6 Republicans Could Beat Hillary Clinton Says New Poll

From the earliest polls taken about the 2016 election, most of them have shown that Hillary Clinton would easily defeat any of the Republican candidates. But that’s not the case in the latest Fox News Poll which revealed that six GOP candidates could defeat Clinton if the election was held right now.

The latest poll was taken after the Paris attacks, which could have had a strong influence on the results. According to the poll, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Chris Christie all received more support in the poll over that given to Hillary Clinton. Additionally, Carly Fiorina was locked in a tie with Clinton.

The overall front runner in the poll was not Donald Trump or Ben Carson. Marco Rubio came up as the best candidate to defeat Clinton by a 50% to 42% margin.

However, the same poll listed Trump as the top GOP candidate with 28% support, followed by Carson with 18% and Rubio tied with Cruz at 14%.

It’s ironic that the people polled listed Trump and Carson as the top GOP candidates but then said that Rubio had the best chance of defeating Clinton. I suspect that even though people like what there are hearing from Trump and Carson, they don’t see the two non-politicians as having a better chance of defeating Clinton as Rubio does.

Clearly, the race for the White House has taken on a much different look than in years past and the next year promises to be entertaining if nothing else.

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