IRS Agents Instructed to Ignore Fraudulent Claims and Pay Millions in Refunds to Immigrants – Legal and Illegal

One of the most dreaded pieces of mail any American can receive is one from the IRS that says you are going to be audited.  No matter how well your taxes were prepared and how well you have documented everything, there is always that fear that the IRS will find something wrong and not allow you to leave without writing them a check.

According to a recent report on an internal audit of the IRS, it doesn’t sound like immigrants, legal or illegal will have to worry about getting the dreaded audit letter from the IRS.  Evidently, IRS employees have tried to report tax returns from immigrants that appear to be fraudulent and were instructed them to ignore the fraud and just process the forms and get the refunds out as soon as possible.

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report said that the focus of the IRS is to expedite refunds.  To help speed up the process, they purposely eliminated some of the procedures they normally used to identify questionable refund requests.  Furthermore, the employees were not properly trained or given the right tools to identify fraudulent claims made by immigrants paying taxes using an Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN).

IRS officials are reacting to the report, claiming that they have implemented procedures and tools to catch fraudulent refund requests submitted by immigrants using ITINs.  However, J. Russell George, the inspector general said that they had confirmed that IRS employees had been urged by their supervisors to ignore the returns they suspected to be fraudulent.

Part of the problem involves the use of the same mailing address for multiple tax returns.  In one case, the auditors discovered that 23, 994 refunds all had the same mailing address in Atlanta.  IRS officials tried to defend themselves claiming that many immigrants use the address of the person or company preparing the tax returns instead of their own address to insure that the refund checks would be received.

So not only are illegal immigrants given all kinds of free perks by the U.S. government such as free medical, free education, safety from deportation and now safety from being guilty of filing fraudulent tax returns.  While our country is financially struggling, we continue to provide millions of dollars in free aid and evidently unquestioned tax returns to thousands of immigrants, legal and illegal.

And this is how President Obama goes about helping America’s middle class as he so often points out.  Mr. President, I can’t wait for the day that you and rest of the illegals are rounded up and deported back to where they belong.



  • deeme

    The first thing this administration did was fire anyone that had an ounce of integrity and an unbiased ability to go after corruptions wherever it was..Case in Point ...
    President Obama swept to office on the promise of a new kind of politics, but
    then how do you explain last week's dismissal of federal Inspector General
    Gerald Walpin for the crime of trying to protect taxpayer dollars? This is a
    case that smells of political favoritism and Chicago rules.

    • jazzpast

      The IRS needs to pick Mitt Romney up because he hasn't paid taxes in ten years. The government needs to force Mitt Romney to prove he has paid his taxes, because he hasn't. Mitt Romney is a TAX FELON!

      • Screeminmeeme

        jazzpast....You need a straight jacket and a large does of Thorazine.

      • Graywolf12

        Please see a Psychologist. You have a problem seperating fact from fiction.

      • switchthedonkeytoacamel

        lololol...hey dope JAZZPAST; don't u think if the irs knows your not paying your taxes they come after you & its public knowledge??? let obama release ALL his records on everything including his taxes for the last 10yrs, his education records, his original birth certificate, his dealings with convicted felons/terrorist (tony resco, roy aiers) & all his sealed background files, how he payed for his college tuition costs...lets put it all on the table...he hasn't done any of this...this is the biggest gov cover-up in our history...SMARTEN-UP U DOPPY LIBERAL!

      • Dogmeat1949

        If what you say is so,then using your reasoning MR.B.O.has never paid TAXES either! But then Gov.Romney has paid TAXES and has the IRS records and showed them in 2008 and again in 2012 showed 2010 and is going to show 2011 tax returns.

      • jon

        Wow, I didn't know that! Thanks for your insight, Jazzy! BTW, Obama is a murderer...

        • Edward53

          jon, jazzy is a Paulbot.

      • amiee

        And you and Harry Reid have proof, provide the documentation to support this! Otherwise go back to drinking your kool-aid you useful idiot that does not check his/her facts!

      • Les

        Bet it doesn't add up to the 16 billion in illegal tax returns in just Indiana. Why is this administration in such a damned hurry to bankrupt our country?


        You dam liberal democrap, when will you all realize that Obummer is nothing more than a LYING EFFING MUSLIM N I 6 6 E R POSING AS THE POTUS, using all of you to destroy the greatest country on the face of this earth.

        • Edward53

          OBAMAHATER, jazzy is almost a liberal democrap....he's a Paulbot.

      • Edward53

        Will you stop sending us to Ron Paul propaganda websites and YouTube videos? The last site you sent me to was one of your favorite gay sites, little girl.

      • Mary Atlanta, GA

        If you have comments to make, please make sure they are true. JAZZPAST IS SPREADING LIES. As a tax examiner with the IRS, ROMNEY has paid his taxes. Lets see your return jazzpast!

        • jazzpast

          Oh i'm not LYING Mitt Romney has something to hide or he would show his taxes. It's that simple and the whole country knows it.

        • Melissa Churchman

          Again, from a tax preparer, he probably just doesn't want the media hay day over his horses. There are deductions related to horses for anyone who owns a "sporting" horse. Yes, it's quite a signifigant amount.

        • jazzpast

          Mitt Romney has something to hide! Romney LIED about his taxes when he ran for Governor of Massachusetts and Romney is lying now! Romney is a TAX FELON!

        • jazzpast

          Mitt Romney has millions hid all over the world!

        • Mary Atlanta, GA

          And so does several successful people. What is wrong with making money? Isn't that the American way?
          If you look at the Obama's tax return, they used every loophole they could. But the story here is not about Romney, it's about our own government that fires people who are trying to do the right thing.

        • jazzpast

          What is the Beach Boys song Kokomo about? All the places Mitt Romney hid his bank accounts. I think it's ok to make money if your paying taxes. Mitt Romney hasn't paid his taxes for ten years though. Mitt Romney is a tax felon.

  • Screeminmeeme

    Honest to God....Obama will do anything....and I DO MEAN keep his job.
    This is just ANOTHER in a long list of lawless directives form a lawless administration and the motive is crystal clear: build a strong hispanic voting base in any way possible.

    Obama only says and does whatever is politically expedient. He is an insincere, unprincipled man with unbridled egomaniacal ambition.

    • tonyscott317

      It could all have been managed two years ago if we had members of congress with just one collective ounce of courage, honor, integrity, and love of this nation. Unfortunately, we don't. All must go.

      • Dogmeat1949

        Tony we have many good people in the HOUSE and they have done a good job of stopping the COMMIE THUGS in their tracks! But we need the SENATE also to un-do what has been done already. Don't give up,WE the PEOPLE are taking OUR GOVERNMENT back! A.B.O!

    • dean


      • jazzpast

        Where does Mitt Romney plan to create jobs? In Singapore, China and India.

        • Sherian Palmer

          NO, our jobs are already there.

      • jazzpast

        What is the Beach Boys song Kokomo about? All the places Mitt Romney has hid bank accounts.

        • Sherian Palmer

          SO WHAT? At least he's not gonna turn this country into a marxist state and let the un govern us. When that happens, say goodbye to our constitution, which obama, as well as all us presidents before him swore to defend and protect. He has not done anything except try to destroy our contitution!!!!!

    • smartgranny55

      He should be impeached and tried for treason


        You are exactly correct, to bad that no one in the government with the authority to do anything about it has the BALLS to call for it for fear of being called a racist, that is why John the turn coat McCain lost in 2008 he was afraid of being called a racist which would have doomed him for sure being re-elected to the senate as a white haired old man from Arizona.

        • smartgranny55

          I thought it was because he was a wimp and a moderate instead of a true conservative. But fear of being not being politically correct and called a rascist is just as accurate.

    • jazzpast

      Mitt Romney's slogan is my money might be offshore but my heart's here in America.

    • jazzpast

      Mitt Romney said if he was elected president he will drive down unemployment. That should be easy for him to do. All he has to do is re-hire the people he fired!

  • happygranny

    Another very good reason to do away with the IRS and go onto the Fair Tax.

    • jon

      Yes, but how will Herr Obama collect his Obamacare Tax - er - mandate, penalty, whatever??

      • Dogmeat1949

        HE will impose a STAMP ACT. LOL

        • jong

          There goes the tea.

        • jazzpast

          It's unfair people say Mitt Romney has no soul. He has one, it's just in an offshore account.

    • jazzpast

      How can you sum up Mitt Romney's foreign policy? Outsourcing our jobs to China, stashing cash in the Caymans, and draft dodging Vietnam.

    • jazzpast

      How does Mitt Romney plan to save Social Security? By putting our money in a Swiss Bank account.

  • Floridastorm

    Calm down. In less than 3 months we'll have a new president. Let Obama say or do whatever he wants for the next few days. He is history and he knows it. The American people are brain dead. But, even the brain dead will not be able to vote for this total fraud. You would have to be not only brain dead but completely insane to vote for this wooden head again, if you did vote for him the first time. November 6th is when we take out the trash.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Floridastorm...I wish I had your optimism about the election. I believe Obama will do anything to get re-elected and he may well succeed thru voter fraud.and a whole host of underhanded things.

      Those who are loyal to him ARE brain dead so all the reasonable arguments in the world will never reach them.

    • Dogmeat1949

      In three months we will have a new President! NO We may have an election,but a new president will not come until Jan.20th,2013! If MR.B.O.loses think what He'll do to OUR COUNTRY in two months! BLOOD will run in OUR STREETS! Be READY for it.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Maybe not the brain dead, but the real dead will vote for him.

  • Isle of Palms. John

    Jasspast - Do you realize that high incomers like Romney are audited every year by IRS. So your comment suggesting Romney is a tax cheat pretty ignorant. As for the fraudulent refunds, if they were deliberately allowed by the IRS, then is is a major scandal that rivals Maddoff. I pray its not true. It's incumbent on the IG to get to the bottom and report it to the appropriate Congressional Committee since the Justice Dept. under Obama is pretty corrupt on these matters. They will tend to cover up these types of activities rather than investigate and prosecute.


      You say that you pray it is not true, well my man it is true and has been proven true by a news reporter in Indianapolis Indiana who was the first in the nation to report it.
      He even interviewed several local Illegal Imigrants who did it on their tax forms and got as many as 14 refund checks from the IRS paid to different people who lived at the same address in Indianapolis Indiana. I think you should wake up to reality sir and admit to yourself that the POTUS would do what ever he possibly can to destroy this country.
      do a little research and you will find out that the POTUS was trained by the Russian government to infiltrate the U.S. government at local, state, and federal levels with the help of George Soros and destroy this country without firing a shot and that is exactly what he is doing and given 4 more years in office in November he will succeed.
      I am normally not a racist but when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama I am proud to say I am a racist against him and his administration.
      Obama is nothing more than a Lying Effing Muslim N I 6 6 E R who has defrauded the citizens and the governments of the city of Chicago, the State of Illinois, and the citizens of the United States Of America and the members of the Congress and the Senate and the court judges of this country at all levels. If that statement makes me racist in your eyes so be it don't read this reply again.
      Their are members of congress and the senate who know that what I have said is true as true can be, they just don't have the balls to say it publically or the guts to do anything about it in their offical capacities for fear of starting a racial civil war in this country. Trust me again if he is re-elected or declares Marshal law and cancels the election in November you haven't seen or heard anything yet.

    • jazzpast

      Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes for 10 years and he needs to be FORCED to prove he paid his taxes! Because he hasn't Mitt Romney is a TAX FELON!

      • Melissa Churchman

        From a tax preparer who doesn't like Mitty, trust me, he paid taxes. The thing I think they want kept out of public is the drasage horses. Anyone who ownes them would get a tax deduction.

        • jazzpast

          Mitt Romney is a tax FELON! He hasn't paid his taxes in ten years! Mitt scumbag should be in prison!

  • George Gaither

    I am mad as hell, they are on the honest people hoy and heavy, Yet they feel they can turn a blind to this, I blame the people for becoming subjects and not citizens, Hell we should fill the streets in washington in protest, and vote this so call leade rout.

    • jazzpast

      Mitt Romney isn't an honest person or moral person. While Romney was Governor- The Massachusetts Supreme Court issued a decision in favor of homosexual marriage Mitt Romney ordered his state agencies to implement homosexual marriage in Massachusetts. The Court didn't order Mitt Romney to do this nor had the legislature codified this ruling. This action was by Mitt Romney alone! GAY MARRIAGE exists in Massachusetts soly due to Governor Mitt Romney. Your honest person Mitt Romney is the Father of GAY MARRIAGE in America! Mitt Romney's own advisor admits ROMNEYCARE was the Blueprint for OBAMACARE in America! Mitt Romney is nothing but a big government Socialist!

      • George Gaither

        I was dspeaking about the IRS, not same sex marriage, what does this have to do with the topic?

  • Dogmeat1949

    MORE TREASON! Never Forget what this GOVERNMENT has done to WE the PEOPLE! A.B.O!

  • hanna

    This is all part of Obama's attempt to crash our economy and drive it into the ground. He never did want our nation to arise from the recession. If given a second term with all the emigrates he will flood our nation with,giving them every known entitlement and with millions new government jobs and expanding welfare for the unemployed, we will run out of money. Expect food shortages, blackouts, lack of drugs and medical care,loss of pensions,no food stamps. And for the retired..expect YOUR social security going to care for all the new emigrates. It's only fair.America has put a man in the highest office of the land and continues to trust him while he in plain sight is a fraud with a social security number that is not his, has so many fabrications of who he is, and Americans don't care.

  • Sam

    Sure, they are Obama's people, future democrats.. Give away our money and bring down the US even quicker.

  • IDConservative

    Time for a new Tea Party and throw not tea bags in the bay but all the CORRUPT POLITICIANS that are pushing their liberal agenda regardless of the impact to God fearing, law abiding, TAX PAYING AMERICANS. ARRGH!!!!!

  • ste1021

    If you're one of the 50% who still pay federal income tax I'm sure you'll be very pleased to see where your tax money is going!

    • philipsquires

      I am and I'm not

  • amiee

    I am so angry that I can hardly type this! I think that the IRS works for us as we pay their salaries! My recommendation is anyone that is not reporting and arresting people who are committing fraud should be fired!

    • Melissa Churchman

      The IRS does not work for you. They work for the IMF. AMERICAN tax dollars get sent to the U.N. to fund Agneda 21.

  • dean

    The IRS is definitely part of the problem. A flat tax would take care of a lot of these types of problems.

  • librtyship

    We are rapidly becoming a Northern version of Venezuela! Total dysfunctionality in our government!

  • [email protected]

    The Ovomit and his entire admin are s a bullies, you know the type who walks into a room, pushes people around and do as they please. His is the most lawless administration, ever. The presidency is a ticket to do his will, even if it's against everything American. This rectal polyp and his hemorrhoid wife currently sitting in the White House has to go.

  • worst off after 4 years

    What has happen to the USA that I grew up in, I am 54 and never thought I would see the Greatest Nation in the World come to the point we are today, Obama has destroyed this Nation in our years than any one person could, another four years of Obama and we will not be the same Nation. The people that believe a word out of his mouth has got to wake up and see him for what he is a Thug from Chicago.

  • DJ_Fisher

    I hope someone is taking names.

  • shortitalian

    This must be part of the Dream Act,I can't believe that Holder and Napolitano have relatives working in the IRS.Obama and his minions have got it all going great.

  • twiceshy

    If you come to the conclusion that Obama's real agenda is to tear this country apart and make everyone dependent on government, then you realize he doesn't care about these people paying. He's an illegal himself. Communism done in small steps to a country where the young people have no idea what it is, is easy to implement.

  • tiredofthecrap

    While taxpayer money is literally thrown away on BS stimulus schemes and pet corporations that go bankrupt only months after being given millions, given away to illegals who get benefits that law-abiding, tax-paying citizens cannot get, obuttface insists on continually raising taxes on the less-than-half of the population that works and pays taxes as well as continuously raising the costs of military benefits that were already paid/earned. This illegal, anti-Constitution lawless muslim scum fraudulently squatting in the White House has got to go.

  • gnafuasusual

    Sheesh! I feel like Rip Van Winkle! This is not going to win any votes for Obama! He just lost the plushy seat in the Oval Office; plus, he's giving away bucks that don't belong to him!

  • midnightowl_1

    We are told that our social security , extra... are intitlements now. But, give to the illegals. All Obama wants to do is hurt the Amercian Citizens. Can't help us, but he can't do enough for the illegals .

  • shamwil

    Its amazing, the irs goes after the american people to be audited, and does nothing to he immigrants,

    • RAS0503

      With this administration... why does this surprise you?

  • tandee

    Say, how does Maria Sanchez sound for a name change? Think I like that, muy bueno!

  • Robert

    Here's a prime example of how Dirty Diaper Head Obama and company plan on buying votes. When you think there's no such thing as an illegal alien? That's because they've all been reclassified as potential Democratic voters. The more money you pay these bloodsucking leeches who sneak into our country, steal the jobs, and send the money back to Mexico or wherever. These are not American citizens and in reality 90% of them hate America and will do anything to disgrace, degrade, and destroy America's standing in the world.

  • Diane Ginder

    Mr. President, I can’t wait for the day that you and rest of the illegals are rounded up and deported back to where they belong.

    Read more:

  • Anonymous

    The IRS as an agency doesn't care about people, but most of the employees on the front lines do..

  • Walter Portier

    What wrong with this picture???? Where is obama justice and fairness???? Is this an example of Obama fairness???? This president is all about fraud and lying to all of us. What a big joker we have for a leader. I ready to echo Col West statement to him and his anti american staff............. Col West statment......................
    Dem. know obama is not a citizen
    Obama job killing with tax..
    government miss guiding all of

  • swan001

    O wants rhe VOTE , No matter What !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary Atlanta, GA

    I was one of the IRS employees that was FIRED because I kept questioning the illegal returns. I was told it was not part of my job. I WAS A CLAIMS EXAMINER!!!! Who was suppose to stop this?

  • Sherian Palmer

    This just makes me SICK

  • clrariz

    We must learn what our constitution says.
    Also please see:

  • Melissa Churchman

    I am a tax preparer. I am constantly told, "If they sign the paper, they are the ones liable." Like I shouldn't care if people are lying. I have been discouraged from calling the IRS tax scheme reporting hotline to report fraud attempts. They are allowed to walk out without any consequences to go file their taxes at another tax office without getting flagged. It's not just immigrants, in fact, we never do non-resident returns. I've been told the preparer can get fined up to $10,000 for filing a fraudulant return, but we are not allowed to do anything to keep that from happening. You sign your statement of income, I'm told to file it, even if I think you're lieing to me. As if I have no steak in the outcomeI This singular issue is not an "Obama thing". I've been doing this for five years. It was well before his time. Although, Obama has done his fair share of slight of hand with the tax code that offered no benefit to the people with his payroll tax "cuts". That was a useless ball of wax. I'm sure they will have the most advanced system to catch anyone not paying their "Obamacare" tax. What I understand of the new code so far is you all will be shitting bricks when you finally realize he's bankrupting us all to pay his big pharma buddies. Oh and the investment banks after he forces business owners to keep their money in investments so it doesn't get taxed to death. Oh but wait, what if the monetary system collapeses after that? Oh no biggie, just 1920's stock market crash ten times over. Just some random thoughts today.