Do We Need and Should We Start a Second American Revolution?

Earlier this week I attempted to ignite a debate (not a revolt) about the State of America now compared to 236 years ago when we abolished the authority of the British government over our affairs.

If we take a WWJD approach (What Would Jefferson Do?), we find that the preconditions for revolt are:

The government becomes destructive of the proper ends of government which are the protection of life, liberty and property and/or pursuit of prosperity. This does not mean that a government should be abolished if it fails to perfectly protect these foundational rights. Such a principle would lead to chaos since no government can possibly protect us perfectly.

It does not even mean that we may abolish a government if it attacks those rights. The government must become destructive of those rights, which means that IN GENERAL and ON BALANCE the government destroys those rights more than it secures them.

After all, the government that the founders created was not a perfect Jeffersonian paradise. It permitted national deficits which Jefferson and others believed violated the liberty of future generations. The government founded a national bank funded with taxpayer dollars which the Jeffersonians believed was an exercise of power not enumerated by the Constitution, and therefore a violation of the limits which were placed on the government in order to protect the taxpayers. But Jefferson did not call for an armed revolution against the nascent republic. He even participated in the compromise which led to the creation of the bank.

All governments that have ever existed have sometimes protected and sometimes attacked the foundational rights of life, liberty and property. What triggers the right of abolition according to the Declaration of Independence is whether, all things considered, the government is a destroyer rather than a protector of those rights.

But even if the government goes so far as to become a net destroyer of liberty, even that is not sufficient logical grounds on which to abolish it. If the point of a declaration of independence from a government is to end the condition of vanishing liberty, it follows inevitably that such a declaration would only be advisable if the new government were to be a better protector of our liberties. My friend, Glenn Reynolds — law professor and Instapundit — says that revolutions are like throws of the dice. You just don’t know for sure what you are going to get.

This is not a trivial point and the many revolts since Independence Day 1776 tell us that the odds for improvement are actually quite poor. After all, we the people pretty much get the government we ask for. The policies we have in place now have not been imposed by some foreign army; they been imposed on us by us. What reason do we have to believe that we would impose something better on ourselves after years of armed conflict than we are imposing on ourselves now? Do revolutions or civil wars (and revolutions really are civil wars) make us calmer, wiser, more compassionate people?

And is it worth the cost? Such wars are incredibly bloody affairs. I think that few revolutionaries truly count the ‘transaction cost’ of trading one regime for another. The genuinely evil ones don’t even try to. We did this twice in our history. First the colonies dissolved their relationship with the Crown. This was a eucatastrophe1 ending much better for the human race than anyone really had a right to expect.

The second revolt was a deformed grandchild of the first in which the southern states hid behind the language of freedom in order to avoid taxes which were constitutionally imposed, preserve the institution of chattel slavery and make way for dreams of a Southern Continental empire. The exercise ended badly for the instigators and was awesomely painful even for the victors. Does anyone seriously believe that we are a people more ready to rebuild than that generation? Do you see any leader on the horizon more able to bind up the wounds of the nation than Lincoln?

The founders believed that what happened here was some sort of historical miracle and it’s easy to understand why. The preconditions for success were uniquely strong. Revolutions usually don’t succeed because they destroy the society in which they occur; tearing down the old social order and forcing a new one to revolve up into its place (hence the word ‘revolution’). That why it almost never works.

When Mel Brookes has Count Demoney telling the king that ‘the peasants are revolting,’ the king looks at them and agrees. Classical literary references aside, Brookes is right. The revolutions are ugly and the results are even uglier.

But here, we did not have a revolution. Most of the founders studiously avoided the use of that word. We had a war for independence in which local units of government dissolved their ties with a distant tyrant. We didn’t have to tear our country apart, just tear it apart from Great Britain. Ours was not a rising up of the downtrodden or the debtor class as so many of the ancient Greek and Roman revolutions had been. It was not a fight of the bottom against those above them. It was a fight of the middle, which had been functioning as the de facto governing class of the nation for generations before.

It wasn’t a rabble revolution. Deriders in England called it things like the ‘shopkeepers revolt’ and the Presbyterian rebellion. It came from a law abiding class of people who put their arguments in terms of ‘the ancient rights of Englishman’ not the revolutionary utopian terms like for example the instigators of the peasants revolt in Martin Luther’s Germany.

The amazing success of our effort has inspired many a delusional imitator who believed that all you had to do was kill a king to achieve heaven on earth. Almost none of them have succeeded.

Left-wing dreams of people’s revolutions were at best delusional, and given the results of France in 1789 and Russia in 1917, such dreams are no longer bemusingly foolish; they are evil. But conservative ‘exodus’ and secession dreams seem only a little better. After all, we’re supposed to know better. We’re the ideology which is in touch with reality.

Mr. Bowyer is the author of The Free Market Capitalists Survival Guide, published by HarperCollins, and a columnist for The above article first appeared at

  1. Eucatastrophe is a term coined by J. R. R. Tolkien which refers to the sudden turn of events at the end of a story which ensure that the protagonist does not meet some terrible, impending, and very plausible doom. He formed the word by affixing the Greek prefix eu, meaning good, to catastrophe, . . .” []



  • DauTieng59

    So sit down, shut up and eat your broccoli.
    Nothing in life is foreseeable. Everything is a roll of the dice. Where would Poland be if the shipyard workers had been willing to except their freedom being curtailed? The people are the sovereigns not the government. There are no kings or royalty here. The political class is an oppressive class and need to be removed.
    By the way Lincoln didn't bind the wounds that he inflicted on the Nation and if he had lived probably would haven't do much different than was done. The states have e right to dissolve the Union that THEY had created and Lincoln over stepped his rights as President under the Constitution.

    • SicSemper

      To Dau - you are absolutely correct re: Lincoln. Anyone who worships this wanna be tyrant should read Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address (search it online) and come back and make the case he wasn't an odious, racist, power hungry pr!ck. Read also The Real Abraham Lincoln for more documentation. If you get serious, go to the Free State Project and move to NH or Wyoming. We dont have to get violent we just need not cooperate with our wanna be oppressors.

  • jazzpast

    Barack Hussein Obama and everyone under him are Traitors to our Country! Our courts are out of control! Our congress is out of control! And our Federal government is operating outside the bounds of our Constitution! We are about to lose the Constitution the republic, individual liberty and freedom! All because politicians want to make your decisions for you!

    • stayfreeordietrying

      You are correct; it seems that most all the politicians in Senate/Congress have stepped up to the watering hole and found that by fleecing the American people (mostly the middle class), they can support the poor, keep the rich rich (or richer) and eventually reduce the middle class to a dozen or so citizens that will have no unity, no power to fight them and will throw their hands into the air and give up. I'm not giving up! We need a major overhaul in the US mostly in Washington D.C. We have that power in November. Romney is the lesser of the two evils but anyone who is a second term incumbent has to go. Term limits NEED to be imposed on Congress and the Senate. The Constitution did not include lifetime politicians, they were citizens, farmers, business owners and others trying to do the right thing for their families and their townships. Now the politicians are only helping themselves off of our backs. Was the last time you gave yourself an 18% raise?
      I agree, Ron Paul had the right message but needed to deliver it in a more aggressive articulation.

    • Andrew Marzilli

      We will only lose all that you said if WE LET THEM TAKE THEM. We will fight for our rights and freedom and to protect our families. I am sure it wont be easy but it will be something we will all have to do. We The People will win!!!

      • jazzpast

        Wait till Obamney care gets implemented you haven't seen anything yet! Your not going to stop it.

    • Willy

      You said it Jazzpast !!

  • jazzpast

    Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God. Romans Chapter 13
    A Patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government! We are living in tyranny and oppression this is not a Constitutional republic anymore!

  • deeme

    I guess it is time...or should we wait for this...If it's not enough they are trying to get rid of most of our freedoms, redefining words, brainwashing our kids, taking over everything , even something as private as our healthcare, and using our Constitution as a door mat..

    United Kingdom

    Income Tax:
    VAT: 17.5% TOTAL: 67.5%


    Income Tax: 40%
    VAT: 19.6% TOTAL: 59.6%

    Income Tax: 40%
    25% TOTAL: 65%

    Income Tax: 45%

    VAT: 16% TOTAL: 61%


    Income Tax: 42%
    VAT: 20% TOTAL: 62%

    Income Tax: 55%
    25% TOTAL: 80%

    Income Tax:
    VAT: 25% TOTAL: 79.3%


    Income Tax: 52%
    VAT: 19% TOTAL:

    Income Tax: 58%

    VAT: 25% TOTAL: 83%

    Income Tax: 53%

    22% TOTAL: 75%

    If you've started to wonder what the real costs of
    socialism are going to be - once the full program in these United States hits
    your wallet, take a look at the table. As you digest these mind-boggling
    figures, keep in mind that in spite of these astronomical tax rates, these
    countries are still not financing their social welfare programs exclusively
    from tax revenues! They are deeply mired in public debt of gargantuan
    proportions. Greece has reached the point where its debt is so huge it is in
    imminent danger of defaulting. That is the reason the European economic
    community has intervened to bail them out. If you're following the financial
    news, you know Spain and Portugal are right behind Greece

    The United States is
    now heading right down the same path. The VAT tax in the table is the national sales tax
    that Europeans pay. Stay tuned because that is exactly what you can expect to
    see the administration proposing after the fall elections. The initial
    percentage in the United States isn't going to be anywhere near the outrageous
    numbers you now see in Europe . Guess what. the current outrageous numbers in
    Europe didn't start out as outrageous either. They started out as minuscule -
    right around the 1% or 2% where they will start out in the United States .
    Magically, however, they ran up over the years to where they are now. Expect
    the same thing here.

    It is the very notion that with hard work and
    perseverance, anybody can get ahead economically here in the USA . Do you
    think that can ever happen with tax rates between 60% and 80%? Think again.
    With the government taking that percentage of your money,! your life will be
    exactly like life in Europe ... You will never be able to buy a home. You
    will never buy a car. You will never send your children to college. Let's
    not shuffle the battle cry of the socialists under the rug either. It's
    always the same cry. Equalize income. Spread the wealth to the poor (whoever
    they are). Level the economic playing field. Accomplish that and everything
    will be rosy.

    It's time to take a really hard look at reality.
    Greece is a perfect example. Despite the socialism system that has ruled
    this country for decades, with a 65% tax rate, they are drowning in public
    debt, would have defaulted without hundreds of billions in bailout money from
    the EU, and still. . . 20% of their population lives in poverty. What has
    all that socialism money bought, besides ultimate power for the politicians
    running the show? Do you think these people are "free"? They're not.

    They are slaves to their economic "system."

    • Mitch Abramson

      You left out the fact that faceless 'death-panels' will be using POLITICAL COMPONENTS in choosing who gets serious (life-saving) surguries and who doesnt. Obamacrare is aushwitz for conservatives when they get seriously ill.

      • soldiermom11

        Mitch, God I hope you are wrong! but I do believe politically appointed boards making decisions on our healthcare will lead to corruption of the hypocratic oath.
        Obamacare is aushwitz is a very frightening concept but the fact that they are hiring 14,000 new IRS agents to enforce the law is also very frightening. God help us all and get out the vote in November whether you are a Romney fan or not. Nobody will be as destructive as what we've got.

      • deeme

        I never leave that out in my mind though I have posted about it before , thank you for adding it..It makes me sick. my parents are in their 70s and have been told by their doctors to get as much done now as they can..If the IRS is in charge ,what will stop them from denying Republicans care..just like you point out I even put in another post they will kill us off and then give our names, voter ID cards for the Libs...very scare you are correct..

    • wkelly10103

      i got this info just the other day and was going to publish it to f/b. thanks for saving me the trouble! good research!

    • Mickael Ventura

      bravo well said and many agree with you. Keep the faith and spread the word

    • Skip Baker

      Don't we currently pay taxes that the Europeans don't pay....State Taxes?

      • Mary

        The Europeans pay a big vat tax. I don't know what the figure is anymore. It may be over 20% where they are taxed on everything.

    • Jamie

      Don't forget our IRS even admits to 60% of our income taxes going to the cost of collecting them from us. This is presicely the aspect of taxes & tax rates that most people never consider when defending the need for them - the inefficiency of their use to "better the country". And this inefficiency continues to spiral the more taxes rates increase. This is why such high tax rates never "save" economies or solve the problems the taxes were proposed to solve. It's a never ending vicious circle of tax more, then spend more inefficiently, so that the problems actually increase rather than get solved. Liberals never get this, and never will.

  • CARLjr

    Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,' thus building a wall of separation between church and State.
    -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Danbury Baptist Association, CT., Jan. 1, 1802

    • David in MA

      How about stating the rest of the letter, that part where he says:
      that government has no place in religion but Christian principles must always remain in government...

  • CARLjr

    But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.
    -Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782

    • David in MA

      This has to come under the title of:
      Times were simpler back then.
      When will people come to understand that diversity mean division?
      America has to return to the "Melting Pot" idea and do it quickly.

  • jazzpast

    There is no reason to live by the establishments rules anymore!

    • David in MA

      Isn't that called ANARCHY?

      • jazzpast

        I thought it was called Democracy? Democracy is nothing more than mob rule. America is suppose to be a Constitutional republic but not anymore.

  • Mary

    We don't have to ignite a 2nd revolution. It will come of it's own accord. And its coming soon. The two powers of the NWO are close at being at war with each other for world dominance.
    On top of that we have illegal immigration, people from the 3rd world being brought in of different religions. We're also becoming close to the tipping point where the have not's are exceeding the have's and the insane liberals want us to support them all. So the process of taxing us to death has begun.
    If we put Mitt in we'll be safe for 8 more years but conflict of some kind whether it comes from revolutionary or civil war is on the horizon.
    This is the SHTF scenario talked about on many Conservative sites. It's coming, who know's when? We won't be able to stop it. Just be prepare and prepped.

    • Catfish

      BUT........if obamination wins in November, its Katy-bar-the-door. I am ready to fight.

      • Ben Raines

        Me too. I'm sure I will die fighting just as sure as I am typing this.

        • Sam in NC

          I hear ya, Ben.

        • DixieAngel_76

          Boys, this is one granny who will go down fightin' with you.

        • Sam in NC

          God bless ya, DixieAngel !

        • Weasler

          You won't NEED to die! When the Second Revolution starts, we will be kicking their fcukindg butts from here to Kingdom Come!!!!
          TRUST ME, guy. WE have to guns, WE have the numbers, WE have the power, and MOST OF ALL, WE HAVE THE BRAINS!!!! And that's what will WIN!! The pansy gay led liberals do not stand a CHANCE against REAL Americans. Have you EVER known a gay liberal to be a good fighter? NEVER! They're all chicken sh i t. That's why we'll destroy them. You'll see.

          A second revolution? BRING IT ON, BABY!!!! I can't WAIT!!!

        • DurangoKid

          Weasler....I'm in agreement with you 100%. BUT, where is our leaders of a revolution? How do we all come together to fight cohesively? Zero's military is much better organized and has more firepower to attack and destroy. Zero will control communications, food, water, transportation and finances. The only thing left is gun control and they are putting that in place. Don't get me wrong, I'm behind any effort to defeat this anti-American, muslim-loving, anti-capitalist, freedom-destroyer, fascist SOB. But it will take a strong concerted army to accomplish it. I hope it can come together quick enough to prevail.

        • Diogenese

          Totally agree, without good leadership, we are nothing. Alas, we have no strong leaders. We need another Truman who was not afraid to make the unpopular decisions. Allen West might be a good choice or even Herman Cain. As weird as he is, even Donald Trump says it like it is. Any suggestions, anyone?

        • drewynp

          Allen West. Period. He's the only one with the balls big enough to give any credibility to Romney. We don't need another non-military president unless we are going to surround him with others who have military experience. Haven't we had enough of that in the last 3 1/2 years?

        • Weasler

          See my comment above. There is NO WAY IN HELL the military is going to fight against REAL Americans for the sake of Obama. They detest him and the First 'Ho even more than WE do.
          Booga-booga will lose in a LANDSLIDE this fall, and that will be that. In fact, my guess is that he and the First 'Ho will immediately go to some Leftist country after Romney takes over, rather than face trial here for HIGH TREASON, which in my mind those two have committed.

        • CARLjr

          You stand no chance against the strongest military force on the planet. You have guns and numbers - both ineffective against a squadron of predator drones.

        • Weasler

          LOL!!!!! Who says the MILITARY is going to be AGAINST us??? Do you think for one moment that the military, National Guard, local law enforcement, or even the FBI are going to fire on REAL Americans in order to keep Commie N*GGER Obama, his monkey wife, and the other socialist Democruds in POWER??? Guess again, SISSY boy!

        • CARLjr

          You want to lead an armed assault against the USA and expect protection from the military?

        • Weasler

          I just love how you people delude yourselves! Just because Obama and the media managed to pressure the military into letting in a few sissies, you immediately assume that you are going to get the military to fire on REAL Americans in order to keep this socialist scumbag in power. LOL!!! I LOVE it!!!!
          Take my advice, hippie. You people need to cut back on the medical marijuana, pal.

        • CARLjr

          So what is your plan - straight on assassination? Or a team of rebels charge the white house with assault weapons? Maybe you will use al queda's trick and fly a plane into the building? You should be stripped of your citizenship for suggesting it (and trying to recruit others)

        • Weasler

          LOL!! You medical marijuana types are deluding yourselves again!
          TRUST ME, beard and sandals. There is NO WAY IN HELL the military, National Guard, local law enforcement, or even the FBI are going to fire on REAL Americans in order to keep illegal "president" Obama in office.
          Indeed, it will not even be necessary. Obozzo is going to lose in a LANDSLIDE this fall, and will be facing trial for high treason (along with his monkey wife) next year, unless they both high-tail it out of here to some leftist country, which I fully expect them to do.

        • Bexarpaw

          I have made my personal decision and I will be ready in November if not before. You should mentally decide now and not wait for the knock on the door in the night!

        • Mike6

          I have a soviet immigrant friend who is still afraid of the elelevator doors opeining during the night and listening to the nailed boots of the CHEKA walking towards his apartment. The CHEKA liked to wear nailed boots during the night to scare people to death.
          I had a second friend ( and officer and a gentleman) who was a colonel in the heroic Russian White Army who fought the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War for three long years. I am sure that if the CHEKA agents broke down his door in the dark of the night he would have blasted them with his savage NAGANT Army revolver.

        • Average Joe

          Death before dishonner

      • Mickael Ventura

        amen many of us vets who served during war time are livid over the current administrations destruction and retraction of our basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution we as soldiers fought to uphold.
        Im making no threats but watch out Obuma this country is well on its way to an ultimatum for the citizenship to fight or die. Unfortunately the progressive agenda feeds well under chaos that is the goal of the Sal-Alinsky trainees and that is what Obumas training was all about. The Devil's advocate is alive and well in the white house.

        • Andrew Marzilli

          Think about this for a minute, The RIGHT fighting the left. The left wants to ban private ownership of firearms and they usually dont own any, and the right has millions of firearms owners.......who do you think will win that war?
          Lock and Load!!!!

        • TheSunDidIt

          That is why they want the brownshirt army created because Zero knows the REAL Army won't support him in attacking the citizens of the US.

        • tonyscott317

          A friend and a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant was at Camp Pendleton and he bluntly asked a group of Marines what they would do if ordered to attack US citizens. All but 1 said they would shoot whomever gave that order on sight. The 1 said he would arrest whomever gave that order and court martial them - then shoot them. Enlisteds and officers up through Major and Lt. Colonel are on the side of freedom. Generals will tend to side with whomever the Commander-In-Chief is. There are your alliances, ladies and gentlemen.

        • drewynp

          That's great to hear tonyscott317. Those in the military know to whom their allegiances are sworn--the Constitution of the USA, and therefore, the American people. The TSA has no such allegiance. They are like vermin who will grope old ladies and small children simply because their paychecks depend upon it. They are not beholden to anyone but DHS. Bush created a monster when he began the DHS and TSA. Obama will use this monster to create and enforce martial law, if he deems it necessary.

        • tonyscott317

          In all fairness, the TSA would grope old ladies and children whether they were getting paid or not. However, it proves that all are just one side or the other on the same coin. What needs to happen over the next several years is a total purge of DC to get rid of ALL career vermin. The color of their jacket can't save them. Their lies and pandering can't save them. They can only merit their positions of power by showing they know and are faithful to their oath of office and the Constitution.

        • Charles Flournoy

          I dont think we can take several years to purge DC somehow it needs to be done now Revertolution revert back 150 years let them go to DC vote go back home go to work get off tax paid money most of them have never had a job like the halfbreed they ben on Welfare all there life. Don't know if any one can do it may already late. Someone like Ron Paul maybe

        • Guest

          General Patton, Admiral Nimitz or Joe Pescci would be my choice. He gets answers or heads are gonna roll. Ha!

        • Guest

          If he thinks he is losing the election he most certainly will. Almost a no brainer. Revolution is only Solution. Malitia is forming looking for Patriots, Lawyers, Guns and Money. Your basic Malitia starter kit. 1-800-NO-OBAMA.

        • Guest

          That is at least some reassurance.soldiers will break rank and do the right thing.

        • drewynp

          The brownshirt army is the TSA. Obama has his civilian army now--a group of untrained pedophile morons who swear no allegiance to the Constitution and are given authorities above and beyond police. They are being placed on trains, on city street corners, and in public locations. Make no mistake, Obama has his brownshirt army, and they are coming to a town near you.

        • sagejohn

          brown shirt army is SEIU

        • Fenderman52

          I've read recently that the TSA has a preference for hiring those with violent tendencies and newly released felons. They want to force us to get used to being rousted around by thugs and taking orders from punks with badges.

        • drewynp

          Absolutely correct. Don't fool yourself--they're softening us up for the coming police state.

        • Guest

          Sounds like the Gastappo. And the liberals call conservatives Nazi's.

        • tonyscott317

          A friend and a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant was at Camp Pendleton and he bluntly asked a group of Marines what they would do if ordered to attack US citizens. All but 1 said they would shoot whomever gave that order on sight. The 1 said he would arrest whomever gave that order and court martial them - then shoot them. Enlisteds and officers up through Major and Lt. Colonel are on the side of freedom. Generals will tend to side with whomever the Commander-In-Chief is. There are your alliances, ladies and gentlemen.

        • Susan Woods

          Sorry, but I know one Marine Corps general who would NOT side with the Commander-In-Chief. He has stated he swore an oath to the Constitution, NOT TO ANY ONE MAN!! I believe him. LOCK AND LOAD!

        • tonyscott317

          The next time you see him, tell him I salute him and would stand by him anywhere, any time and under any circumstances. The next few years will see us utterly fail into a quivering mass of gutless jello or we'll see a powerful renaissance of honor, integrity, strength, courage, and valor. Men like your friend will lead one way or another - either on a new battlefield that will go down in history, or by example, which will go down in eternity.

        • Susan Woods

          The REAL Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines! AND, the millions of ARM CIVILIAN PATRIOTS in this country!!!

        • Bexarpaw

          Are you sure.....we now have a paid professional, mercenary army if you will. Who will they fight for who will they take down, who do they owe allegience to? Who will wave more money and spoils to have them round up and incarcerate their fellow Americans? Our consript army of the past is gone and we are no longer part of the military!
          The revolution is already in motion and the Feds are getting ready with the camps and the build up, bring troops home to control the civilians! November will be the tipping point in American History!

        • drewynp

          Once they figure out they can't silence us and coerce us into thinking and acting their way it will lead to brute force. The camps are prepared. DHS will have their way with us. If we let them.

        • drewynp

          NDAA will allow the president to detain as many of us as they see fit, for the good of national security. It's up to Obama who, and how many of us they put into camp.

        • Joyce

          In the past I would have said, "amen" to the Army not supporting Obama, but today the best I can say is, "let's hope not."

        • Alexander Scipio

          It will depend on whether the military engages FOR or AGAINST the Constitution they are sworn to defend. If they support the revolution, they will be doing what they have sworn to do. If they support the government, they are abdicating their oath, acting as the Palace Guard they decided to be after Tonkin Gulf.

        • Average Joe

          Ask any Marine if he would back BHO in gun taking. You will find to A man they would bust BOs butt rather than kiss it

        • Guest

          Them brown shirts will be tough gotta be a loosly organized, poorly trained drug addicted welfare cheats. Kinda like the Dirty Dozen under the command of Sgt. Bilko.

        • ds

          What are you going to do kill a collage kid because he believes in the lefts agenda? Come-on there's not going to be a war, the right vs the left, and talking like there will be is childish.

        • Brian Maday

          Oh yee, of little faith - The Armed Forces takes 'em at 18. I'll not give up FREEDOM to ANYONE so long as I live.

        • BRIAN HILL

          You already have, We have precious little time if any at all to turn this around peacefully. We need to do our best that way starting today. All of us who know this to be true should ban together and make our voices hear. here is a good start but when do we all march on DC?

        • Roger Meyer

          There is already a war between the left and the right. It just hasn't broken out into open hostilities yet.
          If there were an armed college kid pointing a gun at me, throwing a bomb at me, or in any other manner threatening my well being or that of my family I would blow them into the next world without any second thought.

        • Rick Zimmermann

          YES ANDREW ,Should that over educated idiot come to My door with a gun demanding My gun or threatening my Family, They will be "DEAD MEAT" and YES there will be a War should they try it, WAKE UP YOU TWITT

        • librtyship

          Speaking about the availability of firearms, Hillary and Obama are going to sign on to the UN small arms treaty and if it manages to get thru the Senate it will nullify the second amendment making it possible under the UN mandate to confiscate all civilian arms!!! This is a huge real and present danger!!

        • Brian Maday

          Actually, it would only make it LAWFUL to confiscate civilian arms - as soon as I see humves turn my corner, they're gonna take a lot from me before I hit the ground dead.

        • Average Joe

          While you are right abought gun confiscating, Who do you beleave would be dumb enough to walk up to A vets door and demand he turn over his guns? There are over 50 million vets that own guns add another 10 million that hunters own and 3 million that own A gun for home protectshion. By my math thats 63 million people who own guns leagaly. Then you can add in at least 5 million more that own one illeagaly. It is an unorganised army of 68 million guns pointed at whom evers head that trys to take them. I dont think the govement can find that many vollenters to try it. Personaly I would take many many collecters be for I gave up mine. I earned that right in the Marines on 10-23-83 look it up!

        • Guest

          Doctors are statistically over 3,000 times more likely to kill you than being shot by a gun owner. Guns don't kill people Doctors do.

        • Guest

          Try to confiscate a gun in Wyoming or Texas and watch what happens. It will make the David Corresh fire fight look like someone was just cleaning there gun when it suddenly went off.

        • Tom McDonald

          Especially after Obamacare!

        • Rick Zimmermann

          AS DID I: almost 20 years earlier, SEMPER FI MARINE,

        • drewynp

          While I would like to believe this will never happen, it HAS happened. Read up on the gun confiscation that occurred in New Orleans just after Katrina. Of course, the civilians were promised their firearms back, but to this day 80% remain unclaimed.
          But hey, they can't confiscate what they don't know you own. I wouldn't be advocating anything illegal, of course.

        • jo blow

          That's enough to kick start a revolution right there.

        • Guest

          Can only hope fast and furious will derail the plan when it is realized it was just a way to falsly accuse gun dealers for selling firearms to anyone with a trigger finger. thus, crossing the border into the hands of the drug cartels. Would have worked if not for one small glitch. Nobody thought to have a contingency plan if entire scam blows up in Obama's Regimes faces. This happens when we have a undocumented alien in the White House with no military experience. Who claims to have graduated from Harvord Law School who also are interested in seeing his school records which he has sealed up tighter than area 51. Along with his Kenya birth cert. and SSN issued to a Honkey in 1890 and hijacked by his Aunt after his death in 1960. When she was working for the state of Hawaii in a position having access to these numbers. Obama decided to go with having his name printed in 2 local newspapers in Hawaii as proof he is a NBC. Leaving Chris Mathews defending this event as proof. To ignorant to understand birth certificates were sold on the black market at the time of Obama's birth as a way to generate income for shady politicians and the state. Wth the newspapers accepting these BCs as proof of citizenship justifying the ads. It just keeps on unraveling with the liberal media ignoring the facts.

        • MusicGuy

          The "First Revolution" against the British was under quite different circumstances. The revolutionaries and the Brits all had flintlock rifles and pistols. Today, even the well-armed citizen with so-called "assault rifles" are no match to F-15's F-18's, Bradley tanks, attack helicopters, and other weapons we don't even know about (classified). Jefferson believed the citizens should be armed on a parity with the military. That just isn't possible in today's world. NOW, if the armed forces joined the citizens against the rats in Washington, that would be a much more interesting story. Just be aware that the Department of Homeland Security (not the military) has ordered 450 MILLION rounds of 40 cal. hollow-point ammunition. Why do you think that is?

        • Brian Maday

          Target practice.

        • Guest

          I got it! I got it! Can I take a stab at what the 450 million rounds of 40 cal. hollow-point ammunition will be used for? ...... It's to shoot terrorists. Since all this advanced weaponry the military is equiped with appears to be worthless against a foe who has no recognizable military. Terrorists only armed with sling shots wrapped in white sheets with beehives on there heads strapping surplus 4th of July fireworks to there abdomen, taking the idea from the japanese using Kamakazzi like tactics from WWII. The one giving our big guns a run for there money. They hijack our own passenger jets full of our citizens using box cutters, converting our planes into a rudementary but, highly effective cruise missile on steroids. With flying lessons from our piloting schools ditching the classes having anything to do with take offs and landings, they manage to fly these planes into non military targets killing over 3,000 innocent civilians. If this was not tough enough to digest. Our advanced weapons have proven difficult to locate and isolate suicide bombers in crowded cafe's, when we do locate them it becomes a monumental task figuring out how to eliminate the threat without civilian losing civilians with one of our best kept secret a Tomohawk Cruise Missiles. This tends to piss off our allies when 60 of friendly civilians are considered acceptable colateral damage for every one terrorist. Pissed of when this is not the results promissed when giving the U.S. permission to use these weapons in populated Cities. Maybe it is just me but, It seems it would be far easier if Terrorists were far more like a military, using clearly marked vehicles like our own as an example, But, with a big reflective "T" painted on the doors and hood of each vehicle, this to avoid them eliminating themselves from the war when mistakenly engaging in friendly fire.
          I got it! I got it! a brilliant plan. Ok, this is how to win the war on Terrorism. We acting Like a bunch of ignorant liberal morons make Terrorists a goodwill offer. An amazingly liberal offer but, an offer none the less. one so nieve and generous it cannot be denied, a opportunity to give Terrorists a real fighting chance at wining the war. Followed up with a few hand shakes, kissing a few babies, and a few verbal "No problems, glad we could be of service" Goodwill gestures. This after using our yankee enginuity offering them all the Military equipment they ever dreamed of. Bringing them up to a level compatible with the big boys on the block. We supply them with all our about to be mothballed military equipment, tanks, ships, planes (Non civilian of course) submarines, rocket launchers, SAM Missiles, RPG's etc, etc. and as a extra show of goodwill we even throw a few dozen or so camouflauged military outfits, white of course matching the sand making them feel more at home. Only we use a little Tom Foolery. We paint big bulls eyes on the backs of these uniforms out of reflective invisible ink. Huh! Huh! Now your catching on. We are applauded by all the Arab Countries with parades in the streets and are considered real team players. avoiding the nasty big bully syndrome after killing so many innocent civilians with our so called smart bombs. Everybody is happy. The terrorists heads swell up from all the confidence that accompanies being considered a player in the war, a military force to be respected and reconned with, They may even go a little to far thinking they are now a military super power. But, that's ok. Because it is all just an illusion, a slight of hand, a mirage, a tarrot card, a stunt similar to that of Houdini. Because they are all now sitting ducks for the weapons we spent trillions developing. Just to be emarrased by a bunch of fuzzy faced, berkka backing bearded Bozo's who made these weapons almost useless against there rudementary 5th century tactics of suicide bombings and sacrificial human interface planes used as guided missiles. Now we have all the Terrorists grouped in easy to track pods using GPS preditor drones. A blood thirsty pack of traveling nomads,Whenever we feel the need to take out a group of these Bacci Boy phedophiles out we send in a few smart munitions like being on a Terrorist Turkey Shoot we destroy complete cells of these murdering muslims before they even know what hit them. Take back our equipment and send it to mothball or send it out to be scrapped. This without any loses to civilians or damaging roads, towns or bridges. Pretty good plan Aye! General Patton has got nothing on me. I figured out how to win the war on terrorism in a way everyone is happy. Except of course Al Queda, Humas, The Muslim Brotherhood, Jihad, Radical Muslims faithful to Islam. That's ok we just schmooze them over with gifts of military equipment and everyone walks or drives away happy. How's that for cornball?

        • Revere1

          The police .Because the minute one of you yahoos starts shooting you will lose!

        • Roger Meyer

          The police are simple an extension of the local government, however they also took as oath of office stating that they would be loyal to the Constitution and protect the Citizen. Some of these men and women will ignore that oath but many will remember it.

        • romney2011

          That is right. How many will keep their oath and how many will be rogues remains to be seen. We can pray there are many more with morals and honor the illegal, abusive federal treason. We should all prepare with supplies for defense and survival, but as important will be organization, communication, planning, etc. No one man or family can amount to much alone. The feds. will be at your door at 4 am and they won't knock and say "I am here to collect you guns".
          Everyone, research "concentration camps for Americans. Then research the subcontractors forms for the camps. The contracts are let out by Haliburton and/or Kellogg, Brown & Root. Also, research the "White" X-Ray vans and the millions of rounds of ammunition bought by the feds. Remember, obama did tell the truth when he said, the feds need a domestic federal military force equal in every way to the regular military. Now put all this together.

        • drewynp

          Thanks to the last stimulus, the feds have been arming the local police departments with military-grade gear unlike anything we've ever seen on city streets. I just found out that the town of about 20,000 several miles from me was given two surveillance drones by DHS via the stimulus act. The chief of police has no idea what to do with them. I'm certain they'll be spying on my house before long.

        • Tom McDonald

          One shot can mean alot! Remember the shot heard round the world?

        • Ed Plitt

          The first Revolution was quite different. the rebels and the Brits had basically the same armament. Flintlock rifles and pistols and some cannons. Today, even the heaviest armed citizen is no match for F-15's, F-18's, Bradley tanks, attack helicopters, and who knows what else we don't even know about. NOW, if the military turned on the bastards in DC and joined the people, THAT would be a different story. Beating them at the ballot box will be difficult (the freeloaders will always support the hand-outs), but it would be easier accomplished than a "traditional" revolution. Not to mention a lot less deadly. Be aware that Homeland Security (not the military) has ordered 450 MILLION rounds of 40 cal hollow-point ammo. Why do you suppose that is?

        • Roger Meyer

          The military may or may not side with the Citizens, but in my area, the State of Florida there are many military bases with a great deal of equipment but a woeful lack of personned. It would not require a major trick to overpower the few military personnel that stood with the government and take control of that equipment.
          Many of us "Red Necks" and "Swamp Rats" have a lot of knowlege and training in this type of equipment, including aircraft and attack vehicles.
          Us old Viet Vets still remember how to fight and many of us have kept up our Pilot Certificates and other skills.

        • CARLjr

          Roger Meyer gets added to the watch list.

        • Ray Ficara

          I agree that you don't want a second revolution, but look how long some half-assed guerillas tied up the Army in Vietnam with BICYCLES for transport.

          As for the ridiculous idea that the U.S. Military are "robots" who will kill anyone on sight is Hollywood horse hockey. You NEVER obey and illegal or improper order. Just because some WHORE of a political general says to storm a southern town and shoot resisters does NOT mean it will happen.

          I see you never heard of the Oath Keepers. The Left HATE the Oath Keepers. They met a few years back on the most sacred patch of soil in the U.S., Lexington Green and swore to a man to defend the nation AGAINST such an action. Since then their numbers have risen to THOUSANDS and the best part is less than 2% are known outside the group. They include soldiers, law enforcement and first responders. The first "little Hitler" who give the order to shoot civilians will be shot from every angle.

          Ray from Bloombergia
          NRA Life
          Soli Deo Gloria!!

        • Guest

          I don't know. Terrorists seem to do okay with all this fire power looking for them. Must be like an apples and oranges strategic difference. Just a thought.

        • Rick Zimmermann

          ANDREW: BE AWARE that they have to have the balls to use them against their Families,friends,and Relatives !!!! "COULD YOU"

        • Guest

          You really think the government in any form will get away with tracking down and destroying a civilian with a F-15 using laser guided missiles on the streets of Denver. We would have to be a Country of teeming with Liberal Morons before this could happen. Everything I just said. NEVERMIND!

        • mari

          You can lock, but you better have something to load!! Best train in how to make your own ammo because they are slowly taking over the companies that make it. We will need every vet to train the rest of us how to fight in this war!

        • Ronald Mellish

          Amen all of you. The current situation with BHO and Billary is insufferable. In particular their advocacy of the Law of the Sea Treaty and Global Gun Control. These idiots are going to sign the UN gun control "treaty" on July 27. ENOUGH ALREADY! I am a veteran, my father and four uncles fought in WWII and Korea. They did not fight in vain. I WILL FIGHT TO PROTECT OUR CONSTITUTION against all enemies DOMESTIC and foreign. Take back America!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • CommonSense

          IF bho wins in Nov, he would call in the UN. Remember when Clinton gave the UN sovereignty over ALL of the Nat'l Parks and Historical sites? If he loses, how many Exec Orders will he sign into law before the new Pres in signed into Ofc? Law of the Sea and gun control for sure!

        • buddy

          if obozo gets elected again.. just do a double tap to his chest and head... that will fix things..

        • Guest

          That is to put it mildly. With no campaign and voters to appease he will be like a liberal in a homeless shelter giving away our liberties, freedoms, property, guns, nation and ambition to ISLAM and a bunch of fuzzy faced bearded berkka backing Bozo's set to wage a holly Jihad on infidels and non believers of a murdering, child molesting moron from the 10th century.



        • Vincente

          Trolling from your DC office? Big Sis must be proud of her little high school dropout. In between groping passengers and stealing items from luggage, learn how to spell!! And turn off caps lock....

        • Peter Propwash

          If you dont have anythang intelegent to say critisise spellin

        • DurangoKid

 are sooooooo right!! These two treaties should be the basis for impeachment of Barry Soetero, who took an oath to support, defend, and preserve our Constitution. The U.N. Small Arms Treaty undermines and obliterates the 2nd Amendment. Enough said??

        • Susan Woods

          Amen Ronalld. I come from a family of patriots going back to my great-grandfather, who had the longest ACTIVE career in the U.S. Army, 67 years!! He was active until the day he died, and he is now turning over in his grave! We will not betray our veterans and active military, and we will not betray our country as our leaders are doing! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! GOD SAVE AMERICA!!

        • Barbara

          I want to thank you and all your relatives who keep the memory of this great man alive. In that way I can thank him for the work he did for our beautiful Country... God bless America

        • Guest

          Thanks for not saying God Save America. The task at hand is tough enough to get motivated supporters to join a malitia without them leaving it up to a song and a prayer.

        • PatriotsRus

          I'm sure no American soldiers have ever died fighting for Socialism. My Dad was Marine Corps 3 years does this count? Me I am just a pissed off Conservative. Ready to join or start a Malitia knowing Revolution is only Solution. Looking for Patriots, Lawyers, Guns and Money. Don't take this the wrong way but, I have to ask. I hope nobody is litterally waiting for God to save America. Because this can only slow the task. I vote for Joe Pescci to save America. Now this guy gets answers I can witness first hand or heads are gonna roll.

        • Michael G.

          I too come from a long, long line of patriots; all the way back to the French and Indian War (one of me ancestors was an Ensign in Washington's army at that time).
          Even as old as I am I would fight for the future of my country. Every day I now receive is a gift from Almighty God. I don't know how much time I've got left. Perhaps today will be the end of it...

        • PatriotsRus

          It's Malitia Time. You In? Looking for Patriots, Lawyers, Guns and Money. Revolution is only Solution.

        • buddy

          my father fought in ww2 and the korean was also... i will fight to take back America...

        • Bexarpaw

          This is exactly what the Communists did in Russia and they are doing it here! Be very wary if the man is returned to power.....he will disarm you and take the media and you are then beaten.

        • Mike6

          You are correct and in 1918-1920 the Bolsheviks disarmed the Russian pupulation and Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and their Red Army goons murdered one million innocent kulaks. CHEKA agents liked to pull surprise inspections of farmhouses and if the found weapons hidden in the closet they would order the unfortunate kulak outside and shot him in the back of the head.

        • Michael G.

          Maybe you hit on something. If Obama wins ion November, he will be presented with an "ultimatum" properly crafted. It should leave no doubt in his mind what will happen if he goes down the wrong road.
          But still, think what the end results would be. The cartridge box is the last place I want to go.

      • wtune


      • copakeman

        2 months plus for a lame duck president, who has already written unconstitutonal executive orders, that will allow him to declare a martial law emergency, for any reason he comes up with, declares the nov elections null and void, and will proclaim himself as (dictator) the only one who can save our country. forget gold, buy lead.

        • Average Joe

          Hes not A lame duck. His goose is cooked!

        • Weasler

          Relax. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. There is no way the military (who detests Booga-Booga and the First 'Ho even more than we do) will implement martial law against the American People merely to keep these Mudslime Commie cruds in power. Do not buy the medical marijuana-types' b.s..

      • Benyamin Tover

        Better to die on one's feet than to live on one's knees.

      • Revere1

        So, let me see if I understand. If someone you don't like gets elected, you will revolt? And who will you fight against? Your fellow citizens? One bullet from one cop will literally stop you dead in your tracks.

        • Proud Primate

          don't waste your breath — just pass the popcorn

      • steamdwarf

        keep your flyswatters out for tiny drone assassin poison dripping flying things that look like a mosquito flying in your open window controlled by brown shirts in a distant control room. this IS 1984 heading to your local block.

      • buddy

        i beside you catfish...



      • pretzeldude

        H E L L YES LETS GET IT ON!!!!!!!

    • Rich

      I share your opinion. I'm not sure we are going to be able to stop it from happening. If Obama wins in November where do I enlist?

      • Mickael Ventura

        a time and a place to enlist will certainly be iminent in November an begin in January

        • Mickael Ventura

          I myself am praying that our Magnificent Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ will intervene and give us a Constitution loving, God fearing, Humble American Citizen (this time) to lead America back on the path our founders Established.

        • Sam in NC

          Looks like the choice is gonna be between a Muslim and a Mormon.

        • jb80538

          I'll go with Mormon over Moron!

        • Sam in NC

          You're right, it's really not a choice, it's common sense.

        • glock 19 fan

          I'll be voting for the American, not the fraudulent alien.

        • Mike6

          I predict that Romney wins in November with 51% of the vote and that is still a victory. Our Kenyan tyrannt will be gone and our fat communist lady will stop running around in the White House telling everyone what to do. I will be free and I will dance in the streets.

        • *.*

          Let's pray the Vice President will be a Christian.

        • Sam in NC

          LOL ! Let's pray.

        • Matt

          The Mormon's okay with me- his life and family and past business are thousands of times better than the other LIAR!!!

        • Sam in NC

          You're right. I like " the other liar " part. LOL !

        • Sam in NC

          Looks like the choice is gonna be between a Muslim and a Mormon.

        • Benyamin Tover

          I'm not in agreement with Mormon religious doctrine, but let's make this clear. We're NOT voting for high priest here, so it shouldn't matter to us what his personal beliefs are. Is he a moral man? I believe he is, and his records are open and he appears to be a good family man without any baggage. That's NOT the case with Odumbo. He has lots of baggage with his bad associations, and he IS sympathetic to Muslims. He may well be a closet Muslim. He has associates who are known Marxists, the terrorist Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and numerous radical academics. If we don't unite to support Romney, we'll suffer the consequences of a reelected Obama.

        • Sam in NC

          Very good post, and I agree with you, Benyamin. I don't agree with some of Mitt's policies, but he's got El Presidente beat, hands down, as far as moral character. Obama's a Manchurian Candidate. The guy came outta nowhere, has all his records sealed, Connecticut SS#, born in Kenya, heavy Muslim and Commie affiliations, and accumulating dictatorial powers. Yet, millions of Libs and Blacks are gonna vote for him. Go figure.

        • Mike6

          Obama was elected in 2008 because our media hid his muslim background, marxist loyalties, black power sympathies and these are the three pillars of modern hate.

        • TheSunDidIt

          God only knows what His exact schedule of events for these days is but, it can be discerned by the Spirit of God. Problem is, I'm a student of military operations through history. I don't know we have enough time left to seriously "change" America back before the Lord calls it quits with mankind on the earth and brings judgement. We can pray for those we love and fellow believers. But, I'm not sure anything but direct miracles will turn some of these folks and I'm not sure even the appearance of the Son of God would turn them from sin. That's why they'll soon believe "a strong delusion".

        • I C Delight

          does our Magnificent Lord God and savior Jesus Christ still have a stake in America? After all we have allowed him to be kicked out .

        • grassroot

          We are given, by the Lord of the universe, the leader we
          deserve. God says in scripture" If MY people, who are called by my name, will turn from their wicked ways and repent, and seek my face, I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins
          and heal their land." We have been given " Abimilech" for
          our turning away from Him. Repentance, Turning away, is
          needed first.

        • Benyamin Tover

          I can't disagree with scripture. And the only way to fight evil is straight on. Taking away our liberties is done by chiseling away at the foundations of America. One of these key issues is our Bill of Rights, and in particular the 2nd Amendment. Stock up on ammo, keep your powder dry. Practice your marksmenship, read military manuals online (easily found). Join a militia, and keep the peace. Don't start trouble, keep your nose clean and obey the laws. When the time comes to defend the constitution, it will be self-evident. I'm just saying you should be very prepared.

        • Average Joe

          He has put the right man for the job in front of you several times. All you have to do is VOTE FOR HIM. Dr. Ron Paul the only guy that don't want A war, bleaves heavaly in the constitution and the rights it gives us

        • Babci

          You're all registered to vote, right? Freedomworks has a page where you can type in a person's name and city and it will tell you whether they are registered or not. I was shocked (and pleased) to discover that some of the mouthiest liberal, Obama-defenders I know, are not even registered to vote. In several cases, a husband was registered and his wife, not. The page encourages you to look up people you know and then send them a voter registration form...with what I found, I think I'll just leave those folks alone. Check it out...if raised my hopes that November will be a blowout for the good guys!

      • Sam in NC

        In your neighborhood.

      • Andrew Marzilli

        Trust me you wont have to enlist. I am sure you will know where you are most needed, standing up for the Constitution of The United States of America and protecting your family will be your first duties.

    • kellys

      What makes you think Mitt is any good? He is anti gun, pro tax and spend, pro mandated healthcare and pro choice. Look at what he has said and done in the past and not the sugar coated fairy tales he is telling you now. In the last 2 election cycles we have turned our backs on the constitution and its representative, Ron Paul. None of the others are constitutionalists, if they are not constitutionalists they do not believe in or support your rights to life and liberty. Because we have rejected the founding document we will lose the gifts that God has given us through it. It is like the jews in front of Pilate saying, "We have no king but Ceaser!", they rejected the messiah and chose Barrabas, the theif and murderer. To all of my Jewish friends, I am not trying to be offensive, merely trying to make a point from a Christian perspective. May God save all of us!

      • whackajig

        You have two choices............... Romney or ovomit. If you chose ovomit then you are even more stupid than you sound.

      • tickedoffamerican

        This election will be as follows......"do you want puppet number one...or puppet number two?".....all Mitt will be to our country is "anyone but obummer".....

        • Tucker61

          And what was Obama? "Anyone but Bush", which translated into anyone but a Republican or Conservative. Obama rode in on a white steed of lies, enveloped by a perfect storm of events. Personally, I will take puppet #2.

        • glock 19 fan

          Slight error: Ovomit couldn't have been "Anyone but Bush" because Bush couldn't run again. McCain wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but I voted for him over B.O. As it is, B.O. got me grieving for my parents all over again, they died over 30 years ago but they came back to vote for Ovomit and didn't come to visit me.
          Besides, we have gotten a taste of the type of judge B.O. will appoint if he gets the chance. Kagan removed all the Constitutional Law curriculum when she was Dean of Harvard Law School and replaced it with International Law. Her contempt for the Constitution is just what Obummer wants; if he wins re-election you can count on Eric Holder being given a seat on the Supreme Court.

        • Mike6

          I read that a rich Saudi family paid Harvard University one million dollars to admit Obama because he did not have the grades for higher education but that he was a muslim. Obama is the product of Affrimative Action and it shows. His second book was composed by someone with the writing skills of a ninth grader.

        • Tucker61

          Thanks for your comment, Glock. I realize Bush couldn't run point was more of a comparison. A great many people hated Bush so much that they were not about to vote in someone that was a republican or conservative. I agree.....McCain was a lost cause, but I also voted for him. It was a vote AGAINST Obama more than a vote FOR McCain. Scary thoughts regarding your comment on Holder. Bring on the nightmares!

        • MIchael Lovetere

          You forget; we must also get a senate majority of patriots...tea party patriots. and congress, too, like we started to do, cleaning house in we must get rid of the rinos who are just dead weight around our necks...

      • barto you really think Romney wouldn't or couldn't do better than Obama AND your preconception of what and who Romney is can be described as faulty. Although Ron Paul talks a good political stance, does he always walk that stance and if so, give us the proof. Besides, Paul is not in a position to win the election, but he is in the position to give Obama another term because some people will write him in even if he's not on the ballot as a third party OR those people that wanted him will not even vote....that's how they will eventually help Obama win! We need a change of Administtration in Washington and only will that happen if those people with a grain of common sense vote for Romney over Obama. By the way, I belong to nor am I associated with any political party, I am what you would call an INDEPENDENT!

        • Tucker61

          I agree. While many people would not have chosen Romney as their best pick, we must deal in reality. He is the nominee and writing in other candidates, while it might make you feel better, would have disastrous consequences, i.e., returning Barry to his throne.

        • Pastafarian

          RMoney believes God lives on planet Kolob.

        • PatriotEmpire

          WE THE PEOPLE MUST MAKE IT CLEAR. C L E A R - what will happen IF the ballot boxes are tampered with as they have been since 1994. We must SUPPORT RON PAUL as a third Party Canidate vai the INTERNET as LAME STREAM MEDIA WILL ACT like ROMN PAUL does not exist and VOTE for the right guy as we did for Perot in 1994. EXCEPT in this case if RON PAUL doesn't WIN at the ballot box....WE THE PEOPLE go to the streets and have ourselves a little RIOT. THIS will be the start of the 2nd Civil War. Why"IT doesn't get better LATER......It just gets LATER." 4 more years of the NWO Non-American Puppet IObummer

      • TheSunDidIt

        Our choices in November are a murderer or a murderer. The press set that up for all of you who didn't pay attention. Soros owns the press in most of the nation and many around the world. His agenda is the destruction of the US as a free nation and worldwide socialism; which will be the government of the Anti-Christ. Once in place though, Soros won't live long. He just thinks he's the kingmaker. He's in a very sad place spiritually. Lost and doomed to He11.

      • Willy

        Mitt is what we have we MUST support him !!!!

      • Tucker61

        Ron Paul is not on the ballot. And although you continue to support him, please do not allow our nation to be destroyed by using your anger and resentment to put Obama back in office.

        • Donna Walker

          I agree and he's not going to be on the ballot. He'd probably be a fine president (except for that little foreign policy thing) but lets all get over it, he's NOT going to be president so we better get on with things and vote for someone better than Oshithead. Basically that would be just about anyone, even me but we've got to support Romney because it's either him or the antichrist. Romney is the only chance we've got to get this country back on the road to recovery.

          Yes, he did lots of things I don't like too but I think that perhaps he has actually listened to the people unlike someone else we all know. Despite his "past" actions I think that his ego is not quite as tremendous as Oshitheads. He has heard the people and I believe he will act upon it and do the will of the people.

      • Mary Laforet

        My National Right to Life paper endorsed Mitt, so he has changed his view on How important Life is. Obama is the most pro-abortion president ever

      • Average Joe

        Vote Ron Paul.and get back to small goverment and rights derived from it

    • Robert W Velon

      Your correct on that. It is coming and we will not be able to stop it. If you are not armed now it is time to purchase a weapon before it hits the fan..

    • TheSunDidIt

      Sorry, tipped already.

    • tonyscott317

      Strong sentiments here - clear evidence of what happens when you push free men too far. However, I hope this can be fixed at the ballot box. If not, that leaves the bullet box and it will be important that plans and linkage to one another happens sooner than later. If the worse case scenario should be forced on us, the Internet will be shut down and all the resources being gather against us will be deployed. THEY will have the communications, organization and game plans in place. I imagine it's already there. We all took the same oath to defend our constitution. Clearly, we all take that seriously. However, intent and execution are two different things.

    • Barbara

      First I want to say I haven't heard your 'slang' in decades!!! LOL. I hope and pray you are wrong but I so afraid you are right. God bless...

    • Gregory Lawrence Faith

      I stand beside you to take back what has been stollen from all of USA!

    • Michael G.

      Remind me, I'm being kind of stupid this morning, what does NWO stand for anyway. If they are close to being at logger-heads, then back out of the way and watch what happens.
      Oh too, don't forget to protect yourselves in the process.

      • glock 19 fan

        NWO stands for New World Order; it's also called One World Government (OWG) but by whatever name it's a global socialist superstate. In practical terms it would mean that our sworn enemies would have a big part of telling us how to live.

  • Ihatelibs

    It's never too late.
    It should have been started 3 years ago.

    • kellys

      It should have started with Waco.

      • RMF

        Ruby ridge started it, The Waco MURDERS should have been the last straw.

        • Benyamin Tover

          Yes, both Ruby Ridge and Waco were gross overstepping of government authorities. Though I didn't agree with the religious sentiments of Waco, that was not my problem. The complaint of child abuse by outsiders was a fabrication, unfounded, and the issue of personal weapons was also not supported by probable cause. Those people didn't threaten anyone outside of their enclave. Janet Reno should be tried for murder. Those people died in an agonizing hell of fire. Janet Reno must await hers.

        • Lawrence Keith Brown

          you are correct

        • Rocky

          Yes she is guilty as charged,string them all up for treasonous acts,of
          course I know it won't happen as long as we don't have support from
          "Congress and the Republicans"they have their own crimes,there are some in the Senate and Congress that have committed crimes and should not be in there at all,they will stand before "GOD"on Judgement
          day for all to see and hear...are we willing to take back our country from
          the thugs in (D.C.) ?

        • budman

          Benjamin: I agree but trying Reno now would be a lost cause as I think she is not longer mentally or physically able to stand trial and a waste of taxpayers money.

        • G W

          Reno is a mass murderer of American Citizens. We the people have a Constitutional Right to defend ourselves even from a uncontitutional government or lawless law enforcement. Our Country has become a facist police state, with the imperial obama as its ruler by royal decree.

        • pretzeldude

          Janet Reno is living in Hell on Earth as I write this. She lives the Miami area and is never heard from. It has been reported that the B I T C H has Parkinson's.
          She lives in a secluded area away from life.

        • capitalust

          Reno was just a foretaste of Rule by the Gays, the Lesbians and the Communists. She is one of the primary culprits that made 9/11 possible (by blocking transfer of info on Clinton from moving between the FBI and CIA, to keep him from being removed from office and arrested). Seems like I see a pattern here - a totally evil Atty. General protecting a totally evil President. Isn't the Left amazing?

        • Michael G.

          In that case, leave her alone. Let her rot.

        • Michael G.

          Whatever happened to Lon Hourichi anyway?

      • cyberhackster

        Bingo ! !


        IT DID MY MAN,...IT DID.

    • Doodlebug

      It doesn't matter if we NEED or IF WE SHOULD START one, if things keep going on the path they are now with government taking control of every part of life, THERE WILL BE ONE! Our founding fathers DID NOT MEAN FOR US TO BE LIVING the way the country is now being forced to live under this administration. Now this jerk wants the UN to control us???? Has he gone totally off his rocker?

      • SeaShel

        Doodlebug, Great post! NEED and SHOULD are two words that are redundant in this question. A revolt will happen spontaneously if the government stays on the path now on, seemingly forgetting what the oath of office is and whom they serve....We The People!

        • nifongnation

          Oath Keepers

        • dmrid526

          The majority of poilticians seem to have already broken their oath. I think a big turning point in this refusing to protect, defend and uphold our People's Constitution is when they start to come for our firearms. They now have a vote coming in the UN to restrict our gun rights, once again. I think when word gets out that the law starts coming to individuals homes to steal their weapons, that may be the turning point of using our votes for weapons right now, compared to a country going to arms to protect their Constitution and way of life and Liberty. God help us to turn back to morality and common sense and natural laws and mans liberty and pursuit of happiness, with our Lord at the head of our hearts and minds and souls and motives.

        • OldRockerguy

          As much as I do believe in God and I pray that He will help us to turn things around I also have to think about the idea that God helps those that help themselves. We are dealing with a group of people that do not have any morals or ethics - they do not care about right and wrong - they only care about their power and they are ready to do whatever it takes to grab it. If Obama gets the consent of the Senate to ratify the "Small Arms Treaty" with the U.N. American citizens will be forced to make a choice. It would not surprise me if Obama does everything he can to ram ratification of this treaty through prior to the election therefore rendering our votes useless. If “WE THE PEOPLE” are stupid enough to voluntarily hand over our guns to the Obama Regime and the U.N. then we can kiss our freedom and the sovereignty of this country good-bye. We must let our Senators know that passage of this treaty will be considered by the American people as a Congressional Act of Treason. Any Senator that votes for this bill should be considered to be a traitor to this country and should be subject to citizen’s arrest for treason and immediate removal from office. There are 100 Senators and 300 million of us. We will be forced to act - if we don't we will become defenseless slaves to a world government. If we allow ourselves to be intimidated by Obama and some Democrat and RINO Senators then we will deserve what we get. Our forefathers freed themselves from the tyranny of England and gave us our freedom. Our fathers/grandfathers protected that freedom from the Nazi tyrant. We may have to help ourselves and protect our freedom once again by standing up to the INELIGIBLE ILLEGAL MUSLIM TYRANT that is currently trespassing on OUR White House grounds.

        • E

          Not all people will turn over their guns. The criminal element will keep their guns and Obama will make a distinction in the law so they're allowed to keep them.Hell, it's probably in Obama Tax if we look hard enough

        • OldRockerguy

          I won't be turning over mine - nor will anyone I know here in AZ. We are ready for open hunting season on blue helmets.

        • Ken Lowder

          It won't be blue helmets. The UN still doesn't have an army. It will start with local cops and the national guard. The regular army will follow after the shooting starts as the cops will immediately fall back while the national guard takes the most hits. Combine that with defectors in the cops and the national guard ranks and they will quickly become ineffective. That's when the real civil war starts.

        • Robert M. Anderson

          Cops run the gamut; some are thugs with guns and will obey any illegal law; others will not. The same is true for the National Guard. Both those organizations's members take the same oath to "...protect and defend the United States and its Consitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic..". Also, there is not way this could be kept a 'surprise'; with any kind of advanced notice, there are millions of us who would be prepared to fights, and capable of doing so. If the government 'lost' a million LEOs and guardsman in a week, what would happen then? I'd think some states should seriously think about seceding. (Alaska, Montana, etc). The US is a COMPACT; if the Federal Government breaches the contract, the SOVEREIGN states are with their legal rights to secede.

        • emerutiul

          So it was in the 1860s. How well did that turn out?

        • Don39

          This is not a case for secession, but a case for national revolution!

        • JimRed

          "Both those organizations's members take the same oath to "...protect and defend the United States and its Consitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic..".
          When the Commander in Chief is the foremost domestic enemy of the constitution, it puts troops between a rock and a hard place.

        • CyclingFoodmanPA

          No, the troops need to arrest the Commander in Chief as he is issuing an ILLEGAL order in which any officer or soldier HAS THE RESPONSIBILITY to refuse and arrest the CIC!

        • Michael G.

          I agree with you. If blue helmets are around, then they just painted a big blue target on themselves, and I have no problem with that. What I said in my above-post was meant to get people to think before they start pulling triggers. Goodness knows I have one, and would use it that way if the blue helmets were around.

        • emerutil

          We would only succeed if we could marshal our

          resources . Otherwise, they could easily pick us off one by one. House by house. Block by block. City by city! Remember, they have been trained to take us down, and are well prepared to do so!

        • goku vegeta


        • Brian Tucker

          Other than repealing a few amendments, starting with the 16th, not much can be done to "improve" the Constitution.

        • emerutil

          We would only succeed if we could marshal our

          resources . Otherwise, they could easily pick us off one by one. House by house. Block by block. City by city! Remember, they have been trained to take us down, and are well prepared to do so!

        • rivahmitch

          They've already taken most of the cities. The sheeple there have already given up their weapons.

        • Phillip in TX

          Will there be any "bag limits?"

        • DonnaM

          If B.O. sends out his "just as well funded and just as armed civilian army", all bets are off on bag limits in my book!

        • DonnaM

          AND brown shirts!

        • VT Patriot

          Uh - - lesee, I just sold all of mine to the scrap guy in a pickup truck. Yeah, thats what happened to mine. Gee I miss them.. But I feel safe enuf, I have a pile of rocks in the back yard.

        • CyclingFoodmanPA

          Same in PA. Was at the range the other day and some of the employees were joking about collecting blue helmets and piling them up in their front yard. Us folks in PA are avid hunters and we may end up hunging UN troops if they set foot on PA soil to confiscate our weapons. The Military better now as they took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. As a former Infantry Officer, I still abide by that oath and have joined the Oathkeepers. As Lt. Col. David Grossman said:
          To be born free is a privilege
          To live free is an honor
          To die free is a responsibility
          EVERY AMERICAN needs to heed these words!

        • walda151

          They definitely won't be getting my gun.

        • 1marksman

          Just remember, Guns are worthless without Ammo! They are already trying to control what type of ammo you can have and how much.

        • Scooterwedge

          They can have mine, when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

        • walda151

          Even my cold dead hands won't give it up!

        • Don39

          Obama is the criminal element!

        • Major Robert D. Cole (USA-Ret)

          I agree wholeheartedly, and I might add, Hillary Clinton is every bit as complicit in this as is Obama. If this President and this Secretary of State want to ensure the populace of this great Country will take to the streets, signing this egregious treaty is the sure way to make that a reality. I, and millions of my fellow Americans, will never stand for such an abridgement of our cherished Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. This sort of treasonous action is exactly the reason the founders gave us the Second Amendment in the first place. If they think they can sneak gun controls upon us without repercussions, they had better think again.

        • Michael G.

          This is true. I momentarily forgot about Hillary. Remember, she's not that smart. After all she married Bill. These kinds of people are nothing but trouble makers. They are the ones we should kick out of office--and keep them out. They are only there for themselves; that's pure selfishness.
          The Constitution should be left alone, and only amended when absolutely necessary.

        • retiredsgmusarmy

          Not only was she dumb to marry him in the first place, but the fact that she remained married to him after he was caught cheating on her, just goes to show everyone just how stupid she really is. She had the chance to become an instant MILLIONAIR and she chose to "Stand By Her man(?)".
          In the now famous words of Forrest Gump; 'Stupid is as stupid does!"

        • emerutil

          If only. If only!

        • rich (1SG ret USAF & US Army)

          Absolutely.......The Clintons have been anti 2nd amend their entire career. She is the enabler of this garbage with her world travels, selling off America . I dont know who will be the first martyr to take the hit, arrest, to start the revolt against these rotten marxist hacks, but it should be a large outpouring so that no one person becomes the brunt of their retaliation.

        • joanne

          My reply above about a wonderful piece: I think the article was very interesting but I was referring to Dimrod and I say the same to Rockyguy.

        • Vazir Mukhtar

          I haven't yet dug into the history of the American Revolution against Great Britain sufficiently to know the percent of colonists who supported the Revolution. But I'd like to know that as a prelude to undertaking a second one.

          I am troubled by the expectation, even the addiction of so many Americans to some form of federal assistance. I wonder how many of them would be willing to give up those entitlements, or handouts, to achieve a greater freedom that would mean more self-reliance on their part.

          We have 200+ years of experience of the overwhelming majority of congressmen (and women) running on an array of promises and policies more designed to attract our votes than to be realized after election. We have a congress where many are unwilling to work with their political opponents to pass legislation that truly has the good of the people as its aim. Much of their legislation is designed to protect us from ourselves, to isolate us from the very freedoms and risks that our ancestors fought for.

          Why are we continually fooled by people who will promise what they cannot deliver? Is it the result of having no option to vote for "none of the above"? Is it the result of being so ill-informed about the philosophical positions and voting records of those we elect? Consider the current president.

          I'm not opposed to a turnover in the way the federal government works but wonder if there enough people willing to undertake the reforms, especially when the government is in our backyard, not across the ocean, and numbers so many defenders of the policies so many of us would like to be reversed, if not abandoned.

          I have no doubt that if those so eager, so desperate for change even appear to be willing to take up arms to secure the freedom they want, the feds will overreact and the situation for those in opposition to the current government will be dealt with severely; are there enough citizens willing to take their places and continue the struggle?

          Do we have enough sensible and charismatic leaders to assemble a body of citizens ready to undertake the struggle? Have we modern-day versions of Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, for example, to persuade the doubtful and to speak and write with the assurance and persuasion to convince our fellow-citizens as Key wrote in our national anthem?

          Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
          And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."
          And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
          O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

        • Richard R. Tryon

          Read Ledbetter's two volume book "America's Forgotten History" to get the answer to your question about American support of the Revolution and more about human nature that has not changed from before or since the Constitution was created to organize and leave voters still in charge, while greed was distributed among three competing parts-executive, judicial and legislative.
          Don't forget that Obama has few soldiers willing to shoot their own people except for a few like the one at Ft. Hood.

        • joeeeeeeee

          The idea of defending American values and ethics are a good one but one big problem 50% of the population has not got the same values and 60% approaching fast for the foreign cultural values and ethics. no other time in American history has the population been so adulterated by foreign nationalists. old Persia was the same they implanted their population and over time would take over culture and assimilate.

          ( aka) multiculturalism.

        • rivahmitch

          According to my readings, about 1/3rd of the colonists supported independence but theirs' was hard support, a similar number remained loyal to Great Britain but for many that was a loyalty of habit and convenience rather than conviction and few were actively engaged. The remaining third were uncommitted but noone likes having foreign troops (Hessians, etc.) in their homes. It was always a near thing and undoubtedly the French help (for their own reasons) which allowed our founders to overcome the crown.

        • Attila

          Estimates of around 30% support for the American Revolution, much less for the Russian. A point to remember is that the 10th Amendment gives all power not specified (or little beyond national defense and diplomatic relations), to the several states, and to the people. We the people on the other hand have been remiss in not responding in outrage over the assumption of powers by the federal government far beyond its legal authority. First step, already happening, would be putting forward representatives who actually put their oath of office above pandering for votes and influence. Raise hell if they stray from their responsibilities. Second step, flooding the voting system with volunteers to offset widespread cheating and corruption by the left that steals elections. Third step, rise up against corrupt judges who overstep their constutional authority. I dont mean the usual railing against "legislating from the bench"; more like "your resignation or else."

        • William M. Doherty Sr.

          What your suggesting is; that they resign or get shot?

        • CheeseandRice

          Sounds good to me. Or they can always go cut their own wrists.

        • Noah

          Old Rocker Guy, there is one itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, hardly worth mentioning slight error in your first sentence. You have partially quoted another incorrect verse that states: "Godliness is next to cleanliness" (Hesitations 13:13). Your often used, however incorrect verse is that, "God helps those who cannot help themselves" (Second Opinion 13:13). The truth is that God is impartial to all and He helps those who cannot help themselves:
          "But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy" (James 3:17).


          The first guy that tries to take my guns away from me, will have performed his last act, before meeting his maker. Subsequent tries will be met, with the same outcome.
          There are approximately 150 million guns, owned by individual citizens in America. Most share this same view.
          I don't think Hillary or Barry have enough fire power to overcome this force.
          I would sure like them to try, however. Then all loyal American gun owners, could perform national pest control.

        • William M. Doherty Sr.

          I believe that the number of privately
          owned firearms in this Great Nation is somewhere closer 850 million and still
          rapidly counting since the 2008 election. Even here in the Peoples Republic of

        • emerutil

          None of this would have been possible had the citizens of the US rejected Political Correctness!

        • goku vegeta


        • rich

          refuse massively to follow any UN treaty that denies our constitutional rights, dont comply, dont respond, just work to remove the intiators and petition to have the treaties dumped in the next senate/congress. Remember we must get rid of morons like Reid, Schumer, Menendez, Boxer and the rest of the vile marxist crud.

        • Mary Carter

          I agree Obama has gone to far ,since 3 years ago, How long are we to wait,when we end up losing our america?We need to get together,Obama has already said he is signing a bill that does not agree with him will be treated like a terrorist.And I believe him MC

        • capitalust

          Once they start coming for your guns, there will be no choice, because once the guns are gone, there will be no possibility of ever getting out from underneath the crushing heel of their boot. Jefferson specifically provided the second ammendment NOT to provide for hunters, or even for self defense from minor league criminals (burglars, muggers, etc.) It's PRIMARY purpose was defense of individuals against the most powerful criminal class of all, ORGANIZED GOVERNMENT.
          I suggest you read Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" - it's superfically a good Sci Fi tale, but hidden in its pages are all the details of how you organize and overthrow a tyrannical government. Heinlein was ex-military and the first presidential candidate of the fledgling libertarian party. Amazingly that book is still available - you can buy it from amazon right now (might be a good idea to do so before amazon decides to drop it).

        • Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell

          you are dead on, I hope it doesn't come to that, but it looks like they will try anything to kill our will!

        • David

          I love the smell of gun powder in the morning

        • Joanne

          A wonderful peace and very true, however, we do not get a chance to vote for anyone who will straighten out the situation. Both parties are responsible and only God can help us but there also our government is taking away the right to proclaim this publicly.

        • emerutil

          I never thought it would come to this. We may well be using our actual weapons! Glory hallelujah!! The blood will flow as it never has. The people will be a-screaming and a-dying. Can you say Armageddon?

        • emerutil

          I never thought it would come to this. We may well be using our actual weapons! Glory hallelujah!! The blood will flow as it never has. The people will be a-screaming and a-dying. Can you say Armageddon?

        • matism

          The overwhelming majority of "Law Enforcement" have already spit on that same oath as well. The stench is overwhelming.

        • EcoPlastican

          Must. Must is the word that you are seeking. Revolution is inevitable.

        • budman

          When you say "the government", we should be talking about all three branches as what we have now is like a Chinese fire drill. This administration brought in a bunch of academics who have no idea how to run government, the Supreme Court has lost their collective mind with their incredibly stupid decisions lately like an act somehow becomes freedom of speech and allowed, a tax not a penalty where they changed the wording of law which only Congress can do. Then we have total gridlock in Congress primarily due to one person, Harry Reid ruling like a tyrant refusing to recognize a budget and refusing to make the necessary decisions to alleviate debt.
          If this administration is allowed another four years, you can be sure the Federal Government will be downgraded, the dollar will no longer be the international exchange and prices on everything will go through the roof. Interest on credit cards will also shoot much higher.
          Many programs will be cut for lack of money and this is both good and bad. Many will actually have to find a job or starve to death as they will no longer have food stamps, welfare and unending unemployment money.
          I am not a fan of Clinton but remember what he did about those on welfare and it worked. What I didn't like about Clinton was the hoax he pulled on the people about balancing the budget when all he did was some manipulation of funds like the General Fund, taking from Social Security and retirement funds and leaving an I.O.U. Creative thinking to be sure but dishonest and likely why the funds are in trouble now.

        • capitalust

          They will cut the "non-essential" services, like police protection, firemen and defense, but increase the "essential" transfer payments to the poor and their cronies (and OF COURSE, themselves).

        • Nik

          A revolt has happened spontaneously. Occupy Wall Street. Join it.

        • Phillip in TX

          Sorry, the OWS (Our Way Sucks) crowd was not and is not a "spontaneous" happening. It was planned out and even they used the "evil banks" and "capitalism" during their "movement."

        • randy

          Shove IT!! Its BULL S***

        • True Patriot

          You are right. We shouldn't have ever fought in Vietnam. We should have stayed home and fought the 'enemy within.' I spent too much time in Vietnam fighting a worthless war that the politicians wouldn't let the military fight. We should have stayed home and fought the commie subversives within. Bing it: haasstrep68

        • SeaShel

          No doubt you are right, but then hindsight is always 20/20 and for that you guys and gals bore the brunt of the bad reaction...still! and for that I am so sorry, but now we face a far more serious enemy within our nation. It is a plague which has not antibodies, except PATRIOTS who stay locked and loaded.

      • Nancybarnes8

        This has been in Bible prophecy before this ever occurred by Obama. the UN will control the world with the AntiChrist in charge.

        • William Magginetti

          and the antichrist, also known as the great deceiver, shall lead all of the great nations of man to an end and the children shall suffer in torment and lament the actions of their fathers. Is there any greater deceiver than OBAMA.

        • matt

          AnitChrist, Obama, very, if not positively the AntiChrist. Do WE REALLY KNOW Him, where he really came from, where he really got all the campaign funds, Why he won't release his records? ALL lead one to Consider he has a tremendous desire to hide all information about him from the people he is deceiving. Could he be a Muslim Plant to destroy AMERICA from within? He has already admitted he is the most unpatriotic President we have ever had. Pictures show him NOT putting his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. Pictures have shown him NOT wearing and Jewelry during ramadan? He invites muslims to dinner at the White House but NOT Christians. What more evidence do we need to know he is truly a Muslim in disquise.

        • hfh1

          How about the fact that he's surrounded by Jews, who tell him everything to do and say? Soros, Axelrod, the banksters, etc. Would a Muslim bow and scrape to AIPAC? I wouldn't think so. I don't mean THE Jews, I mean those Jews, those far lefties, and those idiotic academics, and the moronic Hollywood decadents.

        • ebnas1

          please don't call the Jews - they have nothing common with Jews.

        • Nik

          @ebnas What are you talking about? Soros and Axelrod most certainly are Jews. And proudly so. Why aren't you calling this pig hfh1 out on his bigotry and anti-semitism??? What's YOUR problem?

        • Pastafarian

          Comedy gold. It almost makes me want Rmoney to win so I can read your conspiracy theories are against the Mormons. We are going to be invaded by the planet Kolob!

        • Michael G.

          Scripture says that the "Antichrist" will only be revealed when the Church is taken out of the way.
          That doesn't mean that other antichrists (another of the same kind) won't be around until then.
          Obama sort of fits the bill. But "The Antichrist" he ain't.

        • emerutil

          I think the Anti Christ will be Caucasian, of Hebrew descent. He will seat himself in the Jewish temple.

        • emerutil

          I think the Anti Christ will be Caucasian, of Hebrew descent. He will seat himself in the Jewish temple.

        • walda151

          Not in this lifetime there isn't

        • Michael G.

          Yes. Satan himself.

        • JPM

          I don't know if Obama is "The Antichrist, but am fairly sure that he could be "An Antichrist and defienitely not a christian.

        • Debbie F.

          We have been calling Obama "The AntiChrist" since he was elected.

        • Walda

          No, there isn't.

        • capitalust

          Well how is the Antichrist going the run the U.N. if he is relected President of the U.S.? Maybe he will just declare the U.S. defunct and assume to his new position as God Emperor of Earth.

      • Sky2cruiser

        Off his rocker?? Are you kidding?? This is by design. And it started long ago. A century long march to not just socialism, but fascism. I'd say Obama himself has been part of this for most of his adult life. At this point, the powers that be are very sure of themselves. It's all been done very slowly and carefully until the time was right. Think about it. We needed a President like George W. or Obama would never have been acceptable. Clinton was far too popular. The press demonized W. to the point that no matter what he did a remarkable percentage of the citizenry didn't care, didn't see, that the 'New Guy' was a radical. A little racism, a little voter fraud was all that was needed to get him in. Once in he said, essentially,"I won", we do it my way.
        Most of what was hidden is out now. Obama doesn't even bother to make his lies plausible any more (If he ever did) He broke his promise of transparency within 10 days of taking office. If he wins another term (rightfully or not.), I'm afraid revolution will be the only way to get our country back. He's giving it away as we speak, by over-regulation, over-spending, you name it. He's giving rights to our assets to other countries, control to the UN.
        There's a provision for this in the Constitution. To vote in conservatives to both houses and Romney to the White House is the only hope of stopping it (assuming we have a fair election) and it might be too late for that given what he may do from November to January.

        • Michael G.

          Obama is definitely not the guy for this job. It's far above him, and way too big for him as well.

        • VT Patriot

          There are many (I know many) who are ready at a moments notice. There will be a "shot heard round the world" if this fraud manages to steal this election. Be afraid folks, be very afraid.

      • DieHardPatriot

        What do you mean 'Has he gone totally off his rocker"?....He was off his trolley tracks before he usurped the Oval Orifice. Why do you think the REAL powers that be put him where he is? He like they.... are power hungry, greedy control freaks! Simply put...Obama just doesn't give a DA**! because being a liberal in the first place you have to be insane..("MAJOR PREREQUISITE").. and having personality disorders and a need to almost constantly feed his Narcissist Ego balloon another requirement for the control freaks putting him in the WH.

      • Rhonda Anderson

        We need and should, and must start a revolution. We are the one in charge for our children and grand children. They are our greatest assets. Our legacy has to be protected for them.

      • sandra haws

        If Obama gets in again, States need to start the ball rolling to secede from the Union one by one, our corrupt government will fold. We then could start over. The government would need to deposit each state resident's social security (retirement only) into that State's account. Government "give aways" would be re looked at on an individual basis for a "true need". ALL tax money would then go to our State capitol. Each state could then handle it's own health care, schools etc. The State Governor would run the State until the kinks were worked out. Each State has it's own constitution, Obama has no authority over us. Life would once again be good. Our founding fathers said " A regulated man is not a free man." I'm for seceding to get our freedom back. Obama's plan is to turn America into a Muslim nation by the end of his second term per his words. We can make our own laws and tell Obamacare and the rest of his regulations where to go. In Indiana, Sandra Haws

        • Robert M. Anderson

          Uh, there IS no SS for them to 'deposit', their are simply worthless (non standard) 'treasurey bills'; and, if we secede, the feds are hardly likely to bother keeping that promise having broken so many others.

        • Nik

          That worked so well in 1861

        • rivahmitch

          So I guess you propose just handing over our weapons and homes and just going quietly into the relocation camps?

      • Robert M. Anderson

        He is not off his rocker; this is all part of a plan laid down by his (admitted) mentor, commie Saul Alinsky, to destroy America. In that context, he is succeeding brilliantly.

      • Nik

        @doodlebug: what on earth does the pathetic little UN have to do with anything? Are you really very sure displaying your rampant paranoia on the internet for mall to see is such a good idea? It is a form of mental illness you know.

        • VT Patriot

          Nik, if you ever get a chance to get away from MSNBC, you may just find out what obozo and the UN are up to. Must be nice to be so ignorant, no worrries.

      • Navy Vet

        I agree. A revolution is definitely coming, if things don't change, in NOVEMBER. People should understand that under Obamacare, their freedoms they once took for granted, will be GONE.

      • emerutil

        No. He has an agenda, and is brilliantly working toward its implementation!

      • Don39

        The fraud never had a rocker, only an agenda to destroy the Constitutional Republic. It was no secret, it is no secret ! He was clearly anti-Constitution and clearly anti-American from the beginning! Only the sheeple are still enthralled with the marxist Muslim anti-American sellout!

      • machodog

        Mr Bowyer paints an ugly picture of a revolution and by all rights he is correct...revolt can be ugly. What is uglier is a country turning into a dictatorship and totalitarian. War among the people is never pretty but sometimes necessary. People are hurt and killed but if that stopped us in the past, today we'd still be ruled by a king. Live free or die!!
        Today people are speaking their minds and when someone objects to what they say...they back down and recant their statement. It happens over and over again. I say "say what you mean and mean what you say"! If you're offended SO least you know what they're really thinking.
        And now the muslims are threatening us if we dare say anything against them...what do we do?? We back down!! What the hell's the matter with this great BOLD country??? We've all become puss ies and keep backing down.
        A revolution is definitely needed, although sometimes it looks like they're egging us on... so a state of emergency can be called and martial law imposed.
        I don't know at what point Mr. Bowyer thinks a revolution is in order as he keeps downplaying what it would take to justify a revolution. Maybe the final straw for one would be like Hussein...that our government would gas us all. Now that would justify a revolution, wouldn't it Mr. Bowyer?

    • JCole6320

      I totally agree with you.

    • Guest

      Nope go back alittle further, back when bill clinton became, as he put it
      "the first black president" that would have been a very good place.
      But it's not too late, but it needs to happen soon.................

    • samtman

      Don't unnderstand that rlight wing organization and their followers like this posting who are calling for a armed revolultion against the US Government is not reported in the media or even Fox news, The FBI needs to find out who the oraganizers and their followers are and bring them to trial for sedision before its to late and these fools start something and get themselfes killed.

      • emerutil

        You a commie among us? We will not start shooting unless fired upon. If this so-called revolution were ever to get ignited, it will be because our very lives will be in danger. I assure you, fear for one's life is the greatest motivator!

      • CARLjr

        It is a tiny group. DHS & the FBI knows all about them. They are Christian Reconstructionists. This ideology is common among the white supremisist groups.

    • wabobs

      We need an Article 5 Convention like immediately!

    • redscho

      If not now, when?

    • CommonSense

      The Jews remember that in fact, it can be too late. Too late to leave Germany, Too late to leave Poland, Too late to not be preemptive in our own country. Once they put you in chains of iron, you know your lack of freedoms are confirmed.

    • rj


    • goku vegeta

      TRY 48 YEARS AGO!

  • Fred

    The war for independence was a civil war. Not a revolution. Get your history correct.

    • wkelly10103

      you obviously knew what he meant without having to point it out to make you look "bigger" than him...

    • bruceapilot

      Revolution means change. The American colonies changed their form of government from a monarchy to a republic after dissolving the bonds with England under which they were in servitude without representation in Parlament. It was an American Revolution.

    • jim28threg

      War is nasty no matter what name you put on it. We don't need to quibble about such silly things the feelings behind the frustration is understood .

  • Ben

    No. We need to start a second Civil War to reclaim our rights.

    • Forever a Rebel

      Most humbly begging your pardon, sir. When was the FIRST "Civil" War? What happened in 1861-65 was NOT a civil war. The Confederate States were NOT attempting to overthrow the United States; they merely WANTED TO LEAVE. 250,000 Southerners died defending their states and about 350,000 yankee invaders. NOW look around you at what mr. lincoln wrought. He violated freedom of the press, religion and habeas corpus. NOW LOOK AROUND YOU. Do you like what he gave you?

      • Ropeburn

        100% on the money, the Northern troops came south to start shooting, Lincoln was a war criminal who was in reality harder on his own people, and many northerners were jailed to keep the union intact. The Union army used tactics that could only be described as terrorist as they really took the war to the south's civilian population.

      • JimG

        Very good, Rebel. The Second War of Independence started in South Carolina in 1860. The Founders knew the Right of Secession reserved to the States under the 10th Amendment was the same Right of Secession the colonies had exercised in 1776; a check against the power of a government that had overextended its boundaries.

      • The Brigadier

        At the end of the Revolutionary War, our European creditors came to us and asked for the eighteen million dollars we owed them. The Northern states were poor having few industries and little agriculture so they went to the rich Southern states and asked them to pay the lion's share, and they could become the creditors for the rest of the new nation. The South refused, so the creditors made us give up the Articles of Confederation and adopt the Constitution that made us all debtors "jointly and severally" liable for our debt. Our founders argued strenuously with the creditors to add the Bill of Rights and the creditors reluctantly agreed and said as long as you pay your interest we will see you in seventy years. This occurred in 1789.

        Seventy years later, in 1859, the creditors returned (Rothschilds, Bilderbergs and the East India Company). Again the debt had ballooned, and also again, the Northern states went hat in hand to the rich Southern states and said, "Seventy years ago our forefathers came to your forefathers and asked for you help. Will you help now or will you stand by when the creditors add new onerous requirements on all of us to deal with our growing debt."

        For the second time the South refused and the creditors did indeed add onerous new requirements, new debt and restrictions on what could be grown and to whom it could be sold. Instead of becoming creditors in their own right, the South decided that they would welsh out of their debt responsibilities and they met and decided to readopt the Articles of Confederation with strong states and a weak central government. They called themselves the Confederate States of America to that document and seceded.

        The North said, "These rich uncaring bastards are pulling out leaving us to pay the whole debt. Like Hell they will!" So the war was on. The Civil War was not fought about slavery that was largely on the way out by 1861, but on the South's attempt to avoid their share of our Revolutionary war debt. They of course lost because America's industrial revolution had just begun and the North was building factories while the South was still planting cash crops.

        It was a race over who could equip the best and the most and the North won that contest of 'make or buy' and won the war. This is the real reason for the second rebellion we call the Civil War.

        The Third Revolution will be fought about debt again, but this time it is our current president that has become so profligate with spending, he is willing to crash the economy and our currency to force a socialist state on all of us. We won't go hat in hand asking anyone to bail us out. We will take up arms and take back the reins and throw the socialist Progressives out. If they resist, they will be killed. If it comes to war there will be no half measures. Thinning the Progressive herd will be a priority. This election is the last chance to avoid the blood bath that will come if Obama is reelected. Vote wisely America.

        • Ithamar

          What a load of crap! The South had been pay the war debt plus internal improvements benefiting only the north over and above anything reasonable through taxes, high tariffs and onerous trade restrictions which greatly benefited the North. There was a constant flow of wealth out of the South into the north all concentrated into the pockets of northern shippers and industrialist. The very reason that our nation is now doomed to statism and the eventual total loss of liberties is found in this crap article casting more slander upon Southerners who were bound to their Christian culture and demanded their clear constitutional liberties. The author is an ignorant worshiper of Lincoln, the first 'president' who despised the original Republic, wanted a national empire with himself as dictator!

        • The Brigadier

          Sorry bubba, but your wrong. In the 1780s many of the founders talked to the southern founders and they refused to pay anymore than the northern states. The same thing happened again. Our history books were written by people who didn't know about the Revolutionary debt. Every seventy years they came here and forced more and more of the wooden yoke of debt slavery. I'm from Texas, and we had rich cotton and rice growers and the history shows Texas refused to pay anymore even if meant we would be deeper debt slaves.

          Virginia, both Carolinas and Georgia were mega wealthy and the record shows that like wealthy Texas, they also refused to pay. Why do you think they readopted the Articles of Confederation and Jeff Davis was a mere figurehead? Of course Lincoln was a strong President. Most southerners were taught at their father's knees that Lincoln was the very embodiment of the Devil, because he was the strategist that defeated the South. Tough. My state and your state tried to weasel out of the debt. The Mafia breaks the knees of welchers and if its serious debt they kill the debtors. Do you think the semi barbarbic people of the 1860's wouldn't do the same as the mafia? Get over it bubba. I have.

        • Cameron

          Nice spin on history! Most of what you say is right, but not necessarily WHY. The North was jealous of the South's wealth & wanted to obtain as much as possible, by hook or crook, tariffs or taxes, it made no difference. All that is water over the dam anyway. Today's problem is Obama, Socialism, Liberalism, & Fascism, all of which are part & parcel of the same thing: tyranny. We must restore America to what it should be, or Hell is coming to breakfast, & it's hungry.

        • Jamie

          The details don't even really matter so much, since the North/Lincoln is the only side that insisted on having it's own way no matter what. They were the aggressors - no argument even possible on that. And that ends any discussion on who was right or wrong. When one side wants nothing more than independence, and will gladly let the other side do what it wants, WITHOUT A WAR, they are in the right no matter what else. When you are the aggressor, and without your aggression there is no war - YOU ARE WRONG no matter what.

      • JohnnyHiott

        Ditto !

      • Mike6

        Lincoln was a dictator who jailed two thousand journalists in Maryland for writing the truth that Linconl started the Civil War. After the shelling of Fort Sumpter, Lincond ordered mobilization and Virginia patriots refused to fight against their friends and neighbors. The Civil War was also a massacre because if a soldier was shot in the stomach he was died.

    • Steven Lemon

      Get it right, big Ben. Our fight is not with our friends and neighbors. It is with the government.

      If in the execution of our resistance to the fed our friends and neighbors choose to fight against us, THEN we can make that a CIVIL WAR issue.
      YOu soulnd like you already have your targets chosen.

      • dondh

        Steven, I partialy agree with you, but the battle is with this administration and those congress members who support this bozo! I'm specifically thinking of one here in my State of Florida, that being Debbie Wasserman Schultz. This woman can't see the forest for the trees so to speak. She along with several of her kind need to open their eyes and see what's going on. Let's take many of these kind out of office in November and 2 years hence first. Then if things don't work out that way, civil war could possibly take place against those who support this anti-American administration!! But I think we can save America at the voting booth this November! Its possible that could be enough to get our country,THE TRUE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, back to where we want it to be!

        • Georgetheclown

          YEP!! Back to a WHITE MAN. You Betcha!

        • Dornell

          Hey , I am Black, and I resent that comment! Sin and hatred takes prisoners of any hew. You better learn that quickly. WE are not in a race war. If the race mongers are black or white, they are absolutely liberals. Which means, they be the enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Got it, If not, Git it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jude

        Just as sons, fathers, family and neighbors joined the Union against their own fathers, sons, brothers etc. in the end the Government won.
        For your information
        Union: hostile deaths 110,070
        Confederate: hostile deaths 94,000
        Union wounded 281,881
        Confederate wounded 101,000
        Non hostile deaths / diseases etc.

        Union 249,952
        Confederate 164,000
        The Confederates were better at shooting them dam yankees

      • johnw

        Yes democrat.liberal,progressive are some likly targets.If this is civil war dividing line then so be it .In war there is no middle ground.

    • georgetheclown

      Oh sure. More hate from you Right Wing Wack's. We got a Black President so we have to have a civil war. RACIST IDIOTS!.

      • Tucker61

        Why do liberals only recognize and acknowledge the black ancestry of Obama, while ignoring his white ancestry? Guess this explains his being "half-assed".

      • Dornell

        You are a liberal. Get off of this Blog. You are going to be a victim!!!!

    • Revere1

      FYI, if a second civil war is started ,you will lose again!

  • Bobseeks

    To answer mthat question I can only say that socialism is a foriegn form of government that violates the letter and spirit of the Constitution and socialism is being imposed on us by those who are traitors to the USA. To me, that not opnly calls for a revolution, it demands a revolution. I hope that the revolution can come about through ballots rather than bullets, but it must come by whatever means are necessary.

    • CrisAWise

      Well said, Bob. We need to be aware that a bullet fight will bring the United Nations' involvement. We are fighting world governance, I believe.

    • bruceapilot

      An election is coming in November. If we vote out the current crop of statist socialists, we will have taken a step toward the restoration of Individual Liberty. Since the restoration will occur under the current Constitution's system, a revolution will be unnecessary. How will we regain what has been lost if we abandon the principles of our representative republic? I will defend her with my life, but I will not disregard the original intent of the Founding Fathers in establishing a just and noble society based on the Judeo-Christian ethic of individual accountability. I am sworn, however, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. The removal of domestic enemies is legitimate under our current system and would not be a revolution.

      • Phil

        What will happen if the current administration finds a way of remaining in office if it should lose the election??

        • bruceapilot

          That would be a coup... We forcibly remove the usurpers, with bloodshed if necessary. My take is that the Military would walk in and place them all under arrest. They have taken the same oath.

        • Phil

          We should all hope they will.

  • Hobbes

    We might ... ask me again in November.

  • Dale

    The second revolution has begun. This time with ballots not bullets.

    • 094870

      If this keeps up like its going it will be with bullets, I bet you.

  • Doug Procter

    If it will eliminate Obama I'm all for it.

  • icemancold


  • CCblogging

    My opinion is, the revolution has already started. It was started by the Commies, the Fascists, the dims & the libs. They are trying hard to overthrow our cherished Republic. These whacko subversives have escalated their leftist revolution under the narcissistic control freak named Obama. It is now up to we American Patriots to oust these vile predators who are trying to take our freedoms. Whatever it takes.

  • Luke Asbury

    It is indeed time! We need to take out the trash.

    • Jerry Ray Johnson

      get rid of liberel politicians in Nov

  • WriterDudeLA

    Any armed rebellion in this country would invite every foreign power to interject themselves into the fight and would be counter productive. If you want to restore the balance of government, then repealing the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution is the place to start. Give the state governments their rightful place at the Legislative table.

  • Wayne Henry Braden

    Yes only if it means eliminating the Federal Reserve Board and bring back our "Greenbacks". to stop the borrowing and lending of government to private banks. End the despotic economic domination, stop the fractional reserve lending. Stop the lending of money banks do not have to lend.

  • Jackie

    I'm in!

  • castnet55

    It is time to bring the federal government back into line with what it was set up to be. It's time to let our congress-critters know that we are close to being at the end of our strings and that they have overstepped their bounds. I have no problem with removing half of congress and putting a fresh batch in in their place with the condition of them knowing that the same can happen to them if they don't get back to the constitution. Remove half of the supreme court and tell them the same thing. Put them in detention camps at hard labor for a couple of months and reeducate them. Setup mandatory classes for every congressman and senator on the constitution. Maybe instead of the FISA Courts we need citizen courts to pass secret judgments on on government employees. I can name a few that I would love to see disappear for a while.

    • Skip Baker

      Half won't work, who decides which half to keep? Replace them all and insure a clean re-start. When you 'Fumigate a house for Termites you don't plan on eliminating half!

      • Dornell

        Get rid of the Congress. they have to go. All of them. Let the people decide who runs.

  • Jim Sands

    I think we are past the point of an auctual 'physical revolution' by the people actually rising up against the various level of Government... city, State, etc. etc.. The only way an actual change could come about now is if the branches of the Military did their own interputation of the Constitution (both domestic and forgein comes into play), planned out and overthrow of the current Administration and restablished new elections to totally replace all the Congress and Representatives, including President and all upper levels who were not part of the "plan" to rebuild America. It could be bloodless !

    • Skip Baker

      Our current military leaders do not have the courage...all the real 'George Washington' types have been replaced by 'Followers'. (Hurray for my Career and I will do whatever they say to keep it)

  • Vigilant2

    And, what about the case where the central government 'revolts' against the people ... ?

  • Ron Snare


  • David in MA

    In this manner, and hopefully in this order:~~
    First in city & town meetings
    Second in the media.
    Third at the ballot box.
    Fourth as a consumer
    Fifth in school systems
    and if this does not return America around:~~~
    Sixth By The Bullet!
    It is up to the majority of Americans to make it happen!
    Then deport all illegals and tell them to apply and get in line,
    build the fence,
    take everyone off welfare except those who are definately in need,
    roll back prices to the 1990 level,
    if the level of uninsured AMERICANS in America is (at say) 5%
    of the population require all medical providers to have 5% of
    their cliental at 5%.
    Tell china to go FK & tell russia to worry about russia.
    BUT, America must tell the islamic arabs they are on their own, no more American money or supplies (This also entails deporting ALL islamic's from America).

    • Sam in NC

      And tell Israel to fight it's own wars !

  • emc38fdny

    You are sadly in error in regards to when is enough, enough, along with your description of the War for Southern Independence, and I am a Northerner. The South paid almost 80% of the revenue that Washington City collected, unconstitutional. For decades Washington City took the wealth from the South and used it to improve the North. Slavery? Not one slave ship ever sailed from a Southern Port. All slave ships sailed from Conn, RI or Mass. Virginia was the first to try and stop the slave trade, but the Northerners were making so much money they refused. More Union Generals owned slaves than Southern Generals. Lee had no slaves but Grant did, and he did not free them until 1866. Read the Corwin Amendment or Lincolns second State of the Union, near the end. There were 10's of thousands of free Negros in the South, some even owned their own slaves. Free negros were not allowed in the North, see the black laws. I could go on and on.

  • GW

    I diagree with the author of this article in that not all legislation was imposed on us by us. The most recent being Obamacare.

    • Sam in NC

      Thanks for reminding me about that. You're exactly right.

  • KarenB

    YES we do and YES we will. But I have a proposal that I wish would take hold. We need to get 535 Americans organized. We need to assign a House Rep or Senator to each person. 1 elected official to 1 American citizen. We congregate in DC on a designated date. We all stand outside our assigned "leader's" office and at the exact time we walk into their office and declare them unfit to represent the American people (we need to create a charter, resolution, statement whatever we decide) and demand they leave OUR HOUSE immediately. We the American people will take their place and we the American people will create a new government. If interested send me an email to: The only other choice and the only other answer is that we MUST take back our country by force if necessary. Lets try peaceful civil disobedience first.

    • Skip Baker

      "Peaceful Civil Disobedience" may just be our only viable option. certainly worth a try, but it will fail without core leadership, organization and planning. Maybe we should start right here with like-minded Patriots!

  • SallyE

    ALL of us need to get to the ballot box this November. I have heard people say that since Romney is not their first choice they are going to sit this one out. That will give the election to Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama and we CAN'T let that happen! Then, if Romney wins, we will need to keep the pressure on him and our other elected officials to do the right things. Meanwhile, buy ammo :)

    • Mickael Ventura

      amen lock and load

    • TexasGal

      Yes, vote and keep your eyes open at the voting poles. The people do not work for the Corporations. Any Employee of the people that do not honor their contract (oath) must be elimited from service of the people, for the people by the people.

      • I C Delight

        and remember, Obama did not do all these things alone. The democrats voted as a block to get these things passed. Remember this when you go to the polls.

    • Skip Baker

      See Fontana above: Obama is 'Rigging' the election as we is not going to succeed.

      • Sam in NC

        It don't look good, Skip.

    • SmokingReb

      The President and the Governor's sign the legislation that is given to them by the senators and representatives at the state and federal level. Seems to me that is the place to start if we really want to undo, repeal and set free. Those who think they can write in or sit out this election need to be reminded there is more at stake in this election than the presidency. Treaties need to be ratified by the senate and house, an attempt to do so by executive order would be grounds for impeachment. We also need to remember that many in the house came in with Gingrich in '92 and now have the experience to do what needs to be done. Rhinos need to go.
      I also suspect/hope/pray that within the military there are many good men and women at the highest levels who would be more than willing to rise to the occasion if this POUS and his minions actually get stupid. The majority of the military will defend the constitution against an attempted takeover IMHO. All they would have to do is hold the POUS, the VP, Pelosi, Napialiano and Reed in protective custody pending investigation of conspiracy charges concerning the allegations they knowly helped put an unqualified individual on the ballot.
      Hillary would by necessity be by passed and Boehner as Speaker of the House would hold the Presidency until the election was held and verified by the Electoral Collage. Congress could pass emergency legislation on budget matters, everything else can be put on hold. I suspect many Democrats would also rise to the occasion this close to the election. It would of course have to be made very clear to the world that as a nation we are prepared to stand and defend. The National Democratic Committee would have 2 weeks to provide an acceptable alternative candidate for the national ballot.
      The main stream press will be loud and noisy but actually lack any real power any more in terms of public opinion. If that failed, then we could lock and load. IMHO

    • Dornell

      Where do I get it? Where can I purchase a big shot gun.

  • JamesFontana

    Yes we do because Obama is not going to go peacfully. He will do whatever it takes to become dictator.

  • Mitchina

    Answer to headline: YES

  • dowdajeff

    The 17th amendment's soul purpose was to eliminate states rights and it did it's job. The founders did not intend there to be two house of representatives which is what we have today, there are no state representatives.

  • A.L.

    It has already started !! it started when a brain dead fool was elected president.

  • John Mauldin

    What most Americans do not know is that Obama recently, through executive order, decreed he has the right for our government to take over and run EVERYTHING. There can be no revolts because, between what Obama has done directly combined with the Dept. of Homeland Security, we are virtually defenseless, given the size and scope of our national policing power.

  • Dobro

    Absolutely. It is our ONLY method of getting this country back from the socialistic muslims presently in power.

  • mike defrancesco

    we do not have the goverment we asked for!?, since we have peolple like nancy pelosi and many others who get elected over and over and over again, we have career politicians who do whatever they want to do once thier elected, like obamacare "have to pass it to know whats in it" it is time for a change, and lets hope and pray that it begins in november 2012.

    • Andrew Marzilli

      I just want to know why that dumb ash biotcheis still around???

  • DanielK

    There is nothing wrong with a voting revolution that has the majority of citizens voting the bums (tyrants and statists0, out at the poles starting this November 2012.

  • Originalintent

    It is quite apparent that our so called representatives are not even interested in attempting to perform their duties and almost no one in any of the three branches of our government seem to have any interest in abiding by the principles upon which our country was founded and by which it is supposed to be guided, the answer to the question is a very simple and resounding YES!

  • GW

    There is no rule of law practiced by our 3 branches of government. They are all corrupt and believe themselves to be above the law.

    • Dorne

      The will soon declare themselves to be the ROYAL FAMILY OF CONGRESS!!!!!!!!111

  • sockettuem

    No one will have to do anything. It will happen without any prompting. Those who do will rapidly become unable to pay for those who do not and those who do not will be unable to support themselves. The politicians who pander to them will have no more power to borrow, the financial can will have been kicked to the very end of the road and over the cliff. The dependent will have nothing but urban riots, buring and destroying what little they have left. The bottom is dropping out, some are too foolish, some are too stupid and others are too greedy to see it. Those remaining are in denial, clinging to some might-have-been reality, but the collapse is coming. Change is not likely, the GOP has not got the courage for it and the collective left, like a confederacy of fools, is racing toward it. Revolution or not, the end will not be pretty. I am sorry to disagree with those who fantasize about some utopian savior, but I fear it is indeed too late.

  • fridihem

    A jolly good idea, there are far too many people living in America, and real good punch up of a war, with all those nasty weapons you guys have made, decimate the population by 50% and leave half the cities in ruins.......................then you might leave other countries and other people alone

  • GW

    "RESIST" evil and corruption!

  • joe

    Absolutely! We have to rid this administration and Washington of these communists.

  • Wayne

    The best revolution people could execute would be the removal of every Senator and Representative supporting taxing without reducing government spending. This is destroying the free markets and the country. The rest would pretty much settle itself if the government were living by their own rules.

  • bruceapilot

    As God is my witness, we cannot improve upon what the Founders gave to us in 1776 and 1787. Rather than a revolution, which would abandon those principles of God-given individual liberty, we should strive to restore the Republic by education and persuasion of those who have been corrupted in thought and word and deed by the statists who have adopted socialist ideals and are attempting to indoctrinate the ignorant through deception and coercion.
    It was the prohibition of moral Christian teachings in the public schools which was the turning point and put us all at risk of losing our freedoms. Only a return to the cornerstone of American goodness, faith in the Almighty, and a mutual respect for our fellow man in all endeavors, will save us. Righteous anger is constructive, but violent hatred could bring an end to the American experiment.

  • SallyE

    "To disarm the people; that is the best and most effectual way to enslave them." George Mason
    I believe Hillary will be signing the U.N. gun ban treaty this month. And if Obama wins another term he will have more "flexibility" to do anything else he wants.

    • Andrew Marzilli

      And I say Again!! ONLY IF WE LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT! The time to stop it is NOW. VOTE FOR ANYBODY BUT OBOZO, but make sure you are not wasting your vote, we defiantely do no need anothe Perot type election that gave us cliton for 8 years

  • Alden Wayne Dumas

    Your a little late buddy, Ron Paul started it a few years ago !! But, Your welcome to join in...

  • Jack_Reacher

    Where do I sign up? This has been needed for far too long ... Even under Presidents of BOTH parties. Government is OUT OF CONTROL, choked by inefficiency, greed and criminal activities by our politicians and government employees.

    STOP just rolling over and taking what is being dished out. Strike back with scathing letters, emails and phone calls to your local, state and federal representatives! It is long past the time for "friendly chats" and "hat-in-hand requests" with your elected officials.

    When you think about it, the President is but a figurehead to this government. The REAL destructive powers come from 100 Senators and over 435 Congressmen that some through greed and criminal activity have created a government that is beneficial to their own wallets and not the well-being of the people of the United States. STOP BENDING OVER, STAND UP AND START KICKING SOME A**!

  • JWD

    It has started it's call TEA PARTY.

  • Macdonald Cory

    The problem with revolting or another Constitutional Congress are liberals. They are the traitors to our system of government and our morals. How do we keep them out without blood and oppression?

  • Dale

    Vote them all out one at a time or several.

  • DJ

    I'm waiting............

  • PrinceCharIes

    well, right now B0 & Hillary are getting ready to sing a gunban with the un, on the 27th of July about 2 weeks and the distraction of B0Care seem to have covered it up. If B0 signs this there won't be any resistance.

  • Skip Baker

    Secession sounds right to me...however, my state of Oregon is a 'Hot Bed' of 'Liberalism' and I would most likely have to relocate. O.K. I am willing to do that, But where and how are we going to peacefully work this out? I am willing to die with a gun in my hand if it comes to that, but a 'violent Revolution' will bring this land of Freedom down never to rise again. If we revolt the World will devoure us like a pack of wolves.

  • underthewire

    Take notice......the unions and occupy wall street organizers are and will always be centered in big cities, especially those that rely on big government to pay their way.
    The patriots of this country will need to literally invade those liberal, socialistic domains, and choose the same tactics to make their point hear across this country. Only then will we get the liberal media to cover our point of view.
    Grandma and grandpa are going to have to be shown dragged off to jail for civil disopedience.
    Thsi is the THIRD WORLD WAR!

  • Ron

    if the Government meaning Obama , Hillary and those with them try to take our 2nd amendment rights from us by using the UN small arms treaddy thing I think you will see an armed conflict. I wonder what foreign country would come onto American soil to enforce the UN trying to disarm us . They will have a fight on their hands . Armed citizen's were what kept Japan from doing it in WW 2.

  • Bobby H.

    Thats all he would need to declare martial law, and remain in power as long as he wants!

    • Sam in NC

      Let him declare Martial Law. That's not going to stop 80 million, well armed American patriots.

      • Andrew Marzilli

        I'm standing right beside you Sam, They can have my guns whnen they can get close enough to pry them from my cold dead hands. If they come for your guns, by all means give them to them, bullets first!!!

        • Sam in NC

          I plan to, Andrew ! God bless ya, brother.

      • Bobby H.

        With martial law he would have the power to kill everyone in site...and would. Now is the time for clear thinking. Use his own power against him.

        • Sam in NC

          What's your suggestion, brother ?

        • Bobby H.

          We or they gave it to him let take it back at the election booth. That would hurt him and his obamaites more than giving him what he wants... and he would love for us to start a war, thats playing right into his hands. As the saying goes, pride cometh before a fall and he is full of pride.

        • Sam in NC

          OK, but what do you suggest we do if he get's re-elected ? Because this country cannot survive another four years with him in charge.

  • wtune

    The revolution America needs is not a violent revolution. The only force used by those wishing to establish a restored Constitutional government shold be in self defense. Attacks on the citizenry should be minimal if we can convince our military personnel that they swore an oath to protect the CONSTITUTION, not the commander in chief. Now we should be more fearful of the Department of Homeland Security than the Department of Defense. DHS is so corrupt at the top, we can only assume they have employed many anti-American degenerates at the lower levels as well. And I believe these employees don't even take an oath to defend the Constitution, just to follow orders.

  • Ronald Welker Jr

    If the democrats are elected again including obama I will have to close my business-that will stop most of my taxable income hehe-and I am not alone-these socialists are destroying our country-why make a bunch of money if the government is gonna take it and give it to a bunch of slugs-most of my money is goig to switzerland and legally so they cant steal it

  • GDC

    I'll be ready.

  • Peter Nayland Kust

    If we oppose the Federal Government in order to defend the Constitution, how is that revolution?

  • Henry

    America is experiencing Marxism. Hugo Chavez is so proud of his boy.

  • rebert

    If the American people don't wake up and do something-there won't be an America to cry about! All of Washington needs repair.

  • Proudamerican

    Of course! The dem. socialist party will not stop their efforts any more than we will. The weeds need to be pulled from the garden!

    • Sam in NC

      And water the tree of Liberty.

  • CoolApple

    Growing up during WWII, and the Korean War, serving 4 years in the US Military after High school, the last thing I want is another war but,.........if this present crowd of Reds is re-elected in November, a Revolution may be inevitable. It very easily could become reality.
    "Give me Liberty or give me death".

  • Patriot46

    "From time to time, the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants." A prescient quote. Anyone who is unable to see what this administration is, is a koolaid drinker or ignorant or doesn't care. Perhaps a combination of all three. Both parties are complicate in reaching our present condition. Compromise is a cop out and is what caused the present malaise. True leaders are nowhere to be found. Politicians work first and hardest to get reelected, not represent us. Never lose sight of that fact. Why else would they exempt themselves from the bills they pass.(social security comes to mind). This President is the closest thing to a 'king' we have ever had. People do get the type of government they deserve. We elected him. Shame on us. What pains me is the fact so many people still think he is wonderful. He is a complete disaster. The constitution means nothing to him, other than something to be worked around, He is excellent at that and the Congress goes along. What a pathetic group. Every American has a right to 'lock and load'. The clock is ticking. You can tell from my avatar where I stand.

  • dondh

    That's a possibility, but I think the best thing would be for those States who are in disagreement with this administration, to cecede from the this government and continue with our Constitutional principles because this present government doesn't give a rat's, you know what, about the U S Constitution!! This current president is not leading America in the right direction. He said he was going to bring about change, well he sure is, but in the wrong direction. Its of utmost importance that this liar be eliminated in November, regardless who the opponent is. That person would be head over heels better that this muslim president, unless some of those liberal anti-American dumborats put up a candidate who would at least has some sense. Also, its important that the Republicans gain control of the Senate so that this do-nothing harry reid is removed from the Senate majority leadership! Again, anybody would be better than this bozo! At the same time, the House must remail in the Republican's control with perhaps a different House Majority leader, unless Boehner changes and becomes more conservative and not cave in to the liberals as often as he has!! That must stop!

  • DavidE

    It may come to that.

  • Red Horse

    Wakeup its already started

  • BLUE

    Keep in mind folks, THEY are watching and reading. THEY are preparing for a uprising. THEY have the consentration camps ready here in AMERICA.

  • Curtis Edward Turner

    The revolution should take placed at the foundational level . . . American values and religious and spiritual renewal. Without that, any though of a significant revolution is a pipe dream. We need to examine ourselves and confess and forsake the sins we have so long temporized and ignored!

  • Cold1

    Nearly every member of Congress is violating his or her oath of office. Every single senior military is violating their oath of office. That part that is being violated is the part that says protect and defend the Constitution against all enemy's foreign and domestic. The Attorney General and Supreme Court Justice Elana Kagan should both be tried for their misdeeds in allowing Barry Sotoro to serve as president contrary to Article II, Section 1 and clause 5 of the Constitution.

  • scrambo

    If the south was wrong to sucede from the union in your opinion, then revel in the success of a strong centralized government of which you are now reaping the beneifts there of...

  • Sharon in Phx, AZ

    I'm wondering who would join and fight with a revolution. My mother taught me that if you don't work, you don't eat! I started working at 14 and am now 67 and still working. No I didn't have a high school or college education. I learned from everyone I worked with and thanked them for the knowledge. And I have always thanked GOD for the great education I was blessed to have from these WONDERFUL MENTORS. Eventually started businesses OF MY OWN. Still own business. It's very difficult now since all the business are closing down...but I will not give up. You have to 'tighten the belt' now and don't have everything you want, YES, I SAID WANT. The 'children' of today are spoiled, lazy, laying around having babies, sucking off food stamps and welfare... Why do you think we are in the shape we are in today...We've become a nation of lazy, self-centered, greedy, welfare-sucking people. YES, there are people who DO need help.... BUT...IF YOU HAVE A BABY OUT OF WEDLOCK, DO NOT HAVE MORE OF THEM! IF YOU HAVE A BABY OUT OF WEDLOCK, WORK AND SUPPORT THAT BABY. YOU DID IT, SUCK IT UP AND DON'T MAKE THE AMERICAN HARD WORKING PEOPLE PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKE! LOVE THAT ONE BABY YOU HAD, TAKE CARE OF IT, CHERISH IT AS A GIFT FROM GOD. But don't slap God in the face by being STUPID. AND.....BY THE WAY, Obama is a spawn of Satan! OPEN YOUR EYES

  • Russell RIcks

    I worry that their will be a revolt which will lead to another civil war, but it will likely be triggered by a violent group like Occupy Wall Street. We will simply be defending ourselves. If this keeps going the way it is, I see complete anarchy of state against state; city against city and neighbor against neighbor. I predict when the US dollar collapses, a violent revolt will start in the center of our nation (perhaps Chicago of all places).

  • Steve Killgo

    The important thing to remember is, who controls the middle class wins the war. If the middle class is stupid enough to be led to the left and embrace the underclass, that is destroying them and their families, all is lost. For the 47% that pay no taxes are the ones that are destroying the middle class. And NO the 47% are not the middle class, the middle class is with the 53% that work and pay taxes. Now if the middle class embraces the wealthy, whom most are employed by, (no one works for a homeless man!) and helps end the Communist social programs, then the 53% can take back this country and expel the large group of Communists now destroying it. This is Capitalism against Communism! The Communists feed the underclass and the underclass vote for the Communists that always promise them MORE! We have to get rid of the Communists and those enslaved to the Communist give me programs. Some will find this distasteful and cruel but we will not survive with over half our citizens on the dole voting for those that promise them More, More, More! Once the parasites outnumber the hosts the hosts are soon bled dry and everyone is now equally poor and hungry! We have to change who gets to vote in the New America! That's the secrete to our survival!


    Hmmm.. I am not sure about a revolution. Perhaps it is what BO and the left wants, to give them the excuse for declaring Martial Law and rule indefinitely. Just take a look at Egypt, out of the frying pan into the fire. Who do they have now? MH, yeah that was worth dying for???
    Voting BO out of office this Nov is a start and then one weasel politician at a time, we vote them out! Blood shed is not the solution

  • Michaellaborde

    A revolution will not bring our great Nation back. It will only cause misery and pain. While the nation is fighting amongst itself, the haters of freedom will come in and take over. We will not be left alone to retake our constitution and our freedoms. Many will die and evil will prevail. Many will suffer and die, like the aged and the children.

  • bowtonoone2

    If Obama isn't shown the door come November, then yes, it may be necessary to take our country back by force. One way or another, a second term for Obama will completely destroy our way of life as we know it and I will not live under his dictatorship without a fight.

  • John Randall

    Yes, Yes, Yes.

  • Kurt Grossman

    Revolutions can only occur when there is a majority of discontent. We have a representative democracy so the elected officials in power are placed there by the majority. Now that the "Free Press" is an alliance of self-serving fascists who understand that they CAN get away with propaganda and deception to further their own ends and we have over 50% who have ABSOLUTELY NO INCENTIVE to change there is absolutely NO possibility of a revolution. From all human perspective Mitt Romney will lose the election - as planned - and we will go further into Communism. We are NOT changing into a socialist nation. The central government in Washington, DC has control of the Judiciary, Executive, and 50% of the Legislative branches of government. The same ideology controls print: magazines and newspapers and television and will soon curtail the voice on the radio. The good people in the military are being forced out by the use of repulsive social engineering and being demoralized as they watch a "Loser in Chief" waste their comrades lives while he announces retreat. If GOD: the Creator does NOT intervene again we will see a more rapid erosion of our freedom in the next 4 years than in the history of our nation. We still have a choice as a nation: repent and confess that we have NOT honored God who freed us from England; admit we have focused on our own selfish agenda and let godless liars take over all the critical positions of power; and put every ounce of energy into prayer, campaigning, and even running for elected offices. It will take a MIRACLE!

  • Lenpat

    Maybe we all should read the "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich " by Wm. L. Shirer How much we would all learn from history.

  • Jim Nuziard

    Yes. If not now; when? It's time to kick all the anti-Americans out of our country starting with the Occupy Wall St. crowd! We'll let Obama sit and sweat before coming for him!

  • Phil Siders

    The constitution is still the platform on which our society is structured. Tell the commander in chief to read what his restrictions are, .. oops! Too late. Since he's already committed so many treasonable offenses, I guess we have no other choice but to uphold our dutiful responsibility. IMPEACHMENT!!!

  • Johnw

    I still think it may be necessary,when the media lies and minipulates the truth to there liking ,we maybe losing big chunks of our daily freedom.Sheep are led easily to slaughter as we have seen by Hitler,Stalin,Chavez,Castro,Po-Pot and many others in the past.Once they herd you (obamacare } its just a matter of time.

  • Curtis

    Enough is enough... we have allowed the slime in District of Criminals enough rope, and they have not hung themselves, so time for us to do it. In the southwest U.S. there are these large red any beds and they love meat. Let's do this; partially skin each and every S.O.B. in district of criminals, stake them in the ant beds and watch them eaten... how's that for a solution???

  • Ken

    We have those in our government that seek the destruction of our once great nation and for the life of me, I don't see how we let things get out of hand. I don't know if we need a revolution but I do believe some public hangings are in order.

  • Joanie Z

    I'm for cleaning out the White House, The Senate, House of Reps, Congress and anyone else that is taking our beloved Country down. For starters go to any Social Security Office in this Country and you might just see 1 or 2 grey headed people.....the rest are a bunch
    of loosers that with out a doubt are 2nd and 3rd generation welfare recipients..Does it make me angry you@$#^% right it does. I still would die to protect this Country for my Great Grand Childrens Freedom from Goons like this..If it takes a Revolution then so be it....THEY CANNOT SCARE GOD OUT OF OUR COUNTRY HE IS HERE TO STAY......GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • djstorrie

    All we want is our Constitution back as our founding fathers gave it to us. By whatever means, whether by election, (which is probably rigged through electronic voting ) or by force if it comes to that. I'm sure that most if not all people on this post are law abiding people that just want the government to follow the Costitution as it was written, so our children and grandchildren can have the same opportunities we had, and not be enslaved by some tyrant government.

  • JohnnyHiott

    First off America has never had a "civil war" what we had was a war of northern agression. Had it been a civil war Lee would have taken wash. dc and we would be a much better nation for it. The south never intended to overthrow our govt. they simply wanted freedom from it's oppression. Secondly, to call lincoln a man that could "bind the wounds of the nation" is ludicrous. It was linclon's war to begin with ! The north sold their slaves to the south then demanded an end to slavery. The north raped and pillaged the south and there was nothing honorable in what lincoln or the north did in that war. Even in lincoln's "emancipation proclaimation" he only freed slaves in states of which he had no authority. Get your facts right and tell the truth about history. The worst presidents America has ever had were lincoln, wilson, fdr, lbj, jimmy carter, "w" bush and now the absolute worst and most destructive the moron obama who incidentally should not be impeached he should be arrested along with his entire cabinet , czars three fourths of congress and half the supreme court for the treasonous scum they are !

  • Alfie

    Its our country and we need to take it back!!!!!!!!!!

  • Willie Lee

    It's unnecessary if people fight for the tenants still in place. It's unnecessary if believers take back the spheres of influence like the media and courtroom. The danger now is an elite power hungry leadership that senses they can get away with more and more and not wanting to give-up their positions even if they are rejected in a forthcoming election.

  • diesel

    A Healthy Revolution, Now And Then, Does A Country Good.

  • Joan Neel

    YES ..... "Taxation, without representation" was the purpose of the original Tea Party and thanks to Chief Justice Roberts, now our government is free to not only tax every aspect of our lives, they can tax us if we don't buy the right car, house, clothes, read the right books, tax our internet use, tax us if we use too much electricity (tell us what temperature to keep our thermostats set to, how much water to use (tax us if our meter reads over a certain amount ...... it's unlimited. We had better stand together and vote for Mitt Romney (not my choice), just to get rid of Obama, Pelosi, Reed and the rest of the liberal socialists in this present administration in November, or we won't have any rights at all. Before long, illegals will have a guaranteed retirement from our social security (that we've paid into, but they haven't), with a new Obama mandate and citizens of the U.S. will lose ours, or at least have it cut to pay for the illegals. Check into it. Illegals are already receiving Income Tax refunds, thanks to the I.R.S., even though they don't pay into it, because they are illegal. Check it out folks, it's true. There's a flaw in the I.R.S. law that makes it legal for them to receive our hard earned tax money, without investing one dime into our country's economy. They get free housing, our jobs, social security, free healthcare, food stamps, etc. etc. even driver's licenses .... You name it and the present administration gives it all just to get their votes, to stay in power. If you vote for the democrats in November, you are voting for more of the same.

    • CommonSense

      You can't be a Christian and vote Democrat!

  • Lawrence Knight

    Indeed. By all means, and pretty quick. There are two ways of doing things in this Country. In the Court room, and on the battle field. Up to now! The courts ain`t working.

  • TheSunDidIt

    It's not revolution that's needed. It's a revival. A religious revival, yes but, also a national revival of who we are as Americans and what our nation stands for. What WE stand for as a people. OR, are we just going to continue to be a bunch of disjointed people hanging out on a street corner who can't get together to decide something simple like which street to cross?

  • CharlesW

    I'm in.

  • R

    I do not what the uncertainty of a revolution and that is why I am working as hard as I can to convince every undecided and every independent voter I encounter to to vote the Obama regime out this November. As long as a revolution is avoided we can try to chip away at shrinking our government, securing our borders and educating the people so that they stop voting for these flim flam socialists. The Socialists have so infiltrated the democratic party that it is unrecognizable, I hope they destroy it from within. I would like to see us remain a two party system but a Republican vs Libertarian party would be a much healthier debate and set of choices. If the Obama regime stays in power in 2013 I fear it will be the tipping point to either socialism or revolution. Please join me by each convincing at least one undecided or independent voter to help cast out this regime, Make sure everyone on our side actually votes! Let's make this a grass roots landslide victory in Nov.

  • jim28threg.

    I believe a war will come upon us whether or not we have another single leader picked out or not. I think it's apparent that these clowns that are bent on taking over the world for themselves didn't think this puppet they put in our White House would get this far with their plans for destroying America. Though now the abomanation has become full of himself as all dictators are bound to do and his handlers are getting a bit worried he will screw up their plans since they're just not yet ready to take full control. Not everything is in place yet.
    The American citizens were not expected to lay down so easily. The war was supposed to be on already. With Chinese troops fully armed in Mexico - the border patrol castrated - Russian troops strategically place "training" around the country topped with the muslim training camps all loaded ready to rock and roll and chomping at the bit for a chance to start killing the infidels. Now on to the election-the puppet masters have effectivly eliminated their only real threat = by shoving Santy out there and dragging Newt out of the basement effectively giving the GOP nod to pretty boy Romie . So now it will make ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE WHO WINS IT'S JUST BUSINESS AS USUAL.

  • Bob-45

    Certainly, someone who deludes himself that the tyrant Lincoln would have been a "healer" would come to this conclusion. Lincoln jailed his opponents, decimated the Shenandoah Valley, ordered Sherman's "March to the Sea," burning everything in his path and ordered the Army to shoot rioters during the New York Draft riots. The biggest mistake the Confederates made was not convincing those in the North who opposed the war to seize the government and hang Lincoln and his cronies for treason. That also seems a reasonable solution for the tyrants running Washington today.


    "“Eucatastrophe, is a term coined by J. R. R. Tolkien which
    refers to the sudden turn of events at the end of a story which ensure
    that the protagonist does not meet some terrible, impending, and very
    plausible doom. He formed the word by affixing the Greek prefix eu, meaning good, to catastrophe,
    Let us make sure the Obama administration is given an Eucatastrophe.

  • Willy

    The war between the state's was the first loss to Conservative's .Thing's are building up again,this time it will be a different story

  • M.J. Marsalek

    There are usually very simple solutions to very complex problems. The basic framework of the American government is sound. Over the years, the silent majority has allowed the central government to stray from a system majority rule with sensible protection of minority rights to minority rule with little or no protection for the majority. In the process, America has become a nation of consumers - not producers and the government has become bloated unaffordable and unsustainable as evidenced by the solemn promises it now cannot keep. Most Americans are completely unaware the our government has been quietly preparing to do armed battle with us. So how do the American people correct their mistake without a major conflict or armed insurrection? It's very simple. Look to the U.S. Constitution for the answer. The central government has very limited powers and any powers not designated to the central government are reserved to the states. Even if the entire federal government suddenly were gone, there would still be several layers of state and local government in place and fully functioning to maintain law and order and provide essential services. Soon, Americans will realize that we can not only live, but actually live better without the federal government. The list of agencies and programs is quite extensive but here are a few that would not be missed: Department Of Energy, Department Of Education, The Fed, Department Of Housing & Urban Development, Department of Agriculture, The FDA, NASA, The Department Of Funny Money and The IRS. All of the downsizing could take place over time and would best be accomplished through attrition. There are however at least two measures that must happen immediately. The Congress shall pass no law that does not apply equally to members of government as it does to the American people and any such laws presently in effect are declared null and void. Secondly, the Congress must downsize and restrain the federal government to operate within its means. The simplest way to acomplish this is to stop punishing and start rewarding wistleblowers. It's just that simple.

  • Wildman

    I would have a really hard time shooting another Anrican because f differing ideas. I would not hesitate a second to shoot a person(s) who were endangering my family.
    Do we need second revoloution? Yes, at the polls for a start, getting rid of all progressive Democrts, AND Rhino republicans. The Rhinos are just as bad as the Progresive Democrats.
    When the American voters decide to do that, and if it doesn't work, then possibly go to a plan B. And to be honest with you, to many people on give-away programs. Illegals and others, plus voter fraud. So plan B isn't that far away.

    • CommonSense

      Jim - RINO's are worse then socialist-progressives. RINO's befriend you, then screw you.


    Obama will not meet a violent end to his administration. He and his gang will spend the rest of their lives behind bars for fraud, treason, and whatever other charges we can bring against them.

  • Blue State Perspective

    Revolution as defined by history in our country at this time would only invite Marshall Law and precipitate an end to our democratic republic. We only need this type of insurrection to further advance an absolute dictatorship. The author is correct in that we have brought this sorry mess upon ourselves. Progressive promises have only secured a political base of support, but in large have failed to make the majority of citizens lives better as promised. Economic freedom is an absolute prerequisite to liberty and political freedom, without it the latter cannot be achieved.
    We have the means to impose a political revolution and end the unsustainable economic course that we have been upon. It is achieved by the electorate, but it will require those willing in this nation to convince the ever growing recipient class of individuals to vote themselves a decrease in benefits, entitlements, financial assistance, subsidies, and all other economic special interests to favor policies that favor the individual liberty and opportunity. We have endured a generation and longer assault on guaranteeing equal liberty to the individual, to the preference of attempting to guarantee equal outcomes. When the individuals who have been the real producers and taxpayers in this country are no longer willing to do so any longer, the progressive movement will have succeeded in distributing its misery equally.
    This is November may be the last chance, for after that time if we do not change the course, we will likely have crossed the tipping point, where we will have more recipients that we have producers.

  • crjinct

    I do feel a revolution is in our not too distant future. I've been saying it's needed for nearly 3 years now, first quietly but now spreading my beliefs as I see everything thats happening much more clearly. .

  • kathymazel

    It has already begun! The Republic along with the White Knights, Gate keepers and others have been working behind the scenes for years now and God Bless them for working with and along side of 138 countries that are NOW backing them to help us bring back our country back to our Constitution and Bill of Rights that have been stompted on by MANY administrations going back over 100 years. Kennedy and Lincoln were BOTH killed due to the evils of the secret societies: C.F.A, Skull and Bones, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Groves Cronies, United Nations, N. W. O. club of 300. Illuminati, Free Masons, that have been controling our government and banking system all these years. We have been the BANKERSTERS SLAVES for many years and this has all been ILLEGALLY done to us! Get with the Republic for what ever state you live in and STUDY and support the efforts, ALL LEGAL and LAWFUL to bring us back to where we need to be........ A Republic like our Pledge of Alligance STATES and also Our Constitution! ALL that has been done to us with the illigal ACTS of the many administrations WILL BE NULL and VOID very soon now! God Bless America and ALL that hold our Republic and Constitution as THE SUPREME LAW OF OUR LAND. Go to: Republic of ____________ what state you live in or go to The Republic of The united States of America and contact the LEGAL Governnor of your state and get on board. We are at war NOW! and obama / Romney, Bushes/ Clintons are all very angry that we are not willing to be their slaves any longer. They are ALL part of the problem. We have not had truly FREE elections for YEARS! They have all been picked by the CORPORTATION of the United States all these years. The corporation leaders have been the true government behind the scenes paying off all of Congress and Supreme Court and all courts for years!! Yes, OUR government formed their own corportation and made you their slaves behind the scenes back in 1913 when Wilson Sold us under when he was president. STUDY and teach your children the Constitution of the united States of American and the Bill of Rights and practice them daily. Make all government employees show you their Oath of Office and if they can't then press a title 42 lawsuit against them and their administrators and get them OUT of office. God Bless the united States of America! Remember the word "united" is a verb NOT a NOUN. We are The united States of America!

  • joesixpack31

    Is Mr Bowyer trying to make the case for the preservation of “obamination”?

  • Kenneth A Davy

    Anybody who thinks this is a good idea has not studied the American Civil War nor do they have any idea of the current capabilities of our military forces. The Confederacy lost because the Union was able to blockade them, out-manufacture them and beat them with better R&D to come up with better weapons such as Gatling guns, mountain Howitzers and repeating rifles. Now our military has supersonic jets, tanks, UAVs and satellites for surveillance, not to mention the most powerful Navy the world has ever seen. Staging a revolution is no longer a matter of having a few thousand men with rifles and enough ammo. This is besides the point that wars of any kind always seem to be harder on the non-combatants than on the soldiers. You are not talking about a war that would be fought on some foreign soil, leaving non-combatants to go about their daily lives. All the casualties would be Americans, just like they were during the Civil War. Disease would run rampant in ways it has not done since the polio outbreak of the early 20th century.
    And what will our foreign enemies be doing all this time? Do you not think they will watch us killing each other and depleting our resources so that they can come in at the end and mop up the supposed winners? I do not deny that we have causes for concern about the direction of our country. Our leaders are protecting us out of all we own, including our freedoms. There are elections coming up in November which may change things drastically. The established peaceful process must be allowed to work before a course is begun down a path that cannot be taken back once it is begun and may result in the absolute demise of what you purport to be attempting to save.

  • Marta

    I have thought there will be a civil war so I was excited to
    see this article. When the voice of THE PEOPLE IS IGNORED

  • P.J

    When you have a cancer, you radiate it, poison it (chemo) or you cut it out, and most cases you do alll three,and We do have a cancer. And to all the fools who think that everything will be given to them, wake up, you bring nothing to the table, you will be the 1st to go, you waste resources.

  • krmike

    A massive necktie party in Washington , D C would be a good place to start !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray WheelerJr

    " If the point of a declaration of independence from a government is to end the condition of vanishing liberty, it follows inevitably that such a declaration would only be advisable if the new government were to be a better protector of our liberties."
    What? This is the problem with academic arguments, they are just noise for the sake of noise. The Declaration of Independence came as a result of injustice and governmental oppression. The colonists were not free, they had a king and were his subjects and they did not endevor to create a more perfect union until the revolution was a success. This government since Wilson has been waring against the people whose liberties are their jobs to protect. The FED, The IRS, making money somethng other than Gold and Silver and government debt to more than 100% of GDP is a direct assault on the people and the Constitution they are bound by. If the need for a revolt is just a question in your mind then the answer in no. When conditions are bad enough to wake the fattened sheep, you will be in the slaughter house with no means of escape. The government knows a revolt is coming and they are ready to put you down. This is the history if mankind.

  • Michael Kelly

    We didn't choose the government we have. First, states like California
    (where I'm from) that have had the largest influxes of illegals, have veered
    sharply to the left within the last 20 years, due to the
    Socialist-leaning beliefs of many people from Mexico and Central
    America. Ironically, Reagan's signing of the Amnesty bill in 1986 was
    the beginning of this shift. You will likely never again see such a one-sided victory as he had in 1984.

    Second, the power of money has greatly influenced every political
    contest from President, all the way down to city councils. That means
    3rd parties are all but excluded.

  • DrBillLemoine

    Your revolution is already here--started by the know-nothing brutes called tea party. Their aims--stop the wheels of government, install obstructionists to national progress and consolidate political power under their greedy master fat cats. Well, the battles are on and the insurgents are losing. As none of their policies are attractive to voters, nothing is proposed to improve the middle class, rhetoric aside they aim to intrude into everyone's lives for suppression, oppression and fear, the vast sensible middle class is reacting to 2010's radical wave of state and congressional takeovers, Bush/Cheney imperial edicts to foster more fat cat wealthy, neocon spilling American blood for unwinable and costly wars and record debt that can't be paid off by the rich, only the stressed middle class. November 2012 will be the Waterloo for anti-democratic activities, voter/women//minority suppression, social engineering moves to eliminate safety net programs and dictate lifestyles. We can't wait to see more roll back of 19th century thinking, laws, attitudes, economics, social standards and political attitudes destroying the country and its people right now.

  • BillW64

    I told my wife I was thinking of joining the new revolution. She told I could be very successful since I am the most revolting person she knows.

  • dean29685

    The idea of creating a revolution in this country is to me as a religious evangelical is only something to be considered as a last resort and then only if the powers in control start forcibly requiring me to go against my religious beliefs.other wise I see no acceptable to god reason. That said the current government in power is really close to breaking that
    barrier. I will continue to speak out against the progressives in our government but will
    try to be as respectful when I do so.

  • Mort Leith

    We need a revolution to rid our country of liberal Communists that are out to destroy our way of life, and turn it into some government-dependent 3rd world rathole where no citizen is free to make our own decisions.....

  • MIchael Lovetere

    I hope Arizona secedes from the Union; I'd pack up and move there in a minute ...after she secedes, how many other Constitution loving states would join her? Every state has the right to secede just as they had a right to join. The north started the civil war, not the south. The North failed to leave Ft. Sumpter after it was no longer their property. The history books are wrong on that one. .....

  • Phil Siders

    Write in Ron Paul. Simple! Mission complete.

    • Edward53

      Mission complete? Yeah right....write in Ron Paul and we get 4 more years of Obama. Is that what you really want to happen? People like you will be defeating our cause. We might as well just give up now if people like you are willing to sabotage the elections just because Ron Paul will never be the nominee. You're willing to mess it up for the rest of us because of your foolish and selfish ideals.

  • Ken

    It started when the goverment allowed civil service employees to unionise. We have no other choice. The media, and corrupt Washington establishment, plus 50 years of communist teaching in our schools makes any attempt to right the ship at the ballot box a waste of time. I'm in.

  • jberry50

    Looking back in history,they should have eliminated the leaders and funders of those leaders and saved more citizens lives.The leaders cause most of the problems.

  • Don Wright

    When this revolution starts, it'll have a whole new group of players. There are millions that are dependant on checks from the government. They do not work, will not work and do not have to work as long as they're getting their check. There are thousands that are working for the government making good money with generous benefits. There are thousands in correctional facilities, with more going in every day. We have more people coming into this country every day with out a job prospect. We have people losing their jobs every day. The day is rapidly approaching where the money stops. Chaos and pandemonium...
    "The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of the other person's money"
    Margaret Thatcher

    • Andrew Marzilli

      You 100% right. I have seen people with EBT cards buying lobster tails and crab legs, fillet mignons, lamb chops and every other imaginable "luxury" type food you can think of. I am not talking one or two of these items I am talking hundreds of dollars at a time. They dont think it is wrong, they think they deserve it. They dont and have never worked a day in their lives and if they had to support themselves with out outside help they would not make it a week. We need to shut this free flowing river of money to the useless eaters off completely. If you want to live off foos stamps, well then OK, but you can only buy eggs milk bread, flour, chicken ground beef, the type of food you have to take home and prepare and cook, you dont have anything better to do with your time so you may as well learn how to cook. NO MORE CRAB LEGS, LOBSTER TAILS, FILLET MIGNON, LAMB. If you cant handle that then you will starve.

  • Alexander Scipio

    We don't need a revolution. We just need to secede and take the Constitution with us. The political class hasn't been using it for decades. And I doubt the Pelosi's and Blues will even attempt to use force to keep conservative, gun-owning, freedom-loving respecters of the Rule of Law in an America they demand to rule.

    • Mimi Mayes

      The New United States of America -- made up of the red states populated by people who work; no freeloaders allowed -- you can go live in the blue states, you'll have to figure out where the money is going to come from for you to sit on your butt. And we will secure our borders! Fantasy, I know, but it's not just our tyrannical government that is the problem; it's so many millions who do not believe as we do about ANYTHING.

  • Patriot-Research

    The key here is the Governments complete take over of the our rights as Natural Born Citizens. The GOP was bad, but Obama and the Liberal/Democrat/Communist have gone way beyond what Pres Bush did during his term in office. Obama is now using the U.S. Constituion as a door mat and the principle this nation was an is founded on are all but gone! We the People have lost 75% of our rights in the last 3 1/2 years alone under Obama and the Communist/Democrats! Civil War with our now "Communist Government" may be are only resource left to regaining our right as Americans. God help us all, please...!!!

  • AnnaHelena13

    If BHO gets another 4 years, he and his wife ( the tax payer spenders that they are) are going to take Air Force one and go on a world tour just to stick it to the American People. Wouldn't you like to be a little mouse and hear what Obama tells his wife: "Look at my adoring fans, how stupid they are if they only knew I intend to continue to ruin America." People who support Obama have no clue or they don't care as they're in it just for the free stuff. Only 51% of Americans pay taxes, so that means we are supporting the 49% who don't. Something has to give and I hope and pray that Obama and his cronies lose in November. Wake up call America, save our country.

  • james


  • Weasler

    YES!!!!!! Sign me UP!!!!

  • reinhold

    We The People of the several States within this Union prevailed against the foreign oppressor in the Revolution of 1776. That was then called the "Crown" which even now remains as the Bank of England. This institute was founded for the express purpose f compelling governance by debt slavery on all people. Today we know this "Crown" as the Kosher Kabal of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud. The American sect of the Kosher Kabal has been named, "The Federal Reserve System." This private institution is privately owned and controlled by the Jewist shareholders within the Rothschild orbit of financial tyranny. These private members of the Kosher Kabal control the Credit Monopoly. There is no money in circulation - genuine specie money has been prohibited by Renegade Public Servants in service to the Talmudic Sect of the Synagogues of Satan. The Kosher Kabal has seized all property by force of arms!

    The actions undertaken by these renegade Public Servants on behalf of the Kosher Kabal constitutes "Insurrection". This insurrection applies deadly force to impose and manifest every violation of Human Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Because of this there exists a Clear and Present danger to the Perpetual Union of the Free Christian States within our Union and The People thereof it is meet, right and salutary to Rise Up with Force of Arms to Suppress this insurrection. This Rising Up is not "Revolution." We The People are the Government. We have enacted our Constitution that prohibits forcible destruction of our governance. The actors We The People oppose are not the government but "Renegades engaged in service to an hostile Enemy- the Kosher Kabal of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud - The Talmudic Judaic Global Conspiracy. All peaceful remedies have been exhausted. No tyrant ever resigned by request but only force.

    Whatever the hazard the consequence of negligence and tolerance is far too great to stand idle when We The People must rise up in arms to be come able to defend their Christian Governance.

    Rise Up and Shine. Take down that evil tower!

    No King But King Yeshua

    In His service,


  • CommonSense

    After all, we the people pretty much get the government we ask for. ?? NOT TRUE at all! No Patriot asks to forced to buy ObamaCare. This was done by a rogue group of social-communists who want to see the USA fail. The sad thing is that even a Revolution won't bring us back to where we were 50 yrs ago. America is on a non-stop downhill slide. Talk of overturning ObamaCare is only 'baiting' the Pats, giving us a false hope. I have personally seen guns taken by the Feds, and that was back in 1966. The Founders would hang most all of the folks in all of the branches, today, for not upholding the oath to uphold the Constitution. We're screwed!

    • CoolApple

      Good Post! If this group of Reds that are in control now and keep pushing things on the fast track to Tyranny, I would just as soon fight it at my age, knowing what the outcome would be even if I didn't.


    No we do not need a revolution! PERIOD! what is needed is an UPRISING! one where we put our money, prayers and votes to work for a change. I see so many who are so ready to start the shooting. It sickens me to even think that anyone would want to take up arms against this republic.
    We still have all our rights. we just do not use them. I have asked several who have spoken of taking up arms on line. "How much money have you given to your political party?" Funny I never get an answer, I also ask How many rally's have you attended to show your support? Again no response.
    At this point if we could just get a percentage of like minded people to all agree to show up in Washington, or even better yet and cheaper for participants and makes better sense all around,at each state capitol all on one day. Stay for a week, behave, prevent violence just be there to show our strength and resolve. We have 350 Million in this country,, if just 1 tenth of a percent of our population could agree to rise up like this together it would be 3.5 MILLION. that would well put any previous million man march to shame,. IMAGINE if we could get ten percent or 35 million to go! WOW! Of course that is not even possible the roads and land just can not handle that many.
    YES we need an uprising, to those ready to take up arms, i say before we do something STUPID and against our religion to boot, we take lets just say half of our wealth and all of our time for one week. that is all it would take to take back our country. However it seems to many are ready to shoot when there is already a procedure in place in our laws to make change. Not Obama hope and change But the REAL thing. THINK folks before you take your frustrations to a horrible place.
    Now I am all for some tar and feathering, and removal on a rail, that's our privlidge and our right.

  • Chuck

    Armed revolution in this particular nation is probably not in the cards. The control of high-tech weaponry is pretty much under control of the government and citizens with "pitchforks" would have little chance of success. Even If there were a degree of success it would have to involve elements of police and military siding with the civilian revolt with the results being devastating and likely leaving a fractured society with different territories in conflict with each other.

    The only hope for the future of this nation is individual responsibility, particularly in the area of the raising of children. Parents must begin to reconnect their offspring with the founding principles of our country and educate them against the propaganda being promulgated through the public education system. Adults MUST take the responsibility of educating themselves sufficiently that they can distinguish between political rhetoric, false issues presented by the media and significant critical issues such as the debt time bomb and crushing taxation. The results of this would be a wiser public capable of electing politicians who are far more in tune with the Constitution and possessed of an understanding of how to apply it to assure the continuity of the nation.

  • josephm


  • Silas Longshot

    "We have met the enemy, and he is us." Pogo.
    If you're old enough to remember that comic strip, you're dang old, pardner.

  • MIKE6080

    Taxation without representation is tyranny was said once before , is it time to repeat ?

  • Matt

    I'm ready to fight for my country. REVOLUTION ??? YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  • James Mills

    In the book of Judges chapter 19/20/21 there was a revolutionary war against homosexuals; it is a chilling document. The war was between Israelites and was fought to rid the nation of homosexual activity. It was very bloody and cost many lives--but in the end it got the nation back on track to solid relationships. The high cost of tolerance--is very high. Its hard to get back to center--but necessary.
    The conservative people of the USA--have to fight to get right!!!

  • Kay

    Americans pay a lot of taxes and give a lot of moneyntomrich people who don't pay as much tax (Romney 14.9)....federal, state, city, property. At least Europeans get health care, training or college free, live able unemployment and pension. We just re distribute to the top 1%. I'm for a revolution against that. If you allow Rove and Koch boys to keep selecting your corporate monkeys, you will continuemtomhave government giveaways that benefit corporations. Ifmy are rich this is great. If y are not so rich too bad. Wake up and quit blaming everything on the libs. You have. Rove selected Pres for 8 years. No immigration, no anti abortion laws' more bureaucracy, more government involvement (Patriot and No Child and Homeland). Didmgivemy a bit of abstenance only funding, two unpaid for wars and lots of extra money for people

  • Saint

    Throw all the Muslins out of our country.
    God Bless America!

  • Jakebrake

    You bet your sweet butt. It will be forced upon us if the leftist-socialist Muslim get back in office.

  • sagejohn

    OK with me!

    Too bad it has come down to this, but It is about time and it must be done!

    Seems the best way is for each area to remove/replace their local democrat politician with a loyal pro American politician!

  • Loran

    I have to agree with the commentators below. I also agree with the author above. As a conservative, I hate to see what is going on with BHO and I'm angry as hell. BUT!, I think some of are confusing what is going on with these progressives in office and what those fools in the U.N. are trying to do to our country. That's the real enemy in my opinion. We need to vote the Bamster out in November and then throw the U.N. off our soil. Who is the real power here, us or them? Lets show the world our resolve as a free people.

  • samtman

    Should be no problem starting a armed revolution with all the fans of Tim McVay who regulary post on this site. The only thing is that the final outcome would be the same that Tim McVay experienced. Helicopter Gunships , Armed Drones and Abrams Tanks have a big adavantage over small arms.

  • William E Ramer

    A relief valve on a boiler prevents an explosion. Likewise the brilliance of the founders shows us how to avoid an explosion. We have the mechanism in place to avoid a bloody revolution, its called an election. No blood needs to be shed to correct the course of our out of control executitive, ledgeslative, and judicial branches of government.
    The TEA party is on the right course. Stand firm patriots ! Keep on target ! Put the right trustworthy people in office, and support them in the right, fight them when they're wrong.
    If you want a Republic,, defeat socialists, who you first have to recognise.
    " Socialism is feces in the sausage of capitalism, any at all is bad, too much is deadly "

  • Wayne Witter

    We fought, bled and too many died fighting to PROTECT OUR COUNTRY AND THE CONSTITUTION that NO ONE in Washington abides by nor even reads. Your President has committed 17 impeahable acts to date and not one of the 535 members of Congress has the integrity, ethics or backbone to bring him up on charges that is why he ingnores them AND the Constitution and does what he wants. Pelple do not seem to know histrory anymore or even what is going on. Listen to some of these streeet interviews........and these people multiply and vote. I personally fought in VN and I willl not vote for any incumbent ever again. VOTE.............USE IT OR LOSE IT!!
    Semper Fi, and God bless us all!!
    W. Witter

  • Enough12

    If that's the only way we can rid ourselves of Evil in the White House....that's what we have to do.

  • Jim in Tucson

    There is so much we can do and still join together I personally don't understand why any of us has to obey ANY Laws anymore
    when Our president and congress and department of Justice including the
    Supreme Court pick and choose which laws they will adhere to and pick
    and choose which to enforce in spite of their swore oaths. There are
    peaceful ways to get together with many groups left and right and even
    the anarchists to force the government to step down. Many that No One
    has even touched on. Anti-government complete labor shut downs for one.
    The free markets in the U.S. and the stock market is now completely
    manipulated and controlled and corrupted by government insider trading.
    The internet is controlled almost entirely by NSA, CIA, Obama
    Administration, FBI and all local law enforcement. Homeland security is
    here to kill us, not help us. The Army is training to detain or kill us. (
    According to DHS, the American public is the enemy!

    We could even make it complete chaos for them to try and round us up in
    the FEMMA Camps by "Ghosting our addresses and changing our onboard
    computers in our cars and leaving cell phone in different places or
    swapping with people and buying jammers so they can't eaves drop etc,
    etc. Not to mention the huge revenue loses we, the people could cause. If the majority just stopped adhering to laws, there would be a
    complete breakdown. We ALL, left and right and the Anarchist could crash
    the dollar and not recognize the debt. The U.S. does not and never did
    own the dollar. It is a third party printed paper. They do not have
    collateral to back up how much play money they print and lent the U.S. government
    and that is the very reason Kennedy was killed. If we crash it now as
    opposed to the U.S. government crashing it anyway in a couple of years,
    we get our input and vote to not acknowledge the debt as ours like
    Iceland (but we take up arms as a deterrent against China and NWO) did and they are fine. Crash the government under our terms that the
    U.S., constitution is fully 100% restored and then lets go another
    couple hundred years til we have this discussion again. Either way
    everyone, the U.S. government is crashing but they want to wipe us all
    out with it and then fall under complete UN law. That IS THE PLAN,
    PERIOD Let's control our demise and let the crash hurt but get it over
    with but on our terms so lets join with even Occupy Wall Street people and bring all those "Ivory Towers" down with the lawyers and the Elitists We can join together on so many issues and yet be so defiant as we Americans were bred to be in the face of tyranny and Fascism. Now that's American. I'm just saying...

  • JOHN

    It's time

  • junebug

    I believe we may have to.

  • james

    Just another writer of revisionist history with the secession statements and the lincoln hype...

  • deejay02

    It starts now and ends at the ballot box. Stand up for what is the right thing to do not what feels good. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • Gretagarbo

    I'm ready for a revolution against the dictators in D.C. They are not representing America's interests. It's coming.

  • CommonSense

    Taking control of the main street media would be a big help, too.

  • Rick

    We do not need a revolution, we need a resurgence of independence. We need to recognize today's problems as consequences of earlier choices; choices that were short-sighted, selfish or cowardly. We need to revisit some of the "clauses" in the original Constitution that have been used in unintended ways. We need to review some of the Constitutional changes made, using the hindsight we now possess to measure their effects, and the knowledge we gain to improve them. We need to re-establish the original separation of powers between individuals, states and the federal government, so that one entity does not overwhelm the other two. The federal government has predictably sought additional authority with every crisis. We have been at fault for not vigorously
    restraining it. We need to become, once again, firm and forceful in our independence, as self-reliant individuals and as self-governing states.

  • keepersleeper

    If a revolution DOES erupt, it will have occurred as a life of its own...not manufactured in any form or fashion because there is enough discontent and misery in the nation to justify it. I'm In. Are You?

  • Bexarpaw

    So Mr Boyer is saying that to start a revolution is a roll of the dice and that it may turn out badly for those who do! Good thing Mr Boyer wasn't around in 1775 and 1776. When do we decide that the opression is more than enough to bear and that we are rapidly losing control of the government? Would that be when media is silenced and becomes state run media, when the guns are cnfiscated, when you no long have money, a job, or a place to live? Does it occur when the government takes more and more and more and will not listen to the will of the people, or when the Government becomes it's own entity and removes the citizens from it's designs?
    In all of his lofty wisdom I would appreciate it if Mr Boyer would at some point tell us when would be a "good time" to throw of the yokes of tyranny and stand up to those who would take our way of life like some victorian King or tin horn Dictator? When Mr Moyer, would it be a good time to take back our way of life, or at least separate ourselves from this odious adminstration!

  • keepersleeper

    Make sure your state's Secretary of State is aware of your concerns for a fair and honest election on November 6, 2012...we don't want our votes negated by fraudulent tactics from the CORRUPT LEFT!!

  • Jamie

    Paint it how you want Jerry, I know pure unadulterated EVIL when I see it, and it lives in the white house now. Britain in 1776 was never even remotely comparable to what's happening now. A government who simply wants to lord it over their subjects is still a far cry from the maggot infested plan in the works now. You have NO CLUE Jerry Bowyer. There is simply no comparison. Communist Russia had more freedom than what is being planned for us.

  • Reinhard Schumann

    Why a revolution? Isn't that why we have elections? We elect a new House every two years, a new President every four eyars and a new Senate in the course of six years.
    But what do we do if both major parties read the same script?

  • b_paolucci

    I agree with Ihatelibs - while its not too late yet, it should have been started years ago - but, years ago means the 1950's when the left started taking hold of our country.

  • blakely

    YES - refuse to pay the national debt=you want you're money get it from the republicans and the army except to guard our own borders.AND THIS TIME THE AMERICAN PEOPLE GET TO VOTE ON ALL BILLS.THE house,the senate,and the people to make a bill because law-paper votes only.

  • downs1

    No one wants war. But there comes a time when there is no alternative if we wish to keep the values our nation once had. We didn't get to where we are overnight, and we certainly won't quickly get back to the ideals we once had. Those values have to be redefined and must be clearly understood by all before any reasonable revolution can be considered. Otherwise, we are all fighting for different things, and we cannot know what victory is or when it occurs. We've seen the difficulty with recent wars because of confusion in purpose. Christianity and the freedom to practice the same was the clear basis for the founding of this nation. Today, that idea is so fractured it is difficult to define. There is apostase, false doctrine, and many false teachers throughout Chrisendom. Therefore, many believe this nation will never again be as great as it once was. Unless you know precisely what you are fighting for, and that you are not alone, it is better to wait until the basic principles are established before you consider war. What we have now is chaos and foolishness. Who are we as a people, and where are we going? No one has a clear answer! Just ask?

  • Jamie

    This article reminds me of Judge Roberts: playing both sides using some twisted pandering logic, trying to appease the NWO so he won't be hauled off to a FEMA camp in the near future, while also pretending to be mindful of the 'other side', with false comparisons galore to appear like he's at least "thinking about it".

  • aguila

    The good news is, liberals are so anti-gun and very few of them own one. When the shooting starts, they'll be defenseless. In addition to the fact they're a bunch of chicken-$hit bed-wetters to begin with.

  • Jack

    I rather be killed in a war agaisnt this communist country then have to live in it .

  • deprofundisclamavi

    A revolution is not a good idea. To be successful, it requires attributes present in 1776 America and absent from the France of 1789 and the Russia of 1917. These attributes
    include a virtuous populace, a healthy culture, and a vital, reputable religious presence.
    None are available to the US today. The whole nation will probably implode in some way
    in the future; hopefully I will be safely deceased by th

  • Rev. Anony Moose

    I believe we are heading that way at a breakneck speed! I believe if they ever outlaw guns that would be the automatic start of the Revolution for I would say the average
    citizen would be surrendering their guns okay! It would be one bullet at a time! And at that moment revolution will start!
    I personally believe that is what Obama and the liberals really want, too! They want an armed revolution! That is why they are passing so many crazy laws!

  • tigerGUY

    Your interpretation of The War of Northern Aggression is just that....YOUR interpretation. But that's water under the bridge.

    The problems and split in this country now is ripe for change. This Administration's fear of the 2nd Amendment is almost as clear as his hatred of this country. The different races of this country have never been further apart. Those who feel they are "owed" and/or "entitled" from the sweat of others is an abomination and close to meltdown mode.

    The coup de grace are this Administrations talks with the UN in the dark. UN Agenda 21 for example. If you don't believe in the right of an individual to own property (for example, your HOME), then you would support Obama and wish this ratified. It's sh!t like this you cannot count on your fingers and toes that our Government is headed for. Over my dead fvcking body!!

  • John

    I truly believe there will be blood in the streets in November. If Obama wins I see patriots on edge and "gimmees" celebrating the way they do, by rioting and stealing. Not a good mix. If Romney wins I see the "gimmees" realizing that their free ride might be coming to an end and rioting and stealing while screaming that the election was stolen and patriots refusing to stand by while it happens. I hope that I am wrong. But I have my carry permit for a reason and don't leave home without me weapon. I will NOT be anybody's victim.

  • Indiana_James

    "Prepare yeselfs for the war that commeth with the dawn! Make ye arms sharp and ready. Sleep lightly that ye live to fight the enemy,.and if ye die may ye take twenty of their number with ye!" (Quote from a midieval era English Knight to his troops the night before battle. Except for the Olde English wording it could just as well be from Nov2012)

  • blackpowder

    the feds,state and un should stay out of my life dont want them dont need them

  • Lawrence Keith Brown

    Hell YES. Itis only way to save USA. Make sure we get our liberals and I mean all of them.

  • Harold

    If Obama win it may be nessary and if it becomes nessary I would be in.

  • Sillydog

    Lincoln did not bind the wounds of this nation. Go back and research the real history not what you are taught in the government schools............

  • LadyBlaze

    In our current circumstance, I believe this should be a revolution against the lords and ladies in our government and shut the whole thing down. We are constantly under some type of crisis and even then the Gov. continues to pile more on our bqcks.

    Our leadership have taken a dump on our religion, the constitution and even our family values. Our country has turned into a cess pool and is so bad the the stench has reached the heavens.

    Revolution is dirty and expensive and could have been repaired 30 years ago. Revoltion will be the "sting" in our collective memory and just maybe we as a people will not allow this mess to happen again. I've had enough! Maybe you have too.

  • Robert Hardy

    Act carefully, if revolution is your goal. Count the cost. Revolutions have a nasty habit of sweeping away not only the excesses of government, but also the benefits that remain from the original founders.

    Can anyone believe such a course would spare the rights guaranteed by The Constitution of the United States of America? In revolution, horrors and atrocities are too common.

    Be sure to count the cost. Be careful what it is you ask might get it.

  • Joe in CT

    Our government, taken over by "professional politicians" (exactly the kind of people the Founders feared) has strayed far from the originally intended checks, balances, and relative powers between the states and the central government, which began with the turn of the 20th Century, most especially with Wilson and the Progressives. There is nothing wrong with our making a very strong attempt to restrain and re-direct a central govt which has gotten totally out of control and has become a magnet for power by monied and marxist ideological interests.

  • Dwarf

    What are we waitin' for? Lock and load!

  • cannon12pdr

    It is time to return balance back to the people and the states. Repeal the engine for the growth of power. Repeal the 16th amendment. Return balance by Repealing the 17th amendment. Add an amendment to limit congresses taxing authority to import and export duties only with a cap of 3.5 percent of GDP. Also make all federal lands lying within the states property of the states. (Hobble them good so they can not gain money or power.)
    The function of a central government is for Defense and settle disputes between the states period. Anything else is a power grab.

  • Harry Riley

    We need a simple revolt at the ballot's our secret weapon. If you ever served in a fox-hole you don't want a violent, destructive armed effort.........mobilize under the constitution and throw Obama and all others (both parties) out on their a$$.

  • Havoc29

    Absolutely one is needed, but more like the second Civil War! We need a few governors and state legislatures with some stones to just say, sorry we are no longer playing by your rules Washington, we are going to play by the Constitutuion's rules and then secede. Then let's see if the Marxist-in-chief wants to go to war to keep the union together.

  • Ron Willison

    IT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED ON 12-24-1913. Had that been the case. We wouldn't have this NWO crap in our face.

  • Samuel Clemens

    Our Nation has been taken over by parasites. The democrat party remains in power by feeding the parasites with tax payers money. Notice how everywhere a democrat candidate goes, he/she promises tax money/benefits for their vote. The White House is not infested with the ultimate parasite.We must fight the revolution with ballots instead of bullets, but bullets may be a last resort. It must be a state revolution against the

  • Samuel Clemens

    federal parasites

  • Samuel Clemens

    correction : "now" in place of "not"

  • Merlin Wood

    as much as i hate the idea i do not think it can be stopped now

  • CelticWarrior

    This has been coming since the end of WW 2 and got worse as time went on. Only if weren't content watching I Love Lucy etc. and really paid attention to what was brewing, the turbelent 60's would have been squelched by a much needed Iron Fist and we would not be discussing this now. Yes, I wholeheartedly believe a Second American Revolution is needed to restore what once was. Millions will die and cities will be devastated beyond our most outlandish nightmares, but, when the smoke clears it would have been well worth it.

  • haroldson

    If a revolution was to start, I think it would be the citizens against the unions who are the big ground army Obama claimed to have in reserve, That is his Army, A bunch of thugs, Idon't think they could stand against out raged armed citizens

  • George Clooney

    This president doesn't have a constitutional agenda. He has imposed his socialist policies from the start of his rule . He is systematically degrading the first, second, third ,fourth ,fifth,sixth,tenth and fourteenth amendments. He wants to give away our sovereignty of the seas and our guns rights to an anti American UN, in which we pay handsomely to be a part of.He encourages welfare and food stamp dependency while continuing to kill jobs and industries at every turn.He depletes our Military and allows illegal immigration. He litigates away the individual sovereignty of our states. He gives himself the ability to declare Marshall law , control resources,manufacturing, transportation,law enforcement and the military through executive order. Where are our lawmakers? Our Representatives have rendered ineffective while Czar Obama power grabs. Why does he feel a need for absolute control ? Why does the Department of Homeland security need 350 million rounds of ammunition and and equal number of MRE's . Have they even needed to fire a gun since they were established? Why MRE's , do they prefer the taste? The People, our government is broken in a bad way, more so than usual. Life as we know it has already changed, Poverty, , the disappearance of the middle class , government control, these are going to be the new norm unless we change it in November. If our voices aren't heard , be prepared, they seem to be..

  • Bubba Guido

    Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago, when “The shot heard
    round the world” was fired at Concord, The citizens of the thirteen colonies
    were the least oppressed people in the civilized world.

    In fact, our colonial ancestors, under King George, had far more
    personal liberty than we do now.

    Your article makes the point that revolution was the proper
    remedy then but would be very dangerous and fraught with uncertainty today and
    therefore should be beyond consideration.

    The revolution was very dangerous and fraught with
    uncertainty two centuries ago and our founding fathers had much less cause for
    such a dramatic and perilous form of resolution than we do today.

    Here are points of argument against a new revolution and the

    -Our founding fathers were statesmen and today all we have
    are politicians.

    Our founding fathers had to be statesmen the situation
    required it. We have never required that our leaders be anything more than
    politicians. Raise the stakes and I believe we will find our statesmen.

    -If the states opt for nullification they will never agree
    on how to resolve their differences and the union will dissolve.

    This was what everyone believed about the colonies. Almost
    everyone believed that the Articles of Confederation were as good as we could
    get and many believed they were as good as we should get. The British and
    French were waiting for our collapse so they could move in and take advantage
    of the vacuum.

    -Nullification led to a bloody civil war.

    The pre-emptive strike on Fort Sumter by South Carolina led
    to a bloody civil war. Without that attack, Lincoln would have had no excuse
    for calling the nation to arms and support for a war would have been almost

    -Are a few personal liberties worth the cost in blood and

    The short answer is "Yes! emphatically Yes!". However, a violent overthrow of government is not the only form of
    revolution, Ghandi led a peaceful revolution in India. Eastern Europe separated
    from the Soviet Union without civil war.

    In both cases the Imperial Governments had become weak from
    corruption, and incompetence.

    The American “Imperial Government” has also grown weak from corruption
    and incompetence.

    I believe a peaceful nullification movement would easily
    break the stranglehold the federal government currently holds on the people.
    And, the constitution, so brilliantly created by our forefathers provides an
    almost perfect blueprint for a new United States of America.

    • CommonSense

      Are the folks who run the GOP, statesman? To me they are cowards and no one eg. Rush, Sean, and the rest of the talk show pundits, ever mention names. Freedom is personal and I am calling those cowards 'out' into the public arena. They are puppet masters pulling the strings on who they want elected. What about the people having a say?

  • MEG

    Our government will fabricate one someday to declare marshall law and abolish elections all for the common good.

  • ahrmand

    ****"Do we need, and should we start a second American Revolution?"****

    Weak wimpy kids on the playground get Bullied, Pushed Around, Jeered, Spat
    Upon, Harassed, Ostracized. At times they may be physically assaulted; and
    always they are injured in their perception of their self-worth.

    Nations can be bullied by rogue or Aggressor Nations as History
    will quickly disclose. It is a true fact that "only the fittest survive". In the
    real world, competition for Natural Resources has become the engine of
    Wars throughout recorded History. A timid tribe, will not long exist if a
    neighboring tribe lusts after the timid tribes Real Estate, Fertile Farm Land,
    Water supply, Sea Port...etc.

    However a small nation with a Big Deterrent can easily discourage much larger
    Nations from thoughts of War, Invasion or open hostilities over the real or
    imagined spoils to be gained. Bullies can only exist if they are endured by the
    weak and wimpy, or shot dead on the spot by "Stand Your Ground Patriots"

    There is no need for American Patriots START a second American Revolution.
    That Revolution will be thrust upon us by Myopic Bullys unfamiliar with History.
    We have already heard a few snide cat calls from Dissidents and "New Party
    Freaks" alluding to us as "Clutching our Bibles and Guns. Nothing has
    Changed. Lock and Load.

    I'll see you on the other side. Ahrmand

  • granny

    The biggest fault lies with the voting populace who so blindly followed a man who very clearly layed out his plan for the fundamenal change of the country so many died to protect.

  • giley1

    Waco and Ruby Ridge, both travesties created by the FBI and ATF gone wild. Poor management and someone should have been held accountable. Interesting that Eric Holder was a deputy AG under AG Janet Reno. Fast & Furious is our current fiasco and again to this date no one has been held accountable in upper management.

  • goddess voice


    Free We're Free

    a Sovereign Country

    have NO

    over WE

    Financial system

    all their in

    the game

    deadly sins

    dollar bills

    counterfeit money

    are only good

    you have the golden honey

    prepared for the change


    from the top

    down like a fountain

    all have a role to play

    keep the wheels turning

    Christ consciousness way

    a bullet will be fired

    the Events ahead

    sense is the answer

    WE awaken from the dead

    light is strong in the Galaxy

    to help our destiny

    will be a Usual sight

    they come to help Us in our plight

    Our faith in Sincerity and Truth

    vibration needed to raise the roof

    evolving to another plane

    called Ascension by any name

    Earth is evolving too

    herself from earthling abuse

    as ONE.. WE go through the portal

    to Spirit changing from Mortal

    new experience

    be from the Heart

    the mirror image

    all WE impart

    are many Mansions

    the Spirit world

    is no financing

    is ribbon curled

    all made a contract

    be here at this time

    Mother Earth

    to Gaia

    heavenly name

    each take a bow

    a Role well played

    PUPPETS We were


    fully awakened

    this nightmare dream

    on Earth

    about to begin



  • nifongnationi

    Yuri Bezmenov. Defined it 30 years ago.above

  • wayne

    If the government refuses to acknowledge the rights afforded to Americans by the Constitution of the United States. Then Americans need to disobey laws that corrupt politicians create to cater to big business and special interest groups. This country was founded by people who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and sought a better life for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, corrupt official are busy catering to special interest group by not enforcing the laws of the land that are in the best interest of America citizens. For example, immigration, people from other countries come into America illegally and then demand rights and social services in the United States at the expense of the American taxpayer. If these same individuals would protest with the same fervor in their native land they would have no need to come to America. Unfortunately, our jelly fish politicians elected by jelly fish Americans are destroying our nation from within. Politician love to cater to immigrants for political purposes. American was founded on the Bible and all immigrants to this nation need to realize this is what has made America the greatest nation on Earth. The Lord Jesus Christ has blessed this great nation and will continue to bless us if we do not forget to give him praise and thanks. Nonetheless, many immigrants want to make America into their native country by changing our laws and our Christian heritage. While our worthless political leaders support their wishes and deprive Americans from their heritage. It's absolutely puzzling to me how immigrants risk life and limb to come to America and then seek to make America like their country. The land of the free, free for immigrants who have as many children as possible in hopes of not being deported; while, American families child birth is on the decline because they are busy paying the bill for all the illegals. Americans go to the social services office and try to get help for your family and see what you are told (your not qualified). The Constitution allows us the American people to abolish the Federal Government if 2/3's of the States are in agreement. Don't you think it's time to chop the head off of the serpent (Federal Government)? Know the rules that are afforded to you by the constitution so your will not give your freedoms away to these brutish, war mongering and corrupt leaders. Watch this movie to see what government thinks about your Constitutional Rights " Waco Rules of Engagement", Jesus Christ bless us until his return!

  • Blair

    Don't forget Iran in 1979. In David Weber's Honor Harrington series, there are two star nations: The People's Republic of Haven, (later the Republic of Haven), in the first book, On
    Basilisk Station, it's a Legislaturist regime. At the end of the third book, A Short, Victorious
    War, (the title's taken from a quote by the Russian Minister of War on the eve of the Russo-
    Japanese War). The Committee of Public Safety, which assassinates Hereditary President
    Sidney Harris and his family, comes to power. We don't need a Second American Revolution. We just have to limit the terms of our Senators and Representatives to one two-
    year term, and one six-year term. If a six-year term's good enough for Vicente Fox and Bob
    McDonnell, shouldn't it be good enough for a U.S. Senator?

  • Robert H. Sarda

    The problem lies in who is going to lead such a revolt. THese aret reasonous words and I do not hear anyone saying "Give me liberty or give me death"..
    By the way, I m prepared to die today than live with this mob that is currently called America.
    The unrest one would unleash would be deeply devistating.
    The revolt whether at the ballot box or in the streets is long over due.
    THe Republi-Crats have had the helm far too long and are very comfortable spending our tax dollars to appease the rabble. THe lobbiests- NRA included- do not mind asking for new dollars to stem the left agenda to take our guns away. They have become comfortable fanning the flames of tyranny with our donations. NOBODY in power wants to stop the attacks on the constituiton, this includes the lobbyists.
    Who is going to clean up the courts?
    How is it a Judge is allowed to invent interpretations of the contract we as Americans live under?
    How is it that the President is selectively inforce some laws and then write new laws to suite him when he can't find one to suite him?
    I am fed up and something needs to be done in a definitive manner and not with the lesser of 2 evils and next time we will pick a stronger canidate.
    Now is the time for a stronger candidate. The blue bloods of the republican party are quite comfortable going a long to get along, afraid of their own shadow.

  • ilenerichman

    We have a corrupt government where legislators, the president, and maybe even the Supreme Court take money from lobbyists and corporations and contractors to eliminate the rights of the citizens of this country. Lobbying and lobbyists must be abolished. It is the right of the people to contact their president, Senators, Congressmen, to write laws in favor of the citizens and not the corporations, contractors, free trade with other countries that send our jobs overseas, health care laws that raise our premiums, make arrangements with pharmaceutical companies to charge higher prices and give preferred contractors, who do not have the lowest bid, the contract. In addition, all elections should be paid for by the federal government and the states. People in government should not be running around the country, on the taxpayers' dime, to collect money. All elections should be paid for by the federal, state and local governments without any bribery. People at election time should be able to vote on laws that affect the country and jobs as the free trade agreements, free money given to other countries at the expense of the taxpayers, health care laws in which people believe they can purchase health care across state lines, income tax rates so we do not run at a deficit, Congress approving any and all wars instead of the president deciding when to go to war, doing away with President's executive privilege, and doing away with the right for government officials, as the President or Governors pardoning people (and getting pay offs as Clinton did with crook Mark Rich, putting government officials in jail when charged with contempt of Congress and will not release documents, breaking up the big banks into smaller community banks to stop the corruption and overseeing the corruption in Wall Street where Wall street makes up exotic packages like securitized and bundled mortgages. We need more oversight in this country over the banks, Wall St. government officials, members of their cabinet, Senators and Congressmen, government agencies like GSA that run amok. In other words, this country has to be reorganized to stop the corruption of high government officials and work for the citizens in this country for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And if we need a second revolution to accomplish these goals against our corrupt government. Let us go to it. Senators, Congressmen need term limits and should not be allowed to take lobbying money or travel around the world or have health insurance (let them pay for it like ordinary citizens) or have pensions (they should contribute to their pensions and if found guilty and go to jail, they should loose all benefits and pensions). Enough is enough with these crooks. The President travels around on Air Force 1, campaigning and costing our country billions of dollars. Let him pay for this himself if he wants to campaign or the federal government should allot him a certain amount of money. Congress should be in session 50 weeks a year, with 2 weeks vacation like an ordinary job. Instead, they come in Tuesday and leave on Thursday and have all holidays, vacations and do nothing. The President and Congress should not be allowed to give money secretly or above board to counties from hard earned taxpayer money. We do not have to subsidize any countries. Let them subsidize themselves. Now Obama is giving Afghanastan billions of dollars a month, Pakistan billions of dollars a month, billions of dollars to Kenya, billions of dollars to Egypt and Jordan. Let these countries support themselves. All of this is bribery and corruption. People have a right to vote on these matters at elections times. We have a say in where our money is spent, not the legislators or the President or the Secratary of Defense or the Secretary of State or any other cabinet member. And publish all the people that help the President beyond his cabinet members. He has a secret society, outside of the cabinet, that he pays from taxpayer money. We have to start all over again and follow the Constitution that was written by the most brilliant men this country ever had and they never suspected there would be so much corruption. We freed ourselves from the King of England but now we are slaves to the President, Congress, Supreme Court, and all other agencies of this government. We need to free ourselves from this slavery now.

  • jong

    "To revolt or not to revolt" An interesting question in that when a saturation point is reached it will become a moot point it will happen. Not because the people want it but, because of its actions the government demands it.

  • Arizona_Don

    It appears the Bowyer Interpretation of what obama and his henchmen are doing to this country is considerably different than mine. However, it really makes no difference if I am right or he is, if the direction this president is guiding (if it can be called guiding, he obviously is not a leader) this country does not soon change, or if he is reelected there "will" be a revolt. Call it what ever you like. It is further difficult to understand how so many of the people in this country who have enjoyed the benefits of free enterprise could support socialism. But it is obvious many do. Is it just a lack of understanding or plain ignorance of history? It is positively obvious this president desires to preclude or completely destroy certain parts of the constitution like the second amendment along with many other parts of it including the first. He is smart enough to know the second must go first. The question remains are we smart enough to see through his schemes or can he convince enough of us to reelect him and push this country into armed conflict. Because that is where it will go when our constitution is destroyed and they attempt to confiscate our guns.

    Obama has gotten away with many things that display his effort(s) to overthrow our way of life, namely the free enterprise system along with our Constitutional Republic. Obama has not been shy in announcing his intentions of fundamental transformation. The fact is, it is only that many have misinterpreted those intentions and perceived them to mean the things they individually desired because of a lack of explanation on his part. Wisely however, he has not attempted to explain them and why should he because they still work without explanation.

    I wonder if the Armenians would have liked to have had some means of revolting against those in India who overthrow the Ottoman Empire, using ethnic cleansing against them from 1915 thru 1917? While you watch this video see if you can reason this happening here. Stalin did the same thing in the Ukraine only he starved them to death from 1929 to 1934.

    I hope you will watch this video thru the end some very important information is in the last 10 minutes after the credits are run.

    Is the Bowyer objective here to convince us not to respond to the destruction of our constitution? If so, I do not believe it is possible for him to succeed.

  • Mike Tanco


  • Die hard Conservative

    I have been waiting for someone to ask this very same question. Unfortunately I am convinced both Democrats and Republicans are corrupt beyond the point of voting them out to fix the problems. Revolution is the Solution.

  • CARLjr

    History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes.
    -Thomas Jefferson to Alexander von Humboldt, Dec. 6, 1813.

  • Hawker1

    I am asking not to be answered and I include myself , what has that person looking back at me in the mirror done to make a difference? Has the person done anything besides posting on the sites? Has the person donated money if they can, has the person worked for their canidate in local ,state or fed. election or run for office themselves. Talk is cheap is that all the person in the mirror has done? if so then you lose and become a slave to the ruling elite.

  • Die hard Conservative

    It is time to band together and form a militia. I am in, We need a web site to attract and register Patriots. I suppose. Not sure this would be my first militia. Contact me

  • Marine68

    Then we Need a War for the resurrection of Freedom.

  • Gregory Lawrence Faith

    Each state need's to address the issue of "NO CONFIDENCE" of a BANKRUPT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! Once the "denial" is accepted as "reality", we, as a nation of free people, can get freedom back on the right track to prosperity. Push the corrupt FEDERAL COVER UP Government out of the way. Re Establish the CONSTITUTION and show other nations how it is done. REVOLUTION NOW!!!

  • Peter Scott Furman

    Government works when the people flourish. It works when people have a present and a future. This country was born with the "American Dream". The dream has turned "Nightmare" for most which is the "Big" red flag!

    I would argue that Government here began to fail with the Assassination's of J.F.K. and Bobby Kennedy which was "buried" by the Warren Commission as America changed "forever".

    No one was really held accountable as if anyone believed that two semi-illiterate buffoons could "execute" theses crimes! The President was murdered in broad daylight "protected" by secret service,local police and to think a man could shoot a rifle,hit the target from far away through a window unnoticed is absurd.

    Bobby Kennedy,former Attorney General and Presidential candidate was murdered in broad daylight in an airport surrounded by secret service,local police,bodyguards yet,one man armed with a gun got thisclose and shot him dead! Another Government coverup and another suspect silenced .

    How did Jack Ruby,a small time hood gain entrance into a heavily guarded remote tunnel with a gun within a foot or so of the heavily guarded assassin? How is it that Ruby himself was then murdered in jail?

    We got L.B.J. who then proceeded to send 65,000 Americans to die in Vietnam and Cambodia without Congressional approval! It was an impeachable crime then as it is today. Obama sent American force into Libya without Congressional approval which is a crime as per The War Powers Act yet he was Not held accountable by a system that does Not work!

    Obama calls Johnson a hero of his as he brought social reforms that we could not afford,defiled the system of Checks and Balances,perverted the Constitution just as Obama does today!

    As the Bush Administration was blamed for the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the collapse of our economy,the fact that Bill Clinton spent eight years doing nothing to arrest the terrorism that would would lead to 9/1,a failed economy,a cancer that Bush was hit with 6 months after his election.

    So;two Presidents faced Articles Of Impeachment,found liable yet neither was held accountable. Clinton,who came to the People's Houde with virtually nothing was worth over one hundred million + just a few short years later and Hillary who took One thousand dollars and made 100x that as a "novice" commodities trader actually got away with the impossible as "Crime Does Pay" in America and has for decades.

    Obama,the erstwhile profit,friend of Jesus,narcissist,megalomaniac,compulsive liar,ideologue,empty can is the end game. Obama is what happens when people are scared,angry,vengeful,desperate,disenfranchised,hopeless as history documents over and again.

    Bolshevik Russia,France,Nazi Germany,Fascist Italy,the middle east,Cuba.England,the Egyptian Empire,The Roman Empire,Iran,Libya,Afghanistan all were/are what America is becoming and the same end awaits us.

    We are Not Free! We are dependent on others for everything from resources ro debt service on $16 trillion and growing. The great recession will be a party compared to the inevitable implosion we are headed for without major,painful change.

    Madoff was a "piker". The U.S. Government runs and has run history's biggest Ponzi Scheme as Social Security,Medicare,Medicaid,every Government founded and run program has always failed. Our leader's are thieves,liars,purveyor's of civil and Constitutional crimes as the oath of the judicial and legislative branches,the charge to act as checks and balances might as well be the name of a cereal as the Supreme's,the Congress are impostors,without honor or ethics or the courage to act.

    Obama is the "emperor with no clothes",the Trojan Horse,the Sociopathic personality risen again. Four more years? There will be nothing left to champion!

  • Frdmftr

    Mr. Bowyer expresses important considerations, but somehow I feel he left us hanging. There is, after all, another perspective he might want to consider: In the instant matter, it is not WE, THE PEOPLE who are considering revolt, or at least we should not be. It is, in fact, a rogue occupation government deriving no authority from the Constitution of the United States that is conducting an insurgency against the rule of law and it is now becoming an insurrection. If it continues its current ideological path it will transition from insurrection to full-scale revolution just prior to or just after the coming election, and in any event before the first quarter of 2013. It will be sudden, brutal, fast, and lethal to anyone the perpetrators of the Second Bolshevik Revolution perceive to be in the way. This has been planned and incrementally advanced for nearly two hundred years, and is about to be executed.
    So the question is not whether or not we should hold a revolution. The revolution is upon us. The question now is how prepared are we as counter-revoloutionaries to take back our Constitutional nation of liberty under the rule of law?

  • Randy Brown

    Revolution, no. Restoration, yes.

  • Gregory Lawrence Faith

    When you start to see the most wealthy of Ameican's leaving this nation, that should be a WAKE UP CALL! The revolution will begin shortly thereafter! Trust me, the rich won't be caught alive in a nation of CIVIL UNREST. They simply head to a nice secluded place and wait it out! I cannot, so I will stay behind and fight for my FREEDOM and for my FAMILIES TOO!! NAV VET 1976 - 1982! And I know how to use a weapon!

  • Irwin

    COMMON SENSE is what is needed here. Our govt. has become opressive by over regulating, expanding and taxing us to the brink of disaster, Then borrowing to continue expanding. Just cut 75% of the govt out. Gone fired, done. Now we have some control back. We might also ban lawyers from holding public office also, seems like that was the start of our problems. think about it.

    • Becky

      Banning attorneys in government would be one of THE major issues we need to restore government. Elect NORMAL people who aren't geared toward crookedness, then laws could be written in a page or two that our politicians might actually read - and understand. No more ability to hide their filth and crookedness behind a hundred pages of thieving garbage. I have long advocated getting these crooks out of office!

  • BigDipper

    We don't need a Revolution; we need a RESTORATION...back to what we already had. The structure is still in place, it's just buried and forgotten under 80+ years of circumvention, neglect, ignorance, socialist propaganda, sedition, and treason.

  • buddy

    i'm ready to revolt... let me know when y'all are going to meet up

  • Roger Meyer

    This article is strong medicine to contemplate. An armed revolution to overthrow the current administration does not appear to be in the best interest of the US at this time. It would be much better to vote the current administration out and elect a President and Congress that would have the best interest of the US and the Citizens at heart, Unfortunately it may be extremely to find politicians that fit these qualifications, but there must be some somewhere although not in Washington at this time. Thsi new administration could then repeal all of the socialistic laws and Presidential Orders that were unconstitutionally passed by the Obama administration.
    The new administration would have to be held explicitly responsible for any legislation passed and the Supreme Court would have to be restricted to it's ONLY DUTY, that of determining if a law is constitutional or not. There could be no more legislation from the bench either at the local or didictator, as I fera this administration may be about to do.strict level or at the level of the
    supreme court.
    A restriction on the presidential power to give orders that supersede or circumvent conress would have to be imposed in order to avoid the situations that we have seen and the abuse in this administration.
    If it ever comes to a time when arms must be taken up it would still not be to overthrow the Government, but only to displace a specific administration that is trying to repeal the rights of the people, repeal the Constitution and declare themselves

  • Mr. Ed

    If we wait until they come to our homes for our guns, then it is already too late.
    Mr. Ed

  • Carol Jean Goodwin

    I believe it has already started. I feel we must insist that the biggest enemy of our country, Obama must be yanked from any ballot anywhere in the country. We all know he has caused more damage to our nation than any other one person in history. We know not who he really is, where he came from, due to his covering his tracks, deliberately, as some covert undercover spy would do. Whart the hell was anyone thinking? HELLO! Is anyone paying any attention?? This man is our enemy! He must be ousted.

  • Kevin

    Better to die fighting for freedom than to live under a dictator

  • Sid

    Neither Jefferson nor Lincoln Made unilateral decisions overriding our congress and our Constitution. It's being proven more and more everyday that obama is an illegal alien himself. His own mother has been thumbing her nose at our government for fifty years even after being ordered out? Money bought; and continues to keep obama in power. It's going to take a revolution of more money then him or more bullets to totally clean up this commie crap pile that continues to stink up our children s future.


    As long as our elected officials are for sale , the people have no chance. All we need to do to get our country back is to prevent elected officials from receiving money and other things of value from everyone. Its bribery, it is illegal, it is dishonest, and it is the biggest waste of money by the politician ( dishonest ads, parties personal items for the special, etc.) We should be out suing every politician that casts a vote for anything that would help a contributor.

    • Proud Primate

      The honest, and even the relatively honest ones, hate all the money in politics as well, because, for example, every senator MUST BEG at least $20,000 A DAY every day of his term (that was several years ago — it's got to be more now) from a separate office, which also costs, in order to be re-elected. The amount of time wasted, not to mention the soul-killing humiliation, AND the implied and hardly avoidable quid-pro-quo, i.e., BRIBERY, which is second only to treason in reasons to impeach.

      Many if not most on both sides would rejoice if this were not necessary.

      Only a minority who love money and power more than good causes have taken control and forced this dirty system on the whole lot. McCain/Feingold was a decent start on reining in this monster, before the Citizens United decision blew the doors off.

      Congress has the power to set the rules for the Supreme Court, but they lack the courage, and the people have the power to set the rules for Congress, by elections, but they are distracted by lesser issues than the one you raise, which I believe is by far the most urgent and important.

  • Proud Primate

    What a sane and reasonable opinion piece! No surprise that there are scarcely any takers. Still, a very well written and well-reasoned piece of writing.

  • Opie

    Here is my thought, we the people should stop electing corrupt politicians with their own agendas into ofice and place officials who are a servant of the people into place. Its not that difficult to see through the "BS" if you just pay attention. And if that doesn't work then a little blood must be shed!

  • gypsy314

    Yes if Obama and democrats cheat there way back into office then the gloves come off Most Americans feel over tax and run down for what to pay more taxes. I say there should be no way in hell obama and democrat win in 2012 for Americas sake

  • me

    The problem is the current gov. dosen't work for us the people it only acts on behalf
    of corporations, and has replaced our constitutional republic with a socialist/facist
    style of gov. telling us what we need and instead of doing what we demand.
    If a revolution dose take place it should be to return to our original articles of
    confederation and not a centralized fed. gov.

  • Delores109

    You NEVER give EVIL what EVIL wants. Obama has been begging for a Revolution, by stirring up all groups of people, in order to take greater control of us. NO REVOLUTION. We have A SOLUTION. We are going to vote in November. That is Plan A. We have a Plan B that will charge and convict Obama, George Soros, and their radicals with ACTS OF TREASON. This nation belongs to the people. We will not be forced out. Obama and Soros, stop your evil agenda. We will not be undermined.
    Delores Smith

  • William Magginetti

    "The government becomes destructive of the proper ends of government
    which are the protection of life, liberty and property and/or pursuit of
    Can there be any doubt as to this administrations actions to this end. We the People are now ruled by a government of DESPOTS who place themselves above the law, just like the nobles did. Our own government refuses to even act as if they are listening to the people of this nation.
    " And is it worth the cost? Such wars are incredibly bloody affairs."
    As with everything in life The cost of freedom will only go up. If the people this nation wait long enough, sitting by and waiting for the jackbooted thugs of the Obuthead regime to come kicking down their doors then it will be to late. If we sit by long enough it wont be our problem anymore, it will be our children's problem or our grand children's problem. If we the people pass this on to the future generations of this nation then may GOD have mercy on US for the future generations of this then fallen nation surely will NOT.
    IT IS TIME for the people of this nation to stand UNITED and remove the opportunity for Obuthead and his CRIMINAL cronies to destroy this nation any further and replace, through any means necessary, those in government who have sought to subjugate the citizens of this nation through deceit and lies and to hold Obuthead and ALL the other would be FASCIST dictators accountable for what they have done and are trying to do to this nation. UNITED WE STAND UNDER OBAMA WE BECOME SLAVES without freedoms or rights. It's your choice.

  • GWjr

    We don't need another revolution. We just need to get up off our couches and get into politics, as is our DUTY. In your spare time: Go to classes. Learn how to campaign. Find and support good candidates for local office, including yourself. Forget 3rd parties. The two big parties are there to provide support to win elections. Join one. Get inside. If every person concerned with Progressivism & Leftism and their effects on liberty & prosperity did that, it would make a huge difference. The RINOs and Dems are NOT invincible!! They only win because WE are too lazy to get involved. If this country goes down, it will be OUR fault, it will be WE who have the dubious 'honor' of handing over a pitiful country to our kids and grandkids, instead of a better one.

  • dondehoff

    You fail to emphasize the more important aspects of the problem. A revolution today would not be Republicans vs. Democrats. North against South, or white against back", it would be our Republic and Constitutional way of life against socialism with an Islamic bent (or perhaps Islam with a socialist bent) and with several other NWO groups hoping to move in and pick up the pieces. There would be far more major "forces" involved from outside the country than there are within. Also, it would involve a conflict that surely would employ many kinds of WMD. along with a couple million Muslims living here in the U.S. following a call to "Jihad"-- a call that probably would extend world-wide. I will not offer a solution as that would take a hundred or so pages to explain. A synopsis is: Islam and the Qur'an is the greatest fraud every perpetrated and "forced" upon a large group of people. I am prepared to defend that statement in an open civil debate, wherein "facts and truth" can never be blasphemy, phobic, racist or a hate issue.

  • Don Ruane

    Yes, we do need a Second American Revolution, but without all the guns and blood shed/suffering.
    The problem: We simple let people stay in Washington to long and the begin to think that they are our bosses. Of course we know that we are the bosses.

    The solution: we fire all the people in Congress today, be they Democrats or Republicans.

    Now, I do not want to destroy our Constitution, so I suggest that we do the following.

    We Simply Vote for the OTHER Guy or Gal. If there is a
    Democrat in office, vote for the Republican. If there is a Republican in
    office, vote for the Democrat.

    All great problem require great solutions. This solution saves our Republic and does not Harm our system of Government.

    We can get along without them quite easily, can's we??????


  • Phil185

    The only way I see us not going through another civil war is for the Governors of each and every state to finally stand up and say enough if enough. The Fed gets it's powers from the states, not the other way around. It's time to stand up and end this tyranny.

  • Robert Bruce Brown

    Wake up America
    Find your local Tea Party and join.
    Google Freedomworks
    Start a Tea Party.
    Information is good to have and share.
    Time is short.



  • Ken

    We need to start or get behind a third party to give the two-party dictatorship some much needed competition, & we need to practice civil disobedience & refuse to obey any unconstitutional laws, statutes, or codes. Best thing about my plan is, we can start today.

    Gov Gary Johnson 2012

  • Talltrees

    "they have been imposed on us by us."

    It’s very simple. Legislators win because more people voted for them. It appears there are more Democrats in the country than Republicans.

    The current regime can largely be blamed on massive immigration from Third-World countries coming here for benefits, certainly not love of our country. They form their own ethnic, racial, and religious organizations to lobby legislators for what they want. They are tribal, ethnic, and stick think only of themselves. They vote Democrat. The current Democratic Party is a reflection of all those Third-World cultures and governments very unlike ours and why we don’t recognize it. It’s called ‘foreign influence.’ Democrats were never this bad before massive immigration.

    Our Founding Fathers' warned us about who we allow into the country. "They bring with them their own cultures and political agendas which they teach their children. They will not assimilate if many come in a short period of time. They will change the culture and government to resemble their native countries. Not all foreigners are our friends." We are seeing the results of not heeding those warnings.

    We really can’t blame immigrants because this is what they normally do when large numbers from one country go to another country. We can blame those starting, pushing, and continuing massive immigration from Third-World countries. Return to the 1965 Immigration bill. Look up who sponsored it. Everyone needs to know why and who started, pushed, and continue massive immigration. All of the details. It isn’t pretty.

    Consider a large number of Hispanics, Blacks, Muslims, and Whites all wanting something different. White conservatives want their Founding Fathers' country. Hispanics want to turn the U.S. into Mexico. Muslims want everything ruled by Islam and Sharia. Liberal Jews and Blacks want to replace White Europeans with themselves. All liberals want a benefit society. Allow more immigrants in and our Founding Fathers’ country will never return.

    With so many unlike factions, presidential candidates must change their stance on issues to lure others outside their bases. That angers their own base. Romney is pandering to Hispanics, now, becoming wishy-washy on illegals. That angers White conservatives.

    Our liberty diminishes because of minorities and immigrants. If we had not allowed so many Muslims into the country, we wouldn’t have homegrown terrorism. In fact, Muslims and liberals don’t allow these comments to be made. So, freedom of speech is taken away. We wouldn’t have internet surveillance, drones over the U.S., to name a few. Our liberty also diminishes because of other minorities, as well. Usually, when one right is given to a minority, another right is taken away from the majority.

    As for a revolution, it is surprising one has not occurred. “We the People get the government we ask for.” Actually, no. How can Republicans get what they want from a Democrat controlled government?

    “Revolutions usually don’t succeed because they destroy the society in which they occur; tearing down the old social order and forcing a new one to revolve up into its place (hence the word ‘revolution’)”

    Yes, that’s the purpose. To destroy and return to the government our Founding Fathers designed. Those that won’t agree to that must leave the country.

  • budman

    I think this administration is following what the Chinese said about the Unites States many years ago and that is they did not need to win militarily because they could destroy us and our economy without it. Obama is playing this game but this might be his intention.

    It would be very easy to take down the policies of this administration if those 26 states fighting the Federal Government collectively tell the Government they are opting out and refuse to abide by their law and regulation in those areas they disagree.. I assure you the Federal Government would be on their knees promising to give states more freedom to choose their own direction because they know, without those states, it would collapse. New York and California would be two of those states which would place a burden on the Federal Government to survive and wouldn't you know, they are Liberal states.

    I am not in favor of an action like this, rather action by the people to remove this corrupt administration and all those Liberal Democrats in Congress. I know that you will see a real difference if Obama and Harry Reid are no longer in control.

  • WyattW1

    I find the authors recitation for the South's Constitutionally protected secession from the Union simplistic, naive and uneducated.

    • Ken

      I agree. He is nothing more than an apologist for the two-party dictatorship...

  • Quincy

    I think we should start one -starting in November. We The People!

  • Kennade Nade

    Count me ALL in. Lock N' Load?

  • Texas Patriot

    Yes on both counts. Our nations is quickly being take away from the American people by the government who wishes to have full control over every person. This is the same condition that caused the first Revolution. This may very well be a test in History to see if we will do it again or let it happen. I would rather die as a free man then live one day as a slave to the government!!! Stand and fight, fight till we win again!!! History will repeat itself if we stand as our founding fathers did!!!

  • majorsteve

    We must defend ourselves and America from this fraud regime in the WH. It's never too late; but we had better not rest on our laurels!! If we give obama much more time he will destroy
    America and all she stands for...Do not get caught thinking this is extremism. obama and
    Clinton are serious about bringing America down; and it will happen SOON!!!


    Mr. Bowyers is a FOOL, a LIAR, and a PROPAGANDIST-seeking to deter the American people from preparing for what is coming for us. the difference between modern America and the Colonies is -THE AMERICANS DON'T HAVE A CHOICE TODAY, and the 'atrocities' of King George were pale by comparison to the buildup of FEMA camps-400 million rounds of hollowpoint ammo-(illegal by Geneva convention unless action is called a 'police action'-subtle ruse to avoid Geneva conventions of war), and George wsn't making abject slaves of us searching our children and grandparents in a sexually humiliating way like chattle. Even the English of old-while committing atrocities themselves-(homeburning and killings) never took it to the extreme level of de-humanizartion that these zionist rats are-(the REAL people behind the puppets called Bush, Clinton, and Obutlick-(cornelius).
    Also, "THE PEOPLE" did NOT rise up in Russia under the Bolsheviks, it was in fact returned exiled jews that created and executed the so called Russian Revolution. Trotsky was born lev bronstein and most of the upper politburo and cheka were all jews. As a matter of fact really Lenin and Litvinoff were the only REAL Russians in the scheme, and today-(enough years later) many jew websites refer to Bolshevism as "jewish reconstruction'. The REAL truth is that after being thrown out of Russia collectively, the Bauers-(now calling themselves rothschild) swore revenge on russia and though it took them twenty years to get to it, they were the people behind it completely and now openly brag about it.
    So, Mr. Bowyer is a liar seeking to dissuade-through-propaganda any notion of our inevitable rise ro re-take our rights which is sooo far past needing to be done that the longer we wait the harder it will be. Many of us said six years ago to hit em with everything we've got and clock this cancer right out while we still had limited patriot act incursions, and no drones or facial recognition, and they didn't have all those camps built nor did they have 400 million hollowpoint rounds and 270 million 5.56 rounds. Then, it would have taken a weekend. Now it would take over a month probably-maybe a little less. But,-what about tomorrow??? 30,000 drones, plus manned helo's, plus the troops will be back-(they were all out of town for the last decade!), and all the rest of the accoutrements the enemy of this Republic can amass.
    Consider only whether YOU feel it's time, NOT if some douche named Bowyer does. We all no how much we will accept. when it gets to that point-DO AS YOU FEEL.

  • Pat

    The first step is to Impeach Obama from the White House and then fire all of his circle of camp idiots in the Democratic party. Pelosi, Reid, Kerry to just name a few from that list of idiots.

  • D. Guardian

    It is not that we should start a revolution, it already started. The communists, leftists, islamists, facists, tree hugers, abortionists, etc.,etc., all against Christians, conservatives and believers in the American way. Guess who will like to fire the first shot? First they have to get rid of....what you call it? Oh, yeah, the right to bear arms! That's what keeps us free and armed to the teeth. If they fire first, there will be repercussions all around, but they already know that.

  • Winston

    It should be started very, very soon or "sincere" Christians and conservatives will get a taste of being subjected to a ungodly leader... either Obama or Romney. Neither serve the one True Almighty God. Pray for spiritual discernment and for GOD to intervene in America.


    I think ol Pat was correct! Give me liberty, or give Me death!

  • john

    IPAB - 'nuff said...

  • Bill in Tennessee

    We have such a powerful American military that it would be a suicide mission to start it at the grassroots level. Any such revolution MUST start with our military, and THEN millions of us can rush to their sides to stand with them. And it wouldn't even have to be a nation-wide action, just surround Washington, DC, the head of the snake, and stop all traffic in and out of the city...highways, airports, heliports, Metro system, bridges... and start arresting the traitors who have brought us to this point. Are there ANY military people who will put country above career and protect and defend the Constitution that they swore allegiance to? Anyone? Is anybody there? Does anybody care?

  • HappyClinger

    There's already one going on, thanks to the progressive cancer that has infested our White House, Congress, Senate, "media," churches, schools, workplaces in the form of unions, etc. It's being led by THE PRESIDENT. He and his minions from hell are trying to overthrow us from within. So the question should be whether we want to mount a Counter-Revolution, or oust the true revolutionaries that are currently occupying our country.

  • steveni

    Considering how both parties have become, I am beginning to believe this may eventually be necessary.

  • Nadine

    The Libs are affraid of the TEA Party, so we need to join & support them ASAP to keep the message going!!

  • Ken

    Since many of you think voting for the lesser of two evils is the thing to do, I would like to ask you a few questions. If both of our choices are evil, then how did the only two viable candidates get nominated? Does that mean both parties are evil? If so, what is so wrong with voting for someone outside of the two-party system, or better yet, getting behind a third party to give the evil nominees some much needed competition? Isn't that what we do in real life? If you go to a store, & you do not like what they sell or how they treat you, you go to another store don't you? If you don't, you eventually end up with Wal-Mart & K-Mart, & your choices are very limited at that point. That's what happens when you buy into the lie that there are only two stores in town worth shopping at. You eventually end up at the mercy of the management of those two stores, because by your shopping habits, you have put all the other good stores out of business.

  • Terry B

    I'm more than ready ... and will die to keep America Free & Safe!!!!

  • jonah12

    Then what are a civilized people to do in the face of tyranny? does anyone remember the cold war mantra, 'Better dead than red?"

  • Cactus

    If we truly want to save our country we have no other choice. We were on the path to total destruction before Obama came on the scene. Getting rid of Obama w slow down our headlong rush to the dust bin of history. Everybody capable of reading this post knows that I am telling it straight. It is not just the progressives or liberal democrats it is also the GOP establishment that is far left of conservative. Everybody knows exactly what things must be changed to restore the republic to what it was prior to 1960. If we do what is necessary we can take our government back to that. If we do not going to have to live like Americans haven't had to since our independence from England. The choice is ours to make. Either way, thgere will be no turning back. This new revolution will have to be an insurgency, much like what we fought and lost to in Vietnam.

    • Cactus

      Sorry for all the typos, my computer makes me misspell all the time.

  • Clay

    Two problems with the article. We want our Constitution and form of government back. Second, I don't see anyone to fight. People talk about an actual shooting war; who do they plan on shooting to get our Constitution back? The article is right about destroying rights. When our rights are destroyed, and they will be, then the lines will be much clearer and people will fight because they will have nothing left. Now things are pretty good. People go to work and to the mall, that's all they care.

  • Ed

    Bowyer's blatant liberal bias, his ignorance of the causes of the Civil War, and his demonization of the South (very popular in his liberal circles) renders useless everything else he has written. How can you depend on ignorance for guidance?


    The time has come. All true freedom loving, America loving citizens, this is your clarion call, your last chance to return to a government of , by, and for the people. Get out and vote out everyone who has shown their true colors of wanting to rule over you rather than serve you. In November it is time to get back to the Republic that our founding fathers gave us. We almost blew it and let it go too long, but we can save it in this 11th hour. GET OUT AND VOTE FOR FREEDOM!

  • Fed Up!

    We need to do something, even if it's wrong to preserve our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I'm not quite sure how this Commie/Marxist got in OUR White House, but we need to either revolt or bend over. I for one refuse to allow this kind of lawlessness and treason to ruin OUR Country... This ATT that Hussein and Hillary are trying to push on America July 27th is a good reason to start a FULL BLOWN REVOLUTION!!!

  • Phil

    Doesn't matter if you call it a revolt, civil war or whatever it's still the same thing. It's easy to see how we defeated England but it's a whole different story know. England was a government an ocean away, this time if there is civil war, the enemy is our own leaders. England had the logistics problems of getting equipment and troops across the ocean in sailing ships. There was no air power. Both sides had the same small arms, what little artiliary exhisted was very slow heavy to move cannons that the British mostly used in fortified positions. American Forces really didn't need them. Now it will be Americans against the US Military with all their might. Don't forget the president is the commander and chief of all US Military. I'm retired military even though our cause is just I don't see how it would be possible to defeat government forces with superior weaponds, supplies, air and naval power. Don't forget the un-manned drones. That said I'll still try before I'll live on my knees under a dictatorship.

  • MadinIllinois

    We are here today because CNN, MSNBC, NBC and other news channels and organizations did not properly vent this "freak" in the White House...and "we the people", still doesn't know if he's truly qualified ! It's time to wake up, hold our elected officials accountable and stop letting this man divide us on race, religion, gender and economic class. Our country is going in the wrong direction because we've allowed ourselves to be herded like sheep!

    VOTE IN 2012

  • Ken

    When I played football; in practice, our Fullback allowed a Linebacker to come in & destroy our Quarterback. The head Coach immediately ran on the field & told the whole Offense : "This is the way your fullback blocks the Defense." He then ran over to the Linebacker & kissed him on the helmet. No one ever had to ever tell us again about missing our blocking assignments. We blocked with a vengeance from that day forward.

    Unfortunately, the Republicans are not only not blocking, they are not even ashamed that they are not blocking. Romney & the republican leaders are merely kissing Obama on the helmet. I refuse to be in denial that they are all in bed together, & I will cast my vote for people who are willing to block for America. You all can continue to vote for those who are playing you for a fool, but not me.
    Gov Gary Johnson 2012

  • Doubleace

    I think the most grave mistake the Obama administration will make is taking the American people for granted. He will reach a point where the people will strike back, and it will get very ugly, very quick, but there will be no stopping it. When it happens (and it will) the people will take out all there frustration on politicians that have betrayed them. I only hope we can remove this fool from the White House before, it comes to that because, many people will pay the ultimate price, to keep America free.

  • silverbowl10

    It is coming to us ready or not as the national initiation of the crucifixion. If we pass, we get a golden age; if we fail, we get a dark age.


    The revolution To Restore The American Dream began in November 2008 iunder the banner of the TEA PARTY. Remeber the quote of one of our famous presidents " If you are not willing to die for freedom, you don't deserve it." It has to start with getting government out of our schools. Searching the histories of most of the world countries, it is obvious that teaching our children the most important rule in life " LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU.
    THE TEN COMMANDMENTS MUST BE YOUR GUIDE IN LIFE" And very important to that is to teach the American Constitution in all US schools. That document made this country the richest nation on earth and gave the highest standard of living to all Americans/.

  • Steve Politte

    I totally agree with oldrockerguy. Yes we should keep on praying, but I beleive that God expects to fight for our country if that is need. I seems like most of our government leaders only care about their money, not the citizens. It is going to left up to the people to force our government to do the right thing, and they are morally decayed, they do not care about morals and values. We the people may have to take the action to them. What other choice is there? If we don't will become a Islamic state. God bless America, or what is left of it.

  • Steve Politte

    I am in no way advocating a revolution, at least no less than they have and continue to do to the people.

  • Jack Broderick

    Ihatelibs; your right this country doesn't need to be taken over by Muslims or any other foreign entity, and the way the American citizens have been losing their jobs because of a man that hates this country a revolution is long overdue. Get rid of Obama and we don't need a revolution.

  • Daniel from TN

    This country does have many problems. Congress has demonstrated repeatedly it will not address or even recognize the existance of some of these problems. The Second Revolution must be a political one, not a military revolution. It is time for the states to convene another constitutional convention. Failure to convene a convention might lead the US to another civil war.

  • Peter Ramsey

    It's going to be a second civil war - the Democrats hope to establish a socialist dictatorship under Barack Hussein Obama. His campaigns have been financed by a coalition of Marxist and Islamists (both foreign and domestic) for years.
    Liberals are playing with fire - it won't be just Christians, even Communists will be executed.
    Just look at what happened after the Islamic Revolution in Iran back in 1979.
    Lenin (1924) called liberals "useful idiots" but the Marxists will soon feel the fury of Islamic Jihad - they have the money to buy guns from anyone.
    Ironic perhaps, but people seldom learn the lessons of history.

  • al pambuena

    i thought we were already in a civil war, between those that want freedom of choice, and those that support a socialist-marxist government....i already have stocked piled xtra ammo, have a few go-bags ready, and a plan of action...i will not live under a government, like the one in the white house now.

  • Kukye

    No, there is no need to start a second revolution.

    Study the Constitution and you'll realize what your leaders are doing is ILLEGAL and not allowed.

    Only delegated powers are in it. They swore to uphold that. NOT personal will. So just laff at them and say the laws have no meaning, cannot be ENFORCED and will be declared null and void and IGNORED.

    Carry on my fellow patriots.

  • Tom Whitcomb

    Has anyone named a date and time for a march on D.C.?

  • Tom McDonald

    He claims there is no external enemy, as was England in 1776. Has he not heard of the Muslim extremists and thier world wide caliphate? Has he not heard of the UN and its everlasting attempts to impose a One World Government? (UN gun control treaty?) And our own supreme court has begun to refer to legal presedents of other countries. UN worldwide tax is being talked of. Has he not heard of Russian imperialism? The true problem is our own lying politicians who are traitors to thier oath to the Constitution and truely side with the one worlders. They have no morals and we can find NO PROTECTION from outsiders in our government. In fact, our wonderful president has given 1 million ILLEGALS thier citizenship outright- an act that is beyond his powers. So, we are being attacked from without and eroded from within. Now tell me, what are our options?????

  • KnightFox50

    I wish I could give proper credit for the following .. "Freedom is not a gift, but must be learned and then earned by each succeeding generation" For too long we have been too willing to allow things to get to this point. We have been wrapped up in our daily lives and left "the fight for freedom" to others. We have stood back and watched others join the fight, stand up to the inequalities being forced upon us. We have a legal system that has lost touch with justice and hasn't seen equity for for a very long time. How many of us stood up when the courts said that eminent domain could be used to take your home and give it to some corporation to generate a higher tax base.

    We have allowed our freedoms to be eroded from our local townships and counties all the way to Pennsylvania Ave. I have said for years we were coming to a revolution, either at the ballot box, or by blood. I can hear many of you already screaming at the computer "we have no real choice this November" But it can be a beginning, the start of a process that we must all stand up and get behind the change. If we do not, and it comes to blood, then some of that blood will be on each of our hands and we will be just as guilty as those that led us down this road.

    I am an older man and thought that I had spent my time "in the trenches" but I cannot stand by and allow this generation to be taken captive by a foreign ideology, which started in this country some 90 years ago. I have not made public posts or comments so as not to be "marked" by my own government as a "freedom loving terrorist" I will pull my boots back on, the time has come

  • Robert

    it is not a question of whether we need a revolution or not a bigger question would be how are we going to prevent an all-out civil war before the end of the year. This Dirty Diaper Head, the black caucus, the new Muslim Black Panthers, and all the other Obama zombies have been pushing all the buttons to instigate an all-out race war.

    In November if diaper head loses he will not leave the White House on his own. He could care less whether he voted in or out because he does not plan on leaving. He's been putting his forces in place for the last three years all he needs is an excuse.

    God bless and save America and pass the ammunition.

  • yadontwannano

    Hey folks , in my opinion , there needs to be a multi-level type of revolution ....
    Level 1 :
    Inform the people of the alternatives to the foreign owned corporate government control grids refered to as the UNITED STATES of AMERICA ( a city state seated in the the District of Colombia established in 1871)
    Level 2 :
    Be discreet and organise your comunitiy networks
    Ps ... good luck !


    What do we do when a country is about to destroy itself, with both inside and outside help?

  • Ancient Blacksmith

    I'm 23. I live in southern California. I have asked my friends if they feel as if if there will be a revolution in our time..and they all believe so for all the same reasons I do..Our Liberty is disappearing..our media is no longer free. As we have grown older certain things our schools told us have been proven wrong.and now our homeland has been declared the battlefield and i fit the description of a terrorist suspect by opposing the federal government and believing in world free of government interference. A world where citizens recognize their role in our community and make government interference redundant. We the people are the answer!!

    • Ancient Blacksmith

      Fingerprinted and registered since first grade registration =)

  • milmac

    The House of Representatives should begin the revolution by introducing repeals of Obama's executive orders while Congress is in session. Then go from there. Yes, we need a revolution to prohibit the continuation of corrupt government. Where are our modern day Patrick Henry's.

  • HD

    , Seriously, while we still have guns, it's a trip to D.C. when congress and the senate are both in session. Just a simple and short revolt.....those we know to be corrupt (Right or Left)....hang them first. Then, NO LOBBYIST....These people were voted into office by "We the people"...not some one else. ALL the amendments in the constitution stay in place with NO restrictions on life, liberty and the pursuit of happy. This would save a lot of bloodshed. :~)

  • bkool

    a revolt may be necessary!? all things considered it could be realistic for states to be devided and result of territories could imerge again as was before the states were united.....

  • Peter Propwash

    If Obama gets in again I belive there will be a third revolution
    It is easy to say they wont get my guns but most will turn them over when ask, out of fear or not wanting to miss their favorite TV show. I hope I am man enough to fight back if it happens but most will find an excuse to give in.
    If a judge says you will hang, it is easy to say go to hell, but many a man has cried fought and beged when he saw the rope.
    I am sure those of you with nothing inteligent to say can find some misspelled words so go ahead and let me have it.

  • Pete

    We can vote these people out without spilling the blood of patriots. You people just need to get off your fat butts and get involved. Join the Tea Party or Americans for Prosperity and take a neighbor with you. We are the victims of our own stupidity. Few can tell you who their senators are but could tell you the latest about dancing with the stars and reality TV. We deserve what we get. Push come to shove, it will be back to Lexington and Concord again and that would destroy the country we love. P

  • Mark Holcomb

    In 1990, Czechoslovakia was peacefully dissolved into two separate nations, The Czech Republic and Slovakia. THe Czech Republic is one of economically rich with a lot of personal freedom. I think the U.S. is no longer viable as a whole nation, we should peacefully dissolve and expel Hawaii from the U.S. but let Alaska be an independent nation state. Ditto for every single state, too.

    Face it, we're acting like Germany in 1944-45, sending huge armies overseas while the Reich itself was being overrun. We cannot afford to replicate this sort of folly.

    i want to be an American, but I'm called a Nazi because I'm pro-life, pro-freedom and pro-military. I'm called a coward because I use an AK47 to guard my house at night. I'm called radical because I take pets to the vet rather than letting them suffer. My shaved head was labelled sinful by a fundamentalist preacher.

    I'm called a weirdo because I don,t believe a wild beast like a deer needs the same protections dogs, cats, and horses do. I was labelled a homosexual because I'm a lifelong bachelor whom thinks that sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is sinful.

    I'm evil because I'm pro hunting and pro-meat eating. I'm satanic because I worship Jesus Christ alone and not Gaia. America has been destroyed by gun control, internationalism, diversity, multiculturalism,criminal(s) rights, human rights, dirt worshipers, Islam, child abuse, and countless other factions. What said factions have in common is they burn the midnight wattage on best how to run berserk
    through what is left of our nation.

    America has been the Sick Man of he World since the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. Abraham Lincoln inflicted catastrophic damage by suspending Habeas Corpus, thereby abolishing the rule of law. Wilson's futile declaration of war against Germany in 1917 was done only to draw attention from the Supreme Court,s ruling that the federal income tax is unconstitutional.

    The foundation of the ACLU in 1920 began a war on the Christian values which has sped up our doom. America has become too diverse to have a concept of national identity any more. Let us disunite to save our freedoms!

  • MrChuckster007

    Apparently, the writer of this article, Jerry Bowyer doesn't realize the revolution has already begun. It started about 20 years ago, but has grown with intensity in the past 4 years. Anyone who doesn't recognize this hasn't been paying attention. So, far it has been a peaceful struggle, but whether this will continue to be the case may depend a great deal on the outcome of the November election.

  • mc mike

    Too late.

  • QuisPercusit

    Yea Verily! Let it begin now, let it be furious, focused and forever rid our Nation of all enemies both Foreign and Domestic;as well as the islamophile menace, the United Nations and All those who would embrace the New World Order. To the victors go the spoils and no Prisoners taken. No Mercy to Politicians, Muslims, Illegal aliens and Prison Inmates.

  • Philip Lockerman

    The revolution starts with the individual standing up for his or hers freedoms . Standing up for those freedoms is what our framers would have expected from all of us. Once an individual does this an example is given for others to One turns to two, two turns to four, four to eight and so on. Soon the individual is not alone in this struggle, and those freedoms that many have given their lives for are secured once again. It's up to each generation to carry this process forward in order for OUR freedoms to endure ! Teach your children well !

  • brianjconway

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, IT IS THEIR RIGHT, IT IS THEIR DUTY TO THROW OFF SUCH GOVERNMENT AND TO PROVIDE NEW GUARDS FOR THEIR FUTURE SECURITY.
    From the Declaration of Independence.

  • Ballistic45

    The time for revolution is when Government becomes so detached from the Governed in its move to become self serving... When government closes off the governed from redress of grievances and vilifies them for their attempts.... When government manipulates, changes or ignores laws at the peril of the governed in order to further its power, control and presence... When government ignores the will of the people by circumventing their representative body...

    Jefferson was correct and we are long overdue....


    never let O'Vomit get your guns boys. if necessary we will make our stand for our America.

  • David S. McQueen

    I'd remind Jerry Bowyer that the American Revolution (or better yet, the secession from England) AND the economic ideology of Adam Smith (as presented in "The Wealth of Nations") created a venue that within 200 years produced a country that was not only the strongest but the most free on the planet. It took both for that to happen, Jerry.
    Jerry Bowyer is also wrong about the War Between the States. Slavery was being eliminated world-wide by technology. The southern states knew that because it was obvious that an agrarian economy would much rather have a tractor than human slaves. The Confederacy seceded from the USA just as the colonies seceded from England. It was economic freedom from a northern-controlled Congress that lit the fuse. Farmers do not fight to the death to protect wealthy landowners' right to own black slaves (very few southerners owned slaves).
    All revolutions, with a few notable exceptions, have their roots in the economic plight of the masses. Only the leaders couch the revolution in flowery phrases and catchy platitudes. The leaders usually aren't altruistic; they see revolution as a power-grab, not a societal reformation.

  • Michael G.

    This is something said that I've been looking for. A revolt (against ourselves) cannot and won't succeed. That kind of thing is pure 'folly.' No one would like, nor accept the end results thereof. So a "Revolt" or "2nd Civil War" is out; so what must we as a people do? We have to come up with another answer that would be satisfactory to the 'majority.' That is hard to do. What all this may do is force us to look at ourselves in a light we haven't looked at in some time. I don't want the Army, nor the police, shooting at us, and I don't want to be shooting at them. That is rather stupid and final for all involved. Even if we were to "win" such a conflict what is the end results? Do we throw away what's left of our Constitution (remember it has worked pretty well [not perfectly] for 236 year) and come up with something like Russia had? Now that worked, for a time, but cost the lives of millions of people; then it was fairly well done away with in about 75 years. Which way was the better way to go.
    We do have a term limitation for the president. Perhaps now would be a serious time to consider term limits for the Congress as well. I might even add (concerning what is happening from the last Supreme Court ruling) term limits for judges at All Levels (state and federal) as well.
    We also need to take a look at our laws. Are they no longer in use? Then drop them. For every new law applied, then two that are no longer applicable should be consigned to the trash heap of history.
    We have to start some place; and the cartridge box ain't it. Too many people are too quick to go there, and they go there without thinking.

  • TexasOlTimer

    There's a lot of talk about the UN Small Arms Treaty and our guns being taken away if it's ratified. A treaty with another country CANNOT override our Bill of Rights and Constitution. There are numerous sites online about this. Two are: and but there are many more. Unfortunately - so far - the Supreme Court hasn't struck down any treaty as being unconstitutional (as far as I can find anyway). For such a treaty to make its way to the Supreme Court would take several years and I doubt we would have that kind of time even if SCOTUS were to be willing to strike it down.

    The main problems will be a gun registry that this treaty calls for (that could be set up by our government) as well as people believing they have to give them up and doing so. Those of us that read, follow what is going on and understand it will resist. It's the ones that believe what they hear on the main street media and their local newspaper that we'll have to educated.

    If you're conspiracy minded, maybe that's why ObamaTax wants to get rid of us ol' timers - we remember the America of WWII and the years following. We studied history back in the ol' days. Maybe they don't want us around telling what we remember so they can write their own history of how "bad our country is" and so we can't tell what communism, Marxism, facism and all those other "isms" are really like. Ya think?

  • Robert H. Woodman

    "American the Beautiful", verse 3:

    O beautiful for heroes proved
    In liberating strife.
    Who more than self their country loved
    And mercy more than life!

    America! America!
    May God thy gold refine
    Till all success be nobleness
    And every gain divine!

    My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, and our family has had members serve in the military during every war of this country through the First Gulf War. Today, I doubt that a majority of the population of this country loves this country and mercy more than they love life.

  • Lynne

    It already was a civil war in the near future and you will be there soon enough and those of you left alive will build a statue to the new leader of the war he has a copy of the constitution in on hand and a shot gun in the other !

  • lonelyshepherd

    Yes we should. Obama and his Communist Party have been killing this Country from day one. He lies constantly and never listens to "We the People".

  • paco12348

    If the US Government does not downsize and return the majority of its function BACK to the States then we the people better do something. It has become a monster destroying America. It is killing the golden goose laying the golden egg. When more and more people are sucking on the government teat then where will the taxes come from to feed the monster?

  • paco12348

    One last note. Obama puts down the workers, the rich and according to what he says the poorer you are the better person you are. Well, what does that say for him? He's a millionaire several times over! That makes him a bad, bad person, the kind he's always putting down. We need to tell Obama to share his wealth so he can become a better person and just think how well he and his family could eat if they had food stamps.

  • del

    Time to oust the traitors in this administration for total failure of the purpose of American government: to protect We the People...etc. These socialist,marxist,commie, progressive idiots or whatever else you call them forgot that we are the employers and they are there to do our bidding, not ruin our country for their own false ideology crap and greedy maws. What a disgusting ugly group of aholes and we must rid ourselves of all of them!

  • Homer

    I Believe Jefferson said it best: the the TREE of Liberty is refreshed w/the blood of patriots! Surmise what you will from this but...for good men to do NOTHING, evil prospers!!

  • Rev. Alvin Cordes

    Yes! Bloody revolutions are usually worthless. Eygpt's is still too early to know. Syria has no alternative. Algeria is voting for the first time in ages. South Sudan had no other choice.
    But who has brought this socalistic Kenyan upon on land? Not us Bible Patriots. Not us Constitutionalist. We are not the liberals who have taken over our nation, who now burden us with impossible taxes on a healthcare from which they excuse themselves and their friends.
    Must we really wait until they start throwing us into the prison camps, which they have set up in every state? Must we let their drones spy us out daily. Must we let this foreigner continue to destroy our job creating private sector until we are starving skeltons, until all our assets are dried up by his thievry and gifts to his banks, unions, and pet industries that go broke while their CEO run off with our taxes? Must we wait until he declares martial law? Maybe so.
    Right now, I see only one man who might have the guts to stand up to these traitors and foreigners. They are trying to destroy him. God is raising up his leaders.
    We are so close to civil war, because of wimps, almost like yourselve, like those Britishers on American soil who wanted to do nothing whiled the red coats were approaching.
    May God help us to do only His will, so that He can bless us and our descendents afterwards.
    Back to His Word, America.

  • Libertybuff

    Some excellent points particularly that most revolutions throughout history amount only to exchanging one despot with another. True revolutions are from "within". It is a battle of ideas fought in the classroom. We are losing that battle between "liberty" and "Statism".
    I do not agree thought with his perspective on the Civil War. The Civil war was fought over the concept of "State Sovereignty"...i.e. does the Federal Government "own" the States. The South said "no"...we are sovereign...the Federal Government said "yes"...we own you.
    If the States "own" themselves then it is logical that they should be able to succeed. For this reason, I think the wrong side won the Civil War and it has led to the oppressive Federal Government that we have today.

  • sovereintyofone

    First off IF we have a revolution we gamble with after it's all said and done, who or what will govern or rule this country when the dust settles. Look around, it seems that there are many countries especially in the middle east that are in the process of revolution, and many are turning up under the control of the Muslim Bortherhood or some other form of radical government. With that said, the way things seem to be going in our own country and the way the current administration is steping on and wiping it's feet on our Constitution, we may have no other choice than to revolt. The question is, what will be the tipping point, or flashpoint that will ignite a revolt in this country. Do we wait until our government does away with all our civil rights and Constitutioinal rights? Do we wait until they start rounding up citizens for executions because they believe in the 2nd amendment, God,or in liberty and freedom? Do we wait until it becomes like Syria where the people are slautered in the streets. No one in their right mind wants a revolution that will tear this country apart. But... we also do not want to become SUBJECTS ruled by tyrrany or opression. When we have tried all other avenues of legal process to change those running our government, voting, protest to our representatives, Supreme Court and they have failed, I see no other choice but revolution to regain the country that was once ours as WE THE PEOPLE.


    Yes. To both of those questions. It is the only thing that is going to solve our problems.

  • Mike_Travis

    We do NOT need a revolution under any circumstances. We need a RESTORATION of our Constitutional Republic as intended by our Founders. We also need to imprison ALL elected servants who violate our laws without exception, including hanging TRAITORS. We also need to immediately force ALL elected officials to be subject to ALL the laws of the country AND serve without any retirement, and make it retroactive. Any elected serpent who violates the law should be imprisoned for life without parole. Period.

  • gavinwca

    Organized voter fraud, has bastardized our vote resaults to the point revulation may be the only answer.voter fraud is determining a large portion of our elections . Take back the ballot box or get rid of those who are stealing elections

  • GARY


  • cincinnatius

    Given the direction we are heading, it is oblivious that it will be induced or the nation will cease to previously known. To use a phrase that might be applicable to our current situation, "you have to break eggs to have an omelet." I think in order to keep the omelet, we may have to break some eggs!

  • DrZarkov99

    Restoring individual liberty is still possible by electing legislators with Libertarian leanings, and the courage to stand against the corrupt Washington establishment. Senator Rand Paul is an example of what we need more of. Violent uprisings aren't called for so long as change can be accomplished at the ballot box. Most of the problem we have today we've brought on ourselves by electing con artists who lead us to believe we can have something for nothing. As Pogo said, "We has met the enemy, and they is us."

  • cwipaulk

    “The policies we have in place now have not been imposed by some foreign army; they been imposed on us by us”.

    That is pure BS! The policies we have in place now are due to our self-serving “Representatives” and “Senators” not listening to the people they are supposed to represent, but doing just as they please. They have not listened to us for a long time, but do what they think they need to do in order to stay in office. They lie to us and vote against the Constitution all the time. They are all a bunch of traitors and deserve to be lined up and shot, but that would be a waste of good lead. Better to get a rope and hang them one by one.

  • David Taylor

    Violence serves Obama's purpose. Whether its the Occupiers raping each other or ACORN's Brown Shirts storming into businesses, or even the imagined tempests of unseen militias drilling in the square, Constructive Chaos works for this administration. 'Never let a good crisis go to waste'. And if this craven cynical administration continues to go where its hell-bent to go, its not going to be 'should' or 'need', its going to be their revolution, with the violence happening in the waiting rooms of hospitals' ERs, the unemployment offices and the unguarded borders of our nation, and only after time, in the streets of the Inner City. When Obama's Worker's Paradise fails, who's going to be blamed? You and me. Every Nazi needs a Jew, and the Progressives of American practice rotational Jewry. The only question is, whose their Jew today? Instead of taking up arms, as charming and as thorough as it appears to many of us, invest the energy, the blood, sweat and tears into getting a candidate elected. If every person in my California who believes in such dying concepts as the Rule of Law worked for a conservative candidate for the House and Senate, this state would go Red. Let us swear our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to the revolution of the ballot box, and not serve Obama's purpose.

  • FloridaJim

    We have Van Jones, black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan with us.

  • Jon Howland

    Good calming words, Mr. Bowyer. I also like the Tolkien and the "Start the Revolution Without Me" references. After nearly a century of Regressive movement (starting with the foul Ammendments of 1913), we'll just have to move ourselves back to amore sane fiscal and political center.

  • EdinNola

    The most disagreeable thing about our present form of government is that, contrary to what was implied above, it is not what was asked for. It is being imposed by a foreign power, aided and abetted by citizens who function on personal greed rather than any sense of patriotism. It has been emplaced by lies and deception, aided by a sizeable measure of apathy.
    We have long prided ourselves on being a nation of laws, governed by laws, not individuals. Today we are governed, not by laws, but by a small group of individuals functioning mostly outside (and above) the law. This must cease. A small group of outsiders, ideological outsiders, has used our laws (when it is convenient) against us until they have suceeded in taking over the government. This is not America people. America ceased to exist as the bastion of freedom and self government when its people allowed deceivers to be elected to fill offices purported to represent us. TAKE IT BACK.

  • Alan Knabenbauer

    Yes revolt and do it at the ballot box!

  • Keith Dexter

    when they come for our guns then its on

    • Tailspin

      You've got that right.

  • jime

    Revolt, yes! Revolution? Revolution implies a do over, possibly creating something new. Our Constitution is just fine the way it is. IF anything occurs, I see it more as a possible repeat of 1861-1865. Personally, I don't want a new form of government, I want a return to the government described in the Constitution and written in 1787!
    One thing to keep in mine, We the People are the government, not the fools we send to DC.

  • Iceman47

    The question of whether there should be a second(or third) revolution has already been answered by the majority of Americans. The form of that revolution should in no manner be a violent revolution. We see what the affects of that kind of revolution can be. The revolution that will inevitably come to this country will be in the form of the people rising up and taking back their country from the elected officials who have held it hostage for way too long. Take back their country from the tyrannical rule which has become the goal of the career politician. Take back their country from an elected group of officials who were elected to work for the people but instead work to further a party agenda and to hell with the people. There is more than one way to achieve the goal of taking back our country and the first should be at the polls on election day. They all must go. A new set elected and if they don't do the bidding of the people they work for, fire them also. Install new rules such as term limits and how an elected official accrues a pension.
    This cannot be allowed to go on. This must STOP! Make WE the PEOPLE mean something again!

  • The Bob

    If the government becomes unjust then we the people have the right and duty to change it. Wonder where that idea came from? We can start it peacefully, by the vote, if the People actually studied the people running for office and actually thought before they voted instead of going straight Dem or Repub, then it would be a start. We the people have the power, our trouble is we have forgotten how to use it, it's easier to just sit back and accept it, then it is to change it.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Obama and his Cadre of Communist America Haters continue to urinate on the US Constitution and the American People. The Progressives are Liars, Cheats and Haters.

    The teaching of the Constitution needs to be revived because it enlarges our understanding of how the United States was made - not merely by bewigged Founding Fathers, but also by thousands upon thousands of mostly ordinary people who believed in something they considered worth dying for.

    Their suffering, moreover; left left an enduring Positive Mark and Impact in the History of the World. Are we ordinary Citizens willing to sacrifice to push the Enemy out of Elected Office? If the Enemy Steals the Election via voter Fraud like ACORN or by Executive Order or by other Illegal Means; are we willing to sacrifice? ...or will take another hit off our BONGs and contemplate our navels?

    Even if the conduct of our fellow countrymen has sometimes fallen well short of acceptable, is not the American Experience worth Fighting For?

  • Patriot4erver818

    Not only will it happen but the government is planing on it but trying to influence it.
    UN gear rolling into every state in the union, fema camps expanding every where.
    our own branches of military training in cities for complete control of the masses.
    They will try to let the UN do there dirty work for gun confiscation. Obumer has signed executive orders that cover ever area of our lives. Power grid, food, transportation the air ways, internet you name it he has passed 76 executive orders to date and he has done it very quietly, under the raidar. You will see some reason (terrorist attack, disaster of some excuse) before election time and Obumer will call for martial law to be imposed which will result in the elections not to take place, all executive orders will be in affect and just like he has planned COMPLETE CONTROL. Oh and by the way if we happen to make it a little longer be ready for the chip. Read documents in Obumer care... in 2013 all citizens will be required to have an RFD chip in his body

  • rosina

    As i read this, was reminded of an essay I wrote whilst studying at the Teachers College In NYC,
    Seems so like my own thoughts I was amazed, especially calling the Separation from the UK as a WAR OF INDEPENDENCE and not a Revolution as in France and Russia. So many disliked this in my work later on. Glad you agree with me Mr. Bowyer!
    As for a revolution NOW, something MUST be done to restore this country to what it was supposed to be. I believe that may happen if a certain Imposter is re-elected.
    It is frightening. We do not want a COMMUNISTIC SOCIETY in the country that once was really free.

  • ron

    We must unite. We must do it soon. Nov is te time. In another 4 years it may be too late. Then the only way will be revolution.

  • joepotato

    The answer is a basic one. So, would you rather be a (free) citizen or a subject? What do you believe "the leaders" prefer?

  • Evermyrtle

    It is well past time to start a revolution. We are almost at the point of no return, the way I see the conditions of the country. We are t point where many people think Martial Law is possible, to prevent an election i November. What we do or don't do will forever affect America, like nothing ever before this

  • chief

    @Jerry Bowyer you been sniffing glue, paint or obamination's a$$.......??

  • Marine68

    Fortuneately for us, they may sign onto the ATT (Arms Trade Treaty) and then they will come for our Arms, like the British at Lexington. Then they will have started it, not us.

  • Sunset Parker

    "We’re supposed to know better. We’re the ideology which is in touch with reality."Explain the birthers then.

  • amdatme

    Destroying, or doing away with the government is not a good idea. However, the current criminals that are in charge ARE trying to dismantle the Constitution and THEY should be removed. People should be aware that it has not only been the Demoncraps, but the Republicants that have ever increasingly been working to install an all powerfull federal government that controls every aspect of our lives. It appears that the Obama regime has been chosen to finalize their plans. It is way past time that we should have returned to a Constitutional government. Unfortuantely, it appears to me that this is the "time of the end" and that this Republic is doomed and a one world government will soon be implemented.

  • Raymond Olshefski

    I'm not exactly sure what the point of this article was. It seemed to ramble on. As far as do we need or should we have a revolution I think the answer is a definite yes. The government we have now does not serve the very people it was created to serve. Our elected officials do not support nor do they defend the constitution that they swore to defend and uphold. They would have foreign entities dictate to us what will and should be done. This is nothing less than a traitor to the very country they swore to protect. They are traitors to all who have fought and died for our flag and way of life. This government has become an entity unto itself and is self serving to it's own appointed goals and agendas. Our current President has become as close to a dictator as any President in recent past, enacting laws by circumventing due process of law and constitutional process. In short, we need to get back to the roots of our society...the constitution on which this country was founded and has flourished for over 200 years. Built on the solid ground of our belief in God as the corner stone and rock of our principles. Do we need a revolution, a resounding YES!

  • Bill Walker

    By all means if this is what it takes to get the government to listen to the people. A Republic is when the people rule the government. At this age of time it is a group of individuals that the people trusted to take of United States affairs and not united States affairs. The States shall control themselves.

  • Jerry Mann

    It seems like that is the only way to save our country , the way our Congress and the Supreme Court are afraid to back our Constitution tell me that it is too late to do this without a revolution . I still cannot figure out how a Muslem with a clearly Muslem name got into the office when we were and are still at war with his people . But then again we have far more dead people on this planet then there are alive , and since they are not making people prove they are qualified to vote in this country and Obama's association with ACORN and tha fact that they had a lot of dead people vote for Obama then the living so when we start this thing We must make it a rule that the Constitution can not be changed or set aside , all illeagles must be sent home and not permitted back in the country and we must get rid of tzars and everything else that Obama started, them we have to send the Obamas , Pelosi, Reid , possibly George SAerious, and a few others that aided Obama in the fraud ..I am ready to serve my country again hopefully for the last time ....

  • Robert Cosenza

    we the people who are the real government,we can,t count or trust any of these treasonous do nothing politicians anymore,they are all aiding and abetting a treasonous trader in the wh,and ovomit and holdup should be charged with the murder of brian terry,and on holdups watch lots of guns went to the drug cartel illegally and border guard brian terry was murder,and holdup or ovomit,have done nothing to bring the murders to justice,we the people,demand holdup and ovomit be charged with these horrible crime,to all freedom loving american citizens.we no longer have a just government,these is tyrrany,god bless ron paul,shheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,brian terry and family,and all american veterans/ nation under god

  • oldsewandsew

    Excellent article - we don't need a revolution, if we just get rid of the persons and institutions in our government that are causing the problems. As a democracy, we have the ability to do this with our votes - if we only will!

  • JacktheFAC

    If the Obamanation does declare martial law and sets aside the Constitution to prevent an election, and espection if he calls in UN military, then the reveolution will start spontaneously. We won't need to worry about starting it. Caesar Obama will have started it.

  • Travis

    We don't need a revolution. It's just the left and the liberals have been devising a plan to get all Americans to our laws, rules, history, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and our culture which makes this nation the best throughout the world and history. The biggest enemy we have is the serpent that lies and moves through the halls of government, the enemy within.

  • eddie3896

    Its overdue....since the democrats became socialist and liberal...this country has gone
    to hell in a hand-basket. Its time we took our country back.....and if it means armed be it. I don't want that, but I will not stand by and watch my country
    die. I will die for her to protect her and my family...especially my grandchildrens and
    keep them living in acountry of freedom.

  • Maggi Brown

    Obama wrote a book (Dreams of my Father) This father is from Kenya. With this knowledge he is NOT qualified to be president along with many other crimes he has commited. Why are we so afraid to do what is legal?

  • Winston

    "Whenever the ends of Government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the People may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new Government; the doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind." –Declaration of Rights, Maryland
    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself." -Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC)

    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

    "Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious."
    - George Orwell, 1984, Chapter 7
    "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." - 2 Chronicles 7:14

  • Doc

    Yes, Anything not Specifically allowed or directed by the COTUS needs to be left to the States. Any Federal needs need to be voted on and ratified by 3/4 of the States. The power of running this country needs to be placed Back into the hands of the people. We are a Constitutional REPUBLIC Not a Social Democracy. The abuse of the rights of the People has to come to a screeching halt. If that means revolution, so be it.

  • Ken

    First off moosebreath let's set the record straight. Those legally imposed taxes you claim the South was trying to aviod were being improperly redistributed. Non rewritten history documents that the South was provideing ninety per cent of the collected taxes and getting about ten percent of the tax money distributed for public good projects while the north was getting ninety percent. Public good projects like railroads, roadways, etc. The Civil War was over states rights and not slavery as you think. It would be nice if you socalled conservative writers would get historical fact correct instead of propagating lies.
    It is time for a revolution. We have so many takers, freeloaders, etc that think they are entitled to take the property/money of those who are the hard workers. We have 49 per cent of this country on the dole and have only 51 per cent working to provide the tax money the jack donkeys in DC give to the freeloaders. We have a government dedicated to the destruction of our country and freedoms. We have a nation that has abandon morals and values of our forefathers. T. Jefferson said the Constitution will last as long as the nation does not abandon it's Christian values, integrity, and honesty. It is not for an amoral and unjust society. The quote is paraphrased but comes real close to what he said.
    If our country does not return to the values of our forefathers we are destined to go the way of other great societies that preceded us. They did not accept islam cults and amoral homosexuality as normal standards. Unfortunately, we do not have enough people with backbone to put all on the line as the signers of the Declaration of Independence did. Most of them lost their fortunes, ended up destitue, and some lost their lives.

  • redpens

    The Second American Revolution has already started. It's just a matter of time until it turns violent. If they come for our guns, that's when it will begin.

  • wibbys1

    The last thing we should want is a revolution. I agree with your friend Glenn--it's a roll of the dice. You might end up with a real, stripped down government or--a Mao, Stalin, Hitler-whatever. In the mean time perhaps millions would die. We are a long way from the 1800's. We live in a country of what--365,000,000? And a whole lot of bad guys. Many of the Novels have it close to right. It would be absolutely aweful.
    Having said that, if it comes you might be standing on a corner watching when all hell breaks loose and you realize, "Hey, I'm right in the middle of the excrement-it's started!" The question is---whatcha gonna do?

  • scot1ru

    The article is quite right except as it pertains to the second revolution. Your assertions are very flawed. Lincoln was the instigator of the war and was far from the healer of wounds. May I wish that those who write articles be more informed but our schools and the victors writing the history have both produced such ignorance. I wish the second had never been fought but I wish people would go to original sources and look at all sides before asserting something as fact. Otherwise may we never have to fight another internicine war!

  • hrandym

    We should approach this matter with State's Rights. The States are Constitutionally established entities, closer to the people. Hopefully enough States now recognize the dangers the Federal Government poses to their citizens and themselves (State Governments). Let's organize on State levels. I don't believe the Federal Government can stand up against all, or at least a majority of the States. The Constitution was set up for this situation. I believe it is our best chance. We have to stand united against our own Federal Government using the organized bodies of States. Let's give it a try. We need to neutralize the military regarding potential use against individual states. Hopefully some if not most of our military commanders will not move against sovereign States (as did some of the military before the War Between the States). States must not relinquish control of their National Guard during the battle of wills regarding political power. We must behave in civil ways, like a conservative majority has always behaved.

    I'm an old soldier, Captain, Army Corps of Engineers, Vietnam '68-9, just to let you know where I'm coming from.

  • George Gobble

    Could we get a vote on for the people who agree to this taking our right to keep and bear arms to be the ones to come and personally take the first 1000 guns away from the people???

  • Tom Townsend II

    Jerry Bowyer it is interesting that you mention the Russian Revolution and the French Revolution as cautionary examples for those here in the USA who are concerned enough about the direction of affairs within our own government to consider a second (or I should more corrrectly write a third) revolution here. For one thing, it would help if you got your U.S. history right. I will not try to convince you or anyone else about Lincoln and the right or wrong of his rule in Washington. To do so would only serve to demonstrate a degree of understanding on my part among those who have actually researched the reasons behind and the beginning of the Civil War of Independance and infuriate those who have only learned the government and grade school spin on the subject or who have blindly bought into the same and the propaganda espousing the whole "honest Abe" thing that has dominated discussion of the late president and his administration since his demise.
    I would suggest however, that you and others who might argue about the point try taking a more complete and balanced look at Lincoln, the actual issues behind the war (documented and historically from existing news stories, letters and diaries that remain from this period instead of public grade school textbooks and modern screen writers' takes on tthe subjeet) and look it up for yourselves while trying to avoid any preconceived notions or school spin bias.
    The point is, that when you mention the Russian Revolution, you are writing about the Bulshivik Revolution and the rise of communism. When Stalin and his contemporaries led Russia's people to form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, they sought to create a nation where the citizens would be equal and there woud be a redistribution of wealth. The problem was, as we learned when the USSR imploded, was that this particular form of government had devolved to a kind of servitude society where the citizens were basically slave to the government, owned and dictated to by this government, had an unsustainable economy and few jobs and the elites (i.e. the government leadership all the way to the top) remained far more equal and thus privilaged than everyone else. It did not work. Once the elites in government finished taking away from those who worked and had in order to reward those who didn't work and didn't have and they had no one else who had anything to take from, the whole nation and their conquered neighbors collapsed and the USSR fragmented. Now these regions are still trying to regroup and rebuild while organized crime runs rampant.
    In France, there was the people's revolution with Madam Guillotine. Heads of state rolled freely under her blade for crimes, both real and imagined. The leaders of this revolution sought to create a government of the people, for the people (or so they said.) The fact was that much like the communist government that would later be formed in the USSR, the people sought a balance between the subjects of their nation and bought into the idea that everyone ought to share in the wealth of the nation regardless of their station, effort employed or their capabilities and education. While this was a nice idea and was also the fundimental basis for socialism and then later communism (sanitized today to Marxism) and still later fascism, these ideas have proven then and even up to the present over and over again that they do not work. As with the USSR, Hitler, Mau and many others, including the Muslim leaders, those in the UN, Obama and the Clintons today and their backers such as Soros, China, and the leaders in the Arab nations and the USSR, there are always the elites in the government who thrive on their own sense of superiority and power at the expense of the public, who betray and feed off of the citizens of their nations and who inevitably end up considering themselves more elite, privilaged and more equal than everyone else. Remind them of this, and these same individuals almost always prove themselves the most petty, childish and defesnive people you will ever encounter.
    In France, the revolutionary leaders found their revolution could not be sustained, nor could these elites maintain power once they ran out of villains to execute, much like every othe tyrant up to the present. So they ended up casting blame on first one group and then another so they could continue to feed the Guillotine its steady supply of blood and so these ruthless and immoral leaders could retain the power that they had obtained. Whether the blood of rivals or innocents who were falsely accused, the blade kept on dropping. The problem is, as Jerry Bowyer points out in his article, there is indeed a huge difference between the American Revolution and most others. But what this writer touches on, but seems not to grasp is that while these other revolutions mentioned were about "sharing the wealth" and removing unsavory leaders while the new leaders sought only power for themselves as the replacements for those being removed, the leaders in the American Revolution for the most part, sought separation from a tyrant and his cronies for the salvation of their own benefit and the salvation of the rest of the nation.
    Simply put, the failings of most revolutions arise from a common greed, self-interests on the part of the new would be new leaders fueled by the desparation and misery of the people and the continued lust for power of those leaders through maintaining this desparation, anger and sustained fear once the reigns of power have been transferred. This leads to domination of the resident citizen population, ruin, oppression, prolonged ecconomic decline and the harsh and crushing yoke of tyranny. There are far too many examples throughout history to list them here and if anyone is interested, you are welcome to look up the history of pretty much any despotic ruled nation in the world at any point of history and you will find the same things.
    On the other hand, the American Revolution or War for Independance if you prefer, was something quite different. Like in most revolutions, the citizens were largely loyal and sought to live within the means and rules of society. In fact, many of these citizens were just as complacent as many are today, seeking only to be left alone to work build someithnig lasting and to take care of their families and watcch their childron grow to be thriving, valuable and productive members of society. However, as with today, the powers controlling thee nation would not let this happen. The monarch in England and his representatives was far more interested in power, control, messing with the citizens' lives, their attempts at prosperity and enjoyment of the fruits of their own labors and basically sought to feed off the citizens in every conceivable way for the desirs of the crown and the benefit of others outside the colonies. Citizens had no voice, no recourse and no hope. They produced and it seemed like everyone who as able outside their own families enjoyed the benefits. Naturally, this upset quite a few of the colonists who were actually paying attention. This is why they shared the news through the Committees of Correspondance they established so they could communicate freely without the Crown knowing what was being shared and so they would not have this communiscation recorded and end up punished for what was said.
    Does any of this sound familiar concerning today?
    The result was that the Crown came down more heavily upon the citizens, their homes and their businesses. Taxes were increased and oppression became worse. Many of the citizens became desparate, jobless or had jobs only to pay most of what they earned to the government and its representatives and to pay huge sums simply for the right to work. Their obmections remained unheard and were not acted upon and the threat of military might, litigations and reprisals was used to suppress the public and force the colonists into submission. The citizens kept giving in and meekly obeying with each new crime and evil inflicted upn them by their leaders until someone finally declared "enough!"
    The result was the gradual uprising know as the American Revolution or again, if you prefer, the War of Independance, our freedom and the U.S. Constitution lhat the governent, their appointed judges, and even the haed of Homeland Security and obama chafes at. It is in this very same document where we fine the terms that prescribe when and under what conditions it is both right and expected that the citizens of this republic should go to war in preservation of our liberty and our freedoms, in pursuit of justice against the wrongs willfully inflicted upon us, our posterity and as a threat to the continuance of our Republic and mandates that when such tyranny exists as the leadership of this nation and we face such a rogue, recalcitrant and unrelenting government that it is mandated that all patriotic actual citizens of this republic shoud rise and say no more, in fact, verbally, physically and if necessary at war.
    I am not advocating doing anything wrong or illegal here, but rather am merely restating what is in our own U.S. Consitution. The point here is that just because a new revolution might be not only necessary when considering the rogue leadership we face and the arrogance and criminal, even heinous and treasonous behavior of the illegal alien tyrant-in-chief sitting on his proverbial throne in the White Houlse and it might even be mandated under the greatest law of this land; the U.S. Constitution, it does not mean that we should act rashly or without forethought.
    In keeping with the spirit and the motivation behind the founders of our republic in our first revolution, we should keep the wel-being of our fellow citizens, the principles of our republic and future generations foremost in our minds and our motivation for what ever we as a free people might do to defend our republic, oru U.S. Constitution, our homes and businesses, our jobs and prosperity and our families. It is not necessary to rise to a full revolt just yet. While it is true that there is no doubt that past elections have been heavily rigged and that even this next that so very many seem foolishly to rely upon for salvation seems highly obvious to be even far more rigged, from past methods, to voiced desires to bypass it entirely and revealed scams for foreign vote counting and the inevitable theft of the right to vote and have the votes counted from our over seas stationed service men and women to extensive efforts to prevent implimentation of Voter ID and removal of non-U.S. Citizens and non-legal voters from voting rolls, to even seeing extremely ample proof that the only viable challenger to obama's re-election was put in place by highly skewed primaries matched with spin by the Soros/Government media (aka the Washington ran ministry of propaganda) and even the foreign born and fraudulant IDs, Social Security Numbers, and numerous other evidences of obama's ineligiblility for the postion of U.S.; President now or in the future and current politicians and judicial heads being unwilling to do anything about it, all point to a rogue government led by people who are actively working against our interests, against the republic and against our U.S. Constitution mandating by this same law and U.S. Constitution the ultimiate redress, especially with all other means of lawful redress being meaningless, rigged and even rendered inoperable by this same regime. The use of all out physical armed revolt, though highly warranted and even prescribed, is not necessary at this point.
    Again, the correct and lawful least destructive and least costly answer comes from our same U.S. Constitution and was originally agreed upon in the individual Articles fo Statehood, agreed to, signed and enacted when each and every territory after the first colonies became member states of this supposed republic. Even the terms for acceptable tgermination of this union are spelled out in these documents. It is this very same prescribed remedy as most nearly the ultimate form of redress to a rogue and tyrant led government that is at the heart of what Abe Lincoln tried to deny sister states and to destroy when he set up the situation that resulted in the first shot of the Civil War of Independance. The solution I am writing about is "Secession."
    I do not mean secession in the usual sense, but rather as an organized citation of redress through the joint Declaration of Independance from the tyranny and rogue mis-representation of the combined government and leadership in force and from all members of this false, criminal, rogue and in many cases, even traitorous wilfully failed representation, resulting in the permanent and full termination of all leadership and top members currently in office without exception both state and federal from the White House on down, regarding all government offices in all states and municipalities nation wide who are party to this declaration and including Judiciary, Homeland Security, State Department, etc... and Czars and all top government appointees including defense and cabinet. In so doing, it would be wise to replace these people immediately with temporary (in all cases) natural born citizen replacements that are sure to not have any foreign allegiances or beholding obligations (if possible) and to refuse ALL debts, treaties, and obligations incurred under the current regime and under obama's failed leadership. then the top officials should likely be (in my humble opinion) handcuffed and marched out of office in full daylight by a contingent of U.S. Marshalls and brought back to the U.S. to join their friends and cronies if they flee. Once locked up, a full investigation and hearing should commence with no benefit of government connected or controlled investigators, attorneys, or government judiciary threats, represntatives or interventions. No more stuff like the Janet Reno efforts to hinder the investigation of her boss or his wife, to hamper the investigator while evidence is blocked from the various parts of the case and persons of interest and those sought by the investigation are permitted to flee beyond reach. Also, the spin, lies, silence on unfavorable information in order to protect the media's darlings and misdirections of the Soros and government run media should not be permitted; full tranparency and media accuracy or no coverage. The idea here is to try to assure accuracy and truth, while making sure elites and their cronies and supporters do not simply buy, cajole, lie and spin their way out of trouble while their cronies help assure miscarriage of justice. Basically, this would amount to being almost a kind of new Nuremburg style trial held right here in the USA for people well on their way to starting something akin to the kind of criminal government that seems to end up as rogue and misplaced in its philosophy and actions as any other rogue regime and crriminal run empire.
    Agan, I am not interested in starting anything immoral or illegal. I am no lawyer or expert on international law or litigation. I only know what I have learned as a student of history, as a natural born U.S. Citizen (more than can be truthfully proven about obama) and someone with direct historic ties in my family going all the way back to the Tea Party and beyond and who has served and love this nation and republic. As a person who has given my oath twice to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution, this republic and the citizens thereof, unlike many within our own government, my oaths mean somethng to me and out of love for our republic and faith in our liberty, freedom and the citizens of this Great Nation, I am only writing my opinion here for what ever it might be of worth or of benefit to my fellow citizens. God bless and never give up your guns. Keep your powder dry. Thank you.

  • john

    Lincoln? Lincoln? Binding up wounds, LOL.

  • BillinBama

    " avoid taxes which were constitutionally imposed"
    The taxes imposed in the circumstance the writer is speaking of may have been Constitutional, but definitely were not across the board and fair. The depressions of the 1800's were a bigger blow to the northernindustrializing economy than they were to the southern agricultural fact they were barely noticed in the south. So what the U.S. Congress did was to impose tarrifs on goods shipped out of southern ports which it did not impose on goods shipped from nothern ports.

  • BillinBama

    "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

  • BillinBama

    Get rid of the despots...just vote them out!!!

  • Tom Townsend II

    P.S. One last thought. I know I wrote that the debt incurred by obama and this regime should be refused and that this could and likely would spell disaster for the creditors and crediting countries, but in my humble opinion I cannot get all worked up about the harm this would do to these people. Those who have extended credit to obama anc this regime, I am sure, understand exactly what kind of people they have been dealing with and understand that the current regime in power in the USA does not truly represent the will of the American citizens. Therefore they are knowing and willing partners to the crimes of this leadership, they have largely been getting payoffs and paybacks for their loans and therefore they are every bit as deserving of any losses they might have as any other criminal or unethical business leader or official. Further, in keeping with the immoral and unethical practices in Bejing of biased one sided dealing, not living up to their side of international trade agreements and manipulating their currency at a whim, once the debt created by this regime and specifically obama is refused, I would suggest the printing of a whole new currency and total devaluation of the current U.S. currency, not to unfairly ruin anyone who is honest in business or who has earned their money legitimately, but rather to deny the cronyizm and payoffs of this regime along with obama and his cronies' "gifts" to the Arab nations, Kenya, and others from doing them any good. Let those who are profiting wrongfully by tradeoffs for aiding these criminals lose their benefits from the same and then let them come to obama and his buddies for their money. Harsh, I know. But consider the harshness of the heavy debt, despotic edicts and heavy wrongful laws and acts unconstitutionally forced upon the citizens of this republic, our children and our grandchildreen for generations to come. Consider the many years and generations it will take to undo what this regime and obama alone have been doing to us. Tell me, what could possibly be more fair?

  • WilliamSpires

    You were going pretty well until the end with the phrase, " We're the ideology that's supposed to be in touch with reality." Since there are at least two ideologies competing here and the one that put B. Hussein in office is definitely not in touch with reality so I cautiously assume that you are talking about what's left of the ideology that originally allowed the creation of America and is now at risk.

  • kannon

    Yes,bring it on,let the heads start to roll.

  • Tailspin

    I, for one, have no masters but God, and the Constitution of the United States of America.
    When I joined the US Navy back in 1955, I took an Oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. My Oath never expired. We have a government who also took that oath. By taking that Oath, and not following it, they lied before God, and the American people. They never had any attention of following their Oath; especially the fraud in the White House. This is Treason. When one is guilty of treason, the usual punishment is to die before a fireing squad. If nothing is done to right the wrongs against the people of this Country, then the people deserve the government they get. We the people are sovereign in this land. The only way tyrants can succeed here, is if we do nothing. We can try to vote the tyrants out, and install people who are willing to obey the US Constitution, or we can continue to be sheep who do nothing all day but graze in the little space the tyrants care to give us. A revolution should always be the last thing to resort to, but if we don't wake up, we are lost. This Country is being run by unelected people who answer only to obama, and his minions. EPA, FCC, EPA, DHS, DOJ, etc, are making rules and regulations that are clearly unconstitutional. Congress and the Courts have allowed this. Congress no longer represents the people who elected them, they represent special interests, lobbies, and their marxist agenda. Let us try to change things on Nov. 6. If nothing changes, all bets are off, and all patriots have to take any action to set thing right. Want to be a slave, do nothing. Want to be free, read the 2nd amendment to the Constitution. The decision is ours.

  • charlene

    Yes, yes, yes, I am all for this, we will have to fight so we do not have our rights taken away.
    To bring back God, to fight the taxes we are forced to pay, it goes on and on.
    It is coming no matter what anyone says.
    I am 69 years old, growing up my father said this country will be taken from within, and he was right. He passed away in 1978.
    He had already sensed this was going to happen.
    It will not be an easy battle, we have so many warped people in office.
    Yes I am in favor of fighting to get our America back.

  • Winston

    There was a movie released several years ago called "Red Dawn". Find it and watch it to get a taske of what's coming in America.

  • emerutil

    This would be the third. The second one failed! It was (erroneously) named The Civil War.

  • bayman55

    What did everyone expect coming from the mouth of a admitted drug user. He should be removed from office for just that.

  • goku vegeta


    • Blair

      We're probably where we were in 1859, two years before the Civil War, when John Brown was hanged.

  • disgusted

    As long as a dumbed down populace is willing to install marxists and psuedo czars in this government, not much will improve. The blatant failure to educate citizens on the constitution, founders, and basically why and how this nation was created has led to at least a generation and half (40yrs and under) of basically stupid voters, whose values and experiences do not warrant a patriotic, pro national attitude. There have been distractors, infiltrators, traitors, anti American operatives for many years, but more prominently since WWII we have had destructive activists in government, schools and now business (ie Jeffrey Immelt CEO of G.E.....hack jobs czar, who closed factories in the US and opened them in China). When you watch psychopaths like Nancy Pelosi make the most bizarre proclamations as a key know there are big problems. When you have biased haters like the muslim congress member Carson from Illinois babbling about how we should fashion our public schools like a madrassa, and there is no rebuttal or backlash, you know the nation is moribund. Parents of small children should feel sorry for the mess they are handing their kids. Especially if they supported and voted for this ridiculous regime.

  • Moonshine

    Lest we forget, The War of Northern
    Aggression (U.S. 1861-1865) was, in effect, a Southern defense of it's newly
    and legally established freedom having invoked the constitutional and sovereign
    right of seccession against the tyrannical United States government, and as
    such a Second War of Independence. Terrorist President Abraham Lincoln of the
    U.S. government sent his troops onto foreign soil in order to pick a fight and
    devour the prosperity and peace of the Confederate States of America. To me he
    seems as incompetent as Jimmy Carter, a traitor like Bill Clinton, and scary as
    that unknown clown who calls himself Obama.

  • Kid Richie

    If Obama is re-elected in November, we darn well need a second revolution. Even if he isn't, and the Republicans do not go about getting rid of all Socialistic programs, then we need a second revolution against them too.
    This Country became great under the Principles of our Founding fathers, not those of Karl Marx or Obama. If we do not return to our Heritage, we will have no Country.

  • run4aces

    So the good news is: Sheriff Arpaio's Cold Case Posse leader Mike Zullo has reported he has located and interviewed the one who is responsible for forging Obama's birth certificate. Maybe this will wake Congress up to act on this undocumented alien in the white house.

  • Kleetus92

    This was kinda a pointless article, no? What's the synopsis of our situation? We're totally screwed so sit back and enjoy it? Revolutions are more trouble than they're worth? I think the higher ups have really noticed they have a very angry tiger by the tail at the moment. Now they're trying to talk that tiger back down off the ledge.

    I think it's too late for that now. Especially since what, July 27th Hillary is signing away our 2nd amendment rights to the UN? Yeah... you can have my gun back... bullets first. If anything is a catalyst for revolution in this country, some clowns coming door to door to collect your guns with a no is not an acceptable answer attitude is all it will take to set of the fire.

    I'm really curious if they would start in the inner cities, or the country.

  • Don39

    Call it what you will, the answer to the title question is an unequivical YES we need a second revolution to recapture the Constitutional Republic, abandoned by every element of the federal government, every branch of the federal goverment and in essence almost every body of the federal government! Not until we are clensed of the socialist scum and reestablished on the Constitutional baseline can we be saved and moved forward as free people. We currently have no rights guarantee, since the presidency ignores the Constitution, the congress ignores the Constitution, and the courts bend or ignore the Constituion at will all the way up to the CJ of the SCOTUS! We have not been free since at least the 20th of Jan 2008, the sheep just have not caught on yet, or they have sold their souls and their children and their childrens children to the evil fraud in the WH, Or at least to his puppet masters!

  • arlo

    Hell yes, and I already have my targets

  • Anthony Alexander

    We must not let our rulers load
    us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty
    or profusion and servitude. If we run into such debt, as that we must be taxed
    in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our
    labors and our amusements, for our calling and our creeds...[we will] have no
    time to think, no means of calling our miss-managers to account but be glad to
    obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our
    fellow-sufferers... And this is the tendency of all human governments. A
    departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for[ another]...
    till the bulk of society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery... And the
    fore-horse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in
    its train wretchedness and oppression.

    Thomas Jefferson 1777

  • FIRE1949

    Budman & doodlebug are hitting the bull's eye. Get the US out of the UN. Put GOD and Christian morality back in the USA.

  • 1776patriot

    The passage of the UN small arms treaty will be the beggining. The day they try to disarm you is the day the war starts. Make No mistake 7.62 and .50 caliber will be banned in America. In a few years they'll go for 5.56 .30-06, They will do it slowly down to the .22 you'll have the right to bear arms a .22 and BB guns.

  • djw663

    The second American revolution has already begun. It started in 2010 when The Tea Party Americans stood up to the Liberal imperial leadership and voted Conservative, Republican Christians to lead states and to start filling seats in the House and Senate. The violence from the entitled left started about the same time it's only a matter of time before the right needs to rebel against those attacks. Hopefully we can do it peacfullly but I doubt the left will allow it to be peacefull.

  • George Fuller

    The revolution.......when it comes...... and it will....begins on the far left....they will be stupid enough to launch even though weapons have not been collected......and it will be a big mistake on their part.

  • JohnGaltTexas

    The Founders created the equal branches of government to provide balance and prevent a tyrant from achieving power and/or trampling on his (or her) Constitutional authority. Were the government functioning as intended, the quisling imposter tyant would have been impeached and prosecuted long ago for treason and his blatant disregard of the Constitution and his constant and dangerous over-reach of authority. However, since so many of his communist collaborators have duped the ignorant, liberal indoctrinated populace (in collusion with the media propaganda ministry) We the People no longer have a functional government either By, Of, and For the People. Thus, the thesis that "we get the government we ask for" is not correct, we have a government regime that for the most part achieved power by lies, cheating, treachery, treason, and skullduggery, supported by their captive special interest groups of dupes, stooges and useful idiots. We don't need a revolution, the Givers need to revolt. Cut off the handout flow (demoncRAT bribes and vote pandering) to the takers and see how long they last.

  • Ben Pfeifer

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to
    dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to
    assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which
    the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the
    opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel
    them to the separation.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that
    they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among
    these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these
    rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from
    the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes
    destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish
    it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles
    and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to
    effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that
    Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient
    causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more
    disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by
    abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of
    abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to
    reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to
    throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future

  • Tex4oc1

    I have the simplest of solutions. Bring your previous years tax return and ID to the voter's booth, if you don't have ID, or you were a net zero (or less) contributor to the tax system, you don't get a vote. That way all the suckers of the government teat wouldn't be able to vote themselves more "rights"! We could solve the country's fiscal problems in two voting cycles.

  • JimRed

    We don't need to reinvent the wheel, only to get it rolling properly again. Elect constitutional conservatives who will restore what the founders intended.

    • Blair

      Elect Senators and Representatives to ONE term! Article I sets the requirements for
      the House of Representatives, 25, five years a citizen, and two years in the House.
      It also sets the requirements for the Senate: 30, seven years a citizen, and six years
      in the Senate. There'd be no corruption because all the money raised for reelection,
      would be given to charity. However, there'd have to be ONE candidate for the Senate,
      who'd have to promise to serve only ONE term. There'd also have to be ONE candidate for the House, who'd have to promise to serve only ONE term in the House.
      How to do it? A constitutional amendment. It could be either Amendment XXVIII, or
      Amendment XXIX. If a six-year term is good enough for Vicente Fox and Bob McDonnell, then why isn't it good enough for a U.S. Senator?

  • Wilbur

    I can't wait 'til they try to take my gun, they can have the bullets first, screw the UN.

  • Bud Nelson

    We had better do it soon or it will be too late!

  • Robert Wilkinson

    Get out of Debt. Become Independent and Self-Reliant and gather around those with the same mindset and work ethic. Hold the constitution as the best document for securing liberty. The growing cancer of Tyranny will produce the toxins which kill it. Yes, self reliant ones too will suffer through Tyranny's death pangs, but upon our shoulders is history's calling-- to build again based on those constitutional principles and remember the lessons of what went wrong.

  • Watchmanonwall

    All this talk of violence is playing into osama's ... obama's hand. he will call for marshall law and cancel the election. Besides, taking up arms against my fellow Americans should be a LAST RESORT.
    Our Constitution was drafted with a revolution already in place. It is called an ELECTION. We get to Throw the bums out by our votes!!! LEGALLY. If you are not registered to vote, register. If you are registered to vote, vote by absentee ballet. Then become a poll worker or observer. We need to avoid them stealling the election. (Remember Madison County Wis. had a 119 percent voter turnout) Work for constitutionally minded candidate, support them. work for them. Educate your circle of influence. Get involved. call, fax, email, twitter, your congressmen about the small arms treaty, etc. BECOME VOCAL. Be a squeaky wheel. Be a thorn in their side. If you have the ability, run for office yourself.
    If we let Obummer, the dam-o'-craps, rino's and statists win, we will get the government we deserve. Keep your powder dry. Above all else pray that God will show mercy on our Country, and not give us what we deserve.

  • Jared Myers

    The Revolution of '76 began under less provocation than we face today. Here's hoping we don't have to, but keep some powder dry, regardless.

  • James Shipley

    The only piece missing is a really chrismatic leader.

  • Leonard


  • Pilgrim789


  • Sonny

    Something I really dislike is pontification without a path or a backbone. Though some good points are made, this is a path to nowhere and I would certainly not follow this man anywhere, least of all into battle.

  • Mark A. Speer

    I'm sure we're headed there... especially if he's re-elected. It will be the only way to get our freedoms, liberties, and constitution back. The next president will need to get rid of these executive decrees. We have the judicial and legislative branches for a reason. No other president has tried to dismantle our government: of the people, by the people, and for the people like this one has. Those who voted for him should be ashamed.

  • kevin

    a new revolution is not about destroying the government to start a new's about restoring fear of the people to the government. the way our government was chartered was on the principal that the rights of the people come from god and the rights of the government come from the people. when the government seizes power for its self without the will or consent of the people it becomes necessary for the people to show force thereby scaring the government into returning that power back to the people.

  • Steve

    Do realize what would happen if an actual military revolution(rebellion) was started. If anything, the US central government would end up stronger, and assuming you were still free and alive, you would long for the country you had before.

    About the only way to change things for the better in our situation is diplomatically at the Federal and State level, and significantly at the county/city level. Let the Federal government spend itself out of money. It will leave solvent States, and local government holding the purse strings when all is said and done, without ever firing a shot.

  • Kathy Martinez

    No but we need enough Democrats and Republicans over seers at all election booths to be sure the people voting are really able to vote-no bully clubs or intimidations at the poles.

  • Rick Mann

    Things are now at the point, that if a revolution were to be successful, it must begin soon, and with the support of states in succession.

  • Foxy

    It is time for the Militia's to return. I am surprised they haven't started big time recruiting by now. Where is MOM? The Militia of Montana!

  • Maxine Funk

    Please, all... Remember your U.S. History! We have a revolution every year at Election Time! Where and whom are you voting for? Just because we aren't killing people in the streets does not mean we cannot have a revolution. What would you put in its place? The revolution is called VOTING! Get out and do it! Get out and tell your friends, Run for office! Get your petitions signed to get on the ballot. VOTE, RUN FOR OFFICE! SUPPORT THE RIGHT PERSON! You are in command of your army!

  • Lucky Lady

    Should anyone try and start a Revolution Obamanation will try and strip them of their American citizenship. And he probably, in my opinion, is not an American born in America!

  • The Atheist Libertarian

    It is Absolutely time to"Alter or Abolish" our federal government. It is beyond repair, and operates outside of the constitution. Its time to do away with it and start over.

  • simpattyco

    Why not emulate the first declaration of Independance and not call the next possible uprising a revolution ? After all, we are only asking to return to our liberty that is being eroded

  • Pablo Descartes

    I am watching the military, law enforcement, and the few patriotic civil servants. They will let us know when it's time with word, action, and defection from the system (re: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Allen West, Jan Brewer, etc).
    A 2nd obama term would also be a good call.
    Now we must be ready, in our local groups, listening for Revere's call "to arms!"

    Rather than 'The Socialist States of (obama's) AMERICA', i would see the America I love ASHES!

    God bless America!

  • think4myself

    Thanks for a great article. The powers that be have manipulated the "democratic aspirations" of the middle east and other dictatorships that were secular, non-muslim, and used their longng for freedom against them to establish the muslim brotherhood in a place of power. If anything is ever to be done people must think very far ahead and consider the cost. Are you willing to watch your family die? Are you wlling to look to endure the atrocities of concentration camps? Freedom isn't free, but a random revolution would only lead to chaos and hurt us even more.

  • Ranchman

    So then what is the answer when a nation has massive vote fraud and other forms of deceit in order for a tyrannical despot like Obama to steal the presidency? What then? Is not this form of government destroying our freedom and destructive of our liberty? What should we do when innocents are jailed and murdered, when free speech is criminalized? When religious freedom becomes non-existent? When our ability to defend ourselves is stripped away? When the govt steals our money, spending it on socialist ideals we neither want nor believe in? What then? Just lie down and take it? No, we will not! I am an American, thus I expect, no, I DEMAND those freedoms which our govt is stripping away from us! I DEMAND that my children be able to enjoy the freedoms I had when younger!

    Remember 1776 and Keep Your Powder Dry!

  • Deacon

    My fellow Patriots,

    The time for talk is over; the time for
    action has begun. Brothers, I understand your frustration; I understand
    you worry of infiltration and lack of operations and leadership. This
    is not a secluded problem and yes it seems there has not been much
    activity at unity over the past few years.

    If you want to be part of something that will forever change the face of this country. Join the National Militia Movement. We do not seek keyboard warriors, we seek real men and women who want to make a difference.

    I know we live in a difficult world, but separation will
    gain us nothing! Our numbers grow everyday, do you want to be part of
    that? Join us brothers. Join us as we take back our home!


    Contact e-mail: