Comic Book Horror Became Reality in Colorado Movie Theater

For years now there has been a debate about the effects of the music and entertainment industry on our minds.  Entertainment advocates claim that everyone knows movies and songs are not real and are only meant to provide a few moments of entertainment and freedom from the day’s troubles and stresses.

On the other side of the argument are many Christian and family organizations that argue that the movies, songs and other materials do have an effect on us, especially on the younger people.  They say that when our youth fill their minds with sex, violence and disrespect for others often enough, they begin to accept that as normal and part of life.

If you don’t believe this to be true, ask emergency room staff around the country how many injuries they saw right after the Jackass movie and television series aired.  Kids and young adults all over the nation tried to imitate many of the dangerous stunts they saw portrayed on the screen.

Last Friday, the nation saw another example of how the material we put into our minds affects us.  James Holmes dyed his hair red, armed himself with several weapons, tear gas, bullet proof vest, gas mask and headed to the midnight showing of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.  With the theater crowed with people, Holmes tossed a tear gas canister and then opened fire on the crowd.  When it was all over, 12 people lay dead and 59 others were wounded.

Holmes has yet to tell authorities why he did what he did and many are already trying to speculate what his motive could have been.  It may be months before we learn why he went on his murderous rampage, but one thing seems to be fairly evident and that involves Holmes’ plans for his attack on the theater.

In 1986, a Batman comic book was released titled The Dark Knight Returns.  In that comic, written and drawn by Frank Miller, a lone gunman with reddish orange hair goes into a crowded theater and starts shooting.  In the comic, the shooter only killed 3 people.  His motive had to do with his hatred for heavy metal music and pornography.

Was it coincidental that Holmes had left loud music playing at his apartment when the police had arrived?  Police believe it was done to lure them into the heavily booby trapped apartment, but could the loud music also been inspired by the comic book?

Like I said, we still do not know what motivated James Holmes to do what he did, but in the end, I believe it will be proven that his actions were influenced in part by a comic book.



  • alibaba123456

    This of course was just a lone gunman. The results of course were regrettable and unfortunate. Now this happens only rarely in this nation and is not a every day occurence. Or is it? In Chicago we have people that are murdering each other every day that is not picked up by the lame stream media. We have blacks attacking and killing whites quite often in urban settings that are never reported by the so called "media" . I would say that James is a rarity and that most single white males are not given to the violence that he has committed. It is also unfortunate that in the black community that this type of violence is common and very rarely reported.

  • Screeminmeeme

    The line between reality and fiction is becoming more and more blurred as the colossal number of violent and sadistic movies/games/ TV programs desensitizes and pounds away at the unguarded, malleable minds of willing participants.....unfortunately mostly the unsuspecting young.

    If you don't believe that what we see and hear can sway our behavior, then you don't believe in the advertising business which has done studies which prove that a person's even short exposure (15 minutes) to repeated images of their product will determine their buying habits.

    How much more so with teens and young adults in particular giving hours of uninterrupted attention to violent images.

    And the older and wiser need not breathe so easy......we ALL need to be aware of garbage in........garbage out. None of us is immune to the forces around us which influence what we say and do.

    Guard your mind and your heart.
    Pro 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

  • Edward

    Keep the guns Ban the comic book. Its screwballs like this that make it tough for the good guys.

    • MalikTous

      Nothing wrong with the comic book. Ban the anti-gun lobby and all gun control.

  • Dustin W. Taunton

    while this is being sensationalized ad nauseum the UN is poised to take our guns away

    • William Nivison

      Look closely and you will see that this is actually a part of that UN/Billary/Obuma gun grabbing project. Look at the timing. Look at the equipage of the lunatic involved. Hmmmm... Fast & Furious anyone?? Take the guns, control the people.

    • CSN

      MY sentiments exactly.

    • MalikTous

      Ban UN Small Arms Treaty, exile the anti-gun lobby for treason, and consider exiling both Klintons as well for treason and fraud (he abrogated his citizenship by draft dodging in Leeds and she abrogated hers by murdering Vincent Foster). Also consider expelling the UN from NYC and USA, see whether they sink any faster than the League of Nations.

  • Rev. Anony Moose

    I do see a connection between violence on tv and movies as well as pornography and the way people act! To deny it is to deny reality!

    • Maurine Goodenough

      It has been proven in brain studies that the brain learns fastest by VISUAL it goes directly into the subconscious. Our capitolistic system fails us as things not good for us are allowed.


    Holme's motivation can be wrested from him by a good interrogator but I want to know is how a dirt poor hamburger flipper of a college student obtained the funds to buy at least 20 grand plus worth of gear, guns and equipment and no one is saying anything about this item...this makes it smell of a convenient deemer anti gun plot headed up by the likes of EH.

    • Connor

      AND also too convenient that the rampage takes place exactly one week before the UN small arms vote. And how about the location of the attack being in Colorado? He you wanted to drive home a point about gun control Colorado would be the likely pick considering the Columbine shootings. This shooter had no ties to Colorado apart from the university that he recently transfered to. The whole thing smells of government stink. Now our prez can sign the UN arms treaty by executive order and say with a tear in his eye that he's doing it for our own good and "its the right thing to do"

    • MalikTous

      That's easy, he probably stole it or was funded by some traitor organisation like ACORN! I hope the interrogator doesn't soil his hands with violence; scopolamine/sodium pentothal mix is more reliable and leaves the subject still intact to stand trial after the drugs wear off.

    • CSN

      Not to mention the fact of "Where the heck was homeland security in all of this?" They tap our phone conversations, check into our bank accounts, invade our homes at will, but let this guy buy tons of ammunition and nothing is done? You think they didn't know this guy was coming at a theatre near you? Poppycock they didn't know. They didi KNOW, and they're going to use it to take away our gun rights. I say it was preplanned and motivated by UN antagonists. It is a fact this guy was involved with the Occupy movement. Look it up on the web.

    • Gregory Lawrence Faith

      It is called a CREDIT CARD!

      • Christine Gavlick


    • Christine Gavlick


      • ONTIME

        The word is he used grant monies to pay for his deed and that makes the fed responsible, since they failed to keep track of the money...

  • rory

    If you are wondering why so many people are so insane these days. I have a
    theory. Read Romans 1 verses 16-32. The more a culture rejects obeying God the
    more God withdraws his protection of our minds and lives. It is natural for
    people to be self centered. God gave us many tools such as Himself, prophets, Bible, and the Church etc. to protect us from becoming self destructive and
    evil. These tools instruct us how to overcome our natural selfish inclination,
    often resulting in mental illness, and live happy satisfying lives. Nobody
    knows what is in the heart and mind of others. Therefore, scientist can not
    predictable outcomes of individuals. But, the trend is undeniable. For proof
    simply review every crime and family breakdown statistic since 1955 and 1963
    when the government banned the free exercise of religion in public. So far mans
    response has been to develop expensive drugs to perform chemical lobotomies on
    sections of the brain. 50 years later this "drug" response appears to
    be failing, to expensive and unsustainable. The irony is James Holmes was in
    the profession. The moral of the story is psychiatrists are no substitute for
    Priests and Rabbis. Tell a friend!

    • MalikTous

      Marxism is a total failure because humans aren't as predictable as machines; only machines can work under a Marxist theory. So much for the 'opiate of the people', Marx was as wrong as Stalin if a bit less violent. While I am pantheist and believe each individual should connect with whichever gods he or she prefers so long as we all keep the peace, I do believe that the evidence supports the existence of gods and that we should pay attention to them.

      • Tout

        'Nothing' stays always 'nothing', can not produce anything, There must have been something that had no beginning and has no end (is eternal). Let's call it X. X created everything. And 'every created thing' shows that X has total knowledge. That 'total knowledge & total power' (X) we call God.That eternal God created everything; including people. God gave every person a 'soul'; and only to 'persons'. No 'soul' will ever disappear, but when the person dies, his soul will end up in either Heaven or hel, in eternity . That depends on how the person 'lives'. You decide, by the way you live, where your soul will go on living after your body dies.

  • oldfart22

    How many Tea Party members dye their hair red? He fits right in with the occupy group.

    • CSN

      James E. Holmes was an Occupy Black Bloc Member. He was arrested, not charged at Occupy NY Oct. 2, 2011. He is indeed with that Group.

  • MalikTous

    I've got a couple of programs from history for this carrot-topped nitwit to be subject to: @kristallnacht and @sonderkommando. He should be totally depilated and denied all but bare minimum clothing, minimally fed, and sheltered only enough to prevent his ever escaping. He should be quickly tried, convicted, and sentenced for multiple capital murder and disposed of as quickly as possible.

  • Silas Longshot

    As we sit on our backsides, watching TV instead of 'doing something', we may notice the occaisional ad for the latest x-box game. Invariably, they depict massive violence, auto theft, murder, mayhem and madness, marketed to that age group of this mass shooter. The parallels of the above crazy to the Batman comic are too tight to be mere coincidence. And this age group, the product of our federally involved 'education system' could not be more susecptible to this saturation of pure violence in these games, playing them for hours and days on end. Common sense seems to be in short supply as well, have a look at 'youtube' vids of kids doing the most stupidly risky stunts you could imagine. Crash spectactularly, brused, broken and bleeding. Get right back on the skateboard, try the same stupid stunt AGAIN and break the OTHER arm, with the first break still in the cast.

  • Idylewylde

    Why didn't the lame Stream media carry the story of the theater massacre in my city?
    Because it didn't happen.
    This is a gun state. We're all packin. Wacko Boy would have eatten lead the very moment he oppened fire.

  • GreenMtnboya

    What I want to know is how he could have had any FBI nackground check on any of the four separate gun purchases from three stores between May 22 and July 6 and then not have ANY way to connect that this same SS# purchased two Glocks, a shotgun and an AR-15?
    Seeing what a local Walmart does to safely sell you a 22 caliber rifle for ground hogs and raccoons, suggests that somewhere "we STILL have a failure to communicate"!
    Finally, EVERY CRIMINAL and mass murderer had to start somewhere, with a petty crime all the way up to this type of massacre. Are we so foolish to think that your "past" record accurately predicts your future acts? If so we will continue to get what we saw on Friday. When one SS# buys 4 guns of these types in less then two months, I DON'T CARE THAT HE WAS A SMART, YOUNG PROMISING STUDENT, WITH NO TROUBLES in the PAST! To PROTECT ALL of us better we MUST see that this line of purchases wasn't to prepare for a quail hunt! The ball REALLY got dropped here! It is just NOT right! We can do better in this relatively free society.

    • Tionico

      you obviously are unaware of the process for purchasing firearms. One need not give one's SSN, for starters, and the FBI bakcground check is just that.. a check to see if any existing record shows a disqualification to the purchase of arms. All that requires is that one have no record of any felonies, mental deficiency, serious crimes, drug addictions. If one is "clean" the purchase is given a "proceed" code, and is completed. Further, the record of that check is not kept beyond 48 hours of the "proceed" code, or five days of a ""hold" code. Even if ti is kept, there is no way of conducting a search to see what purchases a given individual has made from the FBI's end of things. Handgun sales are recorded in many states, but not long guns (except in a few states, Colorado not being one of them).

      And this is the way it SHOULD be. The government, at any level, have no need to be able to learn who has what guns. THIS would be a serious infringement on our right to arms, as it would set up government to confiscate our private property at will.. as history has clealry demonstrated in Nazi Germany, England, Spain, Australia, China, Mexico.........

  • Jason_Wise

    Funny that he claimed to imitate "The Joker" Yet his hair color was all wrong, the joker has Green hair caused by falling into toxic green waste not Red. He must of got mixed up with Ronald McDonald's red hair.

  • sean murry

    this smells funny how could he get the weapons or bullet proof vest this smells like antigun plot.

    • tionico

      it does rather have the strong sense of a set up, false flag, never let a crisis go to waste sort of situation, I have to agree......

  • Work2SnowSki

    I'm about ready to welcome vigilante justice in this country and take people like this out Before trial and hang him publicly.

  • In a Land So far Away

    So who do they blame the gaming industry for making games so real that you feel like you are in a different world and can never be held responsible for your actions. Or the Education system and parents for not teaching the difference between make be-leave and reality... When I grew up we had entertainment and plenty to do and we learned the difference between a once upon a time fairy tail and reality!!!

  • Mary

    Is Batman massacre Staged Terror:

    Alex Jones insists Batman movie is staged for UN gun control treaty because a few more senators are needed and sitting on the fence. Alex also explains since the time of Nero govnt's have staged crisis's to their benefit to bend the people to their will.
    He also goes on to say this happened very conveniently before UN treaty.

  • fixhiscarcassgood

    have him slowly drawn and quartered.

  • BigSky Country

    Could be a manchurian candidate.. hypnotized, programmed killers that have amnesia afterward. They can have a jekyll and hyde dual personality ... been done before ...