Elected Officials Should Have to Pass a Test on the Constitution before Running for Office

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) says that support for nationalized healthcare is constitutional under the ‘Good and Welfare Clause.’ Huh? CNSNews.com asked Rep. Conyers, “What part of the Constitution do you think gives Congress the authority to mandate individuals to purchase health insurance?” Here was Conyers’ response:

“Under several clauses, the good and welfare clause and a couple others. All the scholars, the constitutional scholars that I know -- I’m chairman of the Judiciary committee, as you know -- they all say that there’s nothing unconstitutional in this bill and if there were, I would have tried to correct it if I thought there were.”

Note that Conyers is Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Chairman!

Now if only Justice Roberts had been tested on the content and meaning of the Constitution.

A careful reader will note that “general welfare” did not mean aid to some at the expense of others, as James Madison was quick to point out in Federalist 41:

“But what color can the objection have [that the phrase ‘general welfare’ is not specified by particulars], when a specification of the objects alluded to by these general terms immediately follows and is not even separated by a longer pause than a semicolon? . . . Nothing is more natural nor common than first to use a general phrase, and then to explain and qualify it by a recital of particulars . . . .”1

In the entire list that follows the semicolon, there is nothing that even remotely resembles the social welfare programs promoted by liberals. At least Justice Roberts knew this much about the Constitution.

Following modern-day proponent’s of General Welfare, the national government has unlimited authority to do anything it defines as General Welfare. This is impossible. Madison points out that the phrase is found in the Articles of Confederation, and it has a particular meaning:

Article III. The said States hereby severally enter into a firm league of friendship with each other, for their common defense, the security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare, binding themselves to assist each other, against all force offered to, or attacks made upon them, or any of them, on account of religion, sovereignty, trade, or any other pretense whatever.

You can see by how “general welfare” is used to mean what applies to everyone generally and has nothing to do with wealth redistribution which a national healthcare care program would be. You can find similar uses of “general welfare” in Articles VIII and IX. Madison continues:

Construe either of these articles by the rules which would justify the construction put on the new Constitution, and they vest in the existing Congress a power to legislate in all cases whatsoever. But what would have been thought of that assembly, if, attaching themselves to these general expressions, and disregarding the specifications which ascertain and limit their import, they had exercised an unlimited power of providing for the common defense and general welfare? I appeal to the objectors themselves, whether they would in that case have employed the same reasoning in justification of Congress as they now make use of against the convention. How difficult it is for error to escape its own condemnation!

The modem concept of general welfare is most often defined in terms of wealth redistribution where some members of society (“the rich”) are taxed heavily in order to benefit the “welfare” of others (“the poor”). General welfare, according to the Constitution, means welfare that benefits everybody more or less equally. This can be clearly seen in providing “for the common Defense.” Taxes collected to defend the nation benefit everybody generally. Taxing some people so other people can have decent housing or an education or healthcare is not general welfare; it’s particular welfare.

  1. The Federalist No. 41: General View of the Powers Conferred by The Constitution,  No. 41 (January 19, 1788). []



  • deeme

    I was waiting for so many things and got none of them..why didn't they say a person is protected by the third and fourth ammendments a right to privacy and free from unreasonable searches and seizures which giving people your personal healthcare , financial information, employer , physicians ,seems to be .They didn't address any of this..they just allowed this to turn into another mess giving the government rights it should not have.
    Read the U.S. Constitution and find authority granted to members of Congress the right to Regulate healthcare..The tax is depriving property without due process of laws..This is nothing more then the biggest transfer of power to the Executive Branch ever in our History.
    It will lead to private insurance companies going out of business, rationing of healthcare, free healthcare for lawbreakers, free abortions and forced participation in abortion by doctors and hospitals..It will be socialized medicine in the end.

    • stevec

      You are unfortunately too right. We are becoming a socialist nation, instead of a democratic republic. Obama thinks he is the dictator of our nation. If he wants it, he just takes it, constitutional or not. If he doesn't get defeated, we will be all owned by the government with him calling all the shots.

      • deeme

        I just don't get why he didn't get the whipping he deserved from the Supreme Court , their main job is to uphold the Constitution and every branch is using it as a doormat..

        • Barbara Johnson

          None of the branches are keeping each other in check anymore, and that is one of the biggest places that the problem lies.

        • deeme

          I know people who have read the whole thing and there is more in there that has nothing to do with healthcare and about control then there is about healthcare.The people in charge of our healthcare know exactly what they are doing and are bold face ,above the law
          liars...with no morals..Sebelius said under oath ,that she was not
          aware of any healthcare waivers....Are you freaking kidding me, the only people
          who support the Healthcare law have one..You have to pass the bill, to find out
          all the evil, rolled up ,into one ball , they could possibly get, in one shady
          big as Joe said F-ing deal ,in the middle of the night ,without one voter's
          permission..! They can lie because they own the MSM and the Justice
          Department..the rest of us well informed citizens don't matter and will be taken
          down , talk radio , the internet and other social media if they get their

          Little by little the family, your health , your job, your death they want it

          Because according to Saul Alinsky, the father of community
          organizing, it
          was the Devil himself who was the first community

          Rules for Radicals opens with a quote about Lucifer, written by Saul Alinsky:

          “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very
          radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to
          know where
          mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the
          first radical
          known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it
          so effectively
          that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

        • fedup

          "deeme", My opinion is that he blackmailed every one of them. It is, after all, the Chicago way.

        • deeme

          Yes, probably with drug cartel money....LOL..I'm going to have to start putting COL for cry out loud because that is what I really want to do...

    • WABOBS

      This is the end, my friend!

      • deeme

        I fear you are right and pray you are wrong..

    • warriorsmom

      Justice Roberts told it like it is..."it is not the responsibility of the Supreme Court to save the American people from their political choices." He simply told it like it is. If we, the American people, the electorate, want more of the same, we allow Obama to stay in office. If we, the American peole, the electorate want to put an end to the destruction of our American way of life, our economy, our image in the world, then we exercise our American rights and responsibilities, and we VOTE!!! We unite, and stand behind the candidate who opposes the present administration. We don't whine and snibble about "our guy," who the majority didn't vote for in the primaries, who isn't going to be on the ticket. We remember our lesson from history, when Ross Perot split the vote, just because he didn't "like" George H. Bush. We don't need any more problems than we already have, and we are going to be very busy cleaning up the mess we have been given in the last 3.5 years. Romney has a long, strong, and positive background in cleaning up problems...look what he did for Staples, and look at what he did for the Olympics. And, it wasn't "community organizing." Wake up, America! It is about the economy, and the future of our existence. This new "tax" falls on the backs of the American workers, and it pays for a free ride for those who aren't working and don't pay taxes! Romney has already said that the first thing he is going to do, is get rid of Obamacare. He certainly will have my support AND my VOTE!

      • airandlight

        I agree with most of what you wrote but you're dancing around Roberts' responsibility, In order to pass this mess of a law he had to rewrite part of it and that is legislating from the bench. And that is something that is outside his Supreme court mandate.

      • deeme

        I would love to agree with you and under normal circumstances that would happen but you know what this administration is doing, they have thumbed their noses at the Constitution and everything it stands for ., look what they are doing to Arizona giving it to whomever wants it..They were due for something much stronger, then weak tea..Our country is now a tree with no branches and you know what happens to them. How do you know their games won't be going on with the vote as well..This is a group that needed a lot more then what they got Yesterday.They are more dangerous then you know.

      • djstorrie

        I have no choice but to vote for Romney, but please don't use what he did for the Olympics to prop him up. To save the Olympics he went to Washington and asked for money.

    • Barbara Johnson

      They probably decided that way because of the payoff cut that they will get from it. The power and the money is more important than "the peoples rights" to decide.

  • Justintime
  • blackyb

    General well being. Not welfare as in food stamps. Yes they should be able to pass a Constitutional Test or they should not be in our Government one way or the other.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Wordscount Thomas Mott

      The teachers today are all leftwingers. They don't even teach history. High school grads don't evn know who the VP is under Obama when asked. You can asked any child today about the history of this country and they don't know! I would bet that out of one hundred kids couldn't name a founding father!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_REFOGE4Q2OLNXCSQA3KT6623FE Joe in CT

        Done very intentionally by the Progressives over the years. They are in power in all three of the remaining school textbook publishers, and have "erased" our history, just like the Soviets did for anyone who fell out of favor with the current Politburo or General Secretary of the Party.

  • 4grands

    They should have to pass the test to qualify to run for an office.

    • Joe

      Politicians cheat on their wives, they cheat on their taxes - would a mere test be any different?

      • FreeGeezer

        That's true. I guess we would have to establish some sort of penalty for failure to "support and defend" the constitution. And, yes, this should apply to the President, the entire Supreme Court, all the President's cabinet and czars, Senators and Representatives.

        • Joe

          What would be done with the failing politicians/judges? Send them to some sort of "Idiot's Island"? Ooh, I smell a new fall tv blockbuster! lol

        • http://twitter.com/BradNova Brad Nova

          Michelle Bachmann needs to pass the test for sure.

        • medivac

          As does Barrack Obama !!

        • Donna

          who is the illegal muslim dictator......he has a teleprompter to help him know what to say and do!
          If every single politician had to pass a test with a 100% pass rate we could weed out the numb skulls that have no place being in any position in Government!


        • BOOMER8

          AS USUAL, when the Constitution gets in their way, they ignore it.

        • notoshariah

          RIGHT ON! He is an illegal who should not be here. He has lied from the day he began to campaign and he campaigns & lies every time he opens his islamo-mouth. In all the years I have voted I have NEVER seen such a corrupt administration. When he visited Dearborn Mich. that was terrible as well as calling the Brotherhoon in Egypt then not protecting the borders and letting the islamo-terrorists establish their nests of terror in Dearborne and other cities. He said he killed OBL but that seems vague so I do not really believe that story too. Then why did he let the Seal become fodder for the missals when he had them all in the same plane ? The questions go on and on. How the liberals can believe this guy is beyond me! He may be a slick lawyer but does defy the CONSTITUTION!

        • Texan

          Who the heck would vote for someone that hides all from his past?? I sure wouldn't. You have to know that he has a lot to hide to go to that expense!

        • fedupinok

          Obama is not eligible to take the test. Only a citizen is eligible to take the test to hold office

        • Mr. Positive

          Brad....What planet are you from...Oh yes the leftist one...Michelle Bachman knows more about the Constitution than 98 % of congress. She has been leading the charge for all of us who are tired of business as usual. Why do you think the left is pouring money into her opponent and redistricted her district to make it harder for her to get votes. The leftist media especially targeted her in her run for the Presidency. Your ignorance is exceeded only by your ignorance. Can't wait to see what filth will pour out of your keyboard to answer this reply..

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Smith/664886615 Stephen Smith

          I can see a very large number of so-called "constitutional conservatives" here need to start following their own advice! Whenever anyone in Congress votes to continue funding an undeclared war (as Michelle Bachman, along with over 500 others, has done over and over again), they are not upholding the Constitution! And that's not all. Michelle Bachman voted for COPS funding (federal funding of local law enforcement - Bill Clinton's brainchild), Real ID funding, Warrantless Surveillance (the "Protect America Act"), the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act of 2007", the Peru "Free Trade" agreement (creating a supra-national body which can overrule state and federal laws), Head Start expansion (more federal intervention in education), Economic Stimulus (under Bush not Obama), More Warrantless Searches (HR 2346), Foreign Aid (HR 3081), Patriot Act extension (HR 3961), and other measures related to funding unconstitutional wars. Yes, Michelle Bachman does talk the talk, but she definitely does NOT walk the walk! All of us need to start paying much more attention not to what politicians say, but what they actually DO!

        • Linda



        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Smith/664886615 Stephen Smith

          I don't disagree. But what I am saying is that even the best of the best is selling us down the drain also. We should cut them no slack when it comes to upholding their oath to protect and defend the Constitution! There is no "halfway" about this!

        • airandlight

          Hey Brad Nova it seems amazing that you're able to dress and feed yourself.

        • airandlight

          Hey Brad Nova it's amazing that you're able to dress and feed yourself.

        • beachjmpr

          That's "Brad No Va". Spanish for NO GO. Remember why Chevy couldn't sell the Nova in Mexico? No one wanted a car that had a name saying NO GO.

        • dondh

          I'll guarantee you she would do better that pelosi, reid, kocenich(spelling) and a number of others. She knows more than you think!!

        • macnicol

          Perhaps you should read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for the first time before you embarrass yourself on this site.

        • Raymond

          And so does your daddy Obama.

        • Raymond

          President Obama decided to do one of his public addresses against the backdrop of an American farm, but the ceremony couldn't get started because of all the flies buzzing around his head. Obama demanded to know why the flies wouldn't leave, so the farmer explained to him, "Well, those are called circle flies. They always circle around the back end of horses." Obama angrily replied, "Hey, are you saying that I'm a horse's behind?" The farmer answered, "No Sir, Mister President. I would never call someone a horse's behind. It's hard to fool them flies though."

        • djstorrie

          Thank you for coming out tonight Raymond., I needed some sanity. Semper Fi brother

        • http://www.facebook.com/douglas.j.sargeant Douglas J. Sargeant

          What's she done, she is a conservative?

        • Luzmark1

          She knows it and you wouldn't know it because you make up your own by the day.

        • DieHArdPatriot

          I would like to add to the above comment....that all voters pass a test AS WELL on not only constitutional questions but on how educated they are in regards to the political stance any candidate has by their voting record before they can receive a voter ID from their county Registration Office...AND that all voting records be published for all levels of government in local Newspapers from local levels to the Presidential. All campaign comments whether written or spoken have to be of absolute truth backed by factual not contrived rhetoric or face civil action in a court. All candidates should be required to take an oath in front of an elected judge and sign a contract stating if they, should they be elected, do not perform as promised while campaigning, they would vacate that office they were elected to or face criminal charges of Perjury. One last comment...ALL JUDGES including The SCOTUS need to be elected by the people ONLY. This petty partisan nomination process does not work. That will hold those judges accountable directly to those whom elected them only. If any one of them fail to perform according to the U.S. Constitution and not by their personal beliefs would be removed from that position ASAP...even if it's before their next election cycle...Term limit on in states Judges: 3 years...ON SCOTUS 4 years. IF ANY OF YOU HAVEN"T...check out the Angry Black Man on You Tube. HE does not cut any slack and is very blunt but accurate and hits the bullseye. CHECK HIM OUT!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Smith/664886615 Stephen Smith

          That's the attitude we ALL need to take! CUT THEM NO SLACK! In addition to all that you've mentioned here, I would add one more thing: ABOLISH ALL POLITICAL PARTIES! I'm sick of people letting these damned Dems and Repubs decide who are only choices are going to be. Does anybody seriously think Mitt Romney is going to turn this sinking ship around, even if he were elected? When he passed his own scaled-down version of Obamacare in Taxachusetts? You're dreaming if so, just like the slobbering Obamanoids were 4 years ago.

          I say we let ANYBODY run for ANY office. If anybody is really unqualified, let the voters decide that, not some party muckety-mucks! Allow up to 10 or even 20 people to run for one office. Just publish their platform in the daily newspaper and/or online at least one week before the election. DO make sure they can at least pass a test of their knowledge of the Constitution. And uphold ALL campaign promises, otherwise they immediately get the boot, and the 2nd-place finisher in the election immediately assumes office. No real need for a recall or new election. What could be simpler?

          One final thing: All campaign financing should come from the actual voters. Re-institute the poll tax, even though it is currently unconstitutional. But then, if voting is voluntary, and the tax is apportioned equally, it shouldn't be. The voters have to fork over $5 or $10 at the polls, for the privilege of voting every two years. Is that going to break anybody? This should provide all the financing that everybody needs to get their message out to the public. All these endless campaign speeches are 98% hogwash and are simply not needed. I even have my doubts about the value of debates, although I will concede that it is important to know how a President especially will stand up to pressure in public.

          The nice thing about a poll tax is that it would automatically eliminate corporate campaign financing. Corporations aren't people and therefore cannot vote, and therefore should not have any business financing any political campaign. That by itself would practically end "crony capitalism" which is one of the root problems in America. Put the Power right back to the People where it belongs!

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/OXEUPLQP5N3NWO72YU6KUTFHFA Vern

          She isn't as bad as our V. Pres. he should be in a mental instutition along with Reid and Pelosi. Bachmann isn't in any position to hurt America.

        • http://www.facebook.com/amanda.schmidt.1000 Amanda Schmidt

          Isn't she a lawye and a conservitive

        • ConfusedAmericanCitizen

          Use Gitmo!

        • Ron Christopher

          Good idea. There is a new soccer field there.

        • Death Walks Among Us

          Why not use the island all the nukes were dropped on?

        • libbylindy

          They either know and understand and take an oath to uphold it, or they are banned from their position as a public servant of the people and not be allowed to hold any other political office for the rest of their lives. They can go around with a scarlet "L" on their foreheads so all would know just how far they can be trusted.

        • fedupinok

          The elected officials DO take an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution. They just don't abide by their oaths. These are the people we have entrusted to protect us from frauds like Obama. No wonder Obama got in without anyone vetting him. Not many of our elecgted officials have any credibility, honor or loyalty to this country. Their loyalties are to themselves and their bank accounts.

        • Bruce Lytle

          Hang `em!

        • djstorrie

          Got rope?

        • Texan

          Need to give them all a test (like in school) If they don't know what is in the constitution, they are not able to run for office!!

        • dondh

          Several of those politicians and judges like pelosi, reid, kagan, sotomeyer, leahy, odumbo, holder, kocenich(spelling) and a number of others, have never come off that island!

        • Just me

          We are going to need a bigger island. Antarctic comes to mine.

        • wattsupstupid

          There is, it is called TREASON which the penalty used to be death! I also think that the Supreme Court Justices should not be for life, we should be able to vote them out if they go against the Constitution.

        • Bruce Lytle

          Try IMPEACHMENT (for HIGH CRIMES (TREASON)!) Any "justice" that should "rule" based on ANYTHING other than the Constitution of the United States.

        • FlamingFury

          Technically, the justices are subject to impeachment as are all those named by FreeGeezer above, One problem is the topic of this blog---that most members of Congress are too ignorant of the Constitution to know when a justice has misstepped. Another problem is that corruption and collusion are so widespread in Congress that no one has the courage to bring impeachment. Look at the refusal of DoJ to prosecute Holder after Congress voted the criminal contempt citation.

        • FlamingFury

          Technically, the justices are subject to impeachment as are all those named by FreeGeezer above (except the czars, for which there is no authority in the Constitution---they were Obummer's invention). One problem is the topic of this blog---that most members of Congress are too ignorant of the Constitution to know when a justice has misstepped. Another problem is that corruption and collusion are so widespread in Congress that no one has the courage to bring impeachment. We saw that again this week with the refusal of DoJ to prosecute Holder after Congress voted the criminal contempt citation.

        • FlamingFury

          Technically, the justices are subject to impeachment as are all those named by FreeGeezer above (except the czars, for which there is no authority in the Constitution---they were Obummer's invention). One problem is the topic of this blog---that most members of Congress are too ignorant of the Constitution to know when a justice has misstepped. Another problem is that corruption and collusion are so widespread in Congress that no one has the courage to bring impeachment. We saw that again this week with the refusal of DoJ to prosecute Holder after Congress voted the criminal contempt citation.

        • Rob

          I agree, we have allowed the system to get out of hand and beyond control. Our only hope is to elect the politicians that have proven they will work to dismantle this chain of collective misconduct, ignorance of the Constitution and disregard for the duties of their office and responsibility to the people who elected them.

        • the boss43

          That all sound very good, however, when elected get inside the beltway they loose their sense of direction, integrity, truthfulness, and the ability to answer question with a simple yes or no. They answer with a long dissertation of nonsense that is only understood by like individuals!! Lying is the standard and legalize explains their need to reply as such. Vote them ALL out! Change the constitution so no one has a lifetime appointment. Congress, both houses, serve one, four year term. This eliminates the need for re-election campaigns and fund raising. Simplify the impeachment process and allow the voters to recall elected officials. Have all elected officials sign oaths as to what they will vote for and against while serving. It they don't follow this, recall! That should solve a major portion of the problems in DC. Oh, no pensions, health care the same as the American people get, you have seen the 28th or 26th (not sure which) Amendment suggestion on all of this and it's a great idea. Thanks. One more thing, since "they" make all the perks for themselves, it's going to be hard to get them to limit their stay in DC so the need for the signed oath would really work. Void the oath and pack you bags, you're on your way home!

        • FlamingFury

          In California, all new taxes now have to be approved by the voters. Something similar should be enacted on the national level so that voters get to approve these marvelous perks that the "anointed" enact for themselves that we ordinary working citizens don't get.

        • FlamingFury

          In California, all new taxes now have to be approved by the voters. Something similar should be enacted on the national level so that voters get to approve these marvelous perks that the "anointed" enact for themselves that we ordinary working citizens don't get like their Cadillac retirement programs, free health care, and full pay (or close to it) for the rest of their lives after leaving office. Also no more playing the game of musical offices. Serve in one house---then go home to a real job!

        • FlamingFury

          In California, all new taxes now have to be approved by the voters. Something similar should be enacted on the national level so that voters get to approve these marvelous perks that the "anointed" enact for themselves that we ordinary working citizens don't get like their Cadillac retirement programs, free health care, and full pay (or close to it) for the rest of their lives after leaving office. Also no more playing the game of musical offices. Serve in one house---then go home to a real job!

        • Du's View --

          Du's View
          There are many things passed without the majority favoring the law. -- How does it happen that our representatives seem to be listening to someone else, or don't we take the time to let our wants be known!

        • http://www.facebook.com/duane.hamm.71 Duane Hamm

          Du's View
          There are many things passed without the majority favoring the law. -- How does it happen that our representatives seem to be listening to someone else, or don't we take the time to let our wants be known. known!

        • FlamingFury

          In California, all new taxes now have to be approved by the voters. Something similar should be enacted on the national level so that voters get to approve these marvelous perks that the "anointed" enact for themselves that we ordinary working citizens don't get like their Cadillac retirement programs, free health care, and full pay (or close to it) for the rest of their lives after leaving office. Also no more playing the game of musical offices. Serve in one house---then go home to a real job!

        • Joyce

          Politicians lie. They all promise to perform all sorts of magic tricks if we'll only vote for them. Then once they get the job, they do whatever they want that will lead them to more cash under the table than in their paychecks. Obama is a prime example. There's not one thing he promised to do and actually did. In fact, he's gone 180 degrees on everything. Voting has become a game of chance where you vote for who you believe might be the lesser of two evils. There is no longer any honesty or ethics among politicians, except some of the newbees, and they soon learn the essentials for feathering their own nests at the expense of the lobbyists and the detriment of the taxpayers..

        • http://twitter.com/tonykeywest Anthony Capo

          Yes , I believe that Obama is educated as a constitutional lawyer. So knowledge of the constitution is not the problem.

        • WARIII

          It is not the system that is out of hand it's the IDIOTS we have put there to run the system that are out of hand. An article iI read the other day quoted some stats 76% of Americans say that the people in DC are ruining our country but 72% said it is nit their representatives. So nomater how bad it is or will get we only have ourselves to blame. BUT we still need to get rid of the Idiots we have put there.

        • Vazir Mukhtar

          Not that you asked, but the notion of a tsar (or czar, if you want) comes from Russia. The first ruler to be called one was Ivan IV, whom we know better as Ivan the Terrible. The word ultimately derives from Caesar, as in Julius or Augustus. It turns up as Kaiser in German.

          You and I no doubt agree that having any in the US is a bad idea, though on this point President Obama appears not to remember the provisions of our constitution or the fate of two of Russia's -- assassination.

        • whackajig

          @wattsupstupid: ovomit did not invent the position of czar. All former presidents have had similar advisors.

        • FlamingFury

          Yes, all former presidents have had advisors, but Obummer is the only one to give them that fancy title out of Russia---where communism "flourished" for 3/4 of a century, and Obummer has granted them a level of authority that previous advisors never had.

        • http://twitter.com/tonykeywest Anthony Capo

          I assert that a large part of the problem is that the population itself is ignorant of the constitution. If it were taught in the schools we could hold our government accountable. Sadly this is not the case.

        • FlamingFury

          You are absolutely correct. That's one reason Hillsdale College has made its on-line Constitution course available to the public. It's also the price of not watching our left-wing union-controlled school boards and the liberal college professors who have deliberately dumbed down the curricula.

        • WARIII

          What a person does not recieve in government schools could fill a library the size of the Smithstonian. When a person does not recieve the knowledge he/she NEEDS they and their parents should go out and find it! Speaking of the government, you can purchase fro the gov a copy of the Constitution for about 2 dollars. Anyone with a 9th grade education should be able rread it and understand what it says.

        • Patriot1

          This citizen TOTALLY AGREE'S, that the members of SCOTUS should be limited to a maximum 6 or 8 year term and then out the go. Being on the court for life is like having a Senile Senator or Representative in office for 40 or 50 years.

        • WARIII

          The problem is not how long the justices serve, but who they are and who appoints them. Two of the justices presently serving have been appointed by the usurper. And he is not eligible according to the Constitution. If anyone else had been in office those two would not have been nominated!

        • Shermer

          Great idea! But we're going to need someone to decide when they actually go against the constitution. Oh, wait, we already do - the hundreds of GodfatherPolitics readers who scream "UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!" every time something doesn't go their way.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/OHGTWZZMS2GDKZMW7HTKTAANTA Thomas

          I agree with u 100%.... Amen

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wayne-Bauer/100000780337244 Wayne Bauer

          We have it we don't have anyone competent to administer, it's simply called impeachment.

        • MontieR

          We already have a punishment for not protecting the constitution it is called impeachment or treason. But those who OWN congress refuse to use it.

        • defender3

          I agree! Professed to be Republican Conservatives that we trusted and elected to office sit timidly and passively while Obama, and the rest of the Marixist-Socialist who have taken over our government destroy this country! Don't forget these cowards come election time!

        • Bluebonnet

          They take care of each other. We can see how we have the most ill inform people as our representatives. You bet, they should be required to be tested. If they do not know our history and our constitution they should not be elected.

        • MidnightDStroyer

          There are already clauses & procedures IN the Constitution for that. For one, the Oath of Office is lawfully binding as much as signing their names on a contract, in this particular case, a contract of employment under We the People. The single biggest difference between the Constitution & any other contract of employment is that the Constitution is also the Supreme Law of the Land, with the greatest "legal weight" over ALL OTHER CONTRACTS because all other Laws MUST be in full compliance with the Supreme Law.

          Next, any action that results in a violation of ANY terms & conditions in the Constitution is a Breech of Oath & a Breech of Contract & We the People, as their employers have every Right under the Law to seek redress from a violator...And the Constitution itself even includes the clauses of Due Process of Law to obtain our redress.

          Included with the procedures & definition of Impeachment, is also a clause that REQUIRES "removal from Office" to be followed by the indictment of charges & subsequent court trial to answer for the perpetrator's violations...In particular, "high Crimes & misdemeanors" can include literally anything, including for reasons purely political.

        • MidnightDStroyer

          It should also be noted that, in the clauses noting Impeachment & Due Process, there is absolutely NO difference made between Officers that are elected OR appointed...With no specific differential cited, then there is no differential.

        • Texan

          MidnightDstroyer: Get it written up and we will all volunteer to get signatures!!

        • barto

          How about a "Treason" penalty for failute to support and defend the constitution!

        • mudguy1

          The penalty is up to us. VOTE THEM OUT.

        • jjkrjw

          How about a prison term?

        • http://twitter.com/tonykeywest Anthony Capo

          in a sane world obama would be impeached.

        • djstorrie

          Or hung.

      • dondh

        How right you are! Too many of them have no morals or sense of responsibility!

      • airandlight

        It's better than nothing.

      • Barbara Johnson

        I agree with what you just said Joe. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to get elected, then like having the green light they will go their own way. The Christians belief is that the devil knows everything that the Bible says, and this would end up being the same way.

      • NoJusticeHere

        Quite simply NO!

      • Meritocrat

        So, old-fashioned morals wouldn't be so bad to return to, ...NO???

      • Rob

        I would agree with you provided the politician knew that the word cheat meant !!

      • seaofteamerican

        As well as a Test on the U.S.Constitution notice I emphasized United States right? I would definitely do random drug tests as well because we common working people have to right? Because I think that there are a lot of elected officials that would fall into the category of maybe a psychological test as well.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rose-Kediddlehopper/100001354831929 Rose Kediddlehopper

        Joe, while I agree with you. It would still be a lot better if they knew what that American "compass" is. We all do wrong things, we all fall off the track but if we know the foundations, we CAN get back. Think of the Constitution as the "North" star. W/O it we are forever lost.

    • Seeker1212

      What good would giving them a test be, they all are intelligent People that know the constitutional laws, but the way they vote is a demonstration that they really don’t care what the constitution says.
      Any and all elected government officials that fail in keeping their oath of upholding the laws of the constitution, should be removed and indicted for treason, deported or shot depending on the seriousness of the crime.

      • 4grands

        You r right!

    • ConfusedAmericanCitizen

      The problem with this test is just who would put together this test? No, it should be the responsibility for those that run for office to educate themselves and understand that they will be held to the responsibility of upholding the Constitution. We'd do better to spend time motivating John Q Citizen to educate and understand the Constitution and then vote accordingly. A criminal check would be something that I'd agree to, and the proof of eligibility most definitely!

      • T-Texas

        The Hermitage Foundation would be more than happy to give them all the lessons on the Constitution that would be required.

        • FlamingFury

          Hillsdale College already has a course on the Constitution---archived on line. It was free.

      • djstorrie

        You are not confused.

    • Victor Pirie


    • Raymond

      How about a loyalty test?

      • FlamingFury

        We used to have loyalty tests in the 1950s at the height of the Cold War. I was only a kid still, but I had an after-school job, and I had to sign the oath. Even as a kid my reasoning was, "hey, if I really were a commie, I'd just lie and sign this oath." That was on the East Coast. In California, they added some extra paragraphs to the oath, which was eventually overturned by a SCOTUS decision, but California never revised its oath, so some say that technically, California has not had a legitimately seated public official since 1954!

    • Raymond

      What has America become?

      Has America become the land of special interest and home of the
      double standard? Let's see: If we lie to the Congress, it's a felony
      and if Congress lies to us it's just politics. If we dislike a black person,
      we're a racist and if a black dislikes whites, it's their 1st Amendment
      right. The government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals and
      they do almost nothing for the victims. In public schools you can teach
      that homosexuality and lesbianism is ok, but you better not use the
      word God in the process. You can murder a child in the mothers womb,
      but it's wrong to execute a mass murderer. We don't burn books in
      America, we now rewrite them. We got rid of the communist & socialist
      threat by renaming them progressives. If you protest against Obama's
      policies you're a terrorist, but if you burn an American flag or George
      Bush in effigy, it's your 1st Amendment right.

      You can have pornography on TV or the internet, but you better not
      put a nativity scene in a public park during Christmas. In America,
      criminals are now called sick people. The government takes money
      from those who work hard & gives it to those who are lazy. Parenting
      has been replaced with Ritalin & video games. The land of opportunity
      is now the land of hand outs.

      And how do we handle a major crisis today? The Government
      appoints a committee to determine who's at fault, then threatens
      them, passes a law, raises our taxes, then tells us the problem is
      solved so they can get back to their reelection campaign.

      • 4grands

        Now you think like someone whom should be taking that test. You would pass with flying colors and be good in an office. Maybe you already are. If you aren't, then think about it. Thanks!

    • beachjmpr

      After they have shown valid proof of citizenship.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TDSLCPZIADLPWE4SFOZNRWV3OE Mike Tanco

      I agree !! And they should have a legal birth certificate, a valid SS# from the state in which they were born and they should be required to uphold the Constitution as written and not try to change it. One change in the Constitution that would help the citizens of this country would be to limit the terms Congress can serve, limit the Supreme Court judges terms and make sure all of these officials donate to Social Security and use the same insurance they have shoved down all Americans throats. Now that would be change all citizens could live with. Mike Tanco

      • Ron Sheesley

        I salute you on that! Remember when el presidente--when asked if he would subscribe personally to the healthcare he was dictating for the masses--smiled with his typical "getting-one-over-on-you NY grin" and replied, "do you think I'm crazy? Give up the best health care in the world? Not on your life!"

      • fedup

        Mike, I wish I could vote more than once on a person's statement. I'd vote over and over LIKE to you. Thanks!

    • willythegeek

      I don't think it would do any good if you are a crook.

    • BOOMER8

      it would be an open book test, with 12 lifelines and 14 call a friends.
      But kidding aside, I fully agree! There MUST BE A COMPETENCY REQUIREMENT!

    • mudguy1

      Along with an IQ test. And a American history test.

    • djstorrie

      They must be held accountable for their actions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

    Not only that but it looks like the SCOTUS should also

  • Justintime
  • Rjf

    If that occurs wait for the cries of racism. Pathetic crowd we have put in office.


    They should take the test BEFORE being appointed to any government office. Immigrants have to know all of the presidents of the United States when they are LEAGALLY applying for citizenship..why not the senate the congress AND THE PRESIDENT....???

  • dicko3

    Duh! yea!

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.engledow William Engledow

    Their oath says they will uphold the constitution ( which none do once lobby groups put cash in their hand) how can they uphold it if they dont know what it is? Urinalysis should definitely be a requirement along with this exam.

    • Sun Tzu

      .....maybe a rectal exam as well......maybe we can find their head.

  • theendisfar

    The Constitution needs updating. I know this is blasphemy for many, but it is indeed a Contract between the People and those who are elected and appointed to provide government services. If a Contract is ambiguous or contradictory to itself, then it cannot be a Contract. It cannot be upheld in Law or in Practice. A Constitution that cannot be upheld is no Constitution at all.

    You are correct General Welfare meant General Prosperity in 1789. The Regulation of Commerce was to prevent States from conducting trade wars amongst themselves. Involuntary Servitude is included in being forced to pay taxes for services that one cannot possibly or practically benefit from.

    These and many other terms and clauses must be rewritten in plain and clear terms in order for our Constitution to mean anything worthwhile.

    • BD Katt

      The Constitution does not need updated or changed to suit the ideas of the progressive socialists,it needs to be adhered to as it is written.

      • theendisfar

        NSS. It needs to be updated so that it can be understood by anyone with a 3rd grade education in MODERN American English.

        How about you tell me what the Constitution means and I'll tell you. Bet you a worthless Federal Reserve Note that we are at least slightly different in our understanding.

        A Contract that cannot be defined the same by both parties CANNOT be a Contract. If it is not a Contract, then neither party must comply. Only the American People comply, because the Government has the power to label us Terrorists and has assumed the power to execute us without trial. MY BS Republican Congressman and 2 Senators voted for it. They say the Constitution allows them to do this.

        Question: Was the Constitution written to Restrict the Federal Government or the American People?

    • MastroMan

      You can't excuse the passing of this healthcare law. It is unconstitutional and clearly defined by general welfare (what else could this mean when the law is promoted to get the 50mil uninsured to be insured by taxing the other 230mil people here not to mention illegal immigrants you fool?) and in the expressed individual guarantees throughout the timeless document.

      • theendisfar

        Not excusing it. It and almost every Law, Act, and Statute that Congress passes is unconstitutional. This is what you get when you let two Political Families interpret the Law.

        This is what you get when you let a D or R controlled Congress ignore Article 1, Sections 2, 8, 9, and 10.

        Question: Is the 16th Amendment Constitutional? Can anything be Constitutional as long as it is passed? Slavery? An end to Free Speech? Execution without Trial?

        Your Republican Congress says 'Yes We Can'. Who does that sound like?

  • Patriot49

    Not just elected officials, but everyone that wishes to Vote and be counted. Basic Civic knowledge would help insure that Freedom would endure. Too late now for the Ballot Box , though. The Sword in the end, will win where reason has failed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Weiss/1318734279 Jon Weiss

    "Should Elected Officials Have to Pass a Test on the Constitution before Running for Office?"

    File this one under DUHHHH!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1025500368 Rick Eastlund

    Maybe a test for common sense would be good also

    • T-Texas

      Some of them need drug test also.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rtelljohn Robert Telljohn

      An intelligence test should be given. We can't have reps stating that the island will tip over if there are too many tanks there.

  • atmorefaye

    Yes who ever is elected should be able to answer questions on constitution and not like those who want to destroy the constitution both Obama and Kagan have violated and even Kagan received money from islamic to destroy the constitution and you never investigate or research these people that you put in office of vote to elect you just sit back if they get up and tell you a bunch of lies what you want to hear you ar stupid enough to vote and elect that is how both Obama and Kagan moused their way in then there were the cheats and liars Reid and Pelosi both stoled their way in by void frauds and taking tax payers money then you have these that want to get rid of America like Soro Ayers Jones and the muslims they should be deported Soro made his money off America andnow look what the idiot does every thing he can to destroy AmericaGet rid of this trash and we will have America back the other that I don't understand is how Michelle Obama can take trips on the tax dollar spend millions and Obama does not claim it on his taxes and how does she deserve the tax payer dollar for trips You see people you don't read nor do you think you let people come into offices that should never be there Get rid of this trash NOW

  • Rejoice

    People seeking to hold bureaucratic positions in government at all levels should have to pass the same test before being considered for an interview. The test should be administered to the person each time they choose to move from one bureaucratic position to another also.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Weiss/1318734279 Jon Weiss

    What is truly scary about all of this is that I have read the Constitution, and even though I am not a Harvard Lawyer, I understand its plain language, yet Obama and the members of the SCOTUS seem incapable of comprehending any of it without massive amounts of "interpretations".

    • morning_in_america

      that's because when they simply read it, they don't want what they see

      • Barbara Johnson

        Yes, if you don't like what you read, you edit it to try to change it into something that you like better. That's what is going on.

  • RichWIowa

    Elected officials? Heck, when even the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is unable to read and comprehend the plain text of the Constitution, how can we expect elected officials, and in particular the kind of morons who run as demoncrats to pass any kind of test on the Constitution? A far better answer is a "citizenship test", perhaps something like Heinlein suggested, the completion of a term of military service prior to being eligible to vote and run for office.

    • Ron Sheesley

      Absolutely! Just loved that concept when I first read Starship Troopers many years ago. Although the movie was exciting, it however lacked that emphasis on citizenship requirements... (Could the real thrust have been altered in order to fit with the concept of Political Correctness...) One thing good about the movie, on the other hand, was the emphasis on "equality under arms." Can one just imagine certain members of the population fond of popping "babies for welfare" having to drag their anchors on into battle?

  • http://www.facebook.com/alice.ray.988 Alice Ray

    Absolutely Yes! We would not be saddled with many of the member of Congress that we have currently if we required them to be proficient in knowledge of the Constitution.

  • LonnaBertelli

    General welfare = protect each other from attack/invasion, natural disasters,etc. NOT work to financially support strangers for life! Yes, they ALL should have to take a Constitution test before running for office and show the results of that test before taking the Oath of Office!

  • Sharron

    It is socialized medicine already. I read the HealthCare Bill....as an R.N. I cannot be prosecuted for..."assisting in abortions, assisted suicides, or euthansia." How's that "DEATH PANEL" thing working for ya? This administration is so full of lies and corruption, it makes me sick! I'll not comply with any order that offends my Christian beliefs, even if I have to leave nursing!

  • http://twitter.com/debbie101253 Debbie Wittig

    Not only should they have to pass it 100% but all high school and college students should have to pass it at 95% to walk across the stage for their diploma. Can you imagine how different the voting mentality would be if they knew how corrupt this bunch of nitwits actually were?


    It's their interpretation that's the problem! They read words into it that are not there. If someone was immediately relieved of duty and thrown in jail for violating it, it would stop all this crap! Just like murderers and rapists should be executed upon being found guilty by two or more witnesses instead of us providing them 3 hots and a cot for the rest of their worthless lives. That my friends is Biblical!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JKLLPVKKSWYRHLZH3LDQMZRW6A dean

    You are not serious, are you?? Even Obama, supposedly a constitution scholar, would fail. You have to be able to read, comprehend and recall information.l

  • disgusted

    Just what good would that do? Don't forget, Obama is a Constitutional scholar who taught the U.S. Constitution. So what? Unless voters do their due diligence and start electing people of integrity into office, nothing will ever change. Not gonna happen, is it? You can make people take all the Constitution tests you want and it won't matter one bit as long as you're electing people who are liars and crooks to run the country, and that's what we just keep on doing. Get a man of integrity who actually has a record of meaning what he says running, and people label him a "kook," or a "loony," and he is denigrated and marginalized by the media and the ignorant.

    • ginger

      Are you seroius??? SUPPOSED to be a Constitutional scholar...what he actually is and did remains to be found out. I would say SEEN but of course all the facts have been hidden.

  • paxcat

    Every American citizen should pass a test on the Constitution, so they'd know exactly and precisely what each branch can and cannot do! The Constitution allows the taxation of the people by Congress for anything it wants, but it is "blind" (as it should be) as to whether the legislation is "good" or "bad." Same goes for all laws. Law makers are responsible for passing laws and taxing, and if the legislation is "bad" for the people, then use your power to vote them out of office! But, make sure you elect people who are capable of even passing "good" laws! For starters, the person should possess a conscience!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Norma-J-Sears/100000092642289 Norma J. Sears

    YES! So should all judges and, especially Chief Justice Roberts. He wrote a law passing a tax.

  • Misiput

    Anyone having the Supreme Influence on The People's lives should and MUST take a test of our Constitution - and they should do it on Live Television so we can see if he/she is cheating.
    A student is closely observed when taking a test, why not a Senator, V.P. or President since their duties are so much more important ?
    I would go as far suggesting a Mayor should also take a test to see if their qualifications merrit that job.

  • PrinceCharIes

    SCROTUS decision on B0Care is not a legal proceeding, Kagan needed to recuse herself, because of prior involvement with B0Care.
    She illegally voted, and influenced judge Roberts who is on seizure medicine: to disqualify (oneself) as judge in a particular case; broadly : to remove (oneself) from participation to avoid a conflict of interest

    • T-Texas

      The good old boy method of lifetime appointments of federal judges from bottom to top is outdated and steps should be taken to go to an election system.

  • djw663

    Yes they should have to pass a test they should also have to provide and pass eligibility requirements and they must fill out questionaires to find out what party line they actually belong in. You get Democrats defecting to the Republican party and that does not mean that they may hold the same values or beliefs that a true Republican has. With all the technology and the WWW. we should have an easy way to pick the right candidates.

  • Robert Cundiff

    Yes the test is a great idea

  • Jerry

    What do you expect from the uneducated?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_REFOGE4Q2OLNXCSQA3KT6623FE Joe in CT

      exactly, Jerry. The Progressives have purposefully "dumbed down" the general public, and those who don't bother to get an education are even more stupid. The end result is the assured votes for certain candidates by certain constituencies. It is dumb to expect intelligence from the stupid.

  • badnews

    Yes they should have to pass a Constitution test and their grade should be published along side their name on the ballot. If they can't pass, they can't run. The same should be done at the state level too.

  • ginger

    All those "serving" in the government should know the Constitution AT THE VERY LEAST!!!! I would be glad to lend some of them my copies of it.

  • David in MA

    There is a simular problem in my home town, they get elected and immediatly forget the law and their responsibilities, if they ever knew them and sadly most never knew them from the get-go.
    This is not just a Federal government/congress thing. the script (law) is written but not being followed.
    I think that is why Reagan was such a good President, as an actor, he learned his lines from the script (Constitution) and followed them......

  • threebarrs

    I think that Chief Justice Roberts did the right thing by voting for Obamacare. I am a true conservative Republican Tea Partier - however, he stood for the Supreme Court and the idea that the Justices are not political puppets and showed it in this situation. A week ago, I really thought that the Justices would shoot Obamacare down without hesitation. But since they determined that the "penalty" or as I heard Pelosi say yesterday (6/28/12) on NPR, "whatever you want to call it", is a TAX, that gives the voters the ability to change the Administration and the Congress to stop Obamacare and to the betterment of our Federal Government system. We have too many old farts who are lifers in Congress and it is time to replace them with younger, more patirotic and more energetic members. If we as voters do our duty and vote for changes (and I don't mean Obama's version of change), we can start on the path of saving American liberty, democracy and freedom that our Founding Fathers envisioned for the USA. So come on everyone, and spread the word that the Obamacare "tax" is just too much for anyone to pay! I am an old fart, and I'm looking forward to the great change we as voters can make in November to help our country back on to a path of liberty and prosperity!

  • American 1st

    I actually think our Senators & House Reps should have to take weeks of classes on the Constitution and pass tests on it so we know they understand it, BEFORE taking office. I also think the incumbant morons in office now should also have to learn it, and YES! That includes BHO because it's obvious he doesn't even have a clue!

  • Nelda

    I'm waiting for someone with a brain and a voice to bring up the subject of "if this Obamacare is so great that they had to force it down our throats when we told them that we didn't want it, why is the President and congress and all their friends and family exempt from it?"

  • Originalintent

    Apparently, so should certain appointed officials, including Supreme Court justices.

  • tod

    YES !!!

  • Deb,

    They should have to pass all of the following: Criminal Background,Credit Check, IQ/apptitude (Biden and Pelosi, Frank come to mind), Honesty/Integrity (Who would be left in Congress), Constitutional law/knowledge, Simple Math/Accounting (Tim Geithner, hello)......

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_REFOGE4Q2OLNXCSQA3KT6623FE Joe in CT

    I introduced the concept of legislators having to pass tests in my emails and blog responses at the beginning of the current reign of crooks in the WH. I said the same re: my state legislators. And why not? We have to pass a test to get a driver's license, and in CT we have to pass the NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course to get our CCW. What legislators do is so much more beneficial if done right, and so much more damaging if done wrong, than driving a car without a driver's license. I'm all for it. We need Federal and state Constitutional amendments. Let's go for it; I am disgusted with the Progressives suddenly becoming Constitutional "experts" when it suits their demands. Back to the Federalist Papers!

  • http://twitter.com/Vic5245 Vic H.

    ABSOLUTELY! Some type of qualifying testing should be a prerequisit "before" being considered a candidate for their chosen office. What makes their "job" any different than the rest of the world for being a qualified candidate. Its about time someone is writing about this in the press. thank you! God Bless America.

  • Texas Patriot

    government officials within the United States swear by oath to up hold
    the Constitution. Unfortunately no one in our government is enforcing
    this, so it's up to the people who believe in the Constitution to force
    those who violate their oath to be removed by force if necessary. It's
    up to the Patriot Citizens to straiten this out. Fight for freedom or
    die as slaves!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001399642471 Karol Smith

    Yes, there should be a Constitution test! The formative documents of our great country are no long taught in school. How are candidates to be expected to know it if not taught? There should be a pre-candidate class, and then their grades published prior to their being voted on. Hillsdale College has a really good online class on the Constitution complete with quizzes.

  • Givendoly

    The problem with all of the interpretations of the Constitution is; that they over interpret, rather than reading the plain English at face value. A child can understand it!!

  • Lucius Junius Brutus

    Sure, a Constitutional test all elected officials have to pass is a great idea! Hey! Let's have the smartest people in the world write the questions: the Supreme Courts justices!! They understand the Constitution the bestest, right?

    The Constitutional test elected officials should have to pass is the electorate. If they (the electorate) do not understand the Constitution and its principles themselves and elect representatives that do too, ... well, that is why we are in the mess we are in.

    The Founders knew and recognized this. That is why they viewed the likelihood of success in this, the world's greatest "experiment" in Liberty, self-rule, and limited government with no small measure of trepidation and uncertainty, as evidenced by Franklin's post-Constitutional Convention comment when asked what they had come up with: "A Republic, if you can keep it."

    They were all too well aware of the vicissitudes of human nature and their inevitable penchant for selfishness, obvious in sooooo many ways in American society, and the consequences on a free people: tyranny.

  • http://twitter.com/Vic5245 Vic H.

    I also say that schools should have "Civics Class" again.

  • http://twitter.com/Vic5245 Vic H.

    The writer of this article should create a Poll for this.

  • GLW513

    YES-YES-YES! How many times have you heard a politician speak. And, they have no idea what is in the Constitution.

  • Raymond Taylor

    Of course, All gov't officials should know the Constitution.
    Ray Taylor

  • The Truth

    Short answer: YES! Also voters should be required to show a valid ID.

    • Ron Sheesley

      Absolutely! The opportunity for fraud in NY State at the polls is ridiculous! However, it might be recalled that, after all, this State of Confusion--along with Californication--leads the way as Sanctuary State Supreme!

  • Senior American

    How about giving a Constitution test to the so called president of our soon to be defunct once great country should we be ignorant of reality enough to reelect him?

  • Breeze

    I took a test on the Constitution that said politicians scored 55% on. I scored 77%. You need a license to drive a car, you should need a license to run OUR Country.

  • AnnaHelena13

    What this amounts to is still the same we the tax payers are going to be footing the bill for all these people who choose not to get health insutrance with a lot not wanting to spend the money and prefer to have fun, booze, cigarettes, movies, concerts etc.. The middle class, the elderly and the young will be affected, money wise and health wise. Just think about the 15 bureaucrats who will decide what care you are going to receive, not your doctor. Is this what the American people want? I think not but it was shoved down our throats by 51 democrats, they knew they couldn't pass it with the normal 60, so they chose another route and people are buying into this that it was done for us. No, Obama is a egoist who wants to rule America like a despot and I hope the truly "sane" American voters see right through his ruse into ruining America. The biggest tax increase ever and I hope all of you who voted for him suffer like the rest of us because of this ego maniac of a president. God help us and let's vote him and his pals out in November for good.

  • richbrat


    Good to some is ALWAYS at the expense of others, what planet do you live on? Someone who has more is ALWAYS at the expense of those who have less. Why do you think god makes it unmistakeably plain in the OT, that the RICH OPPRESS THE POOR? Why did Jesus make SO MANY references to the DIFFICULTY the rich have making it to heaven? Why did Jesus specifically tell the rich man ..."...if you wish to be perfect, go sell everything that you have, GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THE POOR, and come follow me." Why do you think he said, that Gary? Whose gospel are you trying to sell? Now FYI, I disagree with the Obamacare mandate for OTHER reasons, and YES, every elected official should pass a Constitutional test. What the official was talking about was the "general welfare clause." Unfortunately there are other gray area in the Constitution. There are no rules preventing Congressmen from receiving gifts and gratuities or using their positions for commercial gain. The Federalist papers say that "Men of industry should run the govt., but WHICH industries? Gambling houses? Distillers? BANKERS & FINANCIERS? (...who the OT roundly castigates in Ezekiel.) Frankly I think that elected leaders should ONLY be allowed to pass laws that apply equally to themselves, including retirement plans, investment plans, and healthcare plans. Why doesn't US have a universal retirement fund where SSI gets invested in US companies (not traitor globalist corps who leave US) ...so those private companies can't raid those funds they set up for workers. Why must US workers forever fret and fend based upon the whims of 1% elites? You are definitely no populist, Gary. I guess you know how your bread gets buttered, but it's a GLARING moral failure on your part, for someone who went to school for what you pretend to know, and calls himself a "minister.".

  • Givendoly

    And I think a test is entirely reasonable, and in many cases neccessary!. Too many are scrambling to get elected to Congress or the Senate just for the benefits, and cushy retirement. Once there, they have no clue what they are supposed to do. Just become sheep, following along strictly within party lines. NO good can come from these people! Immigrants used to have to study our laws and Constitution. Now, they want to come here, and continue their allegience to their home Country. ALSO, NOT GOOD. We have a LOT of fixing to do!!!

  • anitakddc

    What a great idea. Yes, there should be a test on constitution, laws, and rules. I am a physician and after all of my years of education and receiving my degree from an accredited school I still had to pass a state exam, oral and written, before I could practice. I am required to go to continuing education classes annually and some of those required hours include laws and rules. So it would be totally reasonable that elected officials do the same!

  • wayne

    No wonder this country is in the shape it's in.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Thresher/1479045624 Jim Thresher

    Conyers couldn't find his a__ with a handfull of fishhooks. The congressional black caucus has some of the most ignorant democrats in this country.

  • Lucius Junius Brutus

    Sure, a Constitutional test all elected officials have to pass is a great idea! Hey! Let's have the smartest people in the world write the questions: the Supreme Courts justices!! They understand the Constitution the bestest, right?

    The Constitutional test elected officials should have to pass is the electorate. If they (the electorate) do not understand the Constitution and its principles themselves and elect representatives that do too, ... well, that is why we are in the mess we are in.

    The Founders knew and recognized this. That is why they viewed the likelihood of success in this, the world's greatest "experiment" in Liberty, self-rule, and limited government with no small measure of trepidation and uncertainty, as evidenced by Franklin's post-Constitutional Convention comment when asked what they had come up with: "A Republic, if you can keep it."

    They were all too well aware of the vicissitudes of human nature and their inevitable penchant for selfishness, obvious in sooooo many ways in American society, and the consequences on a free people: tyranny.

  • GoToSleepSlave

    Don't hold your breath, it ain't happenin'. The house, the senate, and the Whitehouse have been bought and paid for by those who really own all the power. Welcome to the U.S.S.A. you have no rights, no freedom, and no choice. just go back to sleep and let them run your lives like you all wanted them to do anyway because you couldn't take care of yourselves in the first place! You brought this all on yourselves, and now you have to live with it.

  • Rev. LTC Retired

    They must be made to take the test, they have to have some watching them as they take the test, have to know how to read, to be able to articulate what they read, understand the Constitution all the way through, be a citizen of the USA, and be Republican of good report.

  • Nighthawk

    I think that our Congress, Senate, Speaker of the House, Attorney General, Supreme Court, and our President should take the test on the Constitution as well as FBI verified birth certificates.

  • guide7

    Big deal, they pass the test but violate the constitution anyway! These people lie when they say good morning!

  • Les

    Some dummy spelled "constitution" wrong on the first page....You have to learn how to spell before you write opinions

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1806187971 William Merrell

    First, they should learn how to read and comprehend (baby steps).

  • KWNY

    Yes, absolutely. Anyone running for public office must be required to pass a test on the Constitution. That's been my opinion for years. In addition, they should ALL be required to pass a minimum intelligence test. Maybe then we can weed out the ideologues, congressional reps who believe that moving additional navy personnel to Guam may cause it to "flip over" (not sure how the admiral kept a straight face...my answer: Manhattan!), reps who want to nationalize banks and oils companies and so much more.

  • teddyb

    For such a proposal, my vote is yes! I question whether our "sitting" president would
    score a passing grade.

  • medivac

    I stand by my swearing in oath in the military and think they should also and face consequences just as a military person would. This would be a criminal offense to break this oath and subject them to be jailed if they break it. I still live by this oath after many years and feel that many politicians don't have a clue what a "domestic enemy" is even after they are living like one.

  • Don39

    Conyers is definitely one idiot that could not pass a test on the Constitution. Shows the preposterousness of committee assignment in Congress. These idiots take an oath to uphold the Constitution and can not even cite the Bill of Rights! Not only should office holders be required to pass a test on the Constitution and history of the US, so should voters! And based on the CJ taking it on himself to UNCONSTITUTIONALLY REWRITE legislation to disguise its UNCONSTITUTIONALITY, may I suggest that all justices should have to pass a rigorous exam on the Constitution! Especially since the Congress has no sense of its duty to IMPEACH Justices who violate the Constitution.

  • Andreu

    They have failed at everything they have ever tried except extorting all the money from the working people who have given to the point that it not only hurts, but now in many instances it has become impossible for people to pay their taxes and be able to own their own homes. I think anyone who believes he is fit for Congress, should have at least the education that is expected of out illegal immigrants.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.landquist Gary Landquist

    Absolutely, Not only elected Officials, But also Appointed people like the Supreme Court Judges. Because obviously they have no clue what OUR US Constituion says!! When are we going to wake up and give power back to the people; EVERYTHING the government touches is more expensive and less effcient then if the private sector runs it.......OH what am I saying Free Enterprise works better then Socialism!!!!!!! DUH of course it does. Just look at Socialism in Europe.....It doesn't work.

  • NCBigmouth

    John "read da bill? read da bill?" Conyers is a buffoon who never would have been elected to a 2nd
    term if not for the UAW! His "genius" clearly shows through each and every time he opens his mouth
    such as the example cited.

  • jen

    yes! yes! yes to be eligible to run for office. And then they should have to stick to the constitution in their voting- if less than a B+ rating then they get thrown out automatically and another voted in. Plus, we need a constitutional amendment that limits taxing authority of Fed Govt to 0.


    First of all, you can't fix stupid. secondly even if you can, but if their ideology is the same as that of Chavez, it wont make a difference. A waste of tax payers hard earned $$$

  • Linny

    When I was in High school we could not graduate until we took the US Constitution test and passed. We do not even teach the Constitution anymore. We have so many of this generation who have no idea what it'a about let alone what it stands for. This is what they want, keep people in the dark about what this country was founded on, I watch some of our young people protesting and when you ask them about certain rights, they have no idea what you are talking about. Think about one thing we elected a President who we knew nothing about, his back ground nothing, all we knew was that he was a senator from IL who never voted for anything other than saying present. What has happen to this country? Have we lost all of our values? This country was built on hard work and everything you got you earned. The poor are always going to be with us, and yes we should provide for them, but I see people who live off the system here and most don't even try to get a job, on food stamps and all the free services they can get. Try going to another country and get that. It is one thing to show compassion, it is another to use political correctness and destroy our country. We are at a cross roads and something has got to change and quick.

  • Babe

    the supreme court should not have life time positions, term limits may make them follow the constition Oboma should be Impeached and we would not have to worry about Oboma care and more destruction that he is so desperately trying to do the American people, The Muslims are safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JDH

    I wold first require them to pass a literacy test and a sanity test. If they then could pass a test on the constitution and a lie dector test, then I would consider them worthy to run tor office. Sadly I don't think we wouild have enought candidates to even field a slate for most local elections

  • flaphil

    Pass a test, right, let's add to that. What about any legislation they pass, they have to be affected by it too. All governments in the USA and unions should not be exempt from all laws, criminal or civil. Right now we have a Dictator and Politburo with the courts as "court jesters'.

  • "Dallas"


  • JustSayin

    Wouldn't not following their oath to the Constitution constitute "mal or non thesis"?

  • TheGizmo51

    Why? No one else is.

  • dondh

    Absolutely!! My guess is that many of them, including this bozo of a president we now have, couldn't get 30% on such a Constitutional test! Not only that, I'll bet pelosi and dingy harry reid would have to struggle to get 15%! These people are supposed to uphold the Constitution, but many, including those mention above, use there own constitution thinking instead of what they should. Even much of their own thinking is beyond comprehension. Case in point; pelosi saying lets pass the odumbocare health bill and then we can read it to see what's in it! Have you ever heard anything like that coming from any person who is supposed to represent the American people!
    So if someone has the guts to get this test going, it might be the best thing for not only congress, but for the American people!!

  • WeThePeople...are forgotten

    I just re-read George Orwell's 1984...nearly cried because of all the similarities of today...

  • http://www.facebook.com/rcosenza1 Robert Cosenza

    only if we the people who are the real government,allow these treasonous traders to continue,on a path to bring we the people down,we the people time to talk/educate/be informed/be alerted/prepared.ask yourself if any of these do nothing politicians have done any thing for we the people,hell no.so what do we need these trader politician for.to the nra,aarp,amac,teabaggers,john birch society,all militias,all god fearing,freedom loving american citizens.how long do we the people allow this horrible government to continue to destroy,we the people,and the constitituion.soylandra,fast and furious,bailouts,ovimtcare,the federal reserve,epa,doj,doh,and the finally unconstitituonal insult ovomitcare,enough we the people enough.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,brian terry and family.and all american veterans/citizens.one nation under god

  • Blair

    Good idea. I think they'd fail because they attended Indoctrination U. At Indoctrination U, you don't think
    critically, you just turn off your brain. WE CAN THINK FOR YOU!

  • airandlight

    Both politicians and "judges" should be required to take a test that determines their knowledge and understanding of the Constitution. If our government knows not what about the Constitution then what hope have we of sustaining a Constitutional republic?

  • iamsurrounded

    People who vote should have to pass a test - even a few basic questions like, who is currently the VP and Pres. Maybe a drug test would be a good idea too (facetious, but then again, maybe not). It seems like this country is run by ignorant people - the ignorant ones who show up at the polling place and the arrogant, ignorant ones they vote in.

  • Schnitzelschitzen

    If we want to continue as a free country, we must select people who care for their country above money and outside special interests. Someone who loves their country, the people, and their freedoms. Let's stop selecting wealthy people and those selected by the corporate media, who enter office to further line their pockets on the backs of the American People by special interests. So much so that they would sell out their country like so many who are presently in office. The remedy is to vote out everyone presently in office from the White House to the State House and start over.

  • CommonSense

    It would not/does not matter, think about it. SCOTUS just said it is OK to LIE about military experience. So John Kerry is re-born a military hero. The Founders would have never agreed with this decision, either. The Court has thrown out 'common sense', completely. Lie, cheat, steal, kill... and next we will see 'them' remove all of the 10 Commandments, because the Muslims and anti-Christianists object to TRUTH and Absolute values. It's all about 'control'.

  • Cameron

    I don't think the majority of Senators or Representatives have even read the Constitution! If they should be required to study it, along with all the other writings from that period, then they also should be required to know the definitions of words used at that time, for instance "natural born citizen" and "militia". Let's do this thing RIGHT!

  • walt

    totally agree

  • Rev. Alvin Cordes

    If an individual takes an oath with ignorance to the content, what difference can it make if he or she knows the Constitution? His oath qualified ignorant knowledge is alreay perjury. Obama taught the Constitution in law school, and look what he does! John has contradicted his own words when being vetted for this office. He made himself out to be a Constitionalist. He is his own man for which ever way the liberal wind and his president blows, whom he swore into office. He is a fraudulant, perjured liar to his own oath. Further study of the Constitution would change nothing.

  • macnicol

    Should be a new policy: Every law presented for vote MUST contain a SPECIFIC constitutional justification that will be reviewed by a bi-partisan panel of Federal Judges and must be approved by a unanimous agreement that the law passes constitutional muster.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Glenda-Baker/100001422204458 Glenda Baker

    Yes, they need to pass a test regarding the Constitution, as well as regular drug testing. If they are going to take our money and make decisions regarding our lives, many times against the will of the people, then they need to be drug tested.
    They also need to ban insider trading which is permitted for Congress, but not the rest of us. They and their families should not be able to pass bills that are financially favorable to themselves or their families. Their manipulations and inside knowledge is stealing from the American people.
    Extortion by governmental politicians and officials also needs to be banned as they frequently threaten companies with higher taxes or stricter regulations, only to withdraw the threats when knowledge that aids them financially is given to them, or significant money is donated to their campaigns or parties.

  • EruditeMan

    I don't think the US Constitution needs updating, however, I think some amendments should be created to: 1] Limit Senators to two terms and limit members of the House of Representative to five terms in office and make compensation such that there is no pension benefit earned in Congress. 2] Make things so "Executive" orders have no enforceable value in US law. 3] Require the President and family to pay for any and all personal use of US Government property so extravagant trips around the world by Michelle Obama require that she, personally, pay 100% of all costs incurred.
    Based upon things I've seen and read I suspect there may soon be social turmoil in the United States that makes B.H.O. think he has the right to establish Marshall law and this may enable him to retain his perceived power.

  • David Stovall

    They had tests for fireman, policemen, nurses m, etc. , etc. The blacks got them thrown out because they couldn't pass them. Would be same for politicians.

  • kkc003

    They should also swear they have no connection or beliefs to: Marxism, communism, socialism and progressivism!

  • Jim Perrier

    no they should live in their district and only commute to DC. Living in DC which is a progressive sink hole spoils the best of intentions.

  • sharon kirby

    they should have a history!! of upholding the constituiton in there everyday lives an not have affilations to socialism before being able to hold any office in this great country!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D2EADW564HXVJBQCLQXUQYO6EU That

    YES!!!!! I have said this for years. At the time of their swearing-in, these so-called 'representatives' have the nerve to swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States and precious few of them have a foggy notion about what it says.

  • Charles Thomann

    Yes, I think our elected officials should have to pass a test on the understanding of the Constitution as it was intended by our Founding Fathers. However, its success for the good of our Nation would depend greatly on who wrote the test. The person, or persons, who writes the test needs to be a very dedicated Conservative and someone who is an outstanding American Historian of the Constitution, not a liberal or moderate DemoRAT or a RePOOPican.

  • ansonheath

    Better yet, how about requiring all voters to pass a constitutional test. Sure would solve a lot of problems, eh?

  • 9Spoon9

    Most of the corksoakers in Congress could not pass any well-written test required in a lot of American Social Studies or Government classes for 12-16 year old students. We're fed up with the BS. The talking hasn't gotten a darn thing accomplished except to further rile those of us that understand the Founders' Intentions set forth in the documents that chartered this Nation from the outset. Talk is cheap and regretfully, the actions that follow will truly speak louder than words if the electorate (voters) fail to shake the old, crusty nuts that have gone beyond bad on the Tree of Liberty clear to the ground. Talk with everyone you have the opportunity to speak to/with. You many piss off a few O supporters, but I've yet to have one with enough information and intelligence to defend against the truths that I speak. If you're not willing to get under these ill-thinkers skin...how do you expect to gain their attention, mind and affect any change in their heart?

    We just returned from town on a little shopping for essentials forray. I couldn't get the tree hugging, "Left Coast is the Best Coast" T-shirt-wearing woman in the line ahead of me at the check out to verbally respond. Maybe she didn't like my directed comments about her choice of dress in making a public appearance after this week's two US Supreme Court rulings, especially following yesterday’s fallacious logic laid out against all the citizens of the country. I think I did notice a few winches on the woman’s face...especially when I suggested she return to CA and leave the Heartland (Missouri) or this even the USA. The WM cashier did all she could to keep from laughing out loud. WM's policy is neutrality for employees on the job I was informed. Oops, my bad…NOT. More repression of the 1st Amendment...brought to you by Wal-Mart. I dislike buying anything in WM, but the economy seems to dictate where we must spend our USDs to gain the greatest return for our households. A lot of us may not have healthy/wealthy bank balances, but all of us that visit here or on other Pro-American /Patriot-themed sites seem to have time to type. Just change your habits about talking to unknown folks, you know strangers and become more outspoken on key issues. Stand tall on your principled-soap box and do a little "street preaching...that is unless you are like a large portion of our elected federal officials and afraid of ????

    My point is...DO SOMETHING besides "blogging". When you simply and continually just blog on one of these sites, "You are just preaching to the Choir" and not to those who need a good tongue lashing to WAKE UP! Become a champion sheepdog and chase (I don’t mean literally) the coyotes and wolves until they crack from an overload of truth. Yes, I know what some of you are thinking…”They might hit me, stab me or shoot me”. Well boo hoo darling, don’t worry, we’ll martyr you and your name for the purpose of Freedom and Liberty. Pick “targets” in a busy area or store. Chances are you’ve got a lot of silent allies nearby that I just as shy as you once were (closet conservatives). Have some faith or call 1-800-Costa Rica Landbrokers and skedaddle off our turf to your new tropical refuge. Quick, without searching…how many readers of my RANT can tell me/us “Who was the first person to lose his life to British soldiers prior to The Battle of Concord? Yup…I just knew a few of you at the least, would know. BTW -If you’d like a refresher course on Early American History…how about spending one of your weekends at an Appleseed? http://www.appleseedinfo.org/index.html I DARE YOU!

    Spoon, Ret USAF
    Rural MO
    P.S. Please don’t forget your Passport and Visa before you leave this troubled Nation. You can surrender your Passport once you’re settled in and applying for Costa Rican citizenship or other country of your choosing.

  • buster2

    They should all have to pass before running and anyone running for President should have to be vetted by the FBI. Right now a person running for president doesn't haven't to prove zip and we know what that gets you.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YGL65RPHMD3H5TBZC524HBKKPU Dr. Brown

    Also the health care law requires all the people, rich and poor to purchase health care insurance. The rich can afford it but it puts a heavy burden on the poor who can't afford it. Indeed The democrats have shot themselves in the foot; first by not reading the bill before voting on it; second by lying about the taxes that were contained in the bill. Remember princess Nancy who said, You have to pass the bill so you can find out whats in it?" Well you found out, didn't you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1443371258 Tbark Knives

    I think we need to Live the the example of Thomas Jefferson when it comes to treason against their oath of office in an expedient mannor , t

  • Issa


  • http://www.facebook.com/sally.fama Sally Fama

    YES! Political figures should be required to know the Constitution and pass a quiz. In fact, the Constitution should be required study beginning in grade school. This is important because the Constitution has made our country what it is today and we have to preserve this heritage which our Founding Fathers crafted in order to protect our ideals and freedom. Our elected officials probably don't know the laws of the Constitution! In fact, our Supreme Court Justices should have to pass a test as well.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HQP53SG5LBWXWLXJ5DJAQJMGDY lewis b

    YES, YES, YES !!!!!!!!!

  • JohnnyHiott

    If it were a requirement for members of current three branches of our federal government we would not have a federal government. They are ALL dumb as a box of rocks , they are all in collusion to destroy America. We now live in a totally fascist nation. Arrest them all and send them all to GITMO as the enemy combatants to America they truly are. Did I mention "IN CHAINS" and preferably muzzled too !

  • Doski

    Cowardly Black Caucus
    It is not for the lack of Brave Patriots or a Moral working class that makes me ashamed of of what America is rapidly becoming. It is however the recent actions, or lack thereof, by the COWARDLY BLACK CAUCUS who lack the Moral Integrity and Intestinal Fortitude (Courage) to do the Job they are elected to do. Vote their conscience and represent their constituents.
    Instead of seeking Justice for the murders of Mr.'s Zapata and Terry, as well as the hundreds of Mexican Nationals, they chose to avoid their responsibilities to the American People. Hiding behind Excuses ala president obama they use deception, misdirection, and Race to excuse themselves and those appointed to ensure equal Justice for ALL. The Directors of ICE, DHS, and the DEA are not BLACK and are just as responsible as is Eric Holder (The Black) for those needless deaths. The simple fact that all those responsible for the violation of protocol are under both the Direction and Now Unwarranted Protection of DOJ Director Eric Holder combined with the DERELICTION of DUTY on all their parts which is enraging Patriotic Americans. Justifiably So !
    It is not bad enough that Political Corruption has infiltrated the DOJ and the COWARDLY BLACK CAUCUS but America's tolerance of it has become epidemic making this once great nation a 'laughing stock' world wide.
    These Cowards do not deserve to hold public office and their acceptance of extreme Sub-Standard Morality will doom America to becoming just another 'third world toilet'. Case-in-point, let's look at Mexico, a country of talented and hard working people, who choose to flee their mother country rather than fix or support it's govt. . A Nation of cowards, who live in denial and cower in the presence of Evil, rather than demand and work to affect changes for the benefit of their children or country. Proof positive that all it takes for evil to become victorious is for good men to do nothing.
    Take note America, your destiny is still within your control. Rewarding corruption will NOT serve you well. Returning these Racists to positions, which pay well, despite their contempt for you and their responsibilities will enslave you and your heirs.
    America's future is dependent upon your morality and your desire to express it at the poles. Choose wisely, lest your children pay the price for your laziness or incompetence. Both Common Sense and The Bible WARNS us all, that "The Sins of the Fathers WILL BE visited upon the Sons. Misery and Suffering disregard blame so once again I admonish all of you to Seek Morality and Choose Wisely. As an Individual I'm committed to the betterment of my Town, County, State, and Country but I cannot turn the tide alone. We must all work together.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NMSPEMYSEE36IUA7W2RMZY2HLY capa760

    The main question is "Who smuggled any qualifying trumped-up papers to get Obama's name in"? Who accepted how much money to shove a 2yr Senator into the office of President, without a valid background? He applied for entry to the US as a foreign student, his mother renounced her citizenship, the birth certificate is not a modern US Birth Certificate, etc etc. A foreign student, Junior lecturer, who majored in the American Constitution, running for the Senate didn't ring bells in everyone's head???
    America needs to prosecute those behind the scenes of utter Democratic crimes to America. We are waiting for justice. His speech to the Muslim Mosque is on file "I AM A MUSLIM." "America is NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION." America know that Obama has ignored every duty, the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Amendments. We really need the McCarthy Hearings in the 21st Century.

  • Ceryl

    I don't know about anyone else, but this article sounds like a cop-out. How or why would anyone be dumb enough to think that nationalized health care is constitutional when it clearly shows that our constitutional rights as individuals is being taken away from us and our own president orcastrated it from day 1.

  • Botsford

    Conyers should be first in line to take the test inasmuch as he is Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He is also a Leftist fool: sorry, that is a dichotomy.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NXRMWXAJPJX7BPTZFDCJAHPCZ4 Mike

    YES, 1/2 of them or more don't even know or understand The Constitution or Declaration of Independance.

  • janetthomas

    I'm for voters in this country having to pass a political literacy test to vote.

  • librtyship

    Seems like honesty has gone out the window, particularly where the Democrats are concerned, they have virtually destroyed California over the past 20 years, we have gone from the very top down to the dead bottom since the early 90s! Now comes the real kicker, namely Kagan being able to vote on Obamacare which she was instrumental in writing. It is getting tiresome paying first world prices in order to live in a country that is heading toward Banana Republic status and Banana Republic type government! I just hope that if the Republicans win in November that they will bring try and bring Holder to justice and toss him in the pokey!

  • Pat

    I certainly wish that the politicians had to live by the laws they pass for us. I'd love to see that on a ballad. Will never happen, but I can dream.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1132616097 Carmen A. Cantalupo


  • Kim

    Everyone should have to pass the test to qualify to run for an office and make a public statement on TV that they will always uphold the U.S. Constitution. Supreme Court Justices are just as full of lies as the Congress and President. All of them should be sent home forever. The people will eventually have a nation wide march against all of these liars.

  • Jersey Sal

    disagree with this article. First: who makes up the test? Second:
    That's what SCOTUS is for. If you disagree with the law or the
    interpretation of same, vote the jerks out of office!!! In the end it
    is WE who are responsible for the laws we live by.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kwdowicki Kristin Wdowicki

    according to Article III. The said States hereby severally enter into a firm league of friendship with each other, for their common defense, the security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare, binding themselves to assist each other, against all force offered to, or attacks made upon them, or any of them, on account of religion, sovereignty, trade, or any other pretense whatever.

    Every state in the union should have taken up arms to support each other against the federal government who happens to have made itself the force that is attacking the liberty of the states on acount of sovereignty and other pretenses. I think our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves to see the way the courts are interpreting these documents.

  • Doc Freeman

    Rep. Conyers is 83 years old. He represents Michigan's 14th congressional
    district. His district includes most of Northwestern Detroit, as well as
    Highland Park, Hamtramck and part of Dearborn. He has been in Congress for 47

    Conyers is one of the 13 founding members of the
    Congressional Black Caucus. He belongs
    to the American Socialist Party, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus. After Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination
    in 1968, Conyers introduced the first bill in Congress to make King's birthday
    a national holiday.

    He was in an Ethics controversy about having his staff
    baby sit his children. He was given a
    slap on the wrist and told not to do it again.

    Also, in 1992, he was implicated in the House banking
    scandal. United States House of
    Representatives allowed members to overdraw their House checking accounts
    without risk of being penalized by the House bank (actually a clearinghouse). Twenty-two congressmen and -women were
    singled out by the House Ethics Committee for leaving their checking accounts
    overdrawn for at least eight months out of a sample of 39 months. John Conyers Number of Checks 273 Months overdue
    9. This is the man who is House
    Judiciary Committee Chairman, and American Tax Payers wonder why our government
    is run so defectively, millions of wasted tax payer’s money, and trillions in

    • Ron Sheesley

      Sigh...There is little or no hope of weeding out putrid entrenchment... Maybe the "Tea Party" candidates or a true patriot like Ron Paul.....

  • krmike

    Not only should they have to pass a test they should have to prove positivily that they are American citizens by birth and above all made to uphold the oath they take when accepting the office !!! There should also be term limits for each office including the Supreme Court !!!!

  • TerryC

    In addition to a test on Constitutional Law, they should be tested for COMMON SENSE and brain activity. That goes for SCOTUS too.

  • the_uglydog

    What a MORON! I think a basic grade school test would be good enough to get rid of most of them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Reinhard-Schumann/644757548 Reinhard Schumann

    Not only that, they should take a test to make sure they can read and write.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1052034058 Pete Bruno

    How about an IQ test, and a brain wave scan for signs of life?


  • Nottakenyan

    These b@$t@rd$ do not even read the Constitution, act like it never existed, and do not enforce the Constitution of these once United States of Ameirica.
    I want a tax refund.
    We do not need prostitution in this country, we get screwed by the federal government on a daily basis!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IPIT7YTOWBFRXAYTLMCJRPTLKY sillyboy

    All judges...local, state, federal, need to be elected by the working citizens of this country (USA). NO APPOINTMENTS!!! EVER!!

  • CaptTurbo

    Hell yes they should be tested on the Constitution! They should have to pee in a cup too. They make me do it.

  • Ron

    I just passed the test to get my General Class Amateur Radio (HAM) license. The test was very closely controlled and monitored. If I have to pass a test to talk on the freekin radio then congress should should have to pass a test to hold office.

  • Brian

    YES let us redistribute the wealth!!!!!!!!
    Let us the people take away from rockefeller, rothschilds, buffet, amschild, meyer, and all the rest of the bilderberger clan the money they STOLE from us and then we will not be penniless paupers anymore who cannot pay our bills .
    AND then get rid of these scheming lowlifes with a rope around their necks like they have done unto all families in order to gain their wealth .
    Because of the super rich we have war and make them richer with our blood...............

  • Guest

    yes they need tested to see how american they are ,they need to show their birth -cert.

  • aohduke

    Politicians like the Zero-bama would just lie about it or ignore it afterward.

  • gwedem5995

    I think most of them know and understand the constitution but they just don't care. I know several libs that are somewhat concerned the way the country is heading. It is clear that Congress doesn't listen to their constituents, so we need to educate more and more people.

  • Cincinnatus

    Those politicians that violate their oaths to uphold the Constitution ought to be daily visible on chain gangs around the country with it being legal for any taxpayer who feels the urge to spit on them. Minimum sentence 10 years without parole. At that point it might cause them to pause and reflect what their true motivation is and whether its worth it trying to defraud the taxpayer.

  • Abouna R.

    Everyone running for any public office, local, State or federal, should be required by LAW to pass a test on the Constitution and the writings of the Founding Fathers. So many of our elected officials claim to be lawyers or scholars of one thing or another, but the majority of them are the most ignorant turds to ever see the light of day.

  • Truthplez

    Yes, each Justice on the Court today should be quizzed on what the Sections and Articles of the Constitution mean in essay form for each. All new nominees should be given a like test before the full Congress before being polled for their credentials qualifying the nominees to serve as a Justice.

  • paula

    Has anyone connected the two rulings of the SC that occurred this week? For instance, Arizona pretty much has no borders now. It's our government saying "come on in!" and with the Health care ruling penalizing American CITIZENS for not paying into the system only to support those that need someone else's money to pay for required services, obummer is flooding this country with people who will benefit from our system without having to pay for services. Our health care system will be overrun and too expensive for the rest of us who are CITIZENS!

    • Ron Sheesley

      Unfortunately--knowingly or unknowingly--the "Powers that Be" are fomenting a "Race War" which will make the American Civil War seem like child's play... In fact the combined thrust of the ACW. the Revolutionary War, the French & Russian Revolutions all combined will pale in comparison, if the Real Monsters are allowed to hold sway. Yes--those individuals in high & mighty places "know not what they do," for a "dirty bomb" or two includes all--even those in Ivory Towers who think themselves invulnerable... What I am saying is the oprobrious opening of our sovereign borders to any and all riff-raff--including terrorists of various ilk--is tantamount to inviting the Beginning of the End!

  • Ron Obvious

    YES! Anyone running for office Federal office or about to be hired/appointed into management level offices, should have to pass a comprehensive test on the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights! A similar test should be individually taylored to and adopted for all 50 states, for all those running for, being hired or appointed to a given State government/agencies offices. Every child in American High Schools should have to pass a Constitional/Bill of Right/Government class before they are allow to graduate High School! And there should be a Government/Constitution/American History class as part of the basic requirements in EVERY American College, no matter what thier major will be later on! American citizen, by in large suffer from ignorance of American History and Constitution/Bill of Rights. And all teachers/professors teaching these classes should have their material and lectures reviewed every other year to ensure we don't get some anti-American ring-tailed tooter in there teaching "Progressive distrotion History and government ideas and theories!

  • plunderpower

    After witnessing Obama begin toppling his own illegal Presidency, a Constitutional test would just be another scam for the fascist lot to spin, adulterate, and ignore. We don't need a Constitution test. We need to properly vet, properly vote, properly obey the law, and properly conduct the people's business. Obama thinks it is HIS business!!! (Ha!) The penalty for not obeying Constitutional law is already written. It is up to Congress to enforce the law. So, those seeking office need to be responsible enough for fact-awareness. Under rocks, in barrel bottoms, and grabbing a non-citizen guy off the street is the policy of Liberal Democrats for candidate selection...and they have the gall to call the American people a bunch of Homer Simpsons. A constitutional test for those who can't read, don't care to understand, and refuse to obey it is an exercise in futility. We need to not only demand the Constitution be respected and followed raising the bar, but also put the fear of God back in their pinheads.

  • Oscar deLarento

    John Conyers must think that the "GENERAL WELFARE" clause relates to the "welfare programs" that he grew up on!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HDCDWFTWZYFSODB2MSOZP5SDNE Chuck

    Depends on what the test asks. The test must refer directly to our constitution. It must be graded by
    a group that BELIEVES in our great constitution. Then, if they PASS, they must commit in writing to
    our constitution before being appointed. Failure to support the constitution by members of the Supreme
    Court should cause dismissal.

  • vackraamina

    Just because they pass a test on it doesn't mean they will follow what's in it.

  • pfouche

    I agree that congressional seats both senators and representatives at state level and federal level should be required to take a test on all 130 Federal Papers and take the test on the Declaration of Independance and U.S. Constitution provided by Hillsdale College and recieve a certificate as proof of taking and passing the tests. They should have to provide evidence of these test results when getting approval to run for the office vacated when registering to run! A card should be issed that this process has been complied with. This will help provide honest people running for office1

  • alio

    I want what I want, when I want it, regardless .
    The truth is the truth, a lie is a lie and I'm tired of it.
    I'm fed up with the Conyers type re-writing the Constitution to suit his needs. What a piece.

  • http://twitter.com/Piquerish Piquerish

    One word: ABSOLUTELY.

  • del

    How do stupid folk like conyers, rangel, lee, waters get elected to anything...also old botox nancy, boxer, range, frank dumb as posts

  • Dee

    Pass a test or not. Politicians know every trick in the book when it comes to getting around things or putting money or benefits in their pocket.

  • ginjitdw

    Conyers is ignorant.

  • Sutekh

    Why stop there? There are hundreds of APPOINTED officials who think that they are living in the U.S.S.R.

  • Richard Zimmermann

    1st. Raymond,"SEMPER FI MARINE", 2nd. "ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT" if they do not pass they HAVE NO JOB and they must be held accountable to their "OATH of OFFICE"
    A Marine,A Patriot and a Son of Liberty

  • RubyBlu

    They need more than to pass a test on the Constitution. I'd like to see their high school and college 'standings'....not diplomas.....standings in their graduating class.

  • Paul_in_Tempe

    They should have to pass a test demonstrating an understanding of the U.S. Constitution as well as basic economics and U.S. History.

  • dis

    none would be in office they only care about themselves and getting reelected so they can put money in their pockets the are to dumb to make a legitimate living but they know how to steal and ask for favors this is the legal maffia we can destroy them without killing them like the maffia does also the are not entitled to health care or retirement money than we will see who really wants to serve this country no more free rides and they would all quit . dis

  • willytea

    Of course but equally important is the need for voters to have a clue too. IMO, stupid voters added to those who don't care about the health of the nation by voting for a living outnumber the rest of us who do have a clue.

  • Gunsmoke11

    To become a Polotician it should require that they do know the Main Basics of the Constitution, this is NOT saying they know all of the Ammendments, Extentions, Articles, etc..... but at least the Main items and what it is ALL about...... If they cannot at least fulfill this, then they have NO Business in Polotics.....
    As for the Teaching of Students in our Schools, it is NOT to be Blamed upon our Teachers that History is NOT taught, it is the Educational System in which whom are above the Teachers, that is to Blame, as they are the ones who decided this was NOT needed as a learning instruction to our Students.....Just thought I would make that Clear so you know NOT to blame Teachers....... Blame the correct ones who are responsible !!!! As for this being taught in our Schools, this should be Mandatory for ALL students to be taught about our History....... Our Schools are to teach Students and it is NOT for others ( Foreign ) to tell us otherwise...... If they DO NOT like it that way, then Leave, we're NOT holding you here......go back to where you came from...... Otherwise SHUT-UP, PERIOD !!!!

  • Luzmark1

    They should have to pass it to get out of High School or become a citizen.

  • Charley

    A politician who takes the oath of office and then refuses to uphold same should be tried as a traitor and then stand before a firing squad. if they do not like the constitution am sure we are not holding them from leaving we do not need anyone who does not love our country.

  • ilovefreedom

    Explanation of the 4 most
    misunderstood phrases in the U. S. of A. Constitution.

    1. “General welfare” found in the Preamble and
    article I, section 8, clause 1.

    A. The Preamble is the
    introduction to our U.S.A. Constitution and therefore contains no law.

    B. Article I, section
    8, clause 1 says that Congress can collect taxes for the “general Welfare of
    the United States... to”, followed by a list of what the Congress can do (each
    beginning with “to”). There is no . after
    the word welfare. Most of what Congress can do are listed in article I,
    section 8. This list only applies to the legislature and are the meaning of general
    welfare. When taken out of context or used alone, this phrase gives almost
    unlimited power to Congress. “With respect to the words general welfare,
    I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with
    them.” – James Madison, “father of the constitution”. “Congress has not
    unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically
    enumerated.” – Thomas Jefferson. Related Federalist Papers: 39, 41. Related Anti-Federalist
    Paper: Centinel I.

    C. “General Welfare of
    the United States” refers to all of the states that are united, not to people,
    cities, counties nor some of the states. Providing services, money and/or
    materials to some is specific welfare and is unconstitutional.

    D. Contradicts common
    sense: If Congress can make any law or do any act that is in their opinion general
    welfare, then why are there named “welfare” items/powers listed in the
    constitution? Related Federalist Papers: 14, 16, 83.

    E. The “definition” of
    welfare today implies provisions by a government. However, the 1828 Noah
    Webster’s American Dictionary defines welfare as “WEL/FARE, n... 1.
    Exemption from misfortune, sickness, calamity or evil; the enjoyment of health
    and the common blessings of life; prosperity; happiness;.... 2. Exemption from
    any unusual evil or calamity; the enjoyment of peace and prosperity, or the
    ordinary blessings of society and civil government.”

    2. “To regulate
    Commerce … among the several states, …”
    found in article I, section 8. In other words, Congress shall make commerce
    uniform or consistent between states. Regulate
    and regular both come from the word
    regula. There is nothing about restricting commerce nor allowing power to be given
    to a federal government agency. Gibbons v. Ogden: The commerce clause authority excludes commerce which 1. is completely within a particular state, 2. does not affect other states, and 3. is not necessary for the national government to regulate to
    carry out some of its general powers.

    3. “Necessary and proper” found in article I, section
    8, last clause.

    A. Congress “To make
    all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the...
    Powers vested by this Constitution...” Necessary = “absolutely needed” (as
    opposed to helpful or wanted). Proper = “marked by suitability, rightness, or
    appropriateness” (as opposed to unfit, wrongness and without purpose). There is
    no . after the word proper. Powers
    vested by this Constitution means that only Congress is given these powers listed
    in the constitution (supreme law), not vague powers such as general welfare, necessary and/or proper.

    B. Congress has only the
    power to make laws to execute (enforce) the vested (given) powers, no more. Therefore,
    necessary and proper are not expansions of power, but rather restrictions of
    power. Related Federalist Papers: 14, 31, 33, 44. Debates in the Federal
    Convention: 8/20/1787.

    C. Contradicts common
    sense: If Congress can make any law or do any act that is in their opinion necessary
    and proper, then why are there specific items/powers listed in the

    The “elastic”,
    “living” interpretations of the above 3 clauses contradict…

    I. our U.S.A.
    Constitution article I, section 4: “The Congress shall assemble at least once
    in every year,...” This indicates that Congress should have little to do.

    II. our U.S.A.
    Constitution article VI: “This constitution, and the laws of the United States
    which shall be made in pursuance thereof…shall
    be the supreme law of the land;…” Pursuance thereof means enforce the
    constitution. In other words, only laws (powers) in the constitution and laws
    made to enforce the constitution are supreme.

    III. state (and
    people) sovereignty: “State Governments would clearly retain all the rights of
    sovereignty which before [the constitution] they had...” – Federalist Paper 32.
    Related Anti-Federalist Papers: Brutus I and XIII.

    IV. freedom and
    self-government: “It poisons... liberty... if the laws be so voluminous that
    they cannot be read, ...” – Federalist Paper 62. “... in order to prevent
    misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and
    restrictive clauses should be added...” -- Preamble to the Bill of Rights. “The
    powers delegated… are few and defined.” – James Madison, Federalist Paper 45.

    V. our constitution’s
    author’s main intent: liberty and happiness of the people. Related Federalist
    Papers: 57, 62, 84, 85. “The government that governs best, governs least.” –
    Thomas Jefferson.

    VI. the definition of federal = “of or consisting a form of
    government in which power is distributed between a central authority and a
    number of constituent units” – Webster’s Dictionary. Related Federalist Paper:

    VII. “The powers not
    delegated to the United States by the Constitution... are reserved to the
    States respectively, or to the people.” - 10th Amendment.

    VIII. the Virginia
    Resolution, paragraphs 3 and 4, The Kentucky Resolutions, section 7 and the
    Fort Hill Address by John Calhoun.

    IX. The American’s Creed: “… a government of
    the people, by the people, for the people…”.

    X. the fact that
    “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton

    4. “Republican Form
    of Government” found in article IV, section 4.

    A. “I pledge
    allegiance to the flag … and to the republic for which it stands….”

    B. “… the republican
    model of government…” – George Washington’s first inaugural address, 4/30/1789.

    C. “Democracy is 2
    wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner.” – Ben Franklin

    D. Related Federalist
    Papers: 9, 10, 29, 38, 39, 43, 51, 57, 71, 73, 85. Related Anti-Federalist
    Papers: Centinel I, Brutus I. Debates of the Federal Convention: 6/5/1787 and

    Our U.S.A. Constitution was ordained and
    established by the people. We the people are the bosses of our public servants.

    All “laws” (color of law) that contradict the
    original intent and literal meaning of the listed powers in our U.S.A.
    Constitution are null and void (various court cases) and should be officially nullified
    and voided by the Supreme Court (article III, section 2 and Federalist Paper

  • Lars Arden

    Affirmative. Take and oath to support a document you have proven that you understand!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1590072570 Wanda Reeves Kelly

    danged right. and a drug test!

  • CJM2

    Not only should they pass a test on the US Constitution, but we need two additional things to ensure a smoother operation of our government in order to significantly reduce corrupt practices: (1) Term Limits where the Senate may not serve more than 2 terms (a total of 12 years) in the individual's lifetime and a Representative may not serve more than 3 terms (a total of 6 years) in the individual's lifetime; and (2) Capping the amount of monies that can be spent for ANY elected postion. It is obscene for candidates to spend untold millions in a given campaign. By limiting their budgets we can see how well they use what is allowed by law. For Federal positions, a cap of $3M is more than sufficient; State positions should be limited to $1M, and local positions (sheriff's, magistrates, tax assessors, etc) should be limited to $400K. At least then we know our elected seats are not up for sale (as we have now found out via george soros and his felons). Furthermore, any potential candidate who has failed to pay their taxes should be DISQUALIFIED (as in tim geithner's case). Federal judges, especially in the US Supreme Court should have a retirement age or a specific term of not more than 20 years--I don't think the founding fathers actually meant they should serve for life (as a matter of fact, the terms are not defined).

  • GDC

    They should also have to pass a DRUG test EVERYDAY they are in office!!!

  • cae973

    A constitutional test would be the ideal but at this stage of the game I think they should just have to pass an iq test and a sanity test.

  • evermyrtle

    Would it matter??? I think a lot of it is deliberate. We have a WH full of anti-GOD, anti-American, And they are working to bring Americ down to Islam leval.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carlos-Negron/100000865555605 Carlos Negron

    This would be a total waste of time.
    Rather, what shoutl be done is provide ALL high school seniors a thorough course of study on local, state and federal government
    The study should include (1) week on the U.S Constitution which is the basis of our form of government.
    In this manner the student will be able to make intelligent choices when casting a future ballot.
    Should they continue on to college they will, at least , have a foundation upon which to build.

  • the_punnisher

    These MOFOs probably slept through both REQUIRED HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE CIVICS COURSES.
    I had to pass these courses. I had GOOD teachers that did NOT make them " Easy A " course work.
    You had to learn and fully understand the concepts behind ALL the documents ( including the Federalist Papers ) to realize the mindset of the people behind the creation of the documents Obama & Company are shredding...

  • Dr. E

    These people in Congress are total morons !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Bleick/100000064890955 George Bleick

    A course should be provided that must be taken before ANYONE Runs for public office. (Not taught by liberals). Candidates must be tested and pass with no less than a 85% passing grade. Tests to be taken under supervision with no provisions for exemption.

  • Old Kute

    If Congress does NOT pass, into law, a directive on the criteria to use when listening to an appeal by the Supreme Court, they will have the power of "black-robed Dictators". Now, there are many liberals and some conservatives who say that this is NOT Constitutional. The Constitution, however, is clear that Congress has this power.: Article III, Section 2, Paragraph2 of the US Constitution clearly states: "...the Supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as Law and fact, WITH SUCH EXCEPTIONS, AND UNDER SUCH REGULATIONS AS THE CONGRESS SHALL MAKE." It is about time the Congress got off their derrieres and made some clear regulations which will require the Supreme Court to use the wording of the Constitution in their decisions and when such wording today is contrary to the meaning of the terms used when the Constitution was written, that the meaning of the term when written will take precedence today’s meaning. Also, when there is question of intent of the founding fathers, the Federalist Papers should be consulted to determine the intent of the wording. It has been the liberal courts which do not stick to the Constitution that has allowed this nation to flounder into a Socialist form of government which our founding fathers were trying to avoid – (A socialist government being a strong central government which assumes the role of the states and the responsibilities that people were expected to exhibit – note the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights)

  • bressler


  • For Sure

    Yes, and a drug test. A friend of mine just got back from the DMV and had failed his motorcycle written test. He said he hadn't taken it in years and hadn't studied for it. If you have to know the laws in this country to operate a motorcycle, then you ought to have a working knowledge of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence in order to run the country.

  • kenstaff

    Why should they be able to exempt themselves, their Democratic donating unions and their chosen voting constituents(Pelosi exempted over 70 companies in her voting district alone)!!! Crooks, All!!!
    The ba$$holes should all be tarred and feathered!

  • Terry

    More importantly they should be made to abide by the Oath they took to defend the Constitution. If they do not immediate dismissal or send them to Guantanamo Bay for re education. Second time they stay in Cuba or Guantanamo Bay. Send most of Hollywood and especially Michael Moore there to stay the first time since Moore likes the Cuban Healthcare system. Why does Michele not chide him about his weight problem? That has to be unhealthy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pat.kesinger Pat Kesinger

    They need to qualify, pass a test. This includes the guy in the white house, also VERIFY ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES

  • JAS64

    How about a background check to see if they are a SOCIALIST???


      Your suggestion is an excellent idea. The investigation should be led by a new Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) free from any political entanglement, including the Justice Department and the White House. They report 'only' to the U.S. Congress.
      USAF (RET)

  • Old Kute

    Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has no requirements other than they be appointed by the President, "with the advice and consent of the Senate.

    As for those running for office where the Constitution is clear on the requirements, in my opinion, they should be vetted by each state to insure that they meet the Constitutional qualifications. As for the candidates running for President and Vice President, they should have to prove their eligibility in each state in which electors appear on the ballot representing them. Any state should be able to deny the name of his/her slate of electors if the proof offered does not meet a Congressionally defined mandate. When the candidate objects to this refusal, it should be the job of the Supreme Court to hear his/her arguments and the arguments of the state, examine the evidence presented by both, and make a decision based on the guidelines set up by Congress. When such a candidate is ruled ineligible in any one state, by the court, he/she would be considered non-eligible to hold that office and would be not able to run or hold that office. All candidates should have presented their credentials to the states at least 180 days before they appear on ANY ballot in that state which is related for their run for the office of President or Vice President. In the event a candidate is selected by his/her party were not to have already been vetted by the states that candidate would have to present his/her documentation to the states within 15 days of the date they were nominated by their party. Any refusal would have to be within 30 days of the convention. Any refusal by a state should, in this case only, go before the Supreme Court so as to be decided by the court NLT 60 days prior to the election. Any party which nominates a candidate who is not qualified and who could not provide a qualified candidate at least 30 business days before the meeting of the Electoral College, would forfeit their ability to put a slate of electors on a state's ballot.

    Any person elected to office, and found not to be constitutionally qualified shall not be placed in office and, should that candidate, or any of his/her staff, have known of this lack of qualification and have tried to cover the deception up, into the election, they would be considered to have committed a felony and should stand trial before a federal court and face severe consequences.

  • Jgs

    All Citizens of the United States should be educated in History and Government including the Constitution specially elected Officials and those running for office and their scores published as well as their second and third if they fail. Also most Professions have Professional Certifications they must acquire, why not Elected Officials. It could be the U.S. Constitutional Certification. Could it me that our Schools do not provide adequate education anymore regarding this subject as well? If those that vote know the Constitution, is it possible they might vote the candidate that knows it or has the Certification. I say Yes...

    • djstorrie

      We need to make sure the educaters are not teaching sociaisim.

  • http://www.facebook.com/judypudyrudy2 Judith Lee Benke

    we have to qualify to be hired for any work.
    we have to qualify even to get a drivers license

  • Saltporkdoc

    How can they be expected to pass a test on the Constitution when they didn"t pass it so they could read it?..or
    How can they be expected to pass a test on the Constitution when they can't figure out if they're a citizen based on their parent's nationality?...or

  • Chris Brown

    YES, YES and YES!! And not just Congressmen either. And I hold not just elected officials either. Every office holder at the federal state or local level, every government employee, every member of the armed forces that makes some sort of oath to "uphold and defend" the Constitution ought to know what is in it, what limits it places on government and what the proper role of government is.

    I also believe that the people need to know those things. We the People are the final check and last balance against bureaucratic tyranny. Hell, if foreigners that come here and become citizens have to study some of these things and pass a short exam before being naturalized, why not make sure that all present and would-be government officials know even more about it!

    I wrote a book that addresses some of the deficiencies in knowledge that many Americans share (and, it would seem, far too many elected officials share in as well). It's "An American Catechism" (ISBN-13: 978-0-557-62914-5), available at Amazon. It's a short Q&A on the geography, history and civics of the United States, with a quiz to test your knowledge. Probably most readers of Godfather Politics are fairly well versed in US civics and history; but I think too many people either learned it long ago and forgot it, or else never learned it. I was one of the former, having learned all that basic civics in grade school and then eventually forgot it until I was thumbing through the citizenship study guide -- I realized how much I'd forgotten, and thought that others in the same situation could benefit from a resource a little more in depth than that study guide.


      I have written and requested that the 15th Amendment, Section 1. to the U.S. Constitution be amended to read as follow: "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude," 'provided the citizens have the knowledge of American history, the U.S. Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence.'
      The above is not an unreasonable request since the subject should be taught in the early years of schooling. We don't need ignorant individuals to hamper our system of goverment by voting blindly and irresponsibly without the knowledge to insure our nation is represented by reputable and responsible representatives.
      USAF (RET)

  • joe

    I hate politicians from our a-hole so-called president all the way down to the lowest of the low!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6QSXXAEKLRHDJWDATJTZD64QD4 Troy

    It would be a great thing for politicans to do.But the green backs talk loud and all oath go out the window.Which is the problem now,all politicans are bought and paid for by some one or group.Like the office of a senator millions spent on a seat for a 200 thousand dollar job, big returns for those who puts out the big bucks.All politicans are crooked...All means all ........................

  • TPS12

    Roberts made a mistake if the people who put it out there say it's not a tax, then it's not a tax and Roberts should reverse his yes vote.

  • abbe

    They should have to pass an intelligence test..do any of them score over the fiftieth percentile, I imagine much less than that Al Bore must be a bout the twentieth same for the rest. O'dumbo might be a tad brighter but who cares, he's a spoiled whining narcissist squatting illegally in the Oval Office. He dishonors it more than Billy Boob Clintoon ever did with M. Lewidinsky

  • huntingfreedom in America

    hell yes !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jrickell John Rickell

    Oh hell yes they should, And then they should swear on a Bible that they will uphold the Constitution so help them GOD.

    • djstorrie

      They aleady do that.

  • Ron Christopher

    All elected oficials take an oath to defend the constitution. I would think that hey should know what they are taking an oath too, so, yes, GIVE EM A TEST to see if they are qualified to take an oath.

  • JMF


  • http://www.facebook.com/sarge43 Charles McVey

    It is also my belief that any person being considered for an appointed position in either City, County, State or the Federal Government should also have to pass a test on the Constitution, and by this I am not referring to so called Constitutional Law, but the Constitution itself, all 27 Amendments, and the Federalist papers all 85 of them. They should have to score at least an 85% Correct answers to qualify for the position to which they are being appointed.

  • dhm52

    On the surface a test sounds good, but I have some questions. Who's going to write the test? What information will be on the test? What is a passing grade and why that score? Will someone take the same test again if they fail it, or a different test? Is there a limit on how many times a person can take the test each election cycle, or a lifetime limit? Will the test change each election cycle? Just food for thought.

  • ahrmand

    ***"Elected Officials Should Have to Pass a Test on the Constitution before Running for Office"***
    That is an excellent idea. After they pass that test, I would have them publicly reafirm their oaths to uphold and protect the Constitution of the USA from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Anyone who balks at the request to renew or reafirm their oath of Office should be terminated for obvious reasons.

  • YellowJacket2

    My problem isn't that they don't know the Constitution. It's that they swear on the bible to defend and protect the
    Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And then they turn right
    around and violate that oath with apparent
    impunity! As a member of the
    military I took the same oath but if I had violated it I was advised that I would
    lose my commission and be charged with treason. I want to see the same
    treatment for politicians who break their oath,
    some on a nearly daily basis! I want to see the House and Senate Sergeant
    of Arms haul the scoundrels out of their seats by the scrub of the neck and put
    them in handcuffs. Their treasonous conduct makes them criminals and that
    should warrant immediate removal from office and disqualification from ever
    holding public office again. If the miscreants are lawyers they should also be
    disbarred. Making them pass a test serves no purpose if we don't come down on
    them like a ton of bricks when they break their oath!

  • Art S.

    Every high school student should have required Civics courses to include study of the Constitution and the Federalist and anti-Federalist papers. No one in this country should be allowed to be awarded a High School diploma until they pass these required courses.

  • HowieCarrlistener

    How about a mandatory drug test.That would eliminate that piece of human debris from San Fransicko called COMRAD pelosi

  • el_loco_jp

    Who would administer this test, the ACLU? The DNC? One of the black hate-America groups? Who would write the exams, Charlie Rangel? Who would grade the exams, Jesse Jackson Jr.? Would it be true-false, multiple choice or essay? Would it have to be administered in other languages than English, like Spanish, Ebonics and Urdu so English challenged politicians could understand the questions. If Chief Justice Roberts doesn't understand the Constitution what makes anybody think a semi-literate member of congress like Sheila Jackson Lee could understand it? C'mon, just get rid of all the liberals, moderates and "squishy" conservatives in congress and the problem is solved.

  • MidnightDStroyer

    If they're relying on the "general Welfare" clause as is mentioned in the Constitution's Preamble, what these CRIMINALS IN OFFICE refuse to acknowledge is that there are NO clauses of empowerment in the Preamble; it's nothing more than a general introduction that states the overall goals & purposes of the Constitution on the whole...The particulars & specifics are all within the main body of test & the Bill of Rights as it was ratified.

    In any formal debate & indeed, in everyday conversation, when people discuss any particular topic they start with a general "statement of position or opinion," then if there are any disagreements, the main part of the debate naturally goes to each person stating facts & other arguments to support their position. The Constitution is written in that exact same format. Nothing in the Preamble can be taken or interpreted to convey any sort of empowerment because it's only a general introduction & nothing more. Any Constitutional scholar worth his/her background education would say the same, as did several of the Founding Fathers had written more than 2 centuries ago.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jayleigh3 Sandi Danskin

    Absolutely! A 500 question test and they should have to write an essay on the founding documents to show their understanding of the Mayflower Compact, U.S. History, the American Revolution, the Civil War, Teapot Dome Scandal, and they should have to read the Adams, Washington, Frankln and Jefferson writings en toto and take a 500 question test on those primary sources before they ever put their name on a ballot!

  • Quincy

    This is a great question that should be put on the ballot and let ALL the people (who vote) decide. Which politician will pick up this ball and run with it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1020382320 Curtis Edward Turner

    Obama is an example of what happens when a person pledges to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and then does everything possible to repudiate it.

  • WVF

    Of course, any legislator who claims they will uphold and defend the Constitution should be well-versed in its contents. I am, and I know that the ObamaCare Law is unconstitutional, and Justice Roberts should be removed from the bench. He, along with BHO, and Holder should be impeached! Roberts is a disgrace to the Supreme Court!

  • MMort

    Yes, any elected official should have to know the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and all pertinent official documents that would affect their performance of their duties. FIRST, they should be documented citizens and not like Obama, the mystery man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wardl2 Ward Lawrence

    I think voters should have to pass a constitution test before they are allowed to vote.

  • 30yearjudge

    No but people APPOINTED to Federal Courts should be carefully tested

  • goodol'boy

    I would expect and electrician to have studied and passed courses related to electricity before do any wiring around my house. If they don't know what they are doing and I hire the to do a job, I might end up with a house that goes up in flames. It is unthinkable that the "lawmakers" of our land should have to pass a test.... no I take that back..... they should ACE a test on the constitution of our nation!

  • meritocrat

    VOTERS should have to pass a Constitution test before they are granted the privilege...check out what an American 8th grader had to know to pass their class year and move forward, in 1895....I defy most of us to know the answers even today, as adults.

  • bill1776

    it depends on who is giving the constitutional test some radical judges say a woman has a constitutional right to (kill her child) have an abortion also separation of church and state is in the constitution. When they are no where to be found in the U.S. Constitution.

  • agbjr

    Truth be told Conyers is a jackass ... and a fifth columnist. Joe McCarthy was right but no one would listen, now loyal constitution-abiding citizens will loose personal freedom and their Republic.

  • Charles

    Yes they should be given a test and the first question should be "What is the definition of liberty?.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

    I do believe wholeheartedly that they should pass a constitutional test. However, everyone seems to be focusing on the fact that Roberts said it was constitutional because it was a tax. Did he not also say because if it was not it would not be constitutional. And the president and democrats keep saying that its not a tax. So its not constitutional.

  • Ron

    Not only that, I believe that every judge, from a local judge, to the Supreme Court judges, should be elected by the people, NOT appointed...

  • nvrat

    When it comes to the Democratic Communist Party it would make NO difference. So, anyone that is a Democrat almost automatically will fall into that category and the Constitution would mean nothing.

  • cranky in AZ

    They should all be required to take the Hillsdale College: Constitution 101 on line class. It's terrific- just did it myself over 10 weeks. Anyone can sign up and it's free, but they accept donations. Hillsdale takes no federal money, so no government mandates to follow!!! It may be too hard for the guys in DC!!!

  • Bob DD

    F... They'd all flunk, including the head CZAR!

  • Nam1

    Forget the politicians,the vast majority of the American population would flunk a constitutional test. The blame can be laid at the feet of our educational system with the slow deliberate dumbing down of past and present generations of young people.

  • Walkerz

    Yes they certainly should have to. And one of the questions should be . ."What are the requirements to be elilgible for the office of President?" Then people would stop trying to put people on the VP ballot who are not "natural born citizens"!!!~

    • ves

      Thank you so much...I am tired of this being over looked!!

  • Robert

    Yes without a doubt. Where else but in Congress could you find people being paid to do a job that they have absolutely no idea of what they're supposed to be doing. Would you go to a plumber for brain surgery? Not only should they be required to test on the Constitution but also American history, and a basic literacy test. Like some of the black caucus who were interviewed the first year into Obama care who openly admitted they never read the bill in fact never read any of the bills because they were too complicated to understand in the first place. This is really sad people who are making laws for the entire country and we don't even know if they can do more than spell her own name.
    In any other important job you have to be able to prove that you have the necessary knowledge , or experience to give you the capability of doing the job .why should they be exempt from this in fact they should be held to a higher standard .

  • http://www.facebook.com/amanda.schmidt.1000 Amanda Schmidt

    They should be educated on the constitution. As for the comments on Michelle Bauchman do you know who she is because she is a conservative congresswoman from MN who has raged war on the healthcare bill and is and has been against much of everything else that our gov has done and ready to do. Michelle is a patriot not a traitor. There is no perfect person in life but as a Christian she is a good hearted woman whose conservative voice along with other conservitve voices are being silenced. She may not be the most exciting person but serving your country is not a popularity contest.

  • Susan47

    They should have to pass the test to qualify to run for office and show the people the citizenship requirements have been met.

  • djstorrie

    I don't know if just a test would do the trick, but it might help. Also a test of what communisim and socialisim is. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, when their is doubt, we the people should vote on it after all is said and done by the polititions and courts. The people should have the final say.

  • v steve

    No test, we need an amendment, any representative or senator that introduces any legislation that doesn`t support the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be immediately removed from office and taken out to his state capitals front lawn and hung by the neck until dead. This will send a message from sea to shining sea and around the world we the people will not tolerate socialist communist marxist in our government.

  • Diane

    Yes they should all have to pass a test on knowing the constitution, and also pass a drug test.

  • Dave P. in St. Louis

    Translation: "Elected officials should have to prove they interpret the Constitution exactly the same way I do before running for office." Nothing new here.

  • yadontwannano

    Everyone of you should learn about the real history of your country before you pass on your grievances ..lol !

  • mrsawdust

    Not only on our constitution, but an intelligence and sanity in the case of Pelosi

    • ves

      Completely agree!!! Completely in outer space!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-E-Ozanne/1723797976 David E Ozanne

    All appointed offices of the government should also be required to pass a test not only on the constitution, but also on the founding fatheres and the Federalist Papers. This especially should be true of Judges.

  • shamil

    They should at least be from this country, and not have a socialist agenda with a criminal past. Is it too much to ask that they be honest, love this country and it's hard working men and women, & want to protect us?

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Well written article; too bad John Conyers knows how to 'twist' the Constitution to wring out of it what he intends for it to say. That's coercion sir.

    An 8th grader is likely more able to read the 'welfare' clause and hear that it applies to individuals; not the masses taking care of other individuals. Duh.

    The article says: "Now if only Justice Roberts had been tested on the content and meaning of the Constitution." Yes, but people will always say what they think you want or need to hear; it's very difficult to extract what a person holds true to their heart. People's belief systems have huge impacts on the decisions they make. Perhaps another qualifier, is what worldview these 'leaders' intend to impact us with.

  • Dawn Brayton

    Maybe. But even though the potentially elected officials may or may not be able to pass the test it doesn't mean they can't be swayed by all the lobbyists who promise gifts and perks. They would have to swear an oath after passing the test as well. Also the speechwriters. Oh heck, just make the general public be the congress so WE can decide what the Washington DC congress should vote on.

  • FloridaJim

    Our elected officials should all have to pass a basic test on our Constitution and sign a form to become a paid government employee. America is not a union driven country that is Marxist we are a free country and representatives must appreciate that and agree or leave.

  • Brian Banks

    Chief Justice John G. Roberts and the 4 radical liberal activist Justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen G. Breyer, and Elena Kagan should have to take and pass the "Constitution Test" before continuing their positions on the Supreme Court. My sincere thanks go to Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito, Antonin Scalia, and Anthony Kennedy for their staunch support of our Constitution.

  • CVO1

    First, all voters should have to pass a Constitution test. The people that are too stupid to vote are the reason the worthless politicians are in office

  • sovereintyofone

    Not only should they be required to pass a test on the constitution, they should have to pass a drug test, and security background investigation test just like we in the military use to have to pass for a security clearance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leprecaun14456 Robert Myles

    Yes definitely also they should be constitutionally elegible just at POTUS is and if a convicted felon either before or during in office they should be forced to resign

  • paco12348

    Yes, we've heard many of the career politicians in Washington spout things that are clearly unconstitutional. We have several idiots in Washington that seemingly have never heard of the Constitution. I would like to see everyone take a test today including the President to see if they could pass it.

  • Observant_One

    Most politicos are in it for the money. Both what is paid by the gov or whatever else they can finagle, and the real mother lode is that paid by the lobbyists!

  • Rob

    Considering Obama can't even spell Constitution, I would give that a big YES.

  • John Detwiler

    YES, YES, YES, This is something that I have always thought should be done, Just look at how the initial immigrants were treated have to learn the pledge and many constitutional question before they could become citizens. Yet we elect ignorant persons to create our laws. I would bet you that not 10% of the active politicians know hardly anything about the Constitution.

    • ves

      In order to become a citizen you have to be able to. Read/write/comprehend English!! You have to study the Constution/Bill of Rights/Goverment set_up and responsibilities!! Wonder what jerk decided we should translate all US paperwork into Languages other than English....since in orderto become a citizen the test is in English!??? Do you know how many millions each state waste each year on translation fees to cater to Foreign Nationals....while constantly cutting funds from Domestic use for US Citizens....cut back on Social security Elderly...years without increase in their checks...while we constantly increase Foreign Aid/Foreign Loans (that result in more lost US JOBS!) Wake up OUR GOVERNMENT HASS WORKED AGAINST US!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    It seems that politicians and judges just read the words of the Constitution with little understand of the whys and were's of it. The Constitution is an agreement the articles within are to limit the government not to give it the ability to do what ever they wish. In this all laws are to default in favor of the people not the government otherwise it becomes a broken contract. When this happens in history civil wars soon follow.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V3WCZNSMIM547LLU247KUGROIU STEVEACK2004

    there should also be an I.Q. test for the voters so nothing like obama can get elected again!

  • ves

    As usual we've put the cart before the horse....first we need to make sure they are Legal Natural US Citizen (both parents legal US Citizens before the childs birth)...second we needto know Politicial Groups that they have belonged to......what groups their friends belong to.....If they worship at the feet of Karl Marx (just like the present president DOES)...I now require to know which churches they belong to and what was preached there......then we can get to this issue of the Constitution......then they will need to sign a legal contract to unhold All US Laws and to Only Authorize Bills/Laws that only benefit Legal US Citizens.....since they cannot be trusted with just the Oath of Office!!!! Last but not least a Section 8 Exam as well as an indepth Drug Test!!!

  • Mike

    Are you kidding? This group doesn't want you to show you're a citizen to vote. Anything that requires that you have a brain must be RACIAL. Do they really believe that the Races they are protecting are incapable of reading, writing, going to the DMV, and.never travel by air? Man, that seems SUPER-Racial to me.
    Test themselves? RACIAL, I say, RACIAL!!

  • joepotato

    Sorry to say, it's almost too late for redemption. The constitutional republic is no more due to traitors in both houses and the courts who have allowed a dubious usurper into the WH and have no intentions of correcting their mistake. Their mistake also becomes OUR mistake for allowing traitors to fool us over the years. The new Fuhrer will now dictate what is best for us whether we like it or not. So, what are you going to do about it, vote? Don't make me laugh.

    • djstorrie

      I think we see eye to eye on this. Thats why I invest in heavy metals.

  • virtualjohn

    I can see making anyone who runs for office take a test. I don't believe they should have to pass it. The American people should know about the candidates running, therefore maybe requiring all candidates to take a test and publishing the results would help the voters choose. But to make the candidates pass denies the voters their right to vote for someone stupid or ignorant. Davy Crockett couldn't read or write when first elected to Congress. Yet, he was a dang good Congressman.
    See it is that pesky freedom thing. It is the same reason I am opposed to mandatory term limits. If I guy is doing a good job why can't I keep him in office. Correspondingly, if he is doing a lousy job and the voters vote him back in, they deserve the jerk.
    Mandatory term limits or testing or campaign "reform" are all based on the premise that the voters are stupid and "we" have to take care of them. How stinking arrogant. Who made you or anybody else "we'?
    That line of thought is what got this country into the shape it's in. That an elite knows what is best for us bumpkins. Finally, the American people are waking up to the fact that they have to wake up.
    There is no us and them in this country, in spite of Obama's attempts to divide. There is only us. We must pay attention or government becomes more and more intrusive, powerful and eventually tyrannical. That is human nature.
    A nature our founders attempted to protect the people from by the system detailed in our Constitution. That system for keeping government small, relatively weak in any one area and responsible to the people requires an informed, moral electorate.
    We are merely reaping what we have sown. I hope it is not too late for us to take back our country.

  • JacktheFAC

    I'll go one step further: Like the Romans, prior military duty should also be a requirement. If someone is not willing to serve to PROTECT the country, why should they be allowed to RUN the country? An honorable discharge from the military should be a requirement to run for public office.

  • ves

    we need to start removing their big fat benefit and perks package and decrease their pay!!! These are mostly rich people let them buy their own insurance!!! Term limitss no more retirement pension. Starting with Pelosi Reid Franks. Obama Biden Holder Guietner..etc....throw out all present supreme court judges and start over with term limits and behavior clauses....

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

    I wonder if when they go to work they tell the boss what he meant when he tells them what to do so they can do what they want.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Kafir/100001899500966 Kelly Kafir

    Problem is that lawyers and judges have shredded our constitution... always trying to take a plain word and make it mean something else! That's why our Constitution can fit on ONE page and the HELLth care takeover legislation is 2600+ pages


    Yes, they should pass the test and also have a lie detector test as police do and a psychological evaluation as well. They should be asked if they are progressives and want to destroy our liberties..They are our representatives...They work for us. Ask them if they know that.

  • djstorrie

    Accountability is what they understand. As long as they are not accountable for there actions, they will do what they want.

  • shannon853

    plus a lie dector test!

  • Vazir Mukhtar

    Tough luck, guys. The qualifications for senators and representatives are set out in the constitution, and neither house nor the states may add or subtract to those given in the constitution.

    Now, that doesn't mean that when candidates are vying for our votes, we can't put questions based on the constitution and all the amendments. The more often candidates are asked such questions the sooner they'll get the idea that we, the electorate, are concerned about how ignorant of the fundamental law of our country are some of those running for the house or senate.

    Two questions that should be put to every candidate for congress are "What does DEFEND the constitution mean?" and "How will YOU do that?".

  • jerry1944

    That would never happen . They would say it had something to do with GOd and not allow it. You cant even get a pres canidate to say what he is for unless hes lieing. And judges like roberts who sell there soul and country out dont really care even if it may have been to save his life..To many want there dope more than GOD and we all will pay the price

  • Seeker1212

    What good wouls a test do??
    Our elected officials are intelligent people that know the constitutional laws, the way they vote is a demonstration that they really don’t care what the constitution says.
    Any and all elected government officials that fail in keeping their oath of upholding the laws of the constitution, should be removed and indicted for treason, deported or shot depending on the seriousness of the crime.

  • Attila

    True,but irrelevant. We the people have failed to hold politcians accountable from the very beginning of the republic (Marbury et al). Ask anyone what kind of government we have; almost everyone will reply, a democracy. That of course amounts to two wolves and a lamb voting on the dinner menu. The Founding Fathers attempted to avoid this with a constitutionally limited republic, but the political class has been dismantling it ever since, so that today few in Congress have the least intention of abiding .by their oath of office, that is, the part about support and defend. For what tawdry and fleeting promise have you sold your vote and added to the burdens of future generations? Dont just blame the Democrats; they are just the roaches after the food you carelessly left out. Blame the Republicans who failed to live up to their tradition and promise, and support the candidates who have the balls to do so.

  • Concerned

    I agree they need to pass a test. But i also think they want to do what they want to do. Our President i think knows Constitution and wants to change it. I donot trust him at all. He has his Agenda. But that last vote from Roberts, " I hope he heard from God.

  • Concerned

    Also i think if they did take the test most of them would cheat. Just saying.

  • Attila

    Some of the comments here that this would not necessarily instill honesty. Maybe better to require testing of constitutional understanding of VOTERS. No, wait, that would implicitly require literacy and would violate the rights of minorities. WTF!

  • jcrawdad

    How would you get the Politicians to vote that up on them selves? Sounds like a good Idea , But hard to get across.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1020382320 Curtis Edward Turner

    John Conyers was the one who said it would take a week and a group of lawyers to understand it. They were given about 72 hours to read the bill before it was supposed to be voted on. Republicans less than that. It was not bipartisan, had special favors to lure democrats to pass it such as the "corn husker kickback," and a plane ride for Bart Stupak with a promise not to have government financed abortion. Anything that complicated is also intentionally deceptive . . . perhaps the personification of what Obama is all about.

  • Walt

    How about teaching the President how many states there are. His answer of 57 makes him not smarter than a 5th grader.

  • TravisT

    Yes. It should have been a rule at the very beginning of the start of our country. It should also include that all politicians and elected officials should be US born and proof of it before entering any office.

  • Lois

    Years ago, those running for political office had to pass the ACT test on integrity, good character, faith. That law was repealed by the enemy within. Just as many laws governing our country. Laws rooted in the Bible.

    Until we return to God's Word, laws, guidance, our country will decline. We MUST STOP legal and illegal immigration from countries we have nothing in common. There is scripture to this...we must heed God's warnings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/larry.major.716 Larry Major

    well America worked good for all these years but now we have no statesman in office but rather only men and women who care about their own ideas!

  • tod

    We need the Supreme Court to take a test first !!!

  • Wolfie

    Yes, all politicians should be required to pass a Constitutin Test, because it seems that many who sit in Congress do not have any idea of what the Constitution says, and limits. Many of them just ignore it completely, and the President trashes the Constitution, and does whatever he wants to do, and has violated the Constitution many times. Without our Constitution, we are no longer a free society, and become another second rate Country, and will end up with a Dictator running our lives.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2IASVDBUIJDAPOJTY5QEJLZ64I Hatski

    the issue is close scrutiny, but as Winston Churchill once quoted..."The Only thing wrong with a Democracy, is pending 5 minutes with the average voter"

  • MidnightDStroyer

    Why stop with only elected officials requiring a test on the Constitution? Make it mandatory for appointed positions too. Just as Article 6 requires ALL government officers to swear/affirm to an Oath of Office (with no distinction made between election or appointment) before they can take the position, make the Constitution test requirements just as "universal" as the Oath of Office. After all, a requirement like this is not a "religious test," so this measure causes no violation of the Constitution to implement it.

    Even more, why not make it mandatory that they should take the test again, in between each term, even if they took it in order to get into the office previously.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Hanson/100000157278986 Carol Hanson

    I had to pass professional boards before I could practice my profession-Why not them???

  • Steven

    The problem with such a test is the same as a literacy test for voting. WHO gets to GRADE the test? Actually, there IS such a test. The problem is the test is graded by the voters on the 1st Tuesday following the 1st Monday of November in even numbered years, and the voters fail AT LEAST as often as the politicians.

  • yadontwannano

    Your Republic ended on February 12th 1871 , the dismanteling of your Constitution was completed by Bush jr !

  • (GRAMPA)

    The word welfare has been redefined! Look the word up in a dictionary of the 1900 version and also in one after 1933, compare the difference.
    we need to make English the official language of the land with an official definition dictionary used at the time the constitution was written.
    God bless America

  • jdbixii

    Having affirmed the "created equality" of "all men", the essential disparity is in the inequality of abilities of "all men." In compensation for the inequality of abilities of "all men," we are divided over the justice of the means of compensating for that inequality of ability. Government has historically determined who is "able-bodied" relative to qualification for induction into military service, without political consideration.
    At one time, we qualified "all men" further to stipulate for qualification for induction that a person had to be an heterosexual. Homosexuals did not meet the standard for induction and were considered to be incompatible with the needs of the military services. Often, the "general welfare" is not well served by the variations involved in the "pursuit of happiness." Because of privates, generals are well aware of this fact. As long as constitutionality is defined as the ability to do something, rather than an absolute moral or ethical criterion which must govern thought and behavioral action, it will be subject to exercises of varying abilities, the legality of which is questioned relative to the absolute moral or ethical criteria.

  • dean29685

    Mose know more than you think and don't like it so they ignore it and for way to many years we the people let them. Welcome to the new world order.

  • Barbara Espinosa

    Sounds good except Supreme Court Justices aren't elected. How about All Elected and appointed government officials.

  • WerewolfVm

    There should be a battery of means testing and requirements in addition to what is specified in the Constitution! We are our own worst enemy, we have become a feel good and I do not want to upset someone society! This mentality is killing us all! It is fine to have compassion but when it hurts our way of life and society in general, then it is wrong! Since Obama has gained position as President he has opened up Pandora's Box of craziness and lawlessness in this government! I believe he has done this on purpose! He is not fit to be President, he is seeking absolute power for the Federal Government with himself at the helm! Socialism is being implemented in our country and we as sheeple are letting it happen! Wake up and vote him out as well as all socialist democrats this and the future elections coming! We have to be vigilant, take back this country otherwise lay down and die or be sheep!

  • WerewolfVm

    Chief Justice Roberts should be impeached for not following the Constitution as well as Obama! Where are the people with testicles today, they are not certainly in the Senate or Congress at all! Where are the real Americans at these days? Where are the Ronald Reagans and John Waynes at today, who will stand up for what is right, good and honest, values that no longer exist in America! We are clouded by acts of deceit, lies and distortion, enveloped by socialism by a bad President that is not fit to hold office in this country! He is holding this country at odds with itself , causing huge divides and separations of people! He is trying to keep us divided and at odds with each other, thus projecting himself as the great emancipator and healer in charge when he uses government to solve all our problems that were created initially by him and the government from the start! Look at the time line of events since he has been assumed office, along with the help of Nancy Pelosi and Reid! Follow the chain of events and the type of government interventions along the way, the problem solving techniques! All socialist everyone of them, by design!

  • nancymiller

    Sharrod Brown's ad is above. He voted for Obama Care without reading it. People should know and NOT vote for him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.howard.3576 Nick Howard

    Definitely. I believe the President and his followers are thumbing the constitution. I believe the Supreme court played politics and did not follow the constitution.

  • RonMar

    Supreme Court justices and all judges should have to pass a test on the Constitution to be appointed or elected.

  • I hate socialism

    Those five so called justices have committed treason. They are a despicable bunch of self servers.I'll remember in November. Remember the five Sullivan brothers died to preserve freedom and the five traitors who are trying to kill it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4FWCS6RELJELGCCNXXUXH2M23M Jane

    Unfortunately, passing a test on the Constitution does not guarantee that they have a true heart for the nation and for the liberty of all citizens.

  • Blair

    Make our politicians take the citizenship test that LEGAL aliens have to take to become citizens.

  • http://twitter.com/tonykeywest Anthony Capo

    They take an oath to uphold and defend it. One would assume they understood it somewhat before they did that. But apparently not.

  • bigjack1

    All government employees should have to live with and abide by the laws city, county, state and federal lawmakers pass. Roberts should have to live by Obamacare.

  • nvrat

    It would be a waste of time the Democratic Communist Party would not adhere to it anyway. They don`t believe in our Fore Fathers Document it has been in their way for over 70 years. They have destroyed our society starting in the 40`s and Obama is the culmination of all their efforts.

  • milmac

    Alan West would probably be the only one who would ace such a test. John Conyers may head the Judiciary Committee but he does not have the intellect for the job. The Constitution is such a simple document that even 7 year olds usually compehend the text and could make better judgements than Conyers and Chief Justice Roberts.

  • enough

    Not only should they have to pass a test, the enforcement of the founders principles should be the termination with extreme prejudice, for anyone in government, regardless of party or position that fails to uphold their oath of office.

  • f8tul

    Elected officials should have to take and pass a DRUG TEST.... for they act like they are on something pretty hard..

  • windeaces

    While government requires certain professions to get licensed and bonded to perform their job, every person should have to get specific training which would qualify then to perform their job; example a mayor needs to have knowledge in city planning, management, economics and budgeting to name a few.As is a plumber or electrician has to have passed a certain amount of training, passed a test and get bonding. whereas the town drunk can become mayor.

  • T Lady

    I tell you right now that place would be sparsely populated. And just for fun, I'd throw in the Federalist Papers.

  • red nig

    I must be one of the rich. My just-above-poverty-wages are
    already taxed heavily to support bankers and other friends of the dnc. America is
    fast becoming the land of taxes and dead dreams. But, there is hope. Like the
    saying goes, “A dem can go to congress with holes in his shoes and dressed in
    rags and if he ain’t a millionaire in a few years, he’s stoopit.” Note that the
    uber-rich won’t lose a nickel because none of them are taxed heavily. Why? Because
    they pack their money in special accounts. Soros keeps pocket change (for him)
    here, while paying politicians to make certain his overseas accounts will never
    be taxed. The Kennedy Klan can’t be taxed because their father was smart, and
    made certain they can never touch the bulk of it (see how he had faith in his
    own kids? :) Buffet hides his money and lies about it. And so on. And they say
    we don’t pay our fair share...

    No wonder
    Hitler so admired the dnc.

    Red nig (my name from the neo-libs 😉

  • Robert

    No! If we demand that then they will draft legislation to build a Congressioanl Constitution Education Center in Hawaii and require that legislators be required to attend 10 minute classes there every day for sixth months out of the year.
    And then - they will just continue to trash it anyway!

  • midwaygrad

    Politicians (every year) and teachers should have to pass a test administered by Hillsdale college.

  • thismustend

    Liars & who res, power hungry to the point of mental illness, greedy enough to destroy everything in their path, THAT is today's politicians.
    Compassion for poor Mexicans kept them from securing our borders/GREED & power who ring sold us to Mexico, green energy will save the world/green energy is a perfect way to line our pockets with LOADS of TAXPAYER CASH, force banks to give unqualified buyers home loans, then guarantee those loans with TAXPAYER CASH so the banks EAGERLY give those loans, use the ensuing housing DISASTER as a political ace in the hole & elect the wealth redistributing, racist, radical leftist Barack Obama, & it goes on & on & on.

  • Arby Justice Wilder

    Constitutional law is mainly the study of Constitutional CASE law, most of which was to subvert and undermine the Constitution. So they would think they are right no matter their answers.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HAQTOEIEZICGUYQ7DY3B2YWUEI Mark

    Absolutely, they should. How can you uphold something if you don't know what you are upholding.

  • Doris

    Just make sure the test is in ENGLISH! Wow - what a concept - that our elected officials could read, comprehend, and display their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the U.S. on a test written in English! I like it! But, the Supreme Court would probably say it's discriminatory...........against those who can't read or comprehend English, those who are "nervous" when taking a test, those who were "disadvantaged" and, therefore, never learned to read, write, comprehend, or think in ANY language. The current trend seems to promote only the stupid, incompetent, poor, disadvantaged loser....not unlike Chairman Mao's cultural revolution! Give the uneducated fools a chance to destroy the country while the people who have an IQ over 100 dig ditches. It's FAIR, it's distribution of poverty (no wealth to distribute) it's the Communist way..........