Obamacare Will Affect Gun Ownership

While everyone is still reeling from the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare and the individual mandate, they are overlooking another aspect of the legislation that will violate your right to privacy and your ability to purchase a gun.

One of the thousands of aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act is the electronic centralization of everyone’s medical records into a one huge databank.  Supposedly, only medical professionals will have access to this information, but you and I both know that a number of government agencies will also have access to it.

First of all consider the fact that Obamacare establishes government review boards to determine proper treatment and coverage for a patient.  From everything I’ve read, these review boards will not be made up of all medical personnel.  Additionally, government approved health insurance providers may also gain access to your private medical records and use that information in determining your costs and amount of coverage.

An example of just how much of a violation of privacy this can be, the Boston Globe recently carried a story of how patients’ psychiatric notes and records went into a central database that was available to any doctor who treated her.  In one instance they talked about a 43 year old lawyer named Julie who revealed her inner most secrets and fears to her psychiatrist.  The psychiatrist then had the notes from those sessions typed into her electronic records.  Later on, Julie saw a doctor for something else and was shocked when that doctor referred to the psychiatrist’s notes and Julie’s personal secrets.

Just a note here, have you ever tried to get a copy of your medical records from doctors or hospitals?  Legally, you have the right to those records, but I’ve had more than one incident where the doctor or hospital did everything possible to prevent me from having them.  Under Obamacare, it seems almost anyone will be able to get your records, except perhaps for you.

That same database of personal and medical information can and probably will be used in the future by agencies like the FBI when they do background checks for gun applications.  The FBI will access your personal medical records to look for conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that they can use to deny the application to purchase a firearm.  According to a report published by Gun Owners of America, the Veterans Administration has already used this information to block the Second Amendment right of over 150,000 veterans to bear arms.

With all of the effort being made by the Obama administration to prevent Americans from owning guns, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will use your private information against you any way they can to prevent you from purchasing any more guns.  Therefore, my advice to you is to buy as many guns and as much ammunition as you can now and be ready to use them if need be to protect you and your family’s wellbeing in the upcoming Depression and government collapse.



  • Screeminmeeme

    The loss of privacy issue has always been a huge part of my opposition to this bill. If it is not repealed, private matters will be a thing of the past.

    AND.....if it IS repealed, so many systems (like centralization of medical records...which hospitals/doctors are already doing) will have been changed that total reversal will be next to impossible. Will those medical records be destroyed...before some governmental agency has had access to them? Will the FBI argue that access to this kind of database is imperative to find criminals/terrorists? Will Congress allow it?

    These are just a few of the many questions I have about a law that is lethal to our privacy and liberty.

    Thanks, Judge Roberts, for allowing this to happen. You've given Obamacare the green light to go full steam ahead in setting up the innumerable bureaucracies necessary to worm its way into the most confidential and intimate areas of our lives.

    And to think..............THIS ALL could have been prevented with one stroke of a pen.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ralph.novak Ralph Novak

      Kind of paranoid there, Meeme

      • vincente

        Kind of uninformed there, Ralphie

      • Screeminmeeme

        Ralph Novak....Well now.... It's pretty clear you are didn't read the bill and haven't a clue about how its going to affect YOU.

        Tell us....what's it like to be willfully blind?

    • RAM Knoxville TN

      Roberts is no fan of Obama he did this to inspire us to vote Obama out you can find many articles on this one basically stated what Roberts said the people voted this party in they can vote them out

      • Noni77

        But why FAIL to do HIS job?! He rewrote and MADE law, that was NOT his prerogative!! He took the coward and traitor's way out. Now its up to 300 million people to step up and correct his sedition? I don't buy it. George Soros has already made sure to rig the elections. Roberts just hung us out to dry.

      • Screeminmeeme

        RAM Knoxville TN....When I hear people making excuses for the man I want to vomit. I don't care how many articles were written trying to explain away his irrational and inexplicable judgment.

        HE WAS WRONG.

        He could have prevented this whole mess but instead gave one of the biggest court victories in history to Obama on a silver platter.


        • Michael G.

          I like Knoxville.
          We now are the ones who have to correct this problem before it really get out of hand. We had better "pull-the-right-switches" when the time comes.
          I, for one of many, don't have a clue what Roberts was thinking. I still don't; and we may never know the "Why!'
          Sur he was wrong; and how will History remember this one? Ithink he going to get a really big black-eye for this little stunt.
          But he did do his job. We just don't like the way things came out. We may still 'skate' by this one, even if Obama gets reelected.
          Meanwhile, we must all be good boy/girl scouts.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Michael....His job was to interpret the bill in light of the Constitution....not to save the reputation of the Supremes...not to submit to political pressure...not to use convoluted logic to justify his decision.

          He didn't do his job and I would personally like to give him that big black eye right now.

          Does that make me bad scout?

        • RAM Knoxville TN

          i am not making any excuses just stating facts

        • America 1

          I don't know the full background to his decision, but I DO know his written opinion made it clear that the mandate survives ONLY as a TAX, and is unconstitutional as any other sort of penalty. This makes it MUCH easier to overturn, as a tax law can be overturned by 51 votes, not any super majority. All we need is a Conservative majority in both houses, and, hopefully, a Republican President to kill it. It is also now an issue against Obama. Cross your fingers!

    • victoryman

      We've already seen the "Leaking " of thousands of patients' confidential electronic medical records. Unauthorised eyes will be looking at these documents. It is happening now, folks. Wake up and smell the rubbing alcohol. The government will have your financial records, your medical records, etc. and they will be used.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    Of course this is a spiral to a civil war that the left can not possible win. The military will not come out in great numbers to shoot fellow Americans. Most National Guard troops will not obey orders to do any thing but, round up looters such as the OWS or muslim black panthers. Obama using marxism has forgotten that Marx never dealt with his theories with a well developed society and one that had a long tradition with firearms.

    • almac

      Why won't they they did in Cuba and Germany

      • victoryman

        You are 100% correct Almac. I read so many posts stating that, "It can't happen here." I have news for you - it already is. Just look at the executive orders signed by the current occupant of the White House. Wake up. The SA in the '30's, the SEIU types and company in the present. Remember, obambi wants (And has openly stated) that he wants a 100,000 strong "Civilian army" as well trained and equipped as the military.

        • Michael G.

          You're right too. I was just thinking after I read your post just how many former military have not forgotten how a LAW works, or how to driv a "track." That kind of information might come in handy.
          There might be a "6th Column" yet.

        • Michael G.

          That should be "drive!" My other mistake is it should read 5th Column, not 6th. I must be more tired than I thought.

        • victoryman

          People must be motivated to get out and vote in November. Romney might not be the perfect candidate, but, he's all we have available to defeat the current occupant of the White House. We just had a local election here for mayor. 15,000 some odd registered voters. Only 700 some odd people voted. A sad commentary. Apathy reigns. And we had "Early voting" for ten days prior to the election - you could vote from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Still, only 700 total votes cast. When the presidential election comes around, we can be sure that the democratic union buses will be bringing people to the polls and plenty of "Walking around money" will be distributed. We must turn out as if our lives depended on it - and they do. And if Romney is elected, he'll need a gigantic broom to clean house - from top to bottom.

    • SuperRoadrunner

      You have no idea what the military will do in a situation like that! A large percentage are black, and many of them are strong Obama supporters. How do you know they will not fire at "whitey"?

  • TheGizmo51

    Reminds me of before the election conservatives were saying if Obama is elected he will outlaw conservative TV and radio talk shows. When will you learn that the republinos lie?

    • cyberhackster

      And DemocRATS are pure as the driven snow ------- moron

      • TheGizmo51

        You are half right, morons continue to support and vote for republinos hurting themselves in the process. Too dumb to learn.

        • nunya

          Republinos? What is that supposed to be an insult of some kind, or does is just make you sound extra witty?

        • TheGizmo51

          The party of "no" as in no jobs.

        • LeSellers

          Wow! That's the first time I've seen "Democrat" spelled "republino". Check your dictionary.

    • *.*

      They did their very best to do just that. Don't you remember? "THE FAIRNESS DOCTRIN". Even the FCC tried to do it on their own, but enough people cried out that it was stopped, but believe me they will not give up.

      • TheGizmo51

        It would be nice if the republinos would tell the truth and back up their opinions with facts and figures.

        • Mark

          You should ask the same of the Liar-n-Chief.

        • LeSellers

          Any facts conservatives (not Republicans, and certainly not libertarians) provide immediately find themselves derided and rejected. Liberals (not just Democrats) cannot accept any truth that does not conform to their preconceptions and biases.

          Maggie Thatcher put it perfectly: the problem with socialism [called liberalism in XXI USmerica] is that, eventually, you run out of other people's money.

          Liberals care not the least about the condition of the poor or minorities. What they care about is the way these groups (and libeals always see them as groups, not as individuals) can be played and used to gain power.

          Fact: Marx listed a progressive income tax as a key plank in the Communist Manifesto. Liberals constantly call for a more steeply progressive income tax.

          Fact, Marx called for "free, public" schools. Liberals go as far as demanding that all private schooling, including family-centered education, be abolished and that all children be forced to attend government-run,. tax-funded (grtf, aka welfare) schools.

          Each point of the Communist Manifesto has been advanced to some degree in USmerica now that the first steps toward the proven disaster of government control of medical care had been jammed down our throats. It hasn't worked in the past, and it will not work now or in the future. Socialism, liberalism, communism, whatever you choose to call it, is, has been, and will always be a failure. It is about power for the few and control over the many.

          Marx, as a matter of fact, has been proven to be a poor economist and an even worse public policy source. Yet liberals consistently call for the implementation of his system. Irt's a system that has enslaved countless millions of people and made life worse in every way for all those unfortunate enough to have found themselves under its power.

          Even if you do not accept that Marx is the father of liberalism (and he wasn't even good enough to be the first to propose such a dismal method of controlling others), no one has shown that any other approach to governmental control over men has any better chance of succeeding where his failed.

      • Anonymous

        But have you also noticed how "Left leaning" even FOX News is becoming. O'Reilly takes the cake. He is constantly defending what Obama does and taking his side. He "says" he is just playing "Devil's Advocate," but I think he actually believes his own "Devil's Advocate" statements. It would also be nice if he could allow even one guest to complete one sentence before he interrupts them with his "divine" and "never wrong" opinions. "Fair and Balanced" is their motto, but the balance seems to be leaning more and more to the Left, which makes it OFF BALANCE.

        As for guns, our government has been trying to get the guns of private citizens for years. Now they will begin the "incremental" method, taking "baby steps" and making, of course, new so called "laws," which will be ridiculous. Obama and Hillary are about to sign the Small Arms Treaty, which aims to take privately owned guns away from every citizen in the world, except the UN Police and the government. If Congress ratifies this treaty, it WILL BE LAW. A treaty supersedes the Constitution because it is "presumed" to be the will of the people, because it is ratified by our so-called "representatives" in Congress. Every country that has given up its guns has never gotten them back and ALWAYS ENDED UP IN SLAVERY. KEEP THAT IN MIND.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003974186718 William Horvath

          And all of this could have been possibly side-stepped if the Republicans had nominated a better candidate than Sen. John McCain. They always nominate these wishy-washy lack-lustere candidates. Ronald Reagan may not have been perfect but he did stand up for America.

        • victoryman

          Anonymous - your post should be read by every American. Your analysis/description of the O'Reilly fraud is right on the mark. You are also correct stating that Fox (Fake) News is tilting left. Guns, incrementally, is the way they will be outlawed - with the help of the UN. Once the populace is unarmed.........I shudder to think.

        • GoneApe

          O'Reilly is a HO to the winning side whichever that may be at the time. He is also trying to keep his Leprechaun lying butt out of FEMA camps.

        • Shaoneecom

          Well, If that's the case, we'll be in a civil war by the end of this year. Get your guns and ammo ready people.

    • rank

      You have your head buried deep in the sand.... or some other place that the sun will never shine.

      • TheGizmo51

        Of course you are upset because the truth hurts sometimes.

        • Marj0120

          I have read nothing that is truth in any of your posts, you obamabot, so nothing hurts here. Are you paid to do this or are you really that stupid?
          Why don't you provide facts and sources, that's an overused tactic of obamabots demanding proof when they offer none. Put up or shut-up.

        • TheGizmo51

          Pick a subject that you can understand. I am not holding my breath.

        • Patricia Bennett

          That statement made absolutely no common sense whatsoever! The subject was picked. You theGizum51 are a load that would have been better if wiped off wherever it were deposited.

    • Marj0120

      They tried to take control of the internet, that failed. obam has appointed someone to effectively do just that. He is waiting until after the election before he does a lot of things that are in the works. He's depending on idiots not to do any research and vote blindly just as they did last time. On the news this morning, obam has given gun ownership requirements over to the UN to police, how do you like that one?

      • TheGizmo51

        You have your presidents mixed up, w already did that.

      • victoryman

        Someone posted a while back, "Don't blame Obama - blame the folks that voted him into office." They will do so again to protect their food stamps/rental assistance/free medical/99 week unemployment/pay no taxes and still get a "Credit," etc.
        I have a framed quotation from Gen. Heinz Guderian on a shelf in my bookcase. It reads, "The future will surely triumph over the perpetual yesterday." I pray he is correct.

    • rob

      and the other side does not .. . .

    • GoneApe

      How does it taste down there deep in the hind section of Obomassa?

  • Russ

    Mention is made of privacy issues and most of it is due to the practices of someone whose past private life is almost a closed book.

  • willowa

    One thing I never see referenced when speaking of 'Obamacare' is the provision (I looked this up in the bill) for (if you will recall the 2008 campaign) "...a domestic security force, just as strong, just a powerful and just as well funded as the military, answerable to the prsident...". Well, it's in this bill! It does say that the officers will be appointed by the president, with the approval of the senate [unless of course, the appointments are 'interim appts', like so many others]. Doesn't this worry anyone?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6ZQDPA5OKXIRTNKC5SQ65CYFU4 Renee

      Obama's "Brown Shirts" just like Hitler! The IMPOSTER must be removed ASAP!

      • http://www.facebook.com/dustin.w.taunton Dustin W. Taunton

        Yep..one bullet at a time.

      • KAS

        Renee, I see you remeber a little history in the 30 and 40's..
        Yes, this fellow Obama is looking like Hier Chancellor more and more . His Exec. action gives me the Chills.
        In the retirement community I live in, we have many Vetrans and all have our favorite guns..... They will play HELL getting them.KAS

        • goku vegeta


      • Dean

        Not ASAP. He must be removed NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/glenn.hendriksen Glenn Hendriksen

          GET THIS OUT TO THE MASSES: UTUBE 'The OBAMA Deception'.......'AMERICA-Freedom To Facism'........'Camp FEMA'......any/ALL others (neverending)......................like the old NFL commercial of yesteryear stated.........."YOU MAKE THE CALL!"..........

      • victoryman

        Between the S.E.I.U. purple shirt thugs, the "Occupy" folks, the additional I.R.S. agents and 400 million rounds of .40 cal hollow point ammo contracted for by the D.H.S., Obambi has his 100,000 strong civilian army - as well trained and equipped as the military. Are we re-living the 1930's all over again? Beware the ides of Obama.

        • http://twitter.com/912Cyounger Cole Younger

          100,000 troops in his private army, 220 million armed patriots willing to die for freedom. Who do you think will win??? All mine are cleaned, loaded, and just waiting. If he is re-selected I believe that is when is becomes an absolute TSHF and we are ready...

        • victoryman

          Amen, sir. AMEN.

        • Michael G.

          Only 1 well-placed round from each of the 220M and no-more-private-army.
          Then what?

        • Ron533

          Cole I sure hope you are right about us being
          ready, however Micheal Connelly, the man who read all of house bill 3200 and
          working his tail off trying to let people know that the bill is only 5% about
          health care, and 95% is about making another Hitler.


          He says that Obuma will also use our Military
          against us, which makes me a bit unsure, but I will be at your side ready to die
          for our freedom. Do you ever wonder how he has made it this far, not being
          born in the USA and using an illegal birth certificate and a phony social
          security number. A thank you to Sheriff Joe, and much praise for the 70 year
          old P I who uncovered the SS #.

          Please read what Mr. Connelly says about bill 3200,
          and please pass it on to as many as you can, the more that know the truth about
          the so called health care bill the better.

          May God be with us in our battle.

        • http://www.facebook.com/hiram.holiday Hiram Holiday


      • Bitter Clinger

        And replace him with who.... Romney??? Either way we lose.

        • ves

          Well if you don't vote for Romney...then it will be obama forsure....stop whining and Vote!!

        • Michael G.

          Romney is NOT my first nor my last choice. Anyone I could have whole-heartedly supported dropped out. But OB is not even my list. There is no way I could pull the switch on him.
          Even my best friends, who incidentally "are" Mormons have trouble with Romney. But when one considers the past 4 years and what the next four would probably bring, then the choice should be easy, and rather academic.
          But you must Vote! If you don't, then you have no room to complain about what happens.

        • ahb1

          At least Romney is not a communist, socialist, Koran loving wanna be Muslim.
          He will at least give us a chance to breath. He will most likely do many of the same things. Just slower. That will give us a fighting chance to find our legs.

        • http://www.facebook.com/hiram.holiday Hiram Holiday

          I could pull the switch; put him in the chair!

      • Michael G.

        I think that gonja' happen Renee. It may come from a source and direction we don't anticipate. But I agree with my daughter...It will happen!

      • V. HOFFMAN, TAMPA.,FL. 3325


    • glock 19 fan

      This reminds me of Hitler's SA (Storm Troopers) and the SS. Today's Storm Troopers will be wearing red ACORN shirts.
      Unfortunately, not ehough people have paid attention or we wouldn't still have 43% still thinking that Obummer is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
      Not all of Obummercare has been argued in court yet and thissue is one that has not.

      • victoryman

        .......and the 400 million rounds of .40 cal. hollow point ammo contracted by and for the D.H.S.?

    • Screeminmeeme

      willowa....Sure does.

      EVERYTHING about Obamacare bothers me....but especially this concept of a domestic security force. He's building his own army that will aid him in taking over.

    • jjkrjw

      Do you think for one second that obama's personal political police force will be sworn to uphold the Constitution like other law enforcement officers and like the military? For all we know, we'll be herded like cattle into FEMA camps by the likes of ACORN folks.

      • GoneApe


      • Michael G.

        That's a pretty good guess... Then, when they get tired of feeding us, we will simply be eliminated.
        We should consider sending those worthless SOB's to Hell as possible.

    • Phil185

      Yes Willowa you are correct, and all the media never brings this up. It's 1939 Berlin all over again!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/greg.harrod.14 Greg Harrod

      Not if they're like these guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqF19Phn0Og

    • http://twitter.com/Mulle04 Emilie Noorlun

      A storm's coming.

  • http://www.missiontoisrael.org Ted R. Weiland

    God-expected responsibility to bear arms in defense of ourselves, our families,
    and neighbors has been incrementally taken away from us since the Second
    Amendment was added as a part of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. Yup,
    they did it to us again by framing the argument as one regarding a Second
    Amendment right rather than a Biblical responsibility.

    Listen to Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, on the difference between the two at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/tapelist.php#goa.

  • flaphil

    Obamacare will affect everything from buying food, going to a restaurant. buying homes and cars, the list is endless. The only thing it won't affect is the workers in the government, unions and groups that are on Obama's donor list.

    • Dean


  • Idontwantobamacare

    This Blog post is idiotic!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

    AMEN praise the lord and hold on to your guns and don't surrender them until you run out of ammunition an d they pull them from your cold dead hands , or you walk out over their dead bodies ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Dean

      YEP. Praise the Lord pass the ammunition.

    • Michael G.

      They can try to take mine. If I run 'dry,' I'll take theirs, and keep right on working.

  • Samuel Clemens

    Who got to Judge Roberts? The SCOTUS also overturned The Stolen Valor Act..The Supreme Court has become as serious a threat to the Constitution as the Obama administration

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003974186718 William Horvath

      Making up fantasy stories to impress your buddies about earning medals that you didn't really earn is one thing.......lying about receiving medals you didn't really earn but saying you did is another thing. Far too many recipients of the Medal of Honor were posthumous recipients. People lying about receiving these highest honors does a disservice to those who have earned them and truly deserved them.

      • KAS

        William Horvath, Not only tell stories to you buddies, but to run for an office or fill out an application for work, these lies do harm. The people who really get the medals uually do not say much. That is what I have found.
        The Supreme Cort really hang on to the freedom of speech. This is like yelling FIRE in a Movie theather when there is none.
        I am with you.

        • http://twitter.com/912Cyounger Cole Younger

          KAS, You are so right. Remember John Kerry and his Swift Boat lies.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Samuel Clemens........

      Regardless of what Mom taught you....SCOTUS has ruled that it's okay to lie. Just shows that integrity, truthfulness and honor are virtues that SCOTUS neither upholds or models.

      • Samuel Clemens

        By the way, I am a Federal Supreme Court Justice. I can lie about that, can't I?

        • Screeminmeeme

          Samuel Clemens....Excellent point. Why not? SCOTUS says you can.

        • Michael G.

          Hey judge! While we're at it, the gummit lies to us, so why not lie to them.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ENB63ODGUC7YAF5EKZLEAWIAE Mary
  • http://www.missiontoisrael.org Ted R. Weiland

    God-expected responsibility to bear arms in defense of ourselves, our families,
    and neighbors has been incrementally taken away from us since the Second
    Amendment was added as a part of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. Yup,
    they did it to us again by framing the argument as one regarding a Second
    Amendment right rather than a Biblical responsibility.

    Find out how Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, views the two and which he considers more important at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/tapelist.php#goa.

  • MT Hammer

    Just dont give your info of your medical history to the government. Do like the illegal immigrants do and like the freeloaders who do scream prejudice . Threaten them by telling them yiu will contact Eric Holder tell him you have been discriminated against like your ancesters when they were brought to this country as slaves. Then the government will give you whatever you want.Everytime a veteran comes up to me telling me that I can Qualify for more VA benefits ,for being in Vietnam like he has qualified for . He then tells me now you dont have to proove to the VA that you were even there like he wasnt . I commenced to tell him after heslowly got up off the street after I knocked him out, those benefits are there for tge guys that were in the war , you getting benefits that you dont qualify for is outrageous . If I Ever hear you telling another Veteran how you can cheat the VA , I will turn you in ,have you pay back all those undeserving benefits. I told him I had good friends that died over there for you tospit on their graves is disgusting. Also Iam sure we all,know people getting undeserved food stamps and medical care keep your eyes open turn them in.

    • http://twitter.com/912Cyounger Cole Younger

      Good Idea Hammer except it don't work at all if you are WHITE. Only minorities of different color skin does it work for..

    • Michael G.

      Either you don't remember, or you lie to 'em.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wanda-C-Donati/1469014556 Wanda C. Donati

    The last couple of years I have been asked several times by the medical profession if I own any guns.

    • http://twitter.com/912Cyounger Cole Younger

      Me too Wanda and my answer is always the same.. WHO THE HELL WANTS TO KNOW AND WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS???

    • Michael G.

      Could I ask what type of doctor asked if you did? I've never been asked. And if they did, they would get the same answer I gave Kubby.

  • samtman

    Do you realy think that psychopaths, sick minded people should own guns. I say, long live Obama care and middle class America.

    • rob

      guess you won't be able to own a gun ....

    • tionico

      psychopaths and mentally unstable are already debarred the use of arms under existing laws. What Bummercare does is make us ALL out to be in that category. Wake up now, and fight for your liberties or wake up later when you have none.

    • victoryman

      Obama "Care" and the middle class cannot co-exist.

    • http://twitter.com/912Cyounger Cole Younger

      Don't know what you been smoking but you need to share. With Ocraphead squatting in OUR White House, THERE IS NO MIDDLE CLASS. RICH OR POOR, TAKE YOUR CHOICE.. As far a guns: I would rather have psychopaths and those with PTSD have guns than TSA or NBPP. Those are the criminals that have to be jailed or have lead implants...

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5TOXWBTQSNETKGG7VDHZ4D4SIA Edwin

    Obamacare just isn't about healthcare. What does guns have to do with healthcare?
    Obamacare in nothing but a manual to control America and take it over!

    • Michael G.

      Everything! They could actually die of lead poisoning if they don't follow our instructions to the letter.

  • mlenz9

    Our ancestors fought a war to give us freedom. Now, all politicians have to do to take that freedom away is write a 1500+-page bill and ram it though.

    • SuperRoadrunner

      A problem? A very large number of people don't know, and don't care, about what is going on! Haven't you seen the random street interviews with young people about important events or names? Frequently the answer was, "Duh!" The average Joe Sixpack just wants to go home, plop on the couch with a beer, and watch the latest baseball game! He does not know, nor does he care, what is going on in Washington.
      So how do you think people like that will vote?

  • Dean

    Thanks Justice Roberts. FINK!!

  • Kubby

    Guns? Who has one,,,any? Don't believe many will admit ownership.Why would they. Not me!

    • Michael G.

      What gun? My Daddy won't let me have one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/larrygh Larry G. Hood

    Obamacare; another nightmare created by Obama's corrupt regime.

  • blaineiac

    Heil! (pfthsszz!) Heil! (pfthsszz!) Right in der fuehrer's face!

  • Freodom

    I wonder if Roberts realy read the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act?

    • Givendoly

      Of course not! Didn't you hear what Scalia said? They just have staff read PARTS of it. Roberts had been threatened, and with the two spies O put there I don't blame him for protecting his family the best way he could. It's up to US to elect Senators and Congressmen to maintain a filibuster status for future reference.

  • Gallygosip

    Ralph Novak - PLEASE wake up!!! We have HITLER in charge!!!

  • http://twitter.com/SilasLongshot Silas Longshot

    Exactly right. Buy 'em now, as many as you can, before any more of this crap comes down. This administration has single handed been the best firearms salesman in the history of the USA. Month over month sales records broken, continuously, since day one of 0bama.
    surviving urban crisis

  • SomewhereInTexas

    If ObamaTax is so wonderful, why did Massa Ayatollah Obama exempt his own worthless butt, Congress and all his union thug buddies? SECEDE. Let the moozlim skunk fraud occupying the White House know that you no longer consent to be governed by this vile dictatorship.

  • JohnD

    Welcome to communist America!!

  • deeme

    This is one big hairy monster and we will see just how bad it is when we get our first tax form to fill out, they will want to know more then they already know..Perry said it would be an index card..this will be pages...Voters are out of their minds if this is what they think they want..Here's a visual to help out , there will be no end...

    This is hilarious, help
    us . . .

    Ordering a pizza in 2015.

    If Obama and the Democrats

    have their way: (Just click on the underlined below

    Ordering a Pizza in

  • Saltporkdoc

    Don't worry, before it gets to all that, the UN wil pass some stupid and worthless vacuously worded treaty to control "Rogue States", Gun Runners and "small arms. The U.S. will sign onto it and per Article 6 paragraph 2 of the US Constitution, voila...the 2nd Amendment will be nullified with NO recourse! Not even constitutional Amendment nor passage of law!
    Don't believe me? Do the simple research of reading Article 6, the second paragraph of the U. S. Constitution and be afraid, be VERY afraid!
    By the way, Hillary has sent representatives to the conference to write the treaty this week. The actual writing is expected to take about a month!...be afraid, be VERY afraid!

    • ves

      Hasn't that stupid cow already agreed to the small arms treaty???
      Don't forget the chip implant for All Legal US Citizens..
      IF your medical. Records are in a central data base then your employer will also get access through the so called security check...just like they now pull your credit history

      • Shaoneecom

        I am not taking no chip!!! I will stand and fight and even die if I have to. But just remember, the House and Congress are republican controlled. Obama will have the get thru them first.

  • GoneApe

    Obamassa has shown his colors and they are red and black. He hates his white ancestry. We have a dictator in waiting and I hope enough stupid white people wake up and don't vote for him this time.

  • Blair

    Obamacare is a tax.

  • bigyglydawg

    Buy guns that have been used and owned by Cops since they always need money for something or another and buy from private sellers that has what you want.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.townsendii Tom Townsend II

    Not really a problem. As any honest creative U.S. Citizen and pretty much all veterans would honestly attest, when it becomes criminal to exercise our God given U.S. Guaranteed Constitutional Rights as Citizens of this republic, then law abiding patriotic U.S. citizens (as is currently happening) will by definition be criminal. Once this happens, then it becomes the duty of every patriotic man, woman and child to stand up and defend the U.S. Constitution, our rights and individual liberties and freedoms and to resist tyranny. In so doing and as the nerwly designated criminals by this regime, owning guns and ammo becomes a moot point. We as a people are tenacious enough and creative enough to have weapons regardless of what unconstitutional, oppressive, immoral and unlawful means are used against us. Be they guns and ammo, or what ever our creative minds and energies can conjure up and share freely, we will be armed and even more so as a direct response to the oppression and tyranny we face. If the traitors to our republic and the anti-gun lunatics have a problem with the lawful ownership and use of guns by God loving, free and law abiding citizens, just wait until they and the current regime has pushed us far enough to be labelled as a whole as criminals and as the current regime is labeling patriotic citizens, military and veterans; terrorists, and see what comes out of that. Personally, though I do not have the means myself to do so, once the gloves come off, I would find it interesting for someone to build a functional home made fully automatic howitzer with twin clip fed capability (legal clip limits of course) and incindiary rounds with no rifling manufacturer's number or other traceable markings and no recorded riflings from manufacturer's test firing of the weapon. Then let the federal government go nuts trying to figure out who made it? If it had ever been used? And where it came from as well as worrying if there are any more out there and how much more inventive the betrayed lawful citizens have and even might become? Mind you, I am not advocating anything unlawful or outside the scope of reasonable lawful behavior, but I do wish to promote consideration of what heavy handed oppression and an anti-gun fervor would logically promote. When a person has to be criminal in order to enjoy his or her God given rights and the guaranteed freedom of the laws of our land, being the guarantees of the U.S. Constitution, then this formerly law abiding citizen now termed criminal by following the long recognized laws of the U.S. Constitution has no remaining limits or restraints by being deemed a criminal for lawful activity and thus is free to indulge his or her every whim without restraint in the exercise of the wrongfully criminalized exercise of his or her rights. This is also with the caution to the lawful citizen that what they create and freely share today might well prove his or her and their family's chief meanse of defense in the face of iron fisted tyranny and further heavy oppression.

    • SuperRoadrunner

      Haven't you heard? The Second Amendment was put in place not only to allow the means for the citizens to defend the Country, but also to defend themselves against an oppressive government!

  • goku vegeta


  • Anne851

    Caan anyone tell me why some of us have the word "parent" by our names. Are they saying we are parents and if so, how do they know if we are or not?

  • Anne851

    We know the Congress and Senate did not read the Obamacare before signing it, now I wonder if the Supremes did. If so, how could they have passed the thing with the domestic security force in it? And what was that doing in it in the first place,, what does that have to do with medical insurance and care? Along with many other things in it.

  • Michael G.

    Eye Eye, Cap'n!

  • Chip in SC

    I would like to see it in the bill where all of this is. I want to READ it myself!!! I have found this page (GF) provided erronous info in the past. I am very pro 2nd ammendment, a disabled Vet, gun owner, conservative. That being said I have concern about people with PTSD owning firearms I know this is gonna PO folks but it is a fact PTSD suffers are often unstable ...

  • Twitch

    no kidding about not being able to get my health records. Some time ago I was trying to get into the Coast Guard and because I took prozac when I was younger, they told me that I had to give them a copy of my psychiatric records. But I couldn't get my records and the clerk wouldn't even acknowledge that they existed even though they were required by law to still have them on file. Because of that, I wasn't able to join the Coast Guard--or any branch of the military for that matter.

  • samtmanq

    I think it will help people get well who get shoot by gun happy idiots .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Islam-Moohammed/100000734881991 Islam Moohammed

    Such terrible lack of trust. Obama is the smartest person in the world. So many great people say it is OK to even pray TO him for help. Cher, Madonna, Clooney & Kardasian all say they pray to him and look how rich he has made them.Soon even Tom Cruise will submit his church to the great messiah Obama. He would never betray a trust, he loves us all. Your records will be safe and he can read them and offer healing through prayer to him. I converted from Islam to Obamism so I can feel closer to the master.

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    We have a real American problem-------- and the only way to solve it is to un-elect these people in Nov 2012.

  • gertie

    It is a reminder to me of what the oppressed go thru- the holacaust. I've thought before of life without the ability to freedom of speech. It turns one into lambs and followers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-Cote/1365006023 Randy Cote

    doctors and medical staff don't ask me a god damn thing about anything but my and my families health care do your job not Obama's. if you ask me that question or my family that question you will get an ear full of crap. practice medicine not gun control or I will practice not paying my bills to you