Feds Jail New Mexico Family, Seize Everything They Own for Being Honest Legal Firearms Dealers

This has got to be one of the grossest miscarriages of law enforcement that I’ve read about lately.

Rick and Terri Reese, along with their two sons Ryin and Remington ran a federally licensed gun shop in Deming, New Mexico.  They kept meticulous records of all the firearms and ammunition they purchased and which were purchased by customers.  They performed the required FBI background checks when necessary.  Basically, they ran their gun shop by the letter of the law for 17 years.

Even much of their hired help was legal as the Reeses often hired law enforcement officers who were either retired or off duty, to work in the gun shop.  This brought in a substantial amount of business with the law enforcement community and agencies.

In 2011, Terri noticed a customer that had purchased seven AK-47 pistols in one day.  The customer, Penny Torres, told Terri that they were having a family reunion at a ranch in the area and that they all liked to shoot.  Terri was suspicious of Torres story and being the law abiding gun dealer she is, she reported her suspicions to one of her friends that worked with the Luna County Sheriff’s Department.  Terri told him that she suspected Torres might be a ‘straw buyer’ (someone who purchased guns for illegal purposes such as going over the Mexican border to the drug cartels, kind of like what the US government did with Operation Fast and Furious).

The Luna County Sheriff’s Department officer Terri reported to was someone she trusted and who she always turned to if they had any need for law enforcement.  He told her that he would promptly report it to ATF and would let her know what happened with the case.

Torres was subsequently arrested, but ended up making a deal with the feds for leniency by implicating the Reese family as knowingly selling guns that were to illegally cross the border into Mexico.  This launched an investigation by a recently formed federal agency known as Homeland Security Investigators (HSI), who set up a sting operation to entrap the Reeses.

HSI hired a confidential informant called Roman, who was seeking a reduced sentence for human trafficking and drugs smuggling.  Roman agreed to go to the Reese’ gun shop, purchase weapons and drop hints that they would be heading across the border into Mexico but to do so in such a way as not to alarm them and cause them to refuse the sale.  Roman was fitted with a wire to record everything that was said.  HSI figured that if the Reeses sold the guns to Roman, that they could then arrest them on gun walking charges.

Shortly after Roman made his gun purchases, the feds swooped in to arrest all four members of the family.  HSI and local law enforcement raided the gun store and the Reese home.  They came in helicopters, armored vehicles and too many heavily protected and armed law enforcement officers to count.  Not only were the four members of the Reese family arrested, but the feds confiscated every gun, all ammunition from both their store and their home, then they confiscated the home, cars, bank accounts, coin collections and virtually everything the family owned.

Each member of the family was eventually taken to a different jail or prison facility to be held without bail until their trials.  The prosecution argued that they were flight risks or might even stage a Ruby Ridge type stand off because their home had a well and solar panels and they had found guns on the premises.  Can you imagine that?  They actually found guns and ammunition in the house and place of business of federally licensed gun dealers.  It was also noted by the prosecution that Rick and Terry Reese were part of the local Tea Party, which must have made them look violent in the eyes of the prosecutor.

Six months after being arrested, Terri Reese was allowed to post bail, but the courts continued to withhold bail for the father and two sons.

Recently, the first preliminary hearing was held for the four members of the Reese family.  According to a WND report, the prosecution revealed a number of revelations during the preliminary hearing.  For one thing, Roman spoke little broken English and that most of the hinting of guns going to Mexico was said in Spanish, which none of the Reese family knew or understood.  However, the transcripts that the court had to read had all been translated into English, so that it appeared that the conversation had taken place in English.

Additionally, the prosecution admitted that all of the Reese’ gun sales had been properly logged and all transactions appeared to have been legal.  They also admitted that the Reeses has paid all of their taxes and that there was no evidence of any under the table transactions and that all banking and financial evidence indicated that all members of the family never received any money other than their normal paychecks.

When the defense pointed out to the prosecution that they used so many law enforcement personnel in their store, the prosecution replied that it didn’t matter because ‘a lot of them [cops and former cops] are dirty.’

According to a report in the Las Cruces Sun-News, the defense attorneys described the prosecution’s conspiracy theory against the Reece family as, ‘based on generalities, leaps of logic, "self-serving" statements made by a cartel drug runner-turned-informant, and even inaccurate transcriptions of audio-recordings.’

The defense asked Judge Robert C Brack to dismiss the conspiracy charges against the Reese family due to the fact that there was no evidence to support the charge.  The prosecution claimed that a notation in their August 2010 sales ledger stating that law enforcement authorities will freak out when out they see this purchase, is proof of the conspiracy.  Judge Brack told the prosecution that this was a leap on which to conclude a conspiracy was committed.  The defense argued that the accuracy of their records and their reporting of Torres’ straw purchases to authorities proved there was no conspiracy.  Judge Brack made no ruling at that time and scheduled additional motion hearings to take place in July.

Now the Reese family is awaiting the main trial which is scheduled for some time in July.  Since all of their worldly possessions, even personal items accumulated over 25 years of marriage, have been confiscated, they have no money with which to use to pay for their defense.  And if by some miracle they are acquitted of all charges, they have no home and no business to return to.

What galls me to spit in anger is that this family, even by the prosecution’s own statements in the preliminary trial, have never done anything wrong.  Their lives have been raped by the federal government based on promises made to two convicts in lieu of lighter sentences.  Roman’s statements should not be admissible since he spoke Spanish and the Reeses don’t.  This is a horrible case of entrapment and what’s worse is that they are accusing the family of doing what the feds did in Operation Fast and Furious and NO ONE IS BEING PROSECUTED in that case!

We need to pray that the Reese family is exonerated and that the feds are forced to replace all of their possessions, guns, ammunition, house, cars, bank accounts, coin collection and pay for wrongful imprisonment.  If anyone belongs in jail for gun walking, it’s Eric Holder, not the Reese family.




  • deeme

    This seems to be a trend with this administration, they won't rest until all the law abiding citizens are jailed and the lawless have taken over the entire country, there's a new kind of "Justice" in town..

  • Mary

    If anyone has noticed this administration seems to be going after the white people with a vengeance.
    They've destroyed this family, they're going after white minutemen, white militia, they got a death row conviction for minute woman shawna Forde for a murder committed by mexican drug cartels.
    WND reported they're now going after a Mormon break away sect in two Utah border towns.
    I don't know about you folks but this gives me the impression this administration is anti-white. However you don't see the panthers being called up on charges for intimidating voter's at the polls or saying white folks should be swinging from nooses.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Mary....Obama and his minions ARE anti-white and they've made no bones about it. The way the DOJ has dealt with the black panther about voter intimidation and the Zimmerman Wanted poster is proof of it.

      I believe the Prez is a recalcitrant little boy, resentful about being racially-mixed, most hateful of the white part, and determined to get back at a society which he perceives has treated people of color badly. That society would be a white society of course, which he is bent on changing.

      He is nothing short of a marxist dictator who will die trying to destroy us.

      • Renellin

        But Obama has not experienced this in his own life. He has had the world made for him. I don't think he hates all whites, I think he hates the enemies of his father and step-father. He hates England. He considers white Americans a "steak dinner." that is, people to relieve of their wealth and laugh about it later.

      • Patrick

        The first two major things Holder did after Obama was sworn in was to state, *state*, that he would not prosecute any crimes where blacks were involved like in the Black Panthers case, and that he would not enforce the marriage laws on the books that a marriage is between a man and a woman. Both were utterly impeachable offenses, and yet here we are...

        • Guest

          But we won't be here on January 20, 2013..... Thank God

        • Vietnam vet 72

          I hate to disagree with you but I would bet the farm that Obama will still be in power on January 20, 2013. Obama is a dictator, pure and simple and he is definitely out to destroy the "non-black" population in this country. Obama will either be re-elected with help from fraudulent votes or he will declare martial law and simple seize control. I personally am as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs!

        • RobinCain

          No man will know of his coming, not even the Angels in heaven.

        • Vietnam vet 72

          I would bet the farm that Obama will still be in power on January 20, 2013. Obama is a dictator, pure and simple and he is definitely out to destroy the "non-black" population in this country. Obama will either be re-elected with help from fraudulent votes or he will declare martial law and simple seize control. I personally am as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs!

      • http://www.facebook.com/roy.mcdade Roy Mcdade

        Excuse me... Would you pleeeze stop referring to soetero as the " Prez ".... He is the Imposter ....... Thanks

        • tionico

          oh, you mean the kinyun?

      • Robin Cain

        I concur.

    • Mary

      I want to add this story to the mix; three days ago the feds went after Rose Acre Farms.
      This is a little known story because it just happened. It seems this administration is hell bent on doing as much damage as they can before they go down:


    • dhm52

      Speaking of the Panthers. here's a question I have asked many times but never got an answer. The Panthers were given a pass on federal charges of voter intimidation. Why has there been no word about them being arrested on STATE charges of voter intimidation? Surely, Pennsylvania has the equivalent state law!

      • Bay0Wulf

        I think that basically what was violated is a fairly major Federal Statute. While there may be a state law related to this, the fact that the Fed DOJ won't pursue the case pretty much leaves a State level prosecutor in a position of having to swim up a waterfall.

    • http://twitter.com/rsnwhy Michael

      To the Rich, Elite and Infamous, this isn't all there "IS" James 5: 1 ------- Americans are being Scammed by Lucifer, to many ways to Count! and He is Merciless

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    My question is this where is their representative in this?? This is by any terms such a abuse of power of the "justice" Dept. that it should be included in the papers of what Holder has been doing. Both Holder and Obama belong in a nice Arizona tent in pink panties their wealth given to those they have harmed.

    • MrChuckster007

      I would say that Janet Napalitano should be added to your list of those who belong in AZ,Tent City.

  • Screeminmeeme

    This is just sickening.

    Another travesty of justice committed by Holder's henchmen in compliance with Obama's plans for gun dealers and owners.

    Guns of two enemies: rust and politicians.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Leary/630866387 Ed Leary

    A set-up with the requisite fall guy(s) ... And the whole sordid story is probably backed up in the redacted e-mails between Holder and Obama that are now being protected by his Executive Privilege order.

    • joepotato

      I think you might have a valid point. This regime is crooked like a snake.

      • markinla

        It isn't just this administration, Remember Ramos and Compean.

        • joepotato

          Good point. Not forgotten, just overlooked, USA on a downhill slide for quite a while; we need it fixed.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Burt/1184417215 Bill Burt

          Yes, wasn't that when that anti-gun dirt bag, Gonzales was head of the Dept. of Injustice? When I was reading this, I thought about the criminals that prosecuted them.

        • markinla

          It was one of Bush's buddies. Johnny Sutton under Gonzales who did this.

    • Tonto

      Obviously a set-up. Holder and the White House Gestapo are looking for "fall-guys" now. This family and everything they worked for all their ives has been destroyed to satisfy the egos and machinations of the worst crooks this nation has seen in a long time.

      • Guest

        Make that, " the worst crooks this nation has seen EVER".

      • Waschbear

        Sorry about this family. Log on to http://www.change.org and sign a petition. We must help them.

  • slobo

    A fund needs to be set up, if it hasn't been already. Anybody know of a fund for these unfortunate people?

    • Doug

      ATTENTION Patricia Arias,
      First Savings Bank
      520 South Gold
      Deming, NM 88030

      • grandmaforliberty

        contact ACLJ ... they are a national defense group that take on these type of cases...

        • MrChuckster007

          Just like the Obama administration, the ACLU only defends injustices (justified or not) aimed at minorities.

        • grandmaforliberty

          this is a different organaztion that defends all cases of injustice..American Civil Liberties for Justice I think they are called...

        • Canadian Sister

          ACLJ - American Center for Law and Justice (www.aclj.org or google Jay Sekulow). The US government is out of control and evil. Vote them out before they take that liberty away from you.

        • MrChuckster007

          Never heard of them. Are you sure it's not the American Center for Law & Justice? Here's there website .

        • FreeAmerica

          yep. aclj ..

        • Barbc

          NO the ACLJ was started because of the ACLU. ACLJ is funded by donations not taxpayer money as is the ACLU.

        • Robin Cain

          Yep,everything is for blacks and the damb whites that use the race card are worst than the blacks that use it.I won't apologize for being white, I'm just as proud to be white as they are to be so called"African american".I'm American Indian,German, Dutch ,Scottish , Swedish,Irish.I won't stand second to any race! I am second to none.I don't mind standing beside but I won't stand behind.

        • MrChuckster007

          I like your spunk and steadfastness. I would be honored to stand beside you!!!

      • malcolm7172

        Fellow Gun Owner there is a need here. This is the start of the war between the government and its people by using ATF Regulations, NDAA, and the Patriot Act. It seems that our government has forgotten who they work for and paying their fat salaries. These are the same people that are riding the tit of the government at yours and my expense. Just look at what we are getting for tax dollars. I bet the Reese family never expected there own government would take away their rights and civil liberties all at one time. You also can thank your federal elected officials as well because they have sold out the American people in order to keep their power. They have become nothing but whores who has sold their souls to Obama and Holder. Not one of then call call themselves honest. I'll be sending my check to help the Reeses Defense Fund and not some turd running for a government office. People keep buying guns, bullets and beans and God Bless.

        • rivahmitch

          There's a further lesson here; NEVER EVER cooperate with the government or its flunkies on anything. It has become the enemy of a free people.

        • RobinCain

          Obama and his cronies ars all terrorist.I told people this when he was running.They will shut down all makers and distributors of guns and amo to keep we the people from being able to defend ourselves.To top it off,he has drones all over watching and listening.They have drones that are mosqueto looking that are remote controled.This tiny drone can drop a micro chip the size of a speck of dirt in a shirt or pants pocket that has a GPS, video and audio recorder.It's absolutely crazy! OBAMA IS THE LEAK.Obama is the one the one to worry about.People who support him must not be paying attention toanything going on.

      • http://twitter.com/gunslingr45 Doc

        more money the feds can seize. needs to go right to a lawyer or sumptin.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/HADKEKLJD7ZYKVIJXVPQG3EJGE major

        Thank you Doug.

      • Robin Cain

        Thanks for that info. Anything anybody can send even if five or ten dollars it will add up if enough of us help.Lets help our fellow americans.These people are innocent.

  • evantoo

    With travesties such as this being performed by an Obama led administration and "Justice" department (now THAT's a laugh!) led by a person whose personal integrity is EXTREMELY questionable- Eric Holder, how can it be any wonder that AMERICANS find it necessary to arm themselves? And are doing so at record rates. In fact it has been said that Obama is the greatest individual gun sales incentive the industry has ever known.
    Hardly surprising.

    • veryleftandveryhappy

      you mean unlike those "patriotic" Bush people who lied us nto a war that killed more Americans than Osama bin Laden? those same people who used executive privilege to lie about torture? and wiretap Americans WITHOUT warrants? those guys?

      • poppakap

        Dear Leftover, you have a severe case of selective memory. Long before anyone in the Bush administration decided to act against OBM, the Taliban, and Sodomy Insane, the Clinton administration had been telling the western world that Islamists in Afghanistan were a problem, were acquiring WMD's, and were harboring terrorists. The Bush admin essentially continued Clinton admin policies based on Clinton admin intelligence and only went to war after Sodomy Insane ignored 20+ UN mandates (the rest of the world believed he had WMD's as well) AND after both houses of Congress approved action. Congressional Republicans were a minority of both the House and the Senate at that time. Furthermore, it was the friends of BHO and the Taliban that have killed US servicemen, not anyone in the Bush administration. To suggest otherwise is patently silly and factually wrong.

        Executive privilege was never used to lie about torture, and those so-called citizens who received wiretaps were those engaged in terrorist activities, and certainly not those who love our country and want what's best for.it.

        Finally, I love how you change the subject to divert attention from the incompetency of the current regime. The Fast and Furious scandal is an appalling example of the poorest judgement imaginable and wreaks of corruption in the DOJ. Mark my words: before the election takes place, Eric Holder will be removed as AG and indicted for perjury.

        • Vietnam vet 72

          hey Poppakap, just look at his name: "very left and very happy". Just another socialist moron who is probably living in federally subsidized housing and living on food stamps

      • MrChuckster007

        Whatever wrongs that happened during the Bush administration don't justify what's happening in the Obama administration, and nothing justifies the loss of innocent lives..Two wrongs don't make a right.

        • rockribbedrushy

          Mr. C:
          "Two wrongs don't make a right."

          No, but two wrongs make a liberal.

        • MrChuckster007

          Lol... Good one!!!

      • Jetison

        Just another Socialist, Commie, Creep that hates America and wants to see it destroyed You can tell by your name. Should be veryleftandverystupid.

      • FreeAmerica

        LOL. O campaigned against everything Bush & Clinton did & yet continued EVERYthing and MORE ! going after Americans like never before..! yea..... same , you bettcha ..NOT !

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hennessy-Q-Wunderlich/100000038310466 Hennessy Q. Wunderlich

        veryleftandveryhappy. In other words, loony but still laughing, goofy but still grinning, stupid but still smiling.

    • CCB

      These two are enemies of the people.

  • Hotnike

    People, it is time to revolt. The FED think they are THE ANNOINTED ONES and they can do whatever they want. But then, they do work for the MESSIAH.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JKLLPVKKSWYRHLZH3LDQMZRW6A dean

      I should have said they work for the devil.

    • Doodlebug

      Live by the letter of the law and you get in trouble with the feds. Yet the feds can get away with murder and no one seems to be able to get any answers from holder. I could have cried listening to the parents of border agent who was shot and killed doing his job. There was some clown defending holder today and he claims that the family has been told the facts about the death but the family believes there is something fishy going on. When will this administration get caught with all the lies they tell? What a bunch of crappy crap crap!

      • http://twitter.com/rsnwhy Michael

        There are no Secrets, Sexular Humanism is a Lie, The Final Judge and Witnesses are Spelled out in the Word HELL, who the Fed have to Answer Toooooooo!

    • daveveselenak

      Hotnike, I 'm with you! It is way past time that the sheeple start amassing; What we have going on now is absolute tyranny. The problem is that most of the sheeple are too rapped up in their sports, pornography, music and cell phones to realize that they are being enslaved by the Muslim-Marxist and his commie minions! They'll wake up when it's too late. The states must start manning militias to confront the ongoing tyranny, it is only going to get worse! 1776...1776...1776...

      • Valerie Marsh

        You are correct in what you say about the Muslim-Marxist and his commie minions - our country is is grave danger - how can any thinking individual who ever read a word of history not see it? Corruption has totaled every civilization down through history. If we continue to let others tell us what we can and cannot do, to the extent that legal citizens are arrested for following the letter of the law, we are in serious danger.. and I have thought and said that Obama wants to be the leader of the Muslim takeover of our country, but he doesn't realize that he is just the muse, and will not survive that takeover any more than any legal citizen.. unless we stand up now for our rights as citizens and take control of our country, it's leaders, judges, and government in general. This country was formed on religious freedom, not domination and certainly not war from hostile sources.

    • Old Kutre

      You should be aware that your speech is not protected since it is advocating revolution. We have problems in this country but, for now, the way to deal with them is at the poles. This adminsitration has proven to be the most corrupt and the most anti constitution of any in my life time. We need to clean house it Washington. This is what you get when the liberal Socialists run a country.

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/BJK46ECDEOAIG3CUX7XB7IT5MM D.

        Makes no diff who's in the Oval (offal) Office. The main agenda of the n.w.o. is still enforced. We need to get the polticians/msm out of controlling the election process and put it directly into the hands of "we the peeps." After all, the gummint is supposed to be serving us, not the other way around.

        • http://twitter.com/rsnwhy Michael

          THE NWO IS ANOTHER EXERCISE IN FUTILITY over 300 yrs in the Making, how many have died never to Realize their Evil Scheme, like the Communist, Nazi's etc. vs The Plan Eternal Acts 15:14 - 17 Worlds Only Hope

      • Kevin Joyner

        So, the same wolf in a different sheep suite is going to fix these problems? I think not...

    • wibbys1

      messiah or is he the anti-messiah? (another way of saying anti-christ.)

  • teacherintexas

    I'm glad my husband is no longer working part-time in a gun shop. When he was, there were times that he would refuse a gun sale that the feds would tell him to approve. Holder and Obama have blood on their hands.

  • gfsomsel

    This sounds like something that the most corrupt administration in American history would do—and I'm including Richard M Nixon and Warren G Harding among those.

    • annie66

      This bunch makes Nixon look like a choir boy. I don't think Nixon ever murdered anyone. This bunch has murdered gross numbers of civilians.

      • ncboy65


  • flaphil

    The Obama SS strikes again. I heard Holder is now managing their gun shop.

  • http://www.facebook.com/crzydancer Richard Holmes

    This corrupt government must go, by any means needed

  • Reenie2

    Does anyone believe that this jerk would be better for America, the second time around than Mitt Romney? If so, if you have lost your mind. My dog would be better than what we have!

    • MrChuckster007

      I don't believe Obama would be better for America, but I don't think Mitt Romney would be any better either. Personally, I don't think there's any difference whatsoever between Obama and Romney. In fact, I don't see any difference between the Republican establishment and Democrat establishmnt. They are nothing more than two sides of the same coin. Just like a bird has two wings and one body, the Republiican-Democrat establishment are just separete wings of the same body.

      • Jetison

        Atleast Mitt Romney is not a Socialist, Communist trying to destroy this country. Everything Oblamo has done in the last 31/2 years plus is to destroy the Amarica we love.

        • MrChuckster007

          Not yet! However, he's not President yet, either.

        • Vietnam vet 72

          Romney's not my favorite either but at least he's not some half-breed, socialist muslim

      • franel

        Romney was not my pick either, but I would vote for a bed bug before I would vote for this Socialist

        • MrChuckster007

          Like I said previously, I see no difference between Romney and Obama. They are both fascist-socialist, wanna-be dictators. So, I would rather vote for a "bed bug" than either of them.

      • Robin Cain


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HADKEKLJD7ZYKVIJXVPQG3EJGE major

      I'm sure your dog is kind and wouldn't bite the hand that feeds him or her, that's more than i can say about the Scum who voted for these laws and the Scum that enforces them. Remember what ever Evil Laws these Luciferians enact i mean anything from beheading your two year old to drowning your parents they will always be able to hire enough Scum-Bags to carry out their Evil Plans. This is very disturbing to me even-though i knew this day would arrive in America it's still shocking and the sad thing is this is only the Birth Pains and it can only get worse.

  • Think About It

    If the facts are as presented along with getting their life back they must also get their business re-established and back earnings replaced with interest. How does the gov't pay for this? It comes out of the budget for the Justice Dept. and the White House. This year. Now. This is the actions of an out of control gov't. How far up the chain of command did this go? Wake up America.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    American people need to get a backbone! Holder was right, " The American public are a bunch of cowards!!!

    • Observant_One

      Perhaps not cowards, rather ill-informed and stupid I would posit. It can look like cowardice sometimes.

  • mudguy1

    Has anybody heard from Governor Martinez or Congress Pearce about this.

  • mudguy

    Sounds like an other Gibson Guitar sting.

    • ncboy65

      exactly that's exactly what it is brother. I was thinking the same thing.

  • mudguy

    Has anybody heard from Gov. Martinez or from Rep. Pearce.

  • DJ_Fisher

    The Feds are the criminals and it is up to the people to push those who have the power to take them down.

  • MC

    It doesn't surprise me. Under Obama we are living under a totalitarian Liberal Fascist Regime. When he's re-elected, it will take a bigger turn for the worse. Most gun owners will see the 2nd amendment repealed and suffer all their goods confiscated. I wouldn't be surprised if they start taking political prisoners to concentration camps similar to the ones they had for Japanese Americans during WWII.
    If you want our country to go back to it's Free Republic roots, then vote for Romney, not the Marxist.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YJC262UHONA5CWN7VKUMBZXZ3M Joyce

      Oh, how I wish we had a candidate less like Obama than Romney is!

      • MrChuckster007

        We do have a candidate who is a lot less like Obama, and his name is Ron Paul.

        • rockribbedrushy

          Ron Paul?
          Less like Obama?
          He's antiwar like Obama.
          He's pro drugs like Obama.
          He's pro palestinian like Obama.
          He's anti military and defense like Obama.
          He could be the son that Obama never had, eh?

          PS Why did RonPaul stand with Barney Frank and 56 other known Socialist Progressive Democrats two years ago to slash the Defense budget by 75%?

          Why would he stand with ANY democrat unless he in solidarity with them?

        • MrChuckster007

          Obviously, you don’t know Ron Paul. Of course he’s ant-war, isn’t everyone? I have seen my share of war and it ant pretty, so I’m anti-war too. So, are you saying you like war? Since you like war so much does that mean you’re a “war monger?” Furthermore, I would hardly call Obama anti-war, especially after Libya and what’s going on now in Syria. Maybe you should stick with Obama since you like war so much. Ron Paul is not pro-drugs, but he is a defender of the Constitution and individual liberty, and the Constitution does not give the federal government the authority to regulate what adult individuals put in their bodies. States should regulate drugs, not the federal government. I agree, Obama is pro-drugs for his own personal use, but not for others because there wouldn’t be anything in it for him and the so-called “War on Drugs.” I also agree that Obama is pro-Palestinian. In fact, he appears to be pro-anything Muslim. However, Ron Paul is not pro-Palestinian. In fact, Ron Paul isn’t for or against foreign nation, but he is pro-USA. Again, I agree that Obama is anti-military and anti-defense, unless it’s for a Muslim nation. Then, he will exhaust our military, as well as U.N., and NATO forces to destroy and rebuild a Muslim country, while we are left defenseless here at home. However, just because Ron Paul believes the bloated defense budget should be cut doesn’t mean he doesn’t want a strong national defense. Ron Paul believes, as I do, in a strong national defense. He also believes the way to achieve a strong national defense is with a strong military. Furthermore, there’s a difference between military spending and defense spending. Actually, most of the money the in the Department of Defense budget is not spent on defense. It is not spent on our military either. Instead, it goes overseas, to foreign countries to subsidize military support for foreign countries. We spend far too much money on military bases around the world protecting the security for other nations where we’re not wanted and where we don’t need to be in order to protect our national security. We should be protecting our own nation. We should close those bases, bring our troops home and spend the money here, on our own programs and protecting our own borders. Spend the money on strengthening our military here at home, providing assistance to our military personnel and their families, along with our wounded military veterans. Ron Paul could never be the father or son that Obama never had because Obama is anti-USA and Ron Paul is pro-USA. Ron Paul stood with the Barney Frank and the other 56 known socialist Progressive Democrats because he is a man of principle, a rarity in Congress, and he agreed with them on the need to cut the over bloated defense budget. By the way, so do I and millions of other Americans. Why do Republican stand with Democrats on any issue? Usually it’s because they agree with their position. You don’t have to like Democrats in order to agree with them on an issue anymore than Democrats have to like Republicans in order to agree on an issue. You don’t have to endorse their ideology to agree with them on some issues, and It doesn’t make you one of them. You are very wrong about Ron Paul and what he stands for.

      • Jetison

        Like I said before Romney is not a Socialist, Communist, America hating Facist. Anything has got to be better than Oblamo

      • MC

        Yes, I wish also that we had a real Conservative candidate.but we don't. Our only choice at this time is to NOT vote for Obama, the incompetent wannabe dictator.
        Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Feds Jail New Mexico Family, Seize Everything They Own for Being Honest Legal Firearms Dealers

    • MrChuckster007

      I agree with everything you said up until your last sentence. I din't see Romney doing anything to restore America to what was once a Constitutional republic. I do agree, however, to your remark that Obama is a Marxist. In fact, both he and Romney are nothing more than wanna-be fascist-socialist dictatros.

    • CCB

      I agree. If we give up our gun rights then we are totally giving up our freedom,what's left of it after Obama.

  • Pat

    This makes me sick to my stomach. Our government is really getting more corrupt all the time.

  • markinla

    How could this get past a grand jury or a judge in the preliminary trial. That is part of the problem, the government can get an indictment any time they want one.

    • MrChuckster007

      Apparently, you have already answered the first part of your question. Therefore, I will offer an answer to the second part of your question. The reason for such injustices is there are too many liberal judges within our courts system, especially at the federal level.

      • markinla

        Actually somebody classically liberal would have a problem with such thin evidence by the government. The judges are more concerned with their careers and think the jury will bail out their cowardice

        • MrChuckster007

          I probably should have been more precise when I said there are too many liberal judges. You are right, a classical liberal judge would probably take issue the lack of evidence. However, classical liberals probably don't even exist, today. Instead, what we are dealing with today are liberal-progressives and they are nothing like the classical liberals of the past. It's not about equal justice anymore. Instead, It's all about "Social Justice" with liberal-progressives. If your white, your guilty because of what happened 50 to 150 years ago. Its called "white guilt," and liberal-progressives are here to make sure whites accept that guilt and pay restitution to the blacks and other minorities in this country.

  • DKB

    Where is the out cry for this family? A woman gets bullied on a school bus by children and the country gives her close to a half a million dollars. Don't get me wrong, what they did was bad but what the FEDS are doing to these people is out right criminal and if they get away with it they'll do it again and again. Every American should be supporting this family against this criminal administration. Romney is our only hope before "Barry" finishes his "fundamental transformation of our country" he's half way there, in 4 more years he'll be done and unfortunately so will we.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YJC262UHONA5CWN7VKUMBZXZ3M Joyce

      Obama is already finished getting all his ducks in order. If he gets re-elected, it will be more like 4 months instead of 4 years that the dirt will be shoveled over America's grave.

    • MrChuckster007

      In order for there to be an outcry people must have knowledge about the incident. I haven't seen or read anything about this injustice in any of the main stream, news media outlests, have you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1793104758 Sharon Lynn

    God bless this family! I pray they get everything back and millions in damages!

  • hongryhawg

    If they can't get rid of the guns, they can get rid of the people who sell them, one gun shop at a time. That's the purpose here. As with most things with this Justice Department, it has nothing to do with the law. It's all about agenda. November can't get here fast enough.

  • teacherintexas

    Update info on the Reese family and information about a defense fund set up for them. The article says their trial will be in July. They have been in jail since last August.


    • Mary

      This administration seems to convict folks on false charges with liberal judges and kangaroo courts. I hope these folks can get a fair trial. I never thought I would see the day the feds were so corrupt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ricky-Ross/100003376270758 Ricky Ross

    If that school bus monitor can draw in $500,000.00 in 48 hours, this family should be able to do the same. Oh wait, most of the dumb downed, Hollywood worshiping sheeple, have been programmed to hate gun owners...

  • Tomtom

    Napolitano and her goons are anti-Americans!

  • tomtom

    Napolitano and her GOONS just can't get it right. Maybe she is from KENYA also !!

  • reggiec

    I just sent a check to their defense fund.
    REESE DEFENSE FUND, ATTENTION Patricia Arias, First Savings Bank 520 South Gold Deming, NM 88030 as reported on the Roger Hedgecock show.
    If they are acquited I would hope that all seized property of any kind will be returned. Then they should sue the government for punitive damages.

    • annie66

      Thanks for the info. I'll do likewise.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YJC262UHONA5CWN7VKUMBZXZ3M Joyce

      It's terrible what's being done to honest citizens by this administration. Remember, though, WE are the government and all payoffs for wrong-doings come from our pockets. How much more will we have to pay to try to buy America back from our elected enemies?

  • http://twitter.com/JUL1929 JAMES R MC CORMACK

    Russian Style injustice

    • ncboy65

      I've been to Russia and it's not this bad.

  • jmsmaxwell

    Sounds more like a "Fast and Furious" scam by the feds. one of their criminal buyers was identified and they could not stand a Law abiding and Legal gun dealer getting credit for their actions. It would
    upset the scam they perpetrated upon the American people an now have oKenya resorting to Executive
    privilege to try and stay out of jail for criminal enterprise.

  • Walt

    Find the biggest, high profile lawyer you can get. I thiink the lawsuit will pay off handsomely. The Feds just want to use this to divert attention from Fast and Furious.

  • Joe in CT

    It took no courage for the goons from HS to do what they did. The very evident thing here is, they are trying to set an example. Time for justice one day, folks, from bottom to top of this Administration. They are trying to institute despotism, Commie-style. Time to continue taking names and making lists.

  • patriot55

    This needs to be referred to a higher court if convicted and compare it to F&F and call Holder as a witness. I'm sick of this corrupt, lying full of crap administration, time to send them packing, and pray for this family.

  • brenda

    No but no should have a gun.

    • teacherintexas

      I choose to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights. If you choose not to, that's fine. But don't try to control other people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kendavy Kenneth A Davy

    Typical Fed BS! The hints about the guns going to Mexico were spoken in Spanish, which the dealers do not speak. Talk about obvious entrapment! Oh, I weep for our country that this sort of stuff is becoming all too common and frequent. But what can be expected when we have an Attorney General who commits contempt of Congress and operations such as this, carried out by a superfluous entity such as Homeland Security. We already had the FBI. We do not need Homeland Security as well. Nothing good has come of it so far!

  • 1larryi

    Crimes like this by our Government is happening every week across this Country and you still think we can hold out until the Goons leave on Jan 20, 2013???

  • freedomringsforall

    What a farcical double standard we live here in the USA.
    These commie, fascist, nazis dictators are a joke.
    This country, and so many of this countries once respected institutions, are being run by commie fascist morons.
    Let’s please get these commie fascists out of power in the USA!
    Let's please return this nation to the bright shining beacon of freedom on the hill for the rest of the world to aspire to.

  • Sutekh

    The "dirty cops" are the ones who set up this "sting." And the dirtiest of them all is Eric Holder, surrogate for his boss, the white-hating Obama.

  • http://twitter.com/politiJim PolitiJim

    Innocent until proven guilty. What a sham and load of crap my social studies teacher sold me. So much of our government is corrupt at EVERY level - and Romney certainly has never shown and will not get a Jones to clean it up like a Paul, Palin or Gingrich would have.

    The "plan" takes a long time to retake a party, much less try and go "revo" as one poster commented here - but we should work ALL angles and most of all pray for a revival of common moral values as what happened in both Great Awakenings prior to the Revolutionary and Civil wars.

  • hongryhawg

    The new method of taking our guns is to attack the gun sellers, one gun shop at a time. As with everything else this Justice Department gets behind, law has nothing to do with it. It's all about agenda. November can't get here soon enough.

  • Maukapete

    Coming to a town year you soon if you vote for this gang of Marxists again. P

  • http://www.facebook.com/elassnig Egon Ed Lassnig

    How can we help?

    • Work2SnowSki

      REESE DEFENSE FUND, ATTENTION Patricia Arias, First Savings Bank 520 South Gold Deming, NM 88030

  • enubus

    Sounds like the Obama ATF is really the Stalin KGB!

  • geoff willams

    The story about the Reese family's trajedy reminds us that the second ammendment-the right to bare arms- is not aimed at citizens pretecting themselves from the occasional intruder--but rather to protect themselves collectively from an out of control government.

  • kay

    Dear God, when is this type miscarriage going to stop????

  • J Drew

    The Reese family defense fund: c/o Patricia Arias / 1st Savings Bank / 520 South Gold / Deming, N.M. 88030 (call to verify the money will be given for the Reeses properly !)

  • wildmann

    Chinga Homeland Security, and that WOP Bruja Janet Napolitano!!

  • ncboy65

    Helicopters come on now. They use tax dollars like I breathe air.

  • WesTexan

    There is no difference here between Obama and his criminal thugs and Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Germany. No difference. What is really scary about this and other cases is that local law enforcement was used in conjunction with the Fed. Wouldn't the local law enforcement know that these people are being framed by an illegal administration. All law enforcement is slowly being poisoned by the lawlessness of Obama and his jackboots. We have no one on our side. The FBI and BATF, made up of American citizens, will not hesitate to fire on common American citizens. They have been bought and paid for. If Obama wants to use the DOJ to imprison any American for any reason whatsoever, we do not have local law enforcement to help us. The situation is close to the point of no return for all of us.

  • David Stovall

    Things like this happened under Bush too. EPA, ATF, FDA , etc. are all power mad. "When the people fear their government, that is tyranny, When their government fears the people, that is freedom". Thomas Jefferson

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Racine-Woodward/100001280442480 Racine Woodward

    To begin with we should get rid of the looney liberal judges.There are too way too many. Are people so ignorant that they can't understand what is going on? I'm not a very smart person, but even I can see what they are trying to do. Again I have to repeat, we need to change our education system Too many teachers and professors are pushing their political agendas. The first rule would be to teach the 3r's, and the other fundamentals only. And let the kids do some free thinking on their own, I'm sure there are a few that have more common sense than their teachers and professors. The kids have been brainwashed for so long that they can't see what's coming.

  • DixieAngel_76

    Wow. This is just like Nazi Germany.



  • grandmaforliberty

    Put a call in to the ACLJ... they thrive on these cases and will do a defense pro bono if necessary..

  • 1-Eddie-1

    Actually, they did not do the same thing that the Feds did. What they did was legal, what the Feds did was illegal. The Reese's were set up by a criminal looking for a little payback since they dropped a dime on her, and by an over zealous prosecutor.

  • Tom

    What is NOT explained here is why this was done -- how it was justified -- after the Reese's reported this person to the police as a "suspected" strawman purchaser. Why would they do such a thing if they were willingly selling guns illegally?
    I'm a former cop and this is precisely the kind of operation I would REFUSE to take part in. People say police are there to protect us. REALLY? Some are, but look at this! The BATF is known as a thug brigade, as are a number of other federal agencies. Government has gotten WAY out of control and is targeting regular citizens for the purpose of terrorizing citizens into giving up their guns. This is an outrage that should have Congress involved. Why aren't the local and state politicians and the governor screaming about this? If I was governor of a state where something like this had happened I'd be all over the nation news demanding an explanation from the feds. Too many politicians are spineless. Too worried about their own political carriers to protect their citizens from government malfeasance.

  • guest18

    Every member of the NRA should send a donation to their defense fund.

  • Lloyd

    We have given Law Enforcement too much power, and have lost our freedom. Many of you cheered as Gestapo laws were passed, budgets increased and slippery slopes tested. Eventually the Gestapo is coming for everyone, if we don't all make our voices heard.

  • R.Woodworth

    America needs to know the names and rank of ALL the Feds involved with the raid and prosecution, ALL the prosecutors names and all of their home addresses! This is all at the hands of ucking Eric Holder. OK Congress do your job, here is one more Ofuka and Halter strike, vote this ZEbra out of his job and office. Ofuka's Mafia Group, of which halter is a leader are called the KING's ZEBRA's. Bring down the zebra's. Just think what they will look like with prison striped clothes? Do we give our email so Ofuka can find us, and so he can offer us a government job. There are no other private sector jobs, cause they are holding their money till this Devil Zebra is kicked back to his mother land in kenya.

  • Ihatelibs

    Time for the revolution.
    Remove them ALL

  • Zod

    Following Fast and Furious, this is NO surprise.
    Keep your powder dry and a low profile..

  • Zod

    Interestingly my comment didn't post.

    Keep your powder dry, and your awareness up..

  • yadontwannano

    My question is as follows : How is it that any person can buy a gun in New Mexico without first getting a background check ?

  • BADKarma


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ann-Wilson-Kingsley/100000397000382 Ann Wilson Kingsley

    DHS and TSA are insanely incompetent government agencies. States like Texas just need to put bomb sniffing dogs at airport entrances, and provide tazers to airplane passengers familiar with firearms. Then all of these degrading activities can cease. TSA is known to be ineffective, and now we are hearing about the mean incompetence of the DHS. Our Federal Government is so crooked, it doesn't pay to have any of these agencies. I hope the gun rights groups are supporting the Reese family.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HHWK7UJQGWZT2C4DRRYQHUBKXY Casual Observer

    I have just one simple question: would this happen (arrest this whole family- no bail for 6 mos, confiscate everything that they have, etc. - under this same background as described in the artcile above) before the Obama administration? If so, why? What's the difference?

  • lawdog56

    This is a made up story! I am a defense attorney in Albuquerque NM and when I read this story I researched my legal datbase and found no such case in New Mexico. This is simply a made up story and the facts do not line up. This is fear mongering at its best.

  • Nottakenyan

    The price America continues to pay for playing the race card trick!!!
    Washington, DC is America's cesspool for liars, whores, and thieves!!!

  • mlsvincent

    What an injustice. Is the government insane or so evil they no longer can discern right from wrong? This counterculture revolution that Roszak touted from the 60's and 70's is finally being implemented by his disciples that are now in charge of the federal government, making themselves gods and searching for their own sense of justice(heaven).

  • bmg28

    And the government goes scott free for doing what this couple has been accused of doing who are in fact innocent.

  • Rachel

    Rot in hell, Holder.

  • Bay0Wulf

    Is there a collection being taken up for their legal defense?

  • Bay0Wulf

    Obama and his Administration is like a bunch of pissed off children who are determined to damage Our Country as much as possible. From Day #1 they have been throwing so much crap into the air that no-one could stay on top of it or even follow a small percentage of it. Whenever we stopped to focus on one thing ... they slowed it down and let it keep our attention while they went on pushing their other garbage through ... as soon as we got distracted by some other horrorshow, they went back to pushing the original garbage through. This is what was intended. This is "Hope & Change" and everything that was meant by it.

    Now they are completely enraged because it looks like they actually will lose in the coming election and ... it looks like they're going to lose BIG ... it should be another 2010. So they are now pissed off children trashing Our Country due to their frustration at being blocked by the House / Republicans / Conservatives / Tea Party for the last 2 years AND the probable loss of the election.

    You think THIS is something? Wait and see what happens in the Lame Duck session when they KNOW they've lost and have nothing to lose by being angry, petulant children.

  • Granny with a Gun

    More intimidation and thuggery by this administration!!! Before long, they'll want all gun owners to have some type of identification visible to others......like a star on your coat. The problem is that even if we vote him out of office, DC needs a grand housecleaning to get rid of ALL the socialists in positions of power! They're truly drunk on power and it is getting worse daily!

  • doug63

    Holder set them (and probably more) up and they are now going to be used as scapegoats..

  • Phil S

    Until the government fears the people, nothing is going to change

  • Sammie

    Time for real regime change in the USA.

  • pirulin

    THIS IS THE DISTRUCTION OF AMERICA.BY THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, however we have mindless people that will stand by this userper, and lie..bidon,polosi,dingy harry,and many more..yes that encludes mc.cain..a rino. they hate the usa..and stand by defending all that is a lie..as for me and my house we look up for our redemption is niegh.and we put our trust in God not man.
    pray for america..she has been stolen by foreingers and satan ,we suffer due to abortion,hollywoods filth,and homosexuality becoming acceptable by a leader that is not an american, we must not nogociate with GOD..what he has said ..is the law.

  • Private Citizen (not famous)

    My cousin has stage four lung cancer. Has been given less than 6 months to a year to live. Ann Romney and Jack Osbourne should count their blessings. So forgive me for not feeling sorry for those two. I could care less.

  • Harold

    Hiel Obama, and the Holder version of the Gestopo.

  • Cincitiger

    This is the kind of corrupt behavior under the Obama regime. He'll get worse if G-d forbid he is re-elected.

  • James Bernard

    You know what? That New York City Mayor did the same thing! Setting honest business people up for illegal gun purchases In Virginia,South Carolina, Georgia and God knows where else!Why has he not been arrested?


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7XTBGKCIAJPWAIZDWEPUHUDLTI nightlyonewolf

    True, law abiding citizens of this country will soon no longer be free to live life free of this corrupt government. This "regime" has no idea of what accountability is or means. They trample on our constitution and every true American. I, for one, would fight for our freedoms if called upon against domestic enemies. I fail to see how a government can turn so corrupt towards true citizens and bow to the wants of illegals and those too lazy to work. My heart aches for the America she once was.

  • MissPat

    Do these folks have a site for a defense fund??

  • huntsalot

    Stuff like this happens all to often in this country because law enforcement at all levels can pretty much do what it want, and you are at their mercy. The Feds are of course the worst. I am not sure what the solution is, but we must start by getting Obama out this year. If we don't do that, little else will matter because everything will be under Federal government control.

  • obfusk8

    This is pure evil, and this administration represents pure evil. These were the same tactics used by the Nazis and Stalinists at the beginning of their rise to unlimited power. Unless we rid ourselves of our elected Democrat Socialists (all Democrats) and Country Club Republican Socialists (too many Republicans), we can kiss Western Civilization good-bye. Anyone who worships the false god of personal power must be purged from our system in November or we are done.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PEU4YJIHPGSW3CFWZ5UAHPZUKU Darrell B

    The Romney Administration needs to establish a 'crime commission' to review all the criminal federal statutes; I bet 80% could be repealed, and let state laws apply. I believe there are only three federal crimes listed in the Constitution; treason, piracy, counterfeiting & crimes against the law of nations.
    Why do we need all the others except to make the federal government all powerful......

  • Glenn Clark

    Is this raid by the Feds what we call due process? Tyranny by government officials is becoming more commonplace. We've created a monster and he's coming to get us.

  • Guest

    ABSOLUTELY SICKENING. Another Ruby Ridge, only this time the mother and children weren't killed.

  • trp878

    I feel as many others feel. With this it is important that you all get the word out and vote the scoundrels out of office and help clean up America. We must unite behind a candidate that will defeat the scoundrels and remove all their minions. Term limits needs to be instituted for all politician, good and bad. I know it's hard to say your guy is doing a good job, but the others need to go. Everyone has their own good guys, but generally speaking they are all viewed as good or bad by someone. Lets clean up America and then the new guys will clean up the "Nay Sayers", the administrations, judges, prosecutors etc. The "Domino Affect" will then prevail.

  • DAM949

    Aren't we forgetting something here?
    Seize everything so they are defacto denied counsel of their choice, then brag how they got a fair trial.
    Send what few bucks you have that Obama hasn't siezed and spent

    Deming,NM 88030

    Read more at Ammoland.com: http://www.ammoland.com/2011/12/19/rick-reese-of-new-deal-shooting-sports-arrested-but-what-about-fast-furious/#ixzz1yiPTbgGc

  • majorl3



    is very interesting! I never thought about it this way.

    Lawyers' Party,

    Bruce Walker

    The Democratic Party has become the
    Lawyers Party.

    Obama is a lawyer. Michelle Obama is a lawyer.

    Hillary Clinton is a lawyer. Bill Clinton is a

    John Edwards is a lawyer. Elizabeth
    Edwards was a lawyer.

    Every Democrat nominee
    since 1984 went to law school (although Gore did not

    Every Democrat vice presidential
    nominee since 1976, except for Lloyd Bentsen, went to
    law school.

    Look at leaders of the Democrat
    Party in Congress:

    Harry Reid is a lawyer. Nancy
    Pelosi is a

    Republican Party is different.

    President Bush is
    a businessman.

    Vice President Cheney is a

    The leaders of the Republican

    Newt Gingrich was a history

    Tom Delay was an exterminator. Dick
    Armey was an economist.

    House Minority Leader
    Boehner was a plastic manufacturer.

    The former
    Senate Majority Leader Bill First is a heart surgeon.

    Who was the last Republican president who was a
    lawyer? Gerald Ford, who left office 31 years ago and
    who barely won the Republican nomination as a sitting
    president, running against Ronald Reagan in 1976.

    The Republican Party is made up of real people
    doing real work, who are often the targets of lawyers.

    The Democrat Party is made up of lawyers.
    Democrats mock and scorn men who create wealth, like
    Bush and Cheney, or who heal the sick, like First, or
    who immerse themselves in history, like Gingrich. The
    Lawyers Party sees these sorts of people, who provide
    goods and services that people want, as the enemies of
    America .. And, so we have seen the procession of
    official enemies, in the eyes of the Lawyers Party,

    Against whom do Hillary and Obama
    rail?....Pharmaceutical companies, oil companies,
    hospitals, manufacturers, fast food restaurant chains,
    large retail businesses, bankers, and anyone producing
    anything of value in our nation. This is the natural
    consequence of viewing everything through the eyes of
    lawyers. Lawyers solve problems by successfully
    representing their clients, in this case the American
    people. Lawyers seek to have new laws passed, they seek
    to win lawsuits, they press appellate courts to overturn
    precedent, and lawyers always parse language to favor
    their side.

    Confined to the narrow practice of
    law, that is fine. But it is an awful way to govern a
    great nation. When politicians as lawyers begin to view
    some Americans as clients and other Americans as
    opposing parties, then the role of the legal system in
    our life becomes all-consuming. Some Americans become
    adverse parties of our very government. We are not all
    litigants in some vast social class-action suit. We are
    citizens of a republic that promises us a great deal of
    freedom from laws, from courts, and from lawyers.

    Today, we are drowning in laws; we are contorted
    by judicial decisions; we are driven to distraction by
    omnipresent lawyers in all parts of our once private
    lives. America has a place for laws and lawyers, but
    that place is modest and reasonable, not vast and
    unchecked. When the most important decision for our next
    president is whom he will appoint to the Supreme Court,
    the role of lawyers and the law in America is too big.

    When House Democrats sue America in order to
    hamstring our efforts to learn what our enemies are
    planning to do to us, then the role of litigation in
    America has become crushing.

    Perhaps Americans
    will understand that change cannot be brought to our
    nation by those lawyers who already largely dictate
    American society and business. Perhaps Americans will
    see that hope does not come from the mouths of lawyers
    but from personal dreams nourished by hard work. Perhaps
    Americans will embrace the truth that more lawyers with
    more power will only make our problems worse.

    The United
    States has 5% of the world’s population and 66% of the
    world’s lawyers!
    Tort (Legal) reform legislation has been introduced in
    congress several times in the last several years to
    limit punitive damages in ridiculous lawsuits such as
    spilling hot coffee on yourself and suing the
    establishment that sold it to you and also to limit
    punitive damages in huge medical malpractice lawsuits.
    This legislation has continually been blocked from even
    being voted on by the Democrat Party. When you see
    97% of the political contributions from the American
    Trial Lawyers Association go to the Democrat
    then you realize who is responsible for our medical and
    product costs being so high!


  • Haystack

    Guns don't kill people, drug cartels armed by our government kill people!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IPIT7YTOWBFRXAYTLMCJRPTLKY sillyboy

    Who's next???

    'All that is necessary for the triumph of
    evil, is for good people to do nothing'
    -Edmund Burke-

    Remember in November!!!

  • Greg

    It is very common, especially the Feds, to tie up your money so you can't hire a good defense lawyer. They should never have to work again after their multi-million dollar false arrest suit.

  • nvrat

    Is this another phase of "Fast and Furious"? corroborated by Obama`s Homeland Security? is this one instance appearing in the papers Holder and Obama are holding and do not want to be made public? one wonders about the Obama/Holder version of Bush`s project "Wide Receiver" which was a program limited to the Phoenix area of AZ to detect Americans believing to be selling guns to illegals and NOT, I repeat NOT, allowing the US Government to sell weapons and walk them over the border to Mexico`s criminals. To those interested Project "Wide Receiver" and project "Fast and Furious" are two different projects and are NOT the same as the Democrats would like to have you to believe. Their version again reverts to "Blame Bush" for everything.

  • john king

    Who is representing the Reeses?

  • TonysTake

    REESE DEFENSE FUND, ATTENTION Patricia Arias, First Savings Bank 520 South Gold Deming, NM 88030

  • Mary

    Is this the USSR, communist China, or what??? This is not the America I grew up in. Is this the America we want to leave for our kids??? Folks we have to start speaking up for these atrocities and stop being compliant or one day they'll be coming for the rest of us.

  • Earl P. Holt III


  • http://www.facebook.com/donna.brown.520125 Donna Brown

    Everyone should be writing letters of outrage to their local newspapers, calling radio talk shows, demonstrating outside the courthouse where these people will be, writing letters to ATF objecting to the obvious unlawful treatment these people have received, and in general, spreading the story whenever and wherever possible. This is outrageous!!!!

  • DrBillLemoine

    Conveniently this author gives the defendants' story in exquisite detail editorializing about unfairness, but only broad allegations and innuendo about plaintiff government and Roman's side. This is unfair journalism readers should weight carefully. Not one scintilla of evidence or even the charge against these gun sellers is given. Court procedures, legal precedent and evidence require more than appears in this slanted attack on the government to support right wing and maybe (unnamed) National Rifle Association positions about ultimate abolition of 2nd Amendment gun rights, the hidden agenda of many 'inspectors' of the issue called 'Fast and Furious', so infamous in congress now. Perhaps the republican base, the home schooled and dropouts, buy this kind of conspiracy story and attack on legitimate governmental operations, but most of the world sees it differently until proven true with evenhanded reporting and analysis.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

    These two black boys barack hussein obama and eric holder think they are above the law and are nothing but lying crooked scum of the earth and out to destroy America.
    Both of these rotten to the core arse hole should be in prison for life without parole.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roy.mcdade Roy Mcdade

    It is a real shame that this Govt can be so outrageously corrupt and get away with it. This is only the BEGINNING, if soetero is re-elected G-D HELP US ALL.......

  • Gabriel Alan King

    Unbelievable. Off the charts Federal criminality. Clearly, the entire US government is hi jacked by scum who love nothing more than to rape, murder, and rob the American people.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P7MI63TGC3KFDWBJ5QR3OI3FAI Sapient Hetero

    Why don't we use this website to collect donations for the family's defense? Set up a special PayPal account and publicize it on every conservative website in the country.

  • gnafuasusual

    The Reese family story is being used as a 'decoy.' Fast and Furious is still ongoing and Federal Government needs a diversion - any diversion. I do think that the Reese family is not guilty of anything. The Federal agents that have zeroed in on them are some of the same agents who supported Fast and Furious. DOJ will do anything to remove the spotlight off of their heads.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/HADKEKLJD7ZYKVIJXVPQG3EJGE major

      Believe me i read many hours every single day and this is the first time i have heard anything about this story which ran on this site 6-22-12. It can't be a diversion tactic. It needs coverage 24/7 but the Marist Media is silent on it. This Government is the most corrupt ever since it was founded and we Do-Not have a Constitutional Government, ask yourself a question and that is how does one man steal a Constitutional Republic from the Citizenry.If you know please let me know, and i'm sure many others would love to know.

      • Mary

        I am letting as many conservative patriots I know about Godfather politics, Patriot update, conservative byte, and cowboy byte. I have printed out little cards and I give them out when talking to concerned patriots. If we all did this more folks would know about the conservative news sites. I also recommend WND.

  • Jean Holt

    Is this true? What is our country coming to? I am ashamed! Is there a place to send donations?

  • D. Guardian

    More to come from that people, a lot more. Wait and see.

  • liberty49

    This is an outrage! The ATF is out of control and THEY are the ones who posed as 'straw' buyers and purchased THOUSANDS of guns that went to Mexico, including the gun that killed border agent Brian Terry. They need to contact the Alliance for Defense. Obama and his minions are trampling our rights daily and no one will 'call' them on it!

  • barto

    I am having a difficult time wrapping my mind around this.........this law-abiding, small business family who were FFL holders are arrested, jailed and lose everything they've worked for due to a crooked set-up by the FEDS yet HOLDER and those responsible for "Fast and Furious" are walking around free and even though he may be held in contemp for his lies and failure to produce the documents requested by the lawmakers, TRUE JUSTICE will never be delivered for the Terry family and America for their criminal deeds because they are being protected by OBAMA! This is not the United States of America that i know and love.......what have we become and can we ever reclaim what we have lost?

  • http://twitter.com/ldanevada Laurence Almand

    This is ENTRAPMENT, pure and simple, despite all the talk about law, etc. They are merely engaging in malicious persecution of law-abiding people in order to shut down another gun dealer. I intend to contribute to the Reese defense fund, and so should everyone else. Also there should be a list of all the government goons who engaged in this malicious activity, so we can know who they are and keep an eye on them.

  • jinkyjoy

    If I had the money I would be at that trial with signs and a voice. Those that can should be their to give support and stand up for what is right.

  • KittyKittyKit

    The PIGS (People In Government Service) are clearly out of control. The more you SLOP THE PIGS (pay taxes), the more they want, the bigger they get and the more PIG CRAP they put out until the country is buried in PIG CRAP and the ONLY ONES HAPPY IN PIG CRAP ARE THE PIGS!!!!

  • goku vegeta


  • The_American_Way

    Thomas Jefferson’s quote comes to mind:

    "When governments fear the people, there is liberty.
    When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

  • Valerie Marsh

    That is the most outrageous travesty of justice I have heard in a long time, along with the WWII veteran being forced off his land for allegedly not disclosing all assets to the Trustee, who was the one performing illegal acts... We cannot allow this sort of thing to continue to happen to law abiding citizens. When Terri told her friend about the woman possibly trafficking in guns, she did that as the honest citizen that wanted to do the right thing. These people did nothing, according to the story I heard, to deserve imprisonment, even temporarily, and certainly were wronged to have all of their possession confiscated.. in fact, in my view they should have been honored and exonerated for following the strict letter of the law in their business. Even the prosecution made remarks to that effect by admitting the fact they did.. The American people must speak up, demand their rights, stop pussy footing around about their rights being trampled underfoot. For any law enforcement agency to allow known criminals to go loose without just cause is completely wrong, and even more so in this situation because this family ran an honest business, paid their, I'm sure, outrageous taxes, and did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment from any of our government entities.. and let me see, they arrested the woman who was trafficking in guns... did they prosecute her? Did they throw her in the pen? She and the convict are the bad guys here, let's keep the delineation because this family ran an honest business and did everything by the letter of the law and they are being punished to the maximum of the law for it... Something wrong with this picture? I certainly think so, if in fact the facts have been stated in toto and in truth..

  • Old Kute

    WARNING: This November has already been set up by the Obama Administration, for major voter fraud. Florida has been stopped from removing, from their voter registration list, all dead people and people who are not US Citizens. Several states have been told they cannot require government issued, photo IDs for a person to vote. Holder has said this was discriminating against minorities and the poor. -- Funny, the Federal Government REQUIRES everyone receiving government assistance to have a photo ID to receive that assistance yet it is discriminatory to require the same thing to prove you are eligible to vote..... Something is rotten in Washington, DC! With this in mind, what would you expect from this administration? The judge must have been an anti-gun advocate since he could not (or did not care to) see through the politically motivated attack against these people. Wow, where was this prosecutor when Fast and Furious was going on?

    Wake UP! November will tell if America will be a free nation of another Soviet Union of States with out the protection of the 10th Amendment.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JMX7VI4CJ7KZR34OGLW2TYL7XY Stephen J

    Yes, they are up set because it's Holder's job to give them free fire arms! While the low life liberals cry that we are being unfair to their boy because it's an election year so whether or not he's breaking the law is beside the point.

  • williamboylan

    Where do we send money to help these people? I found the answer: REESE DEFENSE FUND,
    ATTENTION Patricia Arias,
    First Savings Bank
    520 South Gold
    Deming, NM 88030

  • bigmuny

    Yep...it's stories like this that just grind my gizzard to no end..day in and day out I read of all the things this Government is doing to law abiding citizens.

  • Jeff

    I'm surprised they didn't claim Roman was also gay. That would make him a "protected class" according to recent NM court decisions. Then they could throw more false charges at them.

  • Marilyn

    Who is helping the family? How can we help? Do we contact our congress and senate people? This can not stand in the USA.

  • whamprod

    I cannot express how angry this makes me. This is easily the most criminal administration since the founding.

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    Of course, being honest, upright citizens and running an honest business, they had no reason to expect the raid and probably felt the "Mistake" would be cleared up immediately, or at the most, in a few hours. This, of course, was after their only means of defense had been "Secured" by the federally authorized "Jack-Booted-Thugs" (Yes, G.H.W, that is what they are) had them in custody and it was too late by then for them to defend themselves. Even if they're exonerated and released, and all of their possessions are returned (minus, of course, their feelings of safety and the feeling of being violated in the sanctity of their own home by their very own government), no one in the upper echelons of the administration will be held accountable because, after all, it was an "Honest Mistake" and the new department simply hadn't "Ironed out all the wrinkles yet". Now, doesn't that make everybody feel better? Remember: "Always aim just below the blue helmet. No matter what color it is".

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AKUSRCL2VGP45QXQ2IBU62KPAY 426ernie

    Feds need to arrest holder and obama both-they are criminals!!!

  • wibbys1

    Welcome to freaking Ame-rika! Most patriots do not even recognize this place anymore. Sad, really sad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wildtreedawn Dawn Webster

    This is amazing to me. Another case of being guilty until proven innocent. How does this happen in this country where you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. They should not be able to confiscate anything from their home, and honestly nothing from the business unless it is evidence in the court case. It is a sin that people's lives can be destroyed, and even if they are proven innocent, how do you give back their business, home, and lost months spent in jail when you don't deserve to be there?

  • david

    Time to get rid of the a@@wipes in washington...starting with the downlow interoper in the white house. If you don't know what downlow is ask low life or look up 'bath house club/obama' in your search engine.

  • geokoppmann

    Where can we send donations to help in the Reese's defense ? This makes me sick - reminiscent of 1933 Germany.

  • jimpeel

    Your government in action.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.w.holland James W. Holland

    President Obama is the real
    MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE who got into the office of President. He, Holder, Pelosi,
    and their entire Administration is a conspiracy to dissolve the United States
    as we all knew (know?) it. Between Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reid
    and Holder the Constitution of the United States has been sent through
    a Shredder, becoming meaningless. They all four have ignored the laws as has
    Secretary Janet Napolitano in Enforcing the Laws of the United States, which
    all 5 took and Swore under Oath to Obey the Constitution and Enforce all Laws
    of the United States of America. They each and every one have violated that
    Oath many times over, thereby committing MALFEASANCE in OFFICE, a Felony under
    the laws of our Country, which DEMANDS THAT EACH AND

    Not a Single US Judge, District, Appeals, or Supreme Court Level
    nor a Single Senate or House Member has stood up and declared the above fact as
    a case in point that needs and should be addressed on behalf of the American
    People. Nor has a Single Governor or State House began Procedures for the
    States to call up the 50 Sovereign States to bring Action by State House
    Referendum for 37 State majority to through out the entire Administration and
    reform this Government before the communist complete their take over, for they
    have totally infiltrated the higher levels of our Government and the Dumb
    Politicians are still being naively politically correct.

  • mustangrr

    This is a DISGRACE! The LAW has gone crazy and is out of control - they have no legal or moral compass anymore... just following Obama's and Holder's golden brick paved road to hell!
    I hope the State AG office intervenes, and/or the local community elects a new sheriff and District Attorney when the elections come around! The people of the community have to rise, no one else can help them.
    CONTINUE TO VOTE ALL DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon R. Cavaiani, MOH recipient

    This sounds like so many other charges made by the current administration to deprive people the right to run their business in a proper manner, without Judis Prudence. We have a lot of over sight but common sense is lacking. We are not a totalitarian Government the last time I looked and fought for this country.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5K5BEUIMU7LD2S74FWSE3D63YE Terry

    There should be a fund setup for thier court costs.

  • Robin Cain

    They're innocent until proven guilty.They didn't do anything illegal.The Feds need to return all their money,house,cars,guns,and belongings.We all need to send money to help them, even if its five or ten dollars .If enough of us pitch in maybe we can make a difference in the outcome. THIS IS WHAT TRUE AMERICANS DO!We help one another.These people were targeted because they are honest.Eric Holder is the true criminal giving guns to drug cartels! REALLY? THAT IS THE DUMBEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD OF AND THEIR REASONING IS EVEN MORE REDICULOUS!

  • USMarine

    Folks, this happens more often than you can imagine. I can only remind you that "United we stand, divided we fall". Most people don't want to get involved in other's business, so they burry thier head in the sand. After all, that is what politicians are counting on. Which is now why they believe they know better than you, what's best. Please get out and vote and make it your mission to inspire as many as you can to do the same.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JeffKnox1911 Jeff Knox

    People wishing to help the Reeses can contribute to their defense fund at the following address:
    ATTENTION Patricia Arias,
    First Savings Bank
    520 South Gold
    Deming, NM 88030
    I just ran across a repost of this on the http://www.GunVoter.org forum and thought I'd stop by. I am the author of the WND.com report referenced and several others over the past year.
    This really is a travesty. Thankfully the forfeiture action was stalled so the Reese's have not LOST everything yet, they just don't have access to any of it and the feds are planning to try and take it all permanently - including a healthy chunk to go to that "friend's" sheriffs department in Luna County.
    There will be a couple of more preliminary hearings in mid July and then the trial is set to begin around the 18th (as I recall). I encourage everyone to write your Congress critters about the way this family has been persecuted. Even if they're guilty as sin (and that doesn't appear to be the case), this is not the way the US "justice" system is supposed to work.
    By the way, the photograph posted with the article is not Rick and Terri. That's Rick's mother Marj and her husband Jack. Very nice people who have been working themselves to death trying to help their kids. After one of the bail hearings a female reporter was blocking Marj's way out of the courtroom and wouldn't move. Marj put out her hand and sort of pushed her way through... The reporter filed Assault charges and because Marj admitted touching the woman, she was found guilty and put on probation. Anyone can see in that picture what a bruiser Marj is...
    Nothing to see here folks... Move along...
    Jeff Knox -- http://www.WND.com, http://www.FirearmsCoalition.org

  • courtney dunbar

    I concur! I happen to know this family. and the fed's are way out of line! Be careful citizens, this could happen to you.

  • ultrarich

    With so many weapons going across the border, the government has an obligation to act. Sloppy police work is no defense for allowing these criminal acts to continue. Make an example of these exporters of death and watch these gun stores start to be vigilant and stop with greedy, money-hungry tactics. Much much more needs to be done at gun shows. By the way, I'm a retired officer!!!