How Historical Myths are Keeping Americans Stupid

As my wife and I were on our way to meet some friends for dinner last night, we were listening to Fox Across America on Sirius Radio channel 126. The host of the show (I think it was Spencer Hughes) was talking about the landing of Curiosity on Mars and how far we’ve come technologically since the 15th century. Consider that there are people alive today who were born before the Wright Brothers flew their heavier-than-air glider in 1903. In 1969, they saw the United States land men on the moon.

Then he said something that surprised me. He repeated the long-refuted myth that the people of the 15th century believed in a flat earth. I was shocked by his ignorance. If a person who hosts a talk show can be so wrong about history, then where is the rest of the nation? For decades our children’s textbooks, references works, and so-called scientists have perpetuated the flat-earth lie and much more. They’re still doing it.

For example, anyone who does not agree that global warming is man-made is akin to those who believed in a flat earth. The problem is, no one of any significance believed the earth was flat. Even the late evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould could say without equivocation that “there never was a period of ‘flat earth darkness’ among scholars (regardless of how the public at large may have conceptualized our planet both then and now). Greek knowledge of sphericity never faded, and all major medieval scholars accepted the earth’s roundness as an established fact of cosmology.”1

How and why did the flat-earth myth get started? The legend entered history when Washington Irving published his three-volume History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (1828). Irving, best known for “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Rip Van Winkle,” used his fiction-writing skills to fabricate a supposed confrontation that Columbus had with churchmen who maintained that the Bible taught that the earth was flat. No such encounter ever took place. Samuel Eliot Morison, a noted Columbus biographer, describes the story by Irving as “misleading and mischievous nonsense, . . . one of the most popular Columbian myths.”2

Irving’s fictionalized account of Columbus describes him as being “assailed with citations from the Bible and the Testament: the book of Genesis, the psalms of David, the orations of the Prophets, the epistles of the apostles, and the gospels of the Evangelists. To these were added expositions of various saints and reverend Commentators. . . . Such are specimens of the errors and prejudices, the mingled ignorance and erudition, and the pedantic bigotry, with which Columbus had to contend.”3

As Medieval scholar Jeffrey Russell demonstrates in his book Inventing the Flat Earth, “It is fabrication, and it is largely upon this fabric that the idea of a medieval flat earth was established.”4

The debate in Columbus’s day was not over whether the earth was flat or round. “The issue was the width of the ocean; and therein the opposition was right.”5 Columbus had underestimated the circumference of the earth and the width of the ocean by a significant number of miles.

If people are ignorant on this easily refuted historical myth, then what else are they ignorant of? Well, we know what they’re ignorant of — mostly everything. That’s why people like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi get elected.

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  • Screeminmeeme

    ''If people are ignorant on this easily refuted historical myth, then what else are they ignorant of? Well, we know what they’re ignorant of — mostly everything. That’s why people like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi get elected.''


    That crew.....The Beast (without the Beauty), Grumpy the dwarf, and the Wicked Witch of the still looking for that big pot of gold.....your gold and mine BTW.... at the end of the proverbial rainbow.

    • deeme

      Exactly how can one person , still be supporting the myth that was suppose to unite everyone and quiet the oceans? How, because our education system is using brianwashing techniques, instead of facts to teach our children the government can make your life whatever you need it to be..

      • Hudmar

        And is working for them.

      • Daniel Fouts

        You got that right. Schools today are more indoctrination than education.

  • Vmjsc

    It's even sadder than you say in your article. I took an oceanography class this past spring (a little adult re-education to keep my brain working in my middle age). The teacher presented the flat earth story when discussing Columbus' voyage. I tried to set him straight, but he wasn't taking questions, so I had to do it at break. Another classroom full of young adults who didn't get the truth, unfortunately.

    I've always felt that the whole flat earth myth fits into the larger myth of the "Dark Ages" when Christianity ruled Europe and supposedly made everyone ignorant until a bunch of Crusaders magically learned science, philosophy, mathematics and art from the Muslims -- who didn't actually engage in any of those disciplines.

    • ds

      It was the Church that kept history and culture alive during the Dark Ages. Learned monks and nuns gave us science, philosophy that they studied in thier monasteries and convents as they sought to understand thier God. There was nothing magical about it. The reason why the Dark Ages are called thus is because so little was written about it and so we really don't know much about that period of history. If we were to dive into Church history, then we would know more about what went on then.

      • Norbert Tanguay

        It is not always i before e. their, e before i. There's 1328 words
        that have the e before i so be careful. Of course there is always the
        rule I before e except after c. neighbor weigh eight sleigh vein skein veil height sleight. If you want a list of the 1328 words so you don't make that mistake again let me know.

        • Middlemary

          I before e except after c. or when sounded like A as in neighbor and weigh!

        • Middlemary

          Yes - "I" before "e" -- except after "C" or when sounded like "A" as in neighbor or weigh!

    • Pamela Dunn

      The teacher was probably a democrat liberal; Most of them come from the BOTTOM of the college graduating classes and only majored in "education" which requires NO intelligence or ability to think.

      • The Advocates

        As a recall John McCain flunked out of Presbyterian HS in DC and was an affirmative action selection to Annapolis, where he graduated 895th out of 900. It seems pretty well known that education and culture of the Red States is about the level of Albania. As I also recall Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar.

  • Raeman Haines

    Oh my , you mean the earth isn't flat ? Who'd a thunk it ? Barry , Harry and Queen Botox said it was . And the time I sailed across to the Med , Barry said " You didn't do that . Someone else did it for me ."

    • Chris

      How special - repeating something that was quote mined out of context. Republicans are just liars for Jesus

      • Aundria Premo

        Democrats are just recruiters for Satan.

        • Bill

          I used to say I was a Dem until I; learned to read and write then I changed. But not so I changed because I kept getting the feeling after shaking hands with an old line Dem that I needed to wash my hands. this happened during Lyndon Johnsons campaign against Goldwater. i decided I had enough of the lying and cheating Dems so I changed.

      • Jester

        Did you even read or listen to the speech, there was nothing out of context in it. Stop trolling and get back to doing something productive so that the government can tax you on it.

      • Bev

        I rather be for Jesus then the Devil.

      • Daniel Fouts

        liberals are so conditioned to puke up the party line they can't think for themselves well enough to formulate an original sentence let alone a lie

      • Pamela Dunn

        Ignorant troll posting again; Feel sorry for it, it suffers Recto-Cranial Insertion syndrome.

    • blackhawk

      How many know the democrats ALL voted against the Emancipation Proclamation .
      ioo % voted NO.

      • NM Leon

        Nobody voted, the Emancipation Proclamation was two executive orders by Lincoln.

  • jwsays

    love it!

  • fridihem

    Even the Chinese knew that the world was round 2000 yrs BC

  • Elyse Roesler Coleman

    Here's another revelation and refutation of many myths-- the book The Jefferson Lies by David Barton. One of the most "well known" lies he refutes is that DNA evidence proves that Jefferson had children by Sally Hemings. Jefferson has no male descendants so there is no way that any DNA testing could absolutely prove anyone is his descendant. What WAS proved is that SOME of her children do have DNA from the larger Jefferson family and that the most likely father was a cousin or nephew of Thomas Jefferson. Another "well known" lie is that TJ cut out all the parts of the Bible that he did not like or agree with. WRONG. He DID cut up Bibles (one to make a book for the Indians and one for himself) to make an abridged version that focused on the morality explicitly stated by Jesus Christ in his own words. Sort of the equivalent of taking a modern red letter Bible and cutting out just those parts in red and pasting them into a journal.

    • paco12348

      All of David Barton's books should be taught in schools across the Nation.

    • Aundria Premo

      I hardly think Jefferson fathering a child with Sally Hemings is relevant. Why would it be? It wasn't exactly an UNCOMMON occurrence in those days. It doesn't say anything truly negative about HIM, per se, it just speaks to the way things were at that point in our history. So it doesn't matter if its true or not. As for the "cutting" of the Bible, you are a million percent correct :)

    • CajunPatriot

      Excellent and truthful points. There will be millions throughout the nation who will believe the lies, distortions, and half truths. Jefferson studied the Bible, provided Bibles and Bible study guides to those reaching out to the native Americans, helped to arrange services in our nation's capital in government buildings, etc.

    • The Advocates

      By the way, a poll released last week by the History Channel rated the worst historians in America and the top of the list was the one by Barker. Check it out!

      • Screeminmeeme

        The History Channel is a left-leaning, fact-twisting station that pushes it's propaganda as fact.

  • Joseph Jackson Parrish

    the last sentence made me smile

  • 1Truthteller

    The prophet Isaiah spoke of the "circle of the earth" in the 8th century BC.

    • jr

      The statements back then though are generally thought to be discussing a flat circle like a table, not a sphere. St. Thomas Aquinas held that most believed the world to be a sphere by his day though.

      • jmj

        Since the time of the ancient Greeks, Atlas has always been depicted as holding a Spherical Earth. There is nothing to indicate that a flat earth was the dominant belief in the middle-ages, or for that matter during the time of Isaiah.

  • Jesussaid Love

    Misinformation is always the most powerful. Repeat a lie enough times and it becomes truth in the mind of the public. That why the NRA can convince people that owning a gun makes you safer, even though you are 4 times more likely to get shot if you own a gun, and 10 times more likely that gun will kill a family member(including the gun owner) if there is a history of violence in the family.
    A million lies a million myths.

    • Justcurious

      Please site your sources. I'd be interested in seeing them.

    • Boppa

      You just proved your own point, where did the 4 times and 10 times come from? From the pro-criminal protection society

    • Roger Meyer

      If I didn't own a gun I would have been dead twice. Once in Miami and once in Philadelphia when a large group of Black teenager cornered me in a men's room and were intending to rob and murder me. When I pulled out my weapon, they couldn't get out of the men's room fast enough. In Miami almost the identical thing happened, except the gang was made up of a combination of Cuban and Black teenagers. The results were the same.
      Twice I used my weapon in self defense and twice a shot was never fired and noone was injured because I OWN and CARRY a firearm.

      • Chris

        Doesn't prove anything except that you are dumb in choosing which toilets to use.

        • Aundria Premo

          You are a disgusting human being.

        • Screeminmeeme

          Chris......No offense but you're an idiot. I wonder how gung-ho you'll be about your gun-control position when you get mugged or someone breaks into your home and threatens your life.

          You're a fool.

    • Malcolm B. Stroh

      Does that mean I'm magically "beating the odds?" There's been firearms in our family's household since WWI, and NOBODY in our family (including myself, a "gun owner") has ever been accidentally or criminally shot by a firearm --- ours, or somebody else's!
      You are correct in one thing, however, when you state "A million lies, a million myths." Obviously, from your statement, you are a victim of one of those: an anti-gun myth.

    • Aundria Premo

      A gun makes you safer if you're not afraid to shoot it. And I'm not. LEGAL guns save more people than they kill. ILLEGAL guns kill more than they save...see the connection there? I tell people ALL the time that if they think they won't shoot someone, don't have a gun, because it WILL get ripped out of your hands and used against you. I practice, I know my weapon, and I will not hesitate. Break into my home, I shoot you....PERIOD. Try to car jack me, I got one ready and waiting. This woman isn't scared. I'll fire and hit, I will not fire and miss. Questions come if you live, and if not....shouldn't have messed with me, my kids or my home.

    • dontjst

      "A million lies a million myths" Sounds like a great description of the democrat party!

    • weh

      I guess it's a million and one if we include yours!!!

    • Hudmar

      Well, it proves to you that the gun didn't do the killing, the handler did.

    • emerutil

      What does your anti gun drivel have to do with this discussion?

    • Screeminmeeme

      Of course you left out the thousands of people whose lives were saved because they or someone else had a gun and used to against the criminal.

  • John Brashear

    one of the biggest myths perpetrated on Americans is the history of the Democratic party, which the Democratic Party removed from their own website, the Democrats when ever possible link the right and Republicans to the KKK, and Nazi's, when in fact the KKK was formed by the Democrats as it's militant arm to intimidate and kill those who opposed it's doctrine, (same as the Muslims), the Democrats fought republicans from 1854 when the party was formed and continues to this day, it's puzzling why Blacks support the party of lies and deceit and seem to have forgotten their own history....the history of Democrats who like Robert Byrd and a host of other Democrats did ALL they could to repress Blacks....the story is enlightening and should be required reading for most blacks, "Google the Missing 52 Years of Democratic History" a wall street journal article by Jeffery Lord......

    • jr

      Well there was a big split between Southern and Northern Democrats on policy in the mid 1800's (though certainly a good portion of both were racist in those days no denying that). The Republican party back then was clearly the more progressive of the two though on social issues, and democrats clearly are today so this point is somewhat meaningless.

      • Duncan Druhl

        Progressive, meaning statist, I presume you mean; much like Mussolini's Italy. The open view of the D's is indeed that - as government agency institutional investors control 90%+ of the Dow and lesser capitalised markets these days.

        • The Advocates

          The Republicans slipped easily into the role of Dixiecrats! It started with the racist Strom Thurmond, who happened to father a Black child. Typical right-wing hypocrite.

        • Edward53

          Would that be like Robert Byrd?

    • Noremac

      Think about it John - Blacks support those who will give handouts deserved or not. Those handouts buy votes John even though it continues to keep Blacks on the plantation. Yes, they continue to be repressed because they are never led into self reliance. In fact, those Blacks who are self reliant are looked down on and called names by the big machine of Black crowd manipulation. You would think Blacks would listen to Condi Rice as she tells her story of freedom that was brought about for her and her family by the Republicans not the Democrats. But no, they want to set their eyes upon things of the flesh and not the real freedoms they could have if they would stop believing a lie and deny the devils hand.

      • TxGCB

        You are right. Listen to Charles Payne of Fox Business tell his story of growing up in the black community and the ridicule he suffered at the hand of his classmates.

    • Aundria Premo

      Slavery and Civil Rights....HIJACKED by the Democrates...MADE POSSIBLE by a VAST majority of REPUBLICANS!

      • Hudmar

        And they are still at it. The party of injustice to humanity.

    • ginger

      Because they don't know their own history except that taught by liberal "Black History" teachers who also don't know or do and want to keep people in the dark,

    • The Advocates

      There were always two parts to the Democratic Party as there were two branches of the Baptists, North and South. The Northern Democrats evolved after Bryan and that branch, the Jacksonians were always at odds with the Jeffersonians. The Republican Party which was founded by Whitlaw Reed and others, was pro-Union, pro-business, anti-immigrant and for high tariffs. It had evolved from the Whigs and was more more suburban than agrarian. The party of Fremont and Lincoln evolved and strengthened its dominance though until the reform oriented progressive era when it splintered between its traditional McKinley wing and the reformers under Theodore Roosevelt, The Democratic Party was always controlled by the 2/3rds rule in their National Convention long after the Civil War and until 1936. Their veto over a potential northern nominee ended with FDR. The new Democrats: Wilson, Al Smith and then FDR reformed the Democratic Party and gradually moved away from the Southern Branch which was rural and dominated by white supremacists.

      The reality is that the Republicans are much more dominated by the Goldwater Wing today as they took over the Democratic Party's disappearance in the Deep South. The other irony is that neither Goldwater, in his later years nor Reagan could ever be nominated by today;s anti-government Republicans. As the Democrats moved away from the South, they captured the vote of women, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, progressive Catholics and NE Protestants. Times change, but at least the Democratic Party got rid of its Southern bigotry. What is the excuse of the new Republican Party?

      • Rabiddogg

        Name one racist platform in the Republican party. Obama on the otherhand is trying to get race based discipline in school, the democrats have supported race based laws. i.e. if you are white and assault a black you get charged w/a hate crime on top of the assault charged, but the black on white crime in democratic controlled cities gets ignored.

        • The Advocates

          You are mad,unrealistic and in a dream world. Keep on living in a dream world, that is lowly disappearing. This is a multi-cultural world and country, and you better get used to it or remain the dinosaur you are.

        • Pamela Dunn

          Obviously a trollish "advocate" for Bull excrement and lies; what else is new for the left wing nutbaggers.

        • The Advocates

          How clever, do you scribble on railroad cars also? Didn't your mother wash your mouth out when you acted like a spoiled brat?

        • markinla

          Go to India to see the end game of the "multicultural" world where bombings and murders between Hindus and Muslim is a daily occurrence.

      • Pamela Dunn

        Trollish nonsense as usual.

      • Hawkerone

        Excuse Ha we don't need nor do we give excuses . We just demand debt reduction and Constitutional Governance .

    • markinla

      By continuing to post this type of garbage, you keep it alive. I am tired of hearing about "civil rights" and "what was done to the Indians" as continuing excuses to guilt trip whites. The best response is not to cry "That it really was the Democrats". The best response is to say that this is past history get over it and stand on your own two feet and stop making excuses. As long as you continue this you will always be defending yourself.

      • Hawkerone

        Oh , way to try and cover for the History ,ture History, of the Democraps. The turth will win out , how long it will take only God knows, but it will . No matter what you say no way to get over it by saying forget it.

        • markinla

          AS long as you continue this stupid Democrat bad - Republican good nonsense you are playing right into the hands of the NWO people. While you continue to act like a child they advance their agenda because they own both parties.

    • Brad Nova

      The KKK was an organization of racists regardless of their political affiliation. They found the most sympathetic ear in the government from southern democrats.

      It was liberals who brought on the civil rights movement and they came from both the democratic and republican parties.

      • Hawkerone

        Got some news for you Brad , it was not liberals that pushed the civil rights thru during Johnson's adm. Before you open your mouth better know your History a bit better.

      • jonbernal

        Democrats actually voted against the Civil Rights act of 1964 - more so than Republicans. Also - Martin Luther King was a Republican, not a Democrat. Check it out:

      • noremac

        Brad Nova - You are young and full of little knowledge when it comes to history and political truth. From reading your many posts, I see your whole life has been biased by listening only to what you want to believe. You are very vocal and very uninformed. May I suggest that you look beyond your little sphere of existence and get some new friends. There is a whole world out there you know nothing about. What a shame to miss it all. Do you know any of the attributes of God? Do you know what He expects of you? Really now. Not what people expect of you, but what God expects of you. Do you know where you will be going upon your departure from this earth? Do you know that there is a heaven and hell? What makes you think God will let you into His heaven? Better find out before it is too late. You see, life is not at all what you might think it to be. Little ole you just cannot see beyond the blindness that inflicks you because you have no anchoring basis for your fleeting beliefs.

    • Iam

      Indeed, the founder of the democratic party was a slave owner until the day he died! History is watered down and twisted in the classrooms- from elementary to university. This is a tough crowd here and everyone has an opinion and belief...that is life We love to name call and question everything about people we despise. That is simply hate multiplied and it is shameful.

      • Noremac

        And when you are filled with hate there is no room for God to work in your life....He will just let you be on your own....that breeds more lies and hate....But the hope we have when we empty ourselves of ourselves and accept God's plan for our lives is bright and lasting for all eternity. For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would want less. I guess it is the idea that life is today and what they can grab for today is what they think the future is. therefore they make gods out of presidents and government in general and continue to hate the very ones who love them the most....Yes, those who do not want to exploit for their own power but who truly in their hearts want to help bring them out of their pit and into a prosperous and whole living. But that is hard work, and the easy way is to believe the lie and stay stagnant forever.

  • Gym

    Just wait until the schools either quit teaching, or dsitorting biology. These so called perverted parent's (two mom"s, two poop's) are going to have a hard time, excuse the pun, disproving procreation.

    • Chris

      Wow - what a hateful ignorant person. What are they supposed to teach - Creationism? Republicans are so dumb about human biology it is not funny.

      • Aundria Premo

        It may be CRUDE, but what he said isn't UNtrue. You mean to say human biology allows two same sex people to procreate? And WHO is dumb about HUMAN BIOLOGY!?

        • emerutil

          I would love to see a man produce a child. LMAO

      • Daniel Fouts

        I guess you think it's better to teach a lie than offer an alternative. If you really believe that we all evolved from rocks than you're dumber than of rocks?

      • philipsquires

        He wasn't talking about creationism, he said procreation. It is synonymous with reproduction. Procreation: 1. The process by which an organism produces others of its biological kind 2.The sexual activity of conceiving and bearing biological offspring.

      • Pamela Dunn

        Better than trollism like killed your little brain.

        • Danny Groat

          OK. 3 of your last 4 postings have used the word troll or a derivative thereof. Use an original thought in your next posting.

  • ImAPepper1942

    SHERRY Shepherd thought the world was flat! Remember?

  • joe

    And some morons think the a-hole in the white house is a president.

    • floramae


      • Raymond

        Gary DaMar teaches preterism.

        Preterism is a Catholic eschatological view that interprets prophecies of the Bible,
        especially Daniel and Revelation, as events which have already happened in the first century A.D.

        Preterism is 100% wrong.

        • Fr. John+

          That's assuming that Dispensationalism (which you clearly espouse, from your comments) is not a heresy- which it is. The mesage of Scripture, fyi, was to the 'this generation' then living in Matthew's Olivet Discourse- not some group of people believing a Turkic tribe known as the Khazars, who would one day dominate world affairs, 2000 years later- to the great detriment of all Christians everywhere. The entire argument you insinuate falls by the wayside, when you realize that it was the 'Catholic' church (and by this, I do NOT mean the Roman church - I'm Orthodox) who gave the entire world this faith you proclaim you believe in. How utterly ungrateful of you. Keep your perverse and misinformed heretical opinions to yourself- or better yet, learn from your elders, and not some pop dispie cultist over at DTS.

        • ChillaKilla

          @ Fr. John --- Sure...! It was "The orthodox 'Catholic' church (Not Roman, of course as your say), who gave the entire world this faith...."
          Is that why the orthodox church is now a minuscule, almost strictly ETHNIC church, relegated to a few corners of the world? A church that lacks, since its Byzantine diaspora the missionary, prophetic, and apostolic zeal to go out and evangelize the world, to produce martyrs for the faith, as well as a continuing tradition of living saints, and a direct successor of the Apostle Peter in one person, as the Lord designated His Church would have???
          ----- The narrative you propose would actually nullify the very words of Jesus, who saw His Church as 'the salt of the earth, the light of the world, the city on a hill, and as the lamp meant not to be hidden under a bushel basket.' Does the OC fit that description?
          ---- If so, How many times, when a moral authoritative voice has been needed, have the leaders of the world appealed to any of the Orthodox clerics to teach or speak out? -- How many Encyclicals, treatises on morality, social justice and burning cultural issues that truly impact the world have the Orthodox theologians produced since the end of the Byzantine empire?
          Where are the missionary outreaches, the educational institutions of renown, the charitable and benevolent organizations, the hundreds of religious orders for monks and nuns extended throughout the world by the Orthodox church?
          --- If in fact the Orthodox church were THE CHURCH intended by Christ... the faithful would have to concluded that poor Jesus had a limited vision, and a rather poor ability to prophesy. History tells us that the Orthodox were only a part of the original Christianity... however, they were NOT the larger nor the most important part. It was the Roman Church that not only preserved, but also propagated the faith throughout the world. And ultimately, it was the Catholic Church that was instrumental in preserving what we know as Western civilization.

        • ken

          I am not catholic so I can't speak to their eschatological view, but I have found the arguments that Gary DeMar teaches to have great merit. His book is a great introduction to preterist ideas. "Last Days Madness" should be read by every futurist. Let them refute it if they can.

    • Chris

      He's better educated than you are. He's smarter than you are and earns a heck of a lot more. Why aren't you president if you are so smart? Thought so - you are so dumb you don't know how dumb you are.

      • Giacomo Knox

        What's Chris Matthews doing posting here? Tingle up your leg?

        He's better educated that we are? PROVE IT. He wants Romney to release his tax records so badly - seems like "the smartest man to ever hold the office" wouldn't have to hide his educational background

        • GodofPainfulTruth

          Can you prove that you were not born under a rock?

        • Sutekh

          What we need is proof that Obama wasn't born under a rock. I'm more interested in that than I am about Giacomo Knox's tax returns.

        • Sunset Parker

          Giacomo Knox can't even spell tax returns. See above.

        • BD Katt

          She said tax RECORDS,dumass

        • smartgranny55

          Is that the most you can come up to dispute his comment?

        • fliteking

          He probably had help too.

        • Sunset Parker

          What's he hiding? President of the Harvard Law Review and magna cum luade graduate from the same school. He ain't hiding that. What else matters? What you got? Flunked out of home ec?

        • BD Katt

          How do you get info that is not available other than he said it.Show documentation or reference info site to back up your allegations please.

        • dancingontheheadofapin

          She's right about one thing. He was president of the Harvard Law Review, however he did not write one article for that review the entire time he was there. I've never seen reference to any magna cum laude award with his graduation, but that could be easy enough to research. Only thing is, there was direct influence on Harvard to accept Obama. Do we really believe he "earned" a magna cum laude? I kind of doubt it.

        • thismustend

          He makes those CLAIMS yet REFUSES to back them up with PROOF.As for the Harvard Law Review, he is HALF BLACK, that was all it took apparently.

        • GerryC

          Yeh and Elizabeth Warren got the job there too for claiming she is an American Indian. Just another affirmative action job holder.

        • GerryC

          Harvard Law School Graduate wow 2 presidents at the same time in the world US and Syria. Left wing propaganda school. One student from Harvard who had Dukakis as one of his law professors said of him, "He has the tiniest of minutia of every case memorized and can quote word for word the entire body of law, yet still manages to get every case wrong."

        • Robert Myles

          Show us the proof of his magna cum laude graduation from harvard. the only possible truth that he was at harvard is the pre book announcement that said he was a Kenyan born first black to be the editor of the harvard review. The book that it spoke of never materialized, obama tried to get literally evey copy of that burned and instead he wrote his self bio of a man at 30 who had zero accomplishments to his name, just his 'dreams from my father' to claim.

        • George Ruff

          Don't forget the birth certificate. Even O's lawyers admit it's a forgery, and dare us to do anything about it. I guess there are some in this country who really are above the law. And he's the first president to have gotten there without having had a real job, that anyone can verify - and isn't 2012 his first re-election campaign?
          I guess O is a genius. We know more about Columbus than Obama, yet Columbus had to beg the royals for his income - while Obama became the first American royal, so he can write his own checks on the taxpayers' account.

        • Mitchina

          Hey Matthews... here's dumb for ya! Wayne Allyn Root: "If anyone should have questions about Obama’s record at Columbia University, it’s me. We both graduated (according to Obama) Columbia University, Class of ’83. We were both (according to Obama) Pre-Law and Political Science majors. And I thought I knew most everyone at Columbia. I certainly thought I’d heard of all of my fellow Political Science majors. But not Obama (or as he was known then- Barry Soetoro). I never met him. Never saw him. Never even heard of him. And none of the classmates that I knew at Columbia have ever met him, saw him, or heard of him."

      • copakeman

        i am not president because i mind my own business and like it that way.

      • Robert Earl Green

        prove it i have never seen his records.

        • GodofPainfulTruth

          Never saw yours either -- and where is your birth recordsfor that matter Show that to me right now -- .I am still waiting.. Got something to hide???

        • Middlemary

          Just a pain in the neck!

        • Mickey

          wow, you are so defensive and protective...this has to be Obama or Michelle. Anyone taking a job in high office should have all their personal records vetted. If a person is applying to be a police officer all school records and even credit rating is carefully gone through and a lie detector test administered. Applying for the FBI is even more stringent. I am not saying every presidential candidate should get a lie detector test given but at least have all records carefully vetted. It only makes since due to the position. It is shocking that supplying school records, tax returns, etc. isn't mandatory to run for high political office.

        • tiredofbums

          White guilt got the man elected. Democratic socialists are the worst at being guilty. That's why he was vetted so quickly. The democratic socialists finally had a fall guy they could thoroughly use to get what they wanted. Has their Utopia materialized? NO. Will it Ever? NO. Send this charlatan back to the fields of illinois and let him and his live out their days on our dollars. The ultimate in the elite welfare recipients.

        • The Advocates

          No one's grades were ever vetted. If so, McCain, who graduated 895th out of 900 from Annapolis, would have been intellectually disqualified. The critical element is one's taxes, personal honesty and one's possible conflict of interest. Please refer that to Romneyhood.

        • smartgranny55

          If you have a good reason for seeing my birth records, come on over and I will show them to you.

        • questionsaboutobama

          you know what I'm waiting on? obamas collage records o see where all his monu for collage came from, I he didn't have something to hide why doesn't he just show that he don't receive money for being a foreign student

        • The Advocates

          He was at graduation, he paid his tuition, was President of the Law Review and went on to teach at the University of Chicago Law School. Are you sure he was elected President by 10 million votes? When he's re-elected will you believe it then? Are we sure you are not a skin head?

        • tiredofbums

          The usurper hypnotized those ignorant people who voted for him. They were wiling subjects. I wish I had his gift. I would make all of congress and senate my thralls like he does. It may not work this time around though. Many have come to be awake and aware of his power. They are now immune to his machinations. They truly see him now for what he is and will not be taken in again.

        • smartgranny55

          The people who voted for obie and plan to vote for him again, don't know what he is doing, understand economics, or how our form of gov't is suppose to work. There's an elderly couple who stated they are confused and will vote for O bama cuz he's going to take from the 1%

        • The Advocates

          Your voters are smarter. Are you proof of that? I doubt it! If the composition of Obama's opposition is reflected here, he has no worries, but the country has if you flat-earthers ever take over.

        • smartgranny55

          There is a hugh number of people who do not keep up with what is happening in our country and do not know much about economics and government. There is a hugh number of people who like to believe that the whole solution to our economic and social problems is to take from the rich and give to the poor.
          "Flat-earthers" is a cutsy way to pass on the theory that people in the dark ages believed the earth is flat. That is incorrect. it is a falsehood passed on by people who believed the fiction written by a well known author, who name slips my mind right now.

        • smartgranny55

          There are young people (college students) who cannot answer questions about the debt, who the national politicians are, and other questions about general knowledge I was required to know as a high school student.

        • BD Katt

          Some public high school grads are unaware that the world is round. I have 4th grade grandkids who have not been taught coursive writing yet.I was taught by the Palmer method in 1st grade

        • smartgranny55

          I have been really surprised at the falsehoods high school students believe.

        • GerryC

          I was taught Cursing and Palmer in first grade as well and haven't used them since 43 years now, nor have I read any book written in them. Absolutely usleless just like slide rules, typewriters, non-digital clocks, and voting for a republican candidate on a massachusetts ballot.

        • GramE

          You were taught Cursing in 1st grade? I was taught cursive

        • BD Katt

          How do people access his sealed info,mental telepathy???Did you see him at graduation?He was supposedly editor,not president of the law review & no records of any writing contributions.He guest lectured at U of C ,he was not a phd. He surrendered his law license for unknown reasons.My daddy & his dog voted for him...they died in 1962

        • GerryC

          Hate Obama won't vote for him, but to correct you there is no such thing as a PhD in law. All law degrees are called Doctor of Law (how pretensious) and then the PhD equivalent is Master of Law. Yes I too can find absolutely no record at the local library of any contribution by O to its copies of the HLR from the time he supposedly was there. Also it was his wife who seems to have lost her law license not him. He did have real job as corporate attorney at Coke and Citibank working with his fellow affirmative action lawyer Mass gov. Deval Patrick.

        • The Advocates

          When Obama was on the Columbia University campus, he concentrated on
          academic work, spending most of his time in Butler
          Library "like a monk", and made few friends. He also took
          up jogging (around Central Park) and "stopped getting
          high". Still, he had time for the occasional beer, and enjoyed watching

          He majored in PoliSci, and concentrated in "International
          Relations," (now International Politics - this is a
          subfield of the PoliSci major and should not be confused with a "concentration,"
          the Columbia term that substitutes for what most schools term a

          He also took classes in other
          disciplines, including a class with famed literary theorist Edward Said.
          Boehner confirmed that Obama found Said's focus on theory tedious and that both
          would have preferred to be reading Shakespeare. Obama apparently called Said
          "a flake". [6]

          Obama's professors and
          classmates, including former international politics professor Michael Baron and
          current MTV president Michael Wolf, confirm that he was a brilliant, standout
          student and that he was an active participant in seminars. Baron said he was
          one of the top one or two students in his class. Despite this, Obama
          continually declines requests to release his Columbia transcript.

          Sources first differed on whether
          he wrote his senior thesis on Soviet nuclear disarmament
          or the North-South debate on trade and the "new international economic
          Later, it emerged that he had not really written an official thesis at all:
          students were not required to do so at the time, and what was considered his
          "thesis" was really a long seminar paper. Obama wrote his for Prof.
          Baron's American Foreign Policy class. A search has been launched]
          for a copy of the paper, which was confirmed to have been on the topic of
          Soviet disarmament. Baron, Obama's de facto "thesis" adviser, is now
          retired to Florida,
          and claims to have lost his copy of the paper in a move some time ago.

          It has been reported that Obama
          graduated without honors[,
          but if the policies then were the same as they are today, he would not have
          been eligible for Latin honors, because he spent only two years
          in the college. After graduation, Obama hoped to become a community organizer,
          but could not find work as one, and joined a consulting firm instead.

          In spring 1983, Obama wrote at
          least one article for the now defunct campus publication Sundial,
          a discussion of the aims and methods of campus anti-war groups. His friend Phil
          Boerner explains that during this period, Obama wanted to be writer rather than
          a politician.

          Many Columbia students audaciously hoped he would win the
          Democratic primary and the national election. Obama, however, appeared to tend
          to forget or ignore his Columbia affiliation,
          preferring to mention that he attended Harvard Law School.

          He has repeatedly turned down
          requests to be the Class Day
          speaker in recent years, as well as general requests to appear from the College
          Democrats. Recently, CC Class of 2011 President Sean Udell
          has spearheaded the "POTUS Project" to get the president to speak at University Commencement, an honor
          traditionally reserved for the University
          President alone. President Lee Bollinger,
          however, has cosigned the initiative.

          He did, however, note that Columbia was his alma
          mater while visiting during the ServiceNation Presidential Candidates
          Forum, and sent a letter to the attendees of the Class of 1983's
          25th reunion gathering (but nobody could remember him). Obama's 2009 tax
          filings revealed what may be stirrings of latent loyalty to the institution: Obama
          donated $1,000 to Columbia
          that fiscal year, giving nothing to Harvard. Here are some direct quotes from people who were there:

          performance inside and outside the classroom attracted more notice than his
          distinctive personal story. In the spring of his first year at law school,
          Obama stopped by the office of Professor Laurence Tribe ’66 inquiring about
          becoming a research assistant.

          Tribe rarely
          hired first-year students but recalls being struck by Obama’s unusual
          combination of intelligence, curiosity and maturity. He was so impressed in
          fact, that he hired Obama on the spot—and wrote his name and phone number on
          his calendar that day—March 31, 1989—for posterity.

          Obama helped
          research a complicated article Tribe wrote making connections between physics
          and constitutional law as well as a book about abortion. The following year,
          Obama enrolled in Tribe’s constitutional law course.

          By the way Professor Tribe, one
          of the most renown scholars at the Harvard
          Law School,
          described Obama as "the
          best student I ever had."

          Tribe likes to
          say he had taught about 4,000 students before Obama and another 4,000 since,
          yet none has impressed him more.

          Martha Minow recalls: “He had a kind of eloquence and respect from his peers
          that was really quite remarkable,” Minow says. When he spoke in her class on
          law and society, “everyone became very attentive and very quiet.”

          Arthur Davis
          ‘93 still vividly recalls how much Obama inspired him with a speech he gave
          during orientation week on striving for excellence and mastery. Davis, now a
          United States Congressman from Alabama, insists he left that speech by Obama
          convinced he’d just heard a future Supreme Court justice—or president.So he wasn't there? By the way, the Moon is not made of green cheese, and the Sun doesn't revolve around the Earth. Ever hear of Copernicus, Galileo and Aristotle? Or do you get your info from Jerry Falwell?

        • markinla

          He wasn't "President" of the Harvard Law Review. If you are going to show you really don't know what you are talking about try doing some research. He was the editor and it was an elected position, no requirements needed. What student of a PC infected campus was going to run against the black guy, let alone vote against him.

          His "professorship" at Chicago was pure affirmative action that he failed at. A professor produces scholarly publications to obtain tenure. There is no record of his scholarship. He was probably politely told by the rest of the faculty that he should quit before he failed his tenure review.

        • The Advocates

          He was president- can't you ever understand reality? He was there about ten years! What's your source Rush Cheeseburger?

        • Kirby

          He will be re-elected by the most incredibly ignorant civilization the US has ever created. You can thank your degenerate Liberal professors going back decades for their lies, fabrications, and Marxist thinking. Also, thank the self absorbed and self-serving nature of our culture that would rather spend the weekend on golf courses and woshipping at the feet of the boob tube sports extravaganzas.
          Obama is as degenerate a liar as the mob thug Illinois political machine has ever put out and multi-billionaire George Soros can buy. His only claim to fame and resume is that he blandly stuffed the American public with simple minded lies staright out of the Communist Manifesto rule book.
          Obama was not born in the US and with full awareness put out a forged document (two years after his bought, sold, and stolen election) claiming it as his birth certificate. His Social Security number is falsified also ( a felony) as it was issued from Conneticutt where he was NEVER a resident as required when issuing a SS number.
          Obama is clear and simple a criminal that hates and is selling out the country from under us through so many avenues, venues, aand under the table crooked schemes that it is impossible to keep up with them all. He went to the UN to tattle on the state of Arizona for trying to protect its own border from the rampant droves of criminals flowing over the border. The job of protecting our border is the federal governments which Obama lies through his teeth about protecting while sabotaging every mechanism in the law books set up to protect our borders - all while blatantly lying about the whole thing.
          "Advocates" is a troll setup that promotes the same party line lies that all good communists spew. You've got a staggeringly ignorant public eating out of your hand because they'll believe every baseless fantasy you pollute the internet with.

        • The Advocates

          What ludicrous crapola. Your information, logic and an idea of America is flawed, bigoted and a reflection of a slanted personality. More people were deported in the Obama Administration then in all the GOP Administrations back to Reagan. The borders were porous under GW 43 and big business from WalMart to agriculture, to health care to lawn care and restaurants loved it. There is a lower ratio of job openings today (3.5 million) to the unemployed then any time since the full foce of the Bush 43 meltdown was felt.

          You xenophobes just hate anyone different then you are. Get a girl, a Bud, and a life.

        • stephen r

          School records do not show intelegense, They show how well you agreed with your teachers,and licked there boots. Lots of folks need to drop out of school and learn how to think insted of what to think.
          Nothing intelegent to say attack my spelling.

      • Elton Robb

        Where was he educated, then? Do you have proof that he earned his education?

        • GodofPainfulTruth

          Okay.. so how exactly did Obama become head of the Harvard Law Review? Wouldn't that school say something publicly If he dd not really go to the school? Can not just claim something like that if it is not true. is everyone he has every encounted in the last 50 + year all in a big plot together? How did they work thay out?

        • Mickey

          Hey, then why hide the school documents?

      • Daniel Fouts

        ...and you're a dumb dummy and a gunky and besides that you're chris you really have a way with words

      • Bev

        Chris, I do believe you are posting on the wrong board. You are outnumbered.

      • JeffWRidge

        Really? All you know about "Joe" is his screen-name and that he doesn't like Obama. You know nothing of his education, or intelligence (yes, yes, I know, you lefties assume that anyone who disagrees with you is not intelligent), yet you make many assumptions.

        Would you agree that Thomas Edison was smart? Or Jonas Salk? How about Stephen Jobs? Writer Marilyn vos Savant has tested with one of the highest IQ scores on record. All of these people were, or are very intelligent, yet none of them have been president. The more intelligent people seem to shun careers in politics.

        It's hard to believe that anyone could crowd so much ignorance and arrogance into one post that is only four sentences long. Wow!

        • Mickey

          Hear, Hear. There is no real proof Obama even went to Harvard. Why doesn't he want his college records released?

        • The Advocates

          No proof- do you have proof that the Moon isn't made of green cheese? He was President of the Law Review. I thought there was an IQ entrance threshold to get on these sites. it is currently 60, how did you get here?

        • votedemout

          Advocating for Zero and you passed the threshold? Amazing!!

        • fliteking

          They have helpers at his special day classes for adults.

        • GerryC

          The moon rocks sitting in the Smithsonian are proof enough. President of the Law review, much like prom king is a popularity contest not given based on competance or skill. There is no IQ requirement to get into Harvard if you are on affirmative action. Note that Harvard has had "diversity" goals for decades. They want people from diverse locations. It is easier to get into Harvard if you come from Kenya than from Boston. Unless you are rich and politically connected. Kennedys get in even though their as dumb as a stump and completely illiterate, but if you live in Massachusetts and are the top of your class with a 1600 SAT you have a very difficult time. This is why Odumber won't show his transcripts he would never have been accepted as a white guy (note he is half white)

        • Sunset Parker

          A new plateau in stupid has been reached. Congratulations Mickey.

        • stephen r

          How did it go? somthing like the only ones who dont want the truth are thoes with somthing to hide.

        • dancingontheheadofapin

          The only proof that I've found is his picture.

        • Danny Groat

          I can link you to a video he made in 1991 as a PSA in which he is labeled as the editor of the Harvard Law Review...took me less than 5 minutes to find.

        • Jim S

          You don't have to be smart to get elected president..... just skilled at BS. 😉

        • JeffWRidge

          As W.C. Fields said, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with Bull." Presidential candidates have that down pat.

        • Sutekh

          Intelligence measures only potential. It does not measure leadership potential. There are a lot of nerds locked up in windowless rooms calculating the temperature on the surface of Tau Ceti, who have accomplished nothing any more lasting than a set of logrithmic tables to the 2,000th decimal place.
          Isaac Newton was elected to parliament, and took the floor to speak only once. When he called for the floor, the entire parliament fell silent, waiting for the great man to speak. When he did, he stated that a window had been left open and that the draft was making him cold, and requested that the window be closed.
          Forrest Gump (even though he is a fictional character) could run this country better than Barack Obama. For one thing, Forrest understands that, alhough he, as a retarded man, is a worthy human being, that mental retardation is not a desireable trait, and that just because he himself is retarded is no reason to turn the government inside out to show special favoritism and exemptions for retarded people. For instance, if retarded people wearing berets were intimidating voters at polling places, Forrest would have them arrested, not tell the AG to ignore Retard-on-Normal crime..

        • JeffWRidge

          I only mentioned intelligence in response to Chris' inane comment that if Joe was so smart, then why wasn't he president. Basically I was making the same thing point as you.

        • Sunset Parker

          @jeffw Your argument is DOA. Who argued "intelligence," particularly when measured by something as faulty as an IQ test, is a prerequisite for political success? look at Junior Bush. He stole one election, then got elected in one and he was an obvious idiot. Sure he started and lost 2 wars, wrecked the economy, committed a slew of war crimes, made Dickhead Cheney his regent, and set back the English language 150 years, but he was president for 8 years. Whats weird about Obama is that somebody that smart made it to the White House.

        • BD Katt

          I'm no fan of Bush,but he is far from dumb,he can fly an F-16

        • dancingontheheadofapin

          The only thing that Obama can drive is a golf ball.

        • GerryC

          What a laugh. Bush went to Phillips Acadamy (the hardest private college prep school to get into, with the most stringent graduation requirements in the country). He went on to get a BA in History from Yale, MBA from Harvard, and was a fighter pilot in the Air National Guard. He outscored John Kerry on the Military IQ tests (which have the higghest correlations to actual IQ of any tests out there). He won both elections even though Al Gore legal team got the Democrats on the Florida Supreme Court to try and steal the election. Then won overwhelming support for reelection even when though the Kerry Campaign leaked forged documents in a last minute attemptt to steal the election, and who also tried to sue to prevent Kerry's own bogus military record from being exposed. So what that Bush got a C average, he freely admits that he spent all his time partying and slacking off. So a C from Harvard and Yale is average. For a white guy in these colleges you have to be in the top 2% (unless you are a Kennedy). That makes him an average ((2+0)/2)=1, or top 1% in the country. Note Clinton failed out of Oxford.
          Started 2 wars, actually Rummy won 2 wars but congress and the State Department interferred and lost both.
          The economy was running perfectly until 9 moths after the dems took over congress. Between the dems taking over both chambers of congress in 2007 and the repubs regaining the house in 2011 the dems lost us 28 million jobs, added $4trillion to th national debt, quadrupled the deficit, and wiped out $7 trillion from the stock market and another $11 trillion in home values. they also turned a 1% inflation with 6% growth and 3% unemployement into 1% growth (not counting the 15% contraction) 10% unemployement (18% real unemployement) and and real inflation running 8% (gas prices double, food priced double, health insurance rates up 40%)
          Your claimed 150 setting back the language is nothing more than irresponsible ad hominum hyperbole.
          Bush was a far better speaker than er...ah.. JFK, or Boston Mayor "Mumble" Menino, Clinton and even the narcissist-in-chief Odumber.

        • dancingontheheadofapin

          Gerry, I found your comment so thorough that I've taken the liberty of posting it on facebook along with the link. Thanks for the stats you provided. An eye opener for a lot of people who drank the koolaid.

        • JeffWRidge

          Read the comment by Chris that I was replying to. Chris is the one who brought up intelligence, not me! I was merely correcting his assertion that if someone is smart, then they should be president. Since you think you're so smart yourself, you do realize that when a post has the word "parent" next to its time stamp, that means that the comment is a reply to someone, right?

          Bush did not steal any elections. That is a little myth that lefties tell themselves because they can't face the fact that the people didn't vote the way they wanted. Get over it!

          Bush didn't wreck the economy. Jimmy Carter and Congress did through the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. The housing bubble created by that act took decades to blow up.

          While I won't act childish like you lefties and say that a president I dislike is stupid, I will say that Obama is nowhere near as intelligent as you think.

          You need to grow up and think before you post asinine comments.

        • dancingontheheadofapin

          You have over imbibed on the kool aid! Don't you get tired of all the DISlikes? How much are you being paid to troll this site? Your blonde roots are showing. It's obvious you believe everything you hear from the likes of "tingle runs up my leg" Chris Matthews and the comedian Jon Stewart. Keep in mind that comedians are just trying to make you laugh not telling you the truth. So you can leave or you can continue with your inane remarks and spew your leftist hatred as I issue a warning to other posters.

          TROLL ALERT!!! Do not countenance any other comments or answer any more of her exhibitions of stupidity. Feel sad for her. But forget she's even posting here. Once again, "TROLL ALERT!!!!"

        • GerryC

          Thomas Edison, worked hard but was hardly "smart". He once sat on an egg to see if he could make it hatch. Nicolai Tesla on the other hand was a Genius. Jonas Salk got lucky but his polio vaccine was contaminated with the SV 40 virus.
          No person who is intelligent could ever get elected. The stupid masses in this country won't vote for anyone who is smarter than they are. They simply vote for whoever is taller.

        • JeffWRidge

          While I'm a big fan of Nikola Tesla, he was a Serbian, who immigrated to the United States. I deliberately did not use him as an example because he would not have been eligible to run for president. If I had used him as an example I would have had numerous people harping on that fact.

          To say that the man who invented the first commercially useful incandescent light bulb, the phonograph, motion pictures, to mention a few items, was not smart is ridiculous. To make a point that Edison and Salk did stupid things is not impressive. Albert Einstein once predicted that nuclear energy might never be possible. Everyone makes errors. To point to those errors as proof of a lack of intelligence is unfair.

          As for the voting public; while I have a great deal of skepticism about their intelligence too, I hope that your assertion about voting for the tallest is intended as hyperbole. Both Al Gore and John Kerry are taller than G.W. Bush, Gerald Ford was taller than Carter, and McGovern was taller than Nixon. It's a cute theory that I've heard before, but it's pure nonsense.

          Once again, the reason I even mentioned intelligence was in response to Chris.

        • dancingontheheadofapin

          I agree, Jeff, but you must admit in this superficial culture people are more favorable to a visually acceptable candidate than someone who is less attractive. That is why we do not have Ron Paul as a serious contender for president. (No aspersions cast here, only my observation) However, that does not indicate that I am a Ron Paul fan because his foreign policy is enough to give pause to anyone with a grain of sense. My hope is that we not only elect Romney, since he is our presumptive nominee, but we also flood congress with true constitutional conservatives on both sides of the aisle and hope the caucuses do not co-opt them for their laisse faire way of handling the People's business. Congress gave away the farm many years ago, when they handed over way to much power to the executive branch, when in truth the balance of power set up by our founders with it's limitations and the cumbersome process to enact legislation was deliberate for the sake of freedom in our country.

        • JeffWRidge

          Oh yes, I do acknowledge that. We live in a society that is enamored with beauty. Too many people seem to think that appearances are overly important. I just don't think that it usually affects voting, primarily because I think that most of the people who are so obsessed with looks don't generally consider voting, or politics worth their attention. 2008 was an anomaly in my opinion.

          I agree on all of the rest as well. I love Ron Paul's domestic policy ideas, while his foreign policy ideas worry me. We definitely need to return the proper balance of power to our government. Too much power given to any of the branches is dangerous to the health of the republic.

        • dancingontheheadofapin

          or has good hair! Go figure.

      • Duncan Druhl

        No, Chris, someone who trolls their way through life and universities on the back of victimhood and then uses the government to hide all his history in his reputed schools is only better educated in manipulation and using the social constructs pandering to infantile narcissists. That isn't exactly a pattern adults tend to prefer.

      • Ronbo

        @ Chris: Is He paying His "Fair Share" in taxes? It's common knowledge He doesn't contribute much to Charity. Ask His Brother in Kenya living in a hut. Educated and smart are two different things. I could go on but you aren't worth the trouble, SIMPLETON!

        • Brian

          That guy in the hut does not get anything because Obama knows he is not his family. Read up a bit and you will find who his real father is!

        • stephen r

          I belive through observation there is an inverse relation between intelagence and education.
          learn how to think insted of what to think.

      • fort9erdon

        Chris, just exactly what is Joe's education level and degrees, and his annual income. You must be totally psychic to pick up all that info,....... to know that Obama is more educated and makes more than Joe from his one sentence post! I do have to concede one fact that Joe mentions, .... the moron in the White house is an a-hole!

      • emerutil

        Better educated than we are? We may not have degrees, But by all indications, we are far better informed than he ever could be.

      • Edward53

        Chrissy, are you Obama's little bi**h boy? Are you fascinated by Obama's purple lips? Do you dream about him often? Have you ever thought about having a 3 some with him and Moochelle?

        • votedemout

          You sir should go over to the Huff Post and battle the libtards on their level, as it is obvious you are qualified.

        • Edward53

          Hey, I call things the way I see them. Chris is a smart azz so why shouldn't I be one back to him? If people don't like what I post then they don't have to read it.

        • noremac

          Sure - just be advised that you betray yourself as one being no better than the one you are writing about.

        • Edward53

          I haven't betrayed anybody.....I'm just stating how I feel. If you don't like what I say then skip my post and read the next one. It makes no difference to me.

      • early

        He is smart. He's also a liar and at the very least, a Socialist.

        • Middlemary

          Smart as in "sly like a fox"!

      • Pamela Dunn

        Where is the PROOF? Where are his transcripts and grades? Where is his REAL birth certificate. You post as a total moron not knowing anything aboiut others posting here. No DOUBT he's smarter than YOU if YOU voted for him.

        • Middlemary

          How do you explain a SS# from Connecticut when he never lived there. Research showed that it belonged to a man born in the 1890's (now deceased). Wonder how he got that???? Hmmmmm!

        • Eagle 2

          The same way he get votes!

        • DrPooky

          Check out snopes that part isn't accurate on the SS#. Doesn't mean I like him though :)

        • Middlemary

          Thanks for the update. Have seen numerous publications with the same info I posted.

      • mumboJ

        Chris, where did B. O. get his education? What kind of grades did B. O. get? Was G W Bush smart when he was President?
        Send me a link to the page where we can see B. O.'s college grades please. Prove what you are saying please.

      • Tom T

        You've certainly explained how stupid you are!!!

      • gillfish

        he's not smart just astupid puppet

      • agbjr

        If Joe was a dumb uneducated and ignorant moron he would have voted for Obama. And you voted ... ?

      • Dustin W. Taunton

        Hey Alfa Hotel he makes more money than I do because Im paying him. Definitely not smarter but more devious. My left leg would make a better President by the way so go drink your kool aid and crawl back into your tent.

      • chaz

        if he's so friggin smart why does he need a telepromptor to talk to 3rd graders ?

      • tiredofbums

        Who says he's better educated? Who say's he's smarter? You? The only thing he's educated in is stealing and lying and cheating. He is not nor has he ever been the president of these United States. He can make all the bad law he wants. Soon, all of his bad law will be nullified. He will be a blank page in the history books. He is a thug and a Usurper to the office of president. You are mistaken to believe in this fool. So I guess that makes you a fool as well.

      • 529_Barb

        Ovomit? educated? surely you jest....amazing how non of his classmates can remember him in school.

        • Danny Groat

          I just read a lengthy response in this SAME blog about a page ago that listed people, classmates, professors, etc. who all knew him. Do you people even READ what others here have to say or just jump here with your already made up my mind don't show me facts attitude? To save you the trouble of scrolling up, he named Michael Baron, Michael Wolf, Sean Udell, Laurence Tribe, and Martha Minow. That totals 5 people who remember him not "non" (none).

      • smartgranny55

        If that is true, why won't he release his college grades and thesis? He knows nothing about economics, is fluent in lying, and has his commie minions by his side.

      • fliteking

        Wow, chrissie cops an attitude, something he'd never do in person.

      • thismustend

        Chrissy, I thought we told you to go drool into a cup somewhere else. Now crawl back to your basement, mindless media matters troll.

      • GerryC

        More mis-educated, and dumb as a stump. He is so dumb he thinks the government can stimulate the economy.
        In 200+ years of US government existence not once has the smartest person in the country ever held public office. This is relegated to the "idiot children of the ilde rich" (quote Rep. Patrick Kennedy son of Mary Jo Kopecknee murderer Sen. Edward "The Liar of the Senate" Kennedy)
        How did O'dumber get to be president, Harry Reid introduced him to the Big Bankers of the Bildeberg Society, and they bought and paid for his election, they went even so far as to destroy the world economy to get him in there.
        He is their puppet.
        When asked why he didn't change his positions and say whatever he needed to to get elected president, Rep, John C Calhoun resonded, "I'd rather be right than be president!"

      • stephen r

        Did he go to public school and get a politicly correct education, or did ehe go to private school and get a politicly correct education, or did he go to school in some other country, dont know what kjnd of education you get there.
        For many it would be good to drop of school out and learn how to think insted of what to think

    • Dustin W. Taunton

      They think he is the first black president. He's an oreo. Just because he has nappy hair, lies like a rug and speaks with an inflection doesnt make him black. Only thing black about him is his evil heart. O and his dads side.

      • smartgranny55

        His speech is phony

      • Conservativesniper

        Dustin, grow up and quit being idiotic. Being black doesn't make someone evil. Allen West, Charles Drew and MLK, Jr. are/were not evil. I don't think BHO, Sr. was evil. Barry Soetoro is dangerous and proveably DISHONEST. But, he is a puppet for lil gyorgy soros. Soros is EVIL.

        • thismustend

          BO senior was a RABID, anti British RACIST, a drunk & a womanizer.

        • GerryC

          I would disagree with you on MLK. He had a Soviet agent as an advisor, and RFK and the FBI tried to warn him. He threw his support behind what at that time was a totally discredited anti-War movement. The result which was the war going on 6 more years than would have if anti-war movement didn't urged Giap and Mihn to continue when they went to Paris to surrender in 1968. MLK is directly responsible for the additional 28,000 US service men killed, 150,000+ wounded, 6-8 million Vietnamese deaths, the enslavenemt into communism for 40 years, the abandonment of 2,200 US POWs who were reclassified as "MIA", the deaths of millions in the Killing Fields of Cambodia and the subsequnt civil war deaths there over the succeeding 20+ years. The easily seeable 20-20 foresight of the evil that resulted from his actions makes him evil as far as I am concerned.
          Also BO sr was a bygamist, and an anti-colonialist zealot. The civil wars caused by anti-colonialism, the tens of millions at the hands of Marxists, millions trough tribal genocides, malnutrition and economic decline, corruption.
          I remember a play I had to read in college. It was called "Raisins in the Sun" or something like that. It had an interesting line. An African (from Africa who is a rabid "anti-colonialis") tells his black American friend, that someday the Europeans will leave and we will be free. His friend responds but when that happens you might be killed in a civil war. He responds back, I know that once we are free one night someone will come in the middle of the night and kill me, but it will be one of my people.
          So this idiot wanted to fight and risk his life to kick the europeans out so that in the ensuing civil war he most certainly will be taken out and killed by fellow africans, rather than have a well run foreign government providing good roads, a healthcare system, an economy that feeds its people, peace, low crime, no corruption and freedom.

        • dancingontheheadofapin

          The thirst for freedom which is a God given right is so strong that people have fought and died for it since time began.

        • ROBERT WAYNE

          I have news for you. King is not the great man that history makes him out to be either. He was a worthless rabblerousing communist who if he was still alive would more than likely be allied with Obama.

        • Mitchina

          I agree - the misrepresenation of our so called "good guys of history" is so flamingly false it sends me into migranes just thinking about how stupid people are to believe this crap.

        • lar318

          Come on, let's not be prejudice vs anyone. Allen West is pretty good, and so is Sowell; however, MLK was a fake, even his famous speech was not authored by him...once he ran naked all over London, I wonder why?...!!!!!!

        • Edward53

          MLK was married and a Reverend yet he sure couldn't keep his pants zipped up when it came to white women.

        • Conservativesniper

          That's ok. I can't keep my pants zipped up when it comes to white women. But, he was human and a child of God and I'm sure he was forgiven for his reputed sin of adultery . Besides, we aren't debating MLK's morality. We are debating Dustin Taunton's ignorant, ridiculously asinine, retarded opinion that black people are evil strictly by virtue of their skin color.

        • Mitchina

          Again: The comment made was "Only thing black about him is his evil heart." so your beating the point of being black = evil is only being made by you. I think this was just a simple case of misreading. :)

        • Conservativesniper

          OK. maybe MLK wasn't the best choice. But I'll throw in Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter Williams and there are thousands more. But, my point is that being black doesn't make someone evil. Just like being Asian doesn't make you smart and being white doesn't make you morally superior. Skin color is irrelevant, your beliefs are more important. But, I stand by my original statement to Dustin.

        • Mitchina

          The comment made was "Only thing black about him is his evil heart." so your beating the point of being black = evil is only being made by you. I think this was just a simple case of misreading. :)

      • yadontwannaknow

        The guy is clueless ... the only appropriate flag exposed to the public should be that of Indonesia ...

        • Danny Groat

          And I'll mail you $5 if you can tell me what the Indonesian flag looks like without googling it

    • Conrad McQueen

      Yes, I agree. I think all morons here should join the Rev. Al Sharpton in a word or two of bow those heads....and no peeking.

  • Marc J

    That’s why people like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi get elected.

  • TitleofLiberty

    "For example, anyone who does not agree that global warming is man-made is akin to those who believed in a flat earth" Seriously? Sneaky! Use the "myths keeping Americans stupid" angle to promote another myth. "Anthropogenic climate change" as it is properly called by scientists in the field, is still a topic of debate. To say the case is closed on this question is a HUGE leap--a myth in its own rite! Not good science. Nice try!

    • Chris

      Really - so what it global warming caused by - Republican brain farts. You people are clueless.

    • philipsquires

      The fact that they changed it from Anthropogenic Global Warming to Anthropogenic Climate Change aught to tell you something.

  • Silas Longshot

    Considering the type and amout of history taught today, I'm surprised recent high school grads (or even some college grads) have even a slight understanding of history.

    • Phil C.

      Silas, don't even ask where the "heckarewe's are located, if you show them a map. My daughter went to New York with a high school class, and several soon-to-be graduates asked if New York is in the USA! And these people vote!!!

      • Hudmar

        Once upon a time it was.

  • reelman

    Now if we can just get the point across that the Congress spends our money and racks up congressional Repubs measures saved Klinton so HE gets credit...
    yet congressional dems spent over 100% of the new tax revenue from the tax cuts....
    then turned around and blamed Reagan for debt...this myth is still repeated a generation later!
    How about the 1st Thanksgiving?
    It was the replacement of collective socialism by individual free enterprise that enabled the success...and so on and so on...

  • jr

    Here is an interesting history lesson and parallel.

    Well scholars (and most people) in the 15th century didn't believe the Earth was flat, but certainly some people did (just as a smaller portion do today, typically they argue using biblical evidence). People in the 15th century did believe the Sun revolved around the Earth however, and Galileo encountered the type of backlash from the Church fictionally described in the Columbus stories. He was in fact imprisoned for heresy, and forced to deny the heliocentric theory with threat of torture, and even after was put on house arrest. The Church actually did not lift the ban on his book Dialogues until the 19th century!

    I do find it interesting that you point out scholars were the ones being sensible for their time however. Scholars today also generally believe in climate change and evolution (while it is more likely for less educated people to deny them). Scholars are also much more likely to think that the Gods of man-made religions are just fables like Zeus (Einstein, Dirac, Dawkins etc.). In the general public 83% of the US believes in God, while only 33% of scientists do. It is typically not the liberals or intellectuals which keep the public ignorant, it is the anti-intellectual "have faith don't think" religious right.

    • Aundria Premo

      I have to say, that's not been true in my experience. I'm faithfully religious, but am also deeply interested in science. I believe the Bible, but never thought the earth was flat. Just as I believe the earth is NOT only 6,000 years old. Liberals absolutely stretch and bend and twist and even SHATTER truth, which makes them ignorant. Even moreso, it makes them so close minded to any conservative thought.....though so open minded when it comes to liberal ideas that I'm sort of surprised their brains don't ooze out. Look, you can believe in God, and understand that science is a part of our world. You can't deny some things only science can explain. That being said, I'm a Creationist. The earth was created, it didn't evolve. It wasn't accidental. It was designed and purposefully made. For as many things as exist that science CAN explain, there are immeasurably MORE things that it cannot.

      • dmwf

        See the movie, "The Genesis Code" about creation in six days. It all depends on from where (positionally in the Universe) and how one is observing the 'six days'.

        • Aundria Premo

          Creation in six of OUR days may not be anything like six of GOD'S days. A day to us could be an hour to Him. Six days could be six millenia, etc etc....Just a point.

        • philipsquires

          But yet God told Moses to work six days and rest on the seventh because He created the earth and the universe in six days and rested the seventh. (see Exodus 20:8-11) If the days in Genesis were not our days then the fourth commandment makes no sense.

      • jr

        Anecdotal evidence is not particularly convincing, and the argument that there are things Science can't explain is a poor line too (called God in the gaps). Much of the things we couldn't formerly explain we can now, and in the future we will explain more, so if that is your view of God, he is an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance (to paraphrase Neil deGrasse Tyson).

        Look if you want to say a God created the universe, I can't disprove it, but you have no evidence so the burdens not really on me. I'm willing to leave that alone though, but if he did create the world he did so through the process of species evolving. There is too much evidence from dated fossil records, whales have vestigial hind leg bones for example, mammals appear much later than reptiles which are much later than fish which are much later than bacteria. This is a fact. Whether that occurred through natural selection as described by current theory is up for debate, but your belief in a God should be that he created some creatures much later than other (likely by having them evolve from other creatures). Otherwise its like pretending the Earth revolves around the Sun. If you want to say six days is just an allegory, or God time is much longer and the days aren't equal length ok I guess, the order of the six days is roughly accurate fwiw (plants, fish birds, land animals people; though birds came after land animals and the stars existed before the earth)

        • Aundria Premo

          Well, when I see space and the perfect conditions for life on earth, it reinforces my faith, rather than degrades it. Much of belief is pure faith. And it's what I feel is right and true. I can't say what you should believe. I'm saying what I believe and why. I've never had the desire or felt a need to "prove" God. You either see Him or you don't. I see Him.

      • The Advocates

        You believe in science? You are hiding evidence of that quite well. I regard you as either a Jesus Freak, a dope, or a functional illiterate. Admitting you are a Creationist, enables any thinking person to realize that you are a card-carrying member of the lunatic-fringe.

    • philipsquires

      Well scholars (and most people) in the 15th century didn't believe the Earth was flat, but certainly some people did (just as a smaller portion do today, typically they argue using biblical evidence)."

      Firstly, there is no Biblical evidence for a flat earth. Yes the Bible uses phrases like "the four corners of the earth" but this is figurative language. Much like the words "sunrise" and "sunset". Secondly, those that try to use the Bible have to quote it out of context.

      " People in the 15th century did believe the Sun revolved around the Earth however, and Galileo encountered the type of backlash from the Church fictionally described in the Columbus stories."

      That is because the scientist of the day were still teaching the old Aristotelian/Ptolemaic philosophies.

      "Scholars today also generally believe in climate change and evolution..."

      Of course they do. Not because it is true but because that is what they are taught. There is no proof that man is the cause of global warming, some scientist and historians believed that it was warmer in the middle ages. And there is some indication that the earth has cooled down in recent years, which s why they changed it from global warming to climate change.

      "... (while it is more likely for less educated people to deny them)."

      Yet there are some scientist who don't believe in climate change or evolution.

      "Scholars are also much more likely to think that the Gods of man-made religions are just fables like Zeus (Einstein, Dirac, Dawkins etc.)."

      Not because of the evidence but because it is all they have been taught.

      "It is typically not the liberals or intellectuals which keep the public ignorant, it is the anti-intellectual "have faith don't think" religious right."

      Yet it is the liberals and the so-called "intellectuals" that spread myths and lies and the religious right who tend to spread the truth. In fact most of the fathers of modern fields of science were christian such as Newton, Kepler, Laneous, Pasteur, etc.

  • Ruby-con

    Even a caveman ( maybe not the leftist/regressive type )new the earth was round, all he had to do was look up in the sky at the sun and the moon.

  • Aundria Premo

    Thank you! I'm so sick of arguing with truly stupid people! Hey, my grandmother is 101 years old!! I'll take what she thinks over anyone else alive today...she was here before electricity or plumbing, or television or any modern nicety we all enjoy today. She waited for two letters a year while my grandfather fought in WWII, whereas I got to speak to mine often and see him on webcam during his deployments. She was even alive when Titanic sank...she's my living history lesson!

  • Lee

    Well , People still think we did not land the Luner Module on the Moon ! They think It was all staged in a Hollywood movie set. I don't know how they explain. communication Sattelites and cell phones, technology that came from NASA explorations and Military programs.
    Just think where we would be if Columbus had listened to the Nay Sayer's.

    • Middlemary

      If it had not been Columbus, it would have been someone else!

  • Carlos

    50+ yrs ago, I can remember my step-fathers, father going on about the earth being flat, because the Bible says something about there being an angel (or something, I was like 10yrs old.) at the 4 corners of the earth. He was adamant! But, then again he swore it was illegal to vote Republican, in Spartenburg, South Carolina, too. RIP, ignorant soul.

    • Aundria Premo

      The four corners of the earth is in the Bible, but it has no true bearing on four angled corners. North, South, East, West...those are the four "corners" of the earth.

      • Kay Williams

        The bible speaks of "the circle of the earth" in Job

  • MikeinOK

    The author of this piece answered his own conundrum. Just as there were no legitimate scholars in the 15th century who believed that the earth was flat, there are no legitimate scholars today who deny the science of anthropogenic climate change.

  • dontjst

    Great article except for the paragraph on global warming. There very well MAY
    be some man-made contribution but that's still unproven as to whether or if so
    how much. Any student of meteorological science knows that the history of
    the earth is one of constant heating and cooling over the millennia.

    • Aundria Premo

      That's kind of the point, though. There are ups and downs, the earth heats and cools. The earth will be just fine, until our Creator decides otherwise. I'm not saying to be IRRESPONSIBLE, don't deliberately trash the planet. I'm just saying that much of the "global warming" hype is exactly that...HYPE. Earth has a guardian much more powerful than any human being.

    • Hudmar

      Does the term Indian Summer means anything.

      • dontjst

        Not sure of your point.

    • Rabiddogg

      then how can you explain the great warming periods before man was able to produce industry of any kind? It was much warming during the Roman period for example and the Vikings at the time of Leif Erickson may have indeed found a NW Passage that Hudson tried to find but current during the mini ice age. Climate change only occurs as a result of solar and current activities not humans.

      • dontjst

        Gotcha! You're right, however I'm willing to admit there may be SOME human contribution.

  • Chris

    For once a title that is correct. Old religious myths are wasting people's time and money. What other country donates so much time money and effort to a hopeless cause. Reading and rereading one book that they cannot even agree on the meaning of its words. It makes people dumb - like watching Fox News because they don't think for themselves.

    • Aundria Premo

      Funny, you don't sound like you're thinking for yourself with those comments, either, there, Chris. You sound like every other Godless, chattering, hateful liberal I've come across.

    • Daniel Fouts

      Did you know that the Bible is still the most published book in the world? Have you ever read it?

  • ginger

    AMEN ...especially that part of how idiots like Pelosi, Reid et all get elected.

  • bigkoala

    Until the 17th Cent, most people on the planet probably believed the earth to be flat. Many still do, since it certainly looks that way, while standing on the surface. Educated and intelligent people, of course, usually knew better....

    • Elton Robb

      The church knew that the Earth was a sphere, that's the point of the article.

    • Aundria Premo

      At the horizon, it's clear the earth is NOT flat. I'm sure plenty of folks without a fancy education figured it out on their own.

      • The Advocates

        No one had the vision ever to see the curvature of the earth. That view is even beyond any binoculars.

  • Mark

    Another great resource on this topic in support of this is:

    • Mark

      The book "Atheist Delusions" by David Bentley Hart is also worth a read for a great dismantling of many atheist falsehoods that have risen up in the last century or so. Yale University Press, 2009

  • vietnamvet1971

    GOD is in Control of every thing, Man can not control any thing.

  • politicstick

    Here is a myth for ya!!!!!:

    In America, foreigners that are here illegally, can vote in presidential elections!!!!

    My quote: "How can you count the votes, when you allow votes that don't count ???"

    • dontjst

      Which is a prime reason Holder and Obama do not want voter ID!

  • The Advocates

    What type of ridiculous hyperbole are you promoting. There were various maps of the pre-Columbian days that illustrated the end of the earth and promoted the fear that man would sail off the edge of the Earth. The church was anti-Copernican and since knowledge was concentrated in few hands, myth dominated the European World long into the 18th Century. The aspect of disease was associated with foreigners or non-believers, the Salem Witch trials, Joan Of Arc's trial and the Inquisition, were just the more notorious examples of myth spreading and myth believing. Blood oaths, anti-Semitism, blood-letting and scores of other practices were rife in that age, and flat-earth thinking is still alive and well right here on this site.

  • David

    "Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth? It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the eart, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers...that bringeth the princes (Obama, Reid, Pelosi) to nothing; He maketh the judges (Roberts, Kagan, Sotomayor, the ninth circuit) of the earthas vanity..." -Isaiah 40:20-24

  • Bill

    I am one who doesnt believe in global warming or at least it being caused totally by inhabitants of the earth. It is also a scientific known fact that the earth goes through warming and cooling cycles naturally. the only people who really believe in Global warming also want to cause higher energy bills by eliminating or greatly curtailing coal, oil, natural gas etc. We cant go back to wood they passed a good many laws in timbered states prohibiting wood burning. Lets all just relax use the natural occurring energy sources put here by God for us to use and we will soon or later see a change back to a cooling cycle.

  • Proudamerican

    Not to mention if we dont watch out, the dem sewer rats will simply re-write history in the books used in schools to help portray them in a better light. Truth is of no consequence to the dems. ask harry greed

  • Progressive Republican

    Not a bad article and atypically accurate. Helluva wrong conclusion on that last sentence, though. Why end the article with such a bald-faced lie? Habit.

    • dontjst

      Actually, right on point!!!

      • Progressive Republican

        I jus' callz 'em likes I seez 'em.

        • dontjst

          Must have a severe case of cataracts!

        • Progressive Republican

          Wow. You're dummer'n I thought. Impressive.

        • dontjst

          Dummer AND older'n dirt! How'd you guess?

        • Progressive Republican

          It was in inspired guess.

        • dontjst

          One must wonder how inspired! Perhaps you meant "dumber". In any case, as a typical democrat, you obviously cannot spell and must resort to name-calling -- the only real strength of democrats.

          In the unlikely case you really meant "dummer", which of the following was your intent?

          Dummer, Hampshire, a parish and village in Hampshire, England
          Dummer, New Hampshire, a town in Coos County, New Hampshire, United States Dummerston, Vermont, a town in Windham County, Vermont, United States Dümmer, a lake in southern Lower Saxony, Germany
          Dümmer See, a lake in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
          Dümmer, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a municipality in the district of Ludwigslust, Germany
          Douro-Dummer, a township in central-eastern Ontario, Canada
          Fort Dummer, a British fort built in 1724 in Vermont

        • Progressive Republican

          Wow. Lame enough for a wheelchair. Keep goin'...

        • dontjst

          I got it now. You're a teenage juvenile - Thought your comments smacked of that and your use of "lame" confirms!

        • Progressive Republican

          Aw, jiggers! Ya found me out...

          What an idiot.

        • dontjst

          'twern't difficult!

        • Progressive Republican

          That's, " 'tweren't".

        • dontjst

          Maybe. Depends upon which part of the country you're from.

  • CajunPatriot

    Ignorance is not bliss. It leads to tragedy. Bring a chainsaw to a group of indigenous people isolated somewhere in the world today. They have never seen a chainsaw. A chainsaw which can do much more work in the hands of a skilled worker than more than a dozen with axes, but his chainsaw in the hands of the ignorant can cause much damage to the holder and those around him. Our Constitution is precious. One of the greatest documents in the history of mankind. It is being handled by ignorant people today, and has been for many years, thus the huge amount of Constitutional violations which are allowed today without question by our POTUS or by Congress.

  • TxGCB

    To question is never stupid, Chris. The left will not afford their critics to ever question their so-called wisdom. For every scientist that agrees with global warming there is one that disagrees. And there are many of us that can prove our intelligence by making a good living off the greenies and their hysteria.

  • Mr. Kim Dowda

    Myths, history in the case of a Myth that survived for over a hundred years. One, is that during the Civil War Gen. Sherman burned Atlanta, never happened, the Rebels set the old warehouses in East part of town on Fire to destroy supplies. Sherman had come hundreds of miles with ten of thousands of men. Out of everything from bandages to bullets. And Two, If the war was fought for emancipation why wasn't slavery made illegal for two years after the invasion and victory. Many more to ponder but it is interesting how the stories are accepted then believed as fact and even celebrated as the Truth.

  • Dick Frakes

    Then also back in dust bowl days when things where much worse than now - your saying man caused global warming then too. And the ice age - man also caused that. Grow up if you can. I know it will be hard for you - after all you have a long way to go. First thing you need to do is rid yourself of a bad case of brain washing. Savvy.

  • Luke

    That is because Americans get their facts from "The Simpsons" television show.

  • bmg28

    I have always stated it was the dumb uneducated free takers that elected this destruction derby in the White House

    • Middlemary

      And those are the ones Obama caters to. He wants a nation of welfare people dependent on the government.

  • Rhonda Reichel

    you left out Romney

    • Edward53

      Actually they left out Ron Paul because he's a kook. We should start calling him Dr. CocoaNut.

  • Tasha22

    Only problem with this article is that it is too short. The comment referenced to Irving...what the hell is he talking about? There are numerous places in the Bible that tell you that the earth is round.

  • MountainPreacher

    For anyone interested in history, I highly recommend the book "Lies my Teacher Taught Me." It doesn't blame our history teachers for the ignorance of most Americans about our history (especially recent history) but the book publishing establishment. The book sometimes seems to have a bit of a leftward slant, but more often confirms things conservatives know to be true. All in all, a good balance.

    • Danny Groat

      I love that book. Thank you sir for mentioning it.

  • jong

    Columbus actually took a trip to the North to find out about the Vikings travels. He knew for a fact that there was a country to the west and it was not China.

  • Norbert Tanguay

    It is not always i before e. their, e before i. There's 1328 words
    that have the e before i so be careful. Of course there is always the
    rule I before e except after c. neighbor weigh eight sleigh vein skein veil height sleight. If you want a list of the 1328 words so you don't make that mistake again let me know.

    • GramE

      I am not the grammarian that you are, but should'nt it be there are 1328 . . . ?

    • CARLjr


  • R. Ray Morford

    AMEN and AMEN........and we keep electing stupid.

  • AlbertstheMan

    The biggest myth: Pres Obongo possesses superior intelligence. The correct answer is that Pres Obongo possesses an intelligence about 2 above plant life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bill1776

    The republic can get over Obama but, can it get over the fools that voted for him?

    • dHb

      VERY true Bill

  • Smilin' Jack

    Exactly. Scholars have always known that the earth is spheroid. To deny this, is, to paraphrase the writer, "Such are specimens of the errors and prejudices, the mingled ignorance and erudition, and the pedantic bigotry with which Christians have to contend today."

  • Sutekh

    I heard palpable ignorance on NPR yesterday, a broadcast of 90.1 FM in Houston. "Amy," the anchorwoman, played a folk song but "Utah," about the Enola Gay. She went on to say that "Enola Gay the name of the atomic bomb dropped on HIroshima." No one during the broadcast caught the mistake.

  • Tom T

    So!! gary demar man is causing global warming that is going to cause the earth to be flooded over by rising oceans. You mentioned something about the bible, well there is a story there about the rain bow and global warming is not ,I don't believe the cause of the earth burning up. I am surely not going to suggest I know the answers to what God has already decided. No man has those answers only that it is certain that we will be judged.

  • gregoryvii

    I had heard this before in history classes, but I didn't know what to make of it. It seems that Irving may have been quite the anti-Catholic bigot.

  • Barb Patton

    And the moon is made with cheese

  • PawPaw

    The Myth I'd like to see dispelled is about Joe McCarthy.

  • The Advocates

    Romney’s dishonest welfare attack is emblematic of his entire campaign.
    Romney lies about the Affordable Care Act, even though he passed
    an almost identical law while he was governor of Massachusetts. He lies about President Obama’s Iran policy, even though he
    promises to do nearly the exact same things if elected. And now he’s lying
    about the supposedly devastating effects of a welfare policy that he’s
    explicitly endorsed in the past.

    Given Romney’s aggressive brand of hypocrtical mendacity, it’s really no
    wonder that President Obama — and nearly every other candidate who’s ever run
    against him — has come to genuinely disdain the presumptive Republican nominee.

  • The Advocates

    Romneyhood- Take from the Middle Class and Give to the Wealthy!

    Tax Plan- no details, but big tax cuts for the rich, and the removal of
    middle class deductions.

    IRS- Where's the beef! One and half return! SEC signings, compensation from
    Bain, super loading his IRA! Where's the truth, in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland,

    Bain Capital- where did the jobs go? Certainly not here!

    How about health care and his record in Massachusetts:
    He supported choice, planned parenthood, universal healthcare, but created very
    few jobs: 47th in the nation when he was the governor

    Utah Olympics- he did a great job with a large infusion of Federal dollars!
    Aren't you surprised?

    Where's the beef?

    • dontjst

      Let's see: Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, sent thousands of jobs oversees. Obama hired him as a consultant. Hmmmmm! Who's the problem here?

    • dHb

      Hey Ed, look, Funky is back making ignorant comments again.

  • agbjr

    There is quite a long back-and-forth thread here concerning Democrat Party history, slavery, the KKK, and racism. The social attitudes and norms of the antebellum United States can not be compared to the society that developed after 1865 - politically. economically, and socially they look like two completely different countries. Yes, the Union was preserved and the Constitution remained but the pre-1860 national mind would never be retrieved. The causes of the war are much deeper and complex than are taught today. The national debate over slavery only served to magnify the already deep rifts brought about by inter-state economic, social, and financial disagreements. In this environment the Democrat Party split over sectionalism and the Whig Party disintegrated. In just about all matters the United States by 1860 had ceased to function as the federal union of sovereign states proclaimed by the Constitution. Politically, economically, and socially America had become two countries ... war became inevitable. The last gunshots of the Civil War were fired nearly one-hundred-and-fifty years ago however in the national psyche the war has never ceased and American will forever continue to debate and argue the causes and "what if's?". It's the American way.

  • David Lakatos

    When Adam and Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge they should have taken more than one bite.They should have eaten the hole apple.Maybe than the human race would actually be as smart as they think they are.

  • BohdanUke1

    Absolutely no more need be said.

  • Rob

    Well I guess I am part of the flat earth group because I stand with the majority of scientist who rebuke the supposed scientific findinds that golbal warming is man made. There is indisputable evidence that the global temperature has actually dropped not risen in the last several decades. Evidence that the ice cap around Antarctica has grown. There have been several cases of data tampering by government scientist to match the numbers the government wants, surprise surprise. One violent volcano eruption can be worse than 10 years of automobiles and industry. I'm not saying we should give up or stop any positive steps to reduce polution, I'm saying stop listening to the government saying the sky is falling and why you have to pay to stop it. Look at the facts for yourself, they are out there.

  • Engineer Mike

    What the author forgot to mention was that the notion of purported "flat earth" disciples in the Catholic hierarchy was an invention of the Masons, who dual reasons for existence were (are) anti-crown (of Britain) and anti-Church (Catholicism specifically).
    Columbus actually consulted globes before departing, including one now on display in the Huntington Museum in greater LA.

    • GrumpyOleMan

      If it's in LA it must be part of a movie set and they really did believe in a flat earth!

  • hurrikane

    Actually he was correct. Many people of the 15th century truly believed the world was flat, they were in fact the forefathers of today's liberal democrats.

  • Mark Conrad

    Anyone who believes the global warming myth has already sailed off the edge of his little flat earth

  • fliteking

    Great Article Mr. Demars.

  • samtman

    The biggest ignorance is that science and the undisputable, fact based , evidence rich truth of the history of evolution on this planet that takes us back some 15 billion years to the big bang event. In another 50 years or sooner will also find out were infinity ends and how matter came in into being. If the Mars curiosity lander finds any kind of living or dead chemically related to earth cell form, it will change for ever how we view our world. Wonder how religion will spinn that one.

  • stephen r

    The Wrights flew there first airplane in 1903, there first glider was 1900

  • richardcancemi

    America has been dumbed-down for decades and if 50% still think Obama is an "American President", they prove their lack of thinking ability and their ability to test Reality. The man is totally un-American and totally anti-American.
    It is a stupid and ignorant public that is more dangerous than the Socialist Democrats. Their ignorance is the fuel for Obama's wrecking machine.

  • ves

    You can add the fact that Columbus never made it to the shores of the US!
    Farley was first in flight just didn't stayup as long or as far as the Wright Brothers!
    According to a group of Real Scientist our poles are thousands of years late on shifting and the Icleland Volcano Blast was so great it shifted us a bit ...add this to the increased solar flares and you get weather change and none of which we can do anything about!
    Actually the Industrilized Nations probably have less pollution today than in the past. ..... we have actually tried to pollute less! The real pollution problem is over population and that. Is something we need to address ..... along with retaining more rain water to increase ourr useable water supply!

  • AmericaAwakens

    This may or may not be off subject...I found it fascinating and recommended reading.

  • Pheonix SilverStar

    Obama, Reid, Pelosie got into office because either they had the money to buy their way into office; or some one else paid for them to be there. It is well known that George Soros is Obama's backer, financially; how else was Obama to get the money to give to the state of Hawaii, to hide the facts of where he (Obama) was born.

  • GerryC

    Too bad this got taken over by politics instead of Myths taught in school.
    How about the fact that everyone is taught about the Salem witch trial but still thinks witches were burned at the stake. And they never learn the lesson about judging based on one side of a story. But they are not told about the tens of thousands of Catholics burned at the stake by the Puritans. Nor are they told the Crusades were a defensive war against the Muslim invasion of the Holy Land. Also they are taught that all wars are caused by religion, when in fact almost none are (this is the one thing Marx got right "all wars are a battle for resources" he said).
    They also get just the lies about WWI and WWII. The entire history of the Flying Tigers gets supressed. The murders of Priest, Monks and Nuns by the Leftists in the Spanish Civil War is never mentioned. The fact 800 Jewish men had their heads chopped off and their wives and children sold into slavery by Mohamed is ignored. The importance of the Medici family on European History is ignored. Also the inter-Indian wars doesn't get much play. The Spanish Conquistadors are mention in their war against the Aztecs is emphasized but the fact that their local indian allies who had been enslaved and sacrified by the aztecs were crucial to the victory is ignored. whites attacking helpless indians is very PC but white helping indians get their freedom from other tyrannical indians in un-PC. The Nazis sending Jews to the gasschambers is always popular, less well known is the British blockading Jewish passagers ships from getting to Israel and sending the back to die is ignored as well as FDR's work in preventing their escape to Cuba is hardly know. And even less known is how the "dictator" Terujjlo (sorry for the spelling) of the Dominican Republic ignored FDRs demands to send them back, but refused thus saving the lives of tens-of thousands of Jews, for which JFK would have the CIA later help in his assassination after he retired. Anyone else with some supressed history or myths in need of busting. I didn't even scratch the surface.

    • dHb

      Let’s not fail to mention the mythology, fable and superstition in all revealed religions pretended holy books,the Bible, the Koran and the Book of Mormon for example.

    • dondehoff

      GerryC. Well stated. I sincerely hope your post will get a lot of people off their intellectual "duffs" and do their homework.

  • stephen r

    Strange some of the usless stuff you rember for half a century.
    I remember learning folks back then thought the earth was flat and if you went far enough you would sail off the edge. I ask where they thought the water came from. Rain. where did they think rain came from. Heaven.
    Always seemed to me if a teacher did not know an answer, make one up. Today I am a flying instructor, if I do not know an answer(and that has happened) I will find it.
    Now about my spelling, I am a pilot not a secritary.

  • James White, M.D.

    H.L. Menken: "no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people." That extrapolates very well to humanity as a whole.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Ah, well, the myths still continues: Columbus discovered America.. actually the vikings/norsmen were here on the east coast before Columbus even thought of it. But, they have a statue in honor of Columbus honoring his discovery. Just like they will build a presidental library of the " great imposter " Obama.

  • Mihker Gardner

    I love how a guy listening to "Fox Across America" realizes that the talk-show is dead-wrong about his history, then comes to the conclusion that anyone who votes for OBAMA lacks an education. I'm sorry, but you have to be blinded by ideology or a complete block-head to not appreciate the comedic irony of such logic.

  • John F. Tashjian

    Not only is this true, it's getting worse. MY OWN FATHER still believes in the above-mentioned myths. Case in point: a few years ago, when my dad, younger brother, cousin, and I went to visit a replica of Christopher Columbus's ship the Santa Maria, my dad mentioned how he'd learned that Columbus made the voyage "to prove that the world was round, not flat". Even though this incident took place about three years ago, I am still mortified by it...even with the evidence not showing that those events NEVER occurred.
    I guess it's true what I've heard tell: "Old habits die hard".

  • johnnywoods

    It is amusing to me that anyone could prove a "flat earth" from the Bible. I have read it many times and have never seen any statement indicating a "flat Earth". Ignorant people always seem to see what they want but please stop using the Bible to "prove" it.

  • Pastafarian

    Getting science information from the bible is a mistake. While it is true that the flat earth theory had been ruled out by Pythagoras around 600 BC, the earth being the non-moving center of the universe was taught for thousands of years.

    The bible says the earth has ends, is immovable, and is set on pillars.
    That if you climbed a tall tree or high mountain you could see the
    entire earth. The sky is a solid dome that has water above it and stars
    attached to it. This dome needed to be "opened" for things to pass
    through - like rain or angels.

    Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, and Issac Newton were all correct, even
    though their findings contradicted the bible. They were oppressed by the
    church and their theories banned from being taught.

    If the Earth is not the center of the universe, does that mean we are not special? If there are hundreds of billions of galaxies, did the creator create all of them for us? Are there other planets with life? What is our significance?

    Science is humbling.

    • Johnnygard

      In 600 BC the earth may have been the center of the universe, but B.H. Obummer hadn't been born yet. Lucky us, to have the new center as pres.

  • mrbillsdog

    The silly piece of artwork like the pic in the article, with the ships sailing off the edge of a "flat" Earth, is all it takes to make some people stupid. It reminds me of the "evolution" pic, showing the progression of a monkey gradually becoming a man. So, lots of people now think man came from monkeys......duh. People can be so stupid, it hurts to think about it.

    • dondehoff

      "Mrbillsdog", keep an open mind. There is considerable evidence, much still being "found", from various parts of the world that would indicate that we all "evolved" from some source(s?). Also keep in mind, that which we "know", comes from what we have been taught or learned by first-hand experience. Both methods have proven, time and time again, to be less than reliable. I believe it is an acknowleged fact that both the New Testament and the Qur'an are rampant with copy and recopy errors, mistakes, ommissions and in some cases clear forgery---and that all "Holy Books" were "compiled" by mere mortals , long after the "principals" died and some of those same mere mortals dictated what would and what would not be included in the final "unchangable Spoken Word" of their God. Faith is an admirable trait, but so is logic, deductive reason and plain common sense.

  • ARMYOF69

    You are so right there that its scary. Recently had a tough time arguing with a young intelligent fellow in his last year towards his Ph.D. on Obamas follies to no avail.
    We are losing our young intelligentsia to the liberals.

  • WilliamSpires

    The last paragraph and especially the last sentence is worth it all. Ignorance is how the lunatics get elected.

  • dondehoff

    After reading your post, I recalled seeing where the Muslim Qur'an "implies" in over 2-dozen revelations that the Earth is flat. I also recall there was at least one "learned" Muslim who insisted that was true in the year 2000. I have to look throught my "none-computer' files for the citations and his comment. We must remember, in those ancient times, TVs, cell phones and computers did not exist and there were (and still are) ignorant people, who relied upon what they have been told or what they read in their "holy books". When I read the info about the learned Muslim, I wondered how the Muslim astronaughts, flying on our spacecraft, resolved that issue with their "flat-Earth" believers.

  • dondehoff

    I see many comments concerning the validity or invalidity of "religion". Most all of us have been exposed to one religion or another, and many now may beginning to believe they are all "fake". To do so, leaves a tremendous "void" in one's life, which could become a "devil's playground". If that be the case, one could fall back upon the "natural law" of "perpetuation of the the species", which means one does not go around, "willy-nilly" killing their own kind. Such a law presupposes, "do no harm, except in self-defense or in defense of others in mortal danger". It also presupposes, "equality, fairness, tolerance, love, understanding and foregiveness (and many other "good things", of which one can conceive). Having taken such a position and if there is a "real" God, one will not have gone too far astray.

  • partstroll

    Teachers are not allowed to have standards and give closed book, no note tests anymore. We are forced to give 50% for 0 work or incorrect work. Blame administration and the districts for this.

  • Kjelstad

    “there never was a period of ‘flat earth darkness’ among scholars..."

    Then the church burned the scolars alive at the stake.

  • Mack_the_Turtle

    Interesting. Based upon one article you are sure that people in the 15th century did not believe in a flat earth. Yet today, leaders in the Republican party believe that women's bodies react in rape to repel sperm. Or that supply side economics, proved to be an utter failure, will work. Or for that matter, there are countless people who believe prayer actually changes the laws of physics. Which is why Republicans get elected.

  • Bible Scholar

    The Bible says in several places that the earth is round. Praise God!

  • toongail

    According to today's Huffpost the people in Ohio are morons - Obama is leading Romney there by 9 points - America has been made stupid by the union controlled schools -