Barack Obama is not a Real Black President

I didn’t say it. Morgan Freeman said it. In an interview with NPR to promote his latest film, The Magic of Belle Isle, the popular Oscar-winning actor said that people “conveniently forget that Barack had a mama, and she was white — very white American, Kansas, middle of America There was no argument about who he is or what he is. America's first black president hasn't arisen yet. He’s not America’s first black president — he’s America’s first mixed-race president.”

Freeman implied that it’s Obama’s white side that’s the problem. This clearly fits the definition of racism: an ideology of racial superiority and hierarchy.

Freeman wasn’t the first person to comment on the blackness of President Obama. A TIME magazine opinion piece from 2007 carried the title “Is Obama Black Enough?” The article cited comments similar to those of Freeman:

“‘Obama's mother is of white U.S. stock. His father is a black Kenyan,’ Stanley Crouch recently sniffed in a New York Daily News column entitled ‘What Obama Isn't: Black Like Me.’ ‘Black, in our political and social vocabulary, means those descended from West African slaves,’ wrote Debra Dickerson on the liberal website Salon.

Writers like TIME and New Republic columnist Peter Beinart have argued that Obama is seen as a ‘good black,’ and thus has less of [a] following among black people. Meanwhile, agitators like Al Sharpton are seen as the authentic ‘bad blacks.’ Obama's trouble, asserted Beinart, is that he will have to prove his loyalty to The People in a way that ‘bad blacks’ never have to.”

Why would Freeman and others dismiss the blackness of President Obama? I suspect that he is blaming the president’s failures on his whiteness. If he were “authentically black,” as Al Sharpton claimed he wasn’t, there would be the type of changes that liberal blacks have been suggesting for a long time.

You see, President Obama has not been liberal enough. It’s his white side that keeps him from being the radical the Left was hoping for.

If Obama loses in November, liberals like Freeman can always say, “Well, if he had been authentically black, a phrase used to describe a real black person, we would have seen some real hope and change.”

Liberals can’t stop making race the issue of our day. Freeman is no different. While lamenting that race has become an issue, he can’t stop talking about it. “When Barack was elected president,” Freeman went on to say, “a good portion of the country broke into tears because it was proof that we are really Americans — that we are who we say we are. And I thought at the time, okay, we can pretty much stop talking about race here in this country, and concentrate on growth. Well, it didn’t turn out that way quite.”

Yeah, because guys like you keep bringing it up!



  • Scott Wilson

    I love it when racists use quotes from black people as "proof" that they're actually racist, then use that as a springboard to make racist comments while claiming that they can't be racist because a black guy said the same thing.

    • Charles Wenzel

      Therefore, a racist is anyone who comments on race who is white?

      • alnga

        Actually you just described a bigot.

      • Scott Wilson

        If that makes you feel more comfortable, sure, why not.

    • scot_belle

      Racist comments come from every color or religion, and aim at every color or religion. When we look at the male vs. female, we see insecure males demeaning women in just about every way possible, and to me this is just another version of racism.

      • alnga

        actually you just described a bigot.

        • scot_belle

          I strongly suggest that you reach for the nearest dictionary.

        • Scott Wilson

          big·ot (b g t). n. One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

          Sorry, I don't see where his use of the word is inaccurate.

  • jong

    First of all Obama heritage is 43.75 Arab, 6.25 Black and 50% White. Of course this does not describe who he is that is apart from his skin color something that many blacks have either not yet learned or have forgotten.

    • richard handwerk

      they don't care if he is arab. arab is classified as 'person of colour'.

    • Alan

      Actually, what goes over most peoples heads is that race has a lot more to do with reality than "skin color". Race is something that goes to the very fiber of ones being. Every race is different and each one has a propensity for "certain things"- like what their religious tendencies are, character and moral fiber, intelligence quocient, physiology-brain structure. It's not as simple or cut and dried as those God-haters who control the media would want us to believe.
      There are differences so profound that they are irreconciliable.
      Homogenization is the tool the one worlders are using to destroy all races so that there will be one mongrelized race on earth for their convenience because- a mongrelized race with no history and no unity or traditions would be easier for them to control. The obamanation of desolation is a planted stooge and a dupe set up to do their bidding. When the coming orchastraited collapse of the dollar occurs and the resultant martial law is declared-then who do you think everyone will blame and lynch-while the real scum from behind the scenes are safe from detection ? When he becomes too much of a liability to them than an asset, because the truth about him will come out then, they'll do to him what they have done to every one else they have used.

      • CJM2

        'Every race is different and each one has a propensity for "certain things"- like what their religious tendencies are, character and moral fiber, intelligence quocient," This is not exactly true. One's religious tendencies, character and moral fiber, and IQ stem from one's social up-bringing and has nothing to do with one's racial characteristics. It has everything to do with one's physiological characteristics, including peculiar blood derivitives.

    • alnga

      When did he come into the Arab Heritage? His name is similar to some Arab names but that does not mean he is Arabic..It may simply tie to his Muslim background on his dad's side.

  • ConfusedAmericanCitizen

    43.75% Arab, 6.25% black 50%white and 100% UnAmerican!

    • Screeminmeeme


      • Mary

        Screeminmeeme: I got my edit button finally. I did it over at WND by combining my WND account with my patriot and godfather accounts and I now can edit my posts. You do it under Yahoo and they'll give you the edit button.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Mary...Hey, thanks a lot for the info. I sure need to be able to edit my comments. I try to proofread but my eyes are very bad and I miss stuff all the time. Thanks again.

      • sebastianwoof


    • SheilaRae

      Except for the 100% UnAmerican part, I am confused. Please explain how you came up with this breakdown.

  • Pauline O'Connor

    The most important issue is not that he is black, white or pokadot, he is Anti American and his only goal is to destroy America.

    • Mary

      You got that right. Anti-American, anti-white and pro -communist.
      Every time I hear liberals talking on how great he is I shake my head in utter amazement. Then I realize these same folks have a very low IQ because they're too busy watching 'dancing with the stars' and TV reality shows.

      • E Elaine Connelly

        I watch Dancing With the Stars and a few other reality shows. I AM DEFINITELY NOT PRO-OBAMA. You by your inference put me in the same area as the liberals, and I AM CERTAINLY NOT LIBERAL. VERY CONSERVATIVE AS A MATTER OF FACT. NO LIBERAL I KNOW WATCHES DANCING WITH THE STARS. It is an entertaining show. I love to watch the pros, some of the amateurs, not so much.

        • Dustin W. Taunton

          What he is saying is that the majority of Americans are highly distracted and not paying attention to how we are being oppressed. We all need to wake up before its too late.

        • Mark_OneTwo

          So True !
          And morgan freeman is a nasty lucifarian libtarded jack-ass

        • Robert Anderson Sr

          Guess who made him a millionaire? WE DID by going to the movies !! Same for ALL SPORTS NOW,WE watch so guess who is PROFITING?

        • oldgringo

          Dancing with the Stars has become old hat....I'm tied of it already.....American Idol is more fun in that the characters are real people and some publicity celebrity.

        • Adrian walker

          and this is the mindset of much of america when it comes to idiotic shows for a lovely distraction from the important things that are going on in our country like all of the in your face corruption in the white house and all of the minions surrounding it

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter

          Bread and circuses......anyone know what this refers to? Georgetheclown would probably be in the arena!

        • stan collins

          You see, Mary has fallen in the trap of the liberals. She also typecasts people just the way liberals do.
          We need to stop putting people in boxes and applying labels. I am Conservative by the very definition, however, I am not exactly like every other conservatives. I am an individual. You are an individual. But of course, it is much harder to identify with people and get them to blindly follow you if you treat people as individuals. The need you to identify with others based on one particular attribute.....color, income level, gender, sexual orientation, career choice, or race. If you fall victim to their strategy and blindly follow those who share on common attribute with you then you are a slave to their agenda.
          The only way to experience freedom is to dis-associate yourself with every group that claims a right to you and swear allegiance only to yourself and your individuality. Of course, that requires you to think for your self and no politician really wants that.

        • WesTexan

          So, we can say that Obama is a Marxist and a Muslim—by definition. And as I told an inquiring individual who asked if I was racist because I did not like or vote for Obama—if Communism is a race, then I guess I'm a racist.

        • SheilaRae

          Wow, I love that! Can we get that on a bumper sticker?

        • Tiger716

          Hey! I really like your response, Wes Texan. Hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna be using that one! Great.

        • Mike6

          I don't know if Obama is a shiite muslim or just a communist. I do know that Obama hates women as much as Lenin and Stalin hated women and that is why he married Moochelle.

        • taz_2002

          I agree Stan..I for one say to the government STOP spending money we don't have, and dump your programs that are killing the tax payers (very conservative)..What anyone does in their personal life is none of my concern, unless they are doing harm to me or the people I love (I guess some would call me a social liberal....But we do need to be individuals. nice read ..Thanks

      • Susan Woods

        Yes, he is Anti-American. He cares for no ethnic group, only himself and serving the liberals who have molded him. I do not watch Dancing With the Stars, but I do watch reality shows, I do not have a low IQ, and I am definately VERY CONSERVATIVE! I think Obama was the biggest mistake this country has made in a very long time. I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM, and am sorry anybody did. When he said he had participated in flag-burning demonstrations, that should have turned all Americans off, BUT IT DIDN'T. Now Mrs Obama quietly says to him "all this for a stupid flag", as a professor of lip-reading has reported, and Obama smiled and nodded in agreement. They do not care about America or the American people. If we don't stop him now, we will all pay dearly, in many ways. God Help America!!

        • Sam in NC

          We already are paying dearly.

        • capitalust

          You have already PAID dearly. The wealth of America is already gone. The country will never recover. What you are seeing now is just the death throes of a once great power - Pre-Obama America.

        • Euro-American

          You are absolutely right, Susan. Electing this extremly narcissist, arrogant, and incompetent gay on the highest official position in the country was the biggest mistake this country has made in the last hundred years. And now is time to recognize - all of us, whites, blacks, browns, yellows, democrats, conservatives and independents are responsible for this biggest mistake in American History! Why? Because is absolutely evident - America`s enemies were wery vell prepared to election 2008, American people - not! As a result American Nation lost election in 2008. Be smart and be farsighted, americans - do not repeat
          fatal mistake of 2008! All of as are Americans – Elect American
          President 2012! America
          needs American President!!!

        • eve hunter

          one lesson attention to what you are voting for. investigate and read and listen. analyze like never before. there were many small things which should have tipped us off...the money support from soros.

        • William H. Robinson

          The Democrats do not care how many flags he burned or will burn. All they want is some dude who can get elected, and keep them in Congress.

        • georgetheclown

          If there was such a thing as a god he would have backhanded you Right Wing Wacko;s long ago.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • kushibo

          There is a God, and he backhands right wingers on a regular basis. Well, at least those who are haters who try to camouflage their Sambo and halfbreed mindset with other excuses.

        • thismustend

          Funny but it is you LIBERALS & BLACKS that use the term ni gg er, cracker, bagger, on ANYONE who dares disagree with your incredibly STUPID opinions. It is LIBERALS & blacks that intimidate, vandalize, as sault, ra pe & mur der when challenged on issues or if a CONSERVATIVE black gets elected. YOU are the LIARS, the HA TERS & RACISTS.

        • BeTheTruth

          You freaking, moronic, despicable liberal! You are definite proof that the Neanderthals never went extinct.

        • John Pat Reynolds

          At the point of dying you will know then its too late

        • thismustend

          georgy, your god Georgy Soros is waiting for his B J, run along now.

        • Linda Hopkins

          You better thank GOD for anonymity !

        • Rushvillerocket

          I can see why you call yourself a clown!

        • NOTaRacist

          @georgetheclown: Well....let's see.....I think your shtick says it all. What an idiot you are. I have a bumper sticker on the back of my vehicle that says it all: "Obama, a good reason stupid people shouldn't vote" Please go get I.Q'ed George.

        • bjones41

          You are so right Susan and every word you wrote was taken out of my mouth, so I will not repeat it. Including what we watch and our IQ. I took offense at Mary's comment, and it shows her ignorance. Have a good day and please pray for America, and Israel.

      • Tiger716

        Hey! Hey! Hey there Mary! I watch DWTS and have an above average IQ. lol. The thing is....those people who are saying Obummer is the greatest aren't bothering to find the real Obama. They accept everything that is told them without digging into the facts themselves. Therein is the difference between an idiot liberal and a conservative. While we may listen to the other side of the story, we are informed enough to draw our own conclusions. The left is not! To paraphrase: They are never so blind as those who will not see.

      • elly

        Sorry to burst your balloon, but not all Obama fans have low I.Q.'s and/or spend their time watching TV reality shows. I have educated friends and relatives who are dyed-in-the-wool Obama fans. For some reason they can't see what he really is.

        • krmike

          Being educated doesn't necessarily make you smart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • John Pat Reynolds

          seems like they have NO common sense at all
          that's why i call it liberal logic

        • NOTaRacist

          I once had a boss who defined Ph.D. as Piled High and Deep.

        • Ronald

          They can't help being Idiots! There are many educated Idiots!

        • eff

          you mean " I D 10 T "

        • barto

          It's called "Common Sense" which apparently your high IQ friends do not have.

        • Dave

          They would not be friends for very long, they lack intellengence! family you can't do anytbhing about except cancel their vote with yours.

        • Samuel

          Takes no brains. Just ask him what he is. He told us, flat out, in 2008 that he would fundamentally transform (destroy) the government of the United States. It is the only promise he has kept.

        • capitalust

          Horses "fundamentally" transform oats into somethinge else. Be careful not to step in what the transform it into.

        • merriel

          Samuel, He promised us Hope and Change. He has delivered on that promise. He got the bucks and we HOPE that we get the CHANGE!!!

        • capitalust

          Degrees in Black Studies? Dialectical Materialism? Womyn's Studies? Marxist Economics? There are many "educated" people with no real knowledge. Any of them have degrees in Mathematics? Physics? Hmmm.. didn't think so. I don't know anyone with a real degree that voted for him.

        • SallyE

          They just wanted to believe in hope and change. They wanted Obama to transcend race and unite the country. He didn't. Instead he appointed people like Van Jones and Eric Holder to his administration. Also he has done everything he can to promote division and class warfare.
          He is a failed president. He has no budget. He has done nothing to help the private sector create jobs. He is sticking to his socialist ideals inspite of the fact that these ideals fail time after time. PThe number of people on disability have gone up. Food stamps are up. More and more people have their hands out to the government. Look at Greece. We will be there soon. It will be interesting to see if your friends will vote differently in the next election. Ask them how the hopey, changey thing is working for them.

        • John

          Mayhaps not but their political and common sense must have taken a leave of absence when they chose to vote for this messianic, narcissistic, arrogant, ill prepared (without any ability to learn on the job), illegal, foreign born intruder that now sits in the White House. It's plain to see that they didn't use any of their IQ, their education didn't serve them when voting for this incredibly inept amateur. I agree they can't nor will they ever see what he really is. He's a MASTER at speaking (as was Hitler) and mesmerizing the audience AND the most convincing liar EVER. So I question their intelligence. Only the down to earth common sense people can see the charade. That excludes most liberals, all socialists, communists and muslims!!!

      • William H. Robinson

        The liberals are so dumb they believe they are smart.

        • John Pat Reynolds

          I call it liberal logic

        • Linda Hopkins

          You can lead a liberal to facts but you can't make 'em think !

      • just me

        Intelligence is not a prerequisite for being a Liberal/Democrat. Actually, the less that you have, the better.

      • Raymond

        NoBama Countdown Clock

      • Pandora

        I totally agree!

    • scot_belle


    • daveveselenak

      Very succinct and to the point. When are the gutless "Re-PUNK-licans" and conservative pundits going to man-up and start saying the truth as you, me, and most of the heartland understands? It is imperitive to define this Muslim-Marxist "implant" as to whom he really is! His POWER grows immensely because the forementioned will not address the truth!

      • Mike Hardin

        That we be because all the BIG government players are complicit in electing this nonamerican smooth talker

      • SAY

        When we put term limits on the boobs

        • jerski

          where will we find politico's with the balls to vote for term limits, not as long as the existing fools have the power and our money!!!!

      • An American

        Don't forget the corrupt Demorats who keep him in office. These scums are the people who are doing everything they can to Destory America, they want power and control over us. Oh the Republicans have tried to tell you about Obamas deceiving past, but a lot of people stay in denial of what and who he is and don't want to believe it, and of course the Media tells nothing. Listen to Hannity and you will hear the truth. I heard about him before he was elected and didn't get suckered into voting for this man that became president who will go down history in shame. Romney is the only one out there that can and will help us, but if you vote for anyone else you will be aiding Obama and his cronies in his 2nd term of destroying all of our freedoms and rights.

        • Michael

          You are absolutely correct! The problem is the underlying philosophy of the Left and the Democrats. They are not interested in the sovereignty or stability of the United States, in particular, or the West, in general. They are incoherent and rabid in their desire to impose "equality" to the detriment of everything else. This myopia disables them from appreciating good vs. bad or right vs. wrong. Thus, they emote their way through life and all the decision-making that is required. That's why they are always "offended" about something or other. They do not reason their way to a decision or conclusion, they "feel" their way to it..........and when the inevitable bad consequences occur, they cannot acknowledge their own culpability but instead blame anyone other than themselves and their own irresponsibility. They have destroyed Europe, which is now a "dead man walking", and if we don't replace Obama in November, we will fall in step with them sleep-walking into catastrophe.

        • taylor2535

          We all have to vote Romney to get Obama OUT !! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!

        • taylor2535

          You are so right.. Vote Romney before Obama takes down America/

    • WJPerry

      You got that right, He wants to destroy AMERICa !!!

    • exshuttleguy

      Pauline, I like your reply because it had nothing to do with race, just the character of the man. God sees all of as equal, not black, red, brown, white, rich, poor, young, old, female, male.etc. God loves us all (John 3:16), but God hates a lying tongue and he that sows discord in the community. (Proverbs 6:16-19 NIV.)

    • taz_2002

      No one could have said it better....God Bless you Pauline

    • del

      He is more arab than any of the above and a muslim also and who cares who banged momma...we got to oust him from our government and be sure that no further "progressive" idiot ever gets elected!

    • Wolfman Smith

      Obama pay back to America allowing slavery

      • LikedTheOldUSABetter

        Slavery is just a weak excuse. Blacks in the US have been given every op to make their lives better and some have taken advantage of it. Look at people like Denzel Washington, Clarence Thomas, Alan West, Star Parker, Thomas Sowell, C.L. Bryant, Condeleeza Rice just to name a few. These folks didn't grow up rich by any means. But they had that spark in them to make it, knowing that it would take hard WORK. They didn't feel entitled to anything and, ultimately, they got the golden ring. Blacks, for the most part, sit around bemoaning the facts that they are poor but that doesn't keep them from standing in the welfare line, racking in all that taxpayer money.

        And they will take it as long as it's there for the taking. But just as soon as the well runs dry, you watch what they do. It's fine when there's enough to go 'round but when the stores dry up, these people will riot.

        That time is upon us so you'd better have your own "stores" built up. Water, soap, foodstuffs that last, toilet paper ...anything and everthing that you use today. Dogfood or catfood as your pets have to eat too. Plant a small garden for fresh greens and buy non-GMO seeds to plant. NOW, while you can still get them. Keep them sealed in a glass jar and keep them in a cool, dark place.

        Defend yourselves and survive. We don't know when the Rapture or the 2nd coming will actually be but we and our families will need to survive until that time. I don't think that the dear Lord wants us to be stupid. So we will need to survive until His return.

        And you'd better have ammo and gun or two and know how to use it.

    • Irma

      Clarence Thomas is Black, and Allen West is Black, but the Al Sharpton crowd do not accept them because they are Conservative. Just goes to show how asinine Freeman et al can be - they lack logic for sure and cannot present a worthy argument!!!

    • oldgringo

      True....He's a Marxist and a Muslim Brother and a Democrat....I can't think of a better combination in an effort to take this country down!

    • Adrian walker

      awesome comment

    • William H. Robinson

      Amen! And, when will the billionaires who support him wake up? If not they are going to take the entire country down the drain.

      • taylor2535

        I know and it scares me.. We have to vote Romney !

    • Jacke47

      So simply stated and so true. Thank you...

    • flameinhair = flamegonesilver

      Mahalo Pauline! Couldn't have said it better meself!

    • Dismayed

      Sorry, but he's Al Queda and Arab and Communist as far as I'm concerned and I'm very concerned.

      • The Blue Collar Man

        Due to his ancestry, Poison obumbler IS NOT a real Black man, as we Americans think of Black people.
        50% White, 43.75% Arab, 6.25% AFRICAN Black.
        I've been told that American Blacks have no respect for African Blacks, actively dislike them.
        Makes me wonder what's going on.
        The above obumbler blood lines are on the net. I didn't make then up, just what i found.

    • Jake

      Your comment reminds me of a time, as a student loan collector, I had to sue a black woman who was delinquent on her loan. She said I was only suing her because she was black... I told her "I don't care if you're black, white or purple, if you don't pay your loan, federal regulations say I have to sue you".....

    • Roy Peterson

      After reading more than a dozen of these responses and retorts, this one simple sentence from Pauline most aptly "hits the nail on the head". Color really makes no difference to me, as long as he or she loves this country with all of it's "warts" and plain ol' sins; realizing that as long as we are truly, in every sense of the word, 'One Nation, Under God', ,,,the God that created us all...the God that allowed and aided our fore fathers in establishing this fabulous constitutional republic, which has, for the first 200 plus years, allowed us to become that "Shining City On The Hill" for the rest of the world to long as he/she wants to continue following the guidelines laid out in our unique, one-of-a-kind, and wildly successful Constitution and Bill of Rights, then I want them to be our 'Commander in Chief' ! Period. This guy in the oval office now is the ultimate 'Trojan Horse'/Manchurian Candidate !! We do not have much time left to "right the ship' !

    • just rambling

      Let us get this RIGHT.
      THE black side of him, his father was not a AMERICAN CITIZEN.
      Calling him president tends to LEGITIMATIZE him.
      QuiT doing that PLEASE.

      • LikedTheOldUSABetter

        @ just rambling: I totally agree. Obutthead has a nice ring to it, don't you think? But then, there are many names that could be used in place od "president". He has never been, nor will he ever be, "my President".

    • Mr. Bill at yahoo

      Thank you Pauline O'Conner. My wife and I tried warning people back in 2007. We were rebuhed. The man told the world what he was going to do. He also said he was not fully black by his description of his mother and father. But he sure pulled tyhe wool over our polititations eyes and many of the American people.

  • Mike Aquila

    Do we still have white Americans in this Country that think blacks want equality with whites? They want superiority, not equality! Take a look at South Africa sweethearts. They kill white people down there because they own big ranches! Wake up dummies!

    • Vinay Duggal

      No more equality, ethnic diversity, or Black supremacists in America starting today.

    • Barb Patton

      I immigrated from South Africa some 13 years ago, and go to visit my children every 5 years (due to lack of money). What you say is true and very real, Nothing is done about the killing of the white people in the most barbaric manner. My daughter's father in law was chased off his farm which was in the family for 100 years with the clothes on his back.. This kind of black attitude is coming to America -- my mantra is always the same - "You can take the black out of the jungle but you cannot take the jungle out of the black" it is always there - to run in packs like hyenas and kill and burn as they go. Never forgetting to rape white women because the witch doctor tells them that it is a sure cure of AIDS. No my friend, they think they are superior but they sink into barbarism as quick as a wink - look at the destruction of homes that they take over... enough said. Seattle that was considered 66% white now has a major problem with packs of black thugs running rampaging thru streets - beating on white pregnant women and old people and NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT... It is here already America - and here to stay

      • HappyClinger

        Two words: 2nd Amendment. One more: Carry.

      • Wolfman Smith

        Have to organize and carry to protect yourself and your property

        • Robert Anderson Sr

          It only comes to being RACIST IF a Black man says so? ONLY IF THINGS DO NOT GO A blackmans WAY IS IT racist ! Notice, If you do not agree with the DICTATOR that you are a RACIST?

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter

          Oblamer has made American whites into racists by pumping up the welfare and entitlement programs. This was part of the plan to raise taxes on the working middle class who pay the majority of taxes.

          Then, make sure that the working whites know that their money is going to pay for lots of lazy people who could, but won't work and lots of little 12 yr old girls who get pregnant, year after year, to escape their homes and contribute to their own part of this screwed-up cycle.

          People who never were racists before Obama are now. And you can see why. Obama and all his Progressive Liberal, Congressional Black Caucus supporters, ACORN and stupid, dangerous whites like Pelosi and Reid all set the bait by doing exactly what working people hate to see...their tax dollars going to waste.

          So, yeah.
          Whites are becoming more racist again through Obutthole's contrived plan. Can you see how this has happened

      • Mike6

        Democrast are using "White Guilt" to win elections and it is a red herring. Most of the African slavers were horrible muslim arabs who draged their unfortunate slaves thru the Sahara with minimal water. The Arabs saved most the water for themselves and their camels. I saw the actual chains in a Sahara documentary and it was difficult to watch. The black slaves who survived the Sahara trek and came to America instead of Brazil were the lucky ones.

        Obama is still angry that George Washington owned slaves. Moochelle said that "America is a mean country" and that was is her full and complete gratitude for her Affirmative Action. Her college thesis was a racist diatribe and it was composed by someone with the writing skills on a ninth grader. Billions are being spend on remedial education and we producing mostly illiterates who want to shot basketball, take dope, and listed to horrible music.

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter

          Couldn't agree more...the First Hippo and her litter should be made to pay back every cent she has taken from the American tax payers for her vacations.

        • Mike6

          I agree that she is a Hippo and that is why Obama married her because he hates women like Lenin and Stalin( a sadist and pedarast) hated women.

    • Disgusted

      They kill, rob and rape each other, too. Just like here.

  • GregoryP

    Obama failed policies and leadership, not his race, is why he won't be re-elected.

    • WVF

      What the H*ll is his race?

      • CJM2

        He is bi-racial: half Caucasian and half Negro---in other words, he is a Mulatto.

        • WVF

          Thanks, CMJ2, I agree with that, but he sure looks Arabic to me.  He's so screwed up about his past, I don't think even he understands it.

        • Tiger716

          Actually, he's more a mutt. His breakdown was given correctly about as 43.75% Arab, 6.25% Black and 50% white....which is really no big thing. Lots of Americans are the 57 Variety kind. Its that RED Progressive gene that's the clincher.

    • richard handwerk

      he will be if our votes are counted in spain.

      • CJM2

        And/or if the electoral college goes against the popular vote from those who want him out of office.

    • roger

      i hate to disagree with you because i believe this guy is totally incompetent, but he is not a failure. in fact he is very successful because his sole purpose in occupying our white house is to destroy our country by making it weak financially, militarily, morally, and any other way he can. i'd say he has been quite successful and that's why he has to go if we are to have even a prayer of surviving as a free and independent nation. if he continues to occupy our white house we are pretty much doomed to living in a u.n. controlled police state at worst and at best a socialist nation where big brother will control your life, including your thoughts.

  • douchebagodfather

    Liberals can’t stop making race the issue of our day.<-------and we're going to keep making an issue of this 100 times for every 1 time any liberal makes a comment about race, so THERE!

    • Bob A.

      So What's Your Point...You people always do...BFD!!!

    • SirWilhelm

      Liberals can't stop talking about race, because it's the only issue that works for them. Show me one Liberal country in the world that's a success today. Even China's economy is slowing down. It's no coincidence that the world wide economy is hurting, while our economy is stagnating, at best. Obama's Socialist economic policies have slowed our economy to a crawl, and as our economy goes, so goes the world. Thanks Liberals, your Utopia is upon us.

  • blackyb

    I thought Freeman was busy with his grandaughter and did not have time for politics. He is as bad, if not worse than any person, black or white dealing with truth and honesty. If that is black, then they do have something to be ashamed of. Morgan Freeman is a low life.

    • XX

      also interesting that Freeman would even make such a statement considering he is obviously not 100% Black himself. Just put his picture next to an African from Africa, he would look white to them. So tired of the Oreo Cookies wanting to play both ends against the middle of their own heritage.

    • stan collins

      Tell me why a public figure (actor, artist, writer, singer, etc) has any more authority to speak about politics than anyone else. The fact that people like their talent (acting, singing, etc) does not mean we want to hear their opinions about politics.
      I say, "Shut up Morgan Freeman. I like your movies but you make me want to stop watching because you are an idiot."

  • samtman

    In Nazi Germany, if you had a 1/16 % Jewish blood line, you went to the ovens, Based on that premis,of which many of the posters on this site believe in, Barak Obama is a black man, and he is the First Black President of the US.

  • wussies

    wow ... LOVE that Godfather Politics (a) has the courage of its convictions (NOT), and (b) champions free speech (NOT) so much that critical comments -- not obscene, simply disagreeing -- here get deleted almost immediately. But you keep the comments filled with ignorance and hatred. What a bunch of tools.

  • blackyb

    I suppose all those white people who gave this heathen "black" a job in movie acting were just using the white side of them too. He has a big mouth and an eye for the very young. So if he were to keep a low profile, it would best serve him. He has nothing to say that the black or white community wants to hear. He is a dufuss.

  • MeryAnn

    It is the News Media who has been saying this from day One! If it was not for his White heritage he would not be here in America. He would be in Kenya or Indonesia.
    He is the first bi racial president. That has nothing but complain since he has been in office.
    Wake up news media, start telling the truth. Good journalism is what you should report.
    Not what Obama wants you to say.

    • Alan

      Surprise ! HE WAS IN INDONESIA ! He had Indonesian citizenship. Kenyan Born and a citizen of Indonesia/Indonesian raised= 100% un-American and ineligible to be President.

  • Jeanne

    Alan Keys is of one hundred per cent African-American decent. I would exchange him for our present White House occupant in a New York minute !!!

    • LFRD


    • stan collins

      Anybody and I mean anybody would be better than the Steve Erkel we have in there now.

      • Tiger716

        .......even Steve Erkel himself would be better than el bozo.

  • Benyamin Tover

    In the name of all that is Holy, let us not then blame all his pathetic administrating upon his White half.

  • iamsurrounded

    So following this logic I guess that means Halle Barry didn't win the Academy Award for Best Actress (according to Wikipedia) becoming the first and, as of 2012, only woman of African American descent to have won the award for Best Actress then? Her momma is as white as Barack's... And what about Tiger Woods? Make up your collective mind people.

    • WVF

      Halle Barry is nearly as White as I am; therefore, she is not the FIRST Black person to win an oscar! Eldridge (Tiger) Woods is a true multicultural human being, and he is not Black either!

  • blackyb

    Obama should never have been in office and that is the fault of Congress and those whose job it is to protect this country. There are people in congress, 8 of whom are muslims, according to what I have read, and Alan West says there are quite a few Communists on board, so if all this is true. Congress is not doing their jobs. The people who are in congress should be vetted before they take oats and their backgrounds checked with a fine tooth comb. These people are not going to take our country and turn it into another Mid East scenario by using the black community, white community or any other community if we bind together as Christians and vote these evil people out of a position to introduce laws and have some half-azzed congressman/woman to go along with it. Recall the lot of them who are engaged in anything that even appears to be against this country and her Constitution.

    • graphsmith

      If people are in Congress that shouldn't be there it is the fault of the people who voted them in... and continue to do so.Citizens must take their voting seriously and find out who they are voting for. Good grief! Voting for someone because of the word, "Change". Change WHAT and HOW? And this is far from the first time someone got in on a one word sologan or even just their names. DO SOME RESEARCH, READ and LISTEN!!! (Remember back when he was campaigning he refused to wear the American Flag because he was ashamed of it? If we manage to recover from this mess it must NEVER happen again. We must remain vigilant at all times for attacks from within as welol as from without.

  • sarahballantyne

    Of course he is black. That is all i can say about the person. He talks out of both sides of his
    mouth. Meaning he is two faced in what he says.

    • richard handwerk

      the way the liberal press sees it; obama is black-(tho-50% white).
      zimmerman is white, (tho 50% spanish).

      • stan collins

        Vey good point.........race doesn't matter unless it can be used to further their agenda, then it is very important.

  • Proudamerican

    Forget about him being black! he's not even a real president! (not qualified OR eligible) he only got the position because the dnc based media covered up for him and still are.

    • What's Wrong With This?!

      I hate to tell you this, but the Rnc! also is covering up for him. Have you seen any Republicans in congress trying to get anything done about his ineligibility?! I'm a Repub. and I think our congressman have failed us in this respect!!!!!

      • Proudamerican

        Unfortunately you are correct.

      • Jane72

        I think the Repubs are biding their time and giving O. enough rope to trip himself up.

  • jc

    What the guy is, most important to all of us is that he is a liar and that he hates the true American fundimental liberties that real Patriots stand for!!!

    • Wallace Perry

      Amen to that,JC

    • taz_2002

      I second that Amen JC......

  • GeraldH

    I don't care if he is Black or White ...He is Red and that's what i don't like

  • Benyamin Tover

    Part of the issue of our nation, is to ascribe the "one drop" theory of being black, be that a distant miscegenation, or even the appearance of having black ancestors. (E.g., the Melungeon).

  • DeeGeeW

    Regarding race, Barack Obama IS a mixed-race President, a bi-racial President. You can no more label him Black than you can label him White. To assert that he is more one than the other denigrates either his maternal or his paternal heritage. I did not vote for him; I do not support his very liberal policies; I will not vote for him. However, Mr. Freeman's statement regarding race is accurate. How does one proclaim otherwise? I am personally offended when anyone labels a person of mixed race as something else (Tiger Woods, for example). When someone labels my grandsons as Black or African-American, they are denying their paternal heritage. I am very involved in their lives; I love them dearly; I am Caucasian; they are mixed-race, or bi-racial. These are facts. However, mostly they are wonderful, sweet, cute, loving children. What's race got to do with anything?

  • Henry46

    When 96% of the black population votes for anyone based on the color of their skin then that is an act of racism.

    • Linda Parlato


    • greg

      But to hear the libeturds tell it, only whites can be racist. They have driven the term into the ground, broke it off and buried it until it has lost all meaning. If you don't like oweblamer's policies, you're racist, if you hate his big spending, Air Force 1 (@500,000 an hour) riding, Canadian bus "tours" you must be racist. It must be nice to be able to "deem" one's race as the superior one and pick that one because it's politically expedient. He's actually just as much white as black but no one EVER hears him referred to as the "white" president. He has worked hard to make America the divided states of diversity. I don't think he can pronounce patriot anymore than he can say corpesman (corpsman).

  • agbjr

    I couldn't care less what race, color, or religion anyone is but as far as Obama is concerned I can without doubt say he ISN'T a real president or even a real American; he has proven himself unworthy of the Constitution every day by his own thoughts and deeds.

  • WVF

    No sh**t Sherlock! Anyone with a brain knows that!

  • Marti

    Half black, half white, whatever...pure Muslim! Out to destroy our freedom, that is the whole picture. I don't care what his color really is....he is a narcissistic maniac out to get rid of all whites as his religion requires.

    • Wjperry

      Right on !!! Marti

  • Carmen A. Cantalupo

    Only a Liberal and Black Liberals can say this Let someone like Rush or Hannity have say it Billions of Cockroaches would come out of the wood work!

  • the_punnisher

    He is a MULLATTO

    In other words, A MUTT

    Or if you want to add a common slur: a HALF BREED...

    I won't go into the wife description, it would offend the other PRIMATES...

    • CJM2

      As a child who grew up being referred to as "that kid of the dirty half breed" I do take exception to your remark---my grandfather was a full-blood Native American. And FYI, the slur HALF BREED was used to describe those of us who are of Native American descent--Negroes were referred to as something else, like the 'n' word. Odd, isn't it--that you can still use that unseemly slur for Native Americans without repercussions, but can't use the slur for the Negroes. On behalf of the other Native Americans who fall into that category, we would appreciate it if you would not use that term to describe us. Thank you.

      • the_punnisher

        As a genuine descendant of TWO tribes ( yes, I qualify after my parent did a complete genealogy chart including the Dawes rolls ), I never use that word to describe anyone. I just threw it out because it was widely used back in the 60s & 70s.
        BTW, Cher did a song with that title. That defused the whole issue as far as I'm
        concerned. Just remember that BLACKS looked down on us Amerinds. I have the damage to prove it.
        YOU had better develop a thicker skin. Facts might kill you out of ignorance some day....

  • replacethedonkeywithacamel

    freemon is a douchbag liberal.

  • fortuneteller43

    I'm kind of tired bringing this up, but the White, Black and Brown races do not exist. Color is an adjective, not a noun. Whoever thought up race classification should be shot. There is no pure race anywhere. Morgan Freeman is mixed. So is Sharpton, so is Jesse Jackson. In fact, I have never seen a Black person in my entire life. Have any of you actually seen a "Black" person? In fact, I have never seen a "White" person in my entire life---no, I'm wrong: An Albino, yes, maybe twice in my life. White as milk. In Florida most of us are brown. That doesn't mean we belong to a brown race. Any light skin person can get dark. Political Correctness aside and a firm believer of freedom of speech, anyone who talks incessantly about color of skin like Freeman (a terrific actor by the way) is, unfortunately, a racist. In any case, there is racism within the Afro-American culture itself: light skin vs dark. If you really want to know, the definition Afro-American is not correct either. What if a so-called white South African by birth comes to the U.S., becomes a citizen, and ultimately fills out an application of employment? He can honestly list himself as Afro-American and get away with it. Why can't we just classify everyone as people?

    • Linda C. Dines

      The blackest person I ever met was at an "International Tea" sponsored by the YWCA many years ago in Oklahoma City, he was from Pakastan not Africa his skin tone was not from too much sun, rather the normal skin coloring of many people from his home country.

      • fortuneteller43

        Pakistanis are not African blacks. They, like the Indians from the subcontinent, are IndoEuropean. When I say I have never met a black person, I mean BLACK as in the color black. Get some black paint and try making a match. Race can no longer be used as a yardstick when it comes to race; and race itself is even harder to define due to interracial unions. I may consider myself Caucasian, but racially I may be part Amerind, which makes me a member of two races. Some people have three or more. Race classifications have become as obsolete as Hitler's super race.

  • Hj Lamb

    I do not care for nor like Obama, but aspects of race have no place here!

  • Jim

    Republicans have got to start going after this fraud Obama.

  • Nottakenyan

    He may not qualify as a black man, but he does qualify as a LIAR !!!!

  • Tim Eggert

    Barak is not a real president period.

    • stan collins

      Yes he is.........he is a REAL BAD President. LOL

  • Upaces

    (having a little problem here logging on).
    I don't care what color he is. HE could be green. We are referring to his actions since he has been in the WH. He is THE MOST treacherous president in the entire history of the United States.

  • KintaCOON tay!

    the ONLY racism in America lies amonst the black people!When will they stop living in the past and using their color as an opportunity for whaever! And I admired Freeman, but apparently he is just another racist Black Bigot like the rest of them!

  • IMSweetOlBob

    Some enterprising individual needs to nail down the distribution rights for snowmobile suits for Hell. Because before I pay to see another Morgn Freeman flick, it will be freezing down there. It's a given that he's a pretty good actor. But mentally and patriotically he has put himself in a class along with Jane Fonda and Barbra Streisand. Racially, he's alongside haters like Farakahn and Wright, Jesse and Al.

  • Blair

    Morgan Freeman said that Obama's a President. He's right. Clinton's still the first black President.

  • Nottakenyan

    Truly thought Freeman was smarter than what he is displaying!!!

  • racefish

    "President Obama has not been liberal enough. It’s his white side that keeps him from being the radical the Left was hoping for."
    Wasn't this the same guy that was voted the "Most Liberal Senator"? Do these people even know what they're saying?

  • Sama

    I don't give a flying fiddle dee dee what color the man is. I DO care that he is destroying our Constitution and Bill of Rights as fast as his little self can go and the rest of our officials sit back and watch!!

  • Edwin

    Not only that he is not a real black president he is not a REAL president! He is nothing but a puppet!

  • Robert Cosenza

    its not that he is black enough,its he,s not american at all,a treasonous communist trader.a musmutt upsurp,we the people want a true american citizen,who,s both parents are american citizens,his father was born in kenyan,making ovomit/devil ineligible to president.1st ovomit ignored a georgia supreme court supoena{treason}2nd ovomit sent additional throops to afganistan with out congress approval{treason}3rd ovomit has a social security card that belongs to a dead connecticut resident{treason}4th he has a live birth form,which isn,t a legal birth certificate{treason},and ovomit keeps all his records sealed/hidden and spends millions of dollars,to keep his records sealed/hidden.we the people like to know a little about a person we are voting for,we can,t do that with sealed/hidden records{treason}.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,brian terry and family,and all american veterans/ nation under god

  • Nottakenyan

    If you are born in Africa, you are an African.
    If you are born in America, you are an American.


    Whenever the word Obama is used, the substitution of the word CROOK can readily be used, in fact BAC is a common term..Big .....Crook.

  • i2luvmyusa

    Agree! Obama is a mixture! 1/2 NUTS, plus 1/2 NUTS ! OOps I guess he is 100%! 100% NUTS!

  • jb80538

    Could have left out the word "black" in the headline of the article.
    He's not a real president.

  • J3player

    While others are looking at his skin color, he and his cohorts are destroying this great nation. Please don't be fooled by Morgan Freeman. Didn't he commit incest with his granddaughter? Obama is the first Islamic/bisexual/socialist president. He is intent on replacing the U.S Constitution with a factious government.

  • BobM001

    He's the first "Oreo Cookie", "Mezzo Moulignon", LOOSER president WE THE PEOPLE have had to endure for far to long.

  • J L Davis

    Obama, is our first African-American President, whose father was from Africa
    and had many wife’s, he came here to study and fathered a son named Berry whit
    a white liberal/socialist woman in College. Berry/ changed his name to Barrack Husain
    Obama on purpose, after his Father and he is a Socialist/ Marxist who openly
    hates America, and are truly discussed
    with our founding documents and has went above any other man to make certain that
    the American People would pay for the sins their ancestors. These entire Progressive/ liberal Marxist
    classes of people think America should pay for their profit they have made over
    the years, they think it has been off other nations backs. These fools are so wrong
    on their stinking thinking they want everyone to suffer except their few in
    their class of people.

  • John Spencer

    He's not even half black. His father was 3/4 Arabic, so Obama is only 1/8th black.

    What a poser!

  • Alan

    What crap ! This is a wonderful example of a MANUFACTURED history that continues to change as is needed, despite all the credible evidence that exist that is to the contrary. Either Obama is the most profoundly incomptent fraud to ever have walked around in any government environment or he is doing everything thing he has been told to do to by his handlers to bring this country down to its ruin. He is a consistent liar and a fraud from his sorry moment of conception in Kenya, when he was "sired" by his "uncle" frank-(small case intended.) to this present day as the illegitimate "president" of this Country. If he has anything that could possibly be an asset to him it would be the maternal side of his racial composition-NOT his fathers side. If he was completely of negro desent, then he wouldn't have been selected and used for the perposes the globalists have for their agenda of our Country. The so-called changes that that the hard core anti-white racists negroes-like "sharp"ton or jesse jackass. is to place control of our country into their envious, incompetent hands. If one wants to imagine hell on earth, then think of what would America be like if the negro was in control. They can't manage themselves, let alone a whole country.They think they're "entitled" things in life but, in reality they're entitled to nothing. The negro has never created a great society-anywhere, anytime. Equality is not the issue for there is no such ridiculous thing as "racial equality. There are no two people alike anywhere on earth, similar but, not alike as in Identical. " We don't all be da sayim." Correspondingly, there are no two races alike. Period. Equality is a false doctrine the has been manufactured by the perpetraitors of the comming world government to suite their designs

  • Bobby H.

    Like i've been saying all along he is a 50/50 boy.He is neither black nor white. So how can one be a racist toward him, when he himself doesn't even know what race he is? But we do know he is not American, and was not born in America, both parents were not Americans, a dual citizenship would eliminate him even if he was born here. ( I might add his mother gave up her citizenship here too before he was born.) There is no telling everything else he is covering up. We do know he is the greatest liar the US has ever seen or heard. So pray and vote him out of office that welfare commies put him in. He was shoved down out throat just like obamacare was. I am like a lot of other people i have talked to that never heard of him until he was sneaked into the WH. God Bless.

  • SirWilhelm

    Obama has not proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, he's only offered an online birth certificate that has been shown to be forged, that he is even an Americanm citizen, let alone a natural born citizen. But, because he's been touted as the first Black President, the powers that be are going to let him remain President, and run again. That's the ultimate play of the race card. It has made him invulnerable to the eligibilty requirements of the Constitution. And since he's not subject to the restrictions that should have kept him from Occupying the Office in the first place, he disdains any part of the Constitution that would keep him from doing whatever we want. His whole term has been an un-Constitutional government. Everything he has done, is outside the Law of the Land. The only time the law matters to this government, is when it can be used to constrain it's enemies, the ones the law was designed to protect.

  • Marat Bandemer

    If Barack Obama was as pure white as newly driven snow he would be the same despicable human being, traitor, and puppet to whomever is pulling his strings. The problem here is that blacks voted on the basis of his color, seeing him as not the president of the United States, but their president. America is not what it once was. Our voting population votes along ethnic lines in virtually every election conducted at every level. There is no concept of what is good for the nation or the people as a whole as a factor. It is not a matter of political philosophies, or beliefs. This is non-existent among those whose only interest is in how much is "he/she" "gonna give me"!

  • W. Morris

    Black, White, Half Black/Half White or any other ethic combinations have nothing to do with hussein being the worst president that this country has every elected! The fact is..........hussein rose to his own level of incompetence years before being elected to the highest position in our country.

  • singer23

    From my point of view, Allen West is a full blooded, Black Man
    and I would vote for him, for President Of The United States, in a heartbeat! He
    has distinguished himself as a great American and a hero, I wouldn't care if he
    was, "Polka Dotted!" He would get my vote! He has proven himself as an officer in the US
    Army and as a member of the House! I don't understand why more, "African-Americans"
    don't try to emulate him, rather than, someone like Barack Obama!

  • Bill

    I do not care about his or her color / or/ race. However this guy has gone over the the line. He need to be voted out.

  • shawn corrigan

    i dont care about skin color. but there are 2 things that are huge that most fail to mention. 1. the economy is being massively infused with cash, most of the "new jobs" are government jobs ,or related to the artificial cash infusion of much more than 5 trillion.(incidently most people have no comprehension what a trillion is )
    2. this is really big and most avoid this. obama helped cause this world-wide depression. he sued citi-bank years ago,coupled with other actions forcing the banks to make bad loans, he said " subprime loans seemed like a good idea ! " this had tremendous repercussions on the economy, a cascading of loan requirements. this caused many more loans and the bozo clinton noticed this was good for those who could not qualify for loans before,these were mostly democrats so clinton asked his smart people how he could ramp it up. they came up with the bundling and packaging of GSE's this poured fuel on the fire.

    so if you trace back to the spark that started the most massive financial bubble and resulting fire in the worlds history ,it was not the dems and carter who passed the community reinvestment act, it was obama and friends who used that legislation to force banks give loans out to people they did not trust .bush,mc cain and others tried to stop it. obamas buddies maxine waters, gregory meeks,frank raines,barney frank and others would NOT allow anyone to reign in fannie and freddie. i remember the comptroller telling the democratic panel,"fannie and freddie must be slowed down or we will have a colossal mess,maxine waters said" i see no problem with fannie or freddie, they are doing a great job"meeks said" the problem i see is not fannie or freddie , its you making us come out from our homes to attend these stupid meetings whae there is NO problem, barney also said everything is great. mccains proposal was not even brought to the florr, he and bush tried 11 times to slow down the massive bad loans. WHY DOES NO ONE SEEM TO PIN THIS ON OBAMA ????? he sued the bank forcing them to loosen their lending standards. can no one see how this was the key to the whole crisis ?? the idiots who blame the banks are not looking deeper, the banks were forced. they did not want to give out bad loans, however the government promised if they made the loans the government would buy the paper, that was not the banks fault. why dont people communicate this ??? we live in an information age and a knowledge desert .
    government gone wild, fascism !!
    courtesy of BARACK OBAMA mmm mmm mmm

  • Silas Longshot

    Racists is as racists does. And the usual media double standard lets it pass. Let some conservative, of ANY color, outside Hollywood say something along that line......whatcha' think gonna happen? Torches and pitchforks from the left.
    surviving urban crisis

  • Mic

    Obama is not a real president period.

  • frank m rpb

    The way I see it , Mr. Freeman is embarrassed that Pres. Obama has not lived up to all the promises he made before he won the election. He is using the excuse that the pres. is not black enough to be called black. This is supposed to releive all responsibility of the miserable job he has done in 3 and 1/2 years of total incompitancy, and blame it on the white side of his ethnicity. Mr Freeman , weather you like it or not this man is the first black president, which really has no bearing on his job except that he has no idea how to run our capitalist system. His agenda is to bring the U.S. down to the level of the country he was raised in. His social agenda will never be fully implemented in this country. It is also very obvious that he is sympathetic to the islamic way of life. God bless America !!!!!

  • Vlasta.

    Blacks are happy Obama is black, He or his ancestors never were slaves and is possible his ancestors sold the American black in slavery.

  • Rod S

    The fact that you have no clue as to what "equality" really is is the reason you will never be my equal.

  • EIvisPresIey

    poor Freeman, the people broke out in tears when B0 was elected, because the ballot boxes were stuffed in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Now people cry because B0 is trying to sign a un guncontroI law on the 27 July in 2 weeks.

  • 1marg

    End Affirmative Action so we can see who the worthy people of color are.

  • Mike Cole

    I didn't know that Marxism had a skin color.

  • justme

    Don't care if he is black or white, his is still the worst president wehave ever had and needs to be replaced.

  • Anne_PA

    How little did they know....

    "Mr. Obama is 50% Caucasian, that from his mother. What those who want
    Mr. Obama to write history by becoming "America's first African-American
    president" ignore is that his father was ethnically Arabic, with only 1
    relative ethnically African Negro - a maternal great-grandparent (Sen.
    Obama's great-great grandparent, thus the 6.25% ethnic contribution to
    the senator's ethnic composition.).

    That means that Mr. Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother's side. He is
    43.75% Arabic, and 6.25% African Negro from his father's side."

    The author further points out that Obama's roots not only do not point
    to him being African American, but that he is a descendant of Arab slave

  • ste1021

    Doesn't matter if he's black, white, pink, or green. The fact is he's the worst president in our lifetime. Period.

  • yep ;yep

    Really tire of this white thing, blameing whites for everything when the blacks can clearly not make it.

  • SomewhereInTexas

    Dear Leader, go away, preferably in chains.

  • Anne_PA

    Sorry… original link did not work…
    Here’s the information in its entirety

    "Mr. Obama is 50% Caucasian, that from his mother. What those who want Mr.
    Obama to write history by becoming "America's first African-American
    president" ignore is that his father was ethnically Arabic, with only 1
    relative ethnically African Negro - a maternal great-grandparent (Sen. Obama's
    great-great grandparent, thus the 6.25% ethnic contribution to the senator's
    ethnic composition.).

    That means that Mr. Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother's side. He is 43.75%
    Arabic, and 6.25% African Negro from his father's side."

    The author further points out that Obama's roots not only do not point to him
    being African American, but that he is a descendant of Arab slave traders.

    "Researching his roots reveal that on his father's side, he is descended
    from Arab slave traders. They operated under an extended grant from Queen
    Victoria, who gave them the right to continue the slave trade in exchange for
    helping the British defeat the Madhi Army in southern Sudan and the Upper Nile
    region. Funny how circular is history; now the British again face the Madhi
    Army, albeit this time Shiite, not Sunni, as in nineteenth century Sudan.

    But telling America's black community that while their ancestors were breaking
    the shackles of slavery, Mr. Obama's ancestors were placing those shackles upon
    their wrists would hardly play as an Oprah Winfrey best-seller."

    This is not written by a right-wing conspirator.
    Kenneth Lamb is a respected journalist who has written for the NY Times, the
    Miami Herald, the St. Petersburg Times, the Jewish Information Network, and the
    Pensacola News Journal. He has written against for the GOP on several occasions
    and has not publicly endorsed any presidential candidate.This information has
    never been successfully disputed.

    Either way, Barak Obama has made history - that much cannot be disregarded.
    Obviously this doesn't change my feelings toward him because I wan't going to
    voting for him anyway. But I'm still curious if this has any bearing on how
    people vote. Would they feel lied to if they found out the truth? Or would they
    just toss this off and continue to live in denial?

  • Walt

    If Blacks have a racial issue then it is the
    Blacks who are pushing it. I no longer have any sympathy. They quit school, sell more drugs, and commit more crimes than any other race. They have had 3
    generations of affirmative action and change to get their act together and they
    still claim we owe them. There are no
    more slaves and we do not owe them anything else. We have done all we can and if they are
    ignorant, poor, uneducated and depressed it is because they choose to be so.

  • Dave Miedema

    Technically, Morgan Freeman is correct...but why did it take him 3.5 years to come to this realization? Methinks Freeman has merely gotten tired of the taste of the Obama Kool-Aid, and is now jumping ship to avoid being connected to him when Ovomit loses in November.

  • Willie Lee

    Simple equation. Christian based government = equality for all, over time. Leftist based government = racist elite, lording it over the masses, in short order.


    On several TV shows of the 70's he would have been referred to as a 'zebra'!

  • agrclemsonfarmn

    This isn't original-the revolt against government controls and return to greatness must come from the people grassroots up aka TeaParty

  • james

    Spooks are spooks, get used to it.

  • Sgt. Hardcore

    Dustin Taunton used the word that brings a smile to my face !!!!!!
    Oppressed !!! During my military time - a certain " unit" I was with used and still to this day - use it !!! De oppresso liber !!!! Liberty for the oppressed !!!! That's us because of this scum bag in our white house !!! Oppressed !!!! Hopefully , some of our " leaders / military are ready to help if this socialist pos is reelected !!! My family has fought for our freedoms in every war from our Civil War to those we are in now & " some " that aren't known about !
    Keep your powder dry boys !!! We may need it !!!!

  • Bama59

    I used to like Morgan Freeman but I don't think I can watch his acting any longer, now that I know what a racist he is. I had to laugh at his comments, the idiot.

  • sillyboy

    M.F. is a racist. Period. I never watched his show, and never will! He has made statements in the past that has shown where he is coming from. Hey white folks, keep watching his show, making him tons of money, so he can call you a racist! Fools...and their Freedom will soon be parted.

  • AH

    We have forgot who gave us our freedm. Today is IN GOD WE Trust still our leader? When did man become wiser then God. Who is the God we know? We need to return to a God of LOVE not hate. Put God and proper morals back in our schools and see that loving every one will heal our nation. Loving each other will do away with the need for power and greed. God gave us this nation and HE can take it away from us also.

    • JLD

      AH, Well said! Love conquers all.

  • Froggy

    Seems like well known blacks are setting the rules of engagement for the least of us who are in the line of fire while they( The affluentBros ) are surrounded in their Million dollar safety nets .Good going there morgan Freeman .You can watch what you are starting on TV at the white house with the Obomas who also hate whitey ...

  • bowtonoone2

    Forget the color. He's NOT a president, period!!!!!

  • jjinfl

    Some very interesting factual posts today. So I think that black citizens maybe ought to take a look at Obama's policies and words and quit voting for him simply because of his race, which is not as important as the other two issues. Black, white, green, whatever, we are all people and we should think and act for ourselves rather than acting like sheep being led to the slaughter by some spokesperson like Al Sharpton or George Soros or some politician out for his own good.

  • CJM2

    The statement: "What Obama Isn’t: Black Like Me.’ ‘Black, in our political and social vocabulary, means those descended from West African slaves,’ wrote Debra Dickerson on the liberal website Salon" is not exactly true. There were other "black slaves" brought in from other areas of the globe--but I suppose debra dickerson doesn't take that into account. She also fails to consider the thousands of "white slaves" (many of whom were owned by black slaves) or the fact that there were many black plantation owners who owned more black slaves than their white counterparts. Gee, isn't selective history grand--you can manipulate it to suit your fancy and never mind the other important stuff!!!! I never said obammy was a 'black president' because he is a mulatto; now, if Cain was to be elected President, he would be the very first 'black president' and would probably outshine obammy with respect to representing the people who voted him into office. Too bad he isn't running for that office today.

  • fedupwidit

    this crap is so stupid it is funny, "Can't we all just get along?" lol:)

  • graybuffalo

    Morgan Freeman a racist? Nah! Racism only goes one direction don't you know? The Blacks have the "Congressional Black Caucus." Can you imagine if we had a "Congressional White Caucus?" The Blacks have "The United Negro College Fund." Can you imagine if we had "The United Caucasian College Fund?" The Blacks have "The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)" Can you imagine if we had "The National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP)?" How about the "White Panthers?" And the biggest racist of them all... Barack Obama, with his "playing of the race card," has set back race relations at least 70 years. Disagree with Obama? You are a racist. Let us not forget his wife, Michele, she is the epitome of a white-hater.

  • cileford

    Morgan Freeman also thinks he's God........or God is him. Either way, I think he should ask God about that. Idiot.

  • Nils

    If Morgan would like real Black leadership he should move to a country where they are in control. Egypt can be his test case. We will see how the Muslim Brotherhood create more liberal freedom for the Egyptians.

  • jeff lyons

    Even when you are the biggest liberal f bag the country has ever seen, it's not good enough for the truly progressive. These people need to be locked away! I don't give a crap what color he is, he is the worst president in my lifetime and can not under any circumstance be allowed to stay in the white house after Nov

  • MadmaxUSA

    You've got to be kidding me! There are not many blacks left in the USA that can claim they are truly 100% descended from black slaves and trace their lineage back to Africa. Perhaps the Morgan Freemans of the world should start demanding that future political candidates prove they are "real black" candidates by submitting to a DNA test that could rule out any possibility of nonblack genetic code. If one is found surely there would be other reasons to explain away his failures, such as the tried-and-true "Uncle Tom" postulate.
    Obama is a loser, Morgan. Get over it.

  • mymy

    to solve racist--You must marry outside your kind. Eventually their will be no race just a mixture of color like a rainbow.

  • Doug Hensley

    Morgan Freeman is factually correct that Obama's ancestry is quite different from that of most people who identify as "African-American" on the census. Obama is half white, half East African. The East Africans are genetically more remote from the West Africans than American whites are from American blacks...there's been quite a bit of mixing over the centuries between Americans, after all, while East Africa and West Africa were separated by severe geographical barriers.

  • Scott Ezell

    Morgan Freeman is your typacle actor. Good at acting but have very little if any common sense. He is right thought about Obama He isnt black hes full of crap.

  • Bob Jones

    Obama's father is not a black Kenyan, a man who Obama looks nothing like. His father however does appear to be communist Frank Marshall Davis, a man that Obama does look amazingly alike. Joel Gilbert has made an exceptionally compelling documentary titled "Dreams of My Real Father", in which he lays out a very well researched, documented and connected history between Davis and Obama's mother, Ann Dunham. This is quite likely the reason so much of Obama's past has been sealed and it also shows where Obama's philosophy was formed at a very early age. He is THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, and this video of Gilbert's makes that so very clear.

  • honeyjdy

    Hey Obama is not a true Ameican.
    Why is it that everyone wants to pull the race ticket. We should just all be Americans, work, fight for our freedoms in this country. Look at the people that have lived off the racist ticket, such as AL Sharpton.

  • Rev. Anony Moose

    I really hope when we get a REAL BLACK in the White House I hope he is
    a decent God-fearing conservative!
    It never has been the skin issue with me concerning Mr. Obamanation. I remember one sunday evening before I got saved(I forget if it was the summer of 1977 or
    1978) a friend of mine then and I brought up the possibility of a black President. I forget if
    it was in front of his house where he lived or in front of the bowling alley in my hometown where this guy and I used to hang out. He said he was not against the idea of a black
    President. And before the evening was out I was NEVER against the idea of a black president of this country either!
    My concern with Obama is he is a superliberal. I believe he is a closet muslim though at times he seems to have a hard time staying in the closet with it! He is a communist and a socialist! And I believe he is out to destroy this once great nation!
    He is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-muslim, etc. If I am against it he is
    for it. If I am for it he is against it!
    His skin color has nothing to do with my opposition towards him at all!

  • Robert Myles

    if you want to know who and what Obuma is Find a liberal who bought his self biograghy 'Dreams of my Father' borrow it and if you need to get past the first 3 chapters to figure out he is Unaamerican, Anti- Imperialist. Believes the US and other present and former colonizing Countries Have raped the earth stolen the treasures of these countries, enslaved them to work for the companies that have built industry there. then you may have a little liberal inside you. He is a closet Muslim, born inKenya. His Indonesian citizenship disallows dual citizenship, so at the least he is Indonesean. The demorats never attempted to vette him for eligibility. He has more friends that are anti american, weatherman,outright commies, socialists and Alinsky-its and Muslims than i can even attempt to count. Not one in is cabinets his socalled czars etc have any love for America And yes those of you enamored with Hillary i include her and Bill in that list. She has already signed the UN small arms ban which will shred the constitution and destroy the second amendment. Making private gun ownership illegal. Yes we do indeed need to properly investigate the backgrounds of all our elected and appointed officials. These people are supposed to work for us. Every job i ever held had a job interview and a background check. 3/4's of Congress are Convicted Felons, yet we the stupid vote them into office. Here in New York it doesnt matter that we who live upstate don't vote for people like Charles Schumer because the idiots in NYC will vote and elect him over our opposition. The constitution and american history are no longer taught in our schools. It has become 'fashionable' to be a flippin liberal even when most don't even know what the hell that is. They keep advertising to buy gold nsilver, well i advocate buying lead and brass because your gonna need all the ammo you can get whe all hell breaks loose here as we return America to her roots as the land of the Free.

  • Tiger716

    While the fact that he is anti-American is the biggest factor, its his racist division that is shredding this country. He had the opportunity to become a great man and bring this country together. All he'll be remembered for is his Progressive attempt to divide all the different ethnic groups. If idiots like Freeman, Sharpton, Jackson, Waters and the like want to spew their "poor blacks" crap, go for it. I have no sympathy whatsoever for those moron youths who prefer to hang out with gangsters and fall into the pack mentality mentioned by Barb Patton. She is absolutely right.
    As I've mentioned before, the Civil War ended 147 years ago. A great many people died (most of them WHITE) in order to end slavery. The same thing happened during the civil rights movement of the 60s. Lots of whites died during that but to hear Blacks tell it, they did it all themselves. When people of all color start looking at each other on a one-to-one basis and eliminate the color of their skins, THEN there will be a beginning of living with peace. I don't think that'll happen anytime soon because people are too "ME" oriented nowadays.

  • djw663

    Morgan Freeman is a racist to the core, a liberal POS.

  • Mavrick55

    Sobering. However, the American spirit cannot be extinguished. It may be diminished and scattered but it will prevail because the words in our founding documents transcend the paper they were written on. The American spirit is in our memories because of those that spoke the words, carried the flag in parades, teachers who proudly led us in the pledge, the voices that sang the anthem, parents who spoke of a great nation, and the men and women who lost their lives in the fight for freedom who we saw honored by fellow soldiers. That America will rise from the ashes of corruption, tyranny, and transformation. Freedom and liberty are not just words they are spirits within each of us from God. Our Founding Fathers simply, or not so simply, translated what they felt into the two most consequential documents created by man.

  • urbisoler

    Obama has never been black. He's a mulato but I imagine that is not politically correct.

  • ropati

    I am blue-eyed, right-handed, born in Appalachia, healthy, well-educated, prone to do well in the arts. Does any of this matter when it comes to running the United States of America? Say no. Then why should the color of someone's skin matter? It doesn't matter unless it seems to be one's only qualification to hold the office.

  • Mama Mia

    Obama (the Black half), his Amazon wife, children and the rest of his "clan" are a total embarrassment to America!! PEOPLE: WAKE UP AND SMELL THE FOUL SCENT OF

  • Proudamerican

    Besides being a real lying socialist and an economic terrorist like his daddy george soros, What IS real about obama?

  • Nikki17

    His race matters not one iota, he is a socialist who is hell bent on bringing America and her Constitution down. He needs to be defeated come November.

  • Wolfman Smith

    The black side always takes over when you are black and white

  • Dan W Rykard

    What has happen to the United States of America I grew up in. I was born in 1958 and the late sixties and 70's as a young white male I mowed lawns, until I got big enough to haul hay, the worked in a Feed and Fertilizer plant then when I was a JR in High School I got a job busting tires and installing radio's, I worked there until I finished College.
    These Kids today think Mom and Daddy is suppose to support them until the Government can.
    This country has change a lot not for the good it is no cool to be a Christian well I am not cool and never will be, I am a Southern Baptist Christian and live my life for one person and that is GOD. Who ever does not like it I will be more than happy to sit down with them and have a long talk.
    If Obama has another four years we will not even have a Constitution any longer I wonder how many people even know what our Constitutional rights are. Obama sure does not, or if he does he does not care.
    I am not sure how many people that voted for Obama the first time around will even read this, but if you do you better start listening to and watching what he is doing he is playing this class card hard and heavy. Like you are a bad person that got out of School and busted your rear end off to make a good living for your family, the American Dream is what we once called it.
    May God Bless you all and your Families

  • noelle2011

    darn right he is not! HIS MOTHER WAS WHITE! NOT BLACK!

  • Tig

    The truth is that it really doesn't matter what color Obama is. He is a really bad president and the fact that he keeps playing the race card, keeps people from saying it. He chose to use that ploy to run on. He chose to use that ploy to get away with doing things that no one really likes. And he keeps playing it for all he is worth because it's the only way he can get away with one foolish mistake after another. If he were not playing the race card, very few people would still be standing still for what he is doing to this country.

  • Nan Y.

    Obama is exactly the very thing he is trying to get us to embrace. A hybrid !

  • TBI


  • mrsawdust

    Barack Obama is a half breed with no moral core values

  • roy

    Amen to the closing statement "Yeah, because you guys line you keep bringing it up!"

  • 4grands

    The only people in this country that have forgotten that bummer is half white half black, seem to be the blacks and bummer himself. He even threw his own white grandmother under the bus when he was running for the office in 07. Speaking of 07, does anyone remember that when bummer started spouting off about how great he was, and all of the grand changes he was gong to make in our country? That's when the economy started free falling...those of us that listened to him, started reining in and shutting down. He spelled trouble from the start, if one cared to listen to him. Bummer is bad news, black or white ..... No question about it. And Freeman? He is just a convenient black puppet for bummer.

  • Scootersma

    You are all wrong. Michelle Obama is the first black president!!!

  • Donna

    Black's want to be black because they have freedom of speech, we white's don't. We are here for black's to blame some one for all their problems.instead of looking at themselves.The blame game just like Obama..

  • Robert W Velon

    Obama is not black... He is a mulatto, half and half and that is what makes him a racist...He hates whites. Remember Pelosi saying that anyone who was against his policies or agenda was racist.... How the Tea Party was a pack of racists? Well join the club whitey

  • aggie-

    though many of us did make comments from way back now the blacks will state it is his white side that is the problem.

  • jmsmaxwell

    Race doesn't matter except to those who are racise, in this case it is purely about the heart,
    or lack thereof of the individual in question. oKenya is not an American never has been,
    never will be yet he will suck the life blood out of Americans by claiming racial hatred towards him and others whose skin may be darkers than others. He is a muslim terrorist
    fosterd upon our nation by the like of George Soros and the socialist democrat party.

  • oldfox [terry seale]
  • oldgringo

    Since Martin Zimmerman has been pronounced as a White Hispanic it is only fair to say that Obama is a White Negro.....Nothing Racist about this statement!

  • fiddler

    Morgan, I thought is was about the "content of our character". Why do we still grade on a curve because of skin color? Seems to me you either have character or you don't.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Well, the Truth has been spoken about this Jackass Barack. Roscoe has been saying he is 100% White European Communist on the inside raised by his 100% White European Marxist Mother and her 100% White European Communist Parents...throw in some Islamic Idiocy and it is no wonder this Dolt is so Crazy about being an America Hater.

    It doesn't matter what the color of his is the content of a person's character, heart and soul that counts. Obama is sick and putrid on the inside when it comes to being a real American. I'll take an Allen West, Herman Cain or Alan Keys any day over the Liar, Fake, Fraud and Phony in the White House today. He has hurt ALL Americans with his constant Race Baiting and Phony sense of Race Indignation.

    Obama will NOT let the Racial Wound in America Heal. He makes it Fester. May God allow Obama to retire to his Pot Farm in Hawaii where he will do no more harm to our Great Republic. May God Bless America.

  • Edward


  • Dana Andrews

    Morgan Freeman is right. Just because racism is subtle does not mean that it does not exist. Whenever whites want to give a show of acceptance of all races, they will use an indian, mexican, etc., but never a black person. why is that? could it be because they know that no one has been treated worse than blacks, and that at the hands of white people? guilt? I do believe so.

  • kushibo

    I think the author this piece missed the point of the 2007 Time article he/she cites, which is quite critical of leftists' arguments about "blackness."

  • Robert

    The big question comes to mind is what would happen if a white person made the same statement. You have Sharpton, Jackson, and the whole herd playing the race card and screaming bigot. Dirty Diaper Head Obama has set many firsts not the least of which of being the first illegal president. Even if the man was legally eligible to run and be elected is highly unqualified for the job. He is obviously from the very beginning and totally out of his depth to perform the duties necessary to be a successful president.

    One would think that a president should be held to a higher standard of moral and ethical practices which obviously would negate 90% of all Democrats. A lot of Republicans are just as bad when it comes to these things. There is a solution to this problem and it's not really that difficult to understand but to implement would be almost impossible.

    To start with imposed term limits on all political offices, and secondly and just as importantly all federal employees should be required to pass at least classification confidential security clearance and all elected officials to possess at least a secret security clearance. And any breaches in that security should be treated as a criminal offense punishable by total loss of all benefits, being dismissed from the position, jail time, and total loss of all voting rights as an American citizen. If our president, his staff including Czars, and the Congress had to meet these clearance standards more than likely 70% would be eliminated almost instantaneously.

    As to the mixed race issue is not only half black and half white is at the very most half human and half dung heap.In total reality I could care less what color he is, what race he is, or anything else as long as he is an American first and places American interest above all else this is why I cannot and will not ever support this pretend president.

  • dondh

    Not only is he a black-white person, but his black side has no clue what his white side is doing or saying and vice versa! In otherwords, he hasn't a clue how to be a leader of the greatest country on the face of planet Earth. Only because of his lies and promises he knew from the beginning he couldn't fulfill! He is the biggest liar we've ever seen in the White House and should be REMOVED from that place NOW by either impeachment or treasonous reasons because by November, it may be too late! If that cannot happen, for sure he must be defeated at the voting booth in November by almost anybody from the Republican Party who would be 100 times better than this anti-American muslim!

  • msbetz

    Obama must be removed NOW before the end of this term, otherwise, precedent will have been set into law and Article 1 Section 2 or the US Constitution will be rendered null and void. Both parties have been trying to remove it or change it for years unsuccessfully and so they went for STEALTH to get an Un-American (traitor) in this position, a position "within" to destroy the last bastion of freedom on the planet. Obama MUST be removed NOW. America cannot wait for an election to remove a usurper, votes won't lend credibility, we're talking about a COUP D'ETAT here. REMOVE Obama now, before he removes us.
    The 25th. amendment section 4 was written to remove a sitting president. USE IT! America cannot wait for another election to heal the wrong that is Obama. And yeah, he's not black.

  • Saxondog

    Hypocrite?, but wait it's ok because it's a Black man saying it? Please I am so tired of this,how about the view of a European America,even an Anglo-Saxon American because I have a real hard time with being labelled using the pre-civil rights act of 1964 term white.

    A term I might add created by the Racist Legislation of the Democrat party from 1865 to 1964. Lets talk about the 100 years of Racist Democrat Legislation?

    And lets talk,write,speak and video this 100 years of racism by Democrats and how it continues after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by branding every American of any descent other than West African Slave as WHITE!

    I have not seen a single Government Form with the choices of European American or Anglo-Saxon. And it is the fault of the Conservatives that have allowed this ability for the establishment of Minority Legislation monopoly by Democrats to infect our Society.

    The very Party that for 100 years sought time and again to pass Legislation denying the Descendants of Slaves equal protection under the Law.

    WHO WAS JIM CROW? Certainly not a Republican,yet the Descendants of Slaves like Mr.Freeman often speak of the JIM CROW ERA,am era of DEMOCRAT CONTROL IN THE HOUSE,yet now the saviours of the Descendants of Slaves is heralded as the DEMOCRATS,.

    The very same party of racist laws,how did they become the saviours? What great deeds have they done to establish this concern for equal rights under the Law?

    Lets see,they have changed their name,how often have we heard the term "Democratics",are we stupid? Democrat singular,Democrats Plural.Not Democratics (even spell checker does not recognize the term) yet the Republicans allowed even this cheap use of the English Language to go un-challenged.

    If Mr.Freeman needs to be schooled in the History of Racism in North America he needs to search no further than the History if the Democrat Party..

    That is where it began,where it existed for 100+years,and where it survives today.

    Study History,and the first Civil Rights Legislation introduced by "Radical Republican"
    Charles Sumner (January 6, 1811 – March 11, 1874) was an American politician and senator from Massachusetts. An academic lawyer and a powerful orator, Sumner was the leader of the antislavery forces in Massachusetts and a leader of the Radical Republicans in the United States Senate during the American Civil War and Reconstruction, working to punish the ex-Confederates and guarantee equal rights to the Freedmen

    Free your mind with the facts,not the Media reports,understand our History to Understand who and how you are being Mislead. Mr.Freeman certainly could use a lesson in Republican History,and their fight for Civil Rights!

  • alnga

    Only a Hollywood elite could attempt to use this type of argument to defer the criticism of Barack Obama away from the black community. If I had done that I would be jumped on for being a Racist. Now Morgan is right and many blacks have expressed this opinion but not in the press. We had a shot with Herman Cain but the bigoted Democrats seen fit to ruin him without a shred of evidence..

  • lwareagle

    Why do we continue to constantly hear the term "African-American". As I understand it, you must have been born in Africa and later moved to America to fit that description. I doubt that very many people fit that definition, since most black people in the United States were born in the United States. That makes them Americans and if they do not like that term, maybe they should move to Africa where they could be called "Ameican-Africans". .

  • Mona

    finally someone agrees with what I have been saying his a half breed.....his a traitor a liar a markist, a communist.....and he is destroying this country. he is literally destroying this country if he gets re-elected we are all screwed....

  • KWNY

    Freeman is a philandering fool...but he's very much like el presidente...superb at reciting words that others have written for him.
    As for the title of this article, not only isn't Obama the first real black president, he's not even a real president.

  • Ronald

    Obama is a thing that has said he turned on his white side of the family [ his words] and would take up arms against white people in a race war [ his words] he is a low life piece of Crap and needs to go! But the funny part is, he is only in the white house because of Stupid,Guilt feeling and rich white people and brown Illegals! But what Obama is to stupid to notice, that all his strings are pulled by Rich White people! He was put through school by rich criminal white people too! Notice that at all of his Press Conferences white people around him out number the blacks two or three to one and he does not even seem to notice it! Obama is a stupip puppet and does not even know it! Oh, and Morgan Freeman has always been a Black Racist and the only white people he is friends with are rich, powerful whites, just like Oprah!

  • Don DeCamp

    Obama despises white people and has no regard for black people. He considers himself and MIchelle in a class by themselves, superior to everybody.

  • Donald York

    Halfrican? Mulatta? Mutt? Marxist for sure, and a lousy, illegal president.

  • Old Lady

    I am 91 years old and this is not the America I used to know.
    There is a fact of nature that if one plants "radish" seeds he is not going to harvest a carrot crop, no matter how much he cries, yells, fights, struggles, etc.
    The rough part of this law of nature is that it is a spiritual law as well -- we reap what we sow -- and we take our actions (seeds) with us when entering the hereafter. No one has ever been able to stay on earth forever. I know I do not want to go to hell.
    It takes 100 pennies to make a dollar and the lack of even ONE PENNY ruins the dollar.

  • WilliamSpires

    As black as he needs to be and like the democrats said during the 2008 campaign He's clean and doesn't speak in a black dialect unless he wants to, their words for their favorite untouchable candidate.

  • itkickin

    ?uC? This ! ! !
    You bet it's going to happen, they bet most of you have it, and a think tank; DECIDES.
    You bet it will happen for a price, (so do they) when it does, you continue to believe, you have faith in an agente that will disapeare, this agent will move up, but away from you. You are a principal, an issue of expense, you are the village idiot, you know this, yet people of educaton buy into you, then they realize; your goal; to end it all; to be the one; and then ( God willing,) you recognize, terms like speacial, informed, interesting, your sexy, I'm rich; and ideas begin to emerge; NONE OF THE IMMEDIATE: ANY GOOD.
    Today I broke their rules.
    I am;
    ultor-de deus-exercitus
    Know. Do not Decide.

  • Average Joe

    Ya right hes not A black He's A PIG!

  • Gary

    Half-black Half-white. Half-a**ed.
    Full-blown Alinsky socialist.
    Waaayyy past his 'use before' expiration date. Not suitable for re-cycling.

  • Mike

    Everyone should read Stanley Kurtz book "Radical-In-Chief" Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism

  • Mike

    He clearly is one of those conflicted half black persons. He had trouble growing up because he was half and half. This is why his personality is so warped. He could have chosen to be the peoples President and unite the country as he promised, but he instead chose to divide the country more. The country was not racist or he wouldn't have been elected. Now, people are so mad at what he has done,they just want him out of there since it is non-stop campaigning for a Progressive agenda and trying to ram his ideas of social justice down our throat.

  • Guest

    If this is what we get with a so-called half-black, may the Lord help us if a full-black is somehow elected in the future. Frankly, I'd say we've learned our lesson, or should have.

  • Ken

    Unfortunately Obama is a puppet, not a leader. He is being told what to do by his Wall St handlers.

  • Mary Berg

    Good heavens to Betsy----what in the world would a 'real' black president being doing to this country, then?! If that's the premise Freeman is setting up, then I guess we're lucky BO is a white Marxist rather than a black one.
    Truth-be-told, raging Marxists come in all colors, which we conservatives don't give a rat's behinder about---it's the color of their politics we abhor. BO's is all RED!

  • shamar

    wow. all these negative comments, let see if there is going to be someone much better, blacks always have been stgimarized and demoralize ever since this country began, so there is no difference now......

    • CommonSense

      GWBush hired more blacks for his White House and staff than any previous president ever had and that is a historical fact. Why aren't the blacks upset over being sold by the Black Muslims that sold them into slavery? My favorite historical figure is George Washington Carver, and you should model yourself after him!

  • eff

    socialism has no color. Muslim's are perhaps shades of grey.

  • howardfrombroward

    compare the pictures of junior and senior. the kenyan is father in name only. someone else is the "baby daddy."

  • Phyllis Jackson Boyse

    Yes he is not totally black - but then there are very few blacks in this country today that can trace their family back to Africa - let alone be totally black. Most blacks today have white in them because most white slave owners fathered children with black slaves. But his color is not a big deal with his being president and running for another term. He is a narcissistic moron that only cares about himself and no one else.

  • pebbles

    What a load of crap. Also, if BO had been any more left, we would be the iron curtain all over again.

  • T Lady

    This is why Progressives have 0 credibility with me. As the author of this column stated, they keep bringing up the issue of Race, picking at the scab and tearing people apart.

  • dave

    obama's mama was a pot smoking liberal left wing hippie! and there is some question of who his real father is! we used to call them bastards!

    • kushibo

      Just how many Black people do you think there were in eastern Honolulu in 1961?

  • Samuel

    Whatever he is has to be ended, if the nation is to survive as a free an independent Constitutional Republic. Romney will set us back on track to be the great nation we once were. No more UN control, no more ObamaCare, less government regulation, lower taxes, expanded oil and gas exploration, and approval of the Keystone Pieline to further reduce our dependence on Obama's brotherrs for oil.

  • JBRice

    Very few people care about skin color, except blacks. What people should care about is honesty, integrity, and doing the right thing. We have no one in the White House and very few in the Senate, and House of Representatives and judicial system who are honest, have integrity and who are certainly not going to do the right thing for anyone. Money and ego is the key to the people "inside the Beltway". What a terrible mess. Please come out and vote in November and let's see if we can start to change America.

  • J.Chapman

    In order to be a real black president, you'd have to be a real president.

    • CommonSense

      Yep, like Bill Clinton, "America's first Black president". Made Mrs Clinton...happy!

  • Val

    BLACK or WHITE, OBAMA is still a SNAKE. !

  • Tomtom

    Black or White.....He is a FRAUD!!!

  • capitalust

    Well, if Barack is not REALLY black, God help us if a REAL one "arises". The half-black one has destroyed America. Imagine what a "full black" (a "bad black"?) could do. Think about Sharpton in the oval office. But from my viewpoint, whether I drink a glass that is half milk and half cyanide, or one that is all cyanide, the result is going to be pretty much the same.

  • George Bernard Vieto

    I thought a person should be judged on the content of character not the color of their skin Morgan Freeman. Que pasa guy?

    • CommonSense

      He didn't say he agreed with Martin Luther King, jr., who was a Republican.

  • sfcpete

    The proper tem is mulatto - the mix of caucasian and negro races - unless one uses George Jefferson's defination "zebra".

  • sac

    bama his wife and those that surround him are the devils spawn, look into his eyes and her eyes you can see their soul and it is not a pretty sight

  • [email protected]

    He is a malato (spelling?). And freeman should stick to what he does best...act.
    Talk about a racist and from hollywood no less...........liberal haven.
    Some blacks just can't get off the plantation even though they have reaped the white man's support and live on a plantation of their own. Freeman that is.

  • David S. McQueen

    Regardless of Obama's race, he's still a died-in-the-wool Marxist. Obama believes government is the parent and the people are the children. Children should be seen and not heard, thinks Obama, so we (the people) shouldn't criticize Obama or his socialist friends. Any deviation is greeted with cries of "racism". That's just a smoke screen. Obama wants America to look like the USSR under Stalin.

  • aurora9

    Morgan Freeman sounds pretty racist himself!

  • dizdamduster

    He is what he is. He still doesnt deal with it. His rage lashes out to destroy all he sees good or bad. he is someone to avoid as he surrounds himself with malcontents and an army of "I want everything for free and that's what govt. is for." idlers and takers.

  • downs1

    So Morgan Freeman is a racist! Not surprising. It takes all kinds of people, and racist Blacks are among those who are going to bring down this nation. The height of hypocrisy all over again. They cry racism, but they really don't want the racism to stop, because if it did, they'd have no one to hate, no one to bait, and no one to blame for the failures of their own people! They would no longer be able to claim "victimhood"! I don't dislike Obama because he is half Black. I don't trust him because he is a proven liar, a deceiver, anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Israel. In a word, he is diabolical!

  • Moose

    Zebra, Socialist Pig, Communist Pig, Still a J-A-C-K-A-S-S. .

  • Alan Knabenbauer


  • CommonSense

    So the obvious question is, which half is white and which half is ...not white? there is a large group of 'black' actors who are into Liberation Theology,which teaches you are not a real black. I only care about a persons politics. If you are not a Constitution Loving patriot, you are trying to change the USA and you need to leave ASAP. Plane or box, either way.

  • Mark Eshelman

    morgan should fix his blackheaded, pockmarked face first then divide the nation!

  • R.Woodworth

    It is un-American to vote for Obama................ thus you are no longer an American. And you all are so afraid to tell us Americans who you are. But when we sit in the park and talk with you we know who you are............ so tonight we are getting you up for your choice, a drive dropoff at the border, OR a ride in a helicopter to the middle of Lake St. Clair. Who knows, we may just snag a Democrat with a big name that can't swim>>>

  • vietvet

    Don't matter, he's still an commie.
    And he's still black, one drop of black blood, or one black parent and he's black.
    Take a gallon of white paint, drop in one drop of black and you have gray. enough said

  • thismustend

    Morgan Freeman, an UBER RICH, PAMPERED, Hollywood DARLING who got all that CASH off of Norwegian, Belgium, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Croation, Spanish, French & many other light skinned movie goers.
    Isn't it LONG PAST TIME that blacks start being held responsible for THEIR RACISM? I am a 25 yo, Irish, Hungarian American. My great grandparents came from HUNGARY & IRELAND. NO ONE in my family owned slaves, few American families did, they were quite expensive, only the RICH could afford them.
    In my schools the blacks were PRIVILEGED, getting ALL the best parts in plays & musical performances & of course sports, even if they were not that good. They dated the cheerleaders, were all over the yearbooks & had the teachers fawning all over them, they were NEVER held to the same standard academically as the light skinned students.
    The ONLY RACISM I EVER SEE is that of blacks & Hispanics towards all light skinned races.

  • thismustend

    Morgan Freeman is a REAL black? Yeah, about as much as Will Smith, Danny Glover, Hallie Berry & Mariah Carey. I am SO SICK of PAMPERED, RICH, RACIST blacks beating the "my people" drum. Almost every race on the planet has experienced slavery & racism, look at the Jews! Thanks to "white" apologist teachers, media, Hollywood & politicians blacks have been allowed to be RACIST & VIOLENT with NO CONSEQUENCES. Blacks commit race driven crimes EVERY DAY yet the media not only doesn't report it they do everything in their power to cover it up. Ditto with the FBI & law enforcement. Try finding crime statistics on blacks, did you know that "white" Hispanic crime against blacks is labeled as "white" crime against blacks? Unfortunately "white" people, all light skinned races, have been so BRAINWASHED that they refuse to see the RAMPANT, OUT of CONTROL RACISM in the black community.

  • bmiller147

    Obama has intentionally played the race card in hopes of getting the black community behind him, he is playing a black man when he is a malloto that is in excess of 50% white as his mother is white and dominant genetically. The racist times that we here at home were subject to left us all feeling as if we personally were behind it and nothing was further from the truth, they who orchestrated this did so to make guilt work against us where assault could not deliver a blow. I will not be drug into this and did not allow it then. Obama is a liar and will pay for his deceit; nothing he's done is for the good of this country as he works to bring down the house we reside in.

  • stacy

    No it didn't turn out that way because just as Mr. DeMar pointed out, the liberals keep bringing it up! If you didn't vote for Obama, you must be a racist conservitive! I am SO sick of this, and how the Hollywood stars whom I used to admire for their acting ability (Morgan Freeman among many others) have turned us (the GOP) into a bunch of "haters", to use their venacular! But, you know, "That's just the way white folk will do ya." Gee, Mr. Morgan, now that YOUR POTUS is SUCKING (as from day one) suddenly it's his "whitey" heritage that is causing his mis judgement and stupidity! The whites, and by that I mean all the immagrants from all over the world who came to our country so many years ago for a better life, are now the ones who are being discriminated against. I'm also sick and tired of the blacks whinning about how their ancestors were treated so poorly by the "White Man" It was 200 years ago, get over it already! Our country has done more for blacks in the past 50 years than most have ever contributed. And, BTW, and I post this every chance I get, how many blacks know that tjhe FIRST SLAVE OWNER was a black man?. Do a search. It is 100% true. I was not raised racist and have never even had discrimatory feelings toward another simply b/c they were different from me (unless they were just plain mean, rude, A holes, no matter the race). But as I have always said, "Treat an honest man like a thief long enough and sooner or later he will steal from you!" Come on all you liberals, you're just begging for another race war! I have to stop before my head explodes! GOD HELP US ALL IN NOVEMBER!!

  • billwhit1357

    True, Obama is a Half Breed Sewer, not a real Black. He never experienced the Black life of being poor and making it on his own, he was handed everything his whole pathetic life. Our First Black President will be Congressman Allen West, a True Black man who WAS born in America, DID experience what it is like being brought up Black and Poor, DID Serve his Country Honorably, Is a Patriot, and will happily show all his Records! Allen West is everything Obama is NOT, which also includes being Honest and Loves America, two more things Obama is NOT! Remember America, in November, Vote for the Patriotic and Honest Mormon, NOT the Lying, Deceitful MORON!

  • Grace Nearing

    Does this mean Obama has to give back the trophy? :-)

  • nanblan

    Perhaps Obama should be referred to as White-Black or White-African American since the left took it upon itself to label George Zimmerman as White-Hispanic. Seems fair enough to me.

  • Robert Christopher Laity

    Obama is NOT a REAL President. Google "There is NO President Obama"

  • Franciszek

    Obama is against natural Law. Whoever is against natural order is against God.

  • SallyE

    Seems like everyone is distancing themselves from Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama, or whatever his name is.

  • Benjamin Marcoux


  • Dawn

    Tinged with green(as in envy) that President Obama isn't from slaves, Mr Freeman? No he may be our first mixed race president but he's 100% gimmee. Because he just loves money especially when it's not his. Maybe having a two race president was by design by whoever decided he should be the cover for whoever the real president is. George Soros is his name and he wanted someone who wouldn't ask questions and whose race appealed to everyone who might vote.

  • Carmelo Junior

    Obama is the closest thing to Black that have been in the White House as president. Stop the lame BS. Blacks will still support this man.

  • sovereintyofone

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.. shame on you saying he's not (all) black. If anyone admitted that he was half white then that would " shoot in the tail " anyone talking about him being a poor president as a racist. Or would that be a half racist?

  • Susan S

    Obama is 1/2 white (Irish) 1/4 black, 1/4 Arab. All of them are in his head fighting for supremecy ;-P

  • Tom Jonez

    You gotta hand it to the Demonrat Party and the Demoncrap media,..they've created perfect racists when 96% of the black community voted for Presidente' Borat Odunga solely because they see him as black. Even Odunga himself,..the racist he is,..sees himself as black when he filled out his U.S. Census form. Must be demonic influence to make so many blacks (including Eric the racist Holder), capable of only favoring the black half and hating the white half. They're the pits. Pitting one group of people against another. Divide and conquer is their game. Exactly what their spiritual boss, satan wanted them to do. Lots of proud judgmental intolerant hate in their black hearts.

    • kushibo

      Ninety-plus percent of Blacks vote for the Democratic candidate even when he/she is White, so that 96% figure means little if you're making the case that they're racist for voting for Obama.

  • Lewis Stewart

    It's not a matter of color,social level or economic statis it's the fact that he is a socialist and his plans are to ruin the United States and punish it and us for the sins he thinks in his mind that America is responsible for.

  • Ishmael_137

    Mixed race? I guess it's not halal to say half breed anymore. But what an ignorant thing to say in America where nearly everybody is either mixed race or mixed ancestry. Chalk it up to the usual black racism so virulent among people who cling tenaciously to their victimhood.

  • Lady Cherise

    Hes an idiot, almost 100% of all Black people in the United States have white blood from things that happened during the slavery period

  • kevin

    fore score and seven years ago our fore fathers founded on this continent a new nation, one founded in liberty and based on the proposition that all men are created equal. here is the question. if all men are truly equal why would there be any emphasis on race?
    I hold to this belief whole heartily which has lead to being turned down for jobs, suspension from school, not to mention the various derogatory and racist statements. you see I am the racist one because I have the audacity to say that regardless of your family history or the color of your skin, if you were born in america you are american and none of it matters.


    Racism is always brought up by those who are the real racists..caucasion, Black, asian, arab,and the beat goes on and on....Bet if Morgan looks closely to his ancestory he finds caucasion blood in his racism is turned on his racists self Just one man's opinion

  • RVSister the Politicalpundit

    He's been a horrible president! Who cares if he is black, white or purple!! If he was a good President no one would care!!

  • Jean Bailey

    When you have that much Arabic in you, you have no allegiance to the United States of America. God help this nation if we can't get him out of office. This country will become a dictatorship, which it appears that it already is.


    I would be a shame of him also.

  • Linda C. Dines

    The problems with him are many, yes he is the son of a white flower child nutjob and an African communist, I would say that he has much to overcome.

  • cosmos110

    AMEN ! ! !

    Here's the problem, Mitt Romney ain't one half rung up the ladder better than Obama. Always the lesser of two evils. Sound familiar?

    "It doesn't matter who wins the race, so long as you own all the Horses" ----David Rockefeller 1950

  • Homer

    LOOK "STUPID" Shut up about race! Here is what GOD said about race and what He said about what each should be....see Genesis 9:20-27 KJV This is fact, so...Obama etc has NO right to be in Office!!

    • kushibo

      So you're saying that Blacks are forever subservient slaves to others because of a self-serving and archaic interpretation of the Old Testament? Please, please, please do not tell others you are a Christian (if you think you are) because your racist views are a terrible witness.

  • Homer

    Oh I called the NAACP and asked them when they would be disbanding, they now had the spot that can no response...NONE!! TRUTH is, the race card is just a chump card! men don't want equity they want dominance, but they don't want to be dominated! See Genesis 9:20-27 KJV.....

  • margaretpaddock

    Seems like Morgan should stick with what he is good at - acting. Like most stars he seems to blab when it comes to politics. Theirs is a strange, make-believe world.

  • NOTaRacist

    WHO CARES?!!! I think Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice or Allen West would make a better President than this socialist, who is (temporarily) sitting in the White House. Can you say: "President Romney"? All together now.....

  • donl

    Obama cares about communism / socialism ONLY!! Who you are means nothing to him, unless you are a communist. Right now he is rigging the election system. Ever wonder who made the new voting machines? GEORGE SOROS now owns the company that makes them. Voter fraud will be greater than the last time. If obama wins it will be by fraud.

  • Jobs for Americans

    many of us wanted somethign better and fell for obama...he's turned out to be the worst racist, and doubtful a US citizen. A friend sent me an email to day that said "the problem is not where obama was born, but where he lives".
    many have learned the hard lessons that anyone can LIE and win an office....eventually they have to reveal their true nature...obama sure did and it wasn't pretty...he is anti Christ, anti Christian, anti USA and anti US Citizen.

    • kushibo

      Many of "us" fell for Obama"? I'm pretty sure few, if any, here voted for Obama. And I'm pretty sure most hated Obsma before he was even elected.

  • jminDallas

    Right, I don't care about the color of his skin. He hates this country and will destroy it if not stopped.

  • Richard Holmes

    So why don't we paint him with black and white strips to show what he really is.
    A black and white stripped jackass

  • CalPaul

    He is not a President at all.

  • MeryAnn

    Obama is the first black LOOKING President.
    He is 6.25% African Black. 43.75% Arab, and 50% white Irish.
    And for 31/2 years he has done nothing good. He is NOT the right person of the Job.

    Wake up America!

  • Yahoo

    What took you so long to figure out tha Mr. Obama was not black. I knew that in 2007. But now tha that so much damage has been done to our country caused by the news media and our congress, I don't know if it can ever be resolved. Congress pulls off many terrable happenings to our working people. Here is one. If you are in Congtress or the Senate your children can get free student loans. But us who sometimes struggle to meet our obligations are made to pay. So whoes side is congress on. The American people or the runaways from Kenya?