J.C. Penney Floundering After Endorsing Gay Marriage

Have you ever heard of Kemmerer, Wyoming?  It is the county seat of Lincoln County and according to the 2010 Census has a population of 2,656.

On April 14, 1902, three businessmen partnered and opened a retail store called The Golden Rule.  In the next few years, they opened two more stores in the area, but in 1907, two of the partners, Thomas Callahan and Guy Johnson dissolved their partnership.  The remaining partner, James Cash Penney managed to purchase full interest in all three stores and took control from there.  In 1909, he moved his headquarters to Salt Lake City, Utah and by 1912 he had a grand total of 34 stores located throughout the Rocky Mountain states.  In 1913, James Cash Penney placed all of his stores under the name of J.C. Penney and the rest is history.

The Great Depression hit Penney hard and he nearly lost everything he had.  In an effort to salvage his retail company, he borrowed on his life insurance policies in order to meet payroll.  The stress of the Great Depression and the financial burden it placed on Penney took its toll on his health and he ended up admitting himself into Battle Creek Sanitarium for treatment.

While at the sanitarium, it is reported that Penney heard the hymn God Will Take Care of You being sung in the sanitarium chapel.  He was so moved by the hymn that he gave his life to Christ and became a born-again Christian.

This makes me wonder if Penney was alive today (he died in 1971 at the age of 95), would he have approved of the company’s decision to endorse homosexuality and bring famed lesbian Ellen DeGeneres to be the new company spokesperson?  In February of this year, that is exactly what J.C. Penney did.  Just prior to Father’s Day, J.C. Penney launched an ad campaign promoting gay fathers.

When the company announced their gay activist plans in February, their stock sold for $41.32 a share.  Groups like the American Family Association and One Million Moms took to the Internet to lead an effort to boycott the company and hopefully make them change their policy or regret having done so.  As of the time of writing this about them, J.C. Penney’s stock had plunged to a low of $20.02.  In addition to their stock dropping to less than half of what it was, Standard & Poor’s Rating Service has taken the action to lower the company’s credit ranking for the second time in two months where it is now four levels into junk territory.

American Family Association director of special projects Randy Sharp says the timing of the stock plunge just happened to coincide with the company’s two full page ads in the their catalog that features a pair of gay dads and gay moms.  Sharp commented:

"A company loses money [and] they lose sales when they offend their customers -- and this is exactly what's happened with JC Penney.  Moms and dads, traditional families find it offensive that JC Penney is now going into the activist mode for homosexual marriage."

The company’s drastic downturn caused Michael Francis to resign as president of J.C. Penney after only 7 months at the helm.  All indications say that Francis was responsible for the changes in the company’s marketing policies, although CEO Dan Celia may also share part of the blame as well.

James Cash Penney built an empire of retail stores and as a born-again Christian, he would never have let his company embrace something so anti-biblical as homosexuality.  To coin an old expression, he probably turned over in his grave a few times since the company’s February announcement.

Until the leadership of J.C. Penney changes their current endorsement of homosexuality and gay marriage, I urge everyone to continue to avoid giving them your business.  There are plenty of other businesses out there that honor traditional families and family values that would greatly benefit from your dollars and cents.  As Christians we need to make our voices heard loud and clear and our voice is saying NO to the gay agenda of J.C. Penney!



  • justin case

    when the gay comunity is less than 5% of the population , I think that is a very small % to cater too and ignoring the other 95% just not smart, and yes maybe they do do 10% of the spending but still not enough to really do well. JC penny use tobe my favorite store too

    • The__Bobster

      It's 2% at best. They control the media, so their numbers appear greater.

  • InvisibleHandInMyPants

    We need a list of all businesses that serve gay people. Any gay people. Those businesses should be boycotted. And no gays in the church either. That includes the preists who molest young boys. We need a list!!1!
    JCP is selling gay clothes. And they have gay salespeople. The manikins look gay too. I heard a friend tell a story she overheard at the beauty shop that a womans cousin said she met a guy who said his brother was propositioned by a gay guy in the dressing room area at a local JCP. Disgusting!

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

      That list would be: just about every company in America, including companies that engage in B-to-B.

      As for your friend, she could be a great storyteller.

      • prezelect1

        I'm dumb, what is B-to-B? Back to Back? B-B-Q, nah! that's got a Q, well, I guess it could be B-B and the Q stand for queer or Queen

        • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

          B-to-B - business to business. That should have seen plainly obvious in that context.

    • bwebb

      Old Navy endorses gays. They print t-shirts with "gay pride" and rainbow colors.

      • InvisibleHandInMyPants

        They must be stopped!!1!

        • Christian Patriot

          Why stop them? I actually like to know who is with me and who is agin' me! Articles like this help me make choices as to where my money should be spent. I only learned about JCP here. My Penny's card is shredded! I don't think a 'pole smoker' wants to meet me in the dressing room.

      • The Ninja Warrior

        Boycott them to .

      • The__Bobster

        Old Niggy endorses every perversion.

    • Jojo

      Why should a store be penalized for SERVING gays? Promoting the gay lifestyle is one thing, demonizing a business for selling a gay person a cheeseburger or selling a suit is another.

      • InvisibleHandInMyPants

        What are you, some kinda liebrul? Gay workers. Gay customers. Who cares? If you boycott JCP for supporting gay rights, you should be consistent and boycott ALL business interactions with gays.

      • prezelect1

        Because dummy they are promoting the gay lifestyle in their promotions and deserve to be blackballed going against the majority.

    • Lia

      The Episcopal Church endorsed gay "pastors" and look what has happened to them!!! They have fallen apart and are basically bankrupt. Their congregations have fallen apart and they now have millions of dollars in real estate they can't give away. I hope Pennys, Target and all the rest of them go bankrupt. There are alot of other places to shop.

    • Guest

      My goodness. What a sad day. Earlier in this post people were talking about shipping gays off to an island and others talked of killing them. And then they pretended to be Christian. The God I believe in would not condone such action. No gays in the church? Really? How sick this makes me. I'll pray for all of you. My God would be happy to have them in church. I believe God is crying over how you are treating and speaking of his children.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Boycotts work.

    I'm sick to death of gays shoving their lifestyle down our throats. Not being satisfied with people showing tolerance for it, they demand that we all condone and celebrate it. I don't care what people do in the privacy of their own homes, but grotesquely, vulgarly sashaying naked in gay pride parades (with children there), and pressuring schools to endorse the gay lifestyle by bringing in homosexuals to speak to their students, thus indoctrinating them, is very problematic and I oppose such behaviors.

    Those in today's in-your-face militant LBGT movement is determined to get their own way. They put on a good face until you voice your opposition and then their true colors show. And our legislature is so politically correct, that they can't bring themselves to speak against the attempts by gays to have all kinds of laws changed in their favor.

    I, for one, won't celebrate their perversions, but neither will I go out looking for gays so that I can corner them and scream bible verses at them...they don't have to answer to me. Ultimately, though, they, like we all, must answer to a holy God for their behavior.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brian.gunderson.9 Brian Gunderson

      Extremely well put Screeminmeeme

      • Screeminmeeme

        Brian Gunderson...Thank you.

        • rodermck

          thanking him for his mindless paroting you thats real creativity like the mindless robots that you are

        • CJM2

          What's the matter roder...no one thanking you for your perversion? You can do whatever you want in your own bedroom--but decent folks are highly offended by the amoral behaviors exhibited by mindless homosexuals and lesbians. That lbgt colloition is just another filthy, disgraceful, moronic, hate-mongering group comprised of militant sadomasochists.

        • AlarmBelle

          rodermck; if they were "mindless robots" as you believe, they would not be using common sense and staying true to their beliefs/christian faith. Our 'allegiance' is to the one and only Almighty God; creator of all and not mindless robots that just repeat and follow the crowd like you do. Hey, enjoy your trip. We're doing fine. It's the left with all the personal turmoil and unsuccessful lives. Ever wonder why?

        • http://twitter.com/tonykeywest Anthony Capo

          GOD HATES FAGS

        • sadnana

          Of course He doesn't. He loves every human being ever born. It's sin that He hates.

        • TrueGrit

          HE sure does !!! And so do all of us normal hetrosexual Americans who are standing up to these ugly, bigoted ,sodomites. It is a real shame that slop like Michael Francis would ruin a good company like J.C.Penny for his own personnel agenda , but taking Pennys down is necessary as it is part of the fight for the Tradition of GODS Holy Matrimony and traditional morals that we must adhere to in civilized society.

      • rodermck

        mindless homophob cant't you write your own are you a mindless robot

        • OrtOrtnasty

          Roderick: and you are both spiritually dead, and condemned already. Unless and until you repent of your sodomy and fornication, the Lake of Fire will be your eternal home. Entirely your choice, and immensely disturbing that you will willingly choose it.

        • AlarmBelle

          Why do you lefties even 'want' our consent on your sinful behaviors? Why do you even 'care?' We don't care what you do in private, sexually or otherwise. But you are not going to teach it to our children, period! We already teach them what GOD says about it. THAT just irritates you don't it?

        • http://www.facebook.com/michael.lovetere MIchael Lovetere

          Typical remark; if we don't let you shove your lifestyle down our throats, then we are homophobes. You and obama stay away from our children.and you can call me anything you want

        • http://twitter.com/tonykeywest Anthony Capo


      • No nonsense

        Thank you for speaking up. Businesses should not push political agendas. Retail should stick with marketing products and stop promoting the gay lifestyle which is contrary to the morals of the majority of shoppers. Office Depot is another business that is promoting and celebrating the gay lifestyle.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

      America needs to round up all queers and lesbians and ship them off to two separate islands in the pacific and let them die of old age,,,,

      • Mainman12

        It would be good for us to pray for their conversion to Christian faith. Do we remember the humility of...There but for the grace of God go I. ?

        • Rhonda Anderson

          Do we remember that gay's are an abomination to God.

        • Mainman12

          Homosexuality, the acts of homosexuality themselves are an abomination to God; that has always been true. But never forget, our God is a merciful God and any sinner, no matter what the sin, even murder (Remember David?) who repents and confesses his sin will be forgiven. Inasmuch as this sin is indeed a mortal sin, our prayers cannot remove the sin. But we can pray that their hearts will be changed and they will hear God's calling them to repentance. For some have so repented just as some abortion doctors have repented and become active Pro-Lifers. We are to hate the sin but to also love the sinner.

        • rodermck

          blah!!.. blah!!.. blah!!.. church speak trying to use love for your avoidence of tolerance!!.. your problem to much wrong church to many people off you never spend time with other peoples and let the church lead you to into intolerance also the church teaches got his perfect so unless he vengeful there can be no abomination also you use sin like a club to punish people with that word i have gone to many differnent churches very few are that way the ones that are i run away fast as i can i have know many people that go to chruch and aren't that way the big question is why are you that way?.. my answer is some people are much easly brain washed or led that way or there parent's grandparent's were that way so the cycle has never been broken and goes from generation to generation and people that have no ability or reason to change otherwise they would be ostricised from there freinds and churches and don't have the moral courage to change

        • AlarmBelle

          KEY WORDS being, IF they confess and repent. They refuse to. What do you expect us to do? It's their souls. Their decision.
          Do not cast your pearls before swine. We do not continue 'preaching' to them if they do not want to hear.
          Explain God hating Esau??? And hating and already condemning Satan to death??? Some become unteachable and one can fall so far away from God that he will give up attempting to bring things about to try to bring you to repentance and back to Him. You're really in a heap of trouble at that point.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cheryl-Surber/100001702655912 Cheryl Surber

          Rhonda, as I just noticed in another one of your posts, it's not a "gay" PERSON that is the abomination. It is their ACTION that is an abomination, just like any sinful ACTIONS anyone commits. GOD HATES SIN---NOT the sinner! He LOVES us---and wants us to REPENT from the sin!

          Romans 3:23 - "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

          Leviticus 18 -

          Unlawful Sexual Relations

          Leviticus 19 -

          Various Laws


        • BoycottJCPennyAndHomeDepot

          The Old Testament calls them sodomites, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their exceeding grievous wickedness. Less than 10 people in the cities were righteous. Therefore, God had to destroy it b/c of his righteousnes. Their wickedness was crying out to God. Reference Genesis 18:20-21 [Genesis 18: 20 - chapter 19: 28] In Romans chapter 1, it states he turned "them" over to a reprobate mind. IF God chooses to deliver any of them from this grotesque state of sinfulness, then he is merciful indeed.
          Romans 1 :26-32
          God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. 27 Likewise
          also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their
          lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and
          receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.
          28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality,[c] wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, 30 backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving,[d] unmerciful; 32 who,
          knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such
          things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of
          those who practice them.

        • rodermck

          you can't covert them because they were born that way there genes are differnt they have more chromosomes of eather male or female and can't be changed

        • Ort

          Rodermck: oh you have GOT to post proof with links for that egregious lie of yours!!!

        • AlarmBelle

          You can pray for them to wake up to the Truth and still 'hate' what they are attempting to do. God 'hated' Esau. There is a thing called, 'tough love' we love them as God's children enough to "punish them" when needed.
          CHristians are not 2nd class citizens. We don't 'give' ground; we take it. We shall not be moved. We live to please GOD not man. We are not to encourage sinful behavior and should 'separate' ourselves from it. Christians are not to 'enable' the behavior. Who said prayer with fighting for our children's minds cannot be done together? They've been warned by christians. They heard the Truth, but refuse to heed God's warning. The rest is totally up to them. They make their own way in life; and only they will be responsible for it. We are only to warn. If they do not want to hear it, we are finished with what He expects us to do. It falls on them. They will have no excuse for not hearing.

        • Mainman12

          I agree with everything you say except for one theological point about Esau. And none is in disagreement with what I wrote earlier. As one reads the entirety of Scripture God is ALWAYS revealed to us as the "God of Love.' In fact, we rightly KNOW that God IS LOVE. So it is not within God to be other than what HE IS. Therefore, God cannot hate. So what about Esau? The Hebrew language has very very few words in it compared to say, English. So those speaking at that time with a limited vocabulary wanted to express a distinction in God's eyes between Esau and his brother so they chose to use the word 'hate'. You may not agree with this but Scripture needs to be interpreted by the context of the whole Bible, and that context about God in whole is that "God is Love." So if we are to be like Christ we must hate the sin and love (desire the very best for) the sinner. Pray for me as I will for you dear sister in Christ.

      • rodermck

        didn't we have the salem which trials were they burned the them, didn't we intern american japanese during the second world war thank god we dont do that anymore but you want to do the same barbaric act maybe you and the ones should be shipped there but i wouln't want that some are paradises and you belong where there is nothing but them that would bee poetic justice

        • Cecilia

          You can see how angry this person is. If rodermck is a male or female, it matters not. It is just that they are terribly unhappy....raging to the point of incoherency. Usually people with these types of views have been hurt and unhappy all their lives. Homosexuality is a birth defect, plain and simple. When this condition can be detected in utero and remedied, you will see a) a huge increase in selective abortions or in utero surgical corrections and b) the immediate embrace of "right to life" by homosexuals.

    • granny007

      You took the words out of my mouth. I refuse to shop Penney's until they change their marketing plan. I fail to understand why they did this.

      • rodermck

        to end this bigotory that you perputate the intolarece that we have had in this country for a long time we need to end racial , color, socio economic wars it will be the the down fall of this country and you and your kind will be part of this, its time all big stores do the same thing so you have no place to shop how long are you going to keep up this mindless bigotory woudn't be easer to boycot the chuches that teach this better yet get a mind that will tell you why this is wrong

        • Guest

          Bigotry is as bigotry does. Those who believe homosexuality is wrong have every right to stand up to the bullying and militancy of folks flouting their "pride". If you show it, the rest of us can display our disgust-that is freedom. If you don't want a reaction, then just go quietly into your dens and practice your actions in the sewers--we don't care. But, don't try to tell us we have no right to speak up when you trash our schools with your "tolerance". We will NOT give up our right to protest, We are not the intolerant ones, the Gay Pride movement is.

          Listen to reality. We are not your enemy, you are. Your own words and behavior condemn your members, not us. You can label us as anything you wish, but you are losing your own game.

          We have no fight with you as persons. You are members of society. We just don't agree with your agenda. That is not intolerance, it is freedom of thought. And we will continue to express our freedoms as long as we can.

        • rodermck

          blah!!.. blah!!.. blah!!.. blah!!.. i don't have an agenda don't have a game that's your words i only post to intolerace by boycoting business that's not about throught that's about actions that effect me the ultimate freedom is anarchy your wanted freedom is not any thing your preaching your loosing here because i didn't growuup in family or socitey that taught bigitory and intolerace i am not puppet to the media i have a high independent mind that regects the unfactual this fringe group that perferts religion like some muslim religions like the talban that dont want girls to go to school or have any basic rights is your anti gay any better that goes beyond thought or the high suicide rate by teens because you won't except them you don't care because you church tells you that you will have salvation and go to heaven like the suicide bombers and there is no way your belief makes the world a better place it dosen't nor has it any where the internet makes it easer to gather protesters, occupiers and other fringe elements they bring the worst out in human behavior yes you do have a fight with me i don't like the problems your vision does again i don't care what you think but what you do to deminish the well fare of our society i dont try to change it in my view but you do and all like you do

        • Ort

          Rodermk: you had the nerve to castigate CJM2 for supposedly not being able to write down a coherent thought, when you just disgorged the longest run on sentence i have ever seen, that was mostly incomprehensible! lol.
          You are a peach, you know that? lol.

        • Mainman12

          Dear Ort, I might reply to Rodemck myself; but I'm afraid if I were to do so I would be in violation of Matt 7: 6b.

        • Ort

          Mainman: lol. Yeah, I hear you. And you are right, but I always feel the need to rebuke, because then I won't be guilty of Ezekiel 33: 7-9.
          ; )

          But there comes a point when all that can be said has been said. And since it is not us that either convicts or saves, but the Spirit, then at that point we step back. We sow the seed, another waters, but it is the Spirit that reaps the harvest. God bless.

        • TrueGrit

          Well then let me ,i would really like to get a hold of rodrmck & snap his neck then rip his head off and kick it around the street for a soccerball ! As the saying goes, "Guys Just Wanna Have Fun" !!! This will be Fun !

      • Ray Larsen

        JC Penneys hired Elen Degenerate to head the Lesbian Department

        • TrueGrit

          Me too, there is no need to shop J.C.Pennys anymore and bigots like roderick has a great deal of intolerance and shouldnt even be talking about it .Rodermick and his ilk will be taken down for the anti-family, anti-Christian bigots that they are. Its really laughable that they want us to have tolerance while they have none and prove it constantly with their ugly militancy and sick mindless acting out against civilized and proper society. Fight tough and fight hard !!!

    • Death Walks Among Us

      Now they are sending the military to march in their parades! Sick!

      • The__Bobster

        In uniform, no less.

        • rodermck

          uniform that you would never deserve to wear because of your intolarence

        • Guest

          and you need to learn to spell....intolerance.

      • cajundave

        I can't help wondering that if marching in their parades is part of the Obama agenda ??? Now that he has gotten all of the homo's on his side......

        • rodermck

          another mindless robot thats paroting other posts because you aren't capable writing your own

        • Guest

          It takes one to know one.

      • rodermck

        a parade that your intolerent mind could never be in thank god maybe you should move to a muslim culture where they all beleive that way

        • Guest

          Perhaps you should move to Saudi Arabia or Iran! Find out what intolerance really means!!

        • CJM2

          roder...: You scream at everyone on this forum about their being intolerant, yet you are the one who shows yourself to be the bigot that you are. Everyone here has allowed you to have your opinion without insult, but you just can't seem to accept the fact that we are also entitled to OUR opinion--it is YOU who are the INtolerant one, not the rest of us. Just remember, the more you insult those who oppose you, the more they will go against you in the long run...and those homo/les laws will be tossed off the books faster than youi can spit.

        • cirbuck

          Tolerance is a weak word that denotes someone doesn't even have the conviction of their principals enough to try and counter a perversion or attack on the moral fiber of society as a whole. I have no "tolerance" for disgusting "alternative" lifestyle adherance that promotes some "misery loves company" agenda to bring more young minds into the sick acceptance. Whether you approach homosexuality from a spiritual or scientific point of view, it is still "un-natural" and a perversion of nature. To be so miserable in your perversion that you want to bring others into it with you so that you can edify and accept yourself is repugnant and "intolerable" by people that want to raise their children with natural and spiritual ideals. No one was locking up homosexuals, burning them, or having much to do with them at all until they decided to try and soothe their miserable souls with gaining not only acceptance but indoctrination. It is a de-evolution of mankind in one respect and an abomination of sound moral principals in another. You want "tolerance"; quit screaming and whining and crawl off and play with yourself or whoever you can get to play with you, but keep it out of decent God-loving folks faces and everyone will get along.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/E4S3WH7CYJHF2563DLTVSOEWLM Chickadee 1


      • rodermck

        great post can't you write your own if your child was gay you would change your mind if you didn't that emotional damage you would do to your child would mean you should never have children if you would do that to them

        • pointman49

          If my child were queer, I would shoot him~!

        • Kevin A

          No, you would not. Don't give rodermck any fuel he is explosive enough with his demented views on normalcy.

        • pointman49

          KEVIN YOU ARE 100% CORRECT, I WOULD NEVER CONTEMPLATE NOR IMAGINE SUCH A THING. I JUST FELT LIKE JERKING THAT IDIOTS CHAIN BECAUSE HE IS SO DESERVING OF IT~!!~~~He is such a fool & I just get tired of all this fag-nation crap~!!~~Can't imagine being in as miserable a state of mind which he is in~!!~~~~~I can'it even fathom what creates these perverted people?

    • Michael g.

      I agree. You've said it better than most could. I'm afraid I'd start yelling, but you did that one for me.
      I had someone say to me I should accept the lifestyle. My return comment was like a 'slap-in-the-face.' I said" "Anyone trys that with me will find out just how normal I am." (I'm now 70).

    • Lady Liberty

      Thanks, Screeminmeeme! My sentiments exactly...the only difference being that I call them all 'homosexuals'....I like the word GAY in its original definition!!!!!! This is yet another situation of the 'tail wagging the dog'...Things were just fine in our great country until all this 'minority' stuff took over....and I mean ALL minorities whlich specialize in whining! Get on with life, I say, and stop trying to change everyone else! I couldn't care less if someone wants to hug a tree or make love to a tailpipe...just buzz off and let the rest of us enjoy our lives as WE like! Thank you!

      • rodermck

        you don't beleive in liberty thats a oxemoron you can belevie what you want but when it effects others and try to change things for your own beliefs then it becomes anarchy

        • Guest

          NO. Anarchy is defiance of the government, not it's citizens. And the word is spelled, "oxymoron". Those who oppose illicit behavior have every right to exercise their beliefs. Neither you, nor the government, have any right to prevent them from speaking. YOU are trying to change things, to fit your perverted beliefs. Gays can live their lives any way they want. Those of us who disagree have every right to speak up. Being openly Gay is a choice, not a mandate.

    • Mainman12

      You are right. I would like to add one statement that all Christians may want to use when we are challenged, and that is. "It is NEVER correct or proper to tolerate evil. And homosexual acts, not the persons themselves, are always intrinsically evil."

      • rodermck

        you say christians aren't evil look at all the wars from christianty i know christians and they don't follow your brand of mindless christianty

    • HC

      I to am sick and tired of these stupid homofacist sodomites doing all you said

      • rodermck

        mindless people always follow things that dont effect them they follow it because of brain washing by there churches won of the great failures of man kind

        • Ort

          Rodermck: "their". "one". Sigh.

    • rodermck

      homophobia is a mental disorder that stems from the bigotary and intolarence of the churches that practice them it about the mindless robots that follow then the tragedy is what it does to a percentage off gays where science says it is not chosen and born that way but these bigots only choose science when it benefits them boycots are a product of there intolerment minds they wouldnt care if every person lots there jobs because of this bigotry using this abusive power and the robots that join in if they worked for JCP and lots there jobs could not get another i dont think they would do that but if it did would because god is getting his refenge for there intolorance boycots are economic damage to socites there is only losers there like childern having a tantrum when they can't get there way

      • Guest

        How many years of school did it take for you to write so poorly? Please take your own advice, parrot... there is NO science of any merit that names either intolerance or bigotry as a disease, nor any reputable science which supports homosexuality as genetic or normal. The APA (American Psychological Association) just removed the condition from its list of mental disorders. So far, no gene or component of a gene has demonstrated as a promising determinant of such behavior. Check for yourself.

      • Ort

        Rodermck: in the name of all that is holy, do you know what a period or comma is????? Can you stop with the rambling, uneducated, run on paragraphs?? It's very difficult following your (already) skewed train of thought.

      • rosso

        You appear to be the most mindless, juvinile and perhaps a most un-well read person, vitupretive, person who refuses to think but just feeds off others who do as a detractive. Your really sad, you need to take up a hobby maybe.

      • Barbara

        no homophobia is NOT a mental disorder.....homosexuality is. The last time I will shop at JCPennys

    • JosephHanussak


  • patriotdavids

    I have shopped JCP since I was a kid [I'm now 70], I will no longer shop JCP or Target.
    Let the fags keep them in business [good luck]. The Board of Directors should clean house and stockholders sell off.

    • Jojo

      Don't buy General Foods products either, they are backing the gay marriage vote in MN and then there's the gay pride rainbow Oreos....

      Hmmm, maybe there is an upside to not eating GFs over processed crap and we will live longer! Lol

      • oldredwing

        Avoid Home Depot too! Until these companies realize it's BAD FOR BUSINESS to promote a choosen lifestyle which our Lord considers an abomination. Love the sinner...NOT the sin!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Sims/1221048825 Bruce Sims

          The H/D thing...love it BUT did you KNOW that according to John 3:36 KJV The sin and the sins and the sinner are ALL under God's WRATH! When you eat meat etc, it becomes a part of you, and IF you sin as a lost man, that sin also becomes a part of you, there is NO separation of the sin from the sinner! An unborn again sinner is a THIEF, MURDERE or whatever sin he commits! God hates SIN and those who commit them, they MUST be BORN Again and separated from thier sins. A B'Again sinner doesnt sin, but his flesh does sin,, that sin is NOT held to his charge spititually, but in the flesh! The flesh reaps where it sows etc. Asinner who is saved is not able to go to hell becuase of sin,

        • Mainman12

          Your theology is a bit wrong. When one has repented and been baptized we are born again of water and of blood. When we do sinful acts IT IS STILL US THAT DO THE SIN. It is the PERSON who sins and our person is both flesh and spirit and the two are inseparable until death. When we who are Christians, born again, and we sin gravely as with homosexual acts we choose to do this and we choose to separate ourselves from God. Nowhere in the Bible KJV or otherwise is there any teaching that we cannot lose our salvation. That teaching does NOT exist anywhere in scripture. In fact, even the Apostle Paul speaks of the possibility of his losing his salvation as he does speak of failing in his "losing his race". Only in his last days, very close to death does he speak of having "won the race." But never forget, sincere repentance and confession of ones sin will always bring us and anyone back into God's Grace.

        • rodermck

          More!!.. blah!!.. blah!!.. blah!!.. blah!!.. an intelect!!.. Not!!..if your child was gay you would except it or damage them because you would not except them that would make you a not fit parent ?.. if thats the case you should not have children

        • ort

          Rodermck: do you have an IQ of 68 or less? I'm being deadly serious here. You are disturbing.

        • rodermck

          blah!!.. blah!!. blah.. blah!!.. thats what your twisted mind sounds like

        • jjkrjw

          These companies should stop getting involved in social and political issues. They should just tell the gays, "We don't take stances on any issues." Then let the gays boycott if they want to. There are not nearly as many gays as they'd like us to believe, but they are vocal and pushy. They have too much power and they bully companies.

        • zulu

          You are so right. Money has no conscience. The companies should do business with whoever has the money to make the purchases, whether they be black, white, tangerine, gay or straight. Sell a good product, give good service, but stay out of the mainstream controversies. It is o.k. for employees to have their own personal opinions of things, however, those opinions should never be expressed to the customers. Nor should you use company money to further a social or political cause. Just do a day's work for a day's pay and go home.

        • rodermck

          if companies don't support it then intolorences will go on i don't wont to live in the intolorent world that you want it's a tragedy you do

        • Michael g.

          That's true. they are not in business to make political statements. If that's what they're there for, then close down and go into politics.

        • rodermck

          and your not looking for power and not pushy read your comment what a joke

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/THIJICVWKV4GG7ZWPGPSJF6AJY Ben

          If it were a "choosen lifestyle" your point might have some validity. It isn't, and it doesn't.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/E4S3WH7CYJHF2563DLTVSOEWLM Chickadee 1

          They are not born as homesexuals!!!!!! We are all born sinners and are capable of any sin. They are just attracted to this sin and give in to it. And that are not born that way!!!!!! They just choose to honor that sin. There is not a anything in their dna to cause them to be homosexual. That theory was de-bunked right after it was circulated!!!! Try to get one to have a dna test done, and see how fast they backtrack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS A CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!

        • rodermck

          thats not what are sciencest say!!..you must only beleive science when is convinent what hypocracy as a parent heave help you if there gay you would except them or ruin there lives if you did that you would not be fit to be a parent like many are

        • Ort

          Rodermck: POST PROOF WITH LINKS AND NOT BY SOME CLOSET CASE "scientist". If you can't, then zip it.

        • The__Bobster

          You "choose" to shove your schlong up some pervert's hairy a$$, Benny. No one is forcing you to do it.

        • rodermck


        • Guest

          If it is a "lifestyle" it IS a choice, because lifestyle is a behavior, not an orientation. One can be heterosexual or homosexual, but the behavior of one so oriented is the issue. It is the same argument for pedophiles or rapists. Only the action or practice of one so "oriented" is a crime. And,yes, societies around the world have always condemned such BEHAVIORS!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/debbie.bartlett.948 Debbie Bartlett

          Lowe's is a much better place to shop than HD and their people are more helpful!

        • cajundave

          Have already cut-up my Home Depot and JC Penny credit cards !!!!
          No more spending MY money at these locations that promote GAY pride.

        • rodermck

          omg!!.. you are so proud of your intolorent self soon there will be no place to shop that would be better for are society

      • Appalacian Woman

        ditto Frito-Lay/Pepsi

        • rodermck

          the tragedy is your beleifs, i loved it no place to shop what a dim wit the deep hills is where you belong!!..

      • jjkrjw

        Don't you mean General Mills?

      • Michael g.

        My dog is eating my last box of Cherios (sp sorry).

        • rodermck

          he is smater than you dogs don't have intolerance he is going to be pissed you are takeing away is favorite cereal

        • Michael g.

          First off 'he's' a she. And it was my decision to replace her regular dog cookies with the Cherrios. She was gaining too much weight. Besides, she likes her new cookies just fine.

      • guest18

        Include Starbucks in your "do not buy" list.

        • rodermck

          who gives a flying f***k they dont need your intolorence and going to bring up children with the same intolorance what a shame for them and the world

      • rodermck

        soon you will have nothing to eat and grow your own speed enormous amounts of time not working not having the standard of living you are used to or just die off like the dinasours like you are then maybe we will have tolerance in this world

    • Max

      Office Max has also joined the ranks! There's always Staples and WalMart... If they want to enter the realm and JOIN SIDES then our side should show our support to folks that suppor traditional family values, or at least stay neutral in the battle of morality.

    • taliesin319

      Most unfortunately, I've had to add Macy's to target and J.C.Penny.
      However, there is no shortage of other firms to shop from. All these firms need to remember is that taking sides in the culture war results in a loss of money.

      • rodermck

        your stupidy and intolerance is making me vomit

        • Name

          This so called "stupidity" makes Roderick vomit but he keeps reading and posting back

    • jjkrjw

      Don't shop at Sears either. They are getting into kinky stuff. Stop drinking Pepsi and eating Frito-Lay potato chips, too. Eat at Chik-Fil-A, a strong Christian company that is anti-gay marriage. There is some web site to search for companies that support traditional values. I try to support those companies.

      • The Ninja Warrior

        I heard today that the gays are now attacking Chic-Fil-A SO I think tomorrow I will take the family there to support them. I do not hate gay people, I know some that are very nice people but I am not going to tolerate them pushing their agendas on me or anyone's business just because we do not agree with them.

      • rodermck

        eat a chick- fila the rest of your life so healthy maybe that will cause all the intolerent to die like the dinasurs we will be better off with out this intolerence because it it's always posted by parent's wo wan't them to be what they want not what they are or think what a tragedy

    • eddie3896

      I'm 73 and I'm with you. JC Pennys was a part of growing up in Kinston NC when
      I was a kid...but I will not buy from them again, just like Target...another fag store.
      And Home Depot, they're really into faggots. So, let the fags keep'em in business.

      • The__Bobster

        Hispanic Depot courts illegal alien business, too.

        • rodermck

          your out of touch so does are goverenment and many states it all so insures you can by products you can afford to buy

      • rodermck

        73 haven't learned any thing i'm 77 the real tragedy is use the word parent they should be long gone and i 'm sure you taught them the same intolorance hopefully they moved where this mass intolernce excist and breaks the cycle of this kind of this kind of behaviour to make the world a better and more tolerant place to live

    • John

      I used to spend a lot of money (betewwn $15M & $19M) (the M stands for thousands) each year at JCP. No More. I don't care what they do. I will never , never, never spend another dime with them. Oh and one more thing, none of the 24 members of my family will ever shop at JCP again either.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TYHFR6ONG56LYN5YYGWAIXQJDI Douglas

        good for you and your family

        • rodermck

          its good that he makes to much money or a braggart or a robot

      • rodermck

        holy crap you make way to much money or your a braggart which is even worse get a life robot

    • rodermck

      you are not ready for the world as it has to be to survive and end intolrance even if they recanted to satisfy your intolorent ways it wouldn't change any thing they would still beleive it and there would always be homosexuals i'm 77 i wasn't brought up for this intlorent mind set. why were you??.. age hasen't made youn wiser just perputated your intolarece what a tragedy i have known others who were that way they finaly realized the problem with this and changed??.. why can't you?.. but i know you won't because age hasn't made you wiser

      • ort

        Rodermck: being that you are 77 years old, and closer to death then you would care to recognize, I would think YOU would be a little more wiser. You could die any day now, and step into eternity. And hell will be your eternal abode if you don't WAKE UP!! Man.

  • Allen

    I will not go to JC Penny, but I`ll contribute to the wellfare of Chick Fillet

    • America 1

      Double whammy! Way to go! I'm with you.

    • theo980

      Make that 3.

      • yahoo

        Make that 4.

    • Lia

      Amen to that!!!

    • prezelect1

      He is pentecostal

    • Appalacian Woman

      We should all support Chick Filet vocally and with our business.

      • deborah

        Chick Foley's food ducks it will kill us all then we will not have to worry about who is gay

    • Michael g.

      I haven't been to Penny's in a long time. This stance guarantees I won't be going there at all.

    • rodermck

      go eat all your meals there how healthy !!.. no!!.. there having trouble moving in to the west because of there homophobic stance!!.. good for the west and not good for there over all economic stability

  • VocalYokel

    It is indeed a shame that an American icon such as J.C. Penney has hitched it's wagon to perversion.
    Despite it's past, it will now have to suffer the consequences...or, as a wise man (my Dad) told me, 'If you want to dance, you've got to pay the band.'

    • Christian Patriot

      JCP has joined the Club. Are you aware that Levi Strauss lost 2/3 of its market share when they went anti-gun? Notice what happened to K-Mart when they picked Rosie O'Muffdiver for a spokesperson? Someone needs to create a petition or statement to be sent to the Boards of these high profile companies warning them that actions running counter to American values and culture will lead to their ultimate demise. I'd say a million signatures would get their attention.

      • The Ninja Warrior

        Where do I sign.

      • The__Bobster

        I boycotted Levi's when they actively promoted miscegenation in their commercials.

  • Thomas McCarthy

    Don't turn to Sears, though, they continue to sell pornographic materials at the online catalogue, with special highlights at Christmas time. Just recently, they offered books on beastiality and zoophilia (I thought this was what kids got after going to the zoo).

    • tandee

      Actually, those were individual offerings, not posted by the Sears store itself. Check it out.

  • Randy Minnick

    I will never shop at JC Penny again. LOTS of alternatives.

  • Sue

    Gay pride and their "parade" is solely based on sex. If you are "proud" of it, you are telling everyone your worth as a person is defined by lust and nothing more. Children should not be taught to aspire to sick intentions such as these. I will add that if they taught heterosexual sex in this same manner, I would disagree with it too. We were meant to be better then animal sexual urges.

  • She's awake.

    For the first time in 43 years I purchased my husbands under garments somewhere other than JC Penney. I WILL NOT go back as long as they push the QUEER agenda.

  • Lawrence


  • SubVet410

    To repeat an earlier post, my wife and I bought most of our clothes at Penny's. Since it has taken a homosexual stance we no longer enter it's doors--and will not do so until it changes back to it's former policies. Not holding our breaths, but won't buy the stock either. Hope it continues to tank.

  • librtyship

    J.C. Penny stores have really gone to pot over the past year or so, most of the merchandise they have is not anything we would buy. If they persist in promoting the Gay agenda many people are going to avoid them altogether. We use to like J.C. Penny but now do not even consider it worth the time it takes to walk thru their store in the nearby mall!
    I for one am getting really sick and tired of the Gay Agenda which we see altogether too much of here in California which is rapidly becoming a state to avoid if you possibly can!

  • Walt

    This is what happens when Corporations think that they are so big that they can speak for us. We boycott their stores - I cut up my Penney's card and just quit going there. Corporations need to learn to stick to business and keep their opinions to themselves on Political matters. Look at all the entertainers whose careers nosedived just because they expressed their opinion when it wasn't wanted. Few years back Linda Rhonstadt was asked to entertain at a Political Event in Las Vegas. She opened her mouth and told them what she thought - they were pissed. She was asked to leave Vegas and I haven't anything about her since. There are many others.

    • InvisibleHandInMyPants

      Corporations are people, my friend.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/S5R3XFAAIDMWAWK3ZRXGQ5I424 Conservative Grandma

      Think of Oprah - after her endorsement of 'the one' her show tanked so much that she had to start her own network to continue...and that, too, is TANKING!

  • flaphil

    Why do company's need to endorse anything other then the products they sell? The fag pressure groups were going to do what to Penny's if they didn't cooperate? Maybe they were threatening to hang around the dressing rooms and try to queer people when they went in. Just like they do in Interstate Highway rest areas. What a sick bunch of perverts they are. They're worse than an infestation of rats.

  • hirize

    The quest to force people to accept and believe homosexuality is "normal" can never and will never work no matter who or what entities endorse and/promote it. It's a perverse life style, nothing can change that fact and therefore can never be "normal." In other words, try as you may, you simply cannot make chicken salad out of chicken s_ _t.

  • Ladybug91

    When the news of JC Penney signing on lesbian Ellen Degeneres to be their spokes person, I was angry. Since I was a young girl Penney's was the place where my mom took me for school clothes and everything in between. I even bought my wedding dress from them along too with my daughter-in-laws. I even wrote to the company to tell them how displeased I was with their choice and I would no longer be a customer. I've cut up my credit card and haven't stepped foot in one of their stores.
    If Penney's is going under, their CEO is to blame. This was once a family oriented company but to turn its back on its founder who believed in God and His word, then they deserve what is happening. When a company ignores its customers, then they'll soon go out of business. SO long Penney's.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Howard/100002074875707 Jim Howard

    Keep it up America, boycott all JC Penney stores. We are tired of the Gay agenda being forced on us. LBGT should be banned from America as an unAmerican group against America. Force them out of governmental control . Reverse their Gay rights protection. Obama only wants their votes,but will destroy them due to Islamist beliefs. Cut your nose off to spite your face. Wake up ,your being used.

    • prezelect1

      Hi Jim, crazy as it may seem that Obama favors Islam, but he himself is bi-sexual and a card carrying member of the Chicago Gentlemen's club and bath house as is his former bed partners Rham Emmanuel & Jeremy Wright, he has placed over 200 homosexuals in government positions. Maybe he'll cut off his own head when he loses in Nov. LOL

  • Mark_OneTwo

    To bad we cant seam to het "HOMO" Depot to flounder.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Sims/1221048825 Bruce Sims

      That's good man, that's what i call em..Homo depot!! I stopped shopping there 2 years ago...boy did they loose business, I am a general contractor!!

      • Mark_OneTwo

        Yeah, me to !

  • ed8101

    I think these comments opposing JCP's decsion are great -- please write these same comments to JCP -- they need to hear from you people. Hopefully they will catch on before the business goes down the tube.

  • celador2

    What goes around comes around. JC Penney has nothing that appeals to the mainstream, they are a specialty niche. And they have no one to blame but themselves for a marketing disaster.

  • Doski

    The management of JCP has made their Choice and now Americans are making theirs in response. Like Darden, JCP will pay the price for their foolishness. Beware, the might of the spending public, once they have left your product or service their return is NOT easily won back.
    BTW, the seventeen members of our family who used to shop at JCP have stopped shopping there and have NO intention of returning, EVER !

  • Tell it Like it is Granny

    Another one is Home Depot. They sponsored a Gay Pride parade in Atlanta with banners saying Gay Pride, Men Having Sex With Men. Gay men prancing down the street in fluorescent bikinis? It showed little children sitting on the curb holding cups with Home Depot logos holding gay pride flags. The stockholders went to their meeting and asked that Home Depot stop endorsing Gay Pride. The CEO or whomever is the head of Home Depot absolutely refused. People like the businesses where they shop to remain neutral. GM is pushing one of their cars, I believe the Volt, to gays. If you are stockholders and purchasers at these businesses let them know. Tell the managers at Home Depot stores that you will no longer shop there. Not at Sears either with their pornography on the web site either. Or Target with their Gay Pride tee shirts.
    I shop at Lowe's instead of Home Depot. Let's put them out of business.

    So how is this for a list to start:
    J.C. Penney
    Home Depot
    Anyone else want to add to the list.

    • SickoftheBS

      Maybe not such a bad thing with the GN Volt. It has a tendancy to burn up!

    • prezelect1

      Waslgreens add to list

    • TimTheToolMan

      You can always tell when gays are in Homo Depot. They hang out in the tool department.


  • oldredwing

    Folks, Scripture is very-very clear on this point. GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. Our Savior tells each and every one of us just as he did the woman caught in adultry ... "Go, and sin no more."


    I'm 73 years old and going back as far as I can remember buying new cloths, especially for the new school year, meant a trip to town to shop at JC PENNEY'S. Unfortunately I can't shop there today because of it's support and promotion of homosexuality and gay marriage. Well, that's too bad, it WAS a good store. Maybe there are enough homos to shop there to keep the doors open. However, I doubt it.

    • SickoftheBS

      If they are going under, Obama has probably had something to do with it. It seems everytime he gives a corporation some of our money as a stimulus grant, the Corp. files bankruptcy. Need someone in Dc that knows about Business and not just funny business like Obama.

  • Doski

    Management has forgotten the FIRST Rule of any business. "Mind your Reputation" . It only takes one failure to Destroy Decades of HARD WORK and RESPECT. Let this be a reminder to any remaining successful Businesses, you are NOT Exempt .

  • antonioandy

    JC Penney has the right to endorse the gay agenda, my family has the right to shop elsewhere. JC Penney will never receive another penny from me.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/S5R3XFAAIDMWAWK3ZRXGQ5I424 Conservative Grandma

    JCP was the ONLY store where I could purchase Boy Scout and Girl Scout uniforms when my children were growing up! If that remains the case today, it is an abomination and offends every parent who is trying to raise God-fearing, law-abiding, America-loving Scouts.

    I will NEVER purchase from them until this policy is removed! How disgusting that they would advertise in such a manner! All for the support of a VERY VERY VERY SMALL minority of people, they have sold their soul. The company deserves to go out of business. I hope others will also boycott this once-fine organization. What a slap in the face to James Cash Penney!

  • MarcJ

    Let Mullah Obama nationalize JC Penny!

  • Pete

    Gays have nothing to do with it. They were in every society since man walked upright. Lewis and Clark noted in their log that American Indian tribes had gays dress as women so no one can blame gays on the Americans. They are mentioned in the bible also in a negative way. I don´t think anyone chooses to be gay. They just end up that way for some reason. I had several gay friends when I was in the Army during Don´t ask, Don´t tell. Now I guess machinegunners can hold hands with their platoon sergeants while they walk back to the barracks. I wish Americans would be more tolerant of each other. I don´t shop at any store Sears owns because they put me on the bad credit list for not renewing my creditcard with them. It cost me 30 K when I refinanced my house. Come to think of it, it might have been a gay employee who did that to me for a lousy $6 renewal fee.

    • Lia

      You are homo by "choice" not by design...God doesn't make JUNK!!!!

    • Ort

      Pete: firstly, humans have always walked upright! God made male and female, no different then from today. We are NOT descended from ooze, amoebas or monkeys. Only the ignorant and the clueless would believe such a ridiculous load.

      Secondly, it's a choice. Male and female parts fit and compliment one another, and also are most compatible with reproduction. A male part in another males rectum is nothing but perversion, sickness of spirit, and willful and sinful rebellion towards ones Creator.

      Thirdly, no male soldiers should be holding hands in barracks, or combat zones or anywhere else!! If male on female soldier fraternizing is forbidden, so is the perverse, unnatural homo kind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.zimmerman.77 Joe Zimmerman

    AMEN ,, I will never shop at a J.C. Pennys again , praise the LORD !!!!!!

  • Carl

    Just goes to show that two cows or two bulls don't make a cafe. Glad JC Pennys is floundering. What a deal

  • Ken

    Since they used the lesbo in their ads, and endorsed queer men, I will not do business with Penney's

  • Ted Britain

    could you provide us with a link so that we could tell JC Penny directly that we do not approve....

    • catnip24

      just go to jcpenny and on their site they'll have a place to contact them.

  • TPS12

    Don't forget to add Starbucks to the list they also came out in favor of gay marriage. They even said it was good for business!

    • John811c

      I guess mostly gay's drink their over priced coffee

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ENB63ODGUC7YAF5EKZLEAWIAE Mary

    This is why I say: "Corporations should keep their mouths shut and remain neutral and stop alienating their customer base!"

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ENB63ODGUC7YAF5EKZLEAWIAE Mary

      Maybe temporarily, until the novelty wears off!

  • Ksb

    Don't forget about Macy's policy of letting tranvestites and God knows ehat else use the ladies dressing room right along side your wives and daughters.

  • Jennifer Ryan

    Don't shop at Best Buy. They have embraced CAIR and think it is fine to celebrate Ramadan which they recognize in their ads. They no longer recognize Christmas though. I'm done w/them and tell everyone I know.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ENB63ODGUC7YAF5EKZLEAWIAE Mary

    The post office is smart. At Christmas, they put out a stamp for Christians, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Ramadan, and a plain snowman for the unbeliever's. This pleases everyone.

  • catnip24

    for over 35 years i bought almost all of my clothes at pennys. when they announced degenerate was going to be their spokesthing i sent them an email telling them i would no longer buy anything from them or even walk in their store. i did not cancel my pennys charge card because that can possibly hurt ones credit rating. one thing i did do and everyone can do this. i received emails from pennys and i checked them as spam. if i receive another i spam it out too. most companies don't like being spammed. so good-by pennys.

  • kdave

    When Penney's came up with the idea to not have sales and publish a monthly slick ad,I knew they were in trouble and then when the gay thing came out, I wondered if the management thought all of this made business sense.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ENB63ODGUC7YAF5EKZLEAWIAE Mary

    I suspect when a corporation will come out and cater to a small minority of customers there must be gays on the board of director's.

  • KT

    Our family paid off our J C Penny credit card, shredded them, wrote them a letter stating their new advertising practices of promoting same sex partnerships as parents is why we will not walk within the doors of the store to purchase any item as long as this direction continues. Unfortunately my hairdresser is in the beauty salon but all I do is pay for the haircut, I don't purchase any supplies or goods, only for her service. I am going to share this article with her on my next visit explaining to her I cannot condone the companies policies. It was a ghost town in the store as usual as i walked thru with a friend who doesn't seem to have any issues with their store policies although she seemed to be under the impression Francis was fired but our family has had experience with being forced to resign so might as well have been fired!

  • Laramie Kid

    J.C. Penny is a hallowed name--in history--my grand parents (Wyoming-ites) Knew JC and he was an honorable person. However, he did not support immoral people and he would not have allowed sodomites and others to be his spokepersons.

  • Amy

    I'm boycotting all the listed stores (in other notes below) like many of you are -- but PLEASE take the time to send e-mails to all these corporations to let them know you are not shopping in their stores, and the reason why. We must all stand together and speak up, otherwise silence is approval.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Sims/1221048825 Bruce Sims

    YOU betta: I call these lovers of homsexaul lives and they gave me some stupid excuse that made NO sense, and i let them know, I have shopped at J.C.Penney for decades, since i was a young man. I know the history of J.C.Penney and welll, NOW suffice it to say, they will not see another shadow of mine, UNLESS they get their act together!! I am sickened!!

  • Ed DeRocher

    God says The Atheist is a Fool.

    The Wisdom in God's Word states that it is Folly for a person
    who Answers a Matter Before he has heard all Facts of the Matter. (Proverbs
    18:13) In short, God says he is a Fool. Any wise Lawyer would Not risk his
    reputation in court (as a Fool) by Not investigating All of the Facts in a
    Legal Matter. He would want to be prepared for uncertain rulings that would
    depend on the court's acceptance or rejection of evidence presented. The Bible
    teaches that the man who cannot Reason is a Fool; the man who
    refuses to Reason is a Bigot; the man who is Afraid to Reason is a Slave.
    The Fool wishes he could Reason, but cannot, he has No Moral Compass;
    the Bigot is able to Reason, but Refuses to Accept Correction, he
    is Prideful, (don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up); the Slave is
    able to Reason, but he is Fearful of what people will say about him,
    (don't make waves, let's go along to get along, Strive for Majority's
    acceptance). But the Willing Man has every good opportunity available by his Ability
    and Willingness to Reason. The God of the Bible is a God of Reason.
    God's Word says, "Come now, let us Reason together, says the Lord,
    though your sins be as Scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be
    Red like crimson, they shall be as wool. If you are (key words) Willing and
    Obedient, you shall eat the good of the land. But if you refuse and rebel, you
    shall be devoured with the sword; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken
    it." (Isaiah 1:18-20) God speaks to the Fools when He says “My people are
    destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6) "The Fool has said in
    his heart, "There is No God." (Psalms 14:1; 53:1) "For the
    preaching of the Cross is to them that perish Foolishness; But we preach
    Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block, and unto the Greeks
    Foolishness." (1Corinthians 1:18, 23) The Psychiatry profession claims
    that man is a two-part being; he has an Intellect and a Body, and that
    the goodness of man lays within his inner most being. God's Word says this is
    Not correct; there is No goodness in man in his fallen state. (Romans 3:10, 23);
    “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, Not one. For ALL have
    sinned and come short of the Glory of God.” ( In Genesis.1:26,27), God says, "Let
    us make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness," That is a Three-Part being
    in the likeness of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The
    spirit of man is the most important part of his triune creation. The spirit
    of man was created in the express image of God and is indestructible and
    will live forever in eternity. God created Adam and Eve in His Glory and
    they were spiritually joined to God and they were exceedingly blessed with His
    Grace in all things. But when Adam and Eve rebelled against God's instructions,
    their spiritual connection was severed and their fellowship with God was
    destroyed. Because of Adam's fall, man received as a consequence for his
    disobedience, a sin nature. This sin nature, referred to as "Original
    Sin," is an inborn propensity to commit evil. God is an All-Consuming Fire and He knows that sinful
    man cannot stand in His presence. In the course of 4,000 years, God
    sent His Son Jesus, to save fallen man by becoming a propitiation and sacrifice
    for man's sin, and thereby reconciling man back to God. God is loving, merciful,
    forgiving, and just. The greatest Promise in the Bible is John 3:16,17;
    "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever
    believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For
    God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world
    through Him might be saved." The greatest tragedy is John 3:18; "But
    he that believeth Not is condemned already, (the Atheist, Agnostic) because
    he has not believed in the name of the Only Begotten Son of God." God in
    His love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace, satisfied his Justice and hatred for
    man's sin by providing a way for man to be reconciled to God, by placing the
    entire sins of the world, past, present, and future, upon Jesus, the Lamb of
    God Who is without sin and Who takes away the sin of the world. God takes No
    pleasure in the death of the wicked. Ezekiel 33:11 says, “As I live says the Lord
    God, I have No pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn
    from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye
    die, O house of Israel?” The problem with man’s sin nature is quite simple. Man
    cannot save himself from his destructive sin nature, therefore God provided a
    Savior to deliver him from his evil ways. The Bible way to heaven is achieved by
    a simple Confession and an act of faith found in Romans 10: 9-13; that says,
    ”If you Confess with your Mouth the Lord Jesus and Believe in your Heart
    that God raised Him from the dead, you Will be Saved. For with the Heart
    one believes unto righteousness, and with the Mouth confession is made unto Salvation.
    For the scripture says “Whoever Believes on Him will Not be put to shame.” For
    there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is
    rich to all who call upon Him. For whoever calls upon the Lord
    (Jesus) Shall be Saved.” When a believer Confesses this prayer, he is
    making a proclamation of Identification. He is vicariously in agreement and personally
    Identifies with the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus who
    took his sins to the cross and was raised from the dead in hell for the
    forgiveness of all his sins, enabling him to spend eternity with the Father in
    Heaven. The Atheist and Agnostic says God does not exist, yet they have Not
    searched for Him. The man who does Not search for God will generally never find
    Him, but the man who steadfastly searches for God will always find Him. God
    invites men to search for Him, and He promises to reveal Himself to all who
    seek to know Him. Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call unto me, and I will
    answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.”
    Jeremiah 29: 11-14 says, ”For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says
    the Lord, thoughts of peace and Not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then
    you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you
    will Seek Me and Find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. I
    will be found by you, says the Lord, and I will bring you back from your
    captivity;” The Atheist and Agnostic
    is without excuse. God has given sinful man a plan of redemption and
    eternal salvation.

    God has given us His son Jesus; He has given us His Holy Word;
    He has given us His Holy Spirit. All man has to do is Choose the path he
    wants to take for his eternal destiny. God does not send sinful man to hell
    and damnation. God has given man a free will to choose his eternal destiny. Sinful
    man sends himself to hell and damnation by default, because he has Not Believed
    on the Name of Jesus, the Only Begotten Son of God. Man has to make this choice while he is yet
    alive, for he cannot choose after he experiences the First physical death.

    The Great White Throne Judgment. Revelation 20:13-15 says, “Then I saw a great
    white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven
    fled away. And there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and
    great, standing before God, and books were opened. And another book was
    opened, which is the Book
    of Life. And the dead were judged according to their works, by
    the things which were written in the books. The sea gave up the dead who were
    in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they
    were judged, each one according to his works. Then Death and Hades were cast
    into the Lake of Fire. This is
    the Second Death. And anyone
    Not found written in the Book of Life
    was cast into the Lake of Fire.
    The Second Death is Not
    cessation of physical life, but it is the Eternal
    Separation of Life from Jesus, the eternal source of life. God’s
    Word is His Will, and God’s Will is His Word. The consciousness that
    we have in this mortal life will live for eternity; to be vividly aware
    of eternal glory with God or vividly aware of eternal hell and damnation. Only
    a FOOL Atheist would choose eternal hell over the simple choice of eternal Glory
    with God. John 14:6 says, Jesus said to him, “ I am The (only) Way, The (only)
    Truth, and The (only) Life. No one comes to the Father Except through
    Me.” The Word of God is Divine Truth; inspired by His Holy Spirit; it is
    self-evident truth, and it is beyond debate. The Bible was written and
    canonized over a period of approximately 1700 years by 40 different authors,
    who were inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. The Bible is all about Jesus and He
    is the main character in every book and all of the books are in harmony
    with Jesus as the central theme of man’s salvation. There is not one book that
    contradicts any of the other books. In
    the King James Bible there are 66 books, 1189 chapters, 31,102 verses, 773,746
    words, and 3,566,480 letters. Now imagine taking all these books, chapters,
    verses, words, and letters, and wrapping them all over every square inch of
    Jesus’ body and then covering Him with flesh. The apostle John constantly
    refers to Jesus as the Word of God
    in his Gospel and in his book of Revelation. (John 1:1,14; Revelation 19:13,16)
    “And He [Jesus] was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and His Name is called the Word of God.
    And He [Jesus] has on His vesture and on His thigh a name written, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus is the Word of God Who became flesh and dwelt among
    us, (John 1:14) and believers are the flesh who become the Word as we study and
    meditate on the Holy Scriptures. “And you shall know the Truth and the
    Truth shall make you Free.” (John 8:32)

    Lewis S. Chafer, Dallas Theological Seminary founder, sums up the Bible in 5
    topical words in his Christian Theology. Christ is the Central Theme
    of Scripture, and as bearing on His Person, the
    Old Testament is 1.) classified as the Preparation for the Coming Christ; 2.) the Four
    Gospels as the Manifestation of
    Christ; 3.) the Book of Acts as the Propagation of Christ's Spirit
    (His Church); 4.) the Epistles as the Explanation
    of the Preparation, Manifestation,
    and Propagation of Christ; and
    5.) the Book of Revelation as the Consummation
    of Christ and His Church. The Glorious Consummation
    of the Creator God with His Redeemed
    Creation; the Church, the
    Bride of Christ shall behold
    Him and Become One With Him
    and Eternally Joined With the Father.

    Logic dictates if the premise is true, the conclusion is true
    also. The Word of God has a truthful premise and ends with a true conclusion. Atheist,
    your name will be found in the Book of
    Life if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that
    Jesus is your Lord and Savior of your life. May God grant you the wisdom
    to choose between Heaven and hell; Non-Smoking or Smoking. Amen!

    The Bible is all about Jesus

    Martin Luther called John 3:16 "The
    Heart of the Bible, the Gospel in Miniature." It’s so simple a Child can Understand IT;
    Yet IT Condenses the Deep and Marvelous Truths of Redemption into these few
    Powerful Words of Absolute Assurance:

    Greatest Lover

    Loved"....................................The Greatest Degree

    World"...................................The Greatest Number

    He Gave".............................The Greatest Act

    Only Begotten Son"...............The Greatest Gift

    Whosoever".........................The Greatest Invitation

    Greatest Simplicity

    Him"........................................The Greatest Person

    Not Perish"......................The Greatest Deliverance

    Greatest Difference

    Greatest Certainty

    Life...........................The Greatest Possession

    .Author unknown

  • Mike Austin

    I have already cancelled my acount

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Sims/1221048825 Bruce Sims

    Do You all hear the sound of the MORAL fabric ripping? this country is morally ripping apart by Homosexuals and Muslims and every other word and doctrine contrary to SOUND DOCTRINE and TRUTH (John 17:17 KJV) What will we do about it? Get off our selfish backsides and do something....TOGETHER< not apart, but as a whole to say..enough is enough! this is our country and we are not putting us down the tubes because you hate living right or you hate us praising God or serving HIM!! I feel things just may be to late...given the time frame and God's timing and the biblical precepts already written in a book! I quess the ONLY thing you can do is to search the scriptures and seek ye out of the book and read, and STUDY to show thyself worthy, appproved unto God...KJV BIBLE verses ONLY!! Search em out...Start w/2 Tim 2:15

  • NANA


  • Hardrock

    IT now know as Gay C Pennys

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Sims/1221048825 Bruce Sims

    Oh..Publix down south here was supporting Muzzies for a short time, but there was an uproar and they pulled the ads for Mohammedians...Also K-Mart sold a doll that said, in baby talk, "ISLAM is the light" no kidding...so there was an uproar about it down here in Fla, and calls were made to Mattell etc and they pulled it! This country is being shredded by diversity! Diversity kills, we ALLLLLL need to be in UNITY! NOT DIVIDED against each other!

  • John811c

    What we need is a list of stores that do not push an agenda of Gays, or pornography Chick-Fillet is a good example are their others that deserve the support of their business and will adhere to good moral values You are either for God or against God, things that are an abomination to God steer clear from them and put your business where your morals are

  • SickoftheBS

    I choose not to support JC Penny and the Gays are welcome to keep them afloat if they can.
    This should be a lesson to all company's that want to ignore American values and American voices.

  • http://twitter.com/SilasLongshot Silas Longshot

    Another one learns the facts of peeving the majority to please the minority. They're worried about the gays boycotting their business? Let's see how they do with everyone else boycotting their goods.
    survivinig urban crisis.

  • ConservaDave

    Amen and amen! Starbucks...Target...J.C. Penney...Hollywood...any t.v. show promoting sodomy...the Democrat Party...the New York state Republican Party. Avoid them all in mass like the plague. Hurt them in the pocketbook, maybe they'll wake up and realize how they are hurting our children with their "tolerant" and "inclusive" smut. But we are but men and women and can only do so much: I believe Almighty God will also curse on these companies and their executives as He has promised.

  • DAY8293A


  • http://www.facebook.com/karl.warkentin Karl Warkentin

    Too bad James Cash Penny (who built J.C. Penny, Inc. himself without government help - i.e., "others" did not "make it happen" , regardless of what Obama thinks) was not succeeded by business managers who promulgated his traditional conservative Christian values!

  • Bruce

    I thought "fudge packers of america" was a labor union.
    It turns out that it is a lifestyle.
    Good bye JC Penney!!

  • darrelljr

    i will no longer shop there as well- what a dumb business move.

  • GramSam

    They just don't get it. We are tired of the gays pushing their agenda on us. If you are gay, great but keep it to yourself, Why do they insist that we approve of this pervertion. The more they push, the more we push back.

  • Kent Stamm

    I, as a born again Christian, know where you are coming from. However I currently work for JCPenney Co. There are many good people, Christian and non-Christian who work for these retail giants and you are hurting us with your boycotts. Now we are in danger of losing our jobs and in this current environment, we can't just pick up and go to another job. They are too hard to come by in some areas. I live in a small college town and there aren't that many jobs to be had.
    I really think that there are other ways to make your voices heard without putting us out of work. I have worked for JCP for nearly 30 years and I can't afford to loose my pension and my savings because you don't agree with upper management in this or any other company.
    And we don't have a Staples here so I have to rely on Office Depot. But if they go out of business, then I won't have anywhere to shop for office supplies.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PPMRLPRRJU4VOQ45ZHDFRJR2HA Alan

    I served in the U.S.Navy from 1972-1975, and I do not hate Gays. However, I don't believe that they need to flaunt their sexual lifestyle openly; as I see no need to flaunt my straight sexual lifestyle openly. When I am out with my Wife; I will hold her hand while walking ... but I will not be shoving my tongue down her throat, or grabbing her boobs or crotch while in public view. I travel a lot on business and see many gay couples being a bit too "eager" while around other people. Both Gay & Straight couples should show some common respect and decency while out in public; especially if young children & the elderly are nearby.

    My "Personal" belief is that Homosexuality (male & female) is unnatural and abnormal. Why? Well, if it were natural and normal; then, none of us would be posting commentary in this forum right now; nor would any debates be going on currently or throughout human history concerning this subject; as it would be moot! Personally, I will never ACCEPT the Gay lifestyle as normal or natural; nor will I allow the un-natural practice to be forced upon me via the open Gay sexual gyrations and intimacy in public view ... If you want to pervert human sexual activity; then keep thoses activites behind closed doors!

    Notwithstanding, I look at this issue via another point of consideration.

    Let's go back through human history to about 50,000 BC for example ... just bear with me on this. Using the law of averaging, and if Homosexual behavior was normal and natural; then there could be only three types of couples: Male/Male, Female/Female, & Male/Female.

    This would mean that only 1/3 of the humans during the last 52,000 years would be producing children. Being that infant mortality rates were extremely high until the advent of modern medicine (about the last 80+ years); that meant the females in the Male/Female couple had to give birth to many children just to insure that there were enough to survive to adulthood.

    Now with that in mind; you must consider the Birth to Death ratio of the human race during that past 52,000 years ... IF ... only 1/3 of human couples produced children. It would seem to me that all of the Deaths of humans caused by: war, disease, famine, accidents, crime (murder/killing), natural predators, and natural catastrophes (volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fire, floods, typhoons, tornadoes, etc.), would be far higher than those being born.

    Also, artifical insemination was not viable until the 1950's; therefore, for the past 51,140 years, the Male/Male and Female/Female couples would not have been able to produce and nurse children unless the wide-spread use of "Surrogates" was in place. Now, if such a structure and practice was in place for the past 51,140 years; then the "family" structure, as we know it, would not exisit. How many children born during all those 1000's of years would have known the identities of their Mothers or Fathers. Today, due to medical reasons (DNA, genealogy, blood type, etc.); it is very important to be able to trace bloodlines.

    So, basically, I believe that the world's population would have been a lot lower than it is today; as there would have been much fewer humans producing children during our history. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with religions of any kind.

    This is not supported by any study or evidence (as far as I'm aware); it is just my view point based upon supposition.

  • Dean


  • GDC

    I will NOT shop are JCP.

  • The__Bobster

    Chick-fil-A refuses to knuckle under to the colon cowboys. Eat Mor Chikin!

  • proud to be straight

    Good for JCP they deserve what they get. Let the fags buy their clothes.These aids ridden bastards should crawl back from under the rock they came from

  • 1larryi

    PC will bring a business down as it can a Country,, when will they learn

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kennade-Nade/100000351662413 Kennade Nade

    This business can sell to whom ever they want or advertise to whom ever they want. This does not mean that I have to shop there. What part of Christian Founding's do these corporate idiots not understand?

  • jwright673

    JC is probably spinning in his grave. I agree with patriotdavids, my days of shopping at Penneys and Target are over. I hope they collapse like a house of cards. Home Depot is on my s--t list too. If gays are their preferred clientele, have at it. I also agree a big stock selloff might get their attention..

  • outofsteam

    I used to shop Penney's for years and have stopped. When the new president came in, he had no retail experience. It's a lot different selling clothes,etc. than what Apple (where he came from). He came out with that stupid, empty, glossy once a month book with prices good for that month, eliminated all the coupon,etc. that get people to shop in their stores. Revamped the web site and ruined the company. Who does the most shopping? Women! That's who Penneys needs and should hire. The gay thing? I agree with Screeminmeeme. Stop shoving your lifestyle down our throats!

  • DC/Tex

    I believe that the homosexual/LGBT AGENDA is the worst disease on the morals and family values of the USA and the world. My family and I have been JCP customers for many years and regret that they support the homosexual (not PC gay) AGENDA. We have not shopped at JCP since we found out about there support for the homosexual AGENDA. We have also been avoiding Home Depot, Disney, Starbucks, and General Mills to name a few.
    Homosexuals WERE NOT BORN THAT WAY, they CHOOSE their UNNATURAL lifestyle, so homosexuality does not qualify as civil rights discrimination issue. Homosexuals have equal rights but they want special rights,

  • fdleupp

    It isn't enough for the homosexuals to just control the underworld...they must attempt to pull the rest of creation into their slime pits. God will eventually "reward" them.

  • Bob DD

    I'll only shop there if only necessary!

  • el_loco_jp

    J. C. Penny loves homo-perverts ... than I don't love J. C. Penny and will take my business elsewhere.

  • James Green

    You better believe, I'll never again buy anything from Penneys! And I hope they do go out of business!

  • drdbiggs

    Fa66pts are less than 3% of the population. How did such PC power become part of the power of the fa66ot movement?

  • Patty

    I will not shop at JCPenney or any other stores that promote gay agenda and I always shop at JCPenney before the gay thing , people better realize that being gay is a sickness and stop trying to justify it.

  • Nobama

    A friend who was a hair dresser worked for Penny's told me they cut out all commission expecting a person to work for a little over minimum wage. They are going down the tubes. Guess they shouldn't have picked Ellen Degenerate for a spokesperson.

  • HC

    They are reaping what they have sown.What is so special about that female sodomite Allen DeGenerate to begin with?

  • A Veteran

    We don't go to JC Penny anymore nor do we go to Target since Target began selling "happy" items. I too am tired of our government (Obama) making homosexuality "acceptable and normal." Since Obama has come into office the "happy people" have come out from beneath the baseboards.

  • RGS48

    I do not understand why a large company that needs milions and milions of shoppers would cater to so few that live so wrong. JC PENNEY WILL SOON BE NO MORE. WHAT A SHAME. THE MAN JAMES CASH PENNEY DESERVED BETTER


    I can not speak for everyone, but every friday 20 of us gals would head to the mall for lunch, gab session and an all afternoon shopping spree. Many of us spent the whole afternoon in Pennys..... that is the history.... we continue our friday get togehers, but we never, ever enter Pennys.... our store of choice is Macy's.... and the salespeople are even friendlier. We find equal products, acquired credit cards for discounts AND, they even tell you the special of the week. Penny's you can have your fags and freaks.... we have a wonderful lunch, afternoon and shopping spree!!! We refuse to sponser or shop at stores that cater to the whims of 3 percent of the population and do not acknowledge the strengh of families and normal citizens. GOOD BYE PENNY'S ......... HELLO MACY'S!!!!

  • aurora9

    I remember J.C.Penney's in the early 1940's when they had a track system for sending the customers purchase money in small containers up to their office for change. Children would watch in fascination as this myriad of a futuristic freeway system found its' way up to their offices. They were always the stable store that a family could count on, along with Sears and Roebuck. Now that the Roebuck has been dropped from the Sears name, many other changes have also been made but these stores tried to adapt to our ever changing society, with always the emphasis on customer service. I don't ever remember that any of them became political because they were retailers and merchandising was their business. They had products to sell and a business to conduct. I hope that they will return to their prior, successful operations.

  • bigjack1


  • Jersey Bill

    And it should flounder. Also;Hooray for the BOY SCOUTS! And their principled, unafraid leaders. There was a half-hour music program with the great musician,leader,singer Johnny Mann and his singers called..."Stand Up And Cheer', with, get this, a 30 foot American flag as a backdrop. But that was 30 or so years ago, it could never be done today. To the BSA, and others, and all voting to defeat Obama - Stand up and cheer!.

  • RangerJack

    Where do you do your banking? Do you realize that all the major banks, B of A, JPMChase, Wells Fargo, etc., openly encourage gay partnerships by having gay organizations operating within the bank, allowing partners of gays the same insurance benefits and and such just as if they were married. I'm sick of having to be tolerant when it is against my Christian beliefs. Lets boycott the big banks (who also have sent so many thousands of jobs to India), and find those local or credit unions that do not support the gay lifstyle. Even a lot of churches have now supported the gay lifestyle just so their membership rolls don't suffer.
    The US is going to crumble and fall due to decay from within.

  • gmalinda1231

    Penny's has been off of our radar since 9-11 when they refused to display an American Flag. Seems their political correctness is tolling their death knell.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.sasman William Sasman

    Will not hurt anyone to see them go.

  • Alfredo

    I think we should all stop buying at J.C. Penney and leave the place for the gays to buy. Since they are such a small minority they will go bankrupt in a short time.

  • rodermck

    after posting on every intolernt post i am wondering what is going on!!.. obvious they are all speaking to the same homophibia what a waste they don't want do bussiness with most companies that shows you are out of touch with the world this dozent happen in europe thats because the worst came here and brought there intolerance with them saved them now this country is suffering from it, how can it get worse than that for massive intolerance by this missguided group that does nothing but brings us down and perputes it by teching that to there children and they teach it to there's that happend to the blacks and it's taken that long to change but slowly changes as it is best for are society but not yours

  • drumitup

    What do we really know about homosexuality? What if it is not a choice? I just asking because I don't know. It's uncomfortable, but I know I would love my child, brother or sister if they were gay. It's small stuff compared to some.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LTXY3N2L6Q43HTWA4I5MCRE67Q Al

      Everything we do is a choice.

  • lizaz

    We gave up Penneys years ago, and Target as well...same reason. When we lived in Seattle, one year Target decided the Salvation Army couldn't station one of their bell-ringers in front of their store any more. Now they are on the queer movement!! Along with Penneys I guess they have plenty of customers and don't need our family!! We won't give in to the propaganda of the homosexuals' disgusting habits. Good luck to them!!!

  • CJM2

    I no longer shop at JCP because they over-charge for the products they sell. I noticed that lately, they are offering 'freebies' to the younger families--like free haircuts for the K-3 group returning to school (or the first time as in the K group). I think these young moms are being asked to "spread the word" because these freebies are not in the local ads; you see the messages on facebook and some are either calling or texting those messages. I disagree with their new policy and firmly believe they should be promoting true family values and traditions--that goes ditto for Hallmark.

  • http://www.facebook.com/meechemill Meeche Miller

    I hope Penneys go bankrupt - I haven't been to the stotre in months mainly because of their advertising showing gay couples - gay men - and the bigger picture of hiring this guy from Target who completely revamped the stores and made them dowdy discount places. It's unbelieveable what has happened to Penneys! - instead of nice department it's all one big warehouse now with racks and racks in dirty aisles - one one price fits all on hangers - it has completely turned around from a really nice store with good bargains and coupons to a warehouse type operation that leaves me cold - Good bye Penneys - won't see me back there EVER.

  • Guest

    My goodness. What a sad day. Earlier in this post people were talking about shipping gays off to an island and others talked of killing them. And then they pretended to be Christian. The God I believe in would not condone such action. No gays in the church? Really? Gay people are in our churches. They sit next to you in your pew. They come to church to hear God's love spoken and to re-fuel their selves to be able to make it through another week, just like everyone else does. They are in the office with you working to make a living. They are in your life and so are their families. They probably just know you would not be a supportive soul so they don't confide in you. If you don't want to shop at a certain store, then don't. But don't spew hatred in the name of God. I'll pray for all of you. By the way, the God I believe in is happy to have them in church. I believe God is crying over how you are treating and speaking of his children.

  • oldrndrt88

    JCP's recent advertising follies do not make any sense. No wonder their sales have fallen. First, they hired Ellen as their spokesperson. They chose her because she once worked in a JCP store in Louisiana (that is their contention). That choice alienated many customers because of her lifestyle and her unabashed support of the idiot in the White House. Next, JCP withdrew its sponsorship of the Rush Limbaugh program because he (correctly) referred to the college student testifying before congress, of all places, that you and I should pay for her birth control, as a "slut." He later apologized, but he should not have because she was merely flaunting her promiscuity and asking taxpayers to pick up the bill. JCP evidently doesn't realize how many listeners Rush has.. thus they lost several million customers with that little fiasco. Their latest advertising gaffe was the "two mommies and two daddies" in the June booklet JCP mailed to all customers. Well, guess how many people have cut up their JCP credit cards after receiving that masterpiece? Several ladies in my Sunday School class said they will never shop JCP again; thus JCP lost many heretofore loyal customers. This scenario was undoubtedly repeated countrywide. I don't believe placating less than 3% of the population (homos) at the cost of alienating the other 97% is very good business. Is it a wonder these JCP executives have been terminated? JCP has been in business since the early 1900s and has been the epitome of the family store. People can no longer depend on Mr. Penney's family oriented business practices because his store has been hijacked by politically correct, can't-we-all-just-get-along philosophies.

  • boycottJCPennyAndHomeDepot

    I went to the University and and focused on my studies. Because I was single minded and concentrating on my BSEE, some "certain follks" took that lack of interest in females [at least what they could observe - (in fact I was seeing young ladies from my part time job)] and they approached me candidly, repeatedly, until I had to get threatening to make them "disappear" and leave me the hell alone! The line they use that they don't bother others or try to force their lifestyle on the heterosexual community is a flat out lie. It's their greatest goal in life to "flip" an unsuspecting, "innocent" mark. Their sexual lifestyle is repulsive and perverse as a minimum. Their sexual encounters with unknown strangers flippantly and any time, is characteristic of animals; that is the only descriptive which immediately comes to mind.

  • Joan

    I don't have a problem with Ellen being a spokesperson for JC Penney, but because she likes the quality and/or style and pricing of the items they sell. But I do object to Ellen being selected as a spokesperson solely because she is gay. That is just shoving the gay agenda down the throats of people who disagree with that type of lifestyle. Why would any of us want to buy from that store anymore?

  • Name

    Doesn't matter if your against homosexuality or for it, companies don't get a pro whichever president is running advertisement or anti execution advertisements so why a pro homosexual advertisement, difference between chik-fil-a and jcp is that jcp is endorsing homosexuality, as a business and chik fil, they asked for his personal opinion and he gave it, not as the company as a whole but as a person legally entitled to his own opinion, so that's Factual and call me what you will but I haven't stated if I'm of similar opinion on homosexuality as Rodermck or everyone else, so...

  • Admiralhunt3r

    My family have cancelled our Pennies card and they shall receive no support from my family. I hope pandering to a three percent minority of the country was really worth there immanent bankruptcy...



  • gayla

    I don't care where you shop...I don't care about your sexual orientation, especially if it is perverted! Homosexuals have screamed for years that they have a right to the privacy of their own bedrooms...Well, most of America is quite satisfied with homosexuals having the right to that privacy, in fact we prefer it. However, the agenda of the godless left is not satisfied with that right...they want this abomination in our faces, in our schools, in our churches, in the agendas of where we shop and eat. Quite frankly, they want to ram it down our throats. They want us to deny our Christian values that denounce homosexuality and embrace their lifestyle in the name of political correctness. We cannot, and will not redefine what is, and has been for centuries on end. Red has been and always will be Red, White has been and always will be White, Marriage has been and always will be between ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN. Homosexuality has been and always will be an abomination in the sight of God. We may have to live among this sinful nations choices for awhile, just as Lot endured this in Sodom. However, there is a just God that sees the indignity of what his people are suffering, and just as sure as he delivered just Lot, so shall he deliver his righteous people from this abominable earth. All sinners should take notice that the rich man in hell that had all his physical attributes such as sight, reasoning, feeling, for he was tormented in those flames. He just wanted Lazarus to dip is finger in water and touch it to his tongue. However, that was not possible because of the great gulf that was fixed. Lazarus could not go to the rich man, nor could the rich man come to Lazarus, nor could the rich man go back and warn his family not to come to that place of torment. Had Lazarus had a chance to go back and undo his sinful lifestyle, he would have done so without hesitation. Believers we can escape this place through the knowledge and obedience of our Lord Jesus, or we can choose to ignore sin's penalty. "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ out Lord" Romans 6:23