White House Press Secretary Refuses to Answer Question About Israel’s Capital

For years, Israel has tried to claim that the historic city of Jerusalem was its capital, but most nations recognize Tel Aviv as the Jewish country’s capital.  Much of this controversy is centered over Muslim claims to Jerusalem.

There is no doubt that President Barack Obama has gone out of his way to distance Israel from the close relationship the two countries have had in the past.  Obama has even stated publicly that Israel should return to its pre-1967 borders and give up large areas of land to the Palestinian Authority, knowing at the time that this was not a negotiable item with the Israeli leadership.

Last year, the Obama administration abandoned Israel in favor of the Palestinians.  Obama vowed to block or veto any United Nations’ measure to recognize Palestine as a free state.  However, he then turned around and had the U.S. vote to accept Palestine as a full state in UNESCO.

When Obama met with French President Nicolas Sarkozy last year, an open microphone caught a conversation that was thought to be private between the two leaders.  Speaking about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Sarkozy told Obama:

“I cannot stand him. He is a liar,”

Responding to Sarkozy’s statement, Obama replied,

“You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!”

Not only did the U.S. endorse and encourage the militant Muslim Brotherhood to oust former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, but Obama personally congratulated them on winning the presidential election in Egypt.  But that shouldn’t be surprising since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s closest aid, Huma Abedin, has close family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood has joined other Muslim nations in declaring their desire to see the nation of Israel destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth.

Just a couple months ago, President Obama overrode Congress and sent millions of dollars to the Palestinians.  These are the same people that support groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, who, like the Muslim Brotherhood, have vowed to annihilate the nation of Israel.

All this said, on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked a question about Israel’s capital.  USA Radio Network reporter Connie Lawn asked Carney:

“What city does this administration consider to be the capital of Israel – Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?”

Carney tried to sidestep the question, but WND reporter Les Kinsolving joined in trying to press him to answer.  Watch the video below as Carney continually two steps to avoid answering a question which he obviously knew the answer for.

This is just another in a long line of examples that shows the Obama administration’s distaste for Israel and the Jewish people.  But then what would you expect from the United States first Muslim president?



  • Robalou01

    Odumbo must have turned over alot of rocks to find as big a Doofus for a press secretary as Carney.....

  • Screeminmeeme

    Carney's use of obfuscation and avoidance mechanisms truly typifies the Obama administrations' notion of ''transparency''.

    Carney is a jackass....handpicked to join the herd of other jackasses.

    • TheBigGeezer

      but carney doesn't care... he's got his money in Swiss bank accounts...

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRVIGZUHDKGNIUHBKCHKPTLQUU Hankr

      I agree, Carney is a jackass and almost a perfect copy of the stooge who previously held his position. I couldn't believe they could come up with another guy as ridiculous as the previous one-- anybody remember his name?

      • Edward53

        Robert Gibbs.

      • Apolloone

        Gibbs was Mr Congeniality compared to this guy.

    • Screeminmeeme


      I just listened to ROMNEY'S SPEECH in ISRAEL and it was terrific.

      He unequivocably stated that JERUSALEM is the capital of ISRAEL!! It's a position that Obama, the Muslim-in-Chief, has meticulously avoided since he favors the Palestinians and agrees with the United Nations and the Islamic teaching that Jerusalem belongs to muslims.

      With a presidential demeanor and the voice of authority, Romney confidently and soberly placed America squarely on Israel's side, reiterating our commitment to our ally and only democracy in the region.

      His style was Reaganesque and I felt great pride in this man who isn't even the president, yet, but who, I think, reflected the thoughts and attitude of most Americans about the Nation of Israel.

      IMO...Romney came across as a true statesman.

      • Apolloone

        I just read it from a letter from Doctor Pipes.It made my day.

      • RubyBlu

        I also for the first time in years, felt proud to have 'real, professional, statesman-like' representation. A breath of fresh air...

    • I love my counrty

      I'm surprised Carney didn't say, "present" as Obama has done on the majority of his votes in the state and the federal senate.

    • Apolloone

      He is an arrogant jerk which is typical of the people in this administration.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    Of course instead of just coming out and saying it Carney's hemming and hawing bring out the true loving of muslims this administration has shown. Jews are not the only ones who Obama has insulted. Calling himself a Christian is a lie and a insult to all Christians. His visit to a mosque in India before a Hindu Temple also insulted all Hindus. Meanwhile he has little problems kissing the butts of both the Saudi's and the Iranians. Romney should state that he will consider that Jerusalem the capital under his Presidency and then keep his word.

    • RescueKyron

      Go back to the records, jong, maybe they haven't been destroyed yet. Tel Aviv was assigned as Capital when the Brits and others were identifying Israel's geography. Do some 'net searches. Obama aside, the Zionists have worked to buckle several US Presidents to lead their fight to take Jerusalem away from others and give it to them as their Capital. Jews want Christians and Arabs out of the "Holy City" which Christ will return to according to Christians and Scripture. Jews don't want Christ to return, they are still rejecting Him and are waiting for someone "suitable" to their interests to arrive. Can you imagine what these people really want? They cannot slap Jesus again by slapping Christians and trying to take over the Holy City. They are asking for a bigger fight than they want. Christians WILL NOT ALLOW ZIONISTS to make our Holy City their Capital. The Declaration that established Israel assigned Tel Aviv (Tel is a "hill" higher ground than surrounding area and Aviv is the area of location) as the capital. The Brits and allies recognized and honored The Holy City, called JERUSALEM as an area to be available to all 3 religions... Christians, Jews, Arabs. ZIONISTS are fighting to take over Jerusalem and push Christians and Arabs out. They say it is "their" land, a familiar cult chant. You think they wouldn't do that? Ask Cory, the little American girl they used a Caterpillar Ground Moving Equipment to squash to death for protesting their leveling of legitimate Palestinian homes. Better get this history right, Americans, you are being made fools of and paying Zionists to do it... in Billions of YOUR hard earned USA bucks every year for many years. Maybe they paid for the Caterpillar tractor equipment, likely a gift swindled. As a lifelong Christian American as far back as my generations when they came here from Holland and named NYC New Amsterdam, and with family all over this beloved country now, to the Zionists, we take a stand against you regarding the Holy City of Jerusalem, and will NEVER allow it to be given to Zionists as their Capital. NEVER EVER. SWORN TO THE DEATH. ARE YOU READY? Lots of battles in your pot, maybe another would be right up your alley. You can title it Zionists Cruisin' For A Bruisin'. DON'T BITE THE HANDS THAT SAVED YOUR INGRATE BUTTS.

      • Sue

        Sorry I didn't read your comment first and THANK YOU for giving the history.

        • RescueKyron

          I just read your comment re UN. Blinking in my mind they were involved somehow, but the Brits had major influence. Hope someone can really check it out and give us the facts. Gotta close for now. GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY. KEEP TALKING, KEEP ARGUING, IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY. We MUST speak out to each other, especially now that our news services are so horrible.

      • lovejazz

        you are nothing but a Hitler loving piece of CRAP!!...If the Jews hadn't taken Jerusalem back in "67, there would be no Christians in Jerusalem now!...wake up you Anti Semite!

        • RescueKyron

          And how did they "take it back" in '67? Back from whom? Wanna talk about that? Braggarts that attacked with the usual shock&awe strategy, with somebody else's equipment and money, who know no other way to resolve issues except to kill and to get stupes to kill their enemies for them. NEVER AGAIN NEVER AGAIN. Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice shame on us, fool us thrice and fool no one again. Don't look now but your gratitude is showing just like the Jewess who lied her way into our Supreme Court. Define Anti-Semite. You are grouping too many people and hiding behind them as usual. Yeah, we are getting the picture. If jews had their way there would be no Christians anywhere, but buddy God has something to say about that and you would do well to try to listen over your loud mouth. Keep your mitts off of our Christmas Trees, have your own cult parties without elbowing Christians' Holidays. Drop the BS and be American or go where you would be happy.

        • JohnTC

          It's not Jews that have sworn to kill all non believers ,It's Muslims that have done that . Quit spewing lies .

        • freeindeed

          hmm, the Brits may have decided this when they owned the property, when it was given to them they then took status as a sovereign nation, as such Israel then had sole discretionary right to determine it's own capital. Of course it could not name Jerusalem as it's capitol until the Arab nations delcared war on Israel and lost their butts as they always do, and Israel then won that territory.
          The Jews will recognize Jesus as their messiah very soon. All of this aside, you seem to claim to believe in God, who says that Jerusalem is his forever, do you believe that he would have the Palestinians worshipping Alah on His holy hill? Aside fom that, do you think that he would have his people, his Christians celebrating pagan holidays? you do some internet research into "Christian Holidays" and you will see that they are rooted and litered with pagan tradition, because anti-semites such as yourself would rather deny God's mandates and identify with the heathens rather than the Jews. Then do some research into your Bible about the feasts or "holy days" that the Lord instructs in his Word, that he calls "MY feasts", (Lev 23:2) that are to be a lasting ordinance and according to Isaiah are to be celebrated for all eternity.

        • RescueKyron

          Focus. People will understand you better if you use anti-Zionist. Anti-Semite doesn't work anymore.

      • JohnTC

        Israel has a right to name their capital in their country . So get over it .
        You are one bigoted somebody ,keep it to yourself .

      • Screeminmeeme

        To understand the Jewish connection to Jerusalem we must begin with the Jewish Bible. From the Jewish perspective, the area of special holiness is Mount Moriah, today known as the Temple Mount. This area is located beneath the platform on which the Muslim Shrine, the Dome Of the Rock, now stands.

        In the Jewish Bible, Jerusalem has many names: Salem (Shalem), Moriah, Jebuse (Yevuse), Jerusalem (Yerushalayim), and Zion (Tziyon). The most common term for the city, Yerushalayim, is mentioned 349 times in the Jewish Bible, while Tziyon is mentioned an additional 108 times.

        The earliest mention of the site is Genesis 4:18, when Abraham interacts with Malchizedek, King of Shalem. According to Jewish tradition the story of the Binding of Isaac (Genesis 22:1-19) also takes place in the "land of Moriah" on the site of the present-day Temple Mount. Abraham chooses the site specifically because he sensed how God's presence is strongly connected to this site.

        We see from here that for thousands of years, the Jewish people have always associated Mount Moriah as the place where God's presence can be felt more intensely than any other place on earth. That is why, for the Jewish people, the Temple Mount is the single holiest place.

        This connection is still very much alive and well in contemporary Jewish practice:

        When religious Jews pray three times a day, they always turn toward Jerusalem. (Someone praying in Jerusalem faces the direction of the Temple Mount.)

        Jerusalem is mentioned numerous times in Jewish daily prayers and in the "Grace After Meals."

        Jews close the Passover Seder with the words "Next Year in Jerusalem."
        These same words are invoked to conclude the holiest day of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur.

        The Jewish national day of mourning, Tisha B'Av, commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples.

        During a Jewish wedding ceremony, the groom breaks a glass as a sign of mourning to commemorate the destruction of the two Temples which stood on Mount Moriah. The breaking of the glass is accompanied by the recitation of part of Psalm 137: "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I do not set Jerusalem above my highest Joy."

        Religious Jews often keep a small section of one wall in their house unplastered and unpainted, as a sign of mourning for the destruction of the Temple.

        The early history of Jerusalem is also rooted in the Bible. In addition to the events already mentioned, the Book of Joshua (ch. 10) describes how Adoni-Tzedek, the Canaanite king of Jerusalem, wages war against the Jews.

        During the approximately 400-year period from the entrance of the Jewish people into the land, through the period of the Judges, Jerusalem remained a non-Jewish city. It was not until the reign of King David (ca. 1,000 BCE) that Jerusalem was captured from the Canaanites (2-Samuel 5) and converted into the political/spiritual capital of the Jewish people. (Archaeologists agree that the original Canaanite city and the City of David was located in what is now the Arab village of Silwan, a few meters south of the "modern" walls of the Old City.)

        King David PURCHASED the peak of Mount Moriah (2-Samuel 24:18-25) as the site for the future Temple and gathered the necessary building supplies. The Book of 1-Kings (ch. 6-8) describes in great detail how David's son, King Solomon, built and dedicated the Temple: "And it came to pass after the 408th year after the Children of Israel left Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel... that he began to build the house of the Lord" (1-Kings 6:1).

        Solomon's Temple is also known as the first Beit HaMikdash (the First Temple). All archaeologists agree that it stood on Mount Moriah, likely on the site of the present Gold Dome of the Rock.

        Four hundred and ten years after its completion, it was utterly destroyed by the Babylonians when they besieged Jerusalem and no trace of it remains.
        During both the First and Second Temple periods, the Temple was the central focus of the Jewish world both in Israel and the diaspora. Its upkeep was paid for by all Jews worldwide. The Kohanim (priests) and Levites served in the Temple, and three times a year ― during the holidays of Passover, Sukkot and Shavuot ― all Jews were commanded to come to Jerusalem and visit the Temple.

        This rebuilt temple is known as the Second Temple (Bayit Sheni). It stood for 420 years on the same site as the First Temple, on Mount Moriah. The Second Temple was remodeled several times, but reached its most magnificent form during the reign of King Herod the Great (37-4 BCE).

        The Second Temple period ended with the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. It is possible that the Jews tried to rebuild the Temple at later periods, but they were never successful, and for over 600 years the site of the Temple Mount lay in ruins. The only remains are the massive retaining walls that encompass Mount Moriah, built by Herod to support the platform on which the Temple stood.

        The Second Temple period ended with the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. It is possible that the Jews tried to rebuild the Temple at later periods, but they were never successful, and for over 600 years the site of the Temple Mount lay in ruins. The only remains are the massive retaining walls that encompass Mount Moriah, built by Herod to support the platform on which the Temple stood.

        Unlike the Jewish Bible which contains hundreds of references to Jerusalem, the word "Jerusalem" appears nowhere in the Quran. So what is the Islamic spiritual connection to the site?

        .After founding Islam and leading his Islamic armies to victory over his pagan rivals, Mohammed died. Although Mohammed never made it to Jerusalem with his conquering armies, his successor, the Caliph Omar, captured Jerusalem from the Byzantines in 638.

        Historians suggest several reasons for the construction of Muslim holy sites on the Temple Mount. The establishment of the Umayyid Islamic Dynasty in 658 corresponds to a period of instability in the Islamic world, characterized by power struggles and assassinations. One of the Five Pillars (commandments) of Islam is Hajj ― pilgrimage to the holiest Islamic city, Mecca.

        In the late 7th century, the Damascus-based Umayyid Caliphate lost control of Mecca. This need to diminish the importance of Mecca and CREATE AN ALTERNATIVE Muslim holy site closer to Damascus may well have pushed the Umayyid Caliph Abd al-Malik, in 688, to begin construction of the Dome of the Rock on the former site of the Jewish Temple.

        Another reason suggested by historians for a Muslim presence in Jerusalem is that the Caliph wished to compete with the impressive Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the traditional burial place of Jesus in Jerusalem. It is interesting to note that the present dimensions of the Dome of Rock are identical to those of the rotunda of the Holy Sepulcher.

        Sura 17 in the Quran recounts the story of a dream Mohammed has where he takes a midnight ride (al-Isra) on his flying horse al-Buraq, which had the face of a woman, the body of a horse and the tail of Peacock. The narrative of the Koran in Sura 17 describes it as follows:

        "Glory be to Him, who carried His servant by night from the Holy Mosque (in Mecca) to the further mosque (al-masjid al-Aqsa), the precincts of which we have blessed."

        The actual location of al-Aqsa (the "further mosque") in Mohammed's dream ride is never mentioned. Some early Muslims understood al-Aqsa metaphorically, or as a place in heaven.

        But, in the late 7th century, the Umayyids claimed that the actual site of al-Aqsa was in fact the Temple Mount. Later the site of al-Aqsa was restricted to the mosque area at the southern end of the Temple Mount (the site of the current Al Aqsa Mosque). Islam claims that the site of Mohammed's ascension to heaven was a rock atop Mount Moriah. The Umayyids in Jerusalem claimed that the actual site of Mohammed's ascension to heaven was the exposed piece of bedrock at the top of Mount Moriah. Thus Caliph Abd-al-Malik's beautiful Dome of the Rock was built to commemorate the location of this important event.

        From 638 CE until 1917 (with the exception of the Crusader occupation from 1099 to 1187), Jerusalem was controlled by various Islamic dynasties based in Syria, Egypt and Turkey. While Jerusalem remained a city of pilgrimage, none of these Islamic dynasties made Jerusalem their capital. For most of this 1,300-year period, despite its status as the third holiest Islamic city, Jerusalem remained a backwater, run-down town under Islamic control

        From 1918 through 1948, the Land of Israel was under the control of the British who conquered it from the Ottoman Turks in World War One. The State of Israel was established in 1948, when half of Jerusalem ― including the entire Old City and Temple Mount, was under the control of the Kingdom of Jordan.

        During the Six Day War in 1967, Israel captured the Old City and for the first time in over 2,000 years, the Temple Mount was back under Jewish control.
        It is worth noting that the inaugural PLO Covenant of 1964 does not mention Jerusalem. Only after the city fell back to Jewish control did the updated PLO Covenant of 1968 mention Jerusalem by name.

        One might have expected that the Israelis would immediately expel the Muslims and re-establish control of the single holiest Jewish site. But in an act of what can only be described as unprecedented tolerance, Israel handed over control of the site to the Wakf, the Muslim Religious Trust.

        Today, although Israel technically claims sovereignty over the site, the defacto reality since 1967 has been that the Muslims have control over the site, to the point where Jews are forbidden to pray on the Temple Mount (but permitted to visit).
        In the wake of the miraculous 'Six Days War' of June 1967, the State of Israel handed over control of the Holiest Jewish Religious Site of the Holy Temple Mount Compound to the 'Wakf', the Muslim Religious Council and Trust in an unprecedented act of goodwill and tolerance for the sake of peace and harmony. What did Israel achieve and gain in exchange ? Absolutely nothing.

        The Muslims continue to defy, desecrate and defile the Holy Temple Mount Compound in Jerusalem by playing soccer, holding picnics and even throwing stones there. They also treat Jews with utter contempt and disrespect and will always regard the Jews with hatred. If past and present events on the Holy Temple Mount Compound are an indication, the Jewish State of Israel has received a massive kick in the teeth !

        Jews, Christians and all other non-muslims are detested by muslim who have been taught that they are superior to the rest of humanity, and therefore entitled to do as they please with the infidel. Making war over Jerusalem is nothing more than an excuse they use to justify their brutality and violence.

        Jerusalem has NOTHING to do with ISLAM and it does NOT belong to Christians.

        • Apolloone

          I am a Christian and I consider Israel a friend I can't imagine who in their right mind would choose a Muslim country over Israel. The Muslims not only want to wipe Israel off the map but their insane goal is to enslave the world.Their God is not the same God of Abraham their god has all the characteristics of Satan.

        • RubyBlu

          Thank you,Screememmeeme, I LOVE history and read every word of your post. You refreshed facts for me that I had forgotten.

        • Screeminmeeme

          You're very welcome. I too am a history buff and just can't help posting relevant information sometimes when it's germaine to the understanding of issues....although I'm sure it's not read by very many.

        • RubyBlu

          I think you'd be surprised. I follow your posts; I always learn something I can use.

      • Apolloone

        There is only one safe country in the whole Middle East for Christians and that is Israel. The peace loving Muslims are murdering them in all Muslim countries. The real God is still protecting Israel why do you think Israel came back as a country into their own land and that includes Jerusalem God said he would gather them again into their own land and he did in 1948 tiny Israel has a much better living standard than does its many evil neighbors. Gods says curse Israel and I will curse you. These Arabs have surely been cursed.

  • martin fee

    this administration is as transparant as a black hole

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Barney/100000502045724 Victor Barney

      What will that make women when they re-elect Obama in November, probably also in spite of the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 already on the scene. After all, WOMEN already have murdered over 15 million babies haven't they and Hitler only murdered 6 million? Just saying...

      • RescueKyron

        Women continue to choose Eve as their model. Few choose Mary. Those are the only sources to choose. It's easy to tell the difference. One is a destroyer of good and one is a producer of good. Truth hurts evil.

        • XX

          Eve was not the destroyer of anything. She partook of the fruit so that man might have a choice, and serve as a free person. That is our gift of love and obedience to Heavenly Father. We choose to serve Him no matter how free and socially acceptable and even convenient the other choices may be. Without that choice, we would always live as spiritual infants, not understanding the importance of choosing good over evil, because we would never experience it. Eve was the Mother of all living, Mary was the Mother of the Lord, you cannot have one without the other. Both took upon themselves terrible hardship as part of the eternal plan for mankind and our reunion with our Father.

        • Apolloone

          XX say that in a different way It seems like you are saying God approved of what Eve did. She obeyed Satan and not God, God gave her a free choice she messed up and made the wrong choice, even after being warned by God what was the right choice; by doing that she obeyed the Creature not the Creator.

        • think4myself

          Actually, according to the Bible, Eve was deceived, Adam chose to disobey. It may seem suddle but there is a difference. All through scripture it declares that sin entered through Adam. Just saying.

      • Screeminmeeme

        The number of aborted babies since 1973 is 54+ million.

    • Apolloone

      For almost four years I have been saying a bath tub filled with tar, but I like the Black Hole better.

  • Tacitus

    The entire Obama administration is a very LARGE bag of suck.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Yeah, we know exactly the position this administration has. Favoring the muslims, that's where.

    click the pic.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/A5XSR4RIQYGPCJS3S2GOUUAJQQ Jeronimo Dan

    I am not sure, but it appears that Carney is in bed with Obama, literally while the girls and Michelle are out eating ice cream. It can be nothing else, but the two are lover's and Carney has given into Homobama and to have forsaken the truth of Gods people. I have no problem saying Jerusalem, but then I'm not under the covers with Homobama.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Barney/100000502045724 Victor Barney

      You know, you actually make sense! Just saying...

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Barney/100000502045724 Victor Barney

    Doesn't that answer your question, America? Duh!


    How much evidence, as plain as the nose on their face, do people need in order to believe the truth that Barack Hussein Obama Jr is a MUSLIM?

    • RescueKyron

      He is a Communist, a trained organizer and a puppet to powerful American Commies. Religion doesn't interest him. Do you see him or his wife educating their children in any religion? Nope. If he were a Christian, it would be necessary for him to train his children and participate in Christian services. What about the Mrs.? Nothin' going on with that one.

  • williamboylan

    It seems to me, that the Israeli capital is whatever the Israelis say it is.

    • Screeminmeeme

      williamboylan.....More importantly, it's WHAT GOD says Israel's capital is. He PROMISED Israel a particular piece of real estate (the present nation of Israel is just a tiny part of that land) and God ALWAYS keeps his promises.

      Jerusalem belongs to Israel by history, religion and law.

      • williamboylan

        I'm speaking in secular, political terms.

  • http://profiles.google.com/cxxi121 John Schëar

    Jay is as useless as teats on a man.

    • williamboylan

      On the contrary, Carney is very useful as a mouthpiece for tyranny.

  • williamboylan

    The way my name appears on discus posts is unique to discus. I have been getting spam email addressed to me in that fashion and the amount of spam I get has increased substantially since I began posting with discus. Has anyone else had the same experience?

  • oldcoyote

    Tel-Aviv is where the offices are and where the business is conducted. Tel-Aviv is where most of the bigshot pigs live.

    • Screeminmeeme

      oldcoyote....I see you're back...like the proverbial plague....and still as anti-semitic as ever. Man...you have major issues with hatred.

      • oldcoyote

        Another jew pig screaming anti-semite when the TRUTH is told.

        • Screeminmeeme

          oldcoyote....I'm as Jewish as a a dish of lasagna.

        • lovejazz

          Hey, Oldcoyote...its time for your "old body" to be 6 feet under!!!!! The only thing you leave out of your brilliant statements is "Heil Hitler"

      • RescueKyron

        hummm every time I return you have already posted quite a bit. Just sayin'... and that ol' anti-semitic sock you keep stuffing must be getting pretty dirty. Try to say something intelligent. And know that people become anti anything for reasons. If as you accuse, this person is anti-semitic, how do you define that term and how do you apply it in this case?

        • Screeminmeeme

          RescueKyron....oldcoyote has been around a while and he consistently uses antisemitic, hate-filled rhetoric. I called him on it. If you don't like that then go elsewhere.

        • Vic

          The word antisemite used today to villify anyone who does not agree with Israel is meaningless as the Arab races are true Semites. The majority of Jews around the world can't trace their lineage to Seth.

        • Screeminmeeme

          From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:


          The belief or behavior hostile toward Jews just because they are Jewish. It
          may take the form of religious teachings that proclaim the inferiority of Jews,
          for instance, or political efforts to isolate, oppress, or otherwise injure
          them. It may also include prejudiced or stereotyped views about Jews.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Vic......BTW.....The Jews are descendants of Israel (formerly Jacob, one of the twin sons of Isaac and Rebecca) They were originally called Jews because they were from the tribe of Judah...but by the time the Book of Ezra was written (about 2500 years ago) the words.....Jew, Israel, Hebrew....were all synonymous terms. Today, the word ''Jew'' refers not only to those who can trace their ancestry to Israel but includes any gentile converts to the religion.

        • RescueKyron

          @Screeminmeeme You, on the other hand, you ol' common name-caller, have been around longer than any of us. You just keep on comin' don't ya? With the same ol' crap. You better understand. This isn't intimidating any American anymore. We are instead getting really angry about your anti anti-semitic accusations, anti-free speech, anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, Anti-American BS. We are disgusted with tv commercials of old jews in Russia with no teeth and dirty clothes and shanty shacks crying while the tv guy begs Americans to send money to feed them while the zillionaire Russian Jew floats around the Russian waters in the most elaborate, equipped yacht ever in the world. Get HIM to help his own people. You better hear the sound of disgruntled Christians. The growing anger of Americans. You better drop your New World Order agenda and become Americans or YOU get the h*ll out. You don't call Americans names and tell us to leave. WE LET YOU IN AND YOU HAVE MADE US VERY UNHAPPY ABOUT THAT. You say you are italian. Likely not. Italians love America and Americans. We helped them in the war and they don't kick us in the shins like the Jews are doing.

        • Screeminmeeme

          RescueKyron......Wow...OOOO....that hurt.

          Just WHAT is your problem?

          I hate to ask...but have you ever even bothered to read any of my comments on GP or on other blogs or are you just in the habit of attacking people whose positions on issues you know nothing about?

          I'm none of the things you accuse me of.

          I'm not Italian but I was making the point of not being a Jew since oldcoyte ''accused'' me of being one of those ''disgusting'' creatures (not that that would be something to be ashamed of, since my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, was one)

          I call them as I see them...and oldcoyote, and you as well, are highly prejudiced against Jews. You both meet the dictionary criteria to be identified as antisemites.

          You're free to say what you will about Jews,....I'm free to condemn your remarks. That's the way it works in a free society.

          I've been against the NWO from its conception.

          I'm a Constitutionalist.

          I'm for free speech and all other liberties guaranteed by the Constitution

          You remain on GP of your own free will regardless of my suggestion.

          YOU didn't LET me into America. I was born here nearly 70 years ago, junior.

          Grow up.

      • oldcoyote


      • Edward53

        You can clearly tell that he is a Ron Paul supporter. This is what Paul teaches.

  • Richard

    This guys is as worthless and as underhanded as his boss the lier-in-chief.

  • Earth Angel

    Where does all this leave Steven Spielberg, Barbara Striesand, to name a few of big contributors to obama and his subversive team? I believe spielberg and striesand to be Jewish. Doesn't this mean anything to them and et al? What am I not understanding here?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRVIGZUHDKGNIUHBKCHKPTLQUU Hankr

      It leaves them in the dark where they have been all their lives.

  • vietnamvet1971

    jay carney, boy what a Goof Ball & obuma shill mouth piece. Jerusalem is the Capital according to GOD but the Ungodly/Atheist and Muslims want Jerusalem. We know Obozo is a Muslim but says he is Christian.

    • RescueKyron

      Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. Again, the Jews refuse to abide by the boundaries and organization arrangements to which they originally agreed. Zionist Communists want Christians out of Israel and certainly out of Jerusalem. It belongs to all Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Get along with that and if you can't accept living and getting along with others in Jerusalem, then get out of this Christian Country that allowed all religions to practice here. Really absurd for us to have to deal with such obstinacy and control greed.

  • http://yahoo.com/ Lou J Apa

    The spokesperson of the white house has always to be a person of NO personal convictions, nor self respect, to do the job they must to obfuscate for the president....and mr. "J" is just that kind of person...young and naive! So sad, too bad!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rwyatthaines Raeman Haines

    Without his bosses ok , Carney doesn't know what the capitol of Israel is even were it on the teleprompter in front of his face . This administration has been kissing up to the muslims and stabbing our friend and ally in the back for three and a half years now . His little signing yesterday was just a token blowjob to Israel . When push comes to shove he would abandon Israel in a heartbeat .

    • RescueKyron

      Abandoning Israel is not his prerogative. Christians have demanded assistance be given to Jews in our Holy Land, Israel. Their demand is weakening as Jewish power overtakes many of the Christian positions in our country. Christians will always love our Holy Land, but Zionists are not the Holy Land Jews that we relate to, and they are the ones in Israel and in our government, that are causing a change in our support interest. As we lose Freedoms here, we lose interest in funding any amount to Israel. Fact.

  • mort_f

    There is only one question, "When will every jew in the USA understand that Obummer is as anti-semitic as His mentors Wright and Farrakahn?". He does add one other 'anti' do the mix, Anti-American. Ooops, that is also the mantra of Wright and Farakhan.
    But Islam is the religion of Peace, and He will stand with His Muslim brothers. The latest of that is 1.5B to the Moslem Brotherhood. Yes, that will enhance 'tolerance' in the Middle East.

    • David S. McQueen

      Jews are liberals FIRST, and Jews second.

  • bobbylang

    I have to laugh at all the fanciful supporters of Barack Obama, specifically those risen from the loins of Israel, who are not even aware of these conversations!!
    These ideologues, supposed supporters or Israel, who as Liberals first, will vote for Obama this November!
    I wonder if they, so vainly consecrated, would be surprised, if this country abandoned Israel, when the muslim folk of peace, decide to destroy their precious homeland?
    Remember "...all those stiff necked people...", the "Golden Calf"!!!

    • RescueKyron

      Risen from the loins of Israel? Jews ARE Liberals, for the New World Order, many sprung from the loins of Karl Marx and are devoted Communists. Many of those Communist Jews are the MONEY supporters of Obama and put him in office and hid his documents knowing he would not be able to run for Presidency if the voters had the facts. Billionaire Jews. Bankers. One World Government Run By Them.
      Christians are waking to the reality of what has happened to our country since WWII, and why. It does no good to explain the danger that is approaching. Name calling or protection laws that have been manipulated in place, nothing will prevent the danger except for attitudes and actions to change. Maybe they can't. It would be the better choice, but we will deal with whatever we must to keep our country out of their hands. No New World Order, No One World Government, NO UN AGENDA 21, NO FAST & FURIOUS plot to destroy our 2nd Amendment, NO "crisis" to weaken American resolve to keep our guns that will be used against encroaching tyrants who want to destroy us. DON'T THREATEN US, DON'T TREAD ON US.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRVIGZUHDKGNIUHBKCHKPTLQUU Hankr

        Stay in bed, Rescue. Get some rest; consider psychiatric counsel.

  • Joe

    Obama will loose by 6.5 % in the election.

  • ConservaDave2

    What a disgusting excuse for a press secretary. Isn't it his job to answer questions and keep us informed? The more I look at this "administration" the more they look like a gang of criminals. I feel like the USA is being occupied and oppressed by an invading force of foreigners who hate our ways and traditions..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRVIGZUHDKGNIUHBKCHKPTLQUU Hankr

      I think you've got it right, ConservaDave2.

    • David S. McQueen

      The Press Secretary is there to advance the administration's policies by liaison with the press, putting the best possible spin on those policies. Whether he truly believes what he says is very likely; somewhat less than likely is that he's a young guy looking toward putting "White House Press Secretary" on his resume and guaranteeing himself future employment forever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/debbie.bartlett.948 Debbie Bartlett

    The typical Liberal cannot answer a simple question because they are brain dead and/or lack common sense!

    • David S. McQueen

      Wrong, Debbie, they can't answer a simple question because they don't want YOU to know how they hate Israel and favor the Paletinians. Liberals lean toward socialism, conservatives toward freedom, but NO liberal will ever admit that he thinks socialism is a good, viable economic theory, so you will NEVER get a straight answer from them.

  • Evermyrtle

    You mean they don't get to choose their capital?? We chose ours, didn't we?.

    • Sue

      Sure they did it's Tel Aviv. They didn't want one religion to lay claim to Jerusalem but allow all religions access to it. Don't you think all religions should be allowed there?

      • williamboylan

        Oh, sure; especially the religion of peace. Yeah, right.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRVIGZUHDKGNIUHBKCHKPTLQUU Hankr

        Do you think no other religions would have access to Jerusalem simply because they name the city as their capital? Do other religions currently have access to Tel Aviv?

      • sko511

        No, Sue, the JEWS did not chose Tel Aviv; the UN chose it for them. THEY DO NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT!! And the Jews have said they will allow access to it for all religions. Christians are their biggest tourists; you think they are stupid enough to ban Christians to their capital?

      • Ruth

        Actually, Israel picked Jerusalem as their capital in 1950 and it is a slap in the face when we don't accept their choice.

  • Sue

    Jerusalem was never supposed to be the capital of Israel because of it's religious significance to many different groups. UN General Assembly resolution 303 reiterated the UN
    commitment to internationalization of Jerusalem, and designated it a "corpus
    separatum" - separate body. Under the original partition plan of 1947 (GA
    resolution 181), Jerusalem was to have been
    administered under UN sovereignty as an international city.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRVIGZUHDKGNIUHBKCHKPTLQUU Hankr

      Yeah, well it seems the UN failed at that just as they have with everything else. If you're not careful, Washington D.C. will also be internationalized and designated as a "corpus separatum". We should get out and kick them out.

    • sko511

      who cares what man wants? GOD said Jerusalem is HIS capital and ISRAEL is HIS people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1132616097 Carmen A. Cantalupo

    Let see It belongs to God he gave it to the Israelis It is Jerusalem.

    • Vic

      God didn't give it to the Jews. Show me where it says this anywhere. Jerusalem belongs to the true Christians ( true Israel ) not those who killed Jesus Christ.

      • RescueKyron

        Exactly right! Christ's Disciples, true Christians, and Jews like Christ, knew the difference, they had to deal with those who refused to accept the Messiah... and Christians today still have to deal with the rejecters of Christ.

      • Ruth

        David established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 1,000 BC. That was before Christ. The Jerusalem you are talking about does not exist until Christ comes back. For God promised the land to Abraham for his descendents FOREVER. While the Church has become the "true Israel", God never takes back His word.

      • sko511

        Gen. 17:78 I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you. 8 The whole land of Canaan, where you now reside as a foreigner, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you; and I will be their God.
        1 Chron. 16:17 He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree,
        to Israel as an everlasting covenant:
        18 “To you I will give the land of Canaan
        as the portion you will inherit.”

    • sko511

      You are right, Carmen. those who are anti-Semitic want to believe that God has turned His back on the Jews. God made a covenant with Abraham that Israel will have the land FOREVER,. what part of FOREVER do you not understand?????

  • Libman

    To have peace in Israel, Tel Aviv should remain the Capital and Jerusalem should be made a Internatlionla city run by the UN.

    • williamboylan

      There will never be peace in the Middle East, until islam is destroyed.

      • RescueKyron

        Jesus Christ will bring peace to Jerusalem as HIS capital city.

        • williamboylan

          . . . in which case, islam will be destroyed.

        • sko511

          Yes, and the Jews will be there with the Christians. Zech. 12:10 “And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit[a] of grace and supplication. They will look on[b] me, the one they have pierced, and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for him as one grieves for a firstborn son."

          Romans 11:25-27 I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers and sisters, so that you may not be conceited: Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in, 26 and in this way[e] all Israel will be saved. As it is written:
          “The deliverer will come from Zion;
          he will turn godlessness away from Jacob.
          27 And this is[f] my covenant with them
          when I take away their sins.”

        • Vic

          Along with with his people- the Christians. Not those who's teachings come from the Talmud.

    • RescueKyron

      That was how it was intended, but the Zionists are hateful, greedy, unloving beings. It's coming that America will stop giving them money. Then they will learn to make friends. They are fighting Christians demanding Jerusalem for themselves, they are fighting the USA demanding their Spy Pollard be released. Every picture of Net shows what an obnoxious block of arrogant hate he has for Americans and Christians. Ugly man.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRVIGZUHDKGNIUHBKCHKPTLQUU Hankr

      The U.N. couldn't run a lemonade stand, you idiot.

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    If the American Jews vote for obama---they deserve everything that islamist ---- reward ----them with ----- I think they had the same mistaken vision in Germany in 1939-----Hello!!!! obama is not your friend!!!!!

  • JustMe

    When you don't know the answer, what you gonna do? Quite simply, just what this idiot did, ignore it - leave it unanswered. Time to replace him with someone who knows what he is talkintg about. This isn't the first time he him and hawed and didn't know what/how to answer the question.

  • sean murry

    Carney is useless as a boar with tits and about as dumb.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 Adam Moreira

    The answer is on the State Department's website: Jerusalem for government and Tel Aviv for finance (Israel's financial markets are in Tel Aviv). A side question might be: Did Connie Lawn and Les Kinsolving (the latter with whom Carney has had a long-running feud) know the answer and try to lay a Gotcha! on Carney? I believe Carney knew the answer but thought that a game was being played, rightly or wrongly.

    If Carney had said Jerusalem, the next question would likely have been: Why is the embassy in Tel Aviv (where it has been since 1966), and "Why is the administration ignoring the will of the people in the Jerusalem Embassy Act?" (Obama and Bush 43 and Clinton have all ignored the act, claiming that it exceeds Congressional authority.) This would have dragged out this press briefing. If he said Tel Aviv, the question probably have been: What about the Embassy Act?

    @75c251ab360b1bf93fff348f7cede782:disqus - likely no, because America is more at their hearts than Israel.

    • RescueKyron

      Adam those Presidents were more loyal to America than to Israel. They had to be. To acquiesce with that sneak theft plot would have put them in big trouble with Christians. Yes, there is a standoff between those who want control of the Holy City of Jerusalem for their own bumbling egos vs Christians. They've been attacking about that for a long time and they can't even work out their neighborhood problems yet want more battles... with the very people who sympathized with them, gave American lives for them, brought them in and gave them a home and a future. Still they want to take and take and take. Those Presidents had a difficult time with those attackers because we are good people, Christians, and want peace with EVERYONE and we want JUSTICE. Just like the ploys they have done for years to get Presidents to release their Spy Pollard who sits in our Federal Pen for theft of many of our Secrets. He refused to tell all the information he stole and gave to Israel and Israel refused our efforts to get them to tell us what Pollard gave them. SOME FRIENDS, HUH? What ploys? Visits to Catholic Bishops they had investigated and found vulnerable because of pedophilia connections a long time before it was publicly known. Vists to those Bishops that resulted in the Bishops writing letters to several Presidents over years using every arm twist they could to get them to RELEASE POLLARD. Thank God those Presidents didn't. We WILL someday find out what that devil stole from us. The TRUTH will come out about everything boys and girls, EVERYTHING. And we will have a real big meeting some day connected with a certain Valley.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRVIGZUHDKGNIUHBKCHKPTLQUU Hankr

        Having read your previous posts, I'm thinking it might be easier to get "JUSTICE" from the New Black Panther Party than from you, RescueKyron.

        • Ruth

          That is probably because he is a skinhead that hates all Jews. Which is sad since he claims to be a Christian. Christianity came to being because of Jesus who was and is an Israelite. To say that Jews are evil because they put Christ on the cross, these so called Christians forget that it is our sins that put Christ on the cross. God used the Jews as a means to an end. Jesus could have easily gotten off the cross but because of His love for all people, including the Jews, He stayed on it to die for all.

  • Nadine

    And he is what is speaking for OBUMMER!! Figures...makes me sick that they don't know the capitol of Isreal...what a fool of an administration! They ALL have GOT to go! GO TO JERUSALEM!!! Idiot!

    • RescueKyron

      First, Nadine, It's Israel, not Isreal. You do not understand the reason for the questioning. Read more of the comments and if that doesn't explain it, search the Jerusalem Embassy Act. The Capital of Israel is Tel Aviv, NOT Jerusalem. Jerusalem is considered an International City due to its HISTORICAL relationship to Christians, Jews and Muslims. Because it is of religious importance to each, and each claim an intent to love and serve God, who then would cause strife and knock out the others? Who would stand before the world and God and say IT'S MINE, YOU LEAVE? Well, I guess we know who. They sure aren't lovers of peace by that action, yet they accuse others of causing trouble. This must end. Jews have NO right to use the Holy City of Jerusalem as their own possession and to refuse peaceable sharing. How DARE they insult Christians in this manner. If it weren't for Christians and the United States Constitution, they would be speaking German if speaking at all. Not so smart.

      • Ruth

        You are not the one who is not smart. Israel made Jeursalem their capital in 1950 and it is an insult to Israel for not recognizing this. Jerusalem was build by Israel over 5,000 years ago and so they have the right to claim it which no other religion has. It is only sacred to the Christians because Christ was killed here and the Muslims just want to claim for their own. David established it as the capital of Israel in 1,000 BC. and therefore they have the right to claim it. Get your facts straight and stop being anti-semitic. You are the one who is insulting the Jews.

      • Nadine

        Thanks for corrrecting my spelling, but I agree with RUTH and her comment below!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dividen.conquer.1 Dividen Conquer

    Carney is such a dick.

    • Edward53

      That's why Obama likes him so much.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRVIGZUHDKGNIUHBKCHKPTLQUU Hankr

    As far as I can see, there isn't one honest person even associated with Obama and his administration.

    • David S. McQueen

      Hankr, how can they be truthful? Socialism has always been built on lies. If Obama was truthful about his plans, do you think more than three people (himself, Michelle and some dead guy in Chicago) would vote for him?

      • FletchGuy

        The dead guy would have 6 votes here in Chicago and Michelle and Obama 3 each.

  • Ben Holley

    His boss, Obama, is a Muslim sympathizer , and loves the Muslim Brother. Neither will ever say Jeruselum is the Israele Capital. That is obvious.

  • guest18

    Carney didn't answer the question because he didn't know the answer. That's why he kept telling the reporter "we've already stated our position on that". What kind of answer was that to a very clearly worded question? The only thing Carney accomplished with his answer was to prove that he's a brain dead, uneducated fool. It's sad that someone in his position can be that stupid.

  • bigjack1

    Seems to me after reading RescueKyron's posts he is a little anti-semitic. That to me is a little dangerous when it comes to God. Maybe he is a little selective when he reads the scriptures. Otherwise he seems like a nice guy and loves his country and hates what is happening to it. But I sense more hate than love when it comes to God's chosen people.If you disagrees with this I suggest reading Romans.

    • Ruth

      You are so right. Those who hate the Jews need to read the Bible because God promised that He will harden their hearts until all the Gentiles accept Christ but will never forsake them.

    • Interested in truth

      People like RescueKyron forget that all the people worshipped by Christians were Jews!

      • Ruth

        The first Christians were Jews.

  • John Duck

    Jay Carney is nothing but a little boy in a suit. His parents need to come and get him and take him home and put him to bed. I hope the next president will get a real man or woman to do that job!

  • yadontwannano

    Notice how clueless people always get to become the mouth piece of disinformation ?

  • patriotdavids

    It's like having a bunch of 5 year olds running our government.

  • Nik

    Da Tagliare is a liar. The Obama administration voted against Palestinian state membership in UNESCO anc cut off U S funding-as any fool with Internet access can confirm.

  • cheryl

    Maybe someone should tell Obama that we should go back to the borders of yesteryear. Maybe we should give back Tx, Ca. and Arizona to the Mexicans. This president is so Muslim I can't believe some people can't see it. As far as the lying, propagandist like carney goes, Their is not enough money in the world to convince me to get up and lie for thiis administration.

  • tucker1

    Ignorance pervades the Obama administration!!!!

  • Docs357

    Israel should claim what ever city it wants for its capital. This Administration has followed obamas lead in its hatred for Israel he follows the brotherhood in wanting all Jews dead. This is an abomination. How a hate monger got into our Whitehouse is a disgrace even for liberals. May God have mercy on America.

  • FletchGuy

    Welll just as promised clear and transparent except they won't give a clear or transparent answer since they lie so much even he no longer knows. What a bunch of bungling morons in the White House. people may have thought Bush was a bungling speaker but my god the entire current White House has lost its original appointies from either firing, investigatiuons of crimes, or quit due to the stupidity they were surrounded with. I still wonder how around 50% of the people in this country breathing air support this group of idiots and can still tie their own shoes?

  • nexgenesis

    I believe that Israel is so offensive to this administration that are not allowed to utter the word in public.

  • http://www.facebook.com/debbie.bartlett.948 Debbie Bartlett

    There's just too much "muslimizing" going on in the U.S. and the most disturbing of which is happening in and amongst the Obama administration!

    • Apolloone

      Yes there is M. Bachmann is correct when she questioned Huma abedin loyalty to America because if you are a Muslim and especially with ties to the muslim brother hood it is a sure bet she is loyal to her Muslims But what really disgusts me is good old Liberal John McCain jumped to her defense.Please check out this site for a solid education by retired government top security experts exactly what these people are up to and their seditious goals are for America and keep passing their webb site to others, go to shariahthethreat.com

      • RubyBlu

        I also agree with Michelle Bachmann and applaud her - I've often had the same nagging thought about Huma and her husband Weiner. There should be a thorough 'vetting' and investigation.

  • lizaz

    Carney is trying to keep his job.........

  • tlc1532

    Poor Jay, he cannot help himself. He probably didn't learn anything about Israel in his journalism classes.

  • tlc1532

    Jay sacrificed his journalistic ethics a long time ago. I believe nothing he says and tune him out.

  • GDC

    It ISN'T that he refused to answer he did NOT know that Israel had a capital.

  • DockyWocky

    The islamification of the United States is proceeding according to plan.

    Shoving Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama into the office of president was part of that plan. Maintaining Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama as president is also part of the plan.

    Thwarting Obama and his Sharia pals is becoming the most serious occupation one can ascribe to to a patriotic Yankee infidel dog.

    100 days until DO-Day.**

    **Defeat Obama

  • AppraisHer

    Carney would answer the question if he knew where Jerusalem is...or Israel for that matter. "The president, umm thinks, ahh knows, ahh feels, umm, Jerusalem?". This entire administration is a complete disgrace, from the muslim at the top to the lowliest appointed bureaucrat.

  • Idylewylde

    See the look on Carney's face?
    He was ready to cry. The two-faced liar was caught in his lie right on Prime Time.
    Liberal Jews who normally vote Democrat saw that look too.
    A Jew would have to be a traitor to his ethnicity, his religion, and Israel to vote Democrat.
    There are a lot of traitor Jews these days.
    Actually, they are not Jews. They are Russian Marxists, KGB agents, hiding behind the real Jews for cover.
    Most of them infiltrated the Jewish refugees coming to America from Russia.
    The Axelrods are all KGB. They purged the Jews in Russia for Stalin. They murdered every Rabbi they could get their hands on.
    Funny how Obama gathers traitor Jews around him .. or are they all KGB?
    The old Soviet Union fell .. the new Soviet Union is in the White House.
    The old Soviet Union persecuted Jews and hated Israel.
    The new Soviet Union is no different.

  • Idylewylde

    Following World War One, the British Empire signed an internationally binding treaty that made ALL of Palestine a Jewish nation, with Jersusalem as its capital.
    The Brits renigged after WW2 .. they broke their own treaty. They broke international law.
    They did this to appease Saudia Arabia. The Arabs had just kicked out their rightful rulers and banished them to Jordan.
    The Saudis are not the rightful rulers of Arabia. They are a militant religious cult .. they are the Jihad that we are now experiencing globally.
    The Brits did, however, award everything on the West Bank to Israel, and gave Jordan to the Palestinians.
    The Palestinians tried to overthrow the Jordanian royal house, and failed.
    Next, the Arab League moved to destroy Israel.
    Since then, the Jews have bowed to international pressure. They even allowed the PLO to occupy part of the West Bank.
    It was a bad mistake.
    The original treaty awards all of Palestine to Israel. Now they are being told by the Leftist Liberal Jew hating socialists of the NWO to hand over the rest.
    Only a leftist Liberal self-hating Jew would go along with this.

  • Apolloone

    For an eye opening education on what the Muslims goal is for America go to this webb site shariahthethreat.com

  • nvrat

    Every time Carney opens his mouth it`s a LIE. I guess he thought better this time, trying to impress the people and reporters or something. Mistake again Carney you little fool.

  • Harold

    Jay (the carnivel worker) is so dense he wouldn't know the truth if it was tattooed on his arm. Either that or he is like his boss (Obamay) and a habitual liar.

  • gingerjo

    Well DUH. our pres liking isreal, what a laugh