8 of Every 10 Doctors Thinking of Quitting Because of Obamacare

8 of Every 10 Doctors Thinking of Quitting Because of Obamacare

The Doctor Patient Medical Association conducted a survey of doctors across the country.  The survey took place from April 18 through May 22 of this year and was conducted on line and by fax.  Of the 30,000 fax numbers of doctors in active clinical practices, 16,227 doctors successfully received the faxed survey.  Of these, only 699 physicians completed the survey either by fax or going on line.

The results of those that responded indicated an overwhelming belief that Obamacare will be a complete disaster and that many of them are seriously considering leaving their medical practices because of it.  Here are some of the statistics gathered from the survey:

  • 90% say the medical system is on the WRONG TRACK
  • 83% say they are thinking about QUITTING
  • 61% say the system challenges their ETHICS
  • 85% say the patient-physician relationship is in a TAILSPIN
  • 65% say GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT is most to blame for current problems
  • 72% say individual insurance mandate will NOT result in improved access care
  • 49% say they will STOP accepting Medicaid patients
  • 74% say they will STOP ACCEPTING Medicare patients, or leave Medicare completely
  • 52% say they would rather treat some Medicaid/Medicare patient for FREE
  • 57% give the AMA a FAILING GRADE representing them
  • 1 out of 3 doctors is HESITANT to voice their opinion
  • 2 out of 3 say they are JUST SQUEAKING BY OR IN THE RED financially
  • 95% say private practice is losing out to CORPORATE MEDICINE
  • 80% say DOCTORS/MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS are most likely to help solve things
  • 70% say REDUCING GOVERNMENT would be single best fix.


When you combine all of the responses from the doctors that took time to fill out the survey, it says that they want the government out of medical profession and that Obamacare will not work.  Therefore, 83% say that they are thinking about quitting their medical practices.  They don’t want to be told by the government how to treat their patients and they don’t want to have to wade through mountains of paperwork the government will require.

Three quarters of them say that they will stop taking Medicaid patients because of Obamacare.  The program, supported by the U.S. Supreme Court calls for extending the number of people that will fall under Medicaid coverage, but if 3 of every 4 doctors quit accepting Medicaid patients, it won’t matter how much the coverage is extended as there won’t be any doctors to treat them.

It also shows that the majority of doctors in private practices are barely surviving financially and that they feel that under all of the demands and restrictions of Obamacare that there is no way for them to avoid losing money.  This is the reason so many of them are considering the option of walking away from their practices.

If this survey is any indication of what is coming with the implementation of Obamacare, it spells out the complete collapse of the medical industry in America.  The only places where anyone will be able to receive treatment will be in corporate medical facilities, which means longer waiting to get in to see the doctor and longer waiting for any testing, surgeries and or other procedures.

Chances are you will never see the same doctor twice which means that none of them will be familiar with your health and any medical conditions.  This impersonal form of medicine increases the likelihood of missed diagnosis, wrong treatments, wrong prescriptions, and more malpractice issues.  We will no longer be patients with names and real lives as we’ll just be a number to the government run doctors.

The saddest and most discouraging aspect of this survey is that even if you shoved it in the face of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, it wouldn’t change their minds on anything.  With those two continually telling lies about what Obamacare really is, the truth won’t matter to them until it becomes history, and even then they’ll blame others and point their fingers at someone else.  Unless we can get a Republican president and Senate in November’s election, the medical world in America will collapse and take the nation down with it.



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-White/1693555099 James White

    As one of those physicians who has already gotten out of practice because of the reasons stated here, I applaud your reporting of the truth. Most of those physicians are serious about giving up the sacred practice of medicine, even if it is only the "second oldest profession."

  • Screeminmeeme

    Unfortunately, we don't get a very good picture from this survey because there were so few respondents. However, I've conducted my own ridiculously unscientific survey (being a retiree from the medical field) by asking many of my doctor friends and my own flock of doctors what they think about it, and they ALL hate Obamacare and believe it will destroy the entire medical system.

    They were hoping that the Supremes would throw it out, but now that Chief Roberts handed Obama a major victory and given the green light for this bill to go full steam ahead, they are now making alternative plans for their future. They are saddened because, having invested time, sweat, money and tears in preparation for their chosen vocation, they are now forced to change the direction of their lives.

    They want it gone...or they will go.

    Did you know that Obamacare only allows 6 minutes for the doctor to see you....to gather your history and immediate complaints, do an examination, and then prescribe tests and/or treatment! Six minutes. It's microwave medicine.

    BTW: There is not only a nursing shortage but there will be doctor shortage also. HOW has Obamacare planned for this? People will be hired and trained for 2 weeks (less than a nurse's aide's training) to screen you by following an algorithm, which eventually leads to someone who will examine you and prescribe medicine....likely not a doctor but a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant (tho there will be few physicians to assist).

    Seeking treatment from the old herb-woman who lives in the woods with her 50 cats and various recovering living things ...who prescribes ground up root poutices, and foliage and seeds for treatment...might be a better option.

    In other words, many unqualified, abysmally substandard and untrained people will be practicing medicine on you and me. This is a disaster in the making.

    • http://twitter.com/BradNova Brad Nova

      Here is a link to the law. Could you please show me where it limits the amount of time a doctor can spend with a patient?


      • John Mohr

        It's in the Medicare rules and regs of DHHS, not in the House Bill.

    • Washington22

      6 minutes? Are you kidding me? There are actually time limits for Dr./patient relationships?

      • Screeminmeeme

        Washington22....True. On FoxNews last week, Drs Siegal and (I think) Zammadi, were on to talk about it. Siegal said that he intends to spend more time with his patients regardless of the constraints of Obamacare. He said that given the increased numbers of people now insured and the reduced number of doctors to see them, that there was going to be a time crunch just to work everyone in.

        A family member went to see his specialist...a guy who before this spent at least 15 -20 minutes discussing his ongoing condition. But this time he was in and out of the office in less than 5 minutes! The family member was sort of stunned by it. When he mentioned to the receptionist that the doctor seemed to be in a rush, she said somewhat apologetically that there were going to be alot of changes because of what is going on in health care. That famiily member is 70 years old.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ENB63ODGUC7YAF5EKZLEAWIAE Mary

    Many doctor's oppose abortion because it's against the hippocratic oath. So they won't perform abortions. Denial of health care to the 70-75+ yr. olds takes it to a whole new level of euthanasia and a lot of doctor's would feel uneasy about telling folks rather than give your mother chemo we're putting her to sleep because she is no longer a useful tax paying citizen but a liability.

    On top of that doctor's would have to work for peanuts and it wouldn't be worth it versus the time and money of several yrs. of education.
    States are now cutting medicaid and this week I had to pay for my mother to pull her tooth because state no longer covers dental for elderly unless you use welfare clinic.

    Just like in Europe & Canada folks may have to wait 5 yrs. or more for needed surgeries.
    Because you get put on a list. I had a girlfriend in the UK that got skin cancer all over her face and flew here to the US to be treated because they wanted her to wait months for appointment as which time this may have proved deadly.

    As a result many Canadians & Brits go to India & South America for affordable surgeries if they can't get them right away on national health.

    • yadontwannaknow

      I take it that everybody in America is going to die because of red tape ....the only recepiants of free health care up til reacently are the illegal immigrants ..lol

      • Deb

        I agree with you, but I'm not laughing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O7HTIWA2VLLFEEJPN653KTSM54 samuel

    Very good survey,Lets minimumize the FEDERAL GOV and return to STATES RIGHTS! WOWSA!!!!!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4PSRRLPLOEC3WGMVX5Z3ZVJXA Kem

      I'm in Oregon and our Gov. applied and got a waiver. He is a doctor and though I didn't vote for him I'm hoping he does a better job than Obamacare will. Either way my doctors say they aren't going to take any new patients.

  • PMDavis

    I am not surprised at this survey. Why should good doctor's stay when the government will be telling them what to do and what not to do? Obamacare is nothing but a takeover of not only our medical freedoms but our freedoms in general. We were definitely betrayed by Justice Roberts when he sided with Obama and kept this horrendous plan in play. Those that are for Obamacare are only seeing the freebies they are getting right now but they have yet to realize or see the complete disaster that is heading our way. We have got to get Obama out of the White House and pray that Romney will do the right thing and repeal this healthcare plan and also all the regulations that Obama has put into place.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FYNIGOOKMG2O3CGTDYN42HAGWU Victoria

    The vast majority of the American citizenry made it clear that we wanted our elected representatives to KILL THE BILL, first when it was proposed as Hillarycare and now when the reincarnation appeared as Obamacare, This time around, practically 75% of the electorate weighed in to tell them we did NOT want that bill passed, yet Obama got HIS way like some sort of banana republic dictator. Why didn't our Congress and Supreme Court step in to validate the expressed will of We the People? It should be obvious to all but the most intellectually challenged that this coming electoral cycle is our one and only chance to get that bill stopped before it becomes a real threat to us all - so prepare to head out to VOTE REPUBLICAN this November, to the saving of the American way of life!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Fryer/100000156546455 Carol Fryer

    Hey, maybe this is what we need. All doctors quit and wait till after the elections, and when the bill is killed, then they can go back to work. Without the insurance companies, without the health care bill, without the government, just doctor patient relationships once more. And if you dont pay your bill or at least have something worked out with the doctor, you dont get in. The loveable governmet....(being sarcastic) can set up their own clinics. But I even hesitate there because that would turn back into the monster we see now under the guise of helping people. Why cant they just leave people alone. People used to be so charitable before government started playing God. I dont even like how much power insurance companies had before, but this gives them massive new money and they simply wont have to give anything to you for it. They cant. Too many people and not enough doctors.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4PSRRLPLOEC3WGMVX5Z3ZVJXA Kem

      The local county took over a beautiful building my doctor used to work in. You should see it now, it's in shambles, weeds growing everywhere. This same county just released about 300 violent inmates to the street before serving their time because the voters squashed a bond for giving them more money. All levels of government are holding people hostage and do as they please with or without our consent.

  • Carlos

    My doctor of 20 years has already given me notice, that I should be looking for a new dr.
    He has been offered a generous stipend and relocation expenses, to move to another country. Other nations, in need of quality medical professionals and seeing the coming crisis here, have already started the bidding war. A friend of mind is married to a surgeon. they just got back from Nicaraqua. They are really considering a move, as it won't cost them a dime.

    • Deb

      You're absolutely correct. I know of many doctors who have already either quit, or are in the process of closing down their practices, leaving clinics, leaving hospitals, and some even leaving the country; including going to Canada and Great Britain where their citizens already have the health care system Obamacare is taking the U.S. These countries need doctors and they know the U.S. doctors are some of the best in the world, so they'd be fools not to accept them.
      In the meantime, the fools in this country will need to become extremely sick, or have a serious accident, and experience a good long wait for medical attention, before they'll finally believe the truth of what Obamacare truly is. If that's what it takes, God help those of us who see the light of day now, and don't need to walk through the tunnel first. The blind Obamabats can TRY cutting in my line when they need their pills, treatment, or the doctor's signature on their disibility forms, but they'll only try it once!

      • dee

        My family doctor has already quit. It took me a long time to find someone that I connected with and took time to listen to me. Now what? Travel 45 minutes to town to the clinic where I spend the rest of my day for a 5 minute visit?!
        Welcome to population control.

  • certainlytruth

    Under RomneyCare, Romney signed in to
    law $50.00 tax payer funded co-pays for abortions on demand. Romney is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    I found the documented facts in the
    book “CAN MITT ROMNEY SERVE TWO MASTERS?” about his entire liberal record. Can’t
    believe a word Romney says.

    • NM Leon

      Ah..another stealth Obama supporter.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4PSRRLPLOEC3WGMVX5Z3ZVJXA Kem

        Why is that stealth to tell the truth about Romney?? If this is true then it's true. Just because someone says what you don't want to hear makes you like a liberal doesn't it? I'm a very conservative repub and I don't like or trust Romney, does that make me a bad person?

    • nightlady13

      Is it not possible for someone to have a change of heart and change your mind? At one time I was pro - choice. Then I felt my first born inside of me and it changed me forever. Abortion is murder and I don't want to pay for someone to murder a child.
      After all, Obama was a pothead in high school, but no one holds that against him now. Life goes on, you mature, you can change in many ways.

      • Deb

        I'm so grateful you now realize the truth of abortion. It's amazing how many moms-to-be don't see that it's murder until they feel the life of their own child within them. You are answered prayer, and I thank God for you.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4PSRRLPLOEC3WGMVX5Z3ZVJXA Kem

      Where did you get your info at? I'd like to know if this is true.

  • samatman

    That was a very localized and selective survey taken in a rich areas of the Country. The AMA who represent some 100,000 MD's and DO's has fully endoresed Obamacare, just like they fully endorsed the successfull Romney care in Mass.

  • yadontwannaknow

    The "impersonal system your just described in your article IS precicly what is ALREADY in place !!! .....

  • http://twitter.com/BradNova Brad Nova

    The American Medical Association, the American College of Physicians,
    the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American College of
    Surgeons, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Congress of
    Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Society of
    Anesthesiologists, the American Osteopathic Association, the American
    Psychiatric Association, and the American College of Cardiology all endorsed Obamacare . These groups represent hundreds of thousands
    of physicians across a wide range of medical sub-specialties.

    A key reason for these endorsements was the widespread recognition
    that our current health care system works poorly from the perspective of
    both physicians and patients – and the understanding that the new law
    was an important step in building a more effective health care system.

    • a believer

      I agree with Brad. After almost 39 years with the National Institutes of health, I developed friendships with thousands of physicians. My informal poll showed upwards of 75% were in favor of tha Affordable Care Act. In addition, I have talked to the Presidents of dozens of hospitals. The support was amazing. Clearly, in my experience, this Act is a great idea.

      • antonioandy

        The "Affordable" Health Care Act that is Unaffordable. The Tax that is "Not a Tax". Yep, it all makes sense to me.

      • Givendoly

        Hmmmm, must be rotten Doctors that can't hold on to good patients .

    • 1ofthemany

      I would suggest brad and believer get on it and PAY it forward since it is soooo good, all we needed in the first place was competition nationally not insurance cos' being state shackled and this would create a good healthy competition level ground and then one other little kicker ... did ya ever think of INSURANCE COMPANY REFORM. period not so hard to get the noodle around, if you got a work out of the box noodle in ya.

  • http://www.facebook.com/frank.wacaser Frank Wacaser

    My friends, Glenn Beck told us 4 years ago on what Ob has in mind. This is part of his plan to turn this country upside down. If we don't keep a cool head our way of life will change. Ob has got to go.!

    • Washington22

      Glen Beck......one of the most astute men or our time. He is truly heaven sent.......

  • http://www.psychiclotto.org/ psychiclotto_org

    We will soon have a medical industry equal to that of Cuba, and an economy to match.
    Michael Moore must be feeling good right about now.



  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ISEDY4VKD7SZQCG37PCOKE2E5E alfred m

    699 physicians is not a reliable sample, but I retired in 2003 at age 58.75 - took lots of world class education and experience off the board.

    Never sued nor named, but an expert witness who helped wipe out trial lawyers in Texas.

    I could not be happier!

    ret expat MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR and 45 years in medicine.

  • dwtjst

    I live in a small town of about 10,000. I don't know of any doctor in the area who will take a new medicare patient because of Obamacare!

  • Blair

    That ain't good.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/K7PXPOYEGPIS4PUFM5OBDSOESY Lost respect

    You know maybe this is a good policy for the ones that put their names on the vote lets give them what they want the congressman and woman and the senate men and women the supreme court judges that liked it they can have their own. The rest of us will make a comprehensive affordable fair policy. Can we say Amen!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ENB63ODGUC7YAF5EKZLEAWIAE Mary

      The DC rat bastards would never endorse a policy like this for themselves. On top of that when they retire they got the best policies for themselves money can buy.
      On top of that with their cushy salaries they could pay their way for surgeries the average American could never afford.

  • antonioandy

    Ha! No surprise. I recently attended a conference (Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians)-- there were over 200 attendees and most of the docs were in their 30's and 40's. I am in my 50's and I am getting out of health care.

  • Gringo Infidel

    Good law or bad law - it does not matter because it will cost 1 Trillion dollars - we cannot afford this and it will die - either legally or via nullification.

  • Mike

    I am a pediatric neurologist. I know what will happen soon. Soon you will need to wait 8 mo to see specialist, or pay cash to see him right away after he is done with his day job in the clinic. Many will not be able to afford it, but 8 mo wait maybe too late to save someone's life. There is no free medicine, you either pay with your money or your health.

    • emiarmstrong

      Don't forget to add pay with your taxes

    • Doodlebug

      Told you so! We've been hearing the doctors telling this since this disastorous bill claiming to be helping all of us was passed. The real sad thing to me is that all this information is STILL falling on deaf ears. Woe to us the American people. And, I cannot and do not blame the doctors.

  • emiarmstrong

    you forgot to mention that of all those that received the survey, it would seem that only 4% responded. Can that give you a valid conclusion??

  • deeme

    My doctor has a new sign in his window , no insurance , no problem, 75 dollars..I guess he foresees the future and it's not pretty..He said it was already trouble to find office help that can figure out the mountain of paperwork and problems created by medicare and insurance and now it will just be impossible , never mind having any kind of relationship with your patient, while trying to do whatever a third party is telling you to do..First do no harm will become impossible. A lot of employers here are getting out of insurance altogether..the number for the uninsured before Ocare and after will be bigger not smaller , that's what they do destroy whatever is in their path.But they hope for that because they want single payer. The majority rules doesn't even matter anymore..we vote on things like DOMA and not wanting this darn bill so what do they do, what lawyers do..find loopholes..Hello we the people need help...

  • barto

    We have a Witch Doctor in the WH, what did you expect?

  • Mike

    Doctors will always have friends doctors who will see them and family members right away. They will be giving them sample medications from their own stash and go out of the way to fight for the necessary tests or therapy for them. I really feel sorry the rest of the people who do not have close friends or relatives being a doctors. I will assume that is a vast majority of the population. Thank Obma for this nice turn in your life. It will take years to reverse this effect so most likely we will not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4PSRRLPLOEC3WGMVX5Z3ZVJXA Kem

    Obama will make them comply by taxing them somehow or putting them in jail if they don't comply. Surely they don't think they're going to be free to decide who they treat. I spoke with my primary care giver and gyn, both said it's going to make things worse and they won't be accepting any new patients because they're already stretched as it is. These docs are both liberal politically in Eugene, Oregon so that says a lot to this conservative.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Cajka/100002493079939 Paul Cajka

    There is a small provision in Obamacare that may keep many doctors practicing ANYWAY. The Public Health Service is setting up a Ready Reserve component of indefinite size which will probably take in/draft a lot of doctors leaving private practice.

  • martin fee

    my wife suffered a brain aneurysm and sees specialists for it has lost 2 of her 4 doctors already. 1 more is thinking of closing and her last has switched to a cash only private practice accepting NO TYPE OF INSURANCR.
    I wrote King Obama about it but have yet to hear back from him

  • martin fee

    a simple choice. a semi liberal Mitt who has actually worked for a living. Or a communist Obama who has never worked a day in his life

  • Malcolm

    Actually, you don't need a holocaust for population control. By not providing medicare and medicaid, people die. Law of supply and demand: no old folks to need services, the budget gets balanced for entitlements as younger folks feed money into something they won't use, eventually. Similar rationale regarding killing babies via abortion: less demand on the system. More money for liberal social engineering, dependance upon government. The problem with that is a nation loses its humanity through the process.

    This is a critical election. It is about the economy, freedom, and much, much more. It is mostly about an ideal where a nation chooses to put God first and a man whose understandings of servanthood support the ideals foundational of this Republic. I don't see that in the character of the current occupant of the White House. I've had a number of mentors in my life all of whom have said that if you can be faithful in the little things, you can be faithful and trusted in big things; that it is the small stuff that is revealing of the true heart. Too much has been revealed in the last four years to offer thoughtful individuals with cause for pause.

  • Victoria Jenkins

    The problem with this, to me, is that it takes a certain type of person to respond to chain mail (which this was, or at least looked like), and that can feasibly skew the results.