‘It’s Hard to See Racism When You’re White’

Fox News reports thatThe Un-Fair Campaign addresses what it calls ‘white privilege’ with billboards, posters and online videos assigning guilt to people with taglines like, ‘Is white skin really fair skin?’ and ‘I am a white man. That’s unfair.’ The ads are plastered across a city where 90 percent of the population is Caucasian.”

I agree. It is hard to see racism when you’re ‘white,’ but being ‘white’ doesn’t make someone a racist.

I remember where I was and what I was doing when I encountered my first experience with racial bigotry, a more accurate term than ‘racism.’ I was in the 7th grade. We walked home from school – a two-mile trek. The barber shop was on the way. I stopped to get a haircut. While in the chair, three black girls saw me and began knocking on the window to get my attention. They waved and giggled. Vadie Ann, Marlas, and Rosemary were new friends to me.

I was started by the reaction of the men. I never heard my mother or father speak about blacks as these men did. While I can’t recall what they said, I can recall how they said it. More than 50 years later, I can still visualize the scene.

I can also remember that during some down time in a class a number of us were looking at copies of National Geographic magazine. There were pictures of African women who looked strange to us. We laughed. Vadie Ann cried.

One of my best friends in high school was black. He was secretly dating a ‘white’ girl. I was his ‘white’ accomplice. I would show up at her house, pick her up, and then take her to see Bill.

Bigotry, racial prejudice, and even racism (the belief that a race is genetically inferior) are still problems in America. I admit it.

So what’s to be done? Telling ‘white’ people that — by definition — they’re racists is not going to work. Is there responsibility among blacks to do something about the way blacks perceive ‘whites’ and act toward them?

Crying ‘racism’ every time some liberal disagrees with a ‘white’ conservative does not go down well.  Consider this from Joe Williams, who covers domestic policy, who appeared on Martin Bashir’s MSNBC show:

It’s very interesting that [Mitt Romney] does so many appearances on “Fox & Friends .” And it’s unscripted. It’s only time they let Mitt off the leash, so to speak. But it also points out a larger problem he’s got to solve if he wants to be successful come this fall. Romney is very, very comfortable, it seems, with people who are like him. That’s one of the reasons why he seems so stiff and awkward in some town hall settings, why he can’t relate to people other than that. But when he comes on “Fox & Friends,” they are like him, they’re white folks who are very much relaxed in their own company, so it really is a very stark contrast, I think, and a problem that he has not been able to solve to date, and he’s going to have to network harder if he’s going to try to compete.

Even the liberal Politico suspended Williams for his comments.

How many times have we heard how opposition to policies by President Obama and decisions by Eric Holder are actually racial attacks? His policies are bad. A number of Holder’s decisions have been bad. These are facts. Stating facts is not being a racist.

So-called white people are getting really tired of hearing the constant racist charge. One of these days, when there’s real racism going on, no one is going to listen.



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    Of course this is just heading off reports that Blacks in ever greater numbers are attacking people of all races in cities across the United States. The University of Minnesota put this out and the huge majority of attacks have been Blacks against Blacks and others. The real racist are those that support this "study" and King Barry

    • Greg

      It's not happening here in my part of Virginia. There's too many people with concealed carry permits that are packing heat for blacks, or anyone else, to be acting stoopid.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

        I am glad to here that at least one area is safe for little children of all races to be playing with out fear of death.

  • Screeminmeeme

    I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sick and tired of this racist crap.

    Obama and his gang would have all whites on the defensive, running around exclaiming abjectly....''I'm not a racist!...I'm a not racist!.....Honest.....I'll do better.....Please o please don't be mad at me....I'll make it up to you.......I'm sorry....I'm sorry for slavery....and poverty, joblessness, gettos, child neglect......your illiteracy, your criminal acts, your prison stay, your drug-addled mind, your drunkenness and your apathy.''

    Not in this life.


    • scgal

      Exactly how I feel. The last 10 years or so of my life. along with an overdose of Jesse & Al, have pushed me to the brink & I'm sick of it. I wasn't a racist, but they keep shoving it down our throats that all white people are rich racists. I think a lot of white people are absolutely sick of it.
      When it comes to racists the Dems can't be beat. And how racist is:
      -BET (Black Entertainment)
      -Black Miss America contest
      -Black History Month
      -Black Artist Month
      -Black Voices (on Huffington Post - AOL's News)
      -Martin Luther King Day
      -United Negro College Fund + a lot of other all black college funds
      -and the list goes on and on and on....
      And they call us racists?

      • Itsleb

        Dear SCGal: You are so right!! Any time blacks do not to face the truth - they call it "racism"! You missed the "Congressional Black Caucus" in your list. What if they had the
        "Congressional WHITE Caucus"? All hell would turn lose and ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC,
        CNN would all have politically chosen blacks to come on and say how terrible and how bad and racist such organization was!!
        Another thing: Our constitution does not say "equal distribution of wealth" ; it is "equal
        opportunity" for all. My view is that the majority of blacks think they are "entitled" to free stuff, food, housing, education, free cell phones and other amenities without having to work or earn anything!
        Blacks like J. Jackson and Sharpton shout and complain about the "men" in prison are black; who in the "heck" do they think are commiting the crimes?? They do not want them-seves nor the majority of blacks to be responsibile for anything. This does and is not meant to encompass all blacks. We have some of the most inteligent and responsible people in the U.S. who happen to be black. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the
        liberal socialist TV and Radio stations perpetuate the problem and avoid responsibility!
        Blacks are being USED by the Liberals & Socialist. Blacks need to recognize this!!

        • scgal

          I agree. I've always wondered about Jesse, the SELF-APPOINTED black leader. And where is his church? And why are people of any color dumb enough to listen to anything he's got to say, let alone donate (GIVE) him tax-free money to spend on himself & his plush lifestyle.? Blows my mind!

      • http://twitter.com/rwcx rwcx

        Right on Bro

      • wkelly10103

        you know, i was in college when i first saw reverse discrimination. it was the late 1970s. i drove an old '66 ford, worked 30 hrs. a wk to put myself thru school (legal sec), and took out school loans and was lucky enough to get a couple of grants for good grades. the school parking lots were full of late model beemers, mercedes, and other high dollar sports cars. i thought they were all rich (white) kids' cars. i was wrong. they belonged to black kids. they always had a pocketful of bills, gas, and nice clothes, and no jobs. they also got tuition and books paid for by scholarships that i wasn't eligible for b/c my dad made too much money. didn't matter that i hadn't lived at home or been dependent on them for over 2 years. these kids had it all! i am now disabled, unfortunately, and wish i could use the degree to teach t

        • wkelly10103

          teach that took me 19 years to complete. but i'm still paying those loans back. and now in july, thanks to obozo, i can expect my loan payment to double. if i wasn't married to a wonderful man, i wouldn't be able to make it from one month to the next! but everyday, i see black and white girls pushing a couple of babies along with 3 or 4 kids in tow,on their way to pick up their foodstamps and checks from their section 8 housing that we are paying for (yes, unlike most ppl, i pay tax on my measley social sec disability check for the 8 back surgeries i've had to have). i am offended.

      • http://www.facebook.com/coachbrian14 Brian Banks

        Don't forget the Black Congressional Caucus. If there was a "White Congressional Caucus", it would be deemed "racist".

      • Waschbear

        There is also a Black EXPO in Indianapolis, IN every year.

    • Renellin

      It started long before Obama, but he certainly capitalizes on it. Oh how I am sick of hearing him talk about "people who look different than me". When I was young, we had fun with people of different cultures and color. They had their fun with us too. We enjoyed poking the stereotypes at each other and it was obvious how very similar we actually were. Then out of the blue, black people started naming their kids with these crazy names. I couldn't figure out what was happening that so many people would change their habits without a public word. Somebody (maybe in churches?) was beginning to fill heads with slop. Playing into their victim mentality somebody convinced all these people that they were indeed inferior and that we (the whiteys) owed them something because of it. I don't know what else, but oh how these people got steered away from the American dream. They did, however, increase the power of those giving out the misinformation.
      Nowadays there are lots of smart people of color who have also transcended this silly outlook on life and have gotten ahead. Usually they are called names by the rest.

      • katycaboose

        Well said. Thank you.

      • scgal

        The movie ROOTS was the inspiration for their American name digression. Unfortunately, some years ago a guy told me that his friend was a personnel manager who couldn't descriminate by seeing the job candidates first. He had to select from a pile of applications & chose which ones to interview. Do you think he chose Bob and Linda or Shaniquaial and Jamal-uandamon?

        • Renellin

          Thanks I never saw the movie/series. I couldn't help but think there had to be a reason, but why would the reason be to not get jobs? The same happened for some time with hyphened names--they put out the impression that you could be trouble.
          When my daughter was in fifth grade or so, she fell in with some girls who claimed being stupid was cool. My son, her older brother, was quite an achiever and she thought by taking the other direction she could establish herself differently. That was an incredibly painful choice she made, and she paid for it for years. It really damaged her, but once she woke up she went to college and now she makes as much or more money than I do. But what a lot of pain and depression first! The people who feed black subjegation and 'pride' (=fail on purpose) and violence (go show whitey whos boss) are hurting the people more than they can imagine.

        • matt

          ROOTS is a GOOD Movie....IF YOU play it on rewind it has a HAPPY ENDING LOL

      • bren54

        Thats true . Most black people who are sucessfull are usually refered to as an uncle tom or aunt jamima ,by their own race. I have a hard time relating to that , because , the blacks are always saying how they have been kept down . Yet when some suceed , they are torn apart by their own.

    • atrucano

      Prior to Obama and Holder, I judged people by their deeds and not their skin color. Thanks to our racial President and Attorney General race relations have been set back decades.

      • hiskeys

        That happened to me when I went in the service. Before...everyone was working together...skin color had no play in the game...we were a team.....wne in srvice and met people with HUGE attitudes and different color skin and hearts....had a hard time getting back to how I was raised...good people are good no matter what they look like....God for those days to return again

    • wkelly10103

      me too! not in this life!

    • dubravka12

      I just love how it is in Detroit a Democratic city, Cuba a Communist country. This is what President Obama wants for the USA and just to show you how stupid I am, that I'm not a racist, I'm voting for Barack.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alisha.rushing.9 Alisha Rushing

    Nothing in life is more racist than this campaign. Disgusting display of duplicity.

    • evantoo

      WHOSE campaign are you referring to?

      • http://www.facebook.com/crzydancer Richard Holmes

        Referring to obooboys' campaign. He is the bigest racist in America. He is anti-American.
        HE NEEDS TO GO> A S A P

        • The__Bobster

          Minnesota Tax Dollars At Work
          By Steve Sailer on June 22, 2012 at 2:35pm

          Who says government can't create good jobs? Check out what Duluth is up to. Being up close to the Canadian border makes them more moral, as Daniel P. Moynihan would say.


      • freedomringsforall

        DUH!The ad campaign talked about in the above write-up by Gary DeMar

      • matt

        DUH! Who do you think? OBOZO the illegal the only difference between Osama and Obama was BS

    • John Detwiler

      This is the most asinine comment I have heard. You don't need to tell me who you favor. Npw this is what I call Racism.

    • matt

      and what's worse, he is STILL getting People to re-elect him. What a bunch of ldiots with thier heads in the sand or getting all the welfare so they don't care.

  • http://twitter.com/mojobebop richard handwerk

    this is simply racist strategy. if you bow to it it is your own fault. i could care less who thinks what of me. i know what i am. think what you want. i know and it makes me better, stronger. get a backbone white america.

  • Whitey

    I'll be your huckleberry...

  • Shae N

    "Real" racism is going on.....against white people!

    • Brian

      It's even worse if you're a white Christian male. We get discriminated against on a daily basis.

      • DrBarbara

        I agree, and I say it is time for white Christian American men to stop feeling guilty for being who you are, get off your butts, and stand up for yourselves. Enough of this "racism" junk.

        • pretzeldude

          All 3 of you have hit it on the head. I worked as a WHITE DEPUTY SHERIFF in some of the toughest black areas in the Miami Dade County area. I have seen racisim at its worst. NOT White against black but Black against white. It is not really the Blacks because I know some really great blacks. Its the N!&&ERS against the whites and Blacks. The N!&&ers blame all of their problems on the "WHITEYS". Not true. They create their own problems for many and varied reasons.

        • fort9erdon

          With your use of the "N" word, no matter how hard you try to camaflage it, fully explains the "WHY" that your description of your past job, is in it's "past tense" as "worked" as a deputy is "in the past". I am white, proud, glad that I was born white, but don't feel any reason to feel superior due to that fact. I have black grandchildren, and feel sad for them because they can expect trouble from both sides at some point in their lives. On the other hand, you ARE definitely a racist as demonstrated by your use of the word. To the black community, I say: "You want that word to go away"? Then QUIT USING IT YOURSELVES! Someone please tell Chris Rock, it is no longer a "useable" word. Find another way to be funny! Other words to be avoided! Whitey, Honky, Cracker, Zipperhead, M'F' ers, etc., etc., .... you get the idea!

        • arich

          You are NOT a proud white person but a sheeple of the worst kind. You allowed your child to mate with a black? You played right into the hands of the cultural Marxists who are bent on destroying America as it was founded to be: a WHITE ruled majority nation. Get over yourself. I rightly use the "n" word everday usually aimed at the white losers (wi**ers) with their boom cars rattling the paintings on my walls. It's just a word. And the blacks who feel whites should pay for their ineptitude; they are ni**ers.

        • fort9erdon

          you're just ignorant, and your comment proves exactly that! Check out the answer to PamelaD, below. You're mentioned there too, you ignorant B*ST**D

        • arich

          Get over yourself. Everything I stated, IMHO, is true. I see you have no argument since thou hast resorted to ad-hominem. Nice.

        • fort9erdon

          Thank you! You just made my point, as YOU have no argument EVERYTIME you resort to the "N" word. TRAP SET! BAIT SWALLOWED! THANK YOU!

        • Sandra Schools

          Take your complaint to God and ask Him to give you insight as to who you really are and if He will accept you, with your white skin, into His heaven. Perhaps it isn't the color of ones skin at all that matters to God. Perhaps it is the color of their heart. And how do you find out the color of yours? Again, I say, ask God. He will be honest with you if you really want to know. But then again if you do not care, He will not care either. You will have the privilege of living eternally without His protection from Satan.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Thomas-Kanary/100000337746065 Thomas Kanary

          I hope God segerates

        • Randy G

          Don't forget. White is a color , too!!!

        • DixieAngel_76

          Exactly, Randy. I always say "I'm a person of color too. My color just happens to be white". Usually shuts them up pretty fast.

        • http://twitter.com/VETTIBOOP22 Dotti

          As a very young girl I went to a school that had very few white people and the black gave me such a hard way to go I will never forget .However I have black friends that I enjoy their company they work hard are educated and never ask for anything for free.
          obama slams the rich when in fact he was so poor his gay friend bank rolled him(so the internet says)and now he is very rich thanks to the rich soros family that gave him a start.When you start hurting the rich on taxes,etc the donations will really fall off and a lot of people that choose not to work will do without. obama is not going to give anyone anything except himself! Race has nothing to do with education and making money it is the way you choose to live. You can be anything you want to be if you are willing to work for it.

        • Sandra Schools

          Do a little homework on that one.

        • DixieAngel_76

          God doesn't judge people on skin color. People living in their sin filled world do that. No "perhaps" about it. And one more thing; hearts are not any color. Only liberal racists believe that they are.

        • Sandra Schools

          My point exactly. Apparently you missed it. Using the word "perhaps" was a point to bring another gently into the right frame of mind. In spiritual terms we refer to a repentant heart as being as pure and spotless as the wind driven snow. And we refer to an unrepentant heart as one in black darkness. Referring to hearts of color in the spiritual sense has nothing to do with actual black or white in the physical sense.

        • Sandra Schools

          My point exactly. Apparently you missed it. Using the word "perhaps" was a point to bring another gently into the right frame of mind. In spiritual terms we refer to a repentant heart as being as pure and spotless as the wind driven snow. And we refer to an unrepentant heart as one in black darkness. Referring to hearts of color in the spiritual sense has nothing to do with actual black or white in the physical sense.

        • arich

          Ask God? Which man-made man-conceived god do you speak of? The god of the Hebrews? That raving maniac who would slaughter first born babies? The god of the Scandinavians; Odin? The god of Thunder Thor. The god of the Romans or Greeks? How about the Hindu's? Get over your self. Life after death is a fantasy. You are born, you live, then die and that's it. Religion (and "God) was created by man in his fear of death.

        • Sandra Schools

          And you cannot tell me what is going to happen to you within the next few minutes of your life can you. You can say what is going to happen, but think about it. You DO NOT KNOW. So what is it that gives you such insight into the destiny of your life? You choose what you want to believe but just remember that you do not have the answer to everything. There is a whole world out there you know nothing about. Be honest with yourself and admit it. A fool has said in his heart that there is no God. Don't go the way of the fool.

        • Sandra Schools

          And you cannot tell me what is going to happen to you within the next few minutes of your life can you. You can say what is going to happen, but think about it. You DO NOT KNOW. So what is it that gives you such insight into the destiny of your life? You choose what you want to believe but just remember that you do not have the answer to everything. There is a whole world out there you know nothing about. Be honest with yourself and admit it. A fool has said in his heart that there is no God. Don't go the way of the fool.

        • arich

          A fool is someone who believes in something which there is not there ONE shred of evidence supporting their beliefs. Belief is comfort food for the superstitious. I can pray to my computer monitor and get the same results that you do to your make believe god.

        • Sandra Schools

          The evidence is within me arich. I am a changed person because of God. I am not what I once was. I have told you the truth. And I will say it again. You are lost in your sin and you will be lost in your sin for eternity with the painful evils of Satan if you do not come to the mercy of forgiveness that God wants to give you now. I plead with you to let go of your silly pride and bring yourself into the reality of your existence. You will not escape God's wrath if you refuse His love. Just because you have a description of God that fits your knowledge of life does not make it so. You are just a human and you cannot think beyond that. God is MORE than just a human.

        • arich

          Sandra I am happy you believe you found God and have a positive direction in your life. I was raised a Christian, went through a buddhist/taoist/new age stage in my 20's and 30's, became agnostic in my 40's, and did a LOT of reading regarding old religions and languages and cultures now am an atheist. I feel as if a whole weight has been lifted off my shoulders. A relief really. IF God is more than human prove it. Show me something I can see and feel and touch.

        • Sandra Schools

          God is three in one. He is the Father of all creation as the Father. He is the Savior of my soul as Jesus. He is the One who convicts of all sin as the Holy Spirit. The mind of man is a battle ground. All our spiritual and moral battles are fought in the recess of our minds. You and I and all others who come into this world are born with a natural mind. We are not born with a spiritual mind. Therefore, as Romans 8:7 says, we are naturally biased toward sin and hostile toward God. In fact we are, in our natural state, unable to subject ourselves to God. One cannot, I repeat CANNOT be RAISED a Christian. One becomes a Christian in his own right through the conviction of the Holy Spirit. He accepts himself as a born sinner without hope until he takes into his heart and soul the truth of Jesus who shed His blood to pay for that sin.
          I am not God. And because of that, I know that I would never be able to prove what you want to know about God. But God is God and because He is God, He wants you to come to Him and ask Him for what you have asked of me. You want to see, feel and touch something? Then your line of communication must be opened up to God. There is more to seeing and touching and feeling than the physical. The contrast of two realities (physical and spiritual) is essential for you to embrace. I am sorry that you have been tossed around in the unrealities of religion for so long. Religions are man conceived and for the most part spiritually destructive in nature. You do not need the crutch of religious trappings, you need to go directly to God through Jesus Christ and only Jesus Christ. As Jesus said in John 14:6, "I am the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father accept by me."

        • emerutil

          You ever have a life threatening experience?

        • arich

          I hit a telephone pole once and totaled my VW. I watched my brother get eaten away wasted to nothing from cancer last summer...

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2FBVNOWQPZM7ITMQQLUKPOACK4 PamelaD

          A liberal troll spewing its usual nonsense and lies.

        • fort9erdon

          Liberal troll? Look all over these blog boards for "fort9erdon", "d rash" or "wise old guy", .... they are all me. And the way I kick Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, and all the lying, liberal, commie, socialist POS Sob's is definite proof that I am not liberal. But, I am also not racist, and the use of the "N" word, as well as Whitey, honky, or M'Fer is just a sign of ignorance, which you and "arich" display. because I DON'T use fowl. racial slurs makes me a liberal? EL TORO POO POO! And to airch, I wasn't in the room when my child mated with a black, so I didn't "allow" anything. And actually the black my daughter "mated" with, is a much better human being than you, as he is not racist, works hard, votes republican, has values, morals, and 2 jobs, as well as caring for his widowed mother. You're probably just a kkk member, you sorry AZZED punk.

        • emerutil

          You obviously have not lived in a black neighborhood, as I have! Try it, if you dare. I assure you, it is a real eye opener! I know n^^^ers far better than I care to, and definitely know THEM better than most Caucasian Americans!

        • emerutil

          You obviously have not lived in a black neighborhood, as I have! Try it, if you dare. I assure you, it is a real eye opener! I know n^^^ers far better than I care to, and definitely know THEM better than most Caucasian Americans!

        • fort9erdon

          OK, so you lived in a black community. You get 2 "attaboys" for that. Still. no excuse for you to try to make yourself feel better by being able to "kick down" the other guy, because he's not living up to the standards you feel are adequate. I don't care where you lived, what you saw, the dogmeat you had to put up with, it's still no ecxuse for running your mouth, which is all one does with using the "N" word. THERE IS NEVER JUSTIFICATION FOR USING THAT WORD! IT HAS SUCH A NEGATIVE CONNOTATION! REPEAT, NEVER AN EXCUSE FOR EVER CALLING ANYONE THE N WORD!

        • arich

          Man oh man you are one sad sack. What, pray tell, will you do when a REAL crisis hits? I imagine you are at home right now wringing your hands like an old woman looking for racism just around the corner. Just because you let your daughter whore with an denizen of Africa and poop out little brown affirmative action welfare recipients is not my fault.

        • fort9erdon

          my daughter doesn't whore with a denizen of africa anymore than your mother does. Want proof, ..... your here!

        • arich

          It's you're not your. And yes, she is a whore of the most disgusting kind. Thanks to you.

        • emerutil

          Oh, yeah! I had to be VERY careful with my mouth. This is the only reason I am still alive. I say: segregation forever. We had a much better nation!

        • arich

          It doesn't matter your political leanings sir. You have permitted your special genetic inheritance (unless you have other children and they kept to their race) to lose it's uniqueness from thousands of generations of Europeans in your blood line. Thats is the worst immorality. Your grandchildren look nothing like you but like their father. Who knows maybe you might be wallowing in self-pity. Maybe the baby daddy is not around working two jobs but off with another stupid low self esteem white trash female whose father didn't teach her right from wrong.

        • fort9erdon

          Since when do I, or YOU , have any right to tell my daughter, or anyone who to love? Yes, even people of different races can possibly love each other. Just who the hell are you to tell anyone who they can love, simply because YOU feel the need to set yourself up as ther final supreme being that gives approval or disapproval to their relationship. What arrogance! Is this an elected position, or is it one of self appointed importance, that you decided that you had the right to "thumbs up, or thumbs down" on ANYONE'S relatioship. Where is it written that someones "special genetic inheritance" must be preserved accdording to YOUR standards? I got a news flash for you! In probably less than 200 years, we will not have all these different colors of people. Most people of today are not as rigid as you, and don't feel their "whiteness" automatically confers "superiority" as you seem to feel. In 200 years we will have a worldwide race, generally all the same color. As the world progressed past the stage of "flight" where worldwide travel is nothing special anymore, the world was set on a course to "one color". We can argue forever, as you are set into your racist, white superior mind set. The world WILL leave you behind, as you sir are truly out of step with reality. In a couple hundred years, if the world has not blown itself up, we will all be the same color due to interracial marriage and/or breeding. You don't like it? Tough, you can't change it! Second news flash, ...... you to will have "different color" grandchildren and great grandchildren. Inevitable! Live with it!

        • emerutil

          I hope you are wrong. For the sake of the real humans, I hope you are dead wrong!

        • fort9erdon

          Oh, so now, according to the "law of emerutil", it is only whites that are real humans?? You are more pathetic than I originally thought!

        • arich

          Don't worry. He is dead wrong. This racial utopia he craves for has already happened in Haiti. I don't see Haiti collaborating with NASA or any great pool of engineers pouring out of Haiti. LOL....

        • arich

          Stop bowing at the altar of multiculturalism and diversity. It's a sad religion propagated by the media since the civil wrongs era. Miscegenation destroys diversity. I love how you parrot the same crap every other liberal does about how within a certain amount of time we'll all be one race and color. The diversity you love so much is in truth the destruction of the diversity of the races. I wonder what the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans think about the future you crave so? They would probably think round eye is out of his ni**y lovin' mind. The next time you are at the store with your grandkids take a look at the white couple with their kids in the next aisle. You will see how plain your grandkids are. Brown frizzie hair, brown skin, brown eyes. Kiss your gene pool good bye. But don't worry most people of every race stick with their own AND more and more white people are waking up to the stench of multiculturalism. Dinosaurs and puppets like you will be examples for future children to learn from and ridicule. Enjoy your life. Maybe at the store sometime in the future will be a white man in line next to you holding his beautiful blond, blue eyed inquisitive child. Maybe it will be me. When you look at that child you will know what you let happen to your gene pool. I have seen the look before from folks like you who believe in mantras such as "celebrate diversity aren't we all the same?" Good day.

        • fort9erdon

          The thing that has you so discombobulated, in your racist rant, is that you are totally powerless, to stop the inevitable. You have convincd yourself, that someone with blond hair and blue eyes is somehow a better person, somehow superior to someone of a different color. The color of something, ANYTHING is irrellevant to it's value, unles you are showing livestock, and must adhere to some standard of perfection. People are not livestock, although folks of the caveman mentality that you demonstrate would not agree. No, Mr. "White is better", you are powerless to stop it, and therein lies the source of your rage. And that is the "why" behind my glee, knowing the absolute rage you feel, because your white, superior world is crumbling right before your eyes, being forced to give way to the multicultural color of "tan" in the future. Even the eyes over time, will take on a "not round, not almond" shape. But again the best part I enjoy, is that idiots like you are so powerless to stop it. And, it also gives me pleasure to know, that if you live long enough, to where there are several generations of YOUR seed, you will also be forced to watch "the fruit of your loins" be mixed with the very thing you despise, in your gradchildren, and their chilgren. Why do I feel the joy? Because I know it gets under your white skin so bad, and it causes you the pain, the pain of your bigotry and ignorance coming back to bite you, right square on your racist butt! So, now, YOU have a nice day, trying to figure out a way to FORCE 6 billion people worldwide, how to stick to YOUR standard of perfection! Powerless, powerless, powerless! I love watching a powerless bully!

        • emerutil

          I am not a bully. Only saddened by events I see all around me.

        • emerutil

          A black child born to a white girl or woman is the work of the DEVIL. 'nuff said!

        • arich

          I see your point but I don't subscribe to silly religious myths such as the devil. The only devil I know of walks on two feet and usually though not always has different hued skin than mine own.

        • Sandra Schools

          You are blaspheming God by attributing God's creation to the devil. Even though using the "N" word is disgusting it is deadly for you to believe the statement you made, emerutil.

        • emerutil

          What you seem to advocate is abomination! The white race is being destroyed, and, you seem to be a cheer leader to that event! If not for the white race, the world would be devoid of most technology! It would be permanently be locked in the Iron Age, or perhaps even the stone age!

        • Mys77

          Perhaps when you see the worst in people, and people who don't care for their fellow man or community.... they earn the labels..... and evidently the word n,,,,,,r still exists because the label fits. Morally empty people who don't want to change, deserve the name.

        • fort9erdon

          What you say may be true to you, but in general the "N" slur is applied to dark skinned people, irrespective of their morals, their work ethic, or their place in society. Folks who "SAY" they only use it for the human trash in society, including white, black and various shades in between, to denote "lower" individuals, are just "BS'ing" to cover up their racism. When they use or hear the word, it denotes a dark skinned individual, in their mind. To say otherwise is "less than truthful"!

        • Mys77

          I absolutely disagree. And for you to say otherwise...... is not only not true, but a reflection of your own need to cling to racism as a justification to continue with seeing people not as they are....which in some cases, being immoral, no matter what their skin color, or as blacks sometimes call themselves and others, n....r, but as something they really are. Like I said before, it is what we believe in, and value that connects us and brings us together. Perhaps if blacks didn't act in an immoral savage way, they wouldn't be described in such negative terms.

        • fort9erdon

          Maybe if you weren't such a racist, you would not refer to ANYBODY in such negative terms. You are the one using the "N" word, for whatever reason, and you have the gall to refer to me as a racist? You're pathetic, and you are just clinging to any excuse to make yourself feel superior by using the "N" word! I take it back you're not only pathetic, your ignorant!

        • emerutil

          Read my above statement. My racism may be natural, but it was greatly augmented by those "protected minorities"

        • fort9erdon

          Still no excuse for you, OR, the "protected minorities" to be using the word. You are just trying to find justification so you can feel superior by using the word. Pathetic!

        • emerutil

          I AM superior. I have worked all my life, have been educated to get the better jobs, committed no crimes, and, probably most important: I do not interbreerd.

        • fort9erdon

          With your attitude, it's amazing that you can find anyone to "breed" with? Is your wife/girlfriend/ significant other as ignorant and arrogant as you? Which southern state do you come from?

        • emerutil

          If you must know: I live in California. Near Mexicans, Asians, even Middle Easterners. Amazingly, we get along very well. Cannot say the same for the blacks who come and go. And: No. We do not interbreed. All produce beautiful children within their ethnic communities.

        • emerutil

          Read my above statement. My racism may be natural, but it was greatly augmented by those "protected minorities"

        • Thomas Kanary

          sorry I guess your daughter stupid for a Black>

        • fort9erdon

          And you sir are just stupid! Your comment proves it!

        • emerutil

          I do not share that opinion. Thank God i do not have a daughter!

        • fort9erdon

          It would be better if you didn't have a son either. You "seed of superiority" will go the way of the dinosaur! And, the best part is, you can do NOTHING to change the inevitable! Your racist attitude is rendered moot. You have been biologically neutered! LOL!

        • emerutil

          I do not share that opinion. Thank God I do not have a daughter!

        • BulldogRedeemer

          You seem to avoid the fact, that the "N" word is used by blacks against other blacks far more than whites are now using it against blacks. It does NOT mean an inferior race anymore, it DOES mean an inferior character---nothing to do with the color of one's skin (ex. "White N). I prefer not to use the term at all, but I understand what is meant by its useage.

        • fort9erdon

          You don't think it means something disrespectful as an inferior race? OK, I doubt the black community would agree with you. Want to test my theory? YOU, go into a ghetto, in any large major city, approach a group of black men standing on some street corner, and step up and call them the "N" word! You think they won't think it's YOU calling them something inferior or disrespectful? Where would you like to have your remains sent to?

        • emerutil

          You now support my position?! No intelligent white person would harm anyone because he does not like the mouth of another individual.

        • fort9erdon

          Oh, so that means no harm has EVER befallen a black man, because of saying something considered "uppidity" by a white man, because the white guy is so "intelligent", and because he didn't care about the uppidity mouth of the black person? Oh, yeah, right! Keep commenting, your every entry just demonstrates your bigotry and racism and ignorance!

        • emerutil

          I will concede bigotry.

        • emerutil

          Good Grief!

        • whackajig

          Many scholarly scientific studies have proved that blacks and whites are NOT the same. One of the differences is skin color and another is that whites are mentally far superior to blacks.
          Words might be insulting to some, but they do not change what the truth is. Blacks and whites are genetically different and they also live vastly different lifestyles.

        • fort9erdon

          You are proof that "whacking your jig" causes mental deficiency. Please provide a link to some proof that verify's this outrageous claim of superiority of intelligence, of the white race. Without proof, just go back to whacking your jig! Dang, I knew it caused more than blindness! I know why you are so opposed to blacks and whites "gettin down and dirty". Must be visions of your youth, remembering yo mama doin it!

        • Petrolia

          Why use the N word? Because black people are free to use it but nobody else? I hate it but why do blacks use it?

        • emerutil

          Coming from a black, it is taken as an expression of race only. If it comes from anyone else, it is taken as the ultimate insult.

        • annie66

          I am sick of hearing White Christian men disparaged myself and I am not a man. The Communists have purposefully been denigrating White males for many years now. I think it was part of their master plan to create a more effeminate male who was less fierce as a warrior. A nation of stupid women is much easier to overcome than a bunch of testosterone-laden righteous men who have a spine. It's time we stopped paying attention to these devils because they are destroying the nation. I wish the men would rear up and demand that their sons be allowed to be rough-and-tumble little boys; make the nags let these little boys play boy things; let school yard justice take care of bullies; do not let your little boys be this stupid 'touchy-feely,' sensitive nonsense. American women need to do likewise and support these men. My final thought for the American White male to one of the grousing, bellyaching, useless minorities it this: "Hell yes I'm proud to be a White American male. Men like me built this country. If you don't like it, get the hell out."

        • matt

          VERY WELL SAID!!!!

        • wkelly10103

          white christian women are discriminated against more than wcm. in fact, ANY woman is discriminated against more than ANY man. look at the news reports just a week ago tha, in obozo's cabinet and employees, women were paid less than the men who had the same education and job titles. most men don't have a clue, especially when the woman is divorced and has to raise kids b/c of an ex who won't pay any - or the correct amount of - child support.

        • annie66

          I wasn't thinking about wage disparity, I was only thinking of general attitude. Actually, although people always complain about women and salaries, this was true when I first entered the work force many, many years ago, however I that problem is pretty much corrected. I will say this, though. Women have become increasingly problematic in the work force. It seems that they have forgotten that they are hired to do a job and this job does not include breast-feeding, Spa breaks, griping constantly, excuses about sick children, and whining about discrimination. I believe that if women would make up their minds which thing they wanted to do- be a mother and a homemaker or be a career woman- their lives would be much smoother. I know it would be more pleasant in the work place. I will say this, too. If a woman with children divorces the Dad, she needs to suck it up and shut up. Everyone knows that children cost money. If the woman is not financially solvent, perhaps she should have Sandra Flake crusade for tax-payer funded BC pills- or perhaps she should do without. If you can't pay, you should not play.

        • wkelly10103

          you, sir, are wrong. and it's a shame that, out of all the things i brought up, you would concentrate on breast feeding. i know you're a man or you would know that wages haven't caught up for women. what abt the men at work who, like my ex, were fooling around with his (engaged) secretary while at work and on the clock? huh? happens all the time! or my being chased ard the ofc by a drunk lobbyist who had too much to drink at lunch? at least most women can do two things at once! raise children AND work. and how dare you blame having children to raise on women! if my then-boyfriend hadn't relied on "the pill" i was taking, i wouldn't have been trying to raise OUR daughter on my own! AZZHOLE!

        • annie66

          I am most definitely not a man and I disagree with many of your other statements. If, indeed, you have had all of these horrible experiences, why didn't you try to find a reputable place to work? Why did you stay in places where all of this stuff went on? That sounds to me like bad judgment on your part. If the men you worked with consistently made more money than you did, what was your job performance like? And, BTW, if you cannot support children, how about you taking responsibility for that? It sounds to me like your choice in men might have been as flawed as your selection of work places. I am sorry that so many bad things have happened to you. Perhaps you will have better luck in the future. I hope so.

        • wkelly10103

          my choice in men has definitely improved. but my first husband had plenty of money. he just didn't share it, even when we were married. and i have worked in two professions: legal asst and as a teacher in juvie. the lobbyist was an atty who rented space in my boss' office.

          i wasn't complaining abt my life. i was merely trying to point out that, even when faced with a bad outlook on life, you can still make your life good. i've done it, mostly out of pure persistence! and btw, it was the first husb who tried to force me to abort my baby. she was 6 when we divorced so there was little i could have done abt it then, and nothing i would change. as it turned out, i couldn't have any more children.

        • wkelly10103

          and i did report the lobbist. that was my ONLY prob at work, since you tried to make it sound like it happened at ALL my jobs. he was properly chewed out by my boss and he apologized a day or so later. so pls don't try and make me out to be poor white trash. i was 19 when that happened, 23 when i got pregnant, and i DID take responsibility for my actions. i worked 2 jobs, went to college (often taking my child with me) and bought my own house as a divorced mother when i was 30. so there.

        • annie66

          It sounds like you are on a better path now. Hopefully you will have smoother sailing in the future. Many young women encounter similar problems and they are not well equipped to deal with them. Irresponsible mothers focus on clothing, popularity, dating and such because many live vicariously through their daughters; I call these women sick puppies. Girls need to learn to be resolute, tough-minded, and focused. Boys can wait. Stronger maternal role models seem to help with this situation. I don't believe that young women are given the proper tools to enter the work force but hopefully that will eventually change. Good luck to you. I wish you well so that you and your child will have productive and happy lives!

        • wkelly10103

          my child is 30. she is a strong woman, like her mom.

        • annie66


        • wkelly10103

          and u r correct. these days most women don't teach their daughters how to prepare for work force! my mom MADE me take 2 years of typing and shorthand. thank goodness!

        • DixieAngel_76

          Wow. You are actually a female "male chauvanist". I have been working for the majority of my adult life with the exception of the time that I took to stay home and raise my kids when they were small, and I will say this, the kind of women who go around bitching about how problematic other women are usually need to take a good look in the mirror.

        • annie66

          I don't go around bitching about these women in the work place. I avoid them. I was merely responding to another post. I am tired of hearing women, and many others, complain about workplace discrimination all the time when I am very familiar with the types of people who do the complaining. If women want to be successful, they need to suck it up, put on their big girl panties, and excel at their jobs. That is all that is required for success.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H6YDPAOSKRKSDREHLEQBJWPMAE Val

      Shae, and We are "PAYING" for it, why don't we white folks quit our jobs and let the welfare people take care of us ??? we all would be losers and be very hungry too. !

    • scgal

      There are thousands of Rev Wrights out there preaching racism / white hatred to "their people". I think we just need to face facts that this prez is antagonizing it, along with his communist, socialist, terrorist, muzzie, racist buddies. If I didn't know better I would think he wants a civil war. He has divided this country more along racial lines than any President in my lifetime of 63 years.
      What is a real shame is there a lot of really nice Americans that just happen to have dark skin, but I think white Americans are starting to lump them in the same category as the racist blacks, the ones that are spewing white hatred like Jeremiah Wright, etc. and the black teenage gangs that are attacking innocent whites (killing some) in the name of revenge for Trayvon Martin.
      Something is going to give at some point & I think that the devil in charge is hoping for that, because that may be the only way he can get re-elected.

      • matt

        The blacks only use that as an excuse. They have always been racists worse than whites and always violent lying just below the skin. When "something" goes against their way the riot, burn and kill cause they "are Mad" Well, Hell you ever seen WHITES RIOT when things go against they way??? NOT!!!

      • DixieAngel_76

        He won't be re-elected, he'll just declare a national "emergency" and suspend elections indefinitely, unless the majority of us are smart enough not to fall for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kenneth-Glenn-Koons/1313421958 Kenneth Glenn Koons

    The way to disunite America is to appeal to one group and then kill the others with lies, propaganda. That is what the MSM, Duluth and other liberal bastions are doing so voters will be guilty once again and vote for...you guessed it, Obama. This is pure racism. To offset it, I suggest that whites simply admit that bias comes in all colors,races and ethnic groups and then say, but we white workers, who Obama wrote off in Feb., are going full speed ahead to oust the worst Prez in our history for ...all races.

    • scgal

      Yes, and he sure makes Jimmy Carter look good, doesn't he?

  • evantoo

    As far as Obama is concerned I AM a racist. Problem is, I can't decide whether it's his white half or his black half that offends me. Most likely it's both considering how truly bad the guy is.

  • tommyboy


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stanley-Kerns/1288275955 Stanley Kerns

    If you will spend five minutes on Google you can easily learn that Obama is 1/4 Black, 1/4 White (Caucasian), and 1/2 Semitic (Arab) which is also Caucasian--the guy is really stretching it to claim to be Black. I have not researched it, but it would be very unusual for an upwardly mobile Arab family living in the 17-1800's not to be slave holders.

    • eddie3896

      Yeah, but his black shows more than anything else. Show me any city in America where blacks
      have taken control...and it hasn't gone into devastation...just one! Obama is going to do the same
      thing to our country. If I oppose him..then I'm called a racist...so be it!

      • ackjay

        eddie3896, You hit the nail RIGHT on the head, i'm 75 and have witnessed Detroit go from one of the greatest cities known, to a giant 83% black ghetto /Flint, MI/ Pontiac, MI. also fell victim to this class of community destroyers. WHY are these facts being ignored? Why is this class ALLOWED to continually make excuses? (we still have the national guard that can deal with them when they threaten to RIOT !!!) Time to get out the big stick and end this party.

  • bmiller147

    Stop this racist act of Obama's, he alone is the white racist, he's as much white as he is black, even more so being born of a white mother. Is he white or black; is he Muslim or Christian; is he a Democrat or is he Socialist; was he born here or elsewhere; iis he legally President or is he not; is he transparent or is he a liar?; all the question needed to be vetted before he ever ran for office and they were not. Is he an American or is he NOT?

    • emerutil

      Definitely NOT!

  • golfcrackerjack

    Racism is real but largely irrelevant. Whites might understand better if they lived here in Oahu where everyone is a racial minority. But it's NO BIG DEAL -- other than an excuse not to work, not to achieve... and instead (usually, anyhow) line up for a handout. Unfortunately the State of Hawaii, Democrat-controlled for 58 straight years, panders to this nonsense. But it is nonsense. But it's real. And the author is correct, when the occasional atrocity occurs that's race-based, who will be left to care when we're under constant assault by those who find the charge of racism potent in those circumstances where it's truly irrelevant. Namely, almost always.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Veselenak/100001118018542 David Veselenak

    Treal racists are the following: The black Muslim-Marxist in the "Outhouse," his black henchman, "E. The Hold(card)er" of the "Department of In-Justice" and all those black flash mobs looting the department stores!

  • Jerk

    Well, I guess it could be considered unfair because I can't contract sickle cell anemia.

    • emerutil

      Excellent point!

  • Renellin

    Part of it lies in political correctness. I can make jokes and make fun of our various differences to my close friends because they know me and we can share a laugh and not worry that someone thinks we're serious. Of course, most of the jokes are on ourselves.
    I myself am guilty of a sensitivity toward women and sexism. However, being the age I am, I know I too can be sexist. So I try to step back, I let people know when they've offended me, but I accept that they didn't mean it.
    Where there is real racism or sexism--the kind that does actual harm, we should all stick together and stamp it out. Trayvon Martin is not one of these cases. Goodness! In the meantime, we should enjoy our differences and I wish we could feel free to comment and question each other without the worry of being branded.

  • cayuga33

    All Black tv stations! All Black magazines! All Black colleges! The list goes on and on! Who are the racists??

    • gfsomsel

      But don't forget about the White Congressional Caucus and the National Association for the Advancement of White People. What? You say they don't exist? Hmmm.

      • cayuga33

        Hmmm! How could I have missed those?? Thanks for reminding me!

  • Miss Mellie

    I am white. I don't apologize for that. I DO PREFER the company of my own kind. I do not apologize for that. I sent my children to private school. I do not apologize for that. I am GLAD I AM WHITE. I do not apologize for that. There is great poverty in Nigeria and Zimbabwe. It is not my fault. I am not responsible for that poverty and I DO NOT APOLOGIZE for it. My white husband and I were broke when we married. We have WORKED HARD, accumulated several hundred acres of land, 401K, teacher's retirement, etc. I DO NOT apologize for what we've worked for because some welfare queen with 6 churen by 6 diffferent baby daddy has not accumulated any wealth.


    • anne

      well said, I agree with you

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ETPGSR2FSJ4C44YAWQW6EIZHJA Adeline

      Well spoken Miss Mellie !!! God created people white, he also created people black.
      Obama and his gang are creating Class Warfare and Racism !!
      We cannot help they hate their own skin !!

      • jjkrjw

        I'm tired of this subject. Blacks are far more racist, IMO.

        • T Lady

          Not all of us are that way, sir.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/SCILMBKTPBAYD2VUNVKOCZATFU FRANK

          forgive me but most are more so than the whites since Obama has been in Office there seems to be more of a racial problem than before .when a white person goes something the Black Panthers jump in and accuse the whites,but when a black does something to a white they must not say anything I think it is worst now than in the 60's since Obama has been in Office and all his promises has been lies now he is even lying to the Hispanic to get there votes again and has interfered with Gay Rights to get there votes he is playing tit tat toe with people and their minds if they listen and if they do where you are white or black we are stupid people

        • emerutil

          On a tangent: Just read today, that Obama has overwhelming Hispanic support.

        • jime

          Fools come is all colors and flavors. It's unfortunate, but it's truthful. We have millions in the country that come in all colors and flavors that do not have, or even understand what we call a work ethic. Until that is resolved and we call the welfare mindset the evil that it is we have not a hope in h*ll of fixing this nation. Color and flavor is nothing but a convenient excuse to be an wart on the ars of society. No matter what you want in life, be man or woman enough to get off your lazy butt and EARN it! The world can be your oyster, but you have to at least reach down and pick it up!!! For someone to wait for someone else to do it for them proves they don't deserve any consideration what so ever from anyone.
          Welfare and the welfare state is a crutch for the lazy and shiftless of society provided by satin himself. Only a tine proportion of this society is incapable of providing, or contributing to what they need, the majority of those with their hands out need to have it cut off!
          COLOR is not the problem.....Stupidity is the Problem!!!

        • MyronJPoltroonian

          I understand your references to "Color", however, your references to "Flavor", in light of the recent up tic in cannibalism across the nation, makes me a we bit nervous.

        • jewel

          If The Hispanics came here to live the American dream, why would they vote for someone who is working to destroy that dream?

        • thismustend

          Let's get real, Hispanics come here for the ENTITLEMENTS. They BRAG about getting child tax credits for kids that do not exist or that are living in Mexico. They BRAG how they work under the table, lowering OUR wages & STEALING OUR JOBS, while collecting WELFARE, CASH, FOOD STAMPS & HEALTH CARE. The ones in Las Vegas had newer cars & better cell phones than most of us can afford.

        • thismustend

          Why wouldn't he, after all he has given them our JOBS & has spent over $100 BILLION of OUR TAX $$ on ENTITLEMENTS especially for THEM. As OUR DISABLED get dental, physical therapy & other health benefits cut or suspended ILLEGALS have FEDERAL PROTECTION so states CAN'T cut THEIR benefits.

        • Whackajig

          Thanks to both of you who are not racist.

        • art

          some times to be safe you have to go with the odds

        • American 1st

          I am glad to hear that. Someone (of any color) needs to explain that to the black gangs that are attacking whites & beating them and/or killing them in the name of revenge for Trayvon. Zimmerman is 1/2 white and 1/2 Peruvian. It seems like they only wanted an excuse to attack whites. It doesn't speak well for all the hard-working, Americans who just happen to have dark skin. It is certainly not casting a good light on young blacks, especially.

        • arich

          Once again blame the media for that fiasco. The media tried desperately to paint Mr. Zimmerman as a WHITE racist. We all know that image thanks to Hollywood's relentless propaganda to make the sheep believe there's this huge population of hate filled whites out there to terrorize non-whites. Thanks to the INTERNET the media can't parade lies very long. Zimmerman is a mestizo of mixed Amerind/White/Afro-peruvian.

        • emerutil

          Enough are that way to make me cautious, and VERY bigoted, I fear!

        • nursepat

          I also consciously try not to view people based on their outward appearance and pray that God will correct the flaws in my character, but I am a nurse providing home health services. Most of the time I find myself appalled at the conditions my clients live in--black and white, but sometimes I am absolutely terrified by the neighborhoods I go into. Most of the residents in these areas are black or hispanic and I have even witnessed a drug deal being done. I just sat petrified in my car, because they knew I had driven up. I can only atribute it to God's good graces that I was able to get out of my car unmolested to see my client. I hate that the culture here in the USA has degenerated to this; and I'm not laying blame on any one ethnicity, because if some of the rich, white college students wouldn't go looking for drugs to get high with then there would be no need for those that sell it. The only real answer would be if we, as a nation, would return to the worship of God and loving people the way He does. Pray that we can see a revival in this nation before we destroy ourselves.

        • http://twitter.com/rightlymore Annais

          RICH WHITE COLLEGE STUDENTS? what?? i work/help people with addictions i'm yet to see any rich college whites ADDICTED to drugs, not saying that there aren't any but r u kidding? most addicts are NOT rich, and are not white..sorry, the FACT!

        • arich

          No one would imply such, however.... the fact of the matter remains per what Ken stated.

        • http://twitter.com/rightlymore Annais

          But you're a lady, of course you're not, mostly it's the boys that play the competition game..all races, with Hollywood glamorizing, pushing, then crying race and victim card..

        • Ken

          A black man is far safer walking in a white neighborhood than a white man is in a black neighborhood.

        • Evermyrtle

          You are right, it is a mindset thing. God made every person whatever color we may be, and he did it for a reason. I have no idea what that reason was, but I know it was for a good reason. I feel that whatever color we are we should thank GOD for making us just as we are.

          We can take what he made us to be and work and study and strive to live according the purpose that he intended and live a very successful life or we can do exactly what we want to do and live with bitterness and blame someone else for every bad thing that happens to us and never be happy, because we did not use what GOD gave us to us, and failed at living a great life..

        • f8tul

          Forget Color.. the only color I care about is RED.. the color WE ALL BLEED..
          If we were the same it would not be any fun... poking fun at our differences with our friends.... walking down the street with the same black and white friends...Learning about our differences..

          Some of us on all sides are so pig-headed they see what Lucifer wants them to see.. anything that would count as hate, well is done out of spite by the devil himself..
          don't believe me, that is your right just like it is mine.. even though you are wrong..
          hate will get you in fire or hot water down below...

          treat everyone like you want to be treated... for instance.. you shoot people - does that mean you want to get shot??? you call someone a racist name such as cracker (which is not really racist if you think about it -- putting us on a pedistool like that)... anyway.. you get the point...but hey, you fail God's test into heaven.. I won't for if you hate other people, you really just hate yourself first

      • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.joslin1 Jeff Joslin

        its like they want instability

        • MrChuckster007

          I'm sad to say many do want instability; divide and conquer is their goal.


          It is so friggin sad. I have neighbors of almost every race in my neighborhood. We get along and help each other! It seems as though when there is a majority of "one race" things change and not always for the good. I don't remember such racial divide in the military!!?? We all lived together, trained together and had each others backs. What happens afterwards when people return home back to their environment is all home spun.
          Atleast with me and my family, people get the benifit of the doubt before their actions or mouth over rides everything else. My daughters were brought up to treat people the way they would like to be treated, with respect.
          If you just talk to most people and treat them with some dignity, MOST times that is what you get in return! I'm white, my wife isn't, my kids are half hispanic, my grandson is 3/4 hispanic. SO WHAT!! They are all poeple. I think our loss of christian values is one of the biggest problems. Not only the loss of them but the continual stripping of our christian rights by the government and CAIR and the WH.

      • MrChuckster007

        Well said!!!

      • http://twitter.com/rightlymore Annais

        THANK YOU SO MUCH! exactly! what i say all the time...i tell them YOU have an inferiority complex probably YOUR parents instilled in you..SORRY! not my fault or whites! do your best and leave others alone! gosh!

    • katycaboose

      Ther are a great say the exact same thing including me.



    • arich

      Very well stated Miss Mellie. The world needs millions more like you. Alan.

    • Raymond1
      • Bill

        Ah but you missed the fact that Social security payments to those of us who worked and paid in for 40 or more years is only repaying us our own money. If the government had not raided the S.S. trust fund there would be ample money to reimburse us with no borrowing. I am a fiscal conservative that thinks S.S. is not a welfare payment. It is also not an entitlement to those of us who paid in but may be for the payments to those who didn't made possible by liberal policies.

        • StanB

          I also am on SS, I also PAID into it as did my employers for 48 years. I would be more than pleased to just have the money confiscated from me just given to me in one lump tax free sum, since I already paid taxes on it. When Lyndon Johnson and a democrat controlled house and senate took SS out of the Trust and placed it in the Treasury, they had one motive in mind, spend it. That is how he funded the Viet Nam war and his Great Society, where he gave the trust money paid in by working families to families that didn't want to work. Then in 1993, Billy Clinton said he did everything he could to try and balance the budget but just couldn't so he had a really great idea, he would tax SS benefits a SECOND time by Executive Order (sound familiar) and it still stands today that the most needy elderly are STILL being taxed on THEIR money TWICE.

        • MrChuckster007

          You are absolutely right! I too would be very happy to have the federal government just give me bask the money I paid into Social Security in one lump sum, but with interest. I'm sure I could invest it more wisely than the corrupt politicians and bureauctats in Washington, DC. I know I could spend it a lot more effeiceintly.

        • DixieAngel_76

          Except that you are forgetting that you are receiving far more than you paid into it. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and you always get back more than you pay, until it goes broke, that is.

        • Goldbug36

          What about all the people who paid into SS their entire working lives and then died before they could collect, or shortly after retirement? Many years ago, the Comptroller of the Currency stated that over $28 trillion dollars had been taken from the non-existent trust fund, and they never intended to pay it back.

        • MrChuckster007

          Your claim that Social Security recipients get back far more than they paid in is not entirely accurate. Most Social Security beneficiaries don't live long enough to receive all that they paid in when you include the interest they could have received had they invested their money elsewhere. I agree, Social Security is a Ponzi-Scheme, however, I do not agree that you always get more back than you paid in. Although it is true that many of the initial investors (our grandparents & great-grandparents) did get back did get back more than they paid in. However, just like any other Ponzi Scheme, other than the initial investors (our grandparents & great-grandparents) the only other benefactor who receives more benefits than they paid in is the one that set-up & manages the Ponzi Scheme (federal government)

        • http://www.facebook.com/woodrwoodg Rebecca Wood

          My Dad was what they call a 'notch' baby. The thought was that the people who were working before Social Security was started would get too much back so they kept a percentage. Add to that the fact that 5 yeard before he retired, the ceiling was removed and SSI was taken out all year instead of him maxing out in September. These two things severely reduced his SSI check and after working 50 years, I am sure he did not get back what he paid in.

        • MrChuckster007

          I'm sure your father didn't get back what he paid in, either. However, was he receiving SSI or Social Security? Social Security and SSI are not the same thing. Social Security was set up as a Trust Fund to be paid after you reached the age of 62-65. However, SSI is paid to people who are unable to work, like people with disabilities, even drug addicts. Some people receiving SSI have never even worked a day in their life. After Johnson had the Social Security Trust Fund moved to the Treasury, so he could finance his Great Society Project, Democrats in Congress began raiding the Social Security Trust Fund, and replacing the funds with IOUs. Congress has been stealing money from the Social Security Trust Fund and leaving in its place IOUs ever since. They use the funds as though it's a part of the General Fund, to pay bills and finance government operations, as well as other big government social programs, like Welfare, WIC, Head Start and social programs.

        • Jean

          When I went to work in the late 60's, I don't remember being given a choice as to whether I wanted to pay into Social Security or Medicare funds. That money was taken from me and my employer, so how can it now be an entitlement? It's only an entitlement if you have not paid into the fund(s). Entitlement has become an ugly word!

    • Raymond1

      Do you go to work everyday & pay your taxes???
      If so, this female Obama supporter has something
      she wants you to hear......

      • TruthWFree

        Is she serious or making fun of black welfare people?

        • Raymond1

          She's serious....

        • SniperMom

          She is making fun of the project queens. Not at all serious.

        • RonNYC2FL

          She's not serious. It's a spoof. Now all humor pokes fun of a more serious situation.

      • kay

        She is typical of the gimme culture-- You cannot debate anyone with this mindset....

      • john

        Living proof that you can't fix stupid!

      • emerutil

        Drat! They removed your link!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AKUSRCL2VGP45QXQ2IBU62KPAY 426ernie

        man that lady is funny-that Romney supporter sure throws the coals on the fire quite nicely

      • AnnieO'kley

        I thought it was real the first few time I watched it. It is a spoof. She is a comic watch some of her other videos, she is quite funny.

    • Upaces

      You have absolutely nothing to apologize for;and not only that, we shouldn't even have to be having this conversation in the first place...now that! That is what is sad about all of this.

      We have a family friend from years and years ago (I say friend...I met him once; and my daughter and her friends hung out with a poetry group and met this young black man). He lives in NY. He wrote a very short poetry book "On the Road to Damascus." In the book he explains that BLACK PEOPLE ACTUALLY HATE THEMSELVES FOR BEING BLACK and take all of that anger out on white people.

      Affirmative action was supposed to heal this; however, they will NOT allow it to 5o be a stepping stone.

      • hpinnc

        I agree,I feel exactly like Miss Millie.Frankly I am sick & tired of their whining.Ever since they banned segregation, they have whined & blamed the white man for their misfortune.I am not a racist,but every time I turn around I hear some black whing about being denied something because of their race.If there is a ligitimate complaint,then I would be the first to say it should be adressed.The gov. has gone bank-rupt [ with the help of the banks too] in financing programs to help them.They whine & complain about more blacks in prison or on death row.Well duh!!!,maybe they are responsible for most of the crimes.Then you have Revvverrand Al & Revvverrrand Jessie Jackson running around stirring up racial hatred wherever they go.Bill Cosby tried to give them some good advice but they threw him under the bus.They want to blame everyone but themselves.This country is great enough if they will get a good education there is no limits to what they can achieve,but no one is going to hand it to them on a siver platter.[ unless you are great in sports ] and most of them are not smart enough to hold onto their wealth.A lot of them are broke in 5 to 10 years after they make all this money. You cannot help someone who is not willing to try to help themselves.I don't know what else the taxpayers can do to help.I feel like it is up to the individuals now to help themselves.Stop hating white people,we have done more to help the black race than anyone else,but it isn't appreciated, they just don't seem to like their race, & no one can fix that for them,but they themselves.

        • Upaces

          I have challenged a couple of people on that very subject matter.
          NAME ONE City that is predominately black..then show me the crime rate vs.
          employment figures vs. social programs and the births of illegitimate children...

          And, tell me what?

        • whackajig

          The ten nations with the most abject poverty, the ten poorest nations on earth, are all black and all in africa and all ruled by blacks.

        • Upaces

          What bothers me the most? THEY DO NOT WANT TO LEARN any different...correct their mistakes here in the U.S..
          We tried through Affirmative Action. I am an ol' gal, and have had many many experiences from that time of Affirmative Action in teaching the black population their jobs...so they could climb in their chosen professions.I worked for the City of Dallas in the Department of Planning and Development. I was a permanent temp and floated all around the departments. The Opening came up for a Permanent person in the job I was in as an Administrative Assistant to the Director. There were 57 women in the department and only 3 of those were white.They really didn't want the job because it "wasn't UNION"..but they didn't want a white woman to have it either.I had learned to carry a hand-held pocket recorder because I had been threatened so many times. I was pulled off in a stairwell and slammed against a brick wall. She had her elbow at my throat and a double-long form of acrylic nail jabbing me between the eyes warning NOT to apply for the job. I had to replace all of my tires on my car twice due to them being slashed. Finally I started parking two blocks away and walked at night to get to my car (carrying a gun in my coat pocket because I had been threatened so many times.
          We trained them. I invited each one to lunch at one time or another and each one refused "UNLESS" she needed something from me.

        • Lois

          I have come to the conclusion that many of the ethnic peoples do not know how to conduct themselves in a civilized manner in their own countries, so they invade ours.
          They want what we have. The enemy within opened our gates to peoples we have nothing in common. There is scripture regarding this.... God warned us.

          The whites are suffering now, because we allowed affirmative action, were politically corrected, allowed the "Civil Unright" law, the common decency laws to be repealed, allowed prayer to be taken out of school....the list goes on and on. We trusted the evil enemy within our government and institutions, and see now what happens....God warned us.

        • Upaces

          I know...believe me, I do know.

          The Muslims are not happy!
          They're not happy in Gaza
          They're not happy in Egypt
          They're not happy in Libya
          They're not happy in Morocco
          They're not happy in Iran
          They're not happy in Yemen
          They're not happy in Afghanistan
          They're not happy in Pakistan
          They're not happy in Syria
          They're not happy in Lebanon.

          So, where are they happy?

          They're happy in Canada
          They're happy in Australia
          They're happy in England
          They're happy in France
          They're happy in Spain
          They're happy in Italy
          They're happy in Germany
          They're happy in Sweden
          They're happy in the USA
          They're happy in Norway
          They're happy in every country that is not Muslim.

          And who do they blame?
          Not Islam.
          Not their leadership.
          Not themselves.

          Excuse me, but how stupid can you get?

          "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result." Albert Einstein

        • Lois

          You forgot China, Mexico, South America to name a few more. I ask why are they so impoverished? No leaders, no creativity? No FAITH! They breed themselves into poverty.

          Ask yourself why the most successful countries in the world, have been of white people....it's because of their Judeo/Christian faith, conduct, values, culture.

          The enemy within have infiltrated all our institutions, we need to flush them out.

          The nation must turn back to God's Word, laws, take back our country from the pagan, humanists that have invaded our country.

        • emerutil

          Well, if the Left had it their way, we would solve that problem by completely homogenizing every city and town. Everyone would have at least one neighbor of color. White girls would be encouraged to bed with blacks. And, god help the white man who dares to object! Yep. This would cure all our social ills.

        • Lois

          The Left I believe are Satan's minions. When I saw a white girl with anyone outside her race, I knew she was just plain stupid....but now I see white men going with women of another race...I see either they drugged out of their mind, or just plain stupid. They both have been dumbed down. They don't know God's Word, which clearly talks against intermingling, and intermarrying for anyone.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/SCILMBKTPBAYD2VUNVKOCZATFU FRANK

          the Blacks need to go back and read their History books if it has not been taken out there own people sold them and sent them into slavery but yet they want to still blame the whites yes, the whites bought them and brought them over to work their plantations that is why the North and the South had to fight among their own people because of the bondage so what do they have to complain about we had to fight our own people so the could be free

        • arich

          A sad mistake that White people, now, are paying for dearly. But for black folks slavery was a good thing. I haven't heard of any recent exodus of blacks en-mass flooding the continent of Africa returning to their roots. Have you?

        • Lois

          I agree, a sad mistake for white people, nothing good has become of "slavery". Not all white people had hired slaves. Black people were sold by their own kind...I don't know the circumstances. Lincoln was going to deport them back to their homeland, but was assassinated before he could.

          Talking about slavery. What about slavery? We're ALL enslaved, mainly whites. Let's face it if you're forced to pay taxes, you're a slave. The blacks have NOTHING on slavery. We're all slaves.

        • American 1st

          If blacks really studied American history they would know that it was the Democrats that didn't want to free the slaves, the Dems that formed the KKK & hung slaves, and it was a Republican, Abraham Lincoln, that freed them, and Republicans that formed the NAACP to help them. Yet blacks continue to vote for Dems who want to keep them as slaves to the welfare system.

        • Bama59

          Herman Cain explained a lot of this when he said blacks have been brain washed into believing that the democrats are trying to help them. What he did not explain is that the programs that the dems. have forced upon us such as welfare, ebt, and affirmative action have been nothing but a trap for the black community. A trap in that it does not promote self reliance and as a matter of fact just the opposite. If I am on welfare and I get a job at minimum wage I lose my welfare and housing subsidy and my ebt etc, instead of only receiving a reduction that would allow me to better my situation. Why on earth would someone lower their standard of living by getting a job that would pay them less than they get at present by not working? The Demoncrats do this to maintain their voting bloc of blacks and other minorities instead of actually helping them to become self reliant and self sufficient.

        • arich

          Then you turn on the tv and see overrated actor buffoons like Denzel Washington stating blacks aren't given enough acting opportunities in Hollywood or Morgan Freedman saying whites who did NOT vote for Obama were clearly racist. What an idiot.

        • emerutil

          He was correct in my case. The Obamination's worst characteristic for me was his ethnicity. I have knows since childhood that nothing good could ever come out of a black with a chip on his shoulder!

        • arich

          At this date and time if a black politician going for the presidency would work on the illegal immigration debacle and get rid affirmative action and other snivel rights issues I'd vote for him.

      • Taquoshi

        In this household, we believe there is only one race - human.

        My spouse came home yesterday absolutely floored.

        My family was Polish American. My grandmother never quite conquered English so she relied heavily on the mobile translator units called the grandkids. I've been to Poland and studied the language for years and often will use it when I am reprimanding our son in public.

        At T's job, they have a new worker who claimed to be Polish, but when T. said something to him in Polish, the poor kid didn't understand. The two of them were laughing about it when another co-worker, who is very liberal and gay, came up and told T that she was tired of all those racist remarks. Both T and the new kid were astounded that asking someone how they were in another language would be considered "racist", but there you have it.

        • emerutil

          I worked in a shop where many were Hispanic, and very often conversed in Spanish. I and other non-Spanish speaking people have no problem with that. Once, I conversed with another co-worker in German. The Hispanics were very displeased, almost outraged. I suppose reverse racism is perfectly acceptable.

      • Lois

        Stop affirmative action...it just steals from the white. The minority have been given everything for over 60 years, not had to work for it...this is the problem. There is scripture that says "no work, no eat". I'm tired to babysitting the ethnic peoples, they feed off white people...if the white go down...the ethnic peoples will go down big time....then who will they feed off of?

        I believe in segregation, but the enemy within the nation don't want it. Multiculturalism is being used as a weapon....they want divide and conquer. We were not meant to intermingle, intermarry with other kinds than our own. It causes nothing but chaos. Yes, I know the ethnics want to marry into the white race, which show they're unsure of themselves, have inferiority complexes. I read through research, the only reason people intermarry, into any other race, than their own, is because they have inferiority complexes. People should stay with their own.

        • Upaces

          This is THE most important article I have every read concerning PC. I will only give you an excerpt, but PLEASE read the entire article.
          Crucify Political Correctness on the Altar of Freedom of Speech
          The West will either reject the logic of Political Correctness or suffer a catastrophic failure of vision, will, power and influence, destroying civil society as we know it. This may sound drastic, and of course it is. But why is it being claimed here? Because the ideas in the doctrines of Political Correctness and related notions like Multiculturalism are so destructive that—much like magma—these cannot long be held safely before spilling over and causing tremendous damage, chaos and destruction of our society.
          The reason it must be eliminated is because Political Correctness is a Trojan horse for Marxism, which always destroys everything it touches. PC is a curse which must be denounced before it mangles its host society, especially since it is the very opposite of Free Speech. More importantly, individual responsibility is eliminated by PC standards which make irrelevant personal morality. This is the subject of this essay.I. Definition of Political CorrectnessPolitical Correctness (PC) is shorthand for an ideology which implies ethical or moral superiority for various positions which challenge traditional morality. TheFreedictionary.com defines PC as1. Of, relating to, or supporting broad social, political, and educational change, especially to redress historical injustices in matters such as race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.PC has become, in practice, a set of standards by which communication is purified from unacceptable content. But PC has also deeply affected public policy and law, and ultimately ideas about morality, itself. For example, against the longstanding notion of the right of free expression, even thinking many forbidden thoughts would break PC norms. And for this reason, PC has evolved from being rules for “sensitivity” training into a set of un-breachable social mores.One author sums up this idea: Continue Reading:Kelly O'Connellhttp://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/41585

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/6WWRLATZRIXKQETL6L2UZPB2ZU LAB


    • Allen Mixon

      Even Gary Demar, in this article, seems to be somewhat apologetic when he shouldn't be. You have struck the right tone. I whole heatedly agree with you. Why doesn't anyone ever have the courage to say what you just said. There is nothing wrong in what you said. Our representatives, and our religious leaders are weak and cowardly.

      • MrChuckster007

        I agree completely! You hit the nail on the head regarding our representatives being "weak and cowardly."

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/SCILMBKTPBAYD2VUNVKOCZATFU FRANK

        sorry Allen there aren't any christians leaders leading the country if we did things would be a lot different anyone can say they are religious but we need a God fearing person to lead our country out of destruction what we need is one who can talk the talk and walk the walk and pray to God to lead and guide them what is what we do not have

        • American 1st

          Like President Ronald Reagan. I still miss him.

    • Chris

      RIGHT ON Miss Millie!!!! I couldn't have said any better myself.

      But, may I add that my own ancestors did not arrive on these shores until AFTER the Civil War, so therefore I am not responsible for ANY reparations the blacks feel I owe them simply because I'm white. I'm not racist at all (I could care less what a person's skin color is), but I'm getting tired of the reverse-racism being leveled in this country with white people afraid to say or do anything about it.

      • moosemangler


      • arich

        There is no such thing as "reverse racism" only racism. And stop apologizing white man. Stop it already with the " I am not racist" crap. The liberal mindset will brand you thus anyway.

      • American 1st

        I live in the deep South & I have never known anyone who's ancestors owned slaves. I don't owe anyone anything. If anyone is owed anything, it would be to the Native Americans who were slaughtered by the European settlers or died from diseases the Europeans brought with them. I read a post one time that said African Americans should be glad their ancestors were brought here so the current generations wouldn't be living in African villages. Whites should be as equally grateful that their ancestors came to this primitive country & settled here while enduring great hardships.
        I think we should all be grateful that we are Americans by the grace of God.

    • MrChuckster007


    • Lerojist

      I agree.

      I am white, and apologize to no one.
      For the last several decades in this country, the white peoples wealth has been stolen, redistributed through political correctness, mandate, affirmative action, the "Civil Unright Act" and every other freebie given to the ethnic minority....and yet they still cry.
      We must stop legal and illegal immigration from countries we have nothing in common. We can't take in the world and feed, clothe, nurse them forever. It's about time, third world countries take care of their own, quit shipping them to white peoples countries . Enough is enough!

    • grandmaforliberty

      Ditto! plus I nor my parents, grandparents, or any of my relatives ever owned a slave..so why get mad at me.....and I too am not ashamed of being white... actually it's the way God made me...

    • HFH!

      Bravo, Miss Mellie, bravo! Nothing will change for the better 'til more of us are willing to say openly what you have averred. Thanks!

    • NON teacher

      I guess you were comfortable scaming the system with overtime the last 2 years you worked so you could run up the retiremewnt benifirts on our dime?
      Are you comfotable paying nothing into your pension or health care too?
      of course you are !
      FCK those taxpayers you're special!
      Before you say anything -- YES, I'm white too-- but I do hate treachers because you're all parasites !
      When you don't gwt what YOU want , you protest, storm the state house screaming "its for the children"
      uhh , huh
      It's not becoming

    • Evermyrtle

      Miss Mellie, I stand for what you have written 100%. Keep up the good work.

    • camdenme2

      Right on GIRL!!!

    • http://twitter.com/rightlymore Annais

      Thank you! keep being honest and brave and proud! i al so sick of the "i'm a strong Latino and PROUD"! and "'i'm gay and proud and will have a gay pride parade where children will be shown the most perverse ways of dressing and behaving" "i'm proud to be black" etc etc BUT you cannot say you're proud to be white...first of all, nobody should've started with all these obvious display of inferiority complexes, now, whites should do the same see how THEY cringe with awkwardness..i am Italian Spaniard, a mix of golden/toasted wheat color haha do not qualify as white..but..i defend those who seem to be most exploited and insulted..and those are whites right now..the "Hispanic" and blacks are really showing ridiculous behavior in trying to hide their insecurity..it is NOT your fault..OR MY fault..races were all exploited and victimized..AND it is the survival of the fittest..not just stronger but also smarter...it IS what it is! and MLK was right: judge people by their character and not the color of their skin...blacks and Hispanics have forgotten that...too bad! Keep strong! be well, and protect your own!

  • e1313ruth

    The present racist administration is making me a racist.....Plus the gang mentality of the dummiecrat party is also making me inclined to never vote democrat even if they are loved ones...

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IPIT7YTOWBFRXAYTLMCJRPTLKY sillyboy

    This kind of talk has been going on for a long time...ain't that right Jessie and Al? With out racism, these two and many others would not have a job!

  • arich

    One of my best friends in high school was black. He was secretly dating a ‘white’ girl. I was his ‘white’ accomplice. I would show up at her house, pick her up, and then take her to see Bill.

    You are just a politically correct puppet of the haters who want to supplant the American middle class (white folks) with lower IQ, promiscuous mestizos (wrongly termed 'hispanic'). I would wager to guess that you have no problem with miscegenation but have a BIG problem with gay marriage.

    The founding fathers set up a constitution for the benefit of White people only. We need to repeal the 1965 immigration act. Multiculturalism and diversity are terms that translate into white genocide. America should stay white majority if it is to stay America.

    Get over yourself.

  • rockieag

    Too bad, that's life. Its part of being part of the history of war mongers, thieves, slave owner's; no compassion for women and children. This is your legacy. Its not too late to xhange it.

  • Corsica

    EVERYBODY is tired of hearing this phony "racist' crap. Indians, Arabs, Asians, all non-blacks are tired, not just whites! This is a BS campaign that being white is unfair. There are more black millionaires on one American basketball team than there is in all of black Africa. Gee, I guess white privilege prevented that. The author states that there is still racism in America. Yes and it's black racism.

    • Sick of it

      Exactly Corsica, The blacks didn't have much opportunity back in the slave market(often by their own chiefs for $$) now if blacks hate the crackers that much and feel it all their fault for their circumstances, then why the hell do they want to live in this country when they have unlimited opportunities to return back to AFRICA where they can live the life they have accustomed themselves to with out interference from the white crackers.

      Then they can really chant.... FREE AT LAST !!! Adios brothers, I'll chip in some car fare

  • Dandaman

    Socialism was not invented by the color of his skin, but rather the sick gray matter behind the idiots thick skull. Cry racisim all you want, but when go back to the days of Kings and paupers, the power will always be given to those with the sharpest tongues. The rest will wallow in misery.
    Why does racism always get locked into the American 60's. These whiny pricks should read up on some world history to learn how far back it goes - Might learn that white people were subjected to racism as well.

  • MEG

    It's the white half of Obama that I don't like. By the way, I don't think anyone in this country is ALL white. What does that mean? We are all a melting pot. How far back do we want to go genectically, really. How many are PURE anything? I'm sick of this race card BS.

    • Ben Raines

      Good point about "all white". I look "all white" but in fact am about 10% black. In my family's past there was a black Great Great Grandad or Great Great Grandmother but certainly a black person. I'm also 25% American Indian from my Dad's mother and at least 50% from Norway (family originated from there in the 1700's). I think every person who has half a brain is sick and tired of the Obummer administration race cards; Al too dumb Sharpton's race cards; Jessee (it ain't my love child) Jackson's race cards, and the Congressional Black Caucus (IMO the MOST racist organization on the planet) race cards. There is a war coming because of all this race crap stirred up by all the race baiters out there. Be ready for it!

  • jd1958

    If disagreeing with Barry Soetorro and Eric Holder makes me a racist, then that is label that I'll proudly wear!!!! I'm proud to be white. I feel no guilt from what someone I don't know did to someone else I dont know 140 years ago. I'm tired that only white people are racists in this country. White people have given BILLIONS to aide and lift afro-americans out of their poverty. BILLIONS spent and they (blacks) HATE whites. Even in the northeast of the U.S. Guess blacks forgot that 365,000 whites gave up their lives to free blacks from slavery in the south. Gratitude? No just more hate. Please feel free to go back to Africa anytime..............thank you.

    • scgal

      Kind of reminds me of the French, who hate our guts. If it wasn't for Americans they'd be speaking German today & doing the goose step. No appreciation for Americans who offered their lives for their freedom.

    • scgal

      Something else blacks forgot or have never been taught in school is that it was the Democrats that didn't want to free the slaves & that President Lincoln was a Republican. Also, the Hayes-Tilden Compromise of 1877 was an attempt by Republicans to get the Democrats to stop lynching blacks
      Wonder if they know that the KKK was a bunch of Democrats. Or that the NAACP was founded by white Republicans. Probably not.....

  • http://www.facebook.com/crzydancer Richard Holmes

    I'm not a racist- I hate every body. I even hate myself sometimes.

  • Phil

    But this "unfair" message WORKS!
    A huge percentage of white people who voted for Oduma in 2008 did so because of "white guilt" rather than on Oduma's achievements or on any indication that he was capable of handling the most important job in the world.
    So this is a 'good' idea ... from the Left's point of view.
    How effective it will be is up to the voters: Are they going to vote for Oduma AGAIN out of white guilt, and prove AGAIN that they are Odumbasses, or will a significant number of them take a good, hard look at Oduma's incompetence, lies, broken promises, derisive and divisive politics and vote the incompetent, empty suit out of office.

    • scgal

      Oduma had achievements? Oh, I get it, you're being facetious. Carry on.

  • Clarence De Barrows

    Everyone discriminates. We do it every day in the choices we make from whether we want decaf coffee to the people we wish to interact with. If I choose to avoid contact with anything or anyone that decision is based on my personal experience not a biased message coming from some group or individual with an agenda. That said, if I decide to opt out of a relationship with anyone or any group, black, white or yellow, that is my decision based on my evaluation of the situation and it has to do with judgement, not guilt. That is my right and responsibility, just as it is yours.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QCVZDLCKVYDXNB57OFPKLAPOK4 Black9

    White's, take it from a black man, don't let the lib's put that crap on you, they are hoping for guilt to over come you, The under ground railroad, you were there, the fight for freedom for blacks, you were there you have a lot of fights that you were in, the civil rights fight, you were there, don't feel guilty you did not create racism.

    • Ben Raines

      Very well said! The never ending war against Conservatives is increasing on a daily basis by the Communists (Liberals) in the world (not just the U.S.A.). I firmly believe there are many more Conservatives in this country than Liberals. You sir, do know your history. Check out "Crooks, Thugs and Bigots" by Coach Kevin Collins. It's an eye opener about the Democratic party.

    • Helen

      Are there any more men out there like you? You are a breath of fresh air. Try and talk sense to the African-American people out there.

    • bren54

      Thank you for seeing and knowing that.

    • Randy G

      And that's not even mentioning that the Blacks in Africa started slavery in the first place. They fought wars with other tribes & took slaves themselves and sold them. So IF Blacks complain about slavery remind them it started in Africa by Africans.

  • Brian

    From my point of view even here in the deep south, true racism is dead. yes there are a few old dinosaurs left over from the old days, but they have no real impact and all will be 6 feet under soon. The only real racism I see any more is reverse racism . We whites are constantly viewed immediately as racist , and must prove otherwise in any situation before continuing. Of course we have the Jessie, Al's and such beating the drum at any chance, all for personal gain and not one bit of proof or truth is required for them to take out any honest, fair minded or even helpful to the cause white man.
    The black community would be so better off if they themselves would clean the system of these self promoting "bable" rousers.
    I believe that Mitt has a chance here to slay this dragon, if at the next time they raise their ugly heads, he has a previously prepared and well thought out reply to out them for what they are, I believe even many blacks will respect him for bringing this ever so obvious crime of reverse attack to an end. Yes it will require being bold, but we know it will happen, the next time a "Trevon" issue arises.
    There is time here to prepare a response that out's it for what it is. The script can be written ahead of time, taken to focus groups and massaged into a winner. I feel we have a "take down that wall" moment coming and he has the team and resource to plan ahead and KILL IT! dead for once and all.

    Am I just dreaming I think not, the time is here to put an end to real racism and kill what is just words and a con job by so many of our false Preachers, these men are the farthest thing from men of God. they prove it with every word out of their mouths.

  • Janet Lynn

    Excuse me but the BIGGEST RACIST in this Country is Obama. He has done everything to divide this country by race, economics, gender and any other thing he can fine, She should be put in front of a firing squad made up of MIXED RACE, ECONOMIC CLASS AND GENDER!

  • flaphil

    That's the way God made us. Maybe he needed a bunch of us to solve problems and make the vast majority of important discoveries in science, medicine, building, etc. That or we'd all be stupid living in grass huts and humans dying before they reach 12.

  • wgg

    al sharpon, maxine waters, king shabazz, et al wake up black.
    i just wake up & go to work.
    racism? nahhhh - i calls it "race envy"..........

  • The__Bobster

    Who cares what the white-hating jew Tim Weiss has to say? Yes, he's the one behind this campaign. He lives in a 97% white/0% black community.

  • Perspective

    Wiser men than what most of us have experienced many years ago, rightfully stated,
    "Give them an inch and they will take a mile" in my 75 years I have found this to be very true, the ignorant generation after generation (dumb down) have allowed this class to pull the wool over their eyes playing the race card and instigating a guilt trip.

    There should no longer be ANY EXCUSES and EVERY BODY should be held fully accountable for their behavior/actions...The facts are clearly visible, NOW IS THE TIME TO ENFORCE ACCOUNTABILITY !!!

    Then we all can shout " FREE AT LAST"

  • lizaz

    Why is it if a white person criticizes a black person, the white person is a racist; but if a black person criticizes a white person, then that's OK....nothing to see here. It's wrong and most of us are pretty tired of the old racism line. We don't really care if we are called names....that is done by people who don't have anything credible to say or bring to the discussion.....getting old, folks, time to find something more believable to say....as soon as the "race card" is played, I change the channel (or my environment) because I know the person isn't worth listening to.....sorry, but you've worn it out!!!!

  • scott

    the liberals have been coddling the blacks and treating them like theyre something special and dont have to work or do anything because everything is owed to them by the white man because of slavery.get over it and smarten up.blacks are owed nothing and have more opprtunity in this country than anyone else just because of theyre color.the racism and bigotry toward the white man is the biggest shame in hystory.the white man made this country so liberal scum could have the rights they put down and say theyre denied.the white man is the only ones in hystory to be the minority in his own country and the blacks and liberals still arent happy.the only racism is whats created by the blacks and taught from birth,to hate the white man.they choose to live with no morals or convictions such as work hard to get what you want.they choose to be want a be thugs,and dope smokers,and talk like theyre still in the jungle.,want to change theyre image then tell them to change theyre culture of being dumb and lazy and expecting everything to be handed to them because theyre black.start acting as a normal person not some monkey.

  • HappyClinger

    It's envy. Pure and simple. Instead of imitating whatever makes whites successful, so they can be successful too, they excoriate the people who are successful. It makes no sense and is very juvenile. I think they are really angry at God for not making them white, and really need to take it up with Him.

  • jake

    more of obama's class warfare and race warfare. isnt it good whites voted for him 53%. if they hadnt he would not be prez. and they think whites racist? fuzzy logic

  • Fideux

    Obviously, all of the money poured into black communities has not solved any problems. Quite the contrary. Maybe we need to rethink this whole "Great Society" entitlement mentality that has proven itself to be a dismal failure.

  • Nadine

    OMG...I knew when Obummer won that this is what would happen...all planned! I have never been racist until Obummer started dividing this country & I still am NOT! The Left LOVES to throw that card around...not gonna work this time! The LEFT are TRULY the racists here!

  • Bruce Feher

    Good news for those spray tan stores!

  • dancingontheheadofapin

    No one should have to say, "I'm not racist!" I refuse to even hear that anymore because it is such a worn out insult, used and abused by anyone who wants to challenge any white person, it has lost it's sting. It's like using some of the most profane words that are constantly thrown about in blogs, on You Tube and everyday social situations. People become desensitized to them. So all you white folks out there, let that roll of your back like so much polluted water. It doesn't mean anything anymore.

  • James

    A black man don't car as long as he can get in the picture with only himself and a white woman. "It da white man what is a racist."

  • MC

    I'm a Caucasian and happy to be lucky enough to be born one. It use to be a plus but since our country instituted affirmative action, it's become a liability. I'm from Mediterranean heritage and have an olive complexion. During the summer I tan easily and as a youth was mistaken for a Black. I was barred from entering certain youth centers during the 50's and golf courses. So I see it from both sides. However, I'll never apologize for something I had no control over. (Who my parents descended from.) The pendulum has swung to the other extreme. There's NO compromising in our divided country. I oppose Obama, not because he's black, but because of his Marxist polices that are driving our country into bankruptcy.

  • cayuga33

    We are ALL Americans, maybe it is time we ALL started acting like it?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DMHWE4GFMVW5VQD53XFLCGYBO4 Ishmael_137

    Yes, I've always noticed how being White made everything so easy for me. School was a breeze because my teachers knew that no matter how my tests scored, I was White. And, of course, the college scholarships rolled my way because I was White. And jobs -- I had my pick of them because I was White; and the promotions and great pay because I was White. And then there was my house, the biggest one in the all-White neighborhood, which I got a very low-interest mortgage on because of my Whiteness. I do so enjoy the way, when I walk down the street, the other races bow before my superior arctic Whiteness.

    In the real world, however, I did notice how "minority" students got passes when it came to grades because it would be unfair to expect too much from them. And how there were dozens of scholarships available only to minority students, or of a particular minority. And I did see dozens of jobs go to people who, if they were not hired, would have hollered "discrimination" and would have been believed simply because they were of some minority. And I was told there were many, many mortgage programs that I would have qualified for had I been a minority. And returning to school for vocational courses, I did discover that being White I was the only one in school paying for the classes rather than qualifying for a government program for minorities. And the minority thugs who attack Whites...because they can.

    On the other hand, being White, I learned to be myself. Being White, I learned to be responsible for my failures as well as my successes. Being White, I learned how to not think of myself as a victim. Being White, I learned to accept people as they are, for who they are. And, of course, being White I learned that minorities and liberals of all colors hate me...which made me Conservative.

  • James

    If it weren't for the white man, who would be left to be a racist? The word would go out of existence. Webster would have to delete the word from all dictionary's. They would have to change it to the "r word."

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EQ4NKPCK73TK3SI7XJ7D7OAXBA duane a.

    I have experienced racism all my life!--------From non-white lowlife wellfare leaches, crack smokers and so called up standing bussinessmen.

  • dusterdog

    The most racist people on earth are blacks.Don't belive that statement go live in Africa as I have and get yourself an education.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Ivie/821714719 Charles Ivie

    It is far to easy, and tempting, to confuse race with culture. I worked as a scientist for NASA for over 40 years and worked with and for people of every imaginable race. It didn't take long for the "race" issue to vanish into a meaningless blur. What mattered was what could all these different people bring to the table. One of my friends was from Nigeria. He was an astrophysicist and specialized in celestial mechanics and interplanetary spacecraft navigation, (he was also a black man). Not the sort of task that a dummy would aspire to. I have known for a long time that race means nothing in this environment but culture and a value system that honored personal achievement means everything.

  • Thelma

    Has anybody considered Obama is as much white as Black? He chooses to be black, but that doesn't change his genetics. The Bible asks "can anyone change his stature? I wonder how many white people would change to be black? Some blacks have tried to change to be white. Really now, What has skin color got to do with it?
    We are who we are from with in. On the inside our color is all the same. I am not for Obama! Not because of his skin color, but because he is ruining our country. I would feel the same if It was Joe Blow , a whit male..

  • 9mmMax

    If voting 97+% for a candidate sharing your racial features
    isn’t prima fascia evidence of racism, could someone give me a better example
    of what constitutes racism? Charges of
    Obama’s incompetence repeatedly stirs virtually every member of the CBC and all
    black ‘talking heads’ to defend with vigor whatever action led to
    confrontation; now is this racial identity in action or coincidental policy
    agreement? Come, come folks every race,
    except Caucasians, engage in extreme racial identity and favoritism persistently
    but the ‘whites’ are invariably the ‘racists’.
    Poppycock and balderdash!!

    BTW, surely San Fran Nan has finally ‘gone round the big
    bend in the river’ with this latest tirade regarding the conspiracy against
    Holder (that true blue warrior fighting ever so valiantly to protect minority
    voting rights in the face of ID requirements).

  • dusterdog

    Don't say blacks are racist.The monitor don't like it

  • Kat

    I'm white but I believe every person alive has experienced some sort of prejudice. When I was in grade school, I went to an all minority school. When I got older, as a girl, I realized the boys had more freedom and more perks. My friends' parents were all attorneys and doctors. My dad was blue collar. My friends shopped at top name brand stores. I shopped at K Mart. My friends had lovely name brand toys and clothes. I was lucky to have toys and clothes, and often made my own. When I went to college, I couldn't afford the "best" schools. I had to settle for less while my friends' parents sent them to Stanford. When I started working, I discovered the glass ceiling. My mother-in-law hated me because I wasn't Italian and wasn't Catholic. All the while, I didn't have as nice a house as the neighbors or as nice a car as other people. During my life, I have felt the sting of prejudice. Those who perceive themselves "better" than someone else, whether it be because of age, gender, skin color, wealth, religion, etc. will hold themselves in high esteem; always at the expense of others. Thus, skin color isn't the only issue. It's just the one type of prejudice most people focus on. The bottom line is, life simply isn't fair. I think we all need to acknowledge that the answer is: we are all created in God's image and thus each and every person deserves to be treated with love and respect. Period.

  • barbara

    why is it so wrong now to be white. I find that blacks and hispanics are more racist than whites. When there is a problem the first group to call call racial slurs, or to draw the race card is blacks. Now that black mobs have been attacking whites, it seems that there is nothing being said about it and it is being covered up. I, as a white am tired of racism being a one way street.

  • mayo

    Black candidates do not get elected without the white vote. So, what exactly makes us racists?

  • Rick

    "It's Hard to See Racism When You're White" ..... REALLY?!!! I've seen racism since the 1970's, when I was told I "Need-not apply" to Medical School, yet saw other people with LOWER G.P.A.s being accepted because of their skin color!! Then in the business world knowing I "NEED-NOT APPLY" for "M.B.E." (Minority Business Enterprise) contracts because of the white color of my skin!!! I've ALWAYS heard of the "Good 'ole boy's network" giving White Males an advantage, yet it has always been the EXACT OPPOSITE; NO ONE HAS EVER GIVEN ME A BREAK BECAUSE OF MY SKIN COLOR!!!! NONE of my ancestors EVER owned a slave, and from the day I was born, I was taught that ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL! Maybe I'm the exception, but I don't think so!! These race-bating SCUMBAGS, like the "Rev. Al" or "Rev. Jesse" et. al., along with the race-bater-in-chief and his RACIST DOJ are very obviously trying to foment a RACE WAR! Do they even realize the possible outcome of what they are doing? I don't think anyone could be so EVIL, but then, look at their words and actions!

  • TheGizmo51

    Try to imagine for a moment what it would be like if the republinos take
    the presidency, 60 seat majority in the senate and a majority in the
    house. No more social security, no more medicare, vouchers for about
    $100 a month to cover all your health needs including prescriptions, no
    more teachers, police, or firefighters, in the public sector. Plenty in
    the private sector if you can afford to pay them. No more minimum wage,
    if you want a job you will work for what they tell you you will work
    for. My very first job while I was in high school, I started at $.90 an
    hour (about 1960), that will be the new minimum wage of today. The
    military will be on steroids bombing Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan,
    with boots on the ground in all four countries. The more you make the
    more you keep and the lower your federal income tax rate if they keep
    the IRS. They may eliminate the IRS and you must pay a federal sales tax
    of roughly 15% on everything you buy including food. No more welfare
    checks, no more unemployment checks, and no more food stamps. The only
    abortions performed will be in one of two places: In a private hospital
    with the best doctors and medical staff and equipment available for the
    rich with money as no object or in the back ally with a coat hanger
    performed by a stranger for free. This is just the tip of the iceberg,
    it will get worse as time goes on. The best jobs for the 99% will be
    limo driver, butler, maid, gardener, pool keeper, horse groomer, and
    auto mechanic.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_45XBXOQSZJ7K7GD5YTLSNGEKUI Rse

    Yeah, just turn on your tv, commercials 99% black now, newscasters, trying to get rid of the white ones, pick up a magazine or a flyer, mostly black. Try getting a job, are you a minority? I guess we should just leave the country that white people started and made great. Remember Lincoln and Washington?
    I have friends of many colors, but this is brainwashing.

  • oxnin

    The problem is we are dealing wit a race of people that are not quite as G2'd as the white race. For the past 10,000 years of civilizations higher than neanderthal whites moved on to cro-magnon, while the blackes got stuck between the two! Every civilization has used blacks as slaves. While civs. come and go, the blacks just stay static.
    In ten thousand years, all they could achieve is grass huts, dancing, and bows and spears.Whites must realize the truth, their own people hunted them down and sold their people to the whites for trinkets;basically! They still havn't advanced, the just changed the name from villiges to GHETTO;S!!!!
    Truth is truth is truth;get over it....As usual, I may be moderated, so I will copy and place on FB....

  • JTM

    Gary DeMar, you've missed the point. Few believe genetic inferiority the current level of scientific advancement. But have ever listened to rap? Some people tend to deride others different from themselves. For secondary gain or just self aggrandizement. Derision flows both ways. My non minority son was denied college admission as the letter stated "your ethnic group has been filled". They explained, "We are the most diverse university in America". Reverse discrimination is still discrimination. Holding you responsible for your great grandfathers' wrongdoings is wrong. My grandparents all came from Switzerland anyhow. Why should they or their offspring have white guilt? Even in 1860, only rich southern people had slaves. No northerners and not most southerners. At that point the entire world had slavery. Christians were against slavery and Democrats were for it. Now Christians are called haters. Dems are the great hope. LBJ was against civil rights and MLK was a Republican for that and other reasons. It's not hard to see racism when you are "white". You are just a race baiter with white guilt. Gary, right your wrongdoings and give all you have to "minorities" who now make up >50% of all American births. Until then quit lecturing the "white" minority. Does Godfather have any editors?

  • Bill

    This campaign is a sign of growing desperation on the part of the Obama team. Rest assured, it will get worse as we get closer to November. It always amazes....no, make that amuses me how only whites can be racists. From the guilty conscience of the Liberals, it is impossible for any black to be racist. Hogwash!

  • hongryhawg

    The damage the pretend president's administration has done to race relations will take at least a generation to even put us back to where we were before he came along. All one has to do is look back over the past 60 years and see how far we've come. Another 60 would probably diminished racism to a non-factor. But now, thanks to his obsession with race and subsequent race-baiting, our society will have to extend that by another 40 or so years. Thanks a lot, "Mr. Bring Us All Together".

  • http://www.facebook.com/june.pitts June Pitts


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=598149295 Joanne Long

    This is going down the spiral of complete insanity.

  • AnnaHelena13

    Of all the idiotic headlines in the world this one takes the cake. We do not have a choice about which race we are born into. Seems when the left sees itself losing ground the only thing left to do is cry RACISM! What bull. It doesn't seem to matter that hard work brings success, all the left sees people who are not successful, because they don't want to be, as victims and tries to blame the ones who through hard work have made a living for themselves. The world is full of stupid people and the sad part is they vote and this is why this country is in this terrible mess and if the folks who still buy into it's all Bush's fault, I have news for you it's Obama's fault along with his cronies.

  • DJ_Fisher

    What? I am white? OH, no!! Well I'll run right out and commit suicide just to please Obama and the 17% of the population that are black!! There are you happy? What BulL$h!t.

  • Rev. LTC Retired

    As I have said many times, obummer has never been happy with being BLACK. He has become mentally unstable over this fact and to appease his hatred that he's black, he wants to dominate the entire white world so that he can finally feel good about himself. This angers obummer and michele can tell you that she has been the brunt of obummer's anger. Hence, obummer is not fit to serve in any way with authority. He is a sick, sick, person and needs help, and the help we Americans need right now is to help obummer out of this country to the place that hold a position of caliph for him, in Asia. May our God assist obummer in is plights.


    Yes, lil' Chillins', racism still exists. Let yo' mammy tell yo' why:

    Even tho' Lincoln and the northern States Freed the slaves 150 years ago, and de Republicans passed Civil Rights Act in 1964, we been tellin' y'all dat yo' still is a victim of da white man!
    So even though so much has been done to free you lil' chillin' from physical slavery, yo' is still a slave in yo' minds becuz we has been tellin' y'all dat the white man is still keeping you down!! So hate the white man because Rev. Wright, and Jackson, and Sharpton, and Lewwy FarrKhan keeps tellin' y'all dat yo is still a victim of da white man!!
    That's why they desegregated the skools and pass anti-discrimination laws and the 14th Amendment to give us equal status as citizens, but we know it's all a trick becuz da white man wants to keep us down!

    Or maybe Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson, and Wright want to keep making us believe that we're victims so they can manipulate us and maintain their power?? Could it be??

    No! We is victims! That's why so many of our young men are in prison: being a criminal is racist!~

    • emerutil

      I don't care. Just stay far, far away from me and my community.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HBZY2YUGUU2J6L2VI3LJS2XF7Q Ralph Z

    I guess I'm just dumb. I was taught to judge people by their character, moral and ethics. The reason I was taught this, according to my Dad, Mom, Grandpa and Grandmother was because "race" is genetic and not the fault of the person. That it was what they do with their lives that should make you decide whether or not you like them along with the three other things mentioned above. But then again, I'm of Italian heritage but I'm an American and my Legal Immigrant Italian Grandfather taught me that there is no hyphenation in being an American. There is no Black or African-American or Hispanic-American or anything else hyphenated American, just American and if there is racial prejudice,which there is and it is not just one "Race" doing it, I blame it on the Government dividing people up by race or heritage. But that is just this stupid, white, Christian, Italian heritage, American male. Think about it.

  • anne

    I am a WHIE NORTHERN WOMAN. I have worked with mostly white people but working in Boston I did work with some blacks.Even the decent black looked down on the bum black. and to me OBAMA is such. A decent black ,hard working person feels the same. The bums in Hollywood need to leave country also. Millionaires, cheap and stir up the country. We the people of the United States of America are proud of our country, If one does not like the country LEAVE

  • jlizm

    I am white of European origina and proud of it. Racism is still alive in this country such as No Irish Need Apply for visas or should I say No Europeans Apply for visas. In this administration it could also be no Christians need apply. Should anyone who is Irish start fighting for the discrimination meeted to them in the mid-19th century? For pete's sake grow up we are not responsible for the slavery of 1865 and before and that is ludicrous. Grow up those who want money for what happened then and use your skills for jobs or else develop them.

  • Robert

    What is interesting to me is that it's often the BLACKS who are racisist, NOT whites. Reverse discrimination. I've experienced it! Why doesn't the media ever talk about that?

  • Jack

    I see more racism among black people than whites. When I was in school, I had a couple of friends who were black. I didn't hold that against them -- they had nothing to do with the color of their skin. But I came in contact with several more blacks who always seemed to have a chip on their shoulders. That is something they could change. I don't play well with anybody who seems to hold a grudge against me, whether they're black, white, brown, or green with little antennae sprouting out of their heads (talk about aliens!).
    Yes, slavery was a terrible thing. It still is. Recently, International Justice Mission freed three generations of slaves from a rice mill in India. Slavery is still going on. Some of this is called "sex trafficking."
    Let's not forget that the word "slave" is derived from "Slav" because most of the people taken into slavery were white. Over one million white people from Russia and the Ukraine were enslaved by Turks during the Ottoman Empire. The coasts of Spain, France, Italy and Greece were nearly depopulated by Arab and Moorish slave ships crossing the Mediterranean and snatching up whole villages. Some of the Greek islands were left totally depopulated.
    And don't forget, New York City was built mainly by indentured servants (slaves) from Ireland.
    As to black slavery, Arab caravans had been crossing Africa for centuries bringing thousands of slaves back to Arabia. And if you have seen the first few minutes of the movies "Roots" or "Amistad," you will see just who was selling blacks into slavery. It was other blacks.
    And don't forget, New York City was built mainly by indentured servants (slaves) from Ireland.
    I have never enslaved anybody, nor has any of my ancestors. Don't blame me for slavery. Some of my distant relatives who lived in southern Russia may have been slaves. Maybe I should seek restitution from Turkey?
    I have never enslaved anybody, nor has any of my ancestors. don't blame

  • Mary

    I have no problem with my white skin. I'm proud of it. Furthermore I have no white guilt and I wish the liberals would stop laying the guilt trip on white folks for slavery. What happened generations ago is past. The Black folks could pick themselves up if they wanted to and a few already have. They just have to stop listening to the race baiters and form their own opinions instead of the liberal task masters thinking for them.
    As a white person I have no problem for seeing racism as it exists and who the true racist's are. The true racist's are the anti-white liberals and they are behind all the hate and racism in the USA.

  • oxnin

    Well, I see my little ignorant moderator took down my post....Hopefully it was up long enough for some to see....OXNIN

  • Tonto

    Wow! that's a crock. I worked in a factory outside Detroit for 34 years and I experienced racism quite often. I was the butt of racist jokes, was told what ladies NOT to talk to, and was excluded from some discussions based on my race. And I'm white.....mostly anyway. In 1968, after Martin King got killed, I saw racism pop like crazy among some folks in Vietnam for Chrissakes! You know who the worst racists were that I have experienced in my life? BLACKS!

  • oxnin

    The problem is we are dealing wit a race of people that are not quite as G2'd as the white race. For the past 10,000 years of civilizations higher than neanderthal whites moved on to cro-magnon, while the blackes got stuck between the two! Every civilization has used blacks as slaves. While civs. come and go, the blacks just stay static.
    In ten thousand years, all they could achieve is grass huts, dancing, and bows and spears.Whites must realize the truth, their own people hunted them down and sold their people to the whites for trinkets;basically! They still havn't advanced, the just changed the name from villiges to GHETTO;S!!!!
    Truth is truth is truth;get over it....As usual, I may be moderated, so I will copy and place on FB....

  • oxnin

    I posted it again. Tell the mods. to lay off the censorship! It's a public blog, her's or not, don'tm be so anti truth. What I have posted is true, you , ignorant mod, leave the truth alone. What I posted is true, sensitive maybe, but true ! So, if you are a real AMERICAN, and not some black, islamist,commie lesbo; let the truth be hears....OXNIN

  • http://twitter.com/rwcx rwcx

    It is a shame the Blacks can not see what their Black leaders along with the Democratic Party are doing to them. I guess they are blinded by all the free stuff and can't make the connection that taking other peoples stuff is sinful. .You would think the Black Preachers would put a stop to this sinful depravity.

  • jmsmaxwell

    All you have to do is go overseas to other countries, you will see racism in many different forms. Either by skin color, country of origin, religious beliefs and other distinctions also. Even those from different villages, town or area are discriminated against. Racism exist in the animal world as well as the human world. It comes down to one defining thing, the person involved. There will always be racism of one type
    or another but it is how you perceive others, interact with them and how you act when among others or how you act towards them. In the United States we have those who are still flogging the racism thing
    to hold power over others, not because of actual racism but it is the only way they can inflame others
    to support them and their hate speech. Take for example the KKK or Black Panthers they both hate
    each other and try to get other to join them in their hatred. It is not about "Fairness" or "Equality" but
    all about one thing power over others. There are Black, Asian, American Indian White and others
    who are proud of who they are and what they hae achieved. The racist and haters are jealous that
    no one "gave" them what they wanted and are not willing to work or sacrifice to achieve their goals
    in life.

    • emerutil

      Ever see animals roaming freely about? Brown cows will congregate with other brown cows. Holstein cows stick together. Crows do not hang around magpies. On and on. It is natural to want to be with your own kind. Why should we humans be required to be different in this regard?

  • Joe In CT

    The last line is the whole point. Cry "wolf" too often, and when there's no wolf, and eventually people will stop paying attention. When every thought out of your mouth has to do with "racial" matters, eventually no one will pay attention.

    Besides, wasn't the POTUS supposed to begin the solving of these matters? Just another thing he didn't do, then turned it around and blamed everybody else for his own failures. We didn't need a POTUSIT (POTUS In Training), but that's what we got.

    I will not apologize for being white, and blacks who are straight with me won't have to apologize for being black. Nor Asians for being "yellow". We are all the same species, just in different packages. Anyone who tries to force me to accept I am a racist just because I am white needs to have their head examined, because it is their attitude which is messed up, not mine. I lived with, worked with, was in the Army with, people of all "color" and culture backgrounds. The only problems were with those with the problem constipated in their head.

  • Atomic Rooster

    The moral of this story is that the country isn't ready for a black democratic president. The Democrats can't run a business without creating victims.

  • freedomringsforall

    It is odd that blacks in the USA would even want to be associated with Africa.
    African-American; hum interesting!
    Africa has been the most racist continent in the world for thousands of years.
    Most all of it Black on Black.
    A dirty little seemingly un-noticed reality by the lame stream media and our leaders is that most all the violence in Africa stems out of the old thousands of years of tribal wars and racial and genetic tribal prejudices that have always been about genocidal raping pillaging and enslaving of neighboring tribes and their fellow man.
    That is where and how the European traders had access to the black slaves. African tribes of conquest were readily willing to sell some of their slaves to the white Europeans. The white Europeans did not go to Africa looking for slaves. They went there looking for commodities to sell and trade into Europe for profit. They found not only plant and mineral commodities, but also what the blacks of Africa considered a commodity, as any other, their fellow humans. Of course the Europeans had traded and sold their white fellow humans commonly in earlier times so it was not entirely foreign to them. The cheap black slaves bought from the African traders were convenient and cheap labor for the large southern plantations.
    Now in the USA we do not naturally see black on black violence as racially motivated or genocidal but the blacks in Africa understand and see the genealogical differences in their tribal brothers very clearly. The deep seated urges to wipe out, and breed out, the opposing racial factions or old tribal based population groups are thousands of years old and very strong. There processes of doing so upon conquest is a well honed process of slaughtering the older men and women because they are useless, and enslaving the younger men for labor and to war for them, and to breed the younger women to dilute that tribes gene pool out of existence and build their own tribe larger and stronger. Also, it is much more refined than related here.
    So, it is hard to understand why blacks in the USA would even want to be associated with their ages old genocidal cousins in Africa that have thousands of years of history in raping, pillaging, and enslaving their fellow neighbors and human beings.
    So, why isn’t the ad campaign “It’s hard to see or understand racism when you’re black African”; when Africa has been the most racist continent for thousands of years!

  • annie66

    If I were Romney I would more comfortable amongst Whites. too. Why? Recently a gang of black thugs placed a bounty on a man's head. Another sullen, nasty creep released an address of a White man so that a gang could go kill him. This cretin was stupid, however, and gave the wrong address, thus an elderly couple fled their home in terror. More and more often black gangs are setting upon solitary White citizens and beating them. Why do blacks always have to run in packs? Is it because they don't have the cajones to fight one-on-one? A bunch of crazy men who try to disguise themselves as 'ministers' spend all of their time fomenting racial hatred and telling their audiences to 'get Whitey;' they apparently believe that killing Whites is perfectly acceptable. Have you heard the names that these frauds call the White race and the comments they make? Wow! Black criminals carry clubs at polling sites and intimidate White voters as they enter. These people are so confused that they cannot even distinguish 'racism' from philosophical differences. The term 'racism' is now the word to use to try to silence the White Americans when they do not agree with national or state policy. And what is done about all this violence? Absolutely nothing. The criminal enterprise that is our federal government is encouraging this behavior. Maybe, in an effort to remain unharmed, Whitey needs to say nothing but carry a really big stick. That will take care of the problem. Back to Romney, at least he has enough sense to realize that there are snakes in the back yard.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6VK3AIWNRK5NYODI6VNLAJDPEM A M

    Scuse me? "It's hard to see racism when you're white"??? You haven't had the experience of black racism? (and yes, I have) It cuts both ways. Here's the problem: the whole idea that anyone is a different race to start with. There is only one race: HUMAN. End of story. And we need to stop giving special groups special treatment - it just adds fuel to the fire - anyone can then play the race card when they don't get hired, get a lower grade, don't get admitted. The term "race" needs to be eliminated from all forms, and any application process needs to be blind - job interviews need to be conducted in such a way no one can judge a person by appearance; only by background and job experience. It's time to find a better way.

    • emerutil

      Te attitude of the individual goes a long way toward success or failure! Who is more likely to have a successful interview: Uncle Tom, or the Black Panther member?

  • freedomringsforall

    Also, come on down to south Texas and try to get a decent job if you are white and especially if you do not speak spanish.
    The 98% hispanic population does not tolerate that.
    Who is racist now!!

    • emerutil

      Why, as a white, would anyone want to live there?! It is hot, dusty, and all-around unpleasant. I have seen much better corners of Texas.

  • haroldson

    I am white and very comfortable in my white skin, I have been around for a lot longer then I like to think of, I remember there were always blacks around, some were , most were good god fearing people, A few thought the world owed them a living because they were black. A long hitch in the service gave closer contact,it was the same thing good folks that were black and of course the black folks who felt they were owed extra cause of there skin color. I ,never owned a person and never knew any one who did, I know at one time it was a fact there was slavery, I was never in to it and don't fell I owe any one because of it, I find the world the same way today, My advice, you want something work for it, Every one else does.

  • Death Walks Among Us

    I'm not a racist I hate everyone equaly. Most people get on my last nerve so my very charming wife and I stay home. I say what I think and think you should too.

  • Saxondog

    i AM NOT WHITE! Have never considered myself to be defined by a color. White is a color,yet beyond that in 1964 we passed a series of Laws called "CIVIL RIGHT" and those laws were designed to equalize the Nation.
    So every time a news agency uses the Pre-Civil rights term"WHITE"i am offended.That term is racist,was developed in the racist era and should be abolished period.

    But if we were to define ourselves by National Origin,or better still just Americans think of all the Political destruction that would accomplish,Just Calling everyone Americans Period.

    But if I MUST DEFINE MY RACE-European American is the first choice,Anglo-Saxon the second.Yet their is no Government definition for my race other than "WHITE" Why?

    Why is the Government the main creator of racial tension and racial bigotry? I thought is was the American Government? You Know We he People,For the People By the People yet I have not encountered a single Government Form,Publication or Agency that defines me as just an American?

    The problem is with our own complacent attitude toward a Government that is for we the Politicians,By the Politicians,and completely for the benefit of the Politicians.

    Remove this practice,and remove the Racist in Government,then truly we become a Nation of Americans,and have regained control of our "RIGHT and our National identity.

    If we were to be a strong nation of people who believe in the Freedoms of America we first must free ourselves from Politicians who seek to divide us for their own benefit.

    One Nation Under GOD,we Liberty and Justice for all,FOR ALL PEOPLE!

    So my conclusion is simple,Name one case in this nation since the 1964 Civil Rights Act of the Federal Government Prosecuting anY Minority race for violating the Civil rights of "WHITE PEOPLE"?

    Equal under the Law,yet rapes and violent murders motivated by "RACE" can only be the act of a "WHITE PERSON"against another race? Well that is certainly how the "CIVIL RIGHTS ACT"has been applied. End this by demanding the Government stops their practice of division,and applies our laws equally to all Americans.

  • Walt

    · White America has given the Blacks
    everything - freedom, education, racial quotas for jobs and schooling, and
    equality whereever possible. In many cases the discrimination has been against
    the whites for giving too much to the blacks who are in many cases not
    qualified for what they get.

    On the other hand - it is the Blacks who will not
    let this racial issue die. They push, demand, accuse and continue to rant and
    rave about essentially nothing. They are the ones that want more welfare, they
    are the ones that won't take or quit jobs, they are the ones quitting school in
    record numbers; they are the ones that commit the most crimes in America; and
    they are the ones who have been given priority for just about everything. I'm
    sorry they don't appreciate our efforts - perhaps they should make some efforts
    of their own.

    If Blacks have a racial issue then it is the
    Blacks who are pushing it. I no longer have any sympathy. They have had 3
    generations to get their act together and they still claim we owe them. There
    are no more slaves and we do not owe them anything else. I, for one no longer concern myself with them. If they are ignorant, unemployed and homeless; it is by choice for they have had more opportunities than I have.

  • jimh607

    Thereis racial bigorty in America, but it relatively monor.
    What is mistaken for racism in America is cultural bigorty. There are many cultures in this country and most people are much more comfortable with their own culture. This is true for white people and it is true for black people.
    And this is because different cultureshave different beliefs and goals. That is not to say one is better than the other. They are just different and people throughout history have had problems accepting people of different cultures. There have always been competition between different cultures. It is a normal process.
    People who accuse others of racism are those that ignore the cultural differences. They ignore these differences for many reasons' mainly through ignorance, but many stress the skin color aspect because they benefit from the benefits they gain from the animosity that ensues.

  • AC

    Racism is a result of a world view that is based upon evolution. There is only one race of people -- the human race. We're told that this election is about the economy, but whether it's the economy or racism, the issues our country faces are moral ones. Until a Christian world view is embraced by a majority of the electorate, this nation will suffer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.blown.94 Joe Blown

    white is right,joeupyoursMF'S!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Hurley/100000867242212 Frank Hurley

    Gee, sometimes I've almost wished I were another color. Not because I'm in any sense ashamed of being white, but because I've missed out on a galaxy of affirmative action (reverse discrimination) goodies.

  • LK

    I don't mind being called soda cracker that is better then DING-DONG or spot. No pun intended .

  • haroldson

    As for Obama, I don't care what hi skin color is , If he was doing a good job i would vote for him, But so far he is the worst i have ever seen in all my time on earth, I felt that he was hiding something when he hid his past from the American citizen. I feel he is a fraud, a liar, and I feel he is set to ruin our country, his great love is himself , how can he expect respect from people he has done as much wrong to as he has to the American people ? my take is go home Obama before it is to late.

  • Maxs Lady

    While visiting my grandmother at the age of five I found some black girls to play with. We had a delightful time and when I had to leave I kissed the three girls goodbye. My grandmother had a fit but my mother quietly stated she didn't believe I would hurt them! This was in 1942 and they were the first blacks I had ever seen. I am still totally unprejudiced and intend to stay that way.

  • freedomringsforall

    Yeah; I'll bet all those blacks or african Americans that gets all them reparation dollars and acres of land down south there will be hunt'n down them there Indians that were there before us whites and blacks and mak'n sure that they deed that property right over to those Indians and / or give that money to them. And then in turn i bet those Indians will be fastly hunting down the Indian tribe that occupied that area before them but they wiped out so that they could have the land and give it and or any monies back to them and etc. and etc.
    Look who is racist now !!!
    OH yeah i am sure that is going to happen!!
    Oh that is right only the white man is racist!!
    You must be right all you other racist races only the white man is racist.
    What a joke !!
    The upper European white races are probably the least racist people in all of history.
    They have been the historical evangelists of freedom since the middle ages.
    It is sick to see history and the truth soooo twisted by a bunch of simple minded commie fascists!

    What a farcical double standard we live here in the USA.
    These commie, fascist, nazis dictators are a joke.
    This country, and so many of this countries once respected institutions, are being run by commie fascist morons.
    Let’s please get these commie fascists out of power in the USA!
    Let's please return this nation to the bright shining beacon of freedom on the hill for the rest of the world to aspire to.

  • willy

    White male is the most discriminated against group for the past 40 years. Where are you from?

  • GWY

    The only racists I know are Democrats.

  • Backgammon

    Obama can not fix the economy. Obama divides people. Obama lies. Obama hates America.
    Obama's time is up!
    ABO 2012

  • Raymond1


    You have two families: "Joe Legal" and "Jose
    Both families have two parents, two
    children, and live in California .

    Joe Legal works in construction, has a
    Social Security Number and makes $25.00 per
    hour with taxes deducted.

    Jose Illegal also works in construction, has
    NO Social Security Number, and gets paid
    $15.00 cash "under the table".

    Ready? Now pay attention...

    Joe Legal: $25.00 per hour x 40 hours =
    $1000.00 per week, or $52,000.00 per year.
    Now take 30% away for state and federal
    taxes; Joe Legal now has $31,231.00.

    Jose Illegal: $15.00 per hour x 40 hours =
    $600.00 per week, or $31,200.00 per year.
    Jose Illegal pays no taxes. Jose Illegal now
    has $31,200.00.

    Joe Legal pays medical and dental insurance
    with limited coverage for his family at
    $600.00 per month, or $7,200.00 per year.
    Joe Legal now has $24,031.00.

    Jose Illegal has full medical and dental
    coverage through the state and local clinics
    at a cost of $0.00 per year. Jose Illegal
    still has $31,200.00.

    Joe Legal makes too much money and is not
    eligible for food stamps or welfare.. Joe
    Legal pays $500.00 per month for food, or
    $6,000.00 per year. Joe Legal now has

    Jose Illegal has no documented income and is
    eligible for food stamps and welfare. Jose
    Illegal still has $31,200.00.

    Joe Legal pays rent of $1,200.00 per month,
    or $14,400.00 per year. Joe Legal now has

    Jose Illegal receives a $500.00 per month
    federal rent subsidy. Jose Illegal pays out
    that $500.00 per month, or $6,000.00 per
    year. Jose Illegal still has $ 31,200.00.

    Joe Legal pays $200.00 per month, or
    $2,400.00 for life insurance. Joe Legal now
    has $7,231.00.

    Jose Illegal says, "We don't need no
    stinkin' insurance!" and still has

    Joe Legal has to make his $7,231.00 stretch
    to pay utilities, gasoline, etc.

    Jose Illegal has to make his $31,200.00
    stretch to pay utilities, gasoline, and what
    he sends out of the country every month.

    Joe Legal now works overtime on Saturdays or
    gets a part time job after work.

    Jose Illegal has nights and weekends off to
    enjoy with his family.

    Joe Legal's and Jose Illegal's children both
    attend the same school. Joe Legal pays for
    his children's lunches while Jose Illegal's
    children get a government sponsored lunch.
    Jose Illegal's children have an after school
    ESL program. Joe Legal's children go home.

    Joe Legal and Jose Illegal both enjoy the
    same police and fire services, but Joe paid
    for them and Jose did not pay.

    Do you get it, now?
    If you vote for or support any politician
    that supports illegal aliens ...
    You're part of the problem!

  • legsquats

    If I saw this story on the news when I woke up I would have thought they were joking. If it's from a state supported institution, how much taxpayer's money was wasted on this nonsense? Liberals have affirmative action and quotas so sometimes the most qualified aren't being hired. Are white people behind the flash mob violence? Are whites behind the majority of the homicides in America? In Chicago, blacks are 35% of the population but are responsible for 80% of the homicides. University of Minnesota-Duluth can pound sand. Minorities are given more opportunities and handouts in this society than whites.

  • pasntime

    This advertisement is offensive and clearly
    discriminates against white people. It is developed by those who benefit from
    racial division and hatred. Despite mistruths and negative spin from black
    racists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, we have a class conflict, not a
    racial one. As Abraham Lincoln suggested, "Populists patronize the poor by
    pandering to them." This ad is a great example of such pandering.

    Very few people inherit wealth, and most work
    very hard and earn it. This discriminatory ad is all about fueling the hatred
    of the have nots against everyone else. Instead of teaching a man to fish, they
    incite, "Go ahead...take his!" Inciters like Jackson, Sharpton and others
    have built their careers based upon creating racial division and hatred. Their
    progressive philosophy is a sick and sorry one that everyone, especially the
    99%, would be better off without.

    Despite progressive lies, there remain
    absolute truths, like this quote by William J. H. Boetcker...

    “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.”

    Very few people inherit wealth, and most work
    very hard and earn it. This discriminatory ad is all about fueling the hatred
    of the have nots against everyone else. Instead of teaching a man to fish, they
    incite, "Go ahead...take his!" Inciters like Jackson, Sharpton and others
    have built their careers based upon creating racial division and hatred. Their
    progressive philosophy is a sick and sorry one that everyone, especially the
    99%, would be better off without.

    Despite progressive lies, there remain
    absolute truths, like this quote by William J. H. Boetcker...

    “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.”

  • oxnin

    The problem is we are dealing wit a race of people that are not quite as G2'd as the white race. For the past 10,000 years of civilizations higher than neanderthal whites moved on to cro-magnon, while the blackes got stuck between the two! Every civilization has used blacks as slaves. While civs. come and go, the blacks just stay static.
    In ten thousand years, all they could achieve is grass huts, dancing, and bows and spears.Whites must realize the truth, their own people hunted them down and sold their people to the whites for trinkets;basically! They still havn't advanced, the just changed the name from villiges to GHETTO;S!!!!
    Truth is truth is truth;get over it....As usual, I may be moderated, so I will copy and place on FB....

  • http://www.facebook.com/silas.longshot.5 Silas Longshot

    This 'mutt' will stoop to any level of playing the race card for this election. Play the card if criticized. Play the card if news reporters dare ask a real question. (Or leave the harassment to your loyal lap dog press corps.) Play the race card 'guilt trip' on white people. Send him your cash wedding and birthday presents. Or you're a racist for being stingy towards the black man.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YGL65RPHMD3H5TBZC524HBKKPU Dr. Brown

    There is a group of people who came to the land of
    opportunity kicking and screaming and they have been complaining ever since. They
    came from a poor country; many of them starve to death before they reach
    adulthood. Many of this group of people came to our shores uneducated,
    illiterate and without marketable skills.

    The only thing they could do was harvest food grown on
    plantations. Sure they were bought and sold and forced to learn English and to
    learn how to work hard but that was far more than they did in their own
    country. They acted like coming to the land of opportunity was the worst thing
    that ever happened to them; they never had it so good. As a matter of fact,
    anyone who came to the land of opportunity never had it so good.

    Other groups have come to the land of opportunity and faced
    nearly as much adversity, including the white European settlers; they worked
    hard to overcome the adversity; many of them giving their lives to create the
    land of opportunity for all who would come here and they prospered. What is the
    difference? They worked hard, they learned the language, they integrated
    themselves into the society and they didn't complain about the adversity, they
    overcame it; they earned the respect of those who went before them.

  • JoeJoe

    The turd in the white house, a "black" man, is resposible (buck stops here) for thousands of BLACK Libyans being slaughtered in the south of Libya!! Why do we not hear about that in the lamestream media? Blacks, by and large, will vote for the black candidate, regardless of qualifications!!! If whites were to do the same, there would NEVER be a black president. I'm for the most qualified, regardless of skin color. Our very own government is the ones keeping racism alive and well, to keep us at odds and distract us from the fact that they are selling us out to foreign interests, and stealing everything that they can. We are ALL Americans, and we had ALL better wake up quick, fast, and in a hurry, if we are to save this country and our childrens futures. Obama, Bush, Holder; they are not the only sell-out, crooked, treasonous, puppet turds. Our ENTIRE system is corrupt and beyond salvation. The time to hit the reset button has arrived! We also need to put out the most wanted list, not only of the puppets in Washington, but more importantly, their masters, the ones actually calling the shots. Knock a scale off the snake and it keeps on slithering. You have to cut the snakes head off!!!!!!! Our puppets in Washington, on top of being corrupt, know that if they don't follow orders, they're DEAD! Kennedy(s) didn't follow orders-DEAD! Reagan didn't follow orders (in the beginning)--Shot! Remember this; all of the people "debunking" the "conspiracy" theorists claims of why and how things really went down, are all on the GOVERNMENT payroll. All of you naive, head-in-the-sand morons need to wake the hell up. Your naivete and ignorance is killing the country!! How some people remember to eat and breathe is beyond me. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

  • Kbigdaddy12

    I am 67 years old I have had black frends for a log time .One in my mined espicaly Barry Wheel we use to do a reverse thing in public and this is in late 60s about what collar we were it was fun to us of the expreshions on peoples faces we had a blast ;
    the girl down the street from my mothers was black and we were very frendly and this is in 62 so ;
    race problems were big in the south me I am from NJ so it was not as bad.
    But if you harp on it to long it will not go away but only git worse Jackson and sharpo only come out to stire up trouble when it is there favor not solve the isue but to excelarte it ;
    Where I live it is a mixt neaberhood and we all git along fine no problems at all .
    the younger kids of both coulers do not act like asses because there parents make them toe the line
    so it is the parents that set the rules not thje kids;

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roscoe-Bonnifitucci/100000459519027 Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Yep. In the Bizarro World of Obama Marxist Thought, one is Guilty for being White. Also, includes the possession of one or more values, things or thoughts: owning anything without any debt associated with it; self-respect; a bank account with $$ in it; a conscience; a love of God, Family & Country; Honest to the point that you can be Trusted; Integrity; Profit Motivation; consider the baby growing in a pregnant woman to be just that - a baby; like Competition; belief that murderers and criminals should be duly punished, sobriety, strong Work Ethic, etc...In other words, if you are an Occupy Douche Bag...the Leftist Progressive embraces you. Everybody Else...Feel Guilty!

  • ChillaKilla

    **Bigotry, racial prejudice, and even racism (the belief that a race is genetically inferior) are still problems in America.** -- That may be the case, but it would help if those who claim to suffer from racism would work hard to improve, elevate, and even erase once and for all whatever perception it is they feel others have of them.
    There are many blacks who have not only achieved parity with other races through hard work, education and talent (and I'm not talking about the obscenely rich rap idiots, who may have become filthy rich but don't deserve any credit for the garbage they produce. Neither do they seem to do much for those of their own race with their acquired fortune, other than further degrade it through their lyrics, by the way they choose to spend it, and by and their appearance. Ultimately, their mega-bucks may be generated only by virtue of the fact that there are people even more retarded than they, willing to buy their filth. Unfortunately, their arrogance, vulgarity and crassness is, if anything, even more apparent because of it ),
    One could say that many of the black people who have elevated themselves beyond their station in life have done it pretty much the same way smart and ambitious people of any race have done it: the good old fashion way: through effort and ambition. It seems however that liberals, such as the ones who put out that riduculous and unrealistic video, whould want to confer upon the entire black race an aura of acceptability and desirability, even while the majority of blacks engage in self-destructive habits, and violence toward the very people they claim are 'racist' against them.
    So, enough of the whining and over-use of the 'race card.' We are sick and tired of listening to lazy, irresponsible and even criminal blacks, as well as to their race-baiting leaders. Want to be accepted by the mainstream? Then stop behaving like thugs, stop believing whatever racial attributes you own should give you some special pass into opportunity and prosperity. Struggle and work like the rest of us,and more importantly, act and look respectably!!
    If the situation with the hordes of black thugs does not improve, I would even go so far as to advocate for the formation of some anti-crime, activist self-defensive white group --along the lines of the "Guardian Angels" and let's see who comes out ahead.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Mills/1387372799 James Mills

    This is a strange topic--because I think -- as a white man--I'm basically color blind. My friends are every color (black, Vietnamese, Hispanic, my daughters boyfriend is Chinese--so we just look at 'people--as people') but I am noticing more minorities viewing white men as despicable almost--there is a backlash. While 64% of American are white--there is a disproportionate amount of people who seem to be racist against white men. If fact one of my best friends who is Vietnamese and ran a billion dollar mortgage company--said that white men had messed things up- I said--hey I'm white!!!
    To whom much is given much is required--we need to be conscientious about any power we are given--because it is to serve--not rule.
    The take-over mentality reminds me of Somalian pirates--"we can't build it--we just want to steal it". A high-jack mentality, of sorts--we should be vigilant--don't be too naive. In the case of Barack Obama--we let someone (not me) have a chance---and where is it going. Very dangerous direction. And racist in it's implementation.
    I won't be intimidated---and I won't back down--but on the other hand we need to be fair. This is our country! We need to step up to the task!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YGL65RPHMD3H5TBZC524HBKKPU Dr. Brown

    Miss Mellie,
    I agree with you, it hasn't always been easy for me and and my family. We worked hard for what we have and we taught our children that if they want the same life we had they would have to work just as hard. Once I asked my wife why she didn't live in more humble parts of the city. What she told me was this, "I didn't want to live the way they live and I didn't want my children to live like that either." "I wanted more for my family."

  • boogie

    most blacks are brainwashed by the Democrat Party that racism is rampant despite the fact that there are more 'colorblind' whites than blacks today

  • Mys77

    Isn't it racists of a black person to judge a white person what they think, feel, and believe solely based on the color of their skin? Seems like the those of color still believe in racism. I personally don't like Obama because of his policies and his beliefs and how he is methodically going about pushing his agenda...... and that has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin. The sooner people get it through their heads that it is the values, beliefs, and morals that connect us together that have nothing to do with the color of ones skin.

  • Nottakenyan

    If you want to learn about hatred, prejudice, and racism read the two books that have been written by the current White House occupant!

  • Richard Gibbard

    So where is this happening? The author omitted that detail. It may be irrelevant in the long run (cancers do spread), but this needs to be nipped in the bud.

  • Doug Hensley

    What does "superior" mean? If "superior" means better able to digest lactose, that's different than if it means "better able to avoid vitamin D deficiency by soaking up scarce sunlight", and that's different from if it means "better able to avoid sunburn in intense sunlight", or if it means "better able to avoid altitude sickness at 18000 feet". Every population that has long lived in a particular environment has evolved adaptations to that environment. We're all inferior, and we're all superior. In one way or another.

  • Bob McCormick

    A couple of minor points on an otherwise excellent article.
    First:: we need to get over this idea that a presidential candidate needs to have a certain type of personality. Mitt Romney is not like us, he is wealthy, he has deeply heled religious beleifes, he does not hang out with people with whom I would feel comfortable. He ain't like us, he shouldn't be, he is about to become POTUS for crying out loud. Want someone who is comftorable hanging out at the hamberger joint and swilling beer while he plays grabass with the young ladies? remember Clinton? How about a pres who is comftorable hanging like a regular dude and smoking crack untill he is totally baked? Can you say Obama? Cut the bs, Romney is stiff in surroundings he cant relate to; so what! The important question is: will he be a good president.
    Second point: Obama's policies are not merely bad they are unconstitutional, traitorous, disasterous. Bad is way too mild an adjective to describe what Obama is doing. Same goes for Holder. His actions are incompetent at best and quite likely criminal.

    • matt


  • jwyh_1

    Don't forget the 1820 laws strengthening slavery were white dumbocrats. The KKK was started by white dumbocrats. Jim Crow was started by white dumbocrats. 1896 Supreme Court Decision "Separate but Equal" was a white dumbocrat appointed court. 1953 "Brown v. Board of Education" was opposed by white dumbocrats. 1964 Civil Rights Act was opposed by the white dumbocrats. Saul Alinsky said blame the other side for the dumbocrats wrong doings.

  • http://profiles.google.com/pudbertsavannahga Mort Leith

    Very touching LIBERAL story,,, so what does THAT have to do with a President that uses Racism and social warfare (Redistribution of Wealth ? ? C'mon,, it's his program of Stealing Whiteys money) to benefit himself and his Communist agenda ? ? ?

  • GDC

    ‘It’s Hard to Think Rationally When You’re Psychotic’

  • http://www.facebook.com/coachbrian14 Brian Banks

    Perhaps it's unfair to be smart, as well. Who said life was fair anyway? Everyone knows that life isn't fair. Everyone has their specific talents, strengths, and weaknesses. It's what they do with it that matters. It's only do-gooders like Barack Obama and his minions that are so arragant that they belive they can "Fix" perceived "unfairness" by stealing money from those who worked hard and earned it and "redistribute" that money to those who "need" it.

  • Thorgo

    The videos posted have been censored

  • hongryhawg

    The pretend president's policies and attitude has set this nations progress regarding racial equality back a generation or two. It will take at least that long to undo the damage he has willfully caused.

  • hongryhawg

    The pretend president's policies and attitude has set this nations progress regarding racial equality back a generation or two. It will take at least that long to undo the damage he has willfully caused.

  • Upaces

    The attitudes in the black population would change dramatically if they would take the "HYPHEN" out of the description for themselves. Our black soldiers bleed the same color as the white soldiers.
    They divide themselves by hyphenating their names.

  • Chuck Foster

    While stationed in Libya, in the USAF, the Arabs of lighter skin refered to the darker arabs as SAMBOS. Is this evidence of racial prejudice? Among natives of North Africa?

  • Maukapete

    We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. P

  • Roy

    What about reverse racism? It's far more open than white racism. And far uglier!
    Most whites plain don't give a hoot and could care less. But black racism is quite out in the open and extremely vile. Double Standards again.

  • bba

    I agree with you, Miss Millie--At least for now we have the right to associate with whoever we want. My husband and I are in our late 50's and have always worked for a living. When we could not afford something we did not buy it or build up a huge credit card debt. When we did charge on credit, it was always paid at the end of the month to avoid finance charges. We have never taken government assistance in our lives. B ecause we behaved in a responsible way, we are demonized because we are white.

    • emerutil

      You lived the white lifestyle?? Shame on you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Thomas-Kanary/100000337746065 Thomas Kanary

    Black Is inferior

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6WWRLATZRIXKQETL6L2UZPB2ZU LAB

    blacks don't see thier own rascisim for hating all other cultures.whats voting 98% for big o if not rasciisim.look in the mirror mr and mrs black person,yes you are a rascist by your own admission.ooh no can't be .yes its trure but don't look in the mirror and you'll be ok.

  • Archiplex

    It's also hard to see racism when you are black and obsessed with it. But no matter, there is nothing fair about the color of one's skin. Fair is not something that applies to something one has no choice about. So for the demonstrators, all they are going to do is destroy the concept "fair."

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6WWRLATZRIXKQETL6L2UZPB2ZU LAB


  • GerryB.

    I am white. I was born white to white parents. There is not a racist bone in my body. I am tired of all this racism stuff.

  • Marat Bandemer

    Again and again the real truth about race and ethnicity differences, and there are differences that go deeply beneath skin color, are passed over. Unfortunately, on the rare occasion when proof is provided with regard to these differences, the proponents are at the least proclaimed as racist. The trouble with our society is that "we" want everyone to be equal in all things. Take a good look around you and then tell me you believe this nonsense. We have only one thing in common that is an absolute; we are human beings. Beyond that we have or lack certain abilities; possess intellectual limitations as well as physical limitations. Instead making you into me, or vice versa we should be helping people develop the best of their capabilities. We all excel at something. The key is to discover what that something is, and to help people to rise to the highest level they can, honing whatever aptitudes they may have to allow them to reach their peak. Acceptance of reality as to who we are, individually, is the only way this nation will ever rise above racism, in particular, and many things in general. There should be expectations demanded from early on. Those expectations can only be met if the people upon whom we place them comprehend their part in the scheme of things.

  • Katchaturian

    Saw it in CA when the Japanese were interned and the whites and blacks got their property, homes, orchards , , ,. Tell me about racism. A century ago blacks were going to experiment and move to utopian Liberia. It failed with rascism among blacks worse than it has been in the U.S.. They gave Taylor 50 years . . he will die in prison . . . because cruelty equal to hitler's.

  • misty

    Iam sick of this race baiting so I will give you a white view. The so-called white racest, gave affermative action to the blacks, they also get into any job, school or whatever they choose simply by color. The Hispanic race gets the same thing and get to speak their language, walk into this country and live totally on America. we as whites have thne ultimate privelege working hard to get to where we are. In other words we pay they take and that is called redistrubition.

  • Janet

    I'm white also. And I'm proud of it. And believe me. Racism definitely cuts both. ways. Bottom line.

  • fredh

    Question: What is a racist? The Civil Rights Bill of 1964 created these problems. It was suppose to help the blacks, but two hours before congress was to vote on the bill, the powers put in women as a minority , and most congressman did not no it was in their. What this means, is that every American is a minority , except white men. So every time a white man complains , he label a RACIST.

  • Gayle

    What annoys me, personally, is the thinking that Blacks and Hispanics cannot be racists. I also am growing in my frustration at being called a racist solely because I am White. I could care less what color a person's skin is. I don't argue with God in the beauty and color He made in this world, and whether he put more pigment in one person's skin or eyes than in someone else. I honestly don't "get" racism. Never have, even back in the 70s when Black school kids assaulted me, and Black parents marched up and down before my junior high waving signs and yelling. None of my hubby's or my forebears ever owned a slave. Hubby taught in a school which was mostly Black and Hispanic. He loved the kids, as did I. We had one mama ask if something happened to her whether we would take care of her two children. I don't feel like I should have to defend myself, but these people keep demanding it.

  • Randy G

    ANYTIME someone calls ME a 'Racist' for wanting fairness, I say "YEAH, THE HUMAN RACE! When are you going to join?"

  • jackinthe box

    There's racist people of all nationalities but it seems to me the most that are racist against white people are black. We forced the native Americans off they're land and called them savages yet you don't hear the native Americans of today bringing that up to much. What is brought up is the fact that we enslaved the native Americans and they way some black people carry on you would think it was them that were enslaved.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Davison/100003667299183 Mark Davison

    If I happen to dislike someone because of their skin color, race, or any other reason, it's my perogative, my business, my right. IMHO, the term "racist" is more a political word than a REAL word.

  • junkmailbin

    my ancestors did not come from caucasia or honkiestan. I am an American and human being first. Two of my great grandfathers fought in the civil war for the union army to free the slaves. This was before they became citizens.
    Want to call me a racist??? better get your head out of your arse.

  • Bud

    All i have to say is whoever believes this hogwash needs to google black on white crime in America and you will see who the real biggots are. The black on white crime occurs 30 times more often, but where is the media on this nowhere to be found, they would rather stir racial hatred with stories about thugs such as trayvon martin case. Where he clearly attacked zimmerman first, this sparked the already racial divide in America thinking again the evil white man is the cause of all our problems,and more attacks on whites
    . Look my great great grandparents didn' t own any slaves because only 7 to 9 percent of southerners owned plantations. The rest of the whites were dirt poor as well. I don't owe em anything and neither do you. Think about It being born in America as a minority in the last 50 years, you get preferences in hiring, welfare that will feed and keep your lights on if you can't or won't work.I do not agree with salvery it is wrong, but their is more slavery (human trafficking and sex slaves) going on worldwide in countries such as Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabi, and many others, than there was 200 years ago. The new black culture is probably the most white hating ever, their gangsta rap, celebrity thugs, race baiters (jackson and sharpton) and hollywood's anti-white and ant-straight male agenda all add to this equation. I don't apologize for being white either even if we are being targeted by other racial groups.

  • Phil

    Everyone is more comfortable on their own level. I'm white and not rich. I'm more comfortable around people on my own level than rich white people. I can't afford to take cruses, drive fancy cars, eat at five starr restraunts or membership in fancy country clubs. I can't afford to live on their level and don't have their education, so we have nothing in common. Before I retired I was a low level employee of a internationally known hospital. I listened to the doctors talk about their life style, I didn't care. But come employee Christmas Party time I was never comfortable in their big fancy homes. Also I'm not comfortable around street people . We're talking the high and low end of the social scale. I'm in the middle somewhere and middle class people are who I'm most comfortable and have the most in common with.

  • Patricia Leath

    The excuse can no longer be tolerated. We are not racists. We are white and we have, since the dawn of the welfare state, accepted the responsibility of providing care and the money for the well being of all minorities, especially Blacks. Let me be frank. If you want respect, earn it. Show us that you know what it means to "tell" the truth. Face reality, you must unite and save your own people. We cannot do that for you.

  • emerutil

    I am white. North Western European. German, 100%. Very grateful for that! God has indeed been merciful to me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    I will never apologize for being white - until hell freezes over. I will not allow any person to put me on a guilt trip because of the colour of my skin. I am made in the image of God and thats that. As far as I am concerned all those sick democrats (that are also white) your parents should have lived in our era so that they could have aborted y'all. P.S I dont even like to tan because I dont dins anything wrong with my skin....

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dianna-Manly/1504757245 Dianna Manly

    I'm white and couldn't (and wouldn't) do anything about that but when my son applied for financial aid for college- single parent household- he was told he didn't qualify; he wasn't a minority. The worst minority to be a part of in this country anymore is white, anglo, male under the age of 30.

    • emerutil

      At least, it is in recognition that we are more capable than protected minorities. There is more expected of us, and we are held to a higher standard. I actually take this as a compliment!

  • Sharr

    Let's review.
    50% caucasian.
    Maybe 10% black.
    Approx. 40% muslim.
    That's the composition of BO.
    What a mess of a man.
    Conflicted in every way.
    Mocks Americans.
    Sticks up for muslims.
    Lies, cheats, manipulates, distorts, snears - all muslim characteristics.
    They are allowed to stab others in the back - boy is he good at it.
    Definitely we cannot blame the blacks for this ******** go ahead and fill in the blank. Whatever.
    He is disgusting.

  • Houstin

    Being raised in another State and in all white neighborhoods(3) I have been flagergasted since I came to the South 28 years ago at the discrimination dished out by the blacks toward the whites (and any one else who does not have super curly hair and a protruding jaw. Talk about racial abuse, I have lived on both sides and worked with many skin colors. You have not seen both sides until you live on borh sides.

  • rocco

    in philly you have south west philly, north philly and west philly that for the most part , are 98 to 99% black. does that make them racist for wanting to be around their own kind? maybe some but not most. most races are live and let live. they just prefer being around their own. for the most part , italians hang with italians, greeks hang with greeks, cambodians hang with cambodians, indians hang with indians,there is nothing wrong with it and they are not racist's. they are racial. people forget , this country is a melting pot. if you travel to india you will see 98% indians. if you go to italy you will see 98% italians, if you go to spain you will see 98% spanish people. it doesnt make those people racist for being the majority in the respective country as it doesn't make the european white majority in this country racist either.

    joe williams is trying to run a guilt trip on whites and it isn't going to fly.

  • aurora9

    That was a stupid comment that Joe Williams spouted out. We always feel more comfortable around people that we know and associate with. Even if it is a mixed group!

  • Carlos

    What city? I might want to move there.

  • rocco

    in philly you have south west philly, north philly and west philly that for the most part , are 98 to 99% black. does that make them racist for wanting to be around their own kind? maybe some but not most. most races are live and let live. they just prefer being around their own. for the most part , italians hang with italians, greeks hang with greeks, cambodians hang with cambodians, indians hang with indians,there is nothing wrong with it and they are not racist's. they are racial. people forget , this country is a melting pot. if you travel to india you will see 98% indians. if you go to italy you will see 98% italians, if you go to spain you will see 98% spanish people. it doesnt make those people racist for being the majority in the respective country as it doesn't make the european white majority in this country racist either.

    joe williams is trying to run a guilt trip on whites and it isn't going to fly.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VKORYWDRGFHN2TN2DSZ355K3QM harolds

    I am one of those mixed race folk. I know what it is like to be told that my people were less than human.

    That said, I have been, being perceived as being white, in an atmosphere of being the minority as a white person.

    Who cares!!!!! Who the HELL cares?

    Not me, and what others think about me is their problem, not mine! I have taught rehabilitation and "relationship" classes in "correctional" facilities and my advice to the inmates, [about 60% black] was that what others think or say about you reflects badly against them not you! IE: "Sticks and stones!"

    Nobody complains more or is more racist than blacks. Get over it and grow up!

    By the way we need to consider more why we are different races and just exactly who The Lord God made us! That is more important! We are all the same in His eyes, so love others!

  • CamoCoyote

    I don't know what it's like to be anything but what I am: a proud white man, husband, and father that believes in working hard to improve the life of my family and to give my kids the best start that I can.

  • alpambuena

    thanks barry...you and all the other democrats have to pull out the ole race card..if thats what it takes for you to be elected..then so be it. dont forget, that we have over a hundred years of this democrat mind set, that has turned the blacks into second class citizens, with your setasides, welfare, and special minority programs, that have done nothing, but keep minorities at the bottom. funny how asian immigrants come to the united states, and seem to make it to the top of the financial ladder. its not color that sets you back, its your mindset..stop thinking yourself as minorites, use your own initiative, and climb your own ladder, not the governments.

  • Rabid for Rhetoric

    Why does the article's author say"so-called white people"? Are they not white? The author needs to consult a dictionary and think about usage. It's sloppy thinking reflected in erroneous word choice.

    • emerutil

      So-called, because of their attitude.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNDRLU5Y2EQW6W4H3RVRG3QD3I Earl P. Holt III

    Count me as someone who is grateful for my "White Skin Privilege."

    I am grateful for my WSP because it allows me the privilege of
    paying taxes to the Yankee Government, which then distributes more than
    $1 Trillion of such taxes per year to every baby-daddy, baby-momma, welfare cheat,
    drug-dealer, Oprah-watcher, petty criminal, alcoholic, drug-addict and deadbeat in every large, urban area in the U.S.

    also teaches me patience, as I observe non-whites with I.Q.s lower than
    their shoe size moved to the front of every employment line.

    WSP also affords me the opportunity to hear -- at 100 to 120 decibels --
    all the latest "Hip-Hop" songs composed and sung by illiterate and
    criminal drug-addicts, whenever I venture out into traffic in any
    urban area.

    also gives me the motivation to work on Martin Luther King Day --
    despite it's being a holiday -- so I can reject the canonizing of a communist
    party member, who routinely savaged and sodomized white prostitutes, as
    he was caught doing the night he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Oslo.
    (Instead, it has motivated me to celebrate Robert E. Lee Day with a
    greater enthusiasm and reverence than ever before.)

    has also
    made me recognize the absolute necessity of purchasing a great many
    weapons, and becoming proficient with them. It has further convinced me
    to get a concealed-carry license, so that my WSP doesn't get me randomly
    murdered by that demographic liberals love so much in theory, as has occurred to over
    200,000 Americans sharing my WSP since the mid-1960s...

    what my WSP has really done for me is make me (and nearly everyone I
    know) a conservative to the right of Rush Limbaugh, who will never vote
    for a "Democrat"
    as long as I live, and who cannot wait to use my C/C License when the
    opportunity presents itself...

  • ProudWhitey

    Who busted their butts to start a new nation i.e. The United States of America ? Which welcomed all the other races to enjoy the Freedom. Wasn't the founders of this Country white? The only fault I see in the whites are not incorporating the common sense the native Americans had/have for managing the food chain...i.e. deer, fish, etc ! We could learn a lot from nature...They knew nature !

  • beebertie

    I a white 70 year lady. I cannot stand all of this bickering back and forth. I become extremely exhausted hearing "a mind is a terrible thing to waste; support the black colleges"....."support black history month"......and the like. Why not have everyone celebrate WHITE history month. I admire Woopie Goldberg because she says she is not an African American. I am a black American because I was born in the United States not African. Judge Mathis, also, is a good example. He put one black girl in her place because she definitely was ashamed of being black. Regardless, everyone is our neighbor and we are all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. I cannot believe what the United States of America has become.......full of greed and enjoys murdering innocent unborn babies.

  • T Lady

    As I stated in a reply to the Editor of GOP USA, this is going to be a tough sell to dupe College aged Caucaisians (or anyone else who can't find a job) into voting for another four years of misery. This is completely misguided and unnecessary. And as a Black American, I personally find it insulting.

  • monacall

    I agree they are trying to start a race war and a class war as well. so if something does break out obozo can call martial law and there wont be a election watch and see.....and then the revolution will start....

  • floridarooster

    Is it really racism to state facts? The illigitimate birth rate among US blacks is 75%, 50% of blacks drops out of high school, and black on black murder is hugely more common that interracial murder. Blacks in the US call themselves Afro-Americans because it gives them an excuse for their failures in American society by blaming it all on slavery. Truth is, all of them should be glad their ancestors were sold into slavery in this country because their ancestors in Africa are much worse off - poverty, ignorance, disease, AIDS, violent dictators, and constant tribal warfare and slaughter. The whole African continent is a disaster and shows no indication it will ever get better.
    It's time for the so-called leaders of American blacks to step up and tell their people to take responsiblity for themselves and their future. That's not racism; it's the truth. And guess what? White American is hoping you will succeed.

  • Doc

    Obama and his leftist cronies have set racial issues back many years. His divisive rhetoric and intentional inflammatory speech is fanning the flames racial tension. Most of us in the Baby Boomer generation remember well going through civil rights marches and the movements that propelled more equality in this country. Amen for that. I remember attending one of the first civil rights marches on Boston Common in the early 60's and I was so proud that people of all races were getting together to make a much needed change in our society. I applauded when my mostly while high school elected a black gal as head of the cheerleaders. We were all so proud of that. I don't mind one wit that my ancestors fought in the Civil War to free the slaves. I was always proud of that. But... I will never think it unfair that my skin is called white (actually it's a shade of tan, cotton balls are white) because I had absolutely nothing to do with the color of my skin or where and how I was born. That's God's domain. It's not what we come into the world with that counts, it's what we do with what we have. We are all God's children and in that sense all bothers and sisters. What is there to apologize for?

    • emerutil

      I was a teenager then. If I was not attending school, I was out working. Never had time to participate in marches. (I should say counter-marchers)

  • Supertad108

    "they are like him, they’re white folks who are very much relaxed in their own company"

    Did I miss something here? Let me go out on a limb and say that ANYone would be more comfortable around people they know, oh sorry, your own kind. What an idiotic reason to base a fabricated, and defamatory comment. And secondly, why in the heck would anyone want to network with characters like you? Compete? Blahhhhhhhh. LMAO!

  • Patriot304

    If you want a better life, black or white, the first thing you're going to have to do is get an education then get out and work for the things you want. Lying around 'playing the race card' won't work. Just as 'it's hard to see racism when you're white' perhaps it's hard to see just how hard some folks work for what they have when you're so busy playing 'the race card.

    • emerutil

      There is the rub. Getting a good education is often daunting. I myself worked long and hard to learn the required material. Finally got my degree, but at what cost?! I would not do it again. I now have a job that has nothing to do with my education.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-J-Nellett/1580432719 Michael J Nellett

    It seems that too many people have forgotten what Martin Luther King Jr once said, (even though liberals just love to invoke his name when it suits them) that we shouldn't judge a person by the color of their skin, but by their character. When did that change? When Obama became President? I guess that shows the divisiveness of HIS character!

    • emerutil

      Better take a closer look at the effect MLK had. I too lived in that era. All I remember is that every city he came to, he left it in flames. He rode on the race card as much as anyone else! I believed then, and do more so now, that had had an agenda.

  • bargal1

    I have seen a lot of blood in ly life from white skinned people and black skined people and the first thing I hae to say to the youth that are of the black skin is; stop following along with the mob intelligence and start thinking of yourself as an individual. If you can ovcercome the mob mentality and think of what you yourself have accomplished and what you want to accomplish,as an individual, not a mob member, then and only then will you realize that those that are preaching black is inferior, are holding you back. Earlier I spoke of blood and I guarantee that if you stick yourself, your blood will be as red as the man with white skin. Unless you have seen black blood stop thinking black and start thinking-"I AM AND INDIVIDUAL, AND WORTHY OF ALL I CAN ACHIEVE

  • Tom

    I know all about racism. Still remember it from the late 1960s. And no, it wasn't the nasty white people being mean to blacks. It was the opposite. Nasty black people were violent with my grandfather, who was one of the only white people left in his neighborhood. He was an old Italian immigrant who came over in the 1920s. My grandmother moved out into my family's first home when we moved. She took it, and retired. She and my parents tried to get my grandfather to finally sell his business and retire, but he refused. He said he never learned to play as a child and it was too late for him. The only thing he knew was running his bar and bording house. He had sold off the restaurant years earlier, but kept the old building where he rented out rooms and ran his bar downstairs. Business was horrible, but he opened every day anyways. And he kept on this black man as an employee the entire time. But he was basically avoided for business because he was white. Most people went to the other black owned bars. And he was robbed repeatedly. During one robbery, he was even shot. Fortunately, it was a shoulder wound he recovered from.
    During the riots when MLK was killed, they decended upon his business because he was the only white man in the area and they intended on taking out retribution against him. He locked himself in the bar, and called the police. The police were too overwhelmed -- and too afraid in many cases -- to response and told him to simply hide. This from the same city who later banned citizens from keeping a bearing arms for self protection saying that's what the police were for!
    I still remember to this day watching some of the rioting on TV, and then my parents getting a frantic phone call from my grandfather who was being threatened and couldn't get police assistance. My father armed up with two handguns, took our Doberman and raced out the door. I remember my mother not saying anything but after speaking briefly with him looking very frightened. It wasn't until several years later, when we were older, that my brother and I learned of the close call. My father arrived at my grandfather's bar just as the leaders of a group of about 50 rioters were attacking the building. They'd broken a brick glass window and were threatening to burn my grandfather out if he didn't come out for his beating. They were armed with Molotov Cocktails, which they were threatening to light as they yelled racially offensive names at him.
    When my father existed the car, they turned on him, at which point he exposed the guns on his hips. Then, as they were in a stand off, someone suggested he only had 12 bullets (they were revolvers, and he actually only had 11, being one was a snub nosed 5 shot) and he couldn't get them all. My father yelled back that might be, but he'd get some of them, "Who wants to be first?" No one took him up on the offer. He then called for our Doberman, and when the dog came out of the car they freaked and ran across the street. My father then went up to the door, my grandfather came out, and my dad gave him one of the handguns and there they stood, protecting his building all night. The rioters stood across the street yelling racial ephitets against my grandfather and father until they tired of it, then they moved across the street in the other direction and attacked a currency exchange.
    Now HERE is where the real bigotry comes in. This was a currency exchanged owned by a wealth Jewish businessman; Democrat, of course. When the alarm went off, it wasn't long before the police showed up. Now get this! My grandfather's life was in jeopardy, and the police were too busy to come protect him. But the burglarly alarm of a Jewish businessman's currency exchange down the street goes off, and suddenly those same police were all over the place!
    Now, I want someone to once again tell me all about bigotry and racism.

    • emerutil

      Welcome to the real world. 2nd Amendment, anyone?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AKUSRCL2VGP45QXQ2IBU62KPAY 426ernie

      loved the family story-nicely told

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AKUSRCL2VGP45QXQ2IBU62KPAY 426ernie

    I am white and I have seen hatred on the black side for whites as well as hatred on my side too for lots more than just blacks-we all have our faults-yet we can improve ourselves and turn to jesus and do the right thing.Obama is a traitor-color has zero to do with it-he is illegal-not even a citizen-a crook-he is USA's Judas-not to be trusted-not to be re-elected-or twice the crook-how much communism do we need?isn't 4 years too much ?I have had very good black friends with good hearts that were honest and any of them would have been light years ahead of nobel nerd if only they had been president instead of mutant mulatto-businesses would be better off-that wasted money billions of bucks-would have been aimed at getting unemployed good paying jobs-there would be no Obamacare Crisis-many bailouts would not have happened-tough luck-shut the doors weasels-yes we would be getting better-definately

  • samtman

    After a civil war, 2 world wars the white Arian racist supremacy idealogy is still vibrant alive and thriving in America.

    • emerutil

      If only!

  • Mohammed Wazza Pedophile

    So now it's White People's fault that they were born White?
    Well, bugger me! I didn't know I had any choice in the matter!
    So if I had choice in being born white & privileged, that means so do black people - so why didn't they choose to be born white & privileged? - then there would be no racism would there?
    And obviously genetics must be a fallacy.
    Who the hell funds these fuqtards to come up with this eschatology? Follow the money trail & see where it leads to.
    Like others, I will not apologise for being born white, nor do I "feel" guilty for being born white.
    Every race on earth had equal opportunity to start the Industrial Revolution which began with the invention of the Steam Engine.
    So why didn't any other race make this discovery?
    White people also started Modern Democracy & Modern Medicine - why wasn't it started by any other race?

    And WE"RE supposed to feel guilty?
    Well if these cretins feel so guilty about being born white they should seriously consider having themselves removed from the gene pool by Black Panthers - whom I'm sure would only be too happy to facilitate their removal from the gene pool.

    • emerutil

      Every Thanksgiving, my first expression of thankfulness is that I have been born 100% white.

  • Ray

    They throw this crap out to see if white people are going to bite! Don't feed these mud-suckers! Only racists call people racists! Just keep on top of your stinking politicians and make sure you let them know where you stand on their job performance! Let them know not to let the liberal/progressive mob get away with it in lawmaking or else! Protect yourselves/families with all your might!

  • Lerojist

    This nation was founded by and for white Europeans. Some evil minded people in the past cursed this nation by making it multicultural. We used to have laws on the books against integration, intermarriage of the races. I believe there would be less problems if the peoples were segregated. BUT, the minorities want what the white have, and will always wants in their neighborhoods, schools, cities. Why? Perhaps because they're in less turmoil.

    I don't hate ethnic groups, but I know we'd all be better off separated.

    I am a white woman, and to every white man, if any ethnic race criticizes you, it's out of envy.

  • URKiddinMee

    My skin may be white, but my heart is as black as anybody's. :-)

    • emerutil

      You are kidding me!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IH7SAYFMRGP7ABBWJWPPPRGMR4 Big John

    I am not interested in justifying or explaining myself to blacks and liberals. The die has been cast, and the stage has been set. If they show up here causing rioting, looting and endangering my family, they will get put down, and I will not lose a minute's sleep over it. It's not up to ME to talk them out of their foolishness, or to divert their violent path. It IS however, up to me to protect family and property. They tread at their own riskk........

  • R.Woodworth

    The most racist people are blacks, and the most racist place in America is Detroit. The black administration is over 100 million in the hole every year, then they sell bonds to get by, kick the can, because of the overpaid 48 unions in the city, that served 1.82 million people, that the same are now serving 680,000. people. They get their raises, pension increases, healthcare, do less work cause of 300% less population. The city is filthy, is the murder city USA, 88% black, over 50% do not graduate, 62% of blacks unwed with their new babies feed on Welfare............. still going to Hell in a hand basket. It will take 50 years unless a white Mayor is elected and replaces Bing. But he was at least good as a NBA Player, and was never a cheat like Coleman Young and Kawame Kilpatrick. As bad as Kilpratrick is, and will be serving 20 years soon in the Fed lockup, Mayor Coleman Young was the most distructive single individual and racist in Detroit history?

  • bpf53

    It's funny how a mixed half & black community organizer has the wool pulled over so many blacks in this country. The blacks are so racist themselves that they do not see how this race baiting low life has got them is the us vs white man mentality, they are useful idiots for Obama to get reelected.

  • allen

    Why does he put 'white' in quotes like there is no such thing as white. I am white and glad to be white, no quotations needed.

  • Greg

    One of the best examples of black racism is during Obama's Presidential campaign when blacks supported him without knowing anything about him, his policies or his past. The only reason for supporting him was because he is black and he is only 50% the way there. The countless black's who voted for Obama because he was black did a terrible disservice to there ancestors who fought and died so a black man can run for President. They didn't mean vote the first one in. Appears only the blacks who are educated and well spoken from the working class are Conservatives. Why is this? Or is it as obvious as common sense dictates.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

    The greatest peace in life comes when you are happy with what God made you. I read an article once about a Ghetto. All the plain gray buildings lined up looking tattered and torn. Then there was this one corner, blooming with life. There were vines with flowers hanging from balconies. Picnic tables lined the sidewalk between the buildings. Pots of beautiful flowers were everwhere. One haven of beauty in the middle of a self made hell. What was the difference? One little old black woman with Gods peace and love in her heart began to plant love and flowers and then the neighbor followed suit and then the next untill the whole 2 buildings were a courtyard of exotic plants. They placed a large wooden fence at one end and put flower boxes all the way up with vines and flowers falling everywhere. The difference was in the heart of one woman. And she spread it where she was. Dont let yours or your neighbors surroundings dictate your life. Let love and peace from God dictate your life. It is contagious.

    • Putnams ghost

      I think your smoking the exotic plants lady-

  • XX

    the Founding Fathers said it best when they wrote the motto for our country "E Pluribus Unum" Out of many, one. Now we are letting the current regime steal that beautiful dream from us. All races have wonderful contributions to make to our nation that are unique because of their cultural identity. All races also have missteps and mistakes along the way. We have all failed at some point, yet we have all as a collective been able to unite to become the greatest nation on Earth, a truly unique social experiment that was 400 years in the making.
    Now we have let ravening wolves into the fold. The Oreo Cookie in the White house is practicing equality in one sense, and that is he is so enraged he hates everyone and has incredible contempt for every one. He used Blacks with false promises, bought Hispanics with an executive order that is only temporary, portrayed an honest and upright man as a bigot simply because he is white. Indeed when he condemns the White race, he is only speaking of himself. And when he disrespects the black race, he is only disrespecting himself.
    He has spoken publicly about his feelings that the Koran is holy, yet he is too cowardly to stand and be counted as a Muslim. He pretends to be a Christian, yet his decisions and policies are aimed at driving Christianity from the hearts and minds of our children, even from the memory of our Nation that it was the Principles of Christianity upon which we were founded. If he were a Christian as he claims to be, he would be living its precepts. He is neither Black nor White, Muslim nor Christian, Fish nor Fowl.
    He stated his position clearly when he wrote in his book that he feels a coil of rage against the white race. He states his position on the value of Black races every time he insists they cannot make it without constant government support. Isn't that another term for slavery? The Lord Himself fortold how this story will end when He said, a House divided against itself cannot stand.
    Our greatest strengthas a Nation is in upholding the racial diversity that is our greatest asset. We have let cultural diversity, which made life and the arts interesting and beautiful, become a self serving political agenda and a cancerous growth of immorality of all levels hiding behind the name of social diversity, which is killing us.
    The unity we had originally and which surpasses skin color, was a unity of morals, a code of ethics by which we joined ourselves to create this nation based on Love of God, Love of Family, Love of Country, Love of Freedom, Honesty in our dealings with others , Integrity in our personal relationships, Responsibility in caring for those who depend on us, and Hard Work for our worldly posessions. Respect is for all races and peoples who come here because they share those qualities and are ready to work for the common best goal. The key word being work. Those that are here to Diminish, Drain, Demoralize, Divide, Derail , Devour and Destroy need to Depart.

    • Putnams ghost

      Beautifully written sir! Your words remind me of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy. Our youth desperately need to be educated in this manner. Would you consider starting a framework for an afterschool program so we can un-indocternate our youth? Seriously- please consider and reply to me.

  • Whackajig

    Racist = someone who tells the truth about blacks. Absolutely no need to fabricate or tell llies, simply reveal who and what they are.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.burbee David Burbee

    Hard work won't kill you but bullets will...Last week, here in Wilmington, NC, 5 black boys (youngest 15) shot and killed a Chinese food delivery man who was 51 years old, then sat down and ate the food...Statistics show that the most common cause of death in black men under 25 is gunshot...The majority in this city do not work, women with 5 kids from three men collect that monthly check, young blacks walking around dressed in absolute style and others driving cars with $3000 worth of wheels and tires not to mention the car itself make me sick...I've had it with the cries of racism! Has nothing to do with racism and EVERYTHING to do with their way of worthlessness and I neither apologize for being White nor for their plight...

  • http://profiles.google.com/fairbro Lindsey Fairbrother

    I remember my first experience with black racism. Someone (blacks, I could tell from way they talked) kept calling on the phone and telling me I was going to die that day. I was like 4. My father finally answered the phone and told them to quit it.

    I had many experiences with violent black racism. One time I was in the church counseling room with the woman counselor and 3 armed blacks burst in waving guns, wearing Mickey Mouse masks. They thought drug counselors would have drugs? I thought I was dead. They vandalized the place and ran away, the cowardly racist scum.

    Another time my 3-year-old nephew, wandering on the sidewalk for a couple of minutes, was attacked by a "gang" of 5-year-old blacks who left sneaker-prints on his head and broke 2 ribs. He had to have 55 stitches in his scalp. Guess they didn't like his "differentness." No diversity lessons from this young black scums' father (who also happened to be their grandfather).

    And another nephew, driving daddy's new van, parked in a big city to visit his minority friend. Some of the other minorities in the neighborhood weren't tolerant about his red hair and white skin, and firebombed the van.

    And I could go on all day about violent black racism, just things that I know happened to me, and to my family or people I personally know. I was attacked in the army and threatened with death if I told about drug use, in separate incidentss when I was in the army.

    I'm sure millions of white Americans have many stories like this, so if you want to find out why blacks have many problems, look in a mirror, blacks. You brought it on yourselves, with the help of Democrats passing racist affirmative action programs and indocritinating everywone with hate about slavery every year during "Black History (Black hate justification) Month.

    And don't blame me if I use the N-word iccasioally, because I can hear it repeatedly used by you, every day, at the bus stop, or in a crowd, or anywhere where 2 or more blacks are gathered.

    • Putnams ghost

      I have many stories too Lindsey! My tolorance level for these miscreants is completely depleted. I may vent about it, but ulimately I conqoure with XX's veiw on this matter. Its where we should all stand as Americans.

    • emerutil

      Good if you make use of that word. Be sure, however, you have the means to physically back it up. You would be dead, otherwise, as you well know.

  • Karl Hand

    Racial Nationalist Party of America "As the White race goes, so goes America" End of story.

  • michigan patriot

    I too can remember my first experience I was raised everybody was equal with out prejudice. My parents had black friends that visited so I naturally had black friends as well. in the summer of 67 I think it was we had riots in Grand Rapids we had curfews I was 12 at the time I didn't understand what it was all about when school started in September there was a group of my black friends some that I didn't see over the summer so I went over to say HI and got my ars kicked by them now these were all supposed to be friends some of whom their parents were friends of my parents out of the group only 2 of them tried to break it up and defend me of course when they tried to stop their friends and blood relatives turned on them calling them a honky lover and cracker lover or uncle tom. What a great way to start a new school year. that is how I learned about racism. 90% of blacks are more prejudice than whites, But whites hide or deny theirs, blacks don't they are open about it. Today I am very prejudice but not racist because I know not all blacks are bad.Any person that says they are not prejudice is a bald faced liar or walks on water because every person has prejudices of some sort

    • emerutil

      I had very similar experiences when I was a child. As a result, not only am I prejudiced, but very bigoted as well. Nothing anyone can say or do will ever change that!

  • SchiffT

    I think this serious article was very poorly written. First of all, it happened in Duluth, MN. The article didn't even tell us that. There were many big time sponsors to the billboard program, the YWCA being one of them.

  • Lonesome

    It is not just a "white thing". Asians, Hispanics,etc., don't really want to be be robbed, raped, become victims of home invasions by blacks! Is that racism...most violent crimes are initiated by blacks. These are facts! Who created these facts...After obama, I won't even hire a contractor that will send blacks to my house!
    Is that racism, that I want to protect my own....I don't think so.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PEU4YJIHPGSW3CFWZ5UAHPZUKU Darrell B

    With all the 'special' classes created over the years by the left, I am surprised no one has come oup with 'skin dye' to "cover up your whiteness', cracker!!! Or you can do an Elizabeth Warren and claim you are 1/99th 'something other than white'......

  • motherartist

    What I saw of the program referred to simply proved some white people are silly fools who write on their faces.

  • DocFreeman

    Do you not find it strange that we have BET, Black
    Caucus, Black History Month, Miss Black America, United Negro College Fund, or
    NAACP, but we do have United White College Fund, or White History Month, or
    Miss White America, or WET(White Entertainment Television), or NAAWP (National Advancement of White People),
    but whites are racist. It really is a
    mystery to me.

  • Court Reporter

    Yesterday I was at a backyard party where there was one black couple who I have met before, the parents of one of my nieces' friends. We invited them to sit with us as we were conversing with family members - my problem?? I am scared to death to say something that IS considered racist - therefore, I find myself to be stilted and uncomfortable in my conversation. I don't think it's fair to make whites feel bad for not being better able to communicate with blacks. My son went to a pretty well-known military school and even he said that the blacks tend to stay with the blacks and the whites the same. Is it the whites fault? I don't think so - I think it is 50/50, and I don't think it's unrealistic to be more comfortable with people who are like you in not only skin color, by education, status in life, politics, etc.

  • eastsidehunky

    Holder, O'Bama and all their zombies are the true racists.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1508498897 Thurman Ronald Buice

    I'm a 70 year old white veteran and WWII orphan. I am not racist in any way except for my preference to reject apologizing for the lack of financial and cultural advancement of the black race. Having been born and raised in Fulton and Cobb counties of Georgia I was always told to not be prejudiced. I am not, since the word means "pre-judging". I am not prejudging black people but find it difficult to separate the decent hardworking Christian black people from the whining freeloading incompetent race which seems, from birth, to blame white people for their continuing dependence on government for their existence in the lowest form of culture and financial independence of all other races in this country. I am not responsible for blacks lack of advancement. My late father-in-law always told me that everyone must pull their own wagon. No black person in America was born into more difficulties that me. The are millions of very poor white folks who came along after their land was descimated by the federal armies which created full black unemployment in the South and white people had to lead a hard-scrabble existence. Democrats held blacks in virtual subjegation for 100 years and now are buying them back. God help us.

  • Putnams ghost

    I grew up in Milwaukee. And Im telling you, that the blacks ARE- violently racist. What you seen reported at the WI StateFair last year is nothing new! They call it "Swarming". Its been non-reported, overlooked,ignored for years now. Ive been followed to my car after I leave an event like Tosa-Fest by 6 black males, and had to fight like hell. If you go, you can go concealed now. I see em as dangerous annimals that need to be hewn down, no more talking. And be nosey as hell to what these Leftist teachers are telling your kids in school! They are after our children! They are the new Nazi's!

  • Bob DD

    Without the Caucasian (white) vote BHO wouldn't be President. BUT, he keeps playing the race card.

  • astrol

    Being some portion of my heritage may make me light skinned, it does not make me racist. Even a loud mouthed minister with dark skin saying I am racist, does not make me racist. Morally superior, perhaps. The same is true of darker skinned humans, or yellow tinted humans, or pick a color humans, with or with out full ability to walk, work, vote, or even reason. My decisions, statements, and actions make or do not make me racist. As a trauma nurse for 35 years, I worked as hard for my black patients as I did for anyone else, trying to save inner city youths of both sexes from the violence in our area. Several of my fellow workers thought I was a racist because I felt it was a right, honor, and responsibility of everyone to work. Not true. As a disabled veteran, Army, since age 20, a son of an Cree Indian and a West Virginia hillbilly girl, I have not asked for anything except a chance to work, to learn, to grow, and to serve. Actually, I dare anyone reading this to do more. B. Fox R.N., disabled veteran,

  • Jack_Reacher

    Yes, it is not fair being white. I understand that completely. We "white folk" or "whitey" in a more derogatory manner, have all the good luck. We get the best of everything. Just to mention a few:
    1. We get to pay for all the welfare that is handed out like candy
    2. We get to get up at the crack of dawn to go to a job we are EXPECTED to have while others expect to draw benefits indefinitely to not work but to have more children
    3. We get to stand in line at the grocery store much longer than normal waiting for the buyer to manipulate all the welfare benefits so that bottle of wine and the cigarettes can be included.
    4. We get to pay for private school for our kids while paying for the schooling of others
    5. We get to continually be accused and penalized for acts committed almost 2 centuries ago by people none of ever knew. And we're expected to reward those that also knew no one from that era.
    6. And best of all, we get to be called "racist" at the drop of a hat and typically for no valid reason!

    Yup, us white folk be livin' in the lap of luxury!

    • emerutil

      I must admit: If I were not white, I would hate myself!

  • v steve

    Obama relies upon the uneducated, the uninformed, the misinformed, self-proclaimed victims, and the self-haters among us to carry his banner on the road to serfdom.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Sheldon/1477915547 Gary Sheldon

    Take a fleeting glance at the present "administration" for a glaring picture of racism as it presently resides in the people's house that has become the "hate whitey house". Look at Holder, Wright (his "spiritual mentor" for 20 years) the idiotic "beer summit" with it's basis in racist nonsense and childish bigotry. The difference between oBama and oSama is a little BS!

  • agrclemsonfarmn

    This will stir emotions which are usually irrational and quick in reaction timespan.oblamenem is half of two races. he was reared by white grandparents the parents of a hippie, loosely moral woman who deserted her child of questionable at least origination of birthplace. o was trained, schooled, and kept by the best most white children could never afford. o is an example eoe, affirmative action, race preference, grade mode curve, learning mode modification, and racial preference in school admissions. now o is confused as to whether to hate or to love the group he is to speak before as he is of both ethnicities.

  • Evermyrtle

    Why do you think that white people can't think?. Even though there are many white racists, there are these days, more black racists than are there white racists, and they are just as vicious as are white racists.While most white people have finally realized that it is wrong to hold the color of the skin against any person, the blacks seem to have taken over this hateful disgusting habit.

  • Darfur Deng

    Racism is deaf, dumb, and above all else color blind, it does not discriminate nor tolerate differences of any kind.

    I'm sure the author’s recollections of racial bigotry are sincere; however he fails to realize that those views reek of his own social indoctrination. This is revealed by the total absence of the historical factors that always precede racial oppression from his analysis, and even more so in its title.

    "Bigotry, racial prejudice, and even racism (the belief that a race is genetically inferior) are still problems in America. I admit it." "The belief that a race is genetically inferior" is actually a scientific conclusion directly drawn from Darwin's own writings regarding his "Theory of Evolution" in which he specifically states that “African and Australian Aboriginal Negroes were in fact scientifically proven to be mentally inferior, therefore were destined for evolutionary extinction”.

    Expunging the doctrine of “Creationism” as the socially accepted origin of humans from German society and replacing it with the Racist premises of Social Darwinism was essential to the Nazi Party’s end game agenda. It served to openly contribute to the acceptance of Social Darwinism that culminated in the tragedy of the holocaust. This was accomplished by utilizing the two primary media sources of the time, radio and print, and by the controlled indoctrination of the children through government controlled public schools.

    We in America are witnessing those same frightening historical factors once again being ramped up to pre-holocaust levels by the current Administration, as well as with-in the public schools and so called National Media.

    Until we as a people choose to identify ourselves as Americans only, and accept the historical truths concerning racism in America that have been for too long nothing more than an illusion of contrived deception by those with self-serving social and political agendas, then we will remain susceptible to it. Racism in America today is a product of the 10% inherent fear of difference, and 90% by means of deliberate socio-cultural indoctrination.

    Racism was neither a byproduct of Slavery or Race; it was and still remains a byproduct of Racialism (The act of using race as a weapon to further a political, professional, personal, or financial agenda.).
    The true origins of the decline in the race relations that we see today began their post-Civil War decline as a result of the abuses delved out by the nearly decade long tyranny unleashed under "Martial Law". This was a form of tyranny that deliberately sought to pit Whites and Blacks against one another during the Northern Military oppression of the people of the post war Southern States, and still continues to do so to this very day.

    Anyone Adel minded enough to think you can change a Jackass into an Elephant in midstream, is simple minded enough to believe anything. The Racialist may have changed the name of their habitat, but they can and never will change their spots.

    The Democratic Party has always used race as weapon to further their political agendas by means of oppression. That is truly why the Democratic Party created the Hegelian illusions of the 2nd Ku Klux Klan as the cause, and then the Congressional Black Caucus as the solution. Both creations designed to be as equally vile and Racist as the other; each a carefully crafted political creation of the Democratic Party.

    The Democratic Party today would be better defined historically as The Racialist Liberal Nazi Party, due to the fact that the Party’s foundation is based primarily on the use of race and eugenics as socio-political weapons.

    Now this truly evil faction seeks to push yet another vile and Racist Democratic creation like La Raza or more specifically the mainstream version known as the NCLR, which now in desperation the Liberal Racist push into the political arena to champion the causes of their Great Messianic Butcher of Peace Obama.

  • AppraisHer

    Random thoughts: Every race is more comfortable with their own, that's human nature and what kept our tight-knit churches and neighborhoods safe and prosperous. Half-black, half-white Barry is more comfortable with blacks because that's the race he chose to be because it was more politically expediante for him. If he needs to be, the shape-shifter will be white, muslim or Christian, depending on his needs. Yes, I have know racism. When I'm in a restaurant or store that's mostly black, I'm totally ignored or blacks are waited on first and I'm stared at and made to feel uncomfortable. With my work, I've been in black neighborhoods where unemployed "youths" group together to try to scare and intimidate me (and it works). And lastly, my husband and I earned everything we own and we apologize to no one for our success and share it willingly with those WE feel are deserving.

  • homer1057

    Some people are as blind as a bat backing into a blizzard when it comes to the truth! IT is NOT the trouble or the color stupid! the trouble is the "NATURE" of mankind! The solution is a NEW BIRTH!! John 3:3-7/1 Peter 3:18 KJV No matter what color man is he will have troubles and IF he doesn't know the one who can break down the barriers than color will matter as well as all the other things in Life! Why don't people give "The Lord Jesus Christ a try instead of trying to solve what ONLY HE cansolve!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lee-Sullivan/100000256745869 Lee Sullivan

    I have never felt guilty for being the color God made me - neither should anyone else. This is pure RACISM. Like others - I do not apologize.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Valerie-Protopapas/1248165652 Valerie Protopapas

    The whole racial conflict is a diversion, a construct of the oligarchs who presently rule not only in this country but throughout the entire West. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of those oligarchs are themselves white! The present conflict emboldens non-whites to target whites even though most of the misery they have suffered throughout history resulted from tyrants of their own races, not European whites. And when whites were involved (see the colonial period in Africa and Asia), often more care was taken of the "downtrodden" minorities by the colonials (see "the White Man's burden" concept) than was ever taken by their own rulers! Today, whites in the US, Canada and Europe respond with generosity and concern for the people of the Third World who are victims of famines, wars and natural disasters DESPITE the obvious hatred displayed by many Third World people towards whites. But none of that means anything when the whole idea is to put an end to the power wielded by whites in the US and elsewhere. That is what "diversity" is all about. Overwhelm the present white majority in the West with Third World people who are more easily ruled than the founders of Western civilization.

  • The_American_Way

    Gary DeMar's article is a useless observation and regurgitation of the party line that has been shoved down our throats about the current state of affairs in our country. I see things from a completely different perspective.

    Mr. DeMar and others of his ilk seem to always want to focus on racism like it is a "white" problem only. This nonsense is right out of the Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan play book. Racism exists and it will always exist. And the more uneducated our population becomes the more the percent of people who are racist will increase. I would, however, suggest that racism being demonstrate by the black community far out weighs the racism from the whites. When 94% of a particular race votes for a man because he is black, that is racism. When an Attorney General refuses to prosecute people for wielding truncheons at a polling station because they are black - that is racism. When reverse discrimination is openly practiced and rationalized because the belief exist that blacks can't compete on a level playing field - that is racism.

    If we are going to discuss racism honestly and openly, then we can not act like racism exists only in one race.

  • tudor1

    When all else fails and you are losing the argument, play the race card!

  • Kate

    Yikes. Have you repented of helping a girl violate the Fifth Commandment, and apologized to her parents for such an evil act?

  • http://www.facebook.com/reformedconfederategirl Kate MacGregor

    Have you repented of helping a girl violate the Fifth Commandment, and apologized to her parents for such an evil act?

  • sue

    Why should anyone apologize for being white?We don't choose our own race or sex. I am so sick of the racists at MSNBC in particular but also the rest of the mainstream media and the Democrats who are supposed to be so tolerant and caring but who are the biggest racists around. The Dems are such hypocrites They were the racists when I was growing up. Cannot forget old George Wallace standing in front of the school to stop black kids from entering. They voted against the voting rights act, they loved slavery. Hypocrites and liars. If I were black I would never vote Democrat. If I were hispanic I would NOT vote for Obama, after they had to hand in all their forks and knives before Obama spoke to them last week. What a slam!!!Did his Hollywood buds have to turn in their forks and knives, or did Sarah Jessica Parker and her ilk have to turn in theirs or is it only Hispanics that have to hand them in?Interesting to hear the spin on this.

  • Perishthethought

    One of these days? Friend - half the blacks in this country are full on KKK (BEt) virulent racists. Most whites were raised to be colorblind. Now - after the constant assault of the lefty racists, whites are getting pissed. Be careful what you ask for, because the bear is waking - sadly.

  • sion7

    @41706bd90efbe109b752b8a0c5912b2b:disqus I support what you said, except for a thing. You said: " I DO PREFER the company of my own kind" In fact, there is only one kind: the human kind. Genetically, the difference between blacks and whites is irrelevant. What is in discussion here is mostly cultural differences. I'm considered a "white" here in Peru because of the color of my skin, even though my mother is considered a "black" here. However, we both would be considered "latinos" in USA, I'm sure.

    I'm tired of politicians and other people, waving the race card, and crying: "racism" every time they want to get something. That happens in Peru too with indigenous people, not so much with blacks because they are a small minority. But as a Christian, I consider every person to be of my own kind, the human kind. I hope our politics and our culture to be color blind. And to fight racism and every form of discrimination should not mean to bully the others.

  • f8tul

    There is racism going on.. Real Racism.. Every single time someone calls the racist card.. Every single time someone calls anyone racist due to either the color of his/her skin and/or they don't "believe" the way they do there is RACISM AFOOT..
    The biggest RACISTS right now are "running" this country.. Eric "I won't prosecute a non-white" and the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA (which is the biggest racist biggot trash luck enough to be in this country right now for if it was anybody else, they would be awaiting deportation and jail time)

    The MSM are bigots and racists... so goes the entire DEMOCRAT PARTY.....


    I will not ever change or apologize for the way God made me.. I am who I am.. get used to it or STFU

  • DC

    What obama has done by calling everyone a racist is he has taken the sting and the negative power from the word. People would prepare for a fight if they were called racist. Now they say, if not agreeing with obama is being racist, then I am a racist... Nobody, except poorly looked at people, claimed themselves a racist before obama took office. I am sure everyone has heard the phrase "divide and conquer". That is what is going on here. The black people should be offended for assuming that all blacks are racially biased enough to vote for him because he is half black... This guy must go!

  • http://www.facebook.com/smichaelwilson Scott Wilson

    I swear, there's nothing funnier than a bunch of white people complaining that some people are trying to make them feel bad about being white, argue that all white people aren't racist, and then follow it up with comments about how blacks are more racist, dangerous, and lazy than whites.

  • rbeach

    I suppose talking without a teleprompter would seem ackward. Tired of the racial spliting of america we are only one race human.

  • http://www.facebook.com/misfitt58 Michael Buell

    very good Miss Melie, well said.. I too have worked all my life(since I was 16) and I have built my own little kingdom, I own my home the land it sets on, and Have 6 cars (thats my hobbie now) 4 dogs and 4 cats, and Im not going to Apologize to anyone for spending MY MONEY the way I want Im retired now and dont owe anyone anything, these people that think the world owes them a living need to get up off,the goverment tit and gt a job,,,I fipped many hambergers when I was young, didnt hurt me none, I hear the Army has openings I m a proud White man and yes Im racist I too prefer my own race but Im also color blind when it comes to a persons rights, blacks too can have nice things ,,but they not getting mine,,,

  • http://www.facebook.com/misfitt58 Michael Buell

    Have the Black voters forgot that Obama is half whte Quote"My father was BLACK as pitch and my Mother was WHITE as MILK ,,ok so if he is the 1st BLACK president what did he do with his WHITE half

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1486141321 Joanne Satmary

    Defining racism: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Farakhan,Obama,Black Panthers, Angela Davis, Cornell West,Eric Dipon. Is it any wonder why racism is so alive as long as these people earn their living off the poor blacks that listen to them. They are the racists of America!! They feed off of their own!

  • http://twitter.com/moneytalksII Carlos J. Negron

    I am an Hispanic American, and say that, for those who are into categorizing
    The last paragraph of this article sums up nicely the risk of overusing AND incorrectly using a word.
    I suggest people understand the true meaning of a word before making use of it.
    Today, words such as sorry, remorse etc. have lost meaning because of its overuse and application.
    Denial is creating confusion and unhappiness among human beings because some, are attempting to do wha tis unnatural .ie: lions mingle with lions, fish with fish, birds with birds etc.
    I, TOO, prefer to be amongst people similar to me, and I am honest and unshameful of that.
    In my case being bilingual and bicultural is very important , but that does not make me a racist.

  • thismustend

    Really, because I am 49 and I haven't seen ANY "white" against black racism, NOT ANY! Not in WA. State nor in Las Vegas, as a matter of fact the black kids in my school dated cheerleaders, got all the best parts in plays, chorus & on our sports teams. There were no little black girls being persecuted by horrible "white" adults. Seriously, how old is the author of this ridiculous article?
    I have seen a LOT of BLACK against "white" racism howsoever. I have been called BOY, BIT CH, CRACKER & "white" M F for absolutely no other reason than my skin color. EVERY DAY in this country blacks TARGET other races, ra ping, ro bbing & mur dering yet the LEFTIST PROPAGANDA MEDIA IGNORES that fact. LOOK at CRIME STATISTICS, black on "white" crime is EXPONENTIALLY HIGHER than "white" on black crime. THAT is a FACT!!
    Instead of buying into the leftist race baiting it is time to start holding the BLACK community ACCOUNTABLE for their HA TE, OUT OF CONTROL RACISM & CRIME.

  • Ishimo

    It's not race, it's culture. Over the last 50 years or so, there has been a growth of the culture of government dependency and violence. This culture is not the exclusive domain of any one race. However, it is a very easy issue to politicize and hang the race card on.

    If the progressives admitted that it's culture and not race that sets their professional victims apart, they then would have to admit that something could be done about it. A culture of gang violence can be changed. A persons race can't. By hanging the race card on every issue they shut down the conversation.

    The race card is pure Alinsky in action.