Obama Congratulates Islamists as Egypt Goes to Muslim Brotherhood

Well, President Obama must be proud of himself this morning.

The "Arab Spring" which he helped to foment in word and deed has reached a new milestone with the election of a Muslim Brotherhood Islamist as president of Egypt.

Obama called Mohammed Mursi to congratulate him early this morning on his election victory.

One thing with Obama: If he's not imitating President Nixon, then you can count on him to be mimicking Jimmy Carter.

During Carter's reign, the president oversaw the transformation of Iran from a U.S.-allied, reasonably modern nation under the reign of the shah into an Islamo-fascist state under the Ayatollah Khomeini. To this day, Iran remains a sponsor of global terrorism and threat to Middle East and world peace.

In Egypt, President Obama backed the removal of U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak was an iron-fisted presence, hardly an enlightened Western-style ruler, but he worked with us and kept his country running peaceably.

During the revolution in Egypt, the U.S. press talked incessantly about the sprouting of "democracy" in the Middle East, but the word on the street, as seen in the foreign press and on the Internet, was that the Muslim Brotherhood was behind a huge storm of violence that targeted women, Christians, Jews, Westerners of all stripes and anyone else who didn't toe the Islamist line.

Churches were burned. Non-Muslim families were killed. Women were dragged out of their homes, beaten and raped in the street. CBS reporter Lara Logan was raped repeatedly by a mob of more than 200 men on the very night the Mubarak government fell.

Mursi is beginning his regime today with calls for "peace" and "unity," much to the delight of Western liberals. The reality is guaranteed to be something different.

The Muslim Brotherhood historically has supported elections in Muslim countries, but only when it can win. Otherwise, it turns quickly toward violence of the sort seen in Egypt.

As hard-core Islamists, the brotherhood's stated goal is to make the Quran the sole guide for religious, political and social life, and to create a Shariah-law state.

In recent weeks, Israel has felt the effects of the Muslim Brotherhood's rise to power as barrages of rockets have rained down on towns near the Egyptian border.

In light of the other changes sweeping the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia planning to fund the Syrian rebel army and Turkey dragging NATO into its border conflict with Syria, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Egyptian presidency should be ringing alarm bells in Washington.

In the call to Mursi, President Obama "emphasized his interest in working together with president-elect Mursi, on the basis of mutual respect, to advance the many shared interests between Egypt and the U.S."

Right -- maybe work together to resolve that War on Women the liberals keep talking about.



  • deeme

    As I recall when he became President the first year, everything that was going on over there he was involved with..Code Pink was over there and so was Ayers and Dorn.helping in all the protests..this whole thing has his mark on it..

  • Mary

    Of course he's going to be happy about the Muslim brotherhood taking over Egypt. When Barry moved to Indonesia he was raised with a traditional Muslim upbringing, complete with Imans and Madrasas.

  • Pitbull

    We must get rid of this Muslim president. Although Michelle hates America she needs to get rid if him. She can do better than that

    • eve hunter

      what is that wide lump between obama's lower lip and chin. it wasn't there in 2008. am i the only one noticing this puff on his chin?

  • Pitbull

    We must get rid of this Muslim president. Although Michelle hates America she needs to get rid if him. She can do better than that

  • Mark_OneTwo

    muslim usurper in-chieif.
    he and his bros have won a battle.
    Yeshua (Jesus) will win the war.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JQ5P62VEEFXALP2MW7O7B547TY David in MA

    "In the call to Mursi, President Obama “emphasized his interest in working together with president-elect Mursi, on the basis of mutual respect, to advance the many shared interests between Egypt and the U.S.”
    No suprise here, but what is obozo saying? Islamize America, in his statement?Remember, islam and any form of democracy is incompatable....

  • PAWatcher

    Time for OUR tax dollars to stop going to these moderate terrorists (sarc). Pay your own way muslim brotherhood! Step up republicans and defund Egypt.

    • Screeminmeeme

      PAWatcher...Its INSANE to pay your own assassins. This is precisely what Obama has been doing by giving billions to the Palestinians, Pakistan, and Egypt, as well as others. The Muslim Brotherhood is a violent global jihadist group whose main objective is a universal caliphate. It is the main terrorist coordinating organization with the stated goal of seeing the US destroyed in less than 20 years

      Obama has proven himself to be a muslim countless times by kowtowing to the muslim world......yet many Americans don't want to admit it.

      In January 2010, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, in which President Obama told him that he was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the stepson of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda.

      He asked that the Muslem world show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic American problems (Healthcare), that he would show the Muslem world what he would do with Israel!

      It became all too clear after his election how proud he was of his Muslim name, background and family. He made this plain when he gave his very first interview to Muslim media and boasted of these things. But bear in mind, it was forbidden to speak of such things during the presidential campaign. That was the level of deceit and obfuscation while praciticing al taquiyya.

      We need to halt all funding of Islamic countries...but that won't happen as long as Obama is in office, and as long as Americans continue to pretend that Islam is not our enemy.

      • flgeezer

        Knock off the islamo-phobia and benefit from the wise words of a courageous, learned Israeli peace maker:

        • PAWatcher

          Send it to the peace loving PhD Muri. I know how to make peace...........with God's help.

        • Screeminmeeme

          figeezer...It's not islamophobia when they really want to kill you.

        • Screeminmeeme

          figeezer.....The Muslim Brotherhood's goal is to see America (and the entire world) defeated and living under the boot of sharia law. Those of us who know Islam well don't fall for the lies slithering out of the mouths of educated muslim barbarians like Mursi. During the ''Egyptian spring'' , the MB said they would not have one of theirs in the elections. They lied...just like most muslims lie in accordance with allah's commands.

          TRUTH is the enemy of Islam. The more truth people know of its evil, the better equipped Americans will be in fighting it. It ought to be eradicated from the earth.

          There....another Islamophobic opinion. Sit on it.

        • Mark_OneTwo


          Like it was with hitlerphobia ?

      • PAWatcher

        Screemin, you said what I said only much more in depth and better. Thanks for your great reply.

    • flgeezer

      >Step up republicans and defund Egypt.
      I can't think of a better way to bring islamic extremists to the fore and insure the slaughter of the beleaguered Coptic Christians in Egypt. You people that kneel to John Hagee or Pat Robertson are the real threat to settlement of the problems in the middle east. I'll bet you weren't aware that Mursi has a PhD in Engineering from USC. He is far more rational than "kill 'em all" rubes such as yourself. You give a bad name to Americans. Isn't it enough that we've slaughtered 300,000 Chaldean Christians in Iraq?

      • PAWatcher

        You believe funding the muslim brotherhood will insure safety for the Coptic Christians? Really? They won the vote let's see what happens when they remove their moderate mask. I really don't care what kind of degree he holds, wow a PhD USC........still a radical islamist, IMHO infidel.
        I kneel to God and stand with the US constitution as my resolve. I am not a threat to the middle east, THEY threaten me and Israel everyday. They can make war or peace without my money. I don't like blood money nor handouts.
        The Islamic extremists in Iraq killed Chaldean Christians by the thousands, not me and mine. 100,000 have relocated to US I understand.
        I'm not a "kill em all" person- I'm a "kill before being killed" person, and a kill evil person.

        • Oscar deLarento

          Well spoken PAwatcher. I'm with you.

      • Screeminmeeme

        figeezer.........So.......let's see. You would have us kiss the asses of muslim terrorists so you'll feel better about your anti-Israel hatred? How stupid are you...that you assume that all Americans follow TV preachers? Most Christians I know can actually think for themselves.

        Just sos ya know......I was against the war in Iraq AND Afghanistan. My approach to the terrorism problem would have prevented the deaths and maiming of our troops. I would have aimed our most powerful missiles at Mecca and Medina, Islam's holiest cities, in Saudi Arabia (the main supporter of worldwide Islamic terrorism) and given the Saudi king an ultimatum: either shut down the activity of ALL JIHADISTS or see those cities incinerated.

        There ya go......now lets hear all the whining about how savage I am toward muslims.
        You betcha...I'm savage when it comes to defending America against the bloody bast****

        Capitulation isn't in my vocabulary.
        Deal with it, you creep.

        • flgeezer

          > I would have aimed our most powerful missiles at Mecca and Medina, Islam's holiest cities, in Saudi Arabia (the main supporter of worldwide Islamic terrorism) and given the Saudi king an ultimatum: either shut down the activity of ALL JIHADISTS or see those cities incinerated.

          Ahhh, the voice of reason. You guys are really pathetic. You bluster and blubber about evil jihadists while conveniently overlooking the fact that they are a minuscule portion of the the 300 million arabs in the neighborhood of Israel. To do what you prescribe would cause a holocaust that would make the work of Stalin and Mao look like a family picnic. Is this your idea of what America stands for? This is perverse in the extreme. But reason can't penetrate the thought processes of rootin', tootin' gunslingers such as yourselves, and you likely can't wait to get into it with Syria, Pakistan, and Iran. That's what your Israeli masters have been advocating and braying about since 9/12/2001.



          >They threaten me and Israel everyday

          And poor old PAWatcher has a case of terminal paranoia. Paranoids such as yourselves are a real threat to peace. But, in sum, I guess you and PAWatcher advocate ALL WAR, ALL THE TIME. And btw, have you enlisted yet? 😎


        • Screeminmeeme

          figeezer.......Gee, lets see....a..minuscule portion of 300 million arabs...mostly muslims.....an estimated 10-15% are arab non-muslims(45,000,000). We'll go with a conservative 1% of the remaining 255,000,000 arab muslims being jihadists (tho the estimate is greater) which would be 2,550,000 JIHADISTs in the area!!

          There's a nightmare for ya...millions of allah-akbar-screaming, misogynistic, pedophile bombers who hide behind the skirts of women and children.
          Moham-hog would be so proud of his followers.

          You make the mistake of assuming that muslims are so bent on terrorizing that they wouldn't mind if their most beloved cities were razed. I think you might be wrong on that issue. I think the missiles would provide quite a nice incentive for them to tolerate the rest of the human race instead of thinking that they are the only people with the right to live on this earth. Oh, that's right....they don't think non-muslims are human, do they?

          Trust me...If I didn't want to go to war with Iraq or Afghanistan, I could care even less about Syria, Pakistan or Iran....all Islamic nations who would want to avoid the destruction of their beloved cities. If they want to kill one another, all the better.

          Thank God that only a minuscule number of muslims are Quran-obeying or the world would be in a lot worse shape.

          Americans are a threat to peace????? You have no grasp of reality.
          Thanks for the biggest belly laugh of the day!

        • Sandy K

          You need to quit reading all this drivel of lies that you keep posting links for and read about the atrocities perpetrated by the Islamists against the infidel (that would be anyone that is not of their "faith") and even against their own children, daughters and women. Wake up, their is no paranoia, their values are fact subtantiated by reputable journalist after journalist. Expose yourself to the truth and you will be appaled. You can't make a deal with the devil.

        • Mark_OneTwo

          RE your question to figeeze; "how stupid are you": From all posts', Id say he is either a deceiver muslim or as dumb as a stump.Im going with the former as his arguments which lack logic or reason are consistent with the rhetoric used by all deceivers. His claim that US money would save Coptic Christians (or anyone else that the muslim brotherhood, HATE) is a lie from the pit-o-Hell. And "creep" was very merciful of you.

        • FLgeezer

          >His claim that US money would save Coptic Christians (or anyone else that the muslim brotherhood, HATE) is a lie from the pit-o-hell.

          If we cut off Egypt, it will lend credence to the jihadists' claim that America is intent on wiping out islam. It will incite more hatred and Copts will surely be the target. But Egyptian Copts aren't "real Christians" anyway, right? "Real Christians" subscribe to the theology of John Hagee or Pat Robertson? Is that clear enough for you evangelical dolts? Likely not...sigh! 8-(



          And be sure to read the Most Helpful Customer Reviews. 😎

        • Mark_OneTwo

          Not familiar with Hagee and Robertson’s’ view on Israel, but the Biblically Christians should be Zionist’s. The Bible is clear in Old and New Testament teaching that the Jews are Yahweh’s chosen people, and Yahweh has chosen Jerusalem as the place where He has put His name forever.
          Regardless of Israel’s current state, Yahweh’s Word(The Bible) proclaims that He will restore His Kingdom to them.
          And if Yahweh’s Word is not your basis for “Truth”, you cannot know truth.
          Your foundation is on shifting sand and you will be swept away.

        • Screeminmeeme

          FLgeezer.....Every civilized nation in the world should be wiping out Islam...it's the scourge of mankind.

  • Ron

    before obama was elected he made the statement that if and when it comes down to any thing Muslim he will back the muslims so what did any one with a right mind expect. 4 more years of him in the White house and there will be a Christian vs Muslim war right here in the U S A

    • Wyatt

      Glad you remembered that . Seems my liberal aquaintences don't recall this and claim I nuts and a racist

    • Cincitiger

      Not only that but he's a Muslim Brotherhood plant in the White House. Obama has enabled the Islamic Brotherhood to take down Arab regimes.to take over and impose an Islamic dictatorship. When did any Arab country have revolts which weren't quelled and the rebels massacred?

  • Eileen37

    Since muslims are against women's rights and Obama supports the muslims, I would assume in his heart of hearts he is also against women's rights.

  • CoolApple

    Doesn't surprise me. I have to believe most of the people that come to this site probably feel the same. Obama is not looking out for the best interest of the USA. This is an absolute perfect example. It is almost a carbon copy of what Carter did with Iran and the Shah.

  • Mike Aquila

    This moron who calls himself the President, along with that other great intellectual giant, Hillary Clinton, are setting the stage for the next major war in the Middle East. They have helped install militant Islamic regimes in countries which were previously "moderate". Obama did nothing to help a true independence movement in Iran, sitting on his hands while the maniac mullahs slaughtered pro-Western teens in the street. Likewise the so called "mainstream media" hushed the stories up while the blood flowed in Tehran. When Egyptian protestors were interviewed, by Western news outlets, concerning what was one of the greater benefits of ousting President Muhbaric out of office, they responded that the treaty with Israel would be thrown out! When the next major war breaks out, the wacky world will blame Israel (for defending themselves) andf forget the part these two great political "giants" played toward starting the wars.

    • Mark_OneTwo

      I agree, WWIII has to be close.
      HOLD ON TO YESHUA (Jesus) - He is the Only Hope !

  • flaphil

    From a fool to a terrorist, what a combination.

  • danclamage

    Mutual respect? That's the code phrase islamists are always using to demand westerners stoop to their level.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-P-Rethman/726404035 Michael P. Rethman

    Yeah, but no worries about Syria for this President! He makes mere failure look good.

    • eve hunter

      our presidents may have their weakness and faults but never has one been out to destroy our country like soros' boy.

  • Blair

    We should have formed some civil society groups to counter the Muslim Brotherhood. We screwed up and did it royally. I have one word for everybody old enough to remember it. IRAN.

  • gnafuasusual

    U.S.A. next? This fraud in the White House has caused more grief than any other U.S. president. There is not one president he can compare himself to no matter how hard he tries. Obama has made a name for himself all by himself. No matter what he says, Muslims did not found America nor did they fight in the Revolutionary War or Civil War. The only war Muslims were interested in was WW II. They sided with Hitler and his ilk. That's how Muslims helped the U.S.A.???? Many countries contributed to American knowledge but that doesn't mean that our country must be just like all of those countries. Wake Up!

    • eve hunter

      everytime i see a arab woman she has a couple kids and is pregnant. we should not allow them into our country. they have wrecked every country in europe and are now working on ours.

  • dondehoff

    Just three sentences, inluding this one. What does it take, to get our congresspersons off of their duffs (being polite) and start impeachment action against our setting President? He, almost daily, is doing things that may prove irreparable.

  • http://profiles.google.com/pudbertsavannahga Mort Leith

    Odumbo should be SOOOO proud of himself,, displacing a dictator with one of the worst terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood...

    and not only in ONE country, but 2 or 3 (Libya, Egypt and maybe soon Syria ! ! ! )

    SOOOO proud......

  • Gmarshall

    Wonder if the billion dollars a year military aid to Egypt will continue with the new regime? Guess it will because Obama congratulated Mursi on his win so he obviously must be pleased with the change.

  • taliesin319

    Nice ! He calls for Mursi a Coptic Christian, to shake hands and smile, knowing that Islamic terrorists
    supported by the Muslim Brotherhood have killed, and will continue to kill his beleagured co-religionists. Libya all over again and yet another nail in the coffin being prepared for the State of Israel. Its like expecting the Jews of Germany under Hitler to thank him for providing the most effective gas for the chambers and to do it by sending him thank you notes. He illustrates the banality of pure evil.

  • aurora9

    To all Americans, regardless of their racial heritage: If we don't get BO out of the WH., his second term will be worst than his first and he WILL try to turn our nation into a mus lim country instilling shariah law. I wish that my late ancestors were here to convince you but, unfortunately, they were butchered by the mus lims because they were Chritians!

  • bobbylang

    Obama and Clinton would dearly love to be in a position of kissing the brotherhoods "A##"! They will be able to depend on their contributions "down the road"!
    Happily, I think the Egyptian Military is standing in their way!
    We will see how it ends soon, and I hope it's like the Saudi, "Civilian Abuse Case!", the new name for a traditional "Civil War".
    I see Russia assuming the power support position! It's been abandoned by the current administration!
    I don't like Assad, but I like the muslim brotherhood less and as THEY say! "The enemy of my enemy, is my friend"
    SAY Hillery!! Who is speaking for the "minority" (Christian and non-muslim population) now??
    Only the military!
    Liberals feel it's great to support minorities unless they're Christian or non-muslim!

  • haroldson

    there was a few congress persons along with the white sending congrats to the brother hood, Look the names up and remember them come voting time.

  • Evermyrtle

    Of course he did, this is a major step in the Islams taking over the world. Does this make you wonder about the trinity of Satan, the antichrist, the best and the false prophet. Which of the three is Obam. I have my ideas. Who is the most powerful man in this Islam infested world?

  • Freedom1656

    I pray for a Republican president that can clean up this Democrats mess

  • J Hand

    With the fall of Mubarak, the smuggling of weapons into Gaza from Egypt increased. Now that the Muslim brother to Obama will be in charge, the border between Gaza and Egypt will be open, to all who smuggle weapons to be used against Israel. It is only a matter of time now before 'all the nations of the world' come down on Israel, as predicted in the Bible.

  • sovereintyofone

    Take a good long look at the picture featured in this article. Obama and the republican speaker of the house. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I see this picture and what runs through my mind is " we are being " HAD " by both the democrats and republicans ", more over they think we ( American citizens ) are a bunch of idiots to be manipulated as they please. You doubt what I say? Okay, lets look at our " great white " hope, Romney. Ask yourself this question: If I were the presidential (hopefull) candidate wouldn't I have a little bit more " FIRE ! " in my campaign, wouldn't I be pulling out all the stops and telling the american people about all the " Failures ", " Anti - American Actions " that this fraud Obama has committed while in office. Wouldn't I burn up the air with all the facts and failures of Obama and then tell how I would fix them. Or at least tell the American people how much I love the people of this country and this country and will do my very best to get us back on the road to recovery by revolking all of Obama's executive orders? Now look what we have, the real Romney, Playing political poker with Obama: " I see your illegal alien bid, and I'll raise you ". We don't need a sheep as president, we need a constitutional warrior to save this nation. (Mr. Romney, where do you stand on the destruction of this country? " We'll ahh, gee, hmm, baaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaaa ! " ) Get ready for 4 more years of our dictator Obama.

  • DockyWocky

    This is hardly news. Obama has been leaning heavily toward kissing islamic heinie since day one of his "fool Whitey" campaign to ruin America.
    He must be delighted that the so-called Muslim Brotherhood has finally taken the reins of power in Egypt. They will soon be sealing that state of affairs and anyone who doubts that simply has forgotten to consider that th Egyptian army is also iislamic.

  • paperpushermj

    Does anyone see any mechanism at all built into the Muslim Brotherhood, cranking out Moderates? If anything, once you scratch the surface and get past the moderate face, the people doing the yeoman's work of the leadership are.... Islamist