Obama Outsourced Jobs to Brazil and To Millions of Illegal Aliens

President Barack Obama is hammering rival Mitt Romney on his supposed jobs outsourcing at Bain Capital.  Regardless if Mitt Romney was still CEO of Bain during his leave of absence from 1999 to 2002 when Bain began outsourcing jobs, let’s look at Obama’s record while he was CEO of the United States of America.

Back in January it was reported that the Obama controlled Pentagon awarded a contract to Sierra Nevada Corp. who in turn will work closely with Embraer, a Brazilian company, to produce a light attack aircraft for the U.S. military.  The contract is worth $345 million dollars and would have provided work for 1,400 American workers, most of which would have been union workers, but since it appears that Embraer will be doing most of the work on the aircraft, those jobs will be leaving the country.

Hawker Beechcraft Corp., a Kansas based company has reportedly filed suit, forcing the Air Force to stop all work on the aircraft.  Their suit claims that their company was blocked from presenting a bid for the contract and therefore the awarding of the contract was unfair.  They also claim that their AT-6 aircraft performed better than the Brazilian made counterpart and that it was more popular with the pilots that tested the planes.

Last year, under White House direction, U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis signed an agreement with six Latin American countries to help protect the rights of migrant workers in the U.S. The agreement included the education and protection of illegal immigrants from Mexico and other Central American countries.

Then in his latest action to keep jobs from American citizens, President Obama announced in June that he was using an executive order to allow nearly one million illegal aliens to remain and WORK in the U.S.  This executive order had nothing to do with immigration or ethics, but everything to do with trying to win the Hispanic vote in November, and yes, this includes having thousands, if not millions of illegals voting.

President Barack Obama cares nothing about American jobs and his actions to date say so.  He also promised to create five million green jobs and we have seen the failure of that promise big time and at a huge cost to taxpayers.  If you listen to Obama and his administration, they claim that there are currently three million green jobs in the U.S., but don’t believe it.  They classify garbage collectors, steel workers, nuclear power workers, school and employee bus transportation and so on as green jobs.

The bottom line is that Obama’s record as CEO of the U.S. includes outsourcing jobs overseas, giving millions of jobs to illegal aliens and spending billions of dollars on failed green job programs.  And he has the audacity to point a finger at Mitt Romney?  I wish the Romney campaign would make a campaign ad based on this information and blast it across the nation.  Then let’s see how the American public will react.



  • billwhit1357

    Obama may not be much in the area of leadership or running a county, such an Amatuer, but he is a professional when it comes to Lies, Deceit, and being the Con Man.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sandy-Pfaff/1049761261 Sandy Pfaff

      True statement.....

    • duif100

      I am sorry to disagree with you.
      An accomplished liar does not get caught in his own lies. Certainly not twice a day on the average.
      The main stream press does not report fairly what happens and protects Obama.
      That is why the impact of his lies appears to be so minor. I blame the MSM more than anything else for the rise of Obama.
      We have to place a lot more emphasis on the failure of the MSM press.

      • Anne Caston

        The main stream press is a really in denial force and it is telling people how to vote. They don't tell you like it really is and they should be called on it. I don't know how any American can't see what this jerk is doing.Its unbelievable.

    • Geneinashfork

      If I were Romney I would say I will submit a year more of my tax returns for every one of your college records and passport, especially the one you went to Indonesia on.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Obama wants to be the CEO of the world. As such, he holds no loyalty for any nation....especially not for America.

    These kinds of facts need to be published in every newspaper/magazine in the form of full page ads, and broadcast over and over on cable/internet to counter his attacks on Romney. Not that most blacks and his other blind followers will ever change their minds.....but libertarians and fence-sitters might.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ENB63ODGUC7YAF5EKZLEAWIAE Mary

    Our American minorities should be up in arms he is giving amnesty to 800,000 illegal immigrants. Which is really a lie. The fact remains he's giving amnesty to every single one of them from 11,000,000-25,000,000 or whatever the true figure is. Because he's not going to send the parents and extended families of the 800,000 over the border.
    These are jobs Americans would be holding and contributes to the high American unemployment rate. Americans should come first. This is a prime example that king obama would do anything to get reelected. Including selling his soul to the devil.
    Yet the black folks will still give their vote to him on account of skin color. But he's really against the black community, because his marxist ideologies clash with the black christian way of life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robertearl.green Robert Earl Green

    i can't bid against them it's impossible,i tried to keep up by laying off people and working twice as much but figured i made about 10 bucks an hour not worth it anymore big o wil give me welfare and food stamps why work.

    • duif100

      Now you are doing exactly what he wants you to do.
      You should ask Obama for a raise.
      One more dependent on the government.
      Millions to follow!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roscoe-Bonnifitucci/100000459519027 Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Obama is a World Class Liar. When is the Liberal Main Stream Media going to call him out on his Lies?

    • Screeminmeeme

      When hell freezes over.

    • kj

      the main stream media will never call him out, they have been brought and paid for and no longer a place to get unbiased info. They are good for the weather and local stories but beyond that you can't believe anything they tell you.

    • duif100

      Never because that will make it clear they are complicits in Obama's crimes against Americans.

  • tncdel

    Obama not only outsourced millions of jobs to Brazil, China, etc. but also outsourced millions more jobs RIGHT UNDER OUR VERY NOSES.

    Over a million work permits to ILLEGAL ALIENS. Plus over 3 million work visas issued to foreigners since he took office. See:

    • Mike

      He did manage to create some jobs by handing Brazil $2Billion for offshore drilling so his buddy Soros could benefit since Soros controls that company.

      • duif100

        He had to do that. It is Bush's fault.

    • Anne Caston

      Prove it!

  • Lew

    I wish the Romney campaign would make a campaign ad based on this information and blast it across the nation. Then let’s see how the American public will react.

    IF Romney really wants to win,He would do just that! IF HE WANTS TO WIN THAT IS!

    • Doodlebug

      i had a call from the Romney campaign looking for money of course, and I told them that they had to light a fire under Romney. They said that I was not the first one to say this so hopefully, he WANTS TO WIN and will get his dander up and start telling it like it is and fight back. If not, were stuck with obummer for another four years and that brings the ruination of America.

    • Navy Vet

      I agree. Romney can't play nice--nice with a Chicago thug. If he expects to win, he will have to TAKE THE GLOVES OFF.

  • colleenf

    Just a few more inconvenient truths that the libs/demwits/socialists who idolize the odumbo idiot cannot and will not admit to, much less talk about!

  • ste1021

    Romney should be out there every day, shouting these things from the rooftops. Instead, he makes some whimpy comment that would make McCain proud. Didn't expect this: if he keeps it up he's going to lose BIG!

  • doug63

    odumbmao gave general motors billions in subsidies. NOw GM builds 70% of its products in china. This is from the mouth of the CEO of GM to an audience in china. Try and find something in wal mart that is NOT made in china. I was in an American hardware store and actually found all of what I looked at made in USA???? Even American Flags. I was happy and proud. I found American Flags in BJ's (made in china).

  • http://www.facebook.com/rwyatthaines Raeman Haines

    I hope those that voted for this buffon are happy . His plan and " Scheme of his Alleged Father " is to turn us into a Communist Nation with himself as Commisar . Short of that , he would like to turn America into a 3rd world country .

  • Guest

    Hawker Beechcraft Corp now facing bankruptcy and selling to Chinese firm.


  • TooToo

    Mitt needs to grow a pair and come out swinging at bho. bho is dog-doo pretending to be squeaky-clean. NOT!!!

  • huddy


  • DeMenace

    They already have, but when CNN reporters blast Obama they are immediately fired!
    I admire Romney for not attacking Obama, and what he is going to do to get the country moving forward, all Obama is doing is attacking Romney, because we all know Obama's true goal to hand the U.S. to his Muslim Brotherhood, fulfilling Bible prophecy, "All Nations will rise against my people" then GOD will show his mighty hand, and I for one do not want to be in GOD's CROSS HAIRS, because look at the cities and empires GOD has destroyed
    throughout the BIBLE, and now 26 states under severe drought conditions! God is forgiving to a point, then he sends out his wrath!
    Boycott FOX for creating Hispanic Fox channel, I will no longer watch any more Fox channels, including sports. I am to switching to the AFC channel on Sundays, catch up with my team via the internet!

  • Ole geezer

    I think those 5 million green jobs he promised are 5 million illegals doing yard work!

  • samtman

    THis is DOD decision, there are other consideratons involved. Brazil buys one billion Dollars worth of Amercian made arms. This deal is a lot more complicated than Obama outsources jobs. Small minds can not grasp internationl trade. Five million green jobs in 10 ten years were promised if TP Congress passes the bills. These ar legal temporary farm workers who pick our vegetable and fruits, The Florida citrus fruit industry would go broke with out them. Talk to farmers in Gergia who can not harvest their crops because there are not enough professional vegetebal and fruit prickers being allowed in by the Governor. These crops are dying in the fields and rasing prices of table food in the US. Your wondering why Amrlicans are not taking these jobs , with some payin as much as $25.00 per hour. Because its very hard work in the hot sun. They trided to use our people, but they could not last more than a few days or the most a week in the fields. Professional temporary farms workers are used to these kinds of conditions and are very productive hour after hour in these kinds of conditions. Lets all of us start thinking with our heads instead of our poletics.

    • Edward53

      You should start thinking with your head and learn how to spell, samturdman. If that's the reason why the DOD (ran by the Obama Administration) is outsourcing jobs then why is Obama blaming it on Mitt Romney? That kind of makes Obama a hypocrite, doesn't it? Everything Obama does is political. He's not out to do anything worthwhile for Americans, he's just doing it for political gain. And $5 Million green jobs were "promised" in 10 years? What were some of Obama's other promises that he made, but didn't keep? American's don't trust him anymore because he is a liar.

  • DeMenace

    Does anybody remember the movie "The Soldier" with Ken Wahl how the CIA worked with the Mossad, Israeli counter intelligence! The first scene happens in Washington, D.C., I' m waiting for Nobama to back stab Israel, then will see what happens!

  • DeMenace

    Americans will be up in arms if Nobama gerts re-elected, up in arms to the teeth!
    Get your guns and ammo now because after Nov. 4th all guns will be outlawed, except for Muslims and terrorists, ie. FAST and FURIOUS!

  • Wildmann

    OBAMA is the King of Out-Sourcing !!Nothing will Stop the Endless Obama-Bot B/S, in the Media, Until-- 'SOMETHING'--- start Happening to Those Spinning It.. Like to the NBC Jassacks Exec. who incited Riots with his" Creative Editing" of the "Saint--TRAVON MARTIN" 'Martyrdom' Using a Cherubic OLD 6th grade photo of a Then 18 yr. old Banger,and Coining the Term "WHITE" [ hispanic]! There Are No' white Hispanics' on this Continent, Unless they Came Here From SPAIN Recently!! Wanta FIGHT??, call a Mexican, Venezuelan, Columbian Peruvian or Nicarauguan WHITE.Most Hispanics will consider this an INSULT. Ask one. This Reporting was calculated to cause Hate and Dissention. It Did. Everything on the Lame "Stream/Drive By Media" is Planned to ADVANCE the Dem/Comm AGENDA and their Little Tin God, Barak H. Obama, Intnl. Man???]of Mystery.

  • baryoboy

    thats what he calls change

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Love/100001263602759 David Love

    do it Mitt !

  • DeMenace

    If Obama gets re-elected here are some business signs you can use:
    Closed - I took my money, Nobama can have my employees!
    Closed - I outsourced via the internet!
    Closed - I moved my business North, South, East, or West (anywhere but in the U.S.)
    Temporarily Closing - employees being replaced by robots!
    Temporarily Closing - employees being replaced by fully automated system!
    Temporarily Closing - until 2016, permanently if same conditions continue!
    Business For Sale - can not afford Nobamanomics!
    Please Be Patient - Due to Nobamanomics we downsized your order will be filled soon!
    Please Be Patient - Due to Nobamanomics we had to downsize, orders will be ready in 1-2 months, rush orders please contact China - Ralph Lauren did!
    Closed - Due to Nobamanomics!
    Please your business is our business - come in get the parts you need and the manuals to build your product yourself, saving labor costs. Parts are only under warranty if you correctly assemble the item! If you have questions contact the web-site, someone in India, China, Phiilipines, Mexico, and /or any country we have live associates! Still have problems contact your president, ask him what to do!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sandy-Pfaff/1049761261 Sandy Pfaff

    Are you kidding me he gave permits to brazil to pump out USA oil in the Gulf...he not only outsources our jobs...... he also gives away our resources...what a thug!!!!!!

  • HiTekRescu3

    It would seem that an ad depicting this claim be promulgated to offset the Obama's ad claims would be beneficial. But in reality all that will do is liken Romney's campaign to two kids in the playground yelling at each other. I believe that Romney's energies should remain focused on promoting strong plans on his platform to reform the many economic and judiciary issues. What he needs to do is demonstrate that he is a strong leader, not someone that can be rattled by distractions that have little meaning. I have seen a trend lately of the media slightly swinging around to defend Romney's past associations with Bain and derailing the Obama ads as untrue. Whether this is a good sign still remains to be seen but may have promise that some are beginning to see the light!

  • Tomtom

    The biggest single reason there are NO jobs and the economy is in a depression.........
    Barack Hussein Obama !!!!!!

  • Bobk90

    Brazilians build the Engines for the MRAP's as well. Remember this folks: Brazil is also in tight with the Chinese!! Brazil is building a 2 Mile Long just for the Chinese to use, that's allot of ships that will dock there! China is also the Major Buyer of Brazilian 'Iron Ore' to make steel for their Navy which is now showing their stength in the South China sea! In fact, the Chinese said the other day that the Maylasia & Philipines belong to China!!!

  • FireMall

    Myself , as well as millions of other U.S. "Citizens" know and have known since 2008 that Obama is the epitome of the Enemy Within.

    So any further discussion would be like trying to convince Obama lovers that they been booed Screwed & Tattoo'd.

    However, Romney's absolute reluctance in countering all of Obama's lying azzed campaign BS is worrying me nearly as much as Obama getting reelected.

    Romney has yet to address Obama's Outsourcing of Jobs aka Tax dollars , to every enemy nation America has ever had .

    I have a gut feeling Romney is just another for the Show candidate Just as McCain was in 2008. McCain made little to no effort to win the election and it seems Romney is also a Front man for the U.N. masters of Obama & Socialism..
    The lesser of the 2 evils is still evil , which means "We The People" are SOL.

    Even Obama Motors [GM} has moved the Buick production line to ---yep--China. .
    So everyone needs to rush out and buy a Chinese Burrack.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BEKQKDHQCDR7CNBD46XHTJWT4Q James

    How about those goverment sponsored commercials in Spanish that are telling illegal Aliens that they are eligible for the S N A P [aka Food Stamps] program. When they sign up, they are also required to fill out a voter registration card.

  • Tomtom

    Why won't the liberal news media cover this outrage ?????

    • duif100

      Because the liberal media (or Main Stream Press) is an extension of the Whitehouse publicity office.
      They work just as much for Obama as Carney does!

  • Blair


  • GeoInSD

    I believe Obama wants GLOBAL "FAIRNESS" and "EQUALITY". I don't believe his outsourcing was an accident. Witness some of the international treaties the Obama administration is involved in. Law of the Sea Treaty transfers money and technology to developing countries. Rights of Children Treaty would obligate the US for a minimum substantial level of foreign aid. The aid to Brazil for offshore drilling while not awarding US companies drilling permits. Obama wants GLOBAL "FAIRNESS" and "EQUALITY".

    So the Americans who applaud Obama's class warfare and encourage his taxing of the rich are fools. Globally, the US population as a whole are rich, except for the truly destitute. Obama is coming after you too, "99%". It is just that you are too blind to notice, or you don't really want to see.

  • Laurence Almand

    There are literally millions of young native-born African-Americans desperate for jobs and willing to work, yet Obama is sending contracts and funds overseas to enrich foreign corporations and employees? Whose side is he on , anyway? Talk about a Perfidious Politician! (redundant phrase)

  • Juliof

    Obama said we would not have plastic or internet with out government !Then used NASA as an example! Now this is the kicker he shut NASA down but you hear anything about that. He gives contracts to other country`s China for steel for bridges,Brazil for aircraft`s and millions to drill oil . When we have all the oil we need in ND,MT,WY,TX, and other states. He keeps putting his foot in his mouth but the lame stream media keep silent !

  • gnafuasusual

    I hope Romney gives Obama the hot seat when they talk about "outsourcing" American jobs! Obama has done a good job of it and has no reason to attack Romney for such. Brazil received millions of our dollars to drill off-shore just after the BP disaster happened [recall that is the same time Obama shut down most of America's off-shore drilling.] And, any oil found would go to Communist China! Outsourced jobs, GM stil owned by Obama? is now producing in Communist China! The Commies love the Caddy! Outsourced jobs, Obama is bringing IN high Engineers for who knows what projects and ignoring the many high tech American Engineers who are on unemployment because American businesses went belly-up. Foreign companies are buying up American businesses, and, especially Communist China because Obama owes them so much money that he can't repay so gives American soil and businesses away as repayment. Meanwhile, Africa has been receiving a helluva lot of our money to assist in that country. Romney has a lot of fodder to put on the fire and I sure hope he has it all lined up when it comes to public one on one debates with Obama! If Romney uses all the information correctly, he's a shoo-in.

  • gnafuasusual

    Does anyone else get the feeling like we are living in "The Making of Little Iran?"

    • http://www.facebook.com/pico.nsepulveda Pico N Sepulveda

      Yes, Chrsito-fasicm here it comes.

  • Russell

    Obozo claims Romney will create jobs and he claims they will be outsourced -- well what the hell is this??? obozo can't keep his mouth shut with all his lies long enough to get anything correct !! I just hope all the dims are not as stupid as obozo!!

    • duif100

      False hope.
      They are!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pico.nsepulveda Pico N Sepulveda
    • http://www.facebook.com/pico.nsepulveda Pico N Sepulveda

      Way to continue to misrepresent, You people couldn't vet a hole in the ground.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pico.nsepulveda Pico N Sepulveda

    You either flunked Journalism, or excelled @ creative writing da Tagliare

  • Grizz

    Facts in this article are not well researched and mislead the reader on the LAS program. I helped write the proposal for SNC. The fact is Hawker-Beech (a British owned company...) was trying to "keep" jobs by transitioning the T-6 trainer to the LAS. The Embraer program would have created jobs at the assembly plant in Jacksonville, FL, and at 12 other sites across the US. 60% of the Super Tucano is already made in the USA. Finally, the TA-6 was deemed to not meet the specifications of the LAS program - it's a piece of junk that was not designed to be an attack aircraft like the Super Tucano. We took great care to present an American jobs program to produce the LAS aircraft. It is all democratic politics that has put this bid into a recompete. Please fact check yourself at the SNC website.

    • http://www.facebook.com/pico.nsepulveda Pico N Sepulveda

      Thank you for clarification.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.buscemi2 Jim Buscemi

    His mission: to destroy America from within, since it cannot be destroyed from without.

    • http://www.facebook.com/pico.nsepulveda Pico N Sepulveda

      seek help.

  • Anne Caston

    I think this miserable man is trying to bring down this country and is laughing his head off because he is doing it and the people of this country or some of them are too dumb to see it. Wake up America and vote him Out!

    • http://www.facebook.com/pico.nsepulveda Pico N Sepulveda

      We are laughing our heads off at you for an EASILY verified lie in this article.

  • azscmom

    If Romney can't play hard ball, he will lose just like mccain who refused to take the gloves off. Obama plays dirty, and someone will have to stand up to him. If not, well, at least we have term limits.

    • http://www.facebook.com/pico.nsepulveda Pico N Sepulveda

      Play Hardball? you people can't even vet a false article.

  • Bob DD

    Hey Willard (Mitt) you better step up your game, you're getting slaughtered with the Bain folly.

  • Gmd

    Ido not understand mitt Romneys lack of response to this hypocritical
    Garbage . I had a really big mouth with newt Gingrich . Why won't he engage the left
    We are going to lose , Romney is milk toast-God help us

  • Gmd

    Sorry for typo I mean Romney had a really big mouth

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.sasman William Sasman

    The jokers that I see on AOL news all yell about rommy sending jobs out. They don't see what obama has done. To bad they are so blind.

  • 57girl

    Hmmmm ... it appears Ron Paul is the only Candidate running that has a clean slate. Too bad the media tries to suppress the fact that he is still in the running. Ron Paul is the only Candidate I'd ever vote for. I want and American President that will work on behalf of the American people. Evidently both Romney and Obama have failed that test. Both are CFR puppets. And the fact that both back the NDAA about says it all to me. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Jeff

    In terms of "President Obama announced in June that he was using an executive order to allow nearly one million illegal aliens to remain and WORK in the U.S.", the illegal immigration issue is more complex than simply escorting them to the door. If Immigration services had done this back when there were several thousands, it would have been a daunting task, but possible to have brought it under control. But now with as many as, if not more than the Black demographic of our American population (14 million), the "escort them to the door" solution is unrealistic. Obama has only been in office since 2008. The illegal demographic was well over 12 million before then. So, what are we supposed to do now? To say "the problem has gotten out of hand" is one of the biggest understatements of current rhetoric. We really don't have many options here.

    Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/6170/obama-outsourced-jobs-to-brazil-and-to-millions-of-illegal-aliens/#ixzz20u28aMkM

  • Carol

    Nobody is perfect but when you throw stones you had better not live in a glass house.

  • Texas Pete

    Screw the illegals, they have no right to vote in our election and this nitwit for a president needs to go in November, its up to us to vote him out of office and bring our jobs back and get the illegals out of this country! The kid in CA that is suing to be able to practice law should never have been able to go thru our public education system as an illegal alien, PERIOD! Bring back the production of the American FLAG back to the US and not in China! Its time we took back our country and enforced our laws, heck go to another country especially in the middle east and go there and be an illegal alien and see what happens to ya!!! It's our responsibility to protect our constitution from threats from outside of the country and threats inside our country like this socialist president that is creating the largest welfare country in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JacktheFAC

    Just another step in Obama's planned war against America, a country he hates, and the American economy which he hates, and the American republic form of government which he hates, and America's Christian foundation which he hates.

  • lizaz

    Right!! The dictator opens his mouth and lies about how many illegal aliens he has protected at the expense of U.S. citizens such as us. He only wants to destroy our economy and add as many illegal aliens to the voting rolls as possible to join the trailer trash who vote for him!!!! We want to bring our country back to freedom and liberty for all real citizens and kick out the illegal aliens who are costing us so much money. Get rid of the dictator on NOV 6 and we can relax with our country in control of us again!!!!