Gun Control Only Makes Law-Abiding People Defenseless

One of the missing elements of the Aurora, Colorado, shooting spree was the apartment of James Holmes. There is an abundant amount of news coverage describing how it was wired with explosives. The first person who entered the room would have been killed. The police need to be commended for some good reconnaissance work.

If the shooter planned for months to kill people and trip-wire his apartment, making the purchase of guns illegal would not have stopped him. He would have used explosives. They’re illegal, too. More people would have been killed because of the percussion effect – an explosive device going off in a small space.

If people want to kill other people, the law’s not going to stop them. Box cutters and airplanes brought down the Twin Towers. If word got out that ten to twenty percent of the population was carrying a firearm, I suspect that nut jobs and world-be terrorists would have second thoughts about going on shooting rampages. We might, however, see an up-tick in other types of killings.

Great Britain has strict gun control laws. Advocates of gun control believe that these laws cut down on violence and crime. Such laws only empower lawbreakers. Gun homicides were low in the United Kingdom even before gun control laws went into effect. This does not mean that there hasn’t been any gun violence since these laws went into effect in 1977.

“Over the course of a few days in the summer of 2001, gun-toting men burst into an English court and freed two defendants; a shooting outside a London nightclub left five women and three men wounded; and two men were machine-gunned to death in a residential neighborhood of north London. And on New Year's Day this year [2002] a 19-year-old girl walking on a main street in east London was shot in the head by a thief who wanted her mobile phone. London police are now looking to New York City police for advice.”

Gun control has had an impact elsewhere: a dramatic increase in other violent crimes. “For example, comparing London and New York, cities of very similar population and demographics, the rate of assaults and robberies is over six times as high, and 7 or 10 times nationwide (depending on statistic used).” Compared with the United States, “the United Kingdom has a slightly higher total crime rate per capita of approximately 85 per 1000 people, while in the USA it is approximately 80.”

The most recent riots in London indicate that lawless people will use any means at their disposal to force their wills on others. Three men were killed by an automobile, people were openly beaten in the streets, and business establishments were looted while others were burned. Store owners had no way of protecting their property. The people doing the looting, and they weren’t just the poor and disenfranchised (a millionaire’s daughter, a ballet student, a musician, an organic chef, a university graduate student, and a law student are just some of the types of people arrested), knew that they would meet little resistance.

“In reality, the English approach has not reduced violent crime. Instead it has left law-abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals who are confident that their victims have neither the means nor the legal right to resist them. Imitating this model would be a public safety disaster for the United States.”

So what does the law abiding citizen do? He shops on Amazon for baseball bats! He can’t buy guns, so he gets the next best thing, a metal version of the Louisville Slugger. In a 24-hour period, sales for baseball bats on Amazon UK rose by more than 6000 percent during the London riots in August of 2011.

Defenseless citizens were also buying police-style telescoping truncheons. (The spring-loaded ones are illegal.) The Guardian reported the following: “Amazon has removed several police-style telescopic truncheons from sale on its site as soaring sales of truncheons, baseball bats and other items that could be used as weapons sparked fears of vigilantism in the wake of widespread rioting.”

So now, law-abiding citizens are even more defenseless. They can’t even order a baseball bat on line to protect themselves from roaming thugs. Maybe it’s time they whittle down their cricket bats. Paul Joseph Watson writes: “Just like gun control, banning baseball bats only disarms the public and creates victims. Criminals will always be able to acquire weapons of any description because they do not obey laws. Leaving Brits defenseless will only embolden the rioting hordes.”



  • Doodlebug

    Those who want to kill will find a way to do it. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens or restricting them only puts those law abiding citizens at risk. Those who want to rob a home or bank will find something else to use to accomplish what they want. But, you better believe that the dummicrats will now for certain try to put restraints on those who respect the lives of other people and the criminals will have the guns or another means to accomplish what they want.

    • jazzpast

      Mitt Romney must be one of your dummicrats then? RINO Romney as governor of Massachusetts signed the first permanent ban on guns in the nation! Romney's law was identical to Bill Clinton's federal assult weapons ban that was allowed to expire in 2004 and wasn't renewed.
      Your dummicrat Mitt Romney said in 2008 he would have signed a law renewing the federal ban! Romney isn't anything but a gun grabbing Socialist!

      • Don Rorschach

        I hate it that wussie Romey, the number one RINO in the Republican Party, is "leading" the ticket against Barack Hussein Obama because there is hardly a dime's worth of difference between them. Obamacare=Romneycare.

        • Granny J

          Prove it! Back it up with valid proof or go away.

      • Sam in NC

        You forgot rich boy, draft dodger.

      • Arizona_Don

        I suspect your either liberal progressive or a Paul supporter and mad Romney is the candidate. Here is the situation. Romney was a Republican governor with a strong Democratic congress. It is amazing he got anything done he wanted. But lots of things got done he did not necessarily want. There is one thing about law in states, if you don’t like them leave. There are 49 other ones you know, find one more to your liking. However, if the laws are federal you’d have to leave the country.

        One question however, do you prefer obama?

        • jazzpast

          Mitt Romney was NEVER a Republican, conservative or Christian! I voted Republican all my life but i'm not voting for your scumbag DRAFT DODGER and COWARD, Mitt Romney! Voting for someone worse than Obama won't help America at all! If IDOITS like you don't want to hear the truth about Romney then don't talk about gun control or other issues!

  • Screeminmeeme

    A gun is the great equalizer. One in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.....especially if you're a 75 year old frail widow facing a would-be robber/rapist/killer.

    Leftist idiots won't be happy until they outlaw everything but spit-balls.

    • Don Rorschach

      I certainly agree with you! Here in Irving, Texas the police let the M & M's (Muslims & Mexicans) run wild so you better be armed.

    • Granny J

      And then they would still continue to spit on freedom, wouldn't they?

    • Michael g.

      "Spit-balls", don't give 'em any ideas.

  • jazzpast

    Gun control in Chicago has taken guns away from law abiding people. January to June murders were 58% higher than US troops killed in Afghanistan! By the end of June 263 people have been murdered shot dead in the streets. Last weekend another 8 were murdered with 35 wounded. Mayor Rahm Emanuel could care less! It's white people that are being shot dead in the streets.

    • Don Rorschach

      Barack Hussein Obama has been very, very silent about his home city being the number one murder capital of the world!

      • Michael g.

        Too much flack would come back his way.

  • Screeminmeeme

    One wonders what would have happened had someone in the theater had a gun. Although the killer was armed to the teeth and protected by riot gear, maybe an experienced shooter could have taken him out.

    Sadly, we'll never know.

    • Walt

      It seems that CineMark Theatres has a strict "No Firearms" policy. This is a good example - the law abiding citizens complied with the law and the criminal ignores it. This is what happens when you blame guns for crime instead of people.

      • icemancold


        • chester1818

          So, boycott these places.

        • icemancold

          Chester1818: Any place that has a sign that says no fire arms allowed does not see a penny of my money as there are places that welcome fire arms and I would rather shop where I feel safe. I do not feel safe in the WEAPON FREE SAFETY ZONES AS THESE ARE MAGNETS FOR NUTCASES BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY ARE SAFE THERE.!!!

        • chester1818

          icemancold; exactly my position but I tire of people who believe as I do but do not back up their convictions with actions. Nationwide concealed carry is guaranteed by the 2nd and 4th amendments. Private property owners can make their own rules. Then we should boycott those who prohibit concealed carry. The tragedy in Colorado could have been prevented or stopped if people had ccw and the know-how to use a weapon as in the Gainesville FL incident with the 71 year old hero.

      • Sam in NC

        Yep !

      • Rob

        Excellent point ! and by the way, how is it that this nut job was allowed in the thrater in riot geat and not pulled aside and checked????

        • demoncratwatch

          Don't you remember the sign "GUN FREE ZONE'' thus that is all the protection needed, RIGHT???
          These business owners who prohibit citizen for being able to defend them selves should be boycotted at the very least and sued each time there is an incident of injury from violence on their premises !!!

    • Don Rorschach

      Thank goodness the killer had an assault rifle with a 100 round magazine because that huge magazine jammed causing the assault rifle to stop firing and he had to revert to his pistol and shotgun.

      • Michael g.

        One small correction. If the assault rifle (so called) was an AR-15 there are no 100 round magazines that would fit this type of weapon. The only one that I know of fits an out-of-date Chinese rifle (only in .22 caliber), or an old Thompson sub-machine gun. 100 round magazines are not carried as a rule because of the weight involved. Try picking up 4 AK mags (loaded) and you'll see what I mean. That amount of weight is almost prohibitive. Plus the fact that he had a shotgun and a couple of pistols. He must have been weighed down by so much ammunition that it would get rather ridiculous.
        Whether the rifle jammed or just ran 'dry' nothing has been stated (that I'm aware of). But one well-placed round from even a .22 would have cut his motor and put an end to all this.
        Too bad there wasn't someone there so armed...

    • Sam in NC

      Blow his feet off.

    • Warren Parr

      That point was made by a gun nut in Texas about the Luby shooting she ( would later become a NRA members and lobby that if she had a gun at Lubys she would have been a hero and saved everyone.) and a lot of fools in Texas who don;t know the facts of life or of war. voted for the evil Bi***
      The problem is folks who never been in combat do not under stand war is not like the movies and friendly happens much more than the military would have you believe
      No one knows what would happen when the bullets fly as it is today in any fire fight in Afghan . Or now at your local movie theater Thanks to that Bi*** and the NRA.

      • NM Leon

        While it's true that until you've experienced it you can't know what your reaction to combat will be, or if you will even be able to shoot back, you can be 100% certain that you won't shoot if you are not armed.

    • dad666

      Even if he was wearing body armor, One hit sould have inflicted a great deal of pain and probably immobilized him for a short period of time allowing more to escape or time for someone to disarm him. Sadly thanks to Theater policy, superceeding state and federal law, we will never know. A few 9mm's in the vest would hurt him and possibly make him Flee.

    • Peter Propwash

      Not much armor below the waist Just a 22 round between the upper thighes wound take him down fast, and also prevent him from reprodusing.
      The other cons would also find a use for him

      • NM Leon

        Nope, he was reportedly wearing kevlar helmet, neck protector, vest, arm shields, groin protector, and leggings. A shot to the face would still have done the trick though.


      That would have been me. That gentleman in Florida didn't waste anytime shouting "halt" at the two thugs. He shot them both as it should be. The two villians ran out to the hospital where they were arrested. That gentleman is 63 years old, and a good shot too. Those poor people in Australia got the shaft when they took their guns away. Their crime wave jumped sky high almost immediately. When the foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II signs that gun control with the UN, there will be a bullet waiting for the blue sucker when he comes to take my guns away from me.
      USAF (RET)

  • Harvey1

    People are missing the reason for government gun restrictions. It is all about the peasants not being able to stop government implementation of unconstitutional demands and laws that will destroy our freedom. A defenseless population is like a herd of sheep. Our founding fathers knew we had to have guns to prevent the government from having total control of a defenseless people.
    "From my cold dead hand"

    • jazzpast

      Mitt Romney has banned more guns than any liberal in Office! When Mitt Romney ran against Sen. Edward Kennedy in Massachusetts in 1994 he backed strict gun control and strongly opposed gun rights and the NRA! Mitt Romney as governor of Massachusetts signed the first permanent state BAN on guns! Mitt Romney signed the first state permenant Ban on guns,---- nation-wide!

      • Warren Parr

        Very happy to hear that as I didn't want to vote for Obama and will vote for Mitt if is is not a member of the NRA a bunch of gun loving freaks who say they are pro life. The NRA and congress members make money off the sale of guns and ammo so they support massacres

        • jazzpast

          Well Mitt Romney would be the one you would want to vote for he is a GUN GRABBER a DRAFT DODGER and COWARD!

        • Roger Meyer

          Is the documentation for those charges also sealed with Obama's birth certificate and school records?

        • Sandidad

          Warren, you better hope Americnas don't lose their 2nd Amendment. Our founding fathers understood why the 2nd Amendment was required to maintain and to remain a Republic. Do you want America to be like Cuba or some other dictatorship? If you do, move there and leave patrotic Americans alone.


          Sir, please tell me the truth; do you love automobiles, kitchen knives, chain saws, electric and porable hand drills, hammers, frying pans, baseball bats, ball-point pens, pencils, clothing, shoes, meteor rocks, water, beer, etc.? I can use any of the above to kill you sir, so why are you so upset about guns? By the way, a large number of U.S. Representatives are members of the NRA as I am. Would you like to kill me for being a member?

        • Roger Meyer

          Gun loving freaks are the reason that you are not still a Subject of the Queen.

        • Californicatedbyliberals

          All politicians change with the wind, if it's strong enough. You can bet that if an anti gun position will cost Mitt over 80 million votes he will fall in line with the Second Amendment, and or join the NRA or pay the price. Which guns exactly did Mitt supposedly ban forever in Mass. anyway?

      • fridihem

        Now that is wierd, Mitt banning guns, and yet he is all set to go to war with Iran, just because they are different

        • Granny J

          Are you kidding? Different? You mean, because they brag that they are going to wipe us and Israel off the face of the earth? You mean different because their women are subservient and have no rights except those allowed by their husbands? You mean different because they mutilate their daughters? Because they force their women to wear burkas, hijabs? They sure are different, but if you like that, why not go live there, but don't forget that you have to convert to Islam if you haven't already or they will kill you before they get to us. I haven't read anything factual about gun bans in MA, but believe me, I will. I don't let turkeys tell me that Thanksgiving's over without checking first.

        • Roger Meyer

          Iran is CERTAINLY different. Heads rolling off of innocent victims on TV. Nuclear plants turning out weapons grade plutonium. Statements that Israel should be erased from the face of the Earth. Yes that is different.

        • fridihem

          They are years away from producing a whats the problem, funny that the USA can have 1000s of them and nobody questions your rights...........stuck up pigs that you are

      • Delores109

        Whatever you claim MITT ROMNEY did, Senator Edward Kennedy was most likely swimming back to his motel room after his mistress was dumped in his car under water at Chappequidick, Massachusetts. He reported the accident to the police IN THE MORNING. MITT ROMNEY is the only candidate who can and WILL defeat Obama. Obama is shaking in his boots at the thought of debating MITT ROMNEY. JAZZ, it's time to pick up your food stamps.
        Delores Smith

        • jazzpast

          Mitt Romney as governor of Massachusetts signed the first permanent state BAN on guns,---nation-wide! RINO Romney has BANNED more guns than any liberal Democrat in Office! We know what Mitt Romney is a FAKE, ESTABLISHMENT, POSER and ELITIST, FLIP FLOPPING, PHONEY that stands for nothing! Lady nobody is afraid of RINO Romney the DRAFT DODGER and COWARD! Romney is a liberal scumbag!

        • Delores109

          You are the scumbag. Give your vote to Obama. You deserve him. If you cannot see through Obama on your own, no one will get you there. Continue to get your freebies. Food Stamps are being set up for illegals in Mexico. Do not contact me again. I am busy making certain that MITT ROMNEY is our next President. He can and WILL defeat Obama.
          Delores Smith

        • jazzpast

          If you can't handle the truth then don't post on me! Joeseph Smith the creator of the mormon religion was a criminal, whoremonger and polygamist with over 27 wives! Many say over 60 wives! Mitt Romney is nothing but a Godless mormon CULT leader! No Christian would vote for an evil man like Romney! A VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY IS A VOTE FOR SATAN!

        • Delores109

          So, that's what it is all about. You are a Christian, but so am I. You never had 60 wives, and it upsets you. Islamists are planning to assassinate all Christians, because we are infidels. Sir, using the word loosely, I did not post ON you. You are NOT really a Christian. You are filled with HATE.
          Delores Smith

        • jazzpast

          You shouldn't worry about Islam or Muslims the LDS, CULT church in Utah isn't that different from the Muslim religion. Both religions started out pushing polygamy! I don't hate anyone! I hate evil! Ye that love the LORD, hate evil.. Psalm 97:10
          And yes you posted on me and attacked me first! Anyone that would vote for a Godless LDS, CULT leader isn't a Christian and no morals! You sound like a Godless mormon!

        • Delores109

          I promise not to contact you, but you are NOT a true Christian. At least your Lord is not the same as mine. You are a very weak person, and you are very filled with HATE. My Lord gave me a FREE WILL. He expects me to use my FREE WILL to make good choices. He does not expect any of us to just to read the Bible, and allow the Bible to think for us. The Bible was written by man. I guess you expect me to sound like a robot. My Lord does not expect that of me.
          Delores Smith

        • jazzpast

          The Bible is the Word of God! It's like Rev. Franklin Graham said, Mitt Romney is not a Christian! Mitt Romney isn't part of the Judeo Christian faith! Mormon believe in a lot of weird things Christians don't accept theologically!
          And mormonism is a religion created by Joeseph Smith! I could care less what a Godless person like you thinks about me! Oh and me,-- I found Him whom the prophets spoke of and ever since I found Him it has been joy, joy, joy!
          I found the LORD Jesus Christ and what I found was real!

        • Delores109

          I am writing to wish you well. Are you aware that when Christians read the Bible, it up to each Christian to get his or her own comprehension from the words that have been written? If I read anything in the Bible that I believe is not going to make me a "good" person, I dismiss it. That is my FREE WILL. My Lord expects that of me. I know in my heart that Obama and Soros are pure EVIL. I also know that MITT ROMNEY can and WILL defeat Obama. I have made my choice. I will stand with any religion that is persecuted. You, Jazz, are persecuting Mr. Romney.
          Delores Smith

        • jazzpast

          Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama are LIARS that LIE about LYING! With the choice of Mitt Romney or Obama the United States is screwed! Your not my judge and jury! You were writing to wish me well ha, ha, ha!!

        • jazzpast

          Salvation is to be gained by trust in God through Christ and not by Joeseph Smith or any other man, rituals, sacrements or penances of any church.
          The teachings of the LORD Jesus Christ should be taught out of the Bible not the book of mormon written by Joeseph Smith!

        • jazzpast

          The Bible is the Word of God! And like Rev. Franklin Graham said, Mitt Romney isn't a Christian! Romney is not part of the Judeo Christian faith. Mormon believe in a lot of weird things Christians don't accept theologically! Mormon is a religion created by a man Joeseph Smith! I don't care what a Godless person like yourself thinks about me. And as for me, I found Him whom the prophets spoke of and ever since I found Him, it has been joy, joy, joy in my life!
          I found the LORD Jesus Christ and what I found is real!

      • Rob

        Maybe, but you can still get a concealed carry license in Mass., if I'm not mistaken, and you don't have to have some outrageous reason to want one like in Californicatedbyliberals. This state would rather report innocent victims of gun crimes that report how a victim saved their life and or that of a family member because they were legally armed. "When seconds count the police are only minutes away"

        • jazzpast

          Who cares what you think you GUN GRABBING, TRAITOR! Second Amendment voters won't support RINO Romney the scumbag! People like you would give all our rights away we might as well be living in RUSSIA!

        • Ed Scott

          Jazzy, I bet you are a Ron Paul nut!

        • NM Leon

          Nah, just a stealth Obama supporter.

        • jazzpast

          I bet your full of BS! I always voted Republican! RINO Romney never was a Republican, conservative or Christian! Real Christians and Republicans won't vote for your Socialist scumbag Romney!


        Sir, for this and other reasons I've always said; " I don't trust Mitt Romney!"
        USAF (RET)

        • John

          Sarge, I don't trust either candidate on the gun control issue, but we are forced again to vote for the candidate who is likely to do us the least harm, and that candidate is NOT Barack Hussein Obama.

        • Taos_Trapper

          Good post John.. It's either Obama or Romney. Between the two I'll take Romney!


          John, to a certain extent I agree, but I rather have Ron Paul in the lead for the U.S. Presidency because Ron Paul is a devout U.S. Constitionalist and a patriot, and these qualities are very important to me as well as other American patriots.
          USAF (RET)

      • Roger Meyer

        Show us the documentation, or is it sealed like Obama's records?

    • KarenWI

      Excellant Harvey, well put.

    • Moose251

      50 Round magazine are not used by the Military. They should be outlawed

      • ErSwnn

        And you know this how? Have you ever seen the ammo can hanging off the side of a 50 cal machine gun? The reason you don't see 100 round Beta-Mags on M-16s is only because they are heavy and therefore cause inaccurate fire. But for suppessive fire, such magazines ARE used If they ever find a way to make 5.56 rounds lighter I assure you they will pack them into bigger magazines.

      • NM Leon

        Typical liberal ignorance.

        The weapon can be fed from a loose belt, separate belt boxes, or clip-on ammunition pouches for 100 rounds.

      • Roger Meyer

        I used one on my M14 because I had a friend that sent me one. It sure was nice to have the extra firepower when it counted.
        I will say that it wa a little heavy and upset the balance of my weapon, but I could deal with that.

      • pointman49

        Pray tell Moose251, where did you ever get that erronious info?? Hilary & B-Ho?? High capacity magazines got their beginning in WW1 & by WW2 nations were supplying their troops w/ever increasing capacity magazines. (mostly Russia) w/100 round 'drum' mags. Our troops faced them in Korea & VietNam & I was in V'Nam & we face them still in every corner of the world.It seems to me the majority of people whom speak against guns have absolutely no 1st hand knowledge of them @ all. They simply 'parott' what that hear from their liberal media. Every time I hear a reporter or some unknowledgeable citizen state that so & so fired an automatic weapon, they don't know what they are talking about. Just because a rifle or shotgun has a capability of firing more than 5 rounds, does not make those firearms automatics. Each of those weaons are 'single shot' weapons. That means that the weapon fires only one 'round' per trigger pull, no more no less, period. Yes they can sqeeze that trigger in succession but if it is a 50 round capacity that means the trigger must be pulled 50 times. Understand that concept?? Such weapons are known as "Semi-Automatics"~1 pull=1 round~!~every time. Full automatic weapons are extremely controlled in this Nation & have been since the Great Depression. Criminals are very, very hard pressed to get their hands on them because of such controls. That does not mean a person w/a good fundemental background in weapon nomenclature cannot convert a 'semi-auto to full-auto, one can. The last time I knew of criminals actually using fully automatic weapons was that incredible bank robbery in Los Angeles many years ago. They used full automatic AK 47s & the LAPD was totally underpowered to deal with them. Why, because they did not have weapons of that capability. THEY DO NOW~!!~~MOOSE do yourself a favor, don't be so gullible of everything that is spouted by this national media. Anymore, their sole purpose is to control your ability to rationalize intelligent thought. To be informed is to be armed~!

    • Michael g.

      That is exactly why I'm an AK wussie...

  • jazzpast

    When Mitt Romney ran against Sen. Edward Kennedy in Massachusetts in 1994 he backed gun control and was strongly opposed to gun rights and the NRA! Mitt Romney signed the first permanent state gun ban in the nation while he was governor of Massachusetts! You want to keep your guns I wouldn't vote for RINO Romney!

    • Jim

      So we should vote for the socialist Obama? No thank you.

      • jazzpast

        Mitt Romney is a SOCIALIST too! RINO Romney is worse than whats in Office now! Don't disscuss the facts about RINO Romney is you can't handle the truth about him!!

      • jazzpast

        I sure won't vote for the Socialist Mitt Romney who is worse than Obama!

    • Walt

      I don't think that most people like Mitt Romney however, they will vote for him just because they dislike Obama more.

      • jazzpast

        No Second Amendmant voter that wants to keep his gun rights will vote for your GUN GRABBING TRAITOR RINO Mitt Romney!

    • Are You Serious

      He supported a ban on assult weapons only. Most reasonably thinking people would agree that there is no civilian needs an assult weapon.

      • jazzpast

        Like I said RINO Romney has BANNED more guns than any liberal Democrat in Office! Mitt Romney isn't a Republican and never was! RINO Romney is worse than whats in Office now!

      • pete

        look if you do not have a modern fire arm then you will be out gunned by the bad guys, just like the cops were back in the early 1980s,before getinng semiautos. I still think romney will follow the will of the people after all he wants to leave a legacy and I think he would like to be remembered like Ronald Wilson Reagan God rest his soul.

    • Don Rorschach

      Then, who would you recommend we vote for? Barack Hussein Obama, our Muslim/Communist president is trying to outlaw all guns in America through a United Nations Treaty right NOW!!!!!

      • jazzpast

        Well voting for someone like RINO Romney isn't going to help the United States at all! Mitt Romney has BANNED more guns than any liberal Democrat in Office!

      • jazzpast

        No body is trying to take my guns! I think that UN, BS is a load of crap! Obama hasn't pushed any anti-gun legislation! RINO Romney has BANNED more guns than any liberal Democrat in Office!

    • Robert Courtney

      Stop it, that isn't going to get it done. YOU know better.
      It's NOT Romney being voted for, it's Obama being voted against. Simple as tjhat.
      Romney will be controlled by a Republican Congress and the Conservative base. There will be NO Controlling Obama, especially on his 2nd term when he has NO constraints.
      He WILL do every thing possible to take the guns from citizens.
      And Folks, we are about to find out what a LIAR Obama is on July 27th, when he signs the UN Treaty on gun sales.
      From there, it will be an EO getting citizens to register every gun in the house until/IF he gets re-elected.
      Then it will be illegal to have a gun by Treaty Law, which negates a Constitutional Amendment, even if the Congress does not vote to ratify it.
      Until they do, it's LAW.
      And if we have a Democrat Senate after Nov, they will NEVER bring it to the floor. 4 years later, no guns.
      Watch and see.
      Anyone actually believing this Socialist troll about Romney, shame on you.
      And Jizz, you Sir, are a Buffoon.

      • jazzpast

        Mitt Romney is worse than Obama and anyone voting for Mitt Romney is a TRAITOR and GUN GRABBER! Sorry you can't handle the TRUTH!

    • pete

      you will vote for romney and you will feel good about defeating obama.

      • jazzpast

        Not in this lifetime! I'm not voting for someone worse than what's in Office now! Why vote for a Socialist GUN GRABBING scumbag like RINO Romney when we have a Socialist scumbag in Office now!

  • Ihatelibs

    I will kill any commie lib that even tries to take my guns.

    • fridihem

      Give me your address, and I can try..............see if you are tough or just a wussie

      • Michael g.

        Well, I'm an AK wussie... But then I wouldn't try me...

    • Warren Parr

      Why are you threading we people who want to live in a civilized world?
      Are you the next gun nut to murder people for your god the Gun?

      • dad666

        Absolutely not but you better not try to inflict your warped ideals on me either since that will incur my wrath.

      • NM Leon

        I didn't see a threat at all. It was a warning. The difference in meanings between the two words is significant.

      • Sarg

        This kind of talk get out of hand in a hurry.
        Just because people own guns dose not make them some kind of nut.
        I instructed marksmanship for a lot of years starting with kids both boys
        and girls age 12 to 16.
        I don't know how many for sure but I know it's well over one hundred.
        Not one of them have ever shot up a movie,church,school,or mall.
        There's crazys running crying,ban guns,they should go to a local
        shooting range with a qulified instructor and see how much fun
        you can have punching holes ib a paper target.
        Everyone should try it at least once before making any noise about
        banning guns.


        Mr. Warren Parr, I don't think any of us will ever get through to your fantasies; so why don't you move to another part of the world where your dreams might exits and leave us American patriots to live and enjoy our Founding Fathers dreams of liberty and freedom and the right to pursue our Second Amendment? In the United States of America, we are a civilized nation with a beacon light that shines hope for other nations. Like Gordon Sinclair once said; "The Americans are the most generous and possibly the least-appreciated people in all the earth." So you see Warren, we are the most civilized nation in the world in spite of a few gun plays.
        USAF (RET)

    • Peter Propwash

      easy to say, A condemend man may laugh at the judge but cry when he sees the rope.
      If it comes dowm to it I hope I have the guts to resist, I think I do but I have not yet seen the rope

      • Roger Meyer

        I have. It is not pretty but it is something that you can learn to force into the back of your mind for a while. When the gunsmoke clears and the firefight is over, the rope is still there but you realize that it does not have to control you.

    • Michael g.

      And any others too!

  • thomas long

    hillary and obama the biggest domestic threat to the usa and americans

    • Warren Parr

      Why because they want a civilized world . It is time to grown up and stop dreaming about the gun fight at the O.K. coral . and you becoming a hero ( unless you get shot )

      • flatcreek


      • Granny J

        Obviously there is a disconnect between your brain and the information in the story above. It's not the guns that kill's evil people who kill people, and they won't be unarmed even if we are. I hope never to have to defend myself, but I couldn't swing a baseball bat hard enough to disable a would-be rapist, theif, etc. Pepper spray doesn't stop just makes them madder. If somebody really wants to kill you, there are numerous ways, but the easiest (and because criminals are the laziest) is to use a gun. It's the most intimidating weapon, and next is a knife I would think. However, if I picked up a kitchen knife against a gun-toting burglar or rapist, I'd defnitely lose. I don't intend to ever be a hero, but I intend to protect my life and that of an unarmed person who may be with me if there is no other alternative. Let me tell you something, Sonny: Many years ago we managed an apartment in a southern city while my husband was active duty military. An ex-Marine, whose wife and two children lived in the apartments, had been committed to an institution for the mentally disturbed. His mother signed him out for a visitation with his family and somehow he fell between the cracks and wasn't picked up. A few days later I awoke to hear a sickening noise that kept repeating and woke my husband, who is a big guy. Another resident also heard the commotion also went out to see what was going on. They discovered this ex-Marine standing on the second floor landing using his daughter's head as a battering ram against the door because his wife had locked it after taking off to a neighbor's apartment while the children were sleeping. She wasn't wrapped too tightly, either, but figured her husband wouldn't harm the children. Both would-be rescuers were unarmed against this maniac, so my husband tried to talk him down, but instead he threw the little girl's body down onto the ground below, and then threw his 5-year old son on top of her. The little girl died, and the boy had severe head trauma we found later on. Being good and decent men, the only thing they could do was grab the garden hose at both ends and go to the bottom of the stairs while he was ranting and try to coax him down while I called 9-1-1. It took six men -- two civilians and four policemen to subdue this fellow and get him into a straitjacket. The perp actually was able to get out of the restraints by dislocating his shoulder and was loose in the back of the police vehicle. They had to spray him to get him out of the vehicle. If either my husband or the neighbor had a gun, he would never have "copped a plea" before he went to trial for aggravated murder. He merely was sent back to the institution and supposedly to be rehabilitated. By the way, his mother was out on bail for drugs and larceny conviction. Sometimes justice is just too long in coming. Am I armed now? Guess.

        • USN779RET


        • sa wilson

          USNRET. 1971-1993, Vietnam & Desert Storm Veteran.
          Too much talk and not enough action!
          You see all of the service stations that are run by ragheads. You see all of the stores that have them as managers. You see the influx of muslim crap entering this country and given businesses and funds that they dont have to pay back. And they are exempt from taxes while here.
          Do you not see what is happening. Remember the service member who was denied service at a station owned by a raghead, right here in the good ole USA. Google it if you haven't seen it. The enemy is already here and nothing is being done about it. Voting isn't going to help at this point. Every Military Service and Law Enforcement person took an oath to protect the Constitution from ALL enemies, both foreigh and DOMESTIC.
          SO WHEN DOES THE WAR BEGIN????????????????
          Or do we just sit around until it is already LOST?

        • jdvier

          When they outlaw guns I will be and outlaw.

      • Tod

        You are an idiot and will probably vote for Oposter again, right?

      • MxQuist

        It's time for you to grow up and realize the world as it is. Hiil and O want a civilized world, so they are working on a treaty with the UN to have a law against owning firearms with Iran head ACKmajididat as an overseer? Heard or read about THAT? A civilized wprld is one where no one thinks to do unto others that which they would do unto themselve--or not do. History has shown, that as long as there are at least two living people on this Earth, there will be conflict, and the one who percieves him(her)selve superior, will do whatever is in their ability and availability to press their preception to whatever detriment to others.
        The only "civilized" nation is one where the public is well able to defend themselves against any oppressive force, foreign or domestic.
        Keep your powder dry, folks.

      • Mark Barnes


      • Peter Propwash

        I have not killed anybody sense being ordered to by the government in VietNam. I own a gun

      • MxQuist

        It's time for you to grow up and realize the world as it is.
        Hil and O want a civilized world, so they say, so besides trying to civilize us with oppressive and overreaching new rules domestically, they are working on a treaty with the UN to have a law against owning firearms in the United States (as well with all other participating UN members), with Iran head ACKmajididdat as one of the overseers...
        Heard or read about THAT?
        Let's me sleep better at night...NOT!
        A civilized world is one where no one thinks to do, or not do, unto others that which they would do, or not do, unto themselves. This is, sorry to say, a completely unrealistic hope. If history has shown us anything, it is that as long as there are at least two living people on this Earth, there will be conflict, and that the one who percieves him(her)self superior, will do whatever is in their ability and availability to press their preceptions onto their percieved subordinate to whatever unconcerned detriment to the other.
        Let's face it, the only "civilized" nation is one where the public is well able to defend themselves against any oppressive force, foreign or domestic.
        Sound familiar?
        Keep your powder dry, folks.
        (if this post twice, sorry, but it is because my first attempt seemed to disappear, but this one is grammatically more accurate, and slightly expanded)

      • ace

        Obama and the Democrats are the ones that want an uncivilized world for sure .


        Sir, it appears that you are living in a dream world yourself. For your information, as long as dictatorship with the lust for power exists in the world, and the existence of villianly, there will be no peace in the world. So get your guns ready for your own self protection buddy, villianly and dictatorship is still here on earth. Why do suppose they are trying to disarm the American people? Do you honestly believe in this propaganda for a New World Order? I promise you this; I will fight to the death in defense of the United States' sovereignty against all foreign and domestic enemies. Can you take that?
        USAF (RET)

        • Roger Meyer

          I also took and REMEMBER that OATH!!

        • victoryman

          "New World Order?" Sounds familiar. Didn't a fellow in Germany in the 30's spout the same rhetoric? You are right, Sergeant, our first responsibility is to protect ourselves and our families. We must also protect the Constitution - one of the greatest documents ever written. Read it and understand it. There are those among us who would shred this sacred document. Without the Second Amendment there will be no First Amendment. Obama and Hillary want to backdoor the repeal of the Second Amendment via the UN followed by ratification in the senate. There are probably enough traitorous "Republicans" to support such a move. The democrats would vote in lockstep on this. If the democrats add to their majority in the senate in November.....I leave it to your imagination. If obambi is re-elected you will see, among other things, gun control - probably through heavy restrictions on ammo purchases. No need to go door to door to confiscate weapons. Obama has stated that if congress doesn't adopt his agenda, he will continue to govern via executive orders. He already has all the control he needs, "In case of a national emergency." I must ask, Is our own "Reichstag Fire" in our near fuure?
          Our worst enemy is our own apathy.
          Veterans: Please check out the "Oath Keepers."
          God Bless. (Are we still allowed to say that?"

        • kid721952

          If obama thinks he can't win with votes,he will either steal the election or DECLARE MARTIAL LAW which leaves the presiding president in office until the declaration is resolved which could last for years.obama already has civilian troops training on the streets in south carolina and st.louis in armored vehicles plus 20,000 russian troops training in the northern United States.If that happens,there will be NO ELECTION and if obama stays in the white house THERE WILL BE NO MORE ELECTIONS PERIOD,he will be in there for life,DICTATOR of the UNITED STATES.

        • victoryman

          Kid721952, obama has stated publicly that he wants a 100,000 strong "Civilian" force as well trained and equipped as the militayr. With the Occupy animals, the SEIU and assorted union thugs, ACORN - which still exists and is funded, etc. he'll have his 100,000. Somewhere, a factory is busy producing brown shirts. Hitler's original SA (Like the 100,000) was full of and run by thugs. Let's see.......thousands of drones flying over our houses, 450 million rounds of .40 cal. hollow point ammo contracted for by the Department of Homeland Security, high ranking military officers meeting with police forces to see, "How they can act together," military manuevers in midwest cities and practice "Amphibious landings" in Florida - all without the knowledge or approval of pocal officials, etc. The most frightening words we can hear today are, "It can't happen here." Unfortunately, it already has.

        • goldenrog

          "Are we still allowed to say that?" Until the saints of God all go home!

        • JimRed

          " I will fight to the death in defense of the United States' sovereignty against all foreign and domestic enemies."
          When the most dangerous domestic enemy is also the commander in chief, our military folks are put into a tough situation. Mutiny because it is the right thing, but risk career, freedom and even life itself.

        • John Hunter

          In slavery there would be no career anyway.
          So whether or not they disobey 0 buma
          their career is at risk.


          When it comes to defending our country and the U.S. Constitution... no risk is too great, and I pray our military leaders see it in the same light.
          USAF (RET)

        • Phillip in TX

          They will not be risking any more than the rest of us. Each person needs to find out where they stand. I already know where I stand.


          JimRed, I wrote to the U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, the Senate, the U.S. Congress, and asked; "What is the role of our U.S. Military Leaders when they swore an Oath to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? To this date, no one had the guts to give me an answer.
          USAF (RET)

      • Debbie Bartlett

        Did you not read the article and see that G.B.'s Gun Control laws have not made them a more "civilized" world....Also, you need to read up online about Australia's results since establishing their gun control laws! Want a more civilized world, establish a law that every Legal, Lawful, Sane citizen must carry a firearm for their and their family's safety!

        • John Gordon

          I wholly agree, having done a thesis on this subject around the world I found that the more intense the gun control the the higher the gun violence and the more brutal the use of force against LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. The issue at hand isn't do guns kill, it's do the lawless respect the laws. Until you are willing to address the issue you will continue to script laws that will create more victims while empowering and emboldening the lawless.

        • John Hunter

          God and guns = Freedom
          No God no guns = slavery

        • Phillip in TX

          Along the same lines:

          Armed individual = Citizen
          Unarmed individual = Subject

      • Roger Meyer

        I am a Vietnam Veteran and I carry a gun. I have been accosted by a group of young "ethnic" youths while in the bathroom at a Golden Corral in Miami. The only thing that saved my life was when I pulled out my little derringer and asked "which two of you want to die?".
        If I waited for police to protect me I would be dead because noone even knew this was ocurring. Sometimes you have to take responsibility for yourself, even if it means using a gun.

      • lara

        the bad guy always get the guns...

      • Frank Davis

        And do you also believe that it is the policemen's job to protect you?

        • Ed Scott

          During Hurricane Katrina, the Police in the building across from the Superdome did not help anyone in the Superdome being beaten, raped and robbed because they were outnumbered. The Police stayed right where they were and protected themselves. You are correct about not waiting for the Police.

        • John Hunter

          The police can not protect you. The best they can do
          in most cases is to make an investigation after the

      • Ed Scott

        The only way you will get your dream civilized world is when you give up every freedom you have, and judging from your comments above, you are willing to accept the loss of freedom.

      • baryoboy

        u are either stupieed,or a commie, i think you are not stupied

      • gooseroot

        At least i'd get shot for standing up for what's right,not sitting back and letting some ILLEGAL (meaning odumbo ) try and step all over me and my rights.

      • Play Righter

        Take a few days and read "America Disarmed". For extra credit, delve into the 100+ pages of footnotes.

        Then come back here and tell us what you think about the future of our rights.

      • Old Curmudgeon

        An armed society is a polite society...

    • Dan

      This is a good summary of the Hillary/ Obama gun treaty. Even of the US
      Senate fails to ratify--when other countries do it will result in
      registration of weapons imported from that country. Ok you can live
      without that $3500 Italian Shotgun. The treaty will set there
      forever--to be possibly ratified by some future senate with their hair
      on fire because some psychopath fucks up again. Just like National
      Health Care these gun controls have been tried in a dozen countries but
      only really work in China or N Korea--Cuba? But no failed socialist
      program is left out when this administration (or any Democrat) is ready
      to try them. Fail and try again looking for a different result is insane
      behavior. KInd of like asking that Blond at the Chrystal Pistol to
      dance 10 times w/o success (you know who you are)

      ALL of these mass shootings are by untreated psychotics. As a parent of
      a 50 year old man that has been sick for over 25 years--I know what is
      possible for good and bad results. Lock them up when they are not
      properly medicated and watch them closely in group homes -- for life.
      They don't get well. I am sure anxious to hear what the Batman killer's
      parents and schools really know about this guy. The gang shootings are
      usually just evil shitheads that need good law enforcement and judges
      that put them away--forever, and liberal use of that stuff that puts
      dogs to sleep.

      I have to do a rant like this every time one of these mass shootings
      happens. I don't want my guns taken and smashed -- leaving us
      defenseless because 1 or 2 % of the people are sick and need help. And
      we all know the gang bangers ain't got no guns legally--and wont give up

      Better pull that lever toward that R in Nov-- or start thinking about
      what Baby O will try in his next term.

      thanks for tuning in

  • thomas long

    impeach and deport the illegal alien obama now

  • Tony from ignoredrealityblog.c

    We do NOT need gun control We need POLITICIAN CONTROL, they are 100 MILLION times MORE dangerous to America. Guns do not kill people, they are only machines that are used by humans to kill. Politicians however are the most destructive things in this nation.

    • Larry N


      • ace

        AMEN !!

    • Michael g.

      Maybe if the politicians were deprive of the very things we want for our own defenses they might think twice about going the road that are so bent on going down.
      Think twice? who's kidding who?
      Probably not!

      • mg67

        You nailed it!!! If they were deprived of all the things they've already passed they'd be pissed. If all the laws that they pass and the bills they don't read before signing them had any impact on their lives, they'd read and understand how it affects the US citizens. When you're protected like they are, who would care? Look at "O"hoMao the president title holder and what he gets away with. If he had no job and was shunned by the president, he'd want something done to create jobs I'm sure. That's just on thing, the list's too long with this guy! Geithner and Holder for example, there protected by the mob boss with the title as president.

        • Jeff Horton

          WE need to find an congressman with the cahonies. That would put forth a bill that states. Congress shall be paid their retirement form SSI like everyone else. Second they are to be put in the government health care pool like everyone else will be. And have to go through the exact same scrutiny they everyone else will have to.

        • Phillip in TX

          No member of the House or Senate should be in office long enough to collect a "retirement!"

    • pi2r2

      Vote them out!

    • jazzpast

      I agree 100%!

    • BS Detector

      I fear an attempt of our own "Guberment" to take control away from us more than a foreign nation. They have to disarm us first and they know that as well as our Founding Fathers knew it. The second amendment is there for a reason.

      • kid721952

        Unfortunately,obama and hillary clinton are about to change that gun amendment by signing the UN small arms treaty combined with the vienna treaty signed in 1961 gives UN troops,who are made up of terrorist countries who want ALL AMERICANS DEAD,the power to DISARM ALL AMERICANS,CONFISCATE ALL FIREARMS which would leave Americans helpless to thieves,killers,rapists,pediphiles,gang members,drug dealers,kidnappers and worse,all third world countries and OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.obama and hillary clinton will be responsible for thousands of dead Americans and won't even bat an eye.The ONLY way to stop this is to vote OBAMA,HILLARY CLINTON,HARRY REID,JANET NAPOLITANO AND ERIC HOLDER OUT OF WASHINGTON and put somebody who BELIEVES in freedom,the American people and the American dream,but EVERY

        • nmgene

          The Dick act passed in 1902 voids any treaty that violates the Constitution. But the lefties dont care. They are the criminals and they dont obey the law. But they forget the 100 million plus known legal gun owners in the US. Most of which are either ex miliitary ex police or have been shooting and hunting since they were 12. It will be a short and bloody war that no one wants but the American Patriot has never lost a war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • nmgene

          Anyone who votes for an unconstitutional law or treaty has commited Treason and should be immediatly arrested and tried for treason, this includes all of the Damocrats and the rinos after the conviction we need a public hanging as a warning to the rest. The sleeping giant is awake and he is mad as hel#

        • ginger

          So, let's press charges against Hillary and crew.

        • fort9erdon

          Charging them with what? Operating within the loopholes in the law is not treason. Personally, I'd like to see EVERY democraat on Capitol hill, hauled out of Congress and shot, but can't do it simply because they "outmanuver" the republicans!

        • fort9erdon

          I'll tell you what the problem really is. Republicans are sissy's. They never learned how to "streetfight"! Mitt Romney is going to "blow" this chances, and with it the hopes, dreams and the future of al Americans, unless he learns how to get into the gutter with these democrat
          B A S T A R D S, and really fight! He is being way to nice, and is going down the same path to defeat that McCain did. ROMNEY, YOU BETTER LEARN TO PUT ON SOME BRASS KNUCKLES AND KICK THE CRAP, VERBALLY, OUT OF THAT LYIN POS in the White House. I wish, that during the televised debates, both you and Obama could wear lie detectors.

        • noelle2011

          romney is NOT going to do this. BOTH candidates are THE SAME AND ARE OWNED BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

        • fort9erdon

          You, sadly to say, may be right. I will tell you this though. The democrats will have us at the "One World Government stage" much faster than the republicans will. I believe Obama and McCain are far more alike than Obama and Romney. At least with Romney, there may be time to figure a way out. With Obama we do not have that luxury of time. If Obama is reelected, we are toast, ...... no turning back! If Obama is reelected, THERE WILL BE CIVIL WAR in this country during Obama's 2nd term. Personally, I think all is lost due to another problem this country has. That is the "politically correct" problem of respecting Islam as a religion. Until this country gets the guts to say the truth about Islam, that is: Islam IS NOT A RELIGION, NO, ISLAM IS AN AGENDA FOR WORLD DOMINATION. we are domed. In 40 years, Muslims WILL BE the majority in this country. When that happens, there will be no more Constitution, and Sharia law WILL BE THE LAW OF THE LAND! Obama vs. Romney is a small problem compared to whats coming down the road from Muslims!

        • goldenrog

          I imagine the civil war will be started by O so he can declare martial law and cancel the election, No more USA

        • Michael g.

          The USA will still be there; but not for Mr. Obama.

        • noelle2011

          there NEEDS to be a civil war!
          and we need to fight back against the bankers and wall st that are controlling BOTH parties
          the un HAS TO GO NOW!
          I do NOT think Romney is going to allow this to slow down, I truly believe that he will continue this march to one world govt more than we have now since hes backed by the people that want this so bad
          The only true way to stop this is to evicted BOTH parties and start order and RESTORE our constitution

        • charlie4cat

          You are exactly right. And these a-holes have been picking the candidates of BOTH parties for 100 years. Even Woodrow Wilson admitted it way back then.

        • Are You Serious

          Moron Alert !!!!!!

        • William

          You may want to get up to speed on Mr. Romney's previous positions on the issues. How is it anyone can expect Mr. Romney to stand up for Gun Rights when as a Governor, he signed legislation banning an entire class of firearms. Not too very long ago when he was asked would he have signed an extension on the now expired Assault Weapons Ban, his answer was yes.

          If "Conservative America" is resting it's hopes of restoring America upon Mitt "The Trojan Horse " Romney then all will be lost. Proof of any persons past actions can be used to determine future actions.

          Hind sight is 20/20. Conservative America had really better take notice of Mr. Romney's ever changing opinions on the issues.

        • kid721952

          You have 2 choices in november,obama,government control,socialism,one world government,NO FREEDOMS,NO RIGHTS,RE-EDUCATION CAMPS OR DEATH,NO PROTECTION FOR YOU,YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR BELONGINGS,probably sharia law and a living hell for all women,your wealth will be taken by the government,you will live the way the government wants you to live,rationed healthcare OR you can put romney in and see if he implements the programs he has talked about,WE KNOW WHAT OBAMA IS GOING TO DO TO AMERICA and I hope we learned by our mistakes and NOT GIVE HIM A SECOND TERM,there will be no more America if he gets back in.If you DON'T VOTE,OBAMA WINS.

        • azjen

          Ok, then Romney is a "The Trojan Horse", then what do you think that we could do about this whole mess legaly? I have heard more people express their dislikes about Romney & yet as long as they continue on with this, they are going to hand the election over to Obama. You have the Ron Paul folks who feel the only way to go is with Ron Paul. Excuse me...but R.P. isn't running for President of hte U.S. & I don't care how much they like him or how great they feel he is, this will not change the way things are headed. It all boils down to accepting Romney & I agree with Kid 7211952 that Romney has got to learn how to street fight. He has to stand up to these thugs & give them their medicine right back to them. Otherwise, we all need to get down on our knees & pray that Romney will win by being nice.

        • Tionico

          correction, Ron Paul IS still running for Presdient of the US. He IS on the ballot for the GOP conveintion, and has an amazing number of delegate votes. WHY have you not heard this? Because the mainstream press, and the "good ol boys" running the GOP don't WANT you to hear of it. WHY? It intgerferes with their perceived power hold. Once more, it is business as usual. If either Romnay or Obama becomes our next president, not much will change. LOOK at Romnay's track record... then look at Paul's. One of them is a laundry list of what's gone wrong with this nation in nearly every category. The other is a laundry list of what we need to restore to get back on track.

        • johnny u

          Romney has over the number of necessary delegates to have won as the Republican candidate. Ron Paul only has a few hundred delegates, not nearly enough. Yes, he could run as an Independent.and if he does it's stupid. Every vote for Ron Paul would be one less for Romney. They split the Republican vote and Obama walks in for his second term. Not too smart to recomend people not vote for Romney but rather vote for Ron Paul. Romney will do just fine, Obama is the one that must not win or God help all of us and our Country.

        • bobby

          I'm Sure Everyone in America " Gets It" when it Comes to Romney...But Are you Serious !!! If you Think That Obama Is A Better Choice, You Really Are Part of the Problem And Not the Cure..Romney ,,Not the Best Choice....But He Stinks Less Than B.O.......

        • Tionico

          so who says those are the ONLY two options? There is one working for the Republican party's nominationn who is absolutely and cmpletely committed to upholding the Second Ammend,ment right to arms, as well as all the REST of the Bill of Rights. He has a thirty five year record in the legislature to back up this strong position. Oh, but he is "unelectable". Some say "too old". Nonsense. Others, "to radical" Yes, radical means returning to the roots... HE believes firmly that the entire Constitutuion is STILL the law of this land, and is comletely committed to ruling according to THAT document as much a spossible.

          The two mainstream options are merely slightly different shades of the same wretched color. Ron Paul is very OTHER>.... so, there really are two choices.... more of the same old same old, the ruling elite ruling per the present status quo for at least another four years, or someone else who will do everything he can do to restore the rule of law.

          He has pledged to annul or repeal ObamaTax, end the rule of many FedGov agencies, including EPA, DofAg, the DEA, Energy, FDA, return to sound money and fiscal responsibility, turn around our insane national debt (ahd has a viable plan to DO that), return to having a strong military DEFENSIVE force, ending our self-assumed role as the world's policeman, and the list goes on.

          YOU decide.. more of the same garbage, or a man who wants to put us back on an even keel. Ron Paul is that man.... a rejectioni of him, and his ideas and values, IS a vote for Obomney, or Robama, or whatever name you want to give the status quo.

          He IS on the ballot for the Republican convention next month, and nas an astonishing number of delegates committed to giving HIM their votes.

        • fort9erdon

          Ron Paul is not a choice. He;s a cancer, an idiot, out of touch, naive, old, and did I mention stupid! Oh yeah, he believes in the Constitution, probably more than ANY OTHER CANDIDATE! But, his foreign policy would be a disaster, his ideas on the reality of warfare is just "stick your head in the mud, til they are banging on your door! EL TORO POO POO! Stop the enemy BEFORE they get to our shores. GET REAL! Ron Paul is a dumb, naive putz!

        • Don39

          We know Romney is not the answer to all our national issues, he is a temporary slow down of the decay. The Constituional Revolution temporarily on hold unless the winds shift dramatically! Unless we get the senate anti-constitutional viper pit cleaned out and replaced by Constitutional Conservatives. If we take every Senate election this cycle there are still traitorous RINOs left like Alexander, Graham, Collins, Milkowski, Brown, McCain etc.!

        • dad666

          We only have the choice of one or hte other. I will never vote for a dumocrap again no matter what. I don't agree with Romneys positions on several issues but at least he is NO OBOZZO OR A DUMOCRAP AND MAY BE ABLE OT TURN THIS STUPID COUNTRY AROUND.
          We also have to start to look at the dumocraps in the Senate and the House and clean them out. Then we may be able to put some reps in who will do what they are told by reminding them repeatedly that they are there because of WE THE PEOPLE. Not for some self seerving selfish reason. Next we need term limits, No more lifetime politicians.

        • Michael g.

          And he's PO'd!

        • carguy427

          The only way out is to vote for Romney and bring in a majority of Rep. Senators and keep the House republican to prevent him doing anything to reduce our freedom.

        • Lisa

          This is partially why I am so upset with my Republican "brethren". Of all of the candidates we had to choose from, Romney is who the Republican majority settled for. Ron Paul is looking better and better, every day!

        • fort9erdon

          Ron Paul is a worthless old putz, that would be a bigger disaster than Obama. And I absolutely hate Obama. Paul is so far to the right, he has swung all the way around to the left, if you can follow that thinking. Ron Paul would be my absolute last pick. You want 4 more years of Obama, then keep supporting Ron Paul, because Obama is what you will get.

        • tionico

          if the people of this nation, like you seem to be, are not smart enough or mad enough to VOTE for Ron Paul then we DESERVE four more years ot the kinyun. You have not read what Paul is representing. He is far from a worthless old putz...... he has a solid plan to restore this land to a stable course, and a thirty five year track record to back it up. I'll say it.. it is YOU who are not well informed. Get that way quick.. else we WILL find ourselves under four or more years of the status quo, headed off the cliff arguing over how hard to push on the brake treadle. Paul wants to grab the steering wheel and turn the stupid tin can round and ehad AWAY from the cliff. Please, go to hsi website and READ his positions. You want to ocntinue with funny money? Wars all over the world that we start but never will finish, until we lose against those enemies here on our own shores? Continue to radically increase government control snooping, intrusion into every area of our lives, rights tossed out the window at every bounce...... sure go ahead, vote Romney in.. IF you can. He's hardly a dimes different to the kinyun.

        • azjen

          I have heard this. In fact, I read about how he lost the delegates that he needed in NE in order to run on the GOP ticket. I have nothing against R.P. However, I feel that we have to accept the fact that there are 2 people runninng for President of the U.S. (Are you trying to say Kenyon when you write Kinyun?) Anyway that's besides the point. How is RP going to win? If you write his name in, you are giving a vote to Obama, the Kenyan. If you don't vote, the same thing applies. I applaud your enthusiasm, & yet the Fat Lady has finished singing. It's either Romney or Obama. Hope you make the right choice for this country. If we get Obama then I will know that it's people like you who have given their most precious vote away b/c they didn't get their way.

        • fort9erdon

          You are EXACTLY RIGHT! There are 2 candidates for president. Romney and Obama! Anyone else is merely a distraction from reality, and that includes Ron Paul, Donald Trump, and Mickey Mouse! Most people get that, and accept it. All except the bots. Them "standing on principle" is merely a tantrum, thrown because their guy lost. So now they feel they can hold the rest of the republican party hostage by saying that we, the majority, must flip our vote to them, the minority, or they will suck off enough votes to reelect Obama! We are suposed to cringe in fear, and capitulate to them, under threat of 4 more years of Obama. My response? "Hey bots, YOU will also get 4 more years of Obama"! Do whats right, ......... ANYBODY BUT OBAMA, and that "anybody" happens to be Romney this go round! Live with it. RP. ain't winning the white house.

        • azjen

          You betcha!! I have been getting quite a bit of mail from people who were for RP & like you pointed out, they simply cannot accept the fact that their candidate didn't win. Sour grapes if you ask me. As far as Romney goes, he wasn't my first choice & yet we need to move Obama & his pack out of OUR White House & if it means voting Romney into office, then so be it. If it were any other year, I would say to vote according to your own principles & yet this year is not the year to do that. Sorry RP fans, it simply isn't your year. Just don't be so stubborn that you will cut off your nose to spite your face. We need to work as a otherwords, think about what is best for your country & not for yourselves.

        • Danny Groat

          I think he meant "Kenyan". You both got it wrong...sheesh

        • Jennifer LaBonte

          Yes, you are right, Danny!! I guess I was so overtaken by Kinyin that I forgot how to spell it myself.

        • fort9erdon

          We will NEVER deserve 4 more years of Obama!

        • kennyalligood

          sadly the R's are no better ... without them there would have been no patriot act, NDAA, ect ... doesn't matter the letter behind their name... they are all corrupt and certainly not honorable as they feel everyone should refer to them as. strange ... I wonder how my boss would feel if I insisted on being referred to as honorable....

        • fort9erdon

          I stronly disagree. Yes, there are problem republicans, but NOTHING to the degree of the democrats. There ARE some republicans fighting to save our republic. There are NO democrats doing that. Democrat is just another name for liberal, communist, socialist or progressive. Any of those titles means the same thing! DICTATORSHIP!

        • kennyalligood

          we can certainly disagree but i think of marco rubio ... he was slated as the savior of the republic -- at least here in FL and still in the media. however, he has proven to be no better than all of those folks that pander to the zionist, neocon, warmongering agenda. that being to diminish the rights of Americans and our treasury for the good of israel. then i think of rand paul ... the tea party favorite and how he just completely endorsed romney ... and anti-everything that ron paul stands for. not sure what his reasons are or his ambitions but there are some very serious questions that need to be answered for a man that would abandon his own father and the ideals that he was raised on. so disagree if you must but power corrupts and it is inevidably the fault of we the people because we continue to allow these things to happen but voting in everyone of those folks that should actually be in courts now on treason and sedition charges.

        • fort9erdon

          OK, lets take your points, one at a time. 1. Marco Rubio. Is he even eligible to sit as president? I say "no" because of the same reason Obama is ineligible. So much is made of Obama not being a natural born citizen, because his father was not a citizen, and was a British subject. Rubio is in the same boat. He was born in Florida in 1971, but his parents didn't apply for citizenship until 1975, so he is not defined as a natural born citizen. 2. Israel. Like it or not, Israel is our ally, and a whole bunch of "Jew haters" don't like that. OK, you don't want to spend another dime on Israel, then cut off diplomatic relations with them, disavow any treaty we might have with them, but don't just abandon them, because it takes a few tax dollars to help defend them. I don't know where this prevelant notion came from that Israel is calling the shots in America came from, but whoever thinks that way has bought into a big load of crap, spread by other Jew haters. That tail (Israel) does not wag this dog (USA). 3. Why shouldn't Rand Paul endorse Romney? Whether YOU like it or not, whether the "bots" like it or not, Ron Paul WILL NOT BE THE NOMINEE, and anyone who continues to Support Ron Paul, simply aids and abbets Obama. Did you ever stop to think that maybe Rand Paul supports Romney, because Romney is THE ONLY OTHER VIABLE CANDIDATE, OTHER THAN OBAMA? Rand Paul is a realist, and obviously does not believe in whipping a dead horse, his dad, Ron Paul. The "bots" need to get real and accept the fact also, that the only way Ron Paul will EVER see the inside of the White house, is if he pays to take a tour with the other tourists. 4. Treason and sedition. The only reason many, especially those who have aided and abetted this usurping foreigner to occupy our White house have not done anything about him is due to fear! Everyone, literally EVERYONE with half a brain, knows and understands Obama is a fraud, is not eligible, but maintains his power through intimidation and fear. There are some extremely evil people behind the scenes pulling the strings for Obama, to be able to keep in fear, and intimidation 306, 000, 000 million people! Extremely powerful, and extremely evil.

        • noelle2011


        • el_loco_jp

          Don't be stupid. Without parties we can't tell what a candidate really stands for. What he/she says doesn't count 'cause all politicians lie and the most successful lie the most.

        • Phillip in TX

          "Without parties we can't tell what a candidate really stands for?" We do not need parties for that! Then you go on to say "what he/she says doesn't count . . . " So, we need the parties to find out what they stand for; however, they all lie so don't listen to them?

        • el_loco_jp

          The party will have a record where individual candidates won't. The party can't lie about it's history, Also similarly minded candidates will tend to aggrigate around each other in a "party". Try it youreself. What comes to mind when I mention Democrat or Republican or Socialist Workers Party or Tea Party. See what I mean.

        • Don39

          You are right. Americans need to reclaim the parties, clean them and restore some truthy and honesty to them. That can not happen without the demise of the liberal mainstream media and the restoration of the press. The embarrassment nof the current administrtation may do more to accomplish that in the end. An unintened consequence to be sure, but America grows weary of the leftstream propaganda machine and the likes of Mathews, Stephanopolis , Williams and the CNN socialist anti-American agenda, and the like, etc!

        • noelle2011

          so true! BOTH parties are corrupt!

        • Texana

          NO LOOPHOLE! They have committed treason against the United States of America.
          They are the "Enemy Within".
          We have an enemy force in occupation that must be eradicated.
          Save AMERICA!
          Will ANYONE help us?

        • fort9erdon

          OK, lets just talk about your post. Is it legal for the UN Small arms treaty to be put into effect WITHOUT A VOTE IN THE US SENATE TO RATIFY THE TREATY? Answer, YES! The Vienna treaty signed AND ratified in 1961 states than any treaty signed, by the Secretary of State, is to be respected and followed until one of 2 things happen. 1. rejected by the president. President Obama will never reject this treaty, as he WANTS gun control. 2. It must be honored until rejected by the Senate. OK, now Harry Reid controls the Senate, and also wants gun control. So, Harry Reid will never even all a vote in the Senate to ratify or not ratify. All he has to do is keep the vote from ever happenning, and the treaty is in force. Now, I'd call thst a legal loophole, and you might not like it, but it's the law, AND NOT TREASON! This is what realy P I S S E S me off about the republicans. They let the commie democrats out manuver them EVERYTIME! The dems are street fighters, with no rules. Republicans are just plainly wusses, and too nicey, nicey!

        • Texana

          All right then...
          "We TAKE the Senate!!"
          (They are, still, TRAITORS to AMERICANS!)

        • fort9erdon

          That IS the simplest way to defeat this thing, is to take control of the Senate, giving Harry Reid the big fat boot, getting a new republican leadr who

        • Don39

          I think you are wrong and that no treaty that has the effect of modifying the Constituion is valid until radified by the Senate and that includes the Vienna treaty! There is no time limit, if the Senate takes no action the proposed treaty smolders until it dies!

        • Michael g.

          Will anyone help us? Probably not. We may have to use the 'quick-and-dirty' method to get this straightened out.

        • Danny Groat

          Do you realize you just openly advocated MURDER of human beings because of their political party? I would retract that somehow if I were you, my friend

        • fort9erdon

          I know how you feel, but, Hillary and Obama WILL get this thing enforced, legally, without it ever being voted on in the Senate. There is one thing you must give democrats credit for. If there is a loophole, to worm a law through Congress, the dems will find it. They are loophole experts.

        • dad666


        • fort9erdon

          Sorry, your interpretation is incorrect. If Hillary signs the UN Small arms treaty, and if it is ratified by the Senate, due to the "Supremacy clause" in our constitution, it would in fact "override" the 2nd amendment. A second scenario, which is more likely, is that Hillary would sign the treaty, and because of the Vienna treaty, ratified in 1961, which says that "once the treaty is signed by the Secretary of state, it must be honored, until one of 2 things happen, one being is that the treaty is rejected by the Senate, or two, rejected by the President. After signing it, all the democrats have to do to make it law is for Harry Reid to never allow a vote on it in the Senate. You know Obama won't reject it, if Reid never allows a vote, then it in fact must be honored. It would remain in effect until some future date, when a republican president or a republican senate rejects it. But, the damage will all be done, the guns collected, Americans disarmed within Obamas next term if reelected. For this very reason, it is almost more important to capture the US Senate, than get the White house. If repubs control the house and the Senate, they can undo ANY executive order Obama signs,.

        • David

          The SCOTUS decision in Reid vs. Covert, 1957 specifically says that no treaty can override the rights guaranteed in our Constitution. Period.

        • fort9erdon

          BUT, the Supremacy clause of the Constitution says that an international treaty has the effect of amending the constitution, and is Supreme to the Constitution. To accept your definition would say that the constitution CANNOT be amended, to give up certain rights, That is wrong. The constitution has been amended over 25 times since it;s original signing, and an international treaty is one legal way to amend it. You can argue til the cows come home with wishful thinking, but a treaty can amend ANY provision of the constitution, including the 2nd amendment. By the way, that is why it is called the Supremacy clause of the constitution, because it grants international treaties "Supremacy" over particular parts, which in this case, sadly, it's the second amendment that will bite the dust. Don't need to argue back and forth, simply "google" US Constitution, Supremacy clause, and you will find out that in this case, Reid vs, Covert or anything else you wish to quote is overriddeen by the Supremacy clause.

        • Don39

          The supremacy law applies only after the Senate has ratified a treaty and it either goes unchallenged or it is challenged and upheld by the SCOTUS! Many treaties lay dormant for years, even when signed by a president if not so ratified! LOST is an example! Readers be careful who you listen to, do your due dilligence and do your own reserch. It took about 1/2 hour to pull up and read the red herring "Vienna Convention of 1961" and others to be sure I was right before mounting this challenge!

        • fort9erdon

          You are correct about the Supremacy clause applying after a presidential signature and Senate ratification. But, until a treaty, signed on to by our Secretary of state MUST be honored until one of two things happen, either rejected by the president, or rejeted by the Senate. If you are saying the Vienna treaty of 1961 does not apply, to a ttreaty such as this, you are sadly mistaken. The dems can simply play a game where they never bring it up for a vote in the Senate AMD/OR oBAMA NEVER rejects it, and until some new Senate or some new president comes along and changes it. IT WILL APPL:Y AND MUST BE HONORED, AND, until it is rejected it is covered by the Supremacy clause.

        • Don39

          The 1961 Vienna treaty has ZIP, ZERO, NADA to do with treaty ratification, Period! It deals with establishment of diplomatic relations, ONLY! You are out of your league. read my comments above and below, or click my profile to read my denouncement! It will not apply UNTIL RATIFIED! Like the 1969 treaty that actually deals with the subject of ratification and application THAT WAS NEVER RATIFIED! What is your game?


          Sir, you are wrong! The "Supremacy clause" you mentioned has been called "the linchpin of the Constitution." It means simply that when state laws conflict with national laws [not international] enacted within the powers granted to Congress, the national laws prevail. International laws from third world countries have no jurisdiction over the sovereignty of our nation or the Constitution of the United States of America. I hope this will have answered the interpretation of the "Supremacy clause."
          USAF (RET)

        • bigblackrussian

          So who in here is foolish enough to offer up their weapons??


          David, you are absolutely correct. That so-called UN treaty in the attempt to over-ride the U.S. Constitution and the surrender of the American people's sovereignty would be an act of War as far as I'm concern. I will never surrender nor be a subject of a third world nation, and much less the corrupted country club of the United Nations (UN).
          USAF (RET)..... A free subject of the United States of America!

        • john white

          Let's pray this won't be the war we lose-against our corrupt gov't.

        • Michael g.

          Oh boy! If that's true, then this 'Act' should be heavily applied. That would make any agreement this pack of fools comes up with.

        • jdvier

          Kid, they can radify and sign thiis treaty but enforcing it will be a whole other game. I believe that over 95% of LE and military will tell the powers to be to take a hike and not enforce this illegal order. That leaves the unions and the new black panther thugs. That will not be enough to do much. Then oidiot will call on the un and that will be an invasion.
          Take a look at the number of hunting licenses were issued last year. Then look at the number of guns the idiots in dc know about.
          If they try this there will be blood in the streets.
          I pray to God I am wrong but they keep pushing and we patriots will push back.

        • kid721952

          I'm hoping you are right,but it's going to take ALL OF US STANDING UP FOR OUR RIGHTS,OUR FREEDOM AND OUR COUNTRY,"'''' ALL AMERICANS ARMED AND READY TO DEFEND THIS COUNTRY TO THE DEATH""" from this man who believes in controling the American people,a dictator,if you don't obey you will be put in a re-education camp and you will conform to obama's commands or die,seniors will get NO HEALTHCARE,they are to old to save,the government will NOT SPEND THE MONEY TO TREAT THE SENIORS.Every single American will need to stand up for themselves and fight for their freedom,their rights and their families and loved ones.

        • Texana

          TIME to overthrow the tyranny in the Senate, folks!!

        • wattsupstupid

          unfortunately they will send in UN troops to gather our guns and most of them are muslims. We need a President and Congress that will get us the Hell out of the UN completely,

        • Don39


        • goldenrog

          For every registered gun, you need to have an unregistered back-up

        • Phillip in TX

          Only 1 to 1? The more the merrier!

        • wayne peterkin

          To the best of my knowledge, every treaty MUST be ratified by a super majority in the Senate. If I'm right, Hillary and Barack can agree to anything their cold little hearts desire but it will not become law unless they get a lot more Senate support than I think they have a chance at getting.

        • kid721952

          It has already been ratified with the vienna treaty of 1961,besides harry reid won't bring a vote up then obama will use his executive privelege to put it into law,the only way to stop this is voting obama,clinton,reid,napolitano and holder out of office,vote democrats out of the senate and keep congress

        • Texana

          Any doubt obama and Clinton are not, NOT Christians?
          Any doubt?
          None for me.
          These people are pure evil.

        • rwduncan

          We need Obama out now on all the crimes he has commited!! We can't be sure of an election. The communists (Soros) did not change this much of our country and control this much of our media before and now that they have done all this, they are not about to lose now!! We need Obama brought up on charges for all the crimes he has commited!

        • kid721952

          I believe if congress would look at the evidence provided by arapio,the sheriff in arizona they would find his birth certificate a fraud,his social security number false and THAT would cancel EVERY policy,every law,every program,every one he has appointed to the white house,obamatax,EVERYTHING WOULD BE ERASED but congress will not look at the evidence

    • Lost respect

      Can we see a thumbs up for how the sheriff feel in California on the U.N gun issue H.i.l.l.a.r.y and O.b.o.m.a are pushing. Do you maintain as does Sheriff Mack as the people's malitia against a overstreaching government against the constitution and our 2nd amendment rights?

    • John Gordon


    • Raymond

      I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people.
      To disarm the people is the best and most effectual
      way to enslave them.

      George Mason - Co-author of the 2nd Amendment
      during Virginia's convention to ratify The Constitution, 1778.

    • Raymond

      Firearms stand next in importance to the United States Constitution
      itself. They are the American peoples liberty teeth and keystone under
      independence......from the hour the Pilgrims landed to the present day,
      events, occurrences and tendencies prove that to ensure peace, security
      and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable. The very
      atmosphere of firearms anywhere restrains evil interference. They
      deserve a place with all that's good.

      George Washington - First President of the United States.

      • MontieR

        I disagree, firearms are THE only reason we still have a constitution.

        • victoryman

          MontieR. You are correct. We must remember that an unarmed populace is an easily controlled populace.

        • wattsupstupid

          You need to re read what Raymond said! He said the same thing that guns are indispensable in other words a MUST HAVE.

      • Robert

        For the constution to mean anything it must be taken as a whole .The second amendment is the teeth but the whole is what has made America Great . Take any away and it can not stand .

    • Raymond

      To perserve liberty, it's essential that the whole body of the people
      always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young,
      how to use them.

      Richard Henry Lee - American Statesman, 1788.

      • John

        Get 'em, Raymond. Also see my post on guncontrol history above.

    • pete

      It is the Democrats who are the gun haters. Remember that in November.

      • james

        also unborn babies ,God , And are loved by holiwood .

    • Zeff

      And do you which type of politician is the most dangerous according to actual studies those who rule under an atheistic government system. In the last 100 years. Fact USSR 61 Million People Murdered, Communist China (still same government in power) 35.2 Million, Nazi Germany 20 Million, Communist Poland 1.6 Million, Communist Cambodia 2 Million, Communist Vietnam 1.6 million, Communist Yugoslavia 1 million, From Book Incorrect Guide To The Bible by Robert J. Hutchinson.

    • gooseroot

      Starting with that ILLEGAL (born in Kenya) piece of muslim pig crap in our White House!

    • hc

      Right on.We have enough pinko bleeding heart liberals alright.

    • lois

      I agree

    • Phillip in TX

      We DO need more gun control. B R A S S - Breath, Relax, Aim, Sight, Squeeze. Hitting your target is "gun control" (and you don't waste your ammo).

    • ONTIME

      Looks to me and a lot of others that we have manged to hire and elect a lot of lethal anti American people to lead...

    • Screeminmeeme

      Tony from enthusiastically agree.

    • echo5n

      Especially the Liberal Politicians! Savage: "Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder"

    • Walter

      You hit it dead center

  • wolf

    Yes there is a store here in Cincinnati which buys and sells gold and has a no guns sign in it's door. So I told that he has the perfect way to stop holdups because when the bad guy sees that sign he will go else were because it is against the law to bring a gun into his store.
    He did NOT think that I was funny.

    • Arizona_Don

      Seems to me you made you point perfectly.

    • Michael g.

      Have you ever watched the program "Pawn Stars?" You don't see all the armed guards they have in their shop; but they're there.

    • chester1818

      Boycott the store.

  • Walt

    What they forgot to tell you is that like Australia, robbries, assaults, rapes, and all manner of crimes against persons rose considerably after guns were banned. Australia just completed a ban on guns and crime has risen to historic proportions. Guns in the hand of law abiding citizens keep crime down - not the other way around. Statistics from every city and country that have banned firearms prove this to be true.

    • Sam in NC

      Ask the Ausies how effective their gun control program has been.

      Australian Gun Law Update
      Here's a thought to warm some of your hearts....
      From: Ed Chenel, A police officer in Australia

      Hi Yanks, I thought you all would like to see the real
      figures from Down Under.

      It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were
      forced by a new law to
      surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our own
      government, a program costing Australia taxpayers
      more than $500 million dollars.

      The first year results are now in:
      Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent,
      Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent;
      Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!

      In the state of Victoria
      lone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent. (Note that
      while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not
      and criminals still possess their guns!)
      While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady
      decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically
      upward in the past 12 months, since the criminals now are guaranteed
      that their prey is unarmed.
      There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and
      assaults of the elderly, while the resident is at home.

      Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public
      safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense was
      expended in 'successfully ridding Australian society of guns....' You
      won't see this on the American evening news or hear your governor or
      members of the State Assembly disseminating this information.

      The Australian experience speaks for itself. Guns in the
      hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control
      laws affect only the law-abiding citizens.

      Take note Americans, before it's too late!
      Will you be one of the sheeple to turn yours in?
      WHY? You will need it.


      • Sandidad

        Thanks for the statistics Sam.

        • Sam in NC

          You're welcome, Sandidad


      Sir, you are absolutely correct. Our current government is interested in only one thing, to disarm the American people so that we may enslave them all and abolish their Constitution under a New World Order.
      USAF (RET)

  • Mary
    • Debra

      Yes Mary. Someone opened that door. What the witness failed to state (and not a single interviewer asked) was where did that person go after he opened the door from the inside. Back to his seat? Out the main entrance? Was he working alone, or is there more here than meets the eye. Think critically and outside the box. This occured 2 WEEKS before major Constitution-busting gun legislation. The guy was a PhD in mind science, most of the time funded by DARPA / Dept of Defense. Normal gut otherwise, by any account I've heard. Could it be that our govt is THAT evil? Look at history. Therein lies your answer.

  • Dennis VanMeter

    What is puzzling to me is that gun
    haters thank we will be safe if guns were outlawed, iv tried to
    talked about statistics that places were guns are outlawed gun crimes
    are very high were in please were you can have a gun gun crimes are a
    hole lot lower but gun hatters refuse to see the truth of the matter
    they reject facts that prove we are safer with people being allowed
    to ow a gun as opposed to not having them.

    • chester1818

      True, but learn to spell and take your time posting. The opposition enjoys portraying 2nd amendment supporters, constitutionalists, and Christians as uneducated bigots.

  • BigUgly666

    A word of reason in a sea of liberal insanity.

  • oldcoyote

    It's a well knowen fact that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

    • Michael g.

      "'Look darlin' it's Johnny Ringo' the deadliest pistolair since Wild Bill...'"
      That's good start.

  • Lyndaree

    Hillary has signed the Gun Treaty with the United Nations, and they are awaiting Obama's signature so that the U.N. will control the gun rights in the United States. There will be no more Second Amendment. We'll have countries like Iran controlling the gun rights in our country. They will determine the punishments for those who "illegally" own a weapon. Obama and Hillary have figured out a way to go around Congress. Want Obama for a second term???

    • Lyle Felix

      I didn't even want him for the first term! In fact, I would like to see him sent back to Kenya without anything he has gained here, including wife and children.

    • ErSwnn

      You do understand that the UN has no juristiction in the U.S. nor does such a treaty supercede the Consititution? Should the blue hats start patrolling the streets of the U.S. they'll make fine reactionary targets.

    • jazzpast

      That's a load of BS! Nobody has tried taking my guns! Obama han't passed any anti-gun legislation! Mitt Romney has BANNED more guns than any liberal Democrat in Office!

      • Rob

        There are several poilticians that have signed on to submit to the United Nations gun ban and or control in this country. Wether or not this treaty is ratified by Congress and gets throught our judicial system is another issue. The fact that it is being considered is the concerning part. How stupid does a politician have to be, we know this would never work in this country?? There are over 80 million registered gun owners in this country and I would guarantee another 20 to 40 million unregistered gun owners. The government tries taking all these guns..........Got Body Bags?

    • Michael g.

      Sorry; but to H....with the UN.

  • jangofett

    The shooter in Colorado chose the wrong target..he should have given his choice more thought. The target ought to have been a mosque at prayer time. For too long the muslims have killed innocent people and it's beyond time to begin making them pay for it by killing them here in our neighborhoods. Make them look over their shoulders. Make them feel unsafe. Innocent moviegoers was a bad choice. If you're angry/crazy enough to begin whacking people then whack a group that most Americans will applaud you for and a jury might acquit you for. All the expense this nut made was wasted on such a dumb target.

    • JimRed

      "The target ought to have been a mosque at prayer time."
      I still have not heard when the killer converted to Islam,.

  • Dontneednostinkingguns

    This is rubbish. One only has to look at the statistics for European countries to know that this is just NRA crap talk. It's pure BS. A gun is no defense against such a clown.

    Republicans love them their stupid guns.

    • pete

      cite some of those so called stats. all the stats I read say more guns lower crime .do not just spew cra you can not back up.

    • Sun Tzu

      There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in

      • Matt Burns

        It is embarassing to see the gall some have to actually write their anti-gun views. They will no doubt vote for that idiot obummer again. The latest rumor, it will come out soon, is that the gvt and secret service gave some mind altering stuff to the theater shooter that made him do what he did. The gvt has done, and is doing things we people have no clue about. Don't expect to see anything about such rumor, and it's only a rumor so far, in the medias though. They are all in Obama's pocket except for NewsMax and Fox news. The rest of you anti-NRA saps better hope you don't find yourselves unable to protect your family from a thief. We could put an end to the thyree trillion cast of crime if we had an effective justice system. We don't thoiugh, it's just a means of making defense lawyers rich. The ACLU really means, American Criminal Liberties Union.


      Excuse me sir, but what do you know about European history and the NRA? You walk into a croud waving a gun in your hands and watch how quickly I put you down before you get to shoot an innocent victim. Try your very best not not to talk about issues you know nothing about.
      USAF (RET)

  • gbandy

    The most pathetic part of this disaster is the Gun Control zealots immediately jumping on board for stricter gun laws. Now if these same zealots would just realize gun control is two things. First it is the first step all dictators have taken to control their populace. Next gun control has never worked in history to lower crime rates or gun related crimes. Just look at Austrailia! Now the direct opposite of gun control is Switzerland who enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Now a final point this Administration actually supplied thousands of guns to the Mexican cartels who are criminals yet now they would want to disarm we the People? Not going to happen.

    • jazzpast

      RINO Romney has BANNED more guns than any liberal Democrat in Office! Mitt Romney signed the first permanent state ban on guns,--nation-wide! When Romney ran against Sen. Edward Kennedy in Massachusetts in 1994 he backed gun control and strongly opposed gun rights and the NRA!

  • Docs357

    Take away guns they'll use knifes baseball bats and don't forget grannies cast iron skillet. These people want to kill their going to it's a good thing he didn't use explosive like our muslim pals there wouldn't be any one left alive. But in true form the liberal trash will get lower than snakes to suck the free out of freedom. Bloomberg is a commie. Who wants to control everyone and everything. He had lots of problems with our way of life .He should Move to Cuba or Shut his moth.

  • Natural born woman on the Land

    People...YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY MASTERS! Please remember to THINK FOR YOURSELVES. If you need a gun to protect yourself, your family..find one, get one.. No one can tell you what you need. You are free..and always have been. Stand in your power...Stand in your given power..and do what is right for yourself...please remember. All this government was created for was to enslave you..not to protect the reading, the research and you will understand this.. The net has many important, ethical documents to the work...

  • Don Rorschach

    Norway has the strictest gun control laws in the "free" world and one of its idiot citizens shot to death about 70 small children and adults about a year or so ago. Gun control is used by tyrants and dictators so freedom loving people cannot defend themselves from being subjugated and enslaved. Stalin, Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini, Castro and the present day dictators in the mid-east and North Korea are perfect examples of these mentally depraved tyrants and dictators . The United States, presently, is the number one candidate for being controlled by the world's next tyrant and dictator as we see Barack Hussein Obama and his henchmen and henchwomen such as Hillary Clinton doing their very best to disarm every citizen in the United States of America through a United Nations Treaty. It is hoped the American people dump these mentally depraved control freaks on November 6, 2012.

    • Rob

      Excellent compairisons. I shutter to think what will happen if they try to confiscate our firearms in this country. They would have to violate more than one Constitutional right and Amendment to accomplish this task, all the while dodging our bullets!!


      I would like to see where in the U.S. Constitution that gives the foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II and Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton the right and authority to sign such a treaty that surrenders the sovereignty of the American people and that of the United States of America? Can you imagine what would happen if a United Nations (UN) police force attempts to take our guns away from us? Even our own government is ignorant of the spirit and might of the American people.
      USAF (RET)

  • Always_RIGHT2

    A lot of liberals have the idea that all guns should be outlawed... let's see what history shows us about that theory and the consequences. Here's some stats/facts everyone should shove in the face of liberal media and politicians!

    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated
    Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.SWITZERLAND ISSUES EVERY HOUSEHOLD A GUN! SWITZERLAND'S GOVERNMENT TRAINS EVERY ADULT THEY ISSUE EACH A RIFLE.SWITZERLAND HAS THE LOWEST GUN RELATED CRIME RATE OF ANY CIVILIZED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!Another great examples of how having guns PREVENTS crime - in Texas, they are allowed to carry a loaded shotgun in the back window of their pickup trucks. In Detroit, you are not. Guess where there are the most car-jackings - Detroit or Texas? Do I need to tell you the answer, really?

    • jazzpast

      Mitt Romney must be one of the liberals your talking about because he has BANNED more guns than any liberal Democrat in Office!

      • Granny J

        Prove it! Where are you getting your factoids from?

        • jazzpast

          I don't have to prove anything to you! People like you shouldn't be allowed to vote! You don't care enough about our country to look the history up on the people your voting for!

        • David S. McQueen

          jazzpast, you're obviously a troll. You have no facts or rational opinion, you just want attention. Two year olds do the same thing.

        • jazzpast

          You have nothing at all to say your the troll!

    • john811c

      bravo well said and it is true about Switzerland Detroit and Texas

    • Sandidad

      Thanks for the statistics Always right2. It's a shame history doesn't teach us anything. I pray Americans get it right this time.

  • Marte

    Politicians should be required to study history before running for election. Then they would KNOW that gun control leads to increased crime and violence. Sadly, Harvey1 may well be correct in the reason why government wants gun control.

    Do we remember Hitler?

  • Warren Parr

    The NRA and all those congress persons at both state and Federal NRA members make money from the sale of guns and ammo. So both the NRA and congress state and Federal levels want us to die so they can make a profit.
    The next massacre may well be at a sporting event. and note the attacks by gun nuts is just as bad as attacks by Al Quad-a .

    We need to demand that non NRA members of congress at both state and Federal level declare total war on the domestic enemy NRA and members and wipe them all out.
    and restrict gun sales to the type that was in existence when the 2nd Amendment was written in 1791 . that is single shot ball and weak power weapons except cannons.

    • pete

      hey warren you need to know the right to bear arms ,means miltary style weapons. back in the day some farmers would have six pound cannon in the barn. lawfuly armed citzens prevent more crime than law enforcement . the police can not be every where at once,all the time wake up warren get a gun get some training maybe you will be the hero to save a little girl from being raped by a gang of men. or you could stop the next spree killer without firing a shot(drop your weapon or I will shoot) Honest men should have the means of self defense. Oh you should know that the colinist had better weapons than the british army. Kentucky/pennsylvaina rifles.


      Oh, Mr. Warren Parr; you really must have been mentally sheltered with no experience in American history or World history... really sad.
      USAF (RET)

  • Idylewylde

    I live in a gun state. I grew up around guns. I learned gun safety early. I knew when it was appropriate to use a gun in self defense. I am a military veteran. All of this came natural to me.
    The community I grew up in did not have gun violence. The criminals weren't any better armed than the average Joe. So, no, we didn't have muggings and gun violence.
    What we did have was a lot of brawling. That's how we let off steam and evened scores.
    If that sounds a bit too Neanderthal for Libs .. well, that piece of work who shot up a theater was a Liberal wimp registered Democrat who wasn't into brawling but voted for gun control.
    Almost sounds predictable, doesn't it?
    Libs must love the idea of so many unarmed victims awaiting the moment when Liberal psychosis sets off a killing spree.
    Society has changed since I grew up. People are less inclined to brawl, and more inclined to shoot.
    However, in a gun state, the shooter always runs the immediate risk of immediate response.
    It keeps the casualty rate down. We don't have mass theater shootings .. we have incidents .. and very few, at that .. usually the Liberal druggies shooting each other over drugs .. so good riddance.

  • fridihem

    Think if I had a gun I could kill the neighbours cat.....its always shitting amongst my flowers

    • Sam in NC

      LOL ! You're bad.

    • Lyle Felix

      You need to install a stun gun or some kind of shocking equipment. It's more fun to hear them run off howling after a shock or two.

  • icemancold


  • Fredtherev

    What a dumb view. I have lived in countries that have strict gun Laws, many with no gun rule, including police, the gun related crime is near zero! In fact one city in the US like Chicago has more gun crime than many countries! I have nothing against Gun's but in moderation, one per family, limited ammo, sufficient for protection only - Live by the gun, then you more than likely will die by the gun! What's more you would not have this domestic terrorist act, pure and simple. Get a grip on your society, it's imploding...


      Sir! You jest? I never thought of building up my supplies of ammo until the foreign-born agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II sucked in the American people very much like Adolph Hitler did in Germany. Who do think this tyrant in the White House really is? If you knew anything about gun vilence in other parts of the world, you wouldn't be saying that our "society is imploding." What is currently imploding is sitting in the White House.
      USAF (RET)

  • Liberty Rock


  • ltfbhh

    Switzerland has the highest per-capita gun ownership in the world, yet has the lowest crime rate. There is almost never a shooting there. I have traveled many parts of the world and I have never been to a safer place.

  • Fredtherev

    Obama is British, we want the US back to make it democratic and Law abiding!

  • numerounopatriot

    I doubt there are many law abiding folks who voted for or will vote for Mr BO. His constituencies are losers, brain dead politically correct folks and those who vote for color rather than substance. Noone in their right mind would vote for this unAmerican pseudopresident. Law abiding citizens will be punished so Obama's supporters may continue to make a living looting and pillaging, the only thing they are prepared to do. In that setting spelling and speaking correctly are not prerequisites as long as you can say BRO or YO or YO Mamma. Political correctness requires nothing more and the idiots who follow this have no idea they are restocking Massa O's newly developed and rapidly growing slave group.
    ABO 2012

  • Anne_PA

    Harvey1 is absolutely correct!

    "It is all about
    the peasants not being able to stop government implementation of
    unconstitutional demands and laws that will destroy our freedom. A
    defenseless population is like a herd of sheep. Our founding fathers
    knew we had to have guns to prevent the government from having total
    control of a defenseless people."

    "Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control:

    The mega murdering states of the 20th century have been:

    U.S.S.R. (1917-1987), 61,911,000;

    Communist China (1949-1987), 35,236,000;

    Nazi Germany (1933-1945), 20,946,000;

    Nationalist (or Kuomintang) China (1928-1949), 10,076,000.

    These are followed by the "lesser" mega murdering states:

    Japan (1936-1945), 5,964,000;

    Cambodia (1975-1979), 2,035,000;

    Turkey (1909-1918), 1,883,000;

    Vietnam (1945-1987), 1,678,000;

    North Korea (1948-1987), 1,663,000;

    Poland (1945-1948), 1,585,000;

    Pakistan (1958-1987), 1,503,000;

    Mexico (1900-1920), 1,417,000;

    Yugoslavia (1944-1987), 1,072,000;

    Czarist Russia (1900-1917), 1,066,000.

    The intentional killings by governments of their own subjects and
    citizens or people under their political control is: 169,198,000.

    If the
    deaths of military combatants are added to this figure, governments
    have killed 203,000,000 in the 20th century.

    And these deaths exceed by 10 times the number of all wartime casualties.

  • sean murry

    We need to control the politicians with thier spending like a drunken sailor..

  • Robert

    Question why would a government feel the need to disarm its people?

  • sam

    I want gun control to kill the dept of ATF., Kill U.N. small arms ratification go around mandate to ban all guns,Kill any gun and ammo ban.Ban the dept of justice huge ammo buy with tax payers money over 450,ooo rounds of 40 mm handgun ammo. Kill the 1968 gun control law design by Nazi rule over Non jew and Jews alike.

  • Lyle Felix

    The left pushes sex ed in our schools and demands that our children be taught how to use a condom for "protection." But, let every honest American citizen freely (no registration or permit required) carry a gun for protection? What an absolutely illogical double standard!

    I'm fortunate compared to those who live in places like Chicago, New York or D.C., I need a permit but I can carry concealed.

    Seems to me that the morons and bleeding hearts that insist on this type of twisted logic in law making are the ones we need to ban, ban from making decisions that we the people don't agree with. This would allow us to bring back the death penalty with swift justice and then we would have a real deterrent to help limit the choices and actions of murderers.

    Right now, I believe this Holmes character is silently roaring inside with laughter thinking, "What can they do to me? Lock me up for the rest of my life? Sounds to me like a really cushy life, nothing to worry about or work to provide for me for the rest of my life. The idiot taxpayers will take care of me. I get the last laugh"

  • Arizona_Don

    Armed law abiding (knowledgeable) citizens is the answer to the mass killings problem within the United States. Outlawing the carrying of legal firearms by law abiding citizens does nothing to curtail the type of tragedy that happened in Colorado recently. When will the lesson be learned by these gun control advocates that criminals do not obey the law. Consequently, the only people new laws are effective against are exactly the ones who could help stop these type of incidents. I know, as does everyone else, those advocates think that will stop these violent acts but nothing could be farther from the truth. Is it just a lack of understanding, and common sense or is it just ignorance? If gun control laws worked would Chicago and New York have such a high occasion of gun crimes? The reality of the whole problem is gun control laws do not work.

    It could very easily be said the reason this happened was because guns where prohibited in the theater. These kind of things do not usually happen where guns are legality carried. Even these criminals are too smart for that. Everyone should know, if they do not already, that would literally be suicide. This is not to say someone who wished to commit suicide would not do it, it just makes it very unlikely. There are a lot of nut jobs out there.

    If the gun control folks think they will ever be successful in getting rid of "all" the guns in the world they are completely and totally wrong. That can never happen. It has also been proven once the guns are eliminated from societies governments become more tyrannical and have on many occasions killed (murdered) their own citizens. During the 20th century alone over 170 million citizens were murdered by their government(s) and this does not count those killed in combat duties during wars.

    Furthermore, the insanity plea should no longer be a defense in a case like this or what happened in Tucson Arizona when Congresswomen Gifford was wounded and several others murdered a few years ago. The people these people kill are just as dead as if they were shot by someone sane. Until we get back into the mood of making prison punishment and not a rehabilitation period these type of things will continue as will other crimes as well.

    Although the gun control advocates will use this to attempt to enhance their position regarding more controls on guns, there are no laws that can be put in place to completely stop this type of thing. If this person had so desired (since he bobby trapped his apartment) he could have used IED’s to get the job done. Explosive devices are already illegal. However, if he had bobby trapped the exits with explosives and caused those in attendance to panic perhaps with fire he could have killed many more and actually had less personal risk.

    Consequently reducing restrictions on hand guns is the only thing that will assist in curtailing this type of activity. Furthermore, making the punishment for committing crimes with guns more severe is certainly another solution. Even someone blind can "see" that!

  • Bob McCormick

    I heard a rather logical argument for an assault weapons ban, on the tv, this morning.
    An assault weapon with a high capacity magazine, like the one the Aroura shooter used, has no practical application in the hands of a civilian, so we should ban them right? An assault rifle isn't useful for hunting, I'm not going to be carrying one for protection when I go out to dinner, I can't argue with the fact that I don't need one. At least not today.
    So why do we resist banning these weapons? BECAUSE WE CAN'T TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT, THAT'S WHY!
    Since 1776 we Americans have always felt that our ability to resist was the only thing keeping our government in line. Today under obama the fear that our government can not be trusted is as real as ever.
    When the s--t hits the fan, I would like to be armed at least as well as the people breaking down my front door.

    • dwight

      u r so right

    • Taos_Trapper

      It was the intention of the Founding Fathers that citizens be, at least, as well armed as the military therefore "assault rifles" are appropriate for civilians.

  • Sun Tzu

    Good Luck getting the bonehead liberals to grasp this concept. Cause and effect is foreign to them. They've been conditioned like Pavlov's dog without thinking or looking at facts. Seems like liberals chronologically age, but stop short of emotionally and mentally maturing into responsible adults.

    Trying to have an intelligent conversation with my liberal friends is like talking to middle school's all about knee-jerk emotionally charged responses. It's almost like reason and common sense never enters into the equation, facts and truth are just inconveniences to avoid or go around to reach the desired result.

    I guess that maybe this is the reason some in the psychiatric community think it's a mental disorder. A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely
    rearranging their prejudices.

  • dwight

    i think we have had it its a stack deck

  • tired of anti-guners

    Boy you left wing idiots and that includes the media come out from under your rocks whenever there is a shooting. Well if that theater wasn't in gun safe area and some law-abiding citizens that had a gun, that moron would have been taken out before so many were shot. In New York we have little Caesar as our mayor (who by the way broke the law himself by running a third term against the will of the people ). and if someone is raping your wife or breaks in your home and you shoot him you will be prosecuted for using deadly force.I guess you just have to sit back and let criminals do what they want. Oh by the way this poor excuse of a mayor travels everywhere with armed body guards. Gun control can't work. Remember prohibition, the liquor still flowed.

    • jazzpast

      Mitt Romney must be one of your left wing idiots because he has BANNED more guns than any liberal Democrat in Office!

  • kathy

    Join the Republic of the united States of America. You will find them on line. Just put in dot org after the name. Then go and study The Constitution of the united States and the Bill of Rights and PRACTICE THEM...... Find the Republic website for your state of domicile and join the Republic for your state. Study daily and get on line under education on these websites and get educated!! The government has dumbed down America for the only reason that they can control stupid people............they do NOT want you to study the Constitution of the united States nor do they want you to KNOW your Bill of Rights as they want to take them from you!! Get Educated and spread the word.......

  • PLasley43

    Guns don't kill people. Mexican drug cartels armed by Obama's Department of Justice kill people.

  • sam

    Ban katrina style gun take away door to door house searches.Police claiming the thugs will get the owner guns. Police first illegal search and take your guns so thug get you guns.Media is silent on this. Police became the thugs with a badge. Making the police equal crooked like the thugs. Police as looters.American people lose.People can not defend themselves from a out of control Police and thugs and police acting like the thugs too. Some how the police there are abusing there ethics That is wrong..

  • hightower2

    ya and my pin writes missed spelled words,give me a break,dumb azz liberals.

    • dwight

      i ant no lib an i cant spell but u get the messageee

  • dwight

    on the news this morning they said there was 30 IUD's in his room you can't buy them on the corner maby holder helped him purchess them

  • SFS444

    I think this guy was offered something for this action or he was talked into this action by someone working for Soros...something is not right. Thia guy isn't some kind of psycho doing this on his own.

    • Lyle Felix

      I've wondered about his motive also. I heard the guy is supposed to be a straight A student in a doctorate program. What causes a person with those kind of goals to really go and mess up his life like that?

  • Bill B

    I have 3 points:

    1. Imagine the discussions which would now be taking place if some one with a concealed carry permit legally possessing a pistol and properly trained would have shot and killed this guy during the ordeal?

    2. Guns are no different than hammers or baseball bats. They are not dangerous until someone picks them up.

    3. There are far more people killed and crimes committed involving vehicles than guns. Why don't we outlaw vehicles?

    This was s a senseless tragity which was the fault of the individual not the firearms. He could have just as easily worn an explosive vest or carried a briefcase bomb into the theater.

  • Rob

    This is not about fear of what a law abiding citizen CAN do with a firearm, it's about a law abiding citizen WILL do if you try to confiscate their firearms in this country. England's history is certainly not one steeped in gun use and development. Nor are several of the other countries where gun ownership is illegal. Our founding fathers tried to guarantee our right to own and bear arms in this country with the Second Amendment of the Constitution, because some how they knew we would end up where we are now. You can not count on the police or any other government agency to protect you. Ploice carry guns to protect themselves, not you. They don't stop crime the investegate it. When all politicians get rid of their guns, when all politicians give up their body guards, when the Seceret Service is disbanded, when the president of the United States of America rides in a stock Ford or Chevy that's when I will consider surendering my weapons. We know that will never happen because they know confiscation of firearms will never stop any violent gun crimes and criminals will always be armed. The United States has the largest armed force in the world with just the registered gun owners in this country! Of course the United Nations and every tyranical government wants to see us disarmed. Not while I'm alive !! From My Cold Dead Fingers

  • john811c

    Had someone in that theater been carrying their permitted gun (as permitted in Colorado) maybe the shooter would be dead instead of 12 dead and the many wounded in this spree, however the movie theater chose to post a sign, saying you were not allowed to carry in their premises. In Florida 2 thugs in Ocala entered a cyber cafe brandishing guns to rob the patrons there, a 71 year old gentleman was carrying his legally permitted to carry weapon. Robbery thwarted the perpetrators shot but not killed, In another instance in Miami 2 thugs entered to rob a Jewelery store, the owner was an ex-marine and was carrying their intent to rob at gun point. that was their last mistake one was wounded and fled the other never made it out the door, he will never walk again these are everyday citizens exercising their right to bear arms. Had someone been legally armed in that theater, maybe the outcome would have been different. I would say both people I mentioned had Gun control we don't need the government mandated kind

    • chester1818

      Exactly. Boycott the theaters, etc that ban guns. If you aren't allowed to carry on someone's private property, then don't go. Boycott.

  • Concerned

    Gun control is part of the governments long term plan to take away our rights from the 5th ammendment of the constitution, and ultimately all our rights for total control over all of us.
    Everyone better wake up and see whats happening, and stand for our freedom..

  • Matt Burns

    If you ever had to face a home invasion and used a gun to defend your selves,they would confiscate your gun regardless of whether you were a legal owner. Probably for evedense of course. So keep a can of hornet spray beside the bed and one by the door. Get the kind that will shoot a twenty foot stream, not the spray. Bear spray will work too. Their legal to own without any permit. Once you have their attention just work them over a bit. They will probably become injured by falling down.

  • country guy

    It is horrible that this guy shot and killed 12 people in Aurora, but lets not forget that he had greater destruction in mind with with the bombs he set; not only would they have killed more people, but it would have destroyed the apartment building plus the lives of many who lived there. If a few people with concealed hand gun permits had been there with their guns, they could have stopped his killing fast and saved a lot of lives. We know this action has already saved a lot lives; but our left wing media does not want to report this.


    Ever since John F. Kennedy was assassinated, people like Charles E. Schumer uttered the words; "Gun Control, Gun Control, Gun Control!" And as a Congressman then, he vowed to repeal the Second Amendment. Even Judges were going around screaming for Gun Control while they were packing concealed hand-guns for self protection, as if they were the only human beings permitted to protect their own lives. Well buddy; as a law-abiding citizen I have that right to carry a duly authorized hand gun in accordance with the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. And please don't give me that broken down story about a well organized militia, because "we the people are the militia" when a government turns into a tyrant. Now you know why the Second Amendment was established particularly for the citizen's self defense from tyranny and villainly.
    These morons representing us in government rarely read anything, much less the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. If it's not too difficult, why don't these idiots try reading "Crime, Deterrence, and Right-To- Carry Concealed Handguns" by John R. Lott, Jr. and David B. Mustard?
    USAF (RET)

    • Taos_Trapper

      Sarge, that was a pretty good post but I do take exception to one thing, " that right to carry a duly authorized hand gun". You don't need no stinkin duly authorization. You're just buckling in to Government so they know who has the guns. Ain't none of their business!! (I'm also retired U. S. A. F. )

  • Lyle Felix

    The left pushes sex ed in our schools and demands that
    our children be taught how to use a condom for "protection." But, let
    every honest American citizen freely (no registration or permit required) carry
    a gun for protection? What an absolutely illogical double standard!

    I'm fortunate compared to those who live in places like Chicago, New York or
    D.C., I need a permit but I can carry concealed.

    Seems to me that the morons and bleeding hearts that insist on this type of
    twisted logic in law making are the ones we need to ban, ban from making
    decisions that we the people don't agree with. This would allow us to bring
    back the death penalty with swift justice and then we would have a real
    deterrent to help limit the choices and actions of murderers.

    Right now, I believe this Holmes character is silently roaring inside with
    laughter thinking, "What can they do to me? Lock me up for the rest of my
    life? Sounds to me like a really cushy life, nothing to worry about or work to
    provide for me for the rest of my life. The idiot taxpayers will take care of
    me. I get the last laugh"

  • dwight

    i had rather be shot by a person trying to defend me than one trying to kill me.i can forgive a acerdent.

  • what12

    doomed if you do and doomed if you dont we loose either way our life and our money,laws need changed , it isnt gun laws that are the problem it the punishment of the crime that needs changed like murder you kill you get death ,you rob you get life ,you rape you get life,the harderyou are on the criminal the less they might think of doing the crime,if your guilty by being caught in the act then guess what,life in prison depending on the debt of the crime ,

  • john811c

    Those who want gun control, why don't you move to North Korea, they have good gun control there and no freedom

  • eboyd

    Any politician that demands more gun control - where were they when the 19 MUSLIM MEN hijacked planes and caused over 3000 deaths? Did these same politicians call for all US Mosques to be closed? Did these same politicians pass laws to make it illegal for all muslims to fly to the US, in the US or out of the US? No they did not! These politicians are disgusting to be using a tragedy to promote their political aims and ambitions.

  • jomit

    Just what do you think would have happened to Israelis if their government had the brilliant idea of gun control and removing all guns? I'll tell you....they'd have all been killed by
    "palestinians". End of further discussion.

  • the revolutionist

    I agree with Tony. We do not need gun control....we need Politician control. Our elected politicians are sworn to uphold the Constitution. In it we have rights. Any Politician who tries to change laws to deny our rights should be tried for Treason. No more discussion. This is our Constitutional right. ANYONE who tries to change it, circumvent it, or outright deny our rights should be a sworn enemy of this country and we have the right to defend ourselves from them because they intend you great harm, not good.

  • pistol pete

    If every passenger on those ill fated flights on 09 / 11 had a weapon..those planes would have reached their intended desinations without any problems.... Hmmmm wonder why ??

  • pistol pete

    heck..... if every passenger had only a baseball bat...those ill fated flights would still have reached their intended destinations..... a defenseless population loses everytime !!!

  • the revolutionist

    Just look at the crap the politicians and big government do to us on a daily basis KNOWING we are all armed and have guns. Now just ask yourself what do you think they will do to us when we are UNARMED and cant defend ourselves. Nuff said. As I said, is there any reason why any politician or other person who speaks out against our Constitutional rights should not be considered an enemy. By doing so they are declaring themselves enemies and terrorists of our Constitution and our Rights under that Constitution. We need to take a stand and remove these people from authority.....or the false authority they think they have.

  • Patriot

    Why do they think that everyone would be foolish enough to give up their last and only defense. If they want the guns so badly, then they must surely have mass murder in mind; as did their predecessors Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao Tse Tung, and North Korea's dear leaders. The people would do better taking a few of the storm troopers with them for Freedom to have a chance. The Government Local or Global will never have enough Police or soldiers to protect everyone, and as it is, Police do not prevent crimes by armed criminals, they only seek to solve them i.e. you must die first, if they are to solve the crime. No Thank you.

  • Patriot-Research

    This is all about to come to a head! The American People will not surrender there Guns to the government know matter what Law is past...!!! Obama is runing out of time so he will create a fales flag to declare marshal law. Has anyone look at these shooting from a different perspective, like this was a black-op (scy-op) to further their Gun ban agenda? The lame stream media is talking about nothing else but Gun Bans. Holmes had not criminal background at all...their is more to this than meets the eye people. As one General stated, "By the time the American People realize whats going on, it will be to late for them." That's says it all...Wake-Up Sheeple before it to late...!!!

  • Pat Alexander

    Davy Crockett lives in the souls and hearts of Real Americans! Nathan Hale lives in the souls and hearts of Real Americans. Our founding fathers that created the US Constitution did not do so in vain! They and the Real American citizens "built" the USA! The Real American citizens here now and tomorrow will resist any foe near or far to protect and secure Real America! Real America and her Constitution will ring loud and clear over any foe when it sees that decisive action must be taken! Real America forever with God ! God Bless Real America! God Bless our Soldiers! Real America the Christian Nation!

  • giley1

    It was bound to happen. The anti-gun zealots are taking advantage of this very sad tragedy to promote the disarming of law abiding citizens. Not long ago, a crazy hater killed several innocents in Sweeden. There will always be crazy haters and to take away the guns of law abiding citizens is only going to take away the righ to self defense. Take a look at Chicago where there are strick gun controls, I.e. California same results.

  • victoryman

    An unarmed populace is easily controlled. I rest my case.

  • PamelaD

    AND IF a homeowner DeFENDS his home and property from a CROOK, more than likely he will be PROSECUTED for the violence and the crook will be allowed to sue for the injuries and in most instances awarded them.
    In other words the FREE Englishmen have been turned into ready made VICTIMS and targets for the criminal element.

  • lara

    these political idiots who want to take our guns have security with guns. to protect them.........

  • Racine Woodward

    Very well said.

  • duane a.

    "GUN-FREE ZONES" are the "KILLING FIELDS" given to you from an "OUT of CONTROL GOVERNMENT". NAZI Mayor Bloomsburgs has something incommon with the "SOCIALIST ENGLISH GOVERNMENT~~6 TO 7 times the increase in crime. Making "LAW BIDING CITIZENS~~~~VICTIMS. And now he wants to "VICTIMIZE ALL OF AMERICA with the help of Hitlery,Gaybama,Soro,Schumer NWO,UN.

  • Granpa David

    You can not take away a constitutional right of law abiding citizens to defend themselves because of the abuse of that right by a fraction of them. Like taking cars away from everyone because of drunk drivers. Do not let the liberals drag us off into the tall weeds of false arguments.

  • [email protected]

    Take all the guns off the streets. support a total ban on any firearm

    • SonoftheSouth

      In your dreams.

    • dwight

      you take them i will make them any const worker can

  • SonoftheSouth

    I will always uphold my constitutional rights, not isolated to, but including my second ammendment right to "keep and bear arm." A right forged in American blood and the determination of my forfathers for a safer country. That being said, you can only take my gun out of my cold dead hand.
    Sonof the South

  • politicstick

    Please show me one gun control advocate that has a security detail that doesn't use firearms!!!!

  • USN779RET


  • BCohio

    How about if a Guy with a GUN was sitting within 10ft of this creep that killed those people in the Theater!????... What if the guy would have SHOT the Creep in the Face and Killed him.. Would he have gone to Jail for caring a Gun in a theater!.. I bet the Liberals would be Squealing like PIGS as in the case of Zimmermen...

  • 1larryi

    Alive I will never be without my guns & ammo so you know what you have ahead of you Libs.

    • dwight

      i hope you mean it

  • Doc

    Get a belt clip and carry a ballpeen hammer and a phillips screwdriver.

  • the revolutionist

    Gun control is about human control.......its not about saving lives......if it was about that you would see them outlawing automobiles, knives, airplanes, liquor, tobacco, etc. One only needs to look at the laws against drugs and illegal immigration to know that passing a law does not work. Criminals flood our country illegally....yes I said criminals, because every one who comes here illegally is a criminal. And I dont have to tell you our nation is overrun with illegal illicit drugs........laws dont help. Passing gun control laws will do the same..... it will only keep guns in the hands of criminals. Democrats and liberals shouting gun control should be ran out of town, arrested and tried for treason for actually wanting to deny us of our Constitutional Rights.

  • Grits

    I believe if there had been one person in that Colorado theater with a carry conceal permit and the gun on them, not as many would have died and been injured. Maybe the gunman would have been injured/dead. The likes of these gun haters don't seem to realize it is not the guns. It is the person's mind, heart and desire to inflict pain. It is plain old sin. Go back to Bible times. The first murder was Cain slew Abel. No gun there. People are going to kill however they want to IF they want to. No gun is needed. If they take guns away, only criminals will have them. I do not own a gun, but I do not object to law abiding citizens having them. The Constitution guarantees it.

  • swaff

    A simple question, is there a law against shooting people in a theater in Colorado? Of course there is but lawless people don't care about laws that is why they are lawless so will another gun control law help anyone? ...... nope! well, only the lawless.

    • the revolutionist

      Great point.

  • RDavidHummel

    Clear, Plain, and SIMPLE........The Title of this report...SPEAKS for itself.
    Thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX.....Just reseach a MAXIMUIM SECURITY PRISON.....

    • Taos_Trapper

      The answer, disregard the law (Yes, I am a criminal; made so by the politicians and gun-grabbers. I don't care. I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.)

  • WVF

    Gun control is a constitutional violation. End of story. Those "mindless" who wish to enslave us, want us to give up our guns. Forget it! It is not going to happen, and I don't care what Hillary (Communist) and BHO (Marxist) desires, because they will soon be doing some other job in an attempt to undermine the Constitution.

  • Nightlyonewolf

    How many times can it be said? You take away guns from law abiding citizens and the only ones left with the guns will be the ones who have them will be the criminals. Yes...the criminals in government and the criminals on the street.

  • Doreen Mateicka

    Do what Switzerland does--issue a firearm to every adult citizen and train them to use it. The Swiss have the lowest rate of gun-related crime of any industrialized nation.

  • Rich

    How many many violent crimes were prevented and lives saved the past few days by lawfull gun owners. It would be thousands according to the Clinton Justice department. Many more than were illegaly taken by gun crime.

  • BimBam

    Liberals have been using these tatics to DISARM law-abiding citizens.

    All these places that had massacres from Norway to America to Australia ALL HAD STRICT GUN CONTROL LAWS!

    They DON'T WORK! Liberals use these tragedies as a tactic to disarm YOU AND ME.

    Separate the GUN and get CONTROL! Get it??? GUN CONTROL.

    It's time we stopped being fooled by the fools!!!

  • Rich

    I took the oath to defend the constitution from all enimes foriegn and domestic. WE have a city full of domestic terrorists in DC right now. They have declared war on the american people and the constitution. WE are all soldiers now.

  • Jack_Reacher

    If there had been one man ... or woman, in that theater that had a legal carry permit and was carrying a weapon, do you think that scumbag could have taken out 12 people and wounded over 60?

    To those of you that feel gun control is the answer, you are frickin' INSANE and should be institutionalized or euthanized, one of the two.

  • james

    Hey,, why not take away cars they kill people, not the driver. Make sense ??

  • Old Ranger

    This is to all the anti-gun politicians: If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen. "Samuel Adams" This statement can also apply to anyone who wants to ban firearms.

  • Mary

    Was Colorado Shooting staged by government in time for UN treaty?

    folks I have no idea if this is a bogus article or not with all the conspiracy's out
    there. But I listed it just the same because I found it somewhat interesting and it did present some interesting facts. Such as how did an unemployed student find or get the money for such expense weaponry. Article is very long but makes for interesting reading.

  • Pikuniboy

    If you have ever lived in a country where only the law enforcement and military are armed you would know how important our right to bear arms is. The right to bear arms is an equalizing thing. With an armed population no authority whether local or national can assume total unwanted control. Being armed gives the ballot box authority by the people. I saw a democratic country move to a dictatorship in one election and the unarmed population was helpless against the armed troops and law agency's backing the dictatorship. I don't own a gun but my right to own it if I feel I need it is part of my god givin freedom.

  • ginger

    Take the guns, bats, sprays, hatchets, knives, axes, rocks, bottles, chairs, tables, pokers, bricks, cars, lamps, marbles, slingshots, ropes, tape,spoons, forks, the human hand, feet, teeth etc ad infintium and anything else that can be used as a weapon and there ya have it folks...government under the existing administration.TOTAL NONSENSE..IT IS THE PERSON WHO IS THE WEAPON NOT NECESSARILY WHAT IS USED.

  • peter9810

    "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined." --Patrick Henry, speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788

  • DrBillLemoine

    Take that logic to its extreme. If nobody has guns, everybody is defenseless. Nonsense. It's a question of degree. As more guns spread through the public, we law-abiding people are less secure. The stupidest example of gun ownership I've heard after Aurora is: if more people in the theatre were packing, they'd have stopped Holmes from killing and wounding people with his arms. More nonsense. In a dark place, with smoke spreading and panic abounding, more armed citizens shooting would be a disaster. If you can't imagine that, you don't deserve to own a gun; you're not responsible enough. Give it up immediately.

  • alibaba123456

    Disarming America is something that both Obama and Holder would love to do. However they would run into something Admiral Yamato warned about when the Japanese were thinking about invading . Their will be a gun behind every blade of grass. True then and true now.

  • John

    Sadly whenever a gun vilence atrocity arises, the liberal left uses the incident to play on the sentiments of the public to call for gun control, gun bans, etc. It is easy to sympathize with the victims, and that is normal. However, before we go off on a gun ban or gun control crusade, we would be wise to look at history, particularly when law abiding people did not have the right to own a firearm and protect themselves. We have often heard that those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. Let's hope Obama, Hillary et al do not snooker us into a situation we may well regret. Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it is nearly impossible to put it back.


    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control.
    From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves,
    were rounded up and exterminated.

    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915
    to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up
    and exterminated.

    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from
    1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend
    themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

    China established gun control in 1935. >From
    1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves,
    were rounded up and exterminated.

    Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From
    1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded
    up and exterminated.

    Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971
    to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and

    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975
    to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded
    up and exterminated.

    Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in
    the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

    You won’t see this data on the US evening news, or
    hear politicians disseminating this information.

    Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and
    property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding

    Take note my fellow Americans, before it’s too

    The next time someone talks in favor of gun
    control, please remind them of this history lesson.

    With guns, we are ‘citizens’. Without them, we are

    During WW II the Japanese decided not to invade
    America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

    stand next in importance to the United States Constitution

    itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under

    independence……from the hour the Pilgrims landed to the present day,

    events, occurrences and tendencies prove that to ensure peace, security

    and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable. The very

    atmosphere of firearms anywhere restrains evil interference. They

    deserve a place with all that’s good.

    George Washington – First President of the United

    I ask, sir,
    what is the militia? It is the whole people.

    To disarm the people is the best and most effectual

    way to enslave them.

    George Mason – Co-author of the 2nd Amendment

    during Virginia’s convention to ratify The Constitution, 1778

    • mg67

      The problem is the uniformed have no clue what happens when you take guns away as long as they're distracted with the next best cell phone, computer or *reality* tv, etc... Keep them distracted and blinded, then take them over. Real life is what they should be focused on and understand what it means to suffer what those in the past did not being able to defend themselves from a controlling government. That's what the murder favoring president wants for the USA. He proves his hatred daily for true American values. "O"hoMao supports babies being murdered through abortion and has opened his arms to the murdering scum Muslims that want to devour the world with their polluted belief. Would he care if we were murdered by bullets? NO!!! and his mind set is the less that are against him the better. People need to be aware of the doom associated with the farce with the title as president of the USA. If "O"hoMao allows the UN to enforce gun control, that would make him look good that he isn't behind it because the UN hates the USA as much as "O"hoMao does and there agenda is not an American one. And the farce will shine on. It's quite disturbing that US citizens are taking so much for granted and the freedom we have didn't come without a price tag.

      If you've never heard this, I encourage anyone that hasn't. It sums up today's world of what's happening and was spoke in 1965:
      If I Were the Devil: Paul Harvey (Warning for a Nation)

  • graybuffalo

    Every study has shown that when gun control is implemented, violent crime dramatically increases. For example, Obama's home town, Chicago - crime went through the ceiling. Our nation's capital, D.C. - crime went through the ceiling. United Kingdom - crime went through the ceiling. Criminals will continue to get guns even if illegal - especially criminals. And they will run rough shod over a defenseless public. Drugs are illegal, any problem for a drug-user to get them? Same thing. Only thing that suffers is the economy - hunting is a multi-BILLION $$ industry. Thousands upon thousands of jobs lost if implemented.

  • Disgusted U.S. Voter

    Ironically as all gun ownership was banned in the U.K. the formerly & traditionally unarmed British Police were then heavily armed. Why the need if all the civilians are disarmed ? Oh, I forgot the criminals didn't obey the new laws and they smuggled/mported Ak-47's and Uzi's from Europe !
    The law abiding British Civilians lost all rights of self defence - they are instructed by the Police not to resist criminals ! Give them what they want - the Police are then happy to take a report in quintuplicate which they file away in their Statistics Department - solved, as they are too busy filling out report forms.
    Can we expect that disarming the U.S. legal citizenary will result in any difference. ? If civilian gun rights are destroyed surely if everyone will be so safe and secure (?) that our police themselves will not need to be armed, the newly and happily lobotomized Liberal Voters will be safe and secure - no need for anyone to be able to protect themselves from the criminally inclined - the New Utopia of the U.S.S.A. ! Surely with everyone disarmed the Police will have no need of Guns for their own protection ?
    Before 1920, anyone in the U.K. could buy a pistol, murders and armed robberies were rare, as such criminals when caught were almost immediately tried and executed by hanging.. Now in both the U.K. and the U.S.A. such criminals die of old age ! The modern fad to coddle the criminal and control the populace by corrupt Politicians of the neo Democratic Party of Clinton & Obama.

  • Tapol

    I bet if there was undercover cops or some other audiences with their conceal handgun license the death toll would have been a lot lower. If people are capable to defend themselves from a threat, I bet everybody will be more free and gain respect for equal man.

  • bjm

    And check out the dismal gun control record in Australia, a year after their ban on guns went into effect. Armed robberies and assaults are up more than 40%. Only law-abiding Australians turned in their handguns -- the criminals did not.

    • Taos_Trapper

      They've still got a lot of their guns. They're buried or hidden for when they're needed. I've been there several times and have many friends who have told me this is so. A few have even shown me their guns proudly.

  • Star Warrior

    This is just another case of shooting defenceless people in which none had weapoms. Like (shooting fish in a barrel) The Police are after the fact a crime has been committed. Let us think for a miniute that ten people had permits to carry weapons. It would be a 10 to one battle. Holmes is too smart to put a gun on people who are armed. Now it all 50 adults were armed, and trained to defende themselves. This would never happen if they were armed. They are all good dead law bidding citizens The truth is that those who are agaisnt guns have a high number of body guards, and also carry a gun. The law against carrying a loaded weapon is only for the honest persons. In Los Angeles they rather see you dead then give anyone unless your rich a right to carry a weapon.. People are again blaming Guns!. The Guy was a leberial Univericty freak who was trained not to fear God, and perhaps the Teachers loved him. He is their type of smart person. In the Univericity is agaisnt the rules to state "Jesus, or God" All those some called super brains in that School, and no one seen he was falling apart????? They show him how to mix bombs...The Deans at CAL State want raise, and their salary is above $240,000 to crank out more shooters, and bombers, and later claim "I see nothing except my pay check."

  • Dave

    We do not need gun control we need border control and immigration control, why are citizens being victimized by the lawless and illegals? the they get amnesty and allowed to receive welfare, food stamps and possibly even now they are talking social security (all this that we will have to pay for). And they call us the bad guys.

  • perky pauly

    One of the first acts a despot takes after securing his position is to outlaw possession of guns by the general population

  • noelle2011

    On July 27th, Barack Hussein Obama Intends To Sign A United Nations Treaty That Will "Legislate Gun Control In The United States" Through The Backdoor Via The United Nations "And Effectively Repeal Our Second Amendment."

    No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Those are the words of Dick Morris, the threat to your liberties is real and imminent, and Morris is not alone. Chris Cox, the executive director of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), is sounding the alarm as well:

    "Representatives from many of the world’s socialist, tyrannical and dictatorial regimes [are gathering] at the United Nations headquarters in New York for a month-long meeting, in which they’ll put the finishing touches on an international Arms Trade Treaty that could seriously restrict your freedom to own, purchase and carry a firearm."

    It's happening right now... at this very moment. The member states andthugocracies of the United Nations have been meeting, behind closed doors with Hillary Clinton, since July 2nd to hammer out the final details on their so-called Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and Barack Obama, HAS VOWED to sign it on July 27th.

    And if you're not worried, you should be. Cox goes on to say: "You might think that something so obviously menacing to one of our enumerated fundamental rights would receive a strong rebuke from our top government leaders. BUT YOU'D BE WRONG. This is President Barack Obama’s vision for America, and we’re expected to just go along with it."

    We need our elected officials on record NOW. And it's not enough to call on them to oppose the ATT, AFTER Barack Obama signs it. We must DEMAND that they announce their intentions to vote AGAINST ratification of this treasonous treaty NOW... BEFOREBarack Obama signs it on July 27.

    Make no mistake, if you do not make your voice heard now, your constitutional and God-given right to keep and bear arms may forever be regulated and controlled bythugocracies within the United Nations that have no intention of following the dictates of the very treaty they will impose upon you.
    please go to this site and copy and email this to the senate WE HAVE GOT TO BLOCK THIS TREATY!

  • Peggy Burgess

    A friend told me you can find blow guns and poison, stun guns, tazers, knives, swords, etc. etc. online. Criminals will always find a way to have guns, or some of the above. Any law abiding citizen adverse to these can use wasp spray and a baseball bat.

  • lawnorder

    To make our citizens defenseless is the primary purpose of gun control legislation. If we can't defend ourselves, the Obama Thugs could pillage our property without much resistance.

  • Rob

    Here is an excerpt from an email from Rand Paul regarding the United Nations small arms control meeting in New York. For those of you who think this can not happen. King Obama has crammed more than one law down our throats illegally during his reign, what makes you think he can't pull off this major gun grab ?????
    " As I jot down this quick note, bureaucrats at the UN are drafting the Small Arms Treaty. Speaking for the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton has already given her blessing to this global gun grab, calling for "consensus" in order to "avoid loop-holes." My suspicion is that "loop-holes" for Mrs. Clinton include our Second Amendment. Right now, gun grabbers from around the world are in New York City for nearly a month of negotiations. They're working to "build consensus," and when they're sure the treaty includes the demands of petty tyrants worldwide, I fear that Clinton and Obama will do everything in their power to force it through the US Senate sometime before the upcoming election. This UN Gun Ban would almost certainly FORCE the United States to participate in an international gun registry and could require the confiscation and destruction of ALL "unauthorized" civilian firearms in America."
    GET RID OF OBAMA and his band of merry idiots, Holder, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the crew, before it is too late for this Republic.

  • apache6

    It's time to "BREAK" the "LAW" if need be,to protect your life,and the live's of our loved ones.I've carried for "YEARS" without a permit,but on the "PLUS" side,I live in a "OPEN CARRY" state,MICHIGAN !!

  • rocco1234

    i heard kirstin powers on fox today stating that we banned machine guns and now no one has machine guns. well , maybe no one has the old thompson(tommy gun) but mac 10s' and uzi's are fully automatic machine guns and the average gun owner doesn't own them either, because they are illegal but the criminals have them. the criminals will always have illegal weapons and contraband because they are criminals. that is what thuggs and criminals do, they disobey the law.
    she was trying to make the case for more gun control. she thinks making more laws will solve the problem. liberals always want more laws. it is against the law to sell drugs to but millions sell drugs. it is against the law to murder people to but look at what just happened in colorado and look at chicago. laws are for honest people. the criminal doesn't care about laws. if your intent is to murder people you will find a way even if you didn't have access to guns .
    if the law abiding are forced to relinguish their guns then we are in for a world of hurt. also, the reason the japanese never invaded the continental united states is because we citizens were armed. i don't know what they pay this woman but it is too much what ever it is.;

  • Bob DD

    What if there had been several people with high powered handguns in the Colorado movie theater? I know killer had on bulletproof gear, but maybe something could have been done?

  • Dick Grace

    We should all remember the greatest gun control scheme of them all was
    implemented by the Nazis shortly before World War II. When the Jews in
    the Warsaw ghetto realized that they had been rounded up to be
    exterminated they tried to resist. They pooled their weapons and had
    less that 10 handguns and less than 100 rounds of ammunition. The
    massacre of the Jews, Gypsies and others the Germans considered
    undesirable was the direct result of gun control. Our founding fathers
    in their wisdom headed off this madness by simply allowing us to keep
    and bear arms. Military weapons are what the population needs in
    abundance to keep madmen from annihilating their fellow countrymen. The dictatorship that was Germany is being recreated in our time in this country.

  • reggiec

    The fact that Holmes outfitted himself in full body armor indicates he was fearfull that someone might return fire like the 70 yo did recently in a laundramat. It is a shame that there were no armed concealed carry folks in the theater. We cannot know how many psychos and criminals decide not to carry out their plans because of the fear of return fire but it must be significant. Holmes's armour proves it was a concern for him.
    Remember these words:
    ***"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference. They deserve a place of honor with all that is good. When firearms go, all goes. We need them every hour." - George Washington in address to the 2nd session of the United States Congress.
    ***“Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.” (George Washington)
    ***"The right of self-defense is the first law of nature; in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and when the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.” Henry St. George Tucker, in Blackstone's 1768 “Commentaries on the Laws of England.”, Judge of the Virginia Supreme Court & U.S. Dist. Court of Virginia

  • el_loco_jp

    I more people started carrying concealed handguns; cowardly punks, muggers and crazies wouldn't dare attack anybody because they would fear the possible consequences.

  • Californicatedbyliberals

    Here is another excerpt from a well known firearms trainer and promoter of common sense approach to firearms, training and their use.
    Politicians, city officials and businesses who support "Gun Free Zones" are killing us with their lunacy. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Well let's ask our elected officials, opinion leaders, the news media, and those businesses who support the insanity of gun control and "Gun Free Zones" how many more Americans are they willing to kill by continuing to disarm responsible, trained citizens WHO CAN STOP a deranged gunman BEFORE he can massacre disarmed and helpless citizens? How many MORE times are our elected officials going to pass gun control laws, enforce "Gun Free Zones" or consider signing an Arms Treaty to circumvent our cherished Second Amendment and expect a different result than what we received at the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises? It is INSANITY to believe that more gun control will make us safer. Criminals, terrorists, and the deranged DO NOT follow gun control laws. Never have and never will. Any politician, opinion leader, news pundit, or business owner who thinks otherwise is the poster child for Albert Einstein's definition of insanity. And while you are at it, ask the 50 or more who were wounded and the hundreds who feared for their lives in that "Gun Free Zone" theatre if they would have liked to have had a gun of their own to protect themselves and those around them when a madman walked right in and started shooting? NOBODY could stop him, because there wasn't another gun, a LIFE SAVING GUN, in that theatre! Ask your elected officials, opinion leaders, the news media, and those businesses who support the insanity of gun control and "Gun Free Zones" when they are going to wake up, get smart, look at the data, look at the statistics, look in the mirror and realize they are WRONG... DEAD WRONG about guns? When are they going to admit to themselves that they are KILLING Americans with ignorance and gun control schemes? It is no secret, due to so many real world examples that are readily available for everyone to see on the Internet, that when you have an armed, trained, responsible citizen in a public place EVERYONE IS SAFER and such murderous rampages as have occurred countless times in "Gun Free Zones" just can't happen. Here is just one of hundreds of such examples. You likely never saw this last week in your newspapers or on your local news because a responsible, armed, trained citizen was present and took care of the threat immediately. As a result it was a "non story" for the media. No blood, no tears, no wailing families who lost loved ones, no reason for reporters to look sad and reflective as they describe the carnage as many ways as they possible can for days and days, while playing the scene of the mass murder over and over and over again. Nope, there was no tragedy here. Just one responsible citizen with a gun taking care of a social problem and saving everyone around him BECAUSE HE WAS ARMED! "For what it's worth.

  • wayne peterkin

    "To preserve Liberty, it is
    essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught
    alike, especially when young, how to use them." —Richard Henry Lee, Virginia delegate to the Continental Congress, and
    member of the first Continental Congress, which passed the Bill of Rights

    Frankly, I put far more faith in our founders than in any current occupant of Congress or the White House. If anyone in this country has trouble understanding the meaning of the Second Amendment, the above quote is right from the source. I will only add that if many of the people in that theater had been carrying, the shooter would likely been brought down with far less carnage.

  • Phil Hamel

    I have a question: They have not controlled the Criminals, Drug pushers, Rapist, Or any other member of the RAT pack. How do they think they are going to control MILLIONS of LEGAL gun owners. Just asking.??????????????????????????????

  • swan

    Gun Control ? makes you Defenseless ??? Not Really makes Me A Crook . Out of My Cold Dead Hands I Will Gave Up My Gun !

  • Rekab

    saddened by the events in Aurora, Colorado. One wonders if the theater
    had not had a "gun-free zone" policy if some "concealed carry" person
    could have prevented much of the carnage.
    So...hows that gun free policy working for ya?

  • Doski

    What this article fails to mention is the sheer cowardice exhibited by the English Police who fear being labelled Racist and which has allowed a decade of rampant Rape, Child Molestation and Beatings to go UN-investigated, Yes, Muslim Men have been allowed to commit these atrocities upon the English Females without fear of Criminal charges for at least ten years.
    No, I didn't make this up. The cowardly Brits have been hiding it that long. Is it any wonder the Irish bombed them ? One has to wonder what injustices the Irish endured before striking back.

  • The Quadfather

    Every time one of these nut jobs picks up guns and goes on a shooting rampage, the liberals start howling about gun control. They want to make the honest gun owning citizens of this country into victims also. The media will go on about it for a month, blaming the guns or the magazines, when they should be looking at why did this young man do this when he apparently had a bright future ahead of him. The liberals want to take away my right to defend myself against such a person. They ask, "Why would anyone need an assault weapon?" Well, I'll tell you. The spending this government is doing is out of control, and it borrows 40 cents of every dollar it spends. This cannot go on forever, it is a mathematical certainty. When the lenders will no longer lend, the welfare system will collapse and there may be roving bands of murderous marauders. This is not paranoia, it is already happening to stores in run down cities without the welfare system collapsing. Two or three shots may not be enough, and the criminals may have guns also. The purpose of the Second Amendment is self protection. The Japanese did not invade the mainland USA during world war II because they knew that we were armed and could conduct a guerilla war against them. If this were a bus accident or an airplane crash with the same number of dead, the news coverage would already be done with, and forgotten. There would be no calls to ban airplanes or busses. Hell, not even after the 9-11 terror attacks where the airplanes full of victims were used as missiles to kill even more people, were there any calls to ban airplanes. That's because you can't use commercial airliners to set up a tyranny after the airliners are removed from public access. Just say no to gun control of any kind.

  • Mark Pickett

    Man, it's a proven no brainer, the bad guys go where the vulnerable ones are. Only the Libs can't seem to understand it. Switzerland REQUIRES their military members to take their weapons home after service, guess what, no one messes with no one there unless of course you get a crazy. Either this Aurora dude was such or it was staged by the Gov.....

  • SaveANeighbor

    Politicians might pass the gun control....but in the end it has to pass us red blooded red neck Americans ! The time will come when they will try to enforce it....After all who in their right mind would want to try to enforce this ridiculous idea? The "We the People" will be on center stage for this. Those who will be trying to enforce the laws will be our friends and neighbors. I think it's time we remind them about their Oath ! ! ! Let's just call it Save A Neighbor !

  • greenpowergas

    It has been proven over and over that when criminals know that a lot of people are carrying guns in an area or city crimes drops and violent crimes almost come to a halt. Because criminals are basically cowards they will not take the chance of getting injured or killed by granny who just might be carrying. When criminals know a lot of people are carrying it is an intimidation factor that works and they leave for greener pastures.
    Any elected official that is for gun control should be tossed out of office and replaced by someone who is pro-gun and is against gun control period.

  • HerrCapitanFick

    If the gutless wonder citizens would raise up on these politicians things would change! The foreigners, thugs, politicians, and the world all know you people are gutless!!!!

  • Old Curmudgeon

    Any NATO treaty has to be approved by the Senate and there are not enough votes there to ratify it., To do so would be political suicide and even the Democrats are not that stupid. Why do you think there was very little outcry from politicians for more gun laws following the latest shooting incident? It is an election year and the majority of Americans do not want any more restrictive gun laws.

  • Brazen

    Gary DeMar: What a moron of a journalist you are.

  • lois

    NEVER give up your guns!

  • fridihem

    Guns Are Bad. Period
    Guns kill people, much in the same way that pencils make spelling mistakes and computers commit internet fraud.
    If you use a gun to defend your life, there is a 100% chance that the criminal will disarm you and use your own gun against you, even though the criminal will probably be carrying a weapon of his own.
    The average law abiding citizen does not have the skill required to use a gun in self defence properly. Guns are extremely complicated devices, that can only be used properly by Nasa trained, super-police officers.
    Guns are an extremely easy and simple way for criminals to murder people.
    We must ban all guns because there are thousands of unstable lunatics out there who will get hold of them and kill dozens of innocent people.
    Those who argue that they need guns to defend themselves from unstable lunatics are clearly paranoid.
    Only the police and military can be trusted with guns. Be warned, pro-gunners (AKA Pro baby murderers) will try to tell you that the most deadly shooting spree in history was carried out a by a South Korean police officer using police issue weapons. This is a lie. No police officer or military person has ever abused their position or had a mental breakdown and kill a bunch of people, ever.

  • Phillip in TX

    We DO need more gun control. B R A S S - Breath, Relax, Aim, Sight, Squeeze! Hitting your target is "gun control."

  • chvietvet

    Colorado gun control activists, including police who fear a cutback in jobs and promotions if citizens can defend themselves, have been making life particularly difficult for gun owners. While it is legal to carry a properly licensed gun in most Colorado cities, people have been arrested illegally because they did. What would have happened if four or five persons in the movie theater had been carrying guns? As soon as the maniac started shooting, he would have been shot himself, and most of the 14 lives he took away would have been saved. What this tragedy proves is that citizens cannot expect to be protected by police. The shooting is over before the police arive. It also shows that all of the controls on purchasing guns in Colorado are fully useless. If a nut case like the shooter can arm himself with a whole arsenal, then the laws now in place could be abolished without fear that their absence would make things worse. Even a total ban on guns cannot stop people with underworld connections from arming themselves. The tragedy also shows that polititions who advocate totalitarian government make use of any argument to disarm the public. Once such politicians take control, they can only be removed from power at the cost of thousands of human lives. A look at the present attempts to remove the dictator Assad from Syria shows how hard it is for people to regain their basic human rights once they are given away.

  • Phillip in TX

    It looks as though my post vanished, so I'll try it again. We DO need more "gun control." B R A S S - Breath, Relax, Aim, Sight, Squeeze. Hitting your target is "gun control."

  • Texas Jack

    When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns---Consider the third world nations that are in constant turmol and you will see that a signed U.N. agreement cannot stop the evil from having guns, it only makes the citizens un-armed and unable to defend them selves--Perfect example COLORADO--- One armed citizen could have saved how many.

  • JWD

    This is all to bazar, where did a College student get the money to pay for the weapons and protective gear he used and all this happened right before BHO is the sign the UN Gun Control Treaty?

  • bitemehardleft


  • bitemehardleft


  • Rector's Ranger

    I haven't heard if the theater was a free kill zone or not. Does anyone know? My guess is the theater, like the ones in my home town, are free kill zones, thats why he chose a theater to do his killing. If concealed carry permit holders were allowed to carry their wepons the shooting would not have taken place. If so, he would have only fired once or twice before being cut down. If you don't know what a free kill zone is, look for the sticker on the front door of a building of a circle with a cross bar over the picture of a pistol.

  • Rob

    Throw the ball back at the Rights Revocationists and just keep repeating it with each of their replies .....

    .....“ What is it you plan to do that is so bad you feel you must
    disarm the public to do it ? “

  • Proudamerican

    America will NEVER voluntarily give up their means to protect themselves at the behest of ANY politician!! Besides we know the level of hypocrisy that comes along with this- the dems will never give up anything because they dont follow rules, they only expect YOU to!

  • Mike11C

    Right now I am, and have been for my whole life, a "law abiding citizen". However, if privately owned guns are outlawed, I will never fit into that catagory again. "Come and Take Them!" But, be prepared to receive my ammo first and, what you get will be an empty and severely over-heated gun.

  • arlo

    This is one reason the government will never find all of my guns.......

  • servant1jkb

    Defenseless, but that's the whole Progressive goal! A defenseless populace is easily tak3en under control! It ain't about guns, it ALL about control and POWER!

  • LEW

    The Facts are OUR GOVERNMENT is not trying to stop crime! IT hopes for crime to get support for MORE LAWS so as to make MORE CRIMINALS of WE the PEOPLE! AS we all know Criminals lose their Right to VOTE in many STATES! And their right to OWN GUNS in ALL STATES! ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL! BUT all without OUTRAGE! WHY? OH WE all know why don't we? THEY(the government) aren't coming for you are they! OR are they? WAKE UP SHEEP! YOUR DAY IS COMING!

  • Robert

    Question: Why must the government disarm their own people?
    These people are dancing in the street and have been a big party because all these people are dead. Their standing on their bloody bodies to promote themselves ,and their misguided beliefs, and their own personal political power. Why does America allow these people to continue to do this every time there is a tragedy. These people are as despicable as the shooter himself.

  • Graywolf12

    This is all a part of Agenda 21. Look up While there look at "members" then "global members" to see if your city is a signer to this "one world government" take over.

  • Walt

    most pro-gun city in the United States – Kennesaw Georgia – where gun ownership
    is mandatory. It’s not the “Wild West”
    like some people predicted when it passed a mandatory gun ownership law. Kennesaw “has the lowest
    crime rate in Cobb County,” one of the most populace counties in Georgia. In
    fact, from 1982 through 2009, Kennesaw had been nearly murder free with one
    murder occurring in 2007. Other serious
    crimes are almost non-existent.

    “The city of
    Kennesaw was selected by Family Circle magazine as one of the nation’s ‘10 best
    towns for families.’ The award was aimed at identifying the best communities
    nationally that combine big-city opportunities with suburban charm, a blend of
    affordable housing, good jobs, top-rated public schools, wide-open spaces, and
    less stress.”

    In a 25-year period, New York City has had more than 15,000 murders – 2245 in 1990 alone – while Kennesaw,
    Georgia, had 1.

    When the people have guns
    the criminals stay away.

  • PMDavis

    Gun possession by the people is the only thing that keeps a tyrannical government from being able to take over.


    We can see that gun control is nothing more than a way to extend the growth, and wrong doing of government under the guise of citizen protection. If the government has all the guns and control they why do they need the likes of you?

  • V

    I agree with Tony, the Government is allowing Mexican Cartel to flood across AZ borders and believe me, THEY'RE not going to give up their guns!...Make no mistake about it, the criminals in the United States are ARMED AND DANGEROUS and they would LOVE IT if the rest of us poor schleps weren't allowed to defend ourselves. Our leaders have sold us out and are setting us up to be defenseless against, not only them, but ALL threats. What happened to this great nation?...what a's the innocents who will suffer, always have, always will.

  • DockyWocky

    Let's test the theory that an armed public will prevent nutters from pulling any more Bat-guy killings. Our government obviously has enough guns itself to arm about everyone who wants to participate in testing the theory. Pass them out.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Cop retired 30 yrs, never had to shoot, or injure anyone, but people need to always go armed. It only takes one time and if you're unprepared, it could mean your, or a loved ones life.

  • tubabill

    I carry a can of wasp and hornet spray in my car and have it next to me on my car seat. It is a legal product. One doesn't need a permit to carry and will shoot 25-30 feet (aim for the eyes). Keep one near each door of your home; also a can within arm's reach of your bed is also a good location for a can.

  • MalikTous

    The moron king who tried to ban crossbows got assassinated by an enemy spy with a concealed foldup crossbow. Weapons restrictions have been universally tyrannical and unproductive through history, with a single exception: the development of martial arts unarmed combat in the Orient was the result of government confiscation of citizen weapons. Gun control and other moronic restrictions against innocent citizens should be abolished and their proponents exiled from the USA for life!

  • flaphil

    You need the opposite. For proof look up Kennesaw Georgia.

  • bowtonoone2

    If ANYBODY in that audience had a gun, maybe this idiot would be dead now and most of those who were killed would have been spared?

  • Linda C. Dines

    Once again I state that gun control for me is being able to hit what you aim for and nothing else, keep your guns in good condition and safely locked away from others,

  • Charles D


  • cheryl

    I'm 66 years old and never owned a gun till 200/. Obama is the reason. The first thing a dictaror does is take away the rights of citizens to defend themselves.I live alone and in a very good neighbood were crimes is unheard of . I don't care things can change and someday someone will break in. I want a gun to protect myself.. Just remember that no law willl keep a crimanal from getting guns.

  • Katchaturian

    Picking just Washington State and the number of killings and wounding of innocents by police I say we be allowed to keep our weapons.

  • AmericanIcon

    It's not 'gun control', it's 'victim control by civilian disarmament'. Assault and murder are actions, not weapons, and murders have been - and are still being - committed with knives, clubs, and household appliances. Not to put too fine a point on it, but we see how 'effective' laws against murder are, only an imbecile would claim outlawing any one tool would change that.

  • carolrhill814

    Everyone has to remember that guns don't kill people if peolple left the gun on the table or in a closet and didn't touch them NOTHING would happen but it the gun is picked up off the table or taken out of the closet to harm a person then the person did the killing not the gun.
    People are dying from smoking because that person chose to smoke the cigarette didn't jump in the mouth of the person.
    That is the way it is with everything in life and that is a fact.

  • Aaron Freeman

    Here's a crazy thought: maybe, the time has come for capitalism exclusion zones! These zones would be autonomous zones, free from state influence, and unable to influence state government. The only requirement would be that the state and federal highways would still be the responsibility of the state they exist in, and the zone couldn't stop the expansion of the freeways. They could, put a toll on the off ramps to get money from people entering and exiting the zone. We'd put a wall around the zones, allowing no further urban sprawl. Let them have their ways within the zones, and within a few years, people will be fleeing the zones for their economic lives! Just a thought!!!

  • Don39

    Folks please ignore all the hoopla below about the 1961 Vienna Treaty, I promise you it has nothing to do with any pending U. N. resolution! It deals speciffically with diplomatic missions.Further if the person raising this red herring was referring to the 1969 Vienna Treaty his interpretation is alarming but totally false! The 1969 treaty is the basic 'Law of Treaties', It does not override the ratification process, but comfirms it! Further it has never been ratified by the U. S. and has no real application. Do not let alarmist make you think that the proposed UN Arms treaty can become law without a ratification process. Yes it is serious business and you must put pressure on the Senate to not ratify it! But not ratifying it even if signed by the president will not make it binding! If the intent of the phoney 61 treaty crap intended that he scare you off and cause you to give up without a fight , DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN! There are as well other mechanisms and procedures or hurdles before this treaty is a done deal. It can in fact languish for years just like the 69 treaty and never be ratified if we the people do not cede to the UN and the left! Tell your Senator to not betray the Constitution again and to cast out the coming proposal or we will cast them out! Don't want to take my word for it , look up 1969 Vienna treaty. Pay particular attention to Article 7 as relates to full powers, Article 11 as relates to means/consent of signing bodies and need for radification,and Article 14 which specifies radification process. Then look up same treaty and US ratification. there are other article of interest to include scholarly writings in depth that express the same conclusions as above in i said before beware and be scepicle of what you read here. make it an opportunity to learn the real stor4y and be sure you have your facts in order before putting pen to paper, especially to your or all Senators. We need for them to know that we know what we are talking about, especially when it comes to the Constitution and the Rule of Law! Whatever the intent, misinformation is dangerous and a disservice or out and out fraud!

  • gypsy314

    I would rather be judge by twelve then carry by six. Most will agree no way in hell is anti democrats and Obama take our rights away King George tried and lost. Obama is not our King.

  • TheGizmo51

    Depends on who shoots first. I feel the need to shoot first and then I can defend my stand my ground laws later.

  • Michael S. Smith

    This is one area where I am in some agreement with you right-wingers but guns should be licsened and registererd ane we should require any one who wants to buy and own a gun to have mentel and psyciatric examination before they can have gun and all gun owners to have one at least once every six months if we did this more gun tradgidies like this one would be prevented

  • Michael S. Smith

    Keep guns away from those who are mentaly insane not from the same away from those who break the law not from those who obey it

  • Norbert Tanguay

    Out of 442 people who commented how many are brave enough to become Warriors.
    Ans. 2. The more Warriors the better chance to defeat gun confiscation. But I'm getting too optimistic in my old age as I know there will be only one. The Massachusetts "Second Amendment Sisters" are Warriors. Most of you guys are not as brave as a girl. How pathetic.
    "I'm not going to join, he insulted me. My feelings are so much more important than my freedom." "If he wants me and my male friends to join he'd better talk nice to us and tell us how pretty and handsome we look." "He'd better promise to never let the big, bad government hurt us." lmao

  • RFRider

    Gun Control, ha! Budget Control is what we need.

  • Gordon

    I suggest that all CCW holders (and anyone else) who were in the theater sue the theater management and owners for their no gun policy that removed their means of self defense and for not providing sufficient security to assure the safety of their patrons.

  • Richard J. Garfunkel

    So the 270 million guns in private hands make Americans fear defenseless. That's either a laugh or a pathetic statement reflecting the impotence of the right-wing. But I can understand the latter. Most of you old f-rts are over the hill mentally, sexually and socially. Your new member is your pistol. You reprobates remind me of the old Mae West line, "are you happy to see me or is that a gun in your pocket?"

  • Terry J Storie

    I agree with everyone who said guns do not kill people, people kill people. A person who is determined to kill can use a sword to decapitate, home made bombs, poisen, ETC. They do not need a gun. If I and several other people had been there with concealed carry permits, he would have been stopped!!!!!! Wake up people......there is more to come....thanks for your time.....X-NAVY PETTY OFFICER....Terry Storie,

  • Terry J Storie

    You people need to know what is

  • sovereintyofone

    Let's clear the fog here, shall we? First of all the government can not completely protect you, nor can the police from a violent act..period. If someone wants to kill people, they don't have to use just a gun. Cars, trucks, knives, clubs (baseball bats ). If you want to go for the big kills, pipe bombs, or vehicles to run over people with. The fact of the matter is, the police in most cases show up " after the crime has been commited ", and the government even much later.
    With that said, I would much rather have the right to defend myself and my family, rather than hoping that I would be one of the " lucky survivors " of crime when the police or government shows up to take the body count. In this latest mass killing spree the police said they showed up within around 2 minutes " after" the first 911 call came in. By that time many people were already dead and wounded. Once again, the police and government showed up for the body count, and to arrest the criminal. So do you think more gun control (that criminals ignor anyway ) is needed, or do you think it's time to let citizens use their rights to defend themselves until the Police or Government can get around to show up for the body count.