Obama's Pragmatism Stops U.N. Arms Treaty -- for Now

In the end, Barack Obama didn't have the guts to take the guns ... yet.

The U.N. Small Arms Treaty was expected to be finalized by member nations on Friday, but on Friday morning, the U.S. representatives announced that America needed more time to consider the treaty.

Almost immediately, Russia and China pulled the plug on their efforts, as well. Those countries were among the primary agitators for this treaty, which seems specifically designed to disarm American citizens. As the two countries historically most interested in destroying the U.S., it's obvious why they wanted the treaty so badly.

For supporters of the Second Amendment, it's a reprieve of at least six months, until after the election. The gravy on the bird is that Obama is being blamed by his liberal brethren for chickening out.

"This was stunning cowardice by the Obama administration, which at the last minute did an about-face and scuttled progress toward a global arms treaty, just as it reached the finish line," said Suzanne Nossel, executive director of Amnesty International USA. "It's a staggering abdication of leadership by the world's largest exporter of conventional weapons to pull the plug on the talks just as they were nearing an historic breakthrough."

Basing important policy decisions not on the Constitution but on what is personally beneficial to Obama? You don't say.

There was no way Obama could have signed such a treaty right now. His re-election campaign is faltering. He's giving away amnesty, support for gay marriage, money and any other goodies he can to try to lure his supporters back to the voting booths in November, but he's hitting a wall as more people realize finally what a weasel he is.

Just this past Wednesday he issued another of his infamous executive orders, this one promising a whole new bureaucracy and slew of programs to benefit blacks, who have abandoned him in large numbers because of his pandering to the gays.

It must have dawned even on his dim brain that stealing people's guns at this moment would have been a good way to fuel an insurrection. A lot of people think that's the ultimate plan of this administration, but evidently Obama isn't ready for it just yet.

If he had signed the treaty, he would have unleashed a fury not just from the Right, but from anyone who had a gun for home protection, which includes many people on the Left who support some restrictions but not total elimination of guns.

Further, if the backlash became violent, Obama would likely have borne the disapproval of the scaredy-cat anti-war crowd. A lot of the Obamabots might have woken from their trance.

If there's going to be an "uprising" under Obama, he wants it on his terms. The Occupy Wall Streeters are waiting in the wings for the go-ahead from Van Jones or someone else. Martial law, the thinking of some folks goes, is just a "false flag" event away.

The good news with the failure of the arms treaty is not only that it didn't pass, but that it may have revealed Obama's yellow streak again.

When he unilaterally declared amnesty and shredded our Constitution along with our borders, Obama effectively made himself king. But he stopped short of declaring himself one. With the arms treaty, he was on the verge of making himself a tyrant in fact, but he stopped short.

Many people see some of his executive orders and other statements and actions as paving the way for martial law.

If that's so, the ultimate fate of our country may hang on Obama's personal cowardice.

The bad news out of the U.N. is that the arms treaty is not dead. It's not even on life support. It's hanging out by the pool sipping pina coladas until after the election. If Obama wins re-election, count on the treaty coming back.



  • http://twitter.com/pbolyard PBolyard

    Don't fret, liberal friends, he'll have more flexibility after the election.

    • Jeff

      And it will be over your dead body, if a treaty like this ever would go through. Liberals will wish they lived in Cuba!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/EQ4NKPCK73TK3SI7XJ7D7OAXBA duane a.

      And the American people will have "MORE GUNS and AMMO" to fight back with too.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/A5XSR4RIQYGPCJS3S2GOUUAJQQ Jeronimo Dan

      I hope you didn't mean that in a lefty way?

    • GGray

      only if those brain dead Obumbo's put him back in office!

      • http://twitter.com/pbolyard PBolyard

        Sarcasm, kids. Relax. : )

  • Robalou01

    I don't think the U.S. military and law enforcement has Odumbo's back when it comes to disarming the citizens. Who wants to be on the 'front lines' when it comes to trying to pull that off?

    • http://www.facebook.com/mark.gamblin.31 Mark Gamblin

      The New Orleans PD didn't seem to have any trouble enforcing its mayors disarmament policy after Katrina. Just sayin.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Every decision Obama makes is based on political expediency....bar none.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorna.doone.319 Lorna Doone

    Young senator Obama tells Lott : 'People Shouldn't Be Able To Own Guns:

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorna.doone.319 Lorna Doone

    Make no bones about it, he was told to back off the treaty by those who are afraid they'll lose their seats in this election. Don't be fooled. The treaty will rear it's ugly head again soon, either by him or another Progressive in the near future:

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

    Just one more reason to make sure the poser and fraud and all his friends do not make it back into office. The only real reason he did not push it through is that the Republicans would have done a victory dance on his face if he had by denying it Senate approval.

    • http://twitter.com/BradNova Brad Nova

      This article is such a lie I don't see how Americans can put up with it.

      Please, anyone, show me one line of text in the treaty that will affect any Americans right to own a weapon.

      It is just not in the treaty. Don't be so gullible people.

      • Are You Serious

        Go away fool !! Nobody cares what you have to say Brad aka Daves.

      • Don39

        Reasonable and rashionable people can read between the lines and see the lopp holes. That includes enven people on the left in our Congress but apparently not you! Anyone surprised by that? Didn't think so!

      • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

        Suggested reading: The treaty. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2769026/posts A condensed version for libs with a short attention span.

        • Jack

          Why bother they couldn't under stand it anyhow because the democrats told them it is a good thing & that is all they know

      • christer145

        Wake up Brad......WTF!!

      • Patriot-Research

        Brad you are just another Coomunist/Liberal TROLL that has not done his homework or any research. I hold a JD in Law and read the Treaty and it's clear that the Second Amendment was a direct target of this treaty. Brad is most likely one of those Communist/Liberals sitting around at home being paid the Communist/Dems to go on this Conservative Web Sites and spread the Communist/Liberal agenda. God help us all.

        • Jeff Scism

          This Treaty is designed to short circuit the Second amendment. When the US signs a treaty it becomes the Supreme Law of the Land. And if you read the Supremacy Clause you will see that The constitution and laws made under its authority are Equal to Treaties, In other words they are Supreme law, and NOT under the Constitution, and States and Judges are PROHIBITED from ruling on Them. The Supreme Court has ruled on them in the past, BUT the Constitution doesn't place the treaties under US law, only International law. It doesn't matter a lick if they are "unconstitutional" or not. They do not have to comply with the Constitution.

      • Terry

        Idiot as usual!

      • tom schwander

        I don't think it would be a good idea to hand the UN the keys to the USA, and that's just what they want. Once those treaties are in place we no longer have the right to govern our country. I don't want the UN led by a bunch of morons from third world countries making decisions which would put down the USA.

        • Jeff Scism

          That would be like having a Union Shop, The Union becomes the BOSS and the OWNER the employee.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NLORN6B3ZNGCAJTFHWWFUUEY4Q jong

        Very easy moron. If a ally of the United States needed weapons to defend themselves such as Israel and the UN said no we could not do it. Therefore you will have the UN dictate US policy. And that is just one example. Meanwhile neither China or Russia will obey it anyways.

      • sean murry

        go away troll.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/A5XSR4RIQYGPCJS3S2GOUUAJQQ Jeronimo Dan

    The day he gets this passed there won't be enough SS Agent's in the US to keep the Americans from coming across the South Lawn, with bucket's of Tar and pouches of Feathers. And at least he seems smart enough to know it...

  • Apolloone

    A skunk can't change it's odor but it can stop spraying for a time.

  • Docs357

    He must not be allowed a second term. What this hate monger couldn't do in the first four he will ram down the throats of Americans or worse if we allow it.

  • Eli Jones

    Tad Cronn's last line is the gospel truth. If Obama stays in power the UN Small Arms Treaty will be right back in our faces. We must vote this power hungry control freak out along with all of his Nazi minded dim allies. Vote anyone with a "D" by their name out on 11-6-12 and let's start restoring our Republic. Patriots it's time to take out the trash.

    • Classic_Liberal

      There was a time when I would have agreed with you on voting straight Republican but if anyone thinks that is a winning strategy they just aren't paying attention. The Democrats have only had a majority in both houses once and they blew their wad on Obamacare so how did all those other liberty robbing laws get passed? How did all the socialist programs (social security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.) that have literally bankrupted OUR country get passed? Not without the Rs voting for them as well. The republican party has let us all down just as much as the dems and we are supposed to trust them. How many republicans voted for the Patriot Act, and it's reauthorization, and the NDAA, look it up.

      • tom schwander

        Maybe so, but we have to start somewhere, and kicking out the liberals and their anti-American ideas is the obvious place to start.

        • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.l.herbert Brenda L. Herbert

          If thats the case , then we still must put rino's on notice. Rino'"MUST GO " also .We the people are fed up with all of them . We the people no longer have an ounce of trust in any of them.

      • Originalintent

        I agree, except we have to stop the liberal demacrats first in order to get a little breathing space to go after the crooked crowd because right now they have the power and they must be broken before we can do anything.

        • Jeff Scism

          You ONLY have an opportunity every 6 years to clear out the BAD senators, so Take it when it comes, You can not afford to sit back ANOTHER 6 years.

        • Ray

          Why or how did so many people get brainwashed into letting some lying, robbing, crap politicians get your blind asses to relent and allow any criminal stay in office for any term?!!! That's why govt. is so full of filth is because we stopped running their slimy carcasses into prison or out of the Country! So many people have died for our freedoms & you say we're screwed for 6 yrs!!! Get some courage & fight!!!

        • red zone girl

          actually 1/3 come up every 2 years

      • Ron Alford

        The Democrats have been in control for 50 of the last 60 years. If that doesn't tell you why everything is so screwed up, probably nothing will.

        • Rob

          The media is the reason for the demos being in control so long. Thank God for the internet, it has awakened so many people to the media corruption, lies and misdirection that now we may be able to do something about it. I would love to see NBC sued for the editing they did on the Zimmerman 911 call. I listened to the original call then the edited on, UNBELIVEABLE intentional twisting of facts and intent. After being caught THEY DID IT AGAIN!! Their apologies are burried in some obscure news hour and are weak at best. THEY SHOULD BE SUED !! Forget Zimmerman he was just the latest attempt to start a racial war and attack on "Stand your ground" laws across the nation.

      • kid721952

        Fine you have 2 choices in november,obama and his socialistic plan for America,government control over EVERYTHING in your life,rationed healthcare(government will decide whether you live or die,not you or your doctor),re-education camps(to reprogram you to obamas demands,if not ,you die),more taxes,more debt,no protection,no rights,no freedom,no wealth,no jobs,I would bet on sharia law in the U.S. and in that case I would hate to be a woman,thieves,rapists,killers,gangs,kidnappers,third world countries and our own government defenseless against all of them OR romney who has great plans to get this country back on its feet and in the right direction.WHICH IS IT GOING TO BE,YOU HAVE ONLY TWO WAYS TO GO,what you have already seen but worse or somebody new to be given a chance.Our grandkids will be paying for this BEFORE THEY ARE EVEN BORN,I wouldn't want to bring a child into a socialistic world or should I say "HELL".

        • Thomas H. Seigo

          The only thing our grandchildren and future generations will have to look forward to is SOCIALISM! There will be nothing but slave labor for their future!

        • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.l.herbert Brenda L. Herbert

          Not if we the people can help it.

        • triple t

          we can help it we can vote the socialist out of office come 11/6/12 but the damage they've done is almost non repairble for our children that the socialist passed . i to rember the great socitiy that lbj wanted and he was goining to get it weather the public wanted it or not he diped into the ssi fund because it was solivent and plenty of cash reserves that should have lasted for decades but now almost broke due to their borring from it and not replaceing the monies that was stolen. and still the senate raids our funds and keeps on stealing our childre will indeed work for nothing

      • Jack

        I have had Zero changesw in my life because of the Patriot act & don't know of anyone that has had any thing change for them also. So much for the Patriot act being a bad thing, Oh yeah that's right I did have my ID checked under the real ID act when I renewed my drives license & it didn't hurt me a bit, in fact until I saw my credit report I didn't know it had happened, swo top me it is no big deal they found out I was born here in America & am who I say I am. Big deal & if they want to listen in on my phone conversations all I can say or would say is have fun being bored. This is what happens when you have nothing to hide, now if they would only run obama, since this clown is hiding things with his records being sealed

      • Jack

        You have to go back & look it up as all you are saying was passed under the democraps except for medicare which was passed under Johnson but by the gop all the others were passed under the democrats by the democrats & signed by a democratic president. maybe you just need a refresher. It was also by the democrats & signed by Johnson that desolved the SS trust fund so they could get their hands on the trillions of dollars in it so they could spend it on more social programs. So here is some advice you go look things up before you make a fool of yourself by posting lies about any political party. And notice I am not sticking up for any party as I am a registered independent & vote for who I thhink will be best for Americans, but I will never vote for a liberal tax & spend democrat I only vote for conservatives & yes the gop is complicit in passing many laws but they are also tricked into it by liberal democrats that make promises to get what they want & then renig on those promises so neither party is free from guilt or one is as bad as the other but one in particular is really bad

        • Maj John

          Republicans never controlled congress under Johnson.

      • Rob

        That may be true but we are dealing with Marxist Socialist here who is clearly a puppet for much bigger low lifes, like George Soros. At this point I think the Tea Party has awakened several Republican politicians and a few Democratic, to the fact that people are finally feeling the squeeze of corrupt politicians. While the money was abundant we were willing, or at lease not pissed enough, to let them get away with it. Obama has been good for this country in one respect, he has awakened society to the real threat of total government control and destruction of the Republic. We will see in November if people have learned their lesson about electing someone who has no viewable past and has spent seven figures to seal all the past records of his life. Why would anyone do that, what could be so horrible that he fears anyone seeing it???? I can't wait for the books about Obama when he's gone, liberals are going to choke on their words of support of this political ghost.

      • Sue

        Exactly! Two parties with one head. Put them all on notice. A clean sweep.

      • fort9erdon

        Your post shows up your ignorance on some of the things you mention. For instance, Social Security was clicking along just fine, until in 1964, the Democrats, led by LB JOHNSON decided to raid the "lockbox" and use the money for other things. Now it is called an entitlement. Sorry, BUT, I paid for the benefits I am now receiving, yet the government wants me to feel guilty like I am stealing my SS check, and they are sending it to me out of the goodness of their heart!. BULLCRAP! Now, they are trying to steal the money in the Railroad Retirement fund, which is soolvent until like 2075, and use the money to rescue Social Security, because they already stole the SS money. Railroaders get a much better pension than Social Security. Why? Because, over the years we paid in twice as much as Social Security, and receive a bigger pension. They want to reduce the pension paid to railroaders to Social Security levels, even though we paid twice as much, to bail out Social Security. Again, bullcrap. I am vested in Railroad Retirement, bnut also paid Social Security for the final 15 years of my working life. So, I really, REALLY got screwed by the government. So, don't be blaming Repubs for the SS debacle, as it was a democrat, LBJ, who started the Raid of the SS funds for other purposes.

      • Conservativesniper

        I'm with ya. The RINO's and the Carlyle Group are just as bad as the Dems and the commies. The NDAA is some scary stuff. "Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense?" and "I know not what others may choose but, as for me, give me liberty or give me death."

        Patrick Henry

      • Maj John

        The Republican Party has not let us down as often as the Democrats, in that usually when the Republicans control the White House they do no control congress. For example:
        Bush II Served 8 years controlled both houses 2 of the 8 years.
        Clinton Served 8 years controlled both houses 6 of the 8 years.
        Bush I Served 4 years never controlled either house.
        Reagan Served 8 years and never controlled both houses.
        Carter Served 4 years and controlled both houses all 4 years.
        Ford served 2 years and never controlled either house.
        Nixon served 6 years and never controlled either house.
        Johnson served 5 years and always controlled both houses.
        Kennedy Served 3 years and always controlled both houses.
        Eisenhower Served 8 years and controlled both houses 2 years.

        So you can see that counting the current administration, the Republicans have controlled both houses for only 6 years going back to 1952, or 60 years. So I'd suggest that the Democrats were responsible for passing most all of the legislation never needing any Republican votes. And all the programs passed during the depression and WWII were all passed by Democrats who controlled both houses even at that time. So you are dead wrong!

    • Thomas H. Seigo

      Don't forget to rid ourselves of RINOs like McCain, Boehner and Cantor!

      • Ray

        You got that right!!! McCain is my senator & won't let my e-mails get through because I'm on his case about all of this stuff! There's no representation here at all & we're readying ourselves for a war with these clowns! Semper Fi, Remember the Alamo, Full speed ahead and anything else we need for this war against the enemies of the once United States!

  • Mike M.

    Obama understands, it is easier to subjugate the country, if there are no citizens who are armed. Our founders created the 2nd amendment to enable to citizens of this country to be remove any dictator who might usurp control over our country. The existence of the 2nd amendment has also restrained other country's from attacking the US. Documents released from Russia after the cold war attest to this.
    The world would be a different place without our 2nd amendment rights. For 100 years politicians have expanded government control over our lives and have removed protections a bit at a time. We are no longer free, in the ways we were in the past. Gun control laws are just another attempt to subjugate each of us.

    • John

      Not only that but he has many people that constantly monitor the internet & advisors that report to him what is being said. With many people "talking" of open revolt he just cannot take the chance he wants reelected so bad he can almost taste it & is not going to seal his slim chance

      • Jeff Scism

        IF He had accepted this treaty for the Senate to ratify, it would be like Political suicide. IF he feels he has NO Chance to win, he may spring it as his parting shot, IN OCTOBER.

    • Thomas H. Seigo

      Mike, Please share which "US Documents released from Russia" you're referencing!

    • Daniel from TN

      Two comments.
      1. The Japanese stated the 2nd amendment is why they never attacked the US mainland during World War II. Too many citizens had firearms and knew how to use them. The Japanese said there was no way they could defeat an "Army" that large.
      2. The right to bear arms means the right to bear arms against our own government when it oversteps it constitutionally established limits. BTW. The people decide if the government has overstepped its boundaries; not the courts and not Congress.

      • Seminole Tom

        @ Danniel from Tennessee ! : You sound just like one of those " Boone " relatives from just over them hills in North Carolina ! OF COURSE the people decide when government has overstepped the boundries. ( Government being all THREE branches ) When one branch fails, the whole " tree " might be rotten and need to be cut down to size.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647398465 Karen Tweedie

          Or dug up by its roots!!

    • Jeff Scism

      It isn't GUN control, its POPULATION Control.

    • Conservativesniper

      The 2nd Amendment is THE ONLY THING standing between the people and tyranny. Even Ice-T agrees. A CCW is your last line of personal defense,... against many things.

      And as far as subjugating the people, look up Innocents Betrayed on YouTube and watch it. Overpoweringly persuasive, only an idiot would side with gun control after watching that video. I wonder is Saddamn Hussein had gun control 'laws' on the books?

  • Clara

    Why don't people read the Constitution?? The 2nd amendment CAN NOT be changed. This includes all of the first 10 amendments. They CAN Not be changed! The law of the LAND is the CONSTITUTION. It plainly states that NO foreign country or anything else super cedes the Constitution as law, and that includes the u n. Americans need to read their Constitution and let their congressmen know that they have read it and understand it and that the congressmen had better go along with the Constitution or they will be out!

    • http://www.facebook.com/lorna.doone.319 Lorna Doone

      This is true it can't be changed under American sovereignty, but China and Russia are pushing to put us under UN jurisdiction. Don't forget we owe China trillions because our politician's take money from them. So China now feels that they own us and can dictate American policy. When this treaty goes down whether through Obama, or some other Progressive President the SWHTF as American's won't take lightly to their sovereignty being usurped by the UN.

    • Marcus

      Clara ,I agree with you and you are right ,But in the last 3 and one half years The illegal alien Communist from Kenya has circumvented Congress and litarilly trampled ,Shredded ,Burned and marginalized the Constitution so many times ,If it where George Bush or any President in modern history he would have been impeached 10 times over ,Do not underestimate this petty Dictators ability and desire to destroy our very way of life

    • DrBarbara

      The problem is that Barry and his regime are not in the least interested in what our Constitution and the Bill of Rights contain. They have walked all over the United States of America, the American people, and the Constitution. If the Rainbow Boy is re-elected we can kiss our Constitution and all of our rights good-bye. I agree that we need to vote ALL of the upside-down people out of our congress. But waving the Constitution in Barry's face obviously does not bother him one bit. He just throws it down and p**ses all over it.

    • Jeff Scism

      Re-read it yourself. Read the Supremacy clause

      There are three EQUALLY SUPREME parts of the "Supreme Law of the Land".

      1. The Constitution itself,
      2. Laws made under its authority. , and
      3. TREATIES ratified by the Senate.

      The wording indicates that the TREATIES are NOT Under, but equal to the Constitution. The Constitution has NO AUTHORITY OVER treaties. The Constitution is a contract between the People and the Government, Treaties are a Contract between the USA and a foreign nation, which is INTERNATIONAL LAW. The PEOPLE of the USA are not parties to a treaty, but have to abide by it. Treaties are the President and the Senates TRUMP card.

    • Jeff Scism

      If the Constitution can be amended then its Amendments can be amended or repealed.

  • http://profiles.google.com/rsmitth.pervasor Richard Smith

    a good way to fuel an insurrection. A lot of people think that’s the ultimate plan of this administration..." And i'm one of them! Everything they have been doing is geared toward creating the appropriate "tipping point" (economic collapse, mass civil unrest etc.), Giving them an excuse to move in and take over completely.

    • Ladd Prier

      Excellent point Richard. You can rest assured that if Obama is re-elected he will return to gun control with avengence; an armed populace is very hard to subjugate to totalitarianism. Fortunately even our fence-sitters can agree with the rationality of arming one's self to defend his home against maurading druggies. And you CAN hunt with an AK47 or AR16!

      • VT Patriot

        He and the 'unstable' demonrats have the same opinion. Guns are in the way. And 'heavy' guns (O'Reilly - you're a fool too) are worse. Defined - 'heavy' means they are semi auto, look real nasty, have detatchable magazines, carry more than one round, etc. I have guns that are much more pwerful than 'heavy' guns, used for hunting. And I also luv shooting my AR15. But if I want to do damage to another living thing, nothing beats a 12 GA within a reasonable distance.

    • Jack

      Too many gun toting patriots out there that will fight this takeover & also to many volunteers out there that want to have the plpeasure of dragging this lying piece og Ka Ka out of the white house dead or alive it makes no difference with the former being the preferred method by a great many of us & I would like to be among the first in. So for all of you internet monitors let them know will ya

      • VT Patriot

        Can I come with you?? I need the target practice..

    • Thomas H. Seigo

      I would say that the last thing this Administration wants is to fuel an insurrection! Hell, if our forefathers had the guts and determination to fight the might of King George's England, then I would hope that we have inherited some of their guts and determination to fight this "pretender to the fantasy throne" of the USA! Although if he were to succeed (slap my mouth), it would then become the USSA!

      • Jeff Scism

        The Insurrection will come after the "October Surprise" if Obama thinks he is losing. If it gets down to a short term lame duck presidency, he will pull out all the stops and let the train run off the rails. You can bet on it. We have TWO versions to look forward to, a Four Month Lame Duck, or a Four Year AND Four Month Lame Duck. Either way he will do everything he can in the time he has left to accomplish PURE ObamaNation.

  • Mark

    Treason and corruption are the way this Godless Man was acclimated to the world. Everything he has done is to destroy our way of life in the US. He hates everything we stand for. He should be tried for his crimes and executed by firing squad! For all the sheep that view him as the pied piper! You have time to stop this man and relish in the freedom that that country has afforded you! What do you think will happen to all the entitlements and government handouts if he is reelected. He no longer needs you in that instance! When he wants more money? Where do you think it will come from? He will end your entitlement checks! Pay Heed! Freedom is Precious! For those that have never given a drop of blood for your freedom. You should open your eyes to the Anti Christ!

  • PPTA

    A very good, and honest story. The same thoughts millions of us now have. It is time for Republicans to get off their hind ends and impeach this President. If hey wait for he election, tht may, and I do say may, be to late. This President will resort to anything, to stay in office. Martial Law, which could shut congress down, could stop, or nulify elections, you name it.

    • Rustytruck

      This point keeps coming up so many times and again, Obama can not declare Martial law, it is only Congress who can authorize that. He can ask them for it but with the situation in DC they will never give into that. Darrel Issa for one will never give into Obama, even tho he won't do anything about him just being in office illegally he won't give in to Martial Law.

      • Jeff Scism

        Obama can declare a National emergency and have MORE time than he has left in Office to resolve it before Congress gets a hold of it. Just like declaring Military action, He can make WAR but not declare it, but it gets done anyway.
        AND the Constitution means NOTHING to him.

      • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.l.herbert Brenda L. Herbert

        Executive order. BHO always uses executive orders when he knows he can't get his way with congress or any other branch of government.

      • triple t

        ya know obamanation has skirted congress time an time again what makes you think he cares who's power he upsurps he thinks he's ruller and he can do anything he pleases and so far no one has called him on it tell me please not our r.n.c. nor anyone in the d.n.c. who's to stop him they all seem too afraid of him

  • wattsupstupid

    I am so glad that he did not sign this horrible treaty and pray that it never does pass, but this just shows to what lengths this imposter will go to win the election. He will lie, lie, lie and then lie some more, hide his past and lie some more.

    • Screeminmeeme

      wattsupstupid......Obama WILL sign the treaty....IF he wins the election. No doubt about it. He postponed it because it was politically smart to do so.

  • bernie

    The 2nd amendment is not simply about "gun ownership" it is there to allow the American people to protect themselves against a rogue and overbearing government, Unfortunately, in these imes, the 2nd amendment is more than ever to be viewed as necessary and must be held a constitutionaly inviolate!

  • Don39

    Obama sensed the edge of revolution in time to pull back. The day is coming that he will underestimate the tolerance of the American spirit, that will be the first day of the Revolution!

  • malcolm7172

    In order to keep the gun grabbers away. We need a Bill to stop all this crap of trying to take away our Second Amendment Rights. The Bill should worded that no one can pass or take away any part of the Second Amendment or prohibit anything to do with the sell of guns, ammo and magazines. And most of all keep the Supreme Court from making their own laws. When is enough a enough?

  • Bob

    Only the military should have AK-47's. They don't use them. Their not issued them. History repeats itself because no one listens. What did prohibition prove? More boos were available than before. And what did it create? Slaughter! Take away guns and the criminal will get them easier than ever. They would have to kill me to take my gun away from me. And I'm sure most people would feel the same way. It isn't guns that kill people. It's people that kill people! It lays on a table enate until some idiot uses it wrongly. If not a gun, then a knife. Let's do away with knives. then baseball bats. When does it stop? obama's next step was to control more and more of our lives. thank God it didn't happen...yet!

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    We should continue to expect more 'false flag' events like the Dark Knight shootings (there's way too many loose ends for this to be what it appears that the media 'wants' us to believe) between now and November. The NRA pressured enough senators to avert the crisis this time, but it will be back as it has time and again since Reagan's day. Prezident Zero, if the event ginned up was big enough, might have gotten this thru and disarmed America, opening the floodgates to criminal takeover and armed invaison from overseas enemies.
    click the pic.

    • bobk90

      The NRA French guy, Cut a Deal with Obama on ObamaCare Just Like the UNIONS! He is not on Our Side by any means, he is only looking out for himself & friends! The NRA is part of the Establishment's Elite and is nothing more than a Lobbying group, taking your money years and have NOT Protected the 2nd Amendment in Reality! Sure they put on a good show but it is just to keep their paychecks nice & fat!!! Where was the NRA when President Perv Clinton Banned Semi-Auto & High Capacity??? Where has the NRA been in DC for all these years?? If you want an organization that is not "In-Bed" with the Tyrannical Federal Goverment than you should check out: National Association of Gun Rights (NAGR).

  • bobk90

    Dead Wrong on the Timeline... The UN is not going to wait till after the Election!!!! They plan on meeting in September to Vote it in!!! Between Now & Then, the UN could still get it Passed and the UN Secretary General stated the Treaty could be Passed in, as early as, 2 Weeks; He also said that they are still working on it, to get he passed!!
    The UN does not have to be in session to vote on the Treaty and will most likely do what US Congress did in Passing ObamaCare! If Congress can screw the US over with the way they passed ObamaCare, Don't think for a Second that the 'SCUMBAG UN' will just make up stuff as they go!!!!!!!!

  • sean murry

    We better vote this phoney out with the rest of his commie allies.

  • noelle2011

    "Obama’s Pragmatism Stops U.N. Arms Treaty — for Now"
    NO I think it was the NRA that stopped this TREASONOUS treaty!

  • mize

    moochelle said last year as soon as we grt re elected were going to get the guns......vote republican lets make america great again

    • bobk90

      Dude are you serious? Vote Republican is not going to save the Constitution! If Obama doesn't Declare Martial before the Election, it will be because he thinks he has Rigged tight, otherwise, thousands of Americans are going to Die! So if an Election was actually held we have the choice of a Socialist Dictatorship with Obama or a Fascist Police State with Romney! Romney might say he is Conservative & Pro-2nd Amendment but truth is he DID sign into Law RomneyCare and he did sign the Law BANNING weapons & magazines with capacity above 10 rounds!
      The Only VOTE that is going to mean Anything is when the Lever you Pull is your Trigger!!!! America needs to wipe to Swipe the Slate Clean and start over with Just the Constitution and simply throw the rest of the current Federal Government and its Laws in the TRASH...

      • Edward53

        Well, thank God Ron Paul won't be our next President.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          Oh NO! you had to bring up the dreaded RP!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/N2N7WC5AFRT4JRD2VOK5BLISOU Frank Zappa

    The "Gun Control" issue has been around since the 60's, and likely that it wont go away any time soon. ("Problem") They "The alleged Law Makers" DO NOT ENFORCE WHATS ON THE BOOKS, but they still want more control? then the question more control for what? In the final analysis this WILL LEAD to gun confiscation, just like Nazi Germany, and the people in this country "MOST" Do Not Get It.

    I Have come to the realization that there is not a dams dimes worth of difference between Repubicans or Deamon-crats. The Slime at the very top positions of our government are only concerned with one thing and one thing only, and that is to get re-elected so they don't need to really work for a living. IN FACT, YOU, ME, AND THE REST OF AMERICA ARE SLAVES IN THE FORM OF TAXES, AND GOVERNMENT RED TAPE.

    While I am not too interested in derailing this comment about guns, I do point out that our "Law Makers" are phonies that don't give a crap about Americans in general. at THE VERY TOP "they" are THE oligarch of this country. IF YOU OR ME EVER LOSE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT OUR FAMILY'S FROM THE THUGS WE WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY JUST LIKE GERMANY. IT IS OVER FOR ALL OF US.

    WHEN SECONDS COUNT THE COPS ARE ALWAYS MINUTES AWAY. There is one other factor that MOST people DO NOT KNOW and that is the cops DO NOT have to protect you and there is CASE LAW to prove it. Where I live you are lucky to get a cop to even show up, so in short they really are NOT about the job they were hired for. It comes down to the paperwork. Every little incident they deal with equals yards of paper.


  • MontieR

    What a load of pure horse apples, Obama had absolutely nothing to do with stopping the UN arms confiscation scheme, it was everyone who spoke up against this gun grab.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rose-Marie-Noa/1086452677 Rose-Marie Noa

    I saw on the "news" today a "Family tree" of sorts on his maternal side. This is News???? To what end? I wonder if any of his relatives are members of the IRA????Wouldnt that be a kick???

  • http://twitter.com/TTexas1 T-Texas

    I think that he knew that he or hairy couldn't pull the vote to get it past the 2nd Amendment.

  • betty seith

    After all the millions that are spent on NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ,that has so miserably failed, has not Oboma done anything to "fix" this? Why does he think this latest bunch of crap about educating only the black race will succede . Just another rat hole to pour our tax dollars into.

  • mrsawdust

    Obama signing this treaty would be his death wish for any re-election bid, so he postponed the signing. As Americans we need this treaty to be trashed and never to come up for consideration in the future. If re-elected Obama and his radical democratic cronies will not waste any time bringing this treaty up again for radification. Obama could care less if he sells the USA down the tubes to Russia and China. Thanks to Obama we've already taken a back seat in many areas to these Socialistic, and Communistic Countries. Obama himself is a Socialist and Communist and supports terrorist activities that will have a negative effect on our security and defense abilities. The first step in taking over a state is to "ELIMINATE THE ABILITY FOR THE PEOPLE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES". For you Jews that are on the left, and reported still leaning towards voting for Obama in 2012, "THINK BACK IN HISTORY TO 1933 WHEN HITLER DISARMED THE GERMAN POPULATION OF ARMS AND PROCEEDED TO SET IN MOTION A PROGRAM TO ELIMINATE YOUR RACE". Obama is no different than Hitler, he needs to be defeated and his record esponged.

  • Conservativesniper

    Come for my guns and I'll give them to you, bullets first. If you don't know what happens to people who give up their guns, watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pKasF6l3y0 Innocents betrayed and enslaved by their governments.

  • http://twitter.com/jason_burns Jason Burns

    Google: "Obama Caught Telling Russian Leader To Wait Until After Election" and watch the video to understand how Obama thinks. While he was talking about another situation, this gives insight on Obama's tactics.

    Obama tells Russian leader, "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."

    Russia and China know this. They will wait until after the election to make this U.N. Arms Treaty happen. I am not so sure that Romney would be any different. He also has a history of supporting anti-gun legislation.

  • http://twitter.com/jason_burns Jason Burns

    Obama tells Russian leader, "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Bennigans/100002896932063 Daniel Bennigan's

    Even if this was passed, would anyone actually give up their weapons and play dead though? I wouldn't; and I believe there are many others that love and believe in this country as it is. It would not be American to allow these terrorists (those who hate this country and what it stands for) to disarm us. At some point a stand needs to be taken, and this would be that point. It would be either then or never for us. If these basic rights are taken away, we no longer are America anymore. And if we aren't in America anymore, we aren't Americans. And if we aren't Americans, we more than likely will not be free.

  • MEG

    This issue is NOT going away. It will come back with a vengence or perhaps quietly in the night. Those pushing it are just looking for a "better" way to get it through. It will be thrust upon us like the healthcare bill, only now involving countries who want to see us lose our sovereignty. Obama also needed to appear to step away from this issue, not causing to incite gun owners BECAUSE of THIS maneuver. When their so called civil unrest, you know the one that they are hoping for, occurs for whatever reason, they can say, "you see, these gun owners are out of control, we need to do something". Obama will not go quietly IF he loses the election, he will inject his inciteful comments like he did with TVM. The huge forces behind this man's re-election are far beyond comprehension. The weakening and dismantling of America is key. We must fight back, we the people must keep America strong, most of our congress will not fight for her, they will lie down, only a few will.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HBZY2YUGUU2J6L2VI3LJS2XF7Q Ralph Z

    Obama is a liberal and liberals are cowards at the core. If they believe it will affect their power, and they can't protect their power without delaying a decision, they will delay instead of standing on their supposed principles. Also, as far as the Constitution is concerned, Obama believe it doesn't mean what it says. He is like the Christians that believe it does not matter what the Bible says, so they change it to mean what they believe it should mean and take out the offending parts. That is the best example of how Obama and his crowd treat the Constitution that I can think of. Oh well, Obama found out he can rule by Executive Order and no one will stop him, even if they have taken the oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. I suggest we arrest all of Congress, our President and Vice President on the charge of Treason. Think about it.

  • lizaz

    Simply a ploy to get reelected....if he is, watch our 2nd Amendment disappear!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBPI63ABT264USBDALCN4F7UKY billy2

    this chicken shyt bass turd at times is a gutless wonder, if this scab happens to win in November, he will come down on America with both NAZI BOOTS!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rich-Haynes/100000145346677 Rich Haynes

    With the treaty would have come some very nasty reactions. There are at least 5-8 million willing to die or kill to stop people that have signed such a treaty. Even Canada which tried to register firearms found out that millions of Canadians refused to register them. After 10 years, billions wasted , and not one crime solved they trashed the law a few months ago. So let them try. There are more patriots in the US than the total population of Canada.

  • http://ja-js.blogtownhall.com Chuck Fowler

    Of course China and Russia were all for the treaty. They don't allow their own people to have guns and that's part of how their governments control the masses. That's just what the UN and other despots around the world want to foist on the US as well.

  • del

    Anyone feel safe under obozo and old hillary? Just what America does not need....an agreement with the UN filled with terrorists

  • Idylewylde

    See the Lib Senators fleeing the Obama Titanic?
    Oh, yeah .. they joined with Republican Senators to prevail upon Obama to not sign that treaty.
    Everyone talks about Martial Law.
    Sorry .. those Senators know that an insurrection in this country is their death warrant. They will be among the first to die while the Anointed One cringes in a bunker somewhere surrounded by his personal security force.
    They're as yellow as Obama. Cowards through and through. But they don't have a personal bunker to cringe in. So, no, they jumped ship the second all of those petitions, phone calls, death threats, etc, from outraged Americans started pouring in.
    This treaty is DEAD. There will be no end runs. The Uber-Libs are living in fear of what is going to happen to them if they ever push this again.
    Imagine that .. the cowards tried to disarm us .. and now they live in fear .. and well they should.

  • Gringo Infidel

    Eternal vigilance!

  • GeoInSD

    Obama did say a year or two ago that he was working on gun control "under the radar". Apparently this arms treaty was it. Fortunately watchdog groups got the word out about what Obama was up to. I didn't hear coverage on mainstream media.

    It was quite underhanded what Obama was trying to do. Harry Reid was probably complicit. By a previous treaty the US had ratified, a treaty signed by the US is in effect if not explicitly rejected by the Senate or the president. Obama's plan was probably to sign the arms treaty and Reid not bring it up to a vote. Obama would thus yet again find a way to bypass Congress and dictate yet again.

  • Danmo43

    Do not kid yourself!!
    Whether OB is re-elected or not, the treaty will come back!
    When are you going to wake up and realize it is not just OB!?
    It is WASHINGTON, DC and the controllers. THEY are who wants your
    guns. Not just OB. They are ALL cowards who will only pull the plug
    when they think they will ultimately win and not before.

    • Mary

      It's not DC. It's the NWO. The puppets in DC are just that. Puppets! It's the shadow government that calls the shots.

      • Conservativesniper

        Hmmmm, shadow government you say? That sounds like lil gyorgy soros, a nazi collaborator. Could it be the 'czars' are the shadow government, ready to step in when the dollar collapses?

  • daveveselenak

    Your absolutely right, America got a six month reprieve from total tyranny; afterall, there is a pseudo-election coming up. He will have plenty of time to "transform" America into AMERIKA after he steals the upcoming election as he had stole the prior election. Make no mistake, your guns will be conficated. The new Hitler is following the old Hitler's strategy to a tee!

  • deafy

    nope ... not if the usurper wins the election ... it is more likely that he will sign it during the lame duck session, not caring one way or another ... he is that spiteful!

  • Jack

    Like the last paragraph tells it all, being as her is a gutless tool he doesn't have the cajones to sign this agreement until after the election as there are just to many voters that own guns & will not vote for him if he does. This articles is well written & tells it like it is, yet another reason to throw this piece of work out in November

  • Ed

    The weasel is not just Obama. It is the Democratic Party which was taken over by the Communist Party in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The DNC is a Marxist center for overseeing the takeover of the US by Socialists and then Communists.

  • timro

    It's time to pull out of the U.N. It's gone way over what it's original intent was. It was suppose to be nations coming together to peacefully iron out difficulties. It has now evolved into a global governor. Anytime you succumb to these "treaties" you give up more of our sovereignty. There are enemies of the U.S. sitting up there making policy regarding our nation. Why do you think Russia and China were so disappointed at what King Barack did?
    I say we get out , move it to France or Great Britain, turn the building into a hotel or apartment complex, and save ourselves about six billion dollars a year in membership fees.

  • Rob

    Our forefathers were no one's fools. They saw what a tyrannical government could do and the strangle hold it had on the people. Our Second Amendment rights are perhaps the most important of all the amendments. With out the Second Amendment we cannot ensure and defend the rest of the Constitution. It is imperative a subversive government dismantles it or it cannot impose the freedom crushing laws and programs it needs to control a society and the country.

  • joe price


  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.smith.1401933 Brian Smith

    A word of caution! Comrade Obama has not given up on the arms ban treaty, He has just put it off. If he is reelected this will be very high on his list of things to accomplish. Remember he will have "more leeway after the election".

  • E.C.Ducy

    Obama chickened out because of the presentation from the NRA, in addition to the 1,000's of letters & e-mails from hundreds of thousands of armed citizens & the Militias across the Country. There are over 1250 Militias, not including the 21 States that have organized State sponsored Militias. Plans from many of the Militias was to get 1 million strong, armed citizens showing up at the WH. Bozo Obama began "sweating" at that point. Bozo the law is that WE THE PEOPLE have the right to keep & bear arms (2nd Amend) & Gun Control is FORBIDDEN in America (the Dick Act of 1902). Bozo "Insane" Obama- DON'T SCREW WITH WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel from TN

    The Small Arms Treaty will be back. My guess is it will return between November 6th and January 13th, regardless of who wins the presidential election.

  • Jim of America

    1..FREE American Citizen, YES
    2.."subject" of the state, NO
    3.."subject" to the whim of a dictator, NO
    4.."slave" to the welfare state, NO
    5.."slave" to obuma, NO


    • triple t

      i have and i will continue to fight for the constitution to be FREE in the united states of AMERICA . nuff said

  • Jeff Scism

    After the election he will have less restraint. He will be a four + year Lame Duck, with NO FEAR about re-election worries, he will be free to do as he wishes short of Impeachment.
    August 10, the Movie 2016 hits the theaters, Take a friend or two, and go watch it. Then send all your friends to also understand where Obama wants to go.

  • Christian Patriot

    How is this crap relevant? The U.S. Constitution is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND! And that land is a SOVEREIGN nation! Ergo, there is NO entity, organization, law, decree, or any other imaginable power that CAN or WILL take precedence! Its about time that we begin to elect representatives who recognize and underestand this fact.

  • Disgusted

    Think of it this way. There were 600,00 hunting licenses issued in the state of Wisconsin last year. If you add the number of hunting licenses issued in every state, no country would want to send as large an army as it would need to conquer us ( except China or India.) Add to those numbers, the people in every state that issues permits for concealed carry . And then, for good measure, estimate the number of people who own guns of some type for home defense, but who don't have a ccp or hunting license. I know that most of those people aren't trained soldiers, but neither were the men at Lexington and Concord when they faced the British. What were the British trying to do ? Confiscate their guns and gunpowder... and they were chased all the way back to Boston.

  • H.I.N.

    George Washington stated "The Second Amendment is second only to the Constitution itself, it's the people's teeth." There is a lot he had to say that are VERY relevant today, like the quote about government not being eloquent, but force, likened to fire, "a troublesome servant and a fearful master."