Ohio P.I. Says She Has Proof Obama Social Security Number Is Fraudulent

Susan Daniels has been a licensed private investigator since 1995.  During that time, she has investigated thousands of Social Security Numbers for clients and is very well versed in knowing what to look for.

In the interview below, Daniels explains she became suspicious of Barack Obama when his first executive order was to hide all of his personal information from everyone.  These actions would only be taken by someone with something to hide and it sure seemed obvious that Obama has a lot he wants to hide.

Daniels’ investigation turned up that not only is Obama’s Social Security Number a Connecticut number, but one that had to have been issued prior to the time Obama claims to have received it.  She has located the sequential numbers preceding and following Obama’s and his number is the only one that raises a red flag of doubt.  They were all issued in Connecticut between 1977 and 1979 and there is no evidence anywhere to indicate that Obama ever lived in the state at that time.

Her investigation has also led her to believe that the Social Security Number used by Obama was issued in March of 1977.  Additionally, she said that she found evidence indicating that Obama’s number had been previously issued to another person who was born in 1890 and lived in Connecticut during 1977 to 1979.

On Monday, July 2, Daniels filed a lawsuit in the Common Pleas Court in Geauga County, Ohio, requesting that Barack Obama’s name be removed from the November ballot unless the President can verify the authenticity of his Social Security Number.

One thing I found interesting in Daniels’ interview is her saying that everyone in politics and all of the judges know that Obama is ineligible to hold the office but are afraid to do anything about it.  But that prompts me ask what they are afraid of?  Are the people behind Obama so wealthy and so powerful that they have intimidated the entire American government and judicial system?  If they really did threaten the life of Chelsea Clinton four years ago to get Bill Clinton to shut up, have they threatened others as well?

If Daniels is right about all of the judges knowing but not willing to act upon that knowledge, then as much as I would like her lawsuit to succeed and see Obama’s name removed from the ballot in one of the key swing states, I doubt if any judge would have the guts to rule against Obama.



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-White/1693555099 James White

    Most truths come out in the end, and this one will also be revealed as the most intricately planned destruction of a nation ever imagined and implemented. Chelsea was the ticket to shutting Bill's mouth; I imagine an anonymous tip to John Roberts about his family also. An entire industry (media) has been silenced. Much blood will be spilled over this horrible plot, either in implementation or destruction, depending upon who wins.

    • Roger_T73

      Live Free or Die
      Today is a good day to die for America (but tomorrow would be better). It is however a good day for America's enemies to die!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-N-Loos/642751464 Eric N. Loos

      I concur .....

    • http://twitter.com/rwcx rwcx

      We need some Politicians that are willing to die for their country. An Honorable Brave Man would speak out If he was being threatened

  • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

    Our court system presumes innocent until proven guilty, however. The burden of proof is on Susan Daniels to prove that the President - and not another Barack Obama - used that number.

    • joe

      I pray that she will do just that and SOON!

      • [email protected]

        sign a petition, i'm sure we all will sign!

    • fort9erdon

      Locate me another Barack Obama, in the whole United States! Duh!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

        The research I have read indicates at least 30 others in existence...including at least one other with the same first, middle, and last name.

    • F-14 Navy Vet

      That number - which is on record as issued to a Connecticut man, and a legal immigrant from Poland, is also listed on Obama's tax returns as US president.... That Connecticut man interestingly enough, died while in Hawaii about the same time Obama began using it (in Hawaii).

      • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

        Doing a Google Images search for Obama tax return (those are the search terms), all the copies I have seen have the number not shown there. Please cite your source.

        More importantly, how do I know that Orly Taitz or someone else didn't put the Social Security number into the tax return submitted as evidence as a misrepresentation of facts?

        • F-14 Navy Vet

          Oh yes...Those returns are likely redacted online... Let's see...ah - you can also look it up yourself by going to the "Selective Service Online Registration Search" and plugging in Obama's full name and this SS number in question, and B.O.'s date of birth. It is proof that BO has been using it as his own for the past 25 yrs or so... Also Google has been helping to hide this story. Try searching for it on Yahoo or MS Bling.

        • William H. Robinson

          All the Powers in the Circle know he is not an American Citizen by birth, but the Democrats just want a winner, while the Judges are afraid of the discord it will cause like the Watts, Washington, and Detroit riots..

      • http://twitter.com/Mulle04 Emilie Noorlun

        Odd too how his healthy Grandma just happened to have expired at about the same time, huh.

        • F-14 Navy Vet

          It is interesting to note that in my research - dating back about 4 years now - his mother's SS number was still active....even though she reportedly died on February 8, 1992.

    • GLW513

      Another Barack Obama living in Connecticut.......I'm sure that there are hundreds living or have lived there!

    • ssales

      God help her if she is correct...............she will not live to tell the truth.

      • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

        The truth shall set you free. If she can prove her story, Americans will listen. The key term, however, is prove...beyond all doubt.

    • Bruce Rideout

      Wrong Adam. All candidates are accountable for providing proof of citzenship to be elegible to become president. The burdern of proof therefore is on Barry Soetero or whatever his name really is.

  • Screeminmeeme

    The deception about Obama is so broad and vast in scope that one must look for a supernatural power behind him, covering his tracks, protecting him, eliminating oposers, and which catapulted him from the unknown into the most powerful position in the world.

    He is the antithesis that is everything American.

    The truth will eventually come out...it always does...but by then, it will be too late.

    • TruthWFree

      I hope that it will not be too late. What ever is shielding him...it is evil.

      • jennyp63

        I totally agree with you Screeminmeeme & TruthWFree. This is not me, and I can't even believe I am saying it. BUT, I read the news, listen to the debates, search the Bible and my soul, and can still not find a viable reason why he is so well covered from all his lies and deception. At this point, he doesn't even try to be sneaky about it; just lays it out in the open! And still, no one is willing to oppose him. It has to be that we need to look into the supernatural. (Did I really say that?!) I can find no other answer to the question, since his protection is so vast. And may I add: This conclusion really scares me!

        • bloundy

          America must turn bk to God.and he will heal our country....everyone must start praying..our children will never know about Jesus..have u ever noticed that they mention God but never do they want Jesus' name mentioned..because the devil flees @ his name. i'm out for the day..glad to have saw so many that is not fooled by this evil man. have a gr8 day and God bless America

    • Roger_T73

      SATAN is oblamo's Master

      • jaminjames13

        finally someone to recognize the truth. the father of all lies helped get him in office we as true beleivers and honeswt americans better wake up before 2013!!!

        • bloundy

          true i know minsters who voted for him.

    • http://www.facebook.com/michael.hilton.773 Michael Hilton

      Well stated. I concur with everything you've said.

    • Abeliever

      It is not too late. This person as Obama is setting the stage for what the Lord has prepared for the return of Christ. When, no one knows when but it could be soon.
      Just be prepared.

      • http://twitter.com/rwcx rwcx

        You are correct. It is very near.
        We know not the hour but we know we are in the season. The parable of the fig tree says the generation that sees Israel return to its home land will not pass away before he returns, That happened in 1948. That's the baby boomer generation. a 1948 baby is 64 now.

        • mina


    • RubyBlu

      The truth will come out - it always does; sometimes not in the timely fashion we would hope for. However, it is never too late to learn the truth - and never too late to right what's wrong.

    • bloundy

      so true so sad

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ENB63ODGUC7YAF5EKZLEAWIAE Mary

    I believe some very powerful people are protecting him. As another poster said, "he's like the teflon Don" and you can't touch him. If this woman get's anywhere with this law suit it will be a miracle. On another note with all the hundreds of lawsuits brought against him and kept quiet it shows to the voter he has a very questionable background and he's not what he seems. I think most intelligent folks have picked up on that with the exception of his follower's and those who really don't care what he is so long as they can collect under the dole. As I've said before, when he's out of office we'll hear some shocking revelations.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Leary/630866387 Ed Leary

      George Soros

      • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

        Exactly, but to hear my liberal acquaintances tell it, George Soros does things to benefit others, not himself, and the real evil ones are the Koch Brothers!! Oh puh-leeze. Willful ignorance, plain and simple.

        • silvernotes

          ..."to benefit others"...like crashing the financial systems of countries in Europe where he has made his billions?

        • bloundy

          true. quit posting my comments again. must have made to many

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/DT2NG3VWR6VK5WLDNDIIZYRDZM E

          Or still proud he sent so many Jews to theiir deaths by turning them into his partners-the Nazis

        • caprock

          And you have to ask yourself why good ol' George Soros lives in a gated highsecurity compound in downtown Behjing. He gives the red chinese direct access to the WhiteMosque!

        • bloundy

          u know ur stuff

        • bloundy

          google him read

      • winddrinker

        Soros is only ONE of the international, global elites that are plotting to "rule the world" and will get away with it if WE don't stop them. No other country has has the ability to fight this powerful group, we alone stand in their way. And right now we have their undivided attention with the election coming up! Most likely the Russian or Chinese Mafia are the enforcers.... There was a rumor, early on, that obumscum had something to do with Russia and espionage!

    • Doodlebug

      So, we all know that this arrogant, lying, idiotic, nose in the air dummicrat donkey has lied about EVERYTHING to get himself elected first to the senate and then to the president but the big question to me is, when in the H are those who can do something about it, get him the H out of there. Oh ya, I know get him out at election time. NO - GET HIM OUT NOW before he does more damage. The chicago machine will see to it that he gets another four more. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • PWR

      Agreed Mary, This man has pulled off the biggest con in American History. He is actually re-writing history to boot!! We must not only rid ourselfs of this imposter, but erase all of the changes he has made in the Gov. records. I hope that there will be a judge with a backbone strong enough to stop him in his tracks, but I doubt it as you do. Why on earth would the American people trust a man that keeps so much of his past a secret? I just don't understand, it's almost like no liberal wants to admit what everyone seems to know!! Pathetic display of American cowardess by the people around this man!

      • Raymond

        President Obama decided to do one of his public addresses against the backdrop of an American farm, but the ceremony couldn't get started because of all the flies buzzing around his head. Obama demanded to know why the flies wouldn't leave, so the farmer explained to him, "Well, those are called circle flies. They always circle around the back end of horses." Obama angrily replied, "Hey, are you saying that I'm a horse's behind?" The farmer answered, "No Sir, Mister President. I would never call someone a horse's behind. It's hard to fool them flies though."

        • Ranchman

          LOL. Raymond, ya did it again!

        • Raymond

          Thank you.

        • bloundy


        • Woody

          Raymond, I am ashamed that a fellow Marine would be disrespectful to the Commander in Chief. But, thanks for a good laugh. Keep 'em coming.

        • gertie

          In theory yes- but this so called president is out to destroy this nation. I do respect the office but not the man in the office- If Raymond will keep up his wonderful informative writings, we can once again be out from under this "regime" and feel free once more. Thanks Raymond. -

        • Raymond

          Thank you.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1189152414 Donna Wheeler Zipeto

          Dick Morris.com calls for a revolt.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-Meyer/1785162356 Roger Meyer

          Don't you mean "Imposter in Chief"?

        • Raymond

          Actually he's a usurper.

        • howard

          Historically the commander in chief has earned the respect of the military, but in Obamas case , he has not. The closing guantamino fiasco plan, civilian trials for terrorists, the Fort Hood workforce violence excuse and delay of justice , supporting Islam in the white house while shunning Christian prayer day all contribute to our lack of repect for the CHIEF.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Toni-Woodbury/100001342611126 Toni Woodbury

          Don't forget that the President of the United States is NOT the Commander in Chief except when Congress itself has declared war and appoints the President to become Commander in Chief only for that time of war. Our laws do not allow the President to declare war (when he does, he is in violation of the Constitutuion). Being President doesn't make one automatically to be in command of the United States miliary.

        • night-hunter

          Sorry, You are wrong! Article II section 2: "The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United
          States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual
          Service of the United States;..."
          It does NOT limit that to times of war.

        • Gung ho

          Notice Marine Corps is not mentioned. Guess we have another job to do
          Semper Fi

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Safford/100001868028802 William Safford

          Marines aren't mentioned because you and I know that they are part of the Navy. United States marine Corps - Department of the Navy. Says so right on your seal. However, there is NO Constitutional allowance for the Air Force. A retired squid.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Toni-Woodbury/100001342611126 Toni Woodbury

          Recounting the Obama's actions is not showing disrespect.
          The Scriptures teach us to obey legitimate government, but any civil magistrate who does not himself rule in submission to the laws of God, is not legitimate government (Romands 13:3).

        • http://twitter.com/TheOneVoice William Edmisson

          Boy I wish more people understood that brother

        • Lia

          He may be YOUR commander in chief, but NOT MINE!!!
          This imposter needs to go back to Kenya or where ever his heathen soul came from!!!

        • Bill M

          Too funny

        • Kevin

          Great story. Something evil is taking place in America. I can't understand how Obama is keeping all his secrets covered up. I think he sold his soul to the devil to become the king of the US. That's why no one can pin anything on him. Our congressman are afraid of the guy for some reason. No body will take this guy on even though they all know he's a fraud. My congressman does nothing to expose the guy. We must remove the Obama problem from Washington DC in November. I'm afraid the joker will start a war with Iran to get elected.

        • $ocrate$69

          Did you ever think that rather than selling "his soul to the devil" that he may just be one of Satan's precursor "angels" to help set up his takeover of the world through the Anti-Christ? With everything going on and how so much of his life has been hidden or sealed, and still no one really knows where he came from and how he actually came into this world in Kenya, there has to be something more than a human in flesh sitting in the White House! The lineage of Ishmael awaits until it's time! There's more to his story than anyone wants to know or believe!

        • rwduncan

          Yes, the way Obama has lulled the masses I do believe he is either the ant-Christ or working for him!!!! God help us all!!!!

        • Donnybrook

          Prior to the 2008 elections, several people I know including myself had what I believe are prophetic dreams. All the dreams were almost identical and were about the election. All the dreams were basically this: God says "The people have asked me for a king. I will give them a king, but it will not be what they think."

        • rwduncan

          I can't and will not believe God sent Obama! Sounds more like the devils work!! God is all loving and will come at the end to fight the devil! We may all go through a lot of hell before then , but God will come and cast the devil back to hell!

        • KIm

          Oh my gosh, I had the same vision and told people that,"You asked for king, you got it but you won't like it" I knew he would be elected no one believed me. I had no idea other people had the same thought/vision.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1189152414 Donna Wheeler Zipeto

          I NEVER heard of anyone in America saying we need a king. Why would anyone WANT one?

        • vaughn turner

          satin is kicked out of heaven at the 6th trump says he is Christ, the world will believe him, the elect know better, shortly after the true Christ come's at the 7th trump,He take out 200 mil man army led by Russia, Matt 24-15. Christ rule's a 1000 yr's than the judgment.

        • victorbarney

          Yes & No. First, OUR CREATOR "ALWAYS" PUNISHES HIS OWN FIRST! Thus, it will be the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 that FIRST will PUNISH U.S., as England(Anglo-Saxon's ONLY), the true Israel by the seed of Joseph, including Judah(Gen. 48:16), which will take 3 1/2 years to complete! Then, the "Anti-Christ"(Marxist) Obama finally will be allowed to have them killed! However, 3 1/2 days later the two-witnesses RISE-AGAIN! That's when both OUR "ANTI-CHRIST" OVER U.S. OBAMA & ISLAM BOTH GET DESTROYED as WRITTEN IN REVELATION, CHAPTER 16 BECAUSE NON-ISRAELITES CAN NOT BE PUNISHED UNTIL "AFTER" ISRAEL IS PUNISHED FIRST! Just saying TRUTH!... You also may be interested in what Elder Gary Miller of ICY has to say on this matter too because HE IS THE "ELIYAH, WHO MUST COME FIRST!" Just saying...

        • Scarlettudc

          Are you Primitive Baptist?

        • victorbarney

          No, actually I'm a member of the International Congregation of Yahweh in Pocahontas, Ar., P.O. Box 208 because they posses not ONLY the correct Hebrew names, but ALSO the ONLY correct calender for yearly festivals in the world that I'm presently made aware. They follow the Scriptually mandated 30 day month from New Moon to New Moon correctly, while also keeping a morning day as commanded(DAWN-DARK).

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1189152414 Donna Wheeler Zipeto

          Check out DICKMORRIS.com. I'm not especially fond of the man but we need to do something!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1189152414 Donna Wheeler Zipeto

          Check out DICKMORRIS.com. I'm not especially fond of the man but we need to do something! He's calling for a revolt.

        • peb737

          I believe that he is the forerunner for the anti-Christ...like John the Baptist was for Jesus! satan copies everything God/Jesus does!!

        • James Tabone

          I swear that he is the son of the jackal!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1394512826 Beth Harmon Stadlmayr Travers

          Yep.. secret evil is going on ...How do we stop it ?? I just feel in my bones to keep th faith and keep my gun!

        • Kittyhane

          Like Pelosi so brilliantly said: "we have got to pass the bill so we know what's in it."

          If you own a home, Please read this. THIS WILL BLOW YOU AWAY !!!!!The National Association of REALTORS is all over this and working to get it repealed, before it takes effect. But, I am very pleased we aren't the only ones who know about this ploy to steal billions from unsuspecting homeowners. How many REALTORS do you think will vote Democratic in 2012?
          Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it? That's $3,800 on a $100,000 home, etc. When did this happen? It's in the health care bill and goes into effect in 2013.
          Why 2013? Could it be to come to light AFTER the 2012 elections? So, this is "change you can believe in"? Under the new health care bill all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% Sales Tax.
          If you sell a $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax. This bill is set to rob the retiring generation who often downsize their homes. Does this make your November and 2012 vote more important?
          Oh, you weren't aware this was in the Obamacare bill? Guess what, you aren't alone. There are more than a few members of Congress that aren't aware of it either

        • Lia

          Has the thought crossed your mind the he "IS" the anti Christ???
          It has mine.

        • Remington 870

          I have thought same, but bible says anti-christ will rise from the mideast. Is Kenya in the mideast? Obama is probably what can be called 'an anti-christ'. All the while his big arsed wife uses Jesus and biblical characters as likenesses to her man Barrak...a sure sign of evil.

        • juansantiago

          Where does the Bible say Anti-christ will be from Mideast? Some say Islam is that which was, is not and will be (we are in the will be stage) and if Obama is a trojan horse muslim, his global religious/political system would be propelling him as the fake (anti) messiah. Don't get too comfy in any beliefs on prophecy, rather, look at how the experts missed Jesus' coming because of their pre-conceived ideas.

        • BB

          Wow... YOUR comment struck me to the heart. Thank you. A timely reminder to clean our own houses. May those of us whom truly love the LORD Jesus the Christ all be counted worthy when Messiah comes or calls us home. And may we be at peace with all man.

        • victorbarney


        • Scarlettudc

          He acts like the anti Christ, but the prophet must come first.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003300316146 Benyamin Tover

          I think a lot of people worry about the black riots which would occur if their "messiah" was taken out by the scruff of his scrawny neck. When 90% of the black population voted for this turd, it's clear that they voted in a most racist manner. On the other hand, the voting amongst the white population was a much closer vote, on the order of 52% - 48%, if I recall correctly. Perhaps it validates Richard Herrnstein's work entitled The Bell Curve.

        • fish

          The funny part is "GAYBAMA IS ONLY ABOUT 17%black-50%WHITE 28%ARAB-THE REST 5% INDONESIAN. And the black population of America is 11% total. Why would the blacks of this country want to become the "THORN" in the Tigers paw? "THORNS" get crewed up and spat out!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

          Kevin, about 80 years ago there was another fellow pulling the same stunts in Germany. His name was Adolph Hitler. Just another smooth talking devil.

        • val

          Bilderbergs - we are in deep trouble. Big $ with too much power calling the shots. These people are also mental cases. Comes from, back some generations, interbreeding. I think he has caught up to the present decendants of these dynasty families. They're evil and have too much power due to their incredible wealth....It's like sci-fi only real...lots of prayers needed and people must support those folks brave enough to stand and speak truth, not many out there, Micheal Savage is one. In politics a few that may have figured out what is going on are trying to get our attention and do the right thing. Let's hope they succeed and don't meet with an untimely accident. Pray for those in D.C. trying to do the right thing for Amreica.

        • http://www.facebook.com/sherman.danio Sherman Danio

          What Obam-ination wants is to drive the American people to the point of desperation and to create an insurgency against the government so that he can declare Marshal law and have control over the people of America. He will then build up that internal policing force that he spoke of in 2008 that will be as strong as the military with as much financial support that he will have his Czars control. Then he can destroy the middle class make 52+ of the populous dependent upon government for survival, control the vote, and install his Marxist style government. He can set himself up as the next Castro, bring in his Muslim Law and accomplish what he set out to do, destroy America and turn it into another Iran. The sad thing is there are enough ignorant A**H@^s that haven't a clue of what is happening to this country that will vote for this traitor. The time is coming however when we will have no choice but to take back America from the fools that run it.

        • Rob

          What Obama seems to forget is, if the armed people of the United States ban together they will comprise the largest armed force in the world. This is why Holders deception was so improtant. Obama needed a very strong incident to make a drastic change to the Second Amendment. Collecting thousands of guns in Mexico purchased in the United States would go a long way to getting backing to change or abolish the Second Amendment if not, at the very least, causing a ban on many rifles and hand guns.


          Sherman: His numerous Executive Orders, dictating that he can take over all personnal property, homes, food, businesses, etc., in case of a national emergency, are a very strong indication that something will take place before the years end.....

        • Sealman

          The only way to kill a monster is cut it's head off and the only way to do that is quit giving this monster our hard earned money. Without money this monster is nothing and there are not enough prisons to house us all but no one has the balls to guit giving them our hard earned money so they can fly around in their private jets over our heads looking down and laughing. I am sure it is not just obama he is not smart enough to do this it is a rancher and we all are his cattle and until WE stand together and start a stampede we are doomed.

        • cmarie

          You are ABSOLUTELY right with everything you said - no doubt he sold his soul to Satan...and the (idiots) in congress are afraid of him. Makes me angry & wonder how many of them are of the same ilk! Find us a God honoring Christian who will gird himself with: "Perfect Love has NO FEAR."

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cheryl-Vogt/1425301225 Cheryl Vogt

          He IS the devil himself, otherwise, how could he get away with all this stuff???

        • Rayemon

          Then we must go against this gutless congressman and any other politician
          that does not have the balls to buck him or call him out. Joe the plumber has
          the balls to get into his face and I pray that the Ohioan's do vote him in and we
          vote all the imposter out in all our states . Kind of sickening seeing all the fraudsters and
          chickens, sitting in our country and state governments and local offices.
          As it is we have over 70 registered Communist in the Senate and the House of
          Representatives. If we do not clean both houses out by voting them out or what ever it takes to get them out we and our children will be screwed..

        • tnisforvolunteers

          If he ever addresses the UN Assembly in multiple languages, I am going to head for the Rocky Mountains, as far back in the wilderness as I can get!

        • RrrrroaR

          You are right about what you are saying, but this is so much bigger than B.O. He is only a puppet, and no one knows who is pulling his strings. You can bet there have been death threats to keep him in power because he is one of the easiest to manipulate that there has been. The Antichrist will not come forward until it is perfectly safe to do so. Until then we will see one puppet after another, and no one in Washington has what it takes to do anything about it.

        • victorbarney

          I can't say no, but I do know that it IS NOT UNTIL OUR SAVIOR RETURNS THAT "ISLAM" IS DESTROYED(REV. chapter 16)!

        • eve hunter

          he has a lot of votes already...welfare, immigrants, hispanics, students, illegals, democrates, god knows what else...

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1189152414 Donna Wheeler Zipeto

          Dick Morris is calling for a revolt om DickMorris.com. We need a leader.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1189152414 Donna Wheeler Zipeto

          Dick Morris is calling for a revolt on DickMorris.com. We need a leader.

        • Mad Mike

          I know how! The Illuminati has control of him and are protecting him. If you don't believe what I'm saying, check out all the information you can find on the Illuminati and start putting 2 and 2 together. Every president we had that went against what the Illuminati wants, was killed or attempted to be killed as well as many more prominent and influential people who spoke out against secret societies, ie. the Illuminati.

        • Wyatt

          Well , a farmer might not say it Raymond . But a Colorado Cowboy will . Obama is a Horse's Butt ! ( and all due apologies to the Horse )

        • Repcon1945

          I think we are refering to the wrong animal after all he is a Donkeycrat isn't he?

        • lenny

          how about DonkeyCRAP

        • drew


        • WranglerRob

          I heard the rumor Obama was going to fund National Health Care with savings from firing all the cattle guards in the midwest. :-O

        • Rayemon

          Then we must go against this gutless congressman and any other politician
          that does not have the balls to buck him or call him out. Joe the plumber has
          the balls to get into his face and I pray that the Ohioan's do vote him in and
          vote all the imposter out . Kind of sickening seeing all the frauds and yellow
          creeps sitting in our government and local offices.
          As it is we have over 70 registered Communist in the senate and the house of

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Williams/100000740775101 Dan Williams

          You nailed him again Raymond! Keep firing!
          Semper Fi

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/K7PXPOYEGPIS4PUFM5OBDSOESY Lost respect

          Raymond love you man convince as many as you can in your unit I would be your wingman. God bless you!

        • fluddy

          @Kevin. (ABOVE) He will start a war with Iran before the middle of October and he will then suspend the November election because of the war. This nObody will do anything to finish his 8 year chance to turn this country into a socialist country and continue to do the bidding of his Builderberg ( World Government) handlers.

        • Kim

          LOL! Good story!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Laforet/100000662510644 Mary Laforet

          Great story ..... I would agree its hard to fool flies...

        • peb737

          thats a joke right? LOL even funnier if its true!! just proves that he is FULL OF IT!!

        • Military Mom

          LOL !!!

      • True Patriot

        I don't know if there is any judge who would even listen to this PI on obozo's social security number being fraudulent. A Florida judge made an asnine, ridiculous ruling, recently, and said that the law doesn't apply to obozo. This IS scary that the biggest criminal in American history is being protected by our courts. I believe there are more people involved with the NWO crowd than we know. And we'd be shocked to find out who they all are. Google: haasstrep68

        • Jim D.

          You better Google is soon or they may take the capability off Google to search anything about Obama at all like the did to 2nd ammendment associated equipment.

        • bloundy

          my posts r not being posted wonder why?

        • John C

          Take into consideration that most of the judges in the US circuit are liberals. Clinton fired all the judges his first day in office and George stupid bush waited like 3 years to appoint his first judge adn he only appointed 5.

        • d1032

          He couldn't get them past a Democrat controlled Congress - recall the battle over Bork.

        • oldcoyote

          Right on. Most of the judges appionted including the SC are zionist jews.

        • Boogies daddy

          Oh my Gosh! Not a JEW!!!!!! Whatever should we all do now?

        • Rowdy

          There is a very big difference between a Jew and a Zionist Jew my friend, so if your going to quote someone and ridicule make sure you keep it in context or your the one that looks like a fool. (:-O)

        • Rowdy

          There is a very big difference between a Jew and a Zionist Jew my friend, so if your going to quote someone and ridicule make sure you keep it in context or your the one that looks like a fool. (:-O)

        • http://www.facebook.com/DsCsIiI Dan Powers

          @oldcoyote: Hey, I think your swastika needs polishing. Why not go do that, and leave this conversation to the sane among us..

        • Chuck Bushong

          I think oldcoyote may be right, all the major TV stations and larger news papers are controlled by them, Check that out Dan

        • Edward53

          oldcoyote is a dedicated Paulbot.

        • Freeman

          Sane? I have not read a word of sanity here. You are all whackos and know nothing about this country. Maybe the reason that the rest of the country isn't doing what you want is that YOU all are the fools.

        • Nannymm

          Actually, there are six Catholic justices (Roberts, Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas, Sotomayor, and Alito) , and three Jews (Ginsburg, Kagan, and Breyer.)

        • observer guy


        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-Meyer/1785162356 Roger Meyer

          And what is the problem with a Jew? After all, the US was founded upon the Judeo-Christian Philsosphy and principles.

        • http://twitter.com/rwcx rwcx

          What if the CIA is behind it.
          Grandfather and Mother worked for them. His father was schooled under a CIA program. What other group could do the cover up that has been done on Obama. Another school of thought is about the birth certificate, is not where he was born but who his real father is.

        • Christie

          Soros is behind Obama, as well as the extremeist Valerie Jarrett and Bill Ayers who GROOMED Obama
          Soros also controls the media; that's why you can only trust Fox News. Some say Soros writes what we can hear

        • Ranchman

          Soros already has several people at Fox now. They've already started airing the Obama party line in their commercials, etc. Disgusting.

        • A Proud American

          Yea, Shepard Smith, Yuan Williams, Kirsten Powers, and Megyn Kelly, are just a few of liberals working at FOX. I am sure there are more, but these are the most known ones.

        • Incredulous

          Megyn Kelly??????? Are you sure?

        • Pat A

          No, Megyn Kelly is not in that camp.

        • aroleflin

          Megyn Kelly is a home coming queen. Can't stand her.

        • Kim

          don't forget about bob beckel!

        • bloundy


        • joepotato

          I wouldn't trust Fox News all that much. They don't report anything related to BHO's forged documents and the rest of his questionable backround, upto and including his citizenship which is still undetermined. The CEO's of all major news corporations + many in their fold are CFR members. Remember; "trust but verify?"

        • NoU4EN

          Did FOX drop reader's ability to "comment" on their articles? None of the articles have "comments" any longer. Is it my computer or has FOX stopped all debate on their website?

        • Looey

          Fox has stopped the comments except on some of their Fox Nation stories. If you want to make comments go to The Hill at http://www.thehill.com. You can comments on all the stories there.

        • Energene

          Even Fox News has hardly covered eligibility issues, FEMA concentration camps, the murders of his gay lovers, Spain counting votes, the collection of executive orders that could make martial law very dangerous.

        • http://www.facebook.com/dolores.plum Dolores Plum

          you are right

        • Anarchy

          You can't trust FOX either. BOTH sides are F'd up.

        • EJH

          Even if their wrong I think their's enough evidence out their to warrant a

          I love Fox News but unfortunately even Fox seems to have no backbone when
          it comes to the subject of Obama's eligibility. Something is going on and it
          almost looks like the Obama administration has something big on Murdock, I can't
          think of any other answer.

        • dondh

          rwcx, that's entirely possible as there may be some muslims in the CIA! That would be in this fraud's favor and would be to no avail! Sure hope that's not the case, that is, muslims in the CIA. But look, there are already muslims in official political government positions today! If that isn't stopped, there will be more and more until they become a majority and we will be sunk as a freedom loving nation with the U S Constitution being history, and probably being removed from all educational institutions. Also, we will say goodbye to Christianity or will have to worship in secret places like in the muslim countries, China, and a numbers of other false religeous countries!! This guy has got to go be it by impeachment or by a losing vote in November!! Let's hope and pray that one or the other happens!

        • bloundy

          i think Trump is right about his birth place...but not even fox news is staying on this. Hennisy should play one of his lies every night,,Orailey sits on the fence to be safe

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003300316146 Benyamin Tover

          I don't believe the CIA has enough leftists within its ranks to allow that to happen. Now the State Department has plenty of Ivy League socialists, and this certainly was the central issue that Joe McCarthy brought to the Congress with the Committe on Un-American Activities. McCarthy was vindicated by the Venona papers, which became available with the fall of the Soviet Union. There WERE a crapload of these communits subversives within our State Department. I doubt that even today there aren't a ton of those red devils therein.

        • icemancold

          There isn't a Judge that will find against OBAMA on anything. WITH HOLDER,THE D O J AND THE NEW BLACK PANTHERS PROTECTING HIM.!!

        • bloundy

          i thought Clentins was good Americans until they backed oboma

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1590072570 Wanda Reeves Kelly

          they aren't backing him now! hillary in ad agst him! but i don't see why anyone would think either of the clintons were "good"!

        • A Proud American

          Every Judge who has ruled in Obama's favor (and that is all of them) are Democrats. Roberts is the exception. What does this tell you about our country? The truth is not being told about Obama, and the primary question is, WHY? Of course we do not know what pressure Roberts was under to made the wrong decision on the mandate question of ObamaCare. but obviously he was under some sort of pressure to change his vote the way he did.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Go-Vikes/100002571290713 Go Vikes

        Precisely! This will go down in history as the biggest fraud in US political history.

        • bloundy

          probaly never b in history

      • dondh

        I believe he's a muslim plant! Look what he's done with all those muslims coming into America! Of course, he's not the only president that has allowed this, but this bozo allowed a large number of palestinians to come into America, giving them a place live and all kinds of support all at the expense of our tax money. Its no wonder our National debt has more than tripled since G W Bush. But of course its all Bush's fault! What a fraud and liar this muslim socialist is!!

      • bloundy

        so true

      • jjkrjw

        Yes, he has pulled off the biggest con in the history of the world. And I'm not sure we will ever recover from it.
        If the Chicago thugs threatened the life of Chelsea Clinton, might they have also threatened Chief Justice Roberts?

      • Rudewaitress

        WHO is rewriting history....try Tea Party and Texas!!!!

      • victorbarney

        Marxists Wilson, FDR & Lyndon Johson, or even Carter didn't do any better! Just saying...

      • Renellin

        He didn't pull it off. He is an idiot. His handlers pulled it off, and they have been preparing for him for many many years. Obama once gave a speech that was someobdy else's. There was something wrong with the teleprompter, and the other guy realized he was reading Obama's speech. He sat down, and Obama stepped up. the speech changed, and Obama, never having read it before, continued on as if it were his speech. He actually got to the point where he thanked himself for inviting him to the event.
        Wonder why the world laughs at him and are poised to take whatever advantage of this country they can?

      • f8tul

        this man couldn't pull of his pants in a timely manner.. He is not dumb.. but y'all are giving him way too much credit... This ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA was groomed by some very affluent Socialists.... Just look at him,, he only reads from the teleprompter because he can't stop saying um and ah while thinking of the next thing to say off the top of his head.. he stumbles and fumbles his words, but is flawless when that piece of glass is in front of him..

        No, this guy is just a puppet for the bilderbegers, just like Romney!!!

      • Kittyhane

        i didn't know this either
        Like Pelosi so brilliantly said: "we have got to pass the bill so we know what's in it."

        If you own a home, Please read this. THIS WILL BLOW YOU AWAY !!!!!The National Association of REALTORS is all over this and working to get it repealed, before it takes effect. But, I am very pleased we aren't the only ones who know about this ploy to steal billions from unsuspecting homeowners. How many REALTORS do you think will vote Democratic in 2012?
        Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it? That's $3,800 on a $100,000 home, etc. When did this happen? It's in the health care bill and goes into effect in 2013.
        Why 2013? Could it be to come to light AFTER the 2012 elections? So, this is "change you can believe in"? Under the new health care bill all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% Sales Tax.
        If you sell a $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax. This bill is set to rob the retiring generation who often downsize their homes. Does this make your November and 2012 vote more important?
        Oh, you weren't aware this was in the Obamacare bill? Guess what, you aren't alone. There are more than a few members of Congress that aren't aware of it either

    • char51

      then tell me why are these fools still behine him. the comp. that support him, are they afreid as well. i do, agree with you, that he is a fraud. but not enough people will stand up, for this county. ive asked the good hackers if they are out there , take soros money . the countrys wont stop him, its up to the people, its the same as the clown in washington,hadeing his millions, so we dont know what he has. STAND UP, TAKE OUR COUNRTY BACK

      • bloundy


    • Raymond

      Recession -
      When your neighbor loses his job…

      Depression -
      When you lose yours…

      Recovery –
      When Obama & Holder go to prison!

      • bloundy

        ya. but never will

    • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

      Yes, good point. Even if these lawsuits don't go anywhere, any common sense voter should be able to see a pattern here and at least question it enough to think twice about this man. We don't need to change everyone's mind....just enough to turn the election our way.

      • joy in tucson

        the lack of common sense and reason is what got him elected!..since he has come into office headlines read..muslims infiltrating our schools..secret gun treaties ..dismantling space operations..etc..everything that is UNAMERICAN IS ACCEPTABLE anymore!..sure we can discuss it and complain and rant and rave..but...it seems NO one has the power to do anything about it..
        gop judges/governors have defected..there's no one to help us get him out..
        judges siding with politics rather than the law..governors vetoing conservative laws..with almost 1000 executive orders under his belt..we can expect him to declare martial law or even stop the election..his IS capable..he doesn't like to lose!!!!!!

        • bloundy

          why can't we vote judges out of their positions? something has got to b done

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/DT2NG3VWR6VK5WLDNDIIZYRDZM E

          He was spoiled by his grandparents who felt guilty his father was a womanizing drunk and his mother didn't want him. They probably felt guilty for the poor little black kid no one ever really wanted and built this narcicist up.because he had nothing going for him. This is proably why no one remembers him- they didn't want to bother with him.

      • bloundy

        i wish Romney would get with him and let people know that he is a liar. he seems to have cooled off,,i believe Mccain, through the election last term..he wouldn't let Palin go afterthat monster

    • winddrinker

      There was no autopsy results on Breitbart and no investigation as to the cause of death. The man that was to release the autopsy information died the night before he was to announce his findings. So, I have read.
      A medic that was at the scene said Breibart's face was bright red...which does NOT indicate he had a heart attack.(his face would have been blue.) Shockingly, this medic has disappeared and so have his parents...(Third hand info but there is some reason why everyone seems unwilling to cross this illegal foreigner.)
      We really don't know who we are dealing with, here. The congress and the judges must know, but they are not talking.. And there are some people that believe they they can just "vote" this guy out of power.....a little naive?
      If any of the congress or judges know something it is their duty to make it public. Americans deserve to know....what or who is the enemy.

      • BrianO

        Let's not forget that the incredible comic actor and impersonator, Steve Bridges, known for his outstanding comic impressions of Barack Obama. He aalso "died" within a week of Andrew Breitbart's sudden death. They claim Steve Bridges, who was just 48 - and as fit as they come, also died of "Natural Causes" too. Coincidences?? I really don't think so.
        Two of the biggest "thorns in Obama's side" both gone "of Natural Causes" within a week of each other. Seems to me Obama may have well developed the "Clinton Touch" of firmly dealing with his perceived enemies.

        • winddrinker

          Good you brought that up, if we knew what all was going on we would be hard pressed to believe it. I have never thought my government was "evil." But, we sure are experiencing a lot of evil things that I never dreamed I would see happening in the United States...

        • WranglerRob

          The seal of Virginia has Justice standing over a dead king. The motto is "Sic Semper Tyrannis," which means "Thus Always to Tyrants." Our founders well understood that tyranny has to identified, publicized, and terminated. No wonder the Gummit schools (aka Gummit Indoctrination Centers) no longer teach American history.

        • bloundy

          wonder if we the bloggers are on his list?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-Meyer/1785162356 Roger Meyer

          I don't know about all of the bloggers. I'm sure that all of the Republican bloggers are on his list. I am sure that I am too because I am a Firearms Dealer, a Gunsmith, An ammunition manufacturer and a commercial pilot.

        • http://twitter.com/VETTIBOOP22 Dotti

          How about his gay lover several people died after he was elected but no news coverage! He has people surrounding him in the whitehouse that only want to bring our Country down and change the constitution so they can take over. We must stop accepting illegals we can't take care of our people as it is.

        • WranglerRob

          Mohammad killed everyone who did not agree he had divine revelations. Barrack Hussein Obama is likely just continuing the tradition!

      • sc

        we know who the enemy is but it seems that no one has the guts to do anything about it, it is time to start getting a new constitutional militia organized to do what needs to be done before it is too late.

        • winddrinker

          We don't even know who is sitting in the oval office, let alone everyone involved in the plot to take over our country.... If we knew our enemies we could do something about it... Our own congress is plotting against their country. They are the ones that ushered in the illegal muslim without vetting him and refusing to ask any questions about who or what he was.... They know....we are the only ones that don't have the answers.

        • minnie

          Can you say valerie jarrett from Iran, did anyone find out what kind of book chavez gave obama on his first trip over there after zero became pres. What kind of book could he ever give him.?

      • OldKoreanwarvet

        Yes we do know who the puppet master is, the same one that took down
        England's banking system, If you need further info as to who is running our once
        great country, just google" George Soros."

        • winddrinker

          That is too simple to say that one man, Soros, is responsible for everything that is happening. He is but one of an international group of the most wealthy in the world, (and everyone that they can "buy.") These immensely rich "citizens of the world" believe they should "rule."
          Their plan is so convoluted and its tenacles are so far-reaching that it would be difficult for any of us to fathom. Face it, our enemies are in every corner of the world and they would take great delight in willingly assist us to our demise! Soros is evil, but I believe there are even bigger fish to fry. Soros is way too obvious, the bigger power hasn't shown his face.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-Meyer/1785162356 Roger Meyer

          The "Bigger Power" is revealed in the "Book of Revelations".

      • ChicagoThunder1

        Antichrist!!! The devil himself is behind him no joke the bible is right!
        Before you dismiss what I just said go back and read the bible and understand that Lucifer is a Shape Shiftting Angel. Then look at the news for the past five years or more. BTW that includes black smoke, What was seen on the grassy knoll? He must of dictated part of his plan to the rolling stones too with their song about him. Thats what we are dealing with belive me he's real!
        He's one bad MF too! You can't touch him if he don't let you. That's what these people are afraid of. Go ahead and think I'm crazy but i'm not wrong the bible story is real. Strange lightning from out of the sky from out of no where seen that lately? It's been in the news...It's in the bible too. All the Earthquakes the super hot weather I don't know sure looks like his work. It's been said that he wants to run the show. You decide after doing the research I did.

        • winddrinker

          Chicago, I can't say that you are wrong. I believe that satan is very real and the way this country has turned from God ( even the good people stood by without protest when God was thrown out of our country) satan has been given an invitation..
          This is a very strange and frightful time for our country, and we know not how it will end...Just pray that God wlll forgive us and help... I do feel that help will come, but not until the price has been paid for turning our backs on Him. We are not going to "skate" on this one..

      • bloundy

        changing the subject. a little for a moment..how many think osoma is rely dead?

        • marry

          yes he died a long time ago from kidney disease

        • marry

          never bought that story of Navy seals killing him & dumping bin laden into the ocean ...remember the helicopter crash afterwards ..killing 6 Navy Seals ????

    • amazingoly

      I agree with your post. The best way to get rid of him, of course, is to vote him out in a few months. We cannot stand 4 more years of what he is doing to America. I speak for the majority.

      • Lynn

        Problem in voting him out of office is that the AG Holder is preventing states from implementing 'VOTER'S ID" because according to him it will disenfranchise the minority. But then without the "Voter's Id" dead people will come alive to vote, illegals will come around to vote and definitely will vote for Obama. THAT IS WHY VOTER'S ID IS A MUST FOR EVERYONE.

        • bloundy


    • rwduncan

      Why do you think that Obama will be put out of office?????? If everyone in goverment and in our courts are afraid to confront him on all these issues, don't you think those same rules will apply to the election. The muslims and communists will do anything they need to to keep Obama in office. They did not come this far and change this much of our country to lose now. If something is not done about Obama now, he will be this countries first dictator. We will be ruled by communists and muslims!!! God help us all!!!!!!!!

      • Sandra Schools

        You are absolutely right rdduncan, If all that the author if this article says is true, they already have in place a tactic that will keep Obama in office for the next four years. Perhaps God is preparing the world for the real Anti-Christ who will no doubt be coming soon, followed by the return to earth of the Christ Himself. But before that, all of Christ followers will be caught up to meet with him and be taken into His kingdom.

      • bloundy


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_B6YOZ45J7ABUMCZEUQFSEJJGYU Col

      Not so sure about intelligent folks. I know a lot of very intelligent people with college degrees a coupld are phd's. I never in a million years would have thought they would vote for him the first time. He was like a man with no past. No one new anything about him. I sure as heck didn't. I had never even heard his name until he started campaigning, then all of a sudden, he is the president. He didn't actually win in 2008. He won, because of all the illegal votes he got. He had convicted felons, illegal aliens, unregistered voters, his people paid people to vote. I think the worst was the votes he got from dead people. I think the past losers missed out. They didn't know they could get dead people to vote. I guess they didn't get the memo. I'm praying that those smart people as well as those who are not so smart have figured out what a mistake they made when they gave such a lying, corrupt, ineligible man their vote. I pray that they don't make the same mistake in Nov. If they vote for him they will be just as responsible for the destruciton of this country as he is. They will have to live with that for the rest of their lives. That is not burden I would want to carry around for the rest of my life.

    • Lawrence

      He is going to have to be watched the rest of his life as long as helives in this nation for he will not be satisfied until he totally destroys America.

    • SickoftheBS

      Then we need to get him out of office....

    • bloundy

      its scary to even comment on things anymore. but i think soros. is behind him..i may have spelled soros wrong. i am sure i did but hope u can make it out..some obomas cool aide drinkers want. doesn't take an education to see the lies he has already told,,a very dangerous man, and our country is as much as gone..

    • bamashades

      Clinton had 43 people killed, guess he told OBAMA who to hire!!!!!!

    • DAY


    • [email protected]

      Biblical scholars say that the Anti-Christ will rise from the east. Barack Obama's Kenyan father and familiar background would certainly qualify him.

    • noelle2011

      Mary Of course there are very powerful people protecting him
      its called the new world order/one world govt
      these people are members of the CFR, Bildeberg group,

    • BirthersAreDumb

      You birthers are dumb, dumb, dumb.

    • Randy Minnick

      You are spot on, Mary. It's almost incomprehensible that there are so many people who are defending this incompetent socialist shill. Not a single judge (including Supreme Court Justice Roberts!) has not been intimidated by these demons. "We the people" have been blocked from accessing our own laws by those who have sworn to defend us against the government. As you said, when it's too late, the facts wil start dribbling down and people will weep and wail.

    • peb737

      'when he's out of office'??? Do you think that since the commies have finally dug themselves deep into our society {and into the WH} that they will let go so easily? I've read articles saying that he can call 'martial law' at ANY TIME! I believe that is exactly what BO will do when he sees that he will lose the election! And then he will declare himself DICTATOR of the US. Everyone pray up and ask Jesus into your heart/life to be saved from the hell that is to come on earth! God bless you all!

    • dHb

      He is a puppet for them, not the mastermind by any means.

  • joe

    Get rid of this commie muslim now then!

  • Mattwm

    What would a man that has never held a job need with a SSN anyway? maybe he's trying to prove something, like cover up where he was originally from.

    • GLW513

      He has actually claimed that he worked at a Baskin Robbins in Hawaii?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-N-Loos/642751464 Eric N. Loos

        I wonder whose or what social security number he used for that employment.

  • Mark_OneTwo

    Just ignore the man behind the curtain, eat what we feed you and shut the he!! up !

  • rowdygirl

    I've wondered myself how he seems to be able to do anything and get away with it.

    • char51


  • coachpan

    There is so much evidence on this fraud (some in his own words) that it is hard to believe that he has not been impeached ! I could care less about his color!!

    • rodermck

      color matters here if he was impeached the blacks would riot in the streets, its not PC to say anthing about them and him being the first black president makes it all most impossible, the best way is to not elect him president

      • Rick

        If they riot then call out the National Guard then we will see just how brave the rioters are.

      • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

        If he loses the election, there will be riots anyway. Expect it.

        • amazingoly

          You mean when he loses. Can't wait for his concession speech. We will be ready for any flash points.

        • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

          Yes, exactly....WHEN he loses. He'll go out kicking and screaming. Lord only knows what he'll try to do between November and January.

        • hammer

          I surly hope so...we need to purge this contry of the scum....Lock and load....SEMPER-FI......

      • coachpan

        Totally agree. But then, it would have to be half riot !

      • Kevlar

        There is overwhelming evidence and possibly proof that he may not be eligible and zero evidence or proof that he is eligible (other than hearsay). That said it is imperative that we get to the bottom of this.
        If he is not eligible and therefore not the president then how can he be impeached? If he has access to the oval office and more importantly the destructive power this country possesses, and is not eligible and therefore not the president or commander-in-chief, is he not an enemy to the constitution? This is not a threat, it is a legitimate question to which I have no answer.
        Rodermck is right that there would be a black uprising but I think there are contingency plans for that (let's hope they are not needed).
        Recently I thought it might be best to not know the real answer (assuming he is not eligible) until he is out of office because it would create anarchy in my opinion.
        However, the more things happen such as the Supreme Court taking a hard left turn over obamacare and destroying what is left of the constitution, the closer I think we get to having someone with the power to do so, taking the lid off this can of worms.
        If that ever happens and he is found not eligible (with hard and convincing proof) things will probably get very ugly.

        • http://twitter.com/rwcx rwcx

          Do you think maybe The Joint Chief's of Staff and the Courts are in on this thing?

      • http://twitter.com/rwcx rwcx

        Let them riot.
        They always burn their own neighborhood. They don't dare come into armed white neighborhoods. I watch them burn DC, had to go through check points to get to work in the Pentagon. We had National Guard troops sleeping in the corridors in the Pentagon. No one seems to remember those days. We got through them and we will again. F this PC BS..

      • del

        he is more white and arab then black. if the blacks riot let them....he is a piece of chit just screwing them also but they are to dumb to see it or understand it!

    • D. R.

      not just impeached, he should be charged with treason and go to jail!

  • john nicoletti

    I have mentioned this before. We have the living and breathing true, Manchurian Candidate in the Oval Office. He has some very despicable people behind him who will go to great lengths to protect him. Yes, I believe the entire political class is aware of this fraud, and has been threatened with death to the indivdual, and his family. Could this actually happen in America.? Absolutely. We are living it now. How did this Black community Organizer, appear on the scene with no governing experience, or money to rise to the highest office in the USA.? My first thought is, a George Soros, combine, with Communist,Socialist,Marxist, connections, whose agenda is the destruction of America as we know it. Get this guy out of here.

  • bob s

    He should be impeached immediately...however Congress doesn't have the guts to do there job ..or else they have been threatened by obumas handlers...

  • act

    None have had the back bone to stand up against him yet.

  • Proudamerican

    Dont write about it- take it to court. Just dont take it to an obama court. Those courts rule by agendas instead of laws.

  • Tom

    Manybe this explains what happened to Judge Roberts? Could they have gotten to him or one of his loved ones?

    • David Msg ret

      And Roberts leaves the country immediately after his declaration of dependence to obama and is in hiding on the island of Malta....

    • Anadara

      I think so. After all, what would make any Judge toss his principles? An aneurysm? ...probably not that. It's most likely a fear of something. Retribution perhaps.

      • http://twitter.com/rwcx rwcx

        A brave man dies once, a coward dies a thousand deaths. Washington is full of cowards.

  • bud

    OREO-POTUS assassinated Judge John Roll in Arizona

    • Anadara

      Roll allowed a $32 million civil-rights lawsuit to proceed against Arizona rancher Roger Barnett, his wife, Barbara, and his brother awarding two illegal aliens $1,000 plus $10,000 in punitive damages each. Two more received $7,500, plus $20,000 in punitive damages each. ...Roll was no patriot.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PTIF6KGUK7QASUBRKKR5A6LM2Q Tod

    We've known this for well over a year,and nothing has changed,and probably won't

  • Anne

    I believe that there is a great fear of race riots if Obama was to be impeached. They are terrified of that.

    • Roger_T73

      It will happen sooner or later. I believe it is what oblamo wants. He thinks we have given up. BAD MISTAKE.

  • steve

    Locked and loaded. Bring it.

  • kkc003

    His whole life is a lie- that's what "community organizers do". Organize "their" causes.

  • kaseyva

    Rowdygirl: He's able to get away with it in part because the liberal left media is SO gungho to keep him in office they won't dare say ANYthing negative about him and risk losing their boy. A big THANK YOU to Ms. Daniels for having the knowledge and the persistance to pursue her hunches!!!!


    he has so many different names...he does not even know his name....sad day for Americans

  • bobmann101

    As I have posted and commented many times I believe there are too many people who have been bought, bribed, blackmailed or threatened and more on the list. If this statement is not true this illegal, phony, lying Muslim POTUS would not be in office. I also believe as soon as BHO's big money, string pulling puppet masters are finished with him he he will somehow be eliminated.

  • joepotato

    This was posted on Drudge but do you think any of the major media will air it? I would be surprised if FNC covered it.

    • http://twitter.com/rwcx rwcx

      Everyone should tweet news stories.

  • rationalconservative

    Considering that Obama was born in 1961, 1977 - 1979 would be about the time he would be applying to colleges. I needed my SSN to apply. I was born in 60, and my parents did not look into getting me one until 1972, so it is possible he applied for one in order to go to College. Why Connecticutt I have no idea, but East coast states are small, it is very possible to live in one and work or go to school in another. We do know he went to school on the east coast in New York and Massachusetts.

  • Anadara

    Sheriff Joe is the only one, so far, with the grit and guts to take on the BHO Marxist administration.

    • http://twitter.com/rwcx rwcx

      I wonder why you say that. Joe has done nothing to rectify the situation.

  • MickeyM

    OBAMA has a KINGMAKER - read about 'kingmakers'. They may be one group or many who use political, monetary, religious, threats, and/or military means to interfere in any political or other matter which affects their power in the world. Then read John Grisham's book - THE CHAMBER. If you don't believe money controls this world, take another look at the documentary - Executive Action - which outlined the plot to assassinate the Kennedy's - how an unknown like Oswald was given free access to the US even though he was a card-carrying Communist - a hand-picked puppet! Obama is just a PUPPET doing what he is being told to do and doing it will. He was handpicked and came out of NOWHERE which should be such a RED FLAG for anybody in any country where someone like this rose to power in such a significant way, then flagrantly abuses and misuses that power to destroy that which he swore to protect!

    Read about KINGMAKERS, if you don't want to read THE CHAMBER, read the synopsis - it will chill you and read about Executive Action and the Kennedy's - CIA, Johnson...it's all there! He has to go!

    • LiveFreeOrDie

      Stop spreading Government DISINFORMATION!!! Oswald was not the assassin, he was NOT a "card carrying Commie" Oswald was used ny the CIA. He was, as he said, "a patsy."

    • [email protected]

      AND read your jistory-didn't this happen in Europe in the 30's?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1668431048 Tim Lucas

    Fraud is a felony.

  • Gary Mullennix

    The political process is that the Party officials, as a result of their nomination process, signs a document asserting that their candidate(s) fulfill the requirements to hold the office. There isn't any more than that. It was filed, he ran. I don't think we will ever find out the details of his past life from anyone, least of all him. However, we know the man pretty well and if we can't make up on mind on what we concretely know about him...we're beyond stupid no matter whose SS number he uses.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-N-Loos/642751464 Eric N. Loos

    It is beyond incredulousness that this guy is allowed to keep all his records sealed and still be allowed to occupy the White House. If this fraud is elected to a scond term, .......... then we really do need an IQ test for voter eligibility.

    • jobird

      I concur,pray hard that people who love this country will indeed vote this group of
      traitors out.It will be a very long hard struggle to return to a moral America..

  • LiveFreeOrDie

    It is the MEDIA and the POWER ELITE who just want the US Citizen to roll over. They have a very big surprise coming!

  • ToadStool Manor

    It will make no difference what 'facts' or 'evidence' is presented by anyone, to anyone, or to any U.S. Court at any level. It will all be ignored and declared irrelavant, or claimed to have 'no standing' to bring the case forward as we have seen countless times over the past several years. Either the Judges have been threatened, intimitated in some fashion or they have been bought off.
    To be sure there is far too much hidden by this current occupier of 1600 Pennsyvania Ave., far too may answers that need to be rightly answered but are refused over and over again. And what answers are revealed are so twisted and filled with yet more questions that the answers that are given cannot be trusted as truthful answers. YES... there is some great power watching over him and his cadre.

  • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

    This is absolutely nuts. He can't kill everyone. Good lord. Someone needs to grow a spine and do what's right.

  • Allah

    I hope he gets cancer and dies a slow painful death!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CRFZMYWFAMDVH5YK4IE7M4P4I4 Mr. Mustache

    He might be the Anti-Christ. Check his hairline for the numbers 666.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DT2NG3VWR6VK5WLDNDIIZYRDZM E

      remember how Damian was protected by dogs in the Omen.. Polosi, Wasserman-Schultz and Michelle are doing their jobs

  • Don39

    Obama's grandmother stole the Connecticut number form a deceased tourist in HA just after his birth to have some evidence for future false establishment of citizenship. She did not know that the numbers identified state of origin. It is safe to say that Obama entire life has been one huge lie and fraudulent coverup! Even the fraud has no idea who or what he is! I know what he isn't! He is not a natural born American, US Citizen! He is not a American in the sense of nationality and pride. He is not a believer or supporter of the Constitutional Republic. It is difficult to say he is a traitor , because if he is the marxist Islamist that I think he is, to him his destruction of America is not betrayal, it is never the less treasonous, and should get him hanged, if anything else in the federal government were honest an according to the Constitution, especially the other two branches of government, both of which betrayed the nation repeatedly and continuously, especially of late , the past 3 and 1/2 years!

  • triple t

    look everone knows obamanation is not eligble to inhabit the white house their covering for his inelegibilty big time weather he has something on them or not is unknown but with his chi town politicksyou never knowif they've had death threats

  • frankm

    This is the beginning of the attempt by the illuminatti to take over so they can form a one world order . It is the attempt to control all the wealth and resources in the world . If they ever succeed , it will be the end of free will and human rights. Half the world is already in the process of their goal. A perfect example is the unification of Europe , that is failing miserably. The biggest obsticle to their success is the United States and the Catholic church , that is why there has been a concerted effort by the secularists to take the church out of our lives. The U.S. is being targeted because we have the power to resist their onslaught. This president is a plant to destroy our economy and weaken our military so we will be vurnarable to their plans . Poeple like George Soros and a few other powerful Billionairs are behind this plan . George Soros attempted this once before in europe and almost took down an eastern european country in his attemp to corner the market of their currency. Be afraid Americans , be very afraid . This Nov. we will have the opportunity to thwart their grand scheme. Do the right thing and I emphisize the word right.

  • http://twitter.com/SilasLongshot Silas Longshot

    It all goes back to that little 'private meeting' 0bama had with the supreme court before he was sworn in. Since that meeting, NO case against 0bama or investigation into his past has had any traction in the courts, doesn't make any difference how compelling the evidence.
    surviving urban crisis.

  • John

    If a Judge ruled against Obama... I wonder how many Judges and families will just come up missing or mysteriously dead.

  • Tommydee

    A few comments down we see the name Soros...George Soros... Between Soros, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet you'd have enough control over the markets and information and the PRESS worldwide that it would be hard to halt the PROGESSIVE-ness of the attacks and lies. George Soros OWNS PROGRESSIVE Insurance. So you might like Flo the spokesperson,but be like me and dump them as your carrier. Just an FYI here. WARREN BUFFET JUST PURCHASED 64 NEWPAPERS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. NOW they have INTERNET, TELEVISION AND PRESS BEFORE THE ELECTION ... How simply terrible for this country...VOTE THEM ALL OUT !!! THEY ALL KNOW HE IS NOT LEGAL TO EVEN HOLD THE OFFICE AND SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE !!

  • Sick Of This Crap

    If indeed this Oshamster is not qualified to be President then it follows that everything he did while in office is disqualified, Executive Orders, laws, edicts, appointments, anything the President has the power to do can be reversed, as if they never took place.
    Correct me if I'm wrong...

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Reinhard-Schumann/644757548 Reinhard Schumann

    Don't you people ever give up? This fairy tale has been disproven many times.
    Ludwig's SS # was 045-26-8722 and he died in 1981. In addition, Obama's grandmother could not have lifted his SS # while he was still alive. Obama was issued a SS # long before 1981.
    It is still all too correct: "My mind is made up, don't confuse me with facts".
    After reading all 86 comments posted to date, it looks like this is a convention of lunatics.

    • http://twitter.com/mimimayesTN Mimi Mayes

      This is a paid Soros troll - his assignment today -->godfatherpolitics.Boring. Too bad you can't find a real job. You probably don't want one.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Reinhard-Schumann/644757548 Reinhard Schumann

        Wow, how did you figure that one out? Better never play the lottery because chances are you'll be just as wrong guessing at numbers as you are at guessing what I am all about.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KYBBI27Q7O4BW6FBNWSJ3O4QHI Edna R.

    Obama LIED & many have died!

    Obama LIED about F&F debacle & many
    have died.

    Obama LIED about being transparent.

    Obama LIED about giving all bills 5 days to
    be ‘looked over’ before he signed them!

    Obama LIED about the LEAKS in White House
    & many have died!

    Obama LIED about his citizenship. &
    place of birth.

    Obama LIED about his Christian beliefs

    Obama LIED about the imposed TAX from his
    proposed Health Care plan.

    Obama LIED about his under-inflated numbers
    on the unemployment.

    Obama LIED about his under-inflated numbers
    on job growth.

    Obama LIED about his involvement on the
    Freddie Mac Fannie Mae scandal.

    Obama LIED about Bush b/c now he is blaming

    Obama is a gifted “PREVARICATOR”!


    The intent to use fraud to hold elected office is now in contention, the Fraud in the WH is running into walls and they are getting higher each day no matter the avenues he tries to use to circumvent the law and the Constitution he despises. Some think he is going to retake the office he is not entitled to but nomination time is near and he is losing ground, his validity is being strongly contested in many courts and the MSM he thought was his is getting shaky and biting back. If the MSM begins to balk and hemmorage then he will fall from grace and pressed for his real credentials, the deemer party will suffer a ignomonious defeat that will take many years to repair.....communism will be a underground squeak.
    Don't let the bastards get you down....

  • Et

    I don,t believe he is being protected. His handlers are protecting themselves.They hold no value on human life even Obama's.Obama is protecting his children's life, most likely. Most humans can't wrap their minds around the facts about that which is really going on. Because they live in fear of their way of life or for their off springs. That is of those that have the capicity to love. What you see in Washington D.C. are the Salve's and not the owners. The last freely elected president was John F.Kennedy, He died because he threaten to expose what he found and Bobby was next. See everyone knows that there was more than one killer and there was more to the story but still aren't ready for the truth yet.

  • cosmos110

    I thought for a lot of years that J. Edgar Hoover killed John Kennedy. Today I still think that J. Edger set it up, but Hoover was a small fry in this deal and I don't believe he had the stroke to order a hit on the president.

    Six months before J.F. Kennedy was killed he issued "Executive Order # 11110". This Executive Order all congress to begin issuing "Silver Certificates" which after 75 years allowed our congress to start issuing or creating money and took that right away from a group of ancient banking families who had come to view that right to be a natural birth right.

    Our constitution states that "Congress shall have the soul right to create money and set the interest thereof". The right to create money is the only real wealth any government has except to tax the people. And while we're at it, the Federal Reserve Bank Act" of 1910 was passed in lock step with the "16th Amendment" which created the Beloved Internal Revenue Service".

    Another good book called "The Creature from Jekyll Island" catalogs a meeting that took place in Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1910 and it shows that the Rockefeller, Rothschild and J.P. Morgan families have been at the heart of this rip-off from the start.

  • Don from SE MN

    I was born and raised in Chicago and have seen first hand how corrupt politics there are. I don't think there has never been anyone other then a democrat as mayor, at least not in my lifetime and I was born before WWII. That should tell you something. If you want to be in politics in Chicago you have to play their game , otherwise you don't get their support. You don't have a Democrat as president, you have a "Chicago Thug" that apparently has expanded their opperation. Intimidation, coercion, lies and slander is Obama's MO. We need to send his back to Chicago to play ball with the boys in the hood.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LRDIUPFLBZAK5ZSD3S76TWTO7I Omega2

    She had better watch her back. Remember what happened to BRIETBART after stating he had info. on ODUMBO that could DUMP HIM OUT OF THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT. His death is still mysterous!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

    No amount of proof will matter when the Fox is guarding the hen house. And even the leading republicans refuse to do anything about it. Traitors all.


    Noah Webster back in the day instructed his students when exercising your right to vote, vote for God Fearing men. Well hell, if we don't fear God ourself than how can we be expected to vote for someone God fear? Here is where the problem lies in my view. People today are to caught up in material things than what is really important. We always have hope and that is found through prayer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1533046626 Robert Dungan

    How many of those reading this article are aware of the fact that by Executive Order, We are under a Declared State Of Emergency as Of June 25, 2012. If you want proof of this, Google "Executive Orders Of Barack Obama". You will see a link that takes you to the White House Blog. All of the Executive Orders he has issued, in their entirety,are available via the links on that page. Read all of them and the light will dawn in your minds as to what is really going on.

  • Dr G

    "...previously issued to another person who was born in 1890".

    And you folks expect to be taken seriously?
    Thanks for the good laugh!

  • Barbarafromnyc

    There have been over a dozen lawsuits to force Obama to prove his place of birth and more. All appeared promising and all were dismissed. Some of the judges couldn't even write a decent opinion for their rulings. So, since every judge and politician knows he's not qualified to run for or hold the office of the presidency - this has to mean that a whole lot of people have skeletons in their closets leaving them open to blackmail - and Obama's hit team has the proof on all of these secrets. Its come to my attention today that the reason Roberts switched sides is because he was being blackmailed - it just may be that his kids are adopted and those adoptions will not stand up to a public airing - i.e. they were accomplished illegally. which explains his sudden change of mind on Obamacare and leaves us with a Chief Justice who has no choice but to follow orders on all upcoming cases.
    Check out a website called "Lame Cherry" for the article.

  • flaphil

    I think people in the know who the power brokers are but are gutless. I also think the infiltration of certain areas of government have built this socialist plot for years. If researched, we'd find that Sen. McCarthy was right-on in the early 50's. He was shut up and discredited by who? The media and Bollywood elite. Reagan knew about Bollywood and changed parties, he was a true patriot. We know about this pretender, but do those brokers fix the elections too? That's the question, that's the problem now.

  • http://twitter.com/gmhunt4 Joseph Gary Hunt

    All other judges that have said he was not eligible for reason or another have ruled in his favor........

  • rog363

    When you say that no judge has the guts to go against Obama, it just goes to show that there are two classes in American society, the ones who aren't affected by the rule of law and us common people, who are affected and sometimes made to suffer by rhe rule of law. This also goes to show that the rule of law means absolutely nothing in our country anymore and that deffinately tends to PISS me off.

  • ConservativeNotRepublican

    Nothing will happen unless someone in congress is willing to stand up and do it. Of course, they are all scared to death of being called racist, so they will never have the guts to do it. They are all just hoping that Romney will win, and then they can forget about it.

  • jbeach

    So what good is all that information if you can not or will not use it? After all, IF ALL THIS IS TRUE, he is using all that information fraudulently and we are languishing in the throes of fraud, ineffective policies, disputes over law enforcement and change and hope based on them. If all thinking people do is think, who will act?

  • Auntiesue

    I've thought for a very long time that this man is one of the best "con man" ever. Sheriff Joe our of Az has also debunked his birth certificate using PDF software showing that it has "layers" where the date and Sec of State signature have been overlaid and the verbiage has "halos" surrounding it. I work with PDF files all the time and understand what he is exposing. Now this SS number issue.

  • Briguy7568

    It's a shame, they took out Kennedy and Lincoln and impeached Nixon for much much less than all this! Why do people keep covering up his crimes? barak HUSSEIN obama is a muslim TERRORIST! He does NOT deserve respect, nor does he deserve to be called president, which I proudly have never called him, nor will I EVER! We The People of the United States of America proudly turn our backs and drop our drawers to you, Insane HUSSEIN! 4 more months left of your reign of terror on our country, TERRORIST obama!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

    This is the root cause of our fall. America no longer loves God. She wants him in jail.

  • christian

    wow, dont get me started on this man called Obama, I can't even stand to see his face, He is a man with many face's, He doesnt love the USA, and his wife feels the same, Can't believe that people voted him in office, I seen him for what he was before he got into office, I'm a christian and he hates christians, my husband served 37 yrs in the military, and he hates them too, he can say what he wants about caring about the USA, he is a lyer and a big one, everytime he opens up his mouth its a lie, you all better hope and pray that he doesnt get voted in another 4 yrs , you think its bad know you havent seen nothing yet. time will tell.

  • mariowen

    Susan, you need to contact Sheriff Joe Arpaio who would be interested in this information and seems to be a person who isn't intimidated by the pansies who are languishing in DC.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1815457097 Rhonda Renee Sessions

      They have already been in collaboration. That's the reason why Joe had his posse report on the fraudulent SSI # in their press conference, and why a subpoena was issued to the SSI administration in regards to the fraud.

  • seb27

    She should be careful..Obama will threaten her too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1815457097 Rhonda Renee Sessions

    Listening to the Declaration of Independence being read by our soldiers serving in Afghanistan, I realized that the same conditions that prompted our Founding Fathers to write the Declaration to King George, apply now, to our own president, and by extension, our government, both legislative and judicial. So, Barack Hussein Obama of today = King George of the 1770s. Go read the Declaration, and realize that we're talking of the one and same here.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/D2RSFYLCINMEZQKQRSC4KM6SCA Patty

    Well, I have read "The Roots of Obama's Rage", and parts of" Dreams of my Father". I think he has made the Kenyan born Obama his father so we cannot know the real father is a columnist and poet named Davis Russell. The poet had an affair with Anne Dunham, and Obama was born from that union. Davis Russell was a Marxist and ran a Communist paper back in the 70's in Hawaii. Running for President,that would have looked bad, so he made the whole Kenyan thing up. He was supported by Ayers, who bombed buildings in the 60's and was sent to prison, Daly who was Chicago's mayor, and a union boss, whose name escapes me at the moment. Many people I know who live in Chicago have strong feelings against both he and Michelle. I voted for the war hero and Sarah Palin. I still think they would have done a much better job than the Bozos in there now!

    • http://twitter.com/rwcx rwcx

      You have it about right.

  • Joe lettieri

    If the judges wont do anything, than its time to impeach the judges......if they are too afraid to make a decision what good are they?

  • jaminjames13

    We are living in the last days! Bible says many falsehoods would appear greater as the day of the Lord appears. What is also interesting, is, that many will grow cold and not care who is in leadership and will be decieved, even those that are true beleivers. I noted even before 2008 that this man is protected by luminate and other powers that be. But the biggest thing to win people like Hitler did is to convince people to look other way and not see into his heart that God is not there. He is very much an imposter and many blacks and poor are looking for a saviour, yet want to be taken care of and not have to work hard to get aheas. this for me is: a spirit of antichrist in operation!!!!

  • ausscyn

    EVERYTHING is FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If it wasn't, you'd see Ron Paul as the republican favorite right now.
    can fix things & the puppet masters will not let us have him as our president!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    The blacks would riot and burn the country to the ground.

    • http://twitter.com/rwcx rwcx

      Let them riot.
      They always burn their own neighborhood. They don't
      dare come into armed white neighborhoods. I watch them burn DC, had to
      go through check points to get to work in the Pentagon. We had National
      Guard troops sleeping in the corridors in the Pentagon. No one seems to
      remember those days. We got through them and we will again. F this PC

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002854707684 Cheeto Sareus

    This is why they are all gutless wonders and won't do the right thing. The judges and politicians are part of the problem...some are probably members.


  • http://www.facebook.com/hector.da.98 Hector Da

    If someone is suspect about his/her legal residence status and has the following problems, Birth Certificate is very questionalbe, National Service Registration is very questionable and Social Security Number is very questionable, then I think this person is due appropiate investigation, and the result of that investigation will determine the truth. But We The People must present these charges to the Supreme Court, with a high power attorney that will be paid by The People.
    Who is up to this task?

  • del

    Get old soros out of our country or under arrest....it is his money plus the stolen tax dollars from the corrupt regime plus the chicago type thugs working their despicable evil.

  • Oscar

    I too believe that people are involved in keeping his unnatural citizenship covered up. There is a complete take over of the Conutry at hand. I believe that the Mislims are behing him, and it has been proven that the Mislims are taking over portions of our country. I forsee a major civil war in the next several years, the likes of which no one has seen. I believe that the Military will be slaughtering thousands if not millions of Americans in the streets. I do hope I am completely wrong and once we get this POS out of office, we can start to get back to normal, at least just lying, cheating, you know,,,business as usual.

    • GammyA

      A lot of what you say sounds plausible---I, too, hope it does not get that bad----But the signs are frightening----gun restriction through the UN---It's Scarry---However---Having been a Military Wife for 15 years---I KNOW they would NEVER fire on the Citizens of this great country---The few in the Military who would--will be Killed by the troops, themselves---Just Sayin'------

  • Seekingthetruth

    I can't find any evidence that Obama wrote an executive order to hide his personal info, if anyone else can, please send it to my email JMBogstad@yahoo.com

  • hunter

    The way things are going, anybody who openly opposes the Administration had better hire a food taster.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VCZKHBGL2GEXQLK3GRXNR2W56Y Zyggy Stardust

    When I first heard the story of the man who said the Russians told him about Obama in the 1990s I was skeptical. More and more what the said is making sense. He claims the Russians told him they had a Manchurian candidate who would be President of the US who had a white mother, an African father and whose name was Barack. They further stated that Barack was a communist and had been raised to be their Manchurian candidate. Sounded far fetched for a while - sounds truer as time goes by. Google the guy and listen to his testimony - sorry I don't recall his name.

  • Willie Lee

    As our government becomes more corrupt and people don't care enough to prosecute, impeach, indict and sentance the more we deserve to get taken down as a country. If we can't even get any truth to stick on this faudulent POTUS, then it's over.

  • R.Woodworth

    Make your lists, and share their addresses............... their lives should never be happy for their support of the laws against Americans and the Constitution........... they are all criminals, just to be a fuking democrat. Was it really important to destroyAmerica, just to be part of Little Adolf Hitler, so they can go home and tell their children they were modern day Brown Shirters. Turn out loud and clear those who supported this "Walking Evil Devil on Earth". There are powers greater than those protecting Ofuka............ that will flex their muscle............. "Are you listening Heavenly Father"?

  • Hank

    The best thing about Obama is that he has awakened a large part of the public from their apathy. The worst thing about Obama is that, even if he is thrown from office, he has destroyed the faith in our governmental institutions from the lowest to the highest. Maybe that is also a good thing because it was that faith which led to our apathy and made us vulnerable to an attack of this sort. Even now, most people look at you very skeptically when you talk of his ineligibility to the office as if you're some alien creature. I think that's because the thought of a Manchurian Candidate type occupying the highest office in the land with the willing participation of all the people and institutions it would take to pull off such a fraud is just to frightening to contemplate. That was the key that was discovered by the evil genius behind this scam, and that "genius" is certainly not Barack Obama, himself.

  • spidermike

    What was the date of this radio interview? She makes no reference to Sheriff Joe, so I assume it was recorded before the results of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's investigation. Has she since collaborated with Sheriff Joe?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Tarashe-Bernard/1164071780 James Tarashe Bernard

    Believe me! I think any one threatening Chelsea Clinton would face the wrath of Bubba. Don't you think?




  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.townsendii Tom Townsend II

    This is, in part, precisely why I keep writing that the fix is in and the outcome of the November election has pretty much been determined. This being said, the only obvious way that the actual citizens of this republic will ever get our nation back and get it back in time to rescue us from total bankruptcy and ruin is by the actions of the citizen body as a whole. Since those in power have either decided they are the all powerful elites and no longer need the citizens, tharefore being either to cowardly and craven to act on the behalf of the citizens of this nation or too ambitious, arrogant and self serving or in cahoots with obama and the rest of his cronies and handlers in criminality, spreading intentional ruin upon us and in treasonous acts, and quite apparently preparing (in fear of the citizens) that their crimes will not go unpunished, they seem to be higly involved in arming themselves, working to highten spying upon and recording civilian words and activities and enacting laws and executivwe fiats in preparation for martial law. Could it be any clearer what is going on and what it is really going to take to preserve our republic?

  • underthewire

    And just where are the so called leaders in the republican party on this issue? Afriad as well?
    Mitt had better start stirring the pot on this shady character or he will be on the short end of the leftest media.

  • Supertad108

    Flip side, and very sad, is that we'll likely never recoup the Trillions of dollars that's been stolen from U.S. over the past few decades. And most importantly the Americans that have lost their lives due to all of the fraud(s).

  • icemancold


  • Nancy Nafziger

    If Chelsea Clinton was threatened perhaps Judge Roberts and his family were threatened during upcoming vacation time--an explanation for his reach of the Court into unenumerated powers?

  • dondh

    Not surprising! This guy did everything he could, with help from who knows who, to fool the American people into voting for this illegal kenyan for president. He also is continuing that false presentation while continue to fool the American people to think he is a true American. I think most Americans believe he is a fake and should never have been allowed to candidate in the first place. Not only that, he should never have been allowed to enter any candating for any political position! THIS GUY IS A TOTAL FRAUD AND SHOULD BE IMPEACHED NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!
    I believe this muslim is a plant by an islamic movement to take over the United States of America! If he wins another term in office, he may very well have succeded. If that happens, America will be nothing more than socialist dictatorship with all of us working for the government. No more freedoms, no religeous freedom, especially Christianity as Islam will be the official religeon with sharia law being the rule. There would be no more voting allowed and anybody occupying any new dictatorship would be selected by the dictator himself or that dictator's confidants. We could possibly see some form of the arabic language creeping in as an official language.
    God help us from this illegal, socialist muslim originally from kenya. There are just too many suspicious things about this guy's character that cannot be proven which should definitely disqualify him from any political office here in the United States of America! HE MUST GO NOW!!!

  • Sandra Schools

    If this article is true then there is, most definitely, already in place a plan or tactic, if you will, to assure that Obama secures a second term. Those of us who have seen through this charade from the beginning and tried to warn the rest of you about this man now in the White House, are hoping this is the beginning of Christ preparing for His return.

  • Ray

    Maybe Sheriff Joe is the only person with enough guts to arrest him for impersonating a president. Then he may have to disclose who he iis and where his mony is comming from. They always say follow the money.

  • Ranchman

    There's no doubt that Obama's cronies have already committed murder to protect him. They'll do it again. But when have Americans ever been afraid of the bad guy so much as to let him take over their nation? Were we that scared of Hitler? How about the Japanese emperor Hirohito, in WWII? Al Capone? No, we cannot let this fraud and usurper hijack this country any longer. It goes against everything we are, everything we stand for.

    Remember 1776 and Keep Your Powder Dry!

  • Tomtom

    I have to believe there is at least one PATRIOTIC JUDGE in America that is not afraid of this FRAUD!!!!!!!

    • CommonSense

      I, too, strongly and vehemently believe this as well, or I at least use to believe it. Now I only believe it is waaay tooo late for a comeback. The Socialist-progressives have most all of the media, Congress, DOJ, Military...and we only have food stamps!

    • ves

      Well we haven't found one yet!!!!!!

  • DockyWocky


    Just another report about the totally bogus bona fides of our Kenyan president that will eventually be filed away in some dusty cabinet where it can be sealed off from public view - forever.

    With all the evidence of Obama's bogusness piling up, and being totally ignored, it ought to be getting obvious by now that our government either (1) has no intention of pursuing the Obama Conspiracy, or (2) that is up to it's heinie in collusion with the Obama Conspiracy.

    It was clever of them to take over the so-called Department of Justice. That way, Obama and his minions totally control the only apparatus that can seriously threaten the Messiah....except for the armed forces, which also appears to be in thrall of the chief conspirator.

  • A Veteran

    If people are to die to allow Obama to remain in office, I believe that Obama would issue the edict. However, in all the fraud, deceit, corruption, voter fraud etc, Obama is so far behind the scenes that he is not connected to the evil deeds. He is surrounded by various levels that protect and shield him from anything but suspicion and interest.
    He is a fraud, deceitful and will say or do anything to remain in power.

  • DockyWocky

    Some seem to hope that all will be told once he is out of office. We won't have the satisfaction of knowing he out of office until January, 2013. Don't be too surprised to find out that the Spanish vote counting organization ( The New Spanish Inquisition ) resurrects the suddenly permanent Obama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wayne.lunkwitz Wayne Lunkwitz

    The Social Security card scam has been sitting there for 4 years...also in his first year as president Obama did an inerview with ABC...in that interview he stated that if at the end of three years he had not improved the country he would not seek a second term....How much lying can one person do before someone calls him on it?

  • Pete

    I have accused my Congresswoman in numerous letters that she and her fellow congressmen are afraid of obama and that there is something sordid hidden from the public in our government. P

  • Bradley A Harris

    Why the fear of Obama, is his power so great as to bring fear to anyone crosses him?
    Reminds me another politician from the 30's, hmmm.

  • Texas Jack

    I being white ask my black friends and they are not impressed that he is black when they look at what his agenda is. They too are seeing the affect of the lies and the wrong that has conspired. Only the few who are just raceist from a black mans side will stand for him and that will not last long--The tree of liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants as Thomas Jefferson stated. Death is not my choice but I will take it over my grand children being slaves to be used and molested. You cowards need to grow a pair.

  • Alfredo

    It seems to me that no one can go against him and he is also very well protected. He is a con artist and gets away with everything. What really worries me is how far can he go in this country when half the population are in a coma or very stupid.

  • Sutekh

    She may very well be "Fostered" before this is over.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Thomas-Harvey/100001953015740 Thomas Harvey

    Read "The Brotherhood of Darkness" and you will have your answer. Yes, they are afraid or have been paid off. They ("World "ELITE and World Bankers) have control of the Fed Reserve and the World wealth and have either threatened or paid millions to silence Judges, Government officials (yes, including congress). They are all cowards. If you feel you are seeing ghosts it is probably the Founding Fathers coming out of their graves to confront or to let us know we must defeat these cowards.

    If you do your research you can see them, in their own words on youtube tell you what they are doing and that you cannot stop it.

    Who do you think got the stimulus money? The Big Banking Empires and Corporations of course. They have the Unions pushing this Occupy Movement and the peons participating don't have a clue they are being used.

    Nuff said---check it out.

  • hfh1

    Joe Arpaio no doubt knows the same facts. What has happened to his info?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ENB63ODGUC7YAF5EKZLEAWIAE Mary

      Coming out middle of July.

  • Bill M

    One only has to look to that ruthless SOB soros, to know that he is capable of threatening anyone who messes with Rosemary's Baby.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6BIMZFAT6VSGAOQGJKMB76LY4Q LARRY

    why sure everyone knows he can't hold the office legally. If all else was fine,,his SS number, his birth certificate and whatever else you want to look at,,his Father was not born in the USA, so that alone should have kept him from being our so called president(lower case)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6BIMZFAT6VSGAOQGJKMB76LY4Q LARRY

    also,,,,,,everyone is afraid to bring up the subject because he's black and if there was a real effort to remove him,,,they are afraid of what our black population would do in revolt. Plan and simple,,no big deal. Has to be the only reason. Our so called elected officials have given our country away,,plan and simple. Over folks and Obama will have another 4 years in the Big House to push his Sal Alinsky ways.

  • granny007

    The Congress and any officials who could do something about this are all scared to death of charges of Racism. Who cares? Racism is charged at every sneeze anymore and has little validity as a result. Good for you Susan!! Keep trying.

  • Jerry

    Here's the deal folks, this women has to either put up or shut up, meaning if she has all this evidence the first thing she needs to do is go to fox news and show it to them. I believe that if the evidence is factual they will then put it on the news or if its not they need to put that on the news also. If she has this information why is she withholding it from the public, sounds like she is looking for her fifteen minutes of fame. I am a true believer that obama does not meet the qualifications for the office of the President, however I cannot prove it, but if I had that proof I would die trying to make it public. If she had actual proveable proof some of the news media would have killed themselves to get to it. I say again put up or shut up.

    • ves

      If you had listened she stated the Media and Attornity's and government officials that she has sent this information too.....including Beck...Rush...Trump!
      She has been trying since 2009!!
      I have heard other investigators state similar information and that he has had multiple SS Numbers!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ENB63ODGUC7YAF5EKZLEAWIAE Mary

      The news media would never put out anything negative on him. At least not until he is out of office. The news media is controlled by the NWO they won't expose him right now.

  • boone471

    What happens if someone kills obama?me i'll put my flag back up

  • hfh1

    There is no doubt that there is something really rotten going on here. We all know that. We just don't know how extensive it is, or how far it reaches.
    There is also no doubt that the ruling elite are pompous, condescending, and arrogant, but that they are also scared. They're scared of groups who are organized. Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, and all the many ethnic groups here are organized. They are able to be organized despite their many factions within those groups.The only group not organized is Americans of European extraction-the progeny of the Founders! That group is fractious, fragmented, and disparate. They-we-are also the group that seems to be targeted by the other groups in every possible way.
    The elite are obviously scared that blacks would riot if their guy, Obama, is not re-elected.
    We need to be afraid, really afraid, if he is.

  • skunkjuice

    it is quite possible obama is a member of the Illuminati, the list of members is very interesting. and they are all interested in a new world order, it all about power and control

  • Buddy

    This is absolutely astounding, to think that we have judges who are being intimidated by fear , fear of what? law suits? harrassment? assassination?

  • A Ptriot

    I Amos disappoint in our current government because Obama could not have gotten where he is without a lot of our government (elected) officials allowing it to happen. They turnd their heads the other way and kept their mouths shut. The SSAN has been talked bout for years, in fact, there is rumor there are several other SSANs out there assigned to him. Unfortunately, the people who could do something about it, both R & D, refuse to do anything, either morally or politically correct.
    We all need to pray for this country. In the 50s I remember a communist leader said they would not have to fire a shot to take over th USA. It appears he was correct. This coming election, if it takes place, may well be the last FREE election held in this marvelous country.
    May God Protect this Country!
    A Patriot.

  • pickertoo

    the republicans have no Ballllls.

  • eagle1jim

    Unfortunately, President Obama is basically a "Charlie McCarthy". Whatever his superior's dictate is what comes out of Obama's teleprompter. If he doesn't kow tow to their demands, he will be exposed as the fraud that he is.

  • Walt

    Those followers of his are called "Willing Victims". They are willing to support anything he says or does because they think they will benefit in some way. They are the ones who will be the hardest hit when his regime falls apart. VOTE HIM OUT IN 2012.

  • Wayne Braden

    The Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare clearly indicates the threat from Obama.

  • daveveselenak

    Like I've been saying: We no longer are living in a free country and the new Hitler is a testament to that! States, start manning your militias!

  • Whatzrname

    George Soros and maybe others- we need to be asking for God's help- He can save our country-

  • frank

    coward america cant stand onits own feet with the sissy boy we put in office,what a bunch of wemps,iam ashame of all these people who is the big good for nothing bully that these sissiy are afraid of,good for nothing leaders i have a boss like that

  • Cincinnatus

    EarFace the Big "0" is definitely as fraudulent as he is teleprompter savvy

  • Marat Bandemer

    There has been an overabundance of evidence brought to the forefront exposing Obama for the despicable criminal that he is. I have no doubt that his puppeteers are backing him up with threats of every ilk. i have no doubt that everything from the threat of personal ruin to personal harm have not been exclusive to the individuals, but include families, etc. Those who have not received warnings and threats are wallowing in fear of reprisal for any attempts they may make to bare the truth. I commend this private investigator for her efforts, applaud her willingness to take the risks involved in such an endeavor. Our three branches of government have shown their true colors more than once during the past four years.

  • ltbl123

    No President in history has shown more contempt for the law and the Constitution of the United States then the current President of the United States. This includes President Nixon.
    I agree with the PI that the Judges know, members of Congress know, and many in the media probably know that the President is inelligible to hold his office.
    Their complicentcy shows how much contempt they hold for our laws, our Constitution and all of the citizens of our nation. if the President is re-elected I predict it will be accomplished with even more lies and deceit and coverups than was used in his first election.
    This nation no longer is being ruled by laws but through tyranny aided by people of vast means in high places and outright cowardice on the part of Congress and the media.
    It appears the current President is fulfilling the dreams of his father. The father of lies.

  • Samuel

    Obama is a fraud from beginning to end and it is universally known. Nothing has been, or will be, done about him. So, the only recourse is to VOTE him and his fellow socialists out of the government. VOTE for Romney so we can repeal ObamaTax and begin repairing the government and our economy.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BX23PSBVNKZBEOCXROD4555EFQ Ken

    Voting for Republicans or Democrats is a waste of time. This is why I'm voting for Gov Gary Johnson! I am done with Republicans & Democrats. Just watch how Mitt Romney continues to waffle & play patty-cake with Obama. Folks, we are going to have to do something different. I have voted for the Republicans ever since Jimmy Carter, & we are still in a huge mess. We have got to get these traitors out of office now; because we may not have 4 more years. Can you all not see that?

  • unbridled

    Has anyone else, besides Bill Ahers, ever bombed a US government building and gotten away with it? Answer #1: eric holder and crew for their part in the Oklahoma city bombing on behalf of bubba clinton. Answer #2: dick cheney and crew for 911 on behalf of g.h.w & g.w bushwacker. Now we have fast and furious. Wonder WHO eric holder's puppet master was for that one....Duh, Hmmmm....That's a tough one....NOT!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DGYQZ6IRG5POUKYOTKF44J7NAM Billy

    It may take a 'Seven Days in May' scenario for Patriots to take back our country. The Courts are afraid, Congress is afraid. Are our military leaders also afraid? Obama is talking like the election is either already behind him or irelevant. Not a good message is being projected by this Trojan Horse, Manchurian Candidate of a President.
    Trump has just publicly stated what I have been Blogging about for 3 years. Expect an October surprise. An American city will be attacked or a Federal facility. Or Obama may go all out to unify the country behind him by attacking Iran. Who will want to change Presidents during a time of war with cuncurrent oil prices through the roof and countrywide shortages?
    Good to see The Donald is now on board as well. Fast and Furious was designed to further Administration efforts to thwart the 2nd Amendment. Obama claims no knowledge of this program but now invokes 'Executive Privilege' to protect the Agitator General. Keep moving, nothing here to see. Liberal Democrats and professional black politicians want to stop this investigation to protect the legacy of the first black President. They are selling our country out for a few pieces of silver. Prepare for a Zombie attack.. Remember to 'double tap'. One to the head and once to the shirt pocket holding the entitlement check.

  • MikeyParks

    Obama is Al Capone with a tan.

  • Robert

    When are people going to learn it doesn't matter what kind evidence you have, what kind of proof is available, or how many times presented to the public. Dirty Diaper Head Obama has placed himself completely above the law. Has absolutely no respect for the law. And there are no career politicians who are willing to put it on the line to bring him to justice.

    All this is a futile effort and more than likely the truth will never be known because you will never face any form of prosecution. In November that he was to be removed by the vote of the people from office I honestly believe he will not leave. It is my feeling that he could really care less about the political process and the will of the people.

    We the people are nothing more than minor bumps in his road to total domination of what used to be America. All things being equal before the end of November United States be looking at a civil war. Let's hope not but can we afford to take the chance and not be prepared.

  • WranglerRob

    Powerful people are NOT protecting Obama. Powerful people are RUNNING Obama.

    He is their Manchurian President who is working 24/7 to deconstruct the Constitution, bankrupt the US, destroy the US dollar, and weaken the economy. All this is to make the US population willing to trade away our sovereignty and their rights in exchange for their personal peace and security as they accept more and more Gummit benefits. The more crisis they create, the more we Americans will accept becoming part of a one world UN-run junta with a one world currency.

    George Soros has been very clear about his plan to destroy the dollar to create a new reserve currency for the world.

    As the Communist Party of the USA, the Democrats could not have found an American who would do its dirty work. So they created Barrack Hussein Obama as their useful idiot. These puppet masters are desperately seeking a Reichstag Fire that will let their Puppet-in-Chief establish martial law and suspend elections. Remember how the governor of Carolina del Norte suggested this very thing! (That's North Carolina for you folks who have not been doing your international duty as world citizens to study Spanish and Esperanto.)

    BTW, while the Constitution does not define "natural born citizen," the SCOTUS did it about 5 times between about 1840 and 1930... it is a person who is born on US soil with both parents who are American citizens AT THE TIME of the natural born citizen's birth.

    Thus, Obama's birth certificate has been a smoke screen. He is not eligible to be President as his father was not and never has become a US citizen.

    My question is why the Social Democratic Party of America, known as the Republicans, have not found a single person who has the reading comprehension to understand this, let alone speak publicly about it. As I see it, the Republicans are as complicit with the fraud of Obama's eligibility as the Democrats. Why?

    Can you hear the railroad whistle blow? We have been railroaded and bamboozled by both parties. Ever read the Declaration of Independence? Try it. It says it is not only our right but our duty to change the government if this kind of deception undermines our confidence that the government is protecting us. What do YOU think? When will all the military folks awaken to the oath they swore to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic? It seems high time for the military to arrest Barrack Hussein Obama and his supporters and hold new elections to restore the US Constitution.

    Think about it. Such an action would really panic the One World Internationalists and go a long way toward restoring our sovereignty!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TDSLCPZIADLPWE4SFOZNRWV3OE Mike Tanco


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roger-Meyer/1785162356 Roger Meyer

    She is simply voicing what every American that has not been either blinded by Obama's promises of something for nothing or is a brainwashed Democrat that would vote for Hitler if he were a Democrat, already knows. Obama and his backers will stop at NOTHING including intimidation and murder in order to get him back in the Ehite House.
    The UN and Soros see him as the only way that a One World Government can be established. The US has refused to ing US soverignty away until this person in the White House prretending to be our President came along.
    The ONLY reason Obama has for sealing ALL of his records is because he is a plant, placed in office by the UN and it's coconspirators to destroybe noone to oppose them in establishing their ONE Worlsd Dictatorship.

  • TommySB

    And what is the House of Representatives going to do about it ? Nothing.. The reason if they tried to impeach Obama this country would have the biggest race riots it has ever seen. Personally I'd like to see him brought up on charges and expelled from the United States He's such a lying POS no one can believe him..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DT2NG3VWR6VK5WLDNDIIZYRDZM E

      Blacks constitute about 12% of the population and are mostly located in large cities. They might win there but the rural whites all have guns. God bless them and the second admendment.

  • bevo

    This makes me worry, will we get him out of office or will we have war here at home before the election, think about it, if they have spent so much money to keep things quiet they are not going to stop

  • tassiclipper2

    Do you really think he might not be reelected? If you do you are very mistaken, this fraud will win hands down because the fix has been placed by the mysterious backers of this EVIL GENIOUS.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NBJRDNUL3PSQIX5S7XYHAYNILA dave

    Hope she doesn't get Breitbarted before she makes it public.

  • TBIRD55

    The Problem is some poweful people want OBAMA to destroy this great country,who ever they are want the MUSLIMS to take over and Destroy un and turn us into a puppet for the UNITED NATIONS so they can turn us into the UNITED SOCALIST STATES OF AMERICA.

  • AllAmericanForSure

    Considering the way he has managed to be pushed to the top by all the certain people behind him makes me often wonder if he is not a sleeper cell that was placed here to help in the destruction of America. The old thing about walks, talkes, and looks like a duck keeps coming to my mind.

  • robert thomnpson

    This is the ONLY way that we can undo EVERYTHING that this administration has done and every law that was signed by BO. If he can be PROVED to be a fraud, it all becomes null and void.

  • 128517

    Those who fabricated the president are laughing at us saying... how stupid the people are... they ll believe any Micky Mouse that can speak and sway them with lies.

  • Meritocrat

    This lady is right on. She has done her homework well. Facts are the light of day that will burn the Left. We need more like her to get them out there. The fact that even Glenn Beck will not give her credence worries me, though, because he has a stage that she does not.

  • Bob

    I'm betting the "Chicago gang" would threaten the life of anyone who "spilled the beans" on this loser. The Mafia in action! This loser so needs to be impeached! Why is everyone sitting on their hands doing nothing?

  • barto

    If Daniels has such proof why doesn't she or someone post it all across the internet using every venue available......let millions of people view this proof and perhaps if enough of us make it known that we want him held accountable, maybe just maybe something good will happen.....I know, it's only wishful thinking!

  • http://www.facebook.com/wally.fulton Wally Fulton

    This poor women is lucky to be still alive knowing what she does, just look at the MURDERS committed by the powers in charge so far, you can have a heart attack, or get hit by a car or just about anything if your trying to tell the truth about this joker in the white house. She mentioned that she has tried to contact FOX news, Orielly,and Beck and Hannity with no luck, small wonder they are just as afraid of thier plush jobs as any one else, FOX news is owned by the very wealthy here and as some one said a person from Arabia, hmmmm it there a FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE? Beck was asked to leave because he was giving SOROS to much trouble and the big wigs at FOX stopped him dead in his tracks. The only hope that this poor woman has from what she has said it to try to get TRUMP to back her if that is even possible, he seems to have a way to get things published that no one else can?? We can all pray that this poor lady isnt bumped off by the powers in charge and that might be soon.

  • john a. naguski

    i said before the only truth about this man is that barry soerto is a complete fraud.

  • hongryhawg

    This man did not pull the con. He is too stupid to pull such a con. Who is not too stupid are his handlers, the people behind the curtain. Obama is nothing but a gay crackhead. There is no way he could have pulled this off without enormous help. Of course, that doesn't change where we are, regardless of who is responsible. I just can't stand the thought of the pretend president getting any credit for it. He is the puppet. That is all.

  • Frank

    Oh, no. Two minutes into the interview, Susan Daniels's recounting of the '08 financial collapse that raised her very concern of Obama, saying "everything had to be passed immediately", is terribly misunderstood. It was our Sec. of Treasury Hank Paulson, delivering his 3-page letter of strategy to our President Bush, to avoid a global recession. The urgency never let up from there.

  • ivan47

    it is immoral not to resist aggression…whether in matters personal, political, religious or in statecraft, … , it matters not, … , to not resist aggression is to aid and abet the aggressor, and to assure that after your demise at his hands, he will seek the conquest of another. whatever you may feel the worth of the stance to you as a personal matter, by adopting such a stance, you assure the suffering of another: no high blown assertion of morality can escape this essential fact, and to inflict this suffering on another, perhaps less capable of protecting him or herself than you, is immoral, unethical, and unforgivable. and, it is cowardice not to resist the marxist/islamic/PC aggression against the USA and Western CIvilization by the obama mobsters

  • noelle2011

    NO s$%t of course its Fraudulent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IMPEACH THIS SOB NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emslykarl

    There is a stench that pervades this whole issue of Obama's eligibility ! The impression that many people have is that he is hiding something ! Something is " rotten in Denmark "! Too many of the pieces of the puzzle just do not fit ! There has been a deliberate effort by this President to scrub all his academic and immigration/customs records . Why ?

  • Blair

    What "proof?" It can't hold up in a court of law.

  • bill1776

    What do you think of what snopes has to say about this? http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/birthers/ssn.asp

  • unclebarry

    I hope and pray she gave the file to Sheriff Joe.

  • http://www.apoliticalpundit.wordpress.com/ RVSister the Politicalpundit

    I think there is only one man that I can think of that likes the manipulate people game and that is George Soros - and he certainly has enough money to have pulled this off...

  • antonioandy

    It will come to nothing--he has immunity because of the socialist media and the human shields comprised of the 48% who do not pay taxes and/or live off government handouts. He masterfully created the very environment in this sad country which ensures the perpetuation of his kingship.

  • goku vegeta


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Toni-Woodbury/100001342611126 Toni Woodbury

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." -Poor Richard's Almanac, Benjamin Franklin

  • Forrest

    This evil lying deamon needs a rope around his scrawny neck and left swinging until the vultures have their fill( if they would touch this thing).Do we lack balls or can anybody openly ruin USA?

  • Kathy

    Look into Bilderberg Group also the DVD "Endgame" by Alex Jones. You'll see things through a different lens once you know what is really going on and who these people are. America is the last pillar they need to knock down (implode with debt). However, the people in America are of a different breed and we are waking up. May the Lord be on the side of the righteous ones who are left in this country praying for it's survival.

  • Rudewaitress

    They sure must be making drugs better and they used to...something is frying brains!!!!!

  • Lee

    Let's face it the guy is a FRAUD. He lied his way to the White House, he needs to be put under the jail, but there is not a Congressman or Judge that has the balls to do the RIGHT THING. GOD HAVE MERCY ON AMERICA.

  • Bass Boat Bill

    Joe Arpaio should immediately deputize Susan Daniels.... She should be allowed to speak at Joe's next press conference

  • Breeze13

    Well, if obama has all the judges, and congress critters in his back pocket, I guess it's time for WE THE PEOPLE, using OUR 2nd Amendment RIGHTS, to go arrest all of them, try them, and let them be the richest people hanging from the gallows!

  • samtman

    ONe individual born in 1890. SS numbers were issued first in 1935, this must have been a very low number. Would have been a very peculiar low number issued to a 14 year old at the earliest.SS numbers were issued in sequence, but not by state. You can not tell by the number what state it was issued to. You got a unique number in the order it was received by SS service. Numbers are not issued in sequence anymore to deter fraud.Also, now you must register at birth for a SS number.

  • reggiec

    Roberts just rewrote Obamacare to make it constitutional. He did the job unconstitutionally by not being a member of congress. How deep and how far does the influence of this adninistration go? Until we get a congress with some Juevos, we will never know.

  • Joan Neel

    Someone needs to question why he has hired so many professional calligraphers, if not to rewrite either some of our historical records or forge some of his personal records.

  • Repcon1945

    After listening to the almost 35 minute interview this mess doesn't surprise me that Obama comes from Chicago, home of the famous quote from Mayor Daily, "Vote early and often" Obama reeks of fraud doesn't seem to matter where you look in his life. Interesting that the fact that maybe the number could have come from a death in the area where he lived at the time he got the number. Susan Daniels certainly did her homework and needs to be taken seriously along with a number of others. To bad nobody in Congress hears this stuff of course we have Holder standing by to derail any serious investigations.

  • Jo

    I heard God is using him to usher in the end times.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/K7PXPOYEGPIS4PUFM5OBDSOESY Lost respect

    Everyone start forming groups then bigger ones and bigger ones and pray for all! Black people you need to come to grips with reality before it is to late whites love you despite what Chris Rock says and the media. Start your own voice speakout and denounce this presidents wrong doings. If we hang... we all hang.

  • zsuzi

    bho couldn't have gotten a social security number from 1890. social security was brought circa 1933.

  • beijingyank

    Traditional Chicago gangster politics, rule number one, buy off the judges and people in government. If they can't be bought and are not intimidated with threats of violence to them or their family. Arkincide them.

    Enter the former CFO for Baers Bank Switzerland. He claims most of the members of Congress has secret slush fund trust accounts at The Vatican Bank. Chief Judge Roberts leads the rogue brigade with a Billion dollar account. Where did the money come from, you might ask? Well, according the the CFO, the funding source came from Geitner's U.S. Treasury.

    Nobody will touch this story for fear of their lives. Our government is rogue, inside and out, frontwards, and backwards, up and down.

    The cabal of criminals forms a tripod. Each corner is filled by oligarchs, then their ownership of the military industrial complex, and zionists in finance, media, and law.

    These are the enemies of the people as they rob the Treasury blind as fast as they can, while they still can. We are a nation under occupation by a kleptocracy. It's a great gig stealing trillions and they have no intention of letting anyone, or anybody get in the way of their racket.

  • jim28threg

    The same people behind obamanation are behind romney. Have you forgotten he showed up at builderburger party as well as the CFR bash? Just who do you think keeps pushing R.P. into the back ground?
    Lesser of two evils???? Not on this planet OB. & Rom are the same clown in a different dress. Rom. is simply the new pretty boy on the block. He'll do what he's told just like always.
    America needs to be re-educated and learn all over again the America is not ruled by Washington it's the other way around. The Legislators of each individual state must come together and tell those puppet masters to go to their fathers house (hell) !

  • Homer

    I'll tell you all who is protecting this man: IF you have ever read the (KJV) bible you can understabd that Satan is the one who is protecting Obama, and setting things up to do what he will w/Obama, how else do you attribute the fact that all judges and the S/C the Media and News casters, papers etc are all ON THE SAME page! They say the same thing about Obama etc NOW to get the gist of things, here is what makes my point: see 2 Corinthians 4:4 and Ephesians 4:4 KJV abd it talks about 'the god" of this world and the prince of the power of this world! Satan is that god and that prince! "Satan" is in charge of this govt, and he runs this News and the media system and the TV and Radio etc! THAT is why Obama is protected, for now....GOD is still in charge and KNOWS what is going on!!

  • Homer

    I bekieve thios is a quote...the only people who don't want to expose the TRUTH are those that have something to hide" The man was talking about himself!! that was one of the only times he told the truth! Maybe one other time when he said he wanted to fundamentally change this nation...so now he's 2 for 100000000!!!

  • FloridaJim

    The Obama Presidency is a giant scam by the 60's radicals, rampant in his administration and in his rise to power. The scam is that they are laughing at all the unvetted facts about Obama that should keep him from being President and how they have fooled the country because they are smarter than us. The birth certificate debacle; the phony social security card; the phony girlfriends; the lack of any substantial accomplishments throughout his life; the homosexual friend Larry Sinclair, who tried to out Obama and was shut-up;the coverup of Ayers, Wright , muslims friends,school records, pot smoking, cocaine use,the list is endless and we only know the little we do know what is missing and what is still unvetted?

  • hsmithconsul

    I once heard a comment in Mexico by a leading candidate for the Governor of Jalisco to the effect that "Our Constitution is like a prostitute for the enumber of times it's been violated." Couldn't the same analogy be used about the laws of our country as recognised and enforced by the Obama adiministration?

  • Dee

    If the media wasn't bought and paid for, they could have him out of office in a couple of weeks. The media got him elected, and the media keeps him in office. None of them are willing to tell the truth about him, that is why he can keep getting away with murder.

  • http://twitter.com/helensharvest helensharvest

    We sweep secrets away, pretending lies are truth. How long will God endure this American hypocrisy?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1186478542 Ralph E. Zecco

    Would a citizens arrest do for removing Obama or would they be killed by the Secret Service before they got close enough to make one? You see, even the Secret Service has to be in on it because they would have to know this about this man as well as every Democrat who is in leadership position and the Republican leaders as well. Not even Oreilly acknowledges that this can be true. So I doubt that any news agency will acknowledge this nor will any judge because then they both would have to acknowledge their duplicity in this scam on the American people. Unless the American people themselves stand up and physically go to Washington DC and make our Reps look at this and investigate it, it will not be done.

  • The Elder ;

    The Elder ;
    No, 44 will declare MARSHALL LAW and void the elections after his union thugs riot and
    blame it on the right wing ! There will be a riot and a lot of left wing members will be killed by Obamas thugs ! History repeats; Has happened in every non- Communist country that
    went Communist ! Same blame game different actors ; It worked before it will again !
    The hot summer months will see blood running in the streets of AMERICA !
    PLEASE GOD THAT I AM WRONG ! In 4 more years the HAMMER & SICKLE will fly on the WHITE HOUSE ! Ya wanna bet ? What do you think of HOME LAND SECURITY ?
    Thugs bought & paid for ! Rename them K.G.B, 7/7/12,

    The Elder !

  • Rob

    I have never witnessed any president or poiltician that get away with more crazy, illegal proceedures. Obama has finally stepped in it with this Holder involvement. It is supicious as hell for him to pull this Executive Power to protect Holder from releasing the subpoenaed documents. Pelosi and Reid must be under the same protective umbrella as Obama. Thank God for the internet and the inability for Obama to control it, yet. These politicians are the Box Jellyfish of the poiltical world, no one seem to want to touch them. Why ?????

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Broussard/100000569719030 Paul Broussard

    Take his name off ALL the ballots and IMPEACH this FRAUD!!!

  • Bob DD

    RE: Sherman Danio post, when you say the armed people of the USA will rise up to be the "largest armed force in the world." WRONG! Why do you think BHO is ready to sign Hillary Clinton's U.N. Small Arms Treaty-TO EVENTUALLY DISARM THE PEOPLE. Then BHO will have NO RESISTANCE! Also, consider the people will fold, and the people's armed militia will not have the Internet to communicate-OBAMA CONTROLS THE INTERNET. What will we do, send smoke signals.
    I wonder if some veterans groups will start a National defense force-LEGALLY. It might be necessary to get some Congress person to pass a bill to make it legal? Now would be the time. Some type of communications network, other than Internet (which BHO can shut down) might be necessary. Naturally, this organization would be to protect the USA and the people
    I repeat, this would have to be done legally via legislation.

  • Reality King


  • Sharr

    For sure this "man" is a fraud.
    How did he handle his illegal social that failed e-verify (thusly, we have an illegal, undocumented worker in the WH = LOL!)? He issued an executive order that scrambles all social's from here on in (think close the gate after the horse is out!!). Actually, that should work really well for all of the illegals that he is allowing into our country!!! Now they can use illegal socials like he does and bankrupt us all some more - think hospitals, schools, stuff like that!!! You really cannot make this stuff up it is so bizarre.
    Is he dangerous????
    Somebody is!!!
    They are shutting up the HillBill "Blue Dress" Clintons for sure.
    They are shutting up Rev. Wright (or wrong whichever side you are on).
    They are shutting up Booker.
    Oh - wait - what happened to Bill Gwaltney???
    Oh - wait - what happened to Donald Young and those other nice gay men at church??
    Wow - Larry Sinclair for "First Lady".
    He does not have dangerous friends - he has a group of dangerous thuggery!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.sasman William Sasman

    You womder where the yellow went. A fake birth permir, a fake SS number. Where are our people in washington. Looks like som one in congress would get checking on this.

  • Cliff Lindsay

    Sounds like she nailed him down. To bad that JUDGES and PREACHERS fall in the same line in the USA anymore with a problem of no guts. I would like to include the prositution Media who sell their minds for their financial gain. The MEDIA should be telling the American people to download Humanist Manifesto 2 and they could realize that Obama is a SECULAR HUMANIST like his mother was.

  • bill

    Welcome to the pussification age! People (judges, politicians, public officials, etc...) have sworn oaths for the sole purpose of getting themselves in a place of authority, then when they get there they are scared shi fleas to perform their "sworn" duties and uphold their obligations to us, WE THE PEOPLE! Send all the shi tbags packing!!! Term limits for all office holders...corruption is rampant.

  • Don't understand

    Why did this country let this person into office without all the correct papers? At the same time, why did this country let JFK, killed by our government and put the blame elsewhere? Are the people in this country so afraid of the Government? If so why? Maybe if the fear of not having money would wake them up. Money can't buy our country back. Some faith in God and self, in doing the right things. Just might get our country back. The one we were proud of. How can we be proud of what we have now?

  • Lulu

    Susan Daniels: I so believe you, people are protecting him and not for the right reasons. I'm happy you will follow up with Mr. Trump. Unbelievable that Rush and Glenn did not get back to you. I also cannot believe how people still believe in him. Hope, there's no more hope for him, I hope.
    Please take care of yourself.

  • SSG

    srart a new coalition of oure own

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Glen-DeGelnor/1750369706 Glen DeGelnor

    If what I read is true, why doesn't she take it to the person with the money and desire to prove it to the American public? That person would be Milt romney. If she doesn't do this then what she's saying must be retoric!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chanah-Robinsky/835990237 Chanah Robinsky

    obama is a Saudi plant just wait til next year all hell is going to break loose

  • Debra

    americans are being turned into wimpy little girls thats why notting will ever get done about this kenyan

  • fred

    She will unboubtably meet a very soon nefarious end. Suicide, overdose, car wreck,etc. It is very dangerous to mess with powerful politicians. They WILL kill you.

  • Jimgreen8c

    Wow! Breitbart is dead! But some of you guys sound as crazy as the ones who say Bush and Cheney lit the fuses that blew up the World Trade Center. Obama and Soros threatened to kill Roberts's family? Obama and the Chicago mob put a hit on Chelsea Clinton??? Take off the tin foil hats people!

  • Loyal American

    The truth has no agenda.

  • lisa

    get him out of the white house or we will have a revelution

  • Gloria

    Just another lie,There are so many from him, and what has anyone done about any of them, nothing!He has done WHATEVER he has wanted and we all let him get away with all of this crookedness..Chicago style thug!!!!He has stomped on the constitution and gotten away with it..What a disgrace he is to the UNITED STATES!!!!!

  • Gloria

    Just one thing, why would he pay over 2 million dollars to someone to hide his Birth certificate, if he doesn't have anything to hide?

  • TW

    Uh, which one of his FIVE Social Security numbers belongs to Obama?! I repeat: FIVE! Maybe it's better illustrated when shown as a numeral: 5 ! Got that?!

  • jasch203

    His presidency is going to end up being the biggest scandal in American history. The truth is coming out on this man. One of these days someone big, important, & very credible is going to blow the lid off this whole sham of a man and everyone (MSM, his corrupt cronies, Hollywood pals) who supported him, lied for him, and paid his way will go down with him.

  • fedupinok

    A person only has power as long as others give it to him or her. The elected officials need to quit giving this imposter any power to do anything at all. Most of them have proven to be traitors to this country and its Constitution. We execute traitors, don't we???

  • celador2

    SS numbers can not be confirmed. Its a he said , she said if O has that number.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AKUSRCL2VGP45QXQ2IBU62KPAY 426ernie

    Representatives that know BORAX is illegal-well what good does that do us peons?That makes me so mad I could blow a gasket!!!Do we not have even one Patriot serving us?-if only General Schwartzkoff was in there-he would be bulldogging Obama into the white house lawn and throwing some cuffs on our communist poster child

  • MarcJ

    His Social Security card belongs to a long-dead Connecticut man by the name of Jean Paul Ludwig, born in 1890 and who died in Hawaii; Obama never lived in Connecticut; Obama's SS card was obtained by his grandmother who worked in the Honolulu Social Services department.
    His grandmother had said to the newsmen that she had accompanied her daughter, Obama's mother, on a trip to Mombassa, Kenya, to give birth there. Within a week after that the grandmother suddenly died; the official explanation was that the grandmother was losing her mind due to old age.

  • pocahantaschild

    Obama is gutless!

  • thismustend

    MOST of these judges are screaming liberal activists & will do ANYTHING to protect their progressive messiah, much like the media, Hollywood, art & music communities.

  • Robert H. Woodman

    In George Orwell's book 1984, the leaders of the country discovered what threat each person was vulnerable to and used a specific, individualized threat against each person who opposed the regime. Obama doesn't have that kind of muscle, and I doubt he has enough financial clout to buy that kind of muscle. His kind of muscle would be like the more bestial (or demonic, if you want to call it that) muscle of Nazi Germany. If Susan Daniels is correct that he is threatening people who threaten his hold on power, then all it takes is for a handful of heroes to stand up and do the right thing though it means the death of himself (or herself) and his (or her) entire family.

    O beautiful for heroes proved
    In liberating strife.
    Who more than self their country loved
    And mercy more than life!

    America! America!
    May God thy gold refine
    Till all success be nobleness
    And every gain divine!

  • victorbarney

    Are YOU saying that THIS Barak Hussein Obama, BIBLICALLY identified "FORBIDDEN FOREIGNER"(DEUTERONOMY 17:15) PUT OVER ISRAEL by the seed of JOSEPH, including Judah(Gen. 48:16), besides being the ONLY "non-anglo-saxon" EVER to rule over Israel in 6,000 years, THAT HE also WAS NOT EVEN BORN HERE? I GUESS THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN "GATHERER'S"(WOMEN & BLACKS) MAKE-UP OVER 70% OF THE VOTING POPULATION? Welcome to Adam's world, especially AFTER CAIN WAS BORN! Just saying...



  • Debra

    Infowars.com...Alex Jones has it pegged. It is so past party politics and "good" president, "bad" president. We have been taken over, captured, conquered by the most elite power broker criminals on the planet. There is no other explanation for the daily destruction being perpetrated upon this country. The fraudulent invader in the white house is a puppet, designed to lull the masses with his well-modulated voice and doe-eyed stare. With academy award winning cunning, he convinces the naive electorate that many is us are not pulling our weight, or doing our fair share, all the while he sacks the treasury and transfers trillions to off shore banks and corporate interests, with barely a whimper from a complicit congress. Our votes are being tallied electronically by a foreign country with no paper trail, so we are NO BETTER than a third world banana republic. NAFTA is destroying the sovereignty of our nation and the opened floodgates into the country from impoverished, often hostile, countries secures the insanity that is about to befall us. DHS is aware and has well-prepared for war against its own citizens, with half a million hollow point bullets, foreign armies, re-education camps and overhead drones to spy on the hapless citizens. Do I have a lot of hope for my beautiful America? Not really. As I try to explain to neighbors and friends the attrocius assaults that occur on a daily basis, I am viewed as one would view a green bug. Interesting but repulsive. And then it's back to Dancing With The Stars.

  • Bill

    Watch this youtube video of Avi Lipkin exposing the muslim / white house connection:

  • Jersey Bill

    I hope this can be proved. But, enough is enough. Aren't you sick and tired of this 'president"? Billions of words wasted on his identity. He ans his supporters DON'T CARE. 43 months of negative attitude and speech. Looking at bankruptcy just as Cloward-Piven strategy directs. Didn't his changes bring about some loss of freedoms and our American way of life? As he leads in polls, his grating smugness becomes bolder. DEFEAT HIM in Nov. Send him away. But, I have bad vibes that CANNOT. We're simply outnumbered. Our defeat will be snatched from the jaws of victory.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.hilton.773 Michael Hilton

    All of this -- the SS number...the birth certificate -- could be just the stuff of rumors and conspiracy theorists...

    Could be...

    But I'll bet it isn't. This guy is a fraud from the word, "go", and the American people are the victims.

  • Carol

    I knew all of this so long ago and nobody wanted to listen because they hate to hear the truth about this horrible horrible man that is in Our White House.
    Let me refresh your memory:
    Look this up for yourself:
    Harrison J Bounel SS#042-68-4425

  • joepotato

    One judge has already broken the law to give Resident Barry a pass. I hope she doesn't find another one like that. Has CNN or the others mentioned the story? It did appear on Drudge.

  • Nottakenyan

    He is really not president.
    Merely a LFN !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.m.anderson.560 Robert M. Anderson

    It's even more evident than just the SSN debacle (his wife's are questionable as well). It still goes back to the fake birth certificate. Because I am older and a history buff, the moment I read his long form birth certificate, I knew it was a fake. Why? For Birthplace of Father, the answer typed is "Kenya". For those unfamiliar, KENYA DID NOT EXIST AS A NATION IN 1961. It was still a British colony called the British East African Protectorate. It did not become the independent nation of Kenya until TWO YEARS after that birth certificate, in 1963, when I was in High School.

  • UnmitigatedTruth

    The answer to the questions you raise are simple, YES. The people behind Obama are rich and influential. Obama himself is just an actor playing the part of President. All else is controlled to destroy our Country.

    Read: http://www.unmitigated-truth.com/2012/04/truth-about-obama-mystique-read-as.html

    See if you can find anything wrong with my logic. I really would like to know that I'm wrong.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4ZQ6I2GKBRIL2CZAWZZO44HWQY Doc

    All you people with all this evidence of fraud against Obama need to bring it to light NOW. Quit playing power games. Bring it out NOW or shut the heck up and go home.

  • luciteehee

    The SS# that 0'Bama is using belonged to a man who lived in Connecticut, and also had a home in OAHU! He passed away in Oahu about the time 0'Bama was going into High Sch.!!
    Examine ALL OBITS on record at the Court House from 1975-1977. Factor in the age of the original SS# owner when he passed away,. Look for an obit that lists in the notice that "HE" ALSO resided in Connecticut! You will find the name of the original owner! Unless of course! This frauds CREATORS obliterated those records TOO! The "BIG" stone is YET "UNTURNED"! BUT "it" can be chipped away, a "pebble" at a time, into managable pieces!
    Imagine walking a mile with a "pebble" in your shoe! And by the way! His Middle Eastern
    radical friends aren't the ONLY ones who CREATED him! There are "p;lanta" in our government who are like velcro! They will do anything and everything to keep him from losing in November! Only through the POWER of GOD and feervent prayer, will satan LOSE!

  • Panicazi

    Obama makes Madoff look positively "Mom and Apple Pie".

  • serolf

    Scarey, but true. We best vote obama out of office before he totally sells us down the river.
    And clean his administration at the same time.

  • jjkrjw

    This will get about as far as the birth certificate lawsuits. NOWHERE.

  • Blair

    What "proof?" We've seen this movie before. Back in the 1880s, there were conspiracy theories about Chester A. Arthur. His opponents claimed he wasn't an American citizen. Why? Because he was born in Vermont, and they claimed Vermont wasn't a state. 130+ years later, this was dismissed by evidence that President Arthur was a citizen. And yes, Vermont's still a state. 100+ years from now, the same will be said of Obama.

  • camdenme2

    There are very powerful individuals protecting the Presbo. Soros? Maybe. In any event there must be a few judges with "balls" to challenge the Prsbo!!!

  • Jay Everett

    This is absolutely true. You know full well what happened when the Kenedy family crossed the "MOB"....The elite in this country are all tied to power and the threat of losing it and their lives. That includes your congressman as well (all politicians belong to the club). Most of us are blinded by their cover-ups and against our neighbor. So, we take sides and ignore the obvious. Harmony will produce the "Power of the People" which this country was founded on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Linda-Bond/100000575975777 Charles Linda Bond

    Americans could not see any way Harry Reid could even come close to getting re-elected and where is He today ? Get ready for voter fraud like you have never seen it before. They WILL use every possible means to have the same outcome as Reid. They will do anything it takes, lawful or not in order to keep control of the American People. I would NOT RULE OUT ANYTHING and I DO MEAN ANYTHING, so get ready.

  • Rob from VA

    Sadly, there are enough people "voting for a living" to keep Obama in for another 4 years. They outnumber those of us who "work for a living"! This has always been the ruin of republics / democracies.

  • DandBA

    I would like to know how Ms. Daniels knows what Obama's first executive order was? Don't doubt it, but would really like to know. Also, I have tried to maintain a sense of "sanity" in these truly insane times, but when one sees judge, after judge, official after official become very enthusiastic about a possible case to force Obama to reveal his complete past. And then within a very short period of time those very same judges, officials, etc reach into thin air and pull out a law or precedent from Lord knows where to rule against those seeking the truth about Obama. It has happened way too many times for it to be mere coincidence. There is something terribly wrong in this country when those behind Obama have the actual power to force judges, maybe even the Cliintons to back off Obama. Stinks to High Heaven!

  • RYoung

    Looking at everything we know about Obama since 2008, and earlier, it seems quite possible that he is part of a subversive group that are using him as the kingpin to enact the downfall of the US. Comments reportedly made by him in the past indicate that this plan started years ago, but that he was groomed for this. And current events, since he took office, certainly indicate a possibility of threats and coercion against anyone who tries to uncover the truth about him, and the reality of who he is.

  • mike h

    and for you that are STUPID ENOUGH to support obamacare, READ THIS DIRECTLY FROM obamacare!!

    Page 22 MANDATES

    The Gov’t. WILL AUDIT books of ALL EMPLOYERS who self insure!


    Page 29 Lines 4-16

    You can ONLY RECEIVE so much care per YEAR ($5,000.00 per individual-$10,000.00
    per FAMILY!!)

    Page 30 Section 123


    Page 42

    The healthcare committee WILL CHOOSE YOUR healthcare BENEFITS for YOU!!


    Page 58


    Page 59 Lines 21-24


    Page 85 Line 7

    AARP members, YOUR healthcare WILL BE RATIONED!!

    Page 124 Lines 24-25

    NO company can sue the gov’t on “price fixing” and NO “JUDICIAL REVIEW” against
    gov’t monopoly!!

    Page 127 Lines 1-16

    Doctors and A.M.A.- The gov’t WILL TELL YOU how MUCH money you make!!

    Page 170 Lines 1-3


    (YOU AND I WILL PAY THEM!!!!!!!)

    Page 195

    Officers and Employees of healthcare (gov’t) administration WILL HAVE ACCESS to

    Page 203 Lines 14-15

    “The tax IMPOSED under this section shall NOT be treated as tax!!”

    Page 239 Lines 14-24


    Page 241 Lines 6-8

    ALL DOCTORS, no matter what specialty WILL BE paid the SAME!!

    Pages 253 Lines 10-18

    The gov’t WILL SET the VALUE of doctor’s time, professional judgement


    Page 272 Sect. 1145


    WELCOME TO RATIONING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Page 354 Sect. 1177


    Page 425 Lines 4-12



    Page 425 Lines 22-25

    Page426 Lines 1-3

    Senior Citizens monthly medicare payments WILL MORE THAN DOUBLE!!


  • Lori

    You won't hear about this in the liberal media....

  • depaz

    It's almost like old man Kennedy has been resurrected. . . .

  • Horsemom

    Since Social Security numbers were not issued in 1890, I'm not sure how a person born in 1890 could possibly have a SS number. Is the author trying to say Obama is using the identity long after the original owner has died? To be credible, this faceds clarification. Oth

    • Sproing

      Back just as recently as the 60's you didn't get an SS # until you were old enough to work. That was in my case about 15 as I remember. Of course no one was issued a SS card in 1890 as the SS program wasn't even in existence until 1935. That means that a huge number of citizens born in the prior decades who were now covered by SS had to go an get their very first and only SS ##. Someone born in 1890 would have been 45 or 46 when he/she got her card in 1935 and could have very well still been alive in 1977 at the age of 87 although that part wouldn't be necessary for Obama to have somehow gotten the same number although the SS Administration insists that it does NOT re-issue any numbers.

  • beijingyank

    It is not that the judges are afraid of Obama. They are in collusion with the gangster in chief.

  • Melcherd

    Personally I hesitate out of fear, to remind dear reader of the most powerful weapon he can wield against his fellow Americans. IRS audits. Republican campaign donors are already feeling his pain. Any judge who brings this case to his courtroom commits suicide by government.

  • LynRob7

    There are powerful people/groups behind Obama who purposefully keep themselves hidden and work through others. What happened in 2007 that suddenly pushed Obama into the light and forced Hillary to back down? Who bankrolled and is still bankrolling and whispering in Obama's ear? Someone needs to find out. George Soros is one, but he is not all. There is something going on behind the scenes. Haven't you ever wondered why no matter who gets elected nothing really changes? The Country still moves toward weakening our sovereignty, strangling free markets, restricting individual liberties "for the good" of some group or drummed up issue, judges deciding against the Constitution, (who got to Justice Roberts, huh?, an ever increasing smothering federal government that steps outside its limits and snubs its nose at us because THERE IS NO ONE IN WDC TO STOP IT. The government schools produce citizens who are dependent on government and are clueless about freedom and individual liberty and preserving it! This is on purpose. Judges using foreign laws to make decisions? Obama's father was a citizen of the UK!! That in and of itself disqualified him! But the DNC ignored it and pushed ahead and NO ONE STOPPED THEM. Why didn't the elections departments in each state refuse the Nomination Certifications from the DNC when they submitted those certifications? Those certification did not certify that the candidate MET THE CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENTS as the RNC certifications did. There is a conspiracy going on behind the scenes and we the average people can't get to it. Hopefully, some in the new media will dig and dig and find who these global tyrants really are and get the ball rolling!

  • Walt

    What really scares me is the number of people who either don't care or simply don't want to know. Obama has his flocks of "willing victims" ready to believe whatever he tells them. I'm not a Romney fan but I will vote for him because at least I know where he is from - he is an American. Anyone who would trust a man who hides his entire background deserves what he will certainly get.

  • Walt

    What really scares me is the number of people who either don't care or simply don't want to know. Obama has his flocks of "willing victims" ready to believe whatever he tells them. I'm not a Romney fan but I will vote for him because at least I know where he is from - he is an American. Anyone who would trust a man who hides his entire background deserves what he will certainly get.

  • Walt

    What really scares me is the number of people who either don't care or simply don't want to know. Obama has his flocks of "willing victims" ready to believe whatever he tells them. I'm not a Romney fan but I will vote for him because at least I know where he is from - he is an American. Anyone who would trust a man who hides his entire background deserves what he will certainly get.

  • RS

    Sorry folks, as bad as Obama is, changing captains on a sinking ship, no matter how good he is, won't fix the big hole in the ship. Nope, Jesus made it clear when it gets this ugly, you better put all your focus on him, because He alone is going to run the real new order, not this phony plan of Satan. If they can't heal the sick, raise the dead, mulitple food, cast out devils, they are not part of God's new government that will begin to appear as this whole system comes crashing down.
    Luke 21:28
    And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.