U.S. Military Waging War on Christianity

Last year it was reported that military chaplains were being ordered by the Pentagon to perform same-sex marriages, even though it violates their faith.  In response, thousands of military chaplains said that this was one order that they would refuse to carry out.

Then earlier this year, we reported on a new Pentagon order telling military chaplains that if they preached against sin, including homosexuality, that they could be charged with sedition and treason.  It seems that these were only the beginning skirmishes in the military’s war on Christianity.

Last year, the group known as Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers complained to Air Force officials about the long standing policy of placing Bibles in on-base housing by the Gideons.  They complained that placing Bibles in rooms gave special preference to Christians.  In April, The Patriot reported that Air Force officials had caved in to the pressure of the atheist group and would be removing all Bibles from on base housing.

Just a few days after The Patriot posting, a spokesman for the Air Force Services Agency took exception to the report.  Michael Dickerson explained that the Air Force had not caved in to the atheist group and that they were not removing Bibles from all on-base housing.  What the Air Force had agreed to do was to eliminate Bibles from a checklist of 1,200 items given to Air Force innkeepers.  He also noted that the Air Force did not place Bibles in rooms and that this had always been done by the Gideons.

At that time, former Navy chaplain, Dr Gordon Klingenschmitt, commented on the Air Force’s decision by saying,

"The Air Force is apparently complicit to this. I don't know if they're removing the Bibles, but at least they're removing [them] from the checklists, [the result being that] whoever cleans the rooms is no longer required to check whether the Bible is in place."

"So if somebody steals one of those Bibles or if they're confiscated by atheist complainers or put in the trash, then sadly Christian people will not have access to read the Bible at night."

Klingenschmitt was a Navy Lieutenant when he was reprimanded and fined $3,000 in 2006 for wearing his uniform to a protest against a court order.  As a Navy chaplain, he found himself facing a court martial for praying in Jesus name while in uniform.  In 2007, he received an honorable discharge and went on to found The Pray In Jesus Name Project.

In response to the Air Force’s decision, Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty issued a statement condemning the decision saying,

“From General George Washington until today military personnel have taken counsel, received comfort, and been encouraged by biblical texts,” said COL Ron Crews, executive director for the Chaplain Alliance. “These Bibles cost the Air Force nothing, and their presence is legally legitimate; therefore, no reason exists for the Air Force to have retreated in the face of the small anti-religious group that demanded removal of the books.”

“While there is no requirement to have them, why should there be a requirement to remove them?” COL Crews said. “They are provided free of charge as a service. No airman is required to pick one up or read it. The Bibles are merely there to use if desired. This pending decision is one more example of religious cleansing in the Air Force, and it must stop.”

The removal of Bibles from the checklist is not the only evidence to indicate that the Air Force and the rest of the military branches have declared war on Christianity. Earlier this month, it was reported that the Pentagon had once again caved into atheist demands by banning certain Bibles from stores on military bases.  Due to protests by atheists, the Holman Bible will no longer be available in on base stores because it was emblazoned with the trademarked emblems of the Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy.  The atheists claimed that made the Bibles appear to be officially sponsored and endorsed by the military branches.

Since April, a number of military chaplains and organizations representing them have been talking to their congressmen in Washington DC.  In response to the chaplains complaints and prayers, a group of 66 congressmen and women, sent a letter to Leon Panetta, Secretary of the Defense asking the Pentagon to stop their apparent war on religion.  The letter spelled out three key issues, Bibles being removed from the checklist, removal of religious references in missile training and the order barring commanders from telling their airmen and soldiers about any chaplain programs available.  Part of the letter said,

"When our sons and daughters join the military, they are not signing away their First Amendment right to religious liberty. Unfortunately, it seems that some parts of the military are intent on prohibiting religious expressions rather than protecting it."

In response to the congressional letter, Brig Gen Douglas Lee (USA-Ret), founding member of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty said,

"The Air Force over the last several years seems to be running scared as potential threats have come their way that have actually restricted mostly Christians from being able to carry out their activities in the Air Force."

"I think he has way more influence in the Air Force than is necessary.  Certainly when he has threatened suit, the Air Force seems to have jumped very quickly. His organization claims to be concerned about religious liberty, but I personally interpret their actions as trying to denigrate religious liberty rather than celebrate it. So, yes -- he's very much involved."

Not only in government, public schools and other public arenas, but our military is also been controlled and changed by a vocal minority that insist that their rights should supersede the rights of the majority.  Every time one of these minority action groups stands up and cries in public, it seems whomever they are crying to listens and gives in to them.  And the reason they do is that the majority continue to sit on their butts and complain to one another instead of getting up and doing something about it.

When is the last time you wrote, emailed or called your state or federal senator or congressman?  When is the last time that you contacted any politician to share your ideas and concerns?  If you can’t remember when or if it’s been awhile, then I charge you with doing something to help stop the whining few from stripping the majority of us of our rights and that especially goes for the rights of the majority of men and women who are serving our nation and may be called upon to put their lives on the line for you and me.



  • Shermer

    I assume, Giacomo, that you'd support Muslim members of your armed forces placing copies of the Quran in base housing? After all, nobody's actually required to read it...

    • Screeminmeeme

      Shermer....Muslim troops ought to be allowed to have the Quran in their possession. Bibles should be sold in military stores along with other religious materials and atheists, like you, can go pout in a corner and suck your highly evolved opposable thumbs.

      America began as a Christian nation whose laws derive from the Judeo-Christian ethic. The letters and writings of the Founding Fathers prove it beyond a doubt. We did not begin as an Islamic nation....though muslims are hoping to supplant our gov with an Islamic one.

      I personally would allow NO MUSLIM to be in our military, government, police force, CIA,FBI, etc. because according to their own authoritative text, NO MUSLIM is permitted to pledge allegiance to any but allah.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P7WNMPMIMNBCY6GVQKWD2DP7AI IDConservative


      • http://www.facebook.com/von.fileccia Von Fileccia

        The Quran should not be allowed. The Muslims came to this country for a better life. So let them live by our rules.....speak ENGLISH, Take off the burkas so your face will be recognized, respect our flag, stop killing their family members, and stop thinking they own these United States. The legal citizen Christians own these United States. Back in the early days when there was immigration (Germans, French, Italians, etc.) those people respected our laws, learned to speak English, and fought for our country. They did not complain about bibles or anything else that the muslims find offensive now. If they want to be respected, then they will have to earn that respect. If they don't like it, then go back where they came from. Some of our suburbs are owned by muslims and how do they fertizlize their front yards....their human fecal matter. (that folks is a fact) They are disgusting people.

      • Shermer

        I'm not pouting, meeme. I'm curious to what extent you're prepared to give people their religious freedom - normally, freedom of religion really means freedom of Christianity. I'm glad you agree that muslim members of the military - the ones who would give their own lives to saves yours - should have the same rights as Christians.
        But then you go on to say they shouldn't be there in the first place. You need to make up your mind.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Shermer........I don't give people their religious freedom, the First Amendment does that. I have no problem whatever with the free exercise of any harmless religion...or no religion at all for that matter.

          However...this caveat. I came to be a serious student of Islam beginning in 1999 when I wanted to learn what motivated all the terrorist acts against us....the embassy bombings, the Khobar Towers, the first attack on Twin Towers in 93, the Cole, and countless others.

          I was schooled by arab ex-muslims who had been born into that vile belief system and who happily left it. Multiple times I've read the Quran, hadditha, Sunna and Islamic scholars...and what I learned has irrevocably changed my perception of it and motivated me to oppose it's ascendancy in this country. Unfortunately, every level of our gov...local to fed....has been infiltrated (called political jihad) and the victim narrative is used over and over to gain sympathy so that they can get their demands met ....and get laws/ordinances passed giving them special allowances.

          (I live in Michigan...3 hours north of Dearbornistan...so I know well what happens when Islam comes to town.....it looks like a Baghdad getto. I have friends who lived in the same neighborhood for 50 years and were forced out by gangs of muslim youth who used vandalism and intimidation to take over the area.) This is a common story.

          I learned that Islam is a hegemonic, misogynistic, perverted fascistic totalitarian system cloaked in the rhetoric and garb of religion which is seeking world domination..and has been doing so for 14 centuries....and therefore I do NOT believe it has any claim on the First Amendment. To understand its tactics, just look at what happened in Europe and Middle East when blood-thirsty muslims arrived on the scene. Irreplaceable paintings....religious icons/artifacts/bibles were destroyed as were entire libraries. Aside from the use of cyber warfare, the tactics of Islam have remained unchanged.

          Having said that, I deal in reality and agree that yes...there are 10s of millions of nominal muslims worldwide (mostly secular) who are not jihadist and only want to live in harmony with others. Those ''moderate'' muslims do not exist in Islam. The Quran indentifies them as hypocrites, worthy of a savage death because they refuse to obey allah in his command to wage jihad on the infidel...but those professing muslims who DO, are rewarded by eternal sex and drunkeness in the afterlife.

          Most people who are ignorant of it, believe Islam to be just another
          benign religion...which couldn't be further from the truth since terrorism is inseparable from it. It is the scourge of mankind.

          One additional comment: the practice of lying ( al taquiya) sanctioned by allah (to gain the trust of the infidel to use against him at a later time) make dealing with any muslims problematic. And the allegiance problem adds a whole other dimension to the issue.

          As for muslim soldiers already enlisted...IMO they should be able to have their Quran in their possession. But the pre-eminence of Christianity, because of it's historical import to America and influence on every facet of Early American life, ought to be maintained IMO. America is not an Islamic country and muslims can either deal with that fact or move.

          BTW: Islam is not happy with atheists either.


        • Pastafarian

          Blah blah blah blah Muslims blah bah blah terrorist blah blah blah scourge of mankind blah blah blah

        • Screeminmeeme

          Pastafarian....Blah blah blah blah pastafarian blah blah blah blah moron blah blah

          Idiot...Every single thing I posted is true about Islam. Either youré a muslim who can't handle the truth about your diabolical religion or you're someone who wills to remain ignorant and pretend that Islam is the religion of peace it claims to be.

          Right....Islam IS the religion of piece: a piece of someone here....a piece of someone there.

        • Pastafarian

          Did you see my post on the Christians at Abu Ghraib? Not very peaceful.

          The radical muslims will kill you and cut your head off. The radical Christians will sodomize your teenage son in front of you, shove a flashlight up your butt, smear feces all over your naked body, urinate on you, then cut your head off and take photos giving the thumbs-up next to your decapitated corpse.
          The true strength of the United States is it's diversity. The American Muslim soldier that helps defend our country is ten times the AMERICAN you are. The military Chaplain that chooses to perform a gay commitment ceremony is ten times the CHRISTIAN you are.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Pastafarian.........Jesus Christ said that we can know who a genuine Christian is by his behavior. He warned in the parable of the tares among the wheat that there would be posers, fake Christians, planted by the Evil One, who would try to give Christianity a bad name.

          Jesus said that you will know a true Christian by their GOOD acts..by their love and compassion....and by their willingness to stand for righteousness.

          Just like muslims are known by their actions. The notion of the ''moderate'' muslim is alien to Islam. Those secular muslims who don't obey the Quran's commands to wage jihad against the infidel are called hypocrites by allah, worthy of a savage death. And those muslims who do obey by waging jihad ARE the TRUE MUSLIMS, according to allah. So indeed....you CAN know who the true muslim is by whether or not he is trying to kill non-muslims. Of course, this has been born out in history also. The genocides of all kinds of cultures by blood thirsty muslims is well known. So do I want a genuine muslim in our military when they are not allowed to pledge allegiance to any but allah? No way.

          Who do you think you're kidding? Those at Abu Ghraib were NOT Christians.....the activity you described is more like what muslims do to innocent people all over the world all the time. Since 911, there have been over 19,000 terrorist attacks worldwide by muslims. So much for the religion of peace.

          All cultures are NOT equal. Multiculturalism has all but destroy parts of Europe...the Netherlands and Sweden especially are suffering under the growing evil culture of Islam there.

          America is diverse...often referred to as the melting pot of the world....but that was because people of all cultures immigrated here legally, and CONFORMED to this Christian-based culture, learned English, and assimilated into society. They MELTED INTO our country...becoming ONE with the rest of us. Not so with muslims.

          Muslims will not assimilate but seek to supplant every culture with an Islamic one.This has happened in virtually every country where Islam has gone.

          To see how America muslims really live, go to Dearborn MIchigan. Its disgusting what they people have done to that area. They live in filth and have made much of the area a Baghdad Getto. The other day they stoned Christians who were wearing signs with Bible verses at a public street fair. They do not understand that in America, everyone has the liberty to walk and talk where and how they choose.
          But then you know well, how Islam is all about subjugating every non-muslims to sharia law. In Islam, all do not have parity. ALL are not equal. In fact, In Islam, muslims are superior to the rest of us.

          Take your phony BS about Islam and peddle it somewhere else where fools will listen.

          You last statements are not worth responding to.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Pastafarian.........Jesus Christ said that we can know who a genuine Christian is by his behavior. He warned in the parable of the tares among the wheat that there would be posers, fake Christians, planted by the Evil One, who would try to give Christianity a bad name.

          Jesus said that you will know a true Christian by their GOOD acts..by their love and compassion....and by their willingness to stand for righteousness.

          Just like muslims are known by their actions. The notion of the ''moderate'' muslim is alien to Islam. Those secular muslims who don't obey the Quran's commands to wage jihad against the infidel are called hypocrites by allah, worthy of a savage death. And those muslims who do obey by waging jihad ARE the TRUE MUSLIMS, according to allah. So indeed....you CAN know who the true muslim is by whether or not he is trying to kill non-muslims.

          Of course, this has been born out in history also. The genocides of all kinds of cultures by blood thirsty muslims is well known. So do I want a genuine muslim in our military when they are not allowed to pledge allegiance to any but allah? No way.

          Who do you think you're kidding? Those at Abu Ghraib were NOT Christians.....the activity you described is more like what muslims do to innocent people all over the world all the time. Since 911, there have been over 19,000 terrorist attacks worldwide by muslims. So much for the religion of peace.

          All cultures are NOT equal. Multiculturalism has all but destroyed parts of Europe...the Netherlands and Sweden especially are suffering under the growing evil culture of Islam there.

          America is diverse...often referred to as the melting pot of the world....but that was because people of all cultures immigrated here legally, and CONFORMED to this Christian-based culture, learned English, and assimilated into society. They MELTED INTO our country...becoming ONE with the rest of us.

          Not so with muslims.

          Muslims will not assimilate but seek to supplant every culture with an Islamic one.This has happened in virtually every country where Islam has gone.

          To see how America muslims really live, go to Dearborn MIchigan. Its disgusting what they people have done to that area. They live in filth and have made much of the area a Baghdad Getto. The other day they stoned Christians who were wearing signs with Bible verses at a public street fair. They do not understand that in America, everyone has the liberty to walk and talk where and how they choose.
          But then you know well, how Islam is all about subjugating every non-muslims to sharia law. In Islam, all do not have parity. ALL are not equal. In fact, In Islam, muslims are superior to the rest of us.

          Take your phony BS about Islam and peddle it somewhere else where fools will listen.

          You last statements are not worth responding to.

        • Pastafarian

          It is convenient for you to say that these violent Christians "are NOT Christian". You then try to shift their vile actions to their victims by saying "is more like what Muslims do".
          Face it screemin, there are violent people on both sides and there are peaceful people on both sides. Making this a black and white holy war where you are in a fight of good against evil is just perpetual intolerant fanaticism. I am not saying there are not fanatical Muslims that have the opposite view, there are. But to deny the atrocities of those on your side and dismiss the peaceful nature of those on the other side is a distorted pretense. There are plenty of evil Christians, there are plenty of peaceful Muslims. The interesting part is that the evil on BOTH sides comes from a fanatical belief in GOD.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1443371258 Tbark Knives

      I wish i had a koran laying about so when my wife uses all the toilet paper id have somthing to wipe on without feeling guilty or useing the good hand towels , it would bound to be good for that at least ,but it would prolly give me a rash knowing my luck , oh well we could try it anyhow just to say we did , personaly i am not affraid of them or their so called god , t

      • Screeminmeeme

        Tbark Knives.........Believe it or not there is man in Pakistan who, for decades, has been going to the sewage dump, looking for and collecting pages of the Quran that MUSLIMS used for toilet paper. He clean them up and compiles Qurans out of them.. GAG.

        Honest...saw the report on one of the cable channels. So, our troops are being disciplined for burning the Quran, yet muslims wipe their poop on them. Either use of the book is fine with me...but our troops shouldn't be disciplined at all.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    As a Christian I believe that no one comes to the Father except by the Holy Spirit. A Bible in a room is a perfect conduit for the spirit to operate and in removing the Bibles they are rejecting the Holy Spirit. Dont let any one fool you they both believe in God and are in fear of him.

  • deeme

    Allen West said there are 80 card carrying Communists in Congress ..


    The Naked Communist written in 1958 tell in detail
    how to grind down America....this was brought to my attention by the above link
    and a wonderful American named Curtis Bower..I could only watch the link once
    because it made me cry to see how much they have accomplished..All the while
    saying you dare call us communists...Yeah right.....Public Policy is subverting
    us on the inside...Eliminate Prayer , Get control of the Schools, Eliminate
    obscinity laws, Break down families, Use the EPA to control
    businesses..Discredit the bible..Infiltrate the press , radio and
    television..Don't allow certains kinds of speech unless it is directed at the
    anti communist.Normalize immorality..Wow they are doing a bang up job so

    William D. Zeranski

    Once there was a math teacher who displayed banners in
    his classroom exhibiting the following phrases:

    [...] "In God We Trust," "One Nation Under God," "God Bless America" and "God
    Sheds His Grace On thee."
    [...] "All Men Are Created Equal, They Are Endowed By Their Creator,"

    The teacher, by the name of Bradley Johnson, got into trouble with the
    district, which said "it had to come down on Johnson because the banners
    advocated a Judeo-Christian point of view that was not in sync with the
    nonreligious mission of public schools."
    Johnson went to court on the grounds that his first amendment rights were
    violated and he also reasoned that other teachers posted religious and
    non-religious material without being penalized.
    The court ruled in the math teacher's favor:

    A federal judge ruled that Poway school officials violated the constitutional
    rights of a math teacher when they ordered him to take down classroom banners
    that referred to God.
    Now, that the First Amendment decision is out of the way, it should be noted
    that American history was also endangered.
    Surely, everyone knows all those banner phrases are significant in the
    historically life of the United States? Each phrase can be traced to a specific
    time, place or person or all three, whether it is "All Men Are Created Equal,
    They Are Endowed By Their Creator," penned by the hand of Thomas Jefferson in
    the Declaration of Independence, or "God Bless America," composed by Irving
    Berlin, a poor immigrate Russian Jew who proved there is an American Dream. An
    obscure poem entitled Pikes Peak, became America the Beautiful, and, because of
    its popularity, rivals the nation's national anthem.
    "In God We Trust" is a simple four word phrase, which is as common as the
    U.S. currency it is printed on, while "One Nation Under God" has been part of
    the Pledge of Allegiance for over half a century
    While the name of God is a target of anti-Judeo-Christian sentiment, not
    meaning to say it is all malicious, but in many cases misguided, the assault on
    "God" in schools is also jeopardizing American's links to its past.
    Some might say, "Well, if it's historical then, why should a math teacher
    have such a display in his math class?"
    I respond, "Why not?"
    Why should the history of a great nation be relegated to one room for fifty
    minutes a day for one year out of twelve?
    Students need to be reminded, because if they don't know the nation's past
    and where it has come from, they can't possibly understand where some, the
    unscrupulous, want to take it.

    • lindamaddox

      The plan is to not teach anything about how we became America! Now they teach Islam in our schools! When I was a senior in high school, I had a civics class that taught me about the Constitution and the Bill of rights, no more!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGMDJ2L3VUIDEDQ2PMS3Q6HND4 Surprised!


    • TheHoosier

      You better hope intelligent well informed people stand up and vote this election because if they don't and Obama gets re-elected he will disband the Military and put The Black Panthers in charge and be renamed King Obama!

      • Shermer

        Do you want to put a time-frame on that? Let's give him to the end of his second term - mark it in your diary please, and come back to explain yourself when it doesn't happen.

        • smartgranny55

          I am not willing to have a dictator in the white house, instead of a president.

        • lindamaddox

          Right after he became President, I saw a book at Barnes & Noble, the 4 was crossed out and it said 49 years. They have no plans to leave the WH. They will change our laws and stay as long as they want, if they get 4 more years!

        • Shermer

          I'll ask you the same question I asked TheHoosier: Do you want to put a time-frame on that? Let's give him to the end of
          his second term - mark it in your diary please, and come back to explain
          yourself when it doesn't happen.

    • Weasie.

      Back when he was born people all over the world paid Hawaii for their children's birth certificates so they could be known as American citizens.!

    • weasie

      It's never too late. Read his book.! The Amateur. You'll find out that Michelle Obama & Valerie Jarrett are the real powers behind the throne. Amateur's don't belong in the White House.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGMDJ2L3VUIDEDQ2PMS3Q6HND4 Surprised!

    IN 4 YRS THAT WAS GOOD FOR US.......................................WHEN'S HARRY'S TIME UP?

  • flaphil

    Obama's military is going to goosestep, wear Kenya color berets and renamed the socialist rebellion force.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBPI63ABT264USBDALCN4F7UKY billy2

      This is exactly what will happen, and 99.99% will be homos and lezzies, and that's about the size of military this half breed wants...........to small to do much of anything except have wierd sex.

      • razzy

        I am of mixed race, God fearing conservative and I take offence at your "half breed" remark. There is only one race, the human race.

    • PELICAN1001

      The Ten Commandments According to

      I. Thou shalt
      have no God in America, except for me. For
      we are no longer a Christian nation and, after all, I am the chosen One.
      (And like God, I do not have a birth

      II. Thou shalt
      not make unto thee any graven image,
      unless it is my face carved on Mt. Rushmore.

      III. Thou shalt
      not utter my middle name in vain (or in public). Only I can say Barack Hussein

      IV. Remember tax
      day, April 15th, to keep it holy.

      V. Honour thy
      father and thy mother until they are too
      old and sick to care for. They will cost our public-funded
      health-care system too much money.

      VI. Thou shalt
      not kill, unless you have an unwanted, unborn
      baby. For it would be an abomination to punish your daughter with a baby.

      VII. Thou shalt
      not commit adultery if thou art
      conservative or a Republican. Liberals and Democrats are hereby forgiven
      for all of their infidelity and
      immorality, but the careers of conservatives will

      be forever destroyed.

      VIII. Thou shalt
      not steal, until thou hast been elected
      to public office. Only then is it acceptable to take money from
      hard-working, successful citizens and
      give it to those who do not work, illegal immigrants, or those who do not have the motivation to
      better their own lives.

      IX. Thou shalt
      not discriminate against thy neighbor
      unless they are conservative, Caucasian, or Christian.

      X. Thou shalt not
      covet because it is simply unnecessary. I will place such a heavy tax burden on
      those that have achieved the American
      Dream that, by the end of my term as President, nobody will have any
      wealth or material goods left for you to

      • ejfresq

        This is great Palican101, may I use it?

        • PELICAN1001

          not a problem   go for it

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          ejfresq (unregistered) wrote, in response to PELICAN1001:
          This is great Palican101, may I use it?
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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGMDJ2L3VUIDEDQ2PMS3Q6HND4 Surprised!


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P7WNMPMIMNBCY6GVQKWD2DP7AI IDConservative

    Let's throw out the spinless lifers and put some emlisted men in charge that still have some balls because apparently as soon as these career military personell start getting up in rank, they get are neutered.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alisha.rushing.9 Alisha Rushing

    The way you resolve this problem is to have homosexuals request to be married by a IMAM first. When he agrees, the we will to. We all know they won't agree any more than a Christian. But at least the focus would be on Islam not allowing gay marriage, and it would be enforced as religious freedom.

  • dean29685

    The military is a political entity and will always parrot the line of the administration in power often going over board. It is just a sign of the times the progressives every were are doing their best to ensure that the country rolls over into their idea of an ideal lawless socialist country. The only problem is once done 80% of them will join the opponents of socialism at the wall.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bob.coulton Bob Coulton

    We have ceased being a nation of majority rule with respect to minority rights. We are now a nation where a minority rule without regard to a majority's rights.

    • lindamaddox

      You have that right! We only have about 20% liberals in this country. But, they are in power and make the rules! The heck to the rest of us!

      • CARLjr

        Bob & Linda - Your numbers are off. Elections were held and you lost. Obama got more than double the amount of electoral votes than McCain. 68% Obama/Biden, 32% McCain/Palin. The majority has spoken.

        • Shermer

          It's got me beat Carl.
          The atheist commie liberals are the minority, but still manage to succeed in a democratic election.
          Christian conservatives whine about being oppressed like they accuse everybody else of, except when they want to appeal to their being 80% of the population to get something for themselves.
          I really can't see how the math works on that...

        • CARLjr

          We are not the minority - we DOUBLE your numbers.
          sincerely - atheist commie liberal

  • progressiveandproud

    My mother was a devote Christian who traveled with her Bible. Apparently, this author believes that today's Christians can't do that so, "sadly Christians won't have access to read the Bible at night". What a bunch of bull.

    Klingenschmitt wasn't punished for praying, he knowingly broke military law and was rightly punished.

    Our military functioned very well for over 200 years without this "war on religion" crap. There is no nor has there ever been a "war on religion" in the military. There is simply an attempt to prevent a very specific group of "Christians" from browbeating the military into endorsing and promoting their ideology.

    • bwebb

      Listen BUDDY - no Christian is "browbeathing" the military - the Bible is placed there for someone who may need it.

    • Screeminmeeme

      progressiveandproud...........Amazing ignorance. Your mother might have been a good Christian and known her Bible well, but its apparent that her faith wasn't passed on to you.

      No Christians are browbeating anyone.....quite the opposite is happening.....and the opposition is being led by your megalomaniacal Prez...who claimed to be a Christian (because it was politically expedient) but has proven over and over that he is not.

      It's shamefull what Obama has done to our military. You must be so proud.

  • Hudmar

    They might win the Battle but God determines the War. They will reap what they Sow.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JKLLPVKKSWYRHLZH3LDQMZRW6A dean

    What would the military look like without christians? I can't imagine the gays and lesbians fighting our wars.

    • wkelly10103

      they have been doing it for years!

      • Shermer

        The men on the front line already know who the gay guys are - they're the ones dying for their buddies and for YOU. I've heard some soldiers say that the toughest scariest guy in their battalion is the gay guy.

        • wkelly10103

          i have no problem with gay folks in the military. they have been their for years; it's just noone knew it a long time ago. it's not catchy. don't flatter yourself by thinking they're gonna sneak a peek at you...

  • The American

    Progressiveandproud is an oxymoron Ahole

  • edward

    When you a non God fering amn in office what do you expect...................it is only a metter of time that the Koran will be the book of choice in America

    • evelyn dalton

      whatever, edward. I know what you mean!! but if the Christians of this world allows this to happen , it is written in Bible revalations this day is coming. Continue to believe in the ONE and ONLY LOVING GOD OF THE CHRISTIANS AND BECOME ONE OF HIS CHILDREN to be safe and secure .

  • Greta

    Don't kid yourself, the Imam will not marry homosexuals, but the Fed Gov will not circumvent (come down on him ) HIS right to refuse to act against his Muslim faith. it's only the CHRISTIANS that must compromise their highest ideals for the Fed Gov's rules. Like the Catholics that must pay for abortafaciats, the Christians who are in the military will be ignored and abused to keep these God-haters happy. Shame on the ones who bow their knees to the anti-God forces!!!

  • Walt

    What I have observed is more of our chaplains leaving the service than entering. As a result, it is leaving a bad taste in the mouth of our church youth who are starting to grumble about the Air Force as not being in their best interest. As a former Recruiter, I find this most disburbing. Many of our better airmen came from church groups with a high sense of responsibility and morality. I hate to think what kind of airmen we will be getting if this keeps up.

    • dad666

      If this keeps up you won't have any kind of a military. No self respecting citizen will allow their child to join an organization the is Pro Gay and anti religion.

      • Shermer

        Don't you need to be an adult to join the military? Old enough to make your own decisions?
        The men and women who serve do so to protect you and your family. They give their lives, be they christian, muslim, atheist or otherwise. Do you really think you're better off if anyone who doesn't conform to your narrow view of what's acceptable is thrown out?

        • ejfresq

          Shermer, you are as bright as the light we Christians talk about when we refer to the Dark Side. How can you think the Military will be better off with gay marriage in the service of this great nation. I don't only because they would be more concerned about protecting each other then protecting the guy or lady next to them. There would definite conflict in their obligations.

        • Jeffrey Liggens

          Not so. After having served in the military, I know first hand that the sub-culture there is as hedonist as you can find it. Homosexuality is one of the biggest un-kept secrets in the military, and that amongst their drinking and partying. Although I did not participate in that culture, I was well aware of the environment. So this policy of "don't ask don't tell" was purely hypocritical. As for gay marriage in the military; these people already have the right to be gay and marry. But forbidding it violates and contradicts the Constitution our service men and women are committed to protect and defend.

        • padremike

          Obviously you hung out with the wrong crowd. Furthermore, you so full of crap regarding our military that it's quite refreshing to call you a bald faced liar.

        • Jeffrey Liggens

          That's right padremike, keep your head in the sand. You will never be free, because you hate the truth.

        • padremike

          Sonny, I spent 20 years in the military so don't try and throw your type of vile bovine scatology out to those of us who know better. So far as the Truth is concerned, your type of bird only know a false truth called moral relativism which is extremely subjective and has absolutely nothing to do with absolute Truth.

        • Jeffrey Liggens

          With all due respect to your 20 years in service; they only speak to your own personal experience, and no one eles's. Especially not mine. I don't know where you were stationed and it really doesn't matter. You are blinded by whatever you think makes you relevant. That's horrific, but it's your life; be who you are. But how dare you call me a liar, because I spoke up about the vileness of how some of these people are. There are even news articles of women who have been raped while serving in the military by fellow servicemen, and some have even sued the military behind the incidence of being sexually harassed. When they went and reported the incidents to their superiors, they were threatened with the loss of their military careers, and in some cases, their lives. I guest they're all lying to, huh mike? Although I was honorably discharged in the early '80s, I doubt seriously if you are old enough to call me "Sonny". 20 years in the military, and you know nothing about giving respect. Now that's pathetic. And your little diatribe doesn't make my testimony any less true. All servicemen and women are not vile. But many are. Whether gay, straight, or bi, ,many of them are hedonists. Were you among them? Is that why you're so offended? I hung out with none of them. I was too busy making money, hand over fist when I wasn't on duty. But you remember the lack of respect you have shown here, the next time you don't get any.

        • padremike

          Perhaps you would be more receptive to being called an embellisher in the extreme. You use extreme examples in an attempt to prove your false assertions and assumptions about our service men and women as the general, over all example, of the service community There have always been a few extreme examples, emphasis on extreme, of our military men committing immoral acts. However, the overall character, morals, discipline and behavior of military people far exceeds that of a civilian community and that you would falsely betray them as a hedonist community is offensive enough to brand you with even more disrespect than you've given them. Your "testimony" is false. Furthermore, the offense you suggest against me is, in fact, directed towards people like you. I was not a part of that extreme minority. I have been faithfully married to the same woman for over 50 years. I do not concern myself with your respect.....sonny. Respect is earned and I am not in the lease concerned about gaining respect from an "embellisher." On the other hand, by trying to justify your position in accusing our military as a hedonistic community you will earned the disdain of millions and that disdain is unquestionably justified.

        • Jeffrey Liggens


          You are like the parent who has a child, that told them they were being molested by someone, and that parent's response to the child was "you're a liar". And only after that parent walks in on the pedophile molesting the child do they believe. Even worse, you may be turning a blind eye to what you no is going on, but for the sake of your loyalty to your mate, you deny it's happening. I have absolutely no respect for you at this point. And that's Mr. Liggens to you, mike.

        • padremike

          Do you really believe that I care a wit what a perverted and "embellishing" individual like yourself thinks about me? You stated what you think about our military men and women and now you want to throw in the entire kitchen sink into this conversation in some feeble attempt to justify your initial posting. This conversation was never about me, it was entirely about what you said about our troops. You accused our military as being hedonistic and that still remains a lie.

        • Jeffrey Liggens

          Copy and paste where I said everybody in the military were hedonists.
          Yeah, you need to learn how to read a lot better than you do. The only
          way you, with your

          alledged 20 year military career can claim what I
          have said is not true, is that you would either have had to been
          stationed in a cave to yourself, or you deny the truth while turning a
          blind eye. Oh, in case you haven't heard, "Air Force investigates
          alleged sexual misconduct, assault involving 31 women during training"

          Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/06/28/air-force-investigates-sexual-assault-31-women-by-trainers-during-training/#ixzz1zGcUKEkt

          Business as usual? Nothing has changed since I left nearly 30 years ago.

          But surely these 31 women are JUST A BUNCH OF LIARS TOO. Certainly this
          is not happening among our fine men and women. These women are the ones
          who weren't going to be intimidated into silence, among many others who

          My initial post was justified, that is if you read it with
          understanding. But that is something you obviously don't do very well,
          and if between you and me, one of us is a pervert, that can only be you.
          I speak the truth, which you have a problem with. Get to know it; it'll
          set you free; if you can handle it!

        • zul8r28

          you need to wake up and look at the big picture...by the military abiding and accomadating the atheist, it weakens our military for the simple fact that you will start having people in the military that have no moral values. that leads to them not caring who they kill which makes it easier for them to use our troops against our civilians..it is coming..

        • Shermer

          So you're basing this on a belief that atheists have no morals?

        • Don

          atheists have no morals, since the do not believe in God. You have to believe in God to have morals!!!!!

        • Don

          There is a big difference in common sense and morals.

        • Shermer

          Please tell me more Don, referencing the morals shown by God himself in the bible. Give me some examples of why you are more moral than I am.

        • Pastafarian

          AMERICAN VALUES do not require religion and are often very different from Christian "morals".   Charles Graner, ringleader of the abuse at Abu Ghraib enjoyed beating inmates (testimony saying that he had laughed, whistled, and sung) and was the one who first thought of arranging the prisoners in naked human pyramids and other positions.  He would force them to eat pork, drink alcohol, masturbate in public, and curse Islam.  He tied one prisoner to a bed and sodomized him with a phosphoric light while another soldier took photos.  Another one of the infamous Graner photos was of a prisoner stripped naked with electrodes on his fingers toes and penis.  He would often throw food into the toilets and tell them to "eat it"  and "thank Jesus for keeping him alive".  When confronted with the photographs, Graner said  "The Christian in me says it's wrong, but the corrections officer in me says, 'I love to make a grown man piss himself." 

           The actions of these intolerant Christians not only invited retaliation and endangered every member of the military, but damaged the credibility and public image of the United States not only in the Arab and Muslim world, but globally, even among some allies in the Coalition.  Critics of U.S. foreign policy argued it was representative of a broader American attitude and policy of disrespect and violence toward Arabs and Islam.  The American public turned on the military and the administration and called for their own leaders to be brought up on war crimes.  The subsequent cover up and redefining the words "torture" and "combatant" added to the catastrophic impact on the ability of the U.S. to achieve its objectives in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.

          Christian intolerance and hate.  The world sees it. 

        • http://www.facebook.com/khquincy Karin Harbison Quincy

          what kind of morals do they have?

        • http://twitter.com/rsnwhy Michael

          the government isn't having any trouble Exploiting the Troops Now. Basically you can talk about any religion in the World with no Conflict, satan doesn't mind, but you talk about the Only One Who can make him a Loser, and you a Winner, thats a Different Story the Name of HYHY HYH HHY HY YY = HY with Back Up from a Blank Piece of Paper without Writing

        • f8tul

          Forget Muslims you idiot,, they want to kill all of us if we don't convert.. and the Atheists, really.. wait their butt is on the line and in the fox hole.. Secretly, not secretly they will find God in less than a heartbeat... The whiny little pansies just don't like God, or are mad at God, or don't like themselves because they want to live in sin and don't want to have to account for their actions...

          Well, I have news for all religions.. the only way to heaven is through Jesus, and if you kick Jesus and God out, you have no path to get there, and in turn you are not only depriving yourself, but also someone that actually wants to know God's love and great it is.. 'but that's OK, you are the one that will have to stand before God and explain you actions... Another hint and then I'll go. God loves you too

        • Pastafarian

          I have news for you... not everyone believes in heaven or Jesus. They are not mad at God, they do not think he exists.

        • padremike

          That's the beauty of Free Will. You get to choose where you will spend eternity.

        • Pastafarian

          There is no eternity. You are mortal, like everyone else.

        • padremike

          Uh huh. You remind me of a man with a billion dollars. He is at the race track and is he's going to bet every cent he owns on a horse that has a billion to one chance to win. You would obviously call this man wise. The rest of us would call him a fool. Quite frankly, I don't really give a hoot what you believe because God is the greatest of all reality and that you neither see nor understand and comprehend is of your own choosing.

        • CARLjr

          You are the man at the race track betting on the long shot. Even though it's a billion to one chance there are mystical realms of eternal paradise or torment, you had better bet it all - just in case.
          I'm glad you don't give a hoot about what I believe. Why can't you be that way with everyone? Why must you push your dogma on those who may not have the same views as you? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and should have the freedom to express it as they choose. This is America, after all.

        • padremike

          It never fails. I normally don't program too much of my busy day to discuss things with an idiot but when one does the doors burst open and every nut case wants to get a piece of the action. No one is forcing any "dogma" on you and free will is precisely that human ability to express their opinion and make individual choices. Of course you're obviously not smart enough to observe that only mankind has that God given gift and ability to make those choices. Unquestionably, you have made your decision based upon emotions, not knowledge, and later justified your positions based on some sort of subjective reasoning. However, since you have an opinion I'm certain you will allow me to have a different one than your own. This is America, after all. Faith, you should know, is not something that is based on blind acceptance. Faith is totally based on knowledge. So just how much do you know?

        • CARLjr

          I have made my decision based on knowledge and facts with some emotion thrown in. No one is forcing "dogma" on me, but in the context of this thread, it is Christians forcing their views on those in the military. Not everyone is Christian and to push "Christianity only" policies to the military is not only offensive to anyone of a different faith or non-believer that enlists, but it is an endorsement of the US government of one religion and therefore against the first amendment. I was also reacting to the hostility toward homosexuals by Christians which was what I meant by allowing people the freedom to express their opinions. I was over-reacting to you when I was irritated with others who had posted. I apologize.

          I have a better analogy. It's like a militant vegan who eats no animal products that goes to a barbeque and walks around telling everyone what terrible people they are for eating meat and that they are murderers. I understand people have strong faith, and want to share it but attacking and alienating those that do not believe does not help their case - it hurts it.

        • Pastafarian

          You are the man at the race track. Even though it's a billion to one chance there are mystical realms of eternal torment or paradise, you bet it all - just in case.
          I'm glad you don't give a hoot about what I believe. I just wish you would do the same for all the other people you are pushing your dogma on. Everyone has a right to their opinion and should have the freedom to express it how they choose. This is America, after all.

        • Athiest1

          I served for over 25 years and saw my fair share of close calls with my butt on the line. Not once did I seek or find god. Pansy? "Smile when you say that, pilgrim." I do not hate god... or even the narrow minded hate you spew in his name. I am not mad at god any more than I am mad at Peter Pan or any other fictional character. I quite like myself and although I don't believe in sin, I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, or cheat on my wife. I do not violate our countries laws (traffic laws excluded). I adored my christian parents, I do not covet your wife and I do not lie. As to graven images... every Sunday during football season, I adorn myself in purple and gold and encourage my Vikings to beat "hell" out of the other guys. The bibles (just the ones with the service branch seal) that were removed from the BX were violating U.S. Code and the Constitution of the United States of America. The Gideons are still putting bibles into billiting and I'm still throwing them in the trash. If you want a bible on base you can get them free from the chaplain service or by one at the BX/PX/NEX. I fought for your right to practice your religion just as much as I fought for your right not to be forced to practice religion.

    • lindamaddox

      What do you think about, illegals in our military? I thought you had to be a citizen? In almost 4 years, Obama has changed our whole country! I always say, he has spent trillions on the transformation of our country. This is what he promised when he became President!

  • hongryhawg

    The ones waging it are the political members of the military. It's not the guy doing the actual fighting. As the man said, "There are no atheists in a foxhole".

    • Shermer

      Wouldn't you rather be in a foxhole with a man who thought he only had one chance at life and was prepared to fight for it, than a man who spent his last moments praying?

      • smartgranny55

        NO! I'm not going to spend time in a foxhole, but if I did, I would rather be next to a Christian. I would also rather having my sons and g'sons next to a Christian in a foxhole. To insinuate that a nonChristian would fight harder or better than a Christian is incredibly stupid.

        • Shermer

          The implication is that all atheists abandon their convictions in the face of danger. Do you believe that?

          Wouldn't a christian be less concerned at his impending death if he believed he would live forever, and therefore possibly place his fellow soldiers in unnecessary danger?

        • smartgranny55

          Then, you misread my comment. I want God's help for my family when battles are being fought. To access that help, I pray and would want anyone I loved to be praying. A Christian is just as concerned about keeping their families and their country free. A coward can be either an atheist or a Christian.
          Praying does not distract a Christian from doing his job.l

        • Shermer

          Doesn't God already know how the battle will pan out, whether you pray or not?
          Are you saying that an atheist is not concerned about their country or family? That's a horrible accusation to make.
          Not praying doesn't distract an atheist either. So why should one be preferable over the other in a time of danger?

        • smartgranny55

          Your ability to twist my statements is high.
          I prefer a Christian next to me during wartime, natural disasters, and any other time. Contrary to what you believe, God does hear and answer prayer.

    • hongryhawg

      I can pray and fight. It works. I'm still here. "VietNam, '69-'70.

    • Sagan

      Hey grandpa, todays military is high-tech. No one has dug a fox hole in 40 years. Atheists are pretty good drone pilots.

      • hongryhawg

        Foxhole is an analogy. The principle is the same. And yes, perhaps an atheist would make a better drone 'pilot?' Being removed from danger is where atheists seek to be.

        • Sagan

          Fine with me. Send just the Christians to the front line.

        • hongryhawg

          That's where they've always been.

  • http://twitter.com/BradNova Brad Nova

    From the article:
    “When our sons and daughters join the military, they are not signing
    away their First Amendment right to religious liberty. Unfortunately, it
    seems that some parts of the military are intent on prohibiting
    religious expressions rather than protecting it.”

    Can anyone name one single thing the military had done to prevent these airmen from worshiping Jesus?

    Nothing is stopping them from reading their bible or praying or believing. This is just one of those manufactured crisis' to divide Americans.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Brad Nova.....apparently you can't read.

  • dondh

    Its mainly because of this incompetent president, if you want to call him that, that the military is doing that! I'm sure he's getting help from a large number, and seemingly growing, number of atheists, agnostics and muslims infiltrating our military. Folks, the same thing is happening to America. If this president isn't defeated, we may be in for some dangerous days ahead, one in which we see all sorts of attacks against the Christian Church and Christian individuals. In fact its already happening! So, come Lord Jesus, Come!!

    • CoolApple

      It was just reported this morning on the news that, there is at least 100 muslim terrorists in the U S Military now. The handling of the Ft Hood massacre, and the recruiting office shooting in Arkansas pretty much tells it all. Just the way those incidents are worded for PC purposes.

      • smartgranny55

        It is past time to get the traitor out of the white house! But, the effort to drive God and the Bible from our country started in the 60's.

        • don

          Right on granny. We need to get God back at the front and center of our nation, and do it now!!!!!!

        • Shermer

          Wasn't the 60s shortly after God was shoved down the throat of America, when the national motto was introduced and put on the money?

        • smartgranny55

          No, that would be 1776 or earlier. Since God was kicked out of our schools, courts, public sq, and any other place a person can see, this nation has been hit with more catastrohic natural disasters than ever before, and financially and morally declined.

      • lindamaddox

        Work place violence! Really, I'am really scared for our troops! They are fighting a war in Afganistan with one hand tied behind their back! God Bless the United States and may we elect a President that likes America!

  • ahrmand

    ******"U.S. Military Waging War on Christianity"******
    Captain BS (Barry Soetoro) strikes again. "Guess Who" do you suppose pushed the button to strike down any form of Religion in the entire US Military??????????? While Gay Warriors have flower petals strewn about their living quarters.

  • steven60

    Wouldn't it be funny if we had a war and all of the CHRISTIANS stayed HOME. When did the needs of the few out weigh the needs of the many? I would never allow anyone to force an ATHEIST, to pray, so why do the ATHEISTS get to deprive me of prayer, shouldn't they be protecting my rights to pray. I thought thats how it works, I protect their rights, they protect mine.

  • jeanniemac

    Speak with all of your friends, relatives and contacts. Tell them what Obama has been doing. Many blacks and Hispanics do not want to listen to anything against Obama. We must speak up even if it loses us friends.

  • RCnAL

    I still can't figure out where in the Constitution there is the "right to not be offended.". I have, however found that I have the right to speak what i want, and believe spiritually how I want. Some time in history, we the people lost track of "the majority rules"

  • Thomas B

    Our nation is under God. Most Americans have a strong faith in God. God will not let these worms undermine and destroy us.

    • Len

      Not, unless we the people don't stand up for our religious rights and tell our elected leaders to defend our God Given rights as stated in Constitution. Those who don't - vote out of office!

    • evelyn dalton

      Yes our God can and will let the worms destroy us because we have let it be known that we do not care. All we do is complain!!!! SO how about our having our own day for Prayer and to hell with those that do not agree. or want to stop it. Just like those demon infested so called church goers that disrupt military funerals with saying that GOD hates them. and they will burn in hell. Whoever they are they are satans spawns and hate readed demons to say such a thing. even tho those wonderful souls shed their blood so they could say so. GOD will of course welcome those blessed souls that fought for HIM into HIS arms.

    • lindamaddox

      Unless you have a whole lot of voter fraud! turn back to God, or we may not have a nation!

  • ConservaDave

    Hey, what about me? I am offended by these God-hating atheists and their antics: who's going to protect me from being offended by them? After 9-11 many questioned God; where was He and why didn't He protect America from this terrorism? I looked at the schoolhouse, then the court house, then the government building, then the town square, now the military. I could not find Him for he had been thrown out of all of those places. The next time America needs to call on Him do not be surprised if He does not answer. "Why do the [Americans] rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and His anointed, saying, "Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us." He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision. Then He shall speak unto them in His wrath, and vex them with His sore displeasure." -Psalm 2:1-5

    • Shermer

      Atheists don't hate God any more than you hate the tooth fairy.

  • CoolApple

    If you are old enough, and I am, this subject is real hard to believe it could happen but, it is happening. I went into the Military 56 years ago. The first full day in Basic Training/Boot Camp, we were all asked what our religion was. We were asked,"how many of you want to go to church tomorrow?" Maybe 50% of the guys said they would like to go to church or, temple. They said,"you are all going to church tomorrow!" The USA as we knew it is not the same anymore.

    • lindamaddox

      Wow, how things have changed! We now have a govt. that hates Christians, and loves Mulims that hate us!

  • Stevenj5

    A question might be asked; Why does a group of elected officials "ask" the pentagon to stop the attack on religion? DEMAND IT you pack of spineless a**holes!

    • CARLjr

      Just be fair and no not endorse any one religion. Religion in the military is fine, but you must follow the first amendment.

  • wkelly10103

    it's like tv. if u don't want to watch (or read) it, don't. fot the folks who want to, they can.

  • Delores109

    If the Military decides to wage war, it will never be against Christianity. It could be against the guy that is posing as a Commander-in-Chief and the Pentagon. Remember, they were critized for burning Korans, because extemist views were written in the Korans. They were appropriately trained to do this. Obama is using his scare tactics again.
    Delores Smith

  • jhforsythe

    It is appalling that the the administration is trying to remove God from our military. In 2013, our new president will reinstate sanity into the government.

    • thisoldspouse

      You mean, Romney?! LOL!!!

  • rev.ltcretired

    When I retired as a LTC, from 23 years of military ARMY, I relied on my chaplins to help keep morale where it should beat all times. This kind of mental retardation taking center stage is unacceptable. This is a slap of major porportions concerning the many years of traditions. Our military, everywhere, should never bend down to the likes of what is about to give our traditional values a BLACK eye. We, the soldiers of proud history for many years will not take any of this lightly. I think the real battle has not yet begun, but will marteralize in not to distant future. I am a straight retired soldier and I expect all soldiers to be straight.

    • wkelly10103

      r u talking abt the chaplains being forced to marry gay ppl, which i thought was still illegal in a lot of states...

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=701721334 Lisa Ann Voida

    Freemasons and Bildebergs and Council of Foreign Relations, anyone who is a Progressive (aka Communist) is against JESUS CHRIST. period. We need to ask and find who is a Freemason and vote them out of office this November. Provided we are still alive by November to vote them out.

    • evelyn dalton

      I dont think you know anything about the Freemasons,Lisa Ann. most of my family are either Freemasons or Job's daughters or the Eastern Star. and there were a lot of the past presidents that were masons. 33 degrees and etc. So dear, you have a right to say what you want but be more informed. evelyndalton@comcast.net

      • evelyn dalton

        to lisa Ann, how about the muslim brotherhood,,,,shouldnt we do some studing about them and not let them in controll of our country?????

      • Screeminmeeme

        I couldn't disagree more. Like many, you might be one who believes that the Masons is just a do-good organization, but you are wrong. No genuine Christian ought to belong to the organization or it's satellite groups like the Eastern Star and De Molay. It's a pagan group which passes itself off as Christian. The problem is that many professing Christians (who really don't know the Bible well) join because it's a family tradition, because it sounds like its a good works group, or because it's a great networking place for business contacts.

        But it is decidely UNChristian.The views of the Masonic religion are in open conflict with Biblical Christianity, so much so, that it's hard to imagine that a knowledgeable and committed Mason could possibly be a true Christian.

        1.The goal of Masonry, according to its leading authorities (Coil, Pike, Macky), is to do away with religions and their creeds and doctrines, and to establish a one-world, universal religion, free from the confining dogma of such narrow scope as is found in Christianity. We need to remember that the Masons only require its members to have a belief in a god,and any god will do. This is in DIRECT CONFLICT with Jesus Christ who, claiming to be God, said that HE IS THE ONLY WAY to the FATHER.
        The problem is many Masons do not understand this, and it is because their own Masonic authorities have been deliberately deceiving and lying to them.
        While Masonry uses the Quran, the Vedas, and occasionally the Bible, Albert Pike, one of the great masonry authorities, said that the organization and its 'search for light'' leads directly back to the Kabala (the forbidden book of Jewish occultism...prohibited by God in the OT).

        In the final analysis, Masons do not adjust their beliefs to fit the Bible, the Bible is adjusted to fit their beliefs. A Mason's loyalty is never to God but to the Lodge.The prevailing Masonic opinion is that the Bible is only a symbol of Divine Will, Law, or Revelation, and not that its contents are Divine Law, inspired, or revealed.

        2.In the higher degrees of Freemasonry, the initiates proclaim Lucifer to be God. They also invoke a wide variety of other Gods and Goddesses during their ceremonies, including Egyptian and Hindu deities. The principle spirit behind Freemasonry is Witchcraft. The Masons have drawn from every type of witchcraft trying to gain power. The power to control the rest of mankind.
        It’s also interesting to note that the symbolism in Masonic ceremonies is almost identical to Witchcraft ceremonies, including the initiation ceremony. In which the initiate must be recommended by a current member, he is stripped and blindfolded with a noose around his neck. In both ceremonies a knife or sword is put against the breast and a blood oath is made never to tell the secrets of the lodge or coven.

        3.The reality of sin in the Biblical sense is denied. Masons think that any "shortcomings" can be overcome by greater enlightenment. Because they deny the reality of sin, Masons see no need of salvation in the Biblical sense.

        4.The name of Christ is seldom referred to in Masonic literature, apparently due to Masons not wanting to offend their non-Christian members. Some Masonic leaders even teach that the Messiah will not be an individual, but "the perfection of the human race."
        Masons, therefore, consider the discussion about the Deity of Christ to be an endless, futile argument. When quoting from the Bible, references to Christ are omitted, and prayer is never allowed to be offered (in a "well-ordered" lodge) in the name of Jesus Christ. Clearly then, Freemasonry does not believe that Jesus Christ is God, nor that salvation is available only through Him (cf. 1 Jn. 4:3). Freemasonry is a religion without a Savior.

        The Apostle John warned that those who deny that Jesus is the only, all sufficient Christ, and that He came once and for all in the flesh, have embraced the spirit of Antichrist (1 Jn. 4:1-3).

        Anyone who knows their Bible well, readily recognizes that Masonry contradicts it, and is the polar opposite of Christianity...dabbling in paganism and witchcraft...which is prohibited by God Himself. Therefore, NO CHRISTIAN, ought be associated with it at any level.

        These are all facts from Masonry's own authorities...AND...from Masons who have seen the True Light and left the organization.

        • Pastafarian

          Blah blah blah blah Jesus blah blah blah Lucifer blah blah blah Satan blah blah blah

        • Screeminmeeme

          Blah blah blah pastafarian blah blah blah idiot blah blah blah

  • thisoldspouse

    There is going to be a deafening sigh of relief from our Armed Forces when this profligate communist traitor leaves office. Just bet me that you won't hear it!

  • guest on this planet

    Heil obama , is thats where its going ?

  • Sam

    I do not know this but I truly believe it is not the military doing this but it is orders coming down from a perverted Obama administration..Obama himself might not be aware of all this, but he has put many people into positions of influence and authority who are very anti-christian and anti-military. They will do anything to make the military weaker.
    This makes my wonder. If a member of the military is on his deathbed, can a chaplain give him his last rites invoking the name of Jesus? If not, we should arrange the last rites for all those people who have been put in those positions of influence and authority.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Sam....Obama is anti-Christian and anti-American. His profession of being a Christian was made out of political expediency. He has done and said things that NO CHRISTIAN could or would ever say....like Jesus is just one of many ways, while Jesus said that He was the ONLY WAY. He's a total fake.

      Also, he's either bisexual or gay. Those men, with whom he was involved (members of Rev Wright's church), were murdered right before the campaign. Go to Youtube and look up Larry Sinclair. He's a white guy who had 2 sexual liasons with Obama (while he was a Senator) and they did drugs together (Obama procured them for him). Watch Sinclair's press conference, He's a rather repulsive man , but IMO very convincing. What he says has the ring of truth. The conference lasted about an hour and then he took questions from the press......a press which never followed up on what he said.

      Do I think that Obama's administration is perverted? Yup. From the top down.

  • Don39

    Yes they are , led by their fraudulent hethern CIC and corrupted leadership and ranks to include the invasion and take over of the service academies! This is not new, it started in the early seventies, but it is a lot worse the past few years, 3 1/2 years to be exact! Veteran and retiree.

  • doug63

    Chaplins can't say a prayer with troops before they go out in harm's way? but they are forced to marry queers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/karaoke60 Dennis M. Young

    Just shows that nearly everyone above field grade in the military are just politicians looking out for their own self interest and future aspirations. Once they reach a certain level of success, on the career ladder, they can no longer see right and wrong, they can only see those things which further their career. The days when generals would buck the civilian authority, if it were to the benefit of their Constitution, their country and their troops, are long gone and in their place are a bunch of mealy mouthed social climbers who care for nothing but themselves. Possibly the worst part of it all is that these same egoist idiots will be willing to order their troops (although many troops would desert and rebel) against the population of this country should the pretender-in-chief dictate that it happen...and they would willingly do it all in the cause of personal advancement and with no thought to the future of this country. Good luck people...and keep your powder dry.

  • http://www.missiontoisrael.org Ted R. Weiland

    It was inevitable that the First Amendment's provision for the freedom of polytheism had to eventually take aim at monotheistic Christianity. This explains, in part, the Constitutional Republic's selective persecution against Christianity.

    For more, see Chapter 11 "Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/biblelaw-constitutionalism-pt11.php.

  • Independant Voter

    When you do contact your Congressman or Senator you receive a form letter. Sometimes unrelated to the issue. One, (DUFFY - Wisconsin) makes it difficult to contact them via e-mail.

    • wkelly10103

      true. i have a stack of these form ltrs.

  • Bill

    How about freely supplying Korans in the rooms and watch what happens if they try to remove them under the same reasoning. They'll unleash a mini holy war!

  • Evermyrtle

    This must be one made up by Mr Treason, himself. He and his are the only ones allowed to commit treason, therefore Christian should be safe except for "FAKE TREASON!"

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=644152750 Vincent Eagan

    While I agree that this is a war on Christianity and it's got to stop, I found one line to be somewhat "Chicken Little-ish":

    “So if somebody steals one of those Bibles or if they’re confiscated by atheist complainers or put in the trash, then sadly Christian people will not have access to read the Bible at night.”

    Seems to me that Christian people will have their own Bibles that they brought with them. Just a thought.

  • Tim

    You people aren't Christians...you're a pack of ignorant southern racists and hypocrites that are the worst scum this country has ever vomited out. Get ready for another 4 years of a black guy driving you'all insane.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Tim.....Typical incoherent leftist with a willful ignorance about your boy, Obammy. A bit hostile aren't ya, guy?

      Shows what how utterly stupid you are to want Obama to have 4 more years to wreck this country. I guess it's never occurred to you that whatever he does will ultimately affect us all, including his own sycophants, like you.

  • liberty49

    I am surprised there are ANY Christian ministers left in the military with all the restrictions put on them that violate their beliefs! I think if I were one of them, I would practice my faith according to God's laws, not man's and let the chips fall where they may. Some of us answer to a higher power!

  • KWNY

    The only one who should be charged with sedition and treason is Oblamo.

  • Blair

    "The Constitution is a document for the government of a moral people. It is unfit for any other." Benjamin

  • CARLjr

    U.S. Air Force

    The mission of the United States Air Force is to FLY, FIGHT AND WIN...IN AIR, SPACE AND CYBERSPACE “Across the service, we represent a broad range of diverse missions, family situations, ethnicities, faiths, races and educational backgrounds. Yet, together, this rich tapestry forms the world’s finest Air Force, drawn from the best talent that America has to offer.” – Michael B. Donley, Secretary of the Air Force

    U.S. Army

    As we continue to expand the knowledge and understanding of the diversity within our rank, not only will our strength, versatility, and efficiency be amplified, but we will be more effective at understanding the cultures and environments where we serve. - John M. McHugh Secretary of the Army

    U.S. Navy

    "In order to operate globally, the Department of the Navy will need diversity of ideas, experiences, areas of expertise, and backgrounds to fulfill a variety of missions, while remaining relevant to the American people." Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy

    U.S. Marines

    Diversity, in both representation and assignment of Marines, remains a strategic issue. The Marine Corps diversity effort is structured with the understanding that the objective of diversity is not merely to strive for a force that reflects a representational connectedness with the rich fabric of all the American people, but to raise total capability through leveraging the strengths and talents of all Marines. - James F Amos, Commandant of the Marine Corps

    U.S. Coast Guard

    Diversity is vital to mission readiness and excellence. Diversity sparks innovation by incorporating new approaches and fresh perspectives to problem solving. Attracting and employing a diverse and talented team of active duty, reserve, civilian and auxiliary members ultimately enables us to better perform our challenging maritime missions. - Robert J. Papp, Jr, Commandant of the United States Coast Guard

    National Guard

    Our diversity defines who we are as an organization and makes public our valued skills and talents that further strengthen the espirit de corps of our force. It is a force multiplier in achieving combat and mission readiness. It is a fact of America, and we are America. - Craig R. Mckinley, Chief, National Guard Bureau

    Department of Defense

    We should always remember that serving in our profession is a privilege, a noble calling that requires us to subordinate our personal interests and desires to the greater principles of our profession. At our best, we represent service to the Nation, impartial to political partisanship. By doing so, we take a big step in ensuring that the American people never question what those who wear the uniform put first: our nation. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

    Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

    For American intelligence, diversity is, in fact, who we are and what we must be. It defines us, and it is essential to our success. It is essential to mission accomplishment. At it's core, after all, intelligence is about solving problems - operational, analytical, and technical. The challenges are typically complex, with lots of moving parts and pieces. Easy tasks rarely come to the CIA, and most tough problems are overcome only with a range of perspectives and approaches and backgrounds. In this business, uniformity of thought is a recipe for failure; diversity is imperative for success. - David H. Petraeus, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

    Homeland Security Council

    Living our values - and communicating to the world what America represents - also directly undermines al-Qa'ida's twisted ideology. When we remember that diversity of faith and background is not a weakness in America but a strength, and when we show that Muslim Americans are part of our American family, we expose al-Qa'ida's lie that cultures must clash. When remember that Islam is a part of America, we show that America could never possibly be at war with Islam. - John O. Brennan, Homeland Security Advisor

  • lindamaddox

    I do call my Congressman! So much is going on right now, I who follow politics have a hard time keeping up with it all. I do know this Obama is trying to take all the crosses from our military bases! He is trying to amend our first admendment! I try to fight as much as I can! This is outrages what you have been talking about! It is just like we live in Eqypt or another Muslim country now!

  • padremike

    I worked in the Chaplain's Office of a VA Hospital for a number of years after I retired from the Military. The Hospital treated both mental and physical ailments. It was a small hospital as VA hospitals go. We treated many PTSD patients. Vietnam was the first war that we sent a large number of soldiers who had no religious upbringing, no spirituality, and the reason we had so many mental cases, so much PTSD, is because they had absolutely no place to go with the horrors they not only saw but participated in. PTST is more a spiritual ailment than it is mental but you will not get anyone in authority to believe this. In fact, even within the VA system Chaplains have been reduced and the new super religion, psychology, has replaced many of them. Taking God and the things of God out of our nation will destroy us. Remember, our founders said we could only survive as a religious people. We see the continence of PTSD and suicide in greater numbers out of our current wars and the only help they will get is from psychologist who will tell them that it was war and "they were not responsible for their actions." This bunch of bovine scatology does not bring anyone into being contrite, asking and receiving forgiveness for sins, and getting on with life.

  • Pastafarian

    How are these chaplains compensated? With my tax dollars?

  • Mat

    I had one time encouraged my 19 year old to consider going into the military for a time to better transition from teen to adult. Now, I say avoid the military because it is a bad influence and certainly not a good role model for my youngster!

  • Brenda

    So....release every christain from military and replace with illegal aliens, anti-christains, every LGBTs and their friends. Let's see if God will protect them while we protect our families here in America.

  • http://twitter.com/rsnwhy Michael

    I guess the Military is looking for a WAR with HHY in stead of the Devil, wonder who will Win, More Luciferian Deception who is Merciless, The Fire in Colorado is getting Close to the AF Academy, since the miltary doesn't want HY, the fire can get them on the way to Hell!

  • James

    You don't need to be Gideon to leave a Holy Bible in a hotel room. I leave a KJV in every hotel room that I stay in, military base or not, with a brief note to guide the reader. We all can do that. We don't need government policy to fulfull the great commission. But we can pray and hope for law and policy conducive to Kingdom expansion.

  • ChaplainPeter

    To many of us it is quite obvious that America is on a steep moral decline. America the Beautiful has become America the Great Whore. They would have to give me the firing squad. Thank God there are chaplains left with some conviction that are not afraid of man's perverted order but fear the Lord Jesus Christ. Press on soldiers of the Cross. Soon the American military that led the world will be a broke down sodomite whore house dying of aids! I have nothing but the utmost contempt for those in charge of destroying this Nation and blaspheming my Lord and Savior. In your patience posses ye your souls. He that is coming will soon be here, come quickly, come quickly Lord Jesus. His servant, Peter