Criminals Working at Airport Screening to Be Expected Says TSA Chief

As I am writing this, I am in Arizona visiting my parents.  I went through airport security screening when I flew here and had no problems and I know I’ll have to do it again when I fly home.  When I went through security this time, not only did I have to take my laptop out, but I also had to open my carryon suitcase to remove the bag with my toiletries.  As I did, the TSA agent standing on the other side of the conveyor belt went out of his way to look into my suitcase, trying to see what all I had inside.

At first I thought that perhaps he was just doing his job and being observant and looking to make sure I wasn’t hiding anything.  Then I read a report about comments made by John Halinski, the TSA Deputy Administrator about TSA employees and their criminal dealings.

He was responding to questions about the integrity of TSA screeners in light of all the bad publicity they have received lately.  Incidents such as a Dulles airport TSA manager arrested for operating a prostitution ring; or the agent in Jackson, Mississippi who stabbed a fellow TSA agent to death while off duty; or the group of screening agents caught sleeping on the job in New Jersey; or the dozens of screening agents in Hawaii that weren’t screening checked baggage for explosives.

In defending the reputation of the airport screening agency, Halinski stated:

“If you have an organization of 60,000 people, that’s like a city.  You’re always going to have crime in a city. You’re always going to have people who don’t do things that are proper and make mistakes. I’m not saying we are different from any other group of Americans; I’m saying we are exactly like every group of Americans.”

I agree that human nature is human nature and that there are bound to be a few bad apples in the mix, but let’s face it, you’re talking about an organization of people that are supposed to be protecting the American people from terrorists.  But Halinski has to face the fact that the job the TSA calls for should be conducted by trustworthy and law abiding people.

If everyone used his rationale, then we should expect pedophiles and sexual predators to work in daycare and schools.  There are hundreds of thousands of teachers across the U.S. so we should expect some of them to sexually abuse their students like Jerry Sandusky did.  Since there are thousands of Border Patrol agents, should we expect some of them to be smuggling drugs and people across the border?  We have a million military personnel, so should we expect a number of them to start shooting each other from time to time?  How many law enforcement officers are there in the country?  Are we just supposed to accept that some of them are going to be criminals too?

Like I said before, human nature is human nature, but in reality, it appears to me that TSA has very poor standards and screenings of their own employees.  If they can’t secure a more trustworthy workforce, then why should we trust them to protect us from terrorists?

If you asked, me, I would clean house at the TSA and start at the top and get some people in charge that know what they’re doing and how to properly screen prospective employees better than they have been doing.

As for my return trip home in a couple of days?  I think I’ll strategically place a shirt covering everything in the suitcase except the toiletries and see if any nosy agent still insists on looking.



  • Adam Moreira

    It depends on the state. In New York state, a criminal can't get the necessary guard license needed to work for TSA (as New York State will not license an ex-con). However, not every state has a background check system.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      TSA are federal employees, I may be wrong but I don't think you need a state license to be hired by the feds. The feds do have a background check system, but apparently it doesn't work very well.

      • SickoftheBS

        Censor did not like my respons so I will try it again a little cleaner.....
        As far as Obama is concerned , just like the illegal aliens, if they have not committed a serious felony they are OK by him.

      • unwillingvictime

        Simple, it doesn't work if you don't use it! It takes less than a minute to run a background check with the Feds. It is done many times daily. If you are not looking, you will not see.

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          I'm sorry if you misunderstood me, I was being sarcastic with the last sentence.

        • unwillingvictime

          Sorry, wasn't meant as an insult to you, just meant they would have to use it to work, kinda both meant the same. Kinda reinforcing your comment! LOL

  • Screeminmeeme

    America should jetison the TSA and build a security system based on that of
    Israeli airline, El Al.

    Plained clothes police and military constantly search the airport looking for possible explosive devices and suspicious behavior.

    All passengers are to arrive 3 hours ahead of time and each one is questioned thoroughly by highly trained security specialists.

    Baggage is screened, sometimes opened and hand inspected, and ALL bags are put thru a decompression chamber that simulates pressures during flight that could trigger explosives.

    Every flight has armed undercover sky marshals.

    Every plane is equipped with infrared counter-measure system against anti-aircraft missiles.

    And yes.........PROFILING is used.

    There have been many ATTEMPTED highjackings, but none successful since 1970. Many attacks have been prevented.

    We ought to duplicate their system as closely as possible and to hell with those who whine about racial profiling. It works.

    • Karol Smith


    • Anne_PA

      Screemin: It's called BEHAVIORAL profiling, and El AL has been successful using Behavioral Profiling for over 30 years.

      IF the DHS and TSA were actually serous about keeping America and Americans safe, that's exactly what they'd do, and perhaps add bomb sniffing dogs to the program that are 100% more effective than anything they're using today.

      BTW, they're beginning to use bomb sniffing dogs at bus and rail stations now.

      • Grumpy Granny

        When I went through Israeli security a few years ago, the woman agent was very polite and obviously well-educated. Her English was almost perfect.

        • Anne_PA

          GG: And I can assure you that you were FAR SAFER there than at any US airport with the TSA.

          I don't recall his name just now, but the now retired head of Israeli security has been on numerous TV programs in America and has stated, unequivocally, that the SAME kind of airport security that El Al has SUCCESSFULLY used for over 30yrs.could easily be implemented in the US, and even at a huge cost reduction.

        • smartgranny55

          But, since TSA has become unionized, that wouldn't benefit unions.

        • Anne_PA

          smartgranny: Yeah, you're right! LOL

          Which is WHY we need to NEED to keep the House and take the Senate.

          Andget Boehner OUT at Speaker and Col Allen West IN as Speaker, and a Republican Majority Leader in the Senate to PUSH dismantling the TSA!

          We already know that security at the two or three airports that have privatized security do far better a job.

        • rick0857

          Yes Anne one of those airports privitized with security is in none other than Nancy PIGLOSI's district in San Fran I believe. I've heard passengers praise that airport many times but appearantly "We the People" aren't good enough for such treatment.
          Stossel has a short bit about just that thing in one of his shows "No they can't". It's a good program to see if you can find it on the net. It aired on FOX a couple weeks ago, it's also in the book in greater detail the book has the same title as the show did. "No They Can't"

        • Anne_PA

          rick: Yes, I did see it... or at least parts of it. EXCELLENT!

          Just ANOTHER perfect example of how much more effectively and efficiently things are ALWAYS done when private enterprise takes on the task... whatever it is.

          But this is not, nor has it ever been about keeping Americans safe... it's ALL about controlling all us "sheeple."

        • Screeminmeeme

          Anne Pa....Isaac Yeffet is the man and I've heard him say the same thing. I'd like to see him as head of Home Land Security.

        • Anne_PA

          Screemin: YES, thank you! 😉 (I was having a Senior Moment.)

          And I agree 100% ... he would be the perfect person to head Home Land Security.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Thanks, Anne, for the correction. I agree with the use of dogs too.

        • Anne_PA

          Screemin: You're welcome, but you helped me out with Isaac Yeffet, who's name I couldn't remember on a bet this afternoon, so I thank you for that. 😉

      • yadontwannano

        Corporations paid big bucks just to have staged failed terrorist plots in order to be able to sell airports thier products ; $$$ is the motive not real EL Al type security ! Such as the the smelly shoe bomber or Capitain Crotch . Checking for real explosives is still a good idea and the screening of passengers . Profiling passengers by giving red flags to one way fliers , last minute boarding attempts ,unaccompagnied luggage

      • tionico

        our government lack people intelligent and ethical enough to use such profiling methods.

        The bomb dogs would be a good start, though there ARE plenty of substances that are dangerous, even lethal, that would not be found by them.

        TSA are a miserable failure, and an insult to the travelling public. Time for them to go.

        What is Romney's stand on this issue? We KNOW what Paul's is, but he is "unelectable". Too bad..... we're not yet desparate enough to give someone with his values and ideas a chance to bring in real change. Instaed we elect a non-qualified character who only makes things worse... which, I suppose, IS "change". Just not what was promised.

    • Charlie

      Can you imagine the ACLU and Washington liberals ever accepting that? What would become of political correctness and absolute non-discrimmination if such a major break should ever occur?

      • Adam Moreira

        Such is Amendment 4---one of two (Amendment 8 is the other0 that is subjective in nature.

        @Anne_PA:disqus - behavioral profiling is acceptable and would be 4A compliant.

      • unwillingvictime

        Political correctness is, err, has ruined us already! They can shove it right up ........ into outer space!

    • Rob Dalton

      "All passengers are to arrive 3 hours ahead of time and each one is questioned thoroughly by highly trained security specialists." ??? Are you NUTS? NO WAY!
      How about NO Airport screening UNTIL we SEAL our BORDERS!
      Ben Franklin said it best: "Those who would trade..." look it up if you don't know the rest.

      • Screeminmeeme

        Rob Dalton.........Nuts??? I don't get it. I believe that America would be much better off if we used the Israeli model for airport/air line security. It would take care of one of the many things we have to worry about from terrorism.

        I too believe we should seal our borders. But until we do, we ought not forget about airline security which, right now, is laughable. As long a America exists, the terrorists will keep trying every avenue for entrance into this country so we need a multi-armed approach to watching out for them.

      • parkerd

        Amen. All we really need is our right to self defense. Notice that the recent shooters did not go to the police stations to massacre cops. I wonder why?
        If our diligent public servants were not allowed to attack us for openly exercising our right to bear arms, there would be no problem. The wild west is a hollywood invention, not historical fact. The Swiss get along just fine, as we used to, because an armed society is a polite society. We the people have allowed them the public servants control. "Homeland Security" the Orwellian oxymoron, should be completely defunded today. Government exploits and kills, it never protects the people. As for illegal immigrants, eliminate all the socialist giveaways and there is no problem.

    • ginger

      Every time I have had to go through the pornographic machine at an airport and put up with the rudness of the TSA I have wished fervently that we had the same system as Israel.

    • jjkrjw

      I agree, but we have far more people flying every day that Israel does, so interviewing each flyer is impossible. However, in addition to some of the "thugs" working for the TSA, we should have highly trained people on Closed Circuit TV watching passengers for suspicious behavior.

      • NM Leon

        I agree, but we have far more people flying every day that Israel does, so interviewing each flyer is impossible.

        Nonsense. Ben Gurian alone handles 13 million + passengers a year, in the same league as Dulles, Reagan International, Miami, La Guardia and SeaTac.

        I doubt that a lot of the current TSA drones could do the job, but we could certainly train enough proper security personnel.

        • omegaman

          The USA has more flights in one day than Israel has in one year.

        • NM Leon

          Nope, in 2008 Israel had 168,521 flights according to the Israel Airports Authority.
          The US had 13,531,058, or 37,000 a day in '08 according to the FAA.

        • tionico

          and how many more different airports to handle them>? Come ON< let's get real here......

    • strayne

      better yet - every single passenger is handed a single-shot pistol loaded with #12 shot.

      • Screeminmeeme

        strayne........A big thumbs up to that suggestion!

      • omegaman

        Strayne -- It's morons like you that should be watched

  • Gabby354

    Good grief, there isn't a major corporation that can't screen out thieves and druggies for employment in their stores. Why can't the TSA, with all their government databases do the same?

    • Sam in NC

      Abolish the TSA and let airports hire their own security, like a few already have. The majority of these thugs that I have come in contact with, I wouldn't trust 'em to take out my garbage !

      • dean29685

        that used to be the norm before 9/11 then the feds saw a way to increase their power base.

        • Sam in NC

          Yeah, condition the American people to tolerate a police state.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      Quick answer is: Most of the Government employee's are criminals.

      • HERMANNE


      • Screeminmeeme

        Jeronimo Dan......The biggest criminal is in the White House.

    • unwillingvictime

      Then it would stop them from hiring their friends and relatives, don't ya know. How else do the criminals get in? They get help from other criminals, the politicians!

    • ginger

      because they are under the auspices of the gov't and you know how well that works.

  • Walt Hobbs

    TSA is a bunch of gangsters !! Wait till the Republicans take over in 2013 !!!



  • jdbixii

    It's what they do "on the job" that counts. What they do in their personal "off time" is their business, unless it is criminal, of course. Then, why they even got hired is a logical question. Maybe background investigations depend too heavily on personal honesty. Then, who, verifiably as a person of character and trustworthiness, can corroborate the facts of character? It does get complicated, doesn't it?

    • unwillingvictime

      Actual;y it's following the rules. If I want to get hired, I need to be able to pass a criminal check, just like I did to carry a gun. For this system to work, people who are supposed to report, say mental health issues, should do so. The support people who should be reporting are not, and are not held accountable. Just by running the background check would find someone with a record who lies on their application, automatically barring them from a government job. If these people are following the hiring rules, how is it criminals are getting into such trusting jobs?

  • Docs357

    Sleeping on the job in New Jersey I'm shocked. The blind leading the blind. Another way for the Fed to screw the honest working folks. I hope he's proud. To destroy a nation in such a short time takes a special kind of demon.

    • dean29685

      You were not supposed to know that.

  • Anne_PA

    Okay, FIRST of all, there are many large corporations that employ more than 60,000 people, and they don't seem to have the problem the TSA has.

    In addition to hiring criminals, including illegal aliens and pedophiles, and those listed n the column, the TSA doesn't protect us from terrorists in the least.

    I strongly urge everyone to look at this...

    What Are The TSA Agents Looking For? Part 1

    And then access Parts 2-5.

    And then think about how often you've seen any muslim go through a Full Body Scanner or be subjected to a pat-down.

    The answer will be NONE!!! Not one! Not EVER!

    • XX

      of course not! THAT might offend them and we sure don't want to do that! We can stand idly by while some perv gropes our weeping toddlers and babies and grannies right there in front of us, but oh heavens do NOT grope a Muslim! We need to get TSA on the ballot and vote it out of existance. AND we need to explore the financial dealings and connections of the man who owns the company. AND right now, we need to have a Congressional committee setting up absolute guidelines about who can and cannot be physically touched.
      I fly often and now have spent many many hours in long lines watching TSA, and they grope twice as many women as men. And I also have never seen them grope a Muslim man woman or child. Not a scientific study I know, but after more than a hundred hours, one can draw a conclusion!

      • Anne_PA

        XX: The financial dealings of... oh... say... MICHAEL CHERTOFF???

        I posted about that above... he gets PAID by the very company that makes the FBSs.

        I have spent a fair amount of time in those lines, and I have YET to see any muslim made to go through a FBS or be subjected to a pat-down.

        And I've been asking that same question on EVERY Conservative site I post on for years, and NOT ONE PERSON has ever posted back that they've witnessed a muslim going through a FBS or being pat-down.

        However, just a day or so ago, one women posted back to me that she frequently travels out of DETROIT, and NOT ONCE has she witnessed a mustlim going through a FBS or being pat-down.

        So, I guess that's the clue... I'm going into the "Airport Burqua" business. Just mass produce them as fast as I can, and sell then cheap since they'll only be warn in the TSA lines.

        The only question is, WHO exactly do I give credit to for my successful business???

  • Anne_PA

    The TSA has absolutely NOTHING to do with keeping America or Americans
    safe from terrorists or anything for that matter... It's ALL about
    keeping us sheeple in line.

    And if you doubt that, see...

    DHS Defines The New Terrorists: Conservative Americans

    • SickoftheBS

      Maybe it is time to get rid of DHS and that would take care of TSA and a lot of other simple minded government types that have no clue. Not just talking about Miss Moron Janet Napolitano. Course she has already cut her access to AZ so she would have to stay in DC or head to CA.

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    Incredible! I doubt that even Axelrod would have had the gall to say something like that.

  • Terry C

    Since the TSA cannot, evidently, screen it's own personnel, then it's time for TSA to be eliminated and replaced by the private sector. An added bonus: think how much money could be saved if the TSA was no longer in existance.

  • Sarg

    If TSA wants dependable people that can be trusted,they should look to the
    thousands of Postal Enployees that are and will be loseing there jobs because
    congress through them under the bus.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    The one thing that should be done away with is Little Boy Bushes " Patriot Act" just in act what the left is all against "Profiling". To hell with being politically correct.

  • Harold

    Why is this any different than those in the white house. Criminals and perverts?



  • James Rowe

    TSA purposefully hires criminals! I applied for a screener position back in 2005 and was denied because my credit wasn't good enough (they said I might be susceptible to bribes). I mean, I did armed security and escorted money in California, went through the Law Enforcement Academy in Missouri. Yet, they consistently hire thieves, murders, rapists, etc..... So, I reiterate, TSA purposefully hires criminals!

  • Anne_PA

    And here's another little gem...

    Why Is Michael Chertoff So Excited About Full-Body Scanners?

    Heading up the renewed push for those controversial, clothes-penetrating
    scanners at airports is former homeland security secretary Michael Chertoff. His consulting firm represents companies who make the scanners, but you wouldn't know it from reading the papers.

    Michael Chertoff, who was Bush's homeland security secretary from 2005-2009, is a huge fan... he told NPR:

    "A couple of years ago we began the process of testing them to see,
    first of all, if they worked and second, if they could be deployed
    without unduly restricting the flow of traffic. And the good news is
    that we were able to demonstrate that they were successful. We could use
    them without slowing up traffic and we could also protect privacy."

    But when Chertoff launched into his pitch for full-body scanners we learned that he is PAID by the very companies who make the penetrating devices:

    Just thought you'd like to know.

  • jwright673

    My hometown is less than half of the TSA's 60,000 but amazingly, not everyone is a thief, pimp or murderer. Hard to believe I know. Now I read where TSA is going to become unionized. That should stop all the illegal activity as they will have SEIU members as role models. What could possibly go wrong....

    • unwillingvictime

      Their aren't real problems with unions. The problem is corruption and allowing it to continue. No one has a problem with protecting innocent people from untrue claims, but when you start protecting the ones who are corrupt, there lies the whole problem! The unionization was a great idea that was truly needed to save lives and give fair wages. Then the greedy saw a way to line their pockets and apathetic people refused to recognize this and allowed it to flourished. If that had been stopped, we would not even need to ever think about the subject. Because corruption has now consumed the unions, they are now looked upon as the greedy money grubbing entities they have became. Unions are supposed to protect from unwarranted accusations. The TSA wants it to protect the crooks!

  • Joe Zimmerman

    FIRE them all and start al over ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Raeman Haines

    As if we haven't figured this out already . But I guess Barry O has to find work for his voting public

  • dondh

    Just another falacy of this administration! This is unbelievable! Well, maybe it isn't! What can we expect for a socialist, anti-American that doesn't give a rat's xxx about the American people, except for his muslim buddies and all those illegals he wants to give amnesty, expecting the American taxpayers to take care of them. This guy shouldn't even be given the chance for a second term in office. If he wins, then we lose our freedoms and will become slave to his dictatorship! I wish I had faith in so many of those elderly, young people and a whole host of middle aged people who have been duped by this the biggest liar of all liars would wake up and see what they are going to get if they vote him into another term! But lets pray that they open up their eyes before its too late!!

    • unwillingvictime

      Sadly, it's the ones who refuse to listen to facts are the very same who refuse to believe they made a mistake of voting him in the first time. They just won't allow themselves to believe they actually made a mistake. You just can not reason with this type of person and even if Barry killed his own family they would still support him and say he never did such a thing. Ignorance is a hard thing to fight, mostly because they are the ones who refuse to believe the true facts. They are incapable to understand logic. Apathetic ignorance has destroyed us and is going to finish the job if we let it.

  • swee41


  • Rob Dalton

    I'll bet there's nearly 60,000 people protecting all our heads of state - all past Pres and all their family members, and all those protecting out Congressmen (current and former). You think they have thugs like TSA has? I think not.
    It's all about STANDARDS - and the sad lack of them in our country today!

  • lizaz

    So we have criminals in the airports and terrorists coming across the southern border "from time to time". Apparently the TSA doesn't do background checks and DHS doesn't secure the border. It appears to me that after November 6, we should begin to dismantle the DHS (60-day layoff notices) and replace it with a smaller department of honest people with integrity and intelligence. Airports, in conjunction with FAA security requirements, should hire private screeners (jobs!!), none of whom should be former TSA employees. The U.S./Mexico should be secured, with military if necessary, and we can then begin to address the problem of illegal aliens who have invaded our country and cost the American taxpayers enormous amounts of money for welfare, food stamps, medical, education and whatever else they are able to "qualify" for...including voting illegally!! Please vote in all your local, state and national elections to remove all liberals/socialists/marxists, RINOs and long-term incumbents who have forgotten why they were hired!!! We CAN take back our liberties in NOVEMBER!!!

  • 57girl

    I can't figure out why the American taxpayer is on the hook to fund TSA to begin with. Being 'Privately run operations', the airports should be hiring their own security agents out of their own pockets. Our Government has overstepped their bounds, and in having done so, have infringed on our 4th Amendment rights already. I guess as long as the people put up with it, our Government will continue to test its bounds. Soon, our Constitution will be irrelevant if we don't put a stop to antics of our dirty politicians and their puppet masters now.

  • flaphil

    John boy ought to find a new job, something that takes brains and common sense to work. Maybe restaurant dish man or little league water boy.

  • Dr. Brown

    America should repeal the patriot act altogether. The Government should enforce the laws we had before 911. There was already a law against killing people, it was not enforced with the death penalty. The was already a law against foreign government agents coming over here and killing American citizens, it was called an act of war.

    • unwillingvictime

      9-11 was an act of war! That is why we went to Afghanistan! The Patriot act was to insure our safety. I just want to know who the hell's safety they are protecting other than the politicians? When you stop looking at the very same ones who did this deplorable act in the name of political correctness, the war has already been lost! In case those "wonders" in Washington don't realize it, war kills, and that in itself offends! If we can avoid people dying, it's time to not worry about offending the few(Muslims).

  • Jim Barrus

    I am sure there aren't 60,000 in each airport. These are people hired by a company. not people who can go somewhere on their own volition. TSA do a better job of who you hire!! Lousy excuse. Not a reason - an EXCUSE!!

  • Silas Longshot

    What a bizarre concept! Screening security personnel. Why, it's a government run agency, full of strutting union goons who vote democrat party tickets to keep their jobs in petty little dictator modes. No point in worrying about petty stuff like background checks.

  • The_American_Way

    The United States government can not do anything that isn't full of waste, corruption and inefficiencies. The TSA is no different than any other government department. Wake up people. We need to reduce the size of government and "privatize" everything possible.

    The only thing the government is good at is coming up with ways to tax us. Our elected politicians are part of the problem. Instead of working on ways to reduce taxes they get into arguments about "who they should tax", how much they should tax, what new taxes they should add etc. etc. Instead of talking about how to reduce spending; where to eliminate waste; how to improve efficiencies etc. etc. IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT HOW TO TAX US MORE.

  • Richard

    Ok the problem with the TSA and iring is like the rest of the federal government, they are more interested in reaching racial "equality" than hiring ompetent employees. The quota system is alive and well in the federal government and we as a people just have to put up with those problems, next thing they will have to hire homsexuals as part of the quota sustem, as funny as it I can not laugh.

  • Jerry Sutton

    Background checks? Background checks? Really, do you expect the idiots at TSA to
    perform like normal people....because they ain't normal.

  • ginger

    Trouble with the TSA is it would have to test and hire only Qualified persons.

  • Agent Smith

    "If you asked, me, I would clean house at the TSA and start at the top and get some people in charge that know what they’re doing and how to properly screen prospective employees better than they have been doing."

    If you asked ME, I would say the TSA and the DHS which were ostensibly created to stop foreign terrorists but which in reality were created to protect a corrupt government from it's own citizens, both need to be abolished.

  • Greyhound

    I have US Global Entry, so I never have to go through immigration or customs entering the US.

    Invariably, however, I get groped by some grade-school drop out monkey leaving.

    Now I have to deal with criminals?

    ret expat MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR and 45 years in medicine


  • Brenda

    If you ask me, I would not only get rid of TSA but Homeland Security as well.

  • Richard Zoppo

    Like most Federal and State jobs these are political and minority hires with no regard for competency. This is what we are forced to pay for and must submit to.

  • jjkrjw

    San Francisco opted out of the TSA. They have found that private firms are not only less expensive but did a far better job under testing to ferret out explosives.

  • Charles Higley

    Privatize airport security. It is not the government's job!!!!!!!!!!

  • GDC97

    John Halinski, the TSA Deputy Administrator MUST be FIRED!!!

  • opar5

    TSA has been hiring Muslim gropers from the beginning and airports still hire Muslim baggage handlers, either from willful ignorance of Islamic doctrine or incredible stupidity. The reality of the threat can be found in the article: "An Oath Violated?" at describing the verifiable Islamic doctrine driving the Fort Hood shooter - and all Muslims desiring to be true to their faith.
    Houston, we have a problem!

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Since the T.S.A. is required to observe "Affirmative-Action" and hire significant numbers of blacks, it was inevitable that many would be felons, and unavoidable that many of the latter would be violent felons...

    • Michael Hilton

      Uh oh! Don't even TRY to snow us with facts, there. The PC police will be at your door before you can get too many more sentences spewed.

  • Michael Hilton

    Good 'ol political correctness will rear it's ugly head each and every time anyone suggests using the Israeli system to protect air travel. Can't possibly look more carefully at SOME travelers than at others, now, can we? That's why even elder citizens in wheel chairs have been humiliated by ridiculous body searches. Do the Israelis do that? Nope.

    ...and on and on we go...where the merry-go-round will stop, no one knows. We've become a society literally dictated to by the left and it's hangers-on. By a minority of Americans...


  • Frances Drake

    Speaking as a little old Lady who got tired of being groped...ABOLISH THE DHS AND TSA. This is one occasion when I would be delighted to see American security El Al !

  • strayne

    Maybe what you should do is lay a couple of silver ounces in your suitcase - making sure that they had serial numbers on them, and see if those who police WE THE PEOPLE are really the criminals that we know them to be.

  • conquest915

    Mr. Halinsk, Just because the president has criminals in his cabinet and DOJ does not mean you can. For every criminal action TSA employees take while being in your employ falls on directy YOUR SHOULDERS! So, let this serve as warning, you know you have a problem and you will not be able to claim ignorance! And you sir, can not expect protection by executive privilege. Now do your job and background check your employees or turn in your resignation. One is demanded the other is your choice.

  • Bippy Bellito

    This Politically Correct Nonsense has to stop. I hate flying any more because of the rude, hostile, incompetent way all fliers are treated. We are poked, insulted, robbed, and made to feel like we are doing something wrong bu flying. The TSA is Obama's Private Army made up of thugs, perverts, and felons. It needs to be dismantled immediately and those who work there prosecuted for their crimes..

  • rick0857

    Want to end all the TSA crap? Then VOTE in NOV and elect people who will listen to you and start to do what you want.

  • AZ BOB

    Congress says you cannot get rid of TSA for a proven better system. It is a Federal Department just like DEA, Education, Energy and others. Just because of Cost overruns, conventions, parties and lack of doing the job is no excuse.
    This has been proven on what the Congress allowed on an experimental basis and although shown better, cheaper, more friendly it has been determined to not be used at any other Airport, PERIOD!!!!
    You can look that up and it has been on TV.

  • hongryhawg

    Airport security should never have been handed over to the government. The post office is one thing. National security is quite another.

  • Henry Armstrong

    That's our brilliant TSA managers who were appointed to their job by the anointed one, Obummer.

  • Richard

    If we keep the TSA at all, it should be privatized. A private corporation will do a better job screening prospective employees and be able to reject those it deems unqualified to do the job. TSA employees should not be allowed to unionize.

  • danclamage

    I think we should just admit the TSA was a bad idea and dissolve it. Airports can go hire private agencies for security.

  • Whitehouse landlord

    So, does this mean that they are hiring terrorists?

  • Uzi

    Tehy didn't hire me but these criminals made it past the screening. Something is wrong with this picture.

  • Sutikh

    Given the commander-in-chief we have for the TSA and all these other organizations, it would be extremely lucky if there were fewer pirates on the payroll than there were in the ship's company of the Hispaniola in "Treasure Island."

  • Viet Vet

    TSA Chief admits to hiring without any background check. The goal must be to put every criminal possible in direct contact with the unsuspecting public. Hold your stuff and everything else.

  • BOB


  • LeSellers

    The mantra was something like, "If you don't federalize, you can't professionalize."

    Good thing we have federal goons doing this, or who knows what unprofessional things might be going on?

  • Gringo infidel

    Maybe Chik-Fil-A could be hired to take this over. Yep. I'd support that or another firm with the same values.

  • Bobgood

    i think that the Airlines should run the Security in Airports. I have heard that the Muslims just get waved thru. Talk about P.C. All of the Groping going on, to get us ready for a police state. If just 10% of travelers would stop flying for 6 months, in protest, the Airlines wouls stop the groping. Why do people put up with this invasion of your Body.