Our Spineless and Traitorous Government

The news this weekend carried the report of the two hikers being held in Iran on charges of espionage and entering the country illegally being found guilty and sentenced to 8 years in prison.

The two men, along with one woman who has since been released, claimed they were hiking along the Iraq and Iran border in a region where the border was not well defined. They were summarily arrested by the Iranians and charged.

This story has been making headlines for 2 years. American citizens being held and charged for accidentally crossing a border they had no idea where it was. Many American’s have been outraged over how little our State Department has been willing to do to help these two young men gain their freedom. Basically, the State Department has done little to defend Americans accused of espionage and being illegal aliens.

But this should not be a surprise to American citizens when they see how far our government will go to ignore the US Constitution to defend and reward those who enter the US illegally. Instead of imprisoning foreign illegals, our government has recently declared that they will give them free medical coverage, free education for their kids, food stamps, and the right to continue to work in the US illegally and not pay income taxes.

Our spineless government, starting with the White House, is guilty of treachery against the American people, both home and abroad.



  • babs

    If these hikers were Muslim, they would have been home long time ago.

    • http://www.MADEinUSA.org JRBeaman

      Sure, Obama would take care of those of his ilk.

    • Bill

      You have to be imbeciles or have a death wish to be hiking between two countries that wish us death. You deserve all you get smart asses!

  • Survivor

    This is not Iran against a couple of Americans, this is Iran thumbing its nose at Washington. No one gives a crap about these poor stupid kids (who took a hell of an unnecessary chance), and now are paying the piper.
    Oh yes, the time has come where stupidity is being criminally prosecuted, including in the USA.


    Our reps have no spine to impeach obummer ,Reid ,botox face Nanacy P,Biden and the rest of the traitors.

    • Guest

      What treasonable offenses have been committed? Give a list please.

      • SEAN MURRY

        Idont agrue with lib idiots.

  • zoly

    Its amazing how other countries treat Americans!!

    Its not such a safe world any longer, Ronald Reagan is not now our President. No one is looking out for us.
    Our young arrogant people had better take heed. Don't take chances, like walking along the Iranian border, or any
    hostile border ever. No one will save you. You will be Dead right...your on your own now. Obama's in charge for another
    16 months. Be very careful who you vote for in the future.

    • Les

      Kidnapping citizens from their own countries all over the world and torturing them is ok? But someone doing bad things to us isn't? I guess that's what makes us "SpeCiaL". Welcome to the real world! You get what you give.

      Let the bashing begin.....

      • zoly

        Point being--when do we kidnap and keep for no real reason? Never!! at least not yet. We just allow all the degenerates into our country and then we wait until they kill, mame or blow up our citizens and country. Quite different I think.. WE are not like most of the world - especially 2nd and 3rd world countries, but with Obamma it will change for the worse,

        • Les

          "Detaining someone for 6 to 10 years and not charging them with anything doesn't count? you must have missed the news some time past. How would you like having people enter the US and snatch your family members off the street never to see them again? Blowing up whole neighborhoods in countries you have declared war on doesn't count? You actually believe those pin point bombings only kill the bad guys? Nice!

        • Les

          correction: haven't declared

        • scarfacesquirrel

          Well according to International Rules of War and the Geneva Convention, No "Detaining someone for 6 to 10 years and not charging them with anything…” doesn’t count. As a matter of fact being caught on a battle field armed and not in uniform constitutes being an illegal combatant or spy and technically can be punished by death. There is a reason combatants wear uniforms, and it’s not just to distinguish one side from the other it is for the protection of civilians/noncombatants. When people in noncombat clothing are fighting in combat they relinquish all rights to be treated as true prisoners of war.

  • John

    They need to stay there until they grow up and not be so stupid. They had no business over there. Just like the HS graduate that was killed in Aruba on a graduation trip. The parents had more money than common sense in both cases

  • SLY

    while i don't feel that sorry for this pair and feel releasing the girl alone was a farce( or payoff) ,it is a crock of bull that we (USA) let about anyone or his brother into OUR country with almost no holds bard ! WHY IS THIS ??maybe we need to round up all persons that don't own a USA BIRTH CERTIFICATE and ship them out NOW !! and this means everyone POLITICIANS INCLUDED !

    • http://www.MADEinUSA.org JRBeaman

      Yes, but they should also get a drug test, like the rest of us and fired if they fail.

  • teadog

    Does it surprise anyone that the govt. won't do anything to help the two young men being held in Iran. If they were involved with a liberal politician, they would fly an ex-democratic president there to negotiate. Like when Clinton went to North Korea to get one of Al Gores staff members released when they intentionally crossed into North Korea. And then Carter was later allowed to go to North Korea for some kind of apology trip for who knows what, ok'd by obama. Sick liberals.............

  • Ralph

    The State Dept tells everyone who travels to a foreign country that the US has no control over a sovereign and you go there and you play by their rules. Of all the places in the world to hike, those morons pick the most dangerous place.

  • Bob

    The biggest mistake these dimwits made was believing the media portrayals of muslims as being peace loving and misunderstood people. They had no idea what they were getting into and now they are paying the price for believing all the politically correct lies about the disease of islam.

    • zipcdr

      Amen! Disease is the best description of Islam. Actually if you understand how the Borg of "Star Trek" operate, then you know how Muslims operate. The goal is TOTAL ASSIMILATION of all other people and cultures with whom they come into contact.

  • Supertad108

    Hike the US, this would easily fit the definition if ignorance.

  • Anumber1

    Yes, the hikers were naive and stupid, but our president and secretary of state are afraid of Iran and Mahamoud Achma-nutjob. I wish our president feared the wrath of the American people as much. As for Iran, that country is run by animals, true sub-humans. I would applaud Israel if they made a pre-emptive strike against the Tehran regime, right in the places where the Iranian nuclear facilities are located.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    This is Hillary's job, but she's to busy giving out country away to the UN, she'd have been no better than Obama had she become president, both are closet communist. Just how in the hell did we get here?

  • Corky W.

    The name of the article pretty much sumes it up. THEY went behind our backs and against the MAJORITY of people to pass obamacare. SO why do we have to follow laws that are passed AGAINST the will of the People?? This Criminal in the WH NEEDS to be removed. HE IS NOT a "natural" born citizen. His fater was a foreign national and that alone makes obama inegibile to be president. COME ON PEOPLE, lets start raising hell with our Government Officals and get the bum removed.

  • http://militaryindustrialcomplex.com Rexblade

    Any Idea how many Iranians are in custody of the United States? How many scientists have been assassinated by Israel in the last year by Israel? Could these actions somehow influence Irans position on these hikers?

    Sorry if thats to "extreme" a train of thought to some of these authors and readers....

    • Rob

      I understand your point and agree, but our first duty is to our country and the citizens of the same.

  • Rex cassidy

    Funny how everything gets twisted to equal "evil muslims" by the people commenting. Seriously take a break from the propaganda if you even can. Explain this fact 25,000 Jews live in Iran and there is even a Jewish member of the Iranian parliament....

  • http://msmignoresit.blogspot.com Mark

    Not that I think the West was ever closer than buying oil, things have really gone downwards http://msmignoresit.blogspot.com/2011/08/thank-ob...

    Now, this looney is in cbharge http://msmignoresit.blogspot.com/2011/07/world-ac...

  • jac
    • http://www.facebook.com/ Jayna

      I have elxacty what info I want. Check, please. Wait, it's free? Awesome!

    • http://crkgouuvkyxq.com/ fvlurfd
    • http://xwypcvbngakz.com/ yihxbgl
  • scarfacesquirrel

    Who in their right mind goes hikeing in Iraq anyway?

  • Carlos

    This is pretty much how the State Dept. reacts, no matter what country you may need help in...... Utterly useless.

  • cancer

    I feel bad for these two if they were just hiking. although there are many better places for a hike. But with the open boarder policies are wonderful leader has i would think he would rush to their defence,but then that wouldn't speed up the destruction of our country

  • bill

    I just read this whole thread and I will never post here again. You people can't spell, use proper grammar or even think clearly. Die in you own stipidity.

    • Will

      Good nobody want to hear from anyone with your attitude anyhow!

      • Will

        Excuse me that's "wants". I rushed a little like stipidity probably did also.

  • Guest

    You should learn how to spell stupidity before casting stones. It's what we mean that is relevant and one can overlook misspelled words now and then.

  • Will

    Let's see if I understand this correctly. If you're a US citizen & accidently cross a country's unmarked boareder, you're arreested, tried & imprisoned. But if you're a non-US citizen and delibertly cross the US boarder illegally, you get: a job to send money back home to you're family, not pay income taxes, food stamps, free medical care, free education for your children, amnesty for citizenship & social security retirement & medical benefits, all paid for by US legal citizens. And all you have to do is vote (illegally) Democrat. So, have I got that right?

  • Dtaylor

    I would much rather vacation in Iran or the Kurdish autonomous zone than go anywhere in Mexico. It is much safer.