Miracle At Aurora Shooting 22 Years in the Making

If you have never believed that God works in miraculous ways, then think again.

By now you’ve all heard of the horrific shooting spree at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado last Friday, where 12 people were cold bloodedly murdered and 58 others wounded.  Hopefully, you’ve read or heard the reports of how three different young men sacrificed their lives to save their girlfriends, or of the pregnant mother shot in the abdomen who, along with her unborn baby will survive the shooting.

But if you want a real miracle story from Aurora, that would have to be the 22 year old violinist named Petra (Pay-tra) Anderson.  Two of Petra’s friends have been biking across the country and Petra met up with them in Aurora to go see the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

When James Holmes entered the theater and started shooting, Petra was hit by shotguns pellets.  Three of the pellets hit her in the arm and the fourth hit her nose and pierced its way through her brain.  By the time the ambulance got her to the hospital, the doctors had very little hope for her recovery.  They said that the path of the pellet went straight through vital areas of her brain that could affect motor, speech and cognitive skills, but they were going to do whatever they could to save her life.  The doctors said that they planned to remove any bone fragments, clean the wound to stop any infection and then close it all up and hope for the best.

Her family gathered at the hospital where they anxiously awaited for five hours before hearing the news from the surgeons.  As friends and family came and went, they prayed and prayed for Petra’s recovery.  When the doctor finally appeared, he told them:

“It went well, and she’s recovering now. We found very little damage to the brain, and got the bullet out cleanly. It went better than we hoped for.  Something might still go wrong. We just need to wait and see if she makes it for the next 48 hours.”

Then they explained that once they opened Petra’s skull and looked at the damage, they realized that Petra had an unusual birth defect in her brain.  It seems she had a fairly small fluid filled channel that ran through her brain that no one was aware of prior to the shooting.  The channel started in the front of the brain right behind the nose and traversed through the vital areas of her brain to the back of her head.  The shotgun pellet entered her skull at precisely the same location as the fluid filled channel, where it followed the channel through to the back of her head.  As far as the surgeons could determine, there was virtually no damage done to her brain.  Had the buckshot entered her skull only a millimeter over in any direction, it would have torn through the vital areas of her brain, leaving Petra dead or severely impaired.

As Petra’s pastor, Brad Strait said:

“In Christianity we call it prevenient grace: God working ahead of time for a particular event in the future. It’s just like the God I follow to plan the route of a bullet through a brain long before Batman ever rises. Twenty-two years before.”

While the doctor was talking with Petra’s family, she opened her eyes, sat up in bed and started talking to everyone.  She is up walking and talking as if nothing had happened, except for the pain from her arm and her head.  Petra still faces some reconstructive surgery on her face, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Though the news of Petra’s miracle brings smiles to everyone’s face, the family is still facing a tragedy that needs our prayers.  Her mother, Kim is in the final stages of terminal cancer.  She is undergoing chemotherapy to prolong her life as long as possible, but the final prognosis is not good.  Please keep the entire Anderson family in your prayers at this time.  Praise God for Petra’s miracle brain defect and pray for comfort for Kim and the rest of the family as she nears the time to be with her Lord and Savior.



  • Screeminmeeme

    Wonderful story.

  • Mary

    Yes it is a wonderful story. And as fate would have it Divine Providence intervened and saved her with a birth defect. This is why some Christian's believe your fate is already written in the book of destiny. I had a miracle happen in my own family. The case bordered on supernatural intervention. I won't write about it here because it would never be believed in a real time world. However, there's probably a few of us here that have our own testimonials.

    • cjonson

      That is true Mary. I have experienced something that I have no human exlpanation for. I can only conclude that there is a God capable of doing things beyond human reason. It is something I live with unable to tell anyone, except my wife. I feel I was greatly priveleged and yet I have this burden of knowledge that is hard to share because of human frailty and not being able to express matters of faith openly in this social climate. I can just thank God and continue to do my best to follow his word. This story is just another example of an omnicient father figure watching over us.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002980905111 Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

        When God wants you to share, He will give you the grace to do so,plus help you with the words. I've had that happen to me before. Something I hadn't shared with anyone, & then God gave me an opportunity to share it with someone, & it was such a blessing to be able to do so. Sometimes God gives us an experience, or a miracle, so that we can share it with someone that He already knows is going to need to hear what we have to share. Just let Him lead you!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002980905111 Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

      You are SO right, Mary! And, I've always said that, If God isn't ready for you to die, nothing in this world can take you out, & if He IS ready for you to come be with Him, nothing in this world can keep you here, either. This is a wonderful story, & a definite proving of God's wonderful grace. I am definitely going to be praying for the family. And, I too have some awesome testimonies, but won't share on here

    • bfm

      come on, tell us the story!

    • Carolyn

      I also have had at least 2 miracles occur in my family. Doctors have called them amazing. God has been very merciful to our family.One was a critical life or death scenario.

    • Hunt

      @Mary: Yes, I have been witness to destiny, many times in my 60 years, Mary. If saving a life from destiny is intervention, then I have been a part of it, myself. I fortunately saved my own son from being killed from a horrific accident by seeing it in advance and telling him what to do to avoid it. I am thoroughly convinced that destiny is real. But, it can be changed in some cases. Only God knows for sure, but he does use some to avert dangers. The ones God uses for this purpose are called, "Walking Angels".They are His Earthly Army to save mankind. One can doubt if they want to. But I for one know the power of God's intervention.

  • sailor

    God is great...say prays everyday!

  • Fred Campbell

    Our God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.
    I wonder what God's plans are for this marvelously protected young lady.

  • Gville

    The story is mostly true, the part about her having something different about the structure of her brain is not. The doctor that treated her said it was a miracle that none of the vital parts of the brain were damaged. He specifically said in an interview that a minister posted the original article about a divine birth defect that allowed this miracle to happen. It seems there was an embellishment of the base information.

  • Mark_OneTwo

    Hallelujah, and Maranatha !

  • barbara ashdown

    Thank you, Giacomo, for this wonderful article. We do indeed serve an awesome God!

  • kal1and2

    And the dims thought obummer was the mesiah.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-Brown/100001040612639 Randy Brown

    Thanks for the GOOD news. Praise God.


    Yes, it's always called a miracle when you or someone close survives a horrible incident. But, what do you call it when 12 innocent people are shot and killed in cold blood, including a 6 year old child? Is that part of God's long term plan for them too?

    • Glay

      You just don't get it do you. God did not plan that anyone should get shot. He simply gave people the ability to avoid death or a devastating injury. We were given a free will. Some choose to do good while others to do evil. Evil entered into the world, when Adam and Eve chose to sin and now we are stuck with it. God gave the choice of do not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or you will surely die. A sinful world of people with a free will is inevitably going to see tragedies like this as people with hate in their hearts act on the hate against others. There were 71 people hit and 59 are still alive. Perhaps all 71 would be dead if God had not intervened. God is always turning tragedies into a way for people to see the truth and come to him. No one but the hate filled and insane want the death of innocents. Don't blame God for the deeds that hateful people do. God can only do good things, as only goodness is what he is. If you do not have His holy spirit in you through Jesus, you cannot fathom this.
      If you want to blame, place it on the enemy "satan" and his servants, (those who obey his desires). Nothing man can do on his own is ever going to change the fact of tragedies like this. When people try to control things like this using their own means, inevitably is get corrupted. If people would turn to God, and away from the Enemy, this is the only way things will change.


        Glay, you totally missed my point and, unbelievably, attempt instead to justify this tragedy in abstract terms of truth, evil and free choice. You state that God gave people the ability to avoid death. What ability did he give the 12 victims to avoid death? The six year old girl? Please explain. You also say these tragedies are inevitable. Is that what you'd tell their families? Do you think it's truly comforting to their families to know that 59 people are alive but their own loved ones are not? Do they think that's a miracle too? Likely not. Please also tell me if God has the power to intervene in such horrendous circumstances involving innocent, Christian, God-loving people and why he did not in this case? It's always easy to be self-righteous and never face realities of life.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002980905111 Sharon Jones Jeanguenat

          You have forgotten that America has kicked God out of our society. There ARE still some who worship & serve Him, but we have allowed over 50 million babies to be murdered, plus are actively promoting a lifestyle that is an abomination to Him. That 6 year old? She's in heaven with God, & if she was facing something horrible in her future, now she's not. And, the other 11? It was their time to go. God is a JUST God, & anyone that serves Him, knows that when they take their final breath, they'll be with Him in heaven. Just as the wicked will be in hell. I don't know the condition of any of the people who died souls, & it's not my call. God always does what is RIGHT, even when we humans don't understand it. Also, the shooter was SO evil that satan had control of him, not God. None of us knew any of the people that did die, & who's to say that some may have had an incurable disease that they were facing, or a horrible crime that they might one day commit? And, since you're asking why He didn't intervene, like I said, WE kicked HIM out of our nation, so why WOULD He? God's power is limitless, but we humans CAN limit what He can do for us, or with us.

        • SAILORPETE

          Dear Sharon..... In reply to your post. America has not 'kicked God' out of our society. The decision to to believe or not believe always has been and always will come down to each individual who has been given free choice by God. Regarding 50 million murdered babies, where do you get this figure from? Unfortunately, the number is high, but pulling numbers out of thin air to make your point is dishonest and misleading. Please let me know your source of information. Regarding abortions which you surely abhor as a Christian, let me ask you this. While you strongly oppose abortion, tell me how many unwanted babies and crack babies you have personally adopted and raised? It's so easy to strongly oppose such issues but to never assume any responsibility for your actions. You say God did not have control of the shooter? Is God powerless in the face of Satan? And, who created Satan and evil in the first place if it was not the God who created all things? But you do say 'God's power is limitless'. Lastly, your comment about the 6 year old being in Heaven with God is always the easy answer for the untimely death of someone we love. I'll bet her parents are ecstatic that she's now happy in heaven. Maybe they'd just rather prefer to kiss her goodnight and tuck her into her own bed tonight. If her death happened to prevent her from 'facing something horrible in her future', what could be more horrible than what befell her that night? Please set me straight Sharon. Pete

        • dalek1967

          Sometimes God sends messages for people like you to wake up. My Dad, who was a preacher when he was living, has said this before. If a person refuses God often enough and long enough, he abandons that person. Why, there are other people that need saving and sometimes sacrifices have to be made. From your posts, I gather that you refuse to hear him and you do so at your own peril. YOU are the only person that will answer for your beliefs or lack thereof. It's won't be your parents, your brothers or sisters if you have any, your children, your friends or anyone else. It will be you and you alone. God doesn't accept excuses either. You either believe or you don't.


          Scroll down to verse 28.

        • SAILORPETE

          Dear Glay, Sharon and Dalek1967 ...... Why can't or won't any of you respond to the questions I've asked. All you do is beat around the bush and parrot phrases you've heard in church. Dalek, you really have me puzzled. I know the bible fairly well and I don't recall any passages suggesting that God only has limited time to save people. Please cite book and verse. Thanks.

        • dalek1967

          I posted a link so you won't even have to go get a Bible to look it up. I just picked the one I recalled but there are others according to Google's results. I wasn't sure if you had a Bible or not so thought I would make it really easy. Apparently, I didn't make it easy enough for you still. lol Sort of explains why you don't see the points others are making. Like God, people give up on folks too. You can't teach people who don't want to accept God.

          As to the abortions, although it was not my comment to reply to, does it matter if it is 1 million or 50 million? Does it really matter that much? If it doesn't, then if you want to kill one, why not kill many more? Isn't that what Holmes did? He wasn't serving God when he killed those people. It doesn't matter if it was 12, 120 or a thousand. He still took a life and he will answer for it and God, not you or me, will take care of him then. Links:


          That also links to the CDC website where some data was used. The figures given is estimated since some abortions are not reported. However, does it matter if it is half that number? Is killing 25 million babies any better in your mind?

        • SAILORPETE

          Dalek...thanks for responding. I didn't get the Bible reference you mention. Can you resend it? I don't doubt the number of abortions are very high although the CDC estimate is still a guess. You obviuosly oppose abortion so I pose the same question I asked Sharon..... how many unwanted children and crack babies have you personally adopted, fed and clothed thru adulthood? For someone to oppose abortion but never accept any responsibility for the results is disingenuous.

        • dalek1967

          Have you never heard of Michele Bachmann? She adopted a bunch of kids. She's very proud of it too. She not only did her share but she also done my part for me. More on that later. I'm sure she is not alone. I have a neighbor that adobted four kids herself and the whole family is very religious. Some of the kids were kids that were abandoned or abused for one reason or the other. They took those kids in and are raising them to give them the best chances in life. If you want, I could ask their history but I prefer to keep my nose out of peoples business. I might also add, her husband works two full time jobs to support the family, including those kids who they took in. Here is a link on Bachmann:


          Scroll down to the next to last paragraph and about the last few sentences in it.

          Me, I'm disabled due to a genetic disorder. I do good to take care of myself. I have no children because I don't want to pass this own. I find it sort of ironic that you want to argue this point with someone who made such a decision as I have.

          You want to argue these points with me but I have a news flash for you. God, when your day comes, will not accept any arguments or excuses from you. You can try to argue the points with me or try to point your fingers backs at me and/or others but when your day comes, nothing said here will excuse your beliefs or actions. God looks at you, not me, not anyone else on this list, not family, not friends or anyone else. He looks at YOU and YOU ALONE. Here's that link:


          Scroll down to verse 28.

          You say you didn't get that but you did. I scrolled up and copied it from the post. If you wish, you can go to this link and it gives a bit of a explanation.


          If you want to argue further, you need to talk to God. He is the one you need to worry about, not me. You can't plead ignorance at this point.

        • dalek1967

          Well said. I'm disabled. Because of that, my Mom is not in a nursing home since I can take care of her. She is diabetic, has blockages in both blood vessels that go to her brain. She is also 79 years old. If I was not born with my condition, she would certainly be in a nursing home since I would be working. Another odd thing, I have almost died twice. I believe God keeps me here to take care of my Mom.

          I'm sure God has something planned for this young lady too. We just don't know what that is and we may never know either.

        • bfm

          the death glay speaks about is eternal death, not earthly death. there is a huge difference.

    • darkcyder

      I have read your posts, and it seems you are asking reasonable questions that there is not enough space here to address. If you are sincere about your quest for this answer, I suggest you read a book by author Lee Strobel titled The Case for Faith. He goes deeply into this question- why does a just and loving God allow bad things to happen to good people?
      Lee is a previous atheist journalist who went about the task of trying to prove that Christ never existed. He looked at all the evidence, performed a lot of interviews, dug up a lot of information and convinced himself of the opposite. He wrote a book about it called the Case for Christ. The case for faith was a followon using aa lot of the additional material he uncovered plus some new material.
      A couple of points for thoguht: According to the logic you have shared- nobody should ever die- as it is always bad. How do you know that there is not something so phenomenal beyond this life that if you knew what it was, you'd hurry your own death just to get to it?
      God states "my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways " - so how can we ever expect to understand what he understands, and why things happen that don't seem right to us?


        As expected, none of you have directly answered any of the important questions I have raised. Rather, you beat around the bush and fall back on generalized Biblical explanations and interpretations which are not very satisfactory. Do you have any real thoughts of your own? Can you answer any of my questions in your own words and in plain, factual, incontrovertible terms without falling back on what you've been told by others?

        • darkcyder

          OK- you are not serious. You just want to call everybody else wrong. that points to perhaps the real issue- you are a moron. Not a Mormon. a Moron. NOTHING will satisfy the thirst you express. The old saying goes: I can explain it to you, but I cannot learn it for you. i.e. you cannot fix stupid.
          I gave you two specific thoughts of my own. What do you know about the thoughts of God? Who are YOU to judge what is right and wrong in this world? You are like the anthill I step on and one of the ants I missed looks at it, and wonders why a just God would allow so many ants to be killed by one action.
          I feel sorry for you that your soul is so shallow, and that you mind is so clouded with judgmental authority. I suggested you read something that might help, but it is fairly obvious you just want to be a drive-by shooter. If you do not care to invest the time, then I am finished wasting oxygen on you.

        • SAILORPETE

          Dear Darkcyder ..... Your reply is a non-answer. Can't you just address my questions in your own simple words and thoughts? If you will carefully read my posts, you will see I am not judging anybody nor condemning God, just asking some relevant questions.

  • sean murry

    miracles happen that the way god wants thing to happen.


    All of us are for a purpose, some small, some great. We must all realize that the war can be lost for the want of a nail. If you are a product of the modern public schools look it up,you will know what I mean. All of are important,all are gears that make this great country run.
    America is like a fine watch,remove the smallest tooth on a gear and it wont function.
    This girl has a purpose,its not up to us to determine what it is.
    I wish speedy recovery for the young lady,and the strength to beat the cancer for her mother. Mrs. Anderson be proud of your special young lady.
    God bless America

  • Fred_K

    I am glad that a talented young person is recovering with no ill effects. If obummercare was in effect, her mom would probably be denied the chemotherapy currently prolonging her life.

  • bfm


  • larrylunts

    An even better miracle would have been the shooting rampage not happening at all. Who knows how many of the twelve dead might have gone on to become doctors, scientists, artists, musicians, engineers; or others whose lives might have improved the lives of us all?