man and woman and prevents courts from
    using the Constitution’s “full faith and credit clause” to force recognition of
    same-sex marriage on all 50 states.

    *** Holder has overlooked possibly fraudulent “loan to
    own” equity recapitalization loans Credit Suisse made to some 15 or more luxury
    resorts or to various principles involved in the transactions, including
    supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle, a long-time Democratic Party operative with
    a history of providing financial support to top Democrats, including Bill and
    Hillary Clinton.

    It has also been reported that Credit Suisse is a client
    of the Washington-based law firm that Holder left as a partner to become
    attorney general and Lanny Breuer left as a partner to head of the Justice
    Department criminal division under Holder.

    The firm,
    Covington & Burling, represents “a Who’s Who of big banks and other
    companies at the center of alleged foreclosure fraud,” Reuters reported Jan.

    In addition to
    Credit Suisse, they include Bank of America, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Wells
    Fargo & Co. and at least one other bank among the top 10 largest mortgage

    *** Justice Dept. Suing 22 States over immigration laws
    and enforcement.

    Justice dept. Suing State of FL over Removing
    Non-Citizens from Voter Rolls

    States of AL, CO, ID, LA, MI, NE, PA, SC SD, TX, UT, WA,
    VA suing Federal Government over Healthcare Law

    Justice Dept. Suing Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa
    County, AZ just days after Sheriff Joe announced that he was preparing another
    news conference where he would reveal more damaging evidence against Barack
    Obama and his eligibility to be President of the United States. Holder’s civil suit claims that Arpaio and
    the sheriff’s department are using racial profiling as part of their tactics to
    fight illegal immigration. The Obama administration has filed three lawsuits against
    Arizona in the last few weeks ... one against a college district, one against
    the state of Arizona and now one against Sheriff Arpaio’s office. Each lawsuit centers on something to do with
    alleged racial discrimination.

    ***Holder refused to prosecute the New Black Panther
    Party for voter intimidation. He said
    there was not enough evidence, even with video tape. He also said he would not prosecute a
    brother. This proves Holder is extremely

    • JayMarie

      Very good info. Just a little tweak to the last - New Black Panther prosecution did occur under the Bush 43 justice department. They actually won the case and it was only pending sentencing. Eric Holder refused to submit the appropriate sentencing recommendation and the case was dropped.

  • James

    The House don't have the guts. They are nothing but wind bags. Get rid of all of them.

  • Jeremy Janson

    Sounds good! Great way to get a point across. The only way I could see not charging him this way is if we can get stiffer punishments through another office.

  • Robert Cosenza

    mr issa send the head racist treasonous trader to jail,inherent contempt,and add on the murder of border guard brian terry,and not indicting the black panthers,life in prison.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse chuck norris,and all american veterans/ nation under god

  • Mari.

    It is past time to get it done. What are they waiting for?

  • Lisa Graas

    You are arguing that he should be charged with something not because he actually committed it but rather as a way to by-pass the Senate. In other words, you're arguing against the rule of law and for the use of power to get rid of a political opponent. You shouldn't become the Left to get rid of the Left. That's selling out.

    • evan316

      I think it would be easier to talk about what holder and obama have not done, the list would be much shorter.

      You are the only one going against the rule of law, the rest seen to be all for prosecuting criminals.

      All we are doing is bypassing those that would frustrate justice, as the dims and probably you have done for so long.

      The dims are so honest that they have a whole herd of stolen elections and assorted other criminal conduct, supported by the GOP and company.

      • Lisa Graas

        You wrote: "All we are doing is bypassing those that would frustrate justice, as the dims and probably you have done for so long"

        Me? No, I avoid tyranny. But if you want to do "what the dims do" then you've just proven my point.

      • Lisa Graas

        Doing exactly what they do means you've abandoned principles and embraced the tyranny of majority (mob) rule.

  • Sutekh

    This is where the constitutional crisis come in. Obama's and Holder's bad faith have led to the need for the House to pass what amounts to a bill of attainder, which is specificaly prohibited by the Constitution. I do not know how this is supposed to work, but it is a dangerous move. And the two traitors who have created the necessity for it will be responsible for any loss of freedom that comes about from this. Neither Holder's nor Obama's behavior can be tolerated.

  • Wyatt

    Sounds good to me . Eric Holder has shown his distain for America and her laws long enough . It is time America send a message to the Administration that says , " We are not fooling around !" It is time everyone start recognizing that America has laws that Even You are subject to .Holder should receive the MAXIMUM jail time that can be levied . His negligent handling of the Fast and Furious Program resulted in the deaths of countless mexican citizens and TWO (2) United States Border Agents . And all undoubtedly had families that loved them and miss them .

  • Sara Johansen

    THAT would be priceless....but I am SURE the libs will swear it is only to curtail voter rights for illegals and "dead folks!".....a la Nancy PEElosi!

  • patriotja13

    That is a perp walk I would love to see!

  • Achillea

    Issa is only a blow hard. So far, it has been all talk. Even with Frank Davis being proven to be Obama 's father, nothing is done. They are all in on it together, Read Unintended Consequences, that is the solution.

  • SSMcDonald

    YES!! 100 years in maximum security prison for Holder is not too long. That said, I don't expect this spineless Congress to do anything to prosecute Holder.

  • jerry1944

    So get it dunnn Whats the hole up and send janet with him. But the gop dont have the balls to do it. Just like romney wants to raise taxes like obambo both partys are the same in the long run

  • Aria c

    Do it now

  • roysoldboy

    I wonder if we can stop with Holder. I really wonder if the House will do anything like this because I just do not trust John Boehner and since he is pure establishment I don't think the House can get it done with him in as Speaker. Pelosi is plenty bad but I think we will learn that Boehner is one of them.

    My Representative, a freshman, has tried and tried along with Tea Party people in the House to do some of the things that must be done. He is continually told by Boehner and others of the establishment membership to wait till after the election. Do they know something we don't or are they just putting those people off? I say the latter is what it is.

  • hambone

    the House should just do it, They got the votes.
    Maybe that would show Obama a thing or two about the law.

  • Rob Dalton

    Liberal Logic: Only the Government can own guns- so that the Government can then GIVE them to thugs and Drug Dealers to make Our lives safer. What insanity! That IS the Fast and Furious Plan. It's insane and EVERYONE remotely involved in the Wicked scheme should be in prison. Only America Haters who are never Proud of their Country- like Obama, Michele Obama, Holder, and the rest of that crew could even imagine this in their sick minds. Communists, socialists,marxist, I don't care WHAT you call them, but they are all acting as TRAITORS.

  • David in MA

    IF they have the gonads to do it, obozo will issue a pardon to the scumbag before he ever gets to the jail, put holder AND obozo in jail at GITMO.

  • David in MA

    IF they have the gonads to do it, obozo will issue a pardon to the scumbag before he ever gets to the jail, put holder AND obozo in jail at GITMO.

  • GDC

    Why isn’t Eric Holder in JAIL where he belongs?

    Eric Holder supplied Timothy McVeigh with explosives in which McVeigh MURDERED hundreds.

    Eric Holder supplied the drug cartel with guns which hundreds have been MURDERED.

    Eric Holder supplied the guns which was used to MURDER an American Border Patrol Officer.

    Eric Holder REFUSED to bring charges against the Black Panthers (his friends) for voter intimidation.

    Eric Holder who is protecting the LAWLESS Black Panthers.

    Eric Holder is OBSTRUCTING justice in refusing to supply Congress with the information they requested for their investigation of “Fast and Furious.”

    Eric Holder who believe Obama has the RIGHT to MURDER Americans at WILL.



    Eric Holder Praises Al Sharpton During Speech

    Eric Holder Wants One Law for Whites and Another for ‘Non-Whites’

    Eric Holder who has violated the Constitution over and over.

    Close to 80% of ALL violent crime is committed by Blacks, 15.4% of the population.

    The District of Columbia Board of Elections opened an investigation Tuesday after an undercover video posted online showed an activist against voter fraud going into a Washington polling station and beginning the process to vote under the name of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

    A 2007 special report released by the
    Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States. This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks. The analysis, supported by FBI records, finds that in 2005 alone, for example, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US — again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans

    Eric holder IS a LYING COWARD!!!!

    Impeach Eric Holder, prosecute him, EXECUTE him, NOW!!! For ALL of the CRIMES he has committed.

  • Roy

    Do It! Do It Yesterday!

    • Roy

      You know what? The Republicans don't have the spine for this!

  • Sherman Danio

    By all means just do it!!! This puppet of Obam-ination is equally as bad. I for one am totally fed up with this Administration and the Senate that supports it. God help us if the ignorant public voters who only care about what goes, or stays, in there pockets, votes this scourge on American Democracy back into office. It blows my mind that there is actually more then 40% of the public who still support this Socialistic Regime. Makes you wonder where their heads have been for the past three years that they remain oblivious to the destruction of America and our Constitution happening every day around them.

  • Mark E. Gillar

    Three questions:
    1. Can an Inherent Contempt charge be used against a sitting president?
    2. How big a majority would we need in the house to pass this?
    3. What is the maximum jail time to which the house could sentence someone?

  • Curtis Edward Turner

    Holder though a criminal in the fact he is not upholding and defending the constitution of the United States of America as a key aspect of his appointment should simply be stripped of all his official duties and banned from further service in the federal government of the United States. He could be put in jail for a few days as the punitive aspect of his wrong doings, but in that case Barrak Obama should be brought up on impeachment trial as well since Obama is the instigator of these contemptuous activities and Holder is simply the puppet in this particular case..

  • jong

    Time to send him to Sheriff Joe and get him some pink panties and a tent. Dont worry Eric you will not be lonely for long Nov. is right around the corner. Unless of course you want to turn on your boss who really planned the whole thing. Then arrest the President and send him to Arizona.

  • Hubcap

    Rubio is not qualified. Nor is Jindal.

  • sadnana

    Does Boehner have the courage to allow this? I don't believe he does. In fact, I don't believe that those in control of the GOP will ever exercise their constitutional authority and obligation to act as a check on the power of the other 2 branches. Even if we discount the eligibility issue Obama has committed many unconstitutional acts as POTUS. His administration is corrupt to the bone. Yet, the Congress does nothing to stop him. Evidently they have forgotten that the Constitution is the only thing that protects us from tyranny.

  • Angry American

    & obama will probably already have the pardon papers on his person so he can sign them & holder will not make it out of the chambers before he will have a presidential pardon. My question is if obama (the clown) is not eligible to hold the office of president, do any of the laws of immunity that is reserved for former presidents apply to him? I don't think they do & every thing he has signed will become null & void. I hope that he & his administration get an entire cell block

  • UUggghhh

    BRING IT ON!!! Would absolutely LOOOVE to see worthless holder go the the clink!!! Most certainly obama should be impeached as well!! As far as hurting the Republicans, I believe most Americans would agree with this. We are soooo tired of the corruption!!!

  • Eileen

    I like it, but Boeher would never allow it. Why don't politicians run under the true flag of the party they support. We don't need these wolves in sheeps clothing.

  • evantoo

    Considering what Obama did to bypass Congress with his recent illegal immigration actions, perhaps he too can be considered "inherently contemptous".

  • Heretic2011

    Blow me some more. These people are above the law, and all the posturing is just to make people believe congress is still relevant.

  • Nanasix

    IT NEEDS TO BE DONE ASAP. Our representatives are there to protect us, and this would do it, or at least is a start. He and Obama are liars of the highest calibur. If the tables were reversed, you can bet they'd put us away. I believe Obama should be deported as an illegal. Holder for contempt and start the list of his crimes...and punish him for each and every one of them.

  • Donald De Paola

    An "Inherent Contempt" charge is a evidently a jailable offense. Let's see what the dictionary definition
    of these words are. -
    INHERENT >Existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute.
    CONTEMPT>The feeling that a person or thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn.

    Hmmm! It sure seems to define Attorney General Erick Holder's attitude
    toward the Rule of Constitutional Law he's sworn to uphold. Perhaps he
    should sit behind jail bars for awhile to understand that there are
    consequences for lying to Congress while under Oath for an INHERENTLY
    CONTEMPTUOUS RECIDIVIST!!! (Nasty repeat offender!!)


  • Capt-Dax

    Holder Lied, Mexicans Died

    There is enough evidence presented to Congress to arrest him and prosecute him for an Act of War against the nation of Mexico, accessory to murder of thousands of innocent citizens in Mexico and America as well as the murder of United States Border Patrol agent Brian Terry..

    Besides sending illegal guns to Mexico, Holder and Obama sold guns to criminal street gangs inside the United States where the guns will be used inside the United States. It will take years to find the thousands of guns these criminals sold to killers.

    Eric Holder and his criminal operatives in his office and the Department of Justice need to be dragged out in handcuffs, jailed with no bail and put on trial with a jury of American citizens who are not federal government employees.

    or just hand him over to Mexico, for War Crimes Trial

  • hongryhawg

    It ain't gonna happen. The Pretender's handlers have too much dirt on anyone that tries to go this far with the Pretender's squeeze. I'm not saying it shouldn't happen, that it's not deserved and would send one hell of a message. But, it ain't gonna happen. Get a position in politics; Get a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card. Doesn't matter which side of the aisle you root for.

  • Skyknight

    If they really do this I would hope they give him a lot more than 10 days in jail. For crying out loud we have people dead over this.

  • rcl4144

    ABSOLUTLY NOTHING will happen to this dirt bag or his boss AH OBUMMER.....

  • pretzeldude

    Send that N!&&er to jail and send his boss too. Hell, you might as well send Reid, Pelosi & and the rest of the Democraps.



  • Dr. Brown

    Go for it
    Rep. Darrell Issa! Put that Egyptian in jail for breaking our laws and don't fall for the race card either.

  • WerewolfVm

    I would love to see more than a possible 10 days in jail or a slap on the wrist here! This involves 2 American deaths and countless other deaths across the border! This is how justice is to be served? I know it is a start, but I was hoping for harsher penalties in place in dealing with these people! How about contributing to the fact of murder of the two Americans. Even though they themselves did not pull the trigger, they helped to create a series of conditions and events that led to the death of both Americans! Perhaps manslaughter charges should be considered? I am sick and tired of people in our government that are able to be cleared of wrong doing, knowing that we all know that they done something to cause the situation Then to be allowed to retire, quit, and walk away free and clear of all responsibilities of the mess! To top it off they get to collect a retirement package and other benefits for the rest of their life. Another fine example is Barney Franks! Nancy Pelosi who still is here! Why are people afraid to bring these people down or to justice? They are not above the law and they work for us, not the other way around! See everyone at the polls come November to clean house!

  • James Mills

    What a great strategy. Wow.

  • malcolm7172

    Well hurry up and put him behind bars so he can meet the love of his life.

  • Woody W Woodward

    It would be interesting to see this play out that way except for the fact that the present bunch of RINOs in the House probably don't have the cojones to pull it off.

  • donjusko

    Ten years in jail sounds better to me, he deserves a charge of treason that should end his miserable life. Charge Holder with Inherent Contempt,

  • James

    Oh Boy!!! Ten days in jail. He could take his desk with him and tell all the lies he wants too. Even the other inmates. He will scout for some new employees.

  • wearyconservative1946

    Anyone with half a brain knows that obama either instigated this whole fiasco, or at the very least, added his full stamp of approval for the action before it was taken; therefore, holder shouldn't go down alone, but should be required to share his cell with the other fraud for a short time, then both snakes be sent before a firing squad. Wow! can you just visualize the size of the crowd attending THIS gala event?

  • Bill Stonesmith

    I pray that Rep. Issa will do just that. The House of Representatives is the body politic that is closest to the people, and it is no question that Attorney General Holder has held the American people in contempt ever since he took office and broken laws to do it. Inherent contempt describes him perfectly and our people should see true justice at work especially at this level. Go Rep. Darrell Issa!!

  • kjb199

    If Eric With-holder is charged with Contempt of Congress, there is nothing the Senate can do. Absolutely Nothing! The Senate doesn't even get a vote on it; he's not (yet) been charged with Contempt by the Senate.

  • repubnut

    NOW IS THE TIME to stand up to this "BULLY" Socialist/Marxist Administration-- They would use this on the Republican Party,,they showed their true colors on passing the Obamacare Bill without a single Republican vote !!! Obama, Nancy and Harry ,,,we are still a Country of laws with Honest representation !!!

  • Harold

    Justice only applies to legal and honest citizens of the U.S. It doesn't apply to polititions and their minions. I will believe that the congress has real Americans when they prosecute these criminals.

  • SSMcDonald

    Is there ANYONE that seriously believes that this Congress will prosecute and imprison Holder?? Lying to Congress is a felony and was a felony when he lied several YEARS ago. You or I would still be under the jail for lying to Congress. But this Congress plays politics around the issue and just lets Holder run free.

  • vietnamvet1971

    GO for it, it is TIME to show obuma & holder they are NOT above our Laws!

  • GDC

    Impeach Holder, prosecute him, EXECUTE him, NOW!!!

  • PPTA

    President Obama can then issue a pardon for Eric Holder. However, according to his attorneys in Tenn. he is not a lawful President. So, my next question, when is the President going to be arrested for fraud? Then goes his entire admnistrattion, all the bills and executive orders he signed, and ll his politcal appointee's.

  • sillyboy

    evan316 is right! A new party needs to be formed right after this November election. A party of strict conservatives. People who WILL follow, and uphold the Constitution.

    We have seen how one commie president has used his power to avoid Congress many, many times. These powers need to be reined in. Everything that has to do with the people of the USA, needs to go through Congress. They need to pass laws, rules, etc., that are the same for them as they are for the common person... All judges need to be voted in, NOT APPOINTED! nuff said for now====>

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    May God Serve Eric Holder the Justice that he Deserves! Eric Holder is an Enemy of the American People. While it is not his Racist Marxists Motivations that condemn him, it is the actions he has undertaken to undermine the US Constitution and Laws that Denounce him. He should be in Federal Prison.

    In this we Pray that God may save America from this Evil Marxist Eric Holder and others like him Amen.

  • jsnh

    Why is Congress not asking for the results from the investigator Eric Holder claims he has assigned to probe into this debacle? How long does it take to find out how high up the chain this goes? I know Holder said very early on that he has someone investigating this. Why is no one asking for the report from this investigator? This question should be asked and the answer(s) lead to further steps taken as a result.

  • jsnh

    Didn’t Holder say that the investigator he assigned to look into Operation Fast and Furious has the right to look into all the documents they refuse to provide to Congress? Couldn't Congress then request that this investigator be questioned by the congressional panel led by Congressman Issa? As I understood it, this investigator had been assigned to look into this operation quite some time ago; enough time for him (her?) to have come up with answers as to how high up the chain this program goes. I would think this would give Congressman Issa a chance to find out more about what the WH is protecting.

  • Mark Ward

    It's time CONGRESS acted as the co-EQUAL body of Government that it IS!
    I'm SICK of John Boehner acting like the President is GOD (and the Democrats are SAINTS)...
    The assertion of "Executive Privilege" FAIL on a number of counts:

    1) Eric Holder and President Obama have DENIED prior-knowledge/involvment with "Fast and Furious". SO, how can ANY DOCUMENTS (especially the THOUSANDS requested by the House) - regarding "Fast and Furious" POSSIBLY involve Obama and/or Holder (unless, of course, Obama/Holder have LIED) - in which case Executive Privilege CANNOT be used to shield evidence of WRONG DOING!
    2) Eric Holder has ALREADY provided SOME documents, and had given SOME testimony regarding "Fast and Furious". Attempting to NOW assert "Executive Privilege" is like a witness in court SELECTIVELY "taking the 5th" (on SOME questions, but answering others)... It doesn't work that way! If one "takes the 5th", it's an ALL OR NOTHING proposition - the same is true with "Executive Privilege" - if Obama/Holder WANTED to assert "Executive Privilege", they should have DONE SO at the outset. It's TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE!
    Hold Holder in CONTEMPT, and FOLLOW THROUGH!

  • Lisa

    Call Issa's office and tell him to do this!

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    Wouldn't that be a hoot?!

  • TM

    eric holder is a smart arse and thinks he above the law, show him and his crooked boss obama they are wrong, I hope Issa does the right thing and shows the American tax payers justice will be served.


    Lock em up!

  • Loran

    This would be nice to see, but I don't think it will ever happen. Even if Issa wanted to do this I'm quite sure that the Speaker hasn't got the huevos to do it.

  • Renellin

    Holder may be key to Obama's plan B in case it looks like he might lose. Holder's already read in on the emergency plan that will hit us like last time in 2008. Obama will not give up his office easily.

  • CaptTurbo

    Jailing is better then nothing but it seems to me that Traitors like him would look good sitting on some electric furniture.

  • sha44ss

    10 days in jail for these politicians who have ripped apart American lives is NOT enough. They deserve to go to jail in the WORST jails in this country!... I would love to see them all in Sheriff' Joe's jail in the heat of the dessert with their PINK underwear on....for LOTS of years! And if they dont learn their lesson there send them to IRAN or Pakistan where they belong!

  • gnafuasusual

    Would 'inherent contempt' nail ALL involved with Operation Fast and Furious? Or, would the rest of the culprits who knew about it walk free? Perhaps Holder would 'talk' and that would bring down the rest of those involved? I doubt that he wants to serve out jail time alone.

  • Tomm Payne

    Holder and Obama are both guilty of 'treason', and if we go by our guide, the U.S. Constitution,
    by all means we must, they deserve the punishment accordingly. If this makes Boehner cry, he
    is guilty too.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Holder deserves a heck of a lot more than 10 days in jail. He should be in prison until Brian Terry and all others killed because of his stupidity are alive again and safely in their homes and in good health. Since that will never happen, Holder would be in prison for a long time. Furthermore, Ovomit should be in the same cell with him since all this was done with his blessing.

  • nvrat

    NO, NO, Don`t do it. Keep the bastardo and his boss on the hook all the way to the elections. Remember, Americans can`t remember anything after 2-3 months they hardly ever look back and apply it to the day. Keep the Dumbocrats scrambling to explain, put everything on the table and confuse them and keep them off balance add anything that is relevant. Play there game for once.

  • MontieR

    Collusion and accessory to murder should be charged.

  • InFreedomandLiberty

    WE need to make this happen!!! We MUST be hammering Darryl Issa's phone (202-225-3906) with calls to support him in charging Eric Holder in "inherent contempt"!!! If we do'll be "business as usual"! Get into action...make those calls!

  • Tomtom

    Send this Crook and murderer to Jail. ASAP.

  • Mark Flaming

    DO IT NOW!

  • notoshariah

    Oh Yes ! DO IT! I am sick of BOH calling the shots and this TERRIBLE guy doing the same when he doesn't know 'BEANS WHEN THE BAG'S OPEN" gEEEEZE do something for the PEOPLE OF THIS ONCE GREAT COUNTRY !

  • bmiller147

    The thought of us just slapping his wrist is appauling, we need a hanging on the front lawn of the White House where Holder gets his and the platform has a second noose awaiting??????!

  • Saltporkdoc

    Only problem I have with this is twofold: first only Issa has the "manhood" (plural-if you get my drift) to vote for such a charge. Second, all the race baiting and whining so far, can you imagine what it would be like if they did carry this out?
    I agree it is called for and time for the dog to go back to wagging the tail for a change!

  • Fred Palombi

    Do it already! He deserves it!

  • Robert Cosenza

    we the people,who are the real government have been demanding this head racist a/g holdup be put in jail,for on holdup watch,border guard brian terry was murdered by guns from fast and furious,now we the people are furious,and want holdup put behind bars fast,and his boss ovomit indicted for allowing this fast and furious to continue,as well as janet napalitano had knowledge of fast and furious.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,and brian terry and nation under god

  • Keith Dexter

    he needs 10 years not ten days

  • Rick

    This is a wast of time. First, it is a purly political move to find Holder in contempt. Second, if he is found in contempt by the House, Obama will surely pardon him. Serves the Republicans right anyway...they always try to upstage the President, but he is just too smart!

  • machodog

    I saw the picture on this article first, so before I read the headline, I thought the article was about the horrendous spelling on that sign. Nothing was said about that. I haven't decided if they meant "reserved for Eric Holder" or if they meant "revered for Eric Holder". Maybe it's a new word now and we're just not up on it yet.
    DID NOBODY CATCH THAT??? Your smart elected officials at work.
    Just what does RESERVERED mean??

  • George Bernard Vieto

    As the Nike slogan says "Just do it."

  • David Peacock

    JUST "DO IT".

  • Bill

    we are waiting Issa, he needs to go to jail for contempt. send the message to Obama that he is no longer emperor and he will be be dealt with the same way.

  • Proud Conservative American

    So what is to be gained from all this White Racism? It is silly. If some people are not comfortable in their own skin, why is that anyone's fault but their own? We individually need to be responsible for our own selves and no one else. America is divided because of race, but I see most of the racism coming from prominent blacks in Government. It reminds me of schoolyard bully s. One group cannot make another group do anything. It is very amateurish behavior. I have friends of every color, however I do not make friends with people who are racist.

  • QuisPercusit

    The Speaker of the house and the vast majority of the house will need massive infusions of testosterone or simply get a pair before Issa does any thing that smacks of macho conservatism.

  • Stephen J

    "House Could Send Holder to Jail Without Approval of Senate or U.S. Attorney"
    Even if the statement is true, a million bucks say they will never do it.

  • Chris Hardy

    What you're describing would be a bill of attainder, and is unconstitutional. Congress cannot convict and punish a particular person for a crime. Legislatures can define crimes and set punishments for them, but a court must convict an individual before he can be punished for that crime.
    See Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 3 and the 5th Amendment.
    Now, I agree Holder needs to go to jail. This just means we need to get him indicted & try him for his crimes.

  • Donald York

    Mr. Boehner, arrest Eric Holder.

  • Terry

    I'll take all bets...2 to 1 odds that Holder doesn't spend 30 seconds in jail...

    • Call 'em as I See 'em

      You could give a thousand to one and someone would still have to be a sucker to take you up on your offer.

  • Essie

    I say they should and while they are at it they should get locked up to .For high treason,for all the time they voted against the conitituional rights of the citizens of this land.For taking away the rights of the people becuse we have terrorist in our country. Well they are no more dangerious then having our own leaders treating the american people like prisionors in our own country. We are froced to strip naked in the airports , spyed on and hounded like thieves , treated like we stole the very freedoms we are promised by God . Our votes are stolen we pay for services we don't get then they want more so they can serve wall street and the banks the last drop of blood and the last penny in our pocket.

  • Neal Sears

    DO IT! DO IT!
    DO IT! DO IT!
    DO IT! DO IT!


    you stupid CRAZY REPUBLUCAN PARTISAN THAT IS WHY THE COUNTRY GOING DOWN THE TOILET if you start one branch or half a branch of government[ the repubican house] doesn't get his way and partisan retatiated againts the executive branch, remenber the republicans will not control the house forever and democrats will not control the executive forever the same for every branch of government than partisan retaliations are going to be everywhere. In modern times the most number of years one party control the executive has been 12 years

    • Call 'em as I See 'em

      If they break the laws of the land they should be held in contempt and prosecuted no matter what thier party affiliation.  IT should not be "well, yes I did it but you did much worse so you can't prosecute me" If either party the 'rats or the Rinos break the laws they should be held accountable and stop this back scratching that goes on in politics.  The back sctatching is why this  country is in trouble today.

  • John

    Send this article ot everymember of Congress, especially Issa!

  • MIKE6080

    HIM and barry should go together

  • AlbertstheMan

    Obongo & Holder lie, tell me something I don't know!!

  • Saltporkdoc

    Yes, YEs, YES!!! Time for the bureaucrats to be reminded it is the PEOPLE who are in charge of this great nation!

  • Call 'em as I See 'em

    Issa does not have the cajones to charge holder with inherent contempt.  I wish he did and then bring the same inherent contempt  charge against the blackjesus freak in the white house for refusing to provide fast and furious documents. 

  • jeemanatz

    a texan